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I have got a very great website for you, where all spanking scenes from movies and from TV can be found. This website is updated regularly.

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Suddenly Anna stopped, took her husband off the knee and whispered into Lukas' ear:
„And now I am going to do what I should have done after meeting you in such a drunk and helpless way on that day.“
After that she ordered the naked husband, to kneel before her and drives his head on her knees. It was very humiliating. She spanked Lukas naked bottom very fast. It took about 10 minutes without interrupting and was a mixture of pleasure, confident and a strict but lovely and sensitive woman's hand.
Anna took the hairbrush and began spank her husband.In this situation Lukas was absolute passive. He was crying while Anna hits his butt.
Lukas's face was pressed to Anna’s thigh. It was so soft and so feminine. Lukas tears trickling onto her leg. After the hard a painful spanking he was ordered to kiss the shoes of his wife, and thanks her careless.
Lukas is on all fours in front of his wife's feet. He was ready to serve her, like a dog.
Anna took off her elegant shoes. He instructed her husband to kissing her pretty foot. Lukas happily done it.
One time after she insert her toes into Lukas’s mouth and odered him to suck them sensually.
Lukas was happy. He wished that had never come to an end this wonderful role-playing games.
He didn't cry because of the pain his wife caused to him. He was crying because of feeling that you was near to lost his beloved, sweet, beautiful and confident wife.
Anna in the middle of the night woke up her husband. Lucas was still very sleepy. 'Close your eyes and imagine that you're in a large mirror-walled ballet drill hall' - ordered him. 'Stand in the middle of the room! You must to take off your pants and be totally naked. Around you there are many pretty ballerinas tiptoed lace and tulle skirt. They are practising the Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. The young, pretty ballerinas are laughing when they see that you're jumping and your cock take a freestyle dance. You recognize that I am a primabalerina and your mother is the choreographer in this performance.'
Each dancer of the fantasy looked like a little virgin princess, pure as snow; just Lukas felt that he is closed in the body of a featherless swan.
He is wishing for freedom and know only the true love and a hard punishment can break the curse.
'Do not touch your cock manually. Only jump up and down, or shake your hip. When you are finally satisfied you have to eat your sperm.' - ordered him Anna in reality, and his mother and all of the ballerinas in simbolicaly.
It wold be a huge shame for Lucas. But was a painful and remarkable experience to turn his life.
That was the story when Anna saved their marriage with Lukas.
- the end -

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It is just a draft version. Maybe it contains lot of grammatical faults.
A volunteer Professor Higgins welcomed!
Written by Geraldine
On based of the Supersebastian’s story
with his permission.
All rights reserved

oday, the happy marriage really rare, but a young couple in Hamburg a living refutation of this assertion may seem.
Anna is a 28 years old psychologist. Last summer she completed her degree and married with Lukas. Lukas studied philosophy and history finished university one year after Anna. He is 31 years old.
However, behind this smooth it drew a painful past. Lukas's mother a descendant of a Prussian military family. His father, however, was a clerk Sudetenland Swabian family scion, some Slavic twist. Lukas in his childhood his mother felt intimidating. His father endured the mother dominance without objection. The mother visibly spoiled son, heaped with toys in particular, but also could be afraid of him. He threatened to make a tack strip on top of the cabinet, and the boy mischief with you beating. The tack strip was not true of course, but it was likely that the fear and vulnerability seed planted in the outside world stimulus in deep-mind susceptible children.
Sometimes the mother received a slap as well. He was in shock, hurt, and even more is that after it was forced to. I could not attend kindergarten either, because the mother wanted the child to provide only special created its own world. Playmates were not, but if they were, they would not have to be grouped into the games.
As a child a puppet show caused huge influence on him. The performance of said mischievous devils who commit all kinds of wrongdoing, but a strong, determined mom is a huge oven pancake sack them. The child viewers great hoopla erupted, applauded all punches. Only Lukas sat comed down. The puppet performances as reality lived by. I eat accepted that the mummy puppet impersonator act rightly, terrified of his mind, however, because the mind virtually identified with the mischievous little devils.
The school as the first foreign media in the lives of a shock have been reported. He was afraid of the children, the teachers, almost everybody and everything new and unknown situation.
Sometimes it is received. Was when his mother hand, sometimes cane, belt, or brush to beat your ass. He had to be hand held high corner.
The constant anxiety so defeated that you have at home, as a child can separate fantasy world created for himself, where he retired. So I did not have to confront the mother, did not need any associates, felt protected.
As an adult, extreme lonelied. One of the sources of pleasure were a small number of Formula 1 racing. It was able to - if not all - but to travel quite a lot of competition. Many listen to music and see where sentimental where erotic novels read. However, only the fantasy world of sexual desires were fulfilled. XXX-rated movie fled that let himself live to see well-intentioned, hard-working, as helpless as a child at the time, who was his mother, a teacher is among severely limits but also protects it. This situation was unsatisfactory, because everything happened the way he wanted, had to adapt to anyone. The more intense the internal fantasy life he lived, the less he needed connections, realistic external parties.
He married relatively young. Her wife was similar character like him: a quiet, somewhat shy, passive, introverted woman.
The happily-married couple had gotten to know each other on a students' party on a grey and stormy November day 6 years ago. Anna was about to leave the party when she met Lukas who had obviously been drinking too much. He was bargeding against a tree and had to sit down on the grass. Anna felt so sorry for that little, sensitive and visibly helpless young student. She took him to her students' dormitory and the next morning she cared about him like a well-experienced mother. Both went for a walk and got to know each other better and better. Lukas loved her motherly manner and she loved his honesty, his warmth and his childish humor. Finally they got married.
Seemingly everything was fine, there was no quarrel between them, anger. They both have things they got up in the morning, had breakfast, went to work in the afternoon shopping in or visited their parents or are adopted, and if you have a little time left in the evening watching TV. Their sexual life - if it was - was quick, monotonous and joyless. The reality has fallen far short of imagination against the world.
Lukas wanted to make contact with colleagues, but it just failed, if he drank. Sober could not talk, could only correspondence. A genuine partnership is not wanted. As Lukas put it, ’the fantasy world is alive’ because it was the only source of pleasure, and this was balanced by himself.
After the marriage, after a while, once again he wanted to live a life of sexual fantasies and porn movies using. Their relationship perpetuating the quiet melancholy. Maybe it would have been so had lived their lives, but during a family visit to Lukas's mother asked the daughter-in-law: 'Tell me, my dear daughter, what a psychologist are you? "Anna could only stammering. 'What had you learn in the college, even less if you do not notice that your husband is unhappy?'
'But what should I do? - she asked in surprise. 'What? What? Spank him!'
Anna protested at first, then hesitated, after a few hours and felt that the suggestion of her mother-in-law certainly would be right.
She looked an opportunity to fulfill the vows wife's mother's advice and good Lukas is thoroughly spank.
One day the went into a little park and they were seeing teenagers having a barbecue while drinking and yelling. Anna said: “Do you still remember the day I found you trying to walk home so drunk?“ She continues: „If I ever see you that drunk again like you were when I found you I am going to put you over my knee.“ While she said the word „knee“ she slapped his bottom once and they were cuddling in the grass. Lukas was surprised. Unusual words were for his wife. At night when Lukas already dressed in pyjamas and lying in bed about to go to sleep Anna said:
'I think our marriage is in danger.' – told his wife. 'Do not say that! I love you, baby ' – protested Lukas.
'Oh my silly husband. We must reckon with our pink dreams. Maybe you're a wise philosopher, if you need to write an essay, but a very silly child, in the everiday’s life. Our marriage isn’t working. It was your mother who raised this point. You need a strong wife.'
Lukas was embarrassed. Anna continued:
’A sure sign of cooling the emotions that the communication is interrupted at home. Earlier we could able to talk on whole night, but now our communication less and less.
’Are you listening my problem?’ – asked Lukas.„Well, my sweet little husband. Do you remember while we were walking home from the park you didn't say a word. Is something wrong? What are you thinking about?“
He was stuttering: „I, I, well... You, you threatened me a spanking today, and...that slap, that..and“
She interrupted Lukas while she was fondling him: „You remind your childhood and developed childish feelings and felt so secury over my knee in your imagination.“
'But I; I mean, how could you guess..'
'Can you still remember which subject I used to study? Oh my silly Lukas, you once told me how your mother spanked you in your childhood. Let us re-enact it and include it into a wonderful and confident play between a shy, rude, requiring education kid and...' Lukas completed: '...and the most lovable and most wonderful wife in the World! Nobody is similar with you.' 'Excep your mother" - noticed Anna with a mild cynicism on her voice. She smiled and slowly took the blanket away. Then she began to sit on the bed right next to her husband who was still overwhelmed by his feelings. I was a lovable picture. The young girl was sitting on the bed just like a mother who looked after a naughty, but open-hearted son. She moved her forefinger slowly and very sensual towards her husband and pointed at him. Then she kissed him and pointed at her lap. Lukas took place over his wife's confident knee very excited and he was curious about what will happen next. Anna fondeled Lukas' bottom very sensual and slapped it in a lovable way from time to time. Then she slightly put his pijama trousers off so that Lukas was lying over Anna's knee with his naked and lovely looked after bottom. Anna continued fondling and slapping his bottom with her right hand in a sweet and motherly-mannered way. The slaps became harder and faster, but they were still interrupted by fondling Lukas' bare bottom.

