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Got my ass tore hella up tonite. No panties for me tonight. Bruised and aand a little broken skin. My complexion really hides my outcome of my whoopings.

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I swear -- I have given up trying to understand them!!!

336 views · 1388 days ago

After a series of punishments the past couple days for my language and attitude i finally went all day today with no swearing :) :) I hate that I swear so I'm glad I didn't swear :)

Spank Christina
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I received this bottle of Leopold's Gin last night.The label reads, "As fiery as a Spanking from San Francisco's Miss Gin, this Limited Edition Spirit is a delight. It's a well-disciplined blend of Botanicals. Need some Tonic? Bend Over Miss Gin's Knee!"A truly wonderful gift from a delightful man - My dear, it was a pleasure turning your bottom the "correct" shade of red!Until next time,Smiles and Spanks, Gin

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The books we read in high school
Drew me deep into their world.
I often made them messy
As the midnight hour twirled

A Tale of Two Report Cards
Was the messiest by far.
A far far better spanking
Is a test of who we are.

The Top of Monte Cristo
Was adventurous and gripping.
But every chapter ends the same:
A bottom gets a whipping.

For Whom the Belt Tolls
With its muscular prose
Hit hard when the theme
Of bend over arose.

My Old Man and the Strap
Rejects the cool, permissive trend.
Start acting like a dad, it pleads,
And not some jackass friend.

The Great Bratsby reveals
That our strap-reddened skin
Is a social advantage
That helps us fit in.

Tender is the Tush
Shows the grievous effects
Of a freshly cut switch
As it fiercely connects.

The Agony Is the Ecstasy
Explained my love of art.
From Grecian urns to the Renaissance
Red bottoms play a part.

On Whipping Pond inspired me
To turn my vision inward,
Awakened to the radiance
Of swats directed skinward.

The Red Badge of Naughty
Depicts a great battle
That starts with a curfew
And ends with a paddle.

The Spankings of Young Werther
Strikes a melancholy tone,
Resolving as he spanks himself,
With corner time, alone.

In Daddy's Inferno our buttocks
Get blistered and roasted and worse.
To daddies the heat is a blessing.
To sons it is more of a curse.

Welts and Peace is very long
But highly entertaining.
Victory is guaranteed
If welts are part of training.

The Brothers Takeyourpantsoff
Takes a look at former times,
When thanks to bare-ass whippings
There were fewer youthful crimes.

Moby eBay leads us
On a legendary quest.
The horsehide strop we seek
Delivers friction at its best.

The Scarlet Sit Spot taught me
Not to take a narrow view.
We all deserve a belting
But we need a birching too.

Brave New Woodshed cautions us
To keep it rough and real,
Mourning manly punishment
That made us think and feel.

But Brat of Darkness, I confess,
Was hard to comprehend.
Some egomaniac get spanked,
And dies, and that's the end!

336 views · 1388 days ago

all you lovers of spanking and who are crazy enough to make spanking movies and upload them here on this spanking site for free.I to am a sadist that enjoys spanking hard a girl's bum until it turns red, Big black butts I spank hard with my bare hand or with a flogger.Hearing the cries and moans from an ebony slut when spanked is what i live for.
Being a masochist i punished my slaves by bending them over the knee and hitting their fucking bums hard until their skin turns to welts.

Spank Christina
580 views · 1388 days ago

Well Something that has been bothering me even though I love this lifestyle and wouldnt want to live no other lifestyle. I would like to be in a relationship but their is a constant fear of abuse in realtionships that makes me not want to be in one so I basically put it off.

I never was in a relationship till I was around 18 and 18 till now Ive only been in 4 relationships 2 out of 4 have been physically and mentally abusive and one of the realtionships my life was almost taken. The third one was not becuase of him cheating and wanting to have other girlfriends in the relationship because of his religion muslim). And the fourth one was just messed up becuase of lies packed on lies and too much stress on my part. Ive had 2 discplinarians in which I thought everything was going great and then they turned out to the point where I had to tell them to get out cause they would end up beating me and hitting me in the face with implements or just making my ass bleed and getting turned on by it and keep on going. (if u see blood thats the time to stop and at least let me no)- dont keep going.

My whole life from growing up as a kid and till I was about 21 has been abusive From my father my mother and my two older brothers and boyfriends. I do want to have that true DD relationship where I have someone that can help provide for me and my daughter love me unconditionally care for me discipline me when needed and be the head of the household. I just want that fear of being abused to go away and me just be able to be in a relationship with someone and not have to push people away becuase of something that Im scared of happening. I would tell my life story so that maybe some of you would understand alot about me and understand the issues I have with my mom its just a little to long though but maybe someday.

But to sum it up I was just wondering if their was somebody out their that has some advice or has been through this and has gotten over it and how they handle it.

