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There's a lot to be said about being in the right place, at the right time. Those times when all the planets and the stars seem in perfect alignment and you get lucky. This, was one of those times...

Sunday morning, at the grocery store. I paused outside on my way in and shook a cigarette out of the pack (yeah, I smoke). Just as I lit it, she came out of the store - I pegged her early fifties, slightly high maintenance, coiffed hair, nicely dressed in a flimsy lightweight skirt, pantyhose and high heels. It was the kind of skirt that didn't stand a chance in a strong breeze. There was a strong breeze.

Her manner and the way that she dressed set her apart from women half her age, and she knew it. I must have had one of those raised eyebrow looks as I lit the cigarette. She noticed and gave me a slightly disapproving look. I smiled back in return. She sized me up as one of those types that stand around on a windy day, outside of a grocery store, and notice women in flimsy skirts and pantyhose, hoping to see a wind blown skirt rising in the wind.

She was right.

She seemed to shrug in a nonchalant way and stepped off the curb. Immediately her skirt raised in the wind revealing long slender legs, firm perky bottom, encased in wonderfully shiny silky pantyhose. With a small plastic bag of groceries in each hand, her purse slung over her shoulder, there was little she could do about it - nor did she attempt to. Her pace was slow and unhurried, inviting thirsty eyes to drink it all in, as she purposely let her wonderfully shiny pantyhose show

the way
to her car.

And I watched,

the way
to her car.

She never looked back, never glanced over her shoulder to see if I was watching, she knew that I was. She was a woman most accustomed to being noticed, in short skirts and pantyhose, giving thirsty eyes a long tall drink of her legs. She walked to the far side of the car, the driver's side, never looking up, never looking in my direction. She got in the car and drove off.

I stubbed out the cigarette and deposited it in the conveniently placed smoking urn provided by those thoughtful and kind management types at the grocery store - smiled and went inside. The whole time I shopped I had a warm vision of shiny pantyhose, slender legs, and a perky bottom - and for that I was grateful. And, as I shopped, I wondered what it would be like to trace my fingers up legs firmly encased in shiny silky pantyhose. What it would be like to worship those legs, and kiss that pantyhosed bottom, a bottom that would surely command lots of kissing. I knew that I desired her stern disapproving looks, the snapping of her fingers, the command of my lips to linger on silky smooth nylon with each caressing kiss of devotion to those wonderfully shiny legs,

and that bottom.

For sometimes, you are in the right place, and it is the right time, and all the planets and stars line up, and you get yourself...

...a pantyhose show.

And sometimes,
in a wind blown moment,
you get to consider

what it would be like.

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Back in February, when I was at my pcp, I weighed in a 310 lbs, the heaviest I ever weighed. Then in April I blogged about how I have been eating better and working out Monday through Friday, I am currently doing 4 miles a day (1.5 miles on the treadmill & 2.5 miles on the olyptical). I am happy to report that today I had an appointment with my gastroenterologist and I weighed in @ 286.......also, on July 16th, I will be 6 months without a cigarette.

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I think that I shall never see
A poem lovelier than to see—Me
Laying relaxed across your knee.

And I couldn’t be happier than to be
Getting a spanking under a willow tree.

And, oh how happy I will be
Knowing how sore my bum will be.
Oh, what glee.

Don’t you agree?

©2014 CLG0413

I told you it was silly, but if it made you giggle or smile, then it was well worth it. C

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Views: 107 · Added: 36 days ago

Deutschlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ihr schafft das *-*

noch mehr Fußball Fotos findet ihr bei

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Oh yeah, it's finally here, the Treasure Island Oldies 18th annual beach party. So, grab the shades and lotion and head for the shore in a vintage, baby blue mustang convertible. You can pretend to read that old paperback while you scope out the in bikinis. I'm going to flirt with that cute lifeguard. Let's be sixteen again!
(about 2/3 way down the page)

