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No hablo ingles, tengo 22 años y soy de algún lugar de américa me gusta dibujar y de vez en cuando hacer alguna animación.
Soy dominante me gustan los chicos que no tengan problemas con ser sodomizados
Me gusta: Dar nalgadas, supositorios, enemas, temperatura rectal, pañales, infantilismo, no tengo problemas con cambiar pañales sucios y me parece lindo los chicos que tienen accidentes en sus calzoncillos (siempre que se mantenga controlado) que mojen la cama o pantalones, también algunos juegos médicos como examen de próstata etc.
No me gusta: Sexo oral, semen por todos lados, no tengo problema con pañales o calzoncillos sucios siempre y cundo sea controlado (NO mierda u orina por todos lados) no me gusta nada gore ni sangre ni nada relacionado con torturas que podrían llegar a hacer daño, no violencia mas a aya de nalgadas.
NO subiré ni enviare fotos ni vídeos de mi, si eso es lo que buscan están en el lugar equivocado

Subiré dibujos, historias (español), comics, y animaciones de mi autoría.
besos °w°

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well ive been here n there the past few days.. dividin my time tween a few sites n homelife.... knocked off 4 batches of mini cream puffs today towards our Christmas party... got some housework done.. did some online chattin n got to view quite a few videos.... but as always...the videos make me wet for sure.. the tingle begins, then the throb right along with the "wantin n needin"... dave has been outside quite a bit today n sooo bein alone my fingers found their way to that sweet spot.. legs slightly parted, reclining back in my recliner.. the very first touch brings a low deep moan as my finger slips into my silky wetness.. wet now with my own juices , my finger glides over my swollen clit.. legs fallin further apart.. hips risin..... mmmmmmmmmm til that sweet release........

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Mr. Stern languished with his tea and bisquits, with one eye on the computer screen & an earbud in his ear.  His glasses rested on his nose, while he studied the image

There in the dimly lit study, was Sassy. She was cuffed, wrist and ankle, to a heavy wooden bench. The top was upholstered in red leather. She was lying supine on the bench, with her elevated derrier facing the door. The other half of the screen showed her head, turned to the left, on the leather padding.

Sassy was humming quietly to herself, an obvious attempt to sooth herself.
Stern was amused. Tea time was over now, what would be do next? He wasn't sure. But he was ready to get on with it.

He entered the study, soundlessly
He loved the element of surprise. He took a handfull of of her buttcheek in hand and pinched it, rolling it between his fingers. Kneading it like dough, then added his left hand to her other cheek. He stood behind her, pulling and rolling fistfulls of her ass in his large hands.

"Why Sassy, your skin is a bit dry.  I had better moisturize it." Grinning, He took a tiny bowl from a shelf and  filled it with baby oil. He heated it in the small microwave oven. From about a foot above he drizzled the hot oil over her bottom. It wasn't quite hot to burn, but it was hot enough to shock her. He was able to see her face in a mirror. The heat registered, and then once again, his hands massaged and rubbed her until she was coated in oil.

He slapped her ass, then grabbed it, pinching and squeezing,  The other hand lifted and slapped her other cheek, then resumed rubbing. He'd whack her and rub, but not everytime. He kept lifting a hand, sometimes to spank her, sometimes not. He spanked her right cheek ten times, hard. The oil caused it to sting so bad. He then grabbed and pinched her sore bum. He spanked her left cheek twelve times, hard. He roughly handled the hot cheek. He was loving it!!
Sassy tried not to react, still defiant. She bit her tongue. But each round, brought harder hits, that really stung. He purposely hit the same tender spots again and again.

By the fouth round,her cheeks were very red, and her breath was quickening. She stubbornly refused to cry out, but it was early yet!

Sassy's mind was chaotic. Her eyes were closed. She felt like every fiber in her was charged with electricity. She held her breath and then panted. It hurt in such a marvelous way. She'd never felt anything like this... the aching, the throbbing, and the pounding heart were thrilling. She was lost and she was was in no hurry to be found. The desire was building, then pulled away. Like waves on a beach, she was fluid.

