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Whether I was badly behaved or not, (more often not) my stepmother would take great delight in complaining about me to my father when he arrived home each night from work. She knew that any disobedience to her on my part would incense him, and incur severe punshment.

I’d be in my bedroom, hear daddy come in, the sound of mumbled voices, a slightly raised voice from my dad, and then as sure as eggs is eggs, he’d come bounding up the stairs, three at a time, shouting angrily, ‘Where are you, you little brat, I’m gonna f’n kill you!’

And then I’d see him come towards my room, face contorted with anger and hatred, and his hands reaching to undo the big buckle of his leather belt. ‘You’re gonna get it harder than ever this time, you’ve been told never to be disobedient for your mother, over and over, I’m gonna make sure my belt teaches you a lesson you won’t forget!’

And so saying he unfastened his belt, whipped it off with one hand, grabbed me forcibly by the arm with the other, and yanked me over to my bed.
‘Get over that bed now you little b’strd, I’m gonna f’n thrash you red raw, now strip!’
‘Please daddy, please I beg you, no!!’ I almost screamed, imploring him not to give me the whipping he was about to inflict.
‘If I have to tell you again I’ll get the whip, now get those clothes off!’

Sobbing I pulled down my skirt and knickers to my ankles, and dad abruptly yanked them off entirely.
Holding me down with his leg over my back, he then prepared to give me the thrashing of my life. He rolled up his shirt sleeves, wound the buckle end of the belt around his hand, and proceeded to lay into me with full force, the leather whipping my bottom, lower back and legs, repeatedly, whip, whip, whip, whip, lashing me ten to the dozen.

And all the time he was shouting expletives and threats of further punishments to come.
‘I’m gonna thrash you every night for a month, this belt is gonna whip you into line, you hear me?!’
‘Yes sir! Please dad, please, no more!’
But my pleas were to no avail, they fell on completely deaf ears.
After what felt like an ion of being thrashed, my dad began to wind it up, and finished off with a few extra heavy lashes.

Only to be met by my mother’s encouragement from the doorway. I looked around from my sorry position to see that she had been watching daddy thrashing me, and she obviously didn’t want the entertainment to cease. ‘I think the little brat deserves extra punishment darling, you’ve thrashed her with your belt before, but here we are again.’

I could see her expression was one of pleasure and glee at my plight. ‘I think she should be belted for longer, and harder, and then a taste of the cane darling, I’ll go and get it for you’
My heart sank to the pit of my stomach, I already felt dizzy from the beating, my face was a mass of tears and slaver, and my body felt in so much pain I couldn’t think straight.

‘Pleeease daddy, no, I’m begging you, I promise I’ll be good, I promise!’
I begged him to release me from the lashing, but of course he was always swayed by my mother.
‘Your mother’s right, how many times do I have to take my belt to you? It’s about time you were caned, maybe the cane will thrash the discipline into you better than the belt can’

The evil witch returned with the next instrument of torture, the bamboo cane, flexing it sadistically in her hands as a threat of what was to come.
‘Give her a bit more of a belting darling, and then I’ll deal with the caning’

Oh no, please no, not her. It was bad enough that she embroiled my dad in the sadistic thrashings, but to have her cane me in front of him seemed just too much of an added insult.
Still, who was I, I had no choice in the matter, and so my dad gave me another thrashing with his leather belt, until she indicated it was time for me to be caned.

Obviously the red and purple welts from the leather belt weren’t suffice.
‘I think that will do for now David, hold her down for me would you? I want to be sure my aim hits where it should’
I really hated that woman at this point, so much!
He did exactly as she told him to. He pinned my arms to the bed, and watched as she cruelly whipped me with the harsh cane. Her aim was accurate alright, every stroke burned through my skin like red hot pokers.

By the sixth stroke I was screaming, and by the twelfth, even my dad was making noises that she should stop.
But with each swish she seemed to gather more and more momentum, faster, harder, until I thought I would die.
Finally my dad had to pull her off me and confiscate the cane, she had worked herself up into a frenzy in her warped desire to whip me.
She stood back, panting, and sneered at me, ‘Let that be a lesson to you, you ungrateful little brat! I have your father’s permission to punish you if you misbehave when he is at work, so you’d better do as I say, or else!’

She left my room and retired to their bedroom. My dad had calmed down somewhat from his initial rage, and surveyed the damage that he and my stepmonster had inflicted. ‘Why can’t you do as she says Angela? Now look what’s happened’
I knew the injuries to my skin must be pretty bad, worse than usual.
‘Sh sh she hates m m me daddy!’ I sobbed. ‘I hadn’t d d done anything wrong t today, but she couldn’t w w wait to have you thrash me!’

He looked at me in a painstaking way, as he cleaned my wounds with cotton wool and water.
‘I’m sorry Angela, but you know how angry I get if I think you’ve been misbehaving for her, I adore her’
‘What about me??? I’m your daughter! Don’t I count?!’
He shrugged and carried on tending my wounds.
'I won't tolerate your disobedience, if I have to belt it out of you day and night, then I will'.

I knew that my cause was a lost one, as my dad was completely under the witches spell.
Before long the evil one’s voice eminated from the bedroom, ‘Darling, I want you, come to me please’
And so daddy quickly finished tending me, and hurried to her beckoning.

I lay on my front, and blocked my ears in a futile attempt to erdicate the dulcit sounds of my stepmonster being fkd by my father, having been aroused by whipping her step daughter nearly half to death.

After this particular punishing encounter, my dad didn’t ever let her go to town on me like that again, altough she still got him to use his belt on me many times. However, the cane mysteriously disappeared, I think dad was worried that he would come home from work one day and find me beaten to death. Whether the cane vanished on account of his daughter's safety or because his sweetheart would have to suffer the consequence of her handywork, I can't be quite sure, but I suspect the latter would be the case. ~oOo~

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Just being able to admit some things that I still need whooped for

1). Getting in a car accident while Drinking and driving. Drinking and Driving period…….

2). Not passing my exams twice 75% once 59% second time – basically failure to study like I should be.

3). My attitude, disrespect and my mouth.

4). Disrespecting my mom ------ Taking money off her credit card…..

