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I’m sitting on a train. The train is stopped at a station. I’m on the right hand side and looking out of the window. Movement attracts my attention. A black girl is running across the footbridge which spans three platforms. She is struggling to get through as people who have alighted from my train are walking in the opposite direction to her. I wonder if she will catch the train. I speculate that she is possible on a final warning for lateness from her employer. Probably not. I root for her nevertheless. I wonder if I should stand in the doors so that she will catch the train. I decide not to. It’s not my business. I don’t know her. Why should I care? I still hope she gets on though. I’m in a good mood today. Sometimes I’m not and I think bad thoughts about humanity. I lose sight of her. Then I espy her enter the carriage. I’m pleased for her. She walks down the aisle. She is a little out of breath. She appears to be in her late twenties. Or early thirties. Her face is kind of thin and though not beautiful she is attractive – attractive-ish. She finds a seat next to a young guy and plonks herself down. The seat is facing the rear of the train and two rows away from mine. I am sitting in the direction of the travel. I prefer to be that way though I don’t mind if I do have to sit the other way. I know that some people always have to be facing in the same direction as the train travels. A colleague of mine does.

The train pulls away and begins to accelerate. It is an electric train. Electric trains can accelerate quickly. I turn my head and start to look at the scenery passing by.

I notice the guy sitting next to her is twisting round and talking to a young woman behind him. She has obviously just got on at the last station too. But I guess she got to the station in good time for the train. The guy and the girl continue with their conversation. I don’t think they are anything other than acquaintances but I wonder if either one or both are thinking of having sex with the other. I probably would. The woman that is. I’m not gay.

The black girl suddenly says to both of them: “Would you like me to swap seats? It’ll be easier to chat then.”

The girl says: “Thank you, that’s most considerate of you.”

The black girl gets out of her seat and they swap positions.

Kind and considerate. The black girl is kind and considerate. I like that. I warm to her though I have only known of her existence for minutes.

The next station is mine so I get out of my seat and stand behind others in the aisle. To my right and sitting down is the black girl. She is fiddling with her mobile phone. Probably a boyfriend. I can’t imagine she hasn’t got a boyfriend. The train slows to a halt and stops. The doors open and everybody begins to shuffle down the aisle. The black girl gets up. I say to her: “After you?”

She replies: “Thanks, it’s amazing how many people you can get in just two coaches.”

Her voice is well spoken now that I can hear her clearly. Almost ‘cut glass’. That surprises me.

“It is isn't it,” I respond, and nearly lost for words.

She walks in front of me and steps onto the platform. She exits the station and she goes left whilst I turn right and walk to the road bridge that crosses the line. I glance momentarily in her direction and see that she is talking and walking to an older white guy. I wonder what she does for a living. I wonder if I will ever see her again. I wonder what it would be like to fuck her. I wonder if she is kinky.

I remember that I am happily married.....

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If you can handle me need a spanking but figure guys in Tulsa cant

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I really want a spanking or someone to discuss how they would spank me. Message me and let's make this happen!

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Recently on my blog, I've wandered a bit too far into the light of exposure. A bit too far for my fears of melting. So I find myself wanting to radically shoot out the lightbulbs with an Uzi rather than simply step back into the shadows.

After all, in these past three blog entries, I have expressed my self-sabotage, my isolationism, and my extreme inability to multi-task. What's next, my social security number? (U.S.A.ism similar to the U.K. National Insurance Number, I believe.)

(Let's just say, my SSN is a total of 9 numbers. Interestingly, none of which are in my name!)

And if you tried for even an instant to figure out what that reveals about my name, you have instead taught yourself about Avoidance Technique... shall we say, #1?...: Red herrings.

This weekend, I turn back to a lighter blog entry, have some playful fun, and just ask for your opinions and experiences, you marvelous Spanking Tubers, on a fairly isolationist-safe topic of discussion. I may have inadvertently alighted upon the perfect, airy, topic in my last blog.

Does this sound familiar to you?

"I have told you to stay in position. The next time you get out of position, I will add another to your count. Do you want that?"
"NO! Please..."
"Then you better stay in position. I mean it."

-- CRACK --
-- Squirm away --

"Stay... stay- stay in position. Do you want another?"
"No, Sir/Ma'am, no Sir/Ma'am!"
"Then stay in position. I mean it, next time I add another!"

-- CRACK --
-- Squirm away --

"Stay in position! Do you hear me? You want me to add another?"
"No, please, no!"
"Then stay in position! One more time, I add another."

