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My wife likes to include some light CBT in our spanking play. Particularly slapping my penis and balls. At first, this closed me down and turned me completely soft. Now it has become a major turn-on as I have come to fully trust her.

She also likes to have me spread my legs so that she can spank directly behind my balls (the perineum of "taint"). This is a huge turn-on to me even when she uses a thin wooden paddle and spanks really hard.

Does anyone else enjoy giving or receiving such punishments? Would love to know what others thought.

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What started out a lovely Birthday morning, quickly turned. I was upset about the rain, upset because He arrived late, which threw off our dinner reservations. Which again made me mad, but I was doing good or so I thought. I didn't get loud or even say much of anything which is the problem. Daddy HATES one word responses, and He HATES a certain tone which in my head I thought I held in. NOT

So what was going to be a simple video with an introduction to His new implements ie: Studded leather paddle, bamboo beater and cane. Turned into a real attitude adjustment happy birthday to you, have you lost your mind spanking. I sware I lost track of 40 mins during this discipline. So NOOOOOOOO this video will not be shared.

When we plan to record I will make sure to upload that one. This weekend is Easter so I am being a good girl. I told Him How wrong it would be to spank me after church LMAO yes I played the church card.
Shout out to Tygrr and DD4life because you ladies are def my Shero's because it has been a week and I can still feel the pain...:-)

To Be Continued.........................

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To ALL my friends, and everyone who appreciates the sentiment - I wish you ALL a happy & a truly Blessed Easter
I love you all (even the few I disagree with)and I want y'all to have a great time, in whatever way suits you best, even if that means a sore bottom He He!
For those who truly recognize the significance of the day. May you have a peace & Joy, that passes all understanding
God Bless you.

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I totally messed up when I was posting my story. I Should Have Kown.

I posted Chapter 6 before Chapter 5 by mistake. So now Chapter 5 parts 1 and 2 are posted and I will post Chapter 6 tomorrow.

Sorry for the goof up.

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I had this horrible feeling jolt through the pit of my stomach down between my thighs. I was confused about the feeling it was a pleasurable tingling.

I felt a tear well up in the corner of my eye and I didn't want to be spanked. Especially in the bathroom of a restaurant. I knew that the noise of Seth spanking me with whatever Aunt Jennie gave him to do the deed would be loud and that all the patrons of the restaurant would know exactly what was happening.

The door opened. Seth walked in holding a large pancake flipper. It was metal and didn't look like it had any give. I knew that it was going to leave me blubbering and with an aching bottom. Seth put his hand on the lock and slowly turned it to make sure we would be alone and that no one would be walking in on us.

I knew that anything I tried to say wouldn't stop Seth from putting me over his knee and blistering my bottom. All I knew was that I wasn't going to offer myself to him and lay myself over his knee without a fight.

Seth walked towards me. He had that flipper in his hand and was slapping it against his thigh. He let out an ouch.

“Sweetie I'm afraid this is going to sting a lot and that if you don't want me to pull your panties down you better come over and lay down over my knee. If I have to come and get you I will bare your bottom and show no mercy.”

“I don't want a spanking. I'm not going to just let you do it. I'll fight you. Please don’t.” Seth shook his head. “If that’s how you want this to go down.”

The bathroom had two stalls. One regular size and then the other one was the handicapped stall. He opened the handicapped door, I imagine because it was bigger than the other one. I tried to make a run for the door but I knew I wouldn't be able to unlock the door and open it in time to escape, but still I had to try.

I didn't even get to take the first step. Seth stepped towards me, took a hold of my wrist and pulled me into the stall. He locked the stall door and sat down on the seat. Before I could think I was over his knee and fighting to keep my panties from being pulled down.

I don't know why I even thought I could stop the spanking let alone my panties from being ripped off. Seth had them laying on the floor in a second. He hadn't gotten me into the position he wanted so I tried my hardest to cover my bottom. Seth wrapped my wrist in his left hand against my back. He tilted me forward so my left hand was on the bathroom floor making sure that I didn't fall on my face.

Note to self, make sure you wash your hands. I was completely at his mercy. The problem was that he wasn't going to show me any mercy.
I clenched my teeth, tighten my bottom and waited for the first taste of the flipper on my bare bottom. I was a blubbering idiot before he even let me have it.

“Please don't spank me, I'm so sorry. I acted so terribly naughty. I wont ever do it again. I promise."

I knew whatever I said wasn't going to make a bit of difference. I probably was going to get the worst spanking of my life.

