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Diese Anzeige bei Spanking-Kontakte fand ich sehr interessant:

"spanke gern, 39 Jahre, 99 Erfurt, 24.04.2016, Privat, Chiffre: 11781

Putzjunge gesucht

Hallo. Ich habe viele Stärken. Aber Ordnung halten und sauber machen gehören leider nicht dazu. Deshalb suche ich einen gewissenhaften Putzjungen (es darf aber auch ein Mädchen sein), der von Zeit Zeit bei mir vorbei kommen möchte, meine Wohnung aufräumt und gründlich sauber macht. Um mich erkenntlich zu zeigen, versohle ich dir deinen Hintern - soweit möglich - nach deinen Vorstellungen. Bei ungenügender Arbeitsleistung gibt es allerdings richtig böse was hinten drauf. Noch ein paar Punkte vorab: ich erwarte echte Arbeitsbereitschaft. Sex ist ausgeschlossen. Falls du das möchtest, kannst du deine Arbeit nackt verrichten. Alles weiteren Wünsche und Vorstellungen klären wir per Mail."

Leider zu weit weg von mir. Aber vielleicht ein nettes Motiv für bisher noch nicht spankinginteressierte Frauen sich entsprechend sehnsüchtiger Männer anzunehmen. Bloß die Frage, wie man die erreichen könnte.

Am besten wäre wohl Verbreitung über soziale Netzwerke (FB). Kann man ja auch als Gag posten. Die Idee ist damit gesäht.

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Guess no one in Tulsa can handle me

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as ya all know I have a "Daddy".. as u also know.. he really doesn't give me what I need or deserve even tho we r supposed to have a domestic discipline relationship... I bring this up because today I did some things that I KNOW if id been in a relationship with someone else id probably most definetly be writing this standin up...

(1) I'm am not a liar.. I detest liars but for some reason today I told a lie n to make it worse I got caught in it too ( work related)

(2) then I have been tryin to lose weight n today I was pissed at myself for the work issue so I bought myself a candy bar.. not a average size one but a SUPER BIG one n ate the whole dang thing in one settin..

(3) n then the combination of the two screws ups led me to do somethin I usually do when I'm pissed at myself or get very upset...

three reasons to be mad at myself... three reasons that I feel deserve punishment ... three things that wont go any further than this wall on writin on but I had to get it off my chest just the same...

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So today I allowed my attitude to get the best of me, and Junior surprised me after he got off of work and gave me a tough maintenance session, now I have to go to work with a sore bottom and it will remind me all night, to keep my attitude in check! you live and you learn, and if you have a smart mouth you get the burn!!!! Grad school has been challenging, but with 1 week left in my current class my overall grade is still at an A...So, i may be a little naughty, but overall I am a good girl! ;) I didnt want to upload this because i need a new camera, but i did anyway, so enjoy at my expense!


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I am just curious, but are any of my ST friends out there located in the San Antonio, TX area?

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I have been somewhat naughty, if not to say very naughty the past week and I know that my wife is going to adress this at any time soon.
I know I deserve to be punished and I know I will be recieving a good hard bare bottom spanking from my wife within a couple of days.
I know this because my wife shows of a destinct pattern when she is going to give me a spanking.

She has gotten firmer with me the past couple of days, letting me know that she is not satisfied with my behavior. She has begun to give me little smacks on my bottom, telling me to be a good boy or I will get a spanking. These things have during the past 3 years always ended with me getting my bare bottom spanked long and hard over my wifes knees and I know that is what will happen soon.

I know what is comming and I am feeling both excited and scared of the prospect of getting a long hard punishment spanking over my wifes knees.

Excited because I get to see her in her black leather pants when she is going to spank me and because I love to be over her knees like the naughty little boy I am.
Scared because I know that a punishment spanking over my wifes knees, will result in me sobbing like a naughty little boy over his strict mothers knees.

