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Procrastination is a spankable offense that does not require much explanation, and it is a far too common behavior. Of course, there are some tasks that can be put off for a short time, but many times I see important tasks continually put off when there is really no justification for it. The first sign of procrastination may initially draw a warming from me, but, if she does not improve after the warning, it will lead to motivation by way of a soundly spanked bottom.

(Procrastination is the behavior I get asked about most, so I hope this repost is helpful!)

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A repost from the past, a little romance to chase away those chilly, winter blues:

"A Quiet Rendezvous"

It's been our place, it's where we always meet
A small cafe on some forgotten street
You bring a rose, do you suppose
It will lead to spanking for two.

It was just a quiet rendezvous
A little table and hor d'oeuvres for two
A stolen glance, a fine romance with you
It's spanking for two.

You tap your belt, I try to hide a smile
You know how much I love your style
Soon it will be, me across your knee
It's spanking for two.

You get the check, we know the night's been grand
We leave our place together hand in hand
The moon is full, I look at you
Yes, it's spanking for two.

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Views: 155 · Added: 7 days ago

We have lowered the prices on several of our older full length spanking videos and also have added a few new ones! Come check them out!!!

Copy and paste below link to your browser.

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Views: 317 · Added: 8 days ago

Im feeling really angry! Like so angry i might actually explode! I'm fed up of feeling sick all the time, of missing everything, probably being too ill to go to college and of Huntingtons disease looming over me like a big black cloud of doom!

I keep telling myself that everything is going to be okay. That it's just like a bad dream and that I'm going to wake up one day and everything is going to be back to normal. But im not so sure that's going to happen anymore. And that makes me feel really angry. It's not fair, lots of bad stuff has happened already. I don't want to get so sick that i can't walk, talk, think or swallow. I just wish someone would to tell me everything is going to be okay.

And on top of everything feeling like this makes me really misbehave! I feel like doing super bad things all the time! I think i might actually be bad now. Perhaps ill turn in to a proper villian!

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Views: 203 · Added: 8 days ago

To the ladies what would you use on this bad boy?

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Views: 223 · Added: 8 days ago

46 hrs & 20 minutes until the spanking club meets in my dungeon for the big spanking party!! I am ready!

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Views: 257 · Added: 9 days ago

Yesterday I added 2 New Vids plz Comment

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Views: 291 · Added: 9 days ago

Along with a month of spankings ordered by online master and mistress, as well as a few live meets, I have a master who plans to make me fashion a butt plug out of ginger, he says he will have me use various sizes. Can anyone tell me that has experienced ginger in their bottom, how badly it burns. Thank you

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Views: 225 · Added: 9 days ago

Hi Friends.
Since my last blog ( please see for reference ). I obtained ,and tried a 'windows 8.1 ' this sytem is driving my nut's ,nuts.So dont like it dont want it.
I am going to wait for 'windows 10' later this year.
Meantime,I resurerected my old 'windows XP ' to to keep me going.
Catch you all later.

Sorry I missed Valentines Day.but you know I love you all dearly.