5). Procrastination

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So for ChriStmaS thiS year I bought my man a pitbull puppy. because it was too young to take from it's mommy we just got it this past weekend. so today we go to the Martin Luther King Day parade and festival and we decide to take the puppy with us when we got there they turned us away because of the dog. he and my daughter were okay with it but because I am a brat that I am I caught an attitude not being used to doing the things I want because of a pet. ( I guess I didn't think his gift all the way through,;-)) So as we walk back to the car I A, walk with an attitude in silence B, was not holding my daddy's hand like I'm supposed to be and see I was showing my daughter how to act like a brat when she doesn't get her way which will be the worst when I'm being punished. Before Matt daddy left for work he pulled me to the side and told me to be ready for him to work that ass when he gets home. that if I'm not prepared for him it will only be worse. So now I Sit here and aS I watch thiS movie I can help get out of my head thiS pain that I'll be receiving later as he ask me bent over our bed. Maybe if I roll 1 up for hiM to sMoke by the tiMe he gets here and he sees it he'll be a lot More coM..... let's hope. ;-)

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After 4 years of stressful planning, thieving developers and tons of dedication, Disciplinary Arts official website is finally open! Starting off with over 100 full length videos spanning the 5 years since Disciplinary Arts opened its Clips4sale page ( with the first REAL non-acted, non lifestyle disciplinary spanking sessions on the web, is updated 2-3 times a week with new exclusive videos including real discipline sessions and fun videos with some of the top spankers and models in the scene, along with some of the Disciplinary Arts classics, this site is what everyone has been waiting for!

Check it out now at!

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anyone in jacksonville wanna session ima switch let me know and well link up =)

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So a lot happened over this weekend I finally got a bigger apartment so that's the biggest stress factor off my shoulder that I've been carrying for 8months also my aunt took over the planing of the baby shower witch the was a big stress factor as well the only thing is I can't know about it lol like where and when and all the other details I was only aloud to make a friends list lol
So that being said I really now stress free all I have left is my doctor appts and packing and moving and some paperwork witch I have help with :) so I guess nomore cranky and moodness from this girl :)

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Well I spanked my wifes fried again last night. She came over to the house this time my wife was present. She came over to the house and we both spoke about her first spanking with just me and then talked about what progress she made on the boxes at her house. She said that she still was in need for another spanking and I decided to take advantage of taking out the paddle and spank both her and my wife. I pulled out the paddle and we all had some drinks and talked about it and then it came time for the spanking to start. I had them both line up over the couch and wormed them both up with my hand and then started in with the paddle. They both took off there pants and I spanked them both a little more. My wife then took the paddle and finished her friend off as I watched. they both put there pants back on and we hung out a little more before she went home. It is nice to have a new spanking partner for my wife and I. We have had ladies in the past and it is nice to start it up again.

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Yes, school has started. Actully, it started last week, I've been skipping school this week due to certain treats, by people I used to hang out with, sometimes I believe that some of us are just not meant to have friends, they just show their true colors when you least expect it, when they stab you in the back, try to steal your boyfriend or your best friend male or female! Spreading false accusations and lies! So all week I've been on and off the phone trying to get some money to pay my bills and called the police on these pathetic, lying motherfuckers! I've reported three people whom I know by name, phone number and address, that the lord for my awesome memory! They are reported for threat and abuse, breaking in on privet property, rape attempt and lying with no proof!In Sweden one can report another to the police if he or she has spoken lies about one person or more and the one accused of lying can prove them wrong. Bla....

Other then that, I've gotten homework sent home from my teacher and haven't done it yet, due to the fact that I seem more and more busy this month then the last, almost 4 months pregnant is starting to get to me, and the back pains have begun as everyday before bedtime instead of getting a bedtime spanking as I used to with my dad...I take a hot bubble bath for my back to relax.

Speaking of spankings, I really feel I need one or two, however the thought that the baby in my belly could be harmed scares me :(

I'm doing a few house chores, and waiting for the laundry to be done, got of school earlier today cause my head was spinning....:(
felt dizzy..

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Jared (my boyfriend) and I have recently decided to do a 'taken in hand' relationship. He is HOH, we are equals but he gets to decide when and where and what for to punish me. It has been going ok,but I have a question or two. See, I am a pretty down-to-earth girl, but...I'm afraid I'm also just a girl. Emotional, I take things hard,I do things I feel bad about etc. Isn't the whole point of this kind of relationship so I can be punished for my wrong-doings and move on? Mostly I think we do ok but there are a lot of times I wish he would spank me. I have talked to him about it and asked for maintenance spankings and explained that when I'm down or all emotional and stuff that I would like a spanking to level me out. But...he doesn't seem to be able to read me super well. Granted he has had a lot going on lately, but...I kinda need some more attention. Suggestions on how to better let him know I need a spanking without...actually asking for it? Which I do and he likes but...I kinda feel like he should just, you know, grab me and spank me. Be the one who makes that

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Just wanted to share with the community that I have recently published 2 new erotic novelettes to
Okay make that one..., in a ridiculous display of censorship, has banned The novelette -Ruined Innocence- as of 2/9/13 this title will be available at SMASHWORDS.COM shame on you amazon!!!
Ruined Innocence *The Betrayal of Kaitlyn Doe* (8000 words)
A Sweet Summer Ride (14000+ words)
both are available in kindle Ebook format, and A Sweet Summer Ride will also soon be available in paperback.
For in depth Book Descriptions and cover photos of these as well as my previous works:
Mercy's Fate *The Submission of Melody*
and the preview of its sequel:
Mercy's Fortune *PREVIEW*
Enter this link to go to my page -Erotica by MasterofMercy

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If anyone in Denver is down for a little spanking session. Hit me up.

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It was spring, the higher temperatures were becoming constant and I was enjoying working outside almost everyday. My tutor Ms. Ellis had started only coming every other day and leaving her supplies at our house. My mom had gotten more hours for work so I was alone even more.

Ms. Ellis had started tutoring me at the beginning of the school year and now she had almost become family. We had her over for dinner most nights when she would tell my mom how I was doing and what we were learning.

I realized that she had only mentioned punishing me once to my mom and she didn't even include the entire thing. She had said that I was fully clothed and all she did was give me 6 with the cane. My mom had barely accepted that and said it was a little harsh so Ms. Ellis had good reason to not tell her the full story. I was okay with that because I'm sure that my mom would have fired her if she had found out that Ms. Ellis had spanked me naked and also on my penis.

