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‘Twas beside the bubbling brook
That he first gave her the look
(and surely the earth shook)

‘Twas under the shimmering trees
That she felt weak at the knees
(silently she begged...please)

'Twas to the sound of buzzing bees
That she did a coquettish striptease
(and shivered in the breeze)

'Twas amongst the unfurling bracken
That he really got cracking
(and finally gave her a whacking)

'Twas beside that ever tumbling stream
That she lived her lifelong dream
(wondering what this would mean)

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What kind of general music or specific songs do you prefer listening to while spanking or getting spanked by your lover?
How does it heighten your experience?

Here are mine:
1. Song of Imaginary Beings by IAMX
2. City (The Teenagers Remix) by Lo-Fi-Funk
3. Nightlife by IAMX
4. I Love my Sex by Benny Benassi
5. Wet Spot by And One
6. Bestrafe Mich by Rammstein
7. These Things by She Wants Revenge
8. Strangers by Portishead
9. Spit it Out by IAMX
10. Crash Premonition by Vector Lovers
11. Destroy Everything you Touch by Ladytron
12. Helden by Rammstein
13. Crash N Burn Victims by Moving Units
14. Feuerengel by Unheilig
15. The Unified Field by IAMX
16. Breathe by Telepopmusik
17. Kiss and Swallow by IAMX
18. The Rejection by Dangerous Muse
19. To Lose my Life by White Lies
20. Ghost by Ladytron
21. Verrueckt by Eisbrecher
22. Over by Portishead
23. Sister by She Wants Revenge
24. Spiegelbild by Unheilig
25. Rot V1.Ø by [:SITD:]
26. Starts With One (Classixx Remix) by Shiny Toy Guns
27. Kleine Puppe by Unheilig

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Views: 181 · Added: 19 days ago

A big thanks to all who commented or messaged me about my recent blogs about my strange negative thoughts.
I have been a bit preoccupied with other things and I still am so maybe it's a bit of stress. Doesn't help that Im still battling to give up smoking and cut down on drinking.
Hopefully this is just a passing dark cloud and I'll regain my spanking mojo soon.
Thanks again

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Views: 198 · Added: 20 days ago

Well I'm a busy working girl again. Working at circle k now. Hitting bout 40-40.5 hours a week. But I find myself ready to get back into the spanking world. Maybe not quite ready for a mentor again, but maybe something simpler.

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Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna talk to that cop anymore.
I told him my dream where he showed me his gun.
He took off his belt and the rest isn't fun.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna stop at that shop anymore.
I asked if the butcher was proud of his meat.
He reddened my ass till his joy was complete.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna drink at that bar anymore.
The bartender thought me a little too whiny,
And got out the paddle to cheer up my hiney.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna dance with that dude anymore.
He tossed me around like a bagful of beans,
Then spanked me for holding too tight to his jeans.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna shave at the Y anymore.
This guy stood behind me and winked in the mirror,
Then smacked my bare butt cheeks to make himself clearer.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna study guitar anymore.
The teacher accused me of licking his pick,
And blistered my butt like a merciless hick.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna go to the gym anymore.
My trainer got mad when I asked him for candy.
He happened to have an old razor strap handy.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna swim at the beach anymore.
I thought that a bathing suit wasn't a must.
The whipping I got from the guard was unjust.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna golf with my boss anymore.
I offered some tips for improving his putt.
Then back at the office he paddled my butt.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna say what I think anymore.
I told a fine tenor to work on his diction.
A trip to his woodshed defieth description.

Today I got spanked and my bottom is sore.
I'm not gonna ride the big waves anymore.
The board gave my board shorts a painful surprise.
Now everyone thinks I was caught telling lies.

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Views: 293 · Added: 20 days ago

Ok young ladies, who is next for a little ruler spanking from a 6' Ruler? Hmmmm let's just make this easy, that will be you, you and you! Hands on you head and no talking.

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Views: 164 · Added: 20 days ago

Gestern hatte ich besuch vom lieben 'Nachtbringer'.

Zu beginn kam ich erstmal übers Knie und wurde mit der Hand ordentlich angewärmt. Nach ein paar festen Hieben mit der Hand im Knien wechselten wir zu den Hilfsmitteln. In vorgebeugter Position, über den Tisch gebeugt und auf dem Bett liegend kam der Teppichklopfer ein Lederpaddle und ein Gummilineal zum einsatz. Es war ein toller Mittag/Nachmittag/Abend.
Unterbrochen von Pausen, in denen wir sehr gute Gespräche geführt haben, habe ich ziemlich Ordentlich den Hintern vollbekommen.
Ich habe die Nacht das Nachbrennen deutlich gespürt und genoßen. Auch heute spüre ich beim hinsetzen noch deutlich meinen Po.

