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There once was a dude from Japan
Who had a unique paper fan.
In his powerful grip
It became like a whip.
When he said to bend over I ran.

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*Shopping at the mall
*going into random new stores
*day trips to historical sites and art museums
*local convenience stores for scratch tickets
*boston science museum
*the spa
*book stores

These are all the places my mother somehow gets me to go with her to
We always have a good mother and daughter bonding when we go to these
But we also tend to get lost on purpose to geta way from our daily stress and end up losing track of time and week's pay checks in the process and then have a never ending lacture about spending too much money and losing track of time from my think we learn by now we only been doing it for 13yrs lol

I swear my mother is an instigator and gets me in trouble all the time :/ lol

Good luck daddymole I can already tell this is gonna be along warm sumer for my butt lol

Btw I'm not planing on getting into trouble like it may seems like I just know my self too well to say I'm no perfect angel especially in the summer time ;-)

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Kneeling in the backyard with my wrists bound to a tree branch, sucking my husband's cock on a Sunday afternoon is not a place I ever imagined I'd be. It wasn't part of my husband's plans twenty minutes previously, either, but being MacGyver, he's quick with formulating a plan.

A friend of mine had offered to have our kids over for a playdate today so we could have a lunch date to celebrate our anniversary. We went out to lunch and then my husband looked at the time. Well, we have an hour... We drove home and he told me to report to the backyard. He dragged one of the lawn cushions under the tree house tree, where he'd already rigged a rope for our kids to use on a pulley. Ordering me to kneel, he bound my wrists above my head.

He spanked me with a strip of rubber mat that was lying around from one of the kids playmats. It makes a loud whap but doesn't hurt much, other than a little sting, so I was enjoying it immensely, waggling my butt from side to side, making encouraging moans.

"Oh yeah? You like that, huh?"

Then he tickled under my armpits.

Okay, spank me, whip me, take me in the ass, but I am just NOT into tickle torture. I don't actually have a safeword, but I immediately cried, "NO! Safeword! I'm safewording out of this. There's no tickling!"

"Oh really?" he said in a very dommy sort of voice. "Anything else you're going to safe word out of?" He whipped my breast with the rubber strip. I listed to the side but whimpered "No."

That was when he walked around to the front of me and ordered me to suck his cock. It's funny, you wouldn't think you use your hands that much sucking cock, but I did miss the use of them. It took me a while to figure out to make a nice dipping/bobbing motion with my head to work it.

He spanked some more, then untied my wrists and ordered me onto my forearms. He took me from behind and then pushed me onto my belly and entered the back door. God, I just love the intensity of anal sex-- it winds me up to a fever pitch in about three seconds flat. From there on out, I was fisting the grass, making keening noises or "oh god"s until we both came crashing to the finish.

I couldn't speak afterward. Or move.

Somehow I made it to the shower where the warm water burned my freshly spanked bum.

Then I slipped on a sexy sundress to go to a BBQ tonight, receiving enthusiastic approval from my husband. Showing up at a BBQ with rope marks on my wrists: priceless.

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This is the results of Dee Dee's first paddling. She didn't have a lot of spanking experience so she bruised a lot. Hopefully, over time, her bottom will toughen up and she won't bruise any more.

She came to me because she needed to be disciplined for her drinking and swearing. I started her off over my knee, spanking her with my hand. I had her lay face down on the couch with her bottom propped up for her paddling. When I noticed she was bruising I had her go back over my knee to continue with my hand. By this time she was very sore and crying. I reminded her why she was being punished and she calmed down a bit. I continued the spanking but she began to struggle. I held her in place over my lap and kept swatting her as she kicked and screamed "No mama no".

I continued to spank her until she stopped struggling. I told her to be a good girl or next time I would use the pain stick. I hope she is good for awhile because it was tough to hold her in position!

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once again i found myself on the road, driving from TN to CT to pick up another load of my stuff. it was about 2 am, i was alone in the truck (having exhausted the favors of family and friends by this time) with the dogs and one of the cats. the horse trailer was in tow, empty with the exception of a 5 gal. can of gas (perhaps not the brightest idea i've ever had).

i was somewhere in VA, near the appalachian trail and i was exhausted. i had just passed a rest stop, but it had been designated for tractor trailers and i did not know if towing the horse trailer would qualify me, so i pressed on. again, an unwise choice, being that rest stops are spaced about every 80 miles on that particular highway -- ONLY 80 miles.

the last thing i remembered was being in the right hand lane, travelling at a moderate speed.

