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My Goddess has given me a writing assignment to describe a sexual encounter I had with a co-worker and then describe how I should be punished for it. I think I like writing assignments in general, I get pretty hot when writing them, and I also feel a bit humiliated in some cases knowing others are reading them. I will ask for this to become a common occurrence I think.

For several months, a co-worker and I have been flirting quite obviously, often going so far as to let her in on many aspect of my kinky little world. Recently, we have upped it to messing around a bit. We made out in the elevator a couple times, and upon me mentioning I was wearing panties, she asked to see… Right at her desk! She kept an eye out for anyone coming and I pulled my pants down to show my black panties (with little buttons in front).

A couple days ago, we went out to lunch (Sushi) and when we came back out, she pulled to the back of the building and parked. We made out for a bit, and I eased my hands up her legs, finding that she was wearing thigh highs… A huge turn on for me (and all men really right?). I then went to grab her ass, and she grabbed my wrist and pulled me away (she knows I am a submissive little bitch). She then fumbled with my belt a bit, until I reached down and undid it. She went right in for my cock, stroking it a bit, I was hard as a rock. I kept trying to return the favor, but she would pull me away. After a few tries, I finally got in, and played with her clit through her panties (she was wet through them). She let me for a bit, and both of us were moaning pretty loudly. After maybe a minute (though probably less), she stopped, said “all done”, and we went back to work. Me, pretty out of control horny, and I am guessing she was a bit riled as well.

Now, as always, I told my Goddess about what happened. We are fairly open in our relationship, within reason, and as such, I do not believe I should be punished for this exactly but… Since this is really the first time I have done anything with someone she does not know, I think it may be important for her to remind me who OWNS me, and also have me demonstrate that I understand that. I think the best way to do this, would be by giving me not one spanking but two. First, having me willingly and without struggle go over her knee and ask for it, while also stating in no uncertain terms that I am her property forever. Then her applying the awful hairbrush until her arm gets tired. Once her arm is tired I believe I should be sent to the corner to think about how wonderful I have things with her, and how nice it is that she allows me these experiences when so many others would not even dream of being able to screw around with other women. Then, when she feels up to it, call me out of the corner for another round… This is not something we generally do, and I think it will hurt more, as well as leave more marks to remind me in the coming days. Once the spanking is over, I will beg for her to fuck me in my well spanked ass until she comes, whether she does it or not, is of course up to her. I should under no circumstances expect to come, this is not for me. From there I should expect to be 100% obedient for the remainder of the weekend, even if she commands me to do something horribly humiliating. Lastly, I think it is appropriate that I be made to explain what happened to my playmate, show her any marks if she wishes to see, and ask if she is okay doing things in the future knowing this may happen to me as a result.

My Goddess is wonderful, I am quite lucky! While she also engages in some extra marital activity, that is to be expected. Allowing me the same is such a special treat, and I think shows a great amount of trust and understanding. I truly do not understand why other people are so fearful of allowing the person they love to explore their sexuality how they see fit, or for that matter trying to put a quota on sexual satisfaction and capacity for affection.

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Just popped in to say hello
Still active in the scene so to speak
First spanking in a good few weeks yesterday and I was such a wimp
Definitely out of practice so that needs to be remedied fast
Love to one and all

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Climb across a veteran's knees.
Ask for a spanking, say pretty please.
Bare you cheeks and wag your tail.
Color those cheeks red, definitely not pale.

Squirm and wiggle across a veteran's lap.
Ask for a spanking by hand or strap.
Salute a veteran with a rosy red bum.
In the corner as the nation anthem you hum.

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Only two tramlines (although good strong crimson ones).
Only two strokes (although searing, welt-raising ones).
Sometimes just a pinch of spice is all that's needed.

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Whether you are active duty, retired, reserve or discharged, I want to say Happy Veterans Day to all of you.

Thank you for your service.

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The struggles, the impasse, the setbacks that have defined her life.
Countless hurdles that taunt her, a history full of strife.
Blindly searching without a purpose, without a fight.
Sun comes up and goes down, day turning into night.

Reaching out into the unknown, a soul requesting flight.
Aimlessly walking in the dark, surrounded by shards of light.
The mountain never looked higher, it's mystery never escaped.
Never free to be herself, her life already forged and shaped.

