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Just ready to meet with Master Victor again.
WE are looking for spanking the real wood, not expensive and really
wide and long that can hold my body. Any ideas?
And what spanking implements Master can use on his slave?
Any ideas about some kind of torture?
What do you like to watch in our new videos?

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Sandra spoke first, explaining what Janie had done, and what she'd done. She said she panicked and called for help. James, said very little, and asked to speak to the Dr.
"Yes, yes, I know. She's perfectly fine ,David. She's had a focused paddling on her sit spots, a bit of blistering and rather deep bruising. She was sound asleep when I arrived.... Oh, yes, Dylan is there... so you won't be back here, until after... yes.....Of course, James, if that's what you want. What about the hazing? Any more problems? ....Oh, he's there, good! I won't have to hurry, then.... Certainly, then, my pleasure.... Just the same, you say. Well, alright. I'll be back by dinner. Goodbye now.
"Where's that paddle, you punished Janie with!"
"It's at the guesthouse." Sandra said, a bit confused.
"Go over and bring it back to me."
"But why..."
"Now, Sandra! Go and get it."
"Yes, Dr."
Sandra returned quickly, and gave him the paddle.
"James has asked me to paddle you, just like you paddled Janie, for making me drive out here. He'd do it himself, but he's committed, for several days. I want to have your bare bottom over my knee, without any discussion. I'm going to give you a taste, of what it feels like to have your sit spots blackened and blistered, so prepare yourself. This is going to hurt."
Sandra was so shocked!! No one but her Father, or James, had ever punished her, not even at school. She had to comply, of course, James had directed it. She shyly, reached under her skirt, and pulled her panties down. She lifted the back of her slip and skirt, and removed her high heels. She stood awkwardly next to his lap, trying to process the situation.
Dr. Nathan flipped her across, hiked her skirt and slip up higher and pulled her panties down, farther. Her lovely, unblemished bottom, was nicely plump and enhanced, by white garters and stockings. He picked up the paddle. "Did you warm up Janie's bottom, slowly?"
"No, I didn't. I hit her hard and fast and didn't stop, until it was done." She whimpered.
Then neither will I. He was a strong, athletic man. He pushed Sandra farther across his lap, to expose her tender area.
"Is this how you positioned her?"
"No, I had my arm around her waist, on the bed, and had her legs locked between mine."
"Then we'll move to the couch. Keep those panties down and that skirt up!"
The Dr. enjoyed her little, bare bottomed, shuffle to couch. He sat down, spreading his legs. She bent over his left knee. His strong arm, encircled her tiny waist. He picked up the paddle, adjusted her, for better access, and began. He paddled her hard, and very quickly, she was crying, after only a few slaps of the paddle. He had told the housekeeper, to take the children out, so they were alone, except for Janie, who was not close enough to hear.
He had wanted to spank her bottom ,for years! Now, he had a good reason and much enthusiasm, for the task. That pale skin ripened, as the wood slapped into it. The flesh shook, and she howled!! It was everything, he had hoped it would be. She tried to struggle, but he was much bigger and she was no match for him. He tried not to vary from those spots, although he would have loved to spank her, everywhere. Dozens of whacks hit her bottom!
"Oh, please, Sir. Please, I've learned my lesson."
She sounded like a little school girl. He'd like to cane that naughty bottom, but he'd have to enjoy, what he could. He moved his arm from around her waist, and stretched her cheeks apart, slightly, with his hand. He flattened the area, to expose her little more to the paddle. He could see her inner secrets, clearly now. He WHACKED the wooden surface against the delicate skin, within her crack. He spread her legs, a touch, to WHACK that little triangular island, that was the entrance to her lady parts.
"OWWWWW, OH,OWWW, OOOOOOooooo," she cried and cried.
He let her struggle, to justify smacking a little lower, getting her upper thighs, then he back to work on those sit spots.... He WHACKED AND WHACKED AND WHACKED her ass, from red, to violet, to blue, to purple and darker. He raised blisters and then broke them, with a resounding slap.
Sandra was almost, beyond the pain, she had submitted. She cried and screamed, but did nothing to resist. If he adjusted her, she jutted out her bottom. If he spread her cheeks, she tried to keep them unclenched. She kept her legs open and accessable. Dr Nathan would need a moment, to adjust his own anatomy, before he made the trip back. He was so hard he could come, just from paddling her.
He loved his wife. But the fireworks had extinguished, with the long hours and the children. He would go back home with renewed vigor and give her and her bottom, plenty of attention.
Finally, he got her to her feet. He was confident, that in a few hours her bottom, would look very much like Janie's. He got her upstairs and into bed. He rubbed the ointment on her blisters, covered her with the sheet, and said goodbye. He ducked into the bathroom to unburden himself of his hard on. He blew his load into a handful of Kleenex and left,

By the time he reached the Lodge, the boys would be ready to start service. That was the main event. Lots of red bottoms, drinks and entertainment. He wouldn't miss it for anything!!

