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Still facing the wall she heard him opening his holdall. She wanted to turn around but didnt as she was in enough trouble.
On the bed he layed out implaments that her bottom was going to be receiving.
He sat back down on the chair and said"right, turn around and get over here now young lady"
She did as he asked. He told her to stand infront of him and he then took her jacket off. He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles. "Step out of these now" he demanded.
Once removed he yanked her back across his knee gently rubbing her bottom. His hand stopped then he started smacking her again over and over. She struggled to keep still so he locked her legs in his so that she could barely move. Her hand came up to cover her bottom but he took it and gently held it.
"I love you " he said "you are my naughty girl and deserve this. I hope that you now realise that i will not tolerate your bratty behaviour". She sobbed and said "daddy am sorry".
He carried on hand spanking her on her panties then pulling them up so her bright red cheeks were on show. Spanking each cheek very hard she cried begging him to stop.
He give her 12 very hard smacks then she was told to face the wall again and wait for next lot of punishment.

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I have come to believe that as I get older I am getting better at this whole life thing. I am finally starting (really trying to) to grow a back bone which has been hard for me. I appreciate life more and I am thankful for every morning I wake up. I have begun to see what’s really important. I try to not take things too seriously and try my best to be a good person.

Unfortunately recently I invested my time and friendship and honesty where it was a complete waste. Not reciprocated. Unappreciated. Fine. Fuck you! I also realize, there are many colors to life, it’s pretty sad seeing true colors of people who you thought would never hurt you.

Well, I still think that I am lucky to have met amazing people in my life, who I truly call friends. It’s all about quality not quantity, and those who are no longer in my's their loss because I think I am pretty great.

And lastly if there’s something in my life that I want to change, I am in charge of changing it…no one else will do it for me.

Sorry for my rambling...Everyone have a great day!!!


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Daila has enjoyed her new paddle so much that she has now commissioned me to make her a Spencer style paddle (A long, school paddle with holes in it). She wanted it to be lighter than the last one, yet wider and with a longer handle on it. She has been doing her research and found that the longer handle will allow her to develop more power at the receiving end. The holes will make it sail through the air uninhibited, and the lighter weight will allow her to have more spanking stamina.

I had been doing my homework as well, and found that birch plywood is the better wood for what she is asking for. It is strong enough to allow for the holes to be drilled and still maintain its strength and it is a much lighter weight than the previous paddle.

I chose one half inch birch plywood for the new paddle and it will have quarter inch holes in three rows down the length of the paddle.

I made a rough prototype yesterday, and after some sanding, she tried it out on my bare ass.

Here is a some pics of the prototype:

(The larger versions of these are found in my photo albums)

In just 4 swats my ass was completely on fire. I don’t know how I am going to handle the actual paddle once I get a completely finished product. I am not looking forward to it. I had never been hit with a paddle that had holes in it until Daila hit me with that prototype. I had always doubted the effectiveness of a paddle with holes. I no longer have that opinion. I am a bit scared.

She has not said anything yet, but I am sure she is planning a video with it the next time I make a mistake.

P.S. just as I was finishing this blog post, Daila called me into the bedroom and ordered me over the edge of the bed, where she used the new unfinished prototype paddle on my bare ass for a few minutes. I had forgotten to put the hand held shower head back on its hose again. My ass feels like it is full of needles and on fire as I write this. The pain of the spanking was mind numbing.


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Hello fellow spankos! Well it's that time of the year again when school's out and grades are in, how did YOU do this semester?

If your grades were sub-par this year, or if there's anything else naughty you're ashamed about and you live in central or southwest Florida then maybe we should have a long talk about your behavior.....

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This title might resonate with a few others on here.

I love spankings, bare bottomed, with the hand, a belt a paddle and I'm sure I would love a whole lot of other toys too.
I enjoy watching spanking clips and reading spanking blogs but my main reason registering on this site was to meet a spanking partner.

Someone who can take control of me, but with passion and actually care about me as a person. Someone who will allow me to get to know how they tick too so I can be a good little sub for them too.
Someone who enjoys spanking but also is looking to get me to be a better person through guidance and encouragement.
Now I'm married and my hubby does spank me so I'm not looking for an affair or a get out of my marriage type of relationship.

