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my Blog is back-up

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Ive just had a highly offensive message regarding my previous blog, May be in trouble.
Im not one for talking about others on here, stay away from other group arguements as im here for fun, chat with friends, learn more about the spanking world.
I block anyone who insults me or my partner or who harrasses me.

But this came from Brat504
Never really spoken to her, i thought just another spanking lover.
Looking at her profile, it says nothing much, very few blogs, mostly showing that shes caused trouble with other members and nothing more. Obviously just looking out for trouble but just shows how pathetic this little girl really is.
Who shouldnt be allowed on this site coz shes obviously not grownup enougn to understanda grownup lifestyle.

Honey when a man says give me a blow job or he will spank you thats rape.
You are in a relationship with a rapist.

I cannot stand by and let this slide without sharing this disgusting message.
She obviously has no idea in a DD relationship, in rules, in duties i as his sub has. If he asks for a blowjob, i am expected to do it, this is NOT rape its part of his rules, that ive fully excepted.
And many doms/subs will have a similar rule.
If people have nothing nice to say then dont say it.

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After the very late night last night, it shows how grumpy i get when i go to bed late and why Mr G insists on a 9pm bedtime, 10pm sleep time.
Even though i actually slept til 6am, very unusual for me and only woke when one of the dogs, Dave, sat on my head giving me a toy. I think he wanted to make sure i was still alive as i am usually up anytime after 4am. And they are my shodows, where i go, they follow.
By noon, i could feel myself starting to snooze, i normally start falling asleep around then.
But i had jobs to do so couldnt sleep, leaving me feeeling more and more grumpy.
Until Mr G asked why i was in a grump.
I said coz i am tired.
He replied, well are those jobs you were just doing finished ?
Yes i replied.
Then go to bed for a snooze now. He told me. Go on, take the dogs to bed so you can all have a snooze together.
I wasnt going to argue or protest so off we went. This time Muffin was asleep on my head like normal.
I resurfaced 2 hours later feeling much better.
I had asked if i was allowed late nights next week as he is off work for the week, he had said no, but i was going to ask again, i think this has proved to me that i really am better with my 10pm sleeptime, so i wont ask again.

Spanking Teen Brandi
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I think i may be in trouble, and hope im wrong.
Last night we got a huge meat delivery at 9.30pm. It took us 1 1/2 hours to bag it up and freeze it.
I was shattered as i had a bad night the previous night.
I went straight to bed, still watching some tv when Mr G came to bed.
It was midnight.
When my program finished, i turned off and said, come on you need to get to sleep before me, so my snoring doesnt keep you awake.
( im a drowning warthog when asleep apparently ) lol
I rolled over to go to sleep.
Mr G said, im just waiting to get my balls and cock massaged.
Meaning he wanted a blowjob.
I said, oh come on, its past night, im knakard.
He replied, it wasnt a debate.
I said, oh come on babe, can you not wait til tomorrow ?
I really need to learn not to argue like this.
I told you what i want and gave you an order. He told me.
Still rolled the other way, i paused, thinking can i get away with it if i just wait, how long do i wait until i just do it.
After about 20 seconds he rolled over, saying oh its like that is it.
Knowing id pushed too far, the tone of his voice giving that away, i quickly rolled towards him and said, i was just about to do it, come on roll back again.
He just said no, too late, i shouldnt have to say twice.
Rolling back over, i lay awake becoming increasingly worried that i really had gone too far. And im pretty sure i will pay for this in a very bad way.

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work this week has been a major pain in the ass... thank God its over for now.. tomorrow I have 4 of my grandbabies over from one family.. 9, 5, 4 yr old boys n 1 yr old girl...they will arrive bout 8am n ill have them til bout 9-10pm...I cant wait!!... then Sun my daughter is law is stopping by.. she knows I love the color purple n she knows I love pigs ( the animal kind).. so she made me a plaque from wood pallets for me... she painted it purple , put 4blue pigs for my boys, 6 pink pigs for my girls n the mama pig on top cause she said I always have my kids backs.. I cant wait to get it... :).. ill post a pic on my wall later of it...

