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So i was lying in bed when He arrived home. This would not have been a problem, if the place wasn’t a MESS! It was not an afternoon of neglect-the dishes piled high in the sink, they had been building up for days. The bathroom wasn’t cleaned in weeks. A majority of my stuff was spread around the apartment; the bedroom was a disaster. i knew i was fucked when He spotted me watching t.v.

“Stand up!” i stared at Him blankly, afraid to go near Him. He grabbed the hair on the back of my head, pulling me to my feet. “you know what your daily responsibilities are, I should not have to remind you, should I?!” He asked. “No Sir, i’m sorry.” “Well you will be sorry very soon!”, He responded. He dragged me by my ear, leading me through the apartment showing me the condition of things. Though i already knew what He was angry about.

He led me into the living room, finally letting go of my ear and sat Himself down on the couch. “Come here now!” i stood in front of Him while He removed the shirt i was wearing and roughly pulled my panties down. Then He shoved me to my knees. At least He allowed me to pleasure Him before punishing me-maybe then it would be less severe. While i sucked His cock, He lectured me on what kind of punishment i deserved. Telling me how naughty I had behaved. i went down as deep as possible, but He kept reminding me what was to come. This was making me choke. “i’m so sorry Sir!”, i gasped when i could finally catch a breath.

He stopped what i was doing and threw me over his knee. At least i predicted this would come. i didn’t see any whips around, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. He started smacking my ass HARD. After the first 5 or 6 strikes it really fucking hurt. The more i squirmed the harder it got. He was smacking my upper thighs and every inch of my ass. “Are you sorry now?” He asked as He continued the spanking. Occasionally rubbing my clit just enough for me to relax a moment before He started again. “Yes Sir, I mumbled, as my face was muffled from digging it into the couch. i was sobbing.

“Get up and go face the wall!” He demanded. i jumped off His lap and looked at Him incredulously. He never asked anything like this of me. And i wasn’t eager to obey. A noticeable pout formed on my face. “This is not the time to be ignoring My demands, go stand in the corner right now and place your hands on your head.” i didn’t move. “For how long”, i asked. He stood up and walked me to where He wanted me standing, Giving me another hard slap across the ass. i quickly placed my hands on my head, hoping to avoid another slap. “you can move once I’ve decided on your punishment.”, He replied.

Once He decides on my punishment? i thought it was over. It felt like i was standing there for an hour, but it was probably more like 5 or 10 minutes. He sat on the couch writing a list in red ink of all His expectations. When He allowed me to move, He handed me a long list of chores that i was to complete while naked and wearing my collar. Starting with cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush. He would be scrutinizing my every move, so i better not slack at all. He watched me the entire time, whenever i slowed down, He bent me over the sink and hit me with a paddle 3 times.

After HOURS cleaning the bathroom, He allowed me a break. I was able to shower, and finish His punishment list the following day. i was so exhausted and relieved. Once i was showered, He placed my cuffs on me, securing my hands behind my back. He knelt me down on the bed. He stood above me so i could suck His cock, a lot more difficult without use of my hands, but i did my best. Then He shoved me on my stomach and fucked me from behind. i was so glad He fucked me, i think He had forgiven me. He untied my hands, leaving the cuffs on. He held me and softly rubbed my bruised ass.

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all these video's show just spanking and whipping, I like to whip her as a before sex turn on, are there any video's on this site like that?

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“Go put your cuffs on.” He said. “but i didn’t do anything!”, i refused. “you are forgetting your place. Watch your mouth and do what you are told, when you are told to do it, NOW.”He said. “Alright I will in a minute!”, i said. you have the nerve to be insolent, you must really want to be punished, He said. “Fine”, i stomped off to my room and put my cuffs and collar on. I also left my clothes on.

He took one look at me and said, “you are in so much trouble young lady. Take your clothes off, NOW!” i stumbled a moment and started slowly removing my clothes. We both knew that i was supposed to take my clothes off whenever my collar was on. i was being as difficult as possible. He grabbed me by the hair and ripped my clothes off. Then forced me down on my knees. “The only words out of your mouth are ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘No Sir’ from now on.” I had no choice, “Yes Sir” i answered.

“If you are going to act like a little brat, that is how I will treat you!”He yelled. i glared at Him, then rolled my eyes. He slapped me across the face. It was a battle of wills and i was not winning. “your behavior is appalling. You need to be taught a lesson.”, He said. i was staring at the floor, still being defiant. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” He demanded. i looked up, expecting to be slapped again. i was correct. O.K. that really hurt, i guess i give up. That was quick, i thought.

