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A little packing here and a little packing their.. And some more packing in the morning. Hope everyone has a good rest of the night. Night......

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It doesn't matter what time it is.

It doesn't matter where you are.

It doesn't matter how far away he is.

It doesn't matter how long its been.

When you submit to his will you will feel him there always.

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On Wednesday here all senior students received there state examination results. Sometime ago I wrote a blog entitled The Invigilator.In this post I told of an incident where by I caught a girl cheating at one of the examinations.There was holy uproar,the examination had to be reset and the students had to re-sit the examination two weeks later.There was much delay and the said young lady almost got herself expelled from sitting State examinations.However after a number of meetings,in which I pleaded her case,the young lady was allowed to continue.

Well last Wednesday I went to the college to see the results and low and behold the young lady who very nearly destroyed her academic career ended up getting a very respectable "B" in History.She was over joyed,as was I. We talked and she kept thanking me. I told her that it was my firm belief that she had the ability in her all along and she took a foolish risk. The risk almost got her into serious trouble,but thank goodness clear heads prevailed and now she is on her way to entering her final year in the college and planning on what areas of History she will specialise in.

When we finished our quiet chat,she told me she was going to celebrate. I was so happy,there was a time when she was almost expelled,to see the broad smile on her face makes me so happy that I stayed in teaching,have been doing it for 23 years now,only 23 more to go!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Should be writing another installment for my story, but I have to get this off my mind first.

Can we talk about relationships for a minute? Yes, that's what has been on my mind, because when I come to these sites, that is what I'm looking for, not just a fly-by fuck or spanking (if you will pardon the vernacular).

I know that the 'r' word is not popular with most guys, and honestly, I didn't think a relationship was what I was looking for either. I have no desire to get married and I have had 'the living together' experience and I hope I will never be stupid enough to fall into that pit of vipers again. What I am seeking may be a relationship in the strictest sense of the word, but it is not conventional by any means. To me, the perfect relationship would be with someone that I share common interests with, whom I like and respect. Ideally, we would get together, once or twice a week, for the three s's (socializing, sex and spanking, lol). Then we would part, he would go back to his life and I would go back to mine where we would miss each other until our next meeting.

So, what does a relationship mean to you? I am still working out my personal definition but I read something the other day that I thought was quite profound but also quite obvious (at least it should have been).

The thought was this; the reasons for marriage and relationships that we all grew up with don't exist anymore - WOW! My head pretty much exploded over that. Think about it. A divorce rate of over 50% in the US, and yet people keep charging to the altar like lemmings headed for the cliff. Why? Out of habit. But, the truth of the matter is that the reasons that once had people merging their lives for life do not exist anymore. Does anyone out there have to get married so that they can have children, so they can have someone provide for them, do any women out there need someone to go out and hunt and put food on the table for them anymore? Of course not.

We no longer need to be in a relationship to raise a family - the old model is dead but we have yet to give it a decent burial. We continue to follow the old paradigm and it continues to fail us. So why should we form relationships now?

Of course there are a lot of little reasons to come together; to ease financial burdens, to fend off feelings of loneliness, to have regular sex...but, is that enough, probably not, given the divorce statistics.

So, what would be a good reason for having a relationship? Well, the best one, I think - to have fun, to increase your pleasure quotient. Imagine, if that was the gold standard for relationships; men, looking for women that will make their lives more fun, women, looking for men who will bring more pleasure and enjoyment into their lives. Not men, being shackled by the position of provider or woman being trapped in the role of nurturer, mother, teacher, chauffeur, chief cook and bottle washer. Instead, just a hedonistic party for two. I think it could work. What do you think?

Unless someone can show me the flaw in my logic, I think I now know what my relationship goal is. Party on!

Another profound thing I read about relationships - a relationship is over when you stop telling your truth. If that is the case, how many relationships exist in name only, because they have never met this criteria. But, I'll leave that discussion for another day.

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My muse is on a pilgrimage to Carolina.
His host said he was reading Anna Karenina.
My muse began to giggle and he couldn't stop.
His host got mad and went to fetch the razor strop.

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for all you people with fake profiles and pics....(lame)well I guess cant everybody be a star

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Spanked again last night. Thank god! I really needed it :) My ornery, sassy, horny, irritable, moody hormones back under control.

