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Hope everyone has a wonderful new year and i personally hope its filled with plenty of spankings to come..

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This life style is a part of me . It's what I live and breath. Although at some point I questioned it. But now I know IAM right where I belong. I had a boyfriend that I recently started to talk to again . He was't in to the lifestyle until he met me. And he really started to enjoy the s&m part of the life style and told me he wanted me to be is submissive. I was thinking about it then he told me one of his major turn on was to watch a woman be in Major pain . aND he said he wanted to whip my whole back from my shoulder s to my ass . And make me beg for Mercy. He said he didn't want me to no say no ever. Well I blocked him and stopped talking to him. I will be dammed if I would do that . That's not what IAM into. He is just a man that wants to hurt a woman . IAM good that's what can be scary about this life style u never know what u are getting into ... Y'all be careful.... Always have a safe word and a contract in place unless u truly know the person..

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Happy 2018 to all my friends here

Women Who Punish
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New Years Eve/Day not quite as expected.
Sorry nothing to do with my normal topic of conversation.

New Years Eve is always the same, go to my in-laws, for a little get together. Over the years there could have been 50 people or more around, but now as people move, do other things it's become very quiet. Just how we prefer. So there was Master, E and I, plus the dogs, with my in-laws and 2 dogs, our 11 year old niece, and my mother in-laws best friend and hubby. So it was a real nice, quiet do, chatting about all sorts. Luckily our niece was occupied watching YouTube so she didn't want to play games, ( which I really don't enjoy.)
But, earlier that day I went to bed and got 3 hours sleep, checking my phone I found a message from my best friend, L. In A&E something to do with boobie. It said.
L recently discovered she had breast cancer. I blogged roughly 2 months ago about taking her to a different hospital so she could have more tests and the adventure we had. Lol. Only 3 weeks ago she had the lump removed, but it was healing well. I saw it only a week ago and it looked great. The scar hardly noticeable. Apparently, 3 days ago she started to notice it was changing. Becoming redder, little hot, but L phoned the breast clinic and they said it sounded ok. But yesterday morning she woke and phoned her mum, You will have to look at my boob mum, it's not right. As soon as her mum saw it, she said we need to get it checked in A&E now. Her entire boob was purple/black, the scar was opening up and weeping. That was 1pm New Years Eve, I read her message at 4.30 pm. She went to triage who thought it was an abscess, gave her antibiotics and sent back to the waiting room. L is disabled, like me, with many health problems so sitting on hard plastic chairs is a killer on her body. We spent the rest of the evening messaging each other. At 6 pm, the hospital said she needed to move hospital, to what we thought meant back to the breast ward. Her mum went home to collect a few things for her, dropped them off then L told her to go home. But she was worried about her mum being alone, as her partner died of cancer only 3 months ago. I phoned her mum, tried to get her to come to us, but she wanted to be alone. I'm sure she had a long cry missing her partner and worrying about L. Every time I got a message, I had to read it out so everyone knew how she was. Poor L sat in the waiting room of A&E alone until the ambulance picked her up. At 7 pm she was transferred to another hospital, but to A&E ! Having to go through the entire thing again, triage, took her blood, back to the waiting room.
At 8 pm, the hospital Manager came to the waiting room. “ There's been a major incident, and as this hospital is the trauma unit, this hospital is now on standby. We've no idea how long you could be waiting so if you want to go home you can”. L was in a lot of pain so decided to stay. The hospital was already heaving, just people with general problems, broken bones etc, no drunken people, yet!
Turns out, a multi-story car park, holding 1600 cars, about 4 miles away was on fire. A Land Rover went on fire on the third floor. And the fire crew have now said all cars were destroyed. It was like a domino effect as 1 car blew up, then followed the next one, then the next one, and so on. Until the entire building was on fire.Apartment buildings were evacuated nearby, the big arena next to the car park was evacuated. It was holding an International Horse jumping Show. Horses were on the ground floor of the car park, so they were taken into the arena, to safety and all the people left. There were no injuries and no patients were brought to the hospital, from what L saw. L didn't know what was going on, so my father in-law got it up online, giving me details, I'm writing it in a message to her. Just after New Year and the awful, loud fireworks went off, L phoned me, she was still waiting for a bed. We went at home at 2 am, and went straight to bed, letting L know. Finally at 4 am, 15 hours after she went to the first A&E, she got her bed.
This morning was spent messaging L, phoning her mum, arranging when I could visit. Her mum has now lost a lot of confidence in driving and doesn't like driving to this hospital, so I was picking her up, and we went together. It was also a good way of keeping her mum calm and talking about anything else other than L.
Not really what I planned for New Years Day, but she's my best friend for a reason, we've been this close for 41 years, I would do anything for her.
And this even involved leaving Master on his own as E was with his girlfriend, when we cudda had a play, but for once my priority was with L, and Master wasn’t upset with me going. I only hope she gets over this quickly so she can get home. She is having an extension done in her house starting next Monday. But L and I always have some sorta fun in life, maybe not what we planned, but we can always laugh about it. She can now say she's experienced A&E at New Year AND during a major incident. Not many people can say that, lol.

