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Angie and her boyfriend Mark were now both in their late 20's. They both lived with their respective parents because both had run out of money on their own and agreed to terms to stay ay home. Both were punished like children when they misbehaved or broke the House rules.
They were both being sent to stay with their Auntie Bertha and Uncle Fred, “ Auntie B and Unca Fred” as they preferred to be called had taken them both last summer vacation and both of them were severely humiliated and punished that summer.
They met them outside their Aunt and Uncles house in the country. They only had a couple of neighbors and they didn't live right next door but within a very short walk of there. Just as Mark and Angie walked toward the house Uncle Fred grabbed Angie by her elbow.
“Just where do you think you are going young lady? Hmmm? Unca Fred is going to warm the seat of your pants for not greeting your Aunt and I properly.”
He deftly spun her around on the porch of the house and began warming the seat of her pants. She began to whimper. He spanked steady and quickly. Her bottom wobbling to the barrage of spankings being administered. She had one of those juicy round plump bubble bottoms. Her Dark brown tight slacks hugged those globes. She was on her tiptoes and she was still very short compared to Uncle Fred.
“What do you say to Unca Fred after what you did?!”
“I am sorry Unca Fred. Spank the seat of my pants and teach me a lesson.”
Right as she said those words the girl and boy from next door came over. The girl was Jenny and the Boy was Sean. They had played truth or dare with them last Year. They were in their early twenties. But like Marky and Angie, they lived strict lives on their parents little farms. Jenny came over to me smiling.
“Looks like yer Girlfriend is getting a good seat warming there. Looks like her Uncle is spankin her but good. Bet yer next too.” She winked
I wanted to be spanked in front of Jenny and Sean and everyone. So did Angie these days. We had accepted it. And it sometimes turned us on. Having the neighbor kids watch made it better. More humiliating.
Auntie B and Uncle Fred said goodbye to our parents and told the neighbors to come back later. They giggled knowing we were about to be punished. We marched into the entry room and were promptly stripped “Barefoot, and Bare Bottomed.” All we had on was a shirt.
“Your parents have told us how naughty you two have been lately. That is why you are again being “Babysat” this summer. Auntie B and I plan on toddling the both of you. You will be treated and clothed like 3 to 4 year old Toddlers!”
“Yes Auntie B and Unca Fred.”
We were taken into a bedroom that was set up as a large Nursery for the two of us. Large changing tables, cribs, and playpens. We were in for a seriously humiliating lesson. We looked at eachother. As humiliated and shamed as we both felt we were both incredibly turned on.
“Angie you first huney. Unca Fed is going to spank and powder and Diaper you good and Auntie B will do you Marky.”
He lifted Angela up and lais her on her tummy on the changing table and Auntie B did me the same way. They both took jars of vaseline and a rectal thermometer in hand.
Uncle Fred and Auntie B said in unison...
“Tempy Time little Toddlers! Time to take your Tempy in your bare little fat fannies.”
They lubed our rosebuds and inserted the lube covered thermometers. They pushed them in enough to leave some sticking out between our bare cheeks. We could both see eachother having our Temperatures taken in our naughty bottoms cause the room was well mirrored.
Auntie B smiled at us and then gave a stern look.
“Take you lesson little toddlers! If you know what is good for you you will take it and learn!”
Angie turned her head to Fred,
“Teach my naughty bare bum bum a lesson Unca Fred. Take my Tempy and humiliate and scold me.”

{to be continued}

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Sorry for having you all wait so long! But I am currently working on two stories.

One involving the spanking of New York City from the personified state of Oregon.

The other is more X-mas holiday themed and will have the characters Sweden and Finland from the popular Hetalia series.

I'm just updating so you know I'm not dead and that the passion of writing is still in me!

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October the Eight, forty-eight years and October the Twelfth, twenty-eight years of being an BDSM'er!

And there are so many years to come!!

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I wish this would happen one day. My man is Mr. Safety with me and reckless ANYTHING boils his blood. But I love speed..... Here is my daydream/ fantasy.

The radio blares in my truck as I fly down the interstate. It's a sunny day and I am happy. It's my first day of freedom after being grounded to the house for a week by my husband for my carelessness. I hadn't locked the house when I left. He found out. Blaablaablaa.

Out of nowhere I see lights flying up behind me. This cop is MOVING! "OH SSHIT!", I look at my speedometer: 97mph. I hit the brakes, look in my mirror, he is closer. I look frantically in front of me who HOPING to see who he is pursuing. My temperature rises. He is locking onto me, I pant, feel feint and obey, steering to the side of the road. My husbands words fly through my head as I pull way off the shoulder into the grass, "you put those officers lives in danger when they have to come to your car. if this ever happens, AND IT BETTER NOT, I want you to pull your whole truck onto the grass if possible."

'Oh my God. I got pulled over. How could I be so stupid? I wonder what speed he clocked me at? I think I'm gonna throw up.'

"Good morning. Do you know how fast you were going?", he says with his hand on my doorframe.

I can barely speak, "Yessir, 97 mph".

"Well you're CLOSE. I clocked you at 104 MPH! Where you headed to?"

Hot tears run down my face as I try to speak but I can't.

"Is this an everyday thing for you?" he says with a slight attitude.

"No Sir. I'm sorry. Please Sir, can you let me go? My husband is very strict about this sort of thing. Please Sir, don't give me a ticket!!", now I am crying hard.

"Strict huh? So apparently not little miss 104. Maybe he needs to be a lot more so with you according to this. "

"I just got done being grounded. You don't understand Sir. I can't go home with a ticket!!! I'll get paddled!. Please let me go with a warning. I won't do it again!" whine, sob, sob.

Well this cop was loving my submission. I could tell.
"Paddled, huh? Oh I see. Well, I guess I can skip a ticket this time."

I look at him.
"But you're NOT getting off scott-free. Give me his cell number," he says as he holds up his pen and paper.
"I'm not allowed to give his number Sir. Please don't call him. PLease."
"Call him and then hand me your cell phone. You have 10 seconds before I change my mind."

