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Views: 5194 · Added: 1093 days ago

To my friends at SpankingTube... (smiles)





Thanks to my friend Tatu on FETLIFE.. for posting a link to this video "ONE DAY" in one of his status messages. Luckily, I just happened to catch it! I felt compelled to do as he did, and share this love with my friends here on SpankingTube!

So, please watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its passed from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motion.



Now, .. go ahead.. don't be shy (grinz) .. share the love.. feel free to repost this on your wall or in your blogs, or your favorite group ....

Together, WE CAN make a difference. ♥ (smiles)

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Views: 614 · Added: 1093 days ago

I'm probably not going to be on much after today. We're going to be busy later and of course on Christmas Eve and day we're going to be with family so I'd like to take this chance to wish all my friends on Spanking Tube a very...


:) I hope Santa brings you lots of crops and canes and paddles oh my! Happy spankings everyone!

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Views: 1416 · Added: 1093 days ago

i'm more than happy to share them w/ anyone via email or chat just let me know, i just didn't want them out in the public anymore, sry.

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Views: 1132 · Added: 1093 days ago

new 2 this site!!!

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Views: 737 · Added: 1093 days ago

I'm wrapping Christmas gifts, but had to take a break. I learned rather quickly that when your hair is long enough to tuck into your belt with ease, leaving it loose while working with scissors and tape isn't a good idea! So I stopped to braid it, and thought I'd post another blog question before getting back to wrapping.

What's your favorite implement? Does it differ depending on the situation, the reason for the spanking, the person you're spanking or being spanked by?

And conversely, what's your most hated/feared implement - what you would do anything to avoid a session with (either because you're felt it before or it has a fearful reputation. Tops, what do you hold in reserve for serious misdeeds or serious spankos with a bottom that can take a serious licking and keep on wiggling.

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Views: 1271 · Added: 1094 days ago

What is your thoughts about being spanked with a few of your closet friends?

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Views: 733 · Added: 1094 days ago

I'm putting off my thesis at this very moment. I really don't want to tell my partner tonight and have a huge event of it, though. I just need a couple of threats or motivational lectures or something. Macbooks should come with Top mode ;)

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Views: 459 · Added: 1094 days ago

My sis in law makes me wonder if jail isg going to be so bad. She is leaveing for the night thank goosness. But she will be back tommarrow. Ugh.

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Views: 1597 · Added: 1094 days ago

Finally i had the courage to post a picture of me (: Do not watch the cartoon because it put so people do not know do not view my photos

I hope you like it (:

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Views: 1280 · Added: 1094 days ago

I got an email today from one of Santa's helpers that said I was on Santa's Naughty List this year. Go figure? Anyway, I guess everyone on the Naughty List gets a visit from Mrs. Claus and her big wooden bathbrush on Xmas Eve! I was told to be waiting in the living room totally nude facing the corner with an "appropriate" chair sitting in the middle of the room. Instead of milk and cookies I'm supposed to put out some ginger root on a plate. The email said Mrs. Claus "would be blistering my naughty ass until I can't sit down!" I love the Holidays!

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Views: 820 · Added: 1094 days ago

I had at least three ideas for blogs while laying on the gurney, drugged to happy land, but I seem to have lost them when the headache came back. (Long story.) So I'll go with one that's also a common spanko issue.

For Bottoms and Switches (Tops can chime in with their view if they wish): Can you cry when being spanked? Regularly? Only happened once? Only at certain times or with a certain implement or in a specific mindset? If you cannot, do you wish you could? Is it a long-held dream that the right spanker or Top or Dom or Domme will take you there?

I've been there once - during a play session where R (my beloved) was having WAY too much fun getting in my head and screwing with me. I don't actively fight during a spanking - but I do wiggle - and have kicked him (in the head while over his knee -LOL). He was telling me something about "if they foot touches me, I'm going to...zl I don't even know what the threat was anymore - but he was using that fearful plastic hairbrush and I managed to grab his hand with both feet, then promptly burst into tears.

That was the only time though - and oh how he loved it!!

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Views: 1000 · Added: 1094 days ago

Follow my wife and I on twitter @myNERchild and @EbonyDiscipline

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Views: 838 · Added: 1094 days ago

Hey its me Sha again! I know I promised to give you more childhood spanking stories but this spanking was so...i dont even know how to describe it, and it is fresh on my mind. We got it on video but it is not ready to be posted yet so keep your eyes open it should be coming soon.
So one more piece of information for you is that I am currently a college student. I am currently a sophmore in college in addition to being a wife, mother and a full-time employee. So anyway, PW found out some how that I had skipped class a few times, thats the kid in me coming out, so he was pissed. In my defense, I really just didnt want to waste my time and gas driving 30 minutes to class just so I could sit and go over a review for my final exam. I just wanted to go over my review and my notes on my own and save the time and gas.
Well I had to go upstairs and lay over the bed with my jeans on first adn I got 5 swats with PW's belt. They weren't any normal swats, they were full out swings and he hit me as hard as he can. then I got 5 more swats over my panties, with him still swinging as hard as he could. Then 5 more like that on my bare butt. My poor bottom was whelped and as if that wasn't enough, he pulled me over his knee and began to spank my butt as hard as he could. I don't remember how many swats I got but i know it went on for at least 2 minutes. My bottom hurt for hours and hours after that. The next morning it was still whelped, and by the next night, i could still feel ecactly where that belt had hit me. it was awful!