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I have been looking forward to the Fourth of July for some time. First, because I am a patriotic guy, and I enjoy watching the parades and special shows on TV. Oh yeah and I like cookouts with my friends. The second reason I have waited for today to come is that I have planned some special fireworks of my own. My gal, Rhonda, is going to be really lit up tonight.

The best fireworks are always on July 4th, everybody knows that. You can’t get any better than to celebrate a great nation’s birthday. Tonight I am going to try something I have never done before and it is going to happen as I give Rhonda a special Fourth of July spanking. We have been into spanking for quite a while and Rhonda really enjoys getting her backside spanked good and hard, probably as much as I enjoy spanking that gorgeous ass of hers.
I will let you in on my plans, and maybe if you don’t have anything better to do, you can try it too. Who am I kidding? What can be better than having a bare naked woman over your lap and spanking her ass to your heart’s content? So, tonight, when the best fireworks are being televised, I will be spanking darling Rhonda. Here is the best part though, I will be trying to match spank for spank, the boom, crackle, and sizzle of the exploding fireworks. How long do most fireworks shows last, fifteen or twenty minutes? Well, you can be sure that I will do my best to keep up with not only every explosion but the intensity of each one.

Another nice thing about modern technology is that we can record the fireworks and replay them any time we want. I know we are on the same wavelength, aren’t we devious? We can replay the recording and spank our women all over again whenever we want to.

I suppose that the grand finale will have her howling like a banshee. Don’t hold back, men, put your all into that rapid fire symphony of explosive spanks upon those twin mounds of bouncing, scarlet flesh. Truly, you must feel the sense of urgency growing in your loins. The real grand finale is yet to come when our passion and lust must be sated.

Do I need to paint for you the picture of what will be happening tonight, in my bedroom and perhaps in yours? Have at it men and women and let’s make this Fourth of July one for the books.

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And now it’s your turn.”

Mia blushed crimson, felt caught, because she had watched so fascinated and stammered: “Me?”

“Yes, you! A spanking should be given by a man. Or don’t you want to have this experience?”

Mia bowed her head. She couldn’t look at Liam right now. But her honesty won: “y..yes,…I would…”

“So come over and change places with Emma.”

Emma rose without hesitation, kissed her husband before she sat opposite on Mia’s chair. Not without a wink at Mia, saying softly:

“You will like it, I know that!”

Mia stood shyly in front of Liam.

“Jeans down, please. To your knees, you can keep your panties for the moment.”

Mia obeyed. Why did her knees tremble like that? She unbuttoned her jeans and put them down to her knees, so that her bottom was free, only covered by her panties.

