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A while after our play I was instructed to bend over the stool in front of him. He had a bowl of something next to him.
The next thing I felt was an icecube being inserted into my bottom, then another.
There was instant fire. Omg, so bad.
He had sprinkled chilli powder over tge icecubes before inserting them.
Mr G smeared the rest of the mixture over my pussy
Again instant fire.
As the ice began to melt the chilli water dripped down to my pussy bringing more fire and pain.
We've never done this before, we've tried ginger but that had no effect. This certainly did.
He closed my cheeks to stop the water escaping but I was dancing about as much as I could. Going mad with the pain.

You can see the chilli smeared all over.
He inserted fingers into my pussy, I nearly turned round and punched him, as I tried to move away, he smacked my ass a load of times until he won for a minute.
Unbearable heat and pain I got away and ran upstairs to shower and try to cool myself down.
The cold water felt lovely but I felt a huge grump come along.
I was so pissed at Mr G, I was fuming.

Now yes I understand he can do what he wants, I have no say, but I wish new things were tried slowly.

Coming back down I was in such a mood, Mr G became v cross with me. Telling me to accept he can do anything, that I always get into such a strop when he does something new or just something I don't wanna do. It wasn't that long ago wen I went otk 4 times in half an hour for the same reason.
After chastising me for quite a while we were going to watch some TV.
Mr G asked if I wanted to do his BJ before or after the programme.
The brat in me just shouted No to him
Mr G told me to go upstairs for 10 minutes until the mood passed.
It hadn't when I returned.
He just looked at me, come here and bring your paddle.
He pulled me otk and started paddling my already terribly sore ass. I fought a bit, a lot, but he held me tight.

After I sat on his knee whilst we "discussed" my behaviour and how I can stop the brat coming out when told to do something I dont wanna do.
We agreed that instant timeouts, or go upstairs an do lines or write an essay on why I had been sent upstairs would be a good idea, then read the essay out to him so he can decide if I've understood why I was naughty, as I go upstairs an sulk instead of focusing on why I was in trouble.
This worked for my arguing so I hope it will work for my face pulling, huffing and bratty behaviour.
I was then told to sit on the floor next to him.
We played the Simon says game, except it was Master says. Master says kiss me, you do it, but if he said kiss me, you shouldn't do it. It has to have Master says first. This brought me outta my mood quickly as it was such a stupid game, but worked.
Eventually I was allowed to sit on the settee and watch some TV, I was allowed to stay up til 10pm as we were on our own.
I sent an apology message to him, hoping I had not ruined the evening and confirming our decision on my tantrum behaviour.
He replied no, I quite enjoy playing a bastard at times.
After the programme finished I was told to go to bed.
I asked if he wanted his bj but he said no, not now, not after that strop.
I felt guilty then, I know my behaviour was bad, I deserved everything I got.
And I will try much harder to stop it happening again.

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These survey questions are about ADULT spankings only. I hope to get many responses to any or all of these questions.

Do you spank or are you spanked bare bottomed, over panties, or over clothes?
What is the best thing about spanking/being spanked?
What position do you give or get spanked in?
Have you ever spanked or gotten spanked by someone else in public as an adult?
What do you spank with or get spanked with the most?
Have you ever spanked someone or gotten spanked with a hairbrush?
Have you ever spanked someone or been spanked by someone so hard that you/they started to cry?
Have you ever spanked or gotten spanked for bad driving (speeding ticket, etc)?
Have you ever spanked or gotten a spanking for no reason at all?
Are you or your sub currently in trouble?
Do you give or get lectured during the spanking?
Have you ever seen another adult get spanked?
Have you ever spanked or gotten spanked for cursing?
Have you ever spanked or gotten spanked for lying?
Have you ever spanked or been spanked with more than one spanking instrument in one spanking session?
How many people have you spanked or been spanked by?
Do you believe spanking has made your relationship better or worse?
Have you ever spanked or been spanked twice in one day?
Have you ever had someone ask or have you asked to be spanked for something you did wrong?
Would you talk about spousal spankings to your friends/family members?
Have you ever caned someone or gotten your butt caned?
Have you ever spanked or gotten spanked with a wooden spoon?
What do you spank/get spanked for?
On average, how many times a month do you spank or get spanked?
Do your friends know that you spank/get spanked?
On a 1-10 scale, how hard would you spank or get spanked for something serious, such as speeding?
Have you ever belted someone or gotten your butt belted?
Have you ever paddled/gotten your butt paddled?
After your spanking is over, how long before you/they repeat the same offense?
Does your spouse/significant other enjoy spanking you or being spanked by you?
When is the last time you spanked/got spanked?
Have you ever spanked yourself?
How long does the spanking last?
Would you describe yourself as a rule follower or a rule breaker?

