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Hello, SpankingTube members! It's nice to finally find the time to properly introduce myself to this wonderful community. I consider myself a natural-born spanko who also believes that accountability and structure are essential in life.

With that said, I am solely interested in getting to know a lady who knows that she needs discipline and feels that it truly makes her a better person. Nothing brings me greater joy than knowing my guidance and support has helped someone to achieve and reach a better place in life. I welcome all messages from anyone who may be interested. If you wish to add me to your friends list, be sure to send a message prior to doing so.Happy Spankings to all!

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Hello Everbody.

Most of my blogging friends,are taking a break from this site,and for the first time I think I will join them.

We are a little tired of the videos,where it seems the next video must be more violent ,more extreme than the last.
We like the homely videos,invited into to peoples houses to the priviledge of witnessing their life style.

Then we have the extreme studio spankings ,that we do not really want to see.
For we can not identify with it.

All spankings I issue ,I do so with love and affection.In the end knowing she is more satisfied than me.

Blogs, There was a time when these where beautiful ,elequent stories.
Or poems,written with deep thoughts. To be appreiciated
These days they seem to be dealing with subects that are alien to me.
I can not identify with them.I can not find any fun in them.

So I think it is time I take a sabbatical too.

I will not close my profile,and I will check my message inbox every few days,and reply,,to all who wish to contact me. For we are forever friend

So its goodbye for now,I promise to return ( infact never to leave ) ,when the the site returns to normal.
Good Luck To All Friends

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The Private Video Will Be Out Soon

Last night Daila gave me a paddling, and it was harder and longer than any other she has ever given me as I endured more than 205 licks with various wooden implements. The worst part about it is that she filmed it and has made me send it to Spanking Tube for our closest friends to see. If you want to see it when it comes out, you need to get on our friends list quickly. It should post sometime today or tomorrow. She titled it “Inspection Failure.” Before the video actually drops she wants me to sit here and write out all the horrible details of the video so that each of you can comment and humiliate me even more for being such a Bad Boy.

As I had been telling everyone on an earlier blog, I now have to immediately report to Daila and not leave her sight until I have been thoroughly inspected after coming home from work or anywhere that I have been away from the house for more than 15 minutes. Well, as it is a fairly new procedure, Of course, I messed that up yesterday afternoon when returning home from the store. When I got home she was outside working in the yard on the side of the house. I came in and put a few things away that I had brought home and without thinking about it I went ahead and took a shower. When Daila came in from the yard and found that not only had I not reported to her for inspection, I was also showering. This was not only a violation her new rules, it also caused her to have suspicions as to why I was taking a shower...was I possibly washing away evidence of some misdeed? An argument ensued...well...I would not exactly call it an argument, rather Daila got loud and I was given a long thread of admonishment before she finally yanked me out of the shower by my ear and pulled me across the bed soaking wet to receive about 15 swats with the smaller paddle. I would have gotten a lot more right then but she heard our 4 year old approaching the room and stopped suddenly. She warned me right then that after bedtime I would be getting it again, but much more detailed.

(You can see the larger pictures in our photo album "Paddlings")

To make things worse, when I got ready to go to the grocery later in the day, I went to Daila to submit for an inspection before leaving. She had me bend over so that she could shove a butt plug in my ass and then ordered me to fuck her so that she could glaze my cock with her essence before I was allowed to leave. After about 10 minutes of pounding sex she decided that she was going to go ahead and cum, but did not give me permission to orgasm. Now, usually I can handle this situation, because I have been on orgasm control for a little over 4 months now. But this time just before she came she started twisting my nipples. This is my Achilles Heal when it comes to orgasm control and it almost ensures that I cum every time. When Daila wants to torture me in sinister ways, this is what she does. Then of course, I cum and I am spanked severely for it. This time was no different...I did cum...and once again I was sternly lectured and advised that the punishment for this would be added to my inspection failure punishment later that evening. She made me leave for the grocery all covered in our sex and with the butt plug still in. Needless to say it was a very uncomfortable bit of shopping.

