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Hello people, this morning I self spanked myself very severly and I'm downloading to spanking tube to show it's in four parts the problem is that in the discipline order I'm told that I need to get spanked again tom. Morning to on my already very red sore butt with a hairbrush long and hard followed by cornertime I was trying to have someone come over and do it so I have no choice but it might not happen so I'm looking for someone to messenger video chat the spanking so I'm held accountable, any takers?

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Lately my behavior has been atrocious. Where to start...?

Taking off from the house without permission
Going out to the bar without permission
Staying up all hours of the night
Procrastinating for 3 days on essays and schedule I had to write for punishment
Flat out saying no when told to do stuff
Throwing hissy fits
...the list goes on..

I am beyond happy that my Sir is finding ways to help me fix these behavioral problems so that I can be the best me possible.

It's not up to me to decide how I get punished. Whatever my Sir thinks will benefit me and help get the lesson through my head is what goes.

I don't ever want to repeat and I've been doing nothing but repeating.

How many people feel that I should have to record a punishment session for everyone to watch?

Truly, I deserve any punishment Sir gives me for not obeying, the attitude and the swearing, etc. I have not been a good girl, and can't seem to learn my lesson.

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Does anyone know of any sites out there that are safe for the more kinky couples out there?

Clare Fonda Pass
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Is there anyone heading SLC (salt lake city) anytime soon?

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I've had good news this week, my best mate L, with breast cancer, went to the breast clinic and the doctors are happy with her boob. They said the leaking is very normal but they will pack the boob with this honey mixture. Apparently the honey helps the healing inside. But she shouldn’t have showered or changed the dressing. L and her mum don't think they were told not too, plus L was told on the phone to just change the dressing herself. So now she can't gave a shower for 8 weeks, plus she has to go to the clinic to get the dressing changed.
Radiation will now have to go on hold until the scar has healed.
But after another scan, they are very happy with the results.
I was in the supermarket when she phoned, I wanted to either cheer or break down and cry I was so so happy. It's gonna be a rough few months, between me and her mum we will help her do everything, then when the radiation starts we will share the driving daily, we don't want L driving herself home after it.

Then, my mother in law, S phoned me, telling me I was going to get invited to a birthday party. It was for J, one of the ladies that goes to the theatre with me, part of the fat club gang as we call them, though I only go to the theatre with them. J had invited me to her fat club gang Christmas do, she holds every year at home and I really enjoyed it. At 48, I'm the baby of the group, I could be their daughter as the age range is v late 60’s to 80 +.
It's J’s 80th birthday bash, if I had her energy at that age I would be so happy. She was a ballet dancer/teacher for years and she can still do the splits. There are so many tales she has to tell, all ending with us in hysterical laughter.
G isn't invited though, as she doesn't know him, I will be with my mother and father in law. But the party was a posh frock do, Dress To Impress the invitation said.
I've never been to a do where I needed a posh frock or ball gown, and wouldn't have a clue where to look for one. But one quick phone call to my S, and she had found 4 dresses in the catalogue plus some shoes I could walk in. The best bit was they were all in the sale. They arrived the next day. Today she came round to view the dresses, I trust her 100% to find something that suits me, as I'm terrible at choosing clothes. She brought 2 bras with her as she knew I wouldn't have a decent one. So off we go for the fashion show in my bedroom. And what a giggle we had, first get a decent bra on, she told me as I'm stood in my bra and panties. Yes I'd put panties on before she arrived even though she knows I don't usually wear them. The first 2 dresses were awful, just didn't suit me at all. The third was nice, but more a summer dress, in greys and blacks but no bling. I’ve decided to keep it as it did look and fit nicely.
The final dress arrived in a box, tissue paper wrapped around it, and yes, this was the one. It was a black, one shouldered dress that fitted nicely, hiding all the extra rolls I have, yes revealing one fat arm, but I felt really nice in it. I tried the sandals on and they were perfect. A flat heel not very high, but with a buckle so I can't fall out of them. It's a shame I just can't wear heels.
Looking in the mirror I felt and looked really nice. S said I need good panties that holds everything in, yes you have to wear panties in a dress like that. Borrow that bra or I will try to find you one in the catalogue plus a pair of sloggies. These figure hugging panties that are not very sexy but make you look more flattering. I think I will look for a black choker necklace with matching earrings and bracelet, I've already got a black clutch bag, and may even get an appointment at the hairdressers.
Now I'm not supposed to know yet, S told me in case I wanted an excuse not to go. Especially as G wasn’t invited but the whole idea of going to a posh frock event had me so excited, and let's face it, every girl needs a lovely black dress in her wardrobe. Or in our sons wardrobe so it can hang nicely and not squashed. Putting the shoes somewhere safe too.
In fact really it's a good job G isn't invited as my father in law, another G is borrowing his fat bastard dinner suit, as my G likes to call it. He has 2 dinner suits, one for a slim figure and one for a chunkier figure. At the moment, just after Christmas, they would be fighting to get the larger dinner suit. Lol.
When I see J tomorrow as we are at the theatre, she is going to invite me so I have to act surprised.

