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Ouch!!!! :-(

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So I got a surprised visit from my mentor "daddymole" I told him I went off my meds "again" and he wasn't too happy with butt still hurts

He said next he would tape our session and post it here "he knows I don't want that"

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So, this afternoon me and my friend went to see my disciplinarian. Long story short, after he congratulated us for passing the graduating exams, it was paddling time.

First it was my turn, 5 swats on the pants. Then, my friend’s turn, 5 swats on her pants. Then my turn again, pants down, 5 swats on my panties, then my friend’s turn again, 5 swats on her panties. Finally my turn again, panties down, and 5 more swats on my bare bum. Ouch

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Feeling quite sad today, It's my mums birthday, and I'm missing her so much. She was the kindest, gentlest soul and always knew exactly what to say when you felt sad. We've been to see her and went and sat on the huntington's disease bench for a little while, which is really nice because it's by the sea. I'm trying my hardest not to cry too much or talk about her every two seconds! it's been 4 years now so i feel like i should be better. It's just i still really miss her loads. Strangely today i feel really really agitated and sulky to, which is awful. I don't normally get like this when i'm sad. Alex finishes work soon though which means lots of cuddles:)or maybe a spanking if i can't stop this sulkiness. And we have chinese, we always have chinese on mums birthday. Mum loved chinese, and butterflies.

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One of my favorite songs...simply love the beat.

She's totally committed.
To spanking naughty boys.
But she's a lady through and through.
She swings quite a nasty paddle.
Gives them all they can handle.
She'll bruise some.
She'll hurt some too.
But oh, they love her wearing out their butt.
Oh, they do respect her but.
They love her spanking their butt.

Sometimes they'll try to leave her.
Get off her lap and leave her.
But her leg keeps 'em trapped in place.
Her phone is ringing from their calling.
But she always leaves them bawling.
The lady will be all they ever dreamed.
Oh, they love her wearing out their butt.
Oh, their toes they bend and touch.
They love her spanking their butt.

Yeah love her spanking their butt.
Spanking their butt.

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Time waits for no one so they say.
Nature grows more impatient day by day.
When we are young the cold didn't feel quite so cold.
One day you wake up not sure how you got this old.
Telltale signs appear but you brush them aside.
Ignoring the facts, from yourself you hide.

But in the spanking world, Time is simply tricky at best.
A minute flies by when you have to get undressed.
Five minutes seem to last forever.
When you're spanked for your latest endeavor.
Thirty minutes in the corner, you swear it was all day.
Two hours gone in a flash when its almost time to pay.

Time plays its tricks there is no doubt.
With butterflies dancing all about.
Cherish those moments while they last.
For someday they'll be a thing of the past.

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Jungs, gebt euch heute schön Mühe gegen Brasilien, ihr schafft das!!!
Wir sind auch mal wieder dran Weltmeister zu werden :P

Oder was sagt ihr dazu?

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Mila looked up from the menu when the young man approached.

“Is it your first time here? Can I recommend you something?”
Black trousers, white shirt, one hand behind his back, slightly bowed. Comme il faut!

“No, thank you, I think I nearly made my choice. But if you could bring me another coffee in the meantime, please?”
Mila dismissed him with a friendly smile. Everything quite normal, she soothed herself, all quite normal. She lowered her look again to the menu. Daily special or the Scottish? She still wavered. But the choce was fantastic, all in all.
She leaned back and looked again to the table in the corner, where an older man, very distinguished in a suit, talked to a tall, slim, young lady. She wore high boots, a tight skirt and a low-cut top which let her breasts be more than a suggestion. Now they rose and the man followed the woman with bowed head. Mila smiled inwardly. Her friend hadn’t promised too much. It was ….mmmhhh…. interesting here.
Not all of the tables were taken, at one a young couple was sitting, then some single men and women. Some looked at the menu like herself, others seemed to wait and had coffee or something stronger.

