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So my friend and I share a Dom, and that is fine, we are having issues with our Dom, we are not getting enough spankings.. Even if we bait him, still nothing.. We are not getting what we need. We have tried to talk to him,but still no luck. How or what else can we do? How do we get him to spank us more?

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I made a sex tape a while back and apparently it's about to be all over the internet. It's my own fault really for trusting someone with it but I figured I'd own up and post it myself here so nobody can shed more light in it than there needs to be. Yes I'm ashamed but we all make mistakes. Please don't judge me ...its in my comments

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This is a blog for ideas of how you would punish a person in this scenario. Even if you are a sub please offer your ideas thanks.

Hers is the scene....

You come home from a long day and you have given instructions on what needed to be done today. Your dry cleaning needed to be done for your big and important event tonight. You have been assured everything has done only to find out that nothing was done your sub has slept the day away. In your anger you drag the person out of bed yelling and scolding follows you order the person out of the front room into the bedroom while you determine what this punishment will be.

Let me hear from you tell me with DETAILS how you would handle this. I want to know what position(s) you would use, implements, clothing etc... tell me everything

Strict Spanking
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comin home from work today I was in the lane furthest to the left.. there were vechicles in all three lanes , two ahead of me... I was goin a bit faster than the speed limit but nuttin outrageous... out of no where a car pulls up behind me n starts ridin my ass.. even if I wanted to go faster or move over I couldn't because of the cars ahead of me n beside of me so I slammed on my brakes to get the car behind me to back off which caused her to lay on her horn.. *shrug*... I continue on my way n shes right back on my ass again so I slammed on my brakes a 2nd time n she again lays on her horn... first chance I got I moved into the center lane n she went all the way to the right lane n passed me, flippin me off as she did.. sooo wrong as it was I speeded up n got ahead of her on purpose this time n went slower than usual n she was stuck behind me n I could tell she was furious cause she couldn't pass me... as I came upon my exit she whipped ahead of me n over the solid line n flipped me off again.. I let my temper get the better of me n I speeded up again n got ahead of her n the light was red.. I stopped, she stopped n then the light turned green n I delibertly stayed in place so she couldn't go anywhwere.. she couldn't go around me n she couldn't pass me so she had no choice but to sit n wait n she laid on her horn the entire time.. I waited til the light was seconds away from red n went so she got stuck for the red light again too.. I tooted my horn to her n waved as I left... wrong yes I know but the way I'm feelin lately I really didn't care too much....

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There's nothing I like more than logging into S.T and seeing a thumbnail for a clip that floats my boat. Like everyone else here, I assume, I have a few triggers that really peak my interest. It really is the little things that make all the difference, here are a few of mine.
Waiting- I know most of you just want to cut to the chase, but I love to see a naughty girl nervously biting her lip or fiddling with the hem of her skirt as she waits for the inevitable.
Uniforms- It probably goes without saying but there are few things as appealing as a grown woman in her school uniform. Crisp white blouse, pleated skirt, school tie. I prefer white socks to stockings especially with a pair of sensible flat shoes.
Knickers- I like big pants and I cannot lie. Not necessarily just the traditional schoolgirl variety, but any kind that covers quite a lot of the target area. I hate thongs, and always laugh when spankers make a point of pulling them down like it makes any difference.
Position- Obviously OTK is a great start, but my favourite has to be bending over and touching toes. Such a beautiful sight.
Knickers down but not off- I love it when they slowly slide down from mid thigh to the knees then finally to around the ankles. Please dont just whip them off and wad them up. Ladies, show your knickers some respect!
Corner time- Always nice to see the fruits of your labours. Seeing a well spanked behind being presented in the corner always does it for me.
The end- Another favourite sight. Gently trying to pull your knickers over your burning behind is a beautiful thing. I love to see girls try and rub the sting away through their skirts.
I could go on and on and the list of things I hate is much much longer. If I haven't bored you all to death id love to hear any views. Thanks for reading.

