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I can't believe I've not blogged since I got back. It was hard getting back - the weather is not as good, the coffee is undrinkable and I missed things a lot.
Glad to say that things went ok with the nice Italian boy so we had some fun before I left.
Have been working in a school and it's ok but I don't really like teaching teenagers. They are all so unmotivated and bored. They really seem to prefer being asleep to working. Which I think I did at that age. But it doesn't help me feel better. The job ends soon so I'm back job-hunting which is mega depressing. I don't want to go back abroad although I'd love to - I just wanted to get on with life here.
I really want to find a nice bloke and a job and a house and settle down. It's about time I did you see. I have seen the odd bloke here and there, nothing serious, just for fun. Not spanking. But I'm really after someone nice to stay with. Done nothing about that yet though.
There's one bloke I'm in touch with who is into all the same sort of things (plus more) as I am - a side step away from spanking shall we say, - but also into spanking too so that has got to be worth checking out. It's a distraction from work (which I seem to be doing all the time. It just takes me so long to plan lessons).
I still haven't forgotten the party idea -the STube party - so when shall we all meet?
Spanking wise, the other option to a job is to see if I can make money from being spanked (we've been over this area together before). I have 2 possible people I'm contacting at the mo - one sounds great for a daddy daughter spanking and we have a whole narrative ready. I eat some cakes and lie about it, and get the following: a hand spanking, legs dangling from a high stool, a hairbrush spanking for lying to daddy, then sent to bed early. I have bought some rabbit pyjamas. Daddy hears me out of bed and comes upstairs... I get thrashed with his belt for being out of bed. Then (this is his idea) I have to sit downstairs on the cold wooden bench and write a page of lines. If they are not correct or messy I will be spanked again (they won't be neat if I have anything to do with it).
Nice eh.
The second man I've emailed before and he is shall we say desperate to do the daddy daughter scene. I think he will be fun too. It's just a question of when we can meet now. So I will keep you updated...

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Sunday Greetings, Silly and Very Puny Spanking Humans

I am wishing you all a very crumbly (*crummy*) day!

==From Rude and Sassy Purple, Upside Down Zim777xyz (Pickles)

Now get lost! Goodbye and bad luck!

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I an going get a bare bottom spanking in the morning for lying.

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Just wanted to give a heads up that I added two new videos this week to my store Southern Moon:
The one I posted today is called, "Caning Fun".
Hope to get some new videos made and release them soon.
Always up to ideas for what you would like to see in my spanking videos. So, feel free to let me know.

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I was planning upon leaving this site for number of reasons. But, having hearing and for once actually listening to some good advice from a very good friend. I have decided to just kick back a little.And,to dip in and out of here when suits me. So,alas the blog will not be exempt from my stories and bad poetry.
You are merely having a reprieve!Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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I moved about a week and a half ago into a new place with my spouse and ever since I have completely lost my libido... which is weird, since I've got a pretty hyperactive sex drive. Normally, I think about sexy stuff constantly and frequently masturbate even when I'm ill. A few days ago I tried spanking, which is the thing that turns me on the most and I could not feel good; the same with oral stuff. My spouse and I haven't had much time together either because of our weird work schedules. I've been jaded since I can't get off, aroused, or even a good alcohol buzz--I barely feel like myself. Also, lately I feel exhausted and nervous all the time, gloomy, and I can't relax.

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I have always have a question , when did most people realized that they like spanking?
for me I first realized it when I was 10 years old, isn't that weird?

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I just noticed my Joined time - 1310 days ago. Time has certainly passed by too fast. YEARS! A thank you to all those brave enough to post their videos and pictures. While I enjoy the traditional M/F OTK spanking, I have been peaking at other scenarios as well! I discover something new everyday - both about myself and about the lifestyle. I look forward to passing the time with you all. :)

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My apologies I've been busy since returning from my trip and had starting to write an update. However, I'm glad I never finished as some things have changed since that short time ago.

For starters, I know many of you were hoping for another session with Otkballerina, and one was planned. However due to personal reasons it seems I unfortunately won't be acting as her disciplinarian any longer. Know it was great working with you and I'm happy for the time we did get to spend together. I wish you the best, and wish for your happiness. Just please take care of yourself.

