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this morning was pretty rough. i had to have a meeting with the staff and they told me they thought i needed a higher level of care. someplace that could deal with a dual diagnosis because of my depression and the eating disorder. i was pretty upset about that because that would take even longer to get out and i wouldn't be able to have visitors. i think i talked them out of that though. i told them my depression is bad because i want to get out of here. they don't think i am making progress and am still very resistant to treatment. i hope i can get out asap. they will get back to me they say. i'm so anxious. now i have to wait and wonder and worry all weekend about that. ugh.

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I was just thinking that it's about time we held another open-mic session for all you would-be poets and authors to participate. Would anybody be interested in having a go?

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I had a client tell me once she might need to read one of my books to figure out what turns her on. Because she didn’t know. The woman is sixty-five! It was odd for me to hear, since I’ve known since preschool that I was wired to get off on spanking and submission. But I think her case is probably more common than mine. I remember right after Fifty Shades came out, a great number of spanking bloggers appeared who had never before considered spanking, never knew it wound their crank until they’d been exposed to it through the kink book that went mainstream.
I’ve had a lot of friends who have a hard time orgasming during penetration. I’ve never had that problem, but I do sympathize. Even though I knew I was into spanking, it took me a while to realize that it was my sure thing for getting off. Now that I know it’s my on button, if vanilla sex isn’t working for me, all I have to do is pretend it’s being forced, or that I’ve just been thoroughly punished, and then I’m hot to trot.

In Mob Mistress, when they make an arrangement for Lexi to be at his beck and call, Bobby promises she’ll always get off when they’re together. “What do you think, Lexi? Are you interested in that sort of arrangement?” he asked.
“Well, in theory, yes, but only if I really liked the guy.”
“So it’s about the sex.”
“I didn’t say sex —”
“You meant sex,” he said with a wicked grin. “How about this? I’ll offer you a personal guarantee you’ll get off every single time.”
She laughed, a throaty, sensual sound that went straight to his cock. “Oh really? I guess you don’t lack in confidence, do you?”
“Nope,” he said, deliberately holding her eyes. The room had shrunk so it contained only the two of them, her azure gaze searching him, pupils dilated, breath short.

“What if I’m one of those girls who never orgasms with a partner?”
He raked a glance down her body again, wondering how anyone that fine could have trouble getting off. “I’d figure out how to unlock your secrets.”

Since Lexi has had trouble coming to orgasm in the past, she’s dubious, but she gives him a chance. As it turns out, she discovers she likes a dominant lover and rough sex. Here’s a scene where Bobby proves she can get off in the missionary position... Lexi lay back, making encouraging noises, but not really getting anywhere.