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Some would consider me very lucky in that Emma shows no hesitation in sending me away for behavioural correction when I misbehave. In recent months this has been for instances of buying and wearing inappropriate underwear i.e. lingerie and more seriously in Emma’s view, lying to her.
Whilst she is quite willing and capable of putting me across her knee for a sound spanking and maybe the paddle, she feels that when a more severe punishment is required, that task should be in the hands of a dedicated disciplinarian, in most cases, Miss Lina.
For me, the prospect of being subjected to corporal punishment at the hands of a competent mistress like Miss Lina excites me and I have begun to look forward to these ‘tutorials’. However at the point that I hand over Emma’s specific instructions and quite often a new implement she wants ‘tried out on me’ I become immersed in layers of fear and trepidation.
Once Miss Lina has read and digested Emma’s instructions, as usual I am ordered to the punishment room. The climb up the stairs seems never ending and as I enter the room I am faced with the prospect that very shortly I am to be stripped naked and beaten. Do I really deserve that?
I take a seat. Now there is the wait, that terrifying period of time where I am sat, nervous, alone, knowing what is to be inevitable and my fear intensifies. I can feel my whole body trembling as I scan the room and witness the physical evidence of its true purpose. The furniture, designed and positioned for one purpose only, the large cupboard which I know contains the tools of discipline and in one corner stands a tall, wide container filled with every kind and type of cane you could imagine.
The waiting continues to torture me and I question over and over why, I am in this position, why I am in this place.
Finally after what seems an eternity, the door opens and Miss Lina enters, in one hand she is clutching the letter Emma sent with me and in the other she has a thick, fierce looking strap – also from Emma. She places the strap down on a nearby table making sure that it is in my line of sight.
Miss Lina squares up to my face, her expression stony, she begins, admonishing me like a naughty child
Stop! I’m an adult for god’s sake, treat me as such. But I know that it is my disrespectful behaviour has brought me here, to this, to Miss Lina, and as such my pleas to be treated as an adult fall on deaf ears.
Do I really need this?
Within minutes and without any hesitation I find that I am stripping, losing my clothes under her command until I am finally naked except for a pair of high cut white lace panties which do very little to cover what remains of my modesty. Miss Lina can now see at first hand one of the reasons why I am there, in that room, in front of her!
I stand nervously hands behind my back, then in front of me then behind again, I realise that I am genuinely frightened.
Do I really need this?
Miss Lina continues to berate me, she reads out the detail of my misbehaviour from Emma’s letter but finally she stops and moves over to the corner of the room, returning with the tall container. She sits down on the sofa and proceeds to extract one cane at a time, carefully measuring the length, thickness and action until finally she makes her selection, an implement of about 8-10mm diameter with a crooked handle. She takes the cane, stands up and whips it through the air, again, again, each time watching my face for a reaction and as the stiff rattan cuts through the air my fear is complete and Miss Lina knows this!
She scoops up Emma’s letter with her free hand and reads out the hard hitting detail of the punishment requested and as the words leave her lips I feel my body tense, I want to leave, get dressed and run but I am unable to move.
Her right hand is clutching the cane and she firmly taps its tip on the sofa to the side of me, I hear the instruction to kneel on the sofa, head down and to present my bottom. Her words have no emotion and I comply without question. ‘Ricky, I told you to stick your bottom out’! I feel the cane land gently on my back, causing me to extend my bottom further and as it does, my panties ride up, exposing both cheeks which are now totally unprotected.
I feel Miss Lina close to me, I can sense her breath by my left ear, ‘Emma wants me to Cane you Ricky! She wants you to have four dozen strokes, cold. How does that make you feel’? Inwardly I cry and outwardly I plead for mercy.
Do I really need this?
Miss Lina places the letter down and I become aware of her walking back and forth behind me. As she moves, she explains why I am being punished, but I am unable to take in the words, they fail to register as my mind becomes consumed with what I know is about to happen.
Finally I sense her standing, rear left and I hear the sound of the cane as she masters its flexibility, there is a series of light taps across my bared cheeks and then I become aware that the cane is high in the air, and in an instance of almost slow motion I detect its descent, I hear its descent and then back in real time, the cane strikes and a bolt of pain shoots through my body, my back arches and I release a cry from the intense pain.
The first stroke of four dozen, the next twenty three are administered slowly with a measured frequency with Miss Lina taking breaks to discuss my behaviour and how the punishment would ultimately help me.
Each stroke would be punctuated with a few light taps on my bottom, allowing her to assess the positioning to ensure an even distribution of the strokes.
I can feel the skin tightening across by bared cheeks and the pain is intense. My body is trembling and my skin clammy from sweat.
Miss Lina sits on the sofa next to my arched body and with a sympathetic tone explains that the next two dozen strokes will be harder, be more severe and will hurt far more, she asks If I understand why I am being punished. I am unable to catch my breath and become aware that I am part crying as I confirm ‘yes’. She asks if I know what to do to prevent the need for further discipline and again I respond weakly, ‘yes’ and I start to apologise in an attempt to avoid further strokes.
My request fail and in an instance, Miss Lina has the cane, she positions herself behind me and as I weep ‘please no’ I hear the cane descend. It is far more intense than any of the previous strokes and my body responds by collapsing against the back of the sofa. I am ordered to reassume the position, bottom out, back arched for my next stroke.
A few taps on my burning cheeks and I turn my head to the left to see the cane at its high point and as it arcs down I see the flex in its length, almost bent double. The cane lands and again a lightning bolt of pain consumes me, it is difficult to imagine that I can take a further twenty two strokes.
Whether it is through recognition that this form of discipline is necessary or through a rebellious instinct at Emma’s instructions I continue to take the punishment, and inwardly I count the strokes as Miss Lina increases the force each time.
When the punishment concludes, Miss Lina places the cane down and gently strokes my bottom, using her nails to run over the train line welts. The pain is excruciating and I am genuinely crying.
I am allowed to stand up and I can feel the heat, the tightness and the pain that has resulted from her work. I move my hand to my bottom and can feel the raised lines extending fully across both cheeks. I move my hands to my eyes in an attempt to wipe away the tears before Miss Lina can see my weakness.
Miss Lina again picks up the letter from Emma and reads out the second part, demanding that following the caning, I am to be further beaten with the twin tailed tawse that Emma had sent down with me. My heart sinks, can I take more?
Do I really need this?
The simple answer – oh yes!!

