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Jason stood there and took a long hard look at anna standing there slightly trembling.her long dark auburn hair flowing to the middle of her back. Her skin so fair. Pale but a hint of tan at the same time.
Her emerald green eyes were probably tearing up at this very moment in fear. 30 minutes later Anna stepped out of the corner ,  wearing one of Jason's t-shirts  a tad to big for her but it seemed to look better on her. The way some of the buttons would  be undone revealing her gorgeous breasts.

Her red laced panties. Revealing ever curve of her plump bottom. So beautiful just silently screaming to squeeze it. Jason took the sight in silently savoring . he had to snap out of it though and take his head out of the clouds. He rolled up his sleeves and prepared him self for hardest thing he will have to do.

Jason took Anna gently by the Wrist and led her over to him. “WAIT”! exclaimed Anna. “Cant I dry off first?  Im still a bit wet from the shower ."  Jason ignored Anna’s plea and pulled her over his lap , her hair still dripping  all over her body.

He began to rub her wet panty clad bottom then SMACK!. He slapped down hard once on the right cheek! "ouch" Anna quickly yelped and reached back, The wetness of her bottom increasing the sting. He pinned her hand to her side with his free hand and continued.

he peppered her bottom with smacks. lightly at first then gradually building speed and strength with each hit. Anna began to squirm more and more under his unrelenting hand across his lap .

Jason stopped. Admiring Anna’s bottom only bring pink but the color increasing rapidlyAnna stopped squirming relieved, thinking  her spanking is over. "Not just yet " Said Jason.

And With that, Jason rubbed her bottom still mildly wet and began to raise his hand. "NOOOOoooooo!!!!" Protested Anna kicking frantically and squirming trying to get away. Jason began to slap each cheek as vigorously as before. She began to cry across Jason's Lap. Jason didn't let up though.

Peppering her bottom all over and her sit spots. Anna began to sob and tried to block again only to have her hand once again pinned.

"Please stooopp" Anna sobbed . " I . (SLAP) will (SLAP) stop (SLAP) when i think(SLAP)(SLAP) you've learned(SLAP) you lesson(SLAP)(SLAP)(SLAP)" jason lectured. "And besides you punishment is only just beginning"

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It seemed like Anna waited up there for at least an hour or two but in reality was maybe 15 minutes. she wondered if Jason was going to lecture her or what he was going to do.

Jason opened the door and walked in their bedroom.he sat on the Bed next to Anna. "Anna Do you know why I'm so mad" Anna looked away but whispered quietly "Yes" .Jason continued to study her then thought for a second. he knew he needed to be caring but strict. He absolutely CANNOT let this happen again.

"Good. im not lecturing you or anything but i am going to do something  different to ensure  THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN." He paused for. A slight moment thinking about what he was gonna say next. " Anna im going to spank you and i don't wanna hear it, because nothing you say can change my mind. understood?"

Annas  jaw completely dropped and fear filled her eyes but she remained silent. She figured any protesting would make him more infuriated. She looke down at the ground trying to avoid eye contact. she was embarrassed. she has never been spanked before.only playful slaps on her ass.

"Look at me Anna Marie davis" Jason whispered taking her chin in his hand forcing her to look into his eyes. as a tear ran down her face "Im only doing this because i love you" Annas lip trembled " i know " Anna said barley whispering.

Jason stood up and grabbed anna by the wrist walking her over to a corner in their bed room and standing her against it. 

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Anna stumbled in the door and breathed a sigh of relief seeing the house was still empty.  Shs checked the messaging machine .Jason, her 21 year old boyfriend had left a message about how he was going to be an hour late and to eat with out him

Fortunately for anna that means he was just now  getting off work and heading home most likely stuck in the usual traffic of every day new york city.But unfortunately for Anna ,Her friends had asked her to go out and smoke some weed with them. Letting her friends pressure get the best of her Said yes.

Only just now has the regret  started to set in, thinking how her fiancée will be infuriated. But with Jason getting home in an hour, Anna hoped He would be to tired to notice how out of it she was.

Jason walked in the door around 10:30pm , Anna just finished eating and her hair was still quite damp from the cold shower she had taken in attempt to sober her self up.Jason kissed anna on the forehead and then  sat on the couch turning on the TV leaning back to relax a little.

  But to Anna's surprise Jason called for her."hey babygirl come here " he said with a smile on his face and patted his lap. Anna walked over and sitting as steady as she could on his lap. She took a moment to stare at his dimples biting her lip a bit as she did so. But as soon as her smile started to appear it disappeared. Replacing it, a puzzled look of guilt.

“Anna honey ,what’s wrong” ? Jason studied her for a moment and pulled her towards him in a feeble attempt to hold her. It took him only about 30 seconds before she gently pushed him away. "Babe I have something to.confess." she said as she looked down and fidgeted her fingers on her lap.

"I sorta smoked a joint of weed today with Stacy". Jason's smile disappeared all too quickly."ANNA WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING ”?! Jason raised his voice, fighting back the erge to yell."I certainly hope you did not drive home like this!"

Anna shook her lowered head quietly whispering "no baby Stacy picked me up after work and since you dropped me off she drove me home after we hung out". Tears were now streaming down her face as she spoke.

Jason was infuriated “ and I see your only half dressed in a t-shirt and panties plus your hairs wet which means you tried to shower and cover this up from me!” Anna just stayed silent.

“Get up to our room Anna, right now. I'm too pissed and I'm afraid I'll only yell and make things worse" he paused for a moment before saying " ill be up to deal with you in a little bit”.

