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First of all; I want to thank everyone for the encouraging comments, on my blogs. I really appreciate your kind words.

As for the ONE negative man; and you KNOW who you are, I put you on BLOCK. I am so tired of reading all your CRAP! You do not know me; or anything. I think you have a lot of time on your hands; maybe too much time.

When I post on this blog; it is a healthy emotional release for me, writing makes me feel better. If I write a lot of nonsense... whatever. LOL

I have been on an emotional journey; I met a man about a month ago. I thought this was going to be a casual dating/spanking relationship. I have some deep feelings for him. Is that a crime? I mean; I could easily fall head over heels in love; with him. He touches my heart; his words matter to me, when he is silent... it hurts. I can't help it; I really care about this man. I have tried to forget him; meet others. My thoughts keep going back to him.

Today; we met, again. I have missed him; it felt so good to hug him. He hugged me for a very long time; I think we both needed this. We had a good talk. I had no idea how he felt; until today. This man; he said that he is crazy about me! He said that I am his lil girl and he is going to bust my butt, for meeting that other man for spanking, this past weekend. OMG

I recieved a fun loving spanking from him as well as a discipline spanking. He was not pleased about me meeting the other for spanking. He was careful when he spanked; for I have welts from this weekend. He said that after my bottom heals; he is going to come back and give me an OTK paddling. He said that we need a clean slate.

His silence hurt me and when I met this other man for spanking, that hurt him. There is an emotional connection here; when we care, it is easy to get hurt. I do care for this person. I really care a lot. And I know that we are in the very early stages of our relationship. It is very early. I am trying to take this SLOW.

I feel really deep....

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I am happy to say that last night i met a very awesome man who has agreed to be my top you all may know him as txmxk. After he read my blog last night he had a few things to say about it and after talking for a awhile we both agreed to give it a trial run if you will. I was to be punished for drinking under the age he let me pick the implement i chose the hair brush and the wooden spoon and after attempting to say maybe only 21 per implement he graciously doubled it for me.... for those of you keep count lol thats 42 from both implement 21 per cheek. I was also in formed i would be standing in the corner afterwards to think about what i did and why i shouldn't drink till i'm 21. Then i had to write this blog AND a 2 page essay on why i shouldn't drink till i'm 21...see i thought that last part was a bit of an over kill till i was informed it could be 4 pages since i have 4 months left till i'm 21 so now i'm thinking 2 pages is super fair! I am in fact sitting on a very hard chair after giving myself these 84 smacks oh plus an extra one for forgetting to sy sir...i'm struggling with that. And i must say i have learned my lesson and wont be drinking again for 4 months. I also want to thank my awesome top for helping me realize how wrong i was :]

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Last weekend was so much different then all the other times i was spanked. I have marks for the first time on my butt not like little marks but big clusters I just mark easily i guess lol. Well the second my fiance walked in the door he just started spanking me right away for things i did a week in a half ago since i was too sick last time we were together. I think i punched his chest a few times lightly and light smacked him on his arms that did not fly with him my butt was on fire the whole day. Yesterday we were sitting and talking and he was talking about how he can get really scary if he needs to and i go uh huh whatever and he did not like that so he grabbed me tried to stand me up but i wouldn't let him so i kept fighting him until he got me over his knew smacked me about 3 times on each cheek which hurt pretty bad i cant imagine any more than that I think because I was already marked before that's why it hurt a lil bit more then it should. So over all it was a very interesting weekend but so wonderful!

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hi girl...its been many moons i to live in ill.and we used to contact each other many times hope you remember me...last time we talked you were down...something about running over a deer and tearing up your car. we were friends on facebook...hope to talk

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As you may have noticed I deleted my video series... please visit mine and my Doms page to see more videos at pictures at the user name PANEforBRAT. Here I will be posting stories and other updates. He will have all the videos and pictures up.

Don't forget to send us a note.

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I posted yesterday; regarding the emotional stuff that I was going through, after that spanking.

I also met a new spanker; this weekend.

The man who spanked me 32 days ago; he has been texting me, he wanted to come out and spank me today. I told him that I had met someone for spanking; this weekend. Wow; I didn't expect the reaction that I got.

