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Views: 1666 · Added: 1030 days ago

So, lets say that you have a woman, a spankee... She has really been acting out of place and out of line... She has been behaving really really badly, almost unforgiveably! She has the WORST attitude, talks back entirely way too much, she is disrespectful and completely out of control... You decide that you have had enough! She NEEDS a serious attitude adjustment punishment spanking... You decide to check her on her behavior because things have been going on like this for far too long without any correction. You decide to give her a thorough, good spanking to teach her a lesson. You are spanking her long and hard... You pull out all of your best impliments and you get to work on that butt!!! But something just feels like its missing... Maybe she needs another element added to the punishment to drive the point home??

Which NON-SPANKING punishments or elements could you add to the spanking which will make it a more effective and memorable punishment experience that she won't easily forget??

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Views: 650 · Added: 1031 days ago

this is More for the tops but my fellow brats can answer to :) from just the way i am do you guys think even tho i am a switch i am More of a Bottom than a top? I cant really tell so maybe you guys on the outside Looking in might be able to.
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 347 · Added: 1031 days ago

I Just wanna put this out there i Know i brat alot to Missy and My Mommy but i have a HUGE Ammount of Respect for them ((Sorry brat pack)) Becuse as a switch i know how hard it is to be in charge all the time So Please dont take my Messing around to Heart Missy or any other tops i respect you and know when to stop. i know my messing my lead to my Bottom haveing to Pay one day but oh well Anyway i just wanted to Put that out there incase anyone was thinking what a disrespectfull young man I am Cos i not i do have respect for all Tops!.
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 408 · Added: 1031 days ago

Ok so this week wasn't all so productive... I went on a 3 day drinking binge by Thursday I was done... My thought at the time? Back in my Navy days (20's) when things got to much to handle i would go out party party party work party and party some more it seemed at the time it was easier to deal with life with a buzz from Jack and hanging out with people i didn't have to think stay out to 2am be at work by 7 work til 3:30 pm and start again... Sooooo 20 yrs later I decided well it worked then... So Sunday afternoon I started worked Monday, out Monday nite, worked Tuesday out Tuesday night was feeling pretty good about life made the statement "Lets see if I can do this for 14 days straight.... of course my friends with me were like You can I'll help ya.... (Usually I am the smart partier in my group the voice of reason) So most of them seeing me in this rare form were shocked.... ANYWAYS so I was Yeah I can do this 14 days of life in a Jack Daniels haze.... I cant reach my inner emotions they are buried to deep so Yea this will work maybe at the end of the 14 days I will be able to cry, release, think etc... So anyways I made it 3 days and couldn't do it anymore i was physically tired, couldn't get my ass to work on time was bitchier than normal, my attitude was getting worse... I have never been late for work, never blew off assignments, WTF So Thursday I come from work and stayed home.. My true friends were proud of me and said that they knew i would come to my senses, the others were just upset they lost a partner in crime.. I am pretty funny and a smart ass whether sober or drunk however drunk i seem to let go more.. So now that I have had 2 days without going out I sit here and wonder Tonight is a good friend's Bday and I am honestly thinking I want to feel that buzz again,,,, Being married 16 yrs to an alcoholic I know THIS ISNT THE ANSWER!!!! however right now I just need the pain to lessen, my emotions are so everywhere the one emotion i need to feel is sadness so i can cry and release and lately all i feel is anger i want to punch walls scream etc... I feel calmer when i have a buzz on.. I know my situation at home is the cause of alot of this anger however until Feb there isn't much i can do to change it... HMMMMMMMMMM anyways there are my thoughts for the day... Thanks for letting me share.. i wish i had a spanking story to share however well you see what i am doing instead....