Here's the playlist hour by hour;
Connie Francis Vacation
The Jamies Summertime, Summertime
Martha & The Vandellas (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave
Weekly Feature: Coca Cola Spot Jan & Dean
Jan & Dean Ride The Wild Surf
Lovin' Spoonful Daydream
Weekly Feature: One Hit Wonder
The Murmaids Popsicles And Icicles
Weekly Feature BBC: Big Beatles Classic
Beatles Here Comes The Sun
Weekly Feature: Made in Canada
Lighthouse Sunny Days
The Friends of Distinction Grazing In The Grass
Beach Boys Do It Again
Weekly Feature: Lounge Double
Patti Page Old Cape Cod
Harry Belafonte Island In The Sun
Weekly Feature: Wheel of Travel
Cyrkle Turn Down Day
Beatles Birthday
Andy Williams In the Summertime (You Don't Want My Love)
Weekly Feature: Dance Song of the Week
Chubby Checker Dancin' Party
Mungo Jerry In The Summertime
Weekly Feature: Instrumental Gem
Jack Nitzsche The Lonely Surfer
2 Surfaris Wipe Out
Chad and Jeremy A Summer Song
Gale Garnett We'll Sing In The Sunshine
Weekly Feature: Coca Cola Spot Freddy Cannon
Freddy Cannon Palisades Park
Weekly Feature: Top 5 Countdown 1966
Simon & Garfunkel I Am A Rock
Lovin' Spoonful Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
Rolling Stones Paint It, Black
Frank Sinatra Strangers In The Night
Beatles Paperback Writer
Harpers Bizarre Come To The Sunshine
Ramsey Lewis Wade In The Water
Weekly Feature: Music Link
Islanders Enchanted Sea
Horst Jankowski A Walk In The Black Forest
Elton John Island Girl
Weekly Feature: Weather Song
Richie Havens Here Comes The Sun
Weekly Feature: Another Lost Treasure
Drifters I've Got Sand In My Shoes
3 First Class Beach Baby
Shangri-Las Remember (Walking In The Sand)
Otis Redding (Sittin' On) Dock Of The Bay
Weekly Feature: Coca-Cola Spot Fifth Dimension
The 5th Dimension Up, Up And Away
Weekly Feature: Rick's Rare Rock & Roll Relic
New Colony Six Summertime's Another Name For Love
Weekly Feature: Tom Locke Moment In Time
Johnny Maestro & The Crests Model Girl
Danleers One Summer Night
Bobby Goldsboro Summer (The First Time)
Pat Boone Love Letters In The Sand
Bobby Bloom Montego Bay
Hugh Masekela Grazing In The Grass
Feature: Compare The Hits
Tempos See You In September
Happenings See You In September
Weekly Feature: Sound of the 70s
Sly & the Family Stone Hot Fun In The Summertime
Weekly Feature: Voice Your Choice Winning Song
Beach Boys All Summer Long
Martha & the Vandellas Dancing In The Street
Nat King Cole That Sunday, That Summer
The Beach Boys Fun, Fun, Fun
Weekly Feature: Another Lost Treasure
Bruce And Terry Summer Means Fun
4 Lovin' Spoonful Summer In The City
Donovan Sunshine Superman
Brian Hyland Sealed With A Kiss
Weekly Feature: Coca Cola Spot Drifters
Drifters Under The Boardwalk
Weekly Feature: Novelty Tune of the Week
Allan Sherman Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah!
Weekly Feature: Hits From Across The Pond Fay Greenwood
Mike Sarne and Wendy Richard Come Outside
Beach Boys Surfin' USA
Billy Crash Craddock Rub It In
Weekly Feature: The Rock And Roll Reunion
Jerry Keller Here Comes Summer
Frankie Ford Sea Cruise
Eddie Cochran Summertime Blues
Four Aces Bahama Mama
Terry Gilkyson / The Easy Riders Marianne
Buddy Knox Hula Love
Brian Hyland Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini
Weekly Feature: Spot Dance
Percy Faith Theme From 'A Summer Place'
Mitch Miller & the Sing Along Gang Song For A Summer Night
Acker Bilk Stranger On The Shore

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Hate has 4 letters but so does love….
Enemies has 7 letters but so does friends…
Lying has 5 letters but so does truth…
Hurt has 4 letters but so does heal….
Transform every negative energy into a positive energy because after 30 you shouldn’t even be entertaining somebody you see no future with…so understand you can’t fix yourself, by trying to break someone else down!!! I just saved 100% on stress by switching to not giving a fuck!!!

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Nový opasek, nový výprask, nové fotky! Z 25.06.2014.

Odkaz na nové album:

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Anyone else love Male/Male Spanking? Please visit my Blog. :)

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I am back to work after being out for 3 months. I went back to work Friday and everyone was so happy to see me. I feel so lucky that I was able to go back to work. My customers are happy to have me back. I know I was missed but I never knew that I was missed as much as I was. I have been there for almost 5 years. My District manager is also happy to have me back. I want to thank all of my stube family for giving me the support I needed the past few months. This week I am working over 40 hours. I will try and catch up with all my friends. I feel like I am back to my self but with some new changes which r all good. Have a good week every one!

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Is my Dom still good? inquires the headline in my Globe and Mail this morning.

Wow! I think. Canada’s national newspaper concerning itself with the issues of living an alternative lifestyle! Amazing!

Just exactly what do they mean, though? I wonder. Is this sub questioning whether their Dom is still good for them? People change, and of course that changes a relationship too. What was good once upon a time might not be good forever. Maybe that’s what they mean.

Or are they questioning the Dom’s own behaviour? If he’s imposing a set of principles on his sub but not abiding by them himself, that hypocrisy would certainly not be good for the relationship.

As these questions run through my mind, I am scanning the article.

No, opines the author, probably not good at this point. The Dom Perignon champagne you forgot in a drawer for a couple of decades is probably tired and flat by now . . .

So after all the topic was just wine. Nothing to do with alternative lifestyles after all!

But now I have a question for you, Spanking Tube friends. Does this ever happen to you? Do you see references to kinky activities where none were intended? Or does the fact that it keeps happening to me mean I’m the kinkiest one of all?

