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You know that you need to be disciplined. If there is something that you just can't seem to forgive yourself for or something that you have been doing that you want to prevent in the future. Message me your info, I have the key to relieve you of the guilt and bad behavior. I will pull your pants down and place you over my knee for a very long hard spanking, which would lead up to a heavy paddling. NO GAMES! I am serious! So contact me when you are serious about getting what YOU NEED!

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There wasn’t normally much to do around Hicksville on a hot steamy afternoon, so Jim could usually be found sat on a chair outside his trailer, feet on the fence, whittling wood and drinking beer. He had an awning to keep the sun off, an old hound dog for company and, in his humble opinion at least, it was about that all a regular guy needed at such times. That was not to say however that he didn’t enjoy receiving visitors.

On the contrary, folks stopping by made a welcome intrusion and he always went out of his way to make them feel welcome, even the guys and gals from the correctional center down the road. In fact – some of them he looked forward to seeing - especially Matron Trapp, who was a burly woman with a big ass. She sure liked the feel of a hickory switch on those buns of hers, and Jim admired that in a woman.

Jim didn’t really have a regular job as such. He was a man of simple tastes. So long as there was beer in his refrigerator and food in the cupboard, he didn’t worry too much. He could always catch fish or crawdad down at the creek, help out with the chores on Miss Lisa’s daddy’s farm, and occasionally sell a little moonshine from the little still behind the shed. Apart from that he supplied correctional paddles, which he got wholesale from the AWIP Disciplinary Equipment Company, to just about all the high schools in the county.

Well, it is late Saturday afternoon and Jim is sitting outside his trailer as usual, when who should come along but Miss Daisy in her cheerleaders uniform, which was royal blue and white, the colours of the local college football team. She was looking a bit miserable but she perked up a little upon seeing Jim, who gave her a cheery wave.

“Howdy Miss Daisy,” he hailed her pleasantly. “You look a bit down in the dumps today?”

“Howdy Jim! Yes the team got beat today 47 – 10 and I guess we didn’t do a very good job of driving em on. I feel kinda bad about it, what with being the head cheerleader and all, as though it was all my fault.”

“Aw shucks that is terrible Daisy. But hey, you know you don’t need to feel too bad. We can put it right and get you into shape for the next match right now!”

“You can Jim? Gee that’s wonderful. I hoped you would say that!”

“Why sure thing Miss Daisy - it ain’t no problem at all. Now you just slip your right shoe off, come over here and get yourself across my knees. Hell, we will have your ass so hot in a minute or two that you will be dancing into the middle of next week."

“Oh Jim! You sure know how to make a girl feel special,” beamed Daisy, as she unlaced the sneaker and handed it over. “Where do you want me like this?”

She arranges herself over his lap so that her hands are touching the ground on one side and her toes on the other, while her juicy bottom in white cotton panties is sticking up in the air, invitingly.

“Daisy that is just perfect. Now you hold on tight girl and we will give you a thorough tune up. Ready?”

"Yes Jim. Oh! - My goodness! - Oh! - Oh! - Oh! - Oooh! Ah!.........."

Just then, along comes Lisa and her friend Nicola, who are also dressed as cheerleaders.

“Hi Jim!” they chorus. “Any chance we could have some extra training too? We really sucked today!”

“Yeah, I heard all about that,” replies Jim. “Yes you can have some. Just take a seat while I attend to Daisy and I will be right with you. Help yourself to some cornbread and syrup while you are waiting. Hold still Daisy.”

“Oh! - Oh! - Oooh! Ah! – Aaaaaah…………

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The following Saturday and the “Hicksville Rednecks” college football team loses for the fifth time in a row.

Coach Jefferson D Fairburn is furious. His job is on the line. He keeps the team in the locker room for a whole hour after the match whilst he rants and throws crockery about, uses bad cuss-words, and even goes as far as suggesting that the team may as well take the field dressed as women, on account that no one would notice the difference.

Furthermore, Coach Fairburn criticises the cheerleaders’ performance and he sends the whole lot of them down to Old Jim’s place for “special coaching”.

