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Little Alice was a little brat
Of that we can be sure
But the Cat had a horrible time convincing her
That her intentions were not always pure.

The Cheshire Cat sat her down to tell her
“Little Alice you must be good.
You don’t want to end up over my knee
And smacked with a paddle of wood.”

Little Alice pouted at the Cheshire Cat,
“How could you be so mean?
You really don’t want to hurt my little bottom,
You don’t really want to hear me scream?”

Who’s next?

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Well - a couple of you have asked for something with which we can all interact so perhaps you would like to try this?

I propose to start you off with a short poem, which it's down to you to continue.

I shall be interested to read the results. You can either pursue your own theme or add a continuation to somebody else's contribution.

Let's have some fun yes?


Young Alice was a little minx
Who lived near Oxford Town
Her never-ending hijinks
Were the subject of renown

As she was walking out one day
She met the Cheshire Cat
“Why do you smile so? Tell me pray?
“You gormless-looking twat!”

The Cat grinned back at Alice
His expression kind of sly
There was a hint of malice
As he looked her in the eye

over to you)

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Things I wish I would've considered is trying to put details into a 999 character limited blog. Sorry about the 7 parts to one detailed encounter

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I haven't blogged in a long time. I just moved to the city; about a month ago. It was a crazy move for me; due to the way that my son and his friend moved me in. I broke down and cried a few times because I felt overwhelmed. Things have improved; become easier. I have accomplished a lot at my new apartment; still have a lot to do but I feel hope.

I connected with a man who spanked me about two years ago. We liked each other but he said that the driving distance was too much for him. The neat thing is that this man who spanked me two years ago; we live in the same town. He came out to visit me today; he told me that he wanted to be my "Daddy". Our meeting today was better than our meeting two years ago. I got to be the little girl and sit on Daddy's lap before I went over his knee. It felt good to be held and hugged prior to my spanking. I thanked him for that and told him that I needed that Daddy/daughter hugging moment; he told me that he needed it too. Then he kissed me on the forehead and said, "Baby girl, it is time for your spanking." I went over his knee and he started the spanking on the seat of my skirt. After the nice warm up spanking; he told me to stand up and lower my panties. I did what he said and he turned me over his knee again and gave me a loving discipline spanking, a "Good Girl" spanking. He spanked me with a leather paddle and let me know that if he ever had to give me a "Bad Girl" spanking that it would be with his hand. I do not want a "Bad Girl" spanking from him anytime soon; because I know what the palm of his hand feels like. Daddy spanks very hard with the palm of his hand! Ouch!

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drove back home, and finally got the first night of peaceful sleep I have had in weeks. I slept on my stomach of course. I woke up and showered this morning inspecting the bruised big circles I will probably have for days.

I spoke with her again today like old friends and will go to see her again for therapy sessions on the future. Nothing more magical then being cared for that much by a friend and a clean slate.....

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It felt like a thunderstorm with each hard crack. Lighting and hear raced from my backside to my head, the first few tears turned into a rain storm. My legs violently shook and kicked. My legs grew week as I settled in and sobbed, accepted what was happening. I felt remorseful, not pity for my burning red bruised cheeks.

And just like that she stopped, was like clouds had passed. My legs ached from tightening over and over. She helped me to the love seat, and told me there was one last thing. I slowly dropped to my knees and bent over the cushions now supporting my weight. I arched my back and spread my legs.

The bath brush came down hard and fast. Red glowing circles each smack harder and faster then the last. Eyes welling with tears, and a sense of peace feeling all my stress just melt away.

She stopped when she felt I couldn't take anymore. Gently she helped me onto the love seat. My legs weak and shaking, unable to stand in the corner, she positioned me on my knees facing the wall. She reassured me it was over, and instructed me not to touch my swollen backside while eating for the egg timer alarm to go off.

She turned and left the room. My backside on fire, eyes puffy I satires at that egg shell white wall, I felt swollen on fire and bruised, yet with an overwhelming sense of peace, like someone had taken a hundred lb weight off my shoulders and chest.

Unlike the paddling I had just taken, that 10 minutes seemed to race by. As soon as the timer went off, she entered the room, with a hot cup of coffee and bottle of aloe.

