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I trust you all had an uneventful April Fools' Day.

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I just finished my first ageplay book, and in it, I explored my own flaws. :) One of the things I hope I've let go in the past few years is my identification as a victim of any given situation. I think it can go with a submissive personality-- in an unactualized state. We want to give our power over to someone else, and one of the reasons, is that we then can't be responsible for anything, and therefore can't make any mistakes. It also means we can sit back and blame others for the state of our lives.

In Her Hollywood Daddy, Joel wants to help Marissa past her habit of sitting back and taking whatever her family throws at her, and then blaming them when things don't go right. However, the first time he points it out, it hurts her feelings and she lashes out, slapping his face. Here's the scene that follows...


He turned away so she wouldn’t see his surprise, his eyes smarting from the sting. He drew a deep breath to calm the instinctual anger that flared with any physical attack.
“Joel?” She sounded lost. No, terrified. The fact that she’d called him “Joel”
instead of “Daddy,” told him how much she feared he’d reject her for this.
His irritation drained. He’d hurt her feelings and she’d lashed out. He shouldn’t have pushed her so far. He turned back. “That was very naughty,” he said evenly. “Would you like Daddy to slap you across the
She searched his face. “Yes?” she offered.
The unexpected answer give him a pang in his chest.
Marissa was watching him with wide eyes. He opened his arms. “Come here, baby girl.”
She flung herself into them so hard he stumbled back. He wrapped her up tight in his embrace, kissing the top of her head. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
She twisted her fingers into his shirt “I’m sorry.” He rocked her like a slow dance in middle school, their bodies locked together in a swaying shuffle. “I’m not criticizing. I’m on your side, baby girl. I just wanted you to think about why you’ve given your power over to others and what you get out of it.”
She pushed away from him, and dropped to a crouch, covering her ears with her hands.
“Sweet girl,” he said, kneeling beside her and pulling the little ball that made up her body onto his lap and into his arms. “I’m not judging. I’m just asking the question.”
Her tear-streaked face popped out of her folded arms. “But I’ve given my power to you,” she cried.
“I know, baby. You made a conscious choice to do so. I hope there are some rewards besides just staying in the movie.” His gut tightened and he dropped his voice at the end of the sentence. He wasn’t sure he wanted her to answer that. He rushed forward. “I just want to be sure you’re making a conscious choice about the rest of your life.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Okay, I’ll drop it for now. But I have a feeling it will come up again, sweet pea. And when it does, there will be no slapping,” he said, giving her his most stern daddy look.
She dropped her chin and pushed her lower lip forward. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.
“You’re going to be very sorry, little one. Take off your dress and stand in the corner with your panties down.”
She scrambled to obey, one hundred percent submissive again. So vulnerable, so sweet. He needed to remember to tread very carefully on the subject of her family. It was the issue that most blocked her, but he would do everyone a disservice if he managed to get in the middle of her relationship with her mom and sister. Somehow, whatever change happened, would have to come completely from her, in her own time.
He watched her as the babydoll dress fluttered to her feet and she stepped out of it, walking to the corner. She looked over her shoulder at him and he raised his eyebrows expectantly. His cock stiffened as she hooked her thumbs in her panties and lowered them to her thighs.
He took off his belt, making sure she heard the sound of it whiz through the loops.

Her Hollywood Daddy
Hollywood starlet Marissa Sparks’ career teeters on the brink of implosion. Her
mansion is nearly under foreclosure, her rockstar boyfriend left her for a supermodel, and her habits of partying all night, drinking to excess and taking prescription drugs get her fired from her current picture. Her only hope is to convince Joel Sutherland, her co-star and one of the movie’s producers to give her another chance.

Joel knows Marissa has talent and a sweet, submissive nature, but believes her mother and sister are a terrible influence. All she needs is a strict daddy to take her in hand and give her some firm over-the-knee discipline and loving guidance. When she shows up at his door begging for his help, he agrees to advocate for her return to the movie on one
condition: she must move in with him and live as his Little until filming is complete.

Marissa submits to Joel’s dominance and seems to thrive under his structure and protection, but he isn’t sure if it’s all a ploy to stay in the movie. She is, after all, a talented actress and could be faking everything. At the end of filming, she might just pick up and walk out his front door, taking his heart with her.

Publisher's Note: This book contains elements of ageplay, including spanking and erotic sex scenes.

Available on: AMAZON, AMAZON UK, ARe, Barnes & Noble

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Been having too much fun on ebay recently and other online shopping experiences.
Spending way too much money on this kink as a friend called it earlier.
Should I be spanked for it, well that i do not know.
Im in a strange place as i don't feel the need for a discipline spanking- despite perhaps doing things to warrant one, but love being spanked so much.
I think my love of spanking is the fun element rather than the scolding,
though when thinking of me spanking someone else it is to help them become a better person.
Is it just me that is this screwed up or have i just not settled into a niche yet.

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Just been admiring brat01s latest pix, fabulous paddle marks.
There seem to quite a lot of Scottish spankers and spankees here on ST so I'd like to invite you all to get in touch with me. Maybe we can have our own Scottish corner on here!
Not that I don't want to chat to folk in other parts of the UK or the rest of the world. Very happy to talk and exchange ideas and experiences.

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Right guys gather round.

I have no April fool jokes..My friends do not believe me !!.

So each has offered a donation £15 for each comment to the charity ' Chidren In Need ' for me just saying that I have nothing to say.

Guys every comment is worth fifteen quid to the needy.Do help me here.




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"Wakey wakey darling, breakfast is served."

Kate loved the fact that Mark always brought her breakfast in bed. Even if it was normally too early.

