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First off yes Its been a very long time. Just to recall the holliday I would like to talk about this man I know.

He was born in Athens Ga. but moved to Rock Hill SC when he was still in grammar school. It was hard for his family to find work back then. So he had a paper route to help his family put food on the table. He was the oldest of 4 kids 2 boys 2 girls during the depression.

After he finished school WWII had broke out so he joined the Navy. He was a tail gunner and when not on a plane he was a radio technician. Not a very tall man at all. Around 5'8" or 9". He was assigned to the pacific where they flew missions to get the Japanese off the Phillipine Islands. After they drove them off to one side of the Island he then with help of lots others preformed rescue missions.

No he didn't earn any high medals not even a purple heart thank god. He was a surviver like he always had been.

He bought my first real guitar when I was 9. A 1968 Martin D-35. Sounds just as great today as it was brand new. He said he would bu me one if I stuck to it. So I did blistered fingers an all. Remember coating Elmers glue to my fingertips just to bare it. Saddly we lost him just over 2 yrs ago. He made it to his 87th B-day. The next day he died. The man of course is my dad.

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thank you all so much for the kind comments on 'my vision'. i am back home now after 4 great days in mississippi with friends. i REALLY needed that.

we spent lots of times in the casinos - played poker, including a tournament where i place 6th out of 41 (in the money, but a very sad story nonetheless, LOL. sadly, in poker as in life, sometimes i am my own worst enemy.) played some different table games and learned roulette. then, in the 9th hour, 2am friday morning to be precise, after being down almost $700, i hit a $1600 jackpot and not only paid for this trip but my next one :). BIG smiles on that.

we spent some time at the pool but i could not swim because my new tattoo is still healing (anyone care to guess where it is located, or did i already tell u? i don't remember.) we also saw some fair fireworks (not gr8, just OK). it was a super time and the weather was beautiful from start to finish. i came home to a very wet homestead, apparently it started raining as soon as i left and is only stopping now. the money gods may not be big fans of me, lol, but the weather gods sure do love me.

if tomorrow stays damp it may be a great day for another installment of 'my vision'.

thanks again for reading, e

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Hello ST Family.

My apologies for not posting any new stories in over 2 months. Summer and some family issues have kept me busy and not really in the writing mood much as of late. Next week I am hoping to get more spare time to entertain you all with a new spanking story. Also the spam attack here did not help much.

But I did want to let everyone know that I am currently working on a self published book project. 13 of my best spanking tales will be told there for all to read over and over again. I will keep everyone posted and let you all know when that is available.

Also hoping that this fall I will have some videos for with some of the girls from my Punished Behinds album and a new ebony lady who wants a paddling others will witness.

That about all for now. Great contributions from many people on here, please keep up the good work.

Clare Fonda Pass
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Anyone can put you on the right path but they cant make you walk it you have to make that first step and decide if your on the road to success or failure.

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During the winter it is cold as hell, and I always ask myself why in the hell did I want to live so close to the mountains.

Well Today I finally got my answer.

There is absolutely nothing better than standing outside on the front porch and watching the beautiful fireworks Bare Ass Naked..... No cars come up the hill after certain hours and no little ones in the area, Nothing to worry about but a deer or a bear lmao. Hmmm now that I think about it I really don't want to be running down the hill trying to get away from a deer or bear butt ass naked lmao....


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Make the belt go away,
And get it off my backside.
Say I'm grounded for a day,
And make the belt go away.

Do you remember when I told you
I would do everything you say?
I was high, so forget it,
And make the belt go way.

Make the belt go away...

You know I'm sorry I'm so bratty.
I should be punished. I should pay.
Think of something less painful,
And make the belt go away.

Make the belt go away...

Clare Fonda Pass
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America is free because we didn't like the king.
He claimed the right to spank us with taxation's bitter sting.
The spankings got more frequent so we dumped a little tea,
Like when your daddy spanks you so you bite him on the knee!
Then Lexington and Concord sent a message to the throne,
That those who dare to spank us get a spanking of their own.
Our patriots had had enough of tyranny and such.
They told the king we'll spank ourselves and thank you very much.


Glory glory hallelujah!
When I take my paddle to ya
You'll be sorry that I knew ya.
Dad's truth is marching on.


The Fourth is a grand celebration,
With picnics and concerts and pride.
For some there are fireworks early,
Ignited a bit prematurely,
To celebrate tanning your hide.

