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So. I met my sub today for some spanking fun.

I've had to be a fast learner as she has been getting spanked on and off for a very long time and is very experienced. I, on the other hand, have always liked spanking. But it turns out I've never really practiced it properly. Until now.

With the help of my sub (she's mostly sub in the bedroom) and the video clips on spankingtube I've came a long way in s matter of weeks.

I've learnt about warm up spanking. Sensual, punishment and maintenence spanking. And everything else in between.

Our last 2 meets have had to be public and very quick affairs which only added to the meets. There's a lot to be said for outdoor spanking. Lol.

Anyway. Today was very productive. Lovely long spanking session. Some sensual. But mostly our favourite punishment! I used a number of implements ranging from a riding crop and straps to handcuffs and my own belt. This was a particular favourite of mine as I received the kind of reaction I was looking for. Whimpering. Shaking. Nervous when she could tell I was drawing back to thrash her again.

Both fully satisfied after the lengthy session.

Only 2 weeks to wait for her next punishment

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I'm thinking about filming with my wife some this weekend.
any suggestions or requests?

Spanked Coeds
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my Sir is in another state .... in the USA far away if i was bad i would just have to self punish.. ( witch may be stupid to say but isn't so bad)as i have said before self spanking. is easier to take then being spanked by him.. or being lectured by him . and that (DADDY look ) i cant see if he is far away .. not not being mouthy just stating a fact is all...smiling only rule i have to go by while he is away is no playing with self or with toys. so it should be easy unless i watch porn. or spanking videos then i will be in trouble

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Switch-A-Roonie Pt 8

Q The Disciplinarian & Kristen's Double Jeopardy

Kristen groaned at this indignity as she moved closer to the railing. She knew that once she was back in her own body the captain would also be walking around with a frightfully sore sitter, maybe she'd be able to get the EMH to give her an anylgesic to ease her discomfort for the next few days. She on the other hand may not be so lucky. She moved closer to the railing resting her arms on the top of it.
Q studied her posture and motioned for her to take a few steps back with her feet about 4 inches apart. He took a few steps back and admired the curvature of the captains perfectly round behind. 'like the twin moons of Rysek 4' He thought as he snapped his fingers producing a thick leather narrow strap. Kristen/captains eyes got as large as saucers as she peered over her shoulder to catch a glimps of the nasty strap in Q's hand. "Uhhhh no no missy, eyes ahead and you keep your position, or we will be doing this all night, understood?" he asked tryin to sound all militant.
Kristen just rolled her eyes and muttered, "Okayyy, just get on with it."
Q stepped slightly to Kristen's side and placed the leather strap to her quivering cheeks. He paused for a moment and said, "I think I've forgotten a step in this discipline ritual, hmmmm now what is it?" He said, looking curiously at her clothed bottom. "I've got it, I think that you have a little bit too much covering your behind, well I can fix that. Now hang on missy you may feel a slight chill on yur nether reagion, don't be alarmed." He sarcastically said as he snapped his fingers and made her trousers disapear, revealing her starfleet issued panties. He left them on knowing that they would offer her little protection against the feirce bite of the strap. Kristen/Captain felt the cold chill against her backside as this waiting was making her figet even more. Q was sensing a slight rush of excitement as he stepped back and raised the strap in the air, this was something new for him to experience and he was beginning to like it. Besides he'd fantisized about this for a long time and now it was actually happening...even though the Captains mind wasn't in her body at the present time, he didn't really care because he had what he really wanted and that was her body and mostly her behind. Q jumped back into reality as Kristen spoke up...
"Q! Are you going to get on with it or just stand there gauking at moms butt...there are people dying on the ship let's get on with this!" She ordered. Q raised an eyebrow and leaned down to meet Kristens gaze..."Uhhh, I don't think you're in any position to be giving me orders Ma'dam Missy. You've earned this, and just for that disrespectful remark im removing ALL dignity you have left." He retorted as he reached for her starfleet issued panties and yanked them down to meet her ankles." His eyes widened with delighted surprize as he gazed at this marvelous sight in front of him. He then thought as a grin formed across his lips. 'Gee, always wanted to do that' Kristen sighed nervously at this last indignity, her cheeks quivering with antisipation waiting for the first swatt of the strap. She remembered how it felt when she was younger getting a belting from her dad on old Earth. The silence was erie as she waitied, and before she knew what was happening she felt the first "CRAAAACK" of the strap as it met her unsuspecting bottom. Kristen/Captain jolted forward feeling the burning sting rush to her brain like a thunder clap. Q leaned in closer to examine the feirce red mark forming on the Captains behind.."Hmmm very interesting what these impliments do to the human flesh."
He stepped back and delivered another barage of swift strokes to her backside watching new red marks appearing after each one. Soon Kristen was wailing and kicking her legs out behind her trying to avoid the onslaught of whacks Q delivered to her behind with the strap, but no matter how much she tried to avoid the swatts Q managed to find his mark every time. After about 50 or so strokes of the strap Q stopped and put it down, he leaned in again to meet Kristen/Captain's gaze. He saw another human responce that he wasn't quite familiar with. Her eyes were red and moist and she had tears cascading down the flushed red cheeks of her face. He softly touched her face, curiously examining the liquid that was now on his finger tips. "I take it by your body language and the look on your face that you're finally learning a true lesson." He said as he straightened up. He wrapped his arm around Kristen/Captains waist holding her securly against his thigh, raising his hand in the air and began smacking her reddened strapped backside with a volley of swift sharp smacks until her behind looked like a patch of red ripened strawberries. Kristen/Captain squirmed for all it was worth wailing and promising to never act up again as all well punished girls did when they were getting the spanking they so richly deserved. Q stopped and slowly dragged his open hand down Kristen/Janeways bottom, he could feel the immense heat radiating from her well punished behind.
He allowed her to stand as she reached back to rub the horrid burning sting away.
"Uhhh... Uhhhh Ma'am missy, noooo rubbing allowed. No sence in being punished if you're just going to rub the sting away. Hands in front." He ordered. She bent down and quickly pulled her starfleet issued panties back up and looked at Q who had set himself back down on the couch.
"Ok, class dismissed, and as I promised....a deal's a deal. But I really hope you've learned something from this lesson missy, otherwise I'll be forced to make a return visit, and next time it will be a lot worse then what you just got now. Remember I'm a quick study. Think about that." He said as his stern look seemed to go right through her.

