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Due to file size...chapter has to be split.
The first half has been posted. #1- ch38, which should be read before this.

Dinner was a bit awkward, with Evan joining them. James and Sandra were wonderful hosts, and the food was great. Evan was bright and engaging. Janie was very quiet. She was fidgeting on her seat, no doubt a result of her earlier encounter with Evan and the cane. She had greeted her Father with a kiss, but had avoided eye contact. She would be wondering, if he was aware of what has transpired. The cameras in the guesthouse were well hidden. He and his brother, James could access them, from anywhere in the world. He would always be aware of what went on there. He trusted Evan, but he was a man that liked certainty. If there was any funny business, he'd know about it. Evan had better not cross him or he would, most certainly, regret it.
Dinner ended and James invited Evan to join him, for a look around the property. There was a boat and jet skis to use. He wanted to show him the boathouse and also to give David some privacy with Janie. Sandra excused herself, to clear the table, as the housekeeper came to help. Dylan and his siblings were excused. There was only Janie and her Father, left at the table. Sandra closed the door leading to the pantry and kitchen. James closed the double door to the family room, as he and Ethan departed.
Janie hung her head. He knew. She was ashamed of herself. She knew she'd embarrassed her Daddy. He was waiting to hear what she had to say for herself.
She lifted her head, and faced him. "I'm very sorry about today. I was so excited. I thought we were making plans, together. Evan is so young, it didn't feel like he was in charge....I just got carried away. I realize, I misjudged. I was rude. I apologized and took the caning. I'm sorry, Daddy, it won't happen again."
"Won't it, Janie? Really? I have no faith in your ability to behave yourself, because you are in trouble, every time I turn around. If you want to go to college, this Fall, you had better straighten up. I have no confidence that you would start out of trouble, unsupervised right now. Do you think I'll pay for school, when you are clearly so unfocussed?"
"Oh, Daddy. I promise I'll be good. I won't get into any more trouble."
"Get up, Janie. I'm not only punishing you for today's behavior, but for this outrageous pattern of behavior, you've developed of late. I am fed up. You will feel my level of dissatisfaction, directly on your bare bottom."
Janie got up. Her Father stood, unbuckled his belt and pulled it loose, from its loops. He pulled out a chair and sat down. He folded the belt in half and wrapped it around his fist. Janie lifted her skirt and tucked it into the waist. She pulled her pink panties down to her knees and bent across his lap. She did this without another word, from her Father. She knew what he expected and knew this would be no ordinary spanking.
David could see the evidence of the earlier caning. There were ten welted stripes across her bottom and upper thighs. He made sure there was no broken skin. He held her firmly with his left arm. He adjusted her on his lap. He wanted to be able to get access to her entire bottom, including the tender area below her cheeks. Her frame was small, for eighteen. He wished she was more mature. He knew, he was partly to blame, for that. He had sheltered her too much. Though academically advanced, she was naive and girlish in many ways.
He gripped the belt and let in fly, leather whipping through the air in a blur. He put his arm into it. The belt bit in hard and drew a road across her fanny. He left the length, long enough to curl, cruelly around her hip. He whipped her ass cheeks forcefully.
Janie was already so sore from the caning, she couldn't lay still. The belt crossed the welts and she couldn't help, but jump. It hurt so badly! Her arms were planted on the floor. Her Daddy had her far over his lap, so her upper thighs and lower fanny were directly in the line of fire. The belt snapped into her, hot and furious!! She cried out, at each slap. Her Father held her firmly, but she thrashed against him. Her legs flailed, but she could not escape the flurry of licks. Her right cheek was getting the worst of it. The belt loop was especially damaging, as it grabbed into her hip. She tried to slide that side away from him. He stood her up. He bent her right over the table. And drew the belt in front of him. It cracked into her other hip, digging in. He never stopped. She howled, as he strapped her behind. She let out a high pitch screech, as he walloped her legs, half way to her knees. There was no part of her bottom, that wasn't touched by his belt. He was a master at controlling each strike. He started low and pulled the belt up, the leather grabbing the skin of the under globes of her buttocks. That REALLY HURT!! The belt jept whacking, snapping, biting, and ripping into her tender rear.
Finally, the fight went out of her and she sobbed, but submitted to her Daddy's will. He always knew. He could feel the resistance leave her body. His job was done. He finished the round of strokes and examined the damage. Her bottom and legs were nearly purple, but there was no broken skin.
He sat down, with a tired sigh. "Why do you do it, Janie? Defy me... You know I won't tolerate it. I gave Evan my authority. Disrespecting him, is like disrespecting me. Will I have to strap you daily to stop this behavioral problem? I will, Janie. I have given you everything. You are on the brink, of beginning a wonderful time of your life, will you self destruct? I don't know. I can't send you off to college, while you are acting this way. Will the police be calling me? You show such poor judgement!.... Oh, stand up, look at me."
Janie knew she had really disappointed him. She saw it in her Daddy's eyes. She knew he loved her. She had to change. She didn't want to hurt him. She wanted to make him proud. She opened her arms. He opened his. She cried into his shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Daddy, I'm so sorry."
"I know, Honey. Daddy knows." He hugged her tight. He pulled up her panties and straightened her skirt. He gave her his hankie to wipe her face.
"Go up to your room, and get into your pajamas. I'll bring some cream up and say goodnight. You are going to be sleeping on your tummy for a few days. I'll tell Evan, you might need to stand for your lesson tomorrow. I'll tell him to make it a short day. "
He stood, pushed in the chair and opened the double doors. Janie walked in front of him, into the family room. Everyone was there. They all turned. Her face grew red. Evan!! He heard it all! She was mortified!! Oh, my gosh. She hurried up the stairs and shut her bedroom door.
She pulled off her clothes, and looked at her bottom. It was nearly purple. It was on fire. She ran her hands lightly over it. She could feel the throbbing, the blood pounding and her heart was racing still. She could see the wide red paths of the belt. She could see the "C" shaped digs in her hips where the belt connected, and dug in. The straight thin welts of the cane, were raised now. Her thighs were covered with welts. The worst part was up under her bottom. She has to bend over to see. She didn't know, if she could even wear her panties.
She cried, not just because of the pain, but because her Daddy was disappointed in her.... And Evan, ugh! He'd heard everything. He'd helped to mark her bottom earlier, so he'd have no problem, imaging what her bottom looked like now. She was so embarrassed, but still, somewhere inside she felt that pulling...a longing. She laid down on her tummy. She couldn't think about it now. Daddy would be up soon.