She leaned back in her leather chair and looked at the counter. At her glance the young man, - Mike as she could read on the name badge – came over and stood expectantly before her.

“I’ll go for the daily dish”, Mila announced. Mike bowed his head approvingly.

“May Susan accompany you already to help with changing clothes?” Mike’s glance slid admiringly along her slim figure, lingered for a tiny moment at her bosom and her brown, curly, long hair.
“Perhaps she can also help you braid your hair.”
Mila rose.
“Yes, thank you that would be nice.” Mila didn’t let him see her astonishment. Stay cool. Why braid her hair?

At an unobtrusive nod a young woman in Maid’s uniform approached Mila.
“I will show you the changing room. Come with me, please.”
Mila followed her and entered the door Susan held open.
The room was empty, except for two chairs, some shelves and a huge clothes hanger, like clothing stores used to bring on new articles. The hanger was full with short, checked, pleated skirts in any possible colour combination. There were also blouses, plain cut in white , grey and dark blue. On the shelves were knee socks and ankle socks and beneath were flat, black shoes in any size. The choice was good, everything seemed to be there in different sizes. One wall had a huge mirror.

Mila took her time, looked round and chose a red checked, short skirt and a white blouse. She changed and put her own clothes on the shelves. Then Susan asked, if she should braid her hair. Mila laughed sort of mockingly, shook her brown voluminous mane, but said: “well, so it be.”
She sat on one of the chairs and Susan stood behind her and braided her hair in two long tails.

To be continued

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Had a tragedy at work today. If you EVER are feeling like taking your own life, remember that there is help available. Reach out to friends, family, or professionals and share how you are feeling. Nothing is ever hopeless and nothing is worth ending your life over. People care, even if it doesn't always seem like it! Envision a future, think of the people you would leave behind, and always remember that God put you on this earth for a reason. Take care everyone!

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Bend over said the judge. I cried that flogging was abolished!
He offered to show mercy if his throbbing nob was polished.
I sent him straight to heaven with my ardor and technique.
Alas, he changed my sentence to a flogging once a week.

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I recently had the chance to work for a new spanking video production company (Never too Old. I cowrote and edited a new spanking video starring Dakota Brittain. I am quite proud the way it turned out. Check out the promo video.

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My latest release is a western, The Outlaw Bride.

I was born in California, grew up in Denver and currently reside in Arizona, so if you count my four years in college in the midwest, I can say the west has always been my home. I always enjoyed westerns, although I'm not overly romantic about them, perhaps because the west is not exotic to me. There is one western, however, that got under my skin. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. In retrospect, I suppose much of it had to do with the very hot "Teacher Lady" scene where Robert Redford has Katharine Ross strip at gunpoint.

Perhaps because of Robert Redford and Paul Newman, when I was invited to join Patty Devlin, Maddie Taylor, Patricia Green and Mary Wehr in writing a book as part of the Sons of Johnny Hastings box set, I knew I had to take the outlaw.

Sam Pride is hot, dominating, and wanted, a perfect combination of traits, if you ask me. I guess i have a thing for the bad boys. The trick is how to capture some of that bad boy appeal, but still make them likable heroes.

In The Outlaw's Bride, Sam shot four men in self-defense when he went up against the wealthy cattle ranchers. He fell in with the genuine bad guys and when they stop at Mabelle Lawson's ranch, he knows he must do whatever he can to protect her from their tyranny.

The Outlaw’s Bride
Mabelle Lawson had been managing her dead sister’s ranch without help for three months. The last thing she needs is a band of outlaws showing up and pushing her around. The Curly James gang members have no patience for her sass, and when their leader attempts to strike her with his fist, one of his men volunteers to spank her instead. She wants to hate the good-looking outlaw, but he seems to have her well-being at heart, even risking his life to protect her from the other men.
Unjustly accused of murder, Sam Pride is on the run and his luck worsens when he tangles with the Curly James gang. The only bright spot is the little spitfire rancher who steals his heart with her courage and spunk. When the two set off together for Cheyenne and then Denver, sparks fly and their magnetic connection grows.
Still, Mabelle is not sure if Sam will commit and even if he does, can he clear his name before a bounty hunter shoots him or brings him in?

