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Passion's Storm

She was bored; she wasn’t even sure anymore why she’d come to the island resort for singles. None of the men seemed to have any depth. It wasn’t that she necessarily wanted a lasting relationship but she had yet to feel even a spark of interest.

She sighed and left the cocktail party, shoes in hand for a solitary walk along the beach.

She paused gazing out across the water wondering again why she’d come.

She jumped and turned when a deep voice spoke from directly behind her. “Bored with the party already?”

He was tall with broad shoulders; he had dark hair and even darker eyes. He wasn’t classically handsome but something about him was riveting just the same.

“Yes. I think if one more man asks me what my sign is I might throw up.”

“That’s a pretty drastic reaction don’t you think?”

She laughed. “Probably, but its true. What about you?”

“I was bored before I got here.”

She nodded as they turned in silent agreement to continue the walk down the deserted beach.

They didn’t exchange names as they talked both enjoying the anonymity of talking with a stranger.

Feeling freer than she ever had before she told him of her darkest fantasies and he shared his.

Somehow walking in the darkness with a stranger it was easy to say things aloud that she’d never shared with another.

Without warning the skies opened above them with a torrent of rain. They’d come so far down the beach it was impossible to discern the lights of the clubhouse in the darkness.

Hand in hand they rain through the rain looking for shelter from the storm. As they cut up through the tropical foliage they found a little hidden gazebo.

They dashed inside and faced each other in the darkness. It was impossible to see the sudden storm darkening the night sky to pitch.

Lightening flashed he looked down to where the damp silk of her gown clung to her full breasts.

Under the heat of his gaze she felt her nipples tighten in response. The light faded to black once again, neither speaking as tension crackled in the air between them.

Another flash of light and their eyes met. Suddenly frightened by what she saw in his eyes she ran back out into the storm away from him, from herself.

“Wait!” He caught her turning her around to face him, when the lightening cracked again she saw everything. The heat, the hunger, the raw need that filled his eyes and knew it was mirrored in her own.

Later neither would be able to say who had moved first, but they met in the middle, kissing as the rain fell around them.

She shivered as his lips met hers opening his mouth over hers to deepen the kiss. He drew her tongue into his mouth and began a gentle suction that she felt all the way to her toes. She pressed herself closer to his body groaning as she felt him rigid against her soft belly.

They broke apart for a space of seconds, their harsh breathing mingling with the sounds of the storm.

He took her hand and pulled her after him into the gazebo. She followed no longer interested in denying the pull of his touch.

She gasped as he ran a finger down the side of her neck before easing the straps of her gown from her shoulders. Inch by inch he pulled the wet silk down her damp body until it landed in knot at her feet.

She stood proudly before him in minuscule black silk panties. She’d not worn a bra. Lightening flashed again and light played across her alabaster skin. She sucked in her breath at the intensity of the desire in his eyes.

His hand cupped her through the dampened material of her panties. A low growl coming from his throat.

“You are a naughty girl.”


He shed his damp clothing as they talked. “Do you know what happens to naughty girls?”

She shuddered as a delicious heat spread through her at his question. “Yes.”

“What happens?”

“They get spanked.”

She heard him move in the darkness as he sat down on one of the built in benches taking her wrist in his hand. “That’s right they get spanked.” He pulled her to stand between his legs. “How do they get spanked?”

“On their bare bottoms.” She said in a breathy whisper.

“Yes they get spanked on their bare bottoms.” He said as he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her long legs, urging her to step out of them.

He pulled her gently down across his naked lap and began running his palm across her upturned buttocks. Slow gliding caresses that made her shiver.

“Are you a naughty girl?” He asked as he delivered a firm swat to the undercurve of her bottom.

“Yes.” She gasped. It wasn’t really hard enough to hurt but still brought a hot sting.

He began to alternate the stinging swats with the gliding caresses, slowly building the heat in her bottom bringing it to a bright pink hue.

She found herself pushing her hips up to meet each swat and then shamefully rubbing against his hand when it came back to stroke her stinging flesh.

His caresses became longer, sweeping up her back and down her legs. His hand continuing to heat her bottom in between each stroke.

