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To the few who responded to the blog I posted on our behalf yesterday, thank you for your kind words we really appreciate it, we'll keep you posted privately with an update later on this week. I know most people don't understand what we are are going through, so they probably didn't know what to say, but just being there for us with any kind of moral support would have been helpful.

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Well folks, it’s been a while and thought it was time to stop in and make an appearance. I have been trying to catch up her because there have been many new pictures and videos that rock.

Couple of month’s back I moved from Seattle to Arizona. Between the processes of moving, selling real estate, etc. these past few weeks have been stressful to say the least. During the drive to Arizona I stopped in the city of Bakersfield, CA around midnight. Was delightful to see a police officer with an M-16/AR-15 walking around while a K-9 unit was circling the lot of my hotel looking for a wanted gang member. Nothing like waking up every two to three hours to look out the window and make sure the moving truck was still there. Also discovered a 16 foot moving truck tops out at 85 MPH.

One of the reasons for my absence is due to a technical error with my work. Basically I had to be on their network for weeks due to faulty equipment. Don’t think management would appreciate my being logged onto ST during work hours. Thankfully I got that figured out!

Another reason I haven’t been around here much is because of the pool and hot tub at my new place. Forgot how much I love swimming during the heat of the day and chilling in the hot tub at night under the stars. After spending better part of a decade in Seattle I’ve been out in the sun so much I look more Sicilian than Irish. On the plus side, I have lost ten pounds from all the swimming and using the awesome gym on the grounds.

I was unaware of how much weight I lost until this past Saturday. Waiting until it was close to 100 degrees F outside and decided to take a dip. Put on a pair of board shorts I’ve had for years, grabbed my towel and made for the water. There are usually a few people there at any given part of the day of both sexes. About four women and two guys were sunning themselves or sitting in the aqua.

Thought my shorts felt loose, so I tightened the string around my waist as much as I could. Waded in and started doing some underwater laps. Popped up a couple times then headed back to the stairs so I could catch some rays and listen to Bob Marley.

Started up the stairs to get out and went a little too fast about it. Between the quick motion and the water soaking the material my shorts almost hit the bottom of the pool. Luckily the guys were busy watching an outdoor TV and I caught the shorts about mid-ass. One of the women saw me and I apologized and obviously had a red face that wasn’t from the sun. She laughed it off, which I would hope considering how little she had on. That caused me to go out and buy some new board shorts soon thereafter.

In case I didn’t mention it, I love the new pool and hot tub as a Rasta loves King Selassie. Any more eye candy and I would have the worst cause of visual diabetes anyone could hope for.

Not long after getting here I had to visit the dentist, which I absolutely hate worse than anything else. So had to get some incredibly painful work done which didn’t go well. Dentist had me come back after giving me a prescription for Halcion and Diazepam.
Took those pills the day of my procedure to deal with the anxiety of what awaited me. Dentist did his thing after I huffed a bunch of laughing gas until I passed out. I woke up afterwards in a dreamy haze I hadn’t felt since I visited Amsterdam, but stronger and better feeling.

His assistant is a tall, really pretty, blue-eyed blonde lady. When I started to come around she was asking if I was ok. I vaguely remember telling her that if she let me sleep another ten minutes I would get dressed and go get us coffee. She snickered at me and said she didn’t need coffee but I might want one. Then she asked if I always talk in my sleep. Barely able to stay awake I said that does happen with me from time to time. Both of my parents and a few women have informed me that I talk about strange things when I am sleeping. I was just hoping it wasn’t something too scary because at times I have intensely violent dreams.

Dentist told me it was cool to leave, so I went to the waiting room to call a cab. As I slowly walked out the sadistic SOB tells me “Not to forget about having that rear upper molar extracted soon. Make an appointment with Gwen on your way out OK?” I agreed just because I was too doped up to argue.

