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Just got back from the store where I just purchased a new laptop. I'm trying to get my new laptop all set up and all my pictures and downloads transfered from my old laptop. I love it. It's smaller than my old one, which was so heavy, 5 keys were missing and I had just gotten some kind of virus this past week. It was cheaper to buy a new updated one than to fix my 8 year old laptop.

Wish me luck. You would all be laughing at me, I'm not very computer savvy.

Have a great weekend.

Love you guys


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Well Its been a long day for me well long day waiting and waiting, But I finally got the call that I got accepted to an Modeling agency (its not in Columbus which is alright kinda) but im so I'm happy and now can go out and party and Get ready for a rough, exciting, but prosperous future ahead.

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Last year I heard from my friends from across the pond that in the U.K. they celebrate Mothering Day in March. Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

So, to all my friends in the U. K. that are mums, notice that I didn’t say moms, have the best day. Have your children take you out to dinner and have a nice slice of Simnel Cake. And when you get home, and you and your husband are alone, have a great good girl spanking, and much sweet loving.

Happy Mothering Sunday to all mums. Enjoy your day. C


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I think we may have a ghost! I keep hearing a clicking noise in the night that sounds exactly like someone is clicking there fingers. It’s got me completely stumped I keep going round holding my ear up to anything that could possibly be making the noise and even stuff it couldn’t possibly be. but I'm at a loss I don’t seem to be getting any nearer to finding the source. So I've come to the conclusion we have a finger clicking ghoul! Alex says it’s just my imagination but I'm not convinced. I'm sure my imagination could muster up something a bit better than a finger
clicking ghost, I mean it doesn't usually have too much trouble when I have to stay on my own. Then I thought perhaps it could be my mum, due to mothers day coming up but that's not really her style she usually leaves heart shapes and smiley faces in stuff. At first it was a bit of an adventure, but the problem is now I'm really struggling to sleep. I can't bear not knowing what this noise is. I've tried meditating , trying to talk to it, but I just get the same response, the clicking. I'm beginning to think that is all it can actually do. The thing is I really want to wake Alex up so he can hear it to, but I'm not allowed to wake him up unless it's something really important and we seem to have very different ideas on what's important so it’s hard to know what to do. I've been staring at him and concentrating my energies on waking him up telepathically we share a strong bond so I thought it might work and honestly I think it did little! he made a grunting noise and turned over! perhaps it will work with more practice. It would be really awesome to send telepathic messages to each other:) But the problem is if I wake him up for something he thinks isn't important I'll just end on getting a spanking and then he will roll the other way and go back to sleep (he doesn't have so much patience with me when he is woken up) and I'll just end up really crying and annoying him even more. It makes me feel sad just thinking about it. I think this is going to be a mystery I'm going to have to solve on my own hopefully fairly quickly.

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When you're a spankee in this lifestyle, you're involved for two reasons: either you want this but do not actually need it, or you realize you need it but don't necessarily want it. I realize I need it as a guide to keep me and my life in line but I don't necessarily want it because it hurts so badly. Which one are you and why?

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What would the thought bubble say?

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Well A/all. bout our clips store and our members site are both open. Check us out on clips4sale or come find us at and join us for all the fun .

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Last week on my daughter's birthday my mother was in a real bad car crash and they don't know how she maded it out alive but has few brused ribs and brain injury affecting short term memory and was put on bed rest and outa work until the doctor says so

This week my depression hit me pretty hard and my apartment looks like a war zone with baby toys everywhere
"I have postpartum depression" and almost loosing my mom doesn't help that much ether!!

And besides dealing with my depression, taking care of my daughter, I've also been helping my dad keep his cool, and not stress my mom out

And a perfect way to end this shitty week, my sister is in the ER with leg pains from a car crash and totalled her car as well and I won't know more until late tonight cuz she is three hours away and my parents just left to go to her

And I hate not knowing things and feeling outa the loop!!!

Sorry had to vent!

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Today's excerpt is from The Bossman, my new mafia spanking romance.


“Now go get my breakfast, just the way you are.”
“How about a T-shirt?”
He snarled and slapped her breast, surprising more than hurting her.
“All right, all right,” she pouted, so turned on she was ready for round two. He let her up and she trotted back to the kitchen and re-warmed the pancakes, slathering them with butter and heated maple syrup.
“Chocolate chip pancakes,” she said, sliding them in front of where he sat at the table.
“Mmm. Wait--” he said, reaching out and grabbing one of her butt cheeks as she turned away. “Did I say you could walk away? What if I need something?”
A trickle of moisture dribbled down her leg. “I was going to make you coffee,” she said in a shaky voice.
He slapped her breast again and her pussy clenched. “Did I ask for coffee?”
“No, sir,” she said, feeling light-headed with arousal.
“You may get me coffee,” he announced loftily. “And bring a wooden spoon, while you’re at it.”
Her belly tightened with anxiety, even as her heart raced with excitement. She brewed him a latte and served it along with the wooden spoon, this time standing beside him, waiting to be dismissed. He ignored her for a few moments, eating his pancakes, then scooted his chair back.
“I’d like that bare ass over my lap now. “

The Bossman

Sophie Palazzo steered clear of the mafia after her father's involvement ended with his murder. Fifteen years later, Joey La Torre, the Don's brother himself, shows up unannounced at her massage studio and wheedles his way into a date. She has no interest in aggressive, macho men like Joey, or so she tries to tell herself, but her body just doesn't get the message. When Joey takes her in hand with a firm bare-bottomed spanking, she ought to be furious, instead, she's aroused. As she explores her physical desires to be dominated, she tries to keep Joey at arm's length emotionally.

