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Check out my spanking stories

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Sauna Spank. Yes I've finally got my first 2018 spanking, over a Horse in Leeds Gay Sauna (in public). Abut 100 with Flogger from my neck down to my thighs. Very satisfying. Now I need cane.

The guy gave me about 20 to start with from very very gentle to more painful and I told him to stop. But feeling foolish about 30 minutes later I went back and he did a full 100, again from very light to painful. But I didn't realise that his "painful" was his most painful stroke. In the earlier session I feared that 'painful' was just his 3rd gear not his top gear. I only called a halt after 100 because I thought it might be boring for him. Very good and I'm pleased I've started my Punishment Book for 2018.

I did take my canes along, but didn't get them out.

You need to be sure that a caner knows what he is doing.

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I sincerely hate writing lines. At first it doesn't seem so bad - just 400 to write before I go to see Mistress on Friday. But I've laboured for what seems like many hours on and off, and only reached the 150 mark. I don't get writer's cramp or any physical pain, it's just the tedium that gets to you. I would genuinely prefer to have more physical punishment if I could stop now. So, you might ask why don't I just tell Mistress that I haven't done them and suffer the consequences? The point is, I need Mistress to keep me in line, and the tacit agreement is that she sets the punishment and I have to do it, whatever it is. Otherwise there would be no point in the whole relationship and I may as well just visit and have a cup of tea with her!

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I'm coming up to London from the South-West in early March. If any ladies would like a visit from The Headmaster (or from Daddy) then please get in touch.

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Looking for recommendations on where to buy spanking toys / instruments and not amazon not to impressed with selection, so pretty please

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I hope no self-respecting kinkster on this site patronizes that offensive piece of shit.

And not just because it's horribly written and acted.

Apparently the movie ends with Christian Grey being "freed" from his kinkiness, as if he could magically make it disappear, and his abandonment of kink allows him to become a happily-married person and have a healthy relationship. Why? Because he ceases to be some kind of "deviant," of course.

Please read my first 50 Shades review for all the reasons it is offensive to kinky people. Imagine if instead it being about kinky people, it was about gay people, and a gay man was able to magically expunge his homosexuality and become happily married to a woman, and that makes his life much better. Gay people would rightfully be up in arms about this outrage. Yet, people in our community continue to embrace and support this awful franchise.

We owe it to ourselves to say enough is enough and do our best to prevent people we know to stop watching this piece of garbage.

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Amazing that my world has changed
Since this I never did
Nothing like the freedom being
Open and not hid

All of me I better know
And all of me I see
Knowing now that what I need
Correction loving me.

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Amazing that my world has changed
Since this I never did
Nothing like the freedom being
Open and not hid

All of me I better know
And all of me I see
Knowing now that what I need
Correction loving me.

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Sir grasps me by the earlobe
As he ties me to the bench
Relax your bottom this minute
I'll whip it harder if you clench
How dare you defy me
For this you'll have to pay
Now arch your back
I'll cut you no slack
Your behind I'm going to flay
Sir takes up his position
Swish the rod a practice swing
Now he's getting ready to administer
A dose of the real thing
Push that bottom up and out
I can't abide a slacker
As he swashes and flails
Like wind in sails
His fearsome bottom smacker
Six loud cracks across the cheeks
For my indiscretion
And another one for daring to
Get a full erection
Your enjoying this too much
Says Sir
So something can't be right
And so I get a further six
And this time with all his might!

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Me and some of my friends went to the cinema tonight to see the last in the Fifty Shades the last scene Christian says to Ana, while she's kneeling like a good little Sub in front of him, 'you're topping from the bottom Ana' my niece turned, leaned in and said, What did he mean ?? What does that mean?
Pffft I don't know ..I replied....I have no me!

Sometimes I just wish I could shout it from the rooftops.

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I am home new stint and new blood thinner added.. G-d I hate Pills..

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I'm writing this more for a reminder for us, and for any e who doesn't like a drunken soft message so dread this. It's 8.00s pm.

Master works for a drinks company and was given some cocktail mixters all uo had to do was add boozle. Now we r not bigger drinkers certainly nlt vodka.
But as we bogh got a cold, NO energys for mingblastjng fuckery Wes decided to gets drunked.

Again Zoe me is pisted.

We had a passion fruits cocktail, comes in bokkel, top lid is a measuring cup, add 7 tops of vodka, open next lid, add cubes from ice, tops back on then shaked lime Toms Cruises in Cockstail. Shaked shaked shaked.

Drinks drinks drinks.
Itssssssss vesy gums yum.

Necxt we tried sum strawsberry thing. Itz was disguthing.
Binned thems.
By now we grunk most of Es vodkas
We tries a scinny mojita. With ¾ of tge vodkas
Em hmmmm not sure but I'm drinkings it, it's stinky, v inky.
Bit ims drinkings it.
Masters drunks his lready. Like a strongs lime juices druink.
We is watchings The grand Gour, slots of cars in its.
Me bodies is zingling.

