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The problem with women having a voice is that they tend to use it!

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Hi guys,in around 100 days this year,my life has changed so very much.A family torn apart,there has been death,illness,lives destroyed, suicide attempts (not by myself).My wife's world has been,ripped apart,with her physical,emotional and mental pain.Through it all,I have been cursed,with suffering from chronic depression.Which started months,before any of this ever happened.So, I guess it's not been,a great year so far,not what I expected anyway.But others have/go through,much worse,so I try not to feel sorry for myself.

I have sent my wife away,to where she feels well,and have been alone for weeks now.I still have much to do,before I can move myself,a lot to do to be honest.Through all of this,I have felt like a bystander,watching it all unfold.Trying to hold everything together,but it falling apart,before my very eyes.And I will admit,there have been times,when I came close to giving up.

Life certainly,trips you up at times,especially when least expected.This week has me thinking,enough already,really enough.Time to get off my knees,and walk again,and move forward.Yes,2014 has battered the crap,out of me,in many,many ways.But I am still going,have much to be thankful for,many blessings.Tonight,I sat alone again,and thought,pull yourself up,and be strong.I got angry with myself,slapped myself in the head,gave myself a good shake.That phase of your life,is gone,no matter how bad it was or could still be.Growl and say fuck you life,I am too good,for you to beat me.Been a fighter all my life,not gonna stop now,lets go toe to toe.Because you know what,I'm going to win,beat up enough,time to hit back.

Got my fight head back on,ready to reclaim my life,make it MY LIFE AGAIN.So,time to move forward,off my knees,up onto my feet,don't get in my way.My emerald Isle blood,is flowing again,and you don't mess with that (seriously folks you just don't!cause it will spank the shit right out of ya lol).

Thank you for reading,

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hi i am full slave and ready for femdom and spanking me and marring
i very love dominant lady and strict female

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My mood today.. is not very good at all... im not where i want to be tonight..trapped inside my dorm room with nothing to do and too much on my mind!. one of those day's where all you want to do is cuddle up with daddy so he can tell you everything is okay and make you feel loved..

1 WEEK!!!!!! till i can be in his arms yet again!

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So I've been talking to Daddy about stress relief spankings and "asking" for a spanking....he tried to explain it, I got frustrated and snippy so he suggested I ask you all before I was faced with a spanking that adds stress instead of relieves it.

Soooo.....What is a stress relief spanking? If a spanking hurts....isn't that stressful? does a sore backside make things better?


Does anyone ever ask for a spanking? How do you ask?? Do you go to your Daddy/Dom/Disciplinarian and say "Hey can you come beat my ass please???"

Daddy wants me to know when I need a spanking and ask for it. Yeah...THAT'S NOT HAPPENIN'!!!! If you won't ask for a spanking, but you need do you let your spanker know?

Whew....this concludes the Random Ramblings of Rachel. :0) (Try and say that 5 times fast)

It's officially Saturday morning and I'm getting silly. :0)
Good Night

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Yeah. Just hyper. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much energy. :P

