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I am looking for bad boys, 18.45, that are need of mentoring, I prefer to punish for real misbehaviors. I use spanking, corner time, mouth soaping, and writing lines as required. Additional punishments may be used based on the individual.
I do require pics and/or video of your punishments, to serve as both proof of completion and additional embarrassment.
Unfortunately, the pics/vids are non-negotiable, they are for my eyes only unless you wish to post them here.
If interested, complete the following preliminary assignment and e-mail me directly ( with any other questions and concerns.


Strip to your underwear and face the camera, put your hands on your head. Take a head to toe frontal pic. Turn around, hands on head. Take a head to toe rear pic.
Now pull your underwear to your ankles. Take a head to toe rear pic. Turn around, you may put your hands over your crotch if you desire. Take a head to toe frontal pic. Now lay out anything else you think might be suitable for spanking, and include the brand of bar soap you have. Take a pic.
Email me directly with the pics and your name(and how you wish to be addressed - ie boy, young man, or your name), age, current misbehaviors, and tell me what punishments you have administered to yourself in the past.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Sir Marc

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Man in leather/POLIZEI uniform administers Tawse, Dragon Cane, long wide supple POLICE belt, whips to men needing sustained "endurance" building floggings, I keep "punishment book" to keep track of your previous level so we can surpass this on your next session!! mail bullwhipp @ gmail . com

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Views: 1111 · Added: 739 days ago

My name is Mistress Mia i am early 30's (b,day next friday)leggy size 10 natural dd bust (yes i am blessed) I created my dungeon as a personal playroom but was offered money to include few friends with the same kinks and that is how THE DARKROOM WAS BORN!!
It has been far from easy to find the right craftsman etc. but we are getting there.
I plan on extending it with a dressing room and doctors surgery whoo... as soon as i get the money that is!!
got to go booking in be continued

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Views: 2601 · Added: 739 days ago

Anybody clilck on FORUM lately? I haven't in quite a while. Just did, recently, and got redirected to a NEW site... How, um, interesting.

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Views: 1972 · Added: 739 days ago

And not a punishment one but an erotic one with the same speed of a punishment one.

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Views: 2447 · Added: 740 days ago

I received my first diaper position spanking a couple of weeks ago, and I was surprised at how much easier it was to leave bruises in that position. I know that some people like to have some "evidence" of the ordeal left behind to help them remember the experience. That's not necessarily my goal. Wooden ones will leave me black and blue almost every time, but normally I don't tend to have much bruising with leather implements. My current living situation leaves me loathe to have any marks on my person which I would need to explain away. Therefore, I try to avoid bruising as much as possible.

With that in mind, My Darling usually sticks to the leather implements when taking me in hand. Which isn't to say that I'm getting off easy. He has, among his extensive collection, a thick OTK length "prison strap" and a nice thick two-tongued tawse that both make a huge... erm... "impression" on me. But even so, I can receive an "attitude adjustment" with these with only a minimum of bruising, generally speaking.

So, when I recently earned myself my first diaper position spanking, I expected it to be the same story - little or no bruising so long as My Darling only uses leather. But much to my surprise, glancing in the mirror an hour or so after we were done, I found that my backside and upper thighs looked like an angry leprechaun had been stomping all over them. I was aghast.

I guess this is something that other folks probably already knew. It was probably something that My Darling already knew as well. I didn't dare complain about it. But now I know. If I want to keep my rump free of black and blue marks, I should avoid at all cost breaking rules which have a diaper position spanking as the consequence. Best to stick to the more minor infractions... At least until having a "decorated" bottom won't be such an awkward thing to try and explain. (winks and smiles)

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Views: 587 · Added: 740 days ago

I first met Leah when I was a freshman. She was tall and thick (but certainly not fat) with long, straight black hair and glasses. She was a year older than me and lived down the street from one of my best friends.

We met for the first time when I was dating my first "real" girlfriend, a girl named Mary who I had been friends with for a few years. From the first time that I talked to her, I was addicted to Leah's sexual energy.

She had a thick, round butt, a sturdy athletic frame (she was on the swim team) and a mishevous smile. She was the naughty girl that I had always dreamed of.

