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Last night I had a dream. So I am going to put it in my blog.

As I sat on the couch I heard is car pull up . Sir walked through the door. Still sitting on the couch. He said what are u doing girl . I said nothing Sir. He gave me a stern talking look. Girl.... I jumped off the couch and kneeled beside him. Looking forward the floor. Arms behind my back.. what ha 've I told u about this house,where is dinner,where is my belt... !!!! Get it. I get up and hand it to him . Get on the bed now get in position!!! Laying on the bed Arms in front of me not moving. Feet on floor. He pulls down my pants and panties . Swack. I feel the sting of his belt across my. Ass. Over and over. I am sorry Sir please please what cassy...? Swack... The sting o f his belt makes me jump. Ouchhh please.... I am going out to teach me you to obey. Yes Sir... I said under my breath. Excuse me he said to me. Lifting my head up I am sorry *Sir. Tryin to put hand on. My butt. Girl I u know better!!!! Stand in the corner think about what u have done.... Standing in corner sobbing... That's when I woke up

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Thanks for the messages, comments and support. I hope this will be an end to that chapter. Ty Admin.!! ❤

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I have a series of videos I would like to create that are female spanking oriented I would like to do a girl next door with a big booty and can take really intense spankings
If interested message me if you would like to be a volunteer in teaching the next gen about spanking and dd

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would have say talk dark and handsome with a stern look about him. And a deep voice that's a must. He needs to be taller then me witch isn't hard I am 5'3lol. Has to be strike and no nonsense type of man what he says goes.. when he yells you cower type of man. But then also u as a. Soft side loving understand ing but is firm. If he is speaking to me. And I don't listen he stands up and I kneel real fast looking down... Or he says my name cassandra not cassy then I know he means business. Yup that's what I want so bad will I ever get it hmmm I don't know... Would also like him to be younger... And yes love for him to be a black man.. be daddys pain slut if anyone know him send him my way please Ty

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#go2bed when you receive a direct order, dont reply “but i had other plans” – your defiance hurts you more than Me. #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Success rate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)

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As i sit in my room with a t-shirt and panties on i hold the paddle. fearing for what is coming i wait impatiently for my dad to come to my room. I did wrong and i deserve this i tell myself over and over again but it never sinks in. I jump at every sound fearing it was that time. I didn't know how i would react. would i cry? would i stay in position? would i try to stop the spanking? i did not know. After what seemed like forever my dad comes in my room and i look up at him with a frown on my face. He says at me firmly I dont want to do this but i have to because i love you. my eyes fill with tears as i am told to get up and to go over to the wall and pull my panties down to my knees. My face turns red as he says those words. i place my hands on the wall and take a deep breath as he tells me to stick my bottom out. as i do that he pulls my shirt up to the middle of my back and tells me not to move. Before i could take a deep breath the paddle gets lined up with my bottom and then the first swat happens. It was a shock at how much it hurt with the first swat over my bottom is already throbbing the second swat hits i let out a scream. it felt like a sword going across my bottom over and over again. I still remain in position as the swats keep coming. by the 6th swats im crying quietly not loud enough for him to hear. A swat came and i moved both hands off the wall and cover my bottom and beg him for no more. he said i better get comfortable cause im going to be there a while and now the swats are going to be worse. I put my hands back on the wall crying but not because of the pain but because i was mad at myself for moving causing myself more pain. He continued the paddling and the swats hurt more and more as they covered my bottom. I start bawling because of the pain and my dad says hold still.i try to hold still as the burning swats keep hitting my bottom but i am unable to be still. he than tells me to stand up and to bend over and grab my ankles since i couldnt be still. i do as i am told while i cry. after i bend over and grab my ankles he lifts my shirt back over my back and places his right hand firmly on my back to hold me still and began again. I tried to be still but my bottom was turning a dark red and was very hot to the touch. by the time he is satisfied with his work im bawling like a baby and just bent over and not moving. he puts the paddle down and looks at my sore and very red bottom and says i may stand up and pull up my panties. i stand up slowly crying and slowly pulls up my panties over my sore and bruised bottom. He give me a hug and walks out of the room. when he leaves i lay on my bed and keep crying rubbing my bottom. I swear to myself that would never happen again and then a day later it does, why can't i behave i ask myself everyday?