"No tea, just juice, and it's boring old muesli today, I'm afraid."

"But it's Sunday and you promised pain au chocolate."

"Sorry, but the power is out. I couldn't bake anything."

Suddenly Kate looks panicked. "But we have our party today. How are we going to cook anything?"

"Maybe it'll have to be a barbecue."

"But it'll be freezing, it's only just April... Ohhhh."

"Ha ha... got you. My sweet April Fool!"

So that is how Kate came to be in her current predicament, awaiting her turn nervously whilst one of her friends, Nicki, was being dealt with by Mark. They held this party with their best friends every year. Four couples in all; each person who had been caught out as an April Fool would be spanked by all those who had managed to catch their husband or wife out. This year the Fools were John, Nicki and Kate, and their captors were Rachel, Dave and Mark. It was Kate's third successive year as a Fool... a hat trick Mark had called it. She had been promised something special as her so called "reward".

She hated to think what that might be.

Kate glanced across to John. He was facing the wall, his red bottom on display to all. Rachel had been hard on him with the paddle, Kate thought, but then Rachel had been a Fool last year so she was probably seeking revenge.

Kate's attention was drawn back to the centre of the room where Nicki's legs were beginning to kick as Mark had switched from his hand to the paddle. She couldn't help but feel somewhat aroused. She loved watching Mark spank other women, particularly when she knew that soon it would be her. But she was nervous about being spanked by and in front of her friends, even if it wasn't the first time. The humiliation was keener when there was an audience, particularly her friends.

Half an hour later Kate was anticipating her "reward". She had already been spanked OTK by Dave. Now, completely naked apart from her boots, she was facing her friends with her arms suspended above her head, attached to one of the room's old oak beams. Mark stepped behind her, holding a thick, wicked looking leather strap with holes in. Meanwhile Rachel was standing in front of her, wielding a belt. Soon they started, Mark strapping her bottom while Rachel whipped her legs. They acted in perfect concert, finding a rhythm of alternating strokes.

Kate lost herself to the painful rhythm, letting her mind wander. This morning just before Mark came up with the breakfast tray she had glanced at her mains powered alarm clock. So she knew the power was on. Smiling, she wondered who indeed was the April Fool.

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I just gave my first spanking ever and I am floating like never before. Today, I met with my new spanking partner and it was my turn to give her a spanking. Well, first off, my hand is killing me; i assure you that it will be quite bruised by tomorrow. I gave her a really good spanking. A lot of hand, some of a nasty rubber-like rule, bath brush and just a few with a paddle; never got to use the strap. She took one heck of spanking and the photos I will post shortly, again, do no justice to how red and bruised she was. There is no way she will sit down comfortably tonight nor tomorrow. She is an amazing partner in so many ways; the chemistry is hard to explain. I feel "different"; I feel proud, accomplished and like I just helped a person in need with something special. It is obviously difficult for me to describe. Who ever said "It is better to give than receive", must have secretly been a spanko. My last 4 days have been a dream come true. I wish this for everyone; life is short and I haven't felt like this in a very long time. - Jeffrey

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Well this morning i had the hardest discpline session ever.
i had the warm up and my bum got the paddle 2 tail tawse and the heavier 3 tail tawse.
1st time that i have ever received so many whacks with them.
i have put pictures up for you all to see and yes my bum finaly i hear you all say got its marks lol
take care xx

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Today i learnd a hard lesson
He spanked me to tears

the Video will follow

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(Pictured: Lemon Tea Tree Shaving Soap and Eucalyptus Blossom Sea Salt Scrub)

Handmade Aromatic Toiletries
1502 Ridge Road
Rockwall, Texas 75087

More fun for us! The Bare Bottom Soap Company sells skin care products for both men and women, all made with natural ingrediants and elegantly packaged. If you visit their web site you'll find everything from body butters to sugar scrubs. They carry shaving soap for men, and lotions and bath salts for women and everything in between. For our dear friend Meggy, who is unable to get Spanking Bottom's red wine delivered to Maryland, this company sells beer soap with fragrances for both men and women. Yes, beer soap! From the website, "Recent scientific studies have discovered that hops in beer have beneficial effects for skincare and hair." The beer soap fragrances are primarily for men but I think women could comfortably use the "Oatmeal Stout" with it's citrus undertones. (Not quite the same, Meggy, but still nice.)

Beer Soap - Beau Brummel
"Reminiscent of Gentlemen's clubs of the 18th century. Tobacco and black tea are the dominate notes with hints of fruit and spice. Heady,.."

Beer Soap - Oatmeal Stout
"The most perfect full bodied and smooth beer fragrance blended with creamy oatmeal, orange peel, butterscotch, farm-fresh milk, nutty almond. Rich..."


"At Bare Bottom Soap company we pride ourselves in using the finest quality ingredients to make sure your experience is a good one.

We offer a variety of soaps and other products hand crafted especially for you. Try our bath bombs, teas and milk baths for a luxurious spa experience in your own home.

Our lotion bars, body butters and scrubs will leave your skin soft and moisturized. For those with sensitive skin our castile soaps are gentle and mild.

All soaps are hand poured in small batches using natural, chemically free ingredients that combine to create pure decadence for your skin with wonderful complexion balancing qualities. Try our sea salt spa soap for gentle exfoliation and cleansing."

It all sounds and looks very appealing, especially to the Cleopatra in women. Men may find it a bit too frou-frou but there is that beer soap and the company's logo (a stylized woman from the back) and great name. A big occasion, major splurge for the man in your life would be a bottle of brandy, some good cigars, Beau Brummel Beer Soap and