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Views: 1600 · Added: 1094 days ago

I know we all have our different tastes, but I'd like to take a little poll... Hopefully, we get a few spankos who would enjoy sharing...

Please comment below your gender and what gender you enjoy being spanked by.

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Views: 3512 · Added: 1095 days ago

Just wondering if anyone one out there had a similar thought?

In real life I tend to be a very powerful, intellegent and extremely independent woman. I have never had a take charge man in my life which has left a very bed taste in my mouth for a authority. Sometimes I long for an authority figure in my life and not having to do everything everywhere all the time! I enjoy being submissive sometime espacially in the bedroom.

Also spanking for me is this release of pent up emotion and stress. The adrenilin realease is alomost like a mild drug. Is it worng to want a spanking, the attention, the rush when I am upset? I'm really not a bad girl! IDK is there something wrong with that?

Help me Spanking TUBE friends an family!!!!

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Views: 909 · Added: 1095 days ago

From the age of 16, I knew I wanted, no, needed, to be spanked. It was going to be a long ten years before I got my first proper spanking, though. I grew up in a small town in England. I hated having a desire to be spanked. At first I thought there was something wrong with me, and I just couldn't believe anyone else could feel the same. Then I discovered spanking magazines and realised how wrong I was. I found a pro Domme through a magazine that had a big feature on the whole spanking fetish. I had to call on the day I wanted to make the appointment for. So, the following Saturday, at noon, I found a public call box in the city and called Her. I had to wait until three oclock for my appointment. Which gave me almost three whole hours to wait. Needless to say they were the longest three hours of my life. I was at war with myself. Part of me was panicking, wanting to go home, forget the whole thing. But a deeper part knew I would bitterly regret it and would severely kick myself if I did. I bought a spanking novel in a bookstore and sat on a bench, reading it, trying to psych myself up. Finally at quarter to three, I could wait no longer. I stood at her address, an apartment building, and buzzed her door number. When I explained who I was, she buzzed me in. My legs felt like lead as I walked up three flights of stair, and not just from the exercise. Part of me wanted to to turn and run before it was too late. but I resolutely walked on. Finally I stood outside Her apartment. Her door was ajar. I knocked and a husky voice told me to enter. I pushed the door open and stepped through. She was sat waiting for me, facing the door. She stood when she saw me. God, She was magnificent. She had to be over six feet tall, slender and curvy, with long blonde hair that went all the way down to Her bum. I had an irrational panicked thought that I couldn't take my clothes off in front of Her. She told me Her name was Sonia. We made the transaction first, then She instructed me to go through a door to my left and take my clothes off. I stepped through and my jaw dropped when I walked into the next room. Straps and paddles hung on every wall. under the small window stood a bucket filled with canes of various lengths and thicknesses. To my right, against a wall stood a long leather bench with straps at each end. a couple of feet above it hung some sort of contraption that was clearly used to suspend people. I decided not to ask. Now that the time had come. my panicky shyness evaoprated and I found it pretty easy to take all my clothes off. By the time She came in, I was totally naked. She instructed my to lie face down on the bench. I obeyed. At my request, She secured my wrists and ankles with the straps. Now I was completely helpless. My bottom had never felt so vulnerable. Or so exposed. I told Her it was my first time and She would go easy on me. relatively. She started spanking me with Her hand.obviously to warm me up. Sonia selected a strap from the wall. I was no expert, but it looked pretty heavy and stingy. I quivered in fear and anticipation. She raised the strap high above Her head.... ....and then the phone rang. Phew. Saved by the bell! She told me not to go anywhere. What is it with Dom/mes and their twisted sense of humour? I heard Her talking in the other room. apparently taking another booking. Then She hung up and returned to me. "No more escapes," She told me. Gulp. She lifted the strap again and cracked it across my bottom. It hurt. I could tell She was holding something back. But. It. Hurt. She strapped me slowly and methodically. I'm sure She made sure not an inch of my bottom escaped the sting of the strap. I think She gave me twenty strokes. But I'm not sure. I kind of lost count. It happens when your ass is on fire. "would you like to experience the cane?" I looked back at Her. What a question. I kind of nodded. I heard a rattle come from the bucket of canes. I looked away. I loud swishing noise made me look back at Her. She was swishing the cane experimentally. Now I was afraid. She tapped my bottom with the cane, lining up the first stroke. I closed my eyes, only to open them in shock as the first stroke landed. DAMN! That hurt! Before I could really react, the second stroke blazed its trail of pain across my cheeks. I yelped. I cried out at the third stroke and howled at the fourth. Right across the sit spot. This woman was an expert! She gave me ten stingy strokes of the cane. My eyes were wet by the end but I didn't shed any tears. I was quite proud of myself for that. She replaced the cane in its bucket, then rubbed my burning bottom for a few minutes. Mmmm, that felt good. "You took that very well," She told me. I practically glowed at Her words. She started spanking me with her hand again. It hurt more this time, the spanking was being given on an already sore ass after all. finally She stopped, untied me and told me to get dressed and join her in the living room. When I was decent, I joined Her and She gave me a glass of wine. We drank and chatted. She told me I had a good bottom to spank and if it got spanked regularly it would toughen up and be able to take longer harder spankings. I guess time has proved her right. I visited Her twice more after that. But that's for another story on another day.

