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Wow! One moment you're fast asleep, then before your eyes are even open, you're out of bed, over a knee and getting your bottom slippered very vigorously! (I forgot to set the alarm clock and now we're going to be late). Pyjamas got dragged down halfway through and now I'm sitting VERY uncomfortably writing this blog. As I have been told to tell everyone that I have been naughty and was given a good spanking.
Ho hum. Such is life when you're a brat.

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"I don't want to go without a date," I said. "It's stupid anyway."
"You don't have a boyfriend?" Tony asked. He and Bunny were both pounding beers.
"No," I said, blushing and trying not to make eye contact with Leah or Bunny.
"I'll find you a date," Bunny said.
"I'll find my own date if you insist that I go," I said, finally looking at her. I was afraid of the kind of guys she might set me up with, but I really had no idea who I'd get to go with me.
"I do," she said, with a crooked grin. I realized she was already half drunk.

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Leah came back the day after New Years, and we still had another day off from school the next day, so ofcourse, Bunny took me to her house that night. When I was concerned about the amount of beer and weed she brought along, she said, "It's the holidays!"
Everything was fine at first. Even Tony seemed happy to see us. Everyone was hugging and smiling and being nice to each other. Leah didn't even give Bunny a really hard time about her beer, she just pretended to be mad about it for a minute.
We all sat down, smoked a joint and talked for a while. It was just small talk about Christmas and all the food we ate at first. Then Leah started asking about the Snowflake Ball, our winter formal. She wanted to know if we were going.
Bunny said "Yes," and I said "No," at the same time.
Bunny turned and looked at me and said, "We're going."
"You can go if you want to," I said. I knew she'd go by herself since C.J. was still in jail, but I didn't want to go without a date, and I didn't want to date anyone except Bunny.
"I want you to go too," she said flatly.

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At that first munch I've ever attended Wednesday, one of the members, all of whom were incredibly nice to me, told me that if I want to enter this "world", she had a few pointers. One of them was to "develop a thick skin" and not assume because someone stops corresponding or playing that they are "rejecting" you. I was grateful for the advise, but it didn't hit home until this weekend, when one of the ladies I've been spanking on a weekly basis stopped writing. We had e-mailed, talked on the phone, met and had a great time--at least so I thought. She would write at length about ideas she had for the next visit, dressing up and such. She specifically asked me to use a switch on her not long ago so she'd have stripe marks to try and hide from her co-workers. And then there was the expensive evening we spent at the Hilton, role-playing in front of the whole restaurant staff and anyone else in earshot. And then.....nothing. No answers to e-mails, no returned phone calls. Zip.
Well, I says to myself, "Self? She's brushing you off." I can handle that, but she'd made such a big deal about being honest and being friends, and that being of such importance. The last word was 9 days ago, when she said "I'm glad the week is going well for you. Work is crazy as we are closing a lot of accounts. Talk to you later. ______________ ."
So, I get to put my new friend's advise into practice. I don't have a thick skin. Never did. I can handle anything except rejection and criticism ;-). Maybe, I'm in the wrong fetish.

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When I was just getting started as a fledgling perv was I total nervous newb. I’d had pervy fantasies since approximately forever; in fact, the first sexual fantasy I can remember having involved spanking and anonymous sex. But I’d kept it a DEEP DARK SECRET. I mean, I did not tell a single human being at all, ever, not even a little.

Hell, I kept my complete irredeemable pervitude a secret from MYSELF. I’d say things like, “Oh, those are just fantasies. I don’t REALLY want to do them.”

Uh huh. Suuuuuuuuuuuure.

Eventually I did come out of the kinky closet and while hair-raising it was also amazing and cataclysmic and changed my life and was totally worth it.

But here’s what I wish I had done differently. It’s only one thing, but it’s a big one.

When I was coming out about my kinks, I wish I had separated my desire for my partner to KNOW who I was as a sexual being from my desire for them to DO kinky perverted things to me.

I tell you, the torment I endured and I see other kinkyfolk endure. ”But what if they don’t want to DO that stuff with me? What if they think I’m totally awful and sick and broken and disgusting?!”

Oh, my. My poor little kinklet! What a terrible feeling, to feel like the person you love might be completely disgusted by you if you tell the truth about who you are. How horrible and sad!

Our sexuality is so tender and personal that I think it’s impossible for us to refrain from taking negative reactions to it personally. What could be more personal? And what could be more painful than being rejected in such a personal, private way by someone you’re intimate with?


