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Fingers grasp my silky curls,
Gathered in your fist.
Quivering, I'm lost in you,
You're all that now exists.
Waves of wanting, surge through me.
I'm putty in your hands.
My will is gone, and everything
I do, is on command

Worry burrows at my brow,
I've crossed the line again.
I long to please, but dare to test
Submissive or pretend?
Your lips drink up, my salty tears,
That stain my eyes and face.
More to come, before you're through,
The pain, the shame, disgrace.

Still, I long for every touch,
Your boiling blood reacts.
Even as you pull me, fast
And firm, across your lap.
I feel the passion building,
The way is wet and hot
Nothing comes between us
And there's no way we can stop.

A drumming sound is beating,
The cymbals slap and ring.
A keening note is climbing,
The strap is made to sing.
The orchestra is standing,
The key is high and long.
We reach and find a rhapsod,y
Inside the Master's song.

Tomorrow....back to the stories!! Lol,
My eyes and my head needed a little break.

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This was another fantasy we played out. Although Lulu didn't ride or have a horse, i most certainly did have a riding whip for her naughty bottom......

Lulu was sitting under a large oak tree, her back against the rough bark, gazing at the mountains. After a time she looked at her watch. She would be about fifteen minutes late she guessed. She got up and walked toward her horse. As Lulu walked the flex of her buttocks showed through her cream colored skin tight riding pants.

As Lulu had hoped, I was waiting for her when she got back.

"You're late", I told her. "I was starting to get worried".

"Oh, sorry, I just have lost track of time", Lulu replied.

I helped her unsaddle and brush the horse. When WE were done I told HER to bring her riding crop into the house, where the bench awaited her presence.

I kissed Lulu's hair, and leaned my head over to her ear. "What happens to young ladies who are late?", i whispered into her ear.

She stretched her head back as i kissed her neck. "They get chocolates?"

"Ah no, guess again, naughty girl"

"Hmmm. 'Naughty girl', that's probably a hint. What could it be? I bet that late young ladies get spanked by their cruel lovers."

"That's right, they get spanked", i said.

I took the riding crop from her hand. "Bend over the bench, please", i ordered.

Lulu went over to the bench and bent forward, her shoulders lower than her bottom. I loved the way the riding pants stretched tight over her raised bottom. I brought my hand down hard on her right buttock, then on her left. "We're going to have a lesson in punctuality", i said as i spanked her. My hand made a loud smack as it slapped the tight material of her riding pants.

"Ow. OK. I'll keep an eye on the time in the future. I was only a few minutes late. Ow", Lulu protested. She threw the "Ows" in for effect. Over her riding pants and panties the spanking didn't hurt that much, i knew.

I spanked Lulu's bottom and upper thighs until my hand started to get sore. My hand probably hurt more than her bottom, I thought to myself. That would change soon.

I moved to stand by her left side. "Spread your thighs and get that ass up", i ordered. With her thighs spread and her bottom pushed up, her riding pants stretched over her buttocks like a second skin. I could see her mons outlined between her legs.

I swung the riding crop in a flat arc, bringing the shaft across her bottom. I gave the whip strokes across her ass from the tops of her thighs to the upper curve of her cheeks. The crack of the whip across LULU's bottom was echoed by her cries, which sounded more heartfelt than before. I counted out twenty strokes silently to myself.

"OK, young lady. You can get up and get undressed, now", i told her.

Lulu stood up and undressed slowly as i watched, sitting on the bench to remove her riding boots and then peeling the tight pants down over her legs. She stood up and pulled her white turtle neck over her head. She unhooked her bra slowly, letting it slide off her shoulders as i gazed at her full breasts. Wearing only her panties, Lulu bent over the bench again. I could see the globes of her buttocks through the sheer white material of her panties. I slowly pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. She lay stretched along the bench, pushing her bottom up. Her buttocks were blushed pink from the spanking. I thought that Lulu looked beautiful, naked except for the panties around her thighs, her ass and pussy offered, surrendered me.

I started whipping her again. The crack of the whip against Lulu's bare bottom, uncushioned by her pants, was louder now and the whip left a red mark each time i brought it hard across her bottom. After i had given her twenty strokes i stopped and caressed her bottom. I caressed between her cheeks, sliding my fingers down to her vulva, moving my index finger across her lips, which were slick with wetness. I parted her lips and slid my finger inside her.

