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Oh how I'd love my very own Red Room.
My very own room of pain.
Just for my Master and me.
What fun would we have,
Many tears would be flowing,
My bottom would be crimson,
Too hot to touch, but still he does.
Paddles, canes, floggers he uses.
The cross, leather cuffs and spanking bench.
How I long to be bent over, cuffed to that bench,
Legs spread wide, bottom up high,
As Master whips my legs with his crop, my bottom, pussy and inside leg too.
How I want that big plug pushed into my hole.
Maybe some ginger placed into my pussy, to add to the thrill.
I want to be punished, fisted and fucked.
I want Master to use every hole he desires.
How I long for my own red room.
But what fun we have without one.
The secret spankings we have downstairs,
The secret spankings we have in the garden,
The secret fucks, the videos, the photos.
Learning to be quiet, scream in my head, cum in my heart.
So no verbal sounds come out of my mouth.
The hidden toys that are kept in the living room.
Its exciting to know they are there,
When visitors come, will they see them or not ?
I dont care anymore, I just want them there.
So Master can use them whenever he longs to.
We dont need a red room, we have a red house.
Just for my Master and me.

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JacktheLad - 372 days ago
You express yourself so beautifully...

Justjanie - 372 days ago
I love this. I hope someday you'll have all the freedom in the world to indulge your dreams.