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Whew had a busy week so far was out of town a lot of this week and got back this morning. Was in Michigan for a little while with some friends from where I used to live. And then later found out that my license was suspended (not a very happy person) and that my car insurance was about to be shut off ( I pay for mine every 6 months and it has gone by pretty fast). So I know my priorities has been pretty messed up and I need to start working on straightening them out.

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The first thing you need to know is that Gorillas are really big, strong creatures. So when you walk up to the naughty beast, look right into his eyes with strength, determination and intimidation. And don't forget to carry a "Big Stick", B S for short.

Gorillas have little ears, but not too small to grab tightly. Then before he gets the first protest out, haul him over to the spanking chair and quickly over your knees.

Immediately bring the "B S" down on his bare butt hard, very hard. (Isn't it nice that Gorillas don't wear pants?) Quickly continue smacking his big bare butt, don't let him have the chance to think, keep the pain growing. (Do Gorillas think? According to ,, they do.)

Remember, no breaks. Keep the rhythm going until his big hairy bottom is hot, red and swollen. Finally release him and send him scampering to the nearest tree, nose tightly against it until you tell him to back away. (You try and find a corner in a jungle).

I promise you that if you follow these instructions your Gorilla will be a good boy for a long, long time.

This is a good thing, just read the Urban Dictionary at

Forgiveness is necessary, aftercare hugging is optional, but I'm sure it's appreciated.

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My mentor "daddymole" gave my a 11:30pm bedtime cuz I would stay up too late and be too sleepy when my daughter wakes up

Well I figured Noelle sleeps until 7 or 8 in the morning so staying up until almost 3am won't be soo bad

When Noelle had other plans for me :-/
She thought the perfect time to wake me up only having an hour and a half sleep for a bottle

I think I'm gonna go to bed ontime tonight :-/

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ive always had a fascination with words

I like to think about where they come from

like history

its obviously his story

or embarrassed

I believe it came from im bare assed

but one word I dislike is when someone says ginormous or how ever you spell it

I already have giant and enormous
why do I need a third

so I created my own word (trumpets blast) stupidiot

its the perfect word
its own existence calls out what it means

go forth, use it tomorrow, just not about me

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A number of days ago I post a blog entitled "Double Appeal" and I also posted another blog entry entitled "Appendix to Double Appeal". The blogs were concerned with the issuing of a ticket to me for speeding on a stretch of road near where I live which in fact had no visible speed limit sign.The scoundrel who issued the ticket to me was one who goes by the code name of DD175.

Well as a result of this ticket I had Jenny being angry with me and I did receive 7 strokes of the cane from her...she dismissed all appeals I made,think she just wanted to cane me anyway.

But today saw the official appeal taking place in a court in the city. I arrived at the court at around 9:30 am this morning.I had with me numerous phots of the stretch of road as well as my ticket and notification for speeding from DD175. The court building itself was a buzz of activity with the usual sorts of people one would expect to see in these places.Solicitors (Lawyers),Clerks ,Judges,Police,Litter Wardens,Custom Officers all rubbing shoulders with the professional scum bags and people like me who just sort of made a mistake.

Well traffic offences were being heard in Court Room Number 2 and when I entered the room I was amazed to see that it was almost full;it seems I was not the only person making an appeal.I felt quite at home among the many people who all discussed the atrocious penalities they were given for parking,speeding and alleged dangerous driving.

As we all waited for the session to begin who should I see but DD175,sitting with other members of his "clan" and no doubt discussing who they had shafted on the roads today.Our eyes met and he smirked and whispered something to another garda who turned to look at me.They were obviously in awe of a woman who drives a BMW!

Suddenly we were all bid to stand and the elderly judge came into the room. Oh no, a man ,I thought;not going to get a fair trial here.Well case after case was called,some but only some appeals were successful.I was beginning to feel that it was better to accept my fate and give up,and perhaps withdraw my appeal.

The time went by quickly and after about two hours my name was called and that of the prosecuting garda. The judge assumed that I had retained a Lawyer but being an educated woman and knowing something of the Irish Legal system,I decided to give the defence side of things a try myself.

The Garda was called to give his side of what happened and explain why he thought it necessary to issue a ticket to me. I listened intently. When he had finished the judge asked me to confirm my name and said that it was not too late if I wanted to retain legal advice.I declined his offer.Well I presented my case,complete with photos and low and behold there was not one SPEED LIMIT SIGN to be seen.This was confirmed by my secret weapon, a local town councillor,who spoke in my defence. The judge looked at my photos and asked what speed was I doing.I replied that I had been stopped doing 55mph by DD175 who claimed it was a 45mph zone.The judge went quiet for a few moments and spoke with a man sitting in the front row. I began to get impatient and felt like shouting out that national speed limits apply as a guide if there is no sign visible. Before I could say anything the Judge agreed with my case and the fine was quashed.

