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(an exercise in original spanking noir fiction)...

I stopped outside and read the signs: Two Drink Minimum, shouldn't be a problem I thought. And, Live Nude Girls. I considered the alternative to the second, and decided to go in anyway. I stopped to straighten my tie and realized I wasn't wearing a tie. (wonder where I left that?).

I opened the door and the stench hit me in the face, stale beer, sweat, desperation. My kind of place. The sound system was blaring something familiar. Foghat, Slow Ride. Nice. I looked around as my eyes adjusted. There was a stripper doing the obligatory pole dance on the obligatory stripper pole. She looked bored. (is she really chewing bubblegum?) And then I saw her, sitting at the seat second closest to the door, where I had been told she always sits. Brunette, short skirt, attractive, legs, all legs.

She saw my stare and returned the look with first a smile, a smile that quickly turned to something short of disdain. She looked bored. Fortuitously, and as luck will sometimes have it, the seat next to her was about to open up. Two bouncers (one in a leather Harley vest that I think was called Tiny) were removing a face down drunk from the bar. I saw my opening and made my way to the bar. Hell, what's another humiliation in a lifetime full of humiliations (you know, work, relationships, etc.) I decided to take a shot. I passed the two bouncers on the way, they looked bored.

"So cowboy, you going to stand there all night and stare at my legs, or are you going to sit down and buy me a drink?" I checked to see if there was a cowboy standing behind me, there wasn't, so I sat down.
"Hell I can do both, I'm talented like that."
"Both what?"
"Stare at your legs and buy you a drink."
"Does that pass for witty banter where you come from?"
"Only if you don't get out much."
"You get out much, cowboy?"
"Not as much as I should."
"You keep staring at my legs, see anything you like?"
"I was just wondering what color panties you have on, black or red?" (I was betting on red)
She did the uncross and cross the legs tease as the hem of her short tight leather skirt rose even more, and then watched to see if it was working. It was.

"I'll save you the trouble cowboy, I'm not wearing any panties."

And with that, my night was just getting started. Sometimes the Karma wheel turns your direction. Sometimes, your number comes up. Sometimes, you get more than you bargain for. And sometimes... get exactly what you bargain for. Be careful want you bargain for.

(to be continued, if you like)

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Here is to hoping my babygirl had a wonderful time at the baby shower and she will come home happy to have been with her loving family once again. We will be together again soon even if it is only in a dream. Big HUGS, Poppy

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It seems that some people are blocking certain people for no reason, or a reason that I don't understand. Especially if you have a nice conversation and then you get blocked. I will never understand some people.

Bad Tushy
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cant I have my bottom burned frequently.. and lovingly..daily ?

sigh.. I'm attractive.. I do get all the Vanilla guys... why is it so

hard to meet a man that will spank my bottom frequently... deserved or not?


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Looking for experienced hard playing lifestyle female Subs and Switches for my new video spanking website. Paid video shoots. All video shoots will be done in Dallas, Texas. If interested please message me. Serious inquiries ONLY please. :)


Bad Tushy
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Emma caught me last week ‘playing’, posing and taking photos of myself. She went ballistic especially when she realised I had taken a pair of her jeans and cut them down to make them shorty’s. I didn’t think she wore them anymore.
Anyway, rather than write up the event in my punishment diary she has written a letter to my Tutoress and has instructed me to make the necessary arrangements for some ‘robust’ discipline.
I dare say this will happen over the next few weeks so I will update you all once I have taken my punishment.
See what Emma wrote below!!!

