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Scorchin' Sol a-scowlin' scourged a dead drab, washed out sky
o'er your one horse cow town's Wormwood Scrubs called "Faribault Junior High."
Lost there in swelterin' sadness, grey matter singed by madness,
I prayed sweet sleep might kiss me by and by.

Bruised by bullies' blows, badgered, bashed an' hit,
no peace o' mind was mine to find. In black rage, Christ! I'd spit
straight in the smugly ugly face o' some dumb rube who'd sneer "Your place
damned in our redbrick hell be just an' fit!"

My guts stank rank with hate (self loathin' hate for me)
an' hate for cruel fate that made my lot what it must be.
Raw hate, like puke, churns 'round inside. What would you've said if, retchin', I'd
puked hate in putrid puddles for all to see?

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I have made a few new friends on here n JUST made a special new friend NOT on here but on another site I'm a member on ... I just introduced him to this site last night n even tho he hasnt yet joined he said he did snoop around a lil... where I found my blog about gettin sent to bed early funny he has told me he doesn't ( tries real hard to be serious n NOT giggle) ... there is no doubt in my mind as to his role n I get butterflies when he calls me young lady or lil girl but i ESP like his pet names for me "brat" n "spanky" ... got a busy weekend comin up but gonna try to get him in here over the weekend ... ok back to work before I get caught lol

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There are 82 different members using Sassy in there names...Sassyclouds was me so there was 83 actually...until I had to close Sassyclouds temporarily and I only use this now. Yes...all my friends knew I had 2 accounts even though I never used this until now. People join this spanking site and want to maintain their privacy for many different we all come up with silly names...I have found some really cute and funny and crazy ones on here lol. My husband and I just started a DD marriage and I am so happy and feel even closer and more loved by my hubby. So many have told me how DD changed their relationship or marriage for the better and I can now say the same.

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Hello everyone! I'm giving away my book Discovering Discipline for free today only. I'm thinking this is the best place to find people that would want to read it! If you do read it I would love for you to leave a review. Thank you so much!

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Stygian shadows of chill night
ensconce us whilst we kindle light
invoking hallowed shades of yore.
Thy presence hither we implore!
O, faintness of our hearts take flight.
Dwell in our midst, myster'ous sprite.

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"The man of the house was extremely wealthy. I call him Sir. He has a mansion that has 20 bedrooms and 15 baths. The counteracts in the kitchen are made of marble and Sir has the best looking mahogany wood furniture money can buy. In his Arizona Room there is his Last shaped couch, and fireplace, and his all time favorite TV. As I was cleaning I noticed dust was building up on his TV. Well, since I'm so short I was not able to dust it properly. I climbed up on a stool Sir has. I was almost done when I lost my balance. Falling forward I reached out and grabbed the TV wall mount! It broke and down came me, the TV, the wall mount, and the stool; all falling onto sir's marble top table. Sir finds out it was me and he was mad as ever. He pulled me across his lap and spanked me over and over again until I learnt my lesson. But because I cannot pay the cost of the TV ($20k), I had to make a deal to give him what he wanted.... sex!!"

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well ill b damned.. my new friend is sendin me to bed ( still laughin).. n all I did was say "u cant tell me what the fuck to do !!" lmao....its ok.. I'm tired anyhow hahahaha pppffttt

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I owe no one any explaination but I'm blogging at this time to say "Poppy" aka masterblaster n I r no longer an online couple...soooo the doors open :)

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Hi Everyone!
My Wife and I are seriously looking at an interesting paddle we found online. It's from "CANE-IAC" and called a "Spanking Buddy". I seldom buy commercial paddles since I'm not a rich man, I try to make my own. This Spanking Buddy really looks interesting though.

My Wife and I both enjoy a spanking were she uses her bare hand. Her hand gives out long before our spanking goal is reached. This Spanking Buddy fits onto the hand it's made to keep the Tops hand from getting so stingy or tired that they have to stop. It comes in wood and leather. I'm willing to spend the money, but I also want a paddle that really works. They are under $20 apiece.

Has any of all the wonderful folks here on SpankingTube have any experience using a Spanking Buddy? Or if you have other bare hand spanking advice I'd appreciate if you shared it.

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Posted a few pictures today of my Wife and I sort of playing around and trying out a few ideas for paddles. It was just stuff laying around the house that that we tried. There's a plastic ruler, slipper, paint stirring stick, wood spatula, and of course my Wife's bare hand. It was interesting but it didn't end up being a real spanking which I crave.

