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Given that I was such a novice, life as Annie’s disciplinarian opened up new horizons with almost undue haste, and soon she was visiting me on a fortnightly basis for correction over some misdemeanour or other. I didn’t mind at all, especially when it turned out that she not only liked her canings hard, but that she could take up to two dozen cuts in a single session with no problem at all. It also transpired that she liked to be tied up afterwards in what she called “her contrition period”, whatever that meant.

When I say “whatever that meant” - I mean that I had no idea what it meant to Annie in a spiritual sense. For me, it added an exciting new dimension to what was already a supremely erotic experience. I took full advantage of the situation by indulging my little whims for having her dress in satin underwear, whilst she wriggled on the floor, trying to escape from her bondage.

And yet, much as I enjoyed the new arrangement, I still hankered after punishing Sophie again, but since the incident which had precipitated the new regime, she had been nothing less than the model daughter. All of which meant that my dark designs upon her bottom went unrealised, until that was, the Italian au-pair arrived.

Her name was Gina; she was cute, vivacious, bright-eyed and mischievous, and it was only a matter of time before she was to have a bad influence on the impressionable Sophie.

Gina had been in residence for a month when the first real trouble occurred. She was a year older than Sophie and back in her home city of Milan, she was used to coming and going as she pleased, hanging out in nightclubs when it suited her, and flirting with the young Milanese gentlemen. She was bright enough to look after herself and knew how to stay out of danger, but to Annie’s eyes, she was a little too outgoing for comfort. It was not long before there was a problem.

The two girls hit it off immediately and in a spirit of Anglo-Italian bonhomie, became virtually inseparable friends. That meant going out together in the evenings. In the new era of détente between Annie and Sophie, there had been a considerable relaxation of the rules, but even so, not yet leading to carte blanche when it came to freedom of movement.

They had been under strict instructions to be home by ten, but when Sophie and Gina had not arrived by eleven, I received a phone call from an anxious Annie. Although I had been looking forward to going to bed with a good book and a glass of whisky for company, I felt I had no option but to go round there and offer support. When the girls did eventually arrive home, it was a quarter to twelve, and they were in big trouble.

Having ticked them both off in no uncertain terms, I sent Sophie upstairs to fetch the slipper. When she returned, Gina looked on in horror as her friend Sophie’s upturned bottom collected eight very hard whacks, which echoed around the little sitting room like gunshots. Gina looked even more horrified afterwards, when I informed her that it was her turn.

“Non capisco signore!” she bleated. “I do not understand”

But she soon did! By a mixture of hand gestures, threats of deportation, and menacing looks, she was soon convinced that it was a good idea to follow Sophie’s example. Soon her skirt was up around her waist and the cute pink lace-trimmed panties were doing a Latin salsa, as the slipper was beating out a rather persuasive rhythm on the sexy little buns beneath.

“Merda!” she howled. “Merda! Bastardo inglese! Figlio di puttanta ”

To be honest, I didn’t know what the hell she was going on about, but her body language gave me a fair idea. After the two girls had been thoroughly slippered, I sent them to bed rubbing their bottoms, explaining that I wanted no repeat performances, or there would be more of the same.

Then I turned my attention to Annie, giving her a piece of my mind for allowing things to get out of control again. I sent her to borrow Sophie’s slipper and pretty soon her bottom was stinging as much as those of the two demoiselles. In fact it was probably stinging worse, since I gave her two extra swats.

“…… and don’t let me have to come round here again!” I grumbled as I left the house, wondering afterwards whether I should have said that, and whether maybe she would take it more as an invitation than a threat.

Anyway, the following evening I received a surprise visit from a very contrite Gina. She explained that she was very sorry for having caused so much trouble, and when her bottom had cooled off a bit, would I please slipper her again because she rather liked it. Her father, she confided, was always spanking her when she had been living at home. She had been missing his influence; feeling homesick ever since coming to England. Having a sore bottom had made her feel so much better.

Then she insisted on giving me a blow-job by way of apologising for being a naughty bambina. Of course, things might have been different in Italy, but even so, I somehow suspected that blowjobs were not normally part of the domestic discipline scene. It was tempting to imagine therefore, that the young lady was perhaps not quite as innocent as she would have had us all believe.

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I've seen it time and again. "what's the worst/most painful spanking impliment." Well I want to flip this on its head and ask what's the most fun one? This is a question for my non Discipline folks (which I think I'm the only one, or no one else wants to admit the sexual charge from a spanking, lol.) But what is the implement that you can have the most fun with for both top and bottom? mine is this little tickle crop I have It's not a full- fledged crop, it's really light for starters. It leaves a decent sting, not too intense, and it has a little feathery thing on the end for tickling. It's a lot of fun. What's yours?

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how different from mine is Laura's bedroom! she reminds me a little bit my mother in her obsession for the trim....

I grab the hairbrush, it’s very beautiful, is an old silver hairbrush, with the back smooth and the handle is engraved with the design of an ear of corn and a butterfly, it must be a family heritage. wow! it’s heavy.... who knows what effect it would have on my bottom.... I put back it on the table trying to remember the exact position.

