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Views: 36 · Added: 2 days ago

Looking for some thing to do this Christmas.I wrote to Santa asking for a copy of his naughty list.
All I got back was a list of my female friends here on Spankingtube. With a note saying some are worse than others,but really they all need a good spanking.So line them up,and bend them over.

I thought,and believed some of you were good girls.I must be wrong again.


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Views: 78 · Added: 2 days ago

My lovely wife, and paddler, Sue, has developed an extremely intense method of paddling. First her warm-up swats are applied....hard. I am usually blistering by half way to ten swats. But once the 10 warm-up swats are administered, I get a short break. Once back in position, Sue gives her best punishment style swats. Usually a total of twenty, or so swats in around one minute. I do my best to keep my butt relaxed, stuck up and out for her paddle. It is almost impossible not to jump, but once I'm good and warmed up, I do pretty well. However...I am very verbal, LOL! Sue's paddlings leave me in tears, and I can assure you I am very tough!!! A good side effect is the flush of endorphins as the paddling ends...TOTALLY awesome! Thank you Sweetie!

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Views: 98 · Added: 2 days ago

Most girls want the fairy tale. Not that we're damsels in distress, necessarily, but just that it's nice to have a prince (or Queen) who will treat us like a princess, take care of us, protect us from all the demons and dragons in the world.

Most girls want the knight in shining armor to sweep them off their feet, scoop them into their arms, carry them to their white steed and sit behind him, arms wrapped around him as he takes her to his palace.

I'm not most girls. I'll take the dark knight - the one I deserve - who tosses me over his shoulder when he carries me from danger, who puts me in front of him on his black steed - in front of him, face down, with well placed smacks delivered upon my upturned rump with every protest I dare make. He takes me back to his lonely castle where he rules supreme, where he applies the leather to my bare posterior so I feel the sting of every trial I put him through in my rescue - for he knows I put myself in the way of trouble to test whether he would be strong enough (and patient enough) to fetch me - but I gave no test which was beyond what I knew would be done. He even has a witch in his keep who delights in torturing me when he's not around.

The standard fairy tale may lead to sweeter dreams . . .

. . . but mine makes for more delicious fantasies!

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Views: 108 · Added: 2 days ago

This is a true story, while the names have been changed to protect the innocent, the facts are true...da da daaaaah

LOL now don't ya love those old late 60's and early 70's cop shows? Anyway, Today I made a video of a self spank for not keeping up with my house chores. My house wasn't nasty, but if you really looked you could tell that the carpet hadn't been vacuumed in a while, and a few dishes piled up in the sink. That may be minor to some, but I am being a little strict on myself.
So I have this really big paddle that I call TITAN. Its made of cherry wood, I think. Now it does look intimidating, but don't let the size of it fool you. It isn't nowhere near as "thuddy" as you would think it is. It is very stingy. I would imagine that if someone did take a baseball swing with it on someone, it would really do some damage, but the sheer sting power of it, is where the money is.
So I turned my camera on (note, looks like selfies can't be honored on here, according to the FAQ)and applied some Aloe Lotion to my already sore bottom from yesterdays encounter with the wooden spoon.

I figure that since it had been a little while since I had cleaned house, I deserved a pretty good one. So up to around 92 swats, and my arm tired out on me...switched to the "puppy paddle" and I lost count, and restarted at 82.83.84....99.100! The last set was a very fast pace, whereas the TITAN was more like smack,count,smack,count.

The video was entirely set up for a friend spanko who lives about 200 miles from me. So she can't help me out with things unless she really goes out of her way. Any way, so I sent the video to her, and made some stills of the red bottom afterward. I didn't take the photos right away as I was too busy getting the video uploaded to send.
Part of the dialog, was that if I were to spank for a untidy house, then mine should set the example, and when I am not setting the example then my bottom should pay for it. IT DID all 100 swats!!

