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Jenny has an acquaintance at work. Over the years working together they have become friends: and enivitably got talking about various 'life interests'.This young lady is married,but over time,listening to Jenny,devoloped and experimental way of thinking;and on the 6th of November last decided to come and visit Jen and I and experience a 'school experience' as I term my meetings with my naughty friends.

I,and indeed Jen,found ourselves,let us us say, a bit aroused by our visitor. Her track suit bottoms did it for us! She did bend over and,starting with giggles as they all do,eventually took ten good smacks with my strip of leathar. After the ten smacks we three talked. She felt her bottom 'warmed' by the experience. We had some tea and then moved on to the most ,to quote Jen: "horrorific implement of them all..." ,my hand! This young lady did bend over my knee and I took my time administering a spanking that she had never experienced before. Jen and I were surprised to learn that our visitor had never been spanked,growing up and indeed 'playfully' by her husband;such a shame,such a lovely bottom! After about an hour or so,with intervals,we called it a day. Our friend rubbed her bottom,but was not brave enough to reveal her bare bottom to chastisement: although we did examine her bare bottom for redness! We have arranged another date,this sunday,so that my hand can make an appointment with her bare bottom.I for one am most sincerly looking forward to this.

This past weekend Jen,my niece and I travelled to London.We go this time every year,as I like to remember my Grandfather and Grand Uncle during Remembrance Sunday. While there I gave my niece a lecture on the outbreak of WWI;Jen walked around,having had the same lecture in previous years. We did do a bit of shopping;Jen done more shopping than my niece and I. However the benefits of getting my niece her own hotel room,allowed Jen to demonstrate to me what she had bought. I have often heard of the grand old saying..."her skirt was so short it looked like a belt.....",this was true of one particular "garment" that Jen purchased! We has ALOT of fun.I love London this time of year.

We returned lastnight to find my niece's boyfriend waiting outside our house;he missed her. Up early in the morning meant we all had very little sleep,but at least I,not tweedledum and tweedledee,(Jen and my niece),had to be into work early. I am arranging pre Xmas examinations at the moment;the joys of it!

Have a great week my friends and be safe!

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His mistress ordered him thus,
" Take off my blouse ".
So he took it off.Then she said,
" Take off my skirt "
He took off her skirt.
" Take off my shoes "
He took off her shoes.
" Now slowly roll off my tights "
He rolled them off very slowly.
" Now slide off my bra "
He deftly slid off her bra.
" Now take off my panties "
He gently eased the panties over the hips.

Then she glared at him and said.
"I don't want to catch you wearing my things ever again.

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this morning i think girl at dounut shop may be intrested in spanking me when i show her my spank me i been bad boy family guy shirt she laugh said cute ask if i watch family guy i said yea she hasnt been busy when i mention i like being spanked she said wow really i said yea was about ask her if wanted to do it she started saying something to where asking me a question sound like do you or what do you when another customer came in told her i talk to her later about this she said ok she had wide eye look on her face as if shock or something hope iam not over reading this or getting wrong messsage impression

somebody i mention this too on fet life said hope doesnt havr cop waitign for me tomorrow but i know she only work monday sometime saturday might wait untill then or next monday talk to her about this never thought about cop thing

i know people havent wasnt there just wondering your thought or opunion on this you think she into spanking or intrested in spanking me

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I always love to meet new spankos, if you're in Denver and want to meet just to talk or something let me know


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Basically I am in a relationship with a Dom/spanko that is still new to everything. We have been together for 4 months. I'm struggling to get him to understand that playful spankings are good and fun, but sometimes I NEED that slow build up to some intense spanking. (I'm about to go nuts because the playful is just like a tease at this point.)

He also seems to be struggling to understand that a hand is a warm up, but a wood paddle is not. Personally I prefer thud sensations over stingy ones but can handle more sting once I have been warmed up really good.

I am not spanked for punishment. I really am a good girl and that isn't needed. Spanking to me is for therapeutic reasons, erotic, fun and sometimes for motivation.

If there is a resource that I could even send him to, to read I would be open to that. It just can't be too long.


