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Views: 513 · Added: 794 days ago

After last night ass whooping.

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Back from our summer break and nothing but the long slog towards Christmas to look forward to: how many of us are thinking of replenishing our toy boxes to reduce the tedium of the lengthening days?

Zoe and I have invested in a martinet and a new senior cane, both of which have made an appearance this weekend. We have also succumbed to the 50 Shades mania and acquired, not without qualms on my part, in the steel balls toy.

Well, a visit to our local Supermarket will never be the same again...SarahX x

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...I`m back here on ST.
I guess I can say, that there was a little progress as far as spanking is concerned in our relationship.
We integrated spanking in a playful way to our "bedroom adventures".
My boyfriend is a very dominant guy who expresses very clearly what he expects me to do or how he expects me to behave.
And he has no problem to tell me to stay at home or to go to bed or what ever because I misbehaved...
The only thing that seems to be so hard for him is to give me a spanking in such situations. To my mind it has got a lot to do with education and social norms saying you must never ever hit a woman (...even though she deserves it...)
What do you think? Is it a good way to start it playfully? What else can I do or tell him? I thought about making him really really mad...but I´m not sure, whether this a good idea...
Thanks for your help :*

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When a man spanks a women, he sets up a bond.

Even the most independent woman feels different when she bends over a male knee. She feels connected to a deep need to be 'mastered', to summit to the will of a man. She feels humiliated but the humiliation feels unexpectedly right. She knows that her relation with the man will never be the same again.


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I wish of bums I had a couple
Upturned; ready to be heated
With my slipper, black and supple
Make them painful when be seated
Who will volunteer their bottom
So Old Jim his whims indulge
Admiring knickers made of cotton
In his trousers tell-tale bulge?
Little bottoms jumping; shaking
Stinging blows down on them rain
Naughty girls, punishment taking
Bet they won’t come back again!

(but you never know your luck!)

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Views: 675 · Added: 795 days ago

According to my profile, I joined SpankingTube 355 days ago (today is September 22). So my SpankingTube birthday would be October 3.

I've set some informal goals for myself. My videos have been viewed 239,00 times so far. I'd like to get to a quarter million by October 3. I now have about 960 friends. I'd like to make that 1000.

And most of all I'd like a spanking to celebrate. If there are any ladies out there who live in CA and would like to give me a spanking for my "birthday" by all means contact me. Although its not quite in keeping with my birthday theme, I would also enjoy giving a spanking to a woman who enjoys getting them.

Its been a good year. Even if I don't get a spanking or give one, and even if I don't reach my goals, I will count the year as a success. Its been great being a SpankingTube member.

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Views: 455 · Added: 796 days ago

After a considerable time during which I had no opportunity for spankings, the drought seems to be over. I am once again sitting gingerly in deference to my bruised backside, and I'm loving it! I feel so much more complete with this in my life. It's like an invisible void has been filled. Here's hoping the drought doesn't return any time soon! (I think I may be mixing metaphors here, but who the hell cares?)

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well i was going to talk about something else but i received a message yesterday from lisa saying she was naughty again

i just gave her a good spanking just 2 weeks ago
she spent at least 15 minutes over my knee with constant application of hairbrush on her lower cheeks that left big bruises

she's obviously not learning so what to do , what to do, what to do

and i came up with this thought

when she gets spanked she likes to be taken into private

but not this time

ill turn this into a community spanking
to start i want everyone to e-mail her and scold her about her behavior
also e-mail me so i can keep track
even the spankees can e-mail saying they cant wait to see her bum turn red because im going to videotape it
itll start that shell face the camera and say to the first person who e-mails "im sorry i was a bad girl joe schmo"
go over my knee for a series then shell stand up and face the camera and say "im sorry i was a bad girl john doe" and so forth until we work through the list
each person will get a copy of the spanking when were finished
(itll take me a few weeks as i still use cups on strings to call)
maybe a little embaressment will teach her to behave

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50 Shades of Julie Simone
Thursday, September 20th, 2012
Julie Simone
50 Shades of Julie Simone

(New York, NY)
With so much buzz over 50 Shades, there needed to be a true BDSM/fetish DVD version! Releasing this week is Julie Simone’s latest feature “50 Shades of Red” starring Rebecca Reynolds and Julie Simone. The film has an intricate plot that has Julie being punished and dominated for hiring Reynolds’ husband as a cameraman. What ensues is revenge on Julie’s mouth, tits, ass and pussy in 90 minutes of hair pulling, forced dildo worship, handcuff hogtie, on-screen mouth gagging with mouth stuffing, foot smothering and gagging, wax play, clothes destruction, psychological torment, cigarette predicament, ball gags and of course, spanking and caning! Julie Simone also wrote the script and directed the action. To view the trailer, go to

Unlike previous titles released this year, “50 Shades of Red” is being distributed through Bon-Vue. To place an order contact George at 800.827.3787 or Orders can also be placed through Julie Simone Productions by emailing
“The thing I respect most about Bon-Vue’s business model is their unwavering commitment to distributing real BDSM,” says Julie Simone “The consumer doesn’t want watered down fluff, they want hard and heavy action which I’m happy to deliver; it’s what turns me on the most.”

