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I remember, on 1996, after Internet went "viral" (here in México, at least), having this book in my hands.

Short after, i had the chance for the first time in my life, to use Internet to look for something i wanted to. I yahhoed: "The Art of Spanking"....


it was when magic made its appearance!!

Literally thousands of spanking pages right in front of my eyes, for me to look at them!

Such an amazing time!

Enjoy the book! Is worth it! Sooo worth it!

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This story is a excerpt from a K-On fanfiction I've done called 'Scarlet Kouhai'.


"Azu-nyan. What did you just say?" Ui looked at Yui. Her sister had her head down. Azusa was briefly confused.

"I said..." Realizing what she had just said, she clamped her hands over her mouth. Yui raised her head. Her expression was dark.

"You just swore at Ui and said she was useless, didn't you?" Ui could feel the fury in her sister's voice.

"O... Onee-chan, it's okay. She didn't mean it."

"Ui, please leave the room."


"I said leave the room!" Hesitating for a second, Ui headed out, Yui following. "And don't come back in until I tell you, understand?" The guitarist then closed the door and returned to Azusa, who was trembling.

"Yui-sempai, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that."

"Quiet Azu-nyan!" Yui snapped. Azusa shut up. "Now listen carefully. I may adore you to pieces, and I don't care if you get upset at me, but no-one, and I mean no-one, ever talks to my sister like that, especially with that kind of language." Azusa was terrified by Yui's tone of voice. The airhead never got like this. Clearly, Azusa had touched a nerve. "I know I messed up, knocking your juice onto your notes and uniform, but there was absolutely no need for you to act like that."


"I SAID BE QUIET!!!" Azusa shrank back. "It seems pretty clear that you're still a child, Azu-nyan. And if that's the case, then I have no choice but to treat you like one."

"W-what do you mean?" Azusa asked in fear. Yui moved away and pulled her chair out.

"What do you think?" The kouhai's heart leapt into her throat. She clutched her bottom.

"No, please. Not that. Anything but that." Yui sat down.

"Yes. I think you need a really good spanking, Azu-nyan." Azusa's heart skipped several beats.

"Yui-sempai, please. I know I should have behaved better. I promise, it'll never happen again." Azusa begged.

"Maybe you should have thought about that before running your mouth off. Now come over here, or do I need to drag you kicking and screaming?"

"Yui-sempai, please. I'm really sorry." Yui pointed at her knees. Realizing that it was futile, Azusa slowly walked over. I can't believe it. Why did I have to say that?! I'm such an idiot! Yui grabbed the kouhai and threw her over her knees. She then grasped Azusa's skirt and threw it up, then yanked her panties down. "Yui-sempai. Please, not bare." Azusa begged, blushing brightly and trying to shield her bottom with her hand.

"Oh yes, this is exactly what you need. Now move your hand, or I'll take my shoe off and use that." The kouhai reluctantly returned her hand to in front of her. She could feel the air on her exposed skin. Her mind was a whirl of feelings. Regret at what she had done, and embarrassment at what Yui was about to do to her.

I can't believe this is really happening. This is so humiliating. Since she was a really good girl, her parents had practically never felt the need to discipline her, so this was a complete first for Azusa. She had heard about bare bottom spankings, and she had heard that they was painful and embarrassing, but experiencing it first-hand was completely different. She then felt Yui clutch her side.

"Now don't even think about blocking it, Azu-nyan. Or you'll get the shoe, understand?" Yui instructed firmly.

"Yes ma'am." Azusa replied meekly. So there it was. The catgirl lay across her sempai's knees, bottom exposed, looking down at her hands. For what seemed like forever, that moment held. Then she felt Yui move. SMACK! "OW!" With that single hit, Azusa knew she was in for a rough ride. SMACK! "OW!" SMACK! "OOWW!!" SMACK! "OOOWWW!!!" Each slap brought a loud retort from Azusa. SMACK! "OW!!" Yui spanked with seemingly inhuman strength. SMACK! Azusa squirmed wildly. SMACK! Her instincts screamed at her to protect herself, but she remembered Yui's warning, so she grabbed the chair and held on for dear life. SMACK! "AAAAHHHHH!!!!" the kouhai screamed. SMACK! "YUI-SEMPAI, I'M SO SORRY!!! I DIDN'T MEAN TO SWEAR LIKE THAT!!!" SMACK!

"Like I said, Azu-nyan..." SMACK! " should have thought about that before." SMACK!

"OOOWWWW!!! PLEASE STOP!! IT HURTS!!" Azusa pleaded, tears falling. SMACK!

