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Views: 364 · Added: 1055 days ago

I'm on a plane as we speak, heading to study abroad. (scroll down for spanking update)

I'm going to learn Spanish in Spain!

In the past two weeks of "intense prep" I've learning the following:

Hola! Me llamo Jackie. Yo soy atletico, divertido y comico. You tengo muchas amigas. A mi me gusta montar al bicyleta y preparar la comida. Yo estoy consada y tranquilo. Me gusta la clase de ingles mucho. A mi me gusta escribir y leer muchos libros.

I don't know if I have any spanish-speaking fetish lovers, but I'm sure we do!

This is my third day... and 6th blog entry... at this rate in a year...

Okay, Let's talk spanking: That's why y'all are here.

In three days, I've watched 79 videos... dang, where does my time go?
I think I know.

My next discussion question is...


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Views: 467 · Added: 1055 days ago

I am moving forward in life and I have become more positive lately at least I think I have. I have relized I never ever say "this is the worst day of life" anymore I mean yes I have had some pretty bad days but they just dont compare anymore. I have been through quit a lot in my young age but I always try to see the postive. I do have an attitude, and can be a brat lol. I get very grumpy when I am sleepy. But thats ok. If you want to know more about me just ask or send me a P.M.

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Views: 256 · Added: 1055 days ago

Hello, All!

I decided to write this blog post before I recieve my first spanking (whenever the time comes.)

As of now, I'm 18 and have never recieved or spanked others.

That being said, at this point of my life, I want to write down what I think is my favorite impliments and such.

1. What type of person would you want to spank you?

Honestly, anyone. Preferably men or taller women. I'm not sure why, but that is usually what I dream about.

2. How many times/day do you think about spanking?
At least 9-15 times during the schoolday.

3. Favorite Impliments? (Name All)

- Ping-Pong Paddle (Many Know this due to my member profile)
-Hard Hairbrush
-Leather Paddle

4. Spanking Position?
Diaper is fun for me, but I think over the knee will do. Honestly, any spanking postion will be fine as long as I recieve the spanking!

5. Length of Spanking?
I prefer it to be long (an hour). But, any spanking will do.

6. Favorite Spanking Areas?

Bottom, In Between Cheeks, Upper Legs, Inside legs (I know it may sting!)

7. Will you post a video of you spanking yourself?

I sure will, whenever my roomate gets out of the bed!

8. Shirt on?


9. Roleplay?

10. Sex?

Not so much. I'm young and I want to save it for marriage.

I think this blog will be fun to view once I recieve my first spanking!

With Love,

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Views: 245 · Added: 1055 days ago

It's my second day as a part of this site, and so far I've met alot of welcoming people to overcome my addiction. I've also learning some major rules to help me life a better spanking life and I really appreciate that.

Yesterday, as y'all may know, I experimented on the paddle. Due to the questions I was messaged about, my tender bottom was very exposed. I also experimented with different positions to try to tan my cheeks. It didn't work to well, my red ass wore down in 3 hours and I could easily sit in a chair without my bottom clothing.

Another widly asked question was what I spank myself in. Being a newbie to the spanking world, I usually just wear my school uniform and spank myself in that. It's just more comfortable and I want to keep my cool in it.

I'm repeating myself alot, but I think by you guys knowing my age can help with the decision, advice and storytellin' process.

I'm 18 years old, and being new to spanking in general I'm enjoying it, although I still have never experienced my first spanking. (I've spanked myself, but everyone gives themselves love taps, and I need someone to discipline me.)

Everyone asks what is the reason I am attracted to spanking.

I'm attracted to spanking because I feel the need to be disciplined and cared for.

Due to my youth and religon, I'm not looking for sex, but I am looking for someone to make me ass bright red.

My Question of the blog is a few things:

What is your favorite impliment?
What was your favorite spanking like?
How much do you think of spanking?

Thanks for your responses, I will try to write everyday or even more.

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Views: 3480 · Added: 1055 days ago

Now I am going to visit my Master.Will spend 2 days to serve Him.
Wait for your ideas what new torture and positions he has to use
And we will creative the new videos!

