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This is what I get for putting my foot in my mouth. I am suppose to write lines because of what happen this weekends but I am going to be a smart ass. Instead of writing 400 I am going to write nothing at all about being a good girl because I feel like being a MAJOR LEAGUE BRAT. Since I am going to be very bad girl. this is my blog for today.

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Today I spent most of the day arguing with a member of the County Council.These people really get on my goat and I had to bite my lip a few times. Once I finished with the County Council I next visited the Public Transport office and again received the same silly talk from an official there as I did from the prat at the County Council offices. The reason for my vist to these State bodies is a lesson in complete stupidity .

It all began Tuesday of last week when my Village Council received a letter from the County Council and the Public Transport Office stating that,and I quote this, "...due to the possibility of an accident and after consultation with the Road Safety Authority,it has been necessary to make arragements for the removal of the designated bus stop in the village to a new site." Utter crap! I have lived in the village for eight years now and there has never been an accident where the bus stop is sited,further more the bus stop has been in the same place for close on sixty years without any incident according to those who have lived here a lot longer than me.Last Friday evening an official from the Public Transport company came to the village to meet with the village council.I was unable to attend due to a meeting at work but Jenny gave me a blow by blow account of what was said by text. When I came home Jenny told me that the official put a bit of spin on everything,as they do, and would not give a direct answer when it came to certain questions. Jenny told me that there was uproar when the official unveiled the site for the new bus stop. The site where the new bus stop will be is going to cause a bottle neck every morning,if there is a bus parked there,for anyone driving in and out of the village. I cannot understand the thinking behind this change;I mean why change something if it works perfectly well?

A Lynch Mob,sorry I meant to say a Committee,has been set up to fight this change and to deal with any official from the County Council or Public Transport who dares venture in here to remove the bus stop,I am even urging Jenny to chain herself to the stop. It is the elderly people of the village I am concerned about.The bus stop,where it presently stands,is central to everyone.The new bus stop is a little walk from the village. Sorry for the rant and rave but frustration and me do not mix!

Now,I am happy to report that Jenny and my niece are on speaking terms again. It took me by surprise.You see they are both avid fans of a certain soap opera on the TV here and last Thursday,four days after they stopped speaking to one another,they suddenly began to discuss the soap opera as we three sat in the living room. I am happy they are speaking and it seems a new truce has been drawn up. Jenny has even offered my niece one of her tops to wear ,and to do her hair , as my niece is attending a dance this coming Friday night,so for the moment there is peace. Now when Jenny gets in from her run she should be relaxed enough for me to tell her about her car getting clamped today.I used her car,mine being in for a service,to attend the County Council and Public Transport offices. I parked her car in an "EMPLOYEES ONLY" space at the Public transport office and it costed 80euro to get the car released.Everything is okay but Miss Prim and Proper is sure to check the paint work in case it is scratched;she actually does a vehicle check every morning.

I do hope all of you are keeping well and again I apologise for the rant. Have a great week my friends. May every official of the County Council and Public Transport offices receive a good whipping in public!

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Lately, I have not been very well behaved when sent to the corner. My Mistress does not want to constantly monitor me, so she had me build some feet stocks. On Sunday, I was caned, and then had my hands tied behind my back and I was padlocked in the stocks and left looking at the corner for 2 hours.

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"Judith" preformed by A Perfect Circle, lyrics by Rev. Maynard James Keenan

You're such an inspiration
For the ways that I will
Never, ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How your savior has abandoned you

Fuck your God, your Lord, your Christ
He did this, took all you had and
Left you this way, still you pray, never stray, never
Taste of the fruit, never thought to question "Why?"

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed

He did it all for you...
He did it all for you...

Oh so many ways for me to show you
How your dogma has abandoned you

Pray to your Christ, to your God
Never taste of the fruit, never stray, never break, never
Choke on a lie even though he's the one who
Did this to you, you never thought to question "Why?"

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side
Talk to Jesus Christ as if he knows the reasons why

He did it all for you...
He did it all for you...
He did it all for you...

