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I just want to know what you people thinking about this. How often should I have to go to my Mistress for a maintenance spanking?

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So you know when you were younger and ur parents told u no food or drink in ur bedroom and u always questioned what's the big deal? Well I can honestly say that was one rule I did fallowed even thou I thought it was dumb lol well I now know why it's a big deal I was walking into my bedroom with a open cup of juice and triped over a shoe and spilled my juice on my bed and the first thing that came outa my mouth was "ohhh now I get it" lol I'm so odd

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I may not know if I have a nice ass or not but I do know my ass is very wise lol

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Ok ladies, just a question..... If you did something inappropriate, wrong or against the rules, and there was no way (so you hope) your Daddy, Top, or Disciplinarian would find out....would you confess? Would the guilt of a secret drive you to tell, or the fear of possibly getting caught make you tell it all?

Just a midday thought?

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What about attractiveness? There’s no such attribute. Every woman is attractive to some men and repulsive to some. A man won’t become your sub unless you turn him on, so if you’re looking for a man and you know you’re going to want to him be your sub, choose one who finds you irresistible.

If you’re already committed to a relationship, your attractiveness to your partner becomes very much like an attribute; it’s what you have to work with. Indeed it becomes an essential attribute. But that doesn’t mean that just because your man doesn’t get instantly hard at the sight of your body, you should give up without trying. We’ll explore what it does mean later, when we discuss the differences between committed relationships and uncommitted ones.

Sexual excitement

The most obvious advantage of a sub is that it’s tremendously exciting.

After a while, a man in an ordinary relationship becomes sexually bored with his partner and comes to regard lovemaking as more duty than pleasure. If he’s not committed to the relationship, he seeks a new and therefore more exciting partner, then repeats the pattern until he makes a commitment before getting bored. When he gets bored with a partner to whom he’s committed, he stops making love. If his libido was weak to begin with, he becomes impotent. More commonly, he delivers brief, mechanical sexual performances devoid of emotion.

Many women blame themselves when this happens. Some blame their partners. In actuality, blame is inappropriate. Men are wired to lose interest in a partner who’s always available. They can’t help it. Fortunately they’re also wired to turn on to the techniques of female domination; they can’t help that either. And the power of these techniques to excite is far greater than the tendency of monogamy to bore. If your man can’t have you whenever he wants, if he gets to experience that yummy little thrill only on your terms, boredom never sets in. He remains always a bit insecure, always eager to please you, always horny for you.

A sub spends much of his time in a state of sexual arousal. He may find this frustrating at times, but always exciting and never boring. I’ve heard of subs in their seventies who were vigorously potent, and one of them had given up on sex in a conventional relationship fifteen years earlier, believing he was too old.

A particularly introspective man might appreciate this, as might a man who has been rescued from sexual boredom without a change of partner, but a man of ordinary self-awareness who is sexually enslaved early in a relationship will likely attribute his state of continuous arousal to his lover’s attractiveness alone. And so much the better for her!


After you’ve considered all the other traits that make an effective dom/me (or better yet, after you’ve read this all the way through) there’s one more question to ask: Can I really pull this off?

Confidence at this point reflects a belief, based on objective consideration of your other qualities, that domination is for you. Confidence is also an asset in itself, making you more difficult to resist. If you’re obviously confident, your lover won’t try to rebuff you with a hostile or impassive front. He’ll know it won’t work. He’ll know that you know that the power of your femininity is too much for him—that sooner or later he’ll have to submit. It’s a loop that feeds his Loop. You succeed because you’re confident and you’re confident because you succeed, and he turns on because he’s embarrassed by his inability to keep from turning on.

credit cross

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when Zender was bent ova the desk the spanker told her to bend ova more, and stick out her bum, He picked up the paddle above his head and swat went the paddle, She moved her legs and moved slightly the spanker side each time that's an extra one of paddle, cane and strap. he then swat again went the paddle she got 16 in total. he then told her to pull down her trousers and underwear he side bend back ova the table and stick out your bum and remember if you move you get extra stroke of the cane he raised the cane above his head and stroke went the cane this time she did not move stroke again ............... and again until he gave her 14 strokes of the cane. he then picked up the strap. Zelder stood up and side no more I can not take any more plez could u come back next month we can then strap me then.

OK no probs he side I can come back same time next month

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So when I signed up on spankingtube I was just wanting to chat with likeminded ppl with a goal to be in a dd relationship but I was by no means looking for rude a hurtful remarks I've basically have been told to give up and to have lots of sex to fight the uges to be spanked
So maybe I should just listen to this person and remove my profile and give up

Kinda hurt right now

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Last night was one of the best play parties in spite of the somberness. There was much spanking taking place resulting in nicely hued behinds. This one brother remarked that his behind never got the nice pinkish and red shades that we were seeing on some of the ladies following their spankings. Well, we had to check this out for ourselves.

