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and another shot of annisettes... why the hell not?? pffftttt

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that's all I'm gonna say.............

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Dangerous travels in the Hungarian Puszta

(What happened 200 years before?)
by Vilma Sexpeare (who called as Geraldine)

@ All rights reserved

Part 1.
Miss Clarissa Makranczy wearily leaned back in the seat. For days she traveled in a rattling damn post coach, engulfed in the dust, enduring the heat and smell of smelly body odor of the fellow travelers. Both sides of the road were vast pastures. Shepherds herded their sheep, wranglers the horses, and herdsmen the cows . There were storks nests on the high trees. There were storks nests on the high trees.

Relatives and friends warned her of the road. "It is a very dangerous road in the wilderness" - they said. There prowls Sándor Rózsa and his outlaw gang, called ‘betyár’. “In every robbery attack, all passing men were killed and all women were raped. No one can get away unscathed on this adventure"- they told her. The people also told her that Sándor Rózsa has superhuman abilities. According to some rumors, he has an immense magical power, which were gifted to him by witches. It is also rumored that bullets couldn't hurt him, because he was born covered by placenta.
But Clarissa was not a shy girl. She thought she could assumes the risk.
Clarissa Babarczy was born in 1816 in a small-noble family. At that time, Hungary was then under Austrian rule.

She was an attractive-looking, intelligent girl. Her beauty and radiance is quickly noticable. Six months ago she was a celebrated star of Komárom (today: Komarno in Slovakia) social life. She danced in balls with rich aristocrats, handsome army officers and other local notabilities. The newspapers often mentioned her by name. At night, gypsy musicians would serenade under her window.

Then, suddenly, her father, working with the Imperial Army, came up with a surprising idea. He decided to move a little village called Dorozsma, where he would be a countryside doctor. In his youth he roamed the country as a military doctor, and only gave up his lifestyle for a nice pair of eyes the sake of and settled in the Danube coastal town, Komárom.
As time passed, he yearned more and more to go back to the happiness of his youth. When he presented the plan to his daughter, of course, he offered for her to remain in Komárom, with Aunt Annuska. The "aunt" was a distant relative of her mother, she was only six years older than twenty-year-old Clarissa Makranczy.
This would not have been wrong, but Annuska fell in love with a handsome, wealthy doctor. The last time they met she was getting more insufferable, because she felt that she was left alone. She collapsed, when she realized that unnecessarily cajolement for Clarissa Makranczy's father. A terrible tantrum ensued, semi-unconscious and falling on the living room carpet, of course, but achieved nothing with him, Miklós Makranczy already decided. He traveled ahead to arrange everything, in order to arrive at his daughter worthy environment
. Annuska has not tried to influence his relative.
- Stop crying immediately! - snapped Miklós Babarczy - otherwise I will thoroughly spank you, dear Annuska.
- Will you? - Annuska asked him with the loveliest face.
- How much more so!
- I gladly accept all kinds of pain which comes from you - Annuska said.
She was much younger than 42 years old Miklós. Miklós who grabbed Annuska's arm and forced her to the garden. He tore off her skirt. Annuska's old-fashioned knickers opened at her bottom.
He puts her on his knee and begins spanking.

The bright summer sunshine with gaudy colors covered with the garden. The bushes had green leaves, but the grass had dried up here and there. Miklós and Annuska were in a clearing. This is not a safe place. Anyone can see the handsome military doctor where he spanks his relatives. Miklós did a thorough job. His palms clattered the bottom of the woman. Annuska could hardly hold back screaming.

