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Im learning a huge majority of women like having their pussy spanked ...some girls really are naughty huh

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So I have become a professional spankee. Lots of interest and already had some clients.
I know some of you may disagree with this idea of charging for spankings. But firstly I enjoy it and secondly I get paid.
Hubby knows what I do and is happy so long as the rules are adhered to and I am safe.
Added bonus is my hubby sooths cream into my bottom post session.
I would like to know what peoples opinions are regarding being spanked for cash.

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You have no Idea how many times I've seen spanking models with bony butts. Most of the time professional spanking studios accept girls of all ages (as long as they're legal) and each have their own classification of ass. theres the fatass,the matureass, the roundass and unfortunately the tight ass. The fatass is for women that are"thick" and have thighs to spare their asses jiggle like jelly and most of the time the actresses have a low pain resistance so they jump around and try to fight the spanking thus making their cheeks jiggle even more. The matureass is the class for older women that hold a moderately thin body shape (except for their bum) and asses that appear to be soft and . . .how you say . . .fuckable? I dont know what the word is to describe it but older ladies sometimes have this ass that looks soft, irresistible, and amazing when red. (Sarah Bright) Next is the roundass this category is sort of a grab bag because it contains two forms of ass. The first is the ass thats round because the owner is round! Spankees with an overall round physique have overall round assets. And the second belongs to models with asses that you would call bubble butt. Its round like a ball but its not as grabby and jiggly as the fatass most of the time you see it on girls who work out. Finally the tight ass. Tight ass is something I dislike because it takes all the fun out of a spanking models with tight ass tend to leave the watcher with little to look at or enjoy other than the pain that actress might be feeling. I know different people like different things but I can't get into models that don't really have ass. I apologize but remember this only my opinion I will never claim it to be fact. If you like bony butts good for you!

So whats your favorite type of ass. Fat, Mature, Round, or Tight? let me know in the comments.

Kara Prepare Yourself
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On Stube I've been seeing alot of dick sucking which is weird because spanking is like the porn that has the least to do with sex and the most to do with personal pleasure (like people that like to get spanked and vice versa) not to mention REAL discipline in REAL situations. I don't know maybe its just me. I have no problem with regular porn and partake in it often but it seems like the site named and known for spanking should be more about that and not what happens afterwards (Not including BDSM but there is a difference).

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For Halloween I think I'll be Attila,
And wallop every ghostly goon in sight.
And anyone who comes as a gorilla
Will either get the strap or have to fight.
But princesses or pixies named Priscilla
I'll let Mike paddle, just to be polite.

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So I was just made aware of by somebody that their was a picture on this site that had me and my daughter in it. I know people know my real name because of past drama and nonsense. I did see part of the pic its private so I cant see all of the pictures in it. But whoever it is please take it down I did make sure support knew about it so I would really appreciate it. Their is way to many perves and pedophiles on this site. This is a X rated/ porno/ spanking site not a family and kid site. I am really frustrated but all I can do is wait to hear from support.

Kara Prepare Yourself
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Long day for me trying to get my car fixed hopefully tomorrow I will. And ended up taking a run to the hospital wasn't nothing really serious but im just not feeling good at all. I think my walks in the morning is effecting me its starting to get in the lower 70's here and even though I just wear a jacket and sweatpants I think its making me go under the weather...

But everything else is going alright I guess. Hoidays and everything is coming around the corner so it gets hectic around this family. Hopefully I can stay cool and calm theirs always something going on around thanksgiving that my mom and a couple of her sisters argue about whos going to have the dinner at whose house its a little of a mess right now I do try and stay out of everything even though me and my mom don't get along together because of past reasons Ive been trying not to argue with her about I just don't think that she should have it at her house this year because shes having surgery like a couple weeks before thanksgiving. But I guess that's not really my say I just don't think she knows when somebodys trying to help her or whatever. My family is a very difficult family at times. But I love them all.

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What is your favorite position to either get or give a spanking? And what is your least favorite?

I like laying across the bed or straddled over the knee. My least favorite position would be standing against the wall. To/for me it seems a little to distant. I need to be touched the entire time....either my arm, back or legs. Touching me reminds me that I'm still loved even though I'm being punished. I'm not a tiny girl so laying straight across the lap isn't always comfortable depending on the size of the spanker.

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Hello folks, Loki here.