“Do you ever come when someone licks your pussy, Lexi?”
She shook her head. “No...I mean, it’s great! It feels good, but…”
He remembered their first night, at Plush, when she seemed doubtful he could get her off. He crawled over her. “How about missionary style? Do you ever orgasm in that position?”
Again she shook her head, then shrugged. “I never have, but maybe with you.”
He grinned, honored by her confidence in his abilities. “All right, I’ll take that challenge.”
He crawled off the bed and opened a dresser drawer, pulling out one of her bras.
“What are you doing?” she giggled.
He slid the arm loop of her bra over one of the posts of the bed, then grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head, knotting the bra around them.
“Ooh,” she squealed. “I’m not sure it counts as missionary if my hands are bound.”
Hoisting her legs into the air, he held her ankles with one hand and gave her ass a hard slap.
“Ack!” she cried in surprise, squirming against the grip.
“Who is in charge?”
“You are! You are!”
He lowered her hips, running his thumb along her glossy slit. “Good girl. I make the rules here. You lie back and take it. And right now, you’re going to take it in missionary position.”
She bucked even more at his fondling and his words, her hips bobbing under his thumb.
He eased her feet back to the bed. “Now, open your knees, girl.”
She stood her feet on the bed, knees bent and feet wide apart, arching her pelvis in his direction.
“Oh, now you’re begging for it, aren’t you?” he asked, slapping her pussy.
She shrieked, but didn’t close her legs, just panted, watching him with excitement.
“You’re going to want to come the second my cock penetrates that pretty little pussy of yours, but you can’t. Not until I say you can.” He slapped her pussy again. “Understand, little girl?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Good girl.” He insinuated himself between her knees and shoved into her, deep enough to make her grunt. “That’s right,” he murmured, sliding out and repeating the aggressive plunge. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you will always remember who owns you.”
She moaned, arching up, her eyelashes fluttering.
As he continued to plumb her depths, he bent his head to one nipple, teasing it with his tongue, then nipping it with his teeth. He pushed back and slapped her breast, making her give a little scream, her pussy gushing, her hips gyrating in a frantic rhythm beneath him.
Using one hand to press her bound wrists down into the bed, he gave her face a gentle slap — not enough to even sting, more symbolic than anything.
She gasped, lifting her legs in the air and pushing up at him with her pelvis. He stayed with that rhythm, letting her rock her clit against him on each in-stroke until her cries became desperate.
“Do you want to come now, Lexi?” he asked, slapping her breast again. “Do you?”
“Yesssss. God, yes!” she cried.
He gripped her shoulders, bracing her as he slammed inside her over and over again until his own orgasm crested. “Now, Lexi!” he shouted when he reached climax.
She went wild beneath him, wriggling against him, coming with a screech and a shudder.
“I think,” he mused, freeing her wrists as she recovered beneath him, “You just need it rough.”
“I think I just need you,” she said.
His heart lurched.
She blushed, as if realizing she’d shown him all her cards.
He wanted to tell her he needed her too, but revealing his hand weakened his position. He settled for expressing the depth of his emotion for her with the most tender kiss.Mob Mistress blurb
When hair stylist Lexi Tyler finds herself evicted from her apartment, her best friend sets her up with the mobster Bobby Manghini, knowing he likes to play sugar daddy. He offers her a luxury apartment overlooking the city and spending cash every time he sees her, but one thing is clear: he is the bossman. Lexi soon discovers Bobby backs up his rules with firm, over the knee discipline, but he also takes responsibility for all her problems, giving her more support than she ever dreamed of having from a man.Mobster Bobby Manghini likes to be the man in control, particularly with women, which is why he prefers a mistress for sex, even though he’s no longer married. When he strikes a deal with Lexi to be at his beck and call, he finds in her the full package -- a hot, intelligent woman who is turned on by his dominance and willing to submit to his punishment. But when she finds out he doesn’t have a wife, she is hurt by the deception and severs all ties.Can he prove to her their relationship meant more than a business arrangement? Or will he lose the one woman willing to give him everything he ever desired?Buy Link: Bossman (the first book in the stand-alone series) is $.99 this week only

Renee Rose is a naughty author and kinkster who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around kink, namely: spanking. She also writes BDSM under the name Darling Adams.

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It grieves me to say this, but maybe I haven't found the right disciplinarian to help me, after all.

When I met with Mr. W on Tuesday, I told him that I have to be home every day at 5-9 p.m. I also explained why:

After my dad passed away two years ago, my mom kindly allowed me to continue living with her. I had given up my job and my pursuit of a college degree to help my mom take care of my dad (who had Alzheimer's). When my dad passed away I tried to find a job again, but nobody would hire someone who'd been out of work for three years. My mom didn't have to let me stay with her. She lives on a fixed income. If she kicked me out to the streets she'd have a little money to spare every month, instead of barely making ends meet. But she lets me live with her, in spite of the financial strain that causes for her, because she doesn't want me to be homeless.

In return, all mom asks is that I help her a few hours every day. At 5 p.m. it's time for me to start making dinner. After dinner there are weekly chores to work on. (I slack off on doing those chores, which is one reason I need a disciplinarian to help me get in the habit of doing them.) Sometime between 8-9 p.m., I'm supposed to take my mom's dog for a walk and coax him to pee and poop before mom goes to bed.

