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Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the Hicksville Ladies Tea & Quilting Club is gathering.

Club Minutes:

Almost all of the members are there, except Miss Daisy (she moved back to New Zealand). Attending members include; Miss Cynthia, Miss SLG, Miss Anna, Mrs. Jim, Miss Ciggy, Miss BooHoo, Miss Missy (oh, yes, the big galoots know we have Miss Missy on our side,) Miss Kissie, Miss Rosie, Misses Karen and Jen, Miss Susie, Miss L, Miss Honeybun, Mrs.John and Miss Cassie and her friend Zim (we don’t know if Zim is an he/she/it, so we let Zim sit in.)

Now you guys really don’t believe that we drink tea and make quilts, do ya? Please!

Over at the bar, yeah we have a bar, is our bestest good girl Miss BooHoo mixing large pitchers of Martinis and Margaritas, yum. And we don’t use the bad stuff from the Enigma Club. Mrs. Jim does the ordering for the men’s club and always adds a few bottles of high grade spirits for the Ladies’ Club. We’ve been doing this for years and the big galoots have been too busy doing manly stuff (you don’t want to know) to notice.

Since our men are busy chasing and spanking all those young cheerleaders, and we have to almost beg for a spanking, the ladies have decided to hold a dinner for our men. We’ve never done this before and won’t they be surprised. All the men will be invited and we will just have to see who is brave enough to show up. But since we know that we have a lot of the fine art of spanking to learn, we’ve asked some of our members to help out with the details.

This week it’ll be Miss Anna. She is the all time expert in switch cutting, preparing and swinging the nasty little branch. We are all ready with our pruners and whittling knives.

So all out we go to either the forsythia patch or to the birch trees behind our club. We learned how to cut the canes and remove the side branches and leaves. A smooth surface is preferred. We don’t wanna hafta send the men to the hospital with cuts, since the doctor (M. D.) himself will be in attendance.

After the instructions, Miss BooHoo mixes another round of drinks, and bake treats are served as refreshments. Of course, a lot of trash talking of our men occurs.

In the following weeks Miss Missy, along with Miss L, will give us all their pointers on how to make sure the men get the message.

Mrs. Jim knows all about the concoction the cheerleaders gave the Snake Creek Sidewinders the night before the big game. She said she’ll take what she wants from Jim’s premium grade rocket fuel and get the horse sedative from Old Abe. We know that’ll do the job.

Along with an assortment of fine wines, the following will be served:

Potato Leek Soup
Salad Greens with Orange Thyme Dressing
Green Peppercorn/Rosemary Crusted Prime Rib, bone-in, of course
Roasted Root Vegetables
Zucchini Gratinae
Pineapple upside down cake
Chocolate Caramel Tart with Macadamia Nuts & Crème Fraîche Whipped Cream

Of course, that’s just for us ladies. The men folk will be getting the ever-so-fitting Misty Moo’s favorite “Rat inna bun á la Ciggy.” And though it might be laced with the Sidewinders special concoction, well who knows if they will ever be able to finish their meal.

By the end of the meeting we were all giggly and maybe just a wee bit tipsy. Should be fun, don’t you think?

Next meeting schedule for same time next week.

Stay tuned for all the surprises we have in store for the men folk.

Meeting adjourned.

Special Note: Miss Ciggy will be too busy to attend the BBQ. But she left the sausages in the club’s freezer, with specially prepared ones marked for Jim.

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It's getting very cold outside. Who would like to warm my butt to keep me red hot this winter?

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Feeling really, really nervous. I have my assessment and Interview to get in to college this afternoon. Yuk. I have to take a Maths and English test, then have an individual interview, followed by a presentation and group tour. It's all a bit intense. I'm really worried because my spelling is atrocious and I'm not a great deal better at Maths. Then there's the interview! That make my insides squirm just thinking about it. I get my responses muddled up sometimes, only the the other day Alex praised me for something and i got confused. I replied with "you're welcome" but this wasn't correct and i was at a loss, so I mini fist pumped the air and tried again with '"yaaaayyyy?" But the correct response was thank you:( It's worse when I'm tired, excited or anxious, but considering I'll be all 3, I'm not filled with much confidence.

But the college know about my health problems, and I've been working really hard the last 3 weeks. Alex has helped me a lot! he's been setting me spellings every single day, really hard ones too. He's also been helping me with maths and I've learnt a lot. But what if i don't get in? I think I'll actually cry. I feel like I'm going to cry now actually:( I so wish i could fast forward to this evening. Right I had better go because I'm not supposed to be on here. Wish me luck!

