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Oh to be a fly upon the wall!
To see your spanking as you bawl.
To see it from inception to its end.
To validate its real, not pretend.

To see the flicker of fear and panic grace your eyes.
As painstakingly your panties descend below your thighs.
To hear the little startled sounds you make.
As your legs begin to tremble and shake.

Perhaps a camera I'd rather be.
To record the deed for eternity.
To rewind and play your comeuppance over again.
As you struggle to accommodate the escalating pain.

Enough of what I could be.
It's you I want over my knee.
With your bottom perched up high.
My hand chastising cheeks and thigh.

To wrap my arm around your waist and hold you tight.
To see you twist and squirm, your bottom burning bright.
To feel the heat visited upon you from my palm.
As I rub and massage your cheeks with soothing balm.

Don't be shocked and don't be alarmed.
But oh yes, your bum will be harmed.
How did I know about your secret you try to keep?
It's simple my dear, you talk in your sleep!

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Why do we bother with canes and straps etc..
When the most painful lessons are words..

Miss Boo xx

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Hi Folks

This morning I found a comment from 'karina' on one of our videos. I think it's rather sad that people need to post things such as:

"i think she needs a canning for showing her naked ugly body"

The lack of punctuation and inability to spell suggest to me that this person ain't the sharpest tool in the box. It still pisses me off though.

Is that canning in the sense of what you do with baked beans or tuna?

We are not posting videos here to make money or promote a pay site. We do it to share our enjoyment with like-minded enthusiast.

I feel a whole lot better now having vented my frustration :)



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uh ohs spaghetti o's.... been dating this sweet new guy who is also a "dom" type of guy. I really am falling for him. He will call me every morning and say good morning my sweet beautiful girl. and he always calls me sweetie and boo. I quite like him... we do have the relationship where he "wears the pants in the family" and that is what I have ALWAYS known I wanted, even when I get married someday it's the relationship i'll want. and I have it with him.. well... lately I have been pushing a few buttons, not taking care of my health, putting myself down, and thinking about self harming again.. well he set me down, and looked me in the eyes while he held my cheeks, he said "baby, I love you so much. I know you're hurting, you're angry, you're frustrated, the world is the shits right now. but I know that you are aware I can see your pain even when you hide it. don't think I haven't seen you holding that utility razor, shaking like a leaf, wanting to use it. I've felt your anger and been subject to your temper tantrums. I love you more than the stars themselves. You will do great things and you will go so far in life. but you need guidance my baby. you need help. and I am always here for you, whatever slip up happens I am here." (by this time I was crying, and my head was in his lap, him stroking my back.) he sat me up, kissed my forehead, and stood up. he said "But baby girl, you have taken your anger and sadness out on me, throwing hissy fits like a spoiled little brat, and calling me naughty names. It will no longer stand young lady. Friday when I get done at work you will be punished. It will be a harsh punishment and you will be sore. but I love you and that's why I'm doing this audriana." I snuggled in his chest, and whispered I love you too babe. I'm sorry. of course I also tried my best to worm my way out of the punishment even knowing I need it.. but to no avail. Friday night I have to atone for my misbehavior... I'm sure I'll have a very sore bottom, but in my heart I know it's because he loves me, and I love him.

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As some of you know the search and thought process was initially for "who am I" but when i came to the conclusion I was me and me was ok i began to chill a bit.
Next came the search for the perfect Dom.
Once the characteristics that were important to me were figured out it became a little easier.
So now i am in the process of having a lot of fun.
My most recent video is still not showing, but when it does you can let me know how i am doing.
Decisions need to be made about how far i will take this kink- at times i wish i was single and could totally explore it but when hubby takes that belt across my backside and i wake the next day to three gorgeous sets of eyes looking at me so adoringly i realise I'm in the best place.
I'm really enjoying my kink but I do love my life
Happy spankings to one and all.

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I wonder if im the only one who pays attention to the size of a man legs , his knees , his posture as he sits ! My mind is so consumed with being a hard core spanko and submissive that when men approach me I don't look at their material things but the stature of which he carries himself . I wont date short me and I get asked why not and why judge but I cant say .. Hey , id like ti be laid across your knee one day and its small to me . lol thats rude ! I catch myself sometimes looking at his leg thinking . " I was speeding on my way over here , you should scold me for it , sit in the share over there and bend me over your knee. " Letting me feel the strength and power of every smack reach me inside as I try my hardest to obey you and not move. That arm that reaches around your lower back and clutches the other side of your cheek while I hold back the whimpering knowing I deserve it. Working on not reaching back and stopping you so it dosnt get worse . ANNNND thats why im single ! Just havnt got to the point of sharing that with someone , what if he were to use it loosely like it's a game . this is a lifestyle for me ...

