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Saturdays the spanking authors post 8 sentence teasers from their spanking romances. If you want to join the blog hop, or read the snippets, the sign up page and list of participants is at

Today's teaser comes from my soon-to-be-released Regency romance Worth Any Bet. In it, Miss Stanley's brother has arranged her marriage to Lord Westerfield without asking her permission. Upset, she acts out and is rude to her new fiance. Naturally, he spanks her:

Her squirms aroused him and he began to feel a heady thrill, realizing this beautiful creature would soon be his wife. His to take to his bed, and his to chastise when naughty. And, wickedly, he found himself hoping she would be often be naughty.
He spanked, falling into a rhythm of slapping one cheek then the other, watching the bounce of her resilient flesh under his hand.
“Ow, oh, please, Lord Westerfield!” she gasped, “I will not sass you again,” she promised.
“Thank you, Miss Stanley,” he said. “I am almost finished.”
He applied his hand firmly and after a another interval of spanking, he realized she had given up all fight, and lay quietly over his lap, accepting her punishment. He looked at her face where it lay on the settee and then froze.
She had not submitted—she had swooned.

(c) Renee Rose and Stormy Night Publications

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My thought for today was from a not so rare title What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Ive been through a lot as a kid, teen and an adult things that I thought I wouldn't be able to make it through but I did and it didn't make me more of a weaker individual it made me a more stronger individual. Always hold tight to your life don't give up even when things seem at their worst just have faith that you will make it through life Trust I had faith and I made it through. (And now im off to church for the Day)

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Hey, beginning to have fun on this site. A couple of spanking sessions lined up..a few friends made...some good conversations....learning..learning...learning! Good times!
Those who have contacted me..thank you!

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Hello to all

Yes been awhile, too long for that matter. Sorry just been having family problems is why I really haven't been here. Not me and hubs we are fine, well sort of fine. I mean health wise we are. Anyway got to get better sometimes right? And not going to bore you with my problems, as you have plenty of your own I'm sure. Just want to say hi to everyone here new and old and hopefully will be on from time to time.

I do have one rant. This damn computer I'm using is slow as the seven yr. itch. His dad bought it 10 yrs ago. One of the first xp's I believe. And I use to love XP. Don't think its that as it is a Dell. Take my advise do not buy a Dell!! It has a mind of its own. Don't understand half the crap that comes up. OK glad to see me now? :) Till next time behave yourselves. That means you Mike, Jim (Old worn out slipper) Gorilla. he he

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Sometimes I wish I was blind. Not literally, just blind to certain things around me. Almost as though I could change the channel when I see something I don't like, or I can flip past the page that ends in hurt feelings and twenty questions. For those nights when I feel confused, wondering why things happen the way they do- I look for answers. We are who we are, but the last time I checked, each one of us has something so precious that can easily be broken: A heart. I think of all the women who feel they do all they can do to be acknowledged, respected, and loved , And all the men who aren't afraid to show some form of emotion, to tell your partner, wife, submissive or slave how you truly feel, when I ask these questions..

What is beauty? Is it the way one looks, acts or speaks? Am I beautiful? Are you? Who defines beauty? Is it similar to love and lust? Well, let's think about it for a second. I can love someone for something so trivial, and classify it as a normal feeling because you are the way you are. To love and to be in love are two totally different things. Trust me, I know... Let's talk about lust. Hmmmm. Such a powerful word, and often confused with love if you aren't careful. Is lust in the eyes? Is it in the sway of her hips, or the naughty things she says? What makes her more desirable than me? Or you? What makes her the better flavor of the evening than anyone else? Or what makes him the better choice for the monent? Guys, girls? Are you really thinking about this? How do you decide who you want for the day when you have multiple people in your life, whether they're strangers, lovers or friends? How do you know when to pay attention to what you're doing? I mean really pay attention? Do you care whether someone's feelings are so wrapped into you? Do you care if you have multiple people with feelings for you? What about people that technically mean 'nothing' but it appears to be otherwise to those on the outside looking in? I stayed awake late last night and began writing, and this is what was on my mind. It's more of a broader sense though, trying to understand more than myself, but other people as well. I am curious to know the various views on this topic.

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I had contacted a guy via the internet and arranged a meeting with him to get my bare ass spanked. I arrived on time at his place freshly shaved and ready to be bent over. We chatted for about 5 minutes then he led me upstairs to his bedroom and told me to strip. He took some pictures along the way and after I was naked, had me lay across his bed. He started off with his hand and then to a hair brush and ping pong paddle. I wanted to give him a better target, so after about 10 minutes or so, I got up on my hands and knees, arched my back and pushed my bare bottom out to him. The swats came harder and faster now with some short pauses to take a picture or two of my rapidly reddening backside. He made sure my entire ass was taken care of including my crack and hole. I reached back and started stroking myself. Finally after about 20 minutes, my ass was a nice hot red. I flipped over onto my back and really started jacking myself off. The camers snapped a few more times. There I was in some virtual stranger's bedroom totaly naked, with a fire red ass beating my meat. That thought caused me to shoot all over my hand and stomach. I offered to take care of his needs, but he declined saying that seeing me get off so well was all he wanted. I left satisified with a very sore tender fanny.

