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Dylan, his Dad and Uncle James headed to David's estate, to have breakfast with the family. Dylan was far from comfortable, as the pain of the initiation took hold. The shower had helped, but the benefits were fading fast. He was anxious to see his family, but he didn't feel much up to socializing.
"Dad, I am really sore. Can I just say hello and go on up to my room?"
"Everyone is waiting for you Dylan. It would be a big disappointment. Mr Stern and Erin are coming, Evan too. A big breakfast has been prepared to celebrate your success. There's some Motrin and water in your bag, that might help, but I'm going to leave it up to you."
"I'll try to stick it out for a little while, but I can't imagine sitting on those hard diningroom chairs."
"I could roll my office chair in and put you at the head of the table. It's much more comfortable."
"No, Dad, it will just call more attention to me. Everyone will be thinking how red my bottom must be. I don't want to sit at the head of the table. That would make me the center of attention."
"Okay, son, I get that. Just see how it goes. If it gets to be too much, I'll excuse you."
Dylan was relieved to pull into David's driveway. It felt like home, only closer. The whole family would be staying here throughout the Fair, although the little ones would only attend the family picnic portion. They would leave early and go back to the estate, with Sandra. The older daughters and sons, would stay with their Dads, and there would be some young ladies under Raven's watchful eye. He didn't really know what to expect, but hoped it would be a memorable day. He might even meet his future wife, but he was in no hurry to get to the alter. He finally had some freedom, and he wanted to enjoy it.
David and James had some other issues on their minds. Much had happened while they were busy at the Lodge.
David needed to address Janie's invasion of Evan's privacy. He still couldn't believe she snuck in and went through Evan's things. The nerve!! It would be a good time to work with Evan, in getting Janie's behavior in line. Evan was understandably upset. David had decided he would allow Evan, to give Janie a good, hard, bare bottomed, hand spanking. She was lucky the picnic was coming soon, or he'd have given her a caning!
James was still very annoyed with Sandra. She was largely, too complacent, with the children. She finally did the right thing, but was so filled with self doubt, she turned the whole thing into a fiasco. She involved Dr. Nathan, then of course David, Stern and Evan heard all about it. She used to be so self assured. He needed to build her confidence. He felt she deserved another paddling. He may have played a part in making her unsure of herself. Maybe he had been too critical. He'd have to talk to her, and promise to be more supportive. He was not quite ready to let it all go, though. She would probably get her bottom warmed before the day was done.

Everyone rushed to greet Dylan, as he entered the family room. James was beaming and handing out cigars, though they would save them for later. Even Dylan was handed one, though he'd never smoked. Olivia had laid a great feast out, for the family and they all went in to enjoy it.
Dylan was feeling slightly better and his mood was lifted, by all the love and support, that surrounded him. He didn't want to miss the celebration. He decided he'd do his best to stay, though as he feared, the chair was no friend to his battered behind. Olivia had slipped a pad on his chair, which helped and it was a discreet bit of comfort.
Janie had hugged and kissed Dylan, her Uncle, Stern and of course Evan. She knew she was going to have to face the music. They were all warm, but she knew they all knew what she'd done... Well maybe not Dylan, but he'd hear about it, soon enough. She didn't want breakfast to end. Knowing her Dad, he wouldn't want to wait very long, to punish her. What really worried her, is having to face Evan. She did her best, not to make eye contact. She looked pretty in her blue and white flowered dress, but she imagined it would soon be pulled up for a spanking. She hoped her Daddy would do it privately.
Dylan hoped breakfast would go quickly, he was still very tired and sore, but the food was delicious. He ate so much! Olivia was a wonderful cook, but sleep was tugging on his eyelids.
James could see Dylan was close to nodding off in his chair. "I'd like to raise a toast to Dylan, my first born. We are all so proud of him and we can't wait to make him, officially, a member of the Order of Dragons. Congratulations, Dylan!!"
"Congratulations!", were offered round the table.
James said, "I think our boy needs to rest a little. So, Dylan, why don't you go on up, while the gentlemen retire to the study."
"Yes, Sir. Thank you, so much for coming and celebrating with me, and to Olivia for the amazing breakfast."
Olivia smiled and came around to kiss his cheek. "I'll be up to help you, Dylan, just as soon as I can."