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A penny for your thoughts? Sometimes I feel like it's completely normal and fine but sometimes I wonder if maybe at times it's not. I probably just over-think things lol but I would totally love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the topic since There's definitely a wide variety of people here. Thanks!

Strict Spanking
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i just uploaded 3 pic of my bare butt all need is female to be spanking it make it red and sore any female around

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I am waiting for daddy to come home from work. I have been instructed that I am to share with you all that I am being punished tonight. I have been misbehaving and daddy is not going to stand for it. He will punish me severely tonight and when he is satisfied I have learnt my lesson I will be made to update you all and tell you how I was dealt
with. I am sitting here with the dread in my tummy and weak with fear. He will be here soon and there is nothing I can do to get out of it.

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Well, this is just embarrasing for everyone in the DD community. So much for safe, sane and consensual:
THE minister of a Coulsdon church ran a cult to brainwash women in his congregation into accepting bare bottom spankings as 'God's will' to satisfy his sexual desires, a court has heard.
Howard Curtis, a married 73-year-old father of three, is said to have treated Coulsdon Christian Fellowship (CCF), of which he was the leader for decades, "more like his personal cult than a church".
He denies at least seven sex attacks on three different women said to have taken place between 1991 and 2013.
Curtis, who became a minister of the Elim Pentecostal movement in the 1980s, but broke from the church when he was pastor of the CCF in Chipstead Valley Road, further denies child cruelty charges relating to three different youngsters, and a charge of causing actual bodily harm by spanking a babysitter.
Opening the case against Curtis at Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday, Toby Fitzgerald, prosecuting, said the minister had interpreted the wording of the bible "to suit his own desires".
"He would conduct what he would refer to as a deliverance ministry," said Mr Fitzgerald.
"This would involve the defendant saying that he was going to cast out evil spirits from a person.
"He would tell his congregation that discipline needed to be administered and this was best done by spanking bare flesh with the bare hand.
Curtis arriving at court with his wife
"The defendant used this concept of discipline to hide what were, in fact, exercises in cruelty and also sexual assault."
He is alleged to have urged his followers to adhere to a doctrine known as Christian Domestic Discipline.
"The concept was, according to the defendant, based on biblical interpretation that within a marriage, women were the weaker sex," said Mr Fitzgerald.
"They were easily deceived and therefore needed to be kept in order and disciplined."
During one of his "counselling sessions", Curtis is alleged to have asked a woman to strip naked before spanking her between her legs.
Mr Fitzgerald said Curtis told the woman "this is what your husband should be doing to you" as he performed sex acts on the woman with his fingers.
On another occasion, helped by his "brainwashed" followers, he is said to have pinned the mother of a seriously ill girl to a bed before whispering in her ear, while brandishing a bible, that it was "all her fault" that her daughter might die.
Curtis said they should "pray for [the girl] to die" so that the devil could be released from her, the court heard.
The first of the alleged attacks was in the late 1960s or early 1970s when Curtis, who then lived in Aurelia Road in Thornton Heath, spanked a teenage babysitter until she was "black and blue" for wearing miniskirts.
"He would often comment on them, saying that in his opinion they were too short and they could lead people to think untoward thoughts," said Mr Fitzgerald.
"He said she had disobeyed him for too long and that she needed to be punished for disobedience.
Coulsdon Christian Fellowship in Chipstead Valley Road
"He put her over his knee, pulled down her knickers and smacked her bare bottom with his slipper."
Years later, when the same woman was a member of the church congregation, Curtis is said to have offered to soothe her crying baby son, but instead spanked or pinched him in a "cruel assault".
During one counselling session with the woman Curtis said that if he were married to her "he could bring her to climax at any time", the court heard.
The prosecution argue that many of his victims did not report what happened to the authorities until many years later because they had been "effectively brainwashed … into believing him to be truly a man of God, whose words and actions were not to be challenged".