Well today is my birthday. Forty-seven years old, twenty-seven of those as an S&M'er. Given the running around that I did today, despite not wanting to, I doubt that there will be a video shoot of my birthday session done today. But there will be one!

Meantime, I am enjoying this day. I may not be doing it as glamorous as I would like, but I am having fun all the same!

Kara Prepare Yourself
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What I like about the Mrs. Roberts fantasy is how submissive the young man is, how he knows he needs this special attention from her, even before she pays attention to his penis.

Thing is, I'm basically heterosexual, so the fantasies I prefer have a young woman in his place, and either a woman or man as the dominant. But, I identify with her like I were in her place, and want her to have basically the same feelings. I always want to see the submissive fully exposed, either right away or exposed in stages during the punishment, but I nearly always need to see a nice shaved pussy to be fully satisfied. I like it when the top makes a point of exposing the submissive, pulling cheeks apart, making her spread her legs for a full view.I like British school punishment scenes the most. The variation I like the most is the girl who has repeatedly been in trouble, acting as if she knows she needs to be punished. I like the idea of two girls being punished together to increase the sense of exposure and embarrassment. I like to hear some lecturing, using "spank", "spanking", "bare bottom punishment" frequently, pointing out how exposed the spankee is, how vulnerable, how deserving they are of a "good, hard, bare bottom spanking." I like the idea of a special time in the afternoon for punishment, a special room where the implements and benches are kept. This would be after the other students have gone home, and everything is quiet. All I would want to hear would be what happens in the punishment session, no music, no outside noises. I like the idea of the headmaster or mistress taking a great interest in the young woman's exposed body, feeling her up, rubbing her ass during the spanking. She reacts with pleasure, asking to rub herself or asking for a rub, or relaxing when being rubbed. She obeys commands to pull her own panties down, to raise her skirt, to take a particular position, if slowly, a bit reluctantly. Her reluctance is only brief, her attitude is submissive throughout the punishment. She gets excited at some point, and it's obvious.

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Soon he was back, cleaning the floor on all fours. She moved the chair around to see him from behind. She had a riding crop in hand, and began tapping his bared ass as he cleaned the floor. She had taken off the housecoat she had wrapped around her earlier, revealing a black see-through negligee, stockings with garter belt and black lace panties.

“I like you in this position, dear.” With that she began giving him hard thwacks on his defenseless, bared ass. He reacted to each one, instinctively trying to move out of the way of the next swat, unsuccessfully. Pretty soon his ass was covered in splotches from the doubled leather tip of the riding crop. Some were bruising up. His efforts to clean up after himself were suffering.

“I told you to clean that properly, young man!” She gave him several more swift and hard swats with the crop. He was nearly lying flat on the floor, trying to avoid the crop and whining as he did so.

“That’s enough, we’ll attend to the mess later. I want you up and over the end of the sofa. Now!”

The sofa was overstuffed, with large round arms that made perfect supports for a bare-assed young man in need of correction. He was soon over it, looking back at Mrs. Roberts, begging for leniency.

“Please, mistress, don’t spank me hard, my bottom is already sore, please ma’am.”

She wasn’t impressed. When he’s been thoroughly chastised, his attitude was distinctly different, much more contrite and submissive. So, she stood next to him, looking down on his cute smooth bottom. She made him spread his legs, his cock and balls were crushed against the sofa.

“Let me see those balls of yours, dear.”

She made him lift his hips enough so she could pull his balls back and into view.

“I’m going to crop you now severely, for making a mess with your cum, and being such a bad floor cleaner.”

She used the crop surely and swiftly, letting the leather leave it’s mark, and also the hard, leather-wrapped shaft across his backside. He whined, yelped and squirmed as the blows landed. She repeatedly told him to keep his hands forward, and gave extra hard strokes of the crop when he disobeyed. Soon his ass was not only red, and sore, there were innumerable thick red welts across his plump, round ass. She let him stand up and rub himself. His cock was starting to stiffen again as he stood in front of her, with only a t-shirt on, rubbing and clenching his ass in his hands. She reached out and stroked his cock lightly, watching it twitch into full erection, playing with the head enough to keep him hard. His mouth was open, he watched her hold him, looked into her eyes, then back at his cock. His eyes started to close as he felt her expert hand play with his hard cock. His ass was hot, sore, throbbing even, like his dick. He squeezed his sore ass more, and pushed slightly into Mrs. Roberts’ hand.

