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Wow! It makes me feel so much better to write on here because I know I'm not alone! I got my spanking tonight for really messing up and boy, does my bottom hurt! I never had the belt before so I guess there's a first for everything! I never want it again!! Usually I get a hand spanking and tonight there was a warm up (with a wooden spoon), a belt spanking, and then a hand spanking! I had to get about 3 pillows to sit on to write this blog!
I do have a question, though (I know! I always have a question!). Why is rubbing a bad thing? I wasn't allowed to rub after my spanking while I was in the corner and my husband said that if he caught me rubbing, I would get the belt again. Does rubbing really make it feel THAT much better?? Is that a weird rule that he has against rubbing or do other people have that rule too?
Thanks for all your advice!

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This is the first half or so of the story, helped in part by Bone3223. Comment what you think.

As I stared out into the nice view of a mountain sunset I wanted to get up and chase it. I tried to stand up my legs were very incapable of standing up. I had finished 8 beers and was working on my 9th. My mom was out for the night at a work overnight, I figured I would enjoy getting drunk and maybe finding a girl to go hang out with and hopefully have sex with or something along those lines. I had broken up with my girlfriend recently and now I wanted to satisfy my needs.

I stood up and walked into the house to get something to eat. As I was about to go back outside I realized I had to pee. I went to go pee and when I came back out of the bathroom I heard the key in the lock. My mom was home! I tried to run and hide the rest of the 30 rack that I had and hope that I could make it out and hide until she left again. I had forgot that she said she was coming home for dinner and then going back out for her overnight.

I hid just outside the balcony and hoped that she wouldn’t go out and look. I also tossed the box of beer into the bushes just below. I heard her heels walking over to the deck and then her hand on the door, she pulled the door closed and didn’t see me. I relaxed for a moment and then I looked over and I could see her bedroom, she had just walked in was about to look out the window. I started climbing back over the balcony railing when I heard her window open and she said

“What are you doing?”

I do parkour so I said “doing some parkour”

I heard her window shut and I was relieved. Until the balcony doors swung open and hit me right in the face. I could tell that she could smell it on my because she immediately grabbed my ear.

“Please don’t punish me!” I yelled in a mostly drunk tone.

“Okay fine, I won’t punish you because I have to go back to my work meeting overnight.” She said in a very angry voice. “I’m going to ask that Ms.Ellis comes and deals with your punishment for the entire night, meaning that she will leave when I get home tomorrow and I am going to come home at my regular time, 5:30 at night.”

I was speechless.

“Yes hello? Ms. Ellis? would you mind coming and staying the night at our house? Jason is drunk and he needs to be punished. I will pay you 300 dollars to come and punish him form the time you get here until I get home tomorrow at 5:30 Pm. I don’t care what you do to him as long as its nothing very long term injury wise.”

I could hear Ms. Ellis’s excitement from across the room.

Ms. Ellis arrived shorty after with two bags. One of the bags had her assortment canes and other implements and the other I assumed had some clothes and such.

“I brought my drunk cure with me, if you ever need to sober up with in a half hour this is what you need to drink.” Ms. Ellis said in a very reassuring voice.

“I’m glad you have something that does that for you, we don’t have anything like that around here.” Mom said happily

“I can give you the recipe later” Ms. Ellis said.

“Alright I’m going to leave you to this, I will see you tomorrow when I get home. I expect to see a sore bottom on Jason.” Mom said as she walked out the door.

“Alright Jason please come here.” Ms. Ellis commanded

I went over and stood in front of her.

“Here drink this and I will see you in 30 minutes.”

I drank it and immediately had to go to the bathroom to puke and poop. About 30 minutes later I walked out of the bathroom and I was fine. I had a minor headache and was feeling fine.

“Now we will begin the punishment!” Ms. Ellis said excitedly

"OH dear, what's going to happen right now?" I said fearingly

Ms. Ellis explained everything that my mom had told her leading up to the moment right now.

"Well at least she won't be mad at me wen she gets home." I said sarcastically

Now we are going to begin, I want you to remove your clothes and put them away in your room. after that please come back out and stand at attention.

"Yes Ma'am"

When I came back she explained what she had planned in the half an hour that I was gone.

"Now you will receive 12 strokes with the cane and then 12 more with one of my paddles. Afte that we will take a short break and I will give you 6 with a different cane and then 6 with a different paddle. By then it should be later so we can watch a movie then you can go to sleep. When you sleep I have something special I'd like you to wear."
“I recently was given a penis chastity lock, You will were this when you sleep. Do you understand?”

“I get it but why?” I said

“Because your mom requested it. She saw that you had an erection when you slept the other night so she thinks this would help.” She explained “Now we will begin the punishment. Please spread your legs and straddle that chair to start.”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Count them for me please.” Ms. Ellis commanded


“1 Ma’am”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

“2 3 4 Ma’am”


“5 Ma’am” I almost moved out of position but refused

I could feel her hand on my bottom rubbing it better.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

“6 7 8 9 Ow Ma’am” I cried out.

“3 more!” She said excitedly


“10 Ma’am 11 Ma’am 12 Ma’am” I yelled.

“Good job you may rub your bottom now.” She said politely “If your having naughty thoughts I’m going to have to punish him to. I’m letting you know in advance” She warned

I stood up to rub my bottom and my erection was huge and sticking out. Suddenly I felt a hand on my hard penis.
“Well that’s to bad, now he’s got three things happening to him tonight. I think you will only like one of them though.” “Now bend over and touch your toes for 12 paddle swats.”
I bent over ready.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

The first 4 came down quickly and firmly.

“1 Ma’am”

“No you don’t need to count. just stay quiet.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

The next four came down harder and more followed through.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

The last four she actually took a step back for.

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As I stated in a previous post, since this system requires me to post my work in reverse order, the ending comes before the beginning of this series. As a result, currently the works being posted are the conclusions of mini arcs or the mid points. Please enjoy. And remember, don't feed the trolls.

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Summer Schooling
H. Kerrsutherland

While unpacking his bag, Carl listened with half an ear to his three roommates. So far, they didn’t seem any different then the jerks at his high school. It was depressing.
“So why’d you get sent here,” Jay asked as he pulled open his dresser drawer.
The blonde jock snorted in disgust as he unzipped a suitcase. “My mother didn’t like the fact that not only was I point scoring with the chicks in my high school but I had more points than the other guys.”
“Ouch! That’s harsh dude.”
“So what they get you for?”
“Hacking,” the nerd replied proudly.
“The military base at Clyde. I wanted to prove that they had nukes and I was within seconds of penetrating their last firewall when they triangulated my house.”
“Dude, I’m surprised you’re not in juvie,” Josh replied with respect.
“Yeah, so am I. So what are you here for,” Jay asked the third boy.
Brian scowled in disgust as he wrenched open his dresser. “Being a guy, that’s what! My Granny didn’t like the fact that I tried to watch our next door neighbor get whacked. It’s so not my fault! The whole thing started because our apartment complex has paper thin walls. Which was fine until this hot lesbian teacher moved in next door. Soon as she saw me, this bitch started leading me on but then she learned her playroom bordered my bedroom so every time I was home alone, she upped the ante by getting extra loud when her girlfriend applied the lash. Christ! She was making me crazy with her moans and pleas. I guess it made it more enjoyable for her to know how frustrated she was making me. Finally, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to see what I was hearing. So I used our shared porch roof to try and catch a glimpse but naturally, just when a cop car was driving by, the cheap wood gave out. So Granny gave me the choice, here for the summer or juvie followed by military school.”
“That is so unfair,” Josh sympathized as he removed his third pair of sneakers from his suitcase. “So, you, chubby. What are you here for?”
Carl clenched his jaw but didn’t respond. Yep, this was just like high school. Why should he expect anything different from these sexist pigs.
“Hey fatty! I’m talking to you,” the blonde snapped.
Finished unpacking, the seventeen year-old curled up on his bed with his back to the others and opened one of the books he brought. So much for a stress free summer vacation.
“Lardass, I’m talking to you!”
“That will be enough, Mr. Kohler,” a calm voice interjected with just a hint of steel. A tall brunette woman entered the cabin. She was wearing tan shorts, a matching blouse and a whistle about her neck. It was quite evident that she was fit and more than a match for the cabin’s quartet. Nor did it escape Carl’s notice that a mini radio was clipped to her ear. Any trouble and help would arrive within three heartbeats. “My name is Ms Bellis. I am your Keeper. That means I am in charge of you when you’re not in class. Now, you’ve had nineteen minutes and only Mr. Gibbs has finished unpacking. You other three can expect an additional five minute retention tacked on to your enemas this evening. Perhaps that’ll teach you not to dawdle.”
Ignoring the stir this caused, she added, in a slightly softer tone; “Mr. Gibbs, you will put down your book and stand when I, or any other Lady or Student, is in your presence. Is that clear?”
Flushed, Carl quickly got to his feet. “Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am.”
“Good boy. Now be advised, all of you, we monitor this room, as we do every square inch of this camp, twenty-four/seven. I will know within seconds if you’re approaching Student areas or if you’re up to any…solitary pursuits. That later activity is granted solely as a reward. Should you be inclined to think otherwise, realize the first infraction merits a week locked in a chastity belt after a blistering before the assembled camp. As for being within a restricted area…let’s just say we have advanced courses for the naughtiest of boys and you’ll surely regret having the member that makes you feel so superior. Now, you’ve already been briefed on how to behave and act before the Students when you were given a pamphlet on camp rules, so I won’t waste my time. Just realize, if you break one, and no matter how sore you are, I guarantee you’ll be sorer still. There’s also my rules: keep yourselves clean, be respectful toward each other, maintain a neat room and curb the male testosterone bullshit. Mr. Kohler, you’ve already broken the second so expect a nice big bar of Ivory for your dessert tonight. Furthermore, if you’re not finished unpacking and in your camp uniforms within five minutes, I’ll consider the third broken. On top of which, Student inspection is in ten and, since it’s your backsides on the line, I strongly recommend you make a good impression. Lady Corelli, is even less merciful than I am. Oh, that reminds me, if you’re contemplating a midnight stroll, say up to the electrified and barbed fences, you’ll be seen and dealt with most harshly.”
Carl sighed to himself as he caught Josh’s furious glances as Ms. Bellis left. Barely here thirty minutes and already he had an enemy. As if he were personally responsible for the jock’s actions and the consequences thereof. It was foolish to expect this summer to be any different than the school year. Anywhere he went, people were the same but he had hoped that at least here…
Dressed in white cotton short shorts, matching knee high socks, white tennis shoes and a thin white T-shirt, the pudgy teenager stood in line with the other adolescent males as the Students assembled. There were thirty girls in all. The youngest was sixteen and the oldest, not counting staff, was around nineteen. They appeared to be in excellent physical shape and were making all sorts of comments about the practice subjects as they took their seats upon the wooden bleacher. The seventeen year-old blushed on overhearing some of their observations. Worse, the attractiveness of the young women, combined with their conversation, was having an embarrassing effect that was quite noticeable in the thin shorts he wore. However, before it became too great a problem, he noticed a familiar face. A girl who attended his high school. Mentally, Carl groaned. High School had been torture before but this fall, it was going to be sheer hell. Before he could dwell on this, Lady Corelli, the camp headmistress, arrived and clapped her hands to garner Student attention.
“Ladies, and others, I welcome you to Camp Witiker. Here, with the aid of our rogues gallery, you Ladies shall learn the fine art of Discipline. Specifically, the Discipline of unruly males. However, to be fair, it should be noted that not all of our practice subjects are here unwillingly. Some, not many to be sure, have the maturity to realize they need the guidance of a strong woman. Please, do not judge them by teenage standards. Instead, grant them your respect. Those young men who can comprehend themselves and publicly admit their natures will have a profound effect upon the world as they’ll never be dissuaded by the mob’s ill-informed opinion. Such people, I assure you, are quite rare. Gentlemen, when I say your name, come forward so our young Students can honor you properly, as is your due.”
Carl blanched. This was the absolute last thing he needed.
“I can’t believe chubby volunteered for this,” Josh hissed as they trudged to the shower after dinner. “You must be some kind of pussy or something to like this shit.” He spat at Carl’s feet.