"You're very wet, you naughty slut. You seem to forget that you're being punished. I can see you need to be spanked harder."

I moved my finger inside Lulu's pussy, fucking her with my thumb and caressing her clit. Lulu moaned.

"Stand up and undress me", i ordered. She stood up, her panties falling to her ankles and then the ground as she stepped out of them. She unbuttoned my shirt and took the riding crop from my hand, laying it on the bench. Then she slipped off my shirt and unbuttoned my pants. She squatted down as she took my shoes off, pulling my pants down over my thighs. I stepped out of his pants, my cock was rock hard. As Lulu knelt she kissed my cock and took me in her mouth.

I gently moved her head away. "You can have that later. I'm not done whipping you yet", i told her.

"Please, Sir, I've learned my lesson. I'm very sore. Please don't whip me more. I'll never be late again, I promise." She moved her mouth back to my cock.

I moved away. "Naughty little slut. Now be a good girl and take your whipping."

Lulu sighed. "Yes, Sir", she said, as she stood up. Lulu handed me the whip and bent over the bench again, her thighs spread and her bottom raised.

I started whipping her again, the strokes harder than before, the shaft of the crop leaving welts from the upper curve of her ass to the tops of her thighs. Her cries, elicited by each stroke of the whip, melded together as i punished her, the cheeks of her buttocks becoming more and more sore, until she was crying steadily, her body lightly sheened with sweat. After i had given her another twenty strokes i put down the whip and slipped my cock into her pussy. i pushed deeply into her, her hot ass pressing against my lower belly. She pushed up against me, starting to move.

"Stay still, naughty girl", i told her

"Please fuck me. Please fuck me hard"

"I'm not done punishing you yet" I withdrew, my cock shiny with Lulu's wetness. "If you want to be fucked, you have to take your punishment first. Ten strokes, extra hard, count them out."

"Yes, sir"

Lulu pushed her ass up, offering herself for the whip.

"One", Lela cried out, after i gave her a hard stroke across her crimson cheeks. Soon Lulu was crying again, counting out the strokes as i whipped her. Lulu was still crying when i moved behind her, parting her vulva with my finger. She was even wetter than before. I slipped my cock into her and began fucking her hard, slamming my hips into her sore welted ass. Lulu pushed her ass up, taking me deeply inside her. I reached around in front of her, putting my finger on her clit. She shook with her orgasm and i came inside her.

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I want to date 5 non trans gender females who are huge spanko and we all love each other like a big family

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Well today I had a talk with my disciplinarian and I asked him that just because I was new to all of this not to cut me any slack and he agreed. He finally told me today that he was going to take care of the issue of my temper. My disciplinarian was not happy with the fact that I punched a wall last night or today. Well I did not think my disciplinarian would get my hands or give me lines. I should have known better by now even after only 5 days of him being my disciplinarian. He told me to get my hairbrush which I could not find. Then he said my leather paddle would work. I could not find that paddle either. So my disciplinarian decided to use my plain wooden paddle on my hands. I also had to do 50 lines saying "I will not punch walls Sir." as the palm of my hands felt the sting of that paddle. For each 10 lines I did I got 10 smacks of the paddle on each of my hands and then had to do the next 10 lines. But when I finished my 50 lines I had to do 20 smacks on each hand. When they were done I knew I would not be wanting to punch walls anymore. During this time I also had a friend that was getting a punishment with me so every smack on my hands she got that many on her backside. My disciplinarian also told me that the next time I wanted to punch a wall to picture him standing there at the wall I was wanting to punch. He also said when I do this to act like I am punching him. I am sorry but I will not be doing that because I already know I would not punch my disciplinarian at anytime. So I will not punching any walls again. I also got my mouth washed out with soap due to a smart mouth comment before I got off Skype with him. I hate that soap it is really nasty.

