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Today starts a new journey for me at work as some big changes take place. ...my work area will b turned upside down n things r gonna b very hectic... I will give it my best as always but I know it's goin to b hell... that aside I "met" a few new friends n have had some nice talks *warm smiles* ...on that note... have a good day everyone :)

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Justjanie - 370 days ago
Good luck with the changes at work, how it will make things nicer, IN THE END. Lol
Warm wishes
badgirlalways - 370 days ago
lol oh no Jack.. I haven't met anyone in person.. I meant I met a few new friends on here n elsewhere... but what a nice thought indeed...
JacktheLad - 370 days ago
I hope you are coping OK with the Work "Upheavals"? - but on the other side, it is great to have actually met a souple of your friends - it is quite a big step, but always lovely when it turns out right - Good for you...

xoxoxoxoxox - Jack