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Merry Christmas to all my friends!!!

I went over to my friend's home to talk with him & use his computer on Dec. 17, 2016.

He saw me shoveling again.

He said, you need a spanking.

I said, OKAY!!!

I played on the computer for a bit, had dinner with him, & played on the computer again & then I told him I am ready Sir.

I laid over his knees and he spanked me real hard with his hand & then came the belt over my panties & then he switched to his hand & then the belt again without the panties (ORYZA)& finally he ended with his hand.

My butt was real RED.

Will Santa make your dreams come true with a spanking on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Hmmm!!!

Your Friend,

Ellen Marie

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Blisters and welts and lashes, oh my.

I guess I’ve been naughty this year. But you know what they say, “The naughty girls get the best presents.” So, I expect diamonds, chocolates, lavender roses and of course, a Lalique vase for my favorite roses. I hung out an extra-large, huge in fact, stocking for Santa to fill up.

Could barely sleep Christmas Eve night, but I jump up at 7 A. M. to see what Santa brought me. I run down the stairs and notice that my stocking is full. I grab the first package, it’s a 12-inch shiny maple paddle with dime size holes. This is starting to not look so good. I take out another package and it’s a 7-inch flat back wooden hairbrush. Another package, a 2-tail leather tawse. The next, a 36-inch long cane, and finally, thank God, a single tailed Viper whip.

I check the stocking one more time, just to find a note:

At noon Santa arrives as promised and I was still in my jammies.

“Young lady, bring all of your new spanking implements to me. And, hurry, I’m the guest of honor at Christmas dinner tonight.”

I hurry, I don’t want to make this any worse than it need be. I pull down my Jammie bottoms and over Santa’s knee I go. Wap, first the paddle, then the hairbrush. I could feel the heat rising from my poor bottom. Santa pats my poor bottom and gives out a hearty “HO, HO, HO.”

“We’re not done yet, young lady. 3 more implements to go. Now hand me the leather tawse and we can get back to business.”

I give Santa my new leather tawse, and Wap. The sting is becoming too much. I think how could I’ve been this naughty this year. Next the cane, 24. Tears fall as welts rise on my poor bottom. Finally, the whip. Lashes crisscrossing each of my poor bottom cheeks, tears streaming down.

Santa helps me up and sits me on his knee. Ouch!

“Now are you going to promise to be a good girl the rest of the year or am I going to come back every month to remind you?”

I rub my poor bottom. “Oh, Santa Baby, I will be a good girl if you promise to come back every month to remind me. Thank you for my spanking, it was just what I wanted this year.”

Santa leaves for his Christmas dinner. As I rub my poor Rudolf Red toned bottom I can hear the echoing of Santa’s HO, HO, HO as he and Rudolf rise to the sky. I turn to see my extra-large, huge in fact, stocking again filled with presents and a large bouquet of lavender roses. See you soon Santa.

I wish each and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks Misty for the proof.

©2016 CLG0413

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James and David talked at length about engaging a tutor to help Janie and Dylan prepare for college. They wanted to choose a candidate who held their views of a traditional family, headed by a dominant head of household. Their upbringing had served then both well. They were very successful and respected men, in their community and their children had never gotten into any real trouble. Yes they were strict, even controlling, but they were wise enough to know what things could derail a young life. They were ensuring their children's future, would not meet with any life changing disasters, such as drugs, pregnancy, or trouble with the police. It was very important, that they grew up with a good reputation and an unquestionable pedigree. James was satisfied that Evan would fit the bill, checking all the necessary credentials, and would be able to steer them, towards success. They were bright, well rounded students with unlimited potential. Now that they were nearly ready to launch their offspring, into adulthood, they didn't want to drop the ball.
James had met with Evan and worked extensively with him. David had interacted with him on various projects, but wanted to have a more focused conversation, before proceeding. To that end, they had settled on a conference call, to explore the issue.

