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Bouquet of flower
and dinner planned
I'd rather have
my bottom tanned

contrived of dreams
for what's in store
my bottom up
hands on the floor

with silken pants
your gift to me
my wish divine
of bended knee

please satisfy
this urge to dance
across your lap
in underpants

confessing with
embarrassed face
across your lap
I know my place

a spanking now
I must implore
the object of
my heart's adore

a paddle kiss
of derriere
I'll say it now
and if I dare

hand or paddle
if so inclined
be my spanky

to all you wonderful women that spank,

(I know it's a day early, just wanted to get mine out there first)

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As Stern cleans up the punishment room at Kings estate, he is just glad for the quiet. He thinks about the beautiful red haired girl, Erin, and can hardly wait to see her again. It was nearly midnight, but yet he wanted to see her. The whole Samantha ordeal, had been such a drain and he looked forward to her laughter and good nature among other things. He longed to hold her, to make love to her and to spank her. He wanted to see the tears fall from those jewel toned eyes.
He wanted to strap her up to the benches and tables and have his way with her. He had the King estate at his disposal. He finished washing down the tables, and bathroom, as well as each implement, until there was not a trace of their last guest. He was wide awake.
He rang her phone, hoping she would answer.
"Hello, this is Erin." he listened to her sweet voice.
"Greeting, my Precious, this is Gregory."
"How may I serve you, Sir".
"I'd like you to pack an overnight case, Erin, and I'll send a car to get you, my dearest. If you are not too sleepy."
"Of course, I'll do it right away. Will we be staying in, Sir?"
"Oh yes, Erin. I want you all to myself. Have you been a very good girl?"
"I snuck into the kitchen, and ate someone's chocolate. I couldn't resist."
"Delightful, my dear, I'll have to punish you, of course. You have been a naughty girl. I'll have to give you a good spanking!"
"Oh yes, Sir, I need a good licking. I can't wait to see you again. Let me go grab my bag. I'll be right there!"
"I want you dressed in panties and garters, and a pretty bra and heels. Just a coat over them. Do you understand?"
"Oh, yes, Sir, just as you say, she giggled softly. I'll be ready for you"
"Godspeed!", He chuckled, hanging up.
He bounded up the stairs for a quick shower. He dressed in black silky lounge pants. He wore a black robe, with gold pinstripes, overtop. He put on his leather slippers. He glanced at his belt, and decided to bring it along, just in case.
As he came down the stairs, her message came in. She was arriving, at the garage door. He went to meet her, grabbing a good bottle of wine from the cooler, and uncorking it to breath, on the way.
She was as beautiful as he remembered, only today, her hair was filled with beautiful long curls. They were obviously natural. She must have ironed her hair straight, for their last encounter. It was a waste of time. He loved her hair a little wild. She needn't bother to straighten it again. She was stunning.
Stern drew her into his arms, kissing her full lips and tasting her with his tongue.
He undid her coat and unwrapped her like a present. Tonight, she wore light brown silk. It looked great against her ivory skin. Her long, lean legs were clothed in smooth tan stockings, bearing a ring of elegant black lace at the top. The garters were brown with black lace.
Her pretty bra had Demi cups capped with lace. He could see her pink nipples peaking through.
Stern picked up the wine and glasses and sent them down in the dumb waiter. Then, he took her pretty hand and led her to the playroom. Just the thought of getting her hooked up in there, made his cock grow rigid. She noticed, and giggled.
"I see you are happy to see me."
"Oh, my darling, the things I'm going to do to you!!"
"I can't wait", she said, smiling."I need a good spanking"
"I'm going to spank you, and paddle you. I'm going to strap you and whip you with my belt. I'm going to take you in every orifice. You are mine! And I'll make sure that you know it."
"Yes, make me yours, Sir, in every way!"
They reached the room, and Stern led her to the bench. He raised the bottom. He told her where he wanted her, and he cuffed her hand and ankle. He tightened the straps and lengthened the table. He wanted her pulled taught, and at his mercy. Her legs were pulled wide open. Her gorgeous ass, stuck up and out. He could see her wet lips waiting for his stiffness!!
It was going to be an interesting night!!

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I asked Master for some new lines, as I'd had them for a few weeks so he agreed and said they would be ready in the morning.
I woke and checked and yes there was a new one, a nice ridiculous riddle, given me to test my observation and if laziness meant I wasn't checking what I was writing. I've no idea what it means but it made me somewhat amused.

