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It's time for me to be punished along with Madams female slave. I'm forced into a CB6000 restrainer and told to lay on my back. The naked female kneels above me and my wrists are locked to her ankles. Madam instucts her to wank me off and she will be caned every ten seconds until I cum.

She has been sucking and stroking me for ten minutes but I feel no pleasure from my poor imprisoned cock and balls - I'm never going to be able to cum. The cane keeps landing on her cheeks and she howls with pain - she's now taken sixty strokes. I can see every mark Madam has inflicted on her and watch how her cheeks clench just before the cane bites into them. My nose is full of the smell of her hot wet sex.

My cock is getting sore and I know that if I don't shoot soon Madam will remove my restrainer and whip it. Then she will make her two slaves change position and I'll have to lick pussy until she cums with the cane biting into my butt. It won't be easy to make her cum because Madam will make her wear thick rubber panties.

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As Father Thorn left the vestry, he saw Sister Joan sitting in an otherwise empty church. His heart lifted at the sight of the beautiful young sister sitting there. Despite his vows, Father Daniel Thorn was still all things said, no more than a human male, and liable to all the weaknesses of his sex.
So the sight of the shapely nun naturally stirred up some of his baser feelings.

“Hello sister!” He said smiling widely, though his smile quickly vanished as he saw the look of consternation upon the nun’s pale face, “Is something troubling you sister?”

“Yes Father there is indeed…I feel a heavy weight upon me…as you know very soon I will be returning to the outside world…” Sister Joan struggled out, her eyes cast down upon the cold stone flooring.

“Yes Sister I am well aware that you will be leaving us soon, and I can understand that you are feeling a little nervous at that very idea.” Father Thorn replied his smile now returning to his face.

Finally, Sister Joan lifted her face to look at him, her eyes edged with tears she spoke.

“It is more than just a little nervousness Father…I’m troubled…I have been having thoughts…” She could never tell him of her wild dreams. “Thoughts of a carnal nature!”

“Ah!” Father Thorn was more than a little taken aback by this revelation. “These thoughts... have you acted upon them?... Do you want me to take your confession?”

“No Father I have never...ever...acted upon them!” Sister Joan replied, shocked at the very idea of her indulging in such self-pollution. Though some mornings she would awaken from her disturbed slumber with her nightshirt rucked up around her hips, and her cell scented with the smell of her inner core. “I have not come here to make my confession; I have come here for you to drive these wicked thoughts from my mind!”

“I’m sorry Sister I don’t know what you mean…what it is that you wish from me?” Father Thorn replied; wondering if this young woman were asking him for an exorcism, an exorcism just for a few dirty thoughts.

“Father we are now no longer allowed to use The Discipline upon ourselves, I wish for you to beat this…these…thoughts from me!” Sister Joan sighed in relief, at last she had said it, and at last she had made her request.

Father Thorn was initially dumbstruck, and then he quickly composed himself, as the full ramifications of this young nun's request sank in with him. He then went to the back of the church. As he walked towards the large double oak doors, he fished in his pocket for the large key. As well as finding the key his fingers brushed upon his now growing erection.This pretty young nun was asking for him to deliver a spanking, and he had no intention of letting her down!

Quickly he locked the door and turned around to Sister Joan.

“I think the vestry would serve us best.” He said trying to hide the tremor in his voice.

Sister Joan rose up from her pew. Her heart now hammering in her chest; she never had, even as a child, experienced corporal punishment, deep down inside her though she knew that was what she now required.

Needed even.

Father Thorn opened the vestry door and ushered Sister Joan into his robing room.

As Sister Joan entered the room, she was struck by the ethereal green glow to the room. The bright low winter sun shone through the stained glass window picturing the now defunct Saint Christopher carrying a young Jesus across the river.
Father Thorn followed behind her; his eyes now locked upon the bee sting waist and the rounded buttocks of a young lady rather than that of the colour of the room.

“As I have no instruments of correction here in the church we will make do with a very firm…harsh even…hand spanking.” The middle-aged priest said as he pulled a high backed wooden chair into the centre of the surprisingly large room.

Sister Joan nodded silently, resigned to her fate.

“Also, as to help to reinforce the punishment a certain level of humility, or humiliation is required. Do you accept that?” Father Thorn asked, swallowing hard, wondering could he actually carry out what he had planned for his lovely young charge.

“Yes Father whatever you require of me.” Sister Joan replied her voice now a mere whisper, as she made her way to the side of the now seated priest.

With Sister Joan now standing by his side, Father Thorn told her.

“Lift up your skirt, please sister, and then tuck the folds into its waistband.”

“Er…what you cannot be serious…lift my skirt?” Sister Joan replied in both shock and disbelief.

“Yes, as I explained humility to you. When I was a young man at the seminary; the old priests and the brothers would punish us in the state of Adam before the fall. So I plan to spank you in the state of Eve.”