Clarissa had just strolled on the garden walkway. The clicks and screaming caught her attention. Cautiously she crept close to them. She hid behind the bushes and looked to see what was happening. Her father ordered her aunt to take off her shirt and stand in front of her.
Clarissa gasped. She was innocent, full of illusions. She couldn't imagine a virtuous middle-aged lady on command undress in front of a male relative.
Annuska continued her undressing, while she watched with interest that Miklós pulls out a short-handled whip. It was surprising, frightening, but also very exiting when the end of a whip tickled Anuska's bare back.
- Oh my holy God! - thought the innocent Clarissa. She was extremely surprised. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
- Oh my holy God! - shouted the ripe Annuska. She was extremely excited. She was ready to accept everything from a beloved man.
Miklós started flogging her. The blow unprepared Annuska, since only been between two worlds in her soul. The lash was painful. Unconsciously she groaned and pulled her hand instinctive defensive gesture in front of him. Miklós roughly heavily hit again, but then their eyes met and he saw the sincere admiration in the eyes of the woman.
Miklós dropped the whip from his hand and knelt in front of her. He started to caress and kiss Annuska's face and hands. He said something, but the words are only half formed on his lips, so although constantly talking to her, she heard snippets.
Annuska was nearly naked, only wearing old fashioned knickers with a wide opening at her bottom. Miklós with his fine soft fingers touched her. He kissed her face, neck, shoulders, arms, titties followed by a strong gesture with his finger sliding into Annuska's ass hole under her knickers.
All this provided Clarissa with a violent orgasm. Her small body was shaking. Lukewarm juices flowed out of the cunt. Her body was boiling hot.
Not much was missing to faint with her pleasure.

(to be continued)

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how sweet to log in throughout the day n find not one, not two, not three but 8 messages from my friend....... n then an additional 5 I think once I replied to some... made my day a lil easier to manage ( n trust me today was a killer day at work)...but I did manage to have a lil fun at work too... as I was preppin cukes I found this MONSTER one n brought it out the front where our male gay caterer is... I held it up announced " hey stop leavin ur toys around.." he turned n saw me holdin it up n burst out laughin.. then said " let me tell u somethin woman... I'm a TOP so give it to my boytoy ( the name I gave his new boyfriend.. he didn't like it at first but now he referres to him the same way)...later I pinged him in the back of his neck with a rubberband.... he spun around laughin n said " listen brat!! u better go find urself a Daddy to whip ur ass with a belt".... I smiled my best smile n told him to stop screwin off on the clock hahaha...

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I regulary get spankings once a week or so for fun. My disciplinarian and I play a bit hard doing hour long boxing matches described on an earlier post. We also have an agreement that when I have life issues, like staying up too late or bad grades, I will tell him about it and we will do not not fun punishment spankings as necessary.

For the past two months I have gotten three F’s and haven’t told him about it. It is an online course I have to take to prepare for my nursing license. After feeling guilty and a ashamed of myself I confessed this week. The remedy for my poor work will be punishment style spanking/beatings for about a month. Normally we do the last 30 seconds of the 3 minute rounds harder; now the whole 3 minutes is hard. This will go up to 5 minutes. Like this it’s almost intolerable - I have to clench my cheeks, yell into the pillow and kick my legs to cope. I get these sessions tied to a flat table, which I also don’t like.

We started with a warmup so I can go longer. I had three hand rounds, two on the bare. He is the hardest handspanker I’ve ever had and these are worse than the paddles. Then we moved to the patent leather to transition to solid paddles.

Then a horrible hairbrushing with the bath brush.
Then on to other paddles, I can't remember them all, but including a small .5” rubber paddle that leaves marks and bruises.
To finish off we used the short prison strap (in a word, hell).

The next day I was supposed to get another hour long, but I weaseled out of a full session after explaining to him that we can go harder in five days. So I just got a hand spanking. The pics were taken hours later after I got home. It doesn't look like much, since I already am used to spankings, but it hurts to sit. Even two days later as I write. I notice it when I walk and really feel it when I run.

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Don't compose messages on the 'tube - they could get erased! I just wasted a half hour. After accidentally getting out of the compose box the buffer was automatically erased. You have to save constantly to avoid this, which will make no sense to anyone reading your blog while you add sentences. Beware!

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Hey St world. Im in Cleveland oh right now. I really need some asses to spank. Please call me if you still have my number or message me. I wont be here forever so please contact me ASAP.

