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Views: 29 · Added: 4 hours ago

Ok so yeah I have insomnia and I can’t sleep and I have to be up by 6am for more training. I would just like to say good morning, and touch basis on a few things I like to discuss in a tag. These are questions I have been asked about on several occasions so here goes.

1. Are you a sub or a Dom/top? I am a switch which means I can go either way, I started out as a top now ‘m here lol!

2. Do you like girls? I have never really been with a woman, I do look at woman and I am attracted to women as long as they are confident, I mean not that fakeass confidence though. You know the kind that can’t say thank you if you compliment them, they say some dumb shit like I know I’m cute or I’m too sexy for blah, blah, blah….bitch just say thank you! Who you trying to convince. Yourself? The kind of female that hate on all your shit, but soon as you do something they trying to top it lol. If you post an album they got to post an album….shit like that. I can’t stand them fakeass bitches lol

3. What kind of men do you like? I like intelligent men, dominant men, father figure types, employed men…, confident men, focused on more than just sex, but freaky in the bedroom type men, men that know how to treat their woman like a queen, funny with a sense of humor, men that care about their hygiene, that smell good, men that brush their teeth lol I know that may sound abstruse but some men don’t gaf bout brushing,, they walking around with yuk mouth and teeth yellow like butter lol, men that are true disciplinarians that know when to discipline, not just when they feel like it but are consistent…if I have to tell you chances are you’re not a real disciplinarian. I need a true disciplinarian not no sex-craved ass vanilla who think he’s fooling somebody!

4. Videos I like-otk’s, dd, beltings, strappings, good lecturing because that brings the point home a lot faster, and somewhat allows you to acknowledge your transgressions while you hear them during a spanking.

5. Preferred implements- thick soft leather belts, hands, plastic bath-brushes, hairbrushes, straps…..i hate paddles made from wood!!!! And canes send me crying for my life! Don’t do extension cords fuck that!

6. How long have you been living the DD lifestyle- hmmm about 25 years! Lol since I was 18 years old.

7. Do I spank women? Ummm yeah!!!! Check I out I have videos!

8. Do I spank men? I started spanking men first lol

9. Hobbies- cooking, shopping, reading, sewing, gardening and being put across a man’s knee!

10. Goals-to finish my bachelor’s degree, then my master’s in education, education, education, buy big house and a silver jaguar with candy red leather interior

11. Eye color-hazel not that fake ass contact shit lol

12. Race-Boricua/morena lol I’m black and Puerto-Rican

13. Shoe size-8 and half baby!

14. Height- 5ft 9 hunty!

15. Weight-208 but I carry it well lol thicker than a snicker!!!!

16. Fav pet- cute yorkies, or pit-bulls, Oscar fish

17. Favorite foods to eat-Spanish food, fish,

18. To go to drink of choice-lemon water other drinks-tea

19. Favorite panties- I prefer boy shorts because I have a lot of ass, but I will wear string bikinis and thongs as well

20. Do I find it hard to submit because I am a switch- sometimes when I get angry? But the right man can definitely keep me sub-happy and grounded! Well just thought I would share these things with yal…hope all you spanko’s enjoy your day! Xoxoxoxo TyGrr

p.s could you ever submit to a woman------nope!!!!

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Views: 20 · Added: 7 hours ago

I have not had any problems with insomnia in 9 months. So why tonight? I have to be up at 5:30 and at work at 7:00, then another job around 10:00. GRRRRRRRR!!

I made a self-spanking video, but I've no way to post it, due to my computer died last summer, and I've not been able to replace it. :-(

I warmed up with my brush, then used my belt and the buckle, ending with the paddle. I'm not sure exactly how many licks with each implement I gave myself, but the video is 16 minutes.

Well guess I'm going to try and get to sleep. I think I know what needs to be done.
Masters PlayGround ..

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Views: 81 · Added: 13 hours ago

Hey ST friends! This is totally random and probably makes me sound very silly or naive, but until I googled what a switch was yesterday, I had no idea. All these headlines about the Vikings football player disciplining his son with a switch made me curious as to what it actually was. As it turns out, it's a tree branch? I was completely unaware you can discipline with a tree branch. Like, you just go out and break one off of a tree and you're good to go? I'm fascinated yet mind boggled. So of course I came on here in hopes that I could understand it a little better. Thoughts?

