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Well the first half of my spanking is now uploaded and on my page ill be putting the other half up later on it took like three hrs just to upload that video. But check it out and tell me what u think. Thanks.

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Even tho i messed up the other day and earned a spanking when i find someone. I Have accutly Been craveing a spanking for MONTHS! Dose anyone else crave spankings? Crave the sting the heat the butterflys in the tummy?. What about spankers when you dont give a spanking for a bit do you crave the feel of a bare bottom benth your fast falling palm? and the heat from the bottom as it lays across your knees? I know as a switch i crave all of that from being spanked to getting a spanking LOL.
Love ya All
Happy spanks

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About 11 weeks pregnant and just started to feel a lot better but my hormones are really kicking in and i like to snap on my fiance a lot. He has never actually punished me before because I really am a sweet girl I just act out sometimes but I know that day will come im scared but also excited to be really disciplined for a long time. But yesterday I was standing in the living room and he told me to come to him but I didn't so he asked me one more time and I said no so he said if you don't come to me i will come get you I of course ignored him again so he came up behind me and laid a huge smack on my butt looked at it afterwards and it was a full handprint. So then he joked about something else and said he was gonna spank me again and I literally snapped at him and he does not like when I do that so he goes "wow did you really snap at me you need to get up" and of course my stubborn self didn't listen so he lifted me up off the ground and stood me up and turned me around and laid 6 smacks on my bottom afterwards he grabbed me and held me in his arms it really didn't hurt that bad but it was a wonderful feeling to know how much he cares about me and does it because he loves me.

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We have been discussing this for a while and have decided that it was time for the little lady to be put in her place outside of her comfort zone. We are looking for a female top in the NYC area. Please contact me through this site or through my email address and we can open a dialogue and see if something can be arranged.

If you are a male please do not reply. We are not interested and will not consider nor reply.

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So the other day i went out with friend after Hardly any sleep witch was enough to get me Punished by my girl with a selfspanking In its self. But the big thing i did..... I Smoked after almost 6 months smoke free :( BIG MISTAKE My Gf Really hates Smokeing so Much so that she is considering telling me to find someone to give me a real spanking as she thinks a selfspanking is Not enough this Time as SMOKEING And DRINKING Are MY BIG BIG BIG No nos With her. and it pains me to admit it but she is right i think i need to be spanked for real shame its so hard to find a Spanker my Gf says she would prefer it was a female just becuse she Knows i am a bit weary of Male spankers NOTHING Agiasnt Men spanking Men just i have had bad Exprinces in my early years in the Lifestyle so still a littel Untrusting on another man spanking me. I Accutly am accepting this i am not moaning or complaineing if it sounds Like i am i really am Not I BLEEPed Up Big time with this and i was doing so good. Not sleeping and leting some personal stuff affect me when i should have just talked to her or my friends insted of botteling it up. Anyway now the HUNT Is on for someone to Tan my Backside.
Love ya all
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Does anyone else really like getting spanked or seeing a girl get spanked wearing a thong?

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Imagine there is a housing development that only spankos could live. There is a gate in front of the community so no outsiders could come in unless invited. Each house has a big bay window in front of there house. So if someone gets spanked outside in there yard no one would care. Or get the cops called on them. Now there are rules in the community that everyone must abide by. Give me some of the rules you would like to see in your little spanking community. Here is one of mine.

When a spanking occurs they must get spanked in front of the bay window for all to see. (if there out and about)

That's mine so what are yours?

I know we have some good imaginative spankos out there.

Or would you even consider living in such a comunity?