That's little enough for the woman who gave me life, and has been there for me every time I've needed her for 45 years and still counting, to ask of me. I may be a spoiled brat of a child at 45 years old, but even I recognize the enormous debt of gratitude I owe my mother.

So, when Mr. W emailed me this morning and told me to report to him at 7 p.m. to be punished for writing a bratty email to him, I replied that I can't be there at 7. I'm at my mom's disposal at that time, every day, and I'd told him so at the start.

Mr. W wrote back and told me to rearrange my schedule.

I told my mom my "life coach" insists I meet with him at 7, and I'd have to walk the dog whenever I got home.

My mom said we can try that, but if I wake her up when I get her dog out of her bed I'll have to stop seeing this "life coach."

I felt torn.

And then I felt angry. Nobody has a right to demand to be a higher priority in my life than my mother.

So I emailed Mr. W and told him that's how I feel. I suggested some days and times when I can come take my punishment. I'm not trying to get out of being punished--but I do need to honor my commitments.

I just found an email from Mr. W waiting for me, saying, "It sounds like you want to have sessions when and if it is convenient for you."

I replied to that email, and here is what I said:

"No, but neither is it right for disciplinary sessions to be my whole life." I reiterated that nobody in the world deserves my respect more than my mother does. Since Mr. W also complained that some of my time is obligated to the online magazine I'm on the editorial staff of and on Sundays I earn a little money by tutoring a friend's kids, I also pointed out that a strict dad who spanks for misbehavior still allows his kid to pursue their own interests. The strict dad doesn't say, "You'll have to cancel your guitar lesson. I plan to spank you for X at exactly that time."

I ended by telling Mr. W that I need a disciplinarian, not a slaveowner.

And that wasn't being a brat, that was just being honest.

So, now I'm waiting to hear whether Mr. W is willing to help me without expecting me to give up everything else in life.

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The owner of this site recently reached out to me and asked me give a few details about myself and what I do. It was my pleasure to do this. Click on the news link here on to read it.

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...and I do dream about warm summer nights.....myabe it's time to travel again?
I want to see more skin, I want to look at legs walking down the street and I do want to give spanking outdoors....
Just a thought....

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Since I didn't have a disciplinary session today, this blog post is mostly an account of what I did today to help Mr. W monitor my progress.

That said... In spite of my best intentions, I've already got into trouble.

As I noted in yesterday's report, as soon as I got home from my first session with Mr. W I got busy doing laundry. I got all the washing and drying done for the week. I was very happy that, for once, I didn't make excuses to procrastinate or not do the laundry at all.

Unfortunately, I didn't know Mr. W expects the laundry to be folded immediately after it finishes drying. I thought folding could wait until the next day. I was wrong. Mr. W told me that's going to be addressed in our next session. *wince* I know better than to feel sorry for myself, though. If I'd learned to do the household chores when I was a kid, like I should have, I wouldn't be getting my butt whipped for doing it wrong.

I'm also in trouble for spending excessive time on the Internet. Mr. W hinted in an email that he thinks I waste too much time on social media instead of being productive. I knew he was warning me, but goofing off on social media has become a habit with me. Like a moth to a flame, I just kept coming back ... and like that moth I'm going to get burned.

One thing I'm proud of, though, is that so far I've kept my brat tendencies subdued. I haven't backtalked Mr. W, something I did to my parents a lot when I was a child. So far, when he's hard on me I understand it's for my own good and I appreciate it very much.

The brat within me will no doubt get the better of me, sooner or later, because she's used to doing as she damn well pleases and not suffering any consequences. I know Mr. W will teach her things have changed, in a hurry. Meanwhile, I'm just pleased that re-introducing corporal punishment to my life has empowered me to keep her quiet for two whole days. Believe me, that's an accomplishment!

