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Any girls in Redmond/Woodinville Washington area interested in being spanked/spanking an 18 year old boy? If so than message me and we can skpye/set up a time :).

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Today I want to talk about navigating domestic discipline. Personally, I think domestic discipline is hot, but have a hard time imagining it implemented in my marriage (apart from my husband’s refusal) because, well, sometimes I’m right. LOL. Still, it occupies a lot of fantasy space for me (and therefore shows up in my books), and in my latest, I try to reconcile how it might work in a contemporary relationship.

In Safe in His Arms, Becca discovers that living DD is harder than her fantasy version. She doesn’t think Zac knows more than she does about certain things, and is reluctant to take his lead. In this excerpt, he ordered her to take some kind of stress-relief class to help her asthma and she blew him off. He’s administered a distance punishment of a butt plug and the application of an arthritis cream that makes her butt burn. Here’s how he presents his case for why she should obey:

“What if, instead of getting hung up on who is right and who is wrong, you just kept it in the realm of what you like from your man? What if you just decided you would obey me because it makes you wet to submit, not because I know better than you or I never make mistakes?”

She was looking at him intently, the line between her brows disappearing.

“Could you do that?”

She nodded. “Yes, sir.”

He grinned at her use of the title.

“Can you believe I have your best interest at heart?”

She tilted her head to one side. “Yes, sir.”

“I may not always be right,” he shrugged. “But I’m the one who gets to spank. Because ultimately that’s the way you like it.”

She looked relieved, her face softening. “When are you coming back?” she asked, her voice catching, her eyes tear-bright.

He shook his head. “I’m not sure. It could be a week, it could be a month. I’m sorry. But I should have more access to my computer now, so we can chat. And you can tell me how obedient you’ve been.”

She smiled and shifted her weight, her brows furrowing. “This really stings.”

“I know. It’s a punishment. It’s going to sting for a few hours, just like I gave you a real spanking.”

She blushed. “Ouch.”

“Get your vibrator out of the drawer.”

Her eyelids flickered and she complied.

“Now bend back over the bed, with the vibrator between your legs, right on your clit.”

She took the position, her bottom now a bright red. “Is it on?” He laughed. “Turn it on, Becca.”

He heard her muffled giggle.

Now reach back with your other hand and start pushing that plug in you again. That’s it. You’ve been a naughty girl, and now you’re getting spanked by me.
“Make little circles right around your clit. Now reach back with your other hand and start pushing that plug in you again. That’s it. You’ve been a naughty girl, and now you’re getting spanked by me. Push the vibrator inside your pussy. All the way in, until it hits your cervix.”

He heard her groan, her back arching and contracting, her bottom wiggling. He returned to stroking himself. “Use that angled tip to get around behind your cervix, find your g-spot.”

He watched her fumbling with it, sensing her confusion as she sought the location he described. “Ohhhh.”

“That’s it, baby. Push the butt plug hard.”

Safe in His Arms

For as long as she could remember, Becca dreamed of a dominant man to take her in hand, and Zac, the handsome Marine she met at her sister’s wedding, filled the role with aplomb… for a weekend. Then the fling came to an end, Zac went off to war and died for his country, and Becca learned she carried a child who would be born without a father.

Seven years later, Becca has done her best to move on and forget about Zac… until the day she walks into her kitchen to find the man she believed she would never see again locked in mortal combat with her son’s nanny, and realizes everything she thought she knew about Zac was a lie.

Like all Black Ops agents, Zac doesn’t exist in any government record. His life is a series of deadly missions, and relationships of any kind are unsanctioned. But he keeps one secret. He watches over Becca, the beautiful daughter of a rogue agent, and Parker, the six-year-old boy he fathered that fateful weekend. When he spots a known assassin in their apartment posing as a nanny, he’s forced to reveal himself and take them to safety… whether Becca likes it or not.

While Becca may have enjoyed his dominance once, bending her to his will again may not be quite so easy. He is determined to keep her safe, however, and if a long, hard spanking is required, he is more than willing to oblige. Having Becca over his knee rekindles more than his passion, though; even when the immediate danger has passed, he finds it much more difficult to “ghost out” on his family again. Must he resign himself to protecting those he loves from afar, or can he find a way to be the man Becca needs and longs for, the man who is worthy of her submission and her love?

