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"Males are rare on this planet. Can any of you tell me why?" Ms. Goodwin gazed around the room and when it became apparent that her pupils would not respond, she continued while pacing the room, "Males are rare because of the feud between two warlocks. Their testosterone driven battle altered male reproductive systems across the globe. Even other warlocks were affected. Now the birth rate for males is 1 in every thousand. What is ironic is that this ratio is extremely close to the warlock ratio, 1 in every 1,500. The result, therefore, has been fewer warlocks within our society. I will not get into political and social ramifications this has caused. These issues are better learned in a sociological or political class not The History of Magic II. Now," Ms. Goodwin paused before a desk, "Lauren, can you tell me a magical ratio that is even rarer than the birth of a male warlock?" When the pupil didn't respond she rapped on the desk, "Miss. Linden, I asked you a question."
Lauren Linden jerked to attention, "What? Can you please repeat that Ma'am?"
"Certainly. Do you need the question repeated or the last half hour of lecture?" The class laughed as Lauren blushed. The bell rang. "Instead of hanging around the mall, ladies and gentleman, read chapters 5 through 9. Class dismissed. Ms. Linden please stay for a few minutes." As in classrooms in every dimension and every planet, students quickly departed while mumbling over the amount of weekend homework.
When the students had left, Ms. Goodwin closed the door with a simple gesture and turned her full attention to her remaining pupil. "Lauren, is something wrong? Usually you're asking questions every five minutes not to mention the fact you're always ready to provide an encyclopedia for any question I put to the class."
The teenager shook her head. "No Ma'am nothing's wrong."
"I see. Lauren you can talk to me, you know. I do understand the confusion you're going through. Perhaps even more than you think I do."
"I'm fine Ma'am."
The witch sighed and gestured at the door again, "Very well, but I'm here if you change your mind." As the teenager went through the door, a large black cat leapt on the open window sill and growled loudly. "Yes, I know Sebastian, I know. But it is her choice. These situations are always difficult. The fact that they are rare increases that difficulty." The cat meowed, "Excellent suggestion, love."


Lauren felt humiliated. It was bad enough that Michelle was moving tomorrow, but to be laughed at in her favorite class and before her favorite teacher. The perfect ending to the worst month of her entire life. She was happy for Michelle; she really was. Her best friend's Magical Aptitude Test had been quite strong when she was born; indicating that she would be a very powerful witch. Witches were not as rare as warlocks as females usually had a touch of magic in them somewhere. After all, look at her mother. She could always tell when something was bothering Lauren. Heck, she could always tell when Lauren was fibbing or just plain lying. Usually this meant a mouthful of soap but this month, her Mom just looked sad, as if she could understand what Lauren was going through.
"Dam!" Lauren swore and then looked around quickly. If her mother had heard her then, it wouldn't have been soap but castor oil. "Well, the Hell with that to!" Lauren exclaimed out loud when she realized what she was doing. Lauren resumed her tirade mentally, as she noticed that people were beginning to stare.
"My best friend is leaving to attend that special Witch's Boarding School. I knew that she was leaving some day but that was always later. Sometime in the future. I just can't imagine being separated. We're like twins. No, were not just twins; were Siamese twins."
Indeed, the two girls had been inseparable even though there was a two year age difference. They had always played together and had gotten in mischief together. Michelle had taught Lauren how to put on make-up even though Ms. Linden had forbid her daughter that right until she reached seventeen. Michelle had even taught her why males were so important; not that Lauren had believed her at the time.
Lauren in turn, had helped Michelle keep her magical experiments secret. Young witches, especially powerful ones, weren't supposed to practice, let alone use, their developing skills unless properly supervised by a Certified Magic Professor. Usually, they succeeded. The occasions when they didn't were not pleasant memories, but they had had the most hilarious, if not apprehensive, time in doing so. Yet every day, every second had been one step closer to this moment.
Lauren made her decision. She simply couldn't say good-bye and knowing Michelle; she wouldn't accept that. The older girl would simply float up to Lauren's second floor bedroom window and pound on the glass until Lauren conceded to talk to her. It had always been that way. What ever Michelle wanted to do, they did; even if Lauren knew it was wrong. The younger girl did what Michelle wanted simply because Michelle wanted to do despite the fact that most of the ideas brought about their worst blisterings. Now that the teen thought about it, whenever they got caught, the older girl was punished more severely than she was. It was almost as if the adults knew that Lauren couldn't resist Michelle's desires. "Well it's not going to happen this time," Lauren declared out loud.
She looked around and discovered that she was alone as the bell had rung without her even noticing; which was a first. The hall was deserted, everyone was in their next class. Very quickly and carefully Lauren put her decision into action. She left school and went home. The trick wasn't in avoiding her mother; it was in avoiding Michelle, who had graduated from high school last year, and her mother, Aunt Jenny. Still, Lauren was confident. She knew both their habits but she didn't think it fair to her mother to simply disappear without a note explaining why. And besides, if she was going to 'disappear' for a few days, she would need supplies.
Lauren took the secret route she and Michelle had created to avoid any detection by the neighbors. It was quite simple to avoid the magical devices they had set to inform them if anyone had discovered and used that path. The tricky bit was the cave and tunnel. The witch had set four separate and distinct spells in the cave that would inform her immediately if an unauthorized individual entered. It was here that Michelle had practiced her abilities and the penalty for doing so, without the appropriate supervision, was so severe that they both were extremely cautious. The cave could be accessed by a small hole hidden by an immense blackberry bush. Lauren, the smaller of the two, had found it when she was six and was hiding from Michelle while they were playing hide-and-seek.
There were two other artificial entrances as well. The witch had used her abilities to create and support an underground tunnel whose ends opened at their respective basements. Each girl hid this fact by claiming the basements as their private areas. Their parents had respected this and had never entered without permission. The fact that they occasionally were not there when summoned was explained by cellar doors. The girls had made a point of using these doors, as often as possible, to detract a more thorough investigation or questioning by their parents.
Except for a few scratch's, Lauren managed to avoid the alarms. She did, after all, know where each was located. She silently went up the basement stairs while ears sought for any indication that her mother had come home from work early. Hearing nothing, she opened the kitchen door and hurried up to her room. Once there, she quickly changed into the latest casual teen wear and packed her battered knapsack with a few essential. This included: her stuffed cat, Miz. Wiggie, laptop, textbooks, and her entire savings, J74.64. She then, as her mother always checked on her e-mail upon returning home, composed a brief message for her mother and sent it to the computer downstairs.

