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Ok what's the worst thing to be spanked with I I've had hand, belt,paddle, that's it I have always wanted to try the cane, switch but not sure..... What's everyone think?

1336 views · 7 days ago

Hi all. Those who were Skype friends with me. My Skype crashed so please friend me agian

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I was Just informed by ma'am via text that will be having a long talk with a hairbrush before bed for leaving dishes in the sink...gulp

Spanking Sarah
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I was told that I shouldn't think bad about myself. So I am going to try not to no putting myself down. No. Being ashamed no not feeling good enough. So what's left? Hmmmmm I have no. Clue. !!! I always question myself and always think I am not good enough for anyone or anything.. I have really sucks to be honest. I would love to be pretty sexy and a good woman. I have to look in the mirror everyday I have to see my two failed marriages . I have to wonder why I wasn't u good enough. ... My whole life why they leave me ... Talk shit about me. Why were they ashamed of me... All I can say is I have no fucken clue !!!. Oh god it pisses me off... This anger need to go... This sadness needs to leave.... This frustrating frigin feeling are eatting me alive. Lord please ... That's what I live with daily now u tell me. How d

o I do it......@!!!!!

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Went to bed last night feelin that "itch" for a very long spankin complete with scolding ... was so tired but unable to sleep then woke with that same itch... time wouldn't allow before work n my frustration quickly built up to the point I yanked Dave's pillow out from under his head while he slept n tossed it across the room... he woke with a "what the fuck?" N I snapped back "EXACTLY!" I heard him grumbling as I headed for my shower n he had to get up to fetch his pillow ... he was sound asleep again by the time my shower was over... pffftt

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I need to be spanked, it is something i have always needed. I usually spank myself....i do have a special mommy who spanks me over the phone and selfspanking assignments. I just long for a proper spanking that i deserve.

Spanking Sarah
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Being a sub. Is a natural thing in for me. It comes easy to me. I serve good take care well and. Obey very well . Yes I have my braty moments. Yes I have tantrums, pitch fits and. Have done a lot of naughty stuff. Do I like to be punished Yes I would be lying if I said no. I am very honest that's part of my problems. . Lol I feel guilty and then I tell on my self. I have had belts hands spank me. I have. Had lectures, corner time. Kneels in corners, face slapped, hands slapped, that's bout it. What a DD. Means to me well his word is law , what he says goes, what's most important to me is a stern talking to or a loud very deep voice. I do not question him or back talk him. Well I try not to. Sometimes my mouth talks before I think ... I love bruises. And welts but not to the extreme.and talking to me while I am being punished wow ... Making me count while being punished.... I always look down when I feel I have done wrong or I know I was bad. That's just me.... cassy

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Hey my spanking tube friends. I want to start by saying thank you for all the friend requests and lovely comments on my pictures and videos. And we still have to make another video. But right now i have some health issues going on that me and daddy need to take care of so for right now we need to focus on that i haven't even been getting my daily bed time spankings. So we will be back as soon as we can to accept more friend requests and make more videos.
-baby girl

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My dear Friends,
unfortunately I'm sorry to inform you,that all my 15 Photoalbum has been removed as they have been found to be to extreme!
My dear Friends,if I have offened you with my posts,I regret it and apologize deeply....my Intentions was only to share my Materials with all of you.....that's it,nothing else!
Nevertheless I have decided not to post anything anymore for the Time being,but as agreed,I will remain as a passive Member!
Again I apologize deeply for any Inconvenience I may have caused with my Posts!

Spanking Sarah
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work tomorrow ( Friday the 13th ) hope that's not a bad sign.... then market, then home to make dinner, make a reeses peanut butter ball for a baby shower tomorrow night...Sat havin a girls day with my 11yr old granddaughter who calls me a few times a week n tells me she misses me even tho I see her all the time *warm smiles* .. gonna take her to a movie, then see if she either wants to go out to eat ( place of her choice) OR come back to my house n make a dinner of her choice... n then we r gonna do some bakin.. I know she wants to make some homemade choc chip cookies n maybe we will bake some bread so she can take that home to her parents n siblins to share... n then Sunday takin my daughter apartment huntin.... hopefully squeeze in some time for my new friend ( hard because I refuse to give my email, phone number or yahoo to yet ... then Mon only workin til 10am cause every yr my sisters (I have 4 but 1 wont b there cause she lives in Fla now), brother n I get together on Martin Luther Kings bday for a brunch ( just picked that day because it was one that worked for some of us to have the day off .. not my job tho lol... anyways... theres my weekend plans.. luckily Sat n Sun nighttimes r open for maybe a good spankin.. or even a bad one lol lol

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John Reginald Halliday Christie,
with a white sack pulled over his head,
at eight on a summer's morn misty
fell through the trapdoors. Hung dead.