I'm just looking for the perfect Dom.
And if I can't find him then I'm going to seek out a sub for myself as I think I know what makes the perfect Dom.
Just like I can make the perfect 'sex on the beach'


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Well it is so nice to be back in here . It has been to long since I had any fun . I would like to thank everybody for there nice messages asking how my mum was doing . Well she is doing a wee bit better but it has been a long time coming . That's why I had to spend so much time in Yorkshire looking after her . So once again Thank You very much indeed . Have a spanking good time everybody xx

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I can't believe this is happening, really I can't, and on my eighteenth birthday too. The room around me is filled with a mixture of loud sounds, but the only thing I can clearly hear is my heart beat and the blood pumping through my ears. There are so many things to look at, but the only thing I can clearly see is the bare bottom of my best friend Angela, and the more I look at it the redder it becomes.
It all went wrong about an hour ago, up until then my day was going well, I'd left home with the promise of a great party and lots of presents that evening, I'd got to school and earned top marks in history, and a merit from my English teacher for my essay on Shakespearean sonnets. Then Angela decided to give me my present at lunch time and everything changed...........

Angela, always know for her own unique style, had snuck my boyfriend Roy into the school grounds, guided me to the large storage shed behind the bicycle racks, she opened the door to reveal Roy, my boyfriend. It turned put she'd snuck him into the school grounds just before the gates were locked, and he'd been waiting there for me.
"Enjoy your birthday present." she said with a wink.
I was stunned. "But, what are we...?"
"Oh come on, use your imagination." she interrupted. "I'll keep guard and bang on the wall if anyone comes along."
I didn't need a second telling as Roy yanked me into the shed and closed the door. I felt awkward at first, it's not that we hadn't been intimate before, but my surroundings were off putting to say the least, but after a few seconds of passionate snogging I lost my inhibitions, and soon after I also lost my panties! Roy had placed hessian sacks on one of the low tables, and he laid me back on it while fumbling at the zip on his trousers, his cock sprang out as hard as I'd ever seen it, and he soon had it protected with a latex overcoat before sliding it deep inside me. I was lost in the ecstasy of it all as we moved in unison, both of us panting as our orgasms grew closer and closer. I couldn't help swearing as the pleasure built within me.
"Ohh fuck this is good!" I murmured.
Roy chuckled. "Hey any more of that bad language and I'll put you over my knee!"
"Hmm lovely," I grinned, "a birthday spanking!"
We continued thrusting together but were so unaware of our surroundings that we didn't hear Angela banging on the wall. She suddenly burst in through the door.
"Quick! Get moving, Mr. Thomas is coming!" she yelled.
Roy holstered his weapon and was off like a rocket, fortunately he managed to escape unseen, and with a bit of help from Angela I got off the table, I was retrieving my panties just as our headmaster Mr. Thomas appeared in the doorway.
"What on earth are you two up to?" He asked, his face a picture of rage.
Angela tried to think of something to say, "I.. I, well we were."
"You were what?"
I swallowed hard. "She was, just giving me my birthday present, Sir." I mumbled.
"Mr. Thomas saw the screwed up panties in my hand and snatched them from me. "Hmm, and I think we can guess what that present was, can't we!" He shook his head as he scowled at us both. "I'm a broad minded man, but to think of you two girls getting up to that sort of thing in my school, well that's just disgraceful."
We both stood, open mouthed, he'd got it so very wrong. I wanted to put him straight, explain the situation, but that would only have made things worse, especially for Angela.
"I'm sorry, Sir." I said eventually.
"Oh you will be." He threw my panties back to me. "Put these on and both of you follow me!"
I yanked my panties back on, almost falling over in the process, than Angela and I nervously followed our headmaster around the main school building to the front door, as soon as we were inside he led us around to the right and into his office. I'd only been in there once before, and that was to collect a certificate of merit, God only knew what I'd receive this time. It was a large office, with framed diplomas adorning the walls and a huge oak desk the stood proud in the centre of the room. Mr. Thomas closed the heavy door behind us, then picked up a straight backed chair from the corner and placed it in the centre of the room.
"It's been a while since I've had cause to do this, but your behaviour certainly warrants it." He sat down on the chair and my heart skipped a beat. "I'm therefore going to give both of you a damn good spanking!"
My legs had suddenly turned to jelly and I felt dizzy, I'd never been spanked properly in my life, Roy had given me play spankings and swats to my rear end, but that was all. I looked at Angela and she was already crying, she shook from head to toe.
"Oh no please, Sir." she sobbed.
Mr. Thomas pointed at her. "I know you were keeping watch outside the shed, so you'll be first across my knee."
Angela shook her head and began to back away, so Mr. Thomas got up from his chair and went after her. He had to practically drag her over his knee, she certainly wasn't a willing recipient. I watched in awe as he flipped up her skirt and tugged her panties down, then before she even had time to react he began firmly slapping her bare bottom. From the first smack Angela was wriggling and squealing, and within seconds both of her cheeks were pink. Mr. Thomas had a tight grip on her, and when she tried to protect her stinging cheeks he quickly pinned her hand behind her back. She tried to wriggle off his lap so he swiftly placed his right leg over hers, pinioning her in place so he could continue the punishment unhindered.

