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We recently made a video BRAT: OTK FANTASY reenacting the sort of spanking I used to get for a bad report card.

In reality, I got very good grades in school, but I did get spankings for any grade below a “B” (even a “B-“), any grade that went down, or any negative comment, such as not paying attention, or talking in class, or not applying oneself, or “could do better”, or forgetting to turn in homework, or late to class (a frequent problem because I had classes at opposite ends of the building), or the vague grade for “conduct” and the fact that many teachers never graded that above a “C”.

Thus, presenting and getting my report card signed was always an anxiety generating and embarrassing event. After the report card was presented and examined I would almost always have to take my pants down and place myself bare bottomed over my father’s lap in front of my mother in the living room. She would get the spanking hairbrush. They would determine the number of spanks based on the grades and comments and, while I was held bare bottomed over Daddy’s lap, I would be told why I was being spanked. That “conduct” “C” or “C-“ if I had been good or, “D” if I had misbehaved in class at all (despite my attempts to explain that everyone got a “C”), always meant a I got a bare bottom paddling even if every other grade was good.

The report card spanking was almost always followed by a “reminder spanking” or some other spanking for other offenses or omissions, just to take advantage of the fact that I already had my pants down and Mommy and Daddy had the spanking hairbrush. My mother really seemed to enjoy seeing her little teenage boy getting a ritualized bare bottom spanking over his Daddy’s lap. Really. She so obviously enjoyed seeing me without panties and spanked, especially when Daddy administered the spanking. Her smile said that. She even on occasion admitted it!

The spankings were not terrible or anything like that. They did sting and burn and were very embarrassing, but no one ever lost their temper, and I was never (except for a few memorable belt spankings that ended with me spanked in the humiliating diaper position) really spanked excessively or harshly.

Curious thing (which I still find confusing) was my love/hate feelings about parental spankings. Although I did have a sort of anxious fear of getting spankings, and I always found them embarrassing, I also perversely liked showing off my cute bare bottom to Mommy and Daddy and I enjoyed playing bare bottomed spanked drama queen after a spanking, exaggerating how sad and sore I was and seductively begging for sympathy and attention that sort of dragged out the sexy feelings of being on display and having just been spanked. Oh god, a psychologist would have fun with my reasoning! Imagine what Sigmund Freud would say!

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It is summer on Maui and I got razor strops, wood/plastic paddles and couple well worn bath-brushes hanging in my closet and ready to bring them out when asked by local and visitors.
If a decision is made that your getten a whippen from me for whatever reason, you and I, plenty talk story because once your restrained no turning back and no joke some guys are downright scared and find it humiliating when the board shorts come down. The art of a hard spanking is just not about striking, there is a balance, its called compassion. I'm not brutal, having said that, expect a humbling and intense learning exercise and thorough tanning of your hide! There is something to be said about focused pain and mixing it up with testosterone, adrenaline and endorphins that ain't no tattoo. When all is said and done expect your rear looking bright red like our neighborhood fire truck next to the local feed store. I guarantee you'll have trouble sitting down for a time and hopefully learned something, whatever that might be! My friend that grew up here calls what I do "a bit of Hawaiian love"
I got to be honest, when I'm in the zone, whippen, that first strike, the crack and snap sound of it on a bare ass, then the reaction, shootz buddy, I can't get enough of it. Now time for the serious stuff
I'M WRITING THIS BLOG to raise awareness on just how dangerous STI's (sexually transmitted infections) are on Maui, the gateway from/to all corners of the planet. Syphilis, Hep C and HIV is everywhere single young men and women are playing "between the sheets" . Share this with a son or nephew and tell them to share it with their buddy's. Everyone got to stay Healthy here! Get the word out to young local and visitors if your having SEX and SINGLE on Maui use condoms no kidding brah..
NO NO UNPROTECTED SEX. Use condoms and if you think your going to have problems "wrapping it up" come see me. I have no qualms about giving out a dozen strikes on your bare ass (mentoring, a teachable moment) to remind you to use CONDOMS with SEX ALWAYS Spread the word..If not now then when?
Spinner HIV outreach Maui USA

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Liam was amused when Emma let go and Mia with shock slid down from Emma’s lap. Practically “what are you doing there” was a silly question. After all he had stood behind the kitchen door and watched for several minutes. When he had opened the front door, he had heard the familiar noise of a hand slapping a butt and had approached cautiously. And what did he see? His wife spanking their pretty neighbour. The two of them were so absorbed, they hadn’t noticed him coming. This picture had been undeniable exciting. To see his wife in the active position as well as to see the pretty, round and reddened butt of Mia. He had admired its curve already in jeans and – shame upon him who thinks evil upon it – visioned what it looked like naked. He simply loved female bottoms and was grateful Emma shared his likings.