“Award-winning director Julie Simone has always been a heavy hitter. Her sub work is always intense and this is one of the most intense videos I’ve ever seen her do,” says Bon-Vue owner George. “We’re happy to be doing business with her again.”

For more of Julie’s catalogue visit

All requests for interviews, appearances, magazine placement and general media inquiries about Julie Simone should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

About Julie Simone
Julie Simone was the first woman to be awarded Best Rigger in the Industry in 2004. She’s taught at ShibariCon, FetishCon, DomCon, BondCon NYC, Threshold, German Fetish Ball, as well as smaller community based clubs and one-on-one classes. Her talents have been showcased in hundreds of DVDs, as well as on G4TV’s “Attack of the Show” and she was featured in the documentary pilot Dominatrix Diaries, which was screened at the NYC Television Film Festival and is currently being made into a reality series. 2012 has been a huge year for Julie for award nominations w 6 AVN nods, 3 XBiz Nominations, and 5 Feminist Porn nods. Julie took home the “Best Kink Video” award for “Vicious Strap On Bitches”! Her films have been shown at New England Erotic Arts Festival, Cinekink (Portland, SF, NYC, DC, Chicago, LA, Berlin), Los Angeles and Baltimore Erotic Festivals, Berlin Porn Film Festival, Cinerotic (Atlanta), Kiel Fetisch Film Festival, PopPorn festival in Rio and Uruguay, and MIX Festival, just to name a few. In 2011, she began painting and showing her work on her site Julie has received notoriety for her photography for some time. Her work has appeared in Secret Magazine, Bizarre, Fetish Photo Anthology 4 & 5, Bondage and Fetish (France), and has been exhibited in shows including The Dirty Show, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Folsom Street Fair Art Exhibit at Femina Potens Gallery and The Traveling Erotic Art Show that exhibited in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Florida. Look for her monthly BDSM/fetish lifestyle column each month on Scene Magazine at Her previous writing credits include Boyd X, Social Kink, and the foreword for the book “Smut in Hotel Rooms”. To learn more about Julie Simone, visit her websites,,, and Watch Julie in her Internet sensation YouTube video clip Dominatrix in Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC that has been viewed over 140,000 times—it was featured on Tosh.0, Gawker, The Village Voice Blog and VH1, along with, Buzzfeed and Redux. To see Julie in action, visit her trailers page,

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Views: 1465 · Added: 796 days ago

When I watch a spanking video I seem to find it more realistic if the spanker is visibly older than the spankee. Now from a spankees point of view once the spanking begins the age doesn't matter at all. How do others feel about it? Would you rather watch older/younger? Or if you are a spankee would you rather be spanked by an older person?

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Hey Spanktube Fans!
So I'm a person who's pretty into Zodiac Signs (Aquarius rules btw ;)). By that I don't mean just looking into the horoscopes, which I sometimes do. I mean knowing the characteristics of each, comparing compatibility, looking up natal charts to see the Moons and Ascending Signs and all that. Its a subject I really fancy.
Anyway, I have a question that I really want to ask the spanking world. Based on experience, what Zodiac Signs do you recognize to be the most dominate? What Zodiac Signs do you recognize to be the least dominate? If you want to comment but only know birthdays and not Signs, leave the month and day (leaving the person anonymous unless its u) and I or someone else who comments can tell you what Zodiac Sign it is. But basically what I'm wondering is that if your looking for a spanker or spankee, does their Zodiac Sign have any influence in the matter of if they are a good choice or not? Is it a good idea to ask so as to consider them? Can their Zodiac Sign be the difference between dominant and submissive? I'm mostly concerned with dominance but the submissive side is interesting as well. Comments are welcome but I'm mostly looking for those who've had experiences with different Signs.

And also, as a side note/question, I've noticed this a lot with mainly the major disciplinarians and some of the smaller ones, but why does the Spanker always feel its necessary to terrorize one butt cheek more than the other? Idk if they do it on purpose or what, but it seems like one cheek just gets punished more than the other all the time. Why can't their hits just be equal on both side? Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? Do they not know how much that ish hurts? That one butt cheek just be burning and hurting so badly and they just keep attacking it... They'll hit one cheek five times, hit the other three times, then go back to the other one and keep going off track, smacking it like seven times in a row! It drives me crazy! Just wondering about that... Anyways, just had to get that off my chest and ask that piercing question.

And you know what they say: If you don't know, you better ask somebody! Lol

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Views: 2423 · Added: 799 days ago

If you're going to complain about someone not spanking hard enough in your video, you have to post one of YOU getting it as hard as you're complaining the other video isn't.

Fair enough?