Later that night just before bed Daila disappeared for a considerable amount of time. I had been working on the computer and suddenly noticed that she was not watching TV in the other room anymore. I went on and finished what I was doing and just as I was about to get up from my work I heard the bedroom open and close and Daila stomping down the hallway toward me. When she rounded the corner she did not say a word. Instead she grabbed me by my left ear and pulled me from my seat. I knew what she was there for, but she usually at least says something to me. This time she pulled hard on my ear with a very stern look on her face and in an instant we were off toward the bedroom with her pulling me almost completely sideways as she marched me toward our bedroom door. Once at the door she pulled me around in front of her and let loose of my ear. She barked an order for me to open the door and get into position in the chair. This was different than usual, so I knew right away that I was in for something serious.

When I opened the door I could see that she had set up the camera by herself and had already set it to filming. I was not even aware that she knew how to operate the camera in video mode and how to set up a proper shot, but it looked like she had it down like a pro. None the less, I was shocked and mentally unprepared to have my ass beaten on film and especially for this particular infraction. I knew that there would be viewers out there that would not understand that it was simply a mistake on my part. I knew that some might judge me and think that I really was up to no good away from the house. But, I did not get to argue that point. As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, I was ordered to the chair. I could tell by her tone that she was not going to hear any complaints from me about anything.

Before the spanking began she adjusted my position to stick my ass out a lot further than she usually does on the rare occasion that I am spanked in the chair. She used an old luffa handle to tap me into position so that she could bring out a surprisingly large ginger fig and push it firmly into my anus. I have no idea where she finds such potent and extremely large figs, but that was about to be the least of my worries. The admonishments began immediately, with swats from the luffa handle right behind. Next she spanked me incessantly with the paddle ball paddle only stoping a couple of times to grab ahold of the extremely irritating fig in my ass so that she could ram it in and out of me mercilessly while continuing to lecture. By this point my anus was burning and raw from the un-lubricated fig being jammed in and out, but I barely noticed the difference right then because of the sting that Daila had painted my entire ass with.

Daila went on to give me several more smacks with the luffa handle on my already blistered ass before taking a break to rub me down with cocoa butter oil. But this was not for after care however...she was not done yet punishing me...she was just getting warmed up. The oil was to act as the catalyst for the hardest paddling I have ever gotten with the long paddle. The licks that Daila landed were so harsh on my oil coated ass, that I could barely maintain my position. Daila finally got so upset with me for not keeping my ass in place that the made me stand in the corner in view of the camera. She scolded me like a child while she rested her arm for a blazing finally with the long paddle.

When she was done, she left me in position with her red masterpiece still sticking straight out into the air. She did not have to say a word for me to know that I should not try to rub my ass until she came back in and ordered me out of position. I waited and reflected for around 10 more minutes before I was told to get a shower and go to bed.

I have no way of knowing when Spanking Tube will post the video...but it should be very soon.

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Had a fun night out with work colleagues

Hubby was waiting for me with quite a determined look
on his face when I arrived home in the small hours of the morning.
Id staggered out of the cab and stumbled into the house
such was my inebriated condition
Wasn't bad enough though to not notice his mood

He sternly told me I was getting a spanking.

Happy days

Roughly 2 hours and a very sore bottom later I can safely say I was soundly and thoroughly spanked both with his hand and a variety of
Leather toys.

Been told I've to dress up tonight as I'm getting soundly belted.
I've got butterflies in my tummy already.

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If you are a submissive in the world of spanking, sooner or later you are going to take a spanking that is going to leave you with an ass that feels tough and leathery. I have heard it simply called leather butt. I was getting it every time Daila paddled me. The skin on my behind would often draw together so tightly that it felt hard to the touch. This can be bad for the skin and is definitely not appealing to grab ahold of.

I had done some research and saw that some people were using aloe or aloe infused products for aftercare application, and I had heard through networking at spanking parties that vitamin E was a big thing. But recently I stumbled upon an oil and a lotion that have changed the game for my well spanked bottom.

This all came about when I accidentally cut into my hand a couple of months ago with a chain saw. Lucilly there was no perminant damage other than I will have a scar. But, in talking with my doctor about the healing process he suggested that I get something with both cocoa butter and vitamin E in it. I went to the store and found two products made by the same manufacturer that met both of those criteria. They were Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, and Palmers Coca Butter Formula Massage Lotion. I started using the therapy oil immediately, and my skin began healing quickly and beautifully. After a about 6 weeks of using it now the scar tissue is barely noticeable on my hand. For a while I was still having trouble making a fist because the skin was pulled very tightly when they sewed up my knuckle. So I started using the massage lotion since it also has Bio-C-Elaste and collagen. I have been applying that for only 3 weeks now and I am already able to completely close my fist. It was amazing.