Meanwhile on the Bridge...
The Vidians managed to invade Voyager. They'd knocked out their sheilds and beamed directly onto the bridge...there were many casualties, but luckily no deaths. As the commander of the Vidian Brigade was about to fire on Tuvok they all disapeared in a blink of light. The Voyager officers all looked to each other, Chakotays adrenaline was pumping wildly through his body as he took his seat. "I want a deck by deck scan of the ship and statis report! I want to make sure there's not a single Vidian left on the ship Tuvok." The Vulcan security officer nodded as he carried out the commanders orders.

To Be Continued....

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I have pulled the videos I had on here down while I decide what to do about our images being used without permission.

I am still uploading videos at Fet - where if people want to steal, at least they have to pay to do so and I have some degree of control over who sees our stuff.

Spanked Coeds
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Looking for some friends in Tx or close to Tx hmu!!!

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Meanwhile in the Captain's ready room Kristen was at the end of her rope as she collapsed down on her sofa, head braced in her hands. She got up and yelled..."Ok Q, you win...I get it, I understand about your responsibility lesson! Just please don't have everyone on this ship killed just because of me...I'll never be a brat again, I swear to you! Just ...please HELP me! I'll do whatever you want! Q show yourself! " She ordered. She was almost in tears at this point. She could hear the comotion going on in the bridge. At that moment Q decided to show himself and seated himself in the captain's chair at her desk.
"So you're finally getting it huh?" He asked.
"Yes...I am, please, you have to stop all this before everyone gets killed. I never wanted all this to happen." She pleaded. Q just looked at her, studying her body language. He then stepped out from behind the desk and leaned into her speaking softly but a bit sterner. "Well.." He began. "You didn't seem to mind having your parents running after you all over Hell's half acre to pull you out of the prediciments you caused, with absolutely no consideration to how it would affect them. You didn't seem to think you had to follow their rules." He stated. "Maybe you thought that just because she was now your new 'Mommmy', that it was just simply her job. Well, I hate to break it to you kiddo, you're NOT the center of the universe...besides, she's not just YOUR mommy...she's the Captain of this rickity barge and has simply elected herself as 'Mommy' to every person on board this ship, not just you." He sat on the sofa, arms crossed.
"Well you should talk, you and your sanctimonious tude. From what I heard from mom and dad, you caused a civil war in the continuum, and not to mention all the other dumbass stunts you pulled on Captain Picard, Commander Riker and the crew of the Enterprize! And for what?! to amuse youself just because you were bored! You even got yourself suspended from the Continuum and lost all your powers for awhile!" She barked.
"Yes, and I to was disciplined for that, and I LEARNED my lesson from it." Q retorted, becoming irritated with her attitude. She just remained silent. Q could see how this was affecting her and thought the lesson was finally registering with her.
"Alright, I will end all this on one condition." He said as he stood up and came over to her. She just looked at him hopefully.
"It just so happens that I was checking up on your dad one evening when he was researching a ...kind of discipline/punishment to administer to you and I found what he was reading to be very intriguing." He said as he brushed his index finger across his chin.
"Well? Asked Kristen desperate for this mess to be over with.
Q then looked at Kristed and sat back down again. " may not like it, but I think he was really on to something, and it may be the best way to teach you a lesson and help you to think about your actions in future."
"I don't care what it is Q just tell me and I'll do it" She yelled impatiently.
A devilish grin formed on Q's face as he continued. "Well answer me this, when you were younger, did your real father ever....well as this is quite new to me and I do want to learn more about this fascinating human ritual, so with that being said, have you ever gotten a good...old fashioned butt scortching spanking!!???"