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Introduction I am a grown woman with a "lil girl" inside of me. I love long hot bubble baths with colored water. I am lovin and carin. I dont always make the best decisions and often need a firm hand. I can be stubborn at times, I withdraw when I get hurt or am feelin insecure...I do NOT like to be yelled at or called vulgar names but I do need a man who knows how to use a stern look or a raised eyebrow. One who knows how to talk to me "lil girl" "young lady" when I have done somethin that he doesnt approve of. I am VERY much into spankin. Spankin for play, erotica, maintance, discipline. i need my limits tested n pushed..And my guy needs to be able to provide me with this...I am seeking a long term relationship with a male who understands and is into domestic discipline. A man who is in control but who is not controllin. Someone who will allow me to have a say in important matters but whos final decision will be his. A man who has his n my best interest at heart. Who will listen to me and be there for me.Someone to make me laugh and who likes to cuddle..n give affection as well as recieve it..
I enjoy country music or soft rock. I love to go to the movies n hold hands. I love to take long walks or just sit in a park and take in the scenery. I like to read but do not get to do that much anymore. From readin on here i see i need to mention a few more things.. (1) i am a ONE on ONE kinda gal.. i do not share well n wont b part of a "harem".. (2) i am not seekin cyberplay or phone play although i have no problem with talkin on the phone or on to get to know someone better.. (3) i will NOT b someones "dirty lil secret".. (4) im am seekin a REAL relationship n with one who LIVES this.. not plays at it..i dont want someone who comes home n says at bedtime "ok tonight im "Daddy" n ur my "lil girl".. this is a lifestyle for me.. not a game..(5) i am NOT a switch.. i just CANT.. its not in me..(6) I am not lookin to start a long distance relationship, I am seekin someone local
My Ideal Person looks arent all that important to me.. after all we all r alike inside ( well unless ur a alien.. then maybe u got green ooze er somethin)...i do prefer men of a heavier build n i love bald heads...just somethin really sexy bout that "Mr Clean" look.. come on.. admit it.. Mr Clean is a sexy SOB.. yeah id do him lol..
my "Daddy" should have manners n set good examples...he should b someone to treat me with respect n expect/demand respect in return.. but that respect should also be earned, not just expected..he should b someone who is firm but fair with me.. consistant... attentive..i need him to know i need rules n guidelines but at the same time there r times i need to "test" them..( n he UNDERSTANDS this) see if what he says NO to today.. is still NO the next time.. i love to tease n brat it up... I NEED to FEEL like Daddys lil girl.. I need to feel loved n looked after, I need to feel safe n secure...I need to feel like I am important to my Daddy n that I am his ONLY one.. I don't like to feel like im in a competition against other females.. I do NOT like to think of my "Daddy" as Daddy or to have him refer to himself as Daddy durin any sexual act.. I have to be his special girl at that time, not his lil girl..
i prefer what takes place tween us to stay tween us BUT at the same time.. i need him to not b afraid to give me a "look" or a "ahem" or somethin similiar if he finds me doin/sayin somethin he doesnt approve of n we r in public.. also that he not b afraid to remove me from the situation if need b to have a lil "talk"..he should NOT b a liar..
my Daddy needs to know that durin playtime i love him to say hes gonna spank me.. gonna pull my panties down to bare my bottom.. to call me a naughty girl or bad girl.. i LOVE that.. BUT .. at the same time.. i do NOT like that at all when im really bein punished but at the same time.. i guess i need to hear it just the same..
i need my Daddy to set rules that r important.. perhaps no speedin or goin to bed on time... i need him to use other punishments along with spankin.. ( groundin.. priveldges takin away.. early bedtime.. cornertime.. writin lines/essays.. ) i need to say i need other punishments other than spankin but i need to b spanked as part of those punishments as well.. otherwise that lil girl in me feels like "daddy doesnt feel im worth botherin with"... n the same goes for bein ignored.. i know some Daddies ignore their lil girl as a punishment.. i CANNOT handle that.. it causes such deep hurt inside me..
above i mention in not a switch.. BUT ..that dont mean i wont tease/test "daddy" at times n threaten to spank him.. just to see his reaction.. just to see how far he will let me go..
i do not like to b FORCED or ORDERED into sexual favors.. i like sex to b enjoyable for both of us.. somethin i WANT to do to please him..somethin to look forward to.. a reward perhaps or "just because" but not used as a punishment..
i will b honest.. if ur the type to say "on ur knees bitch".. ur likely to get a "after u BITCH!" in return..sorry but i want a lovin carin firm fair consistant Daddy that i can love n trust n respect n look up to.. i want him to b the one i look forward to comin home to or havin him come home to me..
i do have a big family that is VERY important to me, my children r all grown n out on their own but i am still very much into their lives, i will let no one come between my family n myself...
might add more later if more comes to mind but i suppose that is it for now..

now make sure u paid attention to EVERYTHIN i wrote here OR . i might haffa spank U... *giggles*..

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I have been lucky,not long on here and I met some people who have helped me a great deal to understand this lifestyle.I have been helped to understand exactly what I want,so this is what I want:

1/ I want to dress as a schoolgirl and be chastised while I talk back and be generally cheeky.
2/ I want corner time,while my Sir/Madam,scolds me.
3/ I want to be put over someone's knee who will not alone spank me but who will take the time to scold me while I am at their mercy.
4/Am I looking for a sort of father figure? Maybe.
5/ Someone preferably in the UK or Ireland would be good!