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Views: 109 · Added: 3 days ago

Over the past few weeks Jen and I have being fooling around with each other;you know the sort of thing,hiding each others clothes,sending each other dirty text messages when we know one of us is doing something important.Last weekend Jen hid my car keys which are attached to my house keys,now having had a few drinks the night before I genuinely believed that I had lost them.I rang the pub we both go too and was told there was no keys found. I retraced my steps,on foot,back into the village,checking the road as I went. I even went into the local shop and had a sign put up on the notice board offering a reward to anyone who found my keys. When I came back from the village the keys were left on the kitchen table with a note saying THE LEPRECHAUN'S MADE ME DO IT,in Jenny's handwriting.

Yesterday Jen and I went to a Department store and got split up looking at different things to buy. I looked around for her but she was gone.I continued to do a little shopping when I heard my name being called out over the in store public address system saying that MY DAUGHTER WAS WAITING FOR ME AT THE PERFUME COUNTER.I went to the perfume counter to find Jenny and the shop assistant laughing at me. However it was this morning which really took the biscuit. Jen asked did I want to go for a run. I said yes,and we both set off on what I thought would be a nice leisurly jog. It turned out to be a flat out run. There was a time when I could keep up with her,but not anymore.Jenny runs whenever she can and is planning on doing five marathons around the country next year. There was a distance between us,suddenly she stopped and shouted to me..."COME ON OLD WOMAN,KEEP UP!" I had enough.

When we got home I waited until she was in the shower,stings more when her bottom is wet. I stormed the shower room,with the wooden spoon. Before she could react I grabbed her by her ear and dragged her into the bedroom. There was a struggle ,but I managed to get in a few whacks with the wooden spoon.. I told her to lie across the bed,that if she didn't do as I said,then it would be the cane in my study. She called me a few choice names,before doing what I said. I took the strap and gave her six strokes. I love her bottom.I love to run my hands over it in between chastising her.I have been guilty of even biting sometimes. However as usual,the discipline only lasts a little while before we make love;at least we got to try out our new dildo and feather duster...don't ask,but I guess you can imagine. Afterwards we both agreed that we needed that and showered together,which caused more 'physicality', before snuggling up in front of our open fire drinking hot chocolate,until my niece burst through the door,thankfully I had listened to Jenny and got dressed. My niece was looking for cash,she forgot to buy someone a present. Once I coughed up the cash,she left us in peace.We snuggled for a little while before 'going at it' again. Jen is so naughty for getting me so excited!LOL.

Hope all of you are keeping well and cosy!

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Views: 57 · Added: 3 days ago

i want to strict spanker lady for wedding plz spanking me or Marry me or introduce spanker lady 4 marring Marriage white spanker lady my wish i am full slave and full time slave and professional spanking and fetish model my yahoo id: brine_mind

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Views: 67 · Added: 3 days ago

ave made it no secret I grew with a good share of spankings but that said....I sure wasn't caught all the time, I had posted a while ago about being behind planting a playboy magazine in the desk of a brown nose boy who came to our school in 8th grade, and I was asked if that was the worst thing I got away with.......

well since I am among a crowd that enjoys such ...let me just let you judge. I have also made no bones about my cheating way. It began early in 1st grade and I didn't pay the piper till spring of 4th grade. The worst was 5th grade as I watched like hawk and ended up having to repeat the year (I got a ton of report card spankings that year, as my folks couldn't understand how I had gone from b's to d's)

another little thing I did in from like in the 9th grade on was I wrote some dirty words in the song books at church. (you know F word the C word....and god Dam) I was wise enough to not repeat it once they discovered it ....but I wanted to....!!!! and they never found out! The princaple at the time was Fr Marcus and he felt it was a visting school dirty work. worked for me

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Views: 85 · Added: 3 days ago

Though not officially declared, I have been on "Daily Discipline" for 5 days now. Sue administers the swats with skill, and she has been swatting hard. Already blistered with the Poplar paddle, Sue's going to be wearing me out with it. No end in sight, these paddlings are good for me. They are keeping me humble. Also, Sue is toughening me up, so that she can paddle me even tougher. The more intense it is, the more she likes it.

