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Hello everyone. Will anyone submit? I'm single and looking for not just anybody but a GOOD WOMAN who knows how to be a G.W. I will not discipline unless needed but it will be part of our relationship. See video's to see if you fit or can handle the specs. Your ass has to be able to handle it!!!

:-/ Lol

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Thank you to the people who have been messaging me at my email. I don't mind messaging women. BUT I DONT SPANK WOMEN! If you are a women and need to be spanked. Please go to TrueDiscipline on ST. I heard he was ok. I good person is DD4life. A truly great friend is jmacjluv. If you are a Man. COME DIRECTLY TO ME, I HAVE WHAT YOU NEED TO KEEP THAT ASS straight. If you want a taste of what I am about, I have some new private videos that should be up today or tomorrow. Please DO N0T hit me up if you are not serious about getting a REAL SPANKING OR A TRUly G00d ASS Whipping! I have spanked others besides Michael on here, but they do not want to be recorded. I always respect people's anonymity. And to anyone here that think that they can spank me, KICK comets, because that is as close as you can get to spanking me.

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My story starts around the age of 10 years old. I grew up in a predominately African-American community on the south side of Chicago. So the idea of someone getting a good old fashioned passionate butt whoopin for infractions and broken rules was a VERY common idea. Me and my siblings were no strangers to that idea LOL. The summer after my 10th birthday is where my journey started in spanko world. I remember one warm summer day, me and a couple of friends decided to walk down to the local conveinence store. A little ways down our street lived three sisters that always seemed to be getting into trouble. See, back in those days most African-Americans didn't like to use their air conditioning because it would "run up the light bill". So they would just open all the windows in the house and let a cross breeze go through the house to keep it cool. On this particular day the oldest was in trouble and getting her butt TORE UP. You could hear everything from the scolding words coming her father's mouth to every swat of the belt to every plea and promise not to do whatever it was that she did again. My friend's were laughing but I, on the other hand, was listening very intently. That bothered me for a long time because I got the same discipline from my parents and knew all too well that is was not fun at all. So why did this particular event stir something inside of me?

I put that event very far in the back of my mind for the longest. But the curiosity of it would creep its way back in from time to time. At the age of 15 (my ninth grade year), my best friend looked older than he actually was. One day he approached me and asked if I wanted to go to the adult bookstore with him. I protested that they would never let us past the front door. He assured me it would be ok. After dicussing it with him, I gave in and said yes. As we walked into the front door I grew very nervous. The clerk behind the front counter told us if we had any questions or needed help, just to ask. I couldn't believe it, we were in!!!!!!!!!!! As I was looking at all of the sex tapes, my eyes wandered to a sign that read "bondage/fetish". I walked over and began to scan the VHS tapes (I guess that tells my age a little LOL). My eyes ran across one that said "Spanking" in big red letters. I picked it up and looked at the the pictures on the back of the cover. Could this be? Is this a dream? Does this actually exist?? All this time I thought this was just a twisted fantasy in my head. I quickly took the VHS over to my buddy, handed him the money and asked him to buy it. He looked at the VHS and looked at me with confusion. "Don't ask" were the words that immediately came from my mouth. I couldn't wait to get home and watch this production. If my memory serves correctly, the title of it was "English Spanking". My parents were off to bible study that night so I had the house to myself for at least 2 hours (Yes, my dad is a minster). They say Preacher's kids are the worse!!! I watched the VHS in amazment and with excitement. For the first time in my life, my tiwsted fantasies and ideas could actually become a reality. The following Friday I decided to watch it again. It was about 2:30 a.m. and I locked the door to my room and popped it in my VCR. I fell asleep as I watched the video. I woke up to my dad and mother busting in my door. Apparently I had the volume a little too high and they heard it. I thought I was going to die that day. After a couple of stern blows landed by my father to me, he took the tape out of the VCR and stormed to his bedroom. My mother stayed behind to ask me A question. She simply asked me, "Are you into this kind of stuff?". My mother was much more understanding and open than my father so I answered her truthfully. "Yes, I am. When I have a girlfriend and she does something wrong, I am going discipline her as well."( Little did I know, this would become very true in the furure). The reaction from my mother was quite different than I had expected. She was not mad nor disappointed. I couldn't tell what she was but it was not negative.

At the age of 17, this little secret was consuming me and I just had to try it. I wanted to experience it. Those that know me know that I am NOT a "what if" type of person. If I want to know about something or do something, I research it and I DO it. My determination factor is something serious at those times. I was dating a girl in high school whom we shall call "Amber" (not her real name. She is a new member here so I will not reveal her true identity.). She had gotten into a fight at school and gotten suspended even though she was defending herself. BINGO!!!!! I felt that I had found my reason. I told her I would be at her house right after school as she did not live far from the school. I told her that I was not happy with her and that we needed to talk. Her parents would not be home until 5:30 so I had plenty of time. Arriving at her house, I walked right in. She always left the door unlocked for me when she knew I was coming over. She was in a recliner watching television. I sternly told her to turn the television off NOW and that we needed to talk. We sat at her dining room table and I immediately began scolding her for her actions. She just sat there looking at me with nothing but confusion. After scolding her, I got up and turned the chair I was sitting in away from the table and ordered her to come over and stand next to me. Telling her she was going to be punished, I quickly yanked her down across my lap and began swinging wildly landing my hardest blows on her ample target. She started to struggle and asked me, "What the hell are you doing? Let me up." Ignoring her pleas, I tightened my grip and kept swinging. I eventually let her up and she quickly told me to "Get the fuck out of her house." I tried to talk to her but she was too mad at me and had tears streaming down her face. The next day she walked up to me and told me we were done. I always thought she would tell someone about this but never did. Everytime we walked past each other in the hallway, she would just look at me and keep walking. I didn't know what I was doing back then and didn't understand consent. Hell, I never gave consent for my parents to whoop my ass!!!! LMAO. So that is how I thought it worked. I learned differently later on in life. It is funny how my then girlfriend is now a memeber of this site today and is married to a like minded gentleman.

