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Views: 105 · Added: 19 days ago

I have agreed to be mentored by DaddyJ. I let him know that I hadn't done my chores today. That earned me a time out. Then I confessed that I hadn't done them all week. That warranted a 200 lick spanking and more timeout. Then stupid me confessed that the 200 lick didn't really hurt at all and then I received a 600 lick one, then corner time with my nose against the wall, holding a dime there. Needless to say, I am sitting softly now and my legs are hurting. Thank you DaddyJ

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Views: 160 · Added: 19 days ago

Okay, I ventured off into the weird part of youtube. I came across a video of some African people, where women are dancing about blowing horns and appear to be egging men on to whip them with long, heavy switches. Anybody want to venture a guess about what's going on?

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Views: 62 · Added: 19 days ago

1) 42 year old stepdaughter, N. She has shown more than a little interest from time-to-time. Once, about 6 years ago, I could have had her paddle me, but the time was just not quite right. Known her 14 years, I am patient.

2) A friends 23 year old daughter. She is lean,tough, with attitude. White spiky hair, heroin chic look.

3) Another friends 20 year old daughter, smokin' hot, not squeamish at all about her mom's severe paddling methods.

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Views: 64 · Added: 19 days ago

Spent hours working on finish of Jen's Board. Eventually get old, defective polyurethane off. will finish with high quality spar polyurethane. Just refinished 3 years ago, don't think my butt wore out finish.

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Views: 68 · Added: 19 days ago

I find I am always nude for the paddle now. No shyness, or humiliation, at least if step son doesn't show. It feels right, getting butt swatted=naked. Not sexual, humiliating, but seems right.

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Views: 56 · Added: 19 days ago

No more paddling by Jeni, and bf, got weird. So now get occasional sessions with Jen. We are planning, with my movie producer friend, and IT expert, to make some high quality vids, hopefully to sell. Have 2 young ladies that like to watch, and want to learn. All we need now, is a male who can paddle, or be taught. Jen wants me to ask stepson, no fucking way, too humiliating from him. Jen going to talk to him, explain why the dynamics of him as part of her team would be so delicious. Dunno, maybe, but OMG, he is not who I want to swat my butt. We will see, as the spring unfolds, Jen told me to have SS's paddle in top shape. It is, but sends chill up my spine at the thought of him swatting.

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Views: 91 · Added: 19 days ago

My good friend & scene brother funallowed has captured a truly fun video of me spanking my babygirl. Here is the link:


Peace & Hugs,
MaMa Blue

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Views: 98 · Added: 19 days ago

Her entire body trembled as she nibbled the food and contemplated her plan. It would be necessary to kill Crow with a single blow, and considering the size of the small knife in her possession, that left her with only one option–stabbing him through the eye. She shuddered.

“Are you cold, your highness?”

“No, sir,” she mumbled, feeling sick. But how would she even retrieve the knife without his notice? Nothing seemed to get past the man.

She allowed her bowl to slip through her fingers and topple to the floor at her feet. “Forgive me,” she muttered. “My hands are clumsy after being tied.” She reached down to catch the bowl, snatching the knife when Crow stood to call to the Saxons for a cloth. Tucking the knife under her thigh, she scooped her meat back into the bowl and accepted the cloth to wipe the juices from the floor.

She handed the bowl to Crow.

He looked at the food in it. “Do you wish for a fresh serving?”

“No, thank you,” she said. “I am not hungry.”

He shrugged and handed the bowls and the cloth to the Saxons, shutting the door behind them. He came back to tie her bonds and she sat still as a stone, waiting for his approach. The moment he squatted before her, she grabbed the knife and struck in one fluid movement.

He caught her wrist and twisted his head the instant before impact, but her blade still struck, catching him below the left eye and tearing across his cheek when he turned his head. She gasped, terrified at what she had done, watching blood spurt from the gash.

Crow wrenched her arm backward, slamming her wrist on his knee to dislodge the knife from her grasp. His arm returned, cocked to backhand her, but froze mid-air. She could not breathe, her heart stuck in her throat, once again paralyzed by her own terror, though whether she was more afraid of what she had done or its consequences, she could not tell.

He hauled her to her feet and carried her several paces to his chair, where he rested one foot upon the seat and pushed her torso over his thigh. When he yanked up her tunic and chemise and began to unfasten his sword belt, she realized his intent. Fighting as if for her life, she struggled against his hold, forcing him to drop the belt and wrap both his arms around her, pinning her arms to her side.

He spoke in her ear through gritted teeth. “You can take my punishment and keep me as your guard or I can leave you to see how you fare with the Saxons. Which is it?”

She stilled.

