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In the spirit of the summer olympics...if we could have a spanko olympics, what type of events do you think we should have? I'm sure we can come up with a wide array of events, considering the demographics that make up this wonderful community. Such as the spanko high hurdles. Where a sub or bottom has to bend over every single hurdle and get a specific number of swats or strokes.

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Well, evidently these blogs can only have a certain number of characters. I finished that story and tried to save it-turns out they don't warn you before they delete it. Dag nabit!

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So after talking with my GF we have decied this is how things are gunna work. I will be going to bed at 10 pm my time and she will wake me by calling me on skype if she gets on if not my alarm will be sit for 5 am Becuse the sun is up by 5 am once i either hang up with her or Get up at the alarm i will have a cup of tea get my Workout clothes on and shoes and go out for a walk around the block a few times Come home have brakefast hunt for work/a spanker lol and then take a nap eat dinner watch tv and bed by 10pm. Lets Hope this works and there is No More Blogs posted at 6 am in the Morning after being up for 19 hours LOL.
Love you all
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 915 · Added: 786 days ago

And seriously wishing a had a spankable bottom on hand for a little fun.....

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Views: 726 · Added: 787 days ago

Here I am once again. Thought you got rid of me huh? I was about to think the same thing. Been another busy month. Haven't even thought of anything to write about..I think I may have exhausted all my DD thoughts. I try to write something about it and seems I'm just repeating things. So maybe I have said all there is to say about the RIGHT!! Lots of new people on here now so I've decided to cheat and post something I wrote awhile back...I have to get some kind of rest pretty soon. Either that or call off summer..Anyway this is for those that missed this he first time. Hope you like:)

When I was just getting started as a fledgling perv was I a total nervous newb. I’d had pervy fantasies since approximately forever; in fact, the first sexual fantasy I can remember having involved spanking and anonymous sex. But I’d kept it a DEEP DARK SECRET. I mean, I did not tell a single human being at all, ever, not even a little.

Hell, I kept my complete irredeemable pervitude a secret from MYSELF. I’d say things like, “Oh, those are just fantasies. I don’t REALLY want to do them.”

Uh huh. Suuuuuuuuuuuure.

Eventually I did come out of the kinky closet and while hair-raising it was also amazing and cataclysmic and changed my life and was totally worth it.

But here’s what I wish I had done differently. It’s only one thing, but it’s a big one.
When I was coming out about my kinks, I wish I had separated my desire for my partner to KNOW who I was as a sexual being from my desire for them to DO kinky perverted things to me.

I tell you, the torment I endured and I see other kinkyfolk endure. ”But what if they don’t want to DO that stuff with me? What if they think I’m totally awful and sick and broken and disgusting?!”

Oh, my. My poor little kinklet! What a terrible feeling, to feel like the person you love might be completely disgusted by you if you tell the truth about who you are. How horrible and sad!

Our sexuality is so tender and personal that I think it’s impossible for us to refrain from taking negative reactions to it personally. What could be more personal? And what could be more painful than being rejected in such a personal, private way by someone you’re intimate with?


Here’s what I think you can and should expect from a partner: I think if you tell an intimate partner something private and sensitive about your sexuality, they should respond to you in a kind and caring way. If they don’t, call them on it.

Here’s what I think we CAN’T expect from a partner. We can’t expect that they want to do the same kinky pervy stuff that we do. We can’t expect them to instantly get used to the idea and immediately fall all over us doing deliciously awful things to us. We need to give them time and space to think it over, and although it’s sad, we have to accept the possibility that they might never really be into the stuff we’re into. (That, of course, is scary, because depending on the circumstances you might end up in Should I Really Stay In This Relationship territory).

So. Listen up, spanko's. New game plan.

We’re gonna Divide. And we’re gonna Conquer. (Or be conquered, whatever floats your boat).

If you’re going to out yourself to a sweetheart about what a giant perv you are, don’t make it about them doing those things with you.

Make it about them knowing you.

Wait until you can say that the reason you’re telling them this stuff is that you want them to know who you are as an erotic being, full stop.

Tell them that you’re telling them this because you want them to know, and while you would love to do this stuff with them, you’re not going to pressure them to do any of these things. Ever. At all. And mean it.

That’s scary, isn’t it? Yeah. What if they never come around to the idea? Is it the end?