Since then Ms. Ellis hasn't mentioned any of the different punishments that she had dished out to me. I was now 18 years old and finishing my senior year. Ms. Ellis was now 28 and still living on her own. I was her only student, and she enjoyed punishing me.

I had started going to Ms. Ellis's house to learn on occasion just for a change of pace. She had access to all of her punishment implements there and also her housse was very hidden up on her mountain. She lived on the top and there was only one other person who lived on the mountain, they lived at the bottom and they were also 83 years old. We were free to do anything outside and or inside without anyone caring. Over the corse of the year I had stayed at her house over night to observe stars for astrology and we had gone on assorted field trips to places down the mountain.

She smoked sometimes and my mom didn't know that so I kept it secret. I also kept her methods of punishments secret from my mom.I hadn't really bothered think that I could get something out of keeping those secrets for her until one day that I was driving over to Ms. Ellis's house. I smoked weed sometimes and I was when I had the thought, I normally had the windows down and made sure that I didn't smell before getting to Ms. Ellis's house but I felt that I had the ability to today because I was keeping so many secrets for her I figured she could keep some for me. When I got to her house you could tell that I smelled a bit because she had a puzzled look on her face and then came closer to smell me. She said

"Did you smoke pot?"


"I'm going to punish you for this after you hand it over."

"I keep so many secrets for you though, can't you just let this go." I protested.

"do you have anymore?" she questioned


"Then bring it in and we will use my bong for it."

I was in awe, Ms. Ellis smoked weed to.

"Wipe that look off your face and go get it."
When I retured she had changed back into her pajamas. She was wearing a pair of pajama shorts and just a bra (She always kept her house very warm.)

"I'm going to punish you a little differently today" She began " We are both going to take a hit then let I'm going to give you three with my strap then you can let it out, okay?"

"I get it." I said



I removed my clothes and folded them nicely then sat back down. We both took as big of hits as we could and and moved into position with my hands on the couch and my bottom up high in the air. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! We both let out the smoke and the room became hazy all of the sudden.

"Continuing the different style of punishment, GET over my knee!" She said sternly. She knew that I liked that because I had accidentally told her earlier in the year. We were both pretty stoned, before I continue I have to admit that when I'm stoned I get really horny and don't care if people know. It showed a lot because I was naked with a huge erection.

I went to lay down across her lap but she grabbed my penis and said "after I'm done with you I'm going to suck your dick until you cum."

I laid down across her lap, she put my penis between her legs and clamped them together. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! she began the hand spanking.

5 minets went by of constant spanking. "I have a deal for you." She started " I will give you two blow/ hand jobs every time you come here but there is a catch, and you have to agree to the catch before I tell you what it is."

"Will it hurt?" I asked.


"Okay, As long as its nothing long term pain wise." I agreed

"Okay here's the catch. I will give you two blow/ hand jobs as long as I can bust your balls after one."

"will it be hard busting?"

"Only once your used to it and can take it"

I winced a little from the spanking.

"Okay, but I have a catch for you to."

"What makes you think you have any say in this matter?" she demanded

"You know me and I'm a willing busting subject."

"Alright I see where your coming from."

"Okay here's my catch, After you bust my balls I will get to spank you with any of your implements, at least 10 depending on how hard you ball bust."

"Okay that would be fine."

"You also have to follow all the rules that you have for me to, including being naked and not being able to get dressed afterwards."

"But..." She protested "Fine I guess" "this deal of ours won't change your normal punishments though, you know that right?"


10 minuets later she let me up, grabbed my penis walked me over to the couch and began stroking my penis. "This deal starts now." She said.

"Alright I get to spank you naked after all this." I said joyfully.

I started to cum and got a fist right in my balls.

"stand up so I can give you more" She said happily

I stood up.

"Spread your legs." She commanded " Just to keep your erection I'm going to give you a quick strip tease."

I complied and my erection stayed very hard as she kicked me.

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I hate when iam on line and no one else is . boring.

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Haven't been on in a while. Life is too ....(insert word here) lately. I to my parents. I am almost done with school....but I was in a car accident and may not be able to finish my clinical time. My boyfriend and I are doing well...his friend is in a coma. There's more Life is too short!

As far as the spanking life goes I have been spanked recently a few times. Mostly not serious, but my last one Jared tied me up spread-eagle on the bed with my butt up high and I got a good old spanking. Of course...we also did other the middle of the "other" things I realized he was attempting to 'fist' me...not sure I could handle that but I guess he almost succeeded. Anyway, much to tell perhaps later, just an overview for now. I hope all of you 5 people who are going to read (or rather peruse) this are doing well ;)

