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There's three men stranded at sea in a lifeboat with four cigarettes, but no lighter, matches or any way of otherwise making a fire. How can they enjoy their cigarettes?
Answer: Throw the extra cigarette overboard. Then the whole boat becomes a cigarette lighter

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Here I am again with the latest installment of the ongoing, little peak into my world (for anyone that's remotely interested)

First off, a house renovation and decorating update.

Dampcourse completed and the decorating is moving on at a very pleasing pace. I've had laminate flooring laid in the living room and the entrance hallway. The painting of the hall, stairs and landing is swiftly taking shape, and, most importantly, my bank account has ceased hemorrhaging money and is finally on the road to recovery.

However, due to the ongoing works and work commitments, it has meant that I haven't been able to, physically, see much of the Head Girl lately and virtually all communication has been conducted via phone calls and text messages. She has grown very impatient with this state of affairs. Not with the house transformation but more with her inability to closely monitor my behaviour and correct any lapses, despite my assurances of how well I tell her that I've been behaving, hee hee hee.

I have, on a couple of occasions, in the last few weeks tested her patience with one or two of my shenanigans and my diet and exercise regime has stalled too, due to me practically spending an inordinate amount of time in my bedroom as this is the only fully habitable room in the house at the moment, apart from the bathroom and kitchen, and they are not really rooms to 'live' in.

So, she has promised that "There will be a price to pay once you get your house sorted!!" for these transgressions and my dietary and exercising lapses.

She says that, once my house is completed, she said that, not only will the Head Girl be back to 'bring my, long overdue, account up to date' and to monitor my behaviour closely but she will also be 'introducing' me to the 'Gym Mistress'. A lady whom, by all accounts, looks upon lack of exercise and poor eating habits very unfavourably. Apparently, she is a firm stickler for maintaining very high standards of achievement when it comes to health matters. And, she says, it's for my own good. She hasn't mentioned what her methods of motivation are yet, but I can guess. She has intimated that my lack of exercise over the last few weeks will, probably, be deemed to be being akin to truancy......surprise, surprise, a caning offence.

That's my card marked, and, most likely, my bottom too.....Oh joy.

That's it for now, can't wait to get my house finished....or can I?

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On one of the forum discussion sites there was a rather lengthy thread devoted almost exclusively to spanking. Most of the posts were similar to the ones here on the Tube, but one particular thread caught my attention: it was about the relationship between spanking and nudity along with a number of submissions. Being an avid naturist my interest suddenly peaked. I must have spent a good two house reading the hundreds of posts, surveys and reports. What surprised me was that there was more interest in this thread than the ones devoted exclusively to spanking! There seemed to be a correlation between spanking on the bare behind and enjoying that same bare feeling by going nude in non-spanking situations.

According to the posts and surveys a whopping 90% of the spankees had one thing in common besides spanking; they enjoyed going nude, which is like 10x the national average statistically for a nudist. In other words, people that get spanked on the bare behind for various reasons, enjoy going nude more than most in that demographic group. Reversing that statistic I’m pretty sure that 90% of nudists are not spankees.

Contrary to what one might think, only a few of the posts were from actual nudists or free beach goers, but from everyday people who happened to have a penchant for spanking. What surprised me was that it was mostly women that enjoyed the “going bare feeling” as many of them called it, and associated it to spanking. I can understand that myself! lol Only a small percentage of men said they associated going nude with spanking.

The ones the expounded a little about their predilection for going bare said that it was mostly spur of the moment situations when home alone like doing chores or doing other things around the house or outside in the yard, in private of course. A common thread was that most said they just suddenly got the urge to just to be bare from the waist down because they wanted to get that bare feeling around their midsection without going full nude. For myself, when I get the urge to feel my behind bare I just put on a t-shirt tied up around my waist and a pair of sneakers. That feels barer than if I was completely nude, sort of naughty if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I’m interested in hearing what others have to say and if they also get those same going bare urges that may be associated with spanking in some way.

Hugs to all, Tam

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Hello Folks

After the comedy that occurred during my last punishment you won’t be surprised to know that Ms. E has advised that next time I will be securely fastened down. According to her it is dangerous if I move around too much. Personally I'm not sure that being completely unable to move is a safe option either!