Publisher’s Note: Safe in His Arms is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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This young lady I knew many years ago, when she dated a friend of mine. They broke up, and we became friends, platonic friends ONLY. For her birthday I paid to have her upright piano tuned. This year I asked what she wanted and she just grinned. Uh-oh I thought--I love the thought of putting a girl across my artificial knee, but we had never been physical in any way--didn't even play basketball! But there was no denying her--she knew what she wanted and said I should be happy because it was cheaper than the 400 bucks for the piano. Her logic was perfect and her stems were really nice too, so I told her to give me a music lesson and I'd blister her backside in return. She wore khaki shorts and a white top--very preppy. She even brought her own paddle, as she is not aware that I have a duffel bag of devices. The paddle was a little thin but had holes drilled in it and really stung. She was red in no time and used "yellow" twice, but never had me stop. I saw her again at a little theater production and she told me she still had marks. I told her it had only been 4 days so that wasn't unexpected. I'd like to have inspected the handiwork but she was busy and s I said, we aren't in a relationship where I feel I can just ask her to drop her shorts. But Carrie has been a friend for a long time and I hope wil be for many years to come.

Bad Tushy
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My muse is on a pilgrimage to paradise,
Which San Diego perfectly resembles.
The sunny personalities are everywhere,
But heading for the spanking horse he trembles.

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I have been debating putting up more pics of me, maybe of my bottom? What you guys think?

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My big brother and sister in law are coming up from North Carolina in acouple of weeks to visit :-) I haven't seen my big bro in almost two yrs

Now I wonder witch one am I gonna into more trouble with my big bro or sister in law?

Oh daddymole!!!! Good luck cuz this gal is going to have fun and get into trouble cuz my big bro is coming to town yay!!!!!!!

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I've just heard from vivie. She is truly sorry but she will not be able to submit a story at this time. Yes, she still wants to be in our little group but it is just not feasible for her to comply at this time.

Sooo, I need a "volunteer" please. The last line of tygrr's blog is: "I think your ready naughty girl. Shall we begin?

I realize some of you might be on vacation or busy. As a "little" time has passed since our last tag, I would like to remind the volunteer to verify before posting that the tagged participant is happy to be tagged next and will be able to post the next blog in a timely manner.

The list of active Spanking Tag participants are: WeepingWillow, SpanksBadgirls, Puck_Princess, JacktheLad, otk8894, Miss_Fiona, mistymornings, japan64, Cautious, OldJimSlipper, Boohoo, tygrr, and vivianphelps

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I have found a mentor! And a possible boyfriend ;) he's a great guy and I had gotten my first real spanking today. It was for lying, putting myself down and procrastination

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Equation of the Day: angel_kel’s extremely bruised behind + contact with a wooden chair = zero desire to lean back + poor posture + (cringing x 2)

Why is my derrière extremely bruised one may ask? Well, I asked for it. No, I didn’t misbehave. I literally asked my hubby if he would be interested in giving me an intense spanking. I told him I was open to whatever he wanted to do, with the one request being that he make sure to warm me up really good. Some of you may be thinking, “Why on earth would you ask for such a thing?”

To give you a little history about my husband and I, we rarely play. We work much better as husband and wife than Dominant and submissive. So usually I have to ask for play if I want it with him, and l I seriously struggle asking for play with anyone. Plus I will often get all pissy and irrational and irritable before I break down and ask for play. It had been months since I’d had any intense play and even longer since I’d been really spanked, so the need had become stronger than I could control on my own. Well, I am married to a sadist, so he was happy to oblige.

Late Sunday afternoon, I laid all of our toys out in the bedroom, so he could choose what he wanted to use in the moment. After some kissing and touching, he told me to lie on my tummy in the middle of the bed. He blindfolded me and handcuffed me to our iron headboard.