Kristen's face got a look of horror as she backed away from Q.
"Are you kidding me?" Is this your proposal? to blister my butt? you're not my dad, that's his job if he were to decide that."
Q then said as he looked at her unconcerned. " can either submitt to a butt scortching whuppin orrr...become organ donars for the Vidians, it's your choice bratling" Q tried to hide the grin forming on his face as he watched Kristen pacing back and forth. "Well...let's have an answer before the Vidians show up and from what I'm seeing on the bridge, Team Voyager isn't doing so good out there." He stated, waiting for her answer.
"You know that I'm not even in my body, when this is over it'll be moms butt youve tanned not mine! She won't be happy with you Q or me for that matter." She stated as she released a frustrated sigh.
"Exactly!" He interrupted. "But right now it's your mind in that body and it'll be you who feels every last stinging swatt that is delivered to your hiney...ohh Kathy will get over it in time but you will remember it for ever and that's the whole point i want to make." He said as he stood up. "Call it Double Jeopardy if you want, because when all is said and done and you're back in your own body, you'll most likely be doing this dance again with your Commander daddy. But this is what's going to happen, like it or not, if you want to see your Captain mommy and daddy with their organs intact."
"OKAY! Fine Q, you win! let's just get this over and done with." She groaned at this final indignity as she looked at the eager Q. "But you'd BETTER know what you're doing!
Q's eyes widened with excitement "Ohhh goodie, you can just think of me as being the ships disciplinarian, seeing as daddy is a bit too busy on the bridge at the moment. Ok you've been down this road before, assume the position missy, let's get this done with before there's no behind of yours TO blister."

To Be Continued....

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"Torres to the captain."
Kristen just sat there looking on, sitting in the captain’s chair. Her mind on other matters.
Chakotay looked at Kristen. "That’s you." He whispered.
Harry looked at Tom and then at Tuvok...with concern.
"Captain please respond.” Torres tried again.
"Captain.” Chakotay said, "Don't you think you'd better respond? It could be important."
"Yes Lt," replied Kristen uncertain.
"Look captain, the anti-matter containment feild is destablizing, I'm trying to correct it, but everytime i do, nothing seems to help. Seems the plasma injectors are way out of elignment as well, the inner core is heating up too fast captain, it's already up to 2500 kelvins and still rising. If this continues we'll be looking at a core breech!" Torres yelled over the comotion in engineering.
The look on Kristen's face changed from one of uncertainty to one of sheer horror.
Kristen slapped her head with her hand and looked worriedly at her first officer. “Now what do I do? Da...I mean commander. I haven't got a clue what to do! We’re going to die...thanks a lot Q pain in the a..."
“Captain...compose yourself." Chakotay said as he grabbed her arm trying to calm her down so she could think straight.
'Ok' thought Kristen, 'I can do this.'
"Lt.; do what you need to do, just get the warp core back online as soon as you can and evacuate deck 11 until it's safe!" She let out a breath as Chakotay nodded in approval.
“Yes Ma'am, I’ll keep you informed of any further changes, Torres out.”
Kristen leaned over to Chakotay..."I don't think I can do this anymore commander...My head is pounding and my stomach is doing back flips...and we still have another six hours until this nightmare is over." Just then the doc hailed the bridge
"Sickbay to the captain."
Kristen rolled her eyes. “Yes doctor what is it?"
"Captain, Kristen has just been injured in the holodeck but she can not be beamed to sickbay."
"I've just received a hail from her, I don't know the extent of her injuries because the holodeck seems to be one can get in there, and she can't get out. The safeties have been taken offline and according to her she's in bad shape. I can't beam into the holodeck because the targeting scanners are malfuncioning, the transporters are also offline. What do you suggest we do?"
Chakotay jumped to his feet at the news. "We'll be right there!" He said as he grabbed Kristen's arm and led her to the turbo lift.
“Tuvok you have the bridge...send a team to fix the holodeck grid malfunction and reroute all necessary power to the secondary backup grid. I don't care if you have to blast the door down just get a team down there and get her out of there." He said as he headed to the turbo lift with Kristen/Captain. "Deck six!" he barked.
Chakotay was impressed. Kristen had kept her head this time.
The doors opened and Kristen and Chakotay emerged from the turbo lift. Kristen made straight for the holodeck where there was already a crew working on getting it fixed.
"Report!" She said to the nearest crewman.
"We're trying to access the manual over ride command codes but they're not responding captain." The crewman replied. Just then she grabbed a phaser and shouted "Stand back!" As she pointed it at the control panel and fired.
The team jumped. This wasn't quite like the captain. She was forward, but not usually like this.
All of a sudden there was a small explosion in the control panel as the doors hissed open enough for Kristen to wedge herself in between the two doors. Two more crewmen rushed to her aid as they pried the doors further apart.
Chakotay put his hand on her arm. "Be careful." He said, realizing she was the only one that could go after the real captain.
She nodded to Chakotay, and disapeared inside....he waited with baited breath as the next few minutes seemed like an eternity. Finally he saw Kristen emerging from the holodeck choking from the smoke...and singed around the edges holding the real captain in her arms coughing frantically. Once outside the team resealed the doors and transported the captain and Kristen to the sickbay.
"Medical Emergency, transport the Captain and Kristen to sickbay!" Ordered the commander.
Meanwhile on the bridge...
"Has anyone noticed anything strange about the Captain?" asked Ensign Kim.
Tuvok turned to face him, but said nothing.
"I know what you mean Harry," replied Tom, as he turned in his chair to look at Commander Tuvok. “Is there something going on with the Captain and Chakotay that you failed to tell us Tuvok? Maybe you'd like to shed some light on the situation?" He said, glancing at the silent Vulcan. As Tuvok continued working at his console he replied in his cool unemotional voice...
“I have nothing to say at this time Leutenant Paris. However, it is illogical to assume that there is anything wrong with the captain just because she decided to have a cup of apple spice tea instead of her usual cup of coffee."
"That's just the start of it Tuvok!" exclaimed Tom. "Haven't you noticed how she checks everything with Commander Chakotay first? She didn't even respond when B'Elanna told her about the warp core. Something is going on, and I really think we should know about it."
“Lieutenant Paris" Tuvok enterupted, "If and when the captain and the commander feel that the crew is in any danger or should know about any arising problems, then I am sure that they will inform us. Until that time, it is useless to sit around making up scenarios when we should be carrying out her orders. Have you been able to re-align the secondary backup grids as the captain asked Lieutenant? I think that should be your main concern at this time.” The Vulcan said without any expression.
Harry looked on in disbelief. "But..."
"That's enough Ensign." Interrupted Tuvok as Chakotay entered the bridge.
"What's enough?" He enquired as he took his seat. It had been a very trying time for the Captain and Chakotay and were doing their best to deal with the situation best way they could given the circumstances.