The men rose from the table, David said, "Janie, Erin and Gracie, help Sandra and Olivia clean up, and then Janie, I want you to sit, in the family room, until I come and get you, Understood?"
"Yes, Sir. So much for privacy. She hoped it was just the scolding that was going to be in front of the other men, but she feared it was going to be the spanking, as well. She knew her Daddy was embarrassed by her behavior.... And then the whole Dr. Nathan thing. She should have made it clear, that she was okay. It could have all been avoided. She felt that prickly feeling in her nose and tried to fight off the tears. She had it all coming. Why did she do such awful things?!"

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The night I got my spanking my dad got one too by my Aunty his was for swearing whilst he was droving and having been told not to.

She put him over her knee and gave him a sound hand spanking then she took down a wooden spoon and gave him 20 on both of his butt cheeks very hard then told him to stay in position for 15 minutes afterwards.athn dad stood in the coe

It was funny seeing my dad getting his butt spanked by my Aunty though we nephews dare not laugh during the spanking dad was told to stand in the corner after the stayed in position first

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see photos

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Whilst staying at my aunties I was naughty and I got the slipper for burping loudly during the supper and not saying pardon instead I giggled and after the supper I ordered to her lounge and was told to strip to my boxers I obeyed her and she soundly hand spanked me then say said boxers down Nicolas, again I obeyed her and I was given a sound whacking of the slipper on my crown of my bare by now pink coloured butt and down my thighs went the slipper, and she also gave my inner butt a sound slippering so I got now s all over reddened butt and hot to the touch I am very sore still now a day after by she a strict Lady but that is just what I need but she's wonderful too

After the sound but fair to start slippering for swearing I was ordered to do ten minutes seated corner time on a old cane chair and once again I obeyed my aunty then she said go to your cousins bedroom boy for the rest of the night again I obeyed and slept on my tummy because my bum was on fire

After the slipper in my cousins bedroom I just lad on my tummy rubbing my butt thinking it would help the pain govaway but instead it made things a lot worse and whilst I NWA's alone I cried and cried because I was in so much pain

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The new paddle got used at the weekend as intended.

Ms. E really seemed to enjoy herself. The conditions weren’t ideal and clearly she is learning a completely different discipline (pun intended)but it was a very enthusiastic session. Watching the footage rather reminded me of our early caning adventures . I can see the paddle becoming a firm favourite.

A very interesting development, although not captured on video, was Ms. E inviting me to use the paddle on her derriere. Even more interesting was to be told that next time I redden her behind it would really turn her on to be scolded. What a complete surprise life can sometimes be!

Finally I’d like to offer an apology to whoever was staying in a room next to ours if we disturbed them with all the noise we made.

Kind regards

Zadok and Ms. E

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do you know how hard it is to be good girl DAM so hard .. iam kidding its easy .... a just halo .. iam a good girl.. if iam not may lighting strick.. this very spot.. hey where the heck you all going REALLY lord smiling ..... play nice yall ... smiling been on fetlife alot lately dont worry iam still on here yall take a deep breat h no crying cassy is still here smiling

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Poem written forty three years ago mentioning mostly members of my graduating class!

PIEDS NUS - 1974

(A Poem in Bucolic Dialect!)

