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Yesterday was Jen's 35th birthday,I have a few years on her at 48,but sometimes she tends to be the wiser of us two...not really,just have to say that,LMAO. Family and friends gathered in our house and had a wonderful dinner,afterwards we all went to the local pub,where Jen received the bumps and a collection for a local charity was made. Our Gentleman Friend stated that if he could raise 100euro for the charity he would allow his hair to be shaved. Remarkably quick 100euro was raised and two of our friends who are beauticians set about shaving the hair from Our Gentleman Friend.This was a very painful process and I wondered if he could take it;perhaps he should have thought of another challenge.

Our Gentleman Friend getting his chest hair shaved off.He was screaming in pain as our two ladies spread wax on him and then suddenly yanked the waxed paper off his chest,I bet there are many men who are now rubbing their chests at the thought of this. Then they shaved his legs. I am quite sure that his screams could be heard in the street. Jen filmed this whole event on her phone,and took photos,while everyone laughed,Our Gentleman Friend screamed in agony. Eventually his ordeal finished and his skin looked so red.I bought him a whisky which he gulped down in one go,Jen's Dad refilled his glass. He was very brave and the money raised went to a very good cause.

My friend Sister Hilary,who is now living in the next town over from us came to dinner and to the pub and laughed her heart out. However while all the merriment was going on Hilary and I sat in one of the corners discussing old times in the convent. She asked me did I remember a priest by the name of Father Joe. I did indeed remember Father Joe.He had spent a few months in the convent where I was living and said mass twice daily for us. He was young,older than me at the time,I suppose he was about 30 and I would have been in my mid twenties. Father Joe had been on missionary work in Peru when he and some other men were kidnapped. Father Joe was beaten and had a gun put to his head. Eventually the release of Father Joe and the other men was negotiated and Father Joe was sent back to Ireland and lived in the convent with us nuns. He suffered from great stress,probably Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I often saw him walking in the convent gardens talking to himself. I spoke with him a few times and he told me what had happened to him,it was horrible,the poor man had no idea whether he would survive. Anyway Father Joe stayed in the convent for a few months before being moved elsewhere.Hilary told me that Father Joe was no longer a priest and now living on the outskirts of the village she is living in,he is married and has two children. She met him and told him about me and we are going to meet up next Wednesday;I have invited Hilary to afternoon tea and Father Joe,or just Joe now,will be coming along,I am sure a lot of memories will be exchanged;I have to stop calling him Father Joe and I hope he knows my real name and not the name I took in the convent.

Me on the left and Jen on the right.

Mazie. Finally this is Mazie,the old tractor that my niece and her boyfriend bought almost a year ago and restored in my barn. They showed Mazie off at a local agricultural show recently. They already have a few offers to sell Mazie but I think they have both become attached to the tractor. I haven driven her and she is running pretty good.I might make an offer myself but have to discuss it with Jen first because she wants us to change our cars...boring,tractor is much more fun.

Have a great week my friends and I apologise for any distress caused to any man over shaving chest and leg hair.LOL

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David and Raven were silent as the valet pulled up in his car. He'd told her, it was up to her, if she wanted to come or stay. She could return to her old way of life and they could continue their professional relationship and perhaps a friendship at some point. If she chose to go with David, he'd be giving her the balance of her punishment, along with some lessons in obedience and truthfulness. They could try to reach an agreement about moving forward, but he couldn't guarantee, he'd be able to get past it.

She pleaded with him to give her a chance. She waited with David, for the car to arrive to take them to the King Estate, where she would face, God knows what. She stood shivering in her lingerie, covered only by a coat. David insisted, that she not get dressed, and she reluctantly complied. This outfit, which seems irresistible to her that evening, felt skimpy. It made her feel vulnerable and sleazy, as the sun came up. What was seductive, at night, seemed to take on a different meaning in the bright light of morning, as the rest of the world sipped coffee over their morning papers. She wished she could go back to time and refuse the appointment, but the damage was done. The car arrived, and David opened the door for her. She climbed in on stiletto heels, and felt the discomfort of her burning backside as she sat on her raincoat.