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as i mention before was going go see a therpaist for conusling mostly wsas for realontionship with female we talk about my life as most do going try get me more invole in social actiivty since dont do much

as for the spanking part she ask me if i had any question for her since she ask me lot question i told her yea then thought few second maybe tryin fine right words guess then decide go ahead ask mention it

i said to her since i like female who are strict make me obey and punish me how do you feel about that?

she look at me for few second then ask why you want her to punish you i said casue iam bad iam sure she knew by punish i meant spanking no idea why i didnt say spank me lol instead of punish

she didnt judge me or anything on this subject which i found good but she did say i should put that on back burner but try find a female who intrested in that sort of thing she agree knew people do this type of stuff talk about what people do in sexual realontinship
ask me if people i do see like guys in my bible study do this or church people i know or people in genral i said people in general

she told me also some female might be turn off or run away from this i told her i had ask few female she said they probably didnt like that i said few didnt so all in all i think she answer my question good for me i respect her answer but notice is same asnwer i would get from people on here like find female who into this stuff

no i didnt ask her if she would do it i think or pretty sure she would say no but i think she had understanding about this stuff

she even ask me if be able have realiontship with out this stuff i said yea but deep down i doubt that ask me few other question about it i forgot
i have come up with 10 thing i like to have the female have in realontinship by next wed dont know if we going talk more about spanking part ddoubt i should mention it again

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FINALLY! Have been sprung from the rehab facility! Good to be home.

I want to start by thanking all of you who expressed concern and sent your well wishes. I never expected to have such a rotten thing happen - fell down a flight of stairs after losing my footing. Found out that, when I tried to regain footing (slipped on a piece of paper someone left on the floor), I caused a bone to fracture. It gave way and I just didn't regain my balance before doing a head over tea kettle down a small stairway (3 stairs) - adding to the break count. Now, 3 rods later, 2 surgeries following, and one very ooozing infection, I'm home for the next 6 weeks.

It's good to be back!!


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The learning process can be depressing when the teacher has nothing positive to say. Here is some words of encouragement. Keep your head up and let God fight your battle. Victory in Jesus. I am praying that my BFF get through her school day. I am praying for her strength and courage to keep going on with her dream. I am prying that you show her that you are there for her.

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I have never paid to have my hide tanned! the mere thought would make me think I was CRAZY! However I was chatting with a guy who wished that there were Male Professional men who offered serves as Women did. Now, I had never looked for a Man to spank me for money but I thought this guy had to just not be looking and I sure as heck found many many women but No men.

What I did See as looked over the women's service was a Proper setting for the punishment (School, office, home or such) it seemed pretty clear you could call the "scene" and what was used and if sex was or wasn't going to be included.

So why is it there are not men who offer these services? It just seems to me there is a market for it..

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Have you ever read this classic novel from the 1930s by D.H. Lawrence? It is a tale of greed with a lot of sexual undertones. A young man rides his rocking horse at home to find inspiration and pick a winner for the horse races. Even as he gets older, he still rides, and a name will come to him and he'll yell it out. His mother even finds him in the dark riding his stallion to the races. The imagery points clearly to masturbation as he gallops and prods and works himself up.

I'm often fascinated by the image of Lady Godiva riding her steed naked down through a quaint English village. How she must have looked to those around her. The feel of her bare feet against the fur with her most sensitive parts spread wide and straddling the horse as it trots forward.
But I find the Rocking Horse intriguing as well. I've added my own fantasy to it and put it to pictures. I think you could go far with this fantasy and many have. The pony riders with bridle, and sweat from the strain, and a crop or strong hand laid to the muscled hindquarters. And with bare feet pressing into the beast and encouraging it forward. It is such a sweaty, drooling frenzy.

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Selfless men & women in uniform working for selfish men & women in suits.......that's the true definition of irony.

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Es ist mal wieder soweit, sie will einfach nicht lernen zu gehorchen!
Am 19 November werde ich also wieder mal sehr streng mit ihr sein müssen, ich denke ich werde sie mehrmals am tag auspeitschen.
Ich werde ihr jeweils 50 Hiebe geben und diese richtig schön durchziehen.
Ganz nach dem Motto:
Wer nicht hören will muss fühlen
Wenn du zum Weibe gehst vergiss die Peitsche nicht

Ich denke ich werde euch dann wieder mit einem schönen Film beglücken.
bis dann

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We give thanks today to all who have served in our armed services that we may live free.

History of Veterans Day

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 an armistice between Germany and the Allied nations came into effect. On November 11, 1919, Armistice Day was commemorated for the first time. In 1919, President Wilson proclaimed the day should be "filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory". This day became known as "Armistice Day." In 1921, an unknown World War I American soldier was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Similarly, unknown soldiers had been buried in England at Westminster Abbey and at France at the Arc de Triomphe. In 1954, Congress officially passed and President Dwight Eisenhower signed a bill proclaiming November 11 as Veteran's Day.

National ceremonies commemorating Veterans Day occur each year at the memorial amphitheater built around the Tomb of the Unknowns. At 11 AM on November 11, a color guard representing all military services executes “Present Arms” at the tomb. Then the presidential wreath is laid upon the tomb. Finally, the bugler plays taps.

Today we celebrate with the laying of wreaths and patriotic parades throughout the land.

Thank you, Veterans!

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Happy Veterans Day to all. Take a moment to think about their sacrifice. I, at one time had my doubts about women being deployed in combat situations but having served with them, my doubts were put to rest. They all performed very well. Still looking for that naughty female who needs a mentor.