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I think the generally accepted theory is that men are more visual when it comes to arousal, whereas women are more emotionally driven. So men watch porn and women read smutty novels. Or something like that, anyway.

In my house that's true. My husband enjoys watching porn and I read (write) the spanking smut. But, as part of our "twice the sex" challenge, we decided to see if we could find some porn to watch together-- something we both might enjoy.

Porn can be overstimulating for women. Things I like to imagine, I don't really want to see. That said, I do love the spanking videos on spankingtube. Anyway, those don't do anything for my husband, who is not vanilla, but is not kinked with the spank like me. He calls those videos "hard core". (Funny how we have different limits, eh?) As you may remember from my threesomes post, he's into the multiple female or group sex scenarios. Anyway, for our "porn night" he did a great job of finding videos that would interest both of us. They included domination, spanking and more than one woman-- a recipe for success.

My favorite was a video from -When I went to find the link just now for you I had that over-stimulation reaction that made me grateful that he was the one who had searched out the videos for us to watch. Anyway, it's an hour long and posted for free here It was a vampire scenario-- a newly bitten woman is taken to the dungeon for training. I guess it was your typical BDSM dungeon storyline, and I'm not a fan of these in BDSM fiction, but for a compromise with DH, it was a good pick. There was a heirarchy among the vampires, so there was domination all around-- three women and a man. Some of the highlights were that the women all had real boobs and all four of them were pretty hot. From there, there was all kinds of great stuff-- spanking, hair pulling, "forced" sex acts, "forced" pleasure, bondage, etc. After a while it was just a bunch of sex, and I was glad that my husband got as bored with that as I did, and we moved onto some others.

We "enjoyed" ourselves while we watched, which rather drew out our own scenes. I would say definitely a thumbs up to the activity. Not something I'd want to do all the time, but a fun new thing to try together.

1014 views · 1388 days ago

I always thought corner time was an utterly ridiculous construct. Until the first time I got put in the corner.

It was after a particularly hard spanking. This spanking was scheduled, with all the mystery and romance that a scheduled spanking entails. (Which is to say, NONE.) In the email exchanges leading up to this spanking, I had been an insufferable brat, poking and prodding and provoking. Just pushing ALL those buttons, trying to light a fire under my spanker so that he would light the fire I needed on my bare ass. In the course of these email exchanges, we ended up in an arms race of him saying: “OK, that’s 10 more.” And me saying, “OK, fine, but [button push, provoke, and prod]” Which led to him saying, “That’s 10 more.” Etc. You get the picture. It was INSANE!

I ended up with the solemn promise of 40 hard whacks with the paddle on my bare ass AFTER the spanking was over. And that was exactly what I got. And that was bad enough, but after the spanking, after the 40 extra swats with the paddle, he told me to go stand in the corner and think about it. It took all of 5 seconds for me to start crying like a baby. I did not shed a single tear while getting an extremely thorough bare-bottom spanking and paddling (plus 40 extra!) but man, being made to stand in the corner and think about it…yikes. That was the worst.

So Spankers: it’s wicked effective, but use it with caution!

(I should P.S. here and say that the hardass spanker who made me stand in the corner after punishing me cruelly was a total sweetheart after it was all over. He took excellent care of my blistered butt!)

Spank Christina
607 views · 1389 days ago

These dick moves guys do makes me wanna become a switch if you are the type of male who would do such things think twice on messaging me

* flirting with me for a few weeks and randomly bring up you are married or have a girlfriend

* If I say something you don't like don't be a dick and just stop talking to me with telling why...I rather you tell me I'm a bitch and you don't wanna speak to anymore then wondering what I did wrong

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Realizing to be truly submissive we must be able to find beauty in serving itself, even in the smallest things. I believe I'm on a journey with no destination, only brief glances back to see how far I've come. Submission to me is not about sex, it's not something that can necessarily be learned. It's about breaking down walls built up over a life time and allowing our true selves to shine through. Submission is about pushing to be the very best one can be in all things. Submission is about communication, trust caring, honesty, and growing. Submission is about knowing who you are and what you strive to be.

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My Last Blog was a bit of a downer because I was down. well the past few days I have been doing wonderful thanks to let's say some inspiration from Missy Aka a darn good self spanking that left me sore for a couple of days but worked great. I am on a workout program going to get myself fit. Also working on a project to redo my room and make it look better and I am job hunting not just sitting in front of the tv all day. Not saying I am perfect but dang I am close heheh kidding of course but things are getting better I am opening up more and not holding things in and getting myself down like I have in the past.
So I end here by saying thank you all for the support and thank you Ma'am for the support And the kick up the backside I needed.
Happy spanks
Keith :)

Spank Christina
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I don't know why my videos keep messing up The sound and the vid part aren't syncing right I really hate that but I figured out that Im pretty sure its my webcam cuz when I ise my phone it works quite well. So I do have a couple vids to put up so just excuse the syncing and other problems. Thanks.