Obviously your opinion may very, but this is the song that speaks to me the most. I consider myself to be a Heretic, because I was baptized in the Catholic church. If you would like to put a label on our beliefs, we are Agnostic, more specifically Agnostic Theism, since there are different forms of Agnosticism. Marie has also studied Wiccan and very much into the spirit of Halloween.

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It started in February looking for a ball of string in the kitchen junk drawer. I pulled out a baggie full of nails, old candles, dried up masking tape, a handy slicer-dicer I never use, an Allen wrench, Chinese menus and sooooo much more. After I found the string I looked at the mess on the kitchen counter, ''Do you really want to shove all that stuff back in the drawer? Nope!'' I tossed out a lot of junk and felt like a million bucks! The next day I moved on to the center drawer of my desk, not too bad but I made it really nice.

Bouyed by those little successes I've kept going. Result: my apartment is a mess. I've pulled stuff out of closets and down from shelves. I've found forgotten treasures, a whole lot dust and messes I'd be ashamed to tell you about. I found some things I must have jammed into closets just to get out of the way. But, I feel wonderful!

It may take me the rest of the year but it really does feel good! So, if you want to give it a try let me pass on a few things I've learned. We're all different so what works for me, nay not work for you.

1. Start small, the smaller the better. Think of a project, cut it in half, and half again. Half a book shelf is fabulous. Little successes, small as they are, will give you a great sense of satisfaction. Even 15 or 30 minute projects are a terrific beginning and probably the best way to get started. Set that 15 or 30 minute limit and don't go over. Remember, if you do one small thing each day, that's thirty things a month.

2. Most of us work so adjust to your energy levels. I'm a morning person so I tackle thing early in the day. Give yourself a day off each week. If something becomes too much, walk away but get right back to it the next day.

3. DO NOT sit on the floor and go through pictures. letters or memorabilia. I know it's tempting but don't do it. Ditto music.

4. Throw out as much as you can. When in doubt, I used a tactic that was helpful when I was moving to a new apartment, "Would you pay somebody to move this?''

5. Keep in mind my mom's advice, ''If you're going to keep a neat house, you have to be vicious.'' VICIOUS!

6. It doesn't matter if you make a mess like I'm doing. Don't let it get to you. It's got to be done, done right and it will take time.

It took years to get me where I am so it will take me time to get things straight. Chip away at it. I've given myself the whole month of April to straighten out a walk in closet. I know that sounds like a long time but that's my pace. At the end, I'll freshen up a lot of things by sending out laundry and/or dry cleaning and donating a lot to The Salvation Army. If I succeed, I'll be ecstatic!

This is a lovely time of the year with milder weather, longer days and trees and flowers coming back. I think a woman's nesting instinct kicks in during Spring and for you fellas, our hunters/gathers, it's a good time to spruce up your caves.

If you're a pack rat like me you've got your work cut out for you, but it's a great time to get started. Let me know how you do.

Your friend,

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I realized that I am a force to be reckoned with and that I have a spirit within me that cannot and will not be moved. I have learned that one cannot just try to be happy. Happiness is a feeling that I must aspire to be on a daily basis and strive to maintain throughout. So every morning I wake up, and before my feet even touch the ground, I declare that I am happy, and then I pray to my heavenly father to guide me me in my ambition to remain so. I have learned that it does not matter what any other being thinks of me, but only how I feel about myself. There will always be folks that will judge you on how you look, dress, speak, believe, or even walk. All that matters is that when I lay my head down at night is that I can be proud of who I am and all I've done that day. Tomorrow is another day. So what's changed about me is that I LOVE ME!!!!

Isn't that what matters most?

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You will be pleased to hear (and unsurprised) that "the urge" to be spanked has returned - hooray! It wasn't away long after all. That kind of tells me I'm fit again as maybe it only goes if you're feeling low.

So - onwards and over the knee, eh. I am feeling quite in need of a nice long spanking soon so I do hope I get to have one. I am probably quite predictable in that I like the same format - a good long hard spanking over the knee, on my poor bare bottom, followed perhaps by a sounder spanking with the hairbrush (ouch) and building up to the much-feared but wholly enjoyable belt and/or paddle. To leave my formerly-white flesh bright red, very hot and stinging like crazy.

