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Another busy week but also a very bad week from a task and diet and fitness perspective. To be honest I got away with murder, or so I thought. In fact I had almost forgotten what “consequences” meant.

The weekend was short as I was working on Saturday (contrary to Wolfc’s wishes, of course!) but got to be done. In fact he’ll have to get used to it as the next few weeks are going to be difficult ones and require long hours. As a result we didn’t get to meet until Sunday. Travelling over I knew my bottom (or his sweet spots) needed some attention and that I had earned it for lack of following instructions. On arrival we enjoyed a catch up and a cup of tea with croissants (a banned food). To say I pigged out is an understatement but they are melt in your mouth gorgeous and I did justice to four of them. Then the inevitable call came – retribution time!!!

I was helped/told to strip naked and present my sweet spots over the arm of the armchair. Upon taking my clothes off it became apparent that, contrary to instruction, I had shaved my pussy that morning. This did not go down well. Not only were my sweet spots going to be attended to now I had to also spread my legs and have my pussy attended to. Keeping the legs spread wasn’t easy as gut reaction is to close and protect. After two direct hits to the pussy from the front I was placed over the arm of the chair, legs spread as wide as possible and the pussy got it from behind. I duly complied, if somewhat a little reluctantly, and with a little help of holding of the ear lobe into position. It only took one stroke of the belt to bring back those painful memories. But it didn’t stop at one stroke.......yes, I struggled and jumped up and down but was promptly put back each time. Begging and pleading ignored. I was then taken by the ear lobe out to the kitchen and placed in the corner – stand still and straight, arms behind the back, head up not resting on the walls. It’s never easy for me to stand still, I get bored easily. Shortly thereafter I was taken, once more by the ear lobe, out into the back garden and placed facing into the corner, same position, with my bottom on view to the neighbouring houses. Only saving grace was that my face was to the wall so if somebody saw me I didn’t know it!!! Thankfully too the sun was shining even if it wasn’t that warm. Having stayed there for a few minutes I did peak inside the back door and request to come back in. This wasn’t looked on favourably at all and I was promptly marched back into the armchair for round two. Left in position Wolfc went in search of the Junior cane. This wasn’t easy to take either and I did struggle and jump up and down again to be placed back in position each time. I finally cracked and tears came. This was the first time I have cried. The tears didn’t bring any relief, as I had often enough been told they wouldn’t. The strokes continued until eventually I got up and did a hissy fit and threatened to never come back again. The threat wasn’t appreciated by Wolfc but it was genuinely meant and said with intent by me at the time. I was then taken by the tit, bent over and led back outside to continue the corner time. I didn’t go looking to come back in this time!!!!

Finally I was called back in and positioned in the centre of the kitchen floor, arms behind my back and legs spread. It then became apparent that my pussy was very wet as Wolfc rubbed it to check. I was asked to account for the badly shaven pussy and why it was so wet? I couldn’t. I was then requested to open my mouth and to suck his finger clean. I couldn’t. I was asked if I wished to go back into the armchair to which I replied NO. Alternative – open the mouth and do as I was told. On the second attempt I did. I would say I licked his finger rather than sucked it and as for clean that was the best he was going to get. Did it kill me? Nope. Was it something I wanted to do? Nope. Had I ever done it before – very occasionally but then it was my own finger(s)!!!!

Next came the clothes pegs – one on each tit and one on the pussy. Getting the pegs on each tit was easy enough to achieve but spreading the legs to allow one on the pussy took a few threats of visits to the armchair. I wasn’t doing it on purpose it was just a gut reaction to close the legs or should I say not spread the legs!!! I was then led back out in the garden (see pictures) – front and rear. On return inside a further peg was placed on each tit. This nearly drove me wild altogether. I could handle one but the second busted me and I pulled them off and threw them on the table. Wolfc did try again but I just couldn’t take it and I threw them off almost as soon as they were on. We went back to one on each which he later pulled off.

One and a half hours later I was well and truly attended to – upside down and inside out. So much for thinking I had got away without consequences. After the session we went out and enjoyed a lovely afternoon and a few beers while watching the hurling. The beers made me a little giddy and I started to minx a little, in good spirit. I think we were both thinking alike – I was going to pretend to throw a hissy fit and see what happened while at the same time Wolfc was going to stop and put me over his knee on the public stairwell – neither happened (on this occasion!!).

I thought take away (fish and chips) were on the cards for dinner but instead we came home and Wolfc cooked a lovely meal. While waiting for the meal to cook I paid a further trip to the armchair for a few strokes of the junior cane once more. I yelped as my sweet spots were very sore from the earlier session. My sweet spots are now seriously bruised – black and blue. Each time I go to get up or sit down I have a constant reminder that there are consequences for not doing as I am told and that consequences build up. I still don’t like receiving but know I need too. I do enjoy reviewing the damage and the stripes of honour.

Hoping for a consequence free week this week........

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What a week – absolute disaster on all fronts (exercise, food and tasks). So bad in fact all one could do was write it off!!! How did that happen? It was WolfC’s birthday and we made the most of it. Birthdays have to last at least a week IMO!!! He wanted to have a correction free weekend but was prepared, at a moment’s notice, to change that “want” into a “need spanking” if I wasn’t careful or I minxed too much. While I did minx a little I was only over the arm of the chair once all weekend. That’s not to say I didn’t get poked a few times, my ears twisted or my hands slapped for putting my fingers into or near my face/mouth. If I wasn’t being poked by WolfC I was being licked by the puppy as if I needed a wash. Two against one!!! It’s not fair.

Instead of spankings I got lots and lots of treats – especially chocolate cake on the double!! We also ate out three times over the weekend. In fact, though I hate to admit it, I was stuffed and high on chocolate and rich food. Even at that I still wanted diet coke but WolfC drew the line at this request. While I was happy to indulge I wasn’t quite so happy when I stood on the scales this morning. “A minute on the lips forever on the hips” or Don’t let your weekend give you a BIG end” all come to mind. Serious action is now required on this front.

I suspect the party is now over and it’s back to serious business this week and reinstatement of consequences for disregard of instructions. I wish it was WolfC’s birthday every weekend. Happy Birthday WolfC. You’ll have your hands full getting me back on track but I don’t doubt you can do it.

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This past week was a busy one as I was on the road a good bit. I did get two walks and two toning sessions in – albeit a little reluctantly. I also got to see WolfC on two weekday evenings – a bonus for him and for me. Being on the road, while enjoyable, creates a backlog of office activities and causes its own stress. WolfC believes work is an activity done between Monday and Friday (9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.). Saturday and Sunday is (or should be) ME TIME. While I fundamentally agree in principle keeping on top of the job requires more. There are things that need to be done that can be done in the quite of the weekend, IMO. The withdrawal of these activities over the past five weekends is building up a head of steam that is liable to explode anytime this space.