A new cane has been ordered for the occasion and rolls of bondage tape have already arrived. What can she have planned I wonder?

My suspicion is that Ms. E is intending to deliver strokes in rapid succession in the manner she described in ‘What a Fuss’.

I have just over a week to worry about what is to come.

Delicious apprehension.


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I am really sick of all the fucking bullshit that goes on around here and all the spanking world really. all this fake back stabbing bullshit and all these fucking little attention freaks that need to do say this and that to get attention and don't know shit about anything, Always a big ass game. this is why so many people leave Cause of fake assholes around. I for one am really sick of it, and Done with the fakes and attention whores.

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In my existence there has always been a lack of women that spank and spanking in general. Even when growing up nobody seemed to be getting spanked, at least they didn't own up to it. Occasionally I would hear of a belt used but it was rare, I did hear once about a boy in my class who got spanked with a slipper by his father but it was very few and far between.
Now as adult, which I have been for many years, I seem to be constantly in an environment that has no CP. I've never had a girlfriend who was into it either giving or receiving. My, now ex, wife wasn't bothered. I've never had any innuendos said to me that would suggest a liking. I've never spoken to any women on chat who were prepared to pursue even a dialogue in spite of loads of bravado (it's entirely possible that the vast majority of these women were in fact men). The spankings I have received have been by me either advertising or answering those by and from professional ladies. The lady I have seen most recently is excellent but she charges and she's not cheap.
Are there women who spank just because they like to and don't charge just because they have it as a kink like me? Do I emit none CP vibes? It just seems quite odd that in spite of what appears to be a huge interest in the subject access to it has effectively passed me by, thus far.
Any thoughts?

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Things That Go Wrong 2

As I said, this is all true. Only some names have been changed to protect, well, not exactly the innocent, but people who would be awfully embarrassed if their neighbors identified them.

Richard and Kathy met on a hook-up site. Richard was a Lasalle Street lawyer. Kathy was a nurse. Those were good choices for an affair. Yeah, we know about the Better Call Saul sleazy lawyer. But getting into a good law school and then passing the bar exam and being hired by a big firm certifies an IQ at least in the high 120’s; and intelligence is a prerequisite for great sex. And nurses are nice people. They would not BE nurses if they were not. The sexy nurse costume? The voluptuous nurse in the Animaniacs cartoons? Hot Lips Houlihan? They were all based on real nurses. Nurses will share with you the best sex you have ever gotten. But be careful. You are going to fall in love with them.

The hook-up site was for people who fantasized about or enjoyed adult spanking. Both Richard and Kathy were in the first category. Both had been turned on by spanking for as long as they could remember. As children they had gotten a little thrill looking up spanking terms in the dictionary. Spanking scenes in TV programs or in movies excited them. The got turned on by the spanking photo stories in magazines purchased with some embarrassment in X-rated book stores that always seemed to be located between a pawn shop and a hot pillow joint. But, although they were both in their thirties, Richard had never actually spanked a woman and Kathy had never gotten an adult spanking.

Their correspondence became more intimate as they each revealed their personalities and described their spanking/sex fantasies. They pleasantly discovered that their respective spanking dreams were scripted by the same screen writer. They decided to meet.

A restaurant-coffee shop, one with a corner booth in which they could talk without scandalizing the other customers, seemed a safe place to meet. Their meeting went well. Richard had the body of a gym member and the manners of someone who was trusted with high net worth clients. Kathy, with her double-D cup breasts and gorgeous ass could have been the model for the Animaniacs’ sexy nurse, and had a personality that you had to like. They decided to move their relationship up a level...and across the street to a hotel.

They chose a nice motel in the suburbs, where their cars would not be recognized in the parking lot and they were unlikely to encounter someone they knew. They drove there in separate cars. To unwind they decided to have a drink in the bar. They were both nervous. Neither had ever done anything like this before. It was not just that neither Richard nor Kathy had given or gotten an adult spanking, neither had ever met at an hotel for illicit, lovely, up-the-back-staircase sex. Kathy’s hand shook as she tried to sip her drink. Richard’s did too but he was better at hiding it. You acquire such skills when you are a trial lawyer.