When I turned 18 years of age, I went full force into my research of the lifestyle. Anyone remember AOL chat rooms??? I had found a few where people were discussing spanking. I also found a few discussion forums on the topic. These things were all I did in my spare time which eventually led to meetings for sessions. Word of mouth was my best friend back then. My name quickly got around to a large group of people and soon I had people that I began doing scheduled sessions with almost regularly. Along came my knowledge of and other sites. Anyone remember "The Spanking Page" before it became SIN and now known as Through these sites came new spankees and new friends. I have really enjoyed my journey through spanko world and continue to enjoy meeting new and great people. And making new friends in the process. I have learned a lot and have become well versed on the lifestyle. I find myself still learning more and more with each new experience. I love hearing other people's stories of what brought them to where they are at today concerning the lifestyle. Feel free to share them with me!

Yours Truly,

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I have only been a member here for 149 days but am truly enjoying talking, meeting and chatting with other members!
Not to mention watching all the great spanking videos!
I DO know what goes into creating a video and uploading, etc so I appreciate everyone who takes the time to do so!
I also appreciate all the people who take the time to comment on my videos/pictures, send me friend requests and subscribe to my channel!

Ms Rebekah Hurtz

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Any doubts that Mike and Jim might have harboured over Miss Ciggy’s ability to fill Daisy’s shoes in the Enigma Club kitchens were quickly dispelled. In fact, in some ways, she even excelled her predecessor when it came to plumbing the depths of culinary decadence. For example, her insistence in substituting lizard meat for chicken in many of her recipes saved the Club a great deal of money in times of hardship, following the financial crash.

She had demurred at first of course, citing self-doubt and lack of formal training. But a thorough spanking, followed by a goodly dose of Misty’s belt, had soon cured her of any uncertainties she might have retained as regards taking the job.

Once the initial resistance had been overcome, she took to the work like a fish takes to water. Her dishes were a roaring success with the club patrons, thanks possibly to a unique blend of spices, but more likely as a result of adding a good measure of the “special” ingredients, which she bought wholesale from Miss Boohoo at a sizable discount.

The only problem she had was the strange guy in a gorilla suit who insisted on strapping her to the kitchen table and caning her on Friday afternoons, but she even got to like that after a time, despite the smell.

Ciggy was not alone in the kitchens; she had the assistance of Miss Kissie, a rather shy young thing; at least she was until she had sampled a little of Miss Boohoo’s special “sherbet”. Then she would turn into a rabid spanko-maniac and it would take nothing less than a hard flogging on the bare bottom from Ciggy’s birch to bring her back under control.

One of the things upon which the Club Management (well – mainly Jim actually) insisted was the wearing of smart uniforms and “appropriate” underwear. Thus Miss Ciggy was required to port a white blouse with a black knee-length skirt, whilst Miss Kissie had a black maid’s dress with a white apron. “Appropriate “ (according to Jim) underwear, turned out to be white lace-trimmed satin petticoats, french knickers, bras stockings and suspenders. It was essential for staff to feel comfortable, he had informed them, whilst the saliva drooled from the corner of his mouth!

The Misses Ciggy and Kissie were soon given practical demonstrations in how “comfortable” their underwear was when invited down to Jim’s dungeon, where that was all that they were permitted to retain as he chained their wrists securely to the overhead beams.

Jim, it transpired, had a passion for whipping ladies naked backs until they squealed for mercy. The combination of livid red whiplashes on bared torsos, and squirming, dancing girls in dazzlingly white half-slips was just about his favourite combination.

(Author’s note – “Erm – sorry – I need to take a break – back shortly!”)

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I want to be spanked standing, hands once again hooked above to the ceiling.
My ass is round and muscular, waiting for impact. I want to have my clit tickled and my man to tell me not to get wet or he will begin the strappin as hard as he can. It is going to be 100 strokes, his belt whipping across my ass, if I orgasm. "You better hold back your weeping pussy. My belt wants a bite of your ass. "

I want to cry trying not to let my pussy release any juices. His fingertip would be teasing my clit in just the right way. I would go up on my toes in ecstasy and agony for the belt I see in his other hand.

He looks into my eyes as I dangle there. "What's wrong little bitch? Afraid of your daddy's belt? Afraid to cum so your husband has to tear your ass up? Are you gonna hold back all day? Your ass is mine. DO YOU HEAR ME? Your bare ass hanging there is mine. CUMMMM for daddy. Cuz as soon as you start this strap is gonna whistle through the air as fast as I can, as hard as I can....every one of those 100 licks is gonna rock your WORLD!!"

I feel my face get hot, my legs quiver...his finger tip has aroused me to orgasm. It is imminent. The sensitivity in my g spot is beyond expressing. It's as if the skin there has suddenly become very thin and that he is now tickling the nerves directly. I tip my head back and cry. I look back at his face and beg, "Honey please. Please, don't do this. Please stop."

"What? Stop??? Are you telling me what to do little girl? Oh I don't think that's a good idea. No, no, no. Cuz see, bad're gonna get spanked. Spanked right here, " (he reaches behind me and caresses my ass while stimulating me still. "...oooooh you're gonna get spanked on your bare ass. Don't you dare cum. Don't you dare."

I can tell I am at the end of my resolve. I am about to squirt. He knows it. He sees me fighting to resist the call of my pleasure spot.

"UH OHHHHH! Why, what's this? " He stirs the wet in my pussy in a circle with his finger

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If you dare to say "impactful" in my presence you'll be spanked.
The corrective kiss of cowhide will be felt.
Later on when you have learned to love our language I'll be thanked,
With hot kisses more impactful than my belt.

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since i been worry abouthow obessed i gotten with spankings i been thinking of seeing a theparist for my lust with spankings i think i gone overboard with it

all i think about is spankingand every female i see i think about spanking either want spank them or ask them spank mei dont even think of getting know them i just want ask spanking stuff

which make me feel i need get help with this problem

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I was in the shower before I knew it, dragged there by an ear. Myass was swollen, warped, bruised......

I thought I heard the dog bark.
When I finished I pushed the curtain aside quietly. No towels.

"Sir? There are no towels?"
The door was wide open and the air rushed to meet my wet skin. Instantly, I was cold.

"Get your ass out here, put on my clean t-shirt I left you. You don't need to be dry. "

I did as I was ordered. His shirt was soft and felt good. I stepped into the living room and the officer stood with his arms folded across his chest. I stopped and looked at my man. "Nooooo,", I said in a little voice taking a step backwards.

