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Views: 380 · Added: 1142 days ago

This is a kind of sequel to my last post, but it's a question: When those of you who are paddled, or do the paddling, use those that have holes drilled in them (to make them either more aero-dynamic or sting more or whatever), how often is it used on a bare-bottomed spankee? I've used one a lot, and I've watched lots of clips, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. But I can't imagine using this on someone who isn't wearing something--and I mean something more substantial than underwear. Still, I have seen is used on the bare, so I know some people can take it. What I'm wondering is, how many of you can (or do)? I plan to try this little adventure again, and my first experience was a "test run" For about 6 swats she "just let gravity take it's course". Then she put what she said was about 20% of her muscle into it for 2 swats. I didn't tell her to stop, but she did anyway and moved to something else. I don't know why, but I'm glad she did. I am resolved to never using a safe word and I don't want to stop a session---ever. But I'm also not crazy and neither is she; she's very good at "reading" and seems to instinctively know what thresholds are and when to speed up and slow down.
But this is rambling. Anyone who can give me an estimate---like do most of the spankees get this paddle on the BB? And I mean full blown, rare-back-like-a-high school-PE-teacher swats? Or do most of you keep your jeans, skirts, whatever on? Thanks in advance for the help. Information is power!

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G Blog - "IRONY"

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I am for ever scolding Daisy for the time she spends on ST, when she is up until 3am playing,night after night, it affects her ability to deal with the rigours of her work!
The Irony here is that she is going to get spanked for this......the kicker is I am going to let you people decide what she is spanked with, and for how long!!!!Be as imaginative as you want..............

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Views: 731 · Added: 1142 days ago

Happy Spanking Valentine's Day to everybody! I wish you have someone to spend the day and night with!

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Views: 687 · Added: 1142 days ago

Having been very interested in spanking for at least 48 of my 53 years, I've put a lot of thought into this little niche market. But I had no idea of all the "sub-niches" there are,and I'm a little bummed that we all don't get along. I never woulda thought people who just l;ike to be spanked, paddled, and such would be put down by others who prefer to be more dominated. I'm still learning the lingo, but it seems that "bottoms" are sometimes looked down upon by "subs/subbies". And as for the Doms and/or Tops, well, they range from well-adjusted, good-natured witty folks to people that would have fit nicely in Berlin, circa 1939. But, I'll not let MY good times be spoiled by such wrangling. I'll only read the pleasant stories, news and posts.
Today, I experienced something for the first time in my life--what it is like to be on the receiving end of a CP session. And she was VERY good at using those implements. But I can shatter some myths I've heard for many many years. The first one is that, even though the bruises can last quite a while, the sting and heat from a paddling/spanking/etc. dissipates pretty quickly. WRONG! It felt like the sting AND the heat were hermetically sealed in my backside for hours. Even now, it's hot to the touch and this happened nearly 10 hours ago. It's possible that the people I've heard this rumor from were talking about a school paddling of 6, 8, 10, whatever one gets. That sting may indeed be gone in a matter of minutes; I wouldn't know. But a real old-fashioned blistering? Noooo. Second--you can't REALLY be spanked until you can't sit down. Well, this one might be partly true. I can sit if I absolutely positively have to. But I sure don't want to. Perhaps there are more experienced spankees that have been punished to the point to where they truly, physically could not sit. If so, I defer to their greater wisdom. And third, all spanking, at its core, can ultimately traced back to a sexual feeling. I used to believe that. Until today. I can say, under oath, that sex in any form never crossed my mind while I was over her knee or furniture. The only things that were on my mind were "She is really setting a fire back there" and "I'm partly undressed and this is embarrassing." These are two thoughts that had no connotation to sex, AND two thought that I'd never before had pass through my brain. So, as I say, today I learned a lot.

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Views: 635 · Added: 1142 days ago

Now I count the swats in every video. OCD rears its ugly head!

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Views: 768 · Added: 1142 days ago

Still haven't been able to upload clips here but here's another Izzy clip you can view on Youtube.

Izzy is going to school for a degree and needs to keep her grades no lower than a B. However, she's been having trouble lately and feels a sound spanking will help her remember to study and keep up her grades.