"Hello Evan, this is David King. I know you spoke to my brother James, regarding the tutelage of our two children, in preparation of college. Janie is already taking college courses, in her progressive academy. David is very bright and athletic. We want them to enter college, with their best foot forward. I know your family is in tune with our theories of parenting and I understand, that you have guided your own siblings, as they grew. Why don't you explain, briefly, what that entailed."
"Yes, Sir, I'm pleased to hear from you. I feel I would be able to complete your objective, with great success. I have indeed, tutored my siblings and several other students. I establish a good connection with my pupils, but as a mentor, rather than as a friend. I am a no nonsense fellow, when it comes to coursework. I will make certain they both stick to the schedule. I will, of course instruct them, and grade their work. I will be sure they will do, as they are expected, and when neither of you are available, I'll discipline them. I am, like you, a proponent of corporal punishment. I would use any combination from a hand spanking, over my knee to a strap, belt, paddle or cane, to drive home the point. This would be either over their clothing or on their bare bottom, for a more serious offense. It would be combined with a loss of privilege and/or freedom . I would back up Sandra, in the home, while you are away, when necessary. I would be pleased to act in your stead."
"I would devise a plan for the summer, for your approval. I would also update you on their progress, performance and behavior. Did you have any additional concerns, Sir?"
"No, Evan, I feel confident that you can fill the role. We expect results and a firm hand. We will be frequently checking in, to access their performance and yours.
David has informed you of our salary offer and said you were satisfied. We'll expect you to arrive at the Lake, in ten days. I'll fax you a contract to protect us both and a confidentiality agreement which is non-negotiable."
"I'll see they are returned in a timely fashion, Mr. King. I'm grateful for your trust and anxious to get started."

David felt good about Evan. It was a good solution to the problem, at hand. It was best to keep the kids busy and out of trouble. The better prepared they were for college, the better they would perform. James and David agreed on the role Evan would take. Everything would work out, they hoped.

Evan, smiled to himself. Another opportunity to work with the powerful King family. It could make his future. What a coup!
He'd met Dylan and Janie before. Dylan was a good kid, good at everything and Janie... well, she was a very pretty little thing. Beautiful long hair and big blue eyes. She'd caught his eye before. Yes, he'd be glad to be in charge! Very glad, indeed.... to put her over his knee, pull down her panties and spank her little bottom. Dylan wouldn't be much of a problem. Maybe he'd separate them for some private studies, give them some private, one on one attention.
He'd have to see how much autonomy he had and how often, the brothers were around. He couldn't afford to screw this up. His father would kill him and the Kings were not to be crossed, but if Janie fell in love with him.... Well, his future would be set for life. He knew how to charm a girl. He had alot going for him, looks, brains and charisma.
His eyes twinkled with the possibilities.

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Does anyone know where i can find spanking implemments? I nevered tried a cane how does it feel

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I need Mistress Claus to give me a spanking

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I totally forgot!! If anyone has a tumblr blog, you can follow mine!! It's called fuck-them-spoil-them

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**The characters portrayed in this story are adults. This fictional piece may portray characters, as emotionally stunted, due to the constant and tight control exerted by their fathers. They are soon to outgrow their chains, so to speak. There is absolutely no sexual interaction between family members or abuse of children.