So, one night after a hard spanking I thought about how these products had repaired my hand to this point. I wondered how it would work on the tortured skin of my back side and I tried some out. I put it on in the morning and again in the evening every day for about 3 days when I finally started noticing that it was working. The leather butt feeling was not there anymore. Whats further, Daila is now applying it as after care for me after every spanking and sometimes she even uses the lotion as a catalyst to make the spankings hurt worse, while at the same time keeping the skin protected and healthy. In fact, the skin on my ass has never felt smoother or softer.

Now Daila feels secure that she can spank my bottom until her arm is worn out and it will not be a problem for the poor skin on my tush. In the long run, I am not sure if this is really a good thing or a bad thing now that I think about it.

AS usual, if you want more information about anything that I am blogging about don't hesitate to in box me. I always return the communication.

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Marcus looked up from his book. In all the babble he had surely heard Julia’s voice?
He looked round. Was she still in the sea? Silly girl, she must be frozen by now. He searched the waterline with his eyes. Relatively far away he saw her waving and heard her feeble shouts. When she again put one arm high in the air to call his attention he glimpsed some part of bare breasts. She wouldn’t again….

Marcus knew of her liking for skinnydipping, but this was stretching it too far. Whithout knowing exactly what she shouted, he fetched her bikini from the bath-bag. He himself wasn’t wearing swimming trunks as he hadn’t intended to swim this morning. They wanted to stay on the beach only for a while and had planned to go to the next town to stroll up and down the streets later on.

Resolute and grim, the bikini in his hand he strode to the water. He slipped off his shoes and waded in.

“Auntie, why does the man go bathing in his trousers?”

“I don’t know, darling, he’s probably a foreigner…”

Marcus looked even more grim and swam towards Julia. As he had expected she was totally naked.

“Where’s your swim-suit?”

“Oh Marcus, thank you, you are such a darling” Julia cried, when she gratefully received the bikini pieces. She slipped in bottoms and bra, chattering incessantly:
“You know, there was this yukky jellyfish … and before it had been sooo gorgeous … and then suddenly my swim-suit had gone …. oh Marcus, you have your trousers on …oh, I’m so sorry, … but I couldn’t get off the sea naked, in front of all these people, you know …”

I’m sure you’ll be sorry, I can promise - and now get out of the water!”
Marcus watched how Julia swam in front of him, graceful like a mermaid, her long dark hair swirled around her. In the shallow water she stood up and turned to him.

“Oh Marcus, I’m so sorry that you had to get into the water with your trousers, but you must surely see that…”

“I can only see one thing – and you as well, I hope – and that’s a good spanking.”

Marcus gripped Julia’s wrist and pulled her with him. He looked round, if he could spot anything to put his leg on to put his plan into action.

“No”, Julia cried horrified, “you can’t spank me here…”

“How often did I warn you about what just happened? That you would lose your swimsuit and then would be in trouble!”

Determined, Marcus headed for an old, huge car tyre, which was concreted in the sand and held a buoy. Julia he pulled with him in a firm grip.

“Marcus… pleeease … nooo”

Marcus didn’t answer. He put his leg on the tyre and pulled Julia over his knee. She was light and petite and couldn’t cope with him physically. Although she tried with all might to fight this degrading position, she lay in a second just as Marcus wanted to have her: a wriggling bundle, who put out her bottom invitatingly. With all her daintiness, her bottom was a nicely round one and her shape feminine.

Marcus reached out and slapped her bottom audibly.

“You should have thought beforehand, before you go skinnydipping on a family beach!”
Whack, whack, whack, the next few slaps found her bottom.

“Ow, Marcus, please – ow, I’m sorry, - oooww”

With vigour and verve Marcus spanked her bottom. Both cheeks got their share until she was showing a distinct redness under her bikini bottoms. Julia had stopped fighting long ago and only whimpered softly.

Finally he put her on her feet and drew her in a close embrace.
“This hasn’t been all of your punishment”, he said, when they heard a children’s voice in their back:

“Mummy, why did the man spank the woman?”

