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Part four : Read the fine print

So my vacation was almost half over and it had already been
quite fulfilling.I had promised myself I would go no further until
I read the fine print on the hotel agreement.I mean I did fill it
out and all.I do have a tendency to speed read some of the particulars
which sometimes tend to get me in a bit of trouble.Maybe I could discuss
this with the next lady I was to meet.Which by the way,had the nickname
the "TYRANT".
As I finished reading the contract....what I failed to remember was that
After the section of likes and dislikes.In Bold print...what was I thinking.Stated plain as day.The hotel takes sole priority in final
decisions regarding meetings and scenes.
So basically whatever you choose for your subject to change at any moment due to the decision of the hotel.I first hand and
ass know this,because I don't think not one scene went as planned.Now I
don't think this is done to upset the clientele.I do think they feel
they are in the business of making the visitors more than satisfied.

Well in saying that.....Why fight the powers that be.....
I left my room and headed off for my meeting with "TYRANT"
Let's just say room 217 should have been numbered 666.The lady
that appeared when the door opened not only struck immediate fear
into me with her long straight raven black hair.But the smell of leather that permeated off her skin tight dress and the wicked riding crop in her hand gave me the feeling she was not playing.

She barked enter and you bet YOUR Lilly sweet ass I entered.
her first command was for me to strip.I was still at the door.
What I could see ahead of me....the looks of it,a dungeon like set up
almost mid-evil and the evil was no pun intended.I quickly undid my trousers and a swish and the sound of that crop slapping on the wall
was all I needed to be fully undressed.

She told me to kneel and kiss her outstretched hand and then I was led into the main boudoir.There was an inverted Cross on the wall and a leather spanking bench in the middle of the room.An old fashioned stockade to the left and to the right what seemed to be a throne.
all I by the looks of things and her nickname.I might just be first handed experiencing all of thee above.

She cooed at me as a will obey my every command.Failure
to do so will result in punishment that will be unbearable."Do you understand me worm".Worm....I thought,this is a bit much and with that
she grabbed and bushel of my hair and dragged me over that spanking bench.Before I even could fathom what was taking place I was completely
secured wrists and ankles to this bench as naked as life started.

All she offered for reassurance was an ice cold "now you will find out
what it is to serve me".With that a searing hot pain came across my lower cheeks.Felt like a hot Iron was run across my poor butt.With this another and another.My mind went blank.The pain was beyond my
threshold and we had just started how was I to live through this.

I had figured what was being wielded at my defenseless bottom was a
cane.I had never been hit with such a thing and I knew why.As this
landed another half dozen time right across my sit spot.I squealed
like a little girl.To her pleasure she stated"You will feel more of the same pain you worthless pathetic leech".Now I was a leech..what next...ummmm...I should not have asked.

As quick as I was secured to the spanking bench I was lifted again
by my hair.Thank goodness I had plenty,cause it did feel as if it was being ripped from my head.She dragged me across the floor to this tall wood chair fine crafted cherry-wood.I was pulled to my knees and told
I would worship her long legs.If I displeased her it would be the worst day of my existence.I did believe her.With my ass still feeling
ripped in two.She yanked my hair and head to her knee high smooth leather boots and siren commanded me to lick them clean.I ran my tongue up and down from the toe to the heel and gave those boots a bath.When she was satisfied yet again I was dragged by hair
to the this wood contraption with 3 holes perfectly crafted for my head and wrists.As the top was lifted splitting the wood in two my head and hands went in and then was shut down on me leaving my ass
a clear target.I could not move yet again.Sounding more angry then
she had been earlier.She hissed you are a very poor boot lick-er and
she will teach me what happens when she is displeased.With that....
The sound of wood and bare flesh echoed off the walls.SMACK,WHACK,SLAM,
KABOOM!My rear end was being hit so quickly that it was taking my breath away.It had to be an implement the size of a fraternity paddle
because it had one MEAN crash.As the onslaught continued.My bottom was throbbing and this new inflicted pain on top of the first thrashing was becoming so unbearable even though I would not move I was wiggling my rear as much as it would move just because it was the only part of my body that had some play.Which enraged her more and she bore down
with even more ferocity that my mind went blank again and what seemed like hours became minutes and minutes hours.And as it had ceased and she rattled of a sequence of commands which was like the part in the movie "Saving private Ryan" where the soldier could only
see what was going on blurry with no sound.This brutality had put my body into some kind of shock and the last things I could understand
was and because she shrieked at will dress and not look back or I will make sure you need to be carried from my presence.
With that I kinda ran for the door where my clothes were in a heap
threw them on in disarray and opened the door and took my burning
ass down the hall trying to find a place to hide......