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did some pictures just now..... not my best bust but they are up

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Alright young lady stand up and get over here” Charlie ordered as he came into their bedroom and pulled out a chair to sit on. In spite of the large paddle he held in his hand and the fact that he called her ‘young lady’ Risa stubbornly remained seated. Taking 2 quick steps Charlie grabbed her by the forearm and hauled her to her feet. “I see we’re not just being a brat tonight we’re being a 5 yr old brat. That’s okay, I’ll begin with the 5 yr old.” He moved her a quarter turn to the side the put his arm around her back forcing her to bend over at a 45 degree angle and drew her up to her tip toes. He raised her skirt and pulled her panties down. In this position under his arm he basically supported her weight holding her in position. After tossing the paddle on the bed Charlie reminded her what happens to naughty 5 yr olds who don’t do as they are told.
“Ouch Owie”
Are you ready to do as you are told?” No answer from Risa.
“Ow stop ouch” Risa eyes filled with tears?
“How about now?” giving her 3 more swats. “Ok I will” Risa cried. So Charlie pulled her panties back up and adjusted her skirt and still holding her arm instructed her to pick up the paddle.
“Come on then. Get over here” walking her to the chair he sat down. “Give me the paddle and get over my knee Risa, you have a good, hard spanking coming over your behavior this weekend.
She handed him the paddle and slowly put herself across his lap. Again Charlie raised her skirt and pulled down her panties. “You’ve been a little brat Risa; you know what happens to little brats don’t you?”
“What happens to them Risa?”
“They are spanked on their bare bottom.”
“That’s exactly right Risa and that’s exactly what is going to happen to you.” Charlie didn’t waste a minute but began;
“Ooooo owie ooooo” Risa began to cry. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!
She tried to reach back but he caught her hand and pinned it to her waist. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! She started kicking her legs and twisting her hips to get away from the stinging swats so Charlie lifted his leg over her legs to hold her still and effectively keeping her in place.
Charlie’s swats covered her entire behind.
“Ouch ow no please ow”
SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You were a very naughty girl.” SMACK! “A naughty girl who deserves a spanking.”SMACK!
“Are you a sorry naughty girl Risa? Are you sorry you were a brat?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
“Yes. Yes I am. Please Charlie. No more.”
“I don’t think you are” he replied as he continued to raid down the paddle. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
Risa was sobbing “please Charlie stop. I’ve learned my lesson. It hurts. Please no more spanking.”
SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Charlie focused on her sit spot; left cheek-middle-right cheek then left cheek-middle-right cheek. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!
“I’m sorry Charlie. I’m sorry I was a brat.” SPANK! SPANK!
“I promise I’ll be good. Please no more spanking. Please.”
Charlie looked at her now glowing ass. He thought maybe for a little while anyway she’d keep her promise.

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yes iam feeling braty i have been sick all weekend coughing my life away AND BEFORE YOU ASK YES I HAVE TAKEN MEDS!!!!!.. STOMPS FOOT..... IAM TICK.... arms crossed.... today i have cleaned my room and done laundry. i ate very little cause i dont feel like eating. may take some pics once i do something with my hair.... i look like shit today ... people better look out Cassy is grumpy today .... tantrums on the floor.. holding breath..... wow iam bad girl. sigh dont care... noone can stop me.... ha ha ha sticks tongue out grabs my blanket and sucks my thumb..... with sad eyes

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Dr. Nathan arrived at the Lake House. He'd been at the Initiation, enjoying himself with the other members, while his nephew went through the hazing. He received a frantic phone call, from the housekeeper, at the King's Lakehouse, to come at once. It was a very long drive, and it left him in a very awkward position, with the King brothers, to leave without a truthful explanation. Thank heaven they were occupied and he just left a message that he had a call. He didn't know what he'd be dealing with, upon his arrival. He tried to call, when he was alone. All he knew, from the second call, was that David's daughter needed medical care. The housekeeper didn't know any more. He knew he'd better not fail her.
He pushed the speed limits to get there, as quickly as he could. He pulled up the long driveway, grabbed his bag and hurried into the house. The housekeeper said they were upstairs. He raced to the bedroom, where he found Sandra, near hysterics. Janie was still, on the bed, on her tummy, covered by a sheet.
He couldn't understand Sandra, she was in such a state, so he quickly checked Janie's vital signs. Everything seemed fine. He shook her, "Janie, honey, it's Dr. Nathan. Can you hear me. Janie? She lifted her head, a bit groggy and confused.
"Yes, I'm awake now."
"What's happened, dear? Did you fall? Have you hit your head or injured yourself? Are you ill?"
"No, I'm okay. I just have a awfully sore bottom, that's all. I was very naughty and Auntie paddled me."
The Dr. gave Sandra, a scathing look. "A sore bottom?" Well let's have a look. He pulled down the sheet and observed two very large round, dark bruises on her pretty bottom. There was some blistering, and a bit of broken skin. She'd been given, a good, hard paddling. He saw nothing, very alarming. It was best not to overdo, in one spot. He was rather surprised, that mild mannered Sandra, had paddled Janie, so intensely. "Well, Janie, that is a well paddled bottom. What did you do, to warrant it?"
Janie blushed, feeling ashamed, " I went into the guesthouse, where Evan was staying and went through his things. We are in love, you know, and I just wanted to feel closer to him."
"Well, young lady, that was a very bad decision and I'd have whipped your bare bottom, myself, with my belt, if I'd been there. You could use a little antibiotic ointment and a bit of a rest. You won't be sitting, very comfortably, for a day or two, but you'll be fine. I trust you've learned your lesson?"
"Oh, yes, Dr., I have and I'm very sorry for causing so much trouble, for my Aunt. I've had worse spankings, than this. I'll be fine. I'm sorry you had to come out. I told Auntie, I was fine."
"Well, no harm done." You get some rest, Janie. I expect your Daddy and Evan, are going to be very cross with you, but any further punishment will have to wait. That bottom needs to heal and it's your year, at the Fair, isn't it?"
"Yes, yes, I'm very excited to go, although I've already found my match, I think. Will you be there?"
"Of course, I will. I wouldn't miss it, Janie. I'll see you there. Keep applying that ointment, until those blisters close. Bye, bye, young lady and behave yourself! I'll have a chat, with your Daddy about this."
"I know, Dr., Janie said, looking contrite. Tell him I'm sorry, won't you? "
"I will, Janie, but we both know you'll be sorrier, before it's all forgotten. Sandra, I want a word."
Sandra, who had been wringing her hands, throughout the exam, nodded her head, and followed. "Let's use the office, Sandra."
The two of them entered the office, and Dr Nathan sat down at the desk. "I'm very annoyed, Sandra, and we are calling James, so you can explain yourself. I'll talk to David, upon my return. This was nothing, approaching an emergency. It's a nearly four hour round trip, to here and back... over a paddling?!?! Have you lost your mind?"
Sandra knew, now, that she had over reacted. She had let her anxiety get the best of her. "I'd lost my temper, you see, I didn't mean to hit her, that hard. I couldn't stop myself, I was so angry.. at her and at James, for blaming me. She's old enough to be responsible. I couldn't believe I'd broken the skin, and I saw blood. I thought, James and David we going to be furious. I was scared and I needed help, so I thought of you."
Dr. Nathan and Sandra went way back. He'd almost, asked to court her, but James had won the day. She was then and still was, a beautiful woman. She was a little lacking, in self confidence. He could see how, James might have been a bit of a bully. Punishment was fine, but it needed to be delivered with firmness and love. She'd been feeling unappreciated.
"Well, Sandra, I think Janie got, just what she deserved. You undermined the whole thing, by second guessing it and apologizing. You, perhaps, should have paddled more of her bottom and maybe her legs, but that's all you did wrong. You should be calm, when you punish the children. If you're angry, wait. Let them stew awhile. It's good for them. But summoning me, all the way up here, in the middle of hazing, was craziness. You should have come to the phone and I could have settled this. What ridiculous melodrama! This was a complete waste of my time, when I could have been needed at the Lodge. I'm certain, James will be angry. Just talk to him about how you've been feeling, and accept, whatever punishment, you are due. Now, let's make that call."