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Are there any women.looking for a spankingin Tennessee?

Punished Brats
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Update on Toby.. I called the vet today n they said they wanted to keep him another night because his temp was low n he is showin no interest in eatin or drinkin.. the lil bit they have gotten into him has been with a shringe… they also said all he is doin is cryn n cryin n cryin… so we went to see him after I got home from work. We could hear him cryin non stop from the back room...he is so weak n movin slow…I picked him up n hugged him n right away his lil purrs started .. I talked them into letting him come home with me on the condition we keep him quiet, give him food n water thru the shringe every 2 hours if he wont take it on his own, give him ¼ pill every 3 days for his appetite n ¼ pill 2xs a day for his nausea… n he has to go back in 10 days to get his stitches out… got him home at 415.. let him out his carrier n he went to the liter box n peed.. then I put him up in my chair with me where he slept for a hr, got up n went out n started eatin on his own.. he ate only bout 2 Tablespoons but that is better than nothin.. I tried to get him to drink but he wouldn’t… he went back n n peed in the liter box again n then snuggled in the chair with me some more.. if he don’t drink the next time he wakes up ill give him water thru the shringe but he hasn’t cried once since hes been home… I feel better already just knowin hes not cryin n that he ate on his own… my lil baby is home!!!

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It's been a few wks we've had the chance for a play. Our son finishing school wasn't leaving the house much.
Today whilst Mr G was working, we messaged each other chatting about how long it's been, how much we miss the fun,
I said maybe we could have some OTK fun tonight, to get back into it.
It seems Mr G thought otherwise, as jokingly I said my mouth was on strike for bj's until I got some fun.

I was hogtied on the bed, whilst he dropped hot wax over my bum,pussy,back and feet. Then used the pinwheel thing all over.
Following than came the cane, still hogtied, turning me over I was fastened to it it again, lying on my back,he held it high and aimed for my sides, my bottom, my sit spot. The pinwheel came out again. As I squirmed around against it.
Unfastening me he started with me bent over the bed, cane, loopy and then came the CPS.
I nearly screamed out when that hit me.
After a few strikes hitting my legs i was lay flat on the bed then, cane, loopy, CPS cane, loopy ,CPS. The tears started to flow then. After swearing at him, I was treated to a bar of soap in my mouth, then more cane, loopy, CPS. I was sobbing with soap in my mouth, hair in my mouth and eyes and nose running but he wouldn't stop. Next came the Giant Devil, long wooden paddle with holes. He was counting to 30, hard hard swats, trying to scream, sob, cry, with this blasted bar of soap in my mouth, I was squirming and wriggling to get the end he clamped the palm of his hand flat on my back, holding me firm, and continued with the count. Once the 30 was done I thought thank God it's over.
NO. He finished off using the cane, loopy and CPS again.

The nights not over yet, he told me.

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I finally finished chapter 1 of my novel. No name yet, but it is a spanking (duh)/ageplay/domination novel. At least that's what it started out as. Now Im thinking more of a collection of short stories all tied together by something. Unfortunately I finished (well, completely wrote) chapter 1 on the notepad on my phone at work and now have the tedious task of not re-typing it onto my computer but re-typing it on my computer while not editing and proofreading it. I guess since im laid up again with pain I have no excuse.