Let's see, what else?

I made my bed when I woke up, as instructed by Mr. W. The laundry is all folded, and I spent half an hour getting started cleaning a bedroom that's turned into a disaster area over the past few years. And I spent several hours doing work for an online magazine where I'm on the editorial staff.

My total number of cigarettes for the day will have to go in a comment to this post, because I'm not quite ready for bed yet.

That's all for today, I think.

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I finally finished it. Now, it's playtime >: )

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While we celebrate his birth
Let us honor his death.
He breathed life into our souls
He defined our dreams.

He had a dream.
And he shared it with us.
We owe him a great debt of gratitude.

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The suit and tie are the giveaway, particularly since he wears them so well. He is high on the corporate ladder or possibly a partner in a law firm. He's a man of obvious competence, efficiency and power. He's drinks scotch and enjoys a good cigar. His closet is as ordered as his desk. Our man is a player and thrives on the high stakes game. The last thing he needs on this Friday night is her incessant chatter as soon as he walks in the door, even before he has a chance to take off his jacket.

He doesn't need her to tell him he's late. He was the one stuck in a bitch of an afternoon commute. Of course he's late. "For the love of God, can't you give me a chance!" She's disgusted, throws down a few more complaints and mutters something under her breath. "What did you just say?" When she see's the flash of annoyance, it's too late. This man won't argue with her, not this man of action. He will always take the direct route whether at home or at the job. In this case, he'll slap her ass. Notice he doesn't use the softer, almost cutesy "bottom," not this guy. Our man doesn't need to run to the internet for a paddle or cane. His hand is more than capable of delivering plenty of sting and if more severe action is warranted, he'll use his belt.

Without a word he takes her by the arm, grabs a scarf he sees hanging from a doorknob and gives her a heart stopping look. When he turns her back to him and says, give me your wrists, she quickly complies even as tears begin to fill her eyes. She's learned from past experience once this train leaves the station, there' no getting off. Giving him any further trouble makes it infinitely worse. If only it she could take back those words. Now it's too late. She going to pay the price and it won't be pretty.

He bends her over a table with her hands behind her and wastes no time in taking off her pants and kicking them out of the way. Notice as with "bottom," our guy wouldn't use the more delicate "panties." Put her over his knee? He wouldn't wrinkle his pants, not for this. Otk, like "corner time," is for amateurs. He stands at her side, grabs a fistful of her hair and pulls her head up. It's another sign of his dominance over her and gives him even greater control. She knows better than to say a word. The lady is going to get spanked. That would be "spanked" all in capital letters, not the amusing little smacks delivered by pasty, out of shape boyfriends. Worlds apart. He hasn't said a word. No need.

And, so it begins. He delivers one hard, stinging slap after another. He's steady, relentless and is enjoying her body language especially her legs, the little kicks or spasms of her thighs. She's feeling it, no doubt about it. She can beg, promise and plead all she wants. It makes no difference to him one way or the other. She will learn from this very painful experience that he will not put up with it, period, end of discussion. She's starting to cry now as he continues without letup, and he will continue 'til he hears those deep, wracking sobs that indicate message received. Then, with a few more beauts at the end (just to get it out of his system) he will stop. Still holding her hair he gives her a few moments before bending over and softly whispering in her ear, "You're getting the belt."

With that he hangs his jacket over a chair, loosens his tie and walks to the bar to pour himself a drink. A couple of fingers of scotch over ice look good. He drinks half, tops it off and settles into his easy chair. He draws a cigar under his nose, snips the end and lights it, enjoying the ritual he's seen his father and his father before him perform hundreds of times. Waiting for the booze to hit, he puts his head back and looks at her.

