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If you want to spank me ,add me to your friend.And send message to me.
My e-mail address is

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Its nice to see that the support team doesnt do nothing about spammers, conartists and ignorant people on Stube. Since when is an email address. Beware of mildred4u, lovelovespank(, and sofialuv.

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My bottoms are my avaator .I want to find a sister to spank me harder.
My e-mail is
I just want to find a sister to spank my bottoms

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"Maybe a little, but I think you deserve everything that makes you happy," I said, really meaning it. Then I started kissing her neck and making my way down to her cleavage.
"You are WAY too nice," she said, wrapping her arms around me.
My motives were probably less than nice. All I could think about was getting up under her dress. I popped one of her breasts out of the fancy bra and had her nipple in my mouth while my right hand worked it's way into the slit in the front of her skirt again. I loved the sensation I got from rubbing my hand on her hose covered thighs.
When Bunny leaned back against the door I moved back and began working her pantyhose down. Once I got them past her knees I practically crawled up under her long dress.

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Bunny helped me wiggle out from under the steering wheel and sit up.
"The best one you ever had?" she asked, grinning at me.
"So far!" I said, grinning back at her. Then she kissed me.
"Hey," she said after the kiss. "You know what you said about not wanting to pretend that you're straight?"
"Yeah," I said, wondering where she was going with this.
"You don't think that's what I'm doing, you know, with C.J., do you?" she asked me.
Wow! I hadn't really thought about that. "I don't know," I said honestly. "I don't know what's in your heart or in your head."
She laughed. "No one knows what's in my crazy head," she said. "But if anyone knows what's in my heart, you do." Then she added, "I'm not pretending anything. I love him and I do like sex with guys. That's my problem, I like everything."
"Well, as far as problems go, that doesn't seem so bad," I said, smiling.
"Do you think I'm just greedy?" she asked, looking a little worried.

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Sex is very important in any human life, no matter the gender of that person. There are situations when people may not be totally satisfied with their personal sex life and they become frustrated. Why? Because they may have hidden fantasies which they are ashamed to share with their life partners because they may not be so open minded or because they will never accept different wishes you may have. One of these fantasies is sex and spanking. Black women are well known for their incredible bodies and their tone muscles. This is why black ass spanked movies are really searched.

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I spanked her ass into another dimension

I spanked her ass into the stratosphere

Out of her mind, moaning, wailing


Ass was learning

But never a single tear

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Views: 393 · Added: 1174 days ago

Been trying to change my avatar for like a week now and its not letting me change it. Any Help or suggestions????

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Do you know the Coldplay’s song called “Paradise”? I really enjoy it and its funny video clip. If you’ve ever missed it, here is a link to watch the video :
or (no advertising on this one …)

Obviously, this video has been shoot by Jim (you can even see is funny Gorilla on it … well, it’s may be not a Gorilla indeed)…

So, we all know that paradise is the place where each man is a spanker and each woman has the right nice round bottom for that, but … who is that “she” ???? ;)


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She increased the speed and intensity as she slid her fingers back and forth inside me.
I opened my legs a little more and lifted myself up off of her lap just a bit.
"Uh, uh, uh, uuuuhhhh!" I was starting to come.
Bunny rammed her fingers into me faster and harder until her knuckles were slamming into my wet, throbbing cunt and I was screaming and shuddering.
"Oh, my God!" I said, finally just hanging limp over her lap. "I think that was the best one I ever had!"

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"Fine!" she said, yanking my slip up and exposing my bottom. She gave me a few good swats over my pantyhose, ran her hand over my butt and then shimmied the nylons down to my knees. Now clad only in little lace panties, my butt was exposed to the cold air. "Then you'll have to pay the price."
Now she was really hitting me like she meant it. I bit my lip and gripped on to the edge of the seat. The pain was starting to turn into that amazing tingle in my crotch. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm,aaaaaaahhhh," I moaned.
I felt her fingers grip the waistband of my panties and then pull them down to my knees. "Now you're gonna get it," she said sternly.
I was ready, SO ready. She rubbed my throbbing butt for a minute and then laid into me again, this time even harder. I would have thought she was using a board if I hadn't just felt her hand on me.
"Aaaaaahhhhh!" I gasped, starting to grind my cunt against her thigh. She stopped spanking me then and slid her hand between my legs.
"God!" she said. "You're drenched." I knew that already.
"Aaaah huhhhhhhh!" I moaned as she slipped two fingers inside me. "Aaaaahhhhhhhh!"

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"Well, unless you want the whole world to figure that out you better start showin' up at places with guys once in a while," she said. Then she slapped my butt hard, through my slip.
"Ow!" I squealed.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she said, running her hand over the thin, slippery material. "Maybe you should wear dresses more often," she giggled.
"Oh, you like that, huh?" I asked, trying to turn my head to look up over my shoulder at her.
"Yeah, I like it," she said, with another hard slap.
"Ouch! I bet your boyfriend doesn't wear stuff like this for you," I said, laughing. For that I got five fast, really hard smacks.
"No, and I don't think it would have the same affect on me if he did," she said, following up with another five fast and hard ones that made me squirm and kick.
"Look," I said, clenching my butt cheeks and bracing myself for another round of whacks. "I'm okay with not telling anyone I'm gay, but I'm NOT going to pretend that I'm straight."