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The seventeen year-old kept his head down. He’d rather be across a Student’s lap than endure this abuse. He’d known the moment it was revealed that he’d volunteered to come here, with his mother’s blessing no less, he would be a target for every jerk who found his ego assaulted. The jock, furious about having to eat a bar of soap before the girls, was merely the first to reassert his manliness at Carl’s expense.
“That will do, Mr. Kohler,” a cold voice ordered from the shadows as a light suddenly blinded them. It was Ms Bellis and she was carrying a switch bundle in one hand and a powerful flashlight in the other. “I warned you that I demanded respect for your roommates and that this entire camp is monitored but naturally you didn’t listen. Well let’s see if this will get your attention. Drop your shorts and grab a tree limb.”
Josh snarled but he complied as Carl knew he would. Judging from the jock’s boasts, he’d barely escaped rape charges. It was either here or, for the seriousness of the offense, prison and there, with the blonde’s good looks, the jock would actually experience what rape felt like. Not a preferred outcome for one of the high and mighty. Worse, such a fate could still happen if willing cooperation was not given and this testosterone bound clod knew it.
Feet spread as far apart as his shorts would permit, the sixteen year-old clutched a tree limb and arched his backside out. “I think twenty will do for this first lesson. After all, we want to keep that toned lily white posterior of yours as pristine as possible. But when the girls learn why you are here-and I assure you, Mr. Kohler, they will-I expect you’ll be a class favorite.” With that, she began.
Not interested, even remotely, in male anatomy, Carl watched his Keeper’s form as she swished the athlete. He admired how her right breast stretched beneath the blouse fabric as she raised the bundle above her head. How her musculature rippled and changed as she swung through. And, judging from Josh’s reluctant hiss, her immense strength. It would be a pleasure, well perhaps not at the time, to be chastised by her. He tried to damp that thought down as he realized his shorts were tenting.
The strokes were given swiftly, without pause and as try as he might, the blonde could not take his switching in stoic silence. Even though the chubby teenager tried not to watch the athlete’s responses, he could not but help noticing how Josh twisted this way and that as his feet scuffled the ground. At one point, the jock stepped out of his shorts as he lifted one leg and then the other in a futile attempt at self preservation but not once did he release his grasp of the overhanging limb. The penalty for that, as their Keeper coolly revealed, was to begin anew.
Finished, Ms Bellis took back her flashlight from Brian who’d been instructed to illuminate the proceedings. “Take a good look, all of you. See what happens if you decide to break a rule.”
Reluctantly, Carl complied. The fanny before him was covered with thin bright lines. He rather wished it was his. It certainly would have been easier than at looking at another male’s backside. Apparently, another had similar thoughts for their Keeper snorted in disgust as she grabbed Jay’s hair and bent his head toward the chastised backside. “I’ll not tolerate homophobic fancies, boy. You are here to be punished and to observe other males being punished. If you don’t like that, you shouldn’t have agreed to come here no matter the alternative. Pick up your shorts, Mr. Kohler. Since you’re heading for the showers and your weekly cleansing, you needn’t replace them. Don’t bother trying to rub the sting out neither. If you do, I’ll apply a liberal coat of Ben-Gay before I bed you down for the night. Now let’s move along boys, time’s awasting and we’ve plenty to do before curfew.”
Walking behind them, the woman chivied them along with an occasional swish to the backs of their legs. This did nothing to diminish Carl’s growing problem which was immediately evident when their group came within range of the shower lights. Given Ms Bellis’s proximity, the other three boys did nothing but give him disgusted looks. However, the seventeen year-old doubted the matter would end with that. It rarely did.
It came as no surprise that the water was ice cold but since it diminished an increasingly acute difficulty so common to adolescent males, the afflicted teenager didn’t mind as much as the other three. Still, he could have done without their muted cracks when the soap slid out of his hands. Nonetheless, it was appreciated when their Keeper gauged enough time had been spent under the needlelike spray and authorized the valve shutoff. There had been some futile attempts at avoiding the freezing water but the sight of Ms Bellis standing within grabbing distance, tapping a heavy back-brush in her left hand, was enough to dissuade all four from straying more than a few inches.
Shivering, they stood before her as she increased the brush’s tempo while the cool evening breeze dried them. A towel, no matter how coarse, would have been more preferable than this method. It didn’t help that the woman standing before them, seemed more amused than titillated by their physical discomfort. Finally, she spoke. “Be advised, my fine lads, from this moment on, if I find even a spec of dirt after showering, I’ll be scrubbing your precious hides raw with a natural sea sponge and then, once you’re nice and tender, I’ll be applying this back-brush for wasting my time.” Having been more concerned with avoiding the frigid liquid than bathing, this concerned the quartet.
“However, on cleansing nights I will not be inspecting you until after you’ve sluiced yourselves off.” This did nothing to mollify the quartet’s concerns.
“Now, if you’ll slip your sandals back on, we’ll head for the latrine. Don’t bother getting dressed,” she added as Brian made for his hanging garments.
Oddly enough, Carl found he didn’t mind the enforced exposure. It reminded him of those days, long before puberty struck, when he’d sneak out at night and run about the neighborhood in his birthday suit. There had been something so joyous and pure about being clothed with only night’s dark mantle. It was different now. He was aware of his own body and that tarnished the experience somehow. Made it less innocent. This realization was neither pleasant nor welcome.
As they approached the latrine, the teenagers found the facility similar to that of the shower in that it lacked the necessary four walls needed to insure privacy but, unlike the shower, there was a roof. Worse, beneath a maple within full view of the pine box that covered the hole, was an occupied picnic table. Students, taking advantage of the dangling electric bulb, were playing poker. As was customary for such gatherings, matchsticks were serving as chips. Safeguarding these precious markers from the wind’s ravages, four sealed enema kits were serving as a makeshift barrier.
“Ladies, I’m afraid I’ll be needing those,” Ms Bellis chided gently as she indicated the boxes. “But you’re welcome to stay and watch.”
It came as no great surprise when this offer was accepted.
“With the exception of a few select pieces which are easily cleaned and disinfected, it is unhygienic to share enema equipment. Therefore, the kit you select will be yours to keep and maintain throughout the summer,” the Keeper explained after having placed her charges in a parade rest before the picnic table. “You’ll note three sets are of a different color and one is transparent. That’ll aid identification but before lights out you’ll each write your name across your selected bag with an indelible marker. You may make your selections now.”
The overweight teenager immediately grabbed the box with the red depiction. It just didn’t seem right somehow to have enema equipment that wasn’t red. Brian got the blue while Josh got the white. That left Jay with the one set that had no coloration. “Right, now who among you has had undergone the benefits of a good flushing,” Ms Bellis inquired with just a hint of mischief.
Besides Carl, the only reluctant hand was Jay. “Good, that tallies with the information your parents provided. If you hadn’t, your stay would have been considerably less pleasant as I’d be required to demonstrate honesty’s benefits. You may now open your kits and fill them from the faucet. It’s located behind that neither most pillar,” she directed as she extracted eight tiny liquid soap envelopes and one small tube of Vaseline from her pocket. “When your bags are full, bring them to me so I can add your soap before positioning you.”
Cognizant of both their unwelcome audience and their Keeper’s eagle eye, the three delinquents dared not molest the volunteer for which the teenager was eternally grateful. It was bad enough he was developing another…problem and from a quick furtive glance, he wasn’t the only one. Meanwhile, an impromptu lecture was taking place.
“Now Ladies,” Ms Bellis asked gravely. “What is the usual indicator signifying an individual, particularly a male, hasn’t experienced a purging during their youth?”
A few minutes past before one attractive brunette raised her hand; “If you please Ms, it’s when the individual in question succumbs to masturbating in an attempt to distract themselves from the growing pressure within their bellies.”

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“Full marks my dear,” beamed the older woman. “For that, I’ll let you assist me with our volunteer. Ah, here is Mr. Droney. If you’ll give me just a moment,” the Keeper tore open two packets and squeezed every last drop into the rubber bag. Once Brian had screwed the tubing into place, he was led to one wooden pillion by the ear. “Spread your legs boy. Wider, that’s it. Now, lean forward and grasp the post.” Shaking the mixture vigorously, the Keeper hung it upside down from a protruding nail some two feet above the would be voyeur’s head.
“Girls, you’ll be having an extensive course on enemas but it can never be said to often: unless you’re administer a purely discipline purging, always clear the tube like so.” Ms Bellis demonstrated by releasing the clamp and allowing a small stream of liquid to burst from the tube and onto the teenager’s tensed cheeks before re-clamping the tube. Ruthlessly, she parted the clenched hemispheres with her forefingers to dab a bit of lubricant upon the puckered anus before applying a thin coat upon the white plastic. “Normally, a tiny rectal nozzle is used but since this particular individual is a very naughty boy, he gets the douche nozzle instead. I’d advise you to relax, Mr. Droney, or this will hurt.” Spreading the resistant half-moons once more, the woman rested the glistening tip against the brown orifice and then pushed it in with one thrust. Despite himself, Brian could not avoid groaning as the intruder penetrated. It was obvious though, that while his discomfort was considerable, he’d grown quite alert. Finished, for the present, Ms. Bellis patted the teenager on his left haunch. “This is the time you use that considerable gluteus strength, Mr. Droney. If it comes out, it’ll be replaced and since you’ll only receive the benefits of lubricant once, reinsertion could be considerably more traumatic. And now for Mr. Heise.”
Carl waited patiently, if not anxiously, as each tormentor was prepared. Privately, when it was the jock’s turn, he found the athlete’s excessive protests rather amusing since there was one sure sign belying Josh’s assertions that this was how not to treat a male. As for himself, he’d not grown comfortable with his bodily response, but he was shyly resigned to it. Still, when it was his turn, the volunteer immediately accepted the gracious option of the picnic table. By bending across the end, the offending anatomy was hidden from view even if his spread legs presented yet another spectacle.
The bashful male consoled himself with the fact that he now had the support the other three lacked and had the opportunity to grasp either end of the table. Moreover, he had the capable assistance of the young student who’d correctly answered his Keeper’s question. Not that she was permitted liberties beyond caressing his head and upper back as the water flowed but it made the experience easier to bear. Solace wouldn’t have been necessary if the douche nozzle had been used, being so experienced, but the shorter one presented special difficulties. Still, the only truly awkward bit was when Carl was allowed to lift the square wooden lid covering one hole. The stench almost proved his undoing as his self control was severely tested.
All in all, this initial session took a considerable amount of time. In large part, this was Brian’s fault. Unaccustomed to the internal pressure, he exemplified Ms Bellis’s earlier point much to the delight of the giggling Students who witnessed his subsequent introduction to the back-brush with even greater satisfaction. The chilly sluicing that followed, cooled Mr. Gibbs ardor sufficiently so he could sleep without indulging himself. Recalling the infrared monitoring system, certainly helped. Still, the next morning as he saw the number of individuals who had succumbed and were being publicly trounced for their transgressions, Carl wondered if his forbearance was truly worth it. After all, wearing a chastity belt would, temporarily, prevent embarrassing encounters.
Following the floor show, which was likely to be a breakfast fixture, the daily schedule was assigned. Carl felt the odd combination of relief and regret when he learned his first real class would be spent as a practice dummy for Students learning Japanese rope bondage. Five hours were spent in a variety of positions as eager hands positioned and repositioned the soft rope. It was inevitable that these hands would inadvertently, or not, touch sensitive areas. Frequently, following such encounters, it was hard to say whose face reddened more.
This sedentary activity did little to stroke an appetite for lunch but this was rectified an hour beforehand by enforced labor. This Student group was sent to pick blackberries while their practice subjects served, courtesy of the baskets strapped to their stomachs, as walking containers. Amid much giggling and gossip, several quarts were filled. Those containers that behaved, by taking care not to spill their cargo, were rewarded with the occasional berry while the negligent received a brisk scolding and several slaps to their backsides.
Following lunch, Carl found himself displayed before a class being given a detailed anatomy lesson. Initially, he didn’t mind this as he’d grown accustomed to being undressed before these teenage girls. Still, as he was directed to assume one position after another while various bits were displayed and whose function was described in graphic detail, his face assumed such coloration a few girls innocently asked if he was in danger of heat exhaustion. However, the greatest humiliation did not come until near the end of the lecture when he and two other volunteers were invited to exhibit male masturbation. One boy refused, in spite of his obvious erection, and was promptly turned over the instructor’s knee. Subsequently, amidst much squalling, he provided a demonstration of spontaneous ejaculation. Good natured laughter and teasing followed this unexpected display. It intensified as the model was sentence to a woodshed style strapping during the evening’s diner and, since he refused a direct order, a painful encounter with his Keeper’s hairbrush.
Carl had hoped this unexpected entertainment would relieve him of a humbling ordeal but it was not to be. Smiling, the presenter informed the two remaining volunteers that the individual who spent himself last would be reassigned for her next lesson. As this was a class in cock and ball torture, something he truly did not wish to explore, the chubby teenager brought to mind all the things he’d witnessed and experienced within the last twenty-four hours. Just barely, this motivation proved enough. Whimpering, the loser was kept behind while Carl scurried off to his last class where he was used to enlighten young women in the art of safely waxing male anatomy.
Two hours later, dressed once more in his white uniform, which felt very strange now he was bereft of pubic hair, the young man retrieved his book and reclined in a free hammock. Duties finished, the bookworm, as a volunteer, was permitted free time unlike those who had erred throughout the day. It proved rather difficult to read as certain classes in male discipline were still in session as attested by the piteous cries of the models. Having no desire to add his voice to the chorus, at least for now, Carl mentally blocked out the outside world and soon lost himself within a romantic historical fiction featuring a vampire gentleman and his servant. It would have been better if the gentleman in question had been a lesbian but that was not the way the writer had chosen to depict her character. Still, this deficiency did not detract from a truly outstanding series.
Dinner was served by chastised waiters wearing aprons tied in a bow above their welted posteriors as several models squirmed upon their hard wooden benches under the scrutiny of their steely eyed Keepers. Josh and Brian were among the fidgeters. The athlete had spent a very uncomfortable lesson as a dildo discipline model while the hacker had been used in a corporal punishment round-robin practice session involving fourteen Students. Jay, on the other hand, had been assigned camp chores for the week and was exhausted from having chopped wood and tending the vegetable garden. Apparently, he’d successfully pulled every weed within the time allotted and had been awarded with an evening off. The other assigned workers had not been as fortunate and were assembling the evening’s bonfire tinder before being assigned a position within that night’s correction line.
Behaving himself, the week proceeded quite nicely for the volunteer. True, there was that one rather difficult class in which he was tickled incessantly but even the unfortunate accident resulting from this attention only merited a hand spanking class as penance. His favorite class, by far, occurred Friday afternoon. The Students were invited to dress him in feminine garb. As girls seemed to learn color coordination while being weaned from breast milk, the Instructor’s sole purpose was as a chaperon. During the class, Carl learned of male corsets which could shape his torso sufficiently to present a dashing figure with the aid of a sky-blue sundress which matched his eyes while complimenting the pigtailed wig they selected. By far though, the most enjoyable aspect had been when the Students compared his breasts to their own. Once, this feature had been a source of shame but as he’d grown older and realized he’d much rather have been of the other sex, they had become a source of pride.

