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Views: 11 · Added: 2 hours ago

I am about to freaken explode!!!! if I dont get a stress relief spanking soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Views: 33 · Added: 9 hours ago

Theres nothing hotter than a woman who's bold enough to ask for a spanking.

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Views: 32 · Added: 9 hours ago

This guy is another person that had never been spanked in his life. Sure, I've been threatened with a spanking by a lady near the library.

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Views: 29 · Added: 9 hours ago

Bridesmaids were originally added to weddings to confuse the evil spirits as to who the real bride was.

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Views: 49 · Added: 12 hours ago

Your last date of attendance is: 08/25/2014
Major: Applied Behavioral Science
Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.37
Credits Completed: 95.00
Credits Currently Scheduled: 10.00
You only have 25.00 credits to go!
Your estimated completion date is: 6/8/2015

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Views: 192 · Added: 14 hours ago

Let me put the record straight.An individual whom I met on this site,and thought I could be friends with came to Jen and me and asked something of us that we could not do for her.As a result this individual has sent us some very nasty emails,which we have ignored.Then I received an email from another friend on here offering condolenseces to Jenny.Jenny had a look what was going on and this individual,whom I am sure you all know by now has,with true disgust and lack of consideration for everyone,most of all Jenny and myself who offered every help we could in a time of trouble,posted a blog on here telling of my demise.

Never in all my life have I come across someone so profoundly disturbed,all I can say is I pity the mind that comes up with something so horrible to say about someone. I do hope this individual finds the help she sorely needs.I APOLOGISE TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WHO WERE TAKEN IN BY THIS INDIVIDUAL AND WHAT SHE SAID. I am so angry but Jen and I have discussed this and I had to come on here first and apologise to you all,after all it was I who made a friend,and thought this friendship was true.I know there are people out there on the internet who ingratiate themselves into the lives of others,I am guilty of making such a friendship and been dupped by someone I thought was genuine. Needless to say Jen and I have broken all contact with this individual and changed important things like emails and phone numbers. It is only left to tell you all that I am very much alive,although have been incredibly busy of late,and again to apologise to you all for been caught up in something that was truely horrible. I wish you all well.Karen.

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Views: 46 · Added: 16 hours ago

& have 'tidied up' my profile.

We will be back.

Thanks for all the positive comments in the past.

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Views: 23 · Added: 19 hours ago

So message me if you want to chat, can be anyone about anything

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Views: 43 · Added: 20 hours ago

I have a question to everyone out there on ST. Why does it seem that in the spanking world it is looked down upon men that want to be spanked by women? Why does it seem like women don't want to spank men? I do see pictures and video of it, so I know that it exhists, but it also seems that if I were to ask a woman to spank me that it would be looked down upon, when really, it is just something enjoyable.

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Views: 50 · Added: 20 hours ago

Today was a better day for me somewhat. I got out the house a bit and did someones hair but still haven't got a stress relief spanking because of house guests! ugh!

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Views: 47 · Added: 21 hours ago

Feel the need to have a self discipline session for motivation.
The reasons being......
1. I have not been sticking to my diet, nor my workout schedule.
2. I have been smoking again.
3. I've let a situation get to me..(which has become my excuse for #2!)
4. I have been a bit cranky towards my neighbors.
5. I.just need my release and only trust myself to give it to me right now.

Whew!!!! Just imagine the whoopin I would actually be getting if I had a disciplinarian.
I am gonna warm up with 50 swats using a wooden spatula, then 50 with my paddle, and end it with 50 using my knotted cord.

Any other suggestions you may have, please comment them, or inbox them to me.

Thanks y'all. Hope you have a great day/night.
Masters PlayGround.

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Views: 47 · Added: 22 hours ago

Events of the past
can weigh heavily on your soul.
The burden eats at your heart
exacting its toll.

It doesn't really matter
who is to blame,
you take all the guilt
just the same.

Can a price be paid
to lift this weight?
I worry that the price
is simply too great.

He says it won't be easy,
lots of tears through the pain,
but on the other side
there is relief to be gained.

I trust this gentle man
who promises my salvation,
so there's no real choice to make,
only hope and anticipation.

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Views: 79 · Added: 1 days ago

Anyone know where our lovely Rosy has gone off to? I miss her wit and whimsical look at life!

