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ok so my gurl decided spanking isny for her but me bein how i am i have to have some type of disciplinarian or i usually end up in trouble like ummm jail prison things like that i really am tryin to change but i realize i need help...i dont have money to pay for it either but i do have kids to change for so yea...anyone into disciplinary spankings in or around or atleast 100 mile radious fromill hmu plz

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A bit of a follow-up from the last post....

(For those of you that didn't read the last post I gave my wife a serious ass fucking the other night & she swore revenge).

So last night we were laying in bed catching up on our TV shows when she looked over and asked "how do I clear my history?" I took the laptop from her, took a look at the screen and saw the word "spanking" in the search engine field. I said "is that what I'm in for?" "uh huh" she replied.

As a little background my wife is a bottom. Always has been. Sure she likes to talk dirty but she's the kind of girl that likes to be held down when being fucked,spanked. flogged, etc... She's never been the dominating in bed type.

I cleared her history and we continued to watch our shows (big bang theory, person of interest) after I asked if she wanted me to kick on some porn (we usually enjoy watching), she looked at me and said rather in a matter of fact tone "why bother? it's not like you're going to be able to watch it." Then without a second thought she got on top of me pulled down my shorts, my underwear and commanded me to roll on my stomach away from the television. I did so with some excitement and anticipation. She straddled me from behind and said "so you want to fuck my ass like an animal, huh" and that was it. she started smacking my ass with her hands with a fury I have never experienced from her. She was unrelenting. Now after 20+ years of being the top I had to resign myself to taking whatever she decided to dish out because fair is fair, right? 20+ plus years of blistering her ass I should take what I have coming to me. Thinking that she would slow down and we would wind up fucking was my second mistake. She didn't. Instead she reached over to the nightstand and pulled out the wooden hairbrush that I bought recently for her ass!

The was my first spanking and in a matter of moments she graduated from hand to full on pounding my ass with a thick wooden hairbrush! She put me in a varied of positions as the night continued. Ass up, face down, bent over the side of the bed, on my back so she could sit on my face and hold my legs up to spank my already sore torn up backside. My wife showed no mercy. She spanked with a fury I have never known. After 20 minutes of her domination (spanking, ass fingering, & threatening my ass with a massive butt plug) we wound up fucking like wild animals. We finished and she asked how she did & I told her fine. I thought to myself "wow, that was intense but not that bad now that it's over" little did I know that the entire next day my ass would be stinging every time I sat down. When I told her she said "good! I have a sense of pride in a job well done!"

On my way home we texted back & forth what was for dinner & playfully asked what was on the menu for afterwards. She texted back "I want the hairbrush tonight" I wrote back "really?" thinking I might get to give her a little of what he dished out but she responded "yeah, I want to work on my swing some more."

I have created a monster and my poor ass is going to pay the price.

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Heres a question for my fellow Spankos.... Ever had a song that brings back those fond memories of a spanking, or spanker?

I'll start, Fond memory of a spanking...Rebeling against everyone and everything.. one evening a friend of a friend decided I needed a "attitude adjustment" And let me tell you all I got it that evening. This song came on right afterwards as he was rocking me back and forth and explaining to me why I needed that spanking for.. And yes.. I was full fledge crying my eyes out.
Hootie and the Blowfish " Let her cry "

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Here is the last one. enjoy :)

I suddenly felt the seat belt press harshly against my chest as Dominic slammed on the breaks. He pulled off to the side of the road and got out of the car.

Part 3:
I was so confused. Was he kicking me out of his car? He opened my door and picked me up and tossed me into the back seats. He quickly followed and pulled me over his lap. I couldn’t believe he couldn’t even wait to get home. He pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties. This was looking bad, he had never bared me all at once and especially not in the beginning! My thoughts were redirected back to him when I felt the crack of his belt begin to strike mercilessly against my completely exposed ass.

He tauntingly asked me if my costume was still making me feel less vulnerable, or if I felt more “empowered” now. . My hair stuck to my wet cheeks as I shook my head no. He stopped only for a moment and took me off his lap as he began to reach for the glove compartment. He pulled out a wooden paddle and back over his knee I went. (btw, who the hell keeps a portable car paddle with them at all times!? A crazy ass does. LOL) He continued to spank me until a flash of headlights began to beam into the back window. Dominic wouldn’t let me get up off his lap. The car door opened and I looked up to see Taylor’s face. I could have died right there from embarrassment, this was the second time that night he had seen my bare ass being whipped by my very angry boyfriend. I gave him a pleading look and he nodded his head. He looked up at Dominic and told him everyone was driving back now so we should get moving before anyone saw us. This was the country, only one road to everywhere. Dominic let me up and I winced when my ass reached his leather seats, it felt like it was on fire! I mouthed “I love you” over to Taylor and smiled in thanks to him for saving me. He just winked and closed the door.