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Light tickles your eyes awake just as dawn is breaking,
You look across and she is there sleeping peacefully,
A smile lights up your lips and warms your beating heart,
The magic of that first morning glance enchants you so,
The fair maiden with porcelain skin is at your side,
How blessed you are to have this beauty next to you,
Sliding out of bed a mixture of pleasure and aching pain,
Come from your nether regions and the smile broadens,
The pleasure from your loins as you ache for her deeply,
The aching pain from the work of her late night paddle,
The smile gets wider and wider as you remember it all,
Your own fault it was as always she keeps you on track,
For her you endure the pain and humiliation and shame,
For her you would do anything for her you would give your life,
For she gives you everything a man could ever want in life,
You give her everything that she could ever want in life,
A perfect combination that few come to ever see the joy of.

Thank you for reading,

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Couple of weeks ago I told you all about my dentist’s assistant Gwen. During a visit there they had me all doped up and thought she made some spanking reference to me, wasn’t 100% though. Well I decided to jab the hornet nest with a stick, and called to reschedule two days before I was supposed to be there. Just to see how serious this woman is.

Gwen sounded rather ticked and said we were going to “have a talk” when I got there. This office is usually pretty busy and they don’t like rescheduling people.

Today I arrived and Gwen was right there to greet me soon as I walked through the door. Looking a lot like many southwestern women, blonde hair, blue eyes, decent amount of gold jewelry, made up like they were going out on a Friday night.

She led me back to my official dental dungeon. “We have something in common.” She said as I lay back in the chair of torture.

I was wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey so being the smart ass that I am I asked: “You a Canucks fan too?”

“Hardly.” Gwen replied in a stern voice, facing away from me showing off a lovely bottom in some very tight black pants. She dropped my file on a counter and started to put on rubber gloves, never a good sign. “I was born on October 29th, Scorpio. Have you been behaving yourself?”

Goodie, a challenge! Nothing beats spanking a dominate woman! Feels like being the lone survivor of battle high upon the hillside. Unstoppable. Invincible! I am the Attila the Hun of spanking! OK, I am going to try and make this happen.

“What makes you think I wouldn’t be?”

“First time here you informed the doctor one of your missing molar teeth was lost in a fight and the second was . . “ looks at my paper work “lost in a mosh pit in Europe.”

“Guilty as charged there dear. I been keeping a low profile, just saw Rob Zombie to try and raise some hell but that’s it.”

“The doctor is on vacation this week Scorpio.” When Gwen turned around she had this tray full of syringe needles. “I am going to administer your novacaine today.”

Talk about a strange space to be in! Here she was all up in my grill, awesome crisp perfume, chest within a couple inches of my face and her blonde hair draped down so that was cool. Just the jabbing of needles into my gums wasn’t cool. In face it sucked and I could tell she was enjoying her job a bit too much.

The person on duty came in and went through a deep cleaning process, although I didn’t really need it, thankfully it went fast.

As I left the office my mouth was all numb and partially swollen. Gwen asked me for another follow up, which for a cleaning is ridiculous. Just say you want to get together already! Said as best I could I have to check my schedule and see what I can do. She looked up at me and said “I’m calling you tomorrow to check up on you.”

I find that odd because this office isn’t even open on Friday.

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Dear spanking diary,
It finally happened!!! I received my first OTK spanking and another and another and another whew. As much as I thought I was mentally, physically and emotionally ready, I was so wrong! My bottom is still stingy and sore. I wanted and needed it sooo very bad and I truly got it. Wish I could say I will be a good girl now butt that would be a lie (hehe). Thank you for what you gave to me. I am now officially no longer a vrgnbottom!!!

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I never spank in anger.I always make sure to take time to calm down and put things in perspective before I chastise Jenny. Monday saw Jenny and my niece talking again as if nothing had happened,where as I was still a bit upset,to put it mildly. Jen,my niece,her boyfriend and I drove into the city.I dropped my niece and her boyfriend off first before driving Jen to her 'prison'. We stopped in traffic lights and Jen turned to me and again apologised to me for what had happened with my niece.They have tried hard to make it up to me,but I really just want them to get on. They were doing so well.