Things started innocently enough. We chatted on AIM, which led to flirting on AIM, which led to flirting on the phone, which led to some "naughty" conversations. My polite and conservative exterior disappeared when I talked to her. I talked about wanting to kiss her all over, how I wanted to rip-off her clothes, how I wanted her to rip-off my I wanted to put her over-my-knee and spank her for being so naughty.

Leah was the first person that I had ever "come-out" as a "spanking enthusiast" to. Once I had pulled Mary across my knee and gave her butt a few playful smacks, but I had never dared to openly discuss my spanking fetish with anyone.

Our conversations and spanking fantasies continued for a few months until I worked-up the nerve to ask her if we could put our words into action. She agreed, and we made a plan for me to come over when her parents would be out.

As soon as I walked in the door, my cock was as hard as a rock. I could barely control myself in the presence of her sexuality. She gave me a "come-hither" direction and we began ravaging each other in her kitchen. It was great, but not what I had come for.

After a few minutes, I pulled away and told her that she was a naughty girl and that it was time that she learn a lesson. Leah relented without hesitation, and told me to walk to her living room.

I sat on her couch while she closed the shades and then stood in-front of me. I told her to bend over-my-knee and then quickly went to work.

I began spanking and just kept going. With her thick butt and tight jeans across my knees, I applied spank after spank after spank.

It was perfect. It was the beginning of a beautiful spanking relationship.

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Views: 539 · Added: 740 days ago

I am a happily married man in a spanking-free relationship. But, before meeting, dating, and marrying my wife, I was involved in a two-year long spanking-centric relationship with a girl named Leah, who, incidently, was a close friend of my now-wife.

While in High School, Leah and I would get together quite often. When we did, we would make out, I would spank her, then she would get on her knees and give me blow jobs. I would strip her bare and smack-away at her ass until it was red and she was crying. Then, she would submissively go to her knees and suck my dick. It was all that I ever wanted out of a relationship, except that I did not love her, even though she loved me.

But although I never loved her, I am not sure that I will ever stop lusting after Leah. This situation is all the more difficult because I frequently see her at get togethers of my wife's friends. Everyone knows that we fooled-around back in high school, but, to my knowledge, nobody knows about our spanking relationship.

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Views: 755 · Added: 740 days ago

I want one but don't know how to ask for it

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Views: 1854 · Added: 740 days ago

wuts up tho...i aint been on here in a grip went thru mad hell these past couple months its all good tho...they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right?....hmmm i started school for work skills and communication i graduate in june.....i start culinary soon i think if i am even gon do it anyway...i dunno....ive decided that i hate dad wants me to go so i brain b tired af...its been awhile since i been in school yo...

i just decided to post this for my buds on here cuz i kno i been MIA for awhile and yea...thts about it...i went to jail for like 2 weeks its nothin big didnt mess up my parole and i get off tht in bday is in december can any1 say pppaarrrtttaayyy lolz....anywho...just an update...o yea my CD drops this gwan be mohd hott yyeeaa bbbuuddyyy lolz.... the new videos yo....


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Views: 1464 · Added: 740 days ago

Buenos dias=Good morning
Buenas tardes=Good afternoon

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Views: 687 · Added: 740 days ago

I'm a spankee.I'm from in China.I'm Chinese.I want a good female spanker.

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Views: 3099 · Added: 741 days ago

Everyone and Anyone who watched and enjoyed my clips,

Thank You,

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Views: 898 · Added: 741 days ago

