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Hello my wonderful SpankingTube friends and thank you for all the love, support, encouragement, and care the last few months as my life went through some changes.

It is always amazing how at one moment something just rocks your world. You think you will NEVER make it to the "other side." You convince yourself that you'll NEVER heal, because this hurt is just TOO deep. Well Balderdash!!!

Again I discover my own solid truth that NEVER lets me down, "Whatever Does Not Kill Me Only Makes Me Stronger." I have emerged a better version of myself and freed from false perceptions. Life is Good! Special thanks to my close friends & spanko family who always have my back & the purest of love for unbending affections :)

So the last few months there have been some exciting developments. For starters I have been BLESSED in working with some new folks. Genuine people ready to make positive changes in their lives & as always, I am honored to be part of that. I also attended my first spanking party in Chicago at The Crimson Moon bash summer spanktacular. I had the pleasure of meeting many lovely people in our community and making new friends.

I will be attending the October CM party so anyone interested in a session should contact me well in advance, I will be there Thurs eve (10/25) -Sun AM (10/28)

As if all that is not enough excitement, I was graced & humbled by being interviewed for an online spanking blog. Here is the link for anyone interested in reading it:

Well that's the short of what is new here at OTK Manor. Wishing everyone peace & hugs!!!!!!!

PS: We will be making more videos soon after we acquire a better filming system.

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It was a hot day and I was in the pub having a few drinks when my phone rang. Picking it up my heart sank as it said Miss B calling. Nervously I answered "Hello Miss B" she responded asking how I was and what I was up to. So I told her, everything seemed fine as we hung up.

About 10 minutes later Miss B enters the pub, in a smart suit. She promptly grabs me by the ear and drags me out of the pub and into her car. We drove for a while, long enough for me to notice her hairbrush and belt in the back seat of the car, so I knew I was in trouble.

We arrived at the woods where we first met. She went into the back seat and picked up the brush and the belt, still without saying a word. "Miss B, why are we here?" I asked nervously. She stared at me then, walking around to the passenger seat she dragged me out again by my ear.

She marched me into the woods to the same spot where she caught me before. "You're going to get a spanking young man. For wasting your time in a pub rather than studying" she said. I tried to explain myself but knew I had no excuse to prevent the spanking that was to come.

She sat down on the log and pulled me near, unzipping my jeans and pulling them down to my knees followed by my boxer shorts. She swiftly turned me over her knee and pinned both my arms to my back. "This will teach you to focus on your studies in future" she lectured.

Then the hairbrush spanking began. Each stinging swat made me jerk and yelp like a scolded pup. Within minutes I was kicking and crying, begging for forgiveness. But the blows kept coming harder and faster. Tears dripped down my cheeks as I endured my spanking.

Then she paused and wrapped her leg over my legs, I was trapped. I heard her put down the brush and pick up the belt. I tried to break free but she was too strong. "Ohhhh please Miss B! I've learnt my lesson!" I whimpered. There was nothing but silence.

WHACK the first strike hit my already burning bottom. Then another and another. This was sheer agony and I started bawling as she relentless spanked me with the belt. After what seemed like an eternity she let me up, I was sobbing like a baby.

After composing myself we went back to the pub and had a good afternoon of drinking and laughing, although I couldn't sit.

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now i have a new fantasy of like trying to fight and run away from my spanker but of corse he catches me! and beats my ass for it......any takers?

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now i have a new fantasy of like trying to fight and run away from my spanker but of corse he catches me! and beats my ass for it......any takers?

