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Finally, he stopped! When my crying had quited down somewhat he said
"I hope I gotten thru to you as this is what you can expect anytime I find your card laying around; every time I ask to see it and you don'take it out of your wallet. Only I'll add 10 swats every time."
Stand up and pull your pants up. And put the card away"!
Once I had done so he gave me a quick hug and kiss saying "gotta go. I'll be home around 1 oclock for lunch. Nick will be with me so make sure there's enough for the three of us. Love you."

I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog. I enjoyed remembering. (Although it might seem a bit tame compared to many in the ST community..his spankings don't last as long as other people's nor do they ever get into tripple digits the 25-50 swats I usually get hurt like hell

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wynfryd2003 - 369 days ago
Thanx again justjanie. Still having some difficulties. The word count maybe the easiest way to go..havn't figured out how to copy when in ST blog space
Justjanie - 370 days ago
I think you can capture about 3000 words
Justjanie - 370 days ago
When you are copying your page and you reach the bottom, keep your finger down and it should scroll down your page to capture the entire thing.
heartbreaker_sws - 371 days ago
That was a nice contribution. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am looking forward to your future posts.
wynfryd2003 - 371 days ago
Good tip justjanie
Justjanie - 371 days ago
So glad you got your blog up. Nice job & well written..... You might want to mark the order 1, 2, 3 you read them. They sometimes get separated when there are lots of blogs posting.