“What we are doing?” Emma repeated.

Liam noticed with delight that his wife was a bit embarrassed.

“Hmm…now….Mia wanted to try what it feels to be spanked. And so I offered that she could try with me…Emma’s voice grew smaller and smaller.

Mia with bright red face had looked for her panties and jeans and tried to dress unobtrusively still sitting on the floor. She didn’t want Liam to see more of her as he’d already seen. He had seen already more of her as she liked. Liam enjoyed the situation unmistakedly. He remembered Mia’s moaning they’d heard through the walls last night and whispering they had come to the understanding that their own doing obviously had stimulated somebody. They hadn’t been bothered. However they had planned to point out to the construction management that they appreciated really good soundproofed walls…
Liam decided to take advantage of the situation and to give both women a “decent” spanking.

“Hi Mia. Nice to see you….”he grinned disarmingly. “Sit down for a little while. Then you can watch what it looks like from another perspective…”
and facing Emma: “So my sweetheart. I think we two must sort out something.”

He seized her by the wrist, pulled her up and sat on the chair himself. Experienced and fluently. He put her between his legs and unbuttoned her pants. Zip. Down already. Emma was over his lap quicker than Mia could believe.

“Since when do you spank somebody else’s bottom?” Liam asked amused.” I thought our roles are assigned: I spank and you get spanked…” and addressing Mia: “Mia, sit down!”

Mia was all of a dither. Such a dominant voice she hadn’t heard from Liam until now. Obediently she sat ont the opposite chair again. Furthermore she couldn’t avert her eyes from Emma, lying over Liam’s lap.
Liam put his left arm firmly around Emma’s waist, made short work and smacked Emma’s bare bottom with verve. A few times in a row and again and again. Emma started struggling as her butt reddened so quickly. The smacks came quickly and were hard. Liam wrapped one leg over the hollow of her knees, so her fidgeting was stopped and she was helpless at his mercy. After a while Emma started to squawk:

“oouuchh…Liam…. Don’t you think….ouuch…that’s enough?”

Liam intensified the next strokes even more.

“Emma, who decides when it is enough?”

“Oouuuchh… you decide it.”

“Good that you remember!”

And on went the dance on Emma’s butt. Mia couldn’t avert her eyes. Every stroke left more redness and meanwhile caused a suppressed groaning from Emma. Her bottom was bright red and should burn ineffably thought Mia. Then she heard Emma pitifully say:


at which Liam after a last smack lowered his hand and tenderly fondled his wife’s back. Then he bent down and pressed a kiss on every bottomcheek.

“Everything’s good. Come up”

and with that he helped Emma to her feet and drew her in a cuddle on his lap. Over Emma’s shoulder he looked at Mia.

“So. And now it’s your turn.”

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Phew, thank goodness for that.

I've been informed that my impending visit to the Head Girl has been postponed for a little while due to work and 'cat sitting duty' commitments but it's only a week or so respite at best.

As my date with my bent over, face down, bottom up destiny was drawing closer I took the liberty of sneaking a peak at my naughty book to get an idea of what awaits me. It's left at my house but I daren't tamper with it or try and alter the entries. That would be pure folly on my part.

To my horror, the Head Girl is definitely taking a harder stance with regard to both offences and punishments associated therewith.

Gulp, I've been 'awarded' the following:-

A slippering for 'being a lazy monkey' with reference to leaving junk mail and leaflets in the hallway near the front door for nearly a week. In my defence, I've got to have something to wipe my boots on when I come home from work, errr I mean, from my paper round to save muckying the carpet. 12 swats of the slipper apparently. Harsh I think but I'm not going to express my protests out loud this time. I think I'm in enough trouble.

