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Well made a visit to my Mistress today and she wasn't happy with me. I knew I done wrong and was gonna pay the price but I think today I might have learned lol. Welts from my legs to my back and am I in pain. If anyone would like to see pics they are up now. But if you're weak don't look lol. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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I am currently in a very good relationship. The only thing is he is extremely vanilla. I have tried to explain my needs. And he just doesn't get it. So what I need are some suggestions for two things first, what other outlets besides cheating on him can I use to satisfy my spanko side? And two, are there any suggestions as to reading materials or videos that I can show him that will clue him in to my spanko side, without freaking him out?

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Why do women getting spanked wear shoes, especially high heels?
I understand that heels improve the shape of a woman's leg, but only if she is standing up. When she is lying over some dude's lap getting her butt nicely whacked and kicking her legs, it has no effect. It is a distraction. If she is otherwise naked it is incongruous. It is even dangerous. I was once giving and impromptu hairbrush lesson. About the third smack she started kicking. Around the seventh one of those pointy-toed pumps can sailing at my head. Never again.

Caned Schoolgirl
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For reasons well beyond my technical competence ST sometimes does not display properly on my old Samsung tablet. Videos are rarely a problem, but sometimes I can't log in. Even when I can, I may compose an eloquent PM or a brilliantly enlightening blog post or comment only to discover that there is no Send or Post button or that touching them is ineffective. Sometimes I don't even notice that until I go back later to look for comments. Two most excellent comments disappeared that way this morning and what with preparations for Spanksgiving I am just getting to the laptop to try to reconstruct them now. If i can ever identify the miscreant, I think a dozen with the Delrin cane are in order.

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Evan knew it was his turn. He observed Janie's bottom turning to share of plum and scarlet as she facing the mirror. David was brutal.

“You can step out of your clothes. David’s moved the remaining things off of the big desk. “You'll be naked for your first lesson. I’m going to use some simple restraints. You'll be laying across the desk this way, indicating side to side. You may fasten the cuffs to your wrists and ankles and I'll snap the chains to the rings and cords on the feet of the desk.” David tossed the four cuffs on the desk and casually swung the heavy strap at his side.

Looking at the weight and width of the strap, Evan trembled, knowing it was going to be ten times worse than the belt. He still was not fully healed from the whipping he'd received at The Raven's Nest. He'd been curled into the fetal position, crying after only a few minutes… How could he take the prison strap?!?! His eyes darted for the door. Would David let him leave? He'd look terrible in front of Janie if he tried. No, there was no way around it. Even if he jumped up to leave, David wasn't going to let him leave unscathed. He was certain of that.

Evan stood, knees shaking, and pulled his shirt over his head. His body was young, strong and muscular. His blue eyes were moist with the unspent tears of his terror. A few locks of his unruly, dark hair were pasted to his forehead, as he began to perspire. His heart pounded in his broad chest. His abdomen was chiseled with taut muscle. He undid his jeans and pulled them down, revealing a vee leading to his groin. He stepped out of his pants and briefs.

Evan's well shaped buttocks and bulging back were reflected in the mirror. Janie admired his physique, but she felt he might not be a tough as he appeared. She prayed Evan would be strong and price to her father he wouldn't break. This would be the first of many tests. Each one would be designed to break him. She was scared for him.
Her Daddy could be merciless. Evan buckled each cuff on his wrists and ankles. Though Evan was a well built, 27 year old man, he was dwarfed by David, who was taller and bigger by far. There was no doubt who would win this round, Janie thought. Evan just had to survive it.

Evan stood naked, his face quickly coloring with embarrassment. David walked slowly past him, admiring the fading marks he'd left with his belt. He did this only to increase the tension and humiliation that Evan was feeling. He let himself feel the anger and outrage of the boy’s betrayal.

