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Amanda has been my assistant for three years and has been flirting with me in and out of the office. One day while getting coffee in the office kitchen she bumped into me and I spilled my coffee, she giggled and said "oops". I questioned her and said I felt she did this on purpose. She giggled again and said "what will you do about it?", I was stunned by her response and a little confused by it. I cleaned up and as she walked by me, she jutted her butt out towards me and said "don't I get one slap?".i slapped her ass and she walked back to the office. I thought to myself, could she really be asking for a spanking? We have worked side by side for years and I never even thought an occurrence like this would ever happen.
I wrote this off for a few days and thought she was just being flirtatious and I didn't want to risk having trouble with HR if we started fooling around at work.
The following week I had invited a few clients to the office for a meeting and Amanda was talking loudly on her cell phone, laughing and carrying on, all while I was trying to conduct a meeting. I noticed my clients looking at her puzzled by her behavior. The meeting ended and I apologized to the clients for my assistants behavior. After they left I asked Amanda what she was thinking? How could you be so disrespectful and rude in front of my clients and me for that matter? I said it was almost like you wanted to get into trouble. She just smiled and winked at me. That was it, I grabbed her by the arm and brought her into our board room. "If this is how you are going to behave, this is how we are going to put a stop to it!" I pulled out a chair, sat down and pulled her over my knee and started to spank her over her skirt. She was actually laughing when I started! I said, "you have been pushing me to do this for weeks now and you won't be laughing after I'm done". I continued to spank her and she started to quiet down. When I lifted her skirt, she protested and said, "ok, I admit I've been acting up and wanted to get you mad but I think I've learned my lesson, no need to lift my skirt". I said, "I'll decide when you are done and I'll decide exactly how you will be spanked". As I brought my hand down even harder, she winced and started to get the picture. Lifting her skirt, she reached back to stop me and I pinned her arm behind her back. "No please" she shouted as I continued to spank her over her panties. Rapid smacks and swats on her cute bottom as it started to turn a bright pink. "Please, please, I am sorry. "Quiet down and take what's coming to you. I grabbed the waistband over her panties and swiftly pulled down her panties. She couldn't believe what was happening and started to cry as I slapped her bare ass, which was now turning a nice shade of red. I asked her she would act this way again after she knows how it will end up. She didn't answer right away but he. Said she had always fantasizes about me spanking her but never thought I would actually do it. I told her to get off my lap and fix her panties and skirt. I told her this behavior has no place in our work space. If she continues to act up, I will put he over my knee again. She agreed and apologized.
I have not spanked her in a few months but when we are alone in the building she asks that I give her a slap on the ass as she leaves a room before me.

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My wife and I went away for some relaxation and were cheking in to a hotel. The hotalrom was wonderful and all except for too thin walls. We could easily hear other people in the next room to us, but figured so could they. We went out for dinner that night and had a wonderful evening. On the way back to the hotel my wife became serious and adressed the way I had been behaving on the way to the hotel in the car.

I became nervous right then and there, because she always disciplines me over her knees, when I act out in traffic. I did not like where this was going and was getting very uneasy by the way my wife was talking to me.
All the way back to the hotel I was given a stern lecture and my ears were burning by the time we got to the lobby. As we got to the elavator she stopped and looked straight at me.
When we get up to our room I want you to go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head and think about the spanking I am going to give you. She said it loudly and I am sure some people around the elevator heard everything. I felt so embarrassed and blushed with shame. Did you hear what I said young man my wife said loudly. I whispered a weak yes and tried to hide my face.

Thankfully we had the elevator to our selves and all the way to our floor I begged my wife not to spank me. She told me to keep quiet and scolded me for taking risks while driving and that we had had this conversation before. Clearly you did not learn from the last spanking I gave you for acting out in traffic, so I am going to give you a reminder tonight young man my wife said sternly.
I am sorry I tried to say, but a stern look from my wife told me that nothing was going to change.

I was going to be spanked no matter what I said or did and I accepted my wifes decision with a feeling of shame rushing through me.
We got into our hotelroom and I placed myself in the corner as my wife had told me to.
She was undressing as I stood in the corner and a few minutes later I heard her take a straight back chair thet was standing by the wall in the the center of the room. I had noticed the chair the minute we first got into the hotelroom and thought it would be perfect for a spanking, but not that it was going be used for that.
This chair will do perfect to take you over my knees young man my wife said and called me out of the corner.

She was sitting in her lingeri and holding her wooden hairbrush in her hand. She always has her hairbrush with her in her purse, as she never knows when she might have to give me a spanking.
It is not as hard as the wooden bathbrush she usually spanks me with, but in her hands it is a very effective disciplinary tool.

I was showing a huge erection in my jeans as I walked over to her and stood in front of her. Knowing that nothing helped I said nothing and stood there with my hands on myh head and let my wife bare my bottom. My erection was rock hard and my wife ran her hand over it. What a shame to waste this she said and squeezed my erection, but I have to teach you a lesson young man. Careless and agressive driving will result in a red and very sore bottom for you tonight.

Now get your naughty bottom over my knees my wife said.
I obeyed her and got over her knees. She parted her thighs a bit, delibredly trapped my erection between them and closed them again. I was in heaven at this point.

Now reach back with your right hand young man my wife said and when I did she grabbed my wrist with her left hand. Effectively she forced it up to the small of my back so I would not be able to reach back and protect my bottom during my spanking. Now young man I want to keep it clear that you are to stay over my knees until I stop spanking you, no matter how much it hurts and stings. If you squirm of my knees during your spanking I will start your spanking again, only from the beginning this time.
You can beg, plead, scream and cry all you want, but you will remain over my knees until I stop spanking you.
Is that understood she said sternly?
Yes maam I whispered.

Good then letthis be a lesson to you my wife said and raised her wooden hairbrush high over my bare bottom and began spanking me good and hard.
She spanked quickly and alterned between my cheeks. I was gasping for air and trying to ajust to the sting of my wifes hairbrush. I squirmed around over her knees but, she easily held me in place and kept delivering spank after spank to my bare bottom.

After about two minutes of non stop spanking my wife was getting her message through to me and I felt salty tears forming in my eyes. I begged and pleaded but nothing helped and I knew I was not going to get of her knees until she decided I had been spanked enough. For me that ment to tears and to the state of loudly sobbing.
After deleviring a couple of dozen very hard spanks to my sitspots I was sobbing hard and my wife finally put her hairbrush down. She let go of my right wrist, told me to stand and sent me back to the corner with a stern warning not to rub my bottom or she would repeat the spanking she had just given me.