As Jen spoke to me I remained quiet.We both knew what had to be done. Before Jen got out of the car I told her that tonight she and I would have to put this right. Monday night saw my niece leave for hockey practice. I told Jen to go to our bedroom. She did without any arguments. I waited ten minutes,to build the antiscipation,before I went upstairs and into our bedroom. I ordered Jen to strip and take up her usual position lying face down on our bed. This is something we have done many times both for fun and correction,for the times she pisses me off!LOL It can be very hard keeping strickly to the punishment.Jen and I very often end up on the bed together only after a few strokes. I went to 'our drawer' and took out the strap. I again told Jen that I was very disappointed,being the adult,in her behaviour.She accepted this and we both agreed that she should receive fifteen strokes.I began,taking my time. It always happens;when I see her writhing on the bed I become distracted and sometimes I am guilty of loosing count. I think I only managed to give her seven strokes before we both began to ...well you know! Lets put it this way,we more than made up for the silent moments of the past few days.

When we had finished we both lay there talking about what had happened. Jen understands that she should have just ignored my niece; we had discussed this before,now this can be hard,especially for Jen who is a very disciplined person.She knows this.My niece has a very strange ability: she seems to be very good at rubbing people up the wrong way,she can be quite mouthy.Jen and I lay in each others arms and agreed that if she feels an argument with my niece coming on again then she should tell me. I can understand Jen's point of view,believe me there have been times when my niece has really pushed my buttons and it gave me enough to do to keep calm and not catch hold of her.

Having said that,things have been quiet for a long time and hopefully will remain so. My niece has been left in no doubt that her behaviour last weekend will no longer be tolerated. I have reduced her monthly allowance as well as directed a few choice words at her!

I do hope all of you are having a great week.Be safe and be good.

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Ok friends here on Spanking Tube! I'm taking a stand! I REFUSE to put Capscaisin cream on my butt ever again until my mentors try it themselves! I blame Niko! Grrrr......., stomping and kicking! My butt is on fire and I think I need a fire extinguisher for my butt! I don't think anyone should deal out punishments that they have not done or had or not willing to do themselves! :! NO, NO, NO....!!!!!!!

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Jesus, I'm bored. Anyone want to talk? About spanking or Gone Girl or the new fall lineup or the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft releasing a lander on comet 67P next month?

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The yellow trees in all those square kilometres are birch, so I have no fear they're going to run out in my lifetime . . .

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I need a strict disciplinarian someone who is fair but demands respect. I've never been spanked even as a child for the most part I was a good girl growing up and didn't receive much discipline . I've never followed any rules and I pretty much do what I want . I hate authority and I have a hard time listening to people who tell me what to do . This sometimes causes problems in my life . I need someone who will guide me and set rules based on what he sees as problematic and when I don't comply with the rules not have a hard time throwing me over his knee and spanking me with the implement of his choice until I learn a good lesson. I don't necessarily want to be spanked but I know that sometimes I need to be ..

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she has a pick line and getting antibiotics...Can't wait for her to heal up and get my hands on her posterior...I know when someone is sick they get a little grumpy..But she is getting a lil bitchy with the staff and me..When she feels better, her fanny is going to feel worse..

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Tonight I will be administering a good strapping!I have just packed up the straps that I will be using...and some canes in case they are needed! Hopefully I will remember to turn the camera on and record it! Last night's caning did not get recorded...unfortunately!

So today I will be taking phone calls on my spanking line and editing some photos and videos.

Have a Wicked Wednesday!