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has anyone else ever wished they were that girl in a movie who doesn't expect a spankin, doesn't want a spankin, is appalled by the thought of bein spanked yet wanna b THAT girl who gets spanked anyhow? lol lol

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As we were watching TV, I heard our son E get in the shower. It was 6 pm on a Saturday night and I thought there's only 1 reason for a shower, he was going out. But for the first time, my thoughts weren't on wanting to be spanked,, I wanted to be fucked, fisted, I wanted multiple orgasms.

My thoughts were confirmed when the hairdryer started, the smell of his hair products then aftershave, a few minutes later he came down dressed to go out.
He went to get his bike and left.
"When I asked where he was going ?" Typical fashion, he replied "London."
He doesn't give much away these days to where he's going, it's just "Out."
But he was a great kid and we trusted him.

Within a few minutes of him leaving G said, "Are you going to shave my balls then?", I replied, "Yes."
Heading upstairs to get everything ready, I put the waterproof sheet over the bed that I hadn't washed from the weekend away, so I decided we may as well use that. I put my stool by the bed, a bowl of hot water, razor and shower gel then I was all set. G put our favourite music channel on the TV, Smooth FM, so we could listen to old '80's music. We both sang and hummed along to the music, enjoying the moment.

I take pride in shaving G, I want a perfect job for him and for me, so I always concentrate hard on this task. The dogs happily slept right next to him, I felt so chilled and relaxed, maybe the weekend away has done me more good than I realised.
Eventually he was shaved nice and smooth, I told him to roll over so I could do his bum, again I wanted a perfect job.
When I thought it was all done, I washed the soap away and kissed him. I love licking his bum now, it took a while for me to learn to enjoy it but hearing G groan in pleasure was so special and the most important thing in the world. I was making him happy.
After a few minutes, I discovered a small section of hair that I'd missed, so I reached for the razor to get rid of it.
"I don't think beauticians would do this sort of work, shave, lick to check for smoothness then shave once more." G said laughing, making me giggle too.
"No maybe not, but it's the best way to check." Planting a gentle smack on his ass, I went back to enjoying checking for stray hair.

After some time, I told G I was done and to lie down. I wanted to give him a massage, grabbing my oil from the toy drawer. Pouring some into my palm, I began my massage, again I love this task, though I've never had training in massages, I think I do a good job, G has mentioned I should study more about the pressure points, especially in the foot and head, and I do keep thinking I should, but as yet all I've done was download some apps.
But for now, I knew how to give him a lovely massage, especially on his flank.

I did this for quite some time, really until my arms grew tired but I noticed I was going for longer each time, so maybe my arms are getting a little stronger.
Patting his bum, I told him I was done and he asked if I would like anything ?
I said, "Yes, I'd love a bum massage too."
We swapped places, and G poured some oil over me and started his task. I love, love, love this, and he always does a good job. Including my hips which actually felt awesome, the usual arthritis throb went away, then he moved up to my shoulders and top half of my back. He would never touch the lower back and my degenerative discs but gave my sides a gentle rub as he moved up. The massage was deep on my shoulders, a bit too deep, as I gave a small ouch, he chuckled and continued. I knew he was enjoying my massage a bit too much but I never said stop. Going back to my bottom, he continued and I sunk deeper into it. Back up to my shoulders, his hands started getting stronger and I ouched louder this time, he chuckled, bent down and gently bit my back. Making me ouch louder. "Owwww, that hurt, I don't like biting." I said. Bad move really, as if I say I don't like it, it usually encourages him to continue. He knows if I really, really didn't, I would make it a hard limit and say Red. But I still wasn't a fan, maybe it was because he had rubbed my skin so the bite felt worse. Like when your bottom gets warmed up and the smacks feel sharper.

