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what makes a good spanker or top or friend?
1. a kind one
2. a fair one
3. someone who doesn't say 1 thing and do another
4. someone who has his preferences but stays within them, in other words he doesn't make exceptions for those outside the preferences because it can hurt another girl who fits that exception's description but not the preferences and gets rejected.
5. someone with compassion but also strongwill
6. creativity
7. what else can you think of?

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I've been away for a while, living real life. But now I'm back and will be sharing some new stories, real and imagined, soon.

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Greetings, Ladies!!! I have started a new service catering to women whom want to have their own personal spanking needs addressed strings, no worries about your spanker (or spankee's) feelings...100% concentrated on YOU and YOUR needs. Whether its a fantasy you've had since a teenager but never had the guts to tell someone about (much less ASK for it)...or if you've a "vanilla" boyfriend or girlfriend who tries his/her best to spank you how you need it but just doesn't quite "get it"...or if you're a busy housewife or career woman who doesn't have time to juggle life AND finding someone to fulfill her spanking needs the way YOU need them fulfilled; if any of the above fit you or if you just simply need your bottom spanked and/or your ass busted from time to time...I CAN HELP!!!
I know there are dating/personal sites out there that cater to matching like-minded spankos...I've even frequented them myself. The problem with being a woman is that not only do you have to contend with the weirdos and freaks...but if you DO find someone who enjoys spanking in the same way you do, you still have to worry about his/her feelings and needs. I eliminate all of this...I let you tell me exactly what you want and need from a spanking session/scenario and then I make it your reality. You simply relax and enjoy your spanking experience OR relax and know I will fulfill your REAL disciplinary needs. Whether its a light otk pink-bottom spanking...or a role-play scenario...or a real severe disciplinary spanking that you're needing (or ANYTHING in-between) I can help.
I'll take your wishes and dreams and desires and make them reality.
I primarily provide administration of spankings...but for the right person in the right situation I may switch and receive one. Bottom line: talk to me. Whether you have a very specific, detailed fantasy or if you prefer to just be taken and punished according to my assessment/protocol...or again...anything in-between: I CAN HELP!!!
You can visit my modest free website: for more information OR contact me via email: or call/text me: (214) 643-5530.
I am NOT a prostitute and do NOT offer sex for money...but if you'd like a red bottom, huge smile, and tremendous satisfaction from a good spanking...I'm the man to talk do it. Don't delay or procrastinate! (that's probably a good reason that you need a spanking so badly...LOL!!!). Give me a call or text or e-mail and let me take care of your spanking dreams & turn them into reality.

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Lately it seems like every little thing is pissing me off I'm snapping more then a snapping turtle I'm even driving myself nuts
So if I said anything to upset anyone plz don't take it personally cuz I really don't mean it :(
Ugh march can't come any faster can't wait to able to have control over my emtions again

I want my teddy bear self back cuz I hate this new grizzly bear Holly :/

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as of today flights have come down in price via this air line southwest flights as low as 49 dollars one way read all the details if you have chosen that special spanko Look up the deatail of the flights and dates and a hotel all you need to be gone is a day so a carry on will be just fine enjoy your life you only get one go around !

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It's been so long since I've had a bottom across my lap. Is there anyone in Michigan willing to give me the experience again?

Chanta's Bitches
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Even though I've been little short of obsessed with discipline spankings most of my life, I did not get the chance to experience one until almost two weeks ago. My history with having a spanking partner was more or less erotic and playful and I knew I needed something more. Although, I found with most things, sometimes you THINK you want something and then it's not what you expect.... That was certainly not the case here. My spanking was more painful than I had anticipated, although nothing I wasn't able to take, and definitely effective! But the emotions I experienced were amazing to say the least. For some people, that ultimate release is in the form of an orgasm.... and oh MY, those certainly are pleasant. But for me, I think I realized that my release is pushing that threshold of control while laying over my partner's knee. No one I've dated has ever really challenged my choices, even when they were poor choices. Or, if they did, it was just as easily dismissed. And then I met someone who DOES challenge me, and DOES point out where things could be improved, and DOES decide to make his points clear by turning my bare bottom a lovely shade of red.

So I did it! I had my first real discipline spanking! The actual spanking itself I can't say was pleasant... but everything that comes with that is quite addicting. And I am certainly very lucky here too, because I couldn't have asked for a better partner. He was firm, but never yelled. He knew the perfect time to take breaks. He knew when I had enough. And he gave me the biggest bear hug ever when it was over. I was as comfortable as I could have possibly been laying across someone's lap getting spanked. I guess as long as I've had this interest, I was damn near 100% sure that this was the type of discipline I needed. Although, until you're actually IN the situation, I suppose anything could happen and maybe it's not what you thought and it's not for you. I can honestly say that I'm very confident in needing this in my life and I'm so interested to see how things progress for me from here....

