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Today I had the pleasure of spanking a member from this site called HubbyInPanties.

He said it was something he missed getting and needed for a looooong time and I really set a fire to his backside!

I've never had too much practice with being the Dom, but it just felt so natural. My favorite implement has been the hairbrush~! I need to get my own and get down to start possibly spanking more willing people!

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Free associate if you like...please try to keep it 3 words or less. :-)

I'll add a few...

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Twerking is actually good exercise. It works the deep muscles of the hips, as well as the core muscles of the lower back and abs.

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I don't know how universal the term "startle" is. Jewel introduced it to me as a reference to spanking that seems to come out of left field somehow.

I moved to California over 20 years ago. After several months, I thought I was getting used to the ways and attitudes of this foreign land.

One morning I was in front of my house when one of the neighbor ladies came by on her morning walk. She was quite red in the face, flustered and angry and stopped to tell me about it.

She was the sort of 50-something woman who was a bit athletic, in fairly good physical shape, but who should probably not be wearing a spandex jogging suit as her body was slim and trim overall but the general effect of her coming down the street was that of 2 beach balls--one preceding her on top and one following her a bit lower.

Her anger was directed at another neighbor woman down the street and her 12 or 13 year old grandson. It seems the grandson had waited and ambushed her from behind with an airgun with rubber pellets which he had altered by poking a sewing needle through.

In my neighbor's words, "He stuck me right in the middle of my butt and it hurt like hell!"

I tried to keep my face bland and be sympathetic while what I really wanted do to was to smirk at the thought of what a perfect target that butt was.

Then she said it:

"Well I marched that young man right up to his grandmother and told her what he needed was a good long"--here it comes I thought and held my breath--"therapy session!"

I blinked and my mind went blank for a second. "Therapy," I wonder if she heard the disappointment in my voice.

"Yes! It's obvious that boy is unstable," she said and continued her walk up the street.

I'm still not used to the ways and attitudes of this foreign land.

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How do you deal with a smart-mouth store clerk without loosing your temper? I have yet to figure this out. I know I have a smart-mouth but it is hard to control it when you are trying to be nice. I know I may need a spanking after telling what I did to the smart-mouth clerk but oh well. I punch the shit out of that smart-mouth clerk and walked away with a smile on my face. Hey, I never said I was perfect. Yes, I lost my temper and I know it was wrong but I couldn't control it. Any idea on how to keep myself in check when dealing with idiot people? Looking for advice.

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I've been dating my bf for just over a year and I think I may be in trouble. Let me preface this by saying a year ago when I first went to his house I noticed a flogger on laying across his night stand (that should have been my first warning). Today we talked about some of the videos that are shown on here and he asked if I were interested in that type of relationship, I quickly answered no. In the same breath a said something super smart ass to him he asked quickly who I was speaking to I answered to nobody. He than told me he wanted me to do something not sure what but I told him I wouldn't do it and ignored his suggestion to be quiet he told me he'll see me tomorrow. Really nervous about seeing him.

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"...Mi sembrava di attendere quel permesso da una notte intera, e il piacere che ne provo è istantaneo. Gemo sottovoce e di nascosto, ora non più complice solo di me stessa."

Leggi tutto il racconto su

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During pregnancy if the mother suffers organ damage, the baby in the womb sends stem cells to repair the damaged organ.

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This summer has been good to me! I am happy and greatful! :-)

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Now you all know by now my crazy sense of humour, i've blogged enough of jokes i know that make me laugh.
But the one thing i have never come across yet are spanking related jokes.
Anybody know any and care to share them. I can think of few things better than a good laugh over a sore bum.

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I pace up and down the cage, bars closing in on me,
Caged inside this fake vanilla life I hate so much,
Doing what the vanilla world demands and wants,
Caged like the mighty lion waiting for release,
Fearfully treading as not to cause attention,
Society looks down on us, calling us deviant,
Who are they to condemn us, are they any better,

But longing inside to break through this cage,
Break free and throw off the vanilla facade,
To let loose and roar loudly for all to hear,
Roar loudly like the finally released free lion,
To stand proud and show the world the real me,
To look them in the eye, roar and say these words,

Thank you for reading,

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Views: 343 · Added: 36 days ago CHECK OUT MY BLOG

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Wallace placed a straight backed chair in the middle of his study. This was going to be rather hard for a person like himself, but he steeled himself and sat in the chair, waiting for Susanna’s arrival. Not too long afterwards, a gentle knock came from the shut door. “Come in, Susanna” he beckoned calmly.

