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Okay I have nothing against young mothers or single mothers cuz I am both single and young myself but what I hate is when other mothers criticize my parenting skills like they know everything about being a parent news flash its impositable to know everything about being a parent and what's worst its that these mothers are making these coments on my pictures of my daughter that I put on my facebook its sad how little respect I get from family and friends cuz I wrote a status asking nicely to not write such things on my pictures of my daughter and if they fult the need to say such things to inbox me a messsge but not even five mins after I wrote my status my cuzin's wife said something on one of my pictures of noelle

It just hurts cuz just cuz I don't agree with certen things doctors say doesn't mean they have to be so judgemental about my parenting skills

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I don't even know what to say. When did life get so complicated? Why is it just when things clear up all of a sudden something else complicated happens to make it complicated again? I just don't understand. Challenge me. Test me. But don't push me to my limits right after you just got done pushing... I dunno. What's a girl to do?

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So as I said in past blogs my former friend was giving me hell and when I finally ended the friendship she blamed it on my emotions during my pregnancy and trying to get my close friend and my mother to try to talk some since in me witch really pissed me off but I finally messaged her saying it over loose both my and my mother's number do not conact us if my friend still wants to talk to then that's her choice but leave me and my family alone so today she had her mother come picked up some stuff she left at my place lucky my dad was here and cuz I don't deal well with confrontation but now its a finally over no more drama and I'm glad that I don't have to deal with her anymore cuz my bitchy side was starting to come out to play

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well this will be my last post with baseball stories

please keep the applause down. i have neighbors trying to sleep

just to show you how seubborn i am
i had one game where i hit a line drive into right field
the rightfielder came in but the ball short-hopped him, went off his chest and bounced towards foul ground
i rounded first going for second. the throw was towards the outside and i slid to the inside so the tag missed me about a foot
i of course started yelling at the ump the whole way off the field
3 weeks later with the same ump at second i doubled down the right field line beat the throw to second
i jumped up and started yelling i was safe 3 weeks ago to
he says "what/ oh my god youre still arguing that i went out to right to see if the ball was caught and didnt think youd go so i was out of position"
i said "thats all i need"

the last story is true though hard to believe. i was playing third so i had the best view. a round ball will do some funny things. case in point
there was a runner at second when the ball was hit to left. the leftfielder threw the ball home though the runner wasnt going
he overthrew home by a mile the catcher ran back to get it off the backstop
the runner seeing this broke for home
the ball hit at the very top of the backstop on the last pole on the left. bounced off to the bottom of the last pole on the right.bounced off right to home plate where the pitcher caught it and tagged the runner out
the left fielder says he planned it

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For those of us who feel that we're wrong for being different: In honor of Tennessee William's birthday, just remember "other people are not such wonderful people. They're one hundred times one thousand. You're one times one. They walk all over the earth. They're as common as weeds, but you, well, you're Blue Roses!"
Celebrate your difference! Happy Birthday, TW.

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Bunked off work today to go
home and have 'Sex' with the Gas man,
but it was okay as I told my colleagues
I was going home for a 'bit' ! :)

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hey, ayeee!! it's been a long non-spanking winter! My last relationship was this past summer and My daddy would spank me often with sexual spankings and discipline spankings. I have been spanked since my x but it does not compare to a real domestic discipline relationship. I guess I just Have to satisfy my needs by watching others get spanked! lol. XOXOXO

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Sorry friends but i have been super busy lately and not able to be on line. my bad

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Some of the events I make a point of watching are the annual extravaganzas like the "Oscars" when simpering "luvies" feign surprise at having received an award and produce toe-curlingly awful speeches; tearfully bestowing copious praise upon everybody from their agent to their pet hamster (who in some cases, one might cynically suggest, is probably the same person).

Now - "What is that old fool Jim going to come up with now?" I hear you asking - those of you who are not already on the next blog down (Ha ha -it's probably one of mine anyway!)

Okay - what I am suggesting is that there should be an awards ceremony for spanking Tube videos (and or blogs). What categories should there be, and what would be an appropriate name for the ten-inch golden statuette of an erect penis which I am proposing should be the prize?