She has stopped crying now and is very still. He holds the cigar between his teeth and squints through the curling smoke, "God, she is beautiful." Is it him or is the blush on those lovely cheeks getting darker. Then, he laughs. "I can't believe she called me a jackass, threw it right in my face." "Smart girl," he thinks, he had to give her that. It was their Friday night game and she was playing her part to perfection. He watches her, her face pressed against the table, waiting for him. He has never met a woman who was so aroused by pain, and he loved meeting the challenge.

He walks to the bar, rolling up his sleeves, and pours a glass of white wine. He sets it down where she can see it. He pushes her hair aside, softly kisses her neck and whispers, "You are stunning like this." He stands behind her and moves his hands over her thighs and buttocks. She moves her hips and shifts her feet. He fights mightily the urge to grab her waist and take her, and take her hard. Not yet. The justice in their game demanded she be punished further and much more severely. He watches her alert to the sound of his unbuckling his belt. "Did I hear you right? Jackass, you say?" She remains still and very quiet. "Answer me!" She nods her head, "I'm so sorry." He spreads her legs a bit with his foot as he pulls his belt through the loops, "Let's make sure that never happens again." He doubles the belt and cracks it across her ass. Again and again and again. She sways and groans with each stroke, and pushes that ass up in the air. "God, she is beautiful."

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I just found out that my sciatic nerve is mess up. I have been in pain for the last three days and on crutches just to walk around my house. I hope the doctor can fix but I know God can fix it. I know God to be a great healer. Please pray for me. This is another set back for me going back to work. Now on a happier note, I am proud to say that I dust myself off and I am going to try again to pass my STNA state test. Pray with me and for me. Thank you s-tube for all the encouraging words and positive energy you have sent me.

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I remain untamed, unsupervised and wild. I am wild in my thoughts and the extremes they sometimes take which I then act out with Doms I meet.

But one has to be careful some Doms just looking for sex can take a ‘naughty girls’ fantasy mix it up with their own and hey presto you’ve got a megalomaniac psychopath rapist on your hands who thinks he has licence or legitimacy to do whatever he needs to do to satisfy himself.

Now I do know subs who will accept this and take whatever is coming but for me this complete physical assault by-passes the psychology of it. Far from wanting punishment and control from a robotic Dom it always feels so much more of everything to me if I know the Dom, if together we have an understanding that s/he is mentoring, guiding and controlling me through cp and sexual domination.

I met a man in Burton-on-Trent. He claimed experience and had many subs so he said. When he arrived he was abrupt and unfriendly but worse he was that way as if acting but with no connection to any reality.

Whilst he was caning my bare bottom I looked in the mirror and I could see the sweat on his forehead, the anger in his face as he laid it on seemingly trying to hit the same place...I resolved to be silent, not liking this Dom and watching in the mirror as he tried to get me to cry out was worth every stroke of the cane.

Afterwards he had me kneel at his feet and take his cock in my mouth...he ejaculated in my mouth despite in all our correspondence he said he would not...when I spat it out he was indignant and I was on the cusp of reacting angrily but decided to take it as an experience to know at least what I do not want.

He was all robotic domination about it and absolutely no empathy or understanding...this knowledge he could have used, his experience his position as a Dom would have not altered the rape-like assault but it would have left me thinking it was worthwhile, rather than feeling abused.

When I use the word raped I mean he held my head and pulled my hair, he forced his cock all the way down my throat so I couldn’t breathe and made me retch badly...when I pulled away I was almost in tears and struggling to breathe but he dragged my head back and forced it all again - he ordered me to put my hands behind my back as I was trying to resist him pushing it in too far and despite I am a TV he made me strip naked...all of these traits and liberties I went with to know my boundaries.

All this on a first meeting...I wonder who he thinks he is, I wonder who his wife thinks he is...I know who he is now and would never meet
him again

He then failed to correspond with me afterwards until some months later he wanted the same again and needless to say I made it clear what I thought of him. There is a difference is there not between an abusive self satisfying potentially dangerous Dominant and those who show some understanding and care and lead their sub to do their best for their Master. That’s what a relationship is – understanding and knowledge of the other person.