How can a clam cram in a clean cream can ?

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The car would be coming to collect Samantha. It was very clear that she needed more help than they could provide. Dr. Harris has written the order to commit her to a psychiatric facility. Hopefully, her behavior was due, only, to her use of narcotics and not, a deeper problem. The sharpened comb, was not dangerous. Stern suspected it was more a play for attention, than a serious attempt, but it had not gone the way she anticipated. She was restrained, but even sedated, she was a handful.
Stern phoned David King, to inform him of the problem. He was very annoyed. He felt that she could be reformed, if the effort was made. He knew Stern was distracted by his interest, in the young Irish redhead. He felt discipline was still key. The head psychiatrist, Dr. Ellis, was a lodge member. If she thought she would escape her punishment, she was mistaken. If the sedative was sufficiently worn off, he wanted her punished, before she left the basement. He wanted Stern to use the strap, to leave a definite impression on her. There was no reward, for bad behavior in his world.
Dr. Harris spoke to the judge, who adjourned the case, until she could be evaluated. He was convinced that dropping the charges would be a mistake. They would retain leverage. If she did not comply, she would go to jail.
Details handled, Stern and Dr. Harris observed Samantha. The sedative had only a short effect on her. She obviously had built up a resistance to drugs. Stern explained, David wanted her whipped. Harris checked and confirmed, that she was no longer, under the influence.
She sat, sulking, and swearing, under her breath. Her hands were cuffed and linked together, as were her ankles.
Stern walked behind her and grabbed the chain between her hands. He hooked it firmly to the table above her head. She fought him, kicking her two legs which were joined together, to little effect. She screamed and swore at him. He grabbed her ankles and hooked them to a metal line, which he pulled from the ceiling. She shouted, and bucked. He pressed a button, which hoisted her feet into the air. It was a slow ascent. She could twist a little, as she hung. He added a strap, below her chest, to limit her movement. He wanted her to swing though, so it wasn't very tight.

She was now in a perfect, diapering position. Her entire bottom and her legs, were raised off of the table. She continued to use foul language, Stern cut her underwear off and put a bar of soap in her mouth. He'd heard enough!
He chose a thicker rubber strap. It was used in prisons, at one time. David King was very specific. She was not going to dictate, what would happen. If she wanted to behave badly, she would suffer for it.
Standing well back, Stern took a careful aim as he tested the strap, and then, not holding back, he swung... The rubber hit and wrapped itself around her hip with a loud crack. Even through the soap, stuffed in her mouth, she screamed from the depths of her throat. The welt was rising fast, leaving a thick, angry, purple line. She deserved it!! He felt no sympathy at all, for her today. He'd seen behind her mask. It was pure poison.
He swung and whacked her legs, she wiggled and cried, but she would pay the piper! Whack!! Oh, how she danced, as the strap caught her again and again. It was such a vision, to see her strain, against the cuffs. She swung to the bite, of each slap of the rubber, across her fanny. Every bit of her ass and legs, was marked by the strap, before he was done. Dr. Harris stepped in and added a few strokes, of his own. Minutes after they were done, she still swayed from the impact, but she wasn't swearing anymore!!
Stern removed the soap from her mouth. Her face was covered in tears and snot. He wiped them away.
"Did you think that you could get away with this outrageous behavior? All you managed to do, is her yourself in more trouble! Now you're going to a hospital and then to rehab. Your charges are still pending and you may well end up in jail. You have only yourself to thank."
"No, no, no, no, Sir.... Please!! Just stay with me, here! Just us alone. I'll be good, if you will just stay, here, with me."
"It's out of my hands now, but even if I could change it, I wouldn't. Every chance you have been given, you have squandered! Stay with you? Why? This is your punishment, not mine!"
"I hate you", she spat. "At least I'll be away from all of you. You won't be able to punish me, there. She laughed, amid her sobs."
"Is that what you think? Really? You'll beg to be back in this basement, once Dr. Ellis has a crack at you. You've blown your chance."
The houseman ushered in the orderlies. She screamed and yelled, thrashing in the air. Dr. Harris, injected another sedative, as Stern held her hip still. The four men shared a glass of good whiskey. They were all friends.
"What a good strapping, Stern! I wish I'd seen it. Oh, I'm sure you'll see plenty. Dr. Ellis is taking over."
"Oh that devil! Right you are. He has a real taste for it! She should have behaved herself, here. But, some got to learn the hard way. She'll dance alright, at the end of his whip. I almost feel sorry for her."
"Don't, Stern said, She's earned every bit of it."
Stern and Harris were glad to see the back of her, strap marks and all.