“I don’t know Timmy, probably he’s a foreigner…”

Marcus’ and Julia’s eyes met. Both their corners of the mouth twitched.

“It was too funny when you came in with your trousers on…” Julia snorted.

“This remark will be put on your account for tonight, sweetheart…” was Marcus’ response.

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i travel occasionally for work and usually seek out spankers in the city i'll be visiting (i also see a few guys in the city where i live). i've become friends with a dom in NY and see him almost every time i'm in the city. i've been able to successfully meet a few doms in other cities as well (although, honestly, it seems most guys are into talking about it but less anxious to actually follow through). i like meeting new guys, as everyone is little bit different with how they administer a spanking.
i have ads on a couple different spank sites.
my most recent spanking was april 13 (local). he's nice guy i've seen a couple of times. gives a good spanking; my butt was sore the rest of the day and tender through the next.
i have tentative plans to see a guy on tuesday, april 28 when i'll be out of town. hope it works out and actually happens :)

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Fantastic, that is what it is!
I'm talking about the transformation that occurs every spring/summer up here in the north.

People starts to smiley at each other, people are helping one and other out, strangers starts to talk and so on...and I do like it! :-)

Have a super spring! :-)

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Daila decided that she did not want me to wear the cock cage any longer after she saw me take it off one day and was alarmed that the skin on my balls was very saggy after removing the cage. The problem was that the cage tends to squeeze my nuts out and downward stretching my skin all day long while I wear it. Daila felt that this must be harmful and wanted me to stop wearing it immediately. I was so very glad to hear that because it was basically uncomfortable to wear for that long of a period anyway.

The downside to this whole change was that Daila no longer felt she had complete control over my cock anymore. As a result she informed me that from that point forward, any time I left the house for more than 15 minutes I would have to report to her when I walked in the door and remain with her until she had a moment to give me a very thorough inspection to make sure that there were no signs of foul play or mischievous behavior while I am away from her. This meant that I could not come directly into the house anymore and run to the bathroom to pee, or change clothes after work or anything. I had to wait until she was available to accompany me to the bedroom.

The inspection itself consists of Daila sitting in the bedroom chair while I strip completely bare in front of her. When I am done stripping I must stand there with my hands clasped together behind my back and my legs spread about shoulder width apart until she tells me to approach. When given the order, I must step up and spread my legs so that my shins are touching the chair on either side of her crossed legs. I sometimes have to stay in that position while she continues to visually inspect me for a few minutes. Next she physically inspects me. She grabs my cock and fondles my balls, feeling for anything unusual with the texture of the skin. I am handled with disregard for my personal comfort while she checks the sides and back side of my balls, the underside of my cock and even uses her thumbs to pull apart my pee hole to look inside. She even sniffs at me if she thinks anything is even slightly out of line. I am not allowed to make a sound during any of the inspection.

(To see the larger photos, Please visit my photo albums under "Inpection Time")

After she is absolutely satisfied with the frontal inspection she has me back away from the chair, turn around, back myself up to the chair so that my calves are touching the chair on either side of her legs. I wait for her command to bend forward to grab my ankles. In this position she usually re-inspects the back of my balls both visually and physically and checks my ass crack. In this position I am very spread for her, but she makes sure she is not missing anything by spreading my ass cheeks as far apart as she can get them with her hands. There have been a few times that she has gone ahead and given me a full two finger rectal exam at this point which includes milking my prostate just enough to cause my dick to ooze a little cum out and dribble to the floor.

Once I am done with the examination, I am allowed to dress, or shower and go on with my day. The entire ordeal takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. It is terribly humiliating to go through since I know in my own mind that I would never do anything to cheat on Daila in any way. The worst parts are when she is examining my pee hole (which irritates like fingernails on a chalk board for me) and when she is surveying my ass hole with her fingers.

On the other hand, I am concurrently a bit happy that Daila cares so much about me and shows her jealous side by not wanting there to be any chance that I am misbehaving in her absents. I feel warm inside through all the humiliation because she loves me this much.

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my bottom is smarting already...LOL!

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Happy Friday folks. Not sure about everyone else but I have had less than a desirable week and glad to be closing the book on this chapter.