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Yesterday, Marie just had about enough of my shit recently, so she finally handled it.....I still have a caning coming. I better start knowing my role, like she said while punishing me "I have a pretty good life here, and don't want to do anything to ruin that." "We have invested too much into this marriage and I don't want to send you back to your parents house."

She really got me good on my right side.

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Beginning December 2, I will be using a studio in Brooklyn.

Not a dungeon, rather a private, discreet, space, with a domestic setting.

I hope to see you all in December, till then stay well and happy.


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I totally take back the statement that I've never known what it was like to sit uncomfortably after spanking. Note to self- hide that bath brush in the back of deep closet.

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Io scrivo per me stessa, ma ormai sono anni che condivido quello che mi piace con voi. Ora chiedo a voi di confessarmi cosa vi piace.Rispondi alle domande:

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I got spanked this morning - such a lovely way to start off both Saturday and the weekend.

At one point, I could feel the tears just beginning to well up. Would have been the first time ever I'd actually cried real tears during a spanking. Unfortunately, she picked that moment to back off a bit. I almost said, "Oh, no - please don't stop now" but I didn't. Hopefully I'll be braver next time.

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My life ain't dull! There is pure amazement, mystery and intrigue around me daily. I'm living in the best times! OUTREACH WORK IS Reaching people THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX... THIS IS ONE EXAMPLE. High School has started on Maui. Young men, your sons, your nephews are going to have sex for the first time this school year. Church going youth and non church going youth alike. Everything is upside down when it comes to our youth's spirit and desire! The pressure to have sex is unbelievable. As a responsible caring adult/father/uncle you/ I got to bring up the topic of condoms. NO JOKE! I'm a outreach worker, listen to me, I'm giving straight talk here. If these youngsters are going to have SEX MUST MUST wear condoms to stay healthy! If you got to this page I'm pulling out all the stops to get your attention! Since this is a spanking web site I got a great story to tell you about "no sex ever" male to male paddling. If your not into spanking, think it is from the devil, really perverted or weird "stop reading" I'm not writing this to offend, I'm writing to raise awareness about unprotected sex. It is a life and death issue! U bet I'm going to have fun when writing about something so serious! WHY NOT?
YES, the truth is out there! I love to use a paddle on willing adult men and yes they can keep their board shorts on and yes this has nothing to do with SEX. Again STOP reading this now if this kinda stuff gives you the willies or chicken skin!! Do not open this door, don't go down this path! I don't want to be the one to corrupt you! To put a ding in your innocence! To honestly tell you that the more men that learn how to paddle properly and how to take a good spanking the better!
Paul Bunyan could spin a yarn better than anyone so I have learned from the best, whether it's fiction or nonfiction, I will let you decide. Just love to write a good tail, to make you think, make you smile and best of all help you STOP taking life so serious unless it is about condoms. To quote a favorite philosopher of mine "There is no more lively sensation than that of pain; its impressions are certain.. Marquis de Sade"
Having the time of my life in Paradise! Couple times a month, sometimes more, willing local men and visitors (welcome to Maui) look me up. Men with tattoos (always seem like they're heaven sent) have a special place in my heart and for them I use my Red Imp Razor Strop. It makes a nice crack, snap and pop when it strikes. The sound and then the reaction the second after the crack of the strop on a bare ass.. 10 TO 20 strikes are awesome shootz..can't get enough of it. No sex in the mix ever.
I'm no nonsense with a gentle side and experienced. Hobby I picked up on the west and east coast from street punks. These young men loved to trade hacks with a big wood paddle and I was in the thick of it in the mid 80's till mid 90's. When my street outreach started in the punk scene I was considered a fresh bare ass to use the paddle on. I was able to get into dozens of hangouts, mosh pits and abandoned buildings. I did HIV outreach and passed out hundreds of condoms, wild memories that have lasted a lifetime.
Curious about Male to Male paddling and live Maui? Come talk story, say "Aloha" I don't bite and the name of this game is being discreet and I do so enjoy the mystery and intrigue of it all! Sometimes a whipping is not what your seeking. Believe me I have been there. I hang out with God loving folks, go to a awesome church, Bible study and maybe, just maybe mind you, that is what you truly seek. But again, I have no problem using the paddle, my favorite hairbrush or strap on your backside. You can hold your ankles, lay across my bed, over my knee or put your hands on my work bench. I am patient with beginners and finding the right person, at the right time, for the right reason is what a good, leave your board shorts on, paddling is all about. Experienced and beginning players can expect a good tanning and I do stop if asked (the gentle side of me)!
