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Here’s a brief but helpful guide for writing a spanking story. Whether it will be a good spanking story or a not-so-good spanking story depends on the skill of the writer in effecting the following plot:

Dear damsel does something disobedient, perhaps dishonest or deceitful, even dangerous, or maybe just something disrespectful, dilatory or dumb.

Dominant daddy-male—husband, fiancé, or maybe just some daring deputy-dawg on the spot—detects aforementioned misdeed and declares that disciplinary measures are needed...a spanking, of course!

Damsel either denies the misdeed or declines responsibility through excuses and rationalizations. Dominant daddy-male remains resolute and demands her submission to his authority. Damsel defies him, verbally, and perhaps even physically—either running away or trying to fight. But the daddy-dom remains calm in his resolve and bends her to his will by the firmness of his voice, or the firmness of his hand if need be.

Dread overwhelms the damsel as her moment of reckoning approaches. She swallows butterflies and trembles, and she blushes with indignation as her bottom is bared for the moment at hand. Daddy-male’s deep and resonant voice humbles her as he lectures, and then the spanking begins.

Hard-handed swats rain down. At your pleasure, mix in the sound of a belt pulled through the loops, then hard licks of leather. As you desire, bring forth the paddle, the wooden spoon or the hair brush, and measure the force of hardwood against unprotected skin. Continue as you will until pain sears the flesh and inundates the mind.

Eventually, pain drives impurity from the soul. Defiance gives way to contrition, and tears give testament to humility. The punishment is complete, and pain is replaced with words of forgiveness. Love rushes in to fill the vacuum as pain recedes. The bonds of the relationship are thusly reinforced.

Here, a new leaf is turned and promises are made.

At the writer’s discretion, great sex follows.

Questions for discussion or comment:

1) In the novel Fifty Shades of Grey, Ana Steele submits to a disciplinary spanking which Christian Grey administers for “rolling her eyes.” Subsequent to that, she chooses to submit to further episodes of dominance and submission with him. At the end of the book, however, she chooses to end the relationship after he whips her harshly with a belt, though this punishment was one she herself requested, in order to better understand him. Does this represent an inconsistency in her character, or did Christian Grey simply cross the line and go too far?

2) In the novel Story of O, the young lady O agrees to be lent out as a whore to other men at the whim of her lover Rene, because allowing herself to be thusly debased showed her absolute subjugation to his will. Further, she agrees to let Rene give her as a gift to Sir Stephen. Ultimately, Sir Stephen assumes full ownership of her, and Rene casts her aside completely. In the end, she is transformed into something hardly human, and finally asks Sir Stephen for permission to die, which he grants. In your opinion, is the Story of O an erotic tale of dominance and submission, with a little sadomasochism in the mix, or is it an allegory of something more profound?

3) Anne Rice’s Beauty series—what the hell is that about anyway?

4) Feel free to comment on the generic spanking story formula at the beginning of this blog, and tell us what, in your opinion makes a good spanking story.

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I'm not as new to Spanking Tube as I look. I've surfed around here for years but never created my own account.

I finally did because I couldn't take it anymore. I just wanted to speak up, even though I didn't know exactly what to say.

It's like... hey, I'm a woman who often masturbate to spanking videos. Nice to meet you.

I mentioned in my last post that a girlfriend spanked me. That probably won't happen for a while because she doesn't live near me. It was a fluke, all the stars lined up just right.

My husband still tries to spank me but it's nothing like getting it from someone who's into it.

I read a lot of spanking stories online, and sometimes write them. My favorite stories are age play, where a strong, dominant father (or grandfather, uncle, neighbor, etc.) gives his girl some discipline she'll never forget. I wish I could go away for a week and stay at a resort where mature men (and women) would spank me many times over the course of several days. One day, lead me out to the woodshed. Maybe later that night, take me to the den. And so on.

But when I watch videos, the same scenario doesn't always work for me. I tend to watch women more. When I'm not fantasizing about spanking, I'm usually thinking about making love to women, preferably BBW.

That's not to say I don't fantasize about being with a man. I get so wet in my age play fantasies, they usually end with the mature man fucking my brains out.

More later. Thanks for reading.