She softly covered my backside and let me rub it in. I slowly stood up and took in a few sips of coffee. Seeing her smile knowing it was over, se removed my clothes from the closet. Slowly I put them back on, wincing and jumping a little as I pulled up my pants.

We went back to the kitchen and started out conversation where it had ended when I first arrived. It was over, a clean slate....

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Nervously I ached my back, giving her a correct target, and anticipating the swish and crack of the strap. Only to be met with the thunderous crack as her hand met my left cheek. Heat and sting replaced the cold air conditioning on my tightened cheek. The hand I thought was small and less painful began to thunderously rain down across both cheeks I let out a font gasp and whimper. It fell hard as fast across each cheek and my thighs. I began to twitch and wince. This was only the beginning but I still wanted to remove my hands and cover my hot glowing backside.

After 40 to 50 fast, hard, and furious blows, I felt her hand come off the center of my back. Anticipating a short reprieve was short lived as I heard the whistle of of the strap crashing through to the air and across both cheeks. The cool back leather enveloped both cheeks as the end dig into my right thigh.

I let out a yelp as my face turned flush. Over and over the strap then fell, and and harder with each strike, my legs began to kick and I began to whimper, it was growing harder and harder to arch and stay in position. After what seemed like forever the blows did suddenly stop. I took the brief moment to adjust my legs.

Observing that I was holding back and biting my lip, she reminded me that I was in a safe place, to think only about I had done to get into this moment and to let go.

I slowly arched my back and waited for the paddle. It wasn't long before the thunderous crack of the paddle in perfect aim across my sit spot. The force caught me off guard and I found myself lunging into the desk. I let our a yelp felt my eyes water from tears.

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. I sat back down on the love seat and slowly read through the cover sheet on the clipboard. In bold letters were instructions to remove all my clothing and place it neatly in the closet

Nervously I removed my clothing and walked it to the closet.
Inside the closet I found two hangers, one for khakis and one for my shirt. On the inside of the door were brass hooks, hanging from these were a thick black leather strap, a large wooden fraternity paddle with holes, a thick hard wooden bath brush, and two bamboo wooden spoons.

I felt my heart begin to race again as I slowly closed the closet door. I'm not sure weather it was the cold 70 degree air conditioning I could now feel on my skin or the anticipation building as my legs trembled.

I slowly sat down and could feel the cold leather of the love seat gripping my thighs. I began to read the cover page.

The cover page had all the familiarities I was used too. Boldly written letters denoting no sexual activity will transpire, before, during or after therapy had occurred. Instruction to ring the bell only after completing the questionnaire on the following page.

The following page listed a variety of
questions. It requested in detail why I was in today. It asked a history of spanking sessions and how they benefitted me. It had boxes marked as motivation, discipline, and therapy, and had me write notes under what ever box I checked.

Below that it had severity boxes, for contrition or tears. My heart raced as I contemplated what box to check. No one really wants to be spanked to tears, but for some of us it's the best way to let go.

Lastly at the bottom, y had a place for my signature and date, with the clear instructions to only sign when she was present.

The paperwork completed, heart racing, thinking about how I got myself here. I slowly walked to the desk and pressed the bell.

A loud ding broke the silence in the room. I'm sure it was just a few moments, yet seemed like a eternity standing naked and vulnerable in that empty room. My mind racing, questioning whether I should ring it again, maybe she hadn't heard it.

A few moments passed and she walked in. Safe was dressed business casual, a tan blouse and not too revealing skirt.

I fought the urge to cover myself. She paid no attention as she sat down behind the desk and started reviewing what I had written.

I watched as her small hands and fingers traced each word in each sentence, trying to convince myself it wouldn't be that rough.

When she had finished reading over the page, she looked up and asked me if there was anything I wished to change or add. My head hanging down I shook my head no.

She calmly asked me why I was there, I slowly muttered spanking therapy and punishment.

She scolded, and agreed my actions warranted this. She told me I was safe and could call it off at anytime, and if I didn't I would be bruised and bawling long before it was over.

She again asked if this is what I wanted and needed before handing me the pen. Hands shaking, pulse racing I signed the form.

She slid the form into the folder and placed it in the desk drawer.

"Where shall we start? She scolded. "Over my knee, or over the desk?"

A internal battle in my head. I loved the safety, security, vulnerability and excitement over the knee, but it would impede the purpose. I reluctantly picked the desk.