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I have fallen into the trap called "50 Shades of Grey". Can I just say that it is sickingly addicting? For those who have rea the book, they can propbably relate with me. Those who have not....READ IT! Christian and Ana's relationship sparks something in me. It makes me want what they have. I think every girl sometime in their life goes through a period where being dominated facinates them. Especially if said girl is use to having a rather dull life, such as I. I wake up everyday and do the same thing over and over. Any relationship I have had has been average. Now I shouldn't complain. I am a mere 19 years old. Im still a baby in most people's eyes. I have yet to expeirence true love. I probably wont for many years. However as I have said in my About Me section, I was sparked to spanking at a young age. There's a quote in the book. "I dont know if I should worship you, or spank the living shit out of you" Christian is so in love and facinated by Ana that he wants to posses her. She is his, no one else's. She belongs to him! Now im not saying I want to be someones in home slave and bend to their every will but the thought of having a man love me that much, who would take my best interest at heart, who worships my existence alone kind of makes me nervous and anxious and excited all at once! I read a chapter in the book. Ana is standing in Mr. Grey's room and with just a look she knows he means business. His presence makes her weak at the knees and shes stuck in almost a trance like state. With just one touch of his hand a shock goes through her and she melts. I want that. I hope I find that with someone someday! Like I said though. I am only 19 years old. I still have a lot of growing up to do. I have been told though that I am 19 going on 30! I am very mature for my age and I feel I have always been like that! Some might find it silly and irrational to get anxious and nervous by a made up fictional character but I know my Christian Grey is out there somewhere. I just need to find him!

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I have been trying to put a real avatar up and my computer wont let me anyone know how to fix this. I'm new by the way to this site.

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I often wonder whether women spankers are better than men spankers.

As a spanked husband I believe that women are more skilled in all methods of spanking, whether it be with their hand, hairbrush, cane or whip.

Women are generally more subtle and sensuous than men. I believe that also holds true when they administer a spanking, and thus they can more readily vary the style, severity and atmosphere in order to best suit the different situations whenever a spanking is needed.

It would be interesting to hear from spankers, spankees and switches, and from both men and women in each category. What do you think?

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As of 7.30pm New Zealand time, I am a published author!!!!! My novel is now on Amazon. If you would like to look at it type into the search engine: The Finest Line and you will find it in the kindle edition. Don't stress if you don't have a kindle because Amazon provides free kindle apps for all platforms: windows, mac, android, whatever.

My story is primarily a romance but there is enough spankings to keep everyone happy I hope lol. I couldn't put my acknowledgements on my ebook but when the printed one comes out I have made a thank you to my favourite community and that is you guys! If you do buy my book, it is you lot that I want feedback from because this is who we are. Love you all,


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I'm going to be visiting a lady friend pretty soon and will be giving her a good spanking at some point. I told her that I'm thinking of using the diaper position on her, and she likes the idea of it. Usually when I spank it's either done OTK or bent over a bed/chair/etc. I've never tried the diaper position before, but with my strength and leverage due to height I'm sure I can pull it off.

I was just wondering what sorts of spanking positions you all out there like. I think I'll always prefer OTK myself because to me it's the most intimate and personal way to administer a much needed spanking.

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Looking for a spanker in the columbus area. Someone who is strict and consistent. I've met a couple but they just dont meet up to my standards.

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I have come to the Conculusion that its best to see what there like when they get drunk, and if they drink its real easy, the first thing is you got to get them to invite a friend whom they feel safe with who,s not going to drink to drive them home, then add true telling serum LOL tiquila

So last nite I invited little misscristina to a party and she came with her friends one her sub and the other her friend a fellow Mistress, they would soon both get the suprise of there life,ow this was so fun to watch as she tumbled from grace. little subbie tryed so hard to controle her LOL he even yelled at her, the security guy had all he could handle with that one, he thought it was all fun and games he keep feeding her more alcohol via vodka and Oj. slowley i watched the little angle fall further and further down the dismal bowles of agel to slutwasnt long befor her body was nothing left to imagine and a fine one that is, non the less it was time to end the show and tell of all she was inside she was all over the security guy as she drank more and more. little did he know what was about to happen
see part 2