Deep inside of me; I have been hoping that there would be a relationship; with this man who spanked me 32 days ago. Wow; he sure let me know how he felt about me, today. He came out; he gave me a lot of TLC and aftercare. I did get a little fun loving spanking; it was like a wrestling match. I have never blocked my bottom; from a spanking in my life and this was the first. I was guarding my bottom; I was laughing so hard that I was crying. I was calling him Daddy and promising to be good.

In a serious moment; he told me that he loved it when I called him Daddy and he is my Daddy now. I couldn't believe it. He hugged me and kissed me deeply; several times.

He also told me that I was a bad girl; for meeting that other man for a spanking. He said that when my bottom is fulling recovered from our play, today and this weekend... that he is going to come out and put me over his knee and paddle me. He said it will not be hard but he is going to really sting my bottom good and he said that I will cry. He said that my searching days are over and he was not pleased that I met this new spanker this weekend.

We had a long talk; I told him exactly what I was thinking and how I felt. I told him how the two weeks of silence really hurt me.

I did see our video; it wasn't as scary to see as I thought. I will ask him if he wants to post it here, for the camera shows his face and my face is hid from camera.

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Hey Everybody,

Been out of town for a week but now I am back! Wrote a poem for you all to enjoy....I hope.

Being Me
by Vivian Phelps

I really hate it
when discipline is coming
it means I have used up
all my best tricks and cunning.

I don't want a spanking
I am scared and distraught
I want to tell him, "I hate you."
But that will be for naught.

You see, it will only
makes things worse
Its mean and disrespectful
and makes me sound coarse.

No time for laughter nor
chains made from clover
Whatshisname looks grim
and I have to bend over.

I know I deserve it
My bum bum will burn
But a gal's gotta learn
what a gal's gotta learn.

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Today is one of them days where I aint got anything to do. So you look around and see what kind of trouble you can get into. At least that's how im feeling today.

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hey i try to change my avatar but didnt change i never saw a done button after i change it and crop it do i need wait until it approve of not

i know there guys who love to be spanked by female so would a guy be willing to admit they love being spanked by female or admit their girlfriend spank them or wife spank them to their friends

and this is for the female top what would you say to a complete stranger if they come up to you and tell you they like to be spanked or ask you to give them a hard spankings?

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Last time I posted was I think almost a year ago, if not over a year ago. I took a really, really long hiatus to a path of self- discovery and, to be honest, get away from the drama that I was dealing with. Well now I'm back. So hello again!


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Some times being bad can be so much more fun lol oh who am I kidding it always is :) anyway I went to a bar and restaurant with my coworkers and I am 4 months shy of being 21 so normally going to a bar is not to fun except this past Thursday my friends and I mind fucked the guy checking IDs and I got me a wrist band to drink lol and I did I got 4 drinks at the bar it was soo fun and yes I know I'm bad but its not as bad as the last time when he wrote M on my hands in percent marker for minor when we got to our table I used hand sanitizer to take the 's off and my friend took her band off and I slide it on my wrist and she got a new one lol :) its not that bad is it?

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I was in my third year of secondary school when the incident occurred. Being a child of no particular talent or ambition, my life was spent paying football, reading or going on bike rides with my pals Tom and Pete.

It was a carefree existence, naïve in nature and free from interference by those strange creatures who wore their hair long, dressed in skirts, and had to sit down to pee because they didn’t have “willies”. We always gave them a wide birth, because they only played stupid games like “Skipping” and “Mothers and Fathers” and “House”.

They were always after some poor idiot to play the father in games of “House” but, aside from some sissy bloke called Joe, none of us was ever interested.

Anyway, I digress slightly, because one day my perspective was to change forever.

I recall it vividly as though it were yesterday. I was in the playground during the lunch break when my mate Tom came rushing up to me and grabbed my arm urgently.

“Quick Jim,” he hissed breathlessly. “You gotta come and see this! Hurry up or we will miss it.”

