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Ah, a symphony thought Mike as he walked amongst the girls. Patting Nic’s bottom between swats, taking a turn with the whipping of Maddy, and running a hand down Lisa’s back in comfort. Yes a symphony and I am the conductor.

Mike was very careful with the girls since they were plugged making sure each swat, swing or snap of the implements was to one cheek at a time. Mike studied each little witch’s response. Lisa’s high pitched whine, Susie’s alto moan, Nic’s silent curses, Daisy’s hitched breaths each trying to control the pain in different ways. All had silent tears either glistening in their eyes or making tracks down their faces.

“Enough” With Sir Mike’s loud command the implements vanished. Collected gulps, sighs, and whimpers could be heard throughout the den.

“Now it your turn little Witchling” Sir Jim led the trembling Ellie to a straight back chair,

“Over my lap” as Ellie scrambled to obey, Sir Jim explained “Normally I love the cane, however your transgression was not of that nature so a simple slippering will suffice as punishment.” Sir Jim raised the dress to reveal the waist high, white frilly panties beneath. Jim ran is hand over the silk material. Closing his eyes to get the sensual feeling of a panty clad young bottom. Ah a single moment to enjoy sweet heaven.

“The spell has been cast, Jim” Mike’s voice brought Jim from his reverie. “What is done to one will be felt by all.”

“No”, “No”, “Please enough” could be heard from the Witches still bound throughout the room.

“What’s happening?” asked a frightened Ellie

“Little one, no need to fear, the others will just be feeling your slippering as if it is their own.” Jim explained as he laid the first stinging blow against Ellie right cheek.

Oh my god, thought Ellie that hurt so much. Clutching Sir Jim’s ankles with her tiny hands Ellie hung on for dear life. No amount of squirming or kicking caused her bottom to evade Sir Jim’s aim with that slipper.

“Ellie, lie still take your punishment like a big Witch. I will not stop until you can take a least ten without squirming.”

‘Please Ellie lie still, please.” Cried Daisy from where she was tied to the spanking bench. “Remember we can also feel the spanking.”

Tears ran unchecked down Ellie’s face. She turned her head to see Lisa’s hiccupping breaths and Nic’s face buried against her shoulder. Everywhere she looked her sister Witches were trying to cope with the pain of her spanking. I must be strong she thought, I am in agony with just this spanking and the others have already been spanked before this. I must be strong.

“O.K. just ten more, I can hold still.” squeaked Ellie in fear. Ellie dug her toes into the floor and gritted her teeth. Each swing of the slipper bounced hard against her bottom. She just knew each stroke would be the last she could endure. Over and over she cried and whimpered, but did not move. Please, please, please she beg herself don’t move, don’t move, don’t move.

“You were very good my little Witchling.” Sir Jim said patting her bottom thru the white waist high frilly panties.

I did it! I did it! Ellie grinned to herself thru the tears.

“Let’s take these down” Sir Jim slowly lowered Ellie’s white waist high frilly panties.

“No, No I was good.” Ellie feared the others would pay for a spanking she couldn’t stay still for.

‘Shhh, no Ellie everyone is just going to get a little hand spanking from Sir Mike.” Keeping his hand over Ellie’s back, Jim leaned back and nodded towards Mike.

“Nic I believe I have not paid enough attention to you today.” Mike commented as he placed his hand upon her lower back. He lightly rubbed the now purplish red bottom perched high over the cushion of the chair.

“No, Sir Mike, I have had more than enough attention.” Nic snuffled.

“Well you’re about to get a little more.” Mike answered as he swiftly smacked his hand against Nic’s cheeks, each spank leaving a temporary white splotch against the already blistered bottom.

Jim’s shaft grew rigid watching Ellie’s fanny quiver under the onslaught of Mike’s magic. There Ellie lay over his lap her cheeks flattening with every slap Mike gave Nic’s bottom.

As the chorus of pleading sounded around the room, Mike realized his little witches had been punished enough. Five final harsh spanks and all the girls were lying or hanging limp from their ordeal.

“Will we have any more lying?” Sir Mike questioned loudly.

“No Sir!” All the Witches answered at once.

“Dismantling of equipment or teaching the witchling bad spells?”

“No Sir”

“Good now for your surprise.” Sir Mike again waved his arms.


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ahh the sun! the wind from the sea... alone here, on an almost deserted beach.

lying down, with the eyes closed, I follow the sensation of the sea’s drops which gravity makes to slide over my body, following furrows and curves up to stop in the puddle of the navel waiting to evaporate or reach the sand.

my thoughts melt like the ice in the drink which I bought at the kiosk near here. I'm in the eternal present, pure body, pure consciousness...

then something disturbs me. the wind is colder and the darkness of my closed eyes becomes more intense. a cloud perhaps, but the sky was so clear before. I open my eyelids a little to see what steals my sun. my heart speeds up, I surge a little on my elbows in the alert of the tracked down animal.

a man stands before me, the sun behind him overshadows his face. he’s completely dressed, instead I only wear the below piece of my swimsuit. this particular increases my discomfort. we both remain in silence: I expect a move by him, he seems out to study me. then he finally speaks: "hi Ellie...".

