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Views: 469 · Added: 1046 days ago

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.

Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.

Attitude is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do.

It is more important than appearance, gifted-ness or skill.

It will make or break your business, your home, OR YOU.

The remarkable thing is that "WE" have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.

We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I act and NOT react to it. (grins)

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Views: 1008 · Added: 1046 days ago

ok i dropped in to see a few people last nite and from the time i was noticed she was on my ass, i bounce from person to person that i was keeping some prommise to that i would talk to when i got into town and every time i got a free moment she was on me like a hawk on a field mouse, the whitty banter exshanged and another friend slipped into the mix and i slipped away outside for a smoke was i safe out there hell no she was right out there in 28 degree weather determined to beat me with in an inch of my life,as i was outside and alittle more confident in public and safe from harm so i thought my mouth got a little bit faster and my tauge a bit sharper bad thing was i was in wing tips with an all leather sole and she was in a pair of cross trainers out of her heels i had no traction and a knee brace on , well she said if you want to keep running at the mouth you will get it right here i said with you hand you will get laught at, from her coat pocket came out a hair brush with holes in it damn, and yes she will rawl with a guys and she one of those women that have a badge and a gun so a wee bit of truble non the less my trusty redheaded friend came along and saved my butt because i bought drinks earlier but she said i see you at the party all by your lonesome in a private room with the door closed and will see u get out of it them and she smiled and walked away!,,,,, home safe and no burning behind Shee thank goodness for ginger!

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Views: 438 · Added: 1046 days ago

Last night while Mommy was out she said i could watch the Bronocos game aslong as i went to bed Right after and I DID! I obeyed her rules even tho i wasnt that sleepy But i did it i got into bed took my glasses off didnt watch tv and fell asleep shortly after. My Mommy told me just now before she gose to bed That she was very Proud of me for obeying and Being a Good Boy :).
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 1688 · Added: 1046 days ago

First I would like to thank you for reading this message, My desire to live in a domestic discipline relationship is great, but unlike many my own version is slightly different from the standard Head of Household relationship often seen on the Internet. Let me explain:

Every relationship should be based on trust, fairness, mutual respect and affection. I looking for all this in a domestic discipline relationship plus something a bit different, equality. I want a relationship where either party will punish the other for unacceptable behavior and/or mistakes. A mutual domestic discipline relationship, for the sake of giving something a name.

The thinking behind mutual domestic discipline is that we all have things about ourselves we don't like and want to change, however, if the discipline is just applied to one person then other person remains static. My both being subjected to similar sort of rules and punishments it helps both parties to change things or point out what needs to change in a loving, trusting environment. It means that both parties work equally to make each other better for the benefit of the relationship.

So who am I, well, I am a mature, self confident man, in my late forties and I am interested in meeting like mind women interested in mutual domestic discipline for a long term relationship. Age is unimportant to me, as I am old enough to appreciate a deeper, not only physical relationship. You should be a liberal minded, open and honest. If you see yourself in this description, and are interested in meeting an intelligent man with a slightly different view on domestic discipline, please contact me. You could be the person I have been waiting all my life to finally met or at least a new friend.

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Views: 789 · Added: 1046 days ago

Today I was thinking about spankings. You shouldn't be surprised since I'm a member here. But the funny thing was I was thinking about it so hard that I missed an entire speech my boss was giving me. When he finished with whatever he was saying (still have no clue lol). I responded with an "ok." I know I should have told him "I forgot to listen" But my job is pretty self explanitory, and he repeats himself quite a bit. Hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt :

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Views: 979 · Added: 1047 days ago

I know no body really knows me on here ,but I am having a sad and stressful day. I woke up to start what I thought was going to be a good day , to only get a call from my grandpa who had went to the doctors today to find out that he has cancer and the type of cancer he has , has no cure . He is also in stage 4 and the tumor only is growing bigger, which means that without any treatment that can be given he only has 3-6 months to live . The thing that hit me home was the fact that when I saw him today he hugged me tight when he was telling me and he was pacing back and forth and all he could say was " I don't know how I am going to do this " and before he started to cry he stopped himself and ran out the door. After all that , I come home and I get another call from my grandma on the other side of the family and she went into the hospital Monday and is still there with and infection and her blood output is high so emergency surgery will be for tomorrow morning ,You know your probably thinking why should you care I wrote this so I could feel a little better and also to remind everyone to say I love you to the people you care about as often as you can cause you never know when the last time you will be able to do so , you never know when it will be to late :(