Their nerves more or less steadied by a couple of ounces of vodka, they went up to the room. Richard jokingly referred to it as “the scene of the crime”, a description that was to prove a little bit too apt. Inside the room Richard closed the drapes so as to deprive the neighbors of a free show. Kathy, after a trip to the lavatory (wetting her panties was not going to be part of her performance), walked to the foot of the bed, pulled up her dress revealing black panties that were barely able to contain her gorgeous bottom, put her hands on the mattress, and seductively arched her back pushing out her lovely ass.

Richard placed his left hand on her belly bracing her as he squeezed and petted those gorgeous globes, trying to control his own breathing while drawing out their anticipation. Kathy, loving the attention to her bottom but unable to contain herself, said, “Spank me. Please spank me.” hearing her own voice actually say words she had fantasized saying while she pleasured herself but had never spoken.

Richard’s spanks to the lovely half exposed curves of Kathy’s gorgeous bottom produced neural impulses that coursed from her ass to her brain and then back to her pussy. Kathy’s clothing came off, frantically removed, somehow without tearing all of the buttons off. Kathy was on all fours on the bed wearing only her jewelry and a bra. Her now wet panties and clothing had been tossed about the room decorating it like wrapping paper from hastily opened Christmas presents. Kathy arched her back and spread her knees apart displaying her lovely ass and the smooth curves of her waxed pussy. Then someone knocked on the door, hard and insistently.

Richard’s heart stopped beating. His brain stem seemed to pause everything as all the blood in his body and all his neurons went to his amygdala. Could their spanking play have been loud enough for someone to hear it and report it? Was adult spanking illegal in Illinois? Hell, he had never practiced criminal law! His speciality was mergers and acquisitions; and those cases never showed up at 26th and California! They had gotten rid of Hotel Dicks years ago, hadn’t they, the private dicks who would burst into hotel rooms with a photographer carrying a Speed-Graphic and flash bulbs the size of 100-watt lamps and get lovely pictures of some guy with a look of pure panic on his face next to some girl with her ass and titties on display. Those photos would always end up as evidence in a contested divorce case. Hell, had Kathy’s husband followed her! The one whose hobby was mixed martial arts?!

The pounding at the door had gotten louder and more insistent. Richard, only half of his brain now functioning, opened the door, forgetting to attach the chain. This was it. He was going to die. He could just imagine the headline in the Trib, “Lawyer In Spanking Tryst Beaten To Death!” If the tabloids run it they will probably put a T&A photo of Kathy above the fold. Sell a lot of papers. Mike Royko would run a tongue in cheek feature about the dangers inherent in spanking in the SunTimes. That would get syndicated. And god! What would the obituary say?

The door was open. No light came in. All the light and the doorway was blocked by the large body of a cop. The cop made sure his gun and Taser and steel baton and handcuffs were visible. His name tag wasn’t.

This was not a nice cop, not an Andy Griffith cop. This was one of those intimidating low IQ thug cops who routinely put black electrical tape over their name tag...the type of cop who shows his authority by repeatedly kicking some poor handcuffed bastard he pulled over for a broken tail light while shouting “Stop Resisting” in case anyone is recording his brutality with an iPhone. And he was blocking the room’s only escape route.

“I want to talk to you.” No Miranda rights? Just, “I want to talk to you.”? Aren’t cops supposed to read you your Miranda rights before you are taken into custody? Would Kathy’s glowing red bottom be used as evidence? Were his hand prints visible? “Gentlemen of the jury, I present to you as exhibit “A” a color photo of this woman’s bare bottom which clearly shows an imprint of the pervert’s, sorry judge, I meant to say “the defendant’s” hand.” Maybe the cop is only going to issue a warning ticket. Maybe that’s why he has not pulled out the Miranda card. Do they give warning tickets for spanking? But thug cops do not bother with Miranda Rights or the Fourth Amendment, or anything else. They just handcuff you to the radiator and Taser you until you are willing to confess that you are the Easter Bunny.

