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Sun peeks in the window,
My eyes are sleepy still,
A smile, tugs at my dimples,
Birdsong, on my sill.
One leg, still in Dreamland,
Thoughts are full of you.
Forever we are joined.
One heart, no longer two.
You, quickly travel to me.
A flash, I close my eyes,
Your hands seduce me, fiercely,
Your fingers, climb inside.
My breath, I find is stolen,
Each cell is ripe with life.
I'm wanting you, so badly,
I charm, I beg, connive.
You scold me, so severely,
I hang my head, in shame,
I used to try and argue,
But now, I own the blame
I know, the week is over
The debt to pay, is mine,
Hand, the strap or paddle,
The time, has now arrived.
I know, that I deserve it
Though harsh, my lover’s blow,
A stern and crueler master,
He leaves a scarlet glow.
Burning, stinging strokes,
I cry, before he's done.
I pray and hide my face,
I fear, we've just begun.
Then my kinder sweetheart,
Beguiles me with his kiss,
Kind and rough, a duo
Entangled in our tryst.

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I hurt a really close friend of mines on here not intentionally and I hope she can forgive me sorry if you want to spank me I will come to you tonight if you can give me the time?

Whipped Women
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I woke up feeling sad and clingy. I feel like my little has popped up and wants to cuddle. I feel like things are never going to get better. And I am sooooo sorry for being a downer on here but y'all are my people and I don't know where else to vent.

Anyway I hope everyone has a good day.


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Tempest was thrilled at Dylan’s gift, on first sight. It was beautiful, and the huge, ruby heart, the centerpiece of the necklace, was dazzling!
But his description of its meaning and his inscription, gave her a moment's pause. The words kept playing in her head… "This is your collar", "You will never take it off, you belong to me", "xoxo Master". It left her feeling a bit uneasy, but her mother had raised her, in the hopes she would marry Dylan. She must know best. She put it out of her mind, and decided she'd enjoy showing it off to her friends. That nonsense about a collar… It was all part of this test. Wait until the girls saw what he'd given her. The most popular boy in town was hers!!! They'd be green with jealousy.

The necklace was bigger than she would have picked for herself, and she realized that she couldn't take it off, without opening the loop. She had the feeling that he would know, and that it would get her into a lot of trouble. Well, she'd leave it in for now, if it made him happy.

Dylan used the house phone to have a dress brought up for Tempest to wear. It was a pretty summer dress. It was white, with tiny red dots. It was young and fresh looking. The crisp cotton, about thigh length, flattered her figure, which was petite, pretty and feminine. With it, came some white sandals, with small heels. It was very attractive, with her dark hair and light eyes. Dylan zipped it up for her. He had her twirl around in it. They were going downstairs, for lunch in the club. But first they would stand at the bar, for a drink. Tempest still did not realize that the flashing plug light showed, easily, through the fabric. He couldn't wait for it to dawn on her. But that wouldn't happen until they were in the club, he hoped. She was very naughty this morning, and he felt like she was still a little arrogant and defiant. This would definitely be a humbling experience. It was a lesson she needed to learn.

“You look beautiful, Tempest. Let's go. It's Friday. It will be packed for lunch, but we'll have drinks at the bar, while we wait for a table. Let's go.” They left the room. Tempest was smiling, in spite of the pain. She didn't know how she'd sit for lunch. That big plug was so uncomfortable and she was nursing a very blistered bottom, but she'd try. It took only a matter of minutes, before they reached the elevator and rode down to the reception area of Raven's club. She was so proud to be on his arm. He was so handsome and everyone knew, he was the son of one of the King brothers.

They walked hand and hand, as they entered the foyer and crossed through the great room, to the lounge. Tempest heard giggling behind her, but assumed it was just conversation. As they progressed to the bar, she heard someone burst into laughter, and some more giggling from several directions. She looked back and people were looking right at her, with amusement. She smoothed down, the back of her dress. She checked her shoes, and even pulled her skirt around, to make sure there wasn't a strain. Could it be Dylan? She looked him over, but saw nothing out of place, but she couldn't shake the feeling, that they were laughing at her.