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The figging is an anal play (or torture) using ginger root (ginger), seems to be an art that is not very popular, perhaps because of lack of information or perhaps because of the abundance of chemicals and potions that mimic luxury ginger, or perhaps people do not want to spend your time in this activity. Whatever the reason, precludes a pleasant and memorable experience.

There is some controversy as to the origins and reasons figging, but there is unanimity that date corresponds to the Victorian era. References to figging, can be found in some literary texts from this period. The Caning, a very popular form of punishment, especially for the female gender, became itself an art. There is evidence that the figging had its beginnings when ginger was used in the anus of the victim of caning to avoid squeezing your buttocks during punishment, squeezing one end while receiving an intense feeling, why at that time did not want the victim clench your buttocks, it is out of my reach.

Figging I practiced for many years and with many different submissive. It's an easy technique to master, but it must be careful and proper preparation is required, so we will enter the world of ginger.

Ginger, in its natural state, is sold as a "hand". So call some non-gourmets because it resembles a hand, the protrusions of the hands, fingers are called. Unfortunately many supermarkets now sell pre-cut and packaged. Do not use this type of ginger, unless you have enough experience and can play with "fingers" small. Looking for a place to sell ginger; and if you do not find in a supermarket, looking at some oriental store.

Buy the largest hand you can find, and keep in a cool dry place until you go to use it, the sooner you use, the better the effect, unless properly grow old; the art of aging, explain later.

When game time approaches, I like my submissive stand in front of the bed on a cushion, with no blindfold, I let him see and hear how prepared ginger. The anticipation is spectacular, especially if you have never experienced it before. Anxiety caused only by the anticipation is already an experience worth living.

When everything is ready, cut a finger of ginger. Unless the fingers are very long, short until the end of the hand, for a long finger and a uniform width, the finger should not be less than 10-12 ctms, the longer the better, with a knife remove the brown skin, make sure nothing is left, and all the bumps and knots are cut and smoothed also try to peel the skin very finely, to keep the finger as complete as possible. Do not rush, take your time.

As you prepare, I rinse it with cold water from time to time, to help remove any remaining skin. Ginger is fibrous and takes a little time to prepare properly. If you like Asian cuisine, you'll like the smell of ginger, is a delicate aroma arising while you performing this step. The smell is a great stimulus to the submissive also announces good things ... Once peeled root and is very smooth and nice, you'll have to do something a little more difficult. With the knife, carving a concavity around the finger, about 2/3 the end, this will act as a restraint; please ring about 12 mm deep, and sharpen your finger all the way with that depth, ie make a circle on the finger, deepens about 12 mm and then continues to the end of the finger, no sizes never too as this will weaken finger and increase the chance of breaking. No need to ring very deep.

After you have completed this step, clarifies the finger and dip it in cold water. Make sure the end of the finger has been well rounded, now you are ready to insert. Unlike with your finger, do not use lubricant with the finger of ginger, lubricant acts as a sealant and prevents moisture Ginger do its work, use cold water to keep the wet ginger

Slowly inserted his finger into the anus of the submissive, no rush, take your time, wet slips ginger quite well when the submissive anus finally opens and accepts the ginger, resbálalo to the ring.

The beauty of ginger is that it takes a little while to take effect, but once it starts the effect increases rapidly. While waiting for the "fun" begins, wash your hands thoroughly, so that no accidental touches the eyes of the submissive or your own eyes. Now sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy the show; most submissive begin to moan when ginger starts to do its magic.

Depending on the submissive, ginger power and prolong how insertion reactions vary. Submissive Some have said that ginger does not produce them nothing more than a slight tingling sensation, but it is not in the majority, most say the effects are much greater than they imagined. To increase the effect, take the buttocks of the submissive and keep them together for a minute or two. This greatly increases the feeling, and if you do it from time to time, the feeling will recover.

The effects of ginger will last approximately twenty minutes or so, then the effects diminish rapidly. Ginger nice is that no matter how intense the effect on submissive in any case not will damage and is short lived. Once the sensation ceases, remove the ginger and continue with the rest of the session.