Here’s what I think you can and should expect from a partner: I think if you tell an intimate partner something private and sensitive about your sexuality, they should respond to you in a kind and caring way. If they don’t, call them on it.

Here’s what I think we CAN’T expect from a partner. We can’t expect that they want to do the same kinky pervy stuff that we do. We can’t expect them to instantly get used to the idea and immediately fall all over us doing deliciously awful things to us. We need to give them time and space to think it over, and although it’s sad, we have to accept the possibility that they might never really be into the stuff we’re into. (That, of course, is scary, because depending on the circumstances you might end up in Should I Really Stay In This Relationship territory).

So. Listen up, pervs. New game plan.

We’re gonna Divide. And we’re gonna Conquer. (Or be conquered, whatever floats your boat).

If you’re going to out yourself to a sweetheart about what a giant perv you are, don’t make it about them doing those things with you.

Make it about them knowing you.

Wait until you can say that the reason you’re telling them this stuff is that you want them to know who you are as an erotic being, full stop.

Tell them that you’re telling them this because you want them to know, and while you would love to do this stuff with them, you’re not going to pressure them to do any of these things. Ever. At all. And mean it.

That’s scary, isn’t it? Yeah. What if they never come around to the idea? Is it the end?

It might be. Or it might not be. But if it is, you wanna keep your dignity. You don’t want to remember that the end was preceded by pressuring them to do things they really didn’t want to do. If they don’t want to do it, and you decide that it’s important enough that you really do need to find a partner who’s closer to your own sexual stripe, there’s no point in pushing them.

Obviously, that’s not the outcome most of us are looking for. So separating the “this is who I am” talk from the “hey remember that stuff we talked about…what do you think?” talk raises the chances for a positive outcome.

Why? Well, I think a lot of people react negatively to a partner’s revealing a kink because they immediately think that they’re under pressure to do whatever that kink is, right now, or their partner will be upset. Add this to the fact that they may have all kinds of extreme and stereotypical ideas about that kink, or that they have to work out how that kink relates to who they are. (What if you have a very strongly feminine gender identity and your male sweetheart thinks you would look really sexy in a strap-on harness? Well, for the male sweetie it might be a sex toy, but for the woman it might be an identity crisis with free shipping).

Separating telling them about who you are from doing kinky stuff is critical because it gives the other person TIME to react as their best self. It puts you in a better place to have a compassionate reaction to them if they’re freaked out and think you’re going to leave them for the spanking commune.

You’re probably going to have to come out more than once, even with the same person. Coming out is a process. It’s likely that a partner’s first reaction isn’t going to be the reaction that you expected or wanted.

What I hope for you is that you tell your partners about all your fabulous kinky pervy stuff and they fall all over you and rip your clothes off because they think it’s so uber hot they can’t stand it.

And if that doesn’t happen, what I hope for you is that your sweetheart eventually comes around to the idea that it is super hot and fun even though they were kinda skeptical about it at first and wondered if they’d have to wear leather chaps, and they’re so grateful to you for expanding their erotic horizons and they just think you are the best thing ever.

And if none of that happens, what I hope for you is that you can be kind to each other and keep your chin up. You’re not awful and disgusting. You’re a badass awesome kinkyperson from the badass spank tribe. Don’t forget that.

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Of all the vegetables I’ve seen
The humble cucumber is queen
So long and juicy, smooth and green
Sliced up on plates of china
And yet, uncut, this wondrous fare
Delights young damsels everywhere
Much pleasure comes when one they care
To squeeze in their vagina

Parsnips and carrots I have found
Are much too rough, turnips too round
Of all things growing in the ground
Cucumbers are the most fun
Take this advice my pretty maid
If you have trouble getting laid
Into the garden take a spade
And dig yourself a big one

But waste it not merely as food
When masturbation takes the mood
Just slide one in under the hood
This noblest of plants
Reciprocating moves employ
Such methods will bring you much joy
And pretty soon Oh boy! Oh BOY!
You come inside your pants.