Angry men do not equal good Doms. Abuse is not Domination its abuse. Rape fantasies do not give licence for assault or rape-like’s a consenting power game of Domination and submission and both parties have some responsibility to the other party.

I know what I want but it’s so hard to find – I can find all the beaters and fuckers sometimes both in the same Dom but can I find an empathic and understanding Dominant who would lead me to do my best for him/her, take the most severe punishments in honour of his work with me and carry the marks of ownership which I am always proud to do for the right Master.

To be fair I have met one and he is a lovely guy alas married so can only meet occasionally but he is quietly controlling, gently strict, humorous, entertaining, imaginative and above all empathic. In return I offer him my whole self not just my body or my bottom but all of me as a submissive and I abandon myself to his control knowing that I can without fear he will abuse it.

I think sometimes I am looking for more out of this lifestyle than I am likely to find or get but then I find that about all relationships, personal/vanilla one has to compromise to become a part of it and any person in the world is lucky in my opinion to have any one who understands them or is willing to learn to understand them and each other.

I am not looking for a vanilla relationship but one where if with a guy I am sub, we have a mutual respect and understanding but I am punished for maintenance, behavioural adjustment, as a direct punishment for unacceptable behaviour or rudeness, laziness or if I attempt to control too much.

If with a female I would want the same only I know I could also switch and/or Dominate her and our roles could alter and adjust as we explore each others minds.

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Yesterday my Master Spanked me to tears The Pictures say more then Words ...

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i posted new video call hairbrushing myseld so it another self spanking video check it out let me know what ya think

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I'm going to try my best to include everything without writing a book, LOL.

I met Mr. W for coffee at 2 p.m. Promptly, just as he emphasized. The last thing I wanted was a spanking for being tardy to my first meeting with him.

I had just parked my car and was nervously smoking a cigarette when he arrived and greeted me, and asked me how I felt. "Scared to death," I told him truthfully. "Now, do I look like a scary guy?" he asked.

No, he didn't. I won't lie, I was half hoping to get bad vibes from him, so I'd have an excuse to run like hell. The truth is, though, Mr. W radiates compassion and sincerity, but also firm resolve.

After a cup of coffee and some get-acquainted chatting, we went to his house for my first disciplinary session. The first thing on the agenda was to take a set of photographs of me "before," so I can look back on them periodically in the future and see how much progress I've made.

"Strip for these," he told me. Not to humiliate or punish me, he explained, just to lay bare the truth of where I'm at in my life as a result of having no discipline.

I balked. "Can't I keep my underwear on?"

Big mistake. He told me when he tells me to do something I'm to do it, not try to negotiate with him. So, after I stripped, I had to bend over a chair and be spanked with a belt for disobeying.

"That stings," I thought after the first three swats, "but it's not nearly as bad as I imagined it would be."

By unlucky Number 13, I was starting to feel like my ass was catching on fire. I was very relieved when he decided that was enough!

Then he made the photographs, informing me that the rear view features a bright red butt. I winced at that announcement ... but whose fault is that? Mine.

We talked about my behavioral issues that need changing. There are, shall we say, several. I asked if we could start with just two or three, because all of them at once would be kind of overwhelming. He agreed, but warned me that he will decide when we add a new issue to what we're working on. For example, one of my goals is to quit smoking. "At any time," Mr. W said, "I may tell you that you've smoked your last cigarette."

Mr. W doesn't play around, I thought to myself, and hoped I'd get finish most of the last two packs I've got on hand. But I remembered what happens when I try to negotiate, and just said "Yes, sir."

We settled on being considerate of other people's feelings and getting household chores done, for my first two issues to address. Actually, he's easing me into the chores. To start with, I have to do laundry at least once a week and make my bed every day. (I made the mistake of telling him making the bed is the chore I hate most of all, because I've never understood the reason for it. You just have to unmake it when you're ready to go to sleep.)