Therefore, when Corporal Harvey Blackstone and his girlfriend Clara Belle turn up to purchase some of Jim’s “patent rocket fuel”, they find the whole team of cheerleaders lined up outside of the shed. Blackstone is a colleague of Corporal Blunt, up at the Camp Davis Correctional Center.

“Hi ya Jim!” he bellows genially. “What is going on here? Is it some kind of dance contest?”

At over six feet tall and weighing in at maybe 250 lbs, Blackstone cuts an imposing figure in his khaki uniform, with the high crowned hat and thick leather belt.

“Yeah you could say that Harvey.” replies Jim. “The girls here are just visiting for a little training session. Coach Fairburn reckons that they are as much use to him at the moment as a gay boar on a pig farm, and what they need is nothing less than a goodly dose of the slipper.

“Well I hope it works.” replies Harvey. “I saw the game myself and it was a real stinker. Them girls sure could do with livening up and that’s a fact. But why ain’t you giving them the treatment yourself? Y’all ain’t sick I hope? And tell me pray: why is half of them only wearing their right sneaker, and the other half only wearing the left?”

“Ah well that’s simple to explain. I got M and G in to help me out on account of there is so many bottoms to deal with, and G happens to be left-handed. The girls all gets slippered with their own sneakers, cause that’s how we do things around here; the ones wearing the right-handed ones get whacked by G and the ones wearing the left ones get whacked by M. Harvey - will you please excuse me for just a second?”

Jim turns to the waiting girls and says “Ladies, close those lines up and quit the yackety-yacking if you please. You will get your turn in the shed soon enough. In the meantime, kindly do not turn my yard into a community gossip forum.”

He gives them a harsh glare, but he is a big softy really, and they know it. He turns back to address Corporal Blackstone.

“No I am fine Harvey, but thanks for your concern. I didn’t really fancy exerting myself much today on account of it’s so damned hot, so I called in the boys to help me out with the spankings. Of course I dealt with Daisy, Nicola and Lisa personally, because they are my favourites. They are doing their corner-time round the back of the shed right now. I wouldn’t normally send them outside for that but, to tell the truth, there isn’t much room in there at the moment.”

Corporal Blackstone looks over to the shed and hears that there is all kinds of whacking and howling noises coming from inside.

“Sounds like your boys is doing a thorough job,” he remarks admiringly. “Maybe I will have to watch out for my own position at the Correction Center if’n they comes a-lookin’ fer work?”

“Hell there ain't no fear of that!” laughs Jim. “Why, M and G is two of the laziest S.O.Bs there is around here normally. They wouldn’t be interested in doing it on a regular basis. I had to bribe them with a case of beer to help me out today because they was intending to go fishing.”

“Why you should have asked me for help,” suggested Blackstone. “I would have licked the girls into shape with my bullwhip no problem, ain’t that so Clara Belle?” Clara Belle didn’t say nothing but she blushed and looked all coy.

“Many thanks for the offer Harvey,” said Jim, “and I greatly appreciate it but, if the truth be told, I think you may have a tendency to be a bit heavy-handed at times. No disrespect intended, but if I was to send these girls home with the kind of stripes that you put on your ladies’ backs why, their mommas would be over here a-hollering “foul” in less time than it takes for the Rednecks to turn the ball over. Anyway, to what do we owe the pleasure? Is this a social call?”

“No, no, no, not at all!” replied Blackstone. “Of course, it is always nice to visit you at any time, but we are here on business. Me and Miss Clara Belle is going to have ourselves a nice little whipping session over at the camp tonight after “lights out”. We was a-wondering if you could supply us with some of your firewater, just to perk us up a bit and get the joints moving freely?”

“Sure thing Harvey,” enthused Jim. “Come on round the back and I will sort some out for you!”

He leads the way round to the back of the shed, where there is a group of six or seven cheerleaders standing in the shade by the door, all with their hands clasped firmly behind their heads. They are hopping about and wriggling quite a lot, as ladies who visit Jim’s shed often do.

“Excuse me ladies.” says Jim respectfully, “but could you stand aside please. I need to get to the barrels there. I hope and trust that you girls are paying lots of attention to your coaching lessons. Me and the boys are making a special effort today on your behalves.”