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I walked into the house from the parlor. Her family was rich and they had a big house with a parlor many rooms a big kitchen and a very big sitting room with sofas couches and everything. This was not the first time I was there; her mother liked me much and had invited me there on several occasions, she had had 4 boys before my gf and really saw me like another of his sons, of course now his sons were gone away and not living there. Anyway this time my coming to their house was a little bit different because nobody knew and a punishment spanking was in store. She, my same height but having more kilos than me, was wearing a yellowish brown top with short jeans just below her knees. We had something like two hours time she said before her mother might arrive. She walked me to her room, a big one with nearly everything in it. Large bed, a desk, a computer stand, shelves, bookcase, etc. she was standing there not knowing what to do so I sat on her bed looking at her asking “are you ready?” she nodded. I motioned her towards me and sat her on the bed beside me. I said sternly “now, I want you to say the entire story that has led us to be here, and I want every exact detail to be retold so we can remember and finally forget them together and become the good friends we want us to be.” She started telling everything and every once in a while I counted something. She finished and I had counted to number four then I said you deserve four punishments for 1. Talking with her in the first place without assuming he will be thus without even telling me. 2. Letting yourself be engaged in his approaches, without a fear of upsetting me. 3. Fantasizing him to be your friend and thinking on dumping me and be with him. And 4. Saying me all this after he has let go of you, which is the worst to me because I always think he could have easily taken you away from me. She was already wet with tears. I brought her face up towards mine with the index finger of my left hand (she was sitting on my right) and said we better start before moving my right hand to her back leading her over my lap. I started giving her weak spanks but very soon I found out that she has too much protection so I raised them to medium strength ones. I spanked her like this for about 3-4 minutes. I sternly said “Stand UP.” She did and without looking at her face or eyes I started unbuttoning her jeans, I’m not sure what her exact reaction was since I didn’t look her face but she might not be prepared for this kind of baring. I took them down rather fast and since they were a bit tight her panties came half way down and I could see about a third of her shaven crotch cleavage, I gasped secretly (I don’t know if you know what it feels to be friends with a nice girl for more than 6months never having seen her private parts). I thought to myself she is well shaven, this means a lot, she has thought about everything, probably even sex, that’s all I want I suppose. I tried not to show all these thoughts in my behavior and very naturally pulled her panties up from inside the jeans covering her vagina and back as a normal panties do. Then took her back over my knee. Her panties were two colors, light blue and light red divided by a not a straight line but a curving line from the upper right to the lower left providing protection for the chubby of her buttocks. I again thought she might have chosen this for good reasons. I started again, not with soft but from the beginning this time with medium strength smacks. She reacted with the first, both from the sting and the sound. It was then that my cock twitched and I remembered its presence somewhere down there. I nevertheless continued for another 3-4 minutes of constant spanks with little times in between. When I finished I heard one hard and long inhaling as if she hadn’t breathed the whole time, and yes that seemed plausible because of the way she had clenched her butt cheeks that were still brought together with force causing them to wrinkle the panties which was now not in the disciplined position it was before. I rubbed her ass ordering her to go soft; she did this and started crying with panting. I said “now tell me how much are you sorry for the things you’ve done?” still panting she said “I’m really sorry, really, really sorry” “are you hurt? Does it sting bad? Do you think you need more?” “yes it stings bad, but whatever you say, you should be satisfied.” Her last sentence meant that I was totally free to punish her to my satisfaction. I was over the clouds (I don’t know if you know what it means to be able to give someone a real spanking after having imagined it for years). I said “good, cuz we are not even half way into your punishment dear.” I stood her up in front of me between my legs my hands on her thighs. Looking at her wet eyes I asked her if she has a ruler. She had two, one metal and one wooden. I told her to fetch the wooden one she wanted to come out of her jeans that were now around her ankles and brought her right leg out but I stopped her and after putting her leg back inside I told her she would be going with the jeans around her ankles. I think she was stinging enough cuz she even didn’t surprise and just hobbled towards her desk. My eyes followed her and caught a glimpse of the redness at view below the panties lines, I again become very conscious of a cock down there and swallowed in excitement and anticipation. It was a fifty centimeters rather white long wooden ruler of a good swing and the flexibility of high quality wood. She walked back and stood between my legs, her jeans still down on her ankles, I ordered her out of them and took her over the thigh of my left leg, her upper body on the bed, and I locked my right leg around hers. I asked her if she was ready and she okayed me. I moved the ruler in the air and made it swish, her body jerked to its sound and I was so conscious of her every move. It was so long so I hold it from the middle and put it on her right and then left cheek to see if they both receive good shots. Not bad. I started from weaker strikes on alternative cheeks and got a little fast but not yet strong. I had to move my wrist so much and to an angle that it started to hurt soon, so I changed my mind. I told her to stand up, she was surprised cuz this part didn’t hurt that much, she thought of course. I told her to bend over the bed so I can give her hiney real and full force spanks. When she was ready I started hitting her medium strength smacks of the ruler, after about two dozen of this she started to move about so I s topped and saying ok went behind her and all of a sudden took her panties down and ordered her not to move or I will punish her further. I ordered her to count back from twelve saying I’m sorry after each and not stand up. I gave her the first full force, her knees went on the bed her elbows bent with a sound like that of a person who is sinking and breathes hard as he comes to the surface. “You should do better than that baby’ I told her, “you deserve this and you know it, so take it like you should. If you move again I will add.” The second and in quick succession the third. She tried hard to stay in position count eleven and ten and say I’m sorry. Three other ones from the top of the bottom down. Nine, eight, seven. The six and five were given to the thigh and she again went down on the bed. I let her assume the position again. “There are four ones to go, here’s a deal” I said, “I will add another four but give them to your hands, each palm four, or on your butt” she couldn’t say anything for her sobbing so I said if you want them on your hand then stand up. After two or three seconds she stood up looking at me. She was a REAL mess. I noticed her panties slide down her legs to her ankles. Another cock twitch and a swallow. I moved to her side and asked her bring her hands up one after the other. She brought her right hand first. Swat. Left. Swat. Right. SWat. Left. SWat. Right. SWAt. Left. SWAt. Now both of them together. Right and left SWAT SWAT. She took their hands to her breast in a millionth of a second and cried loudly. I hugged her and her crying intensified. After about a minute I sat us down on the bed. She cried another 5 minutes on my shoulders while I stroke her and kissed her hair. Her sobbing and crying finished I waited another minute before I called her name. “sh… dear!” “Yes” “I’m sorry I punished you” “it’s no problem” “forgive me if I was harsh on you” “but you had a right to do so” “I hope I haven’t hurt you more than a punishment” “no, no it was ok” and she struggled out of my arms and looking at me put her arms around me and I knew exactly what her eyes were crying out loud. Yes, we did it at the long last.