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During a very busy day today I was able to take half an hour out of my schedule to have some refreshments.I went into a restaurant and was lucky to get a seat,as it was lunch hour .I sat and browsed through the menu and decided on one of my favourites, Caesar Salad.I gave my order to a very busy,but polite waiter and since I was driving I had to refuse his offer of the wine list and opt instead for a glass of water.I waited and glanced around,the restaurant was a constant flow of people;some leaving,some arriving.
My attention was caught by two elderly ladies who had just sat down at the table next to me.I couldn't help but eavesdrop,they were talking about their afternoon of shopping and were excited by the prospect of an upcoming visit to the Theatre.I smiled to myself.True ladies,I thought. It was a young woman who attended to them and I noticed her badge on her blouse stated that she was the "Manager".
My order arrived and I began to eat,not too happy with the water when I noticed others having something stronger but I had no choice.I was enjoying my salad when the said manager returned to the elderly ladies and said,"We don't have that,do you want something else or would you like to leave,we are busy ,you know....",the tone in which these words were said was absolutely awful. The ladies began to look at the menu again and the said manager left a sigh and said.." We are busy!" The ladies looked flustered.The manager stood there,tapping a foot and looking at her watch.
Now in the distant past I did do a bit of waitressing and I know you never talk to customers in the way she did. She was the most impatient and rude person that I have met in awhile. The foot tapping continued and then, in the same gruff tone..."Let me know when you are ready." I turned to the manager and asked did she need someone to help her do her job correctly? I got a smirk and she walked away. The ladies just smiled at me and decided to leave.I was angry,I felt like grabbing hold of this little jumped up young lady and turning her over my knee to teach her some manners. It was obvious to me that she had never bothered to take on board some basic manners,she was obviously in the wrong profession.I left and decided that I would never eat there again.
Now I know working in a restaurant can be a very stressful occupation but as the adage goes "manners cost nothing". Restaurant managers,both male and female, have an incredibly difficult job. However this young ladies attitude left a lot to be desired,her looks on the other hand....well she was quite attractive but it is a pity she did not have a nice personality as well as being dead sexy.I am lucky to know a restaurant manager who is both dead sexy and has a wonderful personality .

THE MORAL OF THE STORY? Don't be rude or you will find yourself over my knee, worker or management,I am not fussy!

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no matter how much physical and mental duress she puts me under i am calm but she says its not natural to be that gaurded

Spank Christina
1245 views · 1389 days ago

I don't mean an ice-cream flavour thanks. The gorilla is rather partial to those so he is pretty well versed there.

No I am referring to the so-called "lifestyle" which spankos and other "deviants" attribute to people who allegedly do not share "their" kink.

What I am asking is - where is the dividing line between a couple who exchange a few slaps to spice up their sex-life, and the rest of us who take their spanking seriously?

Or is a "Vanilla" somebody who feels guilty about any spanking whatsoever, and abstains completely?

Or is there no definitive answer? Is "vanilla", in this context, simply a hypothetical device for the purpose of identifying a non-existent stereotype, with the idea of making the argument or statement more easily understandable to the reader or listener?

And another thing? What category is a would-be kinkster who is denied the opportunity to act out his or her little predilections?

1360 views · 1389 days ago

Curious if there are any women in Iowa or the midwest who might be interesed in meeting up for a spanking session? Im an experienced spanker, 29 years old, i prefer traditional over the knee spankings delivered with my bare hand. Let me know if youre in the region and interested

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For Daddies/Doms build integrity on honesty and responsibility in both your public and private lives. Provide support and encouragement as well as consequences for rules broken. Never ever punish in anger (that is such a turn off for me cuz it always reminds me of my past when I was punished in anger and it resulted in me being physically hurt as a child and teen). you must maintain control of yourself and your thoughts before raising a hand.

For the girls/Subs U should always know that you remain important and cherished even when you have disappointed ur daddy/dom or even yourselves (even though sometimes it is hard for us to do that). Be honest about mistakes and wrongdoings, remember omissions hurt more in the long run. Confiding in your Daddy shows him you hold him in high regard, and he enjoys feeling needed just like you.

Remember her obedience, submission and devotion is a gift that you must earn and respect. Your words, actions, and guidance are always important to your bond, never rely on silence or avoidence to solve problems. communication is a big time key in the DD lifestyle and is required from both the sub and Dom never rely on assumptions or second hand information. And most of all follow through with a punishment most of the times at least it was for me was that my Spanker/Dom didn't follow through with what they said they was going to do so I took advantage of that and realized I could get away with so much cuz I knew they wasn't going to finish what they said they was going to do...


Spank Christina
970 views · 1390 days ago

My grades for the spring semester is 1C, and 3 B's how hard of a spanking do you people think my mistress should give me?

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