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Hi There:

So I'm going to see Him next weekend and I can't wait. We're going to celebrate my birthday and spend some much needed time together.

He says that I haven't earned any strokes (our code for punishment spanking). I am due for maintenance though and a birthday spanking.

Last night, he gave me instructions on what to bring with me and I can't help but be confused and a bit apprehensive because the list included the black leather paddle with the holes in it (the one he used in our first video) and the green rubber paddle from Caneiac.

O.O (Big eyes)

Here is where the confusion comes in: If I'm not getting a punishment spanking, then why, praytell, is he instructing me to bring two such hellacious implements with me? When I asked him, he just laughed it off and said something flip like: "Oh, what's a birthday celebration without a few toys?" Uh huh. That's an answer (rolling my eyes).

Anyway, he also told me to bring the video camera so there may be some video footage of my torment.

Here are pictures of the implements of ass destruction we'll be "playing" with:


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A few more vids up! Saw aaaagggghhhh again this month. Posted a clip of her being spanked and one of her spanking me. She's learning fast!!

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I gave it a lot of thought, though being paddled by Nick humiliating in itself, no way I was going to be sexually humiliated. He can blister me until his arm is tired, but I get to wear a thong. So instead of my weekly with the ex, she watched. He used a Lexan with holes, and a big spencer with holes. His arm did not get tired, my butt was worn out. I'll take weekly discipline from him, and punishments too. But, I wear a thong, and only my ex, and his girlfriend get to watch. So once a week, it will be Nick using the paddles, BTW, I really do not like him. But Sue thinks it will be good for me, and everyone but me will enjoy it, "Who knows, you might learn to like it." i doubt that, time will tell.

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Ok so I thought i had received the worse Spanking like a Month ago But i was Wrong Today OMG I Had BEEN TOLD to Stop Smoking since February 1 So i did but last week i Smoked for a week, My Disciplinarian asked me about it yesterday why did i tell Him i GOT MY ASS TOE THE FUCK UP With a Bath brush. ASS STILL HOTTTTT!!!!!! LOL

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I knew it was coming and that it would be severe. I thought yards of heavy velvet could offer some protection but he simply ripped the material off at the seam and the petticoats and linen drawers, too. I've never seen such fury and I have been properly chastised for my insolence with much weeping and great gasps. I'm to stand here until he returns from his ride by which time I hope his anger is spent. The birch is on the bench behind me. You can just see the tip of the handle.

Edited to let you know, dear friends, all was forgiven when he returned a few hours later. He had ale on his breath but I dare not say a word for I had been corrected and was duly subdued, ashamed that I had behaved like a common wench and whipped like one for it. For his part, he was loving and tender and, since he might be amenable, I asked for a new dress. He told me to repair the one I had and if I could not, learn to sew. I can see now how much papa indulged me and I have much to learn. We ended the night in an embrace after he hung the birch near our bed and blew out the candles. He is teaching me many things. I changed the avatar this morning so you can see the birch, wicked in a firm hand.

I'll leave it to you, dear friends, to imagine whether he bent me over the bench or sat on it with me across his knee.In due time, I'll return to the girl with an apple but I'll bring this one out if ever I am birched again.