Sobbing in the corner I stood there for 15 minutes with my freshly spanked bottom on display before my wife let me go and clean my tear stained face. My bottom was bright red and very sore to touch and I felt so small and like a naughty little boy as my wife cuddled me on her lap. That night she brought my erection back and took good advantage of it.

The next day we ran into our neighboures and the way they looked at me told me everything. They must have heard me getting spanked to tears over my wifes knees and I felt so embarrassed and humuliated. I was beet red in the face and my wife patted my bottom a couple of times and told me to behave like a good boy or I would end up over her knees again tonight.
Our neighbours laughed and and smiled at me as they left. I made a promise to myself to be on my best behavior for the rest of our stay in the hotel to avoid further humiliation.

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This is my first time doing one of these so here we go. My wife/mistress is having me write one of these every time I get in trouble and she has to punish me. My mistress has wrote down a list of rules that we both signed stating I would obey them. We'll two days ago I don't know what happened but I managed to break quite a few of them and mistress found out that night after I got home from work she was sitting on the bed with her new solid wood hairbrush I bought her for Christmas. I have not had the non privilege of experiencing this brush yet. Mistress put a ball gag into mouth and cuffed my hands behind my back. Then she pulled my pants off till I was down to just my lace backed panties that mistress requirese to wear under my cloths at all times. She didn't start off light or with her hand she just started swinging the brush on my bottom. I've never felt anything that hurt like that thing does. I was squirming within seconds. After a few minutes I tried blocking the swats with my hands and she beat the living daylights out of my thighs. This is the first time I've ever cried when mistress spanked me. She just kept swinging I was trying to scream around the gag in my mouth and if it wouldn't have been there the neighbors would have known I was getting my bottom blistered from the volume of my screams. Mistress finally stopped after my bottom was marked from the top all the way down my thighs. Then mistress put her strap on on and fucked my really sore ass until I came and said she wasn't stopping till I had. She only paused to smack my already throbbing bottom. I can honestly say I don't want a repeat of that night ever again

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Pink Slip, Pinker Bottom

Reluctantly, i started down the stairs holding the oval wooden hairbrush that i already had a love/hate relationship with. The pink charmeuse slip was tight and short and rode up as i slowly descended the stairs. At the bottom, i tugged it down and took several deep, shaky breaths trying to calm myself. i felt so foolish dressed like this, but also oddly calm; it was as if i had been tranquilized. i had accepted my fate as J’s submissive servant and it was a huge relief to me that i didn’t have to maintain the standard macho male mask for Her. i could give myself freely.
She was waiting for me, hands on hips, at the far end of the lounge and she looked incredible. Tall, statuesque, and commanding in Her conservative business suit with knee-length skirt and black high-heeled pumps (such a symbol of feminine authority to me). i shuffled across the room to Her, acutely embarrassed. Wordlessly, She pointed to the floor at Her feet and i knelt, handing Her the hairbrush. i couldn’t look Her in the face so i bent and placed a kiss on the toes of Her gleaming pumps. She told me to look at Her, and i did meekly. Her face was flushed (with triumph?) and a small smile played across Her lips. She brushed my hair back from my face and praised me for having the courage to submit to Her so completely. i blushed with pleasure. It hadn’t occurred to me that submitting took bravery, but of course it did, especially in a macho society like Australia.
i spent the next half-hour learning to walk in a ‘less ape-like fashion’. Up and down the line formed by the edge of the carpet, small steps, placing one foot in front of the other, so ‘lady-like’. She waited at one end, correcting me with the brush after each trip, until finally She was satisfied. i carefully walked to the kitchen to cook Her dinner, oddly proud of myself, and sat at Her feet as She ate, waiting. i remembered Her comment about not tolerating disobedience and i was sure She hadn’t forgotten.
Sure enough, after i had cleared up the dishes, J summoned me to the lounge. She was sitting stern and straight in one of the dining room chairs She had placed in the middle of the room. She tapped the brush on Her knee and curtly ordered me over to Her side. As usual, i felt weak and watery. My mouth went dry and i felt a little sick. She grasped my ear and pulled me across Her knee until my toes were barely touching the floor, my bottom stuck up high and vulnerable. She rubbed the back of the brush on my slip-covered bottom as She praised me for my submissive behaviour. i was shaking, i knew this praise wasn’t going to save me from a very painful spanking. i was right.
The praise stopped and the thrashing began, interspersed with scolding. She paused to pull my slip up, exposing my lacy panties. The brush smacked into my taut panties over and over again until i was sure my bottom was pinker than my panties. i kicked and squirmed until She warned me that the spanking would start over again unless i ‘took it like a big girl’. i learned later that She had been a prefect at the private school She had attended and had often enjoyed administering discipline to younger girls.
Finally my panties were pulled down to the tops of my stockings, and my bare bottom spanked until i was sobbing and pleading. Satisfied, She put down the brush and finished me off slowly with Her surprisingly hard hand. As painful as this was, i loved the intimacy- the feel of Her warm hand on my humbled bare bottom, thrust up so invitingly, the feel of my swelling cock rubbing against Her warm skirted thigh through the silky luxury of my panties.
By the time She put me in the corner, the front of my panties were bulging. i knelt there contentedly with the back of my panties pulled down and my slip tucked into my garter belt, my reddened bottom on display.

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Ranches and farms had been falling to the wayside for several years now. So in a sense, I was a marked man from the start. A combination of corporate greed, modernization and new investors purchasing the ranch where I spent nearly my entire life. The end was cold and clinical, every ranch hand was rounded up like cattle, we were cut a two weeks severance check and off the ranch before sundown. Drilling rigs were going up before the last cattle truck departed for the slaughter house. Like a dying breed, ranches were rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Only the wealthiest families were able to resist the temptation when the oil tycoons came knocking on their door. Texas was changing and not for the better.

That old saying, when one door closes another opens, was never truer. The door that opened for me was killing me day by day. Cubicles and 9-5, a cruel substitute to the open air and a real honest days work. Callused hands grew soft behind a computer monitor. Even looking for a better job was a curse, just another click of the mouse, the proverbial nail in the coffin.