This happiness was short lived when I looked out the window and realized we were close to his house. We arrived to soon for comfort and I began the slow walk of death up to his room. He closed the door behind him and removed all of my clothes. He told me to wait for him there before he left the room. This was not how I wanted my new costume to be taken off me that night ☹. I obeyed him and began to sit and think about all that had transpired that night. I began to cry knowing it all could have been avoided if I had just obeyed him. He entered the room and I rushed over into his arms and apologized for all my wrong doing. He nodded his head and brought my eyes to his and said, “I know your sorry, but your not nearly sorry enough.”

With that said he flipped me over his knee and I spent the rest of the night staring below at the small watermark of tears that was beginning to form on his carpet. I felt all my power being stripped from me as I laid naked and exposed over his lap. He started off with the paddle, and then the belt, and then everything else that was in that evil closet of his. He lectured me how close I was to getting myself killed and how he would not accept my rebellious attitude and choices. When he finished, my ass was basically one large bruise. I had never cried so much in my life, I’m pretty positive my body was only 40% water after my punishment was over lol. It took me almost 30 min to stop crying and to be able to say anything but “I’m sorry” into his chest. He gathered me up and just whispered comforting words into my ear until I stopped crying. He told me he loved me that night. I began to kiss him all over his face while he carried me over to his bed. I soon forgot all about my throbbing backside. :D

THE END. oxox!

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Hey all. Here is the rest of the story. I was going to break it up within days BUT just got double shifts at work so here it is. :)

Part 2

The last thing I saw was Jack coming out and they were all surrounded, and I was in the middle of it. The bartender told everyone to go and that the cops were on there way. Then it was all black.

I woke up in an ambulance parked in front of the bar and I recognized the EMT. It was Ethan. I jumped up and hugged him tightly, it was so comforting to finally see a friendly face. My comfort soon left me when I felt my head throbbing and there was blood on my costume. Joseph opened the back door and climbed inside to see if I was okay. He swore he would never leave me alone again and started to scold me that I somehow always get into the most interesting and dangerous situations. I knew he wanted to continue to yell at me, but I knew he felt partially responsible for me even being there in the first place. I hugged him and tried to comfort by telling him none of it was his fault and that it was only and all mine.

My heart stopped when I heard Dominic’s voice from the side of the van saying, “I couldn’t agree with you more.” I stopped hugging Joseph and tried to cover my costume. I looked up to see Taylor and Dominic in front of me, telling me they knew everything already. I kicked the ground. I hate small towns. Everyone knows everything within minutes, and I didn’t even have a chance to make up a good enough excuse to explain to Dominic before he found out. ☹ I knew I would have to think of something quick and I opened my mouth to try to do some damage control.

Dominic pulled me in his arms and whispered in my ear not to say a word unless I wanted to add lying to my list of offenses for the night. He told me get my things and to meet him by the car and that he needed to talk to the bartender. When he returned he had my phone in his hand and a note taped to it. It was from Buba. She apologized for everything and wrote down her number for me to call her to make sure I was okay and to get together soon. She also explained that she went back to the road and her and Jack found my phone on the side of the road. I could tell Dominic was confused about why my phone was out there, and I knew this was just going to add more fuel to his anger when I would have to explain.

I folded the note and went to put it in my pocket. Dominic grabbed the note from me and tore it up. I knew this was his way of telling me I wasn’t allowed to contact her. He went over to the trash and threw the pieces away while Taylor took me aside. He told me to play up being injured and that he would try to calm Dominic down for me and gave me a half smile and a wink. I beamed up at him, maybe him knowing wasn’t such a bad thing after all ☺. I thanked him before giving him a kiss on the cheek and started to walk to Dominic’s car.

Dominic opened the door for me and I slowly got in. I looked up at him and his face bore no emotions on it. We stayed staring at each other until he said, “Nice outfit,” before slamming the door. It was official. I was never going to sit down again.

