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152 views · 16 days ago

Does anyone know if there's gonna be any S.C.A. classes here. That is Spankocity Anonymous. Well there should be lol

107 views · 16 days ago

Back to the drudgery after a fantastic holiday. Seriously thinking about try to get out of my contract at work;I miss Sir and my friends.

146 views · 16 days ago

Hello to all the fellow Spankocity friends and residents, I salut you!

It's been a great first week with you guys and the blogs were a lot of fun, thanks to your efforts, fantasy and amazing bratting skills :) I enjoyed following the blog comments and had a great laugh. Very entertaining!

Since now more and more blogs come up by different residents, I would ask everybody to put a picture on top of the blog, somehow related to Spankocity or the blog content. This way it's maybe easier for others to follow up or to avoid a blog post is being overlooked.
Thank you very much.

And now, back to having fun :)

516 views · 16 days ago

Update: 2 weeks later after this spanking and I am still so good! I always said I was the best behaved brat ;)) My husband spanked me so hard last night! First his hand-hard from the start-next his belt-last that horrible cane! A few hours later I actually told him no when he told me to come to him! I was snippy and apparently very stupid because he followed me upstairs to our bedroom..he got that cane out again and spanked me so f#cking hard with it-Lordy heavens above that hurt like hell..I am still in so much pain :( He got me on my sit spots mostly! It hurts to sit and stand and everything! (Ditzy you are a bad influence on me-well I'll just blame you!) Huggles everyone even though I hurt so much! (Thank you Lotus for giving me huggles instead of just huggs!) I love you my fellow brats and Missy and other spankers too! :)

65 views · 16 days ago
126 views · 17 days ago

I've been doing the Fonda workout. Not the Jane Fonda workout, the Peter Fonda workout. That's where you sleep until noon, get up and smoke a joint, and then go to your sister's house and borrow some money.

74 views · 17 days ago

more great car chase movies

Robert Mithchum in: Thunder Road (1958 B&W)

155 views · 17 days ago

MESSAGE FOR PAINSLUT: morning fuck face lol...have you read Grambles blog??? You and Owned are not even mentioned! I'm sneaking out of Missys now and I'm gonna go to the forge and set the record straight....and hope he believes me. 2-2 soon to be 3-2 hahaha

173 views · 17 days ago

Right i better check to see if Ditzy is ok in the field with Lancelot and having fun. Cocopops for the zillionth time put the phone down and have a good look at the blueprints for Infinitys order. Stop pouting and have a look. Right time to....where the name of fuck is Ditzy? Where is Lance? Oh for bollocks sake. Grumbling and promosing sore arses i head off down the road, turning back i see Coco getting her phone out again and pissing about, seeing me see her she quickly stuffs it in her pocket and pretends to work. Ha too late girl i saw you and i think a smacked bottom will be in order when i return i yell from the road. Oh the wide eyed look, love it. Searching for my beloved horse and doing that pointless whistle for him i finally find him outside the bookshop run by Lotus, he seems very interested in gazing through the window and grinning at her. Waving a hoof at Lotus he turns and instantly grasses Ditzy up. I know mate she didnt listen, yep shes in trouble and Hi Lotus how about a hug? Oh there is going to be payback for this. Infinity when or if you see this could you send the troublemakers down to the forge?

124 views · 17 days ago

Forgive for not being very active also please excuse any typo's. I am moving apartments and won't have internet or spare time I am posting from my phone ATM. So I'll be gone for a few days. So any naughty boys should either ask another or stand in the corner with their pants around their ankle for 20 mins till I return. Thank you for understanding. Behave yourself or will ground the lot of you.

Danni Doll

595 views · 17 days ago

So painslut, Ditzy and Ownedspankslave have decided to capture Grambles beloved horeses and go on a ride... Dear Lord, please let this not end up in a mess again ...

103 views · 17 days ago

got started today, did some paint work on the body and did the engine build. not one small piece is pre-painted, all had to be done by hand. some assembly done with tweezers. also very handy, used modeling magnifying glasses with built in LED headlights (see photo).

179 views · 17 days ago

Who can I get into mischief with? Lol just kidding

111 views · 17 days ago

There's no school today, so I'm going down to Grambles forge to ask him again if I can take Lancelot out for a hack across the top field, if he's not there I'm gonna go anyway , he won't mind. Need to get rid of some energy......it's my most favourite thing in the world, girl, horse, open plain...heaven.

244 views · 17 days ago

Well I'm gonna change my way(maybe) just as long as my evil sister Ditzy, don't try to get to me. Just stay strong painslut ugh

233 views · 17 days ago

well I read n commented on dayliacatts blog today ( her fictional pic).. n speakin of getting drunk n then of a incident with my sister it made me remember how I tricked her one time... my sister does NOT like cussin, does NOT like dirty jokes or talk of sex etc... so we were havin a sex toy party one time n I KNEW she would NOT come.. so I lied n told her it was a Tupperware party.... she arrived n was all smiles upon comin in the door but once there n she realized it was not the type of party she THOUGHT it was u saw the look change on her face but she was too nice to not get up n leave... when they pulled out the double sided HUGE BLACK dong to examine she quickly got up to use the bathroom .. I did my best not to laugh but wasn't able to contain it.........she came out n I was in a fit of giggles... she was NOT happy ( LMMFAO).... I swear she probably went home n said 10 full rosarys for me *lil grin*

79 views · 17 days ago

I’ve been reading a very erotic, BDSM, Dom/Sub novel. Which has been leaving me very horny indeed. It’s called;
The House Of Pain, ( A BDSM, Romance Novel ) by Tara Cescent.
I strongly recommend it.