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Views: 447 · Added: 1047 days ago

So I May be going to vist my Mommy sometime next Year that will be SOO COOL Even if i will get spanked LOL!.
And she has shown me a HUGE Ammount for Trust Tonight saying if i take a Nap witch i am about to do i can stay up and watch the NFL Game on Tv Here tonight if i go right back to bed after Witch i will do I Plan to show she can trust Me :).
Love you All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 1030 · Added: 1047 days ago

I recently got a spanking story published. I am SUPER excited. It will be coming out in an upcoming book published by Bethany's Woodshed! Yey!!

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Views: 460 · Added: 1047 days ago

just want say hi to everyone i finally decide to post a blog to let everyone know little about me i been into spanking since my teenage years i am now 40 years old sure i been spanked by some female but never was the type of spanking i want from female i want one with it is strict no nonesene spanking untill my cute booty butt is red and sore belive me i have earn that type of spankings lol if want know my reason just ask me i will tell you then iam going ask what you going do about my behvaior i know smart commemnt for me to make to the female who does spank and is female spanker we all know what she going to do right!!!!!!!!!!!

one reason i enjoy about being spanked is being taught lesson i know i need to learn and knowing the female has my best intrested at heart too and i know there guys out there who may or may not admit they get punish at home by wife or gf when alone with male friends i mean like if you go out and the wife or gf tell u be home by certain time you need be obey that dont you doubt a guy will say i have be home by the time told to be if not iam going get a spanking untill i cant sit lol

i think most mens are well behave and treat female good not casue the type of person they are but may be from the spankings they get from the females in there life. iam sure their are awesome female spanker out there as the male one. bottom line is the male spankee want same thing the female spankee so in way we are the same i do accept fact that some female may not want to switch casue not there style usally when i see that i accept her decison i enjoy watching all of these video on spanking tube so i want say keep on spanking everyone and keep those video comming

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Views: 1870 · Added: 1047 days ago

well, well, it looks like my bottom is safe for another week. Seems my adopted 'Dad' can't make it up here due to a dinner meeting at his work place:) haha there IS a God! will keep ya informed.

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Views: 416 · Added: 1047 days ago

Ok so A New day and a New Me Allready started off good Had Breakfast i was in bed at 10 and slept till 7 well 6 55 LOL And now to see what i can do today was supossed to be going to a course i was on but since i have done what i was sent there to do i have decied i can do job seraching from Home LOL And not have to pay for busses and trains. How are all My Friends doing? I Thinking about maybe Writing a Paper on something Just Not sure what Any ideas? It would be about the Lifestyle. i just cant think of a topic I May start a Proper Blog So i dont fill Up the blog page on here with day to day stuff as i follow my New rules :)
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 1131 · Added: 1048 days ago

[size=200][/size]Well...I thought I could keep my temper & swearing under controle, NOT!!! Why is it, that temper fits and swearing go hand in hand? My Adopted 'Dad' seems to think I can just turn off my emotions like a light switch and that i am in controle of my emotions, guess he needs ta be a female for a week and see how well THAT goes over with him. But never the less I lost my temper ...on him of ALL people...sheesh am I a dufus or what, now not only am I gettin punished for loosing my temper but for swearing at HIM...and of course there's the "attitude" adjustment. He has a friend who handles that department all too well, he calls it the attitude adjuster, but i just call it the Hairbrush from hell! man alive just when I thought I was safe...well I guess you can figure the rest out. After writing him a 2 page essay about what I will try to do in future to keep my temper in check and what the repercussions are that follow temper fits of my well as what i can expect to happen as a I KNOW what the results will be and have been....a very red, sore rear end. Oh well till next time folks, will keep you informed as things unfold. *Maybe even a video or some pics to follow this spanking.* We will see. Till then, y'All have fun, and happy spanks!