But he stopped and focused on my bottom once more. Squirting more........oil was it........I don't he pulled my cheeks apart to pour it over my hole. He slid some fingers deep into my bottom and left them there for a second before starting to thrust deeper, harder, flicking his fingers inside, I was soon deep in the throws of an orgasm. I tried sticking my bottom out as far as I could but that was hard as G was sitting on my closed legs, so all I could do was lie there and enjoy it. And I certainly did, as I came long, hard and passionately, this is just what I needed. I fell deeper into my pillow as I recovered and heard G reach for something in the drawer, I tried to turn to see but couldn't. But felt more cold liquid squirt on my crack and he spread my cheeks to allow it to drip down my hole and to my pussy.

I felt something slide over my pussy, rubbing my clit, I knew it was a dildo. G slid it over my holes then pushed it slowly into my pussy, turning the vibrator on. He pushed deeper as I again tried to spread my legs, lift my bottom up to give him more access but couldn't. G stopped, leaving the dildo in its place, then I felt another one by my butt hole as it slipped in easily and deep. G turned the vibrator on that one and I felt them both inside, it was incredible.
I gasped when G started to pump them alternatively, going a little deeper each time, he then went together, stopping for a second, then alternative, then one at a time again. I was floating high and every pulsing push felt incredible, so deep and filled both my holes until it felt like I could burst. Soon it started to feel too much, too deep, I moved a hand back to push them away but G smacked my bottom and moved my hand. He eased of a little then, still pulsing them, the vibrator still buzzing away. After a few seconds he started to push a bit deeper again, my hand flew back again, smacking my hand away, then smacking my bottom he continued. The pleasure was becoming more pain as my insides were stretched and filled as never before, but I knew it was becoming more intense, too intense. My hands flew to my sides as I gently hit the bed and waved them to indicate it was enough.
Then I realised, the safe word, he will only stop for the safe word.
"Red," I shouted, "Red.....Red." And G stopped the play.
Slowly he turned the vibrators off and slid the dildos out.
Lying over my back he kissed my neck.

G rubbed my bottom, then I felt his cock by my bum, then slowly slide in.
He paused once he was inside, I looked behind me, smiling, "Are you fucking my ass now ?" I asked teasing, because of course that's what I wanted.
"Am I ?" He said and there was still no movement but I knew he was there and something was happening. He was pissing inside me, I felt the warmth inside.
When he slid out, he told me to clench tightly as a little pee dribbled out. But as he massaged my cheeks he watched as some pee oozed out, then he pulled my cheeks apart, opening the hole so more flooded out again. I felt warm water flow over my legs and bottom and realised G was now peeing over me. And it felt great, incredible, as his pee dribbled over my back, down my bottom and back over my legs. Little streams tickled my sides as it dribbled down but it felt so erotic, I loved this, I knew G loved peeing over me or in me and now I was loving it too. It made it so much more exciting when we both enjoyed our play and I was very pleased I'd bought this waterproof sheet to go over the bed, so we didn't care what was going where.
G slid his hard cock over my pussy, but with so much liquid everywhere, it was tricky for him to push inside any hole. But having him thrust again my rings was fantastic. I asked G if he could feel them and did it feel nice to him too ? And he said yes, it feels fantastic. So he continued to thrust against them, his tip hitting my clit hood. Without warning, he was able to push into my bottom just before his seed was released, I felt him pulsing his cum out, it hitting my insides, his shaft pulsing. I felt thoroughly fucked. We both did.

Ending our play we each had a shower, separately as there's not enough room for both of us, but we felt happy and very chilled out as we headed back downstairs and watched some TV again. This was a very, very nice evening and I felt like I had a lot of my Master's attention now.

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Today I am 35 officially.

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My brother and I were spanked by daddy after we were caught trying to get back into our rooms by climbing the tree in our front yard. The tree is great for that cuz after the first fork it goes up aways and splits again with 2 big branches. One heads towards my room and one to his. It’s perfect! We weren’t out doing anything bad just walking around seeing the town at night. Our friend Jason was with us. That’s probably how we got caught. I think Mrs Perigrew saw him and called his folks and she called mommy. We got caught about 2 yrs ago and daddy paddled us and said if we do it again it would be worse. We’ve done it a couple times since then but mommy and daddy didn’t find out.
Daddy was waiting for us at the tree. He made my brother cut a switch then told him to go to his room and wait for him. I was so scared; was I going to have to cut a switch too? Daddy said I had to go to my room and put on my pajamas he would be in after dealing with my brother.
I could hear my dad telling Ben that he was warned last time. He told him to drop his jeans and bend over the desk. That’s how it was worse....daddy usually spanks him with his belt but he gets to keep his pants up. I always am spanked on my underpants cuz when I was little I tried to cover my behind with like 6 pairs of underwear under my shorts. Now I have to take my pants down. That’s why I’m in pajamas! I won’t have any underwear on! Daddy is going to spank my bare bottom!!
I heard the switch hitting my brother and him howling when it did! My poor brother; daddy was really laying it on. Daddy gave him 15 licks; one for each yr plus 2. I’d get 13 then. Was daddy going to use the switch? Oh please no! Not on my bare bottom. Daddy came into my room with the switch in his hand. He told me to pull out my desk chair. He sat down and said to get over his knee. When I climbed over his knee daddy said I was warned if I CLIMBED OUT THE WINDOW IT WOULD BE WORSE. He gave me a lick with every word. It really stung even tho I still had my bottoms up. Then he tossed the switch on the floor and pulled my pajama bottoms down. He told me I had been a very bad girl spanking me the whole time. He was using his hand but it really hurt. After about 8 spanks he said he was going to use the switch on me too! He made me get up and bend over the side of the bed. Daddy picked the switch up and brought it down on my poor behind. Owie owie I cried but he didn’t stop. I got 5 licks on my bare bottom. I don’t know about Ben but I won’t be climbing out my window again!

