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tomorrow is my son in laws 30th surprise bday party... I came home from work n made a HUGE pasta salad n a double batch of peanut butter bars... tomorrow I will make the baked beans .. he has no clue so this is gonna b great

*whispers* I have a secret.. I'm not ready to reveal it yet but its got me smiling .. REALLY smiling...

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We finally got around to putting up a website. It is fairly basic and not much new there right now but at least a jumping off point to places on the web we have posted things. Right now it is short videos posted here to ST and longer videos posted to Spankinglibrary & other places.
There might be some unique videos posted up at some point as well as some photos galleries.

Lady M.

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thank you to all my friends, for making me welcome.

hope we all find some good fun

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There are a few people on this site and on Fetlife who make me dread checking in. I only block people as a last resort but I am starting to reach the limits of my patience so I feel like I should clarify what my limits are and give everyone a fair warning to things that will lead me to blocking them if they persist in doing any of these things.

1. I cannot and will not Skype.
2. I will not give my email address out to people who I do not know or who I am not comfortable with.
3. I will not give my phone number out to people who I do not know or who I am not comfortable with.
4. I will not send nude or partially nude photos of myself to anyone for any reason.
5. I will not post pictures of myself on here.
6. I will not meet people who I don't know and feel comfortable with.
7. I will no longer do self-spankings with anyone whether they are in chats on here, on facebook, over the phone or in regular email.
8. Cock pics are tasteless, crude and will get you blocked if you send them to me.
9. Whining/nagging about any of these rules will get you blocked.
10.I reserve the right to add to or change any of these rules at any time as the need arises.

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You can now put your flight on layaway round that Domme spanko spanking party ect is with in reach and plan able just a heads your research

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Been working a new job for more than 2weeks and this lady refuses to call me by my name. She's a little bit older but she needs to know her boundaries and to also respect a man. I'm thinking about one day not taking her shit and pulling her over my knee and giving her what she deserves. I think she deserves the hairbrush and the strap

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Hey guys and girls :)
Please comment on my new video and give hints what is good or what I can do better!


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Yeah, it's August but jeez. It's four o'clock in the morning and 84 degrees. Been up around 100 in the afternoons. I'm really ready for fall.

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Thank you so much for all the kind comments you have put on our recent videos. I am really glad you enjoy them. It is weird but fun to know that thousands of people have seen my bum.

I have had a real ache and soreness for the past few days...the type which reminds you what a really good spanking you have had and one which would remind a little girl like Katie never to be naughty again. But as you like her stories I am sure she will be naughty again soon. After all, some girls just can't behave. And daddy doesn't need much excuse to put her over his knee.

I went to a hospital appointment the other day which involved the nurse looking down below ..."there's some bruising there" she said. Oops I had not realised there was a small bruise on my bum. I said something about horseplay and fooling around and perhaps we went a little far. She asked me again before I left, to check I didn't have an abusive partner. It was good of her to check but surely she's aware of spanking from 50 shades?

Part two of our latest video will be up soon. It was a really sound spanking and I am so impressed at my spanker's skills. He has good aim and knows instinctively how to build up the intensity. He swears he's new to it and if it's the case he is a natural. I really like the flogger. It has an overall sting that is quite satisfying. I don't remember the last time I had a sore bum for so long so he really did a great job. It is so nice that he enjoys spanking and making videos as much as I enjoy being spanked. And I am so glad you like the results!

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I am aware i have some serious rule breaks i have to face at some point, Mr G knows of them so i know there will be punishments due, whatever they are.
I asked yesterday if i owned up to my bad behaviour did it make the punishment less, but i simply got a No back.
So i decided i should write this blog maybe to make me feel better and a lottle less guilty.

1st. Adding friends on tube without permission, i had asked a few times but got a No back so i decided to add. I thought i was being good by ensuring the people i added blogged, the profile was filled with info about them and posted videos, pics or just fav videos and pics. But apparently i was still breaking the rules.

2nd. Yesterday i was that bored doing my 200 lines, plus a friend challenged me to write "blah" in place of the words, i did my last page, i must not argue with Master when he is away. Rules are still blah !
Typical me, i felt so guilty afterwards that i told him and showed him the page.
He wasnt very impressed.

3rd. Spitting out Masters juices is a firm rule breaker. After having a bad wk and been unable to perform Mr G's daily bj, there was a lot to take.
Normally when he knows there will be loads he cums inside me, but last night he decided i should swallow. In the end it all got spat everywhere so his beautiful juices were wasted. A serious rule broken!

So theres my sure i will post the repercussions of my bbehaviour.

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Lying in bed, my palm itches as I think of you.
Teardrops frozen in place, you can't cry yet, it's nothing new.
Hand in hand led to your bedroom, I close the door.
Eye contact you can't maintain, panties fall to the floor.

That all too familiar place, over my lap you settle in.
Breathing irregular, awaiting the first stroke of skin on skin.
Time stands still as cool air caresses cheeks laid bare.
Mind in confusion, you want to run though you don't dare.

Flashback to last week, in your mind the welts are still there.
One by one, another joins the rest applied with care.
Darkening bands of pink as body and mind begin to duel.
Caught in between, submissive yet nobody's fool.

Time and time you find yourself as teardrops fall to the floor.
Mind content and floating away as your body beseeches, "No More!"
On and on we go, your only world the pain and heat in-store.
Breathing ragged and smiling within, the effects you savour.