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Views: 40 · Added: 1 days ago

Sitting in the sofa I had just told my wife about my fantasy of her taking charge and being spanked to tears by her and she had taken it with a smile.
I felt very releaved and noticed a sence of inner peace in my intire body I had never felt before.

I felt ready to open up and told my wife that I wanted her to take charge of my spankings and make my disciplinary sessions her own.
I asked her to be very strict with me and make me feel like a naughty little boy when I needed it.
I gave her some web pages to look at and find inspiration as to how bad boys are spanked on the internet.
My wife listened to me and never once made any remarks that were judgemental and it made me feel very happy and excited.

I told her that it was intirely up to her how she would punish me when I had been a naughty boy and promissed to do excactly what she told me.

She sat back and looked at me with a smile.

I would love to take charge and hopefully be able to give you what you seek and need she said and stroked my hand.

Do you want me to be your disciplinarian and obey my every command when I decide that you have to be punished she asked?

Yes maam I answered and felt so thrilled and happy.

Alright I will take charge of your punishments from now on and I will do my best to be the strict wife you want.

I thanked her very much with a very big smile on my face and gave her a big kiss.
I am not sure you will be so happy as you are now, when I spank your bottom next time you behave like a naughty boy my wife said and laughed.

I am sure I won´t be I said but I just love you so much for doing this for me I said.

I said that she should take a week to figure out how she would take charge of my spankings and we relaxes the rest of the evening.

The next week passed very slowly and often my mind went to thoughts of how my wife would punish me.

Finally the week had passed and my wife had made small hints to what I had in store that evening.
She had put a dining chair in the middle of the livingroom and left it standing there all day.

After we had eaten we sat in the sofa and relaxed, but I kept looking at the chair in the middle of the room.

After a while my wife sat up in the sofa and looked very seriously at me and made me feel very nervous.
Allthough is so wanted to be spanked to tears the idea of it scared me quite a bit.

She told me to stand and i obeyed her at once.
She started lecturing me on what she was expecting of me and how little I was contributing to our marriage.
I was feeling ashamed and was blushing as I stood in front of her and was being scolded like a naughty little boy.

She had never taken control like this and I was a little blown back, by her stern voice and strict appearrence.
But it was excactly what I had been dreaming and fantazising about.

My wife said she had had enough of me acting like a immature little boy and she was not going to tollerate it any longer.

Now march yourself into the corner and think about your behavior my wife scolded. I did as I was told and placed my nose in the corner.
It was so thrilling to stand there and wait for my wife to punish me and I was quite excited about it.

Knowing what turned me on my wife went into our bedroom and put on her black leather pants and high heeled ankle boots.

She called me out of the corner after 15 minutes and told me to come and stand in front of her.

I dropped my jaw when I saw her sitting on the chair in her black leather pants and were not able to hide my excitement.
My wife took no notice of it, as she was used to it and told me to pull my trousers and underwear down to my ankles.

Feeling very excited and nervous at the same time I did as she said and stood naked from the waist down, waiting to be spanked good and hard.
She had her big wooden hairbrush in her lap and I suddenly felt a shiver down my spine just looking at it.

I was told in a stern tone of voice to expect a very hard spanking and to be a very sorry boy, by the time she was finished spanking my bare bottom.

She then surprised me by taking out a pair og hand restraints and told me to hold out my hands.
She locked my hands together in front of me and told me she wanted to be able to deliver the spanking I wanted and needed without me putting my arm back to protect my bottom all the time.
You have been a very naughty boy and you are going to get a very hard spanking tonight.
Is that understood young man she scolded?

Yes maam I said, nodded my head and felt so embarassed and humiliated.

Get over my knees young man my wife said sternly, grabbing her hairbrush. I blushed deep red and went to to right side and layed myself over her leather clad knees.

My wife then gave me the hardest spanking of my life with her hairbrush and had me laying breathless and screaming over her knees in no time.

I had not expected her to be able to deliver a spanking like that and was helpless to do anything to prevent her from giving me the spanking I had always dreamt of.

My wife spanked me very hard and fast with her hairbrush and after a couple og minutes I could feel tears in my eyes.
I was getting in to a panick and tried to be tough.
I did not want to loose face in front of my wife so I tried to fight back the tears I now had forming in my eyes.