On to more positive news, this weekend I will be visiting Princess who once again managed to earn herself a punishment due to disrespect and arguing with me about whether or not she could smoke while drunk at a party. Sorry Princess but being royal doesn't mean you can be a royal pain. That said you know I care and I hope you learn from this.

I will also be meeting with RedbottomC that weekend for the first time. We have been talking the last few weeks and she seems like a great addition and is learning quickly how to be obedient and listen to rules that are in her best interests. (To be clear I always make sure to get agreement and don't just make things up for the sake of doing so. They have a clear purpose and a connection to why she is being punished to begin with.) Welcome aboard and I look forward to working with you.

Later this month I will be making another round back, there may or may not be follow ups depending on behavior, however I will be making a trip down to see Jbabyy18 for her first session which unfortunately for her is going to be quite severe. For those that have seen my videos you know what to expect when I say that. She can be a bit of a brat but she has a sweet side and tries her best.

The details will be added for each session as the videos are posted for those interested in the reasons.

Look forward to videos and photos in the near future.


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Yesterday I was finally punished for keeping secrets from Daila and telling lies about my sexual behavior before we met. When we met and decided to get married we had supposedly cleaned our closets of all secrets, but I did not feel that I could come out with the fact that I once had a one night stand with two dominant males in order to resolve some curiosities that I had. I also did not tell her that I still occasionally have fantasies about having lecherous sex with men when I get extremely horny.

Daila realized that this meant that not only had I lied to her and told her that all of my secrets were out, but I also kept what she felt was very important information from her for all of this time. She actually found it a bit stimulating for herself as she thought about the idea of me having sex with other men and wished she could have seen it.

Although this new information was not going to have any profound impact on our relationship or anything like that, I had still lied and kept secrets from her and she was hurt by that. That part of it would be dealt with in a harsh punishment session that ended up lasting several hours.

First off, I was spanked early in the day and given a punishment itinerary for the rest of the day. There was no video of the first spanking, but I can tell you it was horrible. Two paddles were used and Daila spanked me long and hard while making me admit to her that I still occasionally look at penis pics on the internet and lust for them to be in my mouth and ass.

After that, I was made to clean house with my fox tail butt plug in. She followed me around the entire time making humiliating comments and swatting my ass with a paddle when I was not doing the cleaning just the way she wanted it done.

Once the house was completely cleaned and everything put in its proper place I was marched to the bedroom where she made me fuck both of the dildos she had me buy for her last week. I was told that I had to pretend they were real and fuck them until I had anal orgasms. She wanted to see me cream the bigger one. While I did as I was told, she recorded the entire thing and made humiliating comments. As I am writing this the video of this is being uploaded and should be available soon on the “Everything Else” page. For my added humiliation she wants you all to view it and comment on what a cock slut I am.

I was made to stay at Daila’s side the rest of the day and take care of anything she needed. Eventually I snapped at one of her requests and she took me to the room for some paddling with her Lexan paddle. She recorded that spanking and it will be uploaded after the dildo fucking one is finished.

The rest of the day was filled with chores and work...until bed time. Just before we retired for the night Daila had me bend over the bed one last time and received a very hard paddling with the Black Racer paddle (Very thick paddle) and her Lexan paddle to finish it off. That will also be uploaded in the next 24 hours.

Daila wants everyone to keep checking back so that you can see these videos as soon as they are published and comment them to add to my embarrassment and humiliation over all that I have done.

Now that she knows that I am hetroflexible she is very excited for all of the shows she will be having me do for her. She was very excited as she watched me fuck those two dildo’s and will be having me do that often for her. She wants everyone to know that she will occasionally film those sessions for you to see and comment.


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Well last night was so happy cos I managed to upload the video
But now 24hrs later it still has not appeared
So fed up with this and saddened that I've made such an effort for nothing

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We have just finished work on compiling and rendering the second set of spankings that have made the cut to be part of "Daila's Greatest Hits Vol. II" The video will be uploaded to Spanking Tube before the day is out. If everything goes like it usually does then Spanking Tube should have it posted sometime tomorrow.

