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1000 YEARS

He takes his time to know me,
His hands....his eyes and ears.
I drink in every part of him.
I have for a 1000 years.

I hear him call me softly
as if written in a song.
singing, stay here right beside me
it's the place where you belong.

I gazed into his eyes
and saw my soul reflect therein.
I lay in the arms of a giant
cradled in love from within.

He's been in my soul for a 1000 years
and he'll stay for a 1000 more.
For he has the best part of me
He has my Heart and my Soul.

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My ex-husband and I used used to play quite a bit. I can't remember if we started off with just spanking or with light bondage as well. I had mentioned a spanking scene I'd read in a book and how it had turned me on....He spent the day reading my trashy Historical Romance and when I'd got home from work had wanted to try it. Apparently he liked the idea of spanking me. We were both new to this and had no idea there was a life style, let a lone a name to what we were starting to explore. It was awkward at first, but watching movies helped our education and our imaginations.
We had tried different spanking elements from the kitchen and some poor bondage material from the garage, but now we were going to get serious. So, after a stop at the Hardware Store, the Liquor Store, the Cinch and Saddle and the Adult Book Store, we were ready to rock and roll. Only thing was, when we got home, it was 2:00 in the afternoon and wouldn't have the house to ourselves for several hours. I decided to amuse myself and go through the hardware sack.....Jesus Christ! He bought 16 penny nails, 10 penny nails, lag bolts, eye hooks, sky hooks, 300 hundred feet of rope, 20 feet of 1/4 inch galvinized chain.....I was starting to get a bit nervous! and he had a gleam in his eyes to match no other.
The time had finally come, so when I came out from my bath, the house was quiet and he was standing there ready to guide me into the bedroom. He had candles lit, a movie on and the bed.......I first noticed the large cushion in the center, then at each corner, was a length of rope secured to it. He came up behind me, slipped off my robe and tied and bandana over my eyes. Something we hadn't talked about, but I like it. Added to the antispation......which grew emensely with each hand, each foot he secured. With my legs tied so far apart, my ass up in the air, I could feel a breeze it seemed on my pussy. It was the first time I felt totally exposed and he loved the view. It was also the first time he took a more Dominant roll. He liked it.
He started off with soft caresses, mostly my ass and pussy and I shivered when I felt the vibrator on my clit. He instructed me not to come and if I did, there would be harsh consquences. My God I was getting close and I told him I was about to come, but he told me to hold it..... until I yelled, You're going to make me come! He said that was a little too close and I'd be punished. He started applying the riding crop, tenative at first, but that didn't last long. He commented how he liked the way my ass was getting red and I told him it was really starting to sting. HUMMMMM was the only other comment. When I told him STOP, it hurts! he did and asked if I wanted the vibrator again. He got me close again and applied the crop. When I started to squirm and call to stop...he asked again if I wanted the vibrator. YES! He then said....first you get 10 hard ones.
And they were. I think it bothered him at first hearing me gasp and pulling om my restraints, but it didn't take long before 10 turned into 20 and then he started having fun with my body....his cock felt so hard, so good in my pussy. He would get himself close and we'd start all over.
Now I was asking for 10 more, 5 more, don't stop, harder and he was giving them to me, both enjoying every second, every stroke.....Until we couldn't stand it another second and came in unison. Big time!