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Does Hillary spank hard?
Why don’t we ask Bill
if she paddled his ass
up on Capitol Hill
after he dallied with Monica,
which he did for a fact,
when he used a cigar
for a sexual act,
as Monica testified,
under duress,
when asked about stains
on her blue satin dress.

Does Hillary spank hard?
Can she turn ass to cinder?
Can she light up a rump
like it was dry wood and tinder?
I say we ask Donald—
Of course I mean Trump!—
after Hillary spanks him
come this November!!!

Spanking Teen Brandi
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to my gallery: Rosaleen Young

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I should start off this:


I Do NOT accept friendship request from anyone once that does NOT have a filled in profile with picture - genital pictures Do NOT count, Message me a few times. I've been interested in spanking since I was 7 y/o. I'm a Dominant Switch and love the feel of a naughty girl or boy over my lap for their actions. I find spanking fun as foreplay. It's thrilling that there are girls and my boy who need a woman who will always hold them accountable. In-addition to being in a Disciplinary Wives Club Style Marriage. I am still being able to be hold me accountable for certain things I ask him to discipline me for.

I am only here to speak with individuals with similar interests.

I am NOT here to be popular.

I am NOT here to make give anyone self gratification material.

I do NOT post semi nor full nude photos, so if that is why you are asking for friendship, you will be disappointed.

I write in my blog or post picture of my mood and thoughts.

If you don't like what I post on my blog, then do NOT read it.

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How do i delete a acount i have a old account i no longer ise and i want to delete it

Spanking Teen Brandi
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How do i delete a acount i have a old account i no longer ise and i want to delete it

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#RiseAndShiine today we need to reorganize, and bring new order into our lives. old bad habits need to go, so success can grow and come alive #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c) 2016

