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Hi I am cassy, this is my blog what do I want in life ? I have had such a bad life . And I now to be happy and not be angry,sad,piased off, and I want my stress gone, will it happen I am hoping so. Being in the lifestyle has changed me so much. I use to fist fight and drink and do drugs. I was a very angry woman. And most of the time I had no clue why. Maybe it was. My childhood or 2 really bad marriages. The loss of my 10 baby's due to miscarriage or my kidnapping.. or me being homeless off and on for years.. or not feeling worth anything to anyone... Ya that might be part of it... But that's just a small part of me... Other parts I keep to myself...it's just safer that way... Yes I have walls up ... Can't get hurt that way right? Wrong!!!! Now I am 50 a singal mom of 3 and I have to look at the rest of my life and say dammm what a mess ... I need so much help fixing this.. life is way to short to. Keep living like this... Help me get myself on the write track ... Teach you me I am worth something I am not useless ... I am a good woman... Least I think I am....

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Justjanie - 370 days ago
You have been so string to survive all of that!! Lesser women would have crumbled Long ago. Be proud that no matter how many times you were knocked down, you always got up. I also found spanking brought me to a good place, settled my itch to get into trouble. I hope you find the right partner to take you in hand. You might enjoy my blog... Full of hot spankings.
Warm wishes