Once in awhile someone wants to be paddled tied down. We talk story about what will happen and I always give you a friendly reminder to be careful what to ask for. When the whipping starts it requires both of us to be on the same page for physical and emotional safety. As I whip you I get to know you better, what you can and can't take (pushing limits), what your looking for in this whipping. As I get more intense whipping we keep talking, on occasion yelling, to each other. I throttle back, pause, soothe, then ramp it up again sometimes till you start crying. It all depends what you asked for before we started. I Live alone and you have a choice; book study or the woodshed. Need to relive memories you had years ago but in a kinder softer way? There is no question this is a rite of passage for a male getting whipped as a adult the first time by another male. A brotherhood forms during a whipping that helps both get rid of the stress of life and sometimes ends with a emotional release (crying). This is Male bonding without sex and the raising of adrenaline and endorphin levels for both. From the beginning of time, men have liked striking each other for fun and punishment. I do so enjoy visitors and have paddled men from all over the world! Look me up if you would like to remember something special on your Maui vacation.
I'm a Christan and love Jesus. I got strengths and weaknesses, I make no bones about this. After 30 years some point in my life I'll figure out I don't need to whip or get whipped. God has promised he will turn my weakness into a strength. Paddling has never been a sex thing with me and has always been about living life with all the trials and tribulations that come with it.
I'm a firm believer in Corporal punishment and believe it works great with young men for discipline! If these guys have decided not to wait when it comes to sex, their desires have gone hog wild, let them know there is consequences! No wear condoms, you get your ass paddled. Buy a egg timer! Keep this timer in a real noticeable place Spread the word its for cooking their rear! That it will be set for a 5 minute, no warm up, one right after another, bare butt-busting whuppin, Secure their hands so they can't interfere with the paddling! As your paddling have them repeat after you; I will wear condoms with sex! For most usually one "start thinking with your other head" paddling is all that's needed.
Best area, on a clothed or bare ass and most effective, the most sting is the bottom part of the ass just above top of legs. If your using a razor strop on a bare backside keep a eye out when you strike. Sometimes the end of the strop will cut when it wraps around. You don't want that. You want that young man's rear a good bright, not dark, shade of red with welts. Tough to sit down for the rest of the day. Just enough of a memory for a lifetime to guide them towards a straight and narrow path! If you need me to administer Corporal Punishment I would consider it a privilege. I'm good at this and got the passion. They will remember me and I promise it wont be a nightmare memory. A paddling from me is to remind young men what is lurking in the darkness.
I have been a Freelance HIV outreach worker for over 30 years. Worked both west/east coast and been blessed to be living here. Wherever your at, if your SINGLE, "Don't be a fool make sure you wrap your tool" If I find out you are playing unprotected, I'll send you to the woodshed and have you drop your pants. Leave your underwear on. I'll be out in a few minutes. Your attitude needs adjustment and I see a need to properly motivate. A tie down for you. Then the underwear comes down and your going to get paddled till crying! It will kill you playing unprotected, DON"T BE A DUMB FUCK... HIV, SYPHILIS and HEP C is the real deal here on Maui, the other islands and the world so spread the word. Let your buddy's know someone on Maui named Glenn/ Spinner, one of the greeters from upcountry Maui Grace Church, will use a belt on their backside if you don't WISE UP and wrap it up! NO JOKE I'm so sick and tired of seeing young men having babies out of wedlock because their not using condoms and then getting sick!
I challenge you to "think outside the box" If not now then when? Keep the pressure on. Keep reminding your young men anyway shape or form to use condoms each and every-time they're going to have sex. To remind your young men to stay healthy!
Nearly everyone responds to a good yarn, and this is precisely the point. The years of my youth are long gone. That was when I held a paddle or got whipped. The punk outreach, being a greeter and loving God and Jesus with all my heart is very true. I don't want to get whipped: living life has done that for me and I don't want to whip the young men in your life, well maybe a few just for old times. All of us working together, thinking outside the box, can put a end to this HIV, SYPHILIS and HEP C epidemic in our generation. SPREAD THE WORD
Glenn/ Spinner HIV Activist USA

