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I am grounded from the site until friday adn I have to write lines and go to bed really early. because I was rude to my sister. I am really sorry it was a accident

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This is primarily for newbies but may apply to anyone who desires to add to their ST Friend List.

1) Read the Profile and all of the Blog Posts of the person you are trying to befriend. See if your personalities and preferences actually match. I do not want to Accept as an ST Friend just anyone who wants to see my Private Videos. We have to have something in common. I have to have a reason to like you.

2) Completely fill out your own ST Profile including the Show More section. Why would someone accept you as an ST Friend if you do not desire to share anything about yourself?

3) Post your own Video or Photos or Blog stories on ST. This is a site for sharing. Why would I desire to share videos with you if you are not willing to share anything?

4) Do NOT as a Preference check the block Receive Messages From Friends Only. The member you are attempting to befriend will want to message you and ask some questions before approving your Friend Request. If you do not allow that I can only Reject you.

5) Give the person you are attempting to add to you Friends List some reason to want to accept you. And NO, "Because I want to see your private videos" is NOT an adequate reason.

I really like to Accept new SpankingTube Friends, when they are nice people who like to correspond and share things and are open and honest about themselves. But I cannot and will not Accept people who are not polite enough to understand the above rules of behavior. Of course, it is probable that the sort of person who would make a Friend Request without even reading my Profile and without desiring to share anything would not bother to read Blog Posts like this anyway. But that is what the Reject button is for.

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Can you guess the title of these songs?

1. "A seaman's got a gaff. And the merry men of Robin Hood"
2. "So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round"
3. "On the mountain was a treasure
Buried deep beneath the stone"
4. "And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me"
5. "Love can mend your life but love can break your heart"

Anyone know the answer? No looking it up!!! That is cheating and it is no fun.

The Bare Bottom
729 views · 15 days ago

In the last few weeks, BriRose90 has shared about some personal difficulties she was having including asking if anyone had any extra money they could send her. Being suspicious like most people, I generally just ignore stuff like that. However, I decided to message her, and I am very glad I did because we have become pretty good friends. I turns out, Bri is a really genuine, smart, and funny woman with a killer personality. She is a dedicated mother who would do just about anything for her little girl.

The truth is that coming on here and asking for money, especially being fairly new, didn't paint Bri in a very positive light. I have told her that myself privately. However, as a mother of a toddler in a very tough situation, she was doing everything she could think of. Was it the best idea? No. Does it make her a bad mother, or a lazy, sleazy person? Not in my opinion.

I don't fault people for ignoring Bri. I generally would have myself. I don't fault those who were suspicious of her motives. I don't even fault people who made constructive suggestions. In fact, it was kinda nice of them to take a few minutes and try to help. However, there have been a handful of people who seemed to feel the need to insult and ridicule her. I am not going into details of Bri's situation publicly, but suffice it to say that she doesn't have all the resources people assume she does. Had they taken the time to speak to her, they might know that.

Having taught both middle and high school for several years, it is disappointing to see adults behaving worse than teenage bullies. The mockery, ridicule, name calling, and insults against her and the effort she makes as a mother have been beyond maddening. It got to the point that I asked Bri to stop responding to people and let me do it for her because she was starting to get as bad as they were.... It is not that Bri is a bad person, but her stress level combined with the continual attacks was enough to set anyone off.

People come on here all the time and talk, understandably, about spankings and get support and encouragement. However, people also talk about a lot of personal problems that they struggle with. Generally, this group does a great job at showing compassion and trying to be there, at least to some extent, for people. In Bri's case, however, the response from several people who know exactly who they are has been beyond pathetic. They have shown a complete lack of class and basic decency. My cousin's six year old could do better.

My grandfather used to say, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Some people here would do well to take that advice. An even wiser man once said, "Let he among who is without sin cast the first stone." As for me, I've got no stone to throw.

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todays a new day... lil chiller out than id like but I have no plans for outside today so ill deal with it... just finished makin stuffed cabbage for tonights dinner n ill whip up some corn bread muffins to go with it when its time... took a nice long hot bubble bath earlier with purple water n my ipod tunes playin...

work tomorrow so that means up at 3am as usual ... I did get a $1 raise last week tho so that's good news...

a lot of family things comin up. bday parties... trips to the museum... planning our family reunion for Sept n as I have a huge family also planning our yearly family Christmas party too...

popped on here to read up on messages n blogs n respond n them off soon to maybe watch a lil Netflix.... have a good day everyone...