I left the court feeling very happy and brought my town councillor for a coffee.As we walked down the street I passed DD175 who glared at me with anger in eyes.I texted Jen and told her the good news.The reply was as follows..."Pity,he should have sentenced you to be publicly flogged,maniac!",not a message of support you might say.Still,the sun was shining and all was right with the my world.

Disclaimer: the image above does not depict DD175 ,it is ,however a true dipiction of the author's (that's me) impression of all police people,male and female...wicked I what?

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"Perform or I'll paddle your butt," said the coach.
The season was lost when he took this approach.
'Cause everyone wanted the butt to be his.
A teamful of spankos. It is what it is.

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For those of you who are a fan of Jen you best not continue reading. I know that some on here messaged me with some pranks to get Jen back for making my property into a car park,I was also advised to wait and not do anything right away...make sure her guard was down.Well I am happy to say that I disobeyed all advice.

On Monday Jen, me and few friends went to the Old Prison in the city that is reputed to be haunted.The staff in the prison dress in Victorian clothing,all black and they certainly are spooky looking.As us six ladies wonder around the prison we came to the cell that is supposed to be the most haunted in the prison.While our four friends were looking at a display outside the cell Jen and me went in. The cell was cold and there were people's initials scratched on the walls,which we began to read.

I decided to leave the cell.Now don't ask me why but it just seemed to happen.As I walked out of the cell I "subconsciously" closed the door after me.Once outside in the hallway I felt my legs pick up speed and I rejoined the others at the top of the hallway. I could feel a sense of satisfaction and when the others asked where Jen was, before I could answer there was a loud thumping on the cell door followed by the words..."Karen,you fucking moron,the door is locked".

We began to laugh,awful I know but there is always a sense of pleasure in frightening the shit out of someone else...come on we've all done it!! In an instant Jen managed to compose herself by saying in a sing-song tone of voice..."Karen,door please!".However her composure deserted her when she heard no response and the pounding on the door recommenced only to be drowned out by a torrent of profanities and the threat to"... drill a hole in my head...." She also threatened to key "Rosie" which removed any remorse I felt.

Now with friends like us who needs enemies,we fell about laughing. Soon some children arrived on the scence only to be greeted with the words;"Karen,you fucking moron,I will punch your head in!" The parents of the children quickly ushered their little darlings away. We continued to be very amused by the goings on. Jen was by know kicking the cell door!

Our fun was brought to an abrupt end by the arrival of a young woman who looked very stern in a long black Victorian dress,complete with black bonnet. She asked was everything alright. I admit,I lied. I told her that my friend had locked HERSELF into the cell.Before I could say anything more the "Victorian" lady ran off down the hall to the cell,producing a set of keys as she went. The sudden metallic sound made by the key in the lock made Jen scream ..."Karen,Karen!" A moment later the door was opened and out popped Jen.We cheered! The "Victorian" lady began to give out to Jen and pointed to a sign which stated that the door should be kept open at all times. Jen looked at me but I looked like an angel.

Jen rushed past us and into the Ladies toilets.The "Victorian" lady stood in front of me and told us to behave or we would have to leave.We all said sorry except Gemma who was standing behind me still trying to stop laughing.Her nails were dug into my shoulders and her forehead was resting on the nape of my neck.Every now and then she muttered.."that was so funny".

The "Victorian" lady left and Jen reappeared from the toilets only to tell me that she no longer wished to speak with me for the remainder of my life.We left the prison and retired to the nearest beer garden where the piss was taken out of Jen yet again. Eventually,fearing that I would never hear her voice again,I apologised.We agreed not to play any pranks for the time being,although we still have to agree on articles and sign them.

Jen has stated that to get me back she wants a man to spank me.She says that a woman would be too lenient. Poor Jen,hell will freeze over before I let any man touch me! (Photos show the Prison and inside the "Haunted" cell).

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Anyone out there come from Yorkshire? I know of a famous Yorkshire enthusiast though I've never been to any of her events. Not sure how I'd feel being part of a spanking circle. At the moment I'm fascinated by the cane. At school I was given the slipper a number of times, but never the cane. What would it feel like, I wonder, bending over for 'six of the best'.
Will people obsessed with spanking decline in number now that the slipper and cane are a thing of the past as far as impressionable minds are concerned?

