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Hello ST Family.
I have had a super holiday,visited many places.So nice returning to a full inbox. I promise to answer them all in time.Thanks.

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just wanna say.. Daddy n I lived together for 4.5 yrs n we parted.. I left him n moved into my own apt March 1 of this yr... we did keep in touch tho.. as of Friday April 25th he has reclaimed me.. ty all for lendin ur ears........

258 views · 1393 days ago

My Easter was great.I enjoyed the minster preaching and I was surrounded by loving people. I am so ready to have a party but I have to wait until my two classes are over. I am so proud of myself that I was able to get register for classes so fast. I am half way at my goal and I am determine to become a Midwife.

Spanking Sarah
340 views · 1394 days ago

Still no serious offers. I am not looking for sex,just a good telling off and a spanking and/or caning,slippering or paddling,if I feel brave on the day. Where's your backbone guys? Tut,tut!,so disappointed! At least I travel back to Ireland in June! Sometimes I wish I was in the good old US of A,might have more 'fun'!

354 views · 1395 days ago

I'm done with school! I'm graduating with my 4.0! I need to celebrate!

Now what? hahaha

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Plant a tree,
Watch it grow.
Cut a switch
And make it glow.

Hmmm, have a Happy Arbor Day. C

Spanking Sarah
436 views · 1396 days ago

I come on this site hoping to meet a few like minded people from the UK and end up being disappointed. Why is it that guys are all talk on here about spanking, but when I tentatively mention that I would be open to meet and perhaps allow myself to be spanked,they clam up. I don't bite,well not always. It was easier to make friends in the US,even though it is too far to travel just for spanking, and Ireland,which totally rocks,and that was a lady who spanked me! Come on UK guys,are you all married and on here secretly,or do you actually want to spank? (Stomping my foot).

2075 views · 1396 days ago

So many people that I meet online have serious bouts with depression. Some of them really need a good physical encounter and I think it would help them out a lot. I know when I start feeling depressed when I do something physically demanding I feel better.

It would be so nice to be able to grab a paddle and whack the depression out of some of them. In the process I'd be keep myself from another bout of depression too. The physical exertion, the labored breathing, the release (sometimes sexual but not always) is so good for psychological well being.

A kind of therapy really... I'd like to be a spanking therapist. Yes. If I ever get another job that's what it should be. I'll help you through your problems.

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never a Good thing

Spanking Sarah
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My in-laws came up last weekend for a visit, we were all eating Easter dinner when my father in-law mentioned that the black olives weren't out on the table. My mother in-law got up to go and get them, when i see him give Marie a look like she should have got them. All of a sudden my wife looks back at him and said, "What?!?!?!?!? I am not used to serving.....I am used to being served!!!!!!" the look on my father in-laws face was priceless, lol. I was so proud of her for not being afraid to tell her own father how things run in our house.

493 views · 1396 days ago

Who wants to spank me???

2171 views · 1397 days ago

Am I the only one who thinks the term "Sir" shouldn't just be "excepted" especially if you already told the person you have a Top/Dom/Daddy/Sir or whatever else you call Him... ? Also, am I wrong for "being on edge" according to him, because he tried to put me in timeout when I already told him I don't take orders or punishment from anyone but Daddy ? Not to mention he tried telling me I needed a "reminder" spanking when I don't feel like I was doing anything wrong

Spanking Sarah
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So, I had my pinning ceremony today, basically saying I am officially entering into a "medical" profession (but, only administrative). Also got a certificate for being the secretary in student council even though I quit 3 weeks ago because my temper was becoming a problem (as was the infantile drama). I am graduating with a 4.0, which I am ecstatic about. And to make the day better, I got 100 on the final I took for my professionalism class. Yay!

Still struggling with my temper though. Ugh, I hate my reactions to this one girl. It really bothers me, how angry I get towards her. No one has ever affected me like she does. Yesterday did get so bad that I punched a desk, but at least I didn't hit her (she was literally breathing down my neck looking over my shoulder). Blech. I guess hitting the table was wrong. Though I still say it was the better of the two options I felt I had at the time.

The good news is...there's only 4 hours of class time left. And then I never have to see this girl again. Ever. Sigh...............

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After getting my munsters on the bus, I had went to lay back down. I was reading a book when the hubby calls me and ask me to come meet him for breakfast and to bring him his prescriptions. I was SOOO happy. I jumped up, dressed up for him and was out the door in a flash. Went to our meeting point and waited on him. Once I saw him pulling in, I felt butterflies in my belly. 13 years later and he still gives me butterflies! We both parked in the back lot, and I went and got in the truck with him, I was in his arms in a flash. Oh how I missed him! We had our special time and then we went to eat breakfast. He then pop the news that, as long as plans stay as they are, he will be home this weekend! I am one happy Momma!