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Living here in the South Carolina my whole life has some disadvantages---heat, humidity, only 8 electoral votes, blamed for that whole War of Northern Aggression - thing. But it had benefits: spankings were common and public, and people talked about them openly. As fortunate as I was to meet girls who were into spankings, none of them cared much for the real thing--a parental spanking or a school paddling. I dated three who had received these; one was the evening I picked her up to go to the movies--as she got in my car, the first thing she told me was "I got a whuppin' today."; another was a rebel to the core whose father used "the Gravy Train belt" on her the previous night. This was a really thin, whippy thing that was more or less a switch. She wore shorts to school the next day and had painted the stripes on her thighs with iodine; and the third was paddled at school for a study hall incident. When I picked her up for a date, she let me know what had happened and that they "burned her up good" at school that day. The last girl was the one I was most serious about--I was a freshman in college and she was a senior in high school. Sadly, she was NOT into spanking and was responsible for the only time a girl ever slapped me---and I deserved it. But she had almost as good an eidatic memory as I have, and her description of the paddling was in such detail that I thought "She MUST be into this!" Wishful thinking on my part.
After the high school/early-college years, I never dated another girl who had recently gotten real corporal punishment. So all those things I've read on Experience Project and elsewhere, about women in their 20s, and sometimes married who get spanked by fathers, fathers-in-law, uncles--those are all foreign to me. The closest thing I have to compare with that was a workplace spanking I witnessed. I was part-time at Pizza Hut in my final year of college and I worked with a cute blonde lesbian and a manager who seemed to have the hots for her. I went top the basement one day for a new mophead, and there they were, the manager sitting on a crate, with Mandy across his lap getting a spanking. She was 24 at the time and had been in school with me, just a couple or three grades higher. It seems they had made a bet, Amanda lost and was paying up. She seemed to be enjoying herself at first, and the guy used only his hand, but I guess those thin black pants she was wearing didn't help much and pretty soon, she was clearly in distress. He told her, "You said 200--that was the bet.", and she whined something like "Bastard.", but let him finish. I never found out what the bet was, but Amanda told me that she knew he had wanted to spank her ever since she started working there. She liked to be spanked, usually, but she said she didn't like that one a bit. Still, she didn't complain or report him. The 70s were some kinda fun, weren't they? ;-)

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Well as some of you will know, I got a belting last night for bad behaviour.

Today I have had a constant reminder of my behaviour every time I have sat down or something has touched my bum... (yes, my husband has enjoyed squeezing my bum, especially when we popped out together). Every time I have felt that tenderness I have said in my head... "Im going to change for the better".

I really feel like a cloud has been lifted from us today, I don't know how to describe it really. I personally think I need a set of rules and consequences to live by. I feel relief today since I submitted to his discipline... after all I would trust him with my life, so Im going to trust him to lead me.

I decided that whilst reflecting today that I actually benefit personally from a spanking. I have discussed this with my partner and he feels that we have made the right decision. It is 2 weeks today since we started our contract and big improvements have been made already.

I was thinking the other day about having the belt taken off our list of implements that can be used, I have decided against that, I feel it is something I fear now, so perhaps I will watch my behaviour because of that! My husband said it wasn't going anywhere anyway without his say-so.. haha, so there was no chance of getting rid of it.

I have also noticed that since my husband has been taking lead, he is smiling alot more.. perhaps it is the sight of me over his knee or perhaps it is a weight off his shoulders. He has always been a no-nonsense man but I have always since the day I met him been able to wrap him around my little finger to an extent. That seems NOT to be working at the moment... pouting deffinetly is not working, he just slaps my legs.. lol

- Sophia

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TGIF everyone.

Many people had asked me about Jessie's second spanking after the room mate incident, so this should be a good way to end the week. This one is a little longer than most, so grab a cup of coffee. As always, this is 100% factual.

Few months after Jessie's spanking for not paying her share of bills, she found herself in trouble again. This time pretty serious trouble. After a mid-week summer night out with some friends I returned home and went to bed. About 3am my phone starts ringing. Never good when the phone is ringing at that time of night. Looking at the caller ID it just said Glenview Civic. Did not answer it, and then the call came through a second time. This time I let the answering machine get it and I hear Jessie crying and bawling rather uncontrolably.

I pick up the phone and she was so upset I had no idea what the hell she was talking about, all I gathered was that she was just arrested by the police. A Glenview office took her off the phone and explained me what had happened.

Turns out it was 2:30 in the morning and Jessie had an ice cream craving. So she drove out the grocery store to fix that. Only problem was she was driving on a suspended license due to unpaid tickets and no-shows in court. Additionaly, when she was pulled over by the cops she stunk of weed and had half a joint in her car ashtray. Which the cops found as cops in Glenview have nothing else to be concerned with. Myself, I have had my share of the green stuff, but keep it at home folks.