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Last sunday my strict wife decided it was time for me to get a good hard spanking over her knees. I had not been spanked for months, due to some serious problems in our family in regards to health. Somethings are just more important than that and I totally accepted that my needs and cravings for a spanking over my wifes knees, had to come at a later stage.
Well last sunday, spanking me was on my wifes to do list again. When we got up my wife told me to put out her black leather pants, set up one of our straight back dining chairs and get the wooden bathbrush and her short otk cane along with the leather strap and my hand restraints.
I looked surprised at her and saw a very serious and determined woman. Get going young man she said and gave me a slap on my bottom. I am going to give you a long hard spanking tonight and you know very well that you deserve to be spanked. Your behavior the past months has been unacceptable and I intnd to stop that tonig she said sternly.
As of tonight I am going to give you a weekly maintenance spanking every sunday. Not for a month or two as I have done before, but every sunday for as long as I decide to she announced. Is that understood yoyng man?
Yes Maam I said feeling aroused and getting excited about the prospect of regularly ending up over my wifes knees for a spanking.
Good and to be quite clear also, it does NOT mean that you will get away with naughty behavior or disobedience during the week. I will not hesitate to give you a spanking whenever you step out of line and then give you your maintenance spanking the following sunday.
Is that understood? Yes Maam I said feeling a little embarrassed.
Good now get the things for your maintenance spanking ready and then we can have breakfast and go out. I did as my wife told me and was both excited and nervous about the maintenance spanking I knew I was going to get in the evening.
I placed the dining chair in the middle of the dining room, placed tha spanking implements on the seat of the chair and hung my wifes black leather pants over the back of the chair.
Now everything was set up for my maintenance spanking.
We had breakfast and I tried hard not to look at the dining chair and my wifes spanking implements. I was on edge the whole time until we decided to go out.
We then went out in a nearby forrest and collected some berries for a couple of hours. I tried to focus on what was happening in the moment, but I only had one thing on my mind. How much was it going to hurt and sting getting spanked again after months without any spankings.
We came home again and after having gone to the bathroom my wife decided it was time to give me my maintenance spanking.
Now I want you to march yourself into the corner and stand there with your hands on your head. There you will have time to think about the spanking I am going to give you in about 10 minutes my wife said calmly and pointed to the corner.
Yes Maam I said and walked to the corner, put my nose against the walls and put my hands on my head.
I felt embarrassed, like a naughty little boy about to be punished by his strict mother and at the same time I could feel an erection building in my pants.
I could hear my wife changing clothes and knew she was putting her black leather pants on. The thought of her in black leather pants always causes me to be erect and when I heard her walk across the wooden floor in her high heeled ankle boots, I knew it would not be long before I would be taken over her leather clad knees and getting my bare bottom spanked.
After about 10 minutes I heard my wife pick up the spanking implements, place them on the dining table and sit down on the dining chair.
I waited patiently for my wife to call me to the chair she was sitting on and was quite releaved when she finally did.
Allright young man, come over here right now my wife said sternly.
I could not hide how ecxited I was when I turned around and walked over to the chair she was sitting on in her black leather pants.
I stood before my strict wife, feeling very excited and with a rock hard erection waiting to be spanked over her knees like a naughty little boy. The thought caused my to blush completely and feel very embarrassed.
My wife gave me a short scolding and lecture before reaching over and grabbing the leather strap. She put it in her lap and told me to put my hands on my head. I obeyed her and she started unbuckling my belt, opening my jeans and finally pulling them down to my ankles.
She then put her fingers into the elastic waistband of my underwear, pulled them out over my rock hardcerection and all the way down to my jeans around my ankles.
I was beyond embarrassed and was beet red in the face with shame, that I was presenting my pre cum dripping erection to my strict wife.
