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Views: 129 · Added: 16 days ago

Indulging in manipulative behavior is a sure way to earn a spanking from me, as I don't always address it when I first become aware of it. I like to observe the young lady over time and see how deep this behavior goes, and, by the time I bring it up - usually by surprise, there are no excuses, or talking her way out of the spanking she has coming.

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Views: 182 · Added: 16 days ago

For work, I went to gauge the crowd reactions for 50 Shades of Gray. Of the 33 people in the theater, not including me, 4 walked out after the 45 minutes. There was rolling on the floor laughter out of more than one group of women. The guy in front of me turned to his girlfriend/wife and said, "I spent $8 on that crap. That wasn't romantic. It was about one messed up dude who couldn't even effectively spank his partner. Those were not even erotic sensual spankings OR punitive!"

I don't know what to say... I didn't enjoy it much. But, that was because I found it unrealistic. Just me... Hope someone here enjoys it!

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Views: 266 · Added: 16 days ago

All that I am
Loves all that you be
Be kind to our love
And give me what I know I need

Give me kisses that I so cherish
And make me feel so glad
Hold my bottom lovingly
And give me the spanking that I want so bad.

Give me cuddles that I so adore
Hold me safe, hold me secure
And while you hold me over your knee
Give me the spanking I want for sure.

Spank me hard
Spank me complete
Let’s never get out of bed
And please, oh, please, give me the spanking that I seek.

To all the loves of my life, and everyone else,
Happy Valentine’s Day.

©2015 CLG0413

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Views: 74 · Added: 16 days ago

With Valentine's Day just a day away, I thought some of you bum lovers might appreciate this sweet treat....if only for a laugh!

A UK company called Edible Anus has been making and selling chocolate buttholes for the last fifteen years. For just a little more than $55.00 you can send your significant other five boxes of chocolate brown stars.

Or, if you want to have a permanent replica of your anus, or one of that special person in your life, you can have yours cast in bronze. The chocolate butthole maker will cast your anus in metal or glass.

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see a video of a lady having her bum hole cast.

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Views: 111 · Added: 16 days ago

Waking up was not a chore today. Stepping on the scale I was either going to be up and going out to do my intervals as a motivation to lose or I was going to be down in weight and going out to to my intervals to keep the scaling moving in the right direction. To my happy surprise it was down. Gearing up to run was not as hard today. Even though intervals are not on my fun list. I was prepared to put 110% into my 5/5 and just DO IT!
It also was running though my mind that Capzasin HP on my sit stop does not sound good. I would rather run. After my 10 minute warm up my watch buzzed for my first fast I look down and it says 10 minutes fast! NO!!!!! I have a hard enough time doing a darn 5 minute fast! Positive! think Positive! Only 2 fast not 5 fast better. Knowing as I run into Lambeau Field, and having to see myself on the Jumbo tron, I can hold my head high and know I trained for this as well as I could. Thank you to Everyone that is keeping me on track. I am grateful for all the feedback!

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Views: 92 · Added: 16 days ago

I sure would like to see some women on here show their tits and be spanked with beads on. I'll be so busy this weekend to catch a parade and Fat Tuesday will be a washout but rain don't stop people from parting.

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Views: 161 · Added: 16 days ago

Since it's Valentine's day tomorrow, i just wanted to wish all my lovely friends the very happiest of days. Being able to come on here and share my thoughts and feelings with such kind and special people has really made a difference, so thank you. I feel very lucky.

Since tomorrow is a celebration of love, I've been thinking about what i can do to help spread some love and Valentine's day magic,and in my search i came across a delightful little project that i just couldn't resist sharing! Volunteers needed to knit jumpers for penguins injured in oil spills. I didn't think it could possible be any cuter! and just perfect for Valentine's day. If anyone wants to get involved details can be found on the penguin foundation website.

