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It was called the Enigma Club – a fitting title because nobody knew how it came about or what it stood for – and we never really did found out. It was Mike’s invention as I recall – a weird cavernous den of iniquity wherein the odd and the outrageous could act out their fantasies.

Within its shabby weather-beaten walls, beyond the flashing neon sign above the entrance, guests were restrained only by their imagination, the odd whipping post or two, some rope or a well greased set of handcuffs. Anything could - and often did - happen.

There were floor shows, dramas, oodles of sado-masochism and depravity - plus copious supplies of the "house" food and drink for anyone brave enough to try them.

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the open-mic night session, when all the would-be artistic types would regale the audience with examples of their literary talents.

Alas the club has closed its doors and is now inhabited by the ghosts of the people who once made it rock. The open-mic sessions are all that remains.

Mike and Jim sometimes meet in the bar for old times sake; to reminisce about the “good old days” whilst surrounded by the dusty tables and chairs which were once thronged with wild enthusiastic party animals.

Occasionally they may stick a dime in the juke box, or take a stroll around the dining area where some of Daisy's mummified mice (sorry - mince) pies are still to be found behind the counter. They pause to chuckle at the hole blasted in the poolroom door by an irate Suzie who, mad at Jim for having locked her naked in the cold room for over an hour, had come after him with a loaded shotgun!

Oh yes - those were the days all right! So many memories!

It’s all quite sad really.

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well... it's been a year since my soul mate took his life.. and somehow it never gets easier.. I moved to st louis missouri, but my family is more divided than ever.. my parents rarely speak to me now, but even when we were on good terms they never listened when I wanted to cry about his death, they hated him. and now, when i need my own sister the most, she thinks only of herself and her needs. its true she has always been a selfish, foolish girl, caring for nothing but herself and her pleasures. Even when she has 4 kids now she still will think only of herself first and her children second. at age 17 i suffered a bad horseback riding accident that damaged my spine, my hip, and several joints and tore a muscle in my left thigh. I am not proud of it and I hate it, but due to lack of funds and good health insurance, I have been stuck on various pain medicine since age 18. That means I have been stuck on pain killers for 6 years, nearly 7 now. since moving to st louis 2 weeks ago i have not been able to get their state health insurance quite yet as i'm staying at a hotel for now with my master. but now i have been out of medicine for several days, and am feeling extremely poorly and in more pain than i'd like to admit. well my sister throws a fit if i don't come over and babysit every monday-friday from 6am-5pm. I am stuck doing the very thing my dr's told me would injure my back further and make it worse, and it is nearly killing me. My sister knows this, but cares only for her. even throwing a temper tantrum like a child and stomping around like a baby and treating me like complete sh*t. well, she's dug herself a big hole and I haven't the strength to fight her out of it. So, I am quite done with my family for right now, I will no longer be helping them out, as they care not for me. I have run myself into the ground and more for them, without even asking for so much as a thank you. but when i ask my sister to so much as throw me a little gas money and babysitting money (5 times less what a professional would charge!) she behaves as though I am the worlds worst sister and that i'm being mean to her and being a bad family member. Well, goodbye for now family.

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why when it comes to real love it makes pain !
playing with others heart makes no gain
told you i wouldn't cause you stress
told you i wouldn't cause you pain
i even told you the reasons why im crying outside in the rain
i loved you and you knew it was true
so why did you took my heart and mp it in two
don't worry i promised my self i would not cry
as you know i will just hide in dungeon of sorrow and loneliness
wishes for you the best
i just tryed to live but end up worthless
i'll hid my self for there's no tomorrow
wish i could give you my pain just for one moment not to hurt you
but to make you understand how much you hurt me
maybe i lost love but love is in the air
one day love will come to me

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Sometimes life is so much more fun if you are bad. At least until you have to pay for it. No one can be good all the time. :P

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I will be in Tulsa in February! If there are any spankos seeking a spanking session with me, my window of spanking time will be limited, so chop chop!!

