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I decided today that my new years resolution will be to not procrastinate

and im going to start that tomorrow

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Well we all went paint ball shooting yesterday.We had to dress in these horrible camouflage boiler suits,although the pea green camouflage did suit Jen. First there was this long safety talk before we were told to have fun and enjoy "the experience". I must admit I was hesitant about going but very quickly got into the swing of things. There was fourteen of us,so it was going to be really good fun. We all split up,but as I ran in one direction I noticed Jen and my niece staring at me,they were up to something. I decided the best strategy was to wait for some victim to pass by so I lay face down in some undergrowth and waited.

I must have been there for about five minutes or so before I heard my niece's voice saying,"She came this way!". Then I heard Jenny's voice,"Watch out,she could be anywhere!" It seems the two knuckleheads had teamed up against me. I waited until they came into view: it was clear they had not seen me yet,I decided it was time to take them out. I fired a paint ball,hitting my niece on the left arm.Before either of them could react I fired again this time hitting Jen on the shoulder area.They unleashed a barage of paintballs in my general direction,but remembering my Starsky and Hutch I actually rolled about five feet to my left and fired again;my camouflage boiler suit was caked in mud at this point. I fired agin but missed them both. They fired agin but suddenly our friend Amy came bursting through a hedge screaming a blood curdling scream and saying what appeared to be "Die mothers-fuckers!",now,I could be wrong but it sounded like that,she was really getting carried away. Jen and my niece spun around,my niece got hit by a paintball,amazing really when I think of it because most of Amy's paint balls hit trees.As my niece engaged Amy,I saw Jen run off into a hedge,so much for helping her comrade in arms. I decided to give chase. I ran after her.As I rounded a pathway in the forest I was just in time to see Jenny on all fours,crawling through a bush. Without even aiming I fired,determined to get her. I fired again and this time,much to my surprise the paint ball struck Jenny on her right buttock. She squealed,she got to knees and half turned in my direction and fired.She hit me in the chest and abdomen,but I could not return fire I was laughing so much.Matters were made more hilarious when our friend Tommy came through a hedge doing the Tarzan cry.He fired wildly,but as Jen turned her attention to him he tripped over a branch and ended up sprawled on his face and hands,he hit the forest floor with a sickening thud,Jenny showed no mercy and opened up on him.He was hit with many paint balls. I sat by the side of a tree laughing so much my stomach ached. Jenny stood up and fired at me,but she was hit from behind by Louise.

Our time ended and we came back to the hut and got out of our camouflage boiler suits. Scores had been settled.My niece's boyfriend had hunted Jenny's poor Dad through the forest,both were almost covered in paint. All in all it was a great day. We have decided to go again in two weeks time,good fun and excercise!

Have a great day my friends.

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Somehow I feel the need to write, the need to create this little place of my own where I can connect with myself, with my innerneeds, my thoughts, my desires.

Thinking about spanking brings up mixed feelings. Not because I have troubles accepting my own desires, but since I recently got divorced. A marriage of eight years ended, a D's ended. For those who are unaware of this term, it is just a way of label a relationship where one is in control and the other one follows ;-) he was husband, Dom, sometimes a bit of a sadist (in a good way matching to my masochistic desires) and he loved to spank me.

There...I said it. I am sad for all that is gone. It has been almost five months and I am still sad. I feel like my wings are broken. Once I could fly, I am sure one day I will fly again but for now I just try to heal.
I can almost hear you think...why come here being this sad...

It's my way of making sure I won't neglect those things that make me ..well just me I guess. Spanking has always been a part of me, it is one of the first desires I became aware of (at a very young age) and I felt I was in need of getting back to my very core. I need to rediscover myself, find out what is truly me, and what is not. Spanking was one of those elements that always has been mine, for as long as I can remember I fantasized about it. I experimented and discovered the nice feelings it gave me. It took me years however to admit these desires to a partner, I could talk about all my submissive desires but the spanking part somehow always remained my own secret. That is until my marriage, somehow it felt safe to tell him it about it and we had a great time discovering both our desires and boundaries due to spanking.

I miss those moments. The pain I am feeling make deep wounds, it has a strong influence even on all those things that always were mine,and mine alone. Until I told about them, and now it is as if I lost some essential things of my own. The ability to enjoy fantasizing about spanking, the ability to enjoy auto spanking, it all seems stuck behind a thick wall I cannot tear down.

Which brings me back to my sadness. I cannot explain the courage it took me to sign up here, to write this blog.
So if you feel the need to comment....please be gentle with me.

