Sound Punishment
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970 views · 9 days ago

Hi to all my friends.
I now have a disciplinarian who gave me a rule that warrants me writing to you.
I am not to talk to any of my male ST friends, flirt, or discusd spanking between the 2 parties.
Therefore, my girlfriends are my chat buddies and thats that. He will be posting the visual results of my discipline . I am unsure if he will reveal to you that i am his girl.
My ass belongs to him .
Hugs and friendship.

963 views · 9 days ago

When you stayed up til 4am last night, it's now 5:30pm, you hardly did anything but lay on the couch all day, your house is a disaster that you should've spent all this time cleaning, and there is nobody to blister your butt for it.....

821 views · 9 days ago

I have been slacking off with my responsibilities lately and I need structure in my life.... So I'd like a daddy/dom relationship

Feel free to comment or message me

Bars and Stripes
1554 views · 9 days ago

It is my Sir's Sixty..cough,cough,splutter,splutter,birthday on Monday,but we will celebrate tomorrow. I have got him something really special.WOW,just think when I was being born Sir was retiring from one career and taking on something new! I am debating whether or not to sing the Happy Birthday song the way Marilyn Monroe sung it,bet the old Sergeant major would get a kick out of that!!!!

Hope he has cake! Had this really sexy dream lastnight....strange!!LOL!

588 views · 9 days ago

Master started a new rule over Christmas, saying from now on, i can only cum when allowed, no more masterbating, even when he plays with me, he will stop just before. And its killing me.
I think this is an unfair meanie rule. And i do not like it.

Today, after my maintenance spanking, he spread my legs wide gently stroking the inside of my legs.
I instantly started to get horny, very horny. And he knew it.
But he gave my pussy a gentle tickle, and lowered my skirt back down.
Saying, all done, please hang your crop back up.
I stayed bent over for a few seconds, wiggling my bottom towards him, he just chuckled and said no more and left me there.

I love Master taking control of my life, i love serving him and doing everything for him, but taking this next step of control from me, and not being allowed to enjoy our play so i cum, screaming in pleasure, squirting all over him, unless he allows it, has got me desperate and incredibly horny all the time.

Now my only control i have on myself, is what clothes i wear, as long as its a skirt and no knickers, what i eat, where i sit and when i use the bathroom. Unless stated i use the garden as my toilet, or stated to sit or kneel on the floor by master.
I guess being a true slave leaves you with no control whatsoever. And i know if and when we are alone in the house, my control over choosing clothes would be gone as i would not be allowed to wear any at home, and probably have to use the garden as my toilet all the time too. We are planning on buying a cage soon, so if im being too bratty or he just wants me where he can keep an eye on me, whilst he works, i will stay in there. Im actually quite looking forward to this next stage of our relationship. And hope i will soon willingly give up complete control over everything and anything i do. With the possibility of bringing a new playmate into our lives too. I wonder what 2017 will bring for us.......

693 views · 9 days ago

I'd always heard that Lexan Plastic paddles are among the most effective and wicked spanking paddles available. They tend to be pricy though, and I'm not a rich man! At the hardware storm I found 18" square sheets of Lexan that was about 1/4" thick. I drew out the design on it. Cut it on a bandsaw, and filed and sanded the edges smooth.

The first spanking my Wife gave me with it - well it was such a surprise how it felt. It left a very good sting that stayed on the surface of my butt and kind of danced around. As she continued the spanking that sting turned into something that felt like my butt was on fire! All I can say is this... I Love/Hate this paddle! It's effect on me is really intense! I can not last long when she spanks me using it, tears come very fast!

Bars and Stripes
689 views · 9 days ago

Hi Everyone! Just posted a few Video Capture pictures from our video "Real OTK Wife Spanking Me". As you can tell here and in the video - I can not hold still for a spanking!

I can't imagine how anyone could just be really spanked and hold stilL! My Wife and I both know that when I'm struggling like hell the tears will soon be coming! For me it's that helpless, out of control feeling that drives me over the edge.