Father Thorn said, his voice now low and even, his logic to the young nun seemed unarguable.
After all, she thought to herself it was her who was seeking out his assistance, so she would have to comply at least to his methods.
Slowly with shaking fingers she lifted her skirt, all too aware of the view that she was going to be giving to the middle-aged priest.

Once she had tucked the skirt in tight, Father Thorn motioned for her to come closer still to him. She gasped as she felt his hands move up the outside of her hips reaching for the waistband of her dark tights.

Closing her eyes so she would not have to look upon his face, she felt her tights being lowered till he had dragged them down to her ankles.
Father Thorn smiled as he could now clearly see the nun’s once virginal white cotton knickers, now though they were off white greyish colour through all the years of washing. He guessed - rightly guessed - that these knickers had been issued to her when she had first joined the order, when she was not quite so filled out in her bottom and the hips.
Now her once modest underwear, now drum tight upon her, her mons venus clearly outlined much to the priest's delight. Of course though, for all that he admired the look of her knickered crotch, those knickers would also have to go.


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Janey Olson or Sister Joan as she was known by for the last five and half years sat in quiet contemplation in the silence of the church.
With only eight more weeks remaining of her temporary vows, Janey was in a state of inner turmoil. The idea of returning to the ‘real world’ terrified her; it terrified her as much as her dreams of late had disturbed her.
Had those dreams sent as some form of warning?
Some omen of divine intervention even or were they only just dreams coming from a worried mind?
When she joined the order her parents were not happy, they thought that she was giving her life upon a mere whim. Her older cousin Mona had told her so much to her face.

“So Saint Janey is off to save the world? Off to save the world and not caring about her family’s feelings?”

That wasn’t how it was at all; she had never expected to save the world, all she wanted to do was to make a difference. She had considered joining the Peace Corps, but the fact that they had been used too much for political purposes in the past by various administrations put her off that avenue.
Also, she wanted to join something more spiritual in nature; she had always looked at the local Amish communities with a jealous eye. She loved the way that they seemed to be so content with their lot, living side by side with the modern world, but not polluted by it.
So she somewhat reluctantly agreed with her mother’s wishes; she became a nun on the understanding that it would only be a six-year tenure.
The reason for this was that her parents desperately wanted grandchildren and as an only child she was their only hope.

Now though those six years were nearly over, after six years of travelling she had worked in some of the world's most deprived areas, now all of that was coming to a close.
So here she was sitting in a church in County Antrim, her mind a flurry of activity. She needed to speak to Father Thorn, to seek out not only his spiritual advice; she needed from him something much more tangible than that.
It was a release from the troubling dreams that she needed from him; years ago it would have been so easy for a ‘sister’ to clear her sinful thoughts. All that she needed would have been a brisk application of  ‘The Discipline’ to punish the flesh to cleanse her soul.

The Discipline, the small martinet that nuns would have used in the past for self-flagellation, had long since been abandoned by her order, though still used by others. So she was now locked in promises and vows, none of which she could break.
Her release back into the non-clerical world was imminent; her uncertainty of her release was manifold.

How could she cope outside of her order?

Would she, could she, settle down to the life of domesticity that her parents wished for her?

How could she drive these troubling thoughts and night terrors away?

Would Father Thorn agree to her request…an idea so wild and radical?

How could she word such a request, would he think her mad to suggest it?

She knew that she could not tell him of her dreams, or rather her dream, as it was the same dream every night, or at least some variation upon the same theme.
She would be kneeling at the same pew as she was at today, though not dressed as she was today. Rather than current modern clothing of a knee length cream skirt and matching blouse, with a black headscarf. She would be wearing the old-fashioned style ankle length black habit.
As she knelt praying for guidance, she would feel the presence of someone or something, behind her.
With her eyes, tightly closed, she would feel fingers at the hem of her habit. She prayed harder, more earnestly; as that hem was lifted up over first her calves, then her thighs.
Next she would feel a cool breeze upon her naked behind, for some reason she was never wearing underwear in these strange nightmares. She did indeed feel the cold upon her bottom as these dreams were corporeal in their nature; she felt all these sensations upon her body as they occurred; every nuance she felt upon her skin.
She even felt the eyes staring down upon her nakedness, was this some angel sent to chastise her, to give her the physical castigation that she felt that she so needed. She would arch her spine and push her bare bottom back to meet the angel’s punishing hand.
Instead of a sharp impact that she was expecting, she would receive the caress of a lover’s hand; the hand would cup her springy buttocks, and the fingers would search at her virginal fleshy folds. To her shame, she would never recoil from the attention, rather she would force herself further back to meet up with it to wrap it to engulf it!