One woman described "weaning" herself off the church because Mr Curtis "would always be able to lure her back", Mr Fitzgerald said.
"She described it a little like a drug addiction. Having to decrease amount of exposure until she could be free of it."
Mr Fitzgerald said Curtis had chosen "a particularly innovative and distinctive way" of sexually abusing her, after finding out she had been similarly sexually abused by a family member.
"He would quite deliberately ... cause her to relive it, doing himself the things that her abuser had done."
Mr Fitzgerald explained this included "triggers" like whispering in her ear or stroking of her hand.
"He justified these actions by telling her that it was necessary for her to relive the abuse, but this time with a difference - that he, Howard Curtis, an agent of God, was going to bless the situation by becoming involved in what had been a toxic memory."
"He would end up on the floor, on top of her sometimes touching her stomach with his hand, effectively stroking her. She felt she was put into a hypnotic trance
"Her reaction would sometimes be to scream, to fight him off, because it took her back.
"The defendant would say that this told him that she needed more healing, thus allowing him to further the abuse that he was committing on her during those sessions."
Mr Fitzgerald said the woman would be fully clothed during the sessions, but they were so violent her clothes were ripped, while Curtis would get "so hot and sweaty he would remove the top half of his clothing".
Another victim, who was seven or eight at the time, said Curtis bent him over his knee before spanking his bare bottom "very hard".
"It was an assertion of HC's power and was deliberately designed to humiliate and subjugate," said Mr Fitzgerald.
One woman, who joined the church in the 1990s and suffered from bouts of depression, said she had eventually been welcomed into the "inner circle" of the organisation before she was told that the "undisciplined spirit" could be released from the body by "spanking the bare bottom".
Curtis is alleged to have spanked her bare bottom "forcefully" over the hallway banisters of a house near the church.
"He told her that it was very important that she didn't tell him to stop, that he would stop when he felt like it," said Mr Fitzgerald.
"The crown say that's an indication of the defendant wanting to take from this situation sexual pleasure."
When he was arrested in 2013, Curtis made no comment to police other than a prepared statement which said all contact between him and one of the alleged victims was "entirely consensual" counselling activity.
Curtis gradually increased the intrusiveness of his "counselling" with one of his victims over about 10 sessions, the prosecution say.
Curtis claimed the spanking, more effective than just talking, would sort her "untidiness", help with her marriage and "improve her femininity", Mr Fitzgerald said.
"Was the contact of skin to skin on this woman's bare bottom something consistent with the defendant's sexual fantasies or was it his genuine religious ministry that demanded such behaviour?" he asked the jury.
"What those women sought, the crown say, was religious guidance and counselling and what they were met with was this defendant sexually abusing them."
Curtis had "grandiose" fantasies of fulfilling a command from God to build a self-sufficient community he could rule at Cane Hill, the court was told.
Toby Fitzgerald told the jury that Curtis described his plans for Cane Hill, centred around the former chapel at the old asylum, "were in reality never going to come to fruition".
"He told people that this vision had come to him from God. God had told him to buy Cane Hill and in return for doing this, he would be rewarded with a congregation of 1,000 people."
"He spoke of his ambition of building a self-contained community at Cane Hill.
"This fixation was [testament] to the defendant's dominance within Coulsdon Christian Fellowship and dominance over his congregation
"It gives a view to the fact that he had power and he wanted more."
Cane Hill was in fact sold to developers Barratt Homes, with a 674-home development being constructed on the site at the moment.
Curtis, now of Bloxworth Close, Wallington, stood down from leadership of the church in 2012.
He denies four counts of sexual assault, one count of assault by digital penetration and two counts of indecent assault against three women between 1991 and 2013.
He has also pleaded not guilty to four counts of child cruelty and one of ABH, said to have been carried out between January 1969 and February 2008.
The trial continues.

Taken from the Croydon Advertiser,, Feb 24th 2016.

Strict Spanking
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Feeling somewhat horny and in need of a spanking i decided to write Mr G a story whilst he was at work, which left him with a hard on for quite some time before he could even stand up and sort himself out.