We stayed silent for only about 5 minutes until he asked me what the note meant. I had two options. 1. I could tell him the truth or 2. I could jump out of his truck and try to out run him. The second one began to win before I realized he was going 80mph. I sighed and began to explain to him about the motorcycle ride. When I was finished I was to scared to look at him but noticed his knuckles were beginning to turn white from gripping the steering wheel so hard. I looked up at the speedometer; we were now going 95mph. We would be home much sooner than I expected. He changed the subject and asked me why I was in the costume he specifically forbade me not to wear. I tried to explain to him what happened with they guys at O’Rileys and how it got even more ripped in the brawl. I also told him that I felt stupid that I was wearing a little naughty school girl outfit around bikers and I wanted to wear something not as vulnerable, but something more empowering.

I suddenly felt the seat belt press harshly against my chest as Dominic slammed on the breaks. He pulled off to the side of the road and got out of the car.

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Also ich steh total aufs Spanking, gut versteht sich sonst wäre ich nicht hier. Finde es super geil junge Männerhinterteile zu versohlen. Melden kann sich Jeder der es zu brauchen scheint. Denn eine richtig Abreibung aufs Hinterteil kann doch so manches Wunder bewirken in der Entwicklung eines jeden Menschen. Also keine Angst, meldet Euch und es kann schon in sehr naher Zeit geschehen. Versuche jeden Wunsch in der häuslichen Erziehung zu erfüllen.
Stehe total auf die altherbezogene Erziehung der häuslichen Art.
Erst auf die Hose, dann auf die Unterhose und dann natürlich aufs nackte Ärschchen so wie es sich gehört.
LG. daddytyp

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Because I want one, dammit.
My deepest desire is to have that dominant woman in my life who enjoys making my wiggling buttocks turn a deep red, as I moan and whimper, as much as I enjoy having it happen.
I know, from my limited experience as a self-spanker, that, well, spanking HURTS. And I believe we are wired to avoid pain, pain being the body's way of saying ALERT ALERT SOMETHING IS WRONG.
So, maybe that part of it, I can't truthfully say, I 'enjoy'.
I DO enjoy the feeling of trepidation, knowing that a spanking is coming.
I DO enjoy the feeling of submission, as I strip down and bend over to accept a spanking.
I DO enjoy the feeling of a hot, stinging bottom, afterwards.
I would love to be told to go stand facing the corner for, well, awhile, with my hands on my heads, while I wish, oh I'd wish, to be able to rub my aching bottom.
I long to find that woman who will spank me whenever, however, with whatever... just because she wants to, just because she loves to... and because she knows I love it equally as much.
Woman, wherever you are, I'm waiting to hear from you.

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What started off as such a strong structure of discipline and accountability has dissepated due to life issues that were unexpected. I feel very unsettled but have been trying to be patient. I don't think things will change at least not anytime soon. Do I hang in there or stay as friends and move on to find that special balance I need so badly in my life. Decisions, decisions.....

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Hey all, I just realized I left out the rest of part 1 to Halloween. So here it is. Sorry bout that :P (Part 1 is in my previous blog )CONT...

When we arrived back at the bar I ran up and hugged Buba. I already knew she was going to be my new bestie. ☺ We started laughing outside when a group of guys came walking up. All bikers look the same to me so I just figured these were some more of her Hells Angel friends. Buba looked nervous and stepped in front of me. She told them to fuck off and that they knew better to come around here. I knew they were trouble so I reached in my pocket for my phone to call the police. Fuck. It was in the middle of some road.

The man began to bitch out Buba and called her all kinds of names. He accused her of turning her ex into the feds and how they were going to fuck her up. This is where shit got serious real quick. Buba pulled out a knife and told them to leave again before calling for everyone inside. Before the Hells Angels could all come outside to the back, one of the guys grabbed me and put his knife up to me. I could feel his hot sticky breath against my skin. He kissed my neck and told me he liked my outfit with a sickening smile. I tried to kick him in the balls but could only reach his thigh. He yelped in pain and just back handed me hard across my face/ temple area and I fell to the ground and hit my head on the edge of a bike. The corner of my eyes began to blacken and I knew I was slipping out of consciousness. Maybe Buba shouldn't be my new bestie after all…

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Starring me, as well as other Big Beautiful Babes (Behaving Badly) and some boys too! We have a good number of things available already, and the preview videos and pictures will be uploaded here soon! Some of the videos available(just to tempt you even more).... Lola petals gets bad girl spanking, Naughty kitty-girl, MY Birthday Present, Feminized and Tenderized, and Whose the Boss!Here are the links, enjoy!

