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After my last blog I feel the need to speak of happier times so I'm wondering what was the best day of your life (other than being born, getting married or becoming a parent)?

Mine happened to be at work at the best job I ever had. It was one of my internships. I was working at my local probation department. That was a fascinating job. There was never a dull moment. It was also eye-opening to see the amount of people who I knew who were on probation for something. There was my insurance agent, someone who never got in trouble at school and had a "goody-goody" image, someone who bullied me relentlessly when I was in middle school, an ex-coworker and an ex-boyfriend to name only a few. My fellow coworkers made me feel smart, needed, respected, admired and appreciated. I hated having to leave there. On my last day there one of my bosses told me to go into a room that I hadn't ever been into before and listen to the beginning of some cassette tapes from court to be sure that they had actual recordings on them. I did that and was really focused on doing that when all of a sudden all of my coworkers started coming into the room with refreshments. I told them I would go someplace else that was out of their way so i won't disturb them (and they wouldn't disturb me). They all stopped and stared at me and my boss said, "No. Don't leave. This party is for YOU." I was stunned and speechless. Nothing like that ever happened to me before. I had bridal showers and a baby shower but my mom always accidentally slipped and ended up telling me about them. So I wasn't surprised by those. But this time I was. One of my coworkers came over to me and handed me a card that was signed by everyone that worked there. Inside that card was a gift certificate for $200 for my local mall. I definitely didn't expect any of that so I had no idea what to say to everyone. I wish I had the presence of mind to tell them how much I love them and loved working there but I was too in shock to think of anything to say other than to say thank you to all of them as a group. My boss told me to be sure and use that gift certificate on something for *myself* that I could really *use* so I ended up getting a portable dishwasher that still works today even though it is almost 15 years old now. What a wonderful surprise from a wonderful group of people. That was one of the best days of my life and I will never forget it or them.

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...ready for my bedtime spanking. brightly striped boys cotton underpant briefs size 8/10. the stripes make them ideal for public showings under thin lightly colored shorts. don't ypou think that a little panty sissy that likes to show his underpants around deserves a good spanking? also, the pajama bottoms say: "yeah I know, go to my room" (where hopefully I'll be getting the spanking I deserve).

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We had almost an hour yesterday afternoon before our dinner guests were due to arrive, so MsDazi asked if I wanted a quick spanking. Of course I did, so I ran and jumped into a punishment outfit of black stockings and garterbelt, white nylon panty-briefs, and my purple chemise and joined her in her bedroom. My panties were down to my knees and her leather strap was lighting my bare bottom on fire when we heard the doorbell ring and voices on the front porch.

Of course, it was one of our guests arriving early and worse yet, he had his young daughter in tow. MsDazi ran interference so I could get back down the hallway to my room and get changed. They didn't see anything, but it was touch-and-go for a bit. Probably a good thing because it wasn't long before ANOTHER early-arriving guest showed up.

Dammit, what part of "After 3:00 PM" are you people failing to understand?

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im looking for a dom (female) to do some online instructed spanking/discipline. message me!

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I've got butterflies in my tummy tonight. i heard from an old friend & he feels I'd benefit from a trip over his knee. I'm to wait for him in a skirt & top with no bra or panties. He told me to bring my hairbrush or he will take his belt to my bare bottom. I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight anticipating my spanking.

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Any fellow spanking aficionados in the Wisconsin/Northern Wisconsin and surrounding states? Roll call.

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Oopsie, equipment issue or just plain Major screw up??
So, we had not made any videos of Bond being punished for a while. With this in mind I had Bond go to the 'Punishment Room' and get prepared for a nice session.
Afterward he went to work on the video and discovered the camera stopped recording only a few minutes into the session. Bond is in charge of making sure the equipment itself is working. Clearly something went wrong.
So this was a waste of my time since we have No video and nothing to post either here or for spankinglibrary! OK, not totally since I always enjoy whipping & playing with Bond. :)
When he told me "no video" I said "Re-Do!"
I love a good re-do but I am thinking I need to give him an 'extra' punishment for whatever the video issue was. I have a few pictures or his partially whipped behind & balls.
Posting one photo so you can see his stripped bottom.
Planning & plotting our next one. He is setting up for a bit of extra restraint/gagging so I can really have at him if I so chose. Those nice balls will be a nice target. Yes? :)
Pic is posted here on ST.