I was being good as it began with just picture taking. This guy was challenging the ladies to hit his behind harder. He kept sticking it out to take his punishment. He took some serious frontal spanking to his manhood as well-only asking that he not be busted as he plans to have kids one day. :)

Anyway, I called myself just being a spectator, suggesting implements and supplying some as necessary. But, when he straddled that spanking horse, I couldn't help but pull out my rubber flogger. One of the ladies commented, "I see your spanking hand is getting a little itchy." We chuckled about it as I noticed my flogger was spinning in the air seeking a worthy target. It met with some that were a little off the course as it made it's journey to satisfaction. It finally found it's mark.

It just takes an itchy spanking hand to turn a young man's behind a nice reddish hue. After the spanking/strapping/paddling/flogging he endured last night, he learned that his does turn a very nice shade when properly attended to. Next?

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Hey so I posted an ad the other day and got a few people in the area who were interested in spanking me and a few who are willing to do it on cam so hopefully around the new year I can afford a camera and have some material for all of my loyal and very patient supporters.

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it's not big deal but they spoke so agressivly and I also got mad...
I'm grown up I'm young-adult but I sometimes miss my childhood. I never get spanked though...I agree telling them to spank me now is so embarassed. and I know they never will....
I'm not in a very good mood.....

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Views: 443 · Added: 870 days ago

So ever since I was younger I've been very sneaky and do some don't so good things
So I've always be on edge not knowing when I would get cought and if I did I always know cuz when my dad stumps up the stairs u know he's mad and since the only rooms up stairs were mine and my brothers so there's only three ppl he could be mad at and it usually was me lol so ever since I was younger I've been afaid of loud foot steps on stairs :/

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Views: 580 · Added: 870 days ago

Is it just me or does anyone feel like it's hard to find someone our age to talk to on here that lives somewhat near u?

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Views: 417 · Added: 870 days ago

I have had a burning desire to be spanked for a very long time....however, I don't know how to bring up the subject with my boyfriend. I am afraid he might not "get" my inky side.....

He did spank me a couple times while I was laying on the bed tonight and later I hinted that I would like to be spanked some more - but my request seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!!!

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My spanker tries almost too hard to cater to my preferences. His whole philosophy of spanking is different than anything on this site (or the stube for that matter...) He sees is as a modality for healing. So we have three phases, first deep listening, where I can talk about just about anything and just that in itself has been tremendously helpful. Then the spanking. He spanks me over his knee on a couch; I would prefer a chair or stool, but he is so chubby I don't think that would work; he did it for me when I had my "ritual of transformation" spanking, but we moved to the couch before I was actually wanted to; I did it for him because I could kind of tell he wanted to. The first spanking was just going to be a handspanking; I had no idea how much I would be able to endure, but I did give him permission to use a paddle that time, to save his hand, and he used it, but the spanking still wasn't enough for me. I was expecting to cry, I was expecting the spanking to produce an emotional catharsis, but it didn't (and still hasn't). I don't cry easily, I will say, but I have felt, for most of my life like I have had a "bag of tears" sitting on my chest that I can't cry out. The "bag of tears" is gone now . . . my anti-depressant has helped, the spanking has also helped, and now I am exercising, which helps. The third phase is he does a awesome massage; it is partly to help the healing process for my bottom, but it's so nice to be cared for like that after being spanked.

He has always been the one to pull my panties down, so I don't know what it would be like to have to do that myself. He's very respectful of my modesty; for example he leaves the room while I get ready for the massage (naked; and I am massaged face down,therefore modest...), and again when I get dressed to go home, so if I had to pull down my own pants I think I would do it once I was over his knee. My first spanking he started spanking me over my clothes, but nowadays he spanks my bare bottom from the beginning.

I love the getting over his knee part. There's something of the "Ah, I'm home" feeling about it. He has offered me his hand, like an invitation to dance. He rubs my bottom quite a bit both before and after he bares it, before the spanking begins, and that's wonderful. I don't ever really like the beginning of the spanking, well, I don't know if I would say I like the spanking itself, I guess I do on some level, but I definitely need it and benefit from it at this point in my life. He uses his hand, the wooden spoon and the paddle. I want to experience a "little stick" but I don't think he has one. Last time I lingered over his knee after the spanking was over, I almost fell asleep and I wished I could have just napped there all afternoon!