The door opened slowly with a bit of a creak that broke the air of tension between the two. She shut the door behind her and gripped the side of her green sun dress some. She was nervous, but ready. Wallace nodded and motioned with his hand for her to stand near him. Light footsteps along the carpet came, not very fast, but quickly enough. Susanna then felt her wrist being grabbed somewhat firmly.

The shock was overwhelming. In one swoop, she was face down over Wallace’s lap. To Wallace, it seemed to have happened in slow motion. He could hear the air shift, her long brown hair waving, the folds her dress made as she was falling into position over her lap. He even caught a faint glimpse of her underwear, not long enough to make out a pattern, but she was wearing them, much to his relief.

“Eeeek!” was all she could squeak out once she was over that strong lap.

“Susanna, you are due this little reminder of why you shant slack off on your jobs. Prepare yourself, young lady!” was all she heard before feeling a hand on her back to steady her. Then, it started. The first wasn’t more than a brisk pat, most likely a test swat. It got no more than a tiny yelp from the receiver. The next few came firm and fast, causing North to grip onto the fibers of the plush burgundy carpet.

“Aa-Ahhh!! Owww!! M-Mister Wallace, p-please!!” she whimpered between swats.

“Your owws and pleases aren’t going to get you out of this, missy. You have responsibilities to uphold as a state!” he scolded, peppering the farmer girl’s rump with swat after swat. Susanna sniffled and began squirming about, but Wallace was stronger than he looked, and hell, he already looked plenty strong at a glance! She was held fast and was at the mercy of Wallace’s punishing hand as it fell over and over on its soft target.

Meanwhile, as the slaps fell, Wallace’s stomach was in knots and those knots housed many butterflies. He felt rather awful, but this is what she had wanted, and he was making due on his word he’d see this through to the end. As his hand kept up the pace, he couldn’t help but notice how soft her rear end was. Not that he was TRYING to notice it, but once your hand smacks an ass enough times, you get a damned good feel of it. Northern California was a hard working farmer, so he was shocked that her hind-quarters weren’t as firm as her thighs. Maybe it was her borderline lust for sweets that kept her body soft in all the...right places. What knocked him out of this train of thought was Susanna’s legs kicking a bit and her right hand reaching back to block his hand.

“Susanna Jones! You move that hand right this instant!” came his British scolding tone.

“B-But...!” she cried. Her wrist was then held firmly against her back with the hand that was just being used to hold her down. There was nothing she could do now but take the spanking like a ‘champ’.

“Reaching back has earned you a good dose of the cane once we’re finished here, Susanna!” was his final judgment as the hand fell over and over again on her backside. These new swats felt harder and made the poor girl cry out, tears dripping from her big green eyes.

“I won’t slack off anymoooooore! Oh pleeease! Mister Wallaaace!!” she wailed. Her promises to be good and do her duties fell on seemingly deaf ears. Wallace stopped for a moment to rub her aching behind gently. It was time to finish this up.

“What are you not going to do anymore?” he questioned. “I-I-I’m not gonna skip my chores! O-Only if I’m sick!” she cried, sniffling softly.

“That’s a good girl. You must indeed mind your health. Just a few more. But don’t forget about your next appointment with the cane” he reminded her. She whined loudly, but it was cut short by a sharp swat, followed by another and its twin. Susanna kicked and squirmed about, but it was put to a halt when she felt hard swats across her thighs, which were terribly sensitive!

Finally, after a dozen or less swats, it ended. Wallace had a trembling and crying land mass in the form of a young woman over his lap, and those damned knots in his stomach were still there. He shushed her and made her to sit on his knees and cry softly. He rubbed her back to soothe her as her arms wrapped around his frame. “I’m so sorry! Please don’t c-c-cane me, mister Wallace!” she pleaded.

“Daaaaamn it!” was all he thought. He couldn’t go back on his word now. Why on earth had he said that? Maybe because...deep down...he...No! He pushed that thought from his mind. He got her to stand and guided her to his desk.