Lady M.

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Hello fellow spankos.

I should be enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon, but I'm troubled. I recently tried to reconnect with someone I met on ST years ago and it ended up going all the way left. Much progress had been made towards reconnecting, then poof. All effort on her part vanished along with her desire to communicate. I guess the only thing I really want to say is, we are all adults here. There is certainly risk in putting yourself out there, and no one likes to feel vulnerable, submissive or dominant. You can never find your perfect situation if you don't put yourself out there. However, please.....PLEASE don't pick me to experiment on. I want real connections....real friends....a real relationship if it leads to that. I have no interest in being something to past your time while you figure out what you want.

Stay blessed, and spank on.
Mr Diezel

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just wanna say thank u AGAIN to all who checked up/looked out for me... Friday turned out to be a night from hell... not one I haven't gone down already but its not somethin u get used to... I pray hard it all comes to a happy endin soon because it is wearin me down...

Sat n Sun turned out to be better days.. baby shower for one of my granddaughters on Sat n a visit with my youngest son, his wife n 2 lil girls today .. today is one of my daughters bdays.. Fri is another daughters bday but we r leavin to go campin Fri-Mon ( all girls campin trip that I go on each yr with my daughters only)..n my sons bday on the 3oth but ill b campin when they have a get together for him next weekend so we visited him today..

anyways.. ty again ( tight hugs)

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No,I do not spank for the sole purpose tears. I have had many people ask me if I spank to the point of tears. I always took that question as someone asking me if I spank just to get the result of tears. If someone is trying to spank you just to get tears......RUN AWAY.

Now, before anyone starts to judge the statement I just wrote, Hang out for a bit and read my reasoning on this subject. I will not claim to be the best at what I do. But, I do have the experience to say that I know what I am doing. I have done plenty of punishment sessions and emotional release sessions with many different people. I know (from experience) that tears do not always come solely from a spanking.

Crying is a very vulnerable point for adults. When a person cries, they are displaying an emotional and very intimate side of themselves. Does crying mean that you are weak? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It just means that you are comfortable enough with the person or people around you to let it out. For example, if you were to lose a loved one, you would probably hold it together and hold back those emotions in front of coworkers. But, in front of your best friend would probably be a completely different story. A person is more likely to let go in front of someone they are very close to.

The same applies when it comes to spanking as well. I have had instances where the lecture before the spanking began to put a person in a remorseful state before I even administered a spanking. The person was close enough to me that they felt they could let go and tears began to flow. Even in emotional release sessions, the person has to have a certain closeness with you in order to be able to get that release. I just recently posted a video titled "Persephone's release". That is a prime example of what I am saying. She wanted me to give her this emotional release because we are good friends and she felt comfortable with me. When the time came and she was ready to let go, there was no hesitation.

In summary, please understand that crying is not something that will automatically come from a spanking all the time. In fact, it is very rare. Take the time to get to know the person you are dealing with if you are wanting to get to that breaking point of tears. I promise, when you find someone that you have that extreme comfort level with, it won't be a task to get to that point. It will become an automatic thing.


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Hi folks

We have posted what could have been called "Hardknott Part II". It is basically the sexy stuff after the caning. Because it contains no element of spanking it appears in the "Everything Else" category which means it doesn't show up in the main video listings.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Ms E and Zadok

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i have several people in my life who i can always count on to cheer me up when i am down. i wish i could provide that for other people. i feel like i only make things worse no matter what i say or do. i really admire people who aren't terrified of those feelings and know how to effectively help others. my mom is someone who always seems to know what to say and do. people always seem to sense that about her and are drawn to her. she has been a social worker (and an english teacher) so she has a lot of experience in this. i feel like i should have learned from her what to do and say when someone feels depressed or hopeless. even though i get that way from time to time too i just feel panicky whenever someone i know is sad. my first instinct is to try to think about what they have said or would say to me if i felt that way. i want to make them feel better but i don't have a clue what to say or do. maybe some people just need to and want to be sad and alone and work it out themselves but that is scary to think about leaving them alone even if they say that is what they want. i still feel like i should be there for them but then i feel like a pest if i am. when they talk about wanting to isolate themselves that really scares me even though i feel that way sometimes too. i guess most of us do. i feel like a change of routine or scenery can only help?

