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I clench my ass while whipping. My husband put me ginger into the anus. In the ass was a fire when I squeezed her cheeks. I was shaking ass, but it did not help. Husband wants to do it again. Please tell me how often you can put ginger in the anus? It is not harmful?

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My boss asked me why I was fidgeting in his chair. I was ashamed to say that yesterday received a spanking. I lied to the boss. He did not believe me. Should I tell the truth?

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So yesterday I was going to ask about telling vanilla friends about your interest in spanking, mainly to ask for ideas about how to explain in the clearest way with the minimum embarrassment.

As it turned out, I don't think it CAN be done without embarrassment. But if you can get past that, it's all good. At least it was for me. My friend was willing to listen, ask questions, and experiment. And may I say...for having just been exposed to the idea, he took to my request with commendable, uhm, enthusiasm. He only used his open hand, and though neither of us kept count, I'd guess that he landed about 50 swats over an hour or so, using what he claims is only about half his strength. Let's just say that my ass begs to differ!

It's been about 18 hours, and you can still *clearly* see (and feel!) the results of his handiwork on my rump and thighs. He took me out to lunch at Cracker Barrel, and smirked through the entire meal at my unsuccessful attempts to sit comfortably on those (damned!) wooden chairs.

Now I'm torn. I've never been spanked so that I was even nominally sore. And I'm really not "sore" now. Only if I try to sit - admittedly even on a bed. (I ain't telling him that - he's already far too pleased with himself...) But now I'm curious as to how much more sensitive I would be were we to repeat the experiment. He's swatted me playfully a few times today - enough to make me squeak, but that's about all.

So, my question is - would it be suicide by spanking to tell him I want to play again? I'm not asking IF I will regret it - just how *much* I will regret it. His hands are harder than most paddles, with callouses on the palms, and he learned long ago how to flock his wrist *that* way. I showed him how to fully restrain me while OTK last night, and the dozen or so cracks I got while in that unnerving position convinced me that I could be turned into a sobbing and extremely sorry mess in *VERY* short order under certain circumstances. And, being a spanko,I can't decide if the idea turns me on more or scares me more. I'd have to say it's almost equal.

Suggestions? Ideas? Green with envy?

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If someone tries to tame you
And to make of you their slave
And if there are available no means to save you
Then at least try to misbehave

(I slightly modified this, based on some lyrics from the song Wat Tyler by Sivert Høyem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Saqt4J4c1vo&feature=kp )

(If you don't know the story of Wat Tyler it is worth a read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wat_Tyler )

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I've uploaded a short video clip several times now and it doesn't seem to take. Hopefully something will work soon! : )

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He wants to wash my hair with Prell Shampoo.
What else will such nostalgia make him do?
I wonder if he's serious or joking
When threatening to wallop me for smoking.
The good old days are tugging at his mind.
The good old days were bad for my behind.

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I had some agree and I got some heat for when my profile said one of my turn offs was spankees who think you should have a safe word for discipline spankings. So I'm explaining fully now I have a blog here. When you start on your journey to find a spanking partner it's not an easy one at all. Look at how hard it is find a vanilla partner, you add a unique fetish to the mix and you'll spend a shitload of time alone. Anyone who's spent some time looking up spankings know there are many different types and I'm not going into it as I don't feel like typing an essay right now.

Discipline spanking is just what you think it is. You're being punished for an infraction so it doesn't happen again. If you as a spankee can control how hard or when it ends, where is the deterrent there? To my spankees out there, IT'S SUPPOSED TO HURT A LOT!! You're supposed to be pushed past your pain threshold as it's punishment and you're not supposed to be in control. That being said, spankers out there. PUNISHMENT SPANKING DOES NOT MEAN YOU GET TO ABUSE!!!! Spankers, your spankee is giving you a great gift. He/She is putting trust in you not to abuse or seriously hurt them. So know who you're spanking. Every spankee's tolerance isn't the same. It's not a requirement that the spankees ass has to have welts and marks for a punishment spanking. You can get your point across and they can be truly punished with a nice shade of pink ( It doesn't have to look like something from Mood Pictures which I have issues with but that's just me ). When I say know who you're spanking, here's why. When the punishment spanking is going on your spankee will turn into an Oscar caliber actor/actress to get you stop when they want. It's a fine line to walk and it's something you learn over time. I've been dupped in the past by several women and stopped before I should have as they later confided in me. I was fortunate that they did tell me later on and I was able to learn from it and grow into a better spanker. Some may agree and some will disagree but I'm drawing a line in the sand on my view of discipline spankings and I won't back down from my take on how it should be.