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So I had some fun yesterday, thought I'd share. :)
I went shopping at Victoria's Secret for some new sexy panties for our spanking fun and especially fell in love with this pair. I immediately imagined the sensation of his hand over the lace, how different it might feel from anything else I've experienced.
When he got home, he crawled into bed and I told him I had a surprise for him, told him to close his eyes, and I jumped up, stripped naked, and slipped on just the panties. It was so cute, because he was holding out his hand expecting something else, I don't know what, but something else.
The front of them is just solid, though, it's only the back that has the lace, so I turned so he could see my bottom. I told him to open his eyes and looked over my shoulder to see his reaction.
He gazed appreciatively and moved his index finger in a circle, instructing me to turn slowly so he could see everything, the whole picture so to speak.
Then he patted the bed next to him, and said, "I don't know, I think it's really going to sting with that lace."
I lay on my stomach next to him and he gave me a few nice hard swats, and said, "Is that stingy-er?"
I replied, "Yes, it definitely stings more than most panties," but it was a nice sensation. The thinner areas let his hand connect more so there was a spotty pattern with more sting and less sting on certain patches of skin. It felt good to me, more sting than pants or most panties, but now quite the sear of his hand on my bare bottom.
He gave me a few more, but exclaimed, "OW!" before I did and explained it was stinging his hand A LOT more than jeans, yoga pants, or skin.
He yanked them down after just half a dozen swats and spanked me bare. He was laughing, "How's this? Is that stingy-er?"
I yelped, "Yes! That's a lot stingy-er!"
He kept it up till I was squirming and gasping and squealing, with my cute lacy panties down around the top of my thighs, providing no protection what-so-ever. :)

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Is lying to your Daddy/Dom/Top/Disciplinarian worth it, even if you know you can get away with it?
And do you consider withholding of knowledge as lying?

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“Sir please.”

“Save it.” Taking Kristi’s hand he guided her over his lap trapping her legs between his.

Gasping at the sudden movement, Kristi allowed herself to be taken over her father knee. “No point trying to fight it, he will only spank me harder.” Kristi thought to herself.

Looking down at the upturned bottom in front of him, he sighed and began what he knew he could hold off no longer.

*swat* *swat* *swat* the first three swats came down hard. With each swat Kristi’s body jolted forward. *swat* *swat* *swat* three more came down just as hard as the last three. “I am never going to make it through this Kristi thought to herself as 3 more landed, first her right cheek followed by the left. *swat* *swat* *swat* *swat* *swat* *swat* Kristi bit down harder on her lip with each swat.

“I am extremely disappointed in your lack of ability to control yourself, when faced with a challenge.” Kristi’s father scolded as he continued to rain stinging swats to the bottom before him. *swat* *swat* *swat* *swat* “I did not raise you to behave like a simple fool *swat* *swat* *swat* I will not tolerate this behavior *swat* *swat* *swat* do you understand me young lady!”

“Owww! Owwah! Owww! Owww!” Kristi howled after each swat. “Yes Daddy, I promise owwwah! I won’t fight owwwah! Ever again!” Kristi squirmed as the stinging blows continued to rain down unforgivingly to her bottom.

“You are only sorry because of your current predicament, but I am determined to make sure you are truly sorry and this isn’t a lesson that you will soon forget.” He continued aiming for Kristi’s sit spots *swat* *swat* *swat* *swat* “Since talking to you seems to be futile, this seems to be the only way to get you to truly understand that I am serious.” *swat* *swat* *swat* *swat*

Owwww! Kristi hollered,” I understand I do! Please Daddy!” she pleaded.
“What is so hard about keeping your hands to yourself and controlling your anger when faced with a challenge?” Her father asked pausing for a reason.

“I-I-I don’t know, I just don’t like others making fun of me,” Kristi responded knowing it wasn’t going to be a good enough answer for her father.

Sure enough the swats restarted.

“Just because you don’t like what someone says *swat* *swat* *swat* don’t not give you the right to put your hands on them *swat* *swat* *swat*. I will not tolerate *swat* *swat* you raising your fist *swat* every time you don’t like what someone has to say.” Her father lectured bring his hand down, making sure to cover her entire bottom.
Kristi bit down on her lip as tears began to form. “Please.” Kristi whimpered, her voice straining as she fought back tears. “I’m sorry Daddy, really sorry.”

“I hope that you are young lady, I do not ever want to her that you were in a fight again. You are a smart girl and there is no need for you to talk with your fist.” Her father scolded. “I am going to give you ten good ones with the brush to make sure you understand how serious I am.”

Kristi whimpered but prepared herself for the last ten swats to her bottom. “I will never sit again, my bottom is probably spitting flames right now” She thought to herself.

