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Good evening, my spank boys. This is my first blog post, as you can see. I haven't posted lately because the other 7 hasnt been approved yet. but i will be posting soon.

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Hi everyone

Only the folks who post videos will have noticed this but it is no longer possible to set videos to 'private'.

I did see a blog post recently from someone saying words to the effect of "why do people post private videos? It's annoying. If you don't want people to see them just don't post".

At first I was surprised that anyone would have such a naive view. However, when I thought about it I realised that the crazy bit was the site allowing people to see thumbnails from a private video. I can see how frustrating that was for a viewer. Trust me it was equally frustrating as a poster to get friend requests based on nothing more than the desire to see private stuff. I have frequently pointed out that there was no f'ing point in making something private if all people had to do to see it was to ask!

Well, the issue has now gone away. I can't post privately anymore. The sad thing is that the change has taken away any desire to post videos here. Why provide free content for someone else to make money out of (by virtue of the advertising) if there's nothing in it for me?

if anyone wants to suggest an alternative location other than Fetlife please send me a PM.

It's been fun.


PS Checking back, the person who complained about private videos has been a member for 2000+ days but has only one blog post (their complaint about private videos), no videos posted and no photos. Not altogether the best qualified to express an opinion IMHO.

PPS I have left the Backlash video up because it is for a worthy cause and the two featuring the Governess because she has links to them from her website.

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Citizen's of Spanko City! We will began Monday at 7pm est. We will have a meet and greet on a blog JustJanie will be posting. I can't wait to see all of you there. Especially my brat pack. It should be lots of fun.

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Hey guys, my blog is now set up. I want to chat with people when ever. I am looking for any naughty boys you want their bottoms spanked. I also like to have my bottom smacked and will chat about that. Let me know if you are around. :P

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Hey all
I don't generally put blogs on here as I never know what to write but here goes, I love this site it has brought me so much confidence in my body, before I hated my body and the way bottom was big but now after being on this site I am happy to embrace my big booty and my curves!! I have always enjoyed the thought of being spanked but never did anything about it as I thought I was the only one. So glad I found this site and my confidence with it!!

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I am very pleased blessed and honored,to announce that I have reconnected with a dear friend.Someone I have known for many years,someone that is very special to me.

I am now lucky and privileged to have Missy(Infinity2017) as my Domme.I am now her submissive and all that goes along with that.I was her submissive some years ago,and she has kindly and graciously agreed to reconnect that relationship.

We have known each other a long time,both as great friends and as Domme/sub.She is a wonderful beautiful Lady,and also a superb strict but fair Domme.I am thrilled to have her,and will do my best to make her proud.Oh did I mention she spanks lol,shivers in fear!.

Thank you for reading.

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Got another spankin today on an already still sore n bruised bottom but only with "daddy's hand" wooden paddle that he had made for me. ( it was the first paddle he made for me).... world on my cookbook this am n then goin to one of my grand daughters 10th bday party today n then tonight to my very first concert with my daughters... goin to see Rod Stewart n Cindy Lauper... I'm super excited about this... it's goin to b a long but fun day... hurray!!! Have a great Saturday everyone!!

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So the pesky shoe horn came out ....

After a few swats ( see photo album) ..what the fuck was that for?? Another for swearing at him.

Sorry, but why am I getting spanked?

Again Ditz you didn't lock the back door!!!

I did ...I did!!

Oh you went through the motions but without the lock being in the keep!

I don't get that, I thought a keep was in a castle??

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This looks fun.

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well I did get a spankin today... dave used my new rubber paddle... one of the wooden paddles n a leather paddle.. then for whatever reason.. he took pics... THEN he used the new cane but he did not take pics ....dave always strikes randomly.. yes he hits my butt but he also hits my legs, my back, my arms.... ( no I do NOT like that).. he even stuck my back with the cane n I told him off about that but it will not stop him in the future... he often strikes my tailbone n that kills me... it has been HOURS since my spankin n my bottom is still red.. still sore n is bruising.....Pics in the comments

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Master’s Birthday toys.

