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I was able to get video of a double OTK spanking like the one in my previous blog entry this past weekend, thanks to my two lovely Dommes who helped me out last night. Video will be up eventually - I have almost an hour of raw footage to do through and edit, so it may take a bit. In the meantime, here's pics so you can't say it didn't happen. I highly recommend the experience for the discerning spankee - there's nothing quite like it.

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Our patriotic fireworks get better every year!
I ooh-ed and aah-ed with wonder at the ones with smiley faces.
But you set off some fireworks that made me shed a tear,
By tapping on my tenderest of unprotected places.
And all for just a cherry bomb! Or maybe two. Or ten...
Hey wait! I'm only kidding! No fair spanking me again!
Next year I'll find a secret place to have my little fun.
Instead of a gazillion licks I likely won't get one.

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This spoiled, self centered, self promoting brat needs a spanking more than anyone in history!!! This spoiled whining brat needs a trip to the woodshed for some good old fashioned spankings! I would love to see her in this outfit going out to the woodshed for the longest and hardest spanking session ever given! She totally needs it and deserves it!

Whipped Ass
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Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday...

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Be safe and love each other.

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We ex-nuns know a thing or two about getting to the truth. For a number of weeks I have been kept in the dark so to speak. The whole episode started about three weeks ago,my niece approached me and asked,well sort of told me,that she was taking up something called Krav Maga,before I could question her on this Jenny had entered the room smiling and,upon reflection,deflected any questions I had by telling me that Krav Maga was a form of Pilates.I thought nothing more about this,however I was happy that Jen and my niece found something they could finally do together as both Jen and I do attend Pilates classes.There the matter rested;I was happy that they were doing something together and being completely ignorant as to what Krav Maga actually is,I thought nothing more about it,that is until last Thursday.

My niece's boyfriend popped around to help move some furniture for me from one room to another. We chatted and he said something very curious which made my ears prick up. He stated that he never thought I would allow my niece do Krav Maga;I asked why and then the truth about Krav Maga came out. He laughed uncontrollably when I told him that my niece was doing a form of Pilates with Jenny. He told me to go on YouTube and search Krav Maga,I did and was horrified. I believe someone has the right to defend themselves but I abhor violence. I know Jenny has done self defence for the purposes of her work,but rarely has to use it. I must confess that at that moment I just wanted to kill the two knuckleheads,Jenny knows my views on violence. A plan to get them back began to hatch in my mind. When they came home that evening I pretended nothing,but nothing would have given more pleasure than to dig a shallow grave and put them in it.

Friday came along and I was resolved to embarrass them both. That evening they got ready to drive in Jenny's car to the next village where the gymnasium is located. Before they left I told them that I was going out to run a few errands. Jen kissed me,Judas I thought,before I left. I got in my car and headed for the gymnasium. I parked a little bit up the road,surveillance,is one of the techniques a nun is thought,as well as ferreting out liars and punishing them! I sat in my car and waited. About twenty minutes passed before I spotted Jenny's car,she drove into the parking area of the gymnasium. Reminiscent of a scene from The Sweeney or other 70's cop drama's,I started my car,surprise was important. I crashed through the gears and luckily was able to park right next to Jenny. My brakes screamed,attracting Jenny's attention,she look straight at me and almost immediately I could see her face change colour. Now being proficient in lip reading,a skill I was taught many years ago,I was able to pick up what my niece said,"...Holy fuck,what is she doing here?". I had achieved my aim,with almost military planning and precision,LOL,I had trapped the two Knuckleheads. Jenny raised her hands and my niece got out of the car. I got out of my car and approached them. My niece asked what I was doing here and I told her that I thought it nice to surprise them and enrol in this new form of 'Pilates' so that we could do it together. My niece immediately blamed Jenny,Jen glared at her and told me that my niece wanted to come,that she was only doing a refresher course and my niece had pestered her until Jen had finally agreed to bring her along, OH,how comrades had now become foes!

I agreed to let my niece continue with this Krav Maga but on strict conditions that she does not use it around the house or when out with her friends. As for Jen,well this Tuesday we have the house to ourselves and Jen is already expecting to spend sometime over my knee,or perhaps this calls for our new tawse which we have been keeping for a 'special' occasion?