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Poppy n I have been talkin .. that is after all the name callin n cussin n mud slingin.... we r once again ON n givin it ANOTHER try ( LMAO if I we don't kill each other first)...*whispers* he cant resist me.. hehehe

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The secretary had called, to tell him that Mr. Stern had to speak with him, in regard to Samantha. Mr. King, wasn't at all surprised. He'd watched her grades slipping semester, after semester. He'd seen her go from the honor roll to below average, certainly below her ability. He'd almost pulled her scholarship, last term, but decided he'd let her finish school. She would then, be under contract to him, to intern or repay tuition for poor performance. He knew that was out of the question. The young lady came from a family of little means. Her Mother worked very hard. Her Father, seemed uninvolved. She'd been running the streets, when he had sponsored her way through the academy. She was bright and had potential, but little motivation and no self discipline. She and Janie were friends, but had gotten into trouble together. Janie had kept her name out of it, but he had his own sources of information. He knew all about her.
Gregory Stern had tried to reign her in. He'd punished her, in the office, following the smoking incident. The little imp had responded by breaking into his house. He laughed, thinking what a surprise she'd found there. She'd gotten more than she bargained for. The gentlemen of the community had a little club, where they entertained themselves. Greg had told him the whole story. He didn't necessarily agree with his methods, but men differed in their taste. She obviously enjoyed it, she wanted more. Still, her untapped potential, rubbed him the wrong way. Stern would certainly discipline her, but David felt, he was a bit soft on her. This was a crossroad of her future. After investing in her education, he'd like to see her flourish, finding a good husband, or continuing her education. Had she done well in school, he'd have sent her to college, but that was not the case.
He was very busy just now. He'd let Greg keep her occupied for a bit, but he'd meet with her, and give her a good firm spanking, for wasting his gift. He'd meet with her regularly, throughout the summer. He'd have to fit it in, while he was in town, to be sure there would be no future problems with her.
He'd call Greg and tell him, and arrange for him to bring her up to the house. He was sure Janie had confided about being punished, but his daughter was special. Samantha could not expect the same sympathetic treatment. He could be very strict & severe. She would find that to be true. He planned to give her a big wake up call. Stern could observe... Maybe he could model his lessons after his, while he was gone.
He supposed he could take her up to the Lake, but he was cautious of the impact she might have on Dylan and Janie. Dylan was ripe for a sexual encounter & Janie had been in too much trouble, as it was. Maybe, he would bring her for a weekend, in the country, if she behaved, but only if he was there. He wasn't cruel, but he wanted to foster a plan to bring about the desired, end result. If she did well, she might get to go college, afterall. She'd have to have private lessons with Evan, as her marks were dismal. She'd be a distraction, were she to be in class with Dylan and Janie. They'd both earned alot of college credit. She wasn't in the same place, academically, as them. Evan would enjoy it, no doubt. She was a pretty girl. He'd give it some thought.
For now, Stern could have his fun. He'd meet with her and make his disapproval known and his expectations clear. He would not sponsor another student, anonymously. It was clear to him now, they required a firm hand, in tandem with the opportunity, to reach their potential. He should have been spanking her, right along. He'd make up for lost time, to some extent. He wanted her behind healed & tender for her visit, so Stern would have to curtail his activities. He planned to blister her bottom properly. He would make sure she didn't sit down for at least a week, without a sharp reminder that her life, for the time being, belonged to the Dragon King.