They walked into the bar, and Tempest recognized a few of her mother's staff. They greeted her and Dylan, normally, but as they passed them, she heard laughter, once again. “Dylan they're laughing at us. I swear to God! Do you think they knew we spent the night together?!”

“No, Tempest, and why would they care? You do remember what they do, don't you?” He stood next to her at the bar, and ordered drinks. The giggling in the lounge got louder and louder.

"Dylan, I need to go to the powder room to check my dress. Something is wrong!”

“No, Tempest. You will stay right here, you naughty girl. You were very badly behaved this. You were also defiant. Your need a lesson in humility. What do you have in your bottom?”

“Shush, Dylan. I don't want the whole bar to know!” She whispered, “I have a plug.”

I'm afraid it's too late, baby. They all know, by now. Tempest froze, and her face turned scarlet, “What are talking about?!"

"The light, Tempest. The plug has a light."

"Oh my God!! NO!!”, She turned to hide her bottom, but had to face the room. Her eyes darted around, looking for an escape, but Dylan caught her arm.

“Don't you dare move.”, Dylan warned. Tempest was furious and humiliated. She jerked her arm away and ran for the elevator. She'd have dashed off to find her mother, but her office was off of the main entertainment area, which was filled with people. In desperation, she made a beeline for their room, but when she arrived, she realized, Dylan had the only key. She slid down the wall, to the floor, crying, just outside their door.

Dylan finished his drink, and thought for a moment. Maybe, he'd gone too far. It was all new to her, afterall. He was sure she was indulged as a child. Her father was essentially, uninvolved in her life. She hadn't received the proper training, that the girls had, who were born to Lodge members. They were groomed for this. Her mother could have done better in that regard, but Raven had kept her innocence in tact, and he'd been the first person to spank her beautiful bottom. Of course, he'd have to punish her, now. She'd publicly defied him. He suddenly, knew, exactly how David had felt, with Janie, that night at the dinner table. He'd had a hand in the disaster that played out, but she could not get away with that behavior. He'd promised to use that wet leather belt on her, if she misbehaved again. That's what it would have to be. He'd try to be gentle, at first, but in the end, she would have to suffer the consequences of her actions. She had to know he meant what he said.

He could hear her sobbing, before he rounded the corner. He saw her crumbled up next to the doorway, like a little porcelain doll. She didn't hear him approach, she was crying so hard. She had all her weight on her left hip, no doubt, because she was too sore to sit. Dylan crouched down next to her.

“Come on, Tempest. Let's go in, shall we, and have a chat? I can see your very upset.” He stood and offered his hand. She gave him hers, and he gave her a yank up, to get her on her feet. He used his keycard to unlock the door, and stood back, to let her enter first.

Tempest went into the bathroom, and turned. The plug glowed brightly, through the white cotton. It turned red, blue, purple, green and white. She was mortified, thinking how they all laughed at her. How could he do such a thing?!?! She was upset, hurt, sad and embarrassed. She locked the door and cried. How could she ever show her face here again? It was her family's business... How could he!?!

Dylan knocked on the door. “Come out, Tempest. We have to talk.” After getting no reply, he tried the door which was locked. He was showing restraint, but he was getting angry.

“Get the hell away from me, you asshole. I'm not coming out. I want my mother!” She shouted.

He was amused at the bar, but now, he was pissed. He took out his pocket knife, and popped the lock, opening the door. “Get up, right now. Get the belt out of the shower, and go to the bedroom. NOW, RIGHT NOW...MOVE.”

Tempest was ready to shout back at him again, but his fury, quieted that inclination. She retrieved the belt, which was hanging, below the showerhead. The water had been left on, to just a dribble, but the belt was heavy with moisture. She put a towel under it, to keep it from dripping. She was very afraid. He told her if she didn't behave he'd strap her with the wet leather belt. She didn't know if she could take any more.

He followed her into the bedroom and unzipped her dress, as she walked. “Take it off and hang it up, Tempest, then remove everything, but your collar.”

“Dylan, I just wanted to tell you…

“Stop talking, believe me. I've had enough of your mouth.” Dylan stated firmly. “If you ever raise your voice to me again, you'll be sorry, but for right now, leave the belt and come with me to the bathroom.

He took her to the sink and unwrapped the little bar of hotel soap. He ran it under water and lathered it. “Open up your dirty mouth!”