739 views · 10 days ago

*Revised...PAINted LOVE

Shall you chance, upon me here.
Clothed by bubbles, please draw near
Swirly, soapy whirlpool,
Whisper sweet, but touch me, cruel.
Candles flicker, dance and flit.
Rub me, where your leather hit.
Pull me, lover from my bath,
Show thy passon, show thy wrath.
Let your lips and lash caress
While you feel me, slick and wet.
Take me, dripping, on your knee
Leave a handprint, I can see .
I love that mark, to stay and sting
When I rub it, let it sing,
Long and slow, a note refined,
Slapped against, my scarlet hide.
My bottom, red and pink and blue,
Painted love, on me, from you.

651 views · 10 days ago

how you can #go2bed early you ask? 2 ways: either voluntarily, or with a very sore behind #StrictMotivation

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Bars and Stripes
758 views · 10 days ago

Hi Everyone, just sharing the fun. Like all my other video's this one features my Wife spanking me. Yes, we made it just to posted so that I can fulfill my fantasy of someone watching me get spanked.

Figging means getting a fresh piece of Ginger Root shoved up your ass. That's what's happening in the video. I think you can also tell my Wife really truly enjoys spanking me. She's kind of hamming it up a bit. Our usual spankings are not nearly as fancy and elaborate. Our usual spankings are much more like a made Mom would give a little boy. Very effective also!

692 views · 10 days ago

Hey little monster, I got my eye on you.

845 views · 10 days ago

Sorry to all of my friends for my time away. We've had a run on illness that I think (fingers crossed) we've finally been able to get out of the house, along with the busy holiday season it's been a few weeks since I've been on. Looking forward to resuming contact with all of you. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bars and Stripes
938 views · 10 days ago

That moment you know its gonna start,
When Master places that hot hand on your lower back,
The warmth you feel,
The love you feel,
You know youre ass will soon be on fire.

It goes silent.
It goes quiet.
Im waiting and waiting for the pain to start.

He taps the paddle on your waiting bottom,
A signal he's soon going to begin your thrashing,
Holding my back down firmly,
He wallops my white bottom til crimson.

It goes silent.
It goes quiet.
Im waiting and waiting for the pain to end.

He sternly chastises me, telling me off,
For being a brat,
for being a very naughty serf,
Forgetting Master's blowjob is certainly not acceptable.

It goes silent.
It goes quiet.
Im waiting and waiting for that forgiveness to come.

I plead and plead,
Please stop, I'm sorry,
Too late for sorry, you do it too often,
You need to promise to be Masters good little Serf.

It goes silent
It goes quiet
Im Waiting and waiting for Master to stop.

I stand up, looking guilty and sad
He opens his arms, i fall into his hug
Im sorry, im so so sorry
I know, little Serf, i know you are deeply.

It goes silent
It goes quiet
Forgiveness, love and longing, ive waited long enough.

1046 views · 10 days ago

I just thought a few of you may enjoy this. These are video captures from one of our video's. My Wife spanked me with a fig up my butt. If you've never heard of this a Fig refers to a Ginger Root. Start with a large fresh Ginger Root. Than peel it and shape it into the shape of "butt plug". From experience I'll tell you - the bigger the better, it tends to squeeze out during the spanking. Use a bit of water to lubricate the fig when it's inserted. Your Top needs to spread your cheeks wide opening up your anus. That wetted Ginger Fig can than be SLOWLY pushed in. It needs to go as deep as possible without it disappearing up your butt.

At first there is no burning, pain or anything. You just realize you have something there as you're being spanked. In a minute or so, OH MY! There is a different tingle in your butt! It gets worse and worse until it feels like someone just stuck a hot metal rod up there. It just keeps building! After the spanking remove the fig. Your anus will still be on fire. It's going to burn for quite a while. You've now combined the spanking pain and sting with a "on fire" butt hole! Be sure you've got lots of time on your hands after the spanking! Your butt just might be really uncomfortable for the rest of the day!