As a Bottom I REALLY like stingy spankings the best! A sting that starts with the first swat and than just grows until I'm overwhelmed and crying. But we also know many things can be a paddle. Here's how my "butt" rated them on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being stingy, 1 being the least stingy.
Plastic Ruler - 8
Wood Spatula - 9
Paint Stirring Stick - 9
Wife's Slipper - 2
Wife's Hand - 8

The reason there is no rating of a 10 is this. The lexan paddle - I'd give that about an 11. Stingiest thing I've ever felt! So yea-h, just thought I'd share a bit of fun. I know every Bottom has a preference.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts and paddle ideas.

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Hi I am cassy, this is my blog what do I want in life ? I have had such a bad life . And I now to be happy and not be angry,sad,piased off, and I want my stress gone, will it happen I am hoping so. Being in the lifestyle has changed me so much. I use to fist fight and drink and do drugs. I was a very angry woman. And most of the time I had no clue why. Maybe it was. My childhood or 2 really bad marriages. The loss of my 10 baby's due to miscarriage or my kidnapping.. or me being homeless off and on for years.. or not feeling worth anything to anyone... Ya that might be part of it... But that's just a small part of me... Other parts I keep to's just safer that way... Yes I have walls up ... Can't get hurt that way right? Wrong!!!! Now I am 50 a singal mom of 3 and I have to look at the rest of my life and say dammm what a mess ... I need so much help fixing this.. life is way to short to. Keep living like this... Help me get myself on the write track ... Teach you me I am worth something I am not useless ... I am a good woman... Least I think I am....

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About twice a month, Spankingpersonalads.Com allows for free messaging between members. Today Jan 11th, 2017 is one of those days.

I have no connection to the site, other than being a member.

Send Messages FREE Today 7pm - 1am

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Today starts a new journey for me at work as some big changes take place. work area will b turned upside down n things r gonna b very hectic... I will give it my best as always but I know it's goin to b hell... that aside I "met" a few new friends n have had some nice talks *warm smiles* ...on that note... have a good day everyone :)

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I was wondering if anyone has a specific position they loved being spanked in, what is your favorite implement, and is anyone on here in a DD relationship?

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I never get headaches, and I have a migraine. I'm running a fever. Throat is raw, stomach is upset, chest hurts, sinuses stuffed and a wicked raw cough.
Too much snow in face from snoblower. First cold in years that is this bad. Hope it is not pneumonia.

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#go2bed Do not turn your night into day unless you want your moon turn from pale to dark in turn #StrictMotivation

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So I was grounded by my father figure John (4flushingcheeks)I'm supposed to lie on my bed with a pillow underneath. I have to stay there until he gets back from the doctors,I'm receiving a sound self spanking with a wooden spoon.

Also after a blister red sore bottom , I have too apply capsaicin cream on my bare bottom. I'm not allowed to stop my punishment or back out of it. I will be using gloves because I don't want to burn my hands.

I'm so nervous ! Suggestion !

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If you get a message from a person named margaretxxbaa, know that it is brand new fake profile

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For the last couple days I have been doing sessions with Missy and John aka 4blushingcheeks. Well today I was getting restless with given punishments. I secretly wanted to punish! I made fun of John in his punishment,I got him in trouble.I was sticking my tongue out during set up sessions !

I even lied and said I was sticking my tongue out and flipping off John. When it was Missy I was directing those gestures . So Missy had me bend over my chair during Skype video,And self-spank with her directing. Bare buns expose and even John watching, Then i was total brat.

I kept dropping subtle hints to John I wanted to be punish,He explains they way he do things, I kept being persistent and thought it was a joke. So John commanded me to get toothpaste and a hairbrush. I argued at first until he started countdown and I obeyed.

He told me to keep that next to me as a reminder what my punishment will be. He warned me that he would make me lube the handle of the hairbrush with toothpaste and inserted in my naughty bottom.

He scolded me and I replied with yes sir no sir , The second time I was being a smart mouth and continuously keep dropping hints for a punishment. He warned me for the second time and I failed to comply he made me drop my pants and made me lay there on the bed with my bare bottom hanging out Skyping . As we were sitting and chatting, I made a rude comment because Missy and John were sharing a harmless kiss. And I quoted barf !

So John dropped his voice and demanded me to probe my bare bottom. With a sharpie marker and put toothpaste on the smooth end of the marker. I froze ! He counted and I hesitated at first until he yelled my name. I finally got the marker , lube it with toothpaste and stuck in my butt , he scolded me and lectured me. I never felt so embarrassed in my life...He made lie there with in my bottom for two hours. I couldn't even look him in the eyes I was embarrassed

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Good day all,
I joined spanking tube not only to see other peoples spanking videos (I am just the same as the rest of you) but to hook up with like minded souls. I am amazed at the number of people who don't even mention the most basic of details on their profiles. I am constantly rejecting friends requests, not because I don't like them, but basically I don't know anything about them.
Please don't be offended if I have rejected you but I prefer to have something in common before accepting anyone as a friend.

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