She scaled the slope endless times, yet again she stumbled and fell.
Frustrations mounting, doubts manifesting where her heart dwell.
Uncertainty and inner turmoil, a victim in her own cell.
A never-ending purgatory, condemning herself to hell.

Once more to the mountain, compelled by unheard command.
Step by step she's guided, spurred on by knowing hand.
Again she struggles and falls, victim of life's reprimand.
Suddenly she smiles as it dawns on her, she begins to understand.

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What is happening at Your end of the globe?

Here in the south of Sweden it will be a mushroom picking day to day.

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time only goes one direction, foreward. have you ever had hard time because of this? it's already november... and some bad things happened and I'm still depressed. even though quite long time has passed. I don't know how to deal with this deep depression... my daily life is all messed up... get up in the morning, not happy at all...
I know it sounds stupid talking about inventing time machine, but why we can't do anything about some serious wrong things/ mistakes from the past?
how do I overcome and stand up again?

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i feel so thick... i don't understand basic physics...

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So tired, had a bad day at college due to the anxiety, and fears of things

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I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was considering an "alternate history" blog - I have not written the first story yet, but I have set up the blog with an introduction, laying out the premise.

What's the premise? You're an inquisitive bunch, aren't you?

The premise, basically, is that instead of the conversation that never happened at 14 (at least, not with me, I wouldn't doubt that my parents discussed it themselves) of, "Megan, we've decided you're getting to be too old for spankings," I sit my parents down on my 18th birthday and say, "You know what, I'm an adult now, I can make my own decisions about some things, and I think spankings need to come back." It should come as no surprise that the floodgates open - while real 18 year old girls have limits (as do their parents), in the fantasy world, there's less problem with, "Oh yeah, and I don't even want to THINK about what happened the next morning when they found out about _______!"

While my other blog is what actually happens to me as a spanked wife, this one is more open, and I would like it to be somewhat interactive - so once you get to know the basic players, if my readers have an idea they would like me to explore, a reply or note is always welcome. I'm wanting to limit the time frame, so since my birthday is in December, the time period for the stories will be the last six months of high school (after I turned 18), all four years of college, and about the first year after college. Of course, it would be absurd for me to be spanked by everyone, so for now, I'm looking at potential spankers being parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, teachers/professors, tutors, roommates, employers/supervisors, girlfriends/boyfriends, maybe neighbors - but if you can think of a plausible spanker outside of those, I'm all ears.

Curious? The "about" post is already up, and I hope to have a first story soon:

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PUBLIC PADDLING Part 2: A Continuation of Dinner Party Revelation

There was Caroline dressed in blouse and slacks carrying on a conversation as if nothing was out of the ordinary. There was my brother-in-law David who was totally nude ....

David’s sun bronzed athletic nude body disrupted the light waves in that guest room.... the contrast between order and animalistic sensuality was palpable.

And that is when Lisa walked in to the room.

Maybe in other social settings one would expect fireworks. Among people who had not been taught self-restraint and read Emily Post as children there might have been shouting. Among the Jerry Springer set someone would have already been dialing 911. But Caroline maintained a sophisticated cool and Lisa looked at Caroline and said, “Ignore him. He always does that.” What the hell did THAT mean?

Fluidly, without pausing, as if to say “I’ve done this lots of times before” (or maybe because it was planned) Lisa walked over to her luggage and picked up a wooden bath brush, took David by the hand, walked over to the bed, sat down, and pulled up her dress so that she could drape David over her bare thighs. She was not wearing any panties. Lisa ordered, firmly ordered, David to get over her lap, and told him, and us, that he was going to get a severe paddling. Oh god! Things were happening too quickly. This was way too intimate. My mind, always aroused by spanking, could not keep up.

The very physical act of placing David over her lap changed everything. Standing nude in front of Caroline he was the Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo, capable of taking any woman he wanted, bending her over, and using her for his own pleasure. Draped over Lisa’s lap he became an early episode Daenerys Targaryen who could be humiliatingly taken up his ass by a strap-on wearing dominant he would be after his paddling.