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This first story was making the rounds in London town a number of years back:

One sunny afternoon the Queen and her lady-in-waiting were taking a nice drive around Balmoral estate in one of the many Rolls-Royce at her disposal. Suddenly a man with a gun jumped out into the road. He waved them down, made them get out, grabbed their money and took off in the car. A little shaken, the two started walking back to the castle. The Queen looked at the younger woman and said, "Oh no, my dear, he took your beautiful, diamond engagement ring." ''No, Ma'am, I had just enough time to put it in a (ahem) special place." She then looked at the Queen, "He took your tiara!" "No," said the Queen, "I hid it in that same (ahem) special place." As they walked along the Queen said, "It's a pity Margaret wasn't here. We could have saved the Rolls."

(To my friends across the pond: Actually, I love Queen Elizabeth and I'm head over heels with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and that growing, little family.)

A drunken wino was stumbling down the street with one foot on the curb and one foot in the gutter. A cop pulled up and said, "I've got to take you in, sir. You're obviously drunk" The wasted wino asked, "Ociffer, are ya absolutely sure I'm drunk?" "Yeah, buddy, I'm sure," said the copper. "Let's go." Obviously relieved, the wino said "Thank God, I thought I was a cripple."

(To my reprobate friends here in the States, I've always had a soft spot for drunks, too.)

A man was checking out of the local supermarket with a giant, economy size bag of dog chow. A rather sweet looking lady behind him asked, "Do you have a dog?" Well, the question was so obvious the man couldn't resist, "No, I'm trying to lose a few pounds so I'm going back on my dog chow diet." "Really," said the nice lady, "I could afford to lose a few pounds. How does it work?" "Well, you just fill up your pockets with dog chow each morning and as you get hungry during the day, you take a handful. It worked for me although the last time I ended up in the hospital." "Oh my," asked the woman, "what happened? Did it throw off your electrolytes." "No, nothing like that. I was walking across a parking lot and when I stopped to lick my ass, a car hit me."

A man walked into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm. "I'll have a beer and one for the road."

A three legged dog sidled up to the bar, "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."

A Mayan said, "Let's go for a beer." The second Mayan replied, "Well, I'm working on this calendar but if I don't finish it, it won't be the end of the world."

A dyslexic walked into a bra.

A blond walked out of the ballet, "Why they don't get taller dancers?"

A brunette and blonde are walking in the park when the brunette says, "Aw, look at the dead birdie." The blonde looks up and says, "Where?"

And finally,

A fish swam into a wall and said, "dam."

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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(continued from part three)

Miss Kitty Marshall’s little house of pleasure is located on the road into town, not far from Jim’s place and almost opposite Pastor John’s church. To call it “little” is something of misnomer because it is a former plantation house and one of the largest buildings in town.

Visitors to Hicksville are often surprised that a business like a cathouse, even a high class example like Miss Kitty’s, is allowed to continue in operation at all being, as it is, in such close proximity to a house of The Lord. However, it so happens that not only are many of her customers devout members of Pastor John’s congregation but many of them are leading lights on the Town Council as well. That being the case, any minor violations of local bylaws, complaints on the grounds of improper behaviour or even alleged planning infringements, have a tendency to get overlooked.

On Friday afternoon, Jim pays a visit to Miss Kitty. They are old friends who enjoy each others company, frequently socialising together for a friendly game of gin rummy. He is by no means one of her paying customers, but he does sometimes turn to her for advice or assistance and he often puts business her way whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Friday afternoons are normally fairly quiet at Miss Kitty’s, and therefore many of the girls are out on the veranda sunning themselves when Jim arrives. He is greeted by Miss Kitty herself, who is so pleased to see him that she hugs him fit to burst.

