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At age sixteen (whoa, this ain't cool!)
Brad done gone sent t' RE-form school.
'Twas jist three months but, even so,
sure was a bitch t' have t' go.
Brad wuz guilty o' car stealin'.
Red Wing's meant t' give bad feelin'!
The judge? She took him down a rung.
She always dealt with white trash young.
She warned Brad: "You come back here, son,
You're going 'til you're twenty one!"
An' when th' lady judge wuz through,
Brad bawled like bad kids always do!
Brad's chums felt kinda pissed, it seems,
but when Jill heard Brad's fate, she screamed.
(Jill wuz Brad's girlfriend, sweet an' plump,
with pretty face an' swell round rump!)
Cuffed in th' sheriff's car, Brad felt
that he'd sure rather git th' belt
than have t' go whar he'd been sent,
but t' Reform School off he went.
He had t' go down thar an' sweat
in summer's heat, an' you can bet
he loathed it! Always shuckin' corn,
an' hard farm labor, fresh each morn!
"Lights Out" was each danged night at eight,
bright sunshine streamin' through th' gate.
Brad had to lay thar, roastin' hot,
Man! How he hated what he got!
An' jist a buzzin' window fan
t' cool th' dorm room best it can.
A poor white trash kid, even, dreads
four ugly concrete walls, bunk beds,
steel laig chains an' cold iron bars
that each high window mars an' scars!
They hate dull guards, bland grub, harsh toil,
th' crops an' even farmyard soil!
They rue th' sargeant who'll entrap,
an' specially fear th' leather strap.
All curse th' broilin' August heat
that, on th' beach? Would seem quite sweet!
All records banned. No radio.
No T.V. Shit, time passes slow!
There's jist plain no fun t' be had.
Reform school leaves ya pissed off bad.
Brad had t' stay thar twelve whole weeks
an' finally got released. He streaks
into his mom's wide open arms.
Cried: "I'm done with correction farms!"
Reform School wuz a pain fer Brad:
left him defeated, hurt an' mad.
Yet taught him t' respect "Th' Law"
jist like it does most kids who draw
a sentence down t' Red Wing Town.
(Or t' Sauk Centre -makes gals frown!)
Brad got home, an' Jill's sweet kisses
left no doubt: that's wut he misses
most of all! Brad got his fill
frum scrumptious, redhead, barefoot Jill!
All guys an' gals who've been thar know
it ain't somewhere ya wanna go.
A kid who t' Reform School's sent
assures ya'll it's PUNISHMENT.

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Merry broke her right arm, late July of '13. We took a long hiatus from activities of a spanko nature, or doing any filming at all.

She is finally 90-something percent recovered, as you may deduce by looking at the photos I've added of the almost-daily spankings she has been giving me. (Since and including Feb 1 to today, she's giving me eighteen fine spankings-canings-paddlings ...)

However, because her #4 (30 year old) son has been staying with us for an extended time, we've been unable to film any sessions. (Oh-thank-God, we're taking him home, this coming Friday.)

As I am running low on inventory of videos to upload here, I will only be uploading on Monday and Wednesday night ... with the implication, the video will appear here on Tuesday and Thursday (fingers crossed).

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I've been having some eye problems, and unfortunately, I accidently posted a truncated draft. I had to split the final version into two parts, due to its size.
Because I had to delete and repost, the time sequence is a little off. This is actually before the dinner, but all the same afternoon.

This may look very different than the one you read, earlier. I decided to cut out, alot of superfluous things. I wanted to get some framework in place, for some coming events.

My apologies for any confusion!