This second group of shots includes several scenes that have never before been seen outside of our computer. We had taken a few videos that for one reason or another never made it to be published as one of our regular videos, but there were still a lot of great parts in that footage that we just could not let go without posting them somewhere.

There is also some of our better footage that was taken straight from our latest videos since the "Vol. 1" was published.

At the end of the video we have a slow motion montage for those of you that have mentioned that you would love to see my ass bouncing and Daila's breasts swinging in slo-mo while she gives me some of her best licks.

We hope everyone will enjoy this latest release...we look forward to your comments as usual.


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HELLO NEW FRIENDS,and WELCOME to Spankingtube.

Please feel free to post this cock on any members wall,who uninvitingly post their own on your wall.

For this is bigger,and much more fun, tasteful,and does not insult you on your first day.

The picture is in my favorites for those who want it..I dont know where I nicked it from.

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Guys, I had no idea the blogs posted anywhere other than my own page. I didn't mean to flood the feed with my stuff, and thus, push other's postings down further out of sight.

It is with my sincerest apologies that I promise to post only one part of a story in a day or two time span, so as not to repeat this.

Thanks to SRC for the heads up, too!

Hope you will continue reading, and not be annoyed with me.


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Morning STubers
needing some help here
trying to upload a short video (7mins) and it isn't managing to upload before the system logs me out.
Any ideas ?
I can't email it with hotmail as its too large a file
all help greatly appreciated
thanks in advance

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I haven't logged in for a while, and had a few messages, both inbox and wall, wondering where I've been, so instead of writing the same thing several times, figured I'd just do it once.

Last fall I started seeing a woman, and the relationship bloomed; she wasn't a spanker, per se, but she naturally took the lead in our relationship (probably in part because I naturally follow, if I trust the direction of my captain); I divulged my interest in erotic spanking as an opening, and by the holidays, we started moving into more disciplinary spankings - and by the spring, it seemed pretty solid. It was great - we connected because we had non-kink attractions, but once the kink was added - and mutually enjoyed/beneficial - everything seemed to be going right.

Life doesn't let things be that easy, does it? We had a falling out around April, largely for reasons that were my fault.

Fortunately, she was serious when she told me she loved me, but she needed me "grow up" and figure out what/who I wanted for my future - and at the time of the split, no amount of spanking was going to be the source of me "growing up."

We started talking again around the beginning of summer, and by the middle of June, I did manage to convince her that I was serious about her, and about us. It was probably one of those situations where a little time apart - and a little time drifting - did help me grow up, and realize what I needed.

You didn't think that someone who told me I needed to "grow up" was just going to take me back without anything of interest to you, did you? Once she was convinced that I was all-in on our relationship, this lil' girl did a lot of growing up, howling over "mom's" knee while her hand and hairbrush turned my pale cheeks a fire-engine red. After that, soothing touches, cream, and kisses helped deal with that fire.

It's not just being busy that's kept me away, though. There were ground rules at the beginning, part of building trust. One of those ground rules was staying off my online spanking sites until August 1 - she needed to learn to satisfy all of my spanking needs, and I needed to rely on her, and only her, to do that. I now get weekly maintenance spankings, as well as "on the spot" spankings for violating any number of "rules" we've come up with. My favorite reason, of course, is having a delightfully naughty behind. She nails me for that one frequently.

So if you've wondered where I've been, that's it. I'll still be around, and she's actually enjoyed reading what I've written here before - and my inspiration is definitely charged now!

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Well time marches on and my favourite sub has blossomed into a very effective switch and is now off making videos of her own.

(yes, we are still very good friends, in fact future subs may well feel her attention at some point).

So, I am happy to hang up the cane for a while, no urgency. However, if you are:
* submissive on the inside
* In the south west of England
* Interested in either training or re-visiting the lifestyle....

then please do feel free to let me know. Oh, filming is not mandatory, in fact I only ever film when the subject wants and asks for it.My passion is the journey I take you on, everything else is just fluff.


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Ten minutes had passed, and she tried desperately not to wiggle around in her chair of agony to prevent any further chaffing on her well-spanked behind.

“Michelle, get in here.”