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Last night i deliberately stayed up late to continue watching the programme that was on tv.
I looked at the clock at 10.03pm, and ignored the time. Im supposed to switch the tv off at 10pm.
Mr G came up and asked what was going on and i pretended to not realise the time.
Which was stupid really as he knew full well i did.
Unfortunately then, i couldnt sleep, when i did eventually get to sleep our dogs woke me at 3am, so ive beeb up since.
And we know what happens when ive not slept.
The brat comes out.
I got my usual morning spanking, tho it was much harder than normal, then got told my punishment would be a wk of early bedtimes, up at 7.45, to be in bed by 8pm. Tv off at 9pm, 100 lines every day for a wk.
I hate early bedtimes and a mix of my punishment and tiredness meant the brat came out full force, i argued, sent pretty bad messages to Mr G and was downright awful.
Over a half hour period, i was over the kitchen stool 4 times and recieved around 250 bloody hard swats with the Little Devil.
Finishing with a threat that anymore attitude and he would bring the lash out.

Luckily for me i had to go shopping so by the time i came home, i had sent him an apology text message which he accepted and my mood cheered up.
Tho my bottom feels bruised and v sore.
Not a good start to the wk.

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Is this therapy working? I think to myself as I wait. I hear the heals clicking down the corridor. Clicking and clopping. Is my cell their destination this time, or will I hear the sound of some other voice pleading "no not me?" I sit at the edge of the table. The implements laid out so neatly. Like the implements of a chef in the kitchen. The heels arrive at my door and begin to fiddle with the lock. I slide down to touch the cold floor with my weary toes (cautiously to avoid the appearance of fear). My flesh is vulnerable, but my heart is stone like these cold walls.

He opens the door and his eyes move straight to my hips. I think to my disciplinarian "please don't insult me by pretending you don't enjoy this!!!!" The embarrassing bulge in his pants gives it away! He simply orders me to lift my skirt and stand with my legs apart. I am in a correctional facility. Do I have a choice??? I comply to all orders without question. I bend over for you and anyone else who wants to punish me.

Isn't that why we're here??? Please just say yes and don't insult my intelligence!! I am nothing, but please afford me the honor of counting the strokes for you as I bend myself to your will. The cane strokes fall hard on the backs of my thighs, but I will not scream for you. Sharp lines of fire land relentlessly as silent tears fall to the floor.

When he has left, the stripes are my only comfort to warm me in the darkness of this cell.

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I find it interesting that I can pretty much accept everything about myself sexually but spankings. For me my desires physically vary widely over the course of a month, but I've reached a point where I can accept liking anal experimenting, working towards deep throating, dominance in the bedroom, some nipple play. But spankings are a constant battle within myself. I think it might be because most of my other "kinks" are pretty much acceptable and encouraged; in modern society at least. And so is spanking, frozen the 1950's coffee ads and I love Lucy episodes all us spankos searched for with bated breath, to the more recent references of dominatrixs in movies. But the thing is, it's all light fore play, you know, a few smacks here, a magically red bottom there. And that almost somehow makes it less acceptable, at least within my sense of self, to have my fantasies and thoughts leave the "acceptable" realm. From looking up spanking in dictionaries to reading sooo many stories and memorizing many of them, being a "Spanko" and the obsession that comes with it has always left a large sense shame for me sexually. I think some of that comes from that fact that so many early fantasies and obsessions for me were over disciplinary spanking. I loved the story from bygone days of strong masculine role models taking charge of equally determined females. My favorite videos always contain an element of disciplinary truth, or at least a very convincing facade. Long before ever attempting a dd relationship, I questioned the legitimacy of a dd relationship when I have such a complicated obsession with all things spanking. I have been suprised to learn as many others have suggested that there is a line there to cross which moves the experience fairly firmly into the realm of discipline. And yet it satisfies something so deep and engrained in me. Perhaps it is the way spanking can completely leave sex for me, that makes it feel sexually shameful...just putting thoughts to iPhone here.

