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60 views · 8 days ago

Can't zzz and néed go sleep have work fro n 2 pm til 7 am errr

67 views · 8 days ago

To bad no one in Tulsa can host and spank me or near by

85 views · 8 days ago

Could use an altitude adjustment

Lupus Spanking
96 views · 8 days ago

Trying to be a good girl today.. ok stop laughing y'all it's not nice... I can be good ask anyone that don't know me IAM serious.. arms crossed sits in corner pouring.. smiling. Have a nice day yall

87 views · 8 days ago

Anyone in or near the Pittsburgh area. Looking to try out my first spanking session. Give or receive.

65 views · 8 days ago

Looking to give out spankings to those naughty girls who need punishment. Or if there are any female spankers out there I need some punishment myself! Message me

Lupus Spanking
86 views · 8 days ago

Thanks to Jack, maybe a new video will post over the weekend. I encoded the .MP4 with MP4 codec. If it posts, it's an extended version of Amber Punished with a few unseen bits.

In the meanwhile, below are the updates to Elise and Megan.

85 views · 8 days ago

After 1 1/2 years of writing lines daily, I'm getting a bit bored by them, I can tell as my writing has become extremely scruffy, plus doing them in the mornings,I often drop off to sleep and I end up smudging pencil marks over the writing.
Forget what I've written, so make it up. I have been honest with G, telling him the writing is very scruffy, luckily he has never told me to re-do them.

Today I decided to send him a text message to ask if he could give me another task, instead of the lines.
I shouldn't have done that. You all know how he enjoys finding something that annoys me. He never answered my text so I asked him what he thought.

Firstly; I've no right to complain about the tasks set.
Secondly; I've shown disrespect to him by not taking care with the given task.
I should be writing the lines out perfectly, not scruffily, because I should be wanting to please Master with smart looking lines.
Thirdly; As I've put in a complaint, I think I may increase them.

He turned towards him, sliding my dress up and he fondled my bottom.
Oh I felt those feelings start immediately and he knew, so he stopped.
Ohhhhhhh, don't stop. I said.
He came back towards me, sliding my dress again. This time, he slapped my bottom, just my right cheek.
Mmmmmmmm, I murmured, as another slap stung my cheek.
You don't tell me what to do, you don't dictate what tasks you want to do. He said, not sternly, but enough for me to listen, for a second anyway, as I was enjoying this spanking so much.
I rested my head onto his chest, sighing, ready for another slap.
But there wasn't anymore. He knew I was wanting more, he knew I was enjoying it too much, so he stopped, laughing when I growled at him for stopping.

I hate being denied spanking, or sex, no touching, or just a little touch then stopping, the tease then the disappointment and begging for more but a simple No told me there would be none. I'm sure he must be desperate to spank or fuck me but he enjoys watching me being denied it just as much .
Now I will have to wait and see what he says about these lines.
I'm betting he will increase them instead.

Sent from my iPad

84 views · 8 days ago

After nearly 2 1/2 weeks of NO play at all, I'm so desperate for a rough hard fucking, I want Master to fist my hair, fuck my ass, fist my pussy, spank me hard, but not punishment hard, after all I will need to build my pain threshold up again. Yes I've been allowed to masterbate twice, only one orgasm though, I'm used to multiple orgasms plus squirting and I can't do that on my own. Even Master has not had his daily blowjob, as the in-laws 2 dogs are very protective over me, and we struggle to even get a hug. The dogs give Master such evil looks, he says it puts him off. Lol
I did manage to give him a nice handjob yesterday as his balls were aching coz they were so full. And there was a lot of cum that pumped out.i enjoyed playing with his PA, today he is getting the next size up. I love playing with it.
But I really wish this sketch was true.

Lupus Spanking
148 views · 9 days ago

Showing off daddy's new strap.

I posted new pictures of Elise and Megan's adventures. Please check the galleries. Also, if you like any of my pics, please rate my profile. BTW, I'm trying to get someone to help me with uploading a video. I've tried AVI, MP4, and many variations of codecs. Do we have any experts in the house?

133 views · 9 days ago

Well messed up today .. shouldn't have but I did ... Sir is going to be pissed off ... But it is what it is.... Dammmmm.... My ass will be in a sling for real.. dammmm. Sorry Sir ..... Looks down.... Backs into the corner

178 views · 9 days ago

Hello Everyone,

I have tears in my eyes because I was in love with this fella I met on Chemistry.com in Sept. 2015. He also has a 14 yr.old daughter. I recall talking to her once & she sounded like an adult & then the little girl voice came on. I don't know if I heard that correctly. He asked me to marry him on March 20, 2016.

I have been borrowing him money for over 1 yr. Now I am broke & no money to pay my bills.

I feel he is a SCAMMER. I have not heard from him since 10:00 am yesterday.

I have been postponing all my spankings from my Mr. Spankos all these months because I was waiting for my sweetie to come home & give them to me & then take pictures & send them to my Mr. Spankos.

Maybe he could help me get the pictures on SpankingTube also.

My Mr. Spanko friend (who lives near me) has been asking me for months if I have been sending him money but I have been lying to him because I know he will beat my butt very severely.

Now I have to have my neighbor/friend beat my butt from my Mr. Spanko's punishments.

I know from Jack from England gave me 139 slaps on each butt with a slipper which totals 278. I think that is what he meant. The punishment was for staying up late & going to bed between these hours: 3:00 am to 7:00 am. Sometimes I can't sleep but my eyes are tired.

I am a very Bad Bad Girl who needs to be punished.

Do I have any takers out in Spankingtube?

Have a pleasant day!!!

Bad Girl Ellen Marie

Lupus Spanking
193 views · 9 days ago

Hi I have just joined recently, it's good to meet you all.