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As I posted a few weeks ago, I told my husband of 25 years that I'm a spanko. Although he said he wasn't into it he was willing to give it a try. Since then he's given me several good spankings and he seems to be getting more comfortable with it. He has gathered a small arsenal of implements that he likes to use. Up until now it's been all in fun but I want more. I ordered the book "The Complete Spanker" for him as well as a small paddle. They haven't arrived yet but I expect them soon. We'll see what happens. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I'll get what's coming to me.

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Two submissives bent over with naked bottoms well presented for their Mistresses pleasure. They are both blindfolded. She enters the room quietly, her high heeled shoes hardly perceptible in the deep soft carpet. Silently she takes up position and raises the cane above her shoulder.I hear the swish of the cane and the sound of it impacting on bare skin. Moments later I feel a searing stinging pain across the centre of my bottom. I focus hard, anxious not to displease her by showing resistance to the stroke. The initial pain subsides momentarily only to re-intensify seconds later. The Mistress savours every moment - the cane biting into the proffered bare flesh, the white mark it leaves as she pulls it away then the gradual appearance of the red tramline going from one cheek to the other. She gently runs her finger along the welt and gives a deep sigh of satisfaction.A moments silence, then again I hear the swish of the cane as it begins it's journey, not knowing which of the two bottoms it is destined for.

The anticipation is tangibly delicious.

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I always will have a soft spot for spanking, spankers with strong arms. However, I have accepted Mike to walk through the next step of my life journey. He is a vanilla, but I am happy with him which is what matters the most. He will also be supporting my weight loss journey. Till then, bidding all my friends here goodbye and take care.

***Is quite disheartening to write this but Mike and I have split up due to other reasons. I am trying my best to rearrange my priorities in life***

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Okay, so on July 25, 2015 I attended my first spanking party! It was AMAZING. A wonderful and intimate event that I will cherish for the rest of my days. Upon meeting some wonderful new people and rekindling a couple of old friendships with our mutual love of spanking, this was a wonderful event. It was a small, apartment like space with low intimate lighting. I wore a black cami with a knee length candy apple red skirt. I brought a friend for support and protection (he did not share our love of spanking but he was more than happy and willing to attend for support and socialization.) We started out with casual conversations. I met this adorable African American girl who, like me, was fairly well versed in the BDSM scene, but wanted to get into the spanking scene more. It was both of our first party so we had quiet the sisterhood going on.

So about an hour into the party this couple starts looking for someone to volunteer to take some licks from a couple of leather strap like paddles they had brought. I got a look of longing in my eyes over this prospect but I wasn't quiet ready to spanked by strangers. My companion, sensing my eagerness says that she will volunteer on the grounds that I go next. I agreed and she lasted maybe five mins. Before I knew it it was my turn. I gingerly stepped up to the spanking bench. Both of them were extremely nice and patient. We used the stop light system and they never stopped checking in with me. It was pure heaven. They started out gently, testing my pain tolerance, not assuming that they could just start using full force or any of that which I had often experienced in the scene. These were spankos, not sadists. It was a difference I was learning quickly and loving every minute. I had a scene with them for maybe 20 mintues. Worrying that my friend's bottom was growing cold, I stopped playing so we could switch. She was over the lap of someone else to my delight and I watched the scene for a little while before getting something to eat. I came back and after an hour or so, the couple asked if I would like to have another scene. Now that we were 'warmed up' and more comfortable with one another, this scene increased in intensity and lasted much longer than the first one. It go to the point where I hurt the gentleman's hand! The lady took over for a bit and it turned out my comrade was slightly switchy so she stepped in to help! It was WONDERFUL. The couple told me later that they were very impressed with my pain tolerance.

All too soon the hour grew late and the party drew to a close, but not before I rekindled some old friendships! I discovered a few of my friends I had met upon first entering the Colorado scene were avid spankos! We caught up and while she recounted her spanking adventure with some of the people I have only dreamed of meeting, let alone receiving a spanking from, I was ready to faint with excitement. Finally they informed me that they were looking forward to a Spanking party in Vegas and invited me to join them! It's the first weekend of September and I have not been this happy and fulfilled in recent memory. I am looking forward to many more spanking adventures in the near and distant future.