Opening the desk drawer her father pulled out a wooden brush, repositioning Kristi so her bottom was high in the air he tapped the brush on her bottom to let her know what was coming. Kristi flinched slightly at the touch from the brush though it didn’t hurt she knew it would.

“Do you understand why you are receiving this spanking?” Her father asked.

“Yes Sir,” Kristi said barely above a whisper.

“And why is it you are being spanked?”

“Because after being warned several times and knowing the rules, I still used my fist to deal with something I didn’t like.” Kristi replied almost as if she had been rehearsing it in her head the whole time.

“Are you going to raise your hands to anyone in the future?”

“No sir, there are better ways to handle things than aggression.” Kristi said hoping he wouldn’t ask any more questions, she just wanted to get it over with.

I hope this time you really mean it, let’s get this over with. Her father said as he firmly held Kristi’s waste and brought the brush down. *SWAT* *SWAT* *SWAT*

Kristi gasped as the brush connected to her bottom. “Oh my God! I can’t do this!” she thought as the tears began to roll down her cheeks.

I have tried to talk to you and get you to understand I won’t tolerate fighting. *SWAT* since that didn’t work I sure hope this does. *SWAT* I really don’t like having to spank you, *SWAT* but I will if it means I won’t have to bail you out of jail someday because you couldn’t control yourself. I love you too much, to let you act out in such away.

OWWWW! Kristi couldn’t hold it back anymore. She stopped squirming and stilled over her father’s lap and sobbed. She really hated disappointing him and yet she had. He was right she never thought about her actions beforehand. She was quick to react and it always landed her in trouble. She had let him down once again.

Noticing that she was near her limit, her father landed the last 4 in rapid succession on her sit spots *SWAT* *SWAT* *SWAT* *SWAT* placing the brush on the side of the desk, he began rubbing gentle circles on Kristi’s back as she cried.

Kristi yelped as the final 4 came crashing down on her tender sit spots. She barely noticed it was over as she laid there and sobbed.
After several moments she had calmed enough her father stood her up. Kristi stared down at her feet as she coughed out, I-I-I’m s-s-sorry D-Daddy.

Gently lifting her chin, her father looked in her eyes and said you are forgiven.

Yes, Yes I know its two months after I said it was almost done, been busy but here it is. Personally I don't like the ending. But it'll have to do as I begin my next story. R/R/A (Read, Review, Advise.)

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I've essentially lost access to the blogs. I'll miss you guys! Maybe things will improve in February ...

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I walked in the door more than a little fucked up....almost three hours late and without the dinner I said I was going to bring back. Needless to say, my boyfriend was a little more than pissed off. I didn't give a shit. I thought he was All That when I met him, but the dude let's me walk all over him. I can't respect a guy like that. I headed to the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks when he said....."What you need is a good spanking".....I turned around and saw him sitting in a straight back chair with a wooden spoon in his hand and looking me dead in the eye. I didn't catch the smoldering anger when I said..."Humph....and you think you're just the man to do it?" I said with a smirk. A chill went up my spine as he got up and walked toward me....He was a fairly good sized man and worked out, but I held my ground. He said...." We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Anyway we do it, I am going to give you the spanking you've earned for yourself."...."Like Hell" I said.
When he reached out and grabbed me by the wrist, I dug both heels into the carpet as he headed toward the chair. The closer he got to the chair, the more I struggled. "You can't do this to me!"....."I can and I will!" Even though a thrill went through my whole body, I was still denying what was going to happen. "No, no NO!"......"OH Yes, yes, YES".....Then I bit his arm when I got the chance. OOPS.....I heard a growl and my pants were quickly pulled down to my knees and I found myself thrown over his lap, ass in the air, his heavy leg pinning me down and was saying...."This is going to teach you about respect". I felt the first crack of the wooden spoon and thought, I can handle this.......It was if he read my mind....."The first couple aren't so bad, but I'm not giving you just a couple........." He continued spanking me and it was really starting to sting. Another thing was starting to happen too......I was getting this tingling feeling all over my body and settling in my pussy. God, I was actually getting turned on!
Whack after whack the wooden spoon came down on my stinging ass. I tried to protect it by reaching back with my hand to cover myself, when he just as quickly had my arm pinned. Being controlled like this, I was not used to and it pissed me off big time. My instincts told me to fight back and I started to struggle like a mad woman, even managed to bite him in the leg. Another OOPS......He dropped the spoon and started spanking me with his bare hand. A bare hand that was made out of solid oak, with razor blades embedded in the surface. YOWWWWWWEEEE ! "OK! OK! I'm sorry!" He paused in his ministration "For what?"....." Fuck if I know! You are the one that said I needed a spanking!" That got me a few more pretty hard whacks......."OK! OK! COME ON! STOP!" "Why?" he said very calmly......" I've learned my lesson, please stop." "And what have you learned?" "That I've been being a disrespectful bitch. I won't do it again. I promise!" He knew I never made promises. It ment commitment. He stopped his raining blows for a moment...." I believe you" he said as he rubbed my burning butt. " Because it took this to get through to you, I'm going to give you ten more and we'll be done......unless there's a next time."
He carried me to the bedroom and had the hottest sex I've ever had. These days I find that I'll misbehave on purpose.....