So there I am bound and thinking, OH MY GOSH! DID I REALLY ASK FOR THIS? My ass is raised nicely for him as I’m lying over a stack of fluffy pillows. And it all began. Thankfully, he started with his hand and was relatively gentle. Keeping a steady pace alternating cheeks creating a sting that was impossible to ignore; my bottom was turning a light shade of pink. Just over an hour later from when the spanking began, I could feel the bruising and inflammation taking hold yet I was flying and was one happy girl. My ass had been spanked with his hand, two wooden paddles, a foam baseball bat, 2 different crops and a leather strap.

Why is my derrière extremely bruised? It took NUMEROUS swats with his hand, just over 100 swats with the leather strap, at least 60 swats with the wood paddles and likely more. As for the crops, I haven’t a clue how many because when he wasn’t teasing my pussy with them initially, he was making sure not a millimeter of my ass wasn’t burning in rapid succession. And well over 200 swats with the foam baseball bat, I honestly wasn’t able to even begin to count them all because I’m pretty sure he thought he was at batting practice.

**You can check out some of the pictures showing my husband’s handy work plus some of the implements used in my album titled – Intense Spanking, 08/4/2013.**

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I want to thank Mike (japan64) for his kindness and for took the time to help me to improve my short story... THANK YOU MIKE!!


I'm kneeling on the bed, with my head and shoulders down and my bottom high up. It's you who told me to stay like that...

Time passes... i really don't know how much time i've been in this position. But as time goes by i feel more and more ashamed and more and more aroused. You've blindfolded me, so i'm unable to see if you're around. Sometimes i hear a soft noise coming from... i don't know... i wish it's from you but maybe it's just the wind... or the neighbors... or actually maybe it's you making it on purpose just for making me cringe every time i hear it. i begin to be frightened by what are you going to do to me.

Since i agreed with this it's not me who has the right to stop it... not now... anyway i don't want to............ it's just that this sense of vulnerability makes me feel... well, helpless, defenseless... i want to be at your mercy, but at the same time i don’t want it. i'm afraid.

Finally i feel your presence beside me... you run your hand over my back making me shiver. While keeping one hand on my back, you bring the other to my mouth and open it with your thumb, making me suck it... i do it anticipating what's coming soon. After a while your finger leaves my mouth which i keep slightly open.

You come so close to me that i can now smell you. As a conditioned response my mouth fills with saliva... oh my, i'm already craving for it... and i get my reward.... i feel your warm cock pressing against my lips. “Open, sweetie” you say. i do, taking your cock first with my tongue, and then letting it coming inside half way.

You begin to move your hips as if fucking... and you're certainly fucking my mouth... i try to get more and more of you inside my mouth when suddenly i feel the hand that had been resting on my back smacking my bottom... hard.... it hurts but i don't move, just keep sucking.

You're fucking my mouth slowly and giving me ocasionally hard smacks on my bottom.... i'm getting more and more excited... i begin to suck your cock harder as the heat grows on my bum... you stop moving and let only your cock's head rest inside my mouth. “Spread your cheeks” you say. i don't obey you inmediatly, since it's something that makes me feel truly embarassed... “Open them...” you say in a stern voice as you give me a painful spank. i reach my buttocks with both my hands and open them as wide as i can... still feeling shame.

i feel something probing my bottom hole, it's firm and not very wide... what it could be?... i really don't mind... it feels so good... i resume sucking your cock and you respond moving your hips again... you come in and out my mouth while the thing you put inside my bottom begins to burn... it's ginger... i moan and try to open my bottom cheeks wider... you make me take my hands away and push the ginger a bit deeper into me...

You're still fucking my mouth, making me to take it a bit deeper every time you move... you could cum but instead you leave my mouth and pause to stop your orgasm. Meanwhile, i'm beginning to really feel the burn inside my bottom hole... oh my... the ginger is making the heat grow too much... i need to cum and beg you to let me rub myself. You say “No. Lie flat... and spread your legs.”

Slowly, i obey. You pull the ginger out a bit and push it again deep inside me... you're now fucking my ass with the ginger... i groan and bury my face on the sheets........... you stop fucking me but keep pressing the ginger deep inside my butt hole... then you start to spank my bottom with your other hand, very hard and very fast... i whine, it hurts and feels so good at the same time!