It is real life spankings my wife gives me and with the wooden bathbrush and her otk cane, she quickly turnes me into a very sorry little boy. And she does not stop spanking me until I am laying limb over her knees with tears streaming down my cheeks, hearing me sobbing and bawling my eyes out.

I soo dread the pain and sting that my wife delivers to my bare bottom using the bathbrush and cane, but I know that I deserve it. So I will be on edge until my wife decides it is time for me, to pay the price of behaving like a spoiled naughty little boy.

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Some of you know me please request Mr as a friend again had to update could use that spank

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I'm in class, and I've been testing my teacher all week. Showing up to class late, talking out of turn during lessons, and flirting with the boys. It's a private school and uniforms are proper protocol, but my skirts have been getting shorter by the week. He has warned me several times that I'd better get it together or face the consequences. I decided to face the consequences, I mean how bad could a little detention be?
So, today right when I entered my class room I felt his eyes sliding over my legs, body, and knew he noticed I shortened my skirt again. He said, "Ms. McCann, I'd like to see you after school is out today in my private office." "For your sake you'd better be prompt!" I said my necessary "Yes Sir," but had a smirk on my face I didn't think he could see.
I was nervous all day, and didn't know why I should be so worried over a little after school detention time; however, there was something in his eyes, face, and tone of voice that was different than any other time I'd gotten into a bit of trouble with a teacher (even him).
He continued to work for 5 more minutes while I waited hands laced together, and face looking at the floor.
Finally he spoke to me. "Ms. McCann what have I told you about uniform regulations, home work, speaking in class, flirting with boys, and the importance of being on time to class?"
I said, "Our skirts must be to the middle of our knee caps, camisoles with bras are to be worn under our white uniform top for modesty, and not to talk in class."
"What about the flirting Ms. McCann?"
"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot." "You said class was not the time or place for that type of behavior Sir."
"What about being promptly on time?"
"Gosh, I'm sorry Sir." "You've also given me several warnings for tardiness."
"Ms. McCann, you're going to be a lot more sorry before I'm done with you.....believe that!"
"Ms. McCann what do you think the appropriate punishment should be?" I can make a phone call to your parents, and notify the principle of your bratty behavior, or you can take the punishment I decide upon."
"Oh PLEASE Sir don't call my parents, and the principle will have me in detention for weeks!"
"Ms. McCann, I plan on giving you a bare bottomed spanking to teach you a lesson." "Do you understand me?" "Are you sure of your choice?":
"Um, Um, well, I guess, well, yes I understand sir."
"You must say it out loud Ms. McCann."
"I will be receiving a bare bottom spanking for all my misdeed as punishment from you."
"Correct Ms. McCann." "You will learn to be a better student, a better person, and that stubborn streak will be spanked away." "Do you understand me?"
"Yes what?"
"Yes sir."
He had me over his knee with my panties off in no time. He spanked me with firm hard slaps keeping his fingers closed together as not to leave finger marks on my pale skin. He rubbed my bottom in between spanks every so often, and let his fingers dip/slip over my sweetly glazed clit and pussy. I had an earth shattering orgasm before he finished spanking me. "You will report to my office once a week for maintenance spankings Ms. McCann." "I believe you need them to keep you in line." However, if you disrupt classes at all in anyway you can expect a spanking for the sake of discipline alone." "I will use my hand to warm you up, them my ruler to push you to tears, kicking your legs, and begging, then my belt will come off or my paddle out of my desk to warm your ass up so much you're crying and screaming for me to stop." Is that understood Ms. McCann?" " sir." "Ok then off you go." He helps me off his lap, and pulls up my panties, but not before touching my most private areas once more, and rubbing my ass cheeks again.
Just a little teasing story, but yet a turn on even writing it. Hope you enjoy

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I wish I had a sugar daddy who could meet me around my schedule. i take care of my mom who needs practically around the clock care or at least wants someone here around the clock. She pays crap and I rarely get time to myself but my selfish siblings only think they're worth something. These are the people who she doted on and loved and would still do anything for. Life's unfair when I don't even have $20 bucks to buy a cleaner for my laptop that will fall apart if I don't get it and am stuck with a crappy phone company because that's all I can afford. Just ranting since I know nothing's for free and most sugar daddies will only pay peanuts for sex.