Without a word from Seth he raised the pancake flipper high above his head and applied it forcibly to my bared bottom. He concentrated on my left cheek first with 5 spanks all in the same spot. He paused for 10 seconds so I would feel the full effect of the spanking. He started onto the right cheek and did the same. I had never felt such pain on my bared bottom. That was only 10 spanks and I knew that he wasn't going to just give me 10 spanks. I tried to wiggle off his lap but he had me so secure that I couldn't move an inch.

“Oh Seth, I'm so sorry. Please don't spank me anymore. I promise I'll be good. I won't give you any reason to spank me ever again.

I could tell without even looking at him that Seth had a big grin on his face. He knew I was just saying what I thought he wanted to hear. He knew I would say anything just to be off his lap.

“Oh Beth, you don't seriously think I'm buying what you just said. The only reason you're saying these things is because you want me to stop spanking you.”

With that, the spanking started where Seth left off.He must have gotten his second wind because he didn't hold anything back. He alternated between cheeks and must of spanked me another 30 whacks.

I tried kicking my legs and wiggling back and forth trying to escape but he just held me tighter around my waste. “Beth, settle down, I'm just going to give it to you harder with all this fighting. You need to accept your punishment. You know you deserve every whack.”

By the time he was done I was in incredible pain and couldn't catch my breath between my crying. I think it scared Seth because he lifted me up onto his lap and tried to calm me down.

You know when babies cry and can't seem to catch their breath. You blow in their faces to get them to breath. Seth resorted to blowing into my face and got me breathing again.

I’m sure he felt bad that he brought me to the point of not being able to breath. He rubbed my back and shushed me in an attempt to calm me down.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Aunt Jennie. “Hey you two, is everything ok in there. We all know that Beth just got her bottom warmed, we could hear it. I have to ask you to come out. I have a few ladies who need to use the bathroom and they’re afraid if they interrupt you Seth, that you might tan their hides too.” Aunt Jennie gave a little chuckle but I certainly didn't think it was one bit funny.

“OK, Aunt Jennie. Do you have a room I can take Beth? We still have a few things to talk over before I take her to work.”

Aunt Jennie told him he could use her office next to the bathrooms. I was thankful for that since I wouldn't have to walk past any of the patrons.

Seth lifted me off his lap and unlocked the stall. He took my hand and unlocked the bathroom door and opened it. Aunt Jennie was standing in the hall and I fell into her arms. She put her arms around me and gave me a squeeze.

“Oh Aunt Jennie, Seth hurt me so badly. I don’t think I’m going to be able to sit down. Why did you give him such a wicked flipper?”

Aunt Jennie pushed me back so I could look into her eyes. She frowned.
“Beth honey, you deserved every bit of that spanking and you know it. Now you go into my office with Seth and listen to him. He wants only the best for you. You need a man like Seth in your life. I don’t want to worry about you being on your own. You need his discipline and love.

Now you get.”

She gave my bottom a swat and opened her office door.

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I knew that I wasn't going to be able to pull the wool over Seth’s eyes, so I decided to go to bed at the time that he had told me to. I wish he would have asked me instead of giving an order to go to bed early.

I must admit that when I woke the next morning I felt well rested and refreshed. I did have to sleep on my side all night because of a sore bottom. I was surprised to still have a little tingling when I sat up in bed. I was happy that I had decided to go to bed at 9:30 so I wouldn't have to worry about another spanking from Seth.

I was dressed and ready for work when I heard Seth’s truck pull into the driveway. I must admit I was excited to see him and wondered if he would give me another glorious kiss when I opened the door to let him in.

Seth knocked, I didn't want to seem too anxious so I waited for the second knock before I opened the door. I let Seth in and he walked to me and leaned down to give me one of those kisses that curl your toes. I kissed him back with a little peck with a great big smile.

I was just like a little kid who wanted to please her daddy when she was obedient. “Seth, ask me what time I went to bed?” He had a big grin on his face and he took me in his arms and asked me, “Ok, what time did you go to bed?” I looked into his eyes and with a big smile, “I went at 9:30, just like you told me to.”

Seth lowered his head and gave me a peck on the lips and said, “that’s my good girl” and then gave me a swat on my bottom. “It’s amazing what a little spanking can do to set a little spoiled brat in the right direction.

“We better head out for breakfast so you're not late for work.” Seth took my hand and he led me out to his pickup. Once again he opened my door and helped me into my seat and buckled my seat belt. He walked around the pickup got in and off we went.

I was glad that we had breakfast at Aunt Jennies. Seth had called ahead with our order so we wouldn't have to rush through breakfast. Aunt Jennie came and sat with us during her coffee break. Seth asked her what kind of a kid I was growing up. I started to blush because I knew that Aunt Jennie would spill the beans.