"Matteo!”. he kneels and I hug him with enthusiasm, my arms around his neck, and I say: "you’re three days in advance!". he smiles at me melancholic: "yes, but unluckily I have to turn away tomorrow...". I lose a little of my enthusiasm, but I don’t say anything: he belongs to another woman, as I belong to another man. I know that the same thought touches his mind and to chase it he says, showing his shirt: "look what you've done! now it's all wet". his voice’s tone is able to liberate my mind and lead me into a new dimension made of excitement and fear, a reality where I’m not Ellie any more, but the little Ellie, and where I feel safe and finally understood.

I bring a hand to my mouth and say: "oh, sorry Matteo!". escapes from me a laugh: "I’m so happy to see you that I forgot to be all wet ... ". I grab my T shirt to get dress, I can’t wait to go with him in the apartment which I rented. he takes it away from me and says: "Ellie, please, could you dry yourself first...." and me: "but don’t worry, it's so hot today!". he laughs and says: "yes, but thus you will get wet my car’s seat! come here". he sits down on the sand and I dive into his arms. perhaps this was not what he meant because he says: "Ellie! again!" and me: "sorry...". he takes my beach towel and begins to dry me with care and sweetness, I let him do, it’s a so nice feeling!

when I'm completely dry he says: "thus it's better... although now I'm the one wet...". he stands up and adds: "gather up your things and let's go home" and me: "yes!". I get dress very fast, T shirt and skirt, I take the beach towel, the bag, my drink and the shoes, I keep everything in my arms and say: "let's go!". he looks at me perplexed: "Ellie.... the shoes....". "I took them!" and I show them to him, but he: "Ellie..... put on your shoes..... ". now I’m the one perplexed: "but in summer shoes aren’t used!". he crosses his arms: "where did you hear this? put them on immediately!" and he goes to his car without giving me time to reply. I sit down, put on my shoes and reach him in a hurry. he’s wearing a dry T shirt that he took from his bag. I look at him as I would do with an exotic animal, intrigued, he’s decidedly unlike me... but maybe that's what makes us so complementary....

at home...

Matteo is engaged in a phone call from his wife and I trade on it to have a shower.

the warm water takes away the salt from my body giving me in exchange a sense of peace. but it doesn’t last long....

my love... how I wish you were waiting for me in the other room.... because it’s with you that I chose to live this life... it’s with yours which my soul is entwined.... I can’t explain you what’s this need that was born with me, this desire to be bent over your lap to be punished, the sound of the slaps on my warm and sore bottom, the quiet that can give to my soul being forgiven... but this’s a secret which it isn’t allowed to me to share with you.... so here I am, faithful to my most hidden part, constantly famished, and which from time to time I can feed thanks to someone who was born like me...

half hour later...

Matteo and I don’t need to invent an excuse to start our dance, we are both so full of desire, we know instinctively our strings and how to touch them. it's not exactly a play the ours, it’s more like a special way of entary in touch, to know each other, to share a piece of life, a way of being. two normal people would converse, they would have a lunch together, would make love if they were lovers, we prefer spankings and reprimands, belts and red bottoms.

and it’s thus that we spend the day. me over his knees. his strong hand that warms my bottom. his right leg that jams my thighs to prevent me from moving too much. my bottom raised. his reproaches, my prayers, our excitement...

when my panties are completely sodden and his desire reaches the height, I kneel before him. my face watching his sex, and I let it glide into my mouth. my tongue massages him, his hands clasp my hair and he fills my throat with his juice.

exhausted we rest, eat, and then start again with more desire than before. him with a belt in his hand. "bend over bed’s edge!". "widen your legs!". the leather that cracks on my marked bottom. I lose my position, stronger lashes. still spankings, still strappings. overwhelmed with pain and excitement I arch my back, I raise my bottom and he understands. he reaches me on the bed, he takes me from behind. my wrists, behind my back, are kept tight in his right hand, his left hand on my side. and he fills me with pain and pleasure.

we fall over the bed still clinging. he budges to not oppress me with his weight. he rubs my bottom to alleviate a little the pain he caused me. I turn my head to look at him, our breath is slowly quieting, we sink into sleep.

hours later...

I open my eyes. a pain behind reminds me where I am. Matteo is still sleeping. I get up and admire the chaos that fills the room... I reach the bathroom to have a shower. when I come out, still naked, I go on the balcony. the fresh air of the sunrice regenerates me. I look through the glass at Matteo that sleeps and I relive what we did yesterday. I avert the glance, the sun that rises is wonderful.

my love... also you'll be sleeping in this moment, unaware of everything... it isn’t guilt what I feel, but melancholy... and loneliness... what happened yesterday, what I desire, what belongs to me more deeply, I will have to bury it again: the hour of air is over... a little secret, a perversion guarded with care, a piece of my heart, a nook of my mind... little thing... but capable of enlarging the distance between us some moments... soon I will return to you, I miss you.... but for now the only thing that I can do is to feel this loneliness, which perhaps belongs to all those who decide to keep a secret...


