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It's been a very long time since I took time out to just enjoy some videos and blogs on SpankingTube. These days, it seems my time online is devoted to writing and promotion. It's easy to forget that this community has been incredibly encouraging on my efforts as an author. Spanking Tube was one of the first places that I announced my first published book and people here were the first to read it. Now nearly four years on and I've published five books. To say I'm out and proud of being a little kinky is an understatement. I celebrate it and have continued to meet people who feel the same. I've even been along to a fetish ball and enjoyed time in the play area, all with the blessing of my gorgeous husband. Spanking Tube has been a haven to me to unwind, relax and just indulge in the fun of a good sound spanking and some awesome people.

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Oh I just give up oh well your loss

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Any fans of quiet spankings of women? Can anyone direct me to all spanking videos that the women are very tough? Displaying little to no crying or reaction to the spanking. The more realistic videos.

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Having a bad weekend. Anyone want to chat or commiserate?

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Its a lil late in the day that I am on here but I want to wish all those Mommys a very Happy Mothers Day.. I hope your day is filled with love and happiness and that you're surrounded by your loved ones...

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I have been disobeying Drs orders when I was told to lay off of the soda I've been drinking. I had 3 sodas just today and I was recently in a hospital beginning of last month with kidney failure and dr told me to drink water no more soda and I drank soda instead. I was punished with 200 swats with coat hanger on my bare bottom that hurts like hell especially after finished. My Spanker doesn't hesitate to pull down my pants and panties and blister my bare bottom. In my profile I stated first of all I need someone to discipline me and never hesitate to pull down my pants and panties to blister my bottom and I found someone who doesn't hesitate I have had relapse of my pants and panties being pulled down quite often this last week and was grounded over the weekend.

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Wonder how many would travel to Portsmouth Ohio area for a munch, workshop or spanking party

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I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. I sort of lost interest with this site. But hey, I'm back now..Hey everyone

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I have been more than just craving thinking about it makes my skin cold and the hairs stand up. The mere thought of me having no control and having my pants forced down and my ass exposed makes me want to have an orgasm

Id hope to hear how you yourself would like to spank me in the comments..... kisses

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I've probably just lost another friend - a request from someone with hundreds of friends, no material posted.
Sure there are friends on my list I haven't heard from very often - maybe not at all since I accepted the request.
To have a friend means I will spend some time with them through messages and especially comments on the material presented. I respond to messages and comments on material; decency requires if someone takes the time to write I should respond.
I've expressed how important friends are. To me they're not just another name on a friend's list. That is why I try to view the material of those on my list, rate that material and leave comments.
The comments let you know I've viewed the material; sometimes I ask questions (some/most are rhetorical and not meant to be answered), post humorous observations, share experiences I've had, and offer encouragement (sometimes/not often offer advice).
I don't accept every offer. If there is no message with the request I explain what it means for me to have a friend and invite them (if they're still interested) to respond to my message. If I don't hear from them I let them know I've declined their request.
This has nothing to do with ratings; however if I expect to be treated well I need to treat others well.
I don't often make friend requests - most often they're men I know already from other sites or personally.

I'm not here for the porn.
I'm here for friendship with others (primarily men) who have a similar interest in serious corporal punishment.
I'm not here to make hook-ups - gave up on that possibility a long time ago.
I'm here to offer encouragement to those who enjoy receiving serious cp, and have no one available to provide it to them - the encouragement that with practise they can provide meaningful and serious cp to themselves.

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(Related photos are in my album of the same title!)

I’ll do my best to describe my experience, though I’ll probably exclude/forget/mix-up some details... So, my spanker had a post on Craiglist. There were a couple other spankers advertising themselves locally but I preferred this one's description. The others were focused on discipline or hinted to having sex afterwards. Well I'm not looking for sex or discipline... being spanked is about pleasure over punishment for me, and that pleasure comes from the pain of my bum cheeks being beat. I’ll add that I'm actually a pretty behaved and conserved girl, unless you count this kink, haha... So no discipline needed! ;)

I thought I'd have to discuss things with him for a long time and ask a million questions but it was only after several emails over a few days before I was desperate to finally feel a man's rough palm on my bum! Going against my original decision to never bring a stranger into my home, that's what I decided to do. He couldn’t host himself, and I’m paranoid about noise at hotels. My home ended up feeling like the most safe/comfortable decision. I had somewhat of a precaution by telling him a friend would be picking me up in a couple hours or so for a party, which wasn't a lie. (Though, I did think to myself that I might have to stay home depending on how I handled the session.) Anyway, I had a day off work yesterday along with the house to myself, and I pushed myself to invite him over in the afternoon. My heart beat so fast in anticipation of the door-bell...