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Views: 139 · Added: 3 days ago

Mine would be "highway to hell" and brandy have you ever

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Views: 148 · Added: 4 days ago

my butt is free to any female lap that open to give me good spankings just letting female know

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Views: 139 · Added: 4 days ago

I will be offline for a while. This is so embarrassing but I didn't want to leave anyone wondering what happened to me. Yesterday I started feeling very strange: dizzy, lightheaded, having palpitations. My friend Kathy is now insisting that I go to the hospital. If I do go judging from what my doctor said the last time i was there (several weeks ago) I know that I will be admitted to the hospital and will have to go to an inpatient treatment center for eating disorders afterwards which will keep me away for several months. They don't allow cell phones or computers there. It is so punitive and not in a fun way. I really don't want to go but I admit that I do have to. I wish I could at least have a computer there. I've been through this before. I hope this will be the last time I have to do this. I will miss everyone. More when I return...

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Views: 97 · Added: 4 days ago

The Conspiracy (spanking fiction short)
Being a red head has certain traits. One of them is temper, and one day it costed me.

I was at work and the atmosphere is sometimes quite hurried and nerve racking. My boss was stern and had little time to put up with the short comings of the whole crew, and hearing any of the complaints from customers that basically wanted things as “freebie” and special as possible. Overall, I understand that kind of stress.

One day in particular, I was already feeling agitated, small things started adding to my frustration, and before I knew it, I went off and ran my smart mouth in a hateful way.

Later on, after work I arrived home, where my spanking Mistress was waiting for me. My eyes were in shock that I would find her waiting.

She immediately started in on a lecture about her having a talk with my boss, and they secretly agreed that the boss would snitch me out everytime I misbehaved at work. By now, I fully knew why she was now at my house with a stern look on her face.

"Well thats enough talk, because talk doesn’t seem to do you any good. YOU my red haired brat only understands one thing…a trip over my lap!

With that she grabbed my arm and pulled me to my bedroom and sat on my bed. She quickly bared me, and pulled me over.

"But I can ex"…..SMACK,smack smack smack…..

"Nope Don’t waste your breath I got the full story"

Smack smack smack smack

Before long my bottom was a searing, burning pain cushion.

Being that I also have a high pain tolerance, she and I both knew that any spanking was a long process. She knew exactly how to pace herself so she wouldn’t wear her arm out before she was finished.

"This little infraction is has earned you a spanking WELL beyond tears, my dear" She just kept on….I squirmed, and held back……she kept going

After what seemed to be an eternity, I finally relented and my eyes gave up the crocodile tears she was waiting for. An outburst of wailing filled the room.

"Ah ha, now that mouth is saying something constructive, instead of smart remarks and negativity" she kept on going.

I just collapsed as she finished the last few swats.

"Never" Smack

"Ever" smack


"That" Smack

"Mouth" Smack


After she stopped, she allowed me to wind down. I then was allowed to sit up and we hugged, She soothed me and stroked my hair as she whispered in my ear.

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Views: 122 · Added: 4 days ago

My ex husband has finally fuck up royally. He put his hands on our daughter and left some bruises. Some by stander witness my ex beating her and called the cop. He is now in jail. I hope now the court will listen to me and give me a protection order for me and her now. My daughter is a little shaken up but is fine. Please pray for me so I can get through this without committing a crime myself. I hope and pray that everything that I document will be allowed in court.

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Views: 163 · Added: 4 days ago

Greetings, Puny Humans!

I regret to inform you that there has been an “unfortunate incident” involving my spaceship and Santa’s sleigh (while he was doing a test run for Christmas Eve).

Long story short, Santa Claus is no longer with us. :-(

Oops. Sorry ‘bout that!

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Views: 150 · Added: 4 days ago

This is my second time writing this blog. Dam you ST. I'll try to remember what I had as close as possible.