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Lord, how I missed everyone! A few days without net and I was going crazy. Hope everyone has been well

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CHAPTER FOUR We were both pretty quiet on the drive home. I gave Seth directions to my apartment . I lived on the south side of town up on the highest hill. The view was amazing. I could see both The Bay and the Columbia River. Seth walked around the pickup and opened my door, unbuckled my seat belt and gave me a hand down. I must say he was quite the gentleman. We walked to my door and I turned around looking into Seth’s eyes. “Seth, thank you for everything. I want to apologize for being such a brat. I must be just so tired to have acted that way. You have been nothing but kind to me.” Seth moved closer and lowered his head to meet my lips. I was caught off guard with his lips touching mine. He kissed me again and started to move his tongue along my lips until I welcomed it into my mouth. He definitely was a good kisser and put his arms around my waist and moved me closer to his body. I was starting to feel light headed again but I knew this time it was from the kiss and not from lack of food or sleep.
Seth finally ended the kiss and opened my door for me. I wasn't sure what to say other than thank you and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I told him that I had to be to work by 8:15 the next morning. He gave me that raised eyebrow look again. “Beth, I want you to do a few things for me. I want you to have a good dinner and then into bed no later than 9:30. I'll be here at 7:15 to pick you up in the morning. We'll get a little breakfast before work. Now will you promise me you'll do what I just told you?” I’m a grown woman and I’m not used to having someone tell me when to go to bed. Seth is a nice guy but a little pushy. I feel like he thinks his way is the only way. “Seth, thank you for lunch and bringing me home but I don't want to go to bed at 9:30.” As soon as the last word left my mouth I knew that I was in trouble. I could tell by the raised eyebrow and the stern look Seth was giving me. I thought to myself, I might still end up with a sore bottom before this day was over. Seth took my hand and led me through my front door, through the kitchen into my dining area. He pulled out one of the straight back dining chairs and sat down. Before I knew what was happening I was pulled over Seth’s knees. I let out a squeal from shock of what just happened. “What the hell are you doing?” I couldn't believe this was happening. Before I got an answer I got a solid swat to my bottom. “Ouch, that hurt. Stop it, let me go.” Seth swatted me a few more times. “Ok Missy, what time are you going to bed tonight?” I’m still in shock and can't get the words out except, Ouch. I took a deep breath, “you can't spank me. Stop, you're hurting me.”Seth stopped and asked me again. ”I want an answer, what time are you going to bed?” Seth starts in again swatting my right cheek three time and then my left three times. This time I'm answering. “I promise that I'll go to bed at 9:30. I promise, please just stop spanking me.” Seth helped me up and sat me down on his lap. I was so embarrassed and my bottom was hurting. I just realized that Seth had lifted my dress so when he spanked me he saw my pink lace panties. He spanked me on my panties! I was so embarrassed that I closed my eyes and wouldn't look at him. Seth starts to chuckle. “What the heck are you doing? Open your eyes and look at me.” I'm sniffling and tears were running down my cheeks from the pain of being ashamed that I got spanked. Seth took his hand and wiped away my tears. “Seth, why did you spank me? You hurt me.” He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “A spanking is suppose to hurt. So the next time if you even think about not following my rules you'll remember how much this spanking hurt and then you will make the right decisions.” Seth put his arms around me and rubbed my back and gave me a kiss on my forehead. “Beth, I’m a nice guy and I don’t go around spanking women. I just know that I am attracted to you and I think you are attracted to me.” I shook my head and gave him a smile. “ I think you're a nice man but you have a heavy hand.” “Beth, I would like to take you to dinner Friday if you're not busy. I think we need a fresh start.” Seth is a nice guy, but I still can't get over the fact that he spanked me hard and is way too bossy. He is handsome, strong and has a good job, so maybe I could just go on one date and see what he‘s really like. “I’d like to go to dinner on Friday but no more spankings.” Seth gave me that evil eye and whispered in my ear, “Be a good girl and I won't have to spank.” Seth lifted me off his lap and gave me a nice kiss on the lips. I walked him to the door and he reminded me about my bedtime and told me he was going to ask me in the morning if I was a good girl and went to bed at the right time. “I can tell when someone is lying to me, so you better darn well go to bed at 9:30 or else.” With that he gave me a peck on the cheek, walked out the door, got in his pickup and drove out of my driveway.

to be continued...................

