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136 views · 9 days ago

Quick question.
My partner and i found a picture of a tattoo we both loved, in connection with our love for spanking.
I want it on one bum cheek.
But how long is the healing process before we could enjoy a spanking again.
This would be my first tattoo and my partner has none so we dont really know anything about the healing process.
If anyone can help please let me know.
I really like the picture but my love for spanking is much more.

121 views · 9 days ago

Came out here to teach someone a lesson about drinking and driving. 3 hrs later I think she got the point. She got a good hand hairbrush and belt spanking for 3 hrs. Now she's in timeout. Hope everyone is having a good day. And Please Don't Drink And Drive Unless You Want To End Up Like My Friend Did Or Worse!!!

94 views · 9 days ago

Hello, I have been away due to my and my girls health. Thank you for your prayers...she is still having issues....Looking forward to returning to lifestyle when she is physically able.. As I am a true believer in.

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85 views · 9 days ago

Day 2 in Cleveland. So far so good. Hope everyone has a good day!!!

149 views · 9 days ago

sissymissy loves and deserves all types of anal training from Female Mistresses included of course strap-on training; strap-on gang-bangs, prostrate massage,prostrate milking, butt-plugs and fingering!
missy still fondly remembers the 1st time that sissy was subjected to strap-on training from 5 lovely Mistresses, one after another (and each took their time loosening missie's sissy ass and then "banging sissy's ass) at a fetish party in front of over 150 folks especially the Ladies watching for over 3 hours!! missy also loves getting enemas and getting her tempie taken over Mistress' lap with when her diapers and rubber pants are pulled down especially in front of Mistress' Girlfriends!

165 views · 9 days ago

Last night we were having a family discussion about our son wanting a push bike to use to keep fit. Now over the years weve bought lots of bikes, the more recent ones were bought then put into the shed, never to come out until we sell them again. But we understood his reasoning for wanting one and he said he had enough saved to pay half, could we put the rest towards it so he could get one now.
Mr G is very strict on money, im not allowed to buy anything without getting permission first, but he agreed to this saying yes he would put the rest towards the bike but if/when we come to sell it, he will get all his money back first then whatever is left over our son woukd get. We all agreed.
My son and I wanted to buy it there and then, but Mr G said no, pay the money into the bank first, then i will buy it.
I thought this was a bit silly as i could put the money in first this morning.
So eventually Mr G agreed.
Went upstairs to order it.
But when he came downstairs he said come here with the oaddle.
I asked why, and he said because you undermind me in front of our son.
Bend over the stool now !
And proceeded to paddle my ass hard, then smeared me with Deep Heat again, a lot of it, til i was jiggling about on my feet because the burn was so bad. There was no way i could pretend this wasnt burning.
He then continued paddling my ass. Hard!
I was then told to stand in front of him, bare ass showing whilst i stood jiggling still with the burn.
After 10 minutes i was allowed to sit down, on the floor so the cold hit the burn.
It was not a pleasant experience.
I wasnt allowed to shower before bed, so i had to deal with my burning ass being even worse coz of the paddle and the cream.
I really do not like Deep Heat !!!

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103 views · 10 days ago

Sittin here in the Parkin garage at work waitin for 4:25am to get here so I can enter the bldg n get busy ... Was lookin at my calander last night... Baby shower this sat, next weekend my all girls campin trip (4days can't wait!!)... Next weekend after that bday party n week after that family reunion.... I didn't look any further than that for now... That means lots of salads n goodies to make ...There is always somethin goin on but I love it n my big family!!!

124 views · 10 days ago

Today, I found this in my inbox:

"Today and I was running late like always...last year I took my daughter to school late many times...but she goes to a private school which is far away whereas the public school is only 5 minutes away!! Then when it was time to get her from school I was running late so I went 80 and 85 in a 65 posted so that goodness no cops saw me!! So if I was your's what would you do Sir?

My response was:
I don’t know where to begin with you! I am noting several issues. First, you lack punctuality, which is having a significant impact on your daughter’s education. If you are late, then your daughter is also late! How does that make her look in front of her peers? Not to mention the example you are setting for her. Second, set aside for a moment the potential hefty fine that comes with a speeding ticket, you are endangering the lives of your children and the lives of others at the rate of speed you drive!!! That being said, you are a definite candidate for the belt that you see in my profile pictures.