A couple of weeks ago she had a cough and a bit of a cold so I bought her some cough medicine and Lemsips, thinking I was doing a nice deed. It later developed into a chest infection that required antibiotics to get rid of. However that resulted in an entry entitled 'Feeding me poison' because she didn't like the taste of the medicine and that has resulted in the awarding of another 12 swats with the slipper and, because I insisted on her taking the medicine at regular intervals, for her own benefit of course, while she stayed at mine, that brought about what I think is a trumped up charge of 6 cane strokes for 'getting at and nagging the Head Girl while she's poorly' plus another 6 cane strokes for good measure for 'leaving empty coke cans lying around'. I suppose that ties in with 'being a lazy monkey'. Fair cop because, in fairness, I was warned about tidying up more often and diligently, still a bit mean though, again, I'll keep that to myself too.

Finally, and severest of all, I've been at the chocolate again whilst on my diet and exercise programme and she said to me 'You obviously didn't learn from your last thrashing, I will not tolerate such behaviour and it's for your own good' And I thought I was doing well with my diet and exercise and have been losing weight it appears that in her new found, less than tolerant approach she has decreed that, because it's a repeat offence, I shall receive 20 cane strokes for scoffing the chocolate and an additional 12 penalty cane strokes for what she describes as 'not having will power' YEOUCH!! but again, I suppose, a fair cop. No-one to blame but myself I suppose.
She has also said 'If you can't exercise self discipline for your own good then I will exercise my caning arm and discipline you for your own good!!!' Gee, Thanks!?

So, by my reckoning, I've got at least 24 swats with the slipper and at least 44 cane strokes coming my way. I'd definitely best keep my mouth shut this time and not complain and definitely not interrupt whilst judgement and sentencing is being read out. At least I know what's coming this time, unless she adds some more for being cheeky via text. Would I?? Hopefully she's forgotten that.

Still, even though I'm in for a bit of a thrashing, at least the Head Girl lets me keep my shorts and undies on for some of the punishments. It could be worse, she could lose patience with me and I could be classified as 'a difficult boy' and be referred to the Headmistress for 'immediate and stern remedial measures'. I've been assured that the Headmistress has a 12-13mm rattan, reformatory cane that she saves for such occasions and administers a minimum of 12 strokes with said cane per offence!! Also, all canings from the Headmistress are delivered on the bare!!!! DOUBLE GULP!!!

I've seen it and it is a fearsome implement that makes a wicked sound when swished through the air.

Gulp. Another note to self to add to last months' note to self about keeping me big gob shut "Get yer act together this time, tidy up a bit more and DO NOT under any circumstances get yerself classified as 'a difficult boy' any time soon and lay off the chocolate ya nutter". I reckon if I weaken and scoff some more chocolate, the stroke count will go through the roof and sitting down will be difficult at best.

Oh well, I've got a week or so to sit comfortably before I'm bent over the 'Chair of Doom' teeth gritted, gripping the legs, bottom right up in the air to get the slippering and caning that's coming to me from the Head Girl. Better than a thick, reformatory cane bare bottom blistering from the Headmistress though.

I'll report what happens when the time comes.

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So, a few of you will be pleased to her that me and my girlfriend are thinking of doing another video, and are bouncing around ideas - plenty to chose from, but no preferences to be found between us. So, we would like to ask all of you for suggestions - anything you think we could do that you would like to see? The more popular the suggestion with you lot, the more likely it will be done. Please bear in mind, nothing too hardcore (see turn offs on my profile) nor will any faces be visible.

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Kneeling across my knees, the calm before the warm.
Her breathing measured, thoughts upon the impending storm.
Wondering if I'll give her the gamut of discipline, that what she seeks.
Her breath quickens, thoughts of a thorough spanking where she weeps.
The first sharp slap on upturned cheeks, in her mind does forever play.
That rush of air expelled from her lungs when breath is taken away.

The drawn in breath, the dread and the sighs.
As panties are lowered down past her thighs.
The little gasps of air, her clutching the last remnants of dignity.
While the escalating heat trumps her futile attempts for sympathy.
The ragged sobs that wretch from her body, the tears that fall.
When the leather pushes her further, breaking through that wall.