Janie was over her Daddy's lap, bottom high and shiny with lotion. She held on to her Father's leg, to brace herself. Daddy was very cross and she knew she had pushed him too far. She didn't mean to be so naughty, but she just couldn't seem to stop herself from getting into trouble. She couldn't even tell him, she wouldn't do it again.
She'd been feeling, lately, that she kind of wanted to be spanked... Not by her Daddy, of course, but playfully, maybe a boyfriend. She closed her eyes and imagined herself across a boy's lap, for a second.
But that wasn't reality and this wasn't fun.
Her Father took a deep breath and released it - Letting the anger, drain away. He would never punish his daughter, unless he was in control of his emotions. He breathed . When he was calmer, he proceeded. He started to lightly cover the area with soft but firm slaps. He found his rhythm. Four smacks on each side with his large hand, first to the top, the middle, her sit spots and then her tender thighs. Then the other side, he was increasing both the strength of the smacks and the speed of them.
He watched as the color of her firm bottom, turning from white, to pink to red.
He felt her body jump, as his hand struck. He heard her cry. She should cry!! What outrageous behavior!
His hand stung, and he slowed the blows. Taking a moment between them....seeing the white handprint, as he lifted his palm... Seeing the white area fill in with red, then leaving his red print behind. He could see the outline of his thumb and fingers, red overlapping white, colors changing with every slap. She was fighting him now, in response to the pain. Her long, thin legs, crowned by his scarlet hand prints , She flailed, and kicked, to little avail.
He paused, and grabbed a pillow from the floor, lifted her by the waist, and pushed the pillow under her hips. He pushed her farther over his left knee, and closed his right legs over hers. Her bum was getting quite red.
Janie cried out, as the slaps rained over her buttocks and legs. The sting of each slap, shocking her, then turning warm and hot... pain trailing behind, as the next whack came.
Slap, slap, slap. Then her Daddy raised her up, jutting out her bottom. The tears came, at last.
The strap landed right beneath the folds of her butt. It demanded all her attention. He had switched to a heavy, but pliable length of leather. It whipped against her bottom and her high fanny tried to clench, but she was firmly bent over. Her Father's thick arm holding her back down, and his powerful leg squeezing hers, into submission.
"Whack, whack, whack, went the strap. It felt instantly like fuel had been added to the fire. The heat grew rapidly, as the leather burrowed into her fine skin.
"I can do this everyday, Janie! You WILL obey me, or pay the price. You can kiss your summer goodbye. You may be eighteen, but I'm still paying your way. You will be studying for college entrance exams, instead of swimming and laying in the sunshine. You have your own bad behavior to thank."
"WHACK, whack, whack!!"
"I'm hiring a tutor, to supervise you. So, don't think, you'll be left to your own devices! Your Aunt will not be in charge."
His words sunk in, through the pain. She wept and yelped, for the pain of the lash and her hopes of freedom, now dashed...crushed under the weight of the leather and her Daddy's iron fist.
He tossed the strap on the desk. "Stand up, young lady!" He lifted her from the pillow, steadying her by her arm, as she landed in her shaky legs. He stood and put the pillow on the edge of the massive mahogany surface. He lifted her, so that she was bent, right over the desk, her well beaten bottom, freshly marked and hot, was ripe and ready for the paddle.

"You were to receive ten of these, but Dylan took half. Now, you will get your ten, plus the five Dylan recieved for you. This is a very heavy paddle, with little resistance. It is drilled with holes to ensure its full impact. I will hold your back down, for safety. It might cause you injury, were you to move.
This was your Grandfather's paddle. I still remember its bite. You had better prepare yourself. This is going to bruise your bottom, deeply.
When we are done, I will call James and Dylan in, to see that you have been properly admonished. You will apologize for your behavior. You will also apologize to Dylan for letting him take part of your punishment. For THAT, you ought to be truly ashamed, because he was willing to shield you out of his love for you, as family. You should have prevented it, out of your love for him, despite your fear.
It is moments, such as those, that create your bond, your loyalty for your family. Your family will see you through, many hardships in life. You mustn't let each other down. He is, as close to a brother, as you'll ever have. Treat him, as such, and you will be rewarded. Mistreat his love, and you'll lose that bond."

His words really got through to Janie, and she took them to heart. I won't let you down again, Dylan, she silently promised.

Daddy tapped her bottom with the paddle, setting his mark and swung. His other hand steadied her on the pillow, and her feet dangled a few inches from the floor.
"CRACK!" She yelped as it hit, barely able to make a sound, as all the air had left her lungs. It REALLY HURT!! Her Uncle had paddled her across his lap. This was far harder. He swung again and lifted her whole bottom off the pillow, as it caught her underneath her asscheeks.
WHACK, WHACK,WHACK.... The heavy wood thudded against her bottom. She screamed and kicked, but the paddle kept coming. The target was on her mid buttocks and lower, to protect her tailbone. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.... She couldn't find anymore breath to yell. Her mouth made words, but no voice came, as another five cracks hit her purpling bottom.
Daddy pulled back the paddle and delivered one final butt lifting CRACK to her thighs and sit spots. It took about fifteen seconds for her voice to reach her lips, and she wailed. The whole house heard those whacks. They were just outside, listening to her punishment.