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The following is a more detailed theory of mine concerning Discipline. It is likely that it needs more “polish” but it is basically the core of my beliefs regarding discipline.
Humans, as thinking animals, refuse to consider themselves as animals. They loath the very consideration but the truth is we are and as such, the basic primate hierarchy is quite relevant in our society and I do not mean the artificial hierarchy generated by money, "power," and prestige that humanity has "create to supplant" the natural one. It has been observed, and I learned this while still an undergrad, that the Alpha apes (and I forget which sub-species), regardless of sex, will discipline a "lower" ape physically. However, after the chastisement, the "brat" will be hugged or the Alpha will in some way demonstrate that the "brat" is still loved. Hence, there is rarely any self destructive tendencies within this species. Note: as an aside, I recently read an article where a new ape sub-species has been classified and it is a maternal power structure not paternal and male aggression is decisively dealt with.
The difficulty for humans is that the Alpha's are rare. That, combined with our reluctance to accept this hierarchy (which has nothing to do with intelligence, skin color, culture, etc. It has to be with an individual's innate self), and our reluctance to administer loving corporal discipline accounts for a great deal of our current inter-relation problems, as a species and individually. Therefore, those in need of discipline and who don't receive it eventually start becoming destructive, either internally or externally, and their lives are ruined. I know that this is a very simplistic explanation for the criminal element and those individuals with serious self-imposed negative mental and physical states but I have a strong feeling that it is a major cause of their problems. My evidence for this is not exactly objective though. A few years ago I realized that when I did something wrong, it was because I was craving someone to administer discipline, when there is no-one to do so. I can readily understand how it must be for those individuals whose actions are directed outward instead of inward. I should reiterate the fact that Alpha's and the like are NOT DETERMINED BY ANYTHING OTHER THAN A PERSON'S INNATE CHARACTER, NOTHING ELSE PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I believe that a major step to solving our problems is the acceptance of the fore-mentioned facts. A more difficult problem is with the lack of Alpha's. I have a very simple solution for that. When an Alpha is unavailable, the next level individual or an older individual from the same level should administer the correction to the brat. When an Alpha misbehaves, an older Alpha should administer the needed correction [Note: older does not always mean physical age]. Children, provided there is a healthy relationship, will always consider their parents as their Alpha's regardless of their own personal level. Nor should parents discourage their children from determining their own level by stressing their own expectations. Instead they should allow their child from determining their own level. Then the child will be happy and can achieve her\his full potential. However, a job or position should not determine an individual's level. They could have an artificial Alpha "job" but still be a Beta or they could be an Omega with an artificial Alpha "job." By accepting your own level and receiving discipline when needed, the corporeal bottom might be on fire but one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual life will be at peace and the individual's full potential can be achieved. Then, and only then, can someone perform a very demanding job. It must be stressed that one is not giving up one’s freedom of will nor handing responsibility for one’s life over to another; merely, the individual is receiving something that is as essential as eating and permits the person to live their life to the fullest. A slightly off analogous parallel is the ancient Roman slaves. Before Rome’s decay, which struck the slaves first, slaves were treated with respect and dignity. Even though they were slaves, they were often given demanding positions and responsibilities. Some were also permitted to own slaves, themselves. Thus, a modern Omega, can be true to inner being but still, if their needs are met, can handle demanding responsibilities.

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by H. Kerrsutherland

With a smile, Sylvia entered the kitchen, "The scent of baking bread made me wonder if a bakery had moved in."
"I thought we should have a good breakfast before starting moving my junk to the campus," Carrie replied as she accepted her mother's peck upon her forehead.
"Usually that's a mother's line. I hope I'm not about to become a grandmother," Sylvia replied dryly.
"Naw. With college tuition, I can't afford in vitro," the eighteen year old coed replied in kind.
"Touché but, since your typical breakfast consists of pop-tarts, this is slightly out-of-character and
sets off my maternal siren."
"I would think it would be alarm," Carrie commented as she pulled forth the orange juice from the fridge.
"For most mothers that would be true but over the years mine has turned into a siren comparable to the old British Blitz warning system."
"Doesn't say much for my character," the teen chef observed as she pulled forth the blueberry loaf from the oven.
"I wouldn't say that. No, I'd say you tested your limits a little harder than other girls your own age but, by doing so, you've become a stronger person."
"If you say so."
"I do say so."
"I guess I'm just jittery."
"Perfectly understandable. You're entering collage and living away from home. That's a big step
for everyone."
"I know. That's why I wanted to ask you a favor."
"I thought there was a reason for this scrumptious meal," Sylvia rejoined as she served herself a bowl of freshly cut pineapple.
"I'd feel more secure if we continue the... arrangement that's currently in place."
"You can't even say it can you," the mother teased as she pit into a juicy fruit sliver.
"Mom! You have to admit - in this day and age, it's rather unusual."
"Perhaps it's more common than you realize. Do you discuss our arrangement with your friends?"
"Well then. Perhaps they're as embarrassed as you and have decided to ensure the subject doesn't
arise during girl talk."
"Maybe, but that still doesn't answer my question."
"That's because you haven't clearly made your request yet."
"Alright! Will you continue to blister my bare behind when I cross the line?"
"Do you want me to?"
"There's no reason to take that tone with me or I'll be glad to put your request into action right here and now. Is that understood?"
"Yes'm. I'm sorry," Carrie replied contritely. Traveling eighty miles while resting upon a swollen posterior was something best avoided.
"Good. Now I want you to clearly and concisely explain why you wish to continue this arrangement of ours."
"I asked you when I was fifteen to resume spanking me when I misbehaved because I was feeling out of control. The combination of awakening hormones and the realization that I was attracted towards
other girls combined with peer pressure was proving to be too much. I needed the limits you imposed with a sanction I respected. Living away from home is going to present new...temptations that, some of which I haven't even imagined yet, could ruin my future. Knowing what would befall my backside if I succumbed would prove more a deterrent than some future consequence. In short, I'd feel more secure."
"Fair enough. But if this is going to work, you have to agree to three stipulations."
"One, as I won't be there to physically monitor you, you'll have to be honest with yourself and then me. In other words, you'll have to admit your misdeeds to yourself and then to me before discipline can be imposed during your visits home. From what you've just said, I think you're mature enough to regulate yourself."
"I'm not sure about my maturity but I'll keep a daily detailed journal and hand it to you when I come home."
"Sounds reasonable but only if you're honest within the pages."
"I will be and I'll call you when I know I've done something I shouldn't have."
"The second stipulation will assist with that as you'll be to busy studying to get in trouble. Simply put, you'll be held even more accountable for your grades than you are now. Allowances will be made
for difficult courses but only if you look me square in the eye and tell me that you honestly tried as hard as you could."
"What kind of grades are we talking about?"
"Nothing lower than a B. A B- merits a prolonged slippering as a motivator. Grades lower will warrant much severer maternal hands-on loving. Are we agreed?"
"Since college has a higher price tag than high school, that's fair."
"And that, my delightful chef, shows that you're more responsible than you think. Final stipulation. You'll be spanked harder and longer than when you were in high school. Moreover, I'll introduce your naughty backside to much severer implements when needed."
"What implements?"
"You'll find out if the occasion arises but I can assure you that it won't be pleasant as they'll be introduced after your bottom has endured a lengthy re-acquaintance with the hairbrush."
Carrie winced but nodded her head.
"I take it you are accepting my last condition?"
"OK. Last thing and then we'll change this subject to something more pleasant. As a reminder of what could happen if you broke curfew or misbehaved while on said date, you 'liked' a hand spanking beforehand. Would you like one before I leave you at the campus?"
"Somewhere private?"
"It could be either before we left or we'll find someplace after we check you in and get your stuff lugged inside."
"I think I'd better then. If only as a kind of... emotional security 'blanket.'"
"Well then, as it will be the last such 'blanket' you'll get from me in a good long while; why not include a few with the hairbrush."
Carrie looked at her plate as if expecting it to show four hours hence. "Is that necessary?"
"Fair question. Is it?"
"Then, as we already packed the car, I'll bring it with me when we leave. By the way, this is an excellent breakfast."
"You're welcome. I have an idea. Why not keep the hairbrush as a visual reminder, as your emotional 'blanket,' in addition to our parting 'talk.' That way, you'll always be reminded of what you can
expect if you misbehave."
"But I though, if it was needed, that you'd use it here when I came home;" Carrie protested weakly.
"And I will, you'll simply bring it with you every time you come home and to insure you don't 'accidentally forget it' then, even if you haven't confessed some naughty college deed, you can expect quality time across my lap and experience every corrective implement at my disposal both on arrival and on departure."
"That sounds painful."
"It will be."
"Then I'd better not forget to pack the thing."
"It would be a singularly unwise, yes."
"I take it that these arrival and departure maternal lap visits would not count toward any misdeeds relate?"
"A safe presumption."
"Fair 'nough."
"Feel secure now?"
"Excellent. A mother likes to know that she can contribute to her child's emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.
"Even when said child is in their thirties or even older?"
"At any age. Simply because a child is an adult doesn't mean that a parent stops being a parent. If they're lucky, they'll become friends but they'll always be parent and child with all that implies."
"I love you Mom."
"And I love you. Now finish eating and I'll help with the dishes. We still have a long trip ahead and much to do this day."
As Carrie stood, she knew that one of those things was a reunion between maternal palm and her neither end. She wouldn't have it any other way.

