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I was with some of my students recently discussing early Irish Christianity.The conversation turned to early Christian texts and one of my students asked was the "Adulterous Bible" true. I had not thought about the "Adulterous or Wicked Bible" for a long time.Indeed this particular student knows her stuff,it is a pleasure to not have to drag someone through a study course.Sometimes during tutorials I feel as if I am a circus performer,trying to keep the attention of my audience. You might be wondering what exactly is the "Adulterer's Bible"? Let me explain. This was a copy of the Bible produced in 1631,it is in English before any of you think I am going to write the rest of the blog in Latin! This Bible has one major flaw,a flaw that caused alot of trouble at the time,particularly for the printers for when it came to compositing the ten commandments the word "NOT" was omitted from the seventh commandment;thus it read ,"Thou Shalt Commit Adultery.The rest of the study group laughed,and at first thought I was playing a joke on them;now,would I do that?

The reason I bring this up is because in my own school days I tended to be a bit bright,or a smartass,depending on which way you look at it. In my youth I found I was constantly on the look out for anything that would upset the nuns who taught me.I don't know how I found out about the "Wicked Bible" but I did and I went from classroom to classroom one afternoon,making sure they were empty first,and writing the seventh commandment on each blackboard;leaving out the word "NOT". Alot of people saw this and it caused a real set- too with the nuns. Things took a sinister turn when the whole school was threatened with detention unless the culprit owned up. Letters were sent to every student's parents. Any attempt to undermine the authority of the church was dealt with harshly.I,in my youthful foolishness,decided to wait it out,see what would happen.Sure enough one day when it came for time to finish school,every class was detained for thirty minutes.The Head Nun,Sister Mary was determined to find out who had quoted the "Wicked Bible". I did eventually own up and had the strap administered to my hands.I seem to remember also getting detention for a month or so and of course my parents were informed and I was kept prisoner once I came home from school each evening.
I must have been sitting there deep in thought about my schooldays because one of my students had to ask me twice if he could leave to catch his bus home.

That evening Jen and I went to see "Fifty Shades of Grey"; at Jenny's insistence. There is a small cinema in the next town from us. There was a grand total of seven people in the cinema,all waiting for the movie to start. There was another woman sitting in the aisle opposite from us,but as I looked around I noticed that there was four men,not together,dotted around the cinema.During one of the sexy scenes,if you can call it that,a mobile phone went off;Jenny whispered that it must be a phone belonging to one of the guys,perhaps his wife was looking for him. I burst out laughing.All in all my verdict on the film was that it was absolute rubbish,I was thinking about asking for my money back.Jen thought it was okay.It did give us one or two ideas for a role play we will do soon however. When we got home another shock was in store.My niece who has kept her hair short since the episode with Jenny,had dyed her hair turquoise. I stood in shock;Jenny laughed so hard that she got a stitch. Before I could say anything my niece explained that she and some of her college friends had done this for charity.I asked her if her friends decided to jump over a cliff would she follow them? That set the tone for the rest of the evening and there is a lot of door slamming at the moment. However Jen assured me that my niece and her friends have done this for a noble cause and my niece has informed me that it is only for a month.What I have to put up with these days seems like nothing in comparison to my fateful decision to spread my knowledge of the "Wicked Bible".

Have a great week my friends and be safe.

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Hoping, waiting, being frustrated, all of the tears and uncaptured moments have all finally paid off. I found a spanking partner who is not only willing to give me what I need but happy and more than capable. Thank you all for your love, patience and support. I am happy to finally be able to upload a video that doesn't involve me spanking myself. (Although you all gave them so much love and support it didn't feel nearly as lonely as it could have.) I am so happy to finally have that special someone in my life who is willing to give me what I want/need and capture it on camera to share with all of my friends. I hope you all enjoy this first video, and I am looking forward to the possibility of posting more :) (The video is awaiting the spankingtube seal of approval so should be up in a few hours at the latest.)

Much love to my supporters,


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Hello All,

I'll be in Las Vegas from Feb. 25th through March 2nd. I'm so excited to be visiting Sin City for the first time. I have some time for private sessions so anyone interested should contact me ASAP!