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Indeed, several girls were quite envious that his breasts were bigger than theirs as evidenced by comments made in determining the proper bra size. The ensemble-complete with silk stockings, white panties and matching pumps-gave the impression of a young Lady about to attend a summer wedding. It was so pleasing to the eye that Carl had none of his usual objections concerning photos. Nor, when he was unexpectedly ordered to Lady Corelli’s office, was he concerned that his prompt attendance denied him the opportunity to change. The walk generated plenty of admiring whistles from staff and Students alike which bolstered the teenager’s usual poor self-image. It certainly made him appreciate the blush applied during class.
“There you are Carl; or should I say Carla,” his grandmother exclaimed with a smile as the volunteer entered the office.
Awkwardly, the adolescent ventured to curtsey but abandoned the pathetic attempt. With a laugh, he gave the elderly woman a kiss on her wrinkled cheek. “Nana, what are you doing here?”
“Mind your lipstick dear. It is rather heavy,” the camp owner admonished gently as she withdrew a tissue. “As for being here, I did say I was going to check up on you. I hear you’ve been behaving yourself.”
“Yes Ma’am. I have.”
Shaking her head in mock despair, the seventy-three year-old Dame turned to her administrator. “I told you, did I not, this little brat of mine can’t stop being a goody-two shoes even after being given permission to misbehave. Is it true, your parents permitted you to bring books?”
“Yes Nana.”
Lifting her eyes heavenward, Emily Gibbs prayed for patience. “Honestly, child what are we going to do with you? You’re not just here as a model or to further affirm your submissive nature; you’re here to improve your social skills. Instead, you read. Exactly how many books did you bring?”
Shifting nervously, Carl admitted, “Twelve.”
“And knowing you, several approach a thousand pages. Am I right?”
“Yes Nana.”
Emitting a ladylike snort, Mrs. Gibbs turned her attention back to Lady Corelli. “Confiscate them, immediately.”
“You be quiet,” the family Matriarch snapped. “I can not believe your parents. My daughter and your father can expect a very lengthy visit from me this evening.”
Not daring to meet his grandmother’s eyes, the teenager winced. Even though he knew both his parents were submissive, he just as soon as not hear details concerning their discipline sessions. It was almost as bad as hearing of their sex life.
“You did know your father attended this camp, voluntarily, when he was your age didn’t you?”
“Yes Nana.”
“And your mother, that same year, attended the girls camp?”
“Yes’m. And I know they met during the volunteer dances you sponsored,” he added with just a touch of defiance.
“Yes, that’s right. Did they also tell you, for daring to sneak off, how they were both flogged mercilessly before both camps and were locked within chastity belts even when not attending my dances?”
“No ma’am.”
“I see. Well, did they mention the blistering I gave them each and every Sunday for the remainder of that summer?”
“No ma’am.”
“Then I shouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t relate how I thrashed them each before their wedding and kept their virtue intact for an additional three months after their honeymoon as a consequence for their willfulness prior the ceremony?”
Wishing he were elsewhere, anywhere, Carl meekly replied “No ma’am.”
“Such a pity. If they had, you might have some inkling of what the rest of your summer is going to be like.”
Turning back to her administrator, the Dowager issued her orders. “This one: fewer fluff courses and less free time. In fact, as it’s understandable he won’t wish to socialize with those who’d belittle him, assign him to an individual Student. Preferably one who’ll be here the entire summer and not just the month long sessions. Furthermore, if he won’t take advantage of being given permission to be naughty, then make sure he’s given at least one Disciplinary encounter during each session regardless of his behavior. You can give the first tonight. Have you anything to say for yourself, young lady?”
As his grandmother knew he didn’t like being male, Carl wasn’t the slightest perturbed in being addressed thusly. Her instructions, were another matter entirely. “No ma’am,” he anxiously replied.
The Matriarch sighed heavily in hearing that particular tone. “Try to understand child. You’ll burn out and your spark will diminish if you don’t learn to relax. There is nothing wrong in being naughty. It just has to be in the appropriate place and the appropriate time. Here is such a place. It was designed that way. You’ll also find people who’ll be willing to teach you the skills you lack. Who knows, even a few adolescent Y chromosome brats might surprise you. Not all who attend involuntarily are truly distressed over being here. They just lack the admirable fortitude you’ve displayed. But enough lecturing. I can tell you’re tuning me out so let’s see if my arm can’t convey the message. If you’d be so kind as to loan me a paddle, Carol, I’ll prove I haven’t lost my touch.”
With a wicked smile, the camp administrator handed her employer an oak oval paddle with four small holes bored through the center. “Would this do,” she inquired sweetly.
“I believe so,” the older woman replied. “Bend across my lap, Carla. If words can’t convince you, let’s see if this will.”
Resigned, the boy was not surprised this encounter would end this way, he bent across his grandmother’s lap. Positioned thusly, his nose was inches from the wooden floor while the wig’s pigtails dangled past his face. He grasped the chair legs as his summer dress was lifted but when a wrinkled hand began to smooth out the panty wrinkles, he tightened his grip. It didn’t help that this underwear was a size to small. His main concern, though, was not his posterior. For what he feared, mortification would be too mild a term. Such worries diminished as the smooth paddle caressed his cotton covered fanny. Even so, the first swat took him by surprise; as did the strength behind it. Time certainly had not withered these sinews.
There was no set pattern to accustom his body nor did the force behind each stroke remain consistent. The anxiety this caused provided as much stress as the paddling itself. It didn’t take long before Carl began to whimper as his feet crossed and kicked. Knowing this was just the beginning was little comfort. Frankly, it was just the opposite. Sweaty palms slid down the wooden chair legs as pudgy crowns received kiss after wooden kiss. Desperate fists punched and slapped the air and floor before once more resuming their frantic grip. Young and inexperienced as he might be, the teenager knew better than to try and shield his bottom. Even so, as one pump after the other flew off and his silk covered toes curled within the air before sliding desperately along the wooden floor, it didn’t get truly bad until his grandmother took a brief pause.
“Carol dear, please turn on the louder speaker,” she directed as she ran her practiced hand across the damp fabric.
“Nana, please,” the teenager begged piteously.
“Hush love, it’s not up to you so just accept it. Now, since your pink flesh is becoming quite apparent through these lovely panties, I think it’s time to take them down.”
Feeling the soft material being drawn down, the adolescent bit his lip. It made no sense, but Carl felt less humiliation in being chastised before actual people than he did when only his auditory response could be heard. He had made the mistake of mentioning this to his younger sister and she, apparently, had relayed it to the Gibbs Matriarch. Vowing to return the favor, the boy tried to relax his muscles so his forthcoming ordeal would be less painful.
It didn’t work.
Nor was it long before tears flowed. It didn’t shame the teenager to cry. This hurt! But he did try to minimize the pleas for mercy. He needed this, for whatever reason, and it made little sense to beg for it to end prematurely. If that happened, Carl knew he wouldn’t feel the inner peace a spanking bestowed. Still, intellect notwithstanding, his body had its own responses when distressed and appealing for mercy was such a reaction. If only the entire camp didn’t have to hear.
An hour later and a kiss farewell, the volunteer was standing along the cafeteria wall with his nose pressed against the wood like all the other day’s erring models. He hadn’t been allowed to change. Not that it mattered with his dress rucked up and his panties mid-thigh. It didn’t help he’d be denied dinner. He was hungry but that was the least of his concerns. Not only was he about to be severely tawsed, further enflaming already tender flesh, but he’d been informed the Student he was assigned for the remainder of the summer was none other than Tina DiCruz, the girl from his High School.

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Continuing Education
H. Kerrsutherland