Have a good one....

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Hi spankingtubers! I have just joined this great site and would like to correspond with and then meet some fellow spankos. I also have some special experiences as a South African where I spent some time early life as a magistrate in the old court system. Both men and, less frequently, women were caned on their bare bottoms. Under 21's received up to 12 cuts with a light cane, over 21's up to ten strokes with a much heavier implement. Women fell into the under-21 category.

In retrospect I'm not sure of the value of all this. Anyway I found the whole spectacle very erotic especially when women opted for a caning as an alternative to a fine or imprisonment. (This was usually negotiated privately). I have since become a life-long spanko and with the years am interested in mature women with firm, big white bottoms, I also like to be caned by them on my tight white bum - and then sucked off, tugged or whatever. Threesomes involving strapping etc are also more than OK.

If this of interest in any way, please be in touch. If you live in the area all the better because the spanking scene is very limited. If you live further afield - no worries. I travel extensively, especially the UK and the USA. If you write well, even better.

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I don't know if its just me or if anyone else is having this problem but,the same person has been sending me numerous of the same exact messaging asking if he could post a picture of his butt on my wall after a spanking seriously??? Ummm no you absolutely may not! I've nicely and as politely as possible told him no yet the messages keep coming along with the friend requests.

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I'm back, I know it's been a minute. My grandmother passed, so I've been dealing with a lot of family stuff and sorting through emotions. Grieving sucks. Sometimes we forget to appreciate things we have until they are gone. Then we have to miss them. Anyways,....I'm ok. My family is recovering. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers from the few that knew. Daddy's home...

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My Father's Day gift arrived today.......now the question is when will I be locked up? Big Mamma is great @ playing those mind games :0)

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my life is so crazy busy n stressful these days , so much so that even getting online is almost impossible but I have a few minutes to myself right now n wanted to take this time to say to all u Daddys/Fathers/Father figures out there... have a VERY HAPPY FATHERS DAY tomorrow... *soft smiles n tight hugs*

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Iam sorry I haven't been on or active in a while guys had alot going on. Maybe some one should spank me.