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i love when he fucks me and chastises me while hes pounding me. when he makes me say yes sir when hes scolding me in bed, when he starts pounding me so fast that i cant say all the yes sirs fast enough. begging him in bed, apologizing in bed, especially telling him I WONT DO IT AGAIIN and YESSS BABBBBEEEY, I PROMISE, PPLLLLLLEEEEASSE - God. wet is not the word for it! hes looking at me in my face scolding me and pounding me and all i can do is obey him and take all of his dick. if i don't take all of it and obey him i'll get another beating and my roommate will have to hear me getting my butt beat AGAIN...

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- I wish he would hurry up. I am so wet, so turned on, im imagining him being aggressive, i'm imagining him pounding my pussy into submission. im imagining him pulling me across him as I suck him off, his fingers jammed up in my pussy, pounding my pussy with his fingers, jiggling it, shaking it and me moaning at the same time his big dick is in my mouth and im sucking on it. something about sucking his dick feels so submissive.
God my pussy is soo wet right now.

I have these fantasies where we go to the movies, top row. lights go out and I just suck his dick. he does a look out and then at some point he goes STOP STOP STOP, COME ON and midway through the movie he pulls me out the movies. im asking where we're going. he doesn't say anything. we get outside to the car he says get in. he starts the car up. drives around to the back of the movie theater in a dark spot not lit up by the street lights. he gets out, comes around to my side, opens my door. aggressively gets his hard dick back out of his pants and pulls my mouth to his dick by grabbing the back of my neck and he says SUCK MY DICK and I suck it, I OBEY him. his dick is hard in my mouth, hes starting to fuck my face, im getting spit down my chin and soaking his dick. I love the feel of his dick in my mouth. he pulls back. pulls me out the car, passenger side. turns me around to face the car, pulls my panties down to my knees, kicks my legs apart with his knee and tells me to touch my toes. I OBEY him. I bend up and touch my toes, he pushes that dick up into me not even giving me a chance to breath. hes immediately pounding my pussy. my heads hitting up against the car a little bit. the sound of him ramming up into me is loud! theres the wet sound coming from his dick going in and out of my pussy and the smacking sound from his skin hitting up against mine, all of it is turning me on even more. i love it when he fucks me like this, hes banging the life out of this pussy. This man is great at beatings, hes either beating my pussy until im begging or beating my butt until im begging.

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So I took this What kind of Spanko are you quiz that they had online And these was my results....

Extreme: You believe that spanking is about pain, punishment, and domination. For you, spanking is not about recreation or fun at all - at least not for the person receiving it. Instead, you see it as a serious deterrent for bad behavior. You are not overly concerned about crying and markings since these things are very temporary, but the message of submission and discipline is long lasting indeed. You are likely to be involved in or seeking a 24/7 relationship.

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Well my friends I must bid you all adieu for the weekend as I am going on a crusade to save the residents of The Red Light District in Amsterdam from eternal damnation and the impending flames of hell! I am sure they will be open to my message of regular confession and penance,however I may chose to throw off my mantle of self righteousness and throw my lot in with them,if we should see the right young lady and have a "mind-blowing" experience in one of the many hostelries that litter that city.
I must try to behave myself,but I am sure that it will be difficult.I lived in Amsterdam for a number of months,back in the days of "My Great Search"(will tell you more sometime).I am looking forward to visiting the old restaurant where I was a waitress and showing Jenny some of my favourite spots,purely sight seeing of course. Jenny has promised also to be on her best behaviour but only for the hour and a half that we will be on the aeroplane,she was unable to give me any gaurantee once our flight touches down at Schipol.I quite understand,as for me Amsterdam is the party capital of Europe.Jenny has requested that we do certain things while we are there,these "things" are of a very sensitive but quite enjoyable nature. I have made no promises to her but told her if she is on her best behaviour,with no back talk and certainly no utterances of profanities(unless they are in Dutch),then I will see.
So my friends I wish you all a very happy weekend and I am sure that you will all be well behaved.Those of you who choose not to behave will be hearing from me.Now,who will I leave in charge of the class? Be safe all of you!.

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mondays the big day for the results

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What's going on ST. I just realized how inactive I've been on here for the past month or so. In case anyone was wondering, the end of the semester was approaching fast and I had to really crackdown. ST kind of became a distraction so I made the effort to get on here less and less. My finals went well and I'm starting to come out of my bad slump i've been in the past couple semesters. And then this past week I was visiting with my friend in Missouri so if I stopped messaging you ai apologize. I haven't really had time to reply. Just thought i'd post an update for everyone here. In the meantime i'm preparing myself for my internship starting Monday. Hoping to make a good impression. Wish me luck...