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Ms. Kessily:
I’m writing to thank you for providing such an encouraging periodical. Until I first stumbled onto CP websites, I hadn’t known spanking had such a following but the majority seemed to focus exclusively on female submissives. The few I found concerning males seemed contrived. That’s why I appreciate your letters section. It helps to know that I’m not the only guy who needs his fanny whacked on occasion. That’s why I’ve decided to impart my own story.
About four years ago, I graduated college but my region was experiencing a dismal economic slump which, combined with my abysmal people skills, meant I couldn’t find a position in my field. Therefore, as my meager resources scraped bottom, I was forced to make some hard choices. One, by necessity, was to live out of my jeep. The second concerned pilfering.
By pilfering, I’m not talking about burglary or anything like that. No, what I took were the cans and bottles people discard without thought regarding the deposit. However, today, through excruciating tutoring, I can distinguish between trash and donations but that came later. I would like to point out though, regardless of what my editor might think, when one is starving the difference is meaningless.
In any case, once I realized my income enabled me to meet the basics (gas, food and laundry) my luck changed. Becoming presentable helped. Trust me, while living out of one’s car in the warmer months is possible, it doesn’t take long to acquire a distinctive odor. Fortunately, my area has several state parks whose attractions include facilities with public showers.
Mere days after my discovery, I landed a job that paid less than minimum wage. Being young and stupid, I decided I would save my earnings and, if I hadn’t located meaningful work by October, I’d relocate but until then I lived as I had been. This meant scrounging every other night.
Survival, now assured, I could resolve my other problem: depression. Believe me, dealing with my coworkers would have depressed Ghandi but I found a way to temporarily escape my situation.
Growing up, I hadn’t frequented libraries. One day, having been given the day off (which I really didn’t want), I wandered in and discovered internet access for patrons. Well, being discrete as possible, I surfed sites devoted to my favorite obsession. A couple of times I thought I might have been detected but as I wasn’t thrown out or banned, I thought I was safe. Things might have continued like this if it wasn’t for the fact that I pressed my luck once too often.
My favorite scrounging area was behind a church. During the summer months, there wasn’t a great deal of activity but come fall there were several late night meetings. Therefore, I tried to restrict myself to just one pass a week but being short on gas I decided the need justified the risk. Reassured by the absence of lights, I drove up to the blue barrels containing the donations and was busily extracting bags when a stern voice asked just what it was that I was doing. Heart sinking, I turned toward the voice and beheld a silver haired woman. Recognizing her as the head librarian, I felt sick.
Well, it turned out that she had witnessed my online activities but, because I’d took pains to be discrete, she covered for me. Moreover, knowing of an alternative, she decided against calling the cops. Before I started having second thoughts, Mrs. C. retrieved an old sorority paddle from her car which had been hidden in the shadows. Before I could berate myself for having missed it, I was led into a Sunday schoolroom and told me in no certain terms to drop my pants and grab my ankles.
Not daring to disobey, I obeyed but I reassured myself that this elderly woman couldn’t do anything but impart a mild sting.
I was wrong.
Boy, was I wrong!
I learned later that she was a fitness buff and led an aerobics class but right then I didn’t care about anything beyond the agony she imparted in my backside. Around number twelve, I mistakenly thought it was over (after all, it is the traditional number) and stood up (as opposed to my earlier, wobbling stumbles). Big mistake! The count started over and now I had to articulate the number.
By the time I reached a hundred, I was a mess. My rear end certainly was. The men’s bathroom had a full length mirror and it enabled me, for the first time, to see the classic bull eyes on my derrière. Once I’d composed myself, Mrs. C made me sit on a hard chair and explain exactly why I was raiding the donation barrel. By the time I’d finished, Mrs. C became my benefactor and more-or-less adopted me.
She rented me a room, helped me find reaffirming work, kept me fed and provided discipline. She even permitted me to go online at her house to view my favorite sites since “boys are such visual creatures.” There was, however, a price. It involved my bare bottom, her hairbrush and the wooden desk chair placed before the terminal. Far as I’m concerned, it was a bargain!
The only fly in this idyllic paradise was Mrs. C’s relentless drive to see me wed to her niece. It wouldn’t have worked. Not because we didn’t like each other, far from it, but Mrs. C’s niece needed her fanny attended to just as much as mine did. However, she did introduce me to her ‘big sister’ and we hit it off. Even Mrs. C agreed we were right for each other. The wedding, deliberately set to coincide with the night Mrs. C caught me, included a special ‘chastising’ vow on my wife’s part and an ‘obey’ clause on mine.
Nowadays, whenever my editor thinks my ‘irresponsible side’ is showing, we have dinner at Mrs. C’s. Believe me, it sounds enjoyable but it’s actually excruciating.
Respectfully yours,
Formerly Despondent

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Note: J.K. Rowling holds the copyright on the vast majority of this work. I merely borrowed her universe and characters for a non-profit piece of fan fiction. I wrote this after Book #4 came out but before the rest of the series.

