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I never get headaches, and I have a migraine. I'm running a fever. Throat is raw, stomach is upset, chest hurts, sinuses stuffed and a wicked raw cough.
Too much snow in face from snoblower. First cold in years that is this bad. Hope it is not pneumonia.

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masterblaster - 372 days ago
Thanks JJ, It seems to be letting up. This was the worse in many years
Justjanie - 372 days ago
Get well soon!
masterblaster - 373 days ago
Thank you Jack. It means a lot
JacktheLad - 373 days ago
Sorry to hear you are not well - and hope you are soon better! God Bless...
masterblaster - 373 days ago
badgirlalways - 373 days ago
So much goin around this yr... keep an eye on it n I hope u feel better soon
masterblaster - 373 days ago
No Dr. Yet. I have had pneumonia 3 times. This brings back memories
lovesOTKspanks - 373 days ago
I know the feeling. Sounds like bronchitis go me. Have you gone to the Dr yet?
masterblaster - 373 days ago
Thanks lovesotkspanks. Whatever it is is has me down.
lovesOTKspanks - 373 days ago
I'm sorry you're sick. It sounds like a stomach bug, not pneumonia.