Master’s new toys arrived today, only a few days late. I like to buy new toys for Birthday’s and Christmas, and there was one toy in particular that I knew he would like. All the items are handmade per order, a UK site called The Wood Wang Workshop. So as I was buying one item, I had to look around to see if anything else took my fancy.
The only issue I had was you had to pay through PayPal. I don’t have a PayPal account so I clicked on PayPal guest. But I hadn’t put my bank details in, when it said, order completed and accepted. I received a confirmation but how did I pay ?
The next day I sent an email asking if it was paid for, and quickly got a reply saying, yes all done, money has gone through already. OK but how ?
Late Sunday evening, G came downstairs saying, “I’m gonna have to phone the bank, I’ve had something paid for on my PayPal and I haven’t bought anything. I will have to phone the fraud number.”
“Who was it paid too ?” I asked. “Dunno, it seems to be a false name.”
“Well I may have bought something, using PayPal, but I clicked on guest and it said order was complete and I emailed to find the order and money had already gone in.”
I told him.
“Ahhhh well what is it ?” He asked, “It’s for your birthday.” I said.
“And how much was this something for my Birthday?” G asked me.
Squirming a bit, I said, “£95 or something. For 3 items.”
“Okay, that’s fine now I know it’s a real purchase.” He said, I was relieved he wasn’t mad. But it was for his Birthday after all.

So here’s what I chose :

A Palm Paddle.

Crafted from Walnut, it’s an ideal transition between a hand spanking and a paddle.
Or for sparing Master’s hand, which kills after he’s given me a proper hand spanking, and he never feels he can hit as hard as he would like. So he has never liked an over the knee spanking really for this reason. I saw this 2 years ago and I just kept finding other goodies to buy, this time I was determined to buy one.

Our review;
To start with, Master said he very much enjoyed this spanking, The elastic over the top was rather tight but he said it wasn’t uncomfortable. As for the wallop, OMG, it stung like a bitch. I was soon wriggling on his knee, trying to get away, as G thoroughly enjoyed making my arse burn like hell. He especially enjoyed the sit-spot, and working down to inner thighs and back of legs which had me close to tears. So I can safely say, this was worth every penny and highly recommended.

The second item was The Jokari Paddle.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available anymore to give you their description.
But I had wanted one as one of the best disciplinarians I watch on videos brings out The Jokari paddle for very naughty girls. So it was on my purchase list.

Our review;
Boy there was a power of heat, pain and sting that didn’t just stay above the skin, it worked deep down into your cheeks, making them feel bruised inside and out. It’s very light and G said very easy to flick a hard smack across my bottom. Easy to aim and very good for getting to the inner thighs. Master really liked this one, I could tell by the amount of strikes I got. The wood was beautifully smooth and the handle could also be used as a Wood Wang Dildo.
This is also a very recommended item, if they start selling it again.

That is, unless you move to get out of the way and the paddle hits your elbow instead. I was rolling around, nearly in tears, holding my elbow, whilst he was laughing and continued to paddle every area he could reach. “You’ve broken my elbow.” I cried.
“Serves you right for moving, I tell you every time not too, now perhaps you will.”
Mmmmmm some sympathy.

Now the third one, I was nervous about buying, I kept changing my mind, but found I kept going back to this item time and time again. So decided there must have been something about this one I fancied. Now to me it looked like a flogger but was described as a WHIP.
Yes, I always said I would never get a whip, but this didn’t look as scary as some whips you can buy.

The Beatrice Whip,

This whip is a multi-tasker, a whip combined with a Wood Wang dildo. This has leather tails for that sizzling sting.

Our review;
My first opinion was it was very very ouchie, leaving a sting that could beat all stings that I’ve had from our toys. The many tails sent individual shocks, that were like lightning bolts, sending a sting that travelled down into your body and back up, spreading the shock across your skin. G particularly enjoyed this one, a quick flick of the wrist and the leather tails caught you perfectly, even when you tried to get away. As it wasn’t a heavy toy, G felt he could risk using it over my back, then shoulders, arms, legs, tummy and tits. Thankfully my pussy never got to experience it. For me though, the sting was a 15/10, even with a gentle flick, I’d hate to think what it will be like as a full force flick. I didn’t enjoy my tits being whipped but G did a great deal.
We highly recommend this as a starter for trying out whips.