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Views: 208 · Added: 1031 days ago

When i get Punished be it a Spanking or what ever After i allways have this feeling of dose my Mommy or whoever is punishing me Still Love me dose anyone else feel like that? And usely threw my tears i have to ask. i have accutly taken extra spanks for talking in the corner just to ask if they still Love me is that wried? or is it cos of past exprinces from when i was Punished as a kid? Anyone else have that feeling?
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 311 · Added: 1031 days ago

Its the weekend i hope today finds all my fellow bratpackers sitting on non sore bottoms *Giggles* i think i might be naughty today i was on the edge of getting punished yesterday we shall see if it happens today so to all the Female tops *Pokes tounge out* Hehehehehe
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 487 · Added: 1031 days ago

Ok so on Facebook i got a Message calling me a Racist and Evil becuse i am wearing a Poppy this month in Respect to all the soliders who have lost there Life since WW1 As its our Rembernce day on NOV 11TH i am so mad about this. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY if it wasnt for those soliders who died that prick wouldnt be able to say what he said I LOVE MY COUNTRY I ma ENGLISH not britsh ENGLISH Threw and threw I HOLD NO GRUDGES I Dont see Race or Creed Or Natontily All i care about is the person UNDER THE SKIN. So i will forever FLY MY FLAG I WILL SING GOD SAVE THE QUEEN LOUD AND PROUD and if pepole dont Like it i have 2 words for you the 2nd Word IS OFF!!
Sorry about that i just got the message and it ticked me off
Love ya all
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 287 · Added: 1031 days ago

I Should be in bed but hey ho i am board And cant sleep and Mommy is busy hehe time to get into some mischife who wants to Join me?

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Views: 737 · Added: 1032 days ago

We're going for a friends birthday this evening. Think we're going to a Thai place in NY. Our friend is a vegetarian. Found out we'll have the place to ourselves tonight as well.

I sent her a text "what did you have in mind for later?"
She replied "as in?"
I responded "giving or receiving"
She wrote "2 red asses and multiple orgasms"

My knees are weak and my cock is rock hard.

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Views: 1092 · Added: 1032 days ago

now this is kinda long so I may make it two parts

So I meet this girl about a year ago. Lets call her... keisha.

We at the grocery store and she obviously liked me so I gave her my phone number. she Called we talked for a few weeks. I thought she was a lil bit odd but then again, who isnt?
She told me she had to go to walmart that was between my house and my job so I met her there. her son went to the game stop while we walked into the Walmart where she had to return something.
to make a long story short she ran some serious game on the Walmart manager to get what she wanted.
she told me to meet her at the gas station so she could get some gas.
Keisha wanted ME to pay for her gas! what in the mother F... no no I am telling a story and I am not going to use foul language
I ask her what would make her think I would put gas in her tank. she said because she came out there to see me. I say " no you didnt, you came out here to go to walmart and you asked me to meet you so we could hang out" ( aparantly she thought I was stupid or something)
so I put $5 in her tank just to be and asshole.

she asks me to go out with her again so I go pick her up but say I will not buy any alchohol and we go to Red Lobster.she wanted to have a cigarette outside but I told her that she is not going to be smoking around me. Keisha tells me she wants to wait at the bar. so we do. she orders an Ice tea and I wait to drink with my meal. when her "Ice Tea" comes I note its a bit more transparent than normal. our table comes and she pays her bar tab. $8
now that must have been one helluva tasty beverage to be alcohol free and still 8 bucks. we sit and order our food but her conversation is irking me. so I slowly slip into "asshole" mode. the waitress (stasha) was cute so I tell Keisha I think I should ask her out.
Keisha says that I am not the Waitresses type, and If I ask that yellow bitch out she will spank my ass when we go home.

lmao. Blackspanker1 loves a challenge

so the waitress comes back and I flirt some more. when she refills my sprite and Keisha has another "drink" because thats what alcoholics do. and because Im not interested I remind her that unless she has her credit card she will be washing dishes to pay for her drinks. she threatens to spank me again (she dont know me very well does she?)