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Tights dress with black tights and boots! The uniform of girls that need spankings! I think she would love to get a spanking in this outfit! She has a very nice butt and she wore this outfit to show it off!

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A couple of us were having a discussion about spanking marks and how we actually wanted, after a spanking or paddling or strapping, to see visible marks on our bottoms that proved that we had been thoroughly spanked. That made me wonder how many other people shared those feelings.

I too have often wished that a hard spanking or paddling left visible evidence of how hard I had been disciplined...evidence that would last for hours afterwards or longer. I like to look in a mirror after a spanking and see evidence of that spanking in the color of my spankable bottom. It sort of remind me of my spanking and allows me to relive the emotions of the event. And I like having my panties pulled down in front of others after being disciplined so that they can see my spanked bottom and hearing their reaction to the sight of vivid spanking marks on my curves.

I can take advantage of those spanking marks. If I "show" evidence of my spanking with real coloration or bruises I can get a lot of attention and sympathy ...the "poor little spanked boy" sort...both from my disciplinarian and especially from someone who witnessed me being spanked. It is as if, seeing bruises on my bottom as well as having heard me actually crying while I was spanked, they now feel guilty for getting a sort of sexy pleasure out of watching my bare bottom paddling and are now trying to assuage their guilt by offering me attention and sympathy and affection. I love getting attention after being spanked. That attention sort of mentally continues the spanking, reminding me of my sexy embarrassing bare bottom discipline and keeping my emotional level at a sexy high point.

Do other people think like this?

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wasn't gonna drink again tonight.. well I was , n then I wasn't cause ive literally been sicker than a fuckin dog all day ( pukin n headache).. but its been another shitty day in paradise ( don't wanna go into detail) so choc covered strawberries n Anisettes it is...

Whipped Ass
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a recent study shows that women who carry around a lil extra weight live a lot longer than the men who mention it.......

A husband and wife had been arguing all day. the passed a herd of jackasses. the wife says "relatives of yours?" husband says "yep inlaws"

people say I act like I don't give a fuck... Motherfuckers I'm not acting!!

hey if ur talking about me behind my back, don't forget you're in a great postion to KISS MY ASS!!

my goal for 2016 was to lose 10lbs..only 15 more to go....

ate salad for dinner!! Mostly croutons snd tomatoes. Really just one big crouton covered with tomato sauce. And cheese. FINE, it was pizza. I ate a pizza.

How to prepare Tofu>.. A-throw it in the trash B- Grill some meat.

I just did a weeks worth of cardio after walking into a spider web.

I don't mean to brag but.. I finished my 14 day diet in 3 hrs n 20 minutes..

Kids today don't know how easy they have it. When I was young I had to walk 9 feet through shag carpet to change the tv channel.

I may not be that funny or athletic or good looking or smart or talented ... I forgot where I was going with this..

I love bein over 50. I learn something new every day.. and I forget 5 others..

I think I'll just put an "out of order? sticker on my forhead and call it a day..

Senility has been a smooth transition for me...

A good mood is like a balloon... one lil prick is all it takes to ruin it...

you call it "nagging" I call it " listen to what I fucking said the first time"

I don't know how not to swear.. I want to say "Oh, this is pretty".. I will say.. " This is the nicest fucking piece of shit I've ever seen in my damn life"

I don't like to think before I speak... I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth..

Please don't get me started, cause I don't come with brakes!!

my happy place is at home in my bitch cave. I can wear my comfy pajamas, consume alcohol, and have no interaction with shitty, rude, mannerless assholes..

why do leprechauns laugh when they run?... because the grass tickles their balls..

may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person who screws up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch..

treat me well and I'll move mountains to make you happy... Hurt me and I'll drop those mountains on your head

if life gives you lemons, freeze them , them and then throw them really hard at the heads of the people who are makng your life difficult..

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Im no longer trying to get the person i was seeking in my last blog. I have a huge problem im facing. I had a big fight with someone over some misunderstanding of my words. I care about this person. But i don't know how long i can bare this person's persnickety type of attitude. This person is a bully that i wish i could handle the way i want, any suggestions?