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I will work for 8 hours today. Also tomorrow and Friday. And there's no need for more threats, I swear!

Yesterday's spanking surprised me. X isn't thrilled that other aspects of life keep getting in the way of my work. I mean I have to take work when it comes up, right? It's a tough thing to balance, and I'm frustrated, and sometimes I wish I could just forget about this degree! (It's taking forever!)

But I don't really mean that...I love school and education. Besides, where would my punishment kink be without something with which to struggle?

Soo...yesterday. X ordered me to the bedroom. And I may have lingered enough that he was a little extra firm with the first few swats. He used the Beast, the evil rubber paddle, for a while. He then switched to the metal paddle for a few swats. There was a lot of lecturing about how much work I'm to do, and when I should be texting him my progress, and how long each break should be.

It was a long spanking, and instead of the usual ordering me back into position, he was a lot more physical. I was pulled back and held down much more (interesting and kinda nifty). No tears, though. This week, I'm just not in that sort of mood, I suppose.

I still have the urge to push, though. Not to put off my thesis, which would be horrible and serious(!!), but to be a bit bratty and see how sore he'll make me. At some point, will the bratting urge be mitigated by a sore bum?

How do you cope with it? Does the urge go away with consistent spanking? Or is it a crazy cycle of always wanting more harshness?

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Views: 557 · Added: 1095 days ago

My loving boyfriend has found out he loves making me wait for a spanking. He has set the exact date. Christmas Day. I'm in a lot of trouble, so I have a feeling my bottom is gonna be warmed up nicely that day. He has warned me not to wear tight jeans because im not gonna want anything tight against my butt when he's done. He has also forewarned me that the spanking will be on my bare butt, and he added that every spanking I recieve from now on, will be on the bare skin.

Even though i'm dreading the spanking, I love knowing he cares enough to do it. He is considering changing tools. He has been saying his belt is going to get used if i dont behave. I havent been spanked with a belt since i was very young. Can't help but wonder how it would feel getting it from him.

Who knows, I may get myself in a little trouble to find out, Can't kill me to be curious :)

-Hope everyones day is going well, and that many are getting the spankings they want and deserve.


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Views: 737 · Added: 1095 days ago

Alright - I'm headed home from the E.R. (my headache overwhelmed me - had to go get it taken down with IV meds), so this is going to be a quickie.

I've a Question for Tops, Bottoms, Switches, and everyone in between. When spanking, being spanked, or watching spankings on S-Tube, how do you feel about wiggling, struggling (not trying to escape, but struggling because the backside in question is on fire), and making noise? I myself prefer it, both in giving and watching. In playful spankings, it makes it more fun and/or satisfying. In discipline, I believe it's a necessary part of the communication between the Top she's the Bottom. But that's just my preference.

So - how is it with you? And does it differ if you're spanking for fun our for discipline or punishment?

Cheers! I'm off too bed before the pain creeps back.


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Views: 2470 · Added: 1096 days ago

I've been so busy the last few days (work/holidays descending on me!) And There's not much time to run to every wall of those I want to thank.. so hopefully you'll see my reply to you all here! (♥'s my spankingtube friends!)

@Juliebuns -- what a cute little card! THANK YOU!!

@DaveW -- Why thank you my dear! I'll go put up some more mistletoe then!

@Silvas -- THANK YOU! And I shall!

@Piper33 - WHERE HAVE you been woman? Just busy? I'm ready for 2012 for sure!

@Lady_J -- OMG.. your Momma was smarter than my Momma! -- AND YES! Next visit to CHI-town.. WE are having coffee!

@Audrey_Knight -- ♥'s YOU!

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