Bun Beating Fun
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Dylan found his Dad in the family room. He gave him a hug and welcomed him home. "Dad, could I talk to you?"
"Sure, Son, I hear you pretty much won the game! Good for you, Dylan! Way to go!! Sit down."
"It's private, Sir."
"Oh, I see. Well come into the office. We have a little time before dinner. Where's Janie?"
"She's in her room, with a hot bottom! Evan had to punish her again."
"Are you kidding me? Not again!", James said, shaking his head, "Well, David wont be happy!" They sat down together. "Evan says he hasn't had any trouble with you."
"I'm just doing my best to get ready for college, Sir."
"That's my boy!", James said beaming.
"Now, what can I do for you? You've done well to earn my trust, young man. I expect great things from you. The Fair is right around the corner. You'll be a Dragon King, soon! I'm so proud!"
"Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about, really. I'm nervous about the Fair."
"Why is that, Dylan? You needn't be afraid. I'll be there. It's a good thing!"
"I don't know what to expect, and that makes me uneasy."
"Right, well it's time, I guess, we had this talk. This stays between us, you understand? "
"Yes, Sir."
"Now Dylan, the girls you meet at the picnic, those are the daughters of members. They've been raised like Janie. They haven't been around boys. When you fall in love, you'll be the only man she's ever been with. You don't touch the girls romantically, until your wedding night. There are other girls in the club. They are there for other reasons. Once you are a member, you'll be able to have a little fun, with them. You need to learn how to be a good lover and get some practice training a woman to be yours."
"Oh, So that's it! Dad, I'm grown, now! I want to experience that. I want to be the one in charge. I want to, to spank them, and then .. "
"Of course you do", James chucked. "I remember the first girl I spanked... Layla! I pulled down her pants and gave her such a licking! You'll never forget your first!!".
Evan was right! "What about getting into the club, Dad? What's going to happen?"
"To be frank, you're going to get punished. It'll be to make you understand, how these young ladies feel. You can be very strict, but you must also have a softness, for the girl you marry."

"For one day and one night, you'll be treated, much like a slave. You and all the boys, will wait on the members, and be punished for any little thing. You must be totally respectful and accept whatever discipline they decide to dole out. It will be hard, but the rewards will last your lifetime.
The next night, you will be the Master. You will have beautiful women at your feet, young men too. They are submissives and they enjoy their role. They are all, very well rewarded. You will taste every kind of pleasure, you can imagine. There really is nothing more, I can say, that aptly describes what you will experience. On the fourth day, you will meet the princesses. You may find one that catches your eye, or Mistress Raven may find your match. But if not, there will be other days ahead. Just enjoy yourself, for in the future, you will work hard and have limited time for play."
"All men and all women have a taste for a variety of flavors. You mustn't judge others for what makes them happy. As Stern says, there is a lid for every pot... meaning that there is someone, who will be a good fit for you. Do you understand, Dylan?"
"I think so, Dad. I'm a little scared, but I'll make you proud"
"I haven't a doubt in the world, Dylan. All those times, I punished you, harshly, they prepared you for this day. You'll do fine. I promise you. "
"Thank you, Dad. For explaining it all."
"Okay, Son, I'll see you at dinner. I think I heard David come in. He'll be looking for Janie. That should be interesting."
"Just wait, when she has to sit down to dinner, Dad. She's going to be squirming all over, in her chair"
Dish chuckled at the thought.
"I'm betting on it, Dylan! David will put a quick end to that! Keep in mind, she deserves, whatever she gets.