Liam took her by her wrist and pulled her softly down. Of course he would respect her boundaries, but earlier he had had the impression that she enjoyed the whole thing with Emma. He adjusted her on his knees, noticed how she trembled and put his hand soothingly on her back. He fondled her over her panties for some time and started with light smacks. Mia didn’t make a sound. Slowly Liam increased the intensity, but in between now and then caressed her bottomcheeks. Knowing that it was Mia’s first time over a man’s knee made him erect admittedly. He wanted to give her the experience that a burning bottom can cause passion. After a while he stopped and with one hand he removed Mia’s knickers. She didn’t fight, he only heard her gasp for breath.Again he put his hand on her bare derriere. He exchanged a look with Emma, as she gave her consent to his proceeding.
Slap – rub – slap – rub. Mia’s bottom inflamed, Liam slapped harder, felt by the warmth of her back that it should burn. Also she made little aching noises and at last she tried to protect her butt with her hand. Liam caught her hand and held it on her back. With a stern tone of voice he said:

“This is absolutely forbidden! Your hands have to stay away from your bottom. I will have to punish you for that – at least a little bit.”

As before with Emma he tucked his leg over the hollow of her knees so that she had to present her butt totally unprotected.
Smack. “One” Liam started counting. The stroke was hard and educed a gasping “oouuch!” from Mia.

“It will be ten, then you are done.”

Liam knew how much it helped to know how many strokes you had to survive.
After the 10th spank he gently caressed her butt as well. He helped her to stand up and pulled her in a hug. Mia rubbed her glowing butt and hid her face on Liam’s shoulder. Her butt was glowing, but she felt how wet her private parts were and how her clit was pulsing. With trembling hands she pulled her knickers and her jeans up again.

“If you need someone once again to spank your bottom….I will gladly do it,” Liam smiled.

Mia rubbed her backside.

“I don’t know….I think I will rather go now.”

Liam laughed out loud. With a quick twist she turned to Emma, embraced her short and intensely and left the apartment without saying anything more.

Emma closed the front door of her own appartment and leaned against it for a short moment, softly sighing. This had been an exciting morning. How quickly things could change. Yesterday she had fantasized about spanking and now she stood here, aroused, heated but…somehow unsatisfied.
Suddenly she heard a key put into the door and the door in her back wanted to open… Daniel!

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Where does the sweetness begin and the wickedness end
Let me contemplate this and the rhyme i shall send
Frankly they're one in the same my red cheeked little dear
Viewing your hiney so delightfully bare
For having you lovingly placed over my knee
Gives me such pleasure, gives me such glee
For i know my sweet darling it's just what you need
And reddening your hiney is both sweet and wicked indeed

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Americans love liberty and celebrations. Put the two together and you have the Fourth of July, our national celebration. It's our day to ...

Remember our Founding Fathers, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

March in parades

Wave the flag

Hit the beaches

Catch some rays

Enjoy the warm air

Admire the scenery

Take a sail

Enjoy fruity, summer drinks

Have a clam bake

Read a book on the beach, mine is free today and tomorrow

Watch the fireworks

Celebrate America!

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July, everyone.

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I have a love hate relationship with my Friday weigh ins. Master ensures that a progress report is emailed to him every Friday morning and as long as I lose 0.5kg or the designated goal, I am safe from a punishment spanking.This week, I was doing really well...I thought I was. I hit 70.0kg but I forgot that I promise to send a weight starting with 6 this week. An infringement of 0.1kg.

My next punishment will start with me been sent to the naughty corner with a plug. A thick fiery ginger plug. This isn't my idea of fun. I am not sure how many strokes will be "rewarded" too.

The last time I gained weight instead of losing, I had 100 hard strokes of the cane land on my bottom followed by 30 with the bath brush.

Can anyone on Sptube plead for Master to be more lenient? Please ***mercy eyes***

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Last night I got a very long, drawn out, humiliating, and painful spanking.

I had been being a shit all day, getting lippy, being argumentative and doing the opposite of what I was told just to be spiteful. I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed to start off the day and for some reason everything Daila did was pissing me off. It caused three separate arguments and ended with me stomping out into the garage to work on some projects with a nice heated exchange of words with Daila as the door was closing behind me. I was actually a bit surprised that I was able to get away with any of that. Normally, I would have been over some piece of furniture within seconds, with my pants around my ankles and a healthy dose of wood or leather prescribed and administered to my upturned hinny to cure my ailing attitude. But instead I stayed in the garage and she went about her business inside the house. We did not talk again until just before bed time.

I had finally calmed down after finishing a project and cleaning up the garage. I came in with it in mind to apologize to Daila and see if we could fix things without me ending up with any sort of punishment. But, as I came around the corner to the room I could see that things were going to be nowhere as easy for me as I would have liked. Daila was in her black robe. It was the one she wears any time that she has a planned punishment for me. And when she has time to plan a punishment it is usually horrible for me and she can usually be caught with an almost crazy sadistic smile on her face when she thinks I am not looking. I have caught a glance of it through mirrors and off of the glass in a picture frame here or there. It is almost scary to me that she gets so much secret enjoyment out of seeing and hearing me yelp and squirm through her relentless punishments.

As I walked into the room I tried to open my mouth to say I was sorry, but I was cut short, commanded to strip completely naked and get into position over the bed. She started by yelling at me for not being in the correct position even though I had assumed the same position that I normally do for over the bed punishments. I usually get punished extra if she does not like what she sees without having to fix me, so I had already presented my ass for her as far up and out as I thought I could. None the less, she spent a few minutes ordering me to arch my back more...up on my toes better, bend my knees more, hands further out in front of me. Then she seemed frustrated and began moving me around and smacking my ass and thighs to get me where she wanted me exactly. The worst part about it for me (and it gets me steamed) is that after all of that she had positioned me back into the very position I was in before she started all of that. But I did not have long to think about it because she began scolding me instantly. The scolding was particularly humiliating and irritating at the same time because I knew everything she was going to say...and she said it like it had been typed out in my head. It was then that I caught on, she was doing all that extra positioning and being particularly irritating with her tone and what she was saying because she knew that it would be getting me pissed. But she also knew that in my current position I would not say anything about it. I would suck it up and take whatever she did because now that I knew I was going to get punished I would not want to do anything immediately worsen the situation for myself.