If you were mine, I would first have you drop the children off at your mothers promptly. Immediately upon your return, before you even get the keys in the door, I would yank you in and scold you like a Drill Sergeant! I would hold your arm firmly with one hand, and begin spanking your bottom with the other while you are still standing. I would then command you to go upstairs and fetch “the belt”…quickly….where you will then bring it to the basement….where we have the bench. The bench, where if you were mine, would be all too familiar to you from all the previous punishments I’ve doled out. Your pants and panties would be yanked to your ankles, and you would then be commanded to position yourself on that bench. I would expect you to arc your back and present your bottom without me saying so. The lashings would follow a continued rhythm ..not to fast…not to slow…over and over again. All the apologies, sobbing, crying, and outbursts of “no more daddy, please” …will not help you. I am resolved to disciplining you and I intend to see the job through to my satisfaction!

Once I see a nice heavy shade of red on your backside, I would then have you stand in the corner until I come for you. Once I feel that the lesson has been learned, the drill sergeant will be gone and daddy will be in his place. With a soft heart and a gentle touch, I would hold you and tell you that everything is going to be ok because daddy knows that you are going to be a good girl from then on.

134 views · 10 days ago

Hey all, I'm in desperate need of a spanking. I was hoping someone could hop on Kik and direct me through a self spanking. I look forward to hearing from you guys. My Kik name is Zodrazo :)

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175 views · 10 days ago

Guys I was just wanting to let all of my friends know that I am back in school as a full time student I have 13 credit hours to take in class and 13 hours of study time a week. So if I don't message as soon as you send a message I'm either in class paying attention or I am doing homework and studying so don't panic. I myself will be on during my 5 hour break between. Classes each day when I am not charging my phone and Bluetooth. If you are central time I'll be online from 11am-3:00pm everyday

126 views · 10 days ago

New semester started today and I feel really good about it. It will be hard but I am determined to have a great semester and not get lazy or Moody

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This writing is especially directed to all the lovely Mistresses, Dominant Mommies and all the cute sissy baby girls out there!! And many of these ideas are some of the embarrassment that sissybabymissie has had to endure from the training, punishments and humiliating methods that Mistresses have used on this frilly sissy baby gurl to make her a more obedient, submissive, sissy frilly slut that your sissy baby girl she is and these can be used on all sissy baby gurls to make them the same!!

Mistresses should also be free to expand on these and incorporate their own strict regimen for training their sissy baby girls! And use these training techniques at both well attended fetish events as well as small gatherings with their sissies and Dominant Female friends and take lots of photos to record all their wonderful ideas and experiences. And also encourage your Mistress friends to come up with some additional humiliating ways to make your sissy more obedient and compliant to Mistress' wishes!! And always try to have a mirror available so that sissy can personally see everything that is being done to her (so sissy is aware of everything humiliating thing being done to her!

For public sissy baby humiliation, have your sissy baby girl parade around in her cute outfit for all to humiliate especially the Ladies particularly at Lesbian bars, bars where you know that they are having a Ladies night!! Then have your sissy pull her diapers and sissy baby pants down and their sissy baby dress or top up and have them bend over in front of a large mirror and announce to everyone that you are going to be having some "fun" with your sissy!! And be sure that your sissy is bent over a spanking bench and make sure your sissy can see everything that Mistress or Mistress friends do to your sissy babies!! Be sure to have your friends take lots of photos!! And most of these can also be done at private gatherings as well, but make sure that your training of your sissy baby girl occurs repeatedly at several fetish events.

1. For either public or private gatherings, Mistresses should make sure your sissy is wearing pampers or cloth diapers, rhumba panties or cute nursery print rubber baby pants, sucking on a large pink binkey, a cute sissy top or short sissy dress, mary jane or saddle shoes, knee socks, or lacy frill anklets, a bonnet, a plastic baby bib. Then make sure your sissy's hiney is bare and vulnerable and has had some time to think about what may happen next! And then spank your sissy and invite your Lady friends to also spank with their hands, a pink hair brush, crop and then paddle the sissy bottom until your sissy's bottom is nice and red!!

2. Then while the sissy senses and can feel how sore her sissy hiney is, tell her that you and as many of your Mistress friends can get while sissy is still bent over the spanking bench and still very "vulnerable", have your sissy see you and your friends put on some latex gloves. And then Mistress and your girlfriends should start to apply lots of lube to your sissy's asshole and ask your sissy such questions:

a. are you going to be a good sissy slut for Mistress and your girlfriends?

b. have you been fingered before and if so, do you like it?

c. why is your sissy ass so tight??

d. can sissy open up her sissy cheeks more?