“You think you can take it?”, David smirked. You want a chance, do you? You'll be my guest in my basement. It could be a month, maybe more, before you see daylight. Will you ever get to see Janie again? You'll have to prove yourself worthy and frankly, I don't see that happening. If you make it through, we'll be even, nothing more, but at least I won't run your punk ass out of the town. You can leave right now, but just keep going. You won't be welcome anywhere in the community ever again and my reach is far! You're ready?”

Evan's tried to cover himself as he considered David's warning. He was terrified, but David's glare made him try to stand tall. He felt his bladder getting weak… something that happened when he was afraid. He knew it was just one more thing he'd have to worry about. “Yes, Sir.” His mouth felt so dry, and his palms were sticky with sweat.

David motioned him to over to the side of the desk. He suddenly realized Janie was watching him in the mirror. He was mortified! Would she ever look at him the same way? He had to be strong! He tried to walk bravely, but his steps became slower the more hesitant, the nearer he got. David leaned against the mantel waiting patiently, enjoying his misery.

“Get up there!” David ordered.

It was so awkward. Evan had to get on his knees on the desk and then crawl to the center to get into position. He fought back tears as he laid spread eagle on his stomach. David reached below the ledge and pulled a ring and cord out and clipped his wrist. He walked around the desk, and secured each cuff to the desk. He rested the strap on Evan, as he affixed each one, letting him feel the weight of the thick rubber, letting the anxiety build. When he finished, he picked up the strap and walked to the side.

With no warning at all, he lifted the heavy strap high. It whooshed through the air, with a tremendous force and smacked into his lower back, dragging across his right buttocks. The sound of the strap hitting was unmistakeable. It was the heavy slap of rubber meeting flesh. Immediately the blood rushed to the surface and drew a thick red, raw stripe in its wake, just as a agonizing cry erupted from Evan's lips.

Janie watched helplessly in the mirror, crying out as Evan did. Her own throbbing bottom pounded with heat. She knew her father had hit him much, much harder. Tears streamed down her face as she watched the scene play out in the glass.

It all transpired in a few seconds, then the next impact landed. It went straight across his thighs, almost to his knees, catching that tender flesh viciously, pulling and tugging it along under it's weight. The hard, heavy rubber felt like it would rip the flesh from his bones. He screamed in pain and tried to yank at his restraints, but he was firmly ensnared on the giant, mahogany surface.

The third stroke hit his right shoulder and continued down the left side of his back, finishing at the top of his left cheek. He could not stop the tears. By the end of that third stroke, he was begging like a school boy. David felt a great sense of satisfaction, knowing his daughter had withstood her entire strapping, better than the little coward had taken just three whacks. He conceded they were harder, but he had not gone that easy on Janie, either. She was braver than him, he had no doubt. He could hear her crying now, but not out of her own pain, but because she felt his. When would it occur to her, that he had not suffered over hers?

David laid the strap on the desk next to Evan's tearstained face. He took the big pocket knife from his belt, opened it and cut the strap down the center, to make it two tongued. It was his pleasure to watch Evan's fear as he opened the blade. Did the boy think he was going to cut his throat? Possibly! It was scary enough for him to watch the strap being split into two parts. He tucked the knife back in his belt and began again from the other side of the desk.

The strap whistled now as it fell. It made that thin tone, like you heard when you blew through a cut, in a blade of grass. He started at the top of his ass. He strapped straight across making two horizontal burrows as the rubber traversed his bottom. He ignored Evan's cries, and aimed slightly lower, hitting the bottom of the first welt, with the second stroke. Each whack overlapped the previous one slightly as he worked his way down. Evan's skin was turning the color of a ripened eggplant.

The pain was unimaginable! Evan could barely hear the smacks, because his own shrill screams filled his ears, but he could feel the heavy impact and the burn of each one hitting the last. His body flailed against the cuffs that held him. He cried and begged for mercy, but none was to be had. The strap hit again and again like the beating of a tomtom. His skin felt singed and torn. He felt like it there must be cuts and blood everywhere. He'd surely be scarred for life. He screamed bloody murder as the strap dug into his thighs and calves. He was welted from waist to ankles.