When I first saw a job listing for a ranch foreman, I first thought it a mockery. Quickly I dialed the number and my fears were halfway confirmed. The job listing was surprisingly real, however it was at the cursed Malone Ranch. The whole town, hell the entire county, knew the story of widowed Ms. Abigail Malone and her two daughters, Grace and Faith. Abigail was married off at a young age to avoid the scandal of an early teenage pregnancy. Her family's wealth had considerable influence in the community and she was forced to marry the boy who sullied the family name. However the fool that married Abigail was no match for the twin daughters he sired, they both played their part in running him to an early grave. Rumor had it that the twins ran the ranch, more to the truth was they were rapidly running it into the ground. I, like many of the town, were on the butt end of the twins antics and nonsense. Born with a silver spoon in their mouth, instead of a wooden spoon across their backsides that would have done them both a world of good.

I went home "sick" for the rest of the afternoon and quickly begin to change for my interview at the ranch. I couldn't remember the last time I wore blue jeans, boots and a plaid shirt to an interview. Hopefully it wouldn't be short lived, as dress pants and a tie never suited my tastes. The interview was short and simple, Ms. Malone knew who I was, word of mouth still better then any resume in these parts. I swore she spend half of the time looking at my belt instead of asking questions. Needless to say, the next Sunday I was to become the foreman at the Malone Ranch.

As Ms. Malone was walking me out from the mansion, the county sheriff's car pulled up with the twins in the back seat. Another "escort" back to the safety of the ranch instead of a trip to the county jail. Sheriff Jones opened the back door and two drunk 23 year olds staggered out and into the mansion without a care in the world. The money Ms. Abigail spent every two years on the sheriff's re-election campaign proved to be well spent, as the sheriff devoted more time "saving" the twins instead of patrolling the town. My hand tightening up around my leather belt was not lost on Ms. Abigail and I clearly saw the color rise on her cheeks. Hoping I wasn't risking the job I just secured I simply stated, "It would do them a world of good." I left before she could reply.

I handed my boss my resignation and finished working the rest of the week. Saturday I cleared out my apartment, packed up my belongings into my pickup truck and moved into the foreman's log cabin on the Malone Ranch. The very same log cabin that Grace and Faith would reluctantly frequent in the near future and soon nickname "The Woodshed".

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Good morning friends

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Our new long paddle arrived yesterday looking very fierce, called Rough Justice, at 22 inches long it would certainly be shockingly bad.
G,( my partner and Master ) worked from home after a meeting and had been busy all afternoon with various work stuff. The paddle remained on the foot stool, only because i hadnt taken it upstairs yet.
As G was headed upstairs, i said, you had better take that up before our son (E) comes home.
G took hold of it, felt its weight, swung it a few times to get the feel of the length too. Mmmmmmm he said, i think we need to test this out. Youre owed 3 spankings, 2 morning maintenence spanks, as he had to go to work quickly and a bedtime ouchie spank. I call that one, the ouchie, i find theres nothing better than going to bed with a very sore bottom, as you lay there, your bottom feeling tingly, burning hot and so sore when touched. I love that one the best.
So youre owed 60 smacks, he told me.
Im not going for a spanking when youre still cross with me, i said.

The reason why, he checked the bank statements, and it showed up that i had bought something from a fireworks place for £28.45. No i hadnt i said, i dont like fireworks why would i buy some. So G did a bit of investigating and this name also said they put swimming pools in your garden. Not something we would want either.
So G said, id better phone the bank then, coz someone must have your bank card details. Its not the paddle is it? How much was that ? £25 i told him.
So off he went to phone the fraud department, confirmed we didnt buy this, so it was cancelled and my bank card cancelled.
Once he came back down we thought some more, was the paddle £25 with postage? G asked. I thought for a second, no it cost £25 then postage.
So how much was it exactly. G asked me.
Looking through my orders i suddenly realised that it was £28.45
G was very cross by then, you can phone the bank back then and explain, im not. You should know what youve spent.
Its not my fault they put a different name down for paperwork. I told him.
Well its not gonna say Spanking, on the statements. He said.
But everywhere ive bought things, theyve used the same name, thats just stupid.i said.
So i phoned the bank, explained that yes we did buy this item for that amount.
Fine, the lady said, i will put that through again and your new bank card will arrive shortly.
See i said to G, its all sorted. But he was still cross.

So you understand why i wasnt keen on a spanking then. But G said come on, lets try it out.
In our bedroom i stood by the bed, G had a big smirk on his face, oh he was looking forward to this i thought.
I think we will try will pants still up, as he pushed me over the bed.
He placed the paddle over my bottom, i felt it cover the whole area as 1 whallop landed. Making me gasp, another and another kept coming down, landing top to bottom of my bottom, then thighs too.
It suddenly dawned on me that G never said to count so i was pleased that i had counted 10. Are we counting ? I asked. Yes, G said, how many was that ? 10 i said.
So 10 for the warm up, now let the fun really begin. G said.
As he slipped my pants and knickers down.

Gently sliding the paddle up and down my bottom, i began to feel scared, i knew it was going to hurt really bad.
And G wasnt going to hold back either.
At the first full whallop, i cried out, gasping in shock and pain, as i instantly tried to stand up. But G was prepared for this, and placed a hand on my back to hold me down.
Strike after strike, my head was in a whirlwind of pain, screaming out, biting the cushion, was all i could do and of course, id lost count. I shouted out what number is it ? G just laughed, have you forgeotten already ? He asked.
Yes ive forgotten, other things took over my mind, i said.
Laughing he said 18, then whacked the back of my legs.
I dont think ive ever screamed so loudly as i did then. And tried to stand up, but he just threw me back onto the bed.
He sat next to me then, one hand around my waist, whilst he followed on with the next 10, even harder over his knee.and i fought very hard.
Standing up, G aimed for my legs again, i screamed out not my legs, please not my legs, but it made no difference. As i got one after the other on my legs.
Changing sides then, he sat and proceeded with the following 10. Getting up and repeating it on my legs.
Each time i stood up, he threw me back down, youre getting into this throwing me back down, i said. You love it a bit rough though dont you. G said.
I giggled between crying,yes i do, i said.
Eventually we got to 55, only a few more to go now.
Then he lifted my bottom up slightly, jeez it hurt so badly when he touched my skin, and slapped me hard with the paddle along the crease between bottom and thigh.
I screamed again and bit into the pillow to stop me screaming again and he did it again, snd again.
Right 2 left, on the bothom or the legs, G asked.
Was he nuts to think i would say legs, really !
Bottom, i said very quickly. I lay there waiting for the inevitable whallop, and it came hard, bloody hard, before i could think obout anything else the last one landed, and i screamed and cried.
I lay there for a few minutes, i dont think i could move my bottom.
G rubbed some cream into my skin, but it hurt when he touched me.
Up you get then, look in the mirror. G told me.