"OKAY wait! I'll take the ticket!"

"..7, 6,..." he says.

I dial and hand the phone to the officer.

"Hello, this is officer Speilburger. I am standing on the side of the thruway with your wife who is about to get a speeding ticket for going 104 mph. I'm willing to let this ticket go, but I would like to be assured that there will be consequences at home. She seems to indicate that there will be. "

At this point they are talking and the officer says, "Really? I would be interested and I think that will get the point across quite well. Yes, I have it. Ok. 7pm sounds fine. Yes. Looking foreword to it actually. OK. No, thank YOU. "

The officer says, "You are free to go. Your husband invited me over to watch the ass blistering you are going to get. I will be bringing my handcuffs as requested. Your husband is no joke little lady. I am surprised you disobeyed. He says for you to wait here until he calls you back. I will wait until I see you pull away. Drive safely. See you later. " He walked back to his stupid, dumb, blinky, damn cruiser. I sit panting, sweating and angry.

My phone rang and I answered with a "Hello Sir. I'm sorry. "

My man ordered me to take the next exit, go straight home and come in the front door, go to our room and wait in the corner. "I am not happy with you. Be safe, get your ass home . You're are going to be severely punished for this. You KNOW this, we've been over this speed thing a hundred times. HAVEN"T WE GIRL?"

"Yes Sir. I'm so sorry. "
"Nevermind with the sorrys, get your little ass home. "

I pulled away and cried. I could feel the heat on my ass. I squirmed as I drove. He wasn't home when I got there. I walked in the door and went upstairs. I went to the corner after going to the bathroom and gulping some water. I stood with my hands on my head, panties down and skirt pulled up, just the way I always do. I waited.

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Belinda Trapp strode purposefully down the driveway towards Jim’s trailer. She looked behind her and all around, just to make sure that no one had seen her. Not that it was a big deal, because practically everybody in town visited Jim’s trailer for something or other from time to time. It was okay in any case; there was no one else about.

She was feeling quite special today, having put on her best cream satin lingerie which swished noticeably as she walked along, rubbing sensuously against her skin. It felt good now, but it would be even better later once she had tasted a few licks from Jim’s switch. Damn it to hell, the guy was a real performer when it came to that kind of stuff. With a final furtive glance behind her, she tapped gently on the trailer door.

“C’mon in Bel!” shouted Jim. “The door’s open. I hope you are feeling fit tonight because I’m feeling hotter than a gator that’s just swallowed a truck load of chilli!”

Bel needed no encouragement in slid inside. She was quite a big woman but there wasn’t too much fat about her all the same. She needed to maintain a certain image in her job as matron at the Fort Davis Correctional Center so her outer clothes tended to be functional rather than glamourous. Even now she was wearing a formal suit, which made her look very business-like.

But underneath, it was a very different story. Knowing Jim’s preference for women in silky lingerie, she had put on loose satin French knickers and a matching half-slip, which slid sensually over her skin, caressing it in a most pleasing manner. Her ensemble was completed by stockings and a garter belt, which were uncomfortable by contrast, but which also pleased Jim and would allow the cool air to circulate over her bottom later, once the caning had been administered.

She had been looking forward to this meeting for about a fortnight now. Her work pattern did not always allow her time off when she wanted it. That damned Corporal Blunt was always finding miscreants to punish and that often meant working overtime.

She didn’t mind too much, because she actually enjoyed watching the girls at the centre take a whipping, especially if they were young and pretty. Even so, it was nice to get away sometimes and get a feel for life on the other side of the fence as it were.

“Hi Jim how are you doing,” she greeted him cheerfully. “I hope you ain’t sprained your wrist or nothing cause I need a good hard one this time. Blunt just whacked some new girl and I got snail tracks all over my work pants.”

“C’mon Bel, have I ever let you down? You and me is going to have a great time; I even made a special switch for y’all. You will simply love it; it’s a real doozy!”

“Shit Jim, you are the kindest guy in the world. Let’s go and do it before I turn into a waterfall.”

“Yeah sure thing Bel,” said Jim who had a major stalk on just thinking about it. “Let’s get ourselves in the shed right now. I hope you’re wearing your good underwear because I’m just dripping myself!”

Belinda knew the way and needed no second bidding. She even sorted out the spanking stool and slipped her skirt and blouse off, quicker than a rooster on his way to the chicken shed. Folding them neatly on a convenient chair, she stood tall, smoothed out her slip and twirled around.

“What do yah think Jimbo; will I do?”

“You will do just excellent,” said Jim approvingly, “Now get bent over that stool and pull your slip up so as I can see your panties.”

Bel did just like she was told, pushing her bottom up as high as she could so that Jim got the best view possible.

“Wow! That is a magnificent sight I do declare!” whistled Jim, admiring the creamy lace trimmed tap-pants and pinging the suspenders that were holding up her stockings. “Would you like me to tie you down or can you manage as you are?”

“I can manage thanks Jim. Now don’t keep me waiting any longer. Give it to me good!”

“Right. Let us see if we can make these beauties dance then” says Jim. “Hold on baby; y’all gonna love this!”

With that, he swished the hickory stick a couple of times for practice and then brought it down with a sharp whack across the tap-pants, causing the buns beneath them a-rippling, just like the waves on a wind-swept bayou. Bel yelped and wriggled in response.

“How was that baby?” he asked gleefully. “Did I hit the right spot?”

“Yeah. Not bad, but c’mon Jim, you can do better than that. You ain’t swatting no flies now you know!”

“Right you asked for it. Get them drawers down so the cat can see the rabbit here. That’s it. Now let’s talk about fly swats. Take that you hussy!”







Jim let her have about a dozen more, so that her ass looked like a freshly painted red cattle grid. Then he slid his penis energetically into the firing chamber, letting her have the contents of both barrels and making her go all weak so that she sank involuntarily to her knees.

“Oh Jeez Jim!” she squealed in delight. “You must have been saving that up for a whole week. Whoooh I don’t think I can get up for a minute or two.”