“Wise decision,” he said, bending her wrist behind her back as he leaned over to pick up the belt. She looked over her shoulder as he doubled it, and drew his arm back to swing, blood still dripping from his face at a frightening rate.

The leather bit into her bare skin, leaving a sting in its wake. He whipped her fast and hard, each lash falling right after the last, searing her bottom with the flexible leather until she danced with the pain. Still he continued thrashing her, with no sign of stopping. She wondered if he had lost his senses in his own pain, whether he would ever stop, and if he did not, how long she could take it. She attempted stoicism, but at last she reached a breaking point.

“Please!” she gasped.

To her surprise, the spanking stopped.

“Please, what?” he demanded.

She could not think what answer to give.

“Please stop or please forgive me?” he prompted.

Please stop. “Please forgive me,” she gasped.

He lifted her from his thigh, turned, and sat on the chair, pulling her to perch on his knee, her clothing still lifted so her bare skin connected with his hose. The intimacy of it affected her, the humiliation outweighed by her physical response to his dominance. Wetness leaked from her sex, and she feared he would feel it soaking his hose. Her bottom stung, the heat only stoking the fire between her legs.

She dared look at him and gasped at the sight. His entire shoulder and front of his undershirt were soaked with blood, the lower half of the mask clung to his face in the sticky mess.

“You must remove the mask─”

“Do not speak,” he ordered with gruff authority.

She obeyed, watching him with held breath. He sat, staring at a point in the distance, as if thinking, or more likely, recovering his temper.

He released her, pushing her to stand. “Go fetch me the knife,” he commanded.

She complied, her mind whirling with fearful thoughts of what he planned to do with it. Did he mean to exact retribution? Make the same cut on her face she had made on his? Or would he just threaten her with it? She considered her options, and despite having a useful weapon in her hand, she knew she would not use it again. One failed attempt was all she could manage. At least for one day. She handed it to him, hilt first, and found herself pulled roughly to sit on his knee again.

“What was your plan?” he asked. His voice sounded like his own again, the threat she had heard in it moments before ebbing.

She could not meet his eye, nor could she look at his bloodied face, the wound gaping open and still bleeding profusely as he did nothing to staunch it.

“You were aiming for my eye?”

She gave a small assent.

“Probably your best strategy considering your size and the length of the blade. But how did you plan to handle my men out there?”

“Could you spare me the critique?” she asked, more to hide her fluster than out of ire.

His voice turned hard again. “Do not speak disrespectfully to me.”

“Or what?” she dared.

Crow let his head fall to the side, looking exasperated. In the next moment, he upended her over his other knee, his thigh clamping over her legs to pin her in place. He shoved her clothing up and began spanking her with the flat of his hand, which should not hurt a grown woman, but did. Her bottom was already swollen and sore from the whipping, and now his hand stung like a dozen bee stings as he smacked at a pace too rapid for her to catch her breath. Lying over his lap, being spanked with his hand made her feel like a naughty child, even more shameful than being bent over his knee and whipped. She could not squirm out of his grasp, no matter how hard she tried.

“Forgive me!” she cried. “Forgive me!” she cried louder, fearing he had not heard her.

He did stop, his large hand coming to rest on her bottom, which still twitched and pulsed from the assault. To her shock, he rubbed her throbbing cheeks, making slow lazy circles over her heated flesh.

What was he doing?

The sensuality of his touch charged the air between them. His thumb trailed between her cheeks and she froze, but he withdrew it, continuing the slow strokes. She imagined his view–her bare bottom reddened, her sex probably visible between her legs. Because she did crave his forgiveness, she irrationally hoped he took pleasure in the sight of her.

Eventually he stopped the caress, though his leg remained firmly clamped over hers, holding her in place. She heard the sound of fabric ripping, and looked over her shoulder to see him cutting another swatch from the bottom of his undershirt with the knife she had brought him. Balling it up, he held it to his cheek, at last attending to his wound. Holding her in the shameful position whilst he worked to right the damage she had done completed her humiliation.

“Are you finished with your rebellion?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Thank you,” he said, lifting her to her feet.

She stood between his knees, unable to meet his eye, blushing from the humility of her predicament.

He shocked her by picking her up and carrying her the few feet to the pallet, where he laid her gently on her side.


Held for Ransom

When Sir Gorran’s people disappear after a raid on a Saxon settlement, he kidnaps Princess Ariana, a priestess of Avalon, and demands their return. Though he knew he risked Ariana’s curse as well as a lifetime hiding from the king’s sword, he does not realize his greatest risk in holding the lovely princess for ransom is to his heart.

The intimacy shared with her kidnapper leaves Ariana wounded by the experience and his reappearance at the annual tournament only deepens her pain. When her brother foists him on her as a guardian and slave she must come to terms with her feelings for the dominant warrior. Will she send him away to his death, or will she realize her pain is only caused by living without him?

