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A lot of the graphic trash we've been seeing and reading lately belongs on Hustler and similar sites. Those sites require a fee, however, so they peddle their rubbish here to make a few bucks without caring a whit about ST or other members.

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I have been controlling Ryder’s orgasms for about 6 months now. In that time he has only been allowed to cum 4 times...although he did make the mistake of having 3 other orgasms without permission for which he was severely and immediately punished.

Between the corporal punishment and controlling his orgasms, I can keep him in a constant state of arousal, interested in behaving, and in pleasing me constantly.

At the same time I am keeping him from having orgasms I make him jack off for me almost every night. I force him to masturbate himself with vigor right up to the point of orgasm and then stop short. By doing this six or eight times in a row each time I make him have a session he has built up the ability to control his orgasms better. Now, after 6 months of this practice, Ryder has built up the ability to ejaculate a small amount of sperm from his cock without having an orgasm. At first it was very hard for him to stop right at that point and he was given severe spankings on two occasions for loosing it and shooting his entire wad. But by now he is so good at this that I make him do it every time. It is his proof to me that he is not faking how close he is to an orgasm. I can see the small drops of ejaculate dribbling from his little cock hole. After these sessions his nuts are usually hard as rocks and in a little bit of pain as would be expected. But when he is like this he is like putty in my hands. He is more romantic and sensual with me and he is always hot for me. We touch and caress far more than we did before I stared this with him. It keeps things fresh in the relationship that way.

On the last night of a weeks worth of jack off sessions I will usually make him go through another six to eight rounds of near orgasm with his stroker (I call it his girlfriend), this gets his tubes all loaded with pre-cum and usually some ejaculation as well. When I have deemed that he has done enough, I will have him get on his hands and knees so that I can milk his prostate with an oversized prostate massager called the Ass Master. I make him hold a shot glass at the end of his cock to collect and measure the amount of ejaculate coming out of him. This way I can gage when he should be done. On the nights when I do milk him this way, if he has been a particularly bad boy, when I am done with the milking and we have about a half of a shot worth of ejaculate in the glass, I bend him over the bed and spank his ass red. Once his ass is good and raw from the paddle I offer him a choice...either he can drink the contents of the glass and I will stop spanking him, or he does not drink the contents of the glass and I spank him until my arm is worn out. It is his choice to stop the spanking at any time by simply drinking every drop of what is inside the glass. Ryder hates this because I can go a long, long time spanking his ass. But drinking his own cum is a horrible situation for him as well. He does not like the thought of having sperm in his mouth at all, and if he chooses to end his spanking this way it is still not over as quickly as he would like. is not as easy as just shooting the contents down his throat and being done with it. He must put it all in his mouth and hold it there while I give him 30 more good hard strokes with the paddle. When I am done he must show me that he still has the full amount in his mouth, and then he may swallow it and the spanking stops. I absolutely love doing this to him because it is completely against his nature, it is mortifying and massively humiliating to him...and it gets me hotter than hell knowing that as I am finishing up his spanking he is suffering through all of these hellish sensations.

When he is a particularly good boyk, however, or when it is his time to cum, I sit on the bed with my legs stretched out in front of me. I pour lube on the inside of my thighs and press them together. He is then allowed to get his dick hard and come lay across my lap with his cock between my tightly pressed thighs. He knows that if he wants to cum he will have to hump my thighs until he cannot stand it any longer and he shoots his load. The catch is that he can only pump down and back up one time and then he must wait until I bring the paddle across his ass before he can go down and back up again. I tease him with this and make him wait sometimes...other times I get into a rhythm with him and he gets to a pretty fast speed of humping and accepting smacks with the paddle. He is not allowed to cum until he asks and I give him permission. I never give him permission the first time, and if he asks before I think he has gotten enough swats with the paddle, I will make him stop and then give him twenty or thirty extra hard swats with the paddle. This makes him wait a good long while before he asks the first time...and we both get to have a nice long session of pain and pleasure together. When I finally allow him to cum it usually takes him a few more minutes of pumping my thighs before he can. His ass is usually bright red by that point and when he does let his load go he squirts about four times as much cum as he usually did before we started this program.