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I know I have addressed this issue in the past and I'm going to bring it up again. I will not except blank profiles or half ones either. I know a lot of people have jobs and families that are not well aware of your lifestyle. You don't have to put your actual name on the site if you're not comfortable you can go under an alias or just your spanking tube ID name. Share your experiences ! It's not like were asking for your Social Security and your blood sample !! Even though you take pictures and make videos you can have programs you can blur out your face !! Simple fix !

What is making me very irritating is that you got adults here who act like they're five years old. Do not message me if you have an incomplete profile and then act like a complete tyrant because I don't want to accept your friend request or meeting in person. That's why y'all need your ass beat you like a child because you want to act like one ! Like I said you should be really careful about how you mouth off at your future mistresses , Doms or disciplinarians! Get your act gather and act like an adult

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This was the first male face sketch ive done.
Please tell me what you think. Im still learning but im beginning to think i prefer using the sketching pencils and not colouring pencils.
I like the black and white pictures.

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I call you into my office i am waiting. Standing by my large green leather flatt backed chair.
I sit and raised my finger and beacon you to my i grab you and pull you over my lap i forcefully flip up your red dress and tug down your white cotton Knickers my hand raises. Still i havent said a word the only sound to fill the room is the sound of my large hand SMACKING down on your sexy white globes i smack slow and hard hearing you yelp watching your pussy start to glisent as it peeks out from under your bottom cheeks. I keep smacking now faster and harder your yelps turn to cries soon your bottom is very red you are now crying. Tears roll down your cheeks as my fingers dive deep into your pussy i make you cum Hard as you sob in pain and pleasure over my lap. I pick you up and hold you safe in my arms i whisper into your ear “Thats my Good Girl”

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We are in a restaurant, and it's busy but not too busy. We are sitting across from one another and while we place our orders, I slip my shoe off under the table and stretch my leg across to you, and I place my toes against your foot. And I very slowly move my toes up your leg. I've caught you off guard and you jump ever so slightly in your seat, just as you're ordering or us both. I grin and hold back a giggle. You clear your throat and make fast work of finishing the order. As the waitress hustles away, my toes wiggle their way to your crotch. You're staring at me in your best disapproving Daddy stare but as I move my toes I can feel that you're getting hard already.

"Someone wants her bottom smacked," you say to me in a low growl as you lean across the table. I pressed my foot more firmly against your cock, rubbing as I slink lower in my seat to allow me a better reach.

You are grinning now and as my big toe rubs up and over what feels like the head of your cock, I chuckle at the way you groan into your hand.

"Little girl..." you say warningly.

I slowly repeat that same motion, grinning the entire time. With a guttural groan, you grab my foot and hold it firm.

You close your eyes a moment, as you reign in your control. When you look at me again, it's Daddy in full control and my stomach does a worried little flip flop.

"You are going to head back to the ladies room. Close and lock the door behind you. When you hear 3 knocks, open it." Your gaze never once leaves mine, nor do you blink. "Go now, young lady."

Butterflies are flying all around in my belly now and with shaky legs I get up from the table, taking in the crowded restaurant. Will they hear....?

We've been here before, so I know my way back to the bathrooms, which are single tiolet rooms that are a bit roomy and set back from the main restaurant down a little hallway. No one is in the ladies room, so I do as I was told and wait nervously for the 3 knocks.

They come rather quickly.

You come into the room like a hurricane, closing the door hard and engaging the lock in the same motion. Your hand leaves the lock and grasps me about the neck, gentle but also inescapable. By that hold, you back me up until my heels hit the wall.

"Was that fun, little girl?" you ask. "Getting Daddy's cock hard and big, in the middle of the restaurant, where everyone can see it through his pants?"

Not only is it visible, but I can certainly feel it up against my belly from where you are holding me.

You don't give me even a moment to respond though....

"Let's see if this is as much fun," you say. And a moment later, you've turned my around so that I'm facing the wall. A second after that, my short skirt has been flipped up and the hem has been stuffed into the waistband. My bottom is now exposed to your view in white lace and cotton. However a moment later, those panties are tugged down hard and fast so they puddle instead at my feet.

The spanking starts immediately and you are not playing around. The first spank is so hard I react instinctively by putting my hands back to block your aim.

"Hands on the wall," you order. "Do not make me say it again or when we get home I will spank you again with the hairbrush."

I am shaking as I put my hands up on the wall.

"Stick out your bad brat's bottom."

With eyes pressed closed in shame, and with wetness pooling between my legs, I arch my back and stick out my butt.