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Babies are born so trusting, so forgiving and so loving............

so what happens after that causes us to change?

Hope everyone is finding the happiness that you are in search of

Keep Smiling,


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Hello! I have a new book ready to go and I wanted to see if anyone would like to receive an advance reader copy to review before it goes live on Amazon. Here is the cover of the book. If you're interested just send me a PM with your email address. Also, thank you for the support with the last book here. I appreciate it!

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Why is it sooo hard for people in my life to let me be happy. If i.get hurt and my heart broke its my own fault no one elses problem but my own. If you feel like im making mistakes keep them to yourself!!!!

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I used to love the snow.. loved watchin it come down.. loved watchin it cover everythin in a blanket of white....loved hearin the crunch under my boots... loved seein it glisten off the trees in the sunshine ..

we have not had much snow this winter ..that is up until the past few days where we got over a foot dumped on us n now r battling another foot of snow.. dave n I have been outside a lot today shovelin, clearin off the cars, sweepin off the porches... its just not fun!!

my cold is much better but now I feel I have a UTI started... my right kidney area hurts very bad.. n I can feel it when I pee... once again... no ins so I will just have to pray for relief....

back to work again tomorrow... dave already tellin me to call out but I really really really cannot afford to miss one more day...I just hope the roads aren't bad when I have to leave in the morning...

got a LIL time in with my Mentor today... hopin for a lil more time after things settle down some...

well that's my lil update for now.... :)

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I have always been into spanking. I would love to talk to any other people from Oklahoma.

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One day i was sitting in my room when all of a sudden my phone rings and its my dad. I answer and he tells me to wrap the hamburger meat up in foil that is in the fridge i said yes sir i will do it but i got busy with other things and forgot to wrap the hamburger meat in foil. Later on that night i hear my dad yell my full name out and to get in here now. I knew i was in trouble than. It is never a good thing when you get called by your full name. Well i get up and go in there and my dad was sitting at the computer desk with a very angry look on his face. I said yes sir....he said what did i ask you to do earlier and it never rang a bell until he told me about the hamburger meat. I told him i forgot about it but he knew i was lying. without another word he said to go get the paddle and meet him in his room when i got it. I tried to beg to get out of the spanking but it didnt faze him at all. I went and got the paddle when i figured out i wasnt going to get out of it and that i might as well just do it to save me from getting it worse or another week of daily spankings...so i went and got the paddle and walked quietly to his room. When i went in there he was standing by his dresser waiting for me to get in there. I handed him the paddle and waited for instructions. After a minute or two went by he told me to pull down my night shorts and to bend over the desk. Without a word i did was i was told. I bent over the desk with my pink cotton panties and a tshirt and waited. I saw when he picked the paddle up and lifted his hand high up in the air and then the first out of many stinging swats hit my bottom and i let out a scream of pain but remained in position. He placed his hand on the middle of my back and the lifted his hand high in the air again and then another stinging swat that was worse from the first one hit my bottom. this kept happening for a good solid 20 minutes. by the time it ended I was bawling and shaking in my knees from the pain. He than told me to stand up and pull my panties down now that from moving during the first spanking i earned myself a bare bottom spanking with the paddle. I begged and cried for him not to do that but no luck i bent down slowly and pulled my panties down to my knees and bent back over the desk. The swats started automatically and felt like a sword of fire hitting my bottom of every swat.....i moved and the swats kept getting harder and harder....after it was over with i was just laying there crying from the intense spankinng i just got. My dad then said when i am ready i can pull my pants back up and may go..i slowly stood up and look at my bottom in the mirror it was red as a rose and hot as a fire......i pulled my pants back up dad gave me a hug and told me he hopes he would never have to do that again. I cried as he hugged me and said that then i went to my room to calm down.