Shifting his position, Carl winced. Distracted momentarily from Yarbro’s latest work, the teenager glanced out the train window and realized he was almost home. Nudging the girl next to him, he jerked his head toward the scenery. “We’re just about there.”
“Huh, huh,” the seventeen year-old high school senior replied absently.
“So if you want to move, I’ll understand.”
Frowning, Tina noted her page before closing the book Carl had lent her. Turning her head, she stared at her former assigned model. “Why,” she asked softly.
Having learned to dread that particular tone over the past three months, her fellow senior swallowed nervously before answering. “I…I just thought, you know, you’d like to know.”
“Well, it wouldn’t do your reputation any good to be seen with me.”
“I thought you didn’t care about ‘reputations?’”
“I don’t but well…I know you do.”
“Really? I’ve never said so.”
“I…,” Carl’s voice trailed off as he looked away from the penetrating stare.
“Is it because I’m a cheerleader?”
“Look, it’s been a…I’m not sure ‘great’ is the proper term but you know what I mean. Anyway, whatever it was, it’s over now. You’ll go back to your life and I’ll go back to mine. That’s all I meant.”
A hand gently but firmly grasped his chin. “Look at me,” Tina directed. “I said look at me.” Resigned, Carl lifted his eyes to gaze into the former Student’s green pupils. “Despite what you might think, I actually do care for you. We’ve actually come closer than good friends and, while I don’t know about you, I certainly didn’t expected a true relationship this past summer. It’s something we’re both going to have to think about but let’s get one thing clear, Mister. I decide who I hang around with. Me. No one else. If my other friends can’t accept that, then they’re really not my friends. Is that clear?”
“Yes what?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Good boy,” Tina gently squeezed Carl’s arm as she let go of his chin. “Five hours and thirty-three minutes away from Camp Witiker and already you’re forgetting your manners. I guess that means last night’s little going away party wasn’t as effective as Lady Corelli hoped.”
Reminded anew, the high school senior squirmed in his seat as he recalled the thick wooden paddles that concluded last night’s festivities. “No,” he replied fervently. “It was quite sufficient.”
“And so, my dears, yet another summer lazily ends,” Lady Corelli, Camp Witiker’s headmistress, pronounced jovially before the flickering bonfire. “Lessons were learned by both Students and models alike. I wager even some of our brave volunteers endured a few experiences not foreseen within the privacy of their own darkened bedrooms. But alas, all good things must end and this is our final gathering. Therefore, it is only fitting that this final night be spent in paying tribute to our precious models.”
Several male models brightened at this. It had been a long and grueling three months, especially for those who had not truly volunteered themselves, but now it looked as if some payback was in sight. Ignoring the stir her words had generated, Lady Corelli continued her farewell speech. “Without them, this camp and the coursework would simply not be possible. Most of you, those who were not with us the entire summer, simply can not appreciate the lengths to which our models endured to ensure your proper training. As such, it is only fitting that they be given a proper sendoff so our courageous volunteers have a precious memory to maintain them while in the intolerant wastelands. Needless to say, the majority must not feel excluded. They are here to be punished and redeem their errant deeds through pain’s cleansing embrace.”
Several models who’d foolishly hoped for the opportunity to demonstrate their ‘appreciation’ shuddered and looked away as Keepers emerged from the darkness with implement sacks while others looked downward as they prayed for an early dawn. Bereft of their uniforms, the nude delinquents were taken first. Some were bound across rough wooden benches while others were restrained within stocks that restrained them about the waist but left their limbs unencumbered. The Discipline Wall, a lengthy artifice with space for twenty, restrained at the neck, ankles and wrists. The unfortunate lads selected were not envied since the position quickly bestowed aches totally unrelated to the pain ignited within ones taunt posterior. Worse, such a posture invited attentions not favored by testosterone driven machos who would have no qualms if they had been the Students. Perhaps that’s why the stand, from which dangled numerous strap-ons of varying lengths, was positioned before their fettered heads. It certainly did not ease the minds of the twenty when Students started congregating there for the express purpose of watching facial responses as several ominously felt cold hard wood caress their vulnerable neither ends. Meanwhile, other models were lashed to A frames or were dangled from tree limbs. Some were even sat upon tall stools, from which a thick wooden shaft protruded, whose legs were equipped with ankle restraints. Nearby, floggers and whips dangled invitingly from a maple branch. This positioning of the unwilling, considering the sheer numbers, took a mere thirty-seven minutes.
Unassigned volunteers were attended to next. Unlike the majority or even assigned models, they were allowed to determine their own placement within the festivities. It didn’t particularly surprise Carl that several chose the Reward Wall, a device similar to the Discipline Wall except the occupants were periodically released to ease their backs, but he was astonished that there were those who actually preferred unyielding punishment machines to the mercy guaranteed by organic muscle fatigue. Having endured one agonizing session with the automated strapper as a special eighteenth birthday ‘treat,’ he knew his own preference. Carl pondered this as he tried to ignore his growing unease and the evidence of his corresponding excitement. In a way, it was almost a relief when Tina came before him.
“First,” she instructed mildly as she tapped a small leather paddle in her left hand “you’ll eliminate that. I’m not about to let you get off while across my lap. So do your business and keep your eyes open.”
Blushing, the teenager reached down with his right hand and hesitantly began pumping himself. He knew better than to refuse.
“Come on, faster. We don’t have all night,” the Hispanic girl urged amidst giggling spectators who’d gathered off to the side so as not to be spattered. “You’re taking to long,” Tina sighed in exasperation. “You’d think, since you’ve been denied this the entire summer, it wouldn’t take as long. Here, let me help.” Standing behind Carl, the Student gripped his left shoulder and began swatting his backside with the paddle. Cringing, the model tried to accelerate his pace but it was proving difficult now as he automatically raised one foot and then the other with each stroke. The task was not aided by the fact that as he sped up, so did Tina. By the time this adolescent organic hydraulic system reached critical, Carl was desperately jogging.
It came as no surprise that almost immediately afterward, the Student was seated upon a stump with her model across her lap. Much of the evening was spent like this. The few moments Carl was not residing across athletic legs, trying desperately not to hit the ground with his bare toes, he was ‘jogging’ to relieve unwanted ‘swelling.’ A few snatches of heavenly peace occurred whenever Tina rested her arm but the respite’s downside was the panting model was allowed enough presence of mind to note the activities and cries about them. Frequently, this meant another ‘jogging’ session. Despite the exhaustion this enforced ‘exercise’ wrought, the formerly pudgy teenager was not truly displeased as rare mirror glimpses illustrated the programs unintended benefits. Still, this secret pleasure did not prevent blind panic when Carl was led to a paddling machine twenty-three minutes before the festivities ended. No amount of pleading and groveling dissuaded the young woman from her decision. Bent spread-eagle across a bar, two hard wooden paddles centered on each cheek, the model endured a grueling fifteen minute session. During the first five, the machine was set on it’s slowest setting which granted a small window for recovery before the next swat. This period was reduced substantially during the second set as the speed was ratchet up several notches but it was the final set that brought hysterical appeals as the final five were administered at the machine’s highest setting. A setting which meant one paddle retracting as the other sprung forward in rapid succession without pause.

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Afterward, the vitamin enriched lotion Tina soothed into her model’s bruised and swollen backside certainly helped but the real benefit was the result which had alluded the cheerleader’s best efforts all summer. Tears. Moisture which conveyed the emergence of a fragile inner peace. The Disciplinarian Student strengthen that tranquility by encircling the heaving adolescent within her strong arms and let years of pent-up anguish purge from a tormented soul.
“So what exactly is the problem. You afraid I’ll humiliate you by telling everyone at school what I put you through,” Tina asked teasingly.
Carl didn’t respond as he tried again, futilely, to find a position where his sore posterior wouldn’t ache quite so badly. The soft light weight sweats he’d worn hadn’t provided the relief he thought they would. Feeling his hand being tightly squeezed, he looked up.
“Oh for pity’s sake,” Tina hissed in disgust as her temper flared. “That’s it, isn’t it. Why is it males have to have such fragile little egos,” she quietly asked of the compartment's ceiling.
The eighteen year-old flushed as he heard the elderly woman sitting behind them, snicker. Thankfully, she didn’t comment. “Would you please keep your voice down,” Carl begged frantically. “We’re not at camp anymore.”
“Good thing for you,” his companion whispered back. “Cause if we were, I’d flip you over my knee and whale on your backside no matter how sore you might be. How dare you think that! I thought you had a better opinion of me. For that matter, I thought you had better regard for yourself. Haven’t the past three months taught you anything?”
“Look, Tina. This is the real world, not camp, and no matter what Lady Corelli preached; people, no” he corrected himself. “Males like me, if we’re not ignored, we get the stuffing beat out of us by the other guys just because we’re not the he-men they are and that’s without the other stuff. Usually, I’m left alone and I prefer it that way but if they found out about this past summer; my life wouldn’t be worth spit. They’d think nothing of chasing me all year with the sole intent of beating on my ass and asking if I ‘like it.’ It’s their form of humor. So please, if you really do care for me, keep quiet. I’m begging you.”
Sighing, Tina leaned over her armrest and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Fine, I’ll keep quiet because you asked me but I think you’re overreacting. You know, that’s a particular bad habit of yours.”
Flustered, Carl could feel his face warming as he retorted; “That’s different and you know it!”
“If you say so,” the girl giggled. “Why I remember that time I…oh look, there’s the station.”
Sighing in relief, the adolescent male slumped in his seat. He hadn’t expected the trip home to be so harrowing but then he hadn’t expected a girl from his school to be attending his grandmother’s special discipline camp either. “Seriously Carl, I promise. I won’t say anything about you but I will have to talk about my time at Camp Witiker. I made such a big deal over it during the final weeks last year, that the other girls in my squad were threatening to gag me with my own pompom. If I’m not properly gushing the minute I get home, they’ll know something’s up. After everything I put you through, you should be able to trust me by now.”
“Sorry…it’s just that, here, in the real world, I haven’t had much cause to trust beyond my family. Even my baby sister, as much as she harasses me, she knows not to talk about certain things in public.”
“Well, just consider me another version of your sister then. A slightly kinkier version, who won’t hesitate to do things to you that no sister should, but just as trustworthy and tightlipped. You’ll see. Now be a good model and perform your last service of the summer and get my bags off the overhead rack.”
“Yes ma’am,” Carl managed a small smile but he was still nervous. He didn’t like this feeling of vulnerability.
The older Gibbs sibling smiled as he saw his younger sister waving frantically from her new but used red mustang as he exited the station. It didn’t surprise him that she was alone. While it was vacation time for them, their parents were at the grindstone. “Hey squirt, had a good summer I see.”
“I grew six inches this summer so who’re you calling ‘squirt.’ I should make you take a cab for that.”
“Mom would throw a fit, and you know where that would lead, so I don’t think so,” Carl replied.
“Whatever, just toss your bags in the back before I change my mind,” the beaming sixteen year-old directed. “Damn, it’s good to have you home.”
“Language,” her older brother scolded with a laugh “if either Mom or Nana heard you.”
“I know, I know. Soap ala tongue for dinner but I don’t care. I actually missed you.”
“Yeah, I actually had to walk to drivers ed. If you were here, I could have gotten Mom to make you my personal chauffeur.”
“In your dreams, brat.”
“Nope, you’re the brat in this family. Or at least, in our generation.” Haley cackled as she carefully turned onto the street. “Speaking of which, on a related topic, do you realize just how much trouble you’re in?”
“I just got home! How could I be in trouble already?”
“Those books you took. Our esteemed parents were none to thrilled to have a visit from Nana on that score. I got a free night at the movies out of that one but Mom, well she had a business meeting the next day and Dad, he had jury duty that entire week if you recall.”
Carl groaned as the implications of this stirred his fertile imagination while his bruised buttocks shifted nervously upon the leather upholstery.
“Welcome home son.”
“Hi Dad.”
“Read any good books lately,” his mother asked with a glare that evening.
“Mom I…”
“Don’t you ‘Mom I,’ young man,” Rachel Gibbs snapped. “Neither your father nor I truly mind a visit from my mother for our mistakes but to be held accountable for your reading habits is unconscionable.”
“You said I could take some books,” Carl swiftly defended himself.
“Some is not twelve, boy. I was elated you decided to attended Witiker, you’re father had a wonderful…”
“If painful,” the elderly Gibbs male interjected mildly from the dinner table Carl had set in hopes of diminishing parental ire. So far, it wasn’t working.
“Summer,” Rachel continued as if there had been no interruption. “But you were there for reasons other than your hormones.”
Carl blushed. “Mom, Nana and I already ‘discussed’ this.” It was clearly an inappropriate approach, a fact the teenager realized a moment too late.
“I know,” she roared. “It was the same ‘discussion’ she had with us! Consider yourself grounded until school starts. Absolutely, no books! When you’re not doing chores, you can stand in the corner and tonight…”
“Mom please,” the eighteen year-old pleaded. “My backside can’t take anymore right now.”
“He’s probably right Rachel,” Scott Gibbs chuckled. “Remember what it was like for us on our final night.”
“Fine, let’s see then,” the woman snapped.
Reminding himself that this woman had diapered him and the benefits afforded by the chastity belt he was locked into, Carl turned around and lowered his sweats and his briefs. Having looked in a mirror as soon as he’d gotten home, the teenager already knew his hindquarters were bruised and blackened. There were even a few bandaged spots were the skin had broken.
Haley whistled softly. “Mom, come on, ya gotta wait. There’s no way he can take more right now.”
“Fine,” the not entirely heartless woman replied. She did indeed remember the final celebration rituals from her own summer stay. “But every night, I’ll be rubbing lotion into those cheeks of yours mister.”
“Well, if you like, I can have Haley do it,” his mother countered.
“No, that’s all right,” Carl hastily reassured her.
“And don’t even ask for the key. First, it hasn’t arrived yet and second you’re keeping that thing on until after you and I have a lengthy talk concerning the numerical composition of ‘some.’”
“Yes’m,” the teenager replied meekly. He really had wanted to get this damn thing off. He’d been wearing it practically twenty-four/seven since he been assigned as Tina’s personal model but he knew better than to argue with his mother when she was in this mood. The woman might need her own fanny tanned on occasion, something Carl tried hard not to think about, but when it came to errant male posteriors; despite that fact the distinguished Matriarch wasn’t dead, Rachel Gibbs channeled her mother’s disciplinary spirit.
“So dish already, what was it like,” Haley asked the next morning after their parents had left for work and Carl had been put in the corner in his pajamas.