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Views: 82 · Added: 19 days ago

i have noticed the mobile site needs to improve yes its great you can watch the videos but you can't even check your profile or login to view it , dont get me wrong i really do like this website it one of the best that doesn't charge you maybe they can improve it some how but i'm sure some of you out in cyber-spankingland agree i dont want to offend anybody that runs it if so sorry

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Views: 83 · Added: 19 days ago

I always found it amusing that female sub's are permitted to contact other females but not males. I am sorry to say to all the Daddy/Doms out here, but another female can steal your sub just as easily a man can. Trust me, I know a gentleman who was married to his female sub, and thought it was perfectly fine with her to play with other females. Then, they met this one woman who they "thought" was a fellow sub......Well this woman must have pushed her right buttons because she told him that she didn't want find anyone else. Now, being that she was free to have contact without permission, she came to realize that this woman was really a dominant, and after whispering sweet nothings into her ear......stole her away from him and ended a 10 year marriage. So guys, if you want to live a double standard when it comes to who your sub can contact, just be aware that anything can happen.

On a side note, we are on Fetlife now, under the same handle as please add us if your on there as well :0)

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Views: 60 · Added: 19 days ago

So on Tuesday I purchased a pack of cigarettes and smoked half of them, before giving the rest to my neighbour across from me.
I had confessed to a disciplinarian via inbox and he gave me a punishment order.

I had to place hot sauce in my mouth and do 20 minutes of corner time.
As I stood there my mouth on fire and my thought process was like a child.
I was embarrassed and upset with myself. As an adult I was thinking, I am grown and he is not here, also Id rather be getting a hands on very hard whoopin with a belt or paddle. Who am I kidding, I wanted both to be used on my butt.
Not having a local disciplinarian is frustratingas can be.
Its ok though, cause I know in time I will find one who can meet my needs.

Somebody that will tear my bottom up and make it a pretty shade of purple. lol
Have a beautiful weekend fellow spankos.

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Views: 172 · Added: 19 days ago

I came across something this morning which I couldn't believe I saved, should have thrown out but didn't: my grammar school diploma. It certified that I, Rosy Marie Pickwicket had ''...successfully completed the course of study [and so on]...''. Right on the spot I had images of the playground where the boys yelled and screamed while we played hopscotch... the cursive lettering (capital and lower case) around the classroom walls... chalk dust... the starchy, clean smell of the nuns... our singsong, ''Good morning, Sister''... watching that clock on Friday afternoons... processions with little girls in white dresses strewing rose petals... We were so innocent!

So, just for fun, if you came across your old grade school diploma, what memories would it stir? Any other bits of ''kid lore''? Playground games? Funny, cranky or beloved teachers? It might bring a flood of memories or just one or two that really stands out. Were you as innocent as we were? Do you remember those wonderful days?

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Views: 116 · Added: 20 days ago

I'm going to meet my spanking friend for a spanking tomorrow, how exciting! I can't concentrate on anything else. I am much in need, it has been a while, and I am looking forward to being over his knee and feeling the sting and warmth of a good long spanking. If he paddles me as long and hard as he did last time, to produce that strange shiny redness, I will be very happy.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if these things were not taboo but something you could share with friends and relations. My relatives who I'm staying with are off tomorrow too, so I am escaping in secret. They've already said to me, will you be all right? Imagine if I said, "Don't worry about me! I'm off to get my bottom spanked hard!" It's unthinkable but it is a fun thought.

I will of course let you know how it goes and if the naughty girl I play (or any other roles) gets her just desserts :)

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Views: 173 · Added: 20 days ago

Soo i got him to agree to a set number for each offense when it comes to rule breaking lol I got spanked again yesterday for breaking 4 rules 3 of them being serious. I got 4 licks. However those were probably the 4 hardest swats I ever got in my life lol

So it took a lot of guts to impose this new guide for him to go by.
So this guide is just for until he gets more comfortable with just punishing me until he feels Ive learned a lesson. I started off at small numbers for both of our comfort.

If I break
A Light Offense,It's 5 licks
A Mild offence, It's 10 licks
A Serious Offense, It's 25 licks

This gives him more of a guide and me a little more of a punishment, depending on if he punishes me using this guide for last night is another thing though lol I broke a Serious rule last night. By getting mad at him and not telling him why I was mad.

Which caused us to fight, and ended up with me feeling bad.

Though I figure he will let me off easy one last time, but he seemed pretty happy with this new guide. I guess he thinks I need more too. I have a feeling just by what he has already administered to me that before long I will be a very sorry young lady across his knee. I think he shows very big potential to really take on this role and responsibility in our life and help me with my goals and get rid of my bad habits.