She wriggled and moaned across his thighs like a woman possessed. “Please … oh please.” She cried as his fingers made a teasing foray between her thighs. One brief touch then they were gone.

She raised her hips beseechingly, begging for more.

Three sharp swats low on the undercurve of her bottom where her reward.

Then his hand returned to the place she wanted it most. His other hand sweeping up her back as one long finger thrust deep.

She gasped as he shifted her slightly, his fingers never breaking rhythm as he positioned her so he could kiss the small of her back.

With a low moan she moved her thighs further apart to grant him better access.

Another finger joined the first, stretching her as he kissed and nibbled his way up her back.

He urged her to her knees with the hand between her legs and another beneath her stomach. Pressing her thighs further apart from behind.

She stiffened when his tongue rimmed the flesh surrounding his fingers then found the place he knew would drive her wild.

She pressed her face into the cold floor then exploded.

Then he was gone. She pressed back searching for that loving hand.

He smiled then brought that same hand down on her reddened backside five times in quick succession.

“Oooohhh!” She bucked, shocked at the waves of pleasure rippling through her from the firm swats. “Now … please …now “

He needed no further invitation. Rising to his knees behind her he thrust deeply inside.

Her body welcomed him, clamping down to pull him deeper. She moved her thighs as far apart as she could and pressed back eagerly to meet his every thrust as she sobbed her pleasure.

“Harder … yes … Harder! … yes …”

He rode her hard and deep reveling in her passion. She convulsed around him twice before her gave in to his own passion and cried out in a silent scream of release.

Passion spent they lay together still joined on the hard cool floor of the gazebo. Listening to the rainfall against the roof.

She gently pulled the arm around her up so she could kiss his hand and tuck it beneath her chin.

He pressed a gentle kiss into her hair.

No words were spoken. None were needed. Neither wanted to spoil the magic of the storm.

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So knowing my dad was coming over today to help me pack my apt and well aware of his OCD and his impulse need to get up very early every day even weekends so that means I would have to be up early as well so why the heck do I go to bed at six in the morning ? I feel like I have a major hang over even thou I haven't drank
Lucky my dad is more understanding that it's harder for me to be up so early at nine months pregnant and let me sleep in until 10:30 normally I would have to up and ready by 8 in the morning even on a weekend :/

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So, earlier tonight I very innocently went out to get a burger for dinner. My next door neighbor asked me if I wanted to try a screwdriver. Yes, I'm highly aware I'm 31 but I've never had one. So, I told him maybe later after I get back from driving. I won't even take a sip off alcohol if I get behind the wheel. When I come back home and start up the sidewalk, my neighbor's still there and said he'd go get the stuff for me.
He mixed me up a screwdriver and I got quite a bit of it. Long story short, I feel frakkin tipsy as hell at the moment and I have a job interview in eight hours. I probably shouldn't have done that. But the screwdriver is good....even though my head is pounding like crazy. *takes another sip of it* Cheers for being a responsible adult!
That's all for now I reckon. Much love and peace out. xoxoxoxo ~haze

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I'm excited! I am ashamed and afraid: my husband called and said that I was ready to be flogged. Half an hour later he would beat my ass! A neighbor complained to him my rudeness. Do you think that I should be punished for being rude? Or be forgiven?

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i havent written anything on here for a while

actually i havt written anything in a while period but starting to feel the muses working

its not thati have nothing to say but sometimes too much

ill start here

someone asked me if i was strict the other day

my usually answer is yes i can be very strict

but that might be a lie

i have a very strong sense of right and wrong

and some things one person might find wrong, i dont neccasirly (i spilled letters all over that word)

a few months ago lisa did something she thought she should be spanked for but its wasnt done on purpose so i told her no

but being inconsiderate of others and lack of respect are big no-nos with me
go in the express lane in the grocery store with too many and ill bend youover the belt
drive in the breakdown land and ill put you over my knee sitting on your bumper
ignoring someone when they ask you a question will get you howling
so next time someone asks me are you strict ill say depends what youve done

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Its been a long time since I blogged, so here goes it.