“Yeah that’s okay doll,” replied Jim understandingly. “You take your time. I’m just going back in the trailer because ‘South Pacific’ is on the telly. I just love those old MGM musicals.”

And with that he leaves Belinda to it. After a while she gets up, puts the rest of her clothes back on, pokes her head in the trailer to say goodbye, and sets of back to her car. There is quite a lot of fluid about her pelvic area and it makes walking a bit interesting.

“Hot damn, she thought. I am going to have wash these panties when I get back.”

But she didn’t really mind. The cool smooth satin felt so good against her hot stinging, ass!

Thank goodness for nice sensual underwear.

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Ellie was wishing she could take back the last two hours as she stood in the corner awaiting McCoy to calm down. And administer her punishment. She replayed the whole thing in her mind. She knew she had over spent her credit card monthly allowance she fortunately hadn't gone over the limit just the amount McCoy allowed her to spend "it's not fair I'm adult and my money" however it had been that kind of thinking that put her 10000 dollars in debt shopping and now thanks to McCoys training and occasional spanking she was less then $300 away from paying it off. Well actually WAS $300 now thanks to a pair of designer shoes that on sale were still $300 she was up passed $600. And had taken a week off work due to being sick. She had hoped to get home in time in intercept the bill but traffic didn't agree. She felt somewhat relived when she walked in and the mail looked untouched and McCoy was no where to be found. However as soon as she slipped it in her bag he cleared his throat from behind her and asked what she had there "nothing just a note from my parents" she lied. He walked over to her and without saying a word turned her over his knee flipped up her skirt and gave 12 hard slaps over her panties. She knew now that he had seen the bill already and now that she had lied her fate was sealed. Letting her up their eyes met. I'm sorry she mumbled. Standing naked in the corner and the bitter taste of the ivory soap in her mouth was really all the punishment Ellie needed to be one sorry little girl but McCoy would definitely not agree. He entered the room already regretting what he was about to do to this woman he had only known a short while. He placed a chair where he wanted it. He moved some pillows on the bed. Based on those two actions alone Ellie knew she was getting a hand spanking and the belt or cane she shuddered at the thought of receiving both. "You cold" he said curtly. "A little" was the short reply "good, a cold or wet ass is better for spanking" she silently
Prayed he wouldn't make her go take a
bath first. She loved baths but when he was about to spank her and gave her a bath she wasn't allowed to bath herself his hand explored and rather then it being sexy or
Enjoyable it felt like an intrusive doctors appointment his hands would clean her yes but he squeezed her breasted if they became too perky and when he cleaned "down there" his looks where enough for her die of embarrassment but of course he took it to the next level
And poked and prodded as he cleaned. One time in perticular he made her put her feet up and did a "physical" she got wet thinking about it and as if to read her mind and told her to use the "potty" she cringed she hated that word even more the spanking. She complied and returned. He took her over his lap and began with her hand spanking turning her cheeks white to a bright red. Ellie had been spanked so much she made it through this without a noise "stand up" broke the silence (other then the slapping sound that just ended) he walked to the closet where all their spanking tools were and removed a hair brush. Her heart sunk she was hoping to move over to the pillows then at least it would be almost over. Plus the hairbrush was her least favorite and started crying out the first swat and only got louder the 3 dozen that followed. She wasn't sure how in the world she would finish this spanking. "Corner hands on head". She was thankful for the break. But was sadden cause she knew he was no where near done. He went to the closet and pulled out his belt a cane and ruler. after 15 minutes she was called back and she immediately started protesting when. She saw all the tools. 6 sharp slaps right on the sit spot silenced her. He ordered her across the pillows and picked up the belt and delivered 40 sharp well placed swings Ellie had never cried during a spanked, sure she screamed and squirmed but the tears never flowed instead she got terrible knots in her stomach she wished were tears. "Stand and give me right hand" she did and fought super hard as the the ruler landed hard against her hand 8 times would have been 5 but she couldn't stay in position. Then he finally spoke "Ellie I'm really sorry to have to do this. But I'm even more sorry you lied and disobeyed me. Now final part you chose. You can have 6 with the cane and be grounded the next two weekends not going anywhere unless I accompany you or you can take 12 and it'll be the end of it unless you pull the stunt again" "but I have a company party this weekend and you never go with me to those" "so 12 then?" "Yessir can I have a timeout first?" "It'll cost you 2" "nevermind" it wasn't worth it she could barely take 6 with the cane let alone 12 and she knew she would prolly earn extra anyway. But the company party was super important and she couldn't miss again she missed the last one and even though had a good excuse (technically lie, she couldn't tell them she was grounded)! Everyone was suspicious. She laid across the pillows
He lined up the first swat way lower then Ellie would have enjoyed SWISH "ARGH!!! 1!!! "One what?" "One sir" She always had to count the cane. She felt it made it worse. But the truth was McCoy always lost count cause there where longer breaks inbetween swats. Swish "TWO SIR"!!! swish "......*gasp* THREE SIR" swat "FOUR SIR!!!! Ooooooohh plleeeeeeaassse!!!!" "8 more" was the sullen response. Swish swish swish swish " SIIIIR" "see now only
Four left" swish "nine sir" SOB swish "ten *SOB SOB GASP* sir" SWISH SWISH "TWELVE SIR!!!!!" Ellie wished she could stand up and rub the sting out but McCoy was very particular that she stay in position and let the sting settle in. Plus he wanted to be the first to do a soft touch as if to apologize for the assult. He left grabbed the lotion. And asked somewhat rhetorically if she needed a time out to help remember or if she wanted lotion "yessir I promise I've learned my lesson may I please have the lotion!" And he sat down and applied a hefty amount and after she sat up and melted into him just wanting to be held

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[color=purple][/color]I had so much with my friend today. It was intense. I intrigued to tell more of my fantasies. I didn't think a MAN could EVER find my clit and may tingle the way he did . I know my girl could do it but I NEVER thought a man would be able to do it. I know I am going back to have more fun with him. I just how he can handle the my bratty ways. I think next I will give him a run for his money. Hmmmmm, just a thought. Ijs. #toomuchfuntocome

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I've been curious about one of his neighbors. About four miles from him, there's a place with a sign reading "Shadow Lane" with a smaller "Private" sign below. The drive is chained off and like much of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, (a.k.a. the Yoop) the trees are so thick you can't see any structures from the road. Surely it's not the same Shadow Lane as the famous spanking company?

