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I've been doing some 3D art work and wanted to share. Please feel free to friend me and check out the pics. Also, I would love to hear some suggestions of what to do next. Special requests?

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The green leotard and tights that I'm wearing for a spanking are one of my favorite outfits. I love my green leotard and tights! This leotard and tights has been the the outfit that I wore for many firsts in my fetish life. It's the first leotard and tights that I wore for my very first spanking. I love wearing this leotard and tights. I wear this leotard and tights often for trips to the store or to run errands. I especially love to wear this leotard and tights for long hard spankings! The green tights that I'm wearing with this green leotard are the same green tights that I wore with the white sweater. I absolutely love wearing this leotard and tights!

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For obvious reasons faces are seldom shown in amateur spanking videos. Too bad.

I have frequently received a spanking while in front of a mirrored wall. On some occasions, when a video camera was being used to record my spanking, while I was being spanked or paddled I could watch both myself and my disciplinarian on the screen of a laptop which was connected to the video camera. I could see the face of the man or woman who was spanking me.

If you have not done this you cannot imagine how sexy that can be. If the disciplinarian is really into giving a spanking it is a sexy pleasure, an erotic thrill, to see the smile on their face as they get responses out of you, as they make your bottom bounce and rebound and turn from alabaster to pretty pink to spanked red. To see that they are smiling as they spank warns you, promises you, that this is going to be a long thorough spanking. They are doing this for their pleasure as well as your needs; and they have no intention of stopping before you are "taken care of". Their eyes light up and flash with sexual excitement as they spank you. You can see this in the mirror or on the video screen. And such erotically charged expressions are contagious. Because you see them getting sexually aroused you do too! And you love being spanked like that, love being spanked by someone who gets turned on spanking you!

Maybe I should make a large mirror or a video screen a common element of my spankings.

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That moment when he just pushed the right button and you bite your tongue so you don't get in trouble but you bite it a little too hard and he's watching you and you say ouch. It's hard to get mad when someone is laughing at you so hard they almost cry.lmao
Note to self, don't bite as hard lmfao

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There is a new super market that opened up near me..It has a automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh.Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunderand the smell of fresh rain. ..When you approach the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and experience the scent of fresh hay...When you approach the egg case you hear hens cluck and cackle , and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying. The veggie department features the smell of fresh buttered corn.. I don't buy toilet paper from there anymore...

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My bottom was still rather sore from yesterday's happenings but I still had to make the Master's breakfast. Again, it was black maid's uniform, black six suspender open bottom girdle, red satin knickers and red heels. While he ate his breakfast, Master said he was going out on business and I would be spending the day working next door for Mrs Winterbottom. I grimaced thinking of the spanking and caning I had received from her over the past days. I didn't dare question the Master's decision and instead just curtsied and said, "Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir."
As he left he said, "Put those knickers you're wearing in the wash and wear the others, I know how Mrs W likes them." He laughed at that, as they were crotch less, she now thought I was no better than a prostitute. I did as I was told just the same and hurried round to Mrs W's bungalow, knocking at the door, she let me in. At least her and the Master lived in a quiet street, so, there were few people out and about. She instantly put me to work doing the washing up and then on to the vacuuming and dusting.
She was in her bedroom for some time and when she came out was dressed to go out, was I to be left on my own I thought? "I have to go into town and do some shopping but don't think you're going to be allowed to slack at your work, my girl. I've made plans for that and.." at that moment the front door opened and she went out into the hall. She came back with a man who looked like a retired army major with his handlebar mustache and military bearing. "This is my husband, Gerald but Mr Winterbottom to you, girl."
I was flabbergasted, I never dreamed the old battle-axe would have a husband. She continued, "He will be supervising your work while I'm away, now say hello, you ignorant girl!" I stammered out a "hello, Sir," and by way of habit I dropped a curtsy to him.
"Oh, my word, you've got him, I mean her well trained." he responded. I gasped out loud, I might have fooled his wife with her bad eyesight but not her husband. He knew straight away that I was a transvestite. "And what's your name, my pretty?" he smirked as he idled up beside me. "It's Doris, Sir," I choked out. "And what a smart uniform as well, Doris, all properly turned out, eh?" he lifted my dress as he spoke, "Well, well, stockings and suspenders, I approve, Doris, very good indeed."
Mrs W gave her husband a fearful glare and said icily ,"Don't you be getting up to your old tricks, Gerald! And you be telling me if he does, girl." She strode out of the house and slammed the door on the way out. "Oh, don't you worry, dear, I'm sure I and Doris are going to be good friends...." he said with a wicked grin on his face.
Day four was starting out worse and it wasn't even half over yet.

