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you don something wrong and your going to get it may take a while but you will get it as 2 women found out, bright red asses recieved on a sunday morning, those little catholic girls will have a hard time sitting threw mass i can assure you fo that they might even kring a bit looking at the wooden pews thinking on just a few hrs befor the wood cracking there asses till they were cherry red,Reason for the ass
paddling those two thought it would be a good ideal to meet up and go drinking and drive themselfs home and brag about on there social media forums thinking I would find out call me wake me up ill drive you home call you a cab just dont drive drunk,,,, balling and teary eyed is what they got for doing it, maybe it will keep some others from getting the same way if they dont do it again and kill somebody cherry red ass Justice served ! via red oak paddle with holes

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Wooduspank fans liked our recent video more then mine :( I hate losing

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Some doms don't like when their partner swears others don't care

What r ppl thoughts about swearing?

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When me and my boyfriend get into a fight he shuts down and ignores me. This can last for days. Sometimes he will talk to me after a while of ignoring me and the problem will get solved but most of the time it doesn't. We both just kind of forget about it after a while. I want him to fix the problem when he's mad at me. I don't think he knows how to do that he's very non confrontational but I want him to at least tell me when he's mad and find a way to deal with it.

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I stumbled upon this site while searching for information on spanking and domestic discipline. I know this blog is supposed to be me telling you my spanking stories etc. but I don't have any. I joined because I knew there were people on here with similar interests. I want to use this blog as a way to get information and answers to my questions. I appreciate all the answers. Thank You!

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In my last blog I said that my family enjoys telling stories of me getting spanked during the holidays. This is one of their favorites. Because I guess it shows what kind of person I was going to turn out to be....a helpful brat :P

One of my spankings was when I was about five or six years old. My mom did crafts to sell at craft fairs...she was running behind and was very flustered. In the middle of making these angels, she had to go pick up my brother and left everything out. Well I was a rather helpful little girl and I knew she was stressed about getting everything done before the craft festival. So I "helped" by finishing drawing the faces on these angles....when my mom got back she found me sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by these angles that I had so graceously drawn on with the artistic abilities of a five year old. Oh boy was she mad "ASHLEY ELIZABETH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING" I tried to explain myself, but she was an overworked mother with a teenager and two young children. Plus the rule was I don't touch mommy's crafts. So even though I was trying to help, I had still broke the rules.....She lifted me up by one arm and swatted and dragged me all the way up the stairs. Two excruciating floors. I was crying so hard before we even got in my room. She yanked down my panties, pulled me up and over her lap and spanked me for what seemed like forever. I tried to stay calm knowing how furious she was but I think the town over could hear the fuss I was making. There was no usual lecture with this spanking just mad, angry, exhausted mom, spanking her daughter. And to this day my family tells this story on holidays saying how cute it was that I wanted to help mom out. Mom always says "I wish I would have kept one of those angels" I laugh about it now but when I was younger it would make me so mad.....IF YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SO DARN CUTE WHY DID I GET A SPANKIN :P

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Does anyone else have to go through the torture of listening to stories of themselves as a child EVERY! thanksgiving. And worse than that at least three of the more popular ones of me involve a spanking....UHG!!! How will I ever bring a boyfriend to holidays :P At least I don't work retail this year YAY NO BLACK FRIDAY FOR ME!!

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a little reminder:
My girl friend and I were in the middle of her spanking for promising to take good marks in her college exam when we heard some sound from the sitting room and we were about to emerge from the bedroom. She had her black tight pants around her ankles and silky pink panties on and I was, well, as I was, wearing my jeans and white T-shirt.