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Views: 1413 · Added: 1055 days ago

Any men only who crave/need the lash from MASKED uniformed man
as above?? mail floggingman @

check out my tackle at:-

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Views: 705 · Added: 1055 days ago

My birthday is coming up in the middle of the month and its been way too long since I have been spanked. As you can tell from my pic I have a very spankable ass and can be spanked for hours. I can host at home or travel, will not travel past the Houston area. As my name says, I am bi and enjoy being spanked by either male or female. Happy spankings.

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Views: 384 · Added: 1055 days ago

While My Mommy is getting better! i plan to fix myself i am gunna stop misbahveing I hope my friends such as Lost and Awip and Lotus and Missy and so on can Help me with this by pointing Out where i may mess up be it cussing or my temper And haveing seen Missy's videos i really wanna change just in case she dose come to the UK LOL!. This may sound nuts But as Much as i want and Need a Buttwhoopin I dont want one like that i need a stress reliver one to get some innerstuff out threw tears and then Start a fresh But i cant keep Makeing silly Mistakes so I will stick to Mommy's rules I will listen to advice from other tops and my friends and i am gunna Make you all Proud i am gunna Change and start to Move forwoard and stop acting Up when i get stressed. insted i just gunna Talk it out with My Mommy and friends and take advice rather than Makeing dumb mistakes like cussing and so on so wish me luck!.
Love you all
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 356 · Added: 1055 days ago

24F 5'4" Atlantic City Dom seeking young, cute subs to bend over and punish. I fantasize about giving HARD spankings to naughty little brats that need correction. I would be willing to spank in real life. I've never actually fulfilled this fantasy (though I've been following this site for a while now).
I am buying a newly renovated home in a cozy SAFE area of Atlantic City (from nearby currently) and am excited to have my privacy!!!! so I can host!!
If you have been lying, cheating, stealing or you have been lazy or defiant, I will bend your ass over and give you a long session in many different positions with many different implements until you have learned your lesson.
If you have been good... I will give you a reason to maintain the "good".
I'd ideally have a warmed ass over my lap every evening... but that's wishful thinking.
Can anyone help me????

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otkkeith's avatar

Views: 358 · Added: 1056 days ago

My Mommy is rather unwell at the Moment i wont go into detials but the words Mild and Heart should be able to give you a clue and she needs to rest i feels strange not haveing anyone watching over me i am a bit worried i am gunna go off track a bit I HOPE Not but i know me and i know i can. we shall see cos i told her she needs to rest its gunna be hard not haveing anyone watching over me :( I am accutly a Littel sad about it but i understand she needs to recover frist we will see if we can talk longer later today. she said she is sure my friends will watch me and other tops i pretty sure she ment Missy Will be the one who will most lilkley inform her of any mishavoir on my part on here LOL! but haveing seen a pic of Missy with a paddle thats rather worrying *giggles* i dont wanna tick her off!!.
Love you all
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 540 · Added: 1056 days ago

Everyone is tweeting this and tweeting that.......

"I just woke up."
"I just ate."
"I am shopping"

When is someone going to tweet while they are getting spanked????

"Oh, I'm otk!"
"Daayyuum that hand hurts"
"I'm not giving in yet"
" My butt is afraid, but i secretly want the belt"
"I'm crying"
"It's over and I'm sorry"

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Views: 342 · Added: 1056 days ago

I found out today I have very sensative skin. It turns more red quickly on impact than most folks. Due to the fact I have no one to punish me, I needed to find some way to get my fill. So, I decided to self-administer one for me.

I found a ping-pong paddle in the basement and tried diaper position.

To me, that's the easiet one to spank thyself with.

I also stacked up pillow to lay on and experimented with different positions.

At the end, I wasn't fully satified, but I had a red butt that lasted about 20 minutes.

Not bad, for self-administered.

I also spent some time on this site, browsing and commenting.

Being a Cornell English Major, (Journalism) I should be doing my homework and focusing on my studies. It's way to distracting... but, the only plus side to my story is I'm clever enough to get C's without putting in much effort.

As I have just turned 18, and somehow I think I should have been taught a lesson a while ago.