“Jimbo!” she exclaims. “What a nice surprise! I was only thinking the other day on how it was about time you paid me another visit. Have you come for a game of gin rummy?”

“Well no, unfortunately I ain’t got time for no game of cards today Miss Kitty.” says Jim apologetically. “I am looking for a small favour in fact. I have promised to give two of the most cultured ladies in our little community a course of correctional therapy but, to tell the truth, it has been a while since I have done that kind of thing and I’m a bit rusty. Normally I wouldn’t worry none, but seeing as how it is Pastor John and Judge Beauregard’s wives who is my clients on this occasion, I want to do a first class job and not be disappointing them. I was wondering if I might be able to borrow a couple of your girls for a bit of whipping practice, in order to sharpen up my performance as it were.”

“Well I can’t spare any of my regular girls Jim. It’s the weekend for one thing and it’s our busiest time. Not only that, but I am going to be extra busy this time round. Coach Fairburn is bringing the whole of the Rednecks football team in as a reward for winning the game last Saturday. I have even had to draft in some girls from my other house over in Snake Creek to cope with the demand. I sure as hell hope the Rednecks keep a-winning from now on. I am going to make a shedload of money if they do!

“I will tell you what I can do though: I got a couple of Mexican illegals holed up in here. They slipped under the fence down in El Paso a few months ago and I didn’t have the heart to send them back. I got them working as maids on account that Hispanics ain’t really in high demand at present, not now that the orange-picking season is over and the itinerant workers have moved on. You can practise on them with pleasure, provided that you don’t cut them up too much.

All I ask is you promise faithfully to steer clear of their pussies, just in case they are needed at short notice. I heard tell that one of Redneck’s line backers has a bit of an apetite! To be honest, they ain’t much good as maids. They is bone idle, and a good whipping might get them moving round a bit faster. You might even be doing me a big favour.”

“Why Miss Kitty that sounds ideal.” enthuses Jim. “Tell you what, I will just go and fetch my bullwhip from the truck and I will be right back!”

“Okay Jim. I will go and get the girls.”

Jim fetches the whip and in due course he has the Mexican maids stripped down to the big white frilly panties that they wear, and has them tied up by their wrists to the car port down at the bottom of Miss Kitty’s garden, where they won’t be disturbing the other guests too much.

It takes Jim a while to get them to understand what he wants, because he don’t speak no Spanish, and they don’t appear to speak any English. He finally establishes that the shorter, plumper one with the long dark hair is called Maria and the slightly taller one with dark nipples and reddish hair is named Carmen. Neither of them appears to be particularly happy about being tied up, especially when they catch sight of Jim’s whip! An argument ensues, but when Miss Kitty comes down to sort out the dispute and waves a long carving knife under their noses, they both decide that the best option is probably to play along.

Well, once the formalities are out of the way, Jim sets to work on the ladies and pretty soon each of them has a nice set of bright red stripes running from the waistband of their panties, right up to the shoulder blades, not to mention a few down the backs of their thighs which he puts in for a bit of fun. He soon finds his rhythm and is delighted to discover that the old knack has not gone away. In fact, it is very much like riding a bicycle: you never completely forget how to do it and, although it can be a bit wobbly when you start up again, the old skill soon returns.

A few of Miss Kitty’s other ladies come down to watch out of curiosity, and they are tickled pink to see the young Mexicans dancing around and screaming and yelling out a load of Spanish words that Jim does not understand. He thinks he catches the words “madre” and “gringo” which he vaguely recognises as “mother” and American”, but he hasn’t any real idea what they are saying. This is probably just as well for them, because what they are suggesting is that not only is he the illegitimate offspring of a canine mother, but he also inclines towards carnal relationship with her.

Well the girls get about forty lashes apiece before the skin begins to split open, by which time Jim’s confidence is running sky high. They are still jabbering away in Spanish and giving him nasty looks, but they quieten down considerably when he sticks a twenty dollar bill each into the waistbands of their panties. This inadvertently causes a small incident because it turns out that twenty is a lot more than Miss Kitty normally pays them, and she politely requests that Jim not be quite so generous next time on account that it sets a bad precedent.