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Evan had just finished cleaning up and changing his wet clothes, when Dylan came to the door. He went to the door.
"Hi, Evan. Sorry for just showing up, but could we talk?"
"Sure, Dylan, come in." He was thankful he hadn't arrived ten minutes earlier, he didn't want to explain why he was all wet. "Can I offer you something to drink?"
"No, no, I'm fine. Evan, you know the Fair is coming. I am a little nervous around girls. I need help."
"First of all, those girls are going to be falling all over each other, trying to get to you. Are you kidding? You're like royalty, and you're a good looking kid. You can take your pick. But, if you want experience, you can't get that with those girls. You need to sow your wild oats with girls, that are not the daughters of the lodge members. They have been raised to become wives, not playmates."
"After the Fair, you'll be a member of the Lodge. You'll be able to have lots of interesting experiences. You cannot just be fooling around with anyone. Some girls would love to trap you, but they would never be accepted here. What exactly do you have in mind?"
Dylan's face turned a little red. "I want to spank them. I want to be in charge."
"Oh, I see....Well, Dylan, did you talk to your Dad? He could probably set that up for you."
"My Dad?!, I couldn't, Evan."
"Dylan, your Dad would totally understand. He might even like to hear it. Did he talk to you about the Lodge? Do you know what the Fair is about?"
"Sure, it's to join the club & look for a partner."
"Well, that's not all it is, Evan. You really need to talk to him. I'm sure that this conversation is coming anyways, but just ask him about the Fair. There is an initiation for the young men. It's kind of rough, like hazing. They'll allow you to opt out, but don't. Once you're done, you be glad you did. There are plenty of advantages to being a member. They won't let you participate, if you haven't been through the hazing. "
"Are you kidding me? Hazing?? What, like paddling??! I've been punished all my life!"
"By a parent, or a family member, not a stranger! It's different, Dylan. You'll get through it. All the young initiates will be going through the same thing. It's the only way to be a member."
"Anyways, your Father would be humiliated, if you refused. Only cowards do. You are the son of a King."
"Why didn't he tell me?! ", Dylan asked. He felt like he'd been sucker punched.
"It's not really necessary, because he has prepared you to be successful. Just like my Father prepared me. They raise us to be ready. But since you've asked, you mind as well talk to him. He comes home tonight. "
Dylan's head was spinning. He'd have to get through it, somehow... One last night. Then, would he get to punish a girl?? It would be worth it, for such a prize. How bad could it be? When was it going to happen and where? He'd never been past the Great Hall of the Lodge. He knew there were other rooms, but no one spoke of them.
"What about Janie? Will they punish her, too? "
"No, not at all, not until her match is made. Then she will be trained by him, once she is promised. She does have a say. They want you all to be happy. She will have to learn how to please him, but he'll also treat her very well. Just as you will treat your mate well. It might not even happen for a while. It all depends on love. "
"I know it's alot to take in, but once you've been hazed, they'll begin looking for your match. You'll help her to learn to be a good wife. If it's a true match, she'll want to please you. The girls have been groomed for this. She'll be yours alone. You'll love her, in time, but you will also have to take her in hand. You'll guide her, love and respect her and you will also punish her."
"Dylan, talk to your Dad. I can't say any more."
"Okay, thanks, Dylan. Where is everybody? We won our game! I got a triple that tied up the score!"
"Oh, I think Janie's in her room. Martha and George had shopping to do. Your Dad should be in anytime, now. David is flying in, and then driving here. He's suppose to be here by dinnertime."
"You better get cleaned up, it looks like you brought half of the dirt home, from the diamond!"
"Dylan looked at his filthy pants. Oh, yeah, sorry. I'm going to jump in the shower. Thanks, Evan. Maybe I'll talk to my Dad, but I'm glad you gave me a heads up, but don't worry. I won't mention that you did."
"It's okay, Dylan. I didn't tell you anything that is privileged. Talk to your Dad, you'll be glad you did."
"See you at dinner, Evan. Bye!"
"Bye, Dylan." He was a good kid. He'd be like family, if things worked out. Evan smiled.

Dylan finished dressing. He took extra care to be presentable. His Dad and Uncle would be home. Maybe he could catch a few minutes with his Dad. He headed for downstairs, but heard Janie crying. He knocked on her door.
"Yes?, came her shakey voice.
"It's me, Dylan. Janie can I come in?"
"Yes, Dylan."
"Janie, what is it?!". He went to the bed and put his hand on her back, Patting her and whispering, "It's okay, you can tell me."
"Oh, Dylan!! It's Evan!"
"I knew it. You like him, don't you?" He smirked
Janie started to sob again, "No Dylan, I love him!"
"What?!?! You barely know him!!"
"I just do!"
"Well, what happened? He doesn't like you back? I find THAT hard to believe."
"I think he does, but he got mad at me. I was just being silly and made a big mess, that he cleaned up, but I was still laughing about it & he got very cross. He paddled me. Now, I have to talk to Daddy about Evan but I don't know what to say."
"Well, Janie tell him the truth. It'll all come out, anyways. Your Father loves you and you've already been punished for the mess."
"Thank you, Dylan. I'll try. I better get ready for dinner. My bottom is on fire!!"
"It's not the first time, naughty Janie. Now, get moving before I give you a spanking too!" Dylan thought he'd like to do just that! "
Janie said, "Get in line...I still have to talk to my Daddy. I just hope he'll let me see Evan. He could send him away."
"Don't worry, if they didn't trust him, he never would have let him near your. It'll be alright."
She sat up gingerly, and hugged her cousin. You're right! He wouldn't have!!
I'll get ready. Bye." Dylan stuck out his tongue, to make her laugh and left.
She wished she'd talked to Evan about what they should say. She wouldn't see him until dinner.