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Sarah looked at him for a minute.  Her eyes were pleading with him not to continue.  When she saw that he was not going to change his mind, she slowly turned and went back to the corner.  She was still sobbing by the time Steve came one more time back into the room.  Sarah was scared.  She had never been belted by him before.  She had not been belted since she was a kid, and never 20 times!  She was more scared of not knowing what was going to happen than she was of the pain that would surely occur. 
Steve walked over to Sarah and put his arms around her trembling shoulders.  He knew she was frightened.  He also knew, or at least he hoped, that this would be the worst of the punishments she would ever have to receive.  He hugged her and caressed her shoulders and back and he kissed the back of her neck.  He loved this woman so much, and he would honestly do anything for her.  He wished the same in return.  With a deep breath, he turned Sarah around and took her hand.  He led her over to the bed and waited while she piled the pillows on the edge, leaned over them and got situated with her hands under the pillows and her feet on the floor.  Steve was actually enjoying looking at her bottom, especially from this angle.  He started massaging her once again.  This time, he couldn't help himself, he let his fingers drift between her legs and found that she was very wet.  He rubbed her there and inserted his finger inside her, listening to her moan between sniffles.  Reality came back to him when he noticed she was about to climax and he pulled his hand away quickly.  This was not the time for that.  She moaned her dissatisfaction. 
He backed away from her a little ways and unbuckled his belt.  As he whipped the belt out of the loops, it whooshed and Sarah squealed.  She tensed up her whole body.  This was really going to happen!  Steve told her to relax her body, and she obeyed the best she could.  He reminded her that she had to count these strikes and that if she missed a number, they would have to start over from the beginning.  He folded the belt in half and moved to her left side.  He gently placed the leather on her skin, letting her know it was there.  He took a deep breath again. 
WHACK!  "ACK!, one!"
WHACK!  "TWO!"  Sarah stifled a scream.  He was not being gentle with his strikes.  Oh, she never wanted to have a punishment spanking again!  This would be fun if the intent wasn't discipline!  Still, in all, she was continuing to become wetter and turned on, despite the stinging, searing pain from the belt.  But what hurt, more then the leather, was the fact that she hurt her man, disappointed him.  She was finally breaking, her will was finally being torn down.  She was starting to become completely repentant now.
By the last strike, Sarah was now sobbing in true pain, her energy and her will completely spent.  She lay there over the pillows crying hard.  Steve laid his belt on the bed and excused himself from the room, telling her to stay in position.  He went into the bathroom and picked up the lotion that was sitting on the sink.  He stood there for a few minutes, trying to collect himself, as he had started to cry, himself.  He hated hurting her.  He prayed to God that this would be the solution they had been looking for, because, for no other reason would he ever do this to the love of his life.  Taking one last deep breath, he walked back into the bedroom where Sarah lay in position having a full-force cry.  He sat down on the bed and told her to stand up.  He took her hands. 
"Oh Steve!"  She said between sobs.  "I am so sorry!  I never ever want to hurt you again!  Please forgive me!"
"Come here, my love."  he said, pulling her towards him.  As gently as possible, he sat her on his lap and gave her a big hug.  He kissed her on her head and let her sob into his shoulder.  He rocked her back and forth and soothingly told her how much he loved her.  He then asked her to stand up and take position again over the pillows.  She glared at him.  What was he thinking!  She didn't remember him saying anything about more spankings.  She just stood there until he guided her back down telling her to relax and that he promises no more spanking tonight.  She laid back down and Steve grabbed the bottle of lotion.  He put some into his hand and as gingerly as he could, rubbed it into her red, slightly bruised bottom and thighs. He had to admit to himself that this was his favorite part. He continued for a long time, both of them enjoying the moment. Steve then had Sarah climb up onto his lap where he wrapped his arms around her and held her and told her he loved her more than anything in this universe and that she was his queen.

Sarah did get better.  She remembered her punishment from that night and made a conscious effort from then on to better herself and make her husband proud.  When she recovered from that spanking, Steve vowed to give her regular spankings, never so bad as the one from that night, but enough to help her remember to do the right thing.  Their love grew stronger and stronger.  And that is the story of Sarah and Steve.

