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Everybody who heard did a long “oooh” and busted out laughing. I ground my teeth. That was the last straw. I went from upset to extremely heated. I snatched my headphones off, stood up and turned around on my knees in the seat. I leaned over and got in dude’s face.

“Excuse me? What the fuck you just say to me?”

My loud voice carried throughout the bus. A couple people gasped and they all went quiet, looking from me to dude. He looked me straight in the eyes and sat up like he wanted to say something. But then there was a shout behind me from the front of the bus.

“Hey! What’s going on back there? Turn around in that seat!” Coach.

But I kept my position. I was going to show this guy that I wasn’t going to let him say just anything to me. They’d all been pushing my buttons all night pestering me with their questions and attacking me with their comments. Well, I was through. I wasn’t backing down. I meant business. I continued to stare intensely in his eyes, boring into him my raging anger as he continued staring at me. Ro tapped my arm like she was trying to tell me something but I wasn’t listening to her anymore and I wasn’t breaking the stare down. I wasn’t going to let him win and think he “owned” me.

Then I heard footsteps behind me and I seen dude’s pupils jerk to the side and back at me. That’s when he leaned back and sunk into his seat the way he was before and waved me off. “Man, you need to get the fuck up out my face, for real,” he said, still looking me in my eye. But he backed off and that was all I wanted. Coach came up behind me.

“Hey! What’s going on here? Do we have a problem?”

People shook their heads and he looked at me. I looked up at him and tried to unclench my jaw. Dude really pissed me off. “No, sir,” I replied.

He looked over at the guy I was mad at. “Do we?” He repeated.

The guy shook his head. “No, sir, we don’t.”

Coach nodded once than looked at me. “You, let’s go. I’m moving you up front, something told me I should have sat you up there with me. And the next time I tell you to do something, you do it. Don’t ignore me. Okay? I know you heard me when I told you to turn around, didn’t you? Hm?”

I glanced at him while getting my stuff together. “Yes, sir.”

“Mhm, let’s go. Next time do what I tell you, understand?”

He moved and let me aside. “Yes, sir,” I mumbled.

I started walking down the aisle and Coach addressed the rest of them in the back. “And ya’ll leave her alone. I know whuppings ain’t nothing new to ya’ll and none of you here are exempt from getting one. Lay off, got it?”

I busied myself with trying to gather me a seat, moving some of our team equipment from one seat to another. I heard a chorus of a few agreements and the rest probably nodded or did nothing. Coach walked down the aisle toward me. He helped me move bags and stuff from the seat behind the one across the aisle from him to the seat across the aisle from him; I settled in.

Now I was on the opposite side of the bus, the left side, and I hated how it felt to curl up in my position on the opposite side of my body. It felt weird but it was the only position I could relax in and I didn’t want to lie down. So I bared it. I sat facing the window with my knees pulled up to my chest. My head leaned on the seat and I cuddled underneath my hoodie, though thankfully it was warmer up where the Coach’s were because they didn’t have so many windows open.

I scooted up to be as close to the window as possible and accidentally rubbed one of my welts the wrong way. I suddenly whimpered kind of loud and clenched my jaw. My eyes watered to the brink then spilled over, because now that sore part of my backside was lit up again with painful stinging.

I released a soft sob as a few more tears fell. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Coach glance over in my direction. Sniffling again, I didn’t even bother to wipe my face as I finally leaned my head against the seat in peace. I put my music back in my ears and stared out the window, watching the flashing trees and fields through droopy, wet eyes as I drifted off into sweet, sweet oblivion.


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Just got done with my other clinical work I had I enjoyed it way mmore than I thought I would its sometimes a little bit boring but I got through it now I got my final exam tommorow. My right cheek and thighs is still a lil bit sore but that's good that I have a reminder. Like they ssay if u can sit down after a spanking than ur spanker hasn't done his job right. Well I can honestly say my Daddy did a good job.

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I did it....I added my first "Booty" pic. Now some of you veterans are probably like "big deal", but to me this is HUGE!!!! I am normally so reserved and private, living thru you guys vicariously. But today I did it!!! I had a disciplinarian/Daddy who didn't want me to share my photos and I respected that. BUT he no longer has that position so I'm a free agent.....And the pics (ok just 1) are up!!! Now to make a video!!!