“Why I most profusely apologise Miss Kitty.” says Jim, “And please rest assured I shall consult with you next time before I even contemplate doing such a thing again. I am truly sorry.”

“Why that is alright Jim,” replies Miss Kitty. “You were not to know, and you made the gesture in a spirit of munificence and good faith. Please think nothing more of it. Do not bother cutting the girls down because I wish to have a word with them in private.”

“Why certainly Miss Kitty, and I am much obliged for your assistance in this matter. May I see you on Tuesday evening for a sociable game of cards?”

“Why indeed you may Jim. I shall look forward to that with pleasure.”

With the good relations between him and Miss Kitty restored, Jim bids adieu, bows gallantly and sets off for home.

Miss Kitty watches him leave, smiling and shaking her head in admiration. What a polite guy and a true gentleman!

When Jim has disappeared from view, she glares malevolently at the two maids, goes inside the house and returns a couple of minutes later with a horsewhip in her hand. She then proceeds to give them another twenty lashes each for having been extremely disrespectful to her friend.

It turns out that, unlike Jim, Miss Kitty speaks fluent Spanish!

(to be continued)

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Tomorrow, November 8th, marks the 19th anniversary of the death of Daniel Monte McLain, better known as drummer/vocalist Country Dick Montana of the Beat Farmers. In true rock-and-roll fashion, Dick died onstage, three songs into his set at a club in Whistler, BC.

Dick was probably best known for the tune "Happy Boy" which was frequently featured on the Dr. Demento radio program.

This cover of Neil Young's "Roll Another Number (For The Road)" captures Dick and the Beat Farmers at their best. RIP, Dick - you're sorely missed.

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By the way, if you are in Sicily, obviously let me know :)

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Hello all,

I was wondering why more spanking models / amateurs are not on Cam Sites. As far as I know there is only one, Amber Dawn.

You can find her at MFC's at

Or Streamate at

Personally I would love to see many of the gorgeous spanking models on Spanking Tube and other sites performing either along or with another girl on Cams Sites. I know I would pay for that.

I have looked at Live Jasmin, My Free Cams, and Streamate and only found one true spanking models so far. Has anyone else found any?

Also what are your thoughts about Spanking Models performing on Cam sites?



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Hi Old Friends!
I am out in Sicily and this is the first time I've come on here since then. Been here a month and a half now. It's a challenge, and it's different, and I need to learn a lot more Italian to get by, because it's hard without it and impossible to make friends. But the job's going ok, sometimes it's a bit boring and sometimes I don't like it, but it could be worse. Early days eh. Things were a struggle at first but my housemate (who I work with) has also found the same. We're supporting each other.

So the first time I've missed spankings in ages cos this week past I've done two very stupid things that deserve pretty much a paddling and a half. Some might even say the cane. But I'm not going to look for a spanker here because the communication barrier is too great, plus although the men are all stunning (not all. most. some. a few) they also have some strange attitudes/ideas about women so far in my experience. It's safer to stay safe.

So that brings me on to spanking offence no 1, where I had too much to drink (swear the shots are stronger), went off with random (but cute) sicilian guy and ended up leaving my phone in his car. Luckily for me he is a nice guy and contacted me so I can get it back soon. But I know my spanker has racked this one up for when we next meet and I know I need a red bottom for my irresponsible behaviour.

Next, today it is pouring down and I haven't been able to get the right footwear or umbrella - i've been ill - and I ended up getting soaked cos the roads flooded. So that was foolish and like I couldn't look after myself at my age. Spanking Offence no 2. I'm racking them up and I am seriously worried about the state of my bottom now when I next see Nich_spankbest1. Oops. Going to be one very sore little madam across his knee.

So I am glad to see you all again, Old Jim, the lovely Kissie having fun on the rides :))) and the fabulous videos from RSN, always sincerely delivered, would love a strapping from him.

Love to you all. I won't be on often but will drop in and say ciao sometimes. xxx

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So I've had a account on a couple other spanking sites,some longer than I've been on spankingtube, and so one of those other accounts I forgot my login information so I made a new account on that site.... Well I guess since I have a new account, they notified others near by of my new account and I guess my mentor got a notification too,well he sent me a email with the forward notification email he got, and told me I'm in big trouble,

Now I don't see this as a fair punishment, because he new of my other accounts, also if didn't like the other site he shouldn't have a account on it as well, so am I wrong to believe that I shouldn't be in trouble for this?