Leaving on Friday evening I knew I had things to do (banned weekend activities) on Saturday prior to meeting up. His instruction was see you at 10.00 a.m.. My reply was see you at 11.00 a.m.. I went home and slept well. Despite getting up early enough I didn’t quite have enough time – in fact, if I had the whole day I’d still find things to complete!!! I got a call at 10.01 to know where I was to which I replied I’m at home working. “We’ll deal with that when you get here” came the reply. I was one hour and ten minutes late arriving. Before I had a chance to get my rear on the seat I was being escorted to the arm of the chair with junior cane in hand. Pants down and position assumed. I don’t like receiving the junior cane. I did try to “suck it up” but that isn’t easy. My protestations didn’t get much of a hearing either – I was put back in the chair and the arm held over my head to keep me in place. The strokes to the sweet spots and the twisting of the arm hurt like hell. Hence the “I’m sorry”, “I didn’t mean it”, “I won’t do it again” mantra commences and gets louder and louder. I’m guessing WolfC was rather cross with me for flagrant disregard of instructions. Having been duly attended too we had our usual cup of tea as I tried to break him down and bring him around. It took some time but he came good!!!!

He might have been mad with me but I too was cross. WolfC has been very good and providing the provisions over the past few weeks. While this is appreciated I’m not a sponger and I was adamant that I was going to get the lunch and dinner provisions this weekend or it would be the end of a nice relationship – a deal breaker even!! I also needed to do some pieces of work and while it mightn’t be encouraged it was required and was going to happen – like it or not. This too could be another deal breaker if not allowed. In fairness to WolfC, he let me have my way on the provisions which I appreciated. I’m not sure how serious he thought I was on getting my way on this but I’m telling him here and now it was the difference between seeing me or not seeing me at all. Fair is fair and all that. The work too will get done........

Having dealt with the tardiness the rest of the day and all day Sunday was very enjoyable. Did try and get an extension on Sunday to allow a little more work to get done but it wasn’t forthcoming and having received the caning on Saturday for being late it wouldn’t have been a good strategy to be late a second day in a row – now would it? Sunday we took a nice trip out with the dog and enjoyed lunch al fresco until the rain came down – summer in Dublin!!!

Don’t be mistaken I still a bit of a minx on Saturday and Sunday afterwards. Some things never change. Saturday I tried to roll a cigarette, intended for WolfC really, except that I made such a mess of it that I smoked it myself – and got away with it!!!! It was the end of the packet and the tobacco was falling out of both ends depending on the way I held it. Must practice more.........

My poor hands too didn’t escape as I was caught with hands to mouth or face numerous times. The leather paddle was applied liberally to both hands. The puppy made a dart for under the couch every time the paddle was being applied, either to hands or rear and especially when I owed and awed....... he didn’t know what was going on but wasn’t going to hang about to find out in case some of it came her way!!! WolfC, for the next two weeks, has two female minxes on his hands but they are big hands and can handle it fine. No sympathy whatsoever........ “Suck it up”......

Having dealt with the misdemeanours I also got a lot of TLC and treats this weekend. The sweet spots were treated to Vaseline Intensive Care and I was treated to ice-creams and twixs on more than one occasion.

We still need to deal with weekend work and I feel there is going to be a breakdown in communication over this mute point in the near future. Not this coming weekend as it is a special one for WolfC so I’ll try and be good between now and then, for a change........ Happy Birthday.

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You might think that having got off lightly the previous week for indiscretions that I would take the opportunity to have a good week this week to show appreciation. Think away – unfortunately it was a week that really went from bad to worse. In fact it went pear shaped from Tuesday onwards!!!

I was going out to dinner on Tuesday with the ladies and didn’t intend to drink. However by Tuesday there were only two of us left to go for dinner. It was a night off for my pal so I couldn’t leave her have a dry night, now could I? I was instructed to drink water (or orange juice). That we did – we drank water and plenty of it, in addition to a nice bottle of white wine (don’t tell!!).

I was on the road early on Wednesday. I had a dispensation from the early morning exercise routine (thankfully!). I had an extra morning break (bread, butter & jam), a full dinner (bacon and cabbage etc.), an ice cream treat and a half bag of Maynard’s Sours by the time I got home. Not strictly according to the diet sheet at all!!!

Thursday was to be an early morning toning session until I turned over in the bed and convinced myself and WolfC that I would do the session in the evening. Spring rolls and chips made a nice, if rather unhealthy choice for lunch. Got delayed at work and a friend, who was suffering from cabin fever, called over that evening for a cup of tea and a treat. I was told not to have any biscuits but I couldn’t leave her eating alone. My excuse – she had two and I only had one!!!! Unfortunately the early morning promise of doing the exercise session in the evening fell victim to the late working and friend visiting despite the fact that WolfC indicated that I could do the exercise session while my friend visited – get a life WolfC – how could I do that?? Manners please. Did get a two tasks doing on the way home from work.

Another early morning exercise session missed on Friday. A second breakfast (scone & butter) and toasted special and chips for lunch. What a disaster I am. Headed to Dublin later that evening for a bit of beauty therapy and did a bit of shopping, including a bag of shops own brand tortilla chips – a definite no, no !!!! Thought process – in for a penny, in for a pound and was I going to get a hammering at the weekend anyway. Consequences.

After doing a bit of work work early on Saturday morning I was just about to hit the shower when I got a call from my sister in law – end result I was now going to be late for WolfC. He doesn’t like tardiness!!! Nor do I for that matter but I couldn’t rush the call. Ended up being almost an hour late. At least I wasn’t hung over like the previous two weekends!!!! When I see the kitchen chair in the middle of the kitchen floor I know it’s not there for sport. Within two minutes I was OTK. Then the discovery of bra and thongs didn’t go down too well. Yes, I had been told no bra/knickers but it had slipped my mind in the rush to get out – kind of defies logic as you would think I could get out faster without such accessories but such is life. RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, RIPPPPPPPPPPPP, RIPPPPPPPPPPPPP was all I heard and my favourite thong was no longer serviceable. WolfC wanted to rip it from my body but it could have caused considerable damage and I was PMT too which made me overly sensitive. He understood and I appreciated that. Didn’t appreciate that he ripped one of my favourite thongs and I wanted to be cross yet I had been warned and maybe they were beyond their sell by date but now they are in the bin, boo hoo, boo hoo......

