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Nothing to do with the Tube, but have to celebrate.
Our son, E, has passed his driving test, first time, only loosing 3 points. 1 for not changing gear, and 2 for positioning when turning a corner. Im so proud of him, he's only had 20 lessons, the usual in this country is 45 lessons.
Yes he took 3 goes to pass the theory, but that test is rediculously hard. Only 40% of people pass each time. His Dad and I never passed any practice tests lol.

So its official, my baby is no more, hes a handsome young man, with a beautiful, lovely girlfriend, and he really doesnt need me for much anymore. Okay, yes he will, for laundry, cleaning, taxi service for once he officially starts going to the pub and clubs, ( taxis are crazy prices, so I’d rather pick him up at 3 am than get a taxi. )
Now it’s his dad’s turn in finding the cheapest insurance possible. Anything under £3000 would be nice.

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Thank you to all who commented on the last "picture perfect" I think it got the most comments I've had so far , but then who doesn't like a beautifully caned bottoms ..

Isn't this a truly magnificent bottom , a spankers dream.

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Master enjoys sitting and watching me masterbate. It's a real turn on.

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Evan had been roughly escorted out of the Raven's Nest following the confrontation with Janie's Dad. He could feel the strap marks from David's belt everywhere. His back, his legs, his ass, his shoulders and arms bore the welts of his fury. In the end he'd just curled into a ball and cried, as David unleashed his anger.

Afterwards, Evan had dragged the bag of his belongings to his car and drove towards his family's house, in a daze. The gravity of the situation began to sink in, as he put miles behind him. He had broken his word to Janie's father. The engagement was over. His job was gone. His future was in ruins. He had really screwed up! He tried to think about what he could do to make amends, but he found himself at a loss. He knew that the Kings would not be quick to accept his apology. The consequences of breaking a trust in the Lodge were severe. He'd be brought before the Counsel, if David chose to make it known. David would want his membership in the Lodge revoked, but would he do it at his daughter's expense?

What was Evan going to tell his father? They had never been close, but Max had been thrilled that Evan and Janie were going to be married. He'd already been bragging around town that he and the Kings were practically family. Max had never been a big success. In fact the Kings had invested in his company to keep it afloat, when some foolish real estate deals had ended badly. It was one of many “get rich” schemes his father had tried over the years. None of them had ever turned a profit. He was always looking for a quick buck, instead of working hard. Now, Evan's whole family might be in jeopardy. If the Kings called in their loan, they were finished. David was a fair man. Evan doubted he'd penalize his younger siblings and his mother for his mistakes. But David was no fan of his father, for just cause. Evan knew his Dad would blame every bit of bad luck he had on Evan. He'd be lucky if he let him stay there. Evan wouldn't be surprised if his father wanted to steer clear of him. He'd make it known he disapproved of Evan's choices. He had no loyalty, except to himself. He'd been a terrible role model and Evan knew he'd learned some bad habits from growing up with him.

Evan had some money saved and had the ring, of course. He still held out a tiny bit of hope that he could get Janie back. He could not go through David though. He would have to find a way to get to Janie, IF she was even willing to talk to him. Why didn't he just wait?! What made him think it wouldn't all come out, just as it did. It feels like he and Janie were in a world of their own, but obviously he was wrong!

Janie laid back on her bed. Her bottom was still very tender from her Daddy's hand, his paddle and the rug beater! Somehow, now that she'd brought herself to climax, it didn't feel so painful. It was hard to describe. It still hurt... but it also seemed to light some fire inside of her. Not during the punishment! That was not pleasant! Her father had blistered her bottom and thighs, until she cried. It was afterwards, when the pain turned to tingling heat, and she was alone, that she felt juicy and hot. She was thinking of Evan and wished he was there. Physically, she longed for him, but emotionally she felt confused. She loved him still, but her Daddy would never allow them to be together now. She didn't know what to feel, or what to do. She wanted to talk to him, but her Father had taken her phone. He said he didn't want anyone to bother her. Janie knew he'd done it, to keep Evan away. She could call him on the landline, but her father might see the phone light up and he'd be furious. She'd have to wait until he was asleep to do it, but did she dare?! Her hand once again rubbed the welts on her bottom, remembering every slap of her Daddy's hand, every whack of the paddle and each crack of the bamboo sticks that cut into her soft, tender skin. If she defied him now, he'd show her no mercy!