The End

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"I am doing this at your own request, and also because I love you and I want our marriage to work.  Nothing else in the past has helped and I can only pray that this will be the answer.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to help you become the best wife you can be, because I know you have it in you."  With that, he led her to his side and lowered her down so that her bottom was in the air and her hands and feet were on the floor.  He lifted her shirt so her bottom was clear and he started rubbing with his right hand. 
He continued to rub his hand across every inch of her bottom and her thighs.  Sarah couldn't help being turned on by this.  She started to moan quietly, enjoying the feel of his hand on her.  Just as she was starting to feel herself getting wet, SMACK!  Steve's hand came down on her right cheek hard!  Her eyes flew open from the shock of it but she managed to keep quiet.  It actually felt good!  SMACK!  SMACK! SMACK!  SMACK!  on her right cheek.  It started to sting slightly, but oh, did it feel good at the same time!  SMACK!  on her left cheek.  SMACK!  SMACK!  SMACK!  SMACK!  He continued to spank her with his hand in this way for a few minutes. 
Sarah kept quiet, knowing if she was to move, she would be in more trouble.  The sting started to turn into burn, but still it felt good.  Between her legs was wet and anticipatory.  Steve noticed that Sarah was liking this part, but knew in his mind that this would change soon enough.  He kept up his spanking, raining down his palm on her without relenting.  He alternated between her bottom and her thighs, paying special attention to her sit spots. 
Sarah started to wince a little bit.  This was really burning after a while.  Involuntarily, her body started to buck a little bit.  The pain was worth it, and it really did feel wonderful.  As she started to get lost in the feeling, it stopped.  Steve was again rubbing all the places where his hand had spanked her.  Sarah moaned again, this time a little louder.  Steve smiled, knowing it was going to get worse for her. 
When he was done massaging her bottom, he asked Sarah to stand up again.  She obeyed quickly, tempted to rub her sore, hot nether-regions.  Steve also stood up, walked over to the dresser and picked up her wooden hairbrush and returned to his chair.  "Now, can you remember why you are getting the hairbrush, Sarah?"  He asked.
"Yes sir.  Because I didn't do the housework today."  She replied.
"Very good.  I know you enjoyed the warm up, but I don't want you to think that this will be just as enjoyable.  20 strikes is a lot."  Steve looked at her, trying to gauge her reaction.  She stared at the carpet and nodded.  He took her hand, this time leading her between his legs, lowering her down over his left leg, his right leg pinning her legs down in case she decided to kick.  He put his left arm across her back holding her upper body down and warned her not to try to reach back with her hands.  He started massaging her again, paying close attention to the reddest spots.  Sarah mewed.  SMACK!  Steve brought the brush down on her bottom hard.  Sarah jumped and a little squeal came from her mouth.  He told her to stay still and be quiet.  SMACK! 
By the fifth hard, brutal swat with the brush, Sarah started to wonder why she brought this subject up to Steve in the first place.  This was not like the other spankings.  Still, she knew in her heart this was warranted.  Steve, however, had no mercy in this spanking.  He was doing this with purpose and with resolve.  He was going to make sure that his wife do the right thing from now on.  By the time he got to the 20th strike, his arm was tired.  But now was not the time to worry about that.  He put the brush down on the floor and listened.  Sarah was now crying softly still pinned in position.  He started once again to massage the wounded areas. 
"That hurt a little more then my hand did, didn't it Sarah?"  He questioned, waiting to see how she responded.
Her voice was sniffly and quiet.  "Yes sir, it did hurt a lot." she answered.
"Well, good.  Seeing as how this is a punishment, that means I have done a good job.  And so have you.  You were nice and still.  Now you may get up and stand in the corner for a short break.  When I come back, this time, you will have to count the strikes out loud.  If you miss a number, we will start from the beginning."  He then helped her to stand.  Her hands immediately went to rub her bottom.  "No rubbing please."  He said to her.  She dropped her hands and walked silently over to the corner.  Steve left the room.
Sarah was starting to really feel bad about not doing the housework.  She was starting to know what true repentance was.  She cried quietly, knowing that she had really messed up.  When Steve returned, he sat back down in his chair.  He told her to come back and stand in front of him again.  When she complied, he asked her if she knew what was next. 
"Yes sir.  10 strikes with the paddle for forgetting to put my clothes on the chair."  She answered, her voice shaky.
"That's right.  Very good."  He said.  Again, he took her hand and led her between his legs to get back into position.  He massaged her again, noticing how her backside and thighs were hot and bright red.  He reached his long arm over to the bed where the paddle was and picked it up.  Sarah felt the cold implement rest on her fiery bottom.  Then, WHACK!  Steve brought the paddle down on her, hard.  Sarah started crying again.  This hurt a lot!  Steve made sure that the swats were distributed evenly across her butt and thighs.  When he got to 10, he had her stand up again.  Her face was as red as her bottom and she was still crying.
"I'm sorry sir!  I was so wrong, and I promise to do better from now on!  I'm so sorry!"  She sobbed.  She knew the worst was yet to come and she was hoping to get out of it, even though she knew that wasn't going to happen.
"I know, my love.  I believe you, too.  I think you are going to start doing better from this day on.  And I will be here to help you along the way.  Now, back to the corner for one more break.  It's almost over, my love."  He told her....