Daddy came behind her, handed her the cream to greased her fanny and legs. Her tears pooled on the desk.

"Take a good look at that , James. I am quite sure I've gotten to the bottom of the matter, THIS time. It is red hot!" He was proud of his handiwork.
Her Uncle approached, patting her behind. "That's a very red bottom, young lady, I do hope you've learned your lesson, or its going to be a painful summer."

Daddy got her to her feet, let her pull up her pants. Just the touch of the cotton against her rear end made her cringe.

"Yes, Sir", she sobbed. "I'm very sorry I misbehaved, Uncle James, and I didn't tell the whole truth."
"Alright, Princess. I know you're sorry.", said James.
"It's okay, Janie", Dylan said. "Are you alright?"
Janie cried even harder, but managed to say, "Y-yes, Dylan, I'm sorry...I let you down. But, I'll... I'll never...EVER, let you down again. I love you, Dylan. You're just like my brother. Can you forgive me?"
"Oh Janie, of course I can, I was never mad, I'd forgive you, anything. You're my family."
"And Daddy, I AM sorry. I'll try to be better behaved. I know I've been a terrible problem, lately. I don't know why, exactly. My head is... It's spinning. I'm all mixed up inside."
Her Daddy brought her closer, and hugged her. "I suspect you've grown up, faster than I'd like. I know you're eighteen now, but Please Janie, talk to me. I love you more than anything on Earth. Don't sneak around. I'll try to understand and we'll work through things, together. Soon you won't have me to guide you. We have to be able to trust each other. You know, I want only the best for you."
"I love you, Daddy ".
"I know, Janie, I know". I'm going to put you to bed for a while, to rest. We're leaving, later today. I'll send up your lunch."
"Come on, Princess."He easily walked her up to her room. Her bottom throbbed and burned. He gave her a hug and she laid her head on Daddy's shoulder.

One day, I'll find my special someone. Maybe he will spank me like my Daddy does my Mom, or like Uncle James spanks Aunt Sandra.
And we'll live happily ever after.

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the ill side effects of pushing bed-time: a foul taste in your mouth and some serious pain on the butt and upper thighs. better #go2bed on time #StrictMotivation

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As Tanner got settled in and learned his class schedule Trixie and Tanner became very close started having study dates at each others houses and decided to start dating. The school allowed dating and the only rule was no sexual conduct on school campus which mean no kissing hugging anything or else the would lead to being punished.Well as the months went along Trixie and Tanner learned a few tricks to get away with kissing and hugging at school. that is until the school had security cameras put in the school and did not tell the students. Day by day more and more students we getting caught misbehaving till the discipline sheets ran out and they had to make 100 more copies and they were close to running out again in just a few days.All the students were wondering how they are getting caught and started blaming other students and friends which cause physical fights which were against the rules and verbal fights and threats"threat are a huge infraction at the school"Before class that day Trixie texted Tanner and said during gym she is going to go to the bathroom"not really" and to meet her in the auditoriam that she had a surprise for him. When it was time for PE to start she asked the coach Mr. Holland if she could go to the bathroom and he said yes. She went to the auditoriam which the lights were off and it was cold in there with probably 300 seats or more and waited quietly behind a roll of chairs for Tanner to get there. When Tanner arrived they immediatly started to make out. after they made out for a little while all of a sudden the lights turned on and they could hear students coming in. they had forgotten that there was a big state test that day and they were not on the list to take it. They got very nervous and stood up like nothing had happend but then the principal walks in and says Tanner and Trixie come with me. they knew they were in trouble now as they followed the principal down the halls with students laughing at them. This is going to be bad Tanner whispered to trixie and she agreed. TO BE CONTINUED

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I have a lot of bad things going on in my life at the moment,things i have kept to myself,i started to get teary my disciplinarian wanted to know why, when i told him why he was not at all happy,he told me he was going to punish me because i had kept it to myself and because the bad things had to stop, i have never known him to be so cross with me, he was going to cane me very hard.I had time to think about it as i wasn't going to see him for a couple of days. The day arrived i was very nervous he didn't keep me waiting long he took me in the bedroom and put two pillows in the middle of the bed,i layed over them he bared my bottom and caned me very hard he gave me 12 strokes,he was scolding me at the same time, a lot of you will say that isn't many but i am new to the cane and believe me that was enough, after i was crying uncontrolably,he put cream on my bottom and said i was forgiven but i was never to do it again and if i did the punishment would be a lot more servere. I promised i won't. My bottom had some lovely stripes on it and a couple of bruises and i didn't sit comfortably for a while. I will be a good girl for a while. Thank you for my punishment Sir.