Do not feel embarrassed young man my wife said. It is quite normal for naughty boys to be erect, when they are going to be spanked by a woman. Do not worry about that erection of yours, I will make it go away very quickly anyway young man my wife said sternly. I was scarlett in the face with shame and could not even look at my wife in embarrassment.
Put out your hands she said and when I did she locked my hand restraints to my wrists in front of me.
Come over on my right side young man my wife told me and I obeyed her at once.
My wife picked up the leather strap and straightened up on the dining chair.
Over my knees young man she said sternly and I obeyed her at once.
I felt my hard erection rubbing against my wifes leather clad thighs and I really felt wonderful.
My wife reached down on her left and secured my hand restraints to the front leg of the chair she was sitting on. Now I was totally unable to reach back with my free hand and try to protect my bare bottom from the spanking I had comming.
Now young man you are to remain in position over my knees at all times during your spanking. If you wiggle or squirm of my knees before I am done spanking you, I will put you right back over my knees and start your spanking from the beginning.
Is that understood my wife said sternly?
Yes Maam I replied.
Good, then it is time for you maintenance spanking young man.
My wife raised her rigth hand and began spanking me with the leather strap. It stung and burned terrible in my bare bottom. I squirmed and wiggled in an attempt to avoid the strap, but my wife covered my entire bottom with it making me plead and beg with her to stop spanking me. My erection was long gone at this stage. I was hyperventilating and trying to ajust to the sting of the leather strap and was getting into a state of a little panick, when my wife swapped the strap for the wooden bathbrush.
As she began spanking me with the bathbrush it felt like my bottom exploded. The sting took my breath away and I franticly tried to get free from the grip my wife had on my hip. Nothing worked though and she just held me firmly in place over her leather clad knees, as she methodicly spanked my bare bottom good and hard. Alterning from one butt cheek to the other I was given a very hard spanking with the wooden bathbrush and at some point I could just not take the pain anymore and had to choke back a sob.
It sounds like I am getting through to you young man my wife said and kept spanking me with the bathbrush. I broke down and gave up fighting the spanking my strict wife was giving me. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I begged and pleaded and promised to be a good boy if only she would stop spanking me. But my strict wife was determined to give me a good hard spanking and just kept spanking me until I was sobbing hard over her leather clad knees.
She put the bathbrush back on the table and took the short cane in her right hand. Tightening her grip on my hip my wife raised her right hand and began spanking me with the cane. I felt like a torch burned my skin every time my wife made the cane land on my allready bright red and sore bottom. I howled and franticly tried to form words, but all that came out of my mouth was deep sobs as my wife gave me the hardest spanking I had felt for a very very long time.
The sting and pain was unbelievable and before my wife finished spanking me with the cane I was bawling my eyes out laying limb over her leather clad knees.
She finished my spanking of with a dozen hard spanks to my sitspots and then put the cane down.
My wife released my hand rwstraints from the front leg of the chair andctold me to get up.
I rose from my wifes leather clad knees and saw huge staines of pre cum on them. I felt so embarrassed and tried hard to stop from sobbing. My wife sent me back to the corner with a stern warning not to rub my bottom unless I wanted to go back over her knees again.
Embarrassed and feeling very sorry for myself, I stood crying in the corner with my bright red bottom on display for 15 minutes before being allowed to clean my tear stained face.
I came back into the livingroom and had to clean of the pre cum staines I made on my wifes black leather pants, when my erection rubbed against her thighs while she spanked me. That was very embarrassing and I felt very humble as I had to thank my wife for taking her time to spank me.
My bottom was bruised, swollen, bright red and extremely sore after my maintenance spanking and I know I have another one comming on sunday. I both love and dread this maintenance spanking thing and have to be careful not to get a spanking during the week. My bottom need at least 3 or 4 days to recover from a spanking over my wifes knees, soany other spankings during the week will make sundays maintenance spankings harder to take.

