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Monday 18th April

Weekly maintenance punishment. It was very warm on Monday, so I dressed in a short cotton print skirt and a white T-shirt. Each week, normally on a Monday Morning, I get punished with the cane. I start out with 50 strokes and earn credits over the week. This week I was good and I get a 20 stroke credit for 30 strokes of the cane. As always I'm put in the corner first to wait for my punishment, then taken over the bench, strapped down and caned.


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There appears to be so many Timewasters Plaguing the scene these days they are ruining it for all the genuine CP lovers and genuine enthusiasts. Any Disciplinarian/Mistress/Master/Top can now discreetly share time wasters information in a private section on my adult discipline web forum. As it is private and not open for general view or abuse it does not fall foul of the data protection laws. If you want to save yourself the hassle of these idiots come and join www.misslisacp.com/forums/index.php

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I got a new leopard thong leotard and I love it. I decided to wear it right away with black tights and some leopard heels for a very nice hard spanking! I really love this leotard and I love getting spanked while I'm wearing it!

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I posted last that I dont want to be into this DD life anymore. Some people know how to push and create buttons. I am trying to change to not let them see or know that they are getting to me. Since some of my Micheals need a lot more spankings than my other ones. Thank you for comments and friend requests. Let me know if you want to be my new Micheal. Thanks!

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Don't come for me and turn around playing the victim. Should have stayed out my inbox.

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So you blocked me but send your friends and girls to mess with me. Lmao

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Got to love it when a big man needs his friends to harasse people who don't like them.

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Anywho.....I would love to chat, but

innnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnni keep falling asleep, my paper isnt finished, and i have to work 12 hours tomorrow! gn ST!

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I had a good spanking session earlier witch was great.i then went to the gym and wow did my bottom hurt when running on the treadmill, well when I said hurt I mean kind of pleasurable, my naughty secret my bright red bottom under my leggings. Hope you all have fun. Xx

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(I wrote this little flash story in a chat with a very dear friend from this site. Since I wrote it for her, I was a bit reluctant to post it as a blog. In re-reading it, however, I kind of like the story and wanted to share, especially since I haven't posted anything new for a while. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ~Mike)

She had no idea what brought on the mood, what triggered him...

He told her once it was her short skirt, the smoothness of her bare thighs. Another time he said it was the sight of her without her shirt, her bare back glistening in the sidelight from a nearby window. He said once it was her impish grin, her pretty blond hair, her cool blue eyes. He said it was her breath in his ear, and it was the way she moaned, and the way she screamed. He said it was the way she extended her hands to be bound, the way she offered herself up to him. He said it was all of these things and more. He said he loved her. That was all she needed to know. When the mood washed over him, he was obsessed and he wanted her...all of her...body and soul.

She ached to fulfill his desire.

She had no idea what brought on the mood, what triggered him...

For weeks on end, they might live a perfectly vanilla life. Of course, even then, he was voracious. He often fondled her bottom in public and smiled at her irritation. He doted over her when she went to the shower, fondling her plump breasts lovingly, pulling her hair gently to bring her face up, so that he could kiss her full on the lips. If she responded, then things would progress. He would lift her up onto the marble vanity and fuck her then and there. He was always ready. He loved to fuck more than any man she’d ever known. But if she wasn’t in the mood, he left her alone. If she pulled back, he read her reaction and stopped. He would kiss her, and say, “I love you.”

She had no idea what brought on the mood, what triggered him...

Sometimes she suspected it was stress from work. And yet, as often as not, he preferred to come home and sit with her, let her soothe his stress away with a shoulder massage. He loved her touch. When she massaged his temples and the sides of his face, he would close his eyes in quiet ecstasy. And when he opened them again, his expression said, simply, “I love you.”

She knew he did. And still...

She had no idea what brought on the mood, what triggered him, but one day she would find the ropes or the cuffs laid out, and some implement of pain—a leather strap, a braided quirt, a stern wooden paddle. And she would pass the day in trembling anticipation of his return.

If it were the paddle, she would hold it in her hand, smack her palm, and smack it again, harder, savoring the sting. She would run her hand along the smoothly varnished length of it, considering its weight, its impact on her unprotected bottom.

