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It will be up as soon as possible.

I never thought it would be so well received!

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Okay - it's gorilla grumble time again!

This time my beef is lazy contributors who can't be bothered to edit their work.

Now SpankingTube is not (as far as I am aware) a paragon of literary excellence, so we must be prepared for slight lapses in grammar, misspellings and the odd omitted comma.

But wall to wall writing with no paragraph breaks is just plain sloppy. I cannot be bothered to read such entries because it just looks like so much noise. Yes - editing is a pain in the arse to do - but if one wants their work read and appreciated, then surely it is worth the effort - yes?

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im going to start stories on here and i hope you all like them

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I knew I was ready for another experience with Mr fantasy and it wasn't even raining.It had been 3 weeks since we had first met and played at the motel.I had not stopped thinking about it since and knew I would go CrAzY if I did not see my fantasy friend.I grabbed my phone and texted,"REMEMBER ME THE NAUGHTY GAL WHO NEEDS HER BOTTOM SPANKED".This got me and imediate response"SOMEONE IS IN BIG TROUBLE,MEET ME AT THE HOTEL AT 4:30 AND BE ONTIME OR ELSE".With reading that last line or else,I think my bottom smarted at the thought of purposely showing up late.Was I that naive that it would be the worst thing I could do.Had I already forgotten the ferocity of our first meeting and that it took almost a whole week to sit properly.As the day progressed All the senarios started to play through my head.Those massive shoulders,oh how I wanted to climb back up on his chest and ride him.There were so many things that I felt we hadn't done our first meeting.Now I was determined to make more of these fantasies cum true!
4:35 and I pulled up.would Mr fantasy really hold to his"OR ELSE".He seemed so no nonsense that worry came over me like a rushing wave and I almost decided to leave the parkinglot.and my better judgement spoke to my vagina and I knew I had what was coming to me.As I searched the parking lot for Mr's pickup truck not hide or hair of him?This was strange,was I being stood up.And my brain started racing with all the different conclusions.Did he really enjoy playing with me.Was he somewhere else with another plaything.had he gotten hurt and wasn't making it because he was hospitalized.As fast as these thoughts flashed through my mind,there was his Blue pickup barreling in as if he was trying to save himself from being late at 4:38.Didn't he know that now I felt he was not so responsible and actually made me a little angry at his tardiness.As he pulled next to my car he jumped out and told me he was going to the office to get us a room.I stopped him and remarked kind of snide"You know your late"and shockingly he replied"So,whatcha going to do about it?"He strolled off toward the office which infuriated me and now with steam coming off my head my wheels began to really spin and All I could think was my fantasy man became a big lug in one meeting.NO this can't happen and I won't let it happen."Whatcha going to do about it"Well I tell you what we are going to do.......
When the key hit the door,there was no butterflies this time.Just a feeling that a sneak attack was around the corner.As my Mr, more so looked like a little boy to me.I was prepared to treat him just like that.he got comfortable as he had the last time and sat down on the chair looking over at me as if to say,you know where you should be.BOY was he going to be surprised when he found out what was about to take place.I reached into my travel bag while his head was turned and pulled out my wood I walked to his side, he motioned as if to say remove you pants and I jestured with a head nod NO!He thought I was being Defiant. That is when I pulled the hairbrush from behind my back and said wait a minute Mr.You threatened me that if I was a minute late there would be an OR ELSE.Well now it is time for the person almost 10 minutes late to own up to or else.He looked at me in shock as if to say,your kidding me right?let me tell you,there was no joking with him in what I said and I pulled him from the chair by his long hair and sat where he was and patted my lap"You come here you naughty little boy,you are going to get spanked for being late"With that he started to mumble something and started stuttering that I was out of line and I could not spank him.I retorted"You need to get across my lap young man or things are going to get worse here faster then a NY minute.His facial features changed as if this once tough guy was now reduced to a naughty little boy who was about to face judgement.I patted my lap again and told him"and don't forget to pull down your pants,This is going to take place on your bare bottom!"I never saw a man blush, but he got the same flushed look in his cheeks that was about to take place on his hine quaters!As he drapped himself across my lap I took the time to position his hips snuggly to my waiste and once secure I began with no warmup to smack that fanny silly with my did not take long for him to begin squirming,feeling I was on the right track i picked up the pace and smacked every inch of that rearend!Before he knew it, there was a red