What's common 'bout these small town folks?
Um, eatin' chips? Er, drinkin' Cokes?
Perchance. Yet, thar is sump'n more:
they run 'round barefoot, that's danged shore!
'Tis fun to run o'er concrete, hot,
an' into Red Owl whar they got
one cool, smooth, air conditioned floor.
Ditto each Faribo Plaza store.
.'Tis fun t' tread o'er tickly grass.
On feets? It feels great, lad er lass!
Jist goin' barefoot's kinda neat.
An', ain't that swell in summer's heat?
Deb Berge does it. Heck, I know.
Our Randy Piepho, too, does so.
Tom Brandenberg an' Kathy Bice
think goin' shoeless feels right nice.
Dusbabek (Carla!) ofttimes shows
her ten bare, pink an' pudgy toes.
Gee, Rick Kniefel loves t' go
'round barefoot, an' Craig Zahn does. So!
Nadine Hope? Donna Schultz? Both do.
Sweet Mary Offerdahl? Does, too!
Brad Bakko's big tough feets go bare
when weather's warm. Ain't got no care.
Tom Anderson? He's unshod, too.
So's Mary Erickson. Quite true!
Fair Cheryl Bosacker? Barefoot, sure,
like Roxanne Paulson! Jeepers, her
cute feets is bare most any day
once temps grow hot. Say, A-Okay!
Linda Savoy hates wearin' shoes.
In truth, shoes rather give her blues.
Shucks, Mary Jo Mahagnoul? She
goes barefoot 'bout as much as me!
An' Duane Caron? Nuthin' rare
t' spy him 'round with guy feets bare.
Sue Thibodeau? Nancy Koring?
Both gals barefoot. No ignorin'!
"Like Leather" them feets gotta be,
yet healthy, tanned an' womanly!
Who doesnt like t' feel their feets
get used t' paddin' 'round th' streets?
Most kids like t' expose their toes.
When barefoot, you don't got no woes!
Oh, bare soles? Yup, they git soiled black,
but wash off 'fore ya hit th' sack.
Gee, dirty feet's 'mongst summer joys
fer loads o' barefoot girls an' boys.
It's fun, it's simple. laid back, cool,
t' jist have bare feets out o' school!
P.S. I've gotta mention, too,
Jane Shaw, plump married gal, one who
goes barefoot all danged summer long.
Jist one o' many. Can't be wrong!
Cheryl Stoeckel? One fun gold haired hon
whose feets is bare in summer's sun.
An' Mary Stanton? Freckle faced!
She's one swell babe who's sure embraced
no shoes - tho cutoffs! - all dang day.
Pam Southworth? She's another. HEY!
Suzanne an' Julie Pecore, too,
are sisters, who, like quite a few
teen siblins', go with feetsies bare.
Together, they're one winsome pair.
Thar's Audrey, too, their mother who's
mid-forties. Often wears no shoes!
Thar's her boy Loren an' his wife,
th' former Mary Becker. Life
grows sorta rough, yet, still in all,
young love goes barefoot, Spring t' Fall!
By Gum, then! You've got Pete DeMars.
Pete opts fer no shoes. O, my stars!
Yeah, Barbie Pofahl's ofttimes seen
barefooted. Was Homecomin' Queen!
Way too many's th' girl an' boy
t' mention. Still, they all enjoy
good feelins' that cannot be beat:
jist runnin' 'round in plain bare feet!


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You knom your ex has a thing for you when she finds your comming down to pick up your kid and run &jumps in the shower only to be dressed when you get thier like an 9th grader from the 90s in a denim mini skirt &white top make up included. She dont like my beard said i should shave it.funny i remember being my own person&dont tell her how to dress

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as of late it seems that some people cant grasp the concept that I have a daddy best friend lover all wrapped in one that is very protective and very strict. He does not appreciate people who cant respect the limit that I have a daddy and will not roleplay will not be looking for a dom I'm only looking for friends and if the friends are doms they have to be oked by daddy first. Not trying to be mean just a rule daddy has cause he is only looking to protect his baby girl. so to any potential doms who want to talk and who will respect the limits set forth feel free to message and my daddy who checks my page for me will respond to you. But if you cant accept that I am not looking then don't waste your time messaging cause you will be blocked.

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If any female lives in or near Stockton CA, message me. Really trying to explore spanking and getting spanked.

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That moment you learn that your friend has been spinning tales behind your back about your romantic relationship with you did not know you were part of. Not cool, "friend."

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Dylan awoke slowly, to the hushed bustle and voices of the other boys. He found a bag next to his bed, containing clothes and toiletries. He vaguely recalled his Father's visit. Only a third of the boys who began the challenge, finished it. They were here, beside him. He was really happy, but his body felt tight and truly battered. He'd taken such a beating! His memory of the last twenty four hours was a blur of pain. His body held a collection of souvenirs, from the hazing.
His back was striped, by the paths that the members' belts and straps had travelled. His bottom was so bruised and marked, it was almost numb. His hand, tentatively, slid across the surface of his right cheek. It was a rough terrain of blisters, scabs and welts. He wondered if he would carry scars, from this event.
Though he heard voices, he was reluctant to speak. The Masters and Mistresses had forbidden it, unless they were addressed. His Dad had told him he'd passed the test and his bag of clothes was here, he supposed it was over, but why was he still here, then?

