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Views: 687 · Added: 1108 days ago

There are a lot of members who post photos and videos but just as many don't. Is there a reason for that?

A fellow member has suggested a buddy-system where we do it together to get over our shared fear. Tempting.

Of course, my guy read her offer and I'm sure he's wagging his proverbial tail at the thought of it since he had mentioned posting videos several times.

I have to admit that the more time I spend on here reading stories, getting positive feedback and encouragement (from mostly women), and checking out various photos and videos, it's chipping away at my resistance. (Now my guy will be wagging like a dog waiting for a favourite toy to be thrown.)

Hope everyone is having a superb day.

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Views: 1388 · Added: 1108 days ago

Does anyone understand how this system works? It doesn't have much impact on my activities, but I'm curious!

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Views: 3728 · Added: 1108 days ago

Just wanted to send out a quick apology. I haven't been on in a very long time, at least a few months now. I know I have friend requests and messages and I will be getting to all of them. I am sorry to anyone who has waited a long time for me to respond. It's just been the typical life thing, so busy no time for much fun.

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Views: 543 · Added: 1109 days ago

I know my guy is reading my posts which is an unusual way to communicate. I also believe that this is a way for him to get me comfortable with the idea of posting videos of our sessions down the road. While I've agreed to it in principle, the idea of doing it scares me.

I've watched parts of videos featuring more robust women. Most of the comments are positive but then there are some like "watch that fat little piggy squeal" or "love them bongos" and I think "forget it". Why would I want to put myself on display for compliments AND criticism. My physical self-confidence already takes hourly beatings with images of unattainable physical ideals. Even this site. Most of the Editors Picks (which is incorrect, it should be Editor's Picks)feature slim bodies with great legs and firm asses.

Then the personal confidentiality issue is always intriguing. Aren't those of you who post worried about others figuring out that it's you in the videos?

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Views: 2227 · Added: 1109 days ago

I don't have much time to write now but I wanted to say something here. I'll be spanking a Mother and her two Daughters soon (all adult models) and hopefully will have some video to share. Stay tuned...

And I'm always looking for BDSM/Spanking Models so if you're in the Washington, D.C. area and want a good butt warming send me a note. I shoot TF and paid so all of you red-tailed ladies please keep me in mind... ;)

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Views: 2597 · Added: 1109 days ago

Looking down at Melanie's nicely formed bottom, I couldn't believe what was happening. I had thought about this moment for the better part of three months and imagined how it might happen about a thousand times.

"Easy now big fella" I thought to myself. "Take your time, don't ruin this."

I lay my spanking hand on her right cheek, my thumb resting in the warm separation between her plump cheeks.

I gave her a light spank on her right cheek. Melanie's whole body tensed and her cheeks clenched. She buried her face into a pillow and squeeked out a muffled cry.

"Please don't say 'stop'" I thought to myself, fearful she'd have second thoughts and call off the spanking.

After I realized Melanie wasn't going to back out, I applied a spank to her left cheek. Her reaction was similar, but less intense. She wiggled her hips and un-clenched her cheeks.

I rubbed her cheeks gently and carried on, silently spanking her bottom, giving each cheek all due attention. Melanie gave out the occasional cry, but other than that, the only sound in the room was that of hand on bum (and maybe my heart beating).

After a minute or so, I got up the nerve to step it up a little. I took the hem of her sundress with both hands and raised it up, over her back. She was wearing the cutest pair of light blue briefs.

"Heyyy" she said, turning her face and laying her cheek on the pillow, but she didn't open her eyes.

She didn't try to cover her bottom either.

I spanked her brief-clad bottom for a good minute, gradually increasing the force of my spanks, constantly testing how far I could take this before Melanie would ask me to stop. I didn't want it to stop. Ever.

"I hope you're learning your lesson young lady" I said, the first words I had spoken since ordering her over my lap.

She shook her head no. Good answer :)

"Go for it!" I thought to myself.

"Well then" I said, and tugged at the waisband of her panties.

"Heeeyyyyyy" she said again, with a little more conviction than the first time. But just like then, she didn't make a move to cover her bottom.

I continued pulling at her panties, down her thighs until they were in a blue bunch by her knees. I could barely contain myself as I stared at the sight of her bare, pink bottom. It was magnificent.

"You have a very fine bum" I said. She smiled.

"It's a shame I have to spank it red" I continued, assessing her for a reaction, half expecting her to say "no, that's enough".

But she didn't say no. Instead, her reaction caught me off guard.

She stuck out her tongue.

"Why you naughty..." I started, but didn't finish.