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The sun was just beggining to decend from the sky. Stacy looked down at her phone for a moment then turned to  her very best friend Anna davis and  started to freak out."OH MY GOSH ANNA ITS 9PM YOU WERE SUPPPSED TO BE HOME BY 8:30 TO MAKE DINNER! JASONS GONNA FREAK! come on I'll take you home before he notices anythings wrong".

On the drive home anna began  fidgeting in her seat, silently praying  in het mind that Jason had to stay at work just a little not longer. 'He's gonna kill me when I get home'. She thought to her self .

The drive back was at least  30 minutes. The whole  time anna thought about how Jason's gonna lecture her and there just gonna end up in a huge fight.

30 minutes went by pretty quickly . or at least quicker then expected. Anna slowly got of the car stalling as she said goodbye to Stacy and  slowly walked up the steps to her apartment building entry way and down the hall to their door. 

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Hello there I am 30 old male from Chicago looking for a attractive women to bare my bottom and spank me over her knee.

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I happen to be a very strong strict Domme. I am very experienced. I opened this as more of a submissive initially. I did that only because once every six months or so after dominating 24/7 for so long, I feel the need to purge. I then will allow a very very select few dominate me. Then AFTER one or two nights of this, I'm good to go again. I'm refreshed. I dominate girls 24/7 online and I met with them as I can. I do discipline spankings as well and dominate at parties occasionally.

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I am soft, vulnerable, warm, caressing, passionate, emotional, mischievous, sexy, voluptuous, quiet, gentle, juicy, wild, loving, childlike, tender, cheeky, saucy, hot, yin, compassionate, thoughtful, yours.

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I decided to upload videos again but this sites program to upload won't accept this and it won't accept that. It forces users to conform to their own uniquely fucked up site. This site really needs to get its shit together. I don't have any problems with any site except this one.

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I had the best time,everyone there was really friendly and I hope I have a long friendship with all of them I did learn a few new things which is always good and topped some lovely bottoms. The one thing I took away from last night is next time bring something to use other then your hand ;-) my hand stung after the first few bottoms, the other is even though it is soft you can spank someone with the handheld punching bang not sure what its called but you use them to practice punches?

In closing I would like to thank FunAllowed and the MDSS for such a fun and educational party, as well as the bottoms I spanked for letting me play with them.

Sincerely MR_M

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Erendira breathed deeply at this latest showing of lack of respect by Eva. Her now cold glare was too much for Eva to hold, as she looked down to the floor and in so doing giving Erendira the upper hand.

"Get changed, go home and don't ever come back to this school again," said Erendira, "or go across my knee and I will hammer some manners into you. The choice is yours!"

To my surprise, and I must also admit to my amusement, Eva instead of flouncing off to the changing room she said. "Please... I am sorry. I want to stay."

Faced with a now repentant pupil, Erendira merely went to the side of the small dance floor and picked up a plastic chair, brought it back to the middle of the floor and sat down.

Erendira motioned to her lap by way of invitation for Eva, slowly the nineteen-year-old made her way towards Erendira, then draped herself across Erendira's lap.
From my viewpoint directly behind, Eva's ample bottom seemed to swell out under her practise skirt as she got into position for her upcoming chastisement; it was all so surreal in this the most surreal of countries.

As I stared on in disbelief, Erendira reached down to the hem of Eva's skirt and started to pull it clear of her olive tanned legs, then over her bottom revealing a tiny pair of bright red panties.

"Ah good!" Erendira said. "I'll stop when your bottom is the colour of your panties, red a good colour for an aspiring Flamenca!"

To my amazement Eva did not even whisper a word of complaint; she just lay there, waiting for Erendira to start her spanking. She did not have to wait for long. Erendira's hand came down on Eva's bottom in a harsh flurry of smacks. Do not underestimate how hard an enraged Flamenca can spank, all those hours of clapping out rhythms make for good spanking practice!

In no time at all Eva was squirming and squealing in the pain that Erendira's hands were providing. Not that that made a blind bit of difference to Erendira, all she was interested in was the colour of Eva's cheeks, and matching those cheeks to those panties. Now in my role as a human metronome it was quite normal for me to see flashes of the students underwear as they danced, that is the nature of Flamenco. However to see a prolonged display such as this, well, that is to say, the least, very unusual. So, I was glad of the guitar on my lap shielding my groin and the now full erection that I had at this most unexpected of tableau's.

After what seemed an age to me, and I imagine what seemed like a lifetime to Eva, Erendira started to slow down her onslaught upon Eva's buttocks.

"A few more I think, then we should have the right colour!" Erendira said to no one, in particular.

"Si.. si... profesora!" Eva managed to say, almost sobbing now at the evident growing heat in her bottom.

Finally Erendira was happy with the colour of Eva's bottom, and she helped the tearful girl back to her feet. "I think that is today's lesson well learnt, don't you?" She asked Eva.

"No... I want to dance; I want to prove to you that I do care... please let me dance for you now." Eva said between sniffs, wiping at her eyes.

"OK," Erendira replied, the request taking her by surprise.

"Tomas, an Alegrias!" Eva shouted over to me, then added. "Please."

I started playing, and Eva started dancing. Then Eva started improvising steps, I followed her guide, the two of us were now locked in the same groove. It was as if I had a telepathic link with Eva, and her with me. My remit of only hammering out the beat went by the wayside as I too started to improvise my way through Eva's dance. I glanced at Erendira, the slight smile on her face as she watched transfixed by her star pupil's dancing.