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So, this weekend I once again was house and animal-sitting for some good friends of mine. They go away frequently to their cabin for the weekend and need someone to take care of their cats, dogs, and horses. So, I being the angel that I am agree on a regular basis to do it for them.

Well, this weekend started the same. They left Friday, and I was over bright and early on Saturday to feed. However, I had lots of things to do on Saturday. One of them was to drop a duffel bag of tools off at the Greyhound station. Why, you ask, did I need to do that? Well, I'll give you a brief summary. My most recent ex boyfriend used to live in Las Vegas. After a long-distance relationship and no job opportunities presenting themselves up there, he decided to move down here where there were some jobs available and of course, for me. I drove him down here here, he got interviews, I co-signed a lease to get him into an apartment, and he moved in. Three days later, he told me he was moving back (I won't go into the details) and I dumped him. He grabbed as much stuff as he could and I drove him to the airport. However, he left a few things behind, one of them being this dumb duffel bag which he very rudely asked for back. I told him I couldn't afford to send it back, he said it was my adult responsibility, I told him to--

Long story short Jared stepped in and said he would pay to send it up to my ex. So on Saturday at 9:30 a.m., Jared picked me and the stupid duffel up and we set out to the Greyhound station. We dropped the bag off, then went to drop some prescriptions off at the pharmacy for me and put some money in the bank. Then went shopping for a present for my little niece. Ya, basically Jared was my chauffeur and we did Saturday errands.