Visiting my dad is an enforced vacation from technology. He lives so far out in the boonies you can't even get a cellphone signal at his house. No e-mail, no text messages, no cellphone. About the second day I can feel all the tension drain out of my neck and shoulders and it doesn't come back until I'm driving home. If I could just figure out how to make a living up there, I'd move tomorrow.

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Views: 139 · Added: 14 days ago la sinossi del mio racconto di ottobre a tema Halloween!
Se indovini… un contenuto speciale e inedito per te! Accedi a e seleziona la tua risposta ;)

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Last Sunday Jen had a lie in after work and so my niece and I decided to go for a walk.She has been at me for sometime to show her a house near where we live that is reputed to be haunted.No one has lived in this house for a very long time.I am not sure what exactly is the history concerning this house,it could just be subsidence,but some years ago word went around the village that the house was in fact haunted. It is a shame to see a house like this in such a condition,I am not even sure who owns the property.

My niece and I headed off walking through the fields.As we walked we talked and she told me how much she is enjoying University life.Life seems so simple at that age,but I am very proud of her and in some way wish I could turn back time to my University days again. We entered a field through a gap in the hedge and it began to rain,but we continued to walk.All of a sudden we heard someone shout the most obscene words at us.I turned around to see this man running from one side of the field towards us,he was waving his hands about and shouting: he was clearly very upset by our presence. As he drew closer I caught my niece and pushed her behind me. I took my keys from my pocket and was ready to use them as a knuckle duster if the need arose.My niece had picked up a stick. For a moment I thought he would keep running at us but then he stopped and began to tell us,in very foul language,that we were on private property and that if we did not leave he would ,"FUCKING KILL US"! My niece moved forward with the stick and called him a "Fucktard!",horrible word,I have spoken to her concerning her use of this word in the past.This seemed to only inflame the situation so I took out my phone and told him that if he did not calm down I would call for help.This seemed to work and once we had all calmed down he did explain that we were on private property. I know the owner of the land we were on and it was not this gentleman.I told him as much and he told me that he was a new employee of the land owner. I introduced myself and told him to call the owner of the land and I assured him that there would be no problem.He took my word for it and we went our separate ways. Still,his language was foul;I don't think I have heard someone use some many obscene words since my convent days.

My niece and I saw the 'haunted' house but I could tell that she was disappointed.We walked into the village and bought two Mars bars before returning home where my niece related the events of the 'foul-mouthed farm hand' to a half awake Jenny.Poor Jenny is on a week of late shifts and tonight my niece is sleeping with some college friends in the city as she has a hockey match tomorrow morning.I have the house all to myself,except for Justin and the cats and the fox who comes to the end of my garden looking for anything I might have for her.Also I am enjoying my Southern Comfort.We are expecting some friends to visit and stay the weekend tomorrow but until then I have the house to myself. I texted Jenny a little while ago and so far things are quiet,but being a Friday night anything could happen. I do wish she was here so that we could snuggle.

Have a great weekend my friends.

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It's he-e-e-e-e-e-re! I just uploaded our newest spanking video. Depending on how quickly ST is able to publish it, you should be seeing it soon.

This one features a non-punishment spanking given, and received, "just because". Also you might want to watch for the time warp that is documented in this video.

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This story is a excerpt from a K-On fanfiction I've done called 'What Have I Done?'

“I just have one last request.”

“What is it?”

“Have you ever heard the phrase 'an eye for an eye'?”

“No, I don't think I have. Why?”

“Well...” Azusa looked away, blushing. “This is a little embarrassing to say out loud now that I think about it, but...” She took a deep breath, then looked at Yui. “Yui-sempai, I want you to spank me.” Yui stared at her in disbelief.

“What did you just say?” Azusa pulled her into the room and shut the door.

“I want you to spank me.” Yui was stunned.

“Azu-nyan, why are you saying that?”

“Sempai, I hurt you really badly saying those things, and I need to be punished for it.” Yui backed up.

“But... I couldn't possibly do that. I know you must be upset about what you did, but surely this is asking too much?” Azusa went up to the senior and grasped her hands.

“I know it sounds strange, and I can't quite believe it myself, but I am dead serious about this. I acted like a child, so I need to be treated like one, at least for now.” This was a lot for Yui to take in.

“You actually want me to do it?”

“I can't ask anyone else but you. Please do this for me, as a friend. I've already told Ui about it.”

“But what if the others find out? Wouldn't that be incredibly embarrassing for you?” Azusa was touched by Yui's concern.

“We don't have to tell them. It can be our little secret.” Yui contemplated for a bit. Then she spoke up.

“You really want me to do it? You can't ask your parents?” Azusa shook her head.

“It has to be you.” Yui sighed.


“Thank you.”

“Well, how do you want to do it?”

“Pull your chair out. It'll be more comfortable than sitting on your bed.” Azusa instructed. Yui complied. Sitting down, she waited. Azusa went to her side and lay over her knees.

“Another thing. It has to be bare.”

“You sure?”

“Yes.” Yui grasped Azusa's skirt and pulled it up. Azusa's panties stared up at her, causing her to hesitate.

“Are you really sure it has to be bare? It'll really hurt.”

“Please, Yui-sempai.” Breathing deeply, she lowered the panties.Looking down on Azusa's small exposed bottom, she blushed. So cute... She lay her left hand on her friend's back. “How long do you want me to do this for?”

“I'll tap your leg when I feel I've had enough.”

“Okay. Anything else I need to know?”

“I will most likely start kicking when it starts hurting. Try to pay no attention to that. Make sure you give it to me good and strong. And if I start crying out in pain, don't stop. I will tap your leg when I want you to stop.” Yui raised her hand. She considered again asking Azusa if she really wanted this to happen, but decided against it.