Wanted to give a quick thank you to the people who replied to my soapbox style rant earlier this week. I don't expect anyone to change their business model or screwed up mindset but I have always been one to pick up an unpopular idea I agree with and blast it through the megaphone in my mind. It's a trait I get from my pops, who many people call a "rebel rouser".

For those of you who didn't read it before in past blogs I became aware, somewhat, of my spanking fetish in first grade. One school I attended in Florida was big on paddling, mostly the black kids for minor or no real reason, but once a pretty blonde girl was paddled and instead of crying and carrying on she looked back at me and smiled. So while trying to figure this fetish thing out I have always been torn as spankings were given by authority figures, who I have always detested, but I really enjoy giving them.

Case in point. When I was 15 I lived in the LA area. Keep in mind my family moved around like Irish gypsies. One day the old man took me to Venice Beach and as luck would have it there was a female volleyball tournament going on. Seeing ten awesomely hot Cali girls bent over with their hands on their knees, butts sticking way out, made me daydream about paddling them. But then I thought about every time I have been struck with a wooden weapon during a fight and knew it hurt. So did I really want to hurt these girls? No! But then I discovered a couple years later some girls can absorb the hardest of paddle swats like the best boxer can take a punch, and take it with a smile.

So it's not the hardness of the spankings that bother me in all cases, but some of the overbearing "disciplinarian" attitude is what really turns me off. One producer here told me that they want to produce "authentic spankings resulting from undesirable behavior". I totally get that's where many people come from, and most often that's fine. In my eyes there is nothing more undesirable than an overbearing asshole abusing their roles, which (not the producer I just referred to) many authorities do in real life and some of these videos replicate that so well it spins me into a rage.

For all the producers out there, this shouldn't be a contest to out-severe the next production company. This don't stem from me having a weak stomach either. First time I witnessed a person getting killed in real life was when I was 6 and it was a motorcyclist getting t-boned by a truck, resulting in his guts being strewn across the street in front of my house. After that I have seen several incidents of violence, domestic, street, in the ring, knife fights in bars, beatings with baseball bats, minor confrontations all the way to eight or nine fatalities. I mean in my old area of Chicago I can clearly remember seeing two murder scenes before police arrived to clean it up and barely thought about it five minutes after the fact. If this was a site talking about experiences with real life violence and death I could blog for days. Given that information, if your videos bother me, that should be something you need to think long and hard about.

But when something as simple as a spanking scenario begins to remind me of police interrogation footage that comes from central/south America, or the Arabian peninsula then it makes me wonder why I put any energy into this scene. The feeling is similar to what Johnny Paycheck said in the song It Wont Be Long (and I'll be Hating You)

All my faith in you is gone, I know it wont return
I did everything to make you happy, I could do
Now you got me hating, things I used to love to do
And it won't be long, and I'll be hating you

Not to sound like Richard Kuklinski, but I don't get much pleasure out of life. Partying, driving fast, fighting (which I'm getting too old for), watching stupid guys damage one another, spanking women who enjoy it and what it leads to it, taking pictures of nature, and that's about it. So please don't ruin this one thing for me.

In conclusion I might just walk away from here for a few weeks and see where I want to take things. Over the years I have put a lot of energy into my blogs, photo albums, etc and don't really want to lose all of that.

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I ran across this HOT photo of the now retired Jennifer Brooks of Nu West Leda fame, as well as her on now closed site HotSpankings.Com
It's also in a folder on my page with 21 other photos of her spanking men and being spanked. She was such a good spankee, it is amazing to see her when she is dominant, she spanks and canes HARD!

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These considerations are particularly germane for me at the moment. I'd be interested in your thoughts and feelings

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"Birds of a feather flog together" somebody commented on a (vanilla) blog.
We need a good cartoonist to do something with that thought!

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Now I’ve planted a tree,
And I’m watching it grow,
This year I have a lot more switches
To make my bum glow.

Just think how many switches I'll have next year...

Happy Arbor Day, everyone, C

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Met with Rob tonight for his timed spanking. It wasn't the best piece of video work I've done. But, we really didn't have much to work with. We had to go back to a hotel room and it wasn't really a great set up. Ended up having to put the camera on top of a Gideon Bible (God will forgive me, I hope). I will try to get it edited tomorrow (or at least before Monday). Thank you all for your patience.