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I've been going through my vanilla life lately and I'm really starting to realize that I need to satisfy my more interesting tastes.

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So my parents r mad at me for doing exactly what they wanted me to do
They been getting mad that I'm not sleeping at all and being soo far along in my pregnancy they r concerned that I'm not resting enough and I keep telling I'm just not comfortable enough to fall asleep so last night I was tired of hearing the nonstop lectures from them and family members and I tryed to fall asleep but I couldn't so mid night came and I discited to work myself enough to be too sleepy to stay awake and what better way then to walk to my parents house a few blocks away from my apt well when I got there I was sleepy alright I let myself in and forgetting to lock the door behind me and fell asleep on my parents brand new living room couch not relizeing that my hair was wet from the snow

So 6o'clock came and my parents came down stairs getting ready for work
Lol I almost gave both of them a heart a tack when they saw me cuz I wasn't there when they went to bed the night b4 they asked my all sorts of questions my dad's questions were more funnyer then my moms the funniest one was " you spent 1500$ on a bed and u decited to sleep in my living room what hell is wrong with u?" I answered him and said I'm pregnant and my tempertic bed is not comfortable at all lol

So the end result was my dad was late for work because he had to drop me off at my apt after having along talk lol he ended the lecture by saying this " if u must sleep in my living room can u at least make it on a weekend and let me know b4 coming over so it's less creepy?" Lol

This is why me and my dad r soo close he can't stay mad for more then five mins and turns everything into a joke
As for my mother she's not speaking to me at the moment :/

Chanta's Bitches
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'wow that was awesome' he smiled 'naturally, i am awesome' i wink at him. 'yes you are' he agreed. 'A*?' 'oh yes definitely, well done' we both laughed. 'guess what?' he asked 'erm.. what?' 'It's my turn now, are you going to obey me?' 'yes of course, don't i always?' i tease, he rolls his eyes at me 'lay down, face up' i obeyed, he got up, tied my hands and feet, and blindfolded me, so i am laying in the dark, unable to move. The first thing he does is tickle my feet, i have to laugh 'oi stop tickling me, i kicked you last time' 'yeah, but you can't move this time, can you?' 'no i can't, you evil person' 'good job i know how ticklish you are, eh?' he teases.

I feel the ridding crop on my belly, it made me jump, but it didn't hurt, the smacks continue, all the way up my body, on my breasts, between my thighs, then down to my feet. Then he used the riding crop to rub all the way up and down, it feels so good. I feel it again, but this time it is his hand, lightly scratching with his tiny finger nails. wow, who knew it could feel this good, definitely a turn on. Suddenly i feel 2 fingers inside me, very slowly, they are cold, he moves harder, moving at a steady rhythm i can't help but move my pelvis in time to his hand, i start to moan, at the same time he smacks my breasts and plays with my nipples, wow he is also an expert in this department. He continues, puts more fingers in and gets faster. 'come on baby, give it to me' he says 'uh uh stop stop' I say, he loves to see me lose control, i didn't want to give him the satisfaction, once again.

I soon erupt into a full blown violent orgasm. we are both panting once more, i feel him lay down next to me but doesn't untie me or take off the blindfold. 'I can also tell that i am awesome too' he laughs 'do i get A*?' 'A**' i breathe, still recovering 'you going to untie me?' yes but i'm not finished' he unties me and takes my blindfold off, i squint in the bright light, he pulls me over his lap. 'i'm going to give you a good girl spanking, a pleasurable spanking' oh wow, I've seen this in videos, wishing someone would do it to me, now it is really happening.

He starts to spank me, quite hard with his hand, but rubs my butt after every 10, so it feels nice. I then feel something harder, a spoon i think, where was he hiding that in the bedroom? the smacks are hard enough to get my attention but not hard enough to make me fling my hand back. I count 20 in my head, then it stops, and he shows me a knife 'woah, where have you been hiding these?' 'in my draw, for when you are a good girl, it had to happen some time, but obviously not very often' he teases and spanks me with the spoon, twice very hard, 'that's for making me wait ages for you to deserve this' 'ouch i am always good' 'liar' we both giggle, then he uses the knife on my butt, the back edge, so it feels amazing, but doesn't cut my skin.

