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I was wondering if anyone has a specific position they loved being spanked in, what is your favorite implement, and is anyone on here in a DD relationship?

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Justjanie - 404 days ago
I like a heavy hand, smallish paddle or wooden spatula. I prefer OTK, usually with my legs between his, to hold me in place. I'm a squirmer.
dayliacatt - 404 days ago
Oh teaching yourself to take it quietly is really hard but a good exercise.
Buy a gag, cry and scream into a pillow, muffles the noise
Weve got a bit gag, v good at noise control
But i love when master tells me to scream in my head not allowed, gives you something else to focus on so you can take more lol :)
Lets face it, for us thats all we want hehehe x
lovesOTKspanks - 404 days ago
Juliebuns, that sound paaaaiiinnnnnful lol I'm really wanting to try other positions but bc of where we live, there's no full privacy. We don't want neighbors calling the cops while we play lol so for now, I'm spanked under the covers to help block the noise lol lol
Juliebuns - 404 days ago
OTK is great for all the contact, especially both people naked. Bending over the back of a wooden chair, swatted with a school paddle with holes is hot stuff for me, gets my butt really hot really quick, and lasts a real long time. I like to give swats like that too.
lovesOTKspanks - 405 days ago
sounds like your life is super exciting. I'm thinking about DD just so I can learn to deal with stress and get lots of spankings, which I love.
dayliacatt - 405 days ago
Hi hunnie, welcome to the family. My fav position is otk or bent over the bed, and toy mmmmmm cane and paddle but like most, just depends how hard they hit. We are in a DD relationship, hes my owner, my master, im collared and his Serf, i dont like being called slave. But i guess if others look at our relationship, they would say more DD. Ive rules, lots of them, punishments, lots of them. I love being a brat. And will do almost anything to get a spanking until master bans spanking to get me to behave. What about you ? Do a PM if you prefer.