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Hello Everyone,
I just turned 65 yrs.old on July 7th.

I know it is a week later but I will accept hand spankings from my spanking tube friends.

Ellen Marie

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Hello, I just wondered If I can please have some help from my lovely friends? I need some help to make some magic work. To make a wish come true. I have been wishing on my own but It hasn't been working. I think It's because It's just one. I feel sure my wish will come true If there are more wishes. I'm not very well at the moment and I really, really, really want to get better in time for my birthday. It's very soon. In 4 days. I would pray but I don't think this is important enough to bother God over. And I may have been a little bit rude to God last time I got upset.

Moss has been helping me think of Ideas. He's full of good Ideas. He also said there is no point getting upset until I have tried everything I can possibly think of to get better. He is right. Moss Is a monster. I call him Moss because he is covered in foliage and moss, It helps him camouflage. Hehehehe His eyebrows are so mossy!

I'm going to try everything I can possibly think of to get better and I will be super duper grateful for any wishes. Thank you:)

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Personally I don't like anything but the hand or a slipper but I'm curious what everyone else has to say about this topic. So what's your favorite implement to give and/or receive?

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WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

i am a submissive to my fiancee/dom and here to live the Spanko lifestyle in florida. I have been into spanking for as long as I can remember.If you if you have any questions about us or our lifestyle please feel free to pick my brain! feel free to message me. i am free to answer any and all questions any of you may have, or to just simply chat!

please feel free to contact me, just send me a message in my inbox

profile on fet life
my dom - Mr_JDB
my profile - his_spankedgirl

profile for journey as a dom/disciplinarian on spankingtube - mistressmayhem

*ABOUT FRIEND REQUESTS!!* feel free to send me one as well as a message i love getting to know new people !

P.S* yes i know im a sub but as for searching for a dom, please don't contact me i am already very happy with the one i have and don't plan on changing who my dom is or having another one, if you message me regarding a request to be my dom or if i have a dom you will be ignored

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WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

i am a strict but caring female Spanker/disciplinarian here to live the Spanko lifestyle in florida. I have been into spanking for as long as I can remember.If you need a loving , but firm hand in life and need Structured discipline, message me. It doesn't even have to be discipline, if you want a fun light hearted spanking, Stress relief, emotional release , or a maintenance spanking, message me. I can even help if you are not sure that you are into spanking and you want to give it a try.

if this feels like you please feel free to message me. i am free to answer any and all questions any of you may have, or to just simply chat!

please feel free to contact me


profile for journey as a submissive with my dom - submissivelife

*ABOUT FRIEND REQUESTS!!* feel free to send me one as well as a message i love getting to know new people !

P.S* yes i know im a sub as well but as for searching for a dom, please don't contact me i am already very happy with the one i have and don't plan on changing who my dom is or having another one, if you message me regarding a request to be my dom or if i have a dom you will be ignored

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SpankingTube should have alerts for when someone comments on ur blogs ... ya can check ur wall for messages n u can check ur email for messages but once ive written a blog I only check it a day or two for comments.. so then I kinda feel bad when I go to a OLD blog n see somethin someone asked me or commented on that I hadn't responded to only because I never saw it or knew it was there...that makes me feel rude ( well ruder than I am )....

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Picture this, if you will: A hotel employee is pushing a bus cart of dishes to the service entrance of the ballroom kitchen. He rounds a corner in the foyer of the ballroom and calmly passes between two rows of people—ladies on one side of the corridor, gentlemen on the other—and all of us in some state of undress. Most of us wore only our orange prisoner shirts, no pants. I couldn’t help but wonder what the busboy was thinking.

It was Sunday afternoon and, apparently because the only remaining parties were officially scheduled in a couple of the second floor suites, the hotel staff had removed the black curtains and private party sign from the ballroom foyer. But the upstairs suites were not nearly big enough to hold the judicial event. After some last minute finagling with the hotel staff, the party organizers managed to secure the use of the ballroom.

