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Why can I not find anyone that lives in Alabama :( crys...........

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There is a place beyond everything.
Somewhere where claiming and shaming thread and thrill and flicker
with life.
How little we treasure you,
until afterwards.
We give fear our bounty, our beauty.
Endless flowerings
of all that mean nothing to us.

Dare you lift your gifts to the sun?
Will you, my beloved, gift your soul to the moon?

I long to be claimed, to be surrendered, taken.
I need to be heard.
All women crave this listening.
Every last one.
Those who are silent,
have given up on you.

strip naked as Adam,
I will be your Eve.
Sit on a chair and let me kneel before you.
Stroke my face, allow me to softly kiss your fingers, your thighs.
Let me take your cock in my mouth
so that I may make you hard,
and myself moist.
And gently,
oh so gently,
let me break from you.

That I may rise,
keep holding my hand
pull me close.

Smiling, I'll straddle you, thighs wide.
The swollen lips of my pussy twitching with need,
like the delicate wings of a butterfly.

Look deeply into my eyes,
as I lower myself onto your engorged cock.
Enter me.
Force me open with your insistent, unyielding desire.
Sink deeper and deeper still.
Caress my back, seize my hips, hold me tight
melt my limits and numb denial.
Help me to feel again.
A perfect circuit of sexual energy.

We'll kiss. We'll smile. We'll talk.
Tender the shamelessly erotic woman you see and feel.
Resist my silent and subtle pleas for more,
for now.
Relish opening me.
Petal by petal.
Sink deeper.
but just hold me.
And talk.
And listen.

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Thanks for the comments on your last blog. Despite keeping up profiles on two sites I have not had much interest in being spanked for cash recently. Had a whole list of people but they go quiet when it comes to actually arranging something. Shows you the state of the UK economy if you ask me - no one has that much cash to spare. But we'll see. I chickened out on one because it was too far away.

Anyway I am applying for real jobs but no one hold their breath.

I just saw a wonderful spanking and strapping video on another site. Am I allowed to post a link here do you know? I can't see that you can download and then reload here. But it's just how I'd like to be spanked. If it's not allowed, then site owners, I apologise wholeheartedly.

Anyway - in other news I have a part in a play - my first part - so why have I got myself into that! hahah it will be fun I hope.

Hope you are all having fun. I don't have much going on at the moment.

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To whom it may concern,

Hi my name is Amanda, I am 27 yrs old, and I am looking for a job, I have lots of experience with young children, infants, and toddlers!! I'm available to start asap, I am CPR and First aid certified!! I just relocated from Louisiana, I was a daycare teacher at Kid's In Motion for a little over a year, I worked with 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 yrs old, I am also good at working with the infants!! I'm very interested in this job, if it is still available, ! I am a very hard worker and would love to have this job! Thank you for your time and effort.
Amanda Moorhead

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There is nothing sexier or terrifying than to watch a man chastise you as he begins rolling up his sleeves. You already know then and there that your not getting away your behaviour and suddenly your stomach has adopted a million butterflies.

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Hi Folks,
this is to inform you that nearly all of my videoclips have been set to "privat" out of two reasons:
1. Because of malicious attacks to my privacy due to the obligation by ICANN to publish personal dates (Name, Location and Phone No.) I have abandoned the com-TLD and moved to eu-TLD. My private homepage with all content including the videoclips is now available at
My clips which had been here for a long time still bear the old com-branding and I had to decide whether to erase them or upload versions with the new branding. In this case all stats, comments etc. would have been lost.
2. I also do not want my vids to be shared at any social networks. The only way to prevent this is to set them to privat.I hope you will understand me and you are welcome to visit my site or send me a friendship request (if you don't have any content of your own on spankingtube please introduce yourself, esp. tell your location). No friends from Germany accepted!

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Some fiction for you then. I wrote this many years ago for a man who was a good online friend at the time. He struggled somewhat with the various elements of authority and power and his hunger to explore them. He found this story zipper-stretchingly hot. I hope you do too.


Don’t let the fire go out.
Please let me come to you.
Let’s take a hotel room, which we can make ours.
Give me twenty-four hours of your life.
One day.
One night.

