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Everyone has their own preferences or comfort level… for me I like to write on my “friends” wall.. I like to comment on his blogs… I like to blog to n about him.. I like to leave lil messages in his email box...i like to openly tease him n flirt a lil…. I do enjoy brattin it up at times n I don’t like to test the waters but I do NEED to if that makes sense… call me an attention whore but I like the same. I like to log in n see somethin from him on my wall.. in my blogs, in my email.. I like to get that phone text just sayin hi or checkin up on me , especially if our relationship is long distance with lil to no chance of ever takin it offline……… IF I have fucked up he has no way of knowin unless I tell him but that doesn’t come easily for me… sometimes I like to brat it up n get into “lil” amounts of trouble .. Im not one to be able to sit back n just be ignored .. I need that interaction…

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I know a lot of people think that I'm not getting hard spankings because I'm not screaming, crying, and yelping. I tried doing some videos with acting and fake crying in the beginning of my spanking experiences. I found that it really detracted from the spanking experience. I like to really indulge in the spanking experience. I love wearing sexy costumes or dresses and I really love wearing leotards and tights to get spankings! The sensation of the leotard and tights on my body is amazing and the sensation of getting a nice hard spanking when I'm wearing them is my favorite sensation ever! I love getting a spanking when I'm wearing a leotard and tights! I just uploaded a spanking that I got in my Hello Kitty costume with tan tights. My spanker was giving me a nice hard spanking that I was really into when he suddenly stopped because his hand started bleeding. The skin was split open and he had to stop spanking me. He says my butt is so firm that it hurts his hand to spank me. I don't need anyone else to spank me but I'm sure there will be offers. I'm not interested in a different spanker. We are continuing our spanking relationship and enjoying it very much!

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Arkansas is a great state. But not for this. I give up. Time to figure shit out on my own. If not suffer on my own. Its all good. I give up on finding someone.

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"hard shell on the outside, with a soft sweet inside"........*smiles warmly*.... *whispers* .. ur taste buds r off ....

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It's been a while since I've ventured online to find friends and I've made some excellent acquaintances here Thank you, one and all. Some of you are special, you know who you are, I won't embarrass you here. I prefer to do that in person ;-)

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Still looking
Talk to me i talk back

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Going for a meal then back to my parents house to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Had a lovely time but im drunk, doesnt take much these days,
5 Sambucas an diet coke.
So scuse any spelling mistakes coz its all blurred.
Guess some would say im a cheap date these days.
My dad however, had 2 large red wines. And was more drunk than me, had to leave their car at the pub so Mr G and my sister inlaw could go back to get it.
Anyway hope Mr G isnt mad with me for being pissed as a fart.
But had a fun afternoon.
God i love Sambuca.
Yep im pissed.
Would you be annoyed with me ?
I hope not, co z we dont go out very often.
Maybe i should be in control of myself. Is this what a true Sub would do ?
I dont know, coz im pissed :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :). :)

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original song lyrics

ninety seven poets agree
there's something about you I see
you got me turning my head
make me linger in bed

and maybe, baby
love is the tune for a dancer
and maybe, baby
your heart is holding the answer
about who is in charge
between the Venus and Mars

and maybe,

the distance of stars so it seems
remains between you and my dreams
if our planets align
would you call it a sign

then maybe, baby
starlight would fill up our eyes
and maybe, baby
we could have the time of our lives
if you just look my way
you would hear my heart say

that maybe,

you can call the tune and I'll dance
we can call it love or romance
and then Venus and Mars
will gather the stars

then maybe, baby
I can hold the stars in your eyes
and maybe, baby
your love will burn bright til' it dies
if I called you today
is there a chance you would say