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Sorry it has been so long since I blogged. I have been busy dealing with my lying cheating husband. He blew $2,000+ on another girl and now he can't pay our bills (car payment and phone bill). Now, I am trying to figure out how to take care of my family and get my daughter a new twin mattress for her bed and me a new queen mattress for me all by myself with no money. It really sucks! I am sorry that I am writing this sad blog but that is what actually going on in my household.

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I no longer see how to add a photo to a blog post . . . help, anyone?

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I have just been told I will be caned Monday morning! I will be put in a school dress and stood in the corner before I'm strapped over the dreaded bench and caned at 10 am.

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Some people cant handle a good real steady spanking progression. Its more talk and less reality.

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I really need to learn to shut my mouth when I am talking to my adopted dad

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It looks like I have been a member here for a year now today. I think that calls for a birthday spanking! Do I have any volunteers?

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In the order the videos presently appear; giving the title (theme), I am present in all these videos, some are self discipline (strap, spank or whip), some I am the disciplinarian, some I am the disciplined Within the brackets () you'll find my position

Birthday request 5 (2016 BR 5)
Birthday request 4 (2016 BR 4)
Birthday request 3 (2016 BR 3) school discipline
Birthday Request 2 (2016 BR 2)
Birthday Request 1 (2015 BR 1)
belting on April Fool’s Day 2015
making a ‘leather butt’ or tanning the hide (self paddling)
A leathering wasn’t enough (self flagellation/whipping)
Replica of the Texas Prison Strap (self strap)
prison straps (instructional)
Devotees of hand strapping: trouble in the playground (self strap hand)
familial discipline - razor strop (bottom; Ivan top)
familial discipline – belt (bottom; Ivan top)
To the woodshed, part 2 (bottom; Ivan top)
To the woodshed, part 1(bottom; Ivan top)
Ivan gets toasted buns September 2014 (top; Ivan bottom)
School discipline – butt (bottom; Jim & Rich & Ivan top)
prison straps (bottom; Ivan top)
School Discipline (sub; Ivan dom [hands not butts])
Self flagellation-self discipline (self flogging)
Ivan and cp disciplinarian – otk small paddles (top; Ivan bottom)
Ivan meets spankinc CPS again (top; Ivan bottom)
Ivan meets disciplinarian again – series of leather instruments (top; Ivan bottom)
regulation thickness rubber & canvas school hand strap (self strap hand)
Ivan & spankinc Canadian prison strap (CPS) (top; Ivan bottom)
Ivan and a cp disciplinarian – otk hand (top; Ivan bottom)
London Tanners thick 3 tail H tawse (self strap hand)
Ivan meets disciplinarian again – leather prison straps (top; Ivan bottom)
Sub meets disciplinarian (top; Ivan bottom)

On Sir Alex site
Maintenance spanking 28-03-2016 (self spank hand, leather strap/paddle, wood paddle)
Maintenance spanking 23-03-2016 (self spank hand)
Maintenance spanking 20-03-2016 (self spank harness leather looped strap)
Naughty boy punished (self spank 2 leather straps riveted together with solid core)

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The first spanking/beating I ever administered was to a girlfriend back in the summer of 1977. I would have been twenty and she would have been eighteen which sounds like the first lines of a song.

But, I digress.

Claudia was really pretty – her father was of Italian stock– with doll like features, alluring brown eyes and lovely long, curly and dark hair and she did indeed put me in mind of an Italian actress. However that was where the similarity ended, Claudia although basically good natured was thick and quite ignorant; she couldn't even spell my first name correctly (a fairly simple name I hasten to add) which just added further to the list of things I found annoying about her. We were never going to last.

On the plus side, however, she was really sexy and also she had confided to me that the idea of being punished had thrilled her; she'd told me that she had often been naughty on purpose so that her parents would spank her and had once been caned at school, though she had admitted that that had been a rather unpleasant experience.