A small ceiling light casts a dim glow along the narrow corridor. Pausing before the door, I glance up and acknowledge the room’s number – 101. I smile at the converging universal codes, cyberpunk meets every sacred mythology the world has known. Ironically I know you care little for either thread but faith nudges a recognition that the ‘one’ embracing ‘infinity’ tonight has an entirely different connotation.

You’d cautioned me to relish these timeless moments outside the door and to ask myself one last time, if this is what I want. Your mail read:

“enjoy the odd realisation that an everyday act of knocking on a door is very likely to result in me ejaculating in your rectum”

And so my hand trembles as I raise it to knock. I pause, breathe deeply and lower my arm. I know you are waiting on the other side, that you are supremely aware of the struggle I must endure no matter how much I desire this. Lifting my hand again, I knock hard before the possibility of changing my mind hits and I wait.

The door swings open easily and I look up and into your deep brown eyes. All else is eclipsed. All thought. All action. For an indefinite time you hold my gaze, and then extend your hand. I know that in giving you my hand in return, I am granting you my full consent. Our fingers weave as you pull me gently into the room, pushing the door shut behind me. You bring my hand to your lips, and as you kiss my fingers your eyes flash to mine. ‘Are you sure?’ they ask one final time. I nod my assent and the climax of our long correspondance begins.


My underwear is the last item of clothing I remove.

“Give me your panties”

A command I expect, we had discussed this but upon hearing it I shake. I hand them to you. You turn them over in your hand for a while, letting the lace slip between your fingers, seeking out their wetness, and then you slip them into your pocket. Silly really, how that almost casual gesture sends a jolt of obediance from my brain to my cunt. My vulnerability is flushed with shame, as I feel your eyes venture over my flesh, taking an inventory. The information feeds into your mind, a complex of practical equations and lascivious possibilities.

Moving to a chair, you grasp the back and pull it to the centre of the room. I watch your muscular arms work and in a reciprocal gesture learn that the chair is heavy and that your body is strong. We are collating the final elements of necessary information about the other. Realities that our extensive online communications could never yield. We are learning about dimensions and complimentarity, scent and chemistry and soon the bloom of taste and the truth of touch.

“Come here”, your voice thick with an accent that I am not yet familar with. That momentarily too long processing time provides you with the excuse you need. I know you are a patient man and that you won’t hurt me. And since we both crave this flashpoint, the key to my surrender and your control, this is sufficient justification.

Swinging my body around, you seize both of my wrists in your hands. The room flashes with vivid luminosity as I concede cognitive control. My body reverts to a primal instinct and I struggle but you manhandle me to the chair and we collapse into a prime position. I am sprawled across your thighs, with my arms pinned behind my back. Spreading your legs slightly, you perfect my position for your own pleasure. I whimper with the realisation that this is the first time you have seen me this exposed. Certainly we’ve exchanged many photographs and in that frozen in time sense you know every aspect of my body but that revelation was free from shame. This is not.

Adjusting your hold, you clasp my small wrists in one hand. With the other you begin to strike me. Hard spanks with no warm up. A fierce, ruthless volley of blows aimed low, striking me in the most sensitive of places. I cry and moan, writhing and twisting in futile attempts to escape. My skin is so hot it burns. Releasing my wrists, you pull me farther onto your knees and my hands fall to the floor to regain my balance. Taking advantage, you cup one cheek with your hand, pull it back and deliver a series of hard strikes to the tender skin around my auns. I howl at the indignity but you continue.

Stopping as suddenly as you started, I suspect because your hand must hurt, you allow your palm to rest and soak up the heat of my tender backside. Your fingers travel, tracing, contemplating the imprint your hand has made over and over. A heavy knock to the door slices into our warm cocoon and I start. You lift me and issue a simple command.

“Go and stand in the corner”

I freeze.
The knock comes again.

“Now, Rose” and you grab my arm and force me there, before walking back to the door. In a jumble of panic and shame, I am so confused that I stay where I am. You answer, and the conversation reveals room service have made a mistake. As you close the door, I turn with a laugh bubbling. You meet my relief with a smile and the instruction to turn back around. Snaking your arms around my waist, I feel your lips tenderly kiss my shoulder.

“Place your hands on your head Rose, but sweep your hair up as you do”.

