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trying to motivate myself for a goal I just set... drink nothing but water for at least a week and get back down to 100 pounds again (I'm like 110 and only about 4'9"ish)... and I want to cut down/quit cussing... suggestions ?

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DO you all think that tears are a necessary part of discipline or is the pain of the spanking enough? For spankees, what brings you to tears, the pain of discipline or the disappointment of your top and the need to be spanked in the first place?

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Finally home Ive been running around all day. I did get some rest though this afternoon so that was good 2 more days of the 4am shift till the weekend. Been doing a lot of thinking about various things that's going on in my life just hoping everything turns out for the best. Been debating on whether or not I want to stay where I live in Columbus or not or go back where I was at before in Steubenville sometimes family isn't all that even though you think they may be their for you a lot of the times their not. But out of all that I did get my good news I was waiting for that my paddle has been officially sent out so probably should get it the end of this week. Soooo excited well until its landing on my ass......Besides that hope everyone has a good night.

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938 views · 1099 days ago

ugh I miss my hubby ! I'm horny and I've been craving a spanking for days ! :(

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A brat I used to be,
no where close to tame.
Until he hauled me over his knee
and my bottom was in flames.

So for a while now my inner brat has been locked away.
Though there have been attempts to have me swayed,
still there she stays.

And its really killing me inside,
for its so hard to abide,
when others ask the brat all day,
to just come out and PLAY!!!!

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as they used to say on monty python 'now for something completely different'.

there was a time when i thought that travel would be an important part of my life. i wanted to see so much, but more than just see it, i wanted to be able to truly assimilate the cultures and people. paris, rome and london were at the top of the list but i really wanted to see and do it all. i wanted to go across ireland on horseback, trudge through the sands in egypt (my rotten knees would certainly enjoy that), experience the throngs of ppl in hong kong and brave the jungles in africa.

ha! now, at 53 years of age, i feel myself filled with dread at the thought of a 3 hour flight from massachusetts to florida. what happened? what changed? i haven't seen any of the places i once longed to see, but, then again, nothing seems quite as appealing these days as my ten acre patch in tennessee. isn't the world supposed to become a less scary place as you grow up? well, not so for me. i am not Agoraphobic by any stretch of the imagination, but the idea of leaving my home is getting less and less appealing as the years pass.

perhaps it is the fact that travel doesn't always go that well for me. being a bit of a pack rat (wow! gift of understatement. we can discuss that particular character flaw at a later date.) and having lived in my house in connecticut for over 20 years AND being frugal and unwilling to shell out thousands of dollars to a traditional moving company, i had quite the task at hand to get all of my STUFF (including my menagerie of animals) from point A to point B - an 18 hour drive under the best of conditions, IF i could manage to do it without any gas or rest stops.

to date, it has taken me 4 trips back and forth with a fully loaded horse trailer, one trip with the horse and i have one more to make later this year.

if u r so inclined, buckle up and i will take u on a ride or two. then we can tally up the results and see how my penny-wise, pound-foolish choices worked out for me.

as much as i disliked those cross-country treks, they were nothing compared to what went into sorting through my house full of STUFF and getting it packed for transport. suffice it to say that i exhausted a huge supply of favors from family and friends to even get to the point of departure. i extorted more favors from friends and family to accompany me on the long drives down. some of them were quite uneventful. but, others...

on one of these junkets, i had implored a close friend from NY to come me on my trip. i assured her that it would not take more than a week. i pulled out of my driveway at approximately 11 pm on friday night. i have found that travelling late at night (or early in the morning) is optimum, particularly on that 1st leg through CT and NY where daytime traffic can be a killer.

