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59 views · 5 hours ago

Hi I'm a new member to this site. I love spanking but unfortunately right now single and getting no spanking. I love reading some of the blogs and soon will be sharing my own stories.

I could really use a hard embarrassing spankingfrom someone in ohio or I love pen pals that like to tell me how to discipline myself or better yet what they would do to me....any takers?

52 views · 7 hours ago

Have you ever regretted doing something after you did it.

67 views · 8 hours ago

I JUST learned Dave is goin away tomorrow n wont return until Friday evenin.... he is getting up when I do in the morning ( well after I shower n get ready for work so about 330 for him).. he is goin to his cabin to do some stuff to get it ready for huntin season... he will spend a few days there, swing by Pa n pick up his son n bring him back here til Monday... gonna b home alone.. I cant fuckin wait!!

HD Spank
68 views · 10 hours ago

I'd really love to meet a compatible woman who lives in or will be visiting Florida. No pros please. My profile pretty much tells who I am & what I'm looking for. Naturally I don't expect anyone to read this & meet me that night, but I'd certainly like to start a correspondence & see where it goes.
I'm far from selfish; I'm not looking only to have my own needs met, but rather a mutually enjoyable experience (or experiences.)
If this blog, ad, whatever appeals to you, shoot me a message. Feel free to ask me anything.

70 views · 16 hours ago

We are thrilled to see all our videos now have over 10,000 views - so we are planning new additions to the KatieG/Director spanking series. I wish to apologise that there has been a short delay while I ensure my best asset looks its peachiest best for my fans :-)

In the meantime I have been going a little crazy not getting spanked by the fair and firm hands of the wonderful Director, who has probably been feeling just as disappointed and frustrated at the lack of spanking action. All I can say is that we will both be more than in the mood and willing to make up for lost time when I am finally good to go (over his knee).

Little Katie is bound to have been getting herself into all sorts of trouble, don't you think. I don't know yet what she has done to earn another red bottom, but I'm sure whatever she's been doing, Daddy will see to it that she never does it again ;-) I have a feeling he won't tolerate much nonsense and that Katie's spankings will only increase in intensity. If I were Katie I'd hide that hairbrush quickly...

Hope to announce another video soon,
Katie x

79 views · 16 hours ago

I remember why i dislike butt plugs so much when im told to wear one until Mr G allows me to release it.
This could be when he comes home, could be told to wear a bigger one, or made to sleep with it in til tomorrow.
My poor bottom is fighting the urge to release this plug and pop it back in just before Mr G comes home.
But i know i would only feel terribly guilty and tell him which would land me in serious trouble.
So i will grin and bare it until he comes in and hope he says ive been a good girl so i can release this horrible thing and my bottom can stop throbbing.

HD Spank
97 views · 21 hours ago

for those who've asked - yes, I do get disciplined on the bare bottom (I just like panty discipline better, more fun and embarrassing). about to get several types of straps applied bare bottom, the finale to panty paddling day

one little pantysissy is going home with a bright red and sore bottom. that'll teach me to wear panties (maybe) :)

85 views · 1 days ago

...after the initial across the lap spank and paddle warm up, it's off to the bedroom for a bit of old fashioned panty strapping fun

my sissy little pantied bottom is starting to show a bit of the results from my disciplining (and we still have the bare bottom portion to go). stay tuned for more updates on pantyboy's spanking adventures.

115 views · 1 days ago

the spanker's eye view of the seat of super tight underpants -

this photo taken by my disciplinarian today while I was across the lap getting my spanking.