I reenter in the room and get dressed. maybe I do too much noise, Matteo opens his eyes: "hi..." I reply with a smile. "... It's already morning..." he adds, and I nod. he gets up and as I did just before he goes to have a shower. while I wait for him I make a coffee.

when he returns he has my same expression, we avoid looking at us, talking, we delude ourselves in this way to make this moment easier. he decides to drink his coffee on the balcony sitting on a chair that I left there. after a while he stretches his hand towards me, I reach him and he invites me to sit on his knees. I curl up and put my head on his shoulder. we remain in silence, letting that are our bodies to talk, because in this simple gesture is enclosed what happened yesterday and what's happening now.

we remain thus for a long time. then he says: "it’s time...". "yes..." and he raises me into his arms. he looks me in the eyes and for a few seconds he stops to hold me and then he takes me again. I scare and cling to him, then I understand and we both burst into laughter. thanks Matteo, I really needed it.

he brings me on the bed, he finishes to get dressed while I watch him. when he has finished he comes to me, he pulls my hair back with a stroke, then he hugs me strong and he almost hurts me. he leaves a kiss on my forehead and says: "bye Ellie". I take his hand, I kiss it with transport, then I look up: "bye Matteo". he takes his bag and goes away, without looking back.

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Last night I knew that I needed to tell my husband that I had spent a lot of time on stube over the last 3 days and had watched 106 videos since joining and at least 30 videos prior to joining. Before he got home I changed into a short skirt and placed a large wooden paddle and a belt on his nightstand. These were the implements that I thought I deserved, but I knew that he might throw those back in the implement bag and choose some of the harsher ones. After I was done placing the implements on the nightstand I had just enough time to make my way to the front door and he was walking through it.

Once he saw that I was wearing a short skirt he knew that something was up since I only wear them when I want a spanking or think I deserve one. As we started heading for the bedroom I told him about how many videos I had watched which led to him saying "I am glad that you had fun, but that is a lot of videos." When we walked into the bedroom he sat on the bed and picked up the implements I sat out and then placed them back on the nightstand. He then guided me across his knee and locked down my legs with his leg since I have had a history of squirming and bending my knees.

I had barely got into position when he started a brief warm-up with his hand over my skirt. Then he raised my skirt and delivered a crescendo of strokes with the paddle. I am estimating that it was about 45 strokes they came too fast and too hard for me to keep an accurate count. Next he took down my panties and picked up the belt and folded it in fourths, it is a very flexible and wide belt so even folded in fourths it hurts quite a bit. He then rained down at least 30 hard strokes with a quick, but even tempo. Then he paused to tell me to count out the next 10 strokes. I knew that these were going to be harder than the last strokes, but I really wasn't expecting how hard they ended up being, but I was sure to count them out since I didn't want any more added to that 10. When that was done we hugged and he was glad that I had told him about what I had been up to.

Well, I have to get dinner ready now. I have a fictional spanking story in the works which I will be ready to post tomorrow. I hope you guys liked this real spanking story.

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I was sitting back thinking today about what was an implement that I would like to be used on me that has never been used on me before. And the only one that I could come up with was the cane or the bathbrush i might be getting the bathbrush tonight. But just curious what implments that have never been used on u that u would want to be used on you.

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I have been posting new videos that were taken in June 2012 on

Check it out and let me know what you think and would like to see more of :)

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the out pouring of friends is overwhelming thank you all for the kindness.
its hard for me been alone for so long, but i know in my heart she out there..... i am hoping we fine each other. maybe she can be a friend
or maybe.... she can be more than that someone she can lean on....
to love her ..... and to spank her if she naughty.... to fine a woman like that..... god that would be something...... anyway i want to thank everyone for the kind words...... i will keep you posted if i fine her.

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“Ahhhhhhhh just like that….”
It was a special night in the bedroom, my hunny was feeling kinky and I was giving him exactly what he wanted. He even had me play dress up for the occasion. Displaying my sexy, tight and short nurses’ outfit, I treated my patient thoroughly. He was vulnerable and I was the one in control. I was caressing him in ways he rarely experienced. It was pleasing to the ears to hear his ummmm’s, ahhhhh’s and oooouuhhhhhh’s. I was excited to have all this power and was getting quite riled up.
The treatment hadn’t been going on long when he suddenly decided it was over. I thought everything was going good. We were playing around having harmless, joyful fun. Then he just left the room. No kiss and no explanation. It was like a black hole just sucked all the pleasure out of my room. At first I felt bad, thinking I ruined his special thing. We never do our special things enough anymore and I didn’t want to screw this up. So I made my way down the stairs slowly, letting him hear the click of my heals with each step.
“You alright?” I asked behind apologetic eyes.
“I’m fine.” Replied the boyfriend (of 4+ years), making no eye contact.
Trying to salvage our passion of the night, I started to try to converse, “Look babe, I’m…” and he just walked out of the room again, going back upstairs. He was being his normal, complete asshole self; ‘Me, me, me and fuck everyone else’. Jerk. Now usually this is where I would sulk on the couch feeling bad about myself, and then eventually hang my head low while I went to go beg for forgiveness. But this time, I got mad. That little ungrateful prick! After all I do for him. I rub his back twice a day. I initiated this playtime with (known favorite) an amazing blowjob. Some arousal biting, and once again we have to play his game; hardly ever do we play my game. Well not this time.