........So here I am, in the headmasters office, watching my best friend get what is presumably the worst spanking of her life, and I know I'm next. The butterflies in my tummy have turned into helicopters, my legs are like jelly and my head is spinning. I don't know whether I'm going to cry or pass out, but I know I won't do the instinctive thing which is to bolt for the door and run like hell. As if sensing my state of anticipation the headmaster turns to look at me.
"This is exactly what you have coming, young lady!" he says.
I shudder at his words, and nod my head submissively.... this is like a wonderful dream come true, I'm going to get a real birthday spanking!!


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It looks as though I have more or less ran out of stories of a suitable length to post on here. I say that, as I feel posting stories in 3 or 4 parts looks like I am hi-jacking the blog.

So, I spoke to Ms.Cane, my erstwhile writing partner, about posting some of her stories from our blogspot. Her reply was "post away". So, I am going to post a couple of her shorter, short stories. Any by her I will denote as by Lori.

I hope everyone enjoys reading her stories as much as I have :)

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I fled to Maui's mists with much accumulated stress.
The spirit of Aloha was immediately felt.
The kava that we shared was like a liquified caress,
That led me to the blessings of his paddle and his belt.

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This is just an idea that I came up with. For couples or other arrangement ; a spanking room that is similar to any other "office" or whatnot area in which all spankings occur.
It would be known by both parties that there would be a good high quality camera set up permenantly, and placed for best view of a spanking.
No scripts, or rehearsals, no special props (other than a preferred chair or other piece of furniture, where the spanker would sit and prepare to administer spanking.
It would be a part of an ongoing disciplinary relationship. Any offense deemed spankable by the spanker would take place in the spanking room and recorded for the purpose of uploading onto this site or other.
The overall feel of the video would be voyeuristic in nature, a peek at something that is supposed to be "private".
Whether a lecture is done or not is entirely up to the persons involved. Some issues need not be made public. Masks may even be worn to prevent ID of those involved. The focus would be the spanking, not the person giving or receiving.
I think at first, the people involved would be conscious about the camera being there, but after a while they would forget about it, and act naturally under the circumstances.
This would be an even greater asset to the overall theme of the videos created afterwards. To have the realism, and the POV of a voyeuristic camera, would be quite unique.

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As they stood at the hotel reception desk waiting to be served she tugged his arm and said"i wanna drink daddy". He bent his head and firmly told her no. She stomped her foot down huffily and he again bent his head and whispered very firmly in her ear "you are in big trouble young lady. When we get to our room you will have a one very sore bottom and will not be sitting properly for at least 3 or 4 days. Do you understand?"
She nodded like a spoiled brat and sniggerd back " i dont think so daddy because am going to get my drink and you cant stop me".
He grabbed her arm and she then realised how much trouble she was in.
They got their keys for the room that had been reserved for them. They headed for the lifts. He still had a tight hold of her arm so she could not get away.
Outside their door she told him she was sorry for being a naughty girl but it was too late for apologies.
Once in the room he grabbed her over towards one of the chairs by the dressing table. He pulled the chair out into the middle of the room and yanked her across his knee.
"You are a very naughty girl showing off down stairs and then having a stropp because baby wasnt getting her own way. Well madam, you were warned to behave and you didnt." With that he used his right hand straight down on one cheek of her bottom then the other. continuing for 10minutes getting harder and harder with each smack.
she sobbed as he made her get up and stand facing the wall hands on her head.
her bum stang and felt very hot through her panties and jeans.

