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If you had the chance to be in an open relationship would you do it?

Some days yes, some days no. I used to want to get married, now I'm not so sure. I feel i would be in an open relationship to stop the inevitable cheating, but i also feel there are good monogamous relationships and one just right for me. What do you think?

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Well its been awhile since I posted anything. Ive been staying busy between my job and getting ready for family coming into town for my little brothers wedding sat and then working for one of my church friends who needs help painting and tearing up all the carpet in her house so she can get some flooring done in all her rooms its nice being able to help others that cant really do all that shes older so she cant do alot.

Other than that for those who didnt see the pics I finally got to meet and have a session with Niko YAY!!!!! Ive been busy so I havent been able to fully edit and crop and watermark the video yet. It wont be the full version but you guys will be able to see a good bit of it. Still hate that my ass cant bruise or show marks just redness one things I dont like. But overall we had a good session and hopefully this wont be the last one we do.

My ass is still a little bit sore Im not at all happy that I have an ass whoopin coming from my disciplinarian for me getting way out of line with him its probaly the worst ive ever been with him yelled at him cussed him out the whole nine yards dont really no what got into to me. He was really pissed but was able to calm down he never punishes while angry so I didnt my ass tore up that day. Then he was nice enough not to whoop me today so he gave me till thursday so hopefully my ass isnt still sore but if it is wellll I guess it doesnt matter Im still getting whooped. Everything else is going alright though hope everyone is having a wonderful night.

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Has anyone ever gone to a SCONY party? Did you get what you wanted out of it!

Spank Christina
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“Now then,” said Fartypants, wiping his mouth on a napkin having finished his meal. “What are we going to do with our uninvited guest lads?” He indicated the hapless Snow White, who was currently stood facing the wall with her hands clasped behind her head. Her skirts and petticoats were still rolled up to reveal a spectacularly bruised and torn up bottom. The birch had done its work to perfection.

“How’s about we give a good rogering and then feed her to the wolves?” suggested Herpes. “Bags I go first!”

“No no no! We can’t go feeding people to the wolves!” rasped Fartypants. “We will have the “Animal Rights” people breathing down our necks, not to mention the police. We can’t afford to buy them off at the moment. Nope - we either throw her down a well somewhere or we keep her here as our sex slave and general domestic! God knows we need somebody to wash our undies, darn our socks, make the beds and keep the cottage clean. I vote we shag her silly and then put her to work.”

Snow White heard the discussion with mounting concern.

“Excuse me sirs”, she said. “I know you told me to stand here with my nose pressed to the wall and keep quiet, but I really feel that I must protest! I am a princess and I don’t “do” domestic!”

“So do you want to go down the well then?" enquired Fartypants. “Or just maybe we will send you up to the castle for the Queen to deal with? What do you say to that Princess?”

Snow White stared at him in utter horror.

“Erm …… where is the broom?” she asked humbly.


At the castle, the Queen was coming to decisions of her own. Being third place in the beauty stakes to a couple of upstart young teenagers was absolutely not in her game plan. The revelation about the Sleeping Beauty had come as a hammer blow, even if the girl was unlikely to surface as a serious rival.

She issued orders that every frog in the Kingdom, whether it was a royal prince or not, was to be rounded up and turned into fertilizer. It was a bit draconian, but one could not risk one of the little bastards tuning up and accidentally kissing S.B. by mistake. Knowing her (the Queen’s) luck at the moment, anything possible could materialise to upset the applecart. Sod's Law they called it.

A more immediate problem was what to do about Snow White. She had apparently come to some kind of arrangement with the Seven Dwarves to stay at their place where, in turn for doing the chores and keeping house, she would receive food and shelter. She had been given instructions not to go out, nor speak to strangers, for fear that it might be a plot to get her bumped off. It was a tricky situation to be sure. But not an insurmountable one if attacked with determination and a sense of purpose.

It was not long before the Queen hatched up a cunning plan. Dressing herself up as a gypsy peddler, she loaded her basket up with fine items of ladies corsetry, and set off for the Dwarves’ cottage.


Inside the cottage, Snow White had her feet up on the sofa, watching daytime TV and scoffing her way through a large box of milk chocolates. She was supposed to be cleaning the house and washing the dwarves’ long johns but WTF? It was a waste of time; they would only get them dirty again.

