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I'm looking for a Ma'am to spank me and mentor me as she sees fit that lives in the Killeen Tx area. Anywhere from ages 35+

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A few people wanted to know how many strokes I got with each toy during Saturday's play. I've done my best to count the hammer but it was so fast I could've missed some.
So here goes………..
Bull Whip………….…...93.
Spanking Hammer…...117.
I've just watched the full video and I must say, I did enjoy watching it back. I love seeing Masters face, how much he's enjoying it and looks so smug at times.
Plus love watching my reactions, I realise why Master tells me to be quiet now, I'm rather noisy during spanking and sex. Oh well, least the neighbours will know we've had fun coz I'm sure they must hear something as we hear their baby cry and the little girl shouting, crying, playing. Wonder what they're thinking ? I know one thing for sure, I cannot leave a window open during our play lol.

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Morning spanking postponed until tonight so doubled the count.

We've been having problems with our boiler again, as typically it chooses Christmas time to break down, though most of the parts have been replaced, Masters doing everything to avoid the inevitable replacement.
So as he was trying to get the heating on, he was late leaving for work. I was told he would have to leave the morning spanking as he's late so I will get double tonight !!!
How's that fair ? Now 60 swats this evening, if we get chance. But still not fair when I didn't do anything wrong for once. Its bugged me all day so I decided to blog about it,

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Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Everything around you's growin' old.
The days drag on, the nights last forever,

Every day's tougher just to keep it together.

Forget everything you've ever known,
Except for home. 

Home is where the heart is:
That's what somebody once said. (Yeah.)

I think your heart is where your love is:

All the rest baby, the rest it's all in your head.


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Where are you, imps?

Different spankings, different people, different times and different situations and encounters and atmospheres.

There’s never the same experience twice, is there?

We know that many spankings have different purposes. Sometimes I’m seeking spankings for discipline, or domination, or pain, or something erotic with the man who drives me to see brighter colors....

But sometimes I miss the playful fun, the banter and the sneakiness and the prodding. Sure, it’s not always the time or place or situation. But, sometimes,... just sometimes, you know?

To have that little challenge, the wrestling, the pranks, the retorts. Yes, I smile evilly just thinking of it. If we are all in it together, all on the same page about what’s happening, then I do absolutely have a strong imp in me.

I admit I am wickedly proud of some of my pranks. And whether it results in a very good, well-earned, bare bottom spanking for my efforts -- or my knowing another bottom has suffered over a knee due to my secret instigation.... Ah yes. I can’t help but smile.

It doesn’t help me currently to be such an isolationist. I miss the fun, yes. But someday, I’ll get back to causing some trouble in a fun way, and being bent over with little squeals of innocence you shouldn’t believe -- or offering the nearest bottom as the culprit to take my painful payment with little giggles you shouldn’t hear.

Because the only thing for sure when a spankee imp says they are innocent? They aren’t.

What about you, my fellow imps? What would you do to playfully earn that bared and reddened bottom? Any stories you'd like to share? What have you done... would you do?

Hide all you-know-who’s implements in plain sight, in a bag hanging from the chimney? Wait until he’s in the bedroom and invite your spankee friends to jump out of the closet with squirt guns? Snatch a maroon beret right from the head of an Army soldier and take off running?

How about you? Any online pranks? Any playful prodding that you got away with, even here?

Anyone brave enough to squeal? ;>

I'm in a playful mood... shall we start something together?

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In case you are asked if you could spank a straight male and you are straight too, what would you do? Does anyone has experiences with that?

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This afternoon Master asked if I would like a quickie ?
I mean, how could I refuse, I am his slave after all. He doesn't even have to ask, he owns me, all of me, so naturally I agreed.
Whilst waiting for me Master jokingly said, ‘Blimey by the time you get upstairs, then get naked, it kinda spoils the quickie idea.”
I know what he means though, by the time I've actually climbed the stairs, got to the bedroom, had a fight with my big fluffy penguin slippers he bought me for Christmas as they are impossible to get off, I eventually give up and lift my leg up for Master to pull them off. Then the fight with the socks. Meanwhile Master is still stood with his clothes on watching in amusement.
My dress unbuttoned quickly but I asked Master if he was not getting naked.
He said No, it's a quickly, or will be when your ready.
Lastly the bra dropped to the floor, as I'm always naked below. I climbed on the bed and awaited instruction. That's a great bruise on your thigh isn't it, he said. He hadn't seen it since our play on Saturday and it was very painful to touch. I will upload a photo to show you.
On your back, right at the edge of the bed, he told me, as he dropped his jeans and shorts, soon my legs were up resting on his shoulders, his cock already eager for both holes. Dripping a bit of lube over my pussy, I jumped with the coldness.
I'm sure you can imagine the detail of Master's cock sinking deeply into my bum then pussy, my legs by his shoulders or feet on his chest or him or I holding my feet. The internal scratch of his PA giving me a shock but a nice one, then feeling it grate along the walls. Over and over, his cock danced about, sending me into 2 or 3 orgasms but I got told off for trying to take charge of my grinding against him.
I'm the top not you, he said, slapping my leg, and making me pout.
I hate lying there and not being able to move freely. But I did as I was told.
With us both grunting and grinding, Master asked which hole I would like him to cum in. Mmmmmmm pussy for a change, I told him. Though we weren't ready for the end just yet, a bit more dancing and I tried to keep my eyes open to watch Master's face but invariably my eyes roll up, lids close as I enjoy and melt into every sensation. I just can't keep them open. Long strokes, short quick strokes, I knew Master was close, the grinding quickened, our breathing became faster, he held my shoulders pushing his cock further into my pussy as suddenly I felt hot squirts of cum hitting my insides. I love feeling him shudder and convulse after hes cum, it feels wicked inside, then he slipped out.
After a clean up with some wipes we both lay on the bed, I knew I was eager for my missing morning spanking. Hoping the temptation of having my naked bottom just there would be enough. A nice hand spanking would finish this off just nicely. But no, :( I'm sure he knew what I wanted as he pulled his pants up, then left the room saying he needed to stand by the open door to cool down.
I pouted a bit when he left then eventually got dressed and headed downstairs too.So it may not have been a quickie if you include everything but it sure was a good fuck.