Instead, I decided to let my hand speak for me. I started spanking hard and fast, covering both cheeks with unrelenting, stinging spanks. Melanie's cheeks wobbled furiously and quickly turned from pink to deep pink, then red. She squeeled loudly and kicked her legs vigorously on the arm of the couch.

After another minute of sound punishment, I stopped. We were both breathing hard, trying to catch our breath. Melanie was sobbing silently. Her cheeks were a fiery red.

After rubbing her burning cheeks for a few minutes, I stood her up and hugged her tight.

"You took your spanking like a very good girl" I whispered in her ear. "Thank you."

"No" she said, "thank you", and she sobbed happy tears into my shoulder.

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Views: 1657 · Added: 1109 days ago

I felt like my heart was going to explode.

I looked down at the pert 25-year-old brunette over my lap in disbelief, my head swimming.

Let me explain...

Melanie and I had been dating for three months. We had had sex and all, but there was something I wanted desperately to do since the moment we met: spank her bare bum. She had such a nice bubble butt that just screamed out to be spanked.

And then by some happy, lucky twist of fate that night, there she was, over my lap.

We had both been into the wine, and were cuddling on the couch watching a "chick flick" of her choosing. It was one of those Kate Hudson, or Katherine Heigl things.

My mind was anywhere but on that movie. Instead, I sat there beside Melanie, strategizing for about the millionth time how I could get her over my lap, bare that beautiful bubble bottom of hers and spank it.

"She's such a brat" Melanie said, the word "brat" snapping me out of my daydream.

"Someone should give her a good spanking" I thought to myself.

She looked at me.

"Would you spank her?" she asked.

Oh my God, did I say that out loud? I must have. Somebody help me, what do I say to that?

"Um, yeah, of course" I said.

This was not part of the plan. Not any of them.

"Don't you think she's too old to be spanked?" she asked, sending what blood I had that wasn't already in my head to go surging up there.

My heart was pounding, my head was swimming, and my lower body was numb (Well, almost. There was one part of my lower body that was, um, awake - but it's not that type of story :)

"Don't mess this up" I thought to myself. I calmed myself the best I could, looked her straight into her big brown eyes and said "you're never too old for a spanking, Melanie."

For both of us, the movie was just white noise by this point.

Melanie dropped her eyes from mine.

"I've never been spanked" she said quietly, playing with the hem of the pretty blue sundress she was wearing.

Holy shit, I think she may be into this. Don't eff this up man!

"Well" I said, "we should do something about that."

I paused, gaining my nerve.

"Right now."

She looked up, her big brown eyes wide with what, shock? Fear? Excitement? All of the above?

"Have I been bad?" she asked.

I didn't answer. I shifted over, making some room on the couch, put my hand on her shoulder and said instead "get over my lap young lady."

She sat there thinking for a few seconds, bit her lip, and then slowly leaned forward, over my lap.

I smoothed the sundress down over her round bottom, felt the panty line of her briefs underneath the thin material and sat silently, taking in the view.

My heart raced, the hair on my arms and legs stood on end and I felt like I was five feet above my own body. Despite basically having an out-of-body experience, I prepared myself for what would come next.


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Views: 1054 · Added: 1109 days ago

I got my first bedtime spanking last night. My husband teased me with a few swats and I begged for a spanking before we fell asleep.

He started with his hands, both of them at the same time, one to each cheek. As you all probably know, that's quite an effect! It warmed me up very quickly.

Then he reached for our paddle, which doesn't happen often. I swear I had an orgasm just from him reaching into the basket. We keep all our toys and vibes in a basket by the bed. It also holds a wooden paddle riddled with holes and a heavy rough leather strap.

I didn't know if he was getting the paddle or the belt and I didn't look. I just enjoyed the waves of pleasure from the anticipation.

He started on my right cheek and laid down ten unrelenting swats in a row, then gave the same on the left. I had oh so many orgasms laying there!

Then brushed my teeth and went to bed. It was perfect not too much but enough to leave me burning as I drifted off to sleep. Slept like a baby until 9:30! That's late for me. and I'm just a teeny bit sore this morning but still all a glow :)

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Views: 1018 · Added: 1109 days ago

I am tired but cant sleep but i am bored ............ What to do ?

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Views: 653 · Added: 1110 days ago

He wants me to remember that and tells me over and over again.

The cynic in me thinks, "what women isn't going to be told she's beautiful bent over, legs spread and completely naked?" It would be in his interest to say this to motivate a response.

But the girlie girl in me gets a little jolt of happiness nonetheless. Who doesn't want to hear they are beautiful and loved.

I asked him once if he was as affectionate with his previous spankees and he said yes. Kind of made me slump because I thought it was something exclusive to me. I did some research on this and it's part of the game/dance/exchange, whatever. That it strengthens the connection. From what I've read so far here, that affection seems to be something many spankees enjoy.