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Out of control spending, even if the lady has a sizable income, is a big spankable offense, mainly because this behavior tends to be repeated over and over, if not addressed. This goes hand in hand with skewed spending priorities and poor budgeting and can require monitoring and constant correction, in the form of a soundly spanked bottom, to keep her on track.

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I must share this story on what happened last saturday night. My sister in law L came round to our flat for takeaway and a chat, her husband is away in France working and she was feeling lonely. Like my wife she is a redhead but a couple of years older than her.
The food eaten the booze was flowing and we were all getting naughty. Games were suggested,
"How about a strip game?" said my wife.
"Sounds like fun" said L
I pretended to be shocked but seriously aroused, my runaway mouth said there should be a forfeit.
"Like what?" L said getting a tad nervous
"The loser gets a smacked bottom from me" said i, I know full well that L like her sister enjoys her bottom spanked as her husband has told me in confidence. The usual games were suggested like cards etc but were rejected. L was looking flushed by all this talk and was getting into the swing of things.
It was my wife who had the perfect idea, she got a dining room chair and put it in the middle of the room, gave me the remote to the CD player and told me to sit down. It was to be musical chairs but with just one chair. When the music stopped one of them had to be sitting on my lap, whoever wasnt had to take off one item of clothing. Whoever was naked at the end was to be over my lap for a spanking with the slipper.
With the music going and two drunk redheads jogging past me i was seriously aroused and the fate of their bottoms in my hands.... The music stopped.
My wife quickly sitting on my lap and pissing L off she sighed and with a giggle pulled her top off. Her breasts being not to big were hidden by a black bra. The music going again, with a sudden halt to the music My wife was on my lap again.
"Fucks sake" groaned L as her jeans came down to reveal matching black knickers, Her bottom is well rounded and i could see why her husband enjoys smacking it.
After ten mins or so my wife was down just to her knickers her breasts bouncing as she jogged past me,
"Your going to lose little sis" taunted L "Your botty will be as red as your hair...fuck it"
halfway through the taunting i had stopped the music and Wifey was perched on my lap. L reddened and unhooked her bra and it joined the clothes on the floor. She shyly turned round to show her tits to me and they are lovely, For an older lady of forty something they are still very pert with light pink nipples.
Music was resumed and they were practically sprinting past me, it was hypnotizing watching two sets of bare breasts jiggling away. I closed my eyes and hit pause...someone was on my lap, i opened my eyes and it was my wife.
"Drop the knickers and get over my lap L" I said.
"I will fetch the slipper" said wife
"Im not to sure about my knicks coming down for this, cant i just pull them up my bum crack?"
"Drop the draws" i said now armed with the slipper. She was bright red and with a quick movement she pulled them down and placed her self across my lap so i didnt get a good view of her pussy.
Without giving her any time to think i started to pound her bum with the slipper, with her legs kicking and many a yelp her bottom was soon glowing. I gave her a good twenty whacks and feeling evil the last ones were on her thighs which was greeted with string of swear words.
She got off my lap and rubbing her bottom like mad got her sister by the ear and pulled her over my lap, yanked her knickers down and demanded she got a whacking. My wife was no stranger to the slipper groaned but braced herself for the twenty L recieved including the last two on the thighs.
With the game finished and both girls dressed, we finished the last of the booze. L told me she really enjoyed the evening and had missed being punished, her husband is back tomorrow and im going to suggest a spanking party, with two randy old sods like us and two submissive sisters i know it go ahead so i will keep you all up to date.