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Yes my disciplinarian has given me a small one, but today's attitude adjustment was worse then the last one. Today my disciplinarian showed just what he could accomplish with me and I learned a very valuable lesson today. I was suppose to receive a two hour session with my disciplinarian today but he did cut it short due to his point got made loud and clear. Just to let every one know I am still on lock down for another week and half. I was told to get in position and my bottom bared. I did not even argue today which was really surprising to me. My disciplinarian has named all my paddles. I was told I had the choice on which paddle was to be used first. I was hoping for the one my disciplinarian calls Mr.Obey which hurts worse then the other ones I think. He told me no and then I was told to get Mr.P which is my paddle that is plain. I was given 15 on each side for my mistake of grabbing Mr. Obey first. I was then given 10 on each side. That was to the two lowest numbers I would receive during my session. My disciplinarian told me that fewest I would get now was 20 on each side. Next thing I know there was two sets of 20 on each cheek with Mr.P and then a certain time I was to continue to use it until my disciplinarian told me to stop. The next paddle used was Mr.L which stands for my leather paddle. While I did not get many with him due to me breaking it I did receive several swats with Mr.L. My disciplinarian then went back to Mr.P and continued the time until he told me to stop. I did try to explain about why I hit the walls and why I had such an attitude that night when he called but my words did not come out right at first. I did clear up my mistake though. The next paddle after Mr.P was Mr.Holes. I was given several sets of 20 on each side then again until my disciplinarian told me to stop. I did have to ask for a drink of water. When my disciplinarian told me yes I could I forgot to say "Thank you Sir" and was told to get back down in position and take another 20 on each side with Mr.Holes. With that set of 20 on each cheek it was said by him that I was suppose to say "Thank You Sir" after each swat. I did ask again after they were done for a drink of water and yes this time I did remember to say "Thank you Sir." Once I got my drink I got back down in position and waited for my disciplinarian's next instructions which I was told "good girl" for. Finally my disciplinarian told me to grab Mr. Obey. I did as I was told and the licks started to come. There was a set of 20 on each side first due to I asked if I could rub my backside from the stinging that was going through my bottom. I was told no. I was then given 3 more sets of 20 on each side. When my disciplinarian then told me I was then to continue till he told me to stop. I did tell my disciplinarian I was sorry for the attitude and he did end the session, but trust me I knew actually what I got into trouble for. Lastly I was given 40 swats on each side to end the session. I was then placed in time-out as my disciplinarian calls after my paddling and was told that if I wanted to rub I could. I am still feeling the stinging and the hurt from this spanking even now and my disciplinarian got me to cry some after the swats.

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The leash is attached to my balls, as I'm led out of the room into the hallway. Thru the halls we go, attracting a group that is following, being groped along the way, keeping me hard. We end up in the public play area, facing a spanking bench, or fucking bench, as the case my be. I'm placed on the bench, ass up, fully exposed. 20 hard hand spanks and the ginger is removed from my ass. More lube is supplied, working it in with his fingers. A cock is in my face and then in my mouth as I start sucking on it. Cocks in each hand, stroking them, keeping them hard. Then a cock pressing against my asshole, slowly working it's way inside. Being fucked at both ends, an occasional slap on the ass, as a load is shot done my throat. Now another cock is in my mouth, face fucking me as my ass is getting pounded til he cums. Now another cock in my ass, bigger than the first, filling me up. This continues for the next twenty minutes or so, until my master stops it. A plug is inserted into my ass, then I get off the bench and I stagger back to the room, barely able to walk, ass burning.

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He picked the newspaper up off of the porch, opened the door and entered, and went to the kitchen to press the button on the coffee maker. Returning to the living room, he unwrapped the newspaper and read the headlines. Midway down the front page he noticed a story with the tag line: "Paris Hilton Rocks Runway With 10K Dress." In a much smaller story, the headline read: "Syrian Refugees Die At Border." A good day for Paris, a bad day for refugees.

He picked the mail up off of the floor, added it to the stack of other unopened mail, and tossed his keys on the credenza where they proceeded to slide across the top and then fall behind. He considered that for a moment. It was always that way, with the small things and the big. The things you need, the things that are important, will always be just out of reach. You will always have to work, even for the small things. He tore the cellophane from a cigar with his teeth, while pouring a cup of coffee with his free hand, and slid open the glass door to the patio. It was an existence, a third shift existence, and it would do.

Still dark, it was too late for anyone to still be up, and too early for anyone to go to work. The world and the stars were his alone, it was his favorite time of the day.