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Rising Above
You invited me back in
I felt a want stir within
Then I remembered when, and my heart said
"I'm not doing this again!"
I'm no longer a desperate needy little whore
Your misconceptions and greed have become such a bore.
"Do I think I can find someone better than you?"
No, I know I can and so do you.
So now here, I sit awaiting patiently,
As I rise above all you're bullshit.
Hope yall enjoy it.
I know the only way for me to go from here, is up.

Have a good day spankos.

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This is a question for the Doms. Would like to get y'alls point of view on something.
Subs I want y'alls point of views also.

Do you Doms feel that a sub should be the only one that is grateful to have you as their Dom/top, or do you feel grateful as well, and do you show them that you are?

This is something I feel the need to question due to my own experience as a sub.

All answers are appreciated.

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I have been looking forward to this weekend for sometime.Jen and I are off to Co.Galway to spend the weekend with our friend Amy and her partner.A house party has been organised for tomorrow night.I love where Amy is living.She is right on the coast and the sea air is so fresh there.

So,all my paper work is done,the house has been cleaned up and my brother and his wife will house sit and act as jailers to my niece for the weekend. They have been warned to watch my niece and make sure she spends time studying,final school exams starting in May,and to make sure her boyfriend does not keep her out too late. I have had a word with my niece and she is in no doubt,at least I think,that she is to be on her best behaviour and cause no trouble .She has promised!

Jen is gone into the village to get milk and I am sitting in the bedroom,all packed. We will be using Jenny's car for the four hour drive,two hour drive if I was driving LOL! I have been informed by Jenny that there is no food or drink to be consumed in her car,even though I made sandwiches and a flask of tea to have on the way. I just know it is going to be a pain watching her stick to every speed limit and listening to Muse the whole way. Perhaps if I annoy her enough she will let me drive for part of the journey,really want to get my hands on her car and show her that it does not take five minutes to go from 0 to 60mph!

So a drunken,debauched and quite fun weekend ahead,once we reach Galway. I wish each and everyone a great weekend and have fun.If you happen to be travelling from Cork to Galway and get stuck behind an Opel driving way too slow,please be patient;I WANT TO DRIVE,we would be there in no time!!!!!

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So my mentor is back in town and it might be going down! I've been dodging this OTT for a few weeks now.....maybe i should disappear today![ up early guess I will go to the track n run! gotta get my practice in for the over the top! And need to run to publix that ground chicken made them tacos great last week its on! plus yesterday I only smoked 1 cigarette and today I'm going to try to make that none!

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It would be pretty cool to talk or meet up with someone in San Antonio within the net week while I'm visiting. Just to talk about spanking and see f anything happens from there. Let me know.

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So who was the ''he'' who tried to tame Rosie and wielded the birch with such vigor? Our Rosie may be a servant girl but she's bright and has an elegance and independence all her own. Why should she bow to any man, titled or not? Beneath those blue eyes and dark curls lies a eroticism most women relish whether they admit it or not. And so do men. It is Rosie who will tame the viscount in ways he'll never understand and will drive him to the local saloon every time. She is the bride who will never be domesticated, the innocent with voluptuous hips. Here's how it started. They butted heads from the very beginning. Rosie will tell it:

I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
Were I his young scullery or cook
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
Whose household he ran by the book.
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
He'd say, ''Rosie, go cut me a switch!''
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
I'd stall, ''A willow? A birch? Which is which?''

I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
He'd haul me off to the shed
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
And throw my petticoats over my head.
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
The grand poobah of the manse
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
Oh no! He'd take down my pants!

I love to be spanked by a viscount
With me thus perched on his lap
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
He'd give twenty good licks with a strap.
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
Whose ascot he'd use for my tears
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
Who'd soothe away all of my fears.

