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Hello, everyone. I am looking for movies and TV shows in the mainstream media that talk about spanking or Femdom, so if anyone knows any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thank you

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Mark: you have such a lovely arse Ditz.

Me: I know, you keep telling me.

Mark: your arse and your legs are your best assets.

Me: oh...so what are you saying?..from the waist up I'm shit?

Mark: Jesus no of course not! Wow Ditz I just can't win with you can I!

Me: no you fucking can't!

Mark: do you want me to get the shoehorn out?

Me: Game Set and Match to you babe.

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We spent the afternoon in the sunroom reading and swimming, heading back around 4 pm. Deciding we wanted to go for a walk at dusk. The other young couple went the night before and saw a badger.

We decided to go about 6.30 pm, with the intention of a little canoodling.
But as we were putting socks and trainers on we spotted the other couple going. G did not wanna go, knowing another couple to see us. He looked at the map and said, how about walking around to the other pond we've not seen yet, it's the opposite end. Naturally I agreed, I was determined that one of my fantasies will come true tonight.
I wanted sex outside.

It was a lovely evening, not cold, though I wore a cardigan, G had a towel over his shoulder, which we could sit on if we found a spot.
Finding the pond, now this was a pond, it was lovely. The other one was just a giant mud puddle. Though there was quite a steep bank to get to it, we had to find a flat spot or sit on the bench.
We chose a bench that looked into the pond. It was peaceful, hearing the birds sing, insects talking, and just us.
Sitting cozily together, my hands were soon sneaking towards his willing cock. A little play and of course he was rock hard.
Do you wanna scoot on backwards ?
I didn't need a second ask.

But, we don't have a perfect physique for this position. Let's say there's a bit more of us around the middle and bottom than others. Lol.
My legs spread wide, I scooted backwards, as G guided his cock towards my bum. I absolutely love the feel of his Prince Albert, it gives you like a grating inside, that hits all the right places. We managed to.jiggle around until he easily slipped in. Staying still for a moment, he didn't want to cum yet.
But my greed for feeling him was too much, and I was soon grinding down.
G was sat on the bench, I ended up between his legs, hands grabbing onto my ankles, ass up in the air, as G chose which hole he fancied using. With my excitement, I kept slipping out coz I was moving around like mad, but this only made us giggle.
After yet another escaping cock, G's fingers decided to come for a play. Pushing deep into my pussy, my need for him, his touch built me up to an orgasm quickly, he never stopped playing, more fingers, less fingers, in and out, my second, then third wild orgasm grew out of me. Maybe it's quite good when Master refuses my needs.
Suddenly, lots of fingers pushed in, with the sudden pain, I'm guessing it was all of them. My eyes scrunched tight, I was in the middle of ouching and sighing, with all my feelings. Aware we were outside, so trying to be quiet was incredibly hard. He turned his hand around and fingers found my G-spot, instantly my head felt like it could explode, this orgasm was roaring up with a power I'd never felt before. It erupted violently, I squirted forever all over the grass. I didn't know if his cock had entered me, if he had cum or not, all I knew was how powerful that orgasm was, my pussy and ass felt a bit sore but I didn't care.
Standing back upright, I bent to kiss him. Thank you, I whispered. That was felt so fucking amazing but I don't know if you've cum.or not and that's awful.
Don't be silly, he said, you certainly enjoyed it, and no I haven't cum. Though you were so relaxed you've leaked a little out of your bottom.
What, I stuttered, shocked, horrified. But G being G, didn't care. He just said, you may need to shower before we have a swim. I giggled, embarrassed, shocked and a little ashamed I asked him how he would like to cum. as a reward for my little accident.
( G does not handle poo well, changing nappies, poo scooping, cleaning the babies bottoms are a huge NO NO. )
So for this to happen, it felt a big deal.
But I know he loves to see me so relaxed, so as long as he can clean up quickly he copes.
G told me to kneel down, and lift my head up. I looked at him with an evil eye.
You're gonna cum on my face, aren't you ? I said.
Yep, he told me with amusement. This was not my favourite thing.
Standing up, he wanked himself off, firing what seemed like a huge amount of cum over my hair and face.
The herbal tablets he takes to improve flavour and supply more cum, certainly works a treat. He always shoots out way more than 1 mouthful.
But this was loads.
Taking some pictures, I did try to smile which turned into more of a grimace, which made G laugh out load.
You look wonderful, he said.
He wouldn't allow me to wipe it off with his towel, or my cardigan, so I flicked it off as best I could, whilst he laughed the entire time. Then we slowly walked back.