It wasn’t until she stood up from her torture chair that she realized just how effective it was. The pressure of sitting on such a rough surface with a reddened backside wasn’t as bad as peeling it off after a few minutes of full-body pressure. She let out a small yelp, and quickly made her way into the bedroom while rubbing her bottom.

He had repositioned the free standing mirror from the corner to the edge of the bed opposite a pile of pillows he had clearly laid out for her to get her next spanking on.

“Now, we must address the language I heard from your mouth. Nice, young ladies do not speak that way for any reason.”

“Sir, I’m so sorry, please, I don’t think I can take anymore.”

“Be quiet! I didn’t ask for your opinion. Be glad I’m not washing your mouth out with soap and giving you a good dose of the cane!”

With that statement, she promptly ended her arguments.

“Lay down with your hips on these pillows. Stick your butt out. I want your ass high in the air.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, with her eyes lowered to the ground in full submission.

She took her position face down as he crawled on the bed. He straddled her waist, and gently moved her hair as he leaned over her body and whispered in her ear.

“You have been a naughty little girl. And, I have to punish you. Do you understand that?” His warm breath on her neck and earlobe, and dominating position both holding her down and towering over her sent chills down her spine.

“Yes, Sir.”

“You are going to watch yourself in this mirror as you atone for your behavior, like the bad little girl you are. I want you up on your elbows to watch everything that is being done to you, and I want you to remember why you have found yourself in this position. Your eyes will not wander from the reflection you see before you. Do I make myself crystal clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied as she repositioned her torso to support herself on her elbows. Her nipples lightly grazed the fabric of the comforter, sending a second chill through her body.

“Good,” he finished, as he climbed off of her and the bed. He walked over to the mini blinds and removed the wand for opening and closing them. It substitutes for a nice cane when you lack the necessary tools for enacting an appropriate punishment. “This will do,” he thought to himself.

“Are you watching yourself?”

“Yes, Sir,” she conceded.

“Reach back and pull your cheeks apart.”

“Nooooo!” she cried, thinking he was going to insert this into her backside.

He smacked her thighs with the rod several times and she shrieked. “That was not a request.”

She reached back and grabbed each cheek and slowly pried them apart. She was mortified to be exposed before him in such a complete way. He could see everything.

“Look at yourself. Shame on you. This is how much you disappointed me with the words you used today.”

“I’m so sorry, Nikolai. I couldn’t help it.”

“You can. And, you will, Michelle. I will not tolerate it again. Keep looking at yourself, and unclench your butt.”

He waited until she released the tension in this position, though it was a difficult thing to do. And once he saw her muscles of her asshole protrude ever so slightly in full relaxation, he brought down the make-shift cane firmly and completely in a painful stroke directly on her anus.

“OWWWWW! NO! NO! NO! Please, NO!!” She let go of her cheeks as a lightening bolt shot up her entrance and bounced around her lower abdomen. She clenched tightly out of defense and buried her head deep in the comforter.

“What did I tell you, you naughty little girl? Head up, and spread those cheeks, or this entire punishment will begin again from the belting in the garage!”

“Yes, sir,” she whimpered, still in agony from the previous lash.

She again spread her cheeks, but this time, she had trouble relaxing to fully expose herself.

“I will wait,” he said, “but, the longer it takes you to submit and accept this punishment, the longer you will find yourself in this position.”

She unclenched, and another shot of electricity moved through her insides. This time, she managed to retain a hold on her cheeks and keep her eyes in the mirror as he commanded.

“You are a naughty, naughty little girl, with a foul mouth. Shame on you.”

And shame she felt through the next 10 painful strokes he applied to her most private of holes as she cried, begged, and pleaded in true remorse for her misdeeds.

All fell on deaf ears.

When he finished the attack with the rod, he inserted his middle finger deep in his mouth, opened a bottle of cayenne pepper and sprinkled it liberally all the way around as she watched the reflection in horror. And, this, he slowly inserted deep in her bum.

She did not mind when they engaged in bouts of anal sex, for this was pleasurable after the initial few thrusts and with proper lubrication. But, this however, was completely for humiliation purposes and totally effective.