I'm writing too much, aren't I? So let's get down to the actual spanking, haha... We did it in my basement. I have some couches down there but I brought down a dining table chair for him. I loved the idea of an old-fashioned OTK, jack-knifed over someone's knees while they sat on a hard-backed chair, legs and head hanging... BUT after just a few initial swats, I realized I was too distracted by the slight feel of sliding off and having to balance myself. The position had been much more appealing in my head! And since I wasn't really being punished, I requested a more comfortable position on the soft couch. I think he preferred it too!

My legs and torso lay on cushions now, bare bum over his lap. I believed I'd be ashamed with myself exposed like that, hole and more peeking at him, but I was too overcome by excitement at that point. He warmed me up with his hand, slapping harder and harder until he said I was very red. I was feeling rather relaxed at that point and wondered if I could handle more. I went to tell him to try it harder, though I think what I mumbled was "try harder", haha! He didn't seem to mind. He picked up a baking spatula (I had some of my self-spanking tools available) and went at it. WELL it felt like nothing compared to his hand and I told him so! We laughed, and he suggested we try his belt! I thought (SO SOON?) because a lot of the videos here seem to involve the belt as a closing chapter to a session, but I didn’t resist. He directed me to kneel on the couch seat with my hands gripping the back. My back arched automatically and I pushed my warm bum out, then he started swinging!

It was a beautiful sting! I didn’t count, but I did get to a point where I was thinking it was too much... but endorphins must have kicked in and I let him go until he stopped himself and we had a break. Then I asked him if we could use the belt over his knee since I liked that position, but he said it didn’t give him enough range. I lay back over his lap again and asked him to just use his hand again, so he did for a bit... but after some hard slaps he began squeezing, caressing... I really just think his palm was hurting too much to go on. He felt that I was very wet, which didn’t surprise me. Just emailing him (and writing this blog right now) gets me wet, to be honest!

Anyway, I was okay with the rubbing, but I wanted to get back to the pain! Even though I’ve been mostly fond of the idea of being smacked OTK, we both decided whipping was for me, haha... This time I lay stomach down while he went at it. I asked if we could pick a number and have me endure it, and we settled on thirty. I counted twenty-five and then he stopped! Looking back, I saw two pieces of leather – I BROKE HIS BELT! Wowee, haha!!! I apologized, though I knew he wasn’t the least bit upset, and I was more impressed with myself than sorry. I asked him if most girls would be screaming by now, and he said yes! I was surprised because I hadn’t made any noise by this point, other than a couple gasps and the conversation I’d been holding with him even during the whipping. I knew I had a decent tolerance, but I had fantasized myself flailing and crying out and having to be held down... I was certainly clenching and shifting my legs, though. Well, I wanted to keep going. Besides, he hadn’t finished the thirty swats. There were 5 more swings to go so I gave him my own belt. It’s a braided type, already near breaking itself, but it held up... He kept going after completing the thirty. I was glad, and he probably had guessed I wanted more.

Again, I let him go until he stopped himself. He was out of breath and my bum was hot. He said I was beginning to bruise and told me to look. I loved what I saw and wanted him to keep going but I could see he needed a breather, so we took another break. I asked him if he caned, and he did. I suddenly remembered I had a feather duster in the laundry room that I had tried on myself just a bit. It has a long handle, wrapped tightly in plastic tape. It’s similar to the traditional “chinese feather duster” I experienced in my childhood. Look it up and you’ll agree that it was probably made with more than dusting in mind! The feathery half is held more often than the rod/handle, haha...