“Okay. I'm going to start.”

“Don't hold back, even if you feel bad.” Setting her sights, Yui swung her hand down. SMACK! Azusa winced with the impact.

“Was that too hard?” Yui asked, concerned.

“No. It has to be hard. Keep going.” Azusa replied. Yui raised her hand again. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Azusa gripped the chair with her hands and gritted her teeth.SMACK SMACK SMACK! Her bottom quickly reddened, but Yui forced herself not to let up.

SMACK SMACK SMACK! Each subsequent slap increased the burning sensation more and more. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The kouhai struggled to keep her cries at bay. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The sound of the spanks filled the room.


Despite the closed door, the events of upstairs drifted down to Ui's ears. She winced at the sounds she was hearing. Azusa-chan, I sure hope you come out of this okay. She still couldn't believe what the guitarist had told her. A spanking from Yui to make up for what she did. It was a real shock.

Upstairs, several minutes later...

SMACK SMACK SMACK! “OW!... OW!... OW!” By this time, Azusa's legs were flying up and down. Her bottom was practically on fire. SMACK SMACK SMACK! “AAAAHHHHH!!!... OWAAHHHHHH!” Yui's hand was starting to hurt a bit, but she kept at it, secretly hoping Azusa would end it soon. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Tears flowed down the kouhai's cheeks. Just a bit longer she urged herself.

Yui's heart ached with the sound of Azusa's pained yelps. Please let this end soon. SMACK SMACK SMACK! *tap tap tap tap tap tap* Yui immediately stopped, relieved that it was over. Azusa lay limp, sobbing. Sadness filled Yui's heart. Sadness at what Azusa had asked her to do, but mostly sadness that she had agreed to do it.

She stroked her friend's head. “Are you okay, Azu-nyan?” Azusa pushed herself up, Yui assisting.

“*sob* T... thank you, *sob* Yui-sempai.” Yui hugged her tightly, comforting her as best she could. They stayed embraced until Azusa's sobs started to quieten. Yui guided her to the bed and gently sat her down, the kouhai wincing.

“Azu-nyan, that has to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do.” Wiping her tears away, Azusa managed to smile.

“I know. I guess we should just be glad you only used your hand.” She slid her hand under her bottom.

“I think we have some lotion in the bathroom. You need it.” Standing up, Yui left the room. Azusa sat alone, her bottom burning. She shifted position to find a cool spot on the blanket.

Yui appeared after about a minute, holding a small bottle. “Found it.” Azusa smiled.

“You really are so thoughtful.” Yui smiled back.

“Come on, lie down.” Azusa obeyed and lay on her stomach. Flicking the lid off, Yui squirted some lotion into her hand and rubbed it into the red rear. The coolness soothed the burning.

“It's so nice.”

“Is it helping?”


“Um... you have a really cute bottom, Azu-nyan.” Azusa blushed at this comment.

“Thanks, I guess.” Yui squirted more lotion out and rubbed it in. “How's your hand? It must hurt.”

“Well, I'm actually using that hand right now.”

“So you're treating it after punishing me with it. How ironic.” Soon, the burning had diminished significantly. Azusa got up and pulled her panties back up, then tidied up her skirt.

“Azu-nyan?” She looked at Yui.


“Please promise me you won't ask me to do that again. It really hurt me the longer it went on.”

“Don't worry. I don't think I'll be asking for this again.” They then headed downstairs.

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Ritsu has always been a handful to Mio. One day however, she inadvertently takes things too far.

Ritsu froze. Glaring daggers at her was Mio, trembling with unspoken fury. “I agree to help you with your homework, and what do you do?” she asked, voice dripping with venom. Now you might be asking, “What's going on? What has Ritsu done this time?” Well, it started like this.

Earlier that day...

“Please Mio?” the drummer asked over the phone.

“Why don't you ask Mugi or Azusa to help for a change?” Mio replied, annoyed.

“Azusa is helping Yui right now. And I get too nervous to call Mugi because I keep thinking her butler or one of her maids will pick up.” Mio groaned loudly. “Please!! I've tried doing it myself! I've tried. I don't get most of it.” Ritsu pleaded.

“Well maybe if you actually paid attention in class, you would get it.”

This conversation continued back and forth until Mio eventually caved. Later on, Ritsu arrived, and their study session began.

Initially, things seemed to go well, and progress was actually made. “Well this is a first, Ritsu.” Mio said sarcastically.

“Come on Mio, even I can do this once I get it.”

“Yeah. Too bad you can't ever get it by yourself.”

“That's mean, Mio.” Ritsu pouted. Mio then laid her notes on the table and stood up. “What's up?”

“Bathroom.” Leaving the room, she called back, “We'll continue when I get back.”

Left alone, Ritsu sat back. I know she likes helping me. She just won't admit it. Taking a swig of juice, she leaned back, waiting for Mio. Slightly bored, she stretched her legs back and forth. What is taking her so long? The door opened.

“I'm back.”

“Welcome ba-” Ritsu's foot then hit Mio's glass of juice. The glass tipped over, and the contents poured over her notes. Silence filled the room for several seconds. Then...

“RITSU TAINAKAAAAAA!!!!!!!” The whole house reverberated with that scream. And that's where we began.

“Um... sorry?” With a heavy footfall, Mio marched over to the table and picked up her sodden notes. Her hands trembled as she checked the damage. Ritsu slowly got to her feet. “Um, it's okay Mio. We can just... go over them again. Right?” Clenching her notes, the bassist breathed deeply.

“Do you... have any idea... how long... it took me... TO DO THESE??!!!!” She threw the now-useless notes to the ground.

“I SPENT HOURS ON THOSE NOTES!!!! NOW THAT YOU'VE TRASHED THEM, THERE'S A GOOD POSSIBILITY I'LL BE UP LATE REDOING THEM!!!!” Ritsu merely shrank in fear. She had never seen Mio this mad before. Clearly, she had screwed up beyond measure.

“Come on Mio. It was an accident, right? You saw it wasn't intentional...”