Turning Point
H. Kerrsutherland

Slightly irritated, Via looked up when it became apparent the tapping wouldn't cease. Since she hadn't been expecting an owl post, it was probably for Fleur. The twenty year old university student waved her wand at the window and said "Openus." The spotted postal owl swooped into the room and landed on-top the book covered table where she hooted indigently at the brunette.
"I'm sorry, I so rarely receive mail that I tend not to recognize delivery attempts," apologized Via as she gave her unexpected guest a piece of leftover sausage before removing the parchment from the owl's leg. While the bird seemed to accept this explanation as she swallowed the link, the brunette found the missive baffling:

If you would please honor me with your presence this afternoon at
the following address for a 2 o'clock tea, I believe I can impart
some information that will improve your life and your relationship
with Miss Fleur Delacour.

Madame Maxime
Beauxbaton Headmistress

"How strange, why should Fleur's former headmistress wish to see me," the former Hogwart pupil inquired of the postal bird. The owl hooted with amusement. "Quite, how should you know," agreed the blonde as she handed the bird another sausage. "Now, if you would excuse me; it is almost one and I really must clean up before I leave. I trust you've been paid." The bird squawked.
The twenty year old sighed, "As I said, I'm not used to owl post. Both my parents were muggles and they perished during he-who-must-not-be-named's open season on the non-wizard community. I only learned I was a wizard after receiving a letter welcoming me to Hogwarts and then I only truly believed it when Professor Sprout visited me at the orphanage. After which, I never received another owl post since I lived at Hogwarts year-round. Now if you'll excuse me; and by all means, take another sausage." The owl took advantage of the invitation before flying out the window.

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Bustling about, Via cleaned the flat and her person before assuming her good robes. Pausing to note the clock, Fleur had found it so amusing that her roommate used muggle devices, the brunette cursed softly under her breath. She wouldn't have time to walk, let alone fly or drive, to The Leaky Cauldron. That left either Floo Powder or Apparition and since she wished to look her best, that left the latter option since the former presented soot problems. Thus five minutes to the appointed hour, the university student appariated into the Cauldron's designated apparition room after tucking her wand into a specially sewn pocket.
Walking through the alcove, Tom, the toothless wizard innkeeper, greeted her; "Miss Qlair, Madame Maxime is expecting you. If you'd be good to follow me." Nodding her acquiescence, Via was led up three flights to the executive suite. "'Ere you go Miss. I must get back to the bar as it'll soon be the busy 'our."
"Thank you Tom." She watched as the old, but still spry, wizard descended the staircase before knocking on the ancient door wood.
She wasn't surprised when the door opened by no apparent means.
"Enter, please Miss Qlair. I'm pleased you 'ave accepted my invitation," exclaimed a heavily accented voice from within.
Long accustomed to the wizard world practice of having rooms with larger interiors than exteriors, Via could still appreciate the custom oak paneling and matching furnishings sized to accommodate the current guest. What she hadn't expected was to see her roommate across the human/giantess hybrid's lap. A lap, the width of a small table and the height enough to make a five foot eleven inch girl appear a toddler as her toes barely touched the floor. Said girl's robes had been folded neatly onto her lower back and cotton white panties resting on the floor immediately beneath the straining feet. Her arched posterior a glowing red as the opposing end's silvery-white hair swept the floor.
"Madame Maxime! Please!" blubbered a familiar voice shielded by her dangling waist long hair.
"Silence, naughty veela such 'as you 'ave no voice in ze correction of zeir bottoms," the Headmistress boomed. "Please, 'ave a seat Miss Qlair."
“Thank you Madame Maxime,” replied the guest who found, as she sat in the opposite chair, that her own toes barely scraped the floor.
“Zis must seem strange but z’ere is a good reason for zis,” explained the renowned half human half giantess as she handed over the folded Daily Prophet which had been resting on an endtable adjacent a hairbrush the size of a paddle.
Via’s mystification evaporated as she scanned the article:

Veela University Pupil Causes Muggle Pile-Up
By Sonna Withers

Visiting University Pupil, Fleur Delacour, who participated
in the infamous Hogwarts Triwizard Competition that led to the
return of You-Know-Who, caused a Muggle traffic accident on Kent
street. Miss Delacour, who apparently has veela in her ancestry,
apparently forgot to assume the require glamour as is required by
such persons when appearing in Muggle society. As a direct result,
male Muggle driver’s lost control of their vehicles and a thirteen
car pile-up occurred. Quick intervention by the Ministry of Magic’s
Department of Muggle Memory Revisement and Department of Magical
Maladies and Injuries restored both the unfortunate Muggles to
perfect health and, with the capable assistance of the Muggle
Property Restoration Office, repaired their damaged property.
Miss Fleur’s actions have been referred to the Department of
Justice where it is to be hoped the proper remedial action will be
taken as an example to other visiting wizards of mixed blood…

