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Views: 122 · Added: 16 days ago

Finding motivation for the day , deciding to drag my butt out of bed an get moving , have things to do before work , doesn't mean I want to do them but I will... Feeling abut fiery but that's nothing unusual .. have a great day everyone :)

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Views: 238 · Added: 16 days ago

So I am delighted to report my hubby has found his Dom side.We went out last night for a birthday meal (mine- but of course i am most definitely not any older)
On the way to the restaurant he stopped me a couple of times and spanked me with my dress pulled up.
So throughout the meal and my lovely cocktails i was wondering if there would be more to come.I have been playing a bit with him all holiday, dressing provocatively and flirting and being cheeky etc so i think tonight i must have pushed all the right buttons as i don't know what happened to my husband but a Dom came home with me in his place.Walking down some fairly deserted side streets he lent me against walls and pillars and had my panties partly pulled down, as we moved to walk on he demanded i left them as they were
he had roughly removed my boobs from their nice comfy hiding place and literally dragged me up the road leading me with my nipples at one point.
At the final lane i was told to go on all fours and he spanked me good and proper, asked him to stop and he simply said no he wasn't finished.
:)It was all so so hot that now this morning I'm wondering did it actually happen or was it a dream.
Good thing for iPhones, pics in my file if anyone wishes to see.
Said to a really close friend this morning that i had no idea what happened last night and he laughed and said
well …….domm'd you.
that pretty much summed it up

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Views: 215 · Added: 16 days ago


Especially the pesky GREEN ones!

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Views: 272 · Added: 16 days ago


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Views: 357 · Added: 16 days ago

In my opinion, hairbrushes should be reserved for use by women against guys, since the hairbrush is sort of an equalizer...girls without a lot of physical strength can hurt us with it!!!!+

Like a lot of guys, I've taken advantage of women because they are weaker, and I deserve whatever I get from them now.A girl at work is really mad at me, and is threatening to spank me. I've never had a spanking even as a kid...she seems serious about it, if she can get permission from her Buddhist preceptor...The idea of getting spanked, as punishment, by a woman colleague and friend, is totally new to's frightening, frankly, but also intriguing in a way, kind of like when you do skydiving.Any advice people here have would be appreciated! I'm not sure if this is going to happen or if she is just trying to scare me..!!!We are old friends, I babysit for her. In fact, her son was the one who said I should be punished. Her Buddhist friend said I should be punished, and then her son said, 'Mom, you'd spank me if I did those things..'

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Views: 184 · Added: 16 days ago

Can anyone tell me if there is a place on ST to post RL stories that are to long for the Blog? I know I can break them into multiple parts, but that would be like 4 lengthy postings and I know that a few users have complained about that. Please advise....Hugs, Tam

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Views: 188 · Added: 17 days ago

Overhead passes the Straight and Narrow.
Rides it's rails like a streaking arrow.
From it's doors countless tumble.
Such is the path, learning to be humble.
Cuts, scraps and bruises here and there.
The penalty of penance, soul and skin be bare.
The further you fall, the longer the climb.
The cries of anguish, paying for the crime.
Long is thy journey named Correction.
Each stinging stroke a step in the right direction.
The price of admission to again ride the Rail.
Where passengers sit on a glowing tail.
As you board, check your baggage at the door.
A suitcase of lies, a carry-on of sins galore.
"All aboard the Straight and Narrow.
Destination... Remorse and Sorrow."

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Views: 162 · Added: 17 days ago

I wear them at nite cause I sometimes wet the bed. for those that dont remember the sensation of having a diaper put on and wearing probably think of it right now and feel bad for me. Well Its actually the other way around. I swear you literally can have an orgasm and conduct an emotional regression on yourself in one shit!
Tighty whities are awesome...was raised in them, got my first boner in the locker room seeing another guy changing and saw his hanes...and most definitely was spanked good and hard in my undies until they were kicked to the other side of the room.

Do I want to become an adult baby? Nope. I am a regular gay male that enjoys this world we share and just so happens it is so attractive to see another grown male wearing a diaper.