-- CRACK --
-- Squirm away --

"Do you want me to add more!!?"
"Then get back... get back in posi- Get BACK in position!"
-- Whine --
"I said, get back into position! Do you want me to add more? Don't make me repeat myself! You know how I hate having to repeat myself!"

Yes, that's right. The "stay-in-position-or-I'll-add-another (which never, ever results in another no matter how much we squirm, face it)" idle threat.

Please note, I have no specific experiences or people in mind here!! No. It's just a pattern I have noticed with no slight smile of amusement, all around this thing we do, and for many years.

Also, sometimes it's just too hard to stay in position, granted. But it's not the bottom's resilience I approach here, it is the airiness of the threats so frequently given to them.

So, bottoms, why do we even bother trying not to squirm away? Often -- not all the time, of course, but often -- all that further squirming and moving away actually gets us is yet another idle threat!

Whenever I see or hear this, whenever I remember the days when I lived it, I can't help but wonder. (Not that I ever expressed these thoughts to those holding the implements at the time...)

Why do you think threats of the idle quality don't work, I ask of the Tops (respectfully, in all humility, with great reverence)? The same reason idle threats never work -- at least past the first couple times -- because all you are teaching the recipient of those marshmallow-like, fluffy promises is that you are, what I would (lovingly) call, 'bluster'. That as long as we pretend to regret it and get back into position (when we feel like it), then I'm sorry but those promises and threats and warnings just heat up the air, darlin'.

I'm not speaking of those fun threats that are meant to just be play, now. Though even during fun and erotic spankings, a threat can be used to give the bottom an opportunity to gain more of your special attention, why deny them this pleasure?

And as for disciplinarians... I mean, for a group of people who claim to hate to repeat themselves so much, why do you make it so necessary?

You must repeat your idle threats, my sweet, patient, gracious, lovely D's, because they 'poof' disappeared into a little cloud of heated smoke the first time around. Make good on your threats that all-telling first time around, and then perhaps we'll see how much repeating you must do the next.



It does occur to me at this very moment, as I find myself sitting quite comfortably at my desk: it is probably an extraordinarily good thing I am meeting with no one at the present time.


Well, that won't keep me from spreading the joy to other worthy bottoms by brandishing the things I've noticed! After all, if my minimal exposure in this blog entry saves just one single bottom out there from the free reign granted them by idle threats... Then my sacrifice will be well worth it! I shall put away the Uzi and leave the lightbulbs intact.

Do you enforce your threats? Does your Dom/Domme/Disciplinarian/Spanker/Top follow-through on the very first promise? (Do you dare admit it, if not...?)

Or, am I wrong? Do you find a just cause for idle threats that outweigh their singular... 'poof'iness?

Playfully pondering,
Your sacrificial Satia

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‘So why are you here’– By Ricky
The pleasantries came to an abrupt end with a simple question, ‘so why are you here’?
We knew why, but this dance in words seemed to cement the reason, we both knew, I was here to be disciplined.
I gingerly handed her my punishment diary, there were three months of entries and it took what felt like an eternity for her to study and analyse the script.
I sat waiting, nervously biting my lip as I watched her accounting each of my misdemeanours.
With her calculations complete she peered over her glasses, her words were soft, ‘upstairs please, strip to your briefs and wait for me’
These words were not unfamiliar to me, I had heard them before, many times and on each occasion as with this one I hesitated briefly, captivated yet again by her natural beauty.
Without further instruction I stood, turned and headed for the stairs. I reflected as I made the ascent, a shiver ran through my body as I reached the door and as I entered, the landscape presented an uneasy familiarity.
Without pause I stripped, taking time to fold and carefully place my clothes in a neat pile on the floor.
I was now naked but for my briefs, I was shaking.
In the corner of the room was a tall vase, its contents stood proud, rattan, maybe a dozen or so of different length, thickness and flexibility, several were old friends of mine.
I sat on the soft and surprisingly comfortable sofa and I waited.
The minutes passed. I was conscious of movement in the next room and then the sound of a door closing. There were soft footsteps and then she was with me.
In front of me stood a vision, her slender form encased in a smart almost business like outfit, she was stunning although beneath the glorious façade beat the heart of a stern, almost ruthless disciplinarian.
In one hand she clutched the diary whilst the other held the crooked end of a thick cane, dark in colour with a deep lustre.
She placed the diary on the sofa in front of me, purposefully open and for view.
She raised the cane and flexed it in front of me, holding it in a cruel arc. My soft cheeks flexed at the thought of what was now inevitable.
‘So Ricky, tell me, why are you here’?