glow beggining to eminate form his backside which rememinded me of an apple which was just picked from a tree for it's ripeness.Seeing this made me want to spank him more.He was groaning and making noises that were getting me so wett.I must have started to really smack him hard because his feet kicked up and now he was trying to move so where I might miss hitting his little tush.I told him if he did not stay still I was going to get my buggy whip out and make chopmeat out of his behind.He apologized and said he would be still.To try him,and see if he could tolerate my spanking,I swung from high up lifting my arm to the ceiling and crashing down like a paratrooper chuteing in.He was maintaining his composure but I could tell any minute he was going to go through the roof.I heard little whimpers and he sounded like he was ready to cry.I did not want to break my big tough man on my first spanking,and this is when I stopped.I did ask if he was going to be a good boy and not be late again.He replied quickly"No mam".I aksed if this punishment had gotten through to him.He gracefully remarked"If I had to go through that again,I'd need more then a pillow to sit"Likeing all his inuendo's i felt it was time to reward my naughty little boy,but what he did not know is this reward was going to be for me!I told him to stand infront of me and not pull his pants up.Any attempt to cover his privates, I assured, would get him spanked all over again.As he stood before me I could sense his uneasiness.He looked embaressed having his manhood out infront of I made him stand there for a few minutes and that's when I asked"So what do you think I should do with you my little miscreant tardy naughty boy.He replied in a quiet suttle conqured voice"You can do what ever pleases you mam".I shot back"What else did you think was going to happen"
I don't think he was prepared for what was going to happen next.My last boyfriend was very subservant and I would Dominate him in extensive ways making him submitt to any of my whims.My Mr fantasy I could tell was not use to this treatment so I knew I would have to break him in slowly for what was about to happen.So as he stood infront of me with all his nakedness exposed I reached forward and took his semi erect cock into my hand and with my other I grabbed his balls.I asked how does it feel to be had by the balls,as I gave them a nice squeeze.All he could do was grin and said again"Do as you may,I am all yours"I looked with a way more then evil grin and sarcastically spoke"When I am finished with you,you will be more then all mine"and with an even eviler laugh stroked his cock untill it got hard.Once he was throbbing in my hand I told him to turn around and I dipped into my little bag of tricks pulling out a pair of handcuffs.With his back to me I grabbed one hand and cuffed it.Before he could resist or respond the other cuff was on and he was pushed forward with his head into the bed.His little backside up in the air was more than cute and a treasure of a target for what was to take place.I slipped back in my bag and reached for the REAL surprise.I had my boyfriend trained in strap-on play and he was very used to being fucked by me for all he was worth.Now my Mr Fanatsy,Well I did think he would protest as he felt the tip of my rubber cock grind up gainst his backside.We would have to sit back and watch as this all unfolded.In seconds I had this apporatis tighty secured to me and now we were ready to find out just how tough my Mr fanatsy really was.As I got close I reached and grabbed his hips and straddled his cute tush.He had to feel the introduction that was taking place,or the intrusion that was about to take place.Strangely enough he lifted his ass toward me and jutted his butt out as if to greet my flesh colored thickness.I whispered in his ear,"have you ever......And before I could finish the statement he replied"NO","but I always was curious".I reasured him curiosity was the last thing you would have today.With that I slipped the lubriated tip into him.there was some resitance but it would be futile.i was prepared to make him take every inch.And as I worked this thick cock into him he moaned and shook his cute ass untill I had 3 quaters in.I began fucking him and grabbed his long mane and pulled his head back.He could not move now so I stuck him with the last inches and that's when he lost it.He began panting and bucking his hips so I fucked him harder.As I got the full length sunk into his stretched little fuck hole I reached around and stroked his cock.I told him if he touched it himself all bets were off I would stop his ass pounding and grab my belt and whip his ass till he had flesh warts.He begged "No mam please"As he held the sheets tightly I rammed his cute little ass and stroked his ragging hard cock.I guess all this was to much and before i knew it he had exploded into the palm of my hand.I had let out a little growl and said who told you you could cum.He started to apologize and with his mouth open I covered it with the palm of my hand and he got a facefull of his release.I think this quieted him down.I was really feeling DIVAiant.And told him"get used to this treatment,it is not all about you anymore"and with the cuffs on I pulled him to his knees and as I sat back on the chair,I pulled him close to my wett pussy and forced his head between my legs.he was going to pleasure me untill i was good and finished"OR ELSE"