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By the time she put the truck in park we were kissing and I had my right hand inside the top of her dress, feeling her breasts in a real, lacey, underwire bra.
"Whoah, wait just a minute there, Slick," Bunny said, pulling back and scooching us both over more onto the passenger side of the seat. "Don't you think I owe you a little somethin' for that trick you played on me?"
She took me by the shoulders and pulled and pushed until I was face down over her lap. I didn't resist at all, but once I got there I knew there was no getting away because my shoulder was wedged under the steering wheel.
"What trick?" I asked, giggling. I didn't even care why she wanted to spank me. I was just excited that she did.
"Bringing Jimmy as your date," she explained. "I wanted you to have a REAL date." She was busy trying to gather up the silky material of my dress to lift the skirt up in the back.
"Why?" I whined. "YOU are my REAL date." She tucked the back of my dress up under her left arm.

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In perfect unison the girls slowly slid to their knees, looked up into the eyes of Jim and Mike and smiled with what can only be described as evil glee. In perfect timing the girls reached towards the men and slowly, very slowly released the zippers holding back their hard thick pulsing cocks.

Jim’s cock sprang from his pants to land in Susie’s hand, while Lisa had to go looking for Mikes’.

Lisa blew out a breath in relief as she realized Mike’s penis was just caught in his boxers.

Looking each other in the eyes over the heads of the kneeling girls was a bit disturbing for Jim and Mike. Truth be told they had never looked at another man during sexual encounters or even had another one in the room. But as soon as tongue touched cock neither man had a coherent thought much less one concerning who else was in the room.

A shiver went up Mike’s spine as slithering wetness trailed under his cock starting at the base where balls meet shaft gliding upward ending at the very tip. Lisa’s pink tongue darted out and teased the small slit at the tip of Mike’s head. She then flattened her tongue and proceeded to lick up and down until his cock was completely saturated with spit.

Susie blew softly over the tip of Jim’s shaft before swirling her tongue around the nerves located just below the head. Moisture coated his cock as Susie’s tongue licked down and around covering every pulsing inch until reaching his sac. Jim moaned in pleasure as she sucked one of his balls into her mouth releasing it with a small pop.

Mike took small panting breaths as he watched Lisa’s tongue return to the top of his shaft. His cock hardened painfully as Lisa circled the top of his head and finally lowered those sweet pink lips over his length. Mike rolled his head back on his shoulders and closed his eyes as Lisa began bobbing up and down surrounding his member with warm, wet suction.

Looking up Susie noticed Jim complacently enjoying the feel of her soft warm tongue as he lightly twirled her hair around his finger. Smiling to herself, Susie slipped her mouth completely over Jim’s length. Once her lips were touching the base of Jim’s shaft Susie sucked hard. Jim rocked back and would have fallen if not for the grip he had on the edge of the desk.

“Hot damn Mike she’s sucking me like a Hoover vacuum!” Jim rasped, “She’s going to suck my eyes out through my dick. I can’t take much more.” Three more power house sucks and Jim tensed preparing to release, then with one additional swirl of Susie’s tongue Jim was bucking his seed into her mouth.

Hearing Jim’s exclamation, Lisa responded with her own wicked technique.

“Deep-throating, my god, Lisa has my shaft all the way down her throat.” Mike moaned, as he grabbed Lisa head to control the thrusts of his cock. Lisa swallowed twice, Mike twitched once and was a goner releasing spurt after spurt of cum down Lisa’s throat.

Jim and Mike smiled at one another as Lisa and Susie finished cleaning the men’s cocks. This is something the men would be reminiscing about for years.

Mike and Jim helped the girls to their feet as G entered the room from the foyer with Daisy following closely behind.

Startled all six turned as an ear piercing scream came from the fireplace.

Silence, and then Nic’s head shyly peeked over the back of the sofa. Nic looked at the six pairs of eyes turned in her direction, gave a squeak and disappeared back behind the sofa.

“None of that nonsense, Nicole, there’s no reason for embarrassment.” Miss B stated regally adjusting her dress over her hips as she stood and walked around the couch to join the other members of the group. She looked as regal as one can with her hair sticking up like little gangs Alfalfa, “Nicole, come out from behind that sofa!”

“I can’t find my panties.” Nic loudly whispered. Miss B reached into a pocket withdrew Nicole’s panties and threw them over the sofa. Once her panties were on, Nic slinked over to where the others had congregated. Nic was mortified that everyone knew her and Miss B had been shaking the sofa, so to speak.

“Nicole, look around you.” Miss B said exasperated at Nicole’s look of confusion. Miss B turned towards the others in the group “G your fly is open, Jim you need to tuck your shirt in and Susie you have a little bit of cum on your chin you might want to wipe off.”

“Oh! Okay, then.” Nicole giggled, straighten her shoulders and began walking with an, “I'm a sex goddess” attitude.

