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Posted a few pictures today of my Wife and I sort of playing around and trying out a few ideas for paddles. It was just stuff laying around the house that that we tried. There's a plastic ruler, slipper, paint stirring stick, wood spatula, and of course my Wife's bare hand. It was interesting but it didn't end up being a real spanking which I crave.

As a Bottom I REALLY like stingy spankings the best! A sting that starts with the first swat and than just grows until I'm overwhelmed and crying. But we also know many things can be a paddle. Here's how my "butt" rated them on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being stingy, 1 being the least stingy.
Plastic Ruler - 8
Wood Spatula - 9
Paint Stirring Stick - 9
Wife's Slipper - 2
Wife's Hand - 8

The reason there is no rating of a 10 is this. The lexan paddle - I'd give that about an 11. Stingiest thing I've ever felt! So yea-h, just thought I'd share a bit of fun. I know every Bottom has a preference.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts and paddle ideas.

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generalwoody - 39 days ago
Thank you everyone for the comments and ideas! The wooden spatula was amazing! We tried and wood spoon also and I loved it! I do love a really stingy paddle!
Justjanie - 40 days ago
I do like a wooden soaks or very large flat-ish wooden skin on a wet bottom. That is a stinger, which also is my favorite! Nice photo and Ty 4 sharing. I've never tried a plastic ruler. Hmmm
TommySligo - 40 days ago
That's an AMAZING photo! Can't think about the implements right now, because... that's an AMAZING photo!!!
goodboy - 40 days ago
We have a paint stick,a large one that "L" decorated.Another thing she uses is the plastic "stick" that opens and closes window blinds.Ouch!!
otk503dd - 40 days ago
I love to see household items being put more interesting uses. Spatulas, plastic rulers, curtain rods, there are any number of thing around the house with which to redder a bottom. Nice pics, happy spankings.