Finally we finished my errands then Jared took me back to the place I was house sitting. I gave the cat his afternoon hormones, then we sat and talked for a while. I messed around on the piano, I thought about cleaning, but instead we started talking about spanking. Well, we wandered upstairs, and lo and behold what did we find in the horse family house but a cowboy belt.

Jared took me over to the master bed and had me bend over and put my hands on it. He smacked the belt across my butt a couple times, but wasn't satisfied and went to get a different belt. He pulled down my pants and smacked me with the new belt. I jumped. That one hurt! He started slow, hitting me a few times every minute. Then he started to speed up and I started to squirm around. "Charli, you're moving too much," he said. I hate it when he says that, he just expects me to hold still! By myself! Anyway, he speeds the belt up, smacking my poor exposed cheeks every few seconds. I started yelling, then I heard a noise at the bedroom door. I was half naked bent over getting a belting and I looked at the door in fright.

It was just the stinkin animals. But it made me paranoid. I started looking at the windows, at the door, but Jared kept spanking me and my poor red bum was getting really sore. He whipped the stiff belt across my bottom several more times before letting me up.

I quickly pulled my pants up and rubbed my bottom. We went back downstairs and hung out for a while before we had to part ways. Oye. I can never quite figure out what's so dang appealing about being spanked when I'm being spanked.

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Just got home from a weekend school for adult naughty boys and girls. It was really brilliant! There were 5 boys and 2 (really naughty) girls in the class. We all got a lot of whackings for bad behaviour but, we also learned a lot - from the Headmistress who gave us lessons on seals and sea lions and from a male teacher who taught us about Romans and Greek gods - in between applying the large slipper to the seat of my shorts and to the seat of those naughty girl's school navy blue knickers! WOW! He was blinking good with that slipper, I positively danced back to my seat after a slippering in the front of the classroom. Of course everybody else sniggered when I got a walloping but to be fair - I did the same when they got it too. It was just that I seemed to get more whackings than the others. Must be my natural naughty disposition.
Of course by the end of the day yesterday, I ended up up ended in the Headmistress's study counting off the 12 strokes of her senior cane as they swished across my bottom. I wasn't the only one though, she whacked the entire class, one at a time. She has a lot of energy for an old 'un! (lol, I hope she doesn't read this or my bum will be skinned) Anyway, a great weekend and I am still 'glowing' in the nether regions from it.

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hello spanking community. I've been a spanking fan for years now but I'ie never experienced a spanking. I've never spanked and I've never been spanked and its starting to drive me crazy. i'm a male 18 y/o. im looking for a female in the Philadelphia are who is willing to help share the experience. the spanking can go both way or i am willing to just receive a spanking. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post something like this but i don't know where else to go.

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I am married and my husband is the total Dom. He is my second husband and I married him because I needed a Dom in my life. Whatever I do wrong, he punishes me for it. I have had all kinds of impliments plus his hand. He has used a prison strap, belt, many wooden paddles, the bathbrush (Wich I hate), and the cane. I have had corner time and really dislike that. My husband has spanked me in between my ass cheecks to make sure I am all red everywhere. It is always for discipline, not for sex. As, I am a very bad girl and alwasy find a way to get myself into trouble. But, I need my husband to keep an eye on me so I can better myself and I love him for that.