I marched back upstairs; I walked right up to him with my hands on my hips. He was sitting on the bed, getting ready to rise, trying puff out his chest, pretending to be big man of the house. Still wearing my white nurses’ outfit, heavy eyeliner and cherry red lipstick, I pushed him back down onto the bed before he could even get halfway up. “Now listen mister,” I started, pointing one finger at this face, “I understand you can get sensitive about your game but that’s no reason to just walk out on me when we are sharing an experience like that.” His arms are spread out, palms up and mouth agape. “This is fucking bullshit for you to ignore me, to treat me like you don’t appreciate me at all.” My adrenaline was pumping and I was getting ready to pounce. He had no idea. In fact he flashed a little smile and gave me a look of ‘whatever’. “That’s it!,” with that I sat on the bed next to him and hiked up my skirt.
With no other warning given I yanked him across my lap. He struggled, kicked and whined. His body teeter tottered over my legs. “’What the Fuck?”, “Hey ‘come on”, “You can’t do this,“ he cried out while I was pinning his arm tight behind his back.
“You have been such a brat,” I said while taking down his jeans, exposing boxers, “and I’m going to give you exactly what a brat deserves.” He managed to get one “No” out before I started raining my hand down upon his beautiful shaped ass.
“You,”..SMaCk..”have been”..SMaCk.. “such”..SMaCK..”an ungratefull”..SMaCk-SMaCK-SMaCk..”little shit.” “I cannot believe this Christopher,” I said still spanking him in rhythm. “After all I do for you.” Spank, Spank, Spank. “We always do what you want to do, and I know I’m a very giving lover.” Smack, Smack, Smack. He says nothing, but continues to squirm. “Aren’t I?” I demand. All he squeezes out of this voice is a wimpy, “Yessss.”

I reply with, “Excuse me,” whack, whack, whack-whack, “yes What?!”. He moves his legs from side to side with his but hoisted up in the air. Chris’ face turns red; he frowns, closes his eyes and says “Yes ma’am”.
“Damn right” I spoke whilst continuing his beating. “I’m tired of feeling like this. You need to learn this lesson. And punishing you seems to be the best medicine.” I carry on spanking my bad boy and decide to take thing up a notch. “This spanking,” smack, smack, whack, “will be one you remember.” As my hand bounced on this bottom, accentuating my words, I pulled his boxers down to his knees; Revealing a glowing red butt.
“Noooo, Pleasssee don’t, I’m sorry.” He pleaded.
I reached down on the side of the bed and grabbed my ‘handy’ thick wooden hand-shaped paddle. “Oh believe me, you will be sorry.” I retightened my grip on my arm, still pinned behind his back, and landed three firm smacks to his burning behind. He cried out louder and began to kick his legs. At first I maneuvered my paddle around his feet and placed ten more smacks on him, but soon got tired of him getting in the way. “I am going to tan your backside and no amount of kicking will stop your punishment.” I let him know before then, locking him down, by clutching his wiggling legs with one of my own. He was completely helpless and in my control.
Whack, Whack, Smack, Smack, Smack. “You can be so frustrating sometimes,” I said in between his ‘oowww’s’. “I don’t get how you can be so selfish.” Spank, Spank. Whack, Smack. At this point he was sniffling and tears were streaming down his cheeks. His ass had turned a deep red and was very warm to the touch. I took a moment to rub this bottom with my hand and let him catch his breath. Caressing his sore bottom he calmed down a bit, his breathing stabilized. “I love you Christopher. I know you love me.”
He looked up at me with remorseful eyes, “Yes ma’am I do.”
“I would like it if you could show it more.” I said and he nodded. “I want you to have more appreciation for what I do for you.” I paused his rubbing to give him a look of ‘I mean it’. “Do you understand?” SMACK!
“OHHHWWWW…Yes ma’am.” He replied.
“Good.” I sighed back and rubbed him for only a few seconds. Then I readjusted my position to begin again.
“But…” he protested.
“Darling,” I began, “we’re are not finished yet.” He hung his head down and almost started to cry again, right there. I used the paddle to rub against his sexy red ass. He liked the cool smooth feeling of comfort it gave him. He raised his ass and moved along with my paddle, but it was only a tease. Both he and I knew, that paddle comforting him now, would soon once again be the cause of great pain. “Your attitude earlier forces me to now give you a stern paddling. A paddling on your bare bottom,” I said raising an eyebrow and he whined. Whack! A sharp one landed on his backside. Smack, Smack. Spank-Spank, Spank. Again and Again. “oooohhh. Awwhhhh,” he blurted out.
“But we’re almost done.” I paused slightly before asking, “now how old are you?” of course I knew the answer but this was our signal to each other, that there is the finish line, the light at the end of the tunnel.
“Twenty-two.” He replied, in the saddest little voice.
I smiled, “Are you going to be a good boy?”
“Yes ma’am,” he cried.
“What have you learned?” I asked.
“To listen to you,” he said right before I landed two rapid swats on him. “and to be thankful,” SMacK, Smack, Smack. He struggled in my grasp, “and to be mindful of your feelings.” Whack-Whack. “owwww, ohh, ma’ammmm,” he whined aloud.
“Good, now count them out for me.” I nodded and began the end of his spanking. I’m sure you can imagine one through eighteen. Smack, ‘Owwww’, “One.” Whack, ‘Ahhhhh’, “Two…” And so on and so on.
Eighteen through twenty one, I delivered those blows to the upper parts of his thighs. And oh how he squealed. Those counts he counted slower. I delivered twenty two and twenty three (I give an extra one each time) sharply on his poor sore rump. Whack! “Twenty-Twwooooo. Owwww.” He sniffled. SMaCk!! “Twenty-threeeeeeee. Ahhhaahhahhh.” I rubbed him for a moment with my cool paddle and I felt the tension in his body truly release.

