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I have just checked the status of my canes...and they are in mint condition! ;)

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I wrote this with a friend in mind but, I don't know, I thought it was worth sharing with you.

My penis swells and dribbles in anticipation - I run my fingers inquisitively over the raised welts that darken in colour with every passing second - blotchy, crimson, angry stripes that bite voraciously deep into the muscle tissues of your perfectly formed buttocks.

I hear you moan in sweet agonized pain; nothing can stop me from entering your roused dripping pussy .... eagerly I thrust inside to begin your long and blissful journey towards orgasm. My whole body shivers in ecstacy as you push your bottom out to meet me - responding to my motions in perfect harmony; two wild crazed beasts joined inexorably in carnal majesty .....

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If you're married and you meet another man or woman for a spanking date, is that cheating?

What are your thoughts?

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Maybe I'm just emotional cuz of my pregnancy but if one more person tells me that my "chubby" ass needs to spanked I'm gonna flip out last thing I need is to be told I have a fat ass

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I am in desperate need of some dicipline, are there any ladies out there who could provide me with this? I have been a very naughty boy!:(

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689 views · 1352 days ago

What a nice start to this new year!
My hands are still warm....:)

366 views · 1352 days ago

I seem to be having one of those day when everything just pisses me off
Hopefully the rest of the day is better :/

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Just a Little thought for today:

Keep those true people in your life, let go of those who are judgmental jealous hold grudges and who don't accept u for who u are! Life is 2 short.

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I've approached this day with trepidation but now it is here I couldn't be happier. Today I turned 50 and have already begun celebrating. Began the night before with a beautiful dinner with my husband at a restaurant where my son is the head chef. Came home to find my house decorated in banners and balloons by my youngest daughter and when I was finally alone with my man I got the best birthday spanking! Five for every year... ouch! Tonight I will be in fine form with my bourbon, ice and lemon, so watch out for my drunken posts lol. Should be able to get away with being extra naughty on my birthday :D

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I expect you to do this punishment to the letter,no exceptions and no excuses excepted. And no worries about your English it is fine.

Now young lady, being disrespectful will get you nowhere in this life, and I will not accept that from you or anyone! You will go into the bathroom and get a bar of soap run it under a hot tap water until it is nice and moist. Now you will place it in your mouth for 5 minutes. I find a good mouth soaping does wonders for those who have a disrespectful mouth.

Now you will lower your pants and panties to your ankles, and they will remain there until this punishment is complete. You will take a hold of a thick wooden spoon and give yourself 400 swats on your bottom. Make sure you cover your entire bottom and don't forget the sit spot, where the bottom meets the thigh.

Next you will kneel in the corner for 10 minutes with your hands at your sides, no rubbing or touching your bottom, or you will have have to add 10 more swats every time your rub your bottom at the end of your punishment.

After your corner time you will now take the hairbrush and spank your bottom for 8 minutes, and your thighs for 3 minutes, for a total of 11 minutes.

Then you will sit on a hard surface chair, hopefully wood and write out your punishment here. After you have finished this, then you may get dressed and your punishment is over.


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So I was surfing on some message boards on spanking and I ran across some post where Wife's where posting that they have been spanked in front of there Kids. This kind of took me and my wife by surprise we don't have kids of our own but I am not sure what my thoughts are on this my wife said the same thing she just did not know. In our life Spanking is for discipline and pleasure. We both tried to think about if we had kids would there ever be a time that she would act up in front of them where I would need to spank her right there. We went back and forth and never came up with an answer we just do not know so. We would like to know your thoughts what do you guys think.

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Who ever wants to make a video inbox me asap

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Im alright now for those who read my last blog I was driving and a street light camera caught me they said I drove through a red light I know I didn't do that I never driven through a red light. I was going to take it to court but I didn't cause I just have to much going as it is they had the video of me taken in October I just got the letter the end of December and it was supposed to be paid today Anyway my ticket was 95 and my mom said she would pay it and then we got an a argument and it never got paid cuz I never apologized and asked her to pay for it again. Well this morning I was panicking a lot so I finally asked her and she did pay it. I just have a lot going with my mom so theirs just a lot of mixed feelings toward her. But im alright now Thank goodness.

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Hey,I apologize about yesterday,if i sounded rude with what I posted about..i didn't mean it..I just don't like when people say things about me that I don't think are true to me. There's a huge difference between loving a family member and being a "Momma's Boy". anyways..message me if you want

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Okay I need to calm down I'm pissed off to the max my neves r shot and shaking about to punch something someone normal who doesn't like drama plz message me b4 I flip out

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My bigest problem with tops/doms is how can u infourse rules with ur sub/bottom
We u don't fallow them ur self

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I guess its time for me to Sit down for awhile. Possibly tomorrow Let my own pride get in the way and fucked shit up.....

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So,I was just accused of being a Momma's boy due to an earlier blog post I made,let me be clear. I'm not a mom's boy...It's totally not like that,I have to rely on people sometimes due to the Disorder I have. I have a learning disability called NLD,Nonverbal Learning Disorder. I basically learn better verbally than visually. Plus it affects my motor skills so my writing is crap. I have an excellent vocabulary..but the thing is,my mind is a little slow..I'm very basic on my chores and stuff. like my skills with cleaning and cooking. I know this is a big turn-off to most of you ladies,but I'm actually very high functioning. Think Aspbergers and ADD combined somewhat and you get me. For those of you who's a link better explaining what it is..

Hopefully,you learn to understand that I'm not normal,none of us are normal though,we're all different

1173 views · 1355 days ago

Hey fellow spankos. Just want to let you know that even though I'm young,I'm always open to talk on here..Just letting you ladies know

BTW,a question,is my age a turn off to most of you ladies? or does it matter at all?

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