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I took my hand off the door knob and turned around. Josh was still sitting on the couch. He no longer had tears flowing down his cheeks. I figured he had had enough of my silliness.
I walked over to Josh and sat down next to him. I felt myself losing it. I looked into his eyes and told him I was sorry. “Josh, I’m truly sorry for the way I have been acting the past couple of days. You deserve better than a spoiled rotten brat, throwing temper tantrums every fifteen minutes over anything and everything. I hope you can forgive me for acting this way and I promise I will work on my attitude and especially my potty mouth,” Josh put his arms around me and gave me a big smile and a hug. He started to speak, but I put my finger to his lips to stop him from saying anything. I got up and went over to my purse and took out my hair brush and brought it over and placed it into Josh’s hand. I felt myself losing it again. I started to shake and I could feel my throat getting sore. The kind of sore you get when you try to hold back from crying. I walked to the side of Josh’s knees and I slowly bent over them. I pulled up my sundress and tugged at my panties. I tried to pull them down but only got as far as my lower bottom. I asked Josh to help me pull them down to my knees. “Josh, I can’t pull them down any further, will you please help me?” I could feel Josh placing his fingers under my panties and he started to pull them down. He took them all the way off and placed them next to my head, on the floor. There was complete silence. I needed to do this. I needed to turn myself over to Josh. I needed to show him that he was in charge of my well being and he was going to have to lay down the law when it came to my attitude. I just had too much of it and didn't know how to control it. “Jennie, are you sure you want this? You know that you deserve a solid spanking from me. I’m going to do a thorough job.” I took a deep breath and replied, “yes Josh, I’m turning myself over to you. I love you and don’t want to lose your love for me. I know that I’m tamable. You just need to be patient with me. All I ask is please don’t be too hard on my bottom today. It still hurts from all the other spankings I've gotten, and remember you already spanked me in the parking lot. With that said, I truly knew that it didn't influence Josh one bit. He was going to lay down the law as he saw fit. I waited for the brush to fall, the anticipation was gut wrenching. I started to shake even more and I was sobbing before the first crack of the brush landed. Ouch! Oh Josh, not so hard. Oh please, ouch no. I started to squirm and thrash around. I new if I jerked around too much Josh would put his leg over mine to keep me from struggling. That’s just what he did. I tried to put my hand back to cover my bottom after each smack, but he just took my hands into his and placed them behind my back. He was so strong that I was stuck. Josh kept spanking me, The smack came harder and faster with each smack. I knew that sitting was going to be out of the question for a long time. I must have gotten smacked over twenty times with that hairbrush. I was crying my eyes out. I started to hyperventilate and that’s when Josh stopped. He knew that I had reached my limit. I laid over his knees for at least five minutes trying to get control of myself. Josh was rubbing my back and shushing me, trying to calm me down. He didn't rub my bottom. He didn't believe in soothing a bottom after it was punished. That would defeat the purpose of the spanking. It’s suppose to hurt. I finally stopped sobbing enough that Josh lifted me up and place me on his lap. I threw my arms around his neck and buried my face into his chest. I always felt safe and under control of myself in that position. Josh pulled me back and wiped my tears from my face. He gave me some Kleenex to blow my nose. I felt like a little girl having her daddy wiping her runny nose. Josh made me feel little and venerable in his arms. Josh whispered in my ear, “Jennie it’s OK, I love you with all my heart. It will be OK. We’re going to have a wonderful life together. Your bottom and my hand were made for each other.”
The End

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Had a wonderful weekend with the hubby and yes, I stayed out of trouble, lol. Went on a run with them yesterday. Can't wait till this summer when I can stay out longer with him!

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Well my plans for the day have been canceled.
Its a bummer when that happens!!! lol
Then again, not really. I need to catch up on a few things around my home.
Like mopping my floors, laundry, and other things I'm sure I will find in need of care.

Have a wonderful day STUBE. It is beautiful out, so first I'm going to walk to the store and get a few things.

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Hey everybody hope all is well with everyone, wish I could say it was for me, but I refuse to get on here and lie. I've never been able to smile when I'm feeling low, or like passenger says only miss the sun when it starts to I am trying to decide if I can stay in Florida until I finish school. I dont have any reason to stay here, besides my daughter loving it here because of her friends. I'm not really looking forward to going back to cold weather, but when I weigh out the pros and cons between staying here in Florida or leaving to go back to the Midwest, I see more cons in the Midwest or Tampa because i miss my church family in Tampa and the access to the things I need and dont have here in this little city. So its between going back to Tampa or going back to the Midwest either Wisconsin or Illinois. I'm at a crossroad yal.

I smoke constantly because I have so much on my mind. I've made a couple of friends here that I may miss that's about it.Plus none of my family here and its so hard to get help when I need it. The thing that bothers me the most is I got to go back to work tomorrow lol. I guess I will talk to my daughter about this and explain to her why we cant stay in this city. If I had to stay in Florida it would be back in Tampa, where i have more access to the things I need.Have you ever felt like disappearing and not looking back? Thats how I feel right now. I will only have 34 credits to earn in 2 weeks after this intermediate Algebra is done.....that right there kinda gives me a reason to smile...;)

Yesterday I felt like running, and I know this smoking is going to make that hard, but I think if I leave this city I can be less stressed and smoking can be a thing of the past. Ive also been looking at cars because I plan to buy one at the end of may unless I move back to the midwest.....I would rather get it there. Aint nobody going to make you happy, you have to make yourself happy or put yourself in situations that you know will produce happiness, so I guess it's my move now!!!!

my lease is up in August, I doubt I will be renewing it. The only thing that is guaranteed in life is change! we are forever changing and so is this world...its just a matter of adapting to these changes, that sometimes throws us for a loop, but it is still possible. We all go through shit yal, It just happens to be one of those times for me, but I am going to make it better! I plan to keep on pushing and stay focused on the things that I'm doing right now that are going to better my life. So today is my last day off and I am going to enjoy it!!!!

hope everyone else has a productive day!

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There was silence. I didn't dare speak. The truck turn down the street to Josh’s house. He had purchased a home about a mile from my parents. I had never been there before, so I was some what interested in seeing his man cave. He and my brother were roommates, so I was very interested in what the place looked like.