Just checking in. Hope everyone has an awesome day

Punished Brats
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Hello ST community, I felt it was time for an update as I have been so caught up in life I've barely been on here.

For starters, I'd like to give a thank you to the wonderful ladies I've met since becoming a part of this community and becoming a disciplinarian and spanko. It was always in me but reality is not so sweet as to have you cake and eat it too. I'd also like to apologize to those who felt I've ignored them or spurned their advances; as with any relationship there has to be a connection.

I stopped doing anything even normal things for months after a terrible shakeup in my life that has since cost me so much not just monetarily (though that as well). Thankfully over time things have gotten a bit better, and I've been focused on repairing my life despite the several hurdles along the way.

I intend to slowly bring myself back into this community and am open to meeting new people granted they are close by or willing to travel.

I take my position seriously but I am a realist and understand that family is important so be understanding in return should you contact me.

PrincessCam has been so loving and helpful to me, when things fell apart she stood by me and helped me put the pieces back together. So to those wondering, yes you can meet wonderful people in the community that are legitimately great people.

A final and sincere thank you to all the people who have contacted me, wished me well, and also welcomed my return to this site. There were a lot of you and I can't name you all, but know I did read (and hopefully responded) to your messages and was grateful to receive them.



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:p If you're in Colorado in the United States, a young, cute guy, have a big cock, and the hottest ass ever....Whoo!! Look me up! Even better if you love getting that ass paddled. It's my first time back on the site in about 7 years. My photos are in my "Me" album. My paddles are in my "Paddles" album.

Punished Brats
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One more work day to get thru after today... Then a surprise bday party for my step daughter on Saturday.. Gonna make baked beans n Rice Krispie s'mores for that.. Toby should b comin home today... I can't wait! Wanna snuggle him n hear his purrs... His feline family has missed him too so it will b a beautiful reunion :)

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(Who Loves Well Chastises Well ~ Seneca)

Good morrow, Gentle Readers! Do
peruse m' missive penned t' you
concernin' Kate, whom you an' I
called chum at Gopher Prairie High.
Kate, too, well knew them drab brick walls,
them dreary rooms, them weary halls.

May I expound a pithy phrase
goodly t' ponder nights an' days?
'Tis scribed below BOLD CASE withal,
ten syllables comprise it all,

commencin' QUI BENE AMAT

concludin' BENE CASTIGAT.

Them five words, rightly understood,
speak wisdom: pain betimes be good
when with familial care 'tis given.
In such spirit have I striven
faithfully, in what's here scriven,
t' weave m' yarn o' Buxom Kate
whose moral tale I'll now relate.

'Tis o' such things strong mem'ries last
tho, truth t' tell, what's Past is Past.
Yet, be ya High or Redneck caste,
'twill leave ya mirthful -- or aghast!

Kate learnt th' peril o' temptin' fate
by breakin' curfew on a date.
Forsooth, Miss Kate stole home quite late
whence Hank an' Alice did await
t' hear what explanation Kate
would have for why she'd violate
Maw's edict t' be in by One.
Pray, where'd Kate gone these hours an' done?

Wink--wink, Kate's beau parked. From his car's
backseat Kate seen glad twinkly stars!
Th' darkling spot young lovers seek
was found 'midst weeds 'long Elmo Creek.
Methinks betimes, with nuthin' on,
they'd splashed 'round in Lake Wobegone.
One hot night's passion ain't no crime.
Alas, Kate lost all track o' time.

Damp itchin' lust recalled from youth,
Kate's mum devined th' lurid truth.
Them two flung sordid barbs. Uncouth!
As Mater scolded, lo, our lassie
stuck her tongue out, bold an' brassy,
crackin' foxy, waxin' sassy!
Worse yet, Kate rolled dancin' eyes
towards empurplin' eastern skies
blithely chirpin' baldfaced lies:

"Gosh, Bubba's Dodge run outta gas!"


