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We posted a new clip from an earlier video. This one is Bond once again securely tied face down and getting his bottom, thighs & balls caned... There is a twist to this one though... Lady M has placed a Vibrating Riding Crop under Bond's Balls...
Now some might think that this makes it a pleasure thing for Bond, and perhaps it feels good by itself, but think about this; His Balls are now sitting on the hard surface of a double crop tip and not a pillow... All strikes to those balls are felt Fully and nothing is absorbed into cushioning below...
Wicked right?? :)

The Severe Session has not happened yet... Sometimes it is good to make him wait for it... And Bond has not had a release all week... Nice full balls for all those strokes...

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Alright, TGIF goddamn it folks!! Don't light up the green smoke just yet, supposedly we have an ex longhair hippy claiming to be a police affiliate lurking around here. So let's all drink it up, have a good time, drive home drunk, toss the empty bottles out the window and text the entire way! We all earn our weekends, so enjoy it, sun it up, spank some butt, drink beer, break a few minor laws, pop pills, do whatever makes you happy. If anyone doesn't like it, tell them to kiss your ass.

On a serious note, my heart goes out to the victims and families of the church shooting yesterday. While I'm not a religious man myself, attacking a group of people in church, fueled by racism is beyond appalling. I do feel if you have that much rage against black folks, take it the West or South side of Chicago where someone is guaranteed to (thankfully) shoot you in the head. If there is any justice in this world the shooter will suffer the same fate as Jeffery Dahmer once he is in prison.

A big sarcastic thank you to the scumbags here that keep stealing people's videos and made Helen, among others, remove all of her great work. Used to love drinking some coffee on Friday morning to see a new video from Helen. Now they are mostly gone, so a big fuck you! Hope you and people like you drown in a pool full of steaming dog feces.

I would like to send that sentiment to the same group of lowlifes who keep pestering and sending such rude comments that force some ladies to shut down or blackout their profiles altogether. Way to ruin it for the rest of us you losers. About as sorry as someone who whines on people walls about friendship rejection or posting dick pic avatars or CBT pics, like anyone wants to see that shit.

Almost laughed until I puked the other day reading some statement (another site) that said crying is where the spanking should start over minor stuff like, oh that terrible dress code violation, or this classic "texting or looking at your phone when your with me". Um, the crying part should be the ending point unless the person taking it wants more, which I have know a couple of. LOL, maybe try not being a perverted classless bore and you might not have women choosing the iphone over your attention. I know I've never had that issue. If you honestly think that serious crying is the starting point and how bruising that lasts for week is somehow admirable or necessary over such petty issues, well I can't even think of an adjective to describe your vileness. I mean what special breed of asshole do you really need to be? Probably the same kind of creep, borderline pedophile who pays models to act out his fantasy of being a high school principal using any lame excuse to force a girl to bend over for him, since he probably can't a real woman to do it willingly in real life.

But like I said, enjoy your weekend folks! Here is a Hank 3 diddy for yall to get started, going Straight to Hell! Let the whiskey pour and may the white lines be plentiful!!

My worn out boots are taking me downtown
Looking for a naughty gal whose panties hit the ground
Serve us a drink and I'll slug it right down
Punch out the bartender, slap a gal's butt that's round


Well back in the day hangin' with my uncle Jed
Showed me how to paddle girls behind the woodshed
Taught me how to drink, fight, spank, and be real proud
Of my hellbilly ways and my family's rebel style


I'm racing through the desert trying to save my life
The sheriff wants to kill me cuz I caned his wife
I was on the run with the belt in my hand
Looking for the naughty lady that loves being bad


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So there is a thought that I have been struggling with lately: What exactly does it mean to be submissive? Of course, in general terms, I realize that being submissive involves yielding to the authority of someone else. But how often must this occur to be considered "submissive"? How much is too much? What is not enough?

I consider myself to be a very independent woman. I like to have my own, and I hate to depend on others to take care of me. For a long time I struggled with accepting offers of help. Now at the same time, as a self-proclaimed spanko, I fantasize about submitting to a Dom, daddy, or whoever it may be. This is what prompted the question in my head, could I truly be submissive? As an independent person, it is hard for me to just let go and put my total trust in someone. Yet, a part of me longs to be be be disciplined.