when i opened my eyes, i was edging off the highway and my tires were thunking over the rumble strip of the left lane of this 3 lane highway - YIKES!

my sleepy brain registered that i was going off the road and sent a message to my hands which proceeded to jerk the steering wheel to the right. were i in my car, or even the truck without the trailer, i would have been able to stay on the road. as it was, the trailer protested and went into a tailspin.

now i could not see what happened, i can only tell u what i think happened. mercifully, there was no traffic in my immediate vicinity, probably not any within a half mile of me, but i have no way of knowing. i was too busy trying to control the truck as it went into what felt like a series of 360 degree spins, with the trailer in close pursuit. at one point, the trailer took the lead and headed down a four foot drop onto the grassy median, pulling my truck along with it, ASS BACKWARDS. job done, the trailer then proceeded to fall over on its side. lucky for me, the truck remained upright. even more amazing, i survived the event without getting as much as a bump on the head, the airbags did not even deploy and the animals all remained safely in their places. it was probably as close as i will ever come to a miracle and i like to say that although i was fast asleep, my angels were wide awake and on the job.

my landing spot was a marsh (according to the state trooper on hand, i landed in the softest spot on the highway) and it sucked the running board right off of the passenger side of my truck, but other than that and the hole the trailer hitch punched through the tailgate of the truck, my vehicle suffered no real damage.

my cell phone had made its way into the side pocket of the passenger door, something i did not find out until the next day. fortunately my angels interceded again. a wonderful guy stopped to rescue me, bringing a high powered flashlight and cell phone. he waited with me until the police and tow truck arrived.

after an hour of working in the mud, the tow truck operators were able to get the trailer on its feet and up to the highway. they loaded it on their flatbed and pulled my truck up. the rest is just another exercise in unfortunate economics, but this, my friends is just one of the reasons why i prefer to remain safely at home and leave travel for more adventurous types.

in the end, i think that my attempt to avoid using professional movers cost me a fortune, i'm afraid to sit down and try to calculate it. but, it was nothing if not an experience and i survived it.

next time, i promise to blog about something that is a lot more germane to my spanking interests and why i am here. thanks for indulging my little detours -- ;)

happy trails.

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So much for the paddle I'm bout to throw it away. Lol (I wouldnt do that though aworkinginprogress). Got torn a new ass couldn't even put anything over my ass for a min so glad he switched over to the belt even though that stung like fire it was a lil better than the paddle.. So sore. I hate this paddle. Lol.

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A line from one of my favorite movies, Clerks, but also applicable to this site as none of the stinkin' videos on this site are loading for me!!! Is anyone else having the same problem?

Either the video will play for, like, 15 seconds, or it will take an inexcusable amount of time to load, so you can only watch like 3 or 4 seconds at a time.

Its been doing this for days. Whats the deal?

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1. FINE: This is a word Women use to end an argument when she knows she is right and you need to shut-up!

2. NOTHING: Means something, and you need to be Worried!

3. GO AHEAD: This is a dare, not permission, do not do it!

4. WHATEVER: A Women's way of saying screw you!

5. THAT'S OK: She is thinking long and hard on how and when you will pay for your mistakes... !

BONAS WORD - 'WOW': This is not a compliment. She's amazed that one person could be so stupid!

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Today saw one of my young ladies visit,although she was ten minutes late. She stood in front of me without even apologising.I waited but no apology was forth coming. I informed her that lateness was a discourtesy to others ,but all I got was a cheeky smile. We both remained silent for a little while;she was the one to break the silence."So...what are you going to do?" she asked,with just a hint of defiance in her voice.I stared at her and then beckoned her over to me.I was sitting on the long sofa in my study.She knew from previous visits that she was to go over my knee.This she did without any hesitation.
I repeated that "lateness was a discourtesy to others" but this time I punctuated each word with a firm slap of my hand.She buried her head deep into the sofa,I could barely hear some muffled whimpers. My hand came down a number of more times,each time her body jerked.I continued the spanking hoping that I would drive the message home.I am a very punctual person myself,always have been.One of my pet hates is people who are late for appointments,who couldn't be bothered to leave that little bit early so that they will be on time.
I increased the force of each slap and she began to kick.Some sharp slaps to the back of her thighs quickly brought her defiant kicking under control.It did not take long for her to begin a series of loud cries and then finally, an apology came in the form of a scream.
With her promise of being punctual in the future accepted by me we continued with the rest of the session!