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Hope everyone has a great holiday

Unfortantly for me I got a call from my dad that a gost from my childhood will being coming over durring my family cookout hopefully I can keep my hate and anger under control for Noelle's sake :-/

But on a funny note durring my spanking yesterday morning I managed to knocked both me and my mentor daddymole onto the floor while trying to block the hair brush lol :-)

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Happy 4th of july everyone. Stay safe Im in for the night was out at our Red white and Boom event here in CO. watching fireworks and having fun and staying sober well for the most part. But hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow to. Enjoy yourself and stay sober and safe.

Clare Fonda Pass
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I may have said in bible class
That karma is a bitch.
The willow tree is lighter now
By one substantial switch.
The stinging has subsided
To a manageable itch.

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I was sentenced to a flogging
But they didn't tell me when.
Thus began a meditation
Quite outside the realm of Zen.
My cell became a black hole
Like the ones in outer space
Where time and space are sucked up whole
As endlessly I pace.

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Like duellists who dog my every action
The rat race is demanding satisfaction.
Your vision rises brightly in the mist
To tease me with a reason to exist.
To cop a crust of bread I jump through hoops.
Your belt sublimely slithers from its loops.

Clare Fonda Pass
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Like i may never find someone whos into spankings like me, i really wanna go farther into my fantasies but need assistance

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I don't know why but lately I've been fascinated by the idea of my Master to spank me in front of someone, or even a group of people. I'm not into humiliation or anything like that but lately the idea has kind of been bugging me. Would it be a good girl spanking or a bad girl spanking? What would I have done to earn it. The knowing look(s) on the witness(es)' face(s)whenever they see me. Has anyone been spanked or in front of friends or at a fetish party in front of strangers? What about those of you who have witnessed it? I kinda want a few different opinions on it before I try it.

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The amateur flogger was flawlessly skilled.
His compadre's raw back was a welter of red.
The thing that allows me to watch and be thrilled
Is that no drop of blood by the bullwhip was shed.

Clare Fonda Pass
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Nothing more need be said, thanks, Ike.

It's a perfect time to talk about freedom, this was inspired by a friend, thanks.

I am free to speak my mind,

I am free to tell my truth,

I am free to be myself,

I am free to love,

I am free to hate,

I am free to be loved,

I am free to be hated,

I am free to breathe,

I am free to dream,

I am free to believe,

I am free to not,

I am free to feel,

I am free to care,

I am free to not give a damn,

I am free to live the life I choose for myself,

I AM free.

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Waiting for a punishment sucks
I kinda just wanna get it over with
But sadly I have to postpone it :-(

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You tell me you love me
And I let that lie lie
Why dig up the truth
When the truth will just make us cry
And you don’t need to explain
I understand why
Its easier to live a lie
Then watch love die

You say that you love me and you may think you do
But your actions are contradicting you

Clare Fonda Pass
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This story is one of the half true half fiction stories.

My First Punishment Paddling from Daddy

Shortly after I moved in, Daddy and I discussed him punishing me. We both agreed I needed it, me a little more reluctantly than him. He showed me the paddles he would use and also, told me some rules. First of all, every single spanking, whether fun or punishment, is bare. It may start with pants, but it always, always, always ends bare.

A punishment never takes place in our bedroom, only in the first guest room. He wants our bedroom and the living room to be our places for pleasure and minor correction.

Also, punishments are rarely over his knee. He knows I crave that closeness and if I'm bad, taking that closeness away is part of the punishment. I can only think of one time I was punished over his knee. Punishments are with me face down on the bed, arms and legs tied to the bed, pillows under me to raise my bottom to the right position. I'm a squirmer when I get spanked, even for fun, and I reach back a lot. When I'm punished, Daddy wants to be sure he doesn't have to worry about anything else and can concentrate on administering a much needed punishment.

I get spanked pretty much every day, most of them for fun, some for maintenance and every once in a while when I'm just pushing Daddy's buttons. These are with small, wooden paddles with no holes. Punishment paddles are much larger and have holes. Once in a while, I just sort of knock on the naughty door and Daddy will take me over his knee and use the hairbrush like he did a couple of weeks ago when I got a speeding ticket driving his car! This first punishment paddling is kind of tied to that.

I came home to find Daddy sitting at the kitchen table, the mail open next to him. I bounced over to him, gave him a kiss and plopped myself on his lap. I was getting a little nervous because he hadn't greeted me like he usually does. He reached around me and picked something up off the table. He handed it to me and I looked in disbelief. It was pictures of me driving through not one or two red lights, but three red lights all on the same night. It was the same night I got the ticket driving Daddy's car. Accompanying the pictures were 3 tickets.