Peace & Hugs,
MaMa Blue

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A Crimson Tail

The Scolding

The naughty girl is told in no uncertain terms that her behavior is totally unacceptable. Being spoken to in this way makes the young lady become that naughty girl who has been craving this for so very long, someone who will take her to task for her behavior and give her the firm, secure love that she has never felt and continually craves.


The placing of the naughty girl over her sir’s knee. Placing her sweet sassy little behind in the perfect position to receive the ministrations of her sir’s firm palm. Positioned like a child, a naughty little girl over her daddy’s knee displaying her obedience and submission to her firm handed chastiser.

Baring of the Bottom

The sweet uncovering of the sassy little cheeks and the joy of slipping the panties down enjoying the sight of those sweet white mounds of flesh knowing that this flesh will not be pristine for long and smiling at the image of it turning pink and then a brilliant bright red. With her panties also goes her bravado, her inhibitions and her fears as she trusts this man who holds her in this childish position. She feels strangely safe and secure in this vulnerable position, knowing that this is what she needs and she trusts her sir to give her what it is she needs, she wants, she craves.

The spanking

The total joy of holding her in this intimate position. Her panties just above her knees accentuating her bottom being bared and being bared to be spanked soundly. He knows his naughty girl very well and with that knowledge is well aware of her needs. Her chastisement will not end until he is assured that the lesson has been learned and that the naughty girl is well aware that any further transgressions in this area will escalate the next lesson. The naughty one will be spending a great deal of time kicking and flailing her legs, yelping and feeling tears running down her cheeks before her sir has been given those assurances. Then stroking the burning, throbbing crimson cheeks as the naughty girl sobs across the knees

The lovely aftermath of the spanking

Holding the sweet girl on his lap and in his arms. Feeling the tightness of her embrace. Despite the burning in her nether regions, the expression of her love and gratefulness expressed by the intensity of her hugs and the sweetness of her kisses. How he loves his little red cheeked angel, how he loves giving her what she needs, what she has always needed. And now she feels free, free of any guilt or any other negativity of her behavior. She feels more in control and more secure .

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Hey for those that are in the Kansas City Area. The owners of True Home DD Have Joined with a group of friends in the BDSM Lifestyle Have started a group on FL called DDM and are in the process of opening a DD Friendly BDSM Dungeon. It is a group for the BDSM DD D/s lifestyle please check us out
we are located out side city limits on private property with complete discretion afforded to us. We like meeting like minded people and enjoy making new friends in the BDSM DD D/s community

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I am sitting here waiting for jmacjluv and others to get across my knee for a good spanking. I have not spanked any one in the past week and a half. Hit me up in my inbox if you want it.

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I am sitting here waiting for jmacjluv and others to get across my knee for a good spanking. I have not spanked any one in the past week and a half. Hit me up in my inbox if you want it.

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I am sitting here waiting for jmacjluv and others to get across my knee for a good spanking. I have not spanked any one in the past week and a half. Hit me up in my inbox if you want it.

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Instigating, whether it is instigating conflict, or trouble is a spankable offense that warrants an especially creative punishment. That is because there is usually specific intent behind the instigation, and, therefore, an instigator needs to be taught the lesson that her intended outcome is not worth the spanking and accompanying punishments she will receive for her efforts!

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Another misnamed hummingbird is the Glowing Puffleg. Clearly doesn't have puffy legs, the little beauty, those are obviously frilly white bloomers.

Then there's the Oropendola. A handsome bird, but that always makes me snigger now, ever since Old Jim Slipper suggested that its name is a double entendre for ... you guess what.