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Dear Mommy,
I know you'll be quite upset with me
and punish me quite severely when I
get home but I have to leave for a
few days. I simply can't say good-
bye to Michelle. I don't blame or
begrudge her for leaving. I knew the
day would come but I can't face it.
I knew if I stay in my room she'd
pester me until I opened the door
so I've got to go away. I promise
I will be back on Wednesday (Michelle's
class's start then and I know she won't
skip) and that I will stay away
from the scuzzy places. I won't do
anything stupid. I'll hole up
somewhere with the food I am going to
borrow. I promise to pay you back.

The self-declared run away, or rather avoider, picked up her knapsack, went downstairs to the kitchen, and grabbed: bread, peanut butter, shrom preserve, a knife, a canister of shrom kool-aide, and a bag of cookies for her sweet tooth. She slung her, now bulging, knapsack on her back and left the way she came. So intent on avoiding human gaze, she failed to notice that a large black cat was following her.
Lauren wasn't sure where to go. Michelle would look for her first at the cave, and Lauren had promised her mother to stay away from the Linskey quarter. Nor was it wise to stray into the Terin boundaries; let alone hide within that region. Michelle had always warned her against crossing into the Terin region. That warning echoed within Lauren's mind as she considered her options. "No matter what happens Lauren, never enter the Terin region. Its where the warlocks Kerin and Ghetter fought 300 years ago. The magical fields were warped and tattered affecting every living organism. There have been several cases of non-magic users who've entered and re-emerged, if they re-emerged, physically altered. Three people died moments after re-crossing the boarder set by the collective witch and warlock society. Only magic could keep those three alive and the only thing that prevents that magic from spreading and hurting everyone, is that boarder."
"The Pinac quarter. It's the perfect place, even if it is near Terin," Lauren decided at last. Two weeks before she had met Michelle, a four-year-old Lauren had visited the region with her mother. She had never returned and from what she learned in school, criminals avoided that area. Lauren still wasn't sure why, perhaps it was because some of the more powerful Witches and Warlock's lived there, but she realized that she could keep her promise to her mother and avoid Michelle there if she was very careful. Actually, it was quite fortunate that she didn't have any magic qualities, beyond the female norm, otherwise said Witch's and Warlock's would be able to detect her.
Lauren made the trip without incident nor did she notice her shadows. Her original shadow, the cat, had been replaced by a squirrel and then a pigeon. A steady progression of animals and birds continually watched over the sixteen year old's progress until at last, the yellow eyes of a black cat watched a teen-ager rent a small Pinac motel room as twilight descended. The cat's ears flicked back as a soft chuckle emerged from the deepening shadows. A moment later, a male emerged from those shadows and knelt by the cat.
"She doesn't know does she?" The cat meowed. "Excellent job, Sebastian. My compliments to you and the other familiars. I'll inform the Mistress' and Thanken's Master that each familiar should be rewarded." A small growl issued from the cat's throat.
"Yes I know. None of you did this to be rewarded," the figure laughed softly as he stood up and stepped back into the shadows. "I'll keep watch while you go inform her."
Three hours later, Lauren realized that she simply couldn't concentrate on her assigned reading and turned on the television but kept the sound off. She wasn't in the mood for senseless fictional chatter. As she wasn't hungry, Lauren decided to go to bed. At least that way, the time would go by faster and the Event would be over sooner.

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The teenager soon found that making a decision is sometimes easier than following it through. Lauren tossed and turned, finally falling into an uneasy stupor when someone began to knock upon the door. Knocking that increasingly became more stringent.
"Kitten, I know you’re in there. So would you please open the blasted door."
Lauren groaned into her pillow. She should have known that no matter where she went, Michelle would have found her. She was a Witch after all. The teen, thankful that she hadn't gotten undressed, thought quickly as she put on her shoes and stuffed her things within the knapsack.
"Kitten, for the last time, open the door or I'll Open it."
For the first time, the sixteen year old was glad of her inherent athletic abilities. She silently opened her window and exited the room, thankful as she did so, that she had been given a room on the ground floor. Not that it would have mattered if she had been put on the second, Lauren would have jumped to the ground, and like she always did, she would have landed on her feet. Once she had gotten three blocks away from the motel, Lauren began to curse out loud. She noted with grim amusement, that cursing was quickly becoming a habit. So self-involved, the teen failed to notice a black clad arm reach out of an ally and grab her by the back of the neck.
"Hey! Let go! What do you think your doing?"
The body that belonged to the arm, came into view and to Lauren's surprise; that body belonged to a male. "You’re not supposed to be out;" she pointed out, while trying to remain calm. "Adult males are supposed to be either in doors or be accompanied by female bodyguards."
"Indeed," the man drawled, "but I don't think young ladies, such as yourself, should be out un-chaperoned at this time of night. Besides, I live on this street and I'm performing an errand for my Mistress.
Lauren swallowed, hard. She recognized him now. He was among the rarest beings in creation, a Human Familiar. They only occurred in 1 out of three million births, male or female but males were the rarest of them all. So rare, in fact, that there was only one, Penn, who was the familiar to Mistress Trin, the Coven Head.
"I see Sir. Would you please, let go of my neck, Sir?" Lauren asked. It was always a wise idea to be polite around a Human Familiar; especially, this Human Familiar.
Penn thoughtfully considered this request and then replied; "No, no I'm afraid I can't do that."
"May I ask, Sir, why can't you?" Lauren was straining to be polite as her ears had just heard a soft footstep behind her.
"Because, my dear, you are my errand," he replied gently.
"Thank you Sir, for catching my Kitten and for all your help." It was Michelle. Lauren felt like she was going to be sick and she, despite her best intentions, tried to pull away from Penn's grasp.
"No need," the male Familiar responded. "All Familiars feel that we are obligated to help a Human Familiar until the locationer\summoner spell is cast by her or his Mistress or Master."
Lauren, who was ignoring the conversation and missed this exchange, lunged forth in a desperate attempt to get away. "Now, now, none of that," Penn chided and brought his left hand down sharply, three times, upon Lauren's seat.
The teen despite, or perhaps because of, the sudden stinging pain calmed down but she was beyond thought, beyond reason. The only thing she knew, and she knew it with a clarity that Lauren had never felt before, was that she had to get away from Michelle. She simply had to get away.
Lauren cried out as she felt Michelle take a hold of her right ear. Such a gentle but firm touch felt as if a thousand knives had been pushed within her ear. So intense was the feeling, that Lauren did not feel the soft sensation of Sebastian rubbing his fur against her bare legs.