Mr. Stern was engorged. He had never had such a subject on his bench, so young and moldable. Time to reign her back...he thought. He refused her desire to climax, but edged her ever so close. He took a ping pong paddle from his wall, quietly. He continued to rub her, then smartly, applied the paddle to her sweet spots.
Swat and stroke, swat and stroke, swat and stroke...he slipped his finger through her slot and touched her clit, back and forth, several times, and she quivered. Swat, swat, swat!! A few gasps escaped her lips. Ahh, though Stern, we are making progress!! Swat, swat, swat, swat!!

"Oh, mmmmm, oh", Sassy's voice rose from throaty to high whispers, as she climbed towards ecstacy. Swat, swat, swat...but no rubbing now. Just the rapid fire of the paddle.

"Not yet, Miss Cloud....not yet"

Mr. Stern contemplated his approach. He, of course, wanted to punish her - Breaking into his home and rifling through his things...the very idea!! But most of all, he wanted to break that rebellious attitude. She would end up in terrible trouble, some day, if this recklessness wasn't corrected. While, he admitted he revelled in every moment, he WAS genuinely fond of Sassy. He was aware her home life, was less than ideal.
She had the benefit of a fine education, but she was flirting with disaster. It could all go badly. No, he needed to break her down, to give her direction. He had seen students with such bright futures, end in ruin. This was a unique opportunity & he'd make the most of it.

He picked up a large, flat hairbrush. It was long handled and sturdy. He moved to the front of the bench. He began brushing Sassy's long hair. He spoke softly. "Lets get you cleaned up." He gathered it into his hand and wrapped it in a hair tie, high on her head. There....he wanted to see her face, clearly, during the next phase of her education.

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Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!

Did everyone behave with family? Have you been good for the upcoming holidays?

For those of you in the Orlando and southwest Florida area who think they've been put on the naughty list this year Santa is pretty good at crossing you off that list if you at least took a good spanking for your naughtiness.

So if you need a little extra help being put on the nice list this Holidays let me know! View my profile if you want to know my discipline style first or just message me! I don't bite, hard ;-) (ouch, that cliche was hard to write, but it had to be done)

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To all the submissives out there, have you ever gone a long period of time without a spanking that you actually miss it and i am talking about discipline spanking not good girl/boy spankings, or am i just crazy? I can't even remember the last time i was spanked maybe january this year "way too long"

Just wondering if i am not the only one who felt this way?

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To all the submissives out there, have you ever gone a long period of time without a spanking that you actually miss it and i am talking about discipline spanking not good girl/boy spankings, or am i just crazy? I can't even remember the last time i was spanked maybe january this year "way too long"

Just wondering if i am not the only one who felt this way?

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Welllll I've gotten a request to write a story...i was asked to put myself n this person in it together but I admitted that would b difficult as I really have no history with him n really dunno a lot about his likes n dislikes but after readin two of my stories he requested one for himself n told me to just " go with it" which is kinda what I do anyhow... well we will see how this goes lol

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Omg i just went to get my labia rings changed to bigger and wider rings. Two times bigger.
The outer labia rings were horrendous, i screamed out, my language was quite disgusting, so kept apologising to the poor bloke doing it. But he just laughed and said its fine.
But when he went to do the inner labia rings, fucking hell, left one in and out no problem. Right one, OMG. This one seems tighter to touch, the skin seems like its pulling more. But he did say that one was v difficult to put in and did start bleeding, so no wonder i literally cried out, tears in my eyes and swore yet again.
I would rather be thrashed with the lash than that again.
I thought, theyve healed, its been over 6 weeks, its just a question of one out, a little bit of stretching and new one in. Simple like nipple bars, earrings.
How wrong was i !
Walking back to the car i felt like id been kicked in my pussy and was walking with a football between my legs.
But he said he could do my belly button, even with the scarring around it.
I loved my belly button done but when i had bowel realignment surgery i got a scar from above the navel, around it and straight down. So i never thought i could have it done again.
And maybe, MAYBE i will consider having my nipples done again in the new year.
Had them done once but must have been a crap piercer, they hurt constantly, couldn't play with them, infections all the time, til i took them out.
Master would love for me to get them done again.
But think i need time to forget the pain in my pussy before thinking about doing it again.

