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so my wish has come true and i got the compleat package. i could ask for a better person to come into my life at the right moment. and on top of it all we have a great friendship..
thanks DADDY

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Today (or yesterday) is/was my Spankingtube Birhday. In a prior post I set a goal of 1000 friends and a quarter million views of my videos. I achieved both those goals. I also wanted to get birthday spanking. That's a goal I did not achieve, but I expect to get many in the coming year to make up for it.

Thanks to everyone on ST, especially those of you who have become my friends or commented on my videos. I hope the forthcoming year will be as good as the last.

And if you're a woman who likes being spanked -- or likes spanking -- send me a PM. This is a great place to meet new friends.

Best wishes to all.


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Home from work today. So I decided to try a blog entry. This is my 1st story on this site, I hope you enjoy.

Today we were at my mothers house. My mother and I have a bit of shall we say a rocky relationship. We argue a lot. She just doesn’t make sense sometimes. She invited me and Joe to her house for dinner, I could have easily stayed at home but my husband insisted that we go and spend sometime with the old woman.

When we got there, my mother was in the kitchen with my aunt making dinner. Joe kissed the ladies and headed in to the den with my step-dad to watch the game. My mother and my aunt wasted no time. They began to interrogate me. Hounding me about kids, moving closer to them, changing my job….AHHHHH. I immediately got aggravated and told them to “knock it off”. I raised my voice…ok ….well I yelled at them, telling them to stop hounding me.

Joe and Dave came into the kitchen seeing us all upset. Joe walked beside me and whispered “ Rach, calm down,” I shot him a look that said don’t mess with me and he very clearly mouthed “watch it”. I huffed in desperation wanting to tell him that they started with me first, but I said nothing. I was getting pissed. I was so frustrated that they could just badger me and I just had to take it. So I shut down and sulked big time, Joe came close to my ear and whispered “Now you can count on a discussion, when I get you home.” I wanted to scream out and tell him “It was their fault… and to go have a damn discussion with them!!!”

Well dinner was ready and we sat down to eat. Dinner was quiet. There was conversation around me but I chose not to join in. I spoke when spoken to. Joe was annoyed with me and I was annoyed with my mother and aunt. I just wanted to go home.

Finally towards the end of dinner I started to relax. Joe gently rubbed my leg under the table, it felt good, I relaxed a little more and finally joined the conversation. After dinner Joe and I started to tackle the kitchen, just him and I alone in the kitchen. As I stood up from putting a pot in the cabinet Joe walked over to me and met me face to face. I jumped because he got so close. He explained to me that he was clearly going to blister my backside when we got home because disrespecting my mother was not allowed. He made it clear that raising my voice in her house regardless of how it started wouldn’t be tolerated either. Joe didn’t yell, he didn’t even raise his voice. He spoke so closely to me that I could feel his breath. Needless to say I was nervous. I wanted to plead my case but I new I was doomed.

As we finished up Joe told me to go ask if anyone wanted dessert, so I did. Dave was back in the den and said “no thanks” my mom and aunt were in the living room. Neither wanted dessert either, just as I was about to leave my mom started talking to me again…my attitude began to rise. She apologized for hounding me she said it was just that she wanted me to have everything she had. As I was about to have a nice mother daughter moment my aunt chimed in something about my pipes drying out and I lost it! I went up one side of her and down the other. I yelled, I screamed, I hollered and I went off!!!! Just as I was nearing the end of my rant Joe walked in and politely excused us.

He firmly grabbed my arm and walked us to the stairs. I panicked… we weren’t leaving we were going upstairs and before I could stop myself I begged Joe “ Please, please don’t spank me here, I will stop. Please not here!!!” I didn’t care who heard me it was a matter of life and death. Joe walked me upstairs and by the time we got to the guest room my pleading was muffled by the tears falling. He tossed me into the room and closed the door behind us. I begged again. Joe told me to stop and began to lecture about the level of disrespect he just witnessed. I said “but we are vanilla outside of the house, you can’t spank me here”. I needed him to tell me we would deal with it later, that this was just a warning but instead he told me to undress and I cried and begged as he started counting I undid my jeans. I knew my fate was sealed when his belt came off. I was hoping someone would come in and interrupt but at the same time I was soooo embarrassed I just wanted to disappear. My husband spanked me as hard and as long as he would have if we were at home. That belt came down with such fury, I hopped around trying to escape the belt but Joe had my arm gripped like it was caught in a vice. I cried and begged finally it stopped. Joe told me to get dressed, clean myself up and make it back down stairs quickly.