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After the rather spontaneous but really intense experience of our first spanking, talking about spanking became easier although I still had to play the role of a total dome, cuz I was afraid my gf might not like my bottom side (of course I wanted her much to love my bottom LOL). So, we talked about it and occasionally I patted her behind threatening of another real and stricter discipline and she liked it.
A time passed before a reason more enough than needed for a really serious spanking sprung up from nowhere. She came to me confessing of her attention being taken by another boy in college which I dismissed as not serious because one can’t control his/her attention all the time. But she confessed to have been in a secret internet relation with him, having chatted with him she had liked his sexual approaches and had fantasized him over me and had been close to dumping me for his sake. I was truly mad to say the least then and was considering a break-up no matter how much I cared for her. This was outright unfaithful behavior from the person for whom I had the utmost passion and respect. What made this even worse was that she was confessing this because of her conscience after he had left her and she had no one to go to which means she might have been with him at the time if he had been more persistent and constant. These were really hard for me to accept. I had done my part of the relationship and faithfulness to a great scale and never thought of any other girl but she…
I asked her to leave me alone for a time and she did it as soon as I said it. I was really upset.
After I calmed down a little bit I started to think about what I should do about this? Surprisingly I had totally forgotten the spanking and physical punishment thing which I craved so much. It was not the best of times to let my spanking desires to lead me and make me forget her acts. But I came to my senses after I found out that I can’t let her go. And was a bit afraid to see other boys with her soon and not be happy about it in the near future. So I decided to instead forget this totally but taking an advantage from this toward moving our spanking life onwards with a force and speed I didn’t know then would be so intense and readily progressing very soon.
She came back to me very upset and I asked her what she thinks we should do or better say I should do about this? She deflected the question by whatever I seem fit would be ok with her since she truly loves me and knows she has done a very, very bad thing. Then, I told her that I feel I should punish her in some way but since I can’t see her in mental disturbance and loneliness instead of breaking up with her for a while she better be physically punished by me but of course not like the last time but more serious and in order for getting through to her and also for helping my disappointment at her alleviated. What I didn’t tell her was that another part of her punishment was to enter the spanking world for a lifetime and not just be spanked and then everything forgotten.
After she agreed to this I sent her home waiting for me to contact her.
Before I call her I thought about how I can make her be entered into the spanking world and share my interest and desire the most. After I came to my conclusions I texted her on her phone “I’m still mad at you and I will be punishing you seriously as soon as we find a place, but before that time comes I want you to surf the net and find punishment stories in which a situation like ours is dealt with. I want you to read them all and then retell them for me.” This was what I had thought as a way to bring her into this, and the result was really interesting; of course later very painful for myself :D
Some days later I wanted her to inform me on the result of her net search. She started listing the names of the sites I had long been a frequenter of and a reader of their stories and also listing the cases of the stories she had prepared to retell to me. But before that I asked her to tell me about the sites, their different parts like the kinds of spankings there, their pictures, videos, etc. and as soon as she started talking about spanking pictures and movies, as well as saying words like bare bottom, mf, fm, bdsm, cane, slipper, brush, etc. I was soooo happy I was doing this. I asked her how she found them and she said she didn’t think that it was a world so large with so many people participating in it and so many people desiring a spanking relation for enjoyment and punishment as well. She had read everything on the sites I suppose. Then, she told me the stories, all of which I had read before, to their smallest details on which I insisted. Finally I said “ok, that’s a cool job you’ve done darling” and I kissed her cheek strongly, I hadn’t been this kind to her in a while so she got really happy, she blushed and confessed that the kiss had made her wet. I laughed and she got happier and brighter before I said “really? Are you sure that the kiss has been the only reason?” she looked at the ground blushing even more. I was then sure that it hasn’t been the only reason. She continued “well, not just that” and I said “so the kiss and before that the ….?” She waited some ten seconds before looking up, saying “well what I just now told you, the stories, emmm, remembering the pictures I saw, the movies, everything.” I cheerfully asked her “you have watched movies too? That’s very good. So you have seen how some real spankings exactly occur?” she was still blushing and continued “yes I was thrilled by what I saw, I don’t know perhaps craving to experience them myself, but there’s a problem” “and that is?” “It is that I might enjoy the punishment you want to give me to forgive my behavior, so perhaps this will not be a real punishment.” I was very lit up then about the whole thing going on so fast and furious with us, I had already lighten her spanking desires, so I said “ no dear that would be ok, since I don’t want to hurt you for real, plus we should see you after you receive a real serious bare bottom spanking.” She was alarmed on hearing the word bare-bottom. We hadn’t had sex or even seen each other’s intimate parts naked. She glared at me hazily. I told her that since we now know for certain that how we care for each other it’s high time we move our relationship on to newer levels perhaps, but we should see how it happens. She hugged me and agreed again saying she loved me and she would accept whatever I say. She told me their house would be empty in two days and I can punish her there and then, unfortunately I didn’t have my own place and lived in a public dorm. So, I asked her to continue spank surfing and let this become an intimate and private thing for us.