When I got to the desk I see Gwen (who I offered coffee) talking to a twenty something blonde girl, looked straight out of college. They both straightened up and looked my direction. When I was asked what day I could come back I had to tell her that has to wait, I would confirm the following day. I barely knew my name or where I was. Doubt I could accurately make an appointment for more dental work.
Gwen smirks at me, hands me a business card with a few open time slots. I was zoning out on the circular pattern on the card when I had to do a double take on what I heard. She says to me, I swear: “If you don’t call tomorrow and confirm I’m gonna have to toast that cute little butt of yours next time you’re here.”

I could feel my eyes open up as much as they could. “Excuse me?” as I was trying not to laugh out of shock.

She just looked up at me and said: “I think you heard me just fine.”
I looked at her partner in crime for some back up or reassurance to confirm if this was really happening. Her face turned flush pink and she just turned around in her chair, removing herself from the conversation.

“Tomorrow, confirm or else.” She said one final time.

I agreed again and wobbled over to a space near the exit. Decided to stand and wait for the cab as I would have fallen asleep had I sat down. In the reflection of the glass door I saw both of them look my way at least twice. I don’t know for sure what I said when I was passed out in that chair for a while after everything, but I think I know what subject it was. Nodded in and out during the cab ride home, where I eventually woke up when the late night news was on. Next morning I looked at the business card, noticed that written on the back: “Confirm or else.”

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OMG so Today at work we were eating lunch and this beautiful black lady was talking about how she whooped her daughter for spending some money on her iTunes account or something like that I really did catch that part but what I did hear was the way she described the butt whooping she gave her!!! I wanted to tell her my issues and lay right over her lap right then! UGH!! On a good note I haven't stolen anything since friday

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Hi ST family,

Do you think there is a difference in "topping" styles between a male and female?

Recently I've had an interest in submitting to a female for the first time but I am a little nervous. Any thoughts?


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Marie is over half way through our last pregnancy and you can cut the tension with a knife......a butter knife for that matter. She is considered high risk when pregnant, so she's on pelvic restriction, which means we've not had sex since April and I've even been cut off from masturbating. Going through these pregnancies week by week has been very stressful plus our other child just turned two so she's starting with being very ornery and having temper tantrums, which definitely doesn't help matters any. We haven't been romantic in any way because of the urges we have these days and we also find ourselves arguing over the stupidest things. The high levels of stress has caused tension in her head, neck & hips........and I've been breaking out into hives. Now, just today.......I've been informed by her after she went to her doctors appointment that she will need a procedure done called a "Cervical Cerclage" (More info about it on Wikipedia) on Thursday, which means more stress and tension will undoubtedly be upon us soon. Please keep us in your thoughts during this highly stressful and difficult phase in our lives, THANKS :)

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Having very little of interest to say is no deterrent for those who wish to say it.

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Mabon is the mid-harvest festival, and it is when we take a few moments to honor the changing seasons, and celebrate the second harvest.

Equal hours of light and darkness
we celebrate the balance of Mabon,
and ask the gods to bless us.
For all that is bad, there is good.
For that which is despair, there is hope.
For the moments of pain, there are moments of love.
For all that falls, there is the chance to rise again.
May we find balance in our lives
as we find it in our hearts.

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My niece is starting her first day at University tomorrow,so last Friday night I held a little surprise party for her and some of her friends,including her boyfriend,who will all begin their studies at University and various other colleges tomorrow. Now in order to stock up on various 'delicacies' and other food and drink that teenagers of that age like to swallow,I consulted my supplier. My supplier is a shadowy figure who can supply just about anything at a discount price.In the past,especially around Christmas time,I very often employ his services when it comes to puchasing drinks and food,as well as the odd box of chocolates and winter clothing.The inside of his van is an Aladdin's cave of various items,all for sale at the right price. Neither I,or his many customers,enquire where or how he comes by such items. Jenny knows of his presence,and has asked me not to invite him to our house;but last Friday morning I did invite him to our house,thinking that Jenny was sound asleep after a long night shift at work on Thursday night.