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well definetly have a hang over today.. heads been poundin all day.. been pukin all day.. n guess what? I don't fuckin care neither... looks like a repeat tonight.......yah me!!

Whipped Ass
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Tourists love to make funny pictures. I have been collected, where the girls flirting in the outdoor sculptures. Interestingly spanking pictures were taken in this way.

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Can't really afford the charges these mistress make and they are probably not worth the money at about £5 per cane stroke. It appears all their clients can handle their punishments well which makes me think the level is rather poor. I do not see any videos where the client just can't take any more. To that end is there anyone can make my an offer to take me beyond my limit. Then I could be the first such video. I can travel in Scotland or accommodate. Happy to discuss off site.

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Hours later, exhausted, they lay in bed with limbs entwined and twisted. The room looked like a wrecking ball had crashed through it. Her hair was wild about her face, and her bottom a red beacon in the room. He lay back with a smirk of satisfaction, idly rubbing his thumb along her bare shoulder.
“How did you know?” she asked him quietly once her pulse had slowed to its regular cadence.
“Know what?” he asked, glancing down at her innocently. She saw the light in his eyes, though, and knew that he was teasing her.
“You know what,” she jabbed a finger in his ribs and grinned vindictively when he recoiled. “How’d you know that I’d go crazy over all that stuff you did today? A lot of girls wouldn’t have, you know.”
“I know.” He nodded sagely. “You’re different, though. Don’t you remember telling me about just how different you are?”
She blushed, remembering the day she’d first explained to him about her spanking kink. “Yeah,” she said slowly. “But I didn’t tell you about all that other stuff from today.”
He shrugged. “Well, let’s just say I took an educated guess.” He winked at her. “Let’s face it. I figured you out a long time ago.” He grinned, proud of working in the title of the song he’d been stealing quotes from all day long. He tweaked her nose. “I know what you like. And besides, in my humble opinion, every woman could do with a well roasted bottom and a good roll in the hay from time to time.”
She snorted. “More like a roll on the hay. Up against the hay, even.”
“Are you complaining?” he demanded, looking fierce.
She held up a plaintive hand. “Absolutely not. I’m just sayin’, that’s all.” She kissed him briefly to placate him, then got up from bed, grunting slightly when her sore seat met the soft mattress as she rolled to her feet. She hunted in her open suitcase and pulled on a silk robe, then returned to bed. “But just so we’re on the same page, here, mister. Let’s get one thing straight, okay?”
“What’s that?”
“You don’t have all of me figured out. Not by half. You got that?”
He chuckled and pulled her closer, kissing the bridge of her nose. “Absolutely. Believe me, I know what a mystery you can be. Just the sex stuff. I’ve got the sex stuff figured out.” She rolled her eyes, but didn’t argue with him. What sense would there be in that, anyway? The damn man was right, and he knew it. He was already unwrapping her robe, too. “Why’d you go and put this thing on, anyway?” he demanded, snaking a hand up beneath the hem of the skirt to fondle her bottom.
“Well, I thought we might take a sex break and eat something,” she told him, her tone annoyed. She batted his hand away.
“If you know what’s good for you, woman, you won’t smack my hand away again,” he warned. “And who needs food, anyway?”
Feeling her insides already growing molten, she smiled and decided to give in to him – again. Just like always, there was no way for her to tell him no. She shrugged. “I suppose I can wait to eat...”
He grinned as his mouth seized on a nipple and sucked it into a high, hard peak. “What a gal.”

The End
Thanks for reading! Sorry for the fragmented sections -- only allowed 3000 characters!

