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Views: 185 · Added: 10 days ago

Now how many times as a child did I hear the words "Are you looking for a smack?!" I mean how the hell would anyone be looking for that..? I would start pretending to look all over the house, under cushions and behind the sofa, running up the stairs saying "come out come out wherever you are!" as my Mothers face would turn from an already beetroot state to that of a aubergine... Also another statement that used to send my little head into utter confusion was "And who do you think you are?" JUST YOU DAUGHTER FFS! and "How old are you?" like she of all people should know! But the best used to be "Stop answering me back!" even my four hundred year old head teacher used that one like it was going out of fashion! I used to say "but I have to speak to reply to you!" That often got me sent to the corner of our old stone Victorian school. I even recall the saying from my elders (not betters!) "Silence when you address me! Now I have never said any of these to my own children as I try my very best to escape conversation with them at all costs! Anybody else got some little 'Crackers' like that from their childhoods?

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Views: 102 · Added: 10 days ago

It's the never ending cycle

In the life of a spankee

Everything is going well.

Then I'm ordered over Her knee!


"You're going to get a spanking."

The first sign I did something wrong.

My bottom might be fine and white now,

But it won't be for very long!


Being told to take your clothes off might upset some.

But it never bothers me

While some might find it shameful,

I'm an exhibitionist, you see.


Even so, I take my time stripping

Though it makes Her complain.

The sooner I am naked,

The sooner I feel the pain.


Then She beckons me to Her,

And hauls me over Her lap.

After getting me in position,

She gives my bare bottom a tap.


"This will hurt you more than it does me.

She says with a smirk.

She smacks the bathbrush down hard

making my poor bottom jerk!


An instant smack on the other cheek

Getting ready to deliver,

A heat to my rear end

Enough to make me shake and quiver.


The bathbrush moves in perpetual motion,

Really making me squirm.

But I can't escape the dreadful hurting

Because She's holding me too firm.


The spanking seems to go on forever,

When will it ever end?

Her arm is moving in a blur.

How much energy can She expend?


At last my punishment is over,

Just when I can't take any more.

She moves Her arm from around me,

My feet can touch the floor.


My bottom is really stinging,

But I know better than to rub,

I bask in Her loving praise

As She calls me Her good little sub.


In the end it really is worth it.

Enduring all the pain,

I know it makes me a better man

Until the cycle begins all over again.

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Views: 52 · Added: 10 days ago

Bigorexia is a disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with working out because they aren't muscular enough.

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Views: 172 · Added: 10 days ago

Unfortunately due to some things going on in my life I havent really been able to be on here like I would like I had another biopsy last week and I get the results on the tenth so thats tomorrow! wish me luck! and I hope everyone else is having s spanking time! xoxoxo TyGrr ;)

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Views: 207 · Added: 11 days ago

Ok, so several on here are starting to get me to come out of my shell. I have several spanking fantasies that I would like to come true at some point in my life. I will share mine, but I want to hear from others out there. What is your spanking fantasy? Anything goes.

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Views: 181 · Added: 11 days ago

Just another Random Rachel question.....

If you had to live without either sex or spanking for a whole year which would you choose to loose? This means physically and virtually.

Me personally, I'd give up.....hmmm I'm not so sure! I'll be back.


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Views: 88 · Added: 11 days ago

When the moon is close to the horizon, your brain makes it look larger than it really is, due to the Ponzo illusion.

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I am thinking of loved ones who have gone home to rest in heavenly peace. I know they are in a better place. I know they are out of pain. I truly miss them. I know they would encourage me to keep my head up and be down on myself. Right I wish they were here to hold me, hug me, tell me I am fine and that I am doing the right thing. I am trying to be a better person and get my life back on track. I just hope I make them very proud of me. This quote is how I feel right now."There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief" Aeschylus

It is getting harder to deal with My Grandma death. I know she pass away last year but she was my rock. She was the one who believe in when I didn't believe in myself. I have put on a brave face and dusted myself off to show people I can be strong. Grandma I miss you and love you. Keep holding me and loving me. I will never forget all the lessons you taught me. I will hold you close to my heart forever and always

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Views: 220 · Added: 12 days ago

I have been seein/feelin a problem with my spankins from "Daddy" for a long long time.. when I tell him I feel there is a problem he doesn't seem to care or even take in regard what I am saying which leaves me feelin pretty miserable n unfulfilled...I find myself withdrawing n even feelin resentful... so is the problem ME or is it HIM?... I dunno anymore...

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Views: 117 · Added: 12 days ago

Who knew standing in the corner saluting your Top is a bad idea?? Apparently swiping the evil implements is also frowned upon....