I did as I was told and made it back downstairs. By the time I got downstairs Joe was sitting quietly in the den with Dave and my mother and aunt were quietly sitting on the couch. I went into the living room and met my mothers eyes. I started to cry again as I fumbled through my apologies. My aunt interrupted me and apologized first. She apologized for being so hard on me. I sat gingerly between them and we all hugged and laughed. It was then that the two old ladies looked at each other and then at me and told me to that they were STILL spanked by their husbands, my jaw just dropped. We hugged again and my aunt said “welcome to the club.”The End.

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It's been 155 days since I wrote about us NOT being able to upload demos clips to Spankingtube and we still can't. I don't know why and Spankingtube says it's not THERE problem and are totally unwilling and unhelpful in regard to helping us fix what the problem is. I know it's not us because I'm able to upload on EVERY site that isn't connected with Spankingtube. The sites that are owned by spankingtube we can't upload to. So what would that conclude? I won't say it but keep enjoying what we have up here now.

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Spank me while I yell, while I protest and deny. Pick me up and carry me, whacking my wiggling bottom. Put me down, keep me down with rope, with your words, with authority. Spank me till I cry, till I sob, till I empty my rebellion. Spank me as I accept you, as I cling to you, spank me till I beg. Set me the rules, tell me I am yours. Keep me, hold me, spank me, love me. Prove me now your love, as I prove you mine. My love, my only.

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Hate to admit it but I fucked up. Just been going through different changes and stuff and some of it has been stressing me out so I took a step backwards well a couple steps but I'm going to get back on track I think it took a lot of me to admit especially on here that I fucked up but at least I did.

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ive been feeling kind of down for the last few days

ive always thought of bloggingb as talking to oneslf in publc (which makes me the crazy guy muttering to myself "the pudding is on mars"

it may be cathargic to talk it out to myself so..

im 48 years old

which means i have more life behind me then ahead of me

and i had a great 48 yeras
i had lots of friends and great memories

and maybe thats the problem

ive come to a point in my life where i dont really have friends

i came to this rationlization the other day when i thought id go to a hockey game but had no one to go with

i used to go with my father but he has altheimers now and my son doesnt enjoy it

i played ball with a very tight knit group for 20 years but they all drifted off to have there on families so i dont see any of them anymore

periodically we talk about getting together but...

so tomorrow i will wake up go to work,come home, have dinner, watch a little tv (thank you netflix) and go to bed

maybe thats why i come here

oh well thanks for coming to my pity patry
take agift bag on your way out
if my mood has brought you down wait a few minutes, its like the new england weather

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I've never been this scared and nervous about an ass whooping before in my life. Thank goodness my daughter was their so I wouldn't have to get it but I no she wont be at home all the time even though I no I deserve it I really just want to get it over with. But I no its going to be pretty bad 4 ME.

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I was born in the early fifties and brought up in a time of make do and mend. Some of my early influences were not too kinky:
- Marilyn Monro, Brigitte Bardo
- Elvis, Chuck Berry
But also:
- in Greek myth Hercules finds a maiden chained to a rock. The sap rescues her. My ideas were somewhat different.
- Batman and Catwoman in comic form.
- somehow I didn't see 'Bond Movies' but I did see Michael Caine in the Ipcress File. Harry Palmer (unnamed in the book) seduced by cooking, and cracking an egg with one hand. Importantly - he was working class )or at least not a toff)
- Playboy, Penthouse, Zetta (photo strip stories in which the girl lost her clothes, often in working office situations)
- In the early 70s 'Men Only' published the first chapter of "The Story of O". I was about 20 yeas old, a hippyish new man on the outside and confused sadist on the inside.
- in 1975 the Story of O was made into a film. I didn't see it. But I did see Emmanuelle, and started reading 'Janus'.At this time felt that all of this was merely male fantasy. I had to wait until the early 90s and the Internet before I discovered that not all the girls were merely earning extra cash. Some of you girls are eager volunteers.