Oh believe me there is a story, her breathing tells all.
There for one and all, the writing on the wall.
To all the spankers, a word to the wise.
Make sure her breathing matches her cries.

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As is well known by now, I am a male that is hard-wired for the bottom role. I love to be submissive to a female dominant leadership type! As a male bottom who doesn't love and appreciate that moment when the dominant female looks at you with stern authority and orders you to pull down your pants and take your place across her knee for a spanking. The pain and pleasure is so good. So many emotions occur---feelings of fear, excitement, and humiliation all rolled into one! She is now in charge!

Then there is the female bottom. I don't top but I do enjoy the videos on this site a great deal. I always choose the videos with females playing both top and bottom roles. Watching a dominant female spank a submissive female is a treat. I get to witness another beautiful female experiences what I want too. A women's bottom is so beautiful and as it turns red from a spanking it is all the more beautiful. Let's be honest also---in some spanking positions a females pretty female parts can be seen from the back which adds to the pleasure of watching...

Thank you ladies both Tops and Bottoms! :-)

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"Hyperdominance" This term is now used to describe people "who seek to inflict pain or humiliation, but only on willing partners." Apparently, the psychiatric community wanted to differentiate most of the tops on this site from sexual sadists. What do you all think? Do you like that a Paraphilias Subworkgroup is trying to define you? Do you agree with the new terminology?

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Hi there folks, I wanted to give a shout out and a thanks to all of you for a pointless yet exciting personal goal I'm closing in on since I posted my first video to this site not too long ago.

I am I am exceedingly close to One Million video views and wanted to thank everyone for the comments, messages, friend requests, and interest for the short time I've actually had an account on this site. (I was browsing it long before but never felt the need to make an account until I started publishing my own content.)

I don't know what to do to celebrate it, but just wanted to say thanks.

Also I'll be adding some new videos from a recent session with Princess. For disrespectful behavior, and more importantly for breaking her promise to stop smoking when she knows it's important to her health.

For those asking about OtkBallerina I'd like to remind everyone that she's away in Alaska for work (however she has already earned herself a severe paddling when she returns.)

Happy Canada day to those in Canada, and happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.


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Hey all :)

It is summer time now and i'm so ready for the sun...oh and the fun, can't forget the fun!! :)

I have't been on here much lately, so I just wanted to say happy summer to everyone! I tried to upload some pics today, but it didn't work...this site needs some serious upgrades. I will try again this weekend.


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Well on holiday with the family
Weather amazing and I'm also getting fit
Running on the beach is doing wonders for my glutes
But so far no spankings from hubby
He is doing his usual of patting my ass
Pretty much every time I pass him but not taken
My bikini bottoms down yet
It's early days though
Might need to be even cheekier than normal to elicit a response
Watch this space

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Well, I have finally cobbled some footage together into "part 1" of a 2-part video. Although I have plans for the second part, it depends, somewhat, on the reception for this first installment. I had some settings wrong on the camera (auto focus got turned off somehow and the frame rate is wrong) so quality is not up to snuff.

The first rating the video received is a whopping one-star! I mean, c'mon guy... it's not that bad. Actually, the second part has a little better picture quality and a more interesting (I think) angle of action.

Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy the vid but don't expect too much from it.


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Well, I just finished four of the five paddles that Daila had commissioned me to make a few weeks ago. I have one more to go, but I thought some of them turned out pretty cool and wanted to share them with you all.

The first one I am going to show tonight is what I call “The Elite.” Daila wanted a round spanking surface that was relatively light yet would pack a mean sting. She wanted it to look like something that royalty would use for a spanking. So I choose 1/2 inch birch plywood for this task and came up with this design:

(Larger pics are available in our photo albums)

The Spanking surface has 4 coats of buffed lacquer finish and the non-spanking surface displays a decorative metal plate with flowers on it. The total length is 16 and 1/4 inches. The birch makes it lighter weight while the length of the paddle handle gives a wider swing arch with a lot more power delivered on the receiving end.