I have beautifully shaved smooth legs and a smooth moiturized bottom and pussy. I bet you would just love to bury your face inside me, lick my juices dry then fuck my ass. Wish you were here now.
Mr G replied, You are very rude ! I like it, keep it up. So I did.

I would love to be otk, whilst you chastise me for being naughty, smacking me on my bare bottom with your hand first, then your Little Devil paddle.
Then aiming just on my sit spot you use the pain stick, over and over whilst still lecturing me on being good.
Lifting me up once im crying and lying me on the bed, you put me in the diaper position. You bring out the loopy and new cane and continue to spank me, my sit spot starts turning purplish black.

Eventually you can do no more and slip your fingers deep into my soaking pussy, making me cum over and over. 2 fingers, then 3 then 4, stretching me wide.
Changing your position you hit the spot where you know will make me squirt, i cant take it any longer and squirt and squirt, all over you and the floor. But i know you love that.
Still in the diaper position, you slide your rock hard cock up my ass and slip fingers into my pussy til your fisting me and pounding my ass.
The mix of enjoyment and pain from my bruised bottom is too much as i cum fast and loud, but you continue, refusing to let yourself explode.
Slipping out you turn me over, exposing my bottom once more.
Opening my ass wide you slip inside once more.
Slowly up and down, grinding deep inside.
Taking the pain stick you smack my thighs, as i cry out and try to protect them, but you smack my hand away. Gentle yet firm smacks across my shoulders, arms and back all whilst your still inside me slowly, in and out.
You get fed up with my hands trying to protect myself, and tell me to hold my hands up, as you give me 2 hard smacks with the pain stick on my palms, i yelp with pain and hide them away.
Do not move your hands again or you will get more and with the cane.

Eventually you know your release is coming and your pounding comes stronger and faster.
Holding my shoulders you pound and grind until i feel the explosion of cum shooting up my ass.
Gently you move up and down until you slip out once more.

We are both exhausted but you havent finished with me yet.
I believe you are still owed 50 with the CPS.
I looked around to you and start pleading please no, not now, my bottom is already so sore.
That makes up for the extra 40 you shudda got every day last week, now you get the rest.
You lift the CPS up ready.
Do not move or i will add on, do you understand. You tell me sternly.
Yes master, i mutter.
Ready to count now.
And then you start and you dont hold back.
Im crying before it even starts, my bottom was already nearly black.
But i knew i had to stay put.
I managed to get through the 50 without too much movement, though i did try to protect my botyom with my hands twice.
I could barely breath i was so sore and upset with all the crying.
Stand up and hold your hands out.

I look at you not wanting to do it but did it anyway.
I told you what happens if you try to protect yourself, now you get 4 on each hand.
You take our new high impact cane and whip it down on my hands as i whimper and try not to scream.

Once over you come over and give me a big hug and kiss me deeply.
Now you took that punishment like a good girl, im proud of you.

Im so pleased to hear those words. Let me put cream on you then youre to have a time out for half an hour and think about why you were punished and think about the pain you have now and remember never to do it again.

I bend over and you gently rub cream onto my bottom, legs, thighs, back, arms and shoukders.
Gently you kiss each cheek and said done.
Now do your time out and be a good girl for the rest of the day.
So i got up and stood in the corner, hands on head, whilst you cleaned up, got dressed and go downstairs to continue your work.

I love you so much, i hope my dream comes true very soon.

My dream did come true that night, though i never stayed still, i fought like crazy and Mr G was getting anoyed with me, but i started crying after the third swat of that nadty CPS. The rest of the dream came true too, only missing the otk part. Though Mr G told me i am sill owed my 40x7 with the Giant Devil. I only hope he doesnt want to do them all in one go.
Did i enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing my story.......no, it hurt so much, the sting was incredible and not in a nice way.
I dont think i will be wanting to break any rules in the future.

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Well i know my actions &whom ive played with Ten being one of them.. non the less i am not as active as i once was i have goal in life and i go affter them.i also have resposibiltys but for those who are local to me if your with in q00 miles of i dy chicago do reach out and will talk but only if your seriouse.