I had a quick shower, changed shoes, grabbed towels again, and headed to the pool. It was pitch black out now, so we had to ensure the outside lights were on, so I don't trip up or fall over.
Turning the lights on in the pool, dark outside, it was beautiful, green lights shone in the water, which felt so warm.
We stayed in over an hour, messing about, chatting, and relaxing. My pain disappeared in the water, as long as I didn't use my legs to swim, taking a tube float, I used that for buoyancy, so used my hands to paddle around.
If I could do just this in hydrotherapy, I would go every week.

Eventually we were both too wrinkly to stay longer so climbed out, I went reluctantly, not really wanting to go. It felt freezing outside once we stepped out, so I carefully but quickly headed to the door, even felt cold in the cottage for a while.
Snuggling into G watching rubbish on TV, I felt myself start to doze off, so at 10am, I headed to bed. Read my book for a while before my eyes started to droop again. Falling into a deep sleep, after another perfect day.

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I hope to meet an attractive black or mixed female sub who is single hmu.

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Well did alot today .now IAM in bed resting tired. I have to learn to stop cussing so much and no out myself in bad disrespectful stuff. I need to obey and now when to shut my mouth.... Wow this is going to be hard and painful to learn... .but IAM going to do it... Fingers crossed... But I can say cussing is hard not to do IAM from.new Hampshire and every other word there is a bad word. And now I live in North Carolina ..were they cuss alot also. So I have to stop and think before I do it also IAM sorry for being reckless other day not saying what I did . If u want to know pm me I will tell u. It was stupid and IAM ashamed ..night y'all..

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So today I was impatient when I tried to book the flights and nothing seemed to come easily, or as easily as I had presumed it would. lol

Yes, I am impatient. I get frustrated when things don't go my way, how I want it and when I want it....but I am a determined tot. I may grumble the whole way up that hill but I'm gonna make things happen. Well, in this case my Daddy did.

It all started the other day when I tried to book the flight. The link Daddy sent me had run out of seats...so I made a guestimate and chose other flights. Nope, they were the wrong time. It's actually very difficult coordinating things between 2 people that are in 2 different time zones and meeting up in a third time zone. UGH! lol So I went through a lot of stuff to get my refund, waiting an hour and half on the phone *cough cough Travelocity* but the South African guy was VERY sweet and returned my funds within 24 hours, usually takes almost 3 days.

So today I was getting ready for class and my Daddy calls and sends another link so I can book from Dallas to JFK and JFK to Madrid where we will meet up and carry on to Ibiza together. OMG, this was super hard! The websites kept crashing. THEN they needed triple verification for my card. All of this while I was trying to balance my hardest class...I kept having to actually excuse myself from class to take care of this and that frustrated me all by itself because I am a very serious student. I was getting so annoyed. Daddy called, I snapped at him and he calmly reminded me that I am seeing him soon regardless of the difficulty and that he is going to tan my backside for my attitude. I calmed down quick. lol

So looks like I am headed to Ibiza in a short amount of time. I went and got a sexy bikini, some dresses to wear to the clubs and some stuff to wear during the day. I'm all set and ready to go. :)

I'm a little nervous being that this will be the first time Daddy and I meet in person, although we have known each other a year and 3 months. Then, he is supposed to come to Chicago in December and send for me....that may or may not fall through.