waitress comes back with her "ice tea" and I say to her "If someone at this table is to get their ass spanked tonight, who do you think it would be?"
stasha laughs, looks at keisha who is suprised I would put her on blast. so Keisha say that I (blackspanker) would get spanked. the waitress obviously didnt believe tha lie and laughed but agreed with her. she orders another drink but I say that I think she has had enough.
after dinner We go back outside to the car and she says that she has to powder her nose. I wait for a few minutes and say to myself. this chick is probably trying to guzzle down another drink at the bar. so I go back.
no she isnt drinking but rather smoking a cigarette.
she looks surprised to see me and tries to hide it. I tell her it was time to take her home.
because I was still in A-hole mode level 3. I made her sit in the back seat as I reminded her how I feel about smoking around me, and all the drinking. I turn around while stopped at the light and OMG! this girl has her skirt up to her waist, panties pulled to the side and is masterbating!!!!!
I asked why in the hell is she masterbating in my car. she says my demeaner was turning her on and she couldnt help herself.
I tell her to cut i out. my son's carseat is back there!
so I make her sit on her hands, and at the next light I turn around and... low and behold. she is at it AGAIN!
I take off my belt and tell her to where it around her neck and that I am going to bust her ass later.
so we get back to her place and I say to her. listen. I am going to beat your butt. but I will not force it on you. If you feel that you deserve it, you let me know right now. If you do not want me to do so, then say so and I will go home.
she invites me in. then says she has to run to the store to pay a bill. she drives (horribly) to the store to western union a bill. we go back to her place and she goes into the kitchen to get some water. I look over the counter and she poured some soda into a glass, and before i realized it. filled it with Bacardi that she had purchased at the store she went to to pay the bill ( I should have known since she went to a liquor store)
when she see me looking at her, she swigs this shit down like a lumberjack before a barfight. I had never seen a woman drink like that before. It was almost artistic...
needless to say I spank her butt with my hand after letting her stand in the corner for about 30 minutes. then I had her strip to bare ass and whipped her with the belt across her ass. but she was grinding against the bed because she was turned on. so I instead worked on the backs of her thighs. she didnt like that one bit. but her vagina was very wet. I wasnt giving her love taps either. these were punishment hits.
she wanted me to have sex with her but to be honest, I wasnt into her like that and she had stalker like tendencies. So i went home and went to bed.

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Views: 338 · Added: 1032 days ago

Uploaded BRAND New face pics well one of my face and One of me and my Teddybear Eddy de teddy!! *Giggles*
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 498 · Added: 1032 days ago

It wasn't so bad, compared to other punishments, but it always feels kinda traumatic at the time. I'll give some details, since that's what we're here for, right?

We didn't have much time, since the roommate was in the shower.

X said, "Bend over the edge of the bed. Keep your feet on the ground." My stomach always drops at this point. It's embarrassing and scary, but there's that edge of a need being fulfilled, too.

I bent over and put my hands on the bed. X pulled my pants and underwear down. "Why are you being punished?" he asked me.

"I lied."

"You don't ever lie to me. This won't happen again," he promised.

And the spanking started. He used the dreaded awful "Beast," a rubber paddle, approximately 3/4 on an inch thick. I despise this implement most. It gets 10 out of 10 for painfulness, where a hairbrush gets a 7.

Fortunately, it was a very quick spanking, even if he was using nearly full force strikes. I cried after the first, and there were a few more after that.

Of course, then there were cuddles, and I was fairly cheerful the rest of the evening. It's nice when things feel normal again.

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Views: 349 · Added: 1032 days ago

Today while i was out i faced my demons!!. I have been fighting with my Family and today they were in the town i was in and they started on me swearing and threatning me What did i do? I WALKED AWAY i didnt say a Word! I just ignored them and walked into the bulding i was going to and then when i kept getting texts i JUST IGNORED THEM I DIDNT RAISE TO THE BAIT i didnt cuss or yelling or Fight I Feel really good NOR HAVE I LET IT GET ME DOWN!!. I accutly feel really good i am still Hurt by something that was said but i will be talking with my Mommy later about that she is going to Help me threw it :) But I DID GOOD TODAY!!. Love you All!!
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 603 · Added: 1032 days ago

Someone created a blog about what we all look like so I decided to get brave and show my face. :)

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Views: 6163 · Added: 1032 days ago

Calling all my Fellow brats lets see if we can make this Blog even better and Bratterthan yesterdays Hehehehe I Told ya i would do it Missy *Pokes toung out* I Will be out for a bit this Moring hopefull come home to lots of fun on this blog I Know i am risking My Bottom for dissobying Missy and starting another blog but oh well *Giggles*
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 725 · Added: 1032 days ago

Yep guess whos in trouble, whats new right? LOL New rules with hubby, not only do i get 50 swats for saying 25 curse words a day (I have a very vulgar mouth LOL) but NOWWW if i say the F word I get spanked for it, wanna kno what sucks? thats my favorite curse word lol

Oh and also, I'm in for maint tonight, which will probably turn into punishment cause I've used the F word a few times today, kinda hard to keep it from coming out when you're so used to being able to get away with it ya know? ANDDD before you say hes a meanie (yea he is a meanie but he has to be with me LOL) he is right, besides we want kids sometime soon I might as well get used to not cursing, dont want the lil ones running around talking like that.