When she had confessed all to this me I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Of course, at that time, I had told nobody of my kinky inclinations for fear of being ridiculed or even ostracised so I had to play it carefully.

Claudia had been my first long term girlfriend and she was the first female I fell in love with though I didn't realise that till we split up and I ached for her. I also realised that love was a kind of addiction and not necessarily a good addiction either, but, that is to jump the gun as it were. Anyway, Claudia had been the younger sister of one of my mates and for some strange reason she had developed a crush on me, a 'crush' that ended up lasting over twenty five years and is perhaps a tale for another day, maybe. So, timid as I was, I had plucked up the courage to ask her out…

A few weeks later, one evening, after a bit of clumsy groping, I fucked her, standing up against a tree, on the perimeter of a sports field. I'll be honest, it wasn't, for either of us, the rapturous moment we had both been led to believe; and because she'd been a virgin we had spent a while after attempting, not entirely successfully either, to wash blood off our bodies and clothes.

That said, we did get better at sex though I don't believe now that I ever made her climax; I really was quite naïve at the time. However, sometimes after we'd fucked she did often request me to smack her bottom (which I did of course) because she’d felt 'dirty' or 'guilty'. Looking back on it now, with the twenty-twenty vision of hindsight, I think she had been unsatisfied and underneath she had been hoping that the spanking would lead to an orgasm.

Okay, back to the tale…

It was a hot day on a weekend in 1977 that I had led Claudia to the top bedroom of my grandmother's old house (where I lived with my Mother too) with 'evil' intent. I hasten to add that my grandmother was quite infirm - though she could just about manage stairs – and it was highly unlikely that she would interrupt us. Also, my Mother, a psychiatric nurse, was at work and safely out of the way.

Claudia had known what I had planned for her and was excited, if not a little scared, by the prospect of a seriously hard whack with something solid and uncompromising: a rubber backed wooden table tennis bat.

When we had got to the top bedroom I had told her to strip quickly and bend over the side of the bed, which she did. I had then picked up the table tennis bat in my right hand in preparation for swatting her with it but before I did I had spent a couple of seconds studying her nude, and I think faintly trembling, body. I have to say, at that time (she got fat later), she really was in possession of a very sexy body: slim, beautiful tits with a sexy little mole on the mound of her left breast, sun bronzed (apart from the bikini line) and with a shapely and firm arse. It was no surprise that I was really stiff at this point.

I remember (how could I forget?) just before I whacked her, Claudia, turning her pretty face towards me with a very forlorn expression, and feeling momentarily sorry for her, but not sorry enough obviously, because I then drew back my right arm as far back as I could before driving it with as much force as I could muster down onto her bare left buttock.

There was a terrific 'thwack' which reverberated around the walls of the bedroom and almost instantaneously she had straightened up, clutched her buttock and called me a 'sod'. I had wondered, for a second, whether I had gone too far but I had no need to worry as she had then clambered back onto the mattress and lain on her back. I had then swiftly stripped before mounting and fucking her with her dark cunt being damp, musky, and extremely accommodating. With the image of her naked body reacting to the pain still fresh in my mind I had climaxed pretty quickly. I don't think she did.

After sex she had twisted round to inspect her now 'purpling' bruise and proclaimed that she was now mine as she threw herself into my arms. It was my first experience of female submission and, to be frank, I didn't really understand it fully (if I do indeed now).

A little while later she and her family moved away so I didn't see her that much though we did sometimes meet up for a fuck and the occasional spanking though none ever matched the intensity of the table tennis bat one.

I dumped her the day after my twenty-first birthday because I felt I could do better. Not nice, I know, but true.

For my birthday she bought me a pewter tankard with a 'key' and my name (actually spelt correctly) engraved upon it. I still have it and I keep my old swimming medals in it.

After we split up, in a moment of remorse, about three months later, I wrote to her and asked her to come back but she never replied and then heard a while after that that she had got married.

