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180 views · 10 days ago

For so long I have been dealing with my shit all alone. I have gotten help with a counselor and med's all the meds seem to do is make me numb to everything. Witch IAM not sure is a good feeling. I have menotions at all not happy not sad . Just blaaa don't know what's worse. Total depression and panic attacks or this... God feel like IAM going crazy..... sigh

256 views · 10 days ago

So I guess Mark is drawing out the wing mirror punishment as much as he can, because at the weekend he made me come outside in the freezing cold with him to do some gardening. No not planting pretty flowers,I'm talking digging and raking! He filled up a wheeelbarrow with earth and stones and stuff then told me to wheel it to the compost heap....
I can't I whined it's too heavy, (manual labour is not my thing unless I'm at the stables)
Of course you can, he replied, Baby you are stronger than you look.
Really! I said with a big smile on my face.
Yes! Shall I tell you where you are strongest? I looked up at him adoringly.
From here to here, and he gently touched the corners of my mouth.

489 views · 10 days ago

the sheriffs department detective called me this mornin about somethin i did in my past.... n said i have a warrant out for my arrest..... so basically now they r sayin i have no choice but to turn myself in tomorrow.. no point of runnin and makin things worse.... to those people i have told already... u know how i screwed up n what i did... it is somethin i knew i should not have done... n i am not proud of it,, but now I must face the consequences of my actions... if I could turn back the time i would.... i know my family and friends will not get here to see me before i go,, but if u would be with me through this... no matter what.. it will be appreciated.... i am facin at least 1-2 years... but hopefully they will go by biggest regret is leavin my family n all my grandbabies behind n for settin such a bad example..i feel so horrible i could cry... i promise i have learned from my if u don't see me here.. u know why.. n i promise to get better... especially because this is not real.... someday im gonna go to hell for this kinda shit but im laughin now ....

Caned Schoolgirl
205 views · 11 days ago

Has anyone ever had fire cupping done to them as a punishment? It does hurt but after all it is a punishment. I guess the fire sucks the skin into the cup to make lovely red marks on your body. But it's not really as bad as it looks. My Mistress always finds new ways to punish me. She is the best :)

135 views · 11 days ago

Building a bigger target to annihilate :)

182 views · 11 days ago

If there is some sub on the north of New Jersey looking to get a spanking and enema discipline or any other form of discipline feel free to send me a private message in here.

Caned Schoolgirl
124 views · 11 days ago

If there is some sub on the north of New Jersey looking to get a spanking and enema discipline or any other form of discipline feel free to send me a private message in here.

142 views · 11 days ago

I have started new meds and IAM hoping they will help me feel better. Mentally my head is. Still a mess and iam trying to get over all of this... But not sure if I ever can . We will have to see...

278 views · 11 days ago

I should be probably sleeping but i am bored and cant sleep! My mind just won't turn off to let me sleep! Ugh so frustrating!

Caned Schoolgirl
298 views · 11 days ago

I’m naked and bent over with my hairbrush. I’ve been bad this week and need (perhaps hundreds) of spankings on my bare bottom. I need a dominant man to tell me just want to do right now!

137 views · 11 days ago

I’m naked and bent over with my hairbrush. I’ve been bad this week and need (perhaps hundreds) of spankings on my bare bottom. I need a dominant man to tell me just want to do right now!

140 views · 12 days ago

Hello everyone,

We thank you all for the love we have received here on spanking tube.

Spanking tube is the hub for all our free longer videos.

But if you would like to stay up to date with the regular Discipline being administered at our institute follow us on Instagram, regular pictures uploaded and weekly free video clips.


Caned Schoolgirl
219 views · 12 days ago

Being Brat is not the best way to describe my behavior today. I was down right disrespectful to my mom today. I pretty much had a field day at cussing her out.I got angry and screamed at her. I've used foul language against my mother multiple times in response to her nagging behavior out of anger. When I'm angry, I don't know what I'm doing or saying. There is no reasoning with her.

146 views · 12 days ago

I wish you a happy new year with a lot of spankings !

2 new albums : Strict and beautiful women before the spanking, Girls with sexy bottoms

I have add new pictures in my photo albums.
- 6 new photos : Over the knee spanking.
- 5 new photos : Amateur's girls who show their bottoms, Candid's girls who deserve good spankings, Spanking of schoolgirls.
- 4 new photos : Naughty boys deserve to be spanked, Girls with red bottoms.
- 2 new photos : Girls in tears, Corner Time after a spanking.

Bonne année 2018 avec beaucoup de fessées !

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Master has asked me to try not to draw a black outline like i normally do. Im finding this tough, but i will continue to practise. This was drawn with oil pastels which ive not had the knack with yet, i also want to try water colours but thats gonna be very hard.

Caned Schoolgirl
158 views · 12 days ago

Outside freezing Cold.....a good Time for a lovely Caning!
Get ready the Cane and let it Dance across your naked Bottom....feel it's upwarming unforgettable burning Kiss!

216 views · 12 days ago

You would think that wow I would love to spank that,
But for me I'm the opposite.
I would love for her to put me over her knee .
Most spankees like black,or night gowns or rubber. .
Not me I guess this spans from yesture year .
I had a collage student living with us . Making her way through college she got a small salery and plus she had to take care of me.
It was 3 years of my life that I will never forget .
She took good care of me .
My folks traveled a lot in the family business . Back then I hated to be spanked .
My folks did not believe in it I remember the first one I got from her .
I got caught skipping school
My folks were out of town,
So it was up to,Tayna to deal with it.
When I got home. She asked me how was school today .
I said it was ok then she asked, what home work I have to do. I said I don't have any to do . She said try again. I said what .try again she replied . I Know you were not in school today I got a phone call from the school. I said so what you're not my mom .and not my boss.
She got this look on her face. And then she grabbed me by the arm and she pulled me down the hall to her room. She sat me down on the bed .and began to scolding me and she was my boss and she was in charge of me .
Then she took off her belt .
Sat down on the bed , pulled
Me across her lap and she pulled down my pants and gave me my first ever spanking.
From that day forward she spanked me alot I was a spoiled brat and she was changing that .
Like I said back then I hated to be spanked .
After she finished school
And was moving out she came up to my room gave me a kiss
On my forehead and she said be good or I will come back and tan your bare bottom
Wow those words had a profound way on me .
After a year that she was gone .I realised how much I needed her and spanking in my life we built a special bond back then. If I could build a time machine and go back I would and stay there lol it was so perfect hell I even called her mom.

When I see tight jeans and long hair like that I just melt I just weird
Thanks for reading

105 views · 12 days ago

Submissive mood tonight.

Caned Schoolgirl
130 views · 12 days ago

Maaan Thanksgiving was some shit lolz. Every thing was good but her family who can't stand wuz comin thru. She told me not to touch the cranberry sauce. She knows I love cranberry sauce what da FUCK lolz. So me being the bad boy I am I help myself to some before company arrives. She doesn't notice eerbody here. Well long story short, after dinner and company was gone i got dragged to the basement for a whooping which was extra bad because i had just ate bruh. I'm over her knee after just eating. Smh one spanking turns into two as always since I couldn't resist from letting go on her leg. She finishes the 2nd beating over the first room night stand with her favorite wooden spoon. Bleh!

257 views · 13 days ago

Ok this is a question for opinions of all. Does spanking help with having a short fuse. I mean I know it makes you think a little more but does it help change the behaviour. I have a short fuse with people I dislike. All they need to do is breathe the wrong way lol. Only problem is I keep getting my self in the bad books for snapping. what do you all think.