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Views: 795 · Added: 1136 days ago

To tell the truth; most of the day my thoughts running around the spanking issue. It´s not the thing about getting the next date or how to hide a colored butt at the gym.

More or less it´s how to involve spanking in your regular live and how to tell the partner you´re living with, that you need some kind of punishment on a regular base. During the last years I recognized that it´s not only a part of my sexual live, but more a kind of "lifestyle". Something I expect to be part of my normal life.

What do you think about this?

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Views: 867 · Added: 1136 days ago

Got a call yesterday from an old friend and occasional spanking partner. She was supposed to be keeping off alcohol till the end of January, but was enticed out by her mates one night after work and got totally hammered. So she's asked if I can see her today to provide some appropriate punishment, and of course I'm happy to oblige! Had a bad night's sleep though, probably the anticipation of what lies ahead, so I'm a bit irritable today - and that's likely to make me spank harder (not that she'll complain about that!!) So off to Yorkshire I go....

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Views: 835 · Added: 1136 days ago

My dad is doing wonderful, and home relaxing. Boyfriend isnt to happy but understanding as to why i've moved back home until my dad is better completely.

So for the next few days or couple of weeks, i'll be raising heck from a distance. Plans are in the making >:)

Hope everyone is doing wonderful, and thank all you amazing people for all the prayers!!! Bless each and every one of ya'lls sweet hearts!

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Views: 476 · Added: 1136 days ago

I watch videos and wonder - aren't there serious dangers in being associated with this lifestyle? I keep a low profile (trust me people in my real world would never believe you if you told them I spank), and I am very careful with my identity. First, I want to protect my safety while meeting new people, but just as much I want to protect my every day life.

I consider doing videos - after all I think that I have a valid style and something to add to the spanking world (if nothing else it would give something for people to watch so I wouldn't have to describe over and over again about how I spank). But honestly I'm not sure that it is safe to post videos.

People who are spanking models or do this professionally make me wonder if they either don't have children, don't go to church, don't have jobs that would frown on this or aren't afraid of ending up in legal trouble.

Some people are very tasteful in their videos (and I don't mean this in a judgemental way - just remember this whole post deals with the possible ways to get in trouble) and don't show anything that can be considered porn, but others flaunt the sexual aspect that it honestly is the only thing it could be considered. Some people don't show their faces (which I think is smart - even though I love the facial expressions of people being spanked) but seriously if you know that person can't you still tell it is them?

Anyway these are the thoughts running through my head tonight. If I ever do videos I will have to know that my identity is protect - and I mean fully protected - voice changed and everything.

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Views: 1019 · Added: 1136 days ago

Hey guys,

Just wanted to thank you all for watching our videos and your comments. It means a lot. These are all real sessions we post, not role play or scenes. Its nice to be able to share some of the private moments with people who "get this"

Hope your having a fantastic 2012


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Views: 791 · Added: 1137 days ago

Anyone wanting to join one of my groups on fetlife, this one regarding my videos, feel free. Here's the link

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Views: 800 · Added: 1137 days ago

iam sure everyone has their own celebrity spankings fantasty like i do it invole alot of older and younger female one mostly some of them i grew up watching few older ones pamela anderson, heather locklear, brooke sheild and cindy crawford britney spears and lindsay lohan they younger one i have learn about recently

one thing iam wondering if you had chance to meet these celebrity somewhere would you bring up your spanking fantasty to them telling them you want be spanked by them or to spank them. could even be one in pro wrestling if you watch pro wrestling would you tell any of them about spankings even so in pro wrestling there been spankings done in matches and do u often woner when u see spanking on tv being done with the above person do you wonder if that person is into spanking

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Views: 611 · Added: 1137 days ago

just want say i know some people say they dont like to give someone a spanking who dont like to be spanked or like to be spanked casue they feel person just misbehaving to be spanked cause love to be spanked

i feel if someone dont like to be spanked they will for sure not allow someone to give them spankings no matter what even if you tell them they need to be spanked or desver a spanking on other hand if they love be spanked would be differnt and for one who dont like it i know for fact may never be able change that person mind on the spankings talking about people who dont like to be spanked

i think some who dont want be spanked or allow some one to spank them is just not into spanking never was and never will be into spanking. guess then you just have to move one to someone else. i alway feel like the person doing the spankings must also belevie and agree the spankeed desver the spanking like drinking and driving smoking cigarette when shouldnt. or just doing things shouldnt be doing. even so person know the above thing is wrong when they did do them.

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Views: 661 · Added: 1137 days ago

Wednesday night I finally met up with my guy (I'm going to call him Mr. B). I was in an absolutely foul mood. My computer crashed, the dog dug through the files I had sorted, I was hitting every red light and couldn't find a parking spot for 15 minutes which was making me even more late to meet Mr. B.