Spanked Sweeties
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So last night it was time for my punishment from talking bad about myself. He said since Thursday I was good all day didn't even get a warning and didn't fight bed time he took away my grounding. So I had to get my bottom dripping wet between each set of 10 it was supposed to be 50 but since some were not hard enough. It ended up being about 90. Then I got a 6minute soaping. And I still have 80lines to write. During my whole spanking and soaping I was getting lectured. Well after my bath and snack it was bed time I was doing good till he started falling asleep so I kept talking and he said if I didn't stop I would be getting a switching today well I've never had the switch and it sounds really scary so I threw fit throwing my stuffed toys every where till he got up and paddled my bottom till I was sobbing saying I wanted to night night. Well when it was finally over I laid down and fell right to sleep I was supposed to work today but as soon as I got there they could tell I needed to go home cuz of my back so I'm stuck in bed again but my medicine is helping so should be good all day once again I can't thank you enough Darkmagic for everything you do. I will not he talking bad about myself for a long long time. I love you with all my heart.

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I'm looking for a local daddy dom no older then 43, for a DD/bdsm relationship. I'm clean of any std , I don't do drugs/smoke and drink occasionally!

Lately iv been doing a lot of soul searching iv realized I want a man in my life who understand he is the head of the house and has every right to discipline me when he sees fit to, in the privacy of the home..Im looking for a daddy dom no older then 38.I do not do age play. What I enjoy about the daddy dom dynamic is the loving guidance and nurturing/ discipline. I would love to get into pet play more as a pet identify as wolf/husky.

Iv also started to dress more modest. I'm tired of men seeing me for just my chest size and what ill do in the bedroom. I don't want a relationship based on just sex with nothing else in common.

I have deep love and passion for animals ,I bring home strays and at least take them to shelter.I adopted my current dog. I like cats, rats, fish,and birds.I have experience with horses. I used to ride and traded stable work for time out on the trails when I was younger.

My favorite time of the year is fall because of when leave change color and air nice during the day.Nothing better then turning off the ac and opening the house up.I also love to bake up some pumpkin bread for breakfast!

I like putting up a holiday tree , I love the lights so bright and cheery.If I had a home if put lights up outside.I love just about anything with peppermint during the holidays and gingerbread.

About me and religion, I believe in a God ,Iv decided to find my own path spiritually I don't really fit into the beliefs of the worlds major religions. Im very eclectic in my faith a little from everything.

I have a interest in building a tiny home complete with solar power and water catchment system. I would love to have a large garden with a few fruit trees.

I enjoy tv shows such as Grimm , Game of thrones, Vikings, Tree house masters, To many cooking shows to name lol.

I love all sorts of movies from comedy,romance,drama,si-fi,fantasy , some animated Disney films, action. To name a few: Avatar, Pocahontas ,Frozen,Brave, lord of the rings, the patriot -Mel Gibson, White house down, Prince of Persia.

I like to cook Mexican, Italian ,southern, middle eastern, Greek , and some wild game . I spent many years working in restaurants.I like to cook in many different styles and desserts. I cooking with splenda because I'm a diabetic.

Iv have fallen in love with teavana teas.My favorite blend is Maharajah Chai Oolong/Samurai Chai Mate Tea. Iv tried their apple cider blend it was alright.

I'm into rock , Celtic, middle eastern, and folk metal music.

Some of my favorite bands are Within Temptation, shine down, Shamans Harvest, lacuna coil, three days grace, evanescence, linkpark, nickleback. Kal-Nal , Omani, Celtic woman

Music artist I enjoy are Peter Hollens, Lindsey Stirling, Eurielle, Loreena McKennitt, Eyna , all of which can be found on youtube.

Other hobbies I have and most I cant do lack of equipment etc are: horseback riding, archery, camping, coning,hiking.

Some of the artist I like are: Nene Thomas, Ruth Thompson, Johnathan Bowser, Amy Brown.

the authors I like are: Mercedes lackey, Sara Douglass, terry brooks, Nora Roberts, Ann rice (sleeping beauty series only).

"love is hard, harder than steel and thrice as cruel. It is as inexorable as the tides, and life and death alike follow in its wake."

