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So today starts my birthday celebration weekend and a much needed 2 week vacation (school system perks). As I plan to celebrate and kick back I’m reminded of all the experiences I’ve had this year, specifically in the Spanko world…..
1.I received my first real “ever-in-life” spanking.
2.I got my heart broken.
3.I became a blogger.
4.I met a few Spankos face to face….very liberating!!!
5.I had really great sex….(this one doesn’t really apply here, but it was still fun)
6.I made some genuine “Spanko to real life” friends.

2012 was a very interesting year. No regrets, just lessons learned.

Do you ever look back over your year…or years as a Spanko and see growth, change or improvement????

Good Bye 2012

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So, as some of you may know already- I was safe from our spanking lifestyle for the past 10 months due to being pregnant and just over a month to recover. My husband told me this morning, enough is enough and we are going back to how things where again.

Im kinda pleased in a way because I have pushed my luck so much mainly "just because" I could and the other part of my is in dred as I know it is going to hurt more than ever when I do get spanked as it has been so long. It will be a shock to the system.

Anyone else ever had a big break from the d/d scene and then gone back to it? How did you feel? Is it normal to be nervous all over again??

Regards, Sophia

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Damn I feel like such a failure... This is the second out of three times that im aloud to take this nursing exam and I failed with a lower score than I had gotten before. I just feel like crying for the rest of the day... Unfortunately for me no consequences will be given to me for this issue even though it is much needed. Even though i did study a little The first time I failed I wasnt punished to the extent that I needed to be which was tears. Some people just dont understand that just issues need to be taken seriously. But if you feel like you could take this and make me learn my lesson this time feel free to inbox me,

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Am I subconsciously trying to earn a spanking today?

For the past several days I have felt like I am over my obsession with getting spanked. Today I am just wasting time like I have nothing to do, whereas I have TONS to do. So I'm just sitting here thinking, I need someone to come in the room and spank me. . .

Thus the opening question . . .

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My new red hair ♡♥♡♥·

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So there's three construction workers who always complained about having the same sandwitch for lunch everyday
So one day they decided that they would jump off the cliff if they have the same sandwitches the next day

So next day all three construction workers jumped off the cliff and their wife's where called to come to identifie their husbands and two of the wifes were crying and the other was laughing so they asked her why she was laughing and the wife said
" because my husband made his own sandwiches"

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DD is very important to me, but, I also enjoy erotic spankings (both giving and receiving). I know many others that just enjoy the art of spanking.

Well, I'm not selfish at all. My birthday is this Friday and I'm having a party. I told some of my friends about it and the first thing most asked was, "will any spanking be going on?" Well, I am having a party and there will be a spanking room. So, if there are enough persons that show desiring to be spanked and to spank, there will definitely be some spanking going on.

And, since the party is also for a friend of mine(and at his house), there will be a special interest room for one of his favorite pastimes.

I know a couple desire to give me a birthday spanking, but, I am not selfish. If there are other ladies that would love to be spanked, I'm more than willing to let them sit in my place.

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My Blog in
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The website of my Master and me

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Up and i cant fucking sleep :(

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Up and i cant fucking sleep :(

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2:00am in the morning and know im deciding to study for my final nursing exam which is today just to find out that I left my books in my car before it got towed to get fixed. And I knew they was in their forgot to take them out Damn it............

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I think its pretty interesting how you can come across more people that are into this lifestyle on a non domestic discipline site than you can on a domestic discipline site. And they arent beginners at all they just waiting to come across someone that has the same lifestyle. Btw got a new implement.

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looking for a spankie in ga. somewhere around sav or statesboro

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I can't concentrate on anything!!
I have a final exam tomorrow but I am still on my Facebook now!
I just can't focus on study...
OMG I feel sick about all those thing!
I'm procrastinating!

