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Decided to make some self-spanking videos because I am so overdue! Its really hard to build up trust with someone, and even harder to repair that trust, once you feel its been tainted. I realize now you can never say never because what you think would never happen, sometimes does unfortunately. I haven't made any spanking videos but I plan on making a few real soon! might be self-spanking videos, but thats okay, even though I would love to get a real spanking, its been way too long! (sighs) that is probably why my temper is at its highest! I wont hesitate to curse sum1 out if theypiss me off, I've not been exercising, I smoke entirely too much, lol, some other things I really dont want to mention! but at least in school ive been doing quite well my gpa is currently a 3.90 and I only have ten weeks left in grad school!
hope everyone is having a great week!

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Paulwall39 - 222 days ago
Just Beautiful!
sadbd - 228 days ago
You need to be spanked by me.
japan64 - 296 days ago
Sometimes nothing will do but a good spanking. How I know it! Hang in there, you're bound to find your way over someone's knee.
Justjanie - 296 days ago
Congrats on the great grades!
MarshaRay - 297 days ago
Thank you for sharing a picture of your beautiful full round bottom! I can relate. Males often have to see professional disciplinarians but they are too expensive and I don't go anymore. Videos/stories/fantasies and doing a self-spanking can give relief to me. All the best to you and your educational goals.
DiamondsnRubies - 297 days ago
Lol awwww well at least u got to relieve some stress wish i could say the same n thank u sweetie its been challenging but i have persevered!
Sassyclouds - 297 days ago
That's great about school...congratulations!! I use to spank myself and post the pics after...but now my hubby non spanko spanks me...only started a month ago but it is very stress relieving...I feel much better after even with a sore bottom. Self spankings helped me with my stress too...so it should help you my sweet friend...oh hubby was so mad I was posting pics of myself which ended up causing him to finally spank me!!