I'm no salad eatin' chick..... As Jdoe's blogs said....Cute in the face and thick in the waist!!!! Lol


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So, I went to church today.....haven't been since my last church blog. While I didn't turn to the "book of stube" this time, I did constantly scan the room wondering who lives a DD lifestyle. I kept looking at folks trying to see if anybody was sitting gingerly during their "Amens". I really think I'm addicted, lol.

Does anyone else look for signs of a spanko???
Enjoy your Sunday

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Hi Gang, Loki here. Myself and Lady Darksong have entered "The Curse Of Dana" phot contest on her website.

We are hoping to win the implement that has been named after her for our collection. Feel free to drop be her site, vote on which of us has the better picture and then take a good stroll through her site. I am certain there is something there for everyone to look at, learn from and enjoy!

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Whether giving or recieving, it seems all of us have favorite implements. Since I'm on the receiving end and I have no say in the matter, just wondering how tops choose the implement to use and decide how long to use it before switching implements. Does it have to do with the reason for the spanking? Does it change by spankee depending on their tolerance? Do tell, masters of the spanko world...

What is your favorite implement? Why?

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Got my ass torn up twice today by my Daddy for drinking and driving and for my grades my ass does not feel good at all. I have another whooping coming tommorow to for the same thing. And was supposed to write lines. And grounded from going anywhere So I'm not in the best of shape or have the best of attitudes.

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So I've been actively reading and blogging for about a month now and I have to say: YOU PEOPLE CRACK ME UP! Here are some of my favorites from spankers and spankees alike. Ladies first. Since some of these are from my Inbox I'm not crediting the authors but you know who you are!


This is one of those things where u can't fake the funk...especialy as a bottom. Either you down, curious or it ain't u.

I'm cute in the face and thick in the waist, someone will be willing to whip my ass.

Aren't rules simply suggestions made by really demanding people?

I believe true support from a disciplinarian is just that...hold my bag while I shop; in fact, let me swipe YOUR card.

I'm hardly saintly material although I did consider being a nun long ago...until I discovered boys and thought fuck that for a game of soldiers!

You could be an insanely kinky spanko with the desire for spontaneous regularity.


29 is a wonderful number

Being called Daddy or Sir is cool with me. It shows respect but you don't have to call me nothing just take yo whoopin like a good girl.

I need a shrink. I see spanking everywhere.
Ur just a seeker of 'found' spanking implements. Sort of like an art colletor - only more practical.

There is no doubt that she is a princess but what's a Princess to a Pharaoh...A SPANKED ASS!

On Corporal Punishment at Work: 10 swats over clothes? Fuck dat! Bare naked oiled down asses. I would be roaming the halls with my bathbrush menacing every female in the building.

On Maintenance Spanking: Just lay down, be still and I'll tell you when you've had enough.

I had to give her that "daddy" look like she was in big trouble when I got her home.

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I'm so lost right now Idk what to do. This is so not fair to me. What am I to do with this BS. I'm just tired of been the one that always trying. U show no respect no anything for me. I wonder what to do with all this emotion.

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I've been on here for a while but never blogged. I'm at my wits end. I'm stressed out and really need a spanking but can't seem to find anyone in my area. Hoping someone on here is. Is there a way to find out?

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One of the most challenging things about writing a story for me is the insertion of dialogue.

"Why is it a problem?” I hear you ask?" (well: I think I can hear you asking - it's a rhetorical question so I will answer it anyway). It is a problem to get right because one has to remember that each character in the story will have ... ummm .... a different character; so that means that each will have a different voice, intonation, dialect, all sorts of things which will identify them as an individual.

Now: it isn't so difficult if you only have two characters in the plot, but what about if you have half a dozen, and they are all women, and (of course) they all have a lot to say for themseves? How can you write a decent story with them chattering on about nothing in particular, without turning your short BDSM skit into a full-scale novel; yet still allowing them full freedom of expression?

