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So the curiosity to be spanked gives you a tingle up your spine.....
and you surf the spanking websites in search of a partner or an experience.And then you cross my profile.Being even more intrigued
you delve deeper in my profile searching for what might be a match
My photo albums entice you start to excite you and now you feel you might
be hooked by that one picture that has a thousand words attached to it.
And you can hit my page once twice even 3 times a day just getting yourself worked up enough to drop an e-mail an make some small talk to see if...well....there might be that electricity that flows through
the right comment having been written about the fetish that can keep you up at night.That Secret fantasy you may be trying to fulfill.
and now with some e-mail chat and a meeting lined up.You are ready to take the plunge and go past just thinking about the desires that drove you in the first place.
Here goes nothing....
As you walk into the coffee shop and get ready to meet the man behind the profile.You are already thinking SPANKING and not coffee.
as eyes meet and some realtime chat begins.As each word turns into minutes your feeling comfortable with the thought of attempting a shot
at getting that spanking you have so fantasized about and here is your chance.In one word....YES!It has been agreed apon.
And now a meeting is set for some physical play for the following week.
Now you have a whole week to put the thoughts with the act.
And you run through your head what it may all amount to and feel like.
There are spurts of adrenalin that makes your heart race when the the thoughts get real can almost feel the moment and anxious feelings and thoughts of anticipation get you so worked up that you can't wait for that day.
hence.....the day arrives and now you will be walking through the door
to an experience you can only imagine untill BAM!reality and you are there seconds away from receiving that long awaited moment.
And the first spank lands on your bottom and yet you wanted this and were ready with prep all week.But is really happening
and the baring of your bottom was shock enough and being drapped across those wide lap which through your backside way up and pointed it toward the hand that "WHAP" was stinging you for a second time....
And now each rapid fire swing starts to take effect and your breathing
starts to change and now the thoughts reel quickly.Can I survive what is taking place.You can feel the heat beginning to make your fleshy cheeks glow and your squirming does not stop the reign of spanks that are coming non stop.You legs begin moving all on their own and now you feel a bit of uncontrolled body movement that you had not expected.
The whole act feels a bit humiliating but it adds to the rush of thoughts and now the sounds that slip from you lips begin to surprise you and as the SPANKING intensifies.You wonder can I hold back the urge for tears that are welling up in your eyes.the speed and fury
of the blows to your bottom start to take your breath away.....
And with the sounds you can not stop making the first tears down your cheeks and yes.....It has happened....the act has ended and the crying
still resonates in the room while you are pulled to your feet.You bottom is pulsating and the urge to jump in place makes you feel kinda silly.But that fire that is so evident as if to run to a bucket full of cold water and just sit in it.....You are told to go face the corner and touch your nose to the wall and think and reflect what has just taken place.......and yes as you naughty self faces that wall.
The one thought that rules over all of them......
I have been soundly spanked.

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Views: 528 · Added: 37 days ago

Sometimes you have to forget how you feel, and remember what you deserve.

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Views: 776 · Added: 38 days ago

The belt seems so basic and simple. It is what my Dad used to spank me with as a kid. I would hate to hear the rattle in his closet when I waited our punishment for something I did wrong. As an adult, I think there is more to it. My rule has always been that I won't try anything on anyone that I haven't tried myself. I like to learn the feel and intensity of each implement. But the belt has always been a stumbling block for me. I know it sounds silly. But I'm learning. And I hope to share more about this soon.

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Views: 859 · Added: 38 days ago

I have just recently come across videos of mouth soaping .This hadn't really been on my radar .I found them on Mastersons site ,they are on my fav list (if you want to find them ).

He has some very interesting blog entries on why we like spanking and the unease some people feel about something that has it's roots in childhood. I found the soapings exciting when administered to a badly behaved adult, even though I didn't expect too . Great for curing bad language , dishonesty and smoking issues , or anything mouth related .

I certainly remember it , as many people of my generation will ,it was horrid !....can't imagine any body actually likes it , but you never know !...a great alternative punishment , one that is probably not expected. If Used sparingly ,the miscreant won't be in any hurry to repeat their transgression .

While we are on the subject of child hood punishments ,another favourite of times gone by is slapping the legs .Seeing this done early on perhaps started to awaken a love of spanking , although I didn't know it then.