Also, give me a call to play out your wild, wet fantasies! I'm ready, willing, and more than able! 2159040150

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It was two nights before Halloween and there was a variety of different parties and bars going on that were all costumed themed. Now I LOVE costumes. Its just fun, its not about role play for me, its about dressing up and imagination. Its like Disneyland!

Anyway, Dominic and I planned to go meet up with some of my friends, go bar hopping with Taylor, and to eventually go to their Halloween work party. I had just blown my whole pay check on different costumes (responsible I know…) and I found the perfect correctional officer costume that I knew was going to drive him crazy ☺

I got home and I got all dolled up to go meet Dominic at his place. My phone began to ring and I saw it was from my baby. I checked the time and realized I was running late and figured he was calling to make sure I was all right. He told me he and Taylor were on their way to my house and that he had some bad news. He told me they would not be able to go out with me tonight because of a situation at his work. This was the third time he bailed on me in a week and I was steaming, but I understood he had duties to fulfill so I tried to put a smile on. He said I could still go out and that he would meet me if he was able to leave early. I agreed and just told him to hurry to my house because I was late meeting up with some friends.

They both quickly arrived at my house and I was excited to see Dominic’s reaction to my costume. I was expecting him to love it and all but worship the ground I walked on lol. But when he walked into the room and saw me, his only response was, “HELL NO! “ I looked at him confused, how did he not like it? He told me there was no way in hell he was letting me go outside looking like that, especially without him. I told him it wasn’t that bad. I just got changed and I didn’t want to wear a different costume. It didn’t help my case that Taylor walked into the room and saw me and could only think to yell “GOD DAMN.” After this I knew I wouldn’t be able to change Dominic’s mind. But I figured it was worth a try! :p He began to rifle through my bag of costumes while I was trying to convince him to just chill out. He handed me the school girl costume, and I just rolled my eyes. He would pick the most conservative one. I got up on my tippy toes and put my hands on my hips and told him I was not going to change and that he was being unreasonable. At this, Taylor just got up and closed the door on his way out before looking at me and saying, “Careful baby girl, your not going to be able to wear any of your costumes if your ass is all bruised.” I should have listened to him.

The moment the door closed I grabbed my umbrella and stood back, challenging him to even try to spank me. Yes, I know I probably looked REALLY dumb, but I was to angry to care. I was so embarrassed that Taylor knew I got spanked like a child. How did he know? Why did he tell him?! Dominic seemed to be able to read my thoughts and told me Taylor knew from the very beginning. Even before we started dating. I told him the only way I would forgive him is if he let me choose the costume I could wear that night, excluding the correctional officer costume. He just smiled and walked over and kissed me while taking the umbrella out of my hand. YES! I had finally won a round! I looked up at with him a smug smile on my face, he smiled a little too before I felt my stomach crash over his knee. He started to spank me and I ironically began to wish I had more protection from my costume. Even though he was just using his hand, I could feel the tears beginning to fill my eyes, this hurt A LOT. Thankfully we were interrupted when Taylor walked in and told us they had to leave immediately. Dominic let me up and kissed my head before telling me he would deal with my attitude and remind me who was in control later.

I went and sat down on the bed pouting. He always ruined my fun! That’s when I got a phone call from my best friend Joseph. He told me his band got 2 gigs that night and he wanted me to be his mascot. I told him I was always down to watch him play and he told me to meet him at his place so we could go ride out to the bars together. I told him I would be there in 10 and that I just needed to call and cancel with my other friends and change my costume real quick. He seemed a little confused about the costume but just said he stopped questioning the stuff I did lol. I didn’t really know what he meant by this but whatever. I finished getting ready and put the correctional officer uniform in my purse, just in case I needed to change.

