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I have scars that cannot fade
from wounds that will not heal.

My face you see, is just a mask
I tend to hide what I feel.

Not really happy, not really sad,
Loneliness and depression are holding hands.

Unknowingly to me they've become good friends,
Time to put this relationship to an end.

Come feel my skin, warm beneath your hand
I close my eyes as it heats up,
like the sun upon the sand.

Am free to Cry, But Do Not Move.
First Lesson will be over soon.

Yes scars can fade and wounds can heal,
But to disobey there's no appeal.

My mask comes off so you can see,
Whats hiding behind,
the real me.

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This is more about me sort of thing. My cousins friend I wrote about spanking me is 100% true, we grew into great friends as even fell in live, Jerry was a united states marine and yes during our friendship as yes even our marriage he disaplined me. That's right I said marriage, we were married for seven years until he died on active duty. Of I am wrong for marrying my spanker then I am happy to be wrong because I'll do it again in a heart best, our relationship was great we didn't fight because is be punished we learn to communicate and he would best my ass of I smart mouth. I couldn't of asked for a better relationship

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This is more about me sort of thing. My cousins friend I wrote about spanking me is 100% true, we grew into great friends as even fell in live, Jerry was a united states marine and yes during our friendship as yes even our marriage he disaplined me. That's right I said marriage, we were married for seven years until he died on active duty. Of I am wrong for marrying my spanker then I am happy to be wrong because I'll do it again in a heart best, our relationship was great we didn't fight because is be punished we learn to communicate and he would best my ass of I smart mouth. I couldn't of asked for a better relationship

