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diamond ring
and keepsake box
a silver key
that time unlocks
these artifacts
like lunar rocks
are held inside
an equinox

of day and night
and night and day
while passing through
the milky way
a journey now
that some might say
of stars allowed
to drift and stray

like comet trails
and comet dust
and all the stars
that we discussed
with telescopes
I think we must
survey with maps
each point of trust

and orbit now
this earthly view
of emerald greens
and azure blues
that heaven sends
of suns and moons
that lesser gods
allow of you

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japan64 - 182 days ago
Moving in a binary orbit,
the gravitational pull
of two celestial bodies
brings a moment
of cosmic fusion
as two stars collide...
like you and me,
lighting up the night.
bottoms_up - 182 days ago
thank you Justjanie and Kissie, good to see you hanging out on my poetry posts. comments always appreciated and welcome.
Kissie - 182 days ago
Super poem:)
Justjanie - 183 days ago
Great descriptions and cadence. So enjoy your work.