Tempest opened her mouth. Dylan scraped the bar on her bottom teeth and put it on her tongue. Bite down. I want teeth marks, in the bar. Now put your hands on the vanity and stick out your bum. “YOU WILL NEVER RAISE YOUR VOICE TO ME, OR CURSE AGAIN!” Every word was a hard slap on her tender bottom. The light of her plug was flashing a colorful Morse Code of SOS, but no help was coming. Soapy drool leaked from her mouth, as she could not swallow. When he was done, he said, “Spit the soap out into the garbage, wash your mouth out and get back into the bedroom. You're in need of a strapping.“ He left her alone to wash out her mouth.

In a final act of defiance, she removed the plug and threw it into the sink, and walked to the bedroom, to pay the piper.

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Hi to everybody, I introduce me my name is Serena and I am 24 years old,I am Italian, I don't write and I don't speak very well the English but with the translator I can try there, the spanking as erotic practice I like a lot and as it disciplines, if you want you can give me some punishments to impose me, type how much you spank with the hand I must give me, how much hits of the wood shovel or how many hits of brush and me I will punish me and I will put you the photos of my punished bottom, I am here that I wait you, write me as to punish me and I will do him/it... talk to you soon:)


Ciao a tutti, mi presento, il mio nome è Serena, ho 24 anni, sono italiana, non parlo e non scrivo molto bene l'inglese ma con il traduttore ci posso provare :) Le sculacciate mi piacciono molto sia come pratica erotica sia come disciplina. Se volete potete darmi delle punizioni, tipo quante sculacciate con la mano devo darmi, quanti colpi di paletta di legno, e quanti con la spazzola ecc.. ed io mi punirò come volete voi e metterò delle foto del mio culetto punito e rosso!! Vi aspetto, scrivetemi come punirmi e lo farò ;) A presto!!

Ps: Oggi 19/05 mi sono già punita da sola, presto saprete e vedrete il mio culetto rosso

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You know when you have one of those days where you feel very mischievous and cheeky.
I had one of those times last night. We had a takeaway for tea, so whilst I opened each parcel, I screwed up the wrapping paper and threw it at G's head. He just looked at me.
So opening the next parcel, I screwed up the paper again and chucked that at him. Again he just looked at me.
Just a look, nothing else, no quick spanking, no warning that after dinner you will be getting a spanking. I could feel myself pouting, what do I have to do to get a spanking.
So the third parcel was unwrapped, I knew he was watching me, as I screwed the paper into a tighter ball, I knew I had a devilish look on my face, as he stood facing me, I threw it and it bounced of his nose.
Gigging like a silly little girl, I picked up the 3 balls of paper,
He said, "This is going on my list."
"Really," I said, "What bout this ?" I threw 1, "And this ?" I threw the second, "And this." I threw the third, smirking cheekily at him.
G said again, "This is definitely going on the list." "Mmmmmm," I said, "We will see." I laughed as I picked up the balls and then put them in the bin.

This is what happens when I don't have my morning maintenance spanking every day, this week G has had no time as he's on jury service, so he had things on his mind.
I may live to regret my little act of naughtiness, but God it was fun.
As much fun as the day I kept flicking water at him, but he did not take kindly to that, though at the time I thought it was hilarious. my arse was soon turned crimson and burning on fire, but would I do it again ? Hell yes, coz it was so fun.
I'm 48 years old, but I just love acting like a naughty kid and being a little cheeky, G is normally a mild tempered master, I know how far to push before it becomes a serious issue, so I can enjoy this period when I can risk being a little bit naughty. Even now I'm giggling over the balled up paper 'play', what mischief can I risk tonight ?

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This is almost true, except me being naked, I did have clothes on but skirt tucked up so my bottom was on show.

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Sooo I have exciting news. Even tho I'm almost 100000% positive no one reads these lmao. I have a DADDYYYY. He may live lightyears away but that's okay. I'll get to talk with him during week nights as we both lead very busy lives. Anyway. I'm excited :3 I'm gonna be such a good little girl for him! Although even if I'm not I don't know how he would even punish me for it... lol. Oh well. We will just have to be creative. ;)

Does anyone else on here have a 'daddy' they can't actually see in person a lot due to distance?!

