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Dave n I were watchin tv the other day n I forgot how but we got on the topic of how things were earlier in our relationship.. n he laughed n said one of his favorite memories of us was about 3 months into our relationship when he was TRYIN to instill a bedtime for me ( at that time I was babysittin Mon-Fri for 6 of my grandbabies all under the age of 3..from 7am-530pm then workin Mon-Thurs 6pm-10pm n workin 6am-2pm Sat n Sun)... n how id taunted him about bedtime.. so of course now I have to share that story...

we were watchin a movie on tv n it got over with n he said "bedtime lil girl" n I shook my head no ( ive always struggled against bedtime even when I'm exhausted)he raised his eyebrow at me ( that usually has THE effect or close to it on me but I did NOT have work the next day n he was tryin to keep me on schedule).. he scooted to the edge of his chair n repeated "bedtime".. again I shook my head no with a grin.. he warned me " ur gonna get a spankin.. now get urself up those stairs n into bed"... "after u" I laughed.. he warned "IF I have to get up ur gonna get a really serious spankin now stop goofin off n GET"... so I taunted him " u wont. u wont u wont"... so he stood up n I jumped up laughin. he came towards me n I scooted by him barely escaping him n headed for the stairs n when I saw he wasn't comin I stopped on the first step n taunted him some more " all talk n no action.. just what I thought".. the look on his face was priceless as he leaped to his feet n came after me.. I ran up the stairs with him close behind me... I jumped on the bed n ran straight across it n remained standin on my side of the bed.. he was almost to the bedroom door when he stopped n burst out laughin... I laughed too "whats so funny?"... "U " he said.. "u ran across that bed like a lil kid"... so of course I taunted him again " so come spank me like a lil kid then" ... n he did lol

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A friend sent me a message noting that the deserved strapping he gave me in an un-airconditioned outbuilding in a Southern summer left him overheated and exhausted. And he wanted to in the future only use that very desirable venue in December.

This is what I wrote him:

You are spoiled. Do you think that in the great age of spanking, when villages in the Midwest echoed with the sharp cracks of straps and paddles and the pitiful but erotic cries of nubile teenage boys and girls, the spankers of that era demanded air conditioning to do their duty? No, I tell you! Those strong armed and honorable men did not neglect their duties just because it was too hot or too cold! In the heat of Kansas summers they reddened the curvaceous bare bottoms of male and female miscreants! In the cold of Minnesota winters, they with their bare hands they chipped the ice off of back yard whipping posts and shivered selflessly as they strapped the snow flecked bottoms of their nude misbehaving charges! They did not shirk their duties just because the weather was not balmy! No! To the cheers of their neighbors they stripped the panties off of naughty teens and twenty-somethings to administer long and grueling bare bottom public strappings and paddlings! Thus, they contributed to the well being of the community…and undoubtedly encouraged the necessary sexual congress of many of the onlookers, thus helpfully adding to the village population!

You are a member of a proud profession with an honorable tradition of selfless benefit to the community. Those who went before you paddled and strapped untold thousands of voluptuous bare bottoms for the public good! Think of their honored place in history…and the gallery of red and swollen bottoms that attest to their selfless concern for their communities.

Have courage! Do not let yourself be dissuaded from your honorable calling by mere atmospheric inconveniences!

Strapping and paddling and spanking MUST BE DONE! It is your calling! I beg you to consider your honorable forebears who bared the bottoms of generations of young men and women for the good of society. I implore you to remember the honor of your profession and redouble your efforts and spank and paddle and strap in all seasons! A misbehaving boy or girl should not be able to postpone or avoid a good bare bottom strapping or paddling just because the sun has parched the earth or the whipping post is buried in a snow drift!

I admit that yours is often a Sisyphean task…so many bottoms and so little time! But take courage man and think of your illustrious forebears and the luscious bottoms they have bared and spanked in all weather with selfless disregard for their own desires and comfort!

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did my regular routine today for work.. then as soon as work was out I babysat one of my sons n one of my daughters from the minute I got home from work ( around 130pm until now)... total 6 lil boys n 1 lil girl... the boys bein 9-6-5-5-3-3 n the lil girl just turned a yr Aug 15th.. soo I ordered pizza n popped popcorn n ordered the new movie The Jungle Book that we watched, then I took them to the park for bout a hr to unwind .. then back to the house where we watched the movie AGAIN lol... then they all have favorite stories of past things they love me to tell them each time we r together lap was never empty the entire time they were here n I loved every minute of it... nuttins better for a pick me up than a housefull of lil kids runnin n laughin n snugglin....