Time had ceased for Lauren, the only thing she was aware of was pain. No physical pain but pain within her soul, within her very being, her very essence. That changed. Abruptly.
SMACK! She felt it again. SMACK! She felt it a third time. SMACK! By the fourth time, Lauren was aware that someone was spanking her. SMACK! Spanking her very hard. SLAP! On her bare bottom. WHACK! with a THACK! hairbrush SPANK! a very heavy SMACK! hairbrush THACK! WHACK! The pain within her bottom was SMACK! growing THACK! even more WHACK! painful. SPANK! SMACK! Lauren suddenly realized WHACK! that she THACK! was over SMACK! WHACK! WHOP! Michelle's lap SMACK! WHOP! SPANK! and that it was THACK! WHACK! SPANK! Michelle who was WHOP! spanking SPANK! THACK! her WHACK! no THACK! WHACK! SPANK! blistering THACK! her.
As the heat and pain built up within her nates, Lauren forgot all about her internal pain. The pain that had been steadily building the past two months. The teenager began to plead, to apologize, for running away. Michelle ignored her. Lauren began to struggle but she couldn't get away. Michelle was holding her tightly and she was saying something SMACK! WHACK! but Lauren couldn't figure out what it was. The only thing she was aware of was the pain within her seat and thighs; so the sixteen year old did the only thing she could do, she cried. She wept.
Like before, the pain consumed her, and thus, Lauren wasn't aware when the spanking had ceased. The only thing she was aware of, was that she was being held. Held by arms that loved her dearly. Held by Michelle. Feeling secure and loved, the teenager fell asleep within the Witch's arms.

When Lauren awoke, the first thing she was aware of was her bottom. It felt swollen and filled with molten lead. She was well aware that she had been spanked but even the worst blisterings from her mother or Aunt Jenny had never felt like this. Even the thin sheet that was covering her naked form, which was a surprise in and of itself since she’d never been completely nude while being disciplined, hurt. The sixteen-year-old was about to remove it when she heard a cough behind her.
"After I went through the locationer\summoner spell, I didn't care who saw my naked posterior. I didn't want anything to touch that area of my anatomy but you, on the hand, might view it differently," Penn delicately stated.
Lauren's hand froze; she had just been about to remove the sheet from her throbbing backside when she heard him. When her paralysis broke, she looked over her shoulder. It was Penn alright. Lauren felt humiliated; no male within her conscious memory had seen her naked before. Being covered by a thin white sheet didn't exactly alter that fact. "Um...Sir, could you please leave before I scream," she asked hoarsely.
"I doubt after last night, my dear, your larynx would permit you to scream, even if you wanted to." Penn sighed as he saw Lauren's murderous expression. "Look, I'm not about to ravage you. If that is what your fertile teenage mind is contemplating, you can dismiss such thoughts right now." Penn sighed as Lauren's face remained unaltered. "If it makes you feel any better, Michelle is right outside MY,” he emphasized the word “bedroom door and my own Mistress is within her study. I assure you, even if I was foolish enough to contemplate what you are thinking, it would be the ultimate folly to carry through with such plans when a formidable Witch, as is my Mistress, and your Mistress are within such close proximity." Penn sighed once more as Lauren obviously began to relax. "Teenagers, even the intelligent ones, always seem to think first with their hormones rather than their brains."
"Well," Lauren indignantly replied, not even bothering to be polite anymore "under the circumstances, so would you."
"’Under the circumstances,’ Bah child, I went through the same exact spell that you just went through but because I am a male it was a thousand times worse than it is for you right now. I couldn't even stand the thought of that sheet covering me, regardless of who was in the room, let alone actually allowing the sheet to be upon me."
"At last," Penn chortled "she's paying attention. Yes, Lauren, you are a Human Familiar and Michelle is your Mistress. And you, just under went the Human Familiar version of the
locationer\summoner spell. For some reason that we still don't quite understand, Human Familiars suffer extreme emotional and spiritual pain until this spell is cast by their respective Mistress or Master. The only way such pain can be cast aside is through physical pain. The current theory behind this little magical quirk, was derived from the fact that humans have sentient free will which is the exact polar opposite of a Familiar. Not that they don't have free will, mind you, but they are subjected to magical forces which can be quite intense around our Mistresses or Masters. Thus, the locationer/summoner spell provides net, for the lack of a better word."