Even after a year it's still confusing but I'm just gonna go with it.

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Views: 1083 · Added: 1110 days ago

good is every one doin today? any one wanna chat or anythin pm.. i got skype aim and yahoo

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Views: 931 · Added: 1110 days ago

in the interest of saying hello to some of the new members and non-members
W/we have decided to make some of O/our videos public... included are an outdoor whipping, OTK spanking/paddling, bedroom strapping, and a punishment caning. please feel free to comment and add U/us as friends

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Views: 420 · Added: 1110 days ago

I'm still totally pissed I lost the first draft of my second blog. It was more descriptive and eloquent vs. the two part post.

There's so much to learn about this culture.

A big issue I have with spanking is my ass--apropos of the word BIG. My ass is huge. It was alway disproportionately large (J Lo has nothing on me). I don't understand the attraction to this large, jiggly, double-mound of ricotta cheese flesh.

My first few spankings I was obsessed with my perceived grossness of the rear view. It's not like I know what it really looks like back there, especially when folded over and spread apart. Questions like:

-when I tense up after a hard schwack, does my ass look all lumpy?
-do I need to shave further back. is it a jungle back there?
-how fat do my thighs look bent over like this?
-if I bend over more will it get rid of the pucker marks?

Apparently none of this mattered. At least he hasn't said anything yet. My neurosis is shining through.

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Views: 303 · Added: 1110 days ago

I'm doing this in two parts in case this thing times out and I lose whatever I write like I did 40 minutes ago.

So I was saying, addicted to the tenderness...but what freaks me out is the addiction to the stinging warmth I feel for hours after. It's been over three hours and I still feel it. And I'm embarrassed to say it feels awesome.

I never expected to want this, and sometimes even need this. Sometimes I think I'm really f-up even though I know there are lots of people that are into it.

My guy asked me to post something about the spanking tonight. So here it is. Night all.

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Views: 353 · Added: 1110 days ago

I'm pissed because I spent the last hour writing this blog and it timed me out so I lost everything.

My guy read my first blog and it got us talking about my attitude toward spanking. I admitted more than I expected. I told him how the last few times we were together I wanted him to spank me but I was too shy/embarrassed to tell him. He said I should always feel safe telling him.

I guess this tweaked his interest because he took matters into his hands. A night of cuddling turned into a cropping session--yes with a crop.

At the time I was thinking, "damn this hurts! What was I thinking? I can't believe I told him I wanted this!" There I was, bent over, getting smacked over and over again.

I think I'm addicted to the tenderness he shares with me after. He holds me as I shake from the pain--barely able to stand.

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Views: 1266 · Added: 1111 days ago

I just don't even know why I bother with spankingtube anymore. It's not like I'll ever get spanked whipped or paddled ever again. So why do i keep comming back and looking at videos and blogs? who knows. I'm considering deleting my profile. bye everybody. looks like my spanking bdsm days are over.

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Views: 379 · Added: 1111 days ago

So why am I here? Good question. I'm sure others could answer this better than I can.

Basically, the man I'm seeing insisted I start and account and share my experiences with the community. I'm a newbie to the spanking community and have to admit it is intimidating.

My first real spanking was about 13 months ago. I wasn't surprised when it happened because he told me that's what he liked and I didn't flinch, freak or judge. It did take us several months to work up to that first one.

Honestly, it was a strange experience. There I was, bent over, bare assed getting swacked and all I kept thinking was, "is this really enjoyable"? "Why am I doing this"? "This makes no sense". But as this posting reveals, months later I've continued to be a willing participant.

The first spanking conjures up memories of doubt that it would ever be a pleasurable experience. I kept thinking it was strange and silly but I really liked this guy and wanted to give it a fair shot. I had my eyes open and felt like shaking my head because I kept thinking "really, I'm not one to submit to anything. I'm an ass-kicking bitch, not someone who submits, let alone one who submits to getting spanked".

I had recollections of my mom giving me whoppings that caused bruises--not something I ever wanted to repeat. But here I am.

I'll share more later.