I do as I am bid, and the trail of gentle kisses mitigates the flush of humiliation this immodest posture awakes in me. Your hands leave me and I hear the distinct sound of your belt unbuckling, followed by the swoosh of leather running through fabric loops. Stepping away from me, you stand back and I feel your eyes admiring your handiwork. One second later the leather cracks through the air and contacts my ass hard. I stumble and almost fall, and so you instruct me to spread my legs wider.

I do, having time only to register the cool breeze between my thighs and increasingly exposed pussy as the belt whips through the air again. You deliver twelve lashes and then you stop. The agony in my flesh passes, changing from brilliant sharp pain to a throbbing, pounding ache. My skin burns. But more acutely I am drenched with utter shame, a psychological torment that physical pain cannot eradicate, only enhance.

Then you return to me, and I feel your warmth. Pressing into my back, you encourage me to relax into you, a mercy to my weak knees that have struggled to retain balance. Reaching around you caress my nipples, pinching but not too hard. Subtly the mood is changing. Your hands glide across my belly, spreading out to fan over my hips and then returning to my centre to find my molten sex. My cunt lips are wet, the outer lips swollen and slick with my juice. This is the real expression of my need and desire. Again you turn me around, but this time much gentler and we connect in an intoxicating kiss. Hot mouth to hot mouth.

My last act of submission is about to be given and claimed. Guiding me to the bed, you force me to adopt a dog bitch position, my reddened ass raised high for you. As I lift my hips, the scent of my own sex hits me and I know you can smell my heat too. I remain in this position while you undress and then come to kneel between my open, receptive thighs. A cool stream of lube hits my scorched ass, undulating down the cleft and pooling on my rosebud. You tease and caress my anus, gently sliding an oily finger in, and then out. Repeating this taunting gesture until you feel my sphincter yield and welcome you with ease and appreciation.

The seconds of slow and unstoppable penetration are never easy for me. I have to consciously breathe deep, harmonising breath with insertion, relaxing into the filling pressure. Depth is less of a challenge, the pain comes from the fragility of my screaming muscular ring as it fights this unnatural act. Finally I have taken the full length of your cock, and you celebrate this tender impalement by holding me still and safe for a few sacred moments. And then you resume making love to my ass, my reddened and full ass, while my fingers passionately care for my empty pussy.

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I wrote this as a response to some of the wonderful people that have expressed concern over the current switch that Daila and I are expriencing. I also want to make sure that everyone knows that we will not be removing any of our videos. They are all precious to us. They are all very meaningful to us regarless of who is leading in our relationship. There may or may not be some new videos coming with Daila taking her punishments from me. We have discussed that possiblity but have not made a definate decission on it. So here is what I said on our previous blog.

Hello to all our video fans and everyone else out there enjoying our content. Daila and I met as switches. Neither of us had a definate defined role. Over the last several months our relationship needed Daila's leadership and direction, but things underneath the surface with us are always in a state of flux. We always enjoyed some hot ass scenes together on both sides of the coin. I think Daila and I flow well at identical times as these changes occur with us and we are ok with following these directions as they come up. This does not mean that I have stopped being submissive, nor that she has stopped being dominant...we are just going with what we are feeling at this time. We plan on being at this for years to come, and when we decide that I need to be back on the receiving end...then I will take that place again. For now, it was best for us for a switch. We hope that you will all stick around to see where it goes from here.


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Friends are like flowers - they brighten your day, and fill the world with beauty!

Hello to all my friends and everyone on Spanking Tube. :-)


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New Video's Posted! Today we posted new video's on Spankingtube & Spankinglibrary.
SPN0285 - 320 STROKES FOR BOND - SHORT CLIP (3 MINS) is a short version of the full-length video now available on
This is a 3 Min clip of an 18 Min video where I give Bond a 320 Stroke Punishment Whipping... 100 with a Switch, 100 with a Strap, 40 with a Cane & 80 strokes mostly to his Cock & Balls with a 2 strand Rawhide Whip... He is restrained face down over a Wedge for this one...
Hope you all enjoy this as much I did! :)

Lady M.

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This wasn´t the first time, I disappeared for several month.

Okay, I´m back., I´m not interessed. Don´t waste my time.

