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If you get a message from a person named margaretxxbaa, know that it is brand new fake profile

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IWantToSpank - 257 days ago
All of you are welcome
Justjanie - 257 days ago
Scammers ... What do they want? Hate all these fake profiles. I look for activity on the account and friends, videos watched too. I dunt usually accept anytime who is very new. Hard to know what you do.
ChrisC - 258 days ago
Thank you, IWantToSpank,

I got a message from her too. When anyone sends me a message for the first time, and they tell me to contact them only through their private email account, that they have something "very" important to tell me, it's a dead give away that they are scammers.

By the way, her account has already been deleted. But she'll be back, with a new name of course. LOL
badgirlalways - 258 days ago
ty IWantToSpank... . I cannot stand phoneys... I just don't understand it.. if someone doesn't like me fine... I don't need to turn into "SuzySunshine" or " TheBestDomEver" ( fake names of course lol.. to try to get those same people to like me or friend me... I'm good with haters :)
buttspanker11 - 258 days ago
Thank you for the heads up!
IWantToSpank - 258 days ago
I read her profile. It was vague. Then I read the comments on her page. Go read it yourself badgirlalways, you'll see what I mean
badgirlalways - 258 days ago
how do u know?