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Male submissive looking for a mature female cyber Domme/disciplinarian.If anyone is interested and wants to know more please PM me.

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My female sub and i are looking for a maid for a day !! lets have a chat about what i would expect
from you .

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So, fortunately for me, I have a long-distance disciplinarian who gives me what I need by assigning self spankings. Unfortunately for me, I am one who needs A LOT of maintenance (almost daily, sometimes more) to stay on the right track, so I have started to develop some calluses on my bottom. I've been using moisturizer after spankings, but have hesitated to use it before them because of the added sting. I don't mind having a tough bottom that can take a good spanking, but I'd like it to also be soft to the touch, if possible. I hope it's not a "can't have your cake and eat it, too" kind of situation.

Any advice or tips are welcome. Thanks for reading!

The English Mansion
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I have been naughty. I have spoken out of turn to my lady. I am to report for punishment today. I am bricking it because I know what she can and will do to me for this so I just want to say I am very sorry my love.

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I guess I should be happy that I made it 3 days without getting into any trouble, but today my mouth (which is obviously not attached to my brain ) ended my streak.
I should have bit my tongue instead.

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I meet so many wonderful people on this board. I know I've said that many times already but I really can't say it enough. I wish all of us could live in the same city. Everyone who could pass a background check that is. Can you imagine the parties that we would have? I feel funny saying that for several reasons. First of all being that I'm not really a party animal. I never was. I have never taken street drugs, smoked or even gotten drunk. Ever. I'm a nerd and although I am in my 40's, mentally and emotionally I am still a fragile child. And a hermit. I love this site and I love the people on this site and yet I am SO afraid to meet anyone on here because I have lost several people that I cared about very much recently. I lost an old high school friend just last Sunday. I have been in a fog all week because of that. It is so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are in the fog. I also lost a wonderful man that I met on here last year and fell in love with. So I'm afraid to meet people not just because of the possibility of physical danger but also because of the possibility of the emotional danger of getting too close to someone and then they pass away too. I am lucky that my parents are still around but every day I worry about the day that I will lose them too. I know this is no way to live but my life right now is focused on just staying alone, afraid to really live my life because I am afraid of dying and people that I know, love and care about dying too.

I feel like my theme song is Paul Simon's "I Am An Island".

A winter's day
In a deep and dark December;
I am alone,
Gazing from my window to the streets below
On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow.
I am a rock,
I am an island.

I've built walls,
A fortress deep and mighty,
That none may penetrate.
I have no need of friendship; friendship causes pain.
It's laughter and it's loving I disdain.
I am a rock,
I am an island.

Don't talk of love,
But I've heard the words before;
It's sleeping in my memory.
I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died.
If I never loved I never would have cried.
I am a rock,
I am an island.

I have my books
And my poetry to protect me;
I am shielded in my armor,
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.
I touch no one and no one touches me.
I am a rock,
I am an island.

And a rock feels no pain;
And an island never cries.

Sorry to sound so dark. I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest. I'll try to make the next blog more fun.

The English Mansion
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I have always been attracted to spanking, the first spanking I gave was a eye opener for me, I needed this more that tought.
I also love to write,and I finnally decided to open a blog about spanking, it's in French... It's like a diary about spanking, I write stories, articles, publish some video that I liked, you can go to :

Feel free to give me your opinion ;)

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Due to a virus my wife has been sick for 14 days and were therefore not able to give me my weekly maintenance spanking in that period.
But yesterday she felt good again and told me that I was going over her knees later for a sound maintenance spanking.

I had that information running wild in my head and felt a knot in my stomack just thinking about being spanked over my wifes knees.

About an hour before bedtime my wife told me to turn of the computer and put my nose in the corner. I did as she told me and placed myself in the corner, waiting and thinking how much this spanking was going to hurt and sting.

My wife let me stand and stew in the corner for half an hour before she took a dining chair out from the dining table. She placed it in the middle of the room and went into the bedroom to get her spanking implements.

A minute later she came back and placed the spanking implements on the dining table. I heard her sit down on the chair and put her high heeled ankle boots on. I was getting a hard erection by now and was standing uneasy in the corner. The noise of my wife getting ready to spank me was causing my mind to to go wild and I had no control over my excitement.