I don’t know how many times I’ve been told I can’t have a cigarette but I still ask and do hand actions of taking a drag. This lead to the cane being brought down in preparation for atonement after lunch but the minx in me didn’t even make it till lunch time. Hence it was trousers down and a trip to the armchair. I don’t like receiving the junior cane. I did try to “suck it up” but that isn’t easy. My protestations didn’t get much of a hearing either – I was put back in the chair and the arm held over my head to keep me in place. Whatever about the strokes to the sweet spots the twisting of the arm hurts like hell. Hence the “I’m sorry”, “I didn’t mean it”, “I won’t do it again” mantra commences and gets louder and louder. The relief when it stops and I stand upright once more. How I’d like to slap WolfC for hurting me, knowing at the same time that I deserve it, wishing that I could take it better. More, more, goes through my head but I know that even one further stroke on those sweet spots is like murder.

Despite expecting a bad day, weather wise, the day turned out rather nice and warm. After lunch we went to the shop for ice cream. Despite being a bad girl WolfC does allow me treats – which is kind of cute too!!! I’m not sure I’d allow someone as bold as I a treat. When we came home I was perched on three milk crates to enjoy the sun. With a caned bottom the crate ate into my sore flesh and left a nice pattern on the bottom. WolfC wouldn’t let me get a cushion to protect myself. At regular intervals I paid further trips to the armchair during the afternoon and then back to the crates. I wasn’t allowed to use my hands to relieve the weight off my ass either. Each trip off the crates was like peeling the skin off an orange. Ouch, ouch, ouch.................. Finally I was allowed place the cushion under my cheeks and it became much easier to manage. Was quite happy then out in the sun – stripped naked. Did notice someone perving from a house below the garden. I hope they enjoyed their Saturday afternoon as much as I did!!!! By evening the flies had driven me back inside. Further trips to the armchair were in order during the evening and finally dinner followed by chilling on the couch and a bit of gentle rubbing of the sweet spots. The idea might be nice but even the slightest touch is sore to the body. Home and a good night’s sleep were in order.

As the week had gone I got off to another late start, due of course, to circumstances, beyond my control!!! Well almost. There would be no roasting today – summer in Dublin – it was raining again. Most of the attention yesterday was to the right sweet spot. Time to give the left sweet spot some attention now. I learnt from yesterday’s start – no bra/thong today!!! Trousers down to inspect the damage from yesterday and a few hand swats to warm the bottom up. Next the Junior Cane and the leather paddle were within sight and it was back to trips to the armchair. I’ve definitely grown to dislike the armchair yet I seem to have a habit of finding myself over the arm for being a minx all too easily. My poor hands too don’t escape as I try to protect myself. Not to mention the fact that I have a habit of putting my fingers in my mouth and WolfC’s peripheral vision lands a blow or two to the body which demands an immediate retraction of the hands, for a few minutes at least and a pout on the face to boot!!!! We are going to work on growing the nails which I bite – or at least that is the plan. I can grow them if I put my mind to it. It’s keeping the nails that is usually the problem. If I lose one I’ll lose all ten within 48 hours. While preparing the lunch I think I gave a bit of back chat (might be corrected on this!) which ultimately was turned into another trip to the armchair until I picked up the knife in self defence for my sweet spots. This did not go down too well as you can imagine. I didn’t obviously intend to use it but I knew if I had it in my hand no action would be taken at least until I had been disarmed and let’s face it that wasn’t going to take WolfC to achieve that outcome. I wasn’t going to do anything with the knife it was just protection. Unfortunately I paid dearly for that action over the armchair too. I think I must be a slow learner. It was kind of mad but funny too. Not funny, of course, while I was in receipt of the consequences though. Once upright once more I really wanted to get mad and more to the point get even with WolfC. Then he hugs me and asks if I am ok – I feel like saying “of course, I’m not ok”. Once more I try to be good and avoid another trip to the armchair. Luckily for me, I was saved, by a text – visitors were in town and would call if home. Little did they know how welcome they were – anything that saves my ass is always welcome. I was also allowed to retrieve my bra from the car and present myself appropriately. WolfC is cruel but kind, hard but soft. Consequences are becoming tougher each week. I need to have a good week or two. Unfortunately I am on the road again this week which doesn’t help diet or exercise routines but I’ll do my best. Somehow a weekend, without consequences, seems just a little too far out of my reach. God loves a trier and I’m sure a trier!!!

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What’s another week – just seven short days. Should be easy to be good but somehow that just doesn’t happen, well easily anyway.

On the exercise front I was excellent – three early morning hour long walks, two toning sessions. No consequences incurred on this front. On the diet programme front I was good too – at least Monday to Friday. Just a few minor indiscretions – sending text messages and making phone calls after curfew and lights out. Did turn on the TV in the bedroom for 10 mins having been run from the kitchen and Spain Vs Portugal gone to penalties. How could anyone in their right mind not let me see the penalty shoot out after watching the match and extra time – get a life Wolfc. That was just way too much to ask and after all it was only 10 mins. I could take the consequences for that despite being told that 10 mins is the same as having it on for hours. The instruction was NO TELEVISION IN THE BEDROOM – deemed a flagrant disregard for instruction. All in all sounds good and on track for a relatively consequence week until Friday night ...... No alcohol was the instruction upon leaving.

I hit the wine bar with a friend to celebrate the end of her study leave and exams. She was might relieved and so was I, for her !!! It would have been bad enough to have gone home after the first two bottle of wine but having met more friends just as we were ready to leave we fell into bad company and had another two bottles. I sang and I don’t sing – get my drift!!! Didn’t get home till almost 3.30 a.m.. Picked up the phone to send a text to say I was home safely but the text didn’t get done. Stripped and lay down in the bed. Oh how I hate that 60 seconds of falling down the whirl pool after a feed of drink before falling asleep. However, on this occasion I only made it to about 30 seconds when I knew it was all coming back up.......held my mouth and just, by the skin of my teeth, made it to the bathroom to let it all out – prawns etc......... Horrible feeling but great relief !!!! Bed and out cold...........till morning.

Was I going to be in trouble with Wolfc – you bet. Did I deserve to be in trouble – I believe I did. Would I be able for the consequences? Definitely not if fully delivered. Forced to drink FOUR pints of water before leaving the house I drove carefully to Dublin and didn’t do anything foolish to attract attention. Might have broken the speed limit a little, if I’m totally honest!! What fate lay in store for me. Could I plead for mercy/forgiveness/warnings anything other than consequences. Not to mention the fact that I was two hours late arriving – didn’t get there till Noon. Feeling remorseful and looking sheepish I faced my fate head on. I was expecting to be diverted to the sitting room and a quick trip over the arm of the chair, bottom bared, and sweet spots caned immediately. Instead I got an initial scolding and some corner time with my pants down in the kitchen. Wolfc was cross with me, I knew that and I was trying to be good, especially in the corner, to avoid any further consequences. I still wiggled a little – it’s not easy to stand still with head up straight and arms behind the back but as I’ve been told on more than one occasion – when you are in a hole stop digging. Finally Wolfc revealed to me that the consequences would be dealt with tomorrow and not today. He was too disappointed and could have lost control. He also felt that I needed to be in the whole of my health to receive and more importantly to remember the error of my ways. While glad to escape on Saturday it meant I still had it hanging over me till Sunday. Maybe it was a good idea. I just wanted it over asap. Anyway that was the decision so I had to live with it. After that we had a pleasant day, but my body was rather lethargic all day as a result of the wine. Home to bed to sleep it off seemed like the obvious thing to do. No problem sleeping Saturday night !!!