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Okay I guess my first blog post was too punchy, so I've been asked to scale it back.

I deserve a spanking because I have some shortcomings in my daily life that effect my health and well being. I have poor time management, self-discipline, focus, and mostly impulse control. I and do very little work on these matters, and need some help. A lot of help. I have no idea if I need to be more specific or not, but this is embarrassing to post, so I suppose I've done a good enough job.


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This might get me kicked off of here but here goes.

I can't stand how these spanking video companies claim to offer the most realistic spanking videos but use only runway model types of women with spankings that suck. I do understand it's about making a buck but true spankos care about the spanking as well. If I wanted to see some a model in lingerie I'd just go to a vanilla porn site. I guess if you really are trying to make money in this and you want to cater to most male egos that's what you do but then you're not in it because you love to do it you're doing it to get paid. One blessing is the internet. As a generation x person I had to go to a creepy ass adult bookstore shell out $65 for a spanking VHS tape and get home and be totally pissed. But since the internet has jumped off you can get previews before you buy now so that saves people alot of wasted money, thank god. It's not all companies, you have some that get it in and keep it real to me. I like Kelly Payne from Tantrum Trainers but sometimes she gets me with stripping down while she spanks but at least the spankings seem genuine for video production and she has all types of women in her vids. Niko on here always seems real and genuine as well. Dallas has hard realistic spankings but from what I see he hasn't spanked any woman bigger than a size 6-8 in his videos. I'm just naming a few off the top of my head. I guess the point I'm making is if you say you're realistic in your spanking videos you should have all shapes and sizes getting real spankings. Not some 20 - 28 model screaming her head off from an almost playful butt tap. I just see that since spanking isn't so underground anymore you have alot more people trying to make a buck with it. I guess it's just the way of the world and as long as there are horny guys with credit cards this blog post won't change a damn thing but it's something I wanted to get off my chest. I'll stop rambling for today.


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Ok, so my husband and I live the DD (Domestic Discipline) lifestyle but it has been on major hold because of where we're living. We are temporarily living with my mom and great grandmother, which would as big a deal but my great grandmother is ALWAYS at the house. We have no privacy and as well all know spanking is very loud. We also have an almost year and a half old kid...which again is hard enough when it comes to being punished but at least the kid goes to sleep in another room or something. Also, I'm pregnant, heading into my 3rd trimester. My emotions are now all over the place due to the fact that I can't get the punishment I need and the stress reliever.So, here I am on Spanktube venting to the cyber world. Has anyone else come to this problem?


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Hi guys! This isn't relevant to spanking but I have a question for you all. There's this guy who is a good friend of mine. He's in his late 20s and still a virgin and never been in a relationship. There's nothing wrong with him - he's a great guy but just a bit too shy and lacks confidence. He wants to start dating girls but is worried about what other girls will think of his lack of experience. I would really like to know what you people think (especially you girls). Would it bother you dating a virgin and being the experienced one? As he really hasn't got a clue!

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He fingered the holes with delight.
The frat paddle answered with purring.
Surrender was flirting with flight.
My moment of truth was occurring.
The edge between shadow and light
Was swiftly seductively blurring.

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Views: 177 · Added: 38 days ago

Brief update. Local contractor is coming Friday afternoon to take kitchen measurements and explain things. Next step, the decorator sits at his computer in his office and I sit here at mine and we work on a "virtual" plan and I pick out cabinets, appliances, etc. How cool is that?

I want to thank all of you so much for giving me the push and enthusiasm I needed to get this project off the ground. It's just what I needed. Jim, you can put that cane away now. You're making me nervous.

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Views: 146 · Added: 38 days ago

Hey Spankingtube, So OldJimSlipper says I need to submit a blog post about why I "so richly deserve a spanking." I suppose the first reason is that he asked me to do something I flat out ignored in favor of watching television. I like to drink. A lot. But he's English, so he probably gets that. I can be rude to people and blow them off, especially authority type figures. I sometimes drive recklessly, but only when I need to get over three lanes in thirty seconds to get to Starbucks. I also run a significant and lucrative city-wide gambling racket. I think that's about it. Disobedience, rudeness, drunk and disorderly, reckless driving, shitty report writing, and money laundering. Best,

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Views: 385 · Added: 39 days ago

Good morning Spankos. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and everything for my daughter she is doing great.

Ill probably post another vid soon been crazy busy with everything going on. My other vid probably wont have no sound. I had company over and I ended up getting my ass whooped but their child was crying in the back ground almost the entire vid so you can hear that in it. So ill probably have to turn the sound off in that vid but you can just watch and imagine what happened.

Other than a busy past week and weekend Im looking forward to a wonderful and blessed week ahead of me. Hope every spanko is looking forward to the same. xoxoxo

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Views: 223 · Added: 39 days ago

I am looking for a Christian Real Man who will go to church with me. A Real man who can say no, be strict, and will spanking if I disobey him. I am looking for a real man who can respect my hard limits and love me for me. am i being to forward or am I expecting too much? Any ideas?

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