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I walked into the building and went to my locker to grab a chemistry book I'd need for Second Period. Almost blushing with self consciousness, I went through the main office where, thankfully, no one paid any attention. I was happy to see only one school secretary and no other kids hanging around at that early hour. Two desks had been dragged into the waiting area since yesterday, and Amanda was seated at one, writing on some lined paper. I said hi, and she said "hi" back in a barely audible voice, nothing more. Her emotions were in sync with mine: fear, anger and embarrassment.

Amanda was wearing white Levis and a red pullover with the school logo in yellow. She was a member of our high school's danceline troupe that performed at games, Homecoming and so on. Mrs. Dodd stepped out of her office and demanded the consent form which I had folded up small in my hand - very small, that is, not wanting anyone I might encounter to suspect what was happening. She scanned it, then handed me some lined paper. "Megan, I want you to write these sentences fifty times. 'I was paddled for smoking on school property. I will not commit this offense again.' When you're done, just sign it at the bottom, understand?" I understood. I sat down and began scribbling these words of wisdom.

Amanda had been at it awhile and was halfway through her sentences. I made an effort to stimulate conversation but she had nothing to say and remained intently focused on her writing. For just a moment she put her head down on her arms and I thought she would start crying. Thankfully, she didn't. I desperately wanted to say something to my friend that might help, but could think of nothing at all. Amanda put down her pen and ran her finger down one side of the paper and then the other, making certain she'd completed all fifty sentences. She stood up quickly and walked into the office, her whole demeanor seeming to say "OK, FINE, LET'S GET THIS OVER WITH NOW." I overheard Jessica Dodd click the intercom and say something about "come down now..." She was summoning another faculty member to act as witness, a precaution required by North Carolina law in the event Amanda or I would claim our punishments were excessive or abusive.

The witness knew what she was coming for, but hadn't been told who was involved. The door from the main office opened a minute later and she walked in. Her name was Andrea Kelly, somewhere in her mid 20's, an English teacher who was also in charge of the drama club. I knew Ms. Kelly but never had one of her classes. "Oh, hi Megan" she chirped, just like she'd run into me at the mall or somewhere. "What are you doing in here?" I told her quickly what had happened, hoping maybe she would or could do something to get us out of our predicament. No such luck. She arched her eyebrows in a somewhat concerned look, said "Hmm, well...." and shrugged. Then Ms. Kelly went into the office and shut the door behind her.

Sitting alone at the desk, cheery spring sunshine beaming in the windows, my stomach doing flip flops and feelings of anxiety heightening by the second, I emphatically did not find the notion of being paddled to be a joke casually laughed off. The situation was truly intimidating. I was worried I'd cry when getting spanked and hoped I'd be able to hold it back and not show any emotions. I feared if Amanda cried, I'd be more likely to when feeling the sting of the paddle a few minutes later. I reasoned if I could survive the licks without tears, Mrs. Dodd - and Ms. Kelly - would think it hadn't much hurt and I could save face. I was not a happy camper, as they used to say, but I was acutely aware we were being punished for willful infractions of the school rules and that punishment isn't meant for fun.

From inside the office I could hear voices, the words unintelligible through the heavy door. Then suddenly there came a loud and startling *CRACK!* followed by complete silence. I was thankful Amanda hadn't screamed. I was as nervous as the proverbial long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, so if Amanda had screamed so would I. A few seconds later came Amanda's second lick *CRACK!* followed a few seconds later by her third, again followed by that unnerving silence. Amanda was doing okay with it until, that is, she got her fourth lick, answered with a sharp yelp of "OUCH GOLLY !" Seconds later was her fifth and final one, at which she seemed to gasp and sob in the same breath. Apart from this I heard nothing, and felt a certain relief that Amanda's paddling hadn't seemed quite as severe an ordeal as I'd feared.

A minute later Amanda came out, her face flushed and eyes moist, appearing pouty and sullen as she brushed her hair back with one hand. Looking at her I stammered "Did it hurt?" (Dumb question, huh?) Amanda shot back, "My GOD, Megan! Do you HAVE to be such a BABY about EVERYTHING ?" She rolled her eyes, grabbed her shoulder bag from beside the chair and stormed out.