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I could use some damn good news... and today it came.

I have written spanking romance for about 17 years under a pen name. These have been out of print for a little while now due to nonpayment of royalties from the publisher. A couple weeks ago I received an offer from Blushing Books (associated with Bethany's Woodshed) and I now have a home for my older books, and anything new that I might write from here on. They will be putting out 1 novel per month until all are again up for sale.

Here's the link for anyone interested. This is for ebook but I believe it's also available in print form....

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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! It's actually Christmas! I'm actually jumping up and down as I write this! And that's a bad idea because I have just eaten the biggest chocolate mouse cake and drunk a hot chocolate so I might be sick.

Christmas is my favourite. I only have to look at our Christmas tree and I get a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart. Then there is the lights,and presents and Santa! Oh my goodness! This is too exciting! I have two whole weeks off college too! I'm jumping up and down again! Hehehe. I've asked for some vampire dr martens for Christmas. They are the best boots I have ever seen in my whole life! They have faces! I don't think I will get them though. They are super rare! And probably a bit expensive. It's okay though, I know I will love what ever Alex gets me. And I really hope he will love the present I am getting him!

College has been going really well! I've got Distinctions in pretty much every mock exam I have taken! Apart from my assessment on the animal unit. We had to do a full clean of an enclosure under exam conditions. My enclosure was super clean but somebody walked in with a white hedgehog and I got distracted. I ran over to see it and spoke to the lady. I got told off. I was allowed to finish my assessment though and I feel sure I did well with my questions afterwards, so perhaps it will all be okay. Alex said I'm still going to get a spanking. I think he was still proud of me though so hopefully it won't be too bad.

I'm a big brave lion now too! I've stayed home alone 2 times in the last week. I even turned the lights off and looked under the bed!

I'm gonna watch a Christmas film now!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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In the city of Napster there was a public school named School For The Gifted. They had very strict rules and regulations that the students there were required to follow. If they didn't follow the rules there was a consequence that was the same for each rule. They would receive a paddling and possibly a caning as well depending on how bad the rule was broke and what the Principal thought was needed. The school required students to wear uniforms not to take away the freedom of wearing what they want to school but to stop the students bullying each other in the expense of their clothing. One of the students there was a girl named Trixie. Trixie was an very well behaved student that had very good grades.Trixie was about 5 foot and 4 inches tall and was about 145 pounds and had long brown hair that curled at the bottom. Trixie was in her junior year of high school and one day she noticed there was a new student who was Tanner McWright. He just moved to the school that day. When he was getting his schedule and books Trixie was walking by to her next class when the Principal called her into the office and asked if she would show tanner around the school to his locker and his first class? Trixie smiled brightly and said sure and waited for Tanner to finish in the main office. Once he was done he came out and walked over to Trixie and said I am Tanner McWright its nice to meet you and shook her hand. She replied back Im Trixie and its very nice to meet you Tanner. She did as she was asked and answered Tanners questions to the best of her ability. be continued

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 Happy 27th birthday to me birthday dinner and birthday spanking in full effect today..

~~Another year is added but also another opportunity for growth and experience ~~

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I guess due to a complaint, my latest chapter was deleted. So let me clarify a few points. I didn't think it was necessary at the time, since the youngest was a virgin, and was not involved sexually with anyone, let alone her Father!!
But you may all assume the characters are of age. Janie and Dylan's families are very strict. They are both preparing for college, but are still very much under their parents control. They are adults, legally.
There is no, nor has there ever been, any sexual interaction, among family members...EW!!! And I'm not in any way, supporting the abuse of children.