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Uhhn. I've been really trying to go for a while without cumming, but I always end up touching and ruining it :

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Having a hotel party tonight with some friends and my cousins. Let's see how much trouble I can stay out of which should be easy for me. Cuz u no I never get in trouble...LOL

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ugh! so i was talking to my 'brother' and i was telling him that i was upset about somtehing and i didn't look at what i typed before i hit sent. there were five wears 4 f words and one s word :( now i have 170 lines!!!!! pls help me!!! :( :(

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So my mentor just left.....I wish he took that damn hair brush with him

Being disrespectful to him and calling him a chicken is a big nono I won't be sitting too comfortable for a few days

I'm sorry daddy I won't do it again :-(

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Love is like smelling the sweetest rose in a garden of roses, and never wanting to let that rose go. You may look at other, more prettier roses, but the one in your hand is special. You would never trade that rose for anyone or anything.You would carry that rose to hell and back. And the rose becomes a part of you. That rose got into your skin and it's now a part of your heart, mind, body, and soul. Now the rose may have thorns, every rose does, so you need to be careful while handling the rose. When you go to look at other flowers, the rose may get jealous, because the rose has so much invested in you. It depends on you for life. And when you ignore the rose, it gets sad. He needs his sunlight.
that's what love means to me.

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Whew bored as hell still up in this hospital need something to other than sleeping not that anything is wrong with that.ughh....Put in order from worst implement to not so worst implement based upon the amount of pain they given me.Extension cord
Lexan cane
Otk paddle
Rubber paddle
Remote control

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if you guys enjoy spanking and have kik messenger you guys should kik me at sf7869 for a good otk spanking. pictures will be involve for realistic features love you all sf

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A gorilla sits in the sun, watching a butterfly warming its wings. He swats at it, but the butterfly outwits him, sweeping gracefully into the sky. He wonders, what happens to those turbulent eddies caused by the wing beats? Will they decay, their energy dissipated in the wind, or will they grow, tapping hidden energies to create chaos unknown?

A large room. Black walls absorb the light from two meagre light sources. A window, with a view to a park. A lamp, with an orange shade. Beneath the lamp a woman lounges languidly upon a white couch. She wears a sheep’s head for a mask. Relaxed, she sips her drink.
A man wearing a lion’s mask surveys his handiwork. In front of him is a woman who smells of honey. She is draped, somewhat decorously, over a desk. She wears a mask, in the likeness of a bee, black boots and a black skirt, lifted to her waist. Her bottom already bears two livid red stripes. The man listens to her. She has been silent so far, her breathing steady.

The sheep lady breaks the silence. “Three” she commands.

The man raises his cane and brings it slashing down. A third red line appears, perfectly parallel to the first two. Still stoic, the bee-lady remains silent. Yet the man hears her breath quicken as she begins to respond.

The gorilla watches an eagle soar high in the sky. Suddenly it swoops, catching the butterfly. The gorilla defecates satisfyingly in admiration of a cruel hunter’s skill.

In the room the pace has quickened. Six red stripes upon her, beads of sweat now pool upon the woman’s back. For the first time she grunted upon the last stroke. Upon her couch, the sheep lady searches her handbag, discards it and tries another. Finally she emerges with a camera and snaps the scene before her. “Seven” she commands. She is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Far away, in the mid-Atlantic a raft bobs at the mercy of the seas. One person, a lady, and a tiger ride the raft. In the distance, the lady sees a storm forming. “That butterfly will be the death of us”, she curses.

“Nine”. “Arrrgh, no!”. The first complaint.

The gorilla pauses to watch the cats play. He counts eight of them, sleek and beautiful. Bearing their own stripes. Deadly, for they are tigers. A woman watches as the gorilla throws a banana at the cats, then retreats to a tree. Laughing, she studies the tree. Another woman emerges cautiously from behind it, just as distant bells begin to strike twelve.

“Twelve”, like a metronome comes the command. The bee lady refuses to cry, but can keep still no longer as she writhes on the table top. Quite a sight, thinks the man as he takes aim. He whips the cane down for the last time. “Yeeeooow!” comes the scream.

“Enough” from the couch.

Lion man takes command: “Into the corner, face the wall. And no rubbing”. Hurriedly the bee lady complies.

From the shadows, previously unseen, a man appears. He wears nothing but a gorilla mask. Quoting poetry, he marches to survey the bee’s stripes. Clapping in time with the verse.

From his tree the gorilla listens to the distant sound of leather on willow. Twenty thousand people, many sporting their own stripes, clap politely. The Pimms is flowing.

Sheep girl gets up from the sofa and approaches lion man. She knows not his name, but hazards a guess. In his ear she whispers, “Perfect, dd”.

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