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Dylan followed the beautiful Mistress, as she tugged on his lead, down the narrow passageway and into a chamber. She pulled him inside the candlelit room, and closed the door, bolting it behind them, with a large steel bar. She turned on her heel, focusing all her attention on Dylan.
Her crop, in hand, she dragged her leather stick, down his chest to his thong.
"Take it off!"
Dylan, feeling vulnerable, hesitated. She circled behind him and whacked his bottom, hard, leaving a thick, welting line, of darkening hue, across his rear end.
Startled, he groaned, but now, quickly, complied. Unhooking each side of the thong, he pulled it, from between his legs, exposing his genitalia, to his Mistress.
She used her crop to stroke him, as her leather gloved hand, found and twisted his nipple, between her tightly pinching fingers. Her hand slowly and sensually, left his chest and traveled up to his neck. She grabbed the leash, very close to his collar and pulled him, nearer. Her wet lips were so close, Dylan thought she wanted to kiss. He leaned in to touch her perfect lips. She bit his lip, instead, drawing a single drop of blood. Dylan pulled his head back in shock, but she had the chain in her grasp, and he didn't go far.
Mistress Regret extended her long, darting tongue and licked up the drop, letting it linger, for him to see, then drawing it back, between her luscious lips. A devilish smile, flirted briefly, on her mouth.
Her hand stroked downward, along his sternum and paused at the ring, that joined the crossing straps on his chest. She tugged on it, testing how tight it was. Seeming satisfied, she continued to explore his rippled abdomen, and lower.... Her fingers danced around his dick, but she never quite touched it. Like a snake charmer, she hovered very close and it rose and stiffened, reaching towards her taunting touch. When he was fully erect, she withdrew something from her glove, and used it, to bind his balls and cock, at their base. It was some kind of ring and it seemed to trap the blood in his shaft, keeping it stiff.
Regret lit a wooden match, and after passing it before his face, used it to light other candles. He could see more of the room. It did little to reassure him. There were benches and restraints. Some chains and cuffs, hung from the walls. Other cuffs were attached to pieces of furniture, the likes of which, Dylan had never seen before. The walls were covered with various implements of pain and perhaps, pleasure.
Regret turned towards him, her hand brushing amongst the tools hanging, at the ready. She'd pause now and then, measuring his reaction. She was looking for a certain something, on his face..... She fingered a thick, black cane.... And there it was.... Fear!!
She drew it from its hook, drawing it across her lips. She moved Dylan towards a saddle horse device, and pushed him down, onto it, prodding him with her cane. She could feel him, shaking beneath her touch. It was.... Delicious!
Now, she thought, as she cuffed him wrist and ankle. We'll see if he's man or boy!

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My 4rth novel was released yesterday through Blushing Books on their website and Amazon. Link and excerpt are below for anyone interested in some spanking romance ;)

When he enclosed her with one arm braced on either side of her on the counter with her in between and demanded harshly, "Look at me!" she felt herself growing weak with desire. She met his sharp gaze and swallowed hard. "First of all," he rasped. "I never claimed to be a gentleman, so don't expect it. Second of all, you can bet your sweet butt that I do have a say in this. And you're not getting away from me until I've said it all. Third, you'd better have a good explanation for all of this, Alicia. Because I'm not buying it."

She nodded jerkily, her face burning as she wondered if he knew how aroused she was just from the talking-to he was giving her and the way he had her pinned there, immobile. He hadn't even touched her and she was already aching for him. Lord, what was her problem? She shouldn't be turned on by this, by his anger. She knew what a real spanking from him was like and she didn't want another! He studied her a few minutes in silence, moving a strand of hair away from her eyes and cupping her cheek, then the side of her neck.

He glanced down further and noticed, about the same time as she did, how rock hard and eagerly straining her nipples were through the worn flannel nightgown. His chuckle was as warm a sound as his breath felt on her skin. With one light finger, he traced a circle around one aching bud, glancing up mischievously to see her reaction play across her face. "Does this turn you on, Alicia?" he asked silkily. "Me crashing in here and scolding you for your behavior? Telling you what's going to happen and physically overpowering you, dominating you? Even after the spanking you got the other night from me?" His finger moved to her second nipple and teased a twin ring around it. She gasped involuntarily and blushed hotter. "Ah, there's that blush I'm so partial to. I'll take that as a yes... damn, what do you know..."

