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Everyone Have A Safe And Happy New Year! P.S Please Don't Drink And Drive!

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To those who don't believe in evolution,
Your tiny brains are only good for chuckles.
And later as you're walking to my woodshed,
Be careful not to hurt your hairy knuckles.

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Ah, Beloved...
We Are A Beautiful Mystery.

Confusing Myself By What I do.
Clear On Why I Do It.
I Do It For Love.


For Love Makes Fools Of All Of Us.
Love Can Be Described As Divine Madness!

Ah, Beloved...
Thou Art My Madness Divine And I Have No Wish To Be Cured.

English Spankers
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As we ring in the new year with friends and champagne,
And with fireworks, kisses and cheers,
May the paddle and strap and the hairbrush and cane
Be our only occasion for tears!

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Happy New year to everyone on Spankingtube I hope we all have loads of
caning's, Paddling's, OTK's and Belting's in 2014

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I am only giving teaser parts is diary of a spankee, I am writing yr fully and will have its publish on Amazon soon.

Ch. 12 the wedding

Here I am a total wreck, standing in this small church chamber. I'm nervous and scared. What was I thinking, getting married and still in collage and not just to any guy but to a marine who spanks me. Come on Sam get a grip of yourself, you love him. Yes I love him, I love how he disaplines me, I love his loving side that only I get to see. Sighs, I haven't been very nice with my brides maids or my mother. I'm sure I'll pay for that.

Sam stood in the small wedding chamber, mother had giving her a lecture before shepherding the bride maids out, Sam had been mean, and throwing fits. Her mom said a few words before she shut the door, "I'll get Max". Sam states at the closed door, "oh she was in for its. Sam moved to the big mirror staring at the tall beautiful brown hair girl in a long Victorian white gown. The door creak open and Sam turned to see Max coming in looking not very happy. "I am hearing you are being mean and mouthy Sam".."what is wrong?" He asked. Sam sigh "I am nervous, wedding jitters I'm sorry Max" Max took pity on her but spoke in a firm voice, "regardless, you know better to keep your mouth under control San" "yes Max" Sam said in a whisper as she watched him pull off his belt, she was going to get its she knew its. Max pulled his belt off then moved over to the bags near the vanity, he reached into one pulling out the old paddle, "I had asked your mother to pack its, just incase". Max,explain as he saw Sam drop her jaw then closed its. " bend over the chair,no ones here yet but there be no screaming" Sam nodded, "yes Max"she whisper as she bent over the chair, lifting her gown over her bottom. Max moved closer, brushing the how away and pulling down her silk panties, he step back with the paddle. Max didn't pause for long just as swiftly the paddle flew landing on Sam's bottom, not stopping as he swiftly paddled Sam's bottom, cheek after cheek with each hard crack, Sam's held onto the chair she was quietly sobbing keeping herself from screaming as she could feel the painful sting of her bottom. Max laid a few more strokes, then pick up the belt and snapped its across Sam's bottom, Sam yelp as she sobbed. Max belted her bottom a deep red then stop, he came up to her rubbing he bottom with his hand, "that was your punishment, once we are on our honeymoon I will finish it.

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Happy New Year everybody !!!!!!!!

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Things to leave in 2013

--The Past--

It had served its purpose. Give thanks for what it taught you and where it brought you then let it go...

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Follow your fascination! XXX

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But my daughter comes first and as of right now me and my mentor's video is on the back burner cuz my little one just had surgery nothing too bad but she comes first always

So if I don't respond to anyone for a few days or weeks that's why

But just those of my close spanko friends don't worry she is much better now just have to recover

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Today is one of them boring nights. Went for a walk took a nice shower. Helped my roomates pack because their leaving now me and my daughter can have a little more space and can go back to the norm life. Cant wait for my internet to come back on it would go off during the holiday week.hopefully it will come back on thursday. I usually do a recap of the year video but I cant upload vids on my phone only pics so sorry. Cant wait for my christmas present I ordered myself to get here.