The TASSP website describes the event thusly:

“This is a fairly new event, but has been VERY well received at the previous venues, including TASSP last year. This event is for men and women to be punished in a punitive, judicial way by guards in uniform. Choose the cane, the paddle or strap and the intensity you desire (medium, hard or VERY hard) before the event occurs. Most prisoners receive 8 strokes. Talk about an authentic headspace!?! It doesn’t get more realistic in feel than this event. Each prisoner wears a prisoner uniform (provided) is restrained and punished in a no nonsense manner. All prisoners are asked to sign up on the Fetlife thread. This event is open to viewing by all registered attendees”

I didn’t count noses, but I estimate there were about 25 to 30 people watching. Twelve ladies and nine gents had signed up to be punished. One by one, we were put into leather cuffs and led into the ballroom, then chained to the St. Andrew’s cross to take our licks. The door was closed during the beatings to keep the noise from spilling out into the lobby. But just outside in the foyer, we could hear the strokes while we waited.

The waiting, and the listening…that’s where the “headspace” was. Actually, I wasn’t too nervous. When I first signed up, I intended to ask for the max—8 very hard strokes of the cane—because that’s what I feared most, and I wanted to experience something severe. But after all the paddling, flogging and strapping I’d experienced on Friday and Saturday, my taste for something severe was greatly diminished. I negotiated instead for 8 medium strokes of the strap. Still, “medium” is a subjective measure, so I didn’t know for sure what to expect. Being number three in line, I didn’t have long to wait. As I put my hands into the cuffs, I felt my pulse rising. It was a bit heady, marching in before the crowd and hearing the sentence read…

The strokes I got were no more severe than what I’d previously experienced. But then, I didn’t ask for it hard. If I had it to do over again, I’d ask for “very hard.” At the time, however, discretion seemed a wise choice. I honestly feared I might go home bloody, which wouldn’t set well with my wife.

When my sentence was complete, I went to the “recovery area” at the back of the room, where I could watch the remaining prisoners brought in and given their licks. One of them was a young lady with a punk-style hair cut shaved on the sides and lots of piercings. Her sentence was read: “Three strokes of the cane at a pre-negotiated intensity.” Notice, he didn’t say “medium,” “hard,” or “very hard.” Her punishment went beyond even that. I think I would categorize her pre-negotiated intensity as “downright cruel.”

Her guard brought out a HUGE cane, lined up and swung it like a baseball bat. Three Singapore-style swats—and each one split the skin. She screamed and drew her knees up, bringing her feet off the floor with every stroke. She could hardly walk when they took her out of the restraints, and she looked like she might be going into shock.

They helped her to the recovery area and laid her down on her stomach. Her guard was well prepared with rubber gloves and first aid supplies, and he was quite adept, I thought, handily cleaning and dressing her wounds. He had some large, transparent bandages, just right for the job. One might think he’d done this sort of thing before.

Miss Camomile was among the onlookers from the audience who gathered around. She had a very concerned look on her face. I don’t think she was happy with what she saw, but I didn’t ask for her opinion at the moment. She walked out with me as the party broke up, and she said, “We had several people take lots of cane strokes last year, but none of them bled.”

What to think? I’m not sure. It was negotiated, after all. She specifically asked for that, and she wanted to have her limits pushed. But I’d say it’s a good thing she stopped at three.

Anyway, that’s it. I’d already checked out and most of my stuff was already packed in my truck. I had to work the next day, so I boogied out, driving on a sore butt and a snootful of endorphin, with Shanna on the phone to keep me company and help me stay awake. I love my Bluetooth.

This is where we started, is it not? Driving home from Dallas and feeling so very alive. I have enjoyed re-living those experiences at TASSP as I wrote them down for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as well.