Then you and your girlfriends should slowly insert one finger, then, two, then three, and then finally shove your whole fist in your sissy's asshole and make sure you and your Girl friends continue asking embarrassing questions listed above while your sissy is being fingered and "fisted"!! And you may also want to take her large binkey out and insert in and out of her sissy's bottom and then place back in sissy's mouth or you or your lady friends can alternate between taking sissy's temperature in her sissy ass or a large pink butt plug between sissy ass cheeks (all have been used on missy at one time or another)!!

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142 views · 10 days ago

it may come as a big surprise to u but I like to brat it up to get a spankin.. of course those spankings aren't serious n even tho they may sting like hell they can b very fun n relaxin... however I know I need serious discipline in many other areas of my life..i find when I start getting the right feel for a person that id trust myself in their hands.. I often find myself withdrawin... trust is such a big issue with me... n I will also ask questions tryin to see how they feel about certain things n if I feel they r lookin at me like the scumbag I feel I am.. I will tuck tail n run then too...I don't know the solution to that issue.. once ya get burned its very hard to dig back in there again........

160 views · 10 days ago

I have not been on fetlife much since I joined n the last id been on there was many many months ago.. however I did pop on the other night when someone from here asked me a question about that site.. while I was there I read messages from others n comments .. I didn't write anything in return... today I have 3 messages from 3 different people wantin to meet me.. one lives in Syracuse n two live very close to me now.... I haven't had the best of luck here findin what I need.. perhaps my luck would be better on fetlife.... I for sure will b visitin there more often

142 views · 10 days ago

Twice I have tried to post new photos,but it did not happen.Trouble is the email that I used to sign up on ST is no longer valid so I have no way of knowing what is wrong.Any ideas please?

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263 views · 11 days ago

I have a lot of things that have gone wrong at my house. Appliances that have needed repairs, things that needed fixing, things that needed to be fixed or replaced on my car. I went out and spent a lot of money on new leotards and tights, the 4 new bodytights and unitards. Now I don't have the money I need to take care of my house and car. My spanker is a kind man and he has been helping me and doing most of the work for me. He found out that I spent all this money on bodytights, leotards and tights, and unitards. Now I will be getting even more spankings! He bought me a french maid costume with black fishnet tights and I will be his Mexican maid until things are even and I have learned my lesson from this!

203 views · 11 days ago

How can someone who is actively engaging in a bit of social media themselves say negative things about those of us that partake in this leisure as well? not really clear how u can make judgement s regarding anyone elses activital expressions, to some this shit is entertainment and others merely a pass time but one can only assume and sometimes unfairly so. For myself, this has been my lifestyle for over 26 years....Some people just talk because they have the ability to do so, with no regard to the different perspectives. Our self-expression is rooted in our inner core and no matter how hypocritically judged, no one can take our individuality away....TyGrr

273 views · 11 days ago

Why don't men scold whilst spanking anymore?
I'm not talking about the 'your a bad girl' blah blah bullshit fake bit. I mean a proper telling off!!! If you sound like you reading from a fake script it's not sexy! tell me off what did I do?? What the consequences? Have a proper telling off.... Well for me anyways bent over his knee bare bottom, getting a GOOD telling off whilst my bare bottom is spanked is comforting and needed... Some girls just want a dominant man in charge and in charge always... Loving but strict... Have I said too much????? Wink

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143 views · 11 days ago

Sissymissy aka missy has been forced to visit an actual college sorority house by a Mistress friend (Mistress Tina who was lovely Lady of Italian descent) a few years ago as a punishment for being a naughty girl at a fetish event the week prior to her visit!! Mistress Tina had called me that morning and told me to ready in a hour and to be dressed in cloth diapers (pined with my pink ducky shaped diaper pins), a pair of of one of pink nursery print rubber pants (my pink disney print pants) and matching bib, my short sissy baby dress, my mary jane shoes with pink anklets, my frilly bonnet, and sucking on my very large pink colored pacifier. Of course missy of course complied and was all ready and when Mistress came. When Mistress Tina arrived inspected my outfit and said that she knew her female friends from college would be very pleased and would love how cute missie looked and told me to make sure that my diaper bag included my strap-on with condoms, wet wipes (lots of them), baby powder, desitin, extra pampers, baby food and my baby bottle, baby food and lots of lube and latex gloves!! Prior to leaving Mistress and hair removal which she brought with her and applied all over missy's body and applied an extra coat on my hiney so my bottom would be nice and smooth like a baby's bottom and her sorority sisters would love this!! And then Mistress pulled my diapers and rubber pants and "shoved" a butt-plug in missy's sissy ass so that missy would feel more girly!! Mistress was wearing one of her gorgeous leather skirts and stilettos.