He sat back in his chair, now what would he do about Janie? He was appalled by her behavior in class. The very first day with Evan and she'd already gotten in trouble. Class had barely begun, and she needed caning. He had not planned to be involved in the punishment of the class, while she was being tutored, but he was very unhappy. She was so rude and disrespectful and THAT would not fly with him. She'd require his attention before bedtime.
He'd get a look at Evan's handiwork and add some of his own. She would know, when he was done, that Evan had his authority, while he was away.

File size limit was exceeded... The 2nd half is posted pt2-Ch39. Ty

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Ok so tonight ,MY friend that's a DD. Came over after reading my blog's and profile on this a site. I have know u him a while .(month's) He asked me if I needed release I said yes please Sir. So let's just say he helped me release a lot of stress . He induced me to a new thing that I really really liked. It involved electric shocks to MY nipples. Witch. Made me cum really good I don't know how many times (I lost count) ok so now I have to add that to my list of stuff I really like. He has helped me before but tonight was the best. Yes I have found. New way to release. That really felt good. And yes hurt... But oh my goodness..thank You SIR !!!! He also said spanked my ass good.

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As J drove on in silence, and my mind soon turned to other things. I even opened up other of conversation with J. No sense just stewing. We arrived home, and still no response. And you know, there wasn't to be any response from him for weeks to come. During that time, I tried to reassess whether I had done the right thing. Whether I should backtrack. Whether I should try to force the issue. In the end, I decided that I would just have to let J make the next move, because I had come to an understanding of the logic of my demand. It was consistent with the way in which I had always established my position in matters of importance to me, and made it stand up with J. When I wanted to make certain that J would be a cooperative partner when it came to household chores, I targeted cooking, after-dinner clean-up, and, of course, cleaning the bathrooms. I instinctively believed that if a man would be willing to undertake these chores, he would certainly be willing to take on less onerous duties, when time permitted. When it came to sharing the child care, I made sure J could handle all the basics when he had to, but I made extra-sure that he would do the diaper changing whenever he was home. After all, I had to do it while he was at work, so having him do it whenever he was available was only fair.

So, thinking it over, I realized that, once again, in going for a "no anal" rule, I had instinctively gone for the one thing that might provide a valid measure of whether I could pull this change off, whether I could re-order our sex life. That is, on some level, I knew that if J could bring himself to give up anal sex in response to such a blatant, and pretty unreasonable, demand on my part, sprung on him completely out of the blue, he would most likely concede on anything else I could come up with for additional new rules. It was a test case. And, just like bathroom duty, and changing messy diapers, it required patience to get to the right result. J didn't, from day 1, simply understand that messy bathrooms and messy kids' bottoms were always to be his responsibility whenever he was available. That took time. For a long time, whenever he got a whiff of a poopy diaper, he would look at me, with the unspoken question, 'Won't you handle this one?" The answer was NO. I would just get a diaper, and the wipes, and the butt cream, and hand them all to J. Then I would sit there and wait until he understood he was expected to do it. When he got to it, I made sure to offer lots of helpful commentary and criticism of the way he was doing it, too. He needed reminding; he needed a lot of supervision; he needed positive and negative reinforcement; in short, he needed a firm hand, and I provided it. And eventually, he caught on. He learned that it would be a lot easier for him if he did his chores without having to be reminded, scolded, and supervised in minute detail. So it was easier for both of us, eventually.