He scratches all over my butt, up and down, side to side, between my thighs. It is an amazing, relaxing sensation. He spanks me with the spoon, rubs lotion on my butt then scratches, does this over and over, i think for about 20 minutes, but i lost track, i could lay here all day with him doing that. 'okay, up you get, was that good?' 'yes it was so good, thank you' 'you're most welcome' he kisses me and i kiss back. 'okay, you better get home, remember your mum wanted you home for dinner and you need to clean that room that you can't seem to keep tidy'. He looks at me sternly and adds 'next time you come round i want to give you another good girl spanking, not a punishment spanking, got it?' 'yes sir' we both smile, and hug each other and then I leave.. but not for long.

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I came back from the hardware store yesterday afternoon to find my wife working in the kitchen cleaning up. I kissed her on the top of the head and went into our back room to continue working on a project that I had started. About 10 min later My wife showes back up and says what are you going to do with that extra wood that you have left over "Make A PADDLE????" I laughed and said "Why Yes" I spenk the next 3 hours working on my project and then devoted 20 min to making a nice one foot long paddle with good size holes. I walked into the room where my wife was and said "there you go" and laughed she then did something that I was not expecting and bent right over pulled down her sweat pants and said well atleast warm me up with your hand. I warmed her up for about 10-20 swats and then started in with the paddle to my shock after swat 7 the board split right down the middle and by stroke 9 it was in two pieces. We both laughed and said well that is one way to end a spanking.

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So I've been trying to get back into my writing so I've been working on a non fiction story that happened to me not too long ago
So I'm wondering if ppl would like me to post it on here?

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Esto puede ser verdad o no lo dejo a imaginacion de ustedes.
En la en la universidad tenia un tutor, porque no me iba bien en algunas asignaturas y sobre todo en historia de la música.No solo era mi tutor sino tambien mi profesor . Como no me iba bien, me diste unas partituras para que las estudiara, pero no lo hice y me fui con mis amigas a tomar algo. Cuando volvi, me acorde que tenia que ir a tu oficina, sabia que llegaria tarde.
Usted me habias citado para las 15hs y yo llegue las 15:45, cuando me abrio las puerta ( estabas parado con tus manos cruzadas en el pecho , .)tu cara era muy seria, pero no me dijo nada, ni me saludo, solo se sento en su silla y me dijo que vaya al piano. Yo no habia practicado nada, sabia que eso te haria enojar. Mis compañeras me habian contado que usted castigabas a quien no practicaba( pero nunca me dijeron cual era el castigo).
Ya en los primero acordes me equivoca, solo podia sentir tu mirada seria detras de mi.
En un momento te paraste te acercaste y me preguntaste si habia estudiado, yo no decia nada, entonces me volvias a preguntar, y yo nada, entonces me levantaste de la butaca me miraste y me dijiste estas catigada, yo pense que me ibas a dejar mas tiempo tocando o que me ibas a dar mas partituras pero no fue asi. Me llevo hasta la silla y me puso esobre sus rodillas y comenzo a azotarme, no me dolia mucho porque los pantalones eran grueso, igualmente yo me movia bastante y vos me decias que me quedara quieta.Me dijo que me levantara me bajo usted mismoel pantalon hasta la mitad del muslo, y comenzaste a darme nalgadas sobre mi ropa interior como yo seguia moviendome me bajaste el la ropa y directamente a culo desnudo me comenzaste a dar nalgadas. Comenzaste azotandome con la mano, por todo mi culo, no quedo una sola parte de sin ser azotado.
Despues me sentaste en la butaca del piano eso me dolio bastante y me dijo que me pusiera a tocar,cada vez que me equivocaba, me levantabas del brazo y parada me daba unas 10 nalgadas, me dolia mucho el culo.
cuando vi el reloj me habia azotado mas de 25 minutos. Me miraste muy serio y me dijiste la proxima vez que te de algo para que estudies lo vas hacer, de lo contrario la proxima sera peor.
Me dijiste que me podia subir la ropa y antes de despedirme me diste otra nalgada y me dijiste: Un recordatrio para la proxima vez!

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My ass has finally completely healed from my NY trip!!!!!

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Hey all,

As everyone knows by now there is some gossip going around on ST about Liz, the rumored daughter of Agoodspanking.

The female who claims to be Agoodspanking's daughter is KrissySpanked

Look her up and ask her!