Mr. B had sent me an email requesting I bring our spanking devices to his work--he's the boss so he can do whatever he wants there. When I got there the staff was gone. I'd been thinking about being spanked all day--I was kind of obsessed. (I think being on this site, blogging and talking with others has made me feel more comfortable about wanting to be spanked.) Even in my foul mood I had put on a black corset, a 6 strap garter belt and black stockings because I knew it would please him. I wore high heel boots and a low cut dress. Sometimes changing my ensemble helps me set the mood for an erotic night. I figured despite my mood, there was no sense having my crappy day make his day crappy too.

As I was driving over, screaming at every pedestrian, car, snowflake and anything else that was delaying getting there, I was wondering whether I was in the right state of mind for a spanking. I even called Mr. B in my highly stressed state and he suggested I go home. But no! I was determined to get my spanking that night. We had reservations and I was calculating we'd only have 30 minutes instead of an hour because of all these delays which made me even more pissed. I was thinking maybe this wasn't a good night for our first real spanking of 2012. On the other hand (no pun intended), I was wondering if having him inflict those fleshy stings and slaps would make everything else disappear, that I could revel in the pain and get out of my head. No such luck. He had no intention of spanking me in that state of mind. Off to dinner we went.

It was a lovely dinner. Calm. Quiet. We talked about the blogs and I revealed more about my growing fondness for being spanked.

We headed back to his work and I'm certain we both were thinking the same thing. He said he needed to go back but I knew it was a ruse. I took off my coat and made my way to the private area of his work with my purse in tow. He followed immediately. I lay my purse on the shelf and retrieved a long wooden spoon, the leather slapper and leather paddle. He turned me around and slowly and ran his hands along my hips, slowly down to my ass and then to my thighs. He could feel the garters and corset through my dress so he quickly raised it like a kid ripping open that first gift at Christmas. I could tell he was pleased.

Whenever he gets excited something in the air changes. I can't breathe. My heart starts to race. It's like someone sucked the air out of the room because I get lightheaded. It's an amazing high.

He resumed his slow methodical pace of caresses focusing on my fleshy exposed bottom. He bent me over the desk and told me to spread my legs. Whenever he says "spread your legs" it soaks me. His hands spread me apart a little and I could sense he wanted to slide himself into me. His hands continued to graze the flesh of my ass making me tingle with anticipation. In that throaty, aroused voice he has he asked me, "so you want to get spanked?". My yes was muffled from the excitement. He asked me if I had been thinking about it and again I exhaled a faint yes. I couldn't focus on anything but his hands and when he'd mete out that first sharp spank.

He planted voluptuous kisses on my ass and told me it was beautiful--that I was beautiful. The wetness from his tongue made me yearn for him to start the spanking that moment. I need to remember to be careful what I asked for. The first spank was firm and deliberate. I tensed immediately. He continued with his hand sometimes with full palm and light slaps, sometimes full heavy palm leaving me throbbing and red. There'd be times when he'd use a few fingers which stung. I didn't care. I stood in place, gripped the desk and awaited whatever contact he considered appropriate.

He reached for the slapper--or was it the spoon? Whatever it was it hurt. He didn't hold back. The pain was searing so I grabbed the desk even tighter. I felt my whole body tense. I didn't want to feel the slap but when each one was over, I wanted the next. I actually panted the words, "please Master may I have another". I couldn't say stop or no or don't. My body wouldn't let me. I craved the next and the next. The slapper was sharp and stinging. I didn't shout or scream but did cry out on occasion (and I certainly was screaming on the inside). At times I felt I was watching from above. Other times I wanted him to do it harder. I wanted bruises as evidence of our session together.

He changed to another spanking device. I'm blank on which one. Some of his spanks were the hardest he had ever given me. I'm not sure if it still stings or if writing about it summons the pain, but I'm feeling it right now. One was so hard a white flash of pain surged through my body. I wanted another one just like it. Then again, I didn't. It was a strange mix of craving and dread. I didn't want it to end. He switched to the paddle which inflicted completely different sensation. It was a relief and a strain--there's that duality again. The loud thud from each swack sent blood rushing to my face. I have no idea how long this went on for. I can barely remember him sliding my thong down.

He slid his finger inside me and of course I was wet, which he never fails to declare. He continued to stroke me and my previous utterances of pain now turned to pleasure. I love the way he touches me. And for some reason, after spankings I'm more sensitive to his touch.

He resumed spanking me. I rarely tear up but this time it was different. After the next bout of spanks he raised me up and held me tenderly. The tears started. I did my best to choke them back. I hate looking weak or emotional in front of anyone.
There's a way he looks at me after a spanking that melts me. I feel so loved, so treasured--like I belong to him. It's like standing under a heat lamp naked--you're vulnerable but warm so you feel safe. And there are times he gives me a look like he's amazed by what we just did. It's like I've given him a gift. Perhaps I have. The gift of my submission.

I asked him if he wanted to do more. He thought that was sufficient for the night but probed a little more because he knows I rarely ask for what I want, I do it in a round about way. He asked if I wanted more. It was a definite yes but in my coy way. So there I was again, bent over the desk, skirt up, rosy cheeks awaiting the next spank. I have no idea why I wanted more. I just did. If it wasn't so late, I would've asked him to continue.