On a lighter note, we still have a reminder of that period of our married life. I could not resist buying J a tee-shirt I came across with this printed on it: "In my defense, I was left unsupervised." I thought it perfectly described J''s modus operandi: if he failed to satisfactorily perform his assigned chores, he would always try to blame it on me -- I didn't explain what I wanted, I wasn't around when he had some question about the chore, my instructions were "confusing" in some respect. So I bought him the tee-shirt, and made him wear it for a day whenever he played that game. And, you know, that shirt still gets some occasional use these days.

Given our prior history, I just had a feeling that, sooner or later, J would see that this would also be easier for him if he were to see it my way. But I did not anticipate how long it would take. The man actually stewed and sulked for three weeks before he caved! Unfortunately for him, that delay on his part only served to give me three weeks to plan what I would do when he finally came around. Long before J's three week holdout ended, I had decided that he would regret making me wait, and I had some ideas as to how to do that.

So, one Saturday evening, after we had returned from a dinner party and I was in bed reading, J came over to my side of the bed, knelt down beside me, looked me in the eye, and offered a very sincere and heartfelt apology. "Avery," he said, "I am very sorry that I did anything that was painful to you. And I promise you that, in the future, I will never, ever try to do that again. I just didn't realize I was making you unhappy." He actually appeared to be on the verge of tearing up.

Well, on the one hand, I already felt a bit guilty about having come up with the claim that it was "painful," and I was very much taken by the sincerity of the apology J had offered. It made me feel that I should be merciful. On the other hand, I had had three whole weeks to plan what I would do when this moment came, and I had something in mind, something that would not just make him pay for the time he took to make up his mind. It was also something that would serve to emphasize to J just how much things were going to change. Besides, I couldn't help thinking that his capitulation was timed to enable him to get some week-end sex. And that wasn't going to happen. There wasn't going to be any backing down on my part from the plans that had taken shape in my head over the past three weeks. Mercy would just have to wait for another day.

'Very well," I told him. "I accept your apology, and I am glad you see you were doing wrong. But J, it took you three weeks to come to this point. That is disrespectful, and it's simply unacceptable to me. And I've decided that I am going to punish you for your attitude, your stubbornness. You need to be punished. And you need to accept that, need to accept your punishment."

As you can imagine, he was stunned. He looked a bit disoriented, and I could well imagine that he would be. While I actually did have my little ways to "punish" J, I had never before blatantly called it that. It was new that I would explicitly declare that I was going to mete out some "punishment," as one in authority would to a misbehaving child, and further that I expected him to willingly take his punishment.

I simply continued to look into his eyes while he digested my pronouncement, until he figured out the obvious next question he had to ask.

"What do you mean, 'punish?'" J finally got out, after a long pause. I sat up on the side of the bed, so that J was kneeling between my legs, and took his chin in my hand so I could make sure he maintained eye contact with me. I pushed myself out to the very edge of the bed, to get even closer to him.

"J, I'm going to spank you. On your bare ass. And it isn't going to be one of those pretend spankings like I've given you in the past when we were playing around. This one is going to hurt, J. It will be a real punishment. Because you deserve it. And I don't want any arguments. I'm not going to discuss it, I'm just going to do it."

I continued to hold his chin tightly, and look him in the eye. I could see he wanted to say something, and he started to say something a couple times. But he had heard my tone, as well as my words, when I said I didn't want to discuss it, and he thought better of it. Eventually, he looked away, down at my legs, and I knew he was finished. Any opposition to what I was proposing was out of the question. He very quietly said, "OK, if that's what you want."

"Good," I said. "That is exactly what I want. But it's not going to be tonight, J, and not tomorrow either. I want you to think about it for a good while, and when it's time for your punishment, I want you to tell me what you've learned from this whole sorry episode, and what improvements you plan to make. Understood?"