With that he dragged me away in the direction of the school hall. It was a large room which doubled as a gymnasium and there was a stage at one end. We no sooner got in there than he steered me into the little access door underneath the stage, motioning me to be quiet. It was pretty dark in there, but there was some light which came from holes in the panelling at the front, where knots had fallen out of the wood. From two of these it was possible to see what was going on outside.

“What are we doing here Tom?” I asked him, uncomprehendingly.

“Shhhhh you bloody fool. Shut up and wait. You will find out. All the girls in Class 2A are going to be slippered by Miss Adams.”

Sure enough, in a couple of minutes, the door at the far end of the hall opened and in trooped a couple of dozen second-year girls all in their uniform of white shirt, blue pleated skirts and white socks. My sister Jillie was amongst them. They all looked scared. Behind them came the tall figure of Miss Adams, the Deputy Head and she was carrying a white plimsoll in her hand.

It was difficult to hear exactly what she was saying but all of the girls lined up in a long straight line facing across the hall. Then, one by one in turn, they marched over to Miss Adams, touched their toes, and got three vicious whacks of the slipper on their bottoms. Wow, the noise of the reports was unbelievably atmospheric, and some of the girls, including my sister, yelped in pain.

When all of them had been done, Miss Adams gave them all a final lecture and sent them off, teary eyed and rubbing their bottoms. My dick was standing on end, and I suddenly realised that I was interested in girls after all.

After they had gone we climbed back out of our hiding place. We were covered in dust and got one or two strange looks from everyone, but fortunately no one had seen us leaving the hall, otherwise we would have been whacked too.

The best bit of all was when we got home and I blackmailed my sister, on threat of telling Mum and Dad, into showing me the marks on her bottom. Wow, Miss Adams was nothing if not an artist, and poor Jillie’s left bum cheek was almost purple in colour. I could almost feel the heat burning my fingers.

After that, I sort of got interested in playing with the girls more, when my mates were not looking obviously. Of course, I always insisted that at least one of the girls was naughty and had to be slippered. Funnily enough, they didn’t seem to mind.

Strange creatures: girls, but what would we do without them? Slipper the boys I suppose.

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My husband called me at work on Memorial Day to say I didn’t have to go to my second job that afternoon, the owner decided to close early for the holiday. I swept through the front door, excited and happy to be home early, knowing he was there waiting for me. 
And he was. Stretched out on the couch wearing only a t-shirt and undies when I sashayed into the room.
A huge smile stretched across his face “Welcome home, kitten.” 
He stood up. My hot and handsome husband. At 6'3" he stands almost a foot taller than me with strong, broad shoulders and very muscular arms and hands. He stalked right up in front of me and kissed me, hard, enticingly, “What did you get us for dinner?”
“I didn't, I thought you said we’d make something when I got home.” I said, replaying the phone conversation in my head. “I’m so sorry that I misunderstood you.”
I stripped out of my work clothes as we talked and I purposefully walked around the apartment naked. I’m not sure if it was to distract him or tempt him but I walked back over to him, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. Softly, at first, then urgently. I decided to tempt sounded right. I really wanted to stay in his arms and have all his attention. 
He pulled back, and said gently, “Put some clothes on, Woman.” Of course, ‘clothes’ in our house means at most a t-shirt and undies.
I went to the closet but everything I wanted to wear was in the laundry.
“So what do you want to eat then?” He asked, distracting me from my task.
I walked back to his side still stark naked to where he was standing in front of the refrigerator, and he said, “And if you say ham sandwiches I will spank you.”
“No, I wasn’t going to say ham sandwiches,” I said with a grimace. We had been eating a lot of ham and cheese sandwiches.
He laughed, but asked, looking almost hurt, “What, you don’t want me to spank you?!”
“Ham sandwiches, we should definitely have ham sandwiches,” I said grinning, catching on to his game. I squealed in delight as he pulled his hand back behind me…behind my completely bare bottom. 
The sting was high and hot from the first one. He slapped my left side with all his might, no other touch what so ever. I dug my feet into the carpet, trying to steady myself and stay in place without him holding or guiding me.  
“Ah!” The shocking, burning sting lit up my center and I relaxed as pulses of pleasure ran all the way down my toes pressed firmly against the floor.
He stayed on that one side, that one spot, raining down fiery swats, sparking the deep burning embers in my core.  
Slowly, my hips pushed forward, I tried to stay still, tried to push my bottom out to absorb all I could, but when I could take no more, it was almost involuntary. My foot just leapt forward. He paused and caressed my cheek, putting his left hand to the front of my hip. He pulled back again and his hand landed higher, flaring wickedly on my most sensitive of areas. ~see my note “Just Right” for more details :) 
“OH! Too high, too high!” I cried out and with his hand in front of me, there was no escape. I was restrained utterly and completely. I held onto his left hand with both of mine, dancing underneath him. I squealed again when his hand struck a second and third time. 
“Oh that hurts,” I begged, but the raw pain sent a much more intense surge through my center and down my legs. My cries changed to a long, deep satisfied moan.
He moaned with me, “Sometimes, it needs to hurt, baby.” 