As those ‘angelic’ fingers worked upon her, she could feel and indeed hear herself getting wetter. She would bite upon her bottom lip in shame as the squelching noises emitted from the most secret parts of her anatomy; the parts of her body that in her piety, she had always endeavoured to ignore.

Always; without fail she would turn back to look upon ‘her angel’, and then instead of some heavenly creature her eyes were met with those of a demon.
A demon dressed in black, his skin a burning red, his face was familiar but each morning Sister Joan could never remember it, never quite place it. The harder she tried to recall the demon’s features, the quicker the dream faded from her mind.

It was the realness of her demon though that worried Sister Joan; he was as real to her as Ofelia’s faun was in Pan’s Labyrinth. This demon though did not bring the promise of a magical kingdom; Sister Joan's demon was driven only by pure self-centered lust!

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O long-awaited day,
Sparked by a shy
Lingering kiss,
A hug; reassuring and sweet.
Then hand in hand to
An alley café
To dwell in the moment,
Strategic delay,
To draw on a breath,
And savour the day.

Flirting, blushing,
Cheeky eyes flashing,
Tip-toe lightly,
Dancing round our purpose,
To the moment you murmur;
“Shall we, Sir?
It’s a minute, no more”
I pat your behind
And hold open the door

You step through it boldly,
A trait I adore.

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May Love wrap around you like a cloak,
invisible, warm and comforting.
May you be generous in Love.
May Love be generous to you.
Deep in your heart
May Courage kindle and rise.
May kindness illuminate your way.
May your inner world be kissed by light and birdsong.
May your dreams be invitations to your true self.
May you be blessed with home and hearth,
with bliss and radiance.
May this threshold be gracious and compassionate.

I raise my glass to Hestia, and to each gentle reader of these words.

Blessed Be.

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She said.. " Spring is here, I am so happy that I wet my plants "
I said........ " You had better fetch me a birch to use direct "
She said.. " First you had better get your hearing checked "

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I was alone last saturday as my wife was at a friends place.
I was looking through the internet and found a webside that had lots of pictures of women lighting and smoking cigarettes.
That excited me very much and I looked through the webside for a long time.

I have since I was a boy always had a fetish for seing women light up cigarettes with matches.
I know that it comes from my childhood growing up with a mother, who smoked Prince 100 cork filter cigarettes and often used matches to light her cigarettes.

At some point I was so excited that I went out and bought a pack of Prince 100 cork filter cigarettes and a box of matches and went back home.

There I had the pack of cigarettes and matches laying on a table and just the sight of that excited me as I watched smoking videos.

Now at that point my wife was on her way home from her friend, who had gotten sick and I was totally unaware of that and kept doing very naughty things.

All of a sudden the frontdoor opened and my wife came in.
I panicked and tried to hide the cigarettes and matches but I was way too slow.

Just what do you think you are doing my wife said in a stern voice and put ther handbag down on the floor?
What are you doing with those cigarettes my wife said and looked very angry?

I erm... This is not what erm... I.... Please do not get upset or angry I whispered and blushed deep red with embarrassment.

Do not be upset or angry my wife scolded. What other reaction do you think is the right one here young man she said in a stern voice?
What on earth made you think, that this would be acceptable behavior for a grown man?

I am sorry I said and bowed my head in utter shame.

Not as sorry as you are going to be, when I get through with you young man my wife scolded.
I am going to teach you a lesson you will never forget and you will be a very sorry young man by the time I stop punishing you.
Is that understood my wife scolded?

Yes maam I answered.

Good now march yourself in to that corner and keep your hands on your head my wife said sounding very angry.
There you can stand and think about the hard spanking I am going give you in a little while.

I obeyed her and placed my nose in the corner.

I heard my wife take out a dining chair and go into the bedroom.
Then she came back out after a couple of minutes and gave me a couple of handspanks as I stood in the corner.

After 15 minutes my wife sat down on the chair and was ready to give me my well deserved spanking.

Come over here young man she said in a stern voice.

I turned around and saw my wife sitting on the chair, wearing her high healed ankle boots, black leather pants and a white satin shirt.
Beside her was a small table and she had the pack of cigarettes and matches placed there along with an ashtray.

I was stunned and very excited as I walked over to her.
My penis was very hard at this point and I was feeling very embarrassed about it.

Take your pants and underwear down to your ankles young man my wife said and I did feeling so humiliated.

Now that you seem to like women lighting cigarettes and masturbate to this on the internet, it seems just right that I should show you the real thing before I take you over my knees my wife said calmly.

Put your hands on your head and stand in front of my young man she said.

I did as I was told and watched my wife take the pack of cigarettes from the table.
She opened the pack, took a Prince 100 out and placed it in her mouth.