What im into: a man that could throw me on the bed, attention, bare bottom spanking, being called a bitch,being spanked by a soldier in uniform, bellydancing, biting, blindfolds, bondage,nipple torture, candle wax,chains, clit spanking, clover clamps, collar and lead/leash, collars, corporal punishment, corsets, crawling, crops, cuddling, cupping, domestic discipline, domestic servitude, double penetration, edge play, electrical play, exhibitionism, face slapping, fetish models, flash cotton, grooming,hair pulling, handcuffs, ice cubes, kneeling, knife play, male authority, master/slave, medieval times role play,men in uniform, nudity, otk spanking, outdoor sex, pain, porcupine quills, predator/prey , primal play), puppy play, pursuit, take-down & capture, rough sex, sacred sexuality, scratching , sensual domination, sex outdoors, slave bells, snuggling,spanking, spiritual bdsm, spreader bars, strong, ,submissives who know they have worth, suspension bondage, tattoos, tearing off clothing, triple penetration, vibrators, violet wand, wax play..

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It was in October 1997 that I first visited a prostitute. It was also in October 1997 that I should have realised too that my six and a bit year relationship with Sharon was never going to work - should have realised…

It had been my day off and there had been no chores to do - just me, my thoughts, my fantasies and my lust.

That August I had turned forty and with it a feeling, a dread, that time was running out. I had been dumped twice by Sharon during the summer but on each occasion she had asked me back and because I loved her, was weak, I had taken her back. Yet my loyalty and devotion had seemed to mean nothing to her. In this miserable existence my only consolation was hedonism - the gratification of the senses.

Or was that, now reflecting back, just an excuse for my immoral behaviour. And is it not necessary to believe one’s own lies all the more fully in order to deceive others more skilfully?

Perhaps another excuse would have been to say that I was in the grip of a mid-life crisis but the truth of the matter was that my whole fucking life had so far been a crisis: childhood anxiety merely morphing into teenage angst.

In the lounge of the town cottage I alone rented and occupied I had picked up a copy of the Daily Sport which a punter had given me from the day before and I had causally left on the arm of my settee. I had flicked through it before getting to the 'massage' ads near the back with one advertisement in particular catching my eye - a blonde 21 year old with a tanned 36-24-36 figure in Bournemouth.

Shaking, I had then rung the number.

A woman had answered to inform me that ‘Tanya’ was working and that there was no need to book. She had also given me the address.

I knew that what I was about to do, possibly about to do, was illicit yet it made the idea all the more exciting.

I had then worried that there was a chance that I would get caught, exposed, perhaps be prosecuted and be publicly shamed - I had openly and frequently, mouthed off moral platitudes, and had condemned infidelity. I was in a dilemma.

I had then taken a shiny two pence piece out of my pocket – tails I go, heads I don’t. I had flicked the coin spinning up into the air before catching it with my right hand and slapping it down upon my the back of left hand. Gingerly I had then uncovered it - tails!

On the train to Bournemouth a group of school children had boarded and in a moment of paranoid panic I had imagined them pointing me out and singing: “We know where you're going, we know where you're going!”

I’d managed to get a grip of myself whilst every second I neared my dirty destination and sordid liaison whilst on another level my excitement began to reach such a peak that I could feel my heart pounding.

Another wave of anxiety: What if I suffer a heart attack?

I’d visualised the headlines in the local paper: ‘Respectable’ Local Man Dies in Brothel – Humiliated Partner Never Knew. I could also hear the cutting wit of my colleagues: He went before he came!

And then I arrived - Pokesdown. The station had seemed rather aptly named. It had also put me in mind of a rough suburb of London.

I had then strolled out of the station and entered Boscombe High Street desperately attempting not to look like a bloke visiting a prostitute.

Having found the place I then double-checked the address I had written on a scrap of paper. Satisfied I had then pressed the buzzer.

As I waited at what felt like an eternity for the door to be opened I was sure that everyone passing by was looking at me with disgust. Just answer the fucking door, I’d thought desperately.

And then a plain middle-aged woman had let me in and for a second I'd been disappointed: Surely, that can’t be her?

“Tanya will be with you in a minute.”


The ‘receptionist’ had then led me upstairs into a ‘waiting’ room presumably because Tanya was still with another client. There had been an attempt to tidy the place up but it was still run down - still felt sordid. On a table next to me were some porn magazines which I had picked up and flicked through.

About five minutes later Tanya, wearing a see-through and very skimpy lace top, had poked her head round the door. She was gorgeous: blonde, tanned shapely and beautiful. And for a moment she reminded me of another woman I kind of had a crush on at the time, Jane, though she was younger and a little prettier.

Tanya, who’d had a slight ‘Brummie’ accent (she informed me later that she was originally from Wolverhampton), asked me what I would like her to do for me.

I told her and she said: “Okay, it’ll be seventy quid.”

I’d handed her the notes (which was also kind of exciting) and before she momentarily disappeared into a back room she asked me to go through an adjacent door and take all my clothes off - which I did.