“I want to talk to you. There was an incident the lobby. I wonder if you saw anything...anything suspicious.” There was a pause. It takes time for blood and neurons to reach the frontal cortex...then a bit longer to remember how to talk. “, we, didn’t see anything.”

It took months before Richard and Kathy would attempt another spanking tryst. It took years, and a couple of stiff drinks, before Richard could tell the story. His hands still shook. As I said, Things Go Wrong. They seem funny in retrospect, although “retrospect” can take a decade or two. Psychiatric care seems to help. So does Scotch.

Cop had to have heard the spanking sounds. I have heard the loud smack of Richard’s hand on Kathy’s gorgeous ass. It is loud. And Kathy is not quiet when she is spanked and/or having sex. And the cop had to have seen Kathy, who was too stunned to move when they heard the knock on the door. You cannot put an ass like that on display without a guy noticing it.

Cop is probably still telling the story at the station house or in cop bars, swearing that it is true. Might be the only time a cop wished he had a body cam on.

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Can't believe how strange the weather is here it's been stormy now for 2 week and warm for November. Sorry for the boring post lol

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ATENÇÃO: "Este texto é apenas uma fantasia, os fatos que ele conta não aconteceram de verdade"

Devido ao monte de travessuras que fiz a minha professora me passou um monte de lições de casa extra para eu fazer e já entregar no dia seguinte.
Mas assim que cheguei em casa eu acabei me esquecendo que tinha as lições para fazer e só me lembrei no dia seguinte, na hora de ir para a escola.
Ao chegar na escola pensei: "A professora não vai me perdoar"
Vi ela chegando, ela estava usando uma sandália rasteirinha, muito boa para bater na bunda nua de alunos que não fazem a lição de casa.
Logo pensei: "Se ela mesma me bater será muito melhor que ela contar para os meus pais que não fiz a lição. Apanhar deles não será nada bom mas apanhar dela será muito gostoso"
Ela pediu para ver meu caderno para conferir as lições, eu não entreguei o caderno e fiquei mudo olhando na cara dela.
Ela então se levantou da cadeira dela e vei até mim, olhou bem no fundo dos meus olhos e disse: "Você não fez a lição!? Depois da aula você vai ficar aqui para termos uma conversa"
Enfim chegou a hora de todo mundo ir embora, eu fiquei pois ela não me deixou ir, ficamos a sós na sala de aula.
Ela disse então: "Se eu conta para os seus pais que você não fez a lição talvez eles deem um jeito em você"
Eu disse então: "Não professora, não, por favor, não diga nada para eles"
Então ela disse: "Neste caso vou eu mesma dar um jeito em você"
Ela se sentou na cadeira dela e começou a tirar aquela sandália do pé, parecia ter a sola bem dura, percebi que a surra ia ser bem dolorida.
Com a sandália na mão ela disse: "Tire as calças e venha cá!"
Obedeci as ordens dela, ela então me colocou deitado no colo dela e disse: "Você vai apanhar para aprender a nunca mais deixar de fazer as lições de casa"
Ela deu uma lambada com aquela sandália e perguntou: "Você sabe por que você está apanhando?"
Eu não disse nada então ela deu uma outra lambada mais forte e perguntou novamente: "Você sabe por que você está apanhando?"
Continuei em silêncio e então ela deu uma outra mais forte ainda e perguntou novamente: "Hein, você sabe por que você está apanhando?"
Respondi então: "Sei!"
Ela deu outra lambada e perguntou: "Por que você está apanhando?"
Respondi: "Porque não fiz a lição"
Ela deu outra lambada e perguntou: "Você está merecendo apanhar então?"
Fiquei em silêncio novamente.
Ela então deu outra lambada com toda a força e perguntou novamente: "Você não está merecendo apanhar?"
Respondi: 'Estou!"
Ela deu mais uma lambada e disse: "Está merecendo mesmo! E tem que apanhar mais!!"
Ela não disse mais nada depois disso mas continuou batendo cada vez mais rápido e com toda a força, devo ter ficado apanhando dela por quase meia hora.
Fiquei com a bunda toda inchada, quente e super vermelha
Depois desta deliciosa surra ela disse: "Acho que agora você aprendeu, quero ver toda a liçã feita amanhã senão o seu bumbum vai ficar muito mais inchado do que já está"
Gostaria muito de apanhar dela de novo mas achei melhor fazer a lição pois minha bunda levou uma semana inteira para ficar em bom estado para poder apanhar de novo.
Que saudades desta professora.
Eu era feliz e não sabia!