I wanted her to spanks me to tears, but I was scared of what it would be like and with my hands locked together in front of me I felt so helpless and wounerable.

I think my wife felt me struggle with the spanking and my emotions, but she was determined to bring me over the edge and give me what I had told her I wanted.

When she concentrated the spanking to my sit spots, I had no more energy to fight back the tears and felt them rolling down my cheeks.

I was now crying loudly and felt like in a trance, as my wife kept spanking me hard and fast.
My sore bottom was burning and shortly after I gave up all fight and just layed limp over her leather clad knees, sobbing like a naughty little boy.
My wife gave a couple of dozen hard spanks more before she stopped my punishment and put her hairbrush down on the floor.

I was broken and brought over the edge by the woman I love and despite the pain in my bottom and tears rolling down my cheeks I felt so releaved and loved.

I was then told to stand and apologize to her for being a naughty boy and thank her for giving me my punishment.

I obeyed her with tears in my eyes and she then sent me to the corner with my hands still locked together in front of me.
This way I was going to feel the pain in my sore and throbbing bottom without being able to rub my bottom.

After I had stopped crying in the corner I was allowed out after 15 minutes and and went to sit next to my wife on the sofa.

She put her arms around me and kissed me.
Was that what you had dreamt about my wife asked me.

Yes maam I answered and blushed deep red again.

Good because from now on I am in charge and when you are naughty again, you will be punished like this again she said and looked me straight in the eyes.

I have since been spanked several times and often to tears by my dream woman and I am forever gratefull to have her in my life.

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Views: 45 · Added: 1 days ago

sometime you hurt one you love so SPANK ME or spanking the naughty boys out there

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Views: 48 · Added: 1 days ago

This is to Cute

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Views: 65 · Added: 1 days ago

What has to be the first filmed spanking ever is seen in the Lumière Brothers' 1895 film L'Arroseur arrosé (The Waterer Watered). The Lumières' movies were all 50 seconds long, and in this retrospective, the one in question starts at 5.20.

[In fact for anyone interested in the history of the cinema, the whole documentary is very interesting; on You Tube it's divided up into seven parts].

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Views: 21 · Added: 1 days ago

Atychiphobia describes a person who fears that they aren't good enough to be in a relationship with a specific person.