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Paul Bunyan could spin a yarn better than anyone so I have learned from the best. whether it's fiction or nonfiction Hope it gets your attention. Spinner of Maui Freelance outreach
There is no more lively sensation than that of pain; its impressions are certain ... Marquis de Sade
Having the time of my life in Paradise. I love to paddle/strop willing local men, visitor bears and cubs. Men with tattoos have a special place in my heart and for them I use my Red Imp Razor Strop. It makes a nice crack, snap and pop when it strikes. The sound and then the reaction the second after the crack of the strop on a bare ass.. shootz..can't get enough of it. There is no sex in the mix ever.
I'm a no nonsense experienced DOM with a gentle side. Hobby I picked up on the west and east coast from street punks. These young men loved to trade hacks with a big wood paddle and I was in the thick of it in the mid 80's till mid 90's. When my street outreach started in the punk scene I was considered a fresh bare ass to use the paddle on. I was able to get into dozens of these hangouts, mosh pits and abandoned buildings. I did HIV outreach and passed out hundreds of condoms, wild memories that have lasted a lifetime.
Curious about Male to Male paddling and live here? Being discreet is the name of the game. We live on a island and when you're curious enough you'll figure out my upcountry Maui hangout spots. Come up to me and say "Aloha", I don't bite really, lets talk story. Sometimes a paddling/whipping is not what your seeking. Believe me I have been there. Right now I'm hanging out with God loving folks and maybe, just maybe mind you, that is what you truly seek. But again, I have no problem using the paddle/strop on you. I am very patient with beginners. Finding the right person, at the right time, for the right reason is what a good bare ass paddling is all about. Experienced and beginning players can expect a good tanning from me! Over the knee or tied down its your choice. I live alone and can take you to my book study or the woodshed. Either way no one can hear you scream or the begging to stop..shootz.. just kidding, right? Need to relive memories you had years ago? There is no question this is a rite of passage for a male getting whipped as a adult the first time by another male. A brotherhood forms during a paddling that helps both get rid of the stress of life and sometimes ends with a emotional release (crying).
Male bonding without sex is what I'm seeking and the raising of adrenaline and endorphin levels. From the beginning of time, men have liked striking each other for fun and punishment. The strop has been in my life for over fifty years.
On Vacation? Let me know when your arriving so I can arrange my schedule to help you remember something special on your Maui vacation! Each man reacts to his whipping differently and I take it from there. I will respect and then expand your limits. I know how to read you (many years of practice). This is sane play.
With a tie down we will talk story, negotiate limits before the first snap of the strop. The trick is be careful what you ask for. Believe me buddy once your wrists and ankles are fully secured there is no turning back and I'm the one that decides when to stop. There is no safe word and again this is sane play. No Joke! Your ass will be blistering hot, red and sore and will be hard to sit down for a couple hours anyway. You will have welts. You might have a bruise or two. They will be gone in a day or so. A paddling hurts and you'll get over it! A whipping/paddling from me is no day at Big Beach!
Like to switch a couple times a year. Must have ink for me to take a paddle and only from a game of chance. Heads you paddle, Tails your the one getting tied and paddled. I always carry a deck of cards, low card does the whipping. That should make it interesting and be a wild encounter for us both one. This has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with mystery, intrigue and a good bare ass stropping/paddling for one of us. A summer to remember! Are you Game?
If I lose there will be fear. This is not what I call a spirit filled activity and I anit no saint. I got my weaknesses. I make no bones about it. It has been awhile since I haven taken the paddle. My ass is tender! Adrenaline will start flowing as I'm tied down and secured for no escape. I won't be able to weasel my way out of it. I'm a screamer and will beg you to stop. Endorphin levels will skyrocket, the same as getting a tattoo. Hopefully I will find what I seek out and he will have the wisdom to know when to stop whether I'm crying or not...shootz
Whipping can be used for a teachable moment from one man to another. I have been there, believe me, it works! Works great with the younger men too for discipline, corporal punishment! If you need to get these young men to obey rules or learn to behave in a certain way (like using condoms with sex) give them a half dozen hard hacks bare ass from a oak paddle or a Razor Strop! Securing hands and feet increases the fear factor and helps drive the point home! Usually one time is all that's needed to keep these guys on a straight and narrow path. Have them repeat after you each hack...."I will use condoms with sex".....6 hacks, I would think, would be enough. A oak paddle really stings.
I have been a Freelance HIV outreach worker for over 30 years. Worked on both west and east coast and been blessed to be living here on Maui. Wherever your at in this world if your SINGLE and not partnered up "Don't be a fool make sure you and your partner wrap your tool" If I find out you are playing unprotected, its all over for the two of you. I'll send you both to the woodshed and have you drop your pants. Leave your underwear on. I'll be out in a few minutes. Both your attitudes need adjustment and I see a need to properly motivate. I'm going to tie the both of you down. Then the underwear comes down and your going to get paddled till crying! It will kill you playing unprotected, DON"T BE DUMB FUCKS... HIV, SYPHILIS and HEP C is the real deal here on Maui, the other islands and the world so spread the word, talk story with your friends..tell them you know someone that whip them with a belt if they don't wrap "it" up!. We all know what the "it" is..shootz
I challenge you to "think outside the box" If not now then when? Keep the pressure on these young men. Keep reminding them to use condoms each and every-time they have sex. To remind them to stay healthy!
Nearly everyone responds to a good yarn, and this is precisely the point. The years of my youth are long gone. That was when I held a paddle or got whipped. The punk outreach was true. I don't want to whip the young men in your life, well maybe a few just for old times. All of us working together can put a end to this HIV epidemic in our generation. SPREAD THE WORD
Aloha from Spinner hep c hiv Activist Maui Hawaii..