When it was over I let him up and gave him a kiss, several kisses. I lit him up a cigarette and in the end we hugged and got over him being a dick. We cuddled and begun to watch a movie in bed while I played with his hair. We only watched the movie for about as long as the cigarette then we decided to ‘re-spark’ our ‘passion’. We were knotted up in the most enjoyable ways and I was very happy.
-the end

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I have an interesting theory as to what plays into certain peoples' roles in a dom/sub relationship. It's actually quite ironic. I am in no way involved in a DD relationship (nor do I ever want to be.) This is just a thought I'm playing around with in my head. Also, if I offend anyone, I'm sorry, that was truly not my intention.

In a dom/sub relationship, control is exerted upon the sub in the form of "punishments," the main one being a spanking. the dominant one in the relationship sets up rules that the submissive must follow, or else he or she will be subjected to a punishment. It is very obvious how the power and control plays out. But who really has the control? The answer may not be what an inexperienced person would think. I believe that the sub has the real power.
I base this on the fact that the submissive willingly submits to being controlled, the dominant cannot exert their control without the willingness of the sub, or else it's illegal, which can lead to sexual assault, or even rape. The submissive must be willing, and this also means that the submissive has the power to say "no," even though they may not realize it. As soon as the submissive says "no," a good dominant will shut down the situation, due to the overwhelming intensity, which is one of the only few reasons a submissive may say "no." There are many times a submissive will say no, but still be willing. A dom must know the difference between the usage of "no" by the submissive. This is why many dom/sub relationships will have a "safe word" during punishments or servitude.
You can also look at the psyche of why the dom and sub identify themselves as a dom or sub. I propose two things, and this isn't a rule for everyone. But it seems to be the norm or what I've studied and uncovered. This may also not necessarily be for DD, but I'm not commenting on that, that takes a different mindset.
The Sub, in their vanilla life, is very much in control, of their own life, and that control needs to be released sometimes. There is a sexual energy that submissives feel in being controlled, mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes, submissives need to let go from all of the stresses in their life, and they need to just be able to, quite frankly, be a child. It may be for many various psychological reasons. One example being that a submissive may have had a traumatic experience in the loss of a parent or a mentor to them and their loved ones, so they had to grow up quick, which leaves no time for a childhood. Especially if they have to take care of their entire family by themselves.That state gets embezzled into their psyche, and the fact that they can never really be a kid causes a kind of trauma. A trauma that can only be released by releasing control.
On the other hand, A dominant may have very little control over their life, or their past. They may have had strict parents, or may have had a lot of trauma that was beyond their control. That translates into a state where they need to exert control over something. You'll often see people like this make their own company or become an executive, because they're able to control something. for someone into the discipline/spanking/bondage (whatever you want to call it) scene, this translates into controlling someone who is going to be submissive. The same sexual energy and tension beulds from that state of having no control, and when they're able to come out and play, they can control the submissive, which feeds that lack of control that they've experienced.
This isn't always the case, but that seems to be it for us in the end of the community that become sexually aroused by the play of control.
There are also switches, or people who flip back and forth into either dominant or submissive. I speak directly from personal experience when I say switches tend to stem from the fact that they were spanked as a child. I was spanked as a child, frequently. When you're spanked as a child so often for so long, the idea of actually craving the spanking gets stuck into your head, and you usually like both aspects of spanking... the giving and receiving.

This isn't always the case, but that seems to be the majority of what I've been putting together. If there is one thing about adult spanking I believe, it's that all aspects of adult control play and spanking come from a sexual energy. Every aspect of it, be it DD, dom/sub, or erotic. Many people, especially in DD, like to deny it, but I believe that to be true. Because of the fact that the sub is willing to go through the loss of control, DD or not. The spanking world is a wide, and interesting world to think about, with interesting psychological profiles of how people do things. What people like, what people don't like. What people may or may not do. my only piece of advise for people is don't be afraid to experement.

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A short respite from the rain allows me to think again of floaty summer dresses and a cool breeze on a girl's bottom perhaps lifting the hem to show a nice bottom encased in a nice pair of tight white panties or separated by a tiny thong.

But the rain also reminds me of the sudden summmer downpour which wets a girl's dress making it stick to her body like a sheer gossamer.

How much the better if the results of her recent discipline are there for all to see and her blushes from knowing her exposure.