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Satisfied that he had Lauren's attention, Penn continued his explanation "Like I said, I was a total wreck, in every sense of the word, after the spell was placed on me. I couldn't sit down comfortably for a good month but before the spell was cast, I was even worse. I mean, instead of my rear end, my entire being, my entire soul felt like it was on fire. Now, it is true that that spell can make you feel like a slave, but you’re not."
"You see, Human Familiars are already submissive, it's an inherent trait shared by all of us but not all submissives are Familiars. However, I better define what I mean by 'submissive.' A submissive is someone who needs discipline for various character flaws that give rise to certain...naughty behavior which needs to be curbed. This...behavior is amplified by the fact that Familiars have...access to the raw magical forces that exist within nature. Somehow, we haven't quite figured how yet, these magical forces connect us, and by us I am referring to all Familiars not just the Human ones, to a particular Witch or Warlock. Non-Human Familiars gain, what we term, Human sentience and only need the locationer/summoner spell so they can safely navigate within magical areas. Now, because, as I have said before, Human Familiars have inbred free will, our very souls rebel against our nature and physical pain is needed to fuse the two. It is always a painful time, before and after the spell is cast, when a Human Familiar reaches Fusion. Which is why we've been keeping a collective eye on you."
"You have a great deal to learn and much to consider but before I leave, I'm going to address one more point. Even though Human Familiars have self-respect, abilities, and drive we need to be disciplined by our respective Mistresses and Masters. However, our Mistresses and Masters, although because of that blasted magic war there are very few Masters, gain a great deal from Human Familiars. You see, the magical forces that connect all Familiars to a Witch or Warlock, works both ways. They are connected to us as we are to them. Thus, we are connected for life and, typically, this connection translates into a deep and abiding love between the two. Moreover, because the Witch or Warlock has a Human Familiar, they can never break the Golden Rule: `Do No Harm to Others.'"
"Some non-magic users, sometimes even family, don't understand this. They think because we are inherently submissive that it’s some type of aberrant sickness." Penn shook his head sadly; "That's why my Fusion was such an ordeal, my parents didn't understand and never cooperated during my early childhood to make it easier for me but you see it is through our submission and love that Witches and Warlocks can do no harm. They can readily see, unlike non-magic users and even some Witches and Warlocks who don't have Human Familiars, that evil will not harm the intended recipient but themselves. I'm starting to get into the more serious magic philosophy and theory but you can more readily learn that when you accompany your Mistress to the Academy."
Lauren gasped, "Me! At the Academy!"
"Yes, but I'll let your Mistress explain that. I only meant to explain the basics but, as usual, I got carried away. Which, I admit, is one of My flaws since I've talking about one of my favorite topics. Your Mistress must champing at the bit by now so I'll leave and we can talk more latter." And with that, Penn stood up and left the room. Within moments, Michelle burst into the room and threw herself down next to Lauren.
"I never thought he'd leave." Her Familiar remained silent.
Michelle knew what that meant. "Look, I know I should have told you Kitten but I didn't think it was a good idea."
"How long have you known?"
"Since I was fourteen."
"That's when you started calling me Kitten; which, by the way, I've always detested. At least I know now why you started calling me that."
Michelle realized then just how angry Lauren was. "Our parents had decided to let me figure it out on my own but they weren't sure about you. Finally they just decided to let me handle that."
"Why didn't you tell me?" Lauren demanded.
"For two reasons. One, I thought you were still too young to know. You had calmed down considerably once Aunt Shrewn moved next door after they had determined that you were a Human Familiar and that I was your Mistress..."
"If you think I'm going to call you that;" Lauren snorted "then you've..."
"Now, now, it's not nice to call other people names," Michelle cautioned her Familiar as she gave the girl a swift swat on the behind.
Lauren yelped, "That hurts!"
"I'm not surprised. It took a steady thirty minutes of swatting before you began to respond. I was starting to get worried. Here, let me put some crème on you." Michelle grabbed a tube sitting on an end-table adjacent to the bed.
"You’re not gonna touch me!"
"My, we're certainly touchy this morning. Now you listen to me, Young Lady. You are my Familiar and I love you with all my heart and I know you do as well. I understand that you’re angry because I didn't tell you beforehand that you were my Familiar but the simple fact is that we both know who's really the one who came up with the ideas that usually landed us in the witch's kettle." Lauren started to laugh, everything made sense now.
"Yeah," Michelle growled in mock anger "go on and laugh. They wouldn't believe that such a sweet innocent thing could come up with such ideas. It had to be the older witch influencing her young impressionable Familiar." Lauren's laughter grew louder, dispelling the tension that had been gathering between the teens. Even Michelle couldn't resist smiling. Even now, she would winced at the memory of how she had been disciplined. When the witch had protested that it had been Lauren's idea, she had been given witch brew for lying.
"I'm sorry I had no idea," Lauren finally gasped out. Michelle snorted as she gently began to spread the crème onto her Familiar's maroon seat. "Right, once I was given a blistering every day for four weeks in a row. Another time I was caned and yet another time I was birched. The worst was when they got the bright idea of using ice-water for discipline enemas." Lauren could help her snickering but Michelle's next revelation sobered her. "We always thought that our experiments were hidden from the adults."
"We didn't?"
"Nope. They had kept a close eye on us. They even know about the cave and tunnels."
"You're kidding!"
"Uh-huh. Apparently every developing witch and warlock experiments without supervision. It’s expected. They only interfere when those experiments start becoming dangerous or get out of control and typically their ‘assistance’ is done discretely so the adults don’t tip their hand. However, when a young human familiar is involved, the witch suffers severely. Which is why I received far worse correction than you."
"The hair lengthener spell," Lauren started to giggle again.
"You and your long hair. Everyone's hair within three miles started growing. Actually, the Warlock Jaran was rather pleased and urged clemency on that occasion. Apparently, until that spell, he had been going bald and couldn't stop it. That, you brat, is the reason I couldn’t sit comfortably for four weeks. Spells that affect the physical are the most highly regulated since that damn testosterone idiots had their little tiff. Now stop laughing unless you want some more of what you got last night."
Lauren stopped giggling and started glaring again. Michelle sighed. "Look, Kitten, I'm the one who’s responsible for you now. I’ll be the one who administers the appropriate Discipline and I'm simply not going to put up with some of the junk you've done in the past. Specifically, getting us both in trouble with your ideas and then remaining quiet while I got the worst of it."
"Hey, you could have said something," Lauren protested.
"I did say something," Michelle retorted. "With every protest though, my mouth either received soap, castor oil or witch’s brew."
"Well you didn't have to do what I suggested. You’re supposed to be the responsible Witch, not me." Lauren winced again as Michelle resumed spreading the crème upon her. Even the slightest touch hurt.
"And I took responsibility for my actions. You, on the other hand, never did or rather, the adults never held you accountable and that, my Kitten, is going to change."
"Well, I suppose that's fair but stop calling me Kitten."
"Nope, I'm not going to stop because you really like it; even though you don't want to admit it. Now, I imagine you don't want anything touching your backside for a while so I brought a dress for you so you won't have to put on those slacks you wore when you ran away. Why don't you get dressed and we'll go home. I know that your mother is quite anxious to have a word with you."
The Familiar groaned. "I thought only you’d be disciplining me now."
Michelle smiled. "I always defer to parental authority and besides," the Witch's smile grew even broader. "This time you can't foster it off on me and I have to admit; you do look adorable when you’re squirming."

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When my disciplinarian spanks me
It hurts like the dickens, wanna see?
My bottom is red as a raspberry
But I'll be ok, I have my "Forever Comfy".

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The door closed with a hard bang. I sat on the couch playing with my fingers unsure of what was about to happen. He walked into the living room and our eyes met before I dropped my head. I was embarrassed, scared and very sorry. None of which mattered very much to him at this point. His salutation was quiet yet demanding “Go wait for me in the bedroom!” Yes Sir, was all I could seem to whisper. I sat on our bed, thinking about how upset my husband was with me. I was disappointed in myself for allowing something so simple to happen. This is a big deal, I dropped the ball. But the worst part is that this wasn’t my first time.

I waited, and waited for what seemed like forever. I could hear Joe moving around in the kitchen. He never needed this much time to cool off. I sat on the edge of the bed playing with my fingers fidgeting nervously.

Finally Joe came in and stood in front of me. I looked up at him and he calmly said “Lets go.” I stood up and switched positions with my husband. Now he was sitting down and I was standing in front of him between his legs. “Strip” Joe said. My eyes grew wide and I panicked. “Sir please” I said. “Strip! Now!” he said again. I was prepared for my bottom to be bare but for some weird reason being nude for a spanking made me nervous. I undid my pants and slid those down. Next my panties and socks. I tugged on my shirt, silently pleading with him to let me keep it on. He huffed out of irritation and grabbed my shirt over my head. I stood there in my bra. After my bra came off, Joe grabbed my wrist and pulled me over his left knee. I wanted to beg, but I realized there was really no point. My husband asked me why I was getting spanked. I told him. He let me know how disappointed he was in my choices and it was his job to make sure I make better decisions.