Again, a soft "OK" was all he could manage. Perhaps he was relieved to learn that I was not going forward with his punishment right away. But the truth was, I wasn't quite ready for it. I had not gone so far as to plan out how his spanking would unfold, you know, all the little details you need to have together in your head, or at least so I thought. And anyway, I did want him to think about it for a while. I intended to make him wait a full three weeks, just as he had done to me. But, in the end, the plans for my first spanking scenario came together faster that I anticipated, and I made J wait for his first serious spanking for only another week, until the next weekend, when I announced: "It's time for your punishment, J."

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So, there I was, on the way home from dropping our son off at his school. Pressed by by husband, J, to tell him what kind of "new rules" I had in mind for our sex life, I was caught off guard and at somewhat of a loss to come up with what I had in mind. Clearly, a major failure to think this thing though on my part. The only thing I could come up with was, at best, off point, and probably just an outright lie. I told him I didn't like anal sex, and there would be no more of it.

Well, I could have been more honest, I suppose. I could have said, "Hey, I want more sex. I want better sex. I want more, and better, orgasms." That would have had the benefit of being true. Or, even more direct and to the point, I suppose I could have said, "Listen, I want your head between my legs, whenever I feel like it, and I want you to learn how to use that tongue a lot better." That would have also been true. But it sounds so self-centered, doesn't it? I was interested in improvements that benefitted myself, of course, but there was more to it than that. Or so I told myself.

No, it's true. On some level, I was looking for a new regime that was good for both of us. Something that just fit both of us better. And I think the main problem with the status quo was that it wasn't at all consistent with what we were -- we were not being true to who we really were. In every other aspect of our household life, I was in charge. I ran our joint finances since before we were even married. I suppose I selected J's career for him; I pushed him to get his act together and finally get his degree, and I had urged him that law school would be a good fit for him. To his credit, he graduated from night law school in four years while working full time. But he would have never found the way to, much less through, law school if I had not organized both our lives. I scheduled his study time, and made sure he put the time in. And I did it while finishing up my own degree in Nursing, doing the house-shopping that led to our first home purchase right after his graduation from law school, and -- oh, yeah -- having our first child, our baby girl.

Needless to say, I ran our household, and made the decisions about who would do what chores. And I was fair about it. I took on at least my fair share, and made allowances for J's busy times, like when he was both working full-time and going to night school. Later, of course, i had to accommodate the demands of his very demanding work. But, from the beginning, I made it clear that the chores, the cooking, the after-dinner clean-up, the laundry -- everything --would be shared, and no one would be exempt. Including our two kids, as well as J, who, I have to confess, I tended to treat as my third, and biggest kid. Anyway, from the beginning, J did the cooking and clean-up on the weekends, and I handled it during the week. I really wanted J to get comfortable in the kitchen, because my long-range plan was for him to take over more and more of the kitchen duties, as the demands on his time permitted. And that has worked out pretty good. From the beginning of the time we were living together, J had one other duty -- cleaning the bathrooms. I figured that a man who accepts responsibility for this chore, and takes enough pride in it to do it right, is a man who will probably not consider any household chore to be beneath him, or "woman's work," or whatever. Besides, I hated doing it myself. Anyway, after I had moved into J's apartment, I simply told him, "It's your bathroom, you clean it. And make sure you do it good!" And, a bit to my surprise, that's what he did. I was actually going to back down and offer to take turns. But, it was so easy. So, in our next apartment, I simply went on the assumption that he would go on doing the bathrooms and that assumption worked out just great.

To get back to the subject at hand, I told my husband that I was going to deny him anal sex. He was a back door man, and I said no more back door, man. What was his reaction? He pretty much went through all the stages of grief, right in front of me. Stunned silence for a while. Then, denial: "I thought you liked it." Well, I couldn't say anything to that; as I explained before, I actually did like it. So now, I said nothing in response to his protest; no use compounding one lie with more of them. Eventually, he reached the negotiation stage. "I could go slower, and use more lube, you know." Nope. "No, that won't do it," I said. Finally, anger at my unreasonableness and obstinacy. "Why are you doing this?" I was thinking, because I can, my usual fall-back response to "why" questions. But this time I held my tongue. After all, he was driving, and I didn't want to push my luck. J never got to the acceptance phase, at least not then. Not right away.