When I am spanked, I prefer to have no control over the situation. I want you to tell me what to do. Tell me to pull my panties down, tell me to bend over, or better it for me :) As I begin to ponder this more, I believe that yes, I can still say that I am independent. But as an independent woman, that wants to take care of herself, there is a part of my life where I want to be totally submissive. I want to let go and to trust that I'll be "taken care of". Sometimes, I need to be put in my place. I tend to have somewhat of a smart mouth, and I think that sometimes when I'm told what to do, the independent side of me comes a domestic discipline situation, this definitely will get me in trouble. But somewhere I need to find the balance. Lol. Any ladies struggle with this?? Any thoughts? I know I'm not the only one.....

Much Love,

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We have had Daila’s 18 year old daughter and 2 of her friends over for almost a week now and Daila was starting to get concerned that I was taking advantage of the situation because she did not want the girls to hear me getting punished in the room, so she had not been spanking me at all this week. To be honest, I was kinda taking advantage of that, but without even thinking about it. I guess I just knew in the back of my mind that there was very little fear of getting into any real trouble for anything during this week that the girls were staying over so I sorta started being a bit of a brat mixed with a dick head. But I really, truly did not even realize it...that was until we had all been out swimming in the pool yesterday afternoon and I got ready to come in. I noticed that Daila was also getting out of the pool behind me. I did not think much of it as I grabbed my towel and headed into the bedroom via the sliding glass doors that lead into our room from the lanai. Daila did not come right in behind me so I figured that she was just going to sit out on the porch swing and dry off like she so often does. Since the girls were all still in the pool and Daila was still out on the porch, I decided that I would go ahead and take a quick shower to get the chlorine off of me...but I never made it into the shower. Suddenly I heard the music from the stereo out on the lanai get very loud. Someone had turned it up blasting. I thought the girls had done it and as I headed back toward the sliding doors to tell them to turn it down, I ran into Daila as she was stepping quickly into the door.

It was right then that I realized that I was about to be in big trouble. It was all starting to make sense. Daila turned up the music and was headed in to put me in check while the girls were preoccupied with a game that they were playing in the pool. Daila wasted no time once she found me standing in the bedroom with my skin bare and dripping from having just come in from the pool myself. I was ordered into the bathroom since it was the furthest point away from where the girls were playing in the pool and listening to the loud music. I knew then that I could expect a pretty harsh ass beating. Daila and I had been talking about my attitude and how much she really wanted to be able to give me a full and very detailed correction, but she could not because of our company. Now she was going to catch up on her duties and get me back in line. I cried out to her as I saw her enter the bathroom behind me reaching for the big hairbrush she keeps on the bathroom counter. I begged her to let me dry off first. I was clamoring for any excuse to hold this off...maybe someone would come in the house and the sound from the door opening would put a stop the punishment that was now imminent. But Daila was having none of it. She pushed my face to the wall and began wailing on my bottom with ferocity. The pain went off the chart immediately. Daila was giving me the best she could possibly give...and loads of them raining down on top of one another. I have never seen her hit so hard and fast. My ass was on fire in seconds and was completely beet red in just a few more. But that did not stop her...she continued to bring the hairbrush to meet the roasted skin on my behind. I could not hold my voice from crying out in agony. I clutched the wall with both hands and kept my ass sticking out for her. I did not want to make things worse by moving her target. I just wanted to get it over with at that point. But Daila did not stop right away. It was several more minutes of that same constant punishment from the hairbrush before she finally stopped and laid the brush down. My ass was in tatters, but that was not all that she had planned for my poor back end.
Once Daila had laid down the brush I was ordered to lay on my back, on the edge of the bed with my legs bent back ABDL style. I had to grip my ankles while she went and grabbed super sized ginger root that she had already prepared earlier. I kind of thought she was doing things a little backward since usually the ginger is applied to my anus before a spanking...but Daila had a new trick up her sleeve to make the ginger a punishment all unto its own. She had brought a pair of scissors back from the kitchen with her, she cut the end of the skinned ginger so that the freshest of the evil juices inside would be directly exposed to the delicate and sensitive tissues around my anus and inside by anal canal. She made sure to rub the freshly cut end all over the outside of my hole before pushing it past the opening and as far into the hole as possible. Then as usual came the twisting and eventually the relentless fucking back and forth until my sore little hole was tender, and raw.