So today was the day when I finally pushed my luck that little bit too far AGAIN, do I never learn? My husband read a comment I wrote on facebook and totally flipped out on me. Instead of apologising (like I knew I should) I just gave him attitude back. How dare he read over my shoulder in a private conversation and then grill me over it? I wasn't impressed. I was only making a "little" remark.

My husband slammed my laptop shut, even though I was mid-conversation. pulled me up by my arm and yanked my pyjamas down. I hate that, it makes me feel vulnerable and bad? Like a naughty child. Im 32 and like to be treated like that.

He spanked me hard, harder than normal and no "I'm sorry's" worked.I hate the way he lectures me into submission. Im fiesty yes, always have been. Sometimes Im naughty, My bottom felt so much pain. I know now why.. it's blistered on the right side just between the bottom of the cheek and the top of the leg. Ouch.

After a dose of his iron hand..He gave me a choice: 20 with the belt or 20 with a wooden spoon. I honestly couldn't get the words out between choking on my tears. He punished me for being rude then, I feel genuinely upset by that. I ended up being punished with both for not answering him. That is one of the hardest punishments I have received, I don't want to repeat it anytime soon.

At times I feel my husband expects too much, I know he expects respect at all times but I think at times he needs to understand he expects too much of me also. Im a girl, we occasionally bitch, but it was in a private conversation and was it really necessary to spank me.

Take care all,
love :( a sad and angry sophia x

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'Get back here now!' my mum shouts after me as i storm upstairs. She is trying to ground me after she found out i have been out every night this week, drinking and smoking with friends. 'I've never been grounded in my life, i refuse to be at 18 years old!' I shout back while slamming my bedroom door. It is college half term, so i had nothing to do in the day, i don't see what her problem is. 'you know how i feel about smoking, and that's not true, i grounded you when i caught you smoking last year' she comes in to my room without permission! 'Correction, you think you grounded me, I used my bedroom window'. I wouldn't have said that if i wasn't so pissed off, I'm asking for trouble.

'You did what! you climbed down the wall? you could have broken your ankle or something' 'but i didn't, it actually wasn't that hard and you can't stop me going out, i'm an adult' 'adult under my roof, you will listen to me or..' she pauses 'or what?' i ask with a sarcastic tone, what is she going to do?! 'Or i will call your boyfriend' that took me by surprise 'erm why would that make me listen to you?' i ask warily, does she know? 'We both know you have to listen to him' she said as a fact. I'm so confused. 'You didn't close the door when you showered the other week, i didn't know you were in there, and i was going to shower, you had a very bruised behind' she explains, obviously noting my confused look. I blush, embarrassed, that is meant to be a private thing. she continues 'that is obviously the only way to get you to behave, you clearly don't respect me and never listen to me'. I suddenly feel guilty 'mum, i do respect you' i say very softly. she smiles and hugs me unexpectedly, stupidly i think she's not mad, and I've gotten away with this, until i try to shrug out of the hug, but she grabs my shoulders and whispers in my ear 'i'm not going to spank you, never have, never will, but he might' as if on cue, like this is planned, there's a knock on the door.

Holy crap, i really don't want to answer the door. 'mum, i'm sorry okay, i'll stay in as long as you want, please don't tell him' 'honey, he already knows, I phoned him yesterday, knowing full well that this would turn into a full blown argument' she frowns at me, shaking her head. 'now, i suggest you open the door, you are in a lot of trouble already, good luck' she smiles and walks away. For fuck sake, this is not happening. Okay, lets try the innocent act, it's a long shot, i know. 'Hello' i smile and hug him 'what a pleasant surprise, want to come in?' 'No, i don't' this caught me off guard. 'no? why not?' 'because i assume you don't own a cane?' my eyes widen and shake my head. 'why do you need a cane?' i smile innocently at him, he narrows his eyes 'we both know the answer to that, follow me, you're coming to my place' i hesitate and he picks me up at the knees and flings me over his shoulder. I squeal and giggle 'that was not a request and i'm glad you're having fun now because you won't be in a minute' he threatens. It's a 15 minute walk, i am bored of facing the ground 'please put me down' he slaps my behind and says 'are you going to cooperate?' 'yes, it's not like i have a choice' he slaps me again and puts me down 'i don't want to hear that smart mouth today' i look down at my nervous, knotted fingers.