When my wife finally called me out of the corner I was more than ready to go over her knees.
I turned around and saw my sexy strict wife sitting on the chair, dressed in her tight black leather pants, a white tank top and ankle boots.

I walked over to her and saw the wooden bathbrush in her lap and the short cane and my hand restraints on the dining table. I gulped and was getting nervous now.

My wife gave me a short but stern scolding and had me stand on her right side with my hands on my head, while she bared my bottom.
I felt soooo embarrassed about the situation and my face was beet red with shame, when my wife exposed my throbing erection.
I could not even look at her and stared at the floor.

My wife reached back, grabbed my hand restraints and told me to reach out with both arms.
I obeyed her and she locked them to my wrists in front of me.
Now I was ready to be spanked and my wife picked up the wooden bathbrush with her right hand.
My wife straightend up on the dining chair, making her leather pants swish and creak and looked me straight in the eyes.

Over my knees young man.

Those words are heaven to me and I obeyed her at once.
Placing myself over my wifes leather clad knees felt sooo good and the feeling of the soft leather against my hard erection was beyond heaven.

My wife locked my hand restraints around the front leg of the dining chair she was sitting on and now had me laying helpless over her knees just as she wanted to.

No time was waisted and my wife began spanking me good and hard. Alterning from my right to my left butt cheek she settled into a steady rythm and was giving my bare bottom a very sound spanking.
I wiggled and squirmed around over my wifes leather clad knees, trying to avoid the hard spanks of the bathbrush, but to no avail.
Held firmly in place over her leather clad knees by her left hand on my hip, I could do nothing but beg and plead with my wife and boy did I do that.
Any excitement was now long gone and I only felt pain.

The sting my wife brought to my bare bottom using the wooden bathbrush was so great that I was getting into a state of panick after a minute or so.
It burned and hurt like crazy when the hard wooden surface of the bathbrush hit my bare bottom and it took just a couple of dozen hard spanks to my sitspots to form tears in my eyes.
Trying hard to fight the tears I was very vocal during this part of my maintenance spanking, but as always nothing helped me.

My strict wife kept spanking me good and hard and at some point I had to choke back a sob. From that point on the battle was lost and a few seconds later tears were flowing freely down my cheeks.
My wife noted that it sounded like I was learning my lesson and continued spanking me while I cried like a naughty little boy over her leather clad knees.

A couple of minutes later my wife stopped spanking and put the wooden bathbrush down.
She lectured me about good behavior while I cried from the spanking she had just given me.

My wife then reached back and grabbed her short cane, telling me it was time to finish this maintenance spanking. I braced myself for what was comming, but the first spank with the cane across my allready beet red bottom made me shriek in pain.
My wife spanked slowly and hard, making sure I felt every spank with the cane.
I cried hard to begin with as it stung and burned like a torch on my bare bottom, but at the end I was beyond crying.
Sobbing or bawling my eyes out would be a better choice of word to describe the state I was in.
My wife never takes petty on me when she spanks me and did not let me of easy.
I was given a very thorough bare bottom spanking over her leather clad knees with the cane and was a very sorry little boy by the time she put the cane down.

My wife unlocked my hand restraints and told me to stand in front of her. I did still sobbing and had to thank her for giving me my maintenance spanking.
Then I was sent to the corner with my hand restraints still locked to my wrists and told to think about the prospect of the next three months of weekly maintenance spankings.

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I was told to make a list of items that I get in trouble for the most and put it here so I will remember.
1 Being disrespectful, I talk back, or roll my eyes way too much.
2 texting and driving.
3 being late for work because I hit the snooze button.
4 not doing as I'm told.
5 trying to get out of my punishments, I apparently do it a lot, but hey sometimes it actually works.
What are the top items that you get in trouble for.

The English Mansion
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The party game is over
It’s time for Misty Moo’s gifts.
Old Jim is being unchained
With a smile pasted on his lips.

Each lady is holding a raspberry
(Misty Moo likes them the best.)
They line up beside Misty Moo
To give more excitement to the fest.

“Please Misty Moo, lower our panties,
We are having such a hankering.
Smack our bottoms soundly
And give us your birthday spanking.”

Misty Moo takes the raspberry
The ladies giggle with glee.
They each raise their skirts,
And lower themselves over his knee.

Each lady rises from his knee
Then kisses Misty Moo upon his cheek.
As she rubs the sting from her bottom
A piece of cake she does seek.