"Golly, we weren't smokin' grass!"

then burst out "DANG IT, KISS M' ASS!"

T' punish sassin' Hank unfastened
his worn belt. Yo, Kate was chastened!
She whined "No, Paw! Ya CAN'T whup me.
Gee, it's nineteen seventy THREE!"
Still, 'cross Hank's knee riled Kate got yanked.
Kissed by brown cowhide, Kate was spanked!
Pater flailed his strap t' whip her --
ten an' six licks 'neath th' Dipper --
one *WHACK!* for each o' dear Kate's years.
Thick leather's sting brings squeals an' tears!

D'y'all opine 'twas right an' meet
sweet Kate, pinned down, should writhe an' beat
June's fetid air with thrashin' feet
whilst smited flesh squirmed raw with heat?
Yet Kate's absolved o' girlish sin:
Hank's belt made Kate see stars again!

Kate wiped away a salty tear,
leapt up and grasped her chubby rear.
Ya see what punishment's about
in big wet eyes an' sullen pout!
Well smacked bums may smart two DAYS on.
Jeepers! Kyrie Eleison!
'Twas not that tough, tho' burnt. To-wit,
Kate yowled yet, gingerly, might sit.

Kate's yelps -- Lord, I scarcely fault her! --
an' sharp *CRACKS!* roused Frater Walter.
Dear hearts, this part's just between us:
Walt, right randy, stroked his penis
in the limpid glow o' Venus!
Would ya guess a Big Girl's spankin'
sets her little siblin' wankin'?
Walt dreamt o' swell Sissie's rump,
rubescent, throbbin', wiggly, plump,
ere he spewed forth like some pump!
An' Kate, in Mattins grey light deep,
abed, didst whimper, wince an' weep
an' rue scorched moons an' drift asleep
on tummy -- not pink blushin' backside! --
in that doublewide at trackside.

Too soon a blarin' diesel horn
shattered th' peace o' dewy morn,
raucous o'er lush fields o' corn,
harsh thro' maple, oak an' thistle.
Jarred awake, sore Kate would bristle,
yawnin' "Gosh danged noisy whistle!"

Ninety boxcar loads o' cargo,
headlamp blazin', west to Fargo
a late freight clank--thunk--banged its way
as Sol glared o'er th' peep o' day.
Pal, ya may fancy this obtuse:
Kate rubbed her swayin' red caboose!

M' prose, as all good things, must end.

Pax et Bonum!

Thy Fey Fond Friend

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Well as I said.. my cat Toby has been sick... after 2 xrays n a night at the vet they determined he did indeed need surgery... I do NOT have that kind of $... after they called me at work today to say he needed surgery n wanted my consent I HAD to call my live in partner... I explained to him what was what... he asked "cant they just put him down?"........I said " I'm sure they could but WHY would u wanna do that? hes not even 3 yrs old yet. hes just a baby"... I knew he could hear in my voice that I was upset knowin I had no funds left for surgery or even to put him down if need be so all I'm thinkin is my poor baby is gonna come home n suffer..........

him: "whats it worth to u if I pay for the surgery?"

me: "anything, ill do anything"

him: " ull stay with me?"

me: feelin defeated n concerned for my lil furry friend... "yes"

him: " I didn't want to do that but I also don't want to lose u"

me: " ill stay"

him: " call them back n tell them to go ahead with the surgery n we will talk when u get home"

soo I did... my lil guy got his surgery at 11am today.. they found a huge hairball ( hes a long hair cat) that he wasn't able to digest .. I have to call n check on him at 530 n see how hes doin.........

Punished Brats
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This is my 24 inch long, 3 inch wide and 1/2 inch thick Curly Bubinga Wood Paddle that I primarily use to get those asses red. This wood comes out of Africa and is the real deal. I bought it from the website, Cane-Iac. They are fast shippers and have great quality implements of all kinds for good prices.

So, let's get those bottoms bared, bent over, high in the air, and those legs spread wide and submissive for a good, long paddling that you'll never forget.