I should leave this room, it's really terrible what I'm doing, to violate the privacy of another person... but a part of me is fascinated by Laura... I dive on her bed, the arms folded behind the head.... and if I discovered a clue, something that reveals to me the sadistic nature of Laura?.... I turn to one side sinking my head into the pillow... this thought presents me a contraction between my thighs...

I suddenly rise up and sit on the bed ... oops! with my shoes I risk of soiling the bedcover! I put feet down and look at my hand that opens the drawer of her bedside table, a letter attracts my attention. I take it and approached it to the nose, mmmmh what a good smell, the letter perfumes of violets, I open it and read the few lines clearly penned by a woman's hand:

Dear Madam, thank you for the time you devote to my education. The three days we spent together have been marvellous. To be under your protective and strict wing is for me the most precious of the privileges. I'm still wearing the marks of the lessons that you've decided to impart me, and every time I sit down I hear the echo of your reprimands. I greet you with the most devout of the hugs and hoping to get back over your lap. Yours naughty Roberta.

It’s like a veil being lifted from my eyes, now I can see Laura under a new light...

a noise coming from downstairs reminds me that I’m in this room for too long, I must immediately go downstairs! in the haste of the moment I let go the letter, darn! it has fallen under the bed. I bend down to pick it up. I lift the bedcover that touches the ground and I see it, it’s close to a chest... why is this chest here?

damned curiosity!

I take the letter and put it back in the drawer, then I pull out the chest. it makes me laugh. Laura has not only an inclination, but a true passion! there are a couple of belts, a school style paddle and a wooden hand one, two types of strap, a wooden ruler - I love it! - there is also a plimsoll with a rubber sole ... Laura must have a lot of imagination!

the noise is on the stairs now, I believe that Giacomo and Laura are coming upstairs! but how long am I here!?! I put back all in the chest, push it under the bed. I have to get out of here! I stare at the door, my heart beats strong, I feel like a trapped animal, the fear paralyzes me: if I go out now I'll be detected...

I hear their voices... they are at the door of the bathroom now... they are looking for me... steps that turn back... I look at the door that is opening and its squeak condemns me...

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My husband is a firm and loving man. We've been together for 3 years and over the past three years I've been enjoying steadily increasing punishments. Lately, they've been very similar, and to me at least very hot. I wasn't sure about rules regarding swearing so forgive the euphamisms.

Each day before I go to work (3 hours before at least) I take a shower. When I'm dry and my hair is done and other than clothes I'm mostly ready for work, I go out in to the living room where my husband is watching tv. I'm not allowed to get dressed. I bring with me a hairbrush, his belt, a wooden spoon, a nice loop of cotton rope (the 1/2' ones that come in red and white) that he made into a sort of loopy johnny for me, and a tube of toothpaste. I set these down on the ottoman.

I stand infront of him, but to the side so I don't interrupt his viewing. I spread my legs and put my hands on the ottoman and present myself to him. He starts easy, spreading my butt cheeks and fingering my butt hole. When he does this, I must spread my legs as far as possible to accomodate him and arch my back and lean into the probing, even if it's uncomfortable.

He uses both hands to spread my cheeks very wide until it's uncomfortable. It never fails, I hear, push your butt hold out and hold it. I do (this is quite an effort now that I'm pregnant). I often hear the shutter on his cell phone, which only adds to my humiliation. He then pulls my cheeks upwards to encourage me to bend my knees and present my went privates to him. He uses his strong hands to pinch and pull my lips apart. He tugs on my clit a little but mostly he continues to spread my lips impossibly far apart. The click of the cell phone is ever present and no matter how embarassed I am I know if he wants to share these pictures it's his right.

Today, he did something new. He took the hair claws that women use to hold up their hair and clipped one to each of my lips. Oh it was painful and I struggled to hold perfectly still as he photographed from so many angles. While I was in agony, I felt my butt cheeks being spread again as his toothpaste covered finger was insert it my butthole. If you haven't used this punishment on your wife yet, it burns but in the best way ever. While I moaned with each new tingle he slowly removed the claws.

"Turn around and get on your knees"

I obey, well sometimes I don't and that gets me a hard swat on the back of my leg that makes me jump to obey. my skin at this point is drying, but it's still got that tenderness that comes from a recent shower.

I obey and he goes to work on my breast. I have DD, which he loves. He pulls and tugs and rubs while I hold still. Sometimes, when I'm lucky, he rubs between my legs with one hand. I close my eyes and enjoy the alternating pain and pleasure. The camera clicks again and again, as he uses my nipples to lift my breasts and move them this way and that. This is much more painful lately, but he loves this some much and I adore him so I enjoy it. I want a spanking most of all so I suffer through these small tortures.

This goes on for awhile, the whole while he is fully clothed and I'm exposed.

Today, he stopped to finish his lunch. I held his plate just below my breast and he ate slowly, slapping my breasts with his spoon now and then, or pinching me firmly. When he finished, as I rose to take his plate to the sink, he stopped me and took each of the hair claws and attached them to my breasts. I had to do the dishes (just lunch dishes luckily) with those pinching me while he watched tv.