She ordered me over the desk palms flat. She asked me if I had noticed any restraints in the room. When I told her that I did not. She scolded that if I had showed restraint I wouldn't have done the actions that put me here. It was now my responsibility to show contrition by showing restraint. She asked me if I had seem the clock, when I mutters no, she scolded because there was no time limit, or feeling I should hold out. "If you are bawling in 10 minutes, or bawling in a hour, either way will have the same results'

Nervously I bent over the desk, the cold hard wood across my hips, sweating palms placed firmly on the desk, using my elbows to support my weight.

She stood up and walked to the closed closet door, the sound of the hinges and her foot steps. I dared not look over to see what she decided to choose.

Implements in hand she walked back in front of me. Crouching down so we were face to face she held each implement I would be spanked with in order. The first she held was that long leather black strap, the second the large frat paddle with holes, followed by the dreaded bath brush.

If I wasn't nervous before I sure was shaking now, as she walked up behind me, placing her left hand on the middle of my back.

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Just like old friends, she welcomed me in and offered me a cup of coffee. We sat back in her kitchen and talked, about the drive, the weather, work, and the my daughters.

When my cup was empty she handed me the clipboard and directed me down the hall to her at home office.

I entered cautiously, she closed the door behind me and walked back to the kitchen.

The room was well lit. It had a big oak desk in the center. On the desk layed a empty brown folder with my name written across the top, paired by a red pen just off to the side. There was a egg timer to the left side. There was a bell on the right side, the kind you see in a drs office, when the receptionist is away.

As I looked around the room, there was a bathroom to the right, a black loveseat against the wall on the left, and a small closed closet. It appeared like any other office, yet was missing a clock.

Behind the desk was a big window, outside I could see a big backyard and green leaves on the trees. It looked tranquil, and I thought nervously about how that silence would shortly disappear.

I say down on the love seat, and started reading over the cover sheet, on the clip board. It clearly instructed me to neatly remove all my clothing and hang them in the closet before filling out the attached questionnaire. Amidst the anticipation I felt comfortable seeing the similarities in how I administer spanking therapy.

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Monday morning was spent reflecting over what was going to happen, how I had gotten myself into this situation, and a little intimidation and dread over what was going to transpire that evening.

My heart and pulse raced with anticipation as she texted me through out the day confirming the time and place.

I headed out to the car shortly after 6. I knew the 8 mile route to her house by heart, and dreaded each mile that brought me closer.

The trees, and cars, seemed to blur by, time seemed lost as I headed to her house.

Upon arrival I slowly trudged across her front sidewalk, each step bringing me closer to my fate. I kept thinking how easy it would be, to turn around and leave. To make an excuse. Save myself another day or so. A mixture of butterflies, anticipation, and fear.

I mustered my strength and knocked on the front door. She answered the door with a cup of coffee, a smile, and a clipboard/pen.

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I wrote yestersay at the beginning of my new blog, that I would share my experiences with the community, about giving and recieving therapy and discipline. Today I start that process. Yesterday was my first session with the new therapist. I wanted to describe the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the experience.

I guess the best place to start is the beginning. I met her at a Austin community munch. A shorter, witty, out spoken woman, that you would've never guessed would be into bdsm, and spanking. We shared countless hours of flurtascious banter, emails as phone calls. I feel comfortable in how many if the same views we share, and similar experiences. In our last conversation we talked about the benefits we reaped from spanking therapy, and how long and stressful the few months had been for me without recieving it. For me work, my kids, and life was getting stressful, was keeping me off balance, and I was beginning to fall into behaviors that aren't me.

This past weekend she proposed we set a clear date, and start spanking therapy sessions. After working out our achedules, we came to a agreement on Monday at 7 pm.

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I got an email from a concerned viewer a few days ago and thought I should address the concern with everyone listening...just in case there are others out there with the same worries.

The email came from someone that was admittedly new to the spanking scene...but none the less, was seriously worried for my personal health and wellbeing. After reading my blogs and seeing our videos this kind and caring female viewer wrote to make sure that nothing really terrible was happening to me (possibly against my will). So I thought it was time to help everyone put our content into perspective and see that I am truly not in any danger. In fact, I have an outstanding situation here with Daila (My Wife) and would never want any of it to change.