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The Runaway Princess:
A Corner Fairytail
H. Kerrsutherland

Once upon a time, Princess Alara sat miserably in her private garden as she pondered the bittersweet joy in having a best friend. Barely sixteen, the teenager had long comprehended that royalty was virtually synonymous with being alone. She’d beaten the odds though. Roughly twelve years ago, a penniless waif was brought into the royal nursery. Within the hour, the toddlers had become bosom friends but a royal temper tantrum nearly scuttled their burgeoning relationship for it was then the royal Nanny demonstrated the duties this new companion would assume. The experience hadn't been pleasant. However, being young, once the tears had dried, the pair ‘forgot’ the terrifying episode. Unfortunately, as beneficial as this may seem, it also meant numerous encores until the Princess made the connection: her naughty behavior equated Becky a red and sore posterior.
Ever since then, Alara tried very hard to not endanger her friend’s rear end. The problem was, there were simply too many rules, regulations and standards. Almost daily, despite her best efforts, her only companion was being upended for the princess’s mistakes. It wasn’t fair! Granted, there were times the pair had gotten into trouble together, but it had always been Becky who’d paid the price while Alara watched with silent commiseration before being put into a corner or the garden to ‘contemplate’ the lesson. Eventually, the two would be reunited and the princess would apologize but her friend’s mournful eyes always seared the royal conscience. Worse, was the reaffirming hug Becky always bestowed. It left a foul, wretched sense of guilt. Knowing that this was the emotion the Royal Governess sought, did not help. If anything, the guilt would consolidate into fury which, in turn, would eventually mean more guilt as Becky bawled across Lady Ito’s lap.
Once, and only once, had the Princess demanded the right to atone for her own misdeeds. That afternoon, as Becky was introduced to the painful caresses of a cane, Alara was given a history lesson. Apparently, some eight centuries previously, a long dead King decreed it unlawful to physically chastise the royal line. During his youth, he’d been abused by his tutor and none had intervened. Henceforth, violators were publicly chastised before being hung. Raising the cane for another stroke, the dowager added, “Since that time, it’s been found that our most ethical rulers can trace their concern for the people to their childhood whipping double. That, is the reason the practice has continued.”
This was not an acceptable explanation as far as Alara was concerned. Granted, abuse was wrong but substituting an innocent for the actual miscreant was just as misguided. If anything, the explanation was a rehash of the old excuse: it’s done this way, because it’s always been done this way. Repeatedly, the Princess ran afoul of this thinking and poor Becky paid the price.
Fuming, the adolescent stared bleakly at a peach tree. “What’s the use,” she told herself. “By the time I can do anything to change things, I’ll have forgotten what’s truly important. Lady Ito will have seen to that.”
It was at that moment, our story truly begins, for it was then the Princess heard a tiny voice frantically calling for help.
Intrigued, for few had leave to enter this sanctuary, Alara sought out the mysterious voice. Much to her surprise, what she found was a tiny fairy caught within a spider’s web. Delicate wings, ensnared by gossamer threads, fluttered madly as the nude little being struggled frantically but her efforts were for naught. Worse, the agitated fibers had alerted the spinner who slowly crept toward it’s captured meal. “Help me!” the little fairy shrilled, catching sight of the Princess.
Despite the fact that she’d been repeatedly told such creatures were deluded fancies, Alara immediately caught the spider and released it some five feet away. Coming back, the maiden quickly parted the main threads with her fingers. “I’m afraid of removing the rest,” she told the miniature girl. “While trying to free your wings, I could injure them. Do you have any suggestions?”
Resting upon her palm, the fairy asked fearfully, “Yer not going ta kill me?”
“Certainly not!”
“I’m yer captive then?”
“You’re being a goose,” the Princess scolded. “Or,” her tone became anxious “are your senses befuddled by that spider’s venom?”
“Nay,” another tiny voice replied dryly from Alara’s right, “she’s but a goose. How many times have I told ye, silly bee, watch where yer flying?” Still enveloped within the stands, the adolescent fairy flushed with shame. It deepened as the tirade continued. “As for yer disrespect, I'm appalled! Granted, fear clouded yer eyes but to insult yer rescuer! Did ye not see how this human lass carefully removed thee spider? If life meant so little to her, as yer rude tongue insinuated, would she have done that?”
As the younger pixie stammered an apology, a white haired fairy landed upon Alara’s palm. Extracting a tiny knife from it’s leaf sheath, she snapped, “Hold still!” Even though she knew the command was directed at the snared lass, the Princess didn’t dare breathe. This voice promised tears before bedtime and despite their height difference, the young human could readily imagine those tears being hers. By simply closing her eyes, this pleasant fantasy was reinforced but when the errant fay started bargaining for an alternative to her promised switching, reality abruptly rushed back.