Twenty five years later she contacted me out of the blue. Which is a story for another day.

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Sunday morning. Sunday. Fucking. Morning. We’re lying in bed together, me on my pc and the missus reading a book on her iPad. Upstairs are crashing around as per usual. Shouting at the kids. Happy families. I can hear the seagulls squawking and screeching in the distance. I wonder if they’ve shat on my car which is what they do on a regular basis. In fact it wouldn’t surprise if written on my car roof in invisible ink only seagulls can read are the words: Crap on me. Fuckers.

I can see the stripy window blind blowing gently in the breeze, the increasing breeze. I can also hear the occasional car passing along the road just beyond the next door neighbour’s garden. Some other species of bird has also just started tweeting. Cheeky fucker. I wonder how long it will be before some seagull ‘muscle’ turns up and has ‘a word’. The nerve of it.

Anyway, that said, I’ve just made us a bacon sandwich each which I had with brown sauce; the missus just had it plain – like her husband. I would have preferred it with mushrooms but I forgot to ask her to get some so I can only blame myself. Normally I have a bowl of porridge before work as that keeps me going for a while but if I’m off on a weekend day then we have a little treat. And talking of which, the missus had a little treat last night: a bit of ‘Richard’. Now ‘Richard’ is the pet name for my cock and I know also that it’s not exactly the most original name for a penis (Tony Blair or David Cameron might be more appropriate) but he does talk and I don’t know of anyone else who has a talking penis – message me if you have one and we’ll start a group or a club. Now the problem with Richard is that he’s always taking the piss out of me and back chatting. He also always takes the side of the missus when we’re discussing things which is very annoying as you’d think a prick would take the side of the guy. Trust me to have a bratty cock. A piss-taking (pun intended) penis. Only me.

Anyway (yeah, I know I use that word far too much) this brings me nicely to one of my little theories of life (I just love my little theories and compartmentalising) which is: Forget ethnicity, forget nationality, forget gender, forget orientation, forget any other kind of classification of humanity and remember that there are only two types of people in this world: those that take the piss and those that don’t take the piss. Remember this.

Of course the real challenge is defining piss-taking but once you understand this then your life will become easier because all you have say in any given situation is: Is this person taking the piss out of me and what can I do about it? Simple.

Anyway, that’s my thought for the day. For the moment.

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The teacher asks her class to name something that ends in "tor" and eats something.

Amy shouts out "Alligator"

"Nice big word" says the teacher.

Carl shouts out "Predator"

"Another nice big word" praises the teacher

Little Johnny stands up and shouts out "Vibrator"

The teacher takes a moment to recover then says "That's a big word too but it doesn't eat anything"

"Oh yes it does" Says Little Johnny "my sister says " This vibrator is great but the fucking thing eats batteries like crazy"

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A man is in bed with his wife when there is a rat-a-tat-tat on the door. He rolls over and looks at the clock, and it's half past three in the morning.

I'm not getting out of bed at this time, "he thinks, and rolls over. Then , a louder knock follows.

"Aren't you going to answer that?" says his wife.

So he drags himself out of bed and goes downstairs. He opens the door and there is a man standing at the door. It didn't take the homeowner long to realize the man was drunk.

"Hi there," slurs the stranger. "Can you give me a push?"

Annoyed, the husband closes the door and goes back up to his bed and tells his wife what happened and she says "Dave, that wasn't very nice of you. Remember that night we broke down in the pouring rain on the way to pick the kids up from the babysitter and you had to knock on that man's house to get us started again? What would have happened if he'd told us to get lost?"

"But the guy was drunk." says the husband.

"It doesn't matter" says the wife "He needs our help and it would be the right thing to help him"

So the husband gets out of bed again , gets dressed and goes downstairs. He opens the door , and not being able to see the stranger anywhere he shouts "Hey , do you still want a push?"

And he hears a voice cry out. "Yeah. please"

So still being unable to see the stranger he shouts "Where are you?"

And the stranger replies "I'm over here, on your swing."

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