Hard Tied
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"Ms. Heinz ? Could we have a word, please ?"

"Certainly. What's up ?"

"I was wondering if I might ask for your assistance with my husband. You see, ever since we got here he's been extremely rude on several occasions, mentioning to me what an attractive woman you are and suggesting that maybe you would like to join us in bed."

"Oh my..""

This is of course entirely unacceptable to me and rude towards you and I have warned him about this kind of behavior several times. Apparently my warnings do not carry enough weight with him so I've decided he must be properly punished. A sound thrashing is in order for him to remember his place and his manners."


"I realize this may seem strange that I have to spank my husband at his age. But trust me when I say that nothing gets better results with a man. It's been far too long since his last spanking and clearly he's forgotten what punishment feels like."

"I see. No, this doesn't sound so strange to me. I hope you teach him a good lesson !"

"Rest assured I will. But what I thought to ask of you was if you wanted to help me with his discipline by delivering a hard paddling to his bare bottom. That would teach him good and proper that no-one finds his remarks appealing or funny. I think 60 swats with my paddle should deliver that message well, don't you think ?"

"I'm not sure what to say.. this seems a bit harsh. And I've never paddled anyone before!"

"Nonsense ! That is the least he should get for such rampant behavior. And you need not worry about lack of experience. Once you hold that paddle in your hand you'll know what to do. Also I will be there to help if you need it. Trust me when I tell you that you'll find great satisfaction in making his bottom turn crimson red while he struggles under your paddle, and hearing him whimper every time your raise your arm and scream when you land it fiercely across his cheeks."

"Well.. I suppose"

"Wonderful ! Please meet us in our room this afternoon at 5. I'd like for him to get his thrashing before dinner. I enjoy watching him squirm on his seat afterwards, and it serves a lasting impression."


"Ah - welcome Ms. Heinz. So punctual. Well young man, didn't you have something you wanted to say to Ms. Heinz ?"

"I'm very sorry ma'am"

"You should be. But you're not sorry enough, not yet. We will make you plenty sorry, though. You have been sexist and rude by objectifying Ms. Heinz and alluding to her sexually. That is disrespectful to me but also to her, which is why I invited her to punish you herself. You are to receive 5 dozen swats of the paddle on your bare bottom. Now, quickly, lower your pants and bend over the bed."

"Yes ma'am"

"Now Ms. Heinz, if you please, you can take your place next to our errant boy. I think you'll find resting your left hand on his back while you swing with your right to be a good position. Ten separate bouts of six swats each should work well. After each one he must thank you for taking the time to improve him."



"Thank you ma'am for spanking me."

"Such better behavior already ! See that, Ms. Heinz ? The paddle works wonders on naughty boys".

"I can see that ! This was very rewarding and I am very happy I could help. His poor bottom, though, looks like it's going to be sore for days. Can he get up now ?"

"Get up ? No, my dear Ms. Heinz. Although he seems vanquished, trust me - he has yet to learn his lesson properly. I am very happy he could receive the first part of his punishment from you, though. You are very kind and thoughtful to have helped me with him. Now, however, it's time for him to feel the bite of my cane. Nothing keeps boys in attention better than painful welts on their bottoms. Would you care to stay and watch, Ms. Heinz ?"

"Thank you - I think I would like that."

"Very well then. I think 5 dozen strokes would be a good match to your paddling. If he takes them well we can conclude his punishment with some corner time and then he will be released. If not I will have to drive the message harder. Brace yourself, young man"

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It's Big Mamma's 35th birthday today......please take a moment to post something nice and friendly for her. THANKS :0)

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I love a woman with a big & juicy fat ass so spank real hard super red is what i like.A girl that like to scream and calling me big daddy.Where my fat ass girls at?

Caned Angel
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I have missed daily greets, but my computer crashed...So that now I am unsure of those that mind me writing daily greetings on their wall...

How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?

Four.....Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.

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In two weeks time I travel to Ireland to meet up with some friends. I will travel to a place that remains very special to me and take a trip down memory lane. I will be meeting someone from this site who befriended me and we have been skyping and phoning each other almost everyday now. I have never been to the south of Ireland but that is all about to change;I have never been spanked by a woman but that too is about to change during my trip.As the time draws near I feel more and more excited. I hope I will not bottle out! In the twenty days I have been on this site I have met so many kind people and also made a few friends;my Irish trip was planned for awhile but now meeting a "fellow spanko???" makes things a little more interesting. Can't wait!