I looked, and saw the bruising, the little circles from the holes, running my hand over the skin, parts were swollen and it felt so so so sore.
What do you think then ? G asked. Enjoy that ?
No i said, i always say no, but once ive recovered i say yes, i loved it, so G knows full well, how i felt.
At that present moment, with my bottom on fire i couldn't say wow yes i enjoyed that. Not at that precise moment.

Come here nd give me a hug. G said.
And i fell into his arms, we kissed a long time then stood hugging each other for ages. G tried to give my bottom a squeeze or rub and i tried to wiggle away from him, laughing telling him to stop.
Eventually G had to get back into work mode and that was the end of my spanking.

Did i enjoy it ? Hell no snd yes. It was rather fun but i woukdnt want it all the time. But i know G loved it and it will be well used and expertly used by my wonderful, sexy partner and Master, and when he voice turns stern, very stern, my insides start to shake, yet i plead to see more of stern Master too, the serious side of my man i only see when we are in play. The side i really love.

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coincidence played a real surprise for me yesterday
while i was running a deal with my business i met by coincidence my exgirl friend when i was young at school,this girl who was naughty carring
helping learning and encouraging me by being always in my side
the girl who seduced me behind the stairs when we were playing away from others sieghts who enjoyed me being shy and innocent when she asks for a kiss, who i carred about depated with her in many matters like being easy going with others convincing by telling her i trust my self but i don't trust others she always felt happy when she makes me jealous gossiped with a joy and proud with girls when i fought for her
and not letting anything bothers her
once i saw her again was hesitated to say hi as i know she is married
she may not like for the naughty stuff we used to do but quickly took my decision cause i know her well and know how is she pretty from inside and said hi, she was so happy to see me considering me a best friend as she know me well too invited me for nescafe and cake in her office and talked alot she got divorced that makes her so depressed as she feels guilty for choosing the unright man and was rushed for marriage telling me that her chances are less now i tryed to cheer her up and making her think in a positive way telling her that its just a station from the life's stations that she learned from the expirince telling her a joke that she enjoyed fuck that makes her lauph and draws a smile on her face what makes her respond that im still awsome and kind like i was young the that makes me emparrased and can't find a words to resbond just found my self telling her that she stills warm hearted with a real beauty from inside plus that she became more pretty, taller than me a littele of inchs and real busty
that draws a smile again with a blush in her cheeks shocked me by telling that she always wished me and thinks about me even when she makes love with him that i felt she is lieing or maybe she is looking for another opportunity or maybe she is horny was so confused to fiind out
just decided to be polite with her and to be beside her to protect her from lost calmly start talking about fate and how any one can change fate trying to make her understand that good and right things she do comes with good fate and bad comes with bad fate she agreed with me and reassures me that she is not the type who makes the bad actions
telling that she expresses her real feelings hints me that she have knowen many guys after me and entered various relations that she never felt comfort and happy like she was with me mentioned that her exhusband was not her type she thinked he is as he is so symetric that leads her to think that he is her type but she found him so boreing and can't make any joyments in her life how ever she tryed to change him
and she knew that he just like to have a pretty wife infront of others and society as a success as he always used to be in success cares only for intrest , the success that blind floded her eyes that she is going to live a safe fulfilling life, swearing to god that she starts demanding for divorce to her parents since the 1st day of thier marriage that she been always missing me and she belives now by her mind decision that im the suitable for her, after telling me that i really can't know what to do
but tryed to make her understand that im changed and i grow up now
but she extremly refused that idea telling me that we all have bad and good in our personality repeating that she is sure im the right one
i cant find any exit except telling her that im doominant type and not only romantic maybe she changes her mind but she shocked me again by telling me she was sure about that side in me, asked her how did u know about that we were young, but she memorized me with the first kisses happened the 1st was soft with shy the 2nd was deep with strong hug and bold hands touches her body that when i feel horny i take what i want without permission or saying romantic words mentioned also how i defended her and putting always rules for her to be on the right line that i see from my point of view ensures me that she knows that i'll never harm her cause she knows that my strength makes me a kind gentel man
i found my self tricking her to bring a black , red and blue files from her office liberary to explain for her something she goes and bring the three i stan up from chair while she was bringing waiting for her
she puts them on the desk i rawed the file 1-the black 2-the red 3-the blue telling her to choose a coloer after i explain as the faces the desk looking to the files
told her the black is my dark side dirty and will makes u live in an aggony as i slapps butt in between her bares groping her hole up her skirt .. she jaspered on her toes shocked and tryed not to scream looked to me with reproach her face exepression was fear
i didn't comment or tendered her i just followed the 1st slap with the 2nd at right butt telling her the red is what u'll get after punishment
she puts her hands on her mouth to mute the scream as she kicks the floor with light sigh
the 3rd slap falls on her left bare as i knock with my finger on the blue file telling her the blue is the result of ur sevral punishments
then asked so which coloer will u choose
she sits down on her knees covered her face and start crying
telling me that she didn't expect that im such a cruel and i should take her step by steb but i respond her that she started the depate and told about everything she want without taking me step by step
i plumped her back gently telling her that she should back now on her chair so no one can recognise whats happening assighned to her arm
helping her to get up and mentioned that she chooses no coloer telling her that this life don't fits u , she gothered her self again and kneels and holds my leg looking at me up with wet teary eyes telling that she chooses me she don't need for coloers and impressed me with her smart answer she solved the trick maked my heart flutters

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Guess what? - I have just volunteered for a 60 stroke Caning (Spanker's choice of cane & severity - AND no Safe-Word!) There will be an "Auction", with my bottom as one of the items "for Sale" to the highest bidder - and ALL proceeds to the chosen Charity!
A bit "Scary" I have to admit, but I must say I am looking forward to the challenge! Not yet sure of the date, but later this year (I volunteered as soon as it was suggested) - and it is now CONFIRMED to be going ahead! - WATCH THIS SPACE!

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So a couple days when I get in trouble I was supposed to write my lines yesterday. Well I forgot and so today I got 10swats with my plastic spoon on my Jammies and 10 on my panties. Then prob like 70 on my bare bottom I then got my mouth washed out with soap which was awful. Then I had to get my hairbrush which was still wet from my shower. I got like 30 swats then I had to do 50 and if they were not hard enough I would have to start all over after it was all over I had to say thank you and that I deserved it. Then it was time for my naps because with out them I get cranky. Well I still decided to fight it even though I just got a spanking. So he said I was going to get 20 with my hand. 10 at a time so I instantly shot back with then it's not 20 is it!! And he said alright then 30! So after that I took my nap and I have been behaved ever since so now you all now how I was punished. Thank you again DarkMagic for my punishment and once again I'm sorry you had to punish me while your sick.