Alicia whimpered and tried to pull back from him and his touch, enjoying it far too much and too disturbed by her attraction to his dominance and her desire for more of it.

"You're gonna hurt your back, sweetheart, you keep pulling away from me like that..."

He was so damn proud of himself! Standing there like a damn granite statue of cowboy sex appeal and making her body scream for him. She punched him in the chest, pouting because she knew she'd hurt her fist more than him.

"You stop being angry at me, darlin', and you just might enjoy yourself." He continued touching her breasts, teasing around the nipples, and chuckled at her look of distressed desire. Every so often he grazed one nipple very gently with the pad of his thumb and she would arch against his touch.

"Don't touch me..." she pleaded, her voice totally lacking in conviction. Her head lolled back over her shoulders, then snapped up as he bent his head and nipped ever so lightly at her nipple through the fabric of her nightgown. "I want you to stop touching me like that!" she cried more harshly this time.

Luke leaned closer to her and spoke right in her ear. "You can stop the brat act, Alicia. You've made it clear to me today that I've neglected you. And I promise, you'll have your spanking tonight, just the way you need it."

She sagged against him, hating herself and the thrill that shot through her at his words. Any other woman would have run for the hills, but, oh no, not her. She melted at just the images his words brought to mind. She sighed and murmured, "I don't know what's wrong with me!"

Luke pulled back from her and shook his head. "There's not a thing wrong with you, Alicia, honey. Not one thing." He framed her face in his hands and kissed her with a violent slowness, a leisurely plunder that left her knees weak and her eyes glazed when he eventually pulled back and gave her a gentle smile. He ran one hand over her blond hair and kissed her forehead. "Now that that's settled," he said, taking her hand. "Let's go have us that talk..."

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113 views · 23 days ago

They went to a party
And because she could
She told him to strip
So naked he stood.
She had in her purse
A paddle of pine
She uses it when
He steps out of line
She paddled him hard
Yes she was trying
To cause him pain
To get him crying.
"Go to that corner"
She said, with a grin.
"I'll have snack
then spank you again."
Everyone chuckled
At his plight
His reddened bottom
Was quite a sight.
His shame so much
He wanted to die
He couldn't help it
He started to cry

140 views · 23 days ago

I spank his bottom
Every day
If he wiggles
I make him stay
Over my lap
And use a strap
If he cries, I just say
It pleases me
So much fun
Truth be told
I've just begun
I'll spank him hard
I'll spank him long
I know it hurts
He tries to be strong
His bottom so red
Brings joy to my heart
I've just begun
It's just a start
When I'm done here
He'll bend over a chair
I'll cane his bottom
Right on his bare
I'm sure he'll cry
It'll hurt so bad
His moans of pain
Will make me glad
If I decide
If I so choose
I'll make his bottom
One big bruise
Now get up
And over the chair
Make no fuss, don't you dare
Count them off
From fifty to two
If you lose count
I start anew
This cane will hurt
I'm sure of it
It will become
So hard to sit
Cane strokes I give
To your bare butt
I'll hear you cry
At each hard cut
Obedient husband
Accept your due
Even though it means
Cane strokes for you.
It's what you wanted
A dominant wife
You might as well face it
This is your life.

136 views · 23 days ago

As I'd put in a complaint about lack of attention, when Master got up this morning he decided I needed my morning spanking before I started getting bratty.
Ordered to get into position, I knelt on the chair, bared my bottom, pulling my dressing gown up, scrunched the fabric into a ball by my hands. I dropped my head into my arms and waited.
The first swat was a gentle swat, then another gentle one.
Next came the sound of the crop whipping through the air, as it whipped across my sit spot, I cried out, grabbing my bum.
But quickly went back into position.
This, I knew, was going to be a hard spanking.
As the crop continued its decent on my bottom, the tongue whipping my side, I got out of position a few times only to be pushed back again by Master.

He moved to the other side. Always keen to ensure I got the same bruises on each side. I bit into my dressing gown as he continued. Each swat came with its one terrifying whip through the air.
I wasn't sure which was worse, hearing that whip in the air, knowing the pain that follows, or the pain as the crop created deep welts into my bottom and legs.
Eventually my 30 swats were over and I thanked Master for my spanking.
"Stool time." Master ordered.
This was unusual, I don't normally have contemplation time at the weekend.
But this was an order, so I went and carefully sat down.
Setting my timer for 20 minutes.
"Getting enough attention now?" Master asked when the timer had gone off.
"Maybe a little." I replied.
"Hope you're not complaining, you don't want plug time." He said chuckling.
"I'm not complaining, I'm commenting." I replied.
"Well complaining, commenting, moaning will all bring on plug time." Master told me.
"I guess I will have to behave." I told him, smiling but also having bratty thoughts of mischief in my head..........
What can I do today.............................................................................................

