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A promise is a promise and I was promised 31 with the belt.

So I was punished on the bare with the belt.. 31 lashes in total

During and after I felt inside a relief to be honest... even though my bum was on fire and in agony.. I bit the pillow.. choked back my tears and tried to count.. my voice just wouldn't come out! I knew I deserved it, but I can not sit now.. so there's a reminder! Im lying on my side at the moment, in bed- im not allowed downstairs because I've been punished... my cheeks have bruised so bad. He made me immediately stand in the corner with my hands on the wall... no rubbing...I got myself together, and he hugged me.. im forgiven now.. he said he knows im trying to be good and he doesn't mind me making mistakes.. but I must learn!

I respect him, I earned the belting, I took it, New day tommorrow.

- sophia

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"The waiting IS the hardest part."

Now that I've joined the 21st century (almost) and discovered FetLife, SpankingPersonalAds and been to my first munch, I'm pleased and also sad that I didn't do any of this sooner. But better late than never, and I have a session set up for tomorrow with "Luci". I met another young lady today, but this was the "preliminary" meeting, where we both determine that the other isn't a psychopath and that we are on the same wavelength. I certainly understand the need for safety--when I meet someone for the first time, I show up 2 hours early to case the place and make sure no crazy husbands of bfs are waiting to knock me in the head. But it is frustrating as hell!! I thought I was patient; in fact I've prided myself on that attribute many times. But when I thought there was something set up a couple of days ago, and the young lady had to cancel due to her allergies, it was more than a little disheartening. (I can't be positive of course, but I'm pretty sure she was telling the truth--we have seen each other quite a few times in the past couple of weeks, and actually knew each other from many years ago--only not that we were both spankos.)
I learned a lot at that first munch last night, and one thing was that real life often intrudes on play time. Maybe I'm just spoiled because so much "play time" came so fast, so quickly. I guess I'm afraid it's all going to turn out to be a dream and I'll wake up where I was a few months ago. A line from many of our favorite videos comes to mind: "Time will tell."

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So, I got a short taste of the belt this morning.. and I know it was horrible! My husband only gave me 3 lashes of it, and stopped. He said to me tonight he knew I was not punished enough for what I said to him this morning, but he had to stop and leave the house because he was sooooooo angry with me :( It is true that in our contract, we agreed if he was angry he was not to spank.. because it would not be safe and/or fair.

So he knows Im scared of the belt... and he knows I will cry even at the threat.. he served my punishment at 1 lash of the belt for every year I have been alive :( as for every year I grow older I should know better. His words not mine.

31 lashes of that dreaded belt, is going to kill me. The pain from 3 was awful. He wants me to count them too... I have never had to properly count before.. I hate being nervous. He thinks I need some serious attitude adjustment.

So anyway we have his brother round later, so as soon as he goes home, Harry will punish me. I have been warned any comments tonight and the punishment will happen again in the morning :( I promise I will barely speak..

I have a very strong character normally, perhaps even hard-faced... apart from when it comes to a spanking, then im a nervous, teary wreck.
My husband knows that too... he is naturally a dominant man.. he has always had to keep me on the straight and narrow- so I think he probably thinks its about time, he can deal with everything this way!

But 31 lashes... jeez

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So I've tried to make things better with Harry..but he still must be mad at me, to be fair I knew he would be. I sent him a text message and he hasn't replied, he never not replies and I know he isn't in court, so he must just be ignoring me.
I knew he was so cross with me because he didn't even speak before he left the house this morning, he just threw his belt across the room, shoved me out the way , leaving me crying on the bed saying sorry and went. I felt bad then and I really feel bad now, worse infact.. I don't try to annoy him on purpose.. I hope he knows that. Harry has a foul temper just like I have... he will just go away from the situation and cool off when things get too much. He knows how to control his temper though... maybe that's a thing you develop with age. I just feel terrible. The worst thing is I didn't see his face, look in his eyes. I know he is always disappointing with me.
I will apologize.. show him I am sorry. But apart from words (that I have promised before and broke) I can't do anything. I will apologize again, explain I do not do it on purpose.. Im such a brat, I could kick myself hard sometimes.

What can I do guys/girls?

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I have a date tonight with the belt.
As mentioned before I haven't been spanked in a little bit due to lack of privacy but we have it tonight. He said I've been getting slick lately which I know I have. I was kind of taking advantage of the fact that he couldn't. It's hard to undo 20 years of getting over on people!
So he said tonight I can expect to get my ass beat. And then he kissed me.
He knows exactly what he's doing. Now I have to think about this all day. I hate this!!