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Quietly fades looking for sharia..... Theres hope for a dry phone that waits to be saturated with female not just any female but an ebony daughter of the son......... Kissed with brown skin with and the hind end the begs for discipline event when she doesn't know it...... A way of life can never be compared to the word quit or stopped... But we wait for the daughters of the son..... Royalty that understands the true meaning of discipline and seeks and is met with the force that she craves and beat till he is satisfied... Because he doesn't have s spanking fetish but simply put..... HE HAS A THING FOR WHOPPIN ASS....... ~A Dom Named Pharaoh

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Anyone find it hard to go to bed at a decent time? I can't ever go to bed early and what happens then in the morning my bed is so comfortable that well I sleep past the alarm or I hit the snooze button a billion times and become late for whatever it is I am to do that day :/

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I posed for my portrait in the nude
After masterful strokes of his hairbrush.
The redness was devilishly lewd
After masterful strokes of his airbrush.

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Jenny has an acquaintance at work. Over the years working together they have become friends: and enivitably got talking about various 'life interests'.This young lady is married,but over time,listening to Jenny,devoloped and experimental way of thinking;and on the 6th of November last decided to come and visit Jen and I and experience a 'school experience' as I term my meetings with my naughty friends.

I,and indeed Jen,found ourselves,let us us say, a bit aroused by our visitor. Her track suit bottoms did it for us! She did bend over and,starting with giggles as they all do,eventually took ten good smacks with my strip of leathar. After the ten smacks we three talked. She felt her bottom 'warmed' by the experience. We had some tea and then moved on to the most ,to quote Jen: "horrorific implement of them all..." ,my hand! This young lady did bend over my knee and I took my time administering a spanking that she had never experienced before. Jen and I were surprised to learn that our visitor had never been spanked,growing up and indeed 'playfully' by her husband;such a shame,such a lovely bottom! After about an hour or so,with intervals,we called it a day. Our friend rubbed her bottom,but was not brave enough to reveal her bare bottom to chastisement: although we did examine her bare bottom for redness! We have arranged another date,this sunday,so that my hand can make an appointment with her bare bottom.I for one am most sincerly looking forward to this.

This past weekend Jen,my niece and I travelled to London.We go this time every year,as I like to remember my Grandfather and Grand Uncle during Remembrance Sunday. While there I gave my niece a lecture on the outbreak of WWI;Jen walked around,having had the same lecture in previous years. We did do a bit of shopping;Jen done more shopping than my niece and I. However the benefits of getting my niece her own hotel room,allowed Jen to demonstrate to me what she had bought. I have often heard of the grand old saying..."her skirt was so short it looked like a belt.....",this was true of one particular "garment" that Jen purchased! We has ALOT of fun.I love London this time of year.

We returned lastnight to find my niece's boyfriend waiting outside our house;he missed her. Up early in the morning meant we all had very little sleep,but at least I,not tweedledum and tweedledee,(Jen and my niece),had to be into work early. I am arranging pre Xmas examinations at the moment;the joys of it!

Have a great week my friends and be safe!

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His mistress ordered him thus,
" Take off my blouse ".
So he took it off.Then she said,
" Take off my skirt "
He took off her skirt.
" Take off my shoes "
He took off her shoes.
" Now slowly roll off my tights "
He rolled them off very slowly.
" Now slide off my bra "
He deftly slid off her bra.
" Now take off my panties "
He gently eased the panties over the hips.

Then she glared at him and said.
"I don't want to catch you wearing my things ever again.

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this morning i think girl at dounut shop may be intrested in spanking me when i show her my spank me i been bad boy family guy shirt she laugh said cute ask if i watch family guy i said yea she hasnt been busy when i mention i like being spanked she said wow really i said yea was about ask her if wanted to do it she started saying something to where asking me a question sound like do you or what do you when another customer came in told her i talk to her later about this she said ok she had wide eye look on her face as if shock or something hope iam not over reading this or getting wrong messsage impression

somebody i mention this too on fet life said hope doesnt havr cop waitign for me tomorrow but i know she only work monday sometime saturday might wait untill then or next monday talk to her about this never thought about cop thing

i know people havent wasnt there just wondering your thought or opunion on this you think she into spanking or intrested in spanking me

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I always love to meet new spankos, if you're in Denver and want to meet just to talk or something let me know


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Basically I am in a relationship with a Dom/spanko that is still new to everything. We have been together for 4 months. I'm struggling to get him to understand that playful spankings are good and fun, but sometimes I NEED that slow build up to some intense spanking. (I'm about to go nuts because the playful is just like a tease at this point.)

He also seems to be struggling to understand that a hand is a warm up, but a wood paddle is not. Personally I prefer thud sensations over stingy ones but can handle more sting once I have been warmed up really good.

I am not spanked for punishment. I really am a good girl and that isn't needed. Spanking to me is for therapeutic reasons, erotic, fun and sometimes for motivation.

If there is a resource that I could even send him to, to read I would be open to that. It just can't be too long.


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