A few minutes later Tanya had returned and apprised me of the rules: no kissing and no exchange of bodily fluids - fair enough.

She’d then removed her slip over her head and had told me to lie down upon the bed. I’d then heard her pick up the cane, about three feet in length, and awaited, with some trepidation, the first stroke.

“I’m going to start gently then gradually whack you harder.”

“Okay,” I’d said.

She did as she promised and after about ten strokes she was really bringing the cane down with some force across my bare buttocks – it had begun to really sting. I was also achingly stiff and needed to fuck her. After a couple more whacks I’d asked her to stop.

I’d then turned over onto my back whilst she had picked up a condom from a dish she had kept on the side and had handed it to me. I’d opened the packet pulled it out and then rolled it over my cock.

When I’d done that she told me that she wanted me to go on top. She then lay down next to me whilst I mounted and penetrated her. As I did I wondered how she could remain damp and accommodating all day long.

I then requested her to rub my nipples whilst I began to thrust. There was no doubt that she was beautiful: deep blue eyes, shapely tits, golden tan – and worth every penny.

As we had fucked she had told me that I was a good looking fella with beautiful eyes. The remark had me feel good but I suspected she had flattered all her clients.

It didn’t take long for me to climax. And that was that. I got dressed, gave her a peck on the cheek and thanked her before leaving.

After I had emerged into the daylight I had felt elated with, strangely, not an ounce of shame.

I had then popped down to the shops, had a coffee and a sandwich before setting out on the journey back.


Later that evening I had gone round to see Sharon. Still on a high and aroused by the afternoon’s events I had suggested an ‘early night’.

“Not really in the mood, thanks,” she had responded.

I’d thought: Always in a mood, actually. But didn’t say it.

Despite that we lasted nearly another six years - another six years of ups and downs and highs and lows - but the truth is that my actions that day had changed us, or rather me, irrevocably, and underneath things could never be the same again.

Spanked Sweeties
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"Right!" announced Ms. E as she clicked shut the last of the straps which held the naked slave to the table "You always seem to want more of everything. And that's what you're going to get!"

His waist was held flat against the wooden surface. His wrists were likewise gripped tightly. His legs held apart in a most humiliating fashion. Buttocks spread and vulnerable, as were his cock and balls as they dangled completely exposed. Ms. E sensed apprehension from his body language. Taught muscles...and was there a slight trembling she could see?

Ms. E was relishing his discomfort "How many pipes or boats can one man need?" she taunted. "And they aren't the only thing you have too many of!"

"Well lets see if you want more of what's on offer today." Ms.E scoffed.

"The difference is going to be that I'll be the one deciding whether you need MORE. I suspect you may think you've had more than enough a good while before I do!" she chuckled.

"I'm not stopping until I'm satisfied you had enough and I've taken you somewhere you haven't been before"

"Don't worry my dear, I'll be gentle with you" she smiled " start with."

"I imagine there's a good chance your bum will feeling numb by the time I get round to the serious strokes with the heavy cane so I can't see why you are looking so concerned. I suppose the marks could be rather embarrassing though when you go for that hospital appointment in a couple of weeks time. Never mind, I'm sure the nurse will have seen it all before."

With that Ms. E stepped away and reached for the lighter of her two canes. Her arm was almost straight as she aligned the tip of the cane with the centre of his left buttock. After adjusting her stance slightly Ms.E drew back her arm The cane whistled through the air. There was a satisfying "crack" His torment had begun.

Ms. E could feel her pussy becoming increasingly moist at the thought of the time ahead...he always fucked her well after a thrashing.

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Sometimes watching the videos on here make my butt hurt

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So I just checked my grades and I have mostly 90s and 2 80s. Yesterday I found out that a good college wants me. Medialle is willing to give me a free application and a scholarship off $9,000- $20,000 to me if I get in. Also I have an interview coming up to one of the most awesome jobs, witch is the at the library. So I have had a very good week before break. And I hope to have a better brake next week off of school.

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So I woke up late Tuesday and I was rushing around and not paying attention to what I was doing and left my keys on the table when I left the house locking the door behind me, so I had to call my husband at work and he had to leave a meeting to come home and let me in so I could go to work. Needless to say that he was not happy. Tuesday night I was punished and I was definitely having a hard time sitting all day Wednesday at work, I was also punished last night and tonight looks like I may be in for more. I really feel like I have been punished enough, but I think he knows that I was a little late this morning too. I hate that stupid snooze button.

