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Views: 697 · Added: 790 days ago

im up with nothing to do, would love to speak to some young ladies who are itchin for a spankin ;)

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Views: 524 · Added: 790 days ago

Any women in NC and interested in getting a good spanking hmu!

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Views: 332 · Added: 790 days ago

i am a spanker (didnt think id get around to talking about it)

i am also a "daddy" figure

that means theres a time to apply a firm hand to a bottom but also time to listen and give advice

this week one of my naughty girls was upset because she had broken up with a boyfriend. she said ill never find someone. i gave her some advice in how to meet someone special

1. dont try and find a spanko to love you, just a person-
finding the right one isnt easy so dont set boundries early on.yes its nice if they like what you do but its not imperative

2. dont try and meet a husband (or wife) just a friend-
dont put too much pressure on it to early. ball players go the plate not looking for a humerun, just looking to make contact. same principle. look for a friend and you may hit a homerun

3. to thine ownself be true (shakespeare cant be wrong)-
you want the person to fall in love with you, not the person you think they want. give everything you can of yourself, but still be yourself

ok ill shut up

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Views: 1287 · Added: 791 days ago

i left a note in a neighbor yard asking her to give me a spanking i dont know if she got the note or not. iam thinking if i see her i may go over and talk to her to see if she got the know and if she will spank me?

if a female noticed or found a note like that in your yard with a man asking for a spanking what would you do after that ? would you confont the man and then spank him or what?

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Views: 422 · Added: 791 days ago

if you wanna get spanked contact me @ ill take all body shapes & ages

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Views: 1815 · Added: 791 days ago


When you're involved with/take an interest in a woman who has issues with anxiety that inhibit her from certain things in her life do you think spanking could help? Like anxiety while driving, or not wanting to go to public places alone. A woman who bites her nails so much her fingertips are often raw... Would she benefit from a spanking relationship? And if you think she would how would you do that? She obviously isn't doing anything wrong, just has a hard time not having control over certain things and experiences a type of panic that is very hard to describe.

Dear Prettyinred:

Last spring, if you had been dining at a particular restaurant in downtown Chicago, you might have seen a couple of waitresses standing in a hallway, deep in conversation. They looked like sisters--early 20’s, pretty, dressed in black with their long blonde hair piled up on their heads. The shorter of the two was “Betsy” who I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. She leaned close to her confidante and whispered:

“Can I tell you something?”

Betsy recounted the previous day. She had an acting class, followed by a long night at work, and at the end of her shift she came over to my place.

“Something just wasn’t right, and he knew it,” she said. (Her friend began to listen intently.) “He asked me why I was acting so weird--so false--and I didn’t know! Something just wasn’t right. I FELT fake. I felt terrible. I felt so anxious all day and I didn’t know why and it felt like this pressure was building inside of me and finally he just pulled me to him, pulled down my pants and--“

Her friend’s eyes widened in anticipation and there was a trace of a smile on her lips. As Betsy’s confidante, she sensed where the story was going. Or perhaps hoped?

“--he turned me over his knee and gave me a spanking.”

“Not out of character for him,” her friend replied, drolly.

“No, but this was different. I started crying…”

“You’ve never cried before?”

“No, I have. But… this spanking didn’t even hurt as much as some I’ve gotten, but I just started bawling, and I couldn’t stop. And he, like, encouraged it--he said that maybe I needed to cry. So I just kept crying, and telling him about the things that had happened to me that day, and when I heard myself, none of them seemed like a big deal anymore.”

“So, it was a good thing or a bad thing?”

“It was a good thing. I felt so much better.”

I often answer questions with anecdotes because I can’t universalize the situations I’ve been in, but I can share my experiences and the patterns I’ve noticed. I’ve found that being in a consistent spanking relationship has helped many girls with anxiety issues—specific and general. Betsy, for instance, had a problem with picking at her face when she developed a blemish. It was pretty out of control sometimes, and I was worried she was going to scar herself. I don’t think it was completely about the blemishes--I think this behavior was somewhat connected to general anxiety. When I made it against the rules, the frequency of the face picking diminished, but I’m convinced that what caused her to stop it almost entirely was the relative calmness that she experienced once she felt the safeness associated with having rules and consequences enforced by a caring disciplinarian she respected.