“Yes Jim. Thank you Jim!” they chorus. “Excellent!” says Jim. “Which sort do you want Harvey, regular or high octane?”

“Aw regular will be just dandy,” says Harvey. “We don’t want to waste the good stuff on Clara Belle. She doesn’t need much firing up anyways.”

Jim fills a bottle from the barrel marked 'kerosene' and marshals the freshly spanked cheerleaders back into some sort of order. Then he hands the bottle to Blackstone who thanks him with a nod.

“How much do I owe ya Jim? Don’t forget there is a couple on the tab.”

“Make it a ‘double saw’ for cash then Harvey, since you is a good customer” said Jim.

Blackstone turns to Clara Belle and says “Pay the man honey. I left my wallet back at the Camp.” Clara Belle pouts and says something like “You is always doing that!” and gets a clip round the ear for talking out of turn. Anyway she dips into her purse and pays up; Jim crosses Blackstone’s debt off in his little book and then sits back down on the veranda.

Blackstone and Clara-Belle depart and presently, M and G appear, sweating and wiping their brows with their handkerchiefs.

“All done Jim.” says G breathlessly. “Them cute little asses is a-sizzling like steaks in a Southern Pacific’s firebox. Let’s hope they learned their lesson. We don’t want to have to do this too often; it's just too damned hot.”

“Yeah, thanks boys.” says Jim gratefully. “I am much obliged for your help. The beer I promised you is in the cooler over there. Enjoy your fishing."

Jim watches them pick up their beers and rods before heading off towards the creek. He was real lucky to have such dependable friends to help out in a crisis.

Suddenly he turns and applies his mind to the matter of nineteen freshly-spanked cheerleaders.

“Okay ladies, gather round and listen up. We are going to talk about teamwork and tactics!”


The following Saturday:

Headline from the “Hicksville Gazette”

“Rednecks pull off Amazing Win over Snake Creek Sidewinders” – Coach Fairburn cites revolutionary new training methods for reversing the team’s fortunes!

(to be continued)

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I am an avid Ann Rice Fan and wanted to write a short fantasy
story along the lines of "Exit To Eden".
A getaway resort type place where erotic and disciplinary spanking
could be encountered in a vacation like setting leaving it's customers the chance to escape everyday life and concentrate on being in the moment......