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If anybody has learnt how to stop the clock you might pass on the tip!!! Another two weeks have passed and other than a sore bottom I haven’t achieved very much. Was in BIG trouble last week for doing a very foolish thing that I am not proud of. In fact everything else that happened that week now paled into insignificance when I confessed, under duress. At that I definitely got off lightly – mainly because I am attending the physio at present and can’t have striped sweet spots. I might not have had stripes but I definitely got a good bruising on the behind instead. I’m not complaining, I deserved every bit of it.

This past week I was in trouble again for binge drinking. Started out as a meal and a few drinks and ended at 3.20 a.m. on Saturday morning. It was a good night all the same. Another excuse, not that Wolfc needs one, to attend to the sweet spots. I was tired on Saturday as a result and was late arriving. I also slipped up wearing underwear which wasn’t long being forcefully removed and only fit for the bin afterwards!!! I saw plenty of the arm of the chair throughout the day despite my poor state of health, even if self inflicted. On Sunday I was back to my usual tricks – minxing again. In the moment over the arm of the chair I think I won’t do it again but as soon as I’m upright and back on terra firma I’m at it again – fingers in the mouth, picking, messing etc.. My poor hands were both paddled with intent. They were red and stung for quite a while. At least it was a change from dancing attention on my bum!!!!

The plan for this week is to be as good as possible......time will tell.

p.s. Got off to a good start and then came home and ate half a ginger cake as a dinner substitute!!!! Doesn’t auger well for a good week, does it?

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I'm looking for a disciplinarian to help me get my impulsive spending under control. I have nearly 2000 in debt and I'm on SSI. I have had months to pay it off but cant. i keep spending what i pay on on the 2 cards right off again they have been maxed out for awhile now. I'm looking for a male or female that can help me. no i will not have sex . email me at subject SPANKING id be willing to put it on video as long as my face is not shown im located in dallas fort worth area

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I've been thinking about dominance and why is it so appealing to me. I'm not into pain or humiliation. Maybe harsh at times and I'm not interested in excessively needy men. I can wash my own car and do my own dishes (smiles - although I certainly am not opposed to being served in that way.) It's just that.. I'm a strong woman who enjoys having people see things my way through gentle persuasion and just a wee bit of charm :) While it isn't the "typical" Domme approach, it works for me and I admit I take pride in the fact I can accomplish what I want in that manner. So... if I'm not into pain or humiliation, maybe harsh at times... and I'm attracted to strong men, what is it that pulls me so to dominance?

I've always been attracted to strong men who can make their own decisions from day to day but, who from time to time, just want and need to let go. (I love that saying - "I'm strong enough to stand. I choose to kneel.") Nothing is more appealing than a strong man who surrenders, not just out of need but also from desire.. the desire to serve and to please.

In addition, I admit...I'm drawn to that feeling of control... even if just for a little while. I like knowing that I can utter a few words and have someone do exactly as I direct. It's not so much what I ask them to do - it's that they do it and that they do it with an eagerness to please. While I admit I can accomplish this without using hypnosis, it seems even more heightened and exciting to feel that level of control when someone willingly allows me to cradle their mind in my hands, tenderly caressing and guiding it with my words. I just had little shivers even thinking about that.

Dominating someone I care for, without trance - feeling and accepting their surrender, trust, respect, and desire - leaves an almost indescribable feeling. Although sometimes it is physically exciting, the pleasure is more an overall feeling of satisfaction, contentedness, and often joy. Frequently I find myself laughing because it simply feels so good. It's a very intimate thing, and although I still have to rank making love as highest on the list of intimate pleasures, this certainly comes a close second.

Outside a personal relationship, Domination still feels good. Again, it's very pleasing to me to accept someones acquiescence, and to know that they've trusted and respected me enough to allow me to control what they think, feel, and desire for that period of time. That feeling of power is quite exhilarating and more than a little boost to the ego :) It's also so enjoyable to observe as they grow as a subject. Watching how each time, they slip easier and deeper into trance and become more and more open to my suggestions. (Smiles) That feeling of temporary control is pretty heady stuff,and very, very pleasing.