Mistress made sissy "missy" walk to her car and then informed me that missy would be visiting her college sorority house and there were 15 of her sorority sisters waiting for us!! Of course missy begged her not to take me there! But she had been upset with missie for being such a naughty girl at a fetish event in front of her Mistress friends for not letting them all take turns in changing me and paddling missy!!

Once we arrived, Mistress waited in the car and told me that missy should address each sorority sister as "Mommy" or "Mistress" or Auntie" (which ever each sister preferred to be called) and then told me ring the doorbell to her sorority house! And missy had been told by Mistress that should immediately crawl which sissy did and sissy felt the sting of several sharp swats on her bottom (which were the result of many of the sorority using their sorority paddles on my hiney.

Then missy saw several gorgeous women and many who had been wearing leather skirts for my visit who were all laughing and saying how cute that missy looked!! They all took turns in inspecting me and continued to swatting my bottom with their sorority paddles!! And they all loved checking to see if missy was wet which she was after drinking her baby bottle on the way to the sorority house! After about 15 humiliating minutes in Mistress' sorority house, she asked her sorority sisters if missy had been a good girl (and of course they said NO! She also took out a pair of latex gloves and bent missy over a chair and told all her sorority sisters that missy was wearing a butt-plug and proceeded to push it in even deeper and all of them did!!

After about 10 minutes of this embarrassment, Mistress finally walked in and asked what do you girls think of my sissy baby girl "missie"?!! They laughed and sad we are looking forward to babysitting her!! For 6 long hours, missie was spanked with sorority paddles, fingered, given 2 baby enemas, had to lie over the lap of each sorority sister who not only spanked missie, but too her temperature and loved spanking and paddling my diapers which were very wet and stinky!! The most humiliating event was having to bend over a chair in the sorority house and Mistress pulling my sissy dress up and then pulling my diapers and rubber pants down!! And then placing her strapon-cock, lots of lube and gloves near the chair and invited all her sorority sisters to peg missy' sissy ass!! Half of the sorority girls took up Mistress's offer and then 5 of her sorority sisters used my sissy ass and then Mistress pegged missie when she know my sissy ass was nice and sore but well used!

The fun never really stopped that afternoon because 5 of her sorority sisters and Mistress took me dressed in her humiliating outfit to a fetish event and told all her sorority sisters that she would bring missie back again!! But prior to going to the Mistress's car, one of her sorority sisters decided to put a pink ribbon in m Missie's hair and then they all drove around and Mistress would honk her horn when she saw women in other cars especially at the lights!! missie was so embarrassed when she said this but loved the idea of really embarrassing missie with her sorority sisters at the fetish party and all the sorority sisters did bring their sorority paddles and did spank missie's already very sore bottom at the fetish party as well a few other things!!

missie (Mistress' sissy diaper pledge)