Ginger has a characteristic that has nothing to do with the substances they sell us out there, the juice of the root has the ability to cause an incredible excitement. In fact some submissive begin to sob, asking you to calm your craving for something in her vagina and begging let them have an orgasm. The reaction is doubled if the juice comes into contact with the clitoris, can cut a slice of ginger and place it on him. Depending on anatomy, some women may retain slice on her clit without assistance. Apply ginger on the clitoris while the finger is still in place and see what happens. I have no scientific explanation why you ginger causes such an aphrodisiac effect, but I assure you see is all u show.

Do not want to forget the male submissive and her Mistress, ginger is dynamite if a slice of the penis head is placed in the game of CBT, we can make a thin finger of about 2.5 ctms 3-6 mm long thick, make sure it is perfectly smooth and the edges are rounded, the submissive must be tied face up, dipped ginger in water and insert into the urethra of the penis, do not insert too deep to make sure it can be removed easily. The effect of ginger on the penis is immediate and the sub will react with a strong erection, the burning sensation is too intense, if it is too, remove the ginger and give a break; when ginger is removed, the burning sensation ceases almost entirely.

Now a little technical for aging ginger:

By using ginger soon after you buy it, asegurarás its power, storing ginger, unprotected, long would you steal "magic". However, if you have some ginger fingers, put them in a sealed plastic bag and leave in the fridge. Now as occurs with aging wine, forget it a few days; then check it, if all went well, the inside of the bag should have moisture, does have some rust, it's time to use it, if not leave it in the fridge a few days. The mold is harmless and does not penetrate the skin tough and fibrous root ginger.

Peel and prepare the ginger as before and play as usual.But look! The ginger juice power has increased dramatically.If you thought the game was good with fresh ginger, waiting to see what happens now !.

Any ginger with bad aspect should be discarded.

Two words of caution.

First, if your submissive is allergic to ginger, do not use it. You can cause a significant allergic reaction.

If you accidentally ginger slides into the anus of the submissive, do not panic, do not run to the emergency room, just the submissive must go to the bathroom, no problems.

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To follow up on my last blog post, yes, I'm married to someone who doesn't enjoy spanking me.

He'll do it, but because I know he doesn't enjoy it, I don't enjoy it as much. I'm always like, "It's okay, don't worry about it, you don't have to keep doing it."

I also can't buy a spanking machine, although I wish I could. I've brought it up to my husband and he's too weirded out by the whole thing.
If I suddenly found myself not married anymore, I would buy one of those machines in a heartbeat.

I need hard, hour-long spankings. A girlfriend spanked me a few months ago (husband gave permission) gave me that. I could barely sit for the next week! It was great. I loved looking in the mirror at the bruises and wished they'd never go away. This friend is kinky and had a lot of implements. She used all of them by the time she finished. I had no idea I would enjoy being switched on the backs of my thighs but I loved it.

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One year ago today I began living my life without cigarettes and proud to say that I still am. I made the first step because of our child, I did not want her to see or be around me smoking. I also didn't want to be chasing my child and having trouble catching my breath. I had some help with taking Chantix, most people I have talked to about taking it experienced vivid and unusual dreams. I responded by saying, I usually have vivid and unusual dreams so it didn't matter much to me, lol. My wife was next to do so when she found out that she was pregnant with our second and last child back in May of last year. I give her a lot of credit doing it cold turkey, although she had a reason growing inside of her to do so. With the birth of our second child on Xmas Eve and our family finally being complete, I am so happy that we are now raising our children without the dangers of smoking around them and us prolonging our lives for them by quitting as well.

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I am sure some of you will see the state of my bottom in one or two of the videos. I am uploading videos and writing this blog to try and give myself some healing time as calluses and hard skin areas have formed on my bottom from severe and repetitive spanking and caning.

The beauty of healing time is it breaks the addiction and reduces it back to desire but it also gives the body time to heal. I know I have allowed some damage to form on my bottom because after a very short amount of paddling those calluses seem to come to the surface and increase the pain I experience considerably and then take longer to heal up.

So where is the source phenomenon the aetiology of it all? I went to a Catholic boy’s boarding school. The Josephite Fathers were total bastards and total beaters...yes I experienced my fair share of beating but I have to add to that I also experienced my fair share of fear, anticipation, satisfaction and pleasure.