Live and learn, I guess...hahahaha. :P

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Views: 112 · Added: 12 days ago

So today I got a spanking after a long time. I asked a friend if he would be able to help me with my weightloss goals. He said yes. I was speaking to him today and told him that I was eating ice cream. He then said that he would be by to spank me because I was not supposed to be doing that...
...he definitely came by and he definitely spanked me.
As soon as he came in, I was told to stand in the corner. As I stood in the corner, he lectured me about how I was to eat right and plan better. He left me in the corner for one minute and told me to get over his knee.
He spanked me over my shorts, at first. The swats were bearable as he lectured me about making the right decisions. He then told me to go back into the corner.
He spanked me over shorts three times otk. The third time he told me to get back into the corner, however, he told me to put my shorts down to give me a bare otk spanking. I didn't know it would hurt that bad!! Let me just say that I will never be eating ice cream again. I have learned my lesson!
He will be spanking me once/week until I have reached my goal. Hopefully it won't be for too much longer!

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Views: 218 · Added: 12 days ago

I know this is the wrong forum to post this - but sometimes I feel like you guys are the only people who understand me. I just had to put down my cat of 14 years and I'm heartbroken. I would love to lose myself in a good spanking right now... but no one to spank. I just need to escape for awhile and I cannot.

Thank you for listening.

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Well just hoping everyone has had a blessed and enjoyable weekend. I've had a wonderful weekend. I've been quite blessed with things that's happening in my life right now. It is very true that out of every bad situation their is something remarkable that can happen. And I truly believe that due to recent things that's been going on in my own personal life.

As far as everything else is going in my I've been doing alright. I really haven't found myself gettin in trouble at all and that's been wonderful for me.

I've been asked by several people about me disciplining them so I'm going to be starting to do that I've done it a couple tines before so it's not that new to me. I used to feel that I couldn't discipline someone else if I was being disciplined. But their are things that I used to be disciplined for but now they aren't an issue with me anymore. I'm basically sticking to disciplining others with issues that I have overcame in the past examples as being failing in class skipping class, being late to work or classes etc.... so that's a little update on me. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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Views: 89 · Added: 12 days ago

Quick story
Driving a few weeks ago when I stopped at a light
I was leaning against the door when out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge bug on the drivers side window
This startled me
I laughed and gave the bug the finger
It was then that I noticed I was parked next to a cop car and the policeman was staring at me
Light turned green and I took the right

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Views: 182 · Added: 12 days ago

I live in Eugene Oregon......I used to think that Eugene was a fairly liberal town, but it isn't. People have a real hard time expressing their sexuality. The men express either two things....What they think you'd like to hear or what they would like to be. Both of which does not least for me.
What I would like, is to find someone from "Our Family" here, that lives in Eugene. Someone that would love love LOVE to spank my butt. I would like to make this a regular thing. I hate to say this, but this person would have to host......
I have tried Craig's List.....have you ever tried Craig's List? It is fuckin' scary sometimes, but mostly disappointing.
If I have any taker's out there or some advice, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.
Thank you,

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Views: 103 · Added: 12 days ago

It's been good to me so far. Thursday night R visited from Joplin. He took a good spanking from me, really enjoyed the Robo Spanker a couple of times, which I video-ed (awaiting processing here). R gives a good spanking too, which I enjoyed. We both also enjoyed ginger plugs.

Friday night I visited Baby Girl in Fayetteville. She punished my ass well, mostly bent over a stool. Ginger again. Then it was her turn to get the ginger and attention to her butt. Alas, the ginger disappeared up the anal canal. She was able to retrieve, but understandably miffed at the error.

So today I hauled my sore butt to the school and took 31 licks bare on the Robo Spanker, as punishment. That's on video too, pending here as well. So tonight I'm sitting "gingerly" (in more ways than one). And how was your weekend?

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Views: 117 · Added: 13 days ago

Jewel and I will be gone for 2 weeks on vacation starting on Sept. 13. It does not look like I will be able to complete our latest video endeavor before then. I the mean time, I will probably be getting myself spanked all over the Pacific Northwest. :o)

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Views: 130 · Added: 13 days ago




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Views: 136 · Added: 13 days ago

What do you do if you see a blue banana? Try to cheer it up.

* * * *

A man goes to see the doctor with an apple in one ear, a banana in the other ear and grapes up his nose.

He says, "Doctor, what's happening to me?" The doctor replies, "You're not eating properly.”

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Views: 56 · Added: 13 days ago

"...Chiudo gli occhi e lambisco la pelle lievemente con la lingua, poi decido di sorprendermi con un morso. Una lieve fitta comincia a pulsare nella mia bocca, e trovando questo gioco piuttosto eccitante decido di continuare e stringo di più, fino a farmi male. Gemo divertita da questo piccolo dolore auto inflitto e proseguo spingendo tre dita nel fondo della mia gola, fino quasi a farmi mancare il fiato e, mentre continuo a toccarmi, mi scopro sempre più eccitata.."

Leggi tutto il racconto su

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