Slut Spanking
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Hey Guys. Thank You for all of your support. Just a quick line to let you know all my videos are on sale for $4.99 now thru Tuesday September 6th 2016. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you are interested in seeing and i will do my best to make it so.... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!

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I will be getting some spankings in the new leotards and tights that I bought and the 2 new unitards. I was also informed that I will be getting another spanking in my black bodytights because I spent a lot of money on these things that I should have spent on my house and car! So there will be spankings in my new outfits, starting with my silver thong leotard and tan tights! I hope that they are all very hard spankings!

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Having a nice lazy morning, I've just had a shower, shaved and moisturised

Got pissed of will my selfie stick controller trying to take my daily pictures, so sent Mr G a message with a lot of f words in it, saying I couldn't take decent pics until it's fixed.
He just told me to put my buttplug in for swearing in a message.

Of course I complained and moaned but did it anyway, so now sulking on the bed.
I guess I'm.not allowed to swear, especially the f word at any time now.

Slut Spanking
348 views · 24 days ago

Days after…

The warm advice you gave me lingers now—
fond memories of your not so gentle charm.
I feel it still…I feel so very warm
because I know how much you cherished me,
and even though your love embarrassed me
and made me burn, you never caused me harm.

It’s over now, the looming dread, and though
my tender cheeks are burning red, you know
they’re slowly taking on a purple hue.

Oh, how I fought when you took me in hand—
your love was more than I could stand, it’s true!
But now, when I sit down, I think of you.
Oh, yes! When I sit down I think of you.

~Japan64 8/30/2016

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I met Reddogg and he addressed my lying problem I have, and noticed that I lack respectfulness. With this he told me to bare my bottom for the hairbrush and with that came hard, fast stokes (in total 70) at this time I start to have some waterfall action in my eyes. Afterwards I had to soap my mouth and spank my bottom with the hairbrush for about 3 minutes give or take, by now I am bursting in tears and filled with soap not having a good time. When that was done I was given permission to wash my mouth and put in time out for 10 minutes (again give or take). After all of this I have a sore bottom and a absolutely disgusting taste in my mouth. This has taught me to respect those who take their time in me and with that, I would like to apologize to those I have wasted time with. It was not nice or becoming of a lady.
P.S. Reddogg is open for opinions.
Love forever and always Veronica

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What would you do if your spouse not only didn't want you touching anybody else, but didn't much want you touching her (or him) either? In my case, my wife is seven years older. Sex for her became less than a pleasure several years ago after menopause. This was when the whole idea of spanking suddenly became exciting again. I'd had a spanking partner before her who was lots of fun. She admires my wife tremendously and was a guest at our wedding. Knowing my wife was pure vanilla I walked into marriage knowing I would have to do without, and I didn't miss it much at all until after we became asexual some years later. In your opinion, if the spouse is no longer interested in sex, and refuses to try to give spanking a try, is it wrong to seek out a new spanking partner even if the spouse considers that adulterous behavior...if she found out? And face it, guys. They ALWAYS find out. My wife doesn't deserve to be cast out of my life and traded in on a newer model. I just wish she would either give spanking a try or else not get upset if I sought out a spanking partner. To me it wouldn't be much different than having a fishing, golfing or hiking partner. It's like recreational activity but on a more intimate level. As long as the other person understands I'm just looking for a spanking partner and not a life partner, is this morally wrong in your opinion?

Slut Spanking
276 views · 24 days ago

just want u guys/gals to know I love yas!!... I come on here n sometimes feel like shit n ur comments, messages, jokes, advice always picks me up... other times I come on feelin just fine n u reachin out only adds to my pleasure n good mood... n where no ones spanked the badgirl when she needs it... I know in ur hearts u wish u can *wink* so its the thought that counts lol... anyways.. just wanted yas to know u r important to me ...

220 views · 24 days ago

Never been paddled by a woman but really wanting to experience it.

228 views · 24 days ago

I recently got my girlfriend into spanking. We spank each other and both enjoy giving and receiving.

Today, instead of going to a Dr appointment, I went fishing. She found out and is going to give me the spanking of a lifetime when she comes home.

Slut Spanking
326 views · 24 days ago

I was supposed to go to school today but i faked sick and lied to them

275 views · 24 days ago

Interesting post... and naturally I'll have to add a few views of my own i.e. stir it up!

Those that do not learn that there are no lessons from history to be learned are the ones condemned to repeating the errors of history - every situation is unique.

History is a pack of lies told be people who weren't even there.

Globalism is just nationalism writ large.

Nazism and Fascism will rise again but they will be called a different name... and because history doesn't 'rhyme' or repeat itself it is most likely to arise from a different source... probably the PC left.