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I have a been trying new things that I have never done before. Yoga is now part of my training. I discovered that I have a better base than I anticipated, I was sure I was going to be off balance for most of the video and was surprised to only have a problem with one pose. It was very useful as I am was running yesterday I kept my head up and my chest open. I had to run on a treadmill today it is just to cold to run outside. I completed my workout for the day. I hope the cold front blows through fast. I did not enjoy the treadmill. I just keep thinking how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people to keep me heading in the right direction. Thank you for the kind words and warm welcome.

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I was with some of my students recently discussing early Irish Christianity.The conversation turned to early Christian texts and one of my students asked was the "Adulterous Bible" true. I had not thought about the "Adulterous or Wicked Bible" for a long time.Indeed this particular student knows her stuff,it is a pleasure to not have to drag someone through a study course.Sometimes during tutorials I feel as if I am a circus performer,trying to keep the attention of my audience. You might be wondering what exactly is the "Adulterer's Bible"? Let me explain. This was a copy of the Bible produced in 1631,it is in English before any of you think I am going to write the rest of the blog in Latin! This Bible has one major flaw,a flaw that caused alot of trouble at the time,particularly for the printers for when it came to compositing the ten commandments the word "NOT" was omitted from the seventh commandment;thus it read ,"Thou Shalt Commit Adultery.The rest of the study group laughed,and at first thought I was playing a joke on them;now,would I do that?

The reason I bring this up is because in my own school days I tended to be a bit bright,or a smartass,depending on which way you look at it. In my youth I found I was constantly on the look out for anything that would upset the nuns who taught me.I don't know how I found out about the "Wicked Bible" but I did and I went from classroom to classroom one afternoon,making sure they were empty first,and writing the seventh commandment on each blackboard;leaving out the word "NOT". Alot of people saw this and it caused a real set- too with the nuns. Things took a sinister turn when the whole school was threatened with detention unless the culprit owned up. Letters were sent to every student's parents. Any attempt to undermine the authority of the church was dealt with harshly.I,in my youthful foolishness,decided to wait it out,see what would happen.Sure enough one day when it came for time to finish school,every class was detained for thirty minutes.The Head Nun,Sister Mary was determined to find out who had quoted the "Wicked Bible". I did eventually own up and had the strap administered to my hands.I seem to remember also getting detention for a month or so and of course my parents were informed and I was kept prisoner once I came home from school each evening.
I must have been sitting there deep in thought about my schooldays because one of my students had to ask me twice if he could leave to catch his bus home.

That evening Jen and I went to see "Fifty Shades of Grey"; at Jenny's insistence. There is a small cinema in the next town from us. There was a grand total of seven people in the cinema,all waiting for the movie to start. There was another woman sitting in the aisle opposite from us,but as I looked around I noticed that there was four men,not together,dotted around the cinema.During one of the sexy scenes,if you can call it that,a mobile phone went off;Jenny whispered that it must be a phone belonging to one of the guys,perhaps his wife was looking for him. I burst out laughing.All in all my verdict on the film was that it was absolute rubbish,I was thinking about asking for my money back.Jen thought it was okay.It did give us one or two ideas for a role play we will do soon however. When we got home another shock was in store.My niece who has kept her hair short since the episode with Jenny,had dyed her hair turquoise. I stood in shock;Jenny laughed so hard that she got a stitch. Before I could say anything my niece explained that she and some of her college friends had done this for charity.I asked her if her friends decided to jump over a cliff would she follow them? That set the tone for the rest of the evening and there is a lot of door slamming at the moment. However Jen assured me that my niece and her friends have done this for a noble cause and my niece has informed me that it is only for a month.What I have to put up with these days seems like nothing in comparison to my fateful decision to spread my knowledge of the "Wicked Bible".