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Consistency plays a big role to me in the DD lifestyle. If a person ain't trying hard enough than for being their to discipline me when I misbehave than why should i even try to behave but of course I would push them till they really pissed and see where they at (and eventually I would end up regretting that) in everything.

Do I want to admit that I need disciplined when Ive misbehaved and did something that I shouldn't of had did, Hell no but I do it cause at the end of the day I know that deep inside I feel more comfortable in admitting where I went wrong and accepting the consequences.

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I was looking at my previous blog; and I believe it has been 32 days since that spanking. I went through a lot; after the spanking, I am not sure if any of you can relate to this.

The spanking experience; it was a severe spanking session, but it wasn't mean or cruel. I was laughing a lot; it was fun.

I look back; I think that maybe I was in "Sub-space"? The aftermath of this spanking; I started crying a few days afterwards. I got real ill; I was in a lot of pain. I told my spanker friend about what I was going through; his response was "Opps" and "Sorry". And then I didn't hear from him for two weeks. That right there; the total silence, that hurt me real bad. I thought he was mad at me and I didn't know why. I cried a lot; I felt so alone. I needed him to come over and hold me; hug me, comfort me. I didn't have anyone.

He texts me two weeks later; he wants to come spank me, again. I told him NO. I was so hurt; confused, so emotional.

We have been texting and he told me that he was just busy. I can see that there is a communication problem. I sense that the spankings are for his enjoyment; like I am just a cute bottom for him to spank. There is so much more to me; than that. I have feelings.

He finished editing our video; I do not want to see it. He has asked me several times if I want a copy of this video and I keep saying no. I say no; because I think if I watch the video, it will bring back the emotional hurt that I have endured.

I met someone new; for spanking, yesterday. We had been chatting before; I didn't know that he was into spanking. And he posted a spanking personal ad; I responded and as we started chatting, I realized it was him. I brought it to his attention and I was correct. He came out yesterday; we had a long talk, while I was laying over his lap. I told him about all my worries, fears and everything. I told him about what I went through 32 days ago. It felt good to really talk.

I got a good spanking; it was a four hour session. In this session; there was a lot of talking. I had so much stress in my body; he gave me a massage. I got a lot of hugs; I love hugs! I recieved a few spankings. Gosh; his hand, like someone elses I know... it stings like a paddle! I had a safeword and I used it a few times. He rubbed my bottom with lotion; to cool it, we did that a few times. His hands are too big! And why does a man's hand have to sting so much?! I am glad that he isn't one into implements; his hand is plenty!!!

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My pet is just the opposite of most subs here. Well he use to be I should say. Or maybe not we will see. See.. we have been in a DD lifestyle for so long he hardly ever misbehaves in anyway. Trained him pretty good huh?

Let me tell you it wasnt easy because he is a real time masochist. So to make him behave I had to use something besides spanking because he loved that way too much.

He would purposely get into trouble so he would get spanked. And spanked I did I mean I wore my arm out on him more than Ono or Duse. I'm here too tell you that I whooped his butt raw, bleeding and all, it had too hurt, but that was the problem he wanted it too.