The little that I was spanked over his knee while he sat in that chair - at first I was glad that I was being spanked on a couch, since I am really supported and quite comfortable (well, after a while there is one glaring exception . . .). He rests my feet on the arm of the couch and I lay on a pile of pillows; even if I want to swing my arm around to block my bottom, it usually seems too complicated. The thing I noticed when I was being spanked while he sat in that chair was that when the spanking was really intense I could wrap my arms around his leg, which was like leaning into the spanking, whereas on the couch I find myself arching my back which is like trying to get away from it. I guess it was just a bit more personal when he was on the chair.

I've only been spanked 4 times. I have my 5th coming up on Monday! It's been interesting writing this up for you, kind of like a way to focus on what is going to happen. Of course, I think about it all the time, but writing has a way of taking that to a whole new level.

(This post was originally written as a private message)

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People always say sometimes it takes a changing event to realize what u do is wrong. Unfortunatly that day 4 me was today. Just minutes after I posted my last blog. I dont need my ass whooped 4 this even though it will be I can say I did truly learn my lesson.

1. Was grounded wasnt supposed to go nowhere unless with my Daddy.
2. Wasnt wearing a seatbelt which my Daddy is constantly telling me to do.
3. I dont even want to mention.

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Welcome back fellow denizens of the s-tube! We're back with the rest of the interview with everyone's favorite plane smashin, lady grabbing old gorilla.

A quick recap of the last question posed before the break: As a giant plane smashing gorilla, what's it like being interviewed by a psychotic bunny?

It's much the same as being interviewed by any other bunny, Mr Bunny. Let's face it - you bunnies all look pretty much the same as each other don't you? I think I would prefer it if you were not carrying the sub-machine gun, but so long as you don't pull the trigger when it's pointing in my direction I don't have too much of a problem.

How does your psychosis manifest itself btw? Do you go crazy if somebody steals your carrots?
(May I just set the record straight here and mention that it was only one teensy-weensy plane I smashed? It was a long time ago and, in fairness, the pilot was trying to kill me for God's sake! It was self defence.)

Are you telling me that you have lots of six and a half foot, black leather trench coat wearing bunnies where you live? And this isn't a sub-machine gun. It's a, um, back scratcher. Yeah, that's what it is.
And if you want to know how my psychosis manifests itself I'll tell you. Most the time no one knows what to expect when I'm around. You've seen how I dress, and I think I have style. I argue with myself, giggle uncontrollably. run around flapping my arms or sometimes act spastically while making indescribable noises, not to mention I talk about stuff that doesn't make sense to most anyone for example: Keanu Reeves being the Gingerbread Man's bitch in Cookieland jail. My psychosis manifests itself when I wear a suit and tie and attempt to fit in with square society in the name of making an honest living :P

(for the record I think you did the right thing by smashing that plane. You earned that woman fair and square!)

Listen Pal - where I live you are lucky if the bunnies can afford a trench coat. Nevertheless we get all sorts in our neighbourhood - gay crocodiles; cross-dressing giraffes - in fact I could argue that you are quite conservative in your own way - notwithstanding the cannon you have there! If I have an itch in my back - I think I may just keep quiet about it if you don't mind.
As for giggling and talking shit - it's the best way to keep prying minds away and getting a seat to yourself on a crowded bus. Nobody wants to associate with an idiot. Mind you - you don't make so many friends that way either so it's best not to overdo it.
(and yes - I really was in love with Fay Wray ever since I saw her tied up in the jungle, wearing just her undies. If only they had left us alone it would have been okay. But no - they had to capture me and bring me back to NYC and put me on the stage. I told them I was frightened but they didn't listen. So I got loose and wrecked a few buildings and stuff - what did they expect? Any tormented gorilla would have done the same ........!)

This has been quite fun, but let's wrap things up shall we? Next question: What does your ultimate spanking fantasy include? as in type of spanker, spankee, setting, implement.

(... and sending the airforce after me was damned unsporting - it wouldn't have happened in England I can tell you. Wales maybe!)

Ultimate fantasy? Female canes another female. But no fetishist stuff with different impliments, a ridiculous number of strokes or pulling the pants down halfway through. Just a straight-forward reprimand followed by six or eight crisp strokes of the cane.

(Please excuse me - I just need to adjust my trousers!)

A bit off topic I know but I like to ask this of almost every one. What's your favorite movie? favorite band or type of music?

Oh Mr Bunny. What an impossible question! There are so many.

Favourite films .. um .. "The Life of Brian" and "Kelly's Heroes". I can watch them again and again and not get bored.

Band? Possibly the "Beach Boys" but so many run them close.