“ZIP IT!!!!” Mio screamed. Taking deep breaths, Mio struggled to calm herself.

“It seems to me that those punches to your head have clearly not knocked sense into you.” Trembling, Ritsu looked on. “Now. If this had only been 1 or 2 pages, maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but no. You had to go and destroy SIX!! PAGES!!” Taking a step forward, Ritsu tried to find words.

“Mio, please try to calm down. I'm sorry about what I did, I really am.”

Swivelling around, Mio clenched her fists. “Oh, you'll be sorry alright. You're gonna be very sorry once I'm done with you.” Looking back at her friend, she merely said, “Come with me”, before walking off. Hesitating for just a second, Ritsu followed. Her heart pounded loudly, and her hands trembled fiercely.

I've done it this time, I've [i]really done it this time.[/i] Within a minute, they arrived at Mio's bedroom.

“Come inside.”, she said before heading in. Gulping, the drummer followed.

Mio then closed the door and headed over to her dresser. Opening a drawer, she reached in and pulled out a roughly square wooden hairbrush, then turned to face the trembling Ritsu. “M-Mio? What's that for? W-what are you gonna do?” she asked.

“Something that your parents should have done a long time ago.” Ritsu's eyes widened as she put the pieces together. She immediately stepped back, her hands covering her bottom.

“M-Mio, you wouldn't. I-I mean, I know I messed up, I really do, but isn't this going a bit far?”

“Oh I think this is perfectly acceptable. I don't know whether you've been spanked before, but I think it's high time you had one.” Ritsu dropped to the floor.

“I know I messed up, I know I should have been more careful. I promise I'll make it up to you Mio, I'll do whatever you want. But please Mio, please don't spank me, not with a hairbrush!” she begged in tears. Mio looked down on her cowering friend, unflinching.

“Your begging won't help you here Ritsu. I am not changing my mind.”

Ritsu looked up at her friend, tears falling. Mio merely turned away and sat on her bed. “And you ain't crying your way out of this.”

“Mio, please...”

“Would you like me to call the others and have them come watch?” Ritsu paled.

“I rather crawl into a hole and die.”

“Well then, get over here.” Conceding defeat, Ritsu slowly got up and walked over to accept her fate.

This is it. This is really happening. Mio reached up and pulled Ritsu over her knees, then removed her skirt and panties. Ritsu's hand shot back. “Mio, you're not serious?”

“Oh yes I am. Now unless you want broken fingers as well, move that hand.” The drummer reluctantly obeyed. Bunching the blanket in her hands, Ritsu braced herself for the coming assault as best she could. Resting the hairbrush against the trembling cheeks, Mio spoke up. “Here are a couple of ground rules, Ritsu. First, since I had 6 notes, you're getting spanked for 6 minutes.”

“B-but if you go for that long, I won't be able to sit down for hours.”

“Too bad. Second, any attempt to protect yourself will add another minute, understand?”


“I said, understand?!”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Good. Then let us begin.” Feeling the brush leave her bottom, Ritsu squeezed her eyes shut.

This is it. WHAP! The implement collided with its target. WHAP! Ritsu was barely able to keep herself from crying out. WHAP! This was like nothing she'd ever felt before. WHAP! Mio regularly punched her head, and those hurt, but this put them all to shame. WHAP! “Guh.” WHAP! Mio was unrelenting. WHAP! She showered Ritsu's bottom with sharp hits.

After 2 minutes, Ritsu could take no more. WHAP! “OW!!” WHAP! “PLEASE MIO, I'M SORRY!!” WHAP! “OOOWWW!! I PROMISE I'LL BE MORE CAREFUL FROM NOW ON!!” WHAP!

“Yeah. You're gonna be super careful from now on.” WHAP! “Because if you don't...” WHAP! “… you know what'll happen.” WHAP!

“OOWWWW!!!!!” It was a titanic struggle to keep her hands in front of her. WHAP! The temptation to block the spanks was overwhelming. WHAP! Ritsu knew what would happen if she did though. WHAP!

Eventually, after 6 minutes, it finally ended. Ritsu lay over Mio's knees, crying her eyes out, her bottom bright red and on fire. Mio lay the hairbrush aside and pulled her friend up. Grasping her shoulders, she looked straight into her eyes. “Ritsu? I hope for your sake that this is the only time I have to do this. Although I do feel better now, I am a little sad that this had to happen.” Ritsu tried wiping her tears away, with little success.

“*sniff* I promise this will never happen again Mio. I'll be more careful from now on. *sob*”

Mio then pulled her sobbing friend into a hug. After some time, they cleaned things up as best they could and continued their study session.

That evening...

Ritsu lay on her bed, hands on her bottom. Since getting home, she had done her best to keep the damage hidden from her brother. The one thought on her mind? What am I going to tell the others?


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Views: 117 · Added: 15 days ago

When Yui makes a big mistake that gets the TV robbed, she must face the consequences.

“ONEE-CHAN!!!” Ui yelled up the stairs. Waking up, Yui wondered what the noise was. “ONEE-CHAN!!! GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!”

Realizing Ui wanted her, Yui got up and headed downstairs. “What is it, Ui?” she asked, yawning. What she saw next shook her awake. Ui stood in front of the door, which was wide open. Looking at her sister, Yui noticed that she was trembling.

“Onee-chan, did you remember to close and lock the door last night?” Ui asked.

“Um...” Yui thought back. “I...” The guitarist froze. “I forgot...” Ui slowly turned round. The expression on her face filled Yui with fear. She stepped back. Ui then pointed towards the living-room.

“Take a look in there.”

The tone of Ui's voice was scary. Heading into the room, Yui stopped. The TV was missing. She was speechless. “...”

“See it?” Yui looked behind her. Ui was standing there with her fists tightly clenched.

“Ui, I...”

“Quiet!” Seeing her sister like this was terrifying. “Onee-chan, what are we going to tell Mom and Dad when they decide to come home? I don't even know whether that TV was insured.”

“Ui... I'm sorry...”

