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The Novel Mercy's Fate *The Submission of Melody* is available on amazon.com as an EBOOK and in PAPERBACK. If interested copy and paste the following link :
http://www.amazon.com/Mercys-Fate-Submission-Melody-ebook/dp/B007S6DDCGThis novel was written as a tribute to my wife Mercy, and is based on the early days of O/our enjoyment of one another. 295 pages in printed form.

Excerpt from chapter10:
I can't wait to unplug Melody. She is adorable, fidgeting and squirming like a little girl who needs to tinkle really bad. Standing in my living room, she waits as I take my time removing my coat and getting the camera out of my bag. Finally I am ready for her.
“Melody, are you ready for me to unpack your little bum?” I ask, sitting on a footstool that I keep under my computer desk.
She is standing between my knees, my face on a level with her tummy. The poor thing is beside herself with frustration as she replies that she has been ready since the moment I filled her. What a little smart ass. I love it!
“Were you a good girl on the way home, or do I need to paddle you? Did you keep those fingers dry during the drive like you were told?” She is beautiful in her suffering, whispering that she was a good girl but it was very hard!
“You poor baby, I bet it was hard. That fanny packer really warmed your muffins, didn't it?” I am teasing but sympathetic as I pull her jeans down, telling the little brat to squeeze her cheeks tight so she doesn't lose the plug before I am ready to remove it.
Hooking my fingers in the front of her panties, I prepare to expose her soaking sex. The poor woman's underpants are wet all the way to the waistband in the front. Reaching down the back with my other hand so I can hold the plug in, I feel that her bottom cleft is dewy with sweetness as well. Wow, I can't send the sweet little creature home like this! As I look up and meet her downward gaze, I slowly drag the gooey undies to her ankles.
“Ooohhh M-Marcus!” she stutters fetchingly, voice trembling as her sweet soul is exposed. “Are you going to leave me like this, Master?”
Rising to my feet, still holding the plug firmly embedded in her buttocks, I give Melody the answer that she has earned.
“Not a chance you sweet little wench! You have been a perfect lover this weekend. You deserve respect, and a reward.”
With that I lower her to the floor, careful not to lose control of the plug. When she is in position on her back I push her knees toward her chest with thighs spread, commanding her to hold them there with her hands. Lying down on my belly, I prepare to feast on her defenselessly exposed charms.
I love her like this. Still wearing her jacket, bare from the waist down, plugged bottom straining upward to impale her smoldering sex on my tongue. I know this won't take long. I am making the toy nuzzle her packed hindquarters, gripping the base with my fingers, moving it in rhythm with my oral attention. Reaching blindly for her sugar coated underpants, I ball them up in my hand. When the wicked angel's mouth opens to babble and whine with pleasure, I reach up and stuff her mouth with the sweetly scented little panties! Her muffled complaints at this rude treatment don't last long as I begin to gobble her blooming rose in earnest, hot nectar wetting my chin and the cleft of her creamy cheeks.
Melody is whining and squealing with increasing urgency through the panty gag when I feel her hands in my hair, trying to push me away! I can think of only one reason for her to be doing that at this point, and she should have asked my permission to take care of the problem before I began my feeding frenzy. The little brat is about to climax in a big way, but she has to tinkle! I know that she is prone to piddling during orgasm, so I have a decision to make.
Melody hasn't used the bathroom since we left the motel, and if she is trying to push me away then an accident when she busts her cookies is probably inevitable. Do I break the momentum of her pleasure, allowing her to relieve herself before we continue? This would mean removing the plug, defeating the purpose of leaving it in all this time and totally disrupting my plans. My other option is to teach the little snot a good humiliating lesson, letting her piss all over during orgasm. Dirty, but not that bad if done properly, and I can't think of a better way to remind her of her slave status!
I can run to the bathroom for a towel and spread it under her bum before she knows what is happening. Then all I have to do is move to the side, out of the line of fire, and work her little marble. When I pull the plug out of Melody's overheated asshole the little bitch will go off so hard she will be squirting like a fire hose. Sweet! Her neglecting to tell me of her needs is turning from an inconvenience into a super hot plan!
Having done this to other women in the past, I am confident that I can stay out of the way when she sprays. The thought of making her do this is exciting, but I don't want to get pee on me, and I certainly don't want to get any in my mouth! Yuk! I think I will grab a trash bag from the kitchen on my way to get the towel. That should make cleanup easier. As I have been forming my mental plan, my tongue has stayed busy, and judging by the way Melody is wiggling and pushing at me, I am running out of time! The decision is made and, pulling her hands away from my head, I put my meal on hold to inform my captive angel of her fate!
“Do you have to piddle little one?” I ask innocently, snickering as she nods vigorously, little mouth still full of panty.
“Well, you should have thought of that before. Now don't you move, I will be right back. Be a good girl and do as you are told.”
She is making frightened, questioning sounds through the panty gag as I hurry to the bathroom for a towel, grabbing a trash bag from the kitchen on my way back to her. Kneeling to her right I conceal my activities with my body, tucking the plastic and towel up close under her tail and spreading them out to catch the pending geyser. As I am doing this I notice the camera on the edge of my desk. Perfect! Within seconds I have placed it on the floor facing her bum, hopefully far enough away to stay dry. It is with extreme pleasure that I start the recording, reveling in the fact that Melody's humiliating loss of control will be added to my video collection! Maybe I will even show it to her next time we are together. I know she is worried and confused but she has kept her position obediently, knees to her chest, steamy sex twitching between her open thighs.
Melody's eyes beg for an explanation over the wad of underpants in her mouth, but I don't offer one. The poor thing finally understands what is going to happen to her when she feels my lips touch her little blossom once more.
She is mewling and groaning her displeasure, but I have her now, my tongue setting her belly aflame again. Soon her protests fade as she surrenders to the bitter sweet pleasure of my lips and tongue. I am crouching off to the side, out of the line of fire, sucking and nibbling at her throbbing little nubbin. She is about to lose her battle for dignity.
Grasping the base of the fanny packer that somehow stayed lodged in her rectum during my preparations, I slowly tug it free from her depths as the little slut spits out her undies and screams in rage and ecstasy as she begins to cream.
“Oh Fuck!!... Fuuuck! You Bastard! You cruel, cruel fucking man! I Hate You!!”
Ssssquirrrt! Sssquirrrt! Melody's empty gaping bum hole is opening and closing in new found freedom as she fires one blast of hot urine after another onto the towel, right at the lens of the camera! My tongue hasn't stopped it's enjoyment of her little marble, well out of the way of her stream of relief.
“Marcus... Awww Sir! Oh my gawd how could you! This is so... you make me... Oh Yesss! Yesss! I Love You Master!!!”
She is still creaming, bladder empty now. Raging at my cruelty one second and squealing with pleasure the next, the poor thing is practically incoherent in her shame and excitement. As the intensity of Melody's pleasure finally fades, she is left weak and sobbing, tears dripping from her earlobes into her hair where it is fanned out on the floor. I can't resist expressing my opinion of what just happened, leaning over and allowing my lips to move against her tear stained cheek.
“Now that, you delicious little bitch, is exactly what you deserved. Despite your need to call me a bastard and show extreme disrespect during the experience, you are forgiven. I forgive you because I know that, embarrassing as that may have been, you fucking loved it you little brat!”...Copyright 2012 M. M. Napolitano
All Rights Reserved