Today I had a meeting with my professors and we had a sort of interview. Professionalism is a part of the grade and everyone has to do this. They had nothing but awesome and surprising things to say. I say surprising because I haven't been told so many nice things in quite a while. They remarked that I am beyond professional, that I always am the first to arrive, the first to jump in on skills practice, always helping others....and much much more. I knew I was helping classmates here and there but my professors noticed quite a bit that I just assumed was me doing what I was supposed to do. It was nice to know that I stood out above the others and that they both were vehement about me continuing onto my LPN or RN, which I assured them I am.

All in all today was a great day. It's nice to have days like this because so often I feel like I'm not good enough, not doing enough, not getting where I want to go quick enough. It's just nice to have other people sit you down and say you're more than enough and doing fantastic.

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So today I did some stuff I had to do and now IAM home blogging . Sitting here watching videos. And. Wishing I was one of the women being spanked. Do u know how hard it is to be good all the Time.... Ajust Halo .. shakes butt ...

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So Master has made a new rule for me, everyday for one hour I am to recite my mantra aloud. Now I like my mantra, but to recite it for an hour straight makes my throat sore lol. Wish it could be a shorter amount of time but wishful thinking I guess lol

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One thing that seems apparent in the Naturist world, is
1, it's frowned upon if you find you are staring at someone's body, even a few seconds.
2, it's eye contact only.
3, you should show NO public affection to your other half, any kissing, cuddling, canoodling is a complete No No.especially in the pool or hottub.
4, if the male should get an erection, he should turn away, cover up or leave the area until flaccid again.
5, if there are children in the pool or hottub, then males HAVE to leave the area.

WHY !!!

If you had swimming costumes on, you could kiss, cuddle to your heart's content. No one would be bothered.
A flimsy swimming costume or trunks aren't much of a barrier.

I'm.not sure about involving children to holiday parks though, there's that concern in my head of paedophilic behaviour, who knows who could like looking at naked children.
We haven't told our 17 1/2 year old son where we were going, I'm not sure I would've included him in these holidays had we done this years ago.
No, we are certainly not prudish at home, E has seen me and G naked almost every day, we've always done it. Found it important that he sees us, and feels comfortable in seeing our bodies as we are. We would not hide our bodies away from him, but at the same time, I would not want to bring him to a naturist park as a child. Yet when we were kids in the early '70's, it was typically common that kids were naked at the beach. No one cared. And there were just the same amount of paedophiles then as there are now.

I don't know,I just find those rules very odd. If you joined the British Naturist Society it's even stricter. They are often referred to as Nazi Naturists.
They would not allow any clothes, and only flip flops on your feet. You carried a towel in your hand.
Don't think we would fancy such a strict park, though I agree you should show your naked all the time. Yes wear a dressing gown, but wear it open, not closed like we've seen some do.

It's certainly a learning curve, I feel I would class myself as fully naturist, but G doesn't feel that strongly. Yes he's enjoying it and will do it again, but he can't say truthfully, he's fully content becoming a Naturist man.
At least he will do it again though, which I'm very pleased about.

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After sleeping in til 7.15 am, we had a lazy start. Breakfast and coffee then decided as the weather looked lovely we would go for a walk to the pond.
There is an official naturist path so we took the map, incase we got lost.
On our way out we met the couple who were swimming last night, whilst we were in the hottub. We had a lovely chat with them, they told us of other sites we had been too, and were happy to exchange email addresses so if we find a nice one, it could be recommended.

It was a lovely walk, though the pond looked more like a mud bath, but there were sun loungers, benches, picnic tables everywhere.
Due to the time of year, the farm fields had been stripped of hay, so the main roads were very visible, but that's the disadvantage of coming now.
But the weather has been lovely, and the walk was very nice. We want to go during dusk time later, the couple saw a badger last night.

We came home, changed our shoes and enjoyed an hour's swim before lunch.
Exotic pepperoni pizza and crusty bread with a glass of wine, followed by a coffee.
It was very nice.
We decided to spend an hour or two reading in the sun room then, it was very hot in there, so opened the windows a bit just to get a little breeze.