Only you will understand, imagine posting this on your "vanilla" blog (if you have any others) by mistake...

But the downside, now that the urge is back, is that it's such a massive distraction; I should be doing any number of things (plus it's deliciously warm outside) but all I can think about is being spanked and feeling naughty and needing a long, indulgent session.

Plus (if you're reading, spanker friend of mine) I would really like to film our next session, because I want our lovely spanking friends here to see what fun it is and how good a spanker you are, and how delightfully red my bum goes. Oh and I'm a closet exhibitionist (if there is such a thing). I won't show my face (in case I get famous years down the line) but I have no qualms about showing my red behind. Such complex and contradictory creatures are we.


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Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don't care if I ever get back for it's root, root, root for MY TEAM, if they don't win it's a shame, for it's one, two, three strikes your out and the old ball game! Play Ball!!!

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My Papa came over Saturday and we had a great visit. Even though he made my ass sting for 6 hours. I know he did it out of love. I know Papa is worried about my health and I know I am doing everything I can to get healthy. Papa and I had fun.
Oh Papa!
I couldn't have done it without you
because the world is so cruel and
difficult to live, but you stood by me
with your precious times and scaled
me through! My life could have been
lonely without you, but you took me
like your best friend and shared your
moments with me! You always care
for me when I needed your love, you
always provide for me when am
exhausted and filled me up!
You brought me up to the peak like
a shooting star in the sky because
you believed in me! You are my best
friend and I will always live to
remember you for the wonderful
good things you have done in my life.
Thank You Papa!
Love this poem even though I don't know who wrote it

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Good morning to all! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, lol! I'm sitting in my favorite chair doing absolutely nothing. Well, sort of! I'm sitting here with my front door and sliding door open listening to all the birds and the gentle breeze with an occasional note or two from my wind chimes! It's a beautiful thing, peace, quite and time for reflection! I love it! The only problem with this is that unless I have something scheduled to do this will be all I do for the entire day, afternoon, evening and well into the morning hours. I'm old enough to know better but I am not motivated.

Now all I need is a good kick in the pants to he]p me to get out of my chair and exercise or something, or ANYTHING!! I am certainly not doing the things that I'm supposed to be doing to get healthy. At least I had a busy weekend which got me up and moving. But, when I have nowhere to go or anything scheduled, I just can't seem to be motivated to take care of myself. I've never really been good at taking care of me but I tip the scales when it comes to taking care of children or friends and family!!!

I had a major surgery in December and am supposed to be walking and or riding my bike every day. No excuses really!! I do have pain and some issues which keep me from doing a lot but no excuses for doing nothing! I've put on 30 pounds since my surgery which I know some of which is normal but it his really getting out of hand. I make horrible eating choices and I know better!

Of course finding Spanking Tube has been a big source of why I'm not getting up! I think I'm obsessed! Hopefully just because it is new to me. I find myself watching videos, reading blogs and chatting with friends from morning when I get up to well into the wee hours of the morning when i finally go to bed. So I'm not getting much sleep these days which is not good for recovery but I've always had a problem sleeping!

I'm a great friend to everyone and a great mentor or support system for any in need which just comes natural to me. So, why the heck can't I do it for me! I've even tried to schedule my exercise time but it doesn't work. My husband would get upset with me because I need to get up and move and I wouldn't. Maybe if he said it with a paddle in his hand, haha!

Sorry for the tangent friends, just thought if I said all this here it would help me be more accountable! Only time will tell! I feel stuck, but the good news is that I will be rewarded for my xtremely naughty behavior by doing my favorite thing tonight!! Take me out to the ball game, haha!! Opening day yippee!!! Well, at least it will get me up and out of the house and out of my chair for a while!!

See, now you all know how naughty I can be!! Add to that my extreme stubbornness and hard headedness makes for a great reason to need a spanking huh? Well, I'm working on that very slowly lol!

Wishing you all a peaceful, happy Monday! Message me if you need support, mentoring or just wanna chat! I'm good at that! Peace an love with a spoon full of blessings!

Miss Naughty Britches

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Plato said,

“Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.”

Good thing to think about!!