"I'm back" he said to the darkness
"Yes I see" said the darkness "welcome back my friend"
"What were we talking about last time?"
"understanding, more specifically, the lack of it" answered the darkness
"oh yeah, I remember now"
"have you been thinking more about that?" asked the darkness
"good, do you like the cigar?"
"it's o.k., it will do"
"I like that about you" said the darkness. "It is always that way with you, everything will do."
"We all make concessions, don't we"
the darkness smiled "yes, yes we do. So, what is on your mind tonight?"
"I was wondering why they don't understand"
"ah" said the darkness "let me tell you about that...

we are all wearing glasses, the glasses they wear are different from yours. they see things through their glasses just as you see things through yours. you all see the same things, just with different glasses."

"My glasses are different from theirs?"
"yes" said the darkness "they are different"
"Because I gave them to you"
"Did you give them their glasses?"
"they all found their glasses in different ways. your's were a gift from me and they are yours alone to wear.
"So, I am the only one with these glasses?"
"There are others. I give them to those that ask for them and those who can see through them best"
"Like me?"
"yes, like you. you will always see things more clearly with these glasses. that is why I gave them to you"
"Do many ask for them?"
"no. hardly any at all"
"I think I understand now"
"will you be here tomorrow?"
"yes, same time, same place"
"will you always be here for me?"
"yes, I will always be here for you"
"I like that"
"I thought you would"
"one more thing"
"yes?" asked the darkness
"can I keep the glasses?"
"you can keep the glasses and wear them for as long as you like. I promise I will never ask for them back"
"I have to get some sleep now. see you tomorrow?"
"yes, I will see you tomorrow"

The early light was on him now. It was starting to rain, a light but steady rain that he had hardly noticed. The cigar lay half smoked in a pool of water in the ashtray. He shrugged, slid open the patio door, and went inside. "It would do" he remarked to himself, and turned off the lights. He was alone in the dark, and smiling. Darkness will always be here for me he thought, and went to bed.

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BUGGER,BUGGER,BUGGER I miss not having a car. Got up really early this morning to catch the bus only for the bus to break down.By the time a replacement bus turned up I was about 30 minutes late for work,there was a back log and the rest of the day was crazy as crap,on my feet all day,if another person tells me about their aches and pains I will scream,I got aches and pains of my own.My Sir has very kindly offered to help me look for a car on Saturday but he has refused to postpone my essay and spanking on Sunday,ooohhh I'm goin' to stomp my foot and pout for the rest of the evening, BUGGER OFF EVERYONE,!!! LOL!

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I just found out that I will be on The Jay Thomas Show this Friday at 4:00PM!

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Does anyone want to talk? Not back for good yet.

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He watches…
He studies….
He contemplates….
He waits….
for He knows….
her submission….
is not something to be devoured hastily….
her submission….
is something meant to be savored….
like the smell of the earth after a soft summers rain….
like seeing the sunrise for the very first time….
like the taste of a perfectly aged steak….
like the sound of the ocean as it ebbs and flows….
like the feeling of sinking into your own bed after being away….
she was meant to be appreciated by all the senses….
and He….
intended on appreciating her….
with senses…..
she didn’t know existed…

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I am looking for a a genuine guy in Sussex to be a mentor for a very naughty lady in her fifties
pm me for more details .

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(erotic flash fiction)

He took the elevator to the second floor and when the doors opened, stepped out onto the tile floor. Turning left onto the bright red carpeted hallway he stopped at the first room on the right, the one they always got, and inserted the card key. He liked to get there early and enjoy the anticipation. He placed the paper bag he was carrying on the bar. In the bag was everything he needed to make a Manhattan, her favorite drink. He removed the whiskey, the vermouth, and the jar of maraschino cherries and then crumpled the bag and threw it in the trash. He left, and then quickly returned with the ice bucket full. Everything was in order, everything was in place, everything was here except,


Her. He loved everything about her. Her hair, the manner of her dress, her intoxicatingly expensive perfume, everything. He kicked off his shoes and flopped back onto the bed, folded his hands behind his head, and allowed himself a few minutes to think, to consider, her. Only a few weeks before they were in this very room. On this very bed she had set the expensive leather over the shoulder bag that she carried down and had laid everything out for him to see. The tawse, the strap, the martinet, and the wood paddle. Like her, the paddle was exotic by nature, blended swirls of colors expertly crafted and lovingly finished by a previous admirer. He had gotten a very good look at the paddle the first time they met for his discipline when she had instructed that he kiss it before handing it to her.