So happy Valentine's day everyone! Tell everyone you love how much they mean to you, speak from your heart and spread kindness. Sending lots of love and hugs wrapped in sunshine magic to you all:)

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Views: 151 · Added: 16 days ago

Okay this isnt spanking reLated but I had plans with my best friend to go to the movies to see fifty shades tomorrow and she was gonna spend the night and she told me thT the meds shes on make her tired and she wouldnt be muchnfun and that she is kind of sick. So she asked if we wanted to see it Saturday morning. I had my heart set on seeing it tomorrow plus if shes sick tomorrow wouldnt she be sick saturday. Anyway she says its up to me if i wanted to go with out her or not and i kinda do because im always changing some type of plans for her. And ill just go with someone else. Does that make me bad friend bc i feel like one and i feel guilty.

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Views: 192 · Added: 17 days ago

Looking at my self in the mirror today as I read the measurement around my waste, which only confirmed what I already knew, I watched the tears run down my face. How can I keep doing this to myself. After losing 100 lbs., and up until this point keeping it off, I have slipped and gained. Would this have happened if I had someone to convey my lack of self confidence to and my need to be the person that I feel I can be? I just really wanted to crawl back into my bed pull the covers over my head and sleep. I kept thinking of the people that have came up to me and said I am an inspiration and how they wish they could be so motivated to not only have met your goal to complete a Half marathon but now have set a goal to complete a Full marathon. If they all only knew how sad and scared I really am that everyday I have to battle with trying to keep this weight off and always second guessing my goals they would not be saying I am there inspiration.
I decided that because I have no one to help me and I have not gotten up the nerve to self spank. That all I could do was take a deep breath and show everyone I can still do this even though it was just me that needed convincing and I will do my best by training for this marathon. I put my 3 layers of clothes on thinking I could just say at -2 degrees F I could just skip today. And did the only punishment I could think of for myself. I told my mind to tell my body to run. To get your butt moving and do it!
I am writing this now, after running my 45 minute training session, for all to read because I feel that by having to write my thoughts and feeling into words,this is not an easy thing for me to do, might help me understand and find the right path I need to be on. By putting it on spanking tube for all to read will give me the accountability I need. And I am hoping the spankos and disciplinarians may have some advice for how I may be able to keep myself on track.

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Views: 150 · Added: 17 days ago

Not spanking-related as such but this article about the Fifty Shades of Grey effect made me laugh:

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Views: 164 · Added: 18 days ago

Pajamas for men are in fashion, I see.
For you guys in your twenties it's trending.
Please lower the bottoms to humor the knee
Over which you are tearfully bending.
Though they offer quite little protection,
I prefer that they lie at your feet.
As my hairbrush improves your complexion,
I can see when the job is complete.

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AStrictEbonyM's avatar

Views: 145 · Added: 18 days ago

I have found over time that some women are very adept at avoiding lying by telling only part of the truth, either when describing a situation, or when answering a question. So there is no confusion about the consequences of this act, I use the simple formula: omission = spanking.

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Views: 399 · Added: 18 days ago

Is calling in sick to work this Saturday. Even though I'm not sick So that I can go see 50 shades of grey a spankable offense. I don't think it is but just wondering.....its for a good

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Views: 255 · Added: 18 days ago

So i was browsing some members on here a bit ago and found someone that i met on another site a while ago, and we talked for a while but she stopped talking to me out of the blue. Should i reach out to this person? Or should i leave it be? I talked to her for a while. I considered her a good friend even tho she was only online. I do miss talking to her so what should i do?

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Views: 226 · Added: 18 days ago

Thought everyone might enjoy a more light-hearted read today. The other night I heard the song Lola by the Kinks on the radio. While the song is about a transvestite, it makes me thing of the "pentagram girl" in a couple of my photo albums, because well, that's her name. My Lola is all woman though, believe that playa!

Despite my recent gripes my time in the NW was dotted with many good times, otherwise I would have bailed long ago. Lola and I crossed paths after a large soccer game in Seattle one night at a local supporters bar.