I have meditated long and hard over this knotty problem but in the end I found this rather elegant solution:

Daisy, Susie, Belle, Paula, Lisa, Ellie and Cassie are all getting ready to go to a party. Of course, they are all dressed in sexy white bras and half-slips (well this is MY story!)

Suddenly in bursts a gang of hooded burglars who tie them up with their hands behind their backs and gag them with their own stockings and panties. Then the gang ransacks the house, steals oll the money and jewellery, and leaves the girls struggling on the floor.

"Mmmmmmph!" cries Daisy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmph!" replies Ellie.

"Mmmmmmph Mmmmmmmmph!" gurgles Susie.

"Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmmmph! chorus the others!

What do you the readers think - good no?

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I jerked my head up and turned around. It was Ro. She looked at me expectantly so I took my headphones off one ear. She looked and sounded truly sympathetic when she spoke. “Hey, um, are you alright?”

I stared at her a second, then looked around noticing I didn’t hear any conversation. Seven, Sig, and Head were looking straight at me and everyone else in their crew was quiet. My irritation spiked a little. I really did not feel like being the subject of their entertainment at the moment. So I nodded once. “Yeah, I’m *sniffle* f-fine. Thanks.” I put my headphones back over my ear and started turning back towards the window when she put a hand on my arm.

I returned my attention to her, trying to ignore the fact everyone was listening to us. I shrugged. “What?”

She took her hand off me and sort of shrugged. “Well I was just wondering...what did he, you know, whup you with?”

Now I really just stared at her, with a perplexed look. What, why was she asking me that? Oh, so now I was everyone’s gossip? Earlier I could barely get help finding a trash bag and now everyone wanted to talk to me just for juicy details? Well, bump that. I wasn’t in the mood to talk anyways. Just then I heard one of my favorite songs playing through my headphones, basically giving me an excuse to hurry her away.

I shook my head, still amazed she actually asked me that shamelessly. “Nothing, I d-don’t really *sniffle* feel like talking r-right n-now so, you know...”

“But I know he had to whup you with something. I mean, he did whup you, didn’t he?”

I couldn’t believe she was serious. I could’ve snapped on her right then. I mean, I couldn’t be angry at her for being curious. Because hell, I know if positions were reversed I’d be just as fascinated as the next person. But to be so bold as to come up to me right after it happened as a representative of every nosy and gossip-worthy person on the bus and being annoyingly persistent with it was more than just rude. It was totally disrespectful and inconsiderate to me. I was officially irritated.

Someone shifted almost soundlessly in the back. I looked at Seven, who was listening attentively might I add, then back at Ro. “W-What do y-you think? Now *sniffle* let me go to s-sleep.”

I turned around hoping she’d leave me alone when I received a light tap on my back. I grit my teeth, and not even turning around I growl, “What, R-Ro?”

“Can you tell me please? I really want to know.”

I whirled around to face her. “Why? F-For w-hat? So you and every- *sniffle* body else can g-get a g-good laugh and t-tell everyone that I got a wh-whupping? Hell *sniffle* no.”

She threw up her hands. “We’re not going to tell anybody, Mercedes. I promise. Are we guys?” They all came out with no’s and promises and swears that none of this was going anywhere. “See? We just want to know, that’s all. Wouldn’t you want to know if it was one of us?”

Duh, I already knew I would, but I wasn’t stupid and that wasn’t the point. I knew what kind of people I was dealing with. I stood my ground and stared at her for a long minute, determined not to answer her question. When she made a head gesture like she was still waiting on an answer, I pointedly plopped my blasting headphones down on my ears. She rolled her eyes. Then I had seen Seven’s mouth start moving so I took my headphones down in time to catch the last of her sentence.

“...think we’re gonna tell everyone. Ain’t nobody else important that need to know! We just want to know, I don’t see what the big deal is. What, you embarrassed? Yeah, I can tell that’s what it is, you embarrassed.” She snickered.

