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Hi Everyone!
My Wife and I are seriously looking at an interesting paddle we found online. It's from "CANE-IAC" and called a "Spanking Buddy". I seldom buy commercial paddles since I'm not a rich man, I try to make my own. This Spanking Buddy really looks interesting though.

My Wife and I both enjoy a spanking were she uses her bare hand. Her hand gives out long before our spanking goal is reached. This Spanking Buddy fits onto the hand it's made to keep the Tops hand from getting so stingy or tired that they have to stop. It comes in wood and leather. I'm willing to spend the money, but I also want a paddle that really works. They are under $20 apiece.

Has any of all the wonderful folks here on SpankingTube have any experience using a Spanking Buddy? Or if you have other bare hand spanking advice I'd appreciate if you shared it.

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generalwoody - 13 days ago
@wynfryd2003 - Oh thanks for the idea. I could probably make the wooden one myself. Great idea! I couldn't do the leather on since I know nothing about leather! Sounds like you enjoyed the spanking too. Thanks for sharing!
wynfryd2003 - 13 days ago
My huband made something similar w/an oval wooden plaque from walmart crafts dept, $.99, a 3"X8" scrap of brushed leather $1.75 some gorilla glue and left over clear bar varnish $0.00. The spanking I got? Pricless.
generalwoody - 36 days ago
@markedman59 - Yeah, I don't know. Hair Brush is among our own favorites, but saw these and they looked interesting.
markedman59 - 36 days ago
Nah! In principle in makes sense, but in viewing it looks like a buzz-kill. Sort of. An over the counter hairbrush will do you better, deliver the sting, and keep the spanking buzz alive. Just my two-cents.
generalwoody - 39 days ago
@TommySligo and Justjanie - Thanks for comments. I also like the feel of my Wife's hand on my bare butt, but her hand starts to sting too much. These caught my eye but We've never tried one. I really like sting and maybe these would do it. I'll wait a bit and let everyone know what we do.
Justjanie - 40 days ago
Oooooo... That does look quite interesting! I still like a heavy hand, myself delivered OTK, but that does pique my curiosity!!
TommySligo - 40 days ago
I prefer the exciting feel of a strong hand on my butt when I'm spanked...and of the sublime feel of quivering bottom flesh when I'm doing the spanking. But that's just me.
generalwoody - 40 days ago
@Blueeyed_girl -- Was it the leather, or the wood, or both?
Blueeyed_girl - 40 days ago
Personally, I'm not a fan. It hurt my hand more than his butt.
goodboy - 40 days ago
We have a lot of stuff from Cane-I-Ac,not one of these.......yet.