Ms Hurtz

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I work graveyard...and arrived home 0730.
I fed a bunch of dogs and cats, and stripped off, and took a shower, and dried off, and reported to the bedroom, naked, and climbed in next to her, where She was still sleeping (after going to sleep at 04:00.)
As is expected of me, I pulled away the bedcovers, pulled down her panties, while she kept her thighs closed, and pressed my lips and tongue to the top of her slit, flicking my tongue to and fro, as she moaned softly, then louder, in her multiple orgasms.
Then she said, "That's it, I'm going back to sleep."
Somewhat frustrated, I lay down next to her.
I realized I could not go to sleep 'this way', and got up to go do something about it, in the bathroom.
I got sidetracked on the way, browsing our clips 4 sale site on the living room computer, and it took longer than I realized to actually get to the bathroom
.Which meant, she got out of bed, somewhat after me, and came into the living room, a moment after I left it, on my way into the bathroom.
I sat on the toilet, and began stroking my penis,
She opened the door, which I had not closed 'shut' because it is against house rules.
And expressed her shock and dismay at what I was doing.
She took me out into the backyard (which is all concrete, because we have a swimming pool), and had me bend over a stool, holding onto the middle rungs.And she applied thirty six swats of our biggest paddle, the 'zombie killer' to my bottom, as I moaned and yelped, and counted, and after the first seven, she told me to say "I will not masturbate", as I count.
Full video on our clips4sale site.

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Hello everyone. Will anyone submit? I'm single and looking for not just anybody but a GOOD WOMAN who knows how to be a G.W. I will not discipline unless needed but it will be part of our relationship. See video's to see if you fit or can handle the specs. Your ass has to be able to handle it!!!

:-/ Lol

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Thank you to the people who have been messaging me at my email. I don't mind messaging women. BUT I DONT SPANK WOMEN! If you are a women and need to be spanked. Please go to TrueDiscipline on ST. I heard he was ok. I good person is DD4life. A truly great friend is jmacjluv. If you are a Man. COME DIRECTLY TO ME, I HAVE WHAT YOU NEED TO KEEP THAT ASS straight. If you want a taste of what I am about, I have some new private videos that should be up today or tomorrow. Please DO N0T hit me up if you are not serious about getting a REAL SPANKING OR A TRUly G00d ASS Whipping! I have spanked others besides Michael on here, but they do not want to be recorded. I always respect people's anonymity. And to anyone here that think that they can spank me, KICK comets, because that is as close as you can get to spanking me.

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My story starts around the age of 10 years old. I grew up in a predominately African-American community on the south side of Chicago. So the idea of someone getting a good old fashioned passionate butt whoopin for infractions and broken rules was a VERY common idea. Me and my siblings were no strangers to that idea LOL. The summer after my 10th birthday is where my journey started in spanko world. I remember one warm summer day, me and a couple of friends decided to walk down to the local conveinence store. A little ways down our street lived three sisters that always seemed to be getting into trouble. See, back in those days most African-Americans didn't like to use their air conditioning because it would "run up the light bill". So they would just open all the windows in the house and let a cross breeze go through the house to keep it cool. On this particular day the oldest was in trouble and getting her butt TORE UP. You could hear everything from the scolding words coming her father's mouth to every swat of the belt to every plea and promise not to do whatever it was that she did again. My friend's were laughing but I, on the other hand, was listening very intently. That bothered me for a long time because I got the same discipline from my parents and knew all too well that is was not fun at all. So why did this particular event stir something inside of me?

I put that event very far in the back of my mind for the longest. But the curiosity of it would creep its way back in from time to time. At the age of 15 (my ninth grade year), my best friend looked older than he actually was. One day he approached me and asked if I wanted to go to the adult bookstore with him. I protested that they would never let us past the front door. He assured me it would be ok. After dicussing it with him, I gave in and said yes. As we walked into the front door I grew very nervous. The clerk behind the front counter told us if we had any questions or needed help, just to ask. I couldn't believe it, we were in!!!!!!!!!!! As I was looking at all of the sex tapes, my eyes wandered to a sign that read "bondage/fetish". I walked over and began to scan the VHS tapes (I guess that tells my age a little LOL). My eyes ran across one that said "Spanking" in big red letters. I picked it up and looked at the the pictures on the back of the cover. Could this be? Is this a dream? Does this actually exist?? All this time I thought this was just a twisted fantasy in my head. I quickly took the VHS over to my buddy, handed him the money and asked him to buy it. He looked at the VHS and looked at me with confusion. "Don't ask" were the words that immediately came from my mouth. I couldn't wait to get home and watch this production. If my memory serves correctly, the title of it was "English Spanking". My parents were off to bible study that night so I had the house to myself for at least 2 hours (Yes, my dad is a minster). They say Preacher's kids are the worse!!! I watched the VHS in amazment and with excitement. For the first time in my life, my tiwsted fantasies and ideas could actually become a reality. The following Friday I decided to watch it again. It was about 2:30 a.m. and I locked the door to my room and popped it in my VCR. I fell asleep as I watched the video. I woke up to my dad and mother busting in my door. Apparently I had the volume a little too high and they heard it. I thought I was going to die that day. After a couple of stern blows landed by my father to me, he took the tape out of the VCR and stormed to his bedroom. My mother stayed behind to ask me A question. She simply asked me, "Are you into this kind of stuff?". My mother was much more understanding and open than my father so I answered her truthfully. "Yes, I am. When I have a girlfriend and she does something wrong, I am going discipline her as well."( Little did I know, this would become very true in the furure). The reaction from my mother was quite different than I had expected. She was not mad nor disappointed. I couldn't tell what she was but it was not negative.