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If I don't jump in I will simply walk around the edge and never wade in. In my mind if the training calendar is saying I need to run than I need to run. I know my mistakes to well and have to keep ontop of the training or I will just not do it. It cold, what feels like 9 months out of the year, and if I slack one day I will slack two and before to long I just do not have the motivation to go out at all. I did an indoor cardio Saturday and it was warmer on Sunday. I was able to get out in the afternoon and run my long training day. I also realized that when your lunges will not sync with your body and your body will not sync with your mind you should really just stop for 5 minutes and let everything just reboot instead of trying to continue and make everything worse. I say that in refection of today's run. I will be stopping to reset next long run and not just stubbornly stomping my foot and continue in the wrong mindset. And by not making excuses as to why I can not go out and run I was able to successfully complete another training day and not have to check in with excuses as to why I did not do as I said I would.

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Due to bad health on my part, then on hers, then me again, the last spanking she gave me was on Dec 17th.
Last week, she decided it was time to get back into the swing of things.
She said on the bed, her back propped up, her legs straight out, and I lay across her lap.
She applied 40 smacks of the 'church paddle' then had me reverse the position of my head and feet, and applied another 25 smacks, and my bottom was left looking like this.

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... I need some suggestions regarding the ridiculous amount of money I spend on social media games. I set a budget each month to allow myself a little money to spend buying tokens, etc. but always exceed that amount. Any suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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As I expected my wife had plans to spank as a valentines presant and I can hardly sit down to write this blog as my bottom is very swollen and sore.

My wife had just cut my hair tonight and while I had a shower she took out the spanking chair and placed it in front of the dining table.
She put on her black leather pants and 4 inch high healed ankle boots and got ready to give me a good hard spanking over her knees.

She retrieved the wooden bathbrush, her otk cane and the long thin cane and placed them out in the open so I would know what was going to happen as soon as I got into our livingroom.

When I finally finished my bath and came into our livingroom, she was sitting on the spanking chair with a wicket smile on her face.
There is my naughty boy she said in a stern voice.

I blushed deep red and got an instant erection in my underpants, from seing my wife sitting on the spanking chair in her black leather pants.

Have I been a nauhgty boy I asked and tried hard not to show my wife the excitement I was feeling and showing.

You are always a naughty boy she replied and and tonight will be a maintenance spanking for you my naughty boy.
That does not mean it will be plesant for you I promise you that she said sternly.
You are going to have a very sore bottom when I get throuhg with you my wife said and placed the wooden bathbrush in her lap.

I was then told to stand in front of her and put my hands on my head.
As I stood there she locked my hand restraints to my wrists I felt very nervous at that point.

She them put on a pair of black leather gloves and pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles.
Feeling embarassed I stood in front of my wife about to be spanked and I had a very hard erection pointing straight in her face.

Stand on my right side you naughty boy she said in a stern voice and I obeyed her right away.

My wife picked up the wooden bathbrush and looked me straight in the eyes.

Over my knees naughty boy.

I palced myself over my wifes leather clad knees and felt my erection pressing against her firm thighs.
Very embarassed about that I felt my wife lock my hand restraints around the leg of the spanking chair so I unable to put my hands back to protect my bottom as she spanked me.

My wife placed her left hand on my hip and placed the bathbrush on my bare bottom.
Let this be a lesson to you and started spanking me very hard.
I had absolutely no say in anything and just had to lay across my wifes leather clad knees and take the spanking she was giving me like a good little boy.

It hurt and stung like crazy and before long I was fighting to hold my tears back.
But as always there was no escape from that evil wooden bathbrush and after 5 minutes of non stop spanking I was broken and felt tears running down my cheeks.

It sounds like you are learning your lesson naughty boy, but I am just getting started my wife said and kept spanking me very hard.

After 10 minutes my wife put the bathbrush down and gave me a lecture in good behavior and the consequenses of naughty bahavior.
I tried to stop crying and answer her when she asked me a question, but my bottom stung bad and it was impossible for me.

Well now it is time to finish my nuaghty boys spanking my wife said and picked up her otk cane.
She drew her right arm back and started spanking me very hard and fast

That made me start to cry freely and kick my legs in agony and pain but my wife took no notice and kept on spanking me, very determined to teach me a good hard lesson.
I gave up fighting and just layed limb over my wifes leather clad knees and sobbed as she spanked my bare bottom hard with the cane.