three hours later, pulling out of a gas station, my transmission slipped and it seemed i was going nowhere. i was less than an hour from new jersey, where i was to pick up my friend and it was 2 am. i quickly realized that if i put the truck (which i may have failed to mention, was towing a horse trailer full of furniture and other belongings) into 2nd gear, i could drive. and so i did - all the way to NJ and then for another 14 hours until i was about 2 hours from my destination. DID I MENTION THAT I AM NOT EXACTLY MECHANICALLY INCLINED? who knew that driving your vehicle in 2nd gear for 14 hours was a bad thing?

cruising down the highway at about 70 miles an hour, my friend sitting beside me and my two dogs in the back seat, we heard it at the same time - a terrible grinding/clanging sound, accompanied by billowing black smoke. my friend and i both looked sympathetically at the car beside us, feeling sorry for the poor schmuck who must be breaking down on the highway. well, that schmuck was us.

sorry - got to run - will continue my travelling tales of woe soon, lol.

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I'm so frustrated! if you have read my profile, you know that I am not a 'normal' teenager almost 20 year old. I'm not into the sexual stuff and everything. and people just can't get that! its not easy for me to admit how i feel in my head and stuff. and how i feel i need discipline, structure and guidance like a kid. i am developmentally delayed and it is so hard to feel like that. this is no game to me. I'm not playing around. This is my life. And I have found a few people on another website, Experience Project, one guy who is like an older brother to me and another guy is like an uncle to me as well. we all became like a little family. they both work together to discipline me, but no spanking. they give me like lines, corner time, quiet time, soap stuff like that. But i know for a fact if i was near my 'uncle' i would have been spanked quite a bit. His daughter who is 14 is like a little sister to me. my 'brother' and 'uncle' do not know about my account on here and I wanna keep it that way. I do tell them almost everything except this. they dont even know about my 'spanking' on Monday. I guess im just looking for someone else like a brother or even an uncle to look out for me on here, rules, discipline etc. This is my second try trying to write this blog, the first time was so much better but stupid me hit the back button by accident. I had alot more explanation in the first one. But if you are interested in knowing more about me and stuff feel free to message me. and know that this blog is hard for me to write.


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The past few days,well from Sunday night to be exact,my partner Jenny has really been testing my patience. Just little things at first;smart ass comments,a "whatever" attitude to something I request her to do or just blatently not listening when I am speaking to her. I ignored a lot of her behaviour at the start,to be honest I was just too busy with my work.
On Tuesday night she done something that was quite dangerous.We live in a large house in a very rural area,so making sure all the doors are properly locked at night is almost like a religious observance every night.Her simple task is to make sure that the back door to the house is locked before we retire for the night.This I trusted her to do,after all her safety is at risk, as is mine, if we should be broken into. On Wednesday morning I was first up and was alarmed to see the back door open ajar.When Jenny finally surfaced from her deep slumber,she could sleep for Ireland if sleeping was an Olympic Sport,I quizzed her about it. That horrible "WHATEVER" attitude came to the fore again but since we were both running a little late I had to park the issue with a good telling off.
On Tuesday evening I was busy working in my study.I was expecting an important visit from a Building Engineer concerning an old house that I have purchased and will soon be under going extensive renovations. I had already dealt with an errant lady(from a meeting last Saturday); now I was settling down to do some work related paper work. I heard the door bell ring and Jenny rush to answer it.
My mind returned to my task at hand only to be interrupted by Jenny's voice shouting.."Mum,there is someone at the door for you..." At first I took no notice,then she repeated those same words. What was going on? I left my study and went into the hallway to see Jenny and the said Engineer standing there. "Mum,this gentleman wishes to speak with you," Jenny said with an evil smile on her face. I knew what she was up to. There is a number of years between Jenny and I and this Engineer just assumed that Jenny was my daughter.Instead of correcting his mistake Jenny played along,spiteful little girl!
I had my meeting with my Engineer and he left. I returned to my work in the study but I could feel a rage inside me. I had to explain to my gentleman Engineer that Jenny was not my daughter and that she was only having a laugh.I decided to bide my time,keep my powder dry ,so to speak. After about two hours or so I felt that Jenny would have left her guard against imminent attack down.I called from my study that I needed her help for a little while.
I heard her mutter,"..for Fuck Sake...." as she left the comfort of the living room.Upon entering my study Jenny was seized and dragged by her ear,which I did forcefully squeeze,a little knack I picked up in the convent,to one of the chairs. I kept hold of her and sat down. I switched my grip,amidst much profanities and struggling,to her left wrist and pulled her with all my strengh over my knee. Before she could react proper to what was about to happen I commenced a hard spanking on her bottom,which only had the protection of her silk pyjamas shorts.I am afraid I went on spanking her for sometime.Jenny was struggling and calling me the most horrible names,which only justified my actions further.
When I decided she had enough I told her to get out and do something useful other than sitting in front of the TV. Well this morning brought a calm in Jenny's attitude and indeed in mine. The only thing that bothers me now is WHEN WILL JENNY SEEK REVENGE?,and HOW?