Joni Mitchell is an interesting case. She’s a singer, and (a little bit before my time) she was as popular as Lady Gaga is today. She cheated on her husband, and when he confronted her about it, she responded by throwing a tantrum. Exasperated, he finally just took her over his knee and spanked her. Apparently, this experience had a profound effect on Ms. Mitchell. To offset her stage jitters during live performances, she instituted a pre-show ritual that I believe still exists to this day: before the curtain goes up, a member of her band takes her over his knee and gives her a sound spanking. It seems hard to believe, at first. But upon reflection, it makes absolute sense.

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Views: 558 · Added: 791 days ago

i went golfing last weekend for the first time in a few years

the people i played with were surprised how well i played

they asked are you always this good and i answered

once i payed a 9 hole course that was complete with a par 5 and 2 pars 3's

on the last 7 holes i was putting for birdy on all 7

i had 2 birdies and 5 pars

i shot a 16 on the first 2 holes both par 4's

feast or famine baby

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The door is now closed, how did I get here?
Warned so many times but I chose not to hear.

He starts to shout my Headmaster, my elder my better my Sir
I know not what he say's, it all such a blur.

Six strokes he barks as I bendover his desk,
Oh why oh why did I ever get into this mess?

Don't move he snarl's as he bare's my behind,
I squeeze my eyes shut so all is now blind.

I hold my breathe, im so affraid and tell myself to not misbehave!
Im going to be so sore, why did that table I pushed have to go
through that classroom wall?

I scream so loud it hurt's my own ear's and I can't control my flood's of tears.
It's all over now, im in so much pain and tell myself
never ever be naughty again?

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Views: 520 · Added: 791 days ago

i never thought being scolded could scare me sooooo bad. i have been acting like an imature child and i am gonna try to stop. i have never known another spanker or spankee before this site, so i guess it brought out the worst in me. i will try to do better.

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Views: 513 · Added: 792 days ago

so.....i ran a stop sign to day because i was texting and didnt see it, almost got pulled over by a cop for speeding, and showed up late for school late because i kept hitting the snooze button.......i feel really guilty, but i have no one to dicipline me:(

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Once there was a little girl,
Who hid herself from the world,
She only knew what she'd been taught,
She stayed alone lost in thought.

She was scared of everything,
Taught to fear & mislead,
Unable to venture and explore,
She broke free into the world.

She broke the law, and did drugs,
Then everyone began to judge,
She knew she'd been doing wrong,
But didn't care and ventured on.

She wanted something she couldn't explain,
Guidance, on a certain plane?
Her mother was strict, but it wasn't the same,
She tried her best, just all in vain.

She'd had sex & failed in school,
How else could she break the rules?
She would smoke, and she'd drink,
To a point she couldn't even think.

It took a man to take a stand,
To show her just how wrong she'd been,
Now she knows just what she needs,
A man to take her over his knee...

And do to her,
what must must be done,
for clarity in all she does.

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Views: 666 · Added: 792 days ago

I'm curious if any women out there would be interested in sharing stories about experiences of being spanked by a father or father-figure? Feel free to reply here or inbox me

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Views: 597 · Added: 792 days ago

i have a problem waking up in the morning. i really need to get up but i always hit snooze and end up late. and i put of doing homework till the last minute, i just need discipline in my life. where have all the southern spankers gone?

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Views: 266 · Added: 792 days ago

I'm very excited at the moment. I got an internship at a well- established company and I'm going to be making TWICE what I made at any of my other jobs. Where's a bottom? I need to spank someone in excitement for this new opportunity, lol!