It might be. Or it might not be. But if it is, you wanna keep your dignity. You don’t want to remember that the end was preceded by pressuring them to do things they really didn’t want to do. If they don’t want to do it, and you decide that it’s important enough that you really do need to find a partner who’s closer to your own sexual stripe, there’s no point in pushing them.

Obviously, that’s not the outcome most of us are looking for. So separating the “this is who I am” talk from the “hey remember that stuff we talked about…what do you think?” talk raises the chances for a positive outcome.

Why? Well, I think a lot of people react negatively to a partner’s revealing a kink because they immediately think that they’re under pressure to do whatever that kink is, right now, or their partner will be upset. Add this to the fact that they may have all kinds of extreme and stereotypical ideas about that kink, or that they have to work out how that kink relates to who they are. (What if you have a very strongly feminine gender identity and your male sweetheart thinks you would look really sexy in a strap-on harness? Well, for the male sweetie it might be a sex toy, but for the woman it might be an identity crisis with free shipping).

Separating telling them about who you are from doing kinky stuff is critical because it gives the other person TIME to react as their best self. It puts you in a better place to have a compassionate reaction to them if they’re freaked out and think you’re going to leave them for the spanking commune.

You’re probably going to have to come out more than once, even with the same person. Coming out is a process. It’s likely that a partner’s first reaction isn’t going to be the reaction that you expected or wanted.

What I hope for you is that you tell your partners about all your fabulous kinky pervy stuff and they fall all over you and rip your clothes off because they think it’s so uber hot they can’t stand it.

And if that doesn’t happen, what I hope for you is that your sweetheart eventually comes around to the idea that it is super hot and fun even though they were kinda skeptical about it at first and wondered if they’d have to wear leather chaps, and they’re so grateful to you for expanding their erotic horizons and they just think you are the best thing ever.

And if none of that happens, what I hope for you is that you can be kind to each other and keep your chin up. You’re not awful and disgusting. You’re a badass awesome kinkyperson from the badass spanking tribe. Don’t EVER forget that.

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Views: 2667 · Added: 787 days ago

The video has now been posted..
Ten minutes of intense punishment and a very sore bottom for playing with my wiener!
If, like me, you're not that into hand spanking just foward to the three minute mark!

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Views: 569 · Added: 788 days ago

i drove to myrtle beach a few weeks ago

it was supposed to take 16 hours but it took 30

i made it through new york ok

but when i was driving through maryland

i came across a truck that had a sign that said


since he stayed on the highway i had to get off

and find another route south

i found a 1 lane highway going south so i took it

30 miles in i came across a sign that said DO NOT PASS

so i had to turn around and go all the way back

i finally got there

next year i fly

at least it gave me time to think off...

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Views: 1238 · Added: 788 days ago

Friday...yay! I got an email from another person on here telling me that my previous blog post wasn't allowing her to post a comment. Not sure why that happened but I think it was because I blocked someone and it wound up blocking my blog from being posted to with the comments. Anyone else have that happen?

I have unblocked that person now to see if it helps.

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Views: 1039 · Added: 788 days ago

The thing that is so fascinating about this place for me is the fact that (obviously) all of the girls here are fully aware of their need/desire for spankings. Some of you are in the early stages of your awakening and are still figuring it all out, while others here have always thought about spanking.

But the vast majority of girls I've disciplined had never been spanked before they met me. Most of them hadn't even ever really thought about it. When I gave my first warning that I would spank them for a particular misbehavior, some girls would get sly grins or perhaps make risqué cracks, assuming that I was just being lascivious. Others would conspicuously try not to react (though it was obvious they had heard me, loud and clear) and when this happened, I knew I had struck a chord that resonated deep within, and, at the same time, perplexed her.

When each girl finally got her first spanking--when she suddenly realized I wasn't joking and this was really going to happen--the reactions varied, but ultimately there was a consistent pattern: shock, confusion, embarrassment, and a disintegration of her mask of confident defiance. What I invariably witness when I give a girl her first spanking is a flushed-faced, dewy-eyed, naked regression back to a time she can hardly remember; this, in turn, blossoms into a one-of-a-kind state of submission, which creates a new level of intimacy. Things are then as they should be. In the future, she will no doubt test the limits again, but now she knows that there are, definitely, limits. And she appreciates that. She can calm down around me now, and enjoy the feeling of inherent safeness that this new component of the relationship inspires.