I wasn't sure if I was safe going there today. Who knew what Josh had planed. My heart started to beat faster. I was starting to hyperventilate. I never thought I would be scared to be by myself with Josh. I didn't know if we were just going to talk, if I was going to get another spanking or if he was going to deflower me. It seemed like when he talked to me lately it was while I was always over his knee. I wondered if we would ever be able to have a normal conversation without me getting my bottom blistered. He was getting more confident each time he spanked me. I truly didn't think my bottom could take another spanking.

Josh pulled into his driveway and turned off the truck. Not a word was spoken. He opened his door, got out, then slammed it closed. He walked around the front of the truck. I was getting scared, not knowing what trouble I was in. I quickly locked the door just in time. Josh placed his hand on the door handle and couldn't open the door.

I've noticed lately when Josh is about to lose his patients with me, his right eyebrow will curl up. His scowl is the scariest thing I've ever seen. It reminds me of a mad bull ready to charge. This was the look he was giving me. I was sure I saw steam blowing out his nostrils.

“Jennie, you best be opening this door.” Josh was not in the mood for games. I wasn't playing a game, I was trying to survive. I knew he held my life in his hands. He thought he was the person to make all the decisions in my life. No, he had it all wrong.

“No, I’m not going to open it until you promise you wont spank me.”

Josh took his keys and I heard the click of the lock. Oh gosh, I quickly re locked the door. We went back and forth for a minute or so, until I screwed up and pushed the unlock button by mistake.

I didn't know what hit me, I was out of the truck in two seconds and slung over Josh’s shoulder. I couldn't believe how fast he had me on the porch to his house.

I bawled my hands into fists. I started to hit Josh’s back, crying at him to put me down. I should have known that I was no match for Josh. He applied his hard hand to my backside. I had put on a sundress this morning and the skirt part was hanging down over my back, leaving only my lacy panties to protect my bottom. He gave me five hard swats to my bottom.

“Listen here young lady. I hadn't planed on giving you a spanking, but if you keep on hitting me I promise I will take my belt to your bare bottom, so help me. Just settle down.”

I figured I better stop with the useless attack on Josh’s back. All it was getting me was a sore bottom. “Do you promise not to spank me? I don’t think I could survive another one.”

Josh opened the door and walked over to the couch in the front room. He lowered me onto the couch. “SIT and DON’T. YOU. MOVE!”

Boy was he mad. He had never raised his voice to me in that way. I knew that I better do what he said. “Yes sir.”

What did I just say? I was shocked that “yes sir” just came out of my mouth. The only person I have ever said that to was my dad and that was when he had me over his lap applying his hand to my bottom, which was almost never. Josh was treating me just like a child. I’m not a child, I’m a grown woman. He better start remembering that, because I wont stand, being treated this way.

Josh went to the refrigerator and got two bottles of water. He walked over and handed me a bottle. “Take a big drink Jennie, all those tears you've been shedding will dehydrate you. Yep, he’s always watching out for me, or was it he once again telling me what to do?

“Thank you for the water." I took a sip. Josh was right, I had shed a rainfall of tears these past few days and I was so thirsty. I drank about half of the bottle.

Josh sat down next to me and took the bottle of water from my hand and put it down on the table in front of us. He lifted me up and placed me on his lap. At least it wasn't over his lap. So far so good.

I couldn't look into his eyes. I didn't know what to say. I wanted him to explain what he wanted from me.

Josh cupped my face in his hands and gave me a kiss on the lips. Nothing toe curling, but enough to give me that little twinge between my thighs.

Josh put his arms around me and brought me to his chest. I was lost in his caress. I wanted to stay this way for the rest of my life. I felt safe and warm when he held me.

Josh reached under my chin and lifted it so our eyes met. He had a tear falling down his cheek. I was speechless, lost for words. Why was he crying. I was the one who should be crying. I had had my bottomed spanked at least a million times in the past few days and I had practically been given away by my parents to a man who had appointed himself to tame me.I was spanked and humiliated by my so called boyfriend in the parking lot of McDonald's and he was crying. Where does he get off showing that kind of emotion.

“Josh, why are you crying? Your not the one who has been beaten so many times in the past few days, and in the parking lot of McDonald's no less. I don’t care if you have tears running down your face. I don’t want to be here and you need to take me home right this minute.”

Complete silence. Not a word is being said. Oh boy, I’m in so much trouble.

I slowly got up off his lap and started for the front door. I wasn't sure if it was the right decision to make but I needed to get out and far away as fast as I could.

“Jennie, If you walk out that door it will be over. I wont bother you anymore. I wont be there to make sure you’re OK. You can go on making bad choices, continue to act like a spoiled brat who has a potty mouth and never have the life you could have with my love. You know that you love me just a much as I love you. We have been hiding our love from each other all these years. You were way to young in the beginning for me. I know I had to let some years go by before we could show our love for each other. I know that it’s time for us to start our future together”

I got as far as the front door. I had my hand on the door knob, starting to turn it. I knew that all I had to do was pull on the knob and I would be out the door and down the street. If I did this it would be all over between us before it actually really started.