I will be honest though, I am.very sore, hips, back and knees are screaming at me but I'm not letting it affect the holiday, I will just have to rest once home.

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Once G returned with the shopping, we had a coffee then went for a swim,
It was lovely again, just able to chat and swim ending up staying there for an hour.
We came back and had some lunch before making ourselves cozy in the sun room. A lady came to join us, maybe late 60's, and was very chatty. Got talking about health and other stuff, places she had been as she had been a naturist for years now. When her kids were young, they all went together, France, Germany and Holland.
She arrived dressed, but as she was undressing, she said oh I've forgotten my " sit up on. " Now sure how to spell it, but my mother in-law did say we may need them. Basically a small towel for you to sit on. She said this was the first place that already had them on the dinner table chairs.
We will have to buy some, to take for next time.
For now we are carrying our swimming towels with us, everywhere we go.

Both having to cool down, we went for a swim again, then headed back for a rest, then dinner.

As dusk became darker we headed to the hottub, the water massaged my body, I was able to relax, pain free. We stayed in for 1 1/2 hours. The darkness, pink glow from the tub, the steam rising above the water was lovely.
Another younger couple passed us, they went to play pool, then went for a swim. There was a green glow coming from the water, almost spooky, yet nice.
We thought the other couple may want to use the hottub,, so we left. We had been in a long time. But bet it would be nice when it's full of other people to chat too.

I made it to 10 pm before I headed to bed, G wasn't far behind us.
We are both chilling out all-day, yet shattered at the same time.
Too much fresh air, swimming and climbing up and down stairs.

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. . . in the South West of England who would like/need to have their bottoms spanked. The session would be tailored to your needs/wants and might include OTK hand-spanking, the paddle, belt or cane. Read my profile to see what you might expect.

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So I went for a drive at 1aam just to get away was nice to relax and be by myself listening to the radio and thinking was great. don't even think of giving me the daddy look .. I wasn't bad I was a good girl. But a nice mantance ass whooping would be nice .. just because ... But that's never going to happen oh well....

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For those who rejected me as a friend your loss not mine saves my bottom

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I talks to some friends and IAM feeling better. People don't need to worry IAM ok . Just full of stress and in nerd guidance . IAM in councling already and on meds . But sometimes that's not enough to cope with stuff .

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I had ask one of my trusted friend if they could give me a birthday spanking and they agreed, I was just looking to read some experiences from some other members so I may know what to tell her of what is expected

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So today Is a nother day to deal and live with what I deal with daily. Not knowing weather I will eat today. Or be able to ever get out of bed. Things can't get a y worse I think. This depression is. Just making me melt into my bed..it seems like everyone is either mad at me or talking shit about me and I can't handle much more. This is 2hy I was a self cutter before . To release stress and the feeling bin side of me . haven't don't it lately but have thoughts about it IAM not talking about mortarly hurtting myself but enough to see blood. I promised I would cut anymore so IAM won't..I have tryed. Writing my feeling down and I have tryed self stress releise and I have talked to friends .. nothing helps..I give up for real don't know IAM still going to blog don't seem to do anything to help me .. if I do I do if I don't. Laying in bed alone just here....

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I want to see my hubby over the knee of a strong man. As he spanks, my hubby moves back and forth across his leg and shoots a load.

Am I crazy for fantasizing about this?

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I want to see my hubby over the knee of a strong man. As he spanks, my hubby moves back and forth across his leg and shoots a load.

Am I crazy for fantasizing about this?

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Holiday, last night.

Forgot to blog about me walking into a window.
After our lovely hottub, walking back to our cottage, previously the door had been open. As I walked up I thought to myself, I must remember to close the door now. They were full glass windows and doors, so just as G was opening the door, I chose to walk into the window, thinking the door was open !!!!
Yes I know, I'm a dope at times.

But I just told G I forgot to blog about this, he said I had to tell you, coz it was too funny not to. So as a good girl, I'm doing as I'm told.

HiDef Spanking