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This is totally off topic, but here it goes. I am a mother to two beautiful little girls. I believe I'm raising them right. They have manners, they hardly ever get into trouble, they make awesome grades in school. I tell someone, who's the same age asby eldest step daughter (19) that I gave my old phone to my 10 year old. They come back with "isn't that too young for a phone?" To which I replied that she's had one since she was 6 years old, that it taught her responsibility and helped to teach her to spell correctly sooner. They respond back "so does a goldfish and a leap pad." I go off and ask them how many kids they have, telling them that she is MY kid and I will raise her and her sister as I see fit. Yeah, I might've been a little harsh, but when you're a kid yourself still,with no kid of your own, how can you judge my parenting? I've been a mother since I was 19. I've been a step mother since the day I got married when I was 18. I am no where near perfect but every one of my kids, step and biological, are well mannered, well behaved kids that would do anything to help a person out and are the sooner of their teachers eye.

Okay rant over.

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Ladies, if a dom made you the best you could be, would you run through a field with abandon like this? Allow him to bathe and brush you to perfection? Toss a mane of hair as luxurious as this? Would the flick of a whip make you stand as tall and self assured and prance so joyfully? Would you revel in his pride? Would you submit to the training that would transform you into this? Oh yeah, In a heartbeat!

Gentlemen, could you even aspire to producing this?

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A member of our community is approaching a BIG number/anniversary. If you go to his profile you'll spot it, "Joined 999 days ago." It's SirRedCheeks for anyone who wants to leave congrats or a high five on his wall, and I have a feeling a lot of people do.

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this is this pussy
this is is pussy
this is how pussy
this is to pussy
this is keep pussy
this is a pussy
this is spanko pussy
this is busy pussy
this is for pussy
this is forty pussy
this is seconds pussy


Hehe - - - - - -

My wife left a note on the fridge

" Its not working.I can't take it anymore.I am going back to my parents ".
I opened the fridge,
The light came on.
The beer was was cold...
What the hell is she talking about ?.


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I've been fascinated by the belt ever since I was little. Even just the phrase - as long as I can remember, it's always been "THE belt," not just "a belt." And despite my current leanings, the belt has always been fascinating as an implement of male dominance. Sure, my mom used the belt on me a few times growing up, but the belt was usually dad's weapon of choice, once they decided that I had outgrown mere hand spankings. While not always the case, mens' belts tend to be wider, and thicker.

Obviously I think of it differently now, even if my thoughts still reflect the seed planted when I was young. Anyone who has ever experienced it will never forget the thrill (even if it was a thrill more terrifying than exciting at first) of the spanker's hands going to the buckle to unfasten it, the leather sliding through the loops, folding the belt in half as it comes out. Why on earth do the feel compelled to do that snapping thing once it's folded? I don't know, but the thing that made my eyes damp with the first tears when I was 12 gets another area rather damp thinking about it now . . .

The belt can satisfy cravings for ritual or ever present threat. Perhaps the belt is hung in the closet, and discipline begins with a direction to "go get the belt," or to "stand in the corner while I get the belt." If the first, I look with dread when I find the belt on it's hook, holding it away from me as I bring it back, trying not to look at it but unable to stop myself doing so. If the second, I'm squirming the whole time, then almost visibly jump when I hear that "snap" when you return to the room.

But the belt is also always there. Unless I'm at home, there isn't necessarily a hairbrush with me. Yet it's perfectly normal to have a strip of leather around one's waist - perhaps it's even encircling my own waist. Maybe I've been complaining too much as we're driving to your brother's house for the weekend, and I can't help but push after you warn me that you WILL pull the car over if I keep it up - and I'm skirt up, panties down bent over the hood as the belt finally encourages me to keep my thoughts to myself. Maybe you're an angry supervisor or client, and I've messed up (or even lost!) your file, and you're done "telling" me about it, this time you're going to do something about it - and "doing something" involves taking your belt to my behind as I'm bent over the table in the conference room. Maybe I'm already over your knee, and without thinking I say something entirely inappropriate, which convinces you that the hand spanking is just not getting through to me - so, keeping me pinned over your lap, you remove your belt then continue the discussion.