Have a great week my friends and be safe.

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Hoping, waiting, being frustrated, all of the tears and uncaptured moments have all finally paid off. I found a spanking partner who is not only willing to give me what I need but happy and more than capable. Thank you all for your love, patience and support. I am happy to finally be able to upload a video that doesn't involve me spanking myself. (Although you all gave them so much love and support it didn't feel nearly as lonely as it could have.) I am so happy to finally have that special someone in my life who is willing to give me what I want/need and capture it on camera to share with all of my friends. I hope you all enjoy this first video, and I am looking forward to the possibility of posting more :) (The video is awaiting the spankingtube seal of approval so should be up in a few hours at the latest.)

Much love to my supporters,


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Hello All,

I'll be in Las Vegas from Feb. 25th through March 2nd. I'm so excited to be visiting Sin City for the first time. I have some time for private sessions so anyone interested should contact me ASAP!

Peace & Hugs,
MaMa Blue

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A Crimson Tail

The Scolding

The naughty girl is told in no uncertain terms that her behavior is totally unacceptable. Being spoken to in this way makes the young lady become that naughty girl who has been craving this for so very long, someone who will take her to task for her behavior and give her the firm, secure love that she has never felt and continually craves.


The placing of the naughty girl over her sir’s knee. Placing her sweet sassy little behind in the perfect position to receive the ministrations of her sir’s firm palm. Positioned like a child, a naughty little girl over her daddy’s knee displaying her obedience and submission to her firm handed chastiser.

Baring of the Bottom

The sweet uncovering of the sassy little cheeks and the joy of slipping the panties down enjoying the sight of those sweet white mounds of flesh knowing that this flesh will not be pristine for long and smiling at the image of it turning pink and then a brilliant bright red. With her panties also goes her bravado, her inhibitions and her fears as she trusts this man who holds her in this childish position. She feels strangely safe and secure in this vulnerable position, knowing that this is what she needs and she trusts her sir to give her what it is she needs, she wants, she craves.

The spanking

The total joy of holding her in this intimate position. Her panties just above her knees accentuating her bottom being bared and being bared to be spanked soundly. He knows his naughty girl very well and with that knowledge is well aware of her needs. Her chastisement will not end until he is assured that the lesson has been learned and that the naughty girl is well aware that any further transgressions in this area will escalate the next lesson. The naughty one will be spending a great deal of time kicking and flailing her legs, yelping and feeling tears running down her cheeks before her sir has been given those assurances. Then stroking the burning, throbbing crimson cheeks as the naughty girl sobs across the knees

The lovely aftermath of the spanking

Holding the sweet girl on his lap and in his arms. Feeling the tightness of her embrace. Despite the burning in her nether regions, the expression of her love and gratefulness expressed by the intensity of her hugs and the sweetness of her kisses. How he loves his little red cheeked angel, how he loves giving her what she needs, what she has always needed. And now she feels free, free of any guilt or any other negativity of her behavior. She feels more in control and more secure .

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Views: 178 · Added: 11 days ago

Hey for those that are in the Kansas City Area. The owners of True Home DD Have Joined with a group of friends in the BDSM Lifestyle Have started a group on FL called DDM and are in the process of opening a DD Friendly BDSM Dungeon. It is a group for the BDSM DD D/s lifestyle please check us out
we are located out side city limits on private property with complete discretion afforded to us. We like meeting like minded people and enjoy making new friends in the BDSM DD D/s community

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Views: 159 · Added: 11 days ago

I am sitting here waiting for jmacjluv and others to get across my knee for a good spanking. I have not spanked any one in the past week and a half. Hit me up in my inbox if you want it.

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Views: 163 · Added: 11 days ago

I am sitting here waiting for jmacjluv and others to get across my knee for a good spanking. I have not spanked any one in the past week and a half. Hit me up in my inbox if you want it.

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