now i will sound like a line from airplane again when i say this but i guess i picked the wrong week to forget about taking my anti-anxiety meds and antidepressants.

my ex husband was depressed and suicidal many times throughout our entire relationship. i think the e.r. staff knew us by name without even looking at the chart. i never knew how to deal with that either even though we met in a support group for people with depression and anxiety.

last night after talking to my depressed friend i googled "how to cheer someone up" but nothing i saw seemed like it could help. what DOES work for you or for others when they are feeling down? for me a nap does wonders for anything that ails me. even when i felt like i couldn't take the labor pains anymore before my daughter was born i decided to sleep it off. my sister has never had kids but asked me how i managed to fall asleep when i was in labor. i told her i just got tired of being in pain. the strange thing was that the contractions actually did come to a screeching halt when i fell asleep. several hours later the nurse came back in the room and asked me what happened to my contractions. i told her i got tired of them so i took a nap. she said she never heard of THAT one before. lol yeah i'm kind of quirky in many ways but that break from the pain sure did feel good.

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A few years ago I was fortunate enough to meet an older man I lovingly referred to as Daddy. He understood my need for spanking. He was a good man, kind but also firm. We would meet 3 to 4 times a week & I'd be spanked several times each visit. The intensity varied depending upon my actions. Sometimes I'd willingly go over his knee & sometimes he'd have to pull me over his knee forcibly. Daddy always started my trip over his knee by taking my temperature rectally. I hated it at first but grew to love the feeling and intimacy it brought. After making sure I was healthy enough the spanking would begin. His hand were very effective but if I'd been naughty he'd tell me to bring my brush with me. The one time I forgot it Daddy was mad & removed his belt. It was the last time I forgot my brush. I am a wiggler when spanked even though I try not to be. Daddy would hold my arm behind my back & loop his leg over mine to hold me in position. I loved every minute. Unfortunately Daddy relocated last year for business reasons. I've remained unspanked since then & know I need to be spanked on a regulsr basis to function at my best capacity. One of my greatest desires is to find another kind but firm father figure who won't hesitate to put me over his knee, take my panties down & spank me accordingly. Lately, I've been intrigued by the idea of being spanked by a maternal figure. The idea of a public spanking is also very arousing. I've not been spanked in public since I was a young teen. [/size]

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I've been thinking about the difference between wanting a spanking and needing a spanking. Is there one? In the context of ageplay such as young Katie in our videos, clearly she needs a spanking because she has misbehaved and Daddy is teaching her a lesson in the way he knows how. She doesn't want one because they hurt!
But in an adult spanking context, do I ever "want" a spanking or do I "need" one. I don't need one in terms of correcting my behaviour - my spanker, Director, and I were chatting about this the other day. He won't be spanking me for leaving the lid off the toothpaste or whatever. But I think he wonders why I profess to be into spanking and then start whingeing when he spanks me and it hurts. Because rightly so he says I've said I wanted one, or at least said I enjoy them. And it's that which I'm thinking about.

I would say it's more a case of needing a spanking rather than wanting one, because usually you want something that's pleasant, such as a cake or chocolate. But the whole point of a spanking is that it hurts. So somehow I think need is a more appropriate word. I get a need for a spanking because a spanking releases great endorphins and gives me a buzz and it has that ability to give you a clear head. Maybe it's similar to being addicted to any substance that gives you a thrill. And when you've not had that for a bit you get signs you need it, and when you get used to it you need it in more intensity to get the same buzz...

Having said all that, in some languages there's no difference between the word to want and the word to need...

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[size=200 I realized at a very young age my attraction and need to being spanked. The need was so strong I would purposely misbehave in order to be spanked. This need continued through my teen years and into my adulthood. I realize in hindsight I function so much better with a well spanked bottom. The most effective spankingsI've found are always on my bared bottom with a good hand or hairbrush spanking.

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Two albums "My spanking" now publicly!