By now, the ginger is giving me too much heat... i start to moan in desperation... i gasp trying to control the overwhelming sensation that is invading my whole body and soul... i'm now breathing hard because i'm overstimulated. i squirm and wriggle in such agony...! i pray for you to take it out..... i can't bear it anymore... please, please, i whisper...

Perhaps you're actually listening carefully, because after a brief pause you stop: “Spread your legs wider...” i do so and you drop a small amount of oil on my bottom... you rub it gently all over my buttocks and inner thighs... and pull out the ginger. When it cames out i feel such a relief that i exhale a long moan of pure pleasure but also realize that i'm already missing its presence... you let some oil to get inside my emptiness, caressing it with your thumb and letting it to slide inside for a while just to slide it out again... it feels sooo good!! it's like you were extinguishing a big fire... your finger slowly sliding in and out soothes the heat and calms me down.

You resume the spanking, this time roasting my bum with harder and faster spanks, even giving me some very hard ones on my inner thights but concentrating the most of them on my lower cheeks......... i whine and squirm but you don't care... it goes on until i yell with each burning swat. Finally you stop and caress my hot bum letting your fingers run down to probe my pussy and vagina... you're checking it to see how wet i am... and i am, for sure, very wet... “Such a naughty...” you say and give me a flurry of hard spanks.... i wriggle and yell out every time your hand connects with my bottom.

Then, all of a sudden, you take me by the hips and pull me close to you, forcing me again on my knees and lifting my bottom up. From behind me, your cock enters my very wet vagina without hesitation, making me almost scream because of the surprise and the force with which you're taking me....

Your strokes come harder... in fact, they are the deepest and harder ones i have ever gotten from anybody... i feel like you're about to kill me... but i’m still enjoying it so much that i'm far away from the earth...

“So, you like to be fucked hard, don't you?” you ask. i just can't respond... i'm unable to articulate anything but groans.

You move faster and deeper... bringing your hands to my nipples, pulling and twisting them... “Rub yourself, sweetie......... rub yourself...”

Of course... i obey you.

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The Spanking Thief The Final Chapter
By spankedme111
Copyrights 2013