At the age of 17, this little secret was consuming me and I just had to try it. I wanted to experience it. Those that know me know that I am NOT a "what if" type of person. If I want to know about something or do something, I research it and I DO it. My determination factor is something serious at those times. I was dating a girl in high school whom we shall call "Amber" (not her real name. She is a new member here so I will not reveal her true identity.). She had gotten into a fight at school and gotten suspended even though she was defending herself. BINGO!!!!! I felt that I had found my reason. I told her I would be at her house right after school as she did not live far from the school. I told her that I was not happy with her and that we needed to talk. Her parents would not be home until 5:30 so I had plenty of time. Arriving at her house, I walked right in. She always left the door unlocked for me when she knew I was coming over. She was in a recliner watching television. I sternly told her to turn the television off NOW and that we needed to talk. We sat at her dining room table and I immediately began scolding her for her actions. She just sat there looking at me with nothing but confusion. After scolding her, I got up and turned the chair I was sitting in away from the table and ordered her to come over and stand next to me. Telling her she was going to be punished, I quickly yanked her down across my lap and began swinging wildly landing my hardest blows on her ample target. She started to struggle and asked me, "What the hell are you doing? Let me up." Ignoring her pleas, I tightened my grip and kept swinging. I eventually let her up and she quickly told me to "Get the fuck out of her house." I tried to talk to her but she was too mad at me and had tears streaming down her face. The next day she walked up to me and told me we were done. I always thought she would tell someone about this but never did. Everytime we walked past each other in the hallway, she would just look at me and keep walking. I didn't know what I was doing back then and didn't understand consent. Hell, I never gave consent for my parents to whoop my ass!!!! LMAO. So that is how I thought it worked. I learned differently later on in life. It is funny how my then girlfriend is now a memeber of this site today and is married to a like minded gentleman.

When I turned 18 years of age, I went full force into my research of the lifestyle. Anyone remember AOL chat rooms??? I had found a few where people were discussing spanking. I also found a few discussion forums on the topic. These things were all I did in my spare time which eventually led to meetings for sessions. Word of mouth was my best friend back then. My name quickly got around to a large group of people and soon I had people that I began doing scheduled sessions with almost regularly. Along came my knowledge of and other sites. Anyone remember "The Spanking Page" before it became SIN and now known as Through these sites came new spankees and new friends. I have really enjoyed my journey through spanko world and continue to enjoy meeting new and great people. And making new friends in the process. I have learned a lot and have become well versed on the lifestyle. I find myself still learning more and more with each new experience. I love hearing other people's stories of what brought them to where they are at today concerning the lifestyle. Feel free to share them with me!

Yours Truly,

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I have only been a member here for 149 days but am truly enjoying talking, meeting and chatting with other members!
Not to mention watching all the great spanking videos!
I DO know what goes into creating a video and uploading, etc so I appreciate everyone who takes the time to do so!
I also appreciate all the people who take the time to comment on my videos/pictures, send me friend requests and subscribe to my channel!

Ms Rebekah Hurtz

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Any doubts that Mike and Jim might have harboured over Miss Ciggy’s ability to fill Daisy’s shoes in the Enigma Club kitchens were quickly dispelled. In fact, in some ways, she even excelled her predecessor when it came to plumbing the depths of culinary decadence. For example, her insistence in substituting lizard meat for chicken in many of her recipes saved the Club a great deal of money in times of hardship, following the financial crash.