Whipped Ass
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The first kiss of the leather lifted her up onto her toes. The second whipped across her bottom with a sound as loud as a firecracker. The third crisscrossed the first two and she pictured how her bottom must look with the three red lines forming an intersection across the hillocks of her skin. On the fourth stroke, she leaned into the hay, rubbing her breasts shamelessly, enjoying the prickle through her blouse and bra as the sting bloomed and ebbed on her backside. The fifth brought out her first cry, though it was one filled with lust and passion, sounding nothing like pain.
“Oh, yes,” he said behind her, “I know you love it.”
She lost count after that, too excited by the sensations. The leather lashed against her over and over again, and she felt herself thrusting her hips up to meet it now, heard herself keening and crying out in pleasure as each SNAP! made connection with her bottom. She felt the growing heat, imagined the increasing hue of red that her behind must now be painted with. Her hands fisted in the blanket, tugging it with each additional lick and she panted, near release.
“Please!” she finally said, not even aware at first that she had spoken her thoughts out loud. She blinked as another hard lash fell, making her sex clench plaintively, as if echoing her oral request.
“Please, what?” he asked, and even though she wasn’t facing him, she could still see him grinning that evil grin of his.
“Please! You know... you know what I want.” She didn’t know why it was so hard for her to say, or why he insisted – every damn time – that she do so, it was just that way. But that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t try to get out of it all the same.
“I’m afraid you’re going to need to be more clear,” he said, feigning regret. A fresh smack from the belt met her bottom and she moaned with abandon.
She waited out two more strokes, writhing now with wanting. “Please. I want you... please...”
He was suddenly bent over her, his lips at her ear. “Are you saying... that you want me to fuck you?” He said the words as if they were the most scandalous thing he had ever heard.
She raised her eyes to meet his and rubbed her bottom back against the front of his jeans. She nearly purred when the rough denim met her freshly whipped skin. “Yes. Please. Please... fuck me.”
His grin was a brilliant flash of white in the dim barn. “Well, when you put it like that, how’s a fellow supposed to resist?” He frowned for a moment, considering her. “Isn’t there something you’re forgetting about, though?”
“What? What do you mean?”
He grinned. “Seems to me somebody was really enjoying the hell out of that whipping. Just like I said she would. Maybe you’d like to thank me for it?”
She rolled her eyes, but when she met his gaze, her expression was sincere. “Thank you. Thank you very much for that hot, sexy whipping on my very naughty bottom.”
“Hmm. Yes, that was nice. And you are most welcome.” He grinned and tossed the belt aside, and then there was the unmistakable sound of his fly unzipping. A moment later, his warm, erect penis pressed against her hot flanks, and his hands appeared, cupping her breasts through her shirt and bra.
“Are your pants around your feet now?” she teased, arching a playful eyebrow at him over one shoulder.
He chuckled, a low, husky rumble. “Yes, you naughty brat. They are.” His eyes darkened in the low light and she felt the buttons on her shirt slipping free as his fingers worked them easily, despite the fact that he was looking only at her. “Bend back over.”
She did as he asked, allowing him in the process to strip her of her blouse. “There they are,” he murmured in her ear, and she almost laughed out loud at first, thinking he meant her breasts. Then he clarified, running his hands across the skin above her breasts: “I like the freckles on your chest.”