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After a slight slump, I'm back in the saddle. A young lady named Joy (37) contacted me about 3 weeks ago and we met at a local restaurant, where I bought her 2 daquiris and had a ginger ale for myself. We talked about life, spanking, work, and the fact that she was separated. This raises a flag for me--niot the "married RED flag", but still, it gives me pause. We chatted by e-mail about 5 more times, and even set up one session, but that one fell through. But today, she was free for the morning, so I got a suite at a local hotel and we met there. Joyi s unlike any girl I've spanked yet. First, she's a big girl. Not BIG, as in as big as me, but ROUNDER than me. A lot rounder. Let's say that when her panties came down, there was a lot to cover, and all of it was prime. Like most guys (and girls), I have a body type that I like, but when it comes to spanking, I believe the Declaration of Independence had it right--every woman of age has the right to life liberty and a good hard spanking, whenever she feels like it. And I'm more than happy to administer them. The most difi=ficult ones are the lollipops--those girls built like movie stars with big heads, skeletal bodies and no caboose at all. Now I like a tomboy-ish body--muscular, strong legs/arms, and voluptuous girls hold a warm place in my heart as well. And everything in between. So, I started Joy off with a paddle, because she said she was used to being spanked aboput once a week or more. It so happened though, that she had too, been in a slump, and was more tender than she thought. So after 10 major swats from the bog paddle, we dropped back and ised a hairbrush, wooden spoon, ruler--some smaller implements. Joy was pretty stoic--she grunted a few times, but I think she was nervous, this being our first meeting. But she was very red when it weas over, asnd I was able to keep the marks off her legs (she's a swimmer and didn't want to explain stripemarks showing). So, she checked herself out in the full length mirror, declared it a job well done, and gave me a hug and her camera. I''m a lousy photographer, but was able to get a good picture of ber blistered backside on the first try. She said shje would call as soon as the marks fade, which shouldn't be long--there was only one small bruise on a sit spot, but that shade of red was quite deep.

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So part of my spanking was on camera but the part that wasn’t was probably the worse part, Yea I know I got attitude problems and have a stubborn streak and like to do things my way. But this was one of the times I didn’t want to give in and I wanted things done on my time. After the camera was shut off I was able to take a break and talk about what happened, but unfortunately I still didn’t want to listen . I was put over the bed again for another whoopin with the hand and the belt. I had a very hard time keeping my hands on the bed and my legs down on the floor so they was hit to. My whoopin went on for probably 20 minutes if not longer. I was than told to get up or come over and talk about what had happened I was told I was grounded from going anywhere for three weeks and I didn’t take that to well Its nice outside and I knew I could not be stuck in the house that long. Despite My effort I did try a little to not have an attitude about my grounding but it didn’t work I was than pulled over his knee for the third time that night and my ass was tore the fuck up 4real with his hand and the belt I couldn’t really even tell you how long this one went on for I just know I was enduring the most pain on my ass that I have felt in a long time. I did try and throw his belt across the room but that just made it way worse for my ass. By the time It was over I could barely even sit on my ass I was then told to turn off all the lights in the house and go to bed. The next morning I was woken up and told to go do something I refused at first ( I am never in the right mood when Im tired and always have an attitude first thing in the morning) but after a few swats on my ass from his hand I went and did what I was told to do. A little while after that he asked me a question and I decided that I wanted to answer it on my own time (Wrong move on my part) I was already laying on the bed as he pinned my arm behind my back and tore my already sore ass up again with his hand and the belt after that I did what I was supposed to do I did learn even if it took me a couple ass whooping to get it all the way right. And now I have a very sore ass to deal with for a few days.

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Having let her settle, I pulled her dress up clear of her taut regulation knickers, which fitted the pert curves of her body. The elasticised leg apertures slotted neatly into the folds between thighs and bottom, and a white delta of cotton material swept invitingly into the narrow space between her legs and over the mound of her vagina.

I moved into a comfortable position, took a couple of sighting taps on the centre of her bottom, and there was a nice juicy thud as I swiped the rubber sole briskly across her expectant buttocks.

The muscles rippled under the blow, but there was little outward sign that she had felt anything. Her head was up, she was looking forward, and face was pointing away from me. It must have had some effect, but I got the distinct impression it wasn’t as hard as she was used to.