Got up early on Sunday, feeling much more in the real world, and did some work – which is banned at weekends, or at least meant to be!!!! As a result I cut my drive time short and was therefore under pressure because every traffic light and possible Sunday driver was out on the road. The last thing I need was a speeding ticket or indeed to be late. I pulled up with not a minute to spare. In the whole of my health I did ponder not coming at all but that would mean double consequences next weekend and then I definitely wouldn’t sit down for a week or possibly two. I just had to suck it up I guess. Talk of making me sweat – consequences wouldn’t be delivered until after lunch. Got a hand spanking every now and then to warm up the sweet spots during the morning. How I wish I could have made lunch stretch forever!!! The moment of reckoning was here – sitting room NOW. Assume the position. Despite being in agreement about the need for the punishment and the desire to ”suck it up” I wriggled, jumped and begged for it to stop. When I didn’t stay on the chair I was getting it on the floor. When I didn’t lie on the floor I was getting it sitting up – right, left etc. It hurt and I didn’t like it. In fairness it stopped, well before it probably should have. Why, I don’t know but I did appreciate it. Did I learn from the pain – I hope I did but I know I got off lightly and while I was happy about that in all honesty I might have got off too lightly in some ways or maybe a mix of cane and some other punishment(s) might have imprinted the error of my ways for longer. After that my bottom was kept warm several times – and my hands too for biting my nails and putting my fingers in my mouth. I was playing the minx once more. I even got a large bar of fruit and nut to eat. Wolfc most likely got feed up of my asking for it all the time with every cup of tea we had during the day. I definitely didn’t deserve it but I did share it while at the same time making of pig of myself by finishing the whole bar. I know it was a dinner substitute at the time but I was kind of disgusted with myself for eating it all.

Another week down and slowly learning. I need to learn quicker perhaps. I’ve a night out on Tuesday with the same “No alcohol” ban. I’d be foolish to break that instruction so soon after last week’s escapade. Check next week to see how I get on........ watch this space.

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Another week drew to a close yesterday. Despite a bit of leniency being granted I still actually didn’t manage to have a consequence free week. I did try. From an exercise perspective I had only to walk, before work, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. This seemed easy to achieve and much more realistic than every weekday morning. However, on Thursday morning (and all through the night) it lashed rained and I just couldn’t get my feet on the ground at 6.30 a.m. or my head in a space that said the rain won’t kill me so I therefore, in my head, postponed Thursday mornings walk for Friday morning and turned over for another hour under the duvet. This was deemed by Wolfc as blatant disregard for instruction. His response – “consequences”.

In addition I was tempted by the social responsibility of accepting a toffee sweet offered to me. Nothing wrong with that, one might say and I would even agree, if I had stopped at one. Unfortunately I went on to have at least eight at least and possibly more if truth be told. Action – being a pig. Reaction – “more consequence”. Further blatant disregard for instructions, every night of the week, adding insult to injury, was not turning off all electronic items in the bedroom after bedtime e.g. TV, radio, laptop, mobile etc.. The tv, in particular, helps me sleep, IMO, but not in Wolfc’s. This also had to be dealt with by further consequences.

Under instructions I brought my other implements with me on Saturday morning – two leather paddles, razor strap and riding crop. The stripes of honour and the bruises from last week still evident. Bared naked, during the day, I danced around the kitchen as the crop was tested on my body. Then to deal definitely with the “consequences” I was ordered to the sitting room and made assume the position over the arm of the chair, arms behind my back and bottom/sweet spots raised. While a beautiful piece of furniture I have taken a dislike to it as an instrument of pain. Maybe Wolfc was only flicking the paddles/razor strap, in his opinion, but it was impacting deep within my cheeks. Each time my legs came up or my hands tried to protect my cheeks I got a lash on the hands/feet. This happened a number of times during the day. At other times I had to stand, feet spread apart, hands behind my back, within reach of Wolfc as he kept the riding crop close on hand with the odd flick or two in my direction when I began to swing or sway!!

In general, I don’t like the consequences, at the time and despite knowing this I actually walk myself into further consequences for making silly decisions on the spur of the moment e.g. sending texts and making phone calls at 3.00 a.m. in the morning, looking for a cigarette (when I really don’t smoke!!) hiding the cigarette lighter, throwing objects in defiance or using a foul mouth. The foul mouth got a swift gulp of fairy liquid poured into it. Oh how I would have liked to spit it out all over him but I held back on this occasion thinking better of it – maybe next time!! In general I was just being a bit of a minx and had received a warning which I failed to listen to and pushed too far in the end with the result of further consequences and another swift removal to the sitting room armchair.........”more consequences”.

After dinner we adjourned to the sitting room for some “patty cake” on the bottom. This was the fun element but that even hurt me, not Wolfc. The pain was deep inside and I could just about take it being rubbed extremely gently without owing and awing on a regular basis.

Learning that consequences hurt and are not to be recommended hasn’t yet sunk in fully. I like to push out the boat and sail close to the wind and then quickly seek forgiveness (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.........) when the damage is done and Wolfc is reaching for an implement, followed closely by my wrist, for a trip to the arm chair. I guess I got what I deserved this weekend for being a minx. On balance I also got a few treats this weekend too which was very nice. Give me an inch and I’ll take a mile. In reality, I know I got off lightly even though week on week it has been getting longer and harder and I’m told it will continue so until I learn. I want this to work but I sure have a funny way of showing it........

Week four perhaps.........might be consequence free.

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Since the age of seven I have fantasised about receiving a real bare bottom over the knee spanking. With the exception of one relatively minor spanking, from a friend, I mainly self spanked all my life until NOW.

I recently responded to a message from a fellow kinkster which asked “How curious are you and have you ever had a master or session with a master.”Since receiving that message I have been on a roller coaster ride and I haven’t looked back. Something felt different about this time that I can’t fully explain. I was at a cross roads in my life and felt ready to turn forty years of fantasy into reality. After many emails and hours of talking goals and tasks were mutually agreed and consequences set for breach of instructions. I’m good on planning but often poor on implementation. I can be a bit of a minx and I’ll push the boundaries. I like and am used to being in control of events. To relinquish this control and accept consequences is a big step for me. Consequences in particular that will be applied, on this occasion, over which I have no control.