Janie could contain herself no longer. “Please, Daddy, please!”, she cried, “No more, Daddy. I'll take them! He can't take anymore.”

David was startled but impressed by his daughter's courage. He put down the strap and walked over to her. He turned her around and hugged her, pulling up her panties gently and smoothing the skirt into place. “There, there, Janie. He sat on the arm of the big leather sofa and comforted her. I can see you want to spare him, but you know he has it coming, don't you?
You're such a brave girl and Daddy is so proud of you. But it's all been too much and it's time you left us. I'll send Olivia up to help you into bed.”

Janie begged him to stay, again offering to take the strapping in his stead. David asked her, “Honey, why would you do that?”

“Because, Daddy, I love him!”

“I can see that, Princess, but why didn't he suffer while you were being punished? Why didn't he offer himself up, in your place?! You don't need to answer me. I just want you to think about that. Now, go on, no argument. Go to your room and get into your pajamas. Olivia will be up and I'll come and see you afterwards.”

Janie didn't want to leave but what could she do? She walked painfully towards the door and managed to brush Evan's hand with hers. He didn't even notice. He was so focused on his own misery. He didn't care what they were doing as long as David had stopped.

David began to feel his fatigue. It was almost five a.m. now. He gave Evan two more hard strokes across his back and tossed the strap on his chair. He had had enough for tonight. He buzzed for his security. He whispered directions to the two formidable men and started to leave the office. I'll see you tomorrow, downstairs”, he said to Evan as he left. “I don't want to upset Janie anymore tonight. Get some sleep, you'll need it. Tomorrow is day one!”

*** Wonderful artwork courtesy of Dennim2001. What great 3D images he created!! Thanks so much for another great job! XoJj

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Slow night tonight at work so looking to get spanked roleplay pm or give a naughty girl a good spanking any takers? If not I shall have to sit here and day dream and lift the desk off the floor a bit.(( I wish))
Happy spanks to you all anyone wanna play pm
Keith :)

Caned Schoolgirl
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This is my first Holiday on Spanking. tube, want to wish all my friends here a great day, don’t eat too much, gotta keep our butts looking good, you know how fast it could spread, I have so much to be thankful for especialy all the friends I’ve made here, Cali, Kim and Ami sooo glad you came back, Curiouskate, Justjanie and the love of my life Juliebuns and Princess, I know I left some out but I’m just naming Girlfriends, I can’t name the handsome hunks (limomangus) wink, wink, I’ve met on here, there’s not enough room, but I love you all.

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Nothing makes you feel like an idiot more than doing a directed self spanking and realizing your cats have been watching the entire thing. They sit there. Staring. Judging. I now understand why cats are the way they are with humans. They must think we are completely insane. The looks on their faces clearly say "If that hurts, why the hell are you doing it?!" Like they have any right to judge! They act like their tails are separate beings that try to randomly attack them! Yeah. That's not crazy at all.

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We all have our favorite positions, sure -- this is true enough, in fact, that spanking positions get their own spot on our profiles here!

And how often I see or hear "OTK". A lot. Like, a lot.

It seems to be a fading position with many Tops, for some reason, even though it remains a favorite among so many of us. (Am I wrong?)

Well, here comes some exposure.... OTK affects me. Spankings by themselves do, any position does, but there is an added element of effect in being spanked OTK. Enough so, that I tend to hide that very fact. (Have I ever mentioned my avoidance techniques? *blink blink*)

For example. Earlier this year I met weekly with a spanker to mete out punishment or maintenance on behalf of my remote Disciplinarian for a particular project. Over 2 months, I reported to my local spanker what my remote Disciplinarian had determined I needed. And during all those spankings during all that time, this gentleman put me over his knee for a part of a session, maybe twice.

Don’t get me wrong, the sessions were effective and I completed my task! All's well that ended well. No harm came (hmmm...) from the lack of OTK.