But if that seemed harsh I did not understand the half of it. I would soon see what was in store for me as she was walking back from the dresser with the biggest and longest finger of ginger root that I had ever seen. To add to that, I would quickly find out that it was also the most potent piece of ginger that had ever been used on me. It was huge, very fat and more than twice the length of any she had used before. The sight of it gripped me with fear for what was next, but even I was surprised with the torturous creativity she had come up with to make her job easier and therefore longer and more hideous for me. She on the bed and straddled me facing my bottom. She set the over sized fig on the bed and pulled a roll of duct tape from under one of the pillows. I heard the tape being pulled and then applied to the inside of the crack of my ass. She took one end and stuck it to the skin next to my ass hole, taped it around to about the middle of my ass cheek and then wrapped the other end around and behind her knee and back to stick back to itself. She pulled at the tape by moving her knee outward away from my body and as she did it pulled my ass cheek out as well. She giggled a bit as she realized her genius idea was going to work for her. In no time she had the other side all taped up the same way and she pulled both of her legs out slightly which resulted in the tape pulling both my ass cheeks apart so that my ass hole was complete unprotected and exposed for her cruel intentions. In that position she began sliding the length of the monster fig up and down the in the crack of my ass. The potency of its juices began irritating the sensitive skin in that area before she finally pulled her knees apart a little further and pushed it in past my rosebud and buried it completely in my anal canal. It was so far in that I could feel it hitting my prostate. Everything was on fire instantly.

In an effort to take my pain beyond normal limits she began slow fucking me with the unlubricated ginger. All the way in and all the way out...over and over again. With each stroke the intensity of the sting grew exponentially. The tape held my ass cheeks far apart so she could see every inch of the fig as it slid through the inflamed passageway in and out. She commented that it was very hot watching my creamy anal juices build up around my anus as she pumped it. I was mortified that she was seeing all of that with such a great view.

When she was finally done after what seemed like an eternity, the fig was pulled from my ass, she hopped down and pulled the tape off of both of us. Without any time to fully catch my breath Daila pulled out one of her new paddles (Now named Cinderella’s Red Mirror thanks to Elsien) and gave my ass a complete work over. The pain was fire on top of fire and she just kept the punishment coming. She was giving me about 2 swats per second and she kept that up for about 5 minutes.

After the spanking stopped I collapsed on the bed trying to catch my breath. Daila sat back in the chair to do the same and ordered me to march to the corner for some corner time. While I went to stand in the corner Daila disappeared in the closet for a moment but then came out with the fox tail butt plug and ordered me to kneel in the bedroom chair. I put my knees in the chair and stuck my ass out to receive the butt plug. I begged her not to put it in because my poor ass hole was still very sore from the ginger root fuck I had just gotten. Instead what I got for that suggestion was the sting from another paddle. I was ordered to take my hands off of the chair and clasp them on top of my head by weaving my fingers together. When I did this she told me to bend forward to stick my ass out again. She grabbed my two pinky fingers and held them with her left hand while she went to work with her “Pain in Paradise” paddle on my well exposed ass. Each time I would try to pull my ass in to avoid the paddle she would twist my pinky fingers slightly and yell new orders to stick my ass back out. The new pain to my fingers was sharp and it made me stick my ass out quickly for more punishment.

When she felt I had enough she proceeded to lube up the butt plug and before I knew it she had it half way in. Now she fucked me with the butt plug for a bit before she shoved the last bead of it in. The whole ordeal hurt tremendously since I had already been rubbed very raw by the ginger in my ass. When the butt plug was secure in my hole she told me to start wiggling back and forth so that the tail wagged like I was a happy little fox because any time it looked like I was not a happy little fox she would have me bend over the bed and give me 20 with the belt. She then sat back in the bedroom chair and began barking orders to me...clean this, fix that, put this away, make the bed, spot clean the carpet. I worked a good long time and wagged like a happy little fox..but it was easy to forget to wag while taking orders and cleaning so I did end up over the bed several times for a helping of 20 with the belt. I ended up with 160 of those before it was over.

It was well past 2 in the morning before I was finally allowed to pull the butt plug out of my ass. Even then I was ordered to the closet to pick out a paddle to be used for my last spanking before I would be allowed to go to bed. I picked her out the “Black Magic Wand.” She had me get into the downward dog position on the bed and used the chosen paddle masterfully to bring me to the point of begging, pleading, and promising to not ever let it happen again. The skin on my ass felt like it was splitting and I was covered in sweat. And then it was over. I was told to go get a shower and then get into bed.

I felt so humiliated and worn out by the time I got into the shower that I stood there and cried as the water ran down over my head. I was very sorry for having been an ass earlier in the day...and I did not want to repeat that again. As I got into bed I curled up next to Daila...she held me and ran her hand back and forth lightly over my arm until I eventually fell asleep apologizing to her for everything.

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GOD BLESS AMERICA, you see even I like you, LoL.

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We have put up another clip from Bond's latest punishment session last night. We realize that this Appears to be the same clip as the last one, but that is only because Bond was still tied down in the same position.
This one is one of the longer clips we have done and has 3 parts from the Second video made that day. This one is more intense than the first part. Here I started off by putting some 'Icy Heat' all over his bottom, Thighs and, yes, even his Privates... :) You see him take a nice Switching, some nice strokes to those lovely Balls, then a Caning and a few strokes of the Bath Brush... The whole full video is over 16 minutes of punishment and will be on Spankinglibrary in the next few days... Hope you Enjoy it!