The great thing about this is it can be done almost any where
( if one is careful) car park , out walking, almost any where .
The thought of lifting her skirt and administering a couple of sharp smacks to the back of the thighs for some little indiscretion , is frankly, rather exciting ....then of course those immortal word "wait till I get you home" !... and the promise of more fulsome spanking fun ! Pulses quicken , and her legs will sting all the way home, she'll be over you knee almost before you've sat down !Ah the intimate joy of spanking .

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Views: 701 · Added: 38 days ago

Oh my goodness, it felt like that cold was never gonna leave......
I have to talk to someone about a set punishment and then we shall go from there.
Hope everyone is well....

Masters PlayGround.

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Thirteen years ago today the majority of our country witnessed something that they never have before within or our own borders. Unfortunately for the witnesses and victims of this day, it was a "False Flag Operation" perpetrated by our very own government. Everything about the 9-11 Commission report was incorrect, and no one is being held accountable. Since 09-11-01, our government have taken away our civil liberties and spying on us all in the name of "Freedom"? I don't buy it at all, I don't feel more or less safe before and since that day, but the one thing I do feel is violated by my freedoms being taken away.

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Views: 682 · Added: 39 days ago

Hump day, I got my allergy shots and I am being a brat because I want some ice cream and cake. I am not following my diet because I am really hungry and rabbit food is not getting it today. I will follow my diet tomorrow to the letter. But not today. I need a break.

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Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad me. The end of an era. Dragon and I no longer playing together. I think I cried for 12 hours straight. I miss that guy I blogged about for two years. That guy I cried all over when my mother was sick, I love him and trust him with my well-being. The new version, that guy I wouldn't follow across the street. Took a chance on confronting abusive behavior and, well, does one call it lost when something bad for you ends? It hurts to get dumped and dumped upon. I think its important to tell the story of the lows, along with the highs. My pictures, my blogs, are all painful reminders of happy times. I'm down, and it will take some time to heal.