Joey knows he wants Sophie for keeps from the moment he walks into her life. She is hot, classy and full of fire, even though submission turns her on. But his involvement in the mafia is a hard limit for her, bringing to conflict his own dedication to the Family, the code of silence and his relationship with his older brother. Can he reconcile his duty to the organization and his growing need for Sophie to remain in his life permanently?
Buy now on Amazon, Amazon UK, ARe, Barnes & Noble

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To: All of you innovative programer, app designers, spankophiles, lingerie aficionados, and assorted perverts (said with love). Here is what we NEED...yes I said need. We need a program that will (from a web image, Tumblr for example)ID the lingerie, match it by designer/brand, then find it for sale.
I could not be the only one that has seen a great item and thought my wife,G/F, or partner would love that, I wonder where they got it. The chances of searching Google for say "black lace up corset" in Google and finding the one you are looking for that This could have other less sexy applications, but that is not really on my mind (at least at the moment).
I work in the industry, but I am not a programer. Is this even technologically possible? If it is, is would it be fiscally possible? Thoughts?

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So, I'm talking to Him last night telling Him how much I miss Him and looking for some sort of reassurance that he doesn't intend to flay all the skin off my behind this weekend and you know what he says? "Don't worry. I'm going to take good care of you. When I'm done with you, you will never forget to work out ever again." Now, I'm more worried than ever.

You see, I asked him to help me with my health and weight loss goals. We set some guidelines and then I just didn't follow them. Life's been a little hectic lately with me getting my entry ready for the contest, working my day job, starting my own self-publishing company, and trying to learn everything from how to format a book cover to how to market books, create a brand, do a website, etc.

On top of not following our plan, I broke some of our rules (I'm not supposed to be on ST before work and certainly not let it make me late for appointments). So I know I'm in for a serious butt whipping and I know that I deserve it. But knowing that I deserve it doesn't make me any less nervous about getting it. Plus, he ordered me to bring those horrible implements of ass destruction with me: The nylon loop, the Bottom Burner wood paddle and the rattan loop cane from Caniac.

Maybe I should re-enact an episode from that show "Without a Trace" and disappear somewhere. Hmmm . . .

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I am a Grandpap for the first time. My grandbabby has a clef pallet. They are trying to find out what what type of bottle nipple he will take.


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I am thrilled that The Winter Storm, the book I co-wrote with Katherine Deane and Casey McKay hit Amazon Top 100 lists for both erotic BDSM and Paranormal and has only five star reviews. It is both hot and fun, with paranormals, fairytale characters and everything in between. Today's snippet is between the fairy Faye and her landlord Cade. Faye accidentally turned her landlord's feet into flippers while trying to make him forget she owed him rent. He takes her as his slave until she can reverse the spell, but she runs away and gets caught in a winter storm. Here's what happens after Cade rescues her at they end up at the Spa NK Fetish Lodge:


“Your punishment isn’t over, but you’re lucky. You get to take a break. Get up on the loveseat on your knees and elbows.”
She stared, confused. “What?”
“You heard me.” He lifted his hand as if to swat her again, and she jumped back and climbed on the loveseat as instructed.
The humiliation of the position made her cringe. She knew she displayed not only her ass, but her pussy for his view. She heard the plastic click of a lid and jumped when a cool gel landed on her anus. She lurched forward in fear, but Cade caught her in his powerful grip and gave her bottom several hard smacks. “I’m going to put a butt plug in you to remind you who you belong to while I’m gone. You may not remove it. You may not put on any clothing or even wrap yourself in a towel or blanket. When I return you will be bent over the side of the bed, showing me how well you kept your plug in.”
“Cade…” she whimpered.
He slapped her bottom. “Do I need to give you a few strokes with the cane before I go?” he asked.
“No, Master!”
The cool tip of the stainless steel plug touched her back hole and she squeezed it shut.
“Open for it, Faye. Be a good girl and take your punishment.”
She whimpered but relaxed her sphincter. The moment she let go, he pressed the plug forward, stretching her wide with a burning at the entrance and an overwhelming sensation of fullness inside.
“Oh, Cade,” she moaned, then clamped her mouth shut, embarrassed at how wanton her voice had sounded.
“Good girl,” he said, his voice sounding thick. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Eat the sandwich I ordered for you or call down for something else, but don’t leave this room until I come back, understand?”
“I understand,” she panted.
“You may stand up now,” he said.
Her legs shook from the punishment, and the plug in her ass turned her insides molten. Cade pulled off his jeans and briefs, and the sight of his manhood made her head swim. He glanced up when he’d finished yanking the second pant leg over his flipper and saw her staring.