Cheers y’all,

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I told her punishment would commence on weekend. Her eyes show me how nervous that makes her. "What will you do?" she asks, but I don't answer. I can tell she knows it's going to be a serious session.
All week long she tries to get me to tell her what will happen on Friday. She flirts with me, and drops little hints. I tell her nothing, enjoying her discomfort.
Friday evening she is as frantic as a cat in heat. She keeps looking at the clock, knowing it is close to punishment time.
At about seven o'clock I order her to strip and kneel before me. She obeys in that tentative manner of a nevous child about to be punished. Kneeling naked before, she is so beautiful and frightened. I want to kiss her, but instead I read a list of her crimes. Her face goes darker and darker the longer I read. Guilt covers her features. She knows she's been a naughty girl. She knows what naughty girls get.
"Fetch the punishment easel," I order, and she rushes to obey, glancing at the clock as she passes. She places it in the center of the living room. "Fetch the instruments," I say, and she hurries to bring in all the devices of punishment: the hairbrush, the leather paddle, the razor strop, and the frat paddle.
I hand her a paring knife. "Go outside and cut yourself a willow switch. And make sure it's a good one!"

"But I'm naked!" she argues.

I quickly turn her over my knee and spank her bare buttocks several times on each cheek with my hand. She quivers and moans, but the second I let go she bows and whispers, "I'm sorry, sir," and runs outside.

I watch her through the kitchen window. She sneaks along near the bushes, eyes out for peeping neighbors. She nervously approaches the willow tree and cuts off a long limb. She looks delightful, her skin so pale and flawless as she run back toward the house.
I pronounce the switch adequate, which relieves her a bit. I take her to the easel and fasten her in place, her legs wide with her ass thrusting out obscenely. I rub her a bit. She's already excited. Taking a black handkerchief, I wrap it around her head and over her eyes. She moans in despair, but does not complain.I can see her tense visibly at the sound. Her head moves from side to side in terror.when i wave equipments and trying each in air then told her to open her hand she starts to breath quickley thinking im going to swatting her hand,the right hand i say , she opens in hesitation
while her other hand's fingers klinched in tense her body in tension that she steps up on her toes terrified but she calmed down and her body relaxed when she felt she is fooled when i put a die in her palm ,We'll roll a die to determine what implement you get," I say.
she is fooled again and throw the die innocently thinking its a kind of game but waked up when i pronounce the number five and recognised its the big frat paddle as she arranged implements by her self , She quavers but doesn't say anything. Now roll yourself again in position , i say. she sobs and set her self in position and lowered her head as she knows her nightmare will start , i start paddeling The big paddle completely covers her rounded haunches and each stroke shakes the easel and turns her ass a darker shade of pink. She cries out in pain and wiggles, but there's no escape the punishment she has earned. her loud screams bothers me some are sexy and some are noisey , please give me a break i can't get any more , she trys to roll her head back while she begs and trys to effect on me , hushsh Quiet! No talking or you'll get extra! she nods in sobs and tears
i like to watch her helpless waiting for next spanking not knowing what the implement will be It must be driving her crazy!
im pleased watching her in this situation quietly then after a while when i figuered she cooled a little i started to move round her that she begins to straight her self again moving her head again right and left to guess my action i took her palm gently put it on my shoulder to lead her to the table., pick another i say ' she moans, no baby please enough for today , i lift my arm highly and falls two fast slapps on each bare , her red butts jiggiles like water bubbles a suden scream leted out from her lips and she starts to remember she have to submit her self again telling yes sir , steps forword to the table starts to touch with her fingers and pick not concentrating having a bad luck to catch the razor strop i take it and dangled it from her neck back down to her hunches passing it between her hips from the front and starts to walk her to sofa blindfloaded every step she walks i can feel her terror her shivers and hard beats , shame and sadness filling her face i took off the razor strop from her neck and sets her on sofa in a doggy on her 4s , she crys and her breasts swinging down shakes in rhythems with her sobs and cry , sir i won't keep begging so not to annoy you please forgive me i will correct all my crime list ' she says helplessly , i ignore her try even didn't ask her if she are ready i just waved the strop up and belted her bottom sequently one after one by the forth her curvs was spinning like a snake , her lips howling for mercy then she falls down to lay on her stomache hugs and biting a pillow waving her legs in a try to cover her bottom with her feets her crying comes from her deep and stoped saying a word
i sip some cooling cold oil over her butt., go and face the corner , she starts to move her self slowly touching and feel things with her hands blindfolded in pain till she reached the corner
i start watching her again while she rubs her buttocks and spreads the oil all over to cool her burnt buns but this time i cant resist my desire drawing a sketch for her
cryings kept running on her cheeks turned from loud and hard crys to calm and soft crys while spending the corner time till i finished the sketch then walked towords her tendered and rubed her butt a little she pins her self in corner once i started putting my hands on her thinking im going to spank more but then felt safe and lightly start moaning as she recognised im cooling her.
in another try she rolled her self and huged me tightly like a beauty shields by her beast by her pouting duck face starts to kiss my lips sticking her self to my body as much as she can to seduce me
but i know how clever she is and how she have the ability to trick me by her beauty and her sexy ways
i kisses her a deep kiss to let her feel she achieved her aim and at this moment she starts to climp me rounds her leg to my waiste graping me for more , i carry her up between my arms and walks to the sketch and put her down infront of it then untied the black handkerchief , she blushed once she saw the sketch looked at me shyly in shame as she peek a look in my eyes followed by a peek to the sketch then looks down three time before saying "im so embarrassed you were drwaing me while spending my corner time " ya and i will put it in our room as an art decoration and to memorise you,actually im thinking to draw an album for you names it wife's album of punishment. i say"
she hides her face with her hands from shyness then looked at me with eyes behind her fingers "can i go now ? " she asks i took some steps away from her while lighting a cigarret " no you still have to paint it " i respond arrogantly
NOO way i won't paint my own nude draw ' she says in a rebel '
i blow smoke out of my nose and mouth while rubbing the hair brush to my palm ,saying ' are you sure?'
she took a deep breath in fear start running and jiggiles her butt in rush gathering paints spreaded round the room then back quickley to the sketch to paint she sits "ouchch" she jumped off the chaire
sorry sir i will paint it for you "she said" and kept standing while she paints