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Excuse me, I seem to have misplaced my aardvark. Has anyone seen it?

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I've come to the conclusion I must be bispanksual - I'm not terribly concerned with whether I'm dishing it out or taking it as long as I get to participate. If you won't let me spank your bottom, I'll give you the opportunity to spank mine. As an iPun poster put it - it's all good.

A lot of spankos seem to be pretty set in their ways. Would YOU change from top to bottom or vice versa if the alternative were no spanking at all?

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Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

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As Mr fantasy let me up off his lap I could feel an intense throbbing on my backside.But it's real objective started to kick in.The REAL throbbing started in between my legs and I knew he could tell.maybe I was going to get that bathroom pounding I had so wanted earlier.What i had not realized is when he let me up off his lap the hat he had been wearing was off and the clean cut look he had during my spanking was what stood before me was some kind of romance novel man with a long flowing mane of gorgeous dark hair.I could feel the wetness between my legs.I was really getting aroused at this new look.I felt like I had two lovers here with me and boy was I going to take advantage of this moment.I walked up to him face to face and looked him straight in his dark brown puppy dog eyes and said"You mean big man,you just spanked my bottom"And he replied" guess you got what you had coming to you.All I could think was,boy do I want to be cumming right about now.As if he had read my mind he pulled me toward him and pulled my hair from my ear and whispered that a naughty girl like me had more coming and I should just let the big mean man do what he had to do.and then he nibbled on my neck and with little bites worked his way to my shoulder.Another part of my anatomy went on fire and I could feel chills all up and down my back.before I knew it he had grabbed a handful of my hair and tilted my head back and began to lick down the cleavage of my open V neck.My nipples stood erect and I so wanted for him to rip my shirt off.Pushing me back,he pulled his shirt up and those broad shoulders were let loose.I took this opportunity to kiss his chest and bite at his nipples which kind set him into a fervor making him pull my shirt of and as this happened I had my hand on the back of my bra and unleashed my pert breasts into his face.he grabbed both of them with his manly hands and I was starting to go off into a far away land where all I wanted was to be in his arms as he took my body and just ravaged me.Within a second he spun me around and tossed me back on the bed.He now tugged at my jeans which earlier were around my ankles.this time they were pulled off my ankles leaving me with a teeny pair of panties which i knew had no chance of lasting to protect me from his man hands and tongue.I looked up and there he stood unbuttoning his jeans and those massive shoulders made me have my first orgasm.I normally don't have orgasms without some friction but i think all the fire that was put into my backside was about all i needed to release without control and the vision of this warrior in front of me made me feel like a conquered maiden in the dark ages.Now different fantasies were running through my mind.Before I could place one to the face,there he was naked and writhing next to little panties that protected my pussy from the assault it was about to endure were peeled off and I could feel a breeze now on my freshly shaved pussy.His big hands were such a turn on to look at, but his fingers as they reached down between my legs were what sent me over the edge.He rubbed my clit lightly and it began to drive me CrAzY that I grinded up against his hand and he finally pulled me toward him and licked down my chest to my belly button and then as I sighed I felt his tongue in between my thighs sending light tickles and tingles that made me quiver and BAM his tongue was darting up and down and around the lips of my come fuck me tunnel.I could not hold back and exploded into his mouth with all my wetness that had been waiting for this moment.His hands ran up my sides and before I knew it we were embarrassed and he was beginning to slide his thick shaft slowly into me.As he entered me I let out a cry of passion followed by uncontrolled moaning that worried me at first ,who in the hotel might here all this wild passion and commotion.It was just as quickly forgotten with the thought of the spanking I had just received and that I was going to be the lucky recipient of this treatment many more times to cummm from MY Mr fantasy.THE END