Danke für den tollen Tag mein lieber Nachtbringer :*

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Views: 175 · Added: 20 days ago

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Views: 213 · Added: 20 days ago

I posted the other day that I was feeling a bit flat despite having been on a spanking break.
Mr E Mann wondered if I'd spoken to my partner about it. I have and she was very happy with the way things had gone so looks like it is just me.
Maybe I'm going off spanking. Is it possible to lose the urge?

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Views: 183 · Added: 21 days ago

Hi, it's J_Doggg here and I decided to check out this blog feature on here.

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Views: 380 · Added: 22 days ago

For my blog-readers
I'm very sorry, but temporarily suspended the continuation of the story.

The feedback so far has shown that the S-tube blog is not the best place for publishing my unusual stories and strange tales.As I see the main problems was the follows:
1. I am not native English speakers, it will be terribly big effort for me the translation (probably in addition to poor quality).
2. Editor's S-tube works but it's quite difficult to get things right. (for example: in many times the paragraphs-break disappeared)
3. The blog section was created for that people who wish to record their day-to-day real life experiences. It is good for this purpose - but not for the literature.
4. The S-tube is a porn site the vast majority come here with an empty head not for deep intellectual philosophising, but simple to get off.
My opinion - in general
Today we live in a consumer society, and most of the people wants everything instantly get without that deal with the details. Many people think that a blog should be short, and not require too much mental tension power loss to understand. You know, the creative process is lengthy, full of torment. The best ideas come to mind when I walk down the street, or I lie down in the bed.In addition, the writer never prepare own work for his/her desk drawers. The good writer's is an ambassador of the Heaven (maybe the Hell...). He/she only formulate the ideas. It is needed to take a contact with the other people. Well, I do not want to count the number of characters, but I endeavor to create interesting works. It was a big disappointment for me the passivity of 'ST-inhabitants', and a few people sarcastic remark.
I am convinced that the passivity can be made greater destruction than any other evil.

I continue on my work.

None of us can know the future.
Thank you very much the reactions of all of my pen friends.

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As the night draws near, stars twinkle and glitter in the atmosphere,
Bedtime is almost here approaching fast as my heart fills with fear,
All around the shadows creep and dance to the wind outside,
Their monstrous silhouettes fall and rise like a dark forbidding tide,
Daddy tucks me tightly in to bed whispering not to worry my pretty little head

“Dream of faraway lands, turn your thoughts to fairies and magic instead”

The comfort from his words rest well, but soon they disperse and dispel,
My fairies wither as the curse takes over and they plunge head first in to hell,
I bury my head under the softness of my pillow, my eyes tightly closed,
But in my mind thoughts billow and all around evil is exposed,
Lurking deep in the shadows I feel it’s presence watching me with delight,
I grasp my teddy bear and cuddle him tight, fighting every urge to reach for the light

I hear it! It’s stirring! It grunts and it grows,
It snarls and It slobbers and It hisses and It howls!

All of a sudden he emerges from beneath and swiftly pivots on his feet,
As I struggle with my sheet, I can’t help but gaze as our eyes quickly meet,
Fluorescent orange hair covers him in a mound,
Save those gapping black eyes and sharp pointed teeth,
The beast creeps forward locked on his feast and out of my mouth I scream out in disbelief

He’s big and he’s strong , with huge fluffy paws,
The floor rumbles when he walks and it sounds like an earthquake every time he roars!
He rises like a tower in the night, puffing out his chest to revel his powerful might,

“Good evening my little mite, you’ve been quite the unpleasant sight,
but now I am here to set fire to your bottom with this punishment I shall ignite”

From the depths of his orange fluff out comes a large scroll,

“Take here your naughty list, for you have been one terrible little doll...........
It’s full with bad manners and sinning, of tantrums and fibbing,
and now I shall deliver something far more exciting than just a lump of coal!”

Fuelled with panic and in a state of unease,
I pull myself together and awake from his freeze,

I leap for the door but with an ear blasting roar I’m swooped from the air my knickers pulled to my knees

"I'm sorry for all that I've done and I promise I'll be good,
please oh please don't spank me sir surely your misunderstood"

"An attitude adjustment is what this punishment will fulfil,
and when we are done you shall keep to our deal"

Spanks fall hard and fast as I kick and I squeal,
But the monster holds me with his big heavy paw and orders I keep still,
All around the walls start to shake and cracks begin to form,
The roof beings to collapse as the sky brings down a storm,
The pain is transformed, my bottom no longer stinging and glowing warm,
And a heaviness fills my heart as regret begins to dawn,
My mischief is displayed, as I watch it rise up like some monstrous haze,
The walls pulsate, as it throbs in my veins, and blinds me in a daze,

In a flash all is still as the monster begins to fade,
And I promise with all my heart that I will try hard to change my mischievous ways

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Views: 272 · Added: 22 days ago

Men and women are from different planets.