Not caring to read the usual tripe concerning ‘mixed bloods,’ Via refolded the paper and tucked it next to her.
“I was, zankfully, visiting ‘Agrid and Prime Minister Weasley intervened and was able to convince ze Department of Justice to allow me to met out retribution. As the Department ‘ead knew of my methods, she readily agreed. ‘Opefully, it can be kept from Withers but at least Rita Skeeter didn’t ‘ear of zis.”
“Indeed, she’s the worst reporter on the Prophet staff but thankfully, her popularity has decreased,” Via agreed. “And I’m certain, when Fleur has had a chance to reflect, she’ll agree that having you handle her discipline is preferable than being before the Magical Courts.”
“Yes, ze Department ‘ead’s niece attended Beauxbaton with Declacour. ‘Zis only reason ze rules were bent. She was a prefect and knew of zis veela’s special needs since she often ‘ad to paddle zis veela. You see, Declacour not only ‘as veela blood but ‘er great grandfather ‘ad ‘ouse-elf blood. Zis means zat zis brat needs a firm ‘and on occasion.”
“That explains a great deal,” Via commented thoughtfully.
“Zat, it does” the headmistress agreed. “Long before I…became…comfortable with my parentage, others did not believe my ‘big-bones’ explanation. Instead, zey merely ‘ought I was being discrete and consequently, I gained a reputation for being a headmistress who could help ‘eir children cope with ‘eir mixed blood. Zat is why many students who would ‘ave gone elsewhere came to Beauxbaton. But ‘eir was another reason as well. Ze islands where my school is located still permit corporal punishment and ‘ere are many parents who still believe in the benefit of a sore bottom regardless of gender. However, my strength is such zat I must usually not spank as hard as I might. I finally solved zat problem by giving the right, limited by implement usage, ‘o faculty, student heads and prefects. I also charmed implements for my own usage so ze impact would not cause unintended injury. ‘Owever, with zis one I need not ‘ake such precautions as ‘er ‘ouse-elf blood, diluted as it may be, still provides her with ze stamina and lower bone structure necessary to receive strenuous chastisement. Speaking of which, you’ve rested long enough,” Maxime informed her former student as she patted the flinching hindquarter. “’Ime ‘o finish.”
Via noted that Fleur, who had been quietly weeping in humiliation and pain since her arrival, did not beg nor plea for mercy but took a tighter hold upon the chair legs. As this was in stark contrast to her own experience with the miscreant, the Pupil decided to inquire and, hopefully, find out exactly why she, herself, was here. Not that she didn’t mind, as she’d learned several things of interest concerning her roommate and would be the subject of a very intense conversation later on. “Madam,” Via paused as she watched the headmistress deftly pick up the hairbrush with her right hand and rest the business end upon Fleur’s squirming neither end. She had noted earlier that the hairbrush was the size of a paddle and her visual estimation was proved accurate as the hairbrush’s backside just about covered her roommate’s bottom.
“You want ‘o know why you are here?” the headmistress finishing the question with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. The half-human, half-giantess was not a mind reader but her vocation had imbued her with that talent as it had her professional sisters and brothers regardless of muggle or wizard status. “Delacour ‘ends ‘o become haughty and slightly mean if she goes to long without receiving a fanny fire. ‘Zat was a serious concern when I decided ‘o ‘ake her ‘o ze ‘Riwizard Competition since ze laws in ‘zis country are silly but she does ‘ave a brain and I did want to gain ze ‘rophy for Beauxbaton. So zat was ze deciding factor. Several of my students were upset when zey did not get selected by ze Goblet of Fire.”
Via smiled at that understatement. From her Ravenclaw bench, she had noticed several Beauxbaton girls crying following the champion selection from her Ravenclaw bench. “I remember.”
“Yes, some did make a spectacle of zemselves. I’ve found zat often ze ones who need ‘rashings are ze ones who can be counted on ze most as zey do not wish ‘o disappoint zeir disciplinarian. While I could not ‘andle zem as I should ‘ave, I did scold zem and assigned lines so ze wouldn’t be naughty in ‘eir sorrow. In any case, zis one did many lines zat year. Even so, she was ‘aughty until ze second ‘ask when ‘er sister, Gabrielle, was used instead of me as ze ‘entity most sorely missed.’ But since zey could not use parents and I was a judge, Gabrielle was an appropriate replacement. Much, I imagine, ‘o ze chagrin of young Mr. Davies since ‘Armonie was used for Krum but despite ‘er inherited effect on males, zis one ‘as always preferred female companionship. Zat is why I inquired if she ‘ad a relationship. It took awhile ‘o get ‘er ‘o admit it but under ‘ze persuasion of Veritaserum, ze most powerful ‘ruth potion ever zat ze Ministry allowed me ‘o administer, she…well, I’ll let ‘er explain. Fleur,” directed the headmistress with the hairbrush’s direct assistance.
“Oww…please Headmistress,” the suffering Pupil begged.
The hairbrush came down again with even more force, “I’ll not ask a second ‘ime,” the half-giantess, half-human warned.
“Ididn’twanttoadmitwhatIneededfromViabecausethen…thenshe’dknowhowtopreventmefrommanipulatingmales,” Fleur rapidly confessed.