Next up, Daila had seen a variety of evil sticks online and wanted something like that for herself. Since I had the 1/2 inch birch plywood, I just went ahead and cut out all of the paddles with it to save time. This stick is 17 and 5/8 inches long and I have dubbed it “The Black Magic Wand.” It is gloss black background with a red chain stencil on the spanking surface and pink glitter fleck dusted across the non-spank side. Both sides have 4 coats of buffed lacquer finish. It just looked like a magic

Then there is the experimental “Wooden Loop.” I got this idea from looking at rattan loops and wire spankers. This features a large cut out hole for reduced air friction and what feels like two separate short evil sticks hitting at exactly the same time about an inch and a half apart. At least, that is what I was going for here. We did try this one out today and I must say, it takes some skill and getting use to. Daila did not like it the first go around, but I think she may warm up to it as she learns to warm my ass with it better.

This last one is the “Princess Daila’s Pain In Paradise” paddle. It was inspired by a message from Kissie at “Through The Keyhole.” She made a comment while complementing one of my paddles. She said something like: “I like it, but I would probably paint it blue and put butterflies on it.” Well, that got me to thinking. I really liked the dichotomy of the image of flowers or butterflies against a non-pain color like blue..and put that on an implement that is meant for causing severe discomfort. The nicey-nice look to a mean weapon of Ass Destruction. So, I came up with this “Pain In Paradise” idea and it stuck. This features a faded blue tie-dye/acid wash look with a buffed lacquer finish on both sides. The spanking surface has a glitter red stenciled flower and two butterflies in the same color. The reverse side has a raised pink glitter fleck “D” for “Daila” and a cute raised curly thing that kinda resembles a pony tail coming off of the “D” least that is the way I see it. Both sides have 4 coats of buffed lacquer finish.

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„Would you like to be put over the knee perhaps?“ she asked.

Maike raised her head.

„By me?“ Emma suggested. „With a man it’s surely different, but you could try how it is for you…and if you want to have a long conversation with Daniel when he returns tonight?...She smiled mischievously at Mia.

Mia noticed how she again blushed. What a suggestion! And also: what a situation on a Saturday morning. It seemed surreal. But actually, what could happen? She liked Emma, found her very taking and was glad, that they were neighbours, now and in future. She could easily imagine Emma to be a good friend for her.

„g…good. But…but not too hard…okay? And if I say „stop“, you stop, yes? Mia wanted to safeguard a bit.

Emma smiled: „I won’t let your chaste bottom bite off more than it can chew…. Come over.“

„Here? In the kitchen?“

„Why not?“ Emma said with a shrug. „The kitchen chairs have just the right height“, then she added smiling: „I know that from own experience….come over my knees.“

Emma slid her chair away from the table and Mia went in position. It was a bit uncomfortable, she thought. Her hands braced on the kitchen floor, her legs balanced instably between hanging in the air and standing on toes touching the ground. Emma put one hand firmly around her waist which gave her more support.

"Very good like this" Emma reassured her. She ran her other hand lightly over Mia's butt.
"You have a wonderful ass, that nobody spanked you until now is a miracle."

Mia felt the warmth of Emma's hands through her jeans and shuddered with pleasure. She thought it already arousing.
Emma didn’t wait too long and slapped her hand for the first time on Mia's butt. A short twitch was the reaction. Encouraged Emma administered more smacks which Mia accepted with only a few faint "aah" s. After a few more spanks, Emma decided to go one step further.

"Now, how is it for you, "she asked.

Mia seemed to emerge from her own world.

"Oh ... yes ... not bad ... but it burns a bit.”

"Good, now you get up and drop your pants. Best the two of them.”

Mia stood hesitatingly. She now found it quite embarrassing to take off her pants, and then to be naked, only in a T-shirt. Somehow uncertain, she stopped in front of Emma.

"Oh come, come on! You simply need to be spanked bare bottom."

Mia remembered her vision last night: ‘a decent spanking is always on the bare ... 'and followed Emma's request, albeit with flushed cheeks. Then she lay back over Emma’s knee.
The word "vulnerable" immediately came to her mind as she felt the cool air on her backside. And then Emma's hand on her bare bottom. She felt her caressing her buttocks and was aware of her rising excitement.
Emma fondled a little bit Mia's warm and slightly reddened butt. It was wonderfully rounded and seemed very tempting. Then she started first with light strokes, then becoming slightly harder to redden these buttocks. Mia began to fidget.