The next one had a little more meat behind it and I could see her blink, but again she seemed to be more than able to cope with it. That was no good; no good at all. If this was a punishment then I wanted to see some reaction and have her hopping about a bit. There was the slightest fidgeting as I tapped her bottom preparatory to delivering the third. Then I realised that I could see her face after all, in the reflection of the glass door of my cocktail cabinet. I decided that it was time to test her limits and stop pussyfooting about. This time my arm came right back and I really followed through with my stroke.

Success! At last I got the reaction I was looking for. Her back arched upwards within milliseconds of the impact and she grunted in response as the waves rippled through her bum cheeks. That was more like it. It stings doesn’t it Sophie? A few more like that and we will soon have you in line.

She wasn’t comfortable now; she was way out of that zone. Her chest was heaving and as I tapped her ready for the fourth stroke I saw her bite on her bottom lip, close her eyes and screw her face up in anticipation of what was coming. I didn’t keep her waiting long. The slipper under force made a nice meaty thud and Sophie squealed briefly in response, just about keeping herself under control, but hurting; oh she was hurting alright, and my dick was throbbing.

“Do you think you are learning your lesson Sophie?” I asked.

“Mmm,” she nodded breathlessly.

“Good,” I replied. Because this is hurting me almost as much as it is hurting you. I propose to give you two more and call it over, but if we have any repeats I will not be anywhere near as lenient next time, do you understand. We are going to bring some discipline back into your life. Now hold still because these are going to really hurt.”

Bless the girl. She drew herself together and pushed her bottom up to meet the slipper, taking them with a stoicism that made me proud to behold, even though it must have stung like a bastard. Then instead of getting up, she remained in position for my command. I wanted to see the effect of what I had done.

“Pull your pants down Sophie,” I said. “I want to see your punished bottom.”

I could scarce contain my excitement as she complied, pulling them down just clear of the buttock muscles without uncovering her vagina. Oh wow! What a sight greeted my eyes.

The creamy white skin of her bottom was now coloured by a crimson mark that started on her right cheek near the crack, and spread right across the cheek nearest me in a great wide blotch. I could see where the tiny blood vessels had ruptured in places. She was going to have some bruising to show for it.

“Right pull them up,” I said briskly. “That will do for today. Stand up and put your slipper back on.”

Meekly she stood up, took the proffered plimsoll, stooping down on one knee to replace it on her foot. I had expected her to be crying, and she was sniffling a bit, but although she was blushing with shame, her demeanour was almost calm. When the laces had been tied, she stood up and faced me again.

“I’m sorry Uncle Jim,” she whispered. “I let you down and I’m truly sorry. Thank you for punishing me. I – I wish you had done it a long time ago.”

I wasn’t sure that I understood. In fact I was feeling sort of bad and I held out my arms, beckoning her forward. She suddenly burst out sobbing and hugged me to her and I was overcome with emotion myself , hugging her back as I felt the warmth of her body seeping through the thin material of her dress.

“Oh Sophie, I almost cried. I don’t know what you mean. I feel terrible for having to beat you like this. Truly I do.”

It was only partly a lie. Yes it was true; I had enjoyed it a bit, but she was still my adored niece. Now I just wanted to cuddle her and make it all right again. I sat down upon the settee, and she curled up on my lap just like she used to do when she was younger. It felt good; such a tender moment that I still remember it as if it were yesterday. We stayed like that for perhaps a half an hour, but then it was time to take her home to her mother.

“I have to take you home now Sophie,” I told her gently. “You can’t stay here. You must go and apologise to your mother.”

She clung on tighter but I firmly pushed her away and she got stood up, the tears forming in her eyes again.

“What am I going to say to her?” she bleated. “She may not want me back after this.”

“Of course she does, silly,” I reassured her. “You don’t think that she doesn’t feel worried about you? Now come on, get your things together and I will drive you back in my car. Don’t worry, I understand better than you think and I will be having a word with your mother, because she needs to trust you a little more, doesn’t she?”

I looked for confirmation and Sophie nodded.

“Thank you Uncle Jim. I appreciate what you are doing.”