A month ago, this local spanker asked me if I wanted to meet just to blow off steam. We set up time and place, and since it wasn't for discipline at all, I revealed to him then that OTK got to me more than any other position. Which is why I'd never mentioned that fact to him while I was under his discipline.

(So. Okay, go ahead and scold me for my omission. But then tell me that you are perfectly honest and share 100% of everything that affects you all the time with everyone that you meet! And I repeat.... Avoidance Techniques....)

When we met after I shared this, I spent most of the 2-hour spanking session over that man's knee. Call it paid.

But here's the thing. He asked me afterwards: why OTK? Why does that position have a deeper effect on me? Here's what I told him. Do you agree, those of you who appreciate the unique qualities of the spanking lap?

First of all, for me, I fear vulnerability, and it is a vulnerable position for me. That's number one.... again, for me. In a contrary fashion, I’ve heard others say they like it because it is the most connective and intimate position, being laid directly over another person's leg(s). Other positions may be more exposing, but not as intimately connective. I have heard this, and I must concede the point.

I also told him that OTK offers the most control to the spanker. Compared to other positions, it allows the spanker to take full physical control, to a small or to an absolute degree. (Well, minus restraints, I suppose.) Spoken from the perspective of a 4’10” woman, this position physically keeps me fairly helpless. (Ug, even writing the word makes me cringe!)

Look. It's one thing to obey, to submit to the control of another, to choose to do as they say because you have given them control for that moment. That's still yours to choose!

It's another thing altogether for your spanker to take control out of your hands completely. Not to let you even have a choice! And OTK allows for that possibility.

It's a possibility that gets to me like you wouldn't believe.

The final thing I mentioned to answer his after-the-fact question: in all other positions (aside from restraints or bondage), I have something else to focus on.

I can think about staying in position. I can focus on standing, or holding on to something, or getting back to where I'm supposed to be. Or counting -- not necessarily a position thing, but it has the same effect. These things aren't bad at all, and have some really good use at times!! But there's something else I can split my focus on, distract myself away from what's happening to my poor bottom!

So, I hang on, and endure. I focus on holding on, staying put, getting back, standing, bending, straddling, whatever. It gives me something else to get my mind off what's happening to me... and when there's a challenge, like staying in position no matter what, I am set to endure, determined to 'get through' it.

OTK? There's literally nothing for me to do except take the spanking. I'm at the mercy of the spanking, and there's absolutely nothing for me to think about or focus on or accomplish or endure.... There's nothing I can distract myself with or hang on to!

I'm not taking the spanking at that point, I'm getting a spanking. And there's nothing I can do but get it!

That is another reason it really gets to me. That is why, in discipline, it is the most punitive position, to me. Personally speaking, when someone calls me over to their lap, I get the feeling like I'm in trouble more than any other time. It's not just about the pain, you see, but that absolutely unavoidable vulnerability... and that feeling of facing a spanking that will be possibly beyond my control, and being completely unable to distract myself from....

(Unless they make me count.)

So. That's why OTK. For me.

What about you, SpankingTube wanderers, voyeurs, adventurers, questing fellow spanking pathfinders? What about you? Do you OTK? Why?

Caned Schoolgirl
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Much has been said in these columns regarding the subject of corner-time.

Personally, the gorilla regards corner-time as a waste of valuable resources. Discipline is not a bye-word for meditational therapy for goodness sakes; nor should it be an opportunity for miscreants to laze about when there is useful work to be done.

Once the reprimand has been delivered and the sore bottom duly administered, provide the penitent with an apron and set them to work cleaning your study or some such other useful tasks like doing the shopping; or perhaps you have laundry which needs ironing?

That way - the imaginative and creative disciplinarian saves money on household bills, and the disciplinee gains valuable experience and insight into the domain of shame, pain and humiliation!

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Hello there! How are you all doing?

I will be in Dublin from 28th of December to the 4th of January!

Any spankees or spankers (spankee girls highly preferred) open to a meeting in the Irish isle?

Send me a private message if interested.