But what about you? You're here on this page now, but has it always been in you, consciously? Or did some man spark it, and release this latent desire, very much to your surprise?

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Views: 1622 · Added: 788 days ago

Hello Female Submissives. If you'd like to be in one of our videos and get a real, well deserved spanking let us know. We're located in the greater Seattle area.


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Views: 957 · Added: 789 days ago

I Just thinking about this talking with my GF How Standerds seem to change as you get older For example a Sentor or someone in Plotics who basicly lies to get the Votes Now think back to this person say 30 years ago when they were a child if they did that they probley get spanked or Punished in someway.. So why do standerds change when you become an adult? thats why i belive in domstic discpline I belive that we as adults should be held to the same standards our parents held us to as children Dont Be dishonest Dont be Rude and so On and yet there are Pepole who run COUNTRYS Brakeing these rules LOL! So I Suggest we get all the Doms and Dommes Like Missy and others and make them the campainge mangers for all pepole going for election in all countrys and when the person running for office lies they get spanked! then the Public might get what we accutly Voted for when they come to office LMAO!.
Anyway Going to bed now at 6 30 am hehe
Love you all
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 863 · Added: 789 days ago

I'm nervous as hell with this new paddle that came today and it being used on me. Hit myself with it to see how it felt and it stang and I no my bae hits a lot harder and I already got it coming for getting out of line and mouthy with him today.

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I was spanked as a child, when I misbehaved and deserved it but not very often. I never had any interest in spanking growing up. It wasn't until after I got married and my wife began to really misbehave and act selfishly that I knew something needed to be done, I just didn't know what. I grew up in a culture where I was taught that hitting an adult was wrong. Never the less I began to have these secret fantasies and desires to spank my wife and try to get her to behave better. The only place where it seemed plausiable to address these ideas (for me at the time) was via roleplay in the bedroom. At the time, bdsm seemed to be the only venue for doing that. Growing up in a religious home, I felt guilty about much of the bdsm stuff. I would make restraints, whips, paddles and toys and then 6 months later would wind up throwing all of in in some dumpster. The marriage eventually ended and at about that same time I discovered that such a thing as "Domestic discipline" existed......suddenly I didn't feel alone in my secret thoughts anymore. I learned that there was a way to be responsible, kind and loving and still correct an errant wife/partner. I learned that it was actually a responsible and proper thing to do if you genuinely loved and cared for someone. Well that was 25 years ago, and I'm happy to say that I've grown and learned a lot since way back then. The human mind is a complex thing. You can't rush a good thing. As the sayinf goes, Rome wasn't built in a day and no spoiled bad girl is going to experience a miraculious change overnight. A man who loves his partner, works with her and exercises patience through the disipline process. I've observed many wanna-bees drive someone away because they were too strict or unreasonable in their expectations....they accomplished overwhelmed their woman with a long list of rules and she eventually big surprize. I have learned about many pitfalls from observing other relationships fail. In my way of thinking, giving discipline, can be both rewarding and fun for both people what's the rush? A woman that desires to be dominated and please her man, is worth investing time in. It is my belief that she will admire and respect you much more later, for being patient with her as you nudge her along to a better place. Alright, I'm getting off my soapbox now....

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Lubię bić łapą. Mam dość ciężką i szybko sprawiam, że dupa suki pokrywa się rumieńcem. Jej największą zaleta jest swego rodzaju więź między mną a bitym- nie ma między nami żadnego przedmiotu. Wymaga też bliskiego kontaktu. Uwielbiam kiedy suka przekłada mi się przez kolano z spuszczonymi spodniami lub całkiem naga. Lewą dłonią przytrzymuję jej obie ręce skrzyżowane na plecach, dzięki czemu prawa ma nieograniczony dostęp do wypiętych pośladków. Lubię je kilka razy pogłaskać zanim przypierdolę. Czasem po uderzeniu zostawiam łapę w miejscu klapsa, czasem natychmiast zabieram. Czuję jak dupa robi się coraz cieplejsza i spocona.
Im mocniej i dłużej leję, tym sam zaczynam czuć ból w dłoni- oto cena za zadanie bólu suce- im bardziej chcę ją skrzywdzić tym bardziej sam czuję.

Kabel czy pas to tylko narzędzia. Są OK ale to nie to.