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I know it's been quite awhile since I was around. I was sick for a long time, then did not feel up to talking.

I'm feeling more like myself now. (Which is to say that Nemesis is likely to have his hands full this spring...Lol.) This post is more a note to myself - I want to reflect on something he and I were talking about the outcry day. (The punishment spanking o talked about last time.) Ans I want to ask something. (I can't be the only one with overly delicate skin that marks if you look at me funny!)

So I'literally post properly tomorrow - need to go back to sleep now.

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A lily white, unmarked thing is a terrible thing and mine has been unmarked entirely too long...

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As far a videos go, I have a definitely liking for F/F office spanking scenes. I enjoy the female office manager spanking her secretary for misbehavior. Would that I have a real life female boss to call me in her office too! :-)

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Just wanted to share some life stuff with the group. I mentioned around the first that I was going up for a job to train as a bus driver. The company hired me with the contingeny I pass 4 state DMV exams for a Class B license permit. Well, after much foot work and lots of study, I did it!!! I passed the exams yesterday and my first day of class will be Monday morning. :-)

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I failed my skills test yet again. I so depressed right now. I don't want to get out of bed or be around people.If you are bitten by a snake, what's the best thing to do? Remain calm, separate the poison from the rest of your body, suck the poison out. Worst thing to do: get upset, chase and kill snake. Same when someone strikes out at you verbally. Remain calm, don't try to strike back at the other person. Don't let the poison spread throughout your system. I feel defeated and I want to be a nurse so bad that I can taste it. It's like all my efforts is worth nothing. Crying my eyes out and staying in my pjs is where I am at this point. What have I done wrong? Am I being punished? or am I punishing myself for bad mistake in my past?

I forgive MYSELF for my sins, faults and failings,
for all that is bad in myself or that I think is bad,
I forgive myself; and I accept Your forgiveness. I further
forgive MYSELF for taking Your name in vain, not worshipping
You by attending church, for hurting my parents, getting drunk,
for sins against purity, bad books, bad movies, fornication,
adultery, homosexuality. Also, for stealing, lying,and hurting peoples’ reputation. You have forgiven me today, and I forgive myself.
In Jesus' Name,

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I wish we could update a blog without losing the formatting. So, to avoid having to redo all of that I decided to simply re-post. I do so in appreciation of those who pulled together and kept me out of that bar I was headed for. You men and women equaled the theraputic value of any cirle I joined in the thousands of church basements over the years.

Anyway, I chose to abandon the lesson for my beloved daughter for now. It is obvious she simply lacks the maturity to handle this at this point in her life. I felt it more important she see me put everything aside and just show her how broken I am without her.