“That’s enough for now, you naughty boy. We might take that up later, if you take your punishment well, that is. Now, back over the sofa, I like to see you like that. And if I find any spots on it, you’ll get extra hard swats.”

“Mistress, may I have a towel, I don’t think I can avoid, well, you know…”

“Fine, go to the bathroom and get a small towel.”

She slapped his ass as he hurried out of the room.Soon he was back over the sofa arm, hand towel under his erect penis. He liked feeling it pinched against the buttons and fabric tufts through the thin towel.

“Take a look, this is the strap I’m about to use on you. It’s thick, you see, two layers of stiff leather sewn around the edge with a nice heavy handle, very easy to keep control of. Let’s see how you like this one.”

She tapped it against his upturned ass. She had moved him so his bottom was high up, centered on the arm. She pulled it away and let a good firm swat land. He nearly jumped up off the arm, and grabbed both cheeks in his hands. “OWWW!!” was all he could say as he rubbed himself fiercely. His cock had suddenly gone soft. He was glad the towel was there.

“Arms forward, right now, or harder and faster swats will land. NOW!”

He obeyed. She tapped the strap against his bared bottom again, pulled back and let a harder swat land. He nearly repeated his first reaction, but put his hands back in position before she could say anything. His ass was really sore now, he knew it was flaming red, it felt like it. She continued to first tap his bottom then let loose a fierce slap with the strap. He barely managed to stay in position for each one, all he could think of was his poor naked, painful ass, and the pure look of pleasure on Mrs. Roberts’ face. She stopped finally, and began massaging his bottom, pulling his cheeks apart, making him feel embarrassed once again. She lifted his hips enough to feel for his dick.

“Awww, you’ve gotten small again, poor dear. I guess the strap made a proper impression on you. Stand up.”

He stood, again in front of her, his penis beginning to come to life in her hands as he rubbed his throbbing ass. Soon he was fully erect, and she watched him react as she played with the head, then stroked the shaft gently.

"No, I'm not going to touch you just yet, and don't you dare."

She pulled him by the arm over to the straight-backed chair. On the end table nearby was a large wooden hair brush, rectangular but rounded at the end. She sat down, and pulled him over her lap. The brush was within reach, the next thing he felt was her rubbing it gently against his upturned, red and welted bottom.

"The hairbrush, an implement you won't forget, my dear."

She tapped his ass a few times, then popped his right cheek once and held the brush back. He clenched his ass immediately, and grabbed it without thinking. A nice round red mark was rising.

"OWWWWWW!!!" He shouted, rubbing his cheek fiercely, it burned in a way he hadn't felt before, much less expected.j

"I'll give you two seconds to return to position or it will be a lot worse for you!"

He complied just slow enough to get away with delaying the next swat.

She didn't tap his ass now, she just started swatting him in a regular rhythm, increasing the intensity of each one.

He arched his back, his cheeks were clenched and he just barely kept his hand off his ass while she gave him a good dose of her hair brush. He was nearly shouting when she stopped, suddenly.

"You had better pipe down, young man, or I'll have to restrain that mouth of yours!"

She let him get up, and she noticed his eyes were wet.

"Awww, dear, did that move you?" You poor thing" she giggled.

Again, like before, when he stood in front of her, rubbing his sore ass, he got excited. Her negligee didn't really cover much, she was a bit damp and breathing heavily, as he was. Her breasts moved in the brief black lace bra as she adjusted herself and looked at his swelling prick.

“You know by now I really like your dick when it’s hard, my dear. I like seeing you submit to punishment and getting excited afterwards. I know you need this, that’s why I let you come over. I’d like to think you’ll be back again soon, of your own accord next time. You think so?” He didn't say much, shrugging slightly.

She took him over to that overstuffed couch again, this time sitting him on her lap so she could give him the hand job she knew he was hoping for. She opened her negligee so he could see her breasts with nipples exposed above the demi-cup bra. She stroked him gently, slowly, not letting him come right away. He sheepishly started to feel her breasts as she stroked him, she didn’t object. He looked at her nipples, saw them stiffen, and played with them gently. She moved his hand down to her shaved pussy, he felt her clit for the first time, and how wet she was. He sat back again, smelling her on his fingers. She spit on his hard dick for lubrication.

“Tell me when you’re about to come, dearie, I want to catch it in the towel, you know I don’t like messes, ok?”