"Get over here girl. And don't you say no to me," my stern HOH ordered. I was shaking from within and gulped. I walked to him and he grabbed me hard by my arm. "You're in for a surprise because I invited officer Speilburger over to see that tender ass of yours get disciplined. He wants to be sure he didn't get tricked into giving a free card so we're gonna show him what happens in our house when you disobey. Put the chair in the middle of the room!"

My legs are weak but I find the energy to comply.
I look at the head of house for further instruction.
The officer says, "Come stand in front of me."

I do as I am told. He orders me to put my hands on my head and turn around. He then cuffs my hands behind my back. Holding me by an elbow he begins to spank my ass where I stand. He is strong and his hands are big. It seems the fingers of his hand are all he uses and I am on my toes in sheer pain. he continues to spank my bare little ass as my husband sits down in the chair I had placed. The cop stops and says, "go to your husband!"

I am bawling and in complete shock. My husband has a paddle in his hand and I star to dance in pace saying, "No! No! No! honey please!"
He orders me to kneel before him and I obey. "How hard should I spank your bare ass with this paddle?" he says as he hits it against his palm. I hang my head.

"Very hard?" he asks. I know what I am expected to say. "Very hard Sir".
"Then get over my knee."
The officer comes and helps guide me over my husbands lap since my hands are cuffed behind me.

My husband says, "Count backwards, each swat, from 104. And I advise you, don't make a mistake. "
"104 Sir".
"103" Sir".

He continues on as I kick and scream. The cop throws in his remarks along the way as he stands over me watching my husband beat my bare ass for what I did.

When my husband finishes he tells me to get down off his lap and kneel. I do so. "Hands on your head!" he orders as I kneel there. My ass is throbbing. It feels broken and I cry loudly.

"Now Officer, what do you think? Does my wife need to be taken over your knee too?" my husband asks in a voice to tease me. I moan loudly and cry, "NOOOOO!"

A slap lands across my face. "Did I give you permission to speed? Or to TALK GIRL?"

"No SIR."
"Officer, I think we need another chair," my husband situates his chair facing the officer's. They face each other creating one big lap, their legs laced together like fingers. The cop raises one finger and motions me to come. I crawl on my knees. They each watch, grabbing and arm and lifting me up and over their laps. My husband coaches the officer to rub my ass and ask questions before they begin. "You land the first slap on my wifes naughty ass and we will take turns. When I think she has had enough, I will say so. Nice and hard Officer."

I moan. The officer asks if I was a bad girl today, if I want to be forgiven, if it will happen again"....then I hear my husband order me to repeat, "I need a good spanking" until he says I can stop.

They take turns rapidly slapping my ass where it is bent over, high in the air. "I need a good spanking" I repeat as I sob. Their slaps rain down on my ass and I cry loudly. My husband tell me to spread my legs. The officer stops. My husband says for him to continue. The HOH stimulates my clit and feels the wetness. He says I am a bad girl for being juicy during a punishment. He tells the cop, "Spank her little ass harder."

My husband grabs my hair and plunges his fingers into my pussy, telling me I am a bad bad girl. I cry very loudly. My husband enters my ass with a finger hard to punish me. He scolds me and says, "Did I tell you to stop asking for this spanking? DID I!???"

My husband joins the officer again and they wail on my ass. They more to the back of my thighs and my husband says, "OK officer....I think she is done. They both rub my ass .

They talk over me as I lay there whimpering for 30 minutes. The officer removes the cuffs and I lay looking at the carpet as they talk.

My husband orders me to stand. My husband orders me to ask the officer for a good strapping and that I better be convincing.

Looking up at the cop I Say, "PLease Officer will you strap me for disobeying the speed limit?"

"SAY it the way I MAKE YOU!".
"Um, I..I need the belt across my ass Sir," I say.

The officer removes his belt and I cum. I hope my husband doesn't know I creamed myself in anticipation for another man licking my ass with a strap. The cop tells me to lay over the end of the couch. He lashes my ass as hard as my man does and cum drips down my leg. When he finishes, my husband makes me thank him. He leaves our house with a handshake and my husband assures him I wont be breaking the law again.

Behind me now...where I am bent sobbing....I feel my man's touch. He bends over and whispers as he caresses my ass...."You came. Naughty Naughty. Now I'm gonna fuck your ass and you're going to thank me for the discipline I gave you. You're going to be my bitch. I'm going to ram my cock into your pussy and mouth until sunrise. Your purple ass is mine girl." He pulls my hair until I am in a standing position. He turns me around and kisses my mouth with a finger teasing my clit. "Ohh, Daddy's gonna spank that ass some more. All week. ALLWEEK!", he repeats as he reaches behind me to deliver a hard ass slap.

Oooooh, yesss SSSirrr I moan. I kiss his mouth and neck. He grabs my hair and says, "Who owns your ass?"
"You do SIr".
"Get that purple ass in there on my bed and do as I say. Do you understand me?"
"Yes Sir, I understand Sir."
He cracks my ass hard and follows me close to our chamber. Implements and sex toys are lined up on the bed. He looks at me and smiles as he undresses.

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I have been very naughty and theres no one around to spank me can someone please talk me thru spanking my self via cam. I have been naughty and need a long and hard bruising. I will obey anything you tell me to do. if I don't you can punish me or get me to do anything.


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Angie and Marky's Humiliating Summer Vacation. Part II {By request}

*“Take you lesson little toddlers! If you know what is good for you you will take it and learn!”
Angie turned her head to Fred,
“Teach my naughty bare bum bum a lesson Unca Fred. Take my Tempy and humiliate and scold me.”*

Auntie B looked down at me.
“Auntie B. Teach my naughty bare bottom a lesson. Take my Tempy and learn me a lesson I won't forget. I am a naughty little toddler Auntie.”
“Yes you are little toddler Marky. After I take your Temperature and Unca Fred takes Angie's, You will both be spanked and then we will dress you both and have you wet and mess your pants so we can clean you up and swaddle you in diapers..”
They took the thermometers out of our bottoms and checked them. We were normal and they got us up and dressed us in old tight faded jeans and for her a pair of big granny style panties. For me a large set of under pants with teddies on them.
Uncle fred put his leg up on a chair facing a wall then covered his knee with a plastic cloth.
“Angie you first. Over my knee and under my arm. Put your hands on the wall and ask for your humiliation.”
She started sobbing openly.
“Please Unca Fred don't make me pee and go poopy in my pants and panties. I will be good I have learned a lesson.”
“Nonsense! You are saying that to get out of being punished. No do as I asked!”
She let him pick her up under her arms and drape her across his knee. She put her hands on the wall and spread her legs slightly.
“Unca Fred I am a naughty toddler girl. Please make me pee and poopy in my panties so I can be diapered.”
He reached down and began rubbing her ample cheeks and her crotch. He smiled then said.
“Go pee pee in your pants. Act like a toddler.”
She wet her jeans and cried.
“Now you know what to say next.”
“Please uncle Fred pull down my wet pants and make me go poopie in my panties.”