So 2 fab things have happened this week.

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Erotic Now
Pulse Racing...
Tomorrow pain-
Tonight begging...
Pleading for more
Happy and numb
My punishment-
Becoming fun-

One last swatt with-
Sir's hand...
Another lash of-
Sir's belt...
One more swish of-
Sir's cane...
Feeling the thud of-
Sir's paddle again...
More of your flogger-
No more acrylic-

Kneeling before Sir
Hurting no more-
Feeling loved-
Take me Sir...
Use me...
Penetrate me...
Grabs my hair-
Sir yanks hard...
Using my mouth-
Sucking and licking
Quickly I swallow-

Loving My Sir-
Always when-
Punished so hard-
Until tomorrow-
When I wake...
Unable to sit or-
Walk easily....
For tonight though-
Feeling so-
Happily numb-

Clare Fonda Pass
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I am the husband of Hisboss here on Spanking Tube. I have been a spanko since as far back as I can remember. My trigger event was when I was in the hospital for an extended stay with Rheumatic Fever. My mother could only visit once a day for an hour back in those days. That left me in the hands of some very nice and very capable nurses who took great care of me. However, they were also my authority figures and if I didn’t do what they said they threatened me with a shot in the bum. BINGO! That’s where it all started and I have been attracted to and a little afraid of strong women ever since. The spanking bug grew by watching spankings on TV, in the movies, looking up spanking in the dictionary, all the trigger things folks say got them going into this “secretive” world back then. Heaven help you if anyone found out, I looked around and thought I was the only person in the world that had these thoughts. The biggest boost for the spanking bug was Mr. Magazine, a cheap rip off of Playboy with cheesy pictures that didn’t interest me at all. What hooked me was the letters to the editors,90% spanking related. It was like finding water in the desert. If only I hadn’t burned every issue I ever had for fear someone would find out about my “kink”. Oh MAN do I miss those letters.

Then came the World Wide Web and that fateful day with my hands shaking I typed in the word spanking and suddenly that private cocoon of inner thoughts was right there on a screen before my very eyes. There were hundreds, no, there were thousands of other people out there just like me. Not long after that AOL started chat rooms and one of them had a generic title I can’t think of right now but it drew in spankos from all over the world to chat. Then websites started popping up and one of those was “The Disciplinary Wives Club”. HOLY CRAP, a club where wives spank and discipline their husbands? I hit the jackpot and I absorbed every word into my kinky little brain and salivated at the thought of couples out there in the real world that actually lived the life I had been dreaming about.