I return to the living room and he removes the claws. He gestures to the ottoman and I get on my hands and knees, legs spread. I'm ready to be spanked, so it takes everything I have not to groan when the probing starts again. He reaches between my legs and pulls my nipples towards him until I move my hips back as far as he wants. It's difficult, but I struggle to please and he's always happy.

Suddenly his arm is around me and I'm pulled across his lap. As my stomach grows, he's placed a very soft pillow to make me comfortable.

No time is wasted as the belt comes down firmly on my ass rapidly. I spread my legs as I've been taught, raising myself up to present a better target even as I wonder what in the world I'm thinking, WANTING a spanking. The belt, (my butt is to his left and he's right handed so he comes over the top and down), bites my butt crack and my cheeks and I gulp for air to keep from crying. The swats aren't super hard, but they come so fast I can feel them building. They continue until I tense up, trying my hardest not to struggle. He spreads my butt cheeks and whips my crack hard. When I think I can't take anymore the belting stops. My privates are roughly examined again, pictures are taken for what seems like forever. I know the hairbrush is coming when his left hand grips the lips of my privates to hold me down. His hand is no sooner clamped down when the first brush stroke rains down. I struggle a little here, even though I try not to. It takes me back to my teen years, when both my parents took a hairbrush to me while I obediently took it. He spreads the hairbrush from my thighs and around my butt cheeks. I break my silence, begging him to be gently. His grips tightens and the brush gets harder. i bury my face in the couch pillow and hold my silence, showhow still able to present my butt for a target.

The brush stops and while this seems like a good thing, I'm not nearly done.

I feel his hand rubbing my sopping privates and it feels good, until I realize that it's tingling....toothpaste. I try to put my legs together but I can't and I end up having to spread my legs impossibly further. My cotton rope comes down on my butt just as hard as the first spankings, even though by now my butt is getting so tender. He spreads my cheeks again to give my crack and my butthole whips with this impliment. he commands me to push my butthole out and I obey. It's hard to hold this for more than one swat, but I make it five before I can't keep it out anymore. He continues the spanking while he takes his free hand and manuevers me back onto the ottoman. It's hard, but I manage to get on the ottoman the way he likes it, knees spread so far. The cotton rope starts to whip between my legs. I arch my back and present my fruit for his attention, even though it hurts. He punishes every inch of my exposed backside and privates. After countless swats he stops. He examines every crevice, photographs and admires his handiwork. At this point, I'm relieved it's over...but it's not of course. I get the quickest volley of hand swats humanly possible. I wiggle I dodge, but the hit keep coming until I manage to hold still.

He sits behind me on the couch and pulls me towrds him, my legs on either side on his, until my very sore behind is against his abdomen. My hands remain on the ottoman and my breasts swing freely. He grabs the wooden spoon and spanks each breast, one at a time. I bite my lip, this is so rough, but I know he's enjoying watching my breasts swing as he swats them. When he's finished, he puts me back on the ottoman and begins to pose me for pictures, as my skin burns. Once he's done with the pictures, he gets what he wants...whatever he wants :)

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I already knew I was not going to be able to remain in this certain position for the rest of this spanking. But I really wanted to obey him and try anyways. So I walked to the spot where he had been sitting, leaned over, and placed my hands on the bed. I gripped the blankets as hard as I could and stuck my butt all the way out like he liked it. I looked back as he folded the belt. Still sobbing, I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breath.


I screamed and shot up fast with my hands covering my bottom. Oh, hell no, I couldn’t stay in that position. I danced up and down in pain rubbing my bottom then turned to face my husband. He gazed at me questioningly. I addressed him, tears running down my face. “Please, p-please, please, l-let m-me take the s-secondary position. P-Please?”

He nodded and I crawled onto the bed. With my feet hanging off of the bed, I took a sort of kneeling position and leaned all the way forward so my butt was high in the air and my face was deep in the blankets. Once again, I gripped them and prepared for more strikes.


I screamed into the blanket, bawling my eyes out. It was like thick lines of fire shooting across my backside. It hurt so badly, I swear I would remember this pain for the rest of my life. And even as bad as it hurt, it was still so much easier to take the belt in this position. It was all a mind thing. Being on my feet and not having anything to scream into made the pain far worse for me. I didn’t know why it did but it did. And usually, when I asked him if I could take the secondary position, he’d say no because he knows how much easier it is for me. I wonder why he didn’t deny me this time. Well, I sure wasn’t complaining.


I kicked my feet, praying for him to stop. Then…he did. I knew he was finished once I heard the buckle fall to the floor. I simply fell sideways and stayed curled up while I cried. Every stripe of the belt was scorching fire. I knew I had welts coming up, too. He didn’t get me that many times with it, luckily; but he was swinging hard enough and that belt dug deep, too. As I cried, I slowly slid my hand to my bottom and brushed against it. I winced deeply. I could definitely feel welts. The lightest touches of friction sent me reeling into pain. Just the air itself stung. I didn’t know what to do but cry. I knew I would never, ever, ever worry Jason like that again. I was just glad it was all over.