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I grew up in an area where most of the houses were pretty crappy. A trailer park would have been considered an move up. My mother, my three sisters and I live in this tiny three bedroom, one bathroom house in Arizona. The houses were classic 1950’s style, all built very close to one another.

One Saturday afternoon, I was at a friend’s house. We were 10 at the time. She lived next door to the class bully - Crystal Richman. She had been held back a year, so she was much bigger than the other kids. And while I wouldn’t call her fat, she was pushing the limits of the definition of chunky. She constantly picked on me and the other girls, mostly shoving us around, but the reason we hated her the most was she would always looked to see if any of us girls would go into the bathroom at school. She followed us in and then peak over the stall. One girl claimed that Crystal actually paid her to come into the stall with her and watch her go poo.

My friend’s bedroom was opposite Crystal’s bedroom and on that particular day, we were inside playing and the bedroom window openAll of a sudden we heard a man’s voice yelling. We tried to listen, but we couldn’t quite hear what was being said, all though it was now clear it was Crystal’s dad. Then we heard, “get in your room right now,” followed by what was now clearly Crystal’s voice, “daddy, no please!” Then the words I can remember to this day, “pull down your pants and bend over.”

My friend and I looked at each other and smiled because we were about to have a front row seat of the spanking of our arch nemesis. Actually, we couldn’t see what was going, on, but we could hear the distinct slapping of leather against a bare bottom. It went on for quite some time and we were treated to Crystal’s screams and sobbing, sort of an indirect pay back for all the mean things she did to us. Of course come Monday she was meaner than ever.

She and her family moved away the summer between middle school and high school. Rumor had it she got caught “playing nasty” with a couple of much younger girls and the parents agreed not to press charges if they moved.

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Her name was Patty Jaggley. During my Sophomore year, Patty Jaggley and I shared English class together. Our teacher, Mr. Douglas, was a real piece of work. I mean, I thought Jesus was hung up, until I experienced Mr. Douglas. He was only a small number of years older than his students (10yrs?) and I had the distinct impression that his main purpose in teaching the class was to demean us, as if it were some form of cosmic payback for something that had previously happened to him in his life.

I don't think anyone in the class liked him, but of all his detractors, I am sure that Patty Jaggley ranked number one. As part of his put down of us, he had an assigned seating chart that we were required to adhere to. Patty Jaggley sat right behind me in his class, every day.

She would frequently lay power trips on him. It was a test of her recently acquired, as well as quite seemly sexuality, against his need to be a control freak. By that I mean that Patty Jaggley used to sit in her chair every day and rest her feet upon the book rack that formed the bottom part of my chair, ahead of her and in the front of the class row. In addition to the elevated opportunity that she presented, she was also not terribly intent upon keeping her knees closed very tightly together.

Patty always wore opaque pantyhose, and nothing else beneath her dress. The reason I knew that was because every time we had to turn around and pass back a stack of handouts to the person behind us, I would be greeted by the most alluring views of Patty's raised and opened knees, along with her no longer so secret charms.

But back to my story: All year long it was like a war that went on between them. Mr. Douglas would call upon her during class with questions that were designed to humiliate her in front of her peers, and she would strike back by providing unto him the most distracting, (as well as enticing) views that were designed to lay waste to his ability to concentrate on his daily lectures given to the class.

But that was not Patty Jaggley's only slutty talent. She would also experience runs in her pantyhose much of the time, and she would spend the time during the moments before class by using clear nail polish to try and prevent their enlargement. It used to amaze me to see how far up her thighs some of those runs would creep before she would be able to stop them.

Yes, in those moments before class would begin, I used to sit sideways in my chair with my eyes glued to her salient activity. But as it turned out, I never even got to first base with her. In our school's social hierarchy, I was but a lowly jock in her eyes; but Dieter (who sat behind her) was a surfer, and how she did pine for him. Alas, it was to be that Dieter could think of nothing else besides the waves.

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I lingered at a leather shop in Lubbock,
Admiring the billfolds, boots and scent.
I chatted up a chap who bought a bullwhip.
We read each other's mind and off we went.
An Oscar-worthy scene would soon unfold,
Accompanied by Ecstasy of Gold.

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From Japan64's "Salacious Woman" blog post, comments section.
Misty, had to think about publishing my manual. Not sure the guys want to read some of it.

Titles like:

How to keep your man in line,
Keep his bottom red and sore all the time.

Think you might like that?

But then there's

Super sexy spankings, for lover's only.


