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Just got back from a trip.

First to the shore of the Bay of Fundy for its red rocks, and the blueberry fields in their fall/autumn colour of red. Mmmm, red - resonates somehow.

Then on to Cape Breton Island for the forest in all its coloured splendour: more reds and oranges, and tons of yellow. Since it's birch trees that turn yellow, it's reassuring to know that there are still millions of them around in case of need.

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I have beaten my own backside many times over the years, but what I really like is to have a young lady who is sufficiently sadistic to thoroughly enjoy hurting me to test my limits without causing injury. I am not into verbal abuse though, so I prefer a friendly but sadistically playful manner. At my age I'm no longer good with sex itself, but I'm happy for you to get relief however you like.
Anyone who would enjoy doing this to me? Get your imagination going...

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Noise of keys, a lock that clicks. I open my eyes. I can not make out the room; I see a man that I do not recognize and my heart starts to beat faster. I am not at my home. Then slowly the hypnopompic clouds dissolve and I remember everything.

I am at Anna's home and must find a good explanation to give her and her husband for this invasion.

He is the first to speak, and with a gentle smile gives me good morning. I introduce myself and he does the same, then he looks at me for a little while and says, "I remember you... you were one of Anna's pupils". A little embarrassed I confirm his memory.

Davide takes full possession of the room; he frees himself of the jacket and puts his bag on the floor. While he does this, he continues to remind aloud, "One day you and your mother came here. She wanted to talk with Anna about your bad grades".

"They were not so bad!" I protest, unconvinced.

Davide laughs and says, "Yes, they were! And I remember very well how much your mother was angry with you, and Anna tried to reassure her saying that she had already taken control of the situation".

Oh my God! How many things he remembers, and he does not seem willing to stop this plunge into the past. He thinks about it for a while and then adds, "You said something, I can not remember now... but what I do remember is your mother that chased you around the couch and Anna that tried to calm her down..."

I would disappear, I do not remember that Davide was there. Perhaps it was Anna to tell him about that afternoon; it is more likely that he saw me out of school when he came to take Anna. But you look at these two! Who knows how many laughs they have made on my misadventures!

"How did it end?", he asks me.

"Nothing... got home she punished me, but since then my grades improved...", I say thoughtfully.

"She punished you...", he echoes. His eyes light up and I have an idea.

"Yes, she spanked me!", I lie shamelessly.

I can feel the tension between us rise. I know that I uttered the magic word. The time seems to expand and the space between us become more dense. But a noise in the other room breaks the incantation.

It is Anna. We both turn around and see her walk in the room. She pales when she notices me.

He approaches her, puts his hand around her waist and kisses her. He whispers something in her ear that I can not hear.

I decide to intervene, before that Anna panics, and I say, "I am sorry Davide for this invasion. Yesterday I asked Anna to help me with an exam... I enrolled at university and I have some problem.. . then it was late to go home and I stayed here for the night".

He reassures me saying that there is no problem, and in addition scolds Anna for letting me sleep on the couch without even giving me a pajama. I avoid looking at her, I know that she would kill me...

Davide asks me if I am hungry. Anna is against it, she says that it is better if I get back home. I ignore her and say to him, "Milk, thank you", and I present him my most innocent smile. Anna is furious, but she tries to hide it; after all how could she justify her discomfort of having me here.

He kisses her again and says, "Do not worry, go get dressed, if I am not mistaken your lesson begins in a little while. I will prepare breakfast for Ellie". She can not help but obey him; if she does not want to seem hysteric or tell the truth...

Alone at last. Davide goes into the kitchen; I take my bag and follow him.

I remember having the book by Pierre Louys and lay my bag on the table so that the book comes out. Davide notices it while brings me a glass of milk.

"Is this the book for your exam?", he says turning it to see the title, and reads, "A Handbook of Good Manners for Little Girls". He lifts an eyebrow. I pretend to be worried and try to get the book. This intrigues him.

He chooses a page at random and reads, "Don't hang your dildo on the crucifix over your bed. The proper place for these instruments is under your pillow". Davide raises his eyes from the book shocked. He finds another page and reads, "When you've used a banana for your own self-satisfaction or that of the chambermaid, don't put it back in the fruit bowl before you have carefully wiped it off". He chooses another page and I hold a laugh; he reads, "If you're out riding horseback and find yourself next to a handsome horseman, give a deep sigh and say, 'Ah... ah!...' whenever your saddle provokes especially titillating sensations within you, but only provided you glance at your riding companion and say immediately: 'Those sighs were for you, Monsieur!'"