Rosie xxx

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Ordinance #77265464 aka ”The Cleansing” has just been signed into Law by President O. Knaps and has officially become the latest government attempt to stamp out the ”Outcast”. Every ”Infected” will be located and the ”Cleansing” serum injected to rid them of their infectious desire to participate in the barbaric act of physical discipline. One by one, all the known cyber sites promoting said heinous acts will become seized by the Central Inoculation Agency (CIA) . Each and every member will be identified, rounded up and designated for immediate ”Cleansing”.

Spanking tube is the first targeted site to be seized. Members have been identified and forces already mobilized to bring the ”Infected” to lab 3 of the Central Inoculation Agency (CIA). Each of the ”Infected” will be further sub-identified within the three basic categories: Dominant, Submissive and Switch. Testing on each subject will be conducted to ensure any non-infected citizens have been mistakenly quarantined.

”Dominants” will be sedated and quarantined into Holding Cell A. Each individual will be run through various tests to ensure that they are in fact a ”Dominant”. They will be awaken from the sedation within an observation room filled with implements. A ”Non-Infected” citizen will be strapped down to a punishment bench. Testing will conclude when the ”Dominant” has provided ample evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are truly ”Infected”.

”Submissives” will be sedated and quarantined into Holding Cell B. Each individual will be run through various tests to ensure that they are in fact a ”Submissive”. They will be awaken from the sedation within an observation room filled with implements. Each individual will be strapped down to a punishment bench. A Non-Infected citizen will carry out the testing and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the ”Submissive” is truly ”Infected”.

”Switches” will be sedated and quarantined into Holding Cell C. Each individual will be run through various tests to ensure that they are in fact a ”Switch”. Two individuals of the opposite sex will be awaken in an observation room full of implements and a punishment bench. Testing will conclude when they both prove beyond a reasonable doubt that both ”Switches” are truly ”Infected”.

Once each ”Infected” has completed testing, sedation will resume until ”Cleansing” is scheduled. Retesting will be conducted prior to each ”Cleansed” citizen being reintroduced to society. be continued?

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misspankalot's avatar

Views: 470 · Added: 780 days ago

I’d like to pose another question about DD relationships. If you are not already in one, please sit back for a moment, close your eyes, and take yourself to a place where you can imagine that you are.

Now, imagine that you’ve been asked to complete a task or a series of tasks on a regular basis. (Or imagine that you have asked someone to do this, if you are the Dom/me).

Should the tasks not be completed from time to time even though it was possible to do so, whose responsibility is it? Is it the Dom/me’s responsibility for not being demanding enough, controlling enough, etc? Or is it the submissive’s responsibility for not exerting enough effort?

Please try to think of your own example so that it feels more personal to you, but in order to fully explain what I mean, I will share one story.

A man was describing a situation in which he had not completed all of his tasks because he was lazy (his word, not mine.) He remarked that his Mistress knew how he was and that she needed to utilize chastity, spank him, etc to show her control over him so that he would complete his tasks. She felt he should complete his tasks without her having to do these things.

I’m not sure if I have conveyed my question well, but as you reply, I’ll clarify if need be.

What are your thoughts?

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susielol's avatar

Views: 431 · Added: 780 days ago


With that Sir Mike snap his fingers. The five Witches panties hit the floor. “You won’t need them for what I have in mind.” Mike smirked.

Mike rotated a finger and bent his wrist forward. The Witches were magically turned and bent at the waist, giving Sir Mike and Sir Jim a peek at what their dresses barely covered.

“MMMMmmm” Mike moaned in appreciate. He never tired of seeing the delicious site of his little Witches butts all lined up in a row. He lifted his hand up and the dresses were lifted above their waist. His cock began a hard pulsing inside his pants.

“I think a cute anal plug for each of you would be nice.” Sir Mike stated as both he and Sir Jim walked behind each girl patting here rubbing there. “What do you think Maddy?”

“Umm, whatever you wish.” Maddy moaned the sexual tension was becoming unbearable.

“Can we choose whether we want one? Asked Lisa timidly

“No, I think not.” Mike answered. “I believe I want a rainbow of color. What do you think Sir Jim?”

SNAP an assortment of all colors, shapes and sizes appeared before the girls.

“Good idea, let’s just use the smaller sizes we don’t want them too uncomfortable.” Sir Jim answered.

Daisy turned and whisper to Susie, “What I wouldn’t give to stick something up their butts.”

“Yeah like my foot.” Susie whispered back.

“For the two delinquents whispering, I believe a medium size will work really well.” Sir Jim frowned at Susie and Daisy. “Maybe that will teach them to keep their mouths shut.”

“Medium!” squeaked Susie her bottom clenching in anticipation.

“Would you rather have large?” questioned Mike.

“No Sirs medium is fine,” responded Susie and Daisy.

“And Maddy girl I believe all the work on our camera equipment deserves a little something extra. You’ll get a medium also.” Sir Jim remarked as he ran his hand up Maddy’s thigh and across her bottom.

“O.K. we’re all set” Sir Mike selected each plug and intoned a spell and with another snap of his fingers, Jim and Mike were watching as a set of magic hands spread each girl’s cheeks, while another set lubed and inserted the plugs into the girl’s backsides. The groans and curses, in some cases, where music to their ears.

Nic noticed Lisa having a tough time taking the plug. “Lisa take a deep breath, breath in and out and relax. You must relax.”

