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Our house is on the market so timing sucks but at least it did not hit the house, the fence or the grill. This is inconvenient, but in a sadistic joke kind of way, a miracle.

Only a true spanko like me would look at this and wonder how many paddles and switches I could get out of this. If only I had the tools, time and skills to do it. And my, my, that bent trunk is the perfect height to bend somebody over...

Since I didn't have the tools, 4 strapping young men cut down and hauled away the debris and now I have a nice spanking stump in the backyard, wonder if the neighbors would like the show?

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Anyone else ever do this? When I was a kid several books on my shelves contained spanking scenes of *great* interest to me. I was keen, of course, to dogear the relevant pages so I could turn to them quickly in an emergency, so to speak. I was also keen that my mother, an avid reader herself, not realize my interest. My solution was to dogear seven pages AHEAD of the one that really interested me. Worked like a charm, I think...

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Love this place. Always reminds me I'm not alone in the world with my thoughts and ideas. Can't believe I've finally had the courage to join up

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I joined this site less than 24 hours ago and have watched 106 videos and counting. That of course doesn't count all the videos I watched for the last 2-3 days before I decided set-up a profile. I think that I need to tell my husband about how much time I am spending on this site. What do you guys think? Also, should I have told him sooner? Lastly, what kind of punishment do you think I deserve?

Thanks for taking time to read this,


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I'm fairly sure I don't have to explain this one to a spanko, but for those for whom English is not a first language - or who have never heard the phrase:

Have you ever said - or done - something which you wished either right then, or soon after, that you could take back...and paid dearly for it? Or perhaps wished you could pay for it but have not yet done so?

I've not done anything serious yet. (We all KNOW it's gonna happen, just ain't yet.) But the best so far was prancing- yes, prancing - into the kitchen barefoot after being told...repeatedly...that the floors were too cold and to wear slippers. But I don't like slippers!

Of course, due to the prancing, R KNEW I had bare feet without even looking. That's when I discovered bare feet give no traction on carpet. He dragged me to the couch - up came the house dress, poof went the panties, and down came his hand til I promised everlasting goodness. Not that he believed THAT! Says he knows better - lol. Just proves I ain't marryin' no fool.

'Course, it's been some years, and though it lasted for awhile, I've long since gone back to bare feet. Oh well. He'll have fun repeating himself, right? Right?!

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Well, I have decided that since I joined this site 128 days ago and talked to a lot of great people, it's time to post some pictures of my bottom. I have uploaded both pics in my panties and also bare. I really appreciate the emails and comments I get from everyone on here and I'm finally comfortable enough to "show myself off". No videos yet, but stay tuned..I'm full of surprises! Again, thank you all for being so great!


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Oral sex – “oral stimulation of the genitals”

After review by a panel comprised of parents, teachers, and school administrators, the dictionaries have been returned to the classroom and students may access them only if their parents have signed a permission slip.

Does anyone else remember looking up the meaning of “dirty words” when you heard them? I remember giggling with my friends during library time when we tried to find as many as possible in the time we were allotted (or before the teacher caught us). I understand the urge to protect children, but by the time a child is in public school a few years, they’ve heard most “dirty words” countless times. Because of this, wouldn’t it be prudent to allow children to learn the correct meaning of terms they are already hearing (and probably using), should they wish to know?

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My girlfriend is new to spanking, which surprised me because she has a PERFECT ass for spanking, it drives me crazy. Her threshold for pain is pretty low still but I'm gradually increasing her tolerance by giving her harder and longer spankings each session. She likes to be dominated but she is new to spanking. Loves being told what to do, loves obeying me. Sometimes she sasses me and I know she's asking for it. When she starts squirming and protesting a lot during the session I'll tell her how many she has left and then make her count the last ones out loud. Sometimes she wears panties she knows I like and then she's pretty much asking for it.