Lady M & Bond

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The stable was warm and the musty smell of hay filled her nostrils. She felt exposed, her jeans has been hastily undone and were now at her ankles. She was vulnerable, the light material of her cotton briefs afforded her little cover and she was deeply conscious of the dire situation she now found herself in.
Two hay bales formed a makeshift bench over which she was now awkwardly bent, the sharp ends of the hay adding to her discomfort.
A feeling of despair engulfed her as she assessed her surroundings, scanning the stable until her focus met with the neat row of riding whips hanging in the tack area.
To say Hannah has ‘spirit’ is an understatement. Her formative years were happily spent on her parent’s farm, an inheritance from her mother’s family. Phil her Father worked away for extended periods. In his absence, Jenny her Mother worked the farm and showed her little attention. When not in school, Hannah’s days were spent exploring the surrounding countryside. She was the classic ‘tomboy’, preferring the friendship of boys over that from the local girls within her age group.
Hannah was naturally mischievous and was constantly in trouble, nothing serious, just the kind of stuff that kids do. Unlike Phil, Jenny was a firm believer in corporal punishment and had no hesitation in disciplining Hannah when deserved. Many a time Hannah had been put over her mother’s lap for a spanking and on a numerous occasions Jenny had used one of Phil’s belts or her hairbrush in an effort to tame her wildness. Usually these punishments were ‘on the spur of the moment’ and were a quick and effective. There were however more serious instances where the discipline was more formal and Hannah would be summoned for her punishment just before bedtime. Her Mother kept a small cane for such occasions and the punishments were generally more severe. If Hannah was lucky she was allowed to keep her pants on but most of the time she was caned on her bare bottom.
Over the years and as Hannah grew older, a time came where these punishments started to become somewhat inappropriate, and Jenny found it easier to curtail Hannah via other means such as ‘grounding’ or confiscating phones, laptop’s etc.
Despite her rebellious nature, Hannah did surprising well at school, and at 18 with a cluster of A-Levels, gained a University placement. Phil & Jenny funded this and Hannah was away for much of the following three years. Her occasional return was like a tornado, sweeping through their lives and as much as they loved Hannah, found it hard to cope with her at home and they were always relieved when she returned to university.
At 21, Hannah graduated and Phil & Jenny were as you would expect – very proud of her achievement.
Hannah became mesmerised by one particular riding whip, subconsciously she knew that this would be the one he selected. The whip was long, maybe three foot in length and was a beautiful burnished brown colour – leather, with a smooth taper leading to a vicious tip. It was quite stiff, she knew, she had used it countless times whilst riding her mother’s horses and even then had been told to exercise it with caution.
She felt a lump in her throat, her body tensed and she tasted the salt from her tears as she wept softly. She waited.
After graduating, Hannah declared that she would be taking a ‘gap year’ and would be moving back home. Phil and Jenny had mixed feelings. Phil had now given up his job to help Jenny on the farm, building the business. Maybe Hannah could contribute? This was doubtful, Hannah was still a ‘live wire’, cocky and rebellious. They knew that the next 12 months would be stressful.
When Hannah moved back home it was not long before problems arose, Hannah had obviously spent many hours in the student bar and had developed quite a taste for drink. The local village inn became her second home and gossip soon started circulating about her behaviour.
She heard footsteps crunch on the gravel leading to the stable, she glanced back and saw them.
Jenny walked in front of where Hannah was bent, she knelt in front of the hay bales and held out her hands. “Give me your hands Hannah” she summoned. Hannah reached forward and her mother took a firm grip of her hands jerking her forward to minimise any attempt to struggle.
Her father was behind her, she could feel his presence. There was a glance from her mother followed by a brief nod. She felt her father move closer and as his hands grabbed the waist of her cotton briefs she made a futile attempt to free her hands to stop him. Without ceremony her father pulled them roughly over her cheeks, down to her ankles where they joined her jeans.
“I’m so sorry” pleaded Hannah, “I will change I promise, please don’t beat me, please”?
Her father walked slowly to the rack of riding whips and studied them. He ran his fingers along the neat row of leather and hide, pausing over one in particular. Her mother nodded to approve his choice, “That one Phil that will do just fine”.
Hannah had a perfect figure, at 21 she was slim, tall like her mother and ‘taut’, a result of the years of being outdoors. Her time at university had claimed no mileage on her body.
Her legs were muscular in a feminine way, beautifully tanned and long, her bottom, now fully exposed was of perfect shape and proportion and was as smooth as porcelain, although she knew this would shortly change.
As Hannah lay across the bales, her mind raced, recalling the sequence of events, events which had inevitably led to the need for this punishment.
She turned her head towards the tack area and watched her father carefully studying the whip. Her long golden hair seemed to blend with the honey yellow of the hay bales, tears ran across her perfect complexion and her stomach churned as she became aware that this time, there was no ‘talking her way out of it’.
Her father took the riding whip firmly, turned towards her and slowly positioned himself at her side.
“Dad please, not that whip, please, please don’t beat me”.
She felt her mother tighten the grip on her hands, pulling her forward tightly, the whip rested gently across her silken cheeks, and following another nod from her mother, he raised the whip.
To be continued:

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Views: 88 · Added: 4 days ago

ANYONE willing to paddle a naughty boys bare bottom today?

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Castigar's avatar

Views: 151 · Added: 4 days ago

I've been perusing this site for a number of years now, and I have to say it's by far the best when it comes to spanking content. It's uniqueness stems from the fact that ordinary folks take the time to share a very special part of their lives through the love of the art. Normally, I don't critique videos. However when I do comment, it usually is due to the exceptional quality people place in the videos they make. So here is my top 10 to date:

1. "Kaelah's Introduction" rohrstockpalast
2. "Spanking" samb
3. "Bionic Butt Reloaded" Niko
4. "Warmup Nude OTK" arvis1
5. "OTK Spanking M/F" rectaltemp
6. "OTK and 30 swats" Perv Griffen
7. "OTKBallerina Punishment Spanking OTK" BackonTrack
8. "Warmup Karma Spanking She Knew She Had Coming"by spagnewt
9. "Nikki's Maintenance" OTK420AZ
10. "Country Girl Audition" Limoguy42

Now I'm sure some will disagree with this perspective as interests may vary given background and experiences. But these stand out among the thousands posted which seem to resonate for me. To these 10, and many others, thank you for sharing your world.

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Sylvia103's avatar

Views: 131 · Added: 4 days ago

It is near the end of the school year. Uncle Paul has not had access to Wifi while he has been volunteering his time and expertise at the DDC Clinic for Special Needs Children in Middlefield, Ohio. (The DDC Clinic treats special-needs children with inherited or metabolic disorders. Uncle Paul has been providing treatment, research, and educational services to Amish children and their families for the past 2 months). He has been worried about Veronica though and has been wondering what she has been up to during this time because he knows that his brother (her father) and his sister-in-law have been busy with their careers and are gone more than they are there. They have basically left Veronica to raise herself since she was 12. Veronica is in high school now and has been having the time of her life. She has already had several weekend parties at her house with music that was loud enough to warrant visits from the police. Not too surprisingly she also has not been doing her homework. Most importantly she has a term paper due in 3 days that she was supposed to have been working on the past month. She hasn’t even started on it!