With that she went upstairs into the guest room and re-emerged a few minutes later with her suitcases. She was still wearing her uniform. We drove the couple of miles back to her home in contemplative silence.

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out of the two times that i have been spanked so far i've worn panties that (mostly) cover my butt. my dom asked me one time why i dont wear thongs, and my answer was thongs dont shield any of the pain like having regular panties on do. And in my mind wearing panties is part of the allure of a spanking, granted at some point whatever panties you wear are coming down, i like to think there is still something left to the imagination when you have on panties the cover your butt for the most part. so my questions to you ST is there a proper panty etiquette and what do you prefer panties or thongs?

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As for the last month this Female dominate thought she was going to get me talking all kind of funny spanko stuff she thought she was going to catch me at one of these event she went out of her way to try...

She should have stayed in bed,or dyed her hair brunnet or black or red because Blond she is,I mentioned on are little group forum after the partys Did any body at all see her get me like she said on the day she said several responces said no, I said see theres Proff Women .Dommes are not always right and cant follow threw on what they cant catch, that lit a fire under her ass and a few others, I simple stated in that situation prove any part of what i said to be wrong be tween me and her and non of them could do it, theres an old fraise it take 2 two tangle. i also played her the Clip from adam sandlers there all gonna laugh at you on her voice mail be she s pissed about now I made a Fool of her......thats how bratz roll....

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I just got my first ass whoopin in awhile for being disrespectful,cussing and sending threatening text messages. The first part was with the hand it hurt and stung like hell, I couldnt stay in position so i kept having to start over which only made it worse on my end.

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Someone bottom is about to get their ass spanked so fucking bad that she will obey me at all times! No more back talking, sending disrespectful texts, will respect me at all times I'm there or not... Tonight is the night that this girl gets the Domestic Discipline she has been needing for a longtime!!!!

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I watched her leave the room and picked up the telephone, dialling her mother’s number. The call was answered straight away by an anxious sounding Annie who was noticeably relieved when I explained the situation. I did not mention that I was about to slipper Sophie, but merely reassured her that she was safe.

Relatively safe anyway. In the few minutes since she had arrived I had decided that I had been neglecting my obligations toward her. It was time that her bottom had a richly deserved tanning. A few well-placed whacks with a slipper would not go amiss.

But how was I to do it? The prospect filled me with growing apprehension as I realised that I hadn’t actually got a clue. Sophie was clearly under the false impression that I did, and I wasn’t too sure why. Also, it would appear she had been getting punished at school. I was minded to talk to her about that, but it could wait for another time. For the moment she was upstairs waiting; it would not have taken too long for her to put on her uniform. The butterflies would be ranging through her tummy in anticipation, and perhaps she was also feeling a bit queasy; I know that I would have been in a reversed situation.

In fact, never mind the conditional: “would have been”; I absolutely was feeling queasy. I was nervous as hell. I had to sit down and think things through calmly. She would probably think that I was keeping her waiting on purpose, just to heighten the tension. Her heart would be pounding as she sat on the bed in the spare room. She had to be sitting down, because I couldn’t hear any movement. Oh dear God, this was awful. I had to get a grip on myself; she was expecting …….

…expecting what exactly? Panic! Damn it; she was the expert here and I was the bloody novice. How hard did girls get slippered at school, and by whom; surely, not by male teachers? And was it delivered over the skirt or straight on to the knickers? I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be on the bared bottom. I made a firm decision – on the knickers it would be. My penis was starting to stir. Shit that wouldn’t do.

The next question is: how hard should the whacks be? Hard enough to carry a goodly sting obviously. Not love pats. Hmm - tricky. Better to be on the brisk side, rather than do it too lightly, and make myself look stupid and reluctant. The girl needed a firm hand which is why she had come here. I would just have to try and read her body language and hope to get it right. If she started screaming, then I would just have to go weak on her and stop it, citing concern for her well-being, or some lame excuse like that. But secretly I was hoping that she would take it well, and stoically.