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Views: 821 · Added: 779 days ago

It's been far too long since I posted something. Work. Life. The usual. Thus, I broke a lose agreement with Mr. B that I should post after each spanking. Luckily there were only two since my last posting so unlikely to be punished. We've both been busy.

It is fascinating observing my body's reactions when there's so much time in between. In particular, how my body betrays my mind. Logically, I still can't wrap my head around the idea of spanking. But he tells me to lift my skirt and I obediently comply. Just the thought of him saying it now is exciting. "Take off your pants" and a gush of excitement surges through me as I do as he says. We're both usually a little shocked how compliant I am.

Then he tells me to bend over and there's a twinge of conflict that raises its little head but my body overrides it and bend I do. There's a sense of panic whether there's an imperfection of a bug bite or zit that'll make him cringe and tell me to put my clothes back on but it doesn't happen. He usually tells me it looks beautiful. And occasionally he proves this moreso by pressing a very hard cock against me. Then the rush is back and logic and the self-critic are temporarily defeated.

The last few times Mr. B has started with warm up spanks. I have to say these still drive me absolutely crazy. My body throbs in all the right places.

The last two sessions have been much longer and much more intense. Mr. B admits to spanking me full throttle which gives me a strange sense of pride that I'm able to handle what he dishes out. That's not to say I haven't shed tears.

The last two sessions he used the full arsenal of spanking implements except for the cane. He's landed on two favourites: the real riding crop and the rubber V crop. As he spanked me with the riding crop, I tried to record the feeling to better describe it. It's strange to say but it's like an icy heat stinging each time I felt the crop bear down on my bottom.

He took pictures before and after. Each time he instructed me to do something like "spread your legs", "wider", "lift your head" and then heard the shutter click, I felt that warm wetness welling between my thighs. I wanted him to take pictures. To look at them after and replay the moments, savouring the memories.

The rubber V crop is another story. The pain is indescribable. The sound is a cross between a hand spank and a a sharp thud. When it makes contact, there's a flash of white hot pain scorching my skin. Most times I have to muffle my voice for fear the neighbours call 911. I stuff the pillow into my mouth. My hands clench at the sheets. My back archs. But I dare not move my legs although they've come up a few inches when the pain is too much.

I thought it was fake hearing other women cry and wail. It isn't fake. Hearing myself make those same noises confirmed this. Mr. B has been testing the intensity more and more and I find my responses range from pillow-muted wails to outright sobbing.

The last time I was wetter than I'd ever been before. It could've been the fact that I exposed myself to him at his work several times. Home we arrive and no sooner am I order upstairs wearing nothing but my shirt. Over the bed I went and he spanked me mercilessly. I never notice the excitement building while the spanking is going on. He makes me pay attention during those commercial breaks where his fingers slide into me and he moans in a low excited growl "god, you're so wet". And I am/was. It was dripping down my thighs.

Needless to say we had amazing sex post-spank. Mr. B has a power and control over me that's overwhelmingly exciting. It is fortunate circumstances, and trust, have allowed us to explore this side of ourselves.

Damn. Got myself all worked up now and unlikely Mr. B and I will be indulging any time soon.

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While we're on the subject of marriages and or long-term relationships, I thought I might pick your brains a bit further. Really, there's so much more to spanking that a paddle on your nether cheeks. And while that's lots of fun, so is sharing stories. did you find your spanking partner? Met 'em online? If so, was spanking 'how' you met? Corrupted your vanilla spouse? Got outed by leaving yourself logged into STube? I'm not just referring to 'couples', of course. I know some of you lucky buggers have pure disciplinarians that involve no sex or 'etc', whose sole duty is to keep you on the straight and narrow - and spank you soundly not if, but WHEN you wander off. Some even have platonic friends that will paddle you as and when needed.

In short, there's as many types of spanking buddies as there are ways to spank. My headache is *BAD* today, and I'm hoping for some good stories to distract me from the pain.