Watching my enemies and those I disliked being reduced to a retched mess gave me some considerably satisfaction but increased my own levels of fear, anger and humiliation when I was receiving it. Aged 9 – 11 I was slippered virtually every single night just before bed as a particular prefect would order me to go and stand outside the housemaster’s chamber.

Aged 12 I was sadistically hand spanked dragged naked from the shower and held down otk in such a way that my bottom was very high up. He used one leg to hold my lower legs down and pushed his other knee up into my groin area. It was a necessary part of any corporal punishment to remain still in front of other boys and also silent. But this day this particular sadistic brute (novice priest) had other ideas and he went on and on with it until I was a total mess; crying, pleading, promising struggling until so weay from it I could hardly move and lay there draped otk as he destroyed me, my status, reputation and integrity.

I was devastated and never really recovered. I was due to leave at the end of that term but my behaviour, grades and learning took a massive nose dive and I was expelled before the end of the year. Mr Martin was his name if he was a young 20 year old then he would be in his 60’s now and if ever I see him again I will spit in his face as it is a memory and humiliation that will not go away.

When he finally stood me up I was worn out and beyond tears, my tummy muscles ached painfully from trying to get up all the time and I noticed later I had bruises on my back where he used his elbow to force me back down so my head was always lower than my bottom but also I had a massive erection and was pushed back into the shower much to my dreadful humiliation and the pleasure that was apparent in his face.

The other boys seemed as embarrassed as I was – perhaps they had a certain empathy for me based on their own experiences at the hands of this total and utter sadistic brute.

I think it is easy to blame it all on the past wherein fact it is more to do with how I process all that hurt and all that anger - how I processed it then and how I do that now.

I believe I own it now and have turned that past into a game. All I have to do it remember it is my own game and I know the rules of it. Other peoples (or Doms) agenda’s may fit in like a male/female plug as it were but I must keep in mind my own rules and where I may let a miss-hit go I must not allow myself to ‘play’ the game of the Dom without reference to my own agenda. To do that would be to take that step off a precipice and go back to that helpless boy and be once again a victim of brutal and sadistic corporal punishment for the pleasure of others including the beater.

I am writing this in part for comments – other people’s points of view especially as some of you seem to be very sensitive, sane and rational about this activity event.

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But I already knew he was a liar, a sadistic brute. If he had experience it did not show and I still carry marks on my legs some 24 days later. When I challenged his rationale for videoing and proposed agenda for punishment I stepped out of my sub-role and immediately crashed right into him and all the assumptions he had made. He beat me an awful lot on Xmas day and we went on with it for more than three hours. That he was unable to reduce me to tears left him as a so-called Dom defeated which I think is a position he will struggle with so sure that he is in his own supremacy over a sub like me or any sub for that matter.

In part because of these people but also because of the difficulty finding someone who is sane, safe, considerate etc there have been times in my life where I wished I had nothing to do with spanking, corporal punishment or the like and I wish that this paraphilia did not stalk me in my life but it does.

I am always excited by all things spanking, caning, belt, tawse, birch, whip, crop, etc. This leads me to many (not all) things humiliating especially being properly punished to complete and utter retched submission in front of other people.

Over my active years I have extended my levels of humiliation so much more and some border the BDSM genre now where only a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have allowed it. I rely on my own standards and when a Dom recently said to humiliate me he would urinate on me and urinate in my mouth I declined to have anything to do with it.

He said he understood but if I really wanted to be punished by him then I would have to accept it or miss out on the punishment completely. I chose the latter option and his response was ‘your loss’. How can it be my loss unless there are no other Doms or spankers left in the world...there remains for me a worrying agenda here and although I had nothing to do with it I still felt myself drawn to being humiliated as if standing on the edge of a precipice and all I had to do was take a small step and I would be lost in a world of humiliation abuse where the boundaries between choice and conditioning would be blurred.

I suppose then I am saying this because where the aetiology (source phenomena) lies is a question worth answering at least once if I have ever been unhappy about being caught up in my need to be submissive or a spankee.