Warm Regards,


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Okay my loves, I apologize for my absence and my silence. So many great things are in the works in my life right now!

As of Friday July 10, 2015 I have met a disciplinarian that finally fulfills my spanking needs. He has consistently met up with me on at least a weekly basis to not only hold me accountable but also to just give me what I want in addition to what I need. I have slowly (and sometimes painfully) begun to take control of my life and get myself organized, in better health, and in better spirits. Not a day goes by that I am not truly grateful for all that he has done for me, and the time and effort he has sacrificed for my well being. In addition, since I have found him, I have taken a better turn in my pursuit for spanko happiness. I have attended my first spanko party and it was AWESOME. I have new spanko friends that I feel finally understand me and my needs and wants as a spanko. I have rekindled some old friendships in addition and look forward to the new opportunities that await me as I pursue my spanking dreams and make them realities. I hope to attend the Shadow Lane party in Vegas this year with a couple of my friends. Also, my Spanker has told me that he would be potentially interested in doing a few videos with me. I have decided that we can use that as a reward incentive when I have completed the main objectives...not that I wouldn’t love recording a punishment session...feel like playing that in the background while I’m doing what I was told would be a rather great incentive as well. Despite the painful lessons being truly punished has provided me, I also feel an immense weight being lifted from my shoulders. I'll have another blog recounting my first spanking party :) I'm getting my room cleaned and organized by the end of this week so hopefully that will be followed by a delicious video reward. I'll keep you all posted. Also, I shamelessly support the website If you have not heard of it and are looking for a spanko or spankee in your area, I highly recommend this site!

Warm Regards,


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Good evening all.
Due to work commitments and extra overtime shifts, I mean, extra paper round deliveries, the Head Girl has not been able to deliver the necessary punishments that she deems my behaviour deserves herself.

However, instead of a visit to her study I was sent to the illustrious Carlton College of Correction run by Headmistress Hastings-Gore and ably assisted by her recently appointed Head Girl Skyla.

This resulted in me getting a ruler spanking by the Head Girl after failing a uniform inspection for wearing a watch. Bah, not fair and not a good start.

This was followed by a series of written tests with a minimum pass mark of 70%. Headmistress expects a very high standard and there are penalties for failure to achieve a pass.
60% on my first test cost me a hard hand spanking. Dagnabbit!

Next, more motivated, I actually got an 'Excellent' written in my book by the Headmistress.

Complacency must have set in as a return of 40% meant that I was called to the front and made to lower my shorts and ask the Head Girl 'Please Miss, will you strap me very hard?' to which she replied "Of course, now bend over boy" and she proceeded to deliver 6 very hard strokes with a 2 tail leather tawse. Ooooch, must try harder.

I clearly hadn't learned my lesson as after the next test I was once again at the front bent over while the Head Girl delivered 8 stinging strokes on my bare bottom with a 1/4 inch thick leather strap.

A 'guest teacher' arrived after lunch to subject us to another test in which I returned the joint lowest mark. Gulp..

'But please Miss, these questions are too hard' fell on deaf ears and I was once more at the front with my shorts round my ankles.

The Headmistress was furious that I had embarrassed her in front of the new teacher and was rooting in her cane bucket for a suitable implement to thrash me with.
I was then bent over the desk and the new teacher, using the carefully chosen cane delivered 9 strokes on my already sore bottom. As I said 'Thank you Madam' after the 9th stroke the Headmistress then stepped up took the cane, flexed and swished it a couple of times and then said "I won't tolerate poor performance, I'll wake you up boy!!" and delivered 3 swift and blistering extra cane strokes of her own.

This made sitting back down at my desk a little uncomfortable to say the least. I suppose I was lucky it was only 3.
Sufficiently motivated and with a zero tolerance approach and the threat of further canings from the Headmistress if my results didn't improve, needless to say, I aced the next couple of tests.

Next was gym class. Split into 2 teams we played carpet bowls with the losing team promised 6 cane strokes on the bare. Gulp!
Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory on the very last bowl in the first game, Aaaaargh.....Gulp....Oh no!

I find myself bent over a chair this time with shorts and underpants pulled down to receive 6 strokes, as promised, from the Head Girl.

Bah, definitely not fair.