Finally after 10 minutes of spanking with the cane she stopped my punishment and unlocked my hand restraints.
I was told to stand up and go to the corner and be ashamed of myself.

I was told not to rub my bottom and keep my hands at my side.
There I stood and tried to stop my sobbing and desperately wanted to rub the heat and pain in my bottom away.
I did not dare do so, because I would be put back over my wifes knees and get another spanking.

Just when I thouhgt my punishment was over my wife tol me to come out of the corner and bend over the spanking chair.

I did as I was told with tears in my eyes and saw how my wife took her position behing me.
Looking back I could see my wife in her black leather pants with the cane in her hand and got a hard erection again.
Then she gace me a blistering caning with the long thin cane that left me bawling my eyes out
My erection was gone again after 5 swats of the cane.

I stood on shaking legs and tried to keep the posiyion as my wife made the cane impact again again.
I was an absolut mess of tears and sweat and I fought very hard to last throuhg the caning my wife was giving me.

Finally my wife stopped caning me and told me to get back in the corner and keep my hands at my side and not to rub my bottom or she would spank me again untill I did as she said.

After 30 minutes of cornertime I was told to come to my wife whowas now sitting on the spanking chair again.
I had to thank her for the lovely valentines presant she had just given me and I did.
Then she took me over her leather clad knees again and rubbed some cold cream into my swollen and very sore bottom.

I know I am going to sleep on my stomack tonight and I will do so like a happy man.

Thanks honey for giving me such a lovely valentines day presant

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Internet radio, "Treasure Island Oldies," brings you four hours of golden oldie love songs for Valentine's Day. Just hit the "Listen" speaker about six inches down from the top for the archived February 8th Valentine show, a four hour stream. The broadcast opens with "Baby, I Love You" by the Ronettes and closes with "Goodnight my Love" by Jesse Belvin. Here's the complete playlist:

Hour Artist Name
1 Ronettes Baby I Love You
Elvis Presley Burning Love
Dave Clark Five Because
Weekly Feature: Coca Cola Spot Drifters
Drifters Sweets For My Sweet
The Stereos I Really Love You
Weekly Feature: One Hit Wonder
Art & Dotty Todd Chanson D'Amour
Weekly Feature BBC: Big Beatles Classic
Beatles P.S. I Love You
Weekly Feature: Made in Canada
Paul Anka Hello Young Lovers
Carl Carlton Everlasting Love
Sam Cooke Cupid
Weekly Feature: Lounge Double
Frank SInatra My Funny Valentine
Dean Martin That's Amore
Weekly Feature: Wheel of Travel
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles You've Really Got A Hold On Me
Beatles Birthday
Brook Benton / Dinah Washington A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall in Love)
Dave Clark Five Do You Love Me
Delfonics La La Means I Love You
Clarence "Frogman" Henry (I Don't Know Why) But I Do
Weekly Feature: Instrumental Gem
Paul Mauriat Love Is Blue - L'Amour Est Bleu
2 Jefferson Airplane Somebody To Love
Captain and Tenille Love Will Keep Us Together
Association Never My Love
Weekly Feature: Coca Cola Spot Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin Baby I Love You
Weekly Feature: Top 5 Countdown 1957
Guy Mitchell Singing The Blues
Tab Hunter Young Love
Pat Boone Don't Forbid Me
Sonny James Young Love
Elvis Presley / The Jordanaires Too Much
Harold Dorman Mountain Of Love
Jelly Beans I Wanna Love Him So Bad
Ray Charles Singers Love Me With All Your Heart
Barry White I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby
Bobby Vinton Roses Are Red (My Love)
Raiders Love Music
Weekly Feature: Another Lost Treasure
Johnny Ace Pledging My Love
3 Beatles All You Need Is Love
10cc The Things We Do for Love
Otis Redding I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
Weekly Feature: Coca Cola Spot Nancy Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra Love Eyes
Weekly Feature: Rick's Rare Rock & Roll Relic
Avons Our Love Will Never End
Weekly Feature: Tom Locke Moment In Time
Impressors Do You Love Her
Ben E. King Amor
Cream Sunshine Of Your Love
Mel Carter Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Jingle Quiet Numbskulls I'm Broadcasting MG Boss TIO
Al Green L-O-V-E (Love)
Feature: Compare The Hits
The Clovers Love Potion No. 9
The Searchers Love Potion No. 9
Weekly Feature: Sound of the 70s
Exile Kiss You All Over
Weekly Feature: Voice Your Choice Winning Song
Neil Sedaka Stairway To Heaven
Ed Townsend For Your Love
Dells O, O, I Love You
Weekly Feature: Another Lost Treasure
Joe Dowell Bridge Of Love
4 Four Tops Baby I Need Your Loving
Presidents 5 10 15 20 (25-30 Years Of Love)
People I Love You
Weekly Feature: Coca Cola Spot Troggs
The Troggs Love Is All Around
Weekly Feature: Novelty Tune of the Week
Carefrees We Love You Beatles
Weekly Feature: Hits From Across The Pond Fay Greenwood
Matt Monro Portrait Of My love
Jerry Butler & Betty Everett Let It Be Me
Cleftones Heart And Soul
Weekly Feature: The Rock And Roll Reunion
Clovers Love Love Love
Playmates What Is Love
Jimmie F. Rodgers Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps Lotta Lovin'
Fats Domino I'm In Love Again
Fats Domino It's You I Love
Weekly Feature: Spot Dance
Nat King Cole Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
Flamingos I Only Have Eyes For You
Ray Charles I Can't Stop Loving You
Weekly Closing Theme
Jesse Belvin Goodnight My Love

