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Views: 518 · Added: 871 days ago

its been a year since i joined. its been a great year.

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Views: 668 · Added: 871 days ago

The thing I miss the most, when my dad spanked me was the bedtime spankings, like a scheduled spanking of some sort. Yes I was quite the little brat, still am just to be clear. Not sure anyone could keep min in line, other then my dad then ofc.

I would however have to admit that one person in particular on this sajt, that may have a chance on setting me straight, that is one more reason to as why I really regret moving to Sweden, I didn't wanna leave Richmond Virginia. I was just to young to have anything to say or a vote for that matter.

At the moment, I have two guys whom have been spanking me, I told myself 10 months ago time to stop smoking, and stop drinking and get fit, to put it that way. And without the help of these two guys and the help of "stop smoking products" I have been smoke-free for 6 months now, and 7 months alcohol-free, and started swimming 3-5 times a week at the gym, and eating healthier. The point that they are spanking me for is more for me to relax, then disciplinary part.
I've had a real spanking disciplinary session once, and that guy was a real putts, a real asshole to put it mildly. He was spaping his fingers like I was some fucking K-9 of some sort, so I just can say that all people just can't match with some people...

I wish I had some one like, you Kyle Johnsson as my disciplinarian, however we live to far away and I have stopped smoking, stopped drinking, and started the gym part....should have lost weight by now, but I've gained more then I should have lost , that is because I´m pregnant ^_^

So I must keep the spanking desires in my head and wait until the baby is born, don't think it's a good idea to be spanking while I´m pregnant....

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Views: 264 · Added: 871 days ago

Hey,i'm new around here as you can tell. Name's Max. I'm 18 years old,just turned it in November and I've been into spanking for a while. I prefer to be a dominant. Honestly, I've actually never spanked anyone before,this is sort of a whole new experience for me. So honestly,I'm ready for the ride ;)

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Views: 613 · Added: 871 days ago

It was beastly hot out on the boat dock but even so, she shivered as the icy syrupy juice of her cherry Popsicle trickled down her hand. As she quickly licked all the way around her Popsicle, the juice traveled down her forearm and dripped off of her elbow and on to the top of her foot.

Janine was out of breath and inwardly chuckling, she was fairly certain that she beat her parents home. The dark water lapped up against the dock and Janine struck an appropriate pose as if she had been on the dock for hours. From behind her, she could hear someone coming down the path to the dock. She assumed it was her cousins, Charlie and Eddy. They had better hurry up, she was suppose to cover for them if anybody asked where they were.

"Hey, Sweet Girl!" Janine felt sick, it wasn't Charlie and Eddy, it was Uncle Arthur. She slapped on her most beguiling smile. "Hi, Uncle Arthur!" she said, turning on the feminine charm. Arthur clasped her by her shoulders and planted a kiss on her forehead. "How's my girl tonight?

From there it all went south. Uncle Arthur asked her one question after another, with a friendly, inquisitive manner. On about the 4th inquiry, she began to lose track of the agreed upon story. Suddenly, she was hesitating and stammering.

"You're lying to me, Janey." he said calmly. "I happen to know where the boys are, they are in the house. Your dad and I just picked them up at the police station." Janine felt a gurgling thing down deep in her tummy, this couldn't be worse.

Suddenly, Arthur stepped back onto the path, "Chuck? yeah, she's down here. Ok, I'll bring her up." Tuning to Janine, "Let's go." he said grimly.

Janine turned to start of the path, as she went passed Arthur, he landed such a swat on her bikini behind it seemed she lifted off the dock alittle. "Owww!" and she hurried out of his range.

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Views: 2255 · Added: 872 days ago

for errant young men (of all ages) in the Philadelphia area.

Drop me a line.

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Views: 452 · Added: 872 days ago

Sitting around ive come to relise i desperatly NEED a spanking. Iam not sure why. I could think of reasons that i should be punished, but there is an actual need behind what iam feeling. Not sure if thats weird, but its frustrating as hell.