Jessica Dodd came to the door, telling me to "hurry up and finish writing." Done at last, I forced myself away from the desk and entered her office. For the sake of drama I wish it were possible for me to write that I was replaying in my mind the "Last Mile" scene from some corny Jimmy Cagney movie, but I wasn't. All I was thinking is that I wanted this over and done with, and right now.

Mrs. Dodd shut the door. She took the paper from me, and I was ordered to "sit down for just a minute" while she and Ms. Kelly tinkered with a FAX machine on a small table. Sitting in the exact same spot as the day before, on a cheap office chair in front of her desk, it occurred to me it was still within my power to stop this. Nobody could prevent me from simply walking out, firing up the Monte and driving home. But, to avoid being punished by leaving would have brought about what I knew was a worse punishment: academic consequences I could not afford. I stayed put.

My eyes darted all over the room with its tacky aqua carpeting and walls painted off white. There was a window behind the large mahogany desk, its venetian blinds drawn closed but swaying in a warm breeze. As I sat there, a semi or heavy Diesel truck rumbled past on the street and its driver for some reason gave a blast on its deep air horn. Why this sticks in my memory I can't say. I looked around for the paddle, but it was nowhere to be seen. At my high school a paddle was humorously called a "Board of Education." They were made downstairs in the woodworking shop, and rumor had it they were retired from active duty once fully covered with kids' signatures. Uncomfortable and hot, anxious and edgy, I felt like screaming at Mrs. Dodd and Ms. Kelly "CAN WE PLEASE DO THIS AND GET IT OVER WITH, DAMN YOU ?! " Of course, I said nothing.

Whatever the problem was with the FAX, the two of them got it resolved. Mrs. Dodd told me to stand up, and Andrea Kelly walked over and shoved my chair to the left and up against the wall. Mrs. Dodd asked if there was anything in my back pockets, and I removed a pocket comb and my car keys and laid them on the desk. Mrs. Dodd walked over to the same filing cabinet that held our records, reached in beside it and removed the paddle from a hook on the wall. Seeing it gave me a start. I had seen the paddles used by our p.e. coaches, but this one was a lot more intimidating. About 24" long and 3 1/2" wide, it looked to be about a quarter inch thick. It was made of light colored wood and appeared heavy. One end was beveled on both sides to form the handle which was wrapped in black tape. My sister Laurie and boyfriend Jeff later told me this is done to provide a better grip. Four or five round holes, perhaps 3/4" in diameter, had been drilled down the center of the paddle to allow for a faster descent and more painful slaps.

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Mrs. Dodd stood by the filing cabinet. "Okay Megan, the sooner we do this the sooner it's done with. I need you to just bend way over my desk now and poke your seat out." She spoke in a surprisingly gentle tone of voice. The usual clutter, including a letter holder and a rotary telephone, had been pushed to one side. Being out of options I did as ordered, reaching across and grabbing the edge of the desktop's other side. As I bent down the first bell rang, and from out in the hallway filtered in the sound of kids running back and forth, locker doors slamming and all the mundane noises of the start of the school day. The faded blue denim of my jeans stretched tightly across my upturned backside and was suddenly uncomfortable. The psychology of “Assuming - the - Position” is, in itself, punishing: I'd offended against the Rules of Authority and now had to - quite literally - bow down before that Authority's representative to receive my correction. The truth of this simple proposition struck me with jarring abruptness at that moment like a lightning jolt to my spirit. My emotions were a confusing jumble of fear, self-pity, anger and blushing shame.

Wide eyed, I watched as Jessica Dodd walked away from the filing cabinets and to my left and a little ways behind. Andrea Kelly stood to my right, near the door to the waiting room, arms folded and staring at the floor. She didn't seem happy at being there. Turning my head to see what Ms. Dodd was doing, I saw she had the paddle in her right hand and was tapping it against her leg. We had a moment's eye contact when she said to position my feet a little further apart and "Get ready." I was still looking back when she took the paddle in both hands and touched it to the seat of my jeans. I remember that spooky pressure only too well. "Look straight ahead, Meg. You're not to turn around. Got it ?" I swallowed, nodded, and quietly answered "Yes, Ma'am." Her paddle felt hard, solid and cold. There was no pain yet, but the sick thought that mere heartbeats from now it would burn like hellfire raced through my mind.