“But it’s stretching me too much. It burns.” A light sheen of sweat dotted Lisa’s forehead.

“Concentrate Lisa, relax.” Nic repeated. Finally Lisa relaxed and the plug popped thru. No more pain and the burning was now very slight just a feeling of being really full. Lisa sighed in relief.

Down the line little feet rocked back and forth and bottoms bounced up and down. Each bottom holding a different colored plug. All ready to have some red added to their cheeks. Such a beautiful sight thought Jim with a sigh as his shaft grew longer and harder.

“O.K. My little Witches let’s begin to blister your butts.” Mike waved his arms thru the air while turning in a wide arc.

BOOM! CRACK! Ellie look on in wonder as the smoke cleared.

Maddy was chained to the ceiling her feet barely touching the ground. A coiled black whip snapping around her.

Lisa was locked in the stockade her bottom jutting out at a ninety-five degree angle, a leather belt poised behind her bottom.

Nic’s arms were cuffed to the seat of a chair. Her fanny laying over the back cushion and a carpet beater hanging in the air beside her.

Daisy and Susie were both tied to spanking benches. A leather paddle behind Susie and a wooden one behind Daisy.

Mike smiled at Jim and clapped his hands together. All the paddles, whips and belts started striking the witches tender little bottoms at once.

Ah, a symphony thought Mike as he walked amongst the girls. Patting Nic’s bottom between swats, taking a turn with the whipping of Maddy, and running a hand down Lisa’s back in comfort. Yes a symphony and I am the conductor.

To be continued

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thepyro222's avatar

Views: 382 · Added: 780 days ago

I know this girl, and she's a bratty little bitch. She has a very nice, wiggly bottom. She pretty much has a God complex and she needs to be taken down a few pegs. How should I go about pulling her across my knee for a very rough, brutal, bottom blistering beating? xD

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susielol's avatar

Views: 486 · Added: 780 days ago


“Crap, it’s Sir Jim and Sir Mike” Daisy complained loudly.

The Wizards appeared overhead and slowly floated down to the floor.

"Daisy, you ladies are in enough trouble without adding cursing to your list of crimes.” admonished Sir Jim.

"Trouble what trouble we’ve been perfect little witches. See we have our cauldron boiling, we were just waiting for everyone to arrive before we started casting good spells”, Lisa smiled sweetly up at Sir Jim.

"Lisa honey do you also want to add lying to your list?”

"We are disappointed in your behavior.” Mike continued the scold, “Did you really think we can only see you through cameras. Very naughty Maddy. Tsk, tsk, tsk, there will be no sex-a-cation today. You all have work to do.”

"I wish I may, I wish I might, Turn Sir Jim to mouse and Sir Mike to toad tonight” chanted Ellie

Ssspppttt. A small squeak and a RRRBIT could be heard coming from the Wizard shirts now puddled on the floor.

"No!!!” shouted Nic and Lisa.

"“Run!!” yelled Maddy. As one the five Witches ran for the door hoping to make it through to their homes.

"Why we can turn them back later…this way I can have Witchy sex.” Smiled Ellie

"No, Ellie run, the spell will only last seconds.” Nic explained.

CRACK BOOM Maddy’s head fell against the door defeated. Locked, they didn’t make it. As one they turned to see their Wizards now angry glaring at them from their regular bodies.

“RRRBIT who taught Ellie that spell rrrbit? What were you thinking teaching a witchling a spell against her Wizards?” Mike asked angrily of the five Witches cringing by the door.

“Squeak, a mouse, you taught her to turn me into a mouse.” Bellowed Jim, standing in front of the five Witches with his hands on his hips. “To the den with you all.” He said as he raised his hand.

‘No, please we’ll be good Witches….” They pleaded together.

POP……. POP…….,POP..POP..POP. The five were gone their cries of distress echoing thru the cottage.

“Where did you send them?” Ellie asked tears glistening in her eyes. “It’s my fault; I just wanted to have fun with them.”

Sir Jim brushed away a tear that leaked from Ellie’s eye. “Sweet Witchling, they knew better then to teach, squeak, you such a spell. But you are also to blame for using it to try and get out of your lessons.”

“We’ve sent then to the den for punishment.” Mike said as he gently lifted her chin so she looked him in the eye. “You also are to be punished in the den, but since this is your first visit we will allow you to travel with us.”

Sir Jim raised his arms…POOF they were gone.

Ellie opened her eyes. Oh my god, what have I done she thought as looked around the den in awe of all the different implements and furniture. But what really held her attention was the other witches. All stood like statues, perfectly still.

“What’s wrong with them” Ellie whispered.

“Nothing is wrong, but when you are sent to the den, you are frozen until Sir Mike or I arrive. This prevents bad little Witches from trying to escape their punishments.” Jim informed the nervous little Witchling. With a sweep of his arms the five Witches were free to move again.

“We don’t need punished”, Lisa commented as she glided towards Sir Mike. Lisa rubbed her breast against Sir Mike biceps, leaning over to whisper in his ear. “We were just seeking to have a little fun.”