He put His cock in my mouth. “Nothing to say now?” He asked. i nodded my head and kept sucking. “If you think you can behave this way, be this disrespectful and there will be no repercussions, you are in for a big disappointment. I know you think you are funny, but I assure you, you are not. And you will not be laughing for long.”He said, “Maybe you need to do this more often, it seems the only thing able to hold your tongue.” “Yes Sir, i mumbled-pushing His dick to the side of my mouth.

He stood me up and told me, “Go get your pacifier, you are acting like a baby.” “Yes Sir”, i practically whispered. i handed it to Him and He stuck it in my mouth. It was pretty embarrassing. “That should take care of your mouth”, He grinned. i pouted. “Now you can sit in time out and write lines for me-‘i will not be disrespectful.’ Twenty-five times.” He told me. i spit out the pacifier, “No way, You can’t make me do that!” i said. He stuck my pacifier immediately back in and said, “you know very well that i can make you do anything. You are already getting the strap, don’t make things harder on yourself.”

Arguing was not getting me anywhere. i guess it was stupid to test Him. This beating is really gonna hurt. i don’t think i can take a double beating. “Go get my belt”, He said. i obeyed. “Lie down on the couch” He said. Not half a second later the belt came down hard across the top of my ass. It hurt as much as i expected it to-A LOT. “Don’t drop the pacifier out of your mouth”, He said. The next one landed across my upper thighs. This hurt even more. Then one across the back. And another on the lower part of my ass. i started screaming and pleading. One more across the thighs. “Please Sir, i cant take anymore!”

“Well then I suppose you will be taking a time-out?”, He asked. “Yes Please Sir!”, i replied. Anything but that belt. Sit down and face the wall. you have to do fifty lines now because you argued with me. i didn’t say anything but, “Yes Sir”. Take your time, you have at least 30 minutes to sit and think about what you did. This is the longest thirty minutes ever!, i thought. “Are my thirty minutes up yet?”, i asked. “If you ask Me again, your time starts over.”, He replied. i quickly shut up.

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In this life, The path may be dark, The winds howling, the storms heavy, and the thunder angry. We may be blown away in the storm, struck down by lightning, or drown in the flood. But there is one small, constant beam of light that we can grab. That light will never change, it will never let us go, and it will always be there. That light will help us, and lead us through the storm unto sunny days and blue skies. We must be able to wither the storm in order to follow the light. That light is hope... hope from the LORD, hope from the future, whatever keeps us going.

Keep yourselves real,
-- JR

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To be apart for such a long period of time does wear on me at times.It is getting harder for me to be with out him at arms length.We are a couple that needs each other more than ever right now.Things and days can be on the harder side and when they are,it's HARD!We made the decision to be apart to have a better life as he works miles away from home.The stress on me has become over welming and is making it harder for me physcally!I had a stroke back in Feb. of this year and I'mnot even 40 All jokes aside I am have to deal with my illness without him and it is even worse!
I am just trying to stay focused and deal with the hand I have been dealt.I am ready to jump in my truck and say forget it I am out of here.But I know that by doing that won't make it any better.So I am stuck so to speak,and along with other things going on in my life at the Ranch.I want and need MY WILLIAM JAY and want it now!!
This is where my 'LIL' comes out of me!I have been kicking and scream,then the tears just well upi in my eyes and before I know it I can't stop and find in the end that I have been sobbing for hours.Then to realize I haven't gotten any sleep and the sun starts to come up.Of course with lack of sleep and welp looking eyes,I still must carry on and try and keep a smile on my face and do what I have to do.
I just needed to say it out loud (so to speak)hoping it may help and that maybe someone who has or has had this kind of thing happen to them that I could get some insight on how to deal better so my health doesn't get out of wack!!

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So now its currently 615 pm and I am still in the office as soon as I posted the phones go crazy drivers are so effing needy LOL then corporate is calling bitching really ? And I guess karma is a bitch cuz now I am waiting cuz bosses truck won't start he is trying to fix it and asked me to wait in case he needs a ride home Soooo figuring I was so bad horrible to him yesterday here I sit ....its not like I have a life anyways ... LOL however its cutting into my S T time typing on the phone sucks LOL alrighty well looks like another boring nite for me by the time I get out of here and home ill just stay home and puppy :) hurry up weekend it has to get better

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Uhoh Looks like my Innerchild is in trouble ever seen that T Shirt that says "My Innerchild needs a spanking"?. Yeah well Obvisley peter has cos he been grumpy all day and when he gets grumpy I get bratty LOL!!. So Looks like later he may be takeing a trip across Mommy's knee he dosnt do self spanking on cam yet his are all online trying to work up to that with Him Long story short he did it with my ex and since she left he been a Bit reluctent to come out anywere but when typeing.