I love this DD lifestyle. I can be myself and be accepted. I get to befriend some of the most down to earth people I have ever met. I can use my life experiences to help others and also learn from them at the same time. There is one small thing I've noticed that I don't like so much. Bear in mind, this is only my personal experience and opinion. I've noticed that some people are strictly into the sensual side of spanking. Everything about being dominated arouses them. Then on the other hand, I've noticed some just want their ass beat. Strict discipline only, and any sensuality is a turn off to them. No shade to either party, but is it possible to have both? What do you think is the perfect mix? I've had strictly non sexual partnerships with multiple submissives in the past with no incident. I've also had a intensely sexual relationship with one sub at a time. Now I want to be in a real, long term, serious relationship with someone that is DD. Which do you prefer? And do you think more people are into just the spanking, or want more from their disciplinarian? As always, happy spankings and happy holidays!

Mr DzL

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Views: 92 · Added: 4 days ago

Please keep us in your thoughts and send any kind of positive vibes our way. Marie & baby are being monitored @ the hospital, she had contractions last night that lead into today which was caused by a UTI. The good news is her and baby doing ok and are resting :)

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Views: 161 · Added: 4 days ago

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Christmas and my birthday is around the corner and i definetely cant wait. Working 16 hr days is definetely a killer but ive been getting some good rest in between so im doing alot better than before.

I had to go through a traumatic experience friday that made me value my own life alot more than i have before. Also having to look at my life and change whatever it is that needs changed we only have one life so we need to make it last for the better.

Other than that everything else has been ok. Procrastination has been playing a part of life in a bad way. I was doig real good for a couple months. I do blame the holiday season for my procrastination though. Lol.... I got my butt tore up twice for it. Definetely couldnt handle with my pain tolerance being at an all time low right now. Needless to say i couldnt sit for a couple days.

Hopefully everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them..Stay blessed

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Views: 110 · Added: 5 days ago

Hi AS you all know from my profile im a Transgender and looking for a daddy. If yo have a SPARE room. and want a little girl im your house to do chores and spank then im the girl for you.

I will do chores this is of course in exchange for and allowance to keep up my girly looks clothes/nails/makeup/ stuff like that.

I want a Daddy that is a Daddy not a perv. i have no problem playing with daddy but i DO NOT makeout or kiss itimetly a fast quick kiss is fine but not in excess.

the spankings im looking for are country living corporal punishment old fashioned discipline. wood shed out in the woods in the house livinf room chair in middle of floor for otk. bent over furniture you name it i dont like erotic spanking i get spanked to be taught lessons and be put in place i like rules even though i dont always follow them.


i like 420 and i drink socially

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Views: 179 · Added: 5 days ago

As several people know, one of my well-meaning roommates accidentally broke my hairbrush. It had belonged to my great grandmother and used on my grandfather and dad respectively (my dad favored a different implement and my grandmother gave it to me when I got married - WAIT A SECOND!! I just got that! Still waters run deep, Grandma!). Joking aside, my roommate, Baz, dropped the darn thing on the floor where it split right down the middle. He was worried, although he is not a spankophile, I would turn him over my knee anyway. But, I gave him a chance to fix it. He took it to a friend who filled it with a poly-something mixture to make it useable as a hairbrush. It just isn't going to work as a spanking implement any longer.

That said, I need some recommendations of where to find a really good hairbrush. I don't want another antique - want something simple. The old one was oval, a walnut with a cherry finish, 4 inches by 2 inches head, 8 inch length.

Let the suggestions fly! I don't anticipate needing it any time soon (as my only candidate is visiting with his family at Christmas).

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Views: 186 · Added: 6 days ago

So is there something wrong with me , i'm not sure i wish i had a better way of connecting with people on here and talking you would think being a 36 year old spanking virgin with a perverted mind would help but guess not , i also like to type alot and i know most people wont read this [color=red]So so stupid i forgot to add a title when i first posted this need a boost in something or self confidence

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