She grinned then, ducking her head, and hearing the song lyric in her head. Her attention was abruptly brought back to the moment, however, as he dallied with her breasts in the lacy bra, plucking at the nipples through the delicate fabric, and mashing his big paws into the cups themselves. While he did this, he stroked himself along the cleft in her bottom and she met his thrusts, enjoying the way his hair scratched lightly against the highly sensitive skin of her bottom.
Eventually, he popped the front closure on her bra and divested her of it. She could see her shirt and bra in a tiny pile on another bale of hale, along with his belt, and she grinned at the realization that her pants were still around her feet. She had all but forgotten about them.
Reading her mind, he nipped lightly at her earlobe. “They stay right where they are,” he said. “I like them around your feet.” And then in one hard thrust, he entered her from behind, his member sliding home with ease.
They groaned in unison and held still and fast to each other for a long, frozen moment, relishing the long anticipated connection. Then, slowly at first but with rising urgency, they began to move together, panting and fumbling in their need. He nudged her legs wider with his knee and framed her reddened hips with his hands as he pumped between her thighs, watching her with glazed eyes while she pushed her breasts together, plucking at the nipples with her own hands. Suddenly, his hands were on her breasts, taking over her chore, and she welcomed the weight of him over her back, thrilling in his sweet, hot breath on her neck. But she was greedy, and she needed more, wanted to touch more of him. She reached between her thighs with one hand, stroking his thrusting penis, squeezing his testicles, as he moved inside of her. At the same time, she looked up at him with doe eyes, grabbed his other hand and thrust his fingers into her mouth, suckling them like she later would his penis. His eyes closed on the combined sensations, moaning low in his throat, and in seconds they were both spiraling out of control, heaving together and shouting their release, and each other’s names, to the rafters of the old barn.
When her breath finally returned, she said, pouting at him prettily, “Take me somewhere and hold me. You’ve been mean enough for one day.”
He belted out a bark of laughter and slapped her bottom. “You haven’t even seen mean yet, baby,” he teased, turning her around in his arms.
She curled against him, tucking her face into the hollow of his neck, and sighed as he wrapped his arms around her.
He held her for a long moment like that, and then shot her a slanted grin. The next thing she knew, he had thrown her up and over his shoulder and was turning to leave the barn.
“Hey!” she pretended to protest, giggling at what an absurd picture they must make, her naked and thrown over his shoulder, with her pants still puddled around her ankles. Not that they were staying there, for in fact, they were already slowly sliding off her feet. “My pants are falling off, you know!”
“Ah, let ‘em.” He laughed as they did just that, dropping with a plume of dust at his feet. “Hold tight, missy,” he warned, “You’re in for a wild ride tonight!” And then he stole away with her, not stopping again until they were back inside the cabin, where he plopped her onto the bed in the master suite.
He closed the door behind him, as if they had to worry about anyone or anything actually coming in and interrupting them. Then he locked the door, flashing her a dangerous smile over his shoulder as he did so. Her eyes widened as her heart sped up with excitement. What did he have planned for her now? Good Lord, she was still dripping with their combined juices from their encounter in the barn!
He rubbed his hands together as if preparing for some hard work, and enjoying the idea of it, to boot. “You, little girl,” he informed her darkly, “are in trouble now...”