Info on setting an appointment with me at:

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A daddy likes a master or a master likes a daddy.
That's what I need.

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Hey Everyone! Sooo my birthday is coming up in a bit, on February 10. I will be 26! Yay! If you were here, what would be your idea of a creative birthday spanking to give me? I'm an Aquarius, so the more inventive the better :)

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So, how’s this for a new theme, boys and girls—“She knew what was coming.”

(I may have posted this before, but don’t remember for sure. The date on the file is exactly one year ago.)

She knew it was coming. She knew it was coming and she dreaded it.

Dreaded the disapprobation, the harsh words, and his disapproving eyes. He wasn’t happy, wouldn’t be happy, couldn’t be happy because of what she’d done, and yet she could not deny that she had done it.

Yes, she knew what was coming, and her breath quickened at the very idea.

She imagined him taking her in hand, walking her to the bedroom—that long, dreadful walk, her bare feet padding across the floor, and the embarrassing moment of being ordered to lift her slip and lower her panties. Her heart raced and blood pounded in her temples at the thought.

Even now, she could hear his footsteps. Even now she felt butterflies. The moment of reckoning was at hand. Listen! The door, creaking, it was just her imagination.

He wouldn’t be home for a good while, but still, she trembled. She listened for any sound, a car door, a greeting from a neighbor, any harbinger of his arrival, but the silence sent her into a tailspin. She knew the moment was near, and though she longed to forestall it, the moment would come—there was no stopping it.

She knew what was coming, and she knew that she had it coming. Hadn’t she been asking for this all along? She wished she could just ask for it outright. But no, it had to come on his terms. And his terms were more than she had the guts to ask for.

Too much. Too much pain, too much shame, too many harsh words and too much disapproval.

If she could just side-step all of that, and slide straight into that moment of surrender when she ceased to be a bundle of nerves and just clung to him while the pain washed over her.

If she could only feel the glowing ebb of pain receding, that blessed, tingling warmth.

If she could only feel smoothness of his hand as he caressed her afterward, if she could dissolve herself into the heat of his body as he carried her to the bed. If she could only feel herself drifting as he tucked her in...

Ah, yes, the sound of his engine, his wheels in the driveway, the door slamming, the footsteps—he was home.

She knew what was coming. She knew what was coming and she needed it.

~japan64 2/1/2015

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So far it's been pretty dead on here. Anybody on the east coast mid Atlantic region looking to play or chat send me a message. Doesn't have to be crazy, I just would like to discuss this spanking think with like minded people.

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Again, this year, I put the Enigma Club entries in book form. Here’s the link on Dropbox. You can open the document in Microsoft Office Word and save it to your hard drive. Or you can bookmark the link. Either way, read at your leisure and enjoy.

The SpankingTube Enigma Club Members.

P. S. The back cover is not to be missed.

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I have a two pairs of superhero boxers that I am spanked alot when i wear them one on the site the other isn't at the moment

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Ive been told by my Master to write in here, and explain how ive behaved this weekend.
Saturday my best friend came round, she needed help setting something up, something i did for myself only the week before. But it wasnt working. I spoke very disrespectfully to G, as he was trying to help, he said i was being very cocky and showing off,and would never speak to him that way if it was just the 2 of us in the house, though i didnt think i was. But my best friend said she was surprised at how i spoke to him. Anyhow G managed to set it up, the instructions were wrong in the box. But i knew id pushed him too far and that he was very mad at me.
When my friend left, i said to G, i thought he was being annoying. His reply was, i came very close to going over his knee right there in front of my friend, that would embarrass you wouldn't it !
Miss Stubborn reared up, and said it would embarrass her more than me, G just replied saying oh well, if you ever do that again i will do it. And you know i will.
One thing with G is, he never says anything he doesnt mean, and he doesnt joke about.
I thought i was going to be in serious trouble once she left, but i wasnt, which i must admit i thought a bit strange. Even though our son was upstairs, i expected him to give me a severe spanking.
That evening, he sat in the middle of the settee and said right come on, time for your ouchie.
My evening spanking was just divine, gentle and hard, plenty of breaks where he made me cum multiple times.he asked me a few times if id had enough, i just said no, i wanted this to continue for as long as possible. Until i literally was too exhausted, dripping in sweat to be able to do anything.
I had to shower before going to bed, at 10.45pm, i was that wet with sweat, Master enjoyed a blowjob in bed later as requested.