Okay, now that I had thought things through, I was ready. Or at least as ready as I ever could be. To tell the truth, it was bloody exciting! Damn my penis was on the rock already. Need to adjust the position so it’s pointing upwards in my pants and hope she doesn’t notice. Taking a deep breath and clearing my throat, I called out in my best authoritative voice:

“Sophie, come down here please.”

There was the sound of a chair being pushed back on the wooden floor and footsteps coming across the landing and down the stairs. My heart was pumping and jumping somersaults. I realised that I could have used a stiff drink to steady my nerves, but it was too late now. She was coming. A couple of seconds passed and she appeared in the doorway.

Oh Jesus, I wasn’t quite prepared for this though. I suddenly realised that, even though she was dressed for school, Sophie was actually a young woman, and it showed; dear God how it showed. How come I hadn’t noticed it before?

She was wearing her light green summer school dress with the shirt waist and white belt. But utilitarian and anonymous as the uniform was, I could hardly avoid noticing the firm adolescent bosom pushing up the fabric, moving tantalisingly up and down with the rhythm of her breathing. She had on white ankle socks, but instead of the normal black patent shoes with the buckle fastening, she was wearing black gym shoes. Her hair was tied to either side in neat bunches with pieces of white ribbon. Frankly she looked an absolute picture, even though her expression betrayed the turmoil that must have been playing havoc with her nervous system. She looked at me expectantly, as though expecting a lecture. Of course! It was down to me now. I licked my lips and began to speak, not really knowing what I was going to say.

“Sophie, I am really disappointed in you. How could you let this happen and put me in such an invidious position? How could you?”

Her face dropped in shame and she was staring misty-eyed at my belt. Oh Jesus I think, I hope she can’t notice my hard-on. That would just destroy everything. After running my tongue over my top lip, I continued.

“Do you realise the anxiety and torment which your selfish behaviour has put you mother through? She has been sick with worry, you selfish, wicked child. Don’t you care what happens to her? Answer me!”

The tears filled Sophie’s eyes and rolled down her cheeks, as she shook her head and began to cry.

“I – I - I’m s - sorry Uncle Jim.” she blubbed, stuttering as she tried to speak and draw breath at the same time. “I didn’t think about it. I just lost my temper and stormed out. I guess I knew she would worry, and I didn’t care. I wanted to make her anxious and show her that I’m not a child anymore. I need some freedom to live my own life. I love her, but she has to let me go a bit more and not treat me as though I was eleven. All my friends get much more freedom than I ever do; it just isn’t fair.”

It was difficult not to sympathise a little. I remembered having the same trouble with my parents when I was her age. Being a parent is difficult: you spend years preparing your children for adult life, they depend upon you for everything for so long and then, one day, they don’t need you any more, and want to fly on their own. It must have been particularly difficult for Annie, who knew only too well of the dangers lurk unseen and unexpected, and she was arguably being over-protective.

Suddenly this was all becoming difficult. I had to put my emotions aside and deal with one thing at a time, or this was going to turn into a charade; if it hadn’t already turned into one, that is. Sighing deeply and sympathetically I said to her:

“I know Sophie. I understand what you are saying, but what you did was wrong, and you know it was. I will have a word with your mum, because I don’t think she understands the situation fully, but first I need to punish you and I am going to do it. Take off your right slipper please.”

I watched as she bent down and undid the laces, pulling the plimsoll off her foot and handing it to me with an air of resignation. I took it, holding her gaze for a second. There was no defiance, only acceptance, in her expression. When I told her to turn to face the wall and touch her toes, she did so without a murmur, sliding so easily into the formal position, that I suspected that she had already had quite a bit of practice at school. I would talk to her about that later. As far as I had been aware, she was nothing less than a model pupil.

The plimsoll felt good in my hand as I tucked the laces in out of the way. It was only small; size six at the most, with a black canvass upper and a flat crepe rubber sole. Even so it was quite heavy. I judged that I would need to experiment a bit before laying it on with any force. Start off with what I considered medium strength, and increase the power according to the results.

