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(Part 1 is below - in a previous post on this blog.) Real Punishment: Changing His Behavior, Part 2 -- Texting while Driving -- -- Day 2: The next day BlackStrapDad had ThrashedSon cut switches for his punishment -- -- but the punishment did not resume until that night. Reason: Spank1966 offered to assist BlackStrapDad in punishing ThrashedSon. -- -- It just so happened that on the way, Spank1966 himself texted while driving. He admitted his mistake immediately. When he arrived, BlackStrapDad invited Spank1966 to paddle ThrashedSon. -- 42 swats -- Then Dad told Spank1966 he would be whipped with TrashedSon, since both of them were guilty of the same thing. -- For two hours these two "big boys" received behavior-changing punishments. -- BlackStrapDad whipped both of them individually, had each of them spank the other, and ended up whipping both of them at the same time. -- -- Video clip of the two getting punished together is at
-- -- more to come...

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Well saw my Mistress today and I am really sore. Got 70 with a rubber paddle and 100 with the cane. Well it was only suppose to be 70 but miscounted at 30 so had to start all over. And had something new called fire cupping which wasn't as sore as the cane but hurt quite a bit still. I was gonna put the pics on here but don't know how so if you wanna see what I look like you'll have to check out my pics. I guess I did deserve my punishment just cos I'm a brat lol. My pics I got are in the comments so you can see them on here now.

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This morning I decided to have a lazy one and go back to bed, I never do this now, when I'm up at whatever time, that's it, I normally go to bed in the afternoon. But I got my kindle, sketch pad and pencils, made a coffee, warmed up a mince pie, put some choccies on the plate, leaving my phone and iPad for once downstairs.
Said ' Bedtime babies,' to my dogs and they both raced upstairs. They know if its bedtime they get a treat. Dave was already on the bed, Muffin went under the bed to the dogs actual bed. A chew bar for both of them, a soppy Xmas film to watch and I had a lovely 2 hours colouring my sketch and watching the film.
This afternoon I've got a hospital appt, 2 weeks ago I got a cist on my nipple, I'd say it was quite normal when you've had a piercing as that's what happened the first time I had them done. It took well over a year for them to heal, first time round and this time its probably over a year since I took the bars out. But this cist was quite large, it came up on the Friday, erupted on the Sunday, but we were a bit concerned so Master said go to the drs. Luckily I took a photo of the cist to show him. He thought it was infected, swollen so gave me antibiotics but wanted me to go to the breast clinic just to be sure.
Going with my mother in-law, I'd rather be on my own but as soon as she found out I was going, she was adamant she was coming. But she is dead against piercings, tattoos and thinks people who lead a "50 shades of grey" lifestyle as just nutters. Her words not mine and that's only from discussing the books. She has seen my tattoo by accident really, but she just shook her head.
Think she would be shocked to learn exactly what we do do. But that side of life is private, well private along with hundreds of other spanko friends, (not nutters) who know me. Its amazing how people see each other, when they know nothing about BDSM, and even the tattoos and piercings. My mother in-law says "you get no benefit from them its just body mortification." I try to explain that there are many advantages to them but she won't believe me. I tell her she can't comment on them if you've never had one. But she's adamant she's right. You just can't tell some people, lol, I love her loads, she is my other mother and I know she brings up the conversation just to get a rise out of me, doing it on purpose to wind me. Mmmm that explains why Master and E, our son does the same. Everyone says I'm an easy target to wind up.
Anyway mammogram done, just waiting on results then I can find the mother in-law and go home.
Mammogram came back all clear as expected, its just general body fluids stuck and out this way, eventually it will clear up.
But it was better to be safer than sorry, just in case. I suppose I can look at it as experience, out of the many surgical things I've had done, I've never had my boobs seen too, lol. Tick that off the To Do List.

Sarah Spanks Men
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Why don't you support a team that wins occasionally?
Well I thought it was a valid question! My arse is testament to the fact that it's not. I posted a little photo of my winnings!

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Like wish everybody merry Christmas like say mine is gonna be but I lost my wife of 34 years while we slept woke up an she had passed in her sleep worst day of my
life she was my world she spanked me for 34 years kept me in line an I loved every minute of it an now just don't know how to fine another I am lost any way just wanted introduce my self

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Can someone please give me a discipline plan? I’ve been late to work, eaten out too much, not worked out, complained etc.

I need orders for a good bare bottom hairbrush beating.

Sarah Spanks Men
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Can someone please give me a discipline plan? I’ve been late to work, eaten out too much, not worked out, complained etc.