So here is my lyrical re-working, or what I hear when this song plays:

I met her at a club near Seattle SODO
where you drink lambic that tastes just like Cherry Cola

She slinked up to me and asked me to dance
I asked for her name and in this dark, dank bar she said Lola
L-o-l-a, L-L-L-L Lola

Girl said she needed to be spanked by a nice, strong guy
She squeezed me tight and nearly broke my spine
Oh my Lola, l-l-l Lola

I'm not dumb but I can't understand
How such a hot woman can take such sting like a man
Oh my Lola, l-l-l Lola

We drank champagne and danced all night
under rainy Seattle lights
I picked her up and placed her across my knee
She looked me in the eye and screamed "spank me please!"
I'm not the world's most passionate guy!
But when we locked eyes I almost fell for my Lola!
L-L-L-L Lola! L-l-l-l Lola!

I pushed her away, I walked to the door
She fell to the floor, and clung to my knees
I looked at her and she at me
That's the way that I want it to stay
And I always want it to be that way for my Lola
L-L-L-L Lola!

She left home just the month before
And she never been spanked by stern male before
I just smiled and took Lola by the hand
Lola said dear boy I like sting you put across my ass
I'm not the worlds most masculine man
But I know what I am, and I'm glad I'm this man
So is Lola, L-L-L-L Lola!

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Views: 344 · Added: 19 days ago

Bet that got some of your attention, lol.

Just wanted to follow up my previous blog about the upcoming 50 Shades movie. I feel rather silly now that I know there are three books and not just one. Guess I was a little out of the loop on that one as I don't even know how the actors are.

Yesterday I was playing hooky from work because it was 85 degrees and an all around perfect day outside to hang out by the pool or in the hot tub. Decided to go to one of the local shopping areas just to see what they had to offer after that. Was feeling a little tired from the heat and when I saw an candy store my sweet tooth kicked in. Went inside to see two adult women in the store and four kids.

Looking around for something new to snack on I notice a display with a feather duster, a masquerade looking mask, and a small rubber flogger. Wasn't quite sure what to make of that. When I went closer to examine I saw the "50 Shade of Grey" name on all of the packaging. Then a kid came racing over to grab some junk food right below the display. His mother did a good job at distracting him with something else and he zipped to the other side of the store.

When I removed the flogger box from the stand and read the back of the package I realized this 50 Shades thing is bigger than I thought. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the mother hastily looked away from me, then looked back at again as I was examining the items. Makes me wonder what she was thinking.

So while it might not get my blood pumping as much as some would expect if this 50 Shades thing is getting more women into spanking then I say cool! I know many women live out their sensual dreams vicariously through 50 Shades, here is to hoping they decide to take the plunge.

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Views: 212 · Added: 19 days ago