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Hope everyone has a great Holiday, this Irish Gal is not drinking today but have been teaching my daughter songs and she got to see me do a jig "not as well as I used to do" lol

Stay safe but have fun too ;-)

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Today is one of my favorite holidays. Despite having a rather sour taste in my mouth when it comes to organized religion, I still love St. Patrick's Day. Not just because it is a good reason to sample whiskey at the local pub, which I seriously plan on doing tonight. It also re-awakens my fighting rebellious side when thinking of my ancestry.

I know most people reading this don't mind following rules and norms, unlike yours truly or have a more authoritarian mindset with the whole spanking thing.

But one thing my old man taught me was that most laws are only in place to protect and serve the ruling class. Not trying to alienate all of the British members as I have a few great English friends. But the Draconian laws imposed on the Irish people for a very long time was to serve the crown, not the people. Wasn't just the case between Ireland and the British either. You can look at almost any country in the world today and that is pretty evident by the social stratification and policing policies. While I am at it, I am aware that founders of the Republican movement in Ireland were themselves Protestant, like Wolfe Tone for example.

While I am not a supporter of Communism in anyway, Che Guevara is one of my heroes with his overall rebellion towards Capitalism and the inequality it brings to people. Not like Communism is any better, just saying.

Che once said "Cruel leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn cruel."

The again, Che's father once said "The first thing to note, is that in my son's veins flowed the blood of the Irish rebels." Funny, think my dad said that once to a school administrator when I was a kid.

Which is why I might go on the occasional anti-authority tear here. Sometimes the authoritative nature of some spanking videos irk me and I don't enjoy acting in that manner as it makes me feel supremely hypocritical. But as a great Englishman by the name of Sir Red Cheeks states on his wall, spankings should also be for fun.

Speaking of fun, what kind of hell does everyone plan on raising tonight? Hopefully raising a pint of ale or a skirt to spank a cute girl on the bare bottom. So let's all be merry, drink, cheer and spank until we pass out tonight.

With that I would like to leave you all with my play list for today.

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Luke Kelly - The Foggy Dew
The Dubliners - Whiskey in the Jar
Dropkick Murphys - Flannigan's Ball
Flogging Molly - Rebels of the Sacred Heart
The Pogues - Young Ned Of The Hill
The Mahones - Shake Hands with the Devil
House of Pain - Top O' the Morning to Ya
Orthodox Celts - Star Of The County Down
The Wolfe Tones - The Men Behind the Wire
Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston
The Rumjacks - An Irish Pub Song
Sinead O'Connor - Drink before the War
Wicked Tinkers - The Bog (OK it's Scottish but still bad arse)
House of Pain - Running up on Ya
The Pogues - The Rocky Road To Dublin
The Wolfe Tones - Paddy Works on the Railway
The Tossers - Ballad of NATO
The Hollow Points - Pieces of Eight
Selfish Murphy - Ramblin Rover
Luke Kelly - Kelly The Boy From Killane
The Cranberries - God be with You Ireland
The Man From Mullingar
Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday
The Rising of the Moon - song about the 1798 Rebellion

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hey where are all the NY spankos

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I haven't been coming here much in the last 6 months

but im going to spend more time in the coming months


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I was planning to spend less time looking at this site but I can't help myself!
I commented on Brat01's blog that as a newbie she'd been lucky to find two good safe spankers. By that I mean men who will spank her hard but not do any lasting damage.
I'd like to think I was in that category too. I will spank and tawse very hard but only if necessary and its what the girl wants
I met a girl whose early experiences almost put her off the whole thing. She got involved with a "master" who spanked her to tears on their first meet and wouldn't stop until he was satisfied.
She was bruised for days afterwards and hated it but she got round to thinking that's how it should be and eventually went back for more.
He spanked her harder and then used a cane and a lot of the strokes were very wild, hitting her back or legs.
She never went back to him and it took almost a year before she dared even look for someone to spank her.
I met her at a munch and after a couple of months of emails and phone calls I finally spanked her. Because of what she'd told me I was gentle with her and gradually built up the intensity.
Afterwards she was delighted to have a red bum and a pleasant sting as opposed to really hurting.
That was what she liked and what I gave her on many other meetings. Her tolerance did increase and I did smack her harder but never made her cry. That's not to say I wouldn't have done it, but that's not what she wanted.
At the other end of the scale, I met a real pain lover at a party and thrashed her soundly with my hand and various straps and paddles and she barely made a sound.
Definitely a case of different strokes for different folks.
Thanks for reading my rambling!