A little over 24 hours ago, I met a new spanking partner--Tracey. We'd talked on the phone and e-mailed each other for several weeks now, and this was her first chance to play. She about 90 miles away, so I had to plan to get a room and stay overnight, as this was also the latest playdate I've had since starting this new life I seem to have discovered.
Tracey is 5'8, has big pretty brown eyes, brown hair that she "almost always" wears in a pony-tail, and a build like a volleyball player. She reminds me very much of my gf in college, the one who got paddled as a senior in high school. Being 5'8" (or 9"--depending on what shoes I have on; we short people have to take our inches wherever we can find 'em!), this is a little unusual. A spanking model some years ago, a tall girl, said that whenever she was otk, it "looked ridiculous", but I couldn't agree less. When Tracey was over my knee, she was the same size as anyone else, and the target area was perfect. She's a good girl and she said she procrastinates and sometimes texts when driving, so she had a couple of reasons to be spanked, but mostly it was just for fun and maintenance.
As always, I had butterflies all the way to meet her. As much as I love spanking, meeting someone new does this to me every time, so I knew I'd need time to decompress from the drive after I arrived. She kept in touch with me all the way, and got off work as I was arriving. She wanted to change and shampoo her hair before we met, so I waited in the lobby. She came down shortly, and was wearing black pants and a burgundy shirt. We went to her room and chatted awhile; she is very much a girl-next-door: always lived in the South, wasn't spanked growing up but definitely needed to be now!
I started the usual way, and her black pants didn't have pockets in the back, so my hand was pretty effective for the beginning of the spanking. One thing Tracey wanted to do was feel every implement I have spanking her bottom, so I was happy to oblige. She had to stand to take her pants down to her knees, revealing black panties, which of course are always nice. I remember thinking I hope she packed several changes, because I planned to set these on fire and maybe the next pair as well. The ruler and the paddles had the greatest effect over her panties, but once they came down, the strap and switch were what made her wriggle away from me a couple of times. "Break! Break! PLeeeeease!!" I had told her we could take breaks whenever she needed them, and she told me that the "right-handed-spanker syndrome" was really working on her right cheek.
This will have to be Part 1--Something's come up and I'll have to come back to this later.

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I continue to cry as you hold my head. My hands are still clasped together under the seat cushion as the sobs rack my body. The first round of the punishment is over unless I fail to make you orgasm within the allotted two minutes. I can't believe the heat and pain that the strap caused hasn't lessened yet. It is the same with every punishment from that strap, but I still always hold out hope that the awful stinging and burning will subside. My butt seems like it has come alive, I can feel it throb with pain and every pulse seems to intensify the fire. Yet I know that this was only a warm up for the true punishment to follow...the rubber side of the strap. Where I will have the internal struggle to fight the urge to resist, or to get up altogether and stop the punishment, saying I can becomes a battle. Not to outlast that evil, thick rubber strap...but to accept it, submit to the anguish it brings. I'm so deep in my thoughts, I don't even notice that you are no longer holding my head.

"Alright hon, time is up. Now its time to move on to the second part of the first round of your punishment." I lift my head and look at you through teary eyes. I see you setting the digital timer for two minutes. "As I have already informed you...since your mouth has made promises that you have failed to keep, it too will participate in your punishment. Two minutes is all you have to bring me to an orgasm, or it's back across the couch for thirteen more strokes of leather." If I wasn't in so much pain I would laugh and smile, for I have never failed to bring you to an orgasm with my tongue but this is the first time I will be made to "preform" as part of a punishment. You reach up and remove the towel from your body, folding it up you place it on the hardwood floor. "Ok hon, get up from that couch and lay down on the floor. You can use the towel as a pillow to rest your head on." I slowly get up from the couch and head for the towel. Each step I take seems to intensify thy burning and pain. I gasp as I lay down when my burning butt makes contract with the cool wooden floor. I can't help but laugh inside as I recall that I was the one who wanted the hardwood instead of carpeting. Ironically wood finds it's way into my punishment.

I lay on the floor as the cool hardwood floor feels like an ice pack, soothing yet unforgiving and hard. You start to straddle me and lower yourself but you stop.... "Hon, put your hands at your sides and keep them there!" I comply and then you lower yourself into a "69" position with your bottom sitting on my chest, but you don't lower your head...this is for your pleasure not mine. I am shocked as I realize what you have done! My hands and arms are trapped! Now the only way I can pleasure you is truly with my mouth and tongue only. I can see your beautiful bottom, right in front of my face. Your cute anus and vagina...just inches from my face, along with your clitoris hidden from my view. "Alright hon, two minutes...i suggest you make the most of it, or it's more leather for you. The time starts when you hear the beep of the timer." Then you start to slide your bottom and vagina backwards towards my face.