Part one The Trip
As I boarded my flight getting ready to leave for what was to be
a break in the norm.I thought....I truly have gotten up my guts to
go experience the thoughts that float around in my head about spanking.
As I sat in my seat and threw my briefcase between my legs I closed
my eyes and waves of excitement ran through me.I promised myself even though I took some work with me.I really would not let it dictate how this getaway was going to go.I can never completely separate myself from my job,hence paper work that needed tending.I would do it at my leisure.I was boarding this plane to fulfill some long overdue feelings
and nothing was going to sidetrack that!The internet site I had stumbled upon promised the best experience for lifestyle enthusiasts and spanking officiant's.A place where you can getaway and get that"spark that you need". I thought spark....from the pictures of this sprawling 42 acre lush paradise anywhere in the bayou with big puffy painted clouds on the backdrop of a powder blue sky.Anyplace with a hundred foot weeping willow gracing the side of it's grand structure,The CASA FORNA RIO
seemed anything but to SPARK....if,for all it was worth,I would be searching out their best hammock.When I navigated the spanking hotel website.It offered a large variety
of male and female staff involving Dom spanking scenes submissive and Switch scenes.There were quite a few theme oriented rooms to chose from.You could pick your favorite staffers and rooms and create a plethora of different directions to go with.
There were different packages to chose from.Some more spa oriented and others based around the 5 star cuisine.I had picked some golf to break up the action.You may say what does spanking and golf have to do with anything
Well I figured if it was all going down like the pictures I had seen of the ladies I was meeting with.I would need plenty of time on the golf course standing to recoup for each session.
For my 7 day stay I had chosen 5 Different ladies over 6 days leaving my seventh day a DAY OF REST which conveniently fell on Sunday.
The one lady that particularly stuck out was a redhead named Sophie who had and extremely wycked smile that I knew would lead somewhere VERY interesting.As I landed at my destination I took a deep breath and stepped off the plane to conveniently find my chauffeur awaiting my arrival with sign in hand Mr Barakus party of one.As I approached him he opened the door
to the maroon Rolls Royce and I was whisked away to where my NEW home would be for the next 7 days.An electric feeling rushed over me and adrenaline mixed with an endorphin rush made the ride to the compound
that much more exciting. As we neared the grounds It was breathe taking The picture on the website could not do this heavenly playground justice.As we arrived at the front doors my heart did feel a deep acceleration and my driver to my dreams opened the door and now I was officially at the start of one very interesting vacation.As I entered the grand lobby of the hotel walking up to the contiage
A very different host await.There behind the desk was a stern looking
Raven haired seductress ready to except my information.from the way she was dressed I thought my first session was starting.and from her demeanor....if everyone was like this.I was not going home!As the bellhop very appropriately dressed in a short mini skirt with a bow on the back of the skirt and little round hat.I so wanted to swat that bow
right off that mini dress.but keeping calm.I was brought to my room
where I got in and started to unwind.These rooms were huge with over sized bed and full bar wide screen tv and a large bathroom full
of Italian marble.I poured myself a whiskey on the rocks and began
contemplating how the next week was going to play out.I found myself
tired and ready to get well rested.....and before you knew it the Sun was peeking through the blinds awakening me getting me ready for a nice
breakfast and off to my first encounter of spanking and age regression at 10am with Ms Black.while sitting at breakfast I could only ponder what I was in for.
After finishing I went back to my room for a shower to freshen up and
before I knew it was out the door and on my way up to room 207 on the second floor.As I approached the door ready to knock I started feeling as if I was having second thoughts.Was I crazy at $4500 dollars a second thought.I took a deep breath and that fleeting thought was gone
as I began to knock an intoxicating stern voice answered saying"Is that you my little naughty boy here for his spanking.I gulped and the door opened and I was led in.As I heard the door close it felt as if all time stopped.I gazed at the woman who stood before me looking a lot
Taller then the pictures I had picked from.This statuesque Jet Black haired vixen began to speak.So you chose not ring my phone before
coming to visit your Aunt Carmen....are you breaking protocol already.I thought AUNT Carmen???what happened
to Ms Black.I could already feel myself slipping into regression
as the scolding started. Being told to go and face the corner sent me over the edge.As I pointed my nose to the wall.I could feel her presence coming up behind me.With one grab at my earlobe I was being dragged to a chair that sat in middle of the room.As she sat down she looked up at me and the scolding started again.So you want to disobey your auntie and think there will no consequence.Then she barked pull your pants down now mister.I don't know what came over me but the feeling to sass was overwhelming and I said "NO".I think that was the wrong thing to do
Because in one fall swoop she had pulled down my pants and boxers
and I was being pulled across her wide lap.Before I could fully grasp
what had just taken place a flurry of smacks with an oak paddle came down one quicker then the next on my poor bottom and when I tell you
it stung like a winter wind across your face.She was very deter mend to make herself clear.she was going to do the spanking and I was going to get spanked.immediately I felt the need to kick my feet and my legs began flailing about on there own.I felt like I was swimming in a triathlon.This did not make her spank any less and the little strange
sounds emanating from my mouth that I could not control made me believe she had her own agenda.As she spanked harder and faster the pain made me plead for her to stop.She retorted,"If you answer me back
young man, while I am punishing you. it is only going to make it worse".
I did stop the pleading because it was in vein.but the owww's and ahhh's were just dropping out of my mouth uncontrollably to the point where it felt unbearable.Just then it stopped and I thought shweew....I made it.No such thing....she had in her hand a larger thick clear plastic paddle and by the time I noticed the spanking resumed.As she swung from up high those swats with this new paddle were enough to make you feel like passing out.It felt like someone
poured gasoline on my backside and lit a match.I started yelling
and before I could continue she warned if I yelled anymore she would
put a pair of her stockings in my mouth and pull out her thin whip.
I wanted no part of that and stopped quick.I was feeling the overwhelming need to start bawling like a little child because the
pounding I was receiving was a bit more then I ever remembered from my girlfriend and as tears started streaming down my cheeks.As fast as it started it was finished.I was pulled to my feet and told.You go to your room young man and wait there for me when I call you better answer
that phone.Now pull up your pants and get a move on!
I had swept my boxers and jeans up so quick and ran from that room
as if a hundred foot tidal wave was approaching.
While in the hall walking back to my room I wiped the tears from my eyes and began thinking If this is the tempo of the days to come
I am going to need a vacation from this vacation!