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Her ire aroused once more, Alara angrily snapped, “You ungrateful little gnat, do you have any idea of just how fortunate you? Being made to account for your own mistakes is my cherished dream but you view it as an opportunity to bargain! What’s wrong with you?”
“Being switched, hurts!” the unrepentant pixie retorted huffily.
“It’s supposed to!”
“Having never had yer precious hindquarters marked, what would ye know about it?” the supple fairy maiden sneered.
“Aye, to my ever loving shame, it’s true that I’ve never been made to suffer the consequences of my acts,” the flushed human replied. “Instead, I’m forced to watch as my faithful friend takes my place. No matter what you might think, that is far worse than actually experiencing the pain. I’d give just about anything to right matters but I can’t. Consider yourself blessed, that you aren’t as unfortunate!”
“Would ye now, Princess Alara? Aye, I know who ye are,” the wrinkled fairy revealed. “If ye serious, perhap, I have a solution for ye plight. Consider it a token for ye effort.”
Respectfully, the adolescent declined, “I appreciate the gesture ma’am but expecting a reward for aiding one in need is a heinous sin.”
“Aye lass, it would be if ye asked but ye didn’t. ‘Sides, one good turn deserves another. So, unless ye aspirations be mere willow wisp, ye best be here at dusk.” Turning slightly, the caregiver gave her charge’s thigh a hard slap. “Off with ye, we’ve much to discuss before twilight.” Seeing sulky compliance, the fay launch upwards but before she followed her imp, the fairy hovered a moment longer. “Lass, ye have a mighty heart but if ye wish to preserve it; bring yon friend.”
During the brief second to acknowledge Becky’s approach, Alara’s extraordinary trespassers disappeared. However, before reason could impute the encounter as some midsummer dream, the Princess beheld the ruined web. Shaking off the dangling strands from her fingers, the maiden contemplated her companion’s red, puffy eyes and came to a decision as she accepted the forgiving hug. Carrying through, however, was more problematic.
The difficulty was that, in knowing Becky so well, the reverse also applied. Meaning, she could tell when Alara was planning deviltry. Worse, by having just acquired new welts, the whipping girl would gently resist any course that might induce additional discomfort. Normally, feeling guilty over being the cause of her friend’s anguish, the princess would permit this but not today.
“Is there anything wrong?” Becky asked warily as they parted.
“No, I was just thinking how hot it has been.”
“Aye, unfortunately I am well aware of the…heat,” the whipping girl replied with a rueful expression.
Properly abashed, the princess tentatively suggested, “Perhaps, this evening, a stroll so we can rest more easily?”
Relieved by such an innocent proposal, Becky agreed immediately.
Judging by her friend’s face, Alara knew the girl regretted her caviler response when they spotted a silvery white horselike creature gleaming within the dusky garden. “What is it?” she asked breathlessly.
“Judging by the horn, a unicorn,” the Princess answered, her eyes gleaming with delight.
“Ye be right lass,” a familiar voice replied.
Putting out her royal hand, two fairies set down but on this occasion, the younger pixie’s hindquarters glowed a bright red. Giggling, Alara imprudently observed, “So, it’s not always fireflies during the warmer months.”
“Tis sadly true,” the tiny imp groused, as she rubbed her backend. “But I warrant, yon friend can vouch such a claim year round.”
“Enough,” the older fay snapped with a quick swat at her charge’s radiant rear. “Bratling, apparently ye wish another dose before bed but first ye will honor thee obligation ye owe.”
“Fine,” the pouting adolescent replied as she leered upward. “If ye be pure, yon beastie will grant safe passage to heart’s desire. During the lengthy years, may ye find it as appealing as I shall.”
“There be no call for that,” the aged fay scolded as she took her charge by the ear before leaping upward. “Ye think I was severe before, lass, just wait until ye get home.”
Giggling again, the princess whispered a quick thank you to the retreating gleam before she tugged her anxious companion toward the grazing unicorn. Reaching the beast’s nose, Alara paused to nuzzle the creature. “If I’d known you’d be here,” she whispered “I would have brought an apple.” Apparently this pleased the stallion, for he gently rubbed the maiden’s cheek.
“Princess,” a woman’s voice abruptly called out “it’s time for bed.”
Rearing his head back, the unicorn looked into Alara’s eyes and she knew it was time. Scrambling onto the broad back, she reached down toward her friend. “We have to go,” she hissed.
“Where,” Becky asked wildly. Unconsciously rubbing her backside, she moaned, “Miss, you’re getting us into so much trouble.”
“What on…Guards! Guards!” Lady Ito shrieked.
“Please Becky,” Alara pleaded. “Get on; if you stay they’ll do something truly awful and I’ll never forgive myself.” Hearing the approaching guards, the orphan did the only sensible thing. Taking her friend’s hand, she heaved herself upward and not a moment to soon. The guards were just within reaching distance but before they could act; the unicorn leapt both the wall and moat with one bound. Landing gently upon the bank, the mystical being galloped off into the starlit countryside.
Unbinding her hair, the Princess let it stream behind her before gently encircling Becky’s waist. Leaning forward, she whispered, “How’s your bottom?”
“It’s…fine,” the whipping girl responded with obvious puzzlement. “Considering our speed, you’d think I would be raw but the pain is actually diminishing. Princess, what’s going on?”
“We’re free,” Alara answered with a hug. “Never again will you suffer for my mistakes.”
“But, that’s my duty,” Becky stammered.
“Not anymore,” the Princess replied firmly.