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Views: 1214 · Added: 790 days ago


whichever will sink your battleship

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Views: 1372 · Added: 790 days ago

03:33 AM And i am still awake UGH I feel very confused at the Moment Not sure if i am Comeing or going I Understand My GF Works very hard and sometimes just crashs when she gets Home from work But at the Moment My Mind is so on the I CAN DO WHAT I WANNA Mindset i feel I am gunna Mess up i am doing my best Not to I am staywaying away from Booze.. Smokeing Not so Much We shall see what happens in the next few days.. I Just need that spanking I will find someone I mean theres something like 10 Million pepole in UK Must be someone willing to spank me LOL!.
Love ya all
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 2216 · Added: 790 days ago

After watching all these bottoms getting warmed on spankingtube earlier, I have to admit I was feeling more than a little randy!
…So randy in fact, that I forgot all about my promise not to play with my wiener while Mistress is away. One thing led to another of course and before I even realised it, my Calvin Klein’s were round my knees and I was naughtily pleasuring my stiff little totem pole.
As luck would have it, my good friend StrictJim chose that very moment to email me a new punishment assignment. What better way to deal with my naughty masturbations I thought!
With my Mistress away on business I was certainly overdue a good thrashing. It would have to be a diy punishment but this did mean that I would be free to video the whole thing. (My mistress is a little camera shy!)
The punishment was to start off with a hand spanking to my bum and legs (not my favourite form of punishment if I’m honest, but ok for a warm-up) This was immediately followed up with a very thorough dose of the riding-crop (Much more to my taste!), then finally, just to hammer the point home, I was ordered to give my bum a good going over with the shower brush. As you can imagine, my bottom was pretty hot and sore by the end of all this.

Feel free to check out the pics, and hopefully the video will also be up pretty soon…
Happy spanking!

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Views: 1395 · Added: 791 days ago

some people see the glass as half full
some people see the glass as half empty

i see the glass is cracked

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Views: 1549 · Added: 791 days ago

One girl was searching for her keys in her purse when a pack of cigarettes fell out... another girl's friend said to her in front of me: "Remember the girl we saw when we went outside to smoke?" And so on with every girl I forbade from smoking. If they smoked on the sly, sooner or later they got BUSTED. And at that moment when they did get caught, they all wore the same expression of blank-faced disbelief, followed by profound dismay. They had been amply warned--they knew they were in for the spankings of their lives, and there was no way out of it.

Ultimately, my smoking-cessation program has had a 100% success rate. Thus, I don't think it's over the top to say it: SPANKING SAVES LIVES. What could be more fulfilling than that?

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Views: 1378 · Added: 791 days ago

Jenna screamed as the first waves from the rising tide began to reach her, the salt searing into the cuts on her back. She struggled against her bonds but the brutal man who had whipped her earlier had staked her down good onto the low beach. Her naked body writhed as she struggled against her bonds. She knew if she didn't get loose she would die when the tide came in fully.

Torque watched his prisoner struggle with malicious satisfaction. The smile on his face was chilling as he imagined what the near future would mean for his victim.

Wham! Suddenly something hit Torque on the side of the head and his vision blurred for a second as he turned to ward off his attacker. "What the-" Torque started to say, trying to understand why he was being attacked by a guy in a gorilla suit, but he was cut off as he was struck again, this time----

"D! Get in here!" D Sanders jerked in surprise, the novel slipping from her hands at the sound of her husband's angry voice.

Oh crap, she thought, his tone didn't sound good. Jumping off the bed she straightened her clothes. Trey wasn't supposed to be home for another four hours. What had hap-

"D, I'm not going to ask you again," Trey's voice was quieter, more menacing and D walked quickly out of the room towards the sound of her husband's voice. She found him in the kitchen, holding a folded up belt in his hand. She paled a little and asked in a wobbling voice.

"What is it, honey?" Trey raised his eyebrows at her and looked pointedly at the checklist sitting on the kitchen counter. D looked too and brought her hand to her mouth. Shoot! She had forgotten Trey said he was going to leave a checklist of things for her to do. She hadn't done a single one of them yet! "Honey, I can explain-" she started, but Trey cut her off with a wave of his hand.

"I'm sure you could explain, but I'm not interested in your explanations. We talked about this. I asked you to do something and once again you ignore me. I even made a list for you!" He gestured at the neatly written items on the paper. "But apparently what I say doesn't mean much to you. Well, we're going to fix that right here and now."

Trey took a step forward and D backed up reflexively.

(To be continued...)

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