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“I...I...w-well, I...ummm...” was all she could say as she sunk into the ottoman as far as she could. Sadly for her, it wasn’t very deep at all.

“Did you blow something up?” Wallace asked with a quirked brow. Susanna shook her head no.

“Commit murder?” another head shake.

“Fraud?” more negative head shaking. “Then for goodness sake dear, why on earth do you think you need to be punished?” he asked. At this point, he was damn well curious. What was so bad that she just had to see him to get whatever guilt she had off her chest.

“I...-ed off...” was all she was able to hear from her timid whisper of a response. “Hmmm?”

“I didn’ my...-ores...”

“Speak up, young lady!” Wallace scolded. He was old, but that THAT old. Well, not old enough to lose his hearing, mind you.

“I slacked off! Didn’t do my chores!” she finally shouted, sniffling some and turning her head away from him in shame.

“That’s it?!” the more annoyed SS agent thought. He fumed for a second, but remembered it WAS Susanna. The girl who’d almost cry watching the late night news; the girl who seemed to be in a constant state of daydreaming.

Wallace sighed and heard her out. Apparently she had been slacking off at her farming and winery duties. Her recent hard-ship with both Louisiana and Nevada left her in a state of suspended animation, so to speak. She had pretty much gotten so down in the dumps that she just didn’t come out of bed for a week. Sure, she managed to finish all her work eventually, but she was a state. Or, at least the northern half of one. She did have high responsibilities that always had to be maintained for the good of her citizens.

“I suppose that is pretty serious. Not terrible, but worthy of being punished for.” He said, sitting back in his chair, crossing one leg over the other and crossing his arms. Northern California nodded and played with her hair a bit, twirling a few strands around her finger. “How are you asking me to punish you?” the stoic question came, before he lifted his cup of now lukewarm tea to his lips.

The girl gulped softly and spoke very softly. “I...want you to spank me.” Wallace did a nearly full spit-take, but he was a gentleman! So he just choked on the mouthful of tea that was already traveling down his throat. Susanna nearly stood up, concerned for the human she had warmed up to over the years. Wallace held up a hand to halt her, as he coughed to clear his airways.

“S-Spank you...?!” Wallace finally was able to sputter out. A timid, yet still somehow adamant nod came from the young woman in response. Wallace had never really spanked anyone who asked him before. Sure, he had given America well-deserved thrashings from time to time, but never to anyone else. He never fathered any children and honestly, after being the agent to tend to America’s every beck and call, never wanted to. But he could tell that Susanna had thought long and hard about this. She trusted him with this task and there was a slim chance of her changing her mind.

“Are you sure?”

Another nod.

“There’s no going back once I start. Are you alright with that?”

“P-Please don’t try to talk me out of this. I deserve this. I even told Mable and she was reluctant at first, but understood how guilty I felt.” North alleged.

“But she’s a cow...she can't talk...” was all Wallace could say at that second.

“She’s like family to me! She’s not just a cow...” she said with a pouty faced huff. “It’s like saying Kumajiro is ‘just Canada’s pet Spirit Bear’, or Squishy is 'just Mississippi’s giant mentally handicapped catfish'.”