He took her pants down to her ankles dried her a little with a cloth then straightened her “Granny” panties.
“Make poo poo in your panties Angie. Thats in fill your naughty panties with plop plops baby girl.”
I could see her filling her panties like a child. But she was noticeably aroused. He then pulled up her wet jeans and made her stand up and then said.
“Put a good load in your pants dear. I am going to punish you for it good so do a good job.”
There was Angie standing in front of me with a “pant load”. I was next. I was put over Auntie's knee. And she asked me the same question.
“Please Auntie B.” I replied
“Please make me wet and mess my pants and undies like a naughty toddler.”
And I did. She rubbed my crotch which is all it took to make me pee. She then pulled my jeans down and asked me.
“What do you say now little toddler?”
“Pleas make me go poo poo in my undies Auntie.”
“Do it little boy. Fill your little undies with plop plops like your girlfriend.”
I did as I was told. I was humiliated and turned on all at once. She pulled my pants up and asked me to finish putting a load in my pants. I did.

They laid us both down and let us sit there for a long time with wet poop filled pants. The diaper rashes were setting in and it started to hurt. They came back in and undressed us naked and cleaned us while scolding us like 3 yr old toddlers.
“In your twenties and being wiped on your bare bottoms and diaper areas like toddlers! Sitting there with diaper rashes because you Soooo naughty.”
Unca Fred wiped Angie very well. He started to examine and feel her crotch while I watched.
“Please Unca Fred don't touch Angie there.”
I felt myself quickly flipped over on my tummy and Auntie spanking my bottom which was raw and rashed. I begged her to stop.
“I will stop if you cry and fuss like a toddler!”
“Pleeeze Aunti B. waaa! Whaaaa! Whaaa! My bare naked widdle coo coo is sore I be good!”
She flipped me back over and made me watch while Unca Fred felt Angie's privates. He flipped her over on her tummy and began spreading her cheeks and then he looked right at me.
“It is humiliating to see me explore and feel her doesn't it?”
“Yes Unca Fred.”
Then Auntie B cleaned me and started washing my bare little 3 inch pee pee. I was erect and humiliated. She just sighed and said.
“I will have to milk him before I diaper him.”
“I will diddle Angie until she is also relaxed then we can diaper them.”

{to be continued}

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So, I guess I had better get to the point and share one of my favourite spanking scenarios. It is between me and a partner I am in a long term relationship with, who loves to be spanked in a sexual way, but also to keep her level and balanced (it's a fantasy, sadly). She is sweet and usually very compliant, only making the occasional fuss when she is in trouble and doesn't feel like the spanking she has just earned. But this time she comes to me, nuzzles up to me, and whispers "please can I have a long, long spanking honey"? We kiss, and I lead her to our room, where we hug and kiss some more, wordlessly. Then I sit on the bed, and guide her over my knee into our usual position, which is her straddling one leg, her elbows on the bed, her body mostly behind mine. She is wearing T-shirt and jeans. As I caress her curvy bottom to get her ready, she lowers her head onto the bed and sighs. And slowly, rhythmically, I start to spank her cute bum, making that dull spank-over-jeans sound, first one cheek, then the other. Not too fast, not too slow, and not too hard for now. She wiggles slightly, getting comfortable, allowing the smacks to wash over her.

Eventually I pat her thigh in an "up-you-get" kind of way. I unbutton her jeans, and help her wiggle them down to her beautiful curvy thighs, revealing her plain, white panties. She would probably say her thighs are too curvy. She is very wrong. They are perfect. "Back over my knee, young lady", I say gently. She pushed the jeans down to her knees, and lowers herself astride my thigh again. I caress the beautiful, pantie-covered globes and think about what a lucky man I am. Stroke her thighs, the back of her knees, and then resume my spanking. The sound is lighter now her jeans are removed, and the slaps have a much more satisfying sound! I keep my rhythm steady, but instead of one-cheek-two-cheek, I start to cover her whole butt in a mishmash array of spanks, so she doesn't know where my hand will fall. I spank her from the top of her globes just below the waistband of her panties, to that pretty crease where her bottom becomes thigh. She makes little mewing sounds that make my heart pound more than she could ever know, and very, very slowly, I start to spank her harder.

By the time she feels my fingers under the waistband of her panties, she is turning a bright shade of pink beneath them, and letting little gasps escape from her perfect lips at each slap of pleasure/pain. She sighs as I gently tug her panties over her glowing cheeks, and hangs her head onto the bed in liberating submission. I gaze at her perfect bare behind, all dappled with my handywork. I love the curves, the smoothness, the heat from her redness, the cleft, and her sex. It all makes my slightly giddy with lustful delight.

The spankings are harder now. Her perfect bottom shudders and she moans audibly with every spank. She is at the point where she is starting to wish, just slightly, that she hadn't asked for this, but her need keeps her pressing on. Her tiny fists have gripped the bed sheets, and her pretty cheeks are turning fiery red under my loving slaps. I tan her like a naughty little girl, from the crest of her butt to the backs of her thighs ,while she wiggles, and gasps, and bucks, and almost, almost pleads me to stop. And then I know she has reached her summit. Almost imperceptibly I start to slow and soften each spank. Still whacking every inch of her pretty, sexy, girlie bum, more and more gently, until I am barely slapping at all. As the spanking comes to a stop, and the slaps are replaced by gently, loving, intimate rubbing, I reach for a bottle of cooling lotion, and softly caress the liquid into her beautiful flesh.

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(Started as a reply to a friend who missed our "sexy banter" - the busy part in the beginning is true, the rest is my imagination running wild . . .)