She then layed the pack back on the table and took the box of matches.
My wife opened the matchbox, took out a match and closed the box.
She then struck the match along side the matchbox so it burst into a flame and took the burning match up to the Prince 100 she had in her mouth.
With ease my wife made the burning match touch the tip of the unlit Prince 100 she had in her mouth, drew in hard and lit the cigaret.
She put out the match and placed it in the ashtray and put the matchbox back on the table.

I was so turned on and felt pre cum dripping from my very erect penis and I stood in front of my leather clad wife watching her smoke the Prince 100 she had just lit with a match.

The smell of sulfor and newly lit cigaret mixed with the smell of my wifes leather pants was heaven to me, but I was soon brought back to reality as My wife gave me a couple of smack to the side of my legs.

I was now given a verbal scolding and a lecture in good behavior and felt so embarrassed.

When my wife was done scolding and lecturing me she put the cigaret out and stood up.
Stay where you are young man she said in a stern voice.
She then removed the table beside the chair and went into the bedroom.
She came back with the wooden bathbrush, her long thin cane and a thick wooden paddle with holes drilled into it.

I swalloved hard as I knew this was going to be a very hard and painfull spanking.

My wife sat back down on the chair making her tight leather pants creak and asumed the perfect position to deliver an over the knee spanking to her naughty husband.

Hold out your hands young man she said and when I did my wife put my handrestraints on yo my wrists and locked them together in front of me.

Now stand on my right side young man.

I obeyed her at once and waited to be told to get over her knees.

You have been a very naughty young man and I am going to give you the spanking of you life.
You will be very sorry by the time I send you to the corner and I promise you that you will not ever behave like this again.

Is that understood young man?

Yes maam I whispered and blushed deep red with embarrassment and humiliation.

Good my wife said and picked up the wooden bathbrush.

Over my knees young man.

Very excited and with a very hard and erect penis I layed myself over my wifes leather clad knees and to my humiliation felt my penis rubbing against her left leather clad thigh.

My wife reached down and locked my handrestraints around the leg of the chair.
Now I was helpless to prevent her from giving me the well deserved spanking I had been promised.

My wife then started spanking me very hard and alterned between cheeks.
Right cheek, left cheek, right, cheek, left cheek.

She spanked slowly but delivered a scorching spanking like I had never had from her before.
It only took her a couple of minutes to produce tears in my eyes and I started begging and pleading for her not to spank me so hard.

My wife scolded me sternly and just spanked me even harder, resulting in tears running down my cheeks.
By now my erection was long gone and all I felt was pain and agony.

My wife was determined to teach me a good hard lesson and kept spanking me with the wooden bathbrush until I gave up fighting and layed limb over her leather clad knees sobbing like a naughty little boy.

I sounds like I am getting through to you young man she scolded and put the bathbrush down.

I am sorry I whimpered through my tears.
I will be a good boy I promise.

Yes you will and I am going to make sure that you behave from now on young mand my wife said sternly.
She then picked up the cane and started spanking my sore and crimson bare bottom hard with it.

I do not know how long she spanked me with the cane but it felt like forever and quickly recuded me to a bawling little boy over her knees.
It stung and burned and I just bawled my eyes out as my wife spanked me good and hard with her cane.

Finally my wife stopped spanking me and put the cane down. She unlocked my handrestraints and told me to stand up.
I fought hard to stand but did as I was told and stood before my wife on shaky legs.

To my embarrassment there were big stains of pre cum all over my wife black leather pants where my erect penis had rubbed against and I so embarrassed by the sight.

My wife stood up and picked up the wooden paddle.
Bend over the chair and keep your hands on the seat of the chair young man.

You will get 40 swats with the paddle and You will count them all out my wife said sternly.
Every time you misscount I will give you that swat again until we reach the number 40.

Is that understood young man?

Yes maam I answered through my tears and bent over the chair feeling very sorry for myself.

My wife stood behind me in her tight black leather pants and looked so hot that my erection shortly came back.

But after a couple og hard swats with the wooden paddle it was gone again and all I could do was sob and bawl my eyes out as my wife finished the hardest spanking I have ever had.

I miscounted 6 times and by the time I said 46 I could hardly stand on my legs anymore.

My wife then layed the paddle down and told me to stand up.

Go to the corner and think about the consequenses of your naughty behavior young man she said sternly and pointed to the corner.

Keep your hands at your side at all times and do not touch your bottom unless you want to go back over my knees for another dose of the bathbrush young man.

Is that understood my wife said?

Yes maam I whispered in tears and shame.

My wife gave me 45 minutes og cornertime, combined with verbal scoldings and some well deserved hand spanks, before letting me go to the bathroom to clean my tearstained face.

After that spanking I am still feeling pain at I sit down and my bottom is still bruised and sore.

I learned my lesson and I will never play with cigarettes again.
Is way more hot when my wife lights a cigaret with a macth than seeing it on the internet.