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Here goes... hangs head
I woke up about 6am as per usual, went the gym to go spinning whilst everyone else in the house was still asleep. Whilst I was there I met someone who has a habit of just winding me up round the wrong way, i do my best to just ignore him usually but this morning... grrr.. I just seethed. Anyway I left, about 45 minutes later and had to make general chit-chat till I got to my car in order to be polite.
When I arrived home, I didn't realise the foul mood I was in and when my husband asked me where I had been my answer was "where do you think? I didn't realise I was on Tag- I only went the GYM"... That went down like a lead balloon.
He got out of bed, whilst I showered and he pushed me down into the duvet, head first... He didn't even speak... he pulled my arm up my back and then I caught my breath.. he used the belt 3 times consecutively, getting that patch of skin between bum cheek and leg... Tears rolled out of my eyes.. I don't like the belt.. it's agony. I had to bite the pillow to stop me screaming. It's making me wince to write this, I don't like the belt. I just didn't think before I said what I said.
He just left me on the bed slumped.. still not speaking to me... that makes it worse... I felt bad! I still feel bad. I didn't even get chance to see his face. My mood hasn't cleared and I thought it would. My husband must have been disappointed. We knew this wasn't an overnight cure having a d/d relationship.. but the last 2 days had been lovely.
To reflect, I hate the belt... I may just try and have the belt removed from our contract in 2 months and 2 weeks time at our 3 month review. But in hindsight, if I have it removed from the acceptable list, he will only add something else won't he... hmmmmm

Take care guys,
A very sad, sore legged - Sophia

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My relationship with Bunny was the ONLY thing that seemed natural and right for me. Why did so many people think it was SO wrong? I just didn't get it. Worse than what other people thought, was that Bunny believed it.

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It was a really good Christmas. All of the time I was stuck with my family, my mind was on the day Bunny and I had spent together. Except for Christmas Eve she called me every night. Best of all, because Leah was away and C.J. was still in jail, most of the week between Christmas and New Years Eve, Bunny spent with me. We spent the whole day together on my birthday and she had supper and birthday cake with my family. It was almost like what it would be like if it was okay for us to date--as if she were my boyfriend. I imagined how it would be if it could always be like this -- we could move in together after we graduated and live happily ever after. I didn't tell Bunny any of this. I knew it would just upset her. I knew she didn't believe it could ever be like that, not in this town, maybe not anywhere.
Deep down I knew she was probably right, even though for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. Oh! I knew why she felt that way. I just didn't understand why it was such a big deal. We weren't hurting anybody. We loved each other. Why was that so hard for people to understand? It seemed perfectly natural to me.

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Hey guys/girls
So my day started really well.. cuddles with the husband in bed followed unfortunately by corner-time. Man, I am beginning to hate corner time, I was the one who started the corner time last week... oh why, oh why, lol. I have noticed that Im becoming a fidget in the corner... so I got a couple of light slaps to the legs.. lectured about how good I was yesterday and then BAM... the threat of the belt was used, if I did anything wrong what-so-ever there was no warnings, the belt was going to be used. So anyway, I still had to keep that darn belt with me everywhere we went today together.. I hate having it there with me, I end up looking at it, whilst subconsciously clenching my bum cheeks together... argggg! We both where off work today, so I had to be sooooo good, I knew he had his eye on me, very closely indeed.
Anyway to cut along story short... I nearly swore today when I was in the car and some idiot pulled out on me... but I controlled my temper and took a deep breath! My husband praised me and told me Im doing very well... yet Im sure he is just looking for an excuse to punish me. I will not give up now..
In conclusion, I have not woken up cuddling in the morning in the arms of my husband since I was pregnant... so we are talking 18 months atleast, I thank d/d for that! Its not nice to be over a knee... but the outcomes good behaviour brings are. So here.. I know I can save my marriage

- Soph

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So many people have their different takes on what DD is, Alot of people agree with what DD is but their is some people out their that think that this kind of lifestyle is Abusive. For me DD is a non erotic, non BDSM and a essential part of me and my boyfriends relationship that makes us complete. As long as I know that he cares about me when disciplining me and after that's all that matters.
So what is your take on DD?

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What do you consider the perfect spanking video? Let me try to explain. What kind of implement used or multiple implements. What should the spanked bottom look like afterwards. Very red, pink, striped or welted. What position was the spankee in, otk, or bending over something? This should be simple for all to answer.