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So this is the lucky 13th blog I hope. I am going to be turning 24 in Sept, and I was thinking about the whole brithday spanking thing, now I know if I posted it was my brithday I would get all these reqest to spank my ass. But truthfuly that is not what I am looking for. thanks in advance though.What I think would be really interesting is if I got to spank alot of bottoms for the mouth of Sept. So here is my proposeal If you are a girl between the age of 18 to 35 and have a sept Birthday. feel free to message me or comment. on this blog please.

p.s even if it is not your birthday and you just want one let me know

Have a good weekend all.


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Views: 390 · Added: 780 days ago

This weekend I may chase a dream travel a 100 miles and pursue a porn star to see if I can get her to spank me Ill never know untill I try as She will be in the right place with everything needed to acomplish this little dream but she may not be kinky, She s also a playboy model, She s been in several tv series and a few vanilla movies

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Views: 695 · Added: 780 days ago


The image cleared to a view of the inside of the cottage where four women...Witches...giggled around a cauldron bubbling over a fire.

“You actually got to spank Sir Wizard Mike’s butt?” Lisa gasped in awe at Daisy and Susie.

“No, No, No, it was just a made up story that we read,” Susie informed them.

“But I would like to beat his butt!” spouted Daisy.

CRACK! BOOM! “You’ll think beat my butt.” Mike growled as he threw some magic lightening at the cottage.

“Shhh, holy witches brew was that lightening. Daisy be quiet they probably are listening right now.” whispered Nic.

“Don’t worry Nic, I found all the hidden cameras and unplugged the equipment. No more Wizard Jim or Wizard Mike spying on us!” Maddy informed the girls from the doorway.

“Yo Baby! Time for us little witchy poos to have some fun!” Susie laughed as her and Daisy started dancing around the cauldron bumping and grinding their hips to the imaginary music playing in their heads. Lisa, Nic, and Maddy immediately joined in the laughter and dancing.

“No save the world goody goody spells for us today!” shouted Lisa as she bumped her butt against Nic’s hip.

"Yeah only bad girl spells for us” Nic snickered as she gently rubbed her clit thru her dress. Some might find this behavior odd but not the four women watching or the two silently steaming Wizards observing a half a world away. For not only were these five women good witches who tried to do good deeds, but they were also all highly sexed sassy brats who liked to play erotic games any chance they got.

“Hey lets experiment!” suggested Maddy “We’ll conjure sex toys and things like ginger root .

“ooh and dildos and butt plugs and Ben Wa balls…and” added Susie

RUMBLE, SSSSS, rumble, POOF, cough, cough, cough

“I’m here, I made it!” The five witches rolled their eyes as they turned to see Ellie’s slight form leaping up from in front of the fire place, hand waving in front of her face to dispel the cloud of smoke surrounding her.

“Ellie, baby how many times do we have to tell you? Just walk thru the door drawn on your bedroom wall and it will bring you right to the cottage’s front door. No special spells are required.” Nic explained as she helped the little witch in training get to her feet.

“I know,” smiled Ellie, “but I just love being a Witch. What do I get to learn today?”

“No good spells today Ellie, we’re taking a sex-a-cation.” smirked Daisy as she resumed dancing around the room.

“Yes! Finally I get to have sex with all of you. The thought of having witchy sex just makes me wet.” cried Ellie excitedly. “But wait….won’t Sir Jim and Sir Mike be mad?”

“Oh course,” Lisa responded “but Maddy disabled their cameras. So what they don’t know can’t hurt us.”

“Our little darlings are running amok!” Jim hated ruining their fun, “We are going to have to stop them before they get started. The last time we let them have their way three young men and two young women were not able to work for a week after our girls conjured them to be used as sex boy and girl toys for their pleasure. “

Mike nodded in agreement lifting his arm in a wide arc.

POOF the den was empty.

The little witches dancing and laughing came to an abrupt halt as smoke filled the cottage.

“Crap, it’s Sir Jim and Sir Mike” Daisy complained loudly.