With that my bare bottom my spanking started. His hand spanking felt like a million bees were stinging me. There was no warm up or light start. Every hit came down with a purpose. I tried to stay still and take it. But once I whimpered a little bit, my cries betrayed me. I was squirming and reaching back so he spanked the back of my thighs. Eight hard slaps to my sits spots and thighs. I screamed in pain. I apologized and promised to never let it happen again. His hand stopped and he said “Rachel, that’s what you said last time.” With that he slid out from under me, leaving me laying on the bed and whisked his belt off. Just the sound of the belt made my tummy flip.

He spanked me hard with his belt. He lectured and spanked and spanked and lectured. I just cried. My butt was on fire, but I knew we weren’t stopping there. He spanked me for a while before he sent me to go get the bath brush. Again my eyes grew wide. Not only had I never been made to go get an implement, but the bath brush of all things. I went to the closet and got the brush, I rubbed the wood with my hand and new tears started to fall. I handed my husband the brush, he grabbed my arm and spun me around. He spanked my butt and legs as I jumped around in circles. I felt like a little girl trying to escape her Daddy’s grip.

Finally after Joe spanked me for a good long while, he sent me to the corner to think about my choices. I gladly escaped to the corner. I thought about what I had done, I vowed to myself that I would never let this incident happen again. As I stood there naked with my hands on my head my sex started to tingle. I wondered how long Joe was going to leave me there, I wondered if he would take me while I was standing in the corner. My husband is an amazing disciplinarian and an awesome lover. I am so lucky.

*Inspiration appreciated.*

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Hello S/Tube..

My husband and I are very happy to announce the birth of our twins, Oskar and Zaskia, born 3 days ago 28/10/2012 weighing 6lb 1 and 6lb 8. Two lovely additions to my already beautiful family.

The months have been long and hard in our relationship and we aim to get back on track as soon as possible. It was only when spanking was taken away from our situation, that I realised how very much I need it in my life now. I easily get into trouble for very daft things, without the warning of discipline I tend to push boundaries.

I think I have certainly pushed my husband's patience over the last few months and he deserves a very big pat on the back for keeping his cool.

Lastly, a change of subject..
My thoughts and prayers are being sent to all american s/tube members affected by the storms. Keep strong and keep safe. Godbless you all.

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Could I once again wish all our American friends on ST, and even those not...that you have survived Sandy, without too much damage....

God bless to you all in this our of need....stay safe if you can....don't take risks...even for your pets.....

God bless...xxxxxxxx

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I'm so glad I have a Daddy that cares about me in the DD lifestyle even though sometimes i may feel that he is being unfair I feel that that's just me not wanting to accept my punishment when i should and want the easy way out but that doesnt work theirs a part that's reserved just for me he's nice enough to make sure that I'm doing good in school and takes the time out if his day to call and stop by and check up on me. For me in DD its not all about the whoopings and other punishments that are involved sometimes if you just talk to a person and let them no that u still love and care for them enough that can reflect on their behavior. Alot of people seem to have a attention problem because their Daddy/mentor etc... isn't their enough for them alot they feel that they have to misbehave just to get noticed by him. You wouldn't have to get noticed if your spanker was their for u like mine. In this past week its been hard for me because of school and everything else I got going on but my main focus has been school and my daddy has been their to make sure that I'm on top of my work and studies. Even though a couple of my tests wasn't good he corrects me when needed to. I'm proud and thankful to say I have a Daddy like OTKNOW.

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He nodded and took aim. I braced myself for the pain. And even then, I was not ready for the first one. SWISH! A sharp line of incredible sting flashed across both my butt cheeks. I grit my teeth hard. Then I felt another one and another one and another one. SWISH! WHIP! FWP! Oh, how horribly familiar the pain was. I was only barely but still recovering from my last one. I groaned through my tightly clenched teeth and desperately tried not to move around. The razor whips of the switch hurt just as much as I remembered them. And I couldn’t stand them anymore now than I could then.


I abruptly shot straight up with my hands on my backside. Oooh! That one hurt so badly, oh, oh, that stung! My eyes watered and I whimpered, trying to knead the sting out of my backside. “Oww-ch, Coach that really hurt!” I whined.

“It was supposed to, now get back in position,” he said. “Looks like you get one across your legs.”

“No, please, Coach, I’m sorry!”

“Get back on the wall!”

I moaned as I put my hands back on the wall. I clenched my teeth and tried to anticipate the strike. But again, the pain was too searing. There was no way to prepare for that. It came across my legs and was gone, leaving a thin trail of lightning. I sucked in air loudly through my teeth and almost let go of wall again to aid my hurt legs, but caught myself. In actuality, both my hands did leave the wall for a split second.

“Did I see you let go of that wall?” Coach asked me.

I sniffled. “No, sir,” I mumbled. My watering eyes had begun to spill over at the result of my legs.

He nodded. “Good. And I like that ‘sir’. Yeah, keep that.”

He started switching my bottom again. SWISH! FWP! WHIP! WHIP! SWISH!

Oh, the sharp, harsh stings of the switch were so painful! It was so hard to stand still. More than that, it was impossible. I started to move my butt to the right, I moved it to the left, and I tried to stick it in a little to lessen the impact. He demanded that I stop moving. Tears were now trickling down my cheeks as I sobbed through my dance with fire. My bottom was lit up; it almost felt like he was swinging at full strength.

I tried to stand still and stop moving like he said.


But that attempt only made it through four strikes and I barely made that. I shot up off the wall like a bullet and my hands shot to my hindquarters. Tears were now flowing freely down my face as I cried. I tried to get control and quiet myself, remembering the bus and not being sure how well they could hear. I was sure they had the windows down...

I sniffled in a weak attempt to stop my nose from running. I rubbed my bottom and tried to speak. “Oh, p-please, Coach... *sniffle* I th-think I had enough. Please st-stop.” I peered at him helplessly, praying he’d let me go.

“Nope,” he said, resolutely, “on the wall. And stick your butt out.”

I sobbed with a whimper as more tears fell. It hurt too much. I placed my hands back on the wall and cried out as he laid another stripe across my legs. He resumed switching me.

SMACK! FWP! SWISH! SMACK! WHIP! Stripe after stripe heated my already tender backside. I kept moving it to and fro, trying desperately to avoid Coach. He somehow managed to hit me every time though. My butt was so hot and stung so badly. I begged as I cried, repeatedly asking him to stop, to believe me when I say I learned a lesson. I cried out I would never throw anything from a car or bus window ever again. He continued, but I couldn’t.

FWP! SWSH! SMACK! I shot straight up in the air again. My howls and cries sounded loudly around me and I couldn’t help it. I hardly cared anymore. I was in so much pain...I was so sorry about what I’d done by now, I only wished Coach knew. I rubbed my bottom, gingerly this time. Tears streamed down my face and I did nothing to stop them. I knew this would mean another hit on my legs but I couldn’t take anymore at the moment.