Friday morning my supplier arrived and opened the back of his van.I began to peruse the items inside and chose some soft drinks and a two pork stakes. I also purchased a few boxes of chocolates and packets of Jaffa cakes.I found the price of all these agreeable and my supplier spat on his hand before I handed over my cash. He drove off,no doubt on the way to service another customer. I took my purchases into the kitchen and was startled to find Jenny sitting at the table,tapping her mobile phone and displaying an evil grin. I knew she was up to something. What followed was a lesson in under cover work that MI5 or the CIA would be proud of. Jenny had filmed,secretly, my meeting with my supplier. I pretended that I was not bothered.She demanded that I delete the footage I posses of her dancing semi nude in the bedroom,in return she will not 'accidently' as she put it, allow the footage she has of my supplier and I to fall into the hands of my older brother who is a Garda of a certain rank. I have told her to go ahead and do her worse,for I shall do mine if necessary.

My niece is wondering why Jenny and I are suddenly carring our phones every where with us and giving each other hard stares. I wonder who will crack first? I want something off Jenny,she has refused,and I am afraid that I had to resort to blackmail,but now what happens next is anyone's guess. Tomorrow morning on out commute to the city should be very interesting.My niece and her boyfriend will join us on the commute. I intend to put Jenny down big time.

Have a great week my friends and be safe.

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Working 16-20 hours a day with 3 hrs of sleep a day can defintely take a toll on your body. Im so thankful i was able to get some much needed rest and relaxation time. Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week ahead of them.

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Atelophobia is a condition that causes people to over think and obsess over the thought of not being good enough.

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'scuse me...

'scuse me...



Have a smelly day - whoever you are (could it be the English)??


P.S. Zim777xyz is VERRRRRRRRY insulted because no one has ever asked for pictures of my arse or genitals. Pffffft!

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OK...... So I suffer from ADHD and as a result of it I have a mild case of Kleptomania. I was on pills to help with it but my mom took me off her insurance because she said I'm grown now and I can't afford them at this point. With that said I "Feel" as if I need to punished when I do take things at times it hasn't gotten really out of control yet but I don't want to end up in jail. My mom use to wear my butt out when I got caught taking things that plus the meds kept it under control for years but now I'm older and I live in a dorm there no mom here I really on my own. I don't want people to think Im so kinda crazy sex freak I not into that type of thing at all It not about sex I just want to be better and not know as the girl who steals. I just need a real life butt beating that will bring me back to real life please don't judge me I'm just being honest. Thanks for listing to me

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It was a spanking BBS in Los Angeles in the early to mid '90s - I believe the board was located in the Valley. My wife and I were regulars there in the early days of our relationship. I wish I could find some of the stuff I posted there. I'm sure it's somewhere in that mountain of floppy disks I've been hauling around for far too long. Can you even get a drive for the 5 1/4 ones anymore?

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Last Sunday my niece asked me to give her a spin to the next village to meet some friends who will be attending University with her.Jenny assured me that she would do some tidying around the house and when I got back we would go for some lunch. My niece and I popped in the car and off we went. After dropping my niece off I decided to give Jen a ring to see if she wanted me to bring her back anything,there was no answer. I began to drive back to our house using my hands free phone kit,in case there are any Garda reading this post,to ring Jen again.I tried to ring her mobile and the house phone,but to no avail. I was beginning to worry. I reached the house and drove up the drive way to the sound of very loud music coming from upstairs,our bedroom to be exact. I entered the house and called for Jen;no response. I called again.I ran upstairs, the door to our bedroom was open and I was met with the most horrible,hideous and shocking sight I have seen in a long time. A sight so dastardly that my eyes began to ache.I felt like screaming out in excrutiating pain but I thought better;instead I took out my mobile phone and began to record the sight,the sight of Jenny dancing!