“Bend over it” were his words. Her hands were already at work trying to rub the sting away, but she obediently bent herself over the large desk. She tried not to look at his belongings on it, but saw he had several dates circled on the desk calendar for the following month. Wallace then walked over to a cupboard that appeared to hold umbrellas and take out a thin rod.

A Rattan Cane, just as they used in the English boarding schools. Susanna saw it and hid her face in her folded arms on the desk. Walking back over to her, Wallace swished the fearsome implement in the air once...twice...thrice! “I think three should do it, right Susanna?” he said, making sure he wasn’t pushing past any boundaries the girl had.

“Y-Yes sir...” she squeaked, reaching back and pulling her dress up.

“S-Susanna?!” came his shocked and distressed tone.

“It’s okay. I trust you, Mr. Wallace.” Was all she said before exposing her panties, bunching her dress up so the folds on it rested on her lower back, up an out of the way of the cane. She faced forward and waited for the last of her punishment.

Out of her view completely, Wallace’s usually stoic face was a bright red. He had never had this in mind when he set out with his chastisement of the girl. This was nearly too much for him. Him! The man who had been in both world wars and sat in a dingy in Korea could barely look at a pair of women’s underwear! Not to mention the very underwear were hugging a rather reddened and curvy behind. He knew he had to make this quick! With that, he held the cane firmly and put his free hand on the small of Susanna’s back to steady her and to keep her dress from falling down into place.



“Yeowwwch!!” came the pained cry.




“Last one, North. Last one. Stay strong, my lovely.” Wallace comforted.

“L-Lovely...?” she murmured to herself.



“Waaa-...h-huh?” came the confused cry from the tearful girl.

“All done.”

Wallace dropped the cane and put her dress back in its place. North stood and began to rub her bottom, not even noticing the blush on Wallace’s face. He had her face a corner for a bit while he composed himself. Her soft squeaks of pain as she tried to rub away that awful sting didn’t help him much, but he overcame himself after a good five minutes.

In the minutes that followed on the soft rococo couch in the study, Wallace had the trembling girl sitting on his knees, consoling her as she tried to fight off sleep from the rather exhausting events. “Shhh, there there. It’s all over and you’re forgiven.” Came his voice softly as he kissed her forehead.

“T-Thank you, mister Wallace. You really helped me” Susanna said with a yawn.

“I have some things I need to take care of. You can sleep in here for a while, alright?”

He received no reply. She had fallen asleep already. Smiling faintly, he set her on the couch, laid a light quilt over her and left quietly for, where else? The bathroom.

As he left, a small yet satisfied smile crept across Susanna’s lips.


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Oldknight, your jokes always make me laugh and today they reminded me of a couple of my own. Hope you don't mind if I add them:

A middle aged man is sitting in front of the TV in his underwear, drinking a beer and watching the game. His wife comes home humming a tune and very chipper. "You know, dear, I had my annual physical today and everything went so well. All my tests came back normal and my height and weight are pretty good." Then she does a little pirouette and adds, "In fact, the doctor said I was in very good shape for a woman my age.'' The husband grunts and says, "Oh yeah, what did he have to say about your big, fat, Irish ass?'' "Not a thing," said the wife, "your name never came up."

A man was stranded on a desert island for years, living off coconuts and rain water. One day he sees a yacht in the cove. Someone is coming to shore in a skiff. A beautiful woman in a wet suit steps onto the beach and walks to him. The man is overjoyed. He can hardly believe his eyes. Saved at last. The woman unzips a little pocket in her wet suit and asks, "Would you like a brandy?'' The man grabs the little bottle she took out and throws back a good shot. The woman starts unzipping another, "A cigar?" The man takes and lights a cigar, his face a picture of bliss. Finally the woman slowly begins to unzip the front of her suit, "Do you want to play around?" The man falls to his knees laughing and weeping all at the same time. "OMG, lady, do you have a set of golf clubs in there?"

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A good relationship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfections but still loves you for who you are.

