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Views: 222 · Added: 856 days ago

Just have to put this out there ppl who r against swearing the word "ass" is not a swear it's a improper way of saying a body part lol or another word for a donkey lol

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Views: 1048 · Added: 856 days ago

So a while back I asked the question which celebraty would you want to spank/be spanked by. Well I'm kinda reposting the question, but instead of the actual actor. Which character from a movie or tv series would you want to spank or be spanked by? There's plenty out there, be it the tough guy with the soft nurturing side to be spanked by. And let's face it bad girls make good television (i.e the entire female cast of Lost and the Walking Dead).
So who would it be for you?

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Views: 193 · Added: 856 days ago

So I was outside my apt earlyier waiting for my mother to come by to give some stuff she had of mine and wile I was waiting for her I saw my naghbors children play ing outside and I couldn't belve what I saw the older brother who couldn't be older then 8. Pushed his younger sister who couldn't be older then 5. Down on the sidewalk and said " fuck u leave me alone bitch" and I could think is where has this world coming to? If I said that to my sister I wouldn't be sitting for a week

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Views: 131 · Added: 856 days ago

So I've been asked this a lot since I've been on this site " have u ever been spanked other than when u were younger?" And I always have a hard time answering it I guess the answer is yes but I don't count it as a spanking cuz it was more of a love tap then anything and the leason I was suppose to learn I didn't and I was laughing the whole time so I hope that answers that question everyone :)

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Views: 234 · Added: 856 days ago

So as I've posted last night, I'm getting a spanking later today. I'm just so freaking nervous knowing how sore I'm going to be after my first bare bottom spanking. Is there any way I can get out of it? Maybe be extra good? Some bribes, perhaps? Or any tricks I can do to make the spanking lighter? He's let me know he's spanking me until I cry so if I start crying early do you think that'll get me less time? He's starting at 10 minutes, but I have extra for not doing some things. Help!

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Views: 438 · Added: 857 days ago

I just finished watching an episode of "American Horror story Asylum" This season seems to be packed with corporal punishment...I think Jessica Langes character is a bit of a spanko :P. And in this episode it was so romantic. Kit took Grace's spanking, awwwww swoon!! And I'm so mad at Lana for turning them in!!! BAD LANA haha. It was a great scene they were both bent over a desk bare bottom and sister Jude has lana pick out the cane/rod that will be used on grace and kit...after lana tells sister Jude "you are so twisted." She picks out the smallest one. To which the Sister responds "come on Lana live large" obviously she did not approve of lana's first choice. It was extremely brave of kit Sister Jude is not one to be messed with....for obvious reasons, like she has a cabnet full of impliments, and she's a nun, and she's in charge of an insane asylum. Anywho I just loved the fact that kit stood up for Grace he ended up getting double. I wonder how many out there have taken a punishment for another. Very intrigueing thought. *sits here with imagination running wild* oh the possibilities.

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Views: 202 · Added: 857 days ago

So, I'm really new at this whole domestic discipline thing and started complaining about having implements used on me for my second spanking. Needless to say, I've learned my lesson about doing that. I already didn't let him finish my spanking earlier today so I'm getting extra for that too. I hate knowing that tomorrow I'm getting the belt and the hairbrush bare bottom. I have to write about everything that I did wrong that earned me extra spankings. Wish me luck! :/

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Views: 215 · Added: 857 days ago

I got my first spanking today. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect in terms of the pain, but boy am I sore! I was spanked over the knee for about 5 mins and then spanked with my hands on the coffee table bent over for a few seconds after a small break. He hits hard and I have another session tomorrow.
I'll blog about my second spanking tomorrow! I'm getting the belt and the hairbrush for not letting him finish my spanking today :/

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Views: 160 · Added: 857 days ago

So I had a prethanks giving turkey dinner tonight with my parents and younger sister and brother in law and I help to noice that all the dinner stories was about me when I was younger and I must say I was a biger trouble maker then I thought lol and how I wasn't a really a good role model for my younger sister cuz half of the dumb things I did I somehow convince my sister. To be my partner in crime lol guess. I learned more about myself and my relationship with my sister tonight

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Views: 393 · Added: 857 days ago

So a group of girls and I wanted to go pole dancing. I asked Him if I could go and He said “NO!!!” I kept bringing it up, I kept trying to explain that there was nothing raunchy about it. I tried to tell Him that it would be just girls, having fun and exercising. I kept hounding Him about it until finally He got fed up and threatened to show me His latest version of “Lap Dancing”. So I dropped it for a while but I knew the Play Date was quickly approaching. After that, I occasionally, casually brought it up, just trying to see if His thoughts would change. Not only did they stay the same, but He told me that the mere mention of a pole, dance, lap or chair would have me more sore than I could ever imagine. So I dropped it, but the date was here.

Fast forward……this past weekend was the “Girls Night Out”. Dinner, drinks and Pole dancing. What was I supposed to do??? He said “NO”, but I had already committed and paid my money (praying that He would change His mind). He was away taking care of some business and I felt obligated to keep my word to my friends. So I went. I went Pole Dancing!!! But I feel awful. Despite the “Girl Time”, I feel really bad about deliberately disobeying Him. In fact, when He asked me what I did, I told Him a bold-faced lie. He hates lying. What do I do?