Master then told me to stand up as my tits needed to try out all the new toys. He knows I hate my tits hit, and will argue and brat to try to stop it happening. Of course, it never works but I glare at G, swear in my head and try my hardest not to move my hands, which should have been flat on my head, coz if I moved he would smack my face, which went harder and harder. And so did the strikes on my tits. G enjoyed using the Jokari, and seeing my reaction but enjoyed the Palm Paddle best for this. He could get a good aim, didn’t need a hard strike for it to do its worst and left my tits burning, very very tender, bright pink and G is disappointed there’s no bruising as he was sure there would be.
So all in all, I think Master liked his new toys.
Now what do I pick next………...

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Hey spanks just wanted to check in and say hello I'm still Alive! And in the process of moving n getting some past mistakes right that came back to scratch me a little bit but I'm doing OK otherwise not getting enough discipline or maintenance but what else is new lol oh I made 2 of me with this mirror application cool huh... Now there's 2 big booty Tygrrs lol enjoy your weekend everyone!

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G waited until I had calmed down, which took a while, then said, “Right, spanking time, Come on, bend over the bed. “ I opened my eyes and looked at him.
“I want an over the knee one, I’ve been good.” I said whilst climbing off the bed.
“Nah, over the bed now.” He ordered as he picked out the high impact cane. I jumped up, “Not that, please, this is a fun spanking.” I begged. Pushing me back over, he said “I wanna use this. “
He started with gentle whips across my bum, I say gentle but there is nothing gentle about that cane. Plus I hadn’t had a spanking for a few days, meaning my pain threshold had dropped, ( Don’t understand why that happens but it does,) and my bum was damp from my gushing as I wasn’t allowed to clean up first. Adding those 2 factors to it, each strike felt incredibly sharp and I was rolling and jumping up after every few hits. G was enjoying this immensely, as I squirmed around and got up yet again.
“Get back down NOW,” he ordered, “Would you like a change of toy ?”
“Not the CPS or loopy.” I told him.
“Would you like a change of toy ?” He asked once more. I repeated what I said.
He picked up the cane and striped my ass 4 times, before asking again.
“Yes…….” Strike. “Yes Master. “ I cried out. “Oh good, Let’s have a look.” He pulled out the leather strap, and whipped it across my cheeks, there was an instant burn over and over. Then he whipped it across my legs. I quickly grabbed my legs, standing up, muttering “Fucking Hell” under my breath. “What did you just say ?” G said, he sounded very pissed off. He fisted my hair tightly, much harder than he normally would, and I winced and cried out, but said “Nothing.” “I said, what did you just say ?” his voice stern, his fist got tighter then he slapped my face.
( I need to explain about these face slaps as some people might not like the idea, it’s never a full hand slap, hard enough to leave a handprint, G uses his fingers like a small wooden paddle. His fingers together, straight and tight hitting my cheeks, giving me a very sharp but small shock of pain. G loves face slapping and knowing I don’t only encourages him to do it more. But does usually give me enough of a shock to pay attention.)
“I said fucking hell Master.” I told him. “Was that a nice thing to say to your Master ?” he said. “No, I’m sorry Master.” Tears formed in my eyes. “Bend over.” He pulled me by my hair over the bed and held me down as he strapped my ass for swearing.
Putting it down, G said, “Let’s have a new toy again. “ He picked up the Giant Devil Paddle and swatted me, “We’ve not used this for a while.”
Then he started on a continuous smack, not too hard, but when it’s repeated constantly, it left a hefty sting. The swats got harder, and then very hard. One final swat, I cried out, grabbed my bum and stood up. Stupidly saying the F word yet again.
Master grabbed my hair so hard i reached up to stop him, but he grabbed the strap off the bed and hit my arms until I lowered them. “What did you say ?” This time I learnt to be honest first time. One hand still fisting my hair, he slapped my face, one side, then the other, a sharp slap, but without the power that could make me fall over, had he not had hold of my hair. Oh he was mad………...He started to strap my tits and my hands flew up to protect them, but he just strapped my arms until I lowered them. Tears sprang to my eyes once more. As he went from strapping my tits to slapping my face.