I got late on Friday night, after going out with friends after a long week at work. My mom had been staying with me for the last week while dad is traveling out of the country on business, but I had touched base with her first, and she told me not to worry about her, just to have a nice night out with my friends.

It was late, I was tired and more than a little buzzed when I got home. I put my jacket on the back of my chair in the kitchen, and I'm surprised to see my mom still awake in the living room as I'm (trying to) head quietly to my bedroom. Mom smiles at me and says, "We need to talk, but we can do it in the morning," I can see a gleam in her eye.

The next morning I wake up, naked, with mom gently shaking my shoulder, and telling me coffee's ready for me, and she'll make breakfast when I get to the kitchen. I find my panties on the floor from last night, and put them on with a pair of lounge pants and a t-shirt, no bra, and I go to the wonderful smell of coffee in the kitchen.

After pouring me a cup, mom tells me to have a seat, and I just silently nod as she tells me she knows I'm overworked, but that I'm letting things go, my jacket still on the chair from last night, a stack of mail that has accumulated on the table during the week, my clothes from last night (well, the last three nights actually) on the floor of my bedroom, I seem to be subsisting on Pop Tarts and frozen pizzas . . . I start to pay attention when she mentions that my pants, loose around the ankles, are looking a little tighter around my thighs and seat!

I was about to protest, when she cuts me off with a comment about my late night computer usage . . .

She couldn't know about . . .

I had told her she could use my computer for anything, but I always, ALWAYS use a private browser and make sure to erase my history. Don't I? I must not have been as thorough as I thought, since the next thing I know she's telling me that if I'm looking for a mom, I don't need to look any further.

Before I can even ask how she knows, she tells me to stand, and she quickly takes my spot in the vacated chair, and unties the drawstring on my lounge pants and places her fingers inside the waistband on my hips. She looks up at me and gives me a wink, and tells me I can tell my mommy anything, that she'll be more understanding than I give her credit for.

Then she's pulling my pants down, over my hips and bottom, down to mid-thigh, and I can just feel her looking at the V on the front of my panties, and my butterflies in my tummy are going wild, it's really going to happen for the first time in 20 years, and I'm worried if it's going to hurt but I know I'll be disappointed if it doesn't.

And she must be able to see all the thoughts running through my mind, because the next thing she says is, "Well, I know it's been a while, but I'm sure you remember the position, and it's clear you've been thinking about it plenty!"

As I lower myself over her lap and try to get as comfortable as I can for what (I hope) will be a long reacquaintance with mom's palm, I'm aware of my weight over her lap, her thighs against my fluttery tummy, thinking of her comment about my pants being tight around my seat, but thinking it just makes me that much more spankable, and I start to feel the first twinges of arousal as I imagine how I must look, 34 and over mom's lap, silk bikini panties stretched tight across my bottom, my breasts hanging loose and my hair obscuring my face.

Then I'm brought back to reality by the first of many spanks across the seat of my panties. She spanks firmly from the start, alternating cheeks and across her crack, about a spank every second for the first three minutes, then picking up pace while maintaining the intensity. It's . . . perfect. And she's scolding, telling me why I'm over her knee, and whatever thoughts I may have about this very position when I'm online, I'm feeling very much like a naughty little girl over mommy's knee, and I begin to lightly sob.

After she's spanked my panties for about five minutes, with my pants bunched around my knees now, she stops and rubs my very warm bottom through my panties, and asks me if this is getting through to me, and I tell her it is. With that, she gently helps me stand up from her lap, and tells me to go to the drawer and bring her a wooden spoon so we can finish my spanking.

My pants fall to my ankles as I stand, and I'm about to step out of them when she tells me that I shouldn't dare, and to keep them where they are. I shuffle to the drawer and pick out a medium spoon with a wide bowl, then shuffle back and hand it to her.

"I would tell you to bend over the table," she tells me, "but with all the mail on it, there's just no room." She stands up, and orders me to bend over with my hands on the seat, then she pulls my panties down right below my red cheeks.

"Since a girl your age should know better," she tells me, "I think it's appropriate to include your age in your discipline. I think 34 would be just right."

I appreciate that she's spanking relatively lightly at this point, but the wood against my already well-warmed tush stings fiercely, and the tears start flowing right away. She spaces them about five seconds apart; two minutes later, it's all over, and she takes me in her arms for a strong hug as I continue to cry on her shoulder.

As I stand in the corner after, she tells me this is just the beginning - that she'll be supervising me as I clean the apartment, with spankings following each area if she is not satisfied with my effort, and bedtime spankings tonight and tomorrow night to reinforce her return to mommy-status, and to reinforce that I will always be her little girl.

After 15 minutes, she releases me from the corner, and tells me I may go to my room (but that I'm not to pick it up at all - that will come later), but that I must be showered and back in the kitchen in 30 minutes to begin my chores.

. . . since it looks like I won't be leaving the apartment today, I can skip the makeup and most of the time consuming shower issues. With 30 minutes, that gives me plenty of time to make quick use of a little toy I ALWAYS am sure I put away. 15 minutes in the corner gave my mind time to run wild . . . and it's time for some action!

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missy09's avatar

Views: 126 · Added: 13 days ago

...or should I say: "That thing that goes into the anal" ;)

Oh boy! Here we go. Dragged my rookie into some sexstore to purchase a decent butt plug. Not only I have to take time out of my day and all, no, he also acts up being a total chicken about it.

I'm like:
"What's the matter? It's not even that big! Stop being a baby about it!"

Well, I know it's not everybody's cup of tea. But I use anal treatment as a domination tool. So you need to teach who's in charge, he's being disobedient and such? Heeeere comes the big bad butt plug.

- But on the other hand... well, if you despite a butt plug, no problem. I still have fingers, you know ;)

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karsten1975's avatar

Views: 70 · Added: 13 days ago

It was friday and my wife and I was going to a party.

It had been a hard week and I had made some stupid remarks to my wife during an argument that was nagging me a lot.
During friday I was really sad about the way I had reacted and felt very guilty.

So guilty that I had made my mind up and was going to ask my wife to punish me for my rude remarks.
Before going to the party I was going to go and ask my wife to spank me good and hard, so I would feel forgiven for my rudeness.