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Good Morning SPANKINGTUBE and Everyone, Happy New Year and Best Wishes to All. THANKYOU SO MUCH to The SPANKINGTUBE Staff who give Us ALL The AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to post, view and share Our SPANKING World with Everyone. SALUTE!!!! We are SO HAPPY We found YOU and TRUELY enjoy this site. YOU are The BEST. PLEASE take a BOW on OUR behalf. And MaryHelen SPANKS says, " Since Your already bent over go on ahead and grab those ankles." "Now where is My Paddle...." PEACE.
MaryHelen SPANKS & RobRoy. 1-01-2018.

Women Who Punish
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to yourself

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Just a quick post to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. May all your dreams come true, especially the spanking ones :-)

Thanks for all the messages and comments in 2017. Long may they continue.

Zadok & Ms. E

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If you don't know what "R/L" means... you might be a Wannabe

If you think it's not necessary to communicate what you need or want to your Dom because what you want is not important... you might be a Wannabe

If you've never considered the possibility that your online Master is really a 14-year-old named Jason... you might be a Wannabe.

If you think being collared and spanked online qualifies you as an experienced sub... you might be a Wannabe.

If you think you have no limits... you might be a Wannabe

If you think using your safeword means you're not a "real" sub... you might be a Wannabe

If you consent to wearing a Dom/Domme's brand at your first R/L session with Him or Her... you might be a Wannabe

If you think bruises and broken limbs are standard bdsm might be a Wannabe

If you think you must have total respect for anyone who calls himself/herself Dom/Domme... you might be a Wannabe

If you think the best sub is the one who can stand the most pain... you might be a Wannabe

If you think R/L is just like cyber... you might be a Wannabe

If you consent your first live meet with a Dom/me without using a safety net... you might be a Wannabe

If you think being a sub is all about being abused... you might be a Wannabe

If you think CBT means "Come and Bring Toys"... you might be a Wannabe

If you have to remove your collar so your Master can walk his dog... you might be a Wannabe (and your Dom is really cheap)

If you think sub-space is the cage a Dom keeps His or Her sub in... you might be a Wannabe

If you think enemas are only given for medicinal might be a Wannabe

If you think submission means never saying "no"... you might be a Wannabe

If you have to spit out your chewing tobacco before you can be gagged... you might be a redneck as well as a Wannabe

Women Who Punish
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If you ever use the phrase "A real sub wouldn't have a problem doing that"... you might be a Wannabe If you think the word "submissive" means the same thing as "easy"... you might be a Wannabe

If you think leading your sub around by a leash in the supermarket is appropriate entertainment for everyone... you might be a Wannabe

If you think it's perfectly acceptable to address all submissives as "slut"... you might be a Wannabe

If you think SSC stands for "See Submissives Cower" might be a Wannabe

If your vanity plate reads "MSTR-2-U"... you might be a Wannabe

If you enter a chat room and command all the subs to call you Sir... you might be a Wannabe

If you're trying to book a flight to GOR... you might be a Wannabe

If you think all subs put out on the first date... you might be a Wannabe

If you think the only purpose for nipple piercing is to have a place to hang your car keys... you might be a Wannabe

If you think the GOR novels are based in fact... you might be a Wannabe

If you can't understand why a sub refuses to meet you for the first time alone at your place... you might be a Wannabe

If you think limits are nothing you need to consider seriously... you might be a Wannabe

If you think safewords are for sissies... you might be a Wannabe

If you think placing a "Sir" or "Master" in front of your nick name automatically makes you a Dom... you might be a Wannabe

If you think R/L is just like cyber... you might be a Wannabe

If you think using lube for fisting or anal play is too kind... you might be a Wannabe (or a really mean sadist)

If you have to constantly refer to the owner's manual to use your toys... you might be a Wannabe

If you think Dom's can't show their feelings and need to be cold and aloof... you might be a Wannabe

If you have any reason to fear ATF Agents could confiscate your toys... you might be a Wannabe

If you think the KGB Interrogation Manual is the definitive "how to" book for BDSM... you might be a Wannabe.