Another game of bowls and we've lost again, I don't believe it! Form an orderly line for another 6 on the bare from the Head Girl.

Encouraged by our throbbing and glowing bottoms our team win the tug of war event and the relay race and are able to watch on as the Headmistress canes the other team. Hah haah....Losers.

"What are you laughing at? That's not very sporting now is it??!! Report to the Head Girl immediately, then report to me boy!!"

Double gulp.

Back over the back of the chair, shorts and underpants down yet again, bare bottom up in the air while the Head Girl slippers me a dozen times with a smooth soled plimsoll.

Thinking that's it, I then hear Headmistress say from behind me "Skyla, now give him 12 strokes with the cane too, I won't have bad sportmanship here, then send him to me"

"Certainly Miss" Skyla squealed delightedly and skipped off to fetch a cane with which to do the Headmistresses bidding.

While I gripped the legs of the chair and gritted my teeth the Head Girl gleefully gave me 12 cane strokes and then "1 extra for luck heehee" Swish..crack

"Pull your pants back up and off you go boy, Miss wants to see you now"

I think she enjoys her role a little too much.

Oooooooh, very sore now and still a visit to see the Headmistress.

'Please Miss, you wanted to see me Miss'

"Right then boy, although you improved after I caned you earlier, I'm still not happy with your performance today so I suggest you make your way to the gym and bend yourself over the vaulting horse and await my arrival"

I positioned myself over the horse and she appeared, cane in hand, came up to me, swished her cane and purred menacingly "Oh no, no, no. You don't think your going to get away with keeping your shorts and underpants up do you? Tut, tut, tut. No, this caning is going to be on the bare boy"

Fiddlesticks!! I tried.

So, I obediently pull down my shorts and pants and bend over the horse again to be caned.

"That's it, get that bottom out and up. You will count out loud and thank me after each stroke"


Eyes closed and teeth well and truly gritted the first blistering stroke lands on my already strapped, slippered and caned, very sore bottom....gasp, eyes wide open now!

The Headmistress leans towards me and I quickly remember.

'1 Miss, thank you Miss'

"That's better, we wouldn't want to have to start again would we now boy??"

'No Miss, certainly not Miss. Sorry Miss'

"Good, let's continue"

A couple of test swishes then SWISH...CRACK!!

'2 Miss, Thank you Miss'

The line of fire that spreads across my bottom a little below the first stroke is intense to say the least.

In order, 6 intensely burning lines of fire are neatly applied in an accurate row of stripes, each counted out loud and gratefully receive with a 'Thank you Miss'

I consider myself very well disciplined indeed and am wishing I had 'gotten away with' a good slippering and caning from my own Head Girl to atone for my errors.
Below is the evidence of my well thrashed bottom and the cane used to punish me with.

'Thank you Miss, I'm very Sorry Miss'

I forgot to mention, it's a good job I was paying attention during Matrons' lesson because I passed her written test. This seemed to surprise her and I think that she may have felt disappointed on not having the opportunity to thrash me for failure because even though I got an A- from Headmistress on my homework assignment on 'what I want to be when I grow up' (I wrote that I would like to be an entertainer and bring smiles to peoples' faces) Matron suggested that, because she is 'entertained' by strapping naughty boys' bottoms hard and it 'brings a smile to her face' I should offer to bend over for a good strapping to 'entertain' her. Headmistress agreed wholeheartedly and added that she finds that caning naughty boys' bottoms 'brings a smile to her face' and is 'entertaining' and therefore I should step forward, bend over and 'entertain' them both at the same time.

I made the mistake of uttering 'It's not fair, I got an A- for that' which was met with "Come here boy, don't argue, bend over and entertain us"

Over I went and with Matron, leather strap in hand on one side and Headmistress, cane in hand on the other they proceeded to strap and cane me alternately whilst commenting on how much they were enjoying being 'entertained' and how they were 'smiling broadly' whilst my bottom was well and truly sizzling

Bah, definitely not fair

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Es ist grausam auf jedem neuen weiblichen Profil hier diesen Schwanz sehen zu müssen.
Geht´s noch?

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I could feel him watching me out of the corner of his eye as I sat a bowl of ice and two candles down on the nightstand. He was face down, his wrists firmly tied on either side of his head to the headboard with rope. I saw him testing the strength of the rope with a few tugs. His eyes cut to the blindfold I had sat on the stand that I hadn't yet decided whether I was going to place on him or not, and the whip that I had every intention of using quite thoroughly.