As David got in, he said ,”Pull the raincoat out from under your bottom. I want your bare ass on the seat.”

Raven lifted up her body, pressing her shoulders against the seat, while gathering the coat around her waist. With the coat out of the way, she sat on the cool leather. It was only a few minutes before she could feel her skin sticking to the seat. It was going to be a long, painful ride, punctuated by the thick silence of David's anger and her own unresolved guilt.

They pulled up the driveway, and into the garage. David opened her door and guided her into the rear foyer. He led her down the stairs and into his punishment room. She'd helped him set up this room, years before they were together and now she knew all too well, what options were available to him. David took her coat, and gestured, for her to go to a padded table, as he hung up her coat and removed his jacket.

Raven sat on the table, knowing he meant to punish her further tonight. She knew the caning had been too mild a punishment for her repeated offense. David say next to her on the wide table.

“I want to feel my hand on your bare ass. Stand up!” David rolled up his sleeves. He held her arms, as she stood in front of him, between his legs. “What am I going to do with you?” It was a rare moment, his poker face fell away, for a few seconds and Raven could see, how badly she'd hurt him.

It brought tears to her eyes. She'd never seen it before. “Do it!! Punish me, David! Beat me, if you have to. I don't care what you do, as long as you forgive me. I'm sorry, I am, David, she put her hands behind his big strong shoulders and pulled his him to her breast. She kissed his head, as tears of regret spilled, dampening his black hair.

When he raised his head, the wall was up again, and no sign of sentiment remained. He pulled her to his side and over his lap. His calloused hand glided over the raised lines, left from the dragon cane. That was just an appetizer, of things to come. During her days on the estate, he would decide what best served her sins, but right now he just wanted to spank her, long and hard.

Raven really dreaded this spanking. Her ass was welted and blistered, from the cane. He was so heavy handed! But, at this moment, anyway, she just wanted to be forgiven. She wasn't sure how they could get through this, but at least part of the equation entailed her being held accountable. That translated into some kind of severe punishment. He planned to keep her here for several days. This would not be the last of it.

David wanted to release some of his anger. He twisted her thong around his hand, pulling it tight, wedging it into her lips and pulling it up the crack of her bottom. He held it firmly, to the small of her back, caught amid his thick fingers, . It essentially controlled her pelvis, from moving around too much, while she was on his lap. He lifted his hand and slapped almost her entire right cheek with his large palm. Her body lunged forward, with the force, and a whimper escaped her lips. It took a second for the pain to come, behind the shock. It arrived with his hand, smacking her left cheek.
Once he started, his fury fueled a blur of his hand, smacking her bottom, her thighs, and her sit spots. He forced her farther over his knee. His hard whacks even caught the tender ends of her labia. Raven used measured breaths, to help endure the spanking. After dozens of handprints were made, over the caning, she could no longer stay composed. She kicked her feet and tried to cover herself, with her hand. He paused briefly, and caught her hand in the same grasp as her panties. She could struggle, but she was tiny, next to his huge frame. He could easily control her.

Her bottom turned from White and purple stripes to pink and purple and finally to purple and violet. She found her tears again and begged for him to stop. He'd given her several dozen more, before he stopped. He flipped her up into his lap, and held her for a minute, as she cried into his chest. He kissed her forehead. And picked her up. He set her down on a rough prickly mat. It felt like a million hot needles, in her ass. She started squiming right away which made it hurt even more.

“Twenty minutes on that mat,” David said, setting a timer. “Then shower, breakfast and bed. It's half way to lunch, so we had better eat. I'll shower down here, and you can shower upstairs when we are done,.. for now, anyway”, He added.

David got into the shower, leaving Raven to sit on the rough,bristled rug. Her thighs and bottom were raw. She really did feel ashamed. What the hell was wrong with her? She thought about getting up, and probably would have, but she was too afraid that David had cameras down here. So she sat, obediently,absorbing the pain. The heat, the sting and the pain, were her long time companions. They felt familiar. Some times given, sometimes collected, but they were like family.