Mrs. Dodd tapped the paddle against my bottom, aligning it to take aim. Jeff, ever a fountainhead of information, would tell me this is done as a precaution in order to avert striking the lower back or legs. I sensed it when Jessica Dodd swung the paddle far back to her right. I stared forward and concentrated on the venetian blinds. I tensed up, clenching the muscles in my butt, clenching my toes, clenching my teeth and telling myself "OKAY HERE IT IS AND IT ISN'T GOING TO BE SO BAD......"

*CRACK!* The sound and the sensation were like a firecracker exploding. And *HURT* ? It scalded as if I'd just sat on a waffle iron. I swallowed hard, determined this wouldn't make me cry. A couple of seconds passed. Jessica Dodd again lined up the paddle against my fanny and delivered the second lick. With buttocks already hot and throbbing, the second *CRACK!* scorched across my bottom with such intensity that I quite literally saw stars. I kid you not, as Bogart says in The Caine Mutiny. She whacked me with enough force to knock me forward a little and up onto my toes. Struggling to stay in control, I steeled myself and concentrated on not breaking down. The Assistant Principal repeated the routine, again lining up the paddle on my now badly hurting backside for a few seconds, and *CRACKED!* me a third time. On top of the accumulated pain of two slaps within less than ten seconds, the sting was sharper than I'd anticipated. Salty tears began to well up in my eyes. And, just like my pal Amanda, my self control couldn't endure the fourth *CRACK!* I squealed "YEOW!" and jumped up from the desk, placing both hands on my bottom. With a hot tear dripping down one cheek, I half sobbed and half whispered "Mrs Dodd I just can't take another one..."

Andrea Kelly walked over and asked, very quietly, if I was all right. I bit my lip and nodded, afraid my voice would crack if I answered aloud. Mrs. Dodd said I was required to take all five licks "or none of this counts" but added "it's okay if you need a second to get ready." Ms. Kelly handed me a Kleenex. I got a hold of myself because, more than anything, I had to avoid breaking down completely. I stood there about 15 seconds, my bottom feeling like I was sitting on sunbaked asphalt, and I burned inside with a kind of shame and humiliation I'd never felt in my entire life.

Andrea Kelly came over and placed her hand on my arm. With a sad face and in that quiet little voice, she said "Meg, it would be better if you took the last one while you're still numb" and gave me a wink. Avoiding eye contact with the Assistant Principal, I quickly bent over. After two or three more light taps, Jessica Dodd gave the last lick *VERY* hard. I winced and gasped but, thank God, managed to stifle a cry. "That's all, Meg. Stand up" she told me. Ms. Dodd laid the paddle on her desk, offered a pen and said I should sign it as this was a "school tradition." Taking her felt tip Bic I wrote "M.E. Lowry", thinking it was a stupid tradition. A couple of dozen signatures were scrawled across the hardwood surface, and someone had drawn a "Smiley Face" in red. Ms. Dodd, unexpectedly, extended her right hand and I took it lamely. She shook it twice, nodded and said "Okay. Head on down to homeroom now."

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The paddle had a small hole and a string loop at the end of its handle. I saw Ms. Dodd return it to that hook beside the filing cabinet as I picked up my comb and car keys and walked into the waiting area to grab my books. I thought to myself "Why does she hide it back there like that ? Is the bitch ashamed of it ?" A twenty-something secretary named Jane Shaw and a couple of student office helpers stood behind the counter in the office area. Two turned away with grins on their faces as though sharing a private joke, and one looked directly at me with a tiny smirk. They'd obviously overheard Amanda and me being punished and found the whole thing funny.