Jessica Marie

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Views: 36 · Added: 16 hours ago

this video just me talking to all ladies on here i know my voice sound werid i dont sound like that in person just letting female know i enjoy being spanked and how i been looking for female to punish me

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Views: 20 · Added: 21 hours ago

She is hungry
Hungry in her desire
Hungry in her desire for life

She is hungry in her desire
Deep desire
Deep hunger
For something more to fill her up
Up, up

She is hungry
Passionately hungry
Sensual pleasure

Her hunger doesn't stop with age, with children, with her body
Her hungar is in her desire
Becomes rampant
Free-Running Wild
Internal fire

She tries to repress her desire
Pushing it away
Trying to release it
Trying to tolerate it
Pretending it isn't real
Pretending it isn't her
Pretending it isn't necessary

Then she realizes
Desperate hunger
Desperate desire
Is what she needs to keep her fire burning
To stoke the embers of life
To invigorate the flames of

Hunger is her life
Hunger is primal desire
Hunger is passion
Hunger is purpose
Hunger fulfills her in a way that only
Those who succumb to it can ever


It doesn't matter what has happened
It doesn't matter what they think
It doesn't matter

She is not selfish
She gives from the hunger
She gives herself
She gives love
She gives peace from the banquet of desire.

I love being a submissive!!!

Masters PlayGround.

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Views: 52 · Added: 21 hours ago

The pain is what turns me on. The dominance in my disciplinarians voice and the punishmet of a spanking is what I learn from.

An erotic spanking for me would be daddy requesting sexual favors, spanking me when I refuse, spanking me each time into doing all the naughty things he wants me to, while he teases me, and telling me how he is going to stick his big cock in my little kitty.

Mmmmmmmm!!!! Lol
Masters PlayGround....

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Views: 70 · Added: 22 hours ago

With a sigh he places his beer on the table, and drops his room key next to it. He should have booked into a modern chain hotel he thinks, then he would have a key card rather than this huge, heavy key. Mind you, the restaurant is probably better here.

He sits and surveys the room without much interest. He dislikes drinking alone, the curse of business trips. Almost immediately he clocks the attractive woman in a business suit and skirt by the bar. He sees her turn and survey the clientele. Much to his surprise she looks in his direction, and walks over.

"May I join you for a minute?"

"Of course" he replies.

Placing her glass of red wine down she sits and surveys him. He is immediately taken by her eyes, they seem full of life, and captivating.

"Tell me your deepest fantasy. If you could do one thing with me tonight, what would it be?" she asks.

What an opening line.

Her eyes are boring into his soul as he considers his reply.

"You would be lying face down on my bed, completely naked. I would be kneeling above you, in command, spanking your smooth, white bottom until it turns rosy red. You would be emitting little gasps with each spank, maybe in pain, maybe pleasure.

"What would be yours?" he returns the question.

Her eyes haven't left his until this point and he has no idea what her response to his fantasy will be. But now she closes them slightly as she replies.

"I would be lying before you, with a throbbing bottom when I hear you pulling your belt through its loops. I am wondering what will be next. Maybe you will step up your spanking on my already sore bottom, or maybe you will bring it slashing down hard across the back of my white legs, make me cry out. Or perhaps it is just a prelude to you removing your trousers and thrusting your rock hard cock deep into my wet pussy. Which would it be?"

With this she reopens her eyes, and he can see the challenge in them. He knows he needs to find the right response.

This time he slightly closes his eyes.

"I would place the tip of one finger in the small of your back, gently yet firmly. I am in control and this is my signal that you must wait in anticipation of my next move. I extend the moment, the waiting until you crave my next move. I can smell your desire."

With that he stops, and open his eyes, searching hers.

She smiles, and puts her hand lightly over his. Just a second, then she gets up and turns from the table.

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Views: 23 · Added: 1 days ago

Pistanthrophobia is the common fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad.

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Views: 52 · Added: 1 days ago

Spank your sub hard and lengthy, wear her out good and leave something for her to think about while she's trying to catch her breath once she does spank her again...

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Views: 86 · Added: 1 days ago

Some of the things I have read lately are hilarious!!! thats why I love this is so entertaining! Also I spoke to my mentor today and this call was disturbing he said I had a serious OVER THE TOP COMING UP!!! UGH! I guess I allowed my mouth to get me in trouble again...oh well....hope everyone enjoys the rest of the for me I start training for my new job tomorrow so I have to get some sleep! goodnight Spanko's!!!!