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After 2 terrible days of pain, my back finally started to calm down late on yesterday afternoon, and even ventured out to the bank, tho my friend drove me as i had taken diazepan.
Last night Master said I seemed to be feeling better as i was being extremely cheeky.
Tho of course i disagreed.
He said this is what always happens when i dont get my morning spanking every day, and decided as soon as i was better i would be getting a thrashing.
Again i disagreed.
Just before going to bed, i said as ive been on sick leave for 2 days, ( yes he calls it sick leave and i have to fill out a sick form when im unable to do my chores ) i said does that mean i dont have to write my lines for the days i was off ? He replied Errr no, i expect you to catch up on everything, lines and chores. As youre being so cheeky tonight you are definitely better so tomorrow i will expect all lines to be completed and chores finished too.
Again i disagreed.
He said he didnt care if i disagreed or not, because if theyre not done the lash will come out, youve not had a good lashing for months and ive missed using it.
I glared at him a few moments then stomped up to bed.
Once i got into bed i realised id made a big big mistake.
Id forgotten to ask him if it was ok to pass on his blowjob as i was on sick leave.
And even when on sick leave i was still expected to ask permission to leave it.
And he hadnt had one since Monday due to one thing after another so i knew he would be full to bursting and feeling uncomfortable with v full balls.
I hope he will be lenient with me as my back is still not back to "normal" but i doubt it, id broken his rules, been v cheeky and forgot his blowjob.
Wish me luck guys.

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Just a moment ago I knelt on the floor leaned over a large bench and got my naughty ass whipped with a switch until I found myself biting on a pillow in front of myself to keep from crying out. Then another pillow was shoved under my waist to raise my bottom higher and a new song came on. The man spanking me switched to his hand, which on a bottom stinging from the switching was terribly intense. I knew that I deserved a long, hard spanking, so I tried to stay still even though I could feel my feet wanting to kick as he slapped my ass again and again. I was conscious of an internal struggle, between the part of me that wanted to be spanked and the part suffering from the heat and pain of getting the spanking I needed. We are taking a break for a few minutes, and then I am getting another spanking. My friend asked me if I was okay and I reassured him that I am. He asked me if I still loved him as much as I did before, and I said "No, baby, I love you more!"

I'll post again after round two. :-)

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I just need to make this clear.. I'm not seekin a "Daddy" right now.....

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I wonder if there is a man who would be bold enough to spank my bottom any way you want to. I had this male nurse we talked about it. But he backed out. I just laughed. I guess he couldn't handle me. Or his wife would be very angry at him. Well we are still friends.

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she waits...
seemingly calm...

but her mind...
her mind races with thoughts...

what will He do...?
how will He begin...?

will it be the tender touch of His fingers grazing her pale, white skin...?
the sting of His crop on her delicious, bountiful backside...?
His hands cupping her ample breasts...?
His tongue tracing every, luscious curve of her body...?

or will He take her immediately...?
without warning...
without uttering a single word...

will He crawl up behind her....
grip her hips and Take what is His...?

drive Himself deep inside her...
until He's had His fill...
until she...
is nothing more...
than a puddle of flesh lying on the bed...?

she so loved the anticipation of it all...
the way her heart went aflutter with each thought...
the way the silence was broken only by the sound of her own beating heart...
the way her mind would quiet as she heard His approach...
the way all her worries would be muted as He touched the door...
the way the tranquility washed over her when she caught His scent...
the way it no longer mattered how He began...

it only mattered that He was there...

and she...
was His...

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Hello Everyone,
I am wishing you all & your families a Happy Thanksgiving.

On November 20, 2016 a friend (Mr. Spanko)of mine came to my home & spanked me twice with his hand & ruler & I spanked him with my hand & ruler twice too. We were both yelling in pain.

My butt was burning hot & red. Mr. Spanko's was red too.

About 1/2 later I went over to my friend's home & he spanked me hard on my butt.

My friend fulfilled 4 of my Mr. Spanko's punishments.

I had to stand in the corner for 5 min. per a Mr. Spanko instructions.

Implements used were: his hand very hard, paddle, belt, slipper & wooden spoon.

I screamed in pain.

I had a big welt on my left cheek. I asked my friend to put cream on my butt. I could hardly walk let alone sit down.

I was a very naughty girl that is why I received such punishments.

It is not over yet. I have more punishments coming from several more Mr. Spankos.

I will give you all a clue to one of my spankings coming up - 139 swats on each cheek with my rubber soled slipper.

One other Mr. Spanko wants me to get punished like a video he saw recently. I am not looking forward to that one at all. I will have to speak to my Mr. Spanko & plead with him.

Have a fantastic day!!!