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Views: 334 · Added: 872 days ago

Some months ago i found two videos on the home page that i fell in love with. I was a fool though and didnt save or like the videos and now i cant find them. One was a first person point of view, where a step mother calls her step son into the living room to talk. while they talk she reveals that she found a letter or fan fic where the stepson has lived out a desire to be spanked by the step mom. the whole time the stepmother is talking it cuts between spanking scenes and her explaining how she has no problem giving the dicipline her step son wants. the second video was a similar set up ( with the first POV, and cut scenes etc) If any one knows where these clips are on this fantastic site id apreciate a lil help finding them. thanks

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Happy New Year, ST friends!

My book has sold over 100 copies in less than a month. Here a short synopsis of the story. I hope you will all consider reading my first published book. You can find it on Amazon, E-books. For me? I still can't believe it is published! I am thrilled, to say the least.

Rebecca Stafford had it all together. She was the one of the up-and-coming lawyers in her firm, she was making great money, and she was known as a girl who could party just as hard as the boys. Then Mark Venard came along and made a mess of things. Suddenly, someone in her life was demanding that she take a few hours off work now and then to have dinner with him.

She wasn’t the slightest bit used to having to answer to a man like Mark about anything, and she certainly wasn’t used to being taken over a strong man’s knee for a bare bottom spanking when she behaved like a spoiled brat.

As Rebecca and Mark grow closer, she knows that she must find a balance between her long work hours and her growing desire to spend time with him, but will she come to terms with her feelings or will Mark’s firm discipline drive her away?

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Views: 281 · Added: 872 days ago

I know its a little late but happy new year every one, here is to a spank-filled year!! maybe ill get one for my tardyness...;D

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ya sure its 18 degree s out so I get in the car and drive up to chitown go have a drink with a few Friends of mine low and be hold they were dressed to suduce and and Molest my body,
leather cat suit was what she was wereing her Little friends were wearing the Hip hugging Fuck me boots and schoolgirl skirts

so the drinking began after i arrived, but i do vanish for the Holidays
as family takes pressident over my kink, so they hadnt seen me in a few months non the less back tot he story

after a few drinks one thing lead to another and the Pusses pounced on me in a slow fashion with carresses and destraction my hands were tied befor i new what they were upto it was neat how they did it to as i was giveing one of them a backwards hug she slid her hands up m while the third closed the loops over my wrists then the secont dropped out and down and i was caught up they 1 st she took a few steps back and grabbed a chair, out from under a carner table came out the case with lots of implments. after that it was on as they each had there way with me i was warm comfortable and in the hands of three beautifull women it stung alittle bit but why run away i still have claw marks down my chest and back there happy and so was i enjoy life while you can try to balence certain resposibilitys if at all possible leaving room for fun, it will add value to your time on this earth, and if some one is standing out side in 20 degree weather begging for money and you got a buck to spare therer no lazy person going to do that there actualy needy give them a buck if you can spare it

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Views: 2520 · Added: 873 days ago

I am going to post up a self spanking video my butt will already be red when it starts only because I went to do it once and my ipod shut off befoer I save the recording so I couldnt get it but I will do it now and make it 2 times harder

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U know that little voice that tells u that u shouldn't do something and u tend not to listen to cuz it's just too temping or u r curious well I wish I listened to that darn voice
I wanted to know the risks of having the flu wile pregnant so I looked it up and now I wish I didn't
Cuz now not only feel like crap I'm worried about little Noelle
Sometimes I wish I could just kick myself in the ass :/

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Views: 369 · Added: 874 days ago

U know that little voice that tells u that u shouldn't do something and u tend not to listen to cuz it's just too temping or u r curious well I wish I listened to that darn voice
I wanted to know the risks of having the flu wile pregnant so I looked it up and now I wish I didn't
Cuz now not only feel like crap I'm worried about little Noelle
Sometimes I wish I could just kick myself in the ass :/

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I have lived in the Columbus Ohio area my entire life and met an incredible number of people. Yet I have only ever met 1 or 2 people with interests that coincide with mine (in terms of discipline etc). Maybe I am just going about this the wrong way, but I can seem to find anyone who feels the was I do about these things outside of the internet. Maybe one day I will find someone. Until then here I am lonely in central Ohio.