Well, one fateful day some 20 years ago I put the home page of the DWC on the computer. I sat there for a while sick to my stomach about what I was about to do. Sucking in what I thought was my last breath on earth, I asked my wife to come into the computer room and take a look this site. I casually said, “Hey, I would be kind of interested in something like this for us, take a look and tell me what you think.” Then, I walked out of the room shaking like a leaf about to pass out from the sheer dread of what I just did. In a panic I figured the marriage was either over or she would have me committed for being a crazy man. Never did I figure by the off chance, unbelievable, wildest ever possibility in the whole world that she might take an interest in it. Well…she laughed at me…CRASH!!!!!!!!! My life was over. I figured I took my shot, my secret is now out I am going to be labeled a crazy, delirious, perverted man in her eyes, and worst of all she is going to leave me.

Strangely enough, nothing more was said after that. Little did I know she spent the next couple weeks researching spanking on the Internet. She read and even copied many of the writings of Aunt Kay from the DWC along with other interesting articles about spanking that she thought would help her learn more about this “kink”. Then one day she “asked” me to go into the bedroom. She took me over her knee for a not so memorable bare bottom hand spanking. She was nervous, I was embarrassed but holy crap, she did it. Strangely, nothing was said again after from either of us. It wasn’t until two weeks later she “told” me to go into the computer room, drop my pants and underpants and bend over the desk. I was as excited and scared as I have ever been in my life before or since. She had the oak paddle that I made her when I first asked her for this in her hand. I bared my bottom and bent over the desk. She proceeded to swat my bum as hard and as long as her arms could take it. I was raw, a little dizzy and completely overwhelmed with emotion when it was over. When I got up the only thing I wanted to do was just hug her as hard as I could and tell her I love her so much and of course, thank her. Thank her for giving it a shot and coming out of her vanilla world and dipping her toes into the spanking world.

Now I know for a fact that all those vanilla folks if they knew about that would of course say, that’s NUTS! For a spanko though who fantasied about it and dreamt about it, to have that first “real” spanking was the thing dreams are made of. That was the start, and for weeks and months and then years we explored the exciting world of red bottoms, standing in the corner, ear pulling, weight measurements, humiliations like washing dishes with wearing nothing but and apron and a red bare bum exposed. Trying everything, everything I ever had in my kinky little brain and everything she thought of herself. Some worked some didn’t, most we still do to this day, but we never stopped growing as a domestic disciplinary couple.

She took that opportunity to get things for herself out of this. I was very overweight and on meds for it. The doctor told me I was a stroke waiting to happen. She decided the very first thing she would do is help me get my life in order and that meant number one, losing weight. She did weekly weigh-ins, measurements from neck to ankles, and all written down in a log book for comparisons at the next week’s measurement. All this was followed by hard, hard spankings with a paddle to motivate me into becoming a better person. They were not fun, they were not the kind I fantasied about. They hurt, and they hurt like hell, and I even started to hate her for it. But it was all out of love and it worked. In 6 months I had lost enough weight that my blood pressure was normal and I was off meds. I have kept the weight off ever since, believe me those paddlings were and are a great deterrent for what ails you.

Fast forward to today and I can say in all honesty, I am the luckiest man in the world to have found not only my soul mate but also my disciplinarian/spanking buddy. Real spankings, fun spankings, stress release spankings, maintenance spankings, just because it’s Monday spankings. She was and is my fantasy come to life. I thank my lucky stars that I had the courage to ask her for this over 20 years ago. Out of fear of rejection I never told her about this until we had been married 16 years up to that point. Not sure she would have taken to it if I had told her prior but I am glad she did when I did it because the timing was perfect. She took to spanking like she had the gene all her life. Funny thing was she only tried it because she loved me and wanted to please me. Wasn’t long after that she was hooked and boy am I glad. She took to the lifestyle, the spankings, the internet conversations with people, the meeting of others like us, and the open mind to not reject but to learn all she could about this crazy life.

OK, that’s enough for now, thanks for taking the time to read my story. If you got this far you must be a true spanko, glad to meet you.