In the last month or so I have let Ryder start to fuck me again, but he is never allowed to cum except for the method that I explained above. This has stopped me and my side of the bed from being a complete mess after sex. I am the only one that cums during our sex, and I make sure to have him keep going through at least three or four of my orgasms before I allow him to stop. He is usually so horny at that point that I have to let him use his girl friend (stroker) to bring himself to a couple more almost orgasms before he is ready to stop. The neatest thing about all of this is that he is always ready and willing to fuck. It does not matter when I get the itch for a good fuck, he is always Johnny on the spot and ready to go for as long as I need. In fact, I have thrown out all of my dildos and vibrators because at this point because Ryder is the only sex toy I need.

It is fucking amazing.


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Views: 407 · Added: 45 days ago

If someone called you a brat. Would you:

A: Take offense and think it was derogatory.
B: Laugh and know that being a brat is awesome.
C: Admit it and demand your spanking!
D: Any other response (please explain)

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Views: 388 · Added: 45 days ago

Back after a long hiatus. I had left ST last year because of a few unsavory characters tried invading my privacy by attempting to find out where I worked and lived. A few of my private pics were even posted on a local website, but thank God I didn't have my face in them and were basically unidentifiable. Anyway, I took care of that real quick and haven't had any problem since.

I've missed all my real friends on the Tube. Of course, you know how spanking is, once you've experienced it you never go back! LOL


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Views: 332 · Added: 45 days ago

I know Erica a number of years now. When I left the convent behind I traveled around and ended up in Paris where I got work at a checkout. I stayed there for about three months at the time and during that time I met Erica. We met in a local laundrette,we just started talking and went for a coffee. As the weeks passed we played around,but it was time for me to move on. Events happened in my family life back in Ireland and I had to come back,but Erica and I have always stayed in touch. Every September Erica comes to stay with us for two weeks and we have alot of fun.

Erica shares the same lifestyle as Jen and I,indeed she shares the same lifestyle as many of you on this site. Erica is a switch. On our recent trip to Paris Jen and I met up with Erica. It is always still a bit of a thrill when we get to together. I confess,I love her bottom. I love to spank it and caress it.Erica has always enjoyed going over my knee;it is not a disciplinary spanking,it is more like an enjoyable spanking,we both enjoy the touch,the whole submissive/dominant feel to what happens;letting ourselves go at the hands of the other. I too spend some time over Erica's knee. However Jen has always declined to be spanked by Erica. Jen is very choosy who she lets spank her,there are only three people lucky enough to have that privilege: myself,our friend Amy and our 'Gentleman Friend' who Jen calls 'our safe pair of hands', comes to visit us every now and then. This time in Paris Erica asked again if Jen would be interested. Jen agreed this time but only if I watched and joined in. Jen dropped her jeans and took up her position over Erica's knee.I decided to make myself comfortable and pulled up a chair opposite Erica. Erica began;I enjoyed looking at the expression on Erica's face: Jen has a very sexy bottom,every now and then I reached out and smacked Jenny,she was getting it from both sides.She vowed that she would get us back,lol!! We had alot of fun as again the spanking was more for enjoyment than for discipline.Afterwards we sat around drinking a nice white wine,Jen declined the wine because we were going out to eat. Some of Erica's friends arrived,I know only two of them and before long the discussion led down that 'mucky,fornication road',as a nun once said to me. Jen spilled the beans on our 'Gentleman Friend' and all expressed an interest in receiving a spanking from him,they thought it was really nice we had someone we can trust.Before long Erica suggested I spank her friend's,I did and enjoyed myself,I can tell you. My hand was a little sore,but while the spankings took place we chatted and had good,'clean' fun.