HD Spank
189 views · 1 days ago

each year our campin trip differs in who is comin with us... each yr its been myself n 3 of my daughters n a few of the infant grandbabies that cant be left behind with the dads ( this yr two that r still breastfeeding n refuse a bottle).. once my sis, sometimes a few of the older granddaughters, other times some more of my daughters on so on.. so this yr was myself, 4 adult daughters, my neice, 2 infants, n 3 other younger granddaugthers... we arrived n got the tents set up n set up camp.. we had two sites, 5 tents...we always eat n hang out on the site the I reserve for us ... we had a ball Fri, n Sat nights n days... one of my daughters had a photo shoot on Sun so she left takin my 10 yr old granddaughter n 8 yr old granddaughter with her.. my youngest daughter had a bday party to attend for someone on her husbands side of the family so she left by noon takin her 6 month old daughter with her to go home n get her 8 yr old 2 yr old daughters n 7 yr old stepson ready for the party...over the past few days there was a lot of laughs, jokin, past stores, scarey stories, good food.. we took turns scarin each other by jumpin out in the dark n creepy masks etc...on two nights they sent someone to tell us to quiet down lol..each night we were up til 2 or 3am n back up again 7 at the latest n somewhere there was a damn rooster who we wanted to catch n make soup out of lol.. no one wanted Sun night to come because that meant us packin up today n go back home so even tho we were tired n we were struggling at midnight last night to keep ur eyes open.. a lot of the other campers had gone home on Sun morning so we were pretty much alone on our loop n it was SCAREY cause there were no other sounds or light other than from out site.. just after midnight we were sittin around the campfire pingin each other with rolled up marshmallows n jelly beans when 4 guys drove past our site on bikes n lights.. they no sooner past us n they turned off their lights... then we heard one guy ask where "Brian" was.. n it went silent.. next thing ya know some guy walks onto our site ( now its just me, my adult neice, 2 of my daughters, 1 teenage granddaughter n a 1 yr old granddaughter who was sleepin the pack n play between us) he came n n asked if he could get warm by our fire.. it was sorta muggy last night so we just looked at each other... he proceeded to say he was Brian n started tellin us he was there with his 3 buddies on our loop, asked if we wanted to meet his buddies n we declined. we tried getting rid of him as we felt uneasy as hell.. each time we mentioned we were goin to bed he would start talkin again.. eventually he left n we walked my daughter with the two kids to her site n tent n came back to ours.. I headed to the ladies room n could see a bike reflector in the woods behind our tents.. I scooted inside the ladies roomn locked the door.. no sooner got in there n heard one my girls say 'don't come out Ma'.. well that alarmed me cause SHE was out there so I came out to find her n my neice peekin out from the other bathroom...they saw the guys circling the area so we scooted from the ladies room onto the path to our site...then I hear my daughter with the kids yell out to us so we scooted over to her.. they were scared, said they heard someone walkin behind their now I help them clear the back of her van out n her n the kids sleepin IN the van where they could lock the doors. these guys kept ridin by n keepin their lights off each tme they came near us which was scarey cause it was pitch black out... long story short we got more than spooked, packed up our tents in the dark loaded our vans n waited for my son in law to arrive to pull daves trailor out of there for us... I didn't get home til 3:50am.. everyone safe but we were more than scared... grabbed 4 hrs sleep then unpacked the van , got everythin put away, laundry done, dishes done, work clothes ready for tomorrow ... scared out of our socks n got jipped out of enjoyin our last night there but already lookin forward to next yrs trip

174 views · 1 days ago

We've all faked it at one point or another...whatever IT was. We have pretended to like gifts,people or jobs we didn't really care for ...
Pretended to care
Pretended we were ok
We are all a bunch of fakers.

An upwards of 80% of women fake orgasms on a regular basis.80%. 30% are faking it EVERY TIME.
Have I done it? Yea...lots actually.Why? There are loads of reasons why we fake it:
1. To please you. Submissive or not we want to please you and if that means stroking your ego a bit and making you think you are a mighty sex god who commands our orgasms than so be it.
2. It's taking too long.
3.We are bored
4. Our minds are preoccupied...nearly 100% of girls have body issues of some sort and if you had any idea the constant string of insecurities that go through our head when we are naked it would seriously fucking blow your mind. It's not necessarily that you are doing a bad job but damn it is hard to catch an orgasm when we are so hyper focused on :cellulite,our thighs jiggling,our boobs looking wonky from certain angles,did we remember to shave?,stretch marks,our everything about it,doing it "right",whether you are enjoying it,being too wet,not being wet enough,being too loud,not being loud enough....honestly I could go on forever
5. It's painful. There is this little thing called foreplay and contrary to popular belief it is more than just spitting on your hand and wetting us for your grand entrance ...and it isn't always a lack of foreplay there are a myriad of hormonal,medical or other reasons why we are not ready to be put in the game... absolutely zero reasons for you to attempt a dry run...imagine humping razor blades...that's about how good that feels.