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Being the one who gives out the spankings i was yesterday on the receiving end of my first ever bare bottom spanking dished out by my lovely sister in law. I was round her house fixing a blocked sink as her husband is crap at odd jobs and also at work. So with my head under the kitchen sink putting the U bend back on i could hear her behind me and next thing i know a hard smack landed on my right cheek. This took me back so much that i nearly headbutted the underneath of the sink.
"Bloody hell you crazy tart" i said, she was looking at me with a big grin on her face as i stood.
"Dont pretend you didnt like, maybe now you know how my poor bum feels when you slap it".
"Well it was ok i guess, but is that all you have got?". Why the fuck i said that i have no idea, maybe i have always been curious about being punished and just hid it. Next thing i know she has me by the ear and into the lounge to the sofa, where she sits in the middle and says "get those jeans down"
I was at a loss for words, i have never been in this situation before and it was getting more arousing by the second, so arousing that i was getting a very stiff cock. So i remove my jeans and drop them, thats when she stares at my hard on. She grabs hold of my boxers and yanks them down, my cock inches away from her face. She gave it a little stroke but with my spanking on her mind she grabbed my arm and guides me over her lap.
Her smacks were hard and very fast and boy was my bum stinging, i didnt want to yell out but after a few mins i was yelping and wriggling. My cock was throbbing and rubbing against her legs demanding attention.
She finally let me up and told me to strip, She was in total control of me and i just wanted to please her, so i obeyed and stood naked in front of her. She pulled me nearer by my cock and gently kissed the tip. I stupidly tried to push my cock into her mouth which was greeted with a hard smack on the back of my legs.
"dont you dare do that again or i wont suck it at all"
"Sorry WHAT"
"Sorry Miss"
With a satisfied smirk she gently kissed my cock then opened her mouth and sucked me lovingly.
"May i see your tits please Miss" i asked, she has lovely breasts for a fifty year old and in the past i have often gien them a squeeze.
She just looked up at me, removed my cock from her mouth, pulled her top off, unclipped her bra and let her tits swing free. My cock backin her mouth she sucked me hard and fast until i couldnt bear it no longer and filled her mouth with my spunk. With a smile she simply swallowed it and gave my balls a little kiss.
It was one of the most arousing times of my life and hoping it is repeated soon. But in the mean time im going to spank her hard just to get my own back.

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If anyone is going to see or has already seen the new 50 shades movie let me know how it is. And if its worth going to see.

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Just wondering if anyone on here has had any luck finding someone on here who is who they say they are and do what they say and that you know that they are being honest

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Before Gina there was Marion. Marion Montgomery.

I haven’t spoken about Marion before and I don’t know why. Shame. Respect. Discretion. Cowardice. Yeah, probably cowardice.

Marion was about fifteen years older than me at the time – she was just about fifty. I knew her from the local library where she worked. She was witty and intelligent and also quite religious.

On occasions I would have a coffee with her and she would make me laugh with tales about the people who would come into the library. She also had some interesting theories and observations about life she would come up with and which made me think. One of her observations where that there were twelve basic types of face which transcended ethnicity - and I think she could have been right. Though I never conducted a scientific study I came across examples which fitted her theory in everyday life: a black girl who resembled a white girl I knew; a white guy who looked like Tiger Woods and a friend of mine, who was white, who kind of had Chinese features. Yeah, the theory definitely had legs.

The irrational (irrational to me) side of her was her religion – she was very much into Jesus and God and believed that everything had a purpose and even if we couldn’t see it, God was testing us constantly to judge whether we would be fit for everlasting bliss. “God moves in a mysterious way,” she would say on many an occasion.

I guess it did for her because despite being a moral, kind, humble and generous individual her earthly existence was not a blessed one. Her husband had been a drunken bully who had beaten her up from time to time and had also spent any spare money they had on the horses. Worse was the fact that he had made her give up university where she had been studying for a degree in English Literature and thereby limited any future job or career choices. She had also confessed to me that she had lost a baby after he had battered her in a drunken rage. That tragedy was never spoken of again.

After too many years of suffering in silence she had finally left him and got a small rented one bedroom flat of her own. Naturally she had agonised over her decision for many years but had gradually come to terms with it. At first he gave her a load of hassle about it and would often phone up or turn up at the flat and shout abuse at her from the street. One night, after complaints from the neighbours, he was arrested and given some kind of restraining order. After that she never heard from him again.

In due course she settled down to her new life; though she remained single and appeared to have no inclination to get involved with a man (or woman for that matter) again.

It was at this point that I got to know her – I hasten to add that I was also in a relationship with Sharon at that time too and though Sharon had a jealous streak to her she was never bothered about me occasionally meeting up with Marion because she was a lot older, grey and quite plain. Also Marion smoked and Sharon knew it was a habit I didn’t like in a female. I have to admit I never fancied Marion but I did enjoy her company immensely from time to time.