This was not easy for me. You see, where I came from I needed that rock bottom of loneliness to begin the much needed change in my life. My family had to turn their backs on me for me to finally see my behavior was unacceptible and that I was slowly and painfully killing myself.

My little girl may not suffer from alcoholism but she is equally in danger as any alcoholic I've known. He story is far to personal to share with any other human being, much less a public forum like this, but trust me. That is why I sat and waited for so long in hopes she would come to me with a different attitude as I did when I was at my worst.

I am so grateful I came to her when I did because she was so confused when I found her and headed for an aweful place. A small part of me truly fears she will never accept the lessons in life she needs to grow and move forward but I vow to never give up on her. i will hold strong to my faith that love will get this child to where she needs to be, eventually.

We can not put love and help into a cookie cutter type. What helped me may not help her. I learned that sitting quietly and waiting on her to come around causes her terrible fear of abandonment. Is it not a father's duty to reevaluate his methods to reach his lost child? Lets use DD as an example here, if a spanking is not working is the answer harder spanks?

I wish I would have done things so much different with her. I feel the fear I raised in her is a long way from healing. I would gladly suffer any wounds to protect her from injury. It is just hard when she is her own worst enemy and inflicts the worst hurt on herself than the world ever could. Getting her to see this feels so very far away.

For now I am trying to reverse the damage I unwittinly did the past thirteen days. For now I continue to reach for her hand and comfort her. For now I struggle to show her that even in love, a man is still a man and makes mistakes.

Sadly, we are far from healed as a family and as individuals. However, we are now on that road to healing. We are also back together where we belong. I feel good we will both learn the necessary lessons in the end as long as I remember to be the mature adult and not allow my hurt and fear make my decisions.

Thank you all once again. For those of you who took the front lines and held me up when I wanted to crumble to my knees and to those of you who stood in the sidelines cheering us on in thought and prayer, I owe you all a debt of sincere gratitude. You helped me to remain sober one more day and that is all I can ask for. Without that, there is no hope of being a better father to this girl who deserves every ounce of my love. Thank you all once again.

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W.W.P.D when it's freezing outside? I would make things to warm your buns! That's exactly what I did tonight.

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I have been a spankee for as long as I can remember. As a child I would day-dream about being spanked by authority figures such as; John Wayne or Gregory Peck and then later in life I would day dream that Wonder Woman was spanking me...ah blessed Linda Carter. I have also been a Transvestite since ages 11.

As a little kid I was always dressing up and then when I found I had more private time I would wear my sister school uniform and go out and about in Central London ages from 12. The lesson that I am learning at the moment is that there is more to being a woman than simply wearing her panties or genre of clothing. I have to be ready to please the especially misogynist (in role play and in reality) male and submit my sexual will to his control, his authority, guidance and domination and always be sexually compliant to his pleasure.

Any resistance leads to controlling and dominating corporal punishment. No safe word not ever just authentic bare bottom spanking, paddling and caning, taws, strap, flogger, crop until all my resistance has completely dispersed and I am ready to be obedient and do as I am told. Not all Doms/spankers have been able to bring me to submission - indeed only a few.

I have met some very brutal sadists who offer no experience just severe blows of the paddle designed to damage and torture a ‘girl' into a quick submission so she can be bummed...I usually correspond by email with my potential spankers before I decide to meet them. I need experience as well as authority and’s a punishment not an erotic or torture session.

I am lucky to have met a few good ones however I remain untamed for long and would need a much longer term of daily domination and control if I am ever truly to learn my place, accept it and live it full-time.

What submission means for me[/b]

Submission for me is when I am unable to endure the punishment further. Mostly Doms I meet don't seem to have the imagination or understand the psychology of it at all...most just want me to say I submit so they can get their cocks inside me and often I simply say ok I submit. But this isn't really submission for me at all more its pleasure over which I have far too much control.

Probably they are not really Doms just guys looking for a nice red bum to shag...When I submit it must be authentic and convincing. I want my Dom to be proud of me and aware that the more corporal punishment I take before submission the more I want my Doms control, the more I worship them whoever they may be submitting to control and authority over me.