He looked around to see what the other guys were doing. They all seemed groggy, like him and sore. They were a subdued bunch. Dylan thought they, like him, were waiting for instructions. A bell rang, much like the sound of recess being signaled, at school. It dragged the remaining slumbering neophytes from their dreams. Master Poe entered the room, his leather garb of yesterday, replaced with a finely tailored suit.

"I'd like to offer my congratulations to you find young men, on completing the initiation test, for the Order of the Dragons. I can attest to the fortitude, bravery and resolve, of every boy in this room. For each of you who succeeded, two failed. I know your Fathers visited you briefly, in the night to deliver the good news. You were left to rest, as each of you was exhausted, from the ordeal.
We have several physicians here this morning, who will provide aftercare.
Our Mistresses will attend to you. They will be in YOUR service, to help you to become presentable, to your families. We will meet again during the Fair, where you will begin to see the rewards of your trials.
You are no longer being tested. You are free to talk or use your phones. Feel free to put on your undergarments, but please wait for the Dr to see you, before showing or dressing. Best of luck to you, boys. We are all very confident that you will have a bright and happy future."

A nurse began calling out names, Dylan's was among the first called out. He thought his Dad was probably waiting for him. He followed the nurse into a make-shift examining room. Dr. Nathan was there, whom he'd known most of his life.

"Dylan!!! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations, young man!" He rose and shook Dylan's hand.
"Let's get a look at you. Your Father and your Uncle are anxious to see you. They are waiting in the reception area."
"Thank you, Dr. Nathan. I'm moving kind of slow."
"Of course, you are! Well, it's all behind you now. You're young and healthy. You'll heal before you know it. Anything really hurting you, Dylan? Or just everything?!"
"My back, and thighs are the worst, but my butt feels almost numb."
"Perfectly normal, probably due to some bleeding below the surface of the skin. It'll clear up, in a few days. Take off your undershirt and briefs for me and turn around."
"Hmmmmmm, nothing unexpected. Let's get some that broken skin tended to. It's going to sting a bit, but nothing, like last night!! " Nathan chuckled "I'm going to have my nurse put some cream on you, to promote healing. You have alot of blistering. Try not to break the skin. It will increase the chance of infection. But if you do, I'll give you an antibiotic ointment to apply. The nurse will set you up with everything and give you a robe. You can shower and dress, now. I'll have one of pretty girls give you a hand.", he said winking.
Dylan finished up with the nurse and a beautiful girl net him, at the door. "Sir, I'll be helping you to shower and dress. It's my pleasure to serve you. My name is Destiny."
"Now we're talking!", Dylan thought, smiling.
Most of the boys were being ushered into a big locker room and shower room.
Destiny led him farther into the lodge. "Your Father wants you to use the Kings' accommodations. Your family, as founding members, has their own suite. Your bag has already been brought there, for your convenience."
Dylan was amazed. He'd never been to this part of the lodge. The place was huge. He entered a well appointed office and sitting room, with a bedroom and bath. He was waiting for the girl to leave, but she had started the shower and gotten out big fluffy towels. She was tying her hair up and slipping off her little uniform. "I'll be happy to wash you Sir, or serve you, in any way you desire."
Dylan was removing his shirt and paused at her words. He turned and saw she was naked. He didn't think about how sore he was, he was nineteen! His cock was instantly hard, and needed no further encouragement.
He took off his boxers and followed her, into the big shower. It had many shower heads, spitting pulsing streams of water, in all directions, while a huge round shower head rained downward, from the ceiling.
Dylan wasn't sure what to do, but Destiny did. She used a big sea sponge to lather him. She stooped before him, paying particular attention to this stiff dick and testicles. She was beautiful. He watched the water cascading over her full, perky breasts. She washed his legs, and then stood and shampooed his hair. Her long nails scrubbed his scalp. He felt great, though the soap stung his wounds. He was much too distracted, by his desires, to mind.