And the game begins.

"Please Davide, do not tell Anna about the book. She will be angry if she knows that I am wasting my time with these readings instead of preparing for my exam, and she will not want to help me anymore..."

He hesitates, seems undecided, looks at me and I try to corrupt him with a wicked smile. And finally he decides, because he says, "Anna is so kind to you offering her help, and see how you repay her!"

"I am so sorry..."

"You would deserve a punishment..."

"Yes, you are right, but I do not want to lose Anna's help..."

"I see..."

"You could punish me, without saying anything... and I promise you that I will not waste my time anymore..."

I am controlling too much, now I set the tone, I can let him run the show; but he seems still bridled by feelings of guilt. We have little time and I play my last card. I put my hand over his and say, with a firm voice, "Spank me, Davide. Spank me!"

He is tense, I do not know what is going on in his mind. Suddenly the sound of the shower makes us wince. He grabs the hand which I have put over his and with a sadistic smile says, "Come here naughty girl. Put your elbows on the table, you deserve a good punishment for your impertinence!"

I let myself get dragged; I am already completely wet!

My skirt in this position covers just my bottom. Davide does not dare to lift it and I do it for him. This breaks down definitively his defenses. The first spank lands right in the middle of my bottom, very strong. He seems to have discharged with it all his tension. We both lock, as if waiting for the consequences of what we just did. The water of the shower continues to flow paying no attention to us.

It is the last permission we needed. Now we know that we can make noise, Anna can not hear us.

The second slap lands lighter than the first. Davide now takes all the time to savor this secret pleasure. We do not say anything, I hold back every moan which tries to escape me. You only hear the rhythmic sound of his hand which hits my bottom and the roar of the water.

Suddenly Davide stops and shifts a little the hem of my panties. I turn to see what happens and I feel his fingers brush my skin. The marks left by Anna! I would distract him, but I do not know how, I can only say, "Davide..."

"Shut up and take your punishment!", he hisses. He resumes spanking me and every kindness is now gone. I can only wait for it to finish and bite my finger to prevent me from screaming.

I do not know what he has got; I am confused and scared. The pain sharpens my emotions and I burst into tears.

The water does not flow anymore and Davide stops. He grabs me by the arm and pulls me, forcing me to look at him. He says, "It was what you wanted, don't you?". I nod sniffling.

He leaves my arm and says, "Drink your milk!". I can not think of anything and like an automaton obey him.

I look at him from above the glass while he puts back the book in my bag. He hands me it, then reconsiders. He rummages in the bag, I do not dare stop him. I put the empty glass on the table. I have understood what he is looking for! The books for the exam which I had said to have to take. Obviously, he does not find them.

He smiles, but instinct tells me that there is nothing reassuring behind his expression. Davide gives me back the bag and says, "Clean your lips, they are dirty of milk". I feel humiliated, I thought I could make this man do what I wanted and instead now he is the one who pulls strings.

I ask him, "Can I say goodbye to Anna before going?"

He bursts out laughing and says, "Of course not! But do not worry, you will see her again soon. We are waiting for you for dinner this evening", still that odious smile of one who feels master of the situation.

Wait! What did he say? I am stunned. We are waiting for you? For dinner?

Davide goes to the entrance door and opens it. He moves to one side and says, "Bye Ellie. See you this evening". Then he adds, with a tone which seems threatening, "I will greet Anna for you".

I go to the door and stop in the doorway. I would refuse his invite but I am too embarrassed to say something and I remain here gazing at the landing.

Davide huffs and with a resounding slap on my bottom pushes me out. "At seven o'clock. Do not be late!", he says just before closing the door.

I hear cat's miaow and mentally reply, "Yes, you are right, I messed up..."

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That if i don't get that spanking i deserve sometime soon I'ma go insane!


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Today I am writing out of frustration and a bit of confusion. So, if you've read my blog you all know of Jared-my friend and now recently my boyfriend. Jared and I are alike in many ways. We are both stubborn, pig-headed really. We both have definite ideas about life and most of all we are both right. Always.