It’s only been a few days that Josh told me he had true feelings for me. It was all so much to take in. My folks had practically throne me into his arms. I felt like I was a princess and the king and queen had picked my prince charming out for me to marry.

This isn't a fairy tale, it’s real life and it’s just not done that way. I wanted to pick my own prince charming, but the problem was Josh was my prince charming.

The other problem was I was being so pigheaded. I wanted to be the one to make the decisions not everyone else. I hate to be told what to do. My parents and Josh went about it all wrong. They blew it.

They know that I was a spoiled brat who always got her way. Why would this be any different.

I just need to explain this to Josh. Make him understand that it has to be my decision not anyone else’s. I love him and want to be with him, but it has to my idea.

The more I thought about it, I was really acting like a spoiled brat. We both want to be with each other, so why am I acting so horrid.
At that moment I knew what I needed to do.

To be continued

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When you do what most people dont find "normal" it is easy to fall under ridicule be isolated and become the butt end of a lot of peoples jokes.

They wait for you to fail they wait for you to give up they wait for you to complain they wait for you to quit

But when you dont

And you succeed.. You remain consistent you see massive results and become the Beacon of Light that sets the Standard for "how it should be done"


They will want to take you to lunch, Call you for advice, Tell others about your story and brag about you being their friend they will want to invite you to their parties, and show you off

They will Stand proud that you were willing to stick it out

Because the truth is THEY NEED YOU TO SUCCEED

Your Success gives them Hope your Success shows them that it can happen your Success becomes their motivation you become their Role Model....

So you must continue to do what others wont so you can live like others cant

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Some call it luck, I call it BLESSED!!!
I started cleaning for a gentleman back in November, and have picked up a few other jobs since then.
They all still pay me even when I can't work, wether it be due to their circumstances or mine.
I asked one of them why and they simply said "Because Sara, you deserve it!"...

Its amazing how the simplest words can make you feel so awesome.

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"SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP"...This went on for what seemed like forever! The boys were slobbering soap all over the counter! With tears in their eyes, the never ending taste of Ivory soap in their mouths and the obviously tore up behinds, Tony, Michael and Jacob finally heard the words they were waiting for! "Gentlemen, stand up, pull up your underwear and turn around!" Said Mr. Stevenson. The boys were happy to oblige! Their Mother's finally gave them permission to take out the soap and spit in the sink! They nearly knocked each other over trying to be first. Pttt, pttt, pttt...all the while rubbing their entirely ripped up rears! The boys were then instructed to stop spitting and to go to their chair and put on their pants. The looks on their faces whilst pulling up their pants over their super sore bums was priceless! With both of their parents facing them now, they were told in no uncertain terms that there would be more hell to pay when they got home. The boys put their heads down in shame. You could see actual remorse in their faces. The tears were still coming albeit slowly! Jacob looked at his parents in a very sincere voice said, "Mom, Dad, I'm so sorry for everything I did and all the lies I told! I will N E V E R it again!"....... Then Michael followed with much of the same to his parents as did Tony. Then the parents all did something completely unexpected! They all stepped up to their still crying sons and held them tight and expressed their love for them with a reminder that lying will N E V E R be tolerated. After the embrace with their parents they were told to sit in the chairs! The wincing that took place as they were instructed to sit, told the whole story! Their butts were raw! The parents instructed the boys to sit in the chairs with their hands on their laps til they were given permission to get up. The boys all responded with a " YES SIR!". Suddenly it was apparent to the boys that the girls were not quite finished yet! Tony started to cry because he could hear Liz really getting it! He wanted to run and comfort her!

" Elizabeth Ann Mobley?" my father called. Your attention needs to be here! "Yes Daddy!". "You have 5 really hard licks coming!" "Do you need a reminder of what will happen with any poor judgments?".....Dad reminds me......" No Daddy!' I respond. "Let's get this done and over with?" My father insists!... Suddenly my heart started racing and before I could conjure another thought,
" T H W A C K!!!"...."OH, OH,OH!!!". " 1 - I WILL NOT LIE!.. "T H W A C K!!!" " EEEEWWWW!" ..2 - "I WILL NOT LIE....