We've done a spanking like this 3 times! My Wife thinks it's funny as hell pushing that fig up my ass. It makes a great spanking but as the Bottom I it to be very distracting. My goal is cry like a little when my Wife spanks me. For others of your though you may really enjoy this. If your like me you'll try ANYTHING once, and then again a second time to be sure you either like it or not. Spanking, sex, try it all and chose what you like the most.

I have also heard and read about how a Ginger Fig can be inserted in woman's vagina also with a similar effect. Sorry, I don't know about that. I don't have a vagina.

1084 views · 11 days ago

My fantasy is role playing naughty girl and a big daddy who likes to use leather on me. I love muscles and a big man to snuggle with but to show me who is in charge.. Slow at first and then gradual move on speed and pain.

Bars and Stripes
1142 views · 11 days ago

When I was so poorly, you handled with care.
But soon, I'll be well, and at last, I'll be bare.
Don't touch me like glass, you know, I won't break.
I dream, of the whalloping sounds, you will make.
I want you to pull me, across your thick knee.
And spank every inch, 'til I'm wet, in between.
I love when you hit me, below that sweet curve.
It's tender and softer, it tingles my nerves.
Tomorrow, it's over this, this medic reprieve.
We'll both make up, now, for our lost New Year's Eve.
I'll make us a bed, of fine linens and down,
Crouched on all fours , with my bum, up and round
My bottom now red, will be burning for you
A whack on the ass, as you ride me, will do
Your belt, once it's free, you'll fold it, and wrap it,
You'll whip it with force as it comes down, you'll snap it.
Then, on my tummy, I'll sleep with a grin,
A great way, at last, to cheer the year in.

1409 views · 11 days ago

Pictures are up from spamming last Sunday and the video should be up later today sorry it took so long we had some complications I got another paddling last night but the camera cut off so we agreed not to post it. But let me tell you getting a paddling on an already bruised bottom hurts really bad my bottom is so bruised. But I earned every swat yesterday. Daddy was going to give me a break but I threw a fit. Then when asked to bring the plastic spoon over to him I threw it so I got a very hard paddling but today I'm going to be on my bestest behavior and when daddy gets home I'm going to curl up on his lap and in his arms all night.
_baby girl

1287 views · 11 days ago

just popped in to say hello..." HELLO" Hope everybody has started out with a Happy New Year! life too short to be anything but happy!!! As for me I'm about to shower and go for a jog! take care everybody!!!

Bars and Stripes
1322 views · 12 days ago

I think of Ken Kesey traversing the country in a psychedelic school bus with the word “furthur” painted on it. I’d like to do something like that. But my bus would be done up with a psychedelic array of paddles, and the words “Bend Over Furthur” painted across the side.

My band of Merry Pranksters would steal the torch from Lady Liberty’s hand and replace it with a paddle, and I’d paddle my lover’s backside until it was redder than any Big Apple. Then I’d head westward, skipping the entire Midwest because what the fuck is there but flat fields and corn anyway. Maybe I could board a steam-powered paddle boat on the mighty Mississippi, and have some spanking adventures the likes of which Mark Twain would never have imagined. Or I could paddle my love beneath the stern gaze of Abraham Lincoln as he peered down from Mount Rushmore. Or I could drive my spankadelic bus to Yellowstone Park, where I could paddle my girl with the rhythmic inevitability of Old Faithful, until her bottom pulsed as warm as the hot springs of the Yellowstone Basin.

I could paddle her at the rim of the Grand Canyon, until her cries echoed off the far wall. We could head to the Petrified Forest, where I could punish her with a paddle made of stone. I could scorch her bottom through Death Valley, and then onward, to the California coast, where anything goes, and at long last she could quench her burning buns in the cold waters of the pacific.

And I don’t think I could go much furthur than that.

1280 views · 12 days ago

#go2bed It is time to lay yourself to rest; only well rested you can be your best, so dont test it, or your seat ends up tested, for that is what you’d need #StrictMotivation

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