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No more Mister Nice Guy in the new year, says my trainer.
He's setting up a whipping post and woodshed at the gym.
Lashes will remotivate the slacker and complainer.
My chances of escaping them are infinitely slim.

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I had read a blog, talking about their shape of their bottom. So I decided to talk about mine, I have a apple shape bottom round curvy with a deep dip, I don't know where I got it but I am proud to say that its my best feature.

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Well it's not there yet but as of right now I only need about 900 more views. I think I should reach that by New Years Day!

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after deeply thinking of my needs and exactly what I'm looking for, this is what I came up with.
I want what I had, I want a serious relationship, with only a man who us a spanker/disapliner. I refuse to settle for less, I want them love, the gentleness as well as the disaplined. I will not settle for quick fixes, or the immature and moody. if you can't control yourself then don't be a spanker. I will only allow one and only spanker in my life, the one who also wants what I want.

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Well my children of darkness we will be busy all day tomorrow and tomorrow night so may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR from Jen and me. This time of year is always a time to reflect on the past year. For us,like everyone else I should imagine,this past year has had its ups and downs.Here is hoping that next year will be better.Jen and I missed our summer holiday this past year,due to my illness, so next year we will be going somewhere nice;Jen wants a cruise,I want a cycling holiday somewhere in France ,so we are already at logger heads.Hard to think that I have been on this site almost a whole year now also. So no matter what you will be doing tomorrow night I hope you have lots of fun and will spend the evening with those you love.

Lets just spare a thought for those who will be looking after us,I am particularly thinking of a certain paramedic friend who will be having a long day tomorrow and my own Jenny who will not be able to drink any alcohol tomorrow as she will be on call at work tomorrow night,poor Miss Prim and Proper! More for me!!!! LOL!!! Have a great time my friends and whatever you get up to be safe. OOOOOOOXXXXXXX Karen & Jenny.

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For My Sisters. As a Domme. looking incredibly sexy, over the top seductive for My Submissive, My Precious Slave, My Baby Boy is a great, good thing and also gets Me going.

As a Submissive, pleasing my Master is all. Now, My Enslaved Masster understands that His Lady does not with to be spanked, but still Craves to submit to Him.

And in my opinion, the corset is the perfect garment for both of these scenarios.

There is however a problem. How to store the darn things. Well Ladies and all the panting Gentlemen who LONG to see Their Ladies in a Corset, here is how to store a corset. At least the ones that lace up the back.

Tighten the laces, roll the corset into a cylindrical shape and tie the laces and place in Naughty Underwear drawer, and these you have your corset.


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Well the new years is right around the corner and usually every year people start their new year resolutions. No Im not doing the new year resolution thing Why?? not becuase theirs nothing I dont want to change or look forward to but I just dont feel the need to have one. Yea their is some things I would like to change but I dont really feel I need to wait for a new year to change I feel if their is something that I need to change or want to change about Myself I should start the process to change it when i feel that its time for me to change. If theirs something I want and would like to do something to achieve it then I need to do it and not wait.

People make new year resolutions whether they be long term or short term resolutions both of them they are thinking of something in the future when dont nobody know what the future holds for us. For me I think in terms of the days resolutions not the years. So really Why set a New year resolution...

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My opinion nothing like delievering an effective hand only spanking. I know implements add alot, varying senations and sounds, but there is nothing like that flesh, hand to butt connection, that says, " I am spanking YOU !"

Rich Spankman ( fetish name handle says it all )!

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I am a Switch who is 60% Submissive-40% Domme. I describe myself as a Mommy Domme, and no my Precious Slave does not call me Mommy because I am not his mother. However, I am big on nurturing, on taking care of. I suckle him, I give him suck, rock him in my arms, to soothe him.

BTW, I have no interest in anyone but My Lover, My Baby Boy, My Submissive, My Precious Slave. So sorry about that, boys, but Mistress Christine is blissfully taken.

So I can be friends with somebody, but that is all. That reminds me, I have to discipline Baby Boy for not posting on my wall.

HD Spank