Soon he said “I’m….going…to come…unnnngghhh…” and he felt the towel now, wrapped around his erect cock, and came into it pushing hard against it and her hands. He wilted, sagging into her, nuzzling against her neck. She smiled, even giggled a bit like when he was waddling down the hall earlier.

He liked the feeling of her hands on him, how she smelled when she was excited, slightly damp and warm, and that sweet tone of voice she used, even when punishing him. He'll be thinking of her again, just like before the visit, as he plays with himself in bed and remembers the special afternoon with Mrs. Roberts.

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He was thinking about it all day, about the last time he was at Mrs. Roberts house,, in her living room, then in the back first floor bedroom, on the twin bed she kept there, the bed with the cool smooth cotton sheets. Sometimes she called him during his lunch break and invited him over, but without commanding him to. This was one of those days, she had called him about twenty minutes into his half hour break, when he can take a call without a mouthful of sandwich. She didn’t want to leave a message, she never did. He was subdued in his reaction, but he agreed to come over after school. He would have gone home to an empty house, anyway, his parents were on vacation while he had summer school to attend. He didn’t mind, he was older now, and feeling independent. He knew what would happen at Mrs. Roberts’ house, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He was a bit anxious, and excited at the same time. Maybe this time she’ll go a bit further into his needs, maybe she’ll….he stopped at that point in his thoughts and went back to the beginning, when he knocked on her ornate front door, and saw her shadow grow against the frosted, etched glass.

He sat quietly as she went to another room momentarily, and came back into the front room with a leather satchel, the paddle and hairbrush bag. She stood in front of him,

“You know, young man, you’ve been her enough to know where I keep things like this. Follow me, and I’ll show you where to find these bags, so you can fetch them yourself, and spare me the bother when I want to attend to you in the front room." They walked down the hall, then stopped at an old servant's pantry. "

Here, in this pantry, in this lower cabinet, I have two leather bags like this one, and a longer case on this shelf. The tan one is for straps, tawses, and the like, here, take a look.”

She opened the tan case, and he saw the leather straps inside, recognizing a couple she had already used on him. She then picked up a dark reddish-brown case, with a pebbly texture.

“This one is the paddle and hairbrush case, which you haven’t seen yet. You will today. “

She opened the bag and held it out for him to see the hardwood paddles, and the two hairbrushes inside. He peered in without saying anything.

“So, when I tell you to go get one of the bags, or possibly that long case, you’ll know where to find them, and I’ll know you are intentionally stalling if it takes too long. Now, come with me and we’ll see what you think of a good hairbrush hiding on your bare bottom.”

He resisted somewhat, suddenly afraid of what was about to happen, as she pulled his upper arm. She stopped, and ordered him to drop his pants, right there.

“Please, no, Ma’am…”

She pulled his belt buckle apart with ease, and suddenly his pants, and underwear, were down around his ankles.

“Please, no Ma’am…”

She started spanking him hard, as he stood, he tried to cover his bottom with his free hand.

“Put your hands on your head right now, or I’ll get out a paddle without spanking you first.”

He obeyed. He liked feeling her hands on him. As she spoke she held one of his cheeks firmly but sweetly in her hand, massaging him slightly and pulling his hips in to hers. She started spanking him again, now slowly, squeezing his cheeks after each swat. She let him push his swelling cock into her stockinged thigh.

“You know what is coming, dear, you can’t avoid it. I’ll spank you first, and get you warmed up before I use the hairbrush, but that is coming whether you like it or not right now.”

She slowly sped up the pace of swats, without groping him in between. He was soon fully erect.

“Well, dear, you are showing your interest, let’s return to the front room.”

He had to waddle down the hallway, holding his pants around his thighs so he wouldn’t trip, hard-on bobbing from side to side. He felt cool air on his ass, and his erect penis, and felt his shirttails and jacket flap around. Being exposed in the hallway, almost in public, aroused him even more. His cock throbbed, and he longed to stroke it, but he didn’t dare. She walked behind, giggling quietly, he heard her and felt even more embarrassed.

“Come over hear, across my knee. You look adorable, I must say.”