Afterwards we went for dinner and ended the evening with more wine at a house party.Unfortunately the evening ended,we had met some new friends and had a wonderful time. Back in our hotel I was dying for Jen to tell me what she thought of being spanked by Erica;"It was okay," was her answer when I asked and she lay on the bed and closed her eyes,we were both very tired,it had been a long day. I went to take a shower,a moment later being joined by Jen,not so tired after all.Sometimes I feel I am getting too old for all this exertion,if it keeps up what a wonderful old age it will be.

Have a great week my friends and be safe.

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Views: 397 · Added: 45 days ago

First let me say that I strongly agree that consenting adults are free, for the most part, to do whatever they want. That being said, there are certain realities.

You can take a belt and hit a person fairly hard for a fairly long time on their behind with little risk of any serious injury. It will be painful, may cause some bruising, and may be sore for a while, but you are not likely to face any serious long term problems.

The same cannot be said for other "punishments." Striking the genitals, the inside of the butthole, breasts, etc poses a serious risk of injury. So, my question is, why would anyone consent to that? If I were spanking someone, I wouldn't do that even if they asked me to.

When we were kids, our parents always said "it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt." Isn't it the same with adult play?

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Views: 361 · Added: 46 days ago

Has anyone else wondered why there is so much testicle torture on a spanking site? Is that just me? Let's cool it with the engorged testicle thumbnails.

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Views: 262 · Added: 46 days ago

We posted a new video clip. This is a continuation of Bond's 'punishment'... Still bound in the sling chair and being whipped with a very thin cane. It broke the skin... Oopsie... :)
Next clip of this day's whipping will be face down over the wedge... Ass and all parts between legs are further abused... We will upload in a few days.
Thank you to everyone watching and following us!

Lady M & Bond

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Views: 283 · Added: 46 days ago

Hello All,

If you had not seen by this point, Ryder created a great tribute to the best spankings that I have given him since we started video taping his punishments. That video will remain up on this site just the way it is. There is over 17 minutes of what Ryder calls “My Greatest Hits” on his ass of course. Ryder made the video in response to some of our viewers that wrote comments to say that they were not really happy with the preview videos that we had been posting. This video has long clips of the best parts of all of our videos, plus scenes from punishments that were recorded but did not end up being published videos for one reason or another. So some of the scenes had never been seen by our viewers prior to this. We do hope that you thoroughly enjoy this video. It should be long enough of a video for everyone to get their rocks off to and still have time to spare. Please don’t be shy, write to us and tell us which scene you liked the most and what you might want to see more of. We love the communication. We really like getting emails from all of you, and to this point we have still been able to have time to write back to everyone that writes to us. Not making any promises, but we will always do our very best. We look forward to your blog and video comments as well.

Peace to all,


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Views: 422 · Added: 46 days ago

And now for the conclusion of the long distance chat between Uncle Paul and his naughty niece Veronica.

“VERONICA! WHAT do you think you’re doing?!!”(I whip my head around and, to my horror, I see that the computer’s camera is now aimed at the corner. Oh no! He can see me?! How did that happen?!)

Uncle Paul orders me out of the corner, tells me to put down my iPod and go get the bread board. The cutting board is made of maple wood that is about a ½” thick and it has a thick wooden handle.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry Uncle Paul! Please not that!”

“This is not up for discussion, Veronica. Go get the bread board and bring it back here. NOW!”

I get it and come back.

“I want you to bend over the bed and give yourself 30 HARD swats on each cheek with it. Make sure they’re hard or they don’t count."

I do that and promise that I will be good from now on. Uncle Paul ignores that.

“How many more do you think you can handle?”

I want to get back on his good side so I tell him I think I can handle 20 more.

“Alright give yourself 25 more on each cheek.”

“Oh did I say 20? I meant to say 2.”

I giggle. I was coyly trying to see if I could lighten the mood now but one look at Uncle Paul's somber face and raised eyebrow tells me he is not at all amused.

“Oh did I say 25? I meant 35!”

"Oh nooooo!"

"Oh yes. Now, Veronica!"