The smacks are an onslot from that point on, hard and fast and I am trying my best to stay in place and not cry out, but it is so hard. You have no mercy for me, either, no rubbing or breaks, no teasing caresses or kisses, even though I can still see your hard on through your jeans. You are very intent on making it well known to my backside just how displeased you are with my naughty semi-public scene.

You have gone over the whole surface of my bottom about five times with smacks even though we have only been back here less than five minutes. I can't keep my reactions back any long and on your sixth pass over I am grunting at the pain and one hand does leave the wall, just briefly, before I realise my error and force it back into position.

This gets you to stop. Finally....

You lean in very closely to me then and whisper in my ear: "I saw that, miss. Guess you're getting that mean old hairbrush when we get home after all."

When I pout at you, you shake your head and a small smile tugs at your mouth.

A second later, your fingers have grabbed me by my hair at the nape of my neck and you walk me over to the sink in that manner while I shuffle awkwardly with my panties still around my feet. You guide me so that I am bent over the sink. My bare, reddened, throbbing bottom is thrust out and you give it a few more especially hard slaps, then add some color to the tops of my thighs, as well. When I yelp at these, which always hurt so much, you suddenly reach up to thumb my clit. I am wet and ready and you chuckle in my ear. I hear the zipper on your jeans and a moment later, you are deep inside me.

As we move together, you grasp my chin and pull my face up so that I have no choice but to look in the mirror at our faces as you fuck me.

My pupils are dilated and my hair is in shambles. My nipples are hard pebbles, clear and pointed under my t-shirt. I watch in the mirror as your hands grip my breasts through the thin fabric and twist the nipples just slightly, then again a bit harder. A moment later, your teeth nip at my earlobe and neck. We are both near orgasm and we are like frenzied animals as we hump and grind. All of your touches are rough and each one is just what I need.

I hit climax first and you stifle it somewhat by pulling up my t-shirt to shove the hem in my mouth. This allows you to see my breasts in white cotton and lace like the panties abandoned at my ankles. And with a hard slap to each nipple you curse and a moment later you are cumming too....

You are a gentleman afterwards, helping me tidy up and finger comb my messy hair. You kiss me everywhere and you ask if I'm ok. My body feels like every nerve is singing. I am most definitely ok. You check that the coast is clear and allow me to proceed you in the walk back to our table.

Not a single head turns in our direction as we walk back to the table. No one has noticed anything out of the ordinary. Not even the red thighs that are peeking out from under the hem of my skirt.

Sitting down makes me hiss. Which makes you grin all too proudly.

"I'm not forgetting about the hairbrush later, little girl," you warn me in low voice as you watch me squirm in my seat. The waitress is suddenly there with our food. You wait for her to leave and then add, "Keep them toes to yourself."


"And baby...?" You wait for me to lift my gaze from my sandwich to your face. "That was so fucking hot..."

My surprised shout of laughter does draw looks our way. But you are grinning too, and right there in the middle of the restaurant, you lean over and hold my face between you hands and give me a sweet, slow kiss. When you sit back, I feel many watching us, but I only have eyes for you.

"Be my good girl and eat your lunch now, sweetie," you suggest casually.

So I do.

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In the View of my Eyes I would like to see to be caned hard by someone strict and merciless...someone who knows how to let the Cane Dance across my naked Bottom...producing wonderful red me pain and pleasure until complete Ecstasy...ohhhh.... I close my Eyes and dream....

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Hey , had a severe spanking today , anybody wanna hear about it ? It does have pre sexual elements so if you don’t like men having sex don’t inbox me lol if you do inbox me let’s talk

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Is anyone else who comes on here as bewildered as I am?

Why do I do this? Now, ok, yes, I enjoy looking at some of the videos, some a great deal, take NaughtyBoyBlue’s for example.

But while watching these are enjoyable, actually VERY enjoyable, they do nothing for my spanking life or desires, and truthfully just lead to short term envy and frustration. The vast majority of the remainder are short promotional trailers, devoid of much enthusiasm, realism, sensuality, excitement or interest and only there to entice me to buy something, which I understand and accept is necessary, but also is completely unfulfilling.

The reality of finding anyone willing to actually meet up with face to face, even just to have a cup of coffee and a chat, is about as likely, probably less so, than winning the lottery.

So what keeps the desire to return, to keep logging on, to hoping will someone message me, NO, so overwhelmingly strong? I try to rationalise this, but it’s un-fathomable, it makes NO logical sense.

What is the REAL VALUE in sites like this?

Sorry folks about my lack of funnies and jokes recently, but my inner self is into heavy self-analysis and soul searching at the moment.

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There's something about these phone captured videos. So real and authintic. These up close, intimate videos are the best. They can compete with the big production videos all day in my opinion. Hope y'all are doing well.

Cheers and spanks ! ;)

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