Random Thought of The Day: I don't want a safeword when I recieve my first spanking.

Also, Is it okay to have a favorite impliment if you haven't even gotten a spanking?

Tootles, Jackie :)

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Views: 291 · Added: 1056 days ago

what are some other good spanking websites

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Views: 488 · Added: 1056 days ago

So I was a this night club awhile ago and I came to a thought vanilla guys flirt with a girl to get in to there pants, were a spanko dose it to spank them on the seat of there pants. I know bad joke but I thought it was sort of funny. any way I cant for the life of me think of anything more to say.

Spank you later


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Views: 832 · Added: 1056 days ago

Twenty-two degrees outside and Amber had done it again! She had woke up late and was hurrying through her morning motions, scrambling to make up time. Hopeful that she would make it to work on time. Shower, breakfast, teeth, makeup and dressed all in the blink of an eye! Out the door she bounded, cursing under her breath knowing she would lose time since she had to clean the frost off of the windows on her car. She reached into the car, started it and grabbed the ice scraper. That's when her day began to fall apart. Ice scraper in hand she closed that door and heard that dreadful metallic "Click"!

Instantly her heart sunk as she realized her plight. She reached for the door handle already knowing she was locked out, but there was always a slight hope. No such luck, the door was locked and her heart sunk even lower. "Dammit", she screamed out of frustration! Somewhere in the back of her head she could hear Steven's words from just last week, "Baby this is the last warning! Next time I will make sure you have a good reminder, a stinging, hot pair of cheeks!" She dropped the ice scraper and dug through the contents of her purse, but she already knew that answer as well. She had failed to make an extra set of keys like she had promised him she would after the similar episode last week. She found the business card in her purse that the tow truck driver gave her last week. He looked sooo smug, she thought, when he handed it to her. "I'm sure you will be calling again",  he had told her in a knowing tone.

Amber shivered in the cold and she dialed the number on her cell phone. A funny thought struck her and she giggled, "Well, part of me won't be cold later on when Steven finds out!" She quickly explained her situation to the receptionist on the other end of the phone. A person would be dispached and be there within 20 minutes.

Twenty minutes, "What the hell am I going to do for twenty minutes", she thought. Can't go in the house, the house key is locked in the car too. She stood in the freezing weather shivering in her lil outfit. Her thoughts returned to Steven's warning and she so wished she would have made an extra set of keys. She began too worry about when he got home.

The time dragged on but eventually she saw the tow truck pull onto her street. She waved him down towards her vehicle. Her smile disappeared when she saw it was the same driver as last week. "I knew I would be back here, never fails", he said. He had her sign the liability waiver and within seconds he had the car door unlocked with the slim-jim. He reached in, grabbed the keys and turned the car off.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Amber demanded, it was her car and all he was supposed to do was unlock it.

The man spun around, the keys in his hand, grabbed her by the arm. "This is the last time you are going to waste my time with your silly nonsense!" He proceeded to march her to the front door of her house. Amber's jaw was wide open in disbelief. Before she knew it the door was unlocked and he was guiding her towards the kitchen. He grabbed a chair and with her in tow he returned to the front room. Setting the chair in the middle of the room he sat down and tossed her over his knees.

Amber quickly realized his intentions and yelled, "GET YOUR FILTHY FUC*IN..... "Splat" his hand crashed down on her butt before she could finish her words. Five more shocking spanks landed, Each one increasing the pain building across her cheeks. Amber was infuriated, "You Son of A Bitch, Mutha Fuc"..... "Pow, Spank, Pop, Splat", his hand cracked down again before she could finish. Defeated, Amber just layed there, afraid to initiate anymore of his wrath. He stood her up slowly. He unzipped her coat and removed it, tossing it unto the couch. Amber kept her face hid from him, afraid to look, she was staring straight down and her long hair perfectly covered her face. She felt his hand under her chin, gently tilting her head upwards until his face came into view. Her eyes widened with fright. He pushed her hair backwards away from her face. Not both hands held her face and she had no where else to look, his face was all she could see. That and those eyes that seemed too pierce right into her soul. She suddenly felt very nervous and fidgety, wishing that she could evaporate into thin air.