But where should I which end if you like – top or bottom. Obviously the first place is actually the top or the brain...the physiological addiction that is hard to break comes with its own incentives too. The release of neurotransmitters such as Noradrenalin, 5HT and many other chemicals in the brain that lead me to experience stimulation and an expensive honey the pleasure is delectable and the more intense it is the more delectable it is for me. But honey is so sticky it’s easy to get stuck...

These neurotransmitters of pleasure/pain are addictive and once I am in the pain zone I want more and more punishment and humiliation and I find it very hard to stop. Often after a severe beating with bleeding a broken skin where the Dom has left I will spank myself often brutally and often still bleeding. None of this dissuades me as the pleasure of the pain is so very intense. But I feel it is like being drawn to fire...after the burning the scars can take a life-time to heal.

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Where I know there are dodgy Doms like there are dodgy people in all walks of life it would be amiss of me to write this blog without some attempt at examining the aetiology of this life style. It is easy to ‘blame’ dodgy Doms but I must examine what it is that will allow me to accept that level of abuse under the heading of punishment from someone I know I could never like.

These arrogant sadists who do not do role-play more they extend their arrogance and superciliousness in such a way that it is clearly a part of them and runs a vein through their lives. But always what irks me is that they want me to adopt it as some kind of norm – it’s not like bullying it is more life role-play without the ‘play’.

I met one recently called Patrick. His assumptions were beyond belief and where he boasted years of experience he marked my legs with bloodied welts that he said were down to the positioning...a thin sorry comes from my reaction of receiving a bloody cane mark low down on my leg in the out of bounds area and then he transfers the blame to the they not see how transparent this is.

The final arrogance for me came when he wanted me to visit his home and be videoed whilst being punished by him. He didn’t ask me if I would be interested he just assumed. When I asked about for whom the video was intended the reply was curt and yes he would allow me to have a copy.
The plan he said was to strap me down and beat me – I don’t know where in our correspondence I ever offered myself to be strapped down. In my description I always speak about authentic corporal punishment. Otk, strapping/paddling and/or caning but not being restrained...that comes from my own self-discipline and my desire to accept my punishment – it is part of my role as a sub and I want to try and absorb/accept the punishment.

I stated if I were to do it I would have a safe word and I must also receive a copy of the Master and not the edited version I also stated I would want a confidentiality agreement which would mean the video could not be used for any commercial purposes without my permission and potentially pecuniary acknowledgement.

At this point the man became indignant and his unveiled arrogant self came screaming to the surface...and he said he didn’t want to see me ever again. There was never any way I was going to allow this sadistic brutal angry man to strap me down, video me without there being some kind of MUTUAL agreement about how the punishment and the video is put together, how it is edited and if there was to be any future with it.
So knowing this I pushed him to state his perhaps hidden agenda a little more clearly but what niggles at me is why I didn’t simply say NO thanks right at the very beginning. Why I have to manipulate myself out of taking the responsibility to say NO to a Dom or spanker...I guess I am working on this.

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I am working on some new videos and should have them posted for you all to enjoy very soon :)
If you have any requests for videos, please let me know what they are and I will do my best to make the requests happen :)
But for now, hope you all have a great night or morning or afternoon, depending on where you live :)

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How many people actually self-spank? My husband is vanilla and doesn't enjoy spanking me. A few days ago, I gave self-spanking a good try. I had tried it before but usually got frustrated and gave up.

But I found this advice to be useful:

I had never tried warming myself up before, and it worked!

I also had never tried it looking in the mirror, standing up. It's nice to see your target. After a while I got the hang of it.

I spanked around the sit spots on both cheeks, and straight across my bottom sometimes. It was definitely more sensitive there. I used my hand, then switched to a fake leather paddle. It's very loud, but it actually makes for a great implement for spanking myself. I saved my shoulder because I only had to flick the paddle with a sideways wrist motion.

By the end, I was able to spank myself with much more pleasurable force than before. A few days later, I even have bruises from it. I'm about to go give myself another good spanking.

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My partner had just gotten home from work, but we immediately began making out on the bed. Then he sucked me off, spanked me (otk) while pulling my hair for a while, after that, we fucked with a cock ring, and it was awesome. This is has probably been the best sex I've ever had. The next morning, I slept until noon and felt as if my internal organs had been scrambled or rearranged.