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I need to come to Nottingham in the near future to collect a parcel. If there are any ladies in that general area who deserve a visit from their disciplinarian Step-Daddy please get in touch.

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Today was boring but I reorganize my basement. I cleaned up my house. I am tired and now the neighbor's kids want to throw eggs and snowballs at my window.

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I am searching for someone to get to know me better, hang out and to just have fun. I am not looking to rush things I am learning to take my time and to find my center in my life. I am looking to find someone who is drama free and likes to be silly and can let down her hair and just have fun. I am seeking a woman who is intelligent and knows what she wants. Is confident and has her life in order. A woman who has deeply felt submissive needs and desires.

She wants to meet a wonderful man and through lots of communication develop a deep and meaningful bond of trust and respect. A man to whom she wants to give control over many things. She is comfortable with her body, loves lingerie, and wants to dress in a way that pleases her man. She wants to feel cared for and supported, and she wants to take care of and please him in return.

She loves performing oral on him, loves nothing more than sinking to her knees at his feet and slipping him past her lips, and waking him in the morning by taking his powerful erection in her mouth.

They have clearly defined boundaries and hard limits. He has set expectations so that she knows what will please him. She knows he will correct her when she disappoints him. She does not like that he is displeased, yet she enjoys, sometimes craves this correction, his firm hand connecting with her bare ass. And later, his soothing touches and words.

When they are in tune, the sex is exquisite. She likes to be pinned down, teasing touches, she must wait for it, her body is his medium, she is his muse. At times they make love. Others, he takes her with force, thinking about nothing other than taking his pleasure from her, using her to sate his need. He has appetites that must be quenched, and she drips at the mere thought of how much pleasure he takes from her.

She loves his attention, a light touch on the small of her back, his ear when she needs to be heard, his arms when she needs to feel protected, being pulled onto his lap when she needs to rest in his affection, his humor when she could use a laugh.

This is not fantasy, not a proposed role-play, this is real.

I am He. Are you she?

If the above resonates with you at all, I invite your personal message. I would love to get to know you. For professional reasons, I do not show faces on here unless you are a friend. I will by email or Kik, it's tit for tat. I show, you show, and build from there.

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A Dom isn’t the one who has a handful of “Pets”, but the one who owns that one, devoted and submissive Pet, and has made his way to earn her confidence, her trust and moreover, her respect. Respect which has to be earned. Because a Pet isn’t the one without free will who just simply obey because she’s told, she obeys because she respects her Sir, and because it makes her feel good to serve and please Him in every way.

· The same way a Pet should make feel his Owner happy and proud, taking care of all his needs by obeying every command, pleasuring every wish, a Master should teach her Pet how to behave for Him. There are Tasks, Rewards and Punishments for this kind of things, and for the sake of a good time. But above all, a Master should make feel his Pet happy, loved, safe and peaceful. Always.

· This doesn’t make submissives weak beings, at all. It takes strength to fully pledge to someone, in body, mind and soul; it takes courage to embrace the fact that her life is in the hands of her Owner, thus giving the responsibility to a Dom of taking care of two lives. Because the work of a Dom isn’t just to boss around, giving selfish orders for his own benefit, but to give and care for his little one; to know what’s best for her and always make sure that she’s all right.

· Finally, some may say the Dom has all the power in this kind of relationships, and this is far from being true. A submissive you may say, has more power than the actual Dom, because she’s the one who sets her own boundaries, and the Dom should respect them, however, he can (and he should) slowly work his way to explore and expand them, but always being respectful about them

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Well mark put his back out, not bad enough to render him helpless but enough that throwing me over his knee was,I knew,not going to happen.
Not being one to miss an opportunity to push the boundaries..i gave him a few hushed remarks that he couldn't quite make out..a few looks that made him raise his brow.
I think it was the
'oh shut up will ya' that did it and the fact that I walked away from him...I love when he can't see my face that's squinting.. waiting for the scrape of the chair on the wooden floor and the footsteps following me. The strong hand that grips my upper arm and the other hand that rains down a flurry deliciously stinging slaps on my arse.

I wanted to be so bad this weekend as I'd been so good all week..but alas I am bereft of a full on spanking.

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I pulled this out of mothballs. It's a garage production I did many many years ago with some old school technology and manual animation techniques. It's not my best animation work, but I do enjoy revisiting it on occasion.

In any case, I hope you will enjoy/subscribe/comment. Cheers!

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May 2018 be filled with good health, joy and happiness for all.


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I was spanked this morning and made to stand in the corner afterwards. It was a good session with a razor strap and left me with much to think about.

Spank Christina