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So after working all quarter to get grades up a turn in an
essay that i
fell was good and the proff gives me a 62 on so know mgrades sitting at
a high d . Know i have to get a perfect final graade to at least pull threw this class and pass. Errrrrr. Annoyed

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So as I write this it is 03:10am in the UK, and I can't sleep so thought I would do a quick blog.

I was spanked quite severely on Monday, with the horrid threat of the belt... as it happens yesterday (Tues) was the first day for approx 10 days that I broke no rules, I was the perfect me! Not one swear word left my lips. It was the first day in ages that I didnt need to be shall we shall be "reminded". To be truthful though I did still have cornertime tonight tho as my husband thinks it embarrasses me into being/staying good!

Just shows I needed that spanking till I cry moment very much! (Not that I thought I did at the time) Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for me everyone that I have another lovely day tommorrow...I really do not want that belt and I am not afraid or embarrassed to say, I am scared of the belt.. I heard the cracking noise it made in the air :(

Goodnight guys/girls... - Sophia

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Hello All, back again with another installment of my reality spanking adventures.

I am sure we are all familiar with the site My Spanking Room Mate, and have all seen spanking videos or movies were a lady has to offer up her rear end in lieu of rent payments right? Well this story, being 100% true falls into both categories.

Will never forget, it was a Tuesday and I was tired as could be from a long over-extended weekend. My phone rings and it was my friend Tovah. Her and a friend, Jessie, both had agreed to do the room mate thing. Only thing is Tovah was buying this particular townhome and Jessie just needed a place to stay for a bit.

Both ladies are well educated and come from wealthy families. Only difference is Tovah works hard and takes her career seriously, while Jessie is/was more of a party girl who rarely worked. Must be nice when daddy keeps replenishing your trust fund. Usually if Jessie needed something, being a very cute and tone girl, she flirted with guys, showed some cleavage, or happened to assume a provocative bending over position to get money or material possessions.

Tovah insisted that I drive to her house and help her with Jessie. Tried to say no numerous times, but Tovah was not having it and threatened to keep calling my house until I caved in and helped. Not sure if any of you ever tried arguing with an upset Jewish woman, but it is an uphill battle to say the least.

So I get dressed, get in the car, drive through Chicago, then up to Glenview and through all their slow traffic. Once I get there I did not even have a chance to ring the bell and Tovah yanked me into her house by my shirt.

"You have to help me with Jessie, she has lived here for 5 months and have not paid me a dime in mortage payments or ulities and she won't get a job" and kept going on at such a rate I could not get a word in.

"So what do you want me to do about that? You're both adults."

"I want you to spank her ass, bare and HARD!"

"Are you serious?"

"YES!! She has not given me a penny since she moved in!! Either she gets spanked by you tonight or she can move the hell out."

In case you are wondering why I was asked to perform this task, both of these girls are friends with a lady who was spanked by myself more than once. So they both knew what my hands were capable of. If I am being honest, I was looking very forward to this. Jessie had an adorable pert little backside from many years of track running, and she was a total brat. I picked up on that first time I met her.

So there Tovah and me sat talking about other things until we heard the door downstairs shut. Before I could do anything Tovah bolted downstairs and a big argument between the two ensued. Due to the back and forth, the only line I remember was Jessie saying "Are you effin kidding me? You know how hard he spanks!!? There is no frickin way he is spanking my ass!"

From what else I caught in the WWIII size arguement, Tovah threatened Jessie with informing her dad that she was not employed and owed her a couple thousand dollars. When Jessie heard this she had a change of heart as she saw her world drastically changing with one call. Meaning her money would be cut off and then she would have to find a new place to live.

Next I heard loud foot steps coming up the stairs. Here comes Jessie, looking mad and flustered. "So you are here to spank me huh?"

"Only because your room mate asked me too, and the circumstances are justifiable. Did Tovah tell you how she wants you to be spanked?"

"Bare butt, yea yea I know." As she started undoing her extremely, uncomfortable looking, tight jeans. When Jess turned around to put her jeans on the table, I noticed she had no real panties to take down. Just a very thin navy blue string that ran between her tight little cheeks. After her pants were removed she covered her buns with her hands in a slight hint of embarassment.

Jessie got across my lap when told to do so and used a throw pillow to cling too while her spanking ensued. I knew she must have hardly, if ever, been spanked as her butt turned red quickly and she jumped and squirmed about with each smack to her bare butt. Every so often placing the back of her hand across her ass in an attempt to halt the punishment.

Not long into her spanking, I hear foot steps on the stairs again. Now Tovah shows up with a small bag of chips, and pulls up a seat to my left.

"Everything OK?" I asked, stopping for a second, not knowing why she was there.