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Husband ordered to know: how to give the ginger in the ass? Please tell us about it.

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Views: 326 · Added: 874 days ago

So this girl who I haven't seen since highschool over heard my conversation with my friend about telling her I'm 7 months pregnant and when I was in the middle of telling her why I'm single this girl who I haven't seen in four yrs walked up to me and called me a whore for being single and pregnant and it took all my strength to not let my Irish temper fly and bitch her out instead me and my friend walked away

I absolutely hate when ppl judge before they know all the facts

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Views: 699 · Added: 874 days ago

Hello I am from Russia. I live in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk. I am married. Husband brings me sometimes - gives a spanking for bad behavior. After whipping usually anal sex. Husband thinks that the bottom should be punished and outside and the inside. only punishment for a woman can be considered complete. In Russia, in the cities rarely poryat women. In the villages, this method applies a behavior more often. I think it is correct and useful for women.
Of course, after whipping butt hurt and was on fire, we have to take it carefully. But these sensations are pleasant - the husband takes care of me and punishes with love.I have a nice, plump ass. Husband slaps his hand, belt and cane. Cane is a very rare, special faults. After the spanking I should be 15 minutes in the corner with a bare bottom, then go take it in the ass fat cock.
Very interesting to see how other countries in the families punished wives.
Write. I'll be waiting impatiently. We now have frost -35 degrees. so warm ass spanking good time :)
I do not know foreign languages, for that I should get a spanking. Translate online translator. I apologize for the error.

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Views: 1527 · Added: 874 days ago

Happy New Year to everyone...

... wish you all the best for 2013!

And I guess it´s time to say thank you to the and all the users I´ve been in contact in 2012.
It has been a great pleasure to share experiences, thoughts and -of course- pictures and videos.

All the best for 2013! Would be glad to keep on rocking this site ;-)

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In November I got my first disciplinary spanking, or as he calls it, a ritual of transformation, which includes an "intense" spanking, which was very intense. It really did root out a lot of my stupid brattishness, but for some reason I've seen that brattishness creeping back, and tonight is the worst ever - I'm still up!! It's almost 6 am!!! If ever I needed an intense but loving spanking it surely is now, and the irony is that I had a session scheduled for today (which would be in 5 hours); I can't help but think that there is a connection, but, sugar foot and peppered toe-jam, this is just crazy!!! Crazy self-destructive behavior!!! I know better!!! Why am I not . . . ??? Get a grip, girl!!!

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Views: 853 · Added: 875 days ago

So that title has nothing to do with what I'm going to write about lol.

I collect pretty's an odd thing to collect but I just love them. I got a leather bound book filled with children's stories and poems from a friend.

I found this while reading this nostalgic book.

I know everyone knows the old woman and the shoe who had so many children she didn't know what to do!!!

SPOILER ALERT: she spanked them all soundly and sent them to bed :P.

Well did you know there was a spanking in jack and jill too :P

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water,
Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got and off did trot as fast as he could caper,
To old Dame Dob who patched his knob with vinegar and brown paper.

When Jill came in how she did grin to see Jack's paper plaster.
Dame Dob was vexed, did whip her next for laughing at Jack's disaster.

Then Jack did laugh and Jill did cry but her tears did soon abate.
And she did say that they should play at seesaw 'cross the gate.

I would just like to say...who wouldn't have laughed. Jack would have smelled awful and he was wrapped in brown paper?!?! Give a girl a break :P

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