There is no exact age a child is to overcome bed-wetting (enuresis)but I Imagine it is tackled during potty training. I have heard all sorts of ages it ended or what the causes may be. There is no cure for my bed-wetting. But it took all sorts of trials and remedies. DAD EVEN SAID IN DESPAIR after nothing worked and I was 12 that he thought I was doing it on purpose. He said I would be punished with a spanking and didn't care if it was right before school. My mom finally interjected after being spanked every day for a week straight that I couldn't possibly be doing it on me I was a "KICKER & SCREAMER" before and after a spanking so go figure.
If you visit my profile and look at my photos, I posted an album of me in diapers. Its pretty narly. figured to share this with yall...just another thing that ties into spanking....atleast for me.

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Views: 167 · Added: 17 days ago

Thanks to all who actively post something...whatever it is. From the models to video directors, amatuers.... Thanks to the site admins that have brought a place for us to come and enjoy a unique side of ourselves and share our thoughts.
I write this because I read a blog that touched was written by a gentleman that seemed upset because of certain site layout stats (popularity, activity points)I noticed it myself but really just ignore it.

I wanted to really point out like I mentioned to him that we all came here initially because "Spanking" is the base foundation we share.
But to each and every profile holder, we all enjoy a facet not every last member may agree with. But hey, its what its here for, no?

My interests??? spanking (switch) all the way..but go check out my photos posted in my profile....I have such a fascination of taking pictures of myself in white briefs and it doesn't seem to stir a crowd.
Perhaps no one caught it, or it does not seem fit. maybe I am too fat and ugly for anyone to care (well you can't tell how beautiful i am..I dont post images with my face :p )
to each their own. I hope many get to see and enjoy, if not my apologies.
I am into spanking, tighty whities and diapers; for me are tied into my fantasies.

I cross into many profiles I see it done in ways I would never do myself...but just move on to the next until I find what I LIKE.

truth be told: my profile has been viewed 3695 times...and yea I get the feeling I may have gone overboard posting the photos of myself.
but the end of the day your butt probably is on fire, your wiener spits at you, you feel more sane to deal with life because realities frustrations fade when we come here.
Fuck popularity. keep posting....I learned to enjoy Femdom F/M Spanking lately....never woulda thought either!

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Views: 272 · Added: 17 days ago

With a heavy heart she bends,
she truly never meant to offend.

Words spoken too soon without a thought
and now its time to be painfully taught.

That thundering feeling of remorse
accepting that retribution must take its course.

She almost wills him to be extra harsh
as he picks up his instrument to take her to task.

As the crescendo of strikes hit there aim
she screws her face tight to contain the pain.

All she can hope is this will wipe the slate clean?
for there has never a girl a sorrier been...

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Views: 165 · Added: 17 days ago

Dose anyone know what happen tot he site called Bad tushy? its has been years and the site is still up but has not been updated at all. dose anyone know waht going on? that site use to be relal cool to go to i just wonder what happen to it.

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Views: 218 · Added: 17 days ago

‘Twas beside the bubbling brook
That he first gave her the look
(and surely the earth shook)

‘Twas under the shimmering trees
That she felt weak at the knees
(silently she begged...please)

'Twas to the sound of buzzing bees
That she did a coquettish striptease
(and shivered in the breeze)

'Twas amongst the unfurling bracken
That he really got cracking
(and finally gave her a whacking)

'Twas beside that ever tumbling stream
That she lived her lifelong dream
(wondering what this would mean)

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Views: 219 · Added: 18 days ago


What kind of general music or specific songs do you prefer listening to while spanking or getting spanked by your lover?
How does it heighten your experience?