All three of us together, all three of us in one spirit, that is Duende!


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Had my bottom spanked last night and was then fucked hard doggy style.
He pulled my hair back and told me my pussy felt amazing.
No wonder it did, he had just spanked me the most he has ever spanked me.

Felt really used and loved at the same time.

Says he's going to do it again tonight. I'm damp right now thinking about it.

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(One of my odder stories, inspired by Jason Webster's novel of the same name.)

Duende, if you look the word up in an English/Spanish dictionary, depending on the size of the dictionary, it will most likely read, fairy or wood-nymph. Such a translation would be only half the story, it also means spirit or soul as you would read in the larger books or online dictionaries.
In Flamenco terms it means much, much, more; it is a state of mind when the performer/performers and the audience reach a plane of understanding with each other. It transcends the ordinary emotions felt at a musical performance; it is when everything clicks together, where everyone is drawn into the emotiveness of the performance.
It is a word that is hard to articulate to anyone that has never felt it. As a performer though it is what you always aspire to, to draw all in the room into your world of pain or joy.

An example, though probably apocryphal; the singer Camaron de la Isla when asked to sing something by way of an audition for a night club, merely counted out numbers. But, such was the wracking pain in his voice he was hired.

That is Duende!

It is something that must be felt by the performer, before it can be experienced by the audience. No amount of technical knowledge or practice can make it happen, it must be wrenched from deep within you. You must be willing to lay your soul bare, to live the song or the dance without inhibition, to draw your audience and fellow performers along with you.

So that brings me to why I'm sitting in the main hall of El Ecole De Baile Tradicional in Granada with my guitar on my knee.

Sitting, waiting.

For the third time this week, waiting!

First though, before I go any further, I'd better tell you why I'm even in Granada. I had more than a little luck on the National Lottery, which enabled me to take a year from work, and follow in the footsteps of Jason Webster's novel. That was three years ago, and I'm still in Spain trying to learn Flamenco guitar. Having made friends with some gypsy musicians, and playing the odd tableau with them, I fell into this role a human metronome for their cousin Erendira Dominguez, the proprietor of the dance school. To be honest, this was not a role that inspired me greatly, but it is very hard to say no to Erendira.

She made it plain from the outset that I was there only to play the rhythm for her dancers to follow, no frills. My job was to hammer out the three beats to the bar chord pattern, no more no less.
I had to supply the platform from which her dancers could fly. That was the idea anyway.
Today though, I just sat waiting for Erendira's star protege Eva.

Eva was of a middle-class upbringing, what her family would have made of Erendira's gitano cousins I wouldn't like to guess. If asked, Erendira always admitted to her gypsy background, but for business purposes it was not something that she openly advertised.
Gitano's are still more or less looked down upon, and distrusted in Spain, as in most other European countries. So for all her pride in her family and her background it was something that she tended to keep quiet about, more so with the parents like that of Eva's than with her students.
She also had problems with Eva's parents and their almost unerring confidence in their daughters ability, not only because they paid well. But also, because Eva was indeed very well blessed with technical ability. That however was as far as it went, for although you could watch, and enjoy Eva's dancing, there was something lacking. Eva always seemed to be holding something back.

Yes the movements were all there but she lacked something, her mind and body were in it, but her soul was lacking. Also, like her parents, Eva had an overconfidence in her ability. As far as she was concerned she was already the finished article, and as such looked upon her extra one to one lessons as an impingement on her valuable leisure time.
So as was becoming the norm with these lessons, Eva swanned in a quarter of an hour late and dressed for a nightclub, even though it was two o'clock on a Saturday afternoon. When I say she swanned in that is exactly how she moves for all her lack of height, she carries herself the same way as Madonna giving the impression of a tallness that isn't there. Also she gives off an aura of self-confidence bordering on arrogance, it was only a matter of time till she and Erendira clashed.

"Hey girl, what time do call this?" Erendira demanded of her student.

"It's no problem, I'm here now, I'll just get changed," Eva replied in her usual couldn't give a toss manner, and then added. "It's no big deal; you get paid anyway, even if I don't turn up at all!"

At that final comment, as she left for the changing rooms, I noticed a thundercloud pass across Erendira's face, and felt there and then that today was going to be a long afternoon. As we waited for Eva getting changed, I busied myself by pretending to be checking my guitars tuning, as Erendira stalked about the room. Eva eventually emerged dressed in a frill-less black practice skirt, and a plain white t-shirt plus the standard Flamenco black shoes.

"At last!" Erendira said, with more than a little impatience in her voice. "We will start with a Sevillanas to warm up with!"

I began to play out the fast happy compras to the folk dance and Eva?

Well, Eva sort of danced, it was in the same manner of a ballerina on a music box, it looked like a dance fair enough, but it also looked clockwork. So I played a little louder in the hope of stirring her, but her mind was obviously elsewhere; it was certainly not with us in the room.

Just before the third pattern of the dance, Erendira called us both to a halt. "What was that? It wasn't anything that I could recognise!" Shouted Erendira.

That was it; Latin blood was boiling. As both teacher and pupil got into a heated argument, both screaming at each other in Spanish, their southern accents and clipped words flying out too rapidly for me to translate in my head. I sat there as an embarrassed, bewildered bystander until Erendira uttered a phrase that I knew off by heart but hadn't had a chance to use in all my time in Spain.

"Te pegare en el trasero!" (I'll smack your ass!) My eyebrows raised at this phrase, they now both had my full attention, as they stared wide-eyed at each other.

"You would not dare gypsy girl!" Sneered Eva.

