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***The Spanko City Sun Gazette and Writers' Guild Building and Press. Editor: Justjanie

The opening day of our new community, Spanko City, was a big success. The reception, held in the tent on the Village Green, was attended by our own Head Mistress, Infinity (Missy), our sweet Lotus( school secretary and bookstore owner) the good Reverend (Spnkwitch) and Judge Japan64 were among our prominent guests. A big thank you to our bartender and Ditzy’s Daddy, (T-dogg) for the long suffering task of keeping the brats in hand.

There were plenty of shenanigans perpetrated by an unruly bunch. They included Lotus who supplied water balloons and water guns. a naughty Painslut, a very inebriated Ditzy, a slightly lesser “spirted”Justjanie, and Needpunish, who caused a general atmosphere of Bedlam. The paddles were swinging and various harsher punishment were exacted by a weary Missy and our Honorable Just, but Lotus and Janie were able to evade responsibility, at least, for now.

Our Mr G. (Grambles) and the sheriff, and Dayliacatt might had been mistaken about the time, because they missed the opening. But I expect to see more of them around the town.
Jack the Lad and Romy arrived too late to take part but there will be plenty of events, ahead. I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone, but I hope to interview a different resident each week. We hope that some of our residents will introduce themselves, in the blog. Feel free to show your residence or place of business.

Don't forget to visit our business district. I hear Bottoms Up has an extensive selection of panties, at his new store. Leashes, bridles, crops, and collars are available at our Pet Store. The forge is busy pounding out orders and the town is getting new residents all the time.

Stop by our newspaper, if you'd like to publish a story. Our Writers’ Guild allows residents to write and publish special editions. We will help them, wherever needed. This paper is dedicated to serve you all. It's been great to get to meet new friends. Come join in, we're looking for trouble… Are you?

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COME ON DOMS ...PULL YOUR FINGER OUT OF YOUR SUBS BUTT AND MOVE TO SPANKO CITY, ITS GOT BRATS IN THE BELFRY GALORE! All waiting to get there backsides corrected by you! Fair enough you probably won't be able to handle one has been able to, but still it's loads of fun, there's a bar you can get trashed in and money seems not to be needed so that's a winner!

Unless of course your scared? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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Okay well so far we have had our opening night and school has started. Grambles has even made a few blogs as well on what he does and the book café was introduced. But now its your turn. What trouble can you stir up? Or maybe show us around your business or house? Maybe we can have a court case though we still need a couple of lawyers. Anyone up for defending the brats in this town? Yes it a tough job I know. lol.

But anyway please feel free to make this town come to life. Its your too after all.

Fucked and Bound
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Hello everyone! I am late because I've been grounded for NOT eating my veggies (gross!). I'm here now and I have been reading and catching up! I am so thankful I didn't have to go to school..Missy sounds strict! Poor Needpunish and painslut ;(

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Sometimes you look for magic, but you only find sleight of hand. Sometimes you look for guidance, but you only find dominance or cruelty. Sometimes you look for a cause to serve, and then you lose yourself when you find it. Sometimes you search for yourself, but you only find a mystery.

Maybe you want to give that mystery a name. Call it Love or Devotion or Caring. Fly on the wings of it, like riding on the back of Pegasus, but be careful—you might fall to your death, or learn that what you sought is an illusion and then die for the lack of it.

Wonder at your own good fortune and take solace in the fact that your very existence is a miracle. Never mind that the cruel hand of fate might sweep aside your illusions in any number of ways. When you consider how precarious is your existence, sometimes it’s hard to realize what it means to be alive. You yearn for permanence in an impermanent world.

And so, consider this: who are you, and why are you here, none of that matters. What matters, simply, is that you’re alive. Cultivate an appreciation of the here and now.

Heaven is an orgasm. Ecstasy is the savor and salt of a flame-seared beef steak. Exaltation is the soft buzz of a cold beer on a hot day, slammed down on an empty stomach while you sweat in the shade. Inspiration is the golden smoothness of a woman’s thighs, and fulfillment awaits in the dampness of her bush.