Andrea Kelly followed me out into the wide main corridor. She put her arm around my back and asked "Hey, Meg ? You ever get a spankin' before now ?" I admitted to Ms. Kelly that, yes, sometimes I was spanked by Mother or Daddy, but not even once before here in school. She slowly shook her head. "Well, I think y'all took it like a pretty good sport, anyway. I'm sure this'll be the only time, hon." By our community's standards Andrea Kelly was something of a rebel. An Alabama native, her car bore a N.O.W. bumper sticker and she'd alienated some folks locally, especially my family's Baptist pastor, with a strongly worded letter to the editor of The Daily Record in defense of Roe versus Wade. Although popular with her male peers and once engaged to a local pharmacist, she was rumored to have a girlfriend, a female attorney, upstate in New Bern. I had a distinct impression Ms. Kelly did not approve one iota of what she'd just seen happen and perhaps wished to say more, although she didn't. She quit teaching at our high school the end of that year.

I walked to the washroom, splashed cold water on my face, combed my hair and went to homeroom at 8:30. The intense sting wore off in a half hour, but I was sweaty and headachy all day and sitting on those hard desk chairs added to my discomfort. For the remainder of that Thursday the sensation in my nether regions was like a bad sunburn. My jeans felt tight and they chaffed. The paddle had raised a welt that rubbed against the cotton fabric of my panties with a nasty itching that hurt like a boil. When I returned home that afternoon and walked in the back door, mom gave me a hug and asked if everything was all right. "Yeah I'm fine, Mom" I told her and went on upstairs to shower and check for damage in the bathroom mirror. My bottom was still reddish to dark pink with some major bruising on the right cheek and lesser black and blue marks on the left one. After toweling off and getting dressed I lay on my bed sobbing into the pillow for a good ten minutes. Seething with embarrassment and anger, the tears I'd mostly held back before now flowed. My bruises lasted a few days, but the redness was largely faded by the next night. For a while I experienced an annoying "twang" of discomfort when sitting on a hard surface or moving in just the wrong way. The most irritating part was the welt which, as it healed, continued to itch.

At the time, I had a part time job on Thursday and some Friday evenings at Food Lion, working at the courtesy counter from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. So there I was, a young woman old enough to vote or marry, drive and hold employment, conversant with the facts of life and mature in most ways, yet at my job with sore buttocks because of being spanked like a little eight year old a few hours before. The irony was not lost on me, not then and not now. Legal adult ? Heck, the lingering heat and soreness throughout that long evening served as an unpleasant but pretty effective reminder that I was still just a kid.

For awhile after taking licks I carried around feelings of having been treated unfairly. You might say the paddle had stung my pride more than my 18 year old backside, and perhaps that's true. Yet to take licks, and for it to be known you'd managed to take them without too much fussing, could earn you a degree of respect from friends and peers who had themselves been on the receiving end. It was a sign of being tough, so to speak, with the realization that no matter how tough you were, the hardwood paddle swung by that particular Assistant Principal was going to mean real pain and a tear or two. Those thoughts, articulated to me by another girl and a couple of the guys, made my memory of the whole ordeal much easier to bear.

That Sunday after church I told this whole story to both my older sisters, Kimberly and Laurie. They were sympathetic to the pain and to the emotions caused by taking licks, but not to the behavior that caused it. Laurie helped me place it in clearer perspective when she said, "Yeah, I know it sucked big time but now it's over and done with. It's not that big a deal and it's sure nothing to blame Mom over, Megan." She told me that, everything considered, "It's probably for the best that Mom said OK to it." Laurie believed the smartest thing would be to simply regard the whole incident as nothing more than one small part of growing up. My Sis offered me some wise advice that day. I stopped being mad at our Mom and started getting ready for finals.

Amanda and I were dear friends since elementary school and remain so today. For a short time I harbored feelings of angry resentment towards her. After all, wasn't it she who suggested we sneak upstairs to smoke? I also resented her attitude in calling me a "baby" during those stressful few minutes the next morning. In reflecting on it, however, she hadn't forced me to accompany her to the washroom and light up, and her bitter words were spoken in an ugly moment of severe pain and blushing shame. The following Wednesday evening Jeff and I stopped at the Blue Light Drive In and saw Amanda and her future husband eating at an outdoor table. After a few minutes of icy quiet we began talking. When Amanda reached in her purse, withdrew a Pall Mall and lit up, I couldn't stop myself asking "Are you sure you need that? You've already GOT a smoldering butt!" Forty five minutes later Amanda and I parted company with a small laugh and a big hug, pals again. Fifteen months later I was one of her bridesmaids. Should my friend ever think back to the events of May 13th, 1993, it's a sure thing she'd wholeheartedly agree with my sister's opinion: it was all nothing more than one small part of growing up.