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On Friday last I heard news that made me cry,a dear old friend passed away. When I first entered the convent a kind Nun took me under her wing and became not alone a spiritual guide but a very dear friend to me. I remember having very long conversations with her about everything and anything.When I stubbled in my vocation,which was very often in my early days at the convent,she was there for me. When I left the convent behind after eighteen years we remaind friends and last year,being quite old,my dear friend began to suffer from dementia and was admitted to a nursing home for religious. This nursing home is not too far from where I live,so I would visit twice a month. Sometimes Jen would come with me,other times my niece would come with me,but more often than not I would go on my own. I would sit with her and me would talk.The last time I saw her was the beginning of this month and I had promised to go and visit again on the 29th;but on Friday I was informed that she had passed. My dear friend thought that my niece and Jenny were my daughters,much to Jen's delight! So tomorrow I have a little journey to take,a journey that will take me to a place that holds so many memories.My dear friend will be buried on the grounds of a convent I spent my novitiate in. Unfortunately Jen has a series of important meetings tomorrow and my niece has college,so I will make the three hour drive myself and attend the funeral of my dear friend.

Yesterday my niece's boyfriend called to my house at 5am.We had promised to help Jenny's Dad cut hedges on the farm.The weather finally beginning to feel like Spring,I was looking forward to this outing. My niece's boyfriend began ringing the bell outside my gate. Jenny jumped out of bed,opened the window and began shouting obscenities at him. She made the most horrible threats of pushing him in the lake at her Dad's farm. I got out of bed and just as I did my niece knocked at our door and enquired what was going on? When I told her she ran downstairs and opened the gate. Jen and I showered together and joined them in the kitchen.My niece had made coffee and after we had breakfast we set off for the farm.Jen and I flipped a coin to see who would drive the new tractor,she won and so we all went our separate ways to cut various hedges on the property.We would come back to the farm house for lunch. I drove the old,smelly tractor,and watched Jenny give me the "Finger" as she set off in the new Massey Ferguson 6600,more expensive than a Mercedes I believe. I got to my field and began to cut back the hedge. It was a beautiful morning,and I sometimes feel that farming would certainly be the life for me,I enjoyed the peace and concentrating on my task.

Approaching lunchtime I decided to head back to the farm house for some lunch,I had cut back the hedges in this field and after lunch would move on to another field. As I drove down a laneway I saw Jenny's tractor parked in another field.From what I could see she was not in the tractor.Not even half the hedges in that field had been cut. I decided to creep up on her and see what was going on. I switched off my tractor and walked across the field.As I drew near I could hear that silly sound her phone makes when she is playing this Candy Crush game. She was sitting against the front wheel of the tractor.I went around the other side and pressed the horn on the steering wheel.Jenny jumped to her feet and I came around the tractor and caught her by her ear. A brief struggle broke out and we both ended up on the ground. While I was working hard,she was taking it easy. She tried to bribe me into finishing her work,I refused. Back at the farm house we all sat around and had lunch and I told her Dad what Jen had been up to.She swore to 'get me',so I will have to watch my back. I was not surprised when her Dad told me that he use have a terrible job trying to get Jen to do any farm work when she was growing up. He told us how she would wonder off on the pretense of doing some chores but would instead be found swimming in the lake or reading under a tree,that is typical Jenny.

After lunch we resumed our work,but I was promoted to driving the new tractor,her Dad didn't want a piece of valuable equipment sitting around.I completed the field Jenny should have done.On the way home she threaten me saying," I will get you,you snitch!" All in all it was a good day. I enjoyed the peace and quiet.Tomorrow holds a different story for me and no doubt will open up some memories,good and bad. Have a great day my friends and be safe.

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From last time:
Her mother let her legs down and swiftly turned her over on her tummy. Sue Anne easily acquiesced. Then she put some Vaseline on her finger and lubed Sue's crack and hole well.
“Hold still while mommy lubes up your coo coo for the thermometer sweetie. You need to learn your lesson.”
“Yes mommy. Learn me a lesson right in front of Mark and Sean. I deserve it. I was so naughty.”
“Yes you were. Tonight you are going to bed bare bottom naked after I finish with your tempy. You better be a good girl or I will punish you more in front of them.

Part VI
Bertha removed the thermometer and checked it. She told her it was normal. She removed Sue Ann's T-shirt.
“Do I have to be totally naked mommy?”
“You tried to get away instead of taking your punishment. I said you would sleep bare naked right in front of the boys didn't I?”
“Mommy I will do anything else to be punished , but please may I wear my T-shirt and panties to bed?”
“Alright, if you behave tonight, both of you, I will allow you to wear you T-shirts and Sue, no you cannot wear panties. Your Uncle said Bare bottom and barefoot and that is that.”
They both said ok and wore their shirts.
Uncle Fred turned to the boys.
“Mark you are a willful little boy and so are you Sean. I know Mark that earlier today you lied and got Sean in trouble correct?”
“Yes Sir, but he asked for it! He was teasing me!”
“That is No excuse for lying! Naughty boys who lie get punished and humiliated. You are what 22 now? And I have to punish you like a child? You should know better. Your Mom told me, however, that you may be 22 but part of you doesn't seem to be that way.”
“Please Uncle Fred. Don't say that in front of everyone.”
“It will humiliate you and teach you a lesson young man. I hear from your mommy that you are endowed like a little boy. She said your little penis is what, 3 inches?”
Sean cut in.
“Smaller, he is hung like a little boy Mom said.” Sean giggled.
Fred looked sternly at Sean.
You speak when spoken to young man! You are in trouble as well. You were horsing around with Mark and you broke a lamp didn't you?”
“Yes Uncle Fred.”
“You will get a bare bottom strapping for that.”