In any case, it turned out that there were in fact NINE of the little sods – a couple of illegals had sneaked in across the border and nobody had thought to inform the authorities. They were working for a lot less than the going rate, and the resident dwarves were pocketing the profits. So everybody won – excepting Snow White of course - so she did not feel the slightest bit guilty. It wasn’t fair.

She had just finished the last of the chocolates, and was about to raid the Dwarves’ drinks cupboard, when there was a tap at the door.

“Who the fuck is that?” she muttered. “It isn’t any of the Dwarves because they just kick the door open and storm in!” Jehovah Witnesses perhaps?

She went to the door and opened it to be confronted by a gypsy woman who was waving a lace corset under her nose.

“Hello my dear!” said the old hag. “Look what I have brought for you – a lovely corset with lace trim and integral suspenders to hold up your stockings. It’s just what you need to keep your hourglass figure in check. Just slip your dress off and try it on! I will help you.”

“No thanks you old bag! I haven’t got any money anyway. The fucking Dwarves don’t trust me – I can’t think why! It does look like a nice corset though”

The old hag cackled. “Don’t you worry about that my dear. I tell you what, you can have it for a week free of charge “on approval” and if you can’t get the money out of the skinflint dwarves, you can return it. I can’t offer you fairer than that now can I?”

Snow White thought for a minute. It was an offer she could not refuse; she would take the corset for a week and tell the old hag that it accidentally got thrown out with the garbage. In no time at all she had stepped out of her dress, slipped into the corset, and the peddler had her knee in the small of her back, tightening the laces for all she was worth.

“How does that feel my dear – is it tight enough?”

Actually it was far too tight, so much so that Snow White couldn’t breathe. She tried to tell the old woman to stop, but when she turned round, the woman had vanished. Desperately she tried to release the laces but they were knotted up behind her in a place she couldn’t reach. She staggered a couple of paces into the room and blacked out, falling face down upon the floor and suffocating.

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Remember that You are one that is responsable for Your happiness!
Never forget that!
If something is bull, bad, boring...try to look at it from an other angel....and be grateful over the opportunity that You can change things! :)
Love life!

Spank Christina
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This week it hard for me I have mix emotions cuz this halloween is my daughter's first and I'm trying to be positive for her
When all I want to do is ball my eyes out and eat a carten of ice cream

This halloween is also the two year anniversary of my grandmothers passing who I was real close with

So my family and I have been stressed and emotional and taking out on other family members or I should say I am the one that's taking most of the blows from my emotional family right

And I've been stressed to the max by trying to be the rock for every one and also not letting my daughter see how upset I am

Maybe a stress relief spank would help?

Has others had one? And did it help?

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Wow, 28 days of fun questions. Its been exciting, interesting and insightful. I've learned so much about you all and even a bit about myself.

What is one thing you always wanted to do, but haven't had the chance to do....YET???

I've swam with dolphins, rode an ATV through the hills of the Dominican Republic, I've gambled in the casinos of Las Vegas, I've sunbathed on the beach in Grand Cayman, I've chased the dream of being a cake designer...but the one thing I've never done (bring on the tears)is dance with my father. As "cheesy" as it is, thats the one thing I've always wanted to do. Dressed up, fancy, dinner and dancing. It can still happen. :0)

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Well been a while, and I have missed you all. Greetings.....Hello...Good evening...

My computer crapped out and had to work on it. Finally got it up and running.


Signed ...

Spank Christina
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Today I was out shopping ( of course!) one of the many reasons I need a spanking and saw a hair brush that claimed ouch less hair brush. I thought to myself" how can that possibly be?" I've been doing so much thinking about spanking lately! Then it struck me..... "Oh, they mean hair!" Lol

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You know when you are in hospital you are supposed to get rest,that is a lie!! I was woken this morning at 5:45 am,my temperature was taken and it was declared that I was still alive,my pulse was okay and various other bits of information about my well being was written into the record kept at the end of my bed. My medication was administered and I suddenly thought of my grandfather. I was about 14 at the time when he was in hospital and I remember my Mum being called to the hospital because my Grandad was not taking his medication.It transpired that when the nursing staff went to change his bedding they found all the tablets he should have been taking under his pillow. Later,under interrogation, he admitted to putting some of the tablets into bottles of soft drinks people would bring him,people actually drank from those bottles...I had to laugh and the nurse this morning was probably wondering should she get a psychiatric assessment done.

