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Views: 217 · Added: 29 days ago

hurray hurray hurfuckinray!!.. im getting internet on the 19th.. bout time lol.... I never realized how lost id be without it but hell soon ill b online a lot more often ( miss my spankin vids) n people I chat with..

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Views: 193 · Added: 29 days ago

When Leo gets frisky with Mars,
I suffer the wrath of the stars.
But how may lickings will please them?
Will merciful Virgo not ease them?
Arcturus, so striking and stern,
How hot will my bare bottom burn?
Will Aries remember my birth,
Or whack me for all that it's worth?
Are galaxies setting a trap?
Will Scorpio oil the strap?
Will nebulous forces align
To heighten the hurt that is mine?
Will Andromeda twinkle more merry,
If I holler so loud that it's scary?
Will Polaris proudly perching on his pole,
Tell the Pleiades that blisters are his goal?
Will Orion's bright belt beam commands,
To the holes as the frat paddle lands?
Will Castor or Pollux hit harder?
Will Regulus rescue a martyr?
Perhaps Ursa Minor will plead
That birching is also a need.
Perhaps Ursa Major will roar,
That tears are what whipping is for.
When Venus visits Taurus I'm in trouble.
My visits to the woodshed gonna double.
Then stubbornness will frolic like a fiend,
Not blushing till a belt has intervened.
In facing celestial fate,
Regret is too little, too late.

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Views: 283 · Added: 29 days ago

I just spent the most wonderful weekend with Edward. As most of you know..when we started..Edward was not comfortable with spanking me past a certain point. After my session with Niko, he began to do much better. He is much more authoritative and self confident. He has tried on a few occasions to bring me to tears with a spanking and never was able to do so. Well, we cant say that anymore! I can honestly say..he out did Niko. I had a very rough month and asked for an emotional release spanking. I really didnt expect him to be able to get me there..but ..I have to say..he got me there and beyond. I am so proud of him that he didnt stop too soon. He did the job and then held me and let me cry it out..saying loving things and wiping tears. I couldnt have asked for anything more!

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Views: 235 · Added: 29 days ago

I wonder how many of you out there are in the same situation as I... I'm married to a person who doesn't understand my other interests. I'd love to be able to share them with my partner but the things I have shared were not met with any kind of excitement or approval. He likes things the way they are, or so he says.

I'm not really sure that he is happy with the way things are because of his apparent lack of interest in anything I would like to do on the wilder side of interaction. He says he's open to new things but each time I bring up a new thing he shoots it down. He doesn't want to do that. I understand that he is basically an alpha male and submitting is not his thing. But I've suggested meeting on middle ground as equals and that doesn't seem to do it for him either. I'm lost lately and I'm not sure how to find my way.

I wouldn't view a spanking session with no sex involved as cheating but I don't believe he would see that the same way. So I'm not really sure how to proceed.

Then to top it all off I feel as though he doesn't really want me at all anymore. OK yes, we still have sex but it's not very good sex. LOL Example: If he does "get off" and I don't he attempts to help me get off but he doesn't pay much attention to what he is doing and it doesn't work to get me "there." Or if he decides I should "get there" first he can't seem to finish himself. Can anyone understand why I feel that he doesn't seem to want me these days?

He also tends to think that I want all of these things only done to me. I've tried turning the tables on that and I am met with a NO. SO I can't pursue that avenue. I don't want to be spanked. Truly, I've tried it and it's not what I want. There are a few things that a bit more BDSM that I do like on occasion but again I also want to be able to do those things to a partner.

I'm really not sure if this is something we can work through together. Anyone else having the same issues? I'd love to have someone to have a frank and open conversation with who can not only understand but maybe offer a little insight. Let me know!

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Views: 168 · Added: 29 days ago

I was wanting so badly to join truediscipline and Niko in their shoot today. I couldn't make it :( and I'm sure it was MY loss. I have been dominating alot lately, and what tends to happen to me as a switch is that after I dominate for soo long. I top out and I need that release myself. I keep others in check in their lives. Controlling everything for them. Keeping them safe and in line , meanwhile back at the batcave :) I'm running crazy in my own life. I am about topped out. I need someone that's Dominant enough and experienced enough and hard enough to keep ME in check. I think I may have found him, but I'm not sure yet. When I finally get what I need ,Ill post pics.

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Views: 178 · Added: 29 days ago

Put some new pics up from this weekend. :)

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Views: 163 · Added: 29 days ago

Crying releases extra stress hormones, that is why you feel much better after doing so.

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Views: 243 · Added: 29 days ago

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (United States) - that’s biscuit for the English! I like how Brits say biscuit!

Did you know there are 7 billion chocolate chip cookies eaten in the United States every year? I did NOT know that.