Poor Jade just received a really embarrassing and intense spanking from the super. To be honest a spanking from Jesse I could understand but to be spanked by you super completely naked all thanks to her neighbors, I say that’s pretty embarrassing and it’s time for revenge.
Jade wanted to get Jesse & Brie back for embarrassing her so badly. She decided to wait it out, let their guards go down and then “HIT” them when they least except it. A few months passed by when one morning Jade heard yelling from Jesse & Brie’s APT, she looked carefully out the window just looking enough to see and not been seen when all of a sudden she sees Brie storm out slamming the door while yelling. Jade decided at the moment that this would be a perfect time with Brie leaving the house mad. Jade quickly grab her special tea mix and headed over to 2J
“Knock Knock”
Doors Opens:
(Jesse): Oh Jade…Can I help you???
(Jade): Hi, Listen I feel really bad on how I acted.
(Jesse): You should… you broke into my house and tried to steal my dress… Again
(Jade): I know, I know… just please may I come in and we can talk over some tea.
(Jesse): (Pause) yea sure ok…
(Jade): Thanks I really appreciate this
Jade walks into the Apt and sits on the couch while Jesse takes the tea bags and heads for the kitchen to boil water. Jesse walks into the living with this sorry looking face before saying:
(Jesse): Hey listen Jade…. before you start talking I just want to say I didn’t mean for you to be outside naked. That was all Brie’s idea and notifying the super.
(Jade): Well thank you….i wasn’t excepting you to apologize.. But apologize accepted.
(Tea whistling in the kitchen)
(Jesse): oh tea done.. I’ll be right back
(Jade): Sure…(with smile)
Jesse comes into the living room with two cups of tea. Jesse immediately starts drinking the tea on the way in.
(Jesse): Here you go..
(Jade): Thanks..Ow.. Hot… let me put it down I can’t drink tea too hot.
(Jesse): No problem …I love it when it’s hot.. Mm this is some good tea.
(Jade): Thanks... So like I was saying I really feel bad in the way I acted. I should have never broke in and tried to steal your dress and Im thankfully you guys didn’t press charges with the super.
(Jesse): im sure you didn’t mean tooo br br eak innna
Jesse was beginning to fall asleep from the tea which causes her to spill the tea on the floor and slides down the back of the couch to the seat cushion.
(Jade): HAHA play back time..
Jesse’s eyes begin to open we a vision of the living floor and a painful feeling from behind. Jesse realizes she is OTK of jade and completely naked exposing her just like she exposed Jade.
(Jesse): OWOWOW What are you doing to me???? What was in that tea??
(Jade): Pay back and some heavy shit.
(Jesse) Payback for what…you broke in and SMACK SMACk SMACK SMACK Owww and tried to steal my dress
(Jade): Do you know that because of you the super spanked me that day so he wouldn’t call the cops on me….Just spank me completely naked like this.
(Jesse): Please stop OWWW I didn’t know that im sorry.. I told you it was Brie’s ideaaa SMACK SMACk SMACK SMACK
(Jade): You really want me to stop…
(Jesse): YES PLEASE!!!!
(Jade): then help me payback Brie
(Jesse): What…. I can’t….. she my frienddddaaa SMACK SMACk SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACk SMACK SMACK
(Jade): Ok then
(Jesse): Ok Ok
(Jade): WHAT??
(Jesse): Ok I’ll do it….. Please just stop
(Jade):Great, Oh… One more thing, don’t try anything funny like teaming up on me …because while you were knock out I took naked pictures of you as collateral.
(Jesse): You did what!!!!
(Jade): don’t worry….once this is done I will burn them in front of you.
(Jesse): uhh I feel so violated
(Jade): HA Try being spanked by you perverted fat super.
Jesse puts her clothes back on and try’s to sit down the on the couch cushion
(Jesse): so what do you need me to do????
(Jade): when Brie gets home just give her the tea and then call me.
(Jesse): can’t.. Brie doesn’t drink Tea…it won’t work
(Jade): ah Damnit…Wait… what were you guys fighting about earlier???
(Jesse): oh wow…. I forgot about that…must have been the tea…We went out last night and she left with some guy from the club leaving me by myself with no ride back.. When I came home I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch…..The next morning I started to yell at her about it and she said ”Im not your babysitter “and Strom off to her job at the salon.
(Jade): WOW…. some friend…What time does she usually get home from work???
(Jesse): in about an hour or so..
(Jade):great here’s the plan…..
An Hour passes by and keys begin too jingle by the door. Brie open the front door to a dark apt, she turns the light on to find Jesse sitting on the couch.(Jade was hiding in the Closet till Jesse gives her the signal)
(Brie): Oh Shit ….you scared me
(Jesse): oh. Sorry. Listen we need to talk.
(Brie): REALLY!! I don’t have to listen to you complaining all the time do I??
(Jesse): I’m not complaining… I just want to talk about last night.
(Brie): Thanks but no thanks… I’m too tired to hear your bullshit right now.
(Jesse): Why are you being so mean to me???
(Brie): HAHA what are you 5 years old????
(Jesse): ok…Why you being a BITCH!!!??....That better??
(Brie): what did you just call me??
Brie headed towards Jesse and sits down next to her and says
(Brie): I didn’t hear you??
(Jesse): Listen if we can just tal ahhh
Brie pulls Jesse over her knee and locks Jesse’s legs so she can’t escape. And began spanking Jesse over her black stretchy pants.
(Jesse): OWW what are you doing?? Why am I getting Spank when you were the bad friend ahaha
(Jesse): NOW!!!!
As soon as Jesse said now, Jade jumps out of the Closet with rope and a paddle.
(Jade): SURPRISE!!!!
(Brie): What the hell are you doing here???
Brie pushes Jesse to the floor and heads towards Jade, Brie grabs both of Jade’s Hands to try and stop her. Jesse then saw the pretty time to payback her “GOOD FRIEND” who just spanked her for doing nothing wrong. As Jade was holding up Brie hands, Jesse then Pantsed Brie exposing her Pink French cut Panties. Brie was so shock when she saw what happen, she drop her guard causing Jade to push Brie on to the couch. Both girls began stripping Brie of her clothes leaving her completely naked. Jade began tying Brie up and then gagging her with her own panties. Brie was tied up with her hands and her feet tie together.
(Jade): My my … have a really nice ASS Brie…. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK
(Brie): mmmmmmmmmmmmahammmmmmowwmmmm
Both Jesse & Jade continue to spank brie together one cheek at a time.
(Brie): mmmmmowowwmwmmmm plemm stmm
(Jade): Ok Brie….if you want it harder ….no problem
Jade then removes the knot from the hands & Feet so she can put Brie over her knee and spank her with the paddle.
(Jade): Hey Jesse… hold her down this is going to hurt.
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Jesse grabs paddle
(Jesse): I can’t believe you left me and then spank me for complaining.
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Jade removes Panties from Brie’s Mouth
(Jade): I want to start hearing apologizes NOW!!!
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
(Brie): Fuck you… you stupid bitch I will never apologizes to you Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack ahahha ooww
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
(Jade): I didn’t hear a sorry in there.
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
(Jade): Watch your language missy
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
(Brie): im sorry…. please just stop its hurts so bad
(Brie): OK….Im really sorry Jesse for leaving you and spanking you.
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Jade rolls Brie to the floor and begins to drag her outside the APT.
(Jade): There we go…..Now we are even Brie.
Jade grab her paddle and headed back to her APT. Jesse left Brie outside for 20 min before she felt bad and let her back in. Brie never did wrong to Jesse or Jade again.“KNOCK KNOCK”
(Super): Who is it??
(Jade): 2K
Door opens
(Super): what do you want??
(Jade): Just wanted to thank you for not calling the cops on me and hoped to RE-Pay you back with a nice cup of tea.
(Super): Oh…..Thanks 2K …Do you want to come in?
(Jade): Yes ..that would be GREAT (Evil Smile)