Hope everyone is doing well!! :)

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Views: 67 · Added: 20 days ago

In our house you sometimes see
A Woman across a Man's knee.
A hand that's raised in the air
Lands on a bottom, clothed or bare.
The spanking hurts, its easy to tell
For after each smack, there is a yell!
But a spanking teaches right from wrong,
so WHOOP that butt nice and long.

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Views: 88 · Added: 20 days ago

Just a little somthing i was thinking about... i have met many people in my day's but its still a shocker that people can put there entire lives on hold.. "attempt" to ruin relationships and lives.. over a good spanker or somebody to take care of them.. even if they have people willing.. nothing will ever be good enough for said people. they will search until they are old and cripple. and yet they still wont be happy unless there making other's miserable.. faith in humanity people!

Spanking Whores
We all know them.. the Girls Who cant keep a man/woman
Spanking Whores
Never satisfied unless everyone wants thats ass
Spanking Whores
Dont care about anybody BUT themselves, all part of the game
Spanking Whores
Sick twisted people acting like the victim
Spanking whores
Put life on hold.. because they're too in to their own game
Spanking Whores
Poor them..
Spanking Whores
Know the right thing's to say
Spanking Whores
think they know how to walk the walk
Spanking whores
Sure a spanking may keep your ass warm at night but what about the rest.
Spanking Whores
Hide yo kids hide yo husbands
Spanking whores
Oh your man.. we'll see
Spanking whores
playing the devils fiddle
Spanking whores
Who needs a job?
Spanking Whores
Just because your unhappy, does not mean we all have to be
Spanking Whores
Needy people need needy people.. because needy people know what needy people need.
Spanking Whores
one day you'll learn

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Views: 145 · Added: 20 days ago

In a ribbon on her birthday
In a ribbon ready to play
Wearing a ribbon, nothing else
Wearing a ribbon, but all by herself
But not for long must she wait
She hears him coming, his distinctive gait
Hearing him coming, her heart leaps
She hears him enter, but cannot see
She feels his touch, gentle as can be
She feels him stroking her full breasts
A sudden tweak, ooh, that is the best
He strokes the ribbon stretched across her eyes
He strokes her gently, the inside of her thighs
He strokes her higher, until she sighs
But just when in his arms she is ready to melt
Just then she hears him take off his belt
It won't be long... he raises the first welt
Crack, ooh, crack, ooh, he raises a beat
Crack, ooh, crack, ooh she begins to feel the heat
But before long he proves he is a consummate lover
So tell me are you the postman, the gas man or the plumber?
I can tell you your birthday won't be a bore
For after three more you bottom will surely be sore
As for me, well my dearest Miss Boohoo
I am playing games so you will have to guess who
I am playing games but I will sing Happy Birthday to you.

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Views: 50 · Added: 20 days ago

He takes her by the arm and pulls her into a standing position, then walks her to the bedroom. He takes the nipple clamps of her chest and off her clit, smiling at how hard all three still are.

"Now little girl, you are to get dressed in just panties and a bra. Once this is done, you are to get the belt, bath brush, cane and wooden spoon. They are to be laid on the bed. You are to then go to the corner and wait for further instructions." He says to her, watching her tremble with fear of what is to come. He walks out of the room and goes to pour himself another glass of wine.

she slowly moves, doing as He has asked. First she gets out the beautiful pink lace bra and panty set He bought her for their 10th wedding anniversary. she slips them on and tippy toes to the living room to get the belt and bath brush that He forgot in there. Luckily, He is too busy with His wine to see her and she scurries back to the bedroom unnoticed. She lays the the belt and bath brush on the bed and moves careful to get the cane out of the closet and the wooden spoon out of His night stand. As she is laying them down on the bed, she hears His phone ringing and moves silently to the door, opening it to listen.

"Hey man... No, there is no way I can come out tonight. There is a situation here at home I have got to take care of.... Yeah, she knows I know about her skipping work.... Man, she is gonna be so sore tomorrow, she will be begging to lay out of work, but you know Me, it's not gonna happen.... Alright, see you at work tomorrow."

she gulps and closes the as softly as she can and hurries to the corner. As she gets her nose to the wall, she hears His footsteps coming down the hall.

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Views: 111 · Added: 20 days ago

Hey :)
Ich habe diese Woche Geburtstag und noch niemanden, der oder die mir ein Birthday-Spanking verpasst :( :(

Wer ist aus Bayern und würde mir da helfen oder kennt eine(n) aus der Nähe?

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Views: 115 · Added: 20 days ago

I love mornings like this....
Have a wonderful day ST.

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