The relationship that Daila and I have in real life is pretty close to what you already know by reading my blogs and watching our videos. The only difference is that our content tends to magnify our reality so that it looks like I have no say or choice in what happens with me. In real life, our 24/7 FLR was a decision that came about after years of experience on the spanking scene. Daila started the research, but then we both read a lot of material and information about Female Lead Relationships and living the lifestyle 24/7. It had always been something that I had fantasized about, but I had always pictured myself in the Dominant role. Don’t get me wrong, I have been a switch on the scene for a long while, but I was having a hard time coaxing my submissive side to come out for a good exercise. Now that I have finally given into it and given my submission to Daila, I have come to realize that this is where I should have been all along.

I really was spoiled rotten by both of my parents and have had issues stemming from that for a long time. Most of those issues were things that did not make me particularly proud of myself. I am very lucky that Daila found something in me to love at all. We lived together for about 4 years or so before she began talking about us making this switch. Prior to that, Daila mostly bottomed for me when we did spanking play. When Daila began to get frustrated with some of my inconsiderate, lazy, and forgetful behaviors, our relationship began to take a downward turn. We were not happy, we did not spend a lot of time together, and our sexual relations had hit a slump.

It was then that Daila began suggesting some kind of alternative way to bring about changes that she needed in our relationship and rekindle the old romance that we once had. She had read the websites I have talked about before:

These websites promote very strict FLR lifestyles that include domestic discipline and orgasm control as methods of bringing about the kinds of changes that every female would like to see in their man. They are worth the read if you are at all interested.

After reading these first two web sites, doing some other research, and spending countless hours discussing, debating, convincing, and eventually negotiating, we both came to an agreement on how this situation might work. In the long run, I made a verbal agreement that I had some things about myself that even I would love to change. I also agreed that I too would love to have back that romantic feeling that we stared out our relationship with. The final and toughest agreement was to turn my ass over to Daila for correction whenever she believed that I needed it. I also agreed to submit to the orgasm control to give it a lengthy trial and see if it would do anything for us. We set a date as to when this entire thing would begin. This allowed for both of us to think it over one last time before we started out in it. We even set an appointment time for my inaugural spanking to show that we were both, in fact, prepared to take on our new roles. Everything past that is pretty much accurate to what has been written in my blog and what you see on our videos is real. What you don’t see is the level of love and concern we maintain for each other and how we manage this FLR from day to day.

First of all, I would never have agreed to this situation if it were not for my total respect for Daila as a wonderful partner in life and best friend. I trust her. I trust her decision making, her ability to be fair, thoughtful, and objective. We make it a point to discuss how we are feeling in our FLR situation at least once per week, so that everyones needs are being met and to discuss any issues. So far it is going along pretty well. I was originally a bit skeptical that I would be too much for Daila to handle and too stubborn to allow this to work. But I under estimated Daila’s skills as a dominant. She has stepped up in huge ways. In many ways she absorbed much of what I was trying to be when I was the top in the relationship, and has gone on to add her own twists and personality to it. She has also incorporated many of the things that I had shared with her about some of my submissive fantasies...and has now made all of those come true.

In all of this I have found my inner submissive. I have taken on the role and become very at home with it. I have to be the boss all day long at work, but when I come home I get to shed all of that and let Daila take command. Her brand of dominance is every submissive male’s fantasy. When she spanks me for misbehavior, I almost always see my faults in what I have done. It makes me stop and think and truly become a better husband and person in general. I am more thoughtful and caring for her feelings and I like that. Plus, being spanked still gives me the same sexual arousal that it always did. The only difference is that Daila has stepped up her spanking technique so that at the same time I am getting that sexual charge, I am also wishing that I had not fucked up. The orgasm control has made me more loving and romantic, and has improved both of our sexual outputs. Everything we are doing now is a huge turn on for both of us and it shows when we get down to business.

It is really hard to explain, but in the end, I feel more loved and cared for when she is imposing her dominance over me. She makes me feel warm and protected for the first time in all the years that I have been the one to have to make everyone else around me feel those same things. It is nice for a change.

So please do not worry for me. I am in the perfect place, at the perfect time in my life for it. We are all happy, and our relationship is stronger for it.

Thanks again for all of you that care enough to be worried, now let that burden rest knowing that we are both safe and completely sane, and join into our fun by posting comments to our blog, our videos, and pictures, and tell Daila how badly I need to be punished for being such a brat...because I really am.