Real Spankings Institute
440 views · 23 days ago

The four young men followed their master, through the dark corridor. Only the light of candles, flickering in sconces, illuminated their path. They were spaced sparingly along the way. The shadows of the approaching boys, grew tall and shrunk as they passed each flame, like eerie companions.
It appeared, as if the passage was created by chipping through solid stone. The walls and ceiling were indistinguishable, one from the other. The wooden floor looked old and well used, and failed to reach the rough hewn walls evenly. Even in the gap, Dylan supposed, the stone continued. It was chilly, and a draft wafted by them, making the boys shiver in their thongs. Goose flesh rose on their bodies. Before them, the tunnel opened and like a tree, it branched in many directions. The Master spoke quietly, into an intercom, which looked oddly out of place, in such a setting.
Their march was halted. The Master stood in silence. Dylan had no idea why, but sensed they were waiting for something. The shadows reached the boys, a moment before the women did. Out of darkness, and from several of the branches, came women, dressed very similarly to Raven, in black. They wore bustiers, laced up the front, with ribbons. They were cinched, at the waist, and donned short skirts, lovely garters and stockings on their long and shapely legs. They all wore tall, high heeled, boots and lace masks, across their eyes.
Each one carried an implement of punishment.
The Master addressed his young charges, "Kneel before your Mistresses!"
The young men, awkwardly, feel to their knees. The women moved seductively among them. Their implements, brushing, dragging or tapping against their various body parts.
A very pretty girl with Auburn hair seemed to take an immediate interest in Dylan. She carried a crop in her hand, but a strap also hung from a loop on her hip.
She unhooked His leash from Austin, the boy behind him. She circled Dylan, as if she were sizing him up. She put the crop beneath his chin to lift his head, peering into his eyes. She licked her lips, but kept up her travels around him. From behind, she tapped the crop against his thighs. She cracked him hard and unexpectedly, slightly above the backs of his knees.
"Ugh", he uttered as much out of surprise, as due to the pain of the blow on such tender skin.
She continued tapping and teasing him with her leather stick. She pushed it between his legs, and toyed with his testicles. She pushed against them and then around them. He hated himself for feeling aroused. In such tiny underwear, it was obvious to everyone, his cock was growing and becoming rigid. The elastic at the waist was no longer flat, against his well developed abdomen. It was stretched, as it attempted to contain his hardness.
The other the women were intent on other subjects. Dylan heard the slap of a strap, hit Austin. He jumped a little, but held back a cry. Another boy, felt the sting of a paddle, hitting his butt. Four good, hard whacks, and his face was betraying his pain. On the last WHACK, he yelled out, "OW".
The Mistress attending him, put a finger to her lips, indicating, he should not speak. She gave him four more, to make her point. This time he kept his complaint, down to a gasp. She looked pleased.
The last young man, had a blond Mistress in front of him. She stood very close, her breasts, were at his eye level. She made sure the were against his face, by grabbing his head and pushing it into her cleavage. Once buried in it. He whipped a flogger, over his shoulder, with her other hand. His cry was muffled by the large breasts overflowing her bustier.
Nearly all the boys were hard now. They didn't even seen to mind the punishment, just yet. The girls changed places, and it all began again. The new girl and her weapon of choice, occasionally slapping here or there, while flirting with their target.
Dylan faced a black haired beauty. Her hair was short and spikey, but it looked great on her. She had amazing cheekbones and a large full mouth. She was slim but muscular. She moved like a dancer, light in her feet and agile. She carried the paddle, that had swatted the third boy, in line. On her side loop was Big, flat handled, hairbrush. But she was still playing with her paddle. It was unusual looking. It has a long wire handle. It almost looked like a fly swatter, but it was coated in some sort of plastic or rubber. It was very flexible and had a series of holes throughout the surface.
She was not as playful as the first Mistress. For all her beauty, you could see an attitude, in the set of her jaw.
No smile played about her lips. She was all business. She went behind him and he tried to prepare himself for an impact. He clenched the muscles in his buttocks, and waited. She gently kicked his knees apart, then again, until he could not sirs them anymore and remain kneeling. She swatted at him on that delicate skin of his inner thighs. That swatter snapped when it hit. It stung so bad, he almost yelled out. Had he been taken by surprise, he might have spoken out, accidently, but he kept his tongue still.
As she moved up the tender triangle close and closer to his balls, it hurt more and more. Lastly she slapped straight up catching the tiny leather sack, Covering his jewels and he did let out a cry, of sorts, but not a word, exactly. It didn't seem to phase her. He barely got it out and she began swatting at his bottom. The swatter whipped through the air, with nearly whistling sound and slapped against his bottom. It hurt!! He had himself in check now. Her beautifully manicured hand was gripping his shoulder, as the other whipped his fanny with her devilish tool. His bottom was quickly coloring and the heat spread, from his tailbone to his knees. She didn't miss any exposed skin.
In about ten minutes, came another change of girls and new implements, were applied to the four young men. Austin was getting the swatting, that Dylan had received. For a boy of small stature, he was tough. He didn't make a sound, though she tried to make it happen. She even slapped at his stomach and the front of his thighs. He remained stoic, throughout. The other two books were far more vocal. They made sounds for every bit they received.
The Mistresses responded with extra slaps. The rotation continued until all the women, had punished all the boys, and their first Mistress, returned to them. Each of the ladies picked up the handle of the leash, of each boy and led them away, through one of the branches of the tunnels.
Dylan nervously followed the Auburn haired beauty, watching her hips sway as she walked gracefully in three inch heels. Again his dick began to harden. He tried to look elsewhere, but it was dark and he couldn't see the floor, as light grew scarce, between the sconces. She led him into a room. It contained, what looked like, to Dylan, like a torture chamber. He felt cold and scared, as she firmly shut the door and told him to remove his thong.
"I am Mistress Regret, and you belong to me."