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the videos are up now if you want to see them

Bun Beating Fun
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I have found myself at home alone for a few days and know that I need to be punished. I will be stripping down tonight and sliding onto my back, ass and cock all exposed and then taking wooden implements to my ass. I know that this is needed, I intend to do it properly. Do you have any ideas? What would you call a fair punishment? Pics for the plan that I use tonight,

PS so far tonight I have been getting people saying 20 on the bare, 25 with the cane.... I have been bad, lets have some real ideas...this is punishment...Nude pics for U!!

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Is there anything more beautiful than watching a lovely, passionate, strong-willed woman, transformed from kicking, spitting, back-talking little madam, into a docile, contrite little angel under your punishment? When she finally stops bucking, softens, and hangs her head, accepting the hand, paddle, brush, whatever without resistance or fight? It's magical and charming to me. Submissive women are amazing (so are the non-submissive ones, but you know what I mean) ;) x

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Why is it so hard sometimes to be patient and to wait when you feel that something is wrong or someone isnt ok. Its aggravating because I am not sure if something has happened and the fact of being silent is killing me. I understand that you have to wait from time to time but im honestly scared to pieces.

Bun Beating Fun
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last night my ex sister in law lost her battle with cancer... it was so sudden.. she was only 62 yrs old n had been havin back pain for months.. she kept goin to her dr who kept tellin her it was muscle spasms ... it kept her up at night n made her cry all day n she kept goin back only to be told the same thing..........needless to say just two short weeks ago they did a blood test n found she had cancer.. it was already spread thru her body n no treatment would help.... she has 5 grown children n a handful of grandchildren...she was always my favorite of my ex husbands sisters... this past weekend they had to put her in a drug induced coma as her pain was off the wall.........God took her home last night.......... ... n in the midst of all this.. a new life came into this world... my newest great grand daughter Violet Marie joined our family a few hrs ago... she is just a lil peanut.. weighin a lil more than 5lbs n is only 16 inches long.... Thank you God for our beautiful gift n RIP Linda :(

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Looking to switch with someone online. Females perfered.

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"Pull My Hair"

[Girl Talking]
Hey You
You know you been talking a lot of shit
Whispering in my ear
Making me feel all hot and bothered and shit
Making a motherfucker horny
You say you can fuck
Prove it

Look bitch
You dun talked a whole lot of shit
But wait 'til you see my dick
I ain't really fo' the talking game
You dun came in the room and started handling thangs
First start wit brain
Then i'ma beat the pussy up
Hit it from the back
And beat the pussy up
Girl why you fronting d
Doing all that running
Be yo ass still
Long dick coming
Now ride on the dick like you was dancing in the club
He really love attention
So show him some love
Now come up slow and just ride the head
Now drop down fast
Put it all in the air
Now turn ya ass around let me hit it from behind ya
Put big dick inside ya
I'ma hit it from the back while I'm pulling your hair
You climbing up the wall but I'm pulling your hair
Getting freaky than a motherfucking sweating
I'm all on you, you all on me
Fucking like dogs
Me and shawty off of the wall
And I like the way she play with the balls
Shawty I ain't holding nothing back at all
Ain't scared to put the mouth on the dick
She swallowed it
And she like it when a nigga be pulling her hair
Talking nasty to her ass while I'm pulling her hair