Then people felt the need to bust out with their own comments and reasons why I won’t tell them and why they wouldn’t tell anybody else. Now I felt them targeting me and I started getting upset. Damn, did I have to move to get some damn peace? I heard somebody say they’d be embarrassed too if they got they ass whupped practically in front of the whole team. Then somebody said they’d be embarrassed if they threw something out of a moving bus like an idiot. People laughed and suddenly Meela stood up over her seat and tried to ask me why I really did it. What was actually going through my head when I even considered tossing it, let alone when I actually did it. And she really wanted to know how fast my heart was going when the police pulled us over. Everyone wanted to know that.

I really was upset now and through with their questions. I curled my hand into a fist. “No of-offense, Meela, but m-mind your own business. Why don’t all of you just m-mind your own business and just l-leave me alone? Thank you very much.”

I turned away resolutely from Ro to the window and curled into the position I was first in. I leaned my head against the seat and reached up to put my headphones back on my ears. At that exact moment I heard the guy in the seat behind me comment, “Shit don’t get mad at us just ‘cuz you got yo ass whupped for being a dumbass.”

Everybody who heard did a long “oooh” and busted out laughing. I ground my teeth. That was the last straw. I went from upset to extremely heated.

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I was asked in a e-mail the other day this question

If you were not dominant but your husband or boyfriend wanted you to dominate him would you do it? What would he need to do to get you to do it?

I pondered that question for a long time. And this is what I come up with. I could never really know what I would do, but… because I’ve heard so many stories about women and men in just this sort of situation, I have given it a bit of thought. I wonder quite often what must it be like to be them – and, what it must be like to be their partners.

I’ll respond, but understand I’m not trying to speak for anyone else. There are some who would never be able to comfortably dominate anyone. There are others who could but may have never been exposed to the idea. I have to answer this question as someone who would fall into that latter category (because yes, I would try.)

If I were going to attempt this and if we had any hope of it being successful, there are several things I’d need from him – open communication, reasonable expectations, accountability, respect, and reassurance that no matter what, our love didn’t hang in the balance.

We would have to talk a lot. I’d want him to tell me what he wanted and needed and he would have to be equally interested in learning the same about me.

When presenting the concept to me, he would have to make certain the information was offered in a non-threatening, no-kink manner. When I was new to the idea of spanking and was exposed to things I considered at the time to be extreme, I admit it was quite unsettling. So if he came to me as a vanilla woman and asked me to do something I considered “out there”, the reaction would probably not be favorable. If on the other hand he began with something that seemed not too big of a stretch for me, I’d be much less likely to resist trying.

He absolutely could not pressure me. I know he might be tempted to or may even do it without being aware. He’d have utilize caution to make sure he didn’t, and I would need to feel it was ok to tell him when he was. I’d have to believe he would continue to love me and accept our relationship as it was if what he wanted was more than I could do.

He would actually have to let me lead. If he said, “I want you to dominate me” and then went on to tell me how… well, I would hardly be the one in charge, would I? I’m not saying I wouldn’t want him to explain his thoughts and desires to me, because I would, but.. once he did, he’d need to let go and let me be me.

I’d want him to try and understand things from my perspective. For example, telling someone what you want and expecting it to happen feels self-centered to many vanilla women. Being self-centered when you aren’t inherently that way isn’t easy. In fact, trying to be someone that you normally aren’t IS HARD. That may not seem so to those who are often telling their “dominant” partners HOW to dominant, but telling someone how to do things and what to do wouldn’t seem too difficult for those who are already doing it, would it? :) Change takes time and requires patience on the part of everyone involved. Things don’t always move fast enough to suit some, so they coerce, cajole, or complain until their partners are resentful and no longer willing to try. Whose failure is this?

He’d have to be willing to compromise, something much easier for some than others. The vanilla partner is obviously trying to meet him halfway by trying to move to a more dominant position. Sometimes her partner may continue to hang on to his fantasy, his desires, his needs, the way he wants things with little or no graceful compromise. If I felt he was forcing me into a position where, “It’s either this or nothing”, honestly – it would be nothing.

He’d have to take responsibility for his part in the relationship. I cannot imagine as a vanilla woman wanting to make every single decision on every single thing. Certainly that level of control – if it ever happened – would be a gradual thing.

