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every investment should produce a return! I hate hearing I told u so, or thats wtf u get!!!! All I want to do right now is break some shit!!!! can I ? Please! Please! its like a bad dream, the same bs keep repeating itself, which tells me maybe I need to just focus on me... I'm going to just pretend that i dont see none of this shit!

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One of my BDSM novellas is free on Amazon today: (that link should take you to your country-appropriate Amazon site)

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Most days I just feel like the good Dr.Jekyll be very nice and so helpful to all my friends and neighbors .But do I really like being like that or would I rather be Mr Hyde and just be a prick .Every body does love the Dr.and and body needs him .But come on there are times when I just want to be bad and dirty .I mean he really had fun .lol.....

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Hello to the familiar bloggers here and some new faces. I have been away for some time due to a good diversion, my very own Daddy Dom. I did not see the "Daddy" piece of it coming, but now that I've had some time to get used to it, it's very comfortable.

As happy as I am, as easy as things are with him, my heart is torn. I'm apparently not a very good liar, and pretty early on I had to just fess up to my husband that I had found a Dom online, had already met with him, and wanted to continue to. Naturally, this has not gone over very well. There's a whole complex history between my husband and me, stuff I'd rather not go into. But because I wasn't honest from the beginning, he doesn't believe me that my D/s relationship is not a sexual one. On the plus side he hasn't given me an ultimatum to end it or he'll leave. But instead, things at home are very tense and uncomfortably quiet. From day to day, my feelings waffle and one moment I'm convinced I need to end things with Daddy to save my marriage. The next minute, I'm resolved not to end things because I feel I need to be able to explore this side of me with someone I trust, who naturally understands both sides (Daddy was a sub in his 20s) of a D/s relationship.

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever managed successfully to have a Dom separate from your marriage? Anyone have a wife/husband that knew of your D/s relationship and found a way to be okay with it? Or is that concept just out in la la land?

Also, anyone have tips on keeping your connection with your Dom during times apart? Has been almost a month since we've been able to see one another. We do text daily and occassionally call by phone. He has some health issues and is married with kids/grandkids as well, so those things complicate us getting together. I miss seeing him and feel disconnected when the weeks go by.

Thanks ahead of time for all advice.

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Today is my VERY vanilla wife's 69th birthday. Think I should spank her anyway?
In the past she has submitted - reluctantly - to assuming the position while all I've done was give her gentle love pats. It's gotten to the point where she expects it and just endures it. But this year was a little different in that I could've been a much better husband in such a way that caused her considerable pain and heartache last spring. Maybe this would be a good year to give her a break and just let her enjoy her day as she wants to enjoy it without any of my kinky urges factoring in.
I'm not asking you to make up my mind for me because I've all but decided to give her a reprieve, (and then probably spank her tomorrow instead) but I welcome your thoughts.

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Four left turns or four to the right.
Life snowballs, blindingly white.
Lap after lap, like a racecar track.
An overwhelming feeling, things fade black.

A nod of your head, a blink of an eye.
Told do this do that, no questioning why.
Swallow your pride, doin' what's politically correct.
Act a certain way, speak in proper dialect.

Had enough of the so called "Circle of Life".
Caused too much stress, too much strife.
Time to shut the whole place down.
Time for an OTK Corral showdown.

Enough worrying about what others think.
Time to indulge in a little forbidden kink.
Bend over a lap, a bed or a kitchen sink.
Lose your worries in a darker shade of pink.

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Last weekend my niece and her boyfriend went to a music gig in another county so Jen and I had the place to ourselves. Our friend Amy and her partner travelled down from the West of Ireland and together with a few other like-minded friends we had a weekend of adult fun,although some would say a debauched weekend. It all started with our Gentleman Friend (GF) being re-aquainted with Amy who set about caning him. I must say I am surprised at how high his pain threshold is, I know I have a high tolerance for pain,but GF did take some beating to be honest,more than the rest of us present could take. His bottom was fairly well 'blistered' by the time he gave up and asked Amy to stop. A new comer to our little circle took her first bare bottom spanking,but in these circumstances one has to be careful,so I just 'lightly chastised' her you may say. When it came to Jen's turn however I did not hold back,nor did another of our friends, Mr.A, when he heard what Jen and I had got up to in the shower the day before. I love the way Mr.A speaks when he is about to administer punishment,it makes me laugh and sort of takes me back to being at school and receiving a scolding.On this occasion he called our behaviour 'unladylike' and '...not what he expected from two women who demonstrate all the heirs and graces of two well educated ladies,but instead behave in a common manner...' He actually called us 'brazen hussies',LOL. Mr.A has large hands which are calloused,he does a lot of heavy work with his hands,so when it came to him using his hands it did hurt. I like him,he is good man,one of those people who would do anything you ask and is always willing to help a friend,however I was very surprised some years ago when I did find out,through a mutual friend,that he shared an interest in out 'lifestyle';he just does not look the type,if that makes sense? Makes me wonder who else I see on a daily basis shares our interest but does not have the outlet to indulge! Our weekend was not however all discipline;we take these weekends to indulge ourselves in good food and wine and generally to relax and chat about everything and anything,they are fun weekends but unfortunately don't happen as often as we would all like them too because of the busy lives we all lead. We have had four such weekends this year and have promised another weekend before xmas. We stay in touch regularly and Mr.A will be coming to my house for another purpose on Friday,to repair a section of wall at the north end of my property,good man!