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Beneath the moon’s tender gaze, they raced the wind. Despite their extraordinary situation, the two friends shared one unexpressed concern: would they truly escape the inevitable tracking party? However, as dawn banished twinkling stars, their confidence grew. Once, after a lengthy geography lesson, the maidens sought adventure by viewing the land from the keep’s highest tower. Sadly, the distant fields proved a poor return for Becky’s grueling hairbrush session across Lady Ito’s lap. Now however, their past transgression proved invaluable. Nothing was familiar. What’s more, their swift steed was ascending a mountain whose snow capped peeks were conspicuously absent from the scenery provided by the castle tower.
Not until the sun met the distant horizon, did the unicorn break stride. “Is this, where I will find my heart’s desire?” Alara asked with a whisper as she gazed about the craggy landscape.
Taking the unicorn’s stillness as a yes, the brave little Princess slid down. Stroking her gallant steed’s velvety nose, the maiden looked around. At first, she saw nothing but slowly, behind a curious ridge, she began to perceive a cave. “What an odd place to receive one’s dream,” she observed. “Becky, seeing as we’re here, you’d best come down so our friend can do as he pleases.”
“Aye Miss,” the whipping girl replied quietly as she complied. “But please Miss, what could you possibly hope to find in such a forbidding province?”
Before Alara could answer, the unicorn whickered softly and took to his heels. Waving at the receding beast, the princess cried out her thanks which Becky echoed, slightly less enthusiastically. Peering about, she nervously asked, “Whatever do we do now, Miss? It’s getting darker by the second and suddenly I’m feeling peckish. Are you not?”
“Aye, my dearest. I imagine you’re thirsty as well?”
“However did you know that?”
“I think,” Alara replied thoughtfully “that while we we’re astride the unicorn, our needs were met but no longer. That’s why your bottom isn’t hurting. It healed while we traveled.”
“Obviously, but now we’re bereft food, drink and unicorn. What are we to do?” the whipping girl asked, sounding a bit tart.
“We shall discover if that cave is inhabited,” the Princess replied resolutely.
“Is it safe?” Becky asked dubiously.
Becoming slightly irritated, Alara retorted, “The unicorn would not have left us here if it wasn’t.” Seeing her friend shiver, the maiden curbed her annoyance and hugged her companion. “I know you are scared and bewildered,” she soothed. “More so, since I’ve given you little reason to trust my judgement in the past but we are on a grand adventure that, hopefully, will make amends all the wrongs I have ever done you. Now come, even if the cave is empty; it will provide shelter for the night.”
Approaching the cave mouth, the pair halted as two yellow ovals abruptly appeared before them. Slowly, the ovals gained height until they towered over the frightened girls. *Who dares enter my home?* a gravely voice roared.
Her optimism having fled, the princess replied, “Two weary travelers who apologize for the intrusion but, in our humble defense, we were led to believe we could stay the night.”
*Indeed! Such effrontery from mere humans! And yet, you still have not answered my question: Who are you?*
“If you please, Princess Alara and her companion, Becky.”
A sudden gust of flame lit the surrounding rock. *Princess!*
“Sodden ‘ell, it’s a bloody dragon!” the whipping girl shrieked.
More shocked by Becky’s profanity than the sudden appearance of another supposed mythological creature, Alara didn’t resist when her friend pulled her back. “Run!” the orphan bellowed, shoving her Mistress away with one hand as she scooped up a rock with the other. “I’ll ‘old it off! Come on, ye scaly git,” she snarled, throwing the rock toward the iridescent eyes.
As the lengthy, sinewy neck easily avoiding the rock, the perplexed dragon asked, *Whatever are you on about?*
Startled awake, Alara nearly panicked in seeing nothing but darkness. Gradually though, her racing heart stilled as she recalled yesterday’s wondrous events. Stretching, the Princess accidentally jostled her companion awake. “Oy!” the maiden grumbled tiredly. “Watch it!”
Absently, the runaway apologized as she fumbled for the bed’s canopy opening. The only surprise greater than meeting an ancient female dragon specializing in the chastisement of errant maidens was finding this immense piece within a fire breather’s liar. Having finally found the opening, Alara parted the thick velvet curtain and stuck her head out. Still unable to see anything, she softly called out, “Hello?”