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(original song lyrics)

You say that you could fall for me
that's how it always goes
I was once a younger man
wore a suit of fancy clothes
I turned my sail to southern trades
and prayed a wind would blow
to carry me away from here
far from the ice and snow

You say that you could love me now
three things are what I know
you're a different kind of crazy
wrapped in shiny satin bows
the heartache that you keep inside
in your eyes is where it shows
and when the time comes for leaving
there'll be trouble letting go

I know that I could love you now
three things I'll say to you
I have trouble keeping promises
even when my heart is true
the light that burns inside of me
is a barroom neon blue
I never thought I'd settle down
I'm always passing through

Three things are always in the way
between the loving and the love
stars are always out of reach
burning brightly from above
you're the reason and the why
and the one I'm thinking of
but golden rings and other things
are never quite enough

Strict Spanking
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She's wearing a very nice gymnastics leotard with tan tights and strappy heels! I think she needs a long hard hairbrush spanking! She is sexy as hell and she knows it! Maybe a nice trip to the woodshed for a belt spanking would be good for her! Let me know what you think! I keep seeing her pictures online and she's wearing different leotards and tights!
(this is not me)
I would like to find more pictures of her!

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Any girls who are looking to chat message me on Kik. (Time99909)

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Hello everybody.
Stefan asked me to administer my rubber tawses to his bare. Unfortuneatly it was very dark in the room, so I used nightshot with black and white result. There are just 2 photos in the album.
As it was my first try with a camera using for sessions, I made some mistakes.
I hopeful avoid them or at least some of them, next time.

Session lasted nearly an hour including 10 minutes break. Each change of implements or proof of his bare, the camera was stopped, so there is a total filmmaterial of about 23 minutes.
With this very poor videocut program I tried to cut it, afterwards converted the avi to mp4.
Hope until next session I find my older program.

Hope you enjoy it as we had enjoyed the session.
Thank you to Stefan for holding his bare up in the air.

Strict Spanking
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Here's some food for thought - some videos and pictures of girls getting spanked are stretched. Stretching them out makes the girl's butt appear wider and plumper. I'm wondering if this is intentional. I've seen a few of them where the girl is otherwise pretty skinny and has a tiny butt. Perhaps the editor is trying to give them a curvier butt? Not trying to offend anyone here. I like girls of all sizes.

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I start new job on Friday to bad couldn't find some one to help me be strong

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Hear ye, hear ye! Aliens from far and wide will be voting tomorrow to decide if Britain should exit the planet!

Now, let us consider the many, many good things which have come from Britain, such as Paddington Bear, fish and chips, spanking, the industrial revolution, entertaining hats, sassiness, funny lingo, posh English accents, Elizabeth II, James Norton (yes, yes, yes!), Elgar, politeness, crumpets, 50 Shades of Grey, Guinness, canes, Revmother and afternoon tea.

HOWEVER, on the flip side, Britain is reviled for its mushy peas, having any number of Sir Rudenesses, complaining overmuch about the rain, haggis, having a number of men who look the same, being booze hounds, producing too many Bridget Jones’ movies, slippering, driving on the wrong side of the road, AND saying the words ‘brilliant’, ‘naughty’, ‘indeed’ and ‘bloody’ way too often.

I haven’t made up my green mind yet. Should they stay, should they stay?

What would the planet be like without the Brits and their sassy ways?

What say you, fellow spankos?

Strict Spanking
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I have officially ran out of subs I am looking for more if you would like to audition and see if I can help you just message me telling me about your self and answer each question I ask with truthfulness

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The black thong leotard that I'm wearing with the royal blue tights is the very first thong leotard I ever owned. I love that leotard and I love getting a spanking when I'm wearing it! It's the same black thong leotard that I'm wearing with the black tights for the spanking that I got in that great outfit! This leotard looks great with the royal blue tights! I love wearing royal blue tights. I wore this with my favorite spanking boots. I love those boots!

Lupus Spanking