Really, what could he say? He said nothing, all the way home, which was fortunately not that much longer. I sat and looked out the window, wondering if I had done the right thing, or just messed up my life for good. "Oh what a tangled web we weave," went through my mind. I concentrated on the river that ran alongside the highway we were on. Sometimes it ran freely, then lots of times there were huge rocks with the river rushing around them. It seemed to be a metaphor of our marriage. Smooth sailing, followed by rough spots. Is that all this was? If so, I could handle it, right? Soon it would all sort itself out.

More gloomy silence as J drove on. We came upon signs indicating that we were coming to a bridge that would take us to the other side of the river. We hadn't come up to our son's college that way, but I knew the highway on the other side would also take us home. So I told J we should cross ver the bridge and take that route home. He obliged, and that made me feel better, for some reason. Maybe the two of us could get beyond this and cross over to something better. I hoped. We would see, that's for sure.

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. It comes really easy to me I guess u can say . I love the fact that the I hand all my control over to someone else. I don't L ike being a in control at all but in real life I have to. I am in control of the house my life my kids and everything else. Most times I just want to hold my breath and act like a little girl. But I can't stomp my feet kick someone in the shin but I can't.. it a not fair. Or even tantrum on the floor can't do that either. Lord I need some way to get this out of me.... Before I explode. My submissive side is just right there and can't come out fully.... Makes me want to cry it really does....

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We are going to play a game of Cards tonight. Or, rather I should say I will be playing a game of cards while Bond is securely bound over our new Whipping Bench! Will post 'rules' of game to be played at Bond's expense.
His now-unmarked Bottom & Thighs have been freshly shaven for the punishment game. His totally unprotected Cock & Balls nicely bound and ready to be whipped. I even have them thrust outwards with a pillow to raise them above his thighs to make it easier for me to punish them.
See today's posted photo of Bond laying in position waiting to be tied and whipped.

Lady M.

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it's really really hard for me to be good all the time. I am use to being braty and. Use to getting a my way due to the fact to not having a real life D yet. If I did have one I would be bruise so bad. Trust you me I know .. (ajust halo) and yes I joke a lot. But there is a time nd place for that.. and so I have to be good girl... That way when I get a real life D I will be ready and prepare for him... Smiling... I hope

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After my spider scare, I deflated my cushion, and tidied up.
Taking my cushion back upstairs Master was lay down in bed watching tv.
He asked if I had enjoyed my play. I said well yes, once I found a comfy position but the monster reappeared. He laughed and said I guessed it made a reappearance by the screaming and swearing. Come here so I can give your bum a squeeze.
I stood by him, chatting as he fondled my bum. Don't start being cheeky now or I will put you over my knee now. He told me. I giggled, oh promises promises.
With that, he pulled me over his tummy, he obviously felt better for me to be laying over his tummy, as he pulled my skirt up over my bum, and started to squeeze and fondle my left bum cheek.
Then he started to spank me and boy was it good. I giggled and wiggled my bum to get more as he hit harder and harder. He's never smacked me this hard with his hand before and I was loving a single one.
Smack, squeeze, fondle, smack, squeeze, fondle.
All on the left cheek.
It was starting to get more and more stingy and I started to say ouchie a lot, but still wiggled my ass for more. As he kneaded my cheek you could quite clearly hear how wet I was.
Mmmm seems you are still wanting more. Master said. Would you like me to make you cum and squirt. Oh yes please Master, I said eagerly.
Jump up then and bend over at the end of the bed, holding the bed frame.
Ive never jumped up so quickly before, I raced to get a puppy pad and placed it on the bed, moving the duvet away. Climbed up and got into position.
Master had only slipped a couple of fingers inside when I was close to cumming. As his fingers worked their magic he brought me to the highs on and on, squirting more and more til I thought it would never end. 3-4 times.
Til I collapsed over the bed frame, exhausted and spent.
Oh now that was a better ending to my day.
I think Master deserves a hand job for allowing you this treat. He told me as I tidied up. Climbing on the bed, i dropped a tiny blob of lube on his cock and slowly let it trickle down. I tickled his head, where I know he likes it, kneading it and his balls. Giving him a perfect hand job, his cock like a rock, he exploded, sending his cum all over his tummy. As he sighed I knew he had enjoyed that and we now both felt very content and satisfied.
Mmmm that will do you now until next month. Master said.
Wh...what, no way. I protested. He chuckled saying, Protest and you wont get that again until March.
I shut up quickly, hoping he didn't really mean that, but knowing Master he probably did.