Thanks :)

(I'm a 18 years old guy from Italy)

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Will be in Hong Kong for a few nights at the end of November and beginning of December. Any spankos in Hong Kong on here? If so, and you're interested in chatting with a view to possibly getting together while I'm there, drop me a line! Plus, any recommendations for places to see and visit always welcome! :)

Caned Schoolgirl
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Ok so i love watching the blog and occasionally posting. we defo have amazing folks here. my favorite posts are those who are brats and those who share stories and poems i love those also love how fellow brats always stick together xx

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I've been browsing through our back catalogue :-) Amazingly there are 44 distinct films. Are there any from the following list anyone wants to see again? PM me.



1. Fibonacci
2. Harsh
3. Adverse reactions
4. Tights
5. Summer Sizzlers
6. Just Pain
7. Ouch
8. Weight Loss 2
9. Four Minute Warning
10. Paying the Price
11. Fun Times
12. Leathered
13. Spankos
14. Little Bit
15. Christmas Roast – 2 versions
16. Hard Times
17. Birthday Bash
18. Naughty Girl
19. Pleasuring Ms E
20. Hardknott
21. Worth the Wait
22. Thwack
23. No messing
24. Dragon Cane
25. Red Wine
26. Royal Salute
27. The Governess
28. Caning Erotica
29. Ms E and the Wand
30. Abacus
31. Man Up
32. Post Christmas
33. OTK
34. Therapy
35. Belated Birthday
36. Tohiti Cane
37. Dice
38. Humiliation News (CBT)
39. Ten Twenty Thirty
40. Twelve
41. Hot Summer
42. Serious
43. Table Fun
44. DD2

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Hi Folks

It has been a while since you’ve been subjected to any of my ramblings but I have one or two things to mention.

You may have noticed that I’ve tended to post videos for a relatively short period before taking them down again. To those of you who post comments, only to see them disappear, I do apologise. The feedback is very much appreciated.

Before the changes to privacy settings it was possible to ‘hide’ a video by making it viewable to friends only. Now it isn’t possible to switch between the two states. A video is posted as public or private and stays that way until deleted. So when we are feeling uncomfortable about the length of time a vid has been up it gets deleted.

Strangely, there is a link in my mind between the length of time a video has been online and the probability of someone copying it and posting elsewhere. If anyone does come across any of our material anywhere other than ST please let me know so I can act to remove it. One did appear on Xhamster about a year ago and an eagle eyed member from here alerted us and it was taken down in a couple of days.

I see the world of Spanking Tube through my old PC where there is no way of saving a video from the site (although obviously screen capture software could be used). Do users of Windows 10 have the ability to save stuff?

Perhaps I ought to update my old machine. I can only run very basic video editing software. To maintain privacy requires carefully angled cameras and cutting out segments where faces can be seen. I’ve no doubt that with better software I could do better. Is there any software anyone would recommend?

Our next video will no doubt follow the caning I’m due on Saturday. The material where Ms E gets a little frisky seems to be popular so I’ll be hooded for this one so she feels less inhibited...she’s quite a shy girl really :-)


Zadok (and Ms. E)

Caned Schoolgirl
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Hubby has been so well behaved, really, he's been a model citizen and because of it, he's not had a punishment spanking for two weeks - that's a really LONG time for me. So when I went to sleep on Friday, I did so with the plan that hubby was going to get a really good maintenance spanking upon waking on Saturday morning. It went like this....

Good morning hun, hope you slept well? I did, thanks. I'm going to the kitchen to fix something to eat, I want you to join me...oh and before you come downstairs, get my hairbrush from the counter. What? No, come on, Ive been good. Yes you have, and I dont want you to forget, this is just a little reminder...But! You're making it worse dear.

He entered the kitchen and handed me the brush. I pulled out the chair. He stood in front of me and I pulled his lounge pants and cute blue panties down to his feet and had him step out of them. Looking at him, he penis started to grow and for some reason, I decided to play. I stood up and took off my pajama bottoms and panties too, sat down and said, now we'redressed alike. His face was in pure shock. I took his hand and guided him over my lap. I could feel his hard-on against my leg. As I spanked and he wriggled, I could feel it getting a little harder, and I could also feel it dripping a little on me too until.....until the real spanking began.

