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My Report card was bad
dad was mad

Now for the D's My father will tend
over his lap Alan now bends

ALAN JOSEPSH SCHMIT's bottom is high in the air
my briefs have come down my Rump is bare

The hairbrush paddles hard, I start my kicks and begs
fists are bounding and kicking legs

at last the paddling is over and to the corner I go
Jumping and dancing giving a bare bottom show

My bright red hiene has my male ego clipped
as what happens when a male is well whipped

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I was recently having a conversation with a fellow spankee and the subject of couples came up. During my years of being spanked, I have been spanked by two seperate {male/female] couples. One couple was much older than I at the time and the other a little younger. The older couple actually started off as the Lady spanking me and eventually graduated to both. The other couple was always going to be both.

I was wondering how many others on this site have either been spanked by a couple or been involved in giving spankings as a couple, with any combination of gender.

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No Ma'am I really don't know exactly what time it was when I arrived. I could feel her hand now on my thighs as she was grabbing the him of my skirt. Now lets see what we have under this nice navy blue skirt. She was taking her time to reveal my pantie clad bottom. She told me to raise my hips a little to hike it to my waste.

Oh very nice my dear Beth. I could feel my tight white panties have crawled a little up in my crack exposing my lower sit spot. I love your light blue garter's and the little blue flowers on your panties matches them so well dear. I do love a nice pantie clad bottom and you have not dis-appointed me. She was taking the lower elastic of the panties to pull them down covering my entire bottom once again. We shall start part two now. Remember keep your hands and legs down. Yes Ma'am as I once again was preparing for a lengthy spanking.

This time it felt lots harder. My thin panties was doing little to protect my cheeks. I was struggling to keep my legs down. I know I had to kick them a little.

Again after a good long hand spanking she finally stopped. I was certain you could see a red bottom right through my panties. Now Beth this is going to be the last phase of your spanking. For now anyway. Hand me the brush.

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Last Saturday I watched as Jenny played Camoige with her team against a team who is their great rival. There was no quarter shown or expected. It was a very rough and sometimes violent game,every young lady on the field of play was behaving in a manner not entirely suited to ladies.I could not take my eyes off the action as young lady after young lady was warned about her behaviour by the referee.Some,I thought,could indeed do with sometime over my knee to help them mend their ways.

Well Jenny and another girl got into a fracas and both ended up receiving injuries;Jenny broke her wrist ,and as far as I know the other girl has broken two ribs as well as having a chipped tooth,caused when her mouth came into contact with Jenny's studded boots,don't ask,best to close one's eyes and think of Jenny as the angel she is !! Jen has to wear a plaster cast for a few weeks and is loving all the attention.However,today I felt it was time to address her behaviour.

I sat in my study today and at exactly mid-day Jen joined me for a stern word about the things I witnessed her do last Saturday. You see we sometimes play a little game.If I am about to punish Jen for some reason or other we will sometimes agree on a date and time when the punishment will take place. Sometimes the event could be days away but it adds to the spice in our relationship and the thoughts of the impending event both from the Spanker and the Spankees point of view adds to the excitement.I had informed Jenny on Sunday that she was to present herslf to me in my study today at 12noon exactly.

I sat behind my desk and began to scold her for her behaviour both on and off the field of play last Saturday. I decided that Jen's punishment would have to take the form of ten slaps with my wooden spoon. Jen was duly ordered to bend over my study desk and I went to fetch the wooden spoon from my cupboard. I stood behind her and took careful aim.I administered the first slap,she stood perfectly still,not even a little whimper.The second slap caused no reaction.Jen is use to us playing like this and one can get very frustrated slapping her and seeing no apparant affect.She can take quite a bit before she will show any signs of dicomfort. It was not until I administered the seventh slap that she shifted from one foot to the other and made a little mumbled.The eighth slap came down hard,making a cracking sound over her jeans,the ninth slap was just as hard and Jen finally cried out.The tenth slap I used all the strengh I could muster.It must have stung her but she just squeezed her eyes shut and smiled.I have become slight amazed by the stamina she has.