As I sit here writing to you all I have a dildo in my ass. It has been there since we got up this morning. Daila said she did not want a repeat of yesterday’s behavior and wanted something there to remind me that my ass hole is hers and that she will make sure to punish by behind and my anus if I stray from her ideal attitude and behaviors again.

So far today, I have been a picture perfect husband and host.

Daila made me write this especially to all you ladies out there that doubt that a mans behavior can be changed with the proper punishments and rewards. Not only am I following her directions and not complaining about it, I am also writing it all down as she dictates.

Enjoy ladies !!!


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This is my first post and isn't intended to be a work of literary greatness.

What I'm interested in is learning more about what fans of F/M domestic discipline scenes like to see. So far Ms. E has appeared in a black skirt and white blouse, both of which hug her curves rather nicely and are rounded off by the seamed stockings. She has also worn tight fitting jodhpurs which show of her delicious bum which itself thoroughly deserves to be spanked.

Both of the above costumes very much appealed to me and supplemented the ritualistic nature of the CP style that I like.My choices are perhaps rather stereotypical, albeit quite reserved. I like her being covered up leaving the viewer to contemplate how sexy she is in her everyday life, wearing ordinary gear. Other possibilities we've considered are sexy lingerie, a domininatrix style PVC catsuit and her birthday suit.

However, her being covered up and me being naked are all part of the punishment.

So my question is... what do you like to see?



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I don't come on much now, but do occasionally just in case there should be any messages.
So while i was on i thought i'd make you all groan with a couple of stories.

A Scotsman and his ever nagging wife were on holiday
in Jerusalem when his wife suddenly died.

The undertaker told him;
"it will cost $10000 to ship her home or
you can bury her here for $100."
So immediately the Scotsman replies,
"ship her home".
"But surely sir, why don't you bury her here
in the Holy Land, and, save a lot of money?"
asks the undertaker.

"listen here mate" says the Scotsman.
"A long time ago a man called Jesus
was buried here and 3 days later he
rose again!!!!"



A man returns home a day early from a business trip.
It's after midnight. While en route home,
he asks the cabby if he would be a witness.
The man suspects his wife is having an affair,
and he wants to catch her in the act. For $100, the cabby agrees.

Quietly arriving home, the husband and cabby tip toe into the bedroom.
The husband switches on the lights, yanks the blanket back
and there is his wife in bed with another man!
The husband puts a gun to the naked man's head. The wife shouts,
'Don't do it! I lied when I told you I inherited money'

HE paid for the Porsche I gave you.

HE paid for our new cabin cruiser.

HE paid for your Bulls season tickets.

HE paid for our house at the lake.

HE paid for your African tour and 4x4.

HE paid for our country club membership, and HE even pays the monthly dues!'

Shaking his head from side-to-side, the husband lowers the gun.

He looks over at the cabby and says,
'What would you do?

The cabby replies,
'I'd cover him with that blanket before he catches a cold.'

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I hate to even prolong this but I've received such nice messages. Please, don't be concerned. That blog yesterday was a nasty piece of work but it's not the Berra/Steinbrenner feud. I don't bother with people like that here or in real life, which is why I blocked him months ago. A different hat pops up but what can you do. All is well. I bought a used ipad air2 from a friend yesterday and finally, finally got it up and connected. Finding the WiFi password was the big problem and finally solved. Fun! Thanks everyone.

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Inspiration for new spanking stories has been in short supply recently, and I was getting discouraged. Then it occurred to me that a whole lot of classics could use a rewrite to make them more interesting to perverts like us. Here are a few of the more promising candidates - see what you think.
The Old Spanking Toy Shop
The Scarlet Buttocks
OTK in London and Paris
The Caned Maid's Tale
Naked Munch
The Color of the Welts is Purple
She Spanks to Conquer
Henderson the Cane King
On Whom the Belt Falls
Some of you clever people might even have suggestions as to how the plots might unfold ...

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A young guy was complaining to his boss about the problems he was having with his stubborn girlfriend.

"She gets me so angry sometimes I could just hit her," the young man exclaimed.

"Well, I'll tell you what I used to do with my wife," replied the boss. "Whenever she got out of hand, I'd take her pants down and spank her."