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I've been finding myself more often than not these days lying awake at all hours of the night. This never used to be a typical thing for me but now I feel like it's turning into another bad habit.
The only thing I can think of that would keep me up like this is,well,it's coming up on my past lovers birthday soon. She introduced me to the spanking scene among other things in my life that are unrelated. She passed away some years ago,but I've never found anyone else quite like her. She had a lot of issues with drugs and ultimately it took her away from this world. She never let me into that world,and with good reason,she didn't want me to be like her in that way. I found myself at the strong end of her hand or brush if I did anything stupid. To my credit,it only happened twice. And it was the only time she ever used it as discipline. Otherwise it was all fun business. I never resented her for it or anything,it made me know that she really did love me.
She made me a stronger woman and encouraged me to be more assertive. I miss her every day.
I'm not looking for pity or anything like that,I'm really just thinking out loud. I know I'll find someone some day,I'm not really in the market for it,but I know one day I will be and that's comforting enough I think....
Bah....I need to sleep....good night.

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I guess you could say I have a sub. He let's me tie him up and amuse myself with his body. He's submissive in certain ways but not very masochistic, pain just isn't his thing. I, being the wonderful dominant woman that I am, understand. So in this little "relationship" I've got going on there is no spanking yet again. Seems to be an ongoing trend in my life. I love to spank yet I have no one who enjoys a good spanking.

So we plan our little play sessions or scenes but he does most of the planning since his list of what he won't do limits me and I don't want to go in a direction that makes him uncomfortable. (See, I'm a good dominant woman who understands.) A few weeks ago he tells me to bring some of my stuff including my paddles. OK!

There is a lovely play space or dungeon in the basement. Where there happens to be a lovely suspension spot in the ceiling. Mind you I'm really short, he's not so tall either but he can reach the ceiling, I cannot. He restrains himself and then attaches that to the ceiling. Awesome! Hands above his head and he's basically on his toes, I haphazardly tie his feet. They are not secure by any means but I'm dying to get to the spanking, he said to bring my paddles. We play a bit with a few toys he likes. I have to give him a little bit before I get mine. Then... as I play with his rock hard cock the underwear come off. I slide them down his legs to his feet which have become undone, the tie didn't hold and I knew it wouldn't. I rub his ass with my warm hand and then reach around and play a little bit with his cock. He's moaning and breathing heavy when I reach for the flogger. I've yet to use one so I'm curious.

The sound of the leather on the skin as it connects is beautiful. I get a rhythm going but I know I'm not hitting him very hard. He makes some noise. But I stop and rub his back and reach around to his chest. He moans a bit more. I love when does that, hearing his pleasure gets me right in the gut.

Then it's time... my paddles. I've wanted to use these in an intimate setting for so long. The slapper, it stings so bad when you use it right but no marks just a STING. I told him it was going to sting and he thinks he's ready. Slap! OOOOW! I don't think he was ready for that. I keep slapping with that for a bit. But he's moving his feet and trying to get away. He can't go far with his hands above his head and attached to the ceiling. He can't turn around then I'd hit him in the groin. Nope. So I get closer and slap and grab his cock and caress it as I slap. The sounds are so confused. I love it. He wants me to stop but he won't tell me to stop.

I look into his eyes as I stop, "are you ready for the big one?" NO!!! The response is filled with apprehension and maybe even a little terror. If the little one hurts like that then what does the big one feel like? He doesn't know it but I won't hit him very hard with the big one. I don't want him bruised up and not want to do it ever again. So I hit softly but it still hurts like hell. I know because I've done it to myself. Maybe ten whacks with that one. The whole time playing with him as I slap.

He keeps trying to get away. And now I'm laughing as I'm slapping and flogging trading off between the toys. All the while making sure he still feels something good. But then I hit him a few times with the big one and he's yelling stop. But that's not his safe word so I keep hitting and then he tries to get away and in the process lifts one of "free" legs and kicks me. ooh.

I drop the toy and spank him with my bare hand. "Kick me? Did you kick me?" Slapping hard with my hand and then pick up the toy and paddle away on his very pink ass. I'm laughing. He's howling. But he's still rock hard!!!

For my first intimate spanking... it was an awesome experience and he told me I can do it again soon!!!!! YAY me!!!!

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An example of equality for all to achieve.