As my crying started quieting, Jason tugged me from my fetal position and helped me lay straight in the bed on my stomach. I glanced up, still sobbing as he moved the blanket and covered me with the sheet. I cringed when the sheet touched my naked backside. It was absolutely reverberating in pain. He bent down, looked me in the eyes, and wiped some of my tears away.

“I love you, so much, Alex. I never want to lose you or let anything happen to you. If something had happened, do you how sad I would’ve been? Don’t you know that I cannot live without you? I cannot let your foolishness get you hurt. This cannot happen again. It cannot, okay?”

I sniffled and nodded. He kissed me on my wet lips and my forehead, told me he loved me, and stood up. I got comfortable and closed my eyes as he softly closed the door. As I laid there sniffling in the darkness, I knew I had earned every lick that I got. I knew what it was to worry about someone, not sure if they’re going to be okay. I had Jason worried to death, not answering my phone. He didn’t know what had happened to me. Well, I would never in my life do that again. Not just because of the spanking I got, but because I know how much that killed him. I would’ve reacted the same way if positions had been reversed. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off. I’m sorry, Jason…


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I handed it to him, tears still trickling down my face, and he patted his lap again. I sniffed and, once again, laid myself across. I wiggled to get comfortable and he slid me forward some. I wasn’t even planning on trying to hold in my tears this time. I knew this was going to really sting and I was already warmed up. I wouldn’t stand a chance. I squeezed my eyes shut, grit my teeth, gripped the blankets, and stuffed my face into them. And even still, I could never be ready for that first blow…


All…holy…HELL that hurt! I screamed like there was no tomorrow. He brought that paddle down so hard… I wouldn’t be surprised if the logo was imprinted into my right cheek! Tears streamed down my face like an over-active river as I breathed hard to try and get control of myself.


Another mighty scream erupted from my throat and I broke down into chest-wracking sobs. Got Dammit, this hurt like a bitch… Why was he spanking me so hard? Well, I guess I knew the answer to that. I tried begging for mercy as another lonesome and almighty strike came down.


I screamed again. “Please, J-Jason…please, stop! I’m s-sorry, it won’t happen again,” I sobbed. “P-Please, I l-learned my l-lesson, I swear! I won’t e-ever m-make you worry again. J-Just please, stop sp-spanking me…please…” Unfortunately, my cries went unnoticed. He picked up the pace.


The pain was terrible. This time he was spacing out the smacks so I’d feel each one thoroughly. And boy, did I! I thought I was going to die when that thing connected with my sit-spots. Oh, bruises were definitely on their way.


I wouldn’t be able to sit anywhere at all. He was aiming at everything from the top of my butt to the middle of my thighs. Sitting was the last thing on my mind, trust me. The stinging…was tremendous. The hotness was a scorching fire. And the pain seemed endless.


Finally, he stopped. I thought he was going to have at me with that thing forever. But just because he stopped, didn’t mean the pain stopped. I was throbbing with pain. I literally felt my bottom pulsating with intense heat and sting.

My tears stayed a long minute after that, but he was patient. Once my tears had decent control, he urged me onto my feet again. He stood up with me and he, himself, walked over to the dresser and grabbed the belt. I cringed at the jingling sound the buckle made.

“Bend over the bed,” he told me firmly.

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Suddenly, the door opened and Jason walked in. My heart jumped and started pounding. He eyed my naked body contently for a second, and then sat down on the bed. He got comfortable and then patted his lap, telling me he was ready for me. Nervous as a cat in a dog pound, I walked over to him and laid myself across his lap. I squirmed to get comfortable. Once I was, Jason slid me forward some to place my bottom in perfect position. I grabbed some blanket, stuffed my face in it, and prepared for the first strike…


I shrieked and wiggled and moaned and squirmed. His smacks were coming in quick, stinging succession. I barely got to feel one before the next one came and blended in. As a result, my bottom quickly grew hot and sore.


Oh, shit, that one hurt! My whole bottom was definitely burning but my sit-spots were aflame! I was in so much pain already, I couldn’t even think about what else I had in store. He was hitting so hard and fast, I didn’t even think it was possible. If I got lucky, maybe he’d need to take a quick break soon. I silently scoffed. Yeah, right…


I was trying my damnest not to start crying already because I knew how much more I had coming. If I started crying now, I was going to be a wreck for the rest of the way through. I already hated crying; I wasn’t going to do it unless I seriously couldn’t help it anymore.


My teeth were gritted so hard I hoped they wouldn’t break. My eyes were squeezed shut and my hands hurt from gripping the blanket so hard. I was groaning loudly into the blanket through my teeth, still struggling with everything in me to not cry. My bottom was burning and stinging so badly, I just wanted him to stop. It hurt so much; I didn’t know how much more I could take.


Finally, like an ocean overcoming a dam, I spilled over. Jason made sure to target my thighs and sit spots for a good little second. After five consecutive hits on the same spot on one of my sit-spots, it was over. I screamed to the high heavens and it was all water works from there. I cried and sobbed my pain into the blankets, not even caring anymore. My feet kicked fiercely on the bed on the other side of Jason as I begged him to stop, stop, stop. It hurt…so badly.