Once we finished we always hug.Sometimes we get a lttle too aroused when we hug but today we both went into the garden and played with Justin,who no doubt was wondering why we both disappeared into the study and would not open the door when he began to scratch at the door to get our attention.If only that dog could talk!

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As she put her arm around my waist she was telling me her rules for this position. Now young lady I want both hands on floor, and those toes on the floor for this round. If you start to reach back or kicking you legs that hairbrush you have will be on your bare backside a lot quicker then you would want it to be. That I believe!! Is that clear? Crystal Ma'am. Good now lets begin.

Feeling exposed with my bottom up in the air waiting on the first swat. But not as exposed is I know it was going to be. I felt like a naughty little school girl all over again. As she spanked from one cheek to the other for seemed like forever she stopped. I could feel my butt now stinging and starting to heat up. Now Beth do you still believe it was 4:30 dear? Yes Ma'am... I... I...I... mean no Ma'am. Damn trick question no fair. (What I was thinking I'm not that crazy yet) So yes or no you beleive Beth? aaahh aahhh how do you suppose to answer that? Wait I got this. No I don't believe Ma'am. I'm sure of it. OHHH so now your sure? And what makes you so sure now Beth? AAHHH you have jared my memory with your hand Ma'am.

Fabulous!!.. Now we have established the correct time of your arrival. Now do you know when you actually showed at my door? (Jesus H Christ Miss my butts on fire and I'm getting the S.A.T. test on top of it) thinking again to myself.

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Is there any females that would like to spank me?

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Yes I know what everyone is saying about now. Geez girl enough of the formalitys and such. Get to what we want to hear. You know that sore ass of yours.....OK OK but one more thing I promise. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

I was asked again as she was now sliding a straight back chair from god knows where into the middle of the room. What time was you arrival suppose to have been? I'll be right back waiting on your answer young lady. Well either way I'm screwed so might as well quit stalling and get this part done. I heard her coming back down from the kitchen with a wicked looking hairbrush in hand.

Ma'am it was 4:30 I believe. (Now I could have left "beleive" out but NOOOOO let me dig myself a little deeper hole) She looked at me once again with well THAT look. You believe? But your not really sure? RIGHT?

As she sit in getting all comfy looking in her chair she told me to stand on her right side. Hold out your hand. Well I know I can get this one right. She handed me the hairbrush for a closer look I guess.

You take this with you as you go across my knee I will be needing it after awhile. I placed my hands on her lap and slid my body high over her stern thighs. Now lay that brush right in front of you so you can see whats to come. Maybe staring at that might jar your memory. And if that doesn't maybe this will. And with that I could feel her as she tucked in her legs bringing my bottom even higher in the air. Oh she's good I was thinking maybe a little too good

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Domestic Discipline plays a big part in my Life. I had someone contact me that I stopped talking due to personal reasons and because of the Lifestyle I chose to Live. But they contacted me back and said they wanted to get back together but they arent in the Lifestyle and they asked me if I was still in the same Wack *** Lifestyle I was in when I met him. And of course I told him yes and that I would always be in that Lifestyle. And yes I did get offended about it. I have had alot more better relationships living the DD Lifestyle than Ive had when I wasnt living the Lifestyle. So It had me thinking about what actually do I like about the Lifestyle and pro's and the cons I of course dont agree with. But the pros of everything to me personally is.

1). Improved Behavior- My behavior has improved alot than when I first started and Im glad I have the people that have actually know me when I first started out on this site to now. Me and my disciplinarian that Ive had for about 3 years in and out said that he was proud of me and I have grown alot and Im glad and proud that he has helped me change alot in a positive way. Im not perfect and I do still have little things here and their but Im working on it.