Coach didn’t even bother reasoning with me this third time. He grabbed one of my wrists and forced my hand to the wall, causing me to put my other hand against the wall to balance myself. SMACK! A sharp searing pain came across my legs. I hollered in the midst of my crying and continued harder than ever while Coach continued on my bottom again. FWP! SWISH! WHIP! WHP! SWSH! FWP! SMACK! SWISH!

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“After he stopped spanking me, Mr. Davis calmly refolded the belt and gently placed it on the table next to my left arm. I was terrified and, now that the spanking had ceased, I was in excruciating pain. My butt throbbed and I could almost feel each individual lash from the belt. I began crying and within seconds almost began to scream and howl.”

“Kate, you must silence yourself immediately!,”
Mr. Davis thundered.

“Almost instantly, I lost my sense of self in his presence; I suddenly felt that I had never been more alive in the awareness of his eyes now looking at me. It’s funny, but it ceased to hurt immediately. Those few seconds before he spoke were my time to remember and embrace the pain—and then to forget it forever.”

“You have so much to learn, and you cannot afford to waste a single lesson that I have to teach you,” said Mr. Davis, his voice lowered and almost soothing.”

“I continued to cling to the desk. My naked and moist body stuck to the cold and hard wood as my ass looked out into the room while I continued to watch his reflection in the window. I wanted to yell, to curse, to fall into a fetal position, but instead I remained: stoic, unmoving, like a slab of granite submitting to the hands of an architect.”

Mr. Davis pointed to the belt near my left arm. “Here are my rules: what can be done with one implement must never be done with another. The purpose, the person, the time, and the location determine the implement. Nothing can be reasonable or beautiful unless it is shaped by one central idea, and the idea determines every detail. Integrity requires us all to follow our own truth and to serve our own single purpose.”

“He violently jerked my right shoulder so that I was on my back on the desk, my legs spread in front of him, completely naked and exposed to him, my burning bottom chilled by the cold table.”

“What is your purpose, Kate? For what do you live?”
he demanded, his eyes peering into my soul.

“I stumbled, I stammered, I sputtered. I could not answer his question, so he slapped me across the face with his hand. And then again. And again.”

“You must live for passion, Kate. For your passion. A passion of your own. Imitators copy imitations. You must discover your own truth. And then you must work for your truth. And you must love your work, even though people will hate you for it. But you must fight, even if you must lose!”

“I cried. But not because of the pain, I cried for the truth; for his truth; for the truth that I yearned for.”

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I want a Cigarette
I want a brand new Car!
I want to bath in honey
and have all the Queens money...I want to travel to the moon
I want to compose a ear catching tune!
I want to wear the latest fashion
I want to fill my bed with Passion...I want to own the smartest phone
I want to make my next door neighbour moan!
I want to eat on the bestest china
I want to decorate my never minder?And when im finished I want a

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Life seems to have gotten a little busy for me lately and what a treat it has been to have some time on here today watching some videos and reading everyone's beautiful writing. Hope everyone is doing well.
I've had a little success with my book and at the moment it is #1 in Free Kindle Erotica on Amazon which I'm pretty pleased with but please free welcome to go grab a free copy for yourselves.
Writing is awesome but hell I could do with one really long hard spanking right now!

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My Friend Mark
By Vivian Phelps

Tall, dark and handsome
He looms above me,
He is beautiful in his way,
He never thinks about it.

Patient gentle lover
He is human, he is warm
My heart sings the song
He has taught me to sing.

Devoted father
Protective and kind
His legacy another man
Just as strong, just as handsome.

Strong and sturdy
Muscular, masculine
Forceful and dominant
He wakes me at the dawn's early light.

Long arms wrapped
Around those he loves
He will reach beyond the years
His is a wonderful life.

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Arthur said, “You’re the oldest Charles, you’re first.” “Dad, C’mon.” Charlie began to protest. Arthur said nothing but began to take his belt out of his belt loops. “Drop ‘em!” Charlie balked, “Here? In front of Janie?”

A long silence ensued. Then in his deep voice, Uncle Arthur started counting, “One! Two! Three!” He had done that when we were kids and I have to say, hearing it again scared me. Charlie shook his head, dropped his jeans and boxers and put both hands on the dining room table.

Eddy and I hurried around the table to face Charlie. Just like when we were little kids we each took one of his hands in our own. Charlie bent over the table, reaching across and Eddy and I holding his hands. Three heads bent down, suffering their punishment together. Just like old times.

Arthur smacked him hard about a dozen times, with each smack Charlie jerked. We couldn’t see his backside, we had a pretty good idea how it looked. Arthur had little mercy when discipline was warranted. He could be lenient and forgiving but if you blew all your warnings and chances and you were bent over the table, well, it was bad. Each smack was the full force of his wiry strength. He was a small man but his arm was overwhelming.

Once completed, Arthur paused and then turned to his brother. “Ok Charles, your turn.”
At that comment, we cousins looked up at each other wide eyed. We were going to get a double whipping, each father/uncle taking their turn on us? Charlie groaned softly, “For the love of God…”

“Did you say something, Charles?” snapped Uncle Arthur. “No, Sir.” answered Charlie.

My father stepped up, took the belt and laid into Charlie’s bare buttocks. They were already beet red and streaked from his own father. Charles Sr. slowly added about a dozen more. Charlie howled and squirmed.

Finally, Arthur said, “Ok, you’re done. Edward?” Charlie stood up, grabbed his clothes up and set about fastening himself as he moved out of the way. His eyes glossy and his face was beet red. Charlie moved around the table where Eddy had been.

Eddy knew better to say or do anything that might even sound like a protest. He moved around to where Charlie had been. Unbuckled and zipped down, then pushed everything to his knees and leaned over the table. Charlie and I gripped his hands, looked him in the face and offered whatever encouragement we could. Again, Arthur whipped him with the belt about a dozen times. Eddy yelped and wiggled. When my father stepped up, he laid the belt on Eddy bare ass. “If you move, that one won’t count, understand?” Eddy straightened slightly, “Yes.” Silence, then Eddy said, “Yes, Uncle Charles.”

My father put his full strength into Eddy’s buttocks. Poor Eddy’s face was squinted up into a terrible grimace. It was terrible, I started to cry.

My father stepped back. Uncle Arthur said, “That’s it, Edward. Janine?” Eddy stiffly walked around the table.

I knew better to protest or complain about modesty. The three of us had been getting in and out of trouble together our whole lives. Everybody knew I had been disciplined on my bare butt in front of them many of times. Nobody was going to change the procedure now. I dropped by shorts and panties and bent over the table. I blushed bright red. Every man in the room was my family but when I bent over I felt so exposed. Uncle Arthur tactfully walked to the side; he was going to see my privates when it was his turn anyway.