A few smacks later and he finally stopped. I was thanking God, I was so happy. My bottom rang out in shocking pain. It just all felt like a stinging fireball. A big, red, stinging, burning fireball. I just laid there and cried. But only for a second. Jason started urging me up onto my feet and I struggled to get up. I stood next to him, still sobbing and wiping my eyes.

He pointed to the dresser across the room. “Get me the paddle.”

I fearfully looked at and turned back to him. I placed both hands on my burning buttocks and stomped a foot. “P-Please, J-Jason, no… I’m sorry! I said I’m sorry, p-please d-don’t… It won’t ever happen again, I p-promise! Please, I s-swear it won’t!”

But he just shook his head and pointed to it again. I keep telling him he looked like the creepy Ghost of Christmas Future when he did that. I groaned and slowly walked over to it and picked it up. I twirled it around in my hands for a minute, trying to get a feel of how bad I think it might hurt. It actually wasn’t as heavy as it looked. But while that was a good thing, it was also a bad thing. It seemed like there was a rule with paddles: the heavier they are, the more likely they’ll leave bruises; the lighter they are, and the more they’ll really sting. So I could tell now that he either didn’t want to bruise me up, or he was still just warming me up. But he only had the belt left after this…

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If you live in the region or traveling through the good ol Granite State and want a spanking just message me at anytime. Ill answer promptly

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I pulled up to our apartment. I cut the car off and sat there for a moment, still high as shit, trying to contemplate how this might go. And it didn’t make it any better that I still looked high as shit, too. My eyes were red as hell, I couldn’t hide that. Shit, that shit my girl had was too good… Arm and leg or not, I was going to have to get me some more of that! That’s if I survived tonight...

I grabbed my bag out of the back and stepped out. Time seemed to fly by as I trekked up all the steps to get to our apartment. Before I knew it, I was standing at the door. I turned the key in the lock and walked in. The living room lamp was on and Jason was sitting in one of the chairs. He jumped up when I walked in and grabbed me in a huge hug.

“Oh, wifey, you can never do that to me again! I was so worried!” He held me for a few long seconds and let me go. He stepped back and studied me closely. “Your eyes are low and red as shit, but you look alright. I mean, seriously, Alex? You should have called me before you even left the office. You were missing from me for three hours! I’m calling people, trying to see if they know where you’re at, trying to see if they’ve seen you and shit. I didn’t know what to do. I called the girl you’re always hanging out with and she wouldn’t answer her phone either. Why the hell didn’t you answer your phone, all the times I called you, huh?”

I studied the floor. “I accidentally left my phone in my jacket pocket, which I took off and left in the back room. I couldn’t hear it or anything,” I mumbled.

He shook his head. “I had to resort to calling every unknown number in the phone, hoping I would reach someone who knew you. I had to do all of this to locate my own wife! I did not know where you were for three hours... Three hours! What if I went missing for three hours and you didn’t know where I was? Wouldn’t it scare you?”

I nodded.

“You wouldn’t know where I’d went, who I was with, if I was okay, what I was doing, if I needed you...nothing. I could only worry...for three hours straight, Alex…and only hope that you’d get my message and call me. I’m worried like shit, thinking I should call the police! I was so glad I had come across your friend’s sister’s number and she answered her phone. If she hadn’t, I don’t know how I would’ve reached you or when you would’ve called me or come home.”

He paused and I looked up in his eyes. He was staring intently at me. His gaze was so powerful; it could have almost been a glare. But it wasn’t enough anger in his gaze for it to be a glare. What mostly showed now was…determination…strong determination. It looked like it was combining with his anger but pushing through just a little bit more. I looked back down at the floor, but he put a finger under my chin and made me look deep into his eyes.

“We are going to make sure that this never happens again, do you understand me? You will never make me worry again like I just did for the past few hours. You will call me from your office desk before you leave and go out to her house from now on. Not walking through the office, not walking downstairs, not walking out the doors, not from the car, or not from your friend’s house, but sitting at your office desk. Am I understood?”

I nodded, waiting for what felt like my death sentence.

“I hope I am…because if anything like this ever happens again, you might end up in more pain than you will already end up in tonight. And I don’t think you want that.”

I gulped, still being forced to look him in the eyes. He meant what he said…and with the way he said it, I was going to be in a lot of pain when he finished with me. I started tearing up and sniffed.

He bent down and pecked me on the lips. “Now go in the bedroom and strip down. I want you completely naked when I come in there in a few minutes.” He tapped my butt. “Go.”

Without resistance, I slowly walked to the bedroom, closed the door, and started undressing. I was still high as hell, so I ended up stumbling through it. It seemed like it took me forever, but it didn’t. Finally, I was taking off my last piece of clothing. But as I pulled off my last sock, something glinted and caught my eye. I looked over and my jaw crumpled to the floor. I walked over to the dresser in shocked horror. Laid out next to each other in plain sight were two things: a paddle and a thick, tough, leather belt. I instinctively covered my naked bottom with both hands. Oh my God… He was going to hit me with both of these? I already knew I would go over his knee first, I always did. But with these added? And it was no telling how severe his hand-spanking would be. This was not good…

I ran a finger along and down the leather belt. The texture was so heavy and coarse… The belt itself was mad hard and thick. My future looked like two hard weeks of standing up this time...