Here are mine:
1. Song of Imaginary Beings by IAMX
2. City (The Teenagers Remix) by Lo-Fi-Funk
3. Nightlife by IAMX
4. I Love my Sex by Benny Benassi
5. Wet Spot by And One
6. Bestrafe Mich by Rammstein
7. These Things by She Wants Revenge
8. Strangers by Portishead
9. Spit it Out by IAMX
10. Crash Premonition by Vector Lovers
11. Destroy Everything you Touch by Ladytron
12. Helden by Rammstein
13. Crash N Burn Victims by Moving Units
14. Feuerengel by Unheilig
15. The Unified Field by IAMX
16. Breathe by Telepopmusik
17. Kiss and Swallow by IAMX
18. The Rejection by Dangerous Muse
19. To Lose my Life by White Lies
20. Ghost by Ladytron
21. Verrueckt by Eisbrecher
22. Over by Portishead
23. Sister by She Wants Revenge
24. Spiegelbild by Unheilig
25. Rot V1.Ø by [:SITD:]
26. Starts With One (Classixx Remix) by Shiny Toy Guns
27. Kleine Puppe by Unheilig

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Views: 181 · Added: 18 days ago

A big thanks to all who commented or messaged me about my recent blogs about my strange negative thoughts.
I have been a bit preoccupied with other things and I still am so maybe it's a bit of stress. Doesn't help that Im still battling to give up smoking and cut down on drinking.
Hopefully this is just a passing dark cloud and I'll regain my spanking mojo soon.
Thanks again

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Views: 187 · Added: 18 days ago

Well I'm a busy working girl again. Working at circle k now. Hitting bout 40-40.5 hours a week. But I find myself ready to get back into the spanking world. Maybe not quite ready for a mentor again, but maybe something simpler.

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Views: 265 · Added: 18 days ago

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna talk to that cop anymore.
I told him my dream where he showed me his gun.
He took off his belt and the rest isn't fun.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna stop at that shop anymore.
I asked if the butcher was proud of his meat.
He reddened my ass till his joy was complete.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna drink at that bar anymore.
The bartender thought me a little too whiny,
And got out the paddle to cheer up my hiney.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna dance with that dude anymore.
He tossed me around like a bagful of beans,
Then spanked me for holding too tight to his jeans.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna shave at the Y anymore.
This guy stood behind me and winked in the mirror,
Then smacked my bare butt cheeks to make himself clearer.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna study guitar anymore.
The teacher accused me of licking his pick,
And blistered my butt like a merciless hick.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna go to the gym anymore.
My trainer got mad when I asked him for candy.
He happened to have an old razor strap handy.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna swim at the beach anymore.
I thought that a bathing suit wasn't a must.
The whipping I got from the guard was unjust.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna golf with my boss anymore.
I offered some tips for improving his putt.
Then back at the office he paddled my butt.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna say what I think anymore.
I told a fine tenor to work on his diction.
A trip to his woodshed defieth description.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna ride the big waves anymore.
The board gave my board shorts a painful surprise.
Now everyone thinks I was caught telling lies.

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Views: 285 · Added: 18 days ago

Ok young ladies, who is next for a little ruler spanking from a 6' Ruler? Hmmmm let's just make this easy, that will be you, you and you! Hands on you head and no talking.

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Views: 156 · Added: 18 days ago

Gestern hatte ich besuch vom lieben 'Nachtbringer'.

Zu beginn kam ich erstmal übers Knie und wurde mit der Hand ordentlich angewärmt. Nach ein paar festen Hieben mit der Hand im Knien wechselten wir zu den Hilfsmitteln. In vorgebeugter Position, über den Tisch gebeugt und auf dem Bett liegend kam der Teppichklopfer ein Lederpaddle und ein Gummilineal zum einsatz. Es war ein toller Mittag/Nachmittag/Abend.
Unterbrochen von Pausen, in denen wir sehr gute Gespräche geführt haben, habe ich ziemlich Ordentlich den Hintern vollbekommen.
Ich habe die Nacht das Nachbrennen deutlich gespürt und genoßen. Auch heute spüre ich beim hinsetzen noch deutlich meinen Po.

Danke für den tollen Tag mein lieber Nachtbringer :*

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Views: 169 · Added: 18 days ago

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Views: 207 · Added: 19 days ago

I posted the other day that I was feeling a bit flat despite having been on a spanking break.
Mr E Mann wondered if I'd spoken to my partner about it. I have and she was very happy with the way things had gone so looks like it is just me.
Maybe I'm going off spanking. Is it possible to lose the urge?

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