Hi Lina,
Well, it has been many months since Ricky last came to see you.
Since then, all has been well, there have been no purchases of women’s underwear and his behaviour had generally been good.
So, I returned home from work one night last week and caught him upstairs wearing a pair of my panties, one of my camisoles and even worse, he had taken a pair of my jeans and cut the legs off to make some shorty shorts – he was posing in front of the mirror.
As you can imagine I was horrified.
Now, over the last few months I have been keeping a close track on Ricky and when he has transgressed, I have made an entry into his punishment diary and when needed ‘cashed in’ and given him a good hard spanking.
This last episode however needs something a little more robust, so I am sending him back to you for correctional adjustment.
I would therefore ask that you ‘beat him’ and ‘beat him’ hard. Last time you reached about 80 strokes of the cane – this time I would like you to administer 100 hard strokes – he deserves it, trust me.
I have sent him with the panties, camisole and what’s left of my jeans for you to punish him in.
I have also sent some toys I bought recently, a strap, a paddle and a whip, please also use these as part of his overall educational experience.
It was nice to see the video of him being caned stood up, this I would like to see again but feel free to bend him over for some serious arm action – please don’t hold back!! Remember he deserves everything he gets.
I expect to see some significant welts/weals on his bottom when he gets back and for him to be uncomfortable sitting for a good while.
I will leave the discipline to you and trust that you will administer punishment at a level of severity in keeping with his recent behaviour.
Many thanks

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A few here know my David. I am post this as I do not have time to call those r/l friends here.I am just back from the hospital. Last night he had a massive heart-attach. The Cardiologist and Daisy, though He wants DNR, to allow a quad bypass..

I am going to shower and have a cup of coffee. If you do think both can be done at same time, just don't know me..

Got to Post on other media...

God Bless

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My new mistress has been subjecting me to more uncomfortable punishments than I am used to, the cane is applied more severely and a strapon has been introduced.Mistress is now looking for another sub to watch my punishments and to fuck me, am nervous but will do my best to please, just hope he's not too big!

Bad Tushy
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Who's the cute young lady that's gonna let me spank them for my birthday;)

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When a lady decides you need a spanking, you never know how she will go about baring your bottom for her special attention. I wrote the other day about how I enjoy standing before my spanker as she sits on the spanking chair, and the delicious feel of her fingertips slipping into my briefs, especially if very aroused, so aroused there is a growing wet spot on my briefs. However, she may be anxious to have your bottom over her lap for a warmup spanking over your pants and briefs. Then there is the moment as you lay over her knees, when you feel those fingertips and nails grasping the elastic waistband before she pulls those briefs down to the backs of your knees, baring your already warmed bottom. Oh how I remember days where my hand would fly back to prevent the baring of my bottom, because you know whats coming next. Be good.

Screen cap from Stern Stepsister Takes Charge - Video by ScarlettHill.Com

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yes another non spankin blog.. i told yas i had one more letter i wanted to share.. this was from my 9th child .. once again its from yrs ago n it was written at a time where so many changes were goin on within our family.. i had always been a full time stay at home mom n at this time i was in the process of leavin my husband schedule was drivin 30 mins to my daughters each morning mon-fri to babysit her 3 kids while she worked 730am-530pm .. then i worked where i am now mon-fri 6-10pm and on Sat n Sun 5am-1pm.. i have always been close with my kids n it was hard on all of us for me to be gone so much so i never missed an opportunity to give a extra hug or kiss or tell them i loved them... i used to leave little notes on the table for them to find in the mornins tellin them i missed our special times, tellin them i love them, n wishin them a good day.. makin sure they knew they could always come to me for anything at all ..anyways heres her letter to me...she was almost 19 at the time... ..............

Hey Mommy, 1/26/07

I found your note on the table and everytime you leave me a note like that you always make me cry. And the day you called me downstairs to hug me and tell me you loved me, I cried when I was back upstairs. It does suck that I don’t ever really get to see you or chat with you anymore. I was teling my friends this week that I was pooped from work, school and exams and I can only imagine how you feel because you work 7 days a week with no breaks or anything and I wanted you, Lissy and myself to go to an all day spa and I’ll see if Lissy will help pitch in for you to show our appreciation for everything you have ever done for us and continue to do. Also thank you for always being there for all of us kids. I’m proud of you mom. I love you Mommy and can’t wait to hug you. Love Always Heather