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“People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that’s bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they’re afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they’re wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It’s all in how you carry it. That’s what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you’re letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.”
― Jim Morrison

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Well I can say truthfully Im not happy bout my day today. Had a couple things to get done But I ended up in bed sleep off and on all day well not all day till like 6pm. Just one of them days that I didn't feel like getting out of bed totally I wonder if I can use that excuse to get me out of an situation. I always seem to think I can do what I need to do another day. But anyway about to clean up and make something to eat than probably go for a walk. Toodles everyone. My current situation at the computer with my Tahitian Treat.

My Spanking Roommate
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Again: Thank you Mike... ¡Muchas, muchas, muchísimas gracias!


I'm lying on my bed..... unable to sleep. Is it too hot? I don’t think so, since I have the air conditioner to it's minimum temperature... it says: 16°C...

I turn on my back and close my eyes, trying to sleep. I can't.

Words... words come to my mind. Words are such powerful things. They can make me create images... images like feelings... thoughts like images. Oh yes, words are one of the most powerful things in the world.

I turn again, this time on my left side... but words come over and over, forming images....... arousing images..... delicious images that can jump out of my mind, run over my body and make my nipples stiffen.......... I can feel them through my t-shirt. I bring one of my hands to my pussy lips. They are wet because of the words... words that are dancing in my mind... dirty words, painful words, delightful words....

I can't hold it anymore.... I stand up and go to the closet...... I take the small wooden paddle..... and also the short belt........ I want to feel both of them... my body is in so much need that I just can't hold it anymore.

Back to the bed, I lie on my left side and twist my chest until I can reach my buttocks.... I hold the small paddle. It’s light but it stings so sweetly. I bring it hard to my right buttock and keep hitting the same spot over and over again....I always spank myself this way..... all I want is to feel the pain growing and growing until it becomes unbearable... and now I can hardly stand it. The pain intensifies the words in my mind.... I just let them to slide out my mouth......

I'll be good, I promise.... I'll be good........

I change to the other cheek. Fast and hard I spank it with the wooden paddle until the heat is too intense to bear. I change again, this time to the lower part of both my cheeks and I cover them with painful smacks.....words keep whispering in my brain......

...punished.... corner.... obedience....

Which image is getting formed with these words? I really don't know......... and I really don't care..... it's just a man........ full of authority.... the feeling is intense ..... just as intense as the heat on my bum. I stop for a while, enjoying the pain on it............. I clench my buttocks to feel the sting a bit more intensely.... I run my hand softly all over.... it's hot... I rub some more...

I switch to the belt...... I swing it and lay it very hard on my right buttock, and keep bringing it again and again until I struggle and feel a welt forming. belts..... and love welts...

I change to my left cheek, the most sensitive. I give it a string of hard spanks together, trying to give them on the lower part. I moan. It's really hurting. Once again words come to my mind and slip out of my mouth.... more, please, no more.....

By now my whole bum is hot and throbbing. I move myself to lie on my back, I fold my knees and bring them to my chest. Again, I hold the paddle and wallop my lower inner cheeks............ I close my eyes and relish the sensations that inundate me......

...they are so delicious......... the pain.... the position.... the words that run through my mind, passing as in a rush...

...I'll punish you... In the corner... You have to obey...

I will... I'll obey... I repeat as a mantra...

Feeling the heat all over my buttocks as I lie on my back, I run my fingertips over my inner cheeks. They are swollen. I clench my bum.... bring one hand to my pussy........ it's nice and wet....... I rub myself making circles around my clit and opening my lips... letting my fingers run all the long way from the vagina to the clit and trace circles around it. I do this two, three, uncountable times..... I'm not in a hurry... I stretch my body and keep my legs straight and slightly open over the bed...

...words and images are still dancing in my mind...... I want to be a little girl....... a well punished little girl.

My clit grows and gets hard and throbs. I can't touch it directly because it's very sensitive, so I keep rubbing around it and stretching my lips. I tense up more...... the orgasm is comming.......I stop touching, letting my climax rise at it leisure...

... until it bursts, invading my whole body from the center with short, intense waves.... I grunt and stretch my legs to the limit.