The coconut fibers were so coarse and unyielding. It felt like nettles, prickly and hot, against her skin. Surely, it had been twenty minutes by now!! David emerged from the shower, wearing a terry robe. He looked at the timer, as he hung his clothes on the hook, for the housekeeper.

The timer finally went rang, and David allowed Raven to get off of the tortuous seat. “Bend over, I want to be sure you have no broken skin."
He prided himself, on the fact, that he could punish someone, fairly harshly, yet never break the skin. He had done a fine job of blistering her behind, without opening a single one.
Tomorrow, she might not be so lucky.

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Hello I am a Spanker in San Antonio, TX. If anyone (male or female) is interested in a session for discipline or just some good ol' spanking fun just message me!

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I want to apologize to all that send me "friend" requests that I don't accept... in over 8 yrs of bein here I have approx. 44 friends... I have declined many accordin to my Popularity in the minuses.. I have right this minute 27 that I haven't accepted or declined.. me havin "only" 44 friends doesn't make me anything less than those that ring them up by the dozens at a time.... my number is small by choice... lets face it.. ur not my friend just because I accept ur request.. if I don't feel we will ever say anything more to each other than "ty for the friend request".. well sorry I'm not goin to accept u........ yes that's my badgirl side talkin again but its truth...me with 44 friends...or those with 444 friends... 4444 friends.. doesn't mean anything other than I don't just add anybody....

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How do you stop from seeming so needy? It just embarrasses me to not feel wanted. Ugh. I'm gonna have to work on this. I'm normally not a very dependent person then again I've never had a 'daddy' before. I just hope I don't annoy him too much :(

Anyone have any tips on how to not be so fucking needy??? Lmao pls help.

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As a spankee without a live in spanker, I pretty much have to arrange for my own spankings. I currently see two disciplinarians semi-regularly (one local that I travel to, the other kind of local that travels to me) for old fashioned and traditional style spanking, paddling and strapping.

Not having a live in spanker, there is a downside, I can't necessarily get a spanking when needed. Arrangements have to be made, time has to be available, schedules have to coincide.

On the upside, arranging for and requesting my own spanking is somewhat satisfying. There is a 50% feeling that I am arranging for something needed and deserved, and, there is also a 50% feeling of: this is going to be wonderfully embarrassing and extremely exciting.

When a spanking day appointment is made, I look forward to it with a wonderful mix of feelings. I always know exactly what I'm going to get and I am very much looking forward to it, even if it is several days (or more) away...

...sometimes, having to wait, makes it even better.

Feel free to leave comment, or better yet, message me directly if you would like to discuss my spankings with me.

(the photo is my bottom btw - I just love giving the spanking eye view of the seat of my underpants)

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I have always had a schoolgirl fantasy. I like to dress up in my revealing little school uniform and behave in such a way that my Sir is left with no choice but to put me over his knee. WHAT TURNS YOU ON? Guess I'm asking this to try and get to know people on here more.

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Serf chained up, humiliated and ashamed, awaiting punishment from Master.

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Can you actually die from lack of attention? Because I think I'm about there. Lol, kidding of course. I just really miss my daddy. He's gone camping with friends this weekend and I won't be able to chat with him until sometime tomorrow. How is it you can go your entire life without knowing someone or talking to them and everything seems great. But, then you meet someone who, bluntly, makes your days so fucking good. Not sure what he's done to me because I'm 1000% not that type of girl. Haha. He's just a fucking awesome daddy. :p
It sucks so bad he lives (literally) in another damn country hahaha. Oh well. October will be here soon enough. Keep an eye out for a few videos in October from when we finally get to meet! Well, I'm pretty sure they're gonna be on his ST not mine. Lol but still... I'm rambling. Can you tell I'm bored? I better get off here.
XOXO kitten

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another terrorist attack in London...when will enough be enough??? I am so sorry to my friends... God bless u n Heaven help us all..... u will be in my prayers for sure...