2). Stronger Trust- To be in this Lifestyle you have to have that trust in one another when he tells you something that he will follow through and do what he needs to do to help build you to a better person. Im not going to lie when I started out I did have trust issues in everyone that I talked to but alot of that had happened to me when I was younger. But I truly beileve my trust has built up more.

3). Better Communication-The DD Lifestyle requires alot of communction both for the spankee and spanker. This is actually one of the things that I will have to go more in depth about maybe tomorrow I will write about this.
Then I decided to add this from what I truly beileve

Domestic discipline is not BDSM.

Domestic discipline is non erotic.

Domestic discipline is an essential part of their relationship.

Domestic discipline is a physical correction from one who truly cares.

Domestic discipline is responsible authority.

Domestic discipline is appropriate punishment.

Domestic discipline requires that there must be total consent from both parties.

I myself can truly say all things that Is listed is truly what I believe about the lifestyle.

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So many years ago
Together for two days
And two nights
Great in many ways
The fun and the fights

So many years ago
I was friends with your sister
You were the younger
And wild
No longer a child

So many years ago
We went skating
For the first time

So many years ago
Did you sense my desires?
As you pushed me
We struggled and fought
We were skating on thin ice

So many years ago
I sensed your desires
They mirrored mine
So perfectly you see
Together we were so fine
Yet it was never to be

So many years ago
Your sister was vexed
Perplexed at your behaviour
You see
She didn't understand you
Like me

So many years ago
I knew about your past
The belt and worse
A baptism of fire
Forged your desire

So many years ago
I was friends with your sister
She told me her past
The belt and worse
Was her curse
A baptism of fire
Quenched her desire
A baptism of ire
Destroyed her desire

So many years ago
We skated around
The hole in the ice
Which could have led
To something nice

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Like something cold to drink Beth? (yea thats me I may as well spill those beans too. This I absolutely do know I'm not the only Beth in this world) Back to the story

A tall glass of Jack wouldn't be too much to ask would it? She laughed and said no it wouldn't if my husband had all his buddy's over I suppose. So are you a musician? As I could not help but see a guitar standing neatly in every corner of the house. She smiled and said no I play at them till my fingers get sore then I'm done. We just have them lying around for decoration giggling as she spoke. My husband is the music around here, keeps the neighbors entertained weather they want to be or not.

Actually I wasn't going to put this in the story but after all was done I got him to play for me later that evening. So I'm giving him a plug. Wow he is a fantastic guitar player.

to be continued.....yea still..sorry got off track. What you gonna do spank me?

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So after stopping at a convenient store trying to get a grip on myself and something cold to drink I pull in the driveway. Then after 2 or 3 deep breaths I get out of the car.

My knees feel weak as if I just grew a new pair. One more deep breath and I ring the doorbell. Door opens a few seconds later and there she is all dressed in a black skirt and stockings,with black lace blouse to match.

Hello my dear she says. Glad you made it. Welcome to our home. After exchanging our greetings. She steps aside opening the door to let me in. She ask if I had trouble finding her place. No not really I may have missed one turn but no biggie I said.

Come in make yourself at home she said, as we stepped inside the living room. Love your home Miss very lovely indeed I told her.

So after some all around small talk I noticed she was looking at the Grandfather clock in the corner. What time was it that I told you to be here? She asked rather puzzled like. UMMMM I think it was 4:30 ma'am? Then with raised eye brows she told me this. One does not answer a question with a question dear. Better think on it awhile she told me.

OMG I was thinking to myself. I haven't been here 10 minutes and I'm already screwing up.

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My best friend and her daughter came over at 2 in the morning after having a major fight with her family

But I'm not used to over night gests

So I'm unable to sleep

But I love them as family so I'm glad to help ♥

And on a bright side since I've been good lately daddymole is not spanking me this week

And that's also a good thing cuz my bestie doesn't know I'm a spanko

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In a few days I am going see my mistress for a maintenance spanking. How ever there is a part of me that thinks that she should give me a harder spanking then just a maintenance spanking mainly because I have't been spanked since Novemeber. What do you people think???