I arrived on the Sunday morning after Week One, as instructed, at 10.00 a.m.. I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether the consequences would be applied or more normally would I be able to talk my way out of them! I had been instructed to bring my nursery and junior canes to be inspected, which I did. I thought it might be just a hand spanking week one. While I did get the hand spanking I so longingly wanted I also got, more than a taste of the nursery cane (or the whippy cane as I call it). The spanking/caning was well measured and I did feel it was appropriate to what I could take and yet at the same time push the limit a little. After all commit the crime, do the time and all that. The stripes of honour could be felt until Wednesday and were still visible until this weekend. Yes, it also helped focus the mind for the week ahead as I was warned that Week One was gentle (being the first week) and the consequences would be strictly applied for any future breaches.

One might think that there might not be any breaches in Week Two as a result but unfortunately while I might like to say that was true I did fall a few times. I also compounded the situation with flagrant disregard for instructions and a white lie on Thursday which was picked up. I wear my heart on my sleeve so finding me out isn’t really too difficult. I was told that these would be dealt with over Saturday/Sunday. I turned up at 10.00 a.m. as instructed. I knew my faith a little better this weekend. It still didn’t stop me trying to talking my way out of the consequences and/or getting a more lenient application. The failures were dealt with on Saturday and the flagrant disregard and white lie were dealt with on Sunday. In fairness, on Sunday, the 30 cane strokes were reduced to 15 cane strokes and two half hour naked and standing absolutely still sessions. After the first 15 strokes (which took some application as I danced about the floor!) I failed to stand absolutely still for even eight minutes, despite being given amply reminders/opportunity before being swiftly removed to the living room and placed across the arm of the chair and pinned down for the 15 additional strokes. Was I sorry – you bet I was. Did I learn? Well time will tell – Week Three being today.

I only need to sit down, stand up or look in the mirror to realise the consequences (see photos). I won’t be going swimming or sunbathing anytime shortly. I have suffered the consequences of being a bad girl. Did I enjoy it? Not particularly on application but definitely the sting and after affect gave a nice buzz. Would I go back to self spanking after receiving the real thing – never. To experience it first hand is magic. Thanks Wolfc for taking the time and caring enough to help me be a better person.

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as i stand here waiting....bent over, blindfold on, heels,stockings suspenders, white creamy arse on display ....waiting, for the first touch, the first crack, slap and sting....hmmm the anticipation what a wet warm lovely feeling

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I wrote a blog about spanking men to tears but I myself had never been truly spanked to tears until I met my newest friend in Memphis during my move back to DC. Originally I was going to meet this person to give him a good butt blistering but as my trip got delayed more and more the spanking had to be reduced due to life circumstances.

I did feel guilty for the delay, not only because I could not provide the spanking he needed but because it was completely due to my obsession (for there is no other word to describe it) with finding out what happened between myself and my former play partner. He pointed out and I agree that I was delaying in hopes that he would come to say goodbye or at least talk to me and give me some answers and some closure but it did not happen. I did the only thing I could to find the answers on my own and get as much closure as I could but am not proud of what I did to get the answers.

As a result I took time away from what I needed to do which was pack and find a job. I disappointed my daughter who has been living in Virginia with my in-laws for two months and was waiting for me, I had disappointed my new friend in Memphis plus two other friends I was supposed to visit in Dallas and above all I disappointed myself with my behavior. I wasted valuable time and energy on someone who was not wasting a thought on me and I deserved a true punishment spanking and thankfully my new friend was kind enough to put his needs aside and help me atone for my behavior so I could arrive in DC with a clean slate.

About the tears. I had speculated on the different things that produce tears during a spanking. For some it's the pain, for some it's the scolding, reaching down into that place inside them that is causing the internal pain from guilt or shame. For me... I was in complete shock when I started sobbing during a spanking because it had never really happened before. My eyes had watered a bit from a spanking only once before and that was close as I had ever gotten. The pain being inflicted was not any more than I had experienced in the past (from the first spanking anyway). I know all you naughty spankophiles want the details so here goes:

After we got to know one another and feel comfortable with what we were about to do, I gave him as much spanking as I could without leaving marks and then he told me he was going to give me two spankings. First a more sensual one and then a punishment spanking in the morning so I could let go of the past and would have something to remember when I got to DC and started my new life (and for the 15 hour drive to get there, trust me).

He placed me over his knee and gave me a nice long warm up with his very strong hand but it was quite comforting as most of you know. Then he used a couple of paddles from my toy bag, I'm pretty sure he used my new nasty bamboo paddle-ball paddle, really beginning to regret that purchase, and a couple of other implements before he had me move, placing me over the end of the bed. Some of you lucky boys have met my 8 hole paddle and it seems to be a favorite of anyone who spanks me and my new friend was no exception. He took that to my backside for a bit and my eyes did start to water from it. My brain had locked down so it was denying any emotion that I had bottled up inside from coming out.

I realized after this session that I do this trick of pulling my right arm under me and holding my fist over my heart when I'm spanked hard and it keeps me from crying. My friend is well experienced at discipline and could see that I was full of tension, that I was not letting go. He bent down to check on me, all the time he had not said a word, no scolding, no dirty talk, not a word, but the second he put his arm around my shoulders and tried to get me to relax my arms I burst into tears. Just pulling the shield of my fist away from my heart and offering me comfort and kindness, that is what broke me down.

I was not crying from pain so my friend continued the spanking and the tears stopped once the pain started and the pain inside locked down again. He was using a supple razor strap at this point so believe me the pain was there, but the pain calmed me and the comfort hurt, that is what startled me. It felt like one of those life flashing before your eyes moments. He asked me why I was crying and I told him it was because he was being nice to me. He asked why that would make me cry and I couldn't give him an answer.

When I was no longer really responding to the pain we took a break and switched to more intimate activities which, sorry, I don't share those. This was all part of my sensual spanking.

We went to bed fairly late and I really did not sleep much, my mind was full of what had happened and trying to understand it. I was pretty drained by now, emotionally raw, physically raw, my backside was starting to remind that indeed I did get spanked the night before, but nothing unbearable, I could still sit down without wincing.

We talked a bit about what happened and then I was thinking that we would not have time for the punishment spanking (silly me) and went into great detail about exactly what I had done to find the answers I needed to get closure with my former play partner. I knew this was more than enough to remind him that I still had a spanking coming but told him anyway. I realize now I would have regretted leaving without getting that whipping I so desperately deserved. He also confessed something to me that we are putting on the back burner for next time we meet but I did give him a quick preview of what was to come (detail of his story I will not share, just as I will not share any details about what happened with my former play partner, they are not my story to tell so don't ask).