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When a man spanks me I love the feeling of abandoning responsibility and control to him. I love it when he has the confidence to take my panties away and to put me on embarrassing display for his amusement/pleasure. I am completely waxed "down there", no body hair at all, so with my panties off I AM on embarrassing, total and shockingly childish display. I like having him fluidly, confidently place me across his lap, as if he always does that, as if that is where I belong. I like it when he uninhibitedly spreads my legs to display me or use me. I like to have him unhesitatingly uninhibitedly play with my cock or push his fingers or a toy up my ass. That is NOT sex. Those things are very physical manifestations of MY abandonment of self and HIS confident control over me. I like knowing that, if he wants, he CAN grab my cock or push his lubricated fingers up my ass. Adult boys who still need bare bottom spankings have no right to modesty. They surrendered that when they admitted their need to be spanked. They surrendered that when their panties came down. You cannot go half way. If I need a spanking I cannot argue that I should not be intimately touched and played with. I am his toy. I feel like his sex doll. I don't want modesty or inhibition. I want him to control me, to own me. The playing with my cock or my bottom, the pushing of toys up my ass, are very physical ways of showing that I have abandoned all of my willfulness to him. The acts are embarrassing, maybe humiliating. They are intimate and they objectivize and feminize me. That is not sex. That is a delicious surrender of control to someone I trust.

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Is your character/IK (inner kid) willing to be spanked?
Is your character/IK comfortable with being spanked by both men and women?
Do YOU (the player/big) prefer spankings from males or females or both?
Are you comfortable with public spanking, or being spanked in front of other Foster Forest residents?
Are you comfortable with the fact that any adult at FF can administer discipline (physical or otherwise)?
Do YOU (the player/big) have an interest in spanking?
Do you identify your character as an "emotionally real inner child?"

Please REMOVE any of these you are uncomfortable with.
Spanking (Implements)
Bath Brush
Paddle with Holes
Riding crop

Which of those implements on your list is your absolute favorite?
Which of those implements on your list is your least favorite?

Spanking (Clothing) p/j's
Fully Clothed/Covered
Over Tights
Over Briefs/Panties

Which do you like best?
Which do you like least?

Spanking (Positions)
bent over couch
Over the Knee (OTK)
Over the Knee and Restrained
Over the Back of Chair/Sofa
Bending over Chair/Sofa
Laying Down
Discipline Bench

Which do you like best?
Which do you like least?

Other Physical Punishments
Mouth Soaping
Extended Kneeling

Do you enjoy any of these in your play?

Non Physical Punishments
Time Outs
Written Punishments (Lines and Essays)
Extra Unpleasant Chores
Early Bedtime
Bed without Supper

Which of these do you enjoy most in your play?
Which do you enjoy least?

How do you feel about your character being punished for something they didn't do, by mistake? Let us know if this is something you enjoy.

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That Missy can sure dish it out take note spankers on here she even appears to dishes it out harder then niko julie simone.and sure passes dana kane even bobs woodshedand even michael masterson.i did fall of the couch laughing thow with John on the tree branch like a geko. You guys realy gotta watch her i d like to see her go rounds with Ten

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I found this online and just had to share it here:

I have always wanted to live in a spanko neighborhood. An area of the world where every single inhabitant had the strong desire to spank, or be spanked. I have a strong preference for the male spanking female dynamic. Getting spanked by other females can be fun, at times, but in this fantasy, it's those naughty girls who are taken in hand by the men.

Can you imagine it? Rows of houses, with white picket fences and maybe well equipped woodsheds in the backyards. It would be a common sight to see an unruly young lady getting turned around for some swift, firm swats to her backside right in the middle of the street.

During a visit to a neighbor's house, it would not be unusual for two women to get in trouble together, and the closest man would be the one to take care of both of them, side by side. Welcome wagons filled with leather straps and arnica would replace the typical brownie plate for new neighbors.

Have any of you had this fantasy, or something similar? What other little tidbits were included in yours? Do tell!

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yesterday was a normal day for the most part, work, home, chores etc... nothin out of the norm... LOTS of messages that made me smile...shortly after getting home from work I got a phone call... ( pertainin to this family issue I have goin on..)... that call left me feelin sick to my stomach ( for the millionth time since its started).. I'm not a drinker..not on a daily, weekly, monthly basis... once or twice a yr usually IF that.. but I took a shot, then another.....then came to the tube n started respondin to all the messages I had... while doin that one of the writers of those emails came on n we went back n forth.....n then BAM... its over... my fault of course... always my fault..... then another phone call... I swear I'm gona lose my mind before this is over IF it ever gets over......... too much goin on.. dragged the liquor bottle out again n my new lil purple shot glass that a co worker got for me while away on vacation...before long I was buzzed...then beyond buzzed.. I popped in n out of the tube , chattin a lil here n there to pass the time... before long the shot glass got set aside n I remember takin long swigs from the bottle itself... I absolutely love black licorice so it went down easily... my live in partner was gone for the night ... I logged off here somewhere tween midnight n 1am... I didn't bother to go to bed.. just curled up in my recliner n I was out.......... never heard my phone alarm this morning.. I am always up at 3am or by 2am dependin on what time I have to be to work.......I woke at 7... LATE LATE LATE... saw I had missed calls from work but my phone had been on silent so I never heard them... called work n apologized n said I was on my way.........ill be at my job 10 yrs in Nov.. they didn't give me a hard time as I am never late... I popped on the tube a few times.. responded to a few quick messages but there was one lengthy one that I didn't have time to read..... wasn't long ago that I was able to sit n actually read my messages properly... I know u read my blogs n I wont name u in case ud rather I didn't.. but I found the sweetest message/fantasy in my messages... no, owner of that message, I am in no way offended... *gently strokes ur face with my hand*..... thank u so much for makin my day a better one............