Wallace sighed and stood up and took the few steps over to the ottoman where Susanna sat. He put a hand on her shoulder. “Alright. I understand. I shall punish you.”

North gasped softly before the hand on her shoulder went up to gently pat her head. “T-Thank you, Mr. Wallace.”

“Any specifications? Implement choices?” he asked, not wanting to just assume what to do.

“I shouldn’t have a choice in this, it’s a punishment after all!” she reminded him.

“Right, of course. What on earth was I thinking. Because I do this all the time, practically for a living!” He said with a large dash of sass. Susanna blushed a bit and spoke up again.

“B-But...I would like it if you scolded me during the your...natural accent.”

Wallace’s eyes widened slightly. He hated speaking like that and hardly ever did, so he wondered how she knew about it. It must’ve came out during America’s last birthday on July 4th and he had about seven too many. His shoulders dropped and he nodded.

“Very well, young lady” came the tone of his natural British accent. North felt her heart skip a beat and blood rush to her face. Wallace then began to walk away, but spoke as he left. “You know where my study room is. Come there in ten minutes. Until then, think about what you’ve done and why you are going to be punished.”


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Before you read further, READ THIS!
In this story, the character "Susanna" is a personified Northern California.


This story is a part of an overall written universe where countries, major cities and states are anthropomorphized.

Still confused?

Lame man's terms: Any given country, state, or city is a living, breathing, pretty much immortal person.

The character "Wallace", however, is a normal human who was 'cursed' with the ability to live forever, and come to know all the personified land masses so well.

Now, you are ready to fully enjoy this little fic-let~!

- Curry

Oh, and here are picture reffs:

Susanna -

Wallace (and Susanna) -


"You can do this! Just go as ask him. The worst he can do is say no!"

Sure, that sounded better in her mind, but now sitting across from Wallace in his home, she was having major second thoughts.

Susanna was a rather odd state personification. She never really caused a ruckus like her sister Southern California, or like any of the other American states for the matter. She was kind, but a rather naive sort of kind. Possibly why she constantly gave money to Nevada against the advice of...well...everyone.

"F-Fine day it is today!" she squeaked, nursing the cup of tea Wallace had poured for her over ten minutes ago.

"Yes. Its nice. It was nice two and half minutes ago when you said that as well. Also the five minutes before that, too." the rather annoyed and tired voice reminded her.

North flinched at his tone and took a small sip, her eyes widening at how bitter it was. She made a sour face. Wallace smiled on the inside and opened the small bowl of sugar cubes he brought in on the tray with the tea. Eager small hands flew for the cubes and deposited four into the bitter tea. After a few sips, she sighed contentedly before popping a single raw sugar cube into her mouth. Wallace's shoulders fell, accompanied by a roll of his eyes. "Now what did you want of me?" he asked. Poor Susanna froze and poked her fingers together.

"I...I...I....well...ummuhhIwelluhhhummm..." she mumbled.

"You know how I feel about mumbling, young lady. Now please spit it out." She gently spat out the sugar cube she was keeping under her tongue into her hand and plopped it into her unfinished tea. Wallace face-palmed. "Not what I meant!"

"I'm sorry! I'm so nervous! I...I..want you to..."

"To what?"

"I want to be punished!" she cried, hiding her face in her hands, sniffling some. Wallace was taken aback by this. What did she mean?

North could feel Wallace’s gaze on her. She kept her face hidden in her hands, mostly her eyes. She couldn’t face him now, this was the point of no return. She had said what she wanted, and now she wished she could grab those words back from ever being heard. Maybe she could laugh it off and try to convince him she was joking. Yeah! That might work!

“Ah...hahahaha! Boy, I sure got you, Mr. Wallace!” she laughed roughly, the words coming out blanketed in a thick layer of nervousness that Wallace detected. “I s-should be going now!” she giggled nervously, reaching for her small cow print hand purse on the table before her.