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Well was an awesome weekend that ended with me feeling the awesome after glow feeling of a painful lesson.. The feeling?? "incredible" the pain to get there ummm not soooo much... However I now have a clean slate and back to being in good standings...
Lessons learned: Do not want to continue drinking as a way to deal with life, and bratting Niko while he is in front of you??? definitely NOT ADVISABLE!!!!Also DO NOT GIGGLE while standing in the corner with your partner in crime especially with Niko in striking range....
My initiation into Niko's bathbrush club was very painful and hope not to have to feel that evil implement anytime soon... NOTE: Anybody wanting to join Niko's club and your name starts with a "C" I will gladly donate my brush to you :P (Yes Niko was kind enough to carve our initials into our very own brushes) Who says he isn't a nice guy :p Love Ya Niko :)
What worse than a bathbrush spanking? Having a session with his lexan paddles WICKED WICKED and his smaller Brother the next morning...
However, I now feeling the afterglows yummy feelings and was it worth disappointing and upsetting Niko NO I would rather stay on his good side :)
Pics to follow. And Niko will be posting the video.Happy Spankings all

Sorry pics are too big to post I will resize them soon too tired to do tonight.
If you are on Fet they are posted there.

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Views: 4429 · Added: 1143 days ago

What I find sometimes disappointing on this board are the comments left on films by obvious wannabes, who have no profiles listed and popularities in single figures, who seem to think that every model employed by a spanking film producer has an arse built of tungsten steel and a pain threshold of someone on intravenous morphine!

A producer goes out of their way to employ new girls, some of whom have never even been spanked before, to produce new content. The producer's reputation amongst the modelling fraternity is only as good as the last girl he shot. If he fucks up, then he is toast!

These girls have limits, ones which I, as a spanking film producer of over 10 years standing, have to totally respect. When a girl likes to be heavily spanked, strapped or caned, I will most happily oblige her up to her limits (and sometimes my limits are lower than theirs .... but then I want to make 3 films in a day and thrashing her on film one is not a productive way to achieve that!).

I will NEVER exceed pre-agreed limits just because some redneck wannabe who has probably never seen a girl's bare bottom, never mind spanked one, thinks he is the world's best spanking critic. These people should get a life!

I make erotic fetish spanking films between consenting adults, not recording documentaries on Third Reich extreme torture techniques!

What really surprises me are the 'viewers' that leave the same comments on my films time and time again. If they don't like my material why do they go out of their way to watch it! I can only put it down to some form of Altzheimer's caused by too much right-wrist action!

Anyway, rant over, and so back to organising a shoot with another completely newbie spankee!

It's a hard life but someone has to do it! :-)

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Views: 1001 · Added: 1143 days ago

It's been three days since my last spanking, and I'm still in so sore.

Would you like to hear the details? Well, okay. I'll tell you.

Before he left for work, X mentioned he'd make me sore that evening. Now, usually we don't do a lot of scary spanking for no reason (although, I insist it's because I'm good most of the time!), but X felt some maintenance was in order.

The horrible part is that we were arguing for a chunk of the evening. Mid argument, X tells me to take my jeans off and to bend over his lap.

"But we didn't resolve anything," I protested.

"We're about to," he responded, I'd say rather evilly.

Yep, that's a mean, evil, toppy move.

He started with the metal paddle, which is quite stingy and starts a whole lot of squirming. He told me a few times to move around less, and eventually I did! He next switched the new, thick belt, and I started crying early with that one.

I think I kept hoping for him to feel sorry for me and stop or take a break, but it just didn't happen. And nothing will make me cry more than a spanking that feels unending.

The bath brush was next and awful, and then he finished with the mini Beast (smaller wicked rubber paddle). The pillow I'd been clutching was rather soggy. X moisturized me, and then we did some much needed cuddling. Yep, argument resolved ;)

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Views: 1717 · Added: 1143 days ago

This is my first day to sign on a name here, while I prefer to watch the vadios quietly before.So I'd like to white a blog to celebrate it.
Early this morning, I have just finished a DIY. Because of the coming examination several days later, I have to save every minute to study. However, I often waste a lot of time doing other things, such as surfing on line, watch SP videos(haha),and so on.
So I have signed a study list for myself, and make it clearly what kind of punishment should I get when I have not finished the goal.
Then among the whole moning, I have spanked myself by the wood ruler for hundreds, and belt for 100, and hand for 100, and so on and so on.
After the terrible morning, my bottom have turned already red and have been fat(:-( ),that really hurts me! And all I can do is use some hot towel to comfort it, and stay on bed for the whole afternoon.
Actually, I really have a very good study efficiency this morning, even though I have gone through a painful and hot and terrible afternoon^
Those are my first story written here, if you like it, I would like to write more story of myself, such as the true story between me and my sister(which has knowned in the spanking circle by the internet)~
hope for your visiting~

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Views: 1690 · Added: 1143 days ago