Charlie and Eddy bent down to hold my hands. Eddy faced was splotchy, Charlie moving awkwardly. They were hurting; they knew I was going to hurting soon. I took a deep breath.

This time my father started the whipping. He laid into my backside hard just like always. I didn’t want to look but I knew every smack was leaving a big red welt. It was unbearable, I cried and howled. Between smacks, I stomped my feet, nearly danced a jig. Dad spanked me about a dozen times. When Uncle Arthur stepped up, he said, “Janine, all that dancing isn’t helping you at all. Keep it up and you’ll get it worse.”
I stayed as still as I could as Arthur blistered my backside. I yowled like a she cat; it hurt so bad I thought I was going to die. I cried my eyes out, sobbed great fat tears, my nose ran, I was reduced to a pitiful, humble little girl. I begged Uncle Arthur that I had had enough, please, no. no. no. I opened my eyes and looked at my cousins, they were crying too.

Charles Sr. abruptly said, “You get put back together and come out to the kitchen.” And they walked out. My cousins and I had a big group hug. The boys were pretty tough, but I continued to cry. They just held me until I stopped.

Out in the kitchen our fathers sat at the kitchen table. We stood there in front of them. Uncle Arthur started in, “We are very disappointed in all three of you. You have upset your mothers which created a very unpleasant evening for Charles and me. This could have been a very bad situation, we were very worried. Whatever damage there is to the Mustang, you will pay for the entire repair.”

My father said, “Arthur and I will have an additional punishment for you tomorrow. You almost ruined our vacation and the whole summer. If something happened to one of you, do you think we would ever recover? No, we would never be the same again. You can count on having at least double the amount of chores, all summer. Arthur and I will work up a list and schedule for you.”

Arthur stood up, “Go to bed, and you cannot talk to each other.” Silently, we marched off. Trust me, each of us slept on our stomachs.

Next morning, our Dads listened to our story about what happened. They went over the chores list, it was extensive. One item on the list was “to help our mothers quickly and cheerfully when asked.”

Uncle Arthur and Charles Sr. played golf in the afternoon. When they returned the scene they encountered in the kitchen would be burned into everybody’s memory. I can still see it now only with sepia tinged edges. Our two mothers are cooking away and very happy. Charlie shucking corn, Eddy peeling potatoes and I am shelling peas. We are sitting around the table on the oak kitchen chairs. Each of us is sitting comfortably on a snowy white bed pillow.

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Trouble at the Togie
By Vivian Phelps
Reposted by Request

“Now, Millie and Rene, we have this all under control. We’ve got the kids home, they are alright. Now please go on back to bed, it is very late. Arthur and I are going to talk to the kids, and then we are all going to go to bed, too.” My father softly patted each of their backs and gently steered them to the stairway. My Aunt Rene had been crying and she sniffled and dabbed her eyes. She looked toward Uncle Arthur. He was waiting at the stairway and reached out his hand to her.

“Everything is alright now, dear. We’ll tell you all about in the morning, ok?” he said kindly. My mother gave me a mean look as she started up the stairs. Aunt Rene wouldn’t even look at us.

Charlie, Eddy and me sat on the bench in the front hall. My father gruffly said, “Say good night to your mother.”

In unison, the three of us said “Good night, Momma.” We didn’t really know who he was talking to so just to be safe we all responded. My father looked at us like we were idiots and just shook his head. Arthur caught his glance and rolled his eyes.

We were idiots. All three of us were filthy dirty, Charlie’s clothes were torn, my hair looked like a bird’s nest and Eddy…he had a brace on his forearm. We weren’t kids anymore, Charlie was a graduate student, I was in my senior year in college and Eddy was a sophomore. Way, way, way old enough to know better….man, we didn’t know what they were going to do to us. Whatever it was, it was going to be ugly bugly.

It was the end of June, we were all home together at the lake house. As a family, we were thrilled to be together again under the same roof. The years since high school were a blur of travel, college, activities, requirements, term papers; relationship troubles discussed long distance and a graduate thesis. For once, the pressure was off and we could relax as a family. Our parents were happy to be together, our mothers were planning to fix all of our favorite dishes. Everything was just great.

The second evening, us kids decided we would go out and have a drink at the Saratoga Bar, affectionately called the Togie. When we were last home, we were under 21 and couldn’t get in. Charlie and I were both 22 years old, Eddy was 20 but he so much larger and more developed, he was never carded, ever.

Charlie announced our plans to our parents and our mothers immediately protested. We heard all the objections, not the place for you, why do you need to go in there? We have liquor right here; have a drink at home, on and on and on. Our fathers looked dubious; my dad looked to his older brother, Arthur, as if to say, “What do you think?” Arthur said nothing but searched our faces with squinty eyes. “Well, ok, but one drink and come back home. The Togie can get alittle rough, so do not get into any trouble? Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” We mumbled. We thought that was kind of funny, what trouble could we get into at a bar in a little lake resort town? Charlie had gone to school in Boston, I was finishing in Chicago and Eddy had 2 more years at Princeton. We felt like we were big and fairly experienced. We definitely knew our way around a bar, for goodness sake!

We stood to go, kissed and said good bye to our mothers. We hurried to the front door; suddenly we realized our fathers were right on our heels. Arthur took both boys by the elbows and jerked them hard back on their heels.

He fairly hissed into their faces, “You two don’t take your eyes off of Janine, you hear me? Not for a second.” Charlie and Eddy, both twice the size of their diminutive father, straightened their backs, “Oh, yes Sir.” About the same time, my father had me by the elbow. He looked me straight in the eye. “Janine, you are to do everything Charlie and Eddy tell you,” he paused for emphasis, “every single thing.”

Daddy’s menacing tone took me aback somewhat as well. “Yes, Sir, Daddy, I will, I promise.”

A moment of silence passed between us, then Charlie broke the ice, “Ok, Well, we’ll be going now.” We dashed out the front door, jumped into Charlie’s Mustang and sped off creating a swirl of dust.

How to describe what happened at the Togie? I’ll try. We went in, found a table and ordered beer. The beers came very tall and very cold. We just knew we were going to have fun together. My cousins and I have a chemistry that is hard to describe. All three of us have the same “troublemaker” family gene, we think each other are uproariously funny and inhibitions fall away. Because we feel safe with each other, we tend to have an “anything goes” approach to our partying. We know full well the other two will never let anything happen to us. We always go for broke.

We had finished one beer and ordered another round. Some rough looking guys at a near by table were watching us. Finally, one of them said, “Where y’all from?” We looked at each other and Eddy said, “Here, we’re from here.” This was technically true. Arthur and Rene had a summer house there and we have been spending summers here for 20 years.