My favorite fantasy is I'm your little wife, and you learn of some misbehavior in the morning. You come home at lunch, your break is short but it can't wait. We both know what I've done, there are no words, you point to the dining room table, I watch as you remove your belt, while I push my jeans and panties off my hips and they settle midway down my thighs, and I bend over the table. I keep my eyes forward, or looking down at the table; I feel your presence behind me as you move into position, and I momentarily tense when I feel your hand at the small of my back, knowing it's about to begin. The you bring the belt down sharply across my cheeks, the sting shocking me even though I'd been anticipating it from the moment you called earlier and told me you'd be home for lunch, and that I knew what to expect. The sting blazes across both cheeks, the leather biting and gripping my skin for a moment, pulling the cheeks together then releasing them as you raise the belt for the next stroke. By the third stroke the tears are welling in my eyes, by 20 strokes I'm crying openly, but you deliberately teach my ass, whipping it with your belt, every 5 seconds or so, stopping occasionally to tell me to stop squirming, that I deserve this, then starting back up, the whole thing lasting at least 5 minutes, maybe 10 depending on what I did. Then it's over, and while I'm crying, and trying to catch my breath, and can barely see through my tears, I turn around and look at you, calmly threading your belt back around your waist, buttoning your sleeves as you get ready to return to work. Giving me a couple minutes to calm down and rub, you then set a timer for 20 minutes, tell me to stay in the corner until the timer goes off, knowing your command is all that is needed to ensure that I'll do it, at least in my present condition.

I stand crying in the corner most of the time, but as my sentence nears its end, my mind wanders back to the sensations - the command in your voice, the weight of your hand on my back, the feel of the edge of the table against my thighs, the feel of my breasts against the table top as I'm held down - and the repeated application of the leather to my bare skin. I go to the image of you putting your belt back on - how many people will see you this afternoon, but not one of them will know that only an hour or two earlier, that innocent strip of leather around your waist reduced a grown woman to a sobbing child - yet cemented our relationship in ways that other couples could never understand, rarely fighting, rarely yelling at each other, supporting each other to face the world as a team.

And with my mind set on the intimacy produced as the timer goes off, I make my way to the bedroom, eyes still puffy from crying, butt still puffy from the belting, but as I curl up on the bed and gently try to rub the pain away, the heat in my bottom reminds me of the closeness of the situation, and new situations begin to suggest themselves, and comfort myself - but am awash in such a glow of love that there is plenty of intimacy to share when you get home tonight . . .

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I am counting down the days to my birthday. A day that I am proud to celebrate. I have had doctors over the years say I would not live to see the my 1st birthday and now when my birthday comes this year I will celebrate 39 years of life. God has had his loving hand on my life. If it had not been for The Lord on my side I don't where I would be. I know God has given me the strength to LIVE my life to the fullest. I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to live and enjoy life. My faith has keep me my whole life and I will continue believing God for the rest of my life. I can't say enough about of how "BLESSED" I am. HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH!!!!! I GIVE GOD THE HIGHEST PRAISE!

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Views: 578 · Added: 13 days ago

:::::translation:::::Hey santa ,Like every year, I was a very good girl, so I wish I had quite a lot of things.
Or I do not wish it, I want it!!!! ... okay?!!!
-so I want money to go shopping (minimum € 500)
-a horse
-a laptop
-a tablet
-a large flat screen
-a car (new, not used a Vw Touareg with a great sound system)so that it would be first, would be cool if you will take it even on 20/12 ... otherwise it takes too long.bye bye SantaUnd hier nochmal auf deutsch das ganze, falls man es auf dem Foto nicht erkennen kann ;) Hallo Weihnachtsmann, wie jedes Jahr war ich ganz liebes Mädchen, darum wünsche ich mir auch gaanz viel!!! Bzw. ich wünsche es mir nicht, sondern ich will es haben (und du wirst es mir auch bringen) okay? okay!
Also... ich will jede Menge Geld zum shoppen (Minimum 500€)
. ein Pferd
. einen Laptop
. einen Tablet Pc
. einen ultra großen Flatscreen
. eine Hifi Anlage
. ein Auto (Vw Touareg, NEU- keinen gebrauchten!!!!, mit einer fetten Musik Anlage drin- und komm mir bloß nicht mit einem Opel um die Ecke...)So das wäre es dann erstmal, ach ja, wäre cool wenn du es schon am 20.12 bringen könntest, weil ansonsten dauert mir das einfach zu lange!bis dann Weihnachtsmann Na was meint ihr zu meinem Wunschzettel, ist doch eigentlich noch sehr bescheiden oder ? ;)