*Awake at last, are you?* Kayg`on asked sarcastically as yellow ovals moved closer. *I was beginning to think you’d sleep the day away. Be warned, I’ll…discourage such indolence if it continues.*
“Yes ma’am,” the girl replied meekly. “May we have some light please?”
With a snort, the dragon lit a torch with a spark from her internal furnace. Using her talons, the ancient being carefully removed the brand from it’s bracket and lit several candles. *Don’t bother getting dressed,* the mountain queen warned. *Your clothes would just be in the way as we discuss last night’s rudeness.*
Alara’s nether cheeks clenched at these words but before she could say or do anything, she heard Becky snigger. “You wanted this, Miss. So I suggest you get out there and receive your heart’s desire or,” she added mischievously “do you require assistance?” Suspecting what would happen, the Princess lunged through the curtain but not before an unseen hand slapped her rump.
Rising to her feet, she rubbed her stinging flank while glaring at the head poking through the bed curtains. “Even though I’m pleased your good humor has restored your ‘H’s,’” the royal heir hissed “there wasn’t any need for that!”
Eyes sparkling, the freckled companion drew aside a dangling hair strand and grinned. “Please, I know you. Even though you’ve always said that you’d prefer to endure your own chastisements, now that the time has come, you’re not only scared but you’re having second thoughts. So, as usual, I’m intervening before that devious little mind of yours tries some foolhardy stunt that’ll get you in even deeper. Course, the difference is, this time my backside isn’t on the line. That being said,” Becky grew serious “up till now Miss, you’ve been far braver than I. You can do this.”
Covering her bottom with her hands, Alara whined, “But it’s going to hurt.”
Sliding from the bed, her friend agreed, “Yes, it will.” Seizing the Princess’s forearm, she added, “Likely, it’ll be far worse than what I’ve suffered at Lady Ito’s hands.”
Trying to resist, the girl begged, “Please, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want this.”
*Little late for that,* the dragon observed wryly.
“Far to late,” the orphan agreed, leading her royal patronage toward a stock designed for restraining kneeling humans about the waist.
*Ages ago, I received this from the local dwarves for resolving a little ‘problem.’ It’s been designed so occupants can restrain and release themselves without assistance. Should aid be required, the individual can expect a far longer session than they’d like. I trust I’ve made myself clear, Alara?*
Pulling away from her escort, the maiden nodded mutely. Positioning herself so that when she knelt her shins would be resting within their respective restraints, the sixteen year-old slid the bolts into place. Lifting the stock’s upper half, the girl nervously laid her tummy upon the cushioning. Snug within the lower concave, she took a deep breath and tugged the leather cord. Apparently a spring was involved for it took some effort to lower the upper portion into a position where Alara could slam the locking bolt shut.
Still, the difficulty wasn’t just physical. There was also the awareness that with every act, she was placing herself in a position where her unblemished posterior would receive it’s first thrashing and yet, once the bolt was closed, the Princess felt at peace even though her fear hadn’t diminished. It felt strange to experience both simultaneously. Perhaps her tranquility was fostered from her own self-imposed captivity. It reminded her deeper self that she wished to be here and had worked toward this moment. This insight wouldn’t diminish the forthcoming pain any, which explained the fear, but she was the one who’d voluntarily sought it. The same couldn’t be said for poor Becky.
Ever since she learned last night about this creature’s hobby, Alara had wondered how it was possible. Hearing Kayg`on shifted her body into position as she instructed Becky to select a dress from a hidden wardrobe, the Princess abruptly understood. The numerous indentations before her, did nothing to calm the maiden’s nerves. Just how long had girls been chastised within this cave? Shutting her eyes, the captive girl let her sensitive palms explore the mini impressions within the stony floor. Wrenching her mind away from the disturbing thoughts these dents roused, the adolescent concentrated on the cave’s cool atmosphere kissing her naked bottom and even…, with a humiliated rush, Alara realized just how exposed she was as mischievous zephyrs gently caressed her private places. Parting her mouth, the runaway felt these playful air spirits brush against her lips and milky white teeth as they trickled down her throat before reversing direction.