“Yes Sir.”
Bertha looked at Mark.
“Your mom said I should make sure you behave. And if you do not I may spank and punish you as I see fit. So do as Fred and I tell you and you will not be punished. If you misbehave mister you are in for it! Same for you Sean. You have already earned a strapping.”
Sean piped up.
“I get a lickin' and all Mark gets is a little humiliated? No fair!”
Bertha smiled at him.
“Oh don't worry, Mark is going to bed barefoot and Bare-bottom as well. On top of that to make up for getting you in trouble with a lie you may punish him in front of the girls after we leave for no longer than an hour. Humiliate him or whatever you want but be done before we check on you again.”
Fred turned and grabbed Sean by the wrist.
“Time for a bare bottom strapping little boy.”
He took down Sean's PJ's and undies then turned him over his knee. He grabbed the strap and began giving his round bare backside a good strapping.
With each blow Sean's plump bare cheeks got redder and redder.
“Take your lickin' naughty boy!”
“Yes Uncle Fred! Ow Ow Ow!! I am sorry Sir!”
He laid into it now. Sean's cheeks were a bright red. He gave him one or two more and stopped. Bertha came over and took some special rub she had that cooled his behind and lessened the reddening.
“There, there, now. You took your strapping well.”
The tears were rolling down his face and he was sobbing quietly.
“Alright Sean off my lap. Now girls onto your beds. Sean you may Punish Mark after we leave.”
Fred and Bertha left and Sean turned to Mark with a wicked smile.
“Please Sean, I...I am sorry..please.”
“Oh I am going to humiliate you real good Mark.”
Sue and Angela smiled for a change. It wasn't them being humiliated or punished. Sue was especially pleased to see Mark getting punished after what he did in their last Truth or Dare game when he bared her bottom and licked her crack.
Mark asked Sean.
“What are you going to do to me?”
“I am going to make you smell and lick my bare bottom in front of the girls while you are Bare naked and they verbally make fun of you and your little pee pee.”
Mark looked shocked and swallowed hard. He knew there was no getting out of it or Fred and Bertha would punish him on top of what Sean was about to do.
“Mark strip naked.”
Mark did as Sean asked his face red with embarrassment as his erect little pee pee stuck out. The girls laughed and he just lowered his head. Sean took off his PJ's and undies and leaned against the wall legs apart.
“Get on your knees behind me Mark. Sue Anne I want you to grab the back of his head when I tell you and make him do as I ask. Angela Marie, I want you to Verbally make fun of him with Sue.”
They did just as Sean asked.
Mark was behind Sean, his face right next to Sean's bare cheeks. Sean looked over his shoulder at Mark.
“Time for you punishment Mark.”

Sue took the cue and grabbed the back of Mark's head and neck.
“Mark spread my cheeks and lick and smell my bare bottom crack.”
Sue pushed Mark's head while Mark spread Sean's cheeks and he began licking and smelling his bottom.
Sean looked down at Mark.
“Take your punishment Mark, learn your lesson toddler pee pee boy.”
Angela took her cue.
“Yes Mark you have a little shaved bare pee pee like a little boy. Do you shave it or does your mommy do it to humiliate and punish you?”
“My mommy did it to punish me. Said I had to keep it this way all summer cause I was bad.”
The girls giggled. In unison they chanted.
“Mark's a little toddler, He has a little pee pee.”
They chanted it over and over while he smelled and licked Sean's bare bottom.”
This went on for about 15 minutes then Sean let him up. He scurried to his bed and under the covers in shame. Sean laughed.
“Got a little stiffy being humiliated in front of the girls didn't you?”
“Yes! You had your fun, now leave me alone!”
Sue kind of felt bad for him. She knew how humiliation could not nly punish you but turn you on.
“It's ok Mark. You learned your lesson and it's over. I think you took it well.”
Angela scowled then raised an eyebrow.
“You feel sorry for him? After him forcing you to let him bare you and lick you in front of us?”
“Yes Angela, He is not so bad.”
“You like him don't you?”
She blushed.
“I don't know...maybe I think his little bare pee pee is kinda cute is all and I think his round firm bubble butt is kinda nice too.”
“I knew it!”
“Shut up Angela! I bet you like Sean huh?!”
“Kinda, He at least has a big Penis. Don't tell me you forgot what you said to me after last summer?”
“Don't say that!”
“Well Mark, she said...”
Fred and Bertha walked in.
“It is entirely to loud in here. That is enough all of you get in bed.” Fred said with his arms crossed.
They all got into bed as he turned out the light.
All of them realizing it would be a real long interesting summer.

{May or may not be continued}
Please feel free to comment. If you would like a story tailored for you, please PM me. If you would like to see this story continue or if you want me to add something specifically for you in this story PM me as well. Hope you enjoyed my fantasy.

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So spring is on its way and I have told myself to be more positive about where I am and who I am with. I will try but I find everything I say is a negative comment, so this must stop!! I have started writing a bit more again so this is positive because this is what I want to do.

I got tickets to my favourite show back home, for August, so this is something fabulous to look forward to.

I am getting on better I think with my housemates and trying to talk more and be more sociable - I realise I have self esteem issues, don't know why or where from, but this has prevented me from going out because I use things as an excuse. I got some nice new tops today and if I can just sort my hair and eye bags I might make it out with them one evening. Though I'm really not good with alcohol or staying out late. We had a lot of fun the other day without going out, so that was nice.