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Everything was suddenly hilarious. Next thing I knew, I was falling all over the floor, rolling in laughter while in the middle of trying to tell everyone a lengthy joke. I had tears trickling down my cheeks and a very tired abdomen when my girlfriend’s sister, who didn’t smoke, came out to the front room.

“Alex… Alex!” She started shaking my shoulder. “Alex!”

I turned and looked at her, still giggling. “What’s up, man?” I chuckled slowly. “What’s up, girl?”

“Girl, I think you better call Jason. I think he tripping. Apparently, he called you and my sister a few times and neither of y’all been answering. And now he’s calling my phone. He told me to tell you to call him. He sounds upset.”

My high ass almost didn’t even register what she said. I was actually feeling kind of confused, like I didn’t know what was wrong. So, still giggling goofily, I stuck my hand in my pants pocket to grab my phone…but it wasn’t there. It wasn’t there? That was the pocket I always put my phone in… I stuck my hand in my other pocket and it wasn’t there either. The smile slipped off my face as I started to get frantic, feeling and patting down all of my pockets. I felt nothing.

I jumped up and stumbled down the hallway to the back room and grabbed my jacket. I quickly started feeling around in the pockets and…whew! I found it. In a hurry to leave the office while stuffing my papers away, I must’ve accidentally thrown it in my jacket pocket. I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short-lived. I pushed a button, lighting up my phone, and noticed the time. I could have fainted. It was 10:00… I was supposed to be home three hours ago and I forgot to call Jason.

It all started coming back to me that when I left the office, I meant to call Jason in the car and tell him that I wouldn’t be home at 7:00. But someone had cut me off and I forgot. I just started thinking about the weed again, mumbling about how I needed it to distract me from all these crazy drivers. And now, here it is, three hours later and I’m high as hell. I’m almost too high to drive. And I know Jason’s pissed off.

I see I got three missed calls. All were from Jason. The first one was a half hour after I got here, the second one was an hour after that, and the third was an hour after that, aka, a half hour ago. He also left me a voice mail. I gulped as I clicked to listen to it.

Jason sounded pretty worried. ”Where the hell are you, Alex Moon? You should have been home an hour and a half ago. I’m worried about you; call me immediately when you get this. Love you…”

I sat down. I was too high to keep standing and worrying at the same time. Should I call him now or wait till I get in the car? My girl’s sister said he sounded pretty upset, so that means it could get ugly. I decided to wait. If it got ugly, I didn’t want everybody else all in my business. I stood up and struggled to put my shoes on. Once I had that accomplished, I grabbed my jacket, making sure I had my phone and keys, and walked out the room to the front. Everybody was laughing like shit and acting all crazy. I shouted my goodbyes over the noise, hugged my friend, and dipped out. When I got in the car, I was super nervous. How would Jason act? I started up the engine and pulled out my phone, clearing my voice and trying to get myself together. Then, sitting in the driveway, I shakily dialed his number.

He picked up on the second ring. “Alex?”

“Hey, Jason…” I said, quietly.

“Jesus, Alex! Where the hell have you been? Do you know how worried I was about you?!”

He did sound upset, but mostly relieved. “I know, hubby, I’m sorry. It’s just that my girl called me, and I really meant to call you, I swear. But then some stupid idiot cut me off, making me misplace my mind and I totally forgot. I’m really, really sorry, I didn’t mean for you to worry.”

“So then why didn’t you call me when you got to your friend’s house?” Now he started to sound angry.

I gulped. “I--I… Well, I kind of forgot… Because, um, well, w-what had happened was, when she called me, see, sh-she—“

“You’re high…aren’t you?” He suddenly interrupted, impatiently. ”You rushed over there and forgot to call me so you could smoke and get high, right?”

I bit my lip. “I’m really sorry, Jason. I really am. I won’t let this happen again, I--“

“I don’t want to hear it, young lady. We’ll discuss this when you get here. Just concentrate, drive safely, and get your butt here. Okay?”

I gulped as my heart sped up. “Yes, sir… I’m on my way.”

“I love you, Alex.”

“I love you, too, Jason.”

He hung up. I exhaled nervously and flung myself back, into the seat. I put my hands over my face. He only called me “young lady” under one condition: when I was about to get my butt whupped. And he said we were going to discuss this. I know it sounds retarded for me to be suspicious over those words since everybody discusses things, but his discussions meant something different sometimes. And those discussions hurt like hell. I dragged my hand through my hair and cringed all of a sudden as my bottom ached uncomfortably. I sighed as I finally put the car in drive and started on my way home. Man, I knew I was in for it…

I was so stupid to forget about calling him, though! Three hours late, are you serious? Three hours and no call, no warning, no notifications, nothing…because I was so focused on getting high. And to make matters worse, I accidentally had my phone in my jacket so I missed all of his calls. If I had my phone on me, this wouldn’t be so bad. And I know he was worried, not being able to contact me. He had to call all around to locate me; I know that did not make him happy. He lets me go anywhere, anytime I please, and lets me do just about any reasonable thing I want, the least he could get is a courtesy call. I knew that’s exactly what he was thinking, too. I know I’m going to get it good.