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How did she ever get herself into this situation again, over his knee, naked, with a very sore and red bottom. You would think that someday she would learn. And the worst part was that she knew he wasn’t done with her yet, not in a long shot, he never ended a punishment with a simple, yet brutal, bare-bottom hand spanking. Tears are streaming out of her swollen eyes, and lord knows she needs a tissue or two for her nose. She lay over his knees sobbing, bottom throbbing, thinking she would never calm. Her breathing is labored. He gently rubs her back trying to soothe her, before he continues with her punishment. Finally she settles as he helps her stand facing him. He instructs her to hold her breasts out to him. He reaches for the tube of red lipstick and daubs a little on the tip of each of her nipples. He walks her over to face the wall, toes touching the baseboard, nipples pointing directly toward the smooth surface of the wall.
He tells her not to move and she hears his footsteps leaving the room. He soon returns and places what she believes to be a chair in the middle of the room behind her. He walks over to the side table before standing directly behind her, close enough to feel his breath. He places his hand at the middle of her back. She tries to hold still, not allowing her nipples to touch the wall. Misbehaving would mean extras if her lipstick stained nipples left their mark on the wall. But his touch was so unnerving, almost tingling. He held the next instrument of punishment in that hand, the rat tail paddle.

He waved it back and forth across her bottom cheeks, teasing and intimidating, almost daring her to move so he may add extras to the impending punishment. He knew she hated the rat tail and how it made her bottom sting like a thousand little bee stings. He firmly rubbed her back knowing she would close her eyes to try to relax. He pressed against her back and felt her sway with the rhythm of the rat tail. She gasped and glanced down to realize that her nipples had grazed the wall before her. He looked around at the wall and noticed two small red blotches and all he said was “20 extra.”

He pulled her back and edged her over to a clean wall surface, still waving the rat tail over her bottom cheeks. He removed the rat tail and placed a single finger in the middle of her very warm right bottom cheek. He started drawing circles toward her cheek crack hiding that special magic circle of delight. He pushes against her bottom hole and presses gently knowing she will react without thinking of her situation. Another gasp, as she realizes that again she leaves a lipstick stain on the wall. He chuckles and says “40 extra. Maybe now you will learn not to be so naughty.”

He leaves her to contemplate her fate. She knows that sitting will be difficult for the next few days, but she really didn’t have anyone but herself to blame. Maybe someday she will learn to think before she acted. How many times had she been in this situation, how many times had she regretted her actions, and how many times will her bottom have to pay the price for her insolence. Her tears still falling as she again feels his presence behind her. He places his hands on her shoulders, moving her away from the wall. Still cupping her breasts toward him, he reaches down with his mouth to draw in and nip her nipples with his teeth. She gasps at the sensation rising between her thighs. He reached to her warm wet vaginal opening and places two fingers in her, stroking her to near orgasm. He pulls back as she moans; wanting so much more, knowing that relief was a long time away.

He leads her over to the chair and has her bend over having her hold on to the seat. Seeing her still sobbing, he reaches to touch her bottom, to feel the heat of her hard hand spanking, before raising his arm to deliver the first left to right diagonal slash of the rat tail paddle. He does not wait to deliver the right to left diagonal slash to her already sore bottom. Right to left, left to right for twenty strokes before moving to her left to deliver the next twenty strokes to her left cheek and thigh. Stoke after stoke brought anguish cries from her, spouting words of remorse and contrition. Now, moving to her right, he rains down the last twenty strokes to her right bottom cheek and thigh.

Leaving her to calm herself before helping her up, he glances at her bottom to admire his handy work. Hearing her calm, he reached for her arm and draws her up to his chest to comfort her and assure her that her ordeal was over and that she was forgiven. She vows to never disobey again, but he was sure that she would resort to her old ways in a matter of time and he could again relish in punishing her bottom to his pleasure.

NOTE: No actual rat tails were harmed during the writing of this story.

NOTE: The maker of the Rat Tail Paddle no longer produces it. But he does make other wonderful paddles. Browse around his website, you might see something you love or something you would love to hate , giggle.