Kissuha Nabbundha

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ATENÇÃO: "Este texto é apenas uma fantasia, os fatos que ele conta não aconteceram de verdade"

Cheguei da escola, meus pais estavam no trabalho e minhas irmãs estavam na casa da minha tia Ana, a única pessoa que estava em casa era a empregada que se chamava Cristina.
Cristina era muito bonita, tinha olhos verdes e cabelos loiros, lisos e longos.
Ela estava usando uma blusa branca, uma saia longa verde escura e chinelos Ipanema cor de rosa.
Assim que vi os chinelos nos pés dela eu já fiquei com meu pênis ereto e senti vontade de apanhar dela, eu já tinha apanhado dela outras vezes, meus pais nunca ficaram sabendo, ela dizia que se eu contasse para eles que apanhei eu ia acabar apanhando muito mais e eu não contava para eles pois se contasse ela perderia o emprego e eu não poderia mais levar as deliciosas chineladas dela.
Mas eu não podia perder tempo, tinha que aprontar alguma travessura logo para ver se ela me pegava logo de chinelo.
Esperei ela me mandar toma banho.
Eu me recusei a ir e então ela começou a dizer: "Ou você vai tomar banho agora mesmo ou eu vou contar para seus pais que você não obedece"
Respondi: "Pode contar, eles não vão me bater"
Ela disse então: 'Eles não vão te bater mas eu vou"
Ela imediatamente tirou o chinelo do pé, veio em minha direção, abaixou as minhas calças e começou a dar chineladas bem fortes na minha bunda nua.
Depois de ter levado umas 100 chineladas ela ainda estava me batendo e por isso resolvi fazer uma birra, me sentei no chão para não deixar ela continuar batendo.
Então ela se abaixou, colocou o chinelo bem perto da minha cara e disse: "Levanta para apanhar mais!"
Ouvir ela dizer isso com aquele chinelo na mão me fez ficar muito mais excitado do que já estava mas continuei sentado só para ver o que ela ia fazer.
Ela disse mais uma vez: "Levanta para apanhar mais!!"
Eu disse "Não!!"
Ela disse então: "Se você não se levantar para apanhar no bumbum eu vou te dar chineladas na perna e aí sim você vais ver o que dói mais"
Continuei sentado só para ver se ela tinha coragem de fazer o que ela disse que ia fazer.
Teve coragem, levei várias chineladas nas pernas, acabei me levantando rapidamente pois nas pernas dói pra caramba.
Odeio levar chineladas na perna, mas fiz toda aquela birra só para deixá-la mais irritada e assim levar chineladas mais fortes depois.
Assim que me levantei ela continuou batendo na minha bunda, só que com muito mais força que no começo da surra o que quer dizer que a minha birra funcionou e comecei a levar chineladas muito mais gostosas.
Mas eu tinha que fazer outra birra para poder mudar a posição que eu estava pois estava apanhando de pé e o gostoso mesmo é apanhar deitado.
Então eu tentei fugir dela, saí correndo e ela saiu correndo atrás de mim com o chinelo na mão, assim que ela me alcançou ela me pegou pela orelha, me levou até o meu quarto, se sentou na minha cama, me deitou no colo dela e começou a me bater novamente.
Dava para sentir a raiva dela a cada chinelada que ela dava, era uma chinelada mais gostosa que a outra.
Mas eu queria estar deitado na minha cama e por isso tive que aprontar mais uma, enquanto ela me batia eu dei um beliscão na perna dela, deve ter doído pois ela me largou na hora e deu um grito bem alto.
Ela disse então: "Deita na cama já! Quero ver você reagir agora!! Deita já!!"
Peguei uma almofada e coloquei sobre a cama, me deitei na cama com aquela almofada debaixo de mim para deixar o bumbum bem para o alto e ela começou a me bater novamente.
Foram mas uns 10 minutos de chineladas super fortes, adorei a surra mas eu queria mais.
Depois que ela parou de bater ela disse: "Agora você vai ficar de castigo aí! Espero que tenha aprendido a lição!!"
Respondi: "Não doeu!"
Ela disse: "Ah, não doeu, mas agora vai doer!"
Então ela foi até o quarto da minha mãe e pegou a cinta de couro mais grossa que tinha lá, era uma cinta de 6 cm de largura, logo que vi pensei: "Agora vai doer gostoso!"
Foram 15 minutos de cintadas na bunda nua, fiquei com o bumbum super quente, inchado e vermelho como um pimentão.
Ah, como eu gostava daquela empregada.