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I've been in a pretty out of it mood as of late. a few weeks ago in the midst of my own depression I took out my frustration on a close friend. All I did was yell at her but I was still out of line,we made up and I apologized profusely but I still feel terrible. I'm not usually one to be spanked for discipline but if there were ever a time I'd need it,this would be it.
It just feels good to say it I think.

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Hi good people! Hope all's well in your worlds whatever you're doing!
I don't wish to be rude but could guys that are interested in switching, having their bums smacked, looking for a master etc! Please don't ask to be my friend! By all means i respect your kink (as long as it's with adults and with consent) But it states quite clearly in my profile that i'm interested in womem as spanking partners, correspondence etc! I dislike rejecting people so please don't try to friend me! This is not to say that i won't befriend other Masters/Doms
Kind regards

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Well its Monday morning and although the sun is hiding its a great day.

I'm loving the vast majority of the blog posts these days, some amusing, some interesting and intriguing and a few giving me food for thought.
I for one who like to say thanks to the older members of this site (and I'm not talking about biological age here)for giving us all a kick up the backside and encouraging us (ok passively aggressively by threatening to leave in some cases) to contribute and make this site more engaging.

Videos are quite a mixed batch but some are truly fab- loving DamnedHorse and his DeviantBabyGirl- if you haven't watched this guy you so should (in my opinion lol) - it might not be extreme enough for some, but for me he has it right.
Some producers and indeed simply members are quite repetitive in their outpourings but again I feel they are invaluable to make the site appeal to all.

So as they are no other points to make
can i just say thanks to one and all for being a truly special bunch of kinksters.
And YES OldJimSlipper I'm talking to you as much as the next!!

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This is a spanking site, not a crossdressing site but I wanted to find out if any of you are out there on this site that besides your interest in spanking, you are interesting in crossdressing stuff. For me, dress up is fun and I get to be a person that normally as Ray I would not get or allow myself to be. To me it is fun and theatrical. I do not in anyway have anxiety attacks if I don't get a chance to dress up. As a matter of fact, I have put the whole thing on ice most of my life until recently. Now, I have found some friends and I am having a good time. Nothing against gay people but my crossdressing has nothing to do with being gay.

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Tonight I was paddled especially hard for not cleaning up my mess in the garage. I know I deserved the spanking I received because as of late, I have not been good at cleaning up after myself. Most of the time Daila comes along and catches a mess or two behind me and cleans it up, but this is unfair to her. I should not be expecting that someone is going to clean up after me. Daila is not here on earth to square away the messes that I make, and she should not have to sit around looking at the messes day after day while she waits for me to eventually get around to taking care of it myself. Sometimes she has had to wait longer than a week for me to take care of a mess. To make it worse, she is very O.C.D. about messes and cannot stand to see one. In a way, it tortures her. Regardless, this was just one of my many forgetful, and, or lazy procrastinations that served to cause Daila stress for days. She does not deserve that from me. She is my wife and I love her, I need to grow up and show her the respect she deserves by taking care of my messes. To make things worse, Daila could not park her car in the garage because of my mess and she ended up having to walk out in the rain to get into her car earlier today. So, I was definitely in for it when she found time to get me alone.

It was like as if she changed into a whole other person after dinner. It must have been when she was reminded of it. I think she went out to change the laundry out of the machine or something, and that was when she noticed again. She finally followed me into our room while I went to hit the restroom. When I came out, she had the camera on the tri-pod and ready to film. She had also replaced our white bedroom chair with a shorter red one from the guest bedroom. I am not sure when she did that, but all of those cues let me know that I was about to be in serious trouble. At the time I honestly did not know what it was all about. She sent me to stand by the chair, turned on the camera, and then started asking me if I knew why I was in there. I had a hunch it was the garage but I suddenly realized how many days had gone by since I had made a mess out there and I was a bit afraid to bring it up...just in case that was not what she was actually mad about. I did not want to end up with a double ass beating for some other thing plus the garage...but for some reason I just went ahead and owned up to the garage issue. It turned out that the garage was the problem for her and now I was going to be taught a serious lesson so that I would remember for a long time to come.

I knew as soon as the words left my mouth that I was going to end up bent over that chair she had brought into the room. I had also noticed that two of her favorite paddles were out on the dresser, so I was pretty sure by now that this was to be my fate. Bent over and paddled.