Make it a wise and fun day, C

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Winter 2014

Lasse returns home to find his wife Karin standing naked in their bedroom, gazing out of the window. On the bed is a birch, freshly taken from its saline store and tied into a neat bundle. Turning to him she says, simply: "Whip me, darling, I need a release."

Lasse knows his wife well and had been expecting this. He had seen the tension building up in her the past weeks. As he picks up the birch he reflects on his wife, the strong woman who can always best her opponents in an argument. How those opponents would be amazed to see her now kneeling submissively before him, her bottom raised, inviting the cruel kiss of the birch. He lashes her hard from the start. He knows she needs this, she needs to cry out in pain, she needs to be whipped to tears. Yet she is strong and it takes a while to reach that point when he sees her stop fighting the pain. Her bottom is striped all over with that pattern unique to the birch as he holds her in a long, hard embrace.

"Thank you, darling." The only words she utters. Perhaps they are never as close as they are at this time after a whipping he thinks. It is a precious time, a time for reflection and for love.

Spring 2016

Lasse and Karin have just finished their meal and are sipping wine when there is a knock at the door of their new house. They had been amongst the first to relocate to the new city, partly to set an example, partly because their old house had been one of the closest to the mine.

Karin opens the door to find her friend the Chief of police. Inviting him in, and offering him a seat, she wonders what has brought him unexpectedly to their door.

"I will get straight to the point." He knows Karin prefers people to be direct, not to prevaricate. "I have come straight from the mine. I have to tell you that human bones have been found in the new area of mining. They came from an area under your old house. Every indication is that they are fairly old."

"Old as in ancient, or...?" she asks.

"At this stage it is hard to tell, but we will be running all the necessary tests. Production in this news area of the mine has been suspended for now while forensics work on the scene. We may have to bring in an archeologist to establish the age."

"I want this investigated properly. And, I want a DNA test. Could it be my great-great grandfather?"

The Chief has been wondering about this possibility. He has a family connection too, in a way, for his own great-great grandfather had been the Chief of Police at the time. The great unsolved murder fascinates him almost as much as Karin.

"It could, quite possibly. Your family occupied that plot even in his day. Are you happy to be tested yourself?"

"Yes, of course, I need to know if it is him, what happened to him."

One week later

"The archeologist has confirmed that the bones date to the early 1900s, and the DNA evidence confirms that the deceased was closely related to you. The bones were from an adult male. I think we have to assume that the body is that of Henrik, your great-great grandfather, however it is likely we will never know for sure." The Chief pauses and studies Karin. He knows how proud she is of her forefather, yet she shows no emotion. "He had been stabbed, several times in the abdomen, it is likely that is what killed him."

"So who did it?" she asks.

"That we will never know. Whoever did it buried him in his own basement."

[Note: although obviously fiction some things in this tale are fact. The city of Kiruna is indeed going to be moved, and it currently has its first woman mayor. As far as I know she's not a spanko, but you never know. And there were protests in 1909, though I'm not sure anyone was murdered.]

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My girlfriend, Jane is into most things ; she has a butch lesbian girlfriend, Vera who spanks her but Jane won't spank me. Jane asked what I wanted for my birthday - I asked for a spanking and she said she'd think about it. I had Jane on her hands and knees, on the coffee table, while I stood, shagging her from behind. I heard a noise behind and turned to see Vera walking towards us with a strap in her hands. Jane turned and said, "Oh! look Vera's here to give you your birthday present."Vera laid the strap into my bare bum while I sank deep into Jane. "Come on, you pathetic wimp", she said, "fuck her harder - she likes it slow and deep". Vera's fingers were playing with her crotch as she continued to lash me . I came first and had to hold my placid cock out for six strokes of the strap. That was three weeks ago and since then I've had to spend a fortune buying Vera lots of fetish clothes and bondage gear. She loves whipping me because she's jealous when Jane wants me inside her and she also demands money for beating me and letting me then watch her making out with Jane while I'm helpless in bondage.

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Where does the time go??? By the time I calm down from my week it seems like Sunday night is making an appearance.

Sooooo....I've decided to go into business for myself. I am walking away from teaching in June to become a full time cake designer. Such a scary but exciting adventure.