(_|_) (|||||||||||)==O The End

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In a bad mood
.. Going be late for work... Oh well!!!!! No one gives a fuck anyways!!!

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I am pleased to say we have uploaded a new spanking video featuring Katie a second time. As you can imagine she doesn't behave again and so Daddy puts her over his knee to teach her a lesson. It was good fun to make although that hairbrush always hurts more than I remember. Obviously we don't agree with spanking an actual child but Katie is an adult role play character and I had great fun drawing my farmyard picture.
Hope you all enjoy it - if you can't see it yet it's because it's waiting the site approval.

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1 page done, 5 more to go.
Gotta hoover now, then more lines, then do ironing. :(

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Ive just been informed by Mr G, that i shud write these lines every day until he says stop.
200 bloody lines will take a couple of hours.
By the time ive done my chores, taken my daily photos, now writing these bloody lines out, 6 pages, When can i catch up on my sleep.

Frilly knicks day today.

My bottom will be poisec and ready for Mr G later this evening.
Unless im still writing these lines, probably with a soaping for swearing.
One is becoming a grumpy little sub.

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...thanks for looking at my underpants

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I was at work today n for some reason MD came to my mind… his screen name was MasterD but of course I shortened it lol…

I had just gotten my very first computer ever.. my kids had bought it for me for a birthday gift.. I was clueless, I didn’t even know how to properly turn it on n off … I remember lookin up a lot of things once I found my way around a lil bit.. one of the first things I typed in was of course “Spanking”… one of the things that popped up was “Spanking.com” so checked it out n joined for free.. Spanking.com had its own chatroom.. that chatroom was called “RedAssChat”… I remember my very first time enterin that room.. I felt so naughty bein there n that’s no lie.. I had to ask a lot of questions “What is LOL?” “What is brb” etc….

RAC as most of the members referred to RedAssChat had a small group of regulars..i was fascinated.. all the members were spankers, spankees, Doms, Dommes, subs, slaves,switches, with a few adult diaper babies n cross dressers etc… n what was best, quite a few were my age..i met a lot of good people there, had TONS of fun there.. n truly miss that place.. ( workin man was one i met there n still have contact with :) )

Now as ive stated before , I do NOT call anyone “Master” or “Sir”… so MasterD became MD to me… I’m findin myself laughin to myself as I type this… MasterD was one of many there .. Id enter the chatroom n anyone there would greet me “hello bg”… or “hello bad”…n id say hello back but id shorten anyones name that had the Master or Sir title.. I remember MD correctin me many many times on callin him MD but I continued to do it…n of course he would tell me he wouldn’t aknowledge me until I referred to him by his title n I said “well u just hold ur breath n wait for that”…

Also anyone was SUPPOSED to ASK permission before sendin a pvt message to anyone… I don’t actually follow rules so id just send a pm anyhow… one day for kicks n giggles I asked MD if I could message him… before he told me “no” because I wasn’t referring to his title properly I added “ u might as well say yes cause I’m gonna anyhow”… he never responded in the open room like most people did .. so I just PMed him a “boo!” to which he didn’t comment…

Now MD was a really nice guy but id heard from a few people in the room that he didn’t like me.. that he would NOT aknowledge me UNTIL I referred to him by his title… this made me taunt him more ( just for fun).. so everyday id ask to PM him n id add that I was goin to anyhow so he may as well just say I can… n he wouldn’t “give me permission” n id send him somethin “boo”… “ I see u”.. etc.. one day after I asked n before I could add the “ I’m gonna anyhow” he was ready for me n said “no badgirl u may NOT pm me n I’m goin to block u so u cant”…. Sooooo me bein me I PMED him anyhow n my pm message was “ I knew u didn’t block me cause u like me” n it went thru which means he did NOT block me… to my surprise he PMED me back.. “ur incorrigible!!”… n I laughed n said “that’s MISS incorrigible to u”… he sent me a “LOL if I ever get my hands on u, u wont sit for a week?” I said “ only a week? Who taught u to spank then, ur mama?”