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fantasyisland's avatar

Views: 967 · Added: 783 days ago

Every now and then, when I get off of work, I go to my girlfriend’s house and have a little fun. You know, let loose a bit. Sometimes, I don’t even go home first to change clothes. I’ll just head straight to her house. On those days, I’ll call my husband, Jason, to let him know that I won’t be coming home at 7:00, which is dinnertime. That way, he’ll know where I am and he won’t be worried about me.

Well, on one particular day, it was at the very end of my shift. As a matter of fact, I was just finishing getting my things together to leave for home when my girlfriend had called me. I took my phone out my pants pocket and hit answer.

“Hello?” I answered as I put my jacket on.

Hey, girl, what’s up?

“Nothing much, I was just getting ready to head home.”

Her voice changed. Oh, girl, you definitely don’t want to do that. Guess what?

I rolled my eyes and continued grabbing my stuff. I checked the time. “What, girl?”

My homeboy just got a new shipment in, a new breed that he trying out. He ain’t even selling it till tomorrow, but I got a half-off trial right now! We got the shit rolled up right now, all we doing is waiting on you.

I paused. My jaw dropped open as my taste buds started watering. “Oh, shit, yo… Are you for real? Is it that good?”

I don’t know yet ‘cuz this’ll be the first time I’m tasting it. I told my homegirls that if you wanted to come, we had to wait on you. You got to get in on this, homie. I’m telling you girl, this is supposed to be the new brand of Kush. It’s supposed to be that good. And after today, it’ll be worth an arm and a leg to get a hold of. So come on, young, stop by for a little bit.

I tried to control my taste buds as I rushed to grab the rest of my stuff. “Oh, hell yeah, girl, I’m on my way now. I definitely can’t pass this up! Shit--!” I fumbled as I dropped some papers. I reached down to get them and dropped my phone. “Dammit!” I grabbed my papers and picked up my phone. I put it back up to my ear. “Hey, girl. I’m on the way to your house now, okay? I’ll see you in a little bit. Wait on me!”

She agreed and we hung up. I put my phone in a pocket and struggled to get my loose papers into my bag. After they were somewhat tucked away, I turned off my desk light and half-ran out of the building to my car. I threw my things on the back seat and pulled out of the parking lot with Jason being the last thing on my mind.

As soon as I pulled up to my girlfriend’s house, I was out of the car and knocking on her front door. It was already getting dark. I shivered a little as I waited. It was a cool, comfortable chill, not too breezy; just a light wind. I knocked again. It was kind of loud in there; you could here their noise from out here. I started to peer in through the windows when the door suddenly opened.

My friend had a huge smile as she enveloped me in a huge hug. “It’s about time you got here!”

I looked around at her four friends whom I’ve become real cool with over the past few months. They were all laughing and giggling and talking. They all looked up and said their hello’s when I walked in and tried to get me to hurry and join their circle so they could get rotation started. I stole a quick minute as I rushed to the back room, took my shoes and jacket off, and used the bathroom. I had a weak bladder when I got high.

I rushed back to the front room and took a random place in the circle. I watched as two fat blunts of the new stuff were lit at separate points of the circle at the same time. And from then on, it got a little hazy…

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Views: 646 · Added: 783 days ago

Okay ST, I'm stepping out on a ledge here. I've secretly been writing short spanking stories for some time now. I've never really shared them before because it's been like my own secret world that I've hidden from possible ridicule and misunderstanding. Well someone says I have potential so I'm stepping out on a ledge and introducing one of them to you guys. Please be honest in your comments but try not to be too harsh if you comment negatively. Those of you who read it thank you for reading, your feedback is greatly appreciated. So in several parts, without further ado, here's my story Courtesy Call. And here we go :)

Warning: If you don't like profanity or references to marijuana, please do not read.
Note: Every person and all contents of this story are written as fiction. Also any similarities to any real person or place are imagined. Thank you.

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DELIVERER's avatar

Views: 1434 · Added: 783 days ago wife is in for it. I have not had to discipline her of late, but due to some recent transgressions, tonight shall be a good one. She is getting ready as I type this, dressing as instructed, putting on what I instructed, and should be perched in the position I instructed at the top of the stairs momentarily. So far, she has not broken instruction, which is always pleasing.
The punishment I have laid out is fairly simple, but will take some time. She has an awesome tolerance, after a good warmup, so she will do just fine. I'm going to begin with a 10 minute hand spanking, where she is bound on the bed. Then, she has been instructed to come up with 3 things she needs to work on, and will get an implement for each of those three things. The ones I have laid out consist of a new rubber paddle I just purchased that seems to have a nice sting to it, a curtain rod or cane, and a carpet beater. She will get between 30 and 50 swats with each, repeating one of her three issues after each stroke. Then, I have a nice long wooden paddle, that she will receive 10-20 strokes and mutter whatever I come up with shall I find her affirmations lacking.
After this, the fun shall start, as I intend to put her on the sybian, and right as she climaxes, spank her briskly with a wooden ruler. Then more to come...but the details aren't necessary her. I will as usual be filming this, so just maybe a video will be in order. IF I can figure out how to manipulate the software. =) Good night to all!

