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So I was grounded by my father figure John (4flushingcheeks)I'm supposed to lie on my bed with a pillow underneath. I have to stay there until he gets back from the doctors,I'm receiving a sound self spanking with a wooden spoon.

Also after a blister red sore bottom , I have too apply capsaicin cream on my bare bottom. I'm not allowed to stop my punishment or back out of it. I will be using gloves because I don't want to burn my hands.

I'm so nervous ! Suggestion !

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babygirlspank - 54 days ago
ChrissyO - 54 days ago
babygirlspank - 55 days ago
arthur29 - 55 days ago
I would say use the legs up position, spank your anus too and you will really feel something.
maleswitch36 - 56 days ago
I will say take like a big girl ;)
sorestefan - 60 days ago
Uhhh I know this kind of stuff ;) In Germany we do have a very speciale variate, called Finalgon extra. You simply dont dare to sit down anymore ;)
babygirlspank - 75 days ago
It's hot pepper cream it for sore muscle ! He made me paddle my bottom with a thick woodsy spoon before use of cream
babygirlspank - 75 days ago
John made me rub icey hot on my anus and made me probe myself with screw driver handle. He made use the cream on my butt cheeks and back of my things . He also made sit in a hard chair for 27 mins with panties on. Tight fitted
Justjanie - 75 days ago
Never heard of the cream before.... Does it burn?
We've used ICY HOT before but you have to be very careful....it REALLY BURNS if it gets on tender places!!
badgirlalways - 76 days ago
lol sorry I was multitaskin n just reread what I wrote.. what I meant to say is "try sprayin water on ur bottom with a spray bottle after ur spankin n after applyin the capsaicin cream to intensify the burn"