Now Destiny was behind him. She carefully soaped his swollen back and bottom. She was very gentle. He felt her nipples brush against him. Her slippery arms slid over his. She finished with his legs and then circled around, facing him.
He shouldn't keep his Father waiting, but he didn't care. Her soapy hands glided up his chest, rubbing the tension away from his shoulders.
Her pretty blue eyes batted at him, sweetly and a little shyly. "How may I serve you, Sir?" Her hand drifted down to his ridged shaft. Her perfect breasts rubbed against his chest. Dylan swallowed hard.... Did this mean he could have her.? Right here? Right now?

"I-I want you!" He whispered.
Destiny turned, and planted her hands on the shower wall. She had very long legs. She pushed out her perfect little bottom, arching her back. Dylan found the soapy sponge and used it to lather her bottom and between her legs. He couldn't resist the temptation. He slapped her pretty ass, hard! He been waiting for this moment and it felt exhilarating. She didn't mind at all!! He slapped it again, savoring the sung in his palm.
He'd only been with a girl a few times, but he seemed to know, just what to do. He slid his fingers between her legs and felt for the juicy tunnel. His pointer found her clit and rubbed it, as his other fingers entered her. He couldn't wait. He stuck out his pelvis and steered the tip of his cock, between her blossoming lips. She raised up her bottom, just slightly. He was at the mouth of her vagina. She pushed back against him, and he felt her pussy sliding tightly around him. "OH MY GOD!!!"
It didn't taken very long. Though he tried to wait, he'd been holding on to this load, for too long. He slowly slid in and out of the tight tunnel. He continued to rub her clit. She was moaning and then started to cum. It was all it took. He slammed into her her, pumping furiously!! As she climaxed, he shot a cannon full of cum into her.
A throaty groan of triumph, burst from him. He pumped until every drop, he had, filled her. He held her hips, hard against him. He could feel her throbbing muscles, spasm around him. She patiently let him enjoy his big finish. She knew how badly, he had suffered through the initiation. Finally, he let her go and rinsed off. She washed quickly.
He blushed a little, thinking she'd need alot more than those shower heads, to wash away the load he shot into her. It felt like a quart!! He liked to think of it all, up in her. He gave her a little sideways grin and got out of the shower.
She followed behind him and dried him, nicely, with the fluffy towels. She rubbed the cream on his back and butt. They both dressed, with few words. It was a little awkward, that much intimacy, with a stranger. She didn't seem to notice, though. They left, walking side by side, occasionally catching each other's eye, and chuckling.
When they reached the reception hall. His Dad and Uncle David rushed up to greet him. "There's our Boy!!! We thought you'd never get here!" They patted his shoulder and his Dad wrapped his arm around him. "Let's get your some breakfast, you must be starving!"
Dylan hadn't realized it, but he really was hungrey!! He turned back, to see where Destiny was, but she was gone. He caught his Dad and Uncle, exchanging a knowing look. They all started laughing. Dylan had a feeling they'd arranged the whole shower thing. He felt like "one of the guys", at last!

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I got the paddle the belt and the switch fot not asking mommys permission to go into her panty drawer

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Being back on here, rereading my old blogs part of me wishes I could go back and let that poor girl know that she is worrying for nothing. That in a few years time she'd have almost everything she ever wanted, and be happier than she ever thought she could be. It was all so traumatic at the time, and it was, but I feel so far away from all of that now, so far removed, in the best ways possible. Im not really posting this for any reason other than for memories sake the next time I read through all of this again if ever. its just good to be able to mark down the progress, and share it for those who are interested.

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Let’s face it, folks, the act of spanking, by its very nature, can be monotonously repetitive. But…boring? Well, it’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose. Scan the amateur spanking fiction on this blog page, and frequently you’ll see something like:


Or, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Or, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK…(insert the onomatopoeia of your choice). I’m embarrassed to admit that some of my early spanking stories contain passages like this. I wonder what I was thinking when I wrote them. Surely I didn’t imagine people would read every individual word and envision the hand or the paddle striking again and again and again. No, of course not. You look at that, and maybe you get a visual picture of a flurry…

Which is magic when you give it, or hell when get it, and a delight to watch when a responsive bottom squirms or screeches.