XOXO kitten

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If your could go anywhere in the world and do anything you wanted what would you do and where would you go?

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whats your worst punishment ? iam wanting to know the worst punishment you have ever gotten or given??? lets see what yall say .... i have yet to have my worst punishment ...

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Ok, so I realized a very long time ago that I like prostate stimulation. I know that a lot of men and women on this site have and use anal toys. What I use now is very small and very basic. I want to do more but have been very nervous. Does anyone have any ideas or advice?

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As you know miss has been grounded for 2 months and promised a spanking
every week for two months...looking for any ideas of what this should be

Look forward to your suggestions..


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Sitting in the classroom with 6 or 7 people.beautiful strict teacher is teaching she got glasses on her face with that serious look.Shes wearing tight gray dress pants with white stripes her thighs stick out and has a round bottom her self.She as black leather high heels on her feet.Shes walking around the classroom smacking a yard stick of her hand and giving her class on various behaviors.She also has a 1 inch thick long oak paddle on her chalk board that has the words bad behavior colored in black.She gets done with her lesson its the end of the week and she has recorded everyones bad behavior all week.Well im sitting there in tight jean shorts and white t shirt and she calls my name and say"I need you to come up to the front of my desk with hands down to my side i walk up knowing whats comming.She makes me stand there for five minutes butt facing classroom.Then she replys "After reviewing your behavior in the class this week there is several notes about dissrupting class also you have not turned in any homework.these kinds of behavior will not be tolorated well your here in my class"She faces the classroom and says "everyone else in the classroom has not recieved any write ups and has been on good behavior but watch and see what happens when you dont follow rules"Looks back and says bendover the desk.She strikes my but with the ruler 50 times starting slow then gets faster im squirming cause the sting of the ruler is heating up.then she grabs the paddle off the chalkboard does the same thing but harder i cant stand still really hard to stay in position but if i move to much it gets even harder.then she pulks my pants down grabs the ruler does the same thing then the padfle again i cant barely feel my but at this point.she pulls my underware down and brings a chair over and grabs her hath brush she starts spanking me otk her legs are holding mine down im in lots of pain she wont stop there no safe word tears are comming down my face im trying to escape but cant.after 10 minutes of non stop spanking she makes go to the corner and has me have my ass sticking out.

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I'm actually up early for once being productive:3

I'm being a good girl today! I'm proud of myself.

Let's see if I can keep it up all day... I'll check back in later :)

-side note- what's the point of 'maintance spankings'?! Why act good if you're going to be spanked anyway lol. Or are they just for you to submit and obey to your sir,daddy,dom ect?

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I normally don't post about the videos I watch but I was in awe with this one. And there are a lot of really good videos on here as well as a lot of good disciplinarians but by far this one is now my favorite.

I saw Ironhand's and Cleo's vid on trust and communication. It was my first video to see from them. I loved how Ironhand handled it. He never cussed at her, he stayed in control, I loved how he spoke calmly and even comforted her during the spanking. I also loved how she responded to him. You can easily feel the love they have for each other. It was a hard spanking but a good message and it was really well done.

Thank you both for sharing this part of your lives with us. You're an inspiration.

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I was in a movie that was set in a reform school. I and two other girls were the inmates, and we had to get whipped while we were bound to this big padded X the guys had made there.

John, just a regular guy who wanted to try his hand at "spanking acting" was put into the movie as the warden. He was very nice, except, to calm his nerves, he would tend to sip a bit too much whiskey, and the result was, he had a hard time taking anything seriously, and he couldn't remember his lines, EVER!

At my tv channel, we're running a special feature that shows the outtakes to this movie, and watching it, I laughed for an hour! It brought back quite a bit of memories and how much we laughed when he had to do every take at least 7 or 8 times, sometimes even more!

The actual full length movie turned out very well, and is very very intense. Our asses were truly whipped with that leather belt, and I know mine was really marked up pretty good after the lashings. But seeing this outtake feature tonight, I roared, and it really made me laugh.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this over at

To answer a couple of people who commented: The photo was taken during a break when John and I were working on some dialog scenes, and he couldn't get the line right to save his life!!! Ha!!

Spank Sinn