We arrive at his place. 'In there, you know where to go' he points to the living room wall. 'Can we please talk about this, what has my mother told you?' 'sure, let's see, you've been drinking way too much, been smoking, defying your mother and me' 'defying you?' I question 'yes, defying both of us, you know we both hate smoking' i sigh in defeat, i think i'll quit now and get this over with, before mum tells him about me sneaking out last year. 'I'm sorry, okay' i look at the floor, 'you will be, undress, now' as soon as i am done he pulls me over his knee and hand spanks me the hardest he's ever done. It doesn't take me long to start wriggling 'please stop, your hand must be hurting' 'yes it does, go to the kitchen and get me a spoon, fast' I climb off his lap and run to the kitchen.

I pick up a little table spoon from the draw, he didn't say what type of spoon, i laugh at myself, i'm just too funny :P but decide not to anger him more, and run back with a wooden spoon. He smirks at me 'good girl, knowing you, you would have picked anything but a wooden spoon since i didn't actually say that' i giggle 'i thought about it' and climb over his knee. 'you made the right decision, i would have skipped straight to the cane' SMACK 'ow!' i cry out. smack smack smack smack.. it feels like it goes on forever. 'ow ouch! please stop, you'll break the bloody thing' i feel him shrug 'I've got more' smack smack smack smack 'ow ow, jeez!' 'you know why you're getting this, correct? 'yes' my reply is barely audible. He spanks me on my thigh twice 'speak up and address me correctly' swats me twice on my other thigh 'ouch! yes sir' i cry out. 'how old are you?' he asks me. what a strange question. 'you know how old i am' SMACK 'answer me' 'ouch, jeez, i'm 18, as you know' 'how many cigarettes did you smoke over the week' 'erm around 15' 'what is 18 x 15?' 'erm..' SMACK 'ouch, i'm working it out!' 'if you concentrate on college more, this wouldn't be a problem, math is part of your course' SMACK 'ouch shit, 270, sir' without another word he gives me 100 with the spoon, i wriggle and fling my hand back so fast that the spoon hits my fingers 'ouch shit!' he grabs my wrist and says 'that's 100, 170 more to go, do you think i'm being too hard on you? think before you speak' he warns, i sigh 'no sir' if i said yes he would start again. 'this is about to break any minute, when it does, you will fetch me my belt, understood?' 'what? you said you have other spoons' 'i do but you will do as i say' SMACK 'ow yes sir'.

After another 20 i hear a crack, and he throws the broken spoon on the floor. 'up you get, go fetch' what am i? a fucking dog? i roll my eyes and get his belt. 'how many do you have left?' he asks as i return '150, sir' 'good, follow me' we head into the kitchen, he removes the fruit bowl and candles off the kitchen table. 'bend over, hold onto the edge, do not let go, your butt will hurt enough, i don't want to hit your fingers' i obey and he swings the belt, the sting is so bad, by the 40th stroke i am crying, a lot. suddenly he stops, pulls me up, turns me around to face him and wipes my tears away. 'you understand me and your mother love you, this is to keep you out of trouble and on the right track' he says softly, i nod 'yes sir' he smiles 'back over' i obey with a pout, the next thing i feel makes me jump, he rubs soothing lotion on me.

'I'll make you a deal, you write me 110 lines of "I promise not to smoke, and i will listen to my mother" and i won't use the cane on your very sore bottom today, agreed?' 'yes sir, agreed' i let out a sigh of relief, i didn't realise i was holding my breathe. 'good, alright, give me a hug' i launch myself at him, hug and kiss him, he kisses back. I think i'm forgiven. He grabs my hair and gently pulls back so i have to look at him 'by the way, before we make out, i don't have to explain what will happen if you smoke again, do i?' 'no sir, i understand, and i won't smoke again' and i blush.. "make out" are my two favourite words.