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My wife, Mistress Merry, and I have opened an F/m spanking studio.
Look us up at

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So, I made it to Denver, CO safely. It's much cooler here than it is back home. Now I just need someone to warm up my butt to keep me warm while here. I promise to return the favor. Any takers?

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You know what I hate the most? Rookies! Rookies who claim to know everything just by reading a few blogs and watching some random vids.

It's annoying to teach them. Taking them back down to the basics and teach them bit by bit how it's done.

Every single move you have to explain to them! Stand like this, bend over... grab your knees, hold still and keep position, for crying out loud!

No I'm not being too hard on you! And no this is not too much to take!

Bend over again, will you? Want me to use that riding crop on you again? See... that's way better!

Now get over my lap and spread your cheeks, boy. It's time for some butt plugging to teach you who is in charge here...

annoying... just like I said.

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This month for me is very busy celebrating birthdays but I have an idiot of an ex husband who think the world revolves around him. This man thinks he know everything but knows nothing. My frustrations is he keeps making my baby-girl cry or upset for one reason or another. This have 5 birthdays in it and no one wants this children to be sad on their birthday. Now my idiot of an ex husband don't get it and it is pissing me off. I am so glad she is celebrating her with me and not him. I hope I make her as happy as she make me. My baby-girl will have the best birthday ever if I have to sacrifice some of my wants for hers.

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In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. (Coco Chanel & Zim777xyz)

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Note: The thoughts I express below came about when a pen pal asked me to describe my "biological" and "emotional" responses to being spanked as two separate entities. A good part of the answer to this question will remain between the two of us.

I found, however, that I could not separate the two aspects of my experience from each other. I started my answer by explaining why I felt that was the case.

The following expresses my view of how at least some of us end up being spankos and, maybe, why. I start with as scientific an approach as possible and then try to base my surmises upon the science. I welcome other peoples' input on this as I hope it will interest others and elicit other opinions or embellishments.

This [question] is hard to answer on only a "biological" level as emotions play such a huge part of our biology. I need to start by telling you a little about my beliefs about our human condition. These beliefs came about through my scientific training and years of mulling it over in my mind. They were then reinforced when I read several books on Human Psychology by Steven Pinker.

Basically, our "emotional" makeup is the same as what we call "instincts" in other animals. This is our ingrained knowledge that we are born with. It has been honed by millennia of evolution which chooses the traits that are most successful to the continuance of the genetic line. Of course, evolution has also given us a huge capacity to learn and our innate knowledge interacts with our learned knowledge in complex ways.

A strong trait that has been passed down in our genes is that of male dominance. This is not surprising because dominant males mean more females are impregnated and more babies are born. It's not that simple though because dominant males, who create many babies from many women, also are not able to support the babies they make and human babies take years and years of care before they can carry on the the genetic line. [Unsupported babies die before they can, in turn, can reproduce.]

Women, for that reason, tend to have an innate trait of being choosy: Picking male partners who they see as being loyal, stable mates. An evolutionary response to this is that there is a sub-tendency (aptly put) for some males to be less dominant and to desire the guidance of a female.

There isn't a "spanking gene" that we were born with but there is a tendency for some males to want to submit to, and to please, a sexual partner. In our society, one of the earliest examples of submission we are taught (either by direct experience or by the example of others) is the act of being made to submit to a spanking. I think this fact coupled with some males' innate tendency toward submission, is what creates so many male spankos.