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As long as I can remember I have craved the attention of a strict, mature woman. I have met a couple via spanking contacts web sites but have yet to meet the one who totally fulfils my endless fantsy. I have been thoroughly spanked and caned but there has always been something missing. I want to submit completely to the right woman. I want her to have complete control over me. No way am I looking for some silly leather-clad dominatrix. I am searching for that certain aunty who will bring me the ultimate pleasure.

Caned Angel
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Was @ bar once and some drunken Neanderthal sitting near me was watching football.....the cheerleaders came on, then he turns to me ans starts yammering on about his views on women, calling them "cum buckets" and such. I had had enough, so I said "I didn't know your last name was Flintstone?" Of course he said WHAT?!?!?!?!?! I said "Why don't you Yabba Dabba Doo me a favor and never talk to me again!!!!!!" LOL :0)

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Hi im Dean and an experienced spanker and im looking for ladies who enjoy spanking in the manchester or yorkshirë area.If fundvit a great stress releiver do you. Please e mail dean@pacificwest.com

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Hi im Dean and an experienced spanker and im looking for ladies who enjoy spanking in the manchester or yorkshirë area.If fundvit a great stress releiver do you. Please e mail dean@pacificwest.com

Caned Angel
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Well thanks to classylady she missed my daily inspirational thoughts that I had I stopped so Im back to sharing them. After our talk this kinda sums it up All I can do is Pray for them and help them when they later need me..

Sometimes it takes a life time to realize what you or someone has/had. You cannot help they need to realize themselves. Point them in the right direction and let them be.... all it is is negativity.

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After using CSN1981 since 2007 I decided to make a change and use a name that defines both of us. Everyone who are friends with us should still be on our list. Also, all of our pics & vids are still there as well :0)

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If their was anything that you could ask me or just wanted to know about me whether it be my nationality, family, past issues, favorite color, my disciplinarians, personal appearance, sex, etc...Just ask and I will answer WHATEVER question you may have.

Sometimes I just feel/know that people ask other people about me when Im the only person that knows the real me then I get to hear about it from the other person. Im not to personal on here but I will be if that is a question that you ask. Ive always been 100% real so these answers will be the 100% truth

Get to know me for me not for what you hear from other people that don't know me. P.S (per the last one I wrote) If you cant respond in a decent and respectful manner please don't respond at all.


Caned Angel
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This is for your own good.
Always make that understood.
Your absence makes me ache.
Its so hard to appreciate a break.
A heart and head go to battle
Yearning to experience the paddle.
How quickly time moves on,
Now that you have gone.
Your presence is still felt
As one gazes upon your belt.
Dwelling on the past
Our lot in life has been cast.
May one day,
We somehow find our way.

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A young farmer's boy was waiting for his mother who was preparing his breakfast. Playing in the backyard he went where the chickens were and started chasing them. The mother saw him from the window: "I saw what you were doing, NO eggs for you this morning!." He then went over where the pigs were feeding and was bothering them whilst they were eating. The mother called out: "I saw what you were doing, NO bacon for you this morning!" He then went over to where the cows were and he kicked one of them. His mother called out: "I saw what you were doing, NO milk for you this morning. His mother then told him to come inside and eat his breakfast. As he was sitting at the table his father was rushing down the stairs. He saw the cat on the stairs and he kicked it down the stairs. The young boy saw what he did and called out to his mother: "Maaaa, shall I tell him or you are going to tell him!"

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The reality is you could be amazing genuine and sincere but still be overlooked. Because honestly people don't want something real no more they just want reasons to complain and excuses to avoid. Having a good thing is so hard because meeting strong person Is so rare. So I've learned to respect when people walk away from me I realize my kind or realness and love isn't for everybody and Im at peace with that.

Caned Angel
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Wow it is so awesome the response we have gotten here. It is really humbling and flattering. I have to admit i did not anticipate the number of views we received with our first video here. Me and seodonna are so pleased with the response. She is also now a member on here as seodonna as her user name and you can look her up as well. We have made several more and have two more waiting to be published and one of our newer ones is in fact a nice bare bottom hand spanking that she totally earned. Please keep commenting and keep watching. We are also will be posting a clips for sale page with in the month and will post our studio number once it is up and running. For all of you out there in spanking tube land thank you and have a great night.