At least it's quite mild here which is nice. I feel I need a new picture but I have no new spankings so I can't replace it. A new waiter in the local cafe has taken a shine to me - this would be ok but this one is like late 50s. It's hardly ideal! Perhaps he's into spanking, I wouldn't be surprised. I don't know. I just don't know if it's a big thing here, I bet it is not. They're too conservative.

Sure I had something else to say but clearly not! x

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From Urban Dictionary Hellbilly is defined as: A real badass hillbilly. The typical Hellbilly drinks hard liquor, smokes weed, is fond of cussing and doing things many folks would call blasphemy, gets into fights often due to a "don't fuck with me" attitude, packs a gun, has tattoos, has a general disregard for authority, loves driving fast, and is hell-bent on living life recklessly to the fullest and doesn't care what people think. Often listens to or plays Country and Metal. See Hank Williams III, Rob Zombie or Scorpio for an example.

Thank yall for coming, tonight I'll do my rendition of the Hank William III diddy called I'm the Only Hell (My Mama Ever Raised). Johnny Paycheck originally performed this piece, but Hank 3 has higher Hellbilly credibility with yours truly.

Well, I can't say my ex was short on loving me
I guess that's why she let me go so far
Had to find a new gal with booty worth a-strappin'
I guess that's why I had to steal that car.

She told me not to smoke it
But I did and it took me far away
And I turned out to be
The only hell my mamma ever raised.

I pulled into Arizona, stolen ride and almost out of gas
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Put them cuffs on the new gal, Lord how she didn't fight or resist
But Scorpio clamped 'em tighter, 'til the metal bit into 'er wrist
Took my belt and gave 'er a-whoopin, spanked her til I was a-praised
She told once again, I was the only hell my manma ever ever raised.

Spankin' memories, take me back to the good ol' days
I can hear my mamma saying "spank that hussy good on the bare for me"
She tried to turn me on to Jesus, but I turned on to the devil's ways
And I turned out to be the only hell my mamma ever raised.

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As Sister Joan then felt his fingers at the waistband of her last vestige of modesty, she felt the first tears spring to her eyes.

“Please Father must you…” She whispered her eyes still locked closed.

He never replied, all he did was lower them till they cleared her upper thighs, then gravity took over, and they fell of their own accord to join her tights.
Now the view caused the priest to take a sharp intake of breath, unlike the women in his secret porn magazine collection, Sister Joan’s sex had a thick covering of light brown hair. A covering that had never, been trimmed or shaved, she looked like a picture from the nineteen sixties not a girl of the third millennium!

Father Thorn then took the nun by her waist and bent him over his waiting lap. As Sister Joan struggled to try and rest her hands upon the stone floor to aid to her balance, without warning the first harsh stinging slap fell upon her now naked upturned bottom.
The crack of that report echoed around the vestry; as did her shout of both pain and surprise, the next smack followed quickly.
Sister Joan then had to endure a volley of slaps to her bottom cheeks, causing her to tighten her buttocks up as much as she could manage.

“Please sister try and relax your bottom..” Father Thorn told her, his request though seemed to fall upon death ears. “I said relax sister!”

Now to emphasise his point the priest turned his attention to Sister Joan’s upper thighs. This sudden change of tack brought a torrent of both words and screeches from the young nun.

“You bastard…that hurts…” She shouted then realising what she had called her priest. “sorry, father…I’m so sorry!”

Her writhing and kicking upon the priest’s knee had caused three things. Her shoes to come off, her left leg to completely depart company from her tights and knickers, and for Father Thorn’s erection to gain even more tumescence!
The priest did not ease up any on the young nun; his hard hands kept up their onslaught upon her now very pink rear. His hands fell in a seemingly random pattern though he made sure that both cheeks received a more or less similar colouration, as did the backs of her thighs.
The colour was now enhanced by the sun's rays hitting off the red cloak of Saint Christopher; the room was now being washed in a red, rather than, green glow.
The other noticeable change that had taken place was in Sister Joan’s cries. Instead of the previous shouts of pain and protestations, she was now emitting earthy grunts and sighs.
Her movement too had changed, instead of the writhing in a futile attempt at avoiding the priest’s chastising hand; she was now rocking herself upon his knee in a steady rhythmic pattern. This change of events did not escape the priest’s notice; a thought then crossed his mind, a thought so wild as to be almost madness.
A thought though that stayed with him and grew; a thought that he decided to act upon despite any later consequences..

Sister Joan sighed in a mixture of relief and disappointment as the priest’s constant punishing barrage came to a sudden halt.
Then she gasped again; as she felt his fingers shallowly dipping into the lips of her pussy. They then moved along the length of her virginal slit finding their target; the hard little button that she had been at pains to ignore for all of her years since taking her vows.

“I’m sorry Sister you seem to be very wet here, and very aroused! I’m afraid your punishment seems to be encouraging the very behaviour that we were trying to rid you of.” Father Thorn said breaking the electric silence of the room.

“Father, please…” The young nun said; her sentence unfinished. Was it a plea for further attention or the start of an apology?

“It’s all right my child I know what is called for here.” Father Thorn whispered to Sister Joan as he helped her back up onto her feet.

Standing in front of her priest; her nakedness now forgotten, tears rolling down her face, her face a picture of bewilderment. Father Thorn now decided that damn the consequences he was going to continue upon this insane journey.
Standing up his hands went to the waistband of his coal black trousers and started undoing his belt. Sister Joan gulped down a little sob as she realised that now he was going whip her already sore behind with his leather belt.