- her_man

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Studying math is my task today. I hate math but I need math to go back to school and become a Midwife. So I am practicing it to refresh my memory and hopefully I will pass math with at least a c this time. Math is very hard and I wish I could be more smarter right now because I am confused. Algebra 1 is giving me the blues tonight.

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My roommate came in my room several times last night for a cigarette. While I was trying to sleep . Finally he took the pack . And now I have no cigs and he is at work. And he has cigs. IAM going to snap Damm i hate it when he does that. But when he has cigs we aren't allowed to smoke them. Now IAM grumpy ass hell. .

Clare Fonda Pass
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About twice a month, Spankingpersonalads.Com allows for free messaging between members. Today January 10th, 2018 is one of those days.

I have no connection to the site, other than being a member.

Send Messages FREE Today 7pm - 1am East

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Hi is there on spanker on here from Indiana

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Ugh, I had an absolutely HORRIBLE day today. First off, I saw a cute dress for my daughter while I was shopping with my sister and the sales clerk thought I was buying it for myself. She proceeded to tell me that I was in the wrong store because they don't sell clothes her for fat people. That made me horribly mad, because now I want to beat the snot out her. I walk out of the store and my sister talk to the manager. I was so mad that I cry my eyes out. this is why I shop online.

Clare Fonda Pass
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For so long I have been dealing with my shit all alone. I have gotten help with a counselor and med's all the meds seem to do is make me numb to everything. Witch IAM not sure is a good feeling. I have menotions at all not happy not sad . Just blaaa don't know what's worse. Total depression and panic attacks or this... God feel like IAM going crazy..... sigh

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So I guess Mark is drawing out the wing mirror punishment as much as he can, because at the weekend he made me come outside in the freezing cold with him to do some gardening. No not planting pretty flowers,I'm talking digging and raking! He filled up a wheeelbarrow with earth and stones and stuff then told me to wheel it to the compost heap....
I can't I whined it's too heavy, (manual labour is not my thing unless I'm at the stables)
Of course you can, he replied, Baby you are stronger than you look.
Really! I said with a big smile on my face.
Yes! Shall I tell you where you are strongest? I looked up at him adoringly.
From here to here, and he gently touched the corners of my mouth.

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the sheriffs department detective called me this mornin about somethin i did in my past.... n said i have a warrant out for my arrest..... so basically now they r sayin i have no choice but to turn myself in tomorrow.. no point of runnin and makin things worse.... to those people i have told already... u know how i screwed up n what i did... it is somethin i knew i should not have done... n i am not proud of it,, but now I must face the consequences of my actions... if I could turn back the time i would.... i know my family and friends will not get here to see me before i go,, but if u would be with me through this... no matter what.. it will be appreciated.... i am facin at least 1-2 years... but hopefully they will go by biggest regret is leavin my family n all my grandbabies behind n for settin such a bad example..i feel so horrible i could cry... i promise i have learned from my if u don't see me here.. u know why.. n i promise to get better... especially because this is not real.... someday im gonna go to hell for this kinda shit but im laughin now ....

Clare Fonda Pass
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Has anyone ever had fire cupping done to them as a punishment? It does hurt but after all it is a punishment. I guess the fire sucks the skin into the cup to make lovely red marks on your body. But it's not really as bad as it looks. My Mistress always finds new ways to punish me. She is the best :)

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Building a bigger target to annihilate :)

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If there is some sub on the north of New Jersey looking to get a spanking and enema discipline or any other form of discipline feel free to send me a private message in here.

Clare Fonda Pass
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If there is some sub on the north of New Jersey looking to get a spanking and enema discipline or any other form of discipline feel free to send me a private message in here.

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I have started new meds and IAM hoping they will help me feel better. Mentally my head is. Still a mess and iam trying to get over all of this... But not sure if I ever can . We will have to see...

Caned Schoolgirl