“Now, look at you. Having your ass hole caned and buggered because you’ve been so bad. Do you feel good about yourself?”

She was about to answer when the pepper began to kick in. It was a pain so sharp that it took the wind from her chest. All she could do was pant and wail as tears began to flow down her cheeks. He moved his finger in and out, only increasing the embarrassment she felt. She managed to whimper “No, sir. I’m sorry I’ve been so bad. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“No, it certainly won’t.” he removed his finger, and put another dose of cayenne on it. Then, he reinserted it in her backside, roughly moving it in and out.

“Please, Sir. I’m really sorry. I can’t take anymore.”

He roughly pushed his finger all the way into her bum and she let out a howl, followed by whimpers of shame and lingering discomfort.

“Now, you lay there looking at yourself and think about what you’ve done.”

He removed his finger and headed to the master bathroom just behind her. He watched her from the wall mirror as she writhed her hips around in a failed attempt to escape the extreme burning sensation deep inside her. He washed his hands, and when she lowered her head in her self-consciousness, he knew she had not yet learned.

“Young lady, if you can’t mind me when I’m 3 feet away from you, then I can’t trust you to mind me when I’m not with you. Clearly, you haven’t yet learned your lesson.”

“No, Sir, I’m sorry! It hurts, and I forgot!”

“Well, then I will make sure you WON’T forget!” and he grabbed the bath brush from the shower.

“I told you to look at yourself! I did not give you permission to look away.”

He grabbed her by her hair to keep her head up looking in the mirror, and proceeded to blister her behind with the bath brush as she sobbed. “Shame on you, you naughty, little brat!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she screamed through her tears.

As her bum turned from bright red, to a light purple, he knew her words were true. He dropped her hair, and lifted her from the bed and into his arms as she cried into his shoulder. He held her until her breathing slowed as he rubbed her sore bottom and kissed her tear-soaked cheeks. “I love you, Michelle. I need you safe and here with me. Remember that next time you get behind the wheel.”

“I promise, Nikolai.”

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After what seemed like forever, he took her by the elbow and led her over to the couch, where she saw a couple of her most feared implements spread along the cushions.

He took a seat and pulled her pants and panties off her feet, then draped her straddling over one of his knees, her face buried in the back of the couch.

“No, Sir, please, I’ve had enough.”

“We’ve only just begun your punishment. Enough of your whining. If you are going to act like a little girl, you will be treated like one. With your bare bottom turned over Daddy’s knee for the spanking you deserve. I don’t want to hear any more protests from you.” And, with that, he placed her panties in her mouth. She blushed from the embarrassing things she was hearing and the humiliation of her current position.

After rolling up the right cuff of his neatly pressed dress shirt, he rubbed her aching bottom for just a moment, then resumed her punishment with a very hard hand spanking. But, with her arms still secured, and her legs straddling his knee, all she could do was grind on his thigh with each blow from his firm hand. She thought it would never end. Her bottom was on fire. It stung so much, and she felt truly sorry.

With his left hand, he lifted her ass cheeks, one at a time, and delivered several deliberate smacks to the fold where her thighs meet her bottom. It was a very tender sit spot, and she whimpered through the fabric stuffed in her mouth.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Michelle. Imagine if you hurt someone. Imagine if you hurt yourself! You need to be thankful the worst you are getting is a bare bottom spanking, rather than time in an ICU with serious injuries,” he scolded as he continued her discipline.

Her whimpering deepened with the searing sting of his spanks, into a low guttural groan with every smack.

He stopped only momentarily to pick up the 4 inch wide lexan paddle he bought for her harshest spankings. It packs a great sting one cheek at a time, and she hated it the most, though he loves it best.

He rubbed it on her tender cheeks, and continued her lecture. “I’m very disappointed in you, Michelle. I’m going to make sure you remember this all week when you sit behind the wheel of the car. Your backside is going to be sore for quite a while.”

“Noooooo,” she muttered through the cloth in her mouth.

