Her First Punishment
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Now I know that lots of you are not so keen on self spanking films but since I started producing them I have seen so many different girls have a go at it that I was going a bit down that road myself. Then we filmed with April May, It was Mr Stern who suggested she do a self spanking one, I think he wanted to give me a bit of a rest from the spanking, it can get a bit wearing on your hands and arms especially when you do as much as I do. Don't forget I also do my one 2 one's and I really do lay into the guys who come to see me for that as they will attest to I am sure. A
Anyway, back to April, She jumped at the chance to do a self spanker and we explained what she needed to do and really just left her to it. Well, we were amazed, she built it up and built it up until she was really whacking herself with the paddle, not just on her bottom!
I think she got a little fed up with the spanking bottom position and moved into some amazing positions. We knew that April was very "bendy" but we did not know just how many positions she could get into. She really did go to town on her bottom and her legs, even asking for a wooden spoon so she could get into all the little areas she had missed. Anyway, the film is on my site www.spankingsarah.com it is also in my Spanking Library. I did take the clip down because I will not leave things there if people don't want to see them and give them this daft thumbs down but I have put it back as a number of you have asked to see it again.

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What should have been a 'maintenance' tutorial yesterday ended up with one of the hardest canings I have ever had.
Miss Lina followed Emma's instructions to the letter and as I sit here this morning, the pain and discomfort across by bruised and welted cheeks acts as a reminder as to what happens when I misbehave.
I would add that Emma was very pleased with the results.
Emma has now bought me a 'punishment diary' and I have been told that in future I will need to visit Miss Lina every three months, present the diary and be disciplined accordingly.
Keep an eye out for the videos from this session, they are SIZZLING!!!

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its dawn rising i wokeup heraing heavy rains knocks on the palkone fense
makes me curious to take a look as im planning to go out to run business and earn some money after spending in honeymoon
i get up from bed wearing my black rob walking my feet into slippers while oppening palkone slowly so not to make noise to my kitty sleeping angel and enters after closing well behind me so not to let cold fills the room,start meditating the rains
making strippes in the sky drifting with the winds
as always my kitty wife addicted to me and felt that im not in bed i can now hearing her movements awake searching for me get out of bed wears her rosy dantel rob
she sneaks on her rosy coloerd toes opens the palkone slightly so not to hear
but i act like i can't distinguish looking the other side while she keep sneaking calmly on her toes watching me carefully like aware cat but i make the 1st move to surprise and rolled my self suddenly..POOH,i said..she puts her hands over her breasts in a surprise cute shock and lauphd opened my arm for a hug with a smile on my face she gets her self in my hug caressing my waiste with an arm her other hand penetrates my rob on the chest to get some warmming while setting her cheek over the other side of my chest with my other hand i take away her hair from her other cheek for a kiss..morning sweety, i said..morning baby,she said..while leaning to kiss my lips a suckable frensh kiss..what are you doing here in cold,she said..i responded while rubbing her back to keep her warm..im taking a look on the weather huny cause im going to work today vacation finished..she acressed me tighter and moaned...ohh noo baby keep your self warm with me today its cold,she said..its too early sweety im not going now,i said..she kept moaning her cute kitty moans and demanding..please baby stay with me just another one day,she said..pouting and making slightly jumps on her toes like a spoiled tendered cat,i can't resist when she do that but i have to stay on my principal the home needs money,kissing her another frensh kiss..im not going to travel to space sweety i'll just go for some hours and come back,i said..she puts her cheek over my chest again caressing me harder while rising her tummy a little to touch my one lightly in a naughty try to convince me looking into my eyes shyly.. you just have some energy take it out in me..i can't deny that joyment and exciting happened to me after her naughty move, smiled to her while wiggleing my eye prows..remember your firist honeymoon spanking bebe!,i asked..and slapped her but gentely ones on each bare right and left followed by rubbing she shocked from surprise and opened her lips with hehgh same and lowered her eyes away from my sight then twisted her waiste away the other side away from my palm back her cheek to my chest looking to the sky.. you know baby its romantic watching the rain, she said..i know that she was changing subject..its only romantic watching it with you sweety,i said..she stepped to stand by her toes over my slipper and kissed my chin a soft kiss i can now feeling her shudders from cold so i gived her a deep hug as she rounds her arms round my back tightly muttering as she spreads her fingers with soft rubbing to my back..god im so in love with you,she said.. i tickled her neck with my playing fingers.. you are my angel,i said..she looked again directly in my eyes with her wild blue eyes in a wondering...so are you going to stay with me today!?,she asked..i stroke her hair softly with my fingers..i will bring some money sweety and come back i won't be late,i responded..she start whimpering..its just another one daaaay only one,she said..i looked up annoyed and blows air from my lips...god sake comeon stop demanding its only few hours,i said..no i won't let you out,she said eagrly..suddenly i slapped her butt a hard one that makes her jasspered up with hehgh same scream surprised as she felt my one getting up a little.. ok ok im sorry,she said with the 2nd hard slap, she runned inside scared taking off her clothes and gets under cover in bed waiting and watching me in fear after i said strictly..go inside and get ur self nude in bed you are going to take it rough now with a propper spank

