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For the last couple days I have been doing sessions with Missy and John aka 4blushingcheeks. Well today I was getting restless with given punishments. I secretly wanted to punish! I made fun of John in his punishment,I got him in trouble.I was sticking my tongue out during set up sessions !

I even lied and said I was sticking my tongue out and flipping off John. When it was Missy I was directing those gestures . So Missy had me bend over my chair during Skype video,And self-spank with her directing. Bare buns expose and even John watching, Then i was total brat.

I kept dropping subtle hints to John I wanted to be punish,He explains they way he do things, I kept being persistent and thought it was a joke. So John commanded me to get toothpaste and a hairbrush. I argued at first until he started countdown and I obeyed.

He told me to keep that next to me as a reminder what my punishment will be. He warned me that he would make me lube the handle of the hairbrush with toothpaste and inserted in my naughty bottom.

He scolded me and I replied with yes sir no sir , The second time I was being a smart mouth and continuously keep dropping hints for a punishment. He warned me for the second time and I failed to comply he made me drop my pants and made me lay there on the bed with my bare bottom hanging out Skyping . As we were sitting and chatting, I made a rude comment because Missy and John were sharing a harmless kiss. And I quoted barf !

So John dropped his voice and demanded me to probe my bare bottom. With a sharpie marker and put toothpaste on the smooth end of the marker. I froze ! He counted and I hesitated at first until he yelled my name. I finally got the marker , lube it with toothpaste and stuck in my butt , he scolded me and lectured me. I never felt so embarrassed in my life...He made lie there with in my bottom for two hours. I couldn't even look him in the eyes I was embarrassed

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babygirlspank - 71 days ago
It's suppose too brun
Justjanie - 74 days ago
What's the purpose of the toothpaste... Does it tingle or burn?