Four hours had past and all seemed to be going smoothly. Chakotay was still on his guard as the full 24 hours weren't quite over with and had the question at the back of his mind of what Q would be throwing in their path next. Kristen just sat quietly at the commanders side keeping her eye on him and the captain who seemed lost in thought.
"Captain, Long range sensors are detecting a vessel off the port side, range is about 3.5 light years. They're heavily armed." Stated Tuvok
"Hail them." Responded Chakotay. Tuvok gave a look to Chakotay and hailed the vessle. "They are not responding, they are powering up weapons and sheilds, time to intercept, 15 minutes, 30 seconds." Tuvok replied. The captain just looked at Chakotay, a look of terror on her face as she jumped up from her seat and retreated to her ready room with no notice to anyone.
"Tom, get us as far ahead of that ship as you can." Chakotay ordered.
"Ship is operating on back up thrusters only commander, I can give you 1/4 impulse power only" Tom replied.
"I'll take it, just get us out of here best way you can." The commander ordered.
"Bridge to Engineering, have you repaired the warp core yet, we really need to get out of here and soon!" Chakotay was beginning to feel the pressure mounting as he paced back and forth on the bridge.
"Commander, I have completed the long range scans on the persuing vessle, it appears to be... Vidian." Chakotay went into panic mode but kept his cool for the crews sake. "Red Alert, sheilds up!" He shouted. "B'Elanna, statis report!"
"I don't have the anti- matter injectors aligned yet, we're looking at another 30 minutes at most." Replied the head engineer.
"Well try and get it done sooner, I don't think we have 30 minutes to spare!" The commander ordered.
"I'm doing my best commander, i'll keep you informed. Torres out!" Before they knew it they had the Vidian ships almost on top of them.
Chakotay asked the statis of their weapons and sheilds. Tuvok regretfully replied..."Phasers are offline, aft torpedo bays are inoperable and sheilds are down to 57%" Tuvok stated. Well there was no way they were going to be donating any body organs today, not if the commander had anything to say about it.

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Dylan waited right outside for Tempest, to leave the Council room. He worried she'd be angry at how hard he'd punished her. He knew that he had to make a good showing for the Council, if they were to respect him. He also knew that, no matter how he felt about her, he had to be firm, right from the start. It was better to be consistently strong, than to waffle back and forth. He wanted, very much, to make her happy, but he was ready to be the leader of his household. He could not do that, while being soft and malleable. Still her hoped she understood, that it was not out of cruelty.

Tempest, walked gingerly, from the room. She followed the others, outside to the picnic. All she wanted was to fall into Dylan's arms. They had gotten through it, together. They would get their approval, she was sure, to court and marry. He had shown everyone, that he was truly a King. She admired his strength, as well as his good looks and fine physique. But right now, her ass was burning up! He could feel her skin getting tighter, as the tissue beneath it, swelled. She was proud of herself. She had made the grade, and conducted herself, with dignity. She exited the back of the Lodge, and saw the beautiful picnic that awaited them. There were fresh flowers everywhere and all sorts of tents and sitting areas. She spotted the red cross on the side of one. That's where she needed to go. She continued down the steps, and suddenly Dylan was there.