Then he stopped, “Come here,” He said, arms out as I fell into them, I wasn’t crying but I certainly was close, the end of our play was not a nice play for me, but I did swear again, and that was better than having a soaping. I do enjoy rough play like this, the harsh hair fisting, face slapping, a little pushing, it’s like controlled anger play. Plus I know this is the complete opposite to the G I live with 24/7, so I enjoy it when Master appears, with this evil side.

After we cuddled for a few minutes, G lay on the bed, “I think I deserve a suck now.” So I climbed on the bed, kissed him, left little kisses down his belly, over his belly button down to his cock. This was the first proper play with the change of piercings, my teeth grazed his shaft as I licked the balls from the barbell at the base, then used my teeth to gently slide his foreskin down. Revealing his Prince Albert.
G told me not to push the foreskin down too much, so I left it alone once his head appeared. I nibbled his head, pleased I could still do this with the ring in, my tongue tickled his hole. “Do you want to climb on ?” He asked. “I’m not sure that would be a good idea, I don’t want to hurt you.” I said whilst I continued to suck. After a while he said “Come on, climb on, just go slow.” He said.
Now me climbing on isn’t a pretty site, between us both being a bit big plus my hips not being good anymore, climbing on top is quite a task. But I got there and feeling his ring against mine was pretty awesome, and I love hearing the metal clang together. I could feel the Prince Albert glide down my inner wall and graze my G-spot. WOW if felt so good. “Don’t go too far down, just the top.” I happily slid up and down so only his head was inside, but it felt incredible, and I was surprised how much I could feel the PA, can’t wait for it to be healed and have some anal. But gentle movements and soon G was ready to cum. It shot out and I felt it bolt down the sides, as his cock pulsed inside, the PA bounced against me, I know we will have so much more fun in the future.

Now G needs to let it heal, so no cock play for a few days or even weeks to be honest to allow it to heal well. I may have to give him gentle blowjobs for a while.

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An evening of fun.

After our fun afternoon with a couple of pleasant orgasms, I was still feeling sexually frustrated. I wanted a long frantic, wild orgasm or 2 or 3, I wanted to finish screaming and spent. I needed a spanking, I needed a wicked orgasm and a good squirting or 2 or 3. Not that the afternoon wasn’t fun, it was, but no fingers again, no anal play, and no spanking leaves me wanting/needing more.

So I messaged G and asked if I could please have a fun spanking tonight.
Our son came home from work, ate his tea, got changed and went back out.
I could be in luck.
Master messaged, “ Would you like a spanking ?”
Cheekily I said, “Ooooooo let me think.”
Waiting for him to reply, but he didn’t. 10 minutes later he replied, “ I guess it’s a no then, as my spanking offer is about to expire.”
“I was waiting for an order.” I told him.
“I order you to enjoy a long hard spanking then.” G said.
Pouting I wrote, “ I’ve been a good girl all day, and did good with our play so I deserve a reward from my Master of a lovely over the knee spanking.”
“Nahhhhh,” he messaged back, “You know I don’t do over the knee. Save that for any play-friends we find that would love to spank your big butt.”
Sulking, I walked upstairs, I just love to go over his knee, but it was too namby-pamby for him, he can’t spank hard enough over his knee.
P.S. I didn’t know namby-pamby was a real word, but it’s in the dictionary. They say learn something new everyday, think I’ve learnt 10 new things at least today, LOL.