UNFORTUNATELY they both live on Earth!

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Views: 392 · Added: 22 days ago

As a disciplinarian I talk to the ladies in my life a lot, generally on and off throughout each and every day. I get to know their goals, their dreams, and even little things like their plans for the day or what they had for dinner. Depending on the connection I'm there for their highs and lows as well.

I try my best to establish a good balance of friendship and firmness, I don't know if this is common with others in my situation but it's how I've done things since I started this lifestyle. As a result I often find myself drawn very close to the ladies I meet, so close in fact that you could say I fall in love with them.

It's a challenge I'm still learning how to approach, up until recently I was always in long term monogamous relationships (with the difficulties those bring.)

Spanking to me is a very deep and connecting experience, more intense than sex in a lot of ways; and I love being so close to the women I get the privilege of meeting. However, it inevitably also leads to emotional pain as a result.

I don't know how well I could do what I need to without the emotional connection, so I'll probably keep putting myself out there knowing it's just part of the experience.

I was wondering if anyone else had input on how they handle themselves, I try my best to compartmentalize and it keeps me somewhat sane.

Women don't want a cold callous spanking machine right?


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Views: 213 · Added: 23 days ago

Home again after my short spanking break and back to real life with all the problems that brings.
Although we enjoyed ourselves and had fun I don't have the same sense of wellbeing that giving a spanking usually gives me. I feel oddly unfulfilled by our time together.
It didn't seem that way at the time but as I think about it I feel a bit flat and it's a very strange feeling.
I assume Im simply experiencing a low after the highs we enjoyed while playing but it's not something I've ever had before.

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A fair maiden's voyage to the wrong side of town.
The knowing glances, the gossip spreading around.
The smirks, the stares and the occasional snicker.
Still the girl matches on, albeit a little quicker.
Past the blokes with the tasteless jokes.
Jeering out as they reach beneath their cloaks.
Past the lasses who've made the same trek.
Their hands cover bums to save their neck.
Past the old man wagging his walking stick.
Crude ol' bugger, a downright prick.
Past the sympathetic lady who suffered a similar fate.
A quick hug and a kind reminder not to be late.
The sun was setting as the cottage greeted her view.
Feigning calm, her fears she fought to subdue.
Through the gate she marched, pausing to knock on the door.
Off in the distance the bell tower laboured it's task, striking four.
She rapt on the door as calmly as could be.
Eye to eye they stood, she and he.
Holding out his hand, "Won't you come in?" he asked.
Quickly she turned on her heel, leaving his mouth aghast.
"Damn that dame!" he thought admiring her grit.
Three weeks and counting, she teases but refuses to submit!

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Views: 207 · Added: 23 days ago

I had an idea in my head of doing weekly video blog where in interview local people that are into spanking, be it spanker's or the spanke's. Would you guys welcome that or hate it? I have always liked talking to people about how they them self's got into the lifestyle and figured others would to of course there will be spanking either demonstrations or I would ask if they were open to doing a scene. Any input would be welcomed.

May your buns always be toasted and hands swift.

Sincerely M

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There's nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer day. (If you just felt the ground move, it was the collective shudder of our friends across the pond.) Yesterday, I happened on two great beers, perfect for SpankingTube picnics, ball games and fishing trips. To be more accurate, they're a stout and a bitter, Pig's Ass Porter and Charlie Russell Red (it's the color). What's even more fun, they are brewed in a little town in Cascade County, Montana called Belt. BELT! It's on the map, a small town near Great Falls with an area of 225 acres and a population of about 600. What Belt lacks in acreage, it more than makes up for in blue skies, sparkling water, lots of horses and a damn good brewery, Harvest Moon. Sorry, but their brews are only sold in Montana.* Harvest Moon Brewery home page:

Here's a little more about Belt from the Harvest Moon Brewery website. Here's where I learned they make a third brew, Beltian White.

"Belt, Montana, is located 15 minutes southeast of Great Falls, and is home to about 700 fantastic Montanans. Harvest Moon Brewing Company calls Belt home and has named their wheat, Belgian-style ale, Beltian White, after the town.

"Belt is also strategically located above one of the purest sources of water. Wells tap into the Madison Formation where constant year-round temperature and quality allow Harvest Moon to use some of the most perfect water on Earth to brew beer.

"Another great thing about Belt? They are located in the center of our great state, right in the middle of the grain-growers that supply our brewery with prime barley & wheat. Harvest Moon’s ties to the farming community don’t end there…after we use the grains, we supply the spent mash to a local pig farmer to feed his hogs. Hence the name, Pigs Ass Porter. Delicious by itself and, surprisingly, with barbecued ribs!"