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Can you tell I'm bored and spending too much time just sitting around? I just posted a new set of pictures, nothing special. Just my Wife and I messing around. She'd just gotten her nails done and wanted to show them off on my butt. LOL

Spanking Sarah
1138 views · 8 days ago

I think it's been almost two years since I've been here, perhaps even longer. I'm surprised I have any popularity and activity points at all.


How many of you have friends that know about your kink, but who aren't into it themselves? How did they come to find out? What was it like for you?

My closest friends have always known about my kink. I have never hidden it from those that I consider my truest friends. The reason is simple: I've always felt that if someone was going to judge me for my interest, they probably shouldn't be my friend.

Now let's not lose our minds here. I've never gone out into a public street screaming at the top of my lungs: I'm into spanking! Nor do I tell casual acquaintances and business partners of this side of me. Still, those who have been my best of friends have all found at some point and time.

I usually start the conversation with female friends in a purely harmless manner. They may do something mischievous or be in a mood and I'll find myself saying to them: "Don't make me spank you!" That opens up a giant conversation in which I eventually go into more details of my kink.

My wife found out early in our relationship. She tries to show interest. She really does. Bless her heart. She allows me to spank her, but she's really bad at either enjoying it or role playing. I threaten her far more than actually spank her, simply because I know it does absolutely nothing for her.

My guy friends have all been great about it. They talk a lot of smack mind you, as guys often do to each other, but I do find myself on the receiving end of some great novelty gifts at various times throughout the year.

Many years ago I was involved in serval different social groups. The spanking social group was one of many. I was also involved in an Ageplay Group and BDSM group. Each group was very different and, for the most part, they didn't cross over.

I had several friends into spanking back in those days. For the life of me, I can't remember most of their names. There was one that stands out. Her screen name was orphan, (maybe spelled orfin), and she was from Ireland. She was an amazing and beautiful friend. She even managed to send me a birthday gift when nobody else was in my life to do so. She took the time to build a website for me. She roleplayed, online and sometimes via phone, with me. Amazing how small simple gestures can have such an amazing and large impact upon a person and their soul.

They say we only ever come across people for one of three reasons. To teach them something or learn something, to help and be helped, and to see the world from a different viewpoint. Some relationships and friendships last only a few weeks, some months, some a year, and a few even for a lifetime. All are important, even the ones that eventually fall apart or go astray.

I doubt I'll ever have my own spanking studio or work for one. What I do know is that every minute of life is precious, and when someone offers to share their life with you, no matter how they do it, they are giving you a precious commodity that can't be gained anywhere else. They are giving you part of their life itself. Respect. Respect is perhaps the most important thing we as humans can learn, show, and share.

I sense that's enough ramblings for now.