David and Raven were in the shower. David needed a release. Raven was bent so far over, her hands touched the floor but her toes barely touched the tile. His hands supported her as David held her against him. His cock was buried in her hot, red ass. Raven came helplessly, as he completely controlled her. He rubbed her , reamed her, and impaled her to an unbelievable climax. He held on until she screamed in pleasure, then he threw back his head and came with a roar, pulling out at the end, to watch his cum fly onto her wet, red striped ass. She put her hands against the wall, shaking from her orgasm. They both stood quivering in the hot steam of the shower heads, trying to catch their breath.

David turned her around and kissed her deeply.
“You are my drug, Raven. I can't get enough of you.”

Raven smiled playfully. “I love you, David. We are going to be very happy together, you'll see! Do you think I've learned my lesson, teacher, at last? Or do you think I need further instruction?”
She winked and batted her eyelashes innocently.

David smiled, “I have lots of lessons in store for you, Missy. That last one was just a review. I still have to give you some harder work.” He whacked her wet bum forcefully and felt his cock stirring once again. “Time for bed, Beauty. I might have enough steam to give you a warm up exercise.”

Giggling, Raven handed David a big fluffy towel as she grabbed her own. “What are you going to do about Evan?”

“I'd like to wring his neck, but I have to proceed carefully, Raven. It's a good thing I've had time to cool down. I’m going to call James and put off the meeting with the Counsel. If I bring this problem to the Lodge, I not only hurt Evan, but I expose Janie.”

David shook his head. He was calm now and thinking about consequences. He phoned his brother. “It's David. Hold off on convening the Council. I want to think about it. I don't want Janie to be dragged into it….. Yes, I'll call you tomorrow.”

David stretched out on the bed and Raven tucked herself under his arm. Her leg draped over his and her head rested on his shoulder.
He was happy things were better between them and loved having her at his disposal. Soon, she'd want to go back to the club. He wanted to make her happy, but he wasn't sure if he was prepared to give her the kind of freedom he desired. She had been so sneaky and devious. While she'd never cheated on him, she had punished her clients, in an intimate setting and he was NOT a man who liked share. Even the thought made him want to whip her beautiful ass. She'd be paying for her mistakes for a long time.

Then there was Evan...He had to consider his options, as far as Janie was concerned. He wanted to protect her. How could he punish Evan without harming his daughter? If that little bastard thought that little beating in the room was the end of it, he was very much mistaken! An idea began to form in his mind…he had leverage over the family should he want to use it. Would Evan be as protective of his family as David was of Janie? Maybe they could handle this privately. Evan definitely needed to learn a lesson and David was happy to teach it to him. Perhaps he had the perfect solution…. Return Evan back to the basics! He could join the prospects in the next initiation. If all parties agreed, the reasons could be kept confidential. It would certainly be a humbling experience. David smiled at the thought of sending Evan back for training and David would personally see to it that this time, he got it right. It would be very satisfying! He'd talk to James about it in the morning.

David ran his hand through Raven's silky hair, then gripped it at the nape of her neck. “Let's have an oral exam, young lady!” He guided her mouth to his growing erection. “Get on your knees, I want that bottom within reach.”

Raven was anxious to keep the evening light and to keep David happy. He was finally starting to let down his guard with her, after all her devilish antics had come to light. She was not going to do anything to upset him. She held onto the base of his cock and slid her soft, plump lips around the head of his penis, taking him into her mouth, slowly and deliciously. She loved the taste of him! Her tongue tantalized the underside of his dick as she began sucking him. Her hands cupped and gently teased his balls, until he was thick and hard.

David pushed back her hair, so he could watch her devour him. Her body was so petite, he could slap her ass without even stretching. He began to give her some light whacks, as her head lifted and bobbed around his shaft. “All the way in, Raven. Take it all...deep and keep it there.”

Raven let him fill her mouth and then the back of her throat. She continued to draw on him, creating a vacuum in her mouth. David delivered fifteen sounds smacks to her generous cheeks, as his cock nearly choked her. Her butt cheeks shuddered and stung as his big , heavy hand set bottom on fire. It was so difficult to keep sucking while he spanked her so hard, but finally he stopped smacking and his hand held her hair, moving her head to the entire if his hips and he fired his cum down her throat. She nearly gagged, he was so far in, but she regained her composure and began to swallow. He pulled her off of him and watched as the last bit of cum hit her bottom lip.

David liked to see it. He watched her tongue licking it up. She was so beautiful and she was so damn hot! She'd better not give him reason to regret this second chance, because there would be no more forgiveness to be had. She would be on a very short leash for the foreseeable future. He kept it with her collar, in the drawer beside him, should she need reminding!