And what is freedom? Well freedom to me is just the opportunity to become a slave to our desires... it's not a word... it's a feeling.

Politically, where do I stand? Probably I'm a compassionate libertarian... and my view about British politics...

Political party is just a fancy name for... gang; Policy is just a fancy name for... racket; Tax is just a fancy name for... theft and Politician is just a fancy name for... crook.

217 views · 25 days ago

Ive been reading a new book, called Treasured Submission, by Maggie Ryan.
And have to say if id read this before the 50 Shades Of Grey books came out, i would have not waited 21/2 yrs to discuss having this lifestyle with Mr G.

It went into much more detail on why timeouts were important, and very important before and after a punishment. Having time to think about what they did wrong, then time to reflect on their behaviour and why it should never happen again.

After i talked about ideas from this book many many times, i was thinking about my morning spanking. I thought about after it was over, i would just sit down, carefully, and just continue with what i was doing, usually my lines.
With no time to think about it.
We decided now after my morning spanking, i had said thank you, i would then ask to go to my naughty corner and spend time to think about being good for the rest of the day.
After what felt like a particularly hard spanking, Mr G told me this morning to go to my corner, sit bare on my naughty stool for 20 minutes.
Putting my timer on my phone, i gingerly sat down, feet tucked around the legs, to think about my spanking.
Mr G gave me a kiss goodbye and left for work, i never moved until the timer went off.
I have to say i felt this worked, its given me time to reflect on other days when ive been a total brat and i came to realise i need to really try harder to please my Master.
Though im not going to promise that i will never be bad again, you know i love being a little brat as long as it doesnt cross that line where i really do become a very naughty brat.

They also used butt plugs in a similar way, an average plug was used as a warning that her behaviour was unexceptable, and she was only allowed to release it when she was told.
A bigger one, the punishment plug, was used only during punishment. During timeout, punishment and during reflection time out. Again only to be released when told. This could be all day or over night.
I think these are good ideas that we are now discussing.
The use of enemas or douching was used too, something weve never done before, i think douching may be something we will be doing so immnow reading up about it, what we need to buy and how to do it.
If anyone has suggestions, or recommend what to buy please let me know.

Slut Spanking
382 views · 25 days ago

Hi I'm a new member to this site. I love spanking but unfortunately right now single and getting no spanking. I love reading some of the blogs and soon will be sharing my own stories.

I could really use a hard embarrassing spankingfrom someone in ohio or I love pen pals that like to tell me how to discipline myself or better yet what they would do to me....any takers?

253 views · 25 days ago

I JUST learned Dave is goin away tomorrow n wont return until Friday evenin.... he is getting up when I do in the morning ( well after I shower n get ready for work so about 330 for him).. he is goin to his cabin to do some stuff to get it ready for huntin season... he will spend a few days there, swing by Pa n pick up his son n bring him back here til Monday... gonna b home alone.. I cant fuckin wait!!

231 views · 25 days ago

We are thrilled to see all our videos now have over 10,000 views - so we are planning new additions to the KatieG/Director spanking series. I wish to apologise that there has been a short delay while I ensure my best asset looks its peachiest best for my fans :-)

In the meantime I have been going a little crazy not getting spanked by the fair and firm hands of the wonderful Director, who has probably been feeling just as disappointed and frustrated at the lack of spanking action. All I can say is that we will both be more than in the mood and willing to make up for lost time when I am finally good to go (over his knee).

Little Katie is bound to have been getting herself into all sorts of trouble, don't you think. I don't know yet what she has done to earn another red bottom, but I'm sure whatever she's been doing, Daddy will see to it that she never does it again ;-) I have a feeling he won't tolerate much nonsense and that Katie's spankings will only increase in intensity. If I were Katie I'd hide that hairbrush quickly...

Hope to announce another video soon,
Katie x

Slut Spanking
192 views · 25 days ago

I remember why i dislike butt plugs so much when im told to wear one until Mr G allows me to release it.
This could be when he comes home, could be told to wear a bigger one, or made to sleep with it in til tomorrow.
My poor bottom is fighting the urge to release this plug and pop it back in just before Mr G comes home.
But i know i would only feel terribly guilty and tell him which would land me in serious trouble.
So i will grin and bare it until he comes in and hope he says ive been a good girl so i can release this horrible thing and my bottom can stop throbbing.

197 views · 25 days ago

for those who've asked - yes, I do get disciplined on the bare bottom (I just like panty discipline better, more fun and embarrassing). about to get several types of straps applied bare bottom, the finale to panty paddling day

one little pantysissy is going home with a bright red and sore bottom. that'll teach me to wear panties (maybe) :)

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