My spanking - June 2014

My spanking - July 2014

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...more new panties - authentic 50's/60's era mod patterned nylon panties - perfect for spanking wear. anyone interested in paddling my panties? contact me here for discipline date.

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#HealthyLiving is not a dream. Together we will make it your new reality! Need to get in shape, reach weight loss goals, change your diet? need help with nutricion, food addictions, eating disorders, diabetes, inflamation related disorders? we are what we eat, and your eating habits can change for the better, in a hurry ~~ if you need some help reaching your worthy life goals, and would like to incorporate consensual kinks into a working, do-able and goal oriented life coaching, hit Me up. My rates are reasonable and easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation ~~~

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Hi Group,

Earlier today I posted a little narrative about my friend Brad. Now, if anyone is interested, I will share something about his loving spouse, my lifelong pal Jill, always known as Jilly June to her closest friends.

Jill was, and still is, a cute redhead, freckled and "Big Boned" and was very much a tomboyish girl when we were teens and young adults. Jill liked a cold beer, her Pall Malls, old jeans and bare feet. She drove a green Chevy pickup and was a huge fan of Loretta Lynn and Lorrie Morgan. Yup, Jill was just a typical "Good ol' Gal." She and her little sister were occasionally switched or spanked with a hairbrush by their mom, but the last I know for certain of Jill squirming across a parental knee was when she was about 14.

Jill and Brad were in love from the time we were all in middle school. She turned 18 in November of our senior year and the following Valentine's Day Brad proposed outside the drive-up window at McDonalds. She accepted with a big grin on her face. They got hitched less than a month after we graduated, their marriage taking place at the New Zion Pentecostal church where she and I had both been baptized at 15.

Five or six weeks after Brad and Jill became engaged, she had a disciplinary issue in school over a stupid shoving match with another girl. The situation was partially of her making I have to admit, as I'll try to explain.

There was a degree of bad will between student cliques which generally broke down into two basic groups: college prep rich kids and those whose background was working class. Jill, for one reason or another, sparked a confrontation with a girl who I will call Diane. Jill called her a "little country club rich bitch" the Monday after Diane had been at a fancy - schmancy "coming out" party at the golf club near here. The yearly "Coming Out" festival was called the Cotillion Ball. It always provoked a certain sense of class distinction and envy.

Jill was (I think) just pissed off at the stuck up haughtiness of the party that took place while she was at her part time evening job at the Winn Dixie store and the rich kids were dressed up and riding in rented limos. And, you know what? I understand because I was kind of pissed off with that, too. But I digress.

To cut a long story short, snooty Miss Diane shot back that Jill and her little sis Nikki were "trailer trash." Jill slapped Diane across her face one time and shoved her pretty hard with both hands. Diane lost her footing, fell back and hit the floor in front of her locker. She did have a bruise on one leg and was somewhat shocked and crying.

One of Diane's friends dashed into the office and yelled that Jill was "attacking" Diane. Unfortunately for Jill, the principal ran out of his office and saw Diane still on the floor, dishevelled and .... um ..."emotional" for want of a better term. He helped Diane to her nicely pedicured aristocratic feet and tenderly guided the little dear to the nurse's office. Despite the many worried frowns, it was quickly determined Diane was not irreparably harmed by her fisticuffs with the Hoi Polloi.

By now the bell had rung for next period and Jill went to Algebra. Within a few minutes the intercome buzzed and she was called to the office. After hearing both sides of the story, the principal offered Jill a choice: either five hours after-school detention, one hour on five consecutive nights, or two swats with the paddle. Detention would have interfered with her job, so Jill told him she'd take the swats. The principal, Mr. Trautman, told her to report at 3:20, immediately after 6th period. Diane was seated out in the main office and Jill was ordered to make an apology to her, which she at least tried to. Mr. Trautman told them to shake hands, which they did, and Jill was sent back to class.

Diane was assigned one hour detention as punishment for what she'd said to my friend. ("Trust Fund" kids were virtually never paddled. Their college educated moms and daddies knew - oh yeah, they KNEW - that Doctor Spock was right and spanking was a BIG no-no.)

Jill was not overly concerned at the prospect of being paddled as she'd gotten swats a few times before in both middle school and high school. That afternoon she seemed to regard the whole thing as something of a joke, or at least as nothing terribly serious.