The story is progressing quickly into adult situations, because several characters have been stunted by parental control and are far behind their peers. I wanted to show how their adult tastes developed, which is why I started at this point.
My apologizes, if I, inadvertently, offended anyone. Janie was fantasizing about a boyfriend, NOT her father in that chapter. I have commented a number of times, that I was trying to remove Janie's character from her house, so she could develop, as no sexual possibilities existed in her home situation.
I'm not even sure where to go, with this hole in the middle of the story. The entire thing was very upsetting since I've been writing this story for months. I would hope in the future, that if someone did think something was murky or might be open to misinterpretation, they could talk to me. I could address it, without losing the time and effort put into writing it. It is my creative work, that could have been lost. A change of a couple of lines would have sufficed. Thank goodness, I had a draft.(but I didn't have the final version) I try to be respectful of everyone. I only ask the same.

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Well, how about that.

How long does it take to return, when you’ve fallen off the face of the planet? Apparently, 259 days. That’s what my “last logged in” stated here, when I finally returned to check today.

259 days. My, my, my.

How does one come back from 259 days of silence? Write a blog entry every week for the next 259 weeks? Um... no.

Write 259 essays on the importance of staying up on tasks? Pfft, who on earth would want to read them?

Orchestrate 259 gestures of apology? Even I’d get sick of it.

Agree to 259 spankings?... hmm... perhaps I shouldn’t make that suggestion here...

What is 259 days? Too long. Too much water under the bridge to try to explain my absence, my silence, my reticence (though a natural for me). Simply too long. Too long to just say, “Hi, I’m back.”

So, here, let me give the short version, for those who might be interested.

I went on my nightmarish, highly-social, stressful trip. It was hard; I survived. Mostly with the help of the dearest of friends. (Thank you, dearest friend.)

I hit a bizarre, exaggerated rebound to the experience and abruptly decided to get out there for a discipline spanking, if I could find it. I couldn’t really, but found some Dom and sexual spankers instead who said they could give a discipline spanking. Physically met with only 4 people. Had some good experiences and some bad. (Way of life.) After my last truly horrendous experience a few weeks before Halloween, I shut down again almost as badly as I had before… and am now slowly emerging the same exact way as I did at the beginning of the year: by writing on this blog.

There. That’s basically it.

(Avoidance technique #13: Stark brevity.)

What do I return to say? Apparently, “Hi! I’m back.”

... and.... I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to find actual discipline spankings. This is not new to me, but it had been many years before this that I'd been truly active in the scene. And discipline was just as difficult to find then in our spanking world. I guess I thought it might have gotten easier. Nope.

There are many forms and reasons for spanking, each as valid in their own right as the next. Why is it that Discipline with a capital “D” is so very difficult to weed out?

If you only enjoy erotic spankings, that’s great for you! That doesn’t mean that is all that exists.

If you only seek Dom/sub experiences, that’s great for you! That doesn’t mean it’s all there is.

If all you want is pain, giving or taking, phenomenal. Good on ya. That's not the only kind of spanking out there.

If anything besides play, fun spankings turn your stomach, then stick with your likes! I fully support you. But... that's not the only spanking need in everyone.

Combinations aside, why is Discipline the one single aspect of spanking so very hard to find?

Are those who partake in giving Discipline truly this rare? Or are there some who want it, but are just too afraid to dive in, Top or bottom?


P.S. Sorry for my prolonged absence. I am a severe procrastinator, as well as an isolationist, what can I say? Well, besides... sorry.

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#food4thought behaviors have consequences. things taken for granted are soon lost.#StrictMotivation

get help: Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)

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We recently had a meeting of our Circle. There was a lot of adult fun,especially spanking. Some role plays were performed culminating in the four naughty young ladies receiving the strap over their jeans from Master C.Master C did not hold back while the rest of us watched and waited for our turn to chastise those bottoms. Our Gentleman Friend received the cane from one of our guests Miss T,who did not tolerate any of his mouth,calling Miss T a 'Bitch' only caused her to whack harder. I myself sat quietly enjoying the spectacle. I did manage to get my hands on those pictured,over my knee for '...transgressions past and present....'

