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Good day all,
I joined spanking tube not only to see other peoples spanking videos (I am just the same as the rest of you) but to hook up with like minded souls. I am amazed at the number of people who don't even mention the most basic of details on their profiles. I am constantly rejecting friends requests, not because I don't like them, but basically I don't know anything about them.
Please don't be offended if I have rejected you but I prefer to have something in common before accepting anyone as a friend.

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Old_Fox62 - 368 days ago
Thanks for accepting, really appreciate it
fully understand you being choosy especially on sites like these where the number of lurkers is huge and hardly anyone knows how to have some form of conversation anymore
bowman - 368 days ago
Thanks for the response, it appears I am not alone.
Justjanie - 369 days ago
I agree, I might message then and ask for more info, but no profile or message. .nope
olderspankee - 371 days ago
Totally agree with all. lt is amazing how many people do not have profiles and even some of those who do never respond to either comments or messages. Oh well, it is their loss as there are very many interesting people on this site.
otk503dd - 371 days ago
Good for you......I agree entirely. I'm with the last contributor on this. I have never understood why you wouldn't include basic info, age, country , likes etc. Welcome to ST.
dayliacatt - 371 days ago
Id like to say hear hear to your blog.
I get countless requests, no message, or no profile or both
I state very politely i am not allowed to accept unless your profile is filled, but still get them.
Im sure people dont even read the profile when they send a request.
Drives me nuts when the same people repeatedly ask, i start of politely please fill ur profile out, then i end up saying no profile no friend request accepted, then just block them if they still dint do it.
If its a newbie, i explain how important it is as most dont realise, but thepeople who have been a member for years should do it.
So well said. :)