If it were the strap, she would drape it over her hand and inhale the scent of leather. The hard strokes of some previous beating would no doubt echo in her mind. A thrill would course through her belly and up her spine as she imagined the hard slap of leather on the back of her thighs.

If it were the whip, she would hold it coiled in her hand and touch the braided leather to her lips. Eyes closed, she would imagine the all-consuming pain he would inflict upon her, lash after lash as she thrashed in agony on the whipping bench, restrained by the ropes with which she had allowed him to bind her.

She had no idea what brought on the mood, what triggered him...

But this morning, he had laid out the ropes and the whip. It was almost time for him to come home, and she waited, clad only in one of his old t-shirts, one of many she kept for just such occasions. The hem reached her knees, and she had tied a sash around her waist, so that it hung like a skirt over the curve of her bottom, naked underneath.

When she heard his car in the drive, she knew that, soon, she would be tied to the whipping bench, and this old t-shirt would be ripped from her body with brute, sheering force.

She was ready.

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Sarei molto felice di conoscere nuove persone, che siano signorine disubbidienti,donne dalla mano pesante o uomini pronti a tutto.

A presto, Giulia

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Yeah, it’s Sunday and I’m on a rare day off – hallelujah. I’m going to make the most of it by being lazy. Well, lazier. I’m on the sofa and the missus has just handed me a tea – she’s good like that. I’m lucky to have her. In fact I’ll be having her in other ways later too. Yeah, that’s right, I have a dirty mind and I don’t care how many people know it either. If it wasn’t for dirty minds and sex there’d be nobody in the world and that includes all the censorious hypocritical bigots who hate other people enjoying themselves. I won’t go on about that. Don’t want to bore you.

Yeah, anyway, I’ve got to that time of life where I find myself looking back a lot and I thought maybe I ought to write down and share some of my experiences with fellow dirty minded people. You might enjoy them. You might not. That’s life. That’s people.

Now before I go any further I want you to remember two quotes, the first being: Believe only half of what you see; and nothing of what you hear. The second one is: There is as much truth in fiction as there is fiction in truth.

There, I’ve told you.

Okay, on with the tales…


After I left school I had two seasonal jobs, working first in a holiday camp and then in a café, before getting one in a lab as a technician. The job in the lab was referred to as a ‘career’. Though the people I worked with were basically decent and nice they were all a bit too middle class and pretentious for me. Suffice to say I never really fitted in; though it took me a while to realise that. I may recount some minor tales from that time. May.

Of course I didn’t help myself, if truth be known, because all I thought about was sex and spanking – I found it difficult to concentrate on professional courses and failed as many exams as I passed. I also used to get roaring drunk at weekends and be hungover till the Tuesday - not good. Any other free time I spent either reading sci-fi, listening to music or watching telly. I hardly did any chores because my grandmother did all that. I hasten to add that I lived with my mother who worked as a nurse and my retired grandmother in an old four bedroom Georgian town house. Looking back on it maybe I was a bit of a spoiled and truculent youth. Having said that there were other factors in my character which probably influenced my behaviour. I’ll quickly go through them.

Ugliness: From adolescence till early/mid-twenties I always felt physically unattractive. In a nutshell, the women I wanted and fancied didn’t want or fancy me. As a consequence I aimed lower as it were and kind of resented the females I did pull. A further consequence of that would be that I treated such women callously and with contempt. Sluts and slags. It’s a terrible attitude I know but that’s the way I was. It’s also still a part of me.

Shame and embarrassment: The fact that I was aroused by sadomasochism made me very wary of revealing too much about myself – I was terrified of being outed and that made me quite anxious underneath. I was also ‘blessed’ with another peculiar fetish in that I used to be drawn to females with freckles and small moles; especially on the arms. Odd. So, I was already quite uptight and that also lead me to believe that if people ever knew what I was really like then they would shun me at least and maybe hate or ridicule me at worst. I trusted no one. Still don’t. Well, very few.