On Sunday evening all our friends went their separate ways and Jen and I settled down in my study,which we both now share,to sort out our work load for the week. Recently Jen has encroached on my study desk and I have offered her one of the attic rooms to make into her study,but cheekily,she told me that I could go into the attic and she could stay in my study. Last Sunday night a paper ball fight took place. She hit me just above my left eye with a paper ball,I hit her between the eyes. Paper balls were flying around my study when my niece came home and told the both of us to grow up before one of us cracked a hip. She found herself beating a hasty retreat from my study under a barrage of paper balls. However something has to be done,both Jen and I are getting no work done sharing the same study. Any suggestions?

Have a great week my friends and stay safe.

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استدعتني الابلة ناديةالى غرفتها بسبب خطأ ارتكبته ، واستفردت بي ، كنت واقف امامها خائفا من العقاب الذي ينتظرني ، كانت الابلة نادية جميلة جدا وذو قوام ممشوق ، وكانت من عادتها ذا اخطأ احد من طلابها تستفرد به في غرفتها حتى تلقيه العقاب المتين ، وكانت تغلق الباب جيدا حتى لا يدخل احد ويحاول ان يمنعها من استمرار عقابها

احضرت الخيرزانة ، وجلست على الكرسي، وطلبت مني الاقتراب منها ، وكان عليا ان اقترب منها وان انفذ اوامرها ، والا فييكون العقاب اضعاف مضاعة ، نعم انها جميلة ولكنها كانت صارمة تكره ان يخطئ احد من طلابها ، فاقتربت منها وانا خائف وقلبي يدق بشده وقالت لي : هل يصح ما فعلته ؟ قلت لها لا يصح، فقالت : اذا يجب ان تعاقب ، هيا نام على بطنك على حجري ، وارفع مؤخرتك لفوق ، واياك ان تنزل مؤخرتك اثناء الضرب ، فأنني سأضرب مؤخرتك عشرة عصيان بالخيرزانة. نمت على حجرها وانا ارتعد خوفا ، نمت في وضع لم يعجبها فلم تكون مؤخرتي لاعلى ، فقالت وبشده : هيا ارفع مؤخرتك ونام جيدا على حجري ، فعدلت وضعي حتى اصبح رأسي الى اسفل ورجلي معلقتين في الهواء ومؤخرتي الى اعلى نقطة ممكنة ، وبدأت تضربني بالخيرزانة ، اول ضربة المتني ، ثاني ضربة المتني بشده فالثالثة والرابعة حتى وصلت للخامسة صرخت من شده الالم وانزلت مؤخرتي

قالت لي بصرامة اذا انزلت مؤخرتك مره اخرى فسيكون العقاب مضاعف ، سأنزع عنك البنطلون والاندر وسأضاعف عدد الضربات ، هيا ارفع مؤخرتك وابرزها جيدا. انا كنت ابكي واتوسل لها ان تكف عن معاقبتي ، انكم لا تدرون مدى الالم اللتي شعرت بها على مؤخرتي ، فقالت بصرامة اكثر ، هيا ارفع مؤخرتك ، فرفعت مؤخرتي وعدلت وضعي مرة اخرى ، فعاودت العقاب مرة اخرى السادسة فالسابعة فالثامنة حتى وصلنا للعاشره اخيرا ، قالت لي : انزل من على حجري ، ونزلت وانا امسك وادلك مؤخرتي ، مؤخرتي كانت تؤلمني بشده ، وكنت ابكي ، قالت لي : تعالى ، اخذتني في حضنها ، احتضنتي بقوة ، وقالت لي : انا احبك وخوفي عليك وعلى زملائي هو ما يدفعني لعقابكم ، ارجو ان الا يتكرر هذا مره اخرى ، واعدتها ان لا اكرر خطأي مرة اخرى
بس انا كعاطف امبسط

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I will never understand people... men in particular. I say that only because that's what I've got the most experience with. Let's also note that I use the term "men" very loosely.

You want me... but only so much. You don't want me, but don't want anyone else to have me. I think... and pardon me for thinking too highly of myself or too independently here... that I was created to be loved and not just when it's convenient. I wasn't created to stroke your ego. I wasn't created to be a secret or to throw in the shadows when everyday life comes calling. I'm worth more than you realize & more than you showed.

This isn't geared towards one particular person... it's geared toward every "Top" I wasted my submission, time and resources on.

I've spent the last month in a half bouncing between feeling like utter crap about myself wondering why it's so hard for them, blaming myself and behaving recklessly. I didn't care what happened to me because I thought it didn't matter. Then it me...