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So as those of you know (that read my blog) I had been feeling quite bratty lately, getting that "itch" so to speak. Anyways yesterday I was talking to lotus and lost, and we got on the subject of my mother in law, I said a few things I shouldn't and hubby came on skype during work to chat with me, he asked me to copy and paste the whole conversation to him. Being me, I know I can't get away with ANYTHING cause he always finds out, so instead of trying to erase tidbits to get away with it i copy and pasted the wholeeee thing. I won't repeat what I said for fear of ending up over his knee again for another punishment spanking tonight (Still have a maintenance today... joy D:) Anyways in short I was very disrespectful towards her, and while I had my reasons, theres no excuse to act the way I did, and he told me that in the lecture, he said I need to be the bigger person and not let things get to me so much even if they're being disrespectful etcetcetc.

So anyway he got really mad at me and we fought a bit over the phone, then made up and he apologized for getting so mad at me. At that point I thought it was over and done with... Nope! So he comes home and I talk to him a little bit and stuff, then we sit on the couch and chat, next thing I know, one thing leads to another and he pulls me over his knees.

Okay at this point I have to admit, he is getting REALLY good at spanking, before he used to just start wailing on me full force, but now hes actually doing warm up spankings, and the lil kink in me is getting a thrill off the warmup... Until it starts to hurt of course!!

Anyways it was a fairly short spanking, he said about 3 minutes, I wasn't really noticing the time but the build up started stinging a bit then he really started landing swats til I started crying and it was over. Annnddd I think hes getting more serious about the "Disrespecting" people, he said yesterday hes not going to let anything else slide. Loveeely lol

Okay so after my spanking it stopped burning pretty quickly, and I was feeling bratty again very fast, or defiant if you will, I was picking on him and messing with him and he got fed up with it, and gave it to me with the belt, probably 5-6 swings but they still hurt. I don't know what was wrong with me last night but I just KEPT messing with him. At one ponit he was looking for a movie cause the cold weather ruins our internet and we cant stream netflix or even get to any websites. He was messin with me and I was messing back and I threatened to smack him. He told me to, the whole "I dare you" thing.

Sooooo what do I do when he dares me? or even LOOKS at me with that daring look on his face? I smacked him (very very gently) in his man-parts.

Okay it was more foreplay I was really just you know... tryin to get him to... you know. Anyway, I guess men are more sensitive down there than I realize or something cause he doubled over real quick, and I felt horriable, I apologized over and over and over and probably over again. Asked him if he was ok, and he didnt answer me once, Oh yeah, I was in trouble.

Something about my hubby, he is a VERY strong man, his hand hurts as much (if not more if he tries) than any impliment. Sooo... He bent me over the arm of the couch and landed 3-4 very HARD swats, you know the kind that when you're let go you feel the need to hop around as if its going to help the pain go away? Lol yeah, those kind. For the most part that ws the end of my spanking night, but I think I kept trying to do all that stuff just to get over his knee again, while the pain sucked, the way he held me was quite enjoyable teehee

Happy bratting :)

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Omg what a boring day it has dragged by Soooo slow my mood has improved maybe because I know my ass is already in trouble for yesterday's behavior.... Not sure when I will see Him again and that makes it even harder ... Anyways so have an hour left and then what hmmmmmm hot tub is out ass still hurts .. maybe I will stop by and see a few friends tonight missed my whiskey wed last nite cuz my mood sucked so bad didn't even want to play darts. Can't think of anything else thought I would be able to write something to take up time damn hmmmmm nothing well later ppl and lost I hope you are studying :)

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So for the next 6 weeks i have to get up very early 2 days aweek catch and Bus and train to a course i am on. Well my Innerchild Peter who ages from 2 to 12 at times But mostely 2 Helps with this becuse. He gets all bouncy about going on a train LOL! I have to stop myself saying out loud at the train station "Yays too toos!!" Lmao!. I Love haveing a Innerchild he helps me relax and get over stress i know its sometimes not understood but i am willing to answer any qustions aslong as there Respectfull.
Love you All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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I know for a fact that everyone has an inner child that wants to come out and play from time to time.Me,when mine needs or wants out,I go and get my Crayons and Coloring book,sit and color for hours at times.YES me a Domme has an inner child that I allow to come out!
When we don't get our way with something or it doesn't go your way and we don't get what WE want...that child is wanting out.So let it!Let that inner child go wild for a bit.I am a sure enough proof that it's true and it is OKAY!!


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Well it seems my reign of no TWD is over ! AGAIN--- it has been 5 weeks, and well friday, I am getting another TWD discipline session! I wasw hoping that habit of mine had ceased, but --- today , on my way to see someone -- my phone texting went off and i answered it!!!! grrr.

I am disappointed in myself, and I think i disappointd my mentor.
I know that session we filmed on TWD was a hard, and now I am in trouble again for the same offense.