I'm so grateful for my Disciplinarian. He keeps me motivated and on track. Working for myself would be dam-near impossible without his help. I thought the distance would be an issue but with modern technology his consequences AND rewards are so effective. I'm in such a good place.

I always thought if I had a real disciplinarian I would purposely try to get in trouble, now for the first time I hate disappointing him. He seems to know what gets to me and I love it but hate it at the same time. I even try really hard to be on time now....who knew that would happen???

Usually I have a question but today I'm just blogging from a happy place.

I'm such a cheeseball :0)

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Hi friends, hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! I am really new to all of this including writing on a blog. I am truly enjoying all the videos and blogs. Everyone has been so nice! Who knew all this was out there!

Well, I think I want to be really naughty today, who knows, maybe my hubby will finally spank me! I doubt it but I plan on having fun trying to get in trouble. Wish me luck!

Thanks for all the friend adds and requests! Lot's of nice people here! Enjoying talking to you all!

Happy spankings,
Feeling exceptionally naughty :-!

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Winter 2014

Karin has been gazing out of the window for what seemed like hours. The thick snow has been falling endlessly; has been doing so for three days now. She is mesmerised by the snow as it falls out of the darkness into the pool of white created by the streetlight, then disappears again. She knows the snow is chest high outside. Soon the snow will stop, the sky will clear and the temperature will plummet. The weather forecast said minus 30C. All pretty normal for midwinter here, 90 miles above the arctic circle.

The winter frustrates her as it does every year. Several weeks without seeing the sun, deep snow and freezing temperatures. To add to this there is a new worry this year. Despite everything, she loves the city. Built in the early nineteenth century it was well ahead of its time, a model city. Now she considers it homely and really rather beautiful, despite the dominant presence of the mine overlooking it. Soon though her wonderful city will be swallowed up by the ever-encroaching mine, and moved several miles to the east. This weighs heavily on the minds of all the residents. What will the new city be like? Will the new houses be as nice as the current ones? Will the city retain its small town character, where everyone knows everyone? These concerns, and many others, bother her every day. It is my responsibility after all, she thinks.

Always under the surface is her long standing uneasiness. Guilt, maybe, though perhaps that is too strong a word. It is not guilt for her own actions. Indeed, she wasn't even born then. But she feels uneasy about it. The iron from this mine had played a key role in world wars. The city had prospered as many thousands had died. Perhaps moving the city will be a new beginning? Perhaps it will be swallowed by the mine along with the houses, the schools, the shops, the university and the hotels?

She drags her eyes away from the window. It is time to prepare for this evening. How she needs this to help her through the long winter darkness; to relieve the tensions that have been building up in her. As she prepares, her mind returns to that heady, warm midsummer day...

The weather had been perfect. The river looked like a blue jewel as it reflected the sun in its still waters as they had manoeuvred the boat to their special place. They had moored the boat, then set out on foot to the birch woodland. The air had been still and fragrant with the smells of summer. Upon entering the wood, they had gathered enough of their special crop to see them through the long winter before setting out a picnic, opened a bottle of wine and had a splendid lunch amongst the cloudberries. Anders had tied two bunches of birch twigs then, laughing, they had stripped off and gently whipped each other, teasing more than hurting until Anders could restrain himself no longer and had pulled her to the ground...

She finds it hard to keep such pleasant memories in her mind for long though. The responsibility is weighing hard on her. She is the city's first female mayor, and of course this mining town in the arctic has long been a male-dominated society. And the plans to move the city had been controversial. The planning hadn't been straightforward at all, and indeed she had personally championed the new location for the city to the east, rather than the previously agreed location to the northwest.

She never doubts that she should have sought office. The stresses are so great, yet she loves the city and this seemed such a good way to give something back. And of course she had always felt as if it was her destiny. Her great-great grandfather had fought for the people of the city, and had paid the ultimate price. In the early 1900s all the tax revenue from the mine had gone down south to the capital, not up here. The workers and their families struggled with poverty, doing dangerous jobs, some of them living several families to the house, others in tiny two roomed dwellings and all the time battling to survive against the elements. The working conditions in the mine were appalling, accidents frequent and often fatal. Her great-great grandfather had led the protests against this, until the day after the biggest rally he had vanished, never to be seen again. She often thinks about him for he is a hero in her family. In a way he had become a martyr and his death had undoubtedly helped the cause. Soon after, the mining company had agreed to direct taxes to the city, and had started working on improving working conditions.