If you think sterile needles for play piercing are too expensive to only use once... you might be a Wannabe

If household items don't inspire you (wooden spoons, clothespins, etc.)... you might be a Wannabe

If you think electricity play consists of plug in socket/exposed wires touching sub... you might be a Wannabe

If you think a bullwhip is the best choice for a warm up tool... you might be a Wannabe

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Here's hoping you all give and receive the best spanking you want need and deserve in 2018

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And many happy spankings to all!

Women Who Punish
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"I see you driving 'round tOW!!n..."

I sang a song that had a nasty word,
A thing I guess my pastor overheard.
"It's New Year's Eve, so lighten up, okay?"
The evil look he threw me said no way.
I promised not to sing it anymore,
The sort of lie I may have told before.
The spanking that I got would make your day.
You hope I learned my lesson? Who's to say?
That catchy tune is playing in my head,
The one that made me start the new year red.

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Well so far my roommate flipped her car 3 times almost died . My kids new gf got my kids xmass gifts ( she is married to another man.. and on gf with my x wow that pissed me off. Then got. Another car . Then my roommates little pregnant dog died in my arms yesterday while trying to have her puppies. Then today I went up to the store in. The car to get cigs and a cop followed me back to the house. Didn't see me get out of the car but knocked on the door and said I was speeding and gave me 3 tickets one for car not insured not registered . And on for speeding ...and. Suspended license... Then he says my licence isn't suspended .. but still gave me a ticket for it. God I hate fucken cops. Happy fucken new year

Women Who Punish
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New Year’s is my favorite holiday, for many reasons.

As holidays go, it’s an odd one. Smack in the middle of winter, on the arbitrary division that we call a year. The real reason for the season, if we go back to the old and eldritch beginnings, is the winter solstice, but that passed days ago. The good news, though, is that the days are getting longer. It’s cold right now, but there are warmer times and brighter days ahead.

The focus on New Year’s is renewal. I don’t make resolutions because I’m terrible at keeping them, but I like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions on principle. It’s a time to pause and reflect on your personal journey during the upcoming trip round the sun. It’s a time to look back, to consider where you’ve been, and a time to look ahead, to get your bearings and re-affirm your goals. I like that. I really do.

And I like the fact that this holiday isn’t larded up with a bunch of other horse shit. Other holidays require some kind of commemoration, some show of reverence that, truth be known, is usually a load of crap. If it’s Independence Day, we’re supposed to wave flags, even as corruption in our governmental institutions grows more flagrant by the day. If it’s Memorial Day, we’re supposed to remember our veterans, even as they languish, used up and forgotten, in substandard VA facilities that are underfunded by a government that likes to make wars, but doesn’t want to pay for them. And if it’s Labor Day, we’re supposed to remember, what? The unions that gave us the 40-hour work week, but have since become self-serving and impotent? And of course, Christmas, where we commemorate the birth of a savior whose words we tend to overlook most of the time.

But New Year’s isn’t like that. Not at all. No religious overtones, nothing to prompt the religious right into a self-righteous snit. No hullaballoo, no “War on New Year’s”…at least I hope not. No expectation of gifts to be given or received—just a reason to celebrate, to party, a free pass to get loaded if you’re so inclined, with a day afterward to nurse your hangover. What could be better than that?

(Well, a good spanking, of course, but you hardly need a holiday for that!)

Oh, and one more thing—It’ actually my favorite thing about New Year’s, and I almost forgot to mention it…

I get to use my new calendar!

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Wishing everyone health and happiness in the New Year.

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Wishing you all health,wealth and happiness to everyone I've got to know over the past 7 months...its been a blast and I'm looking forward to fun with you all in the new year. Raise a glass to 2018.

Women Who Punish
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Ellie Mae was up way past her bedtime, so why not let her enjoy some fireworks on New Years eve. Twelve with the paddle at the stroke of midnight just to ring in the new year. What a stimulating tradition. :) Cheers!

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Happy nude year!

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