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768 views · 13 days ago

it seems there are few local spankers or spankees in the west palm beach area.
if anyone is in this area and would like to chat then contact me.
would love to share chat and videos etc.

861 views · 13 days ago

Last night I was punished for having soiled the floor and then to have spilled coffee.
I was punished by the whip dressage, the whip, a wooden cane and a bamboo cane.
In the coming days I will publish the video and some pictures.
Thank you all for your attention.

838 views · 13 days ago

Does anyone know how to delete a spankingtube account? I can't seem to find the appropriate information to do so.

Spanked Cutie
843 views · 13 days ago

I had a felling when it started straight from bare it was going to be intense and it was. It started OTK as usual and included the bathbrush, paddle, and a couple straps. My bottom was already stinging well before moving to the massage table.. I also knew this was gonna be intense with the paddles with the paddles and straps and the fact the sjambok was there as well. The camera was setup to record but there was a problem when some of the video was sent to my email afterward. I have uploaded what I have so far in part 1 and will upload more of this session soon as get it.

832 views · 14 days ago

Since i was born, spankings have been a constant in my life. I wish i could clearly remember the moment i started to like spanking in all its form, mostly discipline, but i can't.

Nowadays i need them, both to get and to give.

I wish i coul know why.

What about you?

685 views · 14 days ago

Hi friends, I hope, you like my photos and videos. Hallo Freunde, ich hoffe euch gefallen meine Fotos und Videos. Ich komme aus Münster in Westfalen. Wer hier aus der Nähe kommt und Interesse an einem Spankingdate hat, kann sich gerne melden.

Spanked Cutie
872 views · 14 days ago

I wish there was a way to get a job as a housekeeper/assistant except my boss could spank me if I didn't meet the expectations we agreed to

913 views · 14 days ago

O.K. So if the person you discipline or your other half ended up in jail knowing full well she or he had no choice but to call you; What would the out come be? Would you get them out of jail? Yes or No. When they got out of Jail what would the punishment be for them?


If your in Jail what do you think your disciplinarian or other half would do to you when you got out?

So I hope you answer down in the comments or shoot me a message.

My mentor/ dad told me if he ever had to come get me from a Jail that I would not only be getting his hand but I would also be getting the hair brush, paddle, and a taste of his belt.
Also i probably be grounded for the rest of my life.

But thankfully for both us I wont ever be in Jail, or need to be bailed out.

Well Love you all hope you have a good night and I'll see you all in the morning.

782 views · 14 days ago

Hello everyone. I'm back I wasn't ignoring anyone or having a pouty fit (if you know why i may have been). I was in a car accident about six months ago. I broke through the seatbelt and was ejected from the car. It was not my fault and the other person faced legal consequences. But i faced medical consequences. Was in the hospital for two months then had months of painful physical therapy and got hooked on pain pills during the whole thing. I'm mostly ok now, still in constant pain but was able to recognize that I was in pain every four-six hours and needed a pill, so I stay in pain because im afraid to take the pills. Im not even sure what they tried to give me, but now take Aleeve and Aleeve only. It doesn't help. Anyway, Im back so message if you want. Ill try to answer when i can.

Spanked Cutie
772 views · 15 days ago

When your talking to your ex boyfriend. He asks you if he would ever spank you again and you reply with no you don't do it right. He replays back asking how to spank you

802 views · 15 days ago

I am leaving spankingtube. I'm sorry but I have some personal stuff going on and I can no longer come here. For those of you who have become good friends with me I am sorry but I just can't come here anymore. It has been fun. And I will miss all the wonderful comments I used took get on my blogs. But I wish you all the best and hope you all find everything you are looking for in life. Take care all I will miss you all.

783 views · 15 days ago

i am looking for self-spanking assignments. i own a hairbrush, paddle, spatula and belt.

i dont have anyone to properly punish me when i deserve a spanking. i have been self-spanking for a long time. i would greatly appreciate it if someone could take the time to instruct me on how i should be spanked.
which implement to use first
how many times i should spank myself
and how hard.

Spanked Cutie
624 views · 15 days ago

I always enjoy taking a trip down the bath and kitchen areas when shopping, in search of new spanking implements. Wooden hairbrushes, bath brushes, wooden spoons and spatulas, and marshmallow roasting sticks.

Well one day, I was at the local grocery store, and they had this bamboo bath brush hanging there, with a head on it shaped just like the hairbrushes used for spankings in NuWest Leda videos ( ) - if you look at my avatar, you will see it hanging on the wall just to my right, but that was before I modified it. From the moment I got it, I knew I had to cut it down to hairbrush size, and what once was an 18" bath brush, became a 13" spanking brush, as Miss Chris put it "Mother of all hairbrushes."