He lashed her raw buttocks with alternating smacks on each cheek as she wriggled and squirmed with each hit. Then, he fixated on just her right cheek, hitting the same sit-spot a dozen times as she squealed in agony before switching to her left buttock. She lost count around 100 spanks and as her endorphins began to kick in, she found herself sinking into a zone. Realizing she had reached this point in the punishment, Nikolai switched gears to force her back into the psychological focus he needed her in to feel every bit of her punishment.

He reached for the hairbrush, and removed her panties from her mouth.

“You are going to receive 30 hard swats with your hairbrush. You will count each one of these aloud, and tell me that you will not text and drive again. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she replied, in what seemed to Nikolai to be a very unrepentant, if not bratty, tone.

He slapped her thighs several times - definitely an unwelcome surprise to her fresh flesh, not yet warmed up with the blood flow of her aching buttocks.

“OWWWW! OWWWWW! Yes, Sir, Daddy! I’m sorry!!!” she wailed.

“That’s more like it.” The command and authority in his voice was not unnoticed by Michelle, and she could not help feel a tinge of excitement from it. She hated punishments, but, she loved seeing him take control and dominate a situation. Too bad it was her backside.

SLAAAP! “One, I will not text and drive again, Sir.”

SMAAACK! “Two, I will not text and drive again, Sir.”

“Louder,” he commanded.

And so it continued through 30 painful hair brushing wallops to her very sore behind.


“Back to the corner” he commanded to her after removing her from his lap. He untied her hands, and removed her shirt and bra. Then, she heard him head back into the garage. He was rummaging around doing who knows what, and the anticipation built up inside her. “He has to be done soon,” she thought, “my backside can’t take much more.” Though she dare not articulate this to him.

She felt him come up behind her. “Put your hands behind your head, and interlace your fingers.”

He swatted her backside a few times with something rough - it was sandpaper! It stung a bit, but, she didn’t yet understand its purpose.

He led her over to the hardwood chair that was from the kitchen table - now modified with a layer of sandpaper. He sat her down on it. Oh, how it burned on her raw bum!

He went into the bedroom and rustled around some more. No doubt, readying it for her next round of discipline. The suspense was killing her, and so were her cheeks. The sand paper was uncomfortable, at best.

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Michelle was having the worst morning. Nikolai had to leave to catch an early meeting, and Michelle usually relied on the sound of him getting ready to rouse her from her sleep in time to get ready for work. But, this morning, she was forced to set an alarm, which she proceeded to sleep through. Now, running late, sad to miss coffee with her love, and having difficulty finding her favorite shoes to go with her navy silk blouse and black pencil skirt, she was approaching her day with quite the cranky attitude.

And, to top it all off, in her haste and while sending Nikolai a quick text to wish him a good day, she got into a fender bender with the car in front of her which stopped abruptly for a yellow light.

“It was yellow, you creep!! You’re supposed to GOOOOO!!” she yelled to no one through her frustration while still inside her vehicle.

No, this was not her morning.

She got out and looked at the damage she had caused to the silver and red Mini Cooper she had rear ended. It was definitely minor compared to the front bumper of her black BMW, which was now mangled and barely hanging on. “Nikolai won’t like this,” she thought.

Michelle traded insurance information with the other driver, called into work, and promptly headed back home to crawl into bed and hit the reset button on her day.


Later that afternoon, as she sat in her favorite window seat watching the deer play in her vast yard and sipping on her tea, Michelle contemplated how she would explain to Nikolai about the damage to the car, the claim to the insurance, and her playing hooky from work. She worried about the premium increases, and if she should tell him she was sending him a message, thus causing the collision. And as she meditated on these thoughts, and what punishment might befall her, she felt her slipper fall from her foot onto the floor below her seat - an ominous sign, no doubt. As she reached down to snatch it up, she spilled some of her tea down her shirt and all over their new, shiny rosewood floor. This set off a thousand fires in her heart of stress and frustration, fear and anxiety, so strong that she could no longer hold it in. She quickly grabbed a towel, then plopped down on the floor and shouted expletives as tears streamed down her face. Words she would never think of uttering left her lips as rapid as a machine gun, and at the volume of a barreling train.

But, with it, she felt relief. And she only stopped when she heard the front door slam shut, followed by the unmistakable sound of Nikolai’s Italian Scarosso boots clicking along the wood floors.