“I’m not buying that, Susanna. Now tell me just what you meant by me ‘punishing’ you. And I want the truth.” He said very calmly, as to not scare the fidgety brunette even more than she already seemed to be.

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I've written many spanking stories, many one-shots, a few series. I'm wondering whether or not to post them here. Many aren't too serious, others are more cute. I'm just not a fan of brutal or harsh spankings, so naturally I'd write less brutal stories, mostly domestic discipline or a friend helping another friend ease their guilt.

So...would anyone like me to post any?

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Everyone has experienced something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were.

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Part one - Fantasy Man

The morning started out as every rainy day does......The first glance out the window and the covers went back over the head.knowing that with work having been postponed because bad weather and the job just don't go together.My first inclination was,well, just make the best of it and get my vibrator out.Horny is one emotion I have never seemed to run out of!As I laugh to myself.But my pussy is way more serious then I am and it craves the vibrating waves that are created by the head of the BIG BULLET,that it got named,once I felt it killed me if i did not get shot with it atleast once a day somehow someway.This day was going to be a bit different.I was about ready to go on a journey to find more than my vibrator to fulfillmy fantasies.Once I was done driving my vulva wild and making my clit all swollen and throbbing.It was onto the internet to surf some dating websites and find a playmate.Even though I had managed to make 3 intense orgasms happen.I was still extremely horny with this one fantasy I always end up having.I can be thinking of the Big viking hauling me over the big wooden table and holding me down and having his way with me.I can give in to the football team that catches me in thier lockerroom and takes turns having a team gangbang with all of me,that one always has different variations,my head echos laughter,BUT,It always goes the direction of someone spanking me for something I have done.Naughty as I can be,plays itself out in all my fantasies end really doesn't end properly unless this takes place.My bottom being smacked really intensely untill it is red and nicely bruised.
So browsing the dating sites was not meeting my criteria for a partner to help with my wild fantasies,so I up'd the anti and punched in the search spanking,and,BINGO!The mother of all websites with me in mind.As the homepage opened up,I got a nervous twinge right in my gut.It asked me to put a profile together which I quickly WHIP'd up no pun intended.And before I knew I was taking the last step an posting a picture which appropriately was my red backside from the days when one of my kinky boyfriends used to tan my fanny.With all this being done i was off to the races surfing through hundreds of Different profiles that all had there spin on how they liked their spankings done and given.I would say I had atleast 5 potential canidates for my rainy spanky day.So I proceeded to e-mail and leave messages letting these secret spanking lovers know i liked what they had listed and how I would so like to make some of their fantasies come true if they would be so kind and make some of mine cummm true.I felt that would be very fair.Laughing out loud now.This day was really starting to take shape as a little light came on my NEW profile letting me know someone had responded to my kitten like spanking talk.A bit of nervous butterflies came over me as I hit the READ button.And there it was,A response that was worthy of a reply.This rugged spanker guy wanted not only to spank me but he wanted to roleplay.which is something i had never done with my right away i started the time I hit reply,i think i had written a small novel.
Before I knew it, as if possesed by a spanking fantasy.I was agreeing to meet for coffee and some chat at the local coffee shop.The thing that could not be more fitting, is that where my new found friend resided, was not but 15 minitues from me.So off to the shower I went to doll myself up for a lunch coffee fantasy date.putting on some of my sexxxiest perfume to enhance my seductive behaviour.I left the house with my adreniline pumping through my viens and butterflies in my stomach on how my new found fantasy stranger would be in real life.One thing he said that stuck out in my head,was,I do spank hard and tend to make the reciepient writhe across my lap with feet kicking while there backside turns a crimson like firey red.