I was so determined on not getting extra swats and getting this over with that I just closed my eyes as tight as I could, clenched my teeth together and squeezed my bottom as hard as I could..." T H W A C K!!!!!" , "OOOOOOWWWWWW, 3 - I WILL NOT LIE!" I managed!... "T H W A C K !!" "UGHHHHH!!!" ..."4 - I WILL NOT LIE!!"... I murmured... Then before even drawing another breath, Mr. Mobley laid the last final brutal blow on the near bleeding sit spot!! "T..H..W..A..C..K..!!!" .."HOLY GOD!!" I whispered under my breath! "5 - I WILL NOT LIE!" I said determinedly! Then, fast as lightning, there were two very swift swats on the backs of my legs.." THWACK, THWACK"!! "Do not take that tone when speaking of God young lady!" Honestly, I didn't hear what my Dad said! I went to my knees and sank my face into the chair and began bawling like never before!! Just then my Dad put his belt back on and helped me up into his arms. Mom came and joined us. Now all three of us girls are sobbing into our fathers arms and holding onto our parents like it was the end of the world! We stayed cuddled for what must have been half an hour! When we were all finally calmed down a bit, our parents let go of us, stood up and instructed us to pull up our panties and our pants and to have a seat on our chairs, hands on laps! Then I suddenly had a horrendous thought! What was going to happen when everybody left the house? The tears started rolling again! I held my head down in shame!

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is ok for me by female top or female disciplarina to be naughty and bad today cause not wont be getting spanked today meaning i can smoke cigarette all i want be lazy talk back smart ass since wont end up over a female lap or on bended knee or bent over for strap and paddle

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added more photos go look

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I woke up with a startle. It was still light out and I wasn't sure if it was still Sunday or if I had slept right through the night and it was Monday morning. I looked at the clock and it was 7 am. I couldn't believe no one had come up to check on me to see if I was OK.

I started to get up and I had forgotten about my bottom. I gave out a yelp when I rolled over from my stomach onto my bottom. I jumped up to relieve the painful feeling and to step over to my full length mirror. I needed to see how my bottom looked almost 24 hours after Josh had given me the worst spanking of my entire life.

Not only did I still have the red and purplish marking on my bottom, but now some of the markings had turned that ugly yellowy-greenish shade. The more I thought about it, I was getting madder at Josh and my parents for letting him spank me so hard. I was a grown woman and I just decide that no one was ever going to spank my bottom ever again.

Fuck you, Josh Winters, you are never going to spank my bottom again. Even though I was only thinking those words I looked around making sure no one would have been able to hear me. I must really be paranoid.

Now I know I can’t stay cooped up in my bedroom for the rest of my life, but I was a little apprehensive to open my door and venturing down the stairs. I had abruptly stormed out of the living room to my bedroom and I wasn't sure how that had gone over with the four people who had been down in the living room plotting the rest of my life.
I have never been afraid to stand up for myself. Now that I know that I could be turned over anyone’s knee at any moment I was plain chicken. I think I grew feathers and a beak overnight.

I decided to jump into the shower and put on some comfortable loose fitting clothes on, especially the lower portion. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and decided that I was going to go downstairs with my head high and show who ever was downstairs that I wasn't afraid. I wasn't going to crumble under their strong arm.

I had planed on going to the mall today to shop for some summer clothes and also I needed to go by the fire hall to pick up my uniform. I was going to start to ride with one of the aid cars on Tuesday. I was getting so excited to start my new job.

I had always wanted to start off as and EMT and then if I was good at it go on to nursing school. I should find out today which aid car I will be assigned to.

I figured I would stop by McDonald's for a breakfast sandwich and coffee on my way to the mall, but a nice glass of orange juice sounded even better. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and got the juice. When I started to close the door I got startled. Josh must have walked into the kitchen just at that moment. Like I said, he was quiet as a cat.

I slammed the door and turned to get a glass from the cupboard. I wasn't in the mood to have any kind of conversation with a man who felt it was his duty to tame me.

Josh walked over to me and twirled me around and took me into his arms. He planted the most perfect kiss to my lips. His tongue slide along my lips and penetrated to touch my tongue. I was lost in the moment. I put my arms around his neck and could feel a tingling between my legs. I squeezed my thighs together so I could control myself. I felt like I was starting to float away.

Josh pushed me away, took my hand and led me to one of the kitchen chairs. I immediately covered my bottom with my other hand, thinking that for some reason I was about to get spanked.

Josh gave a little chuckle, “Jennie, don’t worry, I’m not here to give you a spanking I think we have a few things we need to talk about. You have a decision to make.”

I looked into Josh’s eyes and I could tell he hadn't gotten much sleep last night. I on the other hand, I had slept like a baby and felt refreshed and ready to defend myself if need be.

“Josh I’m not sure what you mean. I thought by my running to my room yesterday I had made myself quite clear. I’m not ready to have you taming me. I don’t feel like I need you to tell me how it’s going to be, with all your so called RULES.”

I could feel my little bratty attitude creeping up on me and I knew that Josh would not be in any kind of mood to deal with it. For my own well being I quickly changed my attitude to a passive little girl.