I showed up late to Joseph’s house and we had to speed over to the first bar for him to make it in time. When we parked, I got out of the car my and heart sank as I realized we were at O’Rileys. Shit. I knew I would have to sneak in without any of the bouncers noticing so they wouldn’t tell Dominic. I hid behind the speakers and made it inside. Victory! However my victory soon faded away when I realized I was the only one in a costume. This was literally the one bar that didn’t follow the Halloween customs and, of course, I was there. Fail. Now I knew why Joseph was so confused about my costume, I was the only one that didn’t get the memo. I felt stupid but also realized it was going to be impossible to hide while dressed in a dumb hot pink school girl outfit. It deff was not helping me blend in. I decided that I should just call a cab and go meet up with my friends at another bar. I then remembered I was already in for a spanking for my attitude, so I might as well stay and enjoy myself. I mean, how worse could it be? My bad sense always wins.

Joseph performed marvelously and we began to drink in celebration! We had some time before we had to be at the other bar so we began to dance. Our fun was short lived when a group of guys wouldn’t stop lifting up my pink skirt. I told them to stop and slapped one of the guys when he wouldn’t stop. He said my ass was unbelievable and wanted to “keep me after school.” Psh. Lamest line EVER. I told him to fuck off. He grabbed me closer to him and tore my dress in the process. Joseph punched him in the face before the bar got into one drunken brawl. My homie bouncer pulled me out of the crowd and went back in for Joseph. He told us to leave immediately before the cops arrived.

We quickly packed up his gear and went on our way to the next bar. Joseph told me to be careful at this bar because a lot of bikers like to start trouble here. It was an hour away and only half way there I was beginning to feel uncomfortable about going. Dominic never said I couldn’t go to this bar, but I already knew it fell under risking my safety. I knew I should text Dominic and tell him everything, but I knew he would tell me to turn around and I didn’t want to cause any more problems for Joseph and his band. So I texted him the most vague message I could think of what I was up to and put my phone on vibrate.

We walked up to the front of the bar and there was bikes parked everywhere. Joseph grabbed my arm and pushed me closer to him. I looked around and tried to read what was on their leather jackets that was making Joseph so nervous. It was the Hells Angels, and once again, I was the only one in a pink frilly costume.

We got inside and Joseph and his band began to play. I went over to the bar and ordered two shots of Hennessy. Both were desperately needed. That’s when a girl approached me giggling while looking at my costume. We made eye contact and we both just busted up laughing, she ordered me another shot and we cheered to Halloween together. Her name was Laura, but she went by Buba. We hit it off great. I asked her where the bathroom was so I could change into my correctional officer uniform. I knew I wasn’t suppose to wear this without Dominic, but I also knew I wasn’t about to be hanging out with a bunch of bikers in a ripped naughty school girl outfit. I would just change back before I went back into town without Dominic being the wiser.

After I changed, she introduced me to her boyfriend (the lead Hells Angel at the bar) and introduced me to some other members as well. They were all so much fun to hang out with and we all began to just drink. The guys were trying to teach me how to play Quarters when Joseph told me he would come back for me because he didn’t have enough room in his car for his whole band and me. I told him I would be able to take care of myself and Buba reassured him I was in good hands.

After about 30 min, Buba and I went outside for a cigg. She showed me her man’s bike and I asked her if I could ride it. She said she would let me ride Jacks bike and went inside to go grab him. Dominic wouldn’t let me ride on a motorcycle and I always wanted to know what it was like, and now I had my chance! He put his jacket around me and told me to hold my arms around him. We went on his bike and he slammed on the gas. (Yea, so basically motorcycles is best thing EVER.) I was loving the ride until we hit a bump and I could feel my phone fall out the small pocket in my skirt. I asked Jack to go back and look for it but he said I wouldn’t be able to find anything on that dark road until day light. I didn’t know how I would explain to Dominic that I lost my phone because I was riding drunk, with a Hell’s Angel I had just met, on the back of his bike and at a bar that I know he wouldn’t approve of. Jack pressed the gas some more and I forgot about being worried and just sat back and enjoyed life!

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Alright Iv been busy a lot. First off I got involved with program called DARS they help me find work that i can do with my disability's IE add/adhd. They also help me get training . I have been looking into a dog grooming school in Arlington called Texas all breed dog grooming school. They told me they have students that have come threw DARS. DARS pays the full course tuion the for 3 months and will provide a ride to and from the school.

I have also started to volunteer at the North TX Humane society , for now I'm just walking dogs and getting to know the place. Their is chance i could be working with horses , but iv never working with a horse that is skittish or likes to bite and kick. I used to work at the benbrook riding stables at teenage cleaning tack, feeding,grooming, mucking out stalls. I hope that experience will help me when dealing with theses poor horses that have been neglected and abused.