Since Uncle Paul doesn’t have Wifi or even a working cell phone at this moment because of the lack of electricity in Amish country he decided to pop in on Veronica with a surprise visit. She was at school when he arrived. He picks up the mail and has a key to the house so he lets himself in. When he opens the door and steps in, he is aghast at the messy and chaotic condition that the house is in. The more he sees of that as he walks around, the angrier he becomes. This is even worse than he could have ever imagined. When he even sees that the liquor cabinet had been opened and there are empty wine glasses throughout the house he is beside himself. He clears away a space on the couch and flips through the mail trying to relax. He sees that there are 3 letters from Veronica’s school addressed to the parent or guardian of Veronica. He opens those up and reads the notice from her English, Math and Science teachers stating that Veronica is in danger of failing all 3 of those classes! As he is looking at them Veronica comes home with 4 of her friends and is surprised and scared to see her Uncle Paul there. Uncle Paul calmly tells her friends that they need to go home. They already sense the tension in the room and happily oblige him.

“Lock the door, Veronica.” (She does. Trembling, she knows she is in serious trouble now). Her cell phone rings. (Veronica is relieved about that and starts to get it out of her purse thinking she is saved by the ring).

“No, Veronica. Don’t answer that. In fact, bring it to me. You’re not going to be using that for quite a while.” (Veronica feels her heart race and then it feels like it just suddenly sank, although it is pounding very hard though).

“But what if its mom or dad?”

Uncle Paul just raises his eyebrows and frowns at her as if to question when would THEY ever bother to call.

“Bring it here, Veronica. Now.”

She meekly walks over to him and hands him the cell phone. As he takes the cell phone from her with one hand he grabs her wrist with the other hand and orders her to stay right at his side.

“Veronica, I know this hasn’t been easy on you having your parents away all the time. I even feel like I was neglecting you too when I had to be away without Wifi access the past 2 months but that is NO excuse for you to behave as you have been doing. Look at this mess around here! What have you been up to? Not to mention these progress reports! You are in danger of FAILING your classes young lady and I plan to make sure that that doesn’t happen. You are old enough to know better than to have been doing all that you have been doing here and to not let your grades slide and I KNOW you know better than to leave a mess like this AND you CERTAINLY know better to have been drinking from your parents’ liquor cabinet while they are gone and you are UNDERAGE! I’m very disappointed in you, young lady. You went WAY too far this time and are in for a serious punishment now and this time I am able to deliver it to you in person.”

(Veronica looks down at the ground in shame and embarrassment)

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, young lady.”(Veronica slowly looks up and then quickly looks away again. Uncle Paul lifts her chin up so she is looking at him)

“Since you have been behaving like an irresponsible little child I am going to treat you like one.”

Uncle Paul pulls her up over his lap and tells her that she will be getting a spanking.

“You’re getting a bare bottom spanking not just tonight but every night for the next 2 weeks. You will also be grounded for those 2 weeks. That means not only will you not have your cell phone you will also not watch TV, visit your friends and the only thing you will be using your computer for is for catching up on all of your homework. You will be in your pajamas and in bed every night by 8 AM. Do I make myself clear, young lady?”

“Yes” Veronica meekly states.

“Yes what?”

“Yes... Sir.”

“That’s better.”

He immediately starts spanking her on her panties for a bit and then tells her to get up. She starts to walk away thinking she is done.

“Noooooo! Get back here, young lady! Take your knickers down to your knees and bring me the hairbrush and the baby oil.”

“Oh no please not that, Uncle Paul…!”

“Get those knickers down right now and bring me the baby oil and hairbrush! You won't like it if I have to do it for you, young lady!”

Veronica pouts as she pulls down her panties halfway and fetches the baby oil and hairbrush. She reluctantly hands it to Uncle Paul looking up at him with her sad puppy dog eyes. He pretends that he doesn’t see that.

“Now over my lap again.”

Veronica crawls over Uncle Paul’s lap. He rubs the baby oil all over Veronica’s red and burning bare bottom then he spanks her hard 50 more times on each cheek alternating back and forth. She is squealing, kicking, wiggling all around and sobbing.

“Keep still young lady...”

As he spanks her some more Veronica reaches back and tries to block the spanks with her hand. Uncle Paul grabs her hand and spanks harder.

“Do that again young lady and you are getting the paddle!”

He continues to hold onto her hand. Veronica whimpers but relaxes her arm. Uncle Paul brings his hand down in an all out offensive, making sure she feels the finisher of her spanking.

“No need to hold back those tears, Veronica. A spanking is supposed to hurt.”

She sobs loudly then. When that is done he orders her to stand in the corner for 10 minutes with her knickers at half-mast and hands on her head with no rubbing. She moans about having to stand in the boring corner.

“If the wall is not to your liking young lady, you can have an excellent view of the floor if you prefer. You would need only to bend over the chair and I will take off my belt."

Veronica walks to the corner and does as she is told. After corner time is done he calls her back and spanks her another 30 times VERY HARD. He told her to count out each spank and say it out loud. When the spankings are done for the day he tells her to sit down without getting redressed and write “I will get my bare bottom spanked like the naughty little girl I am if I ever misbehave” 20 times.

It is very hard for her to sit still. When she is done with that he tells her to get a shower and then get her PJs on while he fixes dinner. The shower feels like needles on her already sore, red bottom. When she gets dressed in her PJs, comes downstairs and sees what is on her plate she is secretly disgusted because there are the dreaded green beans AND spaghetti on her plate, both of which she HATES more than practically any other food because they look like worms to her-- but she knows better than to cause any more trouble tonight especially since he cooked them and he didn’t know that she hates them so.

Veronica manages to get them down and then even offers to do the dishes. When she is done with that she catches up on all of the homework that she can until her new 8:00 bedtime. Uncle Paul supervises her bedtime rituals and tucks her in for the night. He kisses her good night and Veronica tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her too and is only punishing her for her own good. Veronica tells Uncle Paul that she wishes she could just live with him. That shocks him and melts his heart as they say good night.

“I love you too but you’re not getting out of your punishment, Veronica.”

Veronica frowns and says, “I know Uncle Paul but I really mean it. I miss feeling like I have a family and am cared for.”

Uncle Paul is speechless. He kisses her again before he slowly leaves the room. That night he can’t sleep because of what she said. He is wondering if it is possible for him to adopt Veronica somehow. She really is basically a good girl-- she just needs what she missed out on for so long from her own parents: guidance and direction. Uncle Paul resolves to investigate into that further.