“Oh crap…” was the last expletive she could manage to speak before her eyes met the anger in his.

“I don’t know what this is about, but, this tantrum stops NOW! I heard you from the driveway and I’m certain our neighbors heard you, too. That language is absolutely not going to be tolerated in this house, Michelle. I don’t care what the reason.”

“I’m sorry, babe. It was a really rough day.”

With that, he reached his strong hand, calloused from years of hard work, out to meet hers, and lifted her up from her position. He set his briefcase on the window seat, wrapped his arm around her waist, and led her to the couch. “Why don’t you calm down and tell me what this is all about?”

She took a seat next to him, inhaled few deep breaths and wiped her cheeks while he gently rubbed her back. It calmed her immensely. “I think I need to show you.”

She stood up and slowly walked toward the garage door, with him following closely behind.

“It’s not that bad, I was just frustrated. It was the worst day.”

She opened the door and her fear rose again. She felt like she must swallow her heart to get it back into its rightful position in her chest.

“What on earth!?! Are you ok?” he said with worry.

“I’m fine. My car took the worst of it. I was running late to work because I slept through my alarm. And,” she swallowed hard as she contemplated how to deliver this next bit of information, “I was sending you a message to wish you a good day today. The guy in front of me stopped for a yellow light. It was YELLOW!” Her frustration was clear to him.

But, in that statement, he realized she didn’t see the bigger picture at all. And, though he was angry with her, he was grateful she was unhurt in the collision. However, he knew he had to help her see what her recklessness could have produced, and how lucky she was in the end.

He placed his hand on the small of her back and led her to the car. “Hands on the hood, Michelle.”

“Noooooo, it was an accident, Nikolai! I didn’t mean for it to happen, and I’ll be more careful!”

“What did I just say? Don’t make this worse on yourself. Do as I tell you. Now, young lady.”

Sensing the impatience in his voice, she reluctantly placed her hands on the car’s hood, and stifled a whimper of trepidation.

In one swift motion, he pulled her lounging pants and panties down to her knees. “Please, no, I don’t want it on the bare. Can’t you start over my pants? Please?”

He answered only by unbuckling the buckle on his leather belt. “No, please, Nikolai, I’m so sorry!” she begged.

“Put your elbows down, bend over, and spread your legs,” was his response.

She did as she was told with the anticipation building firmly in her stomach.

THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! an inferno of belt lashings rained down on her bare bottom as she squirmed to thwart them landing in the same spot.

“Owwww, noooo, please stop! I’m sorry!”

“You know I have zero tolerance for using your cell phone while you drive, right?”

“Yes, Sir, but, I was texting YOU!” she wailed over the sounds of the painful slaps. She wondered if her neighbors would hear and she dropped her head with the humiliation of the thought.

“I don’t care. There’s never a reason, never an exception to this rule. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Sirrrrr!” she whined. But, she couldn’t stand it any longer. She squatted down to the floor and put her hands behind her. This only increased his resolve.

“Michelle, I don’t want to hit you anywhere but on your ass. Get back into position, and don’t you dare move again, or we are going to start all over.”

“Please, no more. I am really sorry. It won’t happen again!”

“STAND. UP.” he said through clenched teeth.

Slowly, she stood up and placed her elbows back on the car.

“No,” he said, “I have a better idea. Put your arms behind your back.”

“Nooooo,” she pleaded.

“What did I say? You will NOT argue with me again, or this will get much worse. And, trust me, this is already going to be bad.”

She moved her arms behind her back and flattened her torso on the hood of her once pristine vehicle. He grabbed the belt from the terry cloth bath robe that hung drying in the laundry area, and walked back over to her. He secured her forearms together so she could not straighten them in the way of the blows.

“Please, Nikolai, it won’t happen again.”

“And we are going to make sure of that. You have acted like a spoiled, little brat, and I intend to stop this behavior right now.”

With that, he resumed his attack on her bottom until it was bright red with welts outlining the edges of his thick belt and she was on the verge of tears.

“Stand up.”

He led her, with her pajama bottoms now wrapped around her ankles, slowly back inside and put her face in the corner.

“Don’t you move one muscle.”


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