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Views: 1522 · Added: 792 days ago

Slave Barbie and Master Robert were great play partners. We met through an ad on FetLife I think or some BDSM forum. Barbie was a sweet, loving girl, very submissive and a real pain slut. Master Robert was from England and very stict with her most of the time. He enjoyed loaning Barbie to other Masters to use. We lost touch and when I finally caught-up with them again, Master Robert had some health problems, but we had a nice lunch together and talked about the "good 'ol days."

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Views: 1980 · Added: 793 days ago

Hello my wonderful SpankingTube friends and thank you for all the love, support, encouragement, and care the last few months as my life went through some changes.

It is always amazing how at one moment something just rocks your world. You think you will NEVER make it to the "other side." You convince yourself that you'll NEVER heal, because this hurt is just TOO deep. Well Balderdash!!!

Again I discover my own solid truth that NEVER lets me down, "Whatever Does Not Kill Me Only Makes Me Stronger." I have emerged a better version of myself and freed from false perceptions. Life is Good! Special thanks to my close friends & spanko family who always have my back & the purest of love for unbending affections :)

So the last few months there have been some exciting developments. For starters I have been BLESSED in working with some new folks. Genuine people ready to make positive changes in their lives & as always, I am honored to be part of that. I also attended my first spanking party in Chicago at The Crimson Moon bash summer spanktacular. I had the pleasure of meeting many lovely people in our community and making new friends.

I will be attending the October CM party so anyone interested in a session should contact me well in advance, I will be there Thurs eve (10/25) -Sun AM (10/28)

As if all that is not enough excitement, I was graced & humbled by being interviewed for an online spanking blog. Here is the link for anyone interested in reading it:

Well that's the short of what is new here at OTK Manor. Wishing everyone peace & hugs!!!!!!!

PS: We will be making more videos soon after we acquire a better filming system.

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It was a hot day and I was in the pub having a few drinks when my phone rang. Picking it up my heart sank as it said Miss B calling. Nervously I answered "Hello Miss B" she responded asking how I was and what I was up to. So I told her, everything seemed fine as we hung up.

About 10 minutes later Miss B enters the pub, in a smart suit. She promptly grabs me by the ear and drags me out of the pub and into her car. We drove for a while, long enough for me to notice her hairbrush and belt in the back seat of the car, so I knew I was in trouble.

We arrived at the woods where we first met. She went into the back seat and picked up the brush and the belt, still without saying a word. "Miss B, why are we here?" I asked nervously. She stared at me then, walking around to the passenger seat she dragged me out again by my ear.

She marched me into the woods to the same spot where she caught me before. "You're going to get a spanking young man. For wasting your time in a pub rather than studying" she said. I tried to explain myself but knew I had no excuse to prevent the spanking that was to come.

She sat down on the log and pulled me near, unzipping my jeans and pulling them down to my knees followed by my boxer shorts. She swiftly turned me over her knee and pinned both my arms to my back. "This will teach you to focus on your studies in future" she lectured.

Then the hairbrush spanking began. Each stinging swat made me jerk and yelp like a scolded pup. Within minutes I was kicking and crying, begging for forgiveness. But the blows kept coming harder and faster. Tears dripped down my cheeks as I endured my spanking.

Then she paused and wrapped her leg over my legs, I was trapped. I heard her put down the brush and pick up the belt. I tried to break free but she was too strong. "Ohhhh please Miss B! I've learnt my lesson!" I whimpered. There was nothing but silence.

WHACK the first strike hit my already burning bottom. Then another and another. This was sheer agony and I started bawling as she relentless spanked me with the belt. After what seemed like an eternity she let me up, I was sobbing like a baby.

After composing myself we went back to the pub and had a good afternoon of drinking and laughing, although I couldn't sit.

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Views: 476 · Added: 793 days ago

now i have a new fantasy of like trying to fight and run away from my spanker but of corse he catches me! and beats my ass for it......any takers?

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Views: 285 · Added: 793 days ago

now i have a new fantasy of like trying to fight and run away from my spanker but of corse he catches me! and beats my ass for it......any takers?

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