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“Duh! You knew it would be.”
“Knowing is different from experiencing. It didn’t help that one Student was from my school.”
“Really, who?”
“Tina DiCruz.”
“The cheerleader?”
“Slightly but I think she’ll be OK.”
“Well, if she’s not; I’ll deal with it.”
“I can look after myself you know.” Carl wanted to turn around and press the point but didn’t quite dare. His loving sibling would be sure to disclose the indiscretion and the consequences thereof would not be pleasant.
“No, you stick your nose in a book and ignore the problem,” Haley corrected.
“Just stay out of it, OK?”
“If she keeps her trap shut, I will.”
“Look, I trust her. Except for the first week, I was assigned to her and we…talked.”
“I bet you did,” the younger sibling snickered.
“Come on, you know Nana doesn’t allow that kind of thing.”
“Hate to break it to you, bro, but that’s exactly what that past summer was. Maybe not the traditional bump and grind but still…”
“It was not,” Carl snapped with a scowl. It took a second but he suddenly realized his eyes were no longer focused upon wallpaper.
Smiling sweetly, Haley replied; “Maybe so but I’ll certainly enjoy your squeals as ice cold water flows up your fanny tonight.”
Damn! Why was it he could ignore everyone’s taunts but hers.
Following a distressing period in which his bowels longed for relief, it proved a very long and boring week. The teenager often meditated over that fact as he spent long hours intimately examining the floral wallpaper. Over the eons, just how many bemoaned their boredom as they awaited chastisement, in whatever form it might take, but longed for it’s return when actually being punished. Thankfully, there were household chores that relieved the monotony but, even working at a snail’s pace, eventually the work was finished. It helped to have a discerning mother with a bulging enema bag to speed things along.
It would have been nice to talk with Tina though. It certainly would have eased Carl’s mind but grounding imposed behavioral restrictions that normally would have been encouraged. Still, all things end eventually and Sunday evening found the teenager waiting anxiously on his bed for his mother. Dressed in the lightest pair of cotton pajamas he owned, the adolescent could still feel the sweat moistening his tender derriere. It had actually surprised him that his mother hadn’t spanked him after thoroughly scrubbing him raw but evidently she’d decided to let him stew a few hours longer instead of taking advantage of his wet posterior. Carl wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. It certainly would have been preferable to be laying face down in the dimly lit room, his backside throbbing, even if it wasn’t yet nine then to still be waiting for his promised up-commence. He probably should be grateful that it was even going to be in his room instead of the living room as initially planned.
This stroke of good fortune was due entirely to the air conditioner succumbing to the heat wave which necessitated every possible window in the house being thrown wide open. The downside to this was that the heat made his mother irritable and that was not something he especially wanted in the individual who was about to apply an antique oak hairbrush to his fanny. At least she’d permitted him the right to temporarily close his windows but that merely enhanced his discomfort as the rising temperature further exasperated his sweat glands. It certainly wasn’t going to improve his mother’s temper any.
When Rachel Gibbs finally did arrive, Carl was drenched. Saying nothing, the woman sat in the desk chair her son had positioned per her instructions. Crooking her finger, she beckoned. Reluctantly, the eighteen year-old complied. He’d much rather be back in the corner, suffering from interminable boredom, then approaching that formidable lap. Standing next to her, hands on his head, he kept his mouth shut as she forcibly pulled down his damp pajama bottoms. Wearing the chastity belt spared him the indignity of having his briefs pulled down. Frequently, the process was made more humiliating when they were caught on his privates due to an unflattering bulge. The last such occurrence was what lead to his summer vacation. Not that he’d been forced to go as some sort of consequence for a natural bodily function but it had led to gentle understanding conversations with both parents and to some interesting literature which included his grandmother’s Camp Witiker brochure.
“Give me your hand,” she instructed quietly.
Without hesitating, the teenager reached back with his left hand. His wrist was gripped firmly before the entire arm was wrenched further up his back. He winced but from experience Carl knew this discomfort was minor compared to what was coming. “Do you know why I’m truly upset at you, love” his mother asked quietly as she glided the backend of the hairbrush across his taut posterior.
“No’m,” he whispered. Why did a spanking always have to start with an interrogation, the eighteen year-old mentally groused.
“You have to learn how to socialize. I know you don’t want to and I know you feel as if you’ve nothing in common with other teenagers but you must learn. Eventually, your classmates will grow up and will be capable as you but if you continue to hide in fiction, then you’ll never know when that shift occurs. Worse, they’ll never know when to listen and you’ll just waste away between pages. I don’t want that for you. You’re capable of so much but if you always hide then your potential will never be realized. I know better than to ask you to consider what I’ve said while I’m blistering you but you should consider it afterwards, Carl.”
Feeling the brush tap his hindquarters, the teenager tried not to clench. The discussion phase was now complete and it was time for action. Knowing his sister appreciated these little dramas, the eighteen year-old made the same promise he always did: not to squall like an infant but he knew, as he always did, it would be a promise he wouldn’t be able to keep. The initial stroke always determined just how bad it was going to be and judging from the first impact, centered squarely upon the junction between thigh and arse, it was going to be a bad one.
The first two dozen swats targeted Carl’s sit spot and before the first dozen were complete he was whimpering. During the second, he was howling. The boy had prayed his time at his Nana’s camp would have toughened up his backside but here he was again, acting like a baby. It shamed him but this feeling rapidly made way for the agonizing pain that continually washed through his body with every impact. The hard wood penetrated deep into his posterior muscles and imparted an ache that would take a good day to diminish. The bruises would take longer which would make changing in the locker room at school a jovial experience. He’d never seen another male, outside camp, bare the marks of a good old fashioned hiding and he counted himself fortunate that so far he’d managed to conceal his own. However, that was a problem for a latter time. Right now, Carl was more concerned with surviving this particular encounter.
Hoarsely, the youth cried out as the wood savaged his buttock crowns while ankles crossed and recrossed desperately. His free hand, damp with perspiration, slid down the chair leg. Traction was impossible but maintaining a good grip provided more comfort than simply waving his hand about desperately or beating the floor with his palm. Maternal chastising sessions, regardless of age, always wrought tears and soon they were mixed with the sweat glistening upon Carl’s scrunched face. Moisture droplets, disturbed by frantic motion, trickled the hardwood floor until there was a miniature puddle staining the varnish. Close examination, made easier by the fact that the adolescent’s nose was inches from the floorboards, showed that there were several little spots indicating previous sessions with the dreaded brush. These past encounters, however, did nothing to assist with the current experience but they did attest to the survivability of such meetings between flesh and wood. Not that the eldest Gibbs offspring cared. He just wanted to survive this one!
Begging never helped. He and his younger sister had long since learned the futility of that. Still, they’d persisted in their attempts until they realized, as they grew older, that such pleas only increased the intensity of their well deserved thrashings. Hence, cries were common as were remarks about how much it hurt but the younger Gibbs refrained from pleading. Still, it was with considerable relief when Carl felt the final two strokes. He knew they were the final two because they were always given at the base with all the strength his mother could muster. It took awhile, though, for the punished youth to gather enough strength to sit awkwardly, with his backside baring as little weight as possible, upon his mother’s lap instead of lying across it. This was the time, the boy most loved. When he felt like a boy, a punished yet loved boy, who’d be protected for all time within the comforting embrace of his mother. It didn’t last long, it never did now he’d suffered puberty’s pangs, but while it did, Carl was bothered by nothing.

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A very brief period was granted for the youth to examine his discolored backside in his full length mirror while his mother extracted a fresh set of pajamas from the dresser drawer. Re-clothed, and tucked into bed, Carl watched as his mother opened the windows and turned out the light. With a quick peck upon the cheek, she left to spend the remainder of the evening with the rest of the family while he was confined to bed. Not that he minded, after a harrowing discipline session he was usually tired but when he awoke latter that night, as he typically did, it would be a cursed nuisance not to have the chastity belt unlocked. It would make the remainder of the night dreadfully dull and the slight discomfort from his groin would not help either.
Unexpectedly, the next day proved to be a good day. Carl received the key to the chastity belt after breakfast, which guarantied he’d have no time for himself until after school, and, despite his fears, he didn’t receive a single knowing glance from any of his classmates or the thronged masses. It wasn’t until Thursday that he saw Tina.
“Hello stranger,” she remarked with an amused eyebrow uplift. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform and since classes had ended Carl knew she’ taken time away from practice to track him down.
“Hi,” he replied feeling slightly guilty. “Sorry I haven’t been in touch but…”
“You were grounded,” Tina interrupted with a small smile. “I know, your sister told me.”
“Yeah, we had an interesting little chat. And here I thought it was supposed to be the older sibling who was overprotective.”
Anxiously, the senior cast his eye around but the hallway was practically deserted. This bit of caution did not escape Tina’s notice but she refrained from commenting. Instead, she asked “So, that movie you’ve been talking about. It’s still at the movie complex. Wanna go this Friday?”
Surprised, Carl decided what the hell. “Sure.”
eight months later
“So, what was Camp Witiker like? Painful much,” a snide voice asked from behind Carl.
Unexpected, and unwanted, the teenager became flustered as his hart sank. He’d been found out. Turning around he beheld James Foster, his year’s ultimate jock and all-time pain-in-the-ass along with his perky, empty headed, blonde bimbo who’d taken Tina’s spot as head cheerleader. “Excuse me,” he asked politely.
“Oh, how polite,” mooched the catty harlot. “So they taught you manners as they whipped your ass. What did you have to do; say: “Please, may I have another?”
“I’m not sure what you’re talking about but I have to get to class and we have a test today,” Carl replied coldly as he slammed his locker shut before stalking off.
“Make way for whipping boy,” Foster called out. “He can’t be late or he’ll get a dozen with the pointer and then Mommy will spank his botty for being in trouble at school.”
Laughter erupted and for the remainder of the day, Gibbs could feel sniggering stares every where he went. Even home did not provide refugee. The answering machine was filled with pseudo howls amidst cracking belts and whip lashes. It hurt having both his parents were away on separate business trips and were not available to run interference or provide parental platitudes. Let alone the reassuring hug, Carl craved. His sister certainly didn’t help. She arrived in a temper, swearing vengeance upon the one who’d defiled her brother. She’d track the perp to hell and beyond if need be. Her mused clothes indicated she’d already been in one fight and any attempts by the elder Gibbs sibling merely enflamed the younger’s viscous temper.
Finally, fed up, the adolescent left messages for his parents, unplugged the phone and crawled into bed with a book. When he finally felt tired enough for sleep, he skipped his nightly ‘recollection’ of the previous summer. Carl just wasn’t in the mood.
Tina cut him off as he was walking to school the next morning. “Get in,” she ordered.
“Tina I,”
The fiery Hispanic maiden interrupted, “I said get in the car, Carl. Now!”
Automatically, the teenager complied.
“Did you tell Haley that I talked about last summer,” she asked bitingly.
Startled, Carl replied, “No!”
“Do you think I talked?”
“No,” the young man shook his head. “If you had then it wouldn’t have been eight months before people started making cracks and I doubt you’d have lost your position as head cheerleader.”
Tina relaxed and released her white knuckled grip on the steering wheel. “Would you happen to know what your sister was doing last night,” she inquired lightly. Having gotten to know the young woman, Carl knew the tone was forced.
“No,” he said cautiously. “She was home for awhile but then she took off.”
“Did you know where she went?”
“No,” he replied in an even lower voice. He had a sudden suspicion and it wasn’t a pleasant one.
“She came over to my house, forced her way in and proceeded to beat my backside. Remember Charlie Roach’s backside after he spent thirty minutes in the Strapper last August, well my fanny is in far worse shape. It only stopped after she was finally convinced that I hadn’t said anything and trust me; it took a lot of convincing on my part.”
Carl hit his forehead on the dash. “Where is she,” he asked dully.
“That’s the hilarious bit. When she finally did believe me, she was so horror stuck she let down her guard and I was able to lock her in my closet. It’s fortunate for her that Granny had a stroke and my parents went with her to the hospital.”
“Is your grandmother all right?”
Tina shrugged, “Don’t know yet but I know she’d want me to help your crazy sister before I did anything for her. She’d say her book was almost written while Haley’s was just starting. So what are we going to do?”
“I’m going to make a phone call,” Carl replied grimly. “Can I borrow your cell?”
“Thanks for not pressing charges,” the adolescent said warmly.
Mrs. DiCruz shrugged, “We left it up to Tina and she was of the opinion that being sentenced to your grandmother’s camp for two summers and being grounded in-between was more than sufficient.”
“Still, having seen the pictures Nana took, it was very forgiving,” Carl replied.
The older woman smiled briefly, “It let Tina off the hook, though.”
“Huh,” the adolescent responded slightly confused.
Blushing, Tina explained. “I figured, before you picked me up for the Prom next month, you could witness Mama blistering my backend.”
“Why,” Carl asked mystified. “It’s not really, well that’s not something you need.”
“Because your sister was right about one thing, for years I was horrible to you. I wanted to make up for that but since I asked your Nana to give you a copy of the pictures she took; I think we’re square,” the Hispanic teenager clarified evenly with just a trace of embarrassment. “I trust, they’ll not be seen by anyone other than your family.”
Now it was Carl’s turn to blush, “What do you take me for.”
“Just making sure. Mama, can I take him up to my room and give him a good strapping?”
“Why,” the suddenly dry mouthed male asked as her mother lifted her eyebrow made a similar inquiry.
“It’s not for revenge is it,” she asked mildly.
“Heck no,” Tina blurted in astonishment. “It’s because my boyfriend has been a wreck ever since Carolyn figured out exactly why I started dating Carl. That bimbo isn’t as empty-headed as everyone assumes,” she added slightly viscously.
“I see,” Mrs. DiCruz replied thoughtfully. “Are you, by any chance, wearing a chastity belt, Carl?”
Feeling shame flow through his veins, the teenager couldn’t quite meet the older woman’s eyes as he mumbled “No Ma’am.”
“She couldn’t hear you and neither could I,” Tina snapped in full disciplinary mode.
“No Ma’am,” Carl repeated.
“Then, either you deal with him down here…”
The teenager winced. He knew very well Mr. DiCruz would be home shortly and he didn’t quite fancy their introduction while he was bent across a chair getting strapped.
“Or,” the older woman didn’t miss a beat “you can take him upstairs but the door stays open and his underwear stays on. It can be pulled up, though,” she added as an afterthought.
“Thanks Mama,” Tina beamed as she took a hold of her boyfriend’s right ear as she led the way.
“Aren’t I the one who’s supposed to ask the girl to the Prom,” he groused as the climbed the stairs.
“Not in our relationship,” his girlfriend responded firmly. “Besides, if I waited for you to ask, the coming Ice Age would already be over. Now be quiet!”
Once in a clearly feminine bedroom, Carl dropped his pants and suffered the worst wedgie of his life before being made to bend across the backend of Tina’s desk chair.
Doubling the thin but wide belt she’d selected from her closet, the young Disciplinarian snapped it ominously a few times before setting to work.