Anyway, as time went by my relationship with Sharon began to crumble (I’ll tell you about this another day) such that we called it a day.

I have to say that the split up hit me quite badly and behind closed doors I would often cry my eyes out. But whenever I saw Marion she would comfort me and I would feel better – she was a wonderful and true friend - and I mean ‘friend’ because I just never fancied her.

But then events took a turn for the worse – she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was devastated and I was shocked.

To cut a long story short she ended up having both her breasts removed. Her faith kept her going but I felt I played my part too – I owed it to her because she was such a decent person. I would often pop round in an evening and I would also take her out for drives in my car. Slowly but surely she got better, stronger and happier. I have to say the council, her employers at the library, were brilliant and gave her as much time off as they could regards appointments and convalescence.

Spiritually she told me that she thanked God for giving her the drive to not only get better but to appreciate the gift of life and also to bring out the best in people.

I wasn’t at all sure about that but I went along with what she said and believed because I didn’t want to disillusion her.

But one fateful day all that was to change.

One Sunday morning, about ten o’clock, she had popped round to mine prior to us going for a long walk which would also take in an old Anglo-Saxon church she was intrigued by followed by a Sunday roast at a country pub which we loved.

But it wasn’t to be.

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After I’d let her into my house I asked her if she fancied a coffee or a tea and then told her that I just needed to do a bit of washing up before we went out.

“That’s fine, we’ve plenty of time,” she had said, “I’ll have a mug of tea please.”

I’d made her a tea and then washed up whilst she sat in the lounge.

When I’d finished I walked back in the lounge all cheerily for her to be stood up looking quite serious and a bit angry with a black paper book in her right hand.

“What’s this?”

“Um… it’s the Satanic Bible.”

“Yes, I can see that. I can read you know, working in a library and all that!”

I was quite taken aback by her aggression, her accusatory tone. It was a side of her I had never seen.

“So despite my religious beliefs you’re a secret Satanist. A devil worshipper. A dirty little sinner—“

“It’s really not about that, Marion. It’s a book about personal liberation, about debunking hypocrisy, being yourself, living for the day—“

“Pah. We don’t need any more evil in the world. Or suffering.” She then added: “I really don’t know you at all, do I?”

I then got a bit cross which I know I shouldn’t have and said, “Look Marion, you’ve been totally loyal to God and how has he rewarded you? A drunken violent bastard of a husband and a God who has selected you to not only suffer from cancer but to suffer from the fear of the cancer returning. Yeah it’s really worked for you.”

She was silent for a moment. Shocked and stunned by my response.

“Okay, tell me a little about the book,” she said, a little quieter now.

“I’m sorry Marion, I didn’t mean for you to find the book, I know your faith is everything to you—“

“So, what’s it all about then. Indulge me.”

“Indulgence is exactly the right word. Lavey, the founder and high priest said, ‘Life is the great indulgence; death the great abstinence.’ “


“He also believed that the traditional sins were the true virtues, that only by embracing the sins would we know true gratification. Oscar Wilde said something similar along the lines that one could only conquer temptation by surrendering to it. There’s also ritual in it, but for ritual’s sake. Metaphysically, Lavey deduced that God was merely a projection of one’s own mind and that in reality we were only worshipping a part of our own mind…”

I’d trailed off at this point and the room went silent.

“Okay, Marion, I’m going to nip upstairs and clean my teeth. I’ll be back down in a couple of minutes.”

Of course I didn’t know whether she would still be there we I came down. I wasn’t actually certain we’d still be friends. I have to say I’d felt bad and very uncomfortable.

“Yeah, okay,” she said distractedly.

After I’d cleaned my teeth and been to the loo I walked down the stairs and was totally shocked to see her standing completely nude in front of the fireplace and casually smoking a cigarette.

“Yeah, that Lavey fella is right, life the great indulgence, death the great abstinence. So, what you’re going to do is fuck me. And if you don’t want to fuck me I shall put my clothes on and walk out of your life. We’ll never speak again. Get that?”

“Um… "

For as second I had studied her naked body. Looked at the ugly scars where her tits had been. Ran my eyes up and down her pale flesh, flesh that was so pale it looked like it had been bleached. Her limbs were thin and her hair was long and grey and framed her mournful yet small features. Her pubic hair was also completely grey. Her eyes were grey and almost transparent. Everything was grey about her. And there was ‘death’ about her too, yet she now wanted to embrace life.