“I’m sorry for starting to act bratty. I’m really trying to be better. I’m not acting like that on purpose. Josh, I don’t like to make you mad at me. I think I’m falling in love with you too.”

Josh ran his finger down my cheek, across my slippery lips. He shushed me and moved closer to give me a most perfect kiss. He moved his hand to my right breast and gave my perky nipple a pinch. I jumped with excitement that was stirring once again between my thighs.

I jumped off his lap and raise my hands to cover my eyes. I wasn't sure how to handle all this attention that was so new to me. I had for so long wanted Josh to take me into his arms and make mad passionate love to me but now that he was showing me how much he liked me I didn't know what to do.

Josh stood and took a step towards me. He once again put his strong and tender arms around my waste and pulled me into him.

“Sweetie, don’t shy away from me. I wont do anything you don’t want me to do. I have waited so many years for you to grow into the women you have grown into. I think we are ready to take that next step to get to know each other more intimately.”

I had a huge problem and I didn't know how to handle it. Josh is under the impression that I have been with a few guys. I've dated some, but nothing like he thinks. I never had more that a second date with anyone I dated. So yes, that’s right, I’m still a virgin.

How can we take it to the next step and be more intimate when I've never gotten past the first step with anyone.

I needed to go, and be alone to think. “Josh, I need to go. I have to go now.” I got up off his lap and picked up my purse and keys and darted for the door. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I slipped out the door before Josh knew what happened. I ran to my car, trying to unlock it before he could catch me.

I made a clean getaway.


I stopped at McDonald’s for my breakfast sandwich and a side of hash browns. I finally could enjoy a nice cold glass of orange juice, that I had craved all morning.

After I relaxed for a while I started to cry. Tears started to flow down my cheeks. Everything that had happened to me these past few days caught up with me. My parents were so disappointed in me that they felt I needed someone to tame me and help me change my ways. Josh was adamant about him being the tamer and that he would change me into an obedient wife. I don’t even know if I want to be a wife. I’m still very young and I feel I should be able to do what I want without someone hovering over my every move.

So what if I’m a little bratty and curse like a logger, it’s my life and no one is going to boss me around. I’m an adult, darn it.

I am still trying to rap my head around Josh wanting to have me. He has loved me for a long time without me even having a clue. How could I be so blind. All this time he knew that I was in love with him and I was so stupid not to see that he was in love with me. Now he wants to be more intimate with me. I’m a virgin for crying out loud.

I had to get out of McDonald’s so no one could see me crying. I ran to my car and started to unlock my door. I was fumbling around with my keys. I could hardly see the key hole with all the tears flowing down my cheeks.

Finally I unlocked my door and was about to get in when my door slammed shut, this startled me. I turned around and Josh was standing there with a scowled look on his face. He took my keys, locked my door and took my hand. He twirled me around so my backside was facing him. I knew what was going to happen next. I tried to cover my bottom with my hand, but he got his three hard swats applied to my already sore bottom. I couldn't believe that I was in the parking lot of McDonald’s getting spanked.

I closed my eyes, thinking if I couldn't see, than no one could see me jumping out of the way of Josh’s hand. I felt three more swats and then felt myself being lifted into his pickup. I started to cry, not so much from the pain of being spanked, but from the embarrassment of having my bottom publicly spanked.

I opened my eyes as the truck started to move. I could see some people watching me crying and no one came to my rescue. For all they knew, I was being kidnapped by a crazed spanking maniac.

What was wrong with these people? If it were me watching a grown women getting her bottom spanked in a public parking lot, I would have called 911 and walked right up to the jerk who was doing the spanking. I would have given him a piece of my mind, but no, no one did that for me. I was wondering if all men spanked their wives and girlfriends. If so, I think I don’t want anything to do with men anymore.

TO be continued

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WhiteApron's avatar

Views: 52 · Added: 4 days ago

I have been dealing with a series of mundane things in real life and so have not been doing much on here apart from watch the odd clip.

Life seems to be less hectic now and I shall catch up with everyone in due course.

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Views: 64 · Added: 4 days ago