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Views: 637 · Added: 780 days ago

This is a comedic FICTION spanking story, if you are Wiccan, Wizard or Witch in real life please don't be offended.

Jim sighed as he turned toward the screen hanging against the wall of his den. Most people would think it only a round shaped 60" T.V. but upon closer examination they would notice the handle and shape surrounding the image being displayed as that of an over large paddle.

Jim’s den was a haven for him, a place away from prying eyes that might question his predilections for adjusting attitudes with correction applied to a young lady’s derriere. The den was soundproof and decorated with an eclectic mix of modern and medieval artifacts of the most torturous items known to a woman’s bottom. There were canes, paddles, switches, rug beaters, belts and lengths of cords that could be snatched up and looped to make impromptu implements. The area was filled with straight back chairs, spanking benches, stockades, and chains hanging from the ceiling.

None of these items were visible to the average male or female who on occasion might stop in for a small visit, a chat, or a cup of tea. Jim would entertain such acquaintances in the front parlor of his house, never his den. Those that walked by the room only glimpsed an average looking den with a large mahogany desk and shelves of books.

But a magical world surrounded this den, for as one stepped across the threshold the rooms true decor was revealed and the true occupation of the one brave enough to enter another world. For Jim one step into this den and his everyday clothes morphed into a long multicolored shimmering shirt with pointed sleeves and collar, his hair lengthened to hang to his shoulders. For you see Jim’s entry into the den made him a wizard with all sorts of mystically powers. And his true occupation was that of overseeing a coven of Witches. Witches he was currently monitoring thru his paddle vision mirror or PVM.

“What are our little Witches up to today?” His partner Mike inquired as he stepped thru what appeared to be a window overlooking Jim’s backyard, but was in fact a travel portal. Mike actually lived in another country but by just stepping through a door drawn on the wall of Mike’s workshop at home he stepped across states, countries, and oceans into Jim’s den. Mike, like Jim, was a wizard and upon entering the den his clothing changed and his dark hair grew longer automatically forming into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. His everyday sunglasses changed into aviators with an image of one of his little witches on the lenses. Today sweet Nic bent over the arm of a chair in a cute pair of panties replaced the image of his eyes in the glasses.

“Come, sit, have a drink and we’ll watch the naughty little imps try to behave themselves for a change.” invited Jim.

“Behave! That would be a change,” Mike sputtered “And how about the witchling, Ellie, are the others treating her well or are we going to have to adjust some attitudes?”

“I’ve just now turned on the PMV. I don’t see Ellie she must be late again” Jim observed, as they both turned to see wavy swirls form into a picture of a small cottage tucked into a small meadow deep in a magical forest (O.K. so, I ripped this off from Fairy Tales – so sue me or rather spank Sue-sie he he he). The image cleared to a view of the inside of the cottage where four women..Witches.. giggled around a cauldron bubbling over a fire.

to be continued.

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Views: 1233 · Added: 781 days ago