And then Mr. W gave me a tutorial in folding laundry. I spent the rest of my first session practicing that ... letting it sink into my stubborn head that I must never again slack off on doing that chore.

It sunk into my butt a couple of times, too. He showed me how he wanted his t-shirts folded. There were several steps involved. I swear by all that is holy and chocolate that I really, truly tried to memorize the steps as he showed them to me. Unfortunately for the happiness of my posterior, it's rainy and I have a bad knee from a 2005 car wreck that hurts worst when it rains. I had taken a prescription painkiller to diminish the terrible ache in my knee (nothing completely takes the pain away), and I don't absorb new information as easily under the influence of the painkiller as I do when I'm sober. He handed me a shirt to fold, and I got it wrong. I had to drop my jeans and panties and take three swats of the belt. He showed me the steps again, and I thought for sure I'd memorized them that time, but I was wrong. Six swats on the bare, and I prayed silently that I wouldn't forget any of the steps anymore.

Luckily, I didn't. A total of 22 swats of the belt is, I realize, a rather gentle re-introduction of corporal punishment to my life. Mr. W never actually said so, but I understand that today he was only giving me the kind of spankings I should have got as a child. From now on I'm sure to get "You're a grown woman who really ought to know better" spankings. 22 swats probably isn't even what I should expect for a minor infraction.

It took about six hours before I could sit without any discomfort. Those grownup spankings are going to be wretched.

But... I'm already grateful for them. I came home and got busy doing the laundry. Without being told to by Mr. W, in fact. I received a priceless gift today: I know now that it isn't too late for me to learn to be an adult. The bad habits that weren't spanked out of me as a child can still be spanked out of me now that I'm grown.

It's just going to take longer, harder spankings now. Because, by definition, a child isn't old enough to be set in their ways. A 45-year-old woman, by definition, is plenty old enough to be set in her ways. My ass is going to have to pay a high price for me waiting so late to grow up. As long as I do grow up, though, it's going to be worth every second of pain I have to suffer to get there.

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Really personal question... does anyone cut or is a recovering self-harmer and how do you deal with triggers? Message me personally if you don't want to comment on here

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Happy twenty fifteen
To the king and the queen.
May the throne have a cushion.
Ya know what I mean?
Happy rest of the year.
Should you shed a small tear,
May it be from a spanking
We peons can hear.

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Hi everyone

Regretfully I found one of my spankingtube posted videos on xhamster so someone very carefully grabbed the spankingtube video file and manipulated it for an external download. They even edited out the logos !

Going forward the videos are now just for just friends.

I auto accept friend requests so dont be shy you can still get access !

14 January 2015

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I'm meeting him for coffee at 2 p.m., to see whether we feel that we can work together.

He already has an eerie knack for knowing how to handle me. I told him I'd rather wait until next week to meet him, because I haven't had any income in a month and currently can't afford to splurge on cafe coffee. "I'll buy you a cup of coffee," he said. "You be there. I'll see you promptly at 2."

Suddenly, what I thought would be just another day is absolutely terrifying. But that's kind of the idea behind seeing a disciplinarian, isn't it?

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I'm an newbie to ST, not to spanking. I now have something to say to my fellow members. In short time since joining, I began a friendship with another member. We communicated and began the process of getting to know one another. I just read OldJimSlipper's response to tygrr's posting. "Wise words. But the skill in communication lies within the ability to convey the message with diplomacy and tact - and in written correspondence - that is often a most difficult technique to master. Sadly, I breached that recently! A misinterpretation, eagerness to quickly & selfishly respond lead to 3 emotionally packed ranting responses, which has halted something potential special. I do not know what lies ahead in that friendship or not, but, for anyone who does read this, please, take your time. Whenever communicating, read the message, digest it, walk away and re read again, think, draft a response & then do that over again. Re read OldJimSlipper's statement, it's invaluable. I wish everyone the very best & hope all your dreams come true.

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