She was sitting in an armless chair, in a spot clear from other furniture. He let his pants fall as he laid over her lap. She had pulled her negligee back, his cock slipped between her legs, pressing against her stockings and garter belt clipped to them. She hadn’t done this before with him, nor had he gotten an erection so quickly before. He felt like he could come at any minute, his head was swimming, his heart pounding. She began massaging his bared ass, pulling him into her with one hand, and feeling him up rather aggressively with the other. She pushed his legs apart, and held his balls in her hand gently, feeling his erection between her legs. He began to pump with his hips.“Young man, that is not allowed!”She started spanking him, not too hard at first, but firmly and fairly rapidly. He didn’t stop pumping his cock into her thighs, she squeezed her legs together tightly.

“Go ahead, let yourself go. Your punishment hasn’t begun yet, we’ll continue in a moment.”

Suddenly he came, hearing his come splatter on the hardwood floor. Another first.

“You bad, bad, boy, now you’ll have to clean that up!”

She let him stay over her lap for a few moments longer, massaging his bottom with both hands, feeling his erection subside. She told him to stand up, quietly, like a lover might, and helped him step out of his pants and shoes. The room was warm, especially with the door closed. He heard and saw the fire in the fireplace for the first time. She was helping him take off his jacket and shirt, but let him wear his undershirt. His penis was small again, and it dripped semen. Mrs. Roberts looked at him and smiled, then looked into his eyes.

“You are bad, young man. Go to the kitchen, get the paper towels, a damp sponge with some floor soap on it.”

He hurried down the hall. She followed, telling him to stand in front of the sink, facing away her.

“I feel like spanking you here, hold still.”

She wrapped one arm around his waist, pushing her leg up under him, turning his bared ass out, and spanked him swiftly and hard with her free hand. He jumped involuntarily, holding on to the sink, twitching with each swat. She stopped as suddenly as she had begun, and left the room saying “Hurry up!” as walked back to the front room.

He wanted her to take him to the bedroom next, but apparently she had other plans. His cock started to swell again, and after making sure she wasn’t looking, started to masturbate. Suddenly she was back.

“I told you to hurry, not to play with yourself.”

He was startled, and froze in place, cock in hand. She was behind him, pushing him against the sink, his erection against the cool tile. She reached over to the wooden spoons in the jar on the counter, grabbing a large thick one. She rubbed it against his bare ass, he was still holding his cock. She gave him a hard swat.

“OUCH!” suddenly, that hand was on his ass instead of his cock. She swatted the undefended cheek next.

OW! I’m sorry! Please, no Ma’am…”

She gave him four more hard swats with the back of the heavy wooden spoon, it was like a small bath brush. He gripped both cheeks in his hands immediately after she stopped. He looked in to her eyes, she looked deeply in to his saying
“Now, will I find you playing with yourself again without my permission?”

He liked the idea she might give him permission to masturbate, he wondered how that might happen. His felt the spots where the spoon had landed so fiercely as he massaged his ass.

“Im sorry, I’m sorry Ma’am!” He wasn’t hard any more.

“Now, get what I told you and get back to the front room, before I really beat your ass!!”

Well, she thought, “I’m going to beat his ass no matter what, we’ll see if he gets hard again before I decide he is allowed to.“ She was getting excited, now, her pussy felt warm, swollen, and wet. She wanted him over her lap again, right away. And she wanted to feel his erection again, between her legs but not right away. She wanted to see his ass turn a bright red first. Soon he was back, cleaning the floor on all fours. She moved the chair around to see him from behind.

Kara Prepare Yourself
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Hello, I've not written a blog before and this has absolutely nothing to do with spanking, sorry, It's just Alex my boyfriend is away on business and i'm scared! and it's early morning so i really don't think any of my friends would appreciate a call! I'm just sitting here staring at the door waiting for it to get light so i can get a couple of hours sleep. I have a really over active imagination so at the moment every shadow is a potential ghost or murder and every noise is somebody creeping around the flat, and just to make things worse every time i start to relax the dogs start barking at something! probably the neighbours cats, we have a lot of cats around here. but it's making me feel really uneasy all the same:( I know it's stupid and i'm getting a bit to old to still be afraid to stay on my own. I had hoped to get over my fears and prove to myself that i could do it but it seems awfully unlikely now. It's only been a few hours and it's not going to well at all so far. So it's looking like i may have to chicken out and stay with a friend for the next two nights.
I hate it sooo much when he goes away which thankfully isn't very often at all and feel a little lost without him:( and can't wait for him to be home already

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My birthdays coming up soon (October 18th) and I'm super excited ! Trying extra hard to be a good girl for my Daddy ! Really don't want Him upset with me like the other night so I can get just a fun spanking for once ! I'm trying really hard Daddy ! :)

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For Halloween I think I'll be Aladdin,
And you can rub my magic lamp all night.
The genie will come shooting out to spank me,
And leave my ass a mighty frightful sight.