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I would like to offer my thanks to all of you who took time out of your day to help me with this situation. It means a lot. Today is a much better day. To answer a few questions, he was not angry when he left for work, he just did not have the time to deal with it properly. He was not "angry" when he spanked me, irritated yes, and damn determined to make his point.
Severity I believe depends on the person. I am a total pain-slut. My "play" spankings are harsher than most of the spankings on here. If I may be so bold, Niko wouldn't even know what to do with me. So to actually punish me, it has to be severe. The problem we had over this was all related to comfort and forgiveness.
My husband came home early, so we could talk and clear the air. It seems that because almost all of our spankings end in sex, and laughter, no comfort is required. I haven't had an actual punishment spanking in a few years, and it actually did not even cross his mind. There was not going to be any sex, so he left me to calm down on my own. He will not be doing that again. He apologized, not for the spanking, but for skipping the aftercare. Then he informed me that none of this would have happened if I had simply let my needs be known instead of withdrawing into silence. My communication skills need some work.
As for what I did. Let's start with the fact that I am NOT a drinker. Have never been. Never thought I would be. Right around Christmas I got talked into attending a party. I don't like to go out, don't like crowds, and call myself an "extreme homebody". I was anxious, and a friend offered me a beer. I drank it. Suddenly that party wasn't so bad at all! I managed to stay for two hours before needing to go home. A landmark for me.
So I started drinking. I was enjoying it. Ignoring the fact that one of the reasons I don't drink is that I come from a looooong line of alcoholics and I've seen the results close up. It's in my genes.
To cut to the chase. My husband bought an 18 pack on Friday, we were having guests, in less than 24 hours I drank seven beers. More beer than I have ever consumed in one day in my life and that is not an exaggeration. I scared him. I have been drinking almost daily for three months. I will not be drinking anymore. This was a wake-up call. A rescue. I thank God he loves me enough to make sure I don't screw myself over. The severity was necessary. I needed it.
After the guests left he took me to the bedroom, gave me a short OTK with his hand for not communicating and making myself miserable, plus I needed the release, then gave me all the love and comfort a woman could ask for.
I am truly blessed, by a good partner and a wonderful community that offered me the comfort it seems I was denying myself. Thank you all!

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Gwendolyn was wild and curvy
Lived just down the road from me
The games we played were wild and pervy
Not a “shrinking violet” she!

Inside her house
Oh yes
Sweet Gwendolyn
I played with her
Inside her house

We sometimes played a game of Chess
Or Ludo, Snakes and ladders too
But the game we loved the best
Was Hide and Seek – a game for two

Inside her house
Oh yes
Sweet Gwendolyn
I played with her
Inside her house

When her parents weren’t around
I’d close my eyes; she’d run and hide
I knew just where she would be found
The cupboard that she’d be inside

Inside her house
Oh yes
Sweet Gwendolyn
I played with her
Inside her house

The cupboard in her parents’ room
The one I knew she would be in
The one in which they kept the cane
For disciplining Gwendolyn

Inside her house
Oh yes
Sweet Gwendolyn
I played with her
Inside her house

And when I’d found her she would crouch
On pillows piled on top of bed
In pain she’d wriggle and cry “ouch!”
With cane I made her bottom red

Inside her house
Oh yes
Sweet Gwendolyn
I played with her
Inside her house

And when her bottom was quite raw
The pair of us would naked be
Rolling entwined upon the floor
Cavorting until time for tea.

Inside her house
Oh yes
Sweet Gwendolyn
I played with her
Inside her house

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Thats was severe!preview coming soon

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2116 views · 1049 days ago ... This is just fun. Have at it, folks! Thank me later by generating one for me :)

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Sad today. Disappointed my husband. Seriously disappointed. I won't go into it, but he had every right to be angry, and every right to punish me. Which he did. For over an hour and to the point where it even hurts to walk. The thing is, I'm not used to that. Serious punishment spankings are not something I get very often. Probably less than ten in twenty years. I try really hard to be a good wife.
Although the pain was a nightmare and I'm bruised from my butt to damn near my knees, the emotional bruising is what I'm finding so difficult to deal with. I know I deserved it, and he wouldn't have done it unless he thought it was absolutely necessary, but he was so upset with me that he offered no comfort afterwards. Nothing. I fell asleep crying by myself. That was Saturday night.
Sunday I was a ghost. I was embarrassed, ashamed, physically and emotionally hurt, and really didn't even want to be seen. He tried to talk to me about it, and how I was taking it. But I couldn't speak without wanting to cry so I told him I just couldn't talk right now and to please understand. He left me alone. Completely alone. Not one kiss, hug, touch, anything, the whole day.
This morning when he left for work I literally had to ask for a kiss goodbye. He said I was the one who pushed him away. I guess it did look like that, but I needed exactly the opposite. Guess what? He's not psychic. Duh.
That was the first bit of comfort in two days. It didn't last long enough. I wish he had stayed home today. So, yes, it's a yucky day. And tonight? I have guests coming over. How the hell am I going to deal with that? I can't even keep my mascara on!
I really would like to play(fun spanking), to slap a different memory on top of this one. But I'm so sore that I can't. More punishment. Beat you so hard you won't be able to play for a week. Fucking sucks. Needless to say, I did learn my lesson. The behavior will not be repeated and the punishment won't need to be. I just wish I could shake this sadness.
Sorry for all the whining, but I just needed to snivel for awhile....Blessings, and have a better day than mine.