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Affecting Lives
H. Kerrsutherland

Carefully examining herself in the bathroom’s full length mirror, Jackie sighed with relief. There was not the slightest blemish to warrant an uncleanness accusation. She’d had her full of Sister Francis hygienic ‘assistance’ during her first year. Granted, when one is young and afraid there is something oddly comforting in being roughly washed with a sea sponge while kneeling upon all fours within a metal tub containing ice-cold water. Having one’s tender, moist cherubs ‘dried’ immediately afterward with a hard wooden ruler hadn’t been bad either but now the eighteen year-old wanted to be viewed as an adult. Considering her history, this was difficult enough without deliberately courting a disciplinary session.
Dressing quickly, an advantage made possible through seven years familiarity with her school uniform, the young woman critiqued herself. Vigorous polishing had made her regulatory black shoes as reflective as a mirror while her white thigh length socks were pulled up straight. White, unstrained, cotton underwear was covered with an ironed gray pleated skirt. Seventh year students were permitted, finally, a bra which was covered by a white blouse. This was neatly tucked into the skirt and every button was fastened. Including the uncomfortably tight neck fastener which, traditionally, school rebels tried to leave undone since the button was concealed by the school’s tie knot. A gray pullover, with her house crest emblazoned over one’s heart, was gently tugged downward until even the slightest trace of unsightly creases were removed. Drawing her curly ginger hair back, Jackie bound it up near the scalp to form the saucy ponytail that was her trademark. Even the sanctity and respect of adulthood was not worth enough to forgo this particular delight. Besides, she rather liked the effect it had on certain individuals.
Inspecting herself yet again, the adolescent was pleased to note that she presented a picture perfect Freier Academy schoolgirl. Thankfully, within nine days, the ‘schoolgirl’ could be replaced with alumni. Checking the time, Miss Haers realized she’d timed her absolutions perfectly. There was a whole twenty minutes before her appointment with Sister Fitch. Considering the woman’s position, Jackie felt it would be prudent to be early but did not wish to appear fawning like certain other individuals. Keeping a sedate pace, she reached the newly appointed school Disciplinarian’s office a good eight minutes before her appointment. For once, she approach the chamber without knowing the cause of her ‘invitation.’ Consequently, she elected not to wait upon the hard wooden penitent’s bench. However, judging by the howling from within, it was obvious the prior appointment was not so fortunate.
Feeling a slight pang of jealousy, Miss Haers had forgone sampling the good Sister’s chastising skills in her quest to be taken seriously, Jackie ruthlessly suppressed the emotion. The time for such childish pursuits had past. Still, hearing the distraught cries brought back fond memories even though, at the time, it hadn’t been entirely pleasant. Apparently though, judging from the histrionics, the Sister’s abilities far surpassed Sister Hilliard whose strength had withered substantially before her early retirement. But, to be fair, the seventh year hadn’t attended Freier during Hilliard’s heyday. There were stories, legends actually, that made one rejoice over the timing of one’s birth.
Soft weeping now replaced frenzied cries. There was something familiar about the voice but Jackie couldn’t place it. Perhaps it was a first year? Until they learned Sister Hilliard’s strength had diminished with age, bratlings typically made a great deal of fuss but that no longer applied; did it? No matter, she’d know when the unfortunate girl emerged. Latter that night, the sight of the victim’s tear stained face and the memory of her distress would provide much needed relief from final exam pressure.

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It came as something of a shock then when the door opened to reveal her best friend, Aleen Phillips, who’d so often partnered her in various mischief back in Jackie’s wayward youth. It was during that period that Granite earned her nickname. Aleen’s stoic nature during chastising had impressed students and teachers alike but it appeared Granite had finally crumbled under a superior force. A small worry worm began to pester Jackie’s innards. Just before the holidays, Granite had agreed with her that it was time to buckle down. They both wanted high marks and excellent references so they could attend the more prestigious colleges. So why was Aleen’s face so pinched with pain?
“Remember, Miss Phillips, you have until Wednesday next to finish your lines. That will give you an entire day after your exams and if you haven’t completed your task…” Whatever this implied threat was, it had to be severe for Granite’s face to whitened like that.
“I will Ma’am,” the girl promised frantically as she rubbed the front of her thighs. This shocked Jackie even more. It was the characteristic behavior of one who longed to rub their severely thrashed rear but had not yet been given leave. Seeing such a reaction from Granite, well; it was like being told the world was flat after all.
“Then be off with you. My next appointment is here,” the Sister smiled at Jackie but it was not an expression the maiden particularly cared for. Particularly when it was followed by an anguished glance from Aleen before scurrying off. Since Granite never scurried, she strode through Freier as if she owned the Academy, the worm within the adolescent’s gut morphed into a three foot snake. “Please, Miss Haers, enter,” the Sister’s casual demeanor didn’t fool the experienced schoolgirl in the slightest. This was not to be the friendly pre-graduation consultation she’d assumed but she’d be damned if she yielded her reputation without a fight. Trying to ignore the small voice that kept reminding her of Granite, whose reputation equaled Jackies’, the seventh year student entered the Disciplinarian’s office.
It wasn’t until after the Sister had replaced a folder-Phillips file no doubt-and extracted another, did she seat herself behind her desk. Only then, did she indicate that Haers could seat herself. Wise to these sorts of intimidation tricks, the eighteen year-old retained her neutral face as she sat upon the hard chair reserved for misbehaving students. She wasn’t sure what Granite had been up to but Jackie knew she’d done nothing to warrant official attention. That calmed the snake, slightly, but it still twisted. She watched as the older woman opened her file and read the entries within. Since the file was quite thick, this would take some time so the folder’s perpetrator settled back instead of sitting ramrod straight.
Without even glancing in her direction, the Sister snapped “Sit up straight, Miss Haers. One would think you’d have learned the consequences of bad posture by now.”
Raising an eyebrow, the maiden complied but slowly to the point where she was almost insolent. Silence reigned for a good twenty minutes as the school Disciplinarian read the file. Since Jackie suspected this was being done solely unnerve her, she mentally reviewed her notes for her first upcoming exam. She hadn’t broken any regulations or rules this past term so she wasn’t about to be intimidated; an emotional state every single teacher, prefect and Headgirl had failed to impose upon the former rebel.
Finished with her perusal, Sister Fitch leaned back in her comfortable chair. Steepling her fingers, she regarded Jackie. “Quite an entertaining read, Miss Haers. Appalling, to be sure, but entertaining. Before she left, I reviewed certain files with Sister Hilliard. She expressed a certain frustration that you and your friend, Miss Phillips, had not attended Freier a decade ago. If you had, perhaps considerable thought would have occurred before engaging in some of your more outrageous shenanigans. Tell me, was it really necessary to douse House Erving’s bedding with itching powder last year after they won the House Cup for the ninth time?”
Keeping a straight face, the non-repentant instigator maintained her silence. It had never been proved that she was the individual behind that particular incident and she’d just as soon keep it that way.
The serenity radiating from Jackie did not bother the Sister in the slightest. Indeed, she seemed amused by it. Finally, she asked, “Do you know why you are here Miss Haers?”
“No Sister,” Jackie replied evenly.
“You’re here to be punished.”
Having suspected this answer beforehand, the schoolgirl shook her head slowly. “With respect, Ma’am, you don’t have the right. I have done nothing to warrant such treatment and the rules prohibit disciplinarian action by faculty without cause.”
“Granite, what a preposterous nickname, made the same argument,” the Sister responded with a smile. “What you both fail to realize is that rules can be changed if the school Governors feel the need. Tell me, does the name Ellen Young mean anything to you?”
Frowning, Jackie mentally reviewed the school populace. The name sounded familiar but she wasn’t a current student. “Wasn’t she a rather severe Headgirl about nine years ago,” the reigning troublemaker asked cautiously as she remembered whispered horror stories.
“Correct. I’m impressed, Miss Phillips couldn’t recall the name but you were wrong in your description. Young wasn’t severe, she was a tyrant. Worse, she was clever. Nineteen years have passed since adolescents were randomly Selected for slave brands but our outdated disciplinary rules still reflected a world that no longer exists. If you knew where to look, the reason for this is painfully obvious. Unfortunately, Young did.”
“The elderly ‘gentlemen’ who comprised Freier’s Governing Board were not in favor of society reverting back toward the ancient belief that slavery was a method for personal growth with obligations on both sides. Their diminishing minority, which at the time held a slim majority, favored the more modern idea that collar wearers were somehow less than human. This view held no regard for what an owner owed toward their ‘property’ nor was there any consideration for why an individual might wish to wear a collar in the first place. Consequently, they considered it outrageous that slave owners would concern themselves with their property’s well-being. The only thing that mattered was how a slave might benefit their owner. In short, the sole concern of these nasty males was the number of nubile young women being branded so they could be purchased for their own salacious entertainment. Nor did it matter to them if the girls in question didn’t desire a collar. Understandably, at first they were skeptical by Young’s overtures, since her family has long been associated with the slave rights movement, but she managed to convince them that her tastes matched their own. Thus, they came to believe that Freier Academy’s newest Headgirl was merely safeguarding herself and their own interests by weeding out potential collar wearers from the general populace. However, Young’s motivations were much more complicated…”
“With respect, Ma’am,” Jackie interrupted, “what does this ancient history have to do with me?”
“Nine years is not ‘ancient history,’ Miss Haers,” the Sister remarked dryly. “Moreover, convict #9806-C has a great deal to do with you.”
“Huh? Who is this convict whatever,” Jackie asked in confusion.
“Convict #9806-C is Ellen Young’s designation, Miss Haers. She is also our greatest failure. This despot who so cruelly used her powers to flagellate and chastise at will, wanted to be stopped. She longed to receive the same treatment she was dispensing but her mother, despicable woman, convinced her that only the weak had such needs. In other words, Miss Haers, she thought her actions would result in punitive action that would reveal her true nature so she could receive what she craved. However, we did nothing but praise her as she exposed those who desired a Disciplinary lifestyle but were too afraid to seek it. That, Miss Haers, is our failure. Consequently, upon graduating, our tarnished alumni took her efforts to a new level and embezzled funds from her mother’s company. Eventually, she was detected, caught, and, at the board’s insistence, was tried and convicted despite maternal resistance. Interestingly enough, Young was purchased as a Penal Slave by another alumni, Fatima Syron. Do you know why, Miss Haers?”
Jackie shrugged; “I would assume she wanted revenge for all the indignities and pain she suffered.”
“Reasonable, Miss Haers, but inaccurate. Revenge was the motivation but Miss Syron was upset because she was not included in Miss Young’s little games. You see, Miss Syron, a scholarship student, was another individual who slipped through the cracks. She was a shy, studious girl who, regrettably, was coping with the sudden loss of her parents and the fact that her father’s insurance company went bankrupt the day after they died. Being included in Young’s nasty little games would have helped her heal but Young only wanted the offspring of the rich as they were the ones most likely to demand and receive ‘justice.’ Fortunately, Miss Syron took a risk and obtained a considerable loan, using herself as collateral, which enabled her to successfully acquire Young. I say ‘fortunately,’ because repayment terms required restitution within a year’s time and failure meant collateral forfeiture.”