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I've finally gotten a new camera for my birthday yesterday and now I'll be able to upload new pictures and videos for you guys!

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My wife broke her hairbrush while spanking me last weekend and has tasked me with replacing it.

Can anyone recommend a good hairbrush available on amazon?

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Just wanted to say good bey to the few friends i were...doctors have given me a ditch sentce...good
luck to wall


Spanking Sorority Girls
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Last saturday my strict wife gave me my 3 maintenance spanking in her 3 months long program.

Being told to get ready for a trip over her knees, I had to take a dining chair and place it in the center of the room, get her wooden bathbrush and the short cane. After doing what I was told my wife told me to strip down to my underwear and go stand in the corner while she prepared herself for the task of giving me my maintenance spanking.
I obeyed her and stood in the corner for 10 minutes before I could hear her walking across the room in her high heeled ankle boots and taking a seat on the dining chair.

My wife then called me out of the corner and told me to come and stand in front of her. Walking over to the chair where she was sitting, dressed the way she knows get me going was hard and very embarrassing for me.
Tight black leather pants, black leather gloves, high heeled ankle boots.
The small underwear I was wearing could not hide the excited state I was in and the front ofthem were soaked in pre cum.
Blushing deep red I stood in front of my strict wife looking like a very naughty little boy.

My wife ran her hand over my hard erection and stated that it was a shame this was going to be wasted, but she had a task to do. Besides this will go away very quickly she said and squeezed my hard erection. She sat straight up on the chair, making her tight leather pants squeek and picked up the wooden bathbrush.

Looking very sternly up at me and telling me to look her in the eyes, my wife saw how embarrassed I was at this point and then told me to take my underwear down to my ankles.
My face was beet red with embarrassment as I obeyed my wife and pulled my underwear down to myankles and revealed my hard pre cum dripping erection.

Well well young man it looks like you are looking forward to getting your bottom spanked my wife stated and smacked the wooden bathbrush against her left palm.
I was so excited at this point and felt so embarrassed at the same time. I just wanted to get over her leather clad knees at once.