Shaking his head, the young guy replied, "I've tried doesn't work for me. Once I get her pants down, I'm not mad anymore."

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So although Bond's last 'punishment' was only 10 days ago, it has come to my attention that several Serious lapses have occurred that require a severe punishment. Yes, I know, some of you are already saying 'mercy' and all that, but frankly I am pissed so this will be much worse than last weeks punishment.
Bond has failed to pay something for 6 months. 6 months!
While the amount owed is actually very small, the entity owed has now called asking if there is a problem and when they can expect to be paid. The amount makes no difference anyway. It needed to be done!
There is another issue that also started 6 months ago. Also serious.
So 6 months seems to be the theme for this week... Hmmmmm....
I sometimes give 10 punishment strokes per implement for each offense... but... since this has been going on for 6 months, I feel it has to be 10 strokes times 6 months or 60 strokes with each implement for this one.
So I have decided that I will punish him with 6 Implements (to reinforce that number!) times 60 strokes each. And he will get this on his Front and Back Parts...
I am going to start with a nice little OTK session because I enjoy it and it makes me wet! :) Then Bond will be tied face up to receive his punishment strokes on his cock, balls, inner thighs and then re-tied face down for the same punishment on his bare bottom, thighs, anus area and likely the backside of his balls will get more as well... He will be gaged & screaming into that gag though much or most of this punishment.
I may or may not extend the punishment in other ways... Some things should be a mystery, especially for Bond... One thing is for certain. Bond is going to be Very welted & bruised for a while... Good thing he is a fast healer!
Short clips from the videos will be posted when ready... and when he is feeling up to it... lol

Lady M

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Daila has recently been watching a ton of videos and reading blogs on Spanking Tube. Whenever she does this I end up with new punishments that she gets from her internet travels. She stumbled upon an old email that I had kept hidden from her because I did not want her to get it in her mind to try it, but she ended up finding it anyway...and yep, she was interested alright. She loves trying anything that will have me wincing with pain and despair.

What she found was a new way to punish me anally before a spanking by coating a finger with some nice painful concoction such as Vics Vaporub and then finger fucking me with it before and during a spanking. Daila was concerned about putting the Vaporub in my ass hole after checking the writing on the jar and doing some more research online...Thank God !!! However, she did come up with something that is a lot more friendly to being ingested by the body but yet just as painful, if not worse. The new punishment would be cinnamon or mint toothpaste coating on her finger. Taken in reasonable quantity, the body can absorb it without any known hazards. And let me say this hear and now, neither Daila nor I suggest that anyone put something into their own body or someone else’s body without thoroughly checking into it for yourself first. You should always know such things as, how might this substance interact with medications you may be taking, allergies you may have, and a sundry of other medical / biological considerations before launching off into a new punishment...especially when chemicals are involved. Daila is always very careful to make sure that these things are well thought through before she tries anything new on me.

After making all the above considerations, Daila determined that the toothpaste would be a good punishment for me to start enduring. So now whenever I have gotten into serious trouble that would warrant an anal punishment she will occasionally break out the toothpaste for some added horror.

The punishment has evolved a bit over the past few weeks as she has been trying new things out with it. It stared out with her smearing a bit on the middle finger of her right hand. As usual, my punishments always start out with a good spanking so She would make me come over her leg, or lap for a really good paddling with a small paddle first. She really loves looking at a red ass whenever she is doing anything to me. Next she would slowly massage my buttocks and separate my ass cheeks with her left hand while slowly inserting the toothpaste coated finger into my ass hole. After she buries her finger as far as she can get it there is a good long while of her just twisting it back and forth before she begins to gently finger fuck the hole with the one finger...then two...and eventually three. The burn starts before she begins the first twist and gets exponentially worse and worse as the punishment continues. If she is enjoying this she will sometimes re-coat her finger at some point to make the feeling more intense before continuing on. With each application of the toothpaste the burn goes through the roof.

Lately, she has included a nice large dildo or the cucumber to this routine. Having the cucumber in my ass right after two or three applications of toothpaste makes the level of pain nearly unbearable. I can feel all of the muscles in my sphincter and anus uncontrollably clench together in an effort to expel it. My stomach muscles quickly join in and begin tightening and pushing regardless of my efforts to relax. All of this just heightens the burning sensation, which in turn makes the muscles spasm even worse. After about 10 minutes of this I feel like I have done 1000 sit ups and my entire body is worn out. In addition, I am covered in sweat by this time. And that is when the real spanking starts.