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this morning was pretty rough. i had to have a meeting with the staff and they told me they thought i needed a higher level of care. someplace that could deal with a dual diagnosis because of my depression and the eating disorder. i was pretty upset about that because that would take even longer to get out and i wouldn't be able to have visitors. i think i talked them out of that though. i told them my depression is bad because i want to get out of here. they don't think i am making progress and am still very resistant to treatment. i hope i can get out asap. they will get back to me they say. i'm so anxious. now i have to wait and wonder and worry all weekend about that. ugh.

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I was just thinking that it's about time we held another open-mic session for all you would-be poets and authors to participate. Would anybody be interested in having a go?

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I had a client tell me once she might need to read one of my books to figure out what turns her on. Because she didn’t know. The woman is sixty-five! It was odd for me to hear, since I’ve known since preschool that I was wired to get off on spanking and submission. But I think her case is probably more common than mine. I remember right after Fifty Shades came out, a great number of spanking bloggers appeared who had never before considered spanking, never knew it wound their crank until they’d been exposed to it through the kink book that went mainstream.
I’ve had a lot of friends who have a hard time orgasming during penetration. I’ve never had that problem, but I do sympathize. Even though I knew I was into spanking, it took me a while to realize that it was my sure thing for getting off. Now that I know it’s my on button, if vanilla sex isn’t working for me, all I have to do is pretend it’s being forced, or that I’ve just been thoroughly punished, and then I’m hot to trot.

In Mob Mistress, when they make an arrangement for Lexi to be at his beck and call, Bobby promises she’ll always get off when they’re together. “What do you think, Lexi? Are you interested in that sort of arrangement?” he asked.
“Well, in theory, yes, but only if I really liked the guy.”
“So it’s about the sex.”
“I didn’t say sex —”
“You meant sex,” he said with a wicked grin. “How about this? I’ll offer you a personal guarantee you’ll get off every single time.”
She laughed, a throaty, sensual sound that went straight to his cock. “Oh really? I guess you don’t lack in confidence, do you?”
“Nope,” he said, deliberately holding her eyes. The room had shrunk so it contained only the two of them, her azure gaze searching him, pupils dilated, breath short.

“What if I’m one of those girls who never orgasms with a partner?”
He raked a glance down her body again, wondering how anyone that fine could have trouble getting off. “I’d figure out how to unlock your secrets.”

Since Lexi has had trouble coming to orgasm in the past, she’s dubious, but she gives him a chance. As it turns out, she discovers she likes a dominant lover and rough sex. Here’s a scene where Bobby proves she can get off in the missionary position... Lexi lay back, making encouraging noises, but not really getting anywhere.