Get me drunk on beer and whiskey, feed me a steak dinner, give me a willowy blond to fuck, or a smooth, round, sable-haired Asian with subservient, downcast eyes. Let me lift her face to mine and stroke her hair, let me feel her buck and hear her moan as I melt into her pussy. Then shoot me in the head and let me die happy. What more could I ask? Heaven doesn’t last forever. Once you crest on a peak moment, you slide downhill.

The trick is to find that magical moment where you don’t even desire to cling.

Do you grok the Zen? Do you know the sound of one hand clapping—oh, yes, sure you do!

Because here’s another version of ecstasy:

A smooth, pretty bottom, bare in my lap. I’ll show you some magic here, making that bottom go from pale to rosy by the sleight of my hand. She and I will both find ourselves here, in that magical confluence where dominance and submission meet, where guidance plus pain equals love with mathematical certainty. Fate has brought us together for a searing moment…my hand, her bottom, and focused intensity. We lose ourselves in it, both of us, awareness returning in the pulsing afterglow. Heaven, and a little taste of Hell, the perfect mix.

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Some plank left the gate open and Lancelot my beloved horse is halfway down the road, come on fess up, or at least help me get him back in.

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Well we've finally gone and done it.
After months of talking about possibly going to naturist events, on Friday, G found a lovely naturist holiday farm with 7 little barns, a swimming pool, outdoor hot tub, acres of land with walkways all over.
( Mmmmmmmmm my longing for an outdoor spanking could happen here. )
There's an indoor gaming type of room which has a pool table, I think she said a giant floor chess board and other things.
We've picked a beautiful first floor barn called the Cornloft.
The bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are on the first floor, then you go upstairs to the living room.u It has beautiful views over the countryside.
I'm so so excited, I never thought G or I would ever want to be naked in front of other naked people, but maybe finally I've grown to love me and my body.
This is who I am, if you don't like my curves, my bigger wobbly tummy, with scars, my large curvaceous bottom, then guess what,
Fuck Off and don't look.
Coz I finally do love ALL of me.

Life is only changing for the better, this is who we were supposed to be.
G, a stong, strict, domineering Master with a kind, gentle side, who only wants to see me happy, fuck me, watch me cum over and over, yet look after me when I'm on a bad pain day.
And me, a naughty little Serf, who will try anything to go over Master's knee, who loves to suck his cock, and now suck others too, but her main focus in life is to make her Master proud, and hear those words she craves so much, Good Girl.
This year we will have been together 29 years, for the last 2 of those years, we've grown from spanking for fun, to a DD dynamic, to closer to a Master/Slave relationship, I'm collared, tattooed, soon to be branded. We've joined the Swingers Society and learning to enjoy playing together and with others and now we will join the Naturist Society. We couldn't be happier, what else we will learn to enjoy and crave, this lifestyle is a constant learning society and no dynamic is the same which is what makes it interesting, as you learn from others.

For anyone, only dreaming this was them, don't wait 27 years until you own up to your desires, just go for it, you will never look back. That I can promise you.

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Dont you just hate it when your Dom says 'what did you say?'

Then you are desperately trying to find words that rhyme with your smart answer!

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Hello Missy, just woke up, I have to go pee now, please let me out:(

Fucked and Bound
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So for my part in the Spanko launch party Daddy Dom aka bartender has spanked and grounded me....or he said...not be grounded....just go to class come home be belted then diapered!!!W.T.F. Then go to bed!!!!

Option 1 or 2 what do i do? Lol.

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Have a pain in my shoulder that won't go away ...Mark said I will be going to hospital tonight when he comes home....I said No! This is what he said lol

Now I have two pains....

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So I'm filling some more F/M and M/F videos tonight for the Australian spanking store! What are you keen on seeing? Let me know positions, implements, camera angles (ie focus on butt, face)

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Well i was in the forge until late, ripped on coffee and awaiting orders. Played horse shoes for a while, teased the cat, got scratched by said cat, cursed, caught sight of myself in the mirror and recoiled in horror. Time to feed the horse and get started on some swords. There might be some crashing noises and such, its a good job im just outside town lol. So dont be shy come and pay this hyped up in need of a shave ugly git a visit.