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Views: 98 · Added: 13 days ago

well she's 7 months almost that time

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Views: 104 · Added: 14 days ago

Im trying this again.I am in deserate need and need help paying my rent and car note.Im going back to school to better myself but wihtout a car i cant do this please please please help me trust me this is my last option tried everything i could think of

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The sun shines
So bright
The air shimmers
Rippled by swimmers
Reflecting colours
As day turns
To night

Time for lovers
Holding hands
As dusk gathers
A private cove
Breathy whispers
Of undying love
And wedding bands

Promises spoken
Never will
Be broken
A bottom warmed
By the moon's
Soft glow
Then taken slow
The ultimate delight

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Views: 443 · Added: 15 days ago

A new regulation came into effect on Monday 1st Dec. The audiovisual Media Services Regulation 2014 This bans spanking and caning from any paid for porn made in the UK. The full regulation is available at this link:
although to find the things that are banned would take you ages.
This link is to one of the UK papers that reports it Happy Spanking

UPDATE this BlogSpot site has more info on the regulation

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I remember the first time i thought the belt was sexy on a man . The thick leather placed perfectly around his waist in the loops of his pants . The thought of the the sound the buckle makes as he begins to take it off arouses my mind and thats all i can think of is its sting on my behind . The metal clinks together and as it comes around the waist , out the loops and is hanging in his hand . Inside i can feel myself ready to do whatever he tells me aslong as i can feel the heat from how hard he spanks me with it . Excitement and fear all at the same time tingles through me and submitting to him is what im ready to do ...postions run through my brain , taken by the hand and placed over his knee as he folds the belt and wraps the extra around his hand for a tight grip . One arm on my hip as he swings the belt down and feeling the hard outter layer of it . Placed on pillows that have my nice round ass propped in the air ready to recieve the pain while it jiggles each time the belt is extened out and across me leaveing long red welts that i respectfully ask to rub . Now everytiime i see this belt i want to recieve what i know its capable of no matter where i am .

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Of course I know where I belong and I step forward, blushing. She firmly helps to guide me over her lap and I feel my hard cock slide between her legs. I can't help thinking how close it is to her sex and I shudder all over at the thought.

She feels me quiver and chuckles a little. "You like that, don't you boy? Your cock is so close to where it wants to be. Well, naughty boy, we'll see just how much you like it when I start to punish you."

She picks up the brush and rubs it over the crests of my upturned ass. "Sometimes, when I spank boys, I will start slowly. Maybe I will use my hand first. That is what I do if I feel a boy has only been a little naughty and doesn't need to feel the full force of my hairbrush on his unprepared bottom. But you have been far too naughty for that, colt, so I am going to spank you with the hairbrush very hard right from the start. I know this will hurt, colt. You will think I am very mean but it is what you need. Now I will make this little boy cry."

With that, she wraps her left arm firmly around my waist and draws me tightly to her. She raises the brush and brings it down. I jerk and yell but even as I do the brush strikes again and she starts pounding my poor upturned bottom over and over, hard and fast.

At first I yell. Then, I struggle. It feels like she is taking the skin right off of my ass! No matter how I twist and buck, her left arm keeps me in place and my gyrations merely expose new areas of flesh upon which the brush can do its work.

Soon my entire bottom, from the top of my cleft to the tops of my thighs and both sides of my flanks, are scaldingly hot and each new application of the brush sends a new jolt of fresh molten heat into my skin. My initial shouts and cries have melded into a constant bawling and I am crying just like I did when I was spanked as a boy.

In fact, time seems to have gone backwards. I truly cannot, in that moment, discern between the 12-year-old boy I was getting spanked then and the 20-year old man-boy I am now. I just want my punishment to be over.

She stops, still holding me firmly. "Is this what a naughty boy needs?" she asks.

I bawl out "YESSSS!"

"Has this taught you a lesson, little man? Is 'Mommy' going to have to spank you again like this?"

I swear that "Mommy" will never have to do it again.

"You know that is a LIE, little man!"