The cop went on to explain that Jessie had a little less than three hours to be bailed out, or she would be taken to Cook County Correctional in Chicago. That is why she was freaking out so bad. The city criminals would have torn through her cute little ass like wet tissue paper. Would have been similiar to dropping a guppy into a shark tank. I asked if she called anyone else, the cop said: "Yes, her room mate but she is refusing to bail her out."

Now I get the joy of driving back to Glenview in the dead of the night after being out all night before all this happened. Guess I don't need to say it, but I was pretty pissed off.

Finally arriving at the cop stop in Glenview, I had to cough up over $600.00 to get her out of the can. By this time I was so mad I knew I would miss work the next day. When the police brought Jessie out it was almost comical.

She had make up streaked down her cheeks from crying so much. Her hair was a wreck, I mean Nick Nolte mug shot looking. Top it all off with her attire, which were a pair of pajama shorts that barely covered her behind and flip flop sandals. The police chuckled when I took her by the arm and led her out of the station like a little brat telling her she was in a ton of trouble.

The entire way back to her house was filled with sobbing pleads of "please don't be mad at me! Are you upset? Your upset with me?" Gave her the silent treatment and when I dropped off I just said to get out and I will be in touch to get the money issue resolved. She tried to kiss me for getting her out of jail but I slightly pushed her back and told her to save it and just get out.

This girl was notorious in my circle of friends for not paying people back whom she owed money. More than one person said I should whup her butt for what she did, which was what I had in mind, but that was not going to help me get my money back.

Over drinks at Goose Island a week or two after the incident, I laid out my plans for Jessie to repay me. Or, I would have to contact her dad to get my money back. She already knew she had a spanking coming, and in her words "Probably a pretty damn good one knowing you." But I had told her I was going to videotape it and sell copies of the video to get my money back. At first she was opposed to it, but eventually when she realized it was her best option she went along with it. Told her I would be at her house in a week to film it. Wanted to give her a week of waiting for her spanking just to punish her a bit more.

Finally the agreed night was upon us. Tovah agreed to film the spanking and she was looking forward to witnessing this brat being seriously punished this time around.

Once we had set everything up, I called Jessie out of her room where we made her wait. She was all done up and looked a lot like Drew Barrymore. She was wearing a flowy yellow skirt and black tank top that did not leave much to the imagination.

Her first spanking was the traditional OTK, a strong and rapid fire one at that. Made her remove her skirt and black cotton panties this time for a little dose of embarassment. She got across my lap and then I put on a pair of thick black leather gloves to add some extra sting to her backside. Her buns were not ready for that as she started howling and kicking her legs like Michael Phelps. This OTK was a long one and I continually reminded her why she was being spanked. When asked if she thought she deserved a reward for her behavior instead of a spanking Jess only shook her head "no" and stiffened up more as her spanking got harder. By the end of it, her bare behind was as red as a tomato. Her breathing made me think she just ran a couple of miles instead of getting spanked. My left arm being placed across her back could feel her body temp rise over the course of her punishment.

After her OTK was done she was made to stand in the corner until I was ready to give her the second spanking. This time I used the flogger seen in my Russian and Military brat video. Jessie had to get on the couch on her knees in a wide stance. Leaning over the back of the couch I secured her wrists, arms in a crufix position, to the cough legs with rope so she could not prevent any swats being administered. So she could not see my shadow and prepare for the incoming leather whippings I decided it would be best to blindfold her as well.

Tovah and me agreed 40 lashes would suffice, which we discussed so a tied up Jessie could hear what was going to happen next. Each stroke of the leather was well aimed and thrown with a good amount of force to cut the air on the way towards her buttocks. My intention was to make sure the tips of the flogger whipped the lower cheeks of her ass well. Judging by her sounds it was most effective.

Jessie was told to count the strokes but about mid-20s she was barely audible from heavy breathing and holding back sobs. Of course I took my time and between lashes I reminded her what happens to naughty suburban brats who think they can get away with anything they feel like. It was during this time I got some real heartfelt apologies from her. By the 40th lash her ass was trembling and was glowing brighter red then it already was.

More wobbly corner time followed and her last punishment was going to be with the Board of Education paddle. Tovah asked me to give her 40 swats with that as well. Told her that might be a bit much and she disagreed. Then I told her to turn around and gave her a good swat with it so she knew what it felt like. Tovah went up on her tip toes, clenched her butt with her hands and said "OK, maybe just 10 like you said."