[Chorus (Girl)]
Now that I got you in the bed
I'm gon' pull yo hair
snatch yo ass up by the head
I'm gon' pull yo hair
(Pull my hair, Pull it hard)
(Pull my hair, Pull it tight)
(Pull my hair, Come on baby)
(Pull my hair) [Moans]
(Fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(Fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(Fuck me... Shit)

Mmmmmm You like this
You wanna see what I have

[Kaine (Girl)]
Ay bitch
I'm talking to you
(So tell me what you want me to do)
[Clears Throat] Looka Hear
Drop down on all fours like a dog
Now I'm looking at yo ass 'fore I hit it
That pussy from the back
I'ma get it
I'm walking over to you wit the rubber
Yo ass in trouble
(Is it up high enough)
I dun called yo bluff
Fuck you 'til you cry

"You said I beat that pussy from the back so much that I hurt yo side
Yo ass shoulda been built for the war, fuck it,
and if you don't wanna wear yo tail you need to put it in ya ass and tuck it"

I whispered just to get ya in the bed
Now I'm finna pull yo hair on ya head
(Pull it)
Shouldn't have fucked wit me
If ya ass coulda ran you woulda
But you put that there aside
That's how my dick got between yo thighs
Now let's all ride
I got a 10 foot pole
That'll go in yo hole
Take yo soul
Make nut come out yo nose
Fall all on yo clothes

Bun Beating Fun
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Paint yourself a picture
Of what you wish you looked like
Maybe then they just might
Feel an ounce of your pain

Come into focus
Step out of the shadows
It's a losing battle
There's no need to be ashamed

'Cause they don't even know you
All they see is scars
They don't see the angel
Living in your heart

Let them find the real you
Buried deep within
Let them know with all you've got
That you are not your skin

Oh [2x]

When they start to judge you
Show them your true colors
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you

Just rise above this
Kill them with your kindness
Ignorance is blindness
They're the ones that stand to lose

'Cause they don't even know you
All they see is scars
They don't see the angel
Living in your heart

Let them find the real you
Buried deep within
Let them know with all you've got
That you are not your skin


Well, they don't even know you
All they see is scars
And they don't see the angels
Living in your heart

So, let them find the real you
Buried deep within
Let them know with all you've got
That you are not
You are not you skin

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#food4thought Don’t HATE. it is a waste of energy. instead use the energy to grow #StrictMotivation

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I remember daddy's hands folded silently in prayer
And reachin' out to hold me, when I had a nightmare
You could read quite a story in the callous' and lines
Years of work and worry had left their mark behind

I remember daddy's hands how they held my mama tight
And patted my back for something done right
There are things that I'd forgotten that I loved about the man
But I'll always remember the love in daddy's hands

Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin'
Daddy's hands were hard as steel when I'd done wrong
Daddy's hands weren't always gentle but I've come to understand
There was always love in daddy's hands

I remember daddy's hands workin' 'til they bled
Sacrificed unselfishly just to keep us all fed
If I could do things over, I'd live my life again
And never take for granted the love in daddy's hands

Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin'
Daddy's hands were hard as steel when I'd done wrong
Daddy's hands weren't always gentle but I've come to understand
There was always love in daddy's hands

Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin'
Daddy's hands were hard as steel when I'd done wrong
Daddy's hands weren't always gentle but I've come to understand
There was always love in daddy's hands

Bun Beating Fun
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Good Morning

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hey yall iam going to be writing story's for you all to enjoy maybe one day we will see..will see.. plans for ths week find home for the 4 kittens that drive m e nut all night,be a good girl.SMILING NOT TO make ANYONE MAD.... smiling we will see... fingers crossed i can do it... if not my ass will be sore

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Yesterday just for the heck of it I sent a voice recording to my mentor/Paw....for some reason I felt uneasy after doin so but it was too late... this am I woke to a voice recording from him as well... it was a wonderful surprise... ty so much Paw!!