Bad Tushy
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we're in the parking lot kissing. we've spent alot of time together. we've went on a lot of dates, I really like this guy. And we're finally official. But we've never, well you know.
just kissing, holding hands.
so we're in my parking lot, hes kissing me. it feels good. I dont really want him to go home, i love spending time with him. So I was happy when he said it too, "I dont want to leavvve, i love this." "me too. stay, you dont have to leave." my pleading eyes.
"yeah?"he says.
i smile and nod
he says "you want me to run and get a redbox or something?"
i say yeah,
so we do. then we head in. its my house. Its dark. he pops the movie in then comes to lay by me on the couch. Then i notice he kind of starts to rub my arms really light. slight though. Like maybe hes trying to feel me out to see if thats ok. I lay my head on his chest, he obviously knows now its ok. he starts to rub a little harder, now hes rubbing my back and my leg, the outside of my thigh. I see him looking at me trying to catch my face to make sure thats ok. I lay still, I act like i dont see him looking at me, im still staring straight ahead at the movie. he goes further, now he brushes his hand up against my breast above my shirt. just a little.
then i can see from the side of my head hes checking me out to see if thats ok. I dont move.
now he rubs my breast harder over my shirt.
i dont move.
now he reaches up under my shirt and rubs.
i dont move or say a word.
This is starting to feel good and Im getting wet. please suck it, please please suck it. God I hope he... then he puts his mouth on my nipple, starts sucking one, then the other.
now he reaches down in between my legs, pulls my skirt up and tries to rub, he cant get my panties down so i open and let him, and thats his clear go ahead.
after he rubs and fingers me, it feels soo good, oh my God. I'm hoping he'll just do it. just fuck me. please dont just keep rubbing me. please do it. God I cant ask him, thats tacky, please do it. :(
He looks up at my face and says "you want me to fuck you now" I nod. thank youuuuuuuu. Yes! lol
He gets up off the couch. stands up, pulls his hard dick out of his pants, looks down at me and my pussy while he strokes his dick a little. I say nothing. I just wish he would do it alreadyyy.
he leans down, lays on me, pushing my legs further apart , he gets his hand down and pushes his dick into me "God you're wet"he says. I moan as he strokes me, God those first strokes are like heaven between my legs, its so hot and intense and warm. Hes going slow and hes so thick.
Now we're going and im creaming on his dick, but I want him to start ramming me. pound my pussy. Make me take it. i pull him in closer, he turns his head to me looks at me then pounds into my pussy hard one good time. Yessss. "shitt"i moan. that was his go, he takes it, watches me again then pounds hard again. hes still feeling me out, 2 more more pounding strokes, i moan and bite my lip and pull him in.
now he knows, light bulb moment for him and he starts pounding my pussy to smithereens. Oh my Goddd, yes.
JUST.LIKE.THAT. ahhhh im a princess, but dont do me like a princess now, there you go, feet up around my ears, your dick dripping from my pussy, pounding it, DO. NOT. let up, God its so wet and hes pounding so hard. now he turns to my ear "who's pussy is this" "yourrrrssss shiiii--t"
"who's is it?!"he says. hes stroking harder,
"un-un, this daddy pussy!, who's pussy is this!"
hes stroking harder,
im about to die from this dick, this orgasm thats pushing up from everywhere is about to split my body in 2!
I love being fucked hard, I love being dominated, I love being talked to, I love being told what to do and it has my pussy, my thighs, from in to out pulsating, hot! "Its daddys pussy" I whisper. that wasnt good enough though.
"WHOS PUSSY IS THIS" And he pounded! That one hurt a little.
I got a little louder "its daddys pussy!",
"uh-huh. now whos daddy?" hes stroking, pounding,
gripping me tight so i cant run.
"you are! you are, your're da-dadddyyyyyyy"
God help me. He positions himself then he starts to jam my pussy, I cant even take it any more, hes telling me its his now. And pounding. Hes telling me I better not have anybody else in his pussy any more. And pounding. Hes telling I better understand. And pounding. I scream yes, i beg yes, hes not letting up, I say ookkkkkkkkk daddy, ok ok ok, God ok, daddy nobody, nobodyelse!!! okkkk. He doesnt hear it. Hes pounding.
hes says un-un, says hes not done yet, tells me not to move and to take it. Tells me he will tell me when hes done. God hes so dominate, where did this come from!!
"Now get up and suck this dick" he gets up fast, stands up above me, his dick dripping from my pussy. I move towards his dick, he moves my head towards it. I open my mouth and he starts to fuck my mouth, "here we go, shit, here we go!" he looks down at me while im sucking on his dick and tells me I better take every last drop. And then he cums in my mouth, my mouth fills up, i dont do anything. he says swallow and i try to get it all down. he holds his finger out that has a dot of his cum on it. guess thats my cue to get it. I suck it off clean and look back up to him for his approval. he looks very satisfied. and spent. "shit" lol.
he lays back down, motions for me to come lay under him. i do. he wraps us back in the blanket. "so you've been holding out on me huh" lol. he laughs, "so you like it rough. I wouldntve guessed that." I giggle a little. Im a little embarrassed. I dont talk about sex so easily. Im the kind that kind of wants things to happen but its uncomfortable to say them sometimes. And hes so perfect because he seems to pick up on cues that im too embarrassed to say out loud.
"you like me fucking you?" i nod and smile.
"you like being dominated??" , now im pretty sure im blushing but i laugh and nod. im embarrassed a little but everything hes saying to me is so dead on, and it also turns me on again him talking to me like this, him talking to me about this.
"you like sucking my dick?" i say yes and look down and avoid eye contact. its always hard looking somebody in the eye when we're talking about something embarrassing.
"you ever had somebody train you before?", i shake my head and say no.
"you want me to train you??"
took me a couple seconds, i say yes. in a whisper. he says ok. he tells me hes going to give me my first spanking tomorrow, to get me used to the types of beatings I will be getting, that hes going to teach me how to be obedient, how to be submissive. Hearing him talk like that is a little embarrassing, very intimidating, but then I feel myself getting wetter.
he says "In the morning, we're going to get up and Im going to give you a spanking, then im going to show you how to suck my dick." long quiet moment. i dont know what to say really. im just blushing and i nod. he says "in the morning what are we doing?" i hate repeating stufff. i say "im going to -" im motioning, motioning with my hands, hoping thats good enough. talking dirty is hard for mee. but he doesnt fill in the blanks for me like im hoping he will. he still sits there waiting for the words. so i come out with the rest of it, "suck your dick." awkward.
"And what else" he says.
i look at the floor and play with the edge of the blanket, "and spanking".
i feel like a small child right now, how hes looking at me, how he positions this all to me, small. He lays all the way back down. tells me to go to sleep. I close my eyes, but Im wide awake. Im just going to lay here for hours thinking about tomorrow morning and the first spanking im going to get ! Why am I scared, nervous, turned on and waiting for disney land right now

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I want to also express my thanks for the friends I made here this year. You all have helped me in ways I'm sure you don't even realize. I am grateful for your incite, friendship and support. May you all have a very Happy Holiday and a great New Year.

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My disciplinarian sent me this this morning though it was cute. Imagine a real tree with all the implements.

Bad Tushy
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I've added 5 new demo clips from my www.SpankHer4Real.com web site for those of you wanting a spanking Christmas Gift. Enjoy! Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

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To All,

As Christmas arrives I can't help but reflect back to the many wonderful people here on ST and the interactions and sharing we've had this past year. We plod along in this spanko world, misunderstood by many, but finding some level of peace and comfort among our friends here. We share, good and bad times....our thoughts desires and needs, among like minded friends also trying to find their way. We have our ups and downs....maybe sometimes speaking out before fully thinking through the full impact on some, but when it's all said and done we come back together again....and care. That's what makes you all special in my mind. Want to stop and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and say again how much you mean to me. I cherish your friendships and so look forward to another year among you.