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Well I finally got cought up on my sleep from worrying over my daughter being in the hospitdal last week and the never ending apointments this dumb chick here booked all of them at once and whore myself out with all of them :/ but this week I'm finally able to do things I've been needing to do for awile cuz the babes is eating better now so she's not crying as much anymore

I also earned a spanking that was planned for tomarow but had to postpone for next week cuz of personal reasons...kinda not looking for it but also just want it over with so me and my mentor can move on

I kinda pushed the brattiness alittle too far with him the other night and said some not so nice things also I hid the hair brush on him and bragged about it in a blog and refused to say where I hid it for acouple days

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One of my favorite sites, Girls-Boarding-School, has a vast collection of pictures. See GBS photo album to expand photos Sometimes posed pictures are boring, but these contain interesting facial expression. GBS is well known for headmaster Tom's intense punishment of submissive young girls, but here the punishment starts before the spanking. Sophie, the first GBS girl, started when GBS filmed in German. If you look at the face, you see very little tightening muscles and wide open eyes. She is obviously afraid to be spanked (indeed, afraid enough to pee), but there is no frowning, pouting, or fighting. Total acceptance - and obvious sexual submission.Black-haired one here is Laura, another early GBS model who took very hard humiliating punishments.Blond girl preceding, Linda, was my favorite submissive girl. Here are other GBS portraying facial expressions.
I'm not saying that GBS is the only place doing spanking right. Indeed, they have actually changed their format of late to include many new "teachers" there. But I loved the earlier scenarios. If anyone knows another site that has similar facial pictures please post.

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to all my friends i may not be on a lot due to my health. i will checking in when i am ok. thanks to all my friend who are their for me.

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to all my friends i may not be on a lot due to my health. i will checking in when i am ok. thanks to all my friend who are their for me.

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And its just a poem guys, I really do love my paddle Awip!

Weeping Willow sits on her pillow,
because her bottom is red and sore.
For never once has her husband forgotten what that little ole paddle is for.

Since the day it came in the mail,
he’s been paddling without fail,
oh how she wail’s,
for the ache in her tail.

Awip must have been grinning the day he sent it in the post
because he knew Willow would not be sitting for her bottom would be toast.

Weeping Willow sits on her pillow deep in thought.
Her bottom might just fall off and rot,
if a plan is not sought,
to make that paddle disappear.
And without question the time must be near.
For Willow fears,
the destruction of her rear.

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Even though I had a good weekend I still been struggiling with a disciplinarian. I still haven't been disciplined for my incident with my mother and my ticket ( which isn't really important to me I speed all the timr this was just one time I got caught) but mentally I just haven't felt the same I feel like I'm beating myself up about it cuz it hasn't been taken care of. But I don't really want to feel in that depressed mode like I've been in. I no on some people when they build up so much they tend to explode and I definetely don't want that happening to me. Just don't no what to do.

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Whew had a long weekend just got back fron being out of town. Had fun was able to keep my drinking to a minimum and disnt get in any fights evene though I was close. I can reallt say I love DD lifestyle I think if I wasn't in this lifestyle I'd probaly be in jail or someplace worse. But besides that I'm Now just about to try and go to sleep work at 4 in the morning again. Goodnight stube.

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So i found myself in a bit of trouble today. Last night I went to a party (which i like really never go to parties) it wasn't a big party, just a little dance party at my sister in law's parents' house. well i did something that I know i should not have done; it was a big no no but i did it anyway. needless to say i got a spanking for doing the 'said' thing. but it didn't stop there. I kept swearing, although i had a warning already. so i had 4 minutes with a bar of soap and 30 strokes with the bath brush on my bare bottom. but again, it didn't stop there. I swore again! and I didn't follow instructions. I had to chose between 30 more strokes with the bath brush or a mouth soaping and 15 strokes. I didn't want either! they both were horrible! so he chose for me, and called me up on my phone to talk me through it. it was the first time we chatted verbally, i was so nervous! I was nervous to actually talk to him but nervous for the spanking as well. I got another 4 minutes with the soap and then 20 with the bath brush :/ but then it was all good again :) it was definitely more effective this way; on the phone actually hearing him scold me. *shivers* but then we just chatted about other stuff after wards and i was fine :) although my disciplinarian in the next state over from me, i do not need to search for a disciplinarian anymore. now with a some what sore bottom i am going to go play the sims 3 :)

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Well I finally got my little paddle in the mail the other day. Thank you so much to Aworkinprogress!!! It was well worth the money. (;

When I opened it I was like awww it was small and cute! Though I was warned to take it slow because it still packs a punch. And boy does it!!! My husband was not even putting much effort in and I felt it!!! Funny it had to arrive the same day as when I get a maintenance spanking lol.

But anyway thank you again awip! You are AWESOME!!!

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Today I got my back porch painted red.
The neighbors all complained it should be redder.
So Dad applied another coat of paint.
Now everyone but me agrees it's better.