How to give your special someone their first spanking.

These could be M/F or F/M. Your choice.

Then there's

Do you really want to turn your fantasies into reality?

And never, ever forget:

Good Girl Spankings

Oops, I forgot.

How to give a big hairy Gorilla a spanking even though I have a

And of course, "Salacious Women" courtesy of Mike.

That's just a sample. But I still don't know if I want to share.

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Well today i am off on a panty shopping trip and to buy a new swimsuit, i love panty shopping i get so excited pleasing hubby and i know there'll be a spanking and sex after. I'll post some new pics if anybody would like to see

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My true love has been Spanking. I feel very well when a good rattan cane goes to my poor bottom and leaves those red stripes. Because I'm a naughty boy and I need Spanking almost every day. I don't know what my life would be without Spanking.I like women, but I couldn't find any woman who gave what Spanking gives me. My dream was to find a girlfriend who was spanker and spankee at the same time. I think I am both a spankee and a spanker...I would like to find a girl who was at the same time spanker and spankee, to love her and to share a life with her happy forever, full of a great amount of spankings by me and her.Imagine, before go to bed at night. We sit together and talk about the faults committed during the day by both. we would put some spanking instruments over a table; a rattan cane, a wooden paddle, a paddle hair brush, a tawse, a rattan carpet beater.And depending on the fault committed we would use a spanking implement. With a different number of strokes; cane 12 strokes, paddle 50 strokes, etc...The aim of this experiment would be going to bed with both warm and red bottoms, and very sore. If the fault is not important we would use an OTK SPANKING until tears arouse in our cheeks. But if the fault/ offense has been of great importance we would administer 20 hard strokes of the cane or 150 with the paddle until tears arouse in both cases, and bottom became very red and very very warm.And then we would go to bed to sleep, both embraced each other, or to practice sex or erotic spanking including after care with any aloe cream.That was the dream of a person like me, both spanker and spankee at the same time.But I don't want only a girl to redden her bottom regularly. I would like to share many things with her for example Spanking. May be she doesn't understand it first but I think all of us have inside a Spanker/ Spankee or both. But that is something we have deep in our souls, and very difficult to bring it out.We need to 'open ourselves' to the world but World, I'm afraid, is not prepared yet. Often they say we are crazy or we have a mental disorder.Ignorant people say often we have a 'trauma' from childhood, but I think that Spanking itself belongs to our Nature. We could say that it is our best way to gain pleasure/ joy.A good day for me is that day in which I go to bed with my bottom very red and warm. I sleep better indeed. When I wake up I often use the cane to redden a bit my bottom (about 30 strokes are enough).Spanking is similar to any drug. It is an 'addiction' the more you make the more you want because it becomes something needed in your life.You get accustomed to pain very quickly and you must find different grades in the Spanking you use, you need 'harder strokes'. For instance, my bottom is accustomed to the pain of the slipper (we could say from childhood, Mom used frequently), so to feel good with a Spanking of that type you/I need a very big stroke with the slipper. I think I will never use a whip because I don't like it.Yesterday I was a very bad boy that's why my 'virtual mistress' ordered me a 120 strokes on bare bottom (just after taking a shower before going to bed) Self-caning and my bottom was in fire almost all night (strokes of the cane + a wet bottom = Too much pain and a long burning feeling). That made me think about my fault. I think next time I will not do it again. I must learn the lesson. a sweet lesson.I hope my Mistress orders a Severe Punishment with the cane and my bottom is on fire at least two hours. I would sleep very very well.
sometimes I wonder if I am a 'usual person' for having those strange inclinations to have my bottom as red and sore as you can see in my avatar (my profile). I don't know anybody who has the same inclination.

That makes me think I'm not a 'usual human being'. But I think I changed since my disease began. I remember that when I was very younger my Mother used to spank me severely using her slipper (15 hard smacks on bare bottom were enough), and many times I went to bed with my bottom red and sore. I can hardly remember that many times I provoked her intentionally. One time the result was different; she first spanked me on the bare with her hand (about 50 smacks) and then she used the slipper (ten very hard swats). I went to bed feeling that my bottom was on fire. I was about 12 years old.
Since that episode I used to provoke her regularly so as to feel that wonderful sensation in my butt. I think that day a new SPANKEE was born, Me. Then I began to imagine myself spanking severely my mom's bottom because I think she is still a naughty woman and now she is 68 years old, but never to old to be punished, but my father is not a Spanker. This has been my explanation of the reason why I think I am a 'switch'.
Nowadays I feel myself to be more Spankee that Spanker. It is a usual thing when you are a 'switch' ? Is it usual to feel frustration when you don't have a Spanker that spanks you and I naughty girl to spank for her faults ?.
If I had to summarize my life with one word it would be 'frustration'. Frustration as a man, as a Spankee, as a Spanker, as almost everything. That's the reason why I am now a self-spanker who spanks his bottom so as to try to get better of his 'frustration'. But I think it does not solve the problem at all. I am now an addict-self-spanker as you can see in the videos of my profile.
supposed this is the result of 'lack of Love' (a common disease in these modern times) during all my life. I would like to know if there are more people like me in the world; 'frustrated switch'.

