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today I was blessed with my 3rd GREAT grandchild.. he was born at 2am n his name is Avery... I also have a 5 month old granddaughter named Averie too so it is gonna b a lil confusin .. luckily they spell their names differently..........I also had court today....3 pts on my licence n a $188 fine..i have til Nov 2 to pay that... the other charge was dropped... glad that's all over with BUT like I said.. I have a BRAND NEW baby in the family!!! *beams with pride*

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in my gallery: panty (and no panty) selfies

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I saw this on Facebook and thought how it described me perfectly, it did make me feel i should be proud of my curves, my full round bottom, my perfect pussy, my scars on my wobbly big tummy, and shapely but short legs.
I really need to stop putting myself down, and see what Mr G sees and all my wonderful friends on here, who leave such beautiful comments, my self confidence is growing slowly but surely and im determind to win.
I just wanted to share it.

Caned Schoolgirl
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a few pics...

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First your heart
Then your soul
Plant a seed
Watch it grow

Wet with tears
Whispered cries
Make a wish
See it die

Dream a dream
Deep inside
Fall to earth
With a cry

Loud like thunder
Strong like wind
Fierce lightning
Rain begins

Deepest secrets
Bared to all
Black abyss
Slowly drop

On and on
So it starts
Want to crawl

Never to bend
Once it begins
Embarrassed to all

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I wonder what would you use on me?

Caned Schoolgirl
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Received my first spanking with a Rattan Cane last night by my husband. Let me tell you these things are no joke, my bottom instantly marked and the pain was like no other implement we've used. The spanking was not as long as some I've seen on this site (my husband is still getting comfortable using it) however it still left an impact. My bottom is still marked and sore. However the next day sore is one of my favorite parts because whether a punishment spanking or not its a reminder of the previous events and why they happened

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Happy Thanksgiving, fellow-Canadians! I hope you all have a wonderful day.

And those of you whose Thanksgiving or Harvest Festival is some other time, feel free to join us in ours too!

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Just wondering if anyone has thought about investing In a spanking machine. My only reason for asking is because alot of disciplinarians lack consistency and it makes the lifestyle alot harder when certain things that come up have to be taken care of a week or two later not the same day or the next day. Just seeing if anyone has any pros or cons about one.

Caned Schoolgirl
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Hey all I am back I've been away recently but I thought I would get back on because I missed some of the interesting discussions I have

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I have a Sony HD camcorder, purchased in 2010, and if I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have bought a Sony. It requires some proprietary software to download video from the camera to the computer. That program also has some editing features, enabling you to trim or splice, but not much else. But those features are horribly slow. The program really sucks. You’re supposed to be able to upload directly to youtube with it, but every time I tried that, it cut the videos off about midway.

So, when I shoot video, I use the program to convert the video files to mp4 and edit them on Windows Movie Maker. Unfortunately, Windows ditched the movie maker program when they released Windows 10.

I still have a computer with Windows Seven, and that crappy Sony proprietary software, and that’s what I’ve been using to post videos. Not surprisingly, when I uploaded a couple of those videos to Spanking Tube last Friday, I got a notice that the movie maker format was causing issues, and that I need to re-convert the video, using something like Any Video Converter.

Funny thing is, one of the videos I posted uploaded to Spanking Tube just fine. You can watch it now—AikiCarol’s Warm Up. But the second video, which is a continuation of the first, will languish unseen until I fire up my clunky old Dell, and that sorry Sony software, to re-do that video and post it again.

As soon as I have a few hundred bucks to spare, I’m getting a Canon. And Adobe Premiere…

And maybe a Canadian prison strap, just to see how AikiCarol likes a good hard analog strapping.

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sometimes ya don't always have to actually resort to the level of someone who did u wrong to make a point..... I am only sharin this because while at the cemetary today with some of my family my girls brought up a incident that occurred tween their father n I many yrs ago n we all laughed about it... so here goes...

First I want to point out that my husband worked long hard hours n because of that I was able to stay home n take care of our 10 children… that is somethin I will always be grateful for… I didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t do drugs, didn’t gamble, didn’t party, didn’t go to bingo.. I just stayed home n raised our kids n interacted with family alone… my husband was an alcoholic… when we met he bought one six pack on a Friday n that would last all weekend long.. by the time I left him 35 yrs later he was up to THREE 18 packs of beer a DAY……… durin our marriage he was always cheatin on me n lyin about it …

Well at one point a bikini bar opened at the end of our block n he frequented it a lot.. n one day after a huge blow up where I told him to chose the booze n what it made me him do or his family n he chose us, promising never to step foot in that place again..

So one day his brother, sister in law n their kids came for a visit… His brother n him had to run an errand ( work related) n because I knew how my husband was n she knew how hers was we made them promise to go do what they had to do n come right back n they did.. ..hours later my son came in the house sayin he saw his uncles car up by the bar so we went to investigate.. at first we saw a car similar to theirs n I was relieved to see it was not.. but as we got closer we spotted the car n went inside the bar.. my husband was standin by the dart board talkin to a few buddies, his brother at a table between two women.. I patted my hubbys belly n said “have fun”” n walked out with him behind me… all the way home he tried to tell me it was his brothers idea to go there n I told him “I don’t care.. u promised”..