Well, we are going through something today. I am really very confused. When he called me today Jared seemed very testy, like it wouldn't take much to push him over the edge and as it turns out I was right. The conversation was not going well. He had something to discuss which was bothering him but I knew if the conversation got charged it wouldn't end well with him in that mood and me not at my best.

Long story short he thinks I disrespected him, and I feel I was disrespected. I don't want to fight with him, I love him. I really think he needs a good spanking personally, which I have done a few times in the past but I won't see him today. So I can't help him settle his emotions that way. I really don't know what to do...

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My first adult spanking was in my late 20s. Since that time I have been spanked many times, although at irregular intervals. I would guess that in the last 30 years my spankings have been about every two months, but there may have been periods when they were more or less frequent than the average.

The question I have, though, is whether I will reach a point where I get too old to be spanked. Recently I got a severe caning (you can watch the video), and the marks have still not completely healed although its a week later. I was surprised also how much that caning took out of me. In contrast to most of my spankings, I actually felt a little weak for a time after it was over. The feeling ended quickly and the caning was especially severe, but it did make me wonder whether aging had impaired my ability to take punishment.

The other factor at issue – and this causes me concern – is that it seems that I am reaching a point where I need more severe spankings to get the same effect. I've looked at videos of some of the OTKs I've received, and they appear to be fairly severe, although they didn't seem so at the time. In fact, I'm rarely taken to, or even close, to my limit any more. I'm not completely sure, but its possible that my spankers see my age and so take it easy on me. But another possible explanation is that years of spanking have deadened my nerves to the point where I don't experience the same level of pain. A final possibility is that I have simply taught myself to deal with the pain and so I can take more than I could when I was younger and less experienced.

It seems clear that I can not continue to increase the severity of the spankings I receive. If I do I will eventually reach a point where I'm actually at risk of suffering permanent physical harm. I've been spanked a lot of times, but I've never suffered a permanent injury and I'm not willing to now. So it looks like I may have to settle for spankings that are less severe or less painful.

There was a first spanking. Eventually there will be a last. The question is when will the last one be.

I invite readers to comment. Do you reach an age when you're too old to be spanked? Can you continue enjoying spankings into late middle age?

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(Shout out to Pharaoh for the inspiration!)

The successful brat moves forward with trepidation. Can I...will I submit to a Daddy who demands so much? Isn't getting caught part of the fun of the chase? Surely, my negotiation skills will work on him, right? The princess in me wonders if the reality might be much harsher than the spanking fantasy in my head...hmmm. What if my tolerance doesn't live up to his expectations? What if safe words are flying around in the first few minutes?!? Will a slap to my thigh lay me flat or his infamous belt make me cry out? And what of the leather paddle I laid at his feet...I can only shiver and remember,

"I hope you enjoyed your years of misbehaving and being disrespectful because they are now over...YOU will get the belt, YOU will not be disobedient and YOU will call me SIR."

Will this successful brat become a spanked princess???? Better practice counting to 29...just in case. ;-)

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I need a spanking because I am ready to commit murder and I don't want to but I am in fear of my life. My ex husband will not leave me alone. I have no boyfriend to protect me from this man and I have children who needs protecting as well. What is a girl to do? I wish I could disappear right now. Any suggestions? Would like to hear them all.

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este relato lo escribi hace algunos años
espero os guste

Bad Females
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Both very well regaurd female tops, we had a conversation about my latest adventure that had left ny ass quiet sore and leggs to,
it was more along the lines of women ganging up on me and trying to hit home runs like it was the world series of spanking, I think I was hit with everything but the kitchen sink, live and learn not to cheat at hiden seek, its been almost 5 days and I am still feeling it.

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I am currently looking for a submissive/slave girl or woman for a relationship and or to some spanking videos. I always use safe words and am very respectful and cautious with my submissive partners.
If you are over 18 and would consider being spanked by me on video for this website,please call me at 812-381-0541 or email me at to discuss your ideas.
Thank you

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Therefore trust and honesty is rated pretty high on my list. Yes I still take peoples word til they prove me wrong, If I ask you to promise me something. You keep your promise or you don't promise me you will.

Once I find out that you broke a promise to me, It will take a LONG time to regain my trust.

I do not play around with trust and honesty, If I show you that respect the least you can do is show me the same.