THWACK!!!!!!!!... "OH GOD, OW, OW, OW" Ally screamed!........"COUNT young lady or you will get penalty swats " insisted her Dad! ...... "NO,NO,NO...." cried Ally...1.....I WILL NOT LIE!!!" , barely audible through her sobs"....."THWACK!!!!!!...Drawing in a huge breath then letting out a very loud scream, "OOOOHHHHH!!", ...."2- I WILL NOT LIE!!",......." Daddy, pleee..", "THWACK!!!"...." YEOWWWWWWWWWW!!" Blubbered Ally!...., now hyper ventilating!....."COUNT!!" Yells her Dad!....."3- I WILL NOT LIE",......"NOOOOOOO!!" ...."THWACK!!!"...drawing another deep breath Ally stands up and reaches for her bottom!! "OH NO DADDY, OUCH, I......and before she could finish her sentence, she received 2 very hard swats down the middle of her legs!!......" OWIEEEEE, and a scream that could have shattered a window, Ally goes to her knees!! While trying to catch her breath, her Dad demands, " Ally, get up now and count or you will get two more across your legs!"..... "OOOOOOO, NOOOO", Daddy!!".....she cried!.......Ally very slowly tries to collect herself while getting back up and bending over for the final swat. She finally mutters, .." 4 - I WILL NOT LIE!!"........Mary Lyn and I are now crying for Ally! "THWACK!!!!!!!"..... Ally draws in another deep breath and it seems like it takes 30 or more seconds before she finally let's out an enormously high pitched squeel!..." Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!......"5 - I WILL NOT LIE"!....... Ally collapses under the pain of the final swat. She curls into a sobbing ball! Mr. Cousins does something none of us expected. He put his belt back on his pants, leans down and grabs his sobbing daughter. He sits in the chair and stands Ally up and holds her tight! Ally holds on to him and completely breaks down and sobs into his shoulder. He continues to comfort her and rubs her back and legs, playing close attention not to go near her red hot bottom!! Then Mrs. Cousins joins in and hugs her daughter from behind and now Ally is being comforted by both parents! After a few minutes to calm down, Ally's parents tell her how much they love her and that they won't have their daughter growing up to be a liar!! "Mommy and Daddy, I'm truly sorry and I promise NEVER to lie again!" Ally said while still sniffling! "Ok sweetie, we hope you mean it!" "You know we are not done yet, right?", says Mrs. Cousins. " I know Momma, i know!", said Ally! "I deserve everything coming to me"!.......While Ally was still sniffling and Mary Lyn and I were NOT so anxiously awaiting out turn, we could hear the muffled cries of the boys and the horrible sound of their bare naked rears being pounded by their Dads.

With a very sudsy bar of Ivory soap in their mouths, the boys pulled down their underwear and leaned over the counter! Their Dads came walking behind them still holding their belts! Michael, Jacob and Tony started shaking! The Dads took their spot behind and to the side of their sons. Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Bello's and Mr. Ruse all did something which would later be deemed as one of the " Thank you Lord moments!". They stood by their sons with their totally bruised and red hot bottoms and put their belts back on their pants!! "WHEWWW!!", thought the boys! The Fathers then proceeded to use their hands to spank the boys naked butts! " SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP...". "Uhmmm, UMMMMM "SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP",...Sudsy slobber was coming out of their mouths while they were trying to hold their cries! " SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP"........Tony would later admit that although he was happy that his Dad was no longer using his belt on him, his Fathers hand was truly torturous! Especially since his butt was already blistered and every shade of red, imaginable!! "SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP,SLAP!!".........
the Dads made sure to cover every single inch of their sons bottoms and upper thighs! Michael was praying this would be over very soon!!...........An incredibly scary thought came to Jacob! He, Michael and Tony, his conspiring friends were told there would be a more severe punishment when they got home!! This sent a sense of fear in him and the tears started to run down his face as his Dad was wailing on his blistered ass!! Jacob started to wonder if the girls were going to be spared the same torture!!

" Mary Lyn, stand up, turn around, grab hold and whatever you do, don't let go!!"... Commanded Mr. Kennedy...."I'm certain you know the consequences for letting go, putting your hand back or standing up!". ..Reminded Mr. Kennedy!.........."Yes Daddy, I'm so...sorry Daddy, honest I am!!", ...cried Mary Lyn........"Glad to hear it young lady, bend over!........
N O W!!!", instructed her father. Mary Lyn was quick to do as she was told! Once she was bent over awaiting the worst moment of this punishment so far, her father said, " These last 5 swats will be severe!", " I don't want to have to give you extra, Understood?".... Insisted Mr. Kennedy....With tears streaking down her face, Mary Lyn managed a clear, "Yes Sir!"..... and before she could take another breath.............
" T H W A C K !!!!!!!!!!!!"......."OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!".............screamed Mary Lyn---"1 - I WILL NOT LIE!!"...... "T H W A C K!!!!!!!!!!!"......."OOOOOOOOOO...OOOOOOOOO!!", "2 - I WILL NOT LIE!!!".........blubbers Mary Lyn........." T H W A C K !!!!!!!."......."S H I T !!!!", "O U C H !!!!" yells Mary Lyn.....She knew the moment she opened her mouth what was to come next!!....Mary Lyn was hoping that if she counted quickly , her father won't notice what just slipped out of her mouth!! Just as she started with "3 - I ,...... came 2 vicious blows to the back of her legs! "THWACK, THWACK!!" ......"NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!!..." Shutters Mary Lyn.
"There better not be any more of that!! Now Count before you get even more!!". Insisted Mr. Kennedy. "Oh my God" cries Mary Lyn.......
"C O U N T!!!"...... ""3- I WILL NOT LIE!" she manages! At this point I am in tears for my friend and for what will be happening to me next. I am determined to take my licks without any extra. Then Mr. Kennedy continued with everything he had. "T H W A C K"!!! " Ouchie!!, Ouchie, Ouchie!!" Cries Mary Lyn---"4 - I WILL NOT LIE!..."T H W A C K!!!!!"...As the last lick was laid upon her bare bruised ass, Mary Lyn managed to count one last time before collapsing onto the floor!!..." 5- I WILL N O T
L I E!!". Now as his daughter is a complete blubbering mess, Mr. Kennedy puts on his belt and grabs his daughter into his embrace. Mary Lyn is now crying uncontrollably into her Daddies arms! Mrs. Kennedy joins them and before you know It, all three of them are in tears!