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"Sarah, I am going to speak, and when I ask you a question, I expect you to call me 'sir', is that understood?"  Steve asked, in a different kind of voice then she had heard before.  She answered "Yes, sir", very quietly, almost in a whisper.
"Good.  Now, do you know why I am so upset with you today?"  He asked.
"Because I didn't get any cleaning done again, sir."  Sarah answered, tears welling up in her eyes again.
Steve continued "That is part of the reason, yes.  Did you know that I looked at the bank account today?  Our account is overdrawn again.  Did you know that?"
"No, sir.  I didn't."  Sarah stared at the carpet, shameful.
"Sarah, I don't know how to get it across to you that we need that money to pay our bills.  If you can't stop spending money, I am going to have to take your bank card away and start giving you an allowance.  Now, I have taken your suggestion about this domestic discipline stuff, and I have decided that I am going to start right now".
Sarah jerked her head up and stared at him, eyes wide and mouth open.  Never before had Steve acted like this.  She thought he was afraid of DD?  All of the sudden, Sarah was scared.  But she also knew she deserved whatever Steve would do to her.  She looked back down at the floor and nodded her head.
"I am going to tell you what to expect so it won't be a surprise.  Do not expect it to be gentle, expect it to hurt, and expect to cry.  First, I will put you over my knee and I will warm you up with my hand.  This will last until I feel you are ready to move on."  Steve's voice was even and calm, although, inside, he was shaking and nervous.  He did not want to hurt her.  But she deserved this.  He looked at Sarah as she looked at the floor and nodded slowly.  He took a deep breath and continued.
"When I feel you are warmed up enough, I will then give you 20 strikes with the wooden hairbrush for not doing the housework.  Then, we will take a short break, where you will stand in the corner again, just as you did before.  When the break is over, you will then return to my knee where I will give you 10 more strikes, this time with the paddle, for not putting your folded clothes on the chair, like I told you to."
She looked up at him again.  Damn!  She forgot to put her clothes on the chair!  How could she have been so stupid!  She was getting very scared now, and he hadn't even issued a punishment yet for the overdrawn bank account!  This really was going to hurt!
Steve went on, pretending not to notice the look on her face.  "When that is done, again, you will stand in the corner like before for another short break.  This time, when I return, you will place the pillows on the edge of the bed and you will lie over them with your feet on the floor and your hands under the pillow.  I will then give you 15 strikes with my belt for overdrawing our account."
Sarah got the courage to speak up at that point.  "No, Steve, please!  That will hurt!"
He smiled at her.  "This is a punishment, it's supposed to hurt.  Now, lets get this over with, ok?"
Defeated, she answered, "Yes, sir."
Steve walked over to the chair, picked it up, and moved it to the middle of the room.  He sat down and told Sarah to come to him.  She stood before him, not daring to look at him.  He took her hands in his hands and said "Sarah, you know I love you, don't you?"
She answered "Yes sir."