So, after last bell, Jill walked down to Mr. Trautman's office. Her twenty something lady Homeroom Advisor was called in to be witness, and Jill was told to empty the back pockets of her jeans and lean across the desk. The paddle Principal Trautman used was hardwood and about 24" long. He brought it down fast and very hard two times . . . WHACK! WHACK! . . . and at the second swat Jill let out a squeal. A minute later she came storming out of the office with a flushed face and slightly teary eyes. Brad and I were standing in the corridor and he asked his Sweetie if she was okay.

"Oh, I'll f - - king LIVE" she said in an angry voice, and just hurried out to her pickup to get to Winn Dixie on time.

Jill told me that evening that having to offer a verbal apology to Diane hurt her much more than those two stingy swats. Of course. Here is some plain truth: speaking words of apology wounded her PRIDE far worse than the wooden board wounded her plump little 18 year old butt. You just knew it had to.

Corporal punishment was very much a routine thing in small town high schools back in our day, but you must admit it IS slightly unusual for a young woman to poke her rump out for the paddle when she has an engagement ring on her hand! But she probably did make the right choice for this simple reason: Jill was saving money for her upcoming marriage and didn't want to risk her employment by mssing five evenings because of detention. Getting ready for a new, happy, adult life is obviously a more pressing concern than having sore buttcake for a little while!

Anyways, our story has a happy ending. Diane is now a Physician's Assistant with a double-barreled name who, for all I know, probably enjoys Mozart, modern art and old wine. Now, remember what I told you about Loretta Lynn and Lorrie Morgan? Jill and Brad spent their Honeymoon in Branson, Missouri - the Country Music Capital - and they are in Branson this very weekend for their wedding anniversary. I'm hoping they'll tip an ice cold Budweiser for me!

Amor omnia vincit, pals! LOL


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Dear Group,

I thought it might be appropriate to share the experience from some years back of my best friend's boyfriend and future husband.

Brad was a basically good kid but, like all the rest of our group, he came from more or less "the wrong side of the tracks." Brad and my friend Jill were an item from about age 14. The summer we were all fifteen, the first week after school got out, Brad got busted doing something pretty dumb, that is, he tried to rip off two six packs of beer from a Ma & Pa grocery store because of a kegger that Friday night.

He might have gotten away with it because there wasn't a clerk at the checkout right then, but the store owner happened to see him from the back room and yelled at him to stop. Brad took off running and knocked over a swivel rack of sunglasses, probably to slow down the guy chasing him. Unfortunately, the store owner tripped over the rack and either fractured or seriously sprained his arm. Brad made it outside and onto his bike but it just happened that a neighbor lady was driving up and she squealed about who he was and where he lived.

A short while later the town's on-duty cop came to Brad's house. Brad tried to deny what he'd done, but when he was told Mrs. Shaw had I.D.'d him he admitted it. The cop gave Brad's mom a citation ordering her to bring him to juvenile court at the county seat on Monday. He was in hot water not only with the law but with his mom: she was a big time Pentecostal and allowed no alcohol of any kind. She had him when she was 19 and Brad's daddy wasn't in the picture (I think they were divorced) and it was certainly hard for her trying to raise a kid alone.

I need to explain that, back then, our county had a real little bitch of a juvenile judge. She looked like she came from a rich family and she thought her You-Know-What didn't stink. She was late 20's, maybe 30, and had worked a couple of years in the County Attorney's Office before being offered the juvenile judgeship. Anyway, she looked down her nose on working class ("Redneck") kids and in the 9 or 10 months she'd been in charge of juvenile cases here she had already built up a reputation for being tough on boys and girls both. What we all *hoped* was that Brad would be let off with some hours of community service and released into his mom's custody. No such luck.

What I heard was that the judge lectured him for 15 minutes and then said he needed something to teach him a good hard lesson. As a "warning" she ordered him to the State Reform School for Boys for twenty one days, and said if he appeared before her again he could be punished with one full year. There was a dusty old blue van with yellow lettering that was used by the Reform School and a few hours later it came and got him. The van had a nickname, "The Tumbleweed Wagon", and whenever you saw it you figured somebody was going to one of the two farms the state had for "Bad Kids." Brad and his mom were bawling and later that afternoon Jill came over and told me about it. She was crying her head off, too. Because she was a minor (under 21 back in those days) she wasn't allowed to go see him or say good bye before he got handcuffed and loaded into the so-called "Tumbleweed Wagon."