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Views: 495 · Added: 1048 days ago

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you begin daily to daydream that maybe someday it will happen ! That is so me today i just wish i could have that dream .

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Views: 4486 · Added: 1048 days ago

T-Shirts now available:

"I've been spanked by a Crazycouple... and my life changed!

"Crazycouple, (spanking) since 1999"

Contact us for more info.


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Views: 962 · Added: 1048 days ago you all can see it has been a long time since my last blog...I have decided today is a good day to speak out about a few things...I have noticed recently a few blogs on here that tend to slam the male spankee...I have this to say to those that assume a man who is spanked is weak or a whimp...come to me and take a spanking then say takes a big man to admit when he was wrong but an even bigger man to submit to a spanking...Those that are spankees have guts and courage...It takes alot for a person to get up the guts to lay over someones lap and take what they have coming...For me the weak ones are the childish people out there that say a man is a wimp or weak because he chooses to submit to a punishment...I am not trying to pick fights or start problems I am merely speaking my mind...I know of many a man who are in very stressful and demanding jobs that have and will happily again pay for spankings because it relieves their stress...does this make them weak??? Next time you go to call some one a wimp or weak for accepting a spanking think about this...If you could go once a week and lay across someones lap for even an hour and then stand up feeling less stressed would you do it??? Stress kills...why not get the stress relieved???

The next thing I would like to talk about is our lovely brat pack...:) I have seen where they have been attacked for being brats and acting out only for attention...I don't think that is why the brat pack acts out. They are not being mean nor hateful but they are bratting in a healthy way...There are a few Tops on here that keep our eyes on them and when they are getting out of control we will and do step in...Leave the brat pack alone if you don't know them how can you say they only do it for attention??? Beleive it or not there is such a thing as healthy bratting and I am all for it as it keeps them from breaking any major rules they may have...

Love to all...
In the words of my boy.."happy spanks"

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Views: 1065 · Added: 1048 days ago

so now I don't get anymore spankings (havent had one in over 5 months anyways..) :( I don't get anymore spankings till I lose weight... unfair... ive lost two pounds though..

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Views: 702 · Added: 1048 days ago

Ok i have decied to do this Off my Own back I want to Make a Public Appolgiy to My Mommy and to Missy My actions in the Past week have been Downright Disrespectfull Becuse i have not follwed the rules From Posting a Blog that containted Cuss words and Not going to bed when told. After this Moring i relise Not eating or takeing my Meds is very dangrouse to My WellBeing So I Say this to ALL MY FRIENDS I am sorry for Thinking it was ok to brake rules that Put my own WellBeing at Risk It was Silly and Unesscery for me to do this And to My Mommy a BIG HARTFELT Sorry to you for showing you utter disrepsect By not following your rules i will do My Best to Follow them from now on And to Missy I Know i havent accutly said Anything Disrepsctfull to you Or broken any rules to you have set. I Have Howver Shown you some Disrespect By acting out like this causeing you to Feel dispointed In My actions I Appolgise I Hope you can forgive Me.
I Love you All
Happy spanks
Keith :)
((Ps When i Log off here it still says i am signed in i have Brought this up to The Site's Tech Elfs I Putting this out there incase it says i am Logged in even after i have gone to bed))

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Views: 914 · Added: 1048 days ago

Well I was introduced to the Canadian prison strap yesterday.. Very painful experience sitting here there this morning knowing its my normal Whiskey Wednesday dart league tonite i can honestly say its going to be a diet coke only evening, i wish i could say that this chapter is closed however i wont go into detail here lets just say that if i honestly want to quit drinking and i honestly and truly want to change to the person i have become i need to learn to be honest with the person who is trying to help me... and i haven't been up until i was driving away from this session, i have made the commitment to myself that i am going to change and i came clean finally with him and though i will pay dearly with my ass it was the guilt eating me up these past weeks which to me is worse than any physical pain i can feel...........