As I lay there drenched in sweat and feeling like I just worked out for a couple of hours, Daila will get behind me and start the process of tanning my ass with a belt or one of her more dreaded paddles. At this point I can only lay there and take whatever she is dishing out. My ass hole is still gaping, puffy, soar, and burning along with the new sensations of intense stinging from the spanking I am now receiving. When it is all over, she has me stand in the corner with my hands on my head. I am not allowed to rub, or wipe or anything. My ass tends to get very gooey from the toothpaste application and this begins dripping out of me as I stand there. Daila really likes this, but will occasionally yell at me for dripping on the carpet, then she has me bend over so she can plug the hole back up with the cucumber. Then I am made to stand there for another 15 minutes holding the cucumber in my ass. The most horrible thought to me is that she will eventually get it into her mind to film this punishment...then I will have to contend with the humiliation of having you all watch me go through this.


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So for those Strap lovers out there... We just posted a new video clip of Bond laying over a Wedge getting Strapped on his bare bottom, thighs, cock & balls...
This is the last short clip from that day's activities... Another video is being worked on now and clips will follow.

Bond's next punishment is being planned and will happen soon... He didn't think the last one was 'really punishment'... Hmmmm... Maybe I must rectify that... We will see what the next one has in store for him... Start with a nice OTK and turn his bottom & thighs all red perhaps? Then more fun with him tied over that wedge? Maybe a little strapon fun??? (fun for me not for him... lol)
We will see... :)

Thank you to all our followers and fans...
Lady M

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This is off topic but could important for some members. News is traveling very fast where I am that LastPass (a kind of password manager) has been compromised. LastPass has sent an e-mail to all users with more information. Check your junk mail if it's not in your inbox. Best advice is to change your master password immediately and check that e-mail for further information. LastPass has set up addition safeguards on their end to protect information.

Off topic apology to those who don't use it.

Here's a reassuring article that puts what happened at LastPass in some kind of perspective. Again, change your master password immediately (just in case) and a guide to what actions you should consider. There's a link in the article about two factor authentication which is recommended for everyone these days.

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Continued from Part 1.

When we left Part 1, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs entered Granny’s cottage.

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs looked around the cottage to find Granny with her nose in the corner.

“Granny, why are you standing in the corner, hands over your head?
And why is your fanny all swollen and red?”


Little Miss Kissie-Boobs jumped at the familiar voice behind her. She turned to come face to face with Mister Blitzer and the wolf pack.

“You are late, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, you know how I feel about tardiness. What do you have to say for yourself, not that it would make any difference?”

“Mister Blitzer, I didn’t know you and the wolf pack were to be here or I would have made an extra special effort to be here on time. But there was a herd of reindeer that stopped me and wanted to chat for a while. I didn’t want to be rude.”

“You know how I feel about excuses, I don’t accept them, ever. Let’s talk about you not inviting us to be here to share your world famous brownies with chocolate on top. That was very selfish of you, don’t you think? “

“I’m sorry, Mister Blitzer, I should have been more courteous.”

“Yes, you should have been more thoughtful. Now come here, I have something to check to see if you’ve been a good girl or not.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs walked up to Mister Blitzer. Mister Blitzer motioned for her to turn around and bend over. Mister Blitzer lifted her skirt and tucked it into her waistband only to find cherry red panties covering her little bottom.

“I thought I told you to wear the lavender panties the next time you came to the woods, and here you are wearing cherry red panties. Now, how many of your world famous brownies with chocolate on top did you bring?”

“I brought 6 of my world famous brownies with chocolate on top, Mister Blitzer.”

“Only 6, there are 8 of us. And I’m sure the wolf pack would have liked to take some of your world famous brownies with chocolate on top home for a mid-night snack tonight.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs just stood there pouting, hoping for some forgiveness. Mister Blitzer stood and unbuckled his belt and removed it from the loops around his waist. Little Miss Kissie-Boobs gasped as her eyes welled with tears.