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Where is everybody? I'm getting bored and when I get bored ...I get restless and when I get restless ...I get naughty..and when I get naughty I get spiked nd that will be your fault!!!

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Good day everybody. I apologize for being late, but I had some things to deal with at home this morning. Very time consuming. But anyhow. Everybody here? Let's see. Stand up and introduce yourselves to the class please.

Lotus, my list and paperwork, please. thx

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Janie and Evan kissed, as Evan pulled her on top of him. He was sitting up, enough to be able to play with the plug, that was firmly planted up her pretty red rump. He gripped the base, and rocked it back and forth. She mewed like a little kitten. He knew she was sore, but he wanted a little more from her. He slapped her ass occasionally, keeping the embers glowing. He watched her expression, with each change of stimulation. His left hand massaged her clit, and his other hand spanked her, playfully.

Evan's eyes had that bedroom look. He said,
“Raise yourself up and hold onto my shoulders, Janie. Don't let go.”. Janie did as he asked. He warmed her sit spots, with slaps from both of his palms. “Higher, Janie;”

“Oh, Evan, it hurts!” He responded by a giving her a few more, sharp slaps, to her tender, snowy thighs. “Oooo!” She wriggled, fretting. Evan started in on the plug again, imagining putting his whole cock into her. They better get married very soon. Her virginity was in more peril, each day, as his passion for her grew. He'd settle for her ass, soon enough, but there was no part of her, he didn't want for his own.

Janie wanted to rest, but her body was not cooperating. She wanted to tell him to stop, but she couldn't. Every cell responded to his touch. Each nerve ending fired and she was too lost, to protest. Now she knew what submission was. She gave up all control and let Evan drive her skyward, to heaven. It started with a whisper, a little groan that grew in intensity, as a great rush of heat and energy passed through her, shaking her, pulling her, dragging her to scream and shudder. Tears trailed down her face and her mouth hung slightly open, desperate for air. Her large, dark, blue eyes shined with stardust.

Evan had never been more in love, than this moment. He felt infinitely blessed to have her, for his own. Knowing no one had come before him and no one would come after him. He pulled her to his chest, feeling her heart thudding, inside her breast. He felt her teeth biting into his shoulder, as she finished. He was glad to have her mark on him. It was such a moment, that it should leave its imprint behind. He had surely left his, on her crimson cheeks.

He was so hard and she was so spent. He'd spare his angel a few hours. He had plans for later. He reached for a tube of ointment with a special tip. He moved her across his lap, on the center of the bed. He removed the plug, putting it on some Kleenex and spread her hot round mounds. He inserted the tip into her rectum and squeezed a good amount of the contents, into her sore bum. It would sooth her. Because when she had rested, he'd fit her with a more substantial replacement, to ready her for the main event.

Evan didn't want to cum yet. He took a cool shower to save himself for later. He fell into the bed and pulled her to him. He nestled his prick between her hot, aching cheeks. He closed his eyes and envisioned entering her every orifice. He wanted to take her straight from the wedding to bed, ravishing her, but manners would not allow such a thing. She'd have her moment and then he'd have his.

The engagement ring had been delivered to the front desk that morning, but he wanted to give it to her tonight, after dinner. They'd looked for the ring together, but he'd upgraded her choice, with a bigger stone and he'd bought the sweet of cradled wedding bands, that would encircle it. She'd be so surprised and happy, he hoped. He wanted it to be a perfect night. Dinner was going to be delivered to their room. An elegant table would be laid in the sitting room, as she showered.

When Janie awoke, he would put the bigger plug in her beautiful butt . He'd bought her a new dress. He'd take her out to the club, after dinner. They'd meet with Dylan and Tempest, so they could toast their future and then explore the entertainment. Later, he had every hope that he'd be able to fully penetrate her round, tempting behind.
He got hard even thinking about it. He couldn't wait!!

