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What or when was that "special" moment when you made the deep connection with your partner? the one where you said "wow that was intense, maybe a little painful or embarrassing, but I now know she/he is the one for me, Or care to share your deepest fantasies?

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Salut je recois la fessée avec ou sans caresse, branle, doigt, suce, branle, leche raie, et gode.
Devant public, en short court ras des fesses e slip blanc]
Je possede video de ma fessee recue le 23 Mars 2012, a qui veut la voir

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I neglected to share that I'm one part of Mr. B's love triangle. Why say so now? Well, tonight we had another wonderful night. It included spanking and, for the first time, photos pre- and post-spanking (as well as during some other parts). It was not as scary as I thought it would be and I was seriously considering posting one as my avatar and challenging LezNic to do the same (since she posted the challenge to me 60+ days ago).

Mr. B directed me to blog about the spanking tonight but frankly, I don't want to. Perhaps that may get me into some trouble later but I'm too upset.

After I left his place, I remembered something and rang him up only to get a busy signal. I redialed a few more times than I'll admit. Again, busy. Why is this upsetting? Because I'm certain he was talking to the other stem of the triangle. I know that this is part of the deal with him but I can't help feel cheated when, as soon as I'm out the door, he's on the phone with her. Particularly after the intimacy of spanking and photos.

So this is my way of rebelling tonight. As instructed, I'm posting about the spanking, but not in any luscious detail as I have before. I'm hurt and pissed. Thing is, once he decides to bail or this ends (which my cynical side always anticipates), I don't think I'll ever want to be spanked by anyone else. This was something exclusively between us.

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I got the worst spanking I've ever gotten from my Daddy last night ! :( the brush, slipper, belt, and hanger ! ugh it hurt, and still hurts now ! :(... I've really been a brat lately... I've been telling Him no way more than necessary, I'm still not keeping track of my medical stuff the way I know I need to, AND I had to make things worse by cussing like 3 times while we talked yesterday even though I know He doesn't like it... I'm sorry Daddy ! :(.... He gave me warnings, and the last time I said it, He made me put soap in my mouth (and I swallowed a little by accident.. ughhh !) :-/... as a result of me being such a brat lately I got that spanking, and now I have to write lines (and this blog, obviously)... all of this has to be done before I go to bed tonight OR I'm grounded for a week and every day I'm grounded I get a maintenance spanking... needless to say, I'm definitely trying my hardest to get this all done before then because I SERIOUSLY do not want to be grounded during my spring break.... and after last night, I don't intend to get spanked for AWHILE unless it's a good girl spanking... maybe ??? :)
Okay so I'm kind of running out of things to say now... so I'm gonna end this by saying: Daddy I'm really sorry I've been such a brat lately, but I know I deserved that punishment no matter how much I didn't want it !... I promise I'm gonna do better !

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Hello Folks, Loki here.

Well now have yet another commentary from another videoless person. This one, 'Master'mel 2011 had the nerve to say that spanking my wife was like spanking Moby Dick. Well that was rather mature of this girlless, videoless wonder who more than likely spends more time here spanking his mini-monkey than begging a woman to be his girlfriend so he could attempt to spank her.

Maybe I should let my wife have mercy and give him the caning that he needs so he can stop being a naughty foul mouth boy.

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I don't know how and why, but I recently imagined my wife (yes, the one on the pix and videos here) is a maid to an older lady. And, of course, something happens and... no, this time it is not the lady who will punish my wife herself... This lady invites a friend of hers - ex-military pensioner, who seems to be more than happy to oblige...

I fantasise they will make her undress completely. He will raise his leg, the left one, for instance, on a step or something, being fully clothed, probably wearing boots, and will bend her slightly over the leg. His left hand would take hold of her wrists in the front while his right had will... be using a piece of thin most simple rope - as the one used in the villages. Yes, this will play - I think successfully, the role of a whip - not too heavy nor too light neither.

I only wonder whether he should have made the rope wet in water beforehand and whether he should double it or no... I think I would vote for the rope to be doubled, like usually it is done with belts...

My wife's bottom marks really well - she has a sensitive skin, so... I can really imagine...

What do you think and... imagine? May you give me some advice on my doubts? :-)

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I have been slacking off in school but I have no one to hold me accountable for my behavior. I wish I did. Around here some people have a problem with a black bbw wanting to be spanked. They want skinny girls and I am not.. I wish I was. Some people where I live have a problem with black bbw and it has really hurt my feeling. I am proud to be a black bbw and thank you for all the kind words. I am glad some people understand how I feel.