As I entered the parking lot,i thought for a second had I gone to far with all my lusty fantasies.and then I laughed at myself as I always do,and proceeded into the cofffee shop to meet my new fantasy partner.Out of all the people in this place,imediately we locked eyes as if we were the only two people in this shop.I knew right away who i was looking at and approached.As I walked up I was greeted with a hand outheld and a deep ultra sexy voice that i think cut through my jeans and made a direct hit on my doorbell!he was such a gentlman and had ordered my coffee so i sat down and we locked eyes and were silent for 30 seconds that felt like an eternity.we started with some small talk but without futher adue were chatting about,YES,spanking.I felt a very warm wett feeling coming over me waves of my horny morning fun returning.all i wanted was for this handsome fantasy man to wisk me out of there and punish my naughty bottom.I think I was going to get my wish!
Well.I took the plunge to say the least.We had agreed with our conversation to go to the local motel and make atleast one fantasy come true if not a few.I had come prepared with a few items that I thought may help the moment had it ARISEN,and so did my mystery man.i knew this would be like back in the day at show and tell.As we followed each other to the local place for a heart started to race and all these things shot through my head.My fantasy man was well built and Def looked like he could give a very convincing spanking.Here we were pulling up at the front office and i was so exilirated that I almost locked my keys in my car.As Mr fantasy as we will address his extremely hot deamenor.he came out of the office with a key to a room.He motioned for me to follow him.He reached out and took me by the hand.He made me feel like a naughty little girl being taken in hand,led to be punished.My heart was really starting to flutter now as he put the key in the door.
As we entered the room,the pit of my stomach was telling me i might just have gotten what i asked for.Here was this burly tall dark and handsome man with braud shoulders joining me to spank me.I started to think is this really happening or is this just a dream.I was thinking other dirty little thoughts that did not have him spanking me.butt had me bent over in the bathroom for a serious pounding that only this REAL man could deliver.But quickly I snapped back into reality when he sat down in front of me and with a really commanding voice told me to come stand next to him and prepare to be spanked.It felt like the blood ran into my face and flushed me cheeks.I felt like a little girl getting ready to have her backside torched by her daddy.I did not even have time to contenplate that thought and i was being told to drop my pants and place myself over his I was beggining to lean forward and before I knew my panty clad bottom was pointed up like a target just waiting to have a bullseye painted on it.Before I could put all my thoughts like ducks in a row I felt a hot searing feeling on both my fleshy cheeks.It made me jump and before I could gather myself another rained down and then another.I tried to let this rythm take its pace,butt I think his strength was going to win the is battle of wills.He began spanking with a sped up pace that made my coolie bounce and I could not stay still.I was moving side to side because the pain was now becoming apparent and it was not just a sting with a connected feeling to my clitoris.My hips bucked and I was staring to kick my feet and starting to forget that this all turned me on and little strange sounds began slipping through my lips.I actually made a really funny noise which i did not think I could produce.As fast as I thought about it,I did not really care because my bottom was starting to feel likeit was set on fire.This new level of pain made me reach back to protect my fanny and as if he was a professional he caught my hand in mid air and it never reached it's destination to save what was left of my deriere.I had kinda given in to the notion I was being spanked and i was not going to have control or say on how this spanking went.I did feel the verge to let tears fall because I could not hold them back.As this took place my feet kicked and the last of his smacks came to their end.I lay limp over his lap like a well spanked naughty child.he did rub some of the fire out with his BIG mitts.Which made me kinda remember that this all turned me on.......

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Last night when I voluptuous, girl returned from the restroom, I gave her daily strokes. She has to say sentences before each stroke in effort to build her self confidence.

1. I am beautiful - stroke
2. I am a treasure - stroke
3. I am a cared for - stroke
4. I am obedient - stroke
5. I am owned - stroke

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it rolls like this they drank she came at him accusing him of cheating with law clerk. threw glass and attacked him he grabs her hair throws her down boots her in the ass she calls the police he goes to jail was watching tv on the bed of there hotel room in Atlanta crazy She threw a Glass at him first he goes to jail all this craziness why even argue leave divorce hell they only were together 2 yrs trying to hang on for the 5 for the money probley as Fed judges have a life time appointment...