Have a great day, C

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‘Ricky, I think we’re ready, shall we begin’
The Sentence
I was secured, locked down, any opportunity for movement restricted by the heavy leather straps firmly and competently fastened around my ankles and wrists.
I became conscious of my position, the lack of protection, my vulnerability exacerbated by the flimsy material of my briefs which had ridden up as I had been placed over the bench and which now fully exposed my silky cheeks to her attention. I could feel her presence, behind me;
My ‘Tutoress’, My ‘Governess’, My ‘Miss’
Her voice was soft but sharp as a knife, ‘Do you know the meaning of judicial corporal punishment Ricky’, accentuating the word judicial. I did know, but I found it impossible to collect enough words to form an intelligent response, ‘No Miss’ I replied, it was easier. ‘Well my little Ricky it’s the administration of physical punishment, severe physical punishment, resulting from a sentence established through guilt in a court of law’. The words bounced around in my head as the gravity of the situation truly sank in, I flexed against the restraints in some feeble attempt at release as she continued, ‘In this case, your guilt was proven unilaterally by Emma in accordance with her law, the sentence however has been determined by me, in line with my law, do you understand’? I did understand, I understood fully. Choked by fear I again responded weakly, ‘Yes Miss, I understand’.For many months, possibly years I have been disrespectful and deceitful to Emma, never unfaithful, that I could never be, but if I had been a child, you would have labelled me as just inherently naughty, a trouble maker. Emma disciplines me frequently, across her lap to be spanked or paddled and when truly deserved, bent over for the cane. On numerous occasions she has sent me away for ‘correction’, but to date, I have never received a beating that has changed my behavioural focus or moral compass. As I lay shackled over the punishment bench, now, in real time, waiting, waiting, I knew that what I was to receive shortly would have that lasting effect, a level of permanency and deep down I was terrified.
Ricky, you are to receive three dozen strokes of the cane, that is the sentence however, the severity is in your control, you will count each stroke once it has been administered, if you miss one, I will return to the start, if you cry I will return to the start and increase the severity accordingly, do you fully understand the rules Ricky’. My heart sunk, ‘Yes Miss’, my acknowledgement was at best, pathetic.I could sense her to my left side. She rested the tip of the cane gently on the back of my neck and ran it slowly down my back until it reached the waistline of my briefs. She was now behind me, the cane skimmed my inner thigh and I felt it brush its way down the inside of my leg until it reached the heavy leather shackle at my ankle. She brought the cane back up my other leg, moving it smoothly, pausing every now and again to apply a sharp tap until she reached my private. She guided the cane beneath the elastic of my briefs and I felt its diameter invade me, caress me. She moved the cruel instrument back and forth, softly teasing, gently tempting, but I knew that the sense of arousal I was experiencing would be short lived once the her work began.The Tutorial
As expected, my sexual awakening was lost instantly as I heard the cane being tested. Over the years I have heard the distinctive ‘swish’ of a descending cane many times, but this one sounded different, unusual, unique, perhaps a product of its unyielding properties.
It began,
‘Remember the rules Ricky count them for me’.
I felt the cane across both cheeks, lined up, measured, it rested lightly for a split second and then it was gone, replaced by a brief period of calm before its furious descent. I heard the cane as it sliced through the air to meet its target. As the cruel rod carved its name into my soft skin an unbearable wave of pain washed over my body and my lungs emptied. As I gained breath I remembered the rules and feebly managed to utter ‘One’. ‘Good boy Ricky, but I can hardly hear you. I think you should try that again’? With my breathing partly restored, I again counted ‘One’.
After just one stroke, my cheeks were on fire, the pain excruciating but I could again feel the cane resting across my bottom for the next. My body tightened as I sensed the cane as it rose to its apogee and then, the sirens yet again sang their song of fire. The stroke landed with deadly accuracy and in anticipation I managed just to control my breathing, my reaction. The pain was agonising, sudden and complete, ‘Two’ I cried out, the agony evident in my tone. ‘Well done Ricky, this is a good start yes’?
Four then came in quick succession with the bite of each stroke fusing with the next to form a continuous stinging, like a swarm of ants ruthlessly attacking their prey. ‘Three, four, five, six’ my counts came at sufficient volume to avoid any possible confusion, I made sure of that.
I would not give her the pleasure of my failure.
A warm sweat had now taken hold of my body and in response to the agonising torture my cheeks were now shaking uncontrollably, as if in some strange form of spasm.
It went quiet, too quiet, I raised my head to investigate but the restraints limited my movement. Then she was in front of me and I felt the pressure of the cane tip under my chin as she lowered herself until we were face to face. ‘Are you focused now Ricky, we’ve quite a way to go yet haven’t we’? I was embarrassed by my inability to respond, beaten already after only six strokes.
She moved out of my view and again I heard the distinctive song of the rattan being tested. ‘The next twelve now Ricky, remember the rules, count them clearly’.
The strokes came quickly, each one raining down on my cheeks, each one testing my pain threshold. As each stroke landed she maintained the cane in place, applying pressure. I could feel the welts starting to rise and a tightness wrapping itself around my entire bottom. My counting was clear, my concentration acute.
I would not give her the pleasure of my failure.
She paused briefly to inspect her work and gently ran her fingers over the livid tramlines she had laid across me. I could feel her polished nails as sharp as needles.
Shall we get back to it Ricky, a little harder now I think’.
I had no time to respond before the next stroke landed.
The beating continued, stroke followed stroke, a brief respite between each as she studied her work and lined up the next to ensure no part of my cheeks escaped the fierce lash of the vicious rod.
But then there was a new sensation, she positioned the cane across the top of my thighs, just below my cheeks, a virginal area which up to this point had escaped her pitiless torment. In surreal time-lapse, I was certain I heard an exhalation of breath, a sign of the force used by the driver of the cane. It struck home, my back arched and my wrists and ankles strained, cutting against their captors, I cried out, genuine, the pain was intense and seemed to increase in intensity as the cane rested against my punished bottom, ‘twenty five’.
Six strokes in total were laid across the back of my legs, six brief episodes of agony which merged together in an orchestra of pain. My body slumped over the bench, my wrists and ankles relaxed, I had no energy left, my eyes were full, I was actually crying, ‘thirty’.
I will not give her the pleasure of my failure.
Her soft palm caressed my swollen cheeks; the tenderness of my inflamed skin was intense. From the waist down I was shaking as her hands moved to the back of my legs and across the angry weal’s she had just crafted onto my smooth flesh. ‘Mmmm, I am pleased with this Ricky, Emma will be very happy, but I think another six will help to ensure her satisfaction, what do you think Ricky’? ‘No, Miss, please’ I sobbed ‘I have been punished enough, please no more’!
The cane resumed its work as she returned to her mission, the strokes landed centrally across my bottom but there was no intensity to the pain. I was aware that the sharp ‘crack’ of the cane which punctuated the initial strokes had now been replaced by a ’thud’, dull and lifeless as my cheeks resisted the rattans brutal intent. My reaction to the strokes had also diminished and in response she increased the severity applying all the effort she could amass, but to no effect, I was now beaten. I counted the last six out loudly finishing at ‘thirty six’.I had not given her the pleasure of my failure.
The Release
Part 4 - To be Continued