“That's not gonna help us here. Because you forgot to close up last night, we got robbed. It might have just been the TV, but that's still a big loss.” Ui squeezed the bridge of her nose and breathed deeply, eyes closed. Yui didn't know what to say.

“I seriously thought there was a limit to how absent-minded someone could be. But it looks like I was proven wrong.” Releasing her nose, she opened her eyes and glared at her trembling sister. “So now what are we gonna do? It's not like we can just go to the shopping district and pick a TV up. Neither of us has that kind of money.”

Yui felt terrible. She had been practising guitar the previous night, and left the door open because it had been a bit warm. Ui had gone to bed ahead of her, asking her to close up when she was finished. But somehow, Yui had completely forgotten. And now, it had cost them dearly.

“Ui, I'm sorry. I got really tired while practising...”

“YOU CALL THAT AN EXPLANATION??!!!” Ui screamed. Yui shrank back in terror. Ui rarely got upset over things, but this was more than just 'upset'. She was furious. Breathing deeply, she tried to calm herself. “Sit down, Onee-chan.” she said, pointing at the sofa. Yui obeyed without hesitation.

Ui briefly left the room to close the front door, then came back and faced her sister, arms crossed. “So... What am I gonna do with you?” Yui nervously fiddled with her fingers. “A simple scolding will simply not cut it. Maybe I should take something away from you? Like your guitar? Lock it away?”

“Ui, no. Not Gitah. Please. I won't be able to practise or play at the club.” Yui begged.

“Even though you just laze around eating cake, according to Nodoka-chan and Azusa-chan?” Yui fell silent.

“No, that won't teach you a good enough lesson.” Ui began pacing back and forth, thinking. Yui watched, heart pounding. Ui then stopped and faced her again. “I know. Since you made a big screw up, Onee-chan, you need a big punishment. So, you are going over my knee and getting a good, hard spanking.”

Yui was shocked. “A... spanking?”

“Yes. Since Mom's not here, I'll have to be the one to give it to you.” Yui's heart plummeted. A spanking was the worst punishment one could get. There was simply nothing that came close.

“... Ui... please, not a spanking.” Ui merely got down on her knees.

“There's no point in begging, Onee-chan.” She patted her knees. “Come over here.”

Yui then slid off the sofa and got down on her hands and knees. “Ui, I'm sorry. I promise I'll replace the TV. I'll get a part-time job. I'll get several.”

“I said there's point in begging. Now get over here.” Ui said firmly. “Or would you like me to get something to spank you with? Like a wooden spoon, or a hairbrush?” Yui looked at her in terror.

“No, anything but that.” Ui then patted her knees again. Realizing that resisting was futile, Yui slowly moved over to Ui's side and lay over her knees. She then felt her sister grab her pants.

"Ui, what are you doing?" she pleaded, grabbing her pants.

"I told you, you made a big screw up, so you're getting a big punishment. That means on the bare bottom." Ui said.

"No. Ui, please." Yui begged, clutching her pants. Ui grabbed her sister's wrist.

“Unless you want me to get that wooden spoon, Onee-chan, let go and put your hand in front of you.” she said sternly. Losing the will to resist, Yui released her grip and moved her hand in front of her. “Good girl.” Ui lowered her sister's pants and panties, then put her right hand on Yui's back and raised her left hand.

"Make sure you keep your hands in front of you, Onee-chan, or I will get that spoon, understand?"

"Yes." Yui responded quietly.

Feeling Ui move, she clenched her fists. SMACK! "Ow!" SMACK! SMACK! Setting a steady pace, Ui's hand rained down blows on Yui's bottom. SMACK! SMACK! "OW! OW! OW!" Yui had no idea that her sister was this strong. SMACK! SMACK! It wasn't long before tears began falling. SMACK! SMACK!

"OW!!! UI, I'M SO SORRY!!!" Her cries fell on deaf ears. SMACK! SMACK! "AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I PROMISE, THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!" SMACK! SMACK! “Cry all you want, Onee-chan.” SMACK! SMACK! “You're staying here until I feel you've learned your lesson. SMACK! SMACK!

"OOOWWWW!!!" Yui's legs flailed. Her bottom burned fiercely, and tears flowed. SMACK! SMACK! "AAAHHHHH!!!!" SMACK! SMACK! “UI, I PROMISE, I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!!” SMACK! SMACK! "OOOWW!!!"

Ui kept up her pace, her sister's cries and begs failing to faze her. She simply refused to let this slide. Her sister had really screwed up, and she was going to make sure it never happened again. SMACK! SMACK! “AAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Yui screamed. SMACK! SMACK! She clawed the floor and kicked wildly, as if trying to run from her punishment. Her bottom was screaming in pain. It was clear. Ui wasn't pulling any punches.

SMACK! SMACK! The house echoed with the sounds of the spanks and Yui's pained retorts. SMACK! SMACK! “UIII, PLEEEAASSEEE!!!!” Then, just when she was beginning to think it would never end, Ui stopped. Yui fell limp, sniffing and sobbing.

"Okay Onee-chan. Have I gotten my point across?" Ui asked.

“Y... yes...” Yui said in a shuddery voice.

“Alright. You can get up now.” Her arms shaking, she pushed herself up. Her hands went straight to her burning bottom.

"*sniff* I'm sorry, Ui. *sob* I promise, I will be more careful in the future."

"I sure hope so. I don't want to have to do this again." Yui desperately hoped that was true. “So, as for the TV...” Yui clutched her bottom tightly, struggling to focus on her sister. “It looks like we'll have to get part-time jobs to earn enough money. Even then it'll take a long time.” Yui sniffed.

“Um... I could maybe ask Mugi-chan for help.” she suggested. Ui frowned.

“That sounds like a bother. I don't know whether we should.”

“It'll be alright. She'd be happy to help. I just know it.”

“Well... I guess we could ask when we see her next.” Ui then stood up. “I'm going for a walk. You'd better get ready as well.”

“Okay.” Yui stood up, pain pulsing through her rear. That punishment made her realize something: she would never be able to look at Ui the same way again.