From that day on all was well…. We talked all the time ( just friendly stuff).. we actually exchanged emails n yahoo n real names n addresses…. We sent each other real birthday n Christmas cards …he didn’t have a pic of himself to post because he didn’t know how so i had him send me one by snailmail n I uploaded it, sent it to his email so he could save it to his puter n then download it to the site to share…. In one Christmas card he wrote to me.. that one thing he wanted to do before he died was to meet me n give me the spankin his hand had been itchin to give me since day one…..

MD had online subs in our RAC room n he told me one day “ive always been intrigued by u bad… I so wanted to ask u to be my sub many times but I didn’t know if u would say yes n I truthfully I don’t think I could handle u”… that made me smile…

MD n I kept in touch for years… he developed cancer ( I HATE THAT C WORD)…. We still talked but it got to be less n less as he got weaker.. then all contact ceased…. I am not sure if he passed away because of course ive lost contact with him but I think it he was still alive he would of reached out to me if he could….. so MD if ur up there…. Can I pm u? u better say yes because I’m gonna anyhow……….*tight hugs*.. I miss u…

OTK Spank
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I am glad to have the opportunity to join a site so dear to my beliefs. My wife and I have been followers of spanking for almost 40 years now. At first, all there was available, were magazines from adult book stores. This can get expensive and hard to hide from prying eyes. Now that the web has grown, you can find anything on any subject. I'm the alpha in the family and my beautiful wife is my submissive. She is the one that found this site and brought it to me. I joined within the first hour of cruising through. We are both of English decent and I often wonder if discipline is a hereditary trait. I have always been comfortable in the role as Master. On the flip side she has always been at ease being dominated. It sure makes for an exciting lifestyle. Our hopes are to maybe find some bloggers from the UK to share thoughts, experiences and views. Up to now I create fictional characters in short stories as a way of pretending we are interacting with like minded people. I am a member of that so called secret society with square and compass, and live by it's beliefs. I do not condone rape or torture, bruising choking or face slapping. I believe humiliation can be achieved in much more peaceful acts. I am in my early sixties, she 4 years my junior and we have been together since she started 9th grade. If any of you like what you read, please add to my wall.

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2? 3? days ago, in response to comments on my last blog "Pink", I posted a photo of 2 full-length slips and 2 waist slips. It has never shown up anywhere on the site.

Is it possible that a picture of 4 items of white lacy underwear was deemed unfit viewing for the fragile souls who frequent Spanking tube and it got censored?

Or maybe with my *ahem* well-known technical competence I screwed up and it didn't actually upload in spite of the fact that the "Thank you for your contribution" message appeared?

Was a picture of my petticoats so irresistible that somebody intercepted it out of the ether and kept it for their own?

In any case, where is it?

I wonder.

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ALOHA THIS IS UNCLE SPINNER and this message is for the young men on Maui and around the country. Dad not around or being raised by Mom, let me add a male voice to you're ears...Listen to Uncle ..Take care of yourself, STI’s (sex transmitted infections) Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia is everywhere in the country and on Maui, highest infection rates ever! where single young men and women are playing “between the sheets” and to make it more intense school 2016-17 is starting for Public and Private High Schools
Remember guys one of the ways you can get syphilis is from oral sex, it is a bacteria and is Highly Contagious…. shootz….
Look old school days I had razor straps, wood and plastic paddles hanging in my room and if I thought you were out partying and became aware you were screwing everything that moves Uncle would bring them out, have you drop your board shorts and would apply a half dozen stingers to that bare ass of yours, taking my time, intense talk story between each swat, to get your attention ..SHOOTZ boy don't become a young father from a unintended pregnancy or super sick from a sex infection that will mess up your junk because your were thinking with your little head. Have some self control! My paddling days are over, no more paddling from Uncle, paddles and straps gone, my season of paddling and strapping, after thirty years, has come to a end and time to move on, not kidding!
If need Da Kine ideas to stay Healthy, ideas to keep Hormones in check, ideas to be Honorable and Gentlemen Look me up, talk story
Same place every Sunday Greeter for my church.
Take care of yourself STAY HEALTHY
Uncle Spinner on Maui