So now his brother n wife come back n they r arguing in my kitchen n I’m pissed n spur of the moment I walked out the door n hopped on a bus n got off in another part of the city ( I didn’t drive, in fact ive only been drivin for 10 yrs now)…I ws headin into a store when I saw my dad comein out.. I asked where he was goin n he said to my brothers house so I tagged along… as I said. I am not really a drinker so while they drank n played darts in the livin room I took their kids into the kitchen n we made carrot cake n told stories… at 2am I left with my dad n he drove me home…

My husband was lyin in bed awake n I walked past to the sofa n went so sleep… the next day one of my daughters asked how I got home n I said “Grampa”.. I few mins later I heard her tell her dad that “Grampa brought mom home” n he said “oh she was with him”… now I growled low in my throat cause I didn’t want him to think I only hung out with my dad so I sat down after he left for work n wrote him 2 letters… in the first I wrote 100% the truth of what took place from the time I walked out our house til I returned.. in the other I lied thru my teeth.. I wrote that I left n went to a bar, met some guys who bought me a few drinks.. we had such a great time so we left that bar n went to another n when we left there we went to a late night restaurant to get somethin to eat where I met my dad who stopped in after my brothers n he gave me a ride home.. I set the lie letter on his dresser, the other one I hid in my top dresser drawer.. I knew my hubby wouldn’t be home til late so I slept on the sofa n heard him when he came in…

I could see him perfectly from the sofa , he picked up the letter, sat down n started to read it, stormed into the kitchen, popped a beer n went back to read more.. I could see his hands shakin n could tell he was pissed..he downed that beer n got another… tossed the letter on the bed after finishin it n came out to where I ws pretendin to be asleep.. he kicked the sofa n I “woke up”… he said “ u have fuckin fun last night?”.. I sat up n said “in fact I did”… he said “what one guy wasn’t enough for u, u had to have more than one?”.. I said “don’t lecture me, u have told me urself how u go out n drink with women .. the only difference is I didn’t sleep with my drink partners”… he spun around n said “don’t tell me!! I know what ur like when ur drinkin”… I laughed n said “I’m like that with YOU.. because YOU r my husband n I love u… so yeah I get all lovey dovey with YOU”… he went on more n more, getting madder by the moment.. insistin I did more with my drinkin partners cause he “KNOWS me”…. I got up n grabbed the letter from the top drawer n flung it in his face n said “u fuckin THINK u know me!!” n I walked away..

After he read that letter he came to me n apologized.. told me he was sorry n he knows I would never sleep with someone else ….. we ddnt make up right then n there.. but things improved for a while…our biggest problem in our marriage was his drinkin which kept him away from home most of the time n “made’ him do things he normally wouldn’t do …I got no joy or satisfaction from that incident but he saw what it felt like be on the other side lookin in…

A few months after dave n I got together I called my ex n asked him “what made me so bad to be with that u always fooled around on me n were never home”… n he said “donna, honestly it wasn’t u. it was never u.. u were the most lovin supportive wife n mother ive known.. it was me n my beer n if I could go back n do it over again id never of hurt u even once”………we have had some really deep conversations since we have been split up ( since June 2008) n we r now good friends

My point of this message was.. u don’t have to lower urself to someone elses level to get ur point across

Caned Schoolgirl
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#food4thought it takes courage to confess your trespassing knowing there is music to be faced, but its rhythm is the heart and its pain cleanses the soul #StrictMotivation

#food4thought is My new category for rather short bon-mots, proverbs, ideas, and hints to provoke a different or a more intense thought process, mindfulness on the path of personal growth and betterment. prominently posted on week-ends to reinforce the old tradtion of using the week-end rest for inspiration and self-alignment with values and core principles #StrictMotivation

Learn step by step turning failing into success. Real life coaching, working long distance, from the convenience of your home, at your place, at your pace, tailored individually to your specific needs.

Kink friendly yet no demeaning, let alone on web-cam, including privacy and confidentiality as desired at no extra cost, for conseting adults of any age, any gender.

Easily affordable rates, starting at USD 20.00$ per 28 consecutive days. My successrate with willing people tops 690%. No tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation

(c) 2016

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Just seen 'Badgirlalways' blog.
Got to agree, if you are an ST user at least have the courtesy to post some basic information.
You can't expect others to accept friendship/messages from an unknown.
Its not like you are putting you bank details or pin number into the ether!!
But lets just know who/what we are communicating with, you never know, you may benefit.

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Sorry but I HAVE to say this.... PLEASE do NOT send me a friend request if There is nothin on ur profile other than a male/female sillioute ... I will not accept it... same goes for messages..and if I accept ur request n never hear from past the initial " thx for the add" I will unfriend u it's that simple.... on that note I'm off to the cemetary... have a good one

Caned Schoolgirl
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So many connections, so many chats and then the big one - you're in the US or other!! and I'm in the UK.
Wouldn't it be great for all users to at least add where they are from - and even better for the ST admin team to add a search button on country!!
So simple - and such a great way to bring people even closer together!!
One day maybe.