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I wanted to tell you about my day yesterday, its silly but I think it will make you laugh.
My day started quiet, Master didn't feel well. Got a tummy bug, so no spanking or contemplation time.
Master left for work and within a minute, this massive huge monster of a spider crawls out from under the dogs bed towards the tv stand. By the time I screeched, grabbed the fly swat it had gone under the stand.
Leaving me a nervous wreck for the rest of the day. The fly swat stayed on the foot stool by the tv.
If you hadn't realised, I'm petrified of spiders and their webs.
2 hours later Master comes back home, feeling really shit, so he went straight to bed. By 1pm, he started to feel a bit better, wanted some toast but stayed in bed watching tv.
I dropped our son off at the train station, to go to college at 2.30pm.
Master sent me a message to say I'm allowed to blow up my new vibrating inflatable dildo cushion and have a play, in the living room.
Hunting for the pump to blow it up, then figured out how to use it (Master normally does that sorta thing), I left it blowing up.
Meanwhile i got my lube, camera, selfie stick, closed the curtains and stripped, then prepared myself, dropping a blob of lube on the dildo.
Crouching down was rather hard, with my medical conditions, Im not as flexible, so it became a struggle to be crouched so low down and then enjoy myself. The dildo seemed to have a very wide girth, lol, so i felt myself stretch wide as I lowered myself down, pausing a little to get readjusted plus watch my rings. After a while of thrusting up and down, my hips and back were really struggling. This needs to be higher I thought.
Climbing off, I put it on the footstool, no too high, I needed something in between. In our bathroom theres a smaller step stool, so quickly retrieved it, placing the cushion on there and thought, yes thats better.
So back I go, sliding slowly down, turning the vibrator on, it was just yummy.
I was holding the selfie stick and phone in one hand, trying to get photos for Master, then change to video. (The videos aren't great so I probably wont upload them), it was too dark to see where i positioned myself.
So I thought, well I will move in front of Masters chair, its brighter there.
This time I knelt on the cushion itself, lowered myself down, ( more comfortable ), so I was rather enjoying my play.
Don't forget I'm not allowed to cum or masterbate without Masters say so, so I was planning on enjoying this play. I hadn't been allowed to cum for early 3 weeks.
I had a nice slow play, more of a deep, gentle, dreamy play than a plentiful, fast and furious play I would have with Master.
On a pause, while I just sat enjoying feeling so stretched and the vibration feeling incredible, I opened my eyes, just in time to see that huge monster of a spider just walk past me, inches away from me, well did I scream, as I almost fell off my cushion. This monster just stopped right by me, grabbing the fly swat, I looked from spider to swat and decided the swat would not work, it was too close to the skirting board. And too big. Searching around looking for something to use, stopping the dogs going near it, I spotted a pot hanging off the radiator. Mmmmmmm that should work. So grabbed it and tried to put it over the monster, screaming and saying almost every swear word going.
Then it started moving again !
Screaming got louder, STAY THERE YOU FUCKING MONSTER I shouted.
Tried again and it started to climb inside the pot so I dropped it over the scary spider and finally I had caught it.
HA YOU BASTARD I CAUGHT YOU. I shouted to the pot.

But it had completely ruined my play. So I wasn't very happy.
When Master eventually got up he was getting ready to sit down when I said,
Oh be careful of that pot, the monster is in there.
He asked me to get a piece of card and slid it under the pot, but as soon as he lifted it the long thick legs started to get out so Master very quickly put the pot and card together, catching the legs.
Open the door for me please. Master said.
I raced to the door and ran to the other side of the kitchen to get away, as Master dropped in on the path, it was that big I could still see it moving from a distance until my hero stamped on it.
Now I know many people would not then kill it, but they do come back inside to the home they've made, so no way was that thing staying alive.
And anyway, it had ruined my first play in ages, so it deserved to be stomped on.
So that was my day !

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In need of a spanking play partner.. must be a guy, must live around the Rogers area, must have knowledge on the lifestyle!! Message me if interested! No blood, whips, canes, nothing sexual.... Safe Sane and Consensual!! Really hoping to find a stern but loveable guy, who is mature and has a place we can play!! Please help me find him!!!