“So, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, how many lashes with my belt do you think your naughty little hiney deserves? Let’s say, 18 minutes late, 18 lashes. You should have asked us to the little party that your Granny and you were planning, 10 for rudeness. Not wearing your lavender panties, deliberate disobedience, 20 lashes. You should have brought 2 dozen of your world famous brownies with chocolate on top, and you only brought 6. 18 more lashes. That’s 66 in all. Now get your hiney bent over the table, on tippy toes and let’s get started.”

“Mister Blitzer, that is soooooooooo many. Please not that much.”

“Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, you know that naughty ladies should have many lashes from my belt when they’ve misbehaved so badly. If you didn’t want a taste of my belt, you should have been the good girl I expected you to be.”

“Granny, please tell Mister Blitzer to not be so mean.”

Granny kept staring into the corner that Mister Blitzer put her in. She knew from past experiences that if she said anything she would get an equal dose of Mister Blitzer’s belt. And he would add extras to her bedtime strapping. Oh, no, Granny was keeping her mouth shut.

“Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, Granny won’t try to save you. She knows the consequences of that. Now, get into position, I don’t want to have to tell you again.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs bent over the table, on tippy-toes, pushing her hiney up high. The first of the 66 swipes of Mister Blitzer’s belt fell hard on Miss Kissie-Boobs hiney. Sobs and wails and moans and groans were heard all over the room.

“Little Miss Kissie-Boobs get into your corner and I don’t want to hear a peep from you. Granny, get your fanny over here now. Wolf pack, take your chairs and Granny serve us Miss Kissie-Boobs’ world famous brownies with chocolate on top. Don’t forget the milk Granny.”

After serving the wolf pack Granny was told to get her fanny back into her corner. The wolf pack whooped and howled, enjoying Little Miss Kissie-Boobs’ world famous brownies with chocolate on top. When they were through, each let out an “Ahhh,” patting their well satisfied tummies.

“Mister Blitzer, what ever should we do now? We need to work off some of these calories.”

“Well, vice-wolf, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs hasn’t had her spankings from all of us yet. Why don’t we get to that? Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, get your hiney over here.”

“Please, Mister Blitzer, I’ve been spanked enough. My hiney is so sore. Please, I’ll be a good girl from now one, I promise.”

“Little Miss Kissie-Boobs you always promise that. In fact, I think you promise that a little too much. I’m sure the wolf pack would agree that you need to have regular, say every two weeks, disciplinary sessions with us. And you should always bring more of your world famous brownies with chocolate on top. And I’ve heard that you make the best galoots around. Yes, I think, we should have a batch of those too.”

The wolf pack stood, with their tongues hanging out, nodding their heads. No one was quite sure if they were more happy about the sweets or spanking one of the nicest, sweetest, cutest hineys around.

“Wolf pack take your seats. Little Miss Kissie-Boobs you know the routine, over my knee.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs laid herself over Mister Blitzer’s knee. Mister Blitzer spanked Little Miss Kissie-Boobs’ hiney fast and hard. She is next sent to Emil and his slipper, then Fritz and his wooden ruler, then Henry’s very mean wooden spoon before sending her off to her corner for a break.

After 10 minutes Little Miss Kissie-Boobs was sent to Max and his leather paddle and then to Rudolf and his large rubber spatula. Then back to her corner before having to face Mister Blitzer and his cane.

“Time for the cane, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs. Get into position and keep that hiney up in the air where it should be.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs limped over to the table and bent keeping her hiney up as instructed.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Mister Blitzer. Please don’t do this. I won’t be able to sit for a month.”

“Not my problem, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs. You should have been a good girl, maybe, just maybe you’ll learn from this. But somehow I don’t think you will. 12 of the best, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, shall we start?”

“Hurry, Mister Blitzer.”

“Fast and hard it is, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs.”

After the caning, Mister Blitzer went to Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, patted her well striped hiney, and pulled her skirt from it’s waistband.

“Now, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, go to your honey at home. I can just imagine what excuse you’ll think up this time. And most of all, don’t forget your disciplinary session in two weeks. Don’t be late or we will be starting it off with a hard whipping with my belt. And don’t forget the sweets. You don’t want to upset the wolf pack either. Scoot off, see you and your hiney soon.

“Granny, get over here and clean up this mess. The wolf pack and I are going out to have a little chat, see you in a minute.”