When I am finally done he orders me to the corner again. He says my punishment is NOT over. He tells me that corner time is NOT a time for singing or dancing. It is a time for reflection. He says I am to think about why I am there and how I am going to behave in the future. He says he will tell me when I can come out and leaves me there for a while before he finally calls me back.

”Are you ashamed now, young lady? I’m very disappointed in you. You were a bad girl not following my instructions. Your punishment could have been over a long time ago but since you decided to defy my instructions you are STILL not done. Go get the hairbrush, bend over the bed and then give yourself 30 more whacks on each side. Hard. And you will count each one. Do I make myself clear?!”

“Yes, Sir.”

Pouting and blushing I get the hairbrush and come back crying before I even begin. I AM ashamed and very upset with myself that I disobeyed him when he is always so sweet to me. I feel like I lost his trust and also don’t think I can possibly take 30 more spanks on each side even though I am delivering them myself.
“Well? What are you waiting for, Veronica?”

I’m crying louder now and rubbing my eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Uncle Paul...”

“I know you are-- but that does not excuse you from the rest of your punishment. Take a deep breath and then proceed.”

When that’s finally done Uncle Paul orders me back into the corner one last time to calm down. My butt is very red now. Stinging, throbbing. I almost rub it but then remember that I'm not allowed to. After I have calmed down he calls me back over and asks me if I am going to be a good girl from now on. I promise to be good from now on. (Even though he and I both know that that is a lie). :)

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Views: 304 · Added: 46 days ago

This is one thing I have yet to experience, this is where a piece of ginger is inserted into your asshole and if you clench you will get a burning sensation. This on top of a spanking would be something I myself would like to experience and would be nice to find someone who uses such a method.

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Views: 386 · Added: 46 days ago

Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a quick post and explain why I haven't added anymore spanking videos.

Firstly, I hate repetition. I made two self spanks and well, to me thats as far as it can go. A third self spank would be just that, ANOTHER ONE. So to avoid the same thing over and over again, I stopped making those videos.

Secondly, While making solo's are cool, they don't really serve any kind of purpose, other than, to provide you the viewer something to watch, they don't do anything for me at all. There isn't a lesson learned, and it's really not a situation where I am receiving one under the duress of personal guilt or shame for doing something that a spanking mentor or HOH would disapprove of.

Right now as I am thinking about it, I can honestly say that here lately, I have been rather bratty again. To use a "cliche line"---"It's the same thing again Ravyn; here you go again!!"
Believe me when I say, that if I was an HOH and my partner or in a mentor/spankee scenario presented the same thing that I am doing and behaving the way I am right now...I can tell ya, some buns would be pretty red and sore right now!

This isn't the case, however because I am alone. nobody to report to. Nobody to snitch me out, and get me in trouble when I get cranky and bitchy.
Without that "firm hand" to guide me, and to be able to video a traditional, no holds barred, spanking with a viable offense in the description box; I don't see the reason to make another solo video.

The two videos I did make were for some honest infractions, but to tell the truth, it ultimately was just me smacking my butt so you could see it. I got NOTHING out of it, I never felt "threatened" enough to stop whatever it was that I was doing. They were pointless, as far as personal meaning went.
I am so glad that so many people have watched them, and your welcome, but they didn't do anything for me.

So there it is, another entry, and I hope you all have a nice weekend, I am gonna tan on my porch and try to enjoy my days off.

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Views: 303 · Added: 46 days ago

I Firmly believe that no one is too old for a sound spanking on their bare bottom, though I believe that the older you get the more you should no better. This being the case the spankings should be more humiliating and what better way than to have a group of complete strangers watch as your bottom is bared and soundly spanked and all modesty is completely revoked. The thought of having others witness your spanking and knowing that you will be exposed to them in every sense of the word can be really humiliating, which would help get the lesson across and then being sent to the corner to display your well spanked bottom with the possibility of being made to remain bared for the remainder of the day for extra humiliation.