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Views: 895 · Added: 1048 days ago

Ok so most ya Know i was getting Punished today For Alot of things. Ok the List of Things i had to have Soap,Woodenspoon,Paddel And Water My Mommy decied it would Be more effective if i just put the Paddle/Spoom in the water AND BELIVE ME IT WAS MORE EFFECTIVE. So started out with a Lectuer witch brought on the frist few tears After that I had to Put Soap in my mouth for 10 Mins then after i Rinsed my Mouth out the spanking Started I had a List of cuss words i had to say the word and give Myself 2 swats then SPELL The word Letter by letter and 2 swats after each letter THERE WHERE 15 WORDS and at the end 60 Swats and saying I will not cuss This was done with the Wet Spoon. After that i got 30 On My thighs for Not Eating right After that 10 Mins in the corner and another Lecuter. Then THIS IS WHEN IT GOT HARD Another 50 swats 25 saying i will go to bed On time By this Point i could hardley speak becuse i was Crying pretty hard. Then Another 25 saying i will not TEAR MYSELF DOWN! Agian was crying pretty hard at this point. the Last 25 where About Taeking My Meds when i am supossed to. Then it ended well the spanking part anyway I then sat there crying pretty hard Holding onto my Stuffed cow ((Yes i Have a stuffed cow)) He is my Saftey Object helps Me calm down had him since i was Tiny. I NEVER Want a Punishment like that agian AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME I Know i might Mess up But Not Like i have done in the past 2 weeks i couldnt take that agian I just about got threw it without just brakeing down completly witch i did once the spanking had stopped. I am gunna say here a Heartfelt Sorry to My Mommy and to Missy for them Both haveing to decied on the Punishment i got i am sure they Both knew How much it would effect me and deep down it Hurt them somewhat to Know i was gunna Be That Upset. So to All MY Friends I am ok I feel better and I Plan to stick to the rules I Know i said that Last time But then i was still comeing off a Punishment This time i have had time to calm down and I MEAN IT I am gunna Try as Hard as i can to Stick to the rules I wont be perfect But i gunna try and Be a good Boy for awhile. Anywhoo that was my Punishment No Pics this time as well more Personal this time as it was on my Butt and Thighs as well they are pretty Red Just feel this time you will have to take My Word for it as Well i am sure My friends Understand what i am saying about pics being too personal this time around.
Love you All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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Views: 792 · Added: 1049 days ago

Ok i see alot of pepole saying stuff about Male Spankees FRIST I NOT TRYING TO SAY ANYONE IS WRONG IN THERE VIEW! All i am asking really is why is it seen diffrently to girls? I mean Statics show Most Spankings given in childhood are BOYS getting spanked and Most of those Given by there Mother.So why is it when They become Adults its almost seen as something to be Ashamed of? Are Men not aloud to be discplined the same way as a Woman in a D/D Relsionship? I dont see the diffeence Myself If it works in the way its Ment to AS PUNISHMENT for a wrong doing then surly there should be No stigma Attched to it should there? Now AGIAN i am not saying ANYONE'S Opion is wrong each to there Own i am just saying it seems that Pepole Like myself who get spanked More than give spankings are Looked down upon By some Male spankers Like we are less of a Man specialy if we are spanked by a Female. I belive this is wrong we have enough trouble with outsiders who know nothing about spanking giveing us ALL a Hardtime without being subject to somepepoles ClosedMinded views.Again I say each to there own but i really think we need to start being More Accpting of Male spankees Becuse accutly ITS HARD ENOUGH for us to admit we need it without others looking down on it as if it is wrong or Taboo or whatever. And as someone who has fought FOR MANY MANY YEARS With My Pride to admit that i need Discpline from a Female Figure Loving discpline that i didnt recive as a child and i went off the rails i dont wanna start drinking or drugs agian So yes i put myself in the fireing line of somepepole When i say Yeah i would Submit to going across a Loving womans lap and being spanked to tears And trust me thats was SO HARD for me to accept. Maybe i might have shed some light on some male spankees like myself Anway not trying to judge or fight with anyone I just wanted to get that off mychest.
Love ya All
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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