139 views · 11 days ago

A scorching Texas sun beat down as Tara and her friend
Megan lounged in the back yard in their new thongs.
Both girls had chugged some cold beers, and now
all Megan wanted was to kick back and relax, listening
to the tunes on a C&W station from Fort Worth playing
on the boom box.
But Tara would not stop her nagging.
The blonde former high school cheerleader seemed like
today all she wanted to do was bitch and moan and
gripe about anything and everything she could think
of. And, frankly, she was getting on Megan's nerves. The
sun was hot, the Budweisers were cool, there was a
slight breeze and everything was there to make for a
perfect late summer afternoon. But Tara's bratty
behavior, her whining and endless chatter, was putting
a damper on it all. Megan just rolled her eyes,
adjusting herself face down on the blanket and
pretended not to hear.
The sound of a motor followed by slamming cardoors
announced the arrival of the girls' two friends,
Christy and Denise. A moment later they strode into
the back yard, Denise in cutoffs and halter top and
carring a six pack, and Christy in shorts and T top
with a blanket and bottle of suntan oil. They quickly
peeled off their outer garments revealing the fetching
new thongs they'd just gotten from Fredricks of
Hollywood, and stretched out on their white blanket
next to Megan and Tara.
"Hey, Christy" Megan said, "Lemme have some of that
lotion, okay?" Obligingly, the blonde, blue-eyed
Christy stepped over Denise and knelt down beside
Megan, rubbing some of the Coppertone onto her tanned
skin. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels great !" Megan cooed, lifting herself up long enough to take a sip of beer from the still frosty can. She put her head down on
her arms, closed her eyes and drank in the good
sensations of sun, wind and Christy's soft hands
massaging her back and thighs. Everything would have
been heaven, but Tara continued to whine and complain.
"Hey, you guys" Denise piped up, "Did y'all remember
it was two years ago today they had the big paddlin'
out in Timpson?" Christy and Megan giggled. Yeah they
remembered ! It was a big news story at the time, the
entire senior class including the Homecoming Queen and her court of honor each got three licks with the
paddle for hanging out in the parking lot after first
bell. The three girls talked about the incident and
laughed slightly, but Tara was grumpy and pouty,
irritated that her three friends weren't much
interested in her whiny complaints today. Megan
glanced at Tara, noticing her firm, brownly tanned
bottom cheeks beautifully accented by the violet
thong, and all the chit-chat about 38 red, sore
fannies suddenly made her blurt out "I think I see
another butt that needs to get swatted !"
Christy and Denise burst into laughter at Megan's
remark, but Tara sat bolt upright and scowled. "Yea,
yea, yea" Tara mocked, "You guys are so $^$%#@ funny!" With that, impetuously, she reached over with one bare foot and kicked over Christy's bottle of
Coppertone, sending the liquid streaming out across the
blanket. "HEY !" Christy yelled, "Don't be such a
little brat, Tara !" Megan had had enough. Growing
up in a home with two sisters, and now an aunt to
neices and nephews, she knew exactly how this kind of
silly misbehavior should be addressed, whether the
guilty party was 8, 18 or 28. Megan scrambled to her
feet and took Tara by her arm, pulling her upright as
Denise and Christy looked on, open mouthed, suspecting what was coming. "MEGAN, what are yew DEWIN'?" Tara yelped, slightly fearful now at Megan's reference to a spanked butt. "You've been a little bitch all freakin' DAY, Tara" Megan scolded, "And I'm tired of
it. You wanna behave like a little kid, okay ! You'll
be treated like a little kid !"
Grasping her right arm, Megan steered Tara off the
dry, tickly grass and onto the sunbaked concrete slabs
of the patio, quickly sitting down on the step and
pulling the squirming, protesting Tara across her lap.
"MEGAN ! DAMN IT, NOOOO !" Tara wailed, "PLEASE !"
Megan ignored her as she raised her right leg and
tucked it firmly around the backs of Tara's thighs to
hold her down. Denise and Christy, laughing
hysterically, stood on the grass watching, their eyes
alight. On the radio, Shania Twain belted out "Honey,
I'm Home" as Megan raised her hand and brought it down hard on Tara's soft, quiverring backside ....
SMACK !!!! Tara screamed. "OWWWWWWW ! KNOCK IT OFF !"
CRACK !!! AYOWTCH !!! Tara began blubbering ....
"Honey, I'm home and I had a hard day ...." Shania
sang as Megan's hand rose and fell, rose and fell,
landing hot and hard with a fast series of sharp,
crisp smacks on Tara's rapidly reddening haunches.
CRACK !!!! WHACK !!!! SMACK !!!!! THWACK !!!!
"YEOWWWCH IT HURTS !!!!!" Tara wailed, furiously
squirming and trying to kick as her punishment
continued to her woe and to Denise and Christy's
amusement. Christy took and sip of beer and Denise
shifted her weight from one leg to the other, each
glad it wasn't her over Megan's lap.
CRACK !!!! SLAP !!!!! WHAP !!!!!! "Hey, Hey, Hey hey
hey ....." Shania wound up, her high notes nowhere
near as high as Tara's, crying and bawling as her
tender backside burned like hellfire. After a couple
of dozen spanks, Megan allowed Tara to stand. The
well chastened blonde ruefully reached back rubbing
her fanny, her face flushed and hot, salty tears
coursing down her cheeks. "Are you gonna behave now?" Megan demanded. Tara nodded, a lump in her throat, doing all she could to suppress a sob. "Okay, I HOPE so" Megan said. "We're gonna have at least another 30 minutes of peace and quiet around here cuz YOU, young lady, are gonna go stand in the corner for half an hour!" Taking Tara by the hand she led her into the kitchen, positioning her firmly in the corner beside
the fridge. "You move ONE INCH from here" Megan
warned, "And you're getting another licking. PLUS I
WILL send you to bed without supper tonight, you
understand ?" "Yah, Megan, okay, okay ..." Tara
winced. The girl knew she had better obey, because
Megan WOULD make good on her threat of early bed, no
supper and other tanning if she didn't. A stray tear
dribbling down her face, Tara stood silently in the
corner and Megan padded back outside.
Christy, Denise and Megan relaxed in the back yard,
all three excited and giggly over Tara's well earned
spanking. But Christy and Denise knew they had best not get too mouthy or bratty, because the look on Megan's face made it clear that more than one licking could be dished out today if a bad attitude called for it !

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