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The events of last Friday have really touched me and in a way restored my faith in the next generation. Last Friday Jen and I arrived home to find an old tractor parked in my driveway. We got out of the car and walked around this tractor,it was really old,bit of rust and was leaking a little drop of oil on my driveway. We had no idea where this came from or who put it there. Our first notion was that Jen's Dad had bought this and,hiding it from Jen's Mum,decided to leave it with us. Jen's Dad restores old cars and tractors,he always can be found fiddling about with old bits of machines on his farm. We went inside the house and Jen telephoned her Dad,she put him on speaker so that we both could tell him off,at this point we were fully sure the old tractor belonged to him. When he answered his phone Jen asked him to,"...remove his piece of junk from our driveway or she would sell it for scrap...."! He asked what we were talking about and Jen told him that he had one hour to remove the tractor or she would start calling scrap dealers;of course we were not going to do this ,but we decided to have a little fun with him. He again told us that he had no idea what we were talking about but he would drop by and see this tractor.Now Jen calls her Dad 'baldy',poor man went bald quite young,so the conversation took a violent turn and name calling came into play.
"Are you hiding this from Mum,Baldy?" Jen asked,getting frustrated at this point,so was I because I was beginning to believe that he had nothing to do with this and wondered who owned the tractor.
"No Sweetness,(Jen's pet name), I wouldn't do such a thing", he laughed. There was a back and forth argument between 'Baldy' and 'Sweetness' until my niece and her boyfriend walked into the kitchen,both of them were smiling so I knew something was wrong,then the penny dropped!

It seems that my niece and her boyfriend pooled their savings and bought this tractor with the intention of restoring it and selling it on. 'Sweetness' hung up on 'Baldy' and silence descended around the kitchen. I know that where we live there are a lot of collectors of old fashioned cars and tractors ,there is a guy living a few miles from us who has quite a number of old steam engines which he drives along the back roads every now and then and it can be a right pain in the ass being stuck behind him. Jen told me to take a deep breath and we all sat down around the kitchen table. My niece's boyfriend is very good with his hands and works part time on Jen's Dad's farm. He is into old machines too. My niece told us that they hope to have it restored by next summer and show it at a local agricultural show that takes place not far from where we live.Their end result is to sell it on for a profit. The reason they brought it to my house is because I have an old barn at the end of my property that I don't use,all that is in there is an old horse drawn hearse that came with the property,don't ask,that story is for another day. They told us that a friend of my niece's boyfriend had brought the tractor here on a trailer but because the barn was locked he left it in the driveway. This tractor clearly wasn't in running condition so I posed the question, how the hell were they going to get it from the driveway to the barn,a distance of half a mile! Before they could answer we heard another tractor coming up the driveway. It was Jen's Dad.We all joined him in the driveway and he and my niece's boyfriend went into a long discussion about the condition of the old tractor and the work that needed to be done. Finally Jen's Dad,using chains,hooked up the old tractor to his and very slowly moved it into the barn. Jen and I returned to the house.

At first I was upset,this old tractor clearly had cost a lot of money and the work that it needed would cost a bit more. Jen laughed and thought the whole affair was sweet. When I thought about it I almost cried. After all in these day's two teenagers could be spending their money on a lot worse than an old tractor. Both my niece and her boyfriend work part time,he on Jenny's Dad's farm and my niece is a lifeguard/swimming instructor at weekends in a leisure centre. Both of them are studying at university. He also plays in a rock band. So work has begun on the old tractor they have named 'Mazie' . I went into the barn this morning and already there are parts of 'Mazie' lying on the old work bench in the barn. I can't wait to see the finished 'Mazie' next summer.

Have a great week my friends and behave yourselves,don't go buying any old tractors!!!

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Today i thought i would ask Mr G if i coukd have new lines, as the last ones, as you know were pretty ridiculous.
I wasnt sure if i was allowed to ask anymore, as he told me i just do as im told and accept all decisions, but i risked the question.
He agreed.

I drew a line under his daft lines, so he realigned my lines for me.

At least this is a proper sentence. It does amuse Mr G when he sets these crazy lines for me and coz he knows it winds me up, it amuses him even more.
As im his little sub, thats part of my role, to amuse him anyway he wants.

Caned Schoolgirl
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I went to service last night. It was wonderful. Daisy and the kids went with me. The sermonette was on the prodigal son. After the service Daisy and David started to mend fences. There is still hurt there, however David asked to have the kids for the night.

I was surprised, but grateful. He went to a pizza joint, and we had a wonderful time. We had wonderful marital relations. Later this morning he will be making breakfast for the kids and they are going fishing in the creek out back.

This is a first step. I do not wish to put any pressure on him about the future moves between him and Daisy.

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I seen them together with him and his mentor shirt come in and all i could do is laugh people i was with i just couldnt explain it to as they were not all the right age group for that just know if it was you you were in like minded company tonite

Lupus Spanking