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Young Blonde Mistress 24
Would like to spank older Gents bottoms 40+ and Couples 35+ no younger
In a domestic setting with lots of high furniture to be put over and spanked
Geninue spanking service

Specialising in OTK
Crops and canes

Roleplay Speciality
Roles include
Strict School Mistress with cap and mortar board
Head girl with genuine school uniform
Strict Mother
Strict Aunt
Etiquette Teacher
If you have other roles your prefer let me know
Good range of implements and outfits

Welcome beginners and experienced

Operate from Worthing West Sussex
Also have use on premise in Sutton Surrey (SW London)
Both within walking distance from train station (15 min)
Both easy parking

No Personally services
Also I do not switch

I can also provide a male master assitant if required

Work hours week days suit me better and work from 9.30am last appointment is 2pm
Can offer one evening session and 6pm on a friday
Can do weekends if given 3 days notice
In Worthing Location
Sutton can do from 11am to 6pm weekdays
But do not do weekends in Sutton

Require 2 days notice for a booking can sometimes do same days bookings but prefer to be given notice

Please enquire for session tribute

To book a session
Call Mistress Bailey for more details on 07964065750
To book duo session with Master Tyler and myself
Please email

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Views: 432 · Added: 810 days ago

We offer feedback in both conscious and unconscious ways. Of course, we can offer words of praise and we should. However, if our body language, tone of voice, or other conversations offer a negative tone, that speaks volumes. If we tell someone they’re doing well and then later criticize much of what they do, we send mixed messages. Unfortunately for many, the negative carries more weight. If she perceives *you* think she’s sexy and in control, that she’s “doing it right”, she’s more likely to believe that herself.

With every success, our self-confidence grows a little. Since that is the case, keeping our expectations low in the beginning, attempting easier-to-achieve goals or changes, and focusing on building on our strengths will all aid in ensuring successes. For example, if she asks you to do something rather than telling you to do it – she’s still asking for what she wants. For many women, that’s a difficult thing to do. If she’s not normally the type to ask, consider it a success when she does. Your responses and attitudes regarding her efforts greatly effect her perception of how she’s doing.

For many, accepting and liking who they are is at least partially dependent on the opinions and behaviors of the people they love. (I’m not saying that is always the case or that it should be – just that for many it is.) I try to make certain requests for relationship changes don’t send the message that there is something inherently wrong with my partner or the relationship. There are aspects of our lives that both enjoy, however there are always a few things that we can do to enhance what we have.

Avoiding negative comparisons to others is critical. I’m not like other Dommes and that not only absolutely works for me, it has always worked for my partner as well. That said, I would be lying if I professed that negative comparisons to “real Dommes” didn’t hurt when “friends” made them early in my exploration of my Femdomness. If they had chosen someone whose personality wasn’t so vastly different from mine and had said, “you might find some of her ideas would work for your style of dominance” rather than “real Dommes are like her”, I would certainly have been more open to considering the things I read.

Fun activities tend to build confidence levels, because we associate the feelings we experience with success and happiness, feelings that lead us to gravitate toward those type of activities again. Relaxing and doing the small but fun things like tease or mild bondage with scarves can be confidence building. This is especially true when she receives acknowledgment that you enjoyed it very much as well – even if it isn’t as kinky as you might ultimately wish it to be. As her comfort level grows, the more willing she may be to explore other things.

She can gain confidence in her ability to assume the leadership role in your relationship, but it is unlikely to happen without each of you making a conscious effort. Will it make her the Domme of your dreams? Maybe not, but sometimes getting a bit of what we want can be surprisingly fulfilling.

Finally, I’d like to address nurturing her “inner bitch”. Does she like her “inner bitch”? I have one and I don’t want to loosen it. I feel out of control, ashamed, and unhappy when that part of me emerges. She may feel ok with releasing that aspect of her personality, but that has to be her decision. One doesn’t have to be a bitch to control a man. That’s one thing I can say to an absolute certainty ;)

I hope sharing my opinions helps provide food for thought. These are things that work in my relationships, however your lady is a unique individual and only you and she know what will work for the two of you.

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Why does it take so long to change the avatar? Patience is not one of my virtues!!!

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Professor Jim was very cross. His favourite protégée Lisa was consistently late in handing in her assignments. Goodness knows what she was doing with her time but it was clear that he was going to have to discipline her.

There was a knock on his door.


It was Lisa, looking lovely as ever, her navy blue suit with knee-length skirt suited her perfectly. Jim could not help but admire her.

“You wanted to see me Jim?” she enquired, smiling in her usual affable manner.

“Yes I did Lisa. I have been noticing that your assignments have been coming in late and regretfully this can no longer be overlooked. I am afraid that I have to punish you.”