Kissuha Nabbundha

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I have just been browsing the blogs and it seems like the majority of people are feeling down! I hope the Tube can help spread some love and lift the mood a little. Do you think maybe it's the winter affect, I mean, we haven't seen the sun here for days... It can't help, all this darkness. Nor all the news, ever gloomy.

Lots of people saying they've not had a spanking for a while either!

I haven't, either. I was emailing a guy who sounded great, and then when it came to us meeting he suddenly became very busy - I'm willing to believe that - but then since then has failed to email back. Well I was advertising on another site and I do have lots of interest, but most people are far away, or their ideal scene doesn't match mine and I'm terribly narrow minded and can't be bothered to do a scene that I don't really go for. I mean, you have to enjoy it right?

Anyway - I am supposed to be job hunting (still. This is massively depressing). I thought that the only way I'm going to focus on this is to get rid of all distractions. So I deleted all my adverts, all my alias emails that I used. It is quite weird when I'm working now and I want a distraction, I want to stop and have a quick look online at something spanking - but there's nothing. I won't delete this account, not just yet, because it is always supportive rather than negative. I just couldn't hack any more rubbish replies to my adverts.

Goes without saying I still need to get spanked though and now I have not really got anyone (oh except one person maybe) lined up.

Hope everyone picks up soon :)

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Kissie, I know this took so long to complete, but it’s here now.

Special contributions by Kissie and Mistymornings.

“Gonna get our revenge, gonna get it fast.
Gonna get our revenge, gonna make it last.
Have my girlfriends with me, we are up to the task.
Oh, yes, we are ready, we’ll be having such a blast.” *

It is the day of the best little annual poker game in the wood.

Meanwhile up at the mountain–

The Wicked Witch of the West gathered all the ladies to the drawing room.

“Ladies, I’ve heard from Miss Ciggy and she told me that all the males, and one lady, have arrived. They are just hanging around having a pint before the games begin. Oh, if they only knew what games they will be playing. I know one thing, we will be having fun. Now let’s get to the entry hall, the limos will arrive in just a few minutes. And after all the toys are loaded, we will be on our way.”

Meanwhile at Mister Blitzer’s cottage–

Miss Ciggy and Miss Cynthia have been busy, placing the appetizers out for the males, and one lady, to enjoy.

The wind picked up, the sky darkened. All the players looked up as the door burst open. Piper Halliwell walked in and froze the room and then unfroze Miss Ciggy and Miss Cynthia. The other ladies came in and looked around.

“My, my, my we do have a crowd here. Miss Ciggy and Miss Cynthia, so glad to see you. The spread you put out for the players looks so good. Too bad they won’t be able to enjoy it.”

“Thanks, Wicked Witch of the West. When do we start to take care of the miscreants?”

“Let’s start with putting them in place, shall we? Prue?”

Prue wiggled her finger and the players were moved to their place at the tables. Again she wiggled her finger and the player’s pants were dropped to the floor. She raised her finger and the skirts of the one lady were raised and tucked into her belt. Then she waved her arm and all players were bent over, faces on the table.

“Beauty, I know where you want to start, what do you say?”

“Oh, Wicked Witch of the West, I want to know that he can feel every swat of the cane. Can Piper just unfreeze Jim’s bottom and mouth?”


Piper went to Jim and wiggled her finger at his bottom and then at his mouth.

“What the dag gum blazes is happening here? I demand you unfreeze us now.”