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sparklyprod's avatar

Views: 152 · Added: 5 days ago

We just posted a new video clip. It is from the Part 1 of the punishment Bond received last night. I ended up laying Bond on the bed over the Wedge and binding him down for a strapping, switching caning and other things. All of Bond's 'Assets' were abused last night... Part 2 clip will be put up later tonight or tomorrow. That one includes a little something 'special'... A little Heat Cream to get his ass, cock & balls all tingly for what was to cum... :)
This punishment session is not over. There was too much for one day so I am breaking it up into 2 days and will finish on the 4th of July. Appropriate I think that the Real Fireworks and the worst of the punishment will happen on that day!

Also, for all our fans or followers, a new Strapon Video was posted last week as well. If you happen to enjoy Strapon you might want to check it out too...

Thank you to all who like us!
Lady M.

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ThatBratinGA's avatar

Views: 165 · Added: 5 days ago

We recently made a video BRAT: OTK FANTASY reenacting the sort of spanking I used to get for a bad report card.

In reality, I got very good grades in school, but I did get spankings for any grade below a “B” (even a “B-“), any grade that went down, or any negative comment, such as not paying attention, or talking in class, or not applying oneself, or “could do better”, or forgetting to turn in homework, or late to class (a frequent problem because I had classes at opposite ends of the building), or the vague grade for “conduct” and the fact that many teachers never graded that above a “C”.

Thus, presenting and getting my report card signed was always an anxiety generating and embarrassing event. After the report card was presented and examined I would almost always have to take my pants down and place myself bare bottomed over my father’s lap in front of my mother in the living room. She would get the spanking hairbrush. They would determine the number of spanks based on the grades and comments and, while I was held bare bottomed over Daddy’s lap, I would be told why I was being spanked. That “conduct” “C” or “C-“ if I had been good or, “D” if I had misbehaved in class at all (despite my attempts to explain that everyone got a “C”), always meant a I got a bare bottom paddling even if every other grade was good.

The report card spanking was almost always followed by a “reminder spanking” or some other spanking for other offenses or omissions, just to take advantage of the fact that I already had my pants down and Mommy and Daddy had the spanking hairbrush. My mother really seemed to enjoy seeing her little teenage boy getting a ritualized bare bottom spanking over his Daddy’s lap. Really. She so obviously enjoyed seeing me without panties and spanked, especially when Daddy administered the spanking. Her smile said that. She even on occasion admitted it!

The spankings were not terrible or anything like that. They did sting and burn and were very embarrassing, but no one ever lost their temper, and I was never (except for a few memorable belt spankings that ended with me spanked in the humiliating diaper position) really spanked excessively or harshly.

Curious thing (which I still find confusing) was my love/hate feelings about parental spankings. Although I did have a sort of anxious fear of getting spankings, and I always found them embarrassing, I also perversely liked showing off my cute bare bottom to Mommy and Daddy and I enjoyed playing bare bottomed spanked drama queen after a spanking, exaggerating how sad and sore I was and seductively begging for sympathy and attention that sort of dragged out the sexy feelings of being on display and having just been spanked. Oh god, a psychologist would have fun with my reasoning! Imagine what Sigmund Freud would say!

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SpinnerofMaui's avatar

Views: 141 · Added: 5 days ago

It is summer on Maui and I got razor strops, wood/plastic paddles and couple well worn bath-brushes hanging in my closet and ready to bring them out when asked by local and visitors.
If a decision is made by you that your getten a whippen from me for whatever reason, you and I, plenty talk story because once your restrained no turning back and no joke some guys are downright scared and find it humiliating when the board shorts come down. The art of a hard spanking is just not about striking, there is a balance, its called compassion. I'm not brutal, having said that, expect a humbling and intense learning exercise and thorough tanning of your hide! There is something about focused pain and mixing it up with testosterone, adrenaline and endorphins and this ain't no tattoo. Your rear will be bright red like our neighborhood fire truck next to the local feed store upcountry. I guarantee you'll have trouble sitting down for a bit.
That first strike, the crack and snap sound of it on a bare ass, then the reaction, shootz buddy, I can't get enough of it. Now time for the serious stuff
I'M WRITING THIS BLOG to raise awareness on just how dangerous STI's (sexually transmitted infections) are on Maui, the gateway from/to all corners of the planet. Syphilis, Hep C and HIV is everywhere single young men and women are playing "between the sheets" . Share this with a son or nephew and tell them to share it with their buddy's. Everyone got to stay Healthy here! Get the word out to young local and visitors if your having SEX and SINGLE on Maui use condoms no kidding brah..
NO NO UNPROTECTED SEX. Use condoms and if you think your going to have problems "wrapping it up" come see me. I have no qualms about giving out a dozen strikes on your bare ass (mentoring, a teachable moment) to remind you to use CONDOMS with SEX ALWAYS Spread the word..If not now then when?
Spinner HIV outreach Maui USA

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viola's avatar

Views: 134 · Added: 5 days ago

Liam was amused when Emma let go and Mia with shock slid down from Emma’s lap. Practically “what are you doing there” was a silly question. After all he had stood behind the kitchen door and watched for several minutes. When he had opened the front door, he had heard the familiar noise of a hand slapping a butt and had approached cautiously. And what did he see? His wife spanking their pretty neighbour. The two of them were so absorbed, they hadn’t noticed him coming. This picture had been undeniable exciting. To see his wife in the active position as well as to see the pretty, round and reddened butt of Mia. He had admired its curve already in jeans and – shame upon him who thinks evil upon it – visioned what it looked like naked. He simply loved female bottoms and was grateful Emma shared his likings.

“What we are doing?” Emma repeated.

Liam noticed with delight that his wife was a bit embarrassed.

“Hmm…now….Mia wanted to try what it feels to be spanked. And so I offered that she could try with me…Emma’s voice grew smaller and smaller.

Mia with bright red face had looked for her panties and jeans and tried to dress unobtrusively still sitting on the floor. She didn’t want Liam to see more of her as he’d already seen. He had seen already more of her as she liked. Liam enjoyed the situation unmistakedly. He remembered Mia’s moaning they’d heard through the walls last night and whispering they had come to the understanding that their own doing obviously had stimulated somebody. They hadn’t been bothered. However they had planned to point out to the construction management that they appreciated really good soundproofed walls…
Liam decided to take advantage of the situation and to give both women a “decent” spanking.