“We know always being good Witches can be trying at times and for the most part we enjoy watching you go on your sex-a-cations. However, trying to block us from seeing what you’re up to, lying about it when we first arrived and teaching Ellie spells to change us into animals are all breaking the rules and you know it. ” Sir Mike patted Lisa’s bottom as he scolded.

“But we just want to play. Being good all the time is boring.” Nic whined as she turned to Sir Jim to see if she could talk him into letting them off with no punishment.

“Nicole, stop. You know I expect you to take your punishments without any fuss.” Sir Jim admonished. The five witches stood quietly knowing their fates were sealed, further protest would only get them into more trouble.

“Sir Jim and I have decided that since you haven’t done anything outrageous lately we are willing to compromise.” Mike almost laughed at the eager faces that turned in his direction. “Wait let me explain before you get too excited. Your all still going to be spanked and spanked hard make no mistake.” Mike waited for the girls groans to quiet before he continued. “However, we are going to fulfill your sexual needs as you are being spanked. “

The women looked from one to the other almost afraid to ask as Sir Jim and Sir Mike could be very deviant Wizards. Finally Susie spoke up.

“How exactly are you intending to accomplish that? And what about Ellie?”

Sir Jim waved his hand over the front of Ellie’s body.

“Hey!” Ellie said in surprise “I’ve got panties up to my armpits, what happened?”

Sir Jim smiled. “I’m just preparing you for your spanking my Witchling. I like when my Witches wear granny panties.” The other five groaned in pity for Ellie. Granny panties were not an attractive look or feel for the women. Some fetishes of their Wizards just have to be endured and they were glad it was Ellie instead of themselves that would be wearing the granny panties.

“Ah Susie girl, I believe we will show you rather then tell you.” Mike said rubbing his hands together in anticipation. “And Ellie will be fine. You know Sir Jim always takes personal care of a Witchling’s first punishment. I will be taking care of the rest of you. Sir Jim will get the joy of watching all of you get punished while at the same time breaking in Ellie’s cute little virgin spanking bottom.”

With that Sir Mike snap his fingers. The five Witches panties hit the floor. “You won’t need them for what I have in mind.” Mike smirked.


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sultana's avatar

Views: 1347 · Added: 780 days ago

Our house is on the market so timing sucks but at least it did not hit the house, the fence or the grill. This is inconvenient, but in a sadistic joke kind of way, a miracle.

Only a true spanko like me would look at this and wonder how many paddles and switches I could get out of this. If only I had the tools, time and skills to do it. And my, my, that bent trunk is the perfect height to bend somebody over...

Since I didn't have the tools, 4 strapping young men cut down and hauled away the debris and now I have a nice spanking stump in the backyard, wonder if the neighbors would like the show?

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edmund's avatar

Views: 3618 · Added: 780 days ago

Anyone else ever do this? When I was a kid several books on my shelves contained spanking scenes of *great* interest to me. I was keen, of course, to dogear the relevant pages so I could turn to them quickly in an emergency, so to speak. I was also keen that my mother, an avid reader herself, not realize my interest. My solution was to dogear seven pages AHEAD of the one that really interested me. Worked like a charm, I think...

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Misty63's avatar

Views: 525 · Added: 780 days ago

Love this place. Always reminds me I'm not alone in the world with my thoughts and ideas. Can't believe I've finally had the courage to join up

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erinwantsaotk's avatar

Views: 631 · Added: 780 days ago

I joined this site less than 24 hours ago and have watched 106 videos and counting. That of course doesn't count all the videos I watched for the last 2-3 days before I decided set-up a profile. I think that I need to tell my husband about how much time I am spending on this site. What do you guys think? Also, should I have told him sooner? Lastly, what kind of punishment do you think I deserve?

Thanks for taking time to read this,


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Lady_J's avatar

Views: 2250 · Added: 780 days ago

I'm fairly sure I don't have to explain this one to a spanko, but for those for whom English is not a first language - or who have never heard the phrase:

Have you ever said - or done - something which you wished either right then, or soon after, that you could take back...and paid dearly for it? Or perhaps wished you could pay for it but have not yet done so?

I've not done anything serious yet. (We all KNOW it's gonna happen, just ain't yet.) But the best so far was prancing- yes, prancing - into the kitchen barefoot after being told...repeatedly...that the floors were too cold and to wear slippers. But I don't like slippers!

Of course, due to the prancing, R KNEW I had bare feet without even looking. That's when I discovered bare feet give no traction on carpet. He dragged me to the couch - up came the house dress, poof went the panties, and down came his hand til I promised everlasting goodness. Not that he believed THAT! Says he knows better - lol. Just proves I ain't marryin' no fool.

'Course, it's been some years, and though it lasted for awhile, I've long since gone back to bare feet. Oh well. He'll have fun repeating himself, right? Right?!

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jessicamarie86's avatar

Views: 1155 · Added: 780 days ago

Well, I have decided that since I joined this site 128 days ago and talked to a lot of great people, it's time to post some pictures of my bottom. I have uploaded both pics in my panties and also bare. I really appreciate the emails and comments I get from everyone on here and I'm finally comfortable enough to "show myself off". No videos yet, but stay tuned..I'm full of surprises! Again, thank you all for being so great!


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