My wife then surprised me and told me to take a picture of her sitting on the dining chair with the wooden bathbrush in her hand. I was going to document this maintenance spanking and upload the photos here on spanking tube. I now know that she found and cheked out my profile.
I did as she told me and took pictures of her with the bathbrush and the cane.
(These pictures are uploaded. Look through my photo albums and you can see them)

Well young man it is time for your maintenance spanking my wife said.
Get over my knees right now.

Placing myself over mywifes leather clad knees was heaveen for me and the pre cum made my erection rub easily across her left thigh.
Then my wife reached for my free hand and told me to reach back. I obeyed her and she pinned it to the small of my back with her left hand with a tight grip around my wrist.

Now young man this is going to hurt and you will be very sorry by the time I stop spanking you my wife said sternly.
You can beg, plead and cry all you want, but nothing will stop me from giving you the spanking you deserve. You are to remain in position over my knees until I say you can get up. If you wiggle yourself of my knees before I have finishes spanking you, I will take you right back over my knees and start your spanking from thebeginning. Is that understood?
Yes Maam I replied and waited nervously for my wife to beging spanking me.

I did not wait long before my wife bagan spanking my bare bottom. Alterning between my butt cheeks my wife spanked fast and hard. It completely surprised me how much the first couple of dozen hard spanks stung and I was soon kicking my legs and wiggling over her knees, trying to avoid the hard wooden surface of the bathbrush.
Like always it did not help me at all. My wife easily held me in place over her leather clad knees and kept spanking me without missing an inch of my allready reddening bottom.
Any excitement was long gone by now and the only thing on my mind was the awful sting of the bathbrush.
After 5 minutes my wife stopped spanking me and told me to stand up and set our camera on auto so it could take a picture of her spanking me with the bathbrush. I obeyed her and set the timer to 10 seconds and quickly got back over my wifes leather clad knees. She waisted no time, grabbed my free arm and started spanking me again.
The camera took a picture and then my wife settled into a steady rythm of spanks that made it more and more hard to hold my tears back.

A couple of minutes more I lost all selfcontrol and felt tears running down my cheeks. I was soon crying freely and gave up fighting. I just layed there over my wifes leather clad knees and cried as she gave me a very sound bare bottom spanking.

After 15 minutes my wife finally put the bathbrush down and let go of my free arm. She told me to stand and set the camera ready for another picture. Picking up the short cane my wife was ready and when the timer was on I hurried and placed myself over her leather clad knees again. Grabbing my free arm my wife began spanking me with the cane and it stung bad.
The camera took a picture and then my spanking began again.

The cane felt like a torch on my bare bottom and tears were quickly flowing again. I struggled to take the spanking my wife was giving me and when she consentrated on the lower part of my bottom I lost it and shrieked in pain. Nothing like that does help me though. My wife is a determined spanker and she does not stop spanking me, just because I am crying or shrieking in pain.
So she kept spanking good and hard with the cane and in the end I ended up sobbing like a naughty little boy over her leather clad knees.

Af couple of minutes later my wife decided I had been punished enough and put the cane down on the floor. Letting go of my free arm she let me stay in position over her knees while I tried to regaine a little composure and dignity.
Then she patted my bright red bottom a few times and told me to stand and thank her for disciplining me. Iobeyed her and saw big staines of pre cum on her leather pants where my erection had rubbed against her thighs and I felt so ashamed of myself.

I was then sent back to the corner with my hands on my head and a clear warning not to move or try touching my sore and burning bottom. I stood in the corner crying for 20 minutes before my wife told me that I could go to the bathroom and clean my tear stained face.
When I came back out from the bathroom I had to clean my mess on my wifes leather pants with a wet wipe and put the spanking implements back where they are kept until next week.

That is on saturday and only 3 days away. Boy I hope my bottom will recover by then. It is not sore anymore but still bruised and covered in different colours of the rainbow :-)

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Can't sleep.. This sucks!!

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