Here is the rest:
... there suddenly came a sound of something from out in the living room. We both jerked in our places, I stood up fast and she just didn’t know what to do but was shaking with surprise and shock. “What was that?” I asked her. “I don’t know, no one was supposed to be here, everyone is in vacation.” We slowly went to the door and peeked out when we saw the figure of her mother sitting with legs crossed on the couch in front of the TV but turned towards the bedroom door looking at us. We returned our heads from the door back inside as fast as we could as if wanting to start a believing game of we are not there, not doing that game with reality. She bent fast and took her pants up and was jumping up and down to have it in place soon when we heard “OK, YOU TWO COME OUT RIGHT NOW, I THINK I KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON THERE, COME OUT TIGHT NOW.”
I put the belt under a pillow not really knowing why, perhaps only to try to do something to camouflage a crime tool. So, we emerged in total bewilderment and awe of the moment and the presence of a family at a REAL loss. I was swallowing hard and entirely ignorant of my girl friend but only focusing on her mother sitting in front of me. We were now in front of her standing side by side, we looked at each other shook heads as if asking each other “oh my god, what should we do now?”
Still not knowing what to say or do I gave out a shaky “hi” and my girl friend followed. But here mother didn’t answer for the time and after another minute of looking at us she broke her silence finally with a sigh followed by “well then, YOU WERE SPANKING MY DAUGHTER, HUH?”
“errrrrrrm… eeeeeeerrr” I didn’t know what to say, so she interrupted my sound “so you WEEEERE spanking my daughter. Actually, I came home an hour ago, found the TV on and you two so much inside your work. I turned the TV off and you didn’t understand, I even cooked and you didn’t smell anything. Now you tell me what is this all about? And tell me everything. Is this just a kink? And I have a daughter and kind of a son-in-law who are ….” She was also at a loss for a good word, later I remembered this and knew why “whatever. Or what? What should I think? You tell me, you Kamill, go on, I am listening.”
“errrrm … well… errrm… actually I was punishing her, I mean for real, of course she wants it, I mean we talked about it, I mean before it happened, I mean I asked her opinion about punishment if she doesn’t do what she has to and when she agreed we did it and now I was punishing her because she had promised to get good marks in her college exam but she didn’t.”
I heard my gf giving out an “OH” before hiding her face in both her hands. I was rather surprised by this because I thought that it was the last thing we had to be concerned about right then. But her mother’s reaction helped me recognize.
“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t want to upset you” and she could not look at her.
Now her mother was really disappointed and looked around very angrily and sternly. And after a minute or two she went on:
“WHAT?” I interjected. “she was spanked as a child?”
“YES, OF COURSE, what’s the matter with that?”
“But she had told me she was never spanked as a child” and I turned toward her finding her escaping my look. “Didn’t you tell me that?” I insisted.
“Well YEAAAH, but I didn’t want you to know I had childhood memories of that.”
“But why?” I asked when her mother interrupted us.
“OH MY GOD, but mom, you can’t punish me that way, I am not a child anymore.”
Now I was a little shocked, even more than before, what’s the deal with me? I knew she liked me like a son, and I was kind of happy that she hadn’t said anything about her daughter breaking up with me, but what was with this?
“Yes mom” she said like an innocent girl who can’t do anything and dropped her head.
I watched her reaction and was for another time taken by the awe of the situation and her presence so when she looked me directly in the eyes waiting for an answer it took me only some two or three seconds to nod my head and say “yes ma’am.”
She reclined back into the couch trying to catch her breath and calm down a little. “Well, let’s see. What should be done now?” and she thought for a minute. “Oh, Kamill you didn’t finish your job” I was surprised. “Now take your … lying and lazy girl back to the bedroom and finish her punishment, and do it exactly the way you had already decided to, as if you still haven’t seen me. Ok? AND THEN COME BACK SO I DEAL WITH YOU TOO NAUGHTY KIDS, ESPECIALLY YOU NAUGHTY BOY” and she pointed her index finger to me and I didn’t know why exactly.
Hesitatingly I said “oh yes, ok, sure.”
My gf didn’t say anything and followed me to the bedroom. When I wanted to close the door her mom shouted “DOOOR OPEN, I SAID AS IF I WAS NOT HERE.”
Inside I started “what should we do now?” “We can’t do anything, she is serious and we better listen.” “You mean she will really spank you from now on?” “Yes, I suppose, and if she wants to spank you then we can’t do anything, and you know we can’t get our own place, so if we want to continue this relationship she will be in charge now on.” “Oh my god” and a part in me war surprised in a really good way ;)
She took her pants down again before saying “what’s the rest of my punishment?” “I actually thought I would spank your bare butt with the spoon on the bed” “ok then” and she lied on the bed and took her panties down.
I climbed the bed beside her and caressed her already ablaze butt a little before proceeding with the punishment. After the sixth with the spoon she was crying real tears in the pillow, she didn’t want to let out a sound knowing her mother could hear. I stopped for a moment. I turned my face to the door to find her mother on the door step looking at us. She motioned me to continue. And I did. After some other sets of six I was really sorry for the cute chubby yummie ass I was reddening this much. I looked back and she was not there so I bent and kissed my gf’s nice ass few times and brought our lotion and rubbed it on as carefully as possible.
After ten minutes we were able to get her panties back on but she decided she would wear a loose skirt now and we emerged from the room again, this time knowing there was somebody there but unaware of what was in store for us.