Iv also found out about the GED, I signed up to retake just part of the test (math) i go take it on the 20. I spoke to the testing teacher and found they plan to change the test to make it more advanced in 2012. So I'm really hoping I pass!

OK now that iv covered that, about the housing i singed up for! I should know something more by the 28, if i didn't get voucher from then first drawing i will be put on a waiting list.They had over 19000 apply in the one week it was open.

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today I had my mid treatment testing done. They found no active cancer cells floating any where, SMILES widely.

Two more weeks of radiation, and my pet scan and hopefully i am home free.

I wish i could get a spanking right now!!! but not happening, dont know when i will get one next.

Kinda not happening for a bit i think!

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Last night was a marathon session. There are nights when you're a 2 pump chump & then there are those night when you can screw until everything shuts down an friction burn sets in. Last night was the later. It was the usual foreplay, ass smackin' good time it always is but last night I handcuffed her to the bed and screwed my wife in the ass long & hard. I had her legs over my shoulders, made her look me in the eyes while I punished her tight ass for a good long time all the while taunting her and bragging in her ear how she had little choice in the matter. Just to be clear, it was all consensual. When she was done & things got uncomfortable I stopped.

This morning I asked her if she was ready for round two tonight. She looked me up & down and said "round two? I just might have to take that paddle to your ass tonight!"

to be continued...

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I am rarely at a loss for words, seriously, until it comes to asking for what I need. I have this idea in my mind it's fully formed, I even have most of what I should say but the nerve to actually say it escapes me. I keep waiting for the right time...for him to be in a good mood, I don't even know what I'm waiting for, but I know I'm ridiculously anxious about bringing it up. I'm not even sure of what I am afraid of.. other than the fact that he won't do it. Spanking has been a sexual part of our relationship from the beginning, but we've never really talked about what it does for me otherwise... mostly because until now I haven't needed what else it does for me. Real punishment as never been my thing, it was a curiosity for a while.. it's hard not to wonder if you're like the other people you meet with this kink... DD is a big thing to a lot of people in the spanking community, but the more I thought about it the more I knew it wasn't for me. There are plenty of reasons which I won't bore you with bottom line...I don't need to be punished, but that does not mean that I don't need to be spanked. While it is sexual to me, it's more than that at the same time, and I think it's so sexual to me because it does many of the same things that sex does. There is intimacy, and connection, peace calm, centering and the reassurance of love and caring from my partner. These are things I DESPERATELY need. especially now that our lives have been in such a mode lately that those things are in low supply. The problem is with all the crap he's going through right now, he's never in the mood for anything sexual, so it's a matter of getting him to understand that it's not ONLY sexual, that its so much more and I need him to do that whether he is in the mood or not, especially since he is never in the mood for sex. The terror comes from being so afraid to ask for it just to be told he can't or won't because of what it has become to him ... it's s tricky situation and I'm just not sure what to do =(

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Would you all like me to post more stories of my DD experiences? God knows I have enough LOL


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The date is set for next Wednesday for the Reunion of my William jay and I.It will be so sweet to have that longing of passion that has been burning inside of us both.With technology today it still isnt the same virtually.The real thing is the best!To make the it through this time apart come to a short stall will be GREAT to have my William Jay over my lap and to have him in my arms.And yes I want/plan to have video...hehehe!
To those of you that know us,TY for all the support and it's great to be back in the WWW of stube lol.I am here and ready to have some fun.I still have the other Mommy in me to take care of the Ranch.But to get a break and be My William Jays Mommy is the best thing I can have and get to have a break from life at the ranch.
It's great to be back on stube and have my Guru to talk to.Now that September is over and the month of hell that we had to go thru is over we can get back to shareing our favorite things or ideas with each other.Hell to u to Tess,Yes please and tha gang!!