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Despite the blatant attempt to hide the truth through inarticulation, Via did comprehend the confession and her bemused annoyance rapidly transformed into anger. “Can you repeat that a little more clearly,” she coldly demanded. The headmistress reinforced this request with another hefty swat.
“I didn’t want to admit that I needed more than our ‘games’ as I knew you’d prevent me from manipulating males,” Delacour sobbed.
“I see,” Via icily replied.
“Yes, zis is a bad ‘abit she learned from her grandmother, a full veela. Veela’s, if you were not aware, see nothing wrong in using ‘eir abilities ‘o manipulate males ‘o get what zey want. Zat is why special devices were created ‘o curtail zeir abilities but ze dangers associated with zis are such zat a special license is required. I zought I’d ‘convinced’ Fleur ze folly of ‘er grandmother’s belief without such a device but lacking reminders, she’s apparently resumed ze practice despite ze fact zat she prefers companionship zat can not be so influenced. As you now ‘ave a chastisement relationship with ‘er, even if it were only for play, I zought, assuming you ‘ave feelings for ‘er, you should know about ‘er needs before ‘er behavior landed ‘er before the Improper Use of Magic Office. Zat is also why I, with a bit of assistance, ‘ad the licensure paperwork expedited.”
“You were correct Headmistress. I do have feelings for her. Although, at the moment they’re not very positive.”
“Zat is understandable but please do remember zat ‘er veela heritage zends ‘o overcome ‘er commonsense and ‘er weaker ‘ouse-elf blood,” Maxime urged as she began utilizing the hairbrush.
Over the increasingly strenuous vocal response, Via disagreed; “No, that kind of argument is as fictitious as Skeeter’s human giant hybrid behavioral claims.”
The headmistress beamed at her, “Zat is certainly ‘rue but from experience I’ve found zat it’s also ‘rue zat ze chemicals zat compose ze different species do impose certain behaviors zat, if negative, can be overcome with zraining and, in certain cases, adverse stimulation or capable collar assistance.”
Via thought about this for a few minutes as the headmistress applied strenuous adverse stimulation. She didn’t quite like geas, which is what the collar represented, as it restrained free will but in certain cases was such restraint actually needed for those not totally human? But didn’t that contradict everything she stood for or, if it was consensual, was it just another expression of love and trust. Trust, her lover had broken that, and Via knew she still regarding Fleur in that light despite her anger, or…was it broken. This whole situation could simply be the result of lacking the courage to speak. A situation not uncommon for new couples. Nonetheless, Via knew one thing for certain; they had reached a turning point in their relationship. Nothing would ever be the same again.
Her lover’s posterior had long since past from crimson and was now assuming a dark burgundy color. She did note that the Beauxbaton Headmistress was not sparing her former pupil’s upper thighs and that it was then, and only then, that muted protest became flagrant protest. Worse, under such an onslaught, slender but shapely legs should be kicking the ceiling but instead they crossed and occasionally fluttered. She realized, since the silver-blonde’s blistering was a far cry from their own sessions, that Fleur’s squeals and pleas during their games had been nothing but playacting. Even though they had been games, Via realized that this bothered her as much as Delacour’s dishonesty which, in this case, was defined by not revealing all the facts and needs.
At one piteous wail, wrought by another vicious concentration upon thighs, the brunette observed; “One gets the impression that gaining Fleur’s attention is possible only through her thighs than the usual area.”
“Not so,” Maxime replied with twinkling eyes. “It’s folly ‘o not permit vocalization of one’s distress but I’ve educated my students ‘o react ‘o ‘eir situation like ladies and gentlemen. Zat means no yelling, screaming or cursing but zey are permit ‘o weep and exclaim zair feelings appropriately. Zis one is merely out of practice.”
“Which is her fault for not revealing the requirements of her nature as it denied her the opportunity to practice.”
“Ze understanding of her nature is quite good.”
“I wouldn’t say that but I do have a more accurate appreciation than I did this morning. I plan on having a lengthy conversation with her regarding the importance of honesty in relationships.”
Hearing a soft but frantic “Noooooo,” the Headmistress smiled in agreement.
“Zat is an excellent idea. ‘Owever, since ze offense is so serious; zis phase must have something severer zan my ‘airbrush. Zat was another reason for inviting you. I’ve no experience with ze cane, a former British institution in education, but she ‘as admitted you’ve some knowledge of zis.”
“I do have some,” Via agreed as she recalled the secretive extensive usage of this implement upon her exterior for unexplained events while living in a non-comprehending muggle orphanage.
“Zen, would you be so kind as ‘o instruct a headmistress in it’s usage?” Maxime asked with obvious amusement.
“It would be my pleasure. Do you have a cane?”
“I’m afraid not but while we ‘ave zea and zis one writes an essay concerning the importance of wearing a glamour in muggle society, a ‘ouse-elf can obtain one but first I must finish ze zask at ‘and.” Raising an arm that many would consider the equivalent of a redwood trunk, the headmistress commenced to finish a task that many another head would have deemed complete on their charge’s graduation but Olympe Maxime was of the view that no matter how old or successful; should a Beauxbaton alumni, especially one of her alumni, require a helping hand, it would be provided. There were times, though, she doubted such individuals appreciated that fact.
Always eager to learn, Via watched intently as her roommate’s bouncy burgundy cheeks contracted and separated as they sought to deny further pigment alteration. Fleur’s increasingly auditory distress provided further proof concerning the effectiveness of the pupil’s continuing education. It was not until a good five minutes had past did the headmistress cease.
Three minutes latter, having allowed the girl time to compose herself, the woman addressed her charge, “Miss Delacour, you may now raise and sit on ze footstool while you write your punishment essay. Each and every punctual, grammar and spelling error will result in additional red ‘ink’ upon your ‘parchment.’ Inferior quillmenship and blotches will result in essay destruction and prior your redrafting ze work, I shall ‘rewrite’ my own essay upon your ‘parchment.’ Is zat understood?”
“Yes Madam Maxime,” the pupil quietly snuffled as she hastily blotted her face with her sleeve.
“Miss Qlair, if you’d examine zat footstool,” it was the size of an end table resting before a small table upon which a scroll, quill and ink bottle rested, “you’ll discover one of ze ways I retain concentration during assigned discipline writings.” Uncertain at first of the other’s meaning, the quick witted young woman soon realized that what she’d taken for a decorative pattern on the footstool’s seat were actually the top point of numerous miniature pyramids. “Zey find such aid extremely effective on zeir bare flesh.”
“Madam, if I may?” Via asked.
“Ze needn’t even ask,” the other cordially responded.
“Considering that Fleur’s behavior was unbecoming a wizard, I think it would be entirely proper for her to shed the garments of said claim while composing her essay.”
“Zat is an excellent idea,” the headmistress agreed. “While my prefects have used such methods, I’ve never used such a ‘actic but I zink it would be highly appropriate for zis case since Delacour is such a zease.”
“My thought exactly. A pity the view can not be shared with her victims but perhaps if another reminder is needed, something can be arranged.”
Fleur moaned softly but without being instructed, she slowly removed her robe which she folded neatly before placing beneath her former headmistress’s chair. “No, it’s more appropriate for it to be under Miss Qlair’s seat since, if I am correct in assuming, she will be assuming ze duty of ‘andling your discipline. My prefects, in an effort to make ze discipline writing more effective, ‘ad ze idea of seating on or over ze miscreants robes as a symbolic gesture.”
“I think it’s an excellent idea but I’m surprised parents don’t raise objections.”
“No, zey know zat I don’t impose such a requirement and zat any perfect who’d abuse it would find zeirselves in very dire straits in addition to loosing zeir status and privileges.”
They watched as the petite, lithe nude hesitantly place her full weight upon the pyramid points. That it was Fleur’s full weight, Via did not doubt as the miscreant’s toes were a scant inch above the floor. Nor did she fail to perceive the culprit’s current nipple prominence indicative of arousal but the brunette said nothing. She knew the headmistress’s practiced eye would have detected the physical side effect long before it had been apparent to her but it was obvious that any overt erotic enjoyment derived from the experience was overshadowed by the current mortification and remorse Fleur felt concerning her actions. Besides, Via reasoned to herself “Had the erotic element overshadowed the disciplinary aspects, Madame would have abandoned this type of discipline and selected another.”

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