My penis starts to twitch at the lovely sight before my eyes. You continue to push your bottom backwards towards my face. As you get closer and closer to my face your cheeks open up even more and then you are practically sitting on my face. You then move forward an inch to give me room to breathe and space to operate with. I hear the beep of the timer and know the two minutes has begun. I tilt my head forward slightly, I begin to lick and nibble on your vagina. I so love to please you orally and my penis begins to swell and harden from my excitement. I am thoroughly enjoying the view and the taste of you.

You lift away from my face momentarily. "Hon, you have this all wrong. This is for my pleasure not yours, we will have to change this somewhat." Reaching down you pull my legs up and deliver five stinging slaps to each thigh. I cry out from the surprise. "Now, stop thinking about enjoying what you are doing. I'm going to continue to spank you until that erection disappears. You time is still ticking away, get that tongue inside me NOW and get busy!" You lower your bottom and vagina back down on my face. You tighten your hold on my legs and start raining stinging spanks on my thighs and all over my already burning butt. I cry out from the renewed attack on my butt and thrust my tongue deeply into you. I panic as I realize my time is slipping away. Desperately I twist, probe and slither my tongue deeper into your vagina. I attack every spot that I know you love and I can tell from the added moisture that you appreciate my efforts.

You continue to blister my cheeks and thighs with your hand as my penis shows no sign of deflating. How can your little hands cause so much burn? I am crying from the assault, tears streaming down my face as your juices are trickling down my chin. I can feel you start to tremble as your orgasm approaches. The timer start to beep and I know there are only thirty second left. I shift my attention to your clitoris...twirling, teasing and tormenting my tongue against it. Your moaning starts and I know I'm close, but so is the time! You bounce around, riding my face and tongue. Your grip on my legs tightens, almost becoming painful in itself. You start to concentrate on my sit spots and repeatedly punish them with your lil stinging hands. With one last desperate plunge I drive my tongue into your vagina and can feel the muscles tighten around it drawing me deeper still. Continuously crying from the agony you are wreaking on my butt, I pray time isn't up. Finally your orgasm erupts against my face! Your juices are all over my face and I am blown away by your powerful orgasm. You scream out repeatedly in pure delight as it rocks your body. You grind yourself against my face and revel in the feelings as your body tingles from head to toe. I can hear the timer go off and I know I barely made it in time. Letting go of my legs, you lay on top of me limp and exhausted.

You are still mere inches from my face and I reach forward and start to nibble on your lips. You moan and an "OH" escapes your mouth. Slowly I tease your clitoris and all I hear is whimpers from you now. Too exhausted, all you can do is soak it in as I bring you towards another orgasm. Your whimpers turn to short lil gasps of breath and pleas of "no's" "oh yes" and more "no's". The orgasm simply envelopes you, penetrating all of you. Every cell in your body rejoices, yet you are unable to move...clearly wore out from the sensations. Gently I lift you off of me and I get up on shaky legs. Carefully I carry you to the couch and set you down. Then I go to the kitchen and bring you a little refreshment and some water. I go to the bathroom and get a warm washcloth. I gently wipe your vaginal lips and the juices from your thighs. Smiling, you thank me and tell me how much you appreciate the drink and warm little sponge bath.

Next you surprise me with a gleam in your eyes, "Go get the strap." I reach over to the coffee table where you laid it earlier. "Now get your naughty butt back over the back of the couch and I want you to hold that strap. Rubber side up where you can see it, while you wait for the next round of your punishment. You can think about how that rubber strap is going to be branded thirteen times across your already sore butt!"

I am shocked at your rapid recovery from the double orgasm. But with a burning red butt and a reddening face I return to the position across the back of the couch... my feet dangling off the floor, my butt awaiting further burning agony and my face inched from the horrible evil rubber strap. I so wish I didn't ask for the warm up and the extra three strokes it came with. I'm really afraid of the thick rubber side of that strap. Looking at it, I just know the pain and torment it causes. I start to cry once again, tears running down my face and dripping down onto the couch below.

Evil, evil rubber strap ....

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Views: 845 · Added: 741 days ago

Do you have those days where you are nagged as soon as you get up? Do this, do that, you are not working hard enough, not earning enough? Well this morning I listened to the other half's rant and noticed she was lying on her side and could see her bare ass in the mirror.

