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“I’m really, really, sorry, Ma’am, I didn’t realize someone could, or you could…”

He was visibly embarrassed, his face was about as red as his ass was.

Mrs. Roberts sighed, relaxed a bit, her shoulders dropped a little and she sat back taking in her half-naked new boarder. She wasn’t sorry she let him in her house, in fact things were working out better than she had hoped. From the first she saw Ryan she liked him, his pleasant looks, slim build, dark eyes and sensitive nature. She had a feeling about him, but wasn’t sure that he would need a woman like her in his life. This was a nice development, and sooner than she had expected.

“I want you to come upstairs in a few minutes, only in your underwear. We will continue your punishment.”

With that she rose, and walked out of the room, brushing up against him, and his semi-erect penis which twitched as she did so. He felt his cock against her dress, and looked away in embarrassment. She smiled and continued on upstairs.

“Five minutes, young man, five minutes and not a moment more!” she said as she went up the stairs.

He stood there, rubbing his ass. His cock hardened, and he began stroking it with one hand as he rubbed with the other. Five minutes…

Ryan arrived upstairs, on time, and stood in the hallway in his t-shirt and jockey shorts.

“Mrs. Roberts, I’m here.”

She walked out of the kitchen, and stood in front of him, looking him up and down once.

“Come here young man, I have a hair brush you will not enjoy, I’m sure. Such a wicked boy you are!”

She took him by the arm, and led him to the front room, where he had seen a hairbrush on the coffee table. Odd place to keep something like that, he had thought originally. Now he knew why.

She pulled a straight backed chair into the center of the room, stood him in front of her, and slowly pulled down his underwear. She paused, looking at his penis for a moment, then pulled him over her lap. She knew it was easier to pull a young man’s underwear down early on, before an erection might make it awkward. She began to spank him slowly, making him spread his legs, and pulling his cheeks apart from time-to-time. He felt so exposed, so embarrassed, and so under her control. She picked up the pace, soon he was twitching with each swat and started to kick his legs impulsively.

“Ow, ow, Owwww…” he complained. She didn’t seem to notice.

She stopped a couple of times, rubbing his ass and lecturing him in a firm but warm voice.

“You know masturbation is a naughty thing to do, and especially so out in the open, in my house, where others might see you misbehave. I would not know what to say if a fried had also seen you, l might have to punish you in front of that person as a result. You wouldn’t like that, would you?”

He shook his head, feeling her spanking hand caressing his hot, sore bottom.

“I’d make sure to spank your bared bottom, too, I wouldn’t spare you that!”

He thought about this idea, and kept it to himself that he might just like that to happen some day.

She started again spanking his helpless bottom, making sure to spread the swats all over his tight smooth ass, especially low down where he was more sensitive. She could tell by how he reacted, he tried several times to cover himself with his right hand, only to have her pin it up behind his back and continue spanking even harder.

“Oww, owww, owww, please, owwww, please no more, pleaaasssse, OW OW…”

He was really starting to feel it, this spanking was harder than anything his mother had inflicted, particularly due to his naked bottom, Mom had always spanked him with at least his underwear on.

“Owww, owwwwww, Mrs. Roberts, pleeeeease I’ve learned my lesson!”

“Ryan, we have only started your bare bottom spanking. You haven’t even gotten the hair brush yet!”

She sped up considerably, and spanked him as hard as she could for about twenty more swats. His ass was bright red now, splotchy with bruising. He had stopped complaining and just grunted or said “OW!” with each one.

“Now, get up and stand in front of me.”

He did slowly, his hands on his ass as soon as he was standing.

“I didn’t give you permission to rub yourself, young man. Hands on your head, right now.”

He obeyed.

She looked at him, at his penis, which was getting hard, and then into his eyes.