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was inboxes earlier and its had me thinking a lot all afternoon about giving a nice ass a good warming- this could be my solution

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Am I the only one who recent added friends names nor avatars are appearing in my "friend" list? It started a few days ago and I sent a query to the ST gurus and have not heard back from them yet! Is anyone else having this issue?

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Really can't get hubby into this lifestyle the way i want,
always seems to be something going on- like tired, not well,
or we start off and he really doesn't do it for me-
don't feel convinced he's in charge one little bit
thinking i might need to do my playing away from home, which i don't want to do but I'm not sure what else to try

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(From Part IV)
“It's Tempy time Angela! You brought this on yourself. The boys are smiling and giggling watching you treated like a toddler. They can see me inserting the thermometer in your bottom and sliding it in and out. Now hold still there with the thermometer sticking out from those big round chubby coo coo cheeks, Isn't that what you called your bottom when you were a little girl?!”
“Yes Uncle Fred, my bare coo is being punished.” Angela let the shame wash over her and she began bawling like a toddler and the boys were getting quite the view.
Fred turned to Sue Ann.
“Your turn little toddler girl!”

Part V
Fred handed the Vaseline to Bertha and she walked over to Sue.
“Get in the same position as your sister Sue Anne, right this minute!”
Sue started crying. She didn't want the boys to see her punished like this.
“Please mommy, please don't take my tempy in front of Mark and Sean. It is too embarrassing.”
Her mother scowled.
“You should have thought of that before misbehaving and acting like a naughty little girl. Now do as I said or so help me Sue Anne...”
Sue tried to run for the door but her mom grabbed her by the arm.
“You just made it worse on yourself young lady!”
Her mother laid her on her back and Uncle Fred held her down by her arms. Her mom lifted her legs by the ankle with one hand effortlessly.
“If you don't want me to take the hairbrush to your fat little bare fanny you better hold still and keep your legs straight!”
She began spanking Sue like a toddler is spanked, legs in the air held by the ankles fully exposed for all to see.
“You need to be spanked in the diaper position Sue! You just do not listen do you?!”
“I'm sorry mommy!”
“Show me you are sorry and ask for your punishment like a little toddler and take it without fussing too much!”