I guess I’m confessing. Maybe He will read my blog and have pity. Maybe He will look deep into my eyes, fall madly in love and give me a pass. Then again maybe not.


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Views: 795 · Added: 857 days ago

Spankygirl had a difficult time with the paddle cuz I had spanked her with a brush and belt several times throughtout the day for not doing her work so I allowed a lot of movement cuz I knew she was hurting

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Views: 183 · Added: 857 days ago

I went over his knee today to receive a “loving but intense spanking” (his description), for the first time over his knee as he sat in a chair rather than on the couch. It was a ritual spanking, supposedly serving to mark my commitment to leave one or two detrimental paths that I have been following till they are rutted and I don’t even have to think about where I’m going, and embrace a healthier and better direction. He is so chubby that he had very little lap to lay over; but for the time that we could maintain that position I kind of liked it better than the couch, which surprised me. OTK on a chair never looks as comfortable as on a couch, where the one being spanked can be so completely supported. But the chair wasn’t actually uncomfortable, and I liked being able to grab his leg when the going got rough, which was more like leaning into the experience; on the couch I have only impersonal pillows, and I arch my back as if to escape the experience.

I found myself “planking” several times during this spanking, it was so hard!!! Stiffening your muscles in this way really does lessen the pain somewhat and I don’t get “extra swats” or anything like that for doing it: that’s how the spanking is “loving” – nothing negative or controlling, no humiliation, not being “corrected” but partnering and participating in my own growth.

My main issue is lack of emotions; my emotions were never validated during my childhood, and my relationships at home were so painful that I learned to shut down. And even though this was not the issue that was being dealt with today, it was the root issue of both issues that I brought to him today, which surprised me. I was also surprised by how easily he was able to see that: how I have closed myself off to pain for so long, but avoiding pain is a short-circuiting, circumventing and ultimately detrimental tactic. The pains of my past are vanished, leaving only their scars, but I can experience a different kind of pain through the spanking, for all that it pales beside the pain of a verbally abusive relationship. Still it is pain that I can absorb, face down as it were, baby steps towards absorbing and facing down the other, worse pain.

The ritual was supposed to be personal to me, so when he asked about positions and implements, etc. I requested the “little stick;” but he must not have one and thought I meant a switch, and since I don’t know “the little stick” by any other name, I prepared and brought a switch. I was emotionally immune to the preparation, other than feeling a bit conspicuous as I walked through my neighborhood peeling the branches and leaves from the limb that I had broken off, thinking that what I was doing would be obvious to anyone who saw me; I also felt sorry about using a limb, - marring the tree a little by breaking it off, taking something alive and consigning it to dry up, stripping the beautiful and delicate leaves and leaving them beside the road; it was a travesty that guilty I brought on this innocent tree. Towards the end of the ritual he asked me for the switch, “the present you brought me,” in his words, so I had to stand up and retrieve it. I was then bent over a table and got my first switching, which I found barely endurable, and after that a strapping; I was having such a hard time that for the first time he told me, “two more,” “one more,” which helped me face it down until the end. It’s the not knowing when the volleys of spanks will subside that starts me thinking, “I’ll use my safe word, I’ll use my safe word,” but I really don’t want to use it; it’s a point of pride for me. I don’t know if he counts while he spanks me; he never makes me count, of course. But today I counted to myself as a strategy for holding on, “I won’t use my safe word until I’ve taken 20 more swats . . .” thinking that surely this dose of the paddle or hairbrush or whatever would end within that time, and each time I was wrong, but this strategy helped me to make it to those 20 swats and beyond. It helped me to last.

The funny thing is that when I’m in the throes of that ongoing pain, I’m not being brought closer to tears. I have never yet cried during a spanking, and I want to. I want the emotional release, the emotional catharsis. But rather than being broken in that way, I seem to get stronger inside and further from tears. I wish it wasn’t so. But perhaps it is forging in me that stronger core that my “spanked in childhood” friends seem to have, and that I have always felt I lacked. Neither did I even get to the vulnerable state that I was in last time. Could this be due to excellent aftercare, that included driving home sitting comfortably on ice packs (upon which I continue to sit)? I want the bruises to heal, but I also want to milk the experience for everything it has to offer. So for now I will be content with the present, and see what benefits there may be in the future.