Mister Blitzer and the wolf pack headed out the door, where he sent them back to the woods. Mister Blitzer re-entered Granny’s cottage to watch her clean.

“Granny, it’s time for your bed-time strapping. In the bedroom you go, and plump up the pillows and get your strap from the hook on the wall. I’ll be there in a minute. Don’t keep me waiting.”

Granny went into her bedroom, placed the pillows in the middle of the bed. Granny reached for the strap hanging from the hook on the wall and laid it on the side of the bed. Granny climbed over the pillows making sure her fanny is positioned over the pillows as Mister Blitzer liked and to ensure she doesn’t receive any extras.

A few minutes later Mister Blitzer walked into Granny’s bedroom and is pleased that Granny was in the correct position for her bedtime strapping. Mister Blitzer stood beside the bed, picked up the strap and bent to gently stroke Granny’s upturned fanny.

“Granny, don’t you have something to ask me?”

“Mister Blitzer, would you please give me a hard bedtime strapping? Please set my fanny on fire.”

“Granny, I’d be more than happy to. Now be a good Granny and stay in position, you don’t want to earn extras or maybe you do? Are you ready?”

“Yes, Mister Blitzer, I am ready. Please start.”

Mister Blitzer raised the strap and rained down 50 hard strokes on Granny’s fanny. He then moved to the other side of the bed to deliver an additional 50 hard strokes to Granny’s fanny. Mister Blitzer placed the strap back on the hook on the wall, then removed the pillows from under Granny. He stood to remove his shirt and shoes, unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers and placed them on the bedside chair. Granny turned to stare, wide eyed.

“Oh Mister Blitzer, what a big….”

The bedroom door closed.

Have a good night everyone.

©2015 CLG0413

Thanks for the proof, Misty

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naughty_butt's avatar

Views: 429 · Added: 17 days ago

I have just read this on Fet and it is sooooo appropriate that i needed to repost it here

She is perhaps married, with three kids, finding herself constantly required to keep 5 balls in the air. She is in control at all times, because she has to be, until those delicious few hours where you put a collar onto her and let her let go to a different place. She melts into the freedom of no responsibilities other than to obey. That is her reward. And when you reward her further, with pleasure, it makes a sweet situation even sweeter.

...that girl you just kissed on the forehead, is assuredly an incredibly strong woman.

She is perhaps a professional who runs a tight ship at work. She likely manages people and things. She is on task and she is on time. She has been fighting her entire life for the same recognition you take for granted. She is mostly in control, she likes it that way, except when you allow her to step away from it all. She willingly hands over the reigns, for you to make decisions, good and bad, and enjoys knowing you will take care of her.

...that girl you just hurt, is not a broken flower, but one in full bloom.

She is likely educated, strong willed and has given alot of thought to the power exchange taking place. This is not a coincidence, these are thoughts she has been questioning her entire life. She feels power, in temporarily handing it over. She is not the fractured soul you see hanging on a cross, she is stoic and whole and gathering strength with every lashing. She allows you to give her these things. Yes, she allows you. Never forget that.

...that girl you just wrapped up in a blanket and kissed on the head, is thankful, even though she cannot admit it just yet.

She is still figuring all this out, just like you. She is reconciling her deviation from the social contract with her deep seeded need to trust someone else, with her body and mind. She is reminding herself that she never lost control, she just gave it away, to you, for an agreed upon period. She is quietly rebuilding that shell that she will need to get through each day.

....And when she smiles at you afterwards, quietly, whether she says thank you or not, please know that you have given her a gift. Each time she disrobes for you, bares herself to you and gives herself to you....she puts herself back together in stronger and more resilient ways.

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Views: 228 · Added: 17 days ago

Oh dear, it has become apparent that the Head Girls' 'lenient' approach thus far has caught the attention of the Headmistress.

Fortunately, I haven't yet been officially categorised as a 'difficult boy' and therefore, for the time being at least, don't have to stand before the Headmistress and explain myself.

However, it has become clear that a no nonsense, zero tolerance approach similar to that of the Headmistress has been adopted by the Head Girl and the list of the 'punishable offences' in my naughty book is growing at an alarming rate and I anticipate that my day of reckoning for these transgressions to be summarily dealt with is fast approaching.