I am very much like my Grandad in many ways.No wonder none of my visitors will take a glass of Sprite or Fanta Orange with me. My Grandad was in the British Merchant Navy during the war and I always remember him during Remembrance Sunday. I do not however spit toothpaste at young children who visit me,like he done LOL!!!! Well Jen and my niece are still hard at it according to my brother.Even though a good friend brought them for lunch yesterday and they promised him that they would not cause anymore trouble,it seems in front of my brother lastnight a gladiatorial battle ensued over the hair dryer that should be left in the bathroom but instead was left in my niece's bedroom,my brother was at a loss for words which is unusal but on reflection I think he feared for his own safety.I really have never seen two people who completely are at odds about everything and anything. They want to come and visit and I have relented so this evening they will make an appearance. The hospital has laid on extra security and all personal belongings will be searched; a team of doctors will be standing by with sedation just in case as when those two go at it they are like a pare of wild cats. Still I really do want to see them and really missed them the past few days.

So I hope that everyone on here is behaving themselves and going to bed at a proper time,even those in America! It is funny how many people message me trying to get others into trouble,when I am in better health there are a number of people on here who will be feeling my wrath. So all the best to you all.Probably won't be on for a few days as tomorrow is round two of surgery.My consultant asked me this morning if I would not mind a student surgeon examining me this afternoon,I told him it is all the one to me,as I cannot escape;they actually are checking me every ten to fifteen minutes. When I get out of here Jenny will get a hug and then the spanking of her life!!!!

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Have you ever played an instrument? Do you still play today?

Growing up I played the piano, cello and saxophone, not all at the same time, lol. I also played the cymbals in my elementary school band. I still play the piano a little.

Spank Christina
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Wouldn't it be cool if my first adult spanking could be posted on here? I think it's a great idea!

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Arriving at the cottage, the Dwarves were astonished to find their door was open.

“Hey Bollockchops!” yelled the lead dwarf to one of his companions. “Did you forget to shut the fucking door when we left this morning?”

“Arrrh oi dad!” replied the hairy dwarf at the back of the group.

“What did he say Cocksucker?” asked the first dwarf.

“He said “Yes”, Fartypants.”replied the dwarf called Cocksucker. “But I think he meant “no”!”

“Well it ain’t shut now !” growled Fartypants. “Get yer pieces out boys, I reckon we might have us a burglar. Oh for fuck sake Shitbrains – I meant get your GUN out – not your apology for a bloody penis! Although that’s frightening enough in itself!”

Okay are we ready? When I shout “go!” we all rushes in together yelling at the top of our voices and shooting anything that moves …. excepting ourselves naturally! Got that?”

There was a chorus of grunts from the others.

“Right – here we go then. One – two – three – Gooooooooo!”

Amidst a cacophony of bloodcurdling shrieks, the dwarves burst in waving their guns. In the middle of the kitchen they stopped. Nobody was there. Suddenly, from the direction of the bedroom, came a timid female voice.

“Hello, is anybody there?”

The dwarves, open-mouthed, exchanged glances of astonishment.

“Well of course there is somebody here! Are you deaf as well as fucking stupid?” replied Fartypants. “Now come out with your hands up and don’t try any funny business!”


In the castle dungeon, Simon had been stripped naked and was lying strapped face down to the Queen’s spanking bench. He already had several livid crimson stripes from the Queen’s cane burning into his lily-white arse cheeks.

“Now!” said the Queen, waving her cane under his nose. “Let me just repeat what you have told me so that there can be no mistakes. Did I mention that I utterly abhor mistakes Simon?”

“Yes Ma’am, indeed you did! (WHACK!) Owwwwwwww!” squealed Simon.

“Excellent! So we understand each other. Now ……. you say you were walking through the woods minding your own business, when you came across Snow White tied to a tree?”

“Yes Ma’am – tied up by the wrists to an overhanging branch. I think it was an oak tree actually.”

“I don’t give a flying fuck if it was a giant artic cactus! Just keep (WHACK!) to the basic (WHACK!) facts!”

“OWWWWWwwwww! Yes Ma’am. Tied to a tree Ma’am.”

Ma’am nodded her approval.