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Views: 2622 · Added: 1111 days ago

I apologize for the extreme title... I have never put up a blog like this before. You see I am in a bit of a quandary to say the least. my phone went all wonky on me and I had to do a factory reset, now this is a new bass phone so I had to change everything as my old password was not usable again. This created quite a problem for me even though I did use my backup assistant. I literally lost myself in spanking tube which was really disheartening for me, and I started to create a new profile but I realize that there would be 2 of me... my old 1 which had my monkey kinda crooked avatar and then this 1 I just made which I just kind of threw together. I managed to get a friend instantaneously andrew that friend I found another friend who had me as a friend and yes this is getting rather kind of like "who's on first" but I really am a techno dork and those of you out there who happen to recognize the techno dork with the red hair and the wonky angle with a hat... that would be me. I guess what I'm trying to ask is how can I get back to being the old me when I'm stuck with this new 1 that I have yet to even fill out or put a picture in? I really like my first 1 as I put a lot of thought into it and made some very nice friends so if anyone can. help me in anyway you would be very much appreciated!!! I thought if I bookmarked my old self then perhaps I could get there but I don't know if that will work and at this point in time I don't really have a lot of time to sit and upload the picture and do everything that I did with my riginal 1 so maybe I'm just stuck and perhaps this is an opportunity for a bit of a change? I seem to have been pondering much of life as of late and have had some health issues that is why I simply did not put this off the top of my list of priorities, but still in the back of my mind... so if anyone has any brilliant ideas or even not brilliant ideas or just hey thought or some words of wisdom, it would be very very welcomed. Thank you very much and to all of you out there have a beautiful day =)

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Views: 830 · Added: 1111 days ago

An unusual cold snap brought an even more unusual snowfall to our small beach town. We decided to have an evening in, making some poor delivery boy drive through the snow, while we lay curled up in each others arms on our bedroom floor in a cascade of pillows and blankets.

Headlights streaked across the walls through small slits in the blinds. “Food’s here,” he said excitedly.

“Thank you for calling it in and getting up to answer the door, you’re so sweet.” He added affectionately.

“Aww,” I said, grinning from ear to ear, “You’re welcome, honey.”

“I just want to make sure that you know how much I appreciate all that you do. I could give you a proper thanking, if you’d like.” He said, raising an eyebrow, with a look that I knew and loved.

“Bring that naughty bottom over here.” He motioned over his outstretched legs.

We heard a car door slam, so I quickly crawled over his legs, staying on all fours though, so I could easily jump up for the door.

He didn’t hesitate or hold back. SMACK. He brought his hand down full force on my right butt cheek. The crack rang out loudly and the impact radiated deeply, and he didn’t stop. He struck the same spot again and again with firm stinging swats. I briefly thought of the delivery person, walking past our bedroom, and up the long walk to the front door. SMACK. I breathed in sharply as another shocking swat landed over the dying embers of the last one.

SMACK. ‘Oh, he has to be hearing this.’ I thought. SMACK. I flushed as I wondered if he knew what we were doing by the sound alone, or if the idea would ever occur to him. I wondered how many other couples were tucked away tonight, warm and toasty, enjoying unspeakable acts of passion and pleasure.

SMACK. I struggled to hold back the yelps and squeals that desperately fought to escape my tightly closed lips. I didn’t want to make it any more obvious that someone was spanking my ass for the pure fun of it.

“Oh!” His hand fell again and again, the deep burning approached intolerable.

“Aaaah!” I couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oooww!” The heavy swats came faster, quickly increasing the sweet, but searing pain, leaving me squirming and weak and aching for more. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through my abdomen and down my legs, relaxing my body and drawing my entire being into the sensations of his firm hand on my burning bottom.

I held my breath waiting for the doorbell to ring, sinking my bottom lower and lower away from his hand. I quickly pushed back into position, surrendering to him, trusting him, and knowing I could take even more, wanting him to push me past that point. The pain felt wonderful, powerful, and raw. It pulled me down into the experience of the moment, a meditation, an all-encompassing silence of the mind.

The knock at the door made me jump. I was slightly relieved as I was dangling over the edge of pleasure to pain. I quickly leapt up, almost, but not quite fast enough. He flicked his hand one last time, with greater force still, managing to land directly on target once again, despite the distance I had gained in that solitary moment. I let out a final yelp as I practically danced to the door, feeling sexy and silly and satisfied, wearing a wicked grin and absolutely savoring the blazing red patch on my bottom. I tried to slow my blood, taking light careful steps, but my ass prickled and pulsed with each and every one. I slid back the dead-bolt and turned the knob, delighting in a raw throb of pain that squeezed around well-spanked flesh. A great ripple of pleasure rushed through my body, followed by a fit of laughter as I realized I was about to open the door to some poor delivery boy who had no possible idea of the fun that goes on in our house, not even an inkling.

I stood tall and flung open the door, laughing uncontrollably as I signed my name and took our food. It was one of the most exhilarating and erotic spankings of my life. So far, that is. :)

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Views: 702 · Added: 1111 days ago

My video was finally put up it took forever. But due to some issues with my bae(not the one in the video). He got pissed and called and told me to take it down so im going to have to abide by his wishes and take it down. SORRY!!!

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