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He stood behind Janie, as she was bent over the table. Her skirt raised, her silky, lace trimmed panties were a bit translucent. Her round bottom wanted spanking, and he was eager to respond.
The cane gripped in his hand, he had to control the urge, to really give her a proper whalloping. It was however, the very first day of class. It was, in fact, the start of that first day. He wouldn't be surprised, if the King brothers were watching. He made sure his face showed none of the lust and excitement, he was feeling. He was grateful that his boxer briefs were holding his penis, in place, or it would be sticking straight out.
He tapped the cane against her pink panties, and drew it back, whipping it against her knickers. She reacted by clenching her cheeks in and uttered a squeaky, "OW".
He loved it! Janie returned, nicely to position, as he tapped her buttocks, again He withdrew the stick and slapped her little fanny, again, with a firm, hard stroke. OH, he thought, I can see her bottom coloring, beneath her underpants.
He wanted to see more! He settled for a wicked WHACK of the cane, below her panties. She jumped as it hit her. She squealed and then stuck out her bottom, once again. Just lovely, he thought, as her pale skin first turned white, then pink and finally red. Oh, THAT one would welt, he thought, with a quick grin.
He'd been on the receiving end, of plenty of ass whippings, growing up. His father used to line him and his two brothers up, and paddle or strap their bare fannies, with his belt. He'd been spanked, paddled, whipped, strapped and caned, in school and at home. His Dad was very like the King men, old fashioned and no nonsense.
Once he was done with school, his Father had him tutor his younger siblings. As his Dad grew busy, it fell to Evan to discipline the younger kids. It was hard at first, remembering all too well, how much it hurt. He went easy on them, but they weren't grateful. They didn't take him seriously, and he'd lost control of them. He'd had to get tough to get the job done. Now, he knew better. Dylan and Janie would not be seeing that side of him. He had gotten over that hurdle and knew, that a weak teacher, served no one.
How many was that, he thought lost in thought....five? Yes, five to go! Focus on her pretty bottom! The last five were harder. He managed to whip the cane, from down low and catch the little round mounds of her ass. That one really hurt! He marked three more rungs on her behind and ended, with a lingering, stinger on her upper thighs.
Janie was whimpering, quietly. He knew he'd made a painful little impression. This was as light, as it would ever get! He still was very shocked by her disrespect. He wanted to grab her by the arm and pull her across his lap. He wanted to bare that bottom and beat it purple, with his hand... Feeling her soft skin swell as he slapped it. He wanted to handle her, rub her cheeks as they grew hotter, pinch them and pull his fingers across her red butt, seeing the trails of white, return to red.
She was a beautiful young woman, he was so attracted to her. He didn't JUST want to spank her, he wanted to do all kinds of things to her. He was quite certain, that she was a virgin. He'd love to be the first to show her how a man, could bring her both pain and pleasure. If she was mine, he thought, I could be very, very happy.
He had to watch his step, here. David King was no one to toy with. If he thought, for one second, he crossed a line, he'd eviscerate him. He must remain a stoic instructor. He'd have to save his feelings and desires for his pillow. He knew he'd dream about her.
It would only be a matter of time, before Janie did something really naughty. He'd have his chance to spank her bare bottom, over his knee, eventually. He could picture it now. It was a day, he'd anticipate, eagerly.
Janie was standing, still bent over, her sore bottom jutting out, waiting for his direction. He hung up the cane and sent her to the wall, to stand with her skirt up where he could see his handiwork bloom. He just couldn't release her, until he could see the welts raise and the stripes appear. He was certain he could see them, under her panties.
He began to discuss the plan for summer once again. After fifteen or twenty minutes of enjoying the view, he told her to sit down. He locked eyes with her as her rear end made contact with the wooden seat. He soaked in, that wince and the tears that leaked out of her eyes.
Oh, Janie, THOSE tears belong to me !!

He realized, glancing left, that Dylan was watching it all, very carefully. He wondered if Dylan was feeling protective of his cousin or if he was envious of Evan. When he was nineteen, he was just starting to enforce the rules at home.
Did he want to comfort Janie, or did he want to yield the cane?? He wasn't sure.
At least he wasn't a romantic rival. Maybe Evan, could school Dylan in the finer points of punishment. He bet he'd love to learn. He could use an ally, in his pursuit of Janie. If Dylan chose to get in his way, the summer would not be a pleasant one for him.
Would David King entertain him, as a suiter? Time would tell.

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Iam very submissive but I have a playful side also. Witch tends to to get me into trouble. I also have a mouth when I say that I mean I have been known to speak my mind most times before thinking. Ya gets Me in trouble too. Anyone messes with my kids I am lionness. But then there is the sweetie cassy that loves to cuddle and kiss. And. Then there is. The woman that loves rough sex, bondage,spanking, handcuffs, rope, and there is the Mommy that will give my kids the world and go with out so they have... And then there is the braty cassy that Stomps her foot has arms crossed and says No....!!! The little girl that needs a spanking. Then there is the horse and trainer t hat can control a huge horse. Then there is the loving friend of u need to talk vent about or shoulder to cry on. Ya that's me.... in a nut shell....