Beauty walked up to Jim. “Now, now, behave. You aren’t in control here, we are. And you and everyone here is going to get the spanking of your lives. Then you will feel what Little Miss Kissie-Boobs and I have been going through. And you will also realize that it ends here and ends now. Now, hush, save your voice for the screaming.”

“Wicked Witch of the West, I managed to buy a few bottles of Cristal to start the celebrations. If these players only knew what they were paying for. It’s a good thing they will have other things to worry about later.”

Miss Ciggy passed the flutes of Cristal to each of the ladies and raised her glass for the toast.

“To the bottoms that are displayed before us. May they not sit comfortably for at least 2 weeks.”

“Here, here.” From the voices of all the ladies.

“Beauty, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, you are first.”

Beauty walked behind Jim and Little Miss Kissie-Boobs walked behind Mister Blitzer to administer the first spanks of the night. Loud hollering was heard all around the forest. Piper walked behind and unfroze each and every bottom and mouth. The ladies then took their place behind one of the bare bottoms and spanked each cheek 6 times with their spanking implement. They then moved to the next bare bottom and another 6 was delivered again to each cheek. This continued until all ladies smacked each and every cheek 6 times.

The Wicked Witch of the West stepped back and surveyed all the maroon bottoms before her.

“Great job ladies, I think it’s time for a break. Miss Ciggy and Cynthia put out this beautiful buffet for us, let’s enjoy and recover from all the hard work we just did. Then round 2.”

An hour later the ladies inspected the bottoms before them. Bruises and red welts and strap marks were dominant on each and every cheek.

“Ladies, are we ready for round 2? But let us up the count a little. I think 12 of the best is a much nicer number and should leave a lasting impression on all the naughty bottoms before us. Line up ladies, there is a dessert table waiting for us when we are done.”

The ladies lined up again and applied 12 swats of their implements to each and every, already very sore, cheek. At the end of the round, Beauty and Little Miss Kissy-Boobs stood across from Jim and Mr. Blitzer. Beauty looked directly at Jim.

“Now you know how we feel when you spank us. You will now leave me alone forever or we will be back and concentrate all of our efforts on you. And you don’t want that.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs lifted Mr. Blitzer’s head.

“That goes for you too. It stops now.”

The ladies put their implements down and went to the dessert table to enjoy the goodies that Miss Ciggy and Cynthia had prepared. An hour later the ladies returned to tend to the spankees. Each bottom was inspected by each of the ladies and a firm pinch from each was applied, just to assure their point was made.

“Piper, I think it’s time we unfreeze the scoundrels. It’ll be fun watching them jump up and down doing the spanky dance.”

Piper waved her finger and all were unfrozen. Tears started to flow from their eyes, and hands reached around to try and rub the soreness from their blazing hot bottoms.

“Ladies, the limos have arrived, let’s go back to the castle and get some rest. I think our job is done.”
The morning star rose in the East, the sun peeked above the horizon, the cock crowed, it was the morning after the best little annual poker game in the wood. They came from far and wide, from the lands and the seas, from the deserts and the marshes, from the mountains and the valleys, from the cities and the hamlets. Oh, yes it WAS a night they will never forget.

Flap, Flap,

.......................Flap, Flap,

...................................Flap, Flap


Mister Blitzer stood looking higher and yet higher up to the sky.

“Oh no, it’s Erstwhile, the fire-breathing dragon, and his bright orange and fuzzy with eight spindly legged buddy, Boris. He’s gonna burn down my cottage.”

“Don’t worry Blitzer, I’m just here to warn you. Never, and I mean never, lay a hand on Little Miss Kissie-Boobs again. If you do and I hear about it, you’ll have to answer to me, and I know you don’t want that. Now get back to your cottage and warn the rest of your ilk. I will not tolerate Little Miss Kissie-Boobs being harmed again. Got it?”

Mister Blitzer nodded and ran, tail between his legs, back to the cottage. Funny how he hasn’t emerged is quite a few days now. Hopefully he learned his lesson, and the rest of them too.