He had to get ready for her now, just as she had instructed him to do. He took off the jacket and tie, and then removed his shirt, pants and socks, folding everything neatly and placing them on a chair. When she entered the room, her first view of him would be of him standing in nothing but his embarrassing panties, the panties she had bought for him, the panties she insisted he wear. After a previous luncheon date, she had taken him shopping, making him carry the panties to the sales girl at the counter while she paid for them. When the sales girl bagged them, she was told to hand them to him. That's the way it had started. Already he was hard with anticipation. He ran his fingers lightly over the front of the high waisted nylon briefs that were standing straight out now, feeling his excitement through the silky smooth nylon as he continued playing out the events of their previous meeting in his mind.

After setting the bag down, she had unzipped the tight pencil skirt she was wearing and let it drop while she stepped out of it. She stood at a slight angle, spread her high heeled legs a bit, pointed to the floor behind her, and snapped her fingers. He obliged most willingly, dropping to his knees behind her, his face directly positioned just inches from her ass, that wonderful marvelous ass. Placing his hands on her hips, he slowly eased his face forward until his lips were caressing the seat of her silk panties. Silk panties, always silk. Nothing as mundane as cotton would ever touch the roundness of her bottom. It had to be silk, or nothing at all. While his lips had moved with light kisses covering the entire seat of her panties his hands had caressed her silken stockinged thighs, tracing the edges with his fingers. And, when she had bent forward slightly, he had buried his face in the silk.

She loved to discipline, had a real knack for it. Some women just seemed to be born to discipline and have men at their feet. She was one of them. He knew she would start with the paddle, across her lap, and then have him move to the bed. He longed for the sting of her strap, the bite of her tawse, and the pleasure of her martinet. He checked the clock, she was already ten minutes late. She usually was. She enjoyed making him wait. And then the panic set in. What if she wasn't coming? What if she had decided she had had enough of him? What if she was already tired of their discipline games, bored even? Is this the way he would find out? Would she just not show up?

Fifteen minutes now, he feared the worst. After twenty, he was certain of it. And then the elevator doors opened, and he heard it, the sound that always made him shiver...

high beels,

on a tile floor.

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You conquer me with open palm,
Across your lap, I'm ravaged, raw.
Surrendered to your iron grip,
I feel each slapping, of your kiss.
A naughty girl, a woman too
Colored both, in black and blue
My rosey cheeks, my long lean legs
Are caught inside, your strong embrace.
The tears I shed, are yours to keep,
A salty, sweet and precious treat.
You've scolded me, and I'm contrite,
Promised pleas, amid the fight.
Then, my head upon your chest.
Your voice grown deep, my quickened breath.
You stroke, and stoke the fire between,
Then bed me hard, a lover's dream.
When you're gone, a gifts to keep,
Your scent among my tangled sheets.

Thought I'd give you something a little different...a truer reflection of who I am.
I hope you are enjoying the series. Pls comment and tell me what you'd like to see!! If I can find a way to use it or part of it, I'm happy to write for you. ❤Jj

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Memories of daddy
Silently praying
Holding me
Nightmares erased
With love instead
Daddy's hands
Touching my hair
Brushing with care
Making me safe once again

Daddy's hands
Tell a story
Working hard
Supports our family
Mama in daddy's arms
Loving parents
Blessed beyond

Daddy's hands
Reminding me
To be thankful
When in need
Pats to the back
Proud of my success
Daddy's hands
Clapping for me

Memories of daddy
Silently praying
Lost inside me
Trying to remember
Daddy's hands
Only on me

Pictures nowhere
Full of despair
Praying to remember
Daddy's hands
Holding me tight
Forever felt
Inside mine
At least for the night

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Available to give online spankings/ instructions. Message me for details.

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Hi ST friends,

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

I'm in a place where my current ideal spanking would be otk, slow and steady but not too hard at first, just enough to know somebody's paying attention. I have felt lonely lately and have felt like I'm in the shadows, invisible.

I guess that can be chalked up to plain old depression, but it would still be nice to have a stress release spanking and just a reminder. My parents always equated spanking with being loved. Did they mess me up completely by spanking me so often? I have no idea. Therapists have long scratched their heads at this desire, some say its a fetish. Does it turn me on? Most of the time, yes. But sometimes, it's not sexual at all, intimate, yes but not sexual. And other times, it can totally be a great lead in to sex.


That's all for now....