'P' a relatively new member,but a close friend of Jen's took her first caning,it was a light caning ,but I think her nerves dictated her actions and she only managed to take 3 strokes.All in all we had a wonderful evening and then had a nice dinner and just a few drinks,lol! We will be getting together again in January.

The three of the four ladies pictured are seasoned members of our circle.(Jen is on the right,naughty thing).

Have a good week my friends and I wish you all a peaceful xmas.

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Hello Spankingtube, my name is baby girl. I am in a very serious domestic discipline relationship. The relationship I have with my boyfriend is a little different than most. I call him daddy, and he is my daddy dom. He takes care of me and gives me all the things I need and want. Sometimes when I act up and I do know the rules and yes sometimes I act out on purpose just to earn a spanking. But other times I act up I don't mean to because I do have a little girl side, or I push it to far.... Such as throwing fits at bed time or cussing when I get upset. And that does require a real punishment.... Whether it be a spanking a mouth soaping or an enema and put into my diaper... But most of the times the enemas are just to help me. But I love my daddy even though he punishes me, because I know I deserve them and do earn them, and he does it because he loves me and wants me to be the best I can be. I wouldn't ask for any one else to call mine. He is the best boyfriend/daddy I could ever ask for!! I get at least two spankings everyday one in the morning before we start the day to help me be a good girl and one at bedtime to help me get to sleep. Every so often daddy says I need a reminder to remind me to behave and show me how sore my little bottom will be when I misbehave. I am due for a reminder tonight (even though I don't want one or feel I need one cuz my bottom is still sore), and daddy says there will be a video. Our faces will not be shown due to privacy issues. I have been trying to be on my best behavior lately but bed times and nap times are still a little hard, I don't understand why but I just get fussy and start throwing a fit. I don't even mean to.... it just happens.... well that's all from me for now, but daddy is going to add his part...

I am baby girls daddy and I watch over my little one. I am a very protective over my little girl. With that said when I notice that her little girl side is out and she just wants to fuss and not mind then I am here to keep her in line and punish her to how I see fit. I believe a modern 1950s domestic relationship. I believe in many different forms of childish punishments, depending on my little ones behavior. A big one for me is when acting like a child, and using profanity will not only end her over my knee, it will also be followed with a mouth soaping and corner time to reflect on her behavior. Writing lines is another one of my favorite forms of punishments, to help her mind by little girl that daddy is in charge. Soon I will be posting videos of other forms of punishment. To my little girl to help her reflect on her behavior and the decisions she makes in her future. I love my girl very much, but I know as well as she does that sometimes a few tears need to be shed.
Tonight, my little one is going to be receiving another real punishment. Due to the fact, that she refuses and fusses and throw her little temper tantrums at bed time and nap time. Since, she wants to act like a little child then I am to treat her as one. She will be receiving daddy's hand, daddy's belt, and if she doesn't mind during her spanking then daddy will be forced to go pick a switch. After her first part of this punishment, she will be getting a suppository and put into her diaper. So she can reflect on her childish behavior. Until she understands what acting like a child is like. We will post the video tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

