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170 views · 25 days ago

I'm excited to announce a new disciplinary services page at! Check it out now!
I have also recently been listed among the Professional disciplinarians at
Coming soon I will be included in the listings of professional disciplinarians at as well!

Be sure to visit!

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#RiseAndShine be gentle and be strong like the dove, stormy times you’ll rise above, and bring forth with force the shine from within: cleansing from ill, and sin #StrictMotivation

Get your #StrictMotivation contact

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new pics loaded in my gallery: panty selfies (in this case, a panty and a no panty selfie for you to enjoy)

HD Spank
143 views · 25 days ago

After a months ban on spanking, Mr G finally decided to return to morning maintenance spankings.
Yesterdays was so hard, i was otk, after only 3 swats, i had fought myself off his knee.
I was then ordered to bend over in front of him whilst he used the Little Devil paddle to its fullest ability. Ensuring my entire bottom was turned bright red.
But every time i moved, grabbed my ass, stood up, i was ordered back over and given another 10 for moving, i think i had well over 60 swats.
My bottom remained red for the rest of the day, bruised and left little circular bruises from the paddle.

Today i was just ordered over the chair, bare my bottom and couldnt believe Mr G was able to go even harder than yesterday. I fought against him, but he held me down with his hand on my back.
Tears sprang to my eyes as i fought him.
How can you stay still when your ass is getting beaten black and blue ?
Its impossible.
But i said thnk you once it was over, and discreetly rubbed my terribly sore bottom, tho i know im not allowed to, but luckily he never noticed.

Mr G seemed to thoroughly enjoy this v hard spanking today. I think the harder he hits the more he enjoys it. Im not entirely sure i would agree. But ofcourse i still love him to the moon and back. :)

128 views · 25 days ago

I was set a certain task,didn't do it and got spanked. It hurt alot but I secretly enjoyed it,he certainly did,men are so obvious when they are horny!

486 views · 25 days ago

Check out my spanking-blogs on thumblr. I hope you'll like it! According to some of my followers, my captions are legendary.

HD Spank
158 views · 25 days ago

Sometimes i feel like if i was to recieve weekly punishment even if i didnt miss behave that i would be a better man. Routine spankings i feel would keep me in line and are something i have longed for....and need in my life. Am i alone or does anyone else feel this way?

96 views · 25 days ago

it is time to #go2bed, another week now lies ahead, sweet dreams to the well behaved, and corner time for the naughty, so choose wisely, where you want your booty #StrictMotivation

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Could use the spanking but oh well

HD Spank
221 views · 26 days ago

Hi everyone!

Just a few words:)

I would like to chat to anyone Who wants to:) please contact me:)


103 views · 26 days ago

Hi to all,

Just wanted to say hi and hope to have some good conversations soon. Perhaps a spanking session too, ideally.

My favorite scenario is maintenance spanking, and I'm overdue!

184 views · 26 days ago

My master told me i had to write 50 lines,because i have a tendancy for sliding down a bank with my white knickers on, after dressing in my school girl uniform. I had to write i must not slide down the bank and dirty my knickers.(BORING) This used to happen when i was twelve years old,my mother used to go mad because she couldn't get the grass stains out of my knickers, i never got a spanking for the deed but i am paying the price for it now. I am sitting on a hot bottomas i write this.

HD Spank
165 views · 26 days ago

new photos posted in my gallery: panty selfies - (women taking photo selfies of their own adorable hot bottoms in super cute panties)

179 views · 26 days ago

Let's raise a bit of hell today and justify our rowdy reputation.
We'll break a few unneeded rules and lie when they demand an explanation.
Let's toss some pumpkins off the roof and marvel as it makes a lovely mess.
We'll say that it's performance art and therefore we have nothing to confess.
Our butts will soon be redder than the rain of pretty leaves about to fall.
But color is the glory of the season. It's October after all!

135 views · 26 days ago

Add me on fetlife @gainz513

HD Spank
1191 views · 26 days ago

A Broken Shell
Cracked at Birth
A Lie
Dead on Earth
Heed my words
Tomorrow's gone
No more walking
In this world
The Lord
The Devil
Choose well
End of Story
Sign Out

272 views · 26 days ago

i have been so busy this i said i had 4 of my granddaughters over night on Friday.. 11, 8, 8 n 2... we baked homemade bread, played hide n seek, made popcorn n hot cocoa n watched "Daddy Daycare" n then "Little Rascals' times the 3 older girls occupied themselves with toy playin n playin a board game but the 2 yr old kept me goin lol..each "u cant do that" from me got a "i know" from her but she wouldn't stop lol... she loved playin on the stairs n in the cats food n water n runnin n shuttin the tv off on the older girls .. i had been up since 3am yesterday for work n it was nearly midnight before i got the last two to sleep.. we had tossed sleepin bags n pillows on the livin room floor n camped out there but those two had a lot to talk about lol... the two yr old was up at 2:30 for a potty run n then right back to sleep.. she was also the first one up at 730am today.. i had all 4 of them rght up until 3pm... then my other daughter n her children came to visit n we made peanut butter balls ( they changed their minds about rice krispie bars)...i ordered pizza n we all watched the new jungle book... it was nearly 930 when my daughter left with her 1 yr old daughter BUT the 4, 5, n 9 yr old boys wanted to say over night sooooooo they r all now campin out on the livin room floor with sleepin bags n pillows ... i did dishes n picked up a lil n now have a few minutes to myself... havin my lil people around me is the best medicine in the world for anything......i highly recommend it *big smiles* ..Poppy n i have had nearly NO time at all n ive missed him but i really needed this time with my babies.....

174 views · 26 days ago

Is it weird for a top to want to experience what it is like to be a bottom and vice versa? Anyone else feel the same? Because I'm curious

HD Spank
455 views · 27 days ago

With humans, perception is everything. What a person perceives is normally what they believe to be true. I have to say that I have been quite offended lately by the questions that come my way regarding race and ethnicities. But, more so, the assumptions that I “only spank white girls”. As if to say that I have a problem spanking women from any other race! SMH. I normally don't address stupidity like this so, at first I just laughed at the ignorance behind these assumptions. Then I just began to get fed up.

So let’s just set the record STRAIGHT…………….

I am not a discriminative person. As previously stated, I have spanked many women of different sizes, shapes and races. Fact is, I will most likely perform a session as long as the woman is safe, sane and of LEGAL age. I feel that anyone that wants to be able to experience spanking should be able to, regardless of what color they are.

But, let’s get down to the point I REALLY want to make. People look stupid when they decide to assume something. I’ve always been taught to get the real facts before I speak on a subject. I don’t have “black” friends and I don’t have “white” friends. I just have friends. I have not spanked “ black” women and I have not spanked “white" women. I have simply spanked women. In a society where we are looked upon as “weird”, why would it matter what color someone is? We should stick together as a community. I don’t associate with “black” spankos and I don’t associate with “white” spankos. I just associate with SPANKOS. For those that didn’t quite understand those statements, the color of a person isn’t important to me, just their interests concerning this lifestyle that I love so much. Are most of the videos that I have posted with caucasian women? Yes they are! The reason for that? I don’t get a lot of contacts from women of other ethnicities. I don’t know why but I don’t question it. To me, everyone in this lifestyle is a spanko and should not be identified by their race.


177 views · 27 days ago

i am in search of a spanking from a very much older man or woman in my area. let me know if you are interested :)

Clare Fonda Pass