Ellen Marie

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Hope everyone had a great day and good food,and red sore butts lol

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The switch hurt! Its devilish tip fluttered, and caught just a sniblet of skin. It felt much like a swarm of bees...stinging her here, then there. Unpredictable, and inescapable, the bites made her dance down the hall, but she had only a bit of chain between her legs. She couldn't move fast, nor escape its tongue, but her body still tried.
Behind her, Mr. Stern chuckled. It was such fun, seeing this bratty youth, brought to task. Just the sight of her round red bottom made him stiffen.
Ahhh, but not too much too fast. This was only The first course in a delectable buffet.
Once in the study. He adjusted his bench, to his tastes and her height.
He fastened one ankle to the leg. He hoisted her warm bottom to straddle the bench. He didn't want her feet planted on the ground. He wanted the bench to support her weight. Indeed, wanted the weight of her torso to be centered between her legs. He took the chain that dangled between her wrists and threaded a hook with a rope through the the links. It was attached to a little pully above. He slowly pulled at one end and her hands rose up and up above her head. He unbuttoned her shirt...no bra!
That naughty little vixen!! Her breast were high and perky, swollen with excitement they were crowned with hard little nipples. Mmm, a snack for later. He lighty brushed his hand across them, allowing just the nipples to touch.
She wanted more, but was denied.

He stepped behind her, and with his switch, he gave her a taste of a few longer, but relatively light strokes. She was already moving her hips to massage her lady parts. How delightful, thought Mr. Stern! He gave her half a dozen slighty harder ones just to see her move.
He taunted her with the twig, tapping and tickling her, then whipping her. It really pleased him.

He lowered her arms, and layed her down
on the bench. He secured her wrists.

Sassy felt the stretch of her limbs. Her arms pulled tight against the wood frame. Not at all like when she had put her own wrist into the cuff. She had still been able to move quite a bit. Now, with the bench properly adjusted, she was effectively pulled and pinned at the four posts that supported the bench. The rear of the bench was raised, upon which sat her rosey red bottom. Her legs held open, her intimate areas were completely exposed. Her crease still slick with oil and her blossom rich with dew, caught the light, as Mr. Stern drank in the young and beautiful body before him.

He grabbed a cane, and tapped it enfuriatingly over her bottom. Some were just a light tap, some had a little velocity. He even pressed it to her heated lips, pulling it through the juices that glistened there.

"I think I'll give you a little time to stew, young lady. I, want you to fully appreciate your situation. Its going to be a long night and day." Mr Stern wanted a break, he was so hard!! He wanted to make this last.

He left the room and closed the door, turning an intercom on. He'd monitor
her every move.

Sassy was alone, and so full of desire. Her muscles gripped inside. Her clit pulsed. "What if he never comes back??"
She whispered. "What will happen when he does?? "She wanted him to touch her!
Wanted to release this building fire! "Oh, please, please come back!! I hate to be alone!"

Stern sipped his tea, and listened intently, to her private diologue." Yes, that's right. Beg me. There will be more of that, Miss Cloud, much more!" He slowly licked his lips. The possibilities are

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In the order the videos presently appear; giving the title (theme), I am present in all these videos, all are self discipline (strap, belt, paddle or whip), I am the disciplinarian, I am the disciplined

presidential bet payment 15 – disillusioned friend – prison strap,lexan paddle,whip (straps,paddle,whip)
Presidential Election Game payment 1 – leather instruments (belt,strop,tawse,prison straps)
presidential bet payment 14 - sorestefan - rubber CPS (rubber CPS)
presidential bet payment 13 - ilttbf - bastinado, leather tawses (leather tawses)
presidential bet payment 12 - powerplant9491 – oiled western belt (leather belt)
presidential bet payment 11 - rattanman – spanking.co.uk rubber CPS (rubber CPS)
presidential bet payment 10 - SirSteven - razor strop, leather belt (cbt, razor strop, leather belt)
presidential bet payment 9 - spankablebutt - razor strop, prison strap (razor strop, prison strap)
Video unaccepted – hands, wood paddle, leather belt, leather paddle with cones (hands, wood paddle, leather belt, leather paddle with cones
presidential bet payment 8 – spanklvr – looped straps (looped leather straps)
presidential bet payment 7 - vlysw – Hanson Paddle Company small rubber paddle (rubber paddle)
presidential bet payment 6 - Rasslebear - rubber tawse (rubber tawse)
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presidential bet payment 4 – hiprubberbootman - school strap (canvas/rubber school strap)
presidential bet payment 3 – el44 - leather prison straps (leather prison straps)
presidential bet payment 2 - pietdev - rubber Canadian prison strap (CPS) (rubber CPS)
presidential bet payment 1 - SirAlex - leather belt (leather belt)