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It was a longer drive than I antisipated, some road contruction, crazy drivers and a dead zone almost the whole way, so when I reached Bly, I was over an hour late and somewhat a wreck. When my truck pulled up, you were waiting in the open doorway. I don't know if you meant to show it, but I could see the relief in your eyes seeing me in one peice. You walked out to meet me, told me I was late and took my bag in the house. I knew what being late meant. Every minute I was late, meant one more, but that was the first 1/2 hour. Anything after that was 2 for each minute.....that meant I racked up...60, 120......shit! Almost 160 extra and that didn't include what you had racked up for my latest indicresions! Then I had my lesson's on top of that. OH, my ass was going to besore for sure!
You took my bag in another room as I just stood there. When you came out, you told me to take a shower and handed me a black garment and told me to put it on after my shower. It was a long tank top, just hitting below my butt cheeks and it was soft. I bathed thoroughly, soaking in the hot water eased my tense muscles and by the time I got out, my skin had a beautiful pink glow to it and it was soft to the touch. I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer, so I brushed my hair straight back, slick against my head.
When you heard the bathroom door open, you stood and watch me as I walked toward you. The steam from my bath followed me as I emerged into the room, making me look like a dream you'd had. My hair slicked back, eyes large and filled with uncertainty, my step tenative......Without a word, you folded me into your arms, almost crushing me to you and held me there, smelling my clean scent, my soft body seemly melding into yours. It was a brief moment that lasted a lifetime.
When you set me away from you, you turned me around so my back was to you and you slipped a blind fold on me, put my hands behind my back and secured them. You led me into a room and I could feel the energy. You placed me on a stool and instructed me to straighten my back and not move. I could feel you in the room.....then I felt something touching my body. It ran the length of my leg....first the outside and then the inside as the object erged my legs apart. It sent shivers down my spine. Then I could feel it touching my nipples, it was a riding circled my nipples, making them hard, so very hard and sensitive as they stood erect. The riding crop then lifted one of the shoulder straps and it slid down onto my arm, almost exposing my breast. The crop then lead a trail of fire toward the other strap. When it fell off my shoulders, my breasts were almost in full view, my hard nipples keeping the material from giving you full view. The riding crop tracing an invisable line across the fullness of my breasts and expertly flicked the material aside, giving you full view of your prize.
I felt the heat of your body before you reached out and touched me with your hands. Hands that were strong, hands that were gentle, hands that would inflict delicious pain, hands that would take me on an erotic venture of self awareness. You took me by my hands and had me stand before you let the garment slide lightly to the floor, I felt insignificant and small standing before you. As I stood there you fastened restraints around each wrist and led me to a spanking bench. You bent me over so I was laying flat, arms dangling on either side. You secured one wrist and a thrill jolted through my body. You fastened the second wrist and another jolt went through my body.
I could hear the chains as you started your monolog......."You know how late you were?You made me worry, Little One. I don't want to have to worry again, so I'm going to show you what happens when you make me worry." You then took my ankle and pulled it wide and fastened it. Before you fastened the other, you grabbed my hips, pulling me toward you. I could feel the air on my pussy and when you pulled the other ankle, making me spread my legs as far as they would, I felt exposed and vulnerable and a jolt of anticipation shook my body and made me so wet, i thought I peed....."I am going to show you what it feels like when you disobey me, don't prepare for delays and therefore disappointing me". I'm not even going to have you count at this point. I am going to spank you til I think you have learned to behave."
You then landed the first blow and the intensity made me jump. I didn't have time to recover before the second one fell. Then the third, the fourth, the after another, methodically, alternating sides. One cheek, then the other. It stung! You kept up the same pace, one after the other, my ass getting hotter, the stinging blows searing my skin. I started crying out, but you kept on going. I started pulling at my restraints...."Please! Stop! Please!" I pulled harder at my restaints, my ass trying to jerk away from the crop. "Please Big Daddy! Please stop! I learned my lesson! OH God!" as you landed another searing blow. This seemed to last blow after the other and a level of fear began to rise. The pain was no longer surface pain. It went deeper. I wondered if I was bleeding, if I was..........
Then you abruptly stopped and rubbed my red hot skin. You reached lower and found me wet. You reached lower still and found my clit and teased it til it was hard and swollen. I moaned with pleasure and you aburptly stopped....." 10 more. !0 more hard ones and you count. If you miss one, we'll start over. Are you ready?" I said an inaudible, yes. Then I felt the first blow. It was like I was struck by lightening. It wasn't the riding crop I was used to. It was the paddle I made! The shinny finish I put on it made it feel like I made it from razor blades. ONE! the next blow TWO! I'm panting already...THREE!....OH God! ....FOUR!!! PLEASE! No MORE!.....FIVE!!! OWWWEEEE SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT GOOODDD! PLEASEEEE.....NINE!!.....TEN!!!!! I was crying by then. It hurt so bad and I will never be late again......

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This Friday is my birthday! I am working the over night Friday and Saturday for my coworker. I normally I dont work the 13th of September but i made the choice that he needed if off more than I did. He is very grateful. So during the day I am going to spend it with my family. Then working. I sure wish I was going to get b-day spankings (LOL) Hope every one is having a good week. I am glad I was able to help my coworker out. Can wait for next week for my b-day dinner with my friends and family

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Eating tomatoes helps to prevent sunburn. Tomatoes provide the best defense against sun damage.

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250 Word Essay “Why We Don't Text And Drive”
By: Me Date: Today
Assignment By: Daddymole

I did a stupid thing on Sunday. I was texting while driving. I ended up tapping the car in front of me. No damage was done, but it could have been much worse. There are so many reasons why this is a very bad idea. It takes your eyes off the road, the cars (or trees or buildings) in front of you. This accident, while minor, could have resulted in someone's death or injury. At the very least, it could have caused major damage to someone else's car. And because I hit the car in front of me, the car behind me could have been involved, too. Same with the car behind him, and so on. Texting and driving also teaches my son (who will be learning to drive in 4 months) a very bad lesson. Thankfully, he was not in the car with me at the time. If someone had gotten hurt, this would have also been bad for the person I was texting at the time, as they would feel tons of guilt because of it, even though the person I was texting did not know I was driving at the time. They would never have condoned it. I am a fairly smart person, and I did something completely beyond stupid. I feel terrible about it. And not just because I am going to be punished for it. Daddymole was kind enough to take some of the spankings away if I wrote this essay. So here it is.