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After living in the remote wilderness of Kentucky all his life, an old hillbilly decided it was time to visit the big city. In one of the stores, he picks up a mirror, and looks in it. Not ever having seen one before, he remarked at the image staring back at him, "How about that?! Here's a picture of my daddy!"
He bought the mirror, thinking it was a picture of his daddy, but on the way home, he remembered his wife didn't like his father. So, he hung it in the barn and every morning before leaving for the fields, he would go there and look at it.
His wife began to get suspicious of these many trips to the barn. One day after her husband left, she searched the barn and found the mirror. As she looked into the glass, she fumed, "So, THAT'S the ugly woman he's runnin' around with!"

Little Johnny was having problems in English class, so his teacher decided to stop by on her way home to speak with his parents. When she rang the bell, Little Johnny opened the door.
The teacher said, "Hello, Johnny. I would like to talk to your mother or your father."
Little Johnny said, "Sorry, but they ain't here."
The teacher said, "Johnny! What is it with your grammar?"
"Beats me," said Little Johnny. "but Dad sure was mad that they had t'go bail her out -- again this week."

A man lying on his deathbed called to him, his lawyer, his doctor, and his pastor. "I am going to die tonight," he said, "and I want to prove that when you go to
heaven you can take it all with you. So to my three most trusted friends, you three of course, I am leaving $50,000 in these envelopes. When I die you must come to my funeral and put the envelopes in my coffin with me." The man handed the three men identical envelopes.
A day later, they each received news that, during the night, the old man had died. So each knew they must go to his funeral and fulfill his death wish.
Standing over the coffin one week later. the pastor confessed, "I can't hide what I've done. I took 10,000 dollars from the envelope because the church needed to be painted."
Then as he did so, the doctor also started to fidget then finally confessed, "I took $30,000 from my envelope because the hospital needed a new wing."
Then the lawyer said plainly, "You bunch of crooks! I wrote him a check for the full amount!"

After twenty years of marriage, a couple was lying in bed one evening, when the wife felt her husband begin to fondle her in ways he hadn't in quite some time. It almost tickled, as his fingers started at her neck, then began moving down past the small of her back.
He then caressed her shoulders and neck, slowly worked his hand down over her breasts, stopping just over her lower stomach.
He then proceeded to place his hand on her left inner arm, caressed past the side of her breast again, working down her side, paused gently over her buttock and down her leg to her calf. Then he proceeded up her inner thigh, stopping just at the uppermost portion of her leg. He continued in the same manner on her right side. Then he suddenly stopped, rolled over and started to watch the TV.
As she had become quite aroused by this caressing, she asked in a loving voice, "That was wonderful. Why did you stop?"
He answered, "I found the remote."

Eight-year-old Sally brought her report card home from school. Her marks were good...mostly A's and a couple of B's.
However, her teacher had written across the bottom, "Sally is a smart little girl, but she has one fault. She talks too much in school. I have an idea I am going to try, which I think may break her of the habit."
Sally's dad signed her report card, putting a note on the back. "Please let me know if your idea works on Sally. I would like to try it out on her mother."

Chester & Earl were going hunting. Chester says to Earl, "I'll send my dog out to see if there are any ducks out in the pond. If there aren't many ducks out there, I'm not going hunting." He sends the dog out to the pond.
The dog comes back and barks twice.
Chester says, "Well I'm not going to go out. He only saw two ducks out there."
Earl says, "You're going to take the dog's barks for the truth?"
` Earl doesn't believe it, so he goes to look for himself. When he gets back he says, "I don't believe it. There really are only two ducks out there! Where did you get that dog?"
Chester says, "Well, I got him from the breeder up the road. If you want one, you can get one from him."
Earl goes to the breeder and says he wants a dog like the one his friend, Chester has.
The breeder obliges and Earl brings the dog home, tells it to go out and look for ducks. Minutes later the dog returns with a stick in its mouth and starts humping Earl's leg.
Outraged, Earl takes the dog back to the breeder and says, "This dog is a fraud. I want my money back!"
The breeder asks Earl what the dog did. So Earl tells him that when he sent the dog out to look for ducks, it came back with a stick in its mouth and started humping his leg.
The breeder says, "Earl, dogs can't talk. He was trying to tell you there are more ducks out there than you can shake a stick at!"

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It will be up as soon as possible.

I never thought it would be so well received!

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Okay - it's gorilla grumble time again!

This time my beef is lazy contributors who can't be bothered to edit their work.

Now SpankingTube is not (as far as I am aware) a paragon of literary excellence, so we must be prepared for slight lapses in grammar, misspellings and the odd omitted comma.