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I was in Chicago on business and met a daddy bear type named Dan at a bar. He took me to his house and we had dinner, and then afterward, he told me I was going to get spanked. He bent me over his lap and hand spanked me on my jeans, and then pulled them down and smacked my brief clad hiney as hard as he could. Eventually he pulled my briefs down and walloped my naked ass with his hand over and over again. My butt was burning but that was just the warm up of course. He stood me up and stripped me buck naked, and then led me downstairs by the ear. He stripped to his briefs himself and then made me bend over and place my hands on the seat of the couch in his tv room. He proceeded to bust my ass with every paddle he owned. Small wood ones. Large leather ones and everything in between. My ass was on fire. Then he pulled out a lexan paddle and a steel paddle and began to give me swats with each. I'd never felt pain like that in my life and stood up on my bare toes, wriggling and trying to avoid the stinging spanks. He wrapped his arm around my midsection and I could feel his erect cock through his briefs as he beat my nude asscheeks as hard as he could. By the time it was over, we were both out of breath and my buttocks were black and blue. He sat on the couch and I proceeded to suck his daddy dick until he shot his hot cream in my mouth.

The next day I fucked him in his sling and ate his asshole, but that's another story for a different site altogether :)

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alright folks. I am bored out of my effing skull right now. so I want to ask who would you either like to spank or be spanked by?
but the rules are
It has to be someone that we might know off. you cant say your wife if no one knows who your wife is
It can be a member of Spankingtube. I know half the women will say Niko already lol
Imma go first. Kellita smith (wanda from the bernie mac show.)she would get that attitude with Bernie and I'd be saying that she need to get that butt popped

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Hey everyone! :) Here is the 2nd part of my first DD experience. The first part is in the previous blog. Hope you all enjoy!

Dominic picked me up at exactly 8 pm and he took me to dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant, La Haccienda 2. I LOVE this place. The margaritas are amazing, the music is festive, and they have Mataxa (my favorite Greek brandy). I got him to take shots with me and we were soon dancing to the loud salsa music.

After awhile, I told him that I wanted to go out bar hopping and that I had only gone to the saloons around town. I'm from the Bay Area and I told him I was craving some good ol bay area hyphy music and asked if he knew any places that played any hip-hop. He said he did know one place, but he would only take me there if i promised him I'd never go without him. At first I refused, but I really wanted to go, so I reluctantly agreed.

The place was called O'Rileys, and he explained that it was in a very dangerous part of town and that the people were even worse. I knew the name of this place, I knew the bouncers there and the sheriffs would always tell me all the shit that goes down there. I was always curious about the place but no one would tell me where it was! Now I had a way. When we arrived, Dominic went over and shook hands with the bouncers that he knew and pulled two of them aside. I figured he was catching up with them, and didnt pay it any mind. When we got inside E-40 began to play and it was like I was home again. No more country music, no more gospel or salsa, but pure bay area music. There was NO way I was going to keep my promise to Dominic on this one. I had already decided that this was going to be my new spot :). For the rest of the night we hit it off perfectly. He asked me to be his girlfriend that night and I agreed. :)

About three weeks later, I was getting ready to go out for my girls 21st. Dominic came over and told me that he got called into work and would be unable to go with me. He began to list off rules that he expected me to follow and what behavior he expected of me. He instructed for me to keep myself safe, to answer his phone calls or texts, not to accept drinks from strangers, not to leave my drinks alone and to behave and stay away from O' Rileys. I gave him a "well no-shit" kind of attitude and told him I could take care of myself and to not worry. I could tell that made him angry but his phone went off and I knew he needed to go. The last thing he told me was that he had to discuss something very important with me about our relationship and that we would talk about it when he gets off work. I knew he didn't like that I had fake I.D. so I figured it was just about this, so confused again, I just agreed and got into the car.

My girls and I were ready to dance and drink all night long. This hope died when we realized that every saloon was having a pool tournament, along with some square dancing theme going on. Hell NO. I then remembered O' Rileys. I texted the bouncer to see if it was sick enough to role through. It was :). I knew Dominic would be angry if he found out, but that was only IF he found out, and I had no plans on telling him.

When we arrived, everything was perfect. Little did I know, that when I got there, one of the bouncers texted Dominic saying, "she's here". A request Dominic asked on the first night we went there together, for all of the bouncers, plus friends we knew in law enforcement that hung around the place, to do if they ever saw me there without him. Within the first song my phone began to vibrate, it was Dominic. I pushed the ignore button and would call him a little later. I had just arrived and I wanted to go get drinks. By the 5th call in a row, I just shut off my phone. I was angry he was ruining my night, I would call him when I was ready to call him. I just continued to drink and dance until a group of guys wouldnt stop grabbing me and wouldnt leave me alone. I tried to flag down one of the bouncers and thats when I saw one very pissed off Taylor in front of me. He told the men to leave the bar and for me to get my things and that we were leaving that very instant. I was drunk at this point and told him to fuck off with his high handed attitude. He gave up on trying to talk to me and just threw me over his shoulder and told my girls that I would call them tomorrow before walking out.