Inferiority complex: Everyone I worked with or went to college with was smarter or more capable than me. Or seemed to be. This completely eroded my confidence to the degree that I thought I was pretty much useless. I imagined people laughing at my stupidity behind my back. Perhaps they did. Even worse was the belief that my penis was tiny – the ultimate humiliation.

So, entering the adult world believing that I was an ugly, small penised, thick and near useless pervert wasn’t exactly a recipe for success…

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Hi All Spanking Tubers...
We uploaded 2 more new videos. One is another clip from the last video with a slow-motion caning scene. This one is already online & available.
The next one was uploaded today and should be visible in a day or 2. It is a face-up punishment scene of Bond being whipped on his most sensitive parts. This next one is longer than the clips posted last week and it is titled "SP1041 - Cock & Ball Whipping for Bond". It has both regular speed & slo-motion scenes included. The full version of this video is already posted to our spankinglibrary account. If you enjoy this type of video please check it out.
We are posting pics from the last video next and more videos from this multi-day punishment sequence will be coming soon.
As always, thanks for watching our videos and for the nice comments!

Lady M & Bond

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Greetings to all the people who enjoy my videos. As you may notice I have not posted any new videos lately. I have been a bit busy finishing up some personal stuff. I will be posting new stuff soon. I am quite picky on the type of spankees I session with. I tend to choose big butt women (I like the way a big butt wiggles and feels on my hand). I like girls who like a good hard and long spanking. That is why it takes some time for me to deem "acceptable" a spanking video. Now and then some come and think they can handle it and want to "try" to see how it feels. At the end some people cant handle it. One thing is to watch it another thing is to feel it. I don’t spank gently.

Saludos a todas las personas que les gustan mis videos. Como podran notar no he posteado material nuevo ultimamente. He estado ocupado en asuntos personales. Estare subiendo material nuevo pronto. Soy muy selectivo en cuanto al tipo de spankees con las cuales sesiono. Tiendo a escoger mujeres con traseros grandes y carnosos. Me gusta la sensacion de un buen trasero en mi mano. Me gustan las chicas que les gusta una buena y larga sesion de spank. Por ello no subo cualquier cosa. De vez encuando podra venir a mi una persona para decirme que esto le gusta y que quiere "probar". A la larga no aguantan nada. Una cosa es verlo y otra cosa es sentirlo. No azoto suave.

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I am a mechanic by trade. Was working on this older ladies care. I found this in the back seat under that blue thing. I wanted ask her about it. But maybe I'll wait till next time.

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I guess I am going to give up on finding a daddy and just come here to watch videos and make friends and read the blogs. If you are a daddy and would like to talk and maybe get to know me feel free to message me.

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I love wearing leotards and tights for spankings. The tight smooth fabric caressing my body as I feel the sting of a nice spanking! I also love the way it holds in the heat of a spanking and makes me enjoy it even more!

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I've decided to make my first video. Coming soon!

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Thank-you all for the good wishes.

Well I've had the opp, got out of hospital yesterday evening. The specialist said that there are some very serious problems inside my throat. I have to wait three weeks for the results. So it's a waiting game now. I went into theatre at 10-30. I was very frightened but the staff were great. they even let me take my teddy bear into the theatre with me. (Yes I took my childhood teddy with me to hospital) I was out an hour later and in the recovery room by 11-40. The next few hours are a bit of a blured. I remember 3 or 4 people by my bed talking about HDU and some problem. I remember that I was hungry and thirsty and I remember a nurse holding my hand and saying everything was alright. Most of all I remember being really scared. Finally at ten past three I remember being more with it and and finding my teddy bear in the bed beside me. At 3-50 I finally left the recovery room and went up to a ward where I spent the night on oxygen and a monitor thing, oh and being woken up far to many times for checks. I felt pretty ill and very sore all day today, feeling a bit better now though. The funniest thing to come out of all this is I AM NOT ALLOWED TO TALK FOR AT LEAST THREE DAYS......... Me not talking - Lol.

OK I am in trouble now. My good lady has said I am going to get one spank for each word I speak and she gets to choose what implement to use. I have already spoken several times. Looks like my bottom is in for a roasting...

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