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Suddenly, without warning, the adolescent felt tremendous pain blossom in one small spot upon her left cheek as a mighty crack resounded throughout the rocky cavern. Jerking forward, fingers scrabbled against the rough ground while a deep throated howl escaped the Princess.
*I can administer two types of strokes with my tail,* the mountain queen lectured. *The first, as you just experienced, is where everything is concentrated within my tail tip. Here’s the second.*
Having barely recovered from her initial encounter, a screaming Alara heaved upward as several inches of whippy dragon tail impacted across her divide.
*I’ve been told this is similar to a lash or a particularly brutal cane. Obviously, you’ve nothing to compare it by but I would like to know which you consider worse. I trust you’ll refrain from telling me what you think I wish to hear. Such responses irritate me and, if you take a moment to consider how other beings blessed with tails react, you’ll avoid the temptation.*
Overwhelmed by the pain within her nether regions, the Princess made no reply. This error proved costly.
*I understand. You require further comparisons to make an informed decision. So be it.*
Before the girl’s befuddled mind could register the dragon’s meaning, she felt the tail gently tap against her cringing cherubs. “No! I…” Alara wailed once more as the living lash struck just below her pouting nether crown.
Tears streaming down her face, the maiden knew that little fairy had been right. She’d known nothing of what she sought. Worse, she was a coward who couldn’t stop thinking of home; the place where she’d never experience this torture. Trying to ignore the tail tip tapping her hindquarters-and failing utterly-the runaway wished she were there right now. Moments later, this desire was a certainty.
Whipping her arms about in midair, Alara screeched louder than a peacock being beheaded as her calves strained upwards but a pampered girl was no match against aged metal. Distantly, she heard Becky being told, *Originally, there was no lower restraints but having nearly splintered the legs of a charge who couldn’t stop flailing about; the dwarves rectified their oversight. Ironically, the twit told me later that her primary concern wasn’t becoming a cripple but the pain in her toes when she slammed her feet into the ground. Over the years, she was given numerous opportunities to express her appreciation. As for you, Princess,* Kayg`on courteously inquired *have you settled the matter or do you require further comparisons?*
Between sobs, the adolescent hoarsely whispered, “Tip…your tip is worse.”
Sighing, the dragon observed with weary acceptance, *I should have known. It’s the one thing all my charges agree upon. I’ve been told it has something to do with how my tail’s entire energy is focused in just that one tiny area. Here, let me demonstrate.*
“There’s no nee…” jerking forward once more, Alara’s torment escaped her raw throat.
*For your information, my last stroke is the worst. You’d have experience it by now if you hadn’t resisted. Consider that as you wait.*
Scrunching her moist eyes shut, the royal fanny tensed. Even when she sensed movement before her, the girl did not peek. Nonetheless, she changed her mind when her hands were seized. However, instead of comforting words, Becky chided, “You’ll only heighten your misery by tightening your rear. Relax,” she ordered.
Shaking her head defiantly, Alara closed her eyes again but her ears could not escape Kayg`on’s gravely voice. *Some lessons can only be taught through personal experience. Still, considering this is her first thrashing, she’s doing rather well.* However, before the Princess could take pride in that off-handed compliment, her correction was finished.
Roaring, the maiden flexed her backend outward as she tried to free her wrists. Remarkably, the former whipping girl proved just as resilient as the stock. Abandoning her attempt, the sixteen year-old simply sagged with relief as she wept. It was over; it was finally over.
*That’s quite enough, young lady,* the dragon abruptly growled after some minutes had past. *By now, I’d normally have repeated a charge’s licking if she hadn’t released herself but, by seeking me out, you’ve earned a few extra minutes which have now expired. Daylight only lasts so long and you’ve already spent a good portion of the day in bed or is it that you do want more?*
This time, as Alara pulled her hands away, there wasn’t any resistance. Fumbling awkwardly, since she couldn’t see the clasp, the girl managed to remove the peg that held the stock’s upper half down. Released, the maiden continued to lay there until she heard a snarl. Painfully, the adolescent drew herself up onto her knees. She was about to soothe her punished flesh when Becky seized her wrists again.