On top of all that, I have to write lines for the first time ever... in my life. Something about not talking down about myself or something, that unfortunately made the automatic spanking list, so many rules I just need a big piece of paper up on the wall with all of them written out so i can always see it and not screw up anymore lol, especially since he now has that nasty hairbrush and bathbrush and is talkign about getting once at Ace that is literally the size of a decent OYK paddle, yuck. Sigh, sometimes trying to be good is such a hassle, it makes me want to rebel and say the f word like 50 times just cause I can, but I doubt it would be worth the spanking to follow, soon, very soon there will be a day where he doesnt take pity on my screams and cries during a spanking and I'm just gunna be stuck there for ever over his knee. which wouldnt be so bad if he wasn't wailing on my ass in the process LOL

When there was no rules and no consequences it was so fun to just brat away, seriously I need just one day where I can do and say whatever I want just to get it out of my system, but I suppose that would be counter productive huh lol

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Views: 527 · Added: 1032 days ago

Friends are free to see them, if you're not my friend dont try to add me to see them unless you've talked to me - or if you are a friend and comment negitivly on them I will hunt you down and hurt you, otherwise feel free to look/post whatever

Pics are up on my photo albums, dont diss me I do a good enough job of doing it myself so I don't need any help, besides any bad things you have to say I've probably already said them about myself. Trying to avoid further punishment tonight, wanna keep it that way >_>

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Views: 634 · Added: 1032 days ago

So I've been having a rough day, I'm not blaming anyone cause its my own fault, but after reading losts blog last night my son has been in my thoughts constantly. I normally try to ignore the pain and try not to think about him which is hard as hell to do because i love and miss that little boy more than anything.

I've been feeling kinda outta place lately, yes, even on this website. Sometimes all the real life stuff just gets to me and I feel so lost and alone even though I know I'm not, hubby is always here for me and I have friends, even though I'mnot used to having real friends. For years now I've been a loner and I never get out and do stuff and I really need to have some IRL friends to hang with but well... its just not the right time I suppose. I have this habit of despite my effort, letting my past get to me. I really wish I could get past it and move on with my life and everytime I think I do it comes back to slap me in the face.

Lotus I'm sorry for what I said on skype today, I really am just having a bad day and thats no excuse to bring you into it, I should have just kept to myself and not said anything about how im feeling, I really think that I'm not important sometimes and its just something I've been dealing with all my life. I look at myself as I'm nothing, despite the people that constantly tell me I am worth it, I am important.

Don't get me wrong I love my life, I am in love with a great man who has helped me jump a lot of hurdles I wouldn't have been able to do alone. I really honestly would be dead if it were not for him, I tried to end my life so many times and he saved me each and every one of them. I take the good things for granted sometimes while I dwell on the horrible things that tear me up inside. I don't intend to take it out on anyone, I suppose sometimes I just need to vent ot get it out or whatever, but throwing a fit like I did and being so rude to someone who is a good friend is not excusable.

From now on I will try my best to keep everyone out of my bad days, I need to learn to stop pushing my problems on other people and get over them myself, which is what I will try very hard to do from now on. Being emo about it isnt going to solve anything, but sometimes I just need to let it out and cry, which is hard to do because I'm always afraid of upsetting someone, especially hubby, I know he doesn't like to see me sad but its hard to hide it sometimes.

Anyways... sorry again lotus

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Views: 632 · Added: 1032 days ago

Something came up that bugs me a little bit today.. How in the HELL do all of these older men find and get to spank these younger girls, like my age? I'm in a relationship now, and it's going great, but when I was trying to find someone, I could not find ANYONE! But these older guys find all of these different girls, like seriously? WTF? Can someone explain this to me?

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Views: 797 · Added: 1032 days ago

Hello Spanking Tube Members,
Have you ever known someone who needed a spanking? I believe my sister could really use one. She has the worst attitude, doesnt listen, breaks every rule possible. My sister is wayyyy past the brat zone she in full on bitch mode excuse my language but its true. She is just flat out mean to me and I know thats how sisters are but she takes it wayyy to far. So have you ever known someone who needs it,cuz I think if my sis got it maybe she would ton it down a little.

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