The first spank landed hard across David’s curvaceous bare rear with a loud liquid wood on bare bottom splat. Lisa played tennis, and her ability to paddle her husband and her intimate familiarity with doing so was obvious. Several loud painful splats followed, overwhelming my senses as they began to turn my still tipsy brother-in-law’s lovely bare bottom a vivid crimson. I was torn between an intense desire to watch this erotic scene and an intense sympathy for another male being so humiliatingly paddled. I got spankings and paddlings like that. I could not have endured having another male see me being disciplined by a female. The scene was so sexy and I wanted to watch! But I was simultaneously intensely embarrassed, both because I empathically could see myself being disciplined (and knew both Lisa and Caroline could also imagine and desire that) and because I was also getting very obviously turned on sexually by watching David’s bare bottom paddling!

Public spankings and paddlings are always more intense. With her sister as an audience Lisa took pleasure in showing how thoroughly she could physically and sexually dominate her husband, turning him into a submissive spanked brat who would lie across her lovely thighs as she paddled his sexy bottom. David’s elevated blood alcohol level might have made him more than usually uninhibited and maybe more wiling to go over Lisa’s lap in front of his sister-in-law, but now it was making it more difficult to control his emotions and not start crying like a child as Lisa showed off just how severely she could spank.This was more than he expected. This was a much harder paddling than he usually got. Just at the edge of losing control and bawling like a baby David’s breathing had become little breathy pants as each smack of the bath brush on his sexy ass forced the air out of his lungs.

Overwhelmed with conflicting emotions I said something like, “I should not be here” and walked out of the room.

The door latch just clicked behind me when I regretted making that decision, regretted leaving. I stood just outside the closed door listening to that sexy paddling. I was too intimidated by all that female power to reverse my decision and go back in and watch. But I wanted to listen to the sounds of that paddling, the sounds of Lisa’s scolding: “You told me you would behave.” “You told me you wanted it like this.” What the hell did that mean? Was this public spanking planned? “You were the one who took your pants off.” “Caroline might as well see you really get it.”

Listening just outside the door I was getting so turned on and could not help touching myself. The loud liquid splats of the hard wooden bath brush spanking David’s now burning soft bare bottom elicited desperately stifled cries as David tried not to anger Lisa and not to prolong the paddling by refusing to acknowledge how much it hurt but not wanting to completely break down in front of Caroline.

Silence. Finally it stopped. David having slid off of Lisa’s lap was kneeling between her thighs facing her. Both of them were soaked with perspiration and breathing heavily. Without saying anything Lisa pulled David’s head towards her as she lay back on the bed. In an uxorious ritual that every man who is spanked by his wife knows, David obediently began licking Lisa’s wet pussy.

Caroline turned on by the spanking but thinking that the rest of her sister’s sex show should be private, turned and opened the door to find me standing there, obviously having listened to the sexy humiliating embarrassing paddling. We suddenly had our hands on each other and were kissing wetly, deeply and passionately. In the bedroom we undressed each other, fumbling with fastenings and trying not to tear off buttons. I pulled off Caroline’s wet panties and she fell onto her back on the mattress with her bottom propped up by a pillow and her feet on my shoulders as I knelt on the floor with my face between her legs. I ran my tongue over the pretty curves of her waxed vulva teasing her before I licked and sucked her clit like the perfect DD husband, though this time my bottom was unusually not burning as I pleasured her. I was encouraged by Caroline’s warning that if I did not get her to cum quickly enough I would be given an appropriately intimate and tear inducing bottom whipping with her riding crop.

Later that night she described David’s paddling in intimate detail as we greedily fondled each other and she turned me on by teasing and fantasizing about how she should paddle MY bare bottom in front of Lisa. She teased (Or was she really trying to convince both of us?) that “It would only be fair” to let Lisa and David watch ME being paddled. After all I had watched David being paddled. I countered playfully that I had only stayed for a few minutes. Caroline noted that that had been my choice, I had not been asked to leave, and I did stay and listen to the whole lengthy paddling. “Anyway”, she argued, “It would not be fair to David that you saw him spanked on HIS bare bottom....”

I was beginning to realize that Caroline’s voice had gradually changed from bedroom teasing to courtroom argument as she justified why I should accept getting a bare bottom paddling from her in front of both her sister and my well disciplined brother-in-law. Then Caroline added, as if I had already accepted her arguments and had agreed to being disciplined in front of our sexually aroused house guests, “But of course it would have to be a hard paddling with the wooden bath brush like David got. Or do you think I should use the hard rubber training paddle?” Was she teasing or being serious? “Admit it, Michael. You get turned on at the thought of Lisa watching as I take your panties down and spank and paddle your cute sexy bottom. Admit it. You ARE getting turned on by the idea, aren’t you?”