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So other then self spanking I haven't gotten one in a long time....too long. It's really starting to get to me. I watch videos and think no matter how brutal the spanking is I wish it was me. I haven't written in a long time and last time I did it was to talk about how much I hated myself for needing it. I've pretty much gotten that out of my system. I know it's something I need and I can't get rid of it. Now it's finding somebody willing to spank me. Unfortunately living in Arkansas is not the place for this. Ugh. Oh well. Life goes on. Just needed to get that out.

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Dr. Miklós Makranczy was a insatiable man. He was not content to spank Annuska's bottom, his thoughts revolved around another pretty female. She was the most brightest star in his mind. A lovely, punishable, mysterious, gleaming, guilty and innocent little fairy.

For a long time he was often thinking of how would be great spanking his mischievous daughter, Clarissa. In this case, he felt a strong erection of his penis. The tension generated by led off to a good thoroughly shagged his wife. His wife satisfied to note how much her husband wanted her even after such a long marriage.
At that time it was not customary to suck the wife of her husband. But Mss Babarczy was very grateful to her husband making love to frequent and violent harm, so he did what he could not imagine before. Miklós satisfied into his wife's mouth while he was thinking how to spank the lovely Clarissa. It was a great experience of them. Both members of the couple were happy.
Six year before his wife has died, and Miklós would be a widow. The retired army doctor wanted to move out of the lowland wilderness to freely enjoy their passion. But his thoughts were Clarissa Makranczy this time around. There were times when he imagined to slap her face, other times he thought that he beating by belt the little cute round butt.

In the meantime Annuska did everything to make a living hell for the remaining time. She takes great care to ensure the girl with a get more familiar with betyár's horror story. Unfortunately in this area she had achieved some success. Clarissa Makranczy plagued by horrific nightmares before you travel, about the grim outlaw, robbing passengers. When arrived the day of her departure she frankly relieved, even though it Annuska thoroughly neglected the defense.

Miklós put serious money at disposal, for the purpose that four hardcover, reliable gunman will give up beside her. Compared to this, Annuska asked her cousin, who was also held in this little town to accompany Clarissa. This relative was not redoubtable, and if he picked up a gun ... well ... everyone feel safe, who was standing in front of him.

The journey was not as easy and safe before the railway line built up.
Only the chariot or the slightly faster, but uncomfortable stagecoaches could use for the travel.

Clarissa Makranczy would have opted for safe-chariot, but unfortunately right now it did not start in the right direction, So that there was no other option than a stagecoach. For days it was a terrible jolts, and she felt had not a single inch of her remained intact. Her bottom was uncomfortably numb from sitting. The passengers of the stagecoach tried to approach her, and of course her attendants had not occurred to intervene, but Clarissa Makranczy listened coldly, and very successfully deterred meddlers with her small pistol what she kept in her purse. Grateful heart to think that after 2-3 hours she will arrive to Dorozsma.

The heavy convulsed and Clarissa Makranczy almost fell down. Irritated sigh, he slipped up at the meeting when he noticed the passengers uneasy gaze. A man stuck his head out the rapidly fleeing stagecoach's window.