“And then, if I understand things correctly, Snow White informed you that she was waiting for a bus?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“And to the best of your knowledge, her chest had not been slit open in any way? Her heart had not been cut out, and there was no blood streaming down her chest?”

“Yes – I mean “No” Ma’am.”

“You are quite certain of that?”

Yes – I think I would have noticed something like that!”

“Don’t (WHACK) be (WHACK) fucking (WHACK) cheeky (WHACK WHACK WHACK) with ME! ………………. WHACK!)

“OWWWWWwwww! OOOoooooohhhh! AaaaarrrrggghHH! Yes Ma’am! No
Ma’am! Thank YOU Ma’am!”

“And you say you then made a deal with her that, if she gave you six large lollypops, you would release her?”

“Yes Ma’am. She said that I had to collect them from you and that you would probably give me a bonus. Can I have them now please?”

The Queen bent forward so that her lips were barely two centimetres from Simon’s ear.

“Oh yes!” she whispered. “You shall have your lollypops alright. I am going to push them up your sorry arse one by one, and then …. I’m going to ram them home with a FUCKING BASEBALL BAT!

“… but first I am going to give you six more whacks of my senior cane! Any questions Simon?”

“Please Ma’am – can we make it twelve?” panted Simon.

The Queen threw back her head and roared with laughter. You had to admire the lad. He may only have the brainpower of a decapitated amoeba, but she had to admit that he had balls! Quite cute ones in fact, now that she looked. She reached in-between Simon’s thighs and cradled them gently in her hand.

“Is that nice Simon?” she asked seductively.

Simon grunted in reply – apparently it was!

A glazed expression appeared on the Queens’ face. She let go, walked over to the wooden table which stood in the corner of the dungeon and picked up a long carving knife, which glinted menacingly in the flickering torchlight … Simon might have balls, but Kevin would not be so lucky when she got hold of him!

Alas that would have to wait. Apparently Kevin had suddenly found it necessary to visit his dear old grandmother in Australia, and had last been seen heading for the airport.


Snow White stepped hesitantly out of the bedroom, coming face to face with the astonished Dwarves.

“Hello guys!” she said, doing her best to look innocent. “Who are you?”

“More to the point – who the fuck are you?” snapped Fartypants. “This is our cottage and that was our dinner you have been eating, and that is our bed you have been sleeping in. Anything else we can offer you is there? How about a drink and a smoke …. Some homemade elderberry wine perhaps??”

“Oh yes please!” she beamed.

“Well you can fuck off!” roared Fartypants. “I was being sarcastic. The only thing you are going to get is a damned good thrashing! Now drop your drawers and bend over the table. Cocksucker – fetch the birch! Now then Miss Snow White, allow me to welcome you to our humble abode!”

He rolled up his sleeves, swished the birch through the air a couple of times, took careful aim, and brought it down hard on Snow White’s pert little upturned bottom.


“OWWwwwwww! OOOoooooooh! Thank you Sir!”