I turned to him. My eyes wandered down the length of his body, taking in his naked form, getting a twinge of satisfaction from seeing him so submissive and at my absolute mercy. I was pretty sure the amount of satisfaction I got from the gasp that escaped from his throat as my hand landed square across his ass was a little more than it should be. As I ran my palm up his back, letting one nail scrape all the way up his spine, he inhaled sharply and goosebumps rose along his flesh, a tiny tremor shuddering through him, a tiny 'fuck' escaping from his throat. A grin involuntarily broke out across my face.

This was going to be fun.

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Doh! Should have posted the parts of my story in reverse order. If you take the trouble to read please read the parts in order i.e. Parts I, II, III and the End :)

The missive was too big to post as one piece.

I hope you enjoy.


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Ms.E turned to face the sideboard. The slave could see her superb arse framed between the basque and her stocking tops. Her feet were either side of his torso and as she bent forward he was treated to another view of her perfect pussy lips. Pouting slightly due to her arousal, the pink wetness of her inner lips was clearly visible.
"THIS is what you're missing" she teased .
Reaching a hand behind each of her full butt cheeks she found her labia majora with her finger tips. Cupping the gorgeous mounds of her arse she pulled gently. Her cheeks spread and he took in the view of her neatly puckered anus, the stretched pussy lips and the depths of her cunt.
His cock started to stiffen once more as Ms.E lowered her spread bum on to his face. She removed her hands and gave a last little wriggle of her hips. His nose was pressed against her anus. He could no longer see. The folds of her wetness spread across his mouth. He was intoxicated by her perfume but could hardly breathe.
Ms.E settled her weight on his face and began to rock her hips. Backwards and forwards she moved, rubbing her dripping cunt across his nose and mouth. He tasted her juices as he gasped for air.
In the darkness the slave became aware of another sensation. Ms.E had reached forward. Each of his balls was now trapped between a thumb and an index finger. She squeezed, hard. He tried to gasp but his pleas were muffled by the wet cunt which now smothered his face. Faster and faster Ms.E rocked as she came nearer and nearer to climax.
As her excitement grew so did the unbearable pressure on his balls. He thought they would burst. Deep within his abdomen was the intense, indescribable pain caused by her brutal treatment of his testicles. He was almost passing out from the pain. The lack of oxygen only seemed to heighten the sensation. Violently Ms.E came. She crushed herself into his face in one final explosive release and flopped forward, completely spent.