“Oh Seth, where should I start. When Beth and her sisters first came to live with me she had a temper and was always getting in trouble because of her potty mouth. She was either over my knee or had a big bar of soap in her mouth.” Well, if I hadn't blushed enough before, my face was turning red as a red delicious apple.

Seth gave me a stern look. “I've only been with her for a day and a half and she’s already had her bottom paddled. Did she always throw a fit when she was spanked?”

Aunt Jennie let out a chuckle, “you would have thought she was being killed. I've always believed that a naughty girl needs to be spanked until she gives into her punishment. If I used my hand, paddle or strap she would eventually give into her punishment and I knew she would never attempt to the same infraction. I never had that problem with her sisters. One spanking took care of it and they never had to be spanked again.”

I was truly embarrassed and wanted to run to the bathroom, but I figured that Seth would probably follow me and spank me. What was I getting myself into. Once I got on my own and moved into my own apartment, Aunt Jennie didn't ever spank me again. Now I was falling for a guy who believed in spanking and I knew from experience that I probably would have many in my future.

I looked at my watch and it was time for Seth to drop me off at work. “Well, I hate to put a stop to you both embarrassing me but it’s time to get me to work. I’m not sure if I approve of you both plotting against me.”

Seth turned to me and took my hand in his. Sweetie, you're a naughty little thing and it’s up to me to make sure you take better care of yourself. We are going to be going over a few rules that you need to obey. I think your Aunt Jennie has a few to add to the pot so I will be talking to her again whether you like it or not.”

I got up and gave them both a scowl and made my way to the bathroom. I turned and stomped my foot and pushed the door. I pushed it so hard that it hit the wall and made a loud thud. I knew that I shouldn't have done that and that I would soon see Seth come through the bathroom door. I knew I was going to be spanked and most likely Auntie Jennie was going to find Seth an instrument to use on my bottom.

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All I need to know I learned from the Easter bunny!

• Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

• Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.

• There's no such thing as too much candy.

• All work and no play can make you a basket case.

• Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.

• Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.

• Some body parts should be floppy.

• Keep your paws off of other people's jelly beans.

• Good things come in small, sugar-coated packages.

• To show your true colors, you have to come out of the shell.

• The grass is always greener in someone else's basket.

• The best things in life are still sweet.

• A cute tail attracts a lot of attention (especially on ST).

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter weekend!

P.S. I added the sexy man with the chocolate fingers because I have good taste - what else can I say...

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for those that contact me, u must know once I hear from u that I am goin to check out ur page to see a lil more about u.. some helpful info would b location... it does me no good to start a relationship with u if ur in bumfuck Egypt... just sayin...

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So me and a friend of mine had discussed spanking in a few conversations. and he actually took the time to watch videos to see what its all about. He contacted me yesterday and said that he understands my need for discipline and that's all it should be.

He came over and we discussed it a little more. He said I can help you.
I don't know what videos he watched, but he's an excellent learner.
He warmed me up with his hand, then grabbed one of my paddels, then my wire hanger, and finished me off with my belt.
He even rubbed my bottom down with cocoa butter and then gave me a back massage. I was astonishe, as this is something that was not offered to me in my last discipline partnership.

Now as I sit here I have this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and guilt.
I feel like I betrayed somebody that I care a lot about(I love)..
Why is that?
Is it because I opened another door before I fully closed another?
I need advice in the worst way.
Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Hi guys, how would you like to find this in your Easter basket this year. What ever would you do with her? And she’s not even make of chocolate!

Have a great, fun Easter. You never know, this little bunny tail might be hopping down the bunny trail to your home. But only if you are good…


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Well hello everyone....yesterday was my last day off and my daughter was out of school so I thought I would take her shopping, but somehow she lost her visa gift card so we had to postpone some of the stuff she wanted to get, until a replacement card arrives! the mall is so big but I think we lost it before we got inside! ugh......but anyway then I went to a BBQ in the country and had a pretty good time.

By nights end I had butterflies in my stomach when my Mentor told me he would be over today for my over the top discipline session! I thought he had just decided to forget about it....but I was wrong! and he also had another surprise in store for me I could not run from because he put me in restraints. this was only the second time he has restrained me in the years he has disciplined me and when he brought out the surprise implement I was ready to head for the hills, but being as though I didnt want to get hit in the wrong way, I tried my best to be still. Video? well some of it was recorded and some wasnt, but stay tuned.....still have to edit it because one time i got up and tried to refuse...but that didnt turn out to good!

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The problem with women having a voice is that they tend to use it!