“Do you ever come when someone licks your pussy, Lexi?”
She shook her head. “No...I mean, it’s great! It feels good, but…”
He remembered their first night, at Plush, when she seemed doubtful he could get her off. He crawled over her. “How about missionary style? Do you ever orgasm in that position?”
Again she shook her head, then shrugged. “I never have, but maybe with you.”
He grinned, honored by her confidence in his abilities. “All right, I’ll take that challenge.”
He crawled off the bed and opened a dresser drawer, pulling out one of her bras.
“What are you doing?” she giggled.
He slid the arm loop of her bra over one of the posts of the bed, then grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head, knotting the bra around them.
“Ooh,” she squealed. “I’m not sure it counts as missionary if my hands are bound.”
Hoisting her legs into the air, he held her ankles with one hand and gave her ass a hard slap.
“Ack!” she cried in surprise, squirming against the grip.
“Who is in charge?”
“You are! You are!”
He lowered her hips, running his thumb along her glossy slit. “Good girl. I make the rules here. You lie back and take it. And right now, you’re going to take it in missionary position.”
She bucked even more at his fondling and his words, her hips bobbing under his thumb.
He eased her feet back to the bed. “Now, open your knees, girl.”
She stood her feet on the bed, knees bent and feet wide apart, arching her pelvis in his direction.
“Oh, now you’re begging for it, aren’t you?” he asked, slapping her pussy.
She shrieked, but didn’t close her legs, just panted, watching him with excitement.
“You’re going to want to come the second my cock penetrates that pretty little pussy of yours, but you can’t. Not until I say you can.” He slapped her pussy again. “Understand, little girl?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Good girl.” He insinuated himself between her knees and shoved into her, deep enough to make her grunt. “That’s right,” he murmured, sliding out and repeating the aggressive plunge. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you will always remember who owns you.”
She moaned, arching up, her eyelashes fluttering.
As he continued to plumb her depths, he bent his head to one nipple, teasing it with his tongue, then nipping it with his teeth. He pushed back and slapped her breast, making her give a little scream, her pussy gushing, her hips gyrating in a frantic rhythm beneath him.
Using one hand to press her bound wrists down into the bed, he gave her face a gentle slap — not enough to even sting, more symbolic than anything.
She gasped, lifting her legs in the air and pushing up at him with her pelvis. He stayed with that rhythm, letting her rock her clit against him on each in-stroke until her cries became desperate.
“Do you want to come now, Lexi?” he asked, slapping her breast again. “Do you?”
“Yesssss. God, yes!” she cried.
He gripped her shoulders, bracing her as he slammed inside her over and over again until his own orgasm crested. “Now, Lexi!” he shouted when he reached climax.
She went wild beneath him, wriggling against him, coming with a screech and a shudder.
“I think,” he mused, freeing her wrists as she recovered beneath him, “You just need it rough.”
“I think I just need you,” she said.
His heart lurched.
She blushed, as if realizing she’d shown him all her cards.
He wanted to tell her he needed her too, but revealing his hand weakened his position. He settled for expressing the depth of his emotion for her with the most tender kiss.Mob Mistress blurb
When hair stylist Lexi Tyler finds herself evicted from her apartment, her best friend sets her up with the mobster Bobby Manghini, knowing he likes to play sugar daddy. He offers her a luxury apartment overlooking the city and spending cash every time he sees her, but one thing is clear: he is the bossman. Lexi soon discovers Bobby backs up his rules with firm, over the knee discipline, but he also takes responsibility for all her problems, giving her more support than she ever dreamed of having from a man.Mobster Bobby Manghini likes to be the man in control, particularly with women, which is why he prefers a mistress for sex, even though he’s no longer married. When he strikes a deal with Lexi to be at his beck and call, he finds in her the full package -- a hot, intelligent woman who is turned on by his dominance and willing to submit to his punishment. But when she finds out he doesn’t have a wife, she is hurt by the deception and severs all ties.Can he prove to her their relationship meant more than a business arrangement? Or will he lose the one woman willing to give him everything he ever desired?Buy Link: Bossman (the first book in the stand-alone series) is $.99 this week only

Renee Rose is a naughty author and kinkster who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around kink, namely: spanking. She also writes BDSM under the name Darling Adams.

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Views: 442 · Added: 15 days ago

It grieves me to say this, but maybe I haven't found the right disciplinarian to help me, after all.

When I met with Mr. W on Tuesday, I told him that I have to be home every day at 5-9 p.m. I also explained why:

After my dad passed away two years ago, my mom kindly allowed me to continue living with her. I had given up my job and my pursuit of a college degree to help my mom take care of my dad (who had Alzheimer's). When my dad passed away I tried to find a job again, but nobody would hire someone who'd been out of work for three years. My mom didn't have to let me stay with her. She lives on a fixed income. If she kicked me out to the streets she'd have a little money to spare every month, instead of barely making ends meet. But she lets me live with her, in spite of the financial strain that causes for her, because she doesn't want me to be homeless.

In return, all mom asks is that I help her a few hours every day. At 5 p.m. it's time for me to start making dinner. After dinner there are weekly chores to work on. (I slack off on doing those chores, which is one reason I need a disciplinarian to help me get in the habit of doing them.) Sometime between 8-9 p.m., I'm supposed to take my mom's dog for a walk and coax him to pee and poop before mom goes to bed.

That's little enough for the woman who gave me life, and has been there for me every time I've needed her for 45 years and still counting, to ask of me. I may be a spoiled brat of a child at 45 years old, but even I recognize the enormous debt of gratitude I owe my mother.

So, when Mr. W emailed me this morning and told me to report to him at 7 p.m. to be punished for writing a bratty email to him, I replied that I can't be there at 7. I'm at my mom's disposal at that time, every day, and I'd told him so at the start.