Bun Beating Fun
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Janie and her Daddy came down to dinner. Beneath her white skirt and cotton panties, was a very hot, cherry red, bath brush paddled bottom. Daddy had added to the heat of Evan's paddling, with about a dozen, extra hard, hand smacks. Everyone was already seated.
Janie did not want to sit, but as they reached the table, her Daddy pulled out her chair, knowing how sore her behind was. She had no choice, but to take her seat.
As her fanny touched the hard wooden chair, tears came to her eyes. Evan sat across from her. He knew David King had been upstairs with Janie. He felt like he had to tell him about the bath incident. He suspected he already knew. He watched the tears start slowly down Janie's cheeks, and couldn't help but picture her other welted cheeks, now planted on the hard surface. He loved to see her wincing. He was glad he'd left her beautiful little bottom, covered in red oval marks. She needed to learn to obey him!
David addressed Janie. "Do you have something you'd like to tell Evan, Janie?"
Her face turned red. She rocked back and forth, trying to spare herself, some of the pain of sitting. She thought, after explaining everything to her Dad, he wouldn't embarrass her this way, but he'd meant what he said.
She gave her Father a scowl, and he raised his eyebrow. "Yes, Daddy. I want to thank Evan for cleaning up the mess I made, in the bathroom. I'm sorry I wasn't respectful."
David stared at her, warning her with his eyes, to do what he had asked, earlier.
A few more tears found their way, down her face. She could see there was no point, in trying to avoid it. "Thank you, Evan, for paddling my bare bottom, with the bath brush. I am sorry for my behavior." She tried to lift her bottom from the chair. It burned so!!
James said to Evan, "Was there any damage?"
Evan smiled, "The only damage was to the young lady's bottom. I contained the water, before it became a bigger problem. "
Everyone chuckled at that, especially David. "That was a well punished fanny, Evan! The bath brush was just the right instrument!" Janie's face grew redder.
"It was my pleasure, Sir."
David, James, Evan and Dylan all seemed to be amused. Janie was mortified! She said, coldly and with a bit of an attitude, "May I please be excused?"
David snapped, "No, you most certainly are not excused, young lady. You will stay at the table through dessert. You can stop that fidgeting too, or I'll put you over my knee and bare your bottom, right here.
"Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes, Sir. Perfectly clear."
"Shall we begin?" And Martha began to serve.
Sandra, who was sitting next to Janie, patted her hand, and whispered, "You had better do as you are told, Janie."
So she sat very still, trying to hold back her tears.
Her little cousin, Gracie asked, "Does it hurt very much, Janie? The bath brush?"
"Yes, Gracie, it did. It still hurts very much."
Gracie nodded. "My Dad said a spanking is meant to hurt but I haven't been spanked with the bath brush, though."
James said, "Maybe I'll introduce you to that bath brush, if you can't mind your manners, Gracie." A hush fell over the table, as they ate.
Janie picked at her dinner, wishing it was over soon. Dylan winked at her, with a smile. She wanted to stick her tongue out at him, but she restrained herself. At last coffee was served.
David said, "Janie, you may go to your room and put on your pajamas. I'll be up to speak with you."
Oh no, what did that mean?! Another spanking?!?! She started to cry again,
"Th.... Thank you, Sir." Her bruised thighs stuck to the chair, as she got up. She grabbed at her bottom, without thinking, and then hurried away.
"Evan, join me in the office, if you don't mind. Bring your coffee."
"Of course, Mr. King." He followed him in and took a seat. David sat at an adjoining chair, rather than at the desk.
"So tell me Evan, how have you been doing with the kids?"
"Well, Dylan's been a perfect student. Janie has been... well, spirited. She seems to be inclined to challenge authority, when your are away. I think she needs to learn better self control. I've been strict with her, David. I haven't let anything slide. But, if I'm truthful, I care for her and it's been my pleasure to chastise her."
"Care for her, in what way?", David leaned in, carefully monitoring his response.
"I'd like your permission to train her, Sir, to court her, and to one day, marry her, Mr. King."
"I thought as much. Janie has expressed her feelings for you, as well. You have managed to punish her, and still keep her affections, which is a difficult thing."
"Thank you, Sir." Evan nervously waited for an answer, praying that David would give him his blessing.
"I'll allow you to begin grooming her. She will require alot of attention. She was such a good girl, for so long, I didn't need to punish her often, until very recently. Now, she's been punished more in the last few months, than in the last ten years. If I see, you are able to control and train her, then I'll allow you to court her. There is not going to be any quick wedding, Evan. I'm in no hurry to lose my daughter. You know you had better respect my boundaries. She's untouched and she'd better stay that way, until her wedding."
"I'd like nothing more than to earn your trust, Sir. I would love every minute of training your beautiful daughter and I assure you, I will be worthy of the task and your trust."
"We'll discuss the particulars tomorrow. I need to talk to her. She's upset, and though her bottom is very, very sore. She behaved terribly at the dinner table. I'm going up to talk with her."
"I will heat up her bottom, again. I cannot allow her to act that way. She seems to have build up, alot of emotions, I feel like she needs to release them. So, I'll spank her until she lets go and then I'll tell her, you spoke to me.I think that will be, just what she needs to hear. I hope we'll see some improvement, in her, afterwards.
"I may have blistered her bottom, Sir."
"No, Evan, I looked. Welts, yes... Many! But no broken skin. It was a good job!"
"Thank you, Sir." He wished he could give her that goodnight spanking, tonight! Someday she would be his!