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Hi guys,in around 100 days this year,my life has changed so very much.A family torn apart,there has been death,illness,lives destroyed, suicide attempts (not by myself).My wife's world has been,ripped apart,with her physical,emotional and mental pain.Through it all,I have been cursed,with suffering from chronic depression.Which started months,before any of this ever happened.So, I guess it's not been,a great year so far,not what I expected anyway.But others have/go through,much worse,so I try not to feel sorry for myself.

I have sent my wife away,to where she feels well,and have been alone for weeks now.I still have much to do,before I can move myself,a lot to do to be honest.Through all of this,I have felt like a bystander,watching it all unfold.Trying to hold everything together,but it falling apart,before my very eyes.And I will admit,there have been times,when I came close to giving up.

Life certainly,trips you up at times,especially when least expected.This week has me thinking,enough already,really enough.Time to get off my knees,and walk again,and move forward.Yes,2014 has battered the crap,out of me,in many,many ways.But I am still going,have much to be thankful for,many blessings.Tonight,I sat alone again,and thought,pull yourself up,and be strong.I got angry with myself,slapped myself in the head,gave myself a good shake.That phase of your life,is gone,no matter how bad it was or could still be.Growl and say fuck you life,I am too good,for you to beat me.Been a fighter all my life,not gonna stop now,lets go toe to toe.Because you know what,I'm going to win,beat up enough,time to hit back.

Got my fight head back on,ready to reclaim my life,make it MY LIFE AGAIN.So,time to move forward,off my knees,up onto my feet,don't get in my way.My emerald Isle blood,is flowing again,and you don't mess with that (seriously folks you just don't!cause it will spank the shit right out of ya lol).

Thank you for reading,

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hi i am full slave and ready for femdom and spanking me and marring
i very love dominant lady and strict female

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My mood today.. is not very good at all... im not where i want to be tonight..trapped inside my dorm room with nothing to do and too much on my mind!. one of those day's where all you want to do is cuddle up with daddy so he can tell you everything is okay and make you feel loved..

1 WEEK!!!!!! till i can be in his arms yet again!

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So I've been talking to Daddy about stress relief spankings and "asking" for a spanking....he tried to explain it, I got frustrated and snippy so he suggested I ask you all before I was faced with a spanking that adds stress instead of relieves it.

Soooo.....What is a stress relief spanking? If a spanking hurts....isn't that stressful? does a sore backside make things better?


Does anyone ever ask for a spanking? How do you ask?? Do you go to your Daddy/Dom/Disciplinarian and say "Hey can you come beat my ass please???"

Daddy wants me to know when I need a spanking and ask for it. Yeah...THAT'S NOT HAPPENIN'!!!! If you won't ask for a spanking, but you need do you let your spanker know?

Whew....this concludes the Random Ramblings of Rachel. :0) (Try and say that 5 times fast)

It's officially Saturday morning and I'm getting silly. :0)
Good Night

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Yeah. Just hyper. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much energy. :P