The tears, that were trickling down her face, suddenly stopped. Her face brightened, and a smile played at her lips. Dylan wrapped his arms around her and she let herself lean into him.

"Oh, Tempest, are your alright? I'm sorry I had to be so hard on you. I am very, very proud of you. You submitted so, gracefully. Yours, was the most beautifuly colored behind there! You are the fairest, of all the princesses. Let's get you to Dr. Nathan, and get your bottom, looked after."

Dylan hugged her and then scooped her up, into his arms. He kissed her pretty face, and told her how much he wanted her, as he walked, carrying his princess to the first aid tent. The tent was separated into little compartments, by standing, curtained dividers. A nurse showed Dylan and Tempest into a room. There was a paper covered, padded table and a chair in the corner. Dylan wasn't sure where he should go, but decided he'd sit on the table and prop her bottom across his lap. He sat down and pulled her up into his lap. He scooted back, so that her head and legs were up, on the table. He lifted her full skirts, and tucked then around her. He saw the bruises all around her white lacy panties. They were very dark purple and nearly black and blue. He, slowly, pulled her underwear down to her knees. He was happy to have his hand, back on her hot bottom.
It was VERY warm and welted! He could feel the blisters, as his fingertips fondled the bumps on her skin. It told the story of her ordeal, but he knew it would have a happy ending.

Tempest whined and purred, at the pain and the pleasure of his gentle touch. He, softly, stroked her thighs and let his fingers wander briefly, between her legs.
They could hear the Dr. beginning a session next door, so they had a few minutes of relative privacy. Dylan felt the moistness of her petals. He knew he shouldn't, but she had been so very good. He slid his hand through her lady lips, and found them very wet. The sweetest sounds escaped her mouth. Her lovely, round, rump cheeks and thighs wiggled on his lap, as he discovered her clitoris​. It took only the slightest touch, to affect her. His fingertips danced, fleetingly, around it. He tried to push herself, into his finger. He slapped her cheek, and cautioned her.

"You just open yourself to me, and I will do the rest." Dylan scolded.

Tempest felt her breath, getting shorter, her heart beating faster. He tapped her hardening button, flicking it back and forth. She felt so wet. She arched her back, and he could see all her treasures. The skin in divide of her ass cheeks and between her legs was the only unbruised area on his lap.

"Oh, Dylan!", she whispered, "What are your doing to me?!"

"Shush, Tempest, just feel my touch." He began to rub her clit, with a circular motion. She began squirming, on his lap, and he was getting harder, by the moment. He rubbed her a little harder, and she climaxed, in breathless sighs of ecstacy, glancing back at him. She undulated and pressed against his hard cock, as she finished, with a long throaty moan. It was devine!
He longed to take her. To spread her legs and dive between them, but those gifts, were not for today. He had pushed his boundaries, already. He withdrew his hand, and licked his fingers. Her honey was intoxicating. He wanted to drink it in, and lick it from her well.
She continued to purr, but Dylan heard the Dr. finishing up with his patient. He slapped her butt sharply, but playfully.

"Behave yourself, Kitten, the Dr, is coming."

Tempest, looked back again, at Dylan, her tongue, licking her lips. He spanked her a little harder, but she didn't seem to mind. Her eyes sparkled and danced, and a devilish smile, showed him that she wanted him as badly, as he wanted her.
He thought this had better be a short engagement, or he'd would, surely, lose his mind!!

Dr. Nathan entered their cubby, and they both giggled like naughty children. The Dr. winked at Dylan, remembering what it was like to be with the princess of your dreams. "Well, what a colorful bottom!", he said, turning on his light to examine her. He snapped on a pair of rubber gloves, and searched her skin for any defects. A few blisters had broken, and there was a little cut below her left cheek. He carefully treated each area and then applied some cream, which he let Dylan rub in.
"Now kids, it doesn't have to be today, but she will need a rectal exam, to be accepted by the Council. It is usually conducted, when they are considering your match, but as she is not one of the club daughters, I think we could do it privately here, or at my office, and I can forward the report. It will only take a few minutes but it will be a bit uncomfortable. Dylan you should also learn what to feel for. You'll be involved in her training, and you have to be careful, not to injure her.

Dylan said, "I think we should do it, now, Tempest. If the old men get a chance, they'll insist, we do it in front of them."

"I'm scared, Dylan! What will my Mother say!"

"I'm right here with you, Tempest, and your Mother must know, it needs to be done."

"Alright then, Dylan. If you think so."

"Yes, Dr., Let's get it done."

Nathan told Dylan to hold her cheeks apart. Dylan used one hand on each side to expose her fully. The Dr. squeezed out some ointment on her puckered, little pink rosebud. Dylan was riveted, as the Dr. rolled his finger, in the jelly, greasing it up, well. " Okay, Dylan, we want her on up on her knees, shoulders on the table."