Janie laid on her tummy, in her PJ's. Her Father stepped through the door. She had time to think about the dinner and knew she had acted out. She was already propped up on a few pillows, with her pajama pants and her panties pulled down. She knew he'd have to punish her. She'd as much as challenged him, at the table. What was she thinking?! She'd asked for this spanking, just like she had earlier, with Evan!

"I see, that you realize, you acted badly, at the table. You're very lucky I didn't take my belt to you, in front of everyone! What do you think I should do, Janie?"
"I deserve to have my bottom spanked again, Daddy. I apologize. I was so rude! I'll leave it to you, to decide, with what."

"Well, I think the cane is in order!" He opened the door and the cane, hung on the door knob. He placed it on the bed and reached for the cream, rubbing it across her buttocks and legs. She whined, softly.
"Are you ready?"
"Yes, Sir." She didn't feel ready, but was resigned to it. "May I hold on to the headboard?"
"That will be acceptable. I'll be giving you 20 good strokes. I'll count them. You stay in position, or I'll begin again, from one. If you get out of position, you get right back in. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Sir."
He tapped at her crimson colored fanny, and then cracked it sharply, with the cane.
"OH!! PLEASE DADDY, NOT SO HARD!!!" Janie was already crying, as the heat and the sting sunk into her bum. "That's one!"
He continued slowly, tapping first and then striking her ass, hard! She cried out bitterly, with every stripe he added to her red bottom.
"Up on your knees, Janie!" She complied.
He delivered the rest, in a flurry of whacks, that put a ladder on her thighs leading up her bottom, right to her tailbone. Every WHACK drew a thin dusty line, that soon turned an angry purple.
Janie was almost beyond the pain, now. She could barely catch her breath, as he swung the cane again and again. Finally, she heard her Daddy say "Here comes TWENTY!" It hit her below the cheeks and she screamed, "OWWWWW, OH, Daddy!" Her face and her pillow were wet from crying.
David lifted her up to her feet and hugged her. She clung to him and let it all come out. She wailed!! She shook and she hurt! He rubbed her hot bottom, softly. He said, "SHUSH now, baby. I'm done. All done. I'm going to give Evan a chance, Princess. It's all going to be okay."
As the words sunk in, she stopped sobbing and hugged her Father. "Oh, Daddy, I'm so happy!!!!!".
I know, baby. Into bed now. We'll talk tomorrow. I love you. He kissed her forehead, and put the pillows up on the top of the bed. "You want your pants up or off?"
"Off, Daddy."
"Okay, Sugar." He helped her out of them, applied a little cream, and left her to dream
"Daddy, Thank you. I love you, too."
"I know, Baby."

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