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last time i posted the words to a song i wrote
someone asked me if i had written it
i said yes
so i figured id show how my brain works (or doesnt work) when i write a song
i always start with words, figure out how to sing it then then fill in instruments behind it
lets start with "little red bum"
this song idea came after i spanked lisa
she was doing cornertime and i called her little red bum
this made me think of an indian name so i had the first line
on the ride back home i had created the second line
i do alot of my wrtiting while driving my car so i have to remember lines
sometimes i forget
this happened on this song as i had a diffferent third and fourth lines of the female singer and forget them

the other day i saw a car that had a bumper sticker had a name and a date 1984-2010
to die at 26 is too young but then the car pulled into a babies-r-us store and i thought "good, go on, i know hes gone but"
this lead to
"good, go on
you gotta,gotta be strong
i know that hes gone
but you gotta be strong"
its not finished though i know how this parts is done so..

sometimes it doesnt come easy
i was watching buffy the vampire slayer and developed a thing for buffy
i wrote "im in love with the slayer, she knows im no player"
and got stuck
i knew there was a third line that went with it but didnt know it
3 weeks later i came up with "took her on a date to battle the mayor"
9 months and its still note done

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I want to get a spanking

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Maybe two Espresso's were a bit OTT on top of the mug of "instant" already flung down my throat in the manic haste of the morning school run!
Two large coffee's, my wake up remedy for an early morning meeting seemed a good idea, a necessity infact to keep my eyes open and mind alert! Yes they did the job and I left me flying down the path like an inebriated "bumble Bee!"

Carpark now full and resembling soldiers on parade, with all the car's in nice tidy rows, except for a rather flash! electric blue Audi into which I jumped and roared up the engine...Make up and hair checked in the rear view mirror (a practise I believe should be added to the high way code! .You see Mummy's car is automatic, I was not in my own manual machine as I for that glimpse of a second believed...
Bang!!!,the wall was not damaged phew! the rear end of my Mothers as yet umblemished sport's car was! "Holy Shit" the words left my lips along with every last ounce of air my heart could pump out of my lungs... This I can only describe as one of those out of body experiences you usually feel after 12 vodka doubles!!! the world around you evaporates like water in a boiling pan!Now any "smoker" would have lit up in a flash, not me as I haven't touched one since Saturday!!! (hooray).
So after a deep breath I decided to calmly return to the drivers seat and check once twice and three times that I was in "drive" and at a snails pace decended away for the five minute journey back to Mother's. Now five minutes is not a great lenght of time if you need to conceive the perfect story up.
The coffee still buzzing lept into gear (no pun intended?) and by the time I arrived at Mummy's the plan was so perfect I truely believed it myself (Oscar worthy infact!) "Somebody hit you car in the carpark Mummy!" Now my Mother listened intently as I sobbed, yes I can do tears at will (a little trick I learned as a small child to bribe Daddy with!) and poured out my woeful tale...
I watched her brow furrow and I held my breath....Kevin (no not webster!) our mechanic did the compulsary inhale of breath through his teeth and shook his head, "going to cost a pretty packet my love" YES I had antisipated that thanks!
As Mummy didn't want to "dirty" her no claims discount I did my "Mother Theresa" and said Of course I would see to the repair cost's! Goodbye to even more of Daddy's inheritance and worse then that goodbye to my knew pair of shoe's I had promised myself....

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Ok. So I have a question that begs for an answer...

If you look at the videos posted on here, there are some people who choose to film just the shot from behind, some people show some shots from behind and some face shots, some use a side view where you get a midrange shot, and some use an angled view where the spankees face only shows if they get far enough that they begin to wiggle out of their position.

In SOME cases, I am convinced that the reason people don't show either person's face is that the spanking is so soft and they react so outlandishly that the fakeness of their reaction would just be more obvious. However, a lot of people who are clearly being seriously spanked and clearly legitimately reacting choose the same option.

If the issue is just that people don't want to be able to be identified, my only thought would be... How would people from real life that don't know who you are connect you to an alias on here? But that makes sense.

The other thought I had is lack of video equipment or editing software... If you only have one camera, you can only shoot one angle and most people don't want to stop in the middle to move the camera around especially if they are dealing with a real issue and not doing it for the video production.

Anyhow, I am interested in the thoughts of spankers, spankees, fans of the scene, or whatever. My opinion, for whatever it's worth, is that showing multiple angles including facial expressions definitely makes a video more interesting from a production standpoint and certainly shows a more complete depiction, but I definitely understand that there are a lot of reasons to choose not to do that, and I think there are a lot of people posting content on their page that is very good nonetheless.

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I have been spanked by hand, brush, paddle, cane-like material and a belt. My favorite is a belt. I have heard that a razor strap hurts a lot also. Please click on my photo album to see more pictures.

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Shower spanking that water and paddle ain't no joke.My ass looked a lil bruised.

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So I have always been the one doing the spanking. Well recently the urge to be spanked has hit me. I got a small caneing a couple of weeks ago, and I cummed all down my leg during it. So I am guessing that I liked it lol. I really want to try the belt. But the thing is I have huge trust issues, from a couple of years of abuse. So it is hard to give trust over to someone to spank me. When I find the pictures, because I just got a new computer, I will post them on here so you can see my red ass.

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looking for black ff spanking videos anybody know any sites

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