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Okay, I understand that people get depressed or discouraged for many reasons, unfortunate things do happen. I know a lot of friends I have on here have dealt with a lot of life threatening medical issues and were scared to death but didn't let that discourage them. Me? I miscarried my child at 5 months this past Thanksgiving and almost died myself. Am I depressed? Absolutely! Am I angry and bitter? You're damn right! Do I blame myself? Most days. But I survived for a reason and I won't wish death or despair upon myself because something in my life didn't go the way I wanted it to. I'd give anything to have my little girl in my arms right now, but no matter what I do or say it will never be and I'm at peace with that. To see people posting on here about being depressed and wanting to die because they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend/mentor agitates me. Be thankful that you woke up this morning, not everyone can say that. If you think your life is over because you're single or you can't find anyone to spank you or you feel unattractive, spend a day in someone else's shoes. Someone who is facing such adversity that they don't even know if they will live through another day and I GUARANTEE you they have a much better attitude and outlook on life than you do. More people need to get off the pity train and discover their self worth, it's a lot higher than you perceive. I apologize for such a depressing, random rant but that just gets under my skin. Life is such a beautiful thing, don't waste it with negativity.

Spanking Sarah
481 views · 1398 days ago

Well early morning today for me and it is not an good early morning for me neither my butt is still throbbing with pain from the ass whooping I received last night I know what I did will never ever happen again. Sore ass and tears but in the end im thankful that I have a caring disciplinarian that loves me enough to comfort me and tends to me after the ass whooping is over. Hope everyone has a wonderful day today I think im coming down with something might be getting sick but I hope its nothing serious.

1626 views · 1398 days ago

Looking for girls/women that wouldn't mind either chatting with me or getting mentored by me. I have yahoo IM if they want to chat there.

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Jen and I made it to Co.Galway and had a fantastic weekend with my friend Amy and her partner.Jen even left me drive her car for part of the journey,we covered ground a bit more quickly.I even got to eat my sandwiches!

So there I was last Saturday night,the worse the wear from drink,in a crowded pub when whom should I see bending over a table shouting to be heard over the noise in the pub but Jenny.I could not resist it.I moved quickly towards her hoping she would not turn around. I felt my palm open and a little flutter inside. It was a surreal moment,I felt focused,as if there was no one else in the pub;I was just completely focused on Jen's bum.Once close enough I let loose,one hard smack,the sound of which travelled around the pub.A male voice shouted,"bullseye" and there was a chorus of male voices cheering. I even heard someone say,"she has a sexy arse!",now whether this was directed at me or Jen I do not know. Jen spun around,and instead of berating me came closer and we kissed,our fellow Bacchanalians cheered and this guy asked me if I would like to dance,I declined his offer fearing where his hands might end up. His friend asked Jen if she would like a drink but she told him she was not drinking tonight,she really wasn't,she is preparing to run the Cork City Marathon in a months time or so.

Sunday morning everyone was hung over. Of the ten people staying in the house Jen was the only sober person. She sickened us all when she came into the kitchen on Sunday morning and said she was going for a run along the beach and enquired if anyone wanted to come. Our friend Rachel ran from the room and just made it to the bathroom in time to vomit. Jen went for her run and Amy and I went into the garden with glasses of water and sat in silence,both of us pledging never to let alcohol pass our lips again; well until next weekend at least.I decided to check on my niece and the phone was answered by my sister in law,who proceeded to tell me that my niece had stayed out until around 1am in the morning,and my brother had to go and look for her. I was livid.When Jen and I reached home yesterday my niece and I had a very serious chat about what had happened and next weekend she will be staying in,not her choice.

Today I was driving through the village when I saw her boyfriend.I stopped my car but he ran off.I saw where he went and cut him off by the stone bridge,the only way he could escape was to jump in the stream.He decided the best option was to hear me out,very wise. He has been told not to contact my niece for two weeks,as she is grounded ,and this weekend she will be busy on Jenny's parents farm,furthermore I have confiscated her smart phone so any texts he sends I will be reading. He was left in no doubt what will happen to him if he should come to my house,besides me attacking him,Jenny will turn all Ninja ! My niece is grounded for two weeks,some might think it is a bit steep,but she has her final school examinations coming up in late May/early June. Her phone will be returned to her in two weeks;in the meantime I will be answering her calls and allowing her to speak with friends on the phone only in my presence.This evening her boyfriend rang her and hung up when he heard my voice.Seems I need another chat with Prince Charming! However all in all the weekend was really great.Looking forward to June when Amy comes to stay for two whole weeks,some party then!

Spanking Sarah
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I’ve visited my disciplinarian this afternoon and got my naughty list cleared. Now I can’t decide which one was more painful : wooden spatula or the belt … Either way, I’m gonna hate wooden seats tomorrow.
I can't help but wonder though, what other spankees think : which is worse for you, wooden spatula or belt ?

370 views · 1398 days ago

ty for the kind words n thoughts, don't bother to comment on this blog cause I wont b back to see it anyhow........hope life brings ya all peace love n happiness.

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