Long story short, I'll be on & off getting my footing in the scene again.

I'm not waiting for anyone, because there's no such thing as a "Super man" that's going to rescue you from yourself. You have to do that. And to tell the truth, I'm scared shitless of that little bit of reality.

Subs/littles/kittens/baby girls.... and anyone else I failed to mention...if you have a good Master/Top/Daddy/Dom DO NOT take them for granted. There are a lot of assholes out there just waiting to devour your innocence, take advantage of your devotion and submission and... well, your all smart you can figure it out. If He/She treats you like a princess... treat them like a King/Queen because you're so unbelievably lucky to have something so rare & real.


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my panty closet:

calling all pantyboys, CD's, and sissies - would love to friend you and have some panty chat. contact me here

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I confess to Mistress that I've been ogling women out in public again. I can't keep my eyes off their legs, and I have very lascivious thoughts about them all day long. She insists that I must be punished appropriately.

When she leaves the room and returns, I see what she means. She's changed into a pair a very short black shorts. I instantly stare at her legs as she walks to the chair, and remain staring, transfixed at her beautiful thighs as she sits down.

She says, "Since you like my lap so much, you're going to get all you can handle. Look into my eyes. I'm going to take your pants down, pull you across my thighs that you keep looking at, and paddle you until you can't see straight."

Two dichotomies. Touching her thighs first with my hand bracing my going over her lap and then with my exposed body is heaven, yet in a few moments the heavy drilled paddle will be hell. Her thighs are so gorgeously soft, yet up against something hard.

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I threw a tantrum last night
I was so mad
Sir said enough
Bad girl he said

I started crying
Guilt inside me
Sir sent me
To a corner
Naked always

Hands on my head
Legs spread
Slighty bent
Toes turned in

I felt so ashamed
Once I realized
Begging and pleading
Wet to the eye

Breaking my stance
Rubing my thighs
Praying for relief
Watching his eyes

Sir said come here
Touching me there
Off like a rocket
Fire with air

Sir said his turn
On my knees I went
Always the good girl
Eagerly I fell

Licking my lips
Opening wide
In he slides
In he glides

Tonight a reprieve
Pardon for me
A Spanking Not
I would receive

Sir said no spanking
Smiling I thought...
I guess I'll be naughty
Tomorrow or not...

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I sat here last night waitin for Paul aka masterblaster aka my get done with dinner when my usual family emergency needed my attention so I had to send him a quick note tellin him I had to go .. so we got no time yesterday at all... I left my house approx. 7:30pm n didn't get back home again until 1:55am... I literally dropped into bed n never heard my alarm at 3 but luckily I woke on my own at 3:09 and hurried to shower n get dressed n made it to work on top with time to share my morning phone call with Poppy... of course having practically no sleep the day just dragged n dragged n dragged... I didn't think 1pm would ever arrive.. bein tired I didn't feel like cookin so I bought us home sammies from work , we ate , I took a quick shower to refresh myself n now am sittin here in a comfy nightie n pj bottoms........ I pray everyday, a few times a day for this "problem" to end n so far I see no light at the end of that tunnel....... dunno if its a all the worry or the lack of sleep but I feel borderline on the verge of tears......I KNOW I wont let them go but they r right there under the surface.......... anyways.. please all who believe.. say a lil prayer please.............

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paddle my pantyhose?

I'm starting to like the pantyhose (you women may be on to something here, hmmmm...)

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I have a minor pet peeve that I would like to address to ST members. One thing that frustrates me is when I write a message, sometimes a long message to someone, and find when I go to send it that that person is only accepting messages and such from existing friends. It would be so much easier and thoughtful if when filling our a profile to include such information. Thanks.

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I need a disciplinarian

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Its always nice to fed back when you send out a message and so annoying and frustrating when you don't get a reply i guess I speak for very one[for everyone so I think when they do finally reply they should say sorry or even get a sharp telling off

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What a lovely start to the week.
Tho we will have to dodge our fun inbetween our son going to college, home then college again we plan to enjoy this week
This morning i spent time grooming my master, shaving front, back and sack, i love him to be as beautifully smooth as i like my pussy.
And i love this job, tho shaving balls is very tricky
He asked for a lovely bottom massage, which ofcourse i delighted in doing a perfect job, ocassionally playing by his hole.
Eventually he told me it was my turn, i was to have my morning spanking and choose the toy but i asked for a bottom massage first.
And was treated to the best massage ever, i know why he enjoys them so much.
Anal play, anal orgasm, play with my rings and rubbing clit hood i ended up having mutliple orgasms.
Master then told me he wanted to fuck my ass and come deep inside.
We both fell exhausted on the bed, ( we are not very fit lol ) after a good while we recovered enough to get dressed.
I could enjoy this every morning. And looks like our son isnt coming home for lunch so hope for my morning spanking soon.
But what toy ???
He has a brand new thick leather belt, im tempted to say use that, but its quite scary looking.

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