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Yaaaaay … I officially graduated highschool.

My grade was 8.30, so tomorrow I have a meeting with the paddle

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Hi everybody. I'm back. I had my graduation exams and today I'll be getting my results.
On the final grade depends how my tomorrow visit at my disciplinarian. So, if my final grade 9 or higher, tomorrow I’ll be just having coffee at my disciplinarian and my sitting abilities will remain intact. If my grade will be between 8.50 and 9 I’ll be getting a moderate paddling. If my grade will be between 8 and 8.50, I’ll be getting a severe paddling. Between 7.50 and 8 - a severe paddling and a hand strapping, between 7 and 7.50 a severe paddling and a hand rulering. Between 6 and 7 - I’ll be making 2 visits at my disciplinarian. Below 6 (which means failing) - weekly visits to my disciplinarian for the next month.

And my best friend got the same deal.

Wish me luck !!!

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Wann sind wir endlich da?; Wie weit ist es noch?; Ich hab Durst!.....
Na diese Frage kennen doch sicher viele von kleinen quengelnden Kindern denen die Fahrt schon wieder viel zu lange dauert...
Aber was passiert wen diese Sprüche dann von einer 19 Jährigen kommen und das auch noch wenn ihr Erzieher neben ihr sitzt und das Auto fährt?

hmm... bei mir war es so das er plötzlich gebremst hat, die das Auto ausgestellt, die Warnblinkanlage an und ausgestiegen ist!!!

Ich sag´s euch da kann einen das Herz doch schon mal in die Hose rutschen, auch wenn man mit seinem Nerven eigentlich genau sowas oder sowas ähnliches erreichen wollte^^

Na auf jeden Fall lief er ums Auto rum, kam zu meiner Tür und hat mir den Sicherheitsgurt persönlich aufgemacht....