I tried to explain, but he wasn't hearing it. Really, what reason would there be for that? I was wrong and I knew it. He stood me up and quietly told me to go to the guest room. Even though I was scared and my heart was pounding in my chest, I said “Yes Sir.” and went to the bedroom. On the bed were the cuffs he was going to use. I sat on the bed and picked up one of the cuffs, growing more and more apprehensive.

Daddy came in a couple of minutes later, carrying a large wooden paddle with holes. I put the cuff down and stood up. Daddy immediately stripped me of all my clothes, not even allowing me to keep my socks on. He put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles and told me to get on the bed and lay over the pillows. I slowly did as I was told and he attached the cuffs to rings that were on the headboard and footboard.

He tapped the paddle on my bottom and told me he was very disappointed in me. Then he set the paddle on my bottom, turned on the ceiling fan and told me he would be back in the few minutes. The feeling of the heavy paddle resting on my bare bottom and then the cool air from the fan heightened the anticipation.

Daddy retuned just a couple of minutes later, picked up the paddle and gave me my first punishment whack. If I hadn't been restrained, I think I would have come right off the bed, it hurt so much more than I would have thought.

He continued even through my begging with him to stop and apologizing to him. I promised never to do it again, I promised anything I could think of.

He must have given me about 40-50 whacks when he stopped. I was sobbing by now, beyond the begging and pleading. He put the paddle on the bed next to me. He removed the cuffs so I could get up. But I didn't want to. I just wanted to lay there until the pain went away.

He tapped my bottom and I slowly got up. I was about to discover that he believed in corner time, just like my Grandma who raised me did. He also had something else in common with her. Corner time was not done standing up or even kneeling. Corner time was a naughty boy sitting on a hard bench on his punished bottom.

I took a step back but Daddy grabbed my arm and directed me to the corner. He pushed down on my shoulders until I sat down and held me there when I tried to get up. He said “You have 30 minutes here to think about how this could have been different. Do you understand me?” I nodded and said “Yes Sir.” through my tears.

He said he'd be right back and went to get the newspaper to read while I was in the corner. He warned me not to rub or get up while he was gone and I was not in any way going to disobey him. I was right where he left me when he got back a few seconds later.

He sat in the lounge chair and read the paper. Thirty minutes very slowly and painfully ticked by and I heard him put the newspaper down and get up. He came up behind me, gave me a kiss on the head and rubbed my back.

He said “Did you learn your lesson?”

I said “Yes Sir.”

“What is that lesson?” he asked.

“I will never speed or run red lights again, no matter whose car I am driving. I will always obey all the rules of the road.” I answered.

He ran his hands through my hair and helped me to my feet. This started my tears all over again. He sat down in the lounge chair again and pulled me onto his lap, once again making sure my butt was in between his legs.

We sat like that for a few minutes and he urged me to my feet. “No pants for you for the rest of the night. I want that punished bottom on display as a reminder to you to behave or next time it will be worse.” He stood up and took me in his arms. He patted my bottom and even that hurt. He asked me if I wanted to see my butt and I did.

He turned me so my back was to the mirror in the room. This time, my butt was almost purple, and I had raised welts from the holes. I touched them gently and winced. He turned my face to him and said “You deserved that.” I said “I know I did. Thank you.”

He told me he had called for a pizza for dinner and it should be there any minute. We walked into the living room (by now, I didn't even pay much attention to the large windows). The phone rang and it was our doorman telling Daddy our pizza was here and on its way up. The doorbell rang and I ran into the kitchen so the delivery person wouldn't see me. I heard Daddy laughing at me.

He brought the pizza into the kitchen and gave me a smile and a kiss for setting the table and getting the drinks. When it came time to sit down, I hesitated. But I also found out that night that sitting down for meals wasn't negotiable for Daddy. So I sat. And it hurt. But I also had gotten my first punishment behind me and I knew Daddy still loved me.

I hope you enjoy CC's stories! Thank you!

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Thanks to all of you who have expressed concern over my whereabouts. I assure you I am quite fine. One of my sons, however is not. He is quite ill and has had to be moved back home for care. Please understand that my children have always been my first focus of attention, as it should be, so for now please excuse my absence. I have mothering to do....
Love to you all!

Sarah Gregory Spanking