One guy who was wearing a jean vest without a shirt on underneath, sneered at us and said, “I don’t think so, Asshole.” We quietly ignore him, not really knowing what to say in reply. This guy was way ahead of us in the alcohol department. He said even louder, “I said, I don’t think so, ASSSShole!”

Our beer came; we all picked them up and sipped. Mr. No Shirt stood up. “Ronald, I think we should send these preppies back to where they belong.” His friend stood up too.
At that moment, Eddy stood up. God love Eddy, he is a gentle giant but bigger and stronger that everybody.

Eddy turned toward them which put his body between me and the morons. Now I couldn’t see what was happening. I craned my neck around to see him. Unfortunately, that brought their attention on me.

“Who’s she with?” Friend Ronald said. Now Charlie stood up. I heard Charlie say, “She’s with us, we just came in for a quick beer. But you know, we need to get back to the house.” I stood up and the three of us started for the door. I was just barely within reach of Friend Ronald, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down on his lap.

My cousins went berserk and flew into action. Charlie snatched me away from Ronald and propelled me to the door. Mr. No Shirt started at us but Eddy pushed him hard and he went down backwards on the floor.

Once outside, we started laughing and ran toward Charlie’s car. Just then the morons busted out the door of the Togie and started toward us. This frightened the daylights out of us, we bolted. Somehow we got tangled up in some parked motorcycles, one of them fell over. The morons screamed, “That’s my hog!”

We jumped in the car and raced off only to learn the jerks were right on our tail. Their big motorcycles roared in our ears. We didn’t really know where we were going but we were going to get there fast. Charlie was pushing 95 on the dirt roads. We heard a siren and the motorcycles disappeared.

We were starting to slow down but much to our anguish the road ended! The asphalt stopped and a big dip took us down the flash flood wash area. The Mustang bumped and careened along until we finally came to a stop.

Eddy immediately had a problem with his arm. Charlie and I seemed to be ok. Mustang not so ok, holy shit. We regrouped and assessed our situation. Eddy was hurt but not too badly, but the biggest problem was we were at least 100 feet below the road. We were going to have climb back up there.

It took us an hour to climb up the sandy soil and brambles to the road. We then had to walk another hour to the highway. Out on the highway, we walked about 30 minutes when highway patrol saw us and took us to the emergency room. Eddy had a sprained wrist.

The hospital called our parents and soon enough Charles Sr. and Arthur were there. They were relieved to see us. It was midnight. Charlie and I were treated for some large, deep scrapes. They let us go home.

As we walked to the Suburban, Charlie said, “Dad, we can…” Arthur cut him off. “Not one single god damn word, not until we get home.” Eddy and I kept silent.

Once home, our fathers sat us on the bench and our mothers hugged and kissed us. Their relief was palpable. We bowed our heads slightly, ashamed to have caused our mothers grief.

Once the Moms were upstairs, Charles Sr. and Arthur turn to us. Very quietly, my father asked us “What the hell happened?” Uncle Arthur stared us down like an eagle. Charlie and I started to blurt out the story but we didn’t get very far then we started arguing about the sequence of events. “Enough!” said my father. We shut up. He looked at his brother. Finally, Uncle Arthur said to Charles Sr. “I think the dining room is probably best.”

My heart sank but my mind was in disbelief. This could not possibly mean what I thought it might, could it? All three of us were grown up, heck we had voted in the last election.

The dining room was on the opposite side of the house and downstairs from the bedrooms. It was the perfect place to discipline somebody without disturbing our mothers. Besides we had been spanked there as children. Charlie shot me a furtive glance, Eddy hadn’t quite caught on but he came around to what was going to happen.

Arthur said, “Let’s go.” in a tone of voice that was not unfamiliar to me but I never thought I would be hearing it again at my age. Charles Sr. quickly ushered us into the dining room and closed the door.

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Hi guys! I have been away for a while. Silly PC Problems but it is all fixed now and i am back. Hope everyone is good :-)

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Hi guys! I have been away for a while. Silly PC Problems but it is all fixed now and i am back. Hope everyone is good :-)

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“Mr. Davis called me into his office. It had a wall of giant windows facing the garden and an immense library that stretched into a twisted corridor. Shelves rose to the ceiling , loaded with precious volumes stacked neatly, with a volume here or there left stacked on top of the others, actually being used. He watched me for a long time.”

“I don’t propose to force or be forced, Kate. Those who want me come to me. I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. But I refuse to care what people will say. All that anyone has to do is please themselves,” Mr. Davis said sternly.

“And I am your rock? You want to give me shape with your hands?”

“Yes,” Kate, “but it is not because I want to. It is because I need to. I don’t believe in God. But I do love this earth. That’s all I love. But I don’t like the shape of things on this earth. I want to change them. For myself.”

“And you want to change me?”

“You’re impertinent. You’re too unsure of yourself. I want to punch you in the face. I want to whip you. I want to hurt you with the greatest of pleasure!” Mr. Davis said, slamming his fist on his desk.

“You’re a damn fool, Kate! You should have gone to someone else! I’ll kill you if you go to anyone else!”

“In that moment, I was terrified of Mr. Davis. But I was also trapped. I couldn’t leave; I didn’t want to leave," Kate admitted to me.

“Strip,” Mr. Davis ordered, “and I complied. He told me to bend over the desk and prepare to be disciplined. I did as I was told.”

“I could tell that he felt a sensual pleasure from giving orders to me and my obeying him,” Kate told me. “But I could also detect a fury of resentment rising in Mr. Davis from my passive compliance.”

“Amazingly, I did not fear the lash of his belt as much as I feared disappointing him. I had chosen to be the rock that he would shape, and I could not allow pain, or pride, or dignity prevent him from giving shape to me.”

“Bent over the desk, my naked breasts pressed against the smooth wood of his desk, I clasped the front of desk and looked at the garden through the wall of windows. I could see Mr. Davis in the reflection of the window and watched as he raised his belt into the air and saw the belt as it cut through the air and snapped against my bare skin.”

“The pain was excruciating as the belt fell across my butt time, and time, and time, and time again. I could feel a heat, a sting, a throbbing building across my ass each time the belt cracked across me.”

“But I knew that dogmatic discipline and pain were the only things that made true originality possible, and I needed to be shaped.”

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Today is my last week of school than I'm done. And already have a job lined up So exicted I've taken about six tests so far and only didn't pass two but I only missed them by a couple points so I feel good about it. But other than school thanks for everybody's (well almost everybody's responses) to my other blog if u don't no what your talking about oR can't state facts don't say nothing at all. THANKS....

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