Und naja, dann am Arm aus dem Auto geführt und über die Motorhaube gelegt und dann gab es was auf den Popo......

Also wenn ihr mich fragt, die paar Klapse die ich da erhalten habe waren eigentlich nicht genug, aber er hatte selbst ein bisschen Schiss erwischt zu werden *fg*


When are we there yet?; How far is it?; I'm thirsty! .....
Well, this question surely know a lot of little whining children where the journey takes already much too long ...
But what happens then whom these sayings come from a 19 year old and that too when her teacher sitting next to her and the car drives?

hmm ... for me it was so that he has slowed down suddenly, which issued the car, the hazard warning lights and got out!

I'll tell you there can make a heart but ever slip into the pants, even if you really wanted to accomplish with his nerves just something or something like that ^ ^

Well in any case, he ran around the car around, came to my door and it opened my seatbelt personally ....

And well, then led by the arm out of the car and placed over the hood and then there was something on the bottom ......

So if you ask me, the few slaps I received there were not really enough, but he had to be caught even a bit scared * fg *

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Hello Spankos! hope you all are enjoying your for me I am doing my final research paper for this behavioral science class! wish I could do it on domestic discipline lol..but its about severe depression. I am excited that all my hard work is going to pay off. The principle at my daughters middle school told me to come see him about a teaching Job there when I finish these last 28 credits! thats so cool, even though I am going to break for a month or two after I get my bachelors degree, then start the masters degree program in educational studies. I am thankful to my Daddy for being there to help me with some of the subjects I had a little difficulty in and everyone else who showed me support throughout school. Thank you all for keeping me encouraged! xoxoxoxo TyGrr

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Well it has been sometime.Alot has happened since I posted my last blog,most of which is work related but Jen and I have been busy. We spent a wonderful ten days exploring Normandy in France along with my niece who thought the end of the world had arrived when she couldn't pick up a signal on her phone one evening,we had to reassure her,but it did not help when I told her that when I was her age I did not posses a mobile phone,the look of horror on her face said it all.We really had a great time and indulged in good food and good wine,well I did anyway.

We returned through the UK and spent two nights in London,before heading to visit a good friend in the West Midlands,we stayed with her for five days and I must say we had a ball of a time.We had never been north of London,so our friend acted as our tour guide while my niece and our friend's daughter,been the same age,found alot in common. Very beautiful area of the UK to visit,I was surprised.It was sad to say goodbye to our friend but we had to return home.I find myself off work until the examination result are posted in August, but Jen had to return to work,reluctantly.

Our holiday was very much needed. The month of June got off to a rather frightening start for us,in particular Jen. One day I was at work when my phone rang,I recognised Jenny's number and answered it in the "sexy" way I always answer when she rings.This time I answered by saying something like,"hey sexy bum," only to be met with a male voice telling me that Jen was in hospital. My blood immediately went cold with fright. I was assured by the male voice that Jen was alright but had been injured during the course of her work. I grabbed my nearest colleague and told him to take over.I got into ROSIE and drove as fast as I could to the main hospital. When I arrived Jenny was being seen to so I had to wait. When I was finally left in I was sad to see my Jen in such a condition. Her beautiful face had suffered a bruise and her right arm had a stitched up cut. We hugged and she told me what happened. During the course of her work she had been attacked by someone she was dealing with.This person had punched her,without warning,before using a broken glass bottle to try to stab her,striking her arm,the result of which saw Jen receiving twelve stiches. Jen was able to side step the attack before serious harm could be done. Thank goodness for her training.She was able to disarm this guy and hold onto him until help arrived.

So our holiday was very much needed and deserved. I do hope all of you are keeping well. The summer has arrived here and it is so beautiful.I love going for long walks every morning. The old Abbey is under some repair at the moment and even my "hiding place" is closed off.Have to watch myself with the after hours drinking for awhile. Have a great week all of you.

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I need a spanking ladies

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