Sunday started really good. I got my morning spanking, the paddle was reintroduced, G said i obviously needed a hard morning and bedtime spanking. The previous week G had used his hand, though gave a good sting, it was no where near hard like the paddle, and he thought my bad attitude came back due to not gettting a firm enough spanking daily.
I excepted this and really did agree.
Mid-afternoon i was really tired so went to bed for a snooze, but woke up feeling a bit grumpy. Coming into the kitchen to prepare the dogs dinner, and the place was a bombsight. My grump became a full mood.
And i spoke disrespectfully again to G. He just walked out of the kitchen without speaking. I cleaned the kitchen, did the dogs dinner, prepared my tea.
At the moment we are all having different meals so we are doing our own meals.
But i didnt wanna sit in the living room with G, so i got my kindle and sat in the kitchen reading my book, as my dinner cooked.
After about 10-15 minutes G came in.
Why are you in here, he asked. I just wanna sit in here. I told him. My mood growing. Well i want you in the living room, G said. No, i replied. You will only moan ive got a mood on, so im better in here. So go back in the living room.
G said, no ive actually come in here to paddle your backside. So get up pull your pants down and put your hands on the worktop. No, i said.
Now, G replied. After few seconds of arguing i got up. My mood like thunder i pulled my pants down a little, not all the way down, defiantly.
G gave me 10 very hard whacks on each cheek then in the middle and i think more on each cheek.
At first i tried to pretend it didnt hurt but soon realised this didnt help as G only smacked me harder. I was so mad when he finished, i didnt know whether to cry or scream at him, but my stubborn side wont let me cry in front of him.
He pulled my arms around his waist, hugged me, kissed me then told me to go in the living room.
Doing our usual text messaging G wrote that he obviously let me off far too easily yesterday as my attitude was still poor today. I ignored the message for a while until i replied that i agreed. And thought i was going to get a severe spanking.
Later that evening G had a shower, and as normal i massaged his feet, he then turned around on his chair and said his bottom needed attention.
This is something im not keen on doing, and i know he asked me then because he was still pissed at me. But i licked, kissed and toyed my tongue around his ass hole.
Eventually he said right get up and sit on the chair.
I looked at him quizzically, this was knew, i had no idea what he was going to do.
He told me to sit with my bum right at the end of the chair and lie back. Doing as i was told, he then climbed over me. His hard cock pointing towards my mouth.
Ok i thought, a blow job in this position, i can manage this.
Until he started deep throating me. I kept sliding his cock to the side of my mouth so i coukd breath. My biggest fear is mot being able to breath, i cant breath thru my nose so i get instantly panicky if my mouth gets covered. I could feel his cock pushing down into my throat as i tried to push him away, move my head, move his cock. It was the worst thing ive ever experienced. By the time he came i spurted his cum everywhere, shoved him outta the way, spat his cum out and went for a glass of water. For that second i really didnt like him.
He then sent me a message saying i was a good girl for doing that, and there were more ways to punish me other than spanking. Even now the next day, my throat still feels swollen.
I went to bed with a mix of emotions last night.
This morning G said he would count for my morning spanking, usually that means very quickly and hard, 10 on each cheek, as i struggled against him, it got harder and faster. As i went to get up after my normal 20, he grabbed my waist and continued with 10+ more, making me as mad as ever.
Thanking him for my morning spanking i sat carefully back down, feeling totally pissed off with him.
I think i am fighting the pain instead of getting a release from it and screaming and crying and excepting it.
Now im not sure why my mood has been so bad this weekend, maybe its time of the month, maybe thats just an excuse. But G told me i had to tell all my tube friends.
Was he right in letting me off so lightly on Saturday ?
What punishment would i have got from you ?