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Not a very happy camper at all today Lost my credit card more than likely I lost it while I was at the atm getting some money off of it or at the fair. And it had my vacation money on it. :(. But the only thing good out of it is I still can go to Michigan my mom (even though I don't have any kindness in my heart for here well not that much is giving me some money I lost so I can have some money to go with then Ill end up paying her back next week). I had already paid for the trip a couple months ago this was just eating money that I lost and gas money but everything worked out well but I still am going to have to wait like a week and a half till my other one comes in the mail ughhhhh.....Not a good day for me. But hope everyone else has a wonderful evening.

Bad Tushy
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My muse is on a pilgrimage to Heidelberg,
To celebrate his inner student prince.
Entire freshman classes will be paddled hard
For singing stupid songs that make him wince.

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Where are you?

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If anyone submits to you because they fear you than you are a bully not a Dominant.

If someone submits to you because you give him or her expensive presents than you are a pimp not a Dominant

If someone submits to you because your threaten to leave or abandon him or her if they refuse then you are a predator not a Dominant.

If someone Submits to you becuase you will beat him or her if they dont then you are a abuser not a Dominant.

She submits because you earn her love and trust not through manipulation or coercion or abuse. Trust the foundation of all relationships but more so in DD.

Found this on Tumblr....

Bad Tushy
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Jen and I are away for a few days,visiting our friend Amy in the West of Ireland.Amy and I were at University together,we have always stayed close.We arrived here on Friday evening amid a thunder storm which brought torrential rain,but it is still very warm. On Friday night Amy and I stayed in and chatted.Jen and a few of the girls,who are also staying in the house, went out to have something to eat and go to a night club. When Jen and the girls got back they related to Amy and me how they were refused entry to a Yacht Club;they were told that it was a members only club. Now Amy knows this club and has been in there many times;she is not a member.We were outraged that our friends could be treated in this way. Jen is not relly a drinker, and the others are all very nice,professionals;two are solicitors. I decided that I would try to get into the club,just wearing jeans and a T-Shirt,even though they had all be wearing their best.They all looked at me as if I had two heads and well a bet of 100euros was made that I couldn't get into the club.They did not know about my secret weapon!.