This cookie was invented by Ruth Wakefield who ran a tollhouse and restaurant just outside of Boston. One day in 1930, Wakefield was baking up a batch of Butter Drop Do cookies for her guests. The recipe called for melted chocolate, but Wakefield had run out of baker's chocolate. So she took a Nestle chocolate bar, crumbled it into pieces and threw it into her batter, expecting the chocolate pieces to melt during baking. Instead, the chocolate held its shape, and the chocolate chip cookie was born. Yah!!

Speaking of cookies, my favorite Sesame Street character is the Cookie Monster - a blue, furry creature with a voracious appetite. The cookie monster prefers cookies – chocolate chip are his favorite kind; oatmeal cookies are his second favorite, although he will eat anything, including Sesame Street letters, hubcaps, flatware, and furniture.

His favorite phrases are:
"Me want cookie!", "Me eat cookie!"
"Om nom nom nom" (said through a mouth full of food).

What's your favorite kind of cookie? Can you eat cookies during a spanking? Don’t try this with agoodspankin or Niko - haha! I don’t think you’d get away with it.

P.S. My favorite cookies are oatmeal-chocolate chip! Yum!

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Views: 220 · Added: 29 days ago

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Views: 244 · Added: 29 days ago

I work for a very strict man. When I agreed to be his P. A. I knew exactly what was expected of me. I signed a document stating that I understood that the rules will be followed, that professional decorum would always be the norm or consequences would need to be paid. Discipline was a huge deal with him. And believe me, my bottom paid dearly on more than one occasion.

When I first started I was a few minutes late almost every day. I was divorced, no children, so really had no excuse for this behavior. After 2 weeks I was told that I needed to stay after work to address this particular problem. I entered his office after everyone had left.

“Stand in the middle of the room, hands on top of your head and don’t move. I’ll be with you in a moment or two” he said.

Soon he laid down his pen, looked up at me shaking his head.

“I didn’t hire you to be late for work, I hired you to be on time. I checked and found that you’ve been, in total, 43 minutes late over the last 2 weeks. Follow me. And keep your hands on top of your head.”

I followed him through his bathroom to another door; he used a key chain fob that was a remote door opener. The door clicked and he opened it, held it until I had walked in. I looked around and saw, in the middle of the room, a padded sawhorse with leather restraints attached to all 4 legs. On a side table, a cane, a leather strap, and wooden paddle were easily accessible when needed. He turned and looked at me.

“When you enter this room, the very first thing you must do, without question, is remove all of your clothing. Do that now.”

My eyes widened in fear.

“Mr. Jamison, I promise I’ll do better. I’ll set my alarm for an earlier time. Please…”

He looked me directly in my eyes.

“Did I say you could talk? Now remove all of your clothes, or leave and never come back. Your choice!”

I didn’t want to lose this job and I knew all the rules coming in, so I removed all of my clothes, placed my hands back on top of my head and turned to look at him.

“That’s better. Now come over here to the punishment bench… You will be restrained to this bench for the duration of your punishment. After your strapping is complete you will remain in place for 5 minutes or until you calm down enough to stand.”

He walked over to the side table and picked up the strap. He came back to me and held the strap up for me to see.

“This strap has holes in it to add a more severe sting to your bottom. The number of licks you will get depends on the minutes you were late for work. I will also add your age, which I believe is 31, to the count. I guess that’s 74. Now get over the bench.”

I moved to the bench and bent over it. He attached the restraints to my ankles and wrists, and placed a strap across my back to further keep me in place. He came up behind me and gently rubbed my bottom.

“You have a beautifully white bottom. Too bad that by the time I’m done, it will be red hot, bruised and striped. And don’t worry about screaming, the room is sound proofed.”

He moved slightly away from me, measured the distance to my bottom. He reached back and WAP. The strike took my breath away, then another, and another again. When he got to 20, he stopped, though I barely noticed.

“You seem to be doing very well. That was 20, 54 more to go. Hope you’re ready?”

He applied the whole 54 without stopping. I lost track of the count, I lost track of time. I wasn’t sure I could remember my name. He left me on the bench for a good 5 - 10 minutes, I really didn’t know. Then he came up behind me, patting my bruised and battered bottom.

“Now since you are new at this, I think it necessary to add a little incentive for you to correct this naughty behavior of yours. So we will finish up with 6 stokes of the cane.”

“No, please no, Mr. Jamison. I don’t think I could take anymore.”

“That’s the beauty of being restrained. You don’t have to think, just lay there and accept.”

He reached for the cane and approached me. I hear a swish and then a second passes and I feel the sharp pain of the cut of the cane. 5 more. He leaves me be for a while, then comes to remove the restraints. He helps me down and walks me to the door.