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Last week I got a message from tanya_tanya, who was supposedly a girl.
She started the conversation by relating to my situation. She said her ex husband was also a vanilla. I've talked to several guys who are in my situation, but never a female. I have to say that got my attention. Another woman who could relate to what I go through!
After messaging here some, we started emailing, and then texting. Our conversations went from our past experiences, to fun and sexy, she even suggested we meet although she lives about 13 hours from me.

Now, I've heard of this kind of thing happening to people before, so that was always in the back of my mind. But certain things she would say made me feel reassured that she was genuine. I guess I was partly naive and partly wanting to believe the best in people.

My first indication that things weren't right was she unfriended me here. I was really surprised because we had been having such great conversations. Almost immediately I knew exactly what had just happened. I had been talking to a guy all along.
I didn't do or say anything, I just decided to give it a day and see if she tried to contact me again. She did not. I sent her an email saying if she ever wants to speak to me again she needs to call me so I can confirm that she is who she says.
Well, that email came back undeliverable. I immediately texted her and said some not very nice things. Of course I didn't hear back. I did call the phone number and an automated message said the user has not set up a voicemail for this number.

I cannot believe I let this happen to me. I feel so dumb. But you can believe, this will never happen to me again!
I blocked his account And also reported him.
Be careful, you guys. As embarrassing as it is for me to share this, hopefully it will help someone else.

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For so many years I have searched for the strict aunty of my dreams, I have come to the conclusion that she does not exist and was just a creation of my imagination. Over the last few years I have been drawn towards MM spanking and caning and I find myself spending more time browsing the MM section of this and similar web sites. Strict aunty has now been supplanted by strict uncle, although the craving for a long hard spanking and caning remains the same. I have been a bit worried about becoming sexually aroused while being spanked and caned by a strict uncle but I must confess at the same time feeling a frisson of extreme excitement at the thought of submitting completely to the right uncle.
Anyway, with any luck, I may soon find out what its like to be spanked and caned by a man as I have recently responded to an add in a spanking contacts site. The advertiser describes himself as a strict but caring old uncle. I will let you know what happens; if it happens.

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So it turns out "Flog It" is a television programme, not a spanking movie. What a disappointment!

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It was so nice, the birds sang, the sun was shining and it was like the forest was starting to wake up again....:-)
A great feeling!

Wish You all a great week!

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My bottom just walked out the door a little bit ago. Tonight I text her before she came over. I asked her "Are you mine tonight? Do I get to play with you as I see fit?" She replied, "Yes lol".

Samm isn't very open about sex and talking about kink. She's embarrassed by some of the stuff that gets her off and she's unwilling to talk to me about it. At least not yet. Anyways, Samm is open minded and willing to learn and participate in spanking sessions.

Earlier I asked Samm to bring panties over with her. She's a girl who doesn't wear them normally but, when we play I like to see her ass in panties before I bare it. When she got here and we got settled in I went to check to see if she was wearing them. She threw her hands up admitting she had forgotten. I told her it was her ass that would pay the price.

For her warm-up I blind folded her. I also got her nude. Samm has larger breast. I've never asked her their size so I couldn't tell you. They're plenty more than a handful though. She doesn't like them and when she's naked she constantly holds them up. I made her place her hands on her head.

She was facing the wall when we started. I rubbed her ass warming her up and kissing her ear. I whispered to her that tonight I would try some new things on her. Her breath quickened as my hand pulled back for the first smack.

Samm stood there hands on her head. Her tits exposed and hanging while I spanked her bare ass in the standing positing. I had her spread her legs. I got them wide enough so I could fit my hand between her thighs and smack her pussy. This was the first new thing I was trying to night. I gave her some warm up smacks using my middle finger against her clit as a guide. With each smack her hips would rock inward. "Do you like it?" She nodded to me crouching to stick her ass out further.