"Back over here young lady." I said to the girl in the corner, butt and legs still trembling. Jessie was still a little wobbly from her endorphin rushes, took her by the arm and lead her to the couch again. This time telling her to take a wide stand and place her hands on her knees for the paddle. She really dreaded this but there was no way around it.

Tovah agreed to count out loud as it was too difficult for the recepient at this point. Each swat was dealt to be effective, but not over the top harsh as it was not needed. Watching her delightful tight cheeks bounce from the paddle was nice enough, but knowing she fully deserved each one made it even more fun. Only a couple of swats into it Jessie started buckling her knees and biting her lower lip. Shifting her butt from side to side I had to tell her more than to once to straighten it out or she would get more swats. Her final 2 paddle swats were good ones. The very last swat was a hard one and made her back arch, hair fly back, stand on the balls of her feet and howl like a school girl getting paddled for the first time.

Once was all said and done Jess stood up, somewhat off balance so I held her up and gave her a hug. By now she had sweated off some make up and her hair was almost as messed up from all the bending over and sweating as it was that fateful night I got her out of jail. She was still going on about me being mad at her and told her we were well beyond that now.

Weeks later I bumped into her at a bar and she told me it took "What seemed like an eternity" for her butt to stop throbbing and stinging when she sat down. Jessie promised me she would never make me get her out of jail again and that she did learn a serious lesson. Did not take too long until I got my money back from the video and did not get any more trouble of her.

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Here is todays oak paddle set. First is a oak paddle 17" long x 3 5/8" wide x 1/2" thick with 2 1/2" holes.

Second is a matching oak OTK paddle 12" long x 2 3/4" wide x 3/4" thick with 1 1/2" holes.

No pointy tips! (there you go LisaMa)
And here is a pic of some homemade paddles that I currently have.

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there i said it. i am scared, not of my dom he's awesome. I'm scared not so much of the spanking itself, i think more of what it represents. idk how other people see a spanking, but to me it represents a tremendous amount of trust you have for someone. i am trusting you to know when it is time to discipline and when it's time to just give me a hug. and I'm trusting you to know that difference, cause i firmly believe that a spanking is NOT needed every time you mess up. now i am not saying that because I'm a sub and just trying to get out of a spanking, I'm saying it because it's true. all that being said im scared of that trust. i am scared of being screwed over or getting hurt. how do you deal with that? Does that fear ever go away? is this just pre first spanking jitters or do actually have a right to be scared??

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So last night I got 31 licks of the belt, I really did not like it! Feeling very sorry for myself today.

On reflection I felt very submissive last night.. I asked for my punishment without being asked over and over.. I took my panties down myself as he said earlier in the day it was to be on the bare and I tried to count.. although not successfully. I thought it was never going to end, obviously I felt like I was going to die of pain- but inside I felt relief. I could cry as much as I wanted, and I am not someone who cries easily.

My husband stayed strict with me, and didn't ease the blows. I felt everyone of them as he lectured on and on, about how I don't learn from my mistakes. I was sad he made me stand in the corner though, I didn't want to. But sometimes I think I need to be made to do things I don't want to do.

My bum is so sore today, it has never felt so bad. I hope it eases off as the day goes on!

So anyway it has been decided by my husband (Not me) that I have lost my phone again, im not allowed out over the weekend unless he is present with me and I am not allowed to go clothes shopping etc. till I have gone a whole week without needing "correction". That's going to be hard seen as the past 10 days out of 14 I have received some sort of reminder, shall we say.

He is taking his no-nonsense strict role very seriously at the moment.. but to be fair progress has been made, and NEEDS TO CONTINUE. I still need to carry the belt everywhere with me - "just incase apparently"

Anyway to conclude I am a very sorry girl today!

- Sophia

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My butt is feeling so much better today all nice and white again lol

Havent pushed him into spanking me again,

however we did agree that the paddle done more damage than good, and he agreed to allow me to make another, much thinner, one. More sting, less bruises.