After I finished with his warning spanking he laid me across two pillows so my butt was nice and ready for what was to come then laid a heavy double slapper razor strap in front of my face so I could look at it while he softened up my butt for it. He was kind enough to give me a brief warmup with his hand but quickly switched to the leather shoe sole I had just used on him. I will never again mock a slipper spanking in my life. While this was not a slipper, it was just the sole of a shoe, it was quite thick and stung like fire on my already sore bottom. I was already jumping and trying hard to stay in place after just a couple of smacks from it and also for the first time, pain tears sprung from my eyes. When I was starting to really feel the spanking he switched to the double razor strap and again a first, I actually thought to myself "Oh crap, what did I get myself into" but I knew full well I deserved whatever I got so I gritted my teeth and tried to push through it but from the first whack it was all I could do to put keep my bottom where it belonged. While the thought of covering my bottom has never occurred to me I did for the first time in my life want very much for my bottom to disappear. My dry mouth eventually saved me when I started coughing and choking on my tears. When he stopped whipping me and went to get an ice pack, I realized that I wasn't done but at that point when your bottom is on fire and tears are streaming down your face, it is hard to ask for more and it was getting quite late for me to get on the road to DC. I already knew I would have to stop in Knoxville to sleep since I had not slept the night before and now my eyes were puffy and swollen with tears which would not help so my brain and my butt won out over my soul. He knew I wasn't done either but was concerned about the drive ahead of me as well.

It was not a light spanking by any means, I felt that swollen bruised bottom all the way to Virginia and had some trouble walking but when I stopped in Knoxville to sleep I felt the need for another spanking so that is when I knew this was not over. He was kind and iced my bottom before I left or it probably would have been worse getting home and I was traveling with two ice packs so sitting was not as bad as getting out of the car and peeling my pants down to use the restrooms along the way since my underwear was sticking to my raw backside and every step made my clothes rub against it but it was what I needed and would not have changed a thing. I do however know that this punishment is not done, the next time we meet we will be revisiting it and for the first time I know what it is to feel that excited fear that comes with punishment spankings.

For me spankings have always been sexual, it's how I kept my emotional wall up. I would become hyper sexual during a spanking and try to get my partner to fuck me before he could get through to me. Now I finally understand why my ex partner wanted to seperate the sex from the spanking and what the men who come to me just for a hard spanking and nothing else get from it. I mentally understood it before but now I emotionally understand it.

I want to thank my new friend for helping me open my eyes and my soul to my new life here in DC.

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I thought I would start out with an intro, since I'm new to blogs and new to this site and new to being a part of an online community get the idea. I'm new.

My name is Charli. I'm 23 years old, in college and into being spanked. I don't quite remember how I got into it. The internet probably. I was spanked as a child and then when I was 19 or so I think I must've come across something and the rest is history. Perhaps I'll tell you about it in one of the stories I plan to write on here. Oh ya, I'm really creative and have a wild imagination. So, depending on what you're into, you're in for a treat ;)

Anyway, so, I have this deal with a guy I met. I'm trying to change my life because for the last few years I've been a slacker and it shows. I plan to become healthier, more organized in school and in life, and more helpful to those around me. So, pretty much every day I am in for a spanking. 100 strokes is the number I start with to be given daily at 4:30pm, from there I can either earn more strokes or have some taken away. This is determined by how good I do on my daily agenda, which I must email to my partner by midnight each night for the next day. Did I mention that for every minute it's late I get another stroke? So ya, I'm gonna end up being REALLY motivated to be good I think. Not sure how much one bottom can take but mine's in trouble.

So, in this blog you'll be hearing about that I'm sure, as well as any additional stories I come up with. And perhaps the occasional other adventure-I do give spankings on occasion too, and one of my friends also knows he can pull down my pants and go at it if I've really been a brat. I can tell you I don't really look forward to when he does that-we have to be quiet so he uses a cord!

Am I doing good so far? I'm not a professional writer so please don't be mean to me, but I welcome any tips you have. Thanks for reading! We'll talk soon.

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Janine’s Big Girl Spank
July 2012

Uncle Arthur grabbed me by the elbow just before I jumped in the water, “Hey, are you going in the water wearing that T shirt?”

I hesitated and looked down at my husband’s much too large white undershirt. “Yes, I can’t get any more sun on my shoulders.” I gently tugged the end of the shirt over the top of my thighs and over my bottom.

Uncle Arthur grunted and I jumped in the water. The cool lake water was heaven on my flaming hot bottom, it took my breath away. The relief almost made me cry but the boat was moving around and I quickly put on my slalom ski and grabbed for the tow rope.

As the rope began to straighten out, I look at the back of the boat. Uncle Arthur, now 80 years old, was hunched over the steering wheel with my husband, Mark sitting close by for possible assistance. My two little boys waved broadly at me shouting encouragement. “You can do it, Mommy!” “Let’s go, Mom!” I waved back to Jason, age 7 and Derek, age 5. Mark waved, too. I gave him a very small wave.

Earlier that morning, Mark asked Uncle Arthur to borrow his pick up. Uncle Arthur said, “Are you going to the store?” “No,” said Mark, “Janey and I are going to go for a short drive. We will be right back.” “Ahhh,” said Arthur, with a knowing voice, “Here are the keys.” As Mark reached out for the keys, Uncle Arthur said, “Absolutely necessary, eh?” Mark said, “I am afraid so.” Arthur shook his head slowly; he had heard our fight the night before.

I overheard them while I was sipping my first cup of coffee on the porch. I jumped to my feet, spilling my coffee and started down the stairs to the yard. I was at the base of the stairs when I heard Mark say, “Janey?” Then more harshly, “Janine!” I stopped in my tracks. In a very quiet voice that I could almost not hear he said, “You know better than that. You and I are taking a drive, we discussed that last night. You shouldn’t be surprised.” He reached out his hand.

I turned reluctantly and stepped up the stairs. When I reached the top of the stairs, Mark took my hand and abruptly turned and headed to the front door. I struggled slightly to keep up with his long strides. When we came to the truck, he opened my car door and I got in.

Mark said nothing as he got in the driver’s seat and started the engine. As he turned to look backward he said, “There are consequences to your actions, you know this, don’t you?” I was silent.

When we were first married, Mark spanked me when he thought I needed it. I accepted this because I knew that my behavior wasn’t always correct. But through the years, I grew up and behaved better. Mark grew, too. He is the love of my life and we have never been happier. That made the most recent incident all the more confusing. I had not been spanked for years, maybe 5 years.