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The Clancy Brothers

Here's the real story of what happened when they laid out old Tim Finnegan. Someone spilled some whiskey on the corpse and well, you'll have to hear it for yourself. It began, as all Irish wakes do, with the old ladies drinkin' their tea and saying Tim never looked better (which is probably true). Then, the men came along and brought out the hard stuff. That's when a proper Irish wake began and things predictably got out of hand. They planned on giving old Tim Finnegan a grand send-off but that's not what happened. The Clancy Brother's tell the tale and a number of other lively tunes as well.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Or so I’m told.

Enjoy the day, be safe, C

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IF YOU NEED A SPANKING RIGHT AWAY, THIS IS MY ADDRESS! 1015 Central Parkway South, San Antonio, TX

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For various reasons, Sunday had been a bit of tough day for me. Come 6.30 in the evening I realised I had an email from my friend Brat01. She'd had a bad day too and we compared notes. We both knew something that would help our moods.
Not being one to miss a chance, I offered to meet her later that evening. Although very short notice, she agreed. Around 45 minutes later I had that young lady over my knee for some spanking therapy.
It was a real stress reliever and certainly made me feel much happier and she was smiling too.
After I'd finished warming her bottom, I was doing some aftercare and noticed some marks that looked just like a little smiley face on her bum! You can see the pictures in her albums.
A big thanks to my bratty friend. :)

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My mother is so passive that I don't know what to do with her. She let this repair man over charge for repair to her mini van. I got on the phone and cussed the repair man out and my mom got her money back. Then she so stubborn about her health and then she wonders where I get it from. I know I was very disrespect to her as a child but today I think I had every right to tell her that the only person she was hurting was herself if she didn't start taking better care of herself. No I didn't say it that nice but I got my point across. Yes, I cussed her out and I got her to take her medicine and eat some food. I Had to be forceful with just to get her to say Okay, I'll do it. Now I am going to go to sleep feeling guilty for being mean to her but grateful I got her to take her medicine. I wish there was another way to deal with hard head stubborn woman. I love her so much and I want her around for a very long time. UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH she frustrate me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! She working my last nerve today. How do I get her to listen and get her to take care of herself? Sitting here worrying about my mother. I just pray she will listen to somebody. #pissthefuckoffatmymother

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I like.....

- Good manners

- freethinker

I know who and what I am.

Do you too?

You are welcome here -

except you just want to jerk off.......
or have that small-minded dog-eat-dog mentality

! ! !



Big Rocky

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It's occurred to me recently that I've never done much on here except lurk,occasionally talking to few people without keeping solid's definitely a nasty habit of mine.
In the midst of what I can only assume is my quarter-life crisis,I'm not even sure what I'm looking for anymore. Connection maybe? Not love,not anything serious,just people to talk to...which brings me to why I joined here to begin with. A solid community that I have found common ground.'s to trying a little harder this time around.

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I tend to be a fighter. Can't help it lol I get major attitude, become mouthy, make the spanker chase me, fight him off, take his implements away, throw fits, then I pout and apologize and try to be cute to get out of the punishment. It is a lot of fun :-P

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Hope you all enjoy the photo album 'Keith rips his pants at work' which I posted recently.Quite a lot of picture editing took place - not to mention an imagination gone wild. However, the story does have its basis in fact, an incident that did actually happen many, many years ago, not that the real life victim had the same adventures as 'Keith' in the picture story.

A freeballing workmate of mine did split his trousers during a strenuous game during lunch break. He was pounced upon by the lads he worked with who took him on a tour of the factory. He found himself pinned across a great many benches and desks to display his delightfully bare rear, receiving very embarrassing bare bottom spankings from just about everyone at the factory

I did find that in factories cheeky young lads often provided a bit of bare bottom entertainment for their older workmates.

Anyone any stories?

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Views: 212 · Added: 13 days ago

The inhaler that the doctor gave me on Wednesday is helping! I can breathe FINALLY! I have been able to run outside all week. Today I san 2 hours 17 minutes and ran 11.12 miles. I am very happy with that.

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Today I lost my temper at bus driver who called me a lair. So I cussed his sorry ass the fuck out. I know it was not a nice thing to do but why would called a person a lair and you don't know them from Adam's house cat. I don't have time to lie about anything. it is too much work to remember all the lies. I am still piss off. I DON'T LIKE BEING CALLED A LAIR. I really don't like when a total stranger calls one either. I know there a more mature way to handle but right now I want to kick his ass six ways from Sunday. I should took the stroller and hit him up side his head too. Excuse me while I vent my anger and frustration about my day.

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