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After Mr. Stevens was done with Tristan and both of them were sitting outside the office in the waiting area Mr.Stevens did the punishment paperwork and was thinking about the punishment and if he should add anything. After he thought for a while he decided to give both boys a long bare hand spanking over the knee in front of each other. Mr. Stevens called both Tristan and Taylor into the office. Both Tristan or Taylor thought they were just getting the end of the punishment which is talking to Mr.Stevens and signing the slip of paper stating they were punished. When Mr.Stevens pulls out a hard back chair into the middle of the room both were shocked they were not done getting punished. Tristan Mr. Stevens said since Taylor went first with the first punishment you are going to go first with this punishment. Tristan and Taylor says that they have already been punished and they were very sore as it is. Mr. Steven says Tristan here now in a very serious tone.Tristan gets up and slowly walks over to Mr.Stevens left side where he is told to pull his pants and underwear down again and to get over Mr.Stevens knee...he tries to stall and argue but then Mr. Stevens said Tristan if you are going to act like a child then you will be treated as one with that being said Mr. Stevens reach over and told Tristan not to move and unbuttons his pants and pulls his underwear down past his knee and pulls him over his lap. Before starting with Tristan he looks over at Taylor and said know your next Taylor and i don't want to hear any arguing or it will be worse just like it is with Tristan. Tristan was there laying across Mr.Stevens lap bare and Taylor could see his bruised and whelped bottom and knew he was sore. The moment after Mr. Stevens told both boys if the move or tried to reach back each time it would be harder swats from that point on. Tristan thought while he was laying there why did i even start the fight i knew i was going to punished and didn't care but this is surely teaching me not to fight. Mr.Stevens adjusts Tristan and then starts the spanking and before Tristan could get a breath a hard slap to his left cheek hit and all you could hear is Tristan cry out. Swat swat swat swat swat swat swat Tristan was crying and kicking but Mr. Steven carried on with the spanking swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat it was all Tristan could do to hold still while all these stinging slaps where applied swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat. Taylor was scared as he saw how many swats Tristan was getting and his reactions. swat swat swat swat swat swat Tristan is bawling hysterically and begging for Mr. Stevens to stop but he continues Swat swat swat he even gives him several swats on each sit spots to make sure the punishment sinks in.By the 50th swat Tristan is scream and crying as every swat hurts more then the last one. on the 75th swat Mr. Stevens stops and says ok Tristan now go stand on the wall but face towards me and Taylor cause you both are watching each other get punished. Steven gets up and tries to pull his pants up but Mr.Steven stops him and says do not even think about pulling those up yet. Tristan walks to the side of the table and prepares to watch Taylor get punished as well. Mr.Steven calls Taylor over to him and tells him to do the exact thing to pull his pants and underwear down and to get over his knee. Without stalling he did what he was told and got over Mr. Stevens lap.Mr. Stevens says Taylor i decided since you two cant get along i would add an extra punishment to make sure you two do get along so the same rules apply. He then adjusts Taylor and before he knew it the spanking had started. The first swat put him into shock as he yelled owwwwww....but that did not stop Mr.Stevens as he spanked Taylor just as hard as he did Tristan by the 25th swat Taylor was already kicking screaming and crying but he had a long way to being done.swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat Taylor begs him to stop but he keeps going swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat by the 50th swat Taylor was screaming and crying and even kicking a little bit and Mr. Stevens gave Taylor the last 15 swats then told him he may get up but to not pull up his pants either and to go stand beside Tristan. He looks at the boys and goes over to his desk and pulls the paddle out and tell both Tristan and Taylor to bend over the table. Even though the boys are crying Mr.Stevens was going to make sure they had a very sore bottom and not be able to sit comfortably for a couple of weeks. Both boys do as they are told and then Mr. Stevens said now to finish your punishment you will each get four hard and fast swats with the paddle. Now Taylor Tristan went first on the 2nd part so we are going to do you first for the paddle swats....he walks over to Taylor right side and lines the paddle up to his behind....Mr.Stevens asked if he was ready and he said yes.Mr Stevens said ok now do not move. Before Taylor could say okay all he felt was the paddle his his behind four hard times SWAT SWAT SWAT the end of his four swats he was bawling hysterically once again and was told to not think about rubbing his bottom till he was done with Tristan...Mr.Stevens did not even ask Tristan if he was ready SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT after that Tristan was even crying hysterically and stayed on the table as told. Mr.Stevens puts the paddle away and tells the boys the may stand up and pull up their pants while he got the form ready to sign and before they signed the form Mr.Stevens said i hope I don't have to punish you two again cause it will be worse next time the boys both agree that this was a very hard punishment and that it could have been avoided and swore to each other not to fight each other again then they signed the forms and was released from the office to go back to their dorm room. both boys walked back to their dorm room with very very sore bottoms never planning on fighting again. Taylor looks over at Tristan that really hurt he said and Tristan said yes it did. but you took it better than any one Ive been punished with and i am sorry i hope we can still be friends and Taylor said of course

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