Now Jenny does not really dance: what she calls dancing most other people would call a convulsive fit.I stood and watched,unnoticed,as Jen,partially nude shook her head and jumped around to the sound of a 'song' I have heard her play too often,"Starlight" by Muse. I was standing in the doorway recording this event and not once did Jen look towards the door.The next song on her CD began to play and events took a turn for the worse as Jen began to 'sing'. It was more like a cry for help. Now,at this point I should have announced myself but Jen went to our walk in wardrobe and began to go through my clothes.She put on a blouse I have and began to check herslf out in the mirror.I had enough. I entered the room and switched off the music player. Jen spun around and I started to laugh.I asked had she finished the household chores but was met with a barrage of abuse.I was ordered to hand over my phone and I reminded her that she was not at work now. I ran down the stairs chased by a semi clad Jenny.Justin,our dog,began to bark and as we reached the kitchen our door bell rang,you might say I was saved by the bell.

I still have the footage of Jen on my phone and I have even uploaded it on my computer.Alas I am not evil enough to upload it on here,instead I will bide my time,there is something I want off Jenny and the footage I have will be used to get what I want. I will keep you all posted!

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Hey ST friends! This is totally random and probably makes me sound very silly or naive, but until I googled what a switch was yesterday, I had no idea. All these headlines about the Vikings football player disciplining his son with a switch made me curious as to what it actually was. As it turns out, it's a tree branch? I was completely unaware you can discipline with a tree branch. Like, you just go out and break one off of a tree and you're good to go? I'm fascinated yet mind boggled. So of course I came on here in hopes that I could understand it a little better. Thoughts?

Jessica Marie

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this video just me talking to all ladies on here i know my voice sound werid i dont sound like that in person just letting female know i enjoy being spanked and how i been looking for female to punish me

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With a sigh he places his beer on the table, and drops his room key next to it. He should have booked into a modern chain hotel he thinks, then he would have a key card rather than this huge, heavy key. Mind you, the restaurant is probably better here.

He sits and surveys the room without much interest. He dislikes drinking alone, the curse of business trips. Almost immediately he clocks the attractive woman in a business suit and skirt by the bar. He sees her turn and survey the clientele. Much to his surprise she looks in his direction, and walks over.

"May I join you for a minute?"

"Of course" he replies.

Placing her glass of red wine down she sits and surveys him. He is immediately taken by her eyes, they seem full of life, and captivating.

"Tell me your deepest fantasy. If you could do one thing with me tonight, what would it be?" she asks.

What an opening line.

Her eyes are boring into his soul as he considers his reply.

"You would be lying face down on my bed, completely naked. I would be kneeling above you, in command, spanking your smooth, white bottom until it turns rosy red. You would be emitting little gasps with each spank, maybe in pain, maybe pleasure.

"What would be yours?" he returns the question.

Her eyes haven't left his until this point and he has no idea what her response to his fantasy will be. But now she closes them slightly as she replies.

"I would be lying before you, with a throbbing bottom when I hear you pulling your belt through its loops. I am wondering what will be next. Maybe you will step up your spanking on my already sore bottom, or maybe you will bring it slashing down hard across the back of my white legs, make me cry out. Or perhaps it is just a prelude to you removing your trousers and thrusting your rock hard cock deep into my wet pussy. Which would it be?"

With this she reopens her eyes, and he can see the challenge in them. He knows he needs to find the right response.

This time he slightly closes his eyes.

"I would place the tip of one finger in the small of your back, gently yet firmly. I am in control and this is my signal that you must wait in anticipation of my next move. I extend the moment, the waiting until you crave my next move. I can smell your desire."

With that he stops, and open his eyes, searching hers.

She smiles, and puts her hand lightly over his. Just a second, then she gets up and turns from the table.

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Pistanthrophobia is the common fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad.

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Spank your sub hard and lengthy, wear her out good and leave something for her to think about while she's trying to catch her breath once she does spank her again...

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so we been doing alot better since my last post i have recieved 2 more punishments but he knows my limit and respects it...ive been pretty much a good girl lately so his been more understanding and patient with me we find out on oct 3rd what were havingg im excited i want a girl and so does he i think lol..well just checking ttil later night st family

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