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Happy Valentine's Day! It is a fridge day by me and I am opting to do a cardio workout inside today instead of hurting myself in the -20 bellow windchill. I just hope to fit my long run in tomorrow. It will very be disheartening to have to report to my disciplinarian that I have already have a demerit. It has been discussed and agreed that I needed a little bit more incentive to keep me motivated. My new long distance disciplinarian BackonTrack has agreed to help me. With him keeping me in line and all the wonderful feedback with this blog I feel I have a chance to succeed.

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So i saw fifty shades of grey last night and all i can say is....freaking wow! The end upseted me though just like the book. But i enjoyed myself. :) it even gave me the courage to tell my friend that i went with last night about my inteest in spanking and discipline lol. She was not judgemental or anything which made me happy. Wehad lots of fun last night at the bars and karaoke, strange happenings happened with a very drunk guy but it was cool lol, although almost got into an accident,BUT I WASNT DRUNK!! but one ofmy new online friends thinks i should be spanked...he would do it but he can't Anyway if you are thi king of seeing the movie id go!

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Six months ago I thought my life - at least the kinky part - was over. The passing of my beloved wife had left me without a spanker or any outlet for my kinky desires. We'd never really participated in the scene or attended events - there was no need. We gave each other everything we needed, and we greedily chose not to share ourselves with anyone else.

Then she was gone, and I was alone.

Not alone, not really. I still had my vanilla friends and my daughter, who became my rock when I needed one. But I didn't know anyone kinky. Who was going to spank me, or be spanked by me, now?

So I got a FetLife account to go with my SpankingTube account, worked on my profile, and started attending munches and meeting people. It was hard - I've never been particularly outgoing. Most of my friends would describe me as quiet and reserved. But I went. And I kept going back even when I didn't feel like it, when no one talked to me or sought me out. Eventually, people got used to seeing me around and I started making friends. I attended some events even though I didn't do much but socialize at them. I was far too inhibited to play.

Time passed, I made more friends, got spanked a few times, and even dished out a spanking or two of my own. I started feeling like I was part of a community, and eagerly sought out ways to contribute.

When I went to the regular Wednesday evening gathering of kinksters at a local bar this past week, my friends had brought trays of cupcakes, balloons, and a card everyone signed. It really made me feel good.

Then last night, one of the lovely ladies who's spanked me several times now picked me up and we went to dinner with other kinksters at a local Thai restaurant. Afterwards she and another Domme went back to my place where they proceeded to give me the loveliest birthday spanking I've ever experienced. I was in total heaven - the first time I've ever been spanked by two ladies at the same time.