“Remember that every time you are late we will be in this room. Every time you do not obey me, we will be in this room. Every time you are not professional at your job, we will be in this room. Every time you don’t perform your job perfectly, we will be in this room. Every time I think you need some incentive, we will be in this room. I hope you understand all of this.”

I just nodded my head, still in too much pain to speak.

“Get dressed and go home. I will see you in the morning.”

That was 3 years and many spankings ago. I now stand with my nose against the wall of my punishment room. Mr. Jamison believes that I was disrespectful to a client. So we are in this room again. I know that when I leave I will have a bruised, battered and blistered bottom. I know that sitting for the next few days will be near impossible. And it will be a week or more before the bruises are healed.

Why do I put up with this? Did I mention, I get paid an awful lot of money—

©2014 CLG0413

Thanks, Misty for the proof.

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Views: 115 · Added: 29 days ago

Ich habe den Erziehungsauftrag M zu erziehen.
Sie ist eine Erwachsene Frau und braucht Führung und vor allem Erziehung.
Immer wieder kommt es dazu das sie nicht gehorcht oder die Regeln nicht einhält. Ich bestrafe sie dann sehr streng und führe sie enger.
Ich möchte hier versuchen ab und zu darüber zu berichten, ich hoffe es bereitet euch ein wenig Spaß. Am Freitag habe ich M beim lügen erwischt, es war eine kleine aber völlig unnötige Lüge.
Sie sollte etwas erledigen und sagte auf Nachfrage das sie es eben getan hätte, beim nachfragen und Kontrollieren, stellte sich heraus sie hat es erst gemacht als ich nachfragte.
sie gab zu gelogen zu haben.
Sie hat eine anständige Standpauke erhalten, so das sie kaum noch Worte fand und die Ankündigung einer strengen Strafe.Wenn sie heute von der Arbeit kommt muss sie den Kamin anfeuern und sich dann bei mir melden. Sie wird einen Rock und Bluse tragen, darunter Unterwäsche. Sie wird in mein Büro kommen und melden das sie fertig ist, dann wird sie sich entschuldigen das sie gelogen hat und um Bestrafung bitten. Auf dem Tisch in meinem Büro liegen 4 Rohrstöcke bereit, die sehr streng zum Einsatz kommen.
Sie wird jeden Rohrstock 15 x spüren, ich werde sehr hart un sehr streng sein.
15 auf den Rock, 15 auf den Slip und 30 auf den Nackten.

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Views: 114 · Added: 29 days ago

Took my girl to Salem Ohio to see her family. Was ok. A little more expensive than I expected. But I got away of the drama here..

Between the loss of my grandson and dealing with my mother who has Dementia..I really needed it.

I saw where a friend is having a get together in Columbus..I was going to check it out..But the trip to Salem tapped me out.I will check fetlife and if she does this again we'll try to make that one..

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Views: 168 · Added: 29 days ago

There once was a lady called Daisy
Though her memory it is quite hazy
Once took 50 of the cane
She had no one to blame
Though some people thought she was crazy

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Views: 117 · Added: 29 days ago

So, been here before. Twice come to think of it. Ditched the original profile as I was careless and caught out by someone I would have preferred not to catch me and the other because the smart, the articulate and sassy were being outweighed by the types that wanted me to look at photos of their flagellated behinds. Not for me.

In my time I've been lucky with my analogue as well as digital encounters. OK, the first was disappointing but then I had the great good fortune to meet up with two gents of the old-school who knew how to treat miscreants.

Now that I live in the very beautiful middle of nowhere I am left bereft of actual experience so back I come, tail between my legs.

I've always enjoyed this site because, unlike others, there are considerably fewer attention seekers who befriend anyone just to get their tally of friends up.

I'm trying to remember who my friends were on here so, if you're one of the smart, articulate ones then send me a friend request. Ta ever so


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Views: 196 · Added: 29 days ago

It wasn't what I wanted, but it WAS what I got. I was in a weird mood & nothing felt right. I'd be away for many weeks, out of practice, I don't know what I want but everything we try isn't it. I say Red so many times it ridiculous. Finally I'm sitting on the bed with my head on his shoulder, feeling frustrated & he says
"What you really need is just to grit your teeth & take it. Then you'll have something to feel for a few days & think about".
"Okay, then you're gonna have to push me".
"Okay, but if you say Red, I have to respect that".
"Okay, then you're gonna have to give me a number, or a time limit so I can hang on til the goal".
So he says "20. With the cane".
Gaugh! "Okay, how about groups of 5?"
"No, 10".
I get on hands and knees on the bed, bottom out, knees pulled in. Holy crap. "Count 'em", he says.
I took those 20, shrieking into a pillow. Then another 20. Then I'm laying there breaking a sweat and panting, and he says you're going to take 10 more. Fine. Just get it the hell over with. My voice cracks on the last three. THEN I'm shaking, but happier. And really sore. And thinking about it for several days.