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A husband and wife are shopping in their local HEB. The husband picks up a case of Budweiser and puts it in the cart. "What do you think you're doing?" asks the wife.

"They're on sale, only $10 for 24 cans " he replies.

"Put them back, we can't afford them." demands the wife.

They carry on with their shopping.

A few isles farther on, the woman picks up a $20 jar of face cream and puts it in the basket.

"What do you think you're doing?" asks the husband.

"It's my face cream. It makes me look beautiful," replies the wife.

Her husband retorts "So does 24 cans of Budweiser and it's half the price."

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Pantied Part 3 -Bending to Her Will

The next day was a work day. After all my housework had been completed to J’s satisfaction, i was put to bed early in the spare bedroom. Again tied to the bed, again masked in Her very musky panties. She woke me early, kissed me and told me how pleased my submission made Her. i knelt and thanked Her again for teaching me so well.
Dutifully, i cooked Her breakfast then cleaned up the dishes. i was just getting ready to leave for work, when She told me that i was to have a little reminder before i left. J. ordered me to take off my jeans and underwear, bent me over the counter, and gave me a quick but very vigorous spanking with the wooden spoon. It didn’t take much to make my still sore bottom even more sore and i was soon doing a little dance over that counter. As a token of obedience and as a constant reminder of my place, She made me put on my ‘training panties’ and an old pair of control-top pantiehose under my work clothes. This sure worked! The double layer seemed to retain the heat of my spanking for hours, and i was constantly reminded of my place by the humiliatingly feminine feel of the tight hose and lingerie on my skin. In addition, i was terrified someone would notice somehow.
i didn’t sit down for long that day, either. Even sitting down to pee on the toilet with my panties around my knees was a reminder of my new ‘status’. At lunch time, She phoned me and asked me how ‘my poor smacked bottom felt in those tight little panties.’ i was so embarrassed that i could feel my face glowing. Then She told me in detail what was in store for me when i got home. You could have grilled hamburgers on my cheeks! Luckily, i was alone in the office because i was also as hard as a rock inside those pink panties. i shuffled into the washroom and splashed cold water on my face.
i spent the afternoon in an agony of anticipation, as I’m sure She intended. By the time i got home, i was in quite a state- very excited and very scared at the same time. This relationship was progressing very fast, spinning out of my control. Which, of course, was the whole point, although i was barely aware of it. J was the sexiest, most exciting Woman i had ever had the privilege of knowing and i would do anything to please Her and She knew it.
i arrived home before Her and quickly showered and shaved as per Her phone call. i struggled into my panties and pantihose again and waited for Her in the lounge, kneeling in the corner by the fireplace. i was literally shaking in anticipation and, perversely, semi-erect. After what seemed like an hour, i heard Her car door slam and the front door open. Her heels clicked slowly across the hardwood floor and stopped. i could sense Her presence and smell the sweetness of Her scent as She stood behind me, inspecting me. Silently, She gathered my long hair into a ponytail and tied it back with a scarf, then, using it as a handle dragged me on my knees across the floor to the long brown leather couch.
She sat down, crossed Her legs then offered me Her foot to kiss. i did so lovingly, i regarded it as a privilege. She looked wonderful in Her dark, no-nonsense business suit and white silk blouse. Smiling, She opened the shopping bag She’d placed on the couch and showed me the oval wooden hairbrush She’d told me She was going to buy for me (with my money!). “Do you like it?”, She mocked. i stammered some reply; my mouth had gone dry and my legs felt like rubber. ‘you look so cute in panties, and I’m sure this will be an excellent pantie-warmer. Shall we try it out?’ She stood up, slowly removed Her jacket and bracelets, sat down and ordered me across Her lap. She stroked my upturned bottom- Her hand felt so soft and warm through the nylon. She placed one of my arms between Her bottom and the back of the couch and firmly bent the other up into the small of my back, Her long nails digging into my wrist.
The spanking began- slow, hard and deliberate. This wasn’t so bad, i thought. The double layer of panties and pantihose dulled the impact and the long pauses between smacks gave me time to recover. Then She rolled the pantihose down, and began beating my panties harder and faster. This hurt! Especially when She hit the spots the spoon had bruised that morning. Soon i was bucking and squirming across Her knee, which was just what She wanted. ‘Do you like my pantie-warmer? Feeling macho now?’ She teased. i had never felt less macho, but it felt so right lying there across Her lap.
The spanking continued, now slow and hard, now fast and furious. There was no rhythm or pattern. No set number of strokes to endure. My legs were kicking involuntarily and, despite my best efforts, each smack forced a squeal or moan from me. i was losing what little control i had. Then She lowered my panties! i heard myself begging Her to stop, that i would do anything She wanted, that i would be Her slave. She said, ‘ you already are my slave! Now raise your bottom high and ask me nicely to spank you.’ i did in a shaky voice and She spanked me until i lay there still and submissive across Her lap, raising my bottom obediently for each stroke, sobbing loudly and unashamedly, tears flowing freely.
She was right, Her will was stronger than mine. i was Her slave. With shaking hands, a tear-stained face and an incredibly sore bottom, i cooked Her dinner and served Her. Then i cleaned up, and spent the rest of the evening kneeling in the corner with the hairbrush shoved down the back of my panties. She calmly read magazines, sipped tea and phoned a friend as if nothing unusual had happened.
i spent the night curled up under a blanket on the floor at the foot of Her bed, chaste and obedient.
After my first hairbrushing and cold, lonely night on the floor of J’s bedroom i realized that this was my true destiny. i belonged to J, to do with as She wished. i truly wanted and needed to be the submissive partner.
In the morning, i made Her breakfast and got ready for work, wearing my panties and pantihose without being told. This pleased Her, and She stroked my sore bottom through my panties as She kissed me goodbye. i spent another anxious day at work, still terrified someone would be able to spot my feminine clothing somehow. But now i was almost enjoying the symbolic slavery; the constant reminder of silky nylon against my shaved legs and sore, marked bottom.
J. phoned me at lunch to tell me how much She had enjoyed pulling my panties down and thrashing my bottom. i blushed madly, and one of the secretaries teased me about it all afternoon. If only she knew!
i hurried home that evening and was making dinner when J returned , carrying another shopping bag. ‘you make such a good little wife!’, She teased, standing behind me at the sink caressing my butt. Her hands felt so good, and i arched my neck back as She kissed my neck. She slipped Her hands inside my shirt and pinched my hardening little nipples as She pressed Her groin hard into my bottom, pushing me against the counter. Her stockinged leg forced my legs to part and She whispered into my ear ‘Bend for me.’ i felt as if i was melting, i could only obey. She grasped my hipbones and started to pump me from behind, slowly and gently at first then faster and fiercely. i could feel Her heat of Her passion right through Her skirt and my jeans. i pushed back eagerly, wiggling my bottom sluttishly- this felt so amazing. She was symbolically taking me from behind right here in the kitchen and it felt SO right!
The blood was roaring in my ears and i could hardly stand when She finally released me. ‘Good girl’ She said. i couldn’t look Her in the eye but She tilted my chin up with Her gentle fingers and kissed me softly. ‘I’ve got something for you’, She said, handing me the shopping bag. My fingers trembled as i took it and looked at the pretty lingerie inside. ‘No, i cant,’ i said in horror. Panties were bad enough, but i was terrified of the feminity in the bag. ‘You can and you will’, She snapped. ‘Dont you think your mates at work would be interested to hear how I dress you in panties and put you over my knee? Now go and get changed and serve my dinner!’
i knew i had no choice and slowly started up the stairs. ‘Oh, and bring me down the hairbrush, too. I will NOT tolerate disobedience.’ i slowly and clumsily changed into the matching soft pink lingerie in the bag, struggling with the bra and garter belt. i felt SO foolish but it did feel wonderful against my skin as i slid the slip over my head and smoothed it down over my slim body. Mmmm, it did feel so sexy. i primped in the mirror, brushed my long, soft hair until it shone in the evening light, then gently kissed the back of that innocent-looking, ladylike hairbrush. i had delayed as long as i could- trembling, i carried that fearsome hairbrush downstairs to where my Lady waited. i had taken another big, irrevocable step.