833 views · 8 days ago

In the order the videos presently appear; giving the title (theme), I am present in all these videos, all are self discipline (strap, belt, paddle or whip), I am the disciplinarian, I am the disciplined

Comparison: rubber inner and outer sneaker sole – sneaker sole (sneaker sole)
Worthy of a Hollywood script – hands, wood paddles, leather belts (hands, wood paddles, leather belts)
oiling an antique razor strop – antique razor strop (razor strop)
Antique razor strop stropping – antique razor strop (razor strop)
Happy Birthday Sir Steven – Adam & Gillian’s CPS (CPS)
Duelling instruments 2 – hands, straddle, billet strap, rubber strap, tawse (hands, straddle, billet strap, rubber strap, tawse)
Hanson Paddle Company (now PaddleWerks) small lexan paddle (lexan paddle)
Hanson Paddle Company (now PaddleWerks) small rubber paddle (rubber paddle)
something old; something new - whipping outdoors (leather whips)
Happy Birthday Piet - an interesting comment results in a date with Black Peril - prison strap
Strapping the hands outdoors - regulation size rubber/canvas school strap (school strap)
Duelling instruments – hands, hairbrush, outer & inner sole, belt (hands, hairbrush, outer & inner sole, belt)
whipping interrupted – rawhide and rubber single tails (rawhide and rubber single tails)
Creating leather hands outdoors - regulation size rubber/canvas school strap (school strap)
3 single tails & 2 multi-tail whips – 2 rubber & 3 leather whips (2 rubber & 3 leather whips)
up the creek with a paddle – wood instruments (wood paddles)
flogging the back – whips with manmade fibers (whips with manmade fibers)
leather hands – rubber canvas school strap (rubber canvas school strap)
flogging the back – leather tawses (leather tawses)
‘play’ing a round - rubber prison straps and tawses (rubber prison straps and tawses)
2 single tails and 3 quirts – leather & rubber whips (leather & rubber whips)
Punishing the arse - rubber prison straps and tawses (rubber prison straps and tawses)
Prison Strap Discipline on the back – leather prison straps (leather prison straps)
Flagellation 101 – beginning – leather belts (leather belts)
Rubber prison strapping outdoors - rubber prison strap (rubber prison strap)
In the outdoors – whipping with whips with man-made fibres (whips with man-made fibres)
Strapping around: the good, bad, ugly – rubber Canadian prison strap (rubber prison strap)
Whipping in the back yard – leather whips (leather whips)
Flagellation in the back yard – leather whips (leather whips)
In the cloister – whipping with leather whips (leather whips)
spanking.co.uk rubber Canadian prison strap – prison strap (rubber prison strap)
a soling – hand & rubber sneaker sole (hand, rubber sneaker sole)
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swinging in the rain – rubber tawses (rubber tawses)
rubber prison (prison-like) straps - prison straps (prison straps)
morning leathering – straps, looped strap, strop (straps, looped strap, strop)
whipping/flogging the arse – whips & flail (whips & flail)
to the prison punishment room - prison straps (prison straps)
a belting good time – belts (belts)
Creating leather hands – straps & tawse (straps & tawse)
The Prison Strap of Familial Discipline – razor strop (razor strops)
Early morning leathering – tawse, slappers, looped straps (tawse, slappers, looped straps)
Paddling in the backyard – frat paddles (frat paddles: wood, lexan)
After the Strapping – prison & prison-like straps (outdoors, rubber & leather prison straps)
Tenderizer – leather paddle with raised cone studs (outdoors,leather paddle)
Wood paddles – swat sticks & frat (wood instruments)
Tastes of Rubber – paddles, soles, straps & tawse (rubber instruments)
After the strapping – rubber prison straps (rubber prison straps)
Bet Number 1 - special edition: swat stick, razor strop (swat stick, razor strop)
Water and Percussion Music (outdoors; instruments: hand, razor strop)
The tawse – an instrument of discipline (outdoors: 6 leather, 2 rubber tawse)
A video for Sir Alex and others (cbt, hand, rubber tawse)
Devotees of hand strapping: the tawse (tawse)
Inspired by sorestefan (various instruments of various materials)
Working man’s belt – good old fashion familial discipline (belt)
Birthday Request 10 (2016 BR 10)crop
Using the belt – good old fashion familial discipline (belts)
what happens to old sneakers, soles, rubber (rubber instruments)
the belt: familial discipline (belt)
Birthday Request 9 (2016 BR 9) back whipping(flagellation/whipping)
Birthday Request 8 (2016 BR 8) Hand strapping(strap hand)
Birthday Request 7 (2016 BR 7) Tawse. prison strap (discipline/strapping - tawse, prison strap)
Birthday request 6 (2016 BR 6) Tawse, prison strap (discipline/strapping - tawse, prison strap)
Birthday request 5 (2016 BR 5) various instruments (discipline - various instruments)
Birthday request 4 (2016 BR 4) instruments: hand, wood paddle (discipline/spanking - hand as instrument)
Birthday request 3 (2016 BR 3) Hand strapping (school discipline) (strap hand)
Birthday Request 2 (2016 BR 2) looped strap (discipline - looped strap, outside, snow)
Birthday Request 1 (2015 BR 1) instruments of different material (discipline - various instruments,shower, wet)
belting on April Fool’s Day 2015 (discipline/spanking - belt, outside, snow)
self-whipping/flogging (flagellation/whipping)
making a ‘leather butt’ or tanning the hide (paddling)
A leathering wasn’t enough (flagellation/whipping)
Replica of the Texas Prison Strap (strapping)
prison straps (instructional)
Devotees of hand strapping: trouble in the playground (strap hand)
Self flagellation-self discipline (flogging)
regulation thickness rubber & canvas school hand strap (strap hand)
London Tanners thick 3 tail H tawse (strap hand)