The next morning as I made myself a double espresso I was told that that David and Lisa had already left, having decided to depart even before breakfast...thus avoiding knowing smiles and offers of pillows. We would not see them again for more than six months. Then things would get even more interesting!

I have always had questions about that spanking scene. Was it really spontaneous? Or did Lisa and David plan it, knowing that my wife and I were into DD and would make a receptive audience? Was David’s nude bedroom seduction of Caroline part of the plan? Did David expect Lisa to paddle him that hard; or did his behavior in front of her sister really anger Lisa and turn a planned sexy spanking into an unplanned real punishment paddling? And was my wife turned on by David’s ostentatious and sexy nudity? I have never asked those questions, simply because I would not expect to receive honest answers.

But OK, now think, this was a description of an actual spanking. It was not a fantasy. It actually happened behind closed doors in a suburb much like yours. Interesting people do not play by the rules of the sex starved silent majority. Your neighbors, the ones with the professional degrees and the Mercedes convertible in the driveway, may lead sex lives that are much more interesting than you imagined. Some of the men at your last neighborhood dinner party had been spanked by their wives. Some were then bent over and taken up their rear. Some of those wives love to be spanked and had spanked-pink bottoms under their Donna Karan slacks and Barely There panties. Look at the men and women who obviously work out at the gym and whose clothing is tailored to show off the sexy curves of their rears. That is done to please their spouses and seduce them into giving spankings. Did any of them behave a bit too cautiously when they sat down? Did you catch any of the wives or husbands placing surreptitious pats and squeezes on their spouse’s rears? Think of what is happening right now behind closed doors in your neighborhood.

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When you feel so lonely because every friend you want to sleep over with is not answering or busy or geounded and you feel so alone and just ready to cry and then on top of that your parents arguing and then your depression getting kicked in and there is so many emotions you just don't know what to do. And then when your trying to find a friend to answer because you can't handle your depression and your dad's phone isn't working. I'm so upset and scared please help me

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Like, literally . . . new blog. Life has been a whirlwind over the past few months, and I apologize if you've tried to reach me and feel like you've been ignored - log a complaint, seriously, this girl probably deserves a spanking.

Probably? Who are we kiddin'?

But seriously, yeah, if you're someone I've disappeared on, send a PM, and it will most likely be addressed.

But while life has been a whirlwind, that's the nature of the game, right? Either figure out how to ride the storm, or get blown away . . .

I suppose a little of both has happened, and I'm not in Kansas anymore (nor Iowa, for that matter). But I've started a personal blog, and plan to chronicle my continuing adventures. Check it out:

(I'm thinking of starting another blog in the next few weeks - a fictional account of what my college years and beyond should have been like, with spankings. Doesn't everyone love a good alternate history? I'll be sure to share once it's up.)

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i cant cope... i just want to curl up in a ball and shut the world out, i dont want to exist anymore... i feel so fucked up... i feel worthless... like there is nothing worth living for... im scared... please someone help me???????????/

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How long does it take for them to say it's ok to out a video on the site?

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PUBLIC PADDLING Part 1: A continuation of Dinner Party Revelation

Note: The events described in this blog are real, not fantasies or exaggerations. (Well, with the exception of names, some of which I have changed to protect innocents who may not wish their neighbors to identify them.) I have posted these things in the hope that others in my demographic, who are so good at leading secret lives, will share their experiences and let others know that the neighbor next door may have a much more interesting sex life than you imagined. This is all true...though the scene may not have been as spontaneous as I originally believed. With the people I know I have no need for fantasies; reality is embarrassing enough!

I get spankings from my wife. I want them, like them though they hurt, find them sexy, satisfying, and cathartic. In my last blog I told how at a dinner party, a teasing reference to spanking made by my wife, and a few glasses of wine, resulted in the revelation that my wife’s sister also spanked her husband. This is what followed.