Bless his heart, he saw the bruises the next day and he cried, and pampered me the whole day. :)

he felt terrible that he left marks, but at the same time i reassured him i deserved those marks.

but now he says spankings will be broken up better, so no bruises are left the last thing he wants is to truly hurt me.,

Love him so very much

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for the past two weeks or so i have been just messing up one day after the other. almost got into a fist fight at school, now mind you im in college so this could have been very bad( i.e getting kicked off campus, or out of school all together)written up for alcohol (always a fun one) and just basically said fuck school (do you know how hard this shit is?)oh and the amount of smoking i've been doing is ridiculous even for me (now what could i be smoking.....). now my "dom" ( i say dom like that because he is more like my friend than my "dom" just saying "dom" is weird to me) is the type of person that is really calm about this but it will be talked about at some point. now granted i have not had my first spanking yet but after this im sure it's coming. but i;m trying to get out of this god willing. any suggestions on how to do that? if you don;t got a suggestion well feel free to comment thats fine to :)

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He kept his promise. He beat my ass. Lesson learned. I'm not gonna take advantage of him. My butt is going to be so sore tomorrow.

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This may be a stupid question and not the place to ask, but I can't find a help field on the site. Does anyone know why videos don't play on an iPad?

Thanks to anyone for assistance.

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I have a new and unique problem: I've been asked to spank a woman. This should be a no-brainer, right? Well, it would be, except that the girl is 24 and I'm 53. We've written back and forth about a dozen times, so I've come to a few conclusions: I do believe she is real. Her photo may be faked I suppose--I'm still learning that everyone is not as honest and open as I assumed. But I've ruled out that she is not from an Asian country wanting me to send her money, and she is definitely semi-local and reachable at the number she provided. One of the first things she wrote was for me to "ask her anything", so I sent 10 questions, the last one being "Why me?" Her response was "why not, you", with an explanation that not everyone her age was looking for a stud or a model, and that she appreciated intelligence, humor, and above all, a firm hand from an older guy she could trust. Now, how can I argue with such impeccable logic?
Well, fortunately I have friends, both around here and here on this site. And I have been warned that I should see red flags. Believe me, I see them--and I hear the sound of sirens with them. I am a careful man. I show up 2 hours early when I meet someone, just to make sure everything looks safe. I pack a cell phone locked onto 911 and ready to snap a photo and push "send" if I ever find myself in an unfamiliar surrounding. I leave nothing to chance. I have been informed by someone very wise that this girl is "looking for a Daddy". Since my own judgement is suspect, I tend to agree with her.
But is that a BAD thing? I've spanked plenty of women who have Daddy issues, but they were perfectly sane and well-rounded. And lots of role-play revolves around a father or father-figure disciplining his rebellious daughter--we all know how fun those are!
I know--I'm gonna pass. I guess I just need affirmation that I've made the right decision. But if you saw that pic--and if it's legit--will I be kicking myself for the rest of my life? Or happy that I'm not sent to a special hell designed for people who take advantage of young ladies who may not be making the most mature choices of their lives?

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God has either smiled upon me, or Satan has said "You wanted to spank? Well, you got it!", because my cup runneth over. I met (well, met online and spoke on the phone with) a lady from FetLife who, it turns out, lives less than a five-minute drive from my mailbox. She saw my post/profile and she too was looking for someone who was interested in spanking for its own sake---not for money nor sexual favors. Like almost all of us, she is excited by the thought of spanking, and if she meets the right guy, it would be an entirely different kind of spanking experience. But she is close to my age ( a real plus, as she also helped me with a quandary I have concerning someone 3/8ths my age who wants me to spank her; actually she's 24 and I'm 53 and I haven't run the numbers, but that's another story), she is relatively new to the area and has been looking for someone who would give her a spanking just because it "keeps her grounded" and relieves stress. No role-play; no brattiness--not that I have a problem with either of those; but it will be refreshing to NOT have to act or wrestle or be anyone other than myself. Of course we have to meet and talk some more before anything happens, but she's very much like me: safety conscious, life-long spank-o-phile, and LOCAL. It doesn't hurt that she's also very cute and very smart. What do I attribute this bounty to? A miracle, pure and simple.

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A promise is a promise and I was promised 31 with the belt.

So I was punished on the bare with the belt.. 31 lashes in total

During and after I felt inside a relief to be honest... even though my bum was on fire and in agony.. I bit the pillow.. choked back my tears and tried to count.. my voice just wouldn't come out! I knew I deserved it, but I can not sit now.. so there's a reminder! Im lying on my side at the moment, in bed- im not allowed downstairs because I've been punished... my cheeks have bruised so bad. He made me immediately stand in the corner with my hands on the wall... no rubbing...I got myself together, and he hugged me.. im forgiven now.. he said he knows im trying to be good and he doesn't mind me making mistakes.. but I must learn!

I respect him, I earned the belting, I took it, New day tommorrow.

- sophia

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