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I will admit, I like my sex kinky. Unfortunately, this is not a trait many of my partners have been keen on. I have had a lot of 'vanilla' partners. I am a strong confident girl, and perhaps that leads some partners to assume I am dominant sexually, they seem to want that from me. In truth, I prefer the reverse. I tend to think one person of a couple has to take on some sort of dominance, so if it isn't happening at all, I will step up, but it isn't my preference. When I do express what I am into or want, partners are rarely interested. I also think it takes away from some of the sexual excitement when you have to detail what you want, it would be nice if I magically landed a partner that just knew but I suppose that's asking too much.

Per the whole BDSM spectrum, I consider myself on the lighter side of things. Which is another reason I find it so frustrating that partners think I am so shocking when it comes to my sexuality. I know there are people out there into extremes, which I wouldn't consider myself though I guess everything is relative. I tend to feel that if the position were reversed, and I had a partner with a particular fetish or proclivity, that I would be open to learning about it and entertaining it. I am not apologetic about my preferences or interest in sex. I wish more people were comfortable with their sexuality and open to all it has to offer, preferably those who have shared my bed! Looking forward to the partner who embraces my kink with the appreciation it deserves :)

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After having my having my daughter I relized spanking isn't in the cards for me right now my ideal type of relationship is domestic discipline witch is one of the reasons I joined spankingtube but I'm not ready to be dating right now and idk if a disciplinarin is for me I may conciter it when things fall into place better in my life but for now this butt of mine are off limits to spanking hands ill still go online when able to chat with my spanko friends and maybe post a blog or two but that's about it for now sorry to disapoint those who wanted to spank me

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When I found out that I was pergnant I made a promess to myself and my daughter to stop swearing cuz growing my dad talked like a salior and drop F bombs like nothing and I always wondered why my first word wasn't a so called "bad word" and I don't want that for my daughter but unfortally my anger gets the best of me and F bombs comes flying outa my mouth and well today I got really pissed off because I just got Noelle to sleep and my naghbors and their children started yelling and screaming up the stairs and Noelle woke up and I dropped a few F Bombs after telling my naghbors to keep inside voice in the hallway and I feel bad cuz noelle hasn't been in this world for even a week and I'm already swearing :/

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I lost my dad two months ago and I'm just starting to morn him now. I've been so wrapped up in handling the business of his estate that I haven't had the time to miss him. Today it hit me hard. He's gone and I'm never going to hear his laughter or see him smile at me. He told me before he died that he loved for all of his life and I know that was true. Oh, he wasn't a perfect dad, far from it. He could be hard and cruel and he probably did more than his share of drinking. It wasn't always easy being his daughter but I still loved him just the same. He was always into music and he had a beautiful singing voice. I remember growing up there was a song he used to sing called Lucky Old Sun. The coda was "like that lucky old sun give me nothing to do but roll around heaven all day." I hope he got his wish. I love you dad

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How do you know when to stop spanking in a session?

When It comes to getting my ass whooped yes I have a pain tolerance but its like a mixed pain tolerance its neither high or low I used to think I had a high pain tolerance but I figured that it really depends on the spanker I have had some ass whoopings that have been like 20 swats with the strap that have brought me to tears and Ive have had ass whoopings that have lasted about an hour and a half before I was brought to tears both my different people.

So the question the to stop spanking in a session well that question isn't really up to me but the way I feel if anybody is out their reading I feel that a spankee (especially me) should get spanked until all my fighting (which I do a lot) has left and im laying there and just accepting that im going to get spanked until the spanker decides to stop.

I also feel that just for myself to feel better about myself it is made sure that I am sorry, that Ive also learned from my actions, learned from my discipline and that the spanker feels I am forgiven and that I can forgive myself for my wrongdoings..

Communication is a key thing in the DD lifestyle, if my spanker has not given me enough he knows its alright well.... maybe not while my ass is burning up though..... But If I feel like if I can't ask for what I need then I will never get it.

I know their is some random stuff in this blog Im just basically brainstorming my thoughts and how I feel right now.

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