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We Are Thinking of doing some spanking partys at our villa here in lanzarote , at this stage putting feelers out to see if we can get enough people to come out. 4 Models for everyone to spank would be available. drinks food included in price.. Anyone interested please message us if enough reply we will give dates etc.. Price Is 150 Euros 75 up front as deposit Rest at door u must be over 18 to come id required.

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If Republicans Are NOT going to back Trump, WHY WAIT for Hillary to pick a Judge for the Supreme Court, Just let Obama pick him/her.

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Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance

Have You Forgotten?

Spanking Teen Brandi
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...hairbrush spankings

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The sharp eyed among you may have noticed the director and myself have not, despite our promises, made or posted any new videos of spankings recently. That is because things have changed and we are no longer hanging out together.
I am very glad I had the chance to make some videos with him and he certainly was a natural at spanking, and that combined with his film-making skills, made for some great videos. We were both also very pleased to see that people enjoyed them and we are grateful for all the nice comments.
Change is always a little sad, as who could not regret the loss of a good spanker, who took to it like a duck to water. Naturally I will miss being spanked so well. But that's life, and things never stay the same. Our videos and pics are a nice record of an enjoyable spanking partnership.

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Spanking Teen Brandi
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She held on tight to the foot of the chair and for a moment there was no movement or sound as she nervously waited for the first smack. Then he asked her, “What is the color of the kite?” Perplexed, she responded, “wha…what? The loud sharp smacks, one for each cheek, echoed the room before she realized it. The sting started to settle in and travel throughout her bottom like wild fire. He asked again in robotic fashion “what is the color of the kite?” Still bewildered and beginning to panic she said, “I…I...I don’t understand.” Whap!..Whap! “ooh ..ow!” Anaïs whimpered. What color is the kite? He repeated. Her eyes began to tear, “I …I don’t know,” she said woefully. Her bottom felt another two electric shocks that jerk her body. What color is the kite? Again he repeated. So confused and anxious, and full of dread as to how long this will go on, she was unable to formulate words and all she could do was whine… but her whining and stalling would not be enough to delay another pair of sharp smacks laid hard across her soft bottom. Her, “oww,” was followed by a gentle sob. What color is the kite? She closed her eyes tightly and a tear drop fell to the floor. Kite?....what kite? She thought. Is he referring to the drawing? I can’t remember for sure if it was brown or orange she thought. “ah…um…ora…orange..sir,” she said nervously. Who is in the picture? He asked. “a…a girl..sir” she whimpered. SPEAK UP! He bellowed. “A girl sir!” she said in a higher tone. What is she wearing? He asked. “ A dress sir,” she said. What is the color of her dress? He then asked. “purple..sir,” she answered. SMACK…SMACK. “OH..OWW” she yelped. Her bottom was beginning to become tender. What is the color of her dress? He asked again. “Blue sir, oh! She said still shocked from the unexpected sharp smacks to her bottom. SMACK..SMACK. “OH ..OW” she cried. What is the color of her dress? He asked again. Confused, she wholeheartedly believed that she had given the right answer. Her mind raced. If it’s not blue or purple then it must be, “lavender sir!” How many trees are there? He asked. “oh please, no more sir,” she said desperately. SMACK..SMACK! “OWWW! Oh god! …SIX SIR “ she bellowed. “Good, so you have been paying attention. That is the level of focus and diligence I want when you perform your tasks, he said. Do I make myself clear? “Yes sir! Crystal clear! I promise!” She said. And in rapid succession, SMACK..SMACK. “OOHH OW…wh…why ?” She cried. He removed the hair from the side of her face as she looked back at him. He then said to her, “nothing enrages me more than the words, I promise. I don’t want assurances. I want you to perform your function to the best of your ability. Do you understand? He asked. “Yes sir” she said obediently. “I want you to get up and gather yourself, I want you to fix these figures, I want the accuracy of those figures reflected in your reports, and I want those reports by end of day! Mr. Marcelo said sternly. Anaïs lifted herself from Mr. Marcelo’s lap, sheepishly adjusted her skirt, and with her teary eyes she looked into Mr. Marcelo’s and said “yes sir, right away,” and moved quickly to the door and awkwardly walked out of his office hoping no one on the floor heard or realized what had just occurred. As she returned to her desk, the adrenal and nervous rush circulated throughout her body. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She then looked over at her terminal screen and immediately began deciphering and breaking down the figures. She also noticed a number of mistakes, and wondered how could have she been so careless with her work.

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Mr. Marcelo got up from his desk and walked over to Anaïs’ cubicle. His arrival startled her, and as he towered over her cubicle, he looked into her eyes and said, ‘come to my office’ in a low but serious tone. Anaïs sat there for a few moments and watched him turn around, briskly return to his office… and lowered the curtains. She wondered if there was something the matter. She knew she had been making mistakes, but she didn’t think they were anything dire.

As she peep squeaked her way into Mr. Marcelo’s office, Mr. Marcelo locked eyes with hers and instructed her to shut the door and have a seat with a calmness that hid a storm. Mr. Marcelo, with sharp sternness, pierced into her eyes and said “Anaïs! You are my senior analyst. Your function is to be detailed oriented. The success of this company rests on the collective accuracy of our work. Everyone must pull their own weight. Up until you started here a month ago, this company was an organizational symphony. Tomorrow I am set to present these numbers to the board of directors and these figures that you have provided me are all wrong! I vouched for you and gifted you with my mentorship.” The scolding cut into the pit of Anaïs’ chest. Her heart began to pound and her skin began to tingle with nervousness. She couldn’t keep gaze with Mr. Marcelo’s tense fiery eyes and had to look away. Her eyes were fixated on a beautiful drawing hung on the wall behind his desk. It depicted a young girl with flowing hair wearing a delicate dress that danced in the wind, and she was flying a kite in a valley meadow that had snow covered mountains in the background. Mr. Marcelo noticed that Anaïs attention was fixated somewhere else, steadily on the artwork behind his desk. Infuriated, Mr. Marcelo asked Anaïs if she was paying attention, to which she responded, “yes sir, I was, I promise!” Mr. Marcelo looked away in a pang of frustration ….there it was again he thought, the two words he always believed conveyed a false sense of trust…’I promise’….. Mr. Marcelo looked back into Anaïs’ eyes accompanied with a moment of silence and said “we’ll see how well you paid attention.”

Mr. Marcelo directed Anaïs to stand up and to come his side of the desk. Anaïs was extremely anxious at this point. She didn’t believe the small whispers she’s heard concerning Mr. Marcelo’s mentoring style. Her heart jumped when she heard the words “get over my lap!” Without hesitation she obeyed with a timid “yes sir.” As she began to bend herself over Mr. Marcelo’s lap, she lifted her skirt exposing her tight black panties in a way that suggested that this was not her first time, Mr. Marcelo thought.

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