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I was wondering to my self the other day was spanking one of my subs after leaving her bottom very red from my paddle should I've paddled her for cussing in my opinion I should of soaped her mouth & gave her a otk but then the other thought that is racing my mind I should paddle her for her swearing comment and tell me how you would of dealt with it

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I was wondering to my self the other day was spanking one of my subs after leaving her bottom very red from my paddle should I've paddled her for cussing in my opinion I should of soaped her mouth & gave her a otk but then the other thought that is racing my mind I should paddle her for her swearing comment and tell me how you would of dealt with it

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well today was a busy day at work...usually Thursdays are our busiest but today matched it pretty close.. BUT I did bring my new paddle to work to show it off ... our gay male caterer especially liked it ... then out of work n to the market... home n got my stickers on my van... had to actually scrape off two n replace them with identical ones n scrape off 3 n put on entirely new ones... takin a few minutes while I wait for my live in partner to respond to me so I know what time to plan dinner ( makin sausage, peppers n onions on toasted rolls and some steamed broccoli on the side)... my thoughts today r warm.. :)

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I received my very first of spanking sessions for not following diet weight loss monitoring by my wife. We developed a plan, since I gained so much weight in the last couple years, to correct my bad eating habits. I will try my best, however I'm sure I will have relapses.

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I never get tired of the view. Last Sunday morning I woke early about 6am and couldn't resist easing back the bed sheet that covered Jenny. Since she has a habit of sleeping on her front,we both sleep in the nip, once the sheet was lowered I was able to marvel at the sight of her soft round bottom inviting me to spank it,or at the very least to squeeze it. She stirred a little but this did not stop me.I placed my hand gently on her bottom and caressed it;she moved again and in a whisper told me to "Fuck off pervert". In one swift movement I raised my hand and brought it down hard,the resounding sound of the slap seemed to echo around the bedroom. Jen jumped out of bed calling me the most horrible names before assaulting me with a pillow,before long we were making love,touching each other all over and teasing,I do love teasing her. Eventually,exhausted from our exertions we lay side by side and decided what to do with the rest of a lazy sunny,hot Sunday.

We decided to give Jen's new Volkswagen Golf a spin to Co.Kerry and visit a beauty spot there we both love. We both left the house and while driving through the village received the middle finger from my niece who passed us on her moped. Ignoring that little madam's rude wave we headed for Co.Kerry. The drive was so smooth, I love her car.We stopped for ice cream along the way and sat in the hot sun. We eventually arrived at the place we both love.It is an area that is ideal for walking and both of us have walked a lot there in the past. However Sunday being very hot we decided to talk the short 7 mile loop walk and take our time. Jen opened the boot of her car and put on her walking boots,she put her windbreaker into her ruck sack. I tried to persuade her that we would not need any jackets,but how wrong I was. I kept my runners on and we headed off on our walk. About half an hour into our walk the clouds began to role in and in the distances we heard thunder. Jen put on her windbreaker and laughed at me in my T shirt,jeans and runners.I ignored her scoffing and walked on.Ten minutes later the heaven's opened up. We were really stuck,well I was. We reached the old barn along the walk and took shelter. I was soaked through but all Jen was concerned about was that she could she my nipples through my wet shirt and wondered could we have a "quick fumble before anyone came". We did have a little grope which excited us both,but fearing that at any moment a fellow walker might appear we decided to stop and wait until we get home.

The rain eventually stopped and we continued our walk. We came to the little decline in the path that leads us back to the car,the pathway was really muddy. Jen told me to take my time and scolded me for wearing runners I told her to carry on walking and mind her own business. Jen led the way and I followed. We were about a third of the way down when Jen asked was I okay? No sooner had the words left her mouth when I slipped,landing heavily on my bottom. I began to slide forward,my feet hit the back of Jenny's ankles taking the legs from under her and she went down. I was laughing so hard that tears came out of my eyes,I laughed harder when I saw Jen try to grab some foliage to stop herself from sliding. We slid all the way to the bottom of the path ,it wasn't far but enough to destroy out clothes. When Jen stood up I saw that all the back of her jacket and combat trousers was caked in mud. I was in a far worse state,my jeans had become part of my body,my runners were soaked and mud ran from the back of my neck to my ankles. Jen stood there,I wondered was she going to laugh or cry,but when she saw me she laughed. We made our way along the road,luckily there was no one else about to see the state we had got ourselves into. It was sickening to watch as Jen took off her windbreaker and boots and placed them back in a bag. She then produced a pair of shorts,and checking that no one was around hid behind the car and took off her combat trousers and slipped on the shorts. I stood there covered in mud,my clothes were wet and my feet felt as if I was walking on water. Jen produced plastic sheeting and covered the seats in her car,truely sickening to see how organised she is. We got back in the car.She looked at me and laughed,she took a photo of me on her phone and sent the image to a few of our friends including my niece who instantly text back ,"...what a La La,leave her get the bus home!"