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Ya i have an intresting set of photos that was taken at a dennys meet alot of kinky ladys here

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Hey lovely fellow spankos. We're back (again)! I've been seeing a lot about recently but not quite sure what I'd say it is. Is it a social network or a video site? Does anyone have any experience with it? Any thoughts on whether it's worth a visit or should be avoided?

I've also just uploaded a picture from a discipline session last night. Adam was a bit out of line so down went his trousers! Feel free to comment, we love hearing from people.


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Slight pressure, I hear the bell and know that it is now too late, I’m committed
The arrival
As I stand waiting, I contemplate whether I should just turn and run, but no, deep down I know that the punishment I am to receive is necessary and deserved, it must be, Emma stated so in her letter.
I take in my surroundings, so familiar, I have been here before. The house is large but not imposing, detached, probably built during the 1940’s, unassuming, in fact it could be anyone’s. But it’s not anyone’s! How little others know of what happens within these walls.
Then, I hear movement and in a heartbeat the door opens and she is there, my ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’.
I am invited in and I follow her to the kitchen. I know where I am, I shudder briefly as I pass the long hallway to my right. I see the door at the end, I recognise the door, I have passed through it before and I know what lies behind it, the ‘punishment room’.
Time for the pleasantries, I am offered a hot drink which I accept, and she gestures for me to move to the large refectory table which dominates the kitchen. My mouth is dry and I almost burn it with scalding hot tea as I try to provide moisture.
‘You have something for me’ she asks. I hand her the letter and the package and watch her closely as she opens the envelope and examines the content. I continue to watch, taking in her expression as Emma’s instructions become clear. As she reads I am captivated by her beauty, she is in her late thirties, long blond hair neatly arranged in a pony-tail with a complexion other women would die for. She is dressed ‘classic business’ style, with a contoured skirt, white blouse and what I assume are stockings. Her long legs are punctuated with black heels.
She picks up the package and our eyes meet as she begins to separate the layers of wrapping, ‘Emma is very unhappy with you at the moment Ricky, you’re out of control aren’t you' I feel my mouth opening as I respond weakly, what can I say, I am here, does that not speak volumes?
The content of the package is now revealed and she holds the paddle firmly, studying its shape and feeling its balance.
Her expression is unsympathetic and forbidding ‘It is time you were, how can I say; recalibrated. Emma wants this and it is my responsibility to bring you back into control; do you understand’. I nod, unable to find any words to mitigate what is now inevitable. She continued ‘Emma has asked that I punish you severely, you know why, don’t you Ricky’? With that she raises herself from the table and points towards the hallway, ‘You know the way Ricky, the end door, strip to your briefs and wait for me’
The Punishment Room
It’s like the ‘Green Mile’ as I slowly make my way down the hallway until I reach the door. The handle is cold and as I turn it, I hear the catch. The door is stiff but with gentle force it opens and I am confronted with the full reality of my situation.
It is dark and out of instinct I reach for the light switch; god! I know where it is, have I really been here enough times for it to be that familiar?
The room is large with soft carpet, the initial darkness a product of the plain blackout curtains shrouding the huge bay window.
I scan the room, reacquainting myself with the contents, sofa, armchair, bookcase, but wait, that wasn’t there last time. There in the centre, a bench, not a seating bench but one designed for one purpose only.
I could see that the bench, about waist height and of a heavy wooden construction had been designed and constructed for restraint. That was its function. With its padded cover and heavy leather straps for the ankles and wrists it could have no other purpose. Neatly placed across it was something I recognised instantly, a cane!!
I stood for a moment shaking, fear, that’s what it was, plain and simple I was frightened!!
I moved to the corner of the room where the armchair was placed, I need to undress. Slowly I start stripping, trainers, socks, a little trouble as I fumble with the button on my jeans but eventually they are off. My top next and I am now down to my briefs. I feel an edge of discomfort, Emma had been very specific on what I was to wear and in response to me continuing to buy and wear lingerie she had selected a pair of lightweight white lace panties which she had previously caught me wearing, these would afford me little protection from the punishment to come.
I placed my clothes neatly on the armchair and moved over to the bench to investigate further. I picked up the cane, rattan, with a darkness in colour I had not seen before. It had weight and as I clutched it between my hands I measured the flex throughout its length. This was a serious instrument and as I placed it back on the bench, my bottom tightened and I became aware that yet again I was trembling uncontrollably.
And so it begins
When will it start? When will it end? I crossed the room over to the bookcase and studied the titles, ‘The art of discipline’; ‘The complete guide to spanking’. I reached out nervously and selected one of the books, ‘Dresseuses d'hommes’!
As I did so I heard the door catch, the door opened and she was with me, my ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’.
As she stood in the doorway I knew that what lay ahead would change me. Emma was obviously determined this time.
She walked over and confronted me, ‘So Ricky, have you found anything of interest’? I was speechless! Official in her attire, stern and foreboding she gestured towards the bench. ‘Ricky, do you know why you are to be punished, do you understand how severe it has to be this time’? I was weak with my response, embarrassed standing there in lace panties, so inappropriate, but she seems oblivious to that. I muttered some form of an apology, probably for every misdemeanour I have ever committed in my life. ‘Did you read Emma’s letter Ricky, before you came here’? I confirmed that I had been shown the letter so as to understand why the need for discipline, ‘Yes Miss’, I responded.
‘Do you know that Emma phoned me after you had left’, ‘why’ I questioned, ‘Emma has personally asked me to administer my own brand of discipline, to be creative, do you know what that means Ricky’? I shook my head, unable to grasp the seriousness of the position I was now in, words again deserted me.
‘It means Ricky that I have Emma’s full authority to punish you without mercy and trust me, that is my intention’.
She took my hand, it was shaking along with the rest of my body as she guided me towards the bench.