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Views: 213 · Added: 30 days ago

Try counting all your blessings
when you're counting my mistakes
then cry yourself a river
into a thousand lakes
I'm living in the land
of your make believe
along the Mason Dixon line
it might be Tennessee

I've walked beside the tracks
next to a southbound train
and felt the ground just shaking
right in a pouring rain
but I never stop to think
about the state I'm in
I only know I'm never
coming back again

and if angels were to stumble
I wonder if they'd fall
and would you ever hear me
if sometime I were to call
and would you look to find me
down in the sunshine state
I got the letter you sent to me
but I got it much too late

I hear Montana claims
to having bigger skies
and stars will fall in Bama
right before your eyes
you never have to worry
about the state I'm in
I only know I'm never
coming back again

do they sharpen up the razors
on those hogs in Arkansas
are rain drops really tear drops
of the angels when they fall
I wander round each lonely town
in a state of certainty
that you never really loved me
why did you marry me

so I'll pack my gypsy heart
right into a caravan
and then I'll try to tell myself
that I'm a traveling man
I'll watch the sun as it sets
right from this gravel road
is the fire there still burning
and are you all alone

and if an angel were to trip
and maybe start to fall
I'd try my best to catch you
even now and after all
the stars could fall around us
and maybe then you'd see
that nothing really matters
in the state of make believe

(copyright certificate on file)

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Views: 194 · Added: 30 days ago

A few years ago, I was talking in a spanking chat room and PM'ed a person with CDD after her name. Believe it or not, I had not run into the term and didn't know what it meant. So that was my initial question to her.

She explained that she was in a Christian Domestic Discipline relationship with her husband. Basically, she let him beat her for her offenses because they interpreted the Bible to indicate that husbands are commanded to beat their wives by God. She told me that she feared her beatings and found nothing redeeming in them but that she knew she had to endure them. She said she was always beaten well past the point of tear. She said that her husband only beat her because he had to (yeah, right).

Well, I am the Atheist half of Jewel's and my relationship but I also accept that most people feel a commitment to some kind of faith. So, thinking about what she said, I mentioned that not all "punishments" were fun for me but that I did feel somehow refreshed and redeemed, at least in Jewel's eyes, afterward.

She responded that it was against the Bible for a wife to beat her husband and for a husband to accept such a beating was depraved. That pretty much ended our conversation.

To this day I still wonder how a person can beat another person to tears knowing that all they are doing is tearing the person being beaten down. Also, how can the other person allow this mistreatment based on the belief in a faith that says she is of lesser value than her mate and so must be beaten by him?

Lastly it makes me wonder what is truly "depraved": To admit a need for physical discipline and accept it and to feel to be made better by it or to be beaten by a bully (who is probably enjoying it) because you have somehow been brainwashed into believing that you are obeying "God's Word."

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Views: 179 · Added: 30 days ago

Wow we here at True Home Discipline would like to thank everyone. We are now celebrating our first 250,000 views total. We had no idea we would be accepted so well here. We are so pleased that everyone has liked our work so much. We will continue to strive to bring you even more great content and strive to get better in our videos. So keep watching and keep enjoying.
so until next time
Be Well, Spank Hard, See Ya!

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Views: 259 · Added: 30 days ago

From the last blog: "Roger that spankingwell (great to see you!), Misty and Sirredcheeks. We're off!"

Spanking World Tours,LLC bids a fond farewell to Australia's beautiful Kirra Beach and we hit the highway for our next destination, ASIA. We really lucked out with our tour bus drive, TJ. He's fun-loving and contagious. He'll not only lead all of us in song, but he frequently leans out the window and says, "Will you sing with me?" And, everyone does! What fun! So, hop on the bus and join TJ's highway singalong, "Build Me Up Buttercup."

Lets get some pedestrians in on this, too, I'm pretty sure those are five ST gals singing on the corner, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

Isn't TJ a hoot? You have just enough time to buy some shades (I'm getting candy apple red) and get those red bottoms on the bus.

Destination preview courtesy of Misty: Viet Nam's Son Doong Cave.

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Views: 178 · Added: 30 days ago

I am trying to control my temper but I am failing at it. There so many idiots that live in my complex that I just want to beat their ass. I am sick of the stupid questions about the way I raise my daughter and their daughter is the one who is pregnant at 13 and mine ain't. My 13 year old daughter goes to the library and study. Their 13 year old daughter is always running behind some boy. I believe I have raise a good girl and pray I can keep her focus on her school work. I don't appreciate other people telling me I am doing something wrong by knowing everything about my daughter. I am doing my best as a single mother to make sure she can go to college. if I go to jail for one of these non-good parents, I am not teaching my daughter self control. It is a struggle to keep my cool when idiots keep pissing me off.

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