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My wife received a spanking on our wedding day. She and I had just arrived at our hotel room, and I told her NOT to take off her wedding dress. She lovingly gave me a kiss and leaned over my lap. As I raised her dress, then her slip, her creamy white ass was framed by her white thong. I told her as she had agreeded to being my wife, knowing that she would be spanked whenever I thought it would be necessary. I proceed to warm her backside for ten minutes and she was softly crying. I stood her up and helped her take her dress off. Afterwhich we made love several times that night.
She has since recieved weekly maintentance spankings as well as punishment whippings. Just for fun I will give her an OTK spanking when ever the mood hits us. Its been 12 lovely years and going strong.

Divine Bitches
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First of all I would like to thank all of you who have answered my questions via blog or personal message - it was very helpful: Thanks! :*
I guess my boyfriend seems to accustom to my "wishes" ;)
During our holidays we had a little fight while I was preparing a tomato soup and I somehow lost my temper and spread the a spoonful of soup over his arm and t-shirt...
To my big surprise he grabbed me by the hip, bent me over and started spanking me over my pyjama trousers (okay...he did not spank my bare butt - but I think it´s an advance ;) )
After about 20 strokes it was over...and as this was my first spanking ever I can say it was a really exciting experience.
Although I must admit that it hurt more than I expected, I´m curious about going a step further... :)

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My state of bottom (awareness!!) keeps vacillating between two sub-states (no pun intended . . .):

1. Oh no! I'm going to be spanked!!
2. Oh! I need to be spanked!!

Oh! Oh no!! I need some distraction!!! ;-D


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But only one state of bottom: awareness! Whenever I’m sitting, now on my couch, or when I’m driving, or last Wednesday when I was at dinner in a wooden chair, my mind is taking attendance of every square centimeter of my bottom. Where does it find the energy? It is as if it has written a little subroutine that will keep track; is this to remind me of the event that looms in my near future? To help me remember what comfort felt like in the ensuing days? Or could it be my bottom begging for its attention?

This state of acute awareness turned me from my book last night, I always read in my wonderfully comfy bed before I go to sleep, it turned me over on my stomach so I could give my bottom some attention, rubbing softly, scratching, like having your back scratched, rubbing, scratching . . . and I found myself in my first state of mind, the paralyzing grip of dread, much like the days before my first spanking, not knowing exactly what will happen, nor how intense it will be, nor whether I will be able to endure, submit, receive, if I can’t receive the spanking I won’t receive the transformation that it should bring. I found myself trying to sink farther and farther down into the covers, covering me, hiding, but I only realized I was doing this as the second state of mind took over: a little question that brought me to near hysterical laughter, “Am I insane?” I’m going to drive for an hour so that he can spank my bottom so hard that I won’t sit comfortably for probably four days (including American Thanksgiving . . .)? Last time I couldn’t tolerate my knickers for about that length of time – they felt too abrasive, so I lived in a long, soft skirt and used PJ bottoms for knickers when I had to go out. I still have the bruises, although they only look like grey shadows. And I’m going to do this again?! I must be insane!! I had a hearty, cleansing laugh over that, and it brought me out of the dread back into the light of day, and for a brief moment I thought that I didn’t need to ever be spanked again.