As you see, this mostly pertains to male submission. I feel the same line of logic can be used to derive other tendencys such as female submission or female Dominance with regard to spanking.

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I worked at FedEx for over a year and a half (February 2012 to September 2013) I quit on my own merit to be a a full-time stay at home daddy. I recently found out by two different sources that my old boss, who is married and has children, recently got fired for sexual harassment over a women who's nickname was "Cinnamon". Good piece of advice for all you guys out here, if you come into contact with a woman who has any kind of spice for a nickname.....Cinnamon, Sugar, etc....That's usually a sign that she's trouble, stay away......YOUR WELCOME!!!!! LOL :)

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(If you haven’t read first, please do before continuing.)

“Oh, no” sez Misty, “here comes Mrs. Jim, carryin’ that big stick (B S for short.) And she don’t look atall happy.”

“Dag gummit!” sez Jim, “Now what?”

“Thar ya are, you big hairy galoot. Whatdoya think yur doing tryin’ to make Misty Moo talk Miss Ciggy inta workin’ for ya? Now, she’s my bestest friend and yinzas stay away from her. Got it? If yinzas don’t leave her be, she sez she will meet up with C out west and start a Yoga/Health Food business. Miss Ciggy sez they are a gonna call it the "Ye Olde Happy Buddha Yoga and Health Food Shoppe." And if ya’ll think I’m mad as H-E double hockey sticks now, jest wait till that happens.”

Mrs. Jim walks over to Jim, grabs his tiny ear, (gawd, he sure does have small ears for a human) and hauls him over to the railin’.

“Bend yur ass over that thar railin’ and get them thar drawers down, all the way.”

Jim knew that thar won’t be any piece till Mrs. Jim has got her way. So over the railin’ he goes. Mrs. Jim raises the B S high and tears down on Jim’s big hairy ass (gawd, he sure does have a ton of hair on his ass for a human.) Mrs. Jim don’t stop til his ass is bright red and swoll’n. Jim starts whoopin and hollerin like no tomorrow, so loud that it’s heard all over the town, all over the land, all over the earth, all over the universe.

Mrs. Jim lowers the B S, and turns to stare over at the 2 other big galoots.

“Who’s next?”