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So this spanking happened a few years into me and daddy's relationship. Daddy is 15 years older than me, I was about 21 and he was about 36. It had been awhile since I had our first child and I was feeling confidant with how my body was bouncing back. I had decided that I could fit into my much tighter, much smaller, much younger looking clothes I used to wear. I had found one of my favorite jean mini skirts and it hugged me just right and just barely covered my behind. I walked around all day confidant that most couldn't help themselves to a second glance. A second glance at this young body with full breast and a plump behind with my tan skin and hair that hung all the way down my back just covering the top of my behind. I had worn the skirt for attention and boy was I getting it. I couldn't wait to see my daddy later as I was sure to get him excited. We were meeting at his mother's house later to pick up the baby.
We had both worked later shifts so it was well after 8pm when we got to his mother's. I hopped out of my car happy to see him and proceeded to strut my stuff his way. He got out of his truck and his neck sure did snap when he saw me in my mini skirt. A big hug and kiss and that's when the first question came.
"Did you wear that all day, or just to come see me?"
"Yea I wore it all day. I think I look like a young hot mama, don't you?" I said smiling.
"Yea you look hot alright, but whose attention are you trying to get wearing that little skirt?" he said in a stern voice that I was beginning to realize he wasn't getting as excited as I had expected.
"No one's attention per se but I thought I could wear some pre baby clothes, I thought you liked this skirt"
"Yea I liked it, before. Before your behind got so thick. Before you were the mother of my child and just a teenage girl looking for attention. This is not how a mother should be dressing. And not how I want my future wife to dress." He said sternly with a look that sent chills down my spine.
"I'm sorry I didn't think you would be so upset. Is it so wrong for me wanted to look attractive again. Do I have to be some sloppy person who sits in house clothes all day just because I had a baby!"
I felt myself getting angry by the minute. Who was he to say how I dressed or what was appropriate for a mother. I looked good and tasteful in my eyes. I stormed away into his mother's complex. He was quick behind me and I heard him following me up the stairs.
"And you're wearing a thong!" His voice began to raise. "I can see straight up your skirt and see your whole world just by walking behind you!" He reached for my arm and gripped it tight.
"I didn't go up any stairs all day, no one saw anything. What do you want me to wear, ganny panties?!"
That was it, he had had enough. If the skirt didn't have him angry enough me wearing a thong and having a defiant attitude had sure helped him in deciding my fate. He held his grip around my arm and proceeded to walk me to the storage room they had in the complex. This room was far off from the apartments and was rarely visited. It was the perfect place for what he had in store.
We walked in and he immediatley grabbed a metal folding table and placed it in the middle of the floor. He didn't turn on the lights, since he didn't want anyone watching, and left the street light glow to be our guide. He grabs me by the arm, sits on the chair, and has me drapped over his lap in a few quick seconds.
"I don't even have to pull your skirt up and your cheeks are out" He says as he gives my rear a sharp smack. I don't respond because there is nothing I can say at this point to make things better. He pulls up my skirt, pulls down my thong and gets to work. His hands are big and rough. One hand covers all of one cheek and a bit of the other. I hold on to the bottom of the chair and bit my lip as he works his hand over both cheeks. I guess he wasn't satisfied because he stands me up and instructs me to bend over and put my hands on the chair. Not wanting to make him any madder i quickly do as I am told. That's when I hear the metal clinking and the all to familiar whooosh of him pulling his belt through their loops from around his waist. He doubles over the belt and waist no time getting to work. The first crack lands just above my thighs and I let out a yelp. He places his hand on the small of my back and lets the second lash land across both buttocks. The next one lands in the same spot and the end of the belt wraps around my behind and bits into the side of my cheek. There is an instant welt where the belt licked and keeps licking as daddy proceeds to whop my a good 20 times. I guess the site of my in my mini skirt with heels bent over with my behind and thighs burning bright red was all to much for him. I hear him fiddling around and look around just in time to see him pulling his manhood out. He is inside me with one stroke since I am dripping with excitement to. He starts off strong and hard continuing his punishment.
"I-better-not-see-you-wear-this-skirt-out-any-more" He said with each punishing stroke.
"Y-y-yes daddy. I promise I won't"
"Yes daddy, whatever you say, I promise I'll listen."
A few more strokes and daddy bursted inside me. He took a minute to collect himself and I did the same. He sat back down on the chair and yanked me over for another firm spanking. About 20 spanks in I burst into tears promising to be a good little girl and to never wear the skirt out ever again. He stopped when he realized I learned my lesson and gave me a minute to calm down. He then helped me up and looked right at my eyes.
"I'm serious baby. I better not see you wear this skirt again."
"Ok daddy."
"No, it's not ok. This was just a warning. Next time I won't be so nice, I'll leave bruises on the back of those thighs so you won't be able to wear any skirts, do you understand?"
"Yes daddy, I promise I won't wear this ever again."
"Good girl, now lets go get our baby."
I could tell his mother suspected something. I was quieter than usual and had red strips across my thighs. I told her they were from sitting down all day, but I don't think she believed me. :)
***Based on one of the many REAL spankings I have received from my daddy.***

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Views: 78 · Added: 2 days ago

Some time into our marriage I felt that I needed my wife to take more charge of our spanking relationship, but did not have the nerve to tell her right away.

All my spankings up till this point had been long hard ones, that had left me with a deep red and sore bottom and I really enjoyed every one I got.

However I felt like going a little further and had secretly always fantazised about a woman taking charge and spanking me to tears.
That feeling had been with me since the age of 10 and had grown in me since my first spanking, but I was to embarassed and maybe a little frightend to tell my wife about it.
So for a long time into our marriage I kept my fantasy to myself and just enjoyed the spankings she gave me from time to time.

At some point the feeling was getting so big that I started to get impatient and I my wife came on to it.

One day when we were sitting in the sofa she comfronted me and asked me what was troubling me.
I started giving her a lie, but she somehow knew I was not telling her he truth.
She gave me a worried look and begged me to tell her what was on my mind and stroked my cheek.

I hesitated and looked down not able to speak a word.
She told me not to be afraid and took hold of my hand. We can share anything she said and gave me a loving look.

I reluctantly told her my fantasy and blushed deep red, feeling very vulnerable.
My wife gave me a big hug and kissed me.
I am proud of you, that you shared your inner feelings and were able to finally tell someone about them.

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