- Outlaws! - he shouted. The passengers looked at each other in horror, was not among them who can use a weapon, nor Clarissa's amateur guard wasn't able to defend them. A few shots rang out, and then the stagecoach suddenly stopped and Clarissa has really managed to fall on the ground. They yanked open the door and all passengers will be set, then set series. The outlaws were at least ten of them, and shoved them roughly laughing. Clarissa Makranczy very attracted their attention, and no wonder. Slim, tall stature, blond hair, green eyes, charming Smilie, and cherry lip color has always attracted the gaze of men. Rough hands gripped his chest. She cried out in pain. Nobody rushed to his defense. Quickly he reached into the bag and pulled out his small pistol, but laughing knocked out of his hand. A figure held her, her hair was pulled back and the head. Then shots rang out guns, and Clarissa was so suddenly let her go, he almost fell.

She looked up and saw a tall highwayman, who had just put away his revolver.

- Darn! Well, what do you think of the beautiful young lady from us. What we ragtag gang of us! - Said the handsome man, while dark brown eyes feasted on the girl. - Ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce myself! You know me so that Sándor Rózsa.
- What do I do with them? - asked Sándor Rózsa his gangsters.
- What a question ?! - said Imre Veszelka, a young outlaw - Kill the men and rape the women, as we used to.
Passengers was frigtened. Only Clarissa had preserve the peace.
She reminded from her memories how her father punished Annuska. She remembered everything what was happened that time. She thought that Sándor Rózsa as good-looking man for her than her father was for Annuska.
She straightened her shoulders, took a deep breath and boldly said:
- Do I have another suggestion. I allow to spank me strictly.
- Good idea! - Said Imre Veszelka - First, we are all well spanking the charming little lady, then raped the all women who went to the post office car, eventually killing the men.
- Do not be silly, Imre! - said Sándor Rózsa, and scowled menacingly.
- Dear beautiful young lady. You are real brave girl. I highly appreciate it. But I can not accept your offer. I respect the women. - told the famous betyár.
Sándor Rózsa behaved like a gentleman, and although the outlaw army was really scrappy, but everyone has accepted his orders.
- Put their money, jewelry men into the hat. If they do not show any resistance and not be harmed.
Passengers behaving noticeably calmer.
They dropped their values into the betyár's hat. Clarissa also threw her small bag of money and rings into this place. She weared the closed-necked dress so she hoped that do not realize the gold medallion around her neck. It is portrayed her mother, and Clarissa never take off since she died.
When collecting the all looted belongings was finished the passengers began to board. Clarissa Makranczy was also relieved, but when she started to get up, someone grabbed her arm.
- Miss, something forgotten - and Sándor Rózsa ripped off the neck of the medallion. She was furiously after him, but the man held aloft as he laughed out loud. Clarissa Makranczy's brain engulfed in anger, and a huge slap mixed down to him. Everyone froze in terror. The bandits pointed with his finger to Clarissa and smiled.
- Everybody ... except you, my beauty! - He grabbed her waist. Passengers turned away their heads, hastily climbed up the stage coach, no one rushed to help Clarissa. The driver smacked his huge whip and the chariot with a thick cloud of dust trailing raced towards Dorozsma.
Only the Clarissa remained there with a dreadful betyár.


(Because of the general lack of interest I stop uploading the rest parts of the story and its illustrations.)

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Not a people person today and I live with 4 other people. It's still morning and I am over the day already.

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Iam always being into spanking when first got spanked my mother and seen a girl get spanked by a man in a wheelchair being turn over the knee as always being my favorite hand belt being watch getting spanked or being a room known some right outside can me getting spanked I watching spanking girl spanking girls and see them cry real tears seeing girl get the strap or hairbrush also like hear stories about spanking and how old the person was when they got there last spanking iam hoping fine someone can talk to or live near me that on this I live in fresno ca

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I personally LOVE age-play (for those of you who don't know, it's role-playing a younger age, with other consenting adults, during a scenario). Unfortunately some people misunderstand. They think that because I like to pretend to be a kid when I am being spanked that I must like kids or something....? NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!! I actually am only interested in dating ppl my own age or OLDER (I like being the younger one in the relationship). Has anyone else ever encountered prejudice or misunderstanding regarding age-play, spanking, ABDL, or other easily misunderstood fetishes?

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Its Mr G's birthday today so im going to do my hardest to be his perfect little sub, do as he requests immediately and no pulling faces or saying no.
Hopefully we will get some alone time for some birthday fun too.
Happy Birthday Master, love you to the moon and back. Xxxxx

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and another shot of annisettes... why the hell not?? pffftttt

HD Spank