To understand this blog you have to know who my wife and her sister are. Without certified copies of their birth certificates and two other pieces of identification, no one would believe that Lisa, my sister-in-law, and Caroline, my wife, were sisters. Lisa, who had once lived as a desirable sex object/mother goddess in a hippie commune and now managed a questionably solvent art gallery, was blond (all over), cute and fun, and slightly plump, and looked like she could have grown up in a Bavarian village surrounded by accordions and cuckoo clocks. Think sexy German farm girl. Caroline, her older sister and my wife, had double D cups that lusciously filled her Brooks Brothers blouses and a bottom that even Black men complimented. She was a successful courtroom attorney who was used to manipulating misogynistic male judges and and liked to see the look of terror in the eyes of a sexist and overconfident young male attorney when he realized that his voice was now several octaves too high and she had just figuratively cut his balls off and was about to offer them to the courtroom gods. Think of an Al Capp or Frank Frazetta drawing in a tailored business suit, one that emphasized all the curves. But they were sisters and shared things like sisters...including cute but embarrassing things about their husbands. And, for some reason that neither sociologists nor geneticists have yet explained, they both liked to spank and paddle their husbands. Not little spankings and paddlings, REAL spankings and paddlings! And their husbands liked this.

David, my brother-in-law, had always been sexually attracted to Caroline and had made some passes and suggestions that should have gotten him into trouble. He was, although he did not know it, way out of his league with Caroline. Most men do not know when they do not have a chance. Something to do with the Y chromosome. David was fun, and he had a nice body. That might have gotten him in the door, as Caroline had this thing for men with athletic bodies and nice rears. But Caroline also valued intelligence and sophistication in a man, and, let’s face it, David could lose a debate to a brass doorknob and was intimidated by bars that served beer in glasses. David was NOT going to get into Caroline’s pants. Ever. That did not mean that he would not try.

Caroline does not get upset by the actions of others. or show surprise It is a natural consequence of having learned to put up with self-important judges and the preening performances of male lawyers who seem to think being loud and obnoxious can substitute for the fact that they neglected to research the law. If Godzilla showed up at the door, Caroline’s first thought would be that she could have a whole set of matching luggage made out of the oversized lizard. And after seeing his own reflection in Caroline’s piercing green eyes, I would probably find the Terror of Tokyo hiding behind the garbage cans contemplating the existential threat contained in the words “Louis Vuitton”.

This was several months after the impromptu dinner party revelation that my sister-in-law spanked her husband. On this visit, after a pleasant dinner Caroline and Lisa went into the living room to talk about whatever sisters talk about when their husbands are in the other room. David and I remained at the kitchen table. I got out a bottle of Bourbon and two glasses and poured a few ounces in each, offering David an after dinner drink as we talked about GM small block V-8’s and Borla headers and Edelbrock manifolds. After wine with dinner three ounces of Bourbon is about my limit. But David finished his glass and then reached for the bottle I had left on the table. I nodded as to say “go ahead” and he refilled his glass. He refilled his glass several more times and, although he was obviously used to consuming alcohol in industrial quantities, was showing its effects when he left the table to go to the guest bedroom.

Caroline had gone into the guest bedroom after him to bring our guests additional towels and bedding. Lisa was out on the porch alone enjoying the evening and a liqueur before going to bed...or maybe thinking about what was going to happen.

Hearing my wife’s and David’s voices in the guest room and seeing the door partly open I stepped in to say goodnight. This is where things started to get interesting. OK. Look, I once lived in Paris. I know how to act “cool” and pretend that I am unimpressed. But I ordinarily do not walk in to a scene taken out of a Frederico Fellini film. This pushed the limits. There was Caroline dressed in blouse and slacks carrying on a conversation as if nothing was out of the ordinary. There was my brother-in-law David who was totally nude and on exceedingly obvious grand display talking to her as if it were completely normal to parade about nude in front of one’s sister-in-law. David was slightly tipsy and obviously trying to seduce Caroline with his nude body.

Nudity is contextual. At my gym, or at a bath house in the Orient, one can be surrounded by nudity but not notice it. If anyone asked me to describe the bodies I had seen in either of those places I could not. You see, but it does not register. But out-of-place nudity can be startling, sexual, and sometimes primal. That is why Manet’s painting Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe (Picnic On the Grass) was so scandalous. It was not that the girl was undressed. The galleries are filled with paintings of voluptuous nude women. It was that the girl was completely nude out of doors when the men were all fully dressed. She was on display as an overtly sexualized creature.

David’s sun bronzed athletic nude body disrupted the light waves in that guest room. The room’s furnishings and Caroline’s clothing reflected order and control. David’s boldly displayed nude body absorbed light and exuded a primal animalistic sexuality and dominated the room. The fact that David had no tan lines, that his entire body was bronzed by the sun, made him look like a beautiful animal. The sexual tension, the contrast between order and animalistic sensuality was palpable.