We eventually reached home and I soaked in a hot bath. Jen made us some tea and we retired to the garden where I threw my wet runners at my niece. The moral of this story is never go hillwalking without the proper clothing and footwear. I wish you all a good day.I am off to buy new runners.

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I know ive said it before but i hate HATE HATE early bedtimes.
By the time weve eaten dinner and chatted its gone 7pm.
No time to do an extra dog walk.
Just enough time to have done a blowjob if Mr G required one
Not much time for the extra spanking im supposed to get for the next 7 days.
Tho Mr G forgot last night, i wasnt going to mention it.
But this morning i thought i better ask if he had forgotten, and he had.
Now theres a new rule, its my duty to remind him, if hes forgotten to give me my expected 40 with the Giant Devil.
Today i will get extra swats to make up for the missed one.
Then go up to get ready for bed at 7.45pm.
8pm, im lying in bed, watching tv, thinking why am i doing this, i can hear little kids playing outside, and at 9pm, the tv goes off, whilst i can still hear kids playing outside.
I normally go to bed around 9pm anyway, as im up at 4am every day. But now having it as a rule, and having to go up 15 minutes beforehand is really really annoying.
Felt really fed up and hacked off going to bed last night.
Moan over !

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I'm out of the house 10+ hours a day.

But I like to keep my sub in check, so I have CCTV around the house, inside and out.

She still think she can be cheeky sometimes though, so I remote spank.

Send her to her room with her paddle and watch her spank.

If it's a slow day at work, I make her play with herself too.

I like having a sub, they are fun..............

Anyone else do the same ?

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A friend in Australia sent me a message with photos of landmarks around the world bedecked in the colours of the rainbow and the message Lest We Forget.
The rainbow has been appropriated by gays but has a long history expressing hope.
The words Lest We Forget have been used as a part of rites that remember the sacrifice of men and women who defended their country.
My response was:
"You are correct; Lest We Forget:
the countless victims of terrorism throughout our world
the countless gays and other targeted groups who are persecuted and killed because of who they are
the countless victims of senseless violence because governments (law makers) opt for expediency rather than doing the 'right' thing
the leaders and those seeking to be leaders who would rather promote hatred against individuals or groups of individuals.
The tragedy in Orlando joins an increasingly long list of gratuitous hatred, violence, and terrorism that increasingly defines our world.
I hope we won't lose this tragedy as a gay issue. It is that and a lot more."

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We just got internet service, and I am trying to change my avatar, I have tried everything..and I can't get it to change. Can someone please explain how to do this.. I need step by step instructions..I have cleared my browser, and still it won't change.. What am I doing wrong?

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The second punishment spanking for getting the ticket in Chicago for driving and using a cell phone is finally up!!!!!
This was a spanking that I really deserved and I wanted to be punished for what I did! I hope you like watching this spanking session. I was a bad girl and I got the spankings I deserved!

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reconnected with someone on here... someone very special to me... went to bed last night with a sore bottom n a wonderful feelin of security , instead of wakin with dread , I woke with a smile on my face and not one but MANY people at work commented to me "you're smiling a lot today"...and I guess I was...

I also am bringin my new paddle into work tomorrow to show it off.. *smiles*...

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So I am in a DD relationship, and although we aren't super traditional about it, we still hold each other accountable for certain things. I am pregnant and high risk so there are a lot of hormones surging and I am easily easily temperamental. Yesterday, I threw a fit like a kid, I'll admit it was a kid fit, super childish. In doing so, I scared my 1 yr old and made her cry. Yeah #momfail #momguilt Not to mention it was super stupid on my part.

It was the first time in years that I'd been spanked hard,and belted hard. It sucked but put things back into perspective. It was kind of a reconection with my hubs so that part was nice.

have a good one ST

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To be held down firmly ,been told off. and your panties puled down to your knees ,your heart pounding with anticipation .

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