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So the last couple of days I been feeling really fucked up. Like real Shit is there any real Daddy or doms out there.img so tired of fake as guys who say one thing but do another. Y can't I find what I'm looking for?...I put work into looking and still no what's up is there anyone looking for a real sub out there and who lives the lifestyle 24/7..if there is and u r close to Los Angeles, can please contact me with a message..thanks for listening...

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So after entertaining myself with my thoughts I suddenly remembered something. Hope it wasn't that important but did she say 4:00 or 4:30 and don't be late? I think I just answered my own question of course stupid the last 4 words of the sentence might have gave it away. AND DON'T BE LATE....DUH!!

Now my mind is really going and I'm almost at my exit. Now I'm thinking should I call her and ask? That went through my head about 2 seconds when I answered that one also. I'm a freaking nervous wreck. Now I'm turning on the exit and only 5 minutes away says my brain in the car G.P.S.

Now I'm really thinking I need a shrink.

A. Going to get spanked by women that I have only talked to over phone and internet.
2. Told her when I was getting spanked regularly had a high pain tolerance.
C. Hope she forgot that part
4. Refer back to A

Yup I need real help alright. And now I'm looking at the clock and its 4:10 so I'm going to be 15 min. late or early. Hopefully the later.

Now I'm starting to feel hot all over. My palms are sweaty. Feels like a golf ball in my throat. And my stomachs in knots. This is going to be great!!!

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Where has the summer gone? It seemed to have passed me by way too quick. I know I did not make the most of it, but falling ill in the middle of June sort of put paid to our best laid plans.It took me a while to recover and before I knew it I was in August with so much to do before the new term starts in a few weeks time. There is so much planning to do and so many students from last year to meet and discuss their options for the coming term. I have been spending a lot of time in my study at home and in my office at work. I have had to break both good and bad news to students concerning their examination results.I love giving the good news;when it comes to the bad news I always have to try and stop myself from getting a bit emotional.

Today I went to the college and already I could see that things were getting busy. The little streets around the college had numerous signs on the houses offering student rooms for the upcoming term.There was a number of teenagers with their parents walking around the area and indeed walking around the college grounds,taking in their new surroundings. It made me think of my first day at University,a life-time ago now. I was seventeen,loud,really in your face,type of person. I remember leaving home and sharing a room with a girl named Amy,one of my closest friends today. We use have a riot of a time.Drinking until the early hours,thank goodness for false IDs,sneaking into the University grounds by night as it was the fastest way to get back to our house. Waking up in the morning with the mother of all hang overs and suddenly realising that my parents were due to visit me,this would send me into auto pilot,cleaning the house and drinking lots of water,once I nearly forgot to take out the empty drink cans; Amy rescued the situation that day.They were happy days indeed. I had lots of fun and made some very close friends whom I still meet from time to time.Back then little did I think that I would be the boring old fart at the top of the lecture theatre one day. Good times,wouldn't change them for all the tea in China,perhaps India,but not China!!!

When I got to my office today their was a memo reminding me to attend a staff meeting next Monday.I moaned with boredom as I read it.Why did I have to get sick? Jen and I didn't even get the chance to travel to France this year,first time I have missed my trip in four years. Two fingers to sickness!!! I sat at my desk and listened to missed calls on my office phone,mainly from students excited over their results and thanking me,some from those who were not so lucky. The unfortunate ones I always ring back,it is not the end of the world and young minds need to recognise that!

I began to open the prospectus for this year,and was surprised at a few changes made to the Cultural Studies programme,whether these changes are good or bad remains to be seen.After I got what I needed done,I decided to take the rest of the paper work home.I felt a little sad that the summer is coming to an end and I done nothing!.I arrived home to see Jenny nursing her wrist and watching Judge Judy. I kissed the top of her head and made some tea. She must have known my mood, for without warning,she took the TV remote and put on Time Team.The bubbly presenting skills of Mr.Tony Robinson instantly perked me up as the site of the Roman Villa they were excavating. So back to the paper work.