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Who wants to add me as a friend and share their Springfield? I still need 2 more to complete the "I choo choo choose you" task but obviously, the more, the merrier. My handle is CSN327 :)

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(continued from parts one and two)

So Miss Emma-Lou gets to work, and pretty soon she has Jim’s turbines running on maximum revolutions. In hardly any time at all, the steam is a-gushing from his boiler like a locomotive with its regulator wide open.

Jim didn’t know how much of this was down to Emma-Lou’s own craftsmanship, or how much she might have gotten it from her momma, but he was pretty sure that either of them could have held down a firing job on the Central and Orange Railroad, before they switched over to the big diesels that is.

“Mercy me!” says Jim when, (continuing in railroad parlance), they had reached the end of the line. “That was one hell of a ride Darlin'. I think I need to go on to the coaling stage before we try that again.”

“Why I am so glad you liked it Jim.” beams Emma-Lou. “But to tell you truthfully, yours is a fine free-steaming engine to drive. I have to go soon though, so I am afraid that we have reached the terminus for today!”

With that she gets off of the bunk, cleans off most of the afternoon's overspray, and starts putting her clothes back on.

“I truly hope I ain’t made you too tired to do your business on Sunday!” she says apologetically. “I wouldn’t want you to be disappointing those nice refined ladies that is a-coming round to visit you.”

“Do not worry yourself Miss Emma-Lou; there ain’t no fear of that. I am most eagerly looking forward to entertaining them and I will be all fired up again by then and ready to roll. The only thing that bothers me somewhat is that I haven’t done that kind of “presentation” for a while now and my technique may be a little rusty.”

“Technique?” enquires Emma-Lou. “Why, is it not just a case of stringing them up, bawling them out and then applying the bullwhip firmly to their naked backs then?”

“Hell no Emma-Lou!” replies Jim, horrified at such a suggestion. “These is refined ladies we is talking about; not the Sidewinders’ cheerleading team. I gotta handle this matter with a great deal of tact and diplomacy. One cannot just whip them willy-nilly and risk cutting their backs open. I am a disciplinarian - not a barbarian. Their husbands would be very disappointed in me if I did that, them having placed their trust in me and all.

"No, what I need is some practice so that I can make the salient points firmly and unambiguously, without rendering the ladies unfit to do their housework and chores afterwards. I don’t suppose you know of any girls whom I could practice on for a bit, just to get my hand in again? I would ask Miss Daisy, but I ain’t heard from her for a few days and she wont go near my shed anyways; not since she got shut in there with Lizzie.

“Speaking of which, come to think of it - I ain’t seen Lizzie around lately either?”

“Oh she has been hauled back to the nature reserve.” says Emma-Lou, “On account of making a pest of herself.
A bunch of the gals was skinny dipping down in the lake and one of them felt something nibbling at her pussy. She thought it was one of the other girls at first, but when she looked down and saw that it was an alligator, she almost fainted. A couple of the girls shit themselves good and proper and called the wardens. The last time Lizzie was seen she was lying heavily sedated in the back of a truck and heading back to the nature reserve. They probably got her in solitary right now.”

“Oh well," says Jim, "She will no doubt be back at some time. Even Alcatraz would have trouble holding her indefinitely. Anyhow, this doesn’t solve my whipping-practice problem.”

“Well, you could have a word with Miss Kitty.” suggests Emma-Lou. “She might be able to spare someone. You can only ask.”

“Indeed so.” says Jim. “In fact I shall take myself down there tomorrow afternoon and make enquiries. Thank you most kindly for your company here today and here is the merchandise I promised you. Shall I be seeing you at Misty’s barbeque on Sunday evening?”

“Ah, alas no! Fortunately I have a client to see, but please give Misty my fondest regards.”

“I will indeed Miss Emma-Lou. Would you like me to save you some of Miss Ciggy’s sausages?”

(to be continued)

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