Anyway, Brad had to stay there the full three weeks and was sent home near the end of June. When he got back he described it as a pretty rotten place where the kids had to do farm work out in the field or stuff like detasseling corn, etc. all under a srorching summer sun. Although there were classes and some instruction, this took up just a few hours on weekdays and otherwise the kids had to do labor. He said one of the worst parts was "Lights Out" at 8:30 with the hot sunlight still streaming in. The poor kids up there were housed in dorms with about 20 bunkbeds and no air conditioning, just an old ceiling fan. The food was okay and plentiful but not real "tasty." They were permitted three showers a week. Anyone sent there for less than 180 days wasn't allowed visitors at all. (Those ordered there for longer periods could have adult visitors after six months.) It was one tough place.

About a week after Brad came home was the 4th of July weekend. That night he got caught breaking the town's 10:00 O'Clock kids' curfew and the cop brought him home. The cop told Brad's mom he wouldn't file a report on it, even though he should, and was "giving him a break." If Brad's curfew violation had been reported, it is very likely he would have been sent back to the Reform School.

Brad's mom had just had enough. She hadn't spanked Brad since he was 11 or 12 and he was physically big enough that she couldn't force him to take a licking. But the next morning she called up her older brother Marty who was a very big guy - some kind of construction worker - and who had six kids himself. Brad's uncle Marty told Brad's mom he would drive here (like about 25 miles) and "take care of it.

He did.

Brad was confined to his room and was grounded but didn't know his uncle was coming. Jill said Brad told her that he was streched out on his bed wearing just a pair of briefs when his uncle walked in carrying his old razor strop. Apparently Marty said words to the effect that if Brad's dad was around he'd have gotten this a long time before, and ordered him "You get up, Tough Monkey!" (Remember that phrase "Tough Monkey" from the movie "From Here to Eternity"? ... lol) Brad tried to argue but Marty pulled him up and forced him to bend down over the side of his bed. At least going by what Jill claimed, Brad got his briefs yanked down and then felt "about fifteen" super-dooper hard slaps with the strap right on his fanny. Jill lived across the street from them and said you could hear his yelling and crying a block away. Back then, in a small country town, no one interfered and just simply assumed a that some neighborhood kid was suffering a well-deserved punishment!

Brad wasn't allowed any supper that night but his mom told him the next morning his grounding was over and to just behave from now on. She made it clear to Brad that it wouldn't be that last time his butt felt Marty's strap if he got out of line again.

So, Brad let Jill see his bottom that morning and she said "it was one big round red spot" with bruising on both his cheeks and across the backs of his legs and some welts. Brad wore regular jeans for a few days - no shorts - and he didn't sit down on his bike seat!

Years later this came up in conversation and Brad said that was the worst pain he had ever experienced. Ever. When he was younger his mom pretty much dished out only handspankings, which wouldn't much phase someone of his age and build. (And twice or three times he got a switching at around 12 or 13.) He was paddled a few times in high school, but the hardwood paddles used for punishment there, across the seat of jeans, though painful were nothing like the sting of Marty's strap. Brad used these words: "It was like flames of Hell fire!"

But, Brad learned to obey his mom and to obey the law. He has never had any such trouble since. Jill and Brad got married less than a month after graduating high school and have been together a lot of happy years. Their wedding anniversary was June 26th!

This wouldn't be a pleasant memory for him, but I am sure he'd agree it was an important episode in his teenage years and that the strapping was not merely deserved, but helped him to grow up and be a man. Obviously it was a million times better for him to be effectively punished and corrected in a family setting than to be returned to the reform school, which in those days was a kids' work farm.

Brad and Jill have enjoyed a really good life together and both were spanked growing up. It is pretty plain that a sore bottom didn't leave them somehow "scarred for life" as the Dr. Spock types would insist. Like with me and my sisters and most friends, it helped them prepare to be responsible and happy Christian adults!

Enough said.


Fetish Flixx