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172 views · 6 days ago

This girl needs a hand spanking really bad.

She has been so disobedient to herself.

She stays up all hours of the night instead of getting at least 6 hours of sleep every night.

She watches spanking tube videos & plays games on the internet too.

Is there a kind and caring Daddy out there to fulfil this girl's punishment?

Signed: Elena - The Sassy Girl

117 views · 6 days ago

She lays there oh so very quietly
Twin peaks quivering in anticipation
So smooth and with not a blemish
The hand descends to make impact
A gasp of shock escapes her lips
Spanks fall from cheek to cheek
Heat builds both inside and out
Redness gets deeper and deeper
One final swat across the middle
Her head rears up and back
Twin peaks deliciously throbbing
She purrs like a contented kitten.


161 views · 6 days ago

I was all cofused questioned my boyfriend Lomz about how he feels about me again and I hurt him got him all upset so he gave me a punishment. Since he isnt here I had to do a video of me spanking myself with my bath brush in diaper posion bare bottom. Had to do hard swats.Then when I was done I had to sit straight look in the cam and say Im sorry master Lomz for being confussed again. After that I did another video with hands on the wall so he could see my red bottom as I shooke my bottom as he heard me cry. I have to say I was ambaressed ashamed, and sad for having to have to do that.Aslo I felt bad for hurting him and I deseved to get punished. I might have a sore bottom but I learned my lesson I wong question or doubt him again.As part of my punishment Im wrote blog.

Dreams of Spanking
116 views · 7 days ago

Please don't friend request me n then don't comment if I add u.... I stated before I am not here to see how many " friends" I can add to my page.. If I add u n then never hear from u or never hear from u after the initial greetin I will delete u n I'm sure u won't lose any sleep over it as nor will I....that said... Have a good day :)

134 views · 7 days ago

getting a new phone either today or tomorrow.. I hope I have better luck settin this one up than I did the last bout a case of major FRUSTRATION ....

134 views · 7 days ago

Well, it has been just over two weeks since I joined ST and already I have made some wonderful friends and acquaintances. I have shared some of my short stories and love the feedback good or bad. It all makes me a better writer. NEVER confuse what I write as my way of life. I write on subjects that I would never attempt. But then JRR Tolkien never rode a dragon as a wizard. I look forward to many more friends, especially ones interested in spanking stories. Sometimes I can write two or three in a dayI am a night owl I am up till 4 or 5am EST, and I check my sites 3 times a day, so do not hesitate to write on my wall or PM me. My phone alerts me to every post.

Dreams of Spanking
159 views · 7 days ago

Today I will be taking 2 dozen hard, punishment swats with the big poplar paddle. Seems like there were a couple requests after a dozen swats. Okay, will take 24 of my wife's toughest, blistering swats just for you who suggested it.

100 views · 7 days ago

Look for some lady's to chat with a spanking and punishment

199 views · 7 days ago

Alright.. I have over 28 years experience as a disciplinarian. I have assisted some long distance discipline. Yes, in some cases they were S.A.M.'s.. Recently, a person I attempted to help once before contacting me to begin again via the internet. Then when I try to speak with the individual I get extremely short answers, long pauses... I am told no....Then a word answers...

The individual just start school and I do believe there is a need for a mentor...WOULD LOVE TO ASSIST... However, I already said, if you want a cyber spank just point ask...Don't brat... Do I continue to assist? Just say forget it...What would you???

Dreams of Spanking
132 views · 7 days ago

Quick question.
My partner and i found a picture of a tattoo we both loved, in connection with our love for spanking.
I want it on one bum cheek.
But how long is the healing process before we could enjoy a spanking again.
This would be my first tattoo and my partner has none so we dont really know anything about the healing process.
If anyone can help please let me know.
I really like the picture but my love for spanking is much more.

119 views · 7 days ago

Came out here to teach someone a lesson about drinking and driving. 3 hrs later I think she got the point. She got a good hand hairbrush and belt spanking for 3 hrs. Now she's in timeout. Hope everyone is having a good day. And Please Don't Drink And Drive Unless You Want To End Up Like My Friend Did Or Worse!!!

91 views · 7 days ago

Hello, I have been away due to my and my girls health. Thank you for your prayers...she is still having issues....Looking forward to returning to lifestyle when she is physically able.. As I am a true believer in.

Dreams of Spanking
81 views · 7 days ago

Day 2 in Cleveland. So far so good. Hope everyone has a good day!!!

139 views · 7 days ago

sissymissy loves and deserves all types of anal training from Female Mistresses included of course strap-on training; strap-on gang-bangs, prostrate massage,prostrate milking, butt-plugs and fingering!
missy still fondly remembers the 1st time that sissy was subjected to strap-on training from 5 lovely Mistresses, one after another (and each took their time loosening missie's sissy ass and then "banging sissy's ass) at a fetish party in front of over 150 folks especially the Ladies watching for over 3 hours!! missy also loves getting enemas and getting her tempie taken over Mistress' lap with when her diapers and rubber pants are pulled down especially in front of Mistress' Girlfriends!