Pig's Ass Porter and Charlie Russell Red both get pretty good reviews. Pig's Ass is an award winning stout and rates an 85 (very good) from BeerAdvocate. Charlie Russell Red gets mixed reviews but still comes in at a healthy 80 (good). They are the perfect summer drinks for ST. You get both a good brew and a conversation starter in two cold, sweaty bottles. Here's more from the BeerAdvocate:

Pig's Ass Porter, "First brewed by Harvest Moon in 1997, this beer is a multiple award-winning dark ale brewed in the Burton, England style owing to the similarity of water chemistry in Belt compared to this classic porter producing area in England. Plenty of body without a sharp bite, this ale is brewed with pale, caramel, chocolate and black malts to create a creamy, smooth, roasted, slightly chocolate tasting ale with a touch of hops in the finish. This ale can be enjoyed in every season and is best when served cool, not cold. And why the name? While drinking this new brew one evening back in 1997, the local hog farmer showed up to collect our spent mash and we that what could be better for fattening pigs?"

Charlie Russell Red: BeerAdvocate has only this to say, "Named after the great western artist Charles M. Russell," but this from a site contributor and fan, "Pours a beautiful clear, copper color with reddish hues against a white background...maybe just slightly lighter in color than I expected. Nice puffy, pillow-like foam creates the head and it is a creamy color with very good retention. Lacing is very decent, clinging to the side of my glass nicely. Carbonation looks to be plentiful but of a finer variety... Very nicely flavored beer, this is! Upon initial contact with my palate, it is robustly sweet, with a hint of blackstrap molasses. It has a slightly toasted profile and I have to say, just a bit of an herbal/flowery taste near the end. The finish itself has just a tinge of bitter dryness but it is mild." Less positive reviewers also mentioned it was less robust than they would have liked.

Pretty good stuff considering most of our reviews would be a satified, "Aaaahh," as we wipe the foam off our upper lips.

If you are not familiar with Charles Russell, he along with Frederic Remington were two noted artists who depicted scenes of the old American West. Both lived and rode with cowboys. OMG, ladies, as if BELT! weren't enough, we get cowboys, too! Here are a couple of Russells:

Moving Out Seein' Santa

Remington was foremost a sculptor but did some painting, too. Chances are you' seen his most famous sculpture, The Bronco Buster. Here it is reproduced as a statue on the grounds of the capitol in Denver, Colorado along with another noted work, The End of the Trail. Just a bonus about our Old West.

The Bronco Buster The End of the Trail

So, any time your partner gives you that look and says, "Bring me the belt," hand him/her a bottle from Harvest Moon Brewery and say, "In a Pig's Ass!" What's the worst that could happen? Yeah!

*Where to buy it:

Great Falls: Eagle Distributing: 406-453-5457
Helena: Gusto Distributing: 406-457-2675
Bozeman: Bronkens Distributing: 406-586-2011
Billings: Intermountain Distributing: 406-245-7744

Missoula: Zip Beverage: 406-728-9543
Kalispell: Flathead Beverage: 406-755-3452
Butte: Thompson Distributing: 406-723-5712
Lewistown: Intermountain Distributing: 406-538-3150


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Views: 312 · Added: 23 days ago

I was asked to log on and let you know that Meg is in the hospital. They are treating her for Botulism related paralysis after a positive lumbar puncture and MRI. She will be in the hospital through at least next week, as she did not respond to the early treatment with Penicillin G and they started Cleocin yesterday. She is going to require a lot of rehab after she is released and they estimate that she will not return to work for 3 to 5 months - she will work from home when she feels better in a month or so. They were able to avoid a tracheotomy as she only had minor respiratory issues. They are more concerned with blood clots as she is VonWilderbrand Positive and are considering treatment with Heparin. I will check in here on Monday with any updates. Her main concern right now is that people here might be worried about her and she wants people here to know she is "just fine". She is not "just fine", but the doctor's see no reason that she will not be... with time.

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There's a warm front coming, it's in the air.
Storm clouds are brewing, you best beware.
The atmosphere is changing, tension everywhere.
You can see it in his eyes as he brings out a chair.
You seek shelter, none to be had.
That's the price of being bad.
In a whirlwind you are over his knee.
Sirens blaring, you fight to be free.
Two fronts collide as your cheeks are bared.
Legs kicking and twisting as you wish to be spared.
Suddenly that all too familiar whoosh of air.
As the storm's fury attacks your derriere.
Humidity increases as teardrops fall and puddles rise.
The howling wind increases drowning out your cries.
As quickly as it began the violent storm has past.
In a mirror you assess the damage with eyes downcast.

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