Again I ended up in his arms. He told me I was amazing. I could barely stand but it was what I wanted, what I needed. It's irrational in my analytical, Catholic-repressed mind. But this spanking has confirmed that I do want it and people on this site have helped me accept that I'm not some sort of freak or deviant. That it's okay for me to want this.

So here I sit, bottom ablaze, sharing this experience with all of you.

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Views: 1517 · Added: 1137 days ago

Who wants to tell me about the worst so spanking they ever got? What made it so bad? The pain? How you earned it? The humiliation? I have an un realized fantasy about taking a girl over my knees in public, our maybe bending her over something in a public park....I imagine the humiliation would be intense!

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Views: 1392 · Added: 1137 days ago


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Views: 507 · Added: 1137 days ago

I had a nice conversation with someone that lead me to a thought process that I thought I would share (not the first time I've thought this either-lol).

Is spanking effective for everyone? Someone approached me about spanking her for a problem I have myself. So am I hypocritical for being willing to spank her for a problem I struggle with myself? I don't think so. I didn't tell her she should be spanked - if I lived close enough she was asking.

Why do some people benefit from being held accountable with spanking (and trust me I know some people are just playing games but those are not the people I am talking about) and others would be traumatized to have to submit to even a milder type of spanking against their will?

I don't spank people who just like to be spanked - realize I know that many of the people that ask for accountability with spanking like to be spanked or get something out of it, but I mean that I don't just "hook up" to play around and spank. I find it a waste of time and good skills. I get as much satisfaction out of knowing that I am helping people do/not do something they need to so their lives are better.

I realize I'm not the "norm" and not what a lot of people are interested in, but that is why I shared it in my blog - after all it is all about me in this case :-)

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Views: 872 · Added: 1138 days ago

I Told ya all about my New Realasionship in my Last blog well things have really Moved on and well i think i found the one we both want the same things we both worship the same way. so fingers crossed this Love will last!!. Anyway i know another blog not about spanking But i just wanted to keep my friends Updated :).
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 870 · Added: 1138 days ago

Have your spanking activities ever got you into trouble at work? I've not had that misfortune, but I was once involved in disciplining an errant couple for breaking company rules.

The man and woman concerned would meet after work for a spanking good time, in the privacy of their own hotel room. Nothing wrong with that. They also thought it was fun to film themselves in action, and share the recordings and pictures with interested viewers via a suitable website. Very commendable!

The trouble was, they used their company phones for the recordings and their company laptops to upload them. A schoolboy/schoolgirl error! It wasn't long before they were exposed across the company's IT system, and hauled in for a serious breach of the company's IT policy - a sackable offence.

I would have shown them mercy. They were good films after all. But my hands were tied. With very red cheeks, they had to go.

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Views: 1160 · Added: 1138 days ago

It has been like almost a week without soda,and I am positively going nuts! I am moody, tired, grouchy, irritable, obstinant.. everything under the sun... and about the only thing that would help it right now would be a really hard spanking! I'd even spank myself! but nope... that's not available right now..... UGH! I am almost at my pull my hair out moment.. UGH

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Views: 652 · Added: 1138 days ago

Hello! I just thought I would take a quick moment to introduce myself. I am a female spankER (I capitalized the ER hoping that would cut down on the messages from guys wanting to spank me - lol). I do not play spank (although if I get married I will be happy too). I believe there is a place for consensual discipline spanking (with discretion used). If you need a spanking to either break a bad habit or be motivated into doing what you need to send me a message and we'll see what we can work out.

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Views: 690 · Added: 1138 days ago

I've read many blogs that say that there are few male and female spankers for spankees. To a certain point this seems to be true. What does the people think

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Views: 666 · Added: 1139 days ago

So, thesis writing is coming rather slowly these days. I haven't been spanked in a while for it, since my brush off responses of "meh, it was an okay day" seems to be passing.

It leaves me a bit confused/guilty/frustrated.

This degree is ultimately my responsibility, of course. It's also not a tool for getting me to live the life of a well-disciplined girl (mostly...), so why am I frustrated when the scary punishments don't come?

Also, is it the spanking or the vigilance that follows that helps me get the work done?

Oh, school-guilt, my oldest friend.

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Views: 1032 · Added: 1139 days ago

Do you spank for real, as in real punishment spankings?

Do you spank for fun, as in spanking to stimulate sexual pleasure with your partner?

If you're a spankee you can still answer the question, as in how do you get spanked and so on.

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Views: 746 · Added: 1139 days ago

Hello Spankingtube Members,

Well I am not 100% on this adventure as of yet. But, I should be returning to Chicago at the end of April. With that, I was wondering if any ladies on here, or more importantly my friends list, would be up for meeting at a very nice (safe and public) downtown hotel for some bare bottom spanking action?

Chances are good I will be in Chicago for the weekend and Sunday night would be the best night. I apologize as Sunday might not be the best day, but Saturday is going to be filled with drinking and soccer support. So, Sunday it has to be.

Anyone interested? Please let me know. Promise a great time for all those involved.


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