I decided on 250 spanks with the brush. Dont ask why that number, it's arbitrary, I just felt like it, but I decided to deliver them in a very particular manner: 100 to his left cheek, then 100 to his right cheek, then 50 across both of them, no stopping between any of them.

When done, oh boy was his ass red and oh boy was I flipping hot. When he got up, his penis was soft again but it glistened from being pushed around the precum he left on my leg. And at that moment, I got an idea. I stood and told him to remain there. I went into the kitchen and came back with a glass of orange juice. I sat back down and told hubby that he has been very good and I appreciate his efforts and that I was going to reward him for it.

I pulled my t-shirt off and told him to jerk off on my tits. He was in shock. I told him the offer will expire so get moving and giggled as I said it. He started to stroke his penis to hardness. I could tell by the way he kept slowing down that he was trying to delay the inevitable, to make it last longer, but when I started to rub my foot on his leg, he could hold back no longer as he launched a few ropes of cum across my tits. When done, I took a sip of my oj, and told him to clean up. Immediately he got on his knees and licked every drop of his cum off of my body. When done, he said thank you and I replied, you're welcome, but you're not done yet. I spread my legs wide and proceed to enjoy the best 45 minutes in a long time.

The rest of the day was great until he, my sister and I went to dinner and he was a little too opinionated for my liking, which earned him a really good discipline when we got home...from both of us, which concluded with my telling him, "you wont be jerking off for a while, a really long while." Hey sis, would you mind getting his pink tube in my top drawer of my dresser. A few minutes later, "Click."

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Based in Oldham, UK and looking to spank young men or women. Few years ago met a 25 yr old man on holiday with his older (30) girl friend and spanked him over my knee in front of her. Was real hot and would love to do again but just as happy with single spankies. Get in touch.

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@japan. It was fabulous, my favourite things all under one roof! Good friends, good food, good whiskey! What's not to like? ...oh I'll tell ya....mixing your drinks...apart from buying a glass or two or three of scotch, every stall you encounter they shove free shots at you, so not wanting to be rude, tried all of them, hot rum cider, hot Pimms, whole glass of raspberry and cranberry vodka, red wine from somewhere? White wine from somewhere else, Prosecco with pomegranates! And beer! Inbetween the shots came salted olive oil chocolate, Thai dumplings, Japanese spices pork dumplings....and that's where it ends because I can't remember much else! Oh there was this good looking guy with a piano!!!..Good job Mark was there!..otherwise I'd have gotten up and tinkled with his ivories! Lol.

Caned Schoolgirl
195 views · 3 days ago

I have a naughty boy to deal with soon. Anyone have any good punishment ideas a mommy can add to a spanking?

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Shortly after serving as an EMT on 9/11, I was transferred to a fire station in Northern DC with a search and rescue squad. Management thought my experience pulling bodies from the Pentagon may benefit the squad. I couldn’t see why, after all, I only recovered bodies, the goal was lives.

The squad leader, Lieutenant Todd Smith was assigned as my mentor, not just to show me around, but also to monitor my daily activities and health, due to the red flag management had placed on my official record. The wording for my condition in 2001 read “nervous breakdown.” Today, they would call it “PTSD”.

I had lost 20 lbs since 9/11, was emotionally detached from the life and people I knew before, and suffered tremors anywhere outside work. Todd understood. He had a similar flag on his record after returning from the first Gulf War.

Todd was your typical handsome, muscular fireman. He was 35, rugged with constant stubble on his face, with dark hair and eyes. I am 5’8, but next to Todd at 6’ 6, I looked and felt like a kid, and at only 22, I wasn’t far off.