OTK Spank
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I think on the whole im becoming a good little sub for Mr G most of the time.
I understand i have to do as he says at all times.
Yet, when im told to do something i dont wanna do, thats it.
Argue, give cheek, more arguing and as hes at work or bedn away, i feel safe to do it as he cant reach me there and then.
Yet i know he will be home.
And i know we have the house to ourselves tomorrow, so why do i do it.
All because i wanted to watch the new series of Big Brother starting tonight.
Mr G is out tonight with work so wont be home til after 11pm so i thought i could stay up late too.
No! He told me usually 9pm, tv off at 10pm
I said i cudda just watched it and you would never know.
He said, you know, i will know.
Ofcourse he will know, he will check on the cameras deliberately now to see when i turned the tv off.
The brat says just watch it and pay the consequences.
But the sub says no, record it like you would normally do.so you dont get into more trouble.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm what do i do ?????

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I recently moved to Eugene, Oregon, and would love to meet a strong woman with a hot hand who knows how to scorch a man's bare bottom. I am physically disabled, so you would have to undress me and help me into position across your lap before my spanking begins. If this would turn you on, please send personal mail. xoxo

Zack Wheeler

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Obviously inspired by the tenth anniversary of "Welcome to the Black Parade", a chum of mine suggested I might enjoy getting spanked by Gerard Way. I wouldn't mind that at all but only if Brendon Urie from Panic! at the disco was busy.

This is where I would upload a picture of both but spankingtube doesn't see fit to permit me to do so.

So, Gerard, Brendon, give me a call. My number is 0779....hang on, silly me, you have my number already

I should take this opportunity to clear up some confusion, my avatar is not me, I wish....he's so very pretty after all!

OTK Spank
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When I put up the video of my gymnastics leotard spanking I received many compliments and messages. It seems everyone enjoyed the spanking that I got in my gymnastics leotard. I was going through me leotard collection yesterday and I found a gymnastics leotard that I wore in competitions when I was in high school. I put on some tan tights and I tried on my high school gymnastics leotard. It still fits! As a matter of fact it fits perfect and it felt wonderful! I love that gymnastics leotard! I called my spanker and told him about my high school gymnastics leotard and how it still fits! I told him how much I was enjoying it with my tan tights! So just 5 minutes later I was getting a spanking in this wonderful gymnastics leotard with tan tights! It was such a great feeling! I really love getting a spanking in a leotard and tights but this was really nice! I enjoyed that spanking so much!
I know the Summer Olympics are coming in a few weeks and team USA gymnastics will have the nicest leotards of all the gymnasts! After you watch them, you can watch me get a spanking in a real gymnastics competition leotard!

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would you spank me if you caught me wearing panties?

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After arguing on Monday night and continung Tuesday morning, Mr G told me i had 200 lines to write.
I must not argue with master when he is away. All rules still apply.
Lines are always written in pencil in my notebook.

Thought it would look funky using different colours.

Im not breaking the rules, i dont think, as im still using pencils, but theres nothing in the rules that allows me to use colouring pencils either.
I just thought it would make a change.
No doubt when ive completed my 200, and sent a picture of each page to him, i will find out if Mr G approves or not.
I really cant help acting like a child at times.

OTK Spank
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today my moods a lil blue.. but I'm here at the Tube just the same... haven't watched one video today but I have read blogs *lil smile*.. sometimes I just like to do that...I read my messages n found warm wishes n genuine carin there...I even went back n read old blogs of my own.. dont ask me why cause I couldn't tell ya...I have a huge void in my life that I know will never get filled but hey that's life I guess... my partner asked me to marry him for the 5th time since we have been together ( nearly 7 yrs)......each time ive said no..... this time I told him I need to think on it.... *sighs*...I may just take him up on it...the plus side if I'm ever in line n they call me alphabetically ill go from W to C.......

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I want to share my progress since last update down 20# funny when spanked and you don't want to be it has impressive results in motivating me

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