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Views: 650 · Added: 783 days ago

Most of Us (at least I am!) are not bold enough to just ask someone if they believe in Spanking or that adult men that act like children should face the same punishment as 10 year boys.....but I have yet to find adult men who use the term "Fanny" when making mention of their backside NOT to being into spanking...Ok It has happened a total of 3 times in my life..but does anything know a grown Man NOT into spanking to use that term? Jock's would say AZZ in a mintue....backside, buttocks (more medical people) but fanny? I say it ia an excellent way to know a man who believes in spanking. (off course finding a way to work your "fanny" into a causal conversation can be a trick..)

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Views: 350 · Added: 783 days ago

I always forget that the ctrl+v function allows me to add a video rather than pasting text. Anyways, here ya go.

The Tornado


I will find them,

I will pacify them,

An unstoppable force,

Charging on a black horse,

The land returns to dark,

I make their fear grow stark,

You cannot hide from me,

This is a guarantee,

Consuming all,

As the creatures fall,

Feel my anger,

No escaping danger,

A thousand wolves howl,

The sun wrapped in a dark cowl,

A thousand voices cry,

All your hopes and dreams die,

I will take everything,

Only agony I bring,

I leave behind only pain,

Wrapped behind only wind and rain,

I am the thing that you fear,

A tornado that draws near.

...or an angry dom, if you don't like a little vanilla.

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Views: 967 · Added: 784 days ago

When you wake up in the morning and wince at the soreness from the night before, I recommend yoga. Immediately, go to the bathroom if you must but nothing else, no coffee or anything. Stand in the center of a room, spread your legs wide and bend down to the floor. Don’t pull on anything just let the weight of your body slowly sink down and breath. You will feel all the soreness from the night before, but for me it is a huge turn on to replay all our escapes when I need a little upper :) and I love to start the day lit up.
Stand there in that stretch for no less than 2 min. I usually hold it about 5 though. Then you want to stand up and stretch up and back while you move your feet in a few inches. You repeat until your feet are together or as close as your balance will allow. It takes practice but so worth it. It feels marvelous, but I love the renewed sting and prickles, pinches and throbbing aches. and it will bring new blood and nutrients to the area so it can heal faster.

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DD4life's avatar

Views: 851 · Added: 784 days ago

So I was trying to figure out what is everyone's most hated implement but it is an implement that you know that will get the point across thoroughly. Mine is the paddle. I hate it but it does the job.

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Views: 598 · Added: 784 days ago

Someone else may have already did a post on this, but if they did I never saw it. I was just wondering if there are any other spankos out there who are also into video games regardless of console, genre, or era. As for myself, I think the pic says it all, heh, heh. Before I forget, there's spanking in video games every once in a while. In the Playstation 2 game Godhand the main character has a spanking finishing move just to name one example of several. If anyone wants to talk spanking, anime, games, or anything else then a conversation with me is never dull ^_^

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BrattyKayla's avatar

Views: 686 · Added: 785 days ago

I havent been on here in so long!
Can't believe my birthday is so soon :) Sure to be fun

How is everyone?

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Views: 1725 · Added: 785 days ago

My best friend Johns mother was a very attractive woman. She was divorced. John had two sisters, one older, one younger. My mom was good friends with Mrs. Smith. I spent quite a bit of time over at their house. Mrs. Smith believed in spanking. She had seen moms leather strap at my house and really checked it out. Any way I was over at Johns house. It was hot so we just had swim trunks on. John told me he had gotten some cigaretts from another friend. We went behind a shed. Just as we had lit up, his sisters came around the corner. They had seen us. We knew we'd be spanked good for smoking. Mrs.Smith had permission to spank me if I needed it. Her and the two daughters came out of the house. Mrs.Smith had a paddle, we were going to be spanked outside. She told us about the evils of smoking. Then in front of Johns sisters, yanked our swim trunks down around our ankles. She told John to bend over and grab his ankles. As she paddled Johns bare ass I got incredably turned on. My throbing cock was standing at attention. The sisters were staring at my errection, smilling. I couldnt help my self. Johns hot mother blistering his ass was really turning me on. When Johns mom was through with him she sent him to his room. Then she took a look at my hard on and told me I wouldnt have it for long. She was right, I assumed the position. She paddled me very hard. My ass was very sore when she was through. Mom picked me up shortly after. She was told about us smoking. She told me " just wait till we get home". As soon as we got home, mom got the strap from where it hung on display. Off to my bedroom we went. Mom put my rolled up sleeping bag in the middle of my bed. She told me to take my swim trunks off. I then layed on the bed. My ass perfectly elevated for the strap. Mom went slow and very hard. She gave me around fifty swats, then went to the other side of the bed. Mom gave me another fifty. God was my ass sore. I had a very hard time sitting down for about three days. When mom was through she told me to stay in my room. As I layed on my bed , I began feeling my ass. It was SO hot, and very swollen. Very sore. Soon my throbing errection was back. I masturbated several times that night.

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