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I look away and stare at a spec on the floor. I’m sure you’ll think of something I think to myself. After all that is what you are great at. Finding ways to pleasure women to the point it’s painful. Thinking about all the things he could do to me, I suddenly feel parched.
The touch of a soft finger lifting my chin brings me back to attention.
What should I do with you Miss. King – hmmm, he muses.
Taking a quick glance at him, I whisper softly. Whatever it is your heart desires Sir. *Ashanti! Get a hold of yourself!* how does he do that? Though I think there is nothing wrong with the statement I made at dinner, he clearly thinks differently. I had been ready to object when he approached it and now I am standing her melting under his baby blue eyes.
Grabbing a handful of my hair, Jeffery pulls my head to his and slowly kisses my parched lips. Smiling and looking into my eyes with his gleaming in excitement, he utters. Nervous are we Miss. King?
I nod slowly. Stop taunting me already and let’s get this over with. The anticipation is killing me, I scream in my head.
You were such a naughty girl in that restaurant, weren’t you? He muses.
Yes, Sir.
What happens to naughty girls Miss King? He asks kissing my parched lips again.
Swallowing hard I whimper, they are punished Sir.
That’s correct Miss King. So what is it you suppose I do with you now naughty girl?
I don’t know Sir, I utter.
A devilish grin lines his baby face. I do he says.
I look away, trying to avoid his seductive baby blue eyes.
I feel a firm hand grasp my neck and force me down into a kneeling position. Still holding on to the chunk of my hair he throws my head back and looks into my eyes.
Tell me what you want Miss. King
Ugh! Here we go with the, beg for it game. He can’t simply just do what he wants with me, he has to make me beg for it.
Well Miss. King, what do you want? He asks again in his soft but stern voice.
I find my voice and whisper, I want you Sir.
What do you want from me Miss. King?
I want you to punish me and have your way with me Sir; I manage to utter out in exasperation.
Good girl, he says running his index finger down the side of my cheek with his free hand.
Leaning my head to the side, I try to make the moment last a little longer. His touch is so gentle and feels so genuine. But, before I get a chance to embrace the moment, he jerks his hand back and sends a sting smack to the side of my face. Naughty girl! He scolds.

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Happy Monday fellow spankophiles. During my time here I have made friends with many people from all walks of life and across the globe. But one thing I keep wondering, are there ANY women from the Seattle area on here? Canada is well represented, as are most other parts of the country. I know they have to be out there. PLease raise your hand if you are.

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Views: 316 · Added: 857 days ago

So stube fam its come to my attention that people think its basically funny to get they ass torn up and me of all people supposed to think that its funny. So like always imma keep it real something thats hard to do for most people. Newsflash all my videos is under DD4life in none of my videos have u seen me laugh and in no way think discipline is funny. I understand that their is some people out their who like getting their ass whooped whichis not me cuz me going through the ass whoopings ive had for the past year and sum months by my Daddy is a standing proof that none of my ass whoopings is liked if they was i wouldnt be getting whooped. I dont judge noone but im straight DD not sadistic or machonistic etc...i know some people that is thats their lifestyle that their buisness and whoever they want to no buisness.The only part that is liked is the caringness connection, and chemistry that two people have during a whooping My lifestyle is straight 100 percent DD to the T. After my ass whooping im remorseful and sorry for what i did yes sometimes my whoopings do have to be repeated for the same offense but that doesnt in no way or form mean i like them. if anybody asked my Dad anything about me the first thing he would say is my daughter is the most hard headed person you are going to met. I never thought discipline as a kid growing up or even now was funny, something to be liked or something to get off on. Shoot just ask my past spanker or my Daddy they will set u straight on this subject. Any questions or comments feel free to ask. Like i said b4 im not dissing any of the other lifestyles im just not familiar with them like i am about domestic discipline.

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Views: 233 · Added: 857 days ago

So for the past two weeks my dad has been complaining about my older brother John not keeping contact with the family and honestly I was getting tired of hearing it also I don't like seeing him down in the dumps like that so I contacted my sister in law on facebook letting her know what's up and asked if she would tell John to call my dad knowing that I should of let things be and if my dad found out I was problem solving again I would never hear the end of it so I asked my sister in law to not let it be known that she heard it from me and hear I am now getting a ear full for what seems to be a hour long licture and all I'm thinking is how does he know it was me. :/

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Views: 225 · Added: 857 days ago

Hello All! I'm off to my "loving but intense" disciplinary-style spanking soon, my third spanking. The first time I didn't eat or drink anything ahead of time, because I didn't know how it would affect me; had a raging headache afterwards, since I drink cappuccino in the morning. The second time I had my usual breakfast, which is my favorite meal and my comfort food. This time I'm having dinner! and saving breakfast for when I get back, 'cause I think I'll be needing comfort. I'll be in that vulnerable state. . .

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Views: 309 · Added: 857 days ago

you don something wrong and your going to get it may take a while but you will get it as 2 women found out, bright red asses recieved on a sunday morning, those little catholic girls will have a hard time sitting threw mass i can assure you fo that they might even kring a bit looking at the wooden pews thinking on just a few hrs befor the wood cracking there asses till they were cherry red,Reason for the ass
paddling those two thought it would be a good ideal to meet up and go drinking and drive themselfs home and brag about on there social media forums thinking I would find out call me wake me up ill drive you home call you a cab just dont drive drunk,,,, balling and teary eyed is what they got for doing it, maybe it will keep some others from getting the same way if they dont do it again and kill somebody cherry red ass Justice served ! via red oak paddle with holes

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Views: 1184 · Added: 858 days ago

Wooduspank fans liked our recent video more then mine :( I hate losing

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Views: 412 · Added: 858 days ago

Some doms don't like when their partner swears others don't care

What r ppl thoughts about swearing?

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