It was a rare occasion.........Me and Daisyellis left the kids to entertain themselves for the evening, while we decided to take in a movie.......I know what you’re thinking....”A movie! Yawn!.....well all good things have to start somewhere.
As it happens the movie was a big yawn, a remake, and not as good as the original.
Funny thing though, the sexual tension between us was positively electric! It was all I could manage not to swing a leg over Daisy in the Theater, I felt like a bloody Teenager planning strategic maneuvers on how to get to third base without getting caught!!
Daisy had banked a few Spankings since our last holiday, and it had gone on too damn long, so in the last week I had managed to catch her unawares and dealt with both punishment of which she has already related on ST when I used my big Black Belt for the first time with satisfying results. So it was high time we got around to a good ole’ pleasure spanking with all the added extras!
After the movie we were in the car, Daisy doing her usual autopsy analysis of the movie, it took her a couple of minutes to realize we were not heading in the right direction for home.....”G where are you going” her eyes widened as the penny dropped, I was heading to a look-out hill above the City (5 minute drive).....that same hill we walked up with Kate earlier in the week! It was a typical summer evening, nice light breeze, warm, but cloudy, making it quite dark. As luck would have it, we were alone at the top car park.....Daisy had the idea now... in no time we were making out on the front of the car like a couple of randy teens...Daisy was wearing a lace covered mini-dress, offset with pearls around her neck......ohhhh she looks ultra- fuckable in that dress!! My hands found that spank-a-lichious bottom covered with lace white panties, I slipped them down her curvy thighs, and was just in the throes of exploring Daisy’s honeypot when a Car approached the park, headlights framing us against the night!!!! The car pulled into a park not far away, and seeing as we were using Daisy’s little compact “Shopping Trolley” car, the back seat was not an option for someone 6’2” and heavy built.....I’m no contortionist, and cramp is a bitch!!
Trembling with arousal for what we had begun, we opted to drive partway back down the hill to a more secluded spot, no cars here.....great stuff! I take Daisy’s hand and we make our way up the steps to a nook with a Bronze table that has compass points on it.....perfect, and a great view of the city lights below us to boot! She notices my trouser snake standing to attention, and flashes a mischievous smile, she positions herself bending over the bronze facing out toward the city lights... I seize the moment and hike her dress up, baring her lovely buns..... too good to resist, I start spanking those mounds of perfection, spanking with measured strokes....not too hard, Daisy lets out a low moan as I slip my fingers over her pussy, oh man she’s sooo wet already, but I wanted this to last (always the gent), so back to spanking for a while, amazed we had the verve to go through with this in the open, but knowing there was no way either of us was going to stop! Daisy was wiggling and moaning and her buns were glowing, I had no trouble entering her.......I don’t know how I managed to control myself (possibly tried to think about the weather.... I don’t know) but I kept up a rhythm long enough to feel Daisy shudder through a massive orgasm, I stopped before all was lost, and continued spanking that gorgeous arse to allow time to compose myself.......barely...... Daisy was melting into oblivion, and I couldn’t hold myself any longer, so I assumed the position, and thrust myself into a great climax...... both of us spent of energy, and me wondering quietly whether they had surveillance cameras hidden around these areas!!!! We collapse into each other’s arms for a few minutes, and then made our way back to the car.
Wow! That evening caught us both off guard, but it was awesome, and the mind is reeling with new ideas for the near future now!
We arrived back at the house, and I couldn’t help laughing when Daisy bent down to pick something up off the floor, and the kids noticed she was still not wearing knickers......explain your way out of that corner darling!
To think all these years we have wasted before the discovery of the thrills of Spanking!!!!

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Views: 1095 · Added: 1143 days ago

hey i am 18 and sorta shy....I wanted to know how to ask my dad to spank me for fun

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Views: 1039 · Added: 1143 days ago

And why did she throw my ruler away? Does she really think she can get away with that?

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Views: 558 · Added: 1143 days ago

Do you think it is ever too late to be searching for a Daddy?
Cause I am 29 and I really need one.

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Views: 1027 · Added: 1144 days ago

My new year's resolution was to give and receive more and harder spankings and to post more videos on ST. I just got my first spanking of 2012, and it was super, one of the hardest I've ever received. I also posted a video of the first part, and will post the rest after I'm done editing it. Although the spanking was super, the video was marred by poor technical quality. I didn't realize the camera doesn't autofocus in movie mode so the result was blurry.

That kind of carelessness merits another spanking, don't you think?

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Views: 1274 · Added: 1144 days ago

There´s one thing I´m really concerned with...

As a gay man, who loves to combine sexual activities with a intense spanking, I´m only playing with other men.

But in case of arranging a pure discipline session I love to be punished by men as well as by women. I don´t bother their sexual orientation. Sometimes I even prefer a girl to punish my bare butt.

So I´m interested what it feels like for a straight man, spanking a gay guy. And of course how does it feel for a woman to punish a guy who will never be sexually interested in the lady... Is there any difference in spanking someone with a different sexual orientation?