And with that she resumes paddling me. If anything the swats land harder and I am crying and yelling "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!" again and again as I scissor my legs.

She spanks me until I am all played out. I have quit struggling and am only crying and crying over her legs. When she stops I continue to cry and at first, I expect her to continue. Then, I feel her hand gently on my back and I realize she is no longer holding me about the waist.

"Shhhhhh. There, there little boy. It's all over," she croons. She continues to rub my back. She does not touch my punished bottom. She knows that any touch to the inflamed skin will feel like sandpaper against it. She lets me lie there spent and sobbing until I am finally all cried out.

She helps me to my feet, and leads me to a corner. "Stand here just for a few minutes," she tells me. "This isn't to punish you but to give you a little more time to collect yourself, do you understand?"

I tell her that I do. She leaves and, in a few minutes, returns with soothing lotion and, ever so gently, applies it as I stand in the corner. Then, she takes my hand and leads me back to a sofa where she sits and motions me to sit upon her lap. She hugs me as I do and the feel of the warm swell of her breasts far surpasses the pain I feel as I sit.

She turns my head toward her and we look into each others' eyes. "Some boys grow out of the need for Mommy to spank them sooner than other boys," she says. "Some never do. You're a boy who still needs a good sound spanking at times." She takes a deep breath, "I want to be the 'Mommy' who will give you what you need."

I am shocked and don't know what to say. She interprets my tongue-tied moment as fear. "I won't always spank you this hard, colt. I promise. This was a hard spanking because it had been so long since you had been disciplined and you needed it. Looking ahead, there will be more times when you know you need a sound spanking, though, and when you feel that way, I would like it if you came to 'Mommy' and told me. I understand what you need and I will help you and you can trust me."

I feel new tears in my eyes but these are tears of relief and gratitude. I am overwhelmed with emotion and cannot answer so instead I wrap my arms around this woman who I will think of as 'Mommy' (though not 'Mother') and hug her tightly. She returns my hug and we hold each other a very long time.

The End

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Views: 242 · Added: 15 days ago

My ex came across this movie and recorded it on lifetime . i must say it put so much more about submission into my mind then there was befor . go chec this movie out both tops and bottoms . definatly a spanktube hit!
tell me what you think of it

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Views: 236 · Added: 15 days ago

Hitting the home stretch now, Marie is almost 32 weeks pregnant, and is now off of work for the rest of the pregnancy. Oh boy, my Femdom wife will be with me every waking moment......things should get very interesting to say the least from now on. She just said last night."if we're going to be together in this house for the next few months, I'm not going to argue with you......I'm just going to grab something and start spanking you with it."

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Views: 181 · Added: 16 days ago

Hello i live in Fayetteville, NC....I dont know many people around here who are interested in spankings would be nice to have someone to talk to about this but at time i feel as if i cant share my feeling about spankings with anybody

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Views: 248 · Added: 16 days ago

I have often been asked if I enjoy being spanked. The answer is "NO". Receiving a spanking is not something to be enjoyed. But the review of my life in preparation for the discipline, and afterwards, the knowledge that I have been punished is fulfilling. in the order of life, it just seems right to have the sore backside.

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Views: 250 · Added: 16 days ago

Today along with a few other members from this site,I attended a funeral to say goodbye,and pay last respect's to our dear friend,and wonderful person Laura.

I did say a few days ago,that I ( being priviledged )to have her password. I have today closed her username account.Those who were lucky enough to know her will need no futher information.


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The latest in my School Series of recordings!

Paddled by the Principal

You wait outside my office feeling very nervous. You may now come into my office, I tell you. I read the note and instruct you to answer Yes ma’am when I speak to you. Speaking to you in a firm, authoritative voice I tell you about my belief in spanking naughty boys and girls no matter how old they are! The only way I administer a paddling is bare bottom. I instruct you to stand up and pull down your trousers. Lean over my desk and place your palms on the desk. Now I am going to pull down your undershorts. The paddling with this large fraternity is about to begin! You will count each stroke and thank me for each one!

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Views: 279 · Added: 17 days ago

One thing I am finding as I get older is that quite a few of the women my age, 50+, are taking their cues from the younger women rather than the other way around. So, I can say that being over 50 is definitely not too old for a misbehaving lady to get a good spanking!

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