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My husband as ordered me to share with al of you the spanking I received while he was last away on business. As I've told you all before when hubby is away I have online masters who make me spank myself and make me do things I would not normally do. During his last trip away I was volunteering as a home care aid which involves taking care of seniors who require help with cleaning, meals and bathing. Sometimes the patients are not that old, but are sick or injured. I had a new patient not as old as my patients usually are, a massive black man that is an x-football player ( for the folks overseas I'm talking American football not soccer) a mountain of a man 6'6"tall and over 300 lbs. He was still in very impressive physical condition, his problem was he's hips and lower back from injuries. Like all my male patients he was a little bold and touchy feely, and I handled him the same way I handled the others, a slap on the hand and a good scolding. My husband during a phone conversation told me I had to tell one of my masters about this new patient, and to also tell him that this black patient also had the most humungous penis I had ever seen. When I told my online master about this patient, it excited him, and I was ordered to go to the patients next appointment wearing no bra and panties, and I was not allowed to stop him, I had to let him do whatever he wanted to me, and if I was asked why I allowed it I was to tell him that I was a sub, and would also obey him.
The following day I went for the appointment. During his bath he started touching my leg like he'd done before, but when I didn't stop him his hand continued up my dress and he was soon fondling my bottom and my pussy. His fingers are longer than thicker than some of he penis' I've had, so when he fingered me he made me orgasm. He asked me why I was allowing him to do this that day when I'd been so firmly set against it before so I told him. He ordered me out of my nursing dress. As I stood naked before him , he had me turn around in a circle several times, studying my body including my red and welted backside from the ordered self paddling, strapping and bull whipping the night before. He told me I was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He asked about my bottom so I explained that i'd been punished by an on line master. He had me remain naked and finish his bath which ended with him ordering me to give him a hand job. As he became fully erect I was shocked by his size, he was even bigger than I'd thought. After I made him ejaculate the most semen i'd ever seen out of him he allowed me to dress and leave, but told me that form then on I would strip naked the moment I got there.
His next appointment was three days later. When I got there I went to his family room where he was watching TV and he angrily asked me why I wasn't naked as he'd ordered. I took of my dress and he pulled me roughly over his knee and said he'll make sure I remember next time. HIs massive hand covered my whole butt cheek with the first unexpected spank making me scream out in agony. I begged him not to spank me offering another hand job instead. He laughed and continued his very hard over he knee spanking ignoring my screams, cries and begging. He assured me I'd be giving a lot more than a hand job before the day was over. I don't know how long he spanked me, or how many swats he gave me, but I have never cried so hard in my life. This spanking was he worst by far i'd ever had, and his massive erection pressing against my stomache told he was very excited doing it to me.
When he finished spanking me, I layed across his lap crying and rubbing my abused butt cheeks for quite a while. When I managed to compose myself I apologized to my master and assured him I would never disobey him again. I knew for sure I never wanted to be spanked like that again.
The rest of the day is different kind of story....

Spank Christina
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First and foremost thank you to everyone on here for the amazing messages and comments on my blog. My heart jumped with joy when I logged on here this morning and had nineteen messages in my inbox.I must admit that I felt sad,sad because I cannot thank each and everyone of you personally,face to face. You are all so special and so caring.I am sometimes angry that there is so much distance between me and those special ones who right now I would love to hug. I thank you from the bottom of my heart,you have no idea how important it is to me right now to get such messages. Thank you my friends.

Well I had my operation last Wednesday.I was terrified when the medics came to my room and began to prepare me. Jenny was with me but burst out crying and had to be escorted from the room.My niece stood there in silence with my older brother and we just exchanged smiles. The truth of the matter was that it was pretty serious.Before I went I told my niece to be good and no fighting...my pleas fell on deaf ears,as I shall relate. After my operation ,which I was told took three and half hours,I was put in ICU,I did come around that night but only remember someone poking me with something. Thursday I had a bad reaction and had to be rushed back into the operating theatre,I actually think they left something inside they shouldn't have LOL!!

As long as I live I will never forget how I felt Thursday night and Friday.I was violently sick,I was never this bad after a hang over,and I have had few hang overs in my day,one that even hug on for a few days. I was in no mood for anyone and at one time cleared one of brothers and my sister from the room,I was not in my proper mind,whenever am I you might ask? Saturday I felt much better but the news I received made me want to take a sharp object,any sharp object would have done,and attack a certain two people. Jenny and my niece came to visit,they did not look happy.When they entered my room I knew that something was wrong.My niece sat at the side of bed and Jenny stood at the end of my bed looking at my medical chart,she knows about things like that. They were silent save for asking me how I was.I asked what was up. It seems that Jenny and my niece actually came to blows in the house on Thursday night over a silly argument.Jenny asked my niece to use public transport to get to school on Friday as Jenny herself did not have to be in the city until 1pm that day.My niece refused and well things got ugly according to them both. My niece pushed Jenny who collided with a small coffee table we have in the living room,knocking over one of my prized possessions,a table lamp given to me by someone who was very special to me and who passed away seven months ago. I suddenly was over come by so much grief. I loved the person who gave me the lamp,it was a house warming gift when I moved into the area.I felt my eyes fill up and both Jen and my niece tried to hug me.I am afraid I had enough of them both and told them to get out and if I wanted to see them I would send for them,I hope I was not too hard or selfish.I am lying here now missing them both but I just cannot deal with all the fighting right now,I don't have the energy for it.