And that is when Lisa walked in to the room.

To be continued

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I know this a long shot but I'm looking for a spanking right now if your in the Orlando area message me I'm itching to be over someone knee or bent over the bed message me if your interested

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Hello all;

After a long hiatus, I am finally active on this site once more. My absence wasn't by choice. I have had financial difficulties for the past couple of years and, as a result, had to give up my internet, among other things, so I wasn't able to log onto here and keep up with all the videos, as I love to do.

Thank God, I was able to work through my financial difficulties and, happily, I am no longer MIA. I've been enjoying seeing all of the new videos, and also viewing the ones that I love, yet were unable to watch.

I admit, the last few months have been a very dark time for me. Not being connected online, not having a working vehicle, and other personal issues have really chipped away at my joy, peace, and self-esteem. I'm sure many of you thought that I had given up on this scene, or perhaps something had happened to me. I assure you, I am fine, and now that I am back online, I look forward to connecting with many of you once again.

This world can be a very cruel, isolating place, and having to go through difficulties alone can make the darkness seem absolutely stifling. I am so grateful that I was able to trough through this season, and emerge a stronger person. The sun is finally starting to shine again, the snow is melting, and things just seem warmer and brighter.

I look forward to blogging again. It's good to be back.


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I have been open about being actively apart of a "real life" community of people who embrace the lifestyle that is the spanko/bdsm world. I wasn't always so involved. Five years ago before this journey began I was a cyber dweller. I didn't have the opportunity, or didn't seize it. Having never experienced anything beyond what I read, watched or imagined I was ignorant to the profound depth of a true physical experience. People are opinionated and often have a voice about it and even more so when they become bold behind the screens of their devices. Very easily you can become emotionally disconnected and say things you'd probably not utter if you were more in touch. After all... you are ony seeing a mere FRACTION of what goes on.Like many who have presented themselves only online, I was naive and oblivious to the broader picture. My opinions at times were inappropriate and not very positive. Considering the free content that is shared for your enjoyment, could a negative response really boost the confidence of the courageous creator?
Ignorance is bliss, as it is said, and some lack so much insight that they speak their mind without any idea the affect they might have. . . beyond making themselves look intolerably ignorant and humiliating yourself.
The comments should be saved for positive feed back. There is no need to criticize the content you are receiving for FREE. If you truly have a concern or an opinion... ask yourself... is it necessary to still say aloud? Yes? Well then instead of making an ass out of yourself put some thought into a private message that is respectful and perhaps in return you will be acknowledged with appreciation and enlightenment. A new perspective can be not only refreshing but a step closer to you understanding what it is you desire. Along the way you will find that some things you don't desire so you move on. Or you can ignore all of this and continue on with your callow and insolent behaviour. I can spitfire and I will not censor myself to comfort that oblivious little creature of ignorance inside you.Until you step foot out of cyber and into real world you will never fully grasp what the lifestyle presents beyond the bits you see. For many of you it's understandable that it will always be out of your physical reach. That doesn't mean you are any less apart of a community of enthusiasts. You can still devote yourself to the understanding the complex yet ever so freeing lifestyle that is BEYOND what you are reading about or watching. You simply need to open your mind and eyes and grasp the knowledge that can be shared.In my physical real world experience, there is no room for critics. Whether you in the community, through play publicly or in the bedroom with your partner(s). Why should the cyber community be any different? We are all still humans just on a different outlet. Act accordingly because no matter how hard you try .... Opinions CANNOT replace FACTS!... Open your mind to the knowledge, I will share it...but I cannot make you actually THINK.In a society where we all feel like we are different. Where fitting in can be don't have ruin it in this outlet. Here we are suppose to be in a realm without judgement doing things most people would never imagine or even begin to accept. We are suppose to be free to get lost down a rabbit hole where you can experience what you imagine with the comfort of safety and the support of understanding like-minded folks. You aren't the only one in this hole and what you dream up might not be the same as others... but you are sharing this safe space with the common ground that you are all a bunch of fucking weirdos no matter what way you look at it. No one is forcing you to drink the tea so move onto the next party if you have nothing nice to say at this one. We wont judge you for it. :)

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