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Its just the facts here ladys &gentalmen nobody can tell if they can make a relationship work if they dont have a location or distance just plane and simple... so update ur profiles

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Wayne1975 - 369 days ago
If there a good cyber criminal they already know where u live
japan64 - 371 days ago
@buttspanker11--I don't have time to send a pm to everyone on the site. But if someone shows a city close to mine, I'll darn sure write them.
buttspanker11 - 371 days ago
I agree with what you are saying 100%, however with this day and age, and cybercrime being an issue, I don't blame people for not listing personal info in profiles. If you want to know more about someone, just send them a PM.
Wayne1975 - 371 days ago
Ya you see andvread thier blog look up thier profile no location or age or if they are married then you realize hey they dont ethier live in the country or cyberspace or thier beyond a drive to play with them so your both shit out luck or its actualy a guy behind the profile or a person who has multipul profiles or a underage person i say to them beat it scram come back when your 18.be a kid while you can thevrules of being an adult are 16 ft high 60 ft long and 8 rows deep in the library
otk503dd - 371 days ago
Yes, I agree. Location, age and a little basic info, fill out your profile.