I went into our bedroom and found my wife allready out of the shower and dressed sitting in a chair at her dressing table brushing her hair with her wooden hairbrush.

She was all dressed up, wearing her black high healed 4 inch ankleboots, her tight black leather pants and a white satin blouse.

She looked so hot and I was getting a very sensual feeling in my underwear.
I was getting an erection by the sight of her in her black leather pants and went towards her and stood in front of her looking straight at her wooden hairbrush.

What is it sweetie she said and looked up at me?

I am sorry for what I said earlier I said and bowed my head in shame.
I feel really bad and so guilty that I hurt you with my rude remarks and I will never do it again I promised.

It is ok my wife said and took my hand, I know you did not mean it.
I forgive you she said and please don´t think more about it.

I looked down to the floor and felt really bad.
I did not think I should have been forgiven that easy and made myself look her straight in the eyes.

I don´t think that I can I said and started to blush.
I feel that you should punish me for it I said and felt a knot forming in my stomack.

What are you saying my wife said and looked at me seriously.

I want you to punish me for being so rude towards you I said and felt very ashamed of myself.

Is this what you want my wife asked?

Yes maam I answered and looked down to the floor.
Please punish me hard for being so rude and awfull towards you I said and looked her in the eyes. I deserve to be punished for my bad behavior I said and looked down in shame.

Allright I can see that you really mean this my wife said and took my hand.

I agree that you have behaved like a bad little boy and you do deserve to be punished, but it will not be a pleasant experience for you I promise my wife said.

Are you sure that this is what you want? I won´t ask you again my wife said in a serious voice.
Yes I whispered and my face blushing.

Good young man my wife said and looked me straight in my eyes.
I will punish you good and hard for being rude and behaving like a bad little boy.

You will without a doubt regret your decision to ask me to punish you, but now that boat has sailed and I am going to teach you a lesson you will remember for a very long time my wife said in a stren voice.

I trembled and shifted from foot to foot feeling like a bad little boy and watched as my wife got up from her chair.
She put her wooden hairbrush on the chair and looked at me.

Put the chair in the middle of the room and stand beside it she said and walked over to her side of the bed.

Here she took her leatherstrap from her bedside cabinet and my heart sank as I knew how much this was going to hurt.
I did as she had told me and stood beside the chair feeling very nervous now.

My wife came back to the chair tok the hairbrush and sat down, making her leather pants shwish and creak.

I felt so excited and aroused and I had a huge bulge in my pants.
I was totally turned on by seing my wife sitting on the chair in her black leather pants getting ready to give me a good hard spanking over her knees.

Take your pants and underwear down to your ankles she said in a stern voice and smacked the hairbrush against the palm of her hand.

I felt so ashamed and embarrassed as I unbuckled my belt, unbottened my pants and took them down to my ankles.
I hesitated to take my underwear down and show my wife how excited i was, but she was not having any delays.
Get your underwear down to your ankles right now young man she scolded and made me feel so humuliated.

Reluctantly I did as I was told and took my underwear down to my ankles and stood naked from my waist down with my stiff penis staring my wife straight in the face.
She took no notice of it, took her wooden hairbrush in her right hand and looked up at me with a determined and stern look.

Over my knees young man.

Very embarassed I layed myself across my wifes leatherclad knees and felt my stiff penis rub against her left thigh.
My excitement was enourmous, but I knew it would disapear very soon with the impact of my wifes wooden hairbrush.

My wife gave a couple of hard spanks on each cheek and got the reaction she wanted.
I threw my hand back to protect my bottom as she knew I would and she grabbed my wrist with her left hand.
She pressed my hand into the small of my back and held it there, so I could do nothing to prevent my punishment.

My wife then raised her right hand high over my bare bottom and started spanking me very hard with her hairbrush.

I was not prepared for the pain and screamed out in pain.She spanked me very fast and thoroughly and quickly turned my milky white bottom deep red with her wooden hairbrush.

Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek.
I was spanked very hard by my wife and even though it hurt I knew I deserved it.

I tried to fight back the tears, but there was no escaping the hard impact of her hairbrush and I soon had tears running down my face.

My wife did not say anything or scold me, but simply kept spanking me very hard with her hairbrush, until I gave up any signs of resistance and just layed limb over her leatherclad knees sobbing like a bad little boy.

Hearing me sob my wife then stopped spanking me and put the hairbrush down.
Then I was given a long and stern lecture about respect and good behavior and a scolding like never before.
I apologized through my tears and promised to behave better in the future.

You better start acting like a grown man she scolded and behave yourself in a propper manner she scolded and spanked my bottom hard with her right hand.

Now it is time to finish your spanking off young man my wife said and picked up he leatherstrap.

Lifting the strap high over my sore and burning bottom my wife then gave me a sound and thorough strapping that left me bawling like a little boy.
I had gotten 50 hard spanks with the strap and my bottom was crimson and blistered before my wife stopped punishing me.

Held firmly in place over my wifes leatherclad knees I had been punished very hard for my bad behavior and rude remarks and I knew I had deserved everything I got.

Now get up and place your nose in the corner young man my wife said and let go of my right hand.
Keep your hands at your side young mand and do not rub your bottom or I will give you another spanking when we come home from the party my wife warned.

Sobbing and apologizing I hopped around in agony and pain and quickly placed my self in the corner.

After half an hour of cornertime I was allowed to go to the bathroom and clean myself before we left for the party.

Happily for me we danced a lot and stood by a high table at the party, so my bottom could recover a bit.

I felt forgiven and free of guilt after that spanking, but felt it for more than a week each time I sat down.

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clg0413's avatar

Views: 102 · Added: 13 days ago

beverlylewis blogspot com


The native peoples of the Americas held ceremonies and festivals to celebrate the completion and bounty of the harvest long before European explorers and settlers arrived in what is now Canada. Early European thanksgivings were held to give thanks for some special fortune. An early example is the ceremony the explorer Martin Frobisher held in 1578 after he had survived the long journey in his quest to find a northern passage from Europe to Asia.

Many thanksgivings were held following noteworthy events during the 18th century. Refugees fleeing the civil war in the United States brought the custom of an annual thanksgiving festival to Canada. From 1879, Thanksgiving Day was held every year but the date varied and there was a special theme each year. The theme was the "Blessings of an abundant harvest" for many years. However, Queen Victoria's golden and diamond jubilees and King Edward VII's coronation formed the theme in later years.