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For video requests I have daddy access to show my fans diapering hand spanking brush beating shower brush paddle or belt? You guys pick (:

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So I have been hard at work and have 4 new punishments I think they are my best work and severe with only my hand and bare bottom no bullshit I’m a daddy who disciplines effectively on good babygirl bottoms.

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So I got a call from a friend letting me know my 29 year old daughter was talking shit about me again.. some texted her and had it out. Again. She told me I need to thank her for all she does for my kids. Is she kidding me. I pay 300 twords her morgtage and give 300 for then to get food. Now IAM disabled and I only get 735 a month so figure that out hmmm what do I live on. Not a dam fucken thing but IAM being selfish and IAM not a good mom. She told me she is a better mom that I ever could be and I need to thank her is she kidding. IAM going to flip out for real... She is so lucky I live 45 mins away.. she need to tell my x how lives there to get a fucken Job support his kids. IAM not the only one that can support them. And take care of them dammmmIAM not a good mother my ass I go with out so they can have . One day I will be gone and she will have noone. To blame when IAM dead when shit in her life doesn't go Good.. need to release this stress d'ammmm

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Woke up in bad mood. I took sleeping pills last night. So I could sleep . Still dealing with the bullshit from what happened over the past few days. IAM last being angry now IAM hurt deeply . And IAM about the point to say fuck it and not give a shit anymore. And doing my own thing and fuck it if people don't like it I don't care. I always worry about what people think I don't care anymore I doing me if people don't like it oh well get over it

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I have really upset Mistress this time. I have to write "I have been a naughty boy and will make up for it" a whole 1500 times. Then I have to take the lines for her inspection in two week's time. Even if the lines are satisfactory I don't think I'll get away without a sore bottom. It's my own fault, I should have paid her more attention.
Mistress is a pro-domme I have known for many years and is one of the best in the business but she lives a long way off, and I when found out about switch parties nearer my home I thought I would give them a try. I'm a sub at heart but don't mind having a pretty girl over my knee panties down, bare-bottomed! Trouble is, when Mistress asked me why I hadn't been to see her for over a year I was foolish enough to tell her about this. She checked, and it had been a whole 15 months - hence the 1500 lines. I'm just praying it won't be 1500 strokes when I go to see her!

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So its a bit gloomy as far as the weather goes, it looks like a good time to cuddle before the rain comes, so I thought of another question to ask this lovely community, "Have you ever recieved a serious spanking, that actually took a turning point into a fun time?" Like something comical happened and completely shifted the mood of the spanking as a whole making this more fun an engaging

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Purely fictional.

Master gave Serf a reminder caning, as she seemed to have forgotten the rules.
Going to bed, past bedtime.
Not completing chores.
Talking disrespectfully to him.

He had enough, after a massive tantrum from Serf, because she wanted to buy some clothes, she was severely punished, early bedtime was set for a month.
And a chart was drawn out for her chores, these had to be completed before she was allowed to do her own things, like playing her games on her iPad. Another warning, telling her she will not buy anything without asking for permission.
If it happens again, her punishment will be worse.

The lash, CPS and whip will come out.

This should be enough to stop Serf misbehaving.

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Just a quick note to let you know the slippering and tawsing videos are now available to view.
Thanks to all those who have commented and sent messages and friend requests.
If you haven't seen the clips yet have a look now!

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192 views · 7 days ago be more scary!! (See photos!!)

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I'm still sporting my beautiful bruises. Man, my Daddy made sure to hit those sit spots. lol

Tonight I went to the gym after having an epiphany last weekend. I am going to make myself the picture of what I feel beauty is. Another woman's beauty doesn't detract from mine but I want to be 100% satisfied with myself and that way no amount of flattery or momentary interest can steal my happiness. My happiness is based on me and my ideals and anyone else that adds to that is just that, an addition.

Please make no mistake, my Daddy would never do me like that and he is always saying that I am gorgeous and have no "problem areas". I see them even if he doesn't and I don't want that to be my focus. I am young, intelligent, ambitious and passionate. Why not match my body to those attributes?

I tanned for the first time ever and did this other treatment that reduces stretch-marks and other blemishes just after 3 uses, 12 minutes each. I used a hydrotherapy massage chair after my first big workout and I start with a personal trainer tomorrow...God Almighty I hope this man doesn't kill me. LOL no pain, no gain.

I am not trying to lose weight. I am leaning and toning muscle while increasing my bum size. So that means I will have a high protein and high fat, good fats, diet. That's going to be the hardest change for me because I don't eat.

I have an hourglass figure and am well endowed up top and in the back but I want to perfect these areas and the areas around them. After 3 months of working out like this I am going to see where I am at and I will get minor surgeries....maybe a tummy tuck, braces, and one other that I won't mention here because it seems crass.