A simple 'good girl' is all the reward I need for taking my punishment. Ideally for me on a first meeting I need to feel the 'weight of his hand' on my bare bottom from cold. I believe that any bottom should be able to take a hand spanking without the need for a safe word. The hand spanking is delivered bare bottom otk from cold. When he is ready and perhaps after a gap to keep the hand spanking sacred I am paddled to submission.

Ideally this will be a drawn out affair with a number of different positions and places on the bottom and the tops of the backs of my legs but especially held down otk and padddled hard, fast and long. Often the paddling to submission involved ritualised (a self spanking video explains it - coming soon) approaches where submission can only take place at certain points and not during a specific delivery.

Of course I can plead and beg and state how I submit and promise to be obedient but the punishment will only cease when I am asked in a specific window at the end of the punishment or at the beginning of the next phase if I submit. To be convincing I would need to have gone through the pleading, begging and promising stage and most probably be in tears. As a TV it is why I wear make-up now so real tears can be witnessed.

Even then HE or possibly she needs to be convinced that I offer my entire self to do with as s/he pleases - this isn't easy for me as there are some things I still don't do as sexual acts...I can be orally penetrated and bummed and can I find take any sized cock but I don't rim guys and I definitely do not penetrate guys (this act is above my station). However I will do these acts with women as required and can switch sub or Dom with her.

Submission then needs to be authentic...after submission to make sure I am not simply saying I submit I am usually caned before oral and anal penetration, delivered in such a way as to be part of the punishment.To secure the penetration as part of the punishment I am either caned or paddled immediately after penetration. Usually ordered (if he remembers) to stay in position or sometimes where I have to change my knickers and then I am punished via paddle or cane again before my knickers are allowed to come up.One person I meet nearly always gets turned on again during this post-buggery spanking and we have to go round it all again.

Repeaters can be very punishing second time round as usually it will go on and on...but I always have to remember as I take the bum-ponding that immediately afterwards I will be punished again as I must finish each submission with punishment.The main reason for being punished at the end is to make sure I pay for any pleasure I allowed myself during the penetration. I am never allowed to complete but any joy I get from being bummed especially has to be paid for afterwards, by how much depends on my Dom though usually at least what I was taking at the point of submission.[/u]It’s rare to find someone who can understand at least some of the psychology of it.

I need to feel my Dom is in it with me that they are guiding me to the best solution for me as a naughty girl learning to be a good girl. I need to feel secure with them, held, controlled, guided and comforted in my effort to make them proud of me.This motivates me to take more for longer it makes me want to please my Dominant to make them happy with my effort to please them which is the duty I must learn...but these things take time don’t they and to date I am meeting maybe three people all male maybe 4-6 times per year from each.

It’s enough to keep me in training but not enough to actually train or alter any of my behaviours. I believe I would need training on a daily basis, full-time for at least a year and of course this would mean a relationship with a Dominant partner...male or female I find I am 50/50 bisexual and although I can switch be Dom or sub with women I am always sub-bottom with men.

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I have a really close friend on here, I mentioned her before, (Spankmesweetly). Today we did a two way RP video chat spanking for each of us being guilty of staying up late, and not getting to bed at a decent hour. I posted a couple of new photos to show off my reddened bottom. (Yeah I know red butt, red butt, red butt,hum drum)
This time she "directed" it and told me to get the white plastic spoon I used in my video, and she had me spank myself for 10 straight minutes plus added a "10 of your very best" at the end.
I also added a variation during the spanking of not only targeting the cheeks of my butt, but also the sit spots and backs of my upper thighs extending the reddening down to about 3-4 inches down from butt cheek crease. Let me tell you, that sit spots and upper thighs are sensitive, as are the two spots immediately adjacent to the middle split, at the bottom , where the cheeks tuck down in between legs. Needless to say I thoroughly swatted my bottom today at her behest.