From the end of the First World War until 1930, both Armistice Day and Thanksgiving Day were celebrated on the Monday closest to November 11, the anniversary of the official end of hostilities in World War I. In 1931, Armistice Day was renamed Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving Day was moved to a Monday in October. Since 1957, Thanksgiving Day has always been held on the second Monday in October.


Thanksgiving Day in Canada is linked to the European tradition of harvest festivals. A common image seen at this time of year is a cornucopia, or horn, filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables. The cornucopia, which means "Horn of Plenty" in Latin, was a symbol of bounty and plenty in ancient Greece. Turkeys, pumpkins, ears of corn and large displays of food are also used to symbolize Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada, my neighbors to my north.

And especially to my friend Anna and her family, have a really great day. C

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loki_darksong's avatar

Views: 176 · Added: 13 days ago

Greetings folks. With the advent of 50 Shades of Grey, I had concerns of a backlash aimed at all of what is considered Kinky. Yes, that will include Domestic Discipline Lifestylers. To the eyes of muggles, we all are odd.

Well last week, I came across this while surfing YouTube. It was a two part Dr. Phil show which features a man who is facing a two year jail sentence for spanking his wife with a spoon. The Spanking Spoon as he calls it.

From watching both parts and just having a glance at the comments posted, I feel that there will be a serious set of problems that will come to us all as a result of this story. In such that those who have watched it will not be very understanding in anything that we love and do.

I am having problems copying the direct link here. If you decide to look it up on Youtube, and I believe that you should to know why any hostility comes you way of late, look up Dr. Phil: I Spanked My Wife With A Wooden Spoon. The episode has a link to the second part of the story.

Folks, that episode is a car wreck, especially to Domestic Discipline Practitioners. To those who do not know anything about DD, it will make them hate it and consider the men as abusive and the women as victims.

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revmother1's avatar

Views: 74 · Added: 13 days ago

Yesterday started great. I got up early and went for a long walk in the beautiful early morning sunshine.I love where I live. Along the way I met with a neighbour of mine who was on his way to check on his sheep.We talked for awhile and he asked how my week had been.Sometimes I wish I was a farmer;it would be nice to just work away on one's own and not be bothered by others. I walked on and watched two lads from the village kicking a football at each other for a little while. I know these guys and both a sport mad. I walked on again and came across Jenny's Dad tending to his cows in a field. We spoke for a while and it always comes to my mind when I meet him that I have very rarely met anyone so completely content with life. He is very laid back and decided along time ago that life is a case of 'what will be will be'. We talked for almost an hour and made plans to have a few drinks this afternoon and watch a match on the big screen in the local pub.I walked into the village and bought a newspaper.I wondered through the old abbey and met with another neighbour tending to the grave of her husband. We chatted for a time before I walked home and into a major fracas!

It amazes me that we can go for weeks without my niece and Jenny being at logger heads about something or other,but then,all of a sudden something happens and both of them just go at it. As I came in the front door of my house I heard the raised voices coming from my study. Jenny sometimes does her paper work for work in my study and my niece also uses my study to study. I decided to ignore what was going on and went straight to the kitchen to make tea and toast. Justin was looking worried standing in the living room. The voices from my study became louder and the language used began to exceed any sense of morality. Still I decided to just make my tea and go into the garden until they had cooled down. I stood in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil when I heard a crash,then there was silence for a moment before the raised voices started up again. Both my niece and Jenny began to accuse each other. I took a deep breath and went into my study to see what had happened.

I opened the door and both of them clearly got a fright as they had no idea that I had come home.I stood looking at the mess and had to remind myself of two things;
1/ I love them both and:
2/ They are lucky I do not have access to a gun
Strewn on the floor was a stack of folders I need to correct.Paper was every where. Also on the floor,it's frame in pieces, was my photo of my parents. They had knocked everything off my desk and even knocked a painting off the wall in their moment of rank stupidity. Both of them began to try to explain but I am afraid I lost the plot. I am sick and tired of their behaviour towards each other. I screamed at them to get out of my study that I would clean up the mess. My niece began to push her luck by trying to continue the argument with Jenny but she soon found out that it was best that she left my study under her own steam before I made her leave. It is very rare that I get this angry,I hated feeling that way. Jenny,very wisely left and went into the kitchen,my niece went upstairs.I cleaned up the mess and spent over an hour trying to put all my paperwork back in order.

When I had finished I left the house without telling them and went to Jenny's parents house. I told her Mum and Dad what had happened and I was very upset. I needed to tell someone. I apologised for loading all this on them and after some tea Jenny's Mum returned to the house with me.Jenny had gone out running but my niece bore the brunt of a good telling off from Jenny's Mum and I. Jenny returned and her Mum had words with her also.This has got to stop. The result of yesterdays events now sees tweedle dee and tweedle dum,namely Jenny and my niece, not on speaking terms and I am only barely on speaking terms with them both. I was hoping for a nice Sunday lunch today but that hope seems to be dashed. I will go to the local pub and watch a football match with Jenny's Dad. Jenny is out running and my niece is gone into the village to see her boyfriend. What a horrible weekend this has turned out to be. Our friends who stayed in our house lastnight couldn't help but pick up on the frostiness. I have promised to make it up to them. The reason that Jenny and my niece argued and turned violent with each other was because they both wanted some peace to do their work in my study. Hope things get better.

Have a great day my friends and be safe.

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Views: 61 · Added: 13 days ago

Well, it has taken almost 6 weeks, I think, but this colossal video is finally published. Yes, it is 36 minutes long. It may be a bit more that one wants to sit though at once... though I hope not! Still I won't mind at all if people browse through it, skipping from part to part. However you feel like watching it, I hope you enjoy it. colt

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Views: 63 · Added: 13 days ago

Standing there in the corner, I tried to calm down. Eventually, I started to wonder what time it was. It seemed like a very long time was going by. I expected him to be there to hand out my punishment very soon after I had arrived but this wasn't happening. I listened to the outside noises; the mail man, people having conversations somewhere outside. I couldn't see the alarm clock, my stomach was growling, my legs were tiring....still I didn't dare move for surely that is when he would come through the bedroom door.