I want to be the whole package for myself and hopefully for my Daddy. We have discussed marriage in the future of 3 years, which is good timing based on my school and his retirement. That means that we won't be rushing into anything. He is of the same belief as I am, and he is my greatest teacher in all areas. He holds traditional family values and despite the DDlg relationship we have, he also implements Domestic Discipline in there. If we had a baby that'd make him Palestinian and Jewish. LOL I love this idea.

So I am feeling optimistic. My professor let me make up my finals after being....trapped? NYC. I made all A's again. This week I am on fall break and then the last week of this month I will be in Clinicals. I'm looking forward to spending time with the patients, but I get way too attached.

Thinking of working here at the VA for about a year and then moving to Chicago but time will tell. While I am working at the VA I'll be furthering my education even more.

Lot's of good things.
but like I said, I didn't make these adjustments because I am trying to appease Daddy. I don't really know what the future holds for us but I am hoping and praying for big things. Even still I am enjoying the here and now and finding my happiness within myself so that if he doesn't work out or no man ever works out, I will still be happy. :) It took me a long time to figure out that it's ok if a person makes you feel good and builds on your happiness, it's quite another thing for them to be the base of your happiness.

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Hello I just got back from getting spanked by my disciplinarian, it was for back talking him, I went over to his house and there where people over there as I sat there I got pissed and crabby, he asked me a question and I got lippy then he gave me the look. You know the look about ten minutes later I back talked, right after he said "excuse me, Justin come with me now!". I stood up and he grabbed my arm and marched me to his bedroom and when we got there he told me pull your pants and underwear down I'm giving you a spanking, I did as told but thought there going to hear. He put me over his knees and gave me a very hard hairbrush spanking after I had to do my cornertime in the hall way where everyone could see. My lesson was learned..

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Chose to try to draw the dogs today. Never done them before. I had bought a baseball cap and goggles for Dave, just to take a photo of him in G's new car. I didn't buy some for muffin so she's wearing the same goggles. But AliExpress is fantastic for things so cheap, they only cost a couple of pounds. So thought it was worth it, if only for a photo.

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The wife is walking around with quite a "glow" today! :)

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So Friday my daughter had surgery. So I went to her house on Thursday. Her surgery went well. while I was there. My younger kids a a teacher's meeting I was thinking I would be going to talk to teachers oh hell no my daughter she is 29 and my x husband went. Did she give birth to them no us she there mom no IAM and I felt so sat aside. Not even part of my own family then when they got back they were talking to each other about kids. I was. So hurt and wanted to cry. I wanted to leave that night but i stayed. My kids 11 13 told me they were happy I was there . So u all can understand my x lives there because my oldest daughter told him he could I had to move out because he has abused in in the past and I didn't want to be around him. So I left my kids there cause where I live isn't enough room for them. So he and my oldest daughter seem to be best friends now and for years she hated him.. and now she acts like she loves him witch blows my mind...I see my kids all the time and I pay half there morgtage. That's my way of paying my child support .. my x on other hand don't work hasn't in 10 years and a but she has him living there makes no sense to me . It is what it is. So she acts like she is there nother the. Hell she is . I am so pissed of and angry last night she messaged me and said that I was a bad mother . And that she wasn't important to me. My younger two didn't want me to leave . But I couldn't stay there in that house I had to go back home it was to much for me to handle it broke my heart to be there... There is alot of stuff IAM hiding and not telling anyone . I the pain IAM feeling is unreal. Can't handle much More.. I have started to do what I use to do in past again. Not saying what it is ... But some of u know what it is. Am I shamed for it yes but at this point and time I don't care ... Things are so fucked up and I can't do a dame thing about u... Would I rather be with my kids then feel like a outsider to my own family yes.... I don't fucken care any more my life is crumbling before my eyes... And I have noone to turn fuck everything . I could scream loud but noone will hear me..... Sad but true

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*Sigh* Okay so I want to confess my own personal guilty pleasure, If girls are reading this please dont tease me, I WILL CAVE!!Before I go on to admit my own personal weakness for videos. What is yours? What is that one thing that a video has on the thumbnail or in the video that you see it or recognize it in a title. And you MUST click it?

For me its cute panties, I have a thing for girls in cute panties, I hate seeing just plain colors, I love to see creative designs on the underwear and such. I know most of the time spanking involves sexy bottoms. But for me what does it, is what covers the bottom. Like the wrapping of a gift rather than the gift, It just makes it that much better for me. Please share your own guilty pleasures.

P.S. I hope my sisters dont read this

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