But that state didn’t last long. Now free from the dread I was able to embrace the upcoming session, anticipate it with a clear heart, look forward to it even, and in that state I tried to drift off to sleep, waiting, wondering . . , imagining . . . dreaming . . . .

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This is the way i see it.
its suppose to hurt its for real not sexual pleasure of the spankee or the spanker, there is no warm up its punishment not play,
no rubbing skin does welt up small ingrown hairs or acne will break,
your suppose to delicer what they cant handle on a sexual or fun spanking basis its suppose to be quick and not drug out fast is always good when it comes to Otk caution when useing harsher inplments do tot he bottom will move but 5 minute of whoopin there ass is more than enuff your not trying to send them into sub space,
and lisen to there excuses its what a good top does communication if you dont have it you wont have a relationship long.

if you cant keept here hands and feet downn or they wont keep them out of the way have a bench with restraints built to where you can get the job done quick with out interuption set the desired time on a timer and if you feel it should stop sooner then stop sooner you know u got your point acrossed but take a breather befor you start dont spank angry u will feel horrible upset they broke the rules but angry is not good for you to function as a top you might even stop befor you hit the 20 th swat with a paddle if you start off real hard first they will be sobbing by the time u get there, your not playing there little game simple as that

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Never pout after a spanking
Never mumble rude things to your dom after a spanking
Never Never Never call them a pushover!
I learned this tonight after making WoodUSpank really mad and tripling my orignal spanking which we capture on tape and I will upload tonight

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The hairbrush is the worst. I call it the butt flattener. And even though my butt goes numb after about a minute of hard spanking, it still hurts like hell. I was just punished for some naughty behavior last night and even though I knew what was coming, it didn't dull the pain in my bum or the embarrassment of knowing the camera was rolling. He gave me a blindfold to wear during the spanking, to keep me anonymous in case I turned to the camera. It made me feel a little better, kind of like I was alone or something. But I was a bad girl last night and I deserved to get spanked. He took me to the couch, unbuttoned my jeans and laid me across his lap. He used his hand first, over my underwear, and proceeded to pull my panties down and smack hard with his hand. The hairbrush was next. Buttflattener. On other occasions I have cried long and hard because of that stupid thing. This time however, I did not cry. I think it's because I spent some time earlier in the day crying because of my behavior from the night before. I do not like to be a bad girl. I do not like to disappoint my daddy. And when it happens, and when I know I've done wrong, I become very upset. I know I am better than that. I deserved what I got, and I am still upset with myself, but the after=spanking lull is somewhat soothing because I know it is a step in the right direction. I don't get spanked for nothing; I know my daddy wants me to be a good girl, and I want to be a good girl. And sometimes it takes a good, old fashioned, over-the-knee spanking to teach me a lesson. I don't like it. I cry a lot. But it's for my own good. I am still being punished...writing about my spanking is part of it, actually. It's not so bad, though. My butt is still pretty hot and it's a reminder to me that my bad behavior will have consequences. It's as simple as that.