"Son, lift her up on her knees. "I am going to insert my finger, slowly, into her bottom. I have to get it by, a tight ring of muscles. I want to be sure she's good and tight and there are no abnormalities, so I'll be turning my finger around, inside her and feeling the structures. It's going to hurt, going in. Tempest, when it does, you bear down, and it will go easier. Dylan, you'll be wanting to stretch those muscles, slowly during training."

"Here we go, hold her hand Dylan." He grasped her quivering hand. His dick was so hard, seeing her ass wide open! Dylan watched, as Dr. Nathan's blue, gloved finger, disappeared up her rabbit hole, little by little, as he worked it in. Tempest groaned, but she jutted out her bottom and Nathan's finger went deeper. He added more jelly and rocked back and forth, lubricating her entrance. Then he told Tempest to push down and his finger entered her fully, as she cried, quietly. She squeezed his hand, and Nathan moved around in her.
He even seems satisfied, and pulled out of her.

"Very nice, everything is fine. Dylan put on a glove, I'll add some jelly. I want you to just feel the ring. You have to stretch this carefully. You should be able to get in, because I've just stretched her sphincters, but they will close to tight, again"

Dylan needed no convincing. Never did he think he'd want to finger a girls bottom, but after watching, he was incredibly turned on. He put on the glove, greased up his finger and pushed in. He did feel the ring, but he was able push through it. It was SO tight and hot. He'd never imagined how sensuous this would be. He began imagining, taking her from behind! Oh Tempest, he thought. I can't wait to make you mine, in every way!

Tempest felt Dylan filling her bottom and she closed her eyes, dreaming of the day, they could be together. It didn't hurt nearly as much, as when Dr. Nathan had done it. She felt wet, flushed and full. Dylan thrust his finger in and out... What a naughty boy! Tempest found she didn't mind, at all. She barely noticed her sore bottom, anymore! She felt a little saddened, as he withdrew. She craved him, to fill her... everywhere!

The Dr. used a damp towelette to remove the excess jelly. "You can get up now, dear. You two enjoy the picnic. Come back if you need anything else. Congratulations, he said shaking Dylan's hand. You're a fine young man, with a beautiful girl and a bright future. Best of luck, Tempest, you did your Mother proud!!"

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so want to be a bad girl....sir is away aso csssy is going to play.. no fun being good all the time lets just say ..... so lets see what trouble i can get into.. evil smile ....

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Knocking on her door i looked over the road to see Mr Higson sitting in his front room, eyes glued at her window waiting for the show. She answered dressed in a long pink dressing gown, her hair freshly brushed and her face made up to perfection.
"Come in Sir" she said softly, i followed her into the consulting room and the dining room chair was in the middle. Sitting on it and just gazing at her she slipped off the gown, i was not disappointed.
Clad in a black see through bra, black knickers,black suspender belt and black seemed stockings she posed with hands on hips. Giving me a twirl i saw it was a thong she wore, showing her backside off a treat
"Stunning, i think Mr Higson approves as well" i said glancing outside. Sure enough there he was with binoculars ready.
"Im all yours Sir" she replied playfully.
"Well Sue im going to do something different today, i want you to fetch something for me to tan your bottom with"
With a thoughtful look she left the room and returned shortly with her hairbrush, She was biting her bottom lip as she handed it to me. A wooden hairbrush oval in shape and looking fairly new.
"I bought this two days ago, i got home and tried it on myself a couple of times, really stung, my poor botty tingled for ages"
I stood and positioned her so her hands were on the chair and sticking her thong covered rear out as far as she could. Tapping her right cheek and watching her bottom clench i brought it down, she yelped as the red mark appeared straight away. Giving her no time to think i brought it down on the other cheek. She stamped her feet to try to take the sting away. Placing my left hand on the small of her back my right hand wielding the brush i smacked another six times on each cheek.
"Fuck fuck fucking fuck" she yelled out angrily.
"Susan watch your mouth,do not swear its not nice from a lady" i scolded
"My Fucking arse stings, what do you expect moron"
With that i wrenched down her thong and removed them completely, I smacked her thighs with my hand, a good hard twelve slaps on her legs had her crying.
"You nasty girl, how dare you, you will be sorry for that" I growled.
"Sir, oh sir im so sorry" she sobbed
I carried on with the hairbrush, her bottom was trying to avoid the slaps. Mr Higson was holding the binoculars with one hand, his other hand was groping himself daft.I had her stand and spun her around taking her in my arms. She put her arms around my neck, my hands slipped down to her chastised rump. She flinched but soon relaxed as i gently massaged. Her breath was getting heavier as my hand explored, her legs parting making it easier for me.
"Sir i was so rude to you, may i make it up to you so you will forgive me?" she whispered.
" You may, but you must be punished first, i noticed you have a lovely willow tree by the side of your house, What i want you to do is cut a good switch" I replied
"Yes Sir, i will do that now"
She started to put on her dressing gown but i took it away from her, she looked pleadingly at me.
"If you are quick no one will see, Well Mr Higson will" i laughed
She fetched a pair of heavy duty scissors from the kitchen and ran out of the door to the side. Mr Higson nearly passed out. Coming back out of breath she was clutching a switch roughly twenty inches long.
"Good girl, do you still want to please me?" i asked stroking her arms
She simply nodded and sunk to her knees, releasing my manhood with one manicured hand, massaging. Her mouth closing in.
After a very nice interlude, she stood and picked up the switch.
"Im ready now Sir" she said, with her sleepy hazel eyes locked onto mine i was tempted to forget the switch and take her there and then. She will be satisfied after i made my self wait.
"Right, bend over and grab your ankles" i commanded.......To be continued.