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A dark room, I knelt in cold tea table, don't know how long, just feel their knees abnormal pain, waist also ache more than almost broke, cold and hard penetrates permeated slowly and extension of patella, ground to tiptoe and the head, cold sweat trickled down-I gently turn body, to adhere to, I know the mistake is very big, as long as he forgive, how penalty, but he has been ignored me, just about a root of smoking. Yes, he love angry, but this time he didn't get angry, it makes me even more feel terrible, I will face how to punishment? How do I want to adhere to the patient that he will forgive "get up, both you and I think well." He finally in silence after a big said the first sentence. "I know I am wrong, how do you, please don't give up you sent me." I have physical strength overdraft, but still insist on a spit. Sometimes not punish more pain than punishment. "Arise, let your punishment would not escape, the key is how penalty and you can keep it up." "I-" he agreed to forgive me, my in the mind a secretly pleased. But I will accept the condition is all punishment and stick to the end, he is not easily sent me, but every time a malicious, let I forget. This would happen? I?"Recognize play recognize to punish!" I bite a tooth said. My husband is a doctor, gynecology doctor, I'm a nurse, we the same department. I like sp, he also know, I go to practice he also know, but because I rush to practice and others shifts, careless, in people surgery painlessly for items that brine as * *, result patient-can be imagined, but this serious mistakes, operation of is him, the patient in a big mess. He respected professional, I know. So I know that I was wrong, no matter what he sent me with his teeth must endure, get understanding. The third day after dinner evening, he in after watching TV, the head also won't say: "11 please annual leave, after three days." He said the still waters, but I was surprised, 10 days, I was faced with what kind of punishment, given how need ten days into to enforce and recovery. Of course he will not tell me, and I have to do is to accept and obedient, and pain also can't shout again.
"Mr." I replied, as far as possible are calm
We work directly drive ran to the next destination, yes I don't need to prepare, also do not need to bring anything, if need to be prepared for good. He was silent all the way, only on the edge of the city in that moment meaningful saw my one eye, I was so nervous my palms sweat is full, he showed, the corners of the mouth slightly cocked up. I'm afraid he is satisfied? "Prepare yourselves. This really see you." Slowly he said. The top floor of the five-star hotel, the night is very good, his hand big bags make me shudder I step from with the behind him, he took into the house the do not disturb hung in the door handle. I shut the door, standing in the doorway dare not move, the house is quite big, complete facilities. He came into the room to take off to coat, pull a curtain, burned hot water, and then in the broad chair and sat down. Looking at still stand aside by the door of my uneasiness
"You do it." He stared at me. I gently hesitate once, then starts to strip, worry and fear there is no use. Soon I came off. Come over. "Handed over two bottles of mineral water. The night? Rose" I am not. "
{" I let you--to drink!" My day! He was too bad. I immediately understand, open cap began to drink. Very not easy to drink a half bottle, drink did not move. He sit quietly, calm of looking at me, his eyes mean don't try so hard slowly drinking. A bottle of finally have done, and he lifted up his hand, and touched my body, from face to the abdomen, to the hips. Behind a bulk of purple, is a recent practice by the traces of, hands up also faint do hurt. "Remember me to your hobby set rules?" His tone was slow, without any disciplinary mean, but this peace scares me more, people will not anger was very angry wei. Of course he didn't allow me to use such action silent nod the answer.
"No impact on the premise of work and life, can be developed and his" hobby "! If I have the breach, depending on the situation. Light punishment is 100, heavy then 200, for more serious cases have to accept any punishment, according to punish performance gain understanding! No matter any punishment, forbid to hide not cry, no resistance." "This is you serious mistakes, very serious!" He pinching my face. "Lie prone this." He pointed to my knees. Slap heavy falls and rhythmic, pain spread, the original injury also not letting this go, playing up very painful, I endure not move. The left and right once, ache! As pa, ache! Who let me make mistakes, how can be so careless. Behind a irritable, he stopped. He is not love me, that is let me drink. Some drink, half a bottle of and down. I have the meaning of urine. "Go to bed." I lie on the bed, the back of the pain under pressure, systemic exposure, I bite lips with shame. He pressed on my full bilge lower abdomen, I a burst of uncomfortable. He makes force according to, I bite lips endure. Yes, every woman when the examination is such, I know, but still uncomfortable experience unceasingly. He used a stick very fine whip, light weight and a a in the lower abdomen I, not painful, but that kind of shock and pressure, the lower abdomen where the full bilge by....... With the passing of time, urine meaning more strong, and he will be for a while the rest of the half a bottle of on my on the abdomen, in a short while slowly by hand by pinching, he is a doctor, he know limit. But I can insist to limit? "Forehead- - - "I suffered died. "Get up, kneeling." The lower abdomen of full bilge let every action, odd, I knelt after good. He turned on the TV. To keep the position will endure, very hard. Time is too slow, no time limit is still suffering than boundaries. He finally got up, to me, carefully touch, I again is more uncomfortable. From his bag, took out a skin, bright metal pan of the light. Pull me to climb, "with the skin and down. Not only to endure the womb oppression, and endure the pain behind.