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Who's a brat here?

*raises hand* (:

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I live by a certain set of rules and my rules are be kind to people don't break the law help out when you can and my number 1 rule don't smoke smoking is the surefiyer way for you to be over my knee with your bare bottom out and turning red I use this because the rules I had were worse and more strict I want to live like there's no tomorrow

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busy busy busy everyday.......but this morning I slept in.. I was up by 7am but that is still sleepin in for me considerin I'm always up by 3am.... I woke by a stupid ( silly) dream about work.. nothin in it was like what its really like other than the stress part n my one manager... its too long to get into here now but anyways.. I made the bed, showered n chose a tshirt to wear with nothin else.. it was short enough that the bottom of my cheeks peeked out.. I came downstairs to dave watchin tv...as soon as he saw me he smiled n said "ohhh my naughty lil girl"... I plopped down in my chair n told him about my dream.. as I was talkin he got up n came over to me... he took my hand n helped me up out of my chair, turned me n had me kneel in the chair, facin the back.. he inched my legs apart n lifted my shirt so my bottom was completely exposed... right away his hands moved to my bottom.. a lil rub, a lil pat, a lil rub, a lil pat.. I laughed n said "I'm tryin to tell u about my dream" .. more rubs, more pats "keep talkin, I'm listenin".... his fingers moved tween my legs, findin my already swollen button, rubbin in small circles... n my dream was forgotten about for the time bein... now his hand left my sweet spot n moved to my hips.. he pulled me back with my bottom pushed out... I felt his warm mouth on me n already the spasms stirred... he parted my cheeks n I felt the flat of his tongue against my exposed hineyhole... n then the tip as it probed me there..at the same time his finger back to my clit.. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"......I was almost "there" when he stopped... he stood up, came around n wrapped his arm around my hips, pullin me tight to him, his hand lightly spankin me....I closed my eyes n loved it... again he stopped ... "come on, I want u across my knees lil girl.. "..... again he helped me up n over to his chair where he pulled me across his knees... his hard cock was already poking my hip... he started slow, light , pryin my legs open so he could get a better view of my intimate parts.... "oh God ur so wet"... n then " I goin to spank u young lady, I want to redden this bottom of urs so bad"..... "so do it then" I replied... n he did.. he only used his hand .. a few light spanks n then they increased in speed n firmness.. I was delightfully squirmin across his lap.... he spanked me until my entire bottom was reddened.. not welted, not bruised but the sting was wonderful... n then with no warnin he dipped his finger into my wetness n then deep into my bottom...I gasped n tensed but quickly relaxed as he fingered my tight hole, I was grindin against his lap n liftin my bottom to meet his finger.. I heard a deep growl from him as he quickly pushed me off him, onto the floor n took me there... he was so worked up that he came almost right away ... n then he withdrew n went down on me... wasn't long before I was screamin n thrashin about on the floor, cummin hard.. ..... I have had most of my implements packed away for quite some time as things have NOT been good tween us........ but now he said "I think u need a serious session.. I want those toys back on that wall today".... I grinned.. "will u tie me up too?".... " u got it".... sooo we will see......... :)

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Raven turned around to show David just how exposed she had been, still not knowing, if he knew about Etienne. She'd worn the outfit, only from her office to the dungeon in the club, after hours, so they're weren't many people around, but enough staff that she couldn't guess who had told David. The thought crossed her mind, of the call she'd placed to David, about the girls. How would Tempest feel if she knew she had called him… Or Janie? Not to mention Dylan and Evan! How did you ever know what was right?! She'd agreed to stop wearing revealing clothes and seeing clients, not because she wanted to, because David demanded it of her. Yes, she meant it, after he paddled her so severely, but the pain faded, and she missed the excitement. She thought he'd never know. She wasn't even sure what he knew now, and it terrified her.