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I don't know how many people have been following it but I thought I may as well post the ending. Hope you enjoyed it.


(continued from part 11)

“Grandma what a big nose you have!”

Grandma’s nose twitched.

“All the better to smell with my dear. Come closer and let me enjoy the fragrance of your perfume.”

“And Grandma – what big eyes you have!” exclaimed LRRH

“All the better to see you wriggle when I cane your bottom my dear!” said Grandma

“Grandma – what big ears you have!”

“All the better to hear you scream for mercy my dear!” said Grandma, throwing back the bedcovers and putting her feet into her slippers.

“Ooooh Grandma – what a big cane you have!”

“All the better to whack your bum with, my dear!”

"And oooooh Grandma what a big penis ....... Eh? ...... Wait a minute ……… You aren’t supposed to have one of those! ........... AAaaarrrrrh you aren’t my grandma – you’re the fucking wolf! What have you done with her – something grotesquely fiendish I hope?”

“Don’t worry – I just tied her up and put her in the cellar.” replied the Big Bad Wolf. “You didn’t thing I would gobble the old bat up did you? I would rather stick my testicles in a meat processor! It’s you I am after!”

“Oh yeah?” laughed Little Red Riding Hood. “Well you may just regret that cock-sucker!” And with that she kicked the BBW in the bollocks so hard it made his eyes roll in their sockets and he collapsed in a heap! Then she picked up Grandma’s piss-pot from under the bed, emptied the contents over him, before smashing the ornate porcelain receptacle over his bonce and knocking him out cold.

“Jeezus H Christ – what a fucking amateur!” scoffed LRRH. “For fuck’s sake – it makes you wonder if it’s worthwhile being in these children’s stories when you have to work with dickheads like this!”

She wondered how long she should leave Grandma tied up in the cellar before she went to rescue her. Maybe not too much longer, but first of all she would take the opportunity for a good look around the old bag’s house and see what might be of interest. First of all she needed to deal with Mr Wolf as he would no doubt revive in due course and be a bit annoyed.

So while he was unconscious she stripped him down to his underpants and hogtied him with a length of Grandma’s washing line. Then she got a cucumber from the kitchen, liberally sprinkled it with pepper and mayonnaise before stuffing it up his arse as far as it would go. She cut off the surplus bit sticking out and stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“That ought to teach him a lesson!” she thought wickedly. “Okay – let’s see what Grandma has got hidden about the place. A hoard of cash maybe? A will perhaps?” She had often wondered “who” would get “what” when the old cow snuffed it.

Sure enough, the silly old bat had a wad of fivers stuffed inside a jam jar in the kitchen; there must have been more than a hundred quid. Red Riding Hood was not greedy though, or stupid, so she only pocketed thirty so that Grandma would not immediately be suspicious, and might even be dotty enough to think she had spent it herself.

Whilst she was in the pantry LRRH helped herself to a couple of swigs of Grandma’s gin. WTF – she would say that it got spilt in her struggle with Mr Wolf. The old trout would be so grateful when she got rescued that she wouldn’t care anyway. Finding no more spare cash about, she finally decided it was time to go and cut Grandma loose before the old girl crapped her pants. Mr Wolf was starting to regain consciousness; he was twitching his arse in a most uncomfortable-looking manner.

LRRH opened the door leading down to the cellar. Geez it was dark down there and the light didn’t come on when she flicked the switch. Cautiously she felt her way down the staircase calling out as she went.

“Grandma? Are you there?”

There was no answer, but from out of the darkness came the sound of people giggling. The lights came on suddenly and an astonished Red Riding Hood found herself confronted with a beaming Grandma, her parents and all her uncles, aunts and cousins, as they all joined together in singing a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday to You”

“What the fuck is going on?” asked an incredulous LRRH. “Why aren’t you tied up and gagged Grandma?”