“Oh Jim!” she replied. “Please don’t do that. I will be good and work extra hard; I have just lost motivation for the moment. I can soon catch up.”

“No I am sorry Lisa. You said that last time. I regret to say that my patience has run out. Bend over the bookcase and pull up your skirt and petticoat please.”

She looked crestfallen, but she did as she was told. Meanwhile Jim opened his cupboard and took out the swishy rattan cane which he used to punish his errant students. It pained him to use it on Lisa but she did deserve it. It was, after all, for her own good.

He took up position behind her and addressed six very firm strokes across her pristine white panties which shook and vibrated as he applied them. Lisa squealed and gasped a bit, but she took them without complaint.

“Right stand up Lisa,” said Jim when the caning was over. He admired his protégée as she rose a little red-eyed and the skirts fell into position over her chastised bottom.

“You may go now,” he said kindly, “But I want that assignment in by first thing tomorrow morning or I am afraid that…..well ….you understand don’t you?”

“Yes Jim,” replied Lisa rubbing her sore bottom with some vigour. “I will see to it right away. Thank you sir.”

With that she left the office, leaving Jim feeling very pleased with a job well done. He knew damned well that the assignments would be late again next week.

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Views: 1420 · Added: 811 days ago

I'm so bored tonight, there must be someone who would like to flirt or just generally talk crap for a while?

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Views: 556 · Added: 811 days ago

Back in the “good old days” of the 1960s, when Great Britain briefly led a social revolution, in which the young demanded their voice be heard, there was a phenomenon called the pirate radio station.

To summarize, (for those who are too young to remember) the country at that time, especially the broadcasting media, was controlled by stuffy middle-class citizens, who had a firm idea about how society should be organised. They had no concept of pop music ethos, nor the sense of injustice that was felt by the millions of young people, whose values were systematically ignored or demeaned, by a bunch of snooty, out-of-touch toffs.

A classic example is that pop music was seldom broadcast by the BBC, which held the monopoly on British radio emissions. Even then, it was presented in a patronising manner.

So spotting a gap in the marketplace, some revolutionaries hired an unseaworthy tub of a vessel, anchored it just outside the Thames Estuary, in international waters beyond the twelve mile limit, and began to broadcast pop music 24/7. They sold advertising space to finance the operation, and soon there were several vessels around the coasts so employed.

Well of course, this got right up the nose of the authorities, but they couldn’t do anything about it because the “pirates” were operating on the high seas, and not easily able to be brought to heel. It is rumoured that the powers-that-be contemplated sending a gunboat to sink their ship. (This had been customary in the days of The Empire, as a means of controlling the unruly natives, but in the end they didn’t send one, no doubt conscious of the adverse publicity that would doubtless follow).

Eventually the Establishment caved in, revamping the BBC to include a pop station, (Radio one) on the principle of: If you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em!

So what has this to do with our little hobby on SpankingTube?

Well it occurs to me that, whilst corporal punishment has been banned in most civilized countries on account it isn’t considered good for people, there are still a lot of citizens who believe in its merits. So I was wondering whether perhaps some streetwise entrepreneur would like to donate a cruise liner where spankos would be free to indulge their passion, free from the disdain of the disapproving classes.

Anyone got a boat?

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Views: 3624 · Added: 812 days ago

It takes too long to upload my self-spanking vids here, and a bunch of other places.
I will only upload my vids to my blog on blogspot.
The address is noted on one of my earlier blogs, here.
(or email me, if you can't find it, and want to)
My latest adds were on 9/27, when I spanked my bottom while wearing lace top black stay-up stockings, and with my cock locked up in a CB6000.

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Views: 392 · Added: 812 days ago

Good morning stube. Not having a very good day today didn't get the job I was hoping to get but I'm still continuing to try. I did get accepted into a college but probably not going to start till next fall. AlsI going to make a move,again the house that I had isn't going as well as it was supposed to. As far as everything else it's going ok. I have had a change of attitude due to some changes in my life alot of the drama was due to miscommunication on my end. Glad it was settled and can continue to behave even though the punishments some wasn't fair but I accepted them. Life isn't fair and I had to learn that. Thanks to the people I talked to so I could come to an understanding and accept My faults and that I don't have to publicize it my problems but to talk to the people that I do have a problem and come to an understanding which I did.thanks Blackspanker1, Uncle P, Pete, and otknow.

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