Tomorrow here is a public holiday so on Tuesday I go back into the operating theatre for round two.My twelve year old consultant has told me that what will happen on Tuesday is minor compared to last Wednesday. I asked when can I go home and was told not for a week and a half or two weeks yet. I am completely bored out of my skull.Yes I have visitors but I want to be out and about,I am a very active person and love my long walks or going for a run.I don't run with Jenny anymore because when she says she is going for a run she means just that,this is a flat out run,I find it hard to keep up. I am trying to contact a friend who lives in the city to see would he go and check on Jenny and my niece because I am afraid that if I tell any family member there will be more trouble. So thank yo to you all again and I hope to stay in touch. Have to watch it in cae I am suddenly assualted by nurses and doctors and they see what website I am on sssshhhh!!!!

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Well hope everyone is doing and having a great weekend I had a pretty good day yesterday but today wasn't very good it felt like "lets bash "ME" day today from family members but I held it together for the most part which usually isn't something Im able to do Im more of an up front if you talk crazy/disrespectful to me Imma talk crazy to you type person. Im just not the type of person that likes to be treated as a doormat in any way. But other than that Im doing alright at least a lot better than I was earlier. Got a busy hectic week next week soo getting ready for that. But anyways about to go and have some warm apple cider and call it a night. Goodnight Stubers...

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What are you all doing this Saturday night before Halloween?

I'm on my way to a Halloween party. I'm a naughty fairy princess....huge surprise. I'm going with glitter and a hot pink flogger. Wish me luck.

Be safe, have fun :0)

Spank Christina
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Have you ever looked up one day and thought...WTF??? How did I get here??? How on earth did I become "that girl".

You know "that girl, she's the one who constantly tries to fix things even when they're not broken. That girl who tries to smooth things out because the initial fixing just messed things up. Or that girl who compromises because she doesn't how else to keep you interested....so she thinks. Perhaps that girl who is way to understanding because she is so determined to be different and ends up being like just the rest. Or what about that girl who keeps reaching because she's simply trying to hold on. Then there's that girl who's afraid of being rejected just one more time. That girl, who settles because she, clearly, thinks you know more and this is how it is supposed to go...that damn girl.

Then you realize....wait, I never wanted this. I never wanted more. How'd this happen? I was fine before and now I'm all screwed up. You realize being "that girl" isn't worth shit and gets you absolutely no where. In fact, being that girl just makes things worse. That girl is better off saying fuck you and the horse you rode in on as she asks herself, how in the hell did I let your pedestal get so dam high.

If you won't see AND appreciate me for who I am, the way I am, where I am, then buzz off....No, better yet, I'll go. I never claimed to do it all right or have all the answers. I won't apologize for being myself....hyper, silly, feisty, headstrong, inquisitive and even a little exaspersting. I'm learning, growing, bumping and stumbling but one thing, if nothing else, is for sure..I am done being that girl.

Whew, it took me a minute, but what a fucking relief!!

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I know you've all tried to help me before and I appreciate your wisdom, which is why I thought I might ask, does anyone have advice about "moving on"? What I mean is, I find it really hard to let go of the past and look forward instead.

Maybe it is mainly because I don't have a job and so I have lost that daily focus and challenge. I hope I'll have one soon. I just find it hard to plan things for the future and to get on with doing them. I spend too much time thinking about things that are gone and done with, and being upset about them.

For example, I still miss the relationship I had, even though it wasn't working and things changed. I would have liked to make things work but my ex wanted to be with someone new. That did not last and we are still in touch and I like to think we get on ok as friends. I know being in touch with him doesn't help but I think I should be able to be friends and get on with my life, not be a sap and have to cut off any contact. Also I miss the dog we used to share, and although the dog is with a new person, I expect he is fine, I miss him a lot. I am a big animal lover and don't have any kids. It was so nice having an animal in my life.

And finally as you know I had trouble moving on once the thing with the first lad I got spanked by fizzled out. I decided recently maybe there wasn't a big reason but he either got tired of me or something. Things remind me of him. The other day I was chatting online to someone with his name (everyone seems to be called it) and then this lad said it wasn't his real name, and his real name turned out to be the same name as this spanker guy's cat. What are the chances.

Oh dear what a self-indulgent woe is me blog! lol Don't worry I am fine but just wondered if anyone has good advice for looking forward!!! Need to be positive not looking backwards.

And you'll be pleased to know the urge is still there, and I could do with meeting my current spanking friend for a good stress-relieving belting to refresh my head :-)

Whipped Ass