When I got into the car I was furious and tried to fight my way out. He held me down and told me I should save my energy for Dominic, not him. Thats when I remembered Dominic. Fuck. I could feel my heart begin to race and I knew I was in trouble. I dont know why I all of a sudden felt so nervous, if a guy told me not to do something and I wanted to do it then I did. I run my own life, but thats not how I felt anymore. I begged Taylor not to tell Dominic. I even bribed him with every meal on the Dennys menu lol. He told me Dominic was his boy and he doesn't keep anything from him. He then added that Dominic is the one that sent him over to pick me up because he was stuck at work. Taylor's phone began to ring and he answered before handing the phone over to me. I knew it was Dominic. I softly replied "Hi Baby, I know your..." He cut me off right there by saying "Don't say one word young lady. Taylor is going to drop you off at my house and I expect you to stay there until I get off work. Do I make myself clear?" I told him I would be there waiting for him. He asked if I forgot to charge my phone because it was off. I shakely explained that I had turned off my phone because he wouldnt stop calling and I didn't think it was a big deal to call him. I could only hear heavy breathing from the other end and I knew it would be best to just hang up the phone at this point. Taylor dropped me off and gave me a hug before telling me "Good Luck." I knew I was going to need it.

Around 10 a.m. the next morning, I woke up to the sound of his truck in the drive way. I began to look around and plan out escape routes in my head. He opened the door to his room, and his face looked even more angry then the drive home the first night we met. I asked him if he wanted to go get some Starbucks or go get some breakfast, anything to break the silence. He didnt say a word, just continued to stare and drink his red bull. I DONT like silence and I began to feel 100 times more nervous. Thats when I have no idea what came over me, but I began to yell at him. In my previous relationships, I had always been in charge and I wasn't going to let this guy change that. I told him that he had no right to be angry because I am an adult and he can't tell me what to do and that if he had a problem with it then he can just leave( btw, dont say this when your not at your own house lol). Thats when he chugged his Red Bull, tossed it across the room, and began to unbuckle his belt. I was so confused! Was he trying to have sex? Was this my "cue" to make him calm down? He asked me if I remembered the discussion he wanted to have about our relationship. I said I did. He then said, "I would have rather discussed this with you, but because of your actions last night, now I am going to have to show you." I didn't exactly know what he meant, i just knew i should run.

I tried to flee for the door but he caught me around my waste and pinned me over his lap like I was nothing. I struggled so hard but I wasn't even moving an inch. He was a correctional officer at a men's prison, yea, I'm knew I was not getting free. He pulled down my jeans and began to spank me HARD. This being my first real spanking, I was not prepared at all.

I threatened to call the police on him, he just laughed and said, "Baby, I am the Police!" without missing a beat from his belt. He continued to spank me for a long time before he stopped and let me up. He told me not to move and walked over to his closet. He returned with a wooden paddle, and some other implements, and forced me back over his knee, where he then took down my panties. Here we stayed in silence until the echoing crack of his paddle took over the silence. He began to lecture me about how unacceptable and disrespectful my actions were. He told me I would receive 4 different spankings from him for the 4 different offenses that I had brought upon myself. 1) Disobeying him and going to O'Rileys without him. 2) ignoring his phone calls/ not calling him. 3) attempting to keep things from him and asking his boys to lie for me 4)putting myself in danger and attitude.

I stayed over his lap, and over his bed for the rest of the morning and late afternoon. When it was over, my ass was a painting of different colors! He picked me up and began to comfort me while i sobbed apologies all over his uniform. When I had calmed down he lifted my chin up so that we were staring into each others eyes. He asked me what was going to happen if I disobeyed him again. I looked to floor embarrassed and began playing with my hands. I couldn't say it. He flipped me over and began spanking me again. I finally cried that he would spank me when I disobey him. He let me up and kissed me before telling me he would do just that. He said that this would always happen when he felt it was needed. Knowing I was no longer in control, I just shook my head and fell asleep on his chest.

This was my first DD experience and I could not sit down for DAYS!
Moral of the story: dont mess with correctional officers that are much bigger then you! LOL

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