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Views: 298 · Added: 46 days ago

An online friend wrote me this letter,"you are being very naughty because shutting down other people's groups by complaining to the main people is a spankable offense. Taking pictures from other groups and posting them as your own is a spankable offense. Not obeying a woman when she makes a request is also a spankable offense. I would bend you across my lap immediately and give you a hard hairbrush spanking if I lived in your area." I do agree that I need a spanking, but spankers in my area are few and far between. Since my old email on this site goes into a shut down email. I can be contacted through

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Views: 511 · Added: 46 days ago

Sorry but we felt we had to delete our photos and most of our films due to lack of security on ST.

We were happy for this site to display our films but not to have them stolen and uploaded elsewhere .

The internet is too public for us and some people do not have the decency even to ask.A real pity that one or two spoil it for others.

A big thank you to those of you who have enjoyed our films and photos and who have always taken the time to leave kind comments and messages.

We are not adding anymore friends

Happy spanking

helen & DD

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Views: 362 · Added: 46 days ago

Giving an update since my last blog post is outdated. There are a few more videos still to come, including those of Princess (you haven't been forgotten sweetheart.)

I also wanted to wish Otkballerina the best of luck on her job in Alaska for the next few months again as if I haven't enough already. This means she will be gone for awhile and we will be unable to meet. Rest assured we are still communicating; and we are going to revamp and discuss her future when she returns. We are still tracking a particular sore spot while she's away however, that being smoking. Which aside from it just being a bad and unhealthy thing to do in general, is a particular interest to the both of us as she actually dances, for fun and competitively and it is very important to her.

Last but not least, I wanted to say hi and thank you to the community for the positive feedback over the last few months. Without your support I would keep this all to myself and none of you would ever even know; but I like being a part of something bigger and sharing my interests and experiences with the world.


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Views: 281 · Added: 47 days ago

I never wrote a blog before so we'll see how this goes...

Ever wonder how peoples usernames came to be when others seem to be self explanatory....well in case anyone is wondering how my name came to be I have a very true funny story that happened a year ago....

It was a very cold snowy winter Saturday...I was living with a friend of mine at the time and we were getting internet hooked up. Well I was told the technician would be out between 10am & noon (12pm). I happened to roll outta bed around 2pm to a voice saying something about the technician is oh his way. Well I realize what time it is and hes late by like 2hrs.

So I call all upset yelling and cussing. Well my friend hears me and walks in the room what the heck is all the yelling for. I'm off the phone by now and I told him I got a voice mail about the technician he was supposed to have been here by now. My friend shakes his head, puts his arm around me laughing, and says he showed up early this morning I didn't want to wake you. Hes been here for the past 3-4hrs now.

So were in the living room when the technician walks in and he introduces himself and shakes my hand. Hes got this grin on his face but still kinda smiling at me and I realize hes got a good grip cause my hand is kinda hurting. As he lets go of my hand he says you don't remember speaking to me? I'm just shaking my head and thinking nope don't have a clue who you are. He says I'm the one you yelled, cussed and then hung up on before I could say anything.

Wow did my face turn red if it could and he just had this big grin smile on his face that if he could have gotten me back he woulda. Of course its just my luck this happen to me. My friend all of a sudden blurts out good one the poor guys been out in the damn snow for hours. I of course apologize over and over. Then I had to pick a user name and password and the technician says out loud it should be sassy mouth.

My friend starts laughing hysterically with his arm around me saying sassy mouth that's perfect for you lol....So that is how my user name came to be. Of course I added the angel part cause lets face it I'm def. an angel :/)

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Views: 324 · Added: 47 days ago

Just wanted to say sorry to anyone whose been viewing my stuff and leaving comments. I have a new email and I never changed it so I haven't been getting alerts. So again sorry to anyone whose been sending stuff I'm not ignoring you.

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Views: 359 · Added: 47 days ago

any one besides me being blocked from a friend but not sure why? I see I am blocked from a friend who I trusted. I am hurt

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Views: 261 · Added: 47 days ago

someone sent me a request... sorry but I deleted it... pls send it again


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