What do you thing about it? Please feel free to comment or send my a private message...

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I have been acting so good since my last spanking (uh-oh 1-2) and haven't had to be disciplined....that is until last night...
So we were both off work and since we're going to be working on Valentine's day, Adam decided to take me out for a nice dinner. I had been having an "attitude problem" all day....back-talking, not obeying immediately and getting "huffy" when I didn't get my way. Adam was trying his best to overlook it so we could have a pleasant evening but I just wasn't having it.
We live in a small town so in order to go out and have a really nice dinner, you have to drive about 50 miles north to a larger city. So we were on our way, Adam driving and me riding down the interstate, listening to the radio. A song came on that I do not like so I flipped the station quickly to avoid having to listen to it. Adam glanced over at me, "I wanted to hear that. Turn it back please." I crossed my arms in front of me and shook my head, "I don't like that f***ing song and I WILL NOT listen to it!" Well that did it. Adam has a strict rule about cursing, its not allowed. Period. He reached over and turned the radio completely off and didn't say anything for about ten minutes. I knew I was in trouble...if Adam is ever quiet for that long to compose himself then I'm in for it. And I was.
After about ten minutes he spoke, "You have had an attitude all day little missy and I don't like it one bit. I will not be talked to like that and I WILL NOT listen to that kind of language come out of your mouth. I have put up with the back-talk and the whining all day...well no more, I'm done. You better be ready to get your backside tanned because I am gonna light you up." And with that he turned off on an exit, turned around and started heading home. No nice dinner for me. The only thing I was getting for Valentine's day was a rosey red bottom....
I was silent the whole way home, as was Adam....all I could think about was the spanking that I was about to receive. My butt tingled, my stomach did flip-flops and my palms were all sweaty. After what seemed like a lifetime, Adam pulled in the driveway, put the car in park and turned off the ignition.
"I want you to go inside, stand in the corner and think about why your getting this spanking. I'll be in shortly. Do you understand?" I nodded while looking down at my lap, "Yes sir.." I reached out, opened my door and got out of the car. I walked into the house and did exactly as I was told to do, I walked to the bedroom and stood in the corner. And I waited.
About ten minutes later Adam came into the bedroom and walked over to where I was standing in the corner.
I stayed put as I was not told I could move. He reached around me and pulled my pants down. I winced and closed my eyes as I felt the first swat. He had brought the wooden spoon with him. Oh, how that thing stings! He pulled my bottom out where he could have better access and started in. He spanked and spanked and spanked. I didn't think he would ever stop. Finally he did. He put the spoon on the dresser and stood behind me, "Ok, I think that going to bed with a sore bottom and no supper will clear up your attitude problem. Don't you?" I sniffed and nodded, "Yes sir."
"Alright then. Get to bed." I turned and hurried to the bed, laid down and covered up. He turned the lights out and closed the door without a word. I knew he was still upset with me because he never just leaves me after a spanking. I cried into my pillow, not because my butt hurt but because I had upset Adam so much. All he was trying to do was be nice and spend time with me and I had to go and ruin it.
I couldn't sleep without him laying next to me and the guilt was awful. Finally about four hours later, he came to bed. I rolled over and looked at him after he had laid down. "I'm sorry..." I whispered. He reached over and pulled me to him, "I know Baby Doll. It's all right....maybe we can go out next weekend, ok?" I nodded and snuggled closer to him.
"Good. Now let's get some sleep." And with that he kissed my forehead and switched the light off....I fell fast asleep...

The End

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Views: 1676 · Added: 1144 days ago

It's been a while since i wrote anything on here, so i am just updating how thing's have been. I have a planned visit from my friend for a discipline session and to be honest i am nervous and excited at the same time. I have been behaving so it is just a precautionary session seeing's he travels and does not make it down here a lot.

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Views: 2700 · Added: 1144 days ago

I just uploaded a video but it won't be up for a few hours, I'm sure. Unfortunately the music turned out really loud on the video even though M and I could barely hear it. I'm VERY sorry for that. We deliberately turned it almost all the way down because we know how annoying it is to have the music be loud during a spanking video (but we did need some buffer noise). I could have not uploaded it but I figured some people might still enjoy it. I just wanted to apologize and let everyone know that wasn't intended or purposely done.

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Views: 754 · Added: 1144 days ago

So here I am again and it's been a week again, since I talked to my bf again. Plus I have had my migraine for over a week now..... My depression is acting up really up. School is also getting hard..... My migraines are getting really bad though, I can like barely move if I get up I get really dizzy, but I just wanted to make it make it public that I miss you babe, and I love you and you are my whole world. Please answer me soon. I miss you soooo much its not even funny.If any one has any ideas for anything please let me know.

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