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Sister Fitch extracted two letters from beneath her desk calendar. “It is unlikely the details of our failure would have ever been disclosed if Syron’s remaining debt hadn’t been purchased by a very strict but kind prospective Lady who subsequently achieved her desired title. This particular individual thought her debt and penal slave stories would prove edifying for Freier’s current Governors. Judging from the tear stains upon these documents, it’s quite evident that neither slave particularly desired to relay their stories but were…persuaded that it was necessary to prevent recurrences. The Governors certainly thought so. Which is why, Miss Haers, convict #9806-C concerns you. The Governors decided, wisely, it was time Sister Hilliard retired so a younger and stronger Disciplinarian could be appointed. Moreover, said Disciplinarian was equipped with amended rules that permit a pre-graduation chastising session for those reprobates who’ve indicated they desire such treatment. A similar clause affects timid ‘goody-two-shoes’ so they can at least obtain a taste within a safe environment. So, if you are ready, we shall begin.”
“This…this is profoundly unfair and unjust,” Jackie sputtered.
“No, what was ‘unfair and unjust’ were your activities these past seven years,” the Sister rejoined calmly. “If my predecessor had sense enough to retire when she realized her methods were no longer effective, you and certain other individuals would have enjoyed your sessions a great deal less."
“Enjoy, I…we…” the eighteen year-olds protestations were coolly ignored as a sheet was extracted from her file and handed across the desk. Glancing over it, the maiden felt her face heating with mortification. Sensations, emotional and otherwise, whose physical manifestations she’d convinced herself that Sister Hilliard had overlooked were excruciatingly detailed.
“It is presumed,” Sister Fitch continued with evident enjoyment “since you took such pains to acquire official attention, that you prefer experienced chastisers to the less assured regard of your empowered peers.”
“What I might ‘prefer’ is certainly not a matter I wish to ‘discuss’ with you,” Jackie retorted icily. “And I promise you, I have no intention of selling myself in any guise.”
“Certainly not, you’re not the type but the need for correction is not exclusively a slave trait.”
“As I stated, I will not discuss these matters with you.”
“So you’ve said. Very well, to business. Stand and place your hands upon your head.”
Not caring if the woman saw her defiance, the ginger head watched stonily as the Disciplinarian retrieved a small but thick oval paddle, hairbrush and a short rubber strap from the implement cabinet. Nor did she react when the Sister remarked cheerfully; “These will do to start with. We have, after all, a full forty-five minutes before my next appointment.” Setting her tools within reach, Fitch sat down upon the chair Jackie had so recently been occupying. The girl almost slapped the woman’s hands away when they reached up under her skirt to seize the teenager’s underwear before pulling them down. Fortunately, she resisted the impulse. It was a near thing though.
Unexpectedly, the brawny Sister yanked the adolescent across her lap. Already, Jackie missed Sister Hilliard. There had been some dignity in being permitted to raise and lower one’s own garments. There certainly hadn’t been any manhandling! Suspecting there would be other aspects she’d disfavor, the youth let her hands rest lightly upon the wooden floor as her skirt was carelessly thrown up. A forearm pressed tightly across the small of her back as the attached hand gripped her side. Considering her afternoon, it came as no surprise that a warm-up wasn’t administered.
The paddle was first. Jackie knew, within the first three strokes, that it would have been preferable to have been born a year earlier. Seizing chair legs, never before required during Hilliard’s term, she made a mental note to apologize when she next saw Granite. This was her last intelligent thought as Fitch quickened her pace. She never knew from one stroke to the next where the wood was going to land. First it was her fatty crown, then her right thigh, her very base, across the divide, her left thigh, the exact same spot before a quick seven upon her tender thigh and buttock meld.
The onslaught made it impossible to not react. Leather clad feet slid and scrapped the floor, marring the shoes reflective gleam. Her torso grew increasingly frantic but the restraining arm proved as muscular as the punitive right. Sweaty hair stained the pristine blouse collar as the ponytail whipped about. It took fifty some odd strokes, but Jackie’s right hand finally sought to shield her battered rear. It was caught easily at the wrist and wrenched up the small of her back while her thighs bore the fruits of this folly. It was these strokes, some sixty in all, that produced the first tears. Wails and gasps had long since been replaced with shrieks and howls.
The hairbrush was next but what induced the first pleas was not the traditional backend but the bristles. Humiliated, Jackie soon found herself begging, beseeching, the Sister to use the brush properly with all sorts of promised inducements if this was done forthwith. Having never before pleaded, the punished rebel was horrified when her honest entreaties were ignored. Worse, Fitch laughed. The woman hadn’t scolded or lectured during the distraught teenager’s ordeal but now she laughed. It was as if the eighteen year-olds conduct merited a special comedic award for the year’s most favored parody. That the Sister’s mirth didn’t diminish her arm’s intensity, certainly did nothing to relieve the seventh year’s anguish. If anything, it made it worse.
Having finally reclaimed her arm, Jackie glimpsed over her shoulder in sheer desperation. While tears blurred her vision, the girl caught sight of the descending brush but before the pointy nylon strands collided with her bruised flesh, the youth achieved her goal. Her efforts did not go unnoticed. “Yes,” the school Disciplinarian confirmed. “You’ve only been across my lap for seventeen minutes and tremendous progress has been made. Let’s see what is achievable with the remaining twenty-two.” It was then, the hairbrush’s backend was employed.
Screeching with pain, Jackie tried to persuade the woman to grant a three minute, even a thirty second, respite. As with her other requests, this was ignored. Instead, Sister Fitch gently reminded her, “This, you naughty little minx, is a disciplinary spanking not one of those enjoyable smack-smack sessions you received from Sister Hilliard. There’s nothing enjoyable about being across my lap, girl! You can appreciate the memory all you like but right now, you’re going to learn what true punishment means. And that child, by definition, means you don’t get to set conditions” Discolored thighs received a hefty stroke with each word as if to emphasize the Chastiser’s meaning. Instinctively realizing that preservation was preferable to pride, Jackie hastily agreed which merited another hearty chortle. “There ought to be a rule,” the teenager thought miserably as she flinched in reaction to another hard stroke “if you’re spanking someone, you can’t laugh.”
Finally, much to Jackie’s relief, the experienced Disciplinarian set aside the hairbrush. Even better, the hag was helping the teenager to her feet. Extremely sore, the seditious student consoled herself that while she may have cried and begged, she hadn’t truly been humbled. So caught up in her internal effort to restore her self-image, the seventh year didn’t notice that Fitch had snagged a footstool from beneath the desk with her foot and dragged it out. Now standing, the Sister placed her left foot squarely upon stool and Jackie found herself bent across the woman’s left leg. Worse, the appendage that had pinned her down had snaked around the eighteen year-olds throat so the hand rested on her right shoulder. Unable to glance backwards, the schoolgirl sensed the Sister retrieve the rubber strap.
“Now for the main event,” Fitch declared affably.
Panicking, Miss Haers realized she had been given a warm-up but it hadn’t been with a hand as customary with Sister Hilliard. This realization barely had time to penetrate her consciousness before the strap impacted her bruised nether flesh. Abandoning any pretense of bravery, Jackie tried to escape but her vanquisher’s grasp easily countered the futile attempt. Knowing better than to bite, the distraught girl’s hands trembled uncontrollably as the strap turned her swollen posterior into an enflamed rubbery mass. This thing was so much worse than either the paddle or hairbrush. The pain imparted, lodged deep within Jackie’s gluteus muscles. Sitting for exams, upon hard wooden chairs, would prove grueling as it was unlikely she’d be given permission to bring a pillow but that was a problem for the future. Her more immediate concern was that damn strap which Fitch continued to emphatically apply.