She had demurred at first of course, citing self-doubt and lack of formal training. But a thorough spanking, followed by a goodly dose of Misty’s belt, had soon cured her of any uncertainties she might have retained as regards taking the job.

Once the initial resistance had been overcome, she took to the work like a fish takes to water. Her dishes were a roaring success with the club patrons, thanks possibly to a unique blend of spices, but more likely as a result of adding a good measure of the “special” ingredients, which she bought wholesale from Miss Boohoo at a sizable discount.

The only problem she had was the strange guy in a gorilla suit who insisted on strapping her to the kitchen table and caning her on Friday afternoons, but she even got to like that after a time, despite the smell.

Ciggy was not alone in the kitchens; she had the assistance of Miss Kissie, a rather shy young thing; at least she was until she had sampled a little of Miss Boohoo’s special “sherbet”. Then she would turn into a rabid spanko-maniac and it would take nothing less than a hard flogging on the bare bottom from Ciggy’s birch to bring her back under control.

One of the things upon which the Club Management (well – mainly Jim actually) insisted was the wearing of smart uniforms and “appropriate” underwear. Thus Miss Ciggy was required to port a white blouse with a black knee-length skirt, whilst Miss Kissie had a black maid’s dress with a white apron. “Appropriate “ (according to Jim) underwear, turned out to be white lace-trimmed satin petticoats, french knickers, bras stockings and suspenders. It was essential for staff to feel comfortable, he had informed them, whilst the saliva drooled from the corner of his mouth!

The Misses Ciggy and Kissie were soon given practical demonstrations in how “comfortable” their underwear was when invited down to Jim’s dungeon, where that was all that they were permitted to retain as he chained their wrists securely to the overhead beams.

Jim, it transpired, had a passion for whipping ladies naked backs until they squealed for mercy. The combination of livid red whiplashes on bared torsos, and squirming, dancing girls in dazzlingly white half-slips was just about his favourite combination.

(Author’s note – “Erm – sorry – I need to take a break – back shortly!”)

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I want to be spanked standing, hands once again hooked above to the ceiling.
My ass is round and muscular, waiting for impact. I want to have my clit tickled and my man to tell me not to get wet or he will begin the strappin as hard as he can. It is going to be 100 strokes, his belt whipping across my ass, if I orgasm. "You better hold back your weeping pussy. My belt wants a bite of your ass. "

I want to cry trying not to let my pussy release any juices. His fingertip would be teasing my clit in just the right way. I would go up on my toes in ecstasy and agony for the belt I see in his other hand.

He looks into my eyes as I dangle there. "What's wrong little bitch? Afraid of your daddy's belt? Afraid to cum so your husband has to tear your ass up? Are you gonna hold back all day? Your ass is mine. DO YOU HEAR ME? Your bare ass hanging there is mine. CUMMMM for daddy. Cuz as soon as you start this strap is gonna whistle through the air as fast as I can, as hard as I can....every one of those 100 licks is gonna rock your WORLD!!"

I feel my face get hot, my legs quiver...his finger tip has aroused me to orgasm. It is imminent. The sensitivity in my g spot is beyond expressing. It's as if the skin there has suddenly become very thin and that he is now tickling the nerves directly. I tip my head back and cry. I look back at his face and beg, "Honey please. Please, don't do this. Please stop."

"What? Stop??? Are you telling me what to do little girl? Oh I don't think that's a good idea. No, no, no. Cuz see, bad're gonna get spanked. Spanked right here, " (he reaches behind me and caresses my ass while stimulating me still. "...oooooh you're gonna get spanked on your bare ass. Don't you dare cum. Don't you dare."

I can tell I am at the end of my resolve. I am about to squirt. He knows it. He sees me fighting to resist the call of my pleasure spot.

"UH OHHHHH! Why, what's this? " He stirs the wet in my pussy in a circle with his finger

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If you dare to say "impactful" in my presence you'll be spanked.
The corrective kiss of cowhide will be felt.
Later on when you have learned to love our language I'll be thanked,
With hot kisses more impactful than my belt.

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Views: 163 · Added: 7 days ago

since i been worry abouthow obessed i gotten with spankings i been thinking of seeing a theparist for my lust with spankings i think i gone overboard with it

all i think about is spankingand every female i see i think about spanking either want spank them or ask them spank mei dont even think of getting know them i just want ask spanking stuff

which make me feel i need get help with this problem

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