I keep my word with you, you can keep your word with me.

Do you expect me to put myself in a position and give you all control over me, if you can't keep a simple promise with me?

How am I to know those "Promises" that you made that you would be careful not to severely hurt me, or that you would not go over board, or that you actually do care. Mean anything if you can't keep a simple small promise.

My rant for the day, Sitting back having a drink and trying to calm down..
Yes I know I shouldn't be drinking but I needed something to calm my nerves right now.

Hope everyone is well

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I search his eyes. There so playful and yet so serious.
Jeff still has hold of my hair when we hear footsteps. As quickly as he grabbed me he lets go sending me tumbling. I lose my balance and am falling, and just as quick as ever he catches me, standing me up right.
You should be a little more careful he says still grinning sinisterly.
Charles walks in to the entrance way. Good evening Sir, anything I can do for you tonight? Not taking his eyes off me Jeff says. No Charles I think we’re going to go upstairs and prepare for bed. It has been a long day, he says squinting and smiling.
Bed, yea right! He has no intentions of going to bed I think to myself. The only thing involving a bed that will be happening tonight is me being bound to it for him to do as he pleases.
If that is all, I will leave you and Miss. King to it. Charles says bowing slightly.
Thank you Charles I do hope you have a peaceful night, Jeff says bemused.
I think to myself peaceful? Is that supposed to be a joke for, I hope Ashanti doesn’t disturb you too much with her wails. I shake my head. Eyeing me intently Jeff nods as if to say, that’s exactly what I meant.
Charles walks again back down the hallway. I listen to his footsteps fade off into the distance of the mansion.
Jeff turns and walks up the stairs, without hesitation I follow behind him like a lost puppy. He doesn’t even need to tell me to follow that much I have learned, he leaves you follow unless told otherwise. It’s sort of like a cat mouse game.
Holding on to the banister I follow closely behind. We walk down the hall way, he turns to his bedroom and closes the door. I continue a little further and enter my room closing the door. Standing against the wall I take a long drawn out breath. Maybe he has decided to just let me go to bed and pretend that dinner never took place. *yea right! My conscious is glaring at me arms folded. You know he’s not going to just forget about dinner.*
Though I would like to think differently I know she’s right. Jeffery Stone, forget? Not even in a coma would he forget.
Shaking my head I go to the bathroom.
The bathroom is spacious. On wall is nothing but a mirror, I couldn’t escape looking at my hideous reflection if I tried. The bathtub is the size of any normal person’s bathroom. You could put a football team in it and it would still have room left over for more. The sink is made if granite, the faucet and handles gold. Who needs their bathroom to look so stylish? You use it for one purpose, cleansing yourself. Seems like a waste to me.
Standing back and looking at myself, I take another long drawn out breath. What does Jeffery Stone possibly see in me? I am skinny and shabby looking.
Have you ever seen those kids in Africa that appear to be starving to death with God only knows what illness? That is what I look like. My conscious shakes her head in disapproval at my thoughts. *damn right about one thing, why did he choose you. Even I can’t figure that out. He could had any body and yet he chose you.* she continues shaking her head as I frown at my appearance in the mirror.
Sighing, I slide out of my shirt. As it is going over my head and my reflection comes back into view. There is Jeffery Stone, standing in the bathroom door watching me intently.
How does he do that? I didn’t even hear him open my bedroom door. It’s almost like he walks through walls and doors. Unable to move I stand there gawking at him mouth open, shirt half way over my head. That is just creepy I think to myself.
Without speaking he approaches me gracefully.
You seem to have gotten yourself into a bind Miss King, he says with a childish grin.
I’m sure you love it, I think to myself. Jeffery slides my shirt the rest of the way over my head. Tossing the shirt aside he runs his fingers through my hair.
What to do with you Miss. King, oh what to do?