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Hello all,
How is everyone? Things are going well. I just want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day. If you are going to drink be sure you have a DD with you. Stay safe! Just wondering how are you going to spend your St. Patrick's Day? I don't drink alcohol myself because I find it too fattening and I am trying to lose the weight from having my first child.

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I once had a friend, Diane, who lived in Boston and though we lived a good distance apart engaged in an active, sensual, on-line relationship. One thing we enjoyed doing was to write each other fantasy stories. The following is what I have titled, “The Pirate”.

I had the good fortune to come to Boston, MA on a business trip which would take a few days to conduct. I had some free time so I looked for things to do while there. A local paper listed the attractions, many for tourists, but others clearly for residents. One event caught my eye, it was listed as a costume ball, but probably just a big party where everyone dressed up. Before my trip I told you that I was going to be in your area and perhaps we could find time to meet. I thought that, providing your husband approved, you could be my "date" for the evening. After informing you of my plan, you excitedly asked your husband for permission. He finally gave in after your repeated pleading.

With that behind us we now had to think of costumes. I have always had a fascination with pirate stories so I suggested we dress that way, I was to be a pirate and you would be my captive princess. We located a costume shop and rented the appropriate attire with corresponding masks. Fully dressed it looked like we stepped out of a Swashbuckler movie. You were a vision to behold in a full dress with a rather low cut front. We struck out to the ball and after paying the fee, entered a luxurious hall. There were dozens of people dressed in all sorts of costumes.
The party was nice, great music, lots of food, and drink of course. We mingled with others and danced a little; I am not the best dancer and prefer slow dancing. Gradually we became separated and I could see that you had many male admirers vying for your attention. You were acting quite coquettishly, probably a blend of too much alcohol and that you wanted to make me jealous. I kept my eye on you and your behavior and I was getting a little aggravated. I decided that enough was enough and went to you and excusing us from your horny little crowd of men, took you aside and had a little talk with you. You complained that I wasn’t giving you much attention so you sought it elsewhere. I told you that you were acting like a pirate’s wench, not a refined princess and had half a mind to treat you as such. “Ooo”, you said, “the big bad pirate is getting mad, what are you going to do, make me walk the plank?” I replied, “No, hopefully do something that will teach you a lesson.”

I told you to stay put and went to find the person in control of the party. I found out that the hall was connected to a hotel and told me which direction to go to find the lobby. I found you where I left you and took you by the arm and marched you in the direction of the lobby. Renting a room for the night wasn’t cheap but I hoped well worth it. When I opened the door you immediately ran to the other side of the room, and started to issue warnings to not touch you. “Come here you wench”, I replied, “I plan to touch you real good.” After a little chase around the room which didn’t last long since there was really nowhere to go I caught your arm and pulled you to me.
“All right missy I have had enough of your antics for one night and now you are going to have to pay for it.” I sat down on the bed and pulled you, kicking, over my lap. There was a lot of material in your dress so it was a chore for me to get most of it out of the way so I could effectively spank you. I got down to your slip which I thought was a good place to start. Alternating between cheeks my hand came down with force causing you to squirm and squeal. From our previous conversations you know that I enjoyed giving good, hard spankings, and now you were finally getting to experience one yourself. It took a good hundred spanks before you were subdued enough to lie still, I guess you figured it wasn’t helping your case.

“Alright Diane, get up and take that dress off, we aren’t finished yet.” Now, moaning because you didn’t know what was going to happen next, you shyly began to undress. When you got down to your pretty, lacy underwear I told you to stop. You were a vision to behold as I took my time letting my eyes caress your body. I knew that there was more to see, but that would come soon. This time I instructed you to put yourself over my lap and that any delay would only make things more difficult for you. Since you were down to bra and skimpy panties, most of your skin would be rubbing against the costume I still wore. “Now, Diane” we are going to get to the serious part of your discipline.” Without delay I spanked and spanked your jiggling bottom till it became a very rosy red and tears were flowing from your eyes. You kept saying over and over how sorry you were for disrespecting me, and that you would never do that again.

Satisfied that you had learned your lesson, you were allowed to get up at which time you furiously rubbed your sore bottom. “Ok Diane, it’s time to bring our time to mutual fulfillment, now remove the rest of your clothes.” I saw the alarm in your eyes as the meaning of my statement hit home. “Diane, do you want another spanking, this time I will use the wide belt around my waist?” Knowing how painful the hand spanking had been, you could not imagine taking a harder spanking with a four inch wide leather belt. Slowly removing the last two pieces of clothing and trying to cover yourself at the same time was quite adorable. You were a vision to feast upon, your full breasts and hard protruding nipples, your thighs pressed tightly together denying me a look at your nether lips.