I feel like I've finally really come home for the first time in my life. I've always felt like an outsider, but now I'm part of something bigger than myself.

Next weekend I'll be attending a Lupercalia (look it up) party a local spanko group is throwing. I'm betting this time I won't be too inhibited to play, especially considering both of my birthday-spanking Dommes will be there.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is thanks. Thanks for accepting me, thanks for making me part of your lives, thanks for giving me a family of people like me to join and celebrate life.

And if you read this and thought, "That's nice for him, but I could never do anything like that" I'll bet you're wrong. You don't have a lot to lose by putting yourself out there, and you've got a lot to gain. Look at me - I gained a life, a family, and a community. You could too - you'll never know if you don't try.

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da mir meine Nachbarn heute morgen die ganze Zeit auf die Nerven gegangen sind mit ihrem blöden Sägen... hab ich Rache genommen ....

Sie haben ihren fetten dicken silbernen Mercedes heute bei uns auf dem Grundstück stehen damit kein Stück von dem Baum den sie abgesägt haben drauf fällt..... tja und da hab ich mir gedacht das ich ihnen doch mal zeige was es heißt wenn man mir um halb 8 den Schlaf raubt!!!!

Da ist mir wohl aus versehen das Sternchen ups.... jetzt hab ich einen neuen Schlüsselanhänger :)))

eure veryBadGirl
because my neighbor this morning all the time went on my nerves with her stupid saws ... I have taken revenge ....

They have their fat thick silver Mercedes today at the property so are not a piece of the tree they have cut down it falls ..... oh well and I thought to myself that I still see them sometimes what it means when I robbed at 7:30 sleep !!!!

Since I probably accidentally canceled the star ... na ups .... now I have a new keychain :)))

your veryBadGirl

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Lori was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, looking forward to the romantic Monday that Tom had arranged for them. She could hear Tom downstairs as he switched on the radio in the kitchen, she gave herself a little smile in the mirror, before rinsing her teeth. Then she heard his voice shouting up to her.

"Lori! Are you trying to wind me up?"

She pulled her dressing gown tighter around herself and opened the bathroom door, standing looking down the stairs she sees that Tom is holding up two envelopes.

"Did you send this extra one to wind me up?" Tom asks her, with a doubting look on his face.

"I don't know what you mean," Lori replied as she made her way down the stairs.

"Well, I sent this card," Tom said, breaking the mystery of Valentine's Day slightly, "but I didn't send this one. So who did?"

"Nah, I'm not falling for this; you sent them both so that you could start the day of with an early morning bum tanning. I know you too well, Tom!" Lori replied laughing at her lover.

Tom's face darkened at Lori's laughter, and it dawned on him that the card was genuine and not just her winding him up. As he looked at her he noticed that she could not hold eye contact with him, this was turning out to be not funny at all.

"So do you know who it is from then?" Tom demanded.

Lori looked down at her bare feet, as she fidgeted from foot to foot, biting at her lower lip she shook her head, then finally said, "No not really."

"What do you mean not really? Either you know or you don't know."

Lori sniffed and looked on the verge of tears. "Well, I'm not sure; it could be from one of the guys at work I suppose, maybe."

"Oh yeah! Which one?" Tom shouted.

"Well, I don't know do I?" Lori said still shifting from foot to foot. "I could be any of them, you know fooling around, a bit of banter."

"A bit of banter?"

"Well everyone does it at work don't they?" Lori said looking very guilty.

"I don't, you are telling me you spend all day at work flirting with anything in trousers, is that what you are saying?"

"Well kind of, but you make it sound all dirty and it isn't." Lori said pleadingly.

Tom took hold of Lori's hand and marched her over to the sofa, sitting down Tom said. "Get that dressing gown off and get over my knee, and this isn't going to be a fun spanking!"

"Please, Tom this was supposed to be a special day!" Lori whined.