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Views: 155 · Added: 16 days ago

it gets pretty complicated you have to read his twitter and hers to see if there any leading him to believe there still a chance or she s keeping him hanging on if he wins a major title she says they broke up in may she retweeted him getting his brown belt aug6 she got beat up on the 8th , her name is Christy mack. his twitter and hers mention nothing of a break up back in may or june july august is the only mention of it ya there was a guy in the house when he got there with a ring to propose. he also trains is another town far away so him being at another location does make sense with out a break up.maybe she got in the middle of the fight or jumped on his back or he beat the guys ass and her ass after the guy left pretty gruesome photos he knocked her teeth out broke her nose as far as the cutting her hair off not sure about that as the side were shaved all weird like in them kung fu movies and he Kicked her in the leg so hard it bruised her ass or he kicked her ass and bruised it. But the photos and article and research is avalible on the internet via twitter..... the standard most of us grew up in Morality wise you don't get naked for photos or have sex for money so deciphering the truth is hard here once you read the tweets and article u will understand who had the knife first he says fighting for his life? crazy shit

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Views: 276 · Added: 16 days ago

I'm very sad about Robin Williams, I understand depression, I live with it daily.

Some fifty one years ago it was my 12th birthday. For whatever reason my father knocked or broke out three of my front teeth in front of four of my best friends. That event changed my life forever. Since then I have chose to rise above it and live. But that year of my life was like out of a nightmare movie.I tried twice to kill myself by taking too many aspirin, the only reason I'm here today was because there was no internet to tell me how many to take to be successful. There were no hospital scene, nor stomach pumping to this story. I wanted to die, it was not a call for help. The second time when I woke up I was so disappointed, so hurt because I was still breathing. I felt like God had rejected me that he didn't even want me. God wouldn't even let me end my own pain and suffering

About a month later the answer came to me whether it was truly for no real reason. An answer that satisfied me, gave me a reason to live. It was very simple and oh so real to me at the time. I was here for a reason, eventually I felt that it was to become a nurse and to help other people..I used humor with my nursing, I felt like a Robin Williams in a very small way. I love to make people smile and laugh, so I'm sad that he lost his battle with depression.

I work for an infectious disease practice. I am nurse consultant for Travel Medicine and Tropical Diseases. One of my responsibilities can be to give post rabies injections and one of my patients for today was a beautiful little blonde hair blue eye four year old. Mary's rabies series had been begun in Florida and I was schedule to give this looking little girl her third post rabies injection. Well I pulled out some of my magical treats and gave Mary her injection without a tear or fight. Had that been me as a child the world would have thought they were killing me. I felt like a "Patch Adam" a character that Robin Williams had played in one his movies.

May you rest in peace Mr Williams....the world will miss you.

Smile my wonderful ST friends and family......

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So, the next time He and I get together, we'll be staying at a hotel on campus so to speak. He is in the hospitality industry and the hotel is owned by his employer. He has informed me that while I'll receive maintenance and play spankings, I won't receive a punishment spanking because he doesn't want to risk someone hearing any outcry and reporting our activities to his employer.

I must have seemed a little too happy about the prospect of not getting a punishment spanking because he reminded me that he's coming to visit me in a few weeks and any unpaid debts would be settled at that time. He also reminded me that he has the option to gag me, stifle me with a pillow, or simply order me not to make a sound in the event he decides to punish me while at the hotel. The thought of not being able to make a sound while taking a punishment spanking on pain of getting it even worse is scary. In fact, I don't know which is scarier - being gagged or being forced to exercise some major self-discipline.

Which do you prefer and why?

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Pain has the ability to change the way a person looks at and deals with every day life.

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Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

- Groucho Marx

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