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So here it is, the latest toy getting me into trouble again.
I thought Master agreed to me buying the latest paddle, after another hard spanking with his smaller paddle, I walked away, saying, you really love your paddle don't you, I will buy the other one.
There was no Yes or No, from him, so I presumed that meant OK buy it.
Not the case.
I wrote it in my blog the other day, which he read before I had chance to tell him I ordered it.
Another bad idea.
It cost £25, and I know that means a smack for every penny spent.
So 250 swats with the new paddle is now facing me.
I will never learn.

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Hi all
Just a wee update. As you know i have not been well since october last year and i had a health scare during that time. Fortunatly my results were clear and i dont have cancer. Been a hell of a time trying to stay focused and putting on a brave face whilst inside was terrified.
So thats my update and thank you for your concerns re my health.
I hope sometime to catch up with friends and get a spanking as well.

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Here's a hell of an idea for some fetish studio.....put 50 spankers and 50 spankees in the same dungeon, let one go after the other, with each one spanking harder than the last, and call it 50 Shades of Red , who agrees with this idea?

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Good girl/warm bottom

A good girl gets the warmth of my lap,
cozy as a cradle, secure—
here her cares can melt away
as she gives herself to me,
bare, vulnerable, and trusting.
The very sight of her,
so exposed and so willing
warms me to my core.

A good girl gets the warmth of my hand
with each repetitive smack;
Each moan, every twitch
and her deepening blush
arouse me—
how I burn!

A good girl gets the warmth of my heart...
lost in time and space, nothing exists
beyond this rising passion,
this incendiary lust,
it consumes me
like a fire.

~1/18/2016 japan64

Good evening, all. A couple of weeks ago I promised I’d propose another theme for you creative spankos who like to post poems and stories for the blog page. “Turn up the heat” sounds like a good one to me. After all, it’s a scientifically proven fact that spanking causes global warming.

And if any of you have theme ideas, please send them to me in a pm. I’ll write them on a slip of paper and draw one at random for the next theme, in two weeks...That’s Monday, Feb. 1.

Cheers, ya’ll...

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Everything was going well until the bruises and welts showed up days after my spanking. I'm not necessarily upset that I have them, the spanking was well deserved and very wanted, it's just trying to stay under the radar of my husband, as he does not know I have been spanked. Short version: I explained it all to him, and he said no. For a little over a year I was able to comply, then just had to be spanked. So now I've had a couple spankings, got back into the submissive role, etc. but why would markings take a couple days to show up? Has anyone else experienced this? So what is the safest way to proceed with my spankings if I'm not sure when to stop? Hopefully this makes sense to somebody on here. Thanks again, my friends!

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So, spankees and Switches, bottoms and submissives. Tell me. What is the longest you've ever had to go without a spanking, after you began participating in this lifestyle? Is there a certain length of time that passes before you start practically begging to be spanked? Are there things you do to act out when it's been too long?

I can't be the only one who goes crazy without frequent spankings to keep me in good check lol. I can't describe the feeling, except it feels like I'm quite literally going out of my mind, scratching and peeling the walls of my skull trying to claw my way out to the world of discipline. The only thing that brings relief from that, besides spankings, is adrenaline. And we all know, or can at least guess, that urges for adrenaline bring nothing but trouble. But maybe trouble is what I'm asking for to break the stillness ;)

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Azusa smiled. "I just have one last request."

"What is it?"

"Have you ever heard the phrase 'an eye for an eye'?"

"No, I don't think I have. Why?"

"Well..." Azusa looked away, blushing. "This is a little embarrassing to say out loud now that I think about it, but..." She took a deep breath, then looked at Yui. "Yui-sempai, I want you to spank me."

Yui stared at her in disbelief. "What did you just say?"

Azusa pulled her into the room and shut the door. "I want you to spank me."

Yui was stunned. "Azu-nyan, why are you saying that?"

"Sempai, I hurt you really badly saying those things, and I need to be punished for it."

Yui backed up. "But... I couldn't possibly do that. I know you must be upset about what you did, but surely this is asking too much?"

Azusa went up to the senior and grasped her hands. "I know it sounds strange, and I can't quite believe it myself, but I am dead serious about this. I acted like a child, so I need to be treated like one, at least for now."

This was a lot for Yui to take in. "You actually want me to do it?"

"I can't ask anyone else but you. Please do this for me, as a friend. I've already told Ui about it."
"But what if the others find out? Wouldn't that be incredibly embarrassing for you?"

Azusa was touched by Yui's concern. "We don't have to tell them. It can be our little secret."

Yui contemplated for a bit. Then she spoke up. "You really want me to do it? You can't ask your parents?"

Azusa shook her head. "It has to be you."