As we moved closer to the bench I turned, faced her and in an attempt to appease, pleaded with her, ‘please, please, don’t punish me too severely’. ‘Sorry Ricky, it has to be’, she smiled, picked up the cane and placed it almost ceremoniously on the armchair.
‘You need to go over the bench now Ricky’. I felt the softness of her hand between my shoulder blades as she gently eased me forward, placing me across the waiting structure.
Once positioned, she moved in to restrain me and at that point I realised that Emma had finally and fully tired of me and that the severity of the impending punishment would be of a level I had never before experienced.
I felt the heavy leather straps being tightened around my ankles and then my wrists.
I was now in her domain, her world and there was no escape, no words that I could possibly use to prevent the punishment that was to come.
She walked softly to the armchair, picked up the cane and returned to my waiting body, my ‘Tutoress’, my ‘Governess’, my ‘Miss’.
‘Ricky, I think we’re ready, shall we begin'?
To be continued

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Hey, i can dream can't I??

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That’s what she calls them, Emma, ‘tutorials’. What she means is that she is sending me away to be disciplined. This happens quite frequently, usually when I have misbehaved beyond that which she can address herself. Sure, Emma can swing a cane, wield a paddle or just plain spank me, but she is unable to achieve the emotional disconnect that is required to administer fully effective corporal punishment. I suppose I should be glad!
The Calling
I know it’s coming, I know when I have pushed the boundaries just that little bit too far. Emma measures the exact moment to tell me. It’s performed simply, matter of fact and despite the knowing, it always catches me by surprise, why I don’t know, I’m sure that subconsciously I engineer these situations myself, just so I can be punished. Why would I do that? Why would I want to be put in a position of such pain and humiliation?
The reason will be given, delivered by Emma in a cold and uncaring tone, I can’t help it but this really cuts, it hurts, far more than the physical punishment. Then, as if part of the overall theatre of the occasion, there is the letter that she has prepared, the letter outlining the reason I am to be disciplined, the sentence, method and severity of the beating, it’s all there in meticulous detail, even down to what she expects me to wear, all within that simple plain white envelope. On the back, in Emma’s neat handwriting is a date, time and location. She opens the envelope, takes out the letter and slowly unfolds it, she glances briefly at the content before passing it to me to read and understand. I feel her watching me, my expression as the words come together and I start to understand why the ’tutorial’ and what is expected of me in order to comply.
The Journey
There is always a week or so between Emma producing ‘the letter’ and the day itself, I have often thought that this is purposeful, a means of tormenting me further, am I reading too much into this?
The day arrives and Emma is now ‘in role’, taking command, punctuating the time with reprimands, scolding me, perhaps in an attempt to justify my imminent punishment.
I become conscious of the time, my tutorial is a significant distance away and I know that being late would invoke further and more severe consequences. As instructed, I shower and shave, taking great care to ensure that my body is as smooth as possible. Emma enters the room, hands me the clothing I am to wear, I start dressing and become aware of her eyes, watching, scanning, and inspecting my body as I slowly dress – I am ready.
With a stony expression Emma hands me the envelope and a package. The content of the letter comes back to me and I realise that the package and my ‘tutorial’ are intimately linked. There are no other words, I grab my keys and leave.