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I planned the 2 spanking scenes for weeks. They were as real as you can get. My friend Dakota who is also a Dom/spanker, sent me this chick who got a Dui and drove again drunk. We spoke for awhile and then confirmed that she would do a scene on video, as long as her face wasn't showing. I told her that Im going on vacation but would be back in a week. She said, call back when I'm in town, she was desperate knew her behavior was getting out of hand, and needed a girl to correct her behavior, plus she had never been spanked to tears, and I told her,I had only one person walk away without crying. She was a little sassy about how she could take it so I assumed this was a no brainer, I would have her over my lap.
the other scene came about because my new found whore of a sub, wouldn't stop talking about my slaves cock, so I thought out of the blue, why not walk in on those two sleeping with each other and punish that bitch for not getting persmission, or make him a boyfriend whatever, but she is fucking in my bed. So spank her first, then fuck her with the biggest cock I had and show her what I can do to her. She was willing and of course my slave was willing to eat dirt if i say so. Well I come back from Florida and everything that could go wrong did. First the slave that would eat my shit, now is somehow swept off his feet by grandma domme and she is literally that old. So now I have to find a man for the dick whore. Ok well that shouldn't be a problem until now I'm trying to contact the Dui girl, there is no answer, are you fucking kidding me!!!!! I have two days to shoot and its real film and digital, but maybe we can just do just one scene. Now the whore is at the last night of the shoot not confirming, and if im right its over an outfit. I didn't have time to get the bitch an outfit!!!! I told weeks ago, yeah you would look sexy in a new outfit, I dont have time for that now, are you kidding me, you wont be in it!!!! No one is here except two Doms, waiting on something to come thru... Now the little shy girl played around with me for awhile, I would do it but I dont want my face on screen, then Im scared, make up your fuckin mind, is what I wanted to say, but I needed her. So i was understanding, told her she could see the tape, at the end, no! At the end who would of known and this is no bullshit, Dakota spanked my ass!!!! Now we should have taped that shit, he said it was too mean, but I hadn't been spanked in so long so I was all over the place. He locked my legs, it was so goddamn painful, I couldnt get out. This was my fault though, I told him earlier though, you cant make girls cry because you dont take it to the house. Lmao that mother fucker took it to the house, as i sit here, I cant help but laugh, but could kick his ass for not taping it, but I might have knocked the camera down, plus I bit him twice too. At the end the tears fell as much as this dom would never want to admit but damned if it didnt take 5 minutes after. My ego wants to say that I spank him too, and he cries like me, I cant be alone in this ship, but I guess there will be days like this, until I shoot again, and this time Im gonna schedule alot of chicks!!!

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Tonight was a bad night for me. I had a end of a bad day and I was really upset. It did nt get any better at home, althought I was alone I had a tantrum and I threw my stereo and my mixer around and I knockec over my computer Knowing very well something might break or worse destroyed. Sure enough, I posted it on line that I had a fit.... and My aunty found out and when she returned she came down stairs and yelled at me, really yelled at me. She told me not throw anything around, and who was I to be having a fit like a two year old, she made her point with her telling I knew what I had to do....Lines " I will not get upset and throw things"
You wait til Jo gets back She'll deal with you for your behaviour. She will too She ask me what I did and If I don't say properly and in a timely fashion she addes it all up and tacks on what I did and multiplies it by 50 per action or bad behaviour.
So I can look forward to atr least 200 with all implenments, Stick, Rod, Hairbrush maybe hand but mostly rod.
I should know better... but I never learn Last time I freaked out I got 500 licks I cried my self to sleep anad was sore for many days later. I should have learned but I guess I didnt..

I will probably post imediately after my spanking, and do more lines

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