Misty Moo completes his task
With a smile plastered on his face.
He is given a piece of his birthday cake
And cleaned his plate without a trace.

Everyone is enjoying the party
But there is more to come.
The party favours are next
The men folk will be having all the fun.
©2016 CLG0413

Part 3 (Misty Moo’s Party Favours) to follow, hopefully soon.

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Some people are just very stupid.

688 views · 9 days ago

love will fuck u up more than drugs ever will

The English Mansion
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I am in the process of writing several blogs. I don't exactly know how to finish them so I took a break from the writer's blocks and discovered these wonderful explanations of why people want to be spanked. I always enjoy hearing other people's feelings on this topic. I thought others may be able to relate to these so I wanted to share them with all of you. Here they are:

"Why do I want/need to be spanked? As I am still recovering from my recent spanking of a week ago, this has been on my mind.

A woman's desire for a naked over-the-knee spanking is twofold. Part of her wants to be wanted. She wants to belong to someone who really cares about her. Part of her wants to be disciplined, cleansed, and perhaps even healed.

It is only at a level of getting beyond physical pain that spanking has any meaning otherwise the exercise is a parlor game of make-believe with daddy's naughty little girl getting her bottom smacked for being a bad girl. A woman's emotional risks in pretending are no greater than going to the doctor's office, climbing up on the examination table, and putting her feet in the metal stirrups to have her private parts examined. Although exposed under these circumstances, she is not defenseless. She is steeled for the experience.

When a woman becomes vulnerable—and women become naked when they want to be vulnerable—she can feel whether or not she is loved. Her nudity is not so much a temptation for the man as a test of his character. Often, the woman is less aware of her state of undress as is a more naïve man. She sacrifices modesty for knowledge. After all, who or what a man truly is inside cannot be easily hidden from a naked woman!

The man who truly loves a woman is not always easy on her. There is a passion within him that burns beyond lust. It complements that of the woman in using her nakedness as a means to an end. The means is the spanking; the end is the relationship. So it is that the two can become one—which is what the woman wants anyway.

Although a woman may hate the idea that she needs a spanking, (I don't--Forest Nymph) ) she will also often feel the need to be punished—wanting it to hurt. She seeks an experience that goes beyond being transformed from naughty to nice.

For the man, spanking springs from a desire to have the woman wholly—body and soul—coupled with the awareness that this is how to have her! The man's involvement with the woman is not a business-like arrangement where one party can fire the other at will.

He wants this woman. He is active. She is passive, although she wants this man to have her, together they want each other.

Instead of seeking counseling or getting divorced, they work out their differences the old-fashioned way—on a very intimate and personal level. (Women never boast about having faked it during a serious spanking!) In the process, the man goes from what the woman admits is required to what she knows is necessary to get through to her. The spanking goes:

• from being erotic

• past anger (“That's enough. #$%&@, what are you trying to do!”)

• through being a punishment (“Yes, Sir.”)

• to being a cleaning out of all sorts of emotional baggage that tumble out as a mixture of confessions and genuine crying.

Consequently, a wise man gives the woman getting spanked permission to say all sorts of things that she would never dream of revealing otherwise. The permission is not so much explicit as is his willingness to listen and understand whatever anguish she releases. The wise man will not hold anything she says against her as she expels whatever demons haunt her mind.

If the man gets down deep enough inside her—usually through a series of spankings that build upon the soreness in her bottom leftover from the last spanking—inhibitions go out of the window. Her carefully crafted mystique—her protective layers that keep just any man from getting too close to her—get stripped from her so it is then that she is psychologically undressed.

She is no longer her own woman. When he is finished, she is weak physically and psychologically that she can either be built up or destroyed by his words.

At this point, the man can make the woman anything he wants her to be. He can make her a strong wife, a weak woman, a prostitute—anything. That is why women need to pick their men carefully. Because once a man taps into his natural power over a woman, she belongs to him.

Yet, if the man truly loves her, she feels joined in the ultimate consensual relationship."

"I have decided that I am not a pain freak-- I don't get off or get sexually excited during a spanking, (I do--Forest Nymph) (Though spanking is very much in my fantasies). I don't like other kinds of torture or pain, which is why I am not much of a dungeon slave. Yet a spanking that is not painful or is intensely painful is a letdown. So what exactly am I addicted to?