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So there we stood, barefoot and bare bottomed. Nothing on but our shirts. Our bottoms well spanked. Angela's mother went in the other room and told us to wait. She came back with a jar of Vaseline and a thermometer.
"I will take both your temperatures rectally. I will scold you while doing so. I really want the humiliation to sink in so you understand that breaking the rules is unacceptable."
She put the items down on a coffee table and went again into the other room. She wheeled back in to the den what looked like a large adjustable diaper changing table. It was tall and was longer than a regular one.
"Angela Marie, get on the table, on your tummy, prop yourself up on your elbows and spread your legs and point those feet."
She did as she was told. Her mother put a pillow under her hips raising her plump bubble butt into the air. She put some Vaseline on her finger and spread Angie's chubby bare cheeks.
"Hold still while I lube your little hiney hole for taking your temp."
She rubbed it all over her rosebud and in her crack. Then she dipped the thermometer into the Vaseline and spread her cheeks with her fingers while she inserted the thermometer. Angie squirmed a little and moaned a bit when it went in while she looked over her shoulder at her predicament. Her mother pushed it in until it stayed and then moved her hand away so we could both get a good view of the thermometer just sticking out from her humiliated bare bottom.
"That will teach you Angie. What did we call your bottom when you were a little girl?"
Angie began to sob and whine.
"Please momma don't make me... I promise to never break the rules again!"
"Angela Marie! I asked you a question young lady."
"We used to call my bare bottom my little bare coo coo."
"Yes we did. How does it feel having mommy taking your "Tempy" in your naughty bare "Coo Coo" at your age just like when you were a little girl?"
"I feel so humiliated and punished mommy." she sobbed
"You keep looking at your bare coo coo while I take your tempy little girl! You too young man, cause your next."
All I could get out was a weak,
"Yes Auntie B."
There we were the two of us in our twenties being punished like naughty little children. I was awash with shame and at the same time aroused. I was looking at those perfect round plump globes of my girlfriends "Coo Coo" getting her temperature taken and it was arousing. I almost wanted it to be my turn. Which all to soon I knew it would be.
She removed the thermometer and looked.
"Well your normal. I want you to stand up and lean against the table, legs apart so I can administer a good wiping to your coo coo."
She did as she was told and her mother took a wet nap and wiped between her cheeks thoroughly.
"Stand over there while I deal with your naughty little friend here."
"Ok young man, up on the table same position as Angie was in now!"
I did as I was told legs apart feet pointed propped up on me elbows. The mirrors in the room gave me a good view of my bare bottom as she raised it with the pillow. She wiped the thermometer and applied the vaseline to hr finger again. I felt her spread my cheeks and then put her finger in my hiney hole. I was at her mercy and humiliated.
She dipped the theremometer again and inserted it in my bottom and I just sat there and took it.
"Now you hold still and look at that thermometer in YOUR naughty little bare coo coo baby boy. You should be ashamed of yourself having to be punished like this at your age! Just sit there with that thermometer stick out between your cheeks taking your "Tempy" young man. Learn your lesson!"
After a few minutes she removed it and checked it and wiped my bottom like Angie but took a long time wiping me down there. She wiped my scrotum and my bare penis as well. It was hard and she stroked it a little while wiping it. It jumped with her touch.
"Naughty little boy feeling aroused while I wipe your pee pee! I should spank you!"
"I am sorry Auntie B. I cannot help it."
"Should I milk your little pee pee for you? So you will no longer be aroused?"
"Mommy!" yelled Angie
"How could you?! You wouldn't dare...would you?"
"Just for that outburst young lady I think I should!"
I then said something I never thought I would say.
"Yes Auntie B. Please milk my pee pee if you want. I deserve this. I brought all of this on me and her and I am so sorry Angie, but I think your mom should do it and teach me a humiliating lesson."
Angie lowered her head a little.
"Yes, if you think you deserve it. I should have not listened to you and made us come home. Now we are being severely punished like little kids cause of what you practically made me do. Yes I think she should. Do it mommy."
She grabbed my little bare penis in her fingers and began stroking me. She looked right into my eyes with her head turned away from Angie's She smiled and winked at me and then said.
"There there little boy. Auntie B will help you to not be aroused. I will milk your little bare pee pee and make it squirt and teach you a good lesson."
Her mom looked just like an older version of her. her bottom was quite a bit plumper then Angie's but still had the same hair face and eyes for the most part.
Standing there her mother stroking me and her watching her mom do it to me. I could not hold out long and I came.
"Good little boy. Auntie B will wipe you clean. When I finish with Angie you are staying the night and I have PJ's for you to wear. You are both grounded for a month except for work and your mom will be here in the morning to spank you and take you home."
{To be continued}

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usmc_daddy's avatar

Views: 283 · Added: 17 days ago

2 Years ago I knew everyone who blogged here. Now everyone is new. Its different reading the blogs of strangers, but I suppose we all start as strangers in the beginning, right?

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elendor's avatar

Views: 329 · Added: 18 days ago

Bf bought me a Onesie for my spankings, His latest (of many) desires.
It's pink with yellow ducks and bubbles, I love it, until it comes off!
He has just texted to tell me to have it on for when he come's home from work.
Another sore Bottom for me this evening x.

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sissyMaidR's avatar

Views: 394 · Added: 18 days ago

I'm naked under a long cape and then blindfolded. They drive me to a building and I can hear people chattering as I'm led into the place. My arms are hoisted above my head and my cloak is removed. Mistress whispers, "How many people do you think are looking at your body?" I feel rope wound around each of my ankles and my legs are drawn apart. "All these people have come to watch you thrash around under my lash and hear you scream. They want me to whip you until your knees give way and your face is wet with tears and drool."

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OldJimSlipper's avatar

Views: 404 · Added: 18 days ago

Misty Moo – that weren’t his real name of course, but he couldn’t remember who he really was – was sweeping the porch outside his little drug- cum-general store, when who should come along but his buddies Jim and Mike, and they was looking purty gloomy, which was most unusual for them two.