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What Ms.E had said was indeed true. The over stimulated nerve endings of his buttocks had become desensitized and had ceased to register the force of the last dozen or so cane strokes. The slave’s buttocks were no longer the smooth canvas she started with. Instead the skin was welted and ridged with numerous inflamed horizontal lines. Many were accentuated by heavy bruising. Others were picked out in crimson where the skin had almost broken to allow blood to flow near the surface. In other places the skin was distended but white where his body was yet to respond to the onslaught. If further strokes were to be effective they would have to be delivered with considerable force.
"Assume your position. The time has come to continue."
The slave presented himself again. Ms.E commented how humiliating it must be for him to be displaying his anus, testicles and limp cock to her in such a pathetic way. He was completely exposed. To his surprise the beating did not resume immediately. Instead he found leather cuffs being fastened round his wrists and ankles.
"Keep still you wanker." Ms.E commanded as he shifted slightly. "These will be quite useful later I imagine" she said knowingly, her eyes glinting with a smile.
With her preparations complete Ms.E picked up her cane and stepped away from her prey. Her stance had been relaxed during the previous 60 cane strokes. This time, however, she was further away. Her arm was straighter and she stood with her feet apart to afford better balance.
"We shall now begin. Once you have said the first 'I' you will receive the first stroke. There must be no delay after each stroke before you say the next word. Do you understand? If I think there has been a hesitation that set will be repeated from the beginning. Have I made myself clear?"
He nodded consent.
"Sorry, I didn't hear that. Have I made myself clear?".
"Yes Mistress" he replied.
"Okay, then let's begin!”
Fearfully the first word escaped the slave’s lips. "I" he almost whispered.
The familiar whistle of the cane as it rent the air hit the slaves senses. It was louder and more prolonged. He knew that Ms.E was using a longer swing and the cane must be travelling much faster. He longed for the initial impact to be over. His senses were momentarily overwhelmed. The pain grew and he came out the other side as it faded. He relaxed but just in time remembered he had a part to play.
The cane sang her tune again. The intensity of the assault on his buttocks made his knees buckle but he straightened and managed to utter
His invitation to his Mistress did not go unrewarded and third searing strike cut into his flesh.
"Masturbate" he almost screamed and a fourth blow hit his senses.
The slave wondered how he could survive this punishment but he was determined to try.
"I" he continued.
This time there was a pause. No swish from the cane. Instead Ms.E removed a penny from the line of ten she had placed in his field of vision on the sideboard earlier.
"That is to remind you where we are" Ms.E said "It allows you to focus on how far from the end we are” she said with a hint of glee in her voice. Her tone sounded huskier than usual. She was clearly breathing harder from the effort she had put into the first four strokes.
She stepped away and without warning delivered the next searing blow. He gasped in agony but managed his “must” through clenched teeth. And so it continued. The line of pennies diminished over what seemed an eternity of agony and moments of respite. The only sounds apart from the singing cane and the slaves words of penitence."I...must...not...masturbate". were the utterances of pain as he suffered for his Mistress. That changed during the eighth set.
"Oh my! I we have our first blood!"
After a particularly sweet stroke the slaves skin had finally succumbed and blood was weeping from a welt to mingle with the beads of sweat which now glistened all over his tortured body.
It was only the first stroke of the eighth "I must not masturbate" mantra which resulted in broken skin. Ms.E therefore had a further 11 strokes to administer in order to complete the punishment and there was no way she intended to stop.
The slave had already uttered his "must" but she hesitated momentarily. The sight of blood did not phase her. In fact she saw it as yet another sign of the slave’s devotion. Her dilemma was whether to open the cut more or see if she could draw blood lower down his tenderised arse. She opted for the former. The next full force stroke was perfectly placed a millimetre below the last. His blood flowed instantly as the cane bit into the weakened skin. The intense pain had tears flowing down his face yet still he continued with the next word. The following strokes were relentless but eventually the ordeal was over.
"Do you think you will remember not to masturbate? Or will you remain a pathetic wanker?" Ms.E enquired.
"I will remember Mistress" the slave sobbed.
He was still bent over the sideboard although his posture was slouched and he was in pain the likes of which he had never experienced before.
"You look like you need to lie down" Ms.E said in mock sympathy.
She spread a towel on the carpet and bade him sit on it facing the sideboard. Placing weight on his butt was the last thing the slave wanted to do but his legs were on the verge of collapse.
"Lie back my dear" Ms.E continued.
Once he was prone she swiftly spread his legs and secured each ankle cuff to a leg of the furniture. His wrists were brought together and shackled to a rope she had trailed across the floor, the far end if which was attached to the base of the staircase. Ms.E tightened the rope, pulling his arms straight along the floor above his head.
Just when the he thought it was over he was captive once more. He looked up at his Mistress in confusion. Ms.E hooked her fingers into the waist of her panties and daintily pulled them down to her knees before stepping out of them entirely. The garment was discarded as she stepped over him. With a foot either side of his chest she looked down into his eyes. He longed to look at her now naked charms but she held his gaze and he dared not break eye contact.
"You may look at my pussy my little wanker. Remind yourself what you are missing when you pleasure yourself. You are no good to me if you are getting pleasure elsewhere."
He lowered his eyes to take in the beauty of her womanhood. The lips were parted and moist. He could see her clit which he longed to touch, to taste, to pleasure. To arouse him further Ms.E slowly traced a finger down from the top of her pubes and he watched entranced as its tip disappeared into the warm moist pink folds of her body.
His cock stiffened and twitched. How he wished his hands were free to touch it. Would he never learn?
"We don't want you pathetic cock getting ideas do we? Let’s see if we can subdue him again" she laughed.
Stepping back Ms.E delivered four well aimed kicks to his testicles. He would have rolled in agony had his legs not been secured. His erection quickly died and she moved back over his torso.
"Now you're really going to see what you're missing" Ms.E smiled.