"Spankings are supposed to hurt. They're to teach you a lesson." SMACK! Clearly, Yui was immune to her dear kouhai's cries and pleads. SMACK! Her legs kicking, Azusa realized that Yui was a long way from forgiving her. SMACK!


"Leave Ui out of this, Azu-nyan. This is between you and me." SMACK! The torture continued on. Azusa kept screaming in pain and begging Yui to stop. After 5 agonizing minutes, Yui stopped. Azusa lay limp, sobbing and sniffing. Had she finally been granted mercy? There was a timid knock.

"Onee-chan? I think she's learnt her lesson." Ui said through the door.

"Maybe she has..." Azusa's heart lifted slightly. "But I want to be absolutely sure." And so it started up again. SMACK! Yui's hand collided with Azusa's enflamed bottom. The kouhai's subsequent scream filled the house.

"NOOOOOO!! YUI-SEMPAI, PLEASE!! I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!!!" SMACK! "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Outside, Ui covered her ears as best she could, trying to muffle the sound. She desperately wanted to run in and stop this, but felt she may only make things worse. Her heart filled with sadness. Inside the room, Yui kept her pace up, spanking harder than before. SMACK! By now, Azusa's bottom was redder than a strawberry and felt hotter than a fire. SMACK! The catgirl kept begging for her punishment to stop, torrents of tears flowing down her face. SMACK! "AAAAHHHHH!!!" SMACK! Wondering how much longer she'd had to suffer, she squeezed the chair, her knuckles white. SMACK! "OOOOWWW!!!!! SEMPAI, PLEASE STOP, I'M BEGGING YOU!!!" SMACK! Yui began to slow, feeling that it had been long enough. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

And with those final (even harder) spanks, she stopped. "Okay Azu-nyan. That's enough for you." Azusa's pain-ridden brain flooded with relief. It was over. Grasping the kouhai's shoulders, Yui pulled her up and looked straight at her. "Do you promise never to swear again?"

"*sob* *sniff* Yes... *sniff* Yes, I promise. Never again. *sob*" Azusa promised, tightly clutching her bottom.

"And do you promise never to talk to Ui like that again?"

"Yes, I swear I will never do it again. *sniff*" Satisfied at this, Yui released Azusa. Unable to stand, the catgirl dropped to the floor. Standing up, Yui turned away and opened the door.

Passing Ui, she said, "I need to clear my head.", then headed downstairs. Seeing Azusa in a broken heap, Ui headed in and hugged her. Her friend clutched her and started crying again.


"*sob* I'm sorry, Ui. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. *sob*"

"Ssh shh, it's okay. Don't try to talk." Ui whispered. Azusa continued crying, her bottom in flames. Ui held her. I should talk to Onee-chan about this later.


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I never had my Father's love nor approval. My ex husband never loved me, he only thought I would make a good wife for people to see..

I wear my soul on my shoulder for everyone to see.........

It's hard to live with these many emotions for everyone to see.........

All I really want is to be love by a man, who will wrap his arms around me when he can... Then spank my bare bottom with his love over his knees......

To all Spanking Tube friends, SMILE for me....

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As I get ready to leave turmoil fills me, concern fills my heart,
What the future holds I do not know, how will my life pan out,
Will it go back to the way it was before with heartache and pain,
Or will she have really changed and be the woman I first met,
Could it be all the promises will be fulfilled and be truthful,
Ravaged with doubt I sit contemplating a future yet unwritten,
Emotions explode inside me, each one taking its turn to reside,
So, I sit alone writing this getting ready to leave very soon,
Thinking of whats ahead, thinking of what may become of my life,
A leap of faith I take one more time, into the unknown I go,
And the emotion which is the strongest in my heart and mind,
Sad to say is fear, it shouldn't be but there it sits proudly,
If the fear is justified then my worst nightmare will be true,
I will fight to the death to make sure that doesn't happen,
Only time will tell if my recurring nightmare comes true,
Lets hope this time there will be a happy ending to this tale.

Thank you for reading,

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But Coach, your trusty paddle is the past.
Let's see if you can say "anachronistic."
He laid it on me twice as hard and fast,
His lack of humor apelike and sadistic.

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Feeling very happy, I've just had the best day ever:) it started with a surprise, and i love surprises good ones only of course. I was trying to do a wee then Alex came in to the toilet, I really, really hate it when he does that because something happens and i forget how to wee when he's in the room, and i especially needed one that morning to! But he gave me the best news in the world; we were going to thorpe park!! ( a theme park) The one i was supposed to go to on my birthday before i got ill. I felt like i was actually going to burst! it was the absolute best ever start to the day, even if the news was delivered while i was on the toilet.