“Hi Mia. Nice to see you….”he grinned disarmingly. “Sit down for a little while. Then you can watch what it looks like from another perspective…”
and facing Emma: “So my sweetheart. I think we two must sort out something.”

He seized her by the wrist, pulled her up and sat on the chair himself. Experienced and fluently. He put her between his legs and unbuttoned her pants. Zip. Down already. Emma was over his lap quicker than Mia could believe.

“Since when do you spank somebody else’s bottom?” Liam asked amused.” I thought our roles are assigned: I spank and you get spanked…” and addressing Mia: “Mia, sit down!”

Mia was all of a dither. Such a dominant voice she hadn’t heard from Liam until now. Obediently she sat ont the opposite chair again. Furthermore she couldn’t avert her eyes from Emma, lying over Liam’s lap.
Liam put his left arm firmly around Emma’s waist, made short work and smacked Emma’s bare bottom with verve. A few times in a row and again and again. Emma started struggling as her butt reddened so quickly. The smacks came quickly and were hard. Liam wrapped one leg over the hollow of her knees, so her fidgeting was stopped and she was helpless at his mercy. After a while Emma started to squawk:

“oouuchh…Liam…. Don’t you think….ouuch…that’s enough?”

Liam intensified the next strokes even more.

“Emma, who decides when it is enough?”

“Oouuuchh… you decide it.”

“Good that you remember!”

And on went the dance on Emma’s butt. Mia couldn’t avert her eyes. Every stroke left more redness and meanwhile caused a suppressed groaning from Emma. Her bottom was bright red and should burn ineffably thought Mia. Then she heard Emma pitifully say:


at which Liam after a last smack lowered his hand and tenderly fondled his wife’s back. Then he bent down and pressed a kiss on every bottomcheek.

“Everything’s good. Come up”

and with that he helped Emma to her feet and drew her in a cuddle on his lap. Over Emma’s shoulder he looked at Mia.

“So. And now it’s your turn.”

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Canedarse's avatar

Views: 110 · Added: 5 days ago

Phew, thank goodness for that.

I've been informed that my impending visit to the Head Girl has been postponed for a little while due to work and 'cat sitting duty' commitments but it's only a week or so respite at best.

As my date with my bent over, face down, bottom up destiny was drawing closer I took the liberty of sneaking a peak at my naughty book to get an idea of what awaits me. It's left at my house but I daren't tamper with it or try and alter the entries. That would be pure folly on my part.

To my horror, the Head Girl is definitely taking a harder stance with regard to both offences and punishments associated therewith.

Gulp, I've been 'awarded' the following:-

A slippering for 'being a lazy monkey' with reference to leaving junk mail and leaflets in the hallway near the front door for nearly a week. In my defence, I've got to have something to wipe my boots on when I come home from work, errr I mean, from my paper round to save muckying the carpet. 12 swats of the slipper apparently. Harsh I think but I'm not going to express my protests out loud this time. I think I'm in enough trouble.

A couple of weeks ago she had a cough and a bit of a cold so I bought her some cough medicine and Lemsips, thinking I was doing a nice deed. It later developed into a chest infection that required antibiotics to get rid of. However that resulted in an entry entitled 'Feeding me poison' because she didn't like the taste of the medicine and that has resulted in the awarding of another 12 swats with the slipper and, because I insisted on her taking the medicine at regular intervals, for her own benefit of course, while she stayed at mine, that brought about what I think is a trumped up charge of 6 cane strokes for 'getting at and nagging the Head Girl while she's poorly' plus another 6 cane strokes for good measure for 'leaving empty coke cans lying around'. I suppose that ties in with 'being a lazy monkey'. Fair cop because, in fairness, I was warned about tidying up more often and diligently, still a bit mean though, again, I'll keep that to myself too.

Finally, and severest of all, I've been at the chocolate again whilst on my diet and exercise programme and she said to me 'You obviously didn't learn from your last thrashing, I will not tolerate such behaviour and it's for your own good' And I thought I was doing well with my diet and exercise and have been losing weight it appears that in her new found, less than tolerant approach she has decreed that, because it's a repeat offence, I shall receive 20 cane strokes for scoffing the chocolate and an additional 12 penalty cane strokes for what she describes as 'not having will power' YEOUCH!! but again, I suppose, a fair cop. No-one to blame but myself I suppose.
She has also said 'If you can't exercise self discipline for your own good then I will exercise my caning arm and discipline you for your own good!!!' Gee, Thanks!?

So, by my reckoning, I've got at least 24 swats with the slipper and at least 44 cane strokes coming my way. I'd definitely best keep my mouth shut this time and not complain and definitely not interrupt whilst judgement and sentencing is being read out. At least I know what's coming this time, unless she adds some more for being cheeky via text. Would I?? Hopefully she's forgotten that.

Still, even though I'm in for a bit of a thrashing, at least the Head Girl lets me keep my shorts and undies on for some of the punishments. It could be worse, she could lose patience with me and I could be classified as 'a difficult boy' and be referred to the Headmistress for 'immediate and stern remedial measures'. I've been assured that the Headmistress has a 12-13mm rattan, reformatory cane that she saves for such occasions and administers a minimum of 12 strokes with said cane per offence!! Also, all canings from the Headmistress are delivered on the bare!!!! DOUBLE GULP!!!

I've seen it and it is a fearsome implement that makes a wicked sound when swished through the air.

Gulp. Another note to self to add to last months' note to self about keeping me big gob shut "Get yer act together this time, tidy up a bit more and DO NOT under any circumstances get yerself classified as 'a difficult boy' any time soon and lay off the chocolate ya nutter". I reckon if I weaken and scoff some more chocolate, the stroke count will go through the roof and sitting down will be difficult at best.

Oh well, I've got a week or so to sit comfortably before I'm bent over the 'Chair of Doom' teeth gritted, gripping the legs, bottom right up in the air to get the slippering and caning that's coming to me from the Head Girl. Better than a thick, reformatory cane bare bottom blistering from the Headmistress though.

I'll report what happens when the time comes.

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