She often wondered what had befallen him. The common view at the time was that the mining company had murdered him, yet his body had never been found. Had they buried his bones in some remote area of the mine? In a way he had become a martyr to his cause. and the stories of him passed down through her family had inspired her. His death hadn't been in vain.

Summer 1909

Henrik is so angry. He and his colleagues have spent another seemingly fruitless day on the streets protesting. They are not being paid and can ill afford it. Yet the Managing Director of the mine hadn't even bothered to return to the country to listen to their opinions. He is burning up inside. The cause is right and just, the people of the are getting rich while the people here working in such extreme conditions and suffering in poverty. His best friend, who had shared their house had been killed at the mine just a few weeks ago. Henrik had seen the accident happen, powerless to stop it, and it haunted his dreams.

He is in a foul mood as he returns home to greet his wife, and it isn't improved when he sees what she has prepared for dinner.

"Not vegetable stew again! How is a man to survive on this, day after day?"

"You are not earning, this is all I can afford. If you were able to go back to working I might be able to buy salted reindeer from the hunters once or twice a week."

"Don't give me that. You know this protest is worth the sacrifice. You know why I am doing it."

"It is pointless. The mine owners will never listen. The Managing Director doesn't even return to the country, he is just ignoring you."

They have been having this argument for days, and Henrik's temper has stretched beyond its breaking point. The indifference of the mining company to the protest had really got under his skin. The miner grabs his wife's hair and drags her into the bedroom. She protests and hits out at him, but he is so strong. He has an animalistic look in his eyes. She has seen glimpses of it before, but never like this. She feels scared as he rips at her skirt and panties, and then he pulls his belt from his trousers.

"Don't you dare!"

But Henrik's is beyond reason, beyond words. He pushes his wife down on the bed and raises the belt high. What follows are the worst moments of his wife's life. He whips her to tears and well beyond. She pleads, begs forgiveness, but he continues, completely out of control. When blood appears he stops, but there is no respite. When she crawls to her knees she looks at him and lets loose a stream of invective. His only response is to raise his fist and hit her in the mouth. Again he sees blood and now she is quiet, looking at him with contempt and loathing.

"Never question me again." He shouts, then storms out.

[Part 2 tomorrow]

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I went to a fantastic party on Saturday night. I took my new paddles with me. I expected they would be passed around and inspected but I never imagined what actually happened.

At first they were passed the little slapper and the Punisher were well received. Good quality. What’s that made out of? Recycled rubber, oh that looks nasty. But as everyone started to relax and get a little more social everything changed. “May I use your paddles?” Sure why not I brought them in the hopes of seeing what they could do.

The first victim grabbing the back of the kitchen chair butt out. Smack with the Punisher. “Oh!” The look back over the shoulder unmistakable… (That hurt more than I thought it would.) The Spanker says “That is a good heavy feeling in the hand. It swings nicely.” The victim has resumed the position and SMACK! This one made a nice dull thud against the material of her pants her hips jutting forward away from that painful thing. “OW!” With a look back at the implement in the Spanker’s hand. “More?” The Spanker asks with a wide smile. “Ummmm…” Nervously looking at the paddle, “OK.” Back in position and the Spanker takes a wide swing… Smack! “No more.” The victim says as she moves away from the paddle but then asks to hold it. “I didn’t think it would hurt so much since it was so flexible.” She says as she bends the rubber back and forth in her hand. She returns the paddle to the Spanker and rubs her butt as she walks away.