Kara Prepare Yourself
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To all the Good Men out there,

I want to say thank you. Knowing you gives me the courage to say No. You deserve to know that your words change lives. You seldom get validation for being Good Men. Thank you.

In gratitude,

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Hi All!So this is our very first blog as a DD couple. I have to admit its taken a lot of talking to get to this point...but we're here.I think Stube has seriously contirbuted to this decision and I firstly want to thank all you dedicated DD''ve been helpful. :) Secondly, I personally like that theres a community out here that encourages people to share their DD experiences...there's some seriously interesting stuff on thing I'm learning is I really need to learn to take my punishments better!Adam and I plan to put a few vids of on here soon and I'll be updating this blog regularly (or as regularly as I can) so I hope you guys come along for the ride.xMxP.S Here's a link to our other blog..just in case you feel like having a look on there as well.

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What's the farthest you've ever driven by yourself? Where and why?

The farthest I've ever driven was from Charlotte to Atlanta, it took about 4 hours and i went to meet a spanko friend.

Kara Prepare Yourself
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Since having heard Carry getting spanked by her mother, (see How it all began 1) my young life had changed. The sound of that spanking went on ringing in my ears and a movie began to play in my head. Although I had never been there, I could see Carry's room. I could see my secret love over her mother's lap. I watched her kicking her legs, waving her arms and crying as her mommy relentlessly whacked her bare little bottom. I felt so sorry for her, but the movie just went on playing. Something must be wrong with me, was all I could think. Was I a freak? A pervert? Naturally I didn't dare to speak to anyone. I tried to avoid words like naughty, punish or spanking. It made me feel miserable. And it got worse. Every time I heard of a girl being naughty or bad, a new movie popped up in my head. This went on through all of my teenage years. I did have a few dates, but in general I tried to avoid the girls.
Then, at 21, everything changed again.
I had fallen in love. And this time it was for real. Her name was Mia. She was 19 and very sweet, a bit smaller then me with very short, dark hair and big, brown eyes. I soon found out that she could be quite a handful at times, so she quickly had her own, secret, personal movie in my head. She was the only child of elderly parents and somewhat spoiled. In fact they let her get away with just about everything. I was sure she didn't even know the word "spanking".
We had been together for about 6 months when it happened. It was a hot and sunny day in mid august and, after a dunk in the pool we were hanging out having a drink in my tiny apartment beside my parents garage. She liked the sweet, sticky, colorful ones and was hopping around the room balancing a glass of bight red grenadine with vodka on the flat of her hand. "Be careful," I said, "that rug is brand new." She just giggled and went on with her show. I was in a very happy mood myself, so I joked: "If you spill that sticky stuff on my new rug I'll spank you." She stopped in her tracks, looked at me and gave me a big smile. Then she raised her hand and slowly poured her glass on my new rug. I was petrified, couldn't believe my eyes. What the hell was she doing? She just stood there laughing her head off. I was mad as a snake. I wanted to send her to hell. As I got up from my bed I suddenly remembered my promise. So I grabbed her by the wrist, sat back down and pulled her over my lap. "Hey!" she laughed, not realizing that her joke had turned sour. In honest anger I raised her XXL T-shirt and yanked her bikini to her knees. She had a nice suntan, but her bottom was white as snow. I forcefully slammed my right hand down on her bare backside. "Autch", she yelped. But I had only just begun. Wack, Wack, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK I went to work on her little bottom with all the force I could master. She grabbed my pillow, buried her face in it and hung on for dear life. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK I angrily continued. She was now kicking her legs wildly and I could hear her muffled cries of distress and pain through the pillow. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.............. I went on until my arm tired. Her bottom went from white, to pink, to a deep, blazing red. My right hand hurt like hell. My anger had completely vanished. "What on earth have I done?" I was sure to have seen the last of her. Sure to be in deep trouble. I released her. She slowly slid from my lap and quickly fell into my arms sobbing her eyes out. "What was happening here?" I held her in my arms and gently stroked her as she wet my shirt. Finally she calmed down, slowly backed away a little, looked at me with tear-swollen eyes and simply said: "I'm sorry." I didn't know what to say, so I kissed her forehead and gave her the best hug I had.
We went out for dinner that evening and she was like an angel. As we had our espresso, she looked at me, and there it was again: That naughty little twinkle in her eyes. "Think I could order a pillow?" she giggled, "I'm not sitting very comfortably you know." "Be careful" I replied, giving her a wink. "There's more where that came from." She put on a big smile and said: "I'll do my best."
As we walked to the car I had a funny feeling that today's spanking would not be her last.