When I reach the car I place the letter and package on the passenger seat and with the engine started I set the navigation, 1hr 55mins. My mind races, in two hours it will have begun. I start off and as I hit the motorway I recall the last time, the intensity of the beating and just how difficult it was to remain seated on the way back home. My bottom had been subject to a fierce and prolonged campaign of strokes which had left it scarlet, burning and every bump and bounce of the car caused added pressure on the mass of welts embedded in my cheeks. Was this ‘tutorial’ to be worse?
The walk
I am early, the roads had been easy, but I was early!! I park up, not too close but equally not too far for the walk. 2:45pm and my ‘tutorial’ is not until 3:00pm, I fidget, I’m nervous, scared even. My eyes glance at the package on the passenger seat, I should look, investigate, but do I want to know right now what is to be later used on me?
I pick the package up and carefully peel the tape from one end releasing the wrap. I become anxious as I separate the layers of brown paper until I can see it, a paddle, wooden, savage looking!!
I extract the paddle taking great care so as not to damage the wrapping. It is about 18” long, 4” wide and about ½” thick, it looks as though it’s oak, stained and with eight holes, each about ¾” in diameter. I am entranced by its beauty, its quality and consider the love and attention that had been applied to its creation. Then I remember its purpose as I relate back to Emma’s letter, this object is with me for one function only, my fear escalates.
2:55pm, its time. I repack the paddle taking care so as to return the packaging to its untouched condition, I take the package and the letter and leave the safety of my car for the walk.
Its 3:00pm and I am now stood outside the door, I am shaking almost uncontrollably as I raise my arm and rest my finger on the doorbell.
Slight pressure, I hear the bell and know that it is now too late, I’m committed!!
To be continued

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"Bend Over!"

Leaning forward
Skin gradually stretching
Over naked buttocks
Legs apart
Thighs pulling tightly
Fingers finally touch the floor
Then a pause before the cane
Whispering sweetly through the air
Sharply contacts
The proffered cheeks
It's sound presaging
The hard intensity of pain
Which briefly subsiding
Only to rise again
And throb quietly
A short gasp
Of mixed pain and pleasure

"One, Thank You."

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Since my sex drive has returned, I'm so goddamn horny all the time. My husband and I have been on opposite sleep schedules lately, and it sucks. :/ All I can think about is wanting to be spanked. I'm talkin about bare assed, over the knee, hands on the hardwood floor, wrists tied to together, curtains wide open, bruises, kicking, and screaming. That's how I like it. It turns to me on so much...I don't know why. And I want it in the kitchen, in the livingroom, in a parking lot, on the side of the road, in the middle of a crowd, on the beach, I don't care. It's fuckin hot. One of my fantasies is being spanked in public, outdoors, or in front of people, but never had it. I wonder what it'd be like, but I don't wanna get arrested or anything like that.

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It is a pity that there is an element in our community that doesn't respect contributors wishes for their "private" videos to remain exclusive to this site .People who are good enough to share their vids with the rest of us may begin to think twice if their "private" vids turn up on the wider internet . Some contributors have already removed their vids for precisely this reason .Of course some may say that once on the internet there is no hope of any one controlling their contributions , and that of course is true . But it is a sad state of affairs if members of the spanking community appropriate and repost against the contributors wishes........a pity the few spoil it for the many.

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I've been on this site for more than two years now and about a year 1/2 ago, I found the best spanker (who is also my boyfriend:)) and oddly enough it wasn't through this site: Nice to find a smart handsome sweet strong dominant fun thoughtful spanker who makes you feel naughty, good, nice, safe, pretty, wanted, cared for, and important all at the same time and also knows how to have a lot of fun!...I'm such a lucky gal!:)

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