After I cut 5" off of the handle, I sanded off all of the varnish, and sanded all of the square edges nice and round, and sanded the flat back spanking surface very very smooth.

I found you can get one at Walmart for 6 dollars. It is the Ecotools Bamboo Bath Brush "Gentle and Cruelty-Free" LOL!

Anyhow, I found myself checking out the Miss Chris website once again, and stumbled onto the fact that her favorite spanking brush is the same as mine - great minds think alike! Here is what she said.

"But my very favorite is a brush that I’ve nicknamed “Mother,” which is short for “Mother of all hairbrushes.” Mother is about the size and shape as one of the Nu-West/Leda hairbrushes, but it’s about five times heavier. The brush is made out of laminated bamboo and actually cut down from a long-handled bath brush. It is just absolutely wicked."

I guarantee you, when this brush comes out, someone really going to get a good spanking.

593 views · 15 days ago

To my amazement wile spanking my females bottom three days ago she went to sleep and the slaps were not
soft ,any girls out there had the same happen to them .

586 views · 15 days ago

There was a hunger that lived in me,
deep in my eager breast.
It whipped my spirit and stirred my soul,
to a fathomless unrest.
It walked on high white peaks with me,
and called the wind to my side.
It rode on a foam flecked dancing horse,
with me on my evening ride.
For O I was young, I mocked at life
and the orderly rows of days,
And my heart cried out that it would not go down
the smooth and trodden ways.
I cried for the wild, the rugged one's,
the new and the unexplored.
Where the spirit of life cried out in strife
and the wind of the ages soared.

Spanked Cutie
738 views · 15 days ago

I came across a really nice aluminum paddle on I'm wondering if anyone has ever played with an aluminum paddle? Is it more of a thuddy implement or more of a sting?

763 views · 15 days ago

Well...tomorrow I'm in for it like never before. Im scheduled for a discipline spanking with Miss Chris...And this was the warning I was sent the night before it on what to expect :-P Think Im done for.

940 views · 16 days ago

So, I'll start by saying I am more so writing this blog for my significant other as part of my punishment for lying, being disobedient,and just my attitude in general.I know that he has rules and guidelines for me but I decided that I didn't want to listen to him or anyone for that matter. That I would do whatever I wanted to do which is not acceptable in the domestic discipline dynamic. I know that I was wrong and none of the things that he asks of me, are not for his benefit but completely for mine.I know that I am not supposed to drink due to the fact that I have an alcohol allergy and that it makes me sick, that I supposed to be in bed at a decent time so that I can function in school and that I am to not make bad choices. Me throwing shade and having a smart mouth is also part of the problem.
I understand that these things will not be tolerated and that I will be spanked I am very sorry for lying and all the bad things that I have did and I will work hard to improve my behavior in the future.
I am a young adult and should conduct myself as one.I know that you are very disappointed in me and I am very hurt and sad that I disappointed you. I completely take accountability for my actions and I will pick an implement that I think is suitable for my behavior.I understand if I don't choose wisely I'll be in more trouble.Thanks for being patient and supportive of me and apart of my life. I'd rather us slove issues this way then lose you and your love..To be continued...

Spanked Cutie
1008 views · 16 days ago

so i was at work and got off early to go home. my gf just got back from TN
she was getting food and didn't realize i got off early so she told me to setup my camera because he had been bad and needed to be spanked
so i did waiting for her to come in the door with the camera on
she proceeded to hand me a bad which i got the contents of it out..which was coco butter
then a mug that said "worlds greatest dad" and a pregnancy test that was positive
i am gonna be father and our spanking videos may not get made after all
i thought it was a cute story to share lol

1077 views · 16 days ago

Tuesday 12th April

I got the cane this morning.

We have a caning bench with straps on it to hold me in place, but sometimes it is a pain to get out and set-up. My Mistress did not want to bother with the bench this morning and told me I would have to just bend over and hold still. I decided to set up one of our other pieces of equipment to restrain me for a caning. I set it up without asking! Mistress secured me in the ankle stocks and handcuffs and left me bent over in the living to wait for my caning. When it was time for my punishment I was released and told to put the equipment away and bend over like I was told to do in the first place. I was to get 30 strokes of the cane, but I got 50 strokes for trying to control what happened (topping from the bottom as she put it).

So in my schoolgirl's uniform, I had to bend over and touch my toes like I was first told and take 20 extra hard whacks with her cane!


Bun Beating Fun