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With her slave back in position at the sideboard, his bum nicely presented, the caning could continue.
With each word a new mark appeared on the slave’s behind. The strokes continued rhythmically at short intervals until the slave had counted out a full twenty. He shuffled on the spot as the pain mounted but was just able to maintain his position. His ass was becoming seriously red. Ms.E ran her fingers over the bruised skin and seemed satisfied with her handiwork.
"You poor thing" she said with a smile "only another 70 to go. Let me give you a hug"
He turned to face her and she put her arms around him. Looking directly into his eyes she nudged his feet apart. Ms.E pulled him against her and whispered in his ear "Remember, you...must...not...masturbate" Each word was accompanied by the swift movement of her knee upwards until it crashed into his balls. After the first impact he folded slightly with the excruciating pain but her embrace stopped him from collapsing forwards.
"I think your arse has rested enough now." Ms.E suggested "Time to continue. Resume your position"
The slave obeyed, dreading the continuation of his thrashing but glad to be able to bend over to relieve the dull, gnawing ache in his lower abdomen.
The slave braced himself against the impromptu punishment table. His dignity in tatters as he stood, legs apart, arse and genitals presented in full view and completely vulnerable to the whims of his Mistress.
"Let's carry on with your lesson should we?" Ms.E suggested in her most sensual tone.
She viewed the results of her work so far. From the top of his buttocks down to the sensitive junction with his upper thighs the flesh had been uniformly beaten. A six inch area either side of the cleft between his butt cheeks was a fiery mass of angry purple and red welts . Her expert use of the cane had delivered a punishment he was unlikely to forget, finely balanced at the edge of his endurance. He tried to overcome the fearful thought that there was more to come.
The cane hissed as it once again cut through the air. The rattan arced as the tip struggled to keep pace with the centre of the instrument. There was just enough time for the sound to register in the slave’s brain before impact. In fractions of a second the cane's travel was interrupted as it bit into his right buttock. The tip continued briefly as its momentum curved it round the flesh of his arse to bring its searing kiss to his left buttock. Moments later as the pain dissipated through his body visible evidence of the stroke blossomed into view as another stripe of raised, angry skin appeared. The punishment continued with the slave counting each stroke. He was clearly struggling to maintain his undignified stance.
From time to time Ms.E would tease his inability to stand completely still. The only momentary respite came when there was a danger of the slave begging for mercy...not something she wanted to hear...not yet anyway. The word "thirty" was almost a gasp as he fought both the pain and the tears. Then there was silence....
"Well over half way now" Ms.E announced in a cheerful but rather matter of fact manner.
She looked stunning. Her gorgeous figure with its full breasts and trim waist was complemented perfectly by her attire. The basque flared out over the curve of her hips to draw the eye to her perfect derriere clad in the sexiest of black panties.
A tantalising area of firm smooth thigh lead down to her long toned legs. The stockings highlighted the contours from her thighs down to shapely calves, stretched to perfection by her stiletto heels.
A cascade of thick dark hair framed her beautiful face. Her cheeks were slightly flushed both as an inevitable consequence of her exertions and of her rising sexual pleasure. She knew that, should she chose to explore, her arousal would be all too evident from the wetness of her pussy lips which were already parting involuntarily. The fire in her abdomen was building.
I must continue though she thought suppressing the burning desire to touch herself.
"Right, stand up and face me" she snapped.
The slave instantly complied. Any resistance had long since been drained from him by the woman he loved so dearly.
As the naked slave faced his Mistress her eyes didn't waver from his as she reached forward for his genitals. Her left hand grabbed both balls and stretched them gently downwards. The thumb and index finger of her right hand encircled the top of his sack. She pulled his scrotum taught, trapping the balls at the bottom in the palm of her hand. She drew his sack upwards causing him to lift on to tiptoes. He steadied himself by holding the edge of the sideboard.
"Put both hands behind your back!" came the stern rebuke. "Now let's remember why we are here should we?" Ms.E cooed almost soothingly. "I...DON'T...WANT...YOU...TO...MASTURBATE"
With each word a sharp slap was delivered to the most sensitive part of his manhood.
"Do you understand?"
"Yes Mistress" came the whispered reply.
"Good" smiled Ms.E. "Now its time to drive that message firmly home! You are going to repeat the words 'I must not masturbate' ten times. You will receive a stroke of my cane for each word. I will count the sets up to ten. Do I make myself clear? Oh, and by the way, you seem to be getting immune to me punishing your butt. I guess it's the swelling deadening the these will be my hardest yet. You don't mind do you?" she enquired with a smile. She had no interest in hearing his reply and did not receive one.