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I hate my body, I hate myself for what happen to my body.. does anyone have any tips on how lose like 40 pounds fast :(. amber

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Punished Brats
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have to be to work a hr earlier tomorrow.. so instead of getting up at 3am I will be getting up at 2am... we have a huge caterin order plus its truck day which always sets me back 45 mins - 1 hr...

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Okay I’ve gotten two more spankings in the last 24 hours as described in last weeks blog.

The first punishment last night lasted a half hour;
today’s lasted 45 minutes. When we go one day after another there is less danger of bleeding, so the last time was severe. As you can see from pics I’m black and bluing even today. My butt was hard like leather.

Don’t feel bad for me, I deserved it for bad grades and a lot of associated misbehavior. I feel a lot better after getting this in a way.

But make no mistake, I hated this punishment even though I love being spanked. Because it was worse than I could take.

Wish me luck Sunday. I get another reminder then.

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hahahaha.. made u look .... but on a serious note... this blog is about my kitty.. well one of them Toby.. he will be 3 yrs old next month on the 12th...we bought a new brand of cat food 2 months ago n within 2 days all four cats were pukin but Toby also got diarrhea too... we switched right back n our other three cats recovered immediately.. but Toby didn't... he started havin accidents all over the place but we couldn't get mad at him ... we tried takin away the wet cat food too ( that's just a weekend treat).. but he still had runny poop... then he stated not usin the liter box at all even after the diarrhea went away but he was still pukin all the time... I wanted to take him to a vet after the first week but my partner had a fit... poor Toby is the gentlest of cats.. hes a lil snuggle bug n has a feet fetish lol...anyways.. a few times a week there has been tension n harsh words here cause I wanted to take him to a vet n my partner said no... well I picked Toby up on sunday night to hold him n he was nothin but skin n bones.. I weighted his brother Fred from the same liter n he was 10lbs 8oz.. poor Toby was only 5lbs 5oz... I made up my mind he was goin to the vet the very next day no matter what... as I worked yesterday n my partner didn't I texted him n asked 2 favors.. one, pls find the cat carrier in the garage n clean it out ( cause it hasn't been used since we took Toby n Fred in to get neutered 2 yrs ago)... and two to pls give Toby a bath cause his fur ws lookin kinda rough....I called the vet as soon as I got out of work at 1.. they said he could come in at 230. I don't get home til 130 so I was gonna have to really book it... I got home to find my partner sittin watchin tv... I asked where the carrier was n he said " dunno"... I reminded him that I asked for him to find it n clean it seein he was home n he started that I wasn't gonna take the cat anywhere n spend $ on him when he can take him out n 'put him out of his misery" GRRRRRRR at that thought now I'm rushin even more.. climbin all over stuff in the garage to locate the carrier, taki it outside to hose it out, back in the house to change quick n locate toby who decieded he wanted to play hide n seek.. I located him at last hidin under my chair, no time for a bath , n off to the vet we went.... the had to do a xray of his belly n said it looks like he has an obstruction... he was dehydrated so they gave him fluid, gave him a shot for nausea... sent us home tellin me to bring him back today for another xray n check up... so I left there payin $351 .. came home n caught hell over it but I don't seriously don't care... had to take him back again today... another xray shows nothin has moved.. they checked him for feline leukemia n it came back neg.. hes spendin the night at the vet .. todays visit another $380... they r sayin he may need surgery.. could cost $2000 or better... came home n caught hell again... I'm scared if he needs surgery cause I do not have that kind of money.. I paid the other two visits on my card so I can pay it gradually... my poor Toby is sick n I'm prayin for the best.....

Punished Brats
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Be online n esp here while at work but it's kinda fun sneakin on *giggles*

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I have had several different conversations about the other angles of my spankings. I think everyone knows I'm not going to show my face. But I will show some of the back angle videos as I have discussed with several of you. I will see what everyone thinks of the first 2 that I put up and then I will decide.

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