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Tempest, now, wished she had not insisted on participating in the event. Although, she truly wanted to make Dylan and her Mother proud, her bottom hurt, badly. She knew she had very little time to recover, before the bell sounded again, and Dylan would be hitting her hard, with some kind of implement, for two minutes straight. Now, it didn't sound like a long time. When you were over a gentleman's knee, you were often scolded, and spanked. But, in between you were usually given rests, while they rubbed your behind. This was like a race! Dylan would hit her, as many times, as he could. He would not be stopping, for anything, until the timer rang, to signal the end.

This morning, he had spanked and paddled her, on her bare cheeks, making her bottom very hot, very red and very sore. It was difficult, but she was very excited to just be with him. It was very romantic. It wasn't until afterwards, that she learned, if she didn't participate, Dylan would be punishing another girl. She just could not let THAT happen. The three strikes of the Dragon Cane were extremely painful. She could still feel exactly where the stick had landed, on her bum and on her legs. It was quickly followed by a hand spanking, that was a hundred times harder and faster, than she thought possible! Now, her thighs and hind end were boiling hot. She knew she must be blistered and bruised. It felt like she'd had the hiding of her life and there was, still, the final two minutes to endure!

She was crying already, as were, all the girls. Their young bottoms were burning, from the hands of their young, strong and enthusiastic princes. They must get through the next part of the challenge, somehow. Emily, who had been so carefully trained by her Mother, had been staying at the mansion, building up her endurance, for the event. Even she, had tears in her eyes, though she was maintaining better, than most. Tempest had never been spanked, before today. Her bottom was as soft and delicate, as a child's. Now it was beaten and battered. Little Scarlett was just, flat out, bawling, just like most of the young ladies.

James asked that the clock be set. He called the room to order. Everyone was excited, to watch the boys take their final plunge into the challenge. They would be spanking the girls, with their instrument of choice. The young princes held paddles, and all manner of leather. They held crops, and brushes, all at the ready, poised to begin thrashing their darlings' red bottoms.

Dylan had chosen the bath brush. He had been so taken with the idea of it, ever since Janie's punishment, in the bathroom with Evan. He'd been fantasizing of using it to smack a girls tush, ever since. He wasn't going to pass up the chance. Anyways, a strap was too hard to control, and he'd already used a regular paddle. So, this was his perfect choice. He wouldn't chance a crop or cane. It would be to easy to break the skin, and he wa not going to invite his Father's wrath.

"Young ladies.... Ready yourselves, the final round will begin very shortly. Boys, when the bell rings, you may start. Are you ready?"

The boys cheered, the clock chimed, and the strapping, the whacking, and the paddling began!! Dylan had a firm hold of the bath brush, by its long handle. He hit her so fast and so hard, that the brush was a blur. He could hear her cry, as it smacked. It made her cheeks reverberate, with each impact. He watched her bottom and thighs, grow darker and darker, as he went up and down each side, and back again. His jaw was set and he was determined to make it count! As he brought the thick oval of hard wood down, he said in his mind, "You are mine! You are mine! I will spank this bottom. It belongs to me. You belong to me! " He heard her wailing and gasping, but he would not relent. This was her price to pay. He'd paid his! This was his prize, and he'd claim it, with every thump of the brush.

Tempest could barely react to any one smack. The blows were wicked and furious, she fought for breath. Tears flooded her eyes, until she could not see. He was merciless, as he pounded the brush, against her bottom. She had no dignity left, she cried out, without shame. She was resigned to. Acceptance seemed to make it a tiny bit easier. This two minutes, had taken her from girl to woman. She thought, as she bent to his will, "I submit to you. I'll love you and honor you, though it will not be easy and at times, it will hurt me, terribly. I will be yours!"

The bell sounded, and the room erupted with the sound of celebration. They had taken their first plunge, in the presence of their brothers. The implements were collected, and the boys stood back, to proudly display, the well punished bottoms. It was then, that Dylan really saw that Tempest had not a red behind, but a purple and blue one. The Council cheered!!

Robert stood nervously, behind Emily, as James came round. Would he cane him? Bare his bottom, here in front of everyone?! James shook Austin's hand, and them reached out to Robert. He was only too happy to shake hands. James whispered, "It wasn't your fault, she bled, just bad luck." Oh, the relief he felt, knowing he'd passed the test. His heart jumped for Joy!!