160 views · 8 days ago

Last night we were having a family discussion about our son wanting a push bike to use to keep fit. Now over the years weve bought lots of bikes, the more recent ones were bought then put into the shed, never to come out until we sell them again. But we understood his reasoning for wanting one and he said he had enough saved to pay half, could we put the rest towards it so he could get one now.
Mr G is very strict on money, im not allowed to buy anything without getting permission first, but he agreed to this saying yes he would put the rest towards the bike but if/when we come to sell it, he will get all his money back first then whatever is left over our son woukd get. We all agreed.
My son and I wanted to buy it there and then, but Mr G said no, pay the money into the bank first, then i will buy it.
I thought this was a bit silly as i could put the money in first this morning.
So eventually Mr G agreed.
Went upstairs to order it.
But when he came downstairs he said come here with the oaddle.
I asked why, and he said because you undermind me in front of our son.
Bend over the stool now !
And proceeded to paddle my ass hard, then smeared me with Deep Heat again, a lot of it, til i was jiggling about on my feet because the burn was so bad. There was no way i could pretend this wasnt burning.
He then continued paddling my ass. Hard!
I was then told to stand in front of him, bare ass showing whilst i stood jiggling still with the burn.
After 10 minutes i was allowed to sit down, on the floor so the cold hit the burn.
It was not a pleasant experience.
I wasnt allowed to shower before bed, so i had to deal with my burning ass being even worse coz of the paddle and the cream.
I really do not like Deep Heat !!!

Dreams of Spanking
101 views · 8 days ago

Sittin here in the Parkin garage at work waitin for 4:25am to get here so I can enter the bldg n get busy ... Was lookin at my calander last night... Baby shower this sat, next weekend my all girls campin trip (4days can't wait!!)... Next weekend after that bday party n week after that family reunion.... I didn't look any further than that for now... That means lots of salads n goodies to make ...There is always somethin goin on but I love it n my big family!!!

116 views · 8 days ago

Today, I found this in my inbox:

"Today and I was running late like always...last year I took my daughter to school late many times...but she goes to a private school which is far away whereas the public school is only 5 minutes away!! Then when it was time to get her from school I was running late so I went 80 and 85 in a 65 posted so that goodness no cops saw me!! So if I was your's what would you do Sir?

My response was:
I don’t know where to begin with you! I am noting several issues. First, you lack punctuality, which is having a significant impact on your daughter’s education. If you are late, then your daughter is also late! How does that make her look in front of her peers? Not to mention the example you are setting for her. Second, set aside for a moment the potential hefty fine that comes with a speeding ticket, you are endangering the lives of your children and the lives of others at the rate of speed you drive!!! That being said, you are a definite candidate for the belt that you see in my profile pictures.

If you were mine, I would first have you drop the children off at your mothers promptly. Immediately upon your return, before you even get the keys in the door, I would yank you in and scold you like a Drill Sergeant! I would hold your arm firmly with one hand, and begin spanking your bottom with the other while you are still standing. I would then command you to go upstairs and fetch “the belt”…quickly….where you will then bring it to the basement….where we have the bench. The bench, where if you were mine, would be all too familiar to you from all the previous punishments I’ve doled out. Your pants and panties would be yanked to your ankles, and you would then be commanded to position yourself on that bench. I would expect you to arc your back and present your bottom without me saying so. The lashings would follow a continued rhythm ..not to fast…not to slow…over and over again. All the apologies, sobbing, crying, and outbursts of “no more daddy, please” …will not help you. I am resolved to disciplining you and I intend to see the job through to my satisfaction!

Once I see a nice heavy shade of red on your backside, I would then have you stand in the corner until I come for you. Once I feel that the lesson has been learned, the drill sergeant will be gone and daddy will be in his place. With a soft heart and a gentle touch, I would hold you and tell you that everything is going to be ok because daddy knows that you are going to be a good girl from then on.

124 views · 8 days ago

Hey all, I'm in desperate need of a spanking. I was hoping someone could hop on Kik and direct me through a self spanking. I look forward to hearing from you guys. My Kik name is Zodrazo :)

Dreams of Spanking
167 views · 8 days ago

Guys I was just wanting to let all of my friends know that I am back in school as a full time student I have 13 credit hours to take in class and 13 hours of study time a week. So if I don't message as soon as you send a message I'm either in class paying attention or I am doing homework and studying so don't panic. I myself will be on during my 5 hour break between. Classes each day when I am not charging my phone and Bluetooth. If you are central time I'll be online from 11am-3:00pm everyday

108 views · 8 days ago

New semester started today and I feel really good about it. It will be hard but I am determined to have a great semester and not get lazy or Moody

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