As a descriptive device, though, the mere repetition of the word is, well, boring, and not worth the trouble of copying to PASTE! PASTE! PASTE! PASTE! PASTE! those multiple lines of repetitive text into your description. C’mon, writers, we gotta try a little harder here, okay?

Not that I object to the concept of a good, prolonged, butt-burning flurry, the kind of thing that by its relentless nature burns through your bare, spank-sensitive flesh to consume your consciousness, to torture and to torment you and to drive you to desperation, until you don’t even recognize the pitiful screams escaping your own lips, until the relief that washes over you when it ceases is as blissful as the spanking itself was hellish. Find a way to describe something like that in your story, and you’re on to something.

Another thing that bores me about spanking (tube): photo collections of implements.

Well, true confession…I have some pictures of paddles in my album, too. It’s easy to be sentimental about certain things. I’m especially attached to the bamboo paddle I bought from Miss Rose at TASSP last summer. It’s the most amazing implement, and it never fails to get a reaction. It’s light and long and stings like the devil. My spanko sister Renee texted me last Friday and begged me not to bring it to the party. She HATES it!


I brought it to the party anyway. But I didn’t use it on her. Instead, I let MrsCrystal use it on me. If you go to about 4:20 in the video I just posted of that spanking, you can watch as MrsCrystal picks it up and says: “I love this thing!” And then you can see the reaction I give when she uses it on me.

Well, you could watch it, I guess. Or maybe you’d rather just look at the picture of the paddle in my album. I’m sure you’d find it fascinating. And while you’re there, you could check out the pictures of various hardwood implements I’ve recently added, though I’m sure they’re more interesting to me than to you.

However, there is one implement you might want to take note of. It’s a kitchen timer with a program mode. Whether giving or receiving, I really enjoy timed spanking challenges. Choose an implement and a time, push the button and hang on for dear life. Count the seconds down if you can…

30 Ow! Ow! Ow!
29 Ow! Ow! Ow!
28 Ow! Ow! Ow!

Oh, never mind—you get the picture, right?

And another thing…I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog, but often I feel that the spankings I get are much shorter than I would wish for. That’s the nature of the beast during party play especially, when the top is spanking multiple bottoms through the night. She’s bound to get tired.

Consequently, when I’m topping during private play, I strive to ensure that my bottom doesn’t feel like she’s getting the short end of the naughty stick. I set the timer in chrono mode, like a stopwatch. Then I set some goals for time in phases of spanking—maybe ten minutes of hand-spanking OTK, then ten minutes of implements OTK, then ten minutes of paddling over the chair…and so forth. Ultimately, I shoot for some pre-determined time period, generally an hour, and endeavor to keep my bottom building and building and building the whole time. Using those minutes as guideposts helps to keep me on track, keeps me going for the long haul without getting…shall I say it? Bored.

And here’s the neat thing about it. When I start the chrono and settle in for the long haul, it seems to put me into a certain mindset where I find a rhythm and just dig it. The question in my mind is never, “Has she had enough yet?” It’s more like, “Can she take it this hard for the duration, or do I need to ease up or change the motion?” It helps me to become more attuned to my bottom’s feelings.

And when I look at the timer, I’m always amazed at how time has flown.

Speaking of that…how much time has flown by while you were reading this? I hope I haven’t bored you. If I have, feel free to tell me in a comment. Do it in an interesting way and I’ll be delighted to read it.

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walks in room ... sits in a DOM chair .. so whats going on ..... where is everyone ..... then realizes iam in the Dom room.. runs out fast .. stands in the hall breathing hard .... goes quickly into the submissive/spankie room.. wow that was close.... dam ..... hope n oone saw me in there they need to make that sigh BIGGER !!!!! lord....

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I have a holiday video up on my account on fetlife, its not allowed on here as it shows a little blood, please go over and have a look if your on my friends list or if any friends want it emailing, im happy to do that.
Its just a shame i cant post it here.

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Anyone in Tulsa upto paddling me