He wanted it too hurt for days on end. Literally could not sit comfy for days. So MisS got wise to this and quit spanking him for misbehaving you see? Now what tactics did you think I may have used for this? Well let me see if you can guess a few first so maybe I get more

I'm doing the right thing believe me. A Domme can never run short on ideas.

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“Marie I need you in the bedroom.” Mark yelled down the hall. Marie blew her bangs out of her eyes in frustration. God give me strength she thought as she headed for the man she loved but at this moment was worried she might be aggravated into ripping his throat out if he continued to act like an ass.

Marie entered the bedroom to find Mark sitting on the bed with a small paddle in his hand. She stopped short her eyes going wide. “Why are you sitting there with that paddle?”

“Come here, you need your sweet bottom turned red.” Mark’s low voice rumbled in his chest. Marie put her hands on her hips and glared at Mark.

"I don’t have time to play around and you’re not taking your anger at Jacob out on me. As much as I hate that he’s the one that said it. He was right, I would’ve been embarrassed if I was a male too if it means behaving as inept as you have since you’ve been home from work.” Mark’s eye narrowed as Marie’s words.

“Little girl, you’ve got five seconds to get over my knee. You do not want me to come get you. I promise you will be very sorry if you throw that fit I see in your eyes as opposed to doing what I say.” Marie fidgeted at Mark's threat; she had never really seen him this stern before. Although Marie wanted spankings for punishment, Mark had never been keen on the idea. Now when she it seemed she was finally going to get a good old fashioned walloping, she was mad because she really didn’t deserve it.

“MOVE!” Mark’s raised voice surprised Marie out of her thoughts and into walking towards him without making the conscious thought to obey. Before she could correct her path, Mark grabbed her wrist and pulled her over his lap.

“No, no, no I’ve been good and Jac.”

“Shhh babe” Mark soothed “I know you’ve been really good. And I’m not mad at Jacob. I know he would never have talked to me like that if I hadn’t been in the wrong.”

“Then I’m getting a good girl spanking, oooh Mark I really want one but we don’t have time.” Marie wiggled suggestively beneath Marks hand as he lowered her pants and panties to her ankles and patted her bottom.

“Oh no, babe your getting a punishment spanking.” Upon hearing Marks words Marie started fighting to escape Marks lap.

“No, let me up” Marie yelled as Mark let her exhaust herself trying to get free.

“I’ve been an ass since I’ve been home.” Mark explained, “I’ve only added to your already busy stressful day. I’m the one that deserves to be punished, so you’re going to take a spanking for my bad behavior and at the same time it will relieve your stress.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard,” Marie complained “I’ll just spank you and I’m sure that will relieve my stress”

“Sorry, no can do. You’re the only one that gets spanked in this house. And be honest you love getting spanked” Mark intoned as he landed the first of ten sharp full arm blistering smacks to Marie’s bottom.

“No, OUCH, OUCH, OOH that’s too hard! I don’t love punishment spankings! I was crazy to mention the idea! STOP!” Marie was in tears by the seventh spank. Kicking, screaming, and cursing as she put her right hand back to try to protect her burning butt. Mark pinned her arm to her side, dropped his leg over Marie’s calves and continued to rain spank after spank on to Marie’s red glowing fanny.

Finally Marie gave in and laid over Mark’s knee exhausted, crying and clutching his pant leg. Mark stopped spanking and began caressing Marie’s cheeks. After a few minutes he turned Marie to sit on his lap rocking her as she laid her head on his shoulder.

Once Marie’s tears turned to sniffles she looked up into his eyes and belted him on the shoulder with her fist.“That hurt, ya big doofus, I’m not getting spanked because you’re an ass ever again.” Marie pouted.

“Ah babe," Mark whispered as he brushed her hair away from her face. “I feel better having atoned for being a jerk and your stress is all gone isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Marie returned to snuggling into Mark’s shoulder “but that's just because my butt hurts so much I can’t worry about anything else.” Mark moved his hands playfully down over the curve of Marie’s soft tummy to her pussy, rubbing softly over her pussy and clit. Marie began to moan and push against his hand.