The Winter Storm

In a world where fairy tales and real life collide, in which truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and romance and fetish are the norm, a winter storm forces a cast of characters to converge at a unique lodge, and three interwoven tales are set in motion.

Jillian and her brother narrowly escape a wolf attack, thanks to a shapeshifter, Bertram. As the owner of the lodge, Bertram opens Jillian’s eyes to a whole new world filled with spanking and so much more. Will she keep fighting her submission, or allow herself the chance for true love?

Coral is a fugitive—hiding from herself, her true desires, and the sea witch to whom she owes a great debt. She fears showing real emotion and letting herself be free, but Jake Hill’s dominating presence beckons her to yield to him—not just her body, but her heart, mind and soul. When the sea witch demands retribution, though, she may lose the one man she has come to trust.

When Faye blunders while casting a spell upon her landlord, he claims her as his slave until she can undo the magic, and she finds herself subject to his firm discipline. As her attraction to him grows, Faye fears she will give in to the handsome shifter and forever lose her maidenhood, and consequently her powers and the ability to fix her mistake.

Even as all three women struggle with surrendering to the dominant men they have fallen for, each finds herself on a journey to discover her true self. Can they find a way to yield to love without losing themselves in the process?

Publisher’s Note: The Winter Storm is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, age play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Well folks, after considerable deliberation we decided it was time to just go for it and start our own members site. It isn't huge yet but it will be getting bigger every week with more and more content added on a regular basis. we will be posting a promo in the next couple of days showing where to find our new site and our new clips4sale page where you can also buy our individual clips. The site should be up and running within the next 48 hours as well its a lot to up load that much stuff at one shot. We hope once it is open you join us so keep watching us and keep with us for more great True Home Discipline
Be well, Spank hard, see ya

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On this day 33 years ago, I was born.....and the world has not been the same since, lol. Through my life I have managed not being arrested once, graduate from high school, obtain a college degree, marry the love of my life, and start a family. Although I do enjoy being a stay at home daddy these days, and in know there is great importance in that.......I would eventually like to leave my own personal stamp on life. My goal in this next year of my life is to hit the gym and get in better shape.

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"Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened"


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So, you'd think, at my age, I'd have gotten over silly rage reactions to people who irritate the hell out of me. Apparently not. Maybe I haven't grown up as much I'd thought. There's a woman I go to school with who never ceases to bring out my rage. I've even been known to get so angry as to throw things across the classroom. It's sad, really. I should know better. I'm a fairly smart person. I'm involved in a lot of things, I have tons of friends. So, why do certain people bring that out in me? I have no idea. This girl's voice alone grates on my skin to no end. Ugh. And yet, I know what will happen if I throw things again. I know what will happen if I go with my instincts or let my rage control my behaviors. 4 weeks and 1 day left of classes before externship and then graduation. Such a short amount of time left, and because of this girl, it feels like it might as well be eternity. Today was so bad, I just had to sleep. I knew if I stayed awake, I would do something I would regret. So, I chose the lesser evil. I put my head down and let my exhaustion take over. 3 times during the day. My tiredness is not her fault, at all. But, it made it easier to escape the rage. I think it's time to grow up a bit, huh? I'd really rather stay away from the bad punishment spankings that will inevitably occur if I give in to those emotions again. I love spankings and all, but...punishments are not really fun. At all lol. 4 more weeks. Just 4 more weeks..........

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I have a texting only number through my Kindle Fire, and received a message last night saying "someone tried to call your number" it was an out of area number. So, I texted the number and said "this is a texting only number, who is this?" the number replied "I am calling in response to your add about the 4x4" I replied "I think you have the wrong number, there's no vehicle for sale here." It was all very strange, and makes me wonder how this all came about.

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My wife is a wonderful woman (this is my second round at this), but she frequently gets worked up about things. She is not a spanko, but I made it clear that I would be spanking her when I felt like it. She is somewhat submissive in general and she does what I tell her to.

Recently, she was stressing heavily about something. This caused her to get really knotted up to the point where she physically could not go to the bathroom. She was complaining and being very difficult about this and I finally told her that if she couldn't take care of this problem herself, I would be. She was mortified.

She got a pretty good spanking for generally being difficult. I gave her a fleets enema and made sure that she waited long enough that it would do the job. She was not happy about this and there was a lot of protesting. As a result, I reddened her ass during this time with her hairbrush and my hand. Once enough time had passed, I let her have so time alone to take care of things.

There was a wonderful improvement in attitude and comfort for her afterward. She actually thanked me in the end and she was much happier.

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