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What groups are hosting spanking parties and what is your take on the different groups in the Raleigh, Charlotte, and Columbia areas?

I will be in Columbia Aug 14th & Charlotte Aug 15th & 16th doing professional sessions (visit portiaspankskc.com if interested in booking a professional session, NOT here)

I would like to support other groups similar to the KC Spanks club group I lead in KC. I am interested in attending local play parties during my travels in the months to come. Can anyone share some info in regard to groups innthe area?

Portia Spanks : )

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To my wonderful spankingtube fans:

You can now find me on FetLife as PorcelainCurves. I very very rarely come on here anymore so I'm attempting to pull some of you guys (who don't already know) to my new page and new chapter of my Life! Hopefully I'll see you soon! :)


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Thank you for giving me up when I needed you the most, thank you for putting me down when I thought you would get up. Instead of destroying me, I stood up, I grew stronger because of you.

My Spanking Roommate
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I'm always contacted by guys asking if I want to chat with them about spanking. I've chatted with some guys about it but actually I like spankings in real life much, much better. So guys I'm not so inclined to chat about virtually getting a cyber spanking or anything like that. I need real

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Hello, I'm the administration profile of Spankocity!

Everybody who is up to join spankocity, please send a friendrequest to this profile! It's hosted by Lotus and Infinity2017 !

We want all the residents of the Spankocity-game to be on that friendslist!

Thank you!

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I will be in NYC July 24-29, Boston July 30, and Washington DC Aug 2-3.

Booking sessions, email to discuss after reading over My site, www.JuliesBitchBoys.com


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Lord help me its going to be a long month. But under the advisement of a friend I am going to stay away from Dom's for a month and just clear my head and get myself together because LORD I pick the wrong ones every time and this Alice is tired of falling down the same rabbit hole again and again...

However that's not to say I'm not going to need a good spanking. I am begging for it here. Lol though I doubt any of you can handle me. So qualified disciplinarians welcome. But warning:

Killing my inner brat is not allowed! I am playful. I like having fun though I know there is a line that shouldn't be crossed and there's a time and a place. But really no stick in the muds. You have to know how to laugh. Life's to short to always be a grumps. And one more thing you must remember...

Kidding lol well kinda just love that pic! hehe

Happy spanks y'all. Hugs and kisses.

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SPANKING SECRETS's N here. An amazing day's filming yesterday with AMELIA JANE RUTHERFORD. Amelia is such a lovely person - intelligent, kind, considerate. . .beautiful. Such a privilege to work with her. We're in post-production at the moment then you get to see the results.

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Coming home from a really nice time with good friends...driving along a country road around 6pm ....a small deer ran out infront of me....killed it :( Mark got out and moved it to the verge....I cried a lot... but he made me carry on driving..

Now hes given me another nickname....Robert DeNiro ...The Deer Hunter!!!! I dont find him funny. I dont wanna live in the country anymore...wanna go back to Wimbledon. :(

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Nancy King full nylon red panty briefs in women's size 4...

...would you like to paddle my panties?

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Not meaning to hurt anyone's feelings but I'm not on here to chat or anything....just kind of living vicariously and venting or spilling out thoughts.

This is my getaway from everything. A safe zone if you will. Also, this is NOT a sexual thing for me. If you understand that, great. If not, not my problem. I get emotional and psychological reset through this. This helps me to feel centered, cared for, loved, etc. I don't mix discipline and sex, but it's ok if you do. I actually feel like I need this at times and most certainly deserve it too.

Hope you all don't take offense.

"Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you." -Rupi Kaur (Milk and Honey)

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Like me has anyone ever thought why implements are used on People that are naughty and why parents\parental guardians use items like belts slipper or paddles by males in the family and hairbrush carpet beaters wooden spoons rulers bath brush by females in the family and why was canes and tawes was used to beat bad behaviour in education places

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This contains sexual content as well as spanking, if its not our thing please stop reading ,,, So I know I made a blog about the worst spanking that I ever received, but recently I have received one that was worse , me Nd my male companion were at the lake for the 4th of July I had a little bit to much to drink that night, so the next day I was punished for it , we went out into the woods paddle in hand and he had his belt , I knew it wasn't going to be good at all, so we found a spot and I was told to get completely naked , so I put my hands on a tree , he took his belt out from his waist and it started, I got about 50 swats with the belt before I got a rest , not to soon after it started to rain lightly, I figured we were done but if course I was wrong, he grabbed that paddle and swatted me 20 times with a wet bare butt, he put the paddle down and grabbed his belt again , I got another 30 swats on my even wetter bare ass, I put my clothes back on and we went back to the cabin, instantly walking into the door he grabbed me and started whipping me with the belt, I squirmed so he told.me I had 5 seconds to be naked and laying on the bed, when I played down he grabbed a butt clincher and put it in my butt, he then whacked me 25 more times.with the belt, he took the butt clencher out and put his dick in me instead, after a good 5 minutes of him pounding my ass, he pulled me over his knee and went to town on me with his hand , my butt was so sore I didn't even really feel it, until he flipped me over out his cock back in me and started hitting me with the belt on each cheek, he then pulled his dick out , came on my ass , and finished with 10 very hard swats with his belt, to this day that was the hardest spanking I've received

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I just made it to my 2800 video that's an awesome mildestone

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I just don't understanding the posting of videos that are "private". I f you want your videos private then just don't post them. Really annoying!!

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a book review (I've been known to review, and recommend, a book or two)

my current read: March Violets
author: Phillip Kerr
publish date: 1989

The first of Kerr's Berlin noir trilogy. The title, March Violets, refers to the Johnny come lately to the German National Socialist party - Hitler's party. Party Veterans refer to those jumping on the Hitler bandwagon as "March Violets." Hitler is coming to power and almost everyone is onboard. Everyone that is, except for Bernie Gunther ex Berlin police detective now turned private investigator. The setting is Berlin, 1935 as Germany is preparing for an Olympics (the first Olympics televised btw) and a war.

from the jacket: Hard hitting, fast paced, and richly detailed, March Violets is noir writing at it's best and blackest.

"Dark, complex, and relentlessly witty" - Kirkus Reviews

"Taut, brutal, course, believable and gripping stuff" - Sunday Telegraph (London)

"Kerr's complex intrigue allows space for brilliantly provoking political asides" - The Sunday Times (London)

So, what's on your nightstand, besides a paddle?

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The quirky and somewhat reclusive resident of Spankocity, owner and proprietor of Spanky's Lingerie and Panty Emporium, has unveiled his craftsman style bungalow renovation. A "warming" party of sorts has ben rumored for the official unveiling, and sources close to Spanky say the Gatsby-esque affair will be the must attend event of the season and promises to be a spanking good time by all. Remember, you heard it here first.

source: The Spankocity Tattler - all the news you need to know (and then some)

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The funny thing my dad says to me just before he spanks my bum, "son this gonna hurt me more than it's gonna hurt you you", think to myself how can that be he's not the one getting his bum bring spanked. by hand or the belt or slipper or paddle. and my mum says "Sam if I spoke to my parents like you have just done to me son, I wouldn't be able to sit down for a day or two.

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If anyone of you are on fetlife do you hesitate to add me on there and my username is Cat-Man96.

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