“Oh Mark let’s skip the reunion and just go to bed.” Mark slowly removed his hand to Marie’s groan of disappointment.

Mark’s voice was husky with need, “Sorry, no can do.” Mark put Marie back on her feet and pushed her towards the bathroom. “You go take a shower, I’ll take the casserole out of the oven and finish cutting up the vegetables.”

“I want sex!” Marie stomped her foot and turned back towards Mark.
Mark flipped her back around and slapped her already sore butt

“Marie, get into the shower or the sexy spanking I plan for later will not happen.”

Marie turned and ran for the shower. There was no way she was going to miss out on a hot sexy spanking later tonight.

The end

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Marie rushed in the house with her packages, her son following on her heels.

“Hurry Jacob, we still have a lot to do before your father gets home.” Marie spoke over her shoulder to her 15 year old son.

“Mom, slow down we’ve been running non stop since we got up. It’s Saturday that means no school for me and no work for you.” Jacob mumbled following Marie into the kitchen.

“Jacob, I had to get everything, all your stuff for school and baseball besides all the errands your Dad wanted me to run, done this morning. Now we have to do some house cleaning and I still have to put the casserole in the oven and make a vegetable tray for the family reunion.”

“Mom you make me tired just watching you. We’ve run more errands in three hours then most people run in a day.” Moaned Jacob as he plopped down on a bar stool by the kitchen island.

“Well you’re going to be even more tired, I want you to run the sweeper and dust, while I clean the bathrooms. Come on get up and get a move on”, Marie yelled as she entered the master bedroom at the end of the hall. Marie smiled to herself as she put the parts and packages Mark asked her to pick up along the wall. Usually Mark sees about his own parts and stuff for the repairs he was always making, but he had to work this morning and between him and Jacob Marie had to make about seven stops. Marie grimaced to herself as she entered the bathroom to start scrubbing the tub, she could hear the vacuum start in the living room. With Jacob’s help she just might get everything done.

An hour later Jacob was again sitting at the kitchen island. Marie was cutting up the vegetables for her tray and Mark had gotten home from work and was in the shower.

“Mom slow down your gonna cut yourself.” Jacob cautioned.

"Jacob, I’m on a roll the casserole’s in the oven and most every things ready, but I still have to cut up the cauliflower and green peppers. Your cousin is picking you up in 20 minutes and me and your Dad need to be ready in about 45 minutes and I still want to take a shower myself.” Marie explained as she continued welding her knife. She stretched her back and sighed. Marie could tell she was about to run out of steam. Just a few more things to do and she would be able to relax and have some fun today.

“Marie, where’s a towel” Mark shouted over the water from the master bath.

“In the cabinet” Marie yelled back.

“What! I need a towel”, Mark shouted again. Marie huffed put her knife down and strolled down the hall.

“Mark, the towels are in the cabinet where they are supposed to be.” Marie stated as she entered the bathroom walked over opened the door and pulled out a clean towel. “Did you even bother to look instead of standing there and yelling for me?” Marie threw over her shoulder as she quickly headed back to the kitchen.

“Marie, have you seen my razor. Did you use it to shave your legs again?” Mark called down the hall.

“In the top draw by the sink” Marie called back. “Where it always is” Marie whispered under her breath as Jacob chuckled. “Hey you quit laughing” Marie admonished cutting her vegetables faster and faster.

Marie and Jacob looked up as Mark thundered down the hall and appeared in the Kitchen.

“Marie, what did you do with my socks? Did you two sleep late today, I’ll bet you didn’t get the parts I needed for you to pick up today. Why are you still cooking, we need to be leaving within the next half hour. You need to get better organized” The more Mark talked the more Marie’s shoulders tensed and the harder she cut into the peppers. Jacob looked from his Dad to his Mom and back again.

“Mark your socks are in the top drawer of the dresser, did you even look?” Marie said through clenched teeth.

“No I saw the basket was empty and figured they were still in the dryer.”

“So when you saw they weren’t in the dryer, did you look in the dresser?” Marie pointed the knife in Mark’s direction. “No, I’m sure you didn’t. Mark I’ve been running all day and I’m almost finished here, but I still want a shower. So please give me a break.”