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I'm bored someone hit me up. I could use some convo above a 2 year old level. I been trapped in house all week woth 2 year old watching nick jr.

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One of my friends on this site--I can't recall who at the moment, posted a recent entry asking why we haven't come up with any cute emoticons for spankos to use. A couple of years ago, I actually came across about a dozen. I don't know if they're widely used, or were just the invention of a clever girl, but the parentheses represented the target area in all examples. One that I do remember was (*|*). That meant bruised cheeks. IOf the line in the middle was replaced by an !, it meant unexpected session resulting in a bruised backside. I can't remember the others. If I come across them again, I'll post them. They were really pretty good!

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Is there any way to search our "community" to see if anyone lives in the same area? A friend mentioned she noticed 2 people on here were from the same area as she, and asked them to contact her. Can you search, or is it just pot luck if you find someone who lives in the same state you do?

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This is likely to be a repeat question, plus I have seen several adds but never paid much attention to them in the past. BUt now that I am in "semi-demand", I need a couple of proper school paddles, and some sort of leather strap. The belts I have just isn't getting the job done (or maybe it's me, or maybe leather just doesn't have the same sting as wood, I don't know). But I need to buy one paddle that's solid and one with holes. And one of those lexan jobs---they look good. Any suggestions? At the mall, I got strange looks just asking for a mini-fraternity paddle.

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One fresh spring day I was sitting in my office, bored for the most part. Counting the hours until the weekend arrived. Through my secure door walks my friend Luke. As usual, returning from a smoke break and holding a cup of coffee in his right hand.

"Up and away buddy!" Luke said motioning for me to move away from my desk. "I got some software I need to install on your machine."

"What's that? Some new software I will probably never use?"

Looking a bit too serious Luke informed me this was a program him and some internal IT security guys developed. They called this program Super Ninja as it would block the rest of the IT security department from seeing what was being downloaded or accessed on work computers. This was back in 02, so I am sure by now the program would be detected and useless, but for it's time it worked like a charm.

After getting some music downloaded, it hit me. I could use this to line up spankings galore. I could already envision those lovely female behinds lined up out the door awaiting their punishments. Much like the Say My Name video by Armand Van Helden.

The next week I downloaded various IM softwares. Needless to say I created a spanking oriented profile and just had the spanking rooms on most of the day. During the first week a lady we will call Linda approached me in one of the chat rooms and we began to exchange dialogue extensively. She told me one of her fantasies was being spanked in the office, bare butt, by an authorative figure for being mouthy as she has a reputation in the office for that. I then informed her I could turn that into a reality given my situation.

"So let me get this straight, you want me to take the day off work, drive to Chicago from Indiana and get a spanked at your place of employment?"

"Can't think of a better place. It is a nice building and there is a Starbucks in the lobby so we can get a coffee before hand and make sure you want to go through with it."

"This scares me a little, but the idea of being spanked in a real office, has a element of danger. Are you afraid of being caught or are you just plain crazy?"

From there I explained it was a little of both on my end but was her decision, we would have secure privacy, noise to cover the spanking, and she would get to live out her fantasy of being spanked in the office. So we set a date and decided to see what would happen from there.

When the day arrived when I got a call from the receptionist that a visitor by the name of Linda was there for me. Once I arrived I made some company related small talk so everything sounded legit, then after Linda decided against the cup of coffee we headed downstairs.

She was dressed very professionally, mid-length black skirt and dark blue blouse/business attire up top. She had shoulder length brown hair and, I could see where she came off as a bit abrasive. She was in her mid-30s and informed me it had been several years since she had a sound spanking.