Nonetheless, the major fight we had the night before and my out of control blow up brought us, especially Mark, right back to our beginning. Mark slipped into disciplinarian role without missing a beat, telling me, “Janine, I will listen to anything you have to say but I will not be called names and be treated with disrespect.” I ignored him and went right on ranting and raving.

Finally, Mark said, “That’s it! You are to get in bed and go to sleep. No more talking tonight!” He motioned for me to come around the bed and get under the covers. I wailed that I didn’t have my pajamas, Mark said, “You don’t deserve pajamas! Get out of your clothes and get in bed, now!” I pulled my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra. When I unbuttoned the button on my jeans, Mark grew impatient and jerked my jeans and panties down.

As I climbed into bed with renewed crying, Mark smacked my buttocks hard 3 times. “Oww!” I hollered. Remembering where I was, I shut up and my hand flew back to protect my bottom. At that moment, Mark was pulling the covers over me. “You are not to get up until tomorrow morning.” “But the boys…” I interjected. “Shhh, I’ll take care of them if they need it,” said Mark. Exhausted and upset, I fell soundly asleep. When I woke up the next morning, Mark was gone. I could hear him off in the distance, talking to the boys and Uncle Arthur.

I knew exactly where Mark was taking me. Our family had another house, years ago, an old original homestead about a half mile from the current main house. The old place has a barn, which we still use for storage and parking yard vehicles. I had been spanked there as a child and Mark knew that. That was where Mark was going to spank me.

As we pulled up, a flood of memories filled my brain. It was a location that we all used, lawn mowers, rabbit hutches, cats with kittens and the rainy day playhouse. My heart ached, my father, Charles, who had died 2 years ago, had spanked me there twice. It seemed like one of us always got in trouble while we were on vacation together at the lake house.

We got out of the truck and as we walked into the barn, Mark removed his belt. A large, wide brown cowboy belt, the kind a man from Texas would wear. He hung it over the boards of an old stall. He sat down on a hay bale and patted his lap for me to come over. When I did, Mark began to systematically smack me over my swim suit and cover up. At first, it just felt like pressure but as he continued on, it began to sting more. I became more uncomfortable and squirmed slightly.

Without saying a word, Mark adjusted me on his lap. He paused to take a deep breath and yanked my swim suit bottoms down. I gasped, not that this was unexpected but it became more real that I was getting a spanking. Without further ado, Mark rained hard smacks with his strong, rough hand. I began to holler and cry. “Be quiet!” he said.

Mark stopped. “Janine, you will not yell at me. You will not swear at me. You will not challenge my authority. Is that understood?” I did not answer right away. Mark listened for a moment then spanked me hard. “Answer me!” My bottom was red and sore, I was sort of confused. So I just said, “Yes, Mark.”

Seeming to be satisfied with my answer, Mark began spanking me hard, first one cheek and then the other. I was in agony, every smack burned like fire. Over and over again, Mark covered my bottom from top to bottom. Just when I thought I could barely take it, he would vigorously spank the top of my thighs. Ohhh, it was so tender there, I stifled a shriek. Soon I was saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I am so sorry, Mark. Please stop, please stop.” Mark acted like he didn’t hear me. The spanking was beginning to overwhelm me, Mark was lighting my bottom on fire and held firmly over his lap. It wasn’t going to be over until it was over. I could do nothing to end it.

Finally, he stopped and he was slightly out of breath. I was a sobbing and blubbering mess. My nose was running and bent over his lap I felt short of breath myself. “Stand up, Janine,” said Mark. I did. He stood as well. “Put your hands on the bale.” I turned around and bent over. I started crying, I had forgotten about the belt.

Mark picked up his belt. He slowly folded it in half and planted his feet firmly to my left. “Janine, what have you learned,” asked Mark.

“I will manage myself better; when I am exhausted I will just say so and not pick a fight with my husband.” I struggled to say.

“What else?”

I thought for a moment, it was hard to think with a burning, stinging bottom. I stood there with my back to Mark, all I could think of was the belt was still coming.

“What else?” demanded Mark.

Suddenly it came to me, “It is never ok to completely lose control and use profanity on my husband, within earshot of my boys. It is never ok to scream and holler at him. And I will never to that again.” At this point, full contrition flooded my heart. Why did I do it? Why would I speak that way to Mark, my best friend and the one most firmly in my corner? A refreshed cascade of tears came down my face and I gulped and I squeaked the last few words.

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“Good. Ok bend over,” Mark voice sounded softer some how but I couldn’t be sure. It didn’t matter anyway, Mark never seemed to change his mind about discipline even if he did have compassion for me and my plight.

Tearfully and pitifully, I asked, “Do you want me to count these?”

“Nah, you going to get ten on each side, then we will be done. Ready?”

Shaky voiced, I said, “uh huh.”

Mark pulled his arm back, he delivered 20 additionally swats on my already burned bottom. I was scorched and I cried out with each one. I begged him to stop and again protested my regrets vehemently. Wow, whatever soft hearted compassion I thought Mark might be feeling was completely absent in my whipping. The skin on my buttocks was so tight that it even hurt to just stand up in a standing position. As I righted my body, I thought to myself, “at least a week, I am going to feel this one for at least a week.”

Mark reached his hand out to steady me on my feet. He looked carefully into my face, “No more, do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mark, I understand,” I said as I wiped the tears from my face and eyes. He pulled me very gently to him and hugged me tight but kindly. I buried my face in his chest, a few tears continued to fall.

“Ready to go back?” he said. I shook my head no.

“Well, the boys are waiting for me to take them swimming,” He put his arm around my shoulders and led me out of the barn. Getting into the truck was an experience, I can tell you. It hurt like the dickens to sit down on the vinyl seat.

Mark was calm and poised as he drove me back to the house. As soon as we entered the driveway the boys were jumping up and down for joy. They were ready for their Daddy.
Mark called to them and without another thought about me, all three of them hurried off to the lake beach.

It was so quiet and peaceful, I just sat there in the truck. It was going to be painful to move so I just allowed myself to daydream for a moment. Presently, Uncle Arthur was at my window, he startled me somewhat.

He casually took off his beat up baseball cap, smiled his dazzling smile and said, “How is my darling girl?” Even at 80 years old, he was a charmer. He was a small man but tan and wiry with the most movie star handsome good looks anyone could ask for. Being so close to me, I had the chance to look closely at him. There was a distinct hint of sadness in his eyes and how could there not be. He was the last one. Everybody he originally loved was dead. Arthur’s wife, Rene died in the 1990’s and he was devastated. My mother died soon after Aunt Rene, about 2 years later. And just barely two years ago, my father, Chuck as Arthur called him, died suddenly. Arthur’s kids, Charlie and Eddy and their families and me and Mark and our family were all Arthur had left.