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Lynn worked as a waitress in just about every bar or restaurant in the Pittsburgh area over the course of our relationship that lasted close to maybe nine years on and off. It is safe to say we had our troubles and her drinking was a huge strain on us. I was around six and a half years older and through the stage she was just beginning so I am not trying to sound innocent, just a bit further down the road than she.

Working in an environment where alcohol was everywhere didn’t help at all. Another thing that didn’t help was she was very fun and outgoing and had no trouble making friends with coworkers who were more than willing to either stay and have a few drinks after work or go to one of the many surrounding bars for a nightcap that always seemed to lead to a drunken stooper. I wasn’t game for such youthful antics and soon found myself left out.

I adored her for the most part and had lots of fun with her. I tried to teach her the ol’ everything in moderation theory but her youth and taste for the lifestyle wouldn’t allow it. I enjoyed drinking with her but was against serious drinking and driving violations and preferred to finish up at home. This caused her to leave me behind for the after-hours crowd on a regular basis.

One morning I woke up and she was not in bed next to me where she belonged. Worried, I made my way down stairs to start making phone calls. What I found was my mischievous young girlfriend with her panty covered ass high in the air over the arm of our couch and her upper body resting peacefully on the end table while using the answering machine as a pillow.

From what I gathered, she had come home not too long ago, half kicked in the ass, started getting undressed and decided to check the messages. It would also appear she lost steam somewhere in the middle of this process and it left her in a rather precarious position. I started to really enjoy the view but decided to wake her and shuffle her off to bed.

She was the soundest sleeper after passing out from a snoot full. It was not uncommon for her to fall asleep on the drive home and be literally unwakable by the time we got there. I could throw her over my shoulder, carry her into the house and flop her into bed all the while she snored away undisturbed.

So, I brushed her hair from her face and tried to nudge her awake by patting her bottom. After a moment or two of no response what so ever, I decided to conduct a little experiment. Exactly how much nudging could she take before finally waking? I was of course unsure but this was something I was going to have fun finding out.

I continued to rub and swat her jiggly little bottom stopping to squeeze occasionally. As I proceeded, I increased the intensity of both the rubbing and the swatting. I could feel the heat rising from the rubbing alone. I rubbed to create friction and it is crazy she didn’t wake from that rubbing alone, not to mention the swats.

Wanting to both speed things along and enjoy the moment a bit more I decided to bare her little ass. Quickly and unceremoniously I yanked her panties down to expose her bare bottom. Her color was already a nice shade and I was curious how deep I could color her bum before she would finally realize she was getting some unwanted attention.

I went back to rubbing and squeezing and enjoying my girl’s deliciously tight little ass before I began to lay on a fresh barrage of stinging smacks. Well I’m not sure if stinging is the right word being that she was apparently feeling no pain at the moment, but you know what I’m saying. She was looking so very adorable with herself arched up in the air as she was with her bottom aglow.

Increasing in force she finally began to let out little moans and hold her breath or gasp slightly at times but still no signs of consciousness. I continued to rub and slap to the point where I was now laughing my ass off. I could not believe how much abuse her poor ass was taking without waking her up.

I’m not sure how long this went on but I know for a fact I stopped because I began to feel a little guilty. I mean her ass was flaming hot and approaching fire engine red. The fact I was getting little more than slight moans and sighs were not convincing me she was ever going to wake up until she was just good and ready.

I couldn’t help but kiss her all over her enflamed bottom and squeeze and pat her a bit more while enjoying my handiwork before returning her undergarment to its original place. Being the gentleman that I am, I grabbed a blanket and covered her up and returned to bed to watch a little TV and wait on her to recover from the night before. Finally slipping a couch cushion under her head, I made my way back upstairs.

I don’t recall how long it took before she woke and joined me in bed or if I napped at all before she got there but I do remember one thing clearly… When she did get there she complained of a sore ass. I also know I didn’t let the cat out of the bag for a while and enjoyed the puzzled look she gave every time she noticed her discomfort.