I thought she was going to have me strip naked and paddle me like she usually does, but this time she did not order me to take off my underwear at first. The underwear that I was wearing were new ones that she had just bought me a few days before. The night she brought them home for me she had me try them on. She said that she liked the way that they held my package and my ass. So for her own viewing pleasure she had me keep them on for the first part of my punishment. She said later that she enjoyed smacking my ass and not knowing how red it was getting until she pulled the underwear down to get a sneak peak and saw the lovely work she was doing on my bottom. She said she got a rush from the suspense of wanting to pull them down, and when she finally did and could see the stark contrast between the dark colored underwear and the bright red coloring of my singed ass cheeks against the creamy white skin that surrounded the impact area, it made her wet between her legs. This made things way worse for me because now she was fueled by both her anger and her horny excitement. Needless to say, before it was all over I was very sorry for having not cleaned up after myself in the garage.

I really got my ass blistered and even bruised for the first time. To make it worse, she has now decided that starting with this spanking video she is going to make me post them on Spanking Library for sale. She says that whenever she is inconvenienced by my behavior then my ass getting busted is going to start making her some spending change so that she can get some nice things for herself. It is hugely humiliating that she is now going to make pocket change from my punishments. She is having me post a short video here on Spanking Tube to show you all what happened to me. If you want to get the entire video, Daila says she will greatly appreciate your gracious contributions for the hard work she has to do making me stay on the straight and narrow path.

Please visit the store she made me set up at:

The preview video has been uploaded to Spanking Tube already, and should be viewable sometime Monday if it is approved.

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i am definitely always a spankee. i am NOT interested in spanking others or being spanked by women. i prefer otk and only with his hand. the first time i was aware of this fascination started when i was in the first grade. later my friends and i discovered some adult magazines that my dad hid in the basement. we each grabbed one and looked through them. i was stunned (in a good way) when i saw a picture of a beautiful woman lying across a man's lap with her dress up. i couldn't take my eyes off of it. i recently found that picture online and put it as the cover for my favorite photos on this site. but back to the magazines that we sister and her friends were laughing at a picture they found in one of those adult magazines that said it was all about the different kinds of "moons". it had a bunch of pictures all on one page of people's butts. the one that everyone was laughing at was a picture of a pink butt with a handprint on it because the caption underneath said, "moon struck".

sometimes my friends also had a truth or dare game where one of the options was going through a "spanking machine". . i almost always picked that one. lol another time my next door neighbor was chasing me around our ping pong table. he had a toy light saber in his hand and said he was going to give me "a long distance spanking". that surprised and excited me. up until i was in my 20's i thought i was weird to think about that and be fascinated about this topic. even stumbling across the word "spank" in the dictionary by accident when I was supposed to be looking up other words in my classes intrigued me. in one magazine (i think it was Mad magazine) it had a picture of dennis the menace getting spanked and the title said something like: "if dennis the menace's parents had normal patience". i posted that in my pictures on this site too.

the 2 times my dad spanked me for real i was absolutely terrified so that made me wonder why this topic was interesting to me. when Prodigy came out when i was in my 20's i discovered an online adult site and was shocked and thrilled and relieved to see so many spanking categories on there. i finally realized i wasn't as odd or strange as i always thought i was. anyway the 2 times my dad spanked me were when i was 4 years old. the first time was when i ran across the street without looking both ways to play with another kid. i also didn't think to ask my dad if i could go over there so he was doubly mad. he spanked me outside while the other kid across the street watched. the second time was when my sister and i were supposed to be taking a nap. we weren't tired though so we were playing. my dad came into our bedroom one time to tell us to be quiet. the next time he came back in he was in a rage and ordered us to kneel on the floor by the bed and bend over. he spanked my sister first-- really hard. i was howling already because it terrified me to see her so upset and my dad that angry. i also thought maybe he would think he already spanked me... but that didn't work.