"... *sigh* Okay, if you're really sure."

"I'm dead sure."

"Well, how do you want to do it?"

"Pull your chair out. It'll be more comfortable than sitting on your bed." Azusa instructed.

Yui got her chair. Sitting down, she waited. Azusa went to her side. She then unzipped her skirt and let it drop. Yui grabbed her wrists. "Azu-nyan, what are you doing?"

"It has to be bare, Yui-sempai. I won't accept anything less."

"Are you sure you want to go that far? I feel bad enough that you want me to spank you. I couldn't bear it if it had to be bare. It'll really hurt."

"I know, but this is something I really want to happen. I can promise you this will be the only time I ask for this." After some brief hesitation, Yui released Azusa's hands. The catgirl kicked her skirt aside and lowered her panties.

She then lay across Yui's knees. The brunette was still against doing this, but she knew she had to respect Azusa's decision. Looking down at her friend's small exposed bottom, she blushed. So cute... She lay her left hand on her friend's back. "How long do you want me to do this for?"

"I'll tap your leg when I feel I've had enough."

"Okay. Anything else I need to know?"

"I will most likely start kicking when it starts hurting. Try to pay no attention to that. Make sure you give it to me good and strong. And if I start crying out in pain, don't stop. I will tap your leg when I want you to stop."

Yui raised her hand. She considered again asking Azusa if she really wanted this to happen, but decided against it. "Okay. I'm going to start."

"Don't hold back, even if you feel bad." Setting her sights, Yui swung her hand down. SMACK! Azusa winced with the impact.

"Was that too hard?" Yui asked, concerned.

"No. It has to be hard. Keep going." Azusa replied. Gathering herself, Yui raised her hand again. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Azusa clenched her hands and gritted her teeth. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Her bottom quickly reddened, but Yui forced herself not to let up. SMACK SMACK SMACK!

Each subsequent slap increased the burning sensation more and more. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The kouhai struggled to keep her cries at bay. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The sound of the spanking filled the


Despite the closed door, the events of upstairs drifted down to Ui's ears. She winced at the sounds she was hearing. Azusa-chan, I sure hope you come out of this okay. She still couldn't believe what the guitarist had told her. A spanking from Yui to make up for what she did. It was a real shock.

Upstairs, several minutes later...

SMACK SMACK SMACK! "OW!... OW!... OW!" SMACK SMACK SMACK! By this time, Azusa's legs and arms were flying up and down. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Her bottom was practically on fire. SMACK SMACK SMACK! "AAAAHHHHH!!!... OWAAHHHHHH!" SMACK SMACK SMACK!

Yui's hand was starting to hurt a bit, but she kept at it, secretly hoping Azusa would end it soon. SMACK SMACK SMACK! "OHOOOOWWWWW!!!" SMACK SMACK SMACK! Tears flowed down the kouhai's cheeks. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Just a bit longer she urged herself.

SMACK SMACK SMACK! Yui's heart ached with the sound of Azusa's pained yelps. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Please let this end soon. SMACK SMACK SMACK! She was really hating herself for having to do this. SMACK SMACK SMACK! *tap tap tap tap tap tap*

Yui immediately stopped, relieved that it was over. Azusa lay limp, sobbing. Sadness filled Yui's heart. Sadness at what Azusa had asked her to do, but mostly sadness that she had agreed to do it. She stroked her friend's head. "Are you okay, Azu-nyan?"

Azusa pushed herself up, Yui assisting. Her hands went straight to her burning bottom. "*sob* T... thank you, *sob* Yui-sempai." Yui hugged her tightly, comforting her as best she could. They stayed embraced until Azusa's sobs started to quieten.

Yui guided her to the bed and gently sat her down, the kouhai wincing. "Azu-nyan, that has to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do."

Wiping her tears away, Azusa managed to smile. "I know. I guess we should just be glad you only used your hand." She slid her hand under her bottom, grimacing.

"I think we have some lotion in the bathroom. You need it." Standing up, Yui left the room.

Azusa sat alone, her bottom burning. If Ritsu-sempai hears about this, I will never hear the end of it.

Yui appeared after about a minute, holding a small bottle. "Found it."

Azusa smiled. "You really are so thoughtful."

Yui smiled back. "Come on, lie down." Azusa obeyed and lay on her stomach. Flicking the lid off, Yui squirted some lotion into her hand and rubbed it into the red rear. The coolness soothed the burning.

"That feels so nice."

"Is it helping?"


"Um... you have a really cute bottom, Azu-nyan."

Azusa blushed at this comment. "Thanks, I guess." Yui squirted more lotion out and rubbed it in. "How's your hand? It must hurt."

"A bit, though probably not as much as your bottom does."

Azusa giggled. "I guess not."

Soon, the burning had diminished significantly. Azusa got up and put her panties and skirt back on. "Azu-nyan?"

She looked at Yui. "Yes?"

"You really promise me you won't ask me to do that again?"

Azusa went up to Yui and hugged her. "Yes. I always keep my promises." Yui returned the hug, then they headed downstairs.

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"Azusa, what did you just say Ui was?" Ui looked at Yui. Her sister had her head down. Azusa was briefly confused.

"I said Ui's just as..." Immediately realizing what she had just said, she clamped her hands over her mouth. Yui raised her head, her expression dark.

"You just swore at Ui and said she was useless, didn't you!?"

Ui could feel the fury in her sister's voice. "O... Onee-chan, it's okay. She didn't mean it."

"Ui, please leave the room."


"I said leave the room!" Taking the hint, Ui headed out, Yui following. "And don't come back in until I tell you, understand?" The guitarist then closed the door and returned to Azusa, who was trembling.

"Yui-sempai, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that."

"Quiet Azusa!" Yui snapped. Azusa shut her mouth. "Now listen carefully. I may adore you to pieces, and I don't care if you get upset at me, but no-one, and I mean no-one, ever talks to my sister like that, especially with that kind of language."

Azusa was terrified by Yui's tone of voice. The airhead never got like this. And she was using Azusa's real name instead of her nickname. Clearly, a nerve had been touched. "I know I messed up, knocking your juice onto your notes, but there was absolutely no need for you to act like that."


"I SAID BE QUIET!!!" Azusa shrank back. "It seems pretty clear that you're still a child, Azusa. And if that's the case, then I have no choice but to treat you like one."

"W-what do you mean?" Azusa asked in fear.

Yui moved away and pulled her chair out. "What do you think?"

The kouhai's heart leapt into her throat. She clutched her bottom. "No, please. Not that. Anything but that."