But wall to wall writing with no paragraph breaks is just plain sloppy. I cannot be bothered to read such entries because it just looks like so much noise. Yes - editing is a pain in the arse to do - but if one wants their work read and appreciated, then surely it is worth the effort - yes?

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im going to start stories on here and i hope you all like them

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I knew I was ready for another experience with Mr fantasy and it wasn't even raining.It had been 3 weeks since we had first met and played at the motel.I had not stopped thinking about it since and knew I would go CrAzY if I did not see my fantasy friend.I grabbed my phone and texted,"REMEMBER ME THE NAUGHTY GAL WHO NEEDS HER BOTTOM SPANKED".This got me and imediate response"SOMEONE IS IN BIG TROUBLE,MEET ME AT THE HOTEL AT 4:30 AND BE ONTIME OR ELSE".With reading that last line or else,I think my bottom smarted at the thought of purposely showing up late.Was I that naive that it would be the worst thing I could do.Had I already forgotten the ferocity of our first meeting and that it took almost a whole week to sit properly.As the day progressed All the senarios started to play through my head.Those massive shoulders,oh how I wanted to climb back up on his chest and ride him.There were so many things that I felt we hadn't done our first meeting.Now I was determined to make more of these fantasies cum true!
4:35 and I pulled up.would Mr fantasy really hold to his"OR ELSE".He seemed so no nonsense that worry came over me like a rushing wave and I almost decided to leave the parkinglot.and my better judgement spoke to my vagina and I knew I had what was coming to me.As I searched the parking lot for Mr's pickup truck not hide or hair of him?This was strange,was I being stood up.And my brain started racing with all the different conclusions.Did he really enjoy playing with me.Was he somewhere else with another plaything.had he gotten hurt and wasn't making it because he was hospitalized.As fast as these thoughts flashed through my mind,there was his Blue pickup barreling in as if he was trying to save himself from being late at 4:38.Didn't he know that now I felt he was not so responsible and actually made me a little angry at his tardiness.As he pulled next to my car he jumped out and told me he was going to the office to get us a room.I stopped him and remarked kind of snide"You know your late"and shockingly he replied"So,whatcha going to do about it?"He strolled off toward the office which infuriated me and now with steam coming off my head my wheels began to really spin and All I could think was my fantasy man became a big lug in one meeting.NO this can't happen and I won't let it happen."Whatcha going to do about it"Well I tell you what we are going to do.......
When the key hit the door,there was no butterflies this time.Just a feeling that a sneak attack was around the corner.As my Mr, more so looked like a little boy to me.I was prepared to treat him just like that.he got comfortable as he had the last time and sat down on the chair looking over at me as if to say,you know where you should be.BOY was he going to be surprised when he found out what was about to take place.I reached into my travel bag while his head was turned and pulled out my wood I walked to his side, he motioned as if to say remove you pants and I jestured with a head nod NO!He thought I was being Defiant. That is when I pulled the hairbrush from behind my back and said wait a minute Mr.You threatened me that if I was a minute late there would be an OR ELSE.Well now it is time for the person almost 10 minutes late to own up to or else.He looked at me in shock as if to say,your kidding me right?let me tell you,there was no joking with him in what I said and I pulled him from the chair by his long hair and sat where he was and patted my lap"You come here you naughty little boy,you are going to get spanked for being late"With that he started to mumble something and started stuttering that I was out of line and I could not spank him.I retorted"You need to get across my lap young man or things are going to get worse here faster then a NY minute.His facial features changed as if this once tough guy was now reduced to a naughty little boy who was about to face judgement.I patted my lap again and told him"and don't forget to pull down your pants,This is going to take place on your bare bottom!"I never saw a man blush, but he got the same flushed look in his cheeks that was about to take place on his hine quaters!As he drapped himself across my lap I took the time to position his hips snuggly to my waiste and once secure I began with no warmup to smack that fanny silly with my did not take long for him to begin squirming,feeling I was on the right track i picked up the pace and smacked every inch of that rearend!Before he knew it, there was a red glow beggining to eminate form his backside which rememinded me of an apple which was just picked from a tree for it's ripeness.Seeing this made me want to spank him more.He was groaning and making noises that were getting me so wett.I must have started to really smack him