Evan shook Janie. "Wake up, sweetie. We have a big night ahead." She was still yawning, when he put her over his lap. He applied some minty, cooling cream on her tender bottom. His thumb and pointer finger, spread open her cheeks, revealing her pink rosebud. He had the bigger plug all prepared. He used a finger, to stretch her slightly, then very slowly he pushed the longer, fatter plug into her. She would wear it until he was ready to take her. It was not nearly as big as his cock, but it would make his entrance less painful for her. He hoped, he could show as much patience then, as he did now.

Janie felt his hand shake her, and she groggily opened her eyes, yawning. He was moving her around until she realized, she'd landed over his lap. She was docile, as he rubbed the cooling preparation over her bum. It felt so wonderful! It made her skin feel chilly and tingly. She was enjoying that icy sensation, when she felt his finger prying, again, between her globes. She felt the pressure of something being pushed into her hole. She started to tighten up. He gave her a stern slap, in warning.

“You open up, Janie. Push out and it will slide in easier.” He could hear her little sleepy, squeaks of protest. They were adorable. But nothing would stop him from putting this plug in. It was an essential step to his bigger plan. The ointment he used earlier, greased the way. It was a slow but exciting process, watching her tiny hole open like a flower, and swallow the long rubber phallus. Later her ass would bloom again, for his big, hard prick. She'd be very sore, before he was done. He'd been waiting a long time for this. Tonight's the night!! His cock jumped in his pants. 'Down, boy', he thought, but he was hard already. Maybe he'd join her in the shower and let himself have some relief. He didn't want to cum too quickly, later, but he knew he'd get hard again, in no time. Maybe he'd have her taste his cum. He could picture his fingers holding onto her hair, her lips embracing his shaft while he thrusted into her hot, little mouth. Mmmmmm

“We better get into the shower soon, Janie.” He finally had the plug all the way in. She whined a little, as it filled her. The last bit seemed, almost too much, but in it went. He lifted her, to sit on his lap. She had a few teardrops, trickling down her face. If anything, it turned him on, even more. He kissed her deeply, his cock bulging in his pants. He stood up, lifting her with him, and carried her to the bathroom.

He sat her on the counter, and kissed her forehead. He reached in and turned the water on. He let his tongue and lips wander around her neck and ears. He could feel her excitement growing. He undid his pants, kicking them away. He held her hand and led her beneath the pulsing water. Still grasping her dainty fingers, he placed them on his huge erection. Kiss him, Janie, like before, only this time, you'll get to taste him. Evan guided her to her knees. His hand held her jaw. He brought his tip to those full pouty lips. Heaven!

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Hurry subs you don't want to be late for your very first day of class. Our Head Mistress won't be happy at all if you are. Please stand in an orderly line and, and NO Ditzy no standing on desks...Sigh...I can't be a brat right now. I have a job to do...

Okay as I was saying straight line and I will sign you all... Pain Slut put needpunish down please! Do I need to call our Head Mistress in all ready? Take a good look at the wall behind you. Those are all of her toys. Trust me you don't want to feel any of those... I myself have...well never mind.

Okay thank you. Needpunish, Painslut and Ditz y'all are good to go. Ahhh wonderful you made it Gordita. You will be Missy's personal assistant. Though I am not sure if you will be in the class today. OMG BE QUIET!!!! Inside voices...wait what are you all doing with my papers...JustJanie no that's not for catch. Wait Ditz nooo, ahhhh where is the Head Mistress... OMG I am so torn be a brat or paddle all of you. Missy's boy's y'all know better!

Missyyyyyyy!!!!! I need a raise!

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Hello Loves!

I'll be arriving in Vegas on the 30th of August through the 5th of Sept. I'm happy to provide/host private discipline/spanking sessions in a safe/sane environment built around your needs. For those who have seen me before contact me quickly because time slots are limited. If you've not seen me before contact me ASAP as there is a screening process.

Peace, Hugs, & Spanks,
MaMa Blue

Fucked and Bound
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probably my all time favorite (non-punismeant) vid from spanking tube. Damn good ;)

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Who wants/needs a good spanking ? ;)

Dana Kane Spanks