“Yes, Mr. A?”
“How would you like to get spanked this evening?”
“Best offer I’ve had all day! Yes, please. Did you have anything in particular in mind?”
“Actually, yes. I’d like to use the Evil Pink Spoon, whack you till you beg me to stop, then carry right on till I feel like stopping. Sound good?”
Oh my. This is a scenario she both loves and fears. The Evil Pink Spoon is an old nylon kitchen spoon whose narrow, shallow bowl makes it a pretty useless kitchen utensil, but a pretty fearsome pervertible. Its sting is fierce, but it doesn’t leave deep bruises the way a wooden spoon does. In other words, it’s ideal for the scenario Mr A is proposing, a beating to take her beyond the breaking point.
She answers as casually as she can, in a voice made small and breathless by nervousness, “Great! That sounds great, let’s do it.”
The Evil Pink Spoon isn’t all that’s on his mind, however. “Also, I’d like you to wear that pink blouse. You know, the one you call shocking pink?”
“Pink, eh? So what are you offering in return for that?” Anna never, ever, wears pink. As a small woman, short and slight, she has enough trouble getting taken seriously without that. Of course wearing a pink blouse in the bedroom to please Mr A is a totally different thing, but demanding a bribe to do so has become a standing joke between them.
“You’re getting spanked, aren’t you? What more do you want? Sheesh!”
She doesn’t say anything, just rolls her eyes theatrically at Mr A’s obtuseness. He in turn sighs theatrically at her for being so demanding, then proposes lunch at their favourite Japanese restaurant.
Of course she agrees, but needles her husband one more time about how stereotyped a taste for pink is.
“Hey now!” he protests. “You who always like things to match, that’s what I’m just about to do! I’m going to take that pink spoon, and I’m going to whack your bottom with it until your bottom is the same shocking pink as your blouse. You’ll match perfectly!You should be grateful, not complaining.”
The tone is joking, but the underlying reality still gives her another clutch of dread. Before too long, she’s going to be beaten till she can’t take any more - and then there’ll be more. She gives a little shiver.


Her feet are secured together at the bottom of the bed, her hips rest on two thick cushions, and her wrists are handcuffed one to each end of the headboard. Nervously she eyes the shocking pink sleeves of her blouse. How long and how hard is she going to get beaten to make her bottom match such a vivid dark pink? Long and hard, of course, she answers herself as her belly clenches. As always, she’s tempted to call it off now, before it’s too late. Once the spanking starts, their deal is that there’s no going back. It isn’t over till Mr A decides it’s over.
As always too, she says nothing. She would be very disappointed with herself if she did. Besides, even if she hates it while it’s happening, she steadies herself with the knowledge that the payoff afterwards is wonderful.
Mr A meanwhile seems to be taking sadistic pleasure in keeping her waiting in suspense. As if her bum didn’t already feel exposed enough raised on the cushions, acutely sensitive to every movement of air in the room, he now takes the time to make minute adjustments to the position of her blouse, apparently folding it up a little to maximise the target area. She controls her body’s urge to quiver with dread by concentrating on keeping her breathing steady.
And then it begins, innocuously enough at first, crisp slaps at intervals of a second or two, barely making her skin twitch. But the numbers soon begin to add up, and the speed and force to build up, while the sting progresses from warm to uncomfortable.
Twenty, thirty, forty, cracking in a relentless stream onto her tender bare skin. Now they really sting, and she shifts uneasily. This has only just begun. Fifty, sixty. As the numbers mount it becomes harder to hold herself still and silent, but so far she does. Seventy, eighty, ninety. Counting the strokes is a completely useless exercise since this time there’s no set limit to end her pain, but it does serve as a slight distraction. Which she needs, because the pain has reached a level now that is making her gasp and begin to squirm. Hundred. Hundred and ten. He begins to whack two, three, four strokes at a time on exactly the same spot, which escalates the pain to a level where her whole body is jerking in agonised response. Meanwhile her gasps have become sharp breathy cries.
A reasonable part of her mind tells her that the sooner she begins to plead for this to stop, the sooner it will stop. Not right away, of course, but only a limited time afterwards. But she doesn’t. Some stubbornness, some pride, insists on her holding out until the begging is truly forced from her, until she is truly desperate.
As if it mattered, she’s lost count now as the strokes continue to rain down unabated. Two hundred by now? She’s also beginning to struggle futilely to twist away from the relentless pain, causing herself more pain as some strokes land on the sensitive outsides of her thighs, but she’s powerless to stop.
So far she has succeeded in controlling her squirming so as to keep her bottom in the target area, but now suddenly that control breaks, and she yanks hard on the restraints as she tries to escape off the foot of the bed. But she’s well secured, so that gets her nowhere, and gains her absolutely no relief from the anguish being inflicted on her blazing bum either. On the contrary, the barrage of strokes continues to impact so hard and so fast as to be a continuous surge of torment.
The next thing she knows, she finds that she’s flung herself violently towards the head of the bed to the slight extent the tight restraints allow, and still the agony continues to escalate. The pain is so overwhelming now that it and the desperate contortions of her struggling body are her whole world.
Without conscious decision she suddenly cries “Stop! Please stop! Please!” She can’t bear for it to continue for even a moment longer. Of course as agreed it doesn’t stop or even moderate, and now she is beyond any semblance whatsoever of control. She’s flailing, pleading, writhing frantically and begging “No more! Please no more”. She’s drowning in the welter of sensation and struggle, and it has to stop, and her pleading has become an incoherent babble of “Please! Aaah! Stop! Ow! Ow! No more! Aaaagh! I can’t!” But the crack of the nylon spoon impacting on her cringing flesh continues anyway.
Geologic ages pass, maybe fifteen or twenty seconds more of searing agony, and then it does stop and she collapses gasping onto the cushions, utterly exhausted. While Mr A releases her restraints she lies as motionless as a beached jellyfish, just catching her breath, then once she’s free she rolls off the cushions and pushes them off the bed.
“There! I would call that a pretty good match,” Mr A tells her, pulling her shirt tail down to check the colour against her bottom.
From the feel of it, she has no trouble believing him. Her blazing bottom must be at least shocking pink - at least!
“I hope you’re properly grateful,” he adds. “That was hard work! I deserve a reward for that.”
“How about I treat you to Japanese tomorrow?” she suggests mischievously, even as they come together to claim a much more immediate reward.