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We would love for you to give us the opportunity to have you as a member of the family. If you are considering becoming a member, feel free to view our Member's Area Sneak Peek Video.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Spank on!
(our spanker and webmaster)

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So the worst is over, I suppose, thought Janie, lying on her tummy, sporting yet another sore bottom.  At least I don't have anything else, hanging over me. It was nearly two weeks ago, that night in the study. Daddy was very hard on me, but mercifully, he was swift. He seemed to want it done, as much as I did, though he'd never say that.
He didn't pause between blows,  ask me to count, or make me  thank him for the spanking. The ointment was applied, to treat the wounds from the first round. He, immediately,  gave me a very hard bare bottom spanking. Boy, did it smart!! He gave me two doses with his big hand. He was proficient. He spanked every inch of my bottom, leaving it bright red.
I was then, put over the arm of the sofa, for a strapping. He swung that strap with resolve, and left welts crisscrossing my behind. I had really been in big trouble, smoking & stealing...then, getting punished at school. He was furious.
That was, by far, the most severe punishment I'd suffered, in my sixteen years.
The cane followed... an excrutiating ten strokes, on a  very tattered tail. I wouldn't be smoking or stealing EVER again. It was a chastisement, I would never forget.

He had been very gentle, for the most part, since that night. The warm up spankings weren't severe.  However, If I stepped out of line, there was an immediate consequence.
Sometimes, I think, he's afraid I'm growing up too fast. He wants to keep me safe, at home.  He does not trust outsiders easily. He ruled his kingdom with absolute authority.
I'd been very well behaved since, so it had been going well, until last night.  That was a major slip-up, met with a quick  response. I had embarrassed him, in front of his brother.

My uncle was there for dinner. We were done with our meal and while clearing the dishes, I spilled a drink and swore under my breath. Shocked, Uncle James
heard me and said, "Excuse me, young Lady?"

Daddy demanded to know what I'd said. Cursing was never allowed. It was the "f" word, one of the worst, which I had to repeat. Oh, He was very angry - his daughter using such profanity!
He was off his chair, in a shot and took me by the arm. He made me lower my panties, right there. I had to hold up my skirt,around my waist.  He gripped my left arm tightly, and spanked me hard, as I stood. I was facing my Uncle, as he smacked my bare bottom again and again. My Uncle watched, as the hits had me flailing, like a ragdoll.  I was mortified.
Olivia came, hearing the commotion, and tried to slip away. Daddy said, "No, Olivia, clear the table." 
Now both Olivia and  Uncle James were witness to the spanking. I tried to go limp, to escape the smacks. Daddy was having none of that, he bent me right over the table and finished me off with a few, even harder smacks. Uncle James had a bird's eye view of those final slaps.

I tearfully apologized for my language. I was sent to the  corner, with my red bottom exposed. It was humiliating!.

At my apology, my Uncle had nodded approval. He and Daddy were cut from the same cloth. I sometimes spent a week at my cousins'  house.  James was sweet, but strict. I had witnessed many paddlings there. If need be, I had no doubt,he would punish me, as well. 

Coffee and dessert was served.  All the while, I stood in the corner, my rosey red bum out, for all to see.
I had been swearing in front of the older girls, to seem sophisticated. That's how this happened. That was Daddy's point, if you use that language, you will use it sometime, when it will reflect badly on you. I did and it had.  He was correct, as usual. I did deserve that spanking, and I was done swearing.

Rolling over, I could feel my sore bum, a sharp souvenir of last night. I'm quite sure Daddy would be up soon, to talk to me. I was sent to my room last night, without discussion, because my Uncle had business with my Father.

I got up and dressed, in order to be presentable for his visit. I thought about what I would say. I wasn't really all that sore, maybe I was getting tougher.

I had made a bad mistake. My Father would scold me, but his anger would be spent. He loved me and it would be a nice day. The two weeks was over and he would release me from restriction, despite my error. 
I missed Sassy so much. I haven't talked to her since before the break.  I couldn't wait to get her on the phone. I wondered if she had gotten into as much trouble, as me.  Probably not, her life was easy.  Well, today we would be able to talk.
The weather was nice.  I can't wait for end of term.
Next weekend I am going to the Lakehouse. My Uncle James would be there with his children, and my meekish Aunt Sandra. Daddy was going to be away on business and I would be free!!

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