Anyway, reading about the girl having her first experience with a butt plug and having sex with it in, left me very wet indeed.
I asked Master if I was allowed to wear my jiggle balls and he agreed, then deciding to be a greedy slut that I an, I chose to wear my butt plug too.
And holy fuck, this woke me up.
I’m sure I musta had a spring to my step whilst walking on purpose. Lol.
I sent Master his daily photo of my pussy, ensuring to show the string from my balls and the jewel of my plug.
He was very very pleased with me, liking that I was enjoying all my holes on my own too.
I enjoyed a play with my JimmyJane, and nearly shot through the roof, with the vibration, jiggling my balls, the balls jiggling against my plug, it was all very tight inside.
My clit started pounding and felt swollen, boy this was fun.
Then we went to Tesco to do a grocery shop. My bottom was starting to ache, especially as I was driving, so sat upright in the car, right over my big plug.
Soon there was a combination of feelings, pain discomfort and pleasure.
By the time we got home though, it was time to give my bottom a rest, the plug had been in a good few hours now and it was time to come out.

But what a laugh that was, if only it was videoed, I’d have you all rolling on the floor with laughter. Could I reach the damn thing ? Front way, Back way, my fingers couldn’t reach. It’s like a contortion act, like when I’m shaving my pussy and bum, how I get into these positions with my back I don’t know. I do know I’m in agony afterwards.
Just when I thought, maybe I should sit on the toilet and push down, and catch it before it falls in, I managed to get my fingers under the base and I slowly started pushing it out until more of my fingers could actually hold it, Gently I pulled the plug out, it was quite sore when it went past the ring of muscle, I relaxed a bit and felt the ring relax enough for me to pull it all out.
I never thought until now, I cudda crouched down as if having a wee, and let it drop out more naturally. I will remember that one next time.
I’m just about to take the balls out, they are very fun to wear as it tickles and tingles your insides something wicked.
Every girl needs to own some.

And they seem even better when you’re reading a really hot book with lots of spanking, just imagine those little balls dancing about inside whilst you’re over your man’s knee, getting severely spanked as your bottom bounces up and down with each strike.
MMMMmmmmmmmmmm, I’m getting hot and horny again. Lol.

77 views · 17 days ago

Please whoever gets that job look out for her be rough but don't be an ass to her

123 views · 17 days ago

Ditzy has gone off the rails I need someone in spanko city to be her disciplinearian I'm a little warn out I need some help please if anyone can do anything please do

50 views · 17 days ago

Feeling rather horny.

After our play with J the week before, it’s been pretty quiet in our little home of pain.
Yes G has treated me with the Magic Wand, but I must say, I’m missing his fingers, his mouth and his cock is on sick leave, due to the piercings making it feel very uncomfortable, so even blowjobs were out of action. Saturday morning G did ask for a gentle one.
The sensitive piercing is the one at the base of his shaft. The Prince Albert is absolutely fine. But when you move the foreskin up and down, it irritates the balls at the end of the bar. He thinks he will want a bigger bar for it.
But, how difficult is it now to really do a smashing blowjob. I slid his foreskin down, just enough to reveal his head, nibbling his tip, over his ring. The ring felt so sexy in my mouth, clinking on my teeth, ( think that’s a new word lol )
Anyway, I did enjoy giving G a gentle BJ, and by the noises he was making he was enjoying it too. His cum flew out in 2 sideways shots and I do like the effect the Prince Albert has on his aims.
Even going for a pee, he has to sit down as the pee flows out sideways too. He said that you never knew which way it would go. But we had read that this does happen.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to have a play last week, using my finger clit stimulator, it was great but the vibrator kept turning off. I decided then, that I was in need of a clit stimulator and as I got an email from Bondara, saying there was 20 % off all items, I decided I was going to look.
I knew I wanted a powerful one but not many said they were, until I found this one.
There were 2 Jimmy Janes but the other was very expensive, £85, the one I bought should have been £48, in the sale for £43, but with 20 % off, plus 5 % off for joining their membership, so it became a better price.
So Friday, when all was quiet, G was working in the office, I decided to have a play. And I must say I really liked the feel of it. You can hold the vibrator exactly where you want it, at one time I had one pad, firmly on my clit and one over my bum hole. The tingles certainly hit the spot. And I had a very good time.
G walked in on me having fun, “I love to see you are starting to enjoy your body, it’s so fucking hot walking in and seeing you play with yourself.”
For once I didn’t feel embarrassed, I just carried on.

Later I decided there were other toys I’d seen and liked the look off, but I went to Aliexpress for them. Yes they all come from China so, you know it will take 4-6 weeks to arrive, but as they are so cheap, it’s worth the wait. I focused on spiral dildos and butt plugs. As I’d been told they felt better than awesome. Once they arrive I will take a photo to show you.

Spank Sinn