I was embarrassed again that I behaved so badly. Arthur had been looking forward to all of us being at the lake for months. Couldn’t I put my selfish needs behind me and make sure Arthur had a great time with all of us? After all, Arthur and his family were all I had left as well.

I refocused my priorities. “Hi, Uncle Arthur, I am doing fine.” I paused, “Mark took me to the barn to talk to me. But it’s all ok now.”

Arthur had a sweet, tender look and said, “I know, Sweetheart.” He patted my hand that was on the window of the truck door. He started to walk away, then turned back and said, “I love you very much.” “I know, I love you, too, Uncle Arthur.”

In the back of the boat I could see Mark gesturing to the boys to sit down, Uncle Arthur looked back at me out in the water one more time then looked to Mark. Mark nodded his head and Arthur gunned the engine. Putting my weight on my left foot, I rose out of the water, half way, with the water violently rushing passed me, then I stood up all the way. I leaned on my back foot and a slalom roaster tail sprang up behind me. I move out of the boat’s wake to the right side of the boat.

My tender and sore bottom stretched with my muscles and it hurt. But the cool air on my wet flesh felt delicious. My wet swimsuit bottom hugged my bottom like a cool compress. As I move in and out of the wake, I was feeling better and better.

I could see some interaction between Arthur and Mark, suddenly they exchanged places. Mark was driving and Uncle Arthur sat looking back at me ski. He smiled broadly and did his usual gesture of two thumbs up at me. The pride on his face beaming. He taught me how to water ski.

On the turn at the south end of the lake, Mark turned to look at me. His look of love and pride was overwhelming. His broad smile encouraged me and our eyes met. Using the boat’s centrifugal force I sped almost even with him, and then slowly slacked off to go over back over the wake again.

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best video clip I ever saw here... titled 100 mph.

where did it go? anyone else see it?

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There is something really satisfying in typing two simple words 'The End' after two months of writing every day. 85,604 words later I have finished my novel The Finest Line. In a few weeks it will be uploaded to Amazon as an e-book and I don't really care how well or how badly it sells because it's mine and I love it and I feel I've really achieved something. I feel I've written some good spanking scenes though the story is primarily a love story. There's sex, violence and profanity but there will be warnings on the content. As for me right now, I'm just enjoying this feeling! I have written a novel!!!

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It's been so long since I posted, I forgot the time out.

I just lost 20 minutes of writing decribing my most recent spank. I'm totally bummed. Will try and get over it so I can share.

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Gusse the Bedtime Rule isnt working I am supossed to try and sleep at Midnight my time leve my Pc on and My GF Will call me on Skype to wake me if she comes online if she isnt too sleepy.. Well it aint working the last 2 weeks i lucky if i am asleep by 8 am I Dont have any Structure (( Spelling?:P)) At the Moment I eat when i wanna witch isnt alot and sleep when i wanna.. This is Not good even i Know this and i have tried to brake the habit myself but i am so used to it i cant sleep when i try UGH! For once i am Not brakeing a Rule Just for the Heck of it LOL.. I accutly cant stick to it Becuse even thos its a rule My GF Set up she cant really Inforce it becuse Of the fact she cant allways get on till late Eveing her time. I Would Ask My Mommy But she has alot going on at the Moment i dont wanna add to it she hasnt been very well so I Not asking for much becuse i know at times I can be a bit of a Handfull when i go Supernova off the rails. Oh well just wanted to get that off My chest.
Love ya All
Happy Spanks
Keith :)

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Where's Waldo?
by Vivie

I thought I saw my friend today,
I was delighted to see his form
But I realize now it wasn’t him
And all I can do is mourn.

Why he left me I cannot say
He seemed ok to me
But he decided not to stay
We just weren’t meant to be.

He jump upon an airplane
And soared clean out of sight
He didn’t say goodbye
Feel sorry for myself tonight.

Upon further reflection, to Hell with him
I don’t need his drama
I’m always going to be okay
Because I am one hot Mama!

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Sorry for not updating me and my wife’s spanking blog in close to two months but have been super busy. Don’t think for a second that she has gone with out a spanking for this long hahahah, far from it I have used the paddle, belt, hair brush and my hand on her at least 2 times a week. She has been doing very well fessing up to infractions that she has done with me not around to notice such as cutting in front of an old woman at the store or stealing a pack of gum from the store all while I am not with her. She has been coming to me shortly after I get home from work with what ever implement she feels is right to be used on her for the infraction and handing it to me. I will then say something to the affect of “OMG what have you done now” she will then tell me and then prepare for her spanking. Some times she has called me at work right as I am leaving to tell me what she just did. I feel that this is just to get me heated so she can hear me say “plan to get a good spanking when I get home”. She like the Idea of me flying into the house grabbing her arm and throwing her over the bed or my knee and spanking her. I have also return home for work planning on doing just that to find her with her pants down bent over with the paddle on her back in the middle of the living room waiting to be spanked. We go down to Texas about every two weeks and I swear every time she has got spanked at least once on the way down or on the way back. We use her mini van on these trips so it make for an easy stop to pull over get in the back and light up her bottom. I have recently spanked her at a rest stop, a casino parking lot, and two truck stops I parked right next to a big rig with the driver still in at and went to town on her ass for about 3 min I then got out of the can and so did she rubbing her bottom she got back into the passenger side and I went in to go the bathroom when I returned the truck driver said “everything ok buddy” I walked over to her side and motioned for her to role down the window so she could hear what I was saying to him. I looked at her and said this man wants to know if everything is alright she looked at me stunned since this has never happened before and I said to her well tell him “she looked at him” and said “yes everything is alright” I then looked up at him and said “yes everything is fine now I just had to take her in the back and spank her butt a little” the truck driver just gave me a uneasy laugh and I then said good buy to him and got in the van an took off. My wife told me that at that point when I told him that I had just spanked her in the back of the van that she got so wet and turned on. I have not done this since but I would like some suggestions of what else along these lines I can do to keep her going like this.

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I thought I saw my friend today
Was a fleeting glimpse perhaps
I’m sure I saw my friend today
Or my clouded thoughts did lapse

Could I have seen my friend today?
Come back to be with me?
I’m sure I saw my friend today
Or does my mind dictate what I see?

I wish I had seen my friend today
But impaired judgment persists
I couldn’t have seen my friend today
Because she no longer exists.

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Views: 617 · Added: 784 days ago

i figured what the hell
ill start a blog

i figured id start with a poem i wrote about 30 years ago

and yes i did write it on a stone tablet


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