“Well?” she said and drew upon her cigarette.

“Yes… of course.”

“Good. Get your clothes off and make me feel like I’m alive.”

And I did. I stripped off and before I touched her she told me it was okay to for me to feel her scars, to treat her body as though she was whole again.

She’d stubbed her cigarette out on the cover of the Satanic Bible burning a small hole in it. She then held out her arms and we held each other, embraced for a moment. I then kissed her neck, massaged her back and ran my hands across the rough edges of her scars, kissed them. I caressed the tops of her bare arms, stuck my tongue in her mouth and tasted the tobacco on her breath. I then got her to lie down on the sofa and licked her clit, savoured the saltiness of her cunt. I also stuck my finger up her anus – she squirmed and squealed with the pleasure of that. Next I pulled her arms behind her back and frigged her till she came, gasping and twisting with the ecstasy. When she’d come I’d thrown her on the floor and fucked her hard till I came. It was probably the best fuck I’d ever had - with an older very plain woman with no tits.

And that was that. It was the beginning of the beginning. We told no one about our relationship and fucked like there was no tomorrow, because there was no tomorrow.

It was intense. We purchased sex toys, shagged outside. I fucked her up the arse. We watched porn. We smoked dope. We booked a parachute jump. We went to Iceland: Glaciers. Volcanoes. Myths. Back home: Restaurants. Films. Music concerts.

Life was good. Life was fantastic. But I have to be honest, I don’t think I ever really loved her.

And then the beginning of the beginning became the beginning of the end - the cancer returned. And this time it was terminal.

The last time I shagged her was two weeks before she died. She was thin and frail but I still made her come. I was with her every day before she passed away. Her brother came over from South Africa and various friends turned up. They all thanked me for what I’d done. Well, not everything I’d done – I couldn’t tell them that.

I was there in the early hours when she breathed her last though she’d been unconscious for several hours before the end. I’d watched her breathing becoming increasingly shallow, and of course by this time her limbs were as thin as twigs – so sad. Tragic. Cruel. And I could do nothing to prevent it. Nobody could.

She rejected her religion and her wishes were for her body to be cremated and the remains to have a tree planted over them – she told me nature was the true prophet of God.

About three weeks later on a rainy day I visited her final resting place. There was no one around so I lowered my trousers and masturbated to the vision of that first time we fucked. When I orgasmed I watched my spunk soak into the damp earth and imagined that it would make her smile…

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It was a totally unexpected sight to see our son walk into the living room, dressed, coat on, ready to go out,
"I'm going out to hang out with me mates, can I have some money ? I'm just getting me bike."
With that, cash in pocket, bicycle ready, he left with a "I'll be back around midnight."
Master finished eating his supper then said, "Right, lets get you upstairs naked so I can see to that bottom."
We locked up the house, dogs followed behind and headed upstairs.
"Firstly Master, I need to get you shaved. It's not been done for a couple of weeks."
I laid a towel on the bed, I knew the routine well. I needed a bowl of hot water, razor, shower gel, face cloth, cream and finally massage oil. Master put some music on in the background, both of us stripped quickly and I got to the task in hand.
I loved the intimacy of shaving Master, but it was hard going over his rock hard cock and his balls. The mans anatomy is full of little crevices that are difficult to get smooth, not like a woman's. Maybe it's just coz I've shaved myself for many years. I don't like using creams tho, they usually burn when it goes in the wrong area. But, eventually, Master was beautifully shaved, he rolled over, lifting his bottom up so I could finish off shaving his ass and right underneath his balls.
Job done, I kissed his bum and went to just clean up.
Returning, I climbed between Master's legs, ready to give him a massage, another job I loved. Until Master said, "Massage my feet please." Yuck, I don't like this job, I don't like feet, Master knows this and enjoys my discomfort when I did it. He chuckled at my lack of enthusiasm which made me want to glide my nails over each foot, but I didn't.
When I was done, I lay next to Master, just enjoying this quiet time, just us ( and the dogs, Dave was lovingly panting down my ear. ) A little off putting, but he wasn't doing any harm. So we enjoyed this time together.
After a while Master rolled over and said, "Well we better get onto the punishments you have due. Look on Life and see whats on there." Life360 is a good app, it can keep track of where you are, keep lists which can be ticked off when completed, we use this daily for my daily chores, essay list, punishment list and sick note list.
In my punishment list, I had 3 laps around the garden on hands and knees for telling fibs. 20 with the CPS for buying books without permission and finally 50 with the large paddle, Giant Devil, for using my phone during contemplation time on my naughty stool.
Naturally me being me tried to dodge this, can't we just have a fun spanking, they've been on the list for so long they should be forgotten. You know the usual stuff any brat would say to get out of the expected punishment.
But no, Master said it wasn't our fault we haven't had private time in months. Anyway, I think I'd like to fuck your ass first, seeing as I was already hard before you shaved me.
He told me to lie on my back at the end of the bed and lifted my legs into the diaper position. "I want to look at your face whilst I'm fucking you." He said, making me smile and giggle.
We had long, slow, erotic fuck just enjoying every thrust, feeling his entire cock deep inside me, in and out, his tip tickling my entrance, then wham, he thrust once more. I tried to keep my eyes open and watch him but I fell into the bliss of orgasm once then twice, then Master erupted his seed, shooting it up my ass so I felt each pump.
What an amazing fuck, tho of course I love our quickies downstairs when our son was in, but this was so fucking hot!