a few weeks ago i met a wonderful man who i met on this site. we had been writing long letters daily for months even when i was in the hospital and just last month i finally felt comfortable enough to talk to him on the phone. when i was completely comfortable with him, we finally did meet and got ready for our 1st scene together. he put me in the corner and told me he really wanted me to think about what was coming up. the anticipation was killing me. it seemed like i was standing there forever wondering what i was in for as i heard him moving furniture in the next room. finally he came in the bedroom and asked me if i was ready. i said yes but part of me was wondering if it was too late to say no. he led me to the couch and he sat down. i was standing at his side. he had brought my red chair out in front of him. he asked me to tell him why i was there. it was so hard to think at that moment but i told him i had been lying to the staff in the hospital just so i could come home and when i came home i went right back to starving myself and taking diet pills. he gently pulled me over his lap and lectured me. my head and arms were leaning on the red chair that he brought out and everything else was stretched out over his lap. he already had put my stuffed animal Rusty the cat on there for me to hold onto. i don't remember what else he said because i was just too scared of what was coming next. when he stopped talking he didn't waste any time spanking me very hard with his hand. i remember he told me while he was spanking me that he was very disappointed in me for lying to the hospital staff and not taking the treatment in the hospital seriously. i felt very contrite. he started spanking even harder and faster. to my surprise (and his too) i didn't kick, scream or cry. i just took it and told myself i was never going to take diet pills, skip meals or purge ever again. when he was done with that he told me to look up at the top of the chair. i saw a thick leather belt and then i felt like my heart sank when i realized what that meant. he told me he thought i needed 6 swats with that to really get his point across. he told me to keep my pants down and go to the bedroom and bend over the bed. he came in a few moments later and had the belt doubled over in his hands. he made a few loud snapping sounds with it. i jumped every time he did that. he told me the rules were that i was to look straight ahead, i cannot move out of position or cover my butt, i had to count each stroke and promise something different each time like "i will not skip meals." or "i will not take diet pills...". on about the 4th stroke i made the mistake of saying that i will TRY to remember not to skip meals. he said he didn't want to hear the word TRY. he told me i would have to repeat that stroke and leave out the word try. so i ended up getting 7 strokes. my butt was a little bruised and sore for 3 days. he says he won't use the belt again unless i do something really horrible but if i do and that didn't work then it would be the paddle. i told him i don't want either of those. he told me that's why they are deterrents. so far that is working. i really appreciate his concern and the caring way he treats everybody. we still write and chat every day and i am looking forward to our next meeting whenever that may be.

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I wrote this scenario for one of my friends on here and I thought I'd share it with you too because I'm curious what you would do in this situation:

I'm not sure how to bring this up so I guess I'll just come right out with it... I couldn't sleep last night no matter how hard I tried so I decided that now would be as good of a time as any to see what it was like to drive your car. I knew you were asleep and there wouldn't be much traffic. I've been watching you really closely when we go somewhere and you make driving look so easy and effortless so I thought I could do that too. I just wanted to see what it was like. I didn't feel like waiting till i could finally pass the written exam just to find that out. One of my friends from school did that but she got caught. I didn't speed like she did though. I *tried* to stay under the speed limit. Sometimes the car just went too fast anyway when I would just press a tiny bit too hard on the gas but when that happened I would just slam on the brakes to slow down. I just went around the block a few times but when I got back to the house somehow I missed the driveway and hit the tree. It is still standing but it looks like it won't be for long so you probably should get some tree people to cut it down. There's also a couple of tiny dings and dents and scratches on the front of the driver side...oh yeah the hood doesn't close anymore too. (See my avatar pic I couldn't get the picture to load in here.) When I put the car in reverse it went back really, really fast and I kinda knocked down the neighbors' mailbox. I tried to pick it back up but it is too wobbly to stand up now. I'm sure those things are cheap though. If I can't fix it I'll just buy them a new one. Theirs was ugly anyway. That stupid mailbox put a little dent in the back of the car too though. Don't worry I'll pay for the car repairs and mailbox when I get a job. I'm sorry. I won't do it anymore. I had no idea driving was this complicated. It looks so easy. Who'd have thought, right? LOL Isn't that hilarious? Some day we'll laugh about this. I already am.

Probably a silly question but what would you do if this was your daughter?

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They stopped the Irishman at the airport when he entered USA with a large bag over each shoulder.
On inspection by the airport officals the bags contain old nokia,phillips,htc, samsung ,and many more cellphones.
" Why are you bringing this stuff into USA " asked the the officals.
"Well " said the Irishman " I am visiting my brother, he is a musician ,and he asked me to bring him two sax o phones ".

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I want to apologize for not checking my profile page. I've missed a lot of messages from people and I feel bad. I was just checking my email and not my home page. I'm really not a snob. Someone should really giving me a deserved spanking

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