Yui sat down. "Yes. I think you need a really good spanking, Azusa."

Azusa's heart skipped several beats. "Yui-sempai, please. I know I should have behaved better. I promise, it'll never happen again." she begged.

"Maybe you should have thought about that before running your mouth off at my sister. Now come over here, or do I need to drag you kicking and screaming?"

"Yui-sempai, please! I'm really sorry!" Yui pointed at her knees. Realizing that it was futile, Azusa slowly walked over. I can't believe it. Why did I have to say that?! I'm such an idiot! Yui grabbed the kouhai and threw her over her knees. She then threw up Azusa's skirt and yanked her panties down. "Yui-sempai. Please, not bare." Azusa begged, blushing brightly and trying to shield her bottom with her hand.

"Oh yes, this is exactly what you need. Now move your hand, or I'll take my slipper off and use that." The kouhai reluctantly returned her hand to in front of her. She could feel the air on her exposed skin. Her mind was a whirl of feelings. Regret at what she had done, and embarrassment at what Yui was about to do to her.

I can't believe this is really happening. This is so humiliating. Since she was a really good girl, her parents had practically never felt the need to discipline her, so this was a complete first for Azusa. She had heard about bare bottom spankings, and she had heard that they were painful and embarrassing, but experiencing one first-hand was completely different. She then felt Yui clutch her side.

"Now don't even think about blocking it, Azusa. Or you'll get the slipper, understand?" The brunette instructed firmly.

"Yes ma'am." Azusa replied meekly. So there it was. The catgirl lay across her sempai's knees, bottom exposed, looking down at her hands. For what seemed like forever, that moment held. Then she felt Yui move. SMACK! "OW!" With that single hit, Azusa knew she was in for a rough ride. SMACK! "OW!" SMACK! "OOWW!!" SMACK! "OOOWWW!!!" SMACK! Each slap brought a loud retort from Azusa. SMACK! "OW!!" SMACK!

Yui spanked with seemingly inhuman strength. SMACK! Azusa squirmed wildly. SMACK! Her instincts screamed at her to protect herself, but she remembered Yui's warning, so she grabbed the chair and held on for dear life. SMACK! "AAAAHHHHH!!!!" SMACK! "YUI-SEMPAI, I'M SO SORRY!!! I DIDN'T MEAN TO SWEAR AT UI LIKE THAT!!!" SMACK!

"Like I said, Azusa..." SMACK! "...you should have thought about that before." SMACK!

"OOOWWWW!!! PLEASE STOP!! IT HURTS!!" Azusa pleaded, tears falling. SMACK!

"Spankings are supposed to hurt. They're to teach you a lesson." SMACK! "The! Le! Sson! That! No! One! Talks! To! My! Sis! Ter! Like! That!" The senior punctuated each syllable with a hard slap, Azusa crying out loudly with each one. SMACK! Clearly, Yui was immune to her dear kouhai's cries and pleads. SMACK! Her legs kicking, Azusa realized that Yui was a long way from forgiving her. SMACK!


"Leave Ui out of this, Azusa. This is between you and me." SMACK! The torture continued on. SMACK! Azusa kept screaming in pain and begging Yui to stop. SMACK!

After 5 agonizing minutes, the guitarist stopped. Azusa lay limp, sobbing and sniffing. Had she finally been granted mercy? There was a timid knock. "Onee-chan? I think she's learnt her lesson." Ui said through the door.

"Maybe she has..." Azusa's heart lifted slightly. "But I want to be absolutely sure." And so, it started up again. SMACK! Yui's hand collided with Azusa's enflamed bottom. The kouhai's subsequent scream filled the house.


"Forget it, Azusa. I'm not done with you yet." SMACK! Outside, Ui covered her ears as best she could, trying to muffle the sound. She desperately wanted to run in and stop this, but felt she may only make things worse. Her heart filled with sadness.

Inside the room, Yui kept her pace up, spanking harder than before. SMACK! By now, Azusa's bottom was redder than a strawberry and felt hotter than a fire. SMACK! The catgirl kept begging for her punishment to stop, torrents of tears flowing down her face. SMACK! She had lost the ability to hang on to Yui's chair, her arms flying around wildly with her legs. SMACK! "AAAAHHHHH!!!" SMACK! Then she made the worst mistake possible. Her hand flew back to shield her bottom.

"Azusa, have you forgotten what I said?"

"*sob* Yui-sempai, please. I've learnt my lesson. *sob* Please, no more." the kouhai pleaded, refusing to move her hand.

Yui reached down and removed one of her slippers. "Okay, you asked for it." The guitarist grabbed Azusa's wrist and pinned her arm back. "Time for the slipper." She raised her arm. FWAP!

"OHOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!" Azusa's scream reverberated around the room. FWAP! She had thought a hand spanking was bad. FWAP! This was even worse. FWAP! The slipper rained down on Azusa's flaming bottom. FWAP! The catgirl was reduced to a blubbering wreck within mere minutes. FWAP!

Outside, Ui struggled to hold her place. Onee-chan, hasn't it been long enough? The junior's heart was starting to break.

Time had slowed down. FWAP! Azusa was far beyond her limit. FWAP! "OOOOWWW!!!!!" FWAP! When is she going to stop?! I'm starting to lose feeling in my legs! FWAP "OOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!! SEMPAI, PLEASE STOP, I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!" she screamed. FWAP!

Yui began to slow, feeling that it had been long enough. FWAP! FWAP! FWAP! FWAP! FWAP! And with those final swats, she stopped. "Okay Azusa. That's enough for you." Azusa's pain-ridden brain flooded with relief. It was over. Replacing her slipper, Yui looked down at the kouhai. "Do you promise never to
swear again?"

"*sob* *sniff* Yes... *sniff* Yes, I promise, never again. *sob*" Azusa promised, desperate for this to end.

"And do you promise never to talk to Ui like that again?"

"*sniff* Yes, I swear I will never do it again. I swear it." Satisfied at this, Yui pulled Azusa to her feet. Unable to stand, the catgirl dropped to the floor, her hand shooting back to her bottom. Standing up, Yui turned away and opened the door.

Passing Ui, she said, "I need to clear my head", then headed downstairs. Seeing Azusa in a broken heap, Ui headed in and hugged her. Her friend clutched her and started crying again.


"*sob* I'm sorry, Ui. I shouldn't have sworn at you like that. *sob*"

"Ssh shh, it's okay. Don't try to talk." Ui whispered. Azusa continued crying, her bottom in flames. Ui held her tightly. I should talk to Onee-chan about this later.


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