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Our very first date was a movie,
A stirring adventure at sea.
An evening of popcorn and flogging
Was all that we dreamed it would be.

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My huspand and I just recently started a new chapter in our lives. We are in a domestic disciple status. Keeping this separate from any normal play or fun of course. But I find myelf craving and wanting to be spanked so bad sometimes. I will act out just to get it. Last night was wonderful! We went to see how many pretty colors my bottom could turn. It was amazing. Being spanked to me is a release. Not only does it really turn me on but i love the sting. Lets just say it kinda hurts to sit here and type right now lol. ITs the paddle that i hate the most tho. I can take a butt load of swats with his hand or even the belt but when the paddle comes into play i get scared:) lol. Even tho i LOVE the sting right after its the initial hit that hurts. What makes it even better was the fact that i felt like his property. Being totally violated with a huge anal plug up me that with ever smack would send a sensation threw my whole body. Not to mention when he couldnt stand it anylonger having sex with a anal plug is amazing for both people. Throw in a wanatche and good god. Lets just say we made a little video and as soon as i upload it i will share if anyone is interested:)

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In honor of this holiday, please go forth and take cane and belt to the rear of your loved ones. With all kinds of bed fun afterwards!

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What are your experiences with rectal thermometers and plugs?

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Should a spanking be based on pain or the person's reaction?....Just wondering cuz some people have different opinions on different things and was wondering what your opinion on this was.

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I know this is probably a very bizarre question, but for my fellow female submissives -- how do you feel about being choked and having your hair pulled during a discipline session?

935 views · 1100 days ago

So what makes for a good one? I'm thinking of doing one and welcome all suggestions and advice.

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3858 views · 1101 days ago

Is anyone else having problems uploading videos? I have loaded the same video three times; each time it says it uploaded successfully, and then it simply disappears.

I'm looking at the "Newest Video" section and it appears that nothing new has been put up for the past 10 hours, so perhaps something is going on.

It would be nice to have some sort of alert posted, so we don't waste our time trying to load videos when that function is down! (sigh)

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Happy May Day,everyone. Have a happy flowerful day.

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It would appear that a certain "lady" (used loosely) member of this site, who hails from an admittedly backward part of the British Isles is mischievously confusing myself with lower orders of primates such as monkeys, chimps and baboons!

For the benefit of anybody else who may be confused - monkeys are furry, uncouth, smelly creatures with no manners, who masturbate in public and have been known to pee in people's gardens. Not unlike the lady herself in some respects then!

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1361 views · 1101 days ago

I am so frustrated and for once it has nothing to do with the lack of spankings lol. Well it dose but Mainly it's cos I have been stuck in bed since Friday with a bad case of flu and sickness I got rejected for all the jobs I applied for.. If I could go out I would so be buying some booze right now . I haven't slept right in 3 days I feel like giveing up I miss my mommy I spoke to her the other day but only for a few minutes I probley dissopinting everyone who is trying to help me but I have hit that fing wall again.
Keith :(

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