Music? Anything good (stress good) from Abba to Mozart. Classical; Jazz; Rock; Barbershop; Ragtime; Bluegrass; Soul; Tamla Motown; Songs from Musicals; Film theme music - the list goes on and on....
(Zzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzz!)

Oooookay Mister OldJimSlipper! I hope you've enjoyed being interviewed by me. If you have any closing comments then speak now or forever hold your piece.

(Zzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzzzz! Zz ....... ) Oh sorry about that. I am getting rather old you know and I tend to lose concentration. Um ... forever holding my piece eh? Well perhaps not forever, but I propose to hang on to it for as long as is physically possible!

I guess I could mention that if any of your American women find themselves in need of a good slippering then I might be available to help them out! (Was that a little too direct do you think?)

And yes I have enjoyed the interview Mr Bunny. Quite an experience if I may say so.

(May I have that bunch of bananas that you promised me now please?)

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Views: 492 · Added: 870 days ago

Still waiting for sum new vids to be edited and uploaded cant wait till I get my new computer so I caq
n do it on my own Much faster.

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Very excited to tell everyone that I've released my second book on Amazon. It is the sequel to The Finest Line and is entitled A Line Crossed. If you would like to have a look the link is:

Just thank you so much to everyone who supported me with the first book which is still sitting in the top 100 free kindle edition erotica in Amazon UK.

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The ability to communicate effectively

A dom/me has to be able to communicate well. You’ll be aiming to produce a certain psychological effect in your lover, and this effect is achieved almost entirely by a combination of speech, facial expression and posture. If you’re to succeed, you have to speak well, mug well, and carry yourself well. If you talk in a monotone, if there are words you can’t bring yourself to utter, if your face has the blank look appropriate to a high-stakes poker game, if you carry yourself as though you’re waiting in line to be guillotined, then you’re going to have problems in any relationship and lots of problems in one that you try to control sexually.

If you’re to feed the Loop, you have to be able to tell your man what you’re going to do to him, exclaim over the reactions of his body, and leave no doubt that you know what he’s feeling. If you want him to know that he’s safe with you—that you accept him for the person he is—you have to say the words. Whatever you tell him will be more believable if your tone matches the content of your message, and all your speech will be more effective if it’s well-modulated.

Your face is also a means of communication. Its expression can convey love, curiosity, determination, enthusiasm, and a host of other feelings. If you know how to control it you’ll accomplish a great deal.

Your posture can project confidence or betray fear. It can express lust, boredom or hostility. Adjust it purposefully and the message your lover gets will be the message you intend.

As you take control of the nonsexual aspects of your relationship, you’ll have to let your partner know what you want and need from him, what he must and mustn’t do. If you fail to do this clearly, then punish him for misunderstanding you, he’ll develop resentments that will undermine the relationship.

Consider how well you communicate. Do people often misunderstand you or misread your mood when you think you’re being straightforward? read you too well when you’re trying to deceive? If so, it might be a good idea to take a couple of courses in communication and acting at your local community college before you try the role of dominatrix. If you already communicate effectively and know it, you’re all set to go.

A talent for Teasing

Because of the nature of the Loop, you’ll find female domination easier if you have a natural talent for sexual teasing. Teasing can probably be learned, and ordinary skill can certainly be perfected to the level of an art, but natural talent makes everything easier.

There aren’t any objective criteria by which you can gauge your talent for teasing, but every woman with whom I’ve discussed the matter knew whether she had it. Some who knew they had the talent had a way of using it that was too mean to be sexy, but that’s a different issue.

Ask yourself whether you’re a natural tease. If you are, you have much of what you’ll need. If not, perhaps you’ll pick up enough pointers here to do reasonably well. If teasing is bad… well, give it another look. Maybe, when you’ve read further, you’ll decide it’s okay.

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For most men you think of a gold digger as a woman to get pregnate and take ur money the old fashion way via marriage or threw child support, well there a new twist to that Nightmare....
Its called domestic abuse say she get hooked up with a welll to do spanko gets spanked a few times save some photos of the bruises, then goes to the police claims abuse then sues, she says she sayed her safe word you didnt stop your hit and going to jail,, in the mean time you get a a restraining order placed against you, she has access to everthing in your house she lives there she has access tot he bank accounts, she drains them sells things for part no need for a title of trasfure and she gone well you think you may have your vengence by posting her name and picture well she changes her name for 300 bucks dyes her hair and get a new Id and starts all over again on the next guy,,,,,, hows that for a nightmare your stuck as a woman beater and broke prbley fired from your job ect ur toys cars and all the goods are gone and the fact you did hit her is un mistakeable because ther pics maybe a few videos

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