“Now Diane, if you please, kneel down in front of me, there is a matter of utmost importance that needs to be taken care of immediately.” You now remembered, again from our conversations, that I can become very excited when giving a spanking. As you knelt in front of me you saw the evidence of my arousal as my cockstand was quite noticeable. “Do I have to tell you what to do or shall I have to remove my belt for another reason?” You unbuttoned my trousers and reaching in, brought out my cock, already in full erection. Your lustful nature took over because you used your mouth on my cock in ways that I never experienced. Nearing climax I had to pull your head away for fear of exploding too soon. “Not yet Diane, there are still pleasures to enjoy, remember, I said mutual fulfillment.”

I lifted you up and placed you on the bed on your back with your red bottom near the edge. Putting one hand on each of your thighs I slowly pushed them apart finally revealing the altar of Venus at their juncture. Your lips, moist with excitement, invited me toward their center. But with all the resistance I could muster I delayed that kiss for a moment or two longer. Starting at the inside of your knee I ran my tongue down the inside of your thigh not quite to the target of my desire, then doing the same with the other leg. I could feel you pushing your hips up and I knew what you wanted. Without further delay I rimmed your pussy lips with my tongue, you squirmed even more, then let my tongue slide up the center of your pussy to your clit and strummed it back and forth with my tongue. I love to give oral sex as much as I like to receive it so I stayed licking and sucking for quite a while.

You had a few orgasms but my needs were still unmet. “Ok Diane, you sexy wench, I am going to show you how a pirate takes what he wants.” With that I stood up and aimed my cock at your dripping pussy and entered with ease, even though, as some have said, I have a thick member. What a feeling to have your creamy pussy engulfing my cock, milking it much the same way your mouth had done earlier. Feeling my cum starting to rise I quickly moved up and straddled your head and brought my cock to your mouth for its discharge. My cum filled your mouth, but was easily gobbled up with smacking lips.

We stayed a little longer holding and fondling each other, but then as all good things must come to an end, we had to leave.
The End

Spanked Sweeties
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It was over ten years before my next memorable spanking experience. In that time I had split from Claudia, got married, had a child, and my Mother had died.

I had been introduced to Leanne by my Mother when I was twenty three; she was twenty. Our relationship was often stormy and if truth be known we weren't really compatible, but she was beautiful and highly sexy so that made up for it – call me shallow.

It wasn't till we'd got married that I confessed to her that I was into spanking – unfortunately she wasn't, but now and again she would slipper me.

After my Mother died things went from bad to worse with our marriage with the exception of a brief revival that occurred when I was about thirty-two and I recollect one evening when we were round my late Mother's house and I had twisted the conversation round to corporal punishment…


“You wouldn't be able to take a real caning, you're all talk!” Leanne, my wife snorts derisively.

We are in the lounge of my late Mother's house and it is rather warm - I have a feeling that it is about to get somewhat ‘warmer’ for me in the near future.

I am three years older than Leanne, she is just twenty nine, but there is no doubt as to who is the senior partner in our relationship.

“You think I'm a wimp don't you, okay, if I can’t take four hard strokes of the cane I'll give you forty quid - a tenner for each whack, but you'll get nothing if I do take them!”

“Deal!” she says.

In all the years I had been with her I had never known Leanne to pass up the chance to make an easy buck.

I take out my wallet, count out four brown ones and place the notes carefully on the arm rest of the sofa.

“Right, you'd better strip off, it'll be far more painful on bare skin!” she smiles wickedly.

Despite her protestations in the past to the contrary she is a sadist.

“I'll be back in a mo, don't go away,” she cheerily informs me before walking out of the lounge.

I remove all my clothes in compliance with her instructions and await with mounting tension her return…

The door to the lounge swings open and a few seconds later I feel a chill breeze over my unclad body - I shiver but only partly due to the sudden draft of cool air.

She is clutching a bamboo garden cane in her hand. “This will do the trick, I reckon!” she announces evilly.

“Right, I'll take my top off - don't want anything restricting the power of my swing!”

She does this in part to torment me further, she knows how I lust after her; she is a sexy and beautiful lady, and knows it too, uses it to charm men to her advantage.

She can also be a bitch, a complete and utter bitch.

She is golden blonde, and I'll be honest out of a bottle, with full hair tumbling down onto her small shoulders. She is petite and very pretty with a straight nose, high cheek bones and a wide 'Hollywood' smile. Her eyes, though a deep and delicious blue, hint at an inner cruelty.

I loved her, loved her absolutely, how could I not?