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Thanks for the words of wisdom everyone has shared towards but finally I am able to relax because I finally resolved my situation. Thanks for all the loving criticism you all had on me as a bad mother. As a bad mom I got the job done so there is a roof over my daughter's head. I am not going to sweat about the judgemental response, sacarastic comments and the harsh criticism because they are meaningless and if you have to tear down someone self-esteem then so be it. Why judge someone before they get to know that person? Why go to their personal inbox and personally attack them and then block them? Yes I have flaws and I maybe imperfect. In an ideal world everyone is not perfect. I learned that starting conflict with someone can get you in a lot of trouble but how you decide to handle the situation is totally up to you and the other person. I want to publicly apologize to Stephaniexoxfay for publicly fighting with her. It shouldn't be done and I didn't think before I acted. I publicly embarrassed myself, the people who tries to help me be a better person, her and the people who takes the time to talk to her and try to make her a better person. I have decided to take the time to get to know her and she is a pretty remarkable lady that I now have mad respect towards her. She also has people that takes the time as well to make her into a well rounded individual. It is those people who try to shape me into a better person. I can't change people and I most definitely cannot change their character. I just have to embrace it. So, thanks again for making me a stronger woman and lady. I don't need to pretend to be someone else. I love who I am.

The Bare Bottom
736 views · 16 days ago

Just wondering if anyone has seen the new series on showtime called Submission.

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Rachel is sick with fear when her name is called to attend the headmasters office. She peels herself slowly out of her seat as Mrs Potts says 'hurry girl we haven't got all day!' Rachel is walked to the end of the corridor and then left to knock his door herself.
' One minute' as she hears laura getting her last few strokes.
'Now young lady if that brings back any memories be sure to let me know. Now get out of my site'! She hears Mr Hughes scolding Laura, who opens the doors and has a red puffy face from crying. She holds the door open with one hand and rubs her bottom with the other. 'Next' Mr Hughes shouts. It is Rachel's turn. She steps into the large wooden office- it smells like furniture polish and books and Mr Hughes is looking at a book on his table scribbling something. ' Come in' his tone is so much more formal and stern than she is used to. You see Mr Hughes is her dads best friend from university. He had taken on the headmaster role at st marys girls school last year when rachel was doing her GCSE's. He was round at her house at one of her parents dinner parties when he told her the news. Rachel was excited as Mr Hughes was such a nice man- early 40's, attractive over 6 foot tall with all his own hair black but slightly greying. He was funny but he joked that she better be on her best behaviour as he was a strict headmaster and took no nonsense. Rachel believed him as his children who were a few years younger where very polite and smart and she had observed a few of his scoldings and was glad to never be on the receiving end! Also her dad had given her a stern warning that she was to be on her best behaviour and be careful to never get in trouble or he would come down hard on her. So the reason she was in the office wasn't entirely her fault. There had been an accident in her french class where the substitute teacher had turned her back and someone had thrown chalk across the room and hit another girl in the eye and the girl had to be taken to hospital. Rachel and everyone knew it was Becky who was the school tyrant but no one dared tell. So the headmaster had been called and said everyone was to report to him for punishment if no one was willing to be honest. So thats why she was there. Mr Hughes said ' ah Miss Wilson i am very disappointed to see you here! ' His tone was cold and stern so unlike the Mr Hughes she knew and loved! Rachel at this stage because of nerves sat down and that was her first mistake! ' Stand up at once. You do not sit down and make yourself comfortable in this office unless i tell you to do so'! Rachel leaped out of her seat and stood blushing. ' So miss you are the last in the class to have an opportunity to come clean. Can you tell me who threw the chalk?' Rachel's answer was a soft 'no' and she bowed her head in shame. 'No what? Young lady!'
'No sir'
' Ok then. You have left me with no choice but to administer the same punishment as the rest of the girls. Face the wall and bend over and grab your ankles. You will be receiving 6 lashes of the strap and 6 strokes of the cane. You will count them and say i am a silly girl and thats why i am being punished.' Rachel spied the strap and cane on his desk and knew she was in for it. She did as she was told and bent over. All of a sudden the embarrassment of the whole situation hit her and she started to cry. Mr Hughes came over and lifted her skirt exposing her full white regulation briefs. He realised she was crying and said his voice warm again ' Look Rachel i have to be fair and treat you all the same. It is going to hurt but you will learn a valuable lesson. So stop that silly crying now.' With that Rachel felt a woosh of wind and the first lick of the strap! Ouch! She was breathless and it took her a second to count but she did. Mr Hughes continued to administer her punishment with strong strokes sometimes taking a break to let her recover and steadying her. When it was over he told her to stand and turn around. He could see her swollen puffy face that matched her bottom. He said ' Now miss just so you know i phoned your daddy to tell him what is happening so expect some repercussions when you are home this evening. Now be on your way! ' Rachel's heart sank as she knew what she was in for when she got home tonight, Mr Hughes was only the warm up!