Pray for my bottom!!!!!!!!!!

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Well attitude change lasted 2hrs.... I tried I really did however when pushed I push back,,,, I just seem to automatically go into attitude mode.... GRRRRRR I am so disappointed in myself... So then it seemed once the attitude kicked in I went down hill from there.... The boss even tried to chill me out and that just seemed to piss me off more.... I left to try to cool off and think about wtf I was doing.... Came back and tried to just sit at my desk my emotions are everywhere right now....... I need a drink and going to bed good nite all :(

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I have a question for tops and bottoms alike :) please answer this is to help me understand what should be done on both parts for a spanking~ (Yes this is in reference of a punishment spanking erotic spankings aren't my interest)

Tops~ When you are preparing to give a spanking, what do you do? (i.e. Letcure, corner time, etc~)

Bottoms ~ When you are going to recieve a spanking, what do you do to prepare yourself? Or what does your top make you do to prepare?

Thanks for taking the time to read everyone :) please comment!!!

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Hey guys, Haven't been on in a while. Been busy busy busy. Glad to be back on my favourite site again :)

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We hear about all this DD and all the punishment stories on this site, but I am not one for DD, it's just not my cup of tea. Where are my just for fun spanko's? Do we really have to HAVE a reason to spank/be spanked? I think not!
What is the funnest/ sexiest spanking you have received? Mine would have to be where this ex girlfriend spanked me in the back of her Jeep in a park. I don't know why, but that was really sexy. The sexiest one I've ever given is to this girl who pretty much asked me to do it, and didn't know what she was getting into. I gave her a good tanning with my bare hand and she was moaning and bouncing throughout the entire thing.

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So here’s a little backstory; boyfriend and I were together for a little more than 3years then we broke up over him being a complete asshole and I not communicating to him when he was being one. We just got back together not even a full week ago. He wants to make it up to me, so with his new large income he took me out today and bought me some *toys. He got me my first strap, some rope, pleasure tape and a position pillow. So Awesome! When we get back to the house he asks, is there anything we need before we start?” I told him, after my spanking I think I should get to spank you. He gave me his ‘Oh really’ look. Let’s just say I am very persuasive, I traded his spanking for a secret pleasure of his. We tried out the new strap and oh it stings! He taped my hands together and eventually my feet too. I was being punished for staying up all night the night before. Ahhh he was merciless. Ya’ll should’ve seen my ass, bright red with welts on one side :D it was soooo good, he’s really starting to get the hang of this. Now it was his turn. Spanking someone so dominant and to give me the control seemed so strange to think about at first. But there’s always been a small part of me that’s wanted to spank his ass till he’s kicking. It felt great. Amazing. His first spanking and I had so much fun! I have never felt so powerful or ever been so wet. If that wasn’t enough after all that gloriousness, then we had the Best.Sex.Ever. He tied me up and pleased me till I begged for penetration. And really, OH MY GOD. That new position pillow was a great help. Tonight proved he can change for me (and makeup sex is always the best). Now he’s so eager to please me I don’t know how much I’m going to have to beg to get spanked anymore and I’ve never been happier.

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Views: 482 · Added: 1030 days ago

Okay so I'm super lonely right now and I miss hubby :( I hate that he has to work all the time only 2 days off a week is just NOT enough!!! I miss him soo much when hes gone and it suckkks. I wish we could all be adults with the beneifits of being kids! Aka no work and no bills and all that :) It would be so great to not have to have to say goodbye to hubby every day! Maybe someday we will get lucky and win the lotto (I wont hold my breath!) cause these longgg days without him are torture!

Sigh :(

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Question for the bad boys of the group. As part of your spanking, have you ever received a figging as well? I am curious about the process. Were you made to peel the ginger root yourself, or was it done for you? What did it feel like?
I look forward to hearing all about it.
Sir M~

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Views: 1035 · Added: 1030 days ago haven't updated my blog in a week or so...I can't even remember..been busy...busy worrying! I can't even enjoy life I worry sooo much! This is a lifelong habit I have to break. My husband is so good...he can tell when I'm due for another spanking. I love him so much...thank god for him.

I've had a lot on my mind lately and each day would get worse and worse with me worrying and withdrawing myself from the people I love. Today I actually brought it up...about us maybe needing to do "therapy" together tonight. Of course when I got home from work tonight I tried to get out of it. I am always scared just before it...of how it will hurt or just maybe the fact that I will be letting go and breaking down. Just letting go...and not being in control. But boy can I tell you...I feel soooo much better now that we had therapy tonight. It's like I'm a different person! I'm not nearly as worried about the things that i was before. I feel more confident and even have a smile on my face. Thank you Deliverer

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