Master reached into our drawer of pain then, reaching for the nasty CPS and Giant Devil. "Now I will let you choose which is first." he said. "Please can we not just have fun." I begged to no avail.
"Come on into position, I'm not gonna cuff you but I will if you mess. I will let you count if you want"
Knowing there was no option, "Yes please." I said. I went up onto my knees, holding the bed rail, bottom ready.
Now I don't understand when you've not had a severe spanking for a few weeks, why does it feel so much more painful, but it does, I can usually cope with a very severe thrashing but not today. I knew Master was really only tapping me with the Devil but I was ouching and squirming and grabbing my ass after each swat. Master was laughing at me, I was laughing at myself too, so it took a long time to reach 50. "What is up with you today ?" Master asked. "I don't know, you know if I've not had a regular spanking it's like going back to the beginning again. Can I lie down for the CPS ?"
"Yes if you'd like." He told me. So I lay face down on the bed.
The first swat felt ridiculously hard but I knew it wasn't and it took ages to reach 10. Luckily Master found it really funny so he wasn't being terribly strict like he would do normally for a punishment.
So I bit into a pillow and took the following 9 quicker even tho these were getting harder for each swat.
"Now it's the last one, you know the last one is the hardest, so are you ready ?" Master asked. there was a long wait until unexpectedly he swatted me much harder, making me scream and yelp, grab my bum and legs and roll around the bed, trying very hard not to swear. It must have been a pretty hilarious sight really. Eventually I lay back flat again, Master asked if I would like a fun spank now, but I shook my head. "Really ?" he asked in surprise. "OK then."
But Master reached in the drawer and took out the high impact cane. I curled myself in the foetal position, trying to cover every area with my hands as he expertly tapped around my body, tits, ass, hips, leg, hand, back, ass. This continued til I shouted Red. "I think you should have a few with this, how many do you want?" He asked. " 2" I answered.
"2 I don't 2, 10 will do." So laying flat once more, Master whipped over my butt and sit spot 10 times, until I was biting and screaming into the cushion again.
He reached for the cream, dolloped some on each cheek and rubbed it in and down my legs. He finished with a few hands smacks. "Mmmmmmm." I said, wiggling my bum. "I'd like more of that please." So I got a few more hard swats from his hand. "Trouble is after a while using my hand hurts me as much as you, and I don't like that, not when there's a drawer full of toys." He said. "I know but I love a hand spanking much more." I giggled. Master reached for one of the canes instead. Rolling the cane up and down he gently whipped the cane across my cheeks, my sit spot and legs. Again I knew it wasn't hard, you didn't even hear it whistle through the air but I was jiggling about with each stroke.
Unfortunately the usual little spot that always bleeds had started again, and a few little spots still healing from Mr Spikey started the bleed once more, so Master had to call an end to the play.
"Try the steel paddle before we stop, we've not the flat part of that yet." I said to Master. So he reached for the heavy abrasive paddle. He used the grater side first, gently grazing it up and down my body and it was sooooo nice. Until it grazed over my bottom, then I started ouching and oooohing and flinching at its touch. Master chuckled at my reaction. When he used it over my lower back, an area usually never touched due to my degenerative discs, OMG it felt so nice, like a deep massage that wasn't actually going deep to the discs. So he grazed over me once more finishing with my back again. He lay the paddle across my bottom for a minute before taking hold of it, one hand on my back, he pummelled my ass with the cold hard steel. And boy did it leave a wallop as my bottom instantly burned, the heat getting hotter and hotter as i squirmed and cried out once more. But I liked that paddle, or at least liked the force it was being hit today, any harder and I wouldn't.
We've rarely had such a fun punishment/play where we are both laughing so much between each stroke, it took 2 hours to get through 70 strikes and then a play. But It was so nice, just us playing without fear our son would walk in or hear us.
I went off to have a shower then, Master got dressed and we headed down to watch TV before I went to bed.
I could certainly enjoy more of these playtimes but also I do like Master being super strict, super firm and serving me with a severe thrashing til I'm crying and begging to stop.