“Miss, that would be an extremely bad idea,” she scolded.
*If you ever wondered if your companion was a genuine friend, you’ve received your answer,* Kayg`on observed thoughtfully. *If she hadn’t stopped you, I’d have kept you in that contraption all day but apparently Becky doesn’t harbor vengeance for all the times she suffered from your mistakes.*
Not knowing what to say, the Princess hugged her friend until a bellow reminded her that time was passing. Freeing her calves, the girl felt her raw gluteus muscles shift as she stood. Walking itself proved difficult but that concern was forgotten when her new guardian informed her that clothing, beyond simple sandals, was forfeit following a stock session. Alara wanted to protest this mortifying decree but having just escaped the stock; she wasn’t willing for an encore. Besides, the maiden reasoned, few would knowingly approach a dragon’s cave.
This certainty shattered the moment the unusual trio exited the cave. Waiting outside was a tear streaked female centaur whose immense snowy white crop was decorated with four red welts and eight scarlet dots. Somehow, the filly’s appearance didn’t surprise the Princess. Having already met several mythological creatures, what was one more? Moreover, judging by the horsegirl’s appearance, she was the source for Alara’s awakening. Heeding her own bruises, the maiden was sympathetic. Perhaps this was why she didn’t immediately spot the elderly peasant woman sitting on an adjacent rock.
Obviously, she was a witch. Why else wear black? Presently, however, the nude was less concerned with occupation than with her presence. Scurrying behind a boulder, proved a mistake as the girl’s furtive movement attracted the woman’s attention. Cackling, she called out, “Little mouse, little mouse, why are you so afraid?”
*Enough,* Kayg`on snapped. *The child, Caris, is far braver than you were at that age.*
Feeling her blushes deepen, Alara wondered just how much her loose tongue had revealed.
*As for you, Clareice, any more late night snacking in the orchards and you’ll compensate the tillers with your labor. Moreover, I’ll encourage their use of a horsewhip on your lazy arse if you utter one word of complaint! Now, let Becky onto your back and take her down to the village.*
The Princess hadn’t expected this and neither had the former whipping girl. “With respect, I…”
*You needn’t worry girl, only her derrière need fear me. Nor am I severing your friendship. Eventually, you see, even peas from the same pod must separate if they are to grow into healthy bushes. So unless you’d care to experience my tail…*
Embracing once more, Becky whispered, “You’d better behave Miss. I can’t protect you anymore.”
Setting aside her earlier selfishness, Alara scolded, “Which is how it should be. Be well.”
“The same to you,” her faithful companion answered as she climbed upon Clareice’s back.
Ignoring the fact that she was naked before a complete stranger, the Princess waved farewell until the former whipping girl could no longer be seen. Sensing Kayg`on’s head near her right, the runaway tried convincing herself that the fire breather’s brimstone was responsible for her latest tear crop but she knew better.
*You will be reunited,* the mountain queen reassured her *but first you need healing and growth. Which is why I’ve summoned the local white witch. She will take you to a certain holy spring which is guarded by six Rhein maidens. The seven of them will cleanse your soul but I’m afraid it’s a rather painful process. Nonetheless, I expect you to display your customary courage. Which reminds me; Caris, make sure they understand that my charge is still a bit young for certain games. If even one is the slightest bit forward, like that impetuous sister of yours, I’ll entertain all six within my liar.* With that, the dragon launched into the air and settled upon a distant precipice.
“Your sister?” Alara cautiously inquired as the crone approached with a small satchel.
“Being the eldest, Glendra missed her childhood,” the witch explained. “When she stumbled into the grotto, it’s not really surprising that she became a Rhein maiden. Which reminds me,” she counseled with a mischievous smile “as they enjoy spanking games, don’t be surprised if they give short shift to proprieties. Not that they’ll stray too far. They’re intimidated by Kayg`on’s tail.”
Suddenly, the Princess felt a compelling need to know exactly what was in the satchel Caris carried and what would happen at the spring. Apparently, however, her sore bottom already had a pretty good idea for it was cringing.
“Not a good idea to run, dearie,” the witch confided cheerily on seeing her expression. “If you did, I’d escort you into the grotto by the ear and the girls would tease you mercilessly. Besides, Kayg`on would not approve and you know what that would entail.”