"Ahh, but that’s burning now ...."

Mia said without hesitation: "Do you think you can take a bit more? I promise it’s worth it! However, if you want, then I'll stop.... "

Mia gave it a thought. It was burning properly, but she could bear it. And so she said softly, "that’s …ahh…still…alright…Ouch"

Emma now purposefully hit the spot where the buttocks merge with the thighs. Mia responded with even more squirming and also the "ahh”s and "ouch”s got louder. In between Emma caressed the now quite red bottom and noticed to her satisfaction when her hand “accidentally” went deeper that Mia became wet. Both were so absorbed by their actions that they startled profoundly when a male voice said suddenly:

“What the hell are you doing?”

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Y'all see photos now, ya heah?

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Ok here we go again with my Boyfriends latest fantasy.
We have a public toilet across the road in the park in which he wants to spank me in one of the male cubicles.

Apparantly there are three cubicles in there and when he is ready he will text me which one to come to.

I have to be wearing my VERY tight gym shorts and mickey mouse T shirt and after iv'e received his text walk over, knock on the designated door, be lectured and soundly spanked over his knee.

I know there will be little space so my poor bottom will be stuck high in the air.

I actually cant wait... the excitement of being seen going in the mens and possibly heard receiving the spanking is making me wet thinking about it.

At least i'm guarateed a dam good seeing to when we get back home.

Hugs ang kisses
Ellie xx

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On the Road Again...

On the road again, adventures ahead
His rig his best gal, his handle, "DeepRed"
"10-4, good buddy," an old cowboy said
My ass will get redder, he thought with sweet dread.

As truck stops go, it was nothing too grand
A shower, some joe, just a speck in the sand
"I'm branding you, son, a new name on your pelt,"
The old cowboy grinned as he took off his belt

So leather cracked 'neath the stars overhead
"10-4, good buddy, you're now 'DeeperRed.' "

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His Budweiser belt buckle flashed on a West Texas morning.
A smarter young buck than myself would have heeded the warning.
By sundown my snow whitey ass had a rosy red glow.
Did leather enlighten my life? Only autumn will know.

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I'm working on my next story now but I wondered if anyone has any words or phrases in particular about spanking that really excite them. Words such as "bare bottom", spanking (of course), punish, "go to the corner" or "i'm gonna put you over my knee and..." ? I already have several but I'd love to hear more and from as many people as possible. Thanks!

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The other day I was checking email and a viewer/reader of our page and blog was giving my wife (Daila) an awesome complement about her strict dealings with my unruly ass and at the same time the complement was being slightly hampered as the writer was tripping over the cordialities of D/s. Things like how to address my dominant, and was it even ok to address my dominant since the writer was a submissive, were impeding the eloquent flow of good uplifting and encouraging complements.

Daila and I have never been much for the formalities of the spanking culture, and although we have been around the scene for quite some time and do know the basics of how it all works, neither of us really stick to it strictly. Daila does want me to respond to her with “Yes Ma'am” and “No Ma’am” during a punishment, but any other time you would not know us from any other vanilla couple. Ok...well you might notice that I do show her more respect than most husbands show their spouses, and you would notice that she knows where I am and what I am doing at all times...but otherwise you would not know.

The writer got me to thinking however, are the rules of our spanking culture something that we should be paying more attention to? I had not really given it a lot of thought before this email, but as I deal with a lot of different people on this site, should I be giving more attention to those rules so that I do not end up offending some of the other people that I end up talking with both on here and on FetLife.

If I do owe more attention to what is right and what is not in our dealings then where should I go to get all of the info on what exactly these rules are? Is there a place to go to learn everything there is to know about the cordialities of our culture? Or is it so varied from one relationship to another that there is no way of consolidating the rules like we do in the vanilla side of our lives.

I used to go to a lot of spanking parties and there was a culture within the spanking group that I was a part of, and there were certain rules and cordialities that we all followed, but I have seen a wide variety of different things out there. Does anyone know where the rule book is kept? If so, please point me to the right place to go.

Your humble submissive...


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