Two hours must have gone by when I decided I would kneel in the corner. After another half hour I lowered my arms and leaned my body into the corner. My legs trembled as I tried to obey and stay in the ready position for the HOH. With every slam of a car door, I jolted awake a bit, wondering if I would hear his boots stomping across the front deck. I was sure he was intentionally making me wait for my discipline, making me sorry and ashamed so when I went over his knee I would already feel terrible for my disobedience.

I sank to the floor in a sideways, demure kneeling pose, leaning against the wall. The next thing I would hear was his angry voice in the room as I fumbled awake as he said, "Is THAT how you are told to wait for me to come give you a spanking girl?!"

I stood quickly and tried to get into the corner when he stopped me and said, "JUST STOP. Turn around and face me."

I did as I was told, holding my bottom with both hands as I looked through my eyebrows at him. He said, "You know how upset I am with you?" as he unbuckled his belt and began removing it.

This action leveled me to a puddle every time. "No, no belt please honey. Please. I'm so sorry. I'm SO SORRY!"

"Please WHAT?!" he said as he folded the strap. "You don't talk to me sweetly at a time like this. You wanna try that over again?"

"I'm sorry Sir!" I said with the little girl inside me completely on the surface now.

He snapped the belt. "Get your ass over here. Front and center. NOW."

As soon as I got within his reach he grabbed me by one arm and turned me for the best position to receive the doubled belt he'd pulled from his jeans. He landed that thing with the precision of a fly-fisherman snapping his line out over the water. Right through my favorite pink mini skirt he was lashing me to a new high, a painful high of hysteria and shock from the sudden fury unleashed on my deserving ass.

Finally after a good 40 or 50 of these he stopped and held my face to look at my tears. "When I decide you are going to be spanked, you are going to be spanked. Did you FORGET that whiney Heine?".

"Noo Siiiir," I whined.

Still holding my chin he looked down into my face and said, "You fucked up. BIG time. You know how feel about your bullshit thrill seeking don't you?! DON'T YOU!?!"

"Yes Sir." I said as I whimpered.
He landed a few hard cracks on my ass with that thick leather belt as it flailed around my hip from the front where he stood. "Get ready for a black and blue ass hot shot. Cause IT'S COMIN'!!". By my hair he dragged me to the bed where he sat down and scolded me some more, how his friend died on the roadways servicing the public as a cop, how I hadn't learned from his teachings to respect each day that you're given and be responsible. I stood listening, wiggling, crying...I knew what was coming. I held his big hands as I listened and looked down in shame.

"Let's go. Get over my knee!", he held out his arms making clear access to his platform of pain. I whined and slowly lay myself across his lap. He rubbed my bottom and the backs of my thighs. I winced knowing he intended to give me the full treatment as he touched my legs. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in tight and began the hard hand spanking I was used to. Fast and hard he slapped my ass reminding me who is HOH, reminding me how we handle disobedience in our home. My whole body was jarred with every swat.

Then he pulled up my skirt and continued. "Have you been irresponsible today?"
"Yess SSir!". He continued punishing me.
"Did you disobey direct orders today?"
"And how do I correct you when this happens?"
"You spank me Sir."
"Tell me now, how do bad girls learn best,, without fail girl?".

"Ooooohhhhh. Mmmm. Bad girls, (sniff sniff) get spanked on their bare asses Sir."

With this, he ordered me to stand . He removed my skirt and lowered my panties to just below my sit spot. "Go get the paddle."

I tipped my head back and cried, slowly walking to the drawer and bringing my master the horrible, terrible paddle that started as a small cutting board about the size of my husbands hand. I held it out to him and said, "here Sir."

"Bend over. I wanna see that ass of mine. Get over my knee." But this time he made me strattle one of his legs where he sat on the side of the bed. He pulled my ass into the perfect strike zone and began beating it like it was a rock. This was clearly the angriest spanking I received from my man in a long long time. I couldn't stay in position soon and he stood up, dragging me along behind as he walked to the end of the bed. "There. See those pillows/ Get your ass across them and don't you move. "

I did as I was told. HE took off his pants and took a few slugs of his beer. Returning back to the bedside he felt between my legs. I was drenched. "Really?" he said in disgust as if he was surprised. 'My my my you little fuckin brat. You're enjoying this??" he yelled. He teased my clit until I went down on his hand and that's when he pretended to snap.

"Really? Really you little bitch? Let's see if I can put that wet pussy to use. Gimme that ass!" he said as he dragged my hips toward him and let my legs dangle over the side of the bed. He rammed his hard cock into me without hesitation. He scolded and rammed me from behind. It felt so fucking good. He slapped my ass hard and pulled my hair, fucking me like a beast from another world.


He grabbed my hair pulling my head back so I could see his face. "You won't want any MORE because I'm gonna follow that red ass around the house with a strap while you work. Won't that make your little speed fest today ALL WORTH WHILE GIRL?? WON'T IT????"

"Ahhhhh! Oh! Yes Sir", I answered.
He pulled out and threw me over the pillows again. He bound my feet at the ankles and hooked them to the harness under the mattress. He cuffed my hands and hooked them at the other side of the mattress. I was completely fucked.

He whipped me with that strap like he was trying to go through to the other side. Oh how it hurt. I was hysterical trying to make him realize that I could take no more. He spanked away with no regard.

"I should fuck your ass raw for what you did, shouldn't I girl? Shouldn't I??"
"Yes Sir."
"Then beg for it bitch."

I moaned, I groaned.Then I complied, "Please Sir fuck me in the ass raw. Make me your bitch Sir. I deserve to get thepunishment you choose Sir."

He untied my ankles and turned my ass for his easy acess. He spread my ass wide and squeezed. He slowly entered me and repeated this slowly to maximize the discomfort. Then he laid into me full-tilt. His cock ran in and out of my tight ass fast and hard to full penetration. My eyes were popping out of my head as he pulled my hips back onto his manhood. He came hard and pulled my ass hard, sinking his fingers deep into my flesh. "This is MY ass girl. I own this ass and don't you EVER forget that. "

I said, "yeeessss Siiiir".
He dragged my sore ass to the corner and said that he wasn't done with me. "We are gonna have a surprise guest later."

I cried loudly in the corner as my ass trembled in fear, exhausted and not looking forward to his his next move.

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