I am addicted to the feelings I get during the process of arranging a spanking-- realizing I need it, deciding on calling my disciplinarian, making the call (hanging up a few times), etc.) I am addicted to the nervous feelings during the process of going to the spanking-- showering, making sure I am presentable, making excuses at work, the drive, and ringing the doorbell.

I am addicted to the stern look of the dom (stern, but compassionate actually), and the whole ritual of the spanking-- having to confess what I am most embarrassed to confess, seeing them move their chair into place or hear them make preparations as I stand in the corner.

I am addicted to the feeling of total helplessness, the embarrassment of whatever nudity is involved, and the nervous anticipation during the whole ritual.

The pain-- while I hate it, truly-- but what it produces is exquisite-- the only thing I think to compare it to is what runners report as the runner's high. There is a point where I absolutely cannot take anymore, then the endorphins or whatever kick in. The pain is still there, but I am riding on a narcotic rush.

After a good spanking, I am drunk with endorphins to the point that it is unsafe to drive without aftercare or at least a rest. If I am with a good disciplinarian I feel forgiven, cleansed, relieved.

Why do I need spanking to produce this experience? That I haven't figured out. I only know that I have felt the need to be spanked, to witness spanking, or to give spankings since my parents stopped spanking me around age 10. I am now in my 40s, and it has never ceased."

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3 days and I'm over my goals :-(

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today was a busy day at work once again.. today was day one of a new system we r trying out .. we have had delivery for our caterin but now we have "close by delivery" so we were hoppin...add to that I put in a extra hr n a half today so I had a 10 hr day n my feet r very aware of it now... BUT I did get into a lil mischief.. we have this new pineapple thingy.. it cores the pineapple, cuts it into spirals and takes it out of its shell... well the very first one I did came out with the bottom n the core standin straight up so I cut the middle finger off a xtra large glove n fitted it over the core .. then I carried it out to our caterer ( whos gay) n told him I had a new "toy" for him n even put a condom on it for him.. his face turned 50 shades of red n he laughed.. then he told me to bring my new paddle back in tomorrow so he can 'teach me a lesson" lmao... then I came home to a not so nice atmosphere *sighs*

The English Mansion
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I've been doing some 3D art work and wanted to share. Please feel free to friend me and check out the pics. Also, I would love to hear some suggestions of what to do next. Special requests?

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The green leotard and tights that I'm wearing for a spanking are one of my favorite outfits. I love my green leotard and tights! This leotard and tights has been the the outfit that I wore for many firsts in my fetish life. It's the first leotard and tights that I wore for my very first spanking. I love wearing this leotard and tights. I wear this leotard and tights often for trips to the store or to run errands. I especially love to wear this leotard and tights for long hard spankings! The green tights that I'm wearing with this green leotard are the same green tights that I wore with the white sweater. I absolutely love wearing this leotard and tights!

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For obvious reasons faces are seldom shown in amateur spanking videos. Too bad.

I have frequently received a spanking while in front of a mirrored wall. On some occasions, when a video camera was being used to record my spanking, while I was being spanked or paddled I could watch both myself and my disciplinarian on the screen of a laptop which was connected to the video camera. I could see the face of the man or woman who was spanking me.

If you have not done this you cannot imagine how sexy that can be. If the disciplinarian is really into giving a spanking it is a sexy pleasure, an erotic thrill, to see the smile on their face as they get responses out of you, as they make your bottom bounce and rebound and turn from alabaster to pretty pink to spanked red. To see that they are smiling as they spank warns you, promises you, that this is going to be a long thorough spanking. They are doing this for their pleasure as well as your needs; and they have no intention of stopping before you are "taken care of". Their eyes light up and flash with sexual excitement as they spank you. You can see this in the mirror or on the video screen. And such erotically charged expressions are contagious. Because you see them getting sexually aroused you do too! And you love being spanked like that, love being spanked by someone who gets turned on spanking you!

Maybe I should make a large mirror or a video screen a common element of my spankings.

The English Mansion
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That moment when he just pushed the right button and you bite your tongue so you don't get in trouble but you bite it a little too hard and he's watching you and you say ouch. It's hard to get mad when someone is laughing at you so hard they almost cry.lmao
Note to self, don't bite as hard lmfao

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