I need orders for a good bare bottom hairbrush beating.

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Please know you shattered my heart into a million pieces. I don't think you know how deep you hurt me. I trusted you. I thought you were special. But I quickly learned I wasn't as important to you as you were to me. Words mean nothing.

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Like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my spanking tube friends!
Hope to finish my new movie and put here at coming holidays.
More spanking dreams and plays for you, my friends!
Yours Shurik.

Sarah Spanks Men
166 views · 31 days ago

God I’m going crazy I so wish I could get spanked my bottom wants to turn red

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So Mark went to the game tonight with his watch his team West Ham United play Arsenal... West ham lost!....This puts me in a very strong far as earning a trip over his knee... I'd only have to play up a little bit... hardly any effort will be needed.. hmmmm life is good.

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I have a strong desire to relive the days of my youth when poor or unacepatble behavior or bad choices resulted in a bare bottom spanking. I view myself as a naughty oversexed teen who needs strict discipline to achieve behavior modification. Longing to have my pants taken down and pulled over a lap and have my bottom tanned with a belt, hairbrush, or ping pong paddle. The pics I have liked should give the reader an idea of how I view myself and what needs to be done to get through to me. I crave a good lecture prior to a punishment that leaves no doubt that a spa king to remember will occur.
Looking to interact with like minded members so feel free to hit me up.

Sarah Spanks Men
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My future girl: I love you.
Me: I love you too.
My future girl: Prove it. Scream it to the world.
Me: (whispers in ear) I love you.
My future girl: Why did you whisper in my ear?
Me: Because you are my world.


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Salty raindrops pour from her eye.
Always questioning and asking why.
Forgotten girl in a foreign land.
Is this her life, is this what's planned?

The flowers you brought, wilted in a vase.
Going through the motions, stuck in place.
Dried up sorrow, tear-stained face.
House of glass, hollow embrace.

The roses I gave her, you will not see.
Delivered by hand while across my knee.
Pinks and reds, her favorite hues.
You, on the other hand gave her blues.

Black and blue you left on her face.
Blemishes of you, worn in disgrace.
My roses her badges she proudly wears.
Symbols of love, of one who cares.

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A Naughty Christmas Eve

(Sung To the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). Justjanie 12/17

You know Lasher and Slapper and Paddler and
Kiss 'em,
You know Cropper and Booter and Licker and
Whip 'em.
But do you recall
The most famous spanking of all?!

A naughty girl we call Miss Mischief,
Was throwing ice balls made of snow,
Daddy bent her bare bum over,
And beat her til her ass cheeks glowed

All of the other kiddies,
Used to laugh and call her names
They’d never seen Miss Mischief
Over Daddy's lap, in pain!!

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Santa’s on his sleigh
He couldn't find their town that night,
And almost flew away!

All of those other children,
Voices filled with frightened pleas,
For Santa Claus to bring their presents
To put beneath their Christmas trees.

Then Miss Mischief and her bum,
Her cheeks alight with flame,
Stuck her bottom out the door
And Santa saw and came.

Now all the children loved her
Each Christmas Eve, across her bed,
Daddy spanks her red and glowing
To signal Santa and his sled!

Merry Christmas!!
Not my best effort but it did cure my insomnia. Lol

Sarah Spanks Men
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Would like to wish everyone on here a spanking good Christmas and an Over The Knee New Year.

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Some of you may know that I help run the Spanking Awards, an annual event based on all things to do with the video and online spanking industry.

If you follow my twitter feed here - enter this > @spankchief (or my blog) - where the awards are hosted every year, then you will know they have already started and 2 categoriesa are already active.

More will follow very shortly. let your online friends know so they can vote for their favorites in the industry :)

John Osborne.

Spanking Awards 2017 is hosted at

An actual awards ceremony will be held at the in Houston, TX. (May 2018) - see website for exact party dates.

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Hi friends.
I am sure most of you like me miss our dear Dommes Infinity (Missy)very much. It's a long time she is not online. Yesterday I got an email from her, she is super busy with her real life stuffes, so can't be online.
It's her message :
"Please tell all the others I said hi and I get back to all of you as soon as I can."
Hope her situation get better and we can have her here soon.

Sarah Spanks Men
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Resolution : Getting the very best ( or worst ) paddling and strapping from my
favorite lady spankers.
Miss Chris, Miss Dana Specht, and Ms Kimi.

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I would like to wish all of my friends here a wonderful holiday season and a spanking good 2018.