Suddenly his words startled her and brought her back to reality, "How many times have I been here too unlock your car for you?"

Her reply was barely a whisper, " Four." Where was the confident Amber she wondered, why did she feel like a lil child. She wanted too scream at him, yet she knew deep down inside that it was useless.

"Yes four times, and twice in the past eight days", he reminded her. He took her by the arm again and guided her across his knees once again. The fight was gone from her and she complied, knowing she deserved this, needed it. Her body screamed at her to fight and run away, but she was determined to accept her fate. The man adjusted her until he was satisfied, neither her hands or feet touched the floor. She tottered across his knees with her butt pointing straight up, as if it was presenting itself for the lesson she knew was soon to follow. The man wrapped one arm around her waist, drawing her close too him and ensuring that there would be no escaping. Her body tensed and she started to struggle as his other hand lifted up the back of her skirt bringing her panties into his view. The tears welled up in her eyes at this embarassment and they trickled down her nose dropping onto the floor.

Oh she regretted her choice of panties this morning, as she heard him chuckle. Her face burned as he announced, "How cute". The lil white panties with "Daddy's Girl" printed across the back were the only thing covering her butt now. Soon her butt began to match the burn on her face as the spanking started once again. He was relentless and covered every area of her cheeks. His hand cracked down repeatedly and the tears flowed a little bit more now. Amber tried to slide off his knees but his arm had her trapped. All she could do was kick her legs as the fire visiting her bum intensified. Within a few minutes the spanking stopped and he rubbed her sore bottom. Amber was grateful for the change in the attention he was paying to her sore butt. The rubbing and massaging felt wonderful and then Amber realized with horror that she was beginning to feel wet from the massaging. As she started to struggle once again, he wedged her panties tight between her cheeks. The fabric stretched snuggly against her sex and the spanking resumed again!

Poor Amber could feel each spank jiggle her cheeks as the fire burned once again. But the panties pulled taunt across her sex was causing a delicious feeling. The yummy feeling was conflicting with the pain burning on her butt. She was crying from the burning spanking, but she was also scared of the feeling that was building between her legs. The delicious feeling won the battle and she arched her back, offering her butt up higher to the stinging painful spanks............. To be continued.

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Views: 2751 · Added: 1057 days ago

Hello, I am a new comer, to everything here is not very familiar with, there are a lot of things is not very understanding, hope someone would come to help me, and I am from China, English is not very good, hope find a brother can teach me English and disciplining me

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Views: 2491 · Added: 1057 days ago

When I was replying to msbeehaved blog I suddenly realised, that I haven't been properly spanked for at least a year!
Oh my.. I'm sure, that I must have gotten out of practice by now. (if it's even possible)
And what am I gonna do about it?...^^

Anyway, how long was your longest spanking pause? (im not sure with this formulation, but I hope, u understood what I mean)

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Views: 1122 · Added: 1057 days ago

I'm a newbie to the spanking world, and I'm intrested!

I have another blog post below, but I have been intrested in spanking as a pre-teen.

In the past 24 hours since I have joined the site, members had added me and asked me the question, "Why haven't you gotten spanked before?"

My parents where never into it, and the closest I've gotten was a short slap over jeans, and my cousin once spanked me about seven times with a spoon. I eagerly wiggled on his lap and tried to beg for more, but it didn't work.

I just turned 18 a few weeks ago, so I'm young.

Any advice? ;)

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Views: 1070 · Added: 1057 days ago

uhhh not in the mood to do anything once so ever :( i need motivation lol

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Views: 484 · Added: 1057 days ago

i have a feeling i am gunna be in a bit of trouble later see i was supossed to get a new bed today anyway there was a problem so they cant bring it till thursday afternoon. so i have to sleep on the floor agian anyway.. i umm kinda Lost it got very angry and was cussin and slaming doors and things down on the table baiscly i had a MAJOR Tantrum :( and i need to admit it to Mommy later when she gets up *Pouts*
will let ya all know what happens.
Love ya all
Happy spanks
Keith :(

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