Meanwhile, I’m playing with the slapper… just a handle with a piece of rubber that flaps against the skin. Nice against bare skin really but we are all being careful with it since it really stings and is apt to leave a mark. Just a few slaps across the forearm or on the back of the hand. Ouch… even on me it’s an Ouch. She asks me to give her a little slap on the bottom with it. “Sure. Not a problem.” It’s a little tricky at first, I’m hitting the back of my hand as much as her clothed bottom. “Oooh, it does sting a little.” I show her the back of my hand and say… “Tell me about it.”
Some of the spectators, of which there are a few, are hearing the reactions and wondering.. . Should I give it a shot? One on a dare is going to take it on a bare bottom, five smack minimum. He gets into position holding the chair and the spanker takes a swing. I can see his body jerk away from the pain. It was a good smack. Before he is back in position the mark is appearing on his skin. What a truly wonderful thing round PINK cheek, one of my favorite things in life. He’s a good sport and takes all five swats to his bare butt even though I think he was done after the first shot.
Then a challenge, the one who doesn’t flinch, she’s going to take the dare next. Not a bare bottom but lovely lace panties, OH my. What a lovely bottom. But true to form she doesn’t flinch or even mark. I find that fascinating that what can leave a bruise on one person and have them almost crying can leave no effect whatsoever on another person. But I am glad I don’t have to be the person to find what would cause some kind of effect on her. I think I would not meet the sadistic requirement in that extreme. I’d be a disappointment.
The punisher is passed to a new spanker and a new challenge of sorts. See if you can just take more than one. The line starts to form. I love that the spanker is such a sadist. She has no mercy as she paddles one ass after another each one followed with OW OW OW. The punisher is true to it’s name. But the slapper has been passed around too. A bit of a warm up with that would be good but it really does sting. It’s met with surprise and some fascination. It’s so thin I wouldn’t think it would sting so much. Not a whole lot of bottom slapping is happening with the slapper because it stings so badly on the hand.
I make my rounds and then end up back in the kitchen. I guess it’s my turn to actually use my own paddles. I don’t know if I was expecting that. I don’t have a partner and I’m still kind of new to the whole scene, I don’t ever know what to expect really. But when she hands me the paddle and asks me to spank her ass I wouldn’t ever consider saying no. I start with the slapper. A look over the shoulder and I can tell that stings but it doesn’t sting enough. I change my approach with a little instruction on holding my wrist stiff. A lovely sound follows the next slap… oooooooooooooh. That one was very stingy. Slap slap slap slap… some repetition. Then a quick change over to the punisher one to each cheek. OW OW! So nice to hear but the look I get as her eyes meet mine over her shoulder, she likes it. A few more then one across the crack of her ass pushing the cheeks together, I’m smacking her ass over her tight jeans but the sounds are still amazing to me. I love the sound when the paddle connects. I love the feel when my arm in full swing is met with that resistance and stops soundly. She turns after that one and says thanks that was great. I wanted more but..
Then much to my surprise another lovely lady asks if I would be so kind and paddle her. Seriously? I’d be happy to help!!! She has a lovely big round bottom. Oh how nice. She grabs the chair and presents it to me. I’m in heaven as my arm swings and then connects with a deep thud. I watch her reaction because I know this paddle isn’t for everyone. She is a bit shocked but she stays in position. Three more before she stands and says thank you. Thank you… I love that. She thanks me for doing something I enjoy, maybe that is not the best word but for now it’s enough. Then another lovely is standing there looking expectantly at me with my paddle in hand. The night proceeds like that. Just when I think it’s over it’s not. Until I’m leaving and my paddles go back into my bag leaving a line of bruised asses in their wake.

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Views: 63 · Added: 20 days ago

I got behind the camera for the first time and directed a scene! I am so excited that I got to bring this idea to life! It's the latest clip in my clips store, and its called "Deren Asks Daddy To Spank Her!" I've posted a trailer for you here! Let me know what you think!

bigbadgirl's avatar

Views: 92 · Added: 20 days ago

Wondering why I didn't do this sooner!!!

My husband is still going slowly. But Thursday night, I "graduated" to the next size plug. No problems and just a bit of an ache at the widest point - no sharp pain.

He let me get used to it and when I stood up, I had the hugest smile on my face!! We had dinner and then, after two mind-blowing orgasms, he took it out.

I cannot believe we didn't do this sooner. I wondered why people would want to do it, but now I know. I just love it. As a matter of fact, as I write this, I have it in. My husband made me wait a couple of days before he did it again.

Thank you all for your advice!! I am one happy girl!

Hugs!! BBG

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