“Howdy fellas!” He says. “Man but you boys looks like you done lost ten dollars and found fifty cents? Anything I kin do to cheer you up a bit? I got coffee on the go and some of Miss Ciggy’s carrot cake out back if’n you is interested?”

Mike and Jim exchange a quick glance. Miss Ciggy’s cookery has a bit of a reputation. She runs a burger stall in downtown Hicksville, between the railroad station and the hospital. It’s handily placed for attracting customers in, and getting them treated for various gastric complaints afterwards.

“Well that’s right neighbourly of you Misty”, says Jim hastily. “And another time we would cheerfully accept yo’ kind offer, but as a matter of fact it’s Miss Ciggy that we came to see you about!” He glances at Mike who continues:

“Ya see Misty, we gotten ourselves a bit of a problem down at the Enigma Club and we could use a little help. Miss Daisy, our regular chef has gone done quit at short notice and skedaddled back to New Zealand because she is feeling homesick. We ain’t got nobody to replace her yet.”

Misty looks back at them a bit quizzical like.

“But, surely that is a bonus ain’t it? I mean – let's face it - Daisy’s cuisine don’t have much of a reputation for excellence – rumour has it that her ratatouille has got real rats in it. Shucks even the neighbourhood cats don’t go sifting through the trash cans at the Enigma Club!”

“Yeah, we know!” replies Jim. “But the fact is that the wages we pay, it’s difficult to get staff as it is. We was hoping that you might persuade Miss Ciggy to help us out for a spell? The pay ain’t much – but you and her can have full use of the dungeon on Wednesday afternoons if you want, and we will throw in a bottle or two of scotch for good measure – the good stuff – not the rotgut we sell to the customers! Whaddya say?”

Misty scratches his head and ponders for a while. He looks a bit sceptical.

“Geez – I don’t know fellas. I mean – to be honest – Miss Ciggy’s food ain’t up to much if’n I has to be truthful. Why them dudes from the county health and hygiene department has threatened to close her down more than once already. They said some real mean things about her hot dogs you know? She really got quite upset. It aint her fault that several pet dogs have gone missing just recently.”

“We knows all about that,” replies Mike. “But if Miss Ciggy comes to cook for us, she won’t have no more problems with the trading standards guys – they is members of the Club and they gets to bring their mistresses down for a whipping session on Saturday nights. Hell – they knows we would tell their wives if they gave us any shit!”

“So whaddya say Misty?” asks Jim. “We sure would value your assistance. Could you give her one of your special spankings and sweet-talk her round? We would be most obliged if’n ya could!”

Well – the truth is that Misty finds it difficult to turn down two engaging guys like Jim and Mike. They is regular “good ole boys” and, to be honest, the offer of a free run of the Enigma Club dungeons with Miss Ciggy was too much of a temptation to refuse!

“Shit you guys” he smiled. “I will do my best. I will ask her after supper when she has unwound and has a few beers inside her.

"In the meantime, hows about we go out back and shoot some Pool?”

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PlayGround's avatar

Views: 427 · Added: 18 days ago

I have been sick. I thought it was this dreaded cold that is going around. Today I thought I was having an asthma attack, so I called 911, and was rushed to the hospital. I have COPD. I watched my grandfather, and two aunts suffer, and pass away from it. I've had it for awhile. They wanted to admit me, but I don't like hospital's at all, so I signed myself out AMA.

I will not let this take me down.
Its just another roadblock that will br moved out of my way.

If you pray, please do, if you don't, please don't knock it. I believe and have faith.
I know this has nothing to do with spanking, but I am a spanko, and this is my life.
Masters PlayGround.
Just needed to vent.

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DevilishDuo52307's avatar

Views: 344 · Added: 18 days ago

I woke up this morning with a hard on and made the mistake of begging Marie to masturbate........I got locked up for the weekend and some swift whacks with the back scratcher for my efforts, DOH!!!!! :(

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aaaagggghhhh's avatar

Views: 416 · Added: 18 days ago

Will never be texting while driving again.....Lesson learned


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