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Ok, had some play time again last night. First I took care of the wife with her 8" purple vibrating dildo. After she was done she plugged me with a 4" butt plug & told me to play with my self. She decided I was not doing a good enough job, so she rubbed Icy Hot all over my balls. She decided to paddle me & I got into the diaper position. She took a couple shots but was worried she would hit my balls so she had me bend over the edge of the bed. She gave me 10 VERY hard swats with the lexan paddle,. It is about 5 " wide & long enough to get both cheeks. It has a real sting. Things are looking up!

The Bare Bottom
540 views · 17 days ago

A woman asked a General in the army the last time he made love to a woman, the general stood tall and said "1956 Ma'am"

The woman taken back by this answer said "1956? That long? Let me make your night better..." and the two sauntered away to a private room.

The woman began to strip and the two made passionate love for an hour. The woman cuddled up to the army general afterward and said " well, you sure haven't forgotten any thing since 1956.."

The general looked at her confused and said " well I sure hope not, its only 2130 now."

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An old lady offers the bus driver some peanuts.... so the driver happily munches them.

Every 5 minutesshe gives him a handful more peanuts.

Driver: Why don't you eat them yourself?

Old lady: I cant chew. Look, I have no teeth.

Driver: Then why do you buy them?

Old lady:Oh I just love the chocolate around them

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Hey everyone

Ive been a lazy boy at school. Im currently writing my exams at school, but im always out chilling instead of learning.
I need a nice hard Spanking to get back on track.pls be strict with me, u can also add some additional punishments aside the spanking if you think i need that.

Implements i have:

Paddle (wood)
Riding Crop



The Bare Bottom
431 views · 17 days ago

Any one in Malaysia,do not hesitate to contact me

430 views · 18 days ago

Well you were all supposed to have a new blog post tonight. However SpankingTube has this really frustrating glitch were after you spend an hour writing your blog post, it logs you out and loses all of your work. Meaning, I shall write one before the end of the week but I am simply too frustrated to complete one right now.

XO Belle

466 views · 18 days ago

You can comment here what you would like me to post

The Bare Bottom
395 views · 18 days ago

Some members of this site are very strange (except for me; I am completely normal).

Here are some pictures of my gorgeous self which will hopefully distract you from the weirdness.

P.S. I am very pleased that pictures in the blog section appear so much larger than before!

Zim out. Goodbye.

350 views · 19 days ago

I don't get a lot of friend requests on here. I'm usually the one requesting. Which is totally opposite of me offline I'm shy and uncertain and afraid to make contact with strangers. On here I feel like I can open up more than in face to face contact.

So it in a way is like a slap in the face and I feel like I do offline when I get rejected. I'm not up to anything bad or evil. If I send you a request it's because I like your videos not because I'm trying to set you up or move in on your Dom. If I reject your friend request it's because I think you have nothing in common with me due to your lack of activity (or because of your activity--you and I aren't into the same thing).

Also I check a person out thoroughly before I request or accept or reject a request. I try to see what kind of person you are, what you like, what you don't.

The only reason I don't have my videos is because I don't have a partner which is stated in my activity.

Just sayin

368 views · 19 days ago

I would love to spank all of my Micheals who contact me. But unfortunately I can't spank anyone right now. I can meet up with you to talk, but that is all I can do right now. I will be in NC if you would like to have a meet and greet. As soon as I am able to spank again, I will let everyone know. Ladies, I am sorry but I don't spank my own kind.

The Bare Bottom
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Hey everyone

Ive been a lazy boy at school. Im currently writing my exams at school, but im always out chilling instead of learning.
I need a nice hard Spanking to get back on track.pls be strict with me, u can also add some additional punishments aside the spanking if you think i need that.

Implements i have:

Paddle (wood)
Riding Crop



410 views · 19 days ago

Hello there friends wanna hear how the punishment went. I was ordered to get to the bathroom, call the Spanker over the telephone and when he had answered I was ordered to pull pants and panties down after he lectured me. Then he ordered to pick up the coat hanger and got 50 swats while he scolded me then when I finished those 50 swats he scolded me again then I got another 50 it went on like this for another set of 50 so in total I got 150 swats across my bare bottom. It is sore and will be sore for a couple hours maybe till tomorrow. Then sent to my room for 30 minutes

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