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my new life with my gf has put my spanking movies to a halt
she has decided not to let me post them
although we are still gonna make videos..i am not gonna post them
in the near future i might be able to get her to change her mind but for now the videos will not be posted
ill probably blog about the spankings i give her and the ones she gives to me
but i am gonna respect her wishes to not post them

thanks to all that enjoy my videos
even though i am departing from post videos
i will still come here a lot and enjoy the others

message me anytime to ask how we are doing

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Sorry, folks, the portal to my pictures was closed. See you next century.

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Last night before bed Daila waited for me to emerge from the shower and dry off. She then advised me that she thought she could use a little practice with the long paddle as she had noticed that I still had a slight bruise on my right cheek from errant smacks that landed too far to the right on my poor ass.

Mirror Selfie The Day After My Inspection Failure Punishment

She had me bend over the bed and arch my back to stick my but way out for her. She told me that she was going to start out slowly and softer than usual and eventually build up to what she thought was a respectable level of power. I was to analyze each swat as they landed and advise her by saying “Left”, “Right”, or “Both” to let her know where I was feeling the bigger amount of sting from the paddle.

It was easy as we stared out because the swats were about half or less of what she would usually use in a punishment spanking. So I was analyzing and calling out after each one. She did a few in a row and she stopped for a minute then tried a few that were much harder. She would stop and go and try light then hard and then repeat. Near the end she was swinging like a tennis pro and landing every hit perfectly and with optimum force to cause me to start whimpering a bit. by then my ability to analyze and call out had completely gone to shit. I was getting confused as to right and left and could not even form the words right after a few more.

All of the larger versions of these photos can be found in our photo albums

She informed me afterward that she wanted to start doing this each night so that she could spank me more energy efficiently and longer on our videos.

I guess you could say that my new night job is a pain in the ass :-)


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i just do not understand why there is such a lack of female spankees
in south east florida. in ny i had plenty of women to spank.
if you in the lake worth to pompano area contact me if you dare

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I have been in the lifestyle my whole adult life but have always had interest in spanking, even as a child.

I've seen it help push me past pitfalls, and motivate me to try harder. I started at age 16 as a switch, in a really small city in Michigan. My closest neighbor was a few miles away. The energy and excitement was and still is better then I ever could imagine.

I was raised to not show emotions, was always told they were weakness. In my early 20s I started administering and receiving spanking therapy, where to point was to cause pain to release stress, I found it really beneficial. Up to that point I had practiced maintenance spanking, for minor infractions and to change bad habits. I find both extremely beneficial.

As of late I have evolved into discipline spankings to correct behaviors, to stop bad habits. The butterflies before, pain during, and loss of guilt after, have made me stronger.

I am meeting and trying a new spanking therapist this evening. I am nervous, anticipating, dreading, yet still feel I need to follow through. The fear if the unknown and pain, has my heart racing.

I will update and post pictures later.

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Been exercising more again recently and whilst with my PT he said a few things that made me smirk inside.

Good girl, just a few more and thats you done
and I'm just going to collar you up (when loading the bar)
almost there, almost done.

I am sure my mind is now pure kink- thinking back to that TED link that English- rose posted perhaps this is what happens
similar to watching too much porn.

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Views: 151 · Added: 7 days ago

Today I feel very stress. A normal physical response to events that are happening in my life right now and I feel threatened and it is upsetting my balance in all kind ways. My body is achy and Mother Nature has come back to visit too. Stress is considered one of my triggers for my migraines. I pray this will pass very soon.
Dear Heavenly Father,
Please grant me peace of mind and calm my troubled heart. My soul is like a turbulent sea. I can't seem to find my balance so I stumble and worry constantly. Give me the strength and clarity of mind to find my purpose and walk the path you've laid out for me. I trust your Love God, and know that you will heal this stress. Just as the sun rises each day against the dark of night. Please bring me clarity with the light of God.

In Jesus’s name I pray,

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Views: 258 · Added: 7 days ago

I had my bum smacked 2 nites in a row and it was well worth every spank.
Lol tayside_tanner and i have another debate. Well its more what i think.

I keep saying that i have a very fat and huge bum and he says no.well thats just the way i am about myself
anyone want to add an opinion feel free to add.

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