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Views: 185 · Added: 22 days ago

The naked slave stood before Ms.E who looked devastatingly beautiful as always. She was dressed in stockings, silver and black basque , black panties and high heels. She appeared less than impressed by his erection given that he was about to be punished for masturbating. "I'll have to deal with that first” she announced pointing to his swollen cock.
"Kneel down!" she commanded. "Now kiss my feet".
He bent forward and kissed each foot in turn.
"Turn round" she said sternly "get your bum in the air, your head on the carpet. Spread those legs. I want to see those testicles swinging."
Once Ms.E was satisfied his position was correct she placed the top of her left foot against his balls, squashing them slightly into his body. Having measured her aim she drew back her foot and swinging gracefully from the knee she landed the first kick. He groaned as the pain shot through his lower abdomen but managed to stay in position to receive four more kicks before collapsing on to the floor.
Ms.E let him recover for a minute before commanding him to his feet "get up and face the wall, your real punishment is about to begin!" With that Ms.E reached for her favourite cane.
"Now then" Ms.E instructed "assume your punishment position."
Without questioning the naked slave leant forward over the sideboard. His feet were about 18 inches apart and his buttocks were presented to his Mistress. He felt very exposed and vulnerable. His ass freely accessible, his bruised balls dangling in full view.
"We'll begin then shall we? Ten to get us started."
The smile hadn't left Ms.E's lips...she did enjoy using the cane. She stepped away to the side, her arm straight and the tip of the cane touching his left buttock. Ms.E drew back her arm slowly. The whistle of the cane slicing through the air met his ears milliseconds before the searing pain of the first stroke hit his senses.
The cane landed towards the top of his butt and immediately a thin red line started to appear. Before he could respond there was a second swish followed by a sharp crack as the next stroke found its target slightly further down his buttocks.
At intervals of about 20 seconds Ms.E administered the first 10 strokes leaving his senses assaulted and his ass uniformly reddened by a series of neat horizontal lines.
"Turn to face me!"
He complied.
"Now on your knees"
He knelt before the woman he adored.
"I'm still not sure the message is getting through" Ms.E said in an even tone "Close your eyes and keep them closed till I say you can open them."
She reached over to the sideboard for a pair of black leather gloves. Deftly she put them on and placed her right hand on top of his head. Ms.E's left hand drew back and as she uttered the word "You" his head jerked sideways as her left hand slapped firmly across his cheek. He knew better than to open his eyes as a second slap to the other side of his face accompanied the word "must".
Two more blows on alternate sides allowed Ms.E to complete the phrase "You, must, not, masturbate!"
"Open your eyes and get back in position. Time for the next set" Ms.E announced cheerfully.

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I can't believe I've not blogged since I got back. It was hard getting back - the weather is not as good, the coffee is undrinkable and I missed things a lot.
Glad to say that things went ok with the nice Italian boy so we had some fun before I left.
Have been working in a school and it's ok but I don't really like teaching teenagers. They are all so unmotivated and bored. They really seem to prefer being asleep to working. Which I think I did at that age. But it doesn't help me feel better. The job ends soon so I'm back job-hunting which is mega depressing. I don't want to go back abroad although I'd love to - I just wanted to get on with life here.
I really want to find a nice bloke and a job and a house and settle down. It's about time I did you see. I have seen the odd bloke here and there, nothing serious, just for fun. Not spanking. But I'm really after someone nice to stay with. Done nothing about that yet though.
There's one bloke I'm in touch with who is into all the same sort of things (plus more) as I am - a side step away from spanking shall we say, - but also into spanking too so that has got to be worth checking out. It's a distraction from work (which I seem to be doing all the time. It just takes me so long to plan lessons).
I still haven't forgotten the party idea -the STube party - so when shall we all meet?
Spanking wise, the other option to a job is to see if I can make money from being spanked (we've been over this area together before). I have 2 possible people I'm contacting at the mo - one sounds great for a daddy daughter spanking and we have a whole narrative ready. I eat some cakes and lie about it, and get the following: a hand spanking, legs dangling from a high stool, a hairbrush spanking for lying to daddy, then sent to bed early. I have bought some rabbit pyjamas. Daddy hears me out of bed and comes upstairs... I get thrashed with his belt for being out of bed. Then (this is his idea) I have to sit downstairs on the cold wooden bench and write a page of lines. If they are not correct or messy I will be spanked again (they won't be neat if I have anything to do with it).
Nice eh.
The second man I've emailed before and he is shall we say desperate to do the daddy daughter scene. I think he will be fun too. It's just a question of when we can meet now. So I will keep you updated...

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