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Thank goodness for cushions, I say, because I am sitting here on one, sore and bruised from the weekend. As you will know from my last post, I was meeting up this weekend just gone with my spanking friend, for our second meeting. I am delighted to say I have been soundly spanked and thrashed with the belt and we both had a very pleasurable time. "I don't want bruises this time!" I said in an email before I met up. So much for this naive thought; with my level of masochism this is not possible.

I booked the same apartment again and I still felt nervous until we got settled in. We always chat a little rather than launch straight in, but there comes a time when you know you can't put off being spanked any longer. We followed the same pattern as last time, 3 scenes, which worked really well and I think we have both missed out on a career in acting! I love the freedom of dressing up as a girl and acting like one too. I find myself being quite resistant to being punished and I like to push "daddy" to see what I can get away with. This time I ran off and hid, instead of doing as I was told and going over daddy's knee. That did not go down well! My spanking friend is great at saying the right things and made me feel very naughty. This time I got to fulfill a long-held dream - that of being spanked like Polly Flinders. Ever since I read the nursery rhyme I have wanted to be Polly Flinders:

Little Polly Flinders
Sat among the cinders
Warming her pretty little toes.
Her mother came and caught her
And whipped her little daughter
For spoiling her nice new clothes.

Ok, so it wasn't my mummy who caught me but I got a long hard spanking and a taste of daddy's belt for "spoiling my new clothes". You can see some photos in my new album which were taken after the spanking.

Our second scene was Mummy spanking her boy for being naughty. I had to remember this time to give my friend more gaps between spanks, and not to get carried away. I turned his bottom nice and pink and also gave him a bit of a strapping. I think it is good that we both had the belt, so we know what the other one is getting. I feel very comfortable switching in this way.

Later on in the evening I was given another hard spanking by the husband/dad in my wife/mother role. It's quite amusing as I have been inventing silly back-stories for the wife all week. She has been cheating on him with a Spanish neighbour who has a boat. Don't ask me why, I have an overactive imagination! My spanking friend has some very good ideas for different positions, some more humiliating than others. I have never thought about or tried many so I was surprised to enjoy one of the most humiliating ones. One of the best bits was when he sent me (the wife) to open the bedside drawer. Inside was an even thicker belt. Oh my god, it was quite a surprise for me! And it certainly hurt more. I got a good thrashing; just as I wanted.

Gluttons for punishment (literally!) that we are, we had time the next morning to each get spanked again. I really am a masochist, I must be, because I was thrilled when he said that I would be thrashed again. I dread the final one as he always promises it is the hardest. After my otk spankings, I was just nicely red, and glad not to have bruised. But at some stage, I suppose when the belt catches where it should not, I started bruising and the bruises are nicely out now, and my right side is very sore. Can anyone advise me, is it inevitable or does it mean we're doing it wrong? I suppose if you're going to be hit with leather it is going to bruise. The left buttock escapes though and it doesn't seem fair...

I also have to reflect on my own tolerance for/delight in pain. It intrigues me really. I surprise myself. The second thrashing really hurt and to my delight (honestly) he really went for it at one point and I think I had ten in a row - usually he pauses after each six. But I chose not to use the safe word. I chose instead to bite the duvet. And now, what I would like to know is what it would take for me to use the safe word. I think I would like (in my crazy lust for enjoyable pain) to get a long hard thrashing which only stops when I use the safe word. If he were to thrash without pausing - I expect this would soon lead to safe word shouting? Like they do in videos I have seen...they don't pause in them!

Talking of videos, one of you suggested you might like to see one. I mentioned this to him (as I talked about ST) and he seemed interested in us making one! So that might be really cool if we get to make a video. (All hints and tips gladly received!)

The only downside apart from the soreness is that hiring apartments and travelling to meet him is too expensive to do often. For now it's back to rubbing in arnica cream and trying to avoid wincing in front of anyone.

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