Having let her settle, I pulled her dress up clear of her taut regulation knickers, which fitted the pert curves of her body. The elasticised leg apertures slotted neatly into the folds between thighs and bottom, and a white delta of cotton material swept invitingly into the narrow space between her legs and over the mound of her vagina. I moved into a comfortable position, took a couple of sighting taps on the centre of her bottom, and there was a nice juicy thud as I swiped the rubber sole briskly across her expectant buttocks.

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I'm married and she used to like being spanked but now she wants no part of it. I want to spank and be spanked so bad I'm going crazy. It was ok when she wanted it but I do and I'm a sicko. What do I do.... Please help..... Tired of always being ignored by her....

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okay this is a real experience i've had where i was watching my friend being disciplined by her bf a while back now, its the first piece of writing i've ever written so be nice please! i've tried to make it as interesting as possible,, so enjoy!

after she swore she covered her mouth and looked a little anxious. we were at his house obviously, and he lived alone,, after she swore, her boyfriend "Han" turned her around and it looked like they were having a staring contest at which i laughed to, but han gave me like a scary glare so i stopped.

i remember her saying "so wtf is wrong with me swearing" and then he dragged her to the bedroom, i was in the living room the whole time, and they came down with a long stick like thing, i think it was made of bamboo. she looked miserable and as if she had some sort of death sentence on her or something but anyway...

He sat down on the sofa and tapped at his laps and she shook her head and started to step away faster and faster, then she started running around the house but he managed to catch her. he then dragged her by the elbow to the sofa and was trying to pull her over his laps but she was fighting but the he said calmly and menacingly "15 more with bamboo" and she gave in, then i realised he was going to hit her..

he started off with his hand, and cos she was wearing denim shorts, it must have hurt his hands. so straight away he stood her up and pulled them down, again she fought against it but he slapped her on the back of the thigh, she started crying and pleading him to let her off but he said

" you've been nothing but rude to me the whole of this week, i let you off swearing 3 days in a row, and you know i hate those foul words, they make you sound cheap and common and crude. "

he yanked them down and yanked her over again, but this time he pulled her pants up so he was wedging? her she was squirming and kicking but he slapped her extra hard so she stopped. i was realy amused at what was happening in front of my eyes so i couldnt help but smile and giggle a bit, he was slapping her until her butt was tomato red, he was also lecturing her saying things like

"dont you dare let those words slip out of your mouth again or i will really give you something to remember, youve been a rude brat, been ordering me around, done nothing but being stressy, and you have the cheek to run away and fight me off when i'm trying to teach you what you did was bad? you will not be so disrespectful towards me. i am your boyfriend, i'm not your slave who you can disregard and kick around."

thats just a few of what he was saying, he was slapping her butt for ages but when it finally stopped i was laughing so much my stomach was aching, he looked at me and told me if i laughed one more time i'd be in for the same treatment. so that shut me up for the whole of the session. at the time it looked really painful and i did not want to have my ass so red and sore like her butt was turning into. also it would be just plain embarrassing to have my butt bared by my friend's boyfriend.

he stood her up and made her bend over the couch arm this time. he pulled her pants down and he grabbed the bamboo and swished it in the air which made an awful sound and she started crying all over again, but he said

"if you kick your legs or break your position i'm adding on 10 for every time you do"

so she was still for the i think it was 30? and she counted even though he hadnt asked her to so i'm guessing it wasnt her first time. he then said "these are the 15 extras you earned for fighting me off and you don't need to count these" he layed the 15 down on her really hard and fast which surprised me because she wasnt kicking her legs at all except for a little squirm here and there. after he had finished he was hugging her and was rubbing her butt, which i had to look away to cos they were kissing and stuff. he then said " go stand in the corner and think about what you have done, hands on head and no rubbing your butt" me and han sat down and was talking and i asked him why he treated her like a child but he just said " if she acts childishly i'm going to treat her like one. "

after a long talk about everything and anything with han, my friend was finally allowed out of the corner. As she walked towards me Han left to go to the bathroom.
she was rubbing her sore and red butt when she said