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I am new to this site but not new to giving spankings. This is an interesting place. I will video a few spankings in the future and put them here. It may be a while before that happens since I am on the road at the moment and not near a spankee that I know well enough to put on the net. I was talking with one locally but it turned out she was not really into being spanked she was in fact only into talking about it.

There are many layers to spanking. I am into scolding while spanking, otk, using hairbrushes, crops, canes, belts and other implements. I like to give erotic spankings, plain spankings, quick fast spankings and long spankings. I will spank bottoms and pussies, bound or unbound and anywhere in-between. If you know want, you want I will give it. If you don't we can discover it together.

The best part is it will be fun for both of us.

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So I did a major oops today :/
My sister had called me earlyer asking if I wanted to hang out with her
And I got really excited and happy cuz I haven't seen much of her lately cuz away at school most of the yr and when she's home she spends most of her time with her fiance cuz they don't see each other a lot cuz of her schooling so I was soo eager to say yes and I forgot my cell at my apt and also forgot I had a appt today witch I missed :/ and when my worker tryed to call me she got worried cuz she thought something happened to me cuz I'm so far along with my pregnancy so she called my mom who is my emergency contact witch she got worried cuz I didn't answer my cell when she called then she called my dad who also got worried when I didn't picked up
So I kinda scared a lot of ppl cuz I forgot my cell
I'm not to worried about my appt I missed cuz it's only for meds that I can't take right now lol
So I made a major oops today but I'm glad I finally was able to spend time with my sister :)

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been on here nearly a week, and the good guys outnumber the bad so far.
had some lovely messages, blog comments and picture comments.
seems the bad guys are serial bad guys and bother all the women on here. must work on the principle that a 1000 failures don't matter as long as it is balanced with one success!
still waiting for the first spankingtube member to enquire about booking my services though!!! come on gents i'm not scary and as you have seen i have a decent bottom available to be spanked.
but this is a blog not an advert, so i will leave the self-promotion there.
looking forward to getting some new clips on, hopefully soon. and i will be having an amatuer photo shoot in the next week so look out for some new shots on here. any requests?

Krystal x

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I can honestly say my attitude sucks either that or people just love getting on my nerves. Had to cuss some lady at this agency out I wish people would just be up front about stuff instead of beating around the bush.

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I thought this was neat :P.

It was mentioned in this article and after talking to more than a couple people it seems like looking up "spanking" in the dictionary was something a lot of people did....I know I did it. May we get our kicks where we can :D

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To my various friends here, I am probably going off-line for a number of days (or even weeks) but I will be back!
In the meantime, take care and have plenty of Spanking good fun.....
Love you all, Jack x x x

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Hi all!

Maybe I can get a little advice. I'm new to the spanking world (since around November) and have only got a few spankings until now. I did something really serious and now I am going to be spanked "longer and harder" than I have ever been spanked (his words). In your opinions, does it help to apologize until the spanking gets lighter? or would it be better to just take the spanking. I really am sorry and trust me, just the thought of the spanking is enough for me not to do it again! What should I do?

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wish you the best of Luck on your valintine play mine is already set up.
dont worry some day your day will come and you will get it and Good

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Happy Valentine's day everyone hope all of u have lots of spanks (giving or receiving) ♡♥♡

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Theirs stuff that I need to do and im just now getting out of bed. Motivation ass whoopin needed!!!!

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i am a 19 year old male in brookyln ny looking for girls that share a desire to spank me or be spanked by me. nothing crazy and creepy, just fun interaction. if anybody in the brooklyn or even staten island area is interested, please respond to this post!

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so 3 days later, impressions? too many men want to send a first message asking for a pornographic reply. do they imagine i am so desperate for attention i am just sat here awaiting their immature advances?
one messaged: are you bald or have a hairy pussy!!! well i went weak at the knees. who said romance was dead?
because i am on here doesn't mean i am looking to talk dirty, share vivid fantasies or answer grossly inappropriate personal questions.
if you saw a girl in a bar would you march over and ask the same question? if the answer is yes it explains why you are still single for sure.
the majority of messages have been very welcome, thoughtful people with a genuine desire to chat. the rest of you shame your gender.
Krystal xxx

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