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Happy Christmas to all on Spankingtube

Bad Tushy
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Well christmas is finally upon us. Hope everyone was on the nice list and not on the naughty list this year. Hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday. Always remember the reason for the season.

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I know many of you probably won't know who Krampus is, but the idea of him goes back for centuries. It's a shame that unlike Santa Claus he was never properly imported to America. Basically he's a demon that's the counterbalance side kick of Santa Claus in some European cultures. I've seen him described before as Hostel meets the Grinch. In some places they have Krampusnacht, "Krampus Night," where young men dress in demon costumes and rattle chains and carry bundles of switches to terrify children and adults alike. Oh how I'd love to see such a thing where I live!

Bad Tushy
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Soon I'll be on my way to meet Santa. Wonder if I'm on the nice list or the naughty list ...
Merry Christmas everybody !!!

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Yes, it is! A cold but bright day, and gradually the world here in the centre of the UK is slowing down....
A brief blog to thank you all for the fun and information you have given me over the past year...I loved it!
Hope you all have a good Xmas, and look forward to getting to know more of you next year....God bless!

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Merry Christmas to everyone! It has been quite a year and now it is about over with. Enjoy your friends ad family and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Bad Tushy
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Today is my BIRTHDAY. Thanking the lord for 38 years of life. Well, I am drinking vodka and eating chocolate cake. I am so proud of my children. I am so loved. They hand made me a card and made me a banana smoothie. My girlfriend bake me a cake. I am loved beyond compare. I am happy to have lived a life that I have learn from MY mistakes and grown more in love. I know there will trails and days that I want to wrap my hands around someone's neck but I know now that I can fight that urge. I am a grown up and I have put away my childish things. I will live for the moment, or a life time. I will walk with my head held high above the cloud with no fear of the unknown. I know God will guide me in the right direction.


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Hello folks.been awhile since i posted a blog i been under the rader for awhile. But all is good i am in a new relationship very happy Finley apart from the odd sneer of pepole due to the age gap. She is older than I. We are in a LDR at the moment as she is in US but ball is rolling on that changeing soon. I have lost alot of whight i am still big but getting there doc says another 60 to 75 Pounds and i will be fine. I hope my friends Missy and rocky and others are doing fine? Hope all the old brat pack are fine too. Miss ya all.
Merry Christmas (( yea i know not PC hell sue me lol))
Happy Spanks
Keith :)

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Hello & Happy Holidays To All My Spanking Tube Friends!

While there are no new videos on my page a good friend of mine has been recording me in action the last few months. If you'd like to see them visit funallowed's account! You can find them in my FAVES list.

Peace & Hugs,
MaMa Blue

Bad Tushy
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Because I'm sure everyone cares about my spanking interests, here are a few things I look for in spanking scenarios, whether written or on video. I'd appreciate some good videos that follow these ideas for Christmas. Thanks in advance. Hey, it's still a couple of days away, you have time! Oh, and Merry Xmas everyone!

What Le Chimera likes:

- Pretty, submissive women who obviously understand, and desire, a good spanking.

- Gotta see her panties come down. Must see her pussy. Extra points for getting excited during punishment.

- I want to see her anticipate the spanking, both before and during punishment. Make her look at the implements, make her listen to the sound of it striking, tell her why it's going to happen, and exactly what is going to happen, and what she must do to offer herself for punishment.

- Use a variety of different positions, please. Best if pussy is still visible and well exposed.

- She needs to react, but not too much, make half-hearted attempts to move out of the way, cover herself with her hands. She always returns to position, though, and almost immediately gets another swat. She fusses, but follows directions ultimately.

- She should be reminded she is exposed, either by telling her or making comments, or by having her ass and pussy rubbed, cheeks pulled apart to better expose her.

- In general, cooperation by the submissive is hot. Momentary reluctance is understandable but is also punishable. She basically understands a good spanking is deserved and has agreed in advance to submit. Besides, she gets excited sometimes before, but usually during punishment, and her master always takes good care of her afterwards, if nothing else by making sure she climaxes if she hasn't already.

- Did I say I like to see her exposed, naked and embarrassed?

- Hard, long punishments are great. I like to see that she has been spanked hard before, and needs a good hard punishment to get the point across.

- My favorite position is to see her across a bed, over pillows so her ass is pushed up, legs apart, chest and face pushed down into the bed. If her naked breasts are big enough to push out to the side, all the better.

- My favorite implement is a belt or strap. I really like seeing him pull his belt out of his pants loops and doubling it as she watches. She should push her ass up a little more in anticipation.

OK, that's all for now, thanks for your time and attention to making my Xmas a spankful one.

Happy Holidays!!

-Le Chimera

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wish everyone who happens to come on this page a merry xmas n a happy new year