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"I am the spanker in our household, with my husband's full consent. I maintain regular discipline, and I must tell you that it does him a power of good. Administering a thorough spanking makes me feel much better too. I always do it on his bare bottom, regardless of what spanking implement I am using. I prefer to use the cane, but when I need to be extra strict I give him a good whipping with my riding crop, or a really sound spanking with the bathbrush. I reserve my hairbrush, and sometimes the strap, for relatively minor offences and for on-the spot spankings.Formal canings and whippings generally take place in the bedroom, where I like to make him lie across two folded pillows so I get a nice rounded presentation. I also use the bedroom when I give him OTK spankings.Some sessions are arranged in the dining room, where I like to make him kneel on a chair and bend over so that his elbows are on the table. He has to thrust his bottom outwards so that it is nice and taut for my cane, my riding whip or the bathbrush. I use this position mainly for more severe disciplinary "performances", when I make him go through a more extended ritual of preparing and presenting his bottom. For an ordinary caning I usually just bend him over the back of a chair, and get on with his punishment in a business-like way.When I want to use my hairbrush, or the strap, I usually put him OTK. For variety, I enjoy the different sounds (as well as the effects) of different spanking implements on his firm masculine cheeks. The sounds of a good spanking are just as important as the visuals, don't you think? - whether it's the mean whisper of the cane or the loud solid rap of the bathbrush. Apart from spontaneous on-the-spot spankings, all performances are arranged in advance. I tell him when and how he is going to be disciplined, so he gets plenty of time to think about the error of his ways and the inevitable consequences. When I am going to give him the cane or the whip, and while he is baring his bottom, I tell him the number of strokes he will be getting. At that point he sometimes asks me if I will be caning him hard, 'because that is what I deserve', he says 'and it's what you need to do to clear the air'. Sometimes he takes the initiative, and actually asks me to punish him when he knows it needs to be done. Needless to say, I always comply with such requests. I love to see his muscular bottom bounce and wobble while I am caning him, especially when I am being extra strict. Standing over him with my cane, and with his unprotected bottom nicely displayed, gives me a delicious sense of being quietly in control. In contrast, when I am spanking him OTK and holding him close, I get an extra glow, almost a kind of maternal feeling, not only because of the close bodily contact but also it's like I am doing it out of care and attention for his own good."

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When she was done, Kate pulled my boxer briefs back-up—gently this time—gave me a gentle pat on my butt, and told me that it was time for me to get up and stand in the corner.

I did as I was told and submissively walked to the corner, put my nose to the wall, and stood silently.

“This wasn’t your first time across a woman’s knee, was it?” Kate asked. It was more of a statement than a question.

I felt my butt clench-up a little, I let out a deep breath, and answer: “No, it was not.”

“Well, I’ve told you so much about my spanking experiences. It’s not fair that you have been keeping secrets fro me. Is it, Eddie?”

The question hung in the air. I’ve had my fair share of foreplay, but this was my first dose of postplay.

“No, I suppose that it’s not fair, Kate,” I answered meekly.

“Then come over here and tell me about it,” Kate commanded.

When I turned around, Kate was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a brush in one hand and looking at me sternly.

“Lie across my knees. And if I think that you’re lying or not telling me the whole truth, your butt will suffer the consequence.” She said it in a light and giggly manner, although I knew that she meant business.

Again, I did as I was told and obediently laid across her legs.

“So who was she?” Kate commanded.

“My high school girlfriends’ mother.”

“What? Are you serious?” Kate asked with a chuckle.

“I wish that I wasn’t. But yes, that is the truth.”

It was strange to be answering questions while lying across Kate’s lap, my butt ready to be spanked at any moment, and my penis hardening with each moment.

“Details! NOW!” Kate exclaimed while delivering a sharp slap across my bottom.

“I was a freshman in high school and Heather and I had been dating for a few months. We had done the normal high school dating stuff: kissing, making out, fondling, nothing special. But I wanted more. So one night, I kind of forced the issue and pressured her to give me a handjob. She seemed fine with it at the time, but later on she got cold feet and told her sister that she wasn’t sure that she wanted to give me one.”

I stopped talking. Kate didn’t say anything. It wasn’t something that I was proud of, it was a regret of youth. I was sure that Kate was judging me. Harshly.