But then when we arrived at the theme park i felt like I had a million butterflies flying around in my tummy, the rides were all too big! As we walked round i was squeezing Alex's had so tight and i really thought that i might cry, i wasn't going to be able to go on any of these rides, they were all so big, like right up in the sky, it was actually a theme park for giants!

But i did it:) even if i did cry. I was still kind of brave, I went on all of them. Even the really fast upside down ones, and it turned out i loved all of them:) but i especially liked this one called the swarm, It felt like you were actually flying, and I would love to be able to fly. I know this blog is probably a little boring but I keep thinking about yesterday and i just needed to tell people about it:) Now I just need to work time travel out so i can have the day again:)

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I had to write my last blog about porn or punishment. I am so Tired with a few things. 1 - People contacting me for a sesion that they are not ready for. 2 - Men assuming that I want to spank them although I never asked. 3 - Expecting me 2 stop spanking u just because u asked me 2. N0! 4 - Wanting me to take MY clothing off before I spank you. N0! 5 - Telling people that you dont get spanked, knowing you do! 6 - Lastly, this is something I hate!!! PEOPLE SENDING PICTURES 0F THEIR B0DIES WITH N0 CL0THING! I D0 N0T D0 P0RN! 0NLY PUNISHMENT! It only turns me off. I WILL N0T even continue to contact you if you do that. That is why only a few people have my number on here. Because they understand that I D0NT Porn. I can post another video as long as everyone knows that. AGAIN, Please do not contact me if you are looking for porn.

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I posted a photo album with 100 of my favorite pictures of a man being caned by a woman. Though I have never been caned, the thought of being naked and well spanked, while watching a woman take her practice cuts, swish, swish, swish, gets me aroused. Blushing at the thought of hearing those words, "bend over that chair" for the sting of a cane or switch on an already well spanked hot bottom.

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Well how has everyone been doing sorry I've been away, but as y all know I'm expecting a lil girl with tinker28, I will be checking back in b from Time to time I hope to hear from everyone

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A husband went to police station to report his missing wife:
Husband : I’ve lost my wife, she went shopping yesterday and has still not come home.
Sergeant : What is her height ?
Husband : Oh, 5 something . . .
Sergeant : Build?
Husband : Not slim, not really fat.
Sergeant : Color of eyes?
Husband : Never noticed.
Sergeant : Color of hair?
Husband : Changes according to season.
Sergeant : What was she wearing?
Husband : Dress/suit/blue jeans -- I don’t remember exactly.
Sergeant : Did she go in a car?
Husband : yes.
Sergeant : What kind of car was it?
Husband : 2015 Corvette Stingray 3LT with the Z51 Performance Package, shark gray metallic paint, with the 6.2 litre V8 engine with Direct Injection generating 460 HP. 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission, and GT bucket seats, and has a very thin scratch on the front left door.……………. at this point the husband started crying...
Sergeant : Don't worry sir.......We’ll find your car.

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things with "Daddy" r not good right now... the roller coaster ride is exhaustin... good today, bad tomorrow, better next week, worse than ever the week after.... I just dunno anymore...

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I've been trying to get out more lately - I've decided if I just sit home alone I'll wind up just sitting home alone, you know? So I'm attempting to remake myself as a social butterfly, and it's been quite an interesting experience.

In some ways, I have three strikes against me when it comes to "scene" social events. First, I'm a single guy. Second, I'm old. Third, I'm a male sub, or at least present myself as one. (I'm actually a true switch - I just love spankings, either giving or receiving) Sometimes at these events I feel like I've just smashed open a strongbox and received the +4 Cloak of Invisibility. (gamers will understand the reference)

But I keep plugging away. I figure at some point I'll at least become a familiar figure, which will hopefully make me more approachable.

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“I will have to milk him before I diaper him.”
“I will diddle Angie until she is also relaxed then we can diaper them.”

So I am lying there on an oversized changing table on my back. Angie on another right next to me and we are being turned into toddlers for punishment.
Auntie B takes some baby lotion and puts some on my bare pee pee and some on her hand and begins to milk my little pee pee.
Next to me Uncle Fred is having Angie with her legs raised and spread and he is diddling her real good.
I come first and she pats me on the head and says.
“Good little boy, now it is time to diaper you.”
She brings over a rolling table with diapering items on it. Just then Ihear Angie moan as she begins to climax.