After looking around the newly converted office, the hanging ruler was the first thing her eyes took notice of. Her response was: "Ohhh, I may have bitten off more than I can chew."

"Perhaps, there is only one way to confirm that." I told her as I was getting a nearby chair. Once I was seated I instructed Linda to get across my lap and that I saw no need to delay her impending punishment.

Slowly Linda came across my lap and I told her to get as comfortable as she could because it would be a while before she would be allowed back up. Linda gave that typical sign that says "I'm ready" once she got comfy.

Soon as I put my left arm across Linda's back I could feel her muscles were tensed up. To ease the situation I started running my hand in a circular motion across her butt. Then I started bringing my palm down on her backside over her skirt once she loosened up a bit. A kind estimate would be 50 or 60 hand swats over clothing.

I asked how she was doing and I just got that silent submissive female nod that indicates yes and please continue. With that I pulled up her loose fitting skirt to reveal a matching pair of black cotton panties. Redness was already showing around the borders of her underwear on her lower cheeks.

From there I rained down more hand swats over her panties. Now I could feel the heat coming from Linda's back along with moisture as she was not starting to sweat all over. Little moans and yelps accompanied the panty spanking for another couple of dozen good smacks.

Lastly, I slid my hand down into her undies and moved them down to her knees. Also noticing there was a significant moisture build up down there as well. Berating Linda for her mouth and bratty attitude I kept smacking her bare bum until it was a nice shade of red and hot to the touch. She was doing that wiggling thing women do when getting a good spanking. Shifting wieght from one knee to the other, and moving her crimson butt back and forth. By now I could feel her nails gripping into the side of my thigh as well and her chin pressed into the side of my knee.

With a couple light taps on the behind I told her it was time to get up. A slight bit of apprehension was in her voice when Linda asked if it was time for the ruler.

Getting up rather shakily, I took Linda by the arm and led her to the table. Instructed her to move back a couple steps, and place her palms on the edge of the table.

"You want to act like a brat, then you will be spanked like a brat who can't behave after school."

"Yes sir. I deserve whatever you decide to give me." she said with a tone of anticipation, yet nervousness.

"Glad to hear you see it that way, count these aloud, you are getting 18 swats, one for each inch of this ruler."

"Very well sir." Now I noticed her hands took a firm grip on the edge of the table.

Delivering 18 stern smacks on bare skin made her tense up some more, and I noticed she was biting her lips after each swat count.

Once her ruler spanking was concluded Linda got herself together and had to drive back to Indiana. I walked her to the car and said my good byes. Couple of hours later, I got an email that she was home safely. Along with that, was an apology for acting like such a brat and how she will be better behaved from now on.

At the end of that week Luke stopped by to see how the software was working out.

My devilish response: "So far so good. You find any good music I should know about?"

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Finally joined. I've been lurking since the site was created. I hope to get to know some of you.

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Anyone can follow me on twitter at @DD_4real. thats where alot of me and my papi's posts are at now.

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This just doesn't happen every day: an average 53 year-old white guy who could lose some weight and add some hair. But I actually was asked to spank a REALLY hot lady. It seems we fall into a little-used category called "spanking buddies": no sex, no groping, just discipline. Oh there's the whole punishment thing of giving the reason for the spanking; PLENTY of scolding before and during the paddling, always for emphasis; and then holding afterward to assure her that she's more than paid for whatever the offense(s) were. But then, we shake hands and go our separate ways. I was beginning to think I was a minority of one in seeking this type of relationship. I'm happy to report that I am not alone.

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I saw a some girl volleyball player today! They looked quite spank able in those little shorts. bubble butt girls in volleyball shorts and a few good swats from a wooden paddle was goin through my spanko head.

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TXMXK and I live in different time zones, so we usully leave an update or two on facebook, and he said I have to pm him every day, or he would punish me if I didn't. Anyway I forgot to pm him for 2 or 3 days so he said I had to wear diapers while in the house. Then he made me self-spank with a wooden spoon, slipper and coathanger with a break after each implement. The spoon didn't hurt that bad, it was quite "thuddy" but the slipper hurt worse, worse than the coathanger which was sort of stingier/ a more "whippy" kind of effect. And I'm going to send him pictures of me in diapers, which I'm wearing right now as I send this. I'm not sure that this is actually a detterrent as I enjoy it too much...we'll see.

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Free Delivery....Great Prices...Excellent Products!!!!

Come to Nightgems xxx

Copy & Paste this link:

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