“So her mom overheard them and was not happy. She wanted to call my parents, but Heather tried taking it back and saying that I hadn’t really forced her and that it was more of a misunderstanding and that her mom should really talk to me first before she did anything. So her mom agreed, and Heather called me to come over ASAP. So I got on my bike and rode over, not knowing what to expect.”

“When I got to the door, her mom was waiting for me and didn’t look pleased. She explained what Heather had told her and asked me what I had to say for myself. I told her that I shouldn’t have done it, and that I was sorry, and that I didn’t mean to hurt Heather, and that it wouldn’t happen again. She still didn’t look pleased.”

“I still think that I have to call your parents. You need to be punished for this. You need to be punished far more severely than I am capable of punishing you,” she said as she picked-up the phone.

“I reached for the phone and fell to my knees, literally begging her to not call them. She put down the phone and looked down at me sternly.”

“You can punish me anyway that you want. You can punish me as severely as you think I deserve. But please, please, please DO NOT call my parents.”

“She kept looking down at me, then over to Heather, then back down at me.”

“Fine. I will punish you. But I can assure you that it will not be a pleasant experience.” She had a flat, matter-of-face tone that communicated that she meant business.

“Yes, ma’am. Just tell me what to do.”

“Go to the living room, take off your jeans, and pull down your underwear.”

“At first, I wasn’t sure whether or not she was serious. But I knew that I better not hesitate, and quickly went to the living room and followed her directions. Heather followed, as did her sister, Ashleigh. I unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them down until they were on the floor, and then stepped-out of them. Then, I slowly pulled down my boxers and let them fall to my ankles so that I was now standing butt-naked from the waist down in-front of Heather and Ashleigh.”

“Moments later, Heather’s mom came walking into the room. She was holding a belt and a pillow. I knew that the belt would hurt, and that the pillow would offer little comfort. She placed the pillow down on the middle of the couch and directed me to lay over it so that my butt was elevated and in prime spanking position.”

“You may have enjoyed Heather massaging your penis, Eddie, but I assure you that this will NOT be a pleasurable experience and there will be NO happy ending.”

“She raised the belt into the air and it came crashing across my butt, stinging and cutting and burning and hurting my bottom. I looked back a few times and could see the fury in her eyes as each lash of the belt cut through the air and her satisfaction when it snapped across my backside. It kept coming, and coming, and coming, and coming. I started whimpering, then crying, then sobbing, then hollering. It was of no use, she was unmoved by my pain; in fact, my pain may have fueled her to inflict more pain.”

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I just took a little walk around my complex looking for switches, since I am to bring one to my spanking on Monday. He gave me some parameters, about the size of a pencil, about 12” long, straight, and I think I spotted some candidates that are within my reach. I’ve never been switched before, so this isn’t as meaningful as I’m sure it will be if there is a next time, but it was still sobering and forced me to focus on my upcoming spanking. Lately, I’ve had moments where I think the whole thing is silly, and I don’t need to be spanked, and then the reality grips me from within and it doesn’t seem silly at all, but real and dreadful, and I shudder involuntarily.

It’s hard to wait. It’s a discipline all its own, of breathing, and bringing my focus to the present, and being patient. I’m not afraid of the spanking, but I am afraid of not taking the spanking well, of what might be unleashed in the throes of the pain. (I know there is a monster in me.) Will I have a safe word this time? It’s almost a punishment spanking, couched as a ritual spanking – a ritual of transformation, so that I can get over, move on, get unclogged, whatever, from the issue that will be addressed during the session. That’s what I need to look forward to, to being rid of this nasty spoiling root within me. I am so thankful there is someone there to help me in this way!

SO I will give myself an extra 30 minutes on Monday morning to choose and prepare my switch, and I will drive with it to my appointment, and it will be a discipline, to focus on the road and being responsible behind the wheel, and not to glance beside me every 5 minutes. I will try to forget that it is there. . .

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Decided to take a little turn in my life at least the discipline aspect of it. Change is always good at least most the time.

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My mistress gave me a really hard bare butt spanking today.

Sit Spanking