“There ya go little girl all better now.”
He smiles down at her like an adult looking at a well disciplined toddler.
The diapering began. Auntie B powdered my diaper area and Unca Fred did the same to Angie. Then they slide diapers underneath us and looked down at us and said.
“Time for your diapees little naughty ones.”
We laid there stunned and being swaddled in diapers.
Soon after we were put in oversized cribs for the night.

{The End?}

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During the past week a dear old neighbour of our's passed away. I say neighbour even though this gentleman lived four miles from us.We often met him and his wife in the village and in the pub. He and I spent an hour hiding from the Garda last Christmas in the grounds of the old Abbey along with a few more seasoned drinkers,when the pub was 'raided' for after hours drinking! All he could worry about was what his wife would say if he got himself arrested.

It was a friend of ours who rang us and told us about the time for the funeral. Jen went into a major fashion crisis concerning which black dress to wear.I told her to wear her maids uniform,the one she puts on when we play,it is black after all! I was pushed for that,but thankfully she decided on a dress and we left the house late as a result. The funeral home we had to go to is in Clonakilty,about eight miles from where we live,so I had to be 'economical' with the speed we travelled at. We arrived late,there was already a large queue of people wishing to pay their respects,so I parked where I could and Jen and I made a dash inside the funeral home. As we joined the queue I glanced around in the hope of seeing some of our friends but saw no one we recognised. Jen whispered to me that this felt strange. The line of people got ever closer to the coffin and it began to dawn on me that something was wrong,for when Jen and I looked at the person in the coffin we discovered to our horror that it was NOT our neighbour,but someone else,someone we did not know.As customary in these parts it is necessary to offer one's condolescences to the family of the deceased. Jen and I were really at a loss. We had absolutely no idea who these people were,nor they us . I approached the line of people sitting next to the coffin.An elderly lady was being comforted and I extended my hand and offered my sympathy to this poor woman;Jen done likewise. The woman accepted,but stared at us,probably wondering who we were and how we knew her husband?

Once outside the funeral home I phoned our friend who had given us the time of the funeral only to be told that she had made a mistake and the funeral was at 8pm,not 7:15pm,but at least we were at the right funeral home. Jen took my phone and called our friend a fucking moron and explained what had just happened.Our friend laughed so much that we could hear her almost choking. I am afraid that our friend will be seeing the inside of my study,LOL! Jen and I went back to the car and waited until 8pm.When we got home we told my niece what had happened.She thought it was one of the funniest things she had ever heard and while we all laughed ,my niece took the opportunity to ask when her monthly allowance will be paid in full again.I told her not to push her luck.

So today I am cooking lunch at home.My niece and Jen are gone to run a half marathon in aid of some charity.I am taking the opportunity of some peace and quiet to do paperwork and sit and watch TV while the roast beef is in the oven. I do like my weekends,some peace after a mad week.Have a great weekend all of you and be safe. Be good,and if you can't be good then tell me.LOL!

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These are stills from a video that I will be adding to my public video page.

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If you have not heard of Jillian Keenan, I just want to share her with you spankers and spankees. She is one of us who has bravely come out of the closet and used her status as a columnist to write about herself and in a way many of us. She hits the nail on the head for how I view spanking better than anyone else ever has. I am going to share three of her articles with you all. If you like them, please show her some support on Twitter @JillianKeenan
pagewanted=all&_r=0 love to hear your opinions as well.

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Views: 190 · Added: 36 days ago

If you have not heard of Jillian Keenan, I just want to share her with you spankers and spankees. She is one of us who has bravely come out of the closet and used her status as a columnist to write about herself and in a way many of us. She hits the nail on the head for how I view spanking better than anyone else ever has. I am going to share three of her articles with you all. If you like them, please show her some support on Twitter @JillianKeenan

Would love to hear your opinions as well.

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Views: 351 · Added: 36 days ago








HAPPY! :-)

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Ohhhhh.....I have been craving spanking since I was 6 or 7.

My sister is 5 yrs my senior. She came down to the basement where I sat at my fathers workbench fiddling. She wanted my help doing something that I didn't want to do, some chore probably. She was practically begging me. I said, "I will, but ONLY if you SPANK me."

She said no and called me a goon

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I have been getting a number of inquiries regarding seeing my complete spanking videos since the clips here are not full videos.The link for quite a number of my videos is below.

It is also a profile page of mine with some detailed information on my views and thoughts on spanking!

Have a great Friday night!

Ms Hurtz

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