I bring my hand again to my clit which is now so sensitive that is almost hurting... I calm it down rubbing my lips again... up and down.... until I relax...

...words fade out....

leaving paddle and belt on the bedside table, I turn on my left side....... after a little while, I fall asleep...

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Iam 25 today. Feeling old lol

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Lately I have been meeting some very nice people in here and it feels realy good! You spice up my day! :)

My Spanking Roommate
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My mentor came by and gave me a maintenance spanking cuz for the most part I've been pretty good :-)

But idk why even thou this was probly the most lightest spanking he gave me but it was also the most feared one too

Idk maybe cuz the one from two weeks ago I actually broke down and cryed :-/

But that's okay Noelle woke up shortly after and daddymole hold her for awhile and Noelle gave him a scolding lol

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You look mournfully through the bars
As I look on from afar
You prowl
Pace your perimeter

Your boundaries are clear
You test them
But the bars remain firm

Your energy constrained
Your strength
And yet

The bars are cold
So very strong
Their purpose true

Inwardly you rage
A building tension
Suddenly you leap
Your anger at a peak
You are a lion in an iron cage

Your struggles are worthless
Rebellion put down
By harsh words
And the lash

Now you stand in a corner
Not cowed
Was this what you expected
When you entered this cage?

Yet even now your beauty is clear
Your grace
Your strength
You will never truly submit
To this iron rule

For you are wild
Your intellect untamed
Yet eternally shamed
To be in this cage
Subject to this rule

This shame you bear
Is it true?
Is it fair?
Was it really you
Who put yourself there?

If I could speak to you now
I would tell you true
I know your heart
I see the real you
You could tear the bars apart
For you are a lion in an imaginary cage.

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if you have to cheat or do bad things to try to look better than somone else your still just a loser ok in respect of my pal im done

My Spanking Roommate
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so someone said to me here
Your humor is such a welcome addition to this site. You truly lighten the mood. Keep it coming!this surprises me because I didn't thing bellvue had internet connectionbut despite the fact no one (sob) wants to here me sing
I do have something I could share with you no not you! you
you stop reading right now as this doesn't apply to you
(i was going to joke that ewe should stop reading but I got sheepish) I am going on my 1 year golf outing at my companies best ball tournamentlast year afterwards I posted a lost ball poster at work that people found amusing but I didn't save itbut I did save thev poster I posted a few days after saying I found itand here we goFirst off id like to thank everyone for their hopes and prayers and candlelight vigil for my golf ball, but ive discovered my ball was not lost but in the witness protection program. He is going to be the main witness in the F.B.I.’s case against my golf game.
Unbeknownst to the F.B.I. I discovered he’s in Pasadena being driven by a little old lady. I found this out when the ball got in touch with my driver ( which is unusual because hes never gotten in touch with him before). I thought about having the ball whacked but after seeing everyone at the tournament, I didn’t think anyone could do it so ill play it where it lies

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Peoples opinions don't mean nothing Its about whether or not you can look in the mirror and love the person staring back at you. I know I can.

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talked to a friend of mines today and all i have to say is i changed my mind about putting a video on this site. i see how they do you if your popular or have a nice body or pretty they get on there ipad minnies and they do all they can to keep you down because they know you are admired but unfortunately when you are admired you will also be hated and i just want to say for my friend fuck you all and you know who you are you assholes shud be ashamed of yourselves! if i hadnt witnessed it myself i would have thought she was just paranoid but shes not and its a dern shame and mike my pictures are not fake you dipshit! and i know you told me not to say anything my friend, but this shit burns me up so i apologize so dont be mad at me p.t i respect you and you will be my friend always!

My Spanking Roommate
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My muse is on a pilgrimage to Alcatraz.
They let him try escaping just for fun.
And just for fun they flogged him when they captured him.
In San Francisco that's how fun is done.

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All I have to say is OWWWW!!! I got my second and third spanking today! The first one was taking care of guilt I had and for swearing and for disobeying. The second one was, he asked if I was alright and feeling better, he could tell I was hiding something, I had to tell him I put myself down and went four days without taking my meds. Oh man did I wish I didn't tell him! I got the belt so many times today! I'm so sore!!!

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