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I'm not ready for Summer to end. I am a barefoot guy, bare bottom too, and I love walking out of the house unshod wherever I go. I keep sandals in both vehicles if I go into a restaurant or someplace. I stay bare until the first few snows. The sensation and textures for me are a lot like spanking. So many implements and ways to be stimulated. I think I'll be a snowbird and go someplace warm this Winter. If I only could.

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I'm looking for a video I saw here a long time ago. It was a F/F spanking very severe, several implements, very long, blistering. I don't know the actors but I think there was a man there. I want to say to say it was Niko, but I've looked through Niko's videos and I didn't see it (unless I missed it)

I wish I could remember what the "plot" was. I'm sure it was a punishment, there were towels (I think) involved. I'm pretty sure at least part of it took place with the spankee kneeling in a chair, like a living rom type armchair

Any suggestions? I really like the video and want to see it again. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi There:

Now that I have released my first book (a non-spanking related romantic suspense novel), my next project is to release my short story which is the kickoff to a series of books set in a law firm with a whole lot of spanking and other things going on.

The short story is probably best characterized as spanking erotica/spanking romance. But the rest of the series will most likely involve more than just spanking (i.e. bondage, d/s and other bdsm activities) That leads me to the following questions:

1. Do you like to read spanking erotica (i.e. spanking romance)?
2. Do you like to read B.D.S.M. erotica/romance?
3. If you're a pure spanko or a DD practitioner and I characterize the short story as B.D.S.M. erotica (there is some d/s) would that turn you off?
4. If I characterize the short story as a spanking romance or spanking erotica will I still attract those into B.D.S.M. erotica?

I like to read both myself and would not be deterred by either description. How about you?

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Now how many times as a child did I hear the words "Are you looking for a smack?!" I mean how the hell would anyone be looking for that..? I would start pretending to look all over the house, under cushions and behind the sofa, running up the stairs saying "come out come out wherever you are!" as my Mothers face would turn from an already beetroot state to that of a aubergine... Also another statement that used to send my little head into utter confusion was "And who do you think you are?" JUST YOU DAUGHTER FFS! and "How old are you?" like she of all people should know! But the best used to be "Stop answering me back!" even my four hundred year old head teacher used that one like it was going out of fashion! I used to say "but I have to speak to reply to you!" That often got me sent to the corner of our old stone Victorian school. I even recall the saying from my elders (not betters!) "Silence when you address me! Now I have never said any of these to my own children as I try my very best to escape conversation with them at all costs! Anybody else got some little 'Crackers' like that from their childhoods?

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It's the never ending cycle

In the life of a spankee

Everything is going well.

Then I'm ordered over Her knee!


"You're going to get a spanking."

The first sign I did something wrong.

My bottom might be fine and white now,

But it won't be for very long!


Being told to take your clothes off might upset some.

But it never bothers me

While some might find it shameful,

I'm an exhibitionist, you see.


Even so, I take my time stripping

Though it makes Her complain.

The sooner I am naked,

The sooner I feel the pain.


Then She beckons me to Her,

And hauls me over Her lap.

After getting me in position,

She gives my bare bottom a tap.


"This will hurt you more than it does me.

She says with a smirk.

She smacks the bathbrush down hard

making my poor bottom jerk!


An instant smack on the other cheek

Getting ready to deliver,

A heat to my rear end

Enough to make me shake and quiver.


The bathbrush moves in perpetual motion,

Really making me squirm.

But I can't escape the dreadful hurting

Because She's holding me too firm.


The spanking seems to go on forever,

When will it ever end?

Her arm is moving in a blur.

How much energy can She expend?


At last my punishment is over,

Just when I can't take any more.

She moves Her arm from around me,

My feet can touch the floor.


My bottom is really stinging,

But I know better than to rub,

I bask in Her loving praise

As She calls me Her good little sub.


In the end it really is worth it.

Enduring all the pain,

I know it makes me a better man

Until the cycle begins all over again.

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Bigorexia is a disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with working out because they aren't muscular enough.

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Ok, so several on here are starting to get me to come out of my shell. I have several spanking fantasies that I would like to come true at some point in my life. I will share mine, but I want to hear from others out there. What is your spanking fantasy? Anything goes.

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