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It was late morning when Erin awoke. Stern's arms were still wrapped around her. She could feel him behind her, already stiff, even as he slept. His morning wood was nestled in between her legs, as was the long black bushy tail, that was still tucked up into her bottom. Her fanny was very sore. She slipped out to the bathroom and quickly back to bed.
Gregory had given her a good session. He'd spanked her hard with his hand, covering her ass and thighs and in between her legs with pink
handprints. He loved coloring in her beautiful round bottom with shades of red.
He really enjoyed using the crop!! He was thrilled, at the little jump her body made, as it stung her all over. He'd even managed to surprise her with a whack to her labia. Now that had hurt, and she strained against the restraints, to no avail.
That bottom was his to use!
The paddling he gave her next, he kept very focused on her sit spots. He pounded away at the same spots dozens of times. They turned into two round raised circles, that were so hot. He could feel their heat, even as they got into bed.
His eyes were open now, and he could feel the tail swishing around his cock. She was wiggling her bottom. He knew it must still be sore.
Lastly, as she went down on him, after hours of play, he'd applied his belt. He had to swing it towards himself as she took him deeply into her throat. He loved that his big hard on, muffled her screams. It made him even harder. She had serviced him perfectly the entire night, and he would reward her. But just now, he wanted more. Mmmm.... Yes more!
He hugged her.
"Don't you dare move, Princess!" He jumped out of bed for a quick pitstop and to grab some lotion and lubricant. Returning, he rolled her onto her tummy,
"Let me see that pretty bottom!! Oh, my, I really left my mark", he chuckled, "How did you sleep, with the tail inside you?"
"Why, I slept like a princess, wrapped in your arms", she blushed a little, which he thought was darling. "It felt good, and I loved tickling you awake with it."
"I like to think of it, buried inside you. It pleases me. You will wear a tail often, and it helps to keep that place more accessable, to me. I am going to take you there, and you will enjoy it, I promise you"
"He pulled the tail nearly out, applied lubricant and then pushed it back into her bum. He withdrew it once again, and added more, before driving it up and into her fanny. His hand hit up against her sore spots. She felt them burn.

Stern took another longer tail, with a bigger plug, and greased it up. He pulled out the dainty one and worked the larger one in, bit by bit it disappeared into her pink, puckered hole. "Ah, beautiful!"
That bottom was his!!!
Once again he opened the big drawer and found a round leather paddle. It was made with lambskin, soft and smooth. He hit his leg as a test. It was just right, a bit stingy, but not too much. Her bottom was very red. Still, he could not resist.
He propped her bottom up, on two pillows stacked in the center of the bed. He separated her legs and tucked the tail between them.
"My darling, I cannot help myself. I want to punish you, though you have been such a good girl. Can you take more?"
"Oh yes, Gregory, punish me.... Please, Sir, I want to feel the heat."
He didn't need much encouragement and even if she had said no, he would have paddled her anyways. He was happy that she didn't, though. He put lotion all over her bottom and upper legs and then began.
He wanted to really WHACK those two red targets. He wanted to see those tears fall from her green eyes! He wanted to lick them, drink them up. Those tears belonged to him!!
He started nice enough, smacking the paddle on alternating sides. He aimed right for those red cookie shaped areas!
She started to squirm, pretty quickly.
"Let it out baby, I want to hear your pain"
WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK, every one harder and faster!
"Oh, ouch, OW.... OH, SIR, IT HURTS"
WHACK, WHACK WHACK WHACK.... He got her under her cheeks with extreme velocity and force.
"OWWWWW!!!" Finally, her voice began to crack. Those spots were growing darker and darker. He jumped at each crack.
He had meant to be gentle but once he'd started, he wanted to make her buck. Slower now, with precision, he pulled open her cheeks and moved the tail up.He raked and pulled at her left cheek, exposing a little field of white. He whacked it hard and the tears began. He hit it again with a snap and she tried to move away, but he gripped her red cheek and smacked it again, hard.
"Oh, Sir, please.... It hurts so, now". Her sweet little voice choked back the sobs.
He grabbed the other cheek and gave it equal treatment. He relished her cry! When he was done, He lifted her face and kissed her salty tears, licking his lips.
Those lips were his!! That pretty pouty mouth was his!!
He pulled her legs, keeping the pillows below her hips, to the bottom of the bed. He positioned her so she was bent over the end of the huge, high bed . He added lubricant to his big stiff woody, and withdrew the tail. He went gently, but firmly, into her well stretched asshole. He felt the heat of her burning bottom, as he slid inside her deliciously, tight cavern. He reached around her front, finding her button. He fingered it, as he rode her, plunging in and pulling back faster and faster against that red round ass, grinding himself into the welts and making her scream with pain and with pleasure. He reamed her out and she came in an almost shrieking frenzy. Her fanny bouncing back at him as he entered. It was out of this world. He came, in a massive spurt, filling her from behind, with a throaty groan.
His, She was his!!!

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Justjanie - 369 days ago
The tails are actually kind of fun and v. Cute. They look very sweet. There's all kinds.... Big bushy tails, long sleek ones. Looks great with a mask and lingerie. I love dress up! You'd love them. I'm surprised you've never used them. When I was little, I used to wish for a tail. Lol, now you can have one.
I sense Stern is going to like having her bum ready for him. He's an ass man, for certain.
Mmmm. We had some bath time fun last night.
So I think that will be in a coming scene soon!
Lov & hugs
dayliacatt - 369 days ago
I love the idea of these tails, i might mention them to Master. Beautifully written. Stern has a beautiful girl to own and they both deserve happiness. Xxx
Justjanie - 370 days ago
Thank you, Heartbreaker! They do seem quite the match. He seems a bit possessive though. Lol, maybe it's the novelty.
heartbreaker_sws - 370 days ago
Well, if there is any better claim of ownership than this, I can't think of it. She will always give him what he demands.