122 views · 23 days ago

It was one evening when my DD asked me to come over his house. He said that he was going to make dinner for me. It was true... he made a delicious meal. And, after talking with each other for about half an hour, he made me take off my clothes and get naked in front of him. Moments later, as I put my hands on the sofa, he began to cane me. He didn't say a word when he began to cane me. I was feeling the sting from every swish of the cane. I wasn't able to count how many because he was canning really fast. It was really painful because I could feel the cane swinging on my butt. I wasn't sure how many of the cane I got. And, after a quite a while he stopped. I was in total pain. He made me lay down on his bed until I was able to walk again. And, after some soothing lotion on my 'bottom', we made a long lasting love making until next day morning.

113 views · 23 days ago

My name is Risa and a couple of hours ago my husband Charlie took a switch to my backside while were driving home after a visit to my folks for the weekend. If that wasn’t enough as soon as we got home he sent me to our bedroom to wait for a spanking! He’s kept me waiting for nearly an hour now. But I won’t sit here all afraid. No sir. I’ll wait and text you all on ST. I think he is being really unfair!

It was a pleasant weekend until my bitch sister Rina showed up and started gloating about the house she and her husband were buying. Frankly it wasn’t that special a house. Mine and Charlie’s house is much nicer and cost more. Anyway on the way home Charlie asked why I had been so rotten to Rina. She was so happy they could even buy a house and it wouldn’t kill me to be happy for her too. That just totally pissed me off and I told him so. We were still arguing when we turned off the freeway and onto RR 14 about 25 miles from home. Well I was arguing, Charlie was not saying anything. Then all of a sudden for no reason at all Charlie pulls into this rest area and stops over at the far end near these trees. He comes to my side and has me step out. The he opens the truck’s rear door (which opens in the opposite direction from the front) and tells me to bend over the front seat!!! He said I was acting like a brat and he was tired of it. “I’m going to cut a switch from that Queen’s Umbrella over there and you’d better be bent over the seat when I get back.” I wasn’t of course. I mean someone could pull in and see! But Charlie didn’t care. He said that’s why he opened both doors. Then he forced me over the seat and as punishment for not being bent over already he raised my jean skirt up and yanked my panties down.
“You want to act out? Like some half bitch-half brat? Okay by me. I’ll treat you like one.”
“I’m going to give you a whipping. And tomorrow you are going to call your sister and apologize for your behavior!”
“I won’t” I said. So Charlie brought that switch on my bare butt. Thrapt! “Ouch! Stop!”
Thrapt! Thrapt! Thrapt! Thrapt!
“What did you say? You won’t?”
Thrapt! Thrapt! “Owie..ow”
“That’s not fair” I say. Thrapt!
Thrapt! Thrapt!
“Now about now” Charlie says; “you going to call her?” I’m crying but don’t answer. Thrapt!
Thrapt! Thrapt!
“I’m in no hurry Risa. We can stay here all night.” Thrapt! Thrapt!
“Okay! I’ll call her”.
“That’s right you will. And this whipping was for the bitch half. When we get home the brat half is going over my knee.”

Real Spankings Institute
150 views · 23 days ago

I cheated this morning by copying my mates homework in the morning recess break all because I failed to done at home I watched TV and watched movies on here,I got caught by my tutor then he gave me a detention I came home and dad told me strip to my boxers I obeyed him and gave a sound whacking then dad said Nicky my friend told me to give you extra whacking so he did and now I have a very sore butt and I cried like a baby during and afterwards

167 views · 23 days ago

How can I allow my Dom to discipline me yet I don't give him any consequences if he needs correction.

My answer is simply that I really don't screw up. Well one time about 25 yrs ago. Only kidding I'm not perfect by any means, I'm just as falliable as anyone else is. I think the difference is that I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure my own behaviour is of a higher standard. I feel that I can't hold him to account for something if I am doing the same thing. That just wouldn't be fair. For example, I doesn't swear around him or kids (maybe he does with the guys but I don't hear him), I always wears a seatbelt etc.

I don't know that this is something that someone can understand if they're not open to the concepts of DD. I suppose on the surface, it looks like the Dom is making rules, making sure the sub obeys them and punishing them if they dont. There is so much more to it than that.

I believe it takes a special kind of Dom to be in a DD relationship - one who is kind, loving, firm, aware of themselfs and there strengths and limitations and honourable. That being said

The first thing that must happen when the Dom breaks a rule is a confession (if the mistake is not made directly in front of the sub). I purposely used the term "must" in that sentence. This needs to happen. A confession is essential in fixing the problem and essential in helping the Dom grow as a person. The Dom needs to confess his mistake to his sub and essentially seek there forgiveness. It's not easy to do sometimes, but that's the point. That reluctant feeling of admitting a mistake to your spouse plays a large part in correcting whatever mistake was made. It's a very uncomfortable, uneasy feeling - one that doesn't want to be experienced again - and it's necessary to experience it to decrease the likelihood of repeating the mistake. This feeling is commonly referred to as guilt.

After the confession comes the apology. The Dom must apologize for the mistake they made. Again I used the term "must" in that sentence. The apology isn't optional. It needs to happen, and it needs to be sincere. The sub needs to know her Dom feels remorse for there actions and understands how there behavior has hurt/upset/disappointed them. An apology shows remorse, it shows acknowledgment of the problem, and it shows accountability for the mistake. All very important things when seeking forgiveness from your spouse.

Once the sincere apology is made, the Dom must then make amends in some fashion. There's that term "must" again. It's important for the Dom to make amends for there mistake/poor behavior/lack of judgment. Making amends can be done in many different ways

Like for me making his favorite dish. or desert. Or even going lighter on his next punishment

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