“We need to leave” Daisy stated from beside G, “It’s late. If you don’t mind giving us a lift to our car and bringing the fuel”

“I’ll take care of it” G volunteer as he ushered the girls into their coats. Jim sighed in satisfaction as he got his last glimpse of the girls in their white slips, petticoats, bloomers and corsets. Jim reluctantly turned towards the den at the sound of the phone.

Mike and Miss B sat having the last drink of the night when G returned from seeing the girls off. He was laughing hysterically.

“All four girls were complaining pitifully about having to ride home on their sore bottoms. So, I made each one lean over the hood of the car for five smacks with my hand. Teach them to complain. Those girls were great. They actually parked a half mile down the road and made me put gas in their car. Talk about role play. I never saw any of them step outside their characters once tonight.”

“There’s a reason for that” Jim intoned from the doorway “I just got off the phone with the company. They apologized for not being able to fulfill our contract tonight.”

All four look at each other in shock. Finally Mike smiled.

“Well Hell, that just makes the whole night that much more exciting”

“We actually spanked strangers, it was free and we liked them!” chuckled Jim.

“Yeah, but I was looking forward to hiring them again. Now we have no way to contact them, all we have is there first names.” Miss B intoned regretfully, she really wanted another bite of her little morsel.

“Not true” G laughed with evil glee, “I got their license plate number.

The End…Susie’s doing a happy dance!

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Thank you so much for the kind comments you all made on my thirs blog story, they go traight in my heart !
I have a question for you, why was I the only one to get mosquito bites. My lover didn't get even one ... Is that because mosquitos prefer sweet blood, or rather hot blood ? Both, I guess. Sometimes it's just not fair to be the bottom one !
With all my love,

PS : thank you funny Gorilla to have made me remember about this funny episode of my life :)

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I havent been spanked now for almost a year UGH!!! Even my Girl in the states has given me the Okay to get a real spanking She Knows my Head she knows that selfspankings only keep me in line for a littelwhile before i go off the rails and with almost 8 months SOBER Now i dont wanna fall again. So i need a spanking!!!! LOL A Real One So looking around hopeing to find a nice older lady to adminster it. That was the promise i made to my Girl i will not go Looking for a leggy blonde LMAO!!!!. I Just need to feel the sting agian that i CANT Control with a selfspanking i kinda have ontrol on how hard i spank and if i am in one of my Rebel Moods i dont hit very hard So now its time to get spanked for real agian. My Girl says she rather have a self spanking from me but thats becuse she dosnt trust very easy and she trusts me and it makes her feel safe. also i have been active in spanking alot longer than her so i know how to spot the freaks who just wanna beat and not discpline YES THERES A DIFFRENCE!. Anywhooooooooooooooo Hope all my friends on here are okay.
Love ya all
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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I just want ppl to kno that lala's newest video is fire i must be seen by all the real spanko's Damn kid Hitz did his thing!!!!

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Have you watched this seemingly interesting mainstream movie? Here is the info at IMDB: .

And here you may find some "selected" scenes:

And what a sweet pic, don't you agree: ?

Best regards,Martin

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Bunny asked me a weird question on our way to the point. "Would you like me better if I looked like this all the time?"
I grinned at her. " I think you'd look pretty silly in gowns all the time."
"You know what I mean," she said, rolling her eyes. "All girly, the make-up and the hair and shit."
I thought about it for a second. I knew she probably couldn't maintain it if she wanted to, and I was pretty sure she didn't really want to. I thought she looked really sexy tonight, but I thought she looked sexy in a plain white tee-shirt and levis too.
"I think you look good all the time," I answered, smiling at her.
She reached over and slid her hand up under my skirt, running her hand up from my knee to my thigh.
"Oh, wow!" she said, with a little giggle. "I never felt up anyone in nylons before."
"Me either!" I said, realizing that for the first time. I reached for the slit that went up the left side of her dress. We each let out a loud sigh when my hand slid up her thigh.

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A few minutes passed and Kate was still in the bathroom. I heard the faucet running but little else.

"Eddie," Kate called, "can you come in here, please?"

I jumped-up from the bed, walked to the bathroom, and opened the door.

When I looked in, I saw Kate exactly where I had left her: standing near the mirror, with her hands on the vanity, and her butt raised-up. Only now she was completely naked. Her butt was a rosy pink from the spanking, but showed no signs of bruising.

Kate turned her head and looked back at me: "I know that you want me, so come and have me."

She had left a condom on the vanity next to her left hand. I quickly unbuttoned my pants, slid them down, and pulled-off my boxer-briefs.

As I reached for the condom, Kate quietly whispered: "I want this too, I really want this."

"You're beautiful," I said, and gently stroked her blonde hair with my left hand as I slipped on the condom.

I positioned myself behind her and gently slid my hard penis into her sopping-wet vagina. It was warm, and wet, and tight.

I put my hands on her hips and began to gently slide in-and-out of her until she gently let out a sigh and whispered "harder."

I respected her request and began fucking her faster and deeper. I could see in the mirror that her eyes were closed but that she was smiling and moaning in delight.

When I came, I saw her smile widen and heard her moan a bit louder.

This was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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