"Yes, I just want to see her get it good. Keep going! Don't let me stop you. I will let you know when I think she had enough." As I continued slapping away I noticed Tovah's grin grew wider with each hard stinging slap to Jessie's lovely behind. Tov did look every bit amused eating her potato chips while her unruly roomie was kicking about while her ass was getting more red with each passing swat.

"Eff you Tovah!!" Jessie blurted out, only to be met with harder swats with my palm for her mouthiness. She did apologize between "Owie!!" "Yow!!" "Damn that stings!!" and other vocalized reactions to her bare bottom warming. Jess was doing all she could to minimize the effect of her spanking. Squeezing her cheeks together, straightening then kicking her legs, and moving her butt to each side in hoping I would miss a few smacks. By now my palm was red, stinging and throbbing, so I knew her ass must be getting tender.

Once Jessie pounded her fist on the arm of the couch, and Tovah noticed some tears smudged make up on the throw pillow she gave me the sign enough punishment was dealt out.

I helped Jess sit back up, and she immediately placed her palms beneath her hot round buns. She looked up at the ceiling and wiped away a small couple of tears from under her eyes.

When I was getting ready to leave I hugged Jessie as she thought I was genuinely upset with her, when I was not. She then mentioned she did not want to be spanked that hard ever again. Tovah on the other hand just smiled and hugged me too for a job well done.

Driving home I felt gratified as she did have that coming for a long time. Was disappointed in know Jessie would never want to submit to a spanking again. Although, a couple of months later she did something that earned her a much more powerful bottom blistering. Makes me glad some women don't learn the first time around.

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So as some of you may know I accidently let the F word slip out of my mouth yesterday again, I got a bit stroppy after having my leg slapped in a coffee shop and then got threatened by my husband with the belt last on in the day. It was a bad day for me yesterday.
Well last night he had bought a new leather belt as he has promised :( He made me stand in the corner and take my own pants down, whilst lecturing me about foul language and how he was going to for the first time use the belt. :( He scared me and told me he was horrified and I sounded like a trollop.. not his wife. He made me ask for a spanking and put me over his knee like a little girl, i hate being tugged over his knee- i can lie across it on my own surely. I know a lot of you are probably expecting that I got the belt, but I didn't he made me think he was, but he didn't. He said he enjoyed the threat of NEXT time he will deffinetly use the belt. So as punishment I got hand spanked and made to stand in the corner. I also have to whilst we are in the house together have the belt in the same room as us for the rest of the week... just incase that dreaded F word slips out again. So far so good, ive been a nice ladylike girl today! :)
I think the reminder every time I sit down today has helped me say words like oh darn, and sugar lumps... because I do not ever want that belt!

Hope everyone is well, Sophia

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get into spanking?

My husband is a vanilla and I already have confesed him that I'm a spanko (spankee) and he slaps my bummy from time to time, but i can't make him play for real because i don't want to force him into it. I just wish he'd like to do it, but just as he respects my spanko life i respect his vanilla life and I kind of tried to tell him that i want that to happen, that i want him to be my spanker, so far he's agreed (not that he likes that much the idea because he doesn't get why or what's the fun part about spanking) and yet he hasn't tried to do that, well he does like i said slapped my behind a few times, but nothing yet, my last resource is to show him some of the videos (the ones I like the most) and see what happens. I also tried to play with someone else, of course my husband knows but he didn't like the idea. He let me do as i wanted but... yet he's not ok with that, thus i'm wondering if someone else has a little bit of experience on this matter and if you wish to advice me what to do... i will appreaciate it :)

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I found a very "interesting" video

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I was thinking about her slippery, freckled shoulders and soap bubbles, and our breasts touching. My face hurt from not being able to get the silly grin off of it.

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We managed to get out of the shower and get dressed even though we were kissing every thirty seconds, it seemed. I hated that our day together was ending. I didn't want to let her go. She kissed me again at the door, a good, long kiss. I forced myself to say good-bye and let her go minutes before my mother pulled in.
There was so much to do; last minute decorations to hang, presents to wrap, food to prepare. My mom kept me busy for the rest of the day, but I did everything in a daze.
"What are you thinking about with that silly grin on your face?" my mom asked as she scurried by me, while I was wrapping a present for my cousin in the living room.
I just laughed and she was too busy to stop and ask me again. I don't know what I would have said if she had. I'd been thinking about Bunny and everything we'd done today. I was thinking about her ass right above my face, and about her paddling me with the brush. I was thinking about her thighs up in the air and the way she was watching me and biting her lip when I fucked her.

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