“Surprise surprise!” laughed Grandma. “We are having a birthday party for you. It was all Mr Wolf’s idea. He said you are such a lovely girl for befriending him and he wanted to reward you. Where is he by the way?”

“Umm ………”

Little Red Riding Hood tried to find the words to explain, but for once, she was speechless.

Somehow, she reasoned, this story was deffo not going to end up with everybody (especially her) living happily ever after.

(The end)

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Once that first, hard step is taken, the submission comes easily (no pun intended). After that first, almost accidental spanking and the following corner humiliation, our relationship changed drastically. Now Janet knew She could punish me and we both enjoyed it, although i sure didn't about three strokes into my spanking.Most Women never realize the power they have over men; we truly are 'slaves to our dicks'. We will put up with almost anything for the tiniest hope of sexual satisfaction. That is why enforced chastity works so well in training the male. The Woman decides when, how and if sex takes place. That is the ultimate power.Janet knew this and She loved being the one in control. After my first spanking and cornertime (Her musky panties in my mouth, red bottom exposed and a very obvious erection), She marched me upstairs to the guest room by my ear, stripped me completely, and tied me to the single bed with old pantihose- on my back, feet tied together then tied to the footboard, arms spread and tied loosely to the side of the bedframe. i could move, but not much, and i certainly couldn't touch my throbbing cock! She put Her panties over my head, teased my quivering cock with Her fingers and tongue, then covered me with a blanket, turned off the light, and left me there until morning! I spent the whole night lying there in frustration, breathing in Her musk, with my sore bottom throbbing. i had never felt so humble (or horny). i certainly knew my place now.In the morning, i woke to find Her smiling down at me with satisfaction. She removed the pantie-mask, wrapped it around my cock and teased me mockingly. She told me that my role from the on was to please Her in whatever way She wanted- i was Her servant, Her ladies maid, She was the Mistress. i willingly agreed - i would have said anything. She slid a pillow under my head, lifted up Her nightie, straddled my face and rode my eager tongue to a couple of shuddering wet climaxes. The pact was sealed.As a further humiliation, i spent the rest of the day dressed only in a pair of Her old panties cleaning the house. It was very humbling - i jumped a mile every time the phone rang, and hid in the bathroom when someone came to the door. i was terrified someone would see me in panties! ( i guess because to a male, wearing feminine clothing is a very strong symbol of submissive status)Now that Janet knew i was so embarrassed wearing panties, it gave Her another hold on me. She told me how cute i looked and teasingly suggested She would invite the ladies from my work to see me in panties. i was horrified, and begged Her not to do it. She told me i was safe as long as i pleased Her in any way She wished. i thankfully agreed, and impulsively fell to my knees and kissed Her feet. This pleased Her. She smiled and stroked my hair, then turned, lifted Her skirt and ordered me to kiss Her bottom. "Thoroughly and passionately," She said, and i did with a wonderful feeling of submission and love. She grabbed my long hair and forced my mouth hard against Her gorgeous bottom as i kissed and licked Her satin panties. She told me i was Her 'good girl' and that i was going to be an excellent little maid once She had me trained.After several minute of worship, She made me kneel on the padded leather ottoman with my hands clasped behind my head. She went into the kitchen and returned with a long wooden spoon. 'Now I'm going to teach you to appreciate the privilege of wearing panties', She said, pinching my very obvious erection through the pink nylon of my panties. She stood beside me and proceeded to paddle me on the seat of my panties until i was moaning and shifting from side to side. 'Hurts does it, sweetie,' She mocked, then gave me several more hard swats, then stroked my bottom through my panties, commenting on how warm my ass was getting. She then pulled down the back of my panties, tapped my cringing bottom with the spoon, and started to spank me again. It hurt even more with panties down, and i was very soon crying and begging Her to stop. "Didn't I tell you wearing panties was a privilege?' She said, paddling me harder. 'Go on, beg me to let you wear panties.' i begged between sobs. 'Tell me that I own you, tell me that you will be my good 'girl'. Humiliated, i agreed. She gave me six more hard strokes on the bare ( i had to count aloud), then let me pull up my panties for the last part of my training.She stood in front of me, opened Her blouse, and folded Her bra down, exposing Her hardened nipples. Her face was flushed and Her voice husky as She told me to flick Her nipples with just the tip of my tongue. With one hand in my hair She controlled my head, with the other She reached round and smacked my pantied bottom with the spoon as i eagerly licked Her nipples. She was right, it didn't hurt nearly as much on my panties- wearing panties was a privilege.She led me to the couch, laid me down on my back, stripped to Her bra and panties and mounted me. Forcing Her legs between mine, She ground Her pantied mound hard against my bulging pink panties and kissed me deeply. My legs involuntarily wrapped around Her . " I do own you, don't I?", She murmured, looking down at my flushed, teary face. I could only nod. She did.