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Hard Spanking Vixens
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Last night I had a dream. So I am going to put it in my blog.

As I sat on the couch I heard is car pull up . Sir walked through the door. Still sitting on the couch. He said what are u doing girl . I said nothing Sir. He gave me a stern talking look. Girl.... I jumped off the couch and kneeled beside him. Looking forward the floor. Arms behind my back.. what ha 've I told u about this house,where is dinner,where is my belt... !!!! Get it. I get up and hand it to him . Get on the bed now get in position!!! Laying on the bed Arms in front of me not moving. Feet on floor. He pulls down my pants and panties . Swack. I feel the sting of his belt across my. Ass. Over and over. I am sorry Sir please please what cassy...? Swack... The sting o f his belt makes me jump. Ouchhh please.... I am going out to teach me you to obey. Yes Sir... I said under my breath. Excuse me he said to me. Lifting my head up I am sorry *Sir. Tryin to put hand on. My butt. Girl I u know better!!!! Stand in the corner think about what u have done.... Standing in corner sobbing... That's when I woke up

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I have a series of videos I would like to create that are female spanking oriented I would like to do a girl next door with a big booty and can take really intense spankings
If interested message me if you would like to be a volunteer in teaching the next gen about spanking and dd

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would have say talk dark and handsome with a stern look about him. And a deep voice that's a must. He needs to be taller then me witch isn't hard I am 5'3lol. Has to be strike and no nonsense type of man what he says goes.. when he yells you cower type of man. But then also u as a. Soft side loving understand ing but is firm. If he is speaking to me. And I don't listen he stands up and I kneel real fast looking down... Or he says my name cassandra not cassy then I know he means business. Yup that's what I want so bad will I ever get it hmmm I don't know... Would also like him to be younger... And yes love for him to be a black man.. be daddys pain slut if anyone know him send him my way please Ty

Hard Spanking Vixens
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#go2bed when you receive a direct order, dont reply “but i had other plans” – your defiance hurts you more than Me. #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Success rate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)

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As i sit in my room with a t-shirt and panties on i hold the paddle. fearing for what is coming i wait impatiently for my dad to come to my room. I did wrong and i deserve this i tell myself over and over again but it never sinks in. I jump at every sound fearing it was that time. I didn't know how i would react. would i cry? would i stay in position? would i try to stop the spanking? i did not know. After what seemed like forever my dad comes in my room and i look up at him with a frown on my face. He says at me firmly I dont want to do this but i have to because i love you. my eyes fill with tears as i am told to get up and to go over to the wall and pull my panties down to my knees. My face turns red as he says those words. i place my hands on the wall and take a deep breath as he tells me to stick my bottom out. as i do that he pulls my shirt up to the middle of my back and tells me not to move. Before i could take a deep breath the paddle gets lined up with my bottom and then the first swat happens. It was a shock at how much it hurt with the first swat over my bottom is already throbbing the second swat hits i let out a scream. it felt like a sword going across my bottom over and over again. I still remain in position as the swats keep coming. by the 6th swats im crying quietly not loud enough for him to hear. A swat came and i moved both hands off the wall and cover my bottom and beg him for no more. he said i better get comfortable cause im going to be there a while and now the swats are going to be worse. I put my hands back on the wall crying but not because of the pain but because i was mad at myself for moving causing myself more pain. He continued the paddling and the swats hurt more and more as they covered my bottom. I start bawling because of the pain and my dad says hold still.i try to hold still as the burning swats keep hitting my bottom but i am unable to be still. he than tells me to stand up and to bend over and grab my ankles since i couldnt be still. i do as i am told while i cry. after i bend over and grab my ankles he lifts my shirt back over my back and places his right hand firmly on my back to hold me still and began again. I tried to be still but my bottom was turning a dark red and was very hot to the touch. by the time he is satisfied with his work im bawling like a baby and just bent over and not moving. he puts the paddle down and looks at my sore and very red bottom and says i may stand up and pull up my panties. i stand up slowly crying and slowly pulls up my panties over my sore and bruised bottom. He give me a hug and walks out of the room. when he leaves i lay on my bed and keep crying rubbing my bottom. I swear to myself that would never happen again and then a day later it does, why can't i behave i ask myself everyday?

Clare Fonda Pass