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Views: 302 · Added: 18 days ago

Having a fun start to summer vacation lots of running with my children. Not much training for me. I have been enjoying not counting calories for a few weeks. I have been redecorating down sizing what my family has so we fit into are little house. New paint on bedroom walls and new flooring.
I will start to train again today and counting calories tomorrow. I just needed to spring clean first. I hope to watch all the great videos I have missed. I might even have to take pictures and post soon.

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naughty_butt's avatar

Views: 300 · Added: 18 days ago

She so wanted this.
Hadn't really stopped thinking about him since their first meet.
It had felt right, initially in the coffee house she wasn't sure he liked her,
but with his hand firmly up her skirt, parting her lips and fingering her wetness
moments later in her car the doubts left.

Being confident was her normal state of being, so her submissive feelings towards him were surprising her.
She dressed as he had asked and felt so good about it.
she wanted to please him, she ached to be good enough for him.
Stress started taking over though as she was running a little late and couldn't park where he suggested.
Her dominant side flooding back to the front as she got annoyed, why listen to others, she knew best !

Walking into the foyer and seeing him rise from his seat melted her back down to being a good girl again,
told him she was getting stressed about being late and he simply laughed and said to chill (or words to that effect)
She wasn't really totally aware of her surroundings as her heart was beating loudly in her ears and she was trying to remain calm and show some decorum.
Being led to the room, a fleeting thought passed through her, they were really doing this.

Once inside time seemed to freeze, she wasn't sure what to do but looking up at him she realised that she was simply to do as she was directed to do and it was at this point she truly let go.
he kissed her and removed her jacket, led her to the bed and pushed her down on it, face first.
She couldn't stop shaking inside, from excitement, from nerves, from a little fear of the unknown.
then she felt that first smack to her butt cheek, not hard, not soft, enough to know he was there.
and another. this was fine. She could so do this. she so wanted this.

After a few slaps he bent over, right up close to her and said
'so you bought this outfit for me then?'
smugly she grinned to herself and replied in the affirmative.
yes Sir I did
'so why was i not the first to see it then'
oh good god, blood rushed to her face, shit shit shit
she had upset him.
something she hadn't wanted to do
and then she felt it
a hard slap to her cheeks and another.
mmm, perhaps upsetting him wasn't so bad after all.

She lay there as told and could hear him moving about the room,
heard him undo his belt and hoped he would struck it across her ass.
But the next thing she knew he was kneeling beside her with his erection
in her face.
She did not need to be asked and took it deep into her mouth.
He tasted nice, she was relieved, she was having fun.
He seemed to be having fun too.

He withdrew and moved her about a bit, playing, teasing and having her
as he wanted,
she felt amazing.
Placing her face down again, he started playing with her ass,
again she heard him fetch something and then the lube trickled down between her cheeks,
holy fuck she thought he's going to fuck her with that cock of his.
She wasn't sure she would cope, he was bigger than she had had there before.
he slipped a plug in and smacked her cheeks some more.
This was turning into fantasy land and she was loving it.

Reality came crashing down when he entered her,
for a number of strokes it was sore, she felt at this moment in time what total submission was like
and as soon as that thought entered her head she relaxed and it all felt good again.
Picking her up and ramming it home made her feel used and wanted in equal measures.
This was living, this was fun, this was how a day should be.

Time seemed to fly by and eventually energies ran out, lying on the bed having a hug felt nice
and normal and coupley.
Real life though needed to recommence so agreeing to do it again
they parted company

She felt weak, she felt shaky, she felt used, she felt spent
but most of all she was on a high
one which she hoped would last for some time to come.

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Views: 301 · Added: 18 days ago

Very strange inboxes recently saying that i am certain young lady when quite clearly i am not.crazy!
I do not know who this person is but i feel sorry for her now if you really think that she is on here.
if this continues then i may have to enquire into how to get things cleared up legally.
Absolute nonsense. I might end up just closing this accounr down if this carries on!! Hence why i am rarely on here now

Take care

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Views: 280 · Added: 18 days ago

Whelp, I cut my finger open trying to hand wash a cheap wine glass. Lesson learned; buy quality glassware, and get a higher paying job so I can move into an apartment with a dishwasher. Also, get health insurance.

Or, more favorably, get a nice spanking man to do the dishes for me.

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