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As she sat on the couch that morning with her book in her hand, Sarah's mind drifted away from the story she was reading.  She was thinking about Steve.  They had been married now for quite some time, and they had a pretty good relationship.  There were a few areas that caused them some trouble, however, and try as she might, Sarah could not seem to get better in the areas where she was lacking.  She was a terrible housekeeper and very bad at managing money.  Sarah had been surfing the internet one night and came across a site dedicated to domestic discipline.  Could this be the answer to their problems?  She had been spanked plenty as a kid, and also in play in some of her previous relationships before she married Steve.  It was true it was a sexual turn on for her.  Could it also work in the areas of her life where she needed more discipline? 
Recently, she had mustered the courage to tell Steve about some of her fantasies.  He was very hesitant and didn't understand why she would want to be hurt on purpose.  He would never think of hurting her.  Though he didn't understand, he reluctantly indulged her.  Sarah loved every second of it, and was always ready for more.  Steve was still hung up on the fact that he was hurting her.  She hoped he would come around and realize that this is what she wants and not just a whim, but something she has fantasized about since she was very young. 
Domestic Discipline was different though.  It was not play.  It required maintenance spankings on a regular basis, which could be fun, but also punishment spankings which required real tears and real repentance.  It required change, in attitude and in actions.  Nothing else was working in Sarah's life to bring about real change, and she was really thinking this was the way to go.  She had brought the subject up to Steven the other night and he really had a hard time understanding why she would want this.  He told her he would think about it.
So, as she sat there on her couch, with her book in her hand, she knew full well she was supposed to be cleaning the house.  She knew there were a million things that had to be taken care of.  It was not that she was lazy, but it was more because she couldn't think where to start.  She could not prioritize and tended to see all the things that had to be done all at once rather than seeing each small job individually.  Sarah also knew Steve would be home momentarily and want to know what she had done all day.  There was no getting around it, she hadn't done anything productive.  But, how bad could it be?  Steve would probably come home, ask her what she did, and when she told him nothing, he would be angry for a few minutes and then it would pass.  And Sarah would have learned nothing.  Again, she will have disappointed him and again, a solution would not be made. 
As she was pondering this, Sarah then heard the sound of keys in the front door.  She put her book down and looked up just as Steve entered the living room.  "Hi Sarah, how was your day today?" he asked, hopeful.  She answered, not looking at him "Well, it was ok, but not really productive".  Steve threw his briefcase on the couch in a huff and said "Haven't we been through this a million times?  If you want to stay home and not work, then you need to be responsible for the keeping of this house!  I work hard all day to earn enough money to support us, and you sit home on your ass all day doing nothing!"  Sarah shifted on her feet, looking down at the floor.  He was right.  How could she be so irresponsible?  She hated herself at that moment.  She hated the fact that she had disappointed her husband once again. 
Steve marched across the room in a fuming rage.  He turned back, stopping in front of Sarah.  He took her arms and faced her towards him.  "Sarah, I love you, but if we are going to make this marriage work, then you have to do your part."  Taking a deep breath, he seemed to calm down a little.  "Right now, I want you to go sit on our bed and think about the impact your non-actions are having on our marriage and my nerves, I will be in shortly to continue this discussion.  You can certainly expect to be disciplined severely this time!"  Sarah looked up at him, eyes wide in shock.  She opened her mouth to speak, but he pointed his finger towards the bedroom.  "Go.  Now."  She could do nothing else but comply.  Quickly, she walked into the bedroom, tears in her eyes, and sat on the bed, just as he'd told her to.
After about 15 very long minutes, Steve finally walked into the room.  His anger was somewhat lessened, but the look on his face was resolute.  "This is what I want you to do, and I want no speaking unless I ask you a direct question."  He stood there, in the doorway watching her to see her reaction.  He had never been a truly authorative husband before, but she deserved this.  Maybe it really was a long time coming.  "I want you to remove your pants and your panties, fold them and place them neatly on the chair.  Then I want you to go stand in the corner with your nose to the wall and your hands on your head.  I will be back in a little while to discuss this situation."  With that, he turned and left the room.  Sarah started to unzip her jeans, in shock that her husband would speak to her like a child.  But, she reasoned, her actions called for it, didn't they?  Wasn't she acting like a spoiled child?  She took off her jeans and panties and folded them like he said and left them on the bed, forgetting that he told her to put them on the chair.  She proceeded to the corner to await her punishment, though she had no idea what to expect.  She figured he was just doing this to embarrass her and he would give her a good long lecture and then it would be over. 
Sarah stood there, for what seemed like forever.  Actually, it was only about 10 minutes.  She was very humiliated standing there bare-assed, like a child.  She had nothing else to think about except her own irresponsible behaviors.  Sarah felt very bad.  She deserved this.  Steve finally came back into the room and told Sarah to come stand in front of him.  She obeyed quickly, eager to get the lecture over with....


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It was always done the same way. The schoolgirl,"...always getting into trouble...." would be told to go to Room 21 and wait outside. Without question she walked along the old stone corridor,a familiar walk;the windows lining the corridor allowed her to peek out at the busy city street below,life went on as normal;it felt strange to her,knowing what was about to happen ,she longed to be outside now and not in this place,this place that made her feel sad,so trapped.

The door to Room 21 was closed.She turned the door knob but realised the door was locked,she stood outside,standing,pressing her back against the dark blue painted wall.She felt a little nervous even though she knew full well what to expect. It felt that she was standing there for sometime,remembering her last visit to Room 21 and the pain she felt upon leaving. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden appearance of her tormentor walking with purpose up the corridor,the bunch of keys swinging from her strap made her look more like a prison officer than a nun.

The schoolgirl shuffled nervously from one foot to the other foot as the nun stood in front of her and smiled,said nothing,just smiled and then used a key to unlock the door to Room 21. In a moment the schoolgirl was inside and holding out both of her hands as the "smiling nun" brought the weighted down leather strap down on each hand in turn. The pain was hard to take.Even now the only sound that I can remember is the strap landing on my hands.I always fought to muffle my screams,I hated giving them the satisfaction!

I have been very busy these past few weeks,State Examinations are in full swing,but one day I met an old school friend of mine who is now an Examiner for the Department of Education and as we talked over coffe both of us began to remember our school days and our frequent trips to Room 21.

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