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Like most people on here, I enjoy watching videos, interacting with people, and making new friends.

Recently, someone posted a blog asking what causes people to favorite a video, and I responded that as much as I enjoy watching a spanking from behind, I love to be able to see and hear how a person reacts. A lot of the videos taken from behind have cameras positions such that you can't hear much of what the spankee says or does. Side views allow you to see the reaction better, and front views that let you see the person's face are awesome for that. They also provide better audio of the person being spanked.

Another person responded with something that really irked me. They said you should not show anything but the bottom unless you are being paid.

Now... Let me be clear. There are a multitude of valid reasons why a person may choose not to show their face. I am not arguing that point at all. Some people have careers where they don't want to risk tarnishing their image. Some people are just concerned about privacy. Some people want to share their experiences while maintaining a certain amount of modesty. Some people just haven't quite figured out how to position a camera to show more. Whatever the reason, I can certainly respect that.

However, to suggest that if someone would pay you a few dollars, then it would be perfectly acceptable to show anything and everything, but otherwise it would not really is a horrible insult in my opinion. It is not that I am opposed to people getting paid. However, frankly, I think it is a pretty poor excuse using whether or not you get paid to justify what you do or don't do.

Again, I am not saying people should do things they are not comfortable with. I am also not suggesting you go buy expensive equipment like you are running a professional studio just to share with those who have similar interests.

I am simply saying, express yourself as fully as you want to. If you are willing and interested in sharing more of your experience, do it whether you are paid or not. If you are not sure how, talk to some of us that know a bit about videography or photography and we can give you some hints.

I can't imagine anything more demeaning to a person than to say that all you, your image, your privacy, and your comfort are worth is a couple of dollars. That really is sad IMO.

What do others think?

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SO as you all ought to know I am spanked.

There are a couple of parts about being spanked as an older teen that are particularly terrible....
To list a few:

WHAT AM I 5?!?
Most of the world seems to end their spankings at age 5 or so. This provides a stigma of spanking being childish...I am not a child and feel very much like one when I am over my Mom's knee taking a rump roasting:/

"You are funny when you think you are all grown up Missy! But alas you act like a bratty child I'll treat you like one. Go ahead and complain all you want but bend on over while you do!"

I would get the message if you just went ahead and used your hand need to take off the belt or make me fetch the hair brush...what? quit arguing and lean over the couch? You will what? Use whatever you want to spank me? .... here we go again...

Half of them aren't spanked...they don't understand and will even poke fun at me after (some friends huh?)...and maybe worse the ones who are also spanked love to watch and know the subtleties to look out least sometimes I get to see them whooped too so it evens out some

I assure you the spanking would hurt just as much over my skirt, shorts etc why do I have to be bared? and worst yet...most of the time I am in my birthday suit....WHY IS THIS NECESSARY?!? Side note I do think it is stupid that nakedness is so...taboo...I mean what is so wrong about skin....I am like a partial nudist....but would rather make that choice than have it made for me....

I HATE doing the spanky dance. Hoping around, buns on fire, usually somewhat undressed....sigh.....the embarrassment of my life I could go on and on about the problems I have with spankings and why I hate them so....

I have some stories you can read from my first ebook if you would like to get a feel for just how I am punished:

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Hello Spankos and Spankees...I have a question for those who may be able to elnlighten us...Have any of you had any of your photos or still shots of your videos used by another member under their own photo album. This has happened to us and this photo is not shared under their is posted under their own photo album! And suggestions, comments welcome. I did email the webmaster for this site and tried flagging photo, but have had no response.

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To get a spanking
Wish I knew as I would do it again and again
Feeling a little low tonight as hubby looks tired again
And I know there is little point in even trying it on No idea how to increase his sex drive. I pay him attention and compliments, I make him nice food and keep the house tidy, I work hard and bring in lots of cash.
I look after myself
I eat healthy, I keep fit, I keep smooth in all the right places, I don't smoke, I don't drink much, I don't eat huge amounts of junk food. I buy lovely lingerie and night wear, always wear matching sets (never know when I might be in a car crash- esp with my texting and driving habits)
So I'm now at a loss -
What else can I do
He says I'm hot, he pats my arse most times he passes me by, he laughs about me watching spanking films.
Is there a pill I can slip him to make him want sex more?

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