DC required regular health exams for all firemen and EMTs, to assess our fitness for duty. After my first at the new fire house, Todd joined me in the exam room while the doctor read aloud my results. I was sitting on a stretcher, my feet dangling in the air, wearing only a paper hospital gown that was open in the back. Todd and the doctor stood towering over me, both scowling, as now I was down 25 lbs since the attack.

The doctor walked out first, shutting the door behind him. For a minute, Todd was silent. He was in his uniform, arms crossed, and bent forward so his stern eyes were only six inches from my own. When he broke the silence it was with a growl. “Belle, I am going to treat you like a f-en child. I am going to sit you down in the chow hall and watch you clear every bite off your plate before I excuse you from the table. I don’t care how embarrassed you are in front of the squad. And I swear to God, if you lose one more damn pound I am going to spank your bare butt until you howl and dance over my knee. Do you understand me?!?”

I have no doubt Todd saw my bottom clench at his threat, the gown barely covered my front, certainly not my backside. Fortunately, Todd didn’t even wait for an answer, he stormed out, slamming the door just in time to miss my first tear.

I was humiliated, but Todd proved to be much kinder than I first assessed. Despite his threat, he never embarrassed me at meals in front of the men. He gave me regular “I mean it looks” when we ate, and if he thought I lost focus on my plate, he would pinch my thigh under the table, but these signals were discrete and shared only between the two of us.

But Todd’s kindness was not weakness. A month later, the doctor returned. This time I was only down 1 lb, but 1 was enough. After the doctor left the room, Todd calmly and all too quietly leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “I will be at your apartment at 10pm.”

Todd had been to my apartment many times. I didn’t own a car, so Todd would run me home after our shift, and after particularly tough days, he would stay and chat a while - as much for his own emotional health as mine I suspect. The truth is, we were becoming much more than colleagues. I was falling in love.

The knock came promptly at 10. I didn’t know how to dress so I answered in my rescue uniform, and found him still in his. My hand was shaking so hard I fumbled trying to relock the door behind him three times before Todd took pity on me, took my hand in his, and locked the door himself.

On that night, Todd wasn’t there to chat. We didn’t sit on the coach with a glass of wine as we had done so many times before. Instead, Todd kept my hand in his and walked me passed the coach and directly to my room. Without so much as a word, he sat on the edge of my bed, yanked my pants down to my knees, and pulled me by my arm across his knee.

I was already crying. I had been withdrawn for months, I rarely lived in the moment, and was afraid constantly. To me, constant unexplainable fear, that’s PTSD. But here I was, actually in the moment, actually feeling connected to a man, feeling scared for a reason I could explain and rationalize...and so the tears ran before the first smack.

Todd was not moved by my cry, or at least, did not let it influence the spanking. He didn’t start on my round cheeks like most. He started where it hurts the most, just under my panties. And there was no warm up or warning, no pause between swats, he hit me over and over with lightening speed where I was so sensitive even I, an EMT who had felt nothing for months, bawled and begged and screamed in pain.

Within seconds I squirmed completely off his lap. Undeterred he simply stood up, positioned me flat on the bed, and then laid on his side with his upper body across my back facing my bottom. In this position I could squirm no more, much less get my hand around his back to shield my bottom. I could only cry.

So I cried as he continued on my sit spot. And I cried when he pulled my panties to my knees. And I cried as he turned his attention to my globes. And I cried when he paused for a moment to rub his stinging hand on his pants, and then resumed with renewed intensity.

After he rubbed his hand, Todd ceased focusing on one spot at a time, and instead peppered at random every inch of my hide. I was bawling and in such pain I forgot entirely about my modesty. He must have seen every inch of my privacy as I kicked and bent and spread my legs in search of even the smallest reprieve from his hand.

I lost myself on that bed.

Todd didn’t embarrass me further. He left my room as quickly as we had entered, closing the door behind him. And I continued to cry. With my tears, I let fall the tension and emotions I had bottled for far too long.

I fell asleep half naked on top of the blankets. But I awoke the next morning tucked into bed wearing pajamas. I don’t even remember Todd returning to the room.

Sarah Gregory Spanking