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Have the house to myself and am very horny to play!! I will start off by taking off all my clothes. I will put on my collar and cuffs. Love the submissive feeling of having them on. Now I will put on my cock ring, which keeps my balls tight and my cock hard. Now I will carve a piece of ginger into the shape of a small plug. I now get down on my knees and start a nice session of hand spanks, warming up my ass. After about 5 minutes, with my ass a nice shade of pink, it's time to figg myself. I pull my cheeks apart and slowly work the ginger into my ass. Once inside, I just kneel there for a minute or two, ass up, as it starts to heat up and tingle. Now a few more hand spanks and then I switch to the paddles. I start out with a leather paddle that I use for about 50 good swats. I switch to a small wooden red paddle for another fifty. My ass a much brighter red now, burning from the ginger, I grab the bath brush. Alternating 10 hard swats on each cheek, I continue the spanking for five minutes or so. My ass is on fire as I switch to the black paddle. 15 hard swats on each cheek and my spanking is over, for now. Loving the feeling of a well spanked ass, my cock hard, I just relax for a minute or two. Now it's time for my dildos. I have two of them lubed up, ready to go. I remove the ginger and grab the small black dildo. I press it against my hole and it slides in. Slowly I work it in and out til it's all the way in. I bend over all the way, grab the leather paddle and start another round of spanking. For the next five minutes or so, I keep spanking myself with the different paddles that I have. It's time to switch dildos. I remove the one from my ass and put it in my mouth. I place the big brown dildo on the floor and lean back against it, the tip pushing at my hole. It is much bigger than the first one. I slowly try to work the head of it in. Finally, its in, stretching my hole. I sit there for a minute,trying to get used to its size, then slowly start riding it. I sit down on it fully, then grab the bath brush for ten hard seats on each cheek. Finished with my spanking, I now start riding the dildo, up an down, slowly, stroking my very hard cock, loving the feelings of a well spanked ass. Doesn't take long until I'm shooting my cum into my hand, filling my palm with my hot seed. Really need to film one of these sessions!!

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Hello everyone! After reading my friend's profile, I realized mine is very bland. So I went in and added more info. If you like what you read, please send me a friends invite BUT please make sure you add a message. I'm very new to this so if your invite has no message, I will not accept. This is for safety reasons, I'm not being a bully.

Spanking Sarah
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The night comes in,
On dampened wing,
Our bed seems big and cold.
I scurry, in between the sheets,
They're chilly, soft and old.
How many times we've loved, on them,
These linens, tell no tales.
Many lovely nights of bliss,
But quickly, mem'ry fails.
But should I close my eyes, to dream,
You're here with me, once more.
The beating heart, in time with mine,
It's here behind closed doors.
A quarrel, rare between us,
A word too sharp, was said,
Erupted in the dampness and
Sent you from our bed.
Now, the tears flood from me,
I'm stunned, I'm hurt, contrite.
If you were here besides me,
I could, quickly, make it right.
I grab a belt and lay it,
Below, for you to find.
Glad to take your lashing,
Hard, on my behind.
My nightdress off, I'm waiting,
In hopes, you'll come to me.
And whip away my sorrows,
Hoping soon, it comes to be.
My bottom raised by pillows,
Awaits you, when you come.
You'll be cross and scolding,
Until the spanking's done.
When I'm very sorry,
And my fanny's hot with welts,
You'll find me wet and ready,
When you finish with your belt.
All will be forgiven,
And we'll tuck in bed, like spoons,
At last, I hear your door key,
And your footsteps, towards our room.

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'Tis a gray day in May.
Like yon candle's bright ray,
my heart warmly glimmers and flickers.
Tho I give you no kiss,
here's a cold splash of piss!
(Its horrid stench drenches thy knickers.)

Spanking Sarah
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Scorchin' Sol a-scowlin' scourged a dead drab, washed out sky
o'er your one horse cow town's Wormwood Scrubs called "Faribault Junior High."
Lost there in swelterin' sadness, grey matter singed by madness,
I prayed sweet sleep might kiss me by and by.

Bruised by bullies' blows, badgered, bashed an' hit,
no peace o' mind was mine to find. In black rage, Christ! I'd spit
straight in the smugly ugly face o' some dumb rube who'd sneer "Your place
damned in our redbrick hell be just an' fit!"

My guts stank rank with hate (self loathin' hate for me)
an' hate for cruel fate that made my lot what it must be.
Raw hate, like puke, churns 'round inside. What would you've said if, retchin', I'd
puked hate in putrid puddles for all to see?

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I have made a few new friends on here n JUST made a special new friend NOT on here but on another site I'm a member on ... I just introduced him to this site last night n even tho he hasnt yet joined he said he did snoop around a lil... where I found my blog about gettin sent to bed early funny he has told me he doesn't ( tries real hard to be serious n NOT giggle) ... there is no doubt in my mind as to his role n I get butterflies when he calls me young lady or lil girl but i ESP like his pet names for me "brat" n "spanky" ... got a busy weekend comin up but gonna try to get him in here over the weekend ... ok back to work before I get caught lol

Captive Male