“Sister if you could kneel across the chair, please, knees wide apart!” He said still in that unnerving whisper.
Now openly weeping Sister Joan climbed up onto the chair, obeying her spiritual guides instructions.

“Bottom right out please sister and arch your back for me.” He commanded, and she complied.

Instead of feeling the biting lash of the priest’s belt across her bottom, she felt something nudging at her sex, something hard, hard, but still giving.
Turning, and looking back over her shoulder, she could see Father Thorn his huge erection in his hand preparing to enter her. Preparing to deflower her.
Then she noticed his face, his face bathed in red from the stained glass window, now she recognised the demon of her dreams!

                          THE END

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It's time for me to be punished along with Madams female slave. I'm forced into a CB6000 restrainer and told to lay on my back. The naked female kneels above me and my wrists are locked to her ankles. Madam instucts her to wank me off and she will be caned every ten seconds until I cum.

She has been sucking and stroking me for ten minutes but I feel no pleasure from my poor imprisoned cock and balls - I'm never going to be able to cum. The cane keeps landing on her cheeks and she howls with pain - she's now taken sixty strokes. I can see every mark Madam has inflicted on her and watch how her cheeks clench just before the cane bites into them. My nose is full of the smell of her hot wet sex.

My cock is getting sore and I know that if I don't shoot soon Madam will remove my restrainer and whip it. Then she will make her two slaves change position and I'll have to lick pussy until she cums with the cane biting into my butt. It won't be easy to make her cum because Madam will make her wear thick rubber panties.

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As Father Thorn left the vestry, he saw Sister Joan sitting in an otherwise empty church. His heart lifted at the sight of the beautiful young sister sitting there. Despite his vows, Father Daniel Thorn was still all things said, no more than a human male, and liable to all the weaknesses of his sex.
So the sight of the shapely nun naturally stirred up some of his baser feelings.

“Hello sister!” He said smiling widely, though his smile quickly vanished as he saw the look of consternation upon the nun’s pale face, “Is something troubling you sister?”

“Yes Father there is indeed…I feel a heavy weight upon me…as you know very soon I will be returning to the outside world…” Sister Joan struggled out, her eyes cast down upon the cold stone flooring.

“Yes Sister I am well aware that you will be leaving us soon, and I can understand that you are feeling a little nervous at that very idea.” Father Thorn replied his smile now returning to his face.

Finally, Sister Joan lifted her face to look at him, her eyes edged with tears she spoke.

“It is more than just a little nervousness Father…I’m troubled…I have been having thoughts…” She could never tell him of her wild dreams. “Thoughts of a carnal nature!”

“Ah!” Father Thorn was more than a little taken aback by this revelation. “These thoughts... have you acted upon them?... Do you want me to take your confession?”

“No Father I have never...ever...acted upon them!” Sister Joan replied, shocked at the very idea of her indulging in such self-pollution. Though some mornings she would awaken from her disturbed slumber with her nightshirt rucked up around her hips, and her cell scented with the smell of her inner core. “I have not come here to make my confession; I have come here for you to drive these wicked thoughts from my mind!”

“I’m sorry Sister I don’t know what you mean…what it is that you wish from me?” Father Thorn replied; wondering if this young woman were asking him for an exorcism, an exorcism just for a few dirty thoughts.

“Father we are now no longer allowed to use The Discipline upon ourselves, I wish for you to beat this…these…thoughts from me!” Sister Joan sighed in relief, at last she had said it, and at last she had made her request.

Father Thorn was initially dumbstruck, and then he quickly composed himself, as the full ramifications of this young nun's request sank in with him. He then went to the back of the church. As he walked towards the large double oak doors, he fished in his pocket for the large key. As well as finding the key his fingers brushed upon his now growing erection.This pretty young nun was asking for him to deliver a spanking, and he had no intention of letting her down!

Quickly he locked the door and turned around to Sister Joan.

“I think the vestry would serve us best.” He said trying to hide the tremor in his voice.

Sister Joan rose up from her pew. Her heart now hammering in her chest; she never had, even as a child, experienced corporal punishment, deep down inside her though she knew that was what she now required.

Needed even.

Father Thorn opened the vestry door and ushered Sister Joan into his robing room.

As Sister Joan entered the room, she was struck by the ethereal green glow to the room. The bright low winter sun shone through the stained glass window picturing the now defunct Saint Christopher carrying a young Jesus across the river.
Father Thorn followed behind her; his eyes now locked upon the bee sting waist and the rounded buttocks of a young lady rather than that of the colour of the room.

“As I have no instruments of correction here in the church we will make do with a very firm…harsh even…hand spanking.” The middle-aged priest said as he pulled a high backed wooden chair into the centre of the surprisingly large room.

Sister Joan nodded silently, resigned to her fate.

“Also, as to help to reinforce the punishment a certain level of humility, or humiliation is required. Do you accept that?” Father Thorn asked, swallowing hard, wondering could he actually carry out what he had planned for his lovely young charge.

“Yes Father whatever you require of me.” Sister Joan replied her voice now a mere whisper, as she made her way to the side of the now seated priest.

With Sister Joan now standing by his side, Father Thorn told her.

“Lift up your skirt, please sister, and then tuck the folds into its waistband.”

“Er…what you cannot be serious…lift my skirt?” Sister Joan replied in both shock and disbelief.

“Yes, as I explained humility to you. When I was a young man at the seminary; the old priests and the brothers would punish us in the state of Adam before the fall. So I plan to spank you in the state of Eve.”