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I started this account because I enjoy spanking and punishing naughty boys and girls and watching the videos of all the naughty boys and girls getting punished. I am an older dominant daddy that has two sons ages 19 and 20. I love to personal message with friends and describe or write about the spanking sessions with my sons. If anyone is interested in contacting me via PM please do so, let me know if you are in need of a punishment or if you just need some love or encouragement. I am also good at listening to your stories if you are in a situation where you find yourself frustrated, scared or embarrass. I will do my best to ease your mind and help you better deal with your situation.

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At college I have got three friends and we have set a spanking club so when one of is naughty he gets a spanking

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Wait. 2016? When did that happen!? I wasn't looking and it snuck right in on me.

After yet another hiatus -- this time caused by actual reasons (rather than my intense inability to multi-task, or just pure laziness) -- I return to pose a question for you, you more online-socially adept people.

How does the online relationship work when spanking is involved? When a threat has basically no reality behind it? When the discussions of spanking lead only to more emphasis that it isn't happening...

Spanking is a physical thing. An online connection is not. How do you handle that?

Are we on some kind of honor system? From the perspective of a bottom, I therefore must keep myself honest about my behavior, my likes and dislikes, my adherence to a rule or request from someone a world away via the computer... Unless I only type what I feel when I feel like it. I am, after all, the only one who truly pays any price for my lack of discipline without that spanking actually happening... or my lack of erotic spanking or fun spanking or any spanking of any kind!

If I pay this cost of not paying a cost, this only effects myself... right?

One of the reasons I wonder about this, is because I have found myself woefully untalented in self-spanking, regardless of any good intention. (Or rather, I am perhaps too incredibly skilled at self-sabotage to be my own disciplinarian / spanker!)

Or is there some inherent, unspoken expectation that an online connection will someday become physical? This frightens me, personally. But perhaps that is simply because I am not a socially adept person, myself!

I understand the importance of communication in every human interaction; the setting of expectations and desires. So, when things are made clear, this is appreciated! But am I missing some online "norm"? If nothing is said, is there some anticipation that a physical meeting is always the end-goal?

And what on earth do you do with the desire to spank or be spanked, and the one you may want to do it is a world away?

What do you think? What do you do? What do you expect?

Just my first online thoughts for the year. Meandering, wondering. And now, off to deal with the physical life bit... :)

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I'm getting caned over the sofa whilst drinking rose wine, my arse is bright red and wobbling with every smack of the cane. Enjoy

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Well, Right now I am full of emotions. After about 10 long years of waiting, My Wife is planning to shoot another video. Earlier this week I was disciplined for lying to her. She came home on her lunch break and blistered my bottom until I was kicking and crying like a 10 year old. She informed me this evening that she plans to come home tomorrow and give me a reinforcement spanking to help me remember in the future that lying will never be tolerated in her home. As much as I would rather it be a little less severe, I am looking forward to sharing with all of my friends. You have all waited far to long.

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Been settling in here, down south. I guess it's ok. Been meeting people in the scene, going to a few parties, playing a bit. I'm happy about that. But geez, I miss my friends up north. I even kinda sorta miss the several feet of snow and 20 degrees below zero wind chills lol. Kinda. In theory...

What I would do to go back...

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A few weeks ago Erica Scott put out one of the best videos. It was just her and her top and he knew exactly what she wanted. It was such a turn on, seeing her on her bed, offering her bottom to pleasure. Thanks Erica for the inspiration to write my first ever ode. It’s also probably my last, too many rules.


Oh, how I love my bed
With its goose down mattress topper.
A soft place to rest my head
And to dream sweet dreams of bliss.

Oh, how I love my bed
With flannel sheets soft and cozy.
And a lovely white on white bedspread
That snuggles me all night long.

Oh, how I love my bed
With the soft light of the moon shining in.
Remembering the words you said
That sent shivers down to my toes.

Oh, how I love my bed
Especially when you are in there with me.
You spank my bottom pinkish red
And you love me so.

©2016 CLG0413

Erica's video is at:

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An elderly man hurried to his 8:00am doctor appointment, he wanted to finish quickly so he could go to another appointment.