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By H. Kerrsutherland
Jackie looked up as she heard someone fumble with the doorknob. Rising from her chair, she quickly crossed the dorm room and opened the door in time to hear a mumbled curse from a kneeling petite Eurasian girl. A ruptured cardboard box and the scattered former contents accounted for such language. “Hi, you must be Kim Neu. I’m Jackie O’Connell. Let me give you a hand.” Kneeling down, the redhead started to retrieve the diverse CD collection but paused as she felt the other’s eyes upon her lapel. Or more specifically, the miniature ornate broach pinned there.
Seeing the fear and panic in the younger girl’s eyes, she promised in a reassuring undertone; “We’ll talk about it later, after you’ve unpacked.”
“But how…”
Noting the hallway, bustling with chattering coeds excited over the start of another collegic year, Jackie quickly interrupted the teenager; “I’ll explain after we get your gear stowed away. There’s nothing you can do. In fact, there’s nothing either of us can do so you keep your peace.”
“You get one free pass. And this, is it. Now, before your stuff walks away, let’s haul it in here.”
The chore of moving: boxes, trunks, a desk top, monitor, lamp, minifridge, TV and DVD player from floor lobby to the requisite room took a mere ten minutes through their combined efforts. When finished, Jackie asked “Did you move your car before lugging your stuff upstairs?”
“Yes;” the eighteen year old absently replied from her perch upon the room’s sole bed, king size.
“Good. Even on moving days, the housemother tends to be rather strict about vehicles parking in front of the dorm. Beyond a five minute grace period, there’s a mandatory three swat penalty for every two minutes a car blocks the fire lane but today it was extended to fifteen minutes.” As this was explained in a jovial manner, the junior closed and restrained both the door and windows. Drawing the yellow curtains to a close, she turned to her roommate; “Now, we can talk.”
“You’re from one of the families, aren’t you;” Kim asked accusingly.
“Yes, I am. But, I’m not from yours.”
“Your broach makes that obvious.”
“Considering the circumstances, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not that you were so dedicated in memorizing the four family identification emblems.”
“Well, ‘considering,’” Jackie winced at the venomous sarcastic tone used to mock her own words “what She’s put my mother through, I always thought it best to know as much as possible.”
“Wise, I’m sure,” the junior paused briefly and then stated the obvious. “You’re angry.”
“What gives you that idea,” Kim snapped before visibly taking a hold of herself. That she was successful was proven by a more composed tone, “I wanted to get away from Her. How should I feel, on finding my efforts to be in vain. Especially as my mother will have to pay the price unless, for a change, She wishes to extract payment from me. Which raises the question, how did She know where I was?”
“Kim, first of all, I have no idea how She knows things. Secondly, I said you had a pass. She’s many things, but She doesn’t make false claims and God help the individual who makes such a claim in Her name without authorization. You know this.”
“After what She’s put my mother through, I don’t trust anything that inhuman monster claims.”
“Then perhaps you’ll believe this. Any failure on my part to keep you safe, healthy and pure from men, except a few specified chosen few, will result in severe consequences for my baby brother.”
“Punishment,” it wasn’t a question.
“Well, it certainly isn’t the type of Discipline you crave and She permits.”

Caned Angel