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There was no denying the woman had stamina.
Finally, the former rebel did the only thing she could do; she surrendered. No longer resisting, she lay limply across the Sister’s leg. Sobbing, without a thought in regard to her reputation, Jackie’s concerns had dwindled to her punished rear-end. Nothing else mattered. Her whole being had been reduced to the searing pain centered within her posterior.
It took quite awhile before she realized that she wasn’t being strapped anymore. Instead, as she calmed down enough to be aware of her surroundings, Jackie realized was engulfed within strong arms. It felt peaceful and imparted a sense of serenity she’d never felt after one of Hilliard’s hidings. Usually she was either full of herself for being stoic or experiencing a pleasant buzz. Before she could really compare the aftermath, the astute Sister was urging her upon her feet.
“Right girl, that’ll do for the moment. Put yourself in that corner and have a good hard think before we finish.”
Serenity fled to be replaced with apprehensive dread as Jackie fled to the indicated corner. Only after her nose was pressed tight against the wall did she realize she’d scurried.
Previously, the active schoolgirl had privately found the interminable wait to be something of a joke. Part of the game to make the occasion punitive instead of purely pleasurable. Now, instead of quietly languishing, the ginger haired troublemaker found the corner to be immensely preferable to the alternative. She didn’t want to do anything to draw attention to herself as she had during Hilliard’s term. This thought led to the awful realization that when she was summoned, it would begin anew.
As long seconds ticked by, the seventh year found she desperately needed the loo. Shifting her feet, Haers learned what nervousness meant as she listened to the Disciplinarian clean and return her tools to their cabinet. Bladder control was severely tested when another implement was retrieved and set upon the desk with an ominous thud. Never before had the girl wished so desperately to look behind her and see what made that noise. Previously, she’d have looked and to hell with any consequences. This attitude had been swept away with her tears.
“You may come forward,” the Sister said quietly.
Turning, Jackie saw the clock and realized six minutes remained before the new hour. Thank the Lady the amended rules hadn’t altered the one hour time limit but this comfort was diminished when she beheld the paddle resting upon Fitch’s desk. Smiling, the school Disciplinarian observed “I see you’ve noticed my favorite implement. Oak surrounds an aluminum core and, to maintain it’s durable life, the wood is protected by a thin lexan coating. It was a bit tricky to center the three holes properly but I’ve always felt it was well worth the hefty price.”
The schoolgirl felt sick.
“What, no snappy comebacks? No defiant speech about your rights?”
Accepting consequences was part of being an adult, the adolescent realized as she silently shook her head. Longing to soothe the diminished ache within her backend, the young woman bent across the desk, spread her legs and gripped the far edge at the school official’s command.
“Like your friend, Granite, you’ll receive five strokes but if you stand or try to protect yourself; you’ll receive nine. Is that understood?”
“Yes Sister,” Jackie replied docilely as she closed her eyes.
They opened quickly with the first stroke. It was as if she’d done a belly flop on her backside only, the implied allegory substance wasn’t water, it was concrete. “One!”
“You needn’t count, Miss Haers,” the older woman countered. “Seeing as you’re the type who’ll always require a strong presence behind her, take this opportunity to consider how you might achieve such a person’s regard. Bratty behavior is an amusing trait within the young but is contemptible when displayed by an adult.”
Intuitively, the eighteen year-old knew there were some who’d enjoy the challenge but providing this counter argument wasn’t worth additional strokes. Bracing herself, the teenager awaited the second with growing dread. She thought she’d be able to avoid the temptations that would prolong her agony but…the maiden plunged forward as the trice damn menace impacted her upturned derriere.
The extended wait in-between proved as trying as the actual stroke. Countless tiny ticked increments measured by the hanging timepiece threatened to drive the girl mad before a sudden whistling rush heralded new agony. Each cycle heightened the anguish felt since the disquieting wait refreshed stressed nerve endings while diminishing the adolescent’s remaining delusions concerning maturity. Waiting for the fourth, Jackie suddenly realized that this was what she’d overheard while outside. Diverting herself by speculating as to who now resided within the hallway proved a useless tactic when faced with the final stroke. No matter how she tried not to think about it, the seventh year knew this last one would be the worst.
She was right.
If it wasn’t for her tight hold upon the desk, the schoolgirl would have vaulted it like a gym horse. Weeping again, she forced herself to wait for permission to rise. This took awhile since the good Sister wiped her paddle with Jackie’s upturned skirt before returning it to the cabinet and then reclaimed her seat inches from the teenager’s tear stained face. Not desiring to look the woman in the eye, the teenager looked downward until a forefinger lodged itself under her chin and lifted.
“We haven’t finished, you and I;” Sister Fitch announced. “I concede, though, that at this moment, your academic studies are more. Therefore, I shall give you a reprieve. However, by next Wednesday, you shall write five thousand times: ‘In my attempts to meet my need for correction, I shall not harm, physically or emotionally, any other soul.’ If you fail, expect six dozen with the birch before the entire school next Thursday. Now, you may stand and repair yourself.”
Silently, Jackie straightened and knelt to recover her panties. Stretching the waistband, she reluctantly slid the fabric up over her swollen rear. It hurt to have the cotton fabric press against her chastened flesh. Snatching a Kleenex, the self-conscious maiden tried to remove any trace of her ordeal from her face but without access to a mirror the effort was fruitless and she knew it.
“Finished,” the Sister asked. At Jackie’s nod, she rose and escorted the schoolgirl from her office. Outside, Jackie saw her chief rival, Maria Vega, standing as she had previously. “Remember, Miss Haers, you have until Wednesday next to finish your lines. That will give you an entire day after your exams and if you haven’t completed your task…” Not even daring to consider the alternative, the distraught girl rubbed her palms against the front of her thighs. Aware suddenly of what she was doing, Jackie glanced at Maria and scurried back to her dorm.
Starting, let alone finishing, this punitive assignment was impossible during the final days before exams. As for making the attempt in-between, that was a thoughtless joke. So, as Jackie knew the Sister had intended, she would encounter the birch but she would not be alone. There were six others as well. Considering their history, Granite and Maria were understandable choices. Frankly, considering their deviltry, the only surprise was that they’d only be given six dozen. Haley Gibbs wasn’t much of a surprise either since she’d barely escaped juvie the year before she transferred. As it was, she’d been an involuntary model at Camp Salotti the summer before attending Freier and was returning this year as well. Even Sharon Rolston wasn’t a surprise. It had been widely known for years that the girl planned on selling herself after graduation. However, Monica Dencher and Terri Moore were another matter. Then again, on reflection, when it came to Moore, perhaps it wasn’t so strange.
Being rather astute, an aberration for one of her years, it hadn’t been long before a certain carefree miscreant noticed that one angelic roommate took an inordinate interest when either her two mischievous peers recounted their disciplinary encounters or permitted a gentle breeze from a nearby window to caress their enflamed nether cheeks. Tallying this observation with barely discernable solitary activities during night’s darkest hours, Jackie had taken considerable care over the years to not belittle Terri for her ‘goody-two shoes’ image no matter how exasperating. When she was ready, the adolescent miscreant reasoned, Terri would find a way to experience the pleasures and discomfort of correction. Forcing the issue, could potentially spoil such delightful agony.
Which, currently, was a real possibility.
As much as she wanted to, Haers couldn’t blame Fatima Syron for this mess. The authorities, who as usual were hypocrites, had taken the entirely wrong lesson from Syron’s experiences. The woman had been brave, there was no questioning that, in using herself as collateral to achieve her true goal but she had been ready. Terri, and presumably Monica, may well have the same needs, to differing degrees. Nonetheless, in some way, if they hadn’t come forward of their own violation, then they weren’t ready and it was immoral to force the issue. It was the same faulty logic that produced coerced slaves but there was nothing Jackie could do about it now except hold the pair’s hands as they awaited their turns and provide as much comfort as she could.

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Cant believe I went to my mailbox today and got another letter from the traffic bureau I hate Columbus now they got all these cameras at their traffic lights. This is the second time at the same intersection saying I ran red light. I yield before I run a light. So would you consider this a spankable offense or not.

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Today is the first day of 2013 that i have seen good birch branches....

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Passion's Storm

She was bored; she wasn’t even sure anymore why she’d come to the island resort for singles. None of the men seemed to have any depth. It wasn’t that she necessarily wanted a lasting relationship but she had yet to feel even a spark of interest.

She sighed and left the cocktail party, shoes in hand for a solitary walk along the beach.

She paused gazing out across the water wondering again why she’d come.

She jumped and turned when a deep voice spoke from directly behind her. “Bored with the party already?”

He was tall with broad shoulders; he had dark hair and even darker eyes. He wasn’t classically handsome but something about him was riveting just the same.

“Yes. I think if one more man asks me what my sign is I might throw up.”

“That’s a pretty drastic reaction don’t you think?”

She laughed. “Probably, but its true. What about you?”

“I was bored before I got here.”

She nodded as they turned in silent agreement to continue the walk down the deserted beach.

They didn’t exchange names as they talked both enjoying the anonymity of talking with a stranger.

Feeling freer than she ever had before she told him of her darkest fantasies and he shared his.

Somehow walking in the darkness with a stranger it was easy to say things aloud that she’d never shared with another.

Without warning the skies opened above them with a torrent of rain. They’d come so far down the beach it was impossible to discern the lights of the clubhouse in the darkness.

Hand in hand they rain through the rain looking for shelter from the storm. As they cut up through the tropical foliage they found a little hidden gazebo.

They dashed inside and faced each other in the darkness. It was impossible to see the sudden storm darkening the night sky to pitch.

Lightening flashed he looked down to where the damp silk of her gown clung to her full breasts.

Under the heat of his gaze she felt her nipples tighten in response. The light faded to black once again, neither speaking as tension crackled in the air between them.

Another flash of light and their eyes met. Suddenly frightened by what she saw in his eyes she ran back out into the storm away from him, from herself.

“Wait!” He caught her turning her around to face him, when the lightening cracked again she saw everything. The heat, the hunger, the raw need that filled his eyes and knew it was mirrored in her own.

Later neither would be able to say who had moved first, but they met in the middle, kissing as the rain fell around them.

She shivered as his lips met hers opening his mouth over hers to deepen the kiss. He drew her tongue into his mouth and began a gentle suction that she felt all the way to her toes. She pressed herself closer to his body groaning as she felt him rigid against her soft belly.

They broke apart for a space of seconds, their harsh breathing mingling with the sounds of the storm.

He took her hand and pulled her after him into the gazebo. She followed no longer interested in denying the pull of his touch.

She gasped as he ran a finger down the side of her neck before easing the straps of her gown from her shoulders. Inch by inch he pulled the wet silk down her damp body until it landed in knot at her feet.

She stood proudly before him in minuscule black silk panties. She’d not worn a bra. Lightening flashed again and light played across her alabaster skin. She sucked in her breath at the intensity of the desire in his eyes.

His hand cupped her through the dampened material of her panties. A low growl coming from his throat.

“You are a naughty girl.”


He shed his damp clothing as they talked. “Do you know what happens to naughty girls?”

She shuddered as a delicious heat spread through her at his question. “Yes.”

“What happens?”

“They get spanked.”

She heard him move in the darkness as he sat down on one of the built in benches taking her wrist in his hand. “That’s right they get spanked.” He pulled her to stand between his legs. “How do they get spanked?”

“On their bare bottoms.” She said in a breathy whisper.

“Yes they get spanked on their bare bottoms.” He said as he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her long legs, urging her to step out of them.

He pulled her gently down across his naked lap and began running his palm across her upturned buttocks. Slow gliding caresses that made her shiver.

“Are you a naughty girl?” He asked as he delivered a firm swat to the undercurve of her bottom.

“Yes.” She gasped. It wasn’t really hard enough to hurt but still brought a hot sting.

He began to alternate the stinging swats with the gliding caresses, slowly building the heat in her bottom bringing it to a bright pink hue.

She found herself pushing her hips up to meet each swat and then shamefully rubbing against his hand when it came back to stroke her stinging flesh.

His caresses became longer, sweeping up her back and down her legs. His hand continuing to heat her bottom in between each stroke.

She wriggled and moaned across his thighs like a woman possessed. “Please … oh please.” She cried as his fingers made a teasing foray between her thighs. One brief touch then they were gone.

She raised her hips beseechingly, begging for more.

Three sharp swats low on the undercurve of her bottom where her reward.

Then his hand returned to the place she wanted it most. His other hand sweeping up her back as one long finger thrust deep.

She gasped as he shifted her slightly, his fingers never breaking rhythm as he positioned her so he could kiss the small of her back.

With a low moan she moved her thighs further apart to grant him better access.

Another finger joined the first, stretching her as he kissed and nibbled his way up her back.

He urged her to her knees with the hand between her legs and another beneath her stomach. Pressing her thighs further apart from behind.

She stiffened when his tongue rimmed the flesh surrounding his fingers then found the place he knew would drive her wild.

She pressed her face into the cold floor then exploded.

Then he was gone. She pressed back searching for that loving hand.

He smiled then brought that same hand down on her reddened backside five times in quick succession.

“Oooohhh!” She bucked, shocked at the waves of pleasure rippling through her from the firm swats. “Now … please …now “

He needed no further invitation. Rising to his knees behind her he thrust deeply inside.

Her body welcomed him, clamping down to pull him deeper. She moved her thighs as far apart as she could and pressed back eagerly to meet his every thrust as she sobbed her pleasure.

“Harder … yes … Harder! … yes …”

He rode her hard and deep reveling in her passion. She convulsed around him twice before her gave in to his own passion and cried out in a silent scream of release.

Passion spent they lay together still joined on the hard cool floor of the gazebo. Listening to the rainfall against the roof.

She gently pulled the arm around her up so she could kiss his hand and tuck it beneath her chin.

He pressed a gentle kiss into her hair.

No words were spoken. None were needed. Neither wanted to spoil the magic of the storm.

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So knowing my dad was coming over today to help me pack my apt and well aware of his OCD and his impulse need to get up very early every day even weekends so that means I would have to be up early as well so why the heck do I go to bed at six in the morning ? I feel like I have a major hang over even thou I haven't drank
Lucky my dad is more understanding that it's harder for me to be up so early at nine months pregnant and let me sleep in until 10:30 normally I would have to up and ready by 8 in the morning even on a weekend :/

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So, earlier tonight I very innocently went out to get a burger for dinner. My next door neighbor asked me if I wanted to try a screwdriver. Yes, I'm highly aware I'm 31 but I've never had one. So, I told him maybe later after I get back from driving. I won't even take a sip off alcohol if I get behind the wheel. When I come back home and start up the sidewalk, my neighbor's still there and said he'd go get the stuff for me.
He mixed me up a screwdriver and I got quite a bit of it. Long story short, I feel frakkin tipsy as hell at the moment and I have a job interview in eight hours. I probably shouldn't have done that. But the screwdriver is good....even though my head is pounding like crazy. *takes another sip of it* Cheers for being a responsible adult!
That's all for now I reckon. Much love and peace out. xoxoxoxo ~haze

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