When we had sex, he’d need to understand that I wasn’t going to change into his fantasy Domme overnight – if ever. Positive reinforcement of the things I did that he enjoyed would help a lot. No one wants to feel as if their efforts are constantly falling short. He’d also have to be willing to give me what *I* needed during sex. Since I enjoy romance, for example, then I’d expect that. He may not normally enjoy romantic gestures but if he had his mind set on pleasing me hopefully it would excite him.

I’d need to know he found me sexy. While all the things I’ve mentioned would be important, I think this one is near the top of the list. If he desires for me to control him sexually, then I have to know he wants me more than anything. (It’s not enough to tell me once and expect me to accept it as that way forever. I don’t think a lot of women are wired that way. Many of us need to hear things and hear them often ;)

I’m sure there’s more, but these are some of the things that have crossed my mind when I’ve pondered that question, . I’m honestly glad I’m not in that position because I know it would be tough on both. They didn’t ask about what I thought he would need, but I want you to know I do understand that this is a deep-seated need for some men and I really love it when I see those who pursue it in a loving, thoughtful manner.

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Damn sandy has made NYC a disaster zone, god bless those who lost everything, I think I made out lucky still have a house, and I will be working helping all those who need!!! KEEP YAH HEAD NY will make it!!!

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school is honestly killing me. it has been the most stressful year to boot date and its not only academics that are killing me its, the drama and im just not sure how much i can take. I am terrified of failing, but it seems like everytime i turn around its drama or something of that sort and it scares me. Im starting to think this is too much for me if i cant even choose the right friends how can am i sure im going to be able to be a doctor?

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by Vivian Phelps

Relentless arm and hand
applied over over over
rosey red cheeks
radiating glowing heat.

Tears and tears
contrition, acceptance
forgiveness and
a stern hand points.

Crushing pressure
weighty and solid
heavy breath on my neck
I can't breathe.

Wide open, asked to widen
bare feet high up in the cold air
broad shoulders holding firm
hips fast and hard, pounding.

Stunning, startling illumination
sticky, sweaty
breathless, bliss.

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well............ The Princess has came a long way! The growth has made me proud beyond measure, I even think she may have surprised herself. She still may have long way to but behavior modification is a process. as a Dom your first process should be trust, if your sub trust you their mind will be open to you. opening subs/spankee mind is not about changing who they are or personality but building on that foundation making them stronger and wiser! After the mind then the heart but thats a different blog LOL.
SN: Yes I asked you to complete two task and you refused to submit to one of them YOU! Forced my hand not me and you know was a hard head makes!! Kiss Autumn for me


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Iv recently come to some realizations in my life. like just a few hours ago. Guilt is an over powering consuming emotion. With out knowing iv been letting it eat me up the past few years. what could i have possibly to feel guilty about that could last for years? I lived, he died nothing I could do to save him.
So to understand me and my postion hears some back ground info.

The night he passed:

We had just come from a play party, he didn't play with me but let a Domme work on me that night. We got home, he pulled his own meds. I typically pull them nightly for him. I went into talk with him after he had taken his meds knowing his meds hit pretty fast at times. He kinda fell out of seat but got back up and sat back down again. I thought nothing of it, I did ask him if he was alright and told him I loved him he said I love you to. I came back to the room to find him on the floor again, thinking nothing of it as he was prone to falling a sleep in odd places sometimes I tried to wake him so he could get in bed. Nope nothing so I covered him up thinking he will wake in the night and get in bed. I went to sleep on the couch in living room as I sometimes did. Then the next morning I walked in and found him. My mind started to race as i checked for a pulse nothing I called 911. We my roommate and I tried to turn him over so I could start CPR.

Skipping forward

Fire , police arrived. I had left the room to get the firefighters his meds. They counted his meds in front of me. I had a sick feeling hit me suddenly , I KNEW what had happened. I called his friends and my family to let them know what happened after the officer told me , he was gone. Then I took off my collar and haven't worn it till now Oct 31, 2012. In the days that followed his friends showed up to help pack or so I thought. I was in shock and didn't realize it at the time but they came to sort out what they wanted out his stuff , with out regard to what I may have wanted to keep for memories sake.