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3 blogs in 2 days. that's a record for me.

the last time that i got spanked i was desperate so i thought i would go against my better judgment and give implements another try since the guy was local and he was insistent on using them. it hurt worse than i remembered. his answer to that was "it's supposed to hurt." yeah but if there's no fun in it for me at all i'm not going to want to ever be spanked by him again. and so now i won't be. he actually broke my spatula and my lint brush because he spanked me so hard. (pouting). they were cheap but i thought that should have been a clue that it was way over-the-top. brute force doesn't impress me. i found myself asking for him to stop but he doesn't use safe words either and said, "i'll make that decision, young lady." ordinarily hearing that would excite me but that time i was wondering when he was going to stop. i was trying to wiggle away but he just held onto me and kept spanking me. implements have always scared me and now they are definitely a deal breaker. from now on i will stick to my limits and insist on a safeword. lectures, scolding and the skin on skin intimacy of being spanked by hand impresses me. it's much too easy to get carried away with implements. this isn't whack-a-mole it's my butt and even though i am a submissive i still have my limits. so that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

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I once knew a woman named Autumn
both hairbrush and paddle she's got em'
she saw my panties with lace
and my embarrassed red face
then spanked me right on my bare bottom

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Citizens of STube!

Naked spankings. There aren't that many vids of them on here. Sure there are some, but the vast majority aren't. I wonder if it's something most people use within their play or DD dynamic or whatever. For us, it's something we've only used a handful of times and it's really only been for the most serious of offences. When you're told to take your clothes off and wait in the corner, expect your behind to be set on fire imminently. IMMINENTLY!! It adds so much more to the sense of submission and discipline if you're stripped of your clothes and left completely bare and vulnerable, knowing you're about to be punished. I think it's quite under utilised. What do you guys think? Do you guys feel the same? How many of you use naked punishments and how does it work for you? Let us know what you think..

Peace and Love


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Dark is the sky
Happiness gone
Depression Arise
Friend or foe
Dark angel appeared
Like the angel of death
The sky is pitch black
Anger is all I feel
Hate is all I felt
Depressing is this poem
Dark dark dark
Hope is gone
I don't care at all

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i would always be so amused with my ex (david)’s dog Pez's expressions. he named her pez because he says when he got her she was all head. lol i have to admit that that was very cute and clever. she truly did seem very panicky when he would ask her where her ball was and she didn't know. she would frantically run around looking into and under things trying to find it like we would do if we couldn't find our keys and had to be somewhere. she seemed to sense my emotions too. i was so depressed when i heard that my aunt died. i was sitting on the couch crying (very quietly though i'm quiet with everything i do). she was in the bedroom, probably even under the covers as usual but suddenly she came running out and jumped on my lap to lick my tears away. she ended up making me laugh and my heart melted when she looked like she was sad and was wondering why i was too. i know they have an amazing sense of smell so i wonder if they can even smell sadness. another thing that amazed me was when i took her for a walk one time when david was gone. i started to take her up the sidewalk and into the house but she stopped at the road and refused to budge from that spot. she's only 16 pounds but i couldn't even pull her in so i just stood there wondering why she suddenly didn't want to go inside. next thing i know david pulls up. she could smell him from that far away? i guess it wasn't too hard to miss for a dog because he smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day but to smell him from about a mile away and also distinguish that from other smells? is that possible? it seems to be. wow. animals are so cool and so amazing. i wish everyone could love as unconditionally as they do. the world would be a better place if we all did that.

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so i finally got a chance to talk with my mommy. she made me give myself a very hard spanking over the phone.a very hard spanking. i actually broke a spatula over my bare bottom during the spanking, which also included the belt, paddle and hairbrush.

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F/m (mostly) spanking

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please add your own spanking related limerick...

I once knew a woman named Heather
who liked to paddle with leather
I said oh so sly
don't you think by and by
that we are having such spanking good weather

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its been a very bad wk with a chronic pain flare up in my back, new meds only making me feel stoned so stopped taking them. But theres been no chores or rules to follow, even allowed to wear leggings and wear no makeup.
Yesterday after a free day of the new neds i was beginning to feel more myself.
Mr G was winding me up as he loves to do, so i threatened to throw my rubber at him. ( an eraser ) as i was writing my lines.
As punishment i was given a 5 minute timeout in the corner, which quickly went up to 8 minutes as i did my fav thing, to argue at him that it was unfair.
After my timeout i thought well, ive just been punished for threatening to throw the rubber so i may as well throw it, so i did.
Rubbish shot as it only hit his chair.
He looked at me and said he couldnt believe i just did that.
Told me to go on all fours in front of him, lower at the front.
Then used me as a foot stool !!!!
In-between giggling and trying to stay still i was told i was rubbish as furniture and should stay still. Think i was there for 5 minutes.
Allowed to go and sit down again, i picked my rubber back up and decided to throw it at him again, making sure i hit him this time.
Mr G looked so shocked i couldnt help bursting out laughing.
I said, well i never actually hit you so this time i did it.
Picking my rubber up quickly and sitting down.
He said, i know what youre trying to do.
I asked what ?
He said, youre trying to make me spank you and its not going to work. Just because youve gone without for a few days, your punishment will be to go without one.
Obviously i told him that was not the intention, but ofcourse yes it was.
I love playing a fun brat.

This morning i woke to grotty weather, windy, wet and cool. A typical summers day for the UK.
I asked Mr G if i was allowed to wear leggings as it was chilly.
( im always cold )
He said no !
I started arguing that it was cold, etc etc etc.
He just looked at me and said. Carry on arguing and you will have to wear a short skirt instead.
I said no way, im not wearing a short skirt so everyone can see the bruises.
He said well stop now. Youve had far too many leniencies this week as it is, now youre back to normal, i expect perfect little sub behaviour.
He went to work with giving me my morning spanking.
So, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, i wonder how long the good little sub stays good.
My mind is full of mischief.

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