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I think i must be binge surfing on ST. Ive seen all the vids in my interest zone. I comment, make friends, blog, favorite vids and rate them.
And it takes longer and longer to pleasure myself to orgasm. Dammit.
When i dont binge, and i actually am away from ST a few days or a week, its different.
In that situation i can log on and just read titles of videos and feel the pull between my legs.
I love that feeling. That almost numbing, jingle of want. Ohhh wow im so horny.
Today i asked my vanilla husband permission to tickle my pussy in bed while he went off and did his thing. He said yes. But when i started talking naughty he didnt like it and stopped me. All i said was, " im just gonna lay here and play with my naughty little pussy".
He -did -int -like- IT!!
Hes not often affectionate. He doesnt convey that he feels affectionate even though he is a sweet hearted man dedicated to me. So , im just sitting here trying to behave while i starve for affection.
Thus the overdose on ST.

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Spanked for real
Painful tears
Over his knee
I was naughty it seems
Posting pics of my bottom
On this spanking site
It changed our marriage forever
We now have DD in our lives

Logging on to this site
Without his permission
Has gotten me spanked
So many times already
Sitting is futile...
Unless I learn to listen better!

The belt hurts the worst
Hubby spanks so hard
Leaves me so sore
I still smile
Happy inside
For my dreams came true
My fantasies complete
Safe with him

From Sassyclouds to Brightmoon
A Hot...Red...Glow
Hidden under clothes
My little secret
Only he knows

A Virgin Spankee
Never spanked by a man
Hubby the first
No more wondering...
Will I dance for him
Once he begins?

Hopping up and down
Shaking side to side
Rubbing fast as can be
My poor bottom...
Burning outside!

Dancing is fun...
I want to dance again
Only with him...
My very own...
Dominant spanking man!

(True story...or poem since I only write

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Salute yon sentry of Our Lord,
a warrior against all earthly bane.
His armor unpierced, he fought to the last
where Lucifer's lightnings rain.
Lo, the priestly joy on his soldier's face
sings Jubilate's strain!

The eagle's gaze shone in his eyes
'midst grim vultures swooping down.
This Sentry of the Lord was swift
and he laughed at evil's frown.
In the glaring list of God's enterprise
he wears a laurel crown.

Those hands that wielded Spirit's sword
oft through the violent storms of shame,
oft lifted high Christ's Body and Blood
to God the Father, in Love's name.
Those hands now folded, as in prayer,
that trafficked not in fame.

Bright hosts of Melchizedek ring him 'round
who was of their eternal throng.
On his brow let the hyssop fall lightly, good Lord,
this Levite Thy grace made strong,
this gallant sentry home from the wars
chanting the Sanctus Song!

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I think I need a good punishment. At first I just went to the corner (see my last photo / album) but I think a spanking is necessary and long corner time before and/or after. I've been lazy lately, I drove drunk, I forgot to pay some bills ...

Send me a private message with the punishment that you think I deserve. I will post pictures and also the video.
Je pense avoir besoin d'une bonne punition. Je suis juste allé au coin (voir ma dernière photo / album) mais je pense qu'une bonne fessée est nécessaire ainsi que passer un bon moment au coin (avant et/ou après). J'ai été paresseux ces derniers temps, je conduit en état d'ivresse, j'ai oublié de payer des factures ...

Envoyez-moi un message privé avec la punition que vous pensez que je mérite. Je posterai des photos et aussi la vidéo.

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Okay, so I have the best husband ever!! Due to my health complications, I tend to get very grumpy quickly. So I found my courage thanks to two individuals on here and wrote up a Statement of Promise for my husband to read and sign. It is giving him permission to tan my hide if I get stressed out, yell at him, blame him for stuff, or anything related to my stress. He has agreed! This is basically DD but for only stress related issues caused by my health. Thank you so much to those two wonderful men who helped me find my courage. Now I know I will be on the right tract to controlling my emotions when stress arises.

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....and I hope You are too! :-)
Feeling good and naughty, it is alright! ;-)

Best wishes

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Anyone want to play spanking games online? I know a few good ones. We can send videos

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Lady M & Bond have Moved!
We have been absent for a while now but that is because we have been busy moving ourselves into our new home. Things are taking shape nicely and, with the new home, there are some new toys. We have added a nice Whipping Bench for Bond to be punished over to the collection and a video will come shortly.
We are posting a few photos of a 'Test Run' with Bond over the bench receiving a lite whipping. We also came up with some new Spanking Games just to make things more fun and interesting. :)
Bond is, however, in some rather serious trouble right at the moment. No need for details but safe to say some real and harsh Correction is in order!
Videos & Photos will be coming soon.