hard because his feet kicked up and now he was trying to move so where I might miss hitting his little tush.I told him if he did not stay still I was going to get my buggy whip out and make chopmeat out of his behind.He apologized and said he would be still.To try him,and see if he could tolerate my spanking,I swung from high up lifting my arm to the ceiling and crashing down like a paratrooper chuteing in.He was maintaining his composure but I could tell any minute he was going to go through the roof.I heard little whimpers and he sounded like he was ready to cry.I did not want to break my big tough man on my first spanking,and this is when I stopped.I did ask if he was going to be a good boy and not be late again.He replied quickly"No mam".I aksed if this punishment had gotten through to him.He gracefully remarked"If I had to go through that again,I'd need more then a pillow to sit"Likeing all his inuendo's i felt it was time to reward my naughty little boy,but what he did not know is this reward was going to be for me!I told him to stand infront of me and not pull his pants up.Any attempt to cover his privates, I assured, would get him spanked all over again.As he stood before me I could sense his uneasiness.He looked embaressed having his manhood out infront of I made him stand there for a few minutes and that's when I asked"So what do you think I should do with you my little miscreant tardy naughty boy.He replied in a quiet suttle conqured voice"You can do what ever pleases you mam".I shot back"What else did you think was going to happen"
I don't think he was prepared for what was going to happen next.My last boyfriend was very subservant and I would Dominate him in extensive ways making him submitt to any of my whims.My Mr fantasy I could tell was not use to this treatment so I knew I would have to break him in slowly for what was about to happen.So as he stood infront of me with all his nakedness exposed I reached forward and took his semi erect cock into my hand and with my other I grabbed his balls.I asked how does it feel to be had by the balls,as I gave them a nice squeeze.All he could do was grin and said again"Do as you may,I am all yours"I looked with a way more then evil grin and sarcastically spoke"When I am finished with you,you will be more then all mine"and with an even eviler laugh stroked his cock untill it got hard.Once he was throbbing in my hand I told him to turn around and I dipped into my little bag of tricks pulling out a pair of handcuffs.With his back to me I grabbed one hand and cuffed it.Before he could resist or respond the other cuff was on and he was pushed forward with his head into the bed.His little backside up in the air was more than cute and a treasure of a target for what was to take place.I slipped back in my bag and reached for the REAL surprise.I had my boyfriend trained in strap-on play and he was very used to being fucked by me for all he was worth.Now my Mr Fanatsy,Well I did think he would protest as he felt the tip of my rubber cock grind up gainst his backside.We would have to sit back and watch as this all unfolded.In seconds I had this apporatis tighty secured to me and now we were ready to find out just how tough my Mr fanatsy really was.As I got close I reached and grabbed his hips and straddled his cute tush.He had to feel the introduction that was taking place,or the intrusion that was about to take place.Strangely enough he lifted his ass toward me and jutted his butt out as if to greet my flesh colored thickness.I whispered in his ear,"have you ever......And before I could finish the statement he replied"NO","but I always was curious".I reasured him curiosity was the last thing you would have today.With that I slipped the lubriated tip into him.there was some resitance but it would be futile.i was prepared to make him take every inch.And as I worked this thick cock into him he moaned and shook his cute ass untill I had 3 quaters in.I began fucking him and grabbed his long mane and pulled his head back.He could not move now so I stuck him with the last inches and that's when he lost it.He began panting and bucking his hips so I fucked him harder.As I got the full length sunk into his stretched little fuck hole I reached around and stroked his cock.I told him if he touched it himself all bets were off I would stop his ass pounding and grab my belt and whip his ass till he had flesh warts.He begged "No mam please"As he held the sheets tightly I rammed his cute little ass and stroked his ragging hard cock.I guess all this was to much and before i knew it he had exploded into the palm of my hand.I had let out a little growl and said who told you you could cum.He started to apologize and with his mouth open I covered it with the palm of my hand and he got a facefull of his release.I think this quieted him down.I was really feeling DIVAiant.And told him"get used to this treatment,it is not all about you anymore"and with the cuffs on I pulled him to his knees and as I sat back on the chair,I pulled him close to my wett pussy and forced his head between my legs.he was going to pleasure me untill i was good and finished"OR ELSE"

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