Mr. W wrote back and told me to rearrange my schedule.

I told my mom my "life coach" insists I meet with him at 7, and I'd have to walk the dog whenever I got home.

My mom said we can try that, but if I wake her up when I get her dog out of her bed I'll have to stop seeing this "life coach."

I felt torn.

And then I felt angry. Nobody has a right to demand to be a higher priority in my life than my mother.

So I emailed Mr. W and told him that's how I feel. I suggested some days and times when I can come take my punishment. I'm not trying to get out of being punished--but I do need to honor my commitments.

I just found an email from Mr. W waiting for me, saying, "It sounds like you want to have sessions when and if it is convenient for you."

I replied to that email, and here is what I said:

"No, but neither is it right for disciplinary sessions to be my whole life." I reiterated that nobody in the world deserves my respect more than my mother does. Since Mr. W also complained that some of my time is obligated to the online magazine I'm on the editorial staff of and on Sundays I earn a little money by tutoring a friend's kids, I also pointed out that a strict dad who spanks for misbehavior still allows his kid to pursue their own interests. The strict dad doesn't say, "You'll have to cancel your guitar lesson. I plan to spank you for X at exactly that time."

I ended by telling Mr. W that I need a disciplinarian, not a slaveowner.

And that wasn't being a brat, that was just being honest.

So, now I'm waiting to hear whether Mr. W is willing to help me without expecting me to give up everything else in life.

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Views: 360 · Added: 15 days ago

The owner of this site recently reached out to me and asked me give a few details about myself and what I do. It was my pleasure to do this. Click on the news link here on to read it.

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Views: 246 · Added: 16 days ago

...and I do dream about warm summer nights.....myabe it's time to travel again?
I want to see more skin, I want to look at legs walking down the street and I do want to give spanking outdoors....
Just a thought....

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Views: 301 · Added: 16 days ago

Since I didn't have a disciplinary session today, this blog post is mostly an account of what I did today to help Mr. W monitor my progress.

That said... In spite of my best intentions, I've already got into trouble.

As I noted in yesterday's report, as soon as I got home from my first session with Mr. W I got busy doing laundry. I got all the washing and drying done for the week. I was very happy that, for once, I didn't make excuses to procrastinate or not do the laundry at all.

Unfortunately, I didn't know Mr. W expects the laundry to be folded immediately after it finishes drying. I thought folding could wait until the next day. I was wrong. Mr. W told me that's going to be addressed in our next session. *wince* I know better than to feel sorry for myself, though. If I'd learned to do the household chores when I was a kid, like I should have, I wouldn't be getting my butt whipped for doing it wrong.

I'm also in trouble for spending excessive time on the Internet. Mr. W hinted in an email that he thinks I waste too much time on social media instead of being productive. I knew he was warning me, but goofing off on social media has become a habit with me. Like a moth to a flame, I just kept coming back ... and like that moth I'm going to get burned.

One thing I'm proud of, though, is that so far I've kept my brat tendencies subdued. I haven't backtalked Mr. W, something I did to my parents a lot when I was a child. So far, when he's hard on me I understand it's for my own good and I appreciate it very much.

The brat within me will no doubt get the better of me, sooner or later, because she's used to doing as she damn well pleases and not suffering any consequences. I know Mr. W will teach her things have changed, in a hurry. Meanwhile, I'm just pleased that re-introducing corporal punishment to my life has empowered me to keep her quiet for two whole days. Believe me, that's an accomplishment!

Let's see, what else?

I made my bed when I woke up, as instructed by Mr. W. The laundry is all folded, and I spent half an hour getting started cleaning a bedroom that's turned into a disaster area over the past few years. And I spent several hours doing work for an online magazine where I'm on the editorial staff.

My total number of cigarettes for the day will have to go in a comment to this post, because I'm not quite ready for bed yet.

That's all for today, I think.

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Views: 288 · Added: 16 days ago

I finally finished it. Now, it's playtime >: )

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Views: 400 · Added: 16 days ago

While we celebrate his birth
Let us honor his death.
He breathed life into our souls
He defined our dreams.

He had a dream.
And he shared it with us.
We owe him a great debt of gratitude.

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