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my life is lonely..... wheres the woman.. that will fullfill my heart
i know shes out there... please im waiting for you.
i'm from maine......looking for a woman in need of a good hard spanking.
thank you all for the kind words.... and i hope i do fine someome.

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Views: 532 · Added: 781 days ago

I don't know what it is with some people that sit around and think its alright calling females bitches,sluts and whores and expect u to respect them When they call you that and say its part of the lifestyle. Well they must be in the wrong lifestyle cuz I ain't never known anyone to use that in the DD lifestyle. Complete disrespect to me.

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Views: 575 · Added: 781 days ago

I’ve been thinking… if you were going to experience an evening of kinky pleasure, what sort of things would you want at your disposal? What would you want him to do for you and you to him/her? What would be your desire should you be given the option to choose what happens this evening with the lady or gentleman of your choice? Now spanko's lets hear something kinky.

I thought I may try this one out on everyone. Sorry about the last experiment. I was a little complected and confusing. My fault

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Views: 1007 · Added: 781 days ago

I've been looking for video of an old RGE film called Rigid Father. Is anyone familiar with that one? I'd love to see some clips posted to this site, I've seen stills from the video and it looks great

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Views: 1148 · Added: 781 days ago

I was going to ask something else, but this came up in the last blog's commentary.It has been postulated by myself and others that marriages (or long term relationships which incorporate spanking in them) are stronger than vanilla relationships. I have no data on this, and I don't know how you'd go about gathering it. Let's face it - most of us lie about our AGE - who's going to admit they enjoy letting their partner spank them? But I still believe it is so.I don't just mean couples who practice DD, either, although that form can do wonders for a committed couple as I understand it. The way I see it, engaging in any of spanking, from erotic to full-out Master/slave requires a great deal of trust and communication and a desire to try new things, and most of all, a wish to make their partner happy. We all know that stuff is lacking in many marriages, and far be it from me to say all spanko marriages are perfect. I just think they have better communication and so on. Really now - if you can tell your partner you want your bare bottom paddled, there isn't much you can't tell them! There's also the detail that in DD type marriages, things aren't allowed to fester. You goof, you get a sound spanking, you're forgiven, and nothing more is said about it. It's not for everyone, of course, but it does have its good points.

So...what do y'all think? Are spanko marriages stronger? Is there some reason for it that I haven't mentioned? One friend here stated she's been happily married to a spanko for 23 years! Anyone else got a good story to share?

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