I cannot help but watch her pull her black chunky knot jumper over her head and then unhook her black lace bra revealing her golden tanned flesh and large pendulous tits.

“Are you ready to experience some real pain now, and pay for it to boot?” She gently, but menacingly, taps her cupped left hand with the cane in her right one.

I am scared, fucking scared, but I can't bottle out now - I will forfeit forty quid!

“I'm ready.” My balls tingle with the fear.

“Four, four hard ones we agreed on, wasn't it?” She cannot resist the temptation to prolong my mental torture prior, of course, to the real torture.

“Okay, bend over the back of the arm chair so that you are on tiptoe - I want your buttocks really taut. If you straighten up or request me to stop then the money's mine. Keep quiet if you can manage it - nothing more pathetic than the sound of a crying man!”

I comply meekly with her instructions, agony is just seconds away.

I sense her pulling her bare right arm back as far as possible. I hear a whoosh followed immediately by a 'crack':

The pain sears across the middle of my naked buttocks. I grit my teeth as the agony peaks then wanes slightly.

“One, only three more of those to go!” she sneers with venom.

Another whoosh, I tense myself.

“Aahhh” I scream. The pain is even worse - I just want it to be over.

“Quiet!” she commands and then whispers in my ear: “You're trembling, trembling like a leaf. The money's mine!”

The third swish of the cane lands making me feel as though a red hot poker has been laid across it - it takes every ounce of my crumbling resolve not to straighten up but I remain in position despite the searing pain.

“Hmmm, looks like I've lost the money, and that pisses me off, so this is to remember me by!” She sounds genuinely annoyed by that.

There's a pause, I think she is taking a couple of steps back. I brace myself for the last cruel stroke…


I cry out loud with the agony, it is as though I have been cut with a sword and simultaneously my legs straighten pushing the armchair a couple of inches forward.

“You've cheated. I demand another stroke!”

I can't take anymore, my buttocks are aflame with pain.

“Okay, okay, I've made you suffer enough, come on, give me a cuddle!” Her tone is soft now. I turn round and hug her. I tell her how much I love and worship her.

“Let me take away some of the pain now, darling,” Leanne utters soothingly. She takes my hand in hers and then leads me gently across the room to the long leather settee. She sits herself down on the cushions and then beckons me to lie across her lap.

She takes my achingly hard penis in her hands, kisses it, and then slowly at first begins to rub it up and down. I groan with the pleasure. She increases tempo and within a few seconds I climax strongly calling out her name…

“My, you were horny I've never seen you so stiff before and your spunk shoot so far - I shall have to cane you again and then get you to fuck me, but,” Espying the sorry state of my buttocks laced with red and purple stripes as I stand up to clean myself off, “we shall perhaps wait a bit!”

God! I love that woman: cruel, loving, and avaricious, as she can be at times.

I put the notes back in my wallet and promise to treat her to a curry - I kind of like my life hot and spicy!


A year later our marriage and relationship was finally over, but what a memory.

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Over the past month my spankings have went from getting spanked in a car by a hand to getting spanked in a barn with a belt, rod, spatula, hand, and hairbrush. I can never keep myself out of trouble so I'm always in the same spot. I got a spanking this morning. I made my spanked real mad when I told him all the naughty things I did and said over break. It was a very long list and he wasn't happy. So I got a spanking for it today with the rod, spatula, hairbrush, and hand and man my bottom is bruised and red. I will keep you guys updated on how my college spankings are going. I can tell you that for now sitting in class isn't fun at all.

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Just checked my popularity and I'm bottom!!!!

Spanked Sweeties
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Hey viewers,
Just wondering which role do you prefer and why. Are you the spanker or the spankee? I personally love being the spankee. There is something about it that makes it feel good to me and I have no clue why.

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Lets start with night before last I stayed up way past bed time. Which ment on top of a longer nap I had to go to bed early last night. Well I didn't take my nap. So I was cranky and fussy. Well I was talking to dramatic last night And I started putting myself down and being really negative! So he said Friday I would be getting 100 with the paddle a mouth soaping 10with the cord and grounded for a week. I begged and begged not to get the cord. So he said if I can be on my best behavior for the rest of the week and not get anything more that a warning. He would lower it to 50 but I will be putting lotion on my bottom before it happens. But the next time this happens I will be getting the cord! And we will discuss the grounding Friday based on my behavior. Today I am very sick so I am stuck in bed. But wish me luck. I think I can do it!! Thank you Darkmagic for always taking care of me.I love you with all my heart. I am so thankful I have found you and you're helping me to better myself!!

Sarah Gregory Spanking