"Don't worry it's going to be special all right, now get a move on!"
Lori stared at Tom, her lovely heart-shaped face in her best sulky look, her blue-green eyes looking pleadingly, almost begging for tacit forgiveness. Her silent look of regret didn't work as Tom repeated his instruction. Slowly Lori loosened the cloth belt on her fleecy gown, still looking at Tom to see if there was any break in his resolve. There wasn't. As she slipped out of her gown and let it fall to the floor, she stood there in her Sloggi mint green (Tom's favourite.) two piece set. Tom pointed at the little shorts and said.

"By the way don't think they are staying on because they aren't."

"Tom please, they are so thin....." Lori pleaded her fingers hovering above the waistband of her boy shorts.

"Well, if they are so thin, it won't make any difference, so get them off."

Lori made a little theatrical stamp of her feet and snorted at Tom, but then obediently, slowly slipped them down her legs. Her shaven crotch was now coming into view as she reluctantly lowered her pants. Then Lori eased herself over Tom's lap, she had a little secret smile to herself, as she felt his excited state through the thinness of his PJ's, prodding at her tummy.
Her smile didn't last long, Tom's hand came down hard on her naked buttocks, the impact almost taking her breath away. Lori knew now that this was not going to be a fun spanking. Tom was annoyed, to say the least, they had both taken time off work for a special romantic Valentine's, and yet here he was spanking his girlfriend for being an outright self-confessed flirt.

"No more tight blouses at work for you girl. No more flashing your headlights to all a sundry. Eh?"

Apart from little squeaks and screams, Lori Stayed silent to Tom's question. His spanking had taken her by surprise, by shock actually. She had never expected to him react with such gusto. His hand rained down on her proffered buttocks, fast and hard. Before she had time to react to one hand fall, another would come down on her quickly reddening bottom. Instead of the typical spanking warmth, she was feeling an intense heat building up in her.

"God I hope he doesn't see my credit card statement." She thought to herself.

"I asked a question girl!" Tom said through gritted teeth, as he laid on an especially hard flurry.

"I won't... I'll wear loose jumpers... I'll... please Tom stop!" Lori pleaded as her view of the carpet beneath became a misty blur.

She couldn't help herself; her legs started to flail around, taking on a life of their own. All this did was open up to Tom new areas for chastisement, she now found her inner thighs and the tops of her legs coming into Tom's spanking range. All she could do was grit her teeth again, and to pray for him to stop.

Stop he did.

Tom helped his tearful girlfriend back to her feet, wiping the tears from her eyes, she looked at him and gave him weak sorrowful smile.

"Well, that will do for a start," Tom said. "now go in the kitchen, and fetch me the green plastic pallet knife."

"Wha... what for, what do you need that for?" Stuttered Lori.

"Six across your arse, that's what for, your spanking was just a warm up!"

"I can't go in there; I've only got my bra on! People can see into the kitchen, what would they think?"

"They'll think, there's a girl that's had a hard spanking, and she's lucky that she hasn't had her dirty little flirty mouth soaped as well."

Mouth soaped? That idea had never even crossed her mind, so she quickly dashed off to the kitchen before Tom thought more on it. Lori grabbed the pallet knife, all the time thinking "he must never see the credit card statement".

When she came back into the living room, Tom was standing by the end of the sofa; his erection painfully obvious under his PJ bottoms. She handed him the instrument of her immediate correction, her lower lip trembling in anticipation.

"Right over the arm of the sofa, bottom right up. Six of the best coming up."

The first one shocked her. It didn't so much hurt on impact; it slowly burned into her behind. Such an innocuous kitchen implement how could it cause such pain?

By the fourth stroke, she could taste the salt of her tears in her mouth. When the sixth stroke fell, she thought to herself, "he must never ever see the credit card statement!"

In the blur of tears and pain, she heard the plastic pseudo paddle hit the floor; she felt his hands on her naked hips. She felt herself being lifted slightly; she felt the head of his cock probing at the lips of her sex. She heard a little voice in her head say.

"Where can I leave that statement where he can find it? The one with the ' invoice on it?"

Sometimes you know, a fun spanking just can't cut it!

Happy Valentine's Day, from Lori and Tomas!

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