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Introduction I am a grown woman with a "lil girl" inside of me. I love long hot bubble baths with colored water. I am lovin and carin. I dont always make the best decisions and often need a firm hand. I can be stubborn at times, I withdraw when I get hurt or am feelin insecure...I do NOT like to be yelled at or called vulgar names but I do need a man who knows how to use a stern look or a raised eyebrow. One who knows how to talk to me "lil girl" "young lady" when I have done somethin that he doesnt approve of. I am VERY much into spankin. Spankin for play, erotica, maintance, discipline. i need my limits tested n pushed..And my guy needs to be able to provide me with this...I am seeking a long term relationship with a male who understands and is into domestic discipline. A man who is in control but who is not controllin. Someone who will allow me to have a say in important matters but whos final decision will be his. A man who has his n my best interest at heart. Who will listen to me and be there for me.Someone to make me laugh and who likes to cuddle..n give affection as well as recieve it..
I enjoy country music or soft rock. I love to go to the movies n hold hands. I love to take long walks or just sit in a park and take in the scenery. I like to read but do not get to do that much anymore. From readin on here i see i need to mention a few more things.. (1) i am a ONE on ONE kinda gal.. i do not share well n wont b part of a "harem".. (2) i am not seekin cyberplay or phone play although i have no problem with talkin on the phone or on to get to know someone better.. (3) i will NOT b someones "dirty lil secret".. (4) im am seekin a REAL relationship n with one who LIVES this.. not plays at it..i dont want someone who comes home n says at bedtime "ok tonight im "Daddy" n ur my "lil girl".. this is a lifestyle for me.. not a game..(5) i am NOT a switch.. i just CANT.. its not in me..(6) I am not lookin to start a long distance relationship, I am seekin someone local
My Ideal Person looks arent all that important to me.. after all we all r alike inside ( well unless ur a alien.. then maybe u got green ooze er somethin)...i do prefer men of a heavier build n i love bald heads...just somethin really sexy bout that "Mr Clean" look.. come on.. admit it.. Mr Clean is a sexy SOB.. yeah id do him lol..
my "Daddy" should have manners n set good examples...he should b someone to treat me with respect n expect/demand respect in return.. but that respect should also be earned, not just expected..he should b someone who is firm but fair with me.. consistant... attentive..i need him to know i need rules n guidelines but at the same time there r times i need to "test" them..( n he UNDERSTANDS this) see if what he says NO to today.. is still NO the next time.. i love to tease n brat it up... I NEED to FEEL like Daddys lil girl.. I need to feel loved n looked after, I need to feel safe n secure...I need to feel like I am important to my Daddy n that I am his ONLY one.. I don't like to feel like im in a competition against other females.. I do NOT like to think of my "Daddy" as Daddy or to have him refer to himself as Daddy durin any sexual act.. I have to be his special girl at that time, not his lil girl..
i prefer what takes place tween us to stay tween us BUT at the same time.. i need him to not b afraid to give me a "look" or a "ahem" or somethin similiar if he finds me doin/sayin somethin he doesnt approve of n we r in public.. also that he not b afraid to remove me from the situation if need b to have a lil "talk"..he should NOT b a liar..
my Daddy needs to know that durin playtime i love him to say hes gonna spank me.. gonna pull my panties down to bare my bottom.. to call me a naughty girl or bad girl.. i LOVE that.. BUT .. at the same time.. i do NOT like that at all when im really bein punished but at the same time.. i guess i need to hear it just the same..
i need my Daddy to set rules that r important.. perhaps no speedin or goin to bed on time... i need him to use other punishments along with spankin.. ( groundin.. priveldges takin away.. early bedtime.. cornertime.. writin lines/essays.. ) i need to say i need other punishments other than spankin but i need to b spanked as part of those punishments as well.. otherwise that lil girl in me feels like "daddy doesnt feel im worth botherin with"... n the same goes for bein ignored.. i know some Daddies ignore their lil girl as a punishment.. i CANNOT handle that.. it causes such deep hurt inside me..
above i mention in not a switch.. BUT ..that dont mean i wont tease/test "daddy" at times n threaten to spank him.. just to see his reaction.. just to see how far he will let me go..
i do not like to b FORCED or ORDERED into sexual favors.. i like sex to b enjoyable for both of us.. somethin i WANT to do to please him..somethin to look forward to.. a reward perhaps or "just because" but not used as a punishment..
i will b honest.. if ur the type to say "on ur knees bitch".. ur likely to get a "after u BITCH!" in return..sorry but i want a lovin carin firm fair consistant Daddy that i can love n trust n respect n look up to.. i want him to b the one i look forward to comin home to or havin him come home to me..
i do have a big family that is VERY important to me, my children r all grown n out on their own but i am still very much into their lives, i will let no one come between my family n myself...
might add more later if more comes to mind but i suppose that is it for now..

now make sure u paid attention to EVERYTHIN i wrote here OR . i might haffa spank U... *giggles*..

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I have been lucky,not long on here and I met some people who have helped me a great deal to understand this lifestyle.I have been helped to understand exactly what I want,so this is what I want:

1/ I want to dress as a schoolgirl and be chastised while I talk back and be generally cheeky.
2/ I want corner time,while my Sir/Madam,scolds me.
3/ I want to be put over someone's knee who will not alone spank me but who will take the time to scold me while I am at their mercy.
4/Am I looking for a sort of father figure? Maybe.
5/ Someone preferably in the UK or Ireland would be good!

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You can say many things about me,
All bad, if you wish...
Draw me into the likeness of an ogre,
Paint me dark and vile,
Write the wretched history
Of a contemptible man
And name him me.
Say what you want,
But you cannot say
We were never friends.

Does your report document betrayal?
Do you feel you’ve been scorned
Or abandoned?
Write my name in the bitterness,
In the lines, and between the lines of your book,
And say what you will about me...
But you cannot say
We were never friends.

Do you write a story of pain,
A chronicle of anguish?
Cast me, as you wish,
As the agent of this misery.
Have I bled you dry?
Have I sucked the marrow
From your bones?
Have I taken,
And given you nothing,
Nothing ever,
In return?
Call me a parasite.
But you can never say
We were never friends.

Write me out of your life.
Remove your words from my page.
Shut the door in my face
And send me away.
But the past doesn’t change
And the present remembers,
And you cannot say
We were never friends.

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