James shook Dylan's hand, looking at Tempest's purple hindquarters. You find Dr Nathan for her, as soon as we're done. Congratulations, Son!! He even patted Tempest, on her burning hot bottom, and then snatched back his fingers back, like they had touched fire. "Ouch...Too hot to touch!!! Good girl, Tempest. We're all very proud of you."

James shook hands with the boys, and David, soon, fell in behind him, doing the same. David stopped at the thirteenth girl. Elwood Wilson, had chosen a thin crop to punish Miss Avery Vance, a very poor choice given James very pointed warning. As he turned to see her bottom, it was covered with cuts and blood dripped from multiple breaks in her skin.
"Are you kidding me, Mr. Wilson? Was I not clear, that you were not to draw blood? You knew that choosing this crop would do just that!"

David was now beside him. The two brothers were furious. Elwood came from a very prestigious family. He probably thought they Kings would let him pass. "You stay behind, Elwood."
David called for Dr. Nathan. He wouldn't cane him in front of the crowd. It was his special day, after all. He wouldn't humiliate him if front of everyone, but there would be hell to pay! James and David finished up with the boys.
"Thank you gentleman, you may go to the picnic. Keep an eye out, for your lady. It is up to you, to get her aftercare, and to soothe her. Find her and bring her to first aid area. The Dr will be busy. So get her there and make sure you have her bottom bared and ready for the Dr. You'd had better put her across your knee. Her bottom will be very painful to treat, you may need to hold her down, so it may be treated. That's your job now. Go on now. Get out there!"

The boys left in a wave of chaotic noise. Elwood was left standing, waiting, wordless and ashamed. He'd wanted to be brave by picking the crop. The other boys were too frightened of James. He had thought his name would offer him some protection, but he was wrong! He'd gotten carried away with the crop and she had bled. Her torn and tattered skin, attested to his guilt. Soon he would have to pay the piper.

David had the bench lowered, the girls were, once again, in a normal kneeling position. Attendants pulled their panties up, and their dresses down, except for Avery, who needed Dr Nathan. The girls were all on their feet now, hugging each other and crying. They were given big hankies, to dry their faces. The girls were led away, to find their princes and get aftercare.

When the Council left, only Avery, James, David and Elwood remained . James grabbed a Dragon Cane, as David told Elwood, to pull his pants down and to get on the bench, next to his girl. His bench was raised, and his very white bottom, was sticking out.

Elwood was very nervous, to be receiving the Dragon Cane. James stepped behind him, and found his position, and tapped the cane against his muscular buttocks. James did not hold back, but swung wide, and whistled the cane through the air, cracking it hard, across his bare ass.

"Ouch!" Said Elwood, as the stick caught him. The heat and pain was just beginning, when James swung again and drew a dark purple groove on his legs.

"oooOOOOOWWW!" He exclaimed.

James didn't even pause to tap, he hit him six more times, welting his bottom with stripes. Woody begged him to stop. His voice betrayed his pain. He'd soon be in tears.

David now approached, holding the crop, Elwood had used. James set the clock for two minutes, and David whipped his ass and legs, without stopping, for every second of it. He had indeed drawn blood. Elwood tried not to cry, but it had been a torturous punishment. He regretted terribly, treating Avery that way.

Dr. Nathan arrived and treated them both. Elwood had been punished severely. Now Avery was much calmer. He cleaned the wounds and put Band-Aids on the cuts. Her panties were pulled up and her dress straightened, she was escorted, to the door.

Elwood was then asked to stand and pull up his pants. After a final scolding, and his profuse and sincere apology, he was allowed leave, to attend to his Princess.

The outdoor was a festival of food stands, tables, chairs and tents. There were games and a big blow-up water slide. The younger children were already having a ball. The girls were all standing , with their sore, hot bottoms, awaiting the arrival of their special boy. Soon the next group would be escorted inside, to the bench, and it would begin again.

The girls who had been waiting outside, saw the weeping faces, of the princesses, exiting the Council room. Cold fear, began to prickle in their tummies, and they knew that some trial, was about to befall them.

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Spanked Coeds
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A Birthday spanking
no thank you...
Who wants their bottoms turned
from pink to red then blue!

It's my Birthday,
and that wasn't my choice!
So I can relax and rejoice
knowing mine will stay spotlessly white! And quite right :P

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I received a bare bottom hand and spatula spanking today from my boyfriend. He spanked from the top of my bottom to the crease and upper thighs very hard. I was teasing him about cheating on me and he does not find the subject or the way I tease him funny at all. He does not believe in cheating and takes it very serious when I play about it with him. He lectured me through out most of the spanking expect for the few times that he was focusing on blistering my ass. My ass is still stinging and burning a half and hour later, I got what I deserved and have learned my lesson. Maybe.... Lol. Xoxoxo

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Will be accepting friends soon.

Spanked Coeds
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today snt the day to make cassy mad no not the day .. i may tell y0u off .. FOR REAL... sorry just in one of my moods again... looks down....

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Maybe that’s why I stayed up past my bedtime, was I being a rebellious brat/slut. I don’t know, but I was 15 minutes late turning the TV off.

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