Lady M & Bond

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Since Master has now banned me from masterbating and cumming without permission, ive become extremely horny. Something he finds very amusing.
Last night in bed, he rolled towards me and i felt my nightie slide up and his amazing fingers found my wanting pussy. He stroked me just a few times until i slowly opened my legs more, begging him for more. He heard me sigh, the way i do when i start to float into my sex.
Then what does he do.............
Taking his hand away, he slides my nightie back down, says,
"Thats enough for today"
Rolls over, chuckling and goes to sleep.
Im lay there, legs open, pussy pounding and longing and he goes to sleep.
I really wanted to grab his pillow and whack him over the head with it, but my common sense told me not too.
But the more horny i get, the brattier i become, wanting a spanking, a fisting, a fucking.
God why do i get a Master that bans cumming.
This morning he reaches for the crop, saying " come on time for your spanking, get into position. Did you enjoy your fun play last night ? "
"Fun play, what fun play ?" I replied.
"You know, when you just spread your legs, sighed and then i went to sleep. I thought it was really good. " he said laughing.
"Well i didnt. Maybe i will ban giving you your blowjob every day." I replied brattily.
This awarded me with several hard whacks with the crop. As he continued to heat my bottom. Getting my sit spot, i started opening my legs, wanting to feel the crop on my pussy. As he gently swatted it, "Youre getting my crop all wet" he said.
Giggling, i said, "Thats what happens when you leave me for days without any play."
Enjoying the crop swatting my bum, legs, inner thigh and pussy he told me to turn around. Where he continued warming the front of my pussy, my tummy, my legs. When i caught the crop with my legs after 1 harder swat, i got my tits cropped a lot. But it was good fun. Turn back around now, time for your morning spanking he told me, this was just some fun.
Without warning my 30 began, fast and hard, so fast there was no chance to move as he swiped my sit spot over and over. I bit into my dressing gown, i have to scream in my head but little cries out did escape. Until it was finally over.
" No contemplation time, you can give me a blow job instead." Master told me.
Sulking i said, "Wouldnt you rather fuck my ass ?"
"Nope, blowjob please." The brat inside me started stropping then, i stomped over to him, kissed his tummy then gently bit him. He gently slapped my face and said " No biting". I giggled and went to do it again. "I will slap ypur face hard if you bite me again" he warned. I lowered down and sucked and nibbled his shaft until slowly he slid into my mouth. Sucking and nibbling, sucking and pulling, sliding up and down, tongue tickling his head. " Right turn around and lower your pussy onto me" he ordered.
I jumped up, any chance of cumming i was there, as i slowly lowered myself, feeling his whole shaft tight against my hole. I breathed deeply, sighing.
"Youre not going to cum" Master said. "Why not?" I demanded to know. "How can you resist my pussy and ass ?" "Oh i can have them anytime i want, i can cum as much as i want, you are my Serf, you cum when i tell you." He said, smacking the sides of my bum. I circled my hips, grinding my pussy into his cock, going deeper and quicker and i knew i was close. So close. So close.
Then NO.
Master cums, shooting inside my pussy, then i accidently moved and his cock popped out, sending the rest of his cum over my pussy outside instead. I refused to move, wiggling my bottom in front of him, "Youre not getting more play" he said.
I continued to wiggle, desperate to feel his fingers make me squirt and cum.
"If you dont get up, you wont get to cum til next week, if you get up now you may be allowed to play on your new inflatable dildo chair." Master told me.
So i got up, in the hope that i will get to play and cum this weekend.

Dominated Girls
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first of all. I am a good woman. I have a lot of bad bad bad things. Happen to me but I am stronger then them. I know that. So now I just have to figure out how to move past it all. Not easy for me at all but. I am trying. Last night was a hard night for me my x husband started craps again and I spazed on him. Lashing out saying things probably shouldn't have. Looks down. I felt bad after but I couldn't take them back. So I took it upon myself to punish myself witch I did... Then. A online DD who is my friend. Disciplined me. For cussing in my blog... It felt so good knowing someone cared.he said he wants to be my mentor until I find someone a where I live to take over. So I agreed to it.. now I have to be extra good... Lord almost cussed again... He reads my blogs.... Looks down..... Smiling I could be I. Trouble.....

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Just a little note - I am going through a bit of a difficult patch - being kept awake most of the night, have an infection, AND my near vision is gett5ing poor - so typing, and reading is getting awkward - so please be patient if there are more than usual Typos - and if yoy don't hear from me as much for a while!

God Bless you all...

Punished Brats