“You haven’t taken a shower yet. What have you been doing all day?” Mark bellowed.

Thud, both Mark and Marie turned to see that Jacob had dropped his head to thud against the island.

“God Dad, Man Up! You’re making me embarrassed to be a man. You’re giving men everywhere a bad name.” Marie and Mark were shocked into silence as Jacob normally thought his Dad could do no wrong. “We got up early and Mom has gotten everything that was on your list and took me to get all the stuff I needed then we got back and cleaned the house. She’s been running non stop so we could all be ready to go to your family reunion”

Mark stopped and stared at Jacob, than he turned and narrowed his eyes at Marie. Without saying anything to either of them he turned and made his way back down the hall making growling noises in between what sounded like “mumble, mumble that damn smart assed kid…mumble, mumble, mumble.”

Jacob turned and smiled at his Mom. Marie smiled back but pointed her knife at him and said. “You better watch yourself I don’t want you to talk to your father like that again.”

“What?” Jacob smirked “I was protecting him. “I knew if he said one more word you were probably going to go after him with that knife.” Jacob turned his head at the sound of a car horn “There’s my ride gotta go, love ya”.

“Love you too” Marie called laughing to herself as soon as he was out the door. God she loved that kid.

“Marie I need you in the bedroom.” Mark yelled down the hall. Marie blew her bangs out of her eyes in frustration. God give me strength she thought as she headed for the man she loved but at this moment was worried she might be aggravated into ripping his throat out if he continued to act like an ass.


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So I get this question a lot and thought I'd put it in blog form. "what is a spanking relationship to me?" Well, it's very situational but there are some universal feelings. First and foremost I believe the whole trade off is: in exchange for a subs obedience and submission the top must always have their best interest in mind and always puts their needs first. A top should be flexible to the subs needs, some only need a little bit of help, for example sticking to their own schedule or doing well in school. While others need a full blown "daddy" type top, and that's when the top's commitment is put to the test (yes even a top has tests). Are you able to be there for a sub whether it be physically right next to them or long distance speaking when a spanking is not required or not the best approach to an issue? I've been very lucky being a dom to both ends of the spectrum and there isn't one I've enjoyed more than the other but it's not like I use the same template for all of them, I've cared for them all equally but also uniquely and individually.
Which brings up another big topic "Should a top have more than one sub?" No dom should ever take on more than they can handle, but if they can handle more why not? the relationship doesn't have to be turned into bf/gf (or a combination otherwise) you can still care about someone and want to be there for them through good and bad without it being a dating like relationship. So those are the two questions I'm asked most and I figured I'd share it to the masses.

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For the past day and half I had been well, behaved, sort of following my schedule, listening to my daddy, and doing what I was told. Well today, he gave me some extra freedom to, for example later bedtime on weekends and I wouldnt have to follow my schedule as much on weekends. When I had to asked to go to the store, he told me it was to late at night, in response to this I threw a fit, and was told to go to bed instead of being happy I had gotten extra freedom at all. After being told to go to bed I responded by telling my daddy no.
After this I got a spanking, with my hairbrush. till said I could stop which was probobally a couple mins long then 40 with the hanger! OWWW after that I got corner time, my spanking took longer because I ended up breaking down saying how sorry I was to him, and how I was a bad girl, Im lucky to have such an amazing daddy cuz he reasured me Im not bad I just made a bad dission. after my corner time I get to write this blog so all of you other young ladies and men know that when your tops or doms give you an inch not to take a mile aslo dont tell them no and try to respect them.
I got this punishment, because.... well, for several reasons, I was disrespectful to my daddy. I tried to take advantage of him when he was being nice to me, he is always careing and kind yet I still seem to be rude.
further more I let him down by hurting him, im working on learning more everyday, to give him the respect he deserves some days i deserve better than others. but like I said Im the lukiest girl ever because even when I mess up he still proud of me. I have a feeling its because for the most part I own up and take my punishments. I love you daddy and thank you for caring enough to take care of me!

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