I swear I probably spanked her harder and longer than some of the punishment spankings I have given her. In a way it was a sort of passive/aggressive punishment. I resented how irresponsible she could be and I admit it felt a little good to beat her ass when she neglected me to go on all night benders.

What was funny was she did find it amusing when I finally disclosed my little act of aggression. I think she was more relived to have an explanation of why her rump was stinging then she was upset at why. I had a lot of fun with her over the years and I’m sure she felt the same when her bottom wasn’t on fire. HaHa!

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megan4mom's avatar

Views: 198 · Added: 19 days ago

I only wish the title was my own description . . .

Rather, it's the description of my favorite kind of spanking story. So much of what's out there is about a particular incident, the "big one," so to speak. Maybe the "big one" happens as part of a regular spanking relationship, or disciplinary agreement - but it's an isolated moment in time.

For me, I like the girl who's "always being spanked" (I think of it as its own genre). Naturally, she has the anatomy and attitude to suit it - suitably curvy, suitably bratty, suitably submissive - to invite the constant attention she receives. Of course she was spanked growing up - and not just growing up, but ALL the way growing up, throughout high school, into college - "as long as we're supporting you, you're not too old for a spanking if we feel you deserve it!" Some might feel her particular treatment is unfair - if she has brothers, they probably stopped getting spanked once they reached their teen years - and, indignity of all indignities, they probably were given spanking rights over our poor heroine at some point. If she has sisters, they may still be subject to spankings, but not at near the frequency of our young lass.

And it wasn't just in the nuclear home, either - grandparents, aunts and uncles, older cousins all were potential spankers if she was left in their care. There was never any question of the babysitter having the right to spank, but she may have questioned the continuing need for a babysitter when she was 18 . . .

Spanking wasn't allowed in her school, but that didn't stop the creepy old math teacher from regularly using his ruler across her bottom as consequence for poor quizzes . . . and it didn't stop her from suggesting it to the student teacher when she was having difficulty with concepts during after school tutoring. The gym teacher was her dad's old friend from high school, so when he took his belt or the paddle to her, was that school sanctioned, or just another family friend acting in loco parentis?

Being spanked as much as she was, she was a good girl - but while she never went "all the way," she couldn't completely frustrate her boyfriends, either - and after the first noticed the telltale signs of a recent spanking upon her tail, he joined in on the fun - and so did every other boyfriend she had. She danced the night away at her senior prom - but her first dance was horizontal over her date's lap in the back of the limo, dress up and panties down . . .

Then there was the time her snoopy neighbor saw her trying to sneak out to meet a date - and, having heard (and even seen) how her parents handle things many times, offers to keep it "their secret" if she lets him/her handle the matter. Naturally, this makes her late for the date, and results in another spanking from a very frustrated boyfriend. While the making up made everything better, her luck couldn't be worse, as her parents discovered her absence and both made their displeasure felt upon her arrival home.

Oh, she complains about how unfair it is, but when it's done, it's done. Besides, once the tears dry up and the intensity starts to turn to a warm tingle . . . well, let's just say, did you ever hear about a girl getting all excited after getting grounded for two weeks?

She may have had some brief thought that spankings might end once she went off to college - but with her life, that was a thought, not an expectation. But while the girl may always be spanked, the scenarios must wait for a later day . . .

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Views: 244 · Added: 19 days ago

Hello ST Friends.

Holidays are over so I have to come back.Hope you all enjoyed yours,and have a fabulous 2115.

Have you heard about the surge in crime in multi-storey carparks ?.
Its just so wrong on so many levels.

I was on the train this morning,and after taking a phone call I hung up.
Of the two woman sat behind me,one tapped me on the shoulder and said " Excuse me we heard your phone there.
I said it was Beyonce,and my friend believed it to be Rihanna "
I said "Sorry girls you are both wrong,it was my wife.

I got caught peeing in the swimming pool again. This time the lifeguard shouted at me so loud,that I very nearly fell in.

Nice to be back,now I got some blogs to read.

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