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I'm wondering if it is possible to teach or rather is it possible for someone to learn to be a daddy.... I know the desire must be within them and it must be who they are in order for it to work but I mean is it possible?

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And all over Britain
we wait for permission
to form another queue.
We stand in position,
though somebody's missing
and that somebody's you....

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Like everyone I have a circle of close friends,we know each other years and are so comfortable in each others company that we can talk about anything. We have helped each other through a lot over the past few years. Every Bank Holiday Weekend we all make sure that we get together and stay in one of our houses,fun ensues but we also have some serious chats. The next Bank Holiday is in August,so Jen and me will travel to Co.Galway to stay with Amy and have a wild time.

This weekend was great fun but lastnight we all began to settle down in my living room and share some memories of a more serious nature. It was my friend Kate who started the discussion by telling us about her time being truant from school only to get home and have her dad ask how her day was...when she told him that school was great he said nothing but left her dig a hole for herself before finally mentioning that he had visited the school because she had forgot her bus fare to get home only to discover that she was not there. ooooppppsss!!!!!

Then they looked at me;I began. I was a very disruptive teenager,both at school and at home. I would stay out late and sneak in,only to be caught and get grounded;my parents did not believe in corporal punishment in the home. Well one evening in June 1985 I done the worse thing imaginable;me and a girlfriend of mine went for a spin with two guys,what we didn't realise was that the car was stolen. It had been raining and the moron driving the car took a corner too fast and we ended up going through a hedge.Arrests followed,no one was injured thank goodness,and I was given a supervision order.

My parents were really upset,the one thing that has always stayed with with me. Well I was grounded for the whole summer and told by my parents that I would be leaving school in the new term because they were going to send me to a Boarding School in a different County. I begged and pleaded not to be sent;in the long run they relented and I was kept at my old school,only that the nuns knew what I had done and well lets say things were made very uncomfortable for me.

Sometime ago I wrote a blog entitled "First Time" telling of my very first spanking as an adult. What I had done during the summer of June 1985 had stayed with me all through my years in the convent.I felt that I needed something a little more severe to happen to me.When I was introduced to Miss McCarthy and disciplined by her for the first time as an adult,I saw an opportunity to tell someone and receive what I should have got all those years previous. I decided to tell Miss McCarthy!

On one of my many visits to her I finally built up the courage to tell her how disappointed I was in myself for what I had done. As usual she listened,closing her eyes in deep thought,it was her way;there was something else on offer other than just whacking away,there was a therapy available in the way she corrected me.When I finished she opened her eyes.Her lips were pursed and she looked at me,I think she was trying to control her anger at what she had just heard,especially about my poor parents who gave me so much only to be treated badly by me. When she finally spoke she told me to go upstairs to her bedroom and wait there until she came. I trusted Miss McCarthy and done what she said.

I waited in her bedroom for about fifteen minutes when finally I heard her foot steps on the stairs.She came in still looking a bit angry.I was ordered to undress to my underwear,to this day I have not forgotton what she said;"Karen,you will have to receive the cane,someone should have done this a long time ago!". I was ordered to bend over the dressing table and look at myself in the mirror as she caned me from behind. In the mirror I saw her go to a wardrobe and take out a cane. She held the cane with great reverance as if it was made of bone china.She looked at me and said something like," Are you ready?" I said that I was and closed my eyes. The first stroke stung like hell and it was quickly followed by a second and a third. I received twelve hard,very hard strokes that day and then I was given time to look in the mirror at myself,to examine my conscience. I must confess that it did help. Miss McCarthy was on my mind today as a result and I went to visit her grave.She was always very kind and careful with me...she taught me everything I know about administering corporal punishment.

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Delco video production store opened today. Web address for our store is full length spanking clips.

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For Father's Day my dad received a hairbrush.
He laughed because he always shaves his head.
He's famous for his quirky sense of humor
And turning butts a redder shade of red.

(pace Procol Harum)

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