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Desde muy pequeña me han llamado la atencion las nalgadas.
De niña nunca recibi una.
Conoci por esta pagina a una persona y comenzamos a hablar y el me preguntaba sobre el tema, si alguna vez habia recibido unos azotes, yo lo unico que le decia es que me queria recibirlas.
Hasta que sucedio.
Me la aplico mi entrenador de que aparte es un amigo de muchos años y que me conoce muy bien.
Me coloco sobre sus rodillas y comenzo a darme un largo sermon, al principio no me movia, pero despues de unas cantas nalgadas sobre mis pantalones, me los bajo y ahi fue cuando comence a mover mis piernas y a tratar de taparme con la mano, pero el al tener mas fuerza que yo, me trabo las piernas con su pierna y me sujeto la mano en la espalda con la mano suyo, estab totalmente indefensa.
Despues de haberme azotado durante 20 minutos , me solto me puso de pie frente a él y me dijo que si mi comportamiento no cambiaba iba a recibir muchos azotes mas.
Por supuesto que desde ese dia no me porte nunac mas BIen jaja.
Gracias por dar un lugar para que podamos compartir y expresar lo que nos gusta

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Have you ever obeyed because someone if you don't obey your spanking will be 10 times worse ? Well I obeyed and submitted and it was like 30 times worse:( sometimes I wonder why ?

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a punishment for me....
this is the punishment that i riceved was hard but i full earned it....

Alright Libertins-

You will repeat this spanking every other day for a week and hopefully this will help to improve your naughty behavior and your bad attitude. But first we are going to wash your mouth out with soap, you will only have to do this once, but a nice way to start any harsh punishment off I feel.

You will take two tablespoons of liquid dish soap and place them on your tongue and keep them there for 5 minutes no spitting it out before the time is done, then you may rinse a couple of times.

Now I want you to go into the bathroom and remove everything from the waist down and wet a washcloth and then soak your bottom with it. You will take the plastic brush and smack your bottom check 10 times each check that is 10 times. Then re wet the cloth and repeat until you have reached 100 swats per check.

Now you will take the plastic brush and smack your bottom check 100 times each making sure to pay close attention to your sit spot.

Next you will go kneel in the corner with your hands at your sides for 10 minutes no rubbing or touching your bottom, if you do you will get penalty smacks. You will have to take the paddle after your spanking is finished and paddle your bottom 10 times for every time you rub your bottom is that clear?

Now I want you to take the belt and spank your naughty bottom for 6 minutes without stopping and make sure you are also smacking your thighs as well during this six minute time period.

Next corner time again for another 5 minutes.

Again you will come out of the corner and take the paddle and smack your bottom 150 times and now you will smack your thighs 50 times each thigh.

Finally you will take a penny or something close to that in your currency and place it on the wall. You will kneel on the floor and hold the penny with your nose again your hands at your sides and hold the penny there for 10 minutes. Again no rubbing or touching. If you drop the penny you will give yourself 20 smacks with the paddle for each time your drop the penny. Make sure you pick the penny back up and place it back on the wall.

Once you have finished with your corner time and done the penalty smacks you may get dressed and then report your punishment on here to me. Remember you will do this every other day for a week starting today!

report of punishment that I write for miss..

ouch... i finish my was terribly hard... the sensation on the brush on the wet bottom sting as hell.... still have the taste of soap.. what a hard way to punish a girl....i hate it...
I give me the stroke and the punishment as you ordered me miss.. sometimes I would to stop but a voice in my head say me that is what I erned with my stupid attitude and I must take my punishment.... after the 100 of brush my botttom is quite red ...i give me the belt with a mirror behind so I can se better and administer the stokes with the right force and the last minutes in diaper position to hit better the thigs...during the paddle my bottom hurt as hell and was terribly red.... and the pain icrease stroke by stroke....and was terribly to apply the 80 supplementary strkes... yes 80...
the corners time is very very looooooong... i don't like it and so for that I earned a lot of penality strokes....50 for the penny and 30 to moove until the corner time.... during the corner time to not leave position I think that you are behind me and see all that I doing.. and I immagine what a hard punishment wait me if i leave the position or touch my bottom... after each spanking session I applied a lotion on my bottom to prevent marks.... hope is not a problem.... I worried for the other days of the week.. my bottom is stil hurt on this chair but the spanking is appost to hurt .. are you agree??
thanks for the lesson that you touch me... I will reort you the next punishment...... i'm grateful with you...
your nauthy libertins

Chanta's Bitches
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U know those times when it's best not to laugh but u can't help it and laugh and get into more trouble lol well I tend to not listen to those times cuz I tend to laugh at everything that being said my dad is mad at me for laughing in the middle of him yelling at me for getting sick and missed the trash bin lol

I couldn't help it he said "I never met someone who can't aim"
Like I'm shooting hoops or something lol

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A whole week of being good In bed each night by ten. Delivered the 550 lines with thanks! Not even one stripe this weekend. How good is that?

Cutie Spankee