“Mommy spank my chubby, bare coo coo like a toddler is spanked! I am a naughty girl. I will learn my lesson and learn to behave.”
“Yes you will!! Hold still and take your spanking! I am not going to stop until you are bawling like a toddler then you still will get your Tempy taken. Do you understand?!”
“Yes mommy! Whaaaaa! Whaaaa! I sorry mommy!”
Her mother spanked rythmically and firmly covering both cheeks. Sue's bottom turned crimson as she bawled like a little girl. Tears streaming down her face. The shame and humiliation of hearing and seeing the boys giggling and pointing at her was just washing over her in torrential waves.
Whaaaaa! Whaaaa!Whaaaaa! Whaaaa! Please Mommy, please no more!Whaaaaa! Whaaaa! I let you take my Tempy like a toddler!”
Her mother let her legs down and swiftly turned her over on her tummy. Sue Anne easily acquiesced. Then she put some Vaseline on her finger and lubed Sue's crack and hole well.
“Hold still while mommy lubes up your coo coo for the thermometer sweetie. You need to learn your lesson.”
“Yes mommy. Learn me a lesson right in front of Mark and Sean. I deserve it. I was so naughty.”
“Yes you were. Tonight you are going to bed bare bottom naked after I finish with your tempy. You better be a good girl or I will punish you more in front of them.

{to be contd}

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Sometimes you just need a blowjob.

I mean maybe not if you don't have a dick.

But sometimes I just need one, anyway.
and not having anyway to get one right now is extra frustrating.

So now I not only need just a blowjob, now I need a blowjob while I spank the someone's ass to a deep red (or in cases of ethnicity variance, whatever color is the equivalent)

or just a deep throat fucking to someone who is good at suppressing it but can't totally pretend she doesn't have a gag reflex...I like those girls, and that satisfies the same urges as I have going on here, so it works.

Ugh. impatience is not a virtue, but it's worse when the horniness is preventing me from getting much done.

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Well it's late, I should be sleeping, but I am restless, so I guess I will write my first blog..ever.

I have a question, I have asked my daddy (who I am positive is reading this and isn't impressed that I am up so late - xoxo), but I would like some other opinions as well.
Spankers - when disciplining, how do you know when you have gotten the message through? Aren't you afraid that you may not have gotten it through? Or the opposite, afraid that it was too much?
That's all for now, curious to hear/read the thoughts of others...

Have a wonderful night :)

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(From part III)
After she finished her bath and dried Sue as well she marched them to their room to be dressed for bed.
They saw a nightshirt on each of their beds with a little writing on the front that said.
The put them on and realized they were very short. On both of them they only came to the top of their chubby bottom cheeks leaving them exposed.
“Now you two sit on your beds and wait for you mother and Uncle Fred to come up and give you your bedtime punishments.

Angela Marie and Sue Ann sat there on their beds. The wait was almost as bad as the punishments. Knowing that you are going to be punished and humiliated like a child. Sitting on the bed, Barefoot and Bare Bottomed in a shirt that says “NAUGHTY PUNISHED LITTLE GIRL” in big bold print on the front.
A few minutes later Uncle Fred and their mother Bertha walked in. their mom looked sternly at them.
“ Your Uncle and I have been seeing each other for some time and He may just be your new father. I would like you both to realize that I am going to allow him to punish you and scold you and teach you a lesson like if he was your father.”
Fred looked moved in front of them.
“You two are old enough to know better! You Angela Marie are 21 and you Sue Ann are 19! I have to treat you both like naughty disobedient little toddlers because of your actions!”
He turned to Bertha who handed him a jar of Vaseline and a thermometer. They shuddered and whimpered. They knew what was coming.

“I want you both to lay face down on the bed with a pillow under your tummy to raise your ample bottoms up. Then prop yourselves up on your elbows, spread your legs and point and curl those toes. I want you to look like the naughty little toddlers you are in front of an audience.”
Just then in walked Mark and Sean.
“Mark and Sean will be staying over a few days. Their parents are leaving town and I and your mother are watching them. They will witness you two being punished tonight and be sleeping in the same room here with you.”
Angela and Sue pleaded.
“Please Mom, Uncle Fred, don't let them watch! It will be so embarrassing and humiliating!”
Bertha said.
“Yes it will be and that is the point! You both earned this! I am sure after a while being punished you both will behave better. And do not think these two little boys here won't be punished. Their parents are the same as us and punish them almost as hard as we punish you. They have learned to behave better though.”
The girls did as they were told and assumed their positions. Fred went to Angela first.
“Now hold still naughty little toddler girl! I need to put some Vaseline on your bummy hole.”
He spread her plump cheeks and applied the lube to you crack and hole. He then inserted the thermometer in the lube and spread her cheeks again.
“Naughty little girls get their Temperature taken in their bare bottom don't they Angela?!”
“Yes Uncle Fred!”
“It's Tempy time Angela! You brought this on yourself. The boys are smiling and giggling watching you treated like a toddler. They can see me inserting the thermometer in your bottom and sliding it in and out. Now hold still there with the thermometer sticking out from those big round chubby coo coo cheeks, Isn't that what you called your bottom when you were a little girl?!”
“Yes Uncle Fred, my bare coo is being punished.” Angela let the shame wash over her and she began bawling like a toddler and the boys were getting quite the view.
Fred turned to Sue Ann.
“Your turn little toddler girl!”

{to be contd}

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It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain

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