" fucking hell you have no idea how hard his hand hit my butt, it hurts like no tomorrow!! eurgh. so fucking strict."

at that precise time han was back out the toilet and at the bottom of the stairs within hearing distance,

we heard him say "what was that meilin? you want another trip over my knee?"
The End
:L sorry its a bit long i might have gotten a little carried away

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why is it that in such a diverse society i always have to come across some of the most ignorant people??? i was talking to a friend of mine in the spanking community and she was with some of her other friends and had invited them in on our conversation. this one boy starts talking about how black people my skin tone or darker shouldnt be spanked because our ass doesnt turn red! and that its a total waste of time so people should just stick too black women that are lighter than me cause all my ass does is get "ashy". Now last time i checked you never spanked me before so how do you know if my ass gets red or not? oh right you don't!! now the old me would have cussed him out and it would have been on, the new improved me cussed him out in my head. you know what the sad thing is this is not the first time ive heard this,this is one of those things that makes it so hard being in the spanking community.

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you stop spanking me, raise me from your lap and put me kneeling in front of you. you say sternly, "I'm not kidding, the cat ...." you stop the sentence unfinished, I follow your eyes to understand what distracts you.

you ask me: "why the sofa is full of spots of paint?" mmm I thought you would not notice it, "and where is the carpet?" back at me: “what have you been doing while I was there to work? ", you don't wait for my answer, stand up and move closer to couch, study it, then you look around and stop the look on the door of the closet, go towards it and I make the same, but faster...

I stand before the door, smile you and say: "there's nothing in here" and you "then why the handle is full of paint?" I turn to look at it and you take the opportunity to grab it, I risk to stumble when you open the door.

it's a month that I follow a course in oil painting. when I can I practice at home, everywhere. but every time something ends to get dirty, I always promise myself to clean it, but in the meantime I hide it. now the closet is full: a carpet, books, the globe, a plant of flowers, a stool, clothes, never clean brushes and ruined canvases. the couch was too big :)

you are livid when you say: "how long did you think to hide all these things?", but I'm already on the other side of the room, near the sofa: "now I clean and put everything in its place ...". you: "this is sure! but first I will tell you a thing or two! come here, now!". "No! you're too angry! first calm down, nothing serious happened, like I said, now I clean and put everything in its place... "," I should calm down? nothing serious?" and you come towards me.

while you're doing it you take off your belt, and I whine: "no, not the belt ...", "come here I said!", "yes, but you first put it away ...". two great strides and you reach me, but first you'll catch me I try to run away, you move your foot and I fall on the couch: you have made me a tripped!

you grab my ankle and put me bent over the arm of the sofa: "no, please ...", "be quiet!". you pull down my pants and resting a hand on my cheeks you say: "now be good, or it will last longer than expected." I cross my arms, put my face over there and start whining. you lift your arm, I look at the belt with one eye and a second after a strip of acute pain comes over my cheeks, it is only the first, one after the other belting comes.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please!", "You should have thought of this before." the pain is very strong and I try to cover my bottom with the hand, you don't notice it in time and hit the hand "ouch!", "how many times have I told you to not put your hand." you take my hand and control it worried, you kiss it and then belting starts again: "these are to remind you to not cover your cheeks with your hand while I spank you!" now I'm in tears...

the last blows are terrible, when it's over I can't stop crying. you kneel close to me and stroke my hair, I embrace you and your hand goes down to rub my cheeks. "does it hurt?", "yes..." I whisper. you adjust my panties, which now are between cheeks and whisper in my ear: "I'm hungry, go to buy the cheese".

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Views: 557 · Added: 1202 days ago

From my own dad growing up to my fist foster dad to many other men that have where about to tan my hide said this "Alan, your going to get a GOOD spanking!"
As a life long bad boy, May I say I find NOTHING "Good" about about !

I guess it meant it was going to be spanking a spanking that would earn 5 stars on the scale of discipline, but I never understood as a boy about to be spanked why it was a "GOOD" spanking!!!

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