I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
There's a change, a glint in his eye
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
As together we, "ran through the rye."
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
Who'd brag over brandy and snuff
I'd love to be spanked by a viscount
''Meet my Rose. She's got the right stuff.''

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just got done filming my ex wife spanking me
she gave me hard spanking
stay tune..will be post video later

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They welcomed me into their home as if I was an old friend. I had been through alot,lost someone very close and very dear to me: someone who had introduced me to this lifestyle. I had mulled the idea over for awhile as to whether I should join this site or not.I had popped on to watch a few clips and read a few blogs,but 98 days ago I plucked up the courage to join,uncertain of what would happen. I was afraid,I didn't know whether I would meet some creep.I didn't know what to say if someone should try to chat with me,everything was new.

I started out by reading blogs and realised that there was alot of intelligent people on here with so much to say. I picked a few members and decided to go through their blogs. The person I lost in my life was from Ireland,so when I saw her profile I decided to take a closer look at her blogs. I found myself laughing at what she and her partner got up to. Her way of putting things,her mannerisms,were similar to my dear friend.I saw she was interested in ladies,I was only interested in men,or so I thought,had really never thought about it you see! I took the plunge and requested friendship. It happened one day that we were on here at the same time and just started chatting.I told her my connection with Ireland and we found common ground you might say. We gave skype a try,the wonders of modern technology. I had made plans to visit some people who have remained very close to me in Ireland,Dublin to be exact,so I asked her if I could meet with her in Cork,somewhere safe.We met in a city centre hotel and chatted over coffee. I had went there on a whim and was about to book into the hotel,when I was invited to stay. I went to her house and realised why Ireland is known as the "Land of Welcomes".

I have been back there twice now,an hour and a half flight time is nothing. The last time I was there I asked her to discipline me. I had never before had a woman touch me in a sexual way,I always viewed spanking as sexual but found it can be a release for so many other emotions. I was guided through everything with great care and respect;I was made to feel safe,my well being was put first. It was a very strange feeling,to say the least,to lie over her knee and feel her hand on my bottom as we talked,as I blurted out so many misgivings;I must have seemed like a fool. As she began to discipline me I felt a release,a feeling that was good,that overtook all the negativity I had been feeling,really hard to describe.

I have made good friends there,friends I will cherish.Thank you revmother1.

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Chapter Three

I was a little scared to go with Seth by myself. He was still a little grumpy when he took my arm and helped me to his pickup.

Seth was driving a new red Ford F-250 pickup. He opened the door and assisted me into my seat. He leaned over and buckled my seat belt for me and made sure it was snug. He was still making me feel like a little child.

Seth opened his door jumped up into his seat , buckled up and we were on our way. Our little town has quite a few good places to eat lunch. He took me to my favorite little cafe on main street called JP’s Cafe’. My Aunt Jennie Parker owns it. She was my fathers sister.

Aunt Jennie raised my sisters and myself after our parents were killed in a car accident when I was twelve. My father was drunk. He picked my mother up from work and on the way home he hit a tree and the both were killed instantly.

Aunt Jennie was a wonderful mother to us. She made us tow the line and made sure we had everything we needed. She made sure we went to church every Sunday and made good grades. She didn't go for any funny business but she also let us be kids and have fun. We loved her just like we loved our mother.

I introduced Aunt Jennie to Seth. “Aunt Jennie this is my friend Seth Johnson.” Seth shook hands with my Aunt Jennie, “it‘s very nice to meet you.” Aunt Jennie gave him a wink, “well now any friend of my little girl is a friend of mine.” Aunt Jennie gave me a wink.

“How are you doing honey, you look a little pale today. Are you still not eating and going to bed at all hours of the night?” I looked at Seth to see how he was handling what Aunt Jennie just said. I know that it probably wouldn't go over very well.

Seth gave me that evil eyebrow again, “Beth, do you mean to tell me that lack of sleep and not eating is an everyday occurrence with you?”
Now I'm starting to squirm a little in my seat knowing that our conversation wasn't going as planned.

“Seth, don’t you think we should order something to eat before my lunch hour is over. You were the one who was making such a big deal about me eating something.”