Anyway, I lay on the bed and G told me to get naked, he was going to find some toys. Then he took out the Magic Wand, I still hadn’t used. He plugged it in as I got comfy. He
lay next to me and gently held the big head over my clit, switching it on low. The immediate vibration tingled and when he turned higher and higher, when at the fullest I nearly jumped off the damn bed. After the initial WOW, I settled down to start enjoying it. G slid it up and down, over my labia so my rings vibrated and tingled all inside me, and when he held it down on my clit, I quickly rolled to one side, giggling like a mad-woman. G rolled me back again, laughing and repeated the entire play once more. After 4-5 times, every time he pressed down on my clit, I felt like I was going to squirt, I told G I needed a puppy pad, “Are you ready to go already ?” He said, laughing, “You can’t resist a good squirt.” I lifted my bottom as he laid the pad under me, then continued with the wand. I couldn’t help but think how much torture this wand could bring as a punishment, I have watched a few videos where a girl had be tied to a table and the wand fitted on a mount and held over her clit on full power.
Anyway, G held it down, hard on my clit, but moved an arm over one leg, locking it in place, as I started to struggle more, he held it tighter, there was no way I can move away. The tingling was becoming more and more intense and I felt myself squirting, or was I weeing, I didn’t know, couldn’t tell, but the pleasure was that intense, I really didn’t think I felt this much before. Now this is what I call a wild orgasm, but G hadn’t finished with me yet. As I tried to roll the other way, G decided to hold my knees together, the wand stuck between my legs, as I squirmed in pleasure but also my body had had enough and now this was becoming more torture than pleasure. G knew this, he could tell that my expression had changed, now he was having more fun, the masochist in him was coming out. My knees stayed locked together for a few minutes, the feeling was stronger than intense, it was all-consuming, violent and passionate. I came once more in shuddering, juddering spasms, I was spent.

Now that’s what I call a wild orgasm.

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Out of habit I am in the house before sunset. I remember texting you during your shift.
Tomorrow is Friday and I know where you'll be. I remember talking to your mom and sister for the first nervous. Seeing you for the first time. Now I can't go anywhere without remembering you... the market, park or my house....not even my car.

Out of habit I sit in my usual spot that we'd FaceTime in every night, for months. I remember getting random texts throughout the day and sending them to you. I remember telling you before I went anywhere and you telling me to be safe.

None of that now. No one that cares if I come or go. No one to laugh with and share my day with. I'm accepting of why this happened but my heart still hurts. I'm trying to be mature and keep my chin up. I'm trying to be good. I wish I could hug you or hear your voice...that way it used to sound when you liked me. I'm sorry I was so difficult.

My chest feels like it's going to cave in and I know nothing will change. I wanted so badly to come home to you but because of my brattiness you will never take me.
I try so so hard to be good. I just needed reassurance and guidance ...I'm still growing and fragile.

You have moved on and don't think of me like this....but my words are like shards of glass cutting up my insides. I just needed to write and cry a little.

I'm sorry I couldn't be better.

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Fellow Spankocity Residents!

This is it now. We're ready and eager to getting started. Please note down:

Monday, 24th July !

We will start our live-action-online-game Spankocity...

Be ready, be there! This profile will start it all by posting a blog entry and then let's go nuts :-) Looking forward to lots of fun and having a blast!

Best regards and happy spankings,


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by request, for Ms. Infinity

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I think it is worth mentioning that videos by ScarlettHill.Com have been upgraded to 720 x 480 format. If you're like me, you'll probably find these two particular FM spanking videos featuring Diane Parker and the always naughty Clint to be some of the best FM hairbrush and paddling videos ever made. There are sample clips on the site using the new 720 x 480 format - and they also have an online clip store that features more than the clip samples than are on the main website. Just a heads up, for those who really love FM Spankings !

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Oh, I was naive !!! I believed there would be at least one or two persons who was interested in the spanking stories in which contains any ideas.
As it turned out, in this Tube no one reads a story that is longer than a paragraph or does not look at an image if it has any close links to culture.
This is a sad experience.

This is not really my place. It's time to say good bye. God bless you.

Clare Fonda Pass