My heart starts to break for my friends sitting in here with me and for those in the kitchen! I was looking to escape the up coming doom of which my already screaming ass would be inheriting in the next few minutes. My thoughts went once again to my one try love and friends!

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Views: 76 · Added: 5 days ago

Any good kind Sir or Mistress out there would chastise me for some recent wrong doings?

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Views: 83 · Added: 5 days ago

Jenny stood at the top of the stairs wearing her "school uniform". It was 2:03pm yesterday.I had requested her to be in my study no later than 2pm.Her lateness prompted me to come out into the hallway and stand at my study door.I saw her on the stairs and noticed that she immediatly looked at the cane in my hand,her old familiar friend,who is brought into use whenever she acts up. I was wearing my academic gown and motorboard,and I ligtly flexed the cane in antiscipation of what was to come. As Jenny decended the stairs I began to lecture her;lateness is a discoutesy to others,Jenny knew that she would receive extra strokes as a result.Our eyes met and the passion that never tires was evident. When she dresses in her "school uniform" she does it so well,she had even plaited her hair in two plaits that hung over her shoulders.Her face wore the brooding pout that she has become famous for when she is concentrating or indeed listening to someone speak to her. I could feel an urge rise in me to just forget about the caning and just skip to the sex,both of us have wanted this for sometime but time is often against us. She took another step closer and I called her my naughty girl,for a moment the pout left her face and she smiled. We were both looking forward to this.Jenny got half way down the stairs when our door bell rang. In a flash she was back up the stairs,I ducked into my study,the doorbell rang again."Answer the door you fucking moron",Jenny shouted from the safety of our bedroom. Before I could say anything a voice from outside said angrily,"Jennifer,language!".I instantly recognised the voice,Jenny's Mum.

I hid the cane under my study desk and whipped off my gown and motorboard and hid them behind a chair,the door bell rang again,I composed myself. I went to open it and was met with a look I know only too well,a look of tolerance but not happiness.Jenny's Mum has long disapproved of our lifestyle but tolerates it for the sake of Jenny's Dad,who is happy as long as we are,and for Jenny's sake,even though they do not get on. I led the way into the kitchen and put the kettle on to make tea. Jenny's Mum wanted to discuss a village council issue concerning the bus stop with us. I was feeling very horny (sorry),and just wanted her to leave. Jenny appeared in the kitchen in her jeans and "Farmer's Journal" T shirt but her hair was still plaited.Before I could bring this to her attention,secretly,her Mum turned around and the look on her face said it all,she knew we had been up to something.
"You never wear your hair like that,Jennifer",her Mum said.I could hear the distaste in her voice.Jenny was about to say something everyone would regret when I cut in and poured the tea.

The ensuing "chat" was frosty,yet again our time together had been spoiled. Jenny blames the frosted glass we have in our front door,people can see us move about,she wants it removed.She maintains that her Mum might have made us out through the frosted glass,I do hope not!When Jenny's Mum annouced that she was leaving,Jen and I looked at each other,we still had time,at least we thought that,for who should suddenly come home but my niece with a few friends trailing after her,all muddy after the game. Jenny's Mum looked with anger at my niece and her friends all covered in mud.My niece stuck her tongue out causing Jenny's Mum to turn away. Jenny smiled,she thinks my niece can handle her Mum better than she can herself. I opened the bottle of Coca Cola but pleaded with my niece and her friends to take their muddy selves into the garden and not mess up my floors,they did. Jenny and I did get our time. On our way to the pub lastnight we walked along the road and quite without warning Jenny dragged me off the road.We ended up behind a tree doing what we should be doing at home. When we reached the pub our friends could guess that we had been up to something. However Jenny will still receive the cane tonight at 7pm,just postponed not cancelled. Have a good Sunday my friends and be good,if you can't be good let me know! We are off to a book and antique fare!

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