Bad Tushy
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purchased from Café Press

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I got a spanking this morning because yesterday morning i got into an argument with someone on the phone and was yelling at them and my roomate came into my room to check on me and i snapped at him. Then i had a rude attitude with him and that doesnt go well with him. I got a really severe spanking with the corrector and then with the hairbrush. I really need to work hard on finding ways to deal with my attitude when i am upset instead of snapping at my roomate. The hairbrush and the corrector are really starting to hurt a lot. The spankings keep getting harder every time i get them. I am going to work really hard next week on my attitude. My roomate is going to work with me on my bad language problem next. I will be getting a lot of mouth soapings for that. I am not looking forward to it either. My roomate is an excellent disciplinarian and he is good at what he does. I really appreciate him working with me on my behavior and being so patient with me.

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I have been thinkin of somethin lately.. actually since someone posted on a blog .. I know there was a reference in there about me ( LOL) basically hoggin the "Community Blog".. heres what ill say on that... its a COMMNUITY blog therefore I am part of that community ... yes this is a spankin site n where we all r here because spankin is a big part of our lives n this is the place where we can watch videos, meet others, read blogs, post our experiences or needs or reference to spankin.... I do indeed blog a lot n most of my blogs r NOT spankin related but I like to get to know people so I read blogs ( nearly every one that's posted n shows on the main page).. I talk bout family, work, my relationship, dreams, needs, fears, experiences, losses etc... I'm not lookin for pity as someone else has stated.. I have bad days like we all do n yes maybe I don't handle it well at times but last I looked I am human...n I too like to learn about my fellow friends on here so yes I was happy to see forestnymth blog about her poor dog n TrueDiscipline share about his family nightmare, not because I like to see someones pain but because I know a lil word or two of compassion goes a long way.. I like to show my support... I like to read about the bad and the good.. isn't that how we get to know one another?.. on my bad days even ONE comment on my blog helps lift my spirits... n if my own "I'm sorry for ur loss" or " if u ever wanna talk I'm here" helps someone then I do feel damn good about it.. so I'm sorry if I clog the COMMUNITY blog with non spankin stuff but I'm not gonna stop.. n if theres some that don't like it.. by all means block me n u wont have to see a damn thing I post... n guess what else? I wont lose any sleep over it, wont shed one tear over it n wont be u know why? because I don't know u anyhow....

Bad Tushy
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got my panty seat paddle warmed this morning, here's a few pics...

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I didnt get much sleep all day or night yesterday so i was ill all day. The mistake i made was turning my bad attitude toward my roomate. I figured i would be learning by now that he dont tolerate my bad attitude after all the spankings i have gotten this week. Well that attitude of mine cost me a hard spanking today with the hairbrush and my roomate made sure he hit all of my "sit" spots. I am really not liking the hairbrush at all. I am going to work really hard on my attitude especially towards my roomate.

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I got a second spanking today because i got a very bad attitude with someone on the phone and i was screaming and cursing at them. On top of that i got an attitude with my roomate which was a bad mistake. He doesnt tolerate my attitude especially screaming at him. I got a hairbrush and a corrector spanking. Then after the spanking i threw my cell phone against the wall across the room and was bent back over for more swats with the corrector. I also got swats on my hands. I really need to work on my attitude especially towards my roomate. This has been a really bad day for me. I was also in timeout in the corner for a very long time.

Bad Tushy
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I got a spanking today because i snapped at my roomate twice over the weekend. I also got spankef for a shoplifting incident that happened back in ga before i moved here in pa. I got a spanking with the corrector and hairbrush for snapping at my roomate and then i got a severe spanking with the corrector for shoplifting. After that i got wedgie time in the corner. I dont think i will ever shoplift again.

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Today i got spanked becausr of a bad attitude and being very disrespectful and because i snapped at one of my roomates. I also had a tantrum and ran out of the room and slammed the door. I got a spanking with the corrector and wedgie time in the corner. I really am going to try hard not to have an attitude

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