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In the order the videos presently appear; giving the title (theme), I am present in all these videos, I am the disciplined

A plethora of prison strap pleasure - prison straps (spankablebutt top)
The Complete Bets Number 1 – 4, cane, strop, hairbrush, TPS, leather paddles (spankablebutt top)
m2mcpsub turned 65 in May – Canadian PS 3 - prison strap (spankablebutt top)
m2mcpsub turned 65 in May – Canadian PS 2 - prison strap (spankablebutt top)
m2mcpsub turned 65 in May – Canadian PS 1 - prison strap (spankablebutt top)
Louisiana Prison Strap – CO spankablebutt - prison strap (spankablebutt top)
Magna (aka Georgia) Prison Strap – CO spankablebutt - prison strap (spankablebutt top)
Texas Prison Strap – CO spankablebutt - prison strap (spankablebutt top)
Off with the belt, drop your shorts, bend over - belt (spankablebutt top)
States’ Prison Straps - prison straps (spankablebutt top)
Bet Number 1 cane, antique razor strop (spankablebutt top)
Bet Number 5 - oiled arse, razor strop (spankablebutt top)
Bet Number 3 - oiled Texas prison strap (spankablebutt top)
Bet Number 4 - 2 leather paddles (spankablebutt top)
Bet Number 2 - hairbrush (spankablebutt top)
familial discipline - razor strop (spankablebutt top)
familial discipline – belt (spankablebutt top)
To the woodshed, part 2 (spankablebutt top)
To the woodshed, part 1(spankablebutt top)
School discipline – butt (Spanker1414 & subcub523 & spankablebutt top)
prison straps (spankablebutt top)
School Discipline (spankablebutt top hands not butts)

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So here I am at work. Phones r a big no no unless it's an emergency n even then we r encouraged to have those calls come thru the cafe. N yeah I sneak on here every now n then when I'm bored or in the past for other reasons... so I also popped on another site earlier n first i got a " aren't you at work today?" N I replied "yes but I'm just sneakin on for a few" what came next reddened my face in an instant n I felt those butterflies in my belly " then u log off right now young lady and we will discuss this later" ... I peeped a "ok ttyl" n logged off... still feelin my face red.... now there will b no " discussin it later" simple because I haven't given this person any control over me nor have we talked more than a handful of times casually but it sure felt good to feel that control even if it's short lived :(. On that note... back to work...

Lupus Spanking