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Idk if people know this but when you send a message to someone on here you are able to see if that person has read your message or not

So why not respond?

If you have the time to read your messages you should at least respond something simple back

Unless it was a rude message then don't reply

But really this really bugs me if I take the time to message you at least you could do the same

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So why is it that a spanking occurs and when it hurts why continue......

a).you want to please or make your Disciplinarian proud of you.

b). its a turn on for you,

c). it makes you feel stronger,

d). it gives you a rush perhaps subspace it can make you cum.

I have heard of all these things happening to several people in the various lifestyles. My honest opinion for me in the Lifestyle is (a) & (c) when Im laying their taking a ass whooping from my disciplinarian I want to be able to lay their and take I dont want to move and kick my legs nor do I want to block my butt with my hands. Does it happen sometimes it does. I want to make him proud of me that I can follow his commands and directions while over the bed or over his knee I dont want him to tell me several times to stop or move my hands out the way. I want to be able to take my punishment and be able to accept it. It also makes me feel better afterwards that not only is my punishment over with but that I obeyed him through my whole punishment.

So when you know that you are "really in for it" how do you really get ready for that type of punishment or do you even think about it .?

For me, I tend to not want to think about it I just want my day to go by and focus on the things that I have to do that day and ignore the thoughts about how my punishment is going to go down. But then theirs them days that sometimes I tend to ask and want to know what he is going to use or at least a little bit of whats going to happen (but that comes from me being a kid I used to ask my parents how many swats I was going to get and what was I going to get whooped with..LOL). Sometimes I may apologize way to much and try to get out of my punishment or at least instead of getting a whooping have to write lines or get a grounding or something. But when I get that text or call that Im on my way thats when my nerves start getting bad and my stomach starts getting butterflies. But In all im learning to remain calm and not to get all worked up about a ass whoopin and doubt my disciplinarian becuase in all I know that whatever Im going to receive I know that im in good hands and my disciplinarian would never hurt me or go to far.

So how do you know and understand what your pain tolerance is.....

I read this article/blog about the Tolerance Ladder: which was helpful their actually is alot from him and I love his blogs and his outlook on the DD lifestyle. Besides the article/blog from my personal experience your paint tolerance can range it all depends on the spanker some people spank softer and some people spank harder. And it also depends on the implement and how it is being used. I may have someone whoop me with their hand and I got to the point that I couldnt lay still and tend to squirm all over the place and then I may get whooped with somebody elses hand that I just laid their and was thinking "let me play candy crush on my phone" I think one time I almost fell asleep during one. Both situations I have been through before both with the hand and different implements. If I was to honestly pick my pain tolerance it would be the middle I understand others have their opinions about my tolerance which I have heard before from multiple people some say high some say in between and then a couple people have said low. But Im the only one that knows my pain tolerance you cant let nobody tell you your tolerance thats like someone telling you how to hand out an ass whooping and they a vanilla just getting into the lifestyle but like I say for me it depends on the spanker, the implement and how they discipline me.

Firm Hand Spanking