The doctor asked what it was and he proudly said that every morning at 9:00 am he was at the hospital to have breakfast with his wife.

The doctor asked what was her condition was and he replied that for 5 years she has had Alzheimer's and hasn't known who he was.

The doctor asked why he continues if she has no idea who he is and the old man replied "because I still know who she is."

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Two wives go out for a girls' night. Both got very drunk, started walking home and had to pee.

They stopped at a cemetery but had nothing to wipe with. One used her panties, the other grabbed a wreath off a grave.

The next morning one husband calls the other and said " no more girls' night out! My wife came back with no panties!"

The other said "you think that is bad? Mine came back with a card in her crack that read " From all of us at the fire station.. We'll never forget you!"

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I'm (Justin) in the tucson Arizona area for a little bit so if you or you know any one who wants to be spanked or wants to be a spanked let me know, I'm open for a video or just a session.send me a message, and again thanks too my fans the videos will be soon

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I've been gone quite a long while. I've missed you all!
Bought some new skin tight leggings today. Can't wait to try them on later and send the hubby some pictures of them.
And yes lovelies, I will put them on here too!

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I am very sorry for deleting my photos and videos.

As an apology to my friends, I would like to offer my bottom, and pussy, for a spanking.

If you comment leaving suggestions for a suitable punishment, I will try to combine them into a full spanking, then film and upload it as soon as I can.

Sorry again,


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I've joined this site because of a couple I met. Her husband has her on this site (hotwife4bbc).
Her husband told me to check out the site, and share my experience with them if I wanted to.
I was having a business dinner with him, and after dinner, we met his beautiful wife at a club, for a few drinks. She is blonde 5'4" tall, with a beautiful body and a fantastic ass. We were having a great time, I danced with her a few times, even copped a feel of that gorgeous round soft ass of hers a few times. While she was in the washroom, I commented to him that he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful; and sexy wife, and I admired how obedient she seemed to be. We'd all had more to drink than we should, and he came right out and told me that when she doesn't do as she told, she gets a hard spanking. I was shocked and called bull shit. He told me to ask her what happens if she doesn't obey, so when she came back from the washroom, I asked her. She looked down at the table and said that her husband spanks he when she's not obedient. She also told me that he allows other men to spank her as well, not only for discipline, but also for their pleasure. After recovering from the shock, I admitted to them that I'd always fantasized about spanking a sexy white ass like hers.
A couple of drinks later, he asked me if I'd like to spank his wife. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, and we headed back to their house. Once there, we had another drink in their hot tub. We were all naked, and she looked even better naked than she did dressed. She also seemed quite taken with the size of dick, and couldn't keep her eyes off of it.
We went back into the house, and she was told by her husband to lay across my lap, she obeyed without hesitation. I rubbed her soft round ass for a few minutes, then gave her a long increasingly hard spanking. The way her sexy soft round ass jiggled wildly with each slap was the hottest thing I have ever seen. When she started to cry and was begging me to stop, struggling to escape me, her husband told me not to stop until I had spanked her all I wanted to. I spanked her for quite a while longer, it was so sexy and so hot, I never wanted to stop.
He leaving for a month on a business trip in a few weeks and he's invited me to use her and spank her all I want while he's away. I'm looking very forward to him going.

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Fortunately for me (though it is rather unfortunate for my backside), I recently found a wonderful online disciplinarian. On Monday I broke two of the rules he had set for me (those being "no F-bombs" and "no swearing in front of the kids"). Needless to say, that earned me a good spanking on my bare bottom. Since he lives so far from me, it was a directed self-spanking which took place during a phone call and employed my birch bath brush. It wasn't the first such spanking I have received from him, but it was by far the worst, and today I've got some bruises which are making sitting very uncomfortable indeed.

That spanking was just what I needed to let off some steam and I got to have a good cry. Having someone take me in hand, I feel more centered than I have in donkey's years. Now I've just got to remember to stop and think before I speak so I don't end up in even more trouble.

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A man escaped from prison where he has been for 15 years. He broke into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed.

He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair, while tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife:

"Listen, this guy's an escaped convict, look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck." If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is probably very dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you."

To which his wife responds: "He wasn't kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked me if we had any vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom. Be strong honey. I love you too!"

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So, it's a self spanking video. I was bored today and wasn't feeling the best. I thought that if I did something kinky/fun that I might get a little excitement out of it and I am. I'm in the process of uploading it now. I don't know how long it takes to publish but, it is just a 3 minute quick self spanking video to get it out there and get some early feedback. Look forward to hearing from you guys soon!

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