The End

.......................Hee Hee Hee

.........................................Cackle, Cackle, Cackle

Note: A special thanks to Jim. I always pick on him, well he just makes it so easy. But he always takes it so well and never really complains. Thanks Jim.

* Inspired by:
Gonna Build A Mountain lyrics © T.R.O. INC.

©2015 CLG0413

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otkian7770's avatar

Views: 265 · Added: 8 days ago

I seem to have an internal clock that goes off when I need/want a spanking. My last one was in Aug and after about three months I start yearning for another. After a spanking, a good hard spanking, I feel drained but emotionally and physically satiated. That has now worn off.
I have a lady who I see but am open to other options. :-)

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daddymole's avatar

Views: 253 · Added: 8 days ago

My parents were scheduled to fly out of Logan airport on Sept 13 2001 but Sept 11th happened

My parents flew out as soon as Planes started flying
They flew to Paris

As they walked around people heard their voices as said "american, we are so sorry for what happened we are with you"

My parents said it happened time after time

Paris, we are with you

As far as the inhumanity responsible, you may kill me but I will never fear such cowards

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Naughtygirl99's avatar

Views: 409 · Added: 8 days ago

I'll be honest on any questions.
Love the people on here.

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Naughtygirl99's avatar

Views: 384 · Added: 9 days ago

I love getting spanked so much it really excites me

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colt1111's avatar

Views: 299 · Added: 9 days ago

Jewel and I have been preoccupied with moving to a new location and with work concerns. The result is that I have not gotten spanked in about 3 months now.

It has been a very long time since I have felt this needy of a spanking! Yes, in all this time I have committed many spankable offenses and even if I had been "good as gold" (which I never am), I would still feel a strong need to be punished.

This is not a need for foreplay or other sexual fun. I truly need to be stripped, humbled and required to endure a long, hard and painful spanking--one past my limits of endurance that leaves me bruised and sore for days after! I want to be reminded of my punishment every time I sit, or even take a step. I want Jewel to know I feel this every time she looks at me afterwards and every time she pats or grabs my bottom. I want to feel the humility of that.

I have never understood why these feelings are so strong in me or so important. Anymore, I don't really care: I just accept them. Still, if anyone else wishes to share their insights on this, I would most enjoy your comments.

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heysparkly's avatar

Views: 266 · Added: 9 days ago

I am curious so I thought I would ask all of your alls opinion. I am scared of the belt. I set it as a hard limit. I do not want to be punished with a belt. It goes back to my childhood. I never got spanked with one but my brothers were. My big strong brothers who protected me and threatened (and more) anyone who ever treated me as less than. They were tough guys. I saw one break his leg and although he let a string of curse words that would make a sailor blush, he did not cry. Yet I saw the same brother leaving the garage after a belting with tears streaming down his face, I heard them howl in pain as they were getting "it" and it terrified me. I understand now that the belt is considered less painful than other implements and its "not that bad" But deep down I'm still scared, and I don't want it. But the second I tell a guy that...they say something along the lines of "we can use that when you really deserve to be punished" Now not all guys say that of course but just as many do as don't. I know I'm instantly playing into a sometimes subconscious sometimes not so subconscious fantasy that it would be awesome to spank a girl who doesn't want it. Although most of us love to hate spankings on here. We have agreed to it, and we are allowing it. We "want" it. Which takes away from the spankers fantasy a bit. So me not wanting the belt and being terrified of it plays into that fantasy almost too perfectly. But what about respect and boundaries? Am I drawing a line in the sand that isn't fair? Because I say I love to hate spankings. Then say I don't want the belt? Do you think I'm right about the fantasy to spank girls who "don't" want it?

Also it rained while the sun was out the other day and I was with an older lady, and she said "the devil is beating his wife" I laughed...I had never heard this but apparently it's something they say in the south when it rains while the sun is out or rainshine. So apparently every time it does this Satan's wife is getting a spanking lol. I imagine the stereotypical red satan spanking a female version of himself...which begs the question. What color does her butt turn :P
hope you all are having a great day!!

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StripedArse's avatar

Views: 237 · Added: 10 days ago

I am happy to post new private or public videos as you request ... exactly as per your instructions! I like to do as you please.

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