I eventually was back with my stomach on the couch cushions, and he wacked me good with the rod end. Then he used it on me over his lap too for a while, which was very nice. He felt my wetness again and asked if I had cum. I definitely hadn’t, but I must’ve been soaked already... I asked if he wanted a towel and he said no. I had decided that I would wait until I was alone before masturbating. I told him this and so we continued the caning for a bit. We were about an hour into the session and, even though I thought I could handle more, I told him I would just like some more with the belt and then we could be done. I needed time to myself before going out with my friend, plus I could see that my spanker had been given a work-out by my bum, haha! So, another whipping and then we said our thank yous and good-byes.

This was a new and fun experience and I appreciated this spanker’s respect for my boundaries, though I could tell he wanted more than just to feel my wetness, maybe... I’m already fantasizing about a second session, with other positions and implements, though I might not have the opportunity to use my home for a long time. Oh well, I’m glad I finally lost my spanking virginity, so to say, and I’ll enjoy the after-effects of this... I’m really sore and bruised this morning, with welts and even some blood drawn. I feel raw and swollen down there if I sit too long – most of me loves it, though! Well thanks too anyone who has read this until the end. I hope you enjoyed the long read, and I would love any thoughts!

Happy Spankings!

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Why is it that people outside of my area what to paddle me oh well om giving up you all know how to get a hold of me

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Hi Beautiful People,

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has checked in on me. I'm sorry if I haven't responded. I am going to broach a subject that we don't often talk about when we're just trying to talk about sexy things - mental health.

I was diagnosed last autumn with bipolar disorder. For me, it's pretty mild. Mostly, I either feel really good and up, or I feel really sad and down. I don't have a middle ground. For the last few weeks, I've been down. That's why I haven't been here. That's why I stopped posting pictures. That's why I stopped my 5K challenge. That's why all I've done is watch Outlander and Penny Dreadful and the Food Channel and take naps.

For me, what having bipolar means is that sometimes, I feel really great and confident for weeks or months. Then depression hits, and I just want to hide. I feel embarrassed of the person who was confident. How ridiculous is that? But it's how it is. Right now, I think I'm on an upswing. I just took a new job and I'm in training, and I'm just trying to feel good about myself again.

Some other things I want to address. The picture in my profile is me at age 30. I'm 38 now. I only have a few pictures of my face that I like, but when my mood goes into upswing again, I'm going to switch to a modern picture. The women on here need to know we don't need to look like children to be sexy and spanked. Right? One thing I need to get over is the idea that girls twenty years younger are sexier than me. They might be equally sexy, if they're intelligent, creative, and warm-hearted. Then again, I might be the sexier one. It's not a challenge or a competition. I need to find peace with that. I am me. I need to find peace with my beauty and my strengths.

I'm curious. Does anyone else struggle with mental health or depression issues? If so, please feel free to private message me, or put your thoughts in the comments. I think this is something that affects so many of us, and I'm willing to step up and be the gateway to conversation. As a writer, I am also interested in collecting stories that show how spanking gets us away from depression/mental health issues. I think it's important to show that this fetish is part of our strengths, not a symptom of weakness. Get in touch with me or share your thoughts here.


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A number of times recently I have tried to send a message to a user who looks interesting, only to find that the user 'doesn't accept messages except from friends'. This feels to me like the wrong way round. I can understand someone not wanting to be friends until they've chatted to someone a bit, but the other way round? How do you know if you want to be friends with someone until you've chatted a bit? Anyone else think it's a bit weird?

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HI Everyone! Ive just posted a preview of my latest clip called "Lucas in Trouble"! He truly has one of the best bottoms Ive ever spanked-I hope you like it! Im not into blood and damage-I like to see a bottom that is nicely red-admiration and respect for all bums!

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Hi Guys - whilst I live in the South of France, where I will willing turn you over my knee, table, settee, etc, I often travel to the UK - Bournemouth, Poole, Chichester - via Gatwick, and London. Provided we have somewhere to go, I am very willing to deal with your needy backsides! :-)

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I got a spanking by my sister. In total I got 60 ten on my sit spits and 50 on my bottom. The reason why I got the soanking was because I argued with her.

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Where is my Master???

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Check out my new spanking videos on my page. Feel free to comment.

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