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Yesterday, I talked back to daddy. I knew I shouldn't have. We kept going and arguing. Daddy decided that he needed a nap. He made sure to tell me that he wanted our largest butt plug in my bum before he woke up.

As soon as he went to nap I inserted the plug. Boy did it hurt. When daddy woke up, he made me go about my normal day. Doing laundry, cleaning the house, doing dishes, but all with the butt plug far in my bum.

Daddy would tell me to put my hands on the counter from time to time. He would move the plug inside me. Boy did it sting.

Almost 4 hours later daddy had me lay across the bed. Daddy cuffed my hands. He stuffed my underwear in my mouth and taped it shut. Daddy gave me a hand spanking to warm me up. Then a thick wooden spoon. Then a plastic school paddle. Then I heard the clink of his belt as he whipped it off. He beat me with his belt. Daddy then gave me 15 strokes with the cane.

Daddy pulled me to the side of the bed. He put his dick in my pussy for a few pumps. He smacked my ass hard with his hand and called me a slut for being so wet.

Daddy pulled my hair hard and jerked my head back towards him. "Don't think you deserve it in the pussy today, young lady" With out warning daddy shoved his dick far up my asshole.

My asshole was on fire. He slammed again and again deep inside me. I screamed and cried as he pulled my hair and fucked me as hard and as fast as he could.

I felt daddy cum deep in my asshole. Still crying, daddy took out his dick and inserted the butt plug again. My asshole was throbbing. Daddy told me to sit at my desk. Daddy uncuffed me and handed me my notebook and a pencil. "One hundred lines, young lady. I will not argue with daddy".

My mouth still taped and my bottom a dark shade of red, I wrote my 100 lines. I knew not to leave the room when I was finished and went to kneel in the corner until my daddy came back.

Daddy checked my lines. Daddy made me stand in front of him with my hands behind my head. Daddy pinched my nipples and smacked my boobs.

Daddy laid me across the bed again. 36 more strokes with the cane.

Daddy took off my duck tape and gave me a big hug and kiss. I knew he loved me. He rubbed my bottom and helped me dry my tears. I sat on his lap while he talked to me.

"Young lady, tonight this plug stays in. Do you hear me? You may take it out after I inspect you in the morning. The only thing you will be permitted to wear is your cooking apron. I expect dinner at 6. While I am watching tv tonight, you will enjoy the corner for a while. After that, I expect 20 minutes of naked exercise in front of me. Jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and squats. You will then get showered and ready for bed. No tv time and no cell phone time for you tonight. Somewhere between dinner and bed, you may use the laptop to write me an apology letter and essay. Do I make myself clear?"

I shake my head yes and say "of course daddy. Thank you for my punishment"

Daddy smiled and kissed my lips. "I punish you to make you the best wife and woman I can. Today you showed total disrespect and disregard for our relationship. Hopefully, by treating you like a naughty bitch when you act like one, curbs the behavior."

Daddy grabbed my breasts and bit on my nipples. He grabbed my warm bottom.

"You're ass is nice and hot. Exactly how it should be. Now come on, mouth soaping for arguing. Then we can go downstairs."

Daddy soaped me. Daddy made me stand in the corner. Daddy spanked me until I bruised. Daddy fucked my tight asshole. Daddy made me write lines. Daddy made me exercise while he jacked off. Before bed, daddy made me use a dildo on myself while he watched. Daddy gave me a tiny hand spanking before bed.

This morning, my butt is still bruised and my asshole is finally free from the plug. I'm in so much pain, but I'm grateful that my daddy cares about me. I feel loved and taken care of. (Probably still sleeping on my tummy tonight though).

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The child has actually gone out. First time since Xmas Eve.
We beta be having a play tonight. :)

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