I walked to the front of her and grabbed one of her breast in my hand. I held it underneath and used my right hand to smack downward on her areola and nipple. Again, this was all new to her. We had never done more than butt play. I was giving her a taste of each of the new things I wanted to try.

I scooped up her other breast smacking it. I watched her facial expressions and I was impressed how turned on she was by it. The way her mouth opened with each hit you knew that it was more pleasurable than pain. We had agreed beforehand that even though I wanted to play it wouldn't be a painful spanking.

Lastly I bent her over and made her spread her ass cheeks for me to spank her asshole. I think she liked this one the best. She kept reaching for more cheek to spread it wider to expose her hole. I was doing all of this with my bare hand using two to three fingers to strike her hole.

It was time for the real spanking to begin. Samm and I treat the spanking as a journey. There are pauses where I rub her bottom and kiss her gently. Especially during these playful spankings. I want her to know how much I appreciate her willingness to participate. Each phase of the spanking would be another step.

I put Samm on all fours and sat beside her. At this point we were both nude. I would smack her ass a few playful times on each cheek going in rhythm. I would do this a total of 5 times each cheek and then aggressively rub my hand across the area. I was grabbing her cheek too as to shake her ass in the process. The point was for the skin though.

I started to redden her ass with more blows and rubs. The rubbing was adding to the color as the friction heated her bottom. She communicated to me that she liked it and she was especially enjoying the rubbing. Another session of spankings and I laid her flat and flipped her over.

I laid beside her at her shoulder level and held her tit in the air again. I spent much more time on these spankings than the earlier session. I swatted her tits over and over again. Her jerking around so much ruined our makeshift blindfold at this time and her eyes would widen with each strike. We looked into each other's eyes as I smacked each of her breast. Of course I made sure to line my shot up and try to watch out of the corners as to not miss.

Samm was turned on. I reached down and felt the moistness between her legs. I tolled her over onto her back and raised her legs in the air. "What are you doing to me?" She was giggling. She was nervous as I raised her legs for her pussy spanking. I was striking her clit and the meat of her vagina the most. I tried to stay away from the hole but she admitted that when I struck it, my fingers would kind of enter her and she enjoyed the feeling.

I held her legs in the air for sometime as I took time on her vagina. She was really enjoying all of it and that added to my being turned on. By this time it wasn't about spanking or sex. We were having genuine fun and enjoying ourselves in the realm of this beautiful lifestyle.

I spanked her pussy a good shade of red before letting her legs down and telling her to rest. While I did this, I laid her legs down flat and started to give her head. She was extremely wet at this time and I wanted to get her off once before we continued. Without going into too much detail it wasn't all tongue. I like to put the clit between my lips and suck on it too.

She came once and I worked her close to a second time before stopping. I watched as she rubbed her legs together and her face was flush. I enjoyed the sight of her completely turned on and in the "almost" ecstasy of orgasm. I put her back in the doggy style position and had her spread her cheeks again.

Again, I believe the asshole spanking was her favorite. She would squirm but each time her back would arch again and you could see her working the muscles to make her hole "pucker". I didn't spend too much time here honestly. I will once I get a cane but, by this time? I was ready to burst and moved into our sexual side of the spanking night.

We had a wonderful talk afterwards about everything and she too was surprised how much everything turned her on. We're new to the lifestyle as a couple. I'm the much more experienced one but I have to admit she is a natural and can top. She's just embarrassed a lot of the time and giggles or has to pause in order to complete the task.

She's a sweet girl she is and I don't know where our personal relationship will go? But, our disciplinary relationship took a huge step. As far as the writing goes I wanted to get it down while it was fresh. I know I jumped around a lot but, I promise that was the sessions. I'm still working on video taping one with her. We'll see in the future. Thanks for the read!

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I'm very disappointed lately that the majority of videos now feature sexual components and unnecessary nakedness. Where are the bare bottom discipline spankings? Please bring them back!

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