I was Road musician on several tours in the 80s 90s... I was all over the country , in casinos,Rock shows,resort towns,. I have worked with Famous people in the Nightclub days ,now Im in sales and rental of the newest Audio ,Lighting, for concerts,churchs,outdoor events, anyway Ill start , back 25 yrs ago mostve the girls all the country over were wanting sex, and I was in a Band ,....once back in the 80s, out in the audience, I met a beautiful girl from England...... about 20..... "she said will you spank my bum with your drumsticks, I already knew English spanking was a big interest , so anyway I spanked this little English girl with a drumstick,... had great sex after,,, and I just loved it ,.. anyway, I knew a long time ago that I loved to spank girls , but not all were up for spanking ,, . I really love the quiet submissive type of girl,and I ha these girls out on the road playing clubs, even though Im new here on the Spanking Tube, Ive been spanking girls for years , but just a few because, of knowing they weren't quite the submissive,or the pain got to them,.. Im a very calm positive guy ,I only had a dominant side if the girl had thye submissive side... I was more into having sex in those days anyway ,this is my fetish though,, I always had a love for it , I have viewed the videos here lot,,, I was looking for the most realistic videos & there are many very good ones on here, but the majority of the videos here are lacking in imagination, but its because of minute things,,...not staying long enough on shots, lingering too long on others, mostly little things( actually Id love to work in this business and I would love to put ideas out there, its sort of rare ,but there are some isolated shots here that are great so... ...Hear Me Out..... I love to see a girl arch her back arched far as possible so that their bottoms are sticking out or up (slowly or back n forth...rythym), On OTK the arching of the girls ass should always be up not flat and be as high as possible , the close ups should show the absolute perfection of the female ass and arched back ,the beauty of her long hair Back , as well as little things like the Beauty of womans hair and head should be in video shot while her head is up and looking back (Emotions.... very hurt,scared) at the spanking she is getting, this would be a good time to pull her gently or hard by her hair and make her watch getting a spanking... The angles of shots in many videos should always show the perfection of the beautiful female form ,I call it Feminine charisma ,,,sometimes the acting or lack of it,..(Im speaking from what Id like to see and hear and my own opinion and mean no offense to video actors) is often... well ..just not very convincing,..... and I think should be less talk all together , a big turn on to me are the girls that give the submissive little cries in rythym with the spanking they are getting, , crying is very sexy, erotic ...another emotional turn on ... , (its submissive) the other things are the unclothing of these girls while getting or before getting punished should more often done by the spanker in particular the removing of the girls panties (this is another Female charisma quality with the viewers imagination that makes this highly erotic ) I know I can be blunt but Ive been there ,, that everybody isn't the same as I am in terms of what is a turn on or not,.. and I really dont know ... but, the focus is 95% on the spankee not the spanker , and the imagination of the viewer,(it is a show for all of us ,a dream, a F..ckin turn On) ...I want to take video clips, and full videos and Im looking for female models to participate in them , and would love to hear from them, Im also wanting to invest in live but private events within a 150 mile radius of Atlanta Ga..and anyone that like to express interest in terms of the scenarios that turn them on and what doesn't ,.. Id love to hear from you, and Im interested in going to any existing events around the southeast Id also like to know about any cities that have the best S&M, spanking , BDSM events around the country ...and anyone with ideas similar to mine that want to form a club or a club that I can meet or join in ....I also have access the best video equipment(Concert video system) up to 8 different digital cams.complete with a blu tooth digital controls effects ,fading, Image over Image controls, ,overdubbing with sound effects , music, should and could easily be mixed beneath dialog,.. Im a musician singer, composer, multi instrumentalist and have worked in the entertainment business for nearly 25 years and I still work in Concerts, Clubs, Shows, I am pretty well off financially but not well off enough to invest in major events ,....but with all the contacts I do have ,I know it can be done , one thing for sure is Ive always been ambitious and I love spanking girls and used that fetish before and after sex several times for sexual adventures I wont ever forget , ...I just want to be around it more, If there is something Id like to do is going around Cities that have lots of Sub/Girls that want to model ...I can match the higher prices of good well known models as well....,there are quite a few females here Id like to know

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Views: 177 · Added: 19 days ago

Disclaimer: I wrote this poem from my own heart. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Copy-write 2015

Georgie Smith “Sir Spankalot”, spanked my bottom nice and hot.
And once I was so hot to touch, I knew sitting down would be so tough.
Over his knee I trail once more, knowing for me what’s in store.
First is hand, to warm me up, next it’s time for his hair brush.
Pulling down my panties with begs of no, ignoring my pleas of as he starts his blows.
I know that I deserve this is more, but not wanting what’s all in store.
“Georgie, I mean “Sir” I don’t think I can take much more.” I tell him as my tears hit the floor.
“Count out loud the last ten smacks, and it’ll all be over if you don’t put your hand back”.
“One sir…” I say after each one, all the way up to “…Ten sir” and then spanking’s done.
I never knew my ass could get so crimson red, but I know I’ll be sleeping on my stomach when I go to bed.

Created by: T. Angel Chick 2/9/2015

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Views: 202 · Added: 19 days ago

Well my insurance has me doing this program to gastric sleeve. I trying my best to follow the program but the pain from the exercise is getting to be to much. I want to loose weight but I don't know if I can handle all the requirements. I am loosing focus because the pain is so bad. I am loosing focus because of stress from my ex. My faith is holding me strong and I will keep trying my best. I just need a little some times. So I am asking for help and I know I don't usually asked for help. It is a new day and it is time to make a change in my mind, my body, and my soul. I must eat healthy. I must think healthy. I must exercise daily. Is there anyone in Columbus, Ohio willing to help me get fit and live a long life? Comments please.

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Views: 343 · Added: 19 days ago

Is this true?

Just asking.

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