Lastnight I dressed in jeans and an old T-Shirt and drove to the Yacht Club in "Rosie". Jen,Amy, and Orla(who was holding the bet),were in the car with me. I stopped outside of the club and Jen pointed to the door man;..."Thats the guy who refused us," she said. I drove into the car park and parked near the door,on a clear way;no paking allowed,according to the sign.The others were getting nervous and wondered was there going to be trouble. I assured them that having spent sometime studying Psychology a number of years ago,I knew exactly what I was doing. The door man was staring at the car. The three stayed in "Rosie" as I got out and walked to the door. If I was not allowed in the worst that would happen is that I would loose 100euros. As I approached the door in my Jeans and T-Shirt,the door man was staring at me.It was hard to tell what was going to happen,he had a very passive look on his face. I got closer to the door and fixed him with a stare.I must admit that my heart was beating a bit faster than normal.I was hoping that psychology would work! I came closer and without a word the door man stepped to one side and opened the door for me.He said nothing about where I had parked "Rosie" or indeed what I was wearing. I walked into the club and straight to the bar. All the people in the bar were wearing the latest nautical fashions,designer brands. I did get a few looks but ignored them and went to the the bar maid and ordered a glass of water...yes, a glass of water.Glass in hand I went to the window that over looks the car park.My three companions were looking out and laughing.I raised my glass in "cheers",took a sip of the water and walked back out. I stopped to looked at the sea faring paintings hanging on the wall.I lingered around the foyer,in full view of the door man,who gave me the odd look every now and then. Finally,after about thirty minutes,I decided to leave.The door man held open the door for me again as I left.

I got back into the car and we laughed for ages.The door man was still looking at us ,sitting in the car.
"How the hell did you do that,you must have said something to him?" Orla asked.
I said nothing to him but I did tell my friends that it was my belief that if I had walked off the street wearing the clothes I was in then there was no way I was going to get into the club;but driving into the club in a flash BMW it didn't matter what I was wearing.The car alone was my ticket in. The door man certainly did "Judge this particualr book by it's cover". He saw my car and made certain assumptions about me.After sitting in the car for about ten minutes trying to get Jenny to go into the club with us,we all got out of the car,walked up to the door and went inside,all the door man said was..."have a good evening ladies"! They did,but I was driving so I was on the orange juice for the night!!

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Hello there all - I have a problem!
I can understand "Punishment Spankings"; "Erotic Spankings"; "Fun Spankings"; "Challenge & Dare Spankings"; even "Good Girl Spankings"...
But what on earth is the value of a "Maintenance Spanking"...
Can anyone enlighten me please?
One slightly 'confused Jack'

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Had a pretty packed and fun day today spent almost the whole day at the state fair today from like 10am to 8pm. Got to go on my first helicopter ride it was so fun. But back home now about to get dressed and get out for the night with some friends casino and clubbing time. Hope everyone has a safe rest of the night. xoxo....

Bad Tushy
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Sir is always gentle and kind.
He encourages me, trusts me and wants to hear whats on my mind.
Sir is my rock and I love that we can just talk.
Sir makes me smile when he calls me his girl.
I love Sir more than any man in this great big world.

But there are moments when my gentle Sir disappears.
When I've been naughty Sir has to cause me tears.
He'll bare my bottom and spank it hard,
reminding me what good girls are.
His words can cut like a knife,
his expression will make you think twice,
and that paddle will make you pray for your life.

But when its over Sir holds me tight, wipes my tears away and tells me everything's alright.
I've been punished and now I'm forgiven and its the best feeling in the world.
Knowing he's my Sir and I'm his girl.

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My muse is on a pilgrimage to Hollywood,
Auditioning for Spanking with a Star.
But all his favorite westerns are from Italy,
Where angel eyes and dollars raised the bar.

Clare Fonda Pass