Father Thorn said, his voice now low and even, his logic to the young nun seemed unarguable.
After all, she thought to herself it was her who was seeking out his assistance, so she would have to comply at least to his methods.
Slowly with shaking fingers she lifted her skirt, all too aware of the view that she was going to be giving to the middle-aged priest.

Once she had tucked the skirt in tight, Father Thorn motioned for her to come closer still to him. She gasped as she felt his hands move up the outside of her hips reaching for the waistband of her dark tights.

Closing her eyes so she would not have to look upon his face, she felt her tights being lowered till he had dragged them down to her ankles.
Father Thorn smiled as he could now clearly see the nun’s once virginal white cotton knickers, now though they were off white greyish colour through all the years of washing. He guessed - rightly guessed - that these knickers had been issued to her when she had first joined the order, when she was not quite so filled out in her bottom and the hips.
Now her once modest underwear, now drum tight upon her, her mons venus clearly outlined much to the priest's delight. Of course though, for all that he admired the look of her knickered crotch, those knickers would also have to go.


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Janey Olson or Sister Joan as she was known by for the last five and half years sat in quiet contemplation in the silence of the church.
With only eight more weeks remaining of her temporary vows, Janey was in a state of inner turmoil. The idea of returning to the ‘real world’ terrified her; it terrified her as much as her dreams of late had disturbed her.
Had those dreams sent as some form of warning?
Some omen of divine intervention even or were they only just dreams coming from a worried mind?
When she joined the order her parents were not happy, they thought that she was giving her life upon a mere whim. Her older cousin Mona had told her so much to her face.

“So Saint Janey is off to save the world? Off to save the world and not caring about her family’s feelings?”

That wasn’t how it was at all; she had never expected to save the world, all she wanted to do was to make a difference. She had considered joining the Peace Corps, but the fact that they had been used too much for political purposes in the past by various administrations put her off that avenue.
Also, she wanted to join something more spiritual in nature; she had always looked at the local Amish communities with a jealous eye. She loved the way that they seemed to be so content with their lot, living side by side with the modern world, but not polluted by it.
So she somewhat reluctantly agreed with her mother’s wishes; she became a nun on the understanding that it would only be a six-year tenure.
The reason for this was that her parents desperately wanted grandchildren and as an only child she was their only hope.

Now though those six years were nearly over, after six years of travelling she had worked in some of the world's most deprived areas, now all of that was coming to a close.
So here she was sitting in a church in County Antrim, her mind a flurry of activity. She needed to speak to Father Thorn, to seek out not only his spiritual advice; she needed from him something much more tangible than that.
It was a release from the troubling dreams that she needed from him; years ago it would have been so easy for a ‘sister’ to clear her sinful thoughts. All that she needed would have been a brisk application of  ‘The Discipline’ to punish the flesh to cleanse her soul.

The Discipline, the small martinet that nuns would have used in the past for self-flagellation, had long since been abandoned by her order, though still used by others. So she was now locked in promises and vows, none of which she could break.
Her release back into the non-clerical world was imminent; her uncertainty of her release was manifold.

How could she cope outside of her order?

Would she, could she, settle down to the life of domesticity that her parents wished for her?

How could she drive these troubling thoughts and night terrors away?

Would Father Thorn agree to her request…an idea so wild and radical?

How could she word such a request, would he think her mad to suggest it?

She knew that she could not tell him of her dreams, or rather her dream, as it was the same dream every night, or at least some variation upon the same theme.
She would be kneeling at the same pew as she was at today, though not dressed as she was today. Rather than current modern clothing of a knee length cream skirt and matching blouse, with a black headscarf. She would be wearing the old-fashioned style ankle length black habit.
As she knelt praying for guidance, she would feel the presence of someone or something, behind her.
With her eyes, tightly closed, she would feel fingers at the hem of her habit. She prayed harder, more earnestly; as that hem was lifted up over first her calves, then her thighs.
Next she would feel a cool breeze upon her naked behind, for some reason she was never wearing underwear in these strange nightmares. She did indeed feel the cold upon her bottom as these dreams were corporeal in their nature; she felt all these sensations upon her body as they occurred; every nuance she felt upon her skin.
She even felt the eyes staring down upon her nakedness, was this some angel sent to chastise her, to give her the physical castigation that she felt that she so needed. She would arch her spine and push her bare bottom back to meet the angel’s punishing hand.
Instead of a sharp impact that she was expecting, she would receive the caress of a lover’s hand; the hand would cup her springy buttocks, and the fingers would search at her virginal fleshy folds. To her shame, she would never recoil from the attention, rather she would force herself further back to meet up with it to wrap it to engulf it!

As those ‘angelic’ fingers worked upon her, she could feel and indeed hear herself getting wetter. She would bite upon her bottom lip in shame as the squelching noises emitted from the most secret parts of her anatomy; the parts of her body that in her piety, she had always endeavoured to ignore.

Always; without fail she would turn back to look upon ‘her angel’, and then instead of some heavenly creature her eyes were met with those of a demon.
A demon dressed in black, his skin a burning red, his face was familiar but each morning Sister Joan could never remember it, never quite place it. The harder she tried to recall the demon’s features, the quicker the dream faded from her mind.

It was the realness of her demon though that worried Sister Joan; he was as real to her as Ofelia’s faun was in Pan’s Labyrinth. This demon though did not bring the promise of a magical kingdom; Sister Joan's demon was driven only by pure self-centered lust!

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