I could go on and on BUT I digress... The real reason for this blog post is to draw attention to/complain about an epidemic of faking it that I find even more disturbing... Fake spanking.
Years ago when I joined SpankingTube this place was more of a community...a commonplace where spankos could come and chat and watch videos and make friends with like minded people in an area where we felt we could be ourselves and not be judged. A place where we could be real...stop faking it. Which leads me to my current rant.
It seems that this is no longer a place to meet and chat with like minded people, watch videos and look through pics and feel like we are an's a place for spanking celebrities to make a profit why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we turning this community into a place where there aren't videos anymore but rather "previews" or 10 second clips of a video we can buy?! Why all of a sudden are the only spankings found on here being administered to "models" acting and being paid to do so rather than REAL people receiving a spanking...not playing a role or being paid... I find it seriously laughable when I see a new video uploaded titled "Spanked for lying" the whole damn thing is a lie. Not all of us are in situations where we can spank or be spanked. A lot of us are just coming to the realization or coming to terms with the fact that we need/want spanking in our lives and are searching for others like ourselves. Some of us,like myself, are in vanilla marriages unable to fulfil those desires and often made to feel like a freak or weird by our own spouses...we come for refuge and understanding. I'm sick of all the faking ...we do enough faking in our everyday lives...I want real.I want the old SpankingTube back. I want my refuge back.
Ok...going to step off my soapbox and stop my bitching may now return to your previously scheduled fake spanking.

83 views · 1 days ago

...I'ts panty paddling day for one little pantysissy that needs to learn the same lesson over and over again - what happens to naughty boys that get caught wearing girls panties. more pics of my bottom blistering exploits to follow.

HD Spank
116 views · 1 days ago

...good thing, I'm getting one this morning. no secret as I've been announcing my pending panty paddling appointment of today for over a week now. for you inquisitive few who've played along (or for those of you who haven't) feel free to message me and you'll get the glowing results in an updated spanking report

bottoms up!

138 views · 1 days ago

My last blog (Be Careful What You Wish For) was a lie. A fiction. Fantasy.

I lied to you. Lead you on. It’s the kind of person I am – a kinky Walter Mitty.

But most of you liked it even though you suspected it was fiction. In fact I daresay many of you want to be deceived just as much as I revel in telling lies – a win-win situation.

But now I’m going to tell you something: the blog could have been true. You see many years back I was contacted by a guy like the one in the story. He was indeed well off and well-spoken with money (though maybe not as much as I made out he had) and he did want me to come up and visit him and be birched by him. But I’d chatted with another fellow from the contact magazine and he’d told me that he was really cruel and had once birched a male sub so severely he’d shat himself. So although curious about what I could take I declined the offer. I was also more interested in females anyway.

Anyway, over the years I often wondered what would have happened had I accepted his offer. Would it have, in a perverse way, made a man of me? Would the trauma of it put into perspective all subsequent worries that I now magnify and stress about? Could I have perhaps made a career out of being a professional submissive/masochist and now have a shed load of cash.

I don’t know.

So I played the ‘what if’ game and wrote a story which I hope you enjoyed. However my next tale actually happened and it’s kind of odd how it all unfolded, the rich tapestry of life and all that…

102 views · 2 days ago

My recent blog was supposed to be Commenting on forestnymph's blog.

HD Spank
113 views · 2 days ago

Forestnymph, I tried to comment on your blog but was not able to so I had to respond this way. I have also had trouble getting into this site tonight. Most likely it is either a virus or the site login has been compromised. I am able to login using my tablet with no trouble. Perhaps the site administrator here can look into it to see if it is an internal issue.
If any others are having trouble, speak up please.

120 views · 2 days ago

Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous Mr G, 28 years today weve been together, though sometimes/often your very frustrating and love to annoy, i love you more as each day passes.
Now weve discovered our love of a DD/HoH lifestyle i hoppe the next 28 years will be even better.
Big hugs and tons of love for my Mr G. Xxxxxxxx

126 views · 2 days ago

spankers with that "Old fashioned spanking attitude" are strongly urged to contact me, discipline date(s) entirely possible. penpals always welcome.

women that spank: all ages, sizes and shapes most welcome to write.

men that spank: grandfatherly old fashioned types 55 to 75 that love to spank and paddle on underpants and bare bottom, and still firmly believe that naughty boys behave better when the seat of underpants are kept sufficiently warm, also most encouraged to message me here.

HD Spank
115 views · 2 days ago

I had a hell of a time trying to log on here tonight. I kept getting redirected by a porn site. I kept clearing my history. Sometimes that helps. Tonight what finally worked was clicking on a link for this site that was in my email.

If I am offline for a few days (I don't plan to be) but if I am I am not ignoring you it is probably because of the same problem. Does anyone else ever experience this with this site? What works for you? I try to click off the Live Jasmine pop up that occasionally pops up when I sign on here.

I have a Mac Book Pro. I was wondering if I may have a virus. Is that possible? I almost always use Safari as my browser. I was reading about that but I don't know who or what to believe with that stuff. I always worry it is another scam or dangerous site.

133 views · 2 days ago

Could use a hard spanking from some one in Tulsa or close by looking for a guy friend