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I've been a spanker of women for as long as I can remember. From my early life back in Scotland where tawse and cane were commonly used in the schools. I got my taste for discipline as a preference then, always skillfully avoiding getting punishment myself.Living now in Australia I have met many women who have the 'urge' to be spanked, paddled, cropped and caned. We're slowly becoming mainstream, due to movies like 'Secretary' and books like '50 Shades...'I'm looking forward to spanking salons on street corners before I turn up my toes :-)FJ

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I've always felt a little nervous about telling people that aren't into the DD lifestyle about it for fear that they might judge me and think I'm crazy or something. But I'm a part of this website called tagged where I actually built up my confidence and talked about DD after I did various people males and females a lot of them was black and puerto rican inboxed me asking me about DD and I got to explain it and they actually thought that their was nothing wrong with it and quite a few of them was into DD but jusy didn't want to be the first to say anything openly so I'm glad I did. And the good thong anout they is all in my area. So I learned never be afraid to publicly talk about your lifestyle because it may open up a whole new thing for u.

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You have to change your blog now... I put up a different one and yours directs ppl to mine, it doesn't fit... :) what are you going to write??? :) Perhaps describe your favorite spanking experience, or the first time you took a naughty girl over your knee & spanked her soundly, your emotional & physical reaction to it.. Is it difficult to spank a woman in a disciplinary fashion when it's arousing for you? Do you sometimes stop the spanking prematurely to give in to your sexual urges?


Dear Prettyinred:

That's a lot of questions, young lady. Well, let's see...

Do you sometimes stop the spanking prematurely to give in to your sexual urges?


Is it difficult to spank a woman in a disciplinary fashion when it's arousing for you?


Perhaps describe your favorite spanking experience.

My favorite spanking experience is always the last spanking I gave a naughty girl. So, as of right now, it would be the one I gave a girl yesterday for forgetting to feed her friend's cats while the friend was out of town. She came over and we were getting ready to go out when I remembered what she had done (or hadn't done) the night before.

"Hold on," I said, and took hold of her hand. As I pulled her to my couch I grabbed a red, lacquered, wooden hairbrush from a shelf. This is her least-favorite implement. She calls it, unaffectionately, the "Butt-flattener" and her face fell when she saw me pick it up. I sat down on the couch and positioned her in front of me. She was wearing short, pleated shorts over tights, so I unbuttoned them and pulled them down before turning her over my knee. Then, after I bent her down and her bottom arched up into an ideal target, I pulled down her tights and gave her a paddling with the brush, lecturing her the whole time. She forgets important things fairly often, and I want it to stop.

"Do you deserve this?" I asked her, with the brush hovering over her bare bottom, which now featured a perfect red circle on each cheek.

"Yes, sir," she whimpered.


"Because I forgot something important again."

"Yes, you did," I said, and gave her a half dozen more whacks.

"Am I going to have to spank you for this again?"

"No, sir."

"If I do, I'm going to bruise your butt."

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir, what?"

"If I forget like this again, you're going to bruise my butt."

Fall is slinking into winter here in Chicago. It was kind of chilly in my place, and I think that heightened the paddling--her skin seemed a bit more raised and red than I would typically associate with a spanking like this, which was only moderately hard. I told her to go get some lotion. When she came back, I put her back across my lap, squirted some lotion in my hand, rubbed my hands together to warm it up, and then massaged it into the two red circles on her butt. Then I told her to pull up her pants and we left.


Anyway, there are some answers for you, little girl. I think I'll save the first spanking I ever gave for another time.

Behave yourself.



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This week has been a big let down in more then one way. My thoughts r all over the place and I just wish I knew wat to do. Y can't I just get the answers I need to so I can make the decisions that will help me.

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Sarah's birthday on Friday, so as a bit of a treat we booked lunch in a nice hotel for ourselves and some friends. No special day, we are sure you would agree, is complete without a spanking, however. Therefore, my darling found herself bent over the kitchen table with her knickers pooled at her ankles for a dozen strokes of the cane half an hour before the taxi arrived to whisk us away to our table.

Wonder if the rather pretty waitress noticed her wince as she sat down?



Bad Females
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So I know I need a spanking bad!!!! I went to church, first time in months, and I struggled to stay focused. So the preacher man tells us to turn to a scripture...well my bible is on my phone and some how I ended up turning to the "book" of spanking tube. Spanking tube in church....not good. I may be a little addicted... So with that said, I'm officially in need of a good butt cuttin'!!!!

#stubeinchurchspellsheathen! Lol.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

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Another newbie question..... So SpankERS can spank multiple SpankEES but SpankEES are allowed to have only one SpankER.....Why is that? Seems like a double standard to me. Obedience is better than sacrifice I get it......Im just asking!!!!

Girl Spanks Girl