We finally got moved out of the apartment and in with his friends. I kept asking where was this and this , all his friends saw was a greedy bitch who only wanted the person she claimed to love for his stuff. I wasn't ready to let go of him. I would have been more then willing to divide everything so long as I could have some of the things I had bought him while we where together.

Things went drastically south fast. They started accusing me of stealing things , petty shit like food or dvds . Told them to go threw my things to see if you can find the missing things. No thief would say go threw my stuff if they had really stolen something. Then came something worse the accusations of "you killed him" I heard 4-5 times a day for three months of hell. So short on sleep and food id only eat what I would buy to stop the bullshit of I'm stealing food. They did allow me some of what they cooked after everyone else had been served which was little.

Thinking I had no were else to turn to because I heard my mom say over the phone 'I wonder if we could have her committed". The thought of suicide and murder entered my thoughts. I finally broke down called home to TX and made arrangements to come home. We packed what little the truck could hold on the promise they would bring the rest down funicher and the rest of my stuff. Mean while the flag and urn with his ash had gone missing suddenly. Thinking maybe it was in another box that they would bring down. I agreed to leave for my mental heath because killing was becoming a stronger urge. They remained unaware of the thoughts of murder: of me wanting kill my accuser of the hateful words she spewed at me.

A Few Years Later

I had a run in with a medium of sorts. I didn't know the woman never met her ect but she told me " You didn't kill him" , it left me floored, relived and so much more. Later that night I realized something elce and I felt horrible . I was glad he was dead , glad , that must make me a horrible person. I forced myself to look at why I was glad , I was glad cause he wasn't in pain anymore, I didn't have to put up with the PTSD, sleep walking, waking up with a knife to my throat cause if his nightmare. his sever depression.

Now for my next realization , I try to repeat the day, why to try an ease my feelings. I think it would help if I could find a Domme I trust to play with me and yes even have sex with , im not sure if im bi but I think that could be an important part of the after care of secen I have mind. Basically what iv got in mind is this we play I get the pain/pleasure aspect but during the play she would help me confront my feeling even more so then just saying it or typing up a summery.The point is to take away the guilt piece by piece in very practical way with the scene I'm looking for.

My third realization is I need to talk but I think I must find a doctor who was/is military and BDSM friendly. Tom was military I will say an no more then that. Those who don't know about military probably wouldn't believe some of the stuff or dismiss it as of no importance , wrong. He was still getting calls while I was with him that throws a unique prospective on things and the relationship we had.

I do realize I didnt kill him, it wasnt my fault, i did everything i could for him.

A Positive Note

I contacted the American legion post hear her I live at the suggestion of a friend. They will be seeing about helping get another flag and that means a lot to me , so very much , Another part of bringing everything to a close for me emotionally.

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5:00 AM thoughts……

My 2 favorite sayings are “It’s whatever” and “It’s not that serious”.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for a wrongdoing especially if I feel I was justified.

I got a verbal reprimand at work because of my “excessive” cell phone usage. My thought was if you don’t want to see me on my phone, then don’t look. My cell phone use doesn’t affect my performance so "It’s not that serious”, in fact, I do a damn good job. I know if I told Him about the reprimand I would get spanked, but would it deter me from using my phone at work….probably not.

I usually think about consequences while I am thinking of the action. Spankings hurt but am I sorry for my actions, or am I sorry I’m getting spanked?

Another situation….. I have been told I have a “smart mouth”. Due to some inappropriate comments I made I got spanked. I was spanked because I was disrespectful, rude and unladylike. But everything I said I meant, I did manage to feel "kinda" bad about what I said afterwards. But I still felt I was right. However, during my spanking all I could say was I was sorry and it wouldn’t happen again.

Again I ask……was I sorry for what I said or was I sorry because I was getting spanked?

How do I begin to feel sorry for my wrongdoings? Whether its cigarettes, late for work, excessive shopping, hanging up on Him or getting written up….. to me if I’m justified “its whatever”.

Does anyone else have this problem???

Good morning,

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but noone near me.
I wonder if it's ok to let my nomal friend(not into spanking)spanks me.
is this idea dangerous? because he's not expert,experienced spanker?

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