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so we been doing alot better since my last post i have recieved 2 more punishments but he knows my limit and respects it...ive been pretty much a good girl lately so his been more understanding and patient with me we find out on oct 3rd what were havingg im excited i want a girl and so does he i think lol..well just checking ttil later night st family

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Views: 44 · Added: 1 days ago

We are a dedicated couple in the NW Louisiana area seeking new friends. As we are a couple, then, we are truly seeking either other couples OR single women who would enjoy some of the things we find thrilling.

We are a Master/slave couple, and many of our activities center around spanking but aren't encapsulated by it. Still we are nothing if not respectful of other's boundaries and desires. Indeed, those desires are of extreme interest to us both.

So, please, if you're from this area or travel to the casinos from time to time, we'd love to get to know you and see where it goes. If nothing else, you'll meet a great couple ;) Discreet, mature, no drama, non-pushy, highly sexed, and love what we do.

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Her heart is full of love
Deep surrender
Love in all its glory

Sadness tinged
Awe inspired
Words cannot explain

For all her hopes
She must carry
The load is heavy
Her heart is full

Touched by what needs attention
Strengthened by love she finds
In her past
In her present
Using love
Her hopes to bring.

Her heart cracked open
More love to find

Gasping with the sheer abundance
She must scatter devine
How can others not be part of
This way of living
So sublime.

Fueled by passion
Quelling hatred
Kissing all the haze away

Her heart is full of love
So sharing loving hearts to find

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Views: 61 · Added: 1 days ago

Hi There:

So, I'm talking to Him last night on the telephone and I have the nerve to say: "My (behind) hurts from sitting in front of the computer all day." Sounds innocent enough, right? But when you factor in the fact that I am in gross violation of my promise to get off my behind and work it out three times a week, it wasn't the smartest thing I could have said. Where is a ball gag or a muzzle when you need one?

He chuckled in that ominous way that said: "Oh, if you think your behind is hurting you now, wait - just wait until I get ahold of it."

He's coming on Sunday to visit me for a week. I've already racked up lots of strokes for other transgressions. I really don't need more. Plus, he plans to break in this new strap I bought. I just hope I have a behind left when he leaves.

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Views: 34 · Added: 1 days ago

Your pupils expand up to 45% when looking at something pleasing. Yeah, there must be lots of pupils expanding with members on this site, lol :)

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Views: 155 · Added: 2 days ago

like the song said....pop goes the weasel !!!!

.......bite me lol

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Views: 76 · Added: 2 days ago

Head bowed ready to be held accountable knowing it will be painful,
It takes a strong person who has the strength to be laid bare to pay,
To take responsibility for bad behavior and is willing to pay the price,
To give themselves over to someone they have to answer and be accountable too,
Who they trust with their life and their most inner needs and intimate desires,
To look in their eyes and confess their faults and accept the consequences,
To then endure and suffer the pain of punishment to pay for those misdeeds,
To bare their soul as the pain and humiliation washes away those said misdeeds,
Knowing the one who chastises them hurts also and takes no pleasure in this,
They punish out of love knowing it is needed and has to be done to correct,
When it is done it is over all is forgiven the slate is clean price is paid,
Then comes the aftercare the comfort the hugs the kisses the soothing words,
This is being led by someone strict but with compassion and the kindest heart,
This is being led to joy led to care led to freedom led by the most unique love.

Thank you for reading,

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Views: 112 · Added: 2 days ago

Whether you're considering suicide or know someone who feels suicidal, learn suicide warning signs and how to reach out for immediate help and professional treatment. Suicide, taking your own life, is a tragic reaction to stressful life situations. I don't know all the stress my friend was going through but I will miss the beautiful woman who touch lives with her spoken word poem. Now I have this hole in my heart because she no longer with us. I will honor her memory by getting healthy,and getting my nursing degree. I will help as many people I can and make people award of suicide and try to help prevent it. I know the thoughts and idea of suicide and Yes I have tried to commit suicide. God my father in heaven thought otherwise. I am motivated to all that I can be to be a better person. If anyone wants information about suicide prevention hit me up.

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Views: 71 · Added: 2 days ago

hello all,
I am back on after being gone for a couple years from this site.

I am no longer owned and am looking for a female or cute male sub of my own to play with and spank.

I am going to be on a bit more regularly and will post a self spank vid as soon as I can figure out how to get it on here from my phone it is giving me some problems currently :)

well hello again and may you all have wonderful spankable days
Blessed Be

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Views: 73 · Added: 2 days ago

Athazagoraphobia is the Fear of being forgotten & or ignored by someone whom you strongly care about.

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