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Hi, I will be posting some new videos up in a few days. they will be private. If you are interested in viewing them send me a request! If you are interested in being in them, send me your info! I will have you, ass up bare over my knee. I SPANK LONG AND HARD! YOU WILL HAVE NO TIME TO COME UP FOR AIR UNTIL I SAY SO! Ask around about! The people I have spanked will tell you, I am a heavy hitter. Just Come Out To Nashville!

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Views: 188 · Added: 15 days ago

I am really bored and I dont have anything to do :( anyone have any ideas?

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Views: 160 · Added: 15 days ago

Hi there. Well, I went ahead and did it! I published a spanking erotica short story on called The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I under the pen name Silk Jones.

It's a short story about a laid off legal secretary who, curious about the B.D.S.M. lifestyle, responds to an ad in a lifestyle magazine placed by a law firm seeking a "submissive legal assistant" and gets more than she bargained for. It's the kickoff to a series about a law firm that has quite a bit going on behind closed doors. The sequels to this will be full length books. The next book will come out in December - just in time for the holidays.

The story appears on Amazon's U.S., U.K., France and Germany sites in e-book format but you don't need a Kindle to read it. You could download the Kindle app to your computer, phone or I-Pad. It's only 99 cents (free if you're enrolled in Kindle Unlimited).

I hope you like it. Either way, if you read it, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.


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Well, I work with the public as a teacher. When kids are little brats, I think back to the spankings I got in school for bein bad. I go about my day with a little wet spot in my panties.

So often I think how much I would like to spank some of the kids. But I cant focus on it for more than a blip in time. My mind shoots off to my ass getting it. My mind puts me in the kids' shoes and what would happen if I was doing what they were in MY CLASSROOM!

Ohh, the pants would be ripped off me at home and I would be thrown over my mother's lap. That woman was fierce!
My mind zips to the building being empty and my husband coming to get me after school has long been emptied of its pupils.
As my students work, I am deep in fantasy land as I look over at my desk. My husband walks in and is angry that I am not home from work yet. He comes into the empty room, scolds me and tells me to lay over the desk. He says, "hmmm....who's the teacher NOW!?"

In this fantasy, he puts his hand on my back and starts to spank. He pulls up my skirt, soon the panties are pulled down and he is beating my ass raw with an 18" Westcott ruler. He is yelling, I am crying and he is going full force. beating my ass red and purple. My muscular ass does not ripple, though I would like it to. He knows I can take a hell of a discipline session so he delivers hard, full swing blows.
I sob and cry real tears every time my husband punishes me. He makes me say, 'I need the belt across my ass Sir".

He takes off his belt, snaps it and whips my ass hard. 20 blisteringly hard lashes with my daddys/husbands/daddys/husbands.....belt.

Crying like a little girl, he stands me up, tells me to get my shit and RUN to the truck.

I snap out of my daydream, my face is feverish on the surface, my eyes feel itchy, my panties are wet....the bell rings....I dismiss my students.

Time for my lunch. I go lock my door. I go to my storage room, masterbate, spank my bare ass with that hurts sooo good. 'daddy's gonna whip my ass when I get home from school. I been a bad girl,' I think as I orgasm there at school on my lunch break.

And when I get home for real.....I just may GET that spanking.

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Views: 111 · Added: 16 days ago

Hi Spanking Tube community. Just by being here, under the name DarkSecrets, I am disobeying my bf. I have been an ST member for years under a different name. My man will not allow me to post private things and carry on conversations about being spanked with others. So, I am disobeying him for the first time in a very big way. He said he doesn't want me to have others proposing to meet to spank me. And that order I will obey. I am in love with my man.
The thing that I want from this is a place to dump all of my more primal thoughts and desires, the "cavegirl" kind of aggressive thoughts I have of being thrown around by my hair, ass-fukd and spanked until I scream and pass out. See I feel better already. I will not disobey any other rules he has set: no picture posting, name, private things we do as a couple etc. . I am not here for a hook up or to meet someone to spank or be spanked. I will be starting each BLOG with a word denoting it as fiction or fantasy, memory etc. Just so yall know whats what. I have a spanking history that is rich. I lived in the south, went to a private school, lived in foster care, with various family, and had parents who spanked, paddled, strapped and etc. I am a happy, well adjusted professional, a good mom, love my life and want to include the freedom to write in my quest to be the closet writer that "came out". I would love to write for a book company who publishes spanking books. I would be a wiz at video writing and have an outrageous mind full f creativity for spanking life. Thanks for reading this. Please let me know what you think, of all that I write here. Add to my friend list if you like the stories. If you don't I hope you get a spankin' today that you DONT enjoy!Shhh...darksecrets

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Views: 196 · Added: 16 days ago

Hey y'all been a minute. Let me tell about the spanking I got
Yesterday. I made the mistake of texting and driving again and that meant....WOODEN PADDLES :/. When they arrived I got a stern lecture about how that was a breech in our agreement and I have earned a paddling. Also was made clear I would not get a safe word which I don't believe in but made my tummy jump. They asked if I needed or wanted a warm up and told me pro and cons to that. I didn't need to know cause I'm a vet but still smart to keep your mouth closed when you're around someone who is about to spank you. All the spankees know what I mean. Well I opted for one cause I always do better. They wasted no time at all! I quickly realized the warm up was perhaps a bad idea it stung like CRAZY. Got about 40-50 swats then we got to the paddling. 12 with pants on 4 with panties and 4 bare. I didn't need to count got a break between each set. But negatively no rubbing had to thank them when it was over and couldn't move a muscle during. Well got the first set and stood to make it set in. The next six turned to eight when I moved too much to their liking. Then pants came down and I couldn't not believe the difference a thin pair of yoga pants made. Two swats happened really close together. Yeow!! I was freakin out about my panties coming down but didn't protest and took my four with one reminder to stay in position I couldn't get the whole thank you out. The first time I was hiccuping too much and they said "again in english" but took too long to regain composure I got an additional swat. Looking back our first meeting with the belt was way worst afterwards but the paddle was terrible when it was happening :(

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