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He managed this time to keep the grin at bay. He bent over her, taking her arms and moving them, preparing her to be presented for him on all fours in the dirt.
“Please!?” she tried once more. She made an attempt to get up from the ground, but he held her gently but firmly there, with one wide hand on her back.
“No, no. Stay right there,” he admonished. “I like the dirt that’s on your knees.”
A tiny smile crossed her face in recognition of the next line from the song.
“I like the way you still say please, while you’re looking up at me,” he paused, letting those two lines settle over her, before following them with one that was his own: “But you’re still going to get your butt spanked.”
She pouted at him and he chuckled as he knelt down beside her.
He wrapped his arm around her waist, his left side resting against her left hip, and facing away from her. Her bottom was presented perfectly for his hand and he wasted no time in applying his palm to it.
The quiet of the countryside was abruptly broken. Where moments ago there had only been birdsong and the rustling of the leaves overhead, there was now the CRACK! of skin on skin. Soon, other sounds filtered in, soft admonishments like “Be still,” and low warnings like “Don’t make me go and get the paddle.” And before too long, there came soft cries and little moans from her, as well.
He spanked her fast and hard, and her skin quickly began to grow pink and warm. He slapped her buttocks from side to side and they bounced under his attentive hand. He restrained her with only his free arm, still wrapped loosely around her waist, but he knew he could have left her to kneel there on her own with no help from him to keep her in place. She wouldn’t get up until he told her that she could. He liked the contact, though. He liked feeling the jar her body took each time his hand connected with her bottom. He liked feeling the vibrations of her voice each time she called out or moaned in response to the spanking. And he liked the idea, even if it wasn’t exactly reality, of holding her still himself – that was a part of the game for him.
Suddenly, he stopped. She looked back at him over her shoulder, a slight frown on her full lips.
“This position is very uncomfortable for me,” he remarked. She noticed the slight inflection he put on those last two words, making it clear that he wasn’t concerned with her own comfort. In her heart, she knew that the opposite was true, but that he wouldn’t say that, in keeping with their game. “Stand up and come with me.”
She stood on legs that were shaky with need. Her bottom throbbed from his thorough attentions. He had already started off without her and she hesitated for only a moment before following him, walking as quickly as she dared with her feet still trapped in the jeans and panties that lay around her ankles.
She knew better than to assume she could pull them back up, or discard them entirely. He hadn’t told her yet that she could do either, and until he told her it was okay, she would leave them where they were. That was how the game worked.
He was waiting for her, with his arms crossed over his broad chest, just inside the entrance to the barn. As she shuffled inside, his eyes roamed over her face and she felt a deep sense of satisfaction when she saw the pride in his gaze.
He said nothing, just pointed to an area where several stacks of hay had been piled together. One bundle in particular had been draped with a worn, flannel blanket.
“Bend over the bale with the blanket,” he instructed in a soft timbre.
She turned plaintive eyes on him. “Oh, please!” She glanced down at his hands, which had strayed to his belt buckle. The sound of the buckle as he undid it was loud in the confines of the barn. Her eyes rounded as he freed the long length of leather, slowly releasing it loop by loop. “Don’t strap me!”
“But a strapping is exactly what you deserve, you naughty girl. Are you trying to tell me that you aren’t a bad girl who needs a good whipping?” He considered her briefly, and then shook his head. “Not that long ago, you were bragging to me that you’re a naughty girl. Are you saying something else now?”
She looked guiltily down at her feet, invisible in the folds of her jeans and underwear.
“No. You’re right. I am bad. But, please, don’t whip me.”
He chuckled as he folded the belt in half, getting a good grip on the two loose ends. “I am going to whip you. Good and hard, and for as long as I like. And you are going to thank me afterwards. Because you are going to like it. Bad girls always do.” He motioned with the belt to the bale of hay he’d indicated early. “Now, bend over.”
Even if she’d wanted to, she wouldn’t have been able to refuse him. Pleasing him was her addiction. And besides, she only played at trying to get out of the licking because it was a part of the game. Inside, where she was honest with herself, she admitted how much she really wanted it. Everything that he dealt out was a gift to her. She had yearned for it for so long, and had tried with so many others before him. She could never turn him down, regardless of what his request was because he was the one who hadn’t turned her own requests away.
So, she did what he’d asked. She bent forward at the waist, leaning across the blanketed bale, sticking her bare bottom out towards him.
A few minutes passed once she was in position, and when she grew impatient with waiting for the first lick of his belt, she turned her face back towards him while still staying in place. He was standing behind her in silence, studying her.
“Nice,” he mumbled, just as she was about to ask what was wrong. “But it could be better.”
A second later, she gasped as she felt his hard, erect member press against her backside. She’d barely had a moment to recover from that, and he was bending over her back, molding his body over hers, into a mirror image of her own. His hands grasped her wrists, pulling her arms gently where he wanted them, stretching them across the bale of hay until she could grasp the opposite edge. Doing this pressed her torso tight against the thin, worn blanket that covered the hay, and doing so made tiny pieces of hay poke up against her belly and breasts. Her nipples were instantly hard like pebbles, straining against her bra and blouse and for a moment, she rubbed herself shamelessly against the hay bale, whimpering at the sensations.
He chuckled low in her ear. “Hussy,” he accused and the way he said it made it sound like a four letter word.
As abruptly as he’d bent over her, he suddenly stood up, though he did keep his crotch up tight against her bare behind. His arm swept down across her pelvis, between her belly and the hay bale, and a sharp jerk caused her to arch her back to his liking. Her pussy throbbed and clenched, aching for his touch, which was so close and yet so far away at the same time. Now her bottom jutted up and out at an extreme angle, sending her soft round cheeks abruptly into his rock hard member.
For just the smallest moment of time, he allowed them both the pleasure of stroking himself against the cleft in her bottom.
And then he was right back to business again, stepping back and breaking that connection. His hand briefly replaced it, stroking her bare, still pinkened, cheeks. “Stay just like that,” he cautioned, his tone husky. “Don’t move.”
It was cold when he stepped away from her. But not for very long...
She could hear him regaining his grip on the belt behind her, the faint clinking of the buckle as he adjusted his hold. Then there was a moment of silence, and she closed her eyes in sweet anticipation, imagining the way he stood behind her, sizing her up.

Brutal Punishments