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There comes a time when a woman just has to trust her husband...
For example...
A wife comes home late at night, and quietly opens the door to her bedroom.
From under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two.
She reaches for a baseball bat and starts hitting the blanket as hard as she can.
Leaving the covered bodies groaning, she goes to the kitchen to have a drink.
As she enters, she sees her husband there, reading a magazine.
"Hi Darling", he says, "Your parents have come to visit us, so l let them stay in our bedroom.
Did you say "hello"?

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For his 85th Birthday, Meyer Kablinski presented his father with a prostitute.
She enters his room in the assisted living facility, opens up her fur revealing her naked body.
"Well, Mr. Kablinski are you ready for some super sex?"
The old man thinks for a minute then says, "I think I'll have the soup."

Caned Angel
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I had been on my best behaviour all week since last weekends shopping trolley incident! So the weekend just gone we were filming some role play scenes. The first one we were doing was a daddy/daughter which i think was more for me, i can definitely be a bit of a little girl at times! but more importantly i had the perfect dress for the occasion:) and i was desperate to wear it again.
I was going to get in to trouble for scrapping my dinner out of the window and keeping a secret stash of goodies. Something i actually did when i was younger! although the food went out the cat flap instead of the window! I wasn't spanked , but this time i was going over the knee for a hand spanking and then i was going to be belted.

I tried on my outfit the night before i had a pink fairytale style dress, a pink bow for my hair and frilly ankle socks. I couldn't stop smiling when i saw myself in the mirror i very much looked the part and i felt like a princess in the dress. I sometimes wish i could get away with dressing up every day, not just in pink fairy tale dresses, theres lots of costumes i'm sure i would automatically feel happier going about my day in. But it's not the kind of thing you can do on your own really is it? unless everyone else is going to get involved, it would just be a horribly embarrassing experience. Well anyway i hung everything up neatly and tried to get some sleep. Only that didn't work out too well for me, I couldn't seem to fall asleep at all. I never normally manage to sleep the night before a spanking, but this wasn't a punishment spanking so i could't understand why i was feeling nervous. It was really frustrating and after an entire night of staring at the ceiling i was very pleased when Alex's alarm went off and i could finally wake him up!

Things were going well, apart from a severe case of the giggles just before we were about to turn the camera on. But we were having fun. Then things started to change i must have started to get tired because i suddenly felt very irritable. I tried really hard to hide it, I really wanted to have a good day. But by this point absolutely everything was beginning to wind me up, Alex would of only had to poke me and i reckon i would of burst in to tears! So i ended up throwing a bit of a wobbly, probably not my smartest move while i was over his knee! And the intensity of my spanking quickly increased! I then had to bend over the table for a strapping but by this point i was really sulking but still insisting everything was fine, I'm pretty sure he could tell though because the first spank took me by surprise, It was a different belt to usual and it was much more stingy. Also the belting was much harder than i had expected! I hadn't expected to cry but the whole thing was a bit of a shock, and i cried ALOT even after the whole thing had finished! I think even Alex was a little bewildered at how things had turned out! I Guess i was just feeling really emotional!! i did feel a lot better after it all though, just a little bad i had kind of ruined something that was meant to be fun. But at least i know i never want to be spanked again when i have had no sleep.

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So, the end of the semester is near and I'm begining to feel butterflies in my stomach. And most likely, my best friend feels those too, since she will be joining me.
My disciplinarian sent me an email in which he told me what consequences for bad grades will be. It goes like that. First, the school type punishment : a ‘7’ means 5 strokes with cane on the bare bum, a ‘6’ means 5 strokes with the cane and 5 with the strap on each hand, a ‘5’ means 10 strokes with the cane and 5 with the wooden ruler on each hand (ouch). Failing grades (from 4 down) means double the ‘reward’ for a ‘5’. For the home type punishment, my disciplinarian set a little contest between me and my friend. The one with the worse grades gets the belt and the hairbrush and the one with the better grades gets only the belt.
Today, at school, I showed my friend the email I got from my disciplinarian. Only fair that she knows what to expect (and only fair that it’s not only me starting to have butterflies in my stomach, lol). Her reaction was pretty funny though. The moment she saw the email, she instinctively covered her bum with her hands, lol. I'm pretty sure some girls and a couple of boys saw her

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