I'm currently sitting on a sore bum, as I got a good spanking at the weekend and it's still hurting. Ouchhh. I got paddled hard for having a bad attitude and for answering back. Jessica Rabbit was a very sorry bunny... but she was a very good bunny for daddy after he had spanked her ;-)

We didn't take any pics, my spanker doesn't know about me being on here. I don't think he'd like the idea of people looking at my bum! If he finds out about the photos on here already I will be in trouble.

78 views · 9 days ago

So yeah to update my own personal blog and just be frank, im still very vamilla to certain aspects of spanking. So I am just looking for an older sister role model, spanking can be a punishment, but a relationship must be well established before moving forward

105 views · 9 days ago

This is a secret place, invited to join only by friends who lived the same lifestyle, DD, Master sir / slave, BDSM kinks. Anything like that.
But people go for punishments, a reminder to behave, a reminder of what your place is in their dynamics. If it's felt this person needs a refresher then they can come along and recieved the sentence. But be prepared for serious sessions, no safe words, drawing blood is allowed, you will change your behaviour once you're back home.

I'm on a very bad day, pain so bad, struggling to walk, my brain wasn't functioning so I hope you can understand the sketch.

Lupus Spanking
223 views · 10 days ago

I wish I could find someone close to me.so I can get a spanking of a life time. I want the sting to last for the week. My self spankings are not doing that anymore. But I will be patient.

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My grades are still all A's....I don't find the material challenging and that's not me saying I am a brainiac It's just simplistic, rudimentary .

One of my professors is quite condescending, but ultimately the 2 out of the 3 are unorganized in their material and presentation. We are getting very little hands-on training and the phlebotomy course I wanted to take...I recently found out it's basically a waste of money because they crunched the course into two days. TWO DAYS! No employer is going to recognize that and accredit it. They have an EMT course that is WAY more expensive than this one I am taking. My plan is to take that and a respiratory therapy course whilst getting my basics in math out of the way.

I recently had to make the hardest decision of my life and send my daughter to live with my grandmother. She has severe emotional disturbances and her behavior, despite all exhausted efforts and avenues, only worsened. It was getting to the point that I was either going to have to choose between quitting school and homeschooling her or driving the long distance to my grandmother's just to help her and also continue my education. The only family I have here is my mom but that's more or less like a landlord relationship. In fact, when my ex dropped me off back in Texas he had never confirmed that I still had a place to rent or occupy. If my mom had rented my house out then I'd have been S.O.L. and my mom is definitely the type of person that lives by the motto of "out of sight and out of mind." And due to my daughter and her emotional needs, going out wasn't an option...so friends were even non-existent.

I come home and the house is empty. My kiddo isn't running around making me want to pull my hair out or asking me if I am ok and that's all I had here. It was super tough...but I never want to depend on another man for anything and I want to finish my education to better my children's lives, as well as mine. I feel like I back tracked and I am right at square one, the same reasons I joined the military. And due to things that happened while I was in, my ex saw me as defective. It's like I can't win. LOL but I am trying.

I am not eating again and now I have no one to cook for. Every now and then the thought creeps into my head, "What am I doing any of this for?". I know the answer. I remind myself every day. It just sometimes feels like I am going nowhere and now I am extremely alone in doing so. I started smoking and that's something that I can say with honesty that I don' really care if I stop. It's not something I necessarily want to do but it occupies my time and besides...there's no one and really no reason to stop.

In class I am this vibrant, studious girl that helps my classmates and gets all A's. Once I enter my door at home I am this empty person that kinda' feels like there's not point or purpose. Not to romanticize depression or sadness, but if you've ever read Sylvia Plath's Bell Jar then you know sort of what I am talking about. I'm extremely grateful to be going to school and surrounded by my peers, but at the end of the day everyone leaves and once the party is over you have to go home.

I am not really sure why I even wrote this, but I guess I am calling out to the void and dropping off my thoughts and some of the heaviness into a vacant space where I know it won't be tripped over. Sometimes you have to just let things out and this is all I have. :)

224 views · 10 days ago

Broken pieces
Shards of glass
Stepped on
Body limp
Numb limbs
Heart stopped
Beats again

Friendship died
Friends no more
What started nice
Hurt much worse
Pointless caring
Confused feelings
Empty thoughts

It began
Just to end
One last tear
Shed again
Regret and guilt
All consuming
Not forgiving
Free again
Start a new
Be myself
Be true
Say goodbye
He'll never know
What I'd given
Heart and soul

Tomorrows come
Yesterdays gone
Reluctantly daddy
Cares no more
Words like baby/baby girl
Words like daddy
Uttered no more
Erased completely
From this world

Warm and snuggled
Now cold and alone
New to old
Safe no more
Fall and falls
Pray to stop
Shattered again

(I wrote this a long time ago and decided to put it up again....)

Lupus Spanking
223 views · 10 days ago

Lost you once
Found you again
A woman outside
Little girl within
Independent and strong
Scared and weak
Daddy's little girl
Never cry please

Like jewels that sparkle
Diamonds that shine
Gold, Silver, Platinum
Never to die
Always your Pearl
Forever in your eyes
Daddy's little girl
Always inside

Darkness appears
Fear replacing
Sounds of laughter
Bedtime stories
Cuddles...teddy bears
Bubble baths
Slowly disappearing
Before my eyes

Blank is my memory
Forgotten always
In my head
Pearl in his eyes
Never again

Safe from harm...in his arms
Over his knee...happily
Sweet little kisses...
In his bed...all gone
Lost again
Daddy's little girl
Never to him

(I wrote this so long ago but decided to post it again....)

116 views · 10 days ago

Imagine you come home I'm gone to casino and nothing is done

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