I thought I could hear whistles blowing and see steam coming out of Seth’s ears. He was getting really upset with my smart mouth and Aunt Jennie had given me a look that she always did when she thought I was showing my bratty side. Aunt Jennie would never put up with my bratty side. That was a spanking offense when it came to her rules. No brats allowed in her house.

Seth took a look at the menu and said that we would both have the special of the day and coffee. He also order a large glass of milk for me. Aunt Jennie said sounds good to her and that she would be back with our coffee. I was hoping that she would sit for a while because I wasn't in any hurry to be alone and hear what Seth was going to say to me. I knew it wasn't going to be good.

Seth just sat there and didn't say a word. I was getting a little nervous. I wasn't going to open my mouth.

Seth suddenly leaned over and looked into my eyes. “ I don't appreciate your little bratty comment about ordering your lunch, your lack of sleeping and not eating. It’s clear to me that you need some looking after. Like I said before if you were mine I'd have you over my knee and paddling your backside so you wouldn't be sitting for a week.”

My mouth dropped open and my eyes were the size of saucers. “Who the hell do you think your are Mr. Johnson?” Seth reach over the table to take my hands into his and looked me straight in the eye, “OK, you better watch your mouth young lady, because I'm just about to make good on that spanking right here and now. I can march you right into that kitchen and put you over my knee and wallop your backside.”

I was starting to turn that 50 shades of red again and I also was starting to feel little butterflies in my tummy. What was wrong with me. I should be scared of him really going through with his threat.

“Seth, I'm sorry for my potty mouth and I promise that won't happen again. You don't deserve that.”

I could feel that little tear starting to form in the corner of my eye. I just was exhausted. Before I knew it I was blubbering. “Oh Seth, I'm so sorry for being such a brat and being so mean to you. I’m really a nice person and would never act like this. I guess with the divorce and all I have just been feeling overwhelmed.” I put my head down on the table so as not to look into Seth’s eyes. I was totally ashamed.

Seth leaned over the table and took my hands into his. “Beth, please stop crying. I think you should call in to work and go home and get some rest after you eat..”

My crying had slowed down and Seth handed me a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe away my tears. “Thank you, but I can't go home. I need to work more so now since I'm on my own.”

Seth excused himself and went to the counter and asked Aunt Jennie if he could use the phone. He talked for a few minutes and then made his way back to our table. “ I just called and talked to Tim, your manager. We're old friends and I told him that you were feeling worse and that I was taking you home to put you to bed."

I couldn't believe he did that. That was nice and all, but who did he think he was talking to my manager like that.

“Seth, why did you do that?’ I started to cry again. I think Seth was losing patience with me again. “Beth, I am taking you home after we eat and you are going straight to bed. I will pick you up in the morning and give you a ride to work.”

I started to say something but before I could spit it out Aunt Jennie set down our coffee and my glass of milk.

Seth pushed my glass of milk closer to me. “Drink up, Sweetie.” Oh my gosh, he just called me sweetie. I figured I best take a drink just to keep Seth happy. I think I needed all the help to keep him in a good mood, just until he brought me home.

He scared me a little. I have never had any man threaten to give me a spanking. I certainly didn't want one from Seth. I had noticed his hands. They were as big as baseball mitts. They could do some serious damage to my bottom.

Aunt Jennie brought our lunch. “Kids, I wish I could sit and visit, but this is the busiest time of the day.” She quickly turned and she was off refilling everyone’s coffee cups.

I was hungry and it was delicious. I looked down to my plate and I was surprised that I had eaten everything. I was a little embarrassed to have eaten it all.

Lunch was just as good as it always was and we both thanked Aunt Jennie. She wouldn't give us the bill to pay, she said it was her treat. Seth left her a hefty tip and we were on our way.

to be continued...............

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I was on another site discussing with other submissive women, limits on things you would not accept during a session with a dominant person.

They are like

Broken Bones
Urine drinking

Eww I dont know what the fuck these people are thinking about lol. Never considered these things as turn ons.

Anyone into any unique things such as these???

I used to have rape fantasies, lol. But now that I grew up lol, Im not with that mess!

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