So I went off about her relentless clothes and jewelry spending, and summarised by saying perhaps its your ass that needs to be worked? So still protesting, I manoeuvered her her ass into the air before she realised what was happening and like all good spankers, ensured that the spankees' ass was reddened.

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Finally she smiled and said, "Oh, yeah! Sorry. I wasn't thinking." Then she announced to the room, "I gotta take Cinderella home."
It seemed like everyone else in the room except Tony said, "Aw!"
Tony said, "Oh, I guess the Bunny show is over." He wasn't smiling.
The room was dead quiet for a second. Leah and Renee looked like they were holding their breath.
Then Bunny smiled at him and said, "I can come back if you want."
"Cool," said the coach, who was drunk and apparently oblivious to what was going on.
Renee burst out laughing and Tony just got up, went into the bathroom and slammed the door.

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So my question to you, pervs: Is there such a thing as pervdar? If so, do you have it?

I mostly don’t think I have it. I can’t tell by looking at people if they are secretly a member of my kinky, freaky tribe. (This is why I love going to events. OMG LOOK AT ALL THE PERVS! MAH PEOPLE!!

On the other hand, I see vanilla people acting in outrageously toppy or bottomy ways all the damn time, at Target, in line at the Registry, the one that tells the other one not to order this thing order that thing instead at the table next to me in the restaurant. But that fucks up the pervdar, really, doesn’t it?

Vanilla people are the real no limits power players, if you ask me. They do that shit all the time, without negotiation and without a safeword.

But that doesn’t make them kinky. Being kinky is first and foremost about consciousness. It’s about the grand awareness of all the kinky possibilities of absolutely everything, from that fencepost to the big industrial stapler next to the copy machine.

It’s in your MIND, people.

You know what I’m talking about. I suspect most people I see who are topping or bottoming out there in the world aren’t kinky at all. They go home and have totally vanilla sex (which might be awesome. I’m not judging). You’re not kinky if you’re just a bossy bitch, or a passive aggressive doormat who does exactly what somebody says just to demonstrate for them how stupid it is. Nope. You gotta be making a conscious decision, and you gotta be actually communicating that to another person. Like, “I am going to be a bossy bitch…and you are going to like it very much. Now get naked.”

That’s kinky.

But I digress. Pervdar. Does it exist? Do you have it? Do you know where I can get some? Mail-order maybe? A correspondence course? Ritual sacrifices?

Pretty much I know someone’s kinky…if they tell me.


and then they reveal that they think they’re kinky…because they had sex in their car.

Sigh. My heart, she is broken.

No, you are not kinky just because you had sex somewhere other than your bed.

Now if one of you was handcuffed to the car, I’d be willing to revise my opinion.

Pervdar! Where are you when I need you?

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Views: 383 · Added: 742 days ago

After we smoked the joint I noticed the time and started trying to get Bunny's attention to let her know that we should be leaving soon. It wasn't easy. She was being the life of the party again. All eyes were on her. Everyone except Tony seemed to be quite entertained by her stories and antics, especially Leah. She was drinking now too and thought everything Bunny said was hilarious. At one point Renee, Bunny and Leah sang Lionel Richie's "Sail On," loud and off key. Renee got louder every time she sang the line "I'm givin' you back your name."
I noticed Leah looking guiltily at Tony a couple of times while they sang. Bunny was smirking and looking cocky. I thought it was a good time to get her out of there before she and Tony ended up in a fist fight over Leah. As soon as they were done singing I jumped up and practically tackled Bunny and said right in her ear that I needed to go home.
At first she just looked at me like she didn't understand I was asking her to drive me. I couldn't wait to get my license. My parents promised to take me in the spring.

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Views: 627 · Added: 742 days ago

Well today me and my wife where out shopping for food and she kept on putting bags of chips in the basket as I would put them back she would just laugh and say “stop doing that I am on a all Chip diet” hahahaha. It was kind of funny but after a few min of this I changed my tone of voice and said OK enough already we have got to go I started to move away with the cart and she tossed another bag of chips over my shoulder and into the basket I turned and grabbed her arm and gave her a firm smack on the bottom and said Cut it out. She rubbed her bottom as we walked up to the register to pay.

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