David got up and picked up the dragon cane.
“Bend over the bed”. The bed was so high off the floor, that she could barely touch the floor with her toes. “Now, I'm going to ask you a question, and think carefully, before you answer.
“Why were you wearing that outfit, in the club?”

Thoughts raced through her mind, she hadn't worn it during business hours, but if she said that, then what was the reason? She was too frightened, to lie to him… He might already know the truth. What could she do?? What could she say?? “I-I don't know, David. I don't know why I do it… It makes me feel beautiful, I guess. It makes me feel good.” At least it wasn't an outright lie, but it was a lie by omission.

David, tapped the thick, black stick against her snowy mounds. “What else do you have to tell me?” He waited, tapping the cane a little harder with every pat. It felt like the ticking of a clock, signaling her time was running out.

“I'm sorry, David….I shouldn't have defied you again.” Raven said in a fluttering voice.

He lifted the cane high. Raven straightened her legs, when the tapping stopped, clenching her cheeks, knowing it was coming from the silence that preceded it. Her fear was confirmed with the sound of it whooshing through the air. She heard the whack of it. The cane hit her, just above the midline of her ass, digging in, as it sank into her tissue. Her skin rippled away from the instrument, sending shockwaves of flesh, in either direction. It drew a thick pale line across her bottom. The blood came rushing to the impact zone, coloring it red, then ripening to plum. With the pigment, came the sting and the heat. Within a fraction of a second, her nerve cells fired signals across it's synapses and the pain registered. Her muscles contracted, and the trauma found voice in a gasping puff of breath, which screamed out through her tightly stretched vocal cords.

Raven prepared herself for the cane, but it was a huge impact that left her quivering. The sting, the heat, the pain...a familiar trilogy. She usually had such self control, but David, he undid her. She was a sniveling coward in his presence. He was the only one who gave her that rush, and it was the one of the reasons she loved him, so. He made her vulnerable, in a way that was completely inaccessible to her. She rarely cried, except with him. That side, of the spectrum of emotions was gone, without him. She felt incomplete without it.

“Let me rephrase the question”, David said, drumming the implement on her tender thighs. “For whom, were you wearing this lingerie?”

“N-no one, David…”

The cane cracked her violently across the thighs. Her feet folded upwards, by reflex, in an attempt to protect herself and her hand flew to assist. Raven cried out, “Oh, please, David, it hurts. I'm s-sorry, so sorry.”

“POSITION! NOW! For whom did you wear the lingerie, Raven? Answer me!”

“Etienne… David, it was for Etienne.”, she said, sobbing. "But David, the club was closed. He is one of my oldest friends. I just wanted to say goodbye. I wasn't going to see him again, b-but the appointment was m-m-made months ago. I had forgotten to cancel and he'd flown in from Paris. I d-didn't see the harm.”

“Perhaps I can show you the harm. Maybe you'll really feel it, the hurt, I'm feeling.” David said through his clenched jaw.

He raised the tool and forcefully struck her, up under her buttocks. Her ass cheeks shook from the collision. He followed it, with a strike to her sit spots, and another, just below her tailbone. He picked up the pace, and with the skill of expertise, he drew rung after rung, of a ladder, from the top of her ass to the bottom of her thighs, sparing only the tenderest skin, behind her knees. Raven willed herself to stay in position, throughout the punishment. She knew she could stop him at any time, but to do so, would be to destroy their relationship. She was but going to lose David!!

David began again, retracing each stroke, compounding the pain and damage. Raven could no longer suppress her natural inclination to protect herself. Her cries had become shrill and she rolled on her side, as the cane came whipping down. It caught her hip and she howled. The sound turned to shrieking, as the hit, registered and the pain blossomed. David threw down the cane. That sound had pierced the wall of his facade of stone.

“Are you trying to sabotage our relationship, Raven?! I can't abide this deceit! Can I ever trust you?? I can't believe you think that lying is an option! Well, maybe it's just not meant to be.”

“No, David, I do love you… Can't you try to understand? This is part of the fabric of who I am. It's not a slight to you. You forced me to agree to stop, with the threat of leaving me… But I can't lie to you or to myself, I don't want to give up being a dominatrix.” Raven cried, thinking it was the end of them.

David paced from the bed to the fireplace, furiously, then back again. Marching the line,he repeated the pattern, cooling down. He was composing himself, before he spoke. He couldn't marry a liar and he didn't trust her, he thought, nor could he give her up. He was beyond frustration. He went to the phone and called the concierge.

“It's David. Raven won't be in for a few days, perhaps a bit longer. She'll be with me, at the estate. Adjust the schedule accordingly. I don't care, wake them up and make it happen, or start looking for a job.”

Raven was surprised he'd stopped. He was not a man to go lightly. She knew she deserved every whack of the cane. She'd taken a dozen strokes, but it was far less than she expected. She certainly had given far more than that, to her clients, without a bit of sympathy. She couldn't figure David out, but was glad it was over, for now. What did he have in mind? He had that room in his basement…. Maybe, well, she was glad he wasn't walking away, and he still might! Could she change? She didn't know, but losing David ,was the last thing she wanted.

“Get dressed, we're going to the house. Janie is staying here, with Evan, for a few days, maybe I'll extend it. We'll see, if we can work it out, but THIS? THIS lying and sneaking around! It's DONE, OR WE'RE DONE.. and this punishment is not over.”

David called for his car, and gathered up his belongings. He was distant and cold. Raven cried, as much for the loss of his love, as she did for the burning heat and pain of her bottom and legs. She had to make him understand, or choose. Her days of walking the tightrope, were over.

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going off today with a good friend for some much needed me time . no its not a man its a woman she is a good friend i have known for almost 4 year... kinda like a sister... i can talk to her about anything , i have been babysitting her dogs for 4 weeks cause she is homeless ... she lost her house andis living in a motel .. so iam babysitting the little brats
. i few months a go i put in my blog one of my friends had a heart attack and had surgery . i saw him for the first time in 4 months yesterday.. he is very important person to me .. he makes me smile .. but he is still sick and has trouble walking cause he is still so weak. but it was good to see him again. i know latetly i have been really negative in my blogs that s because iam stressed out ad depressed.. trying to get myself out it but its really hard.. i havent wanted to self harm in a long time and dont plan on it ... so dont worry .. i have been smoking again and drinking some. but not like before .. and NO not bad stuff.. relax hoping today will be a good day ... fingers crossed... in the next f ew weeks a friend is going to help me do some videos and pics .. to put up on the site .. cant wait he is a good friend and mentor ... so yall relax i have know him for over a year ... i trust him and feel safe with him ... JUST FRIENDS... relax... smiling... sitting here listening to music anb dancing on my bed... iam in good mood so far will see where this goes ... lol never know.... will write more later .... hugs kisses ....spank on yall.......

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another long day ....... started today with work...then to fill my gas tank, grab a few things at the market, come home n make dinner n do some laundry, a quick shower n off to pay my last respects to my sister in law Corrinna.... that was a lot harder than I thought it would b... she had put on quite a bit of weight from the last id seen her years ago but her face was still beautiful.. I knelt beside her casket n so many memories came floodin back... I reached out n rubbed her arm.. so stiff... my eyes scanned the open casket n there were pics of her n her husband... pics of her 4 grandbabies.. pics of her two adult sets of twins..i could feel that struggle deep inside.. the one feelin like I'm gonna cry but me silently scoldin myself "don't u fuckin dare!"....I saw a lot of family ( his side but they r my family too)... wishin it was under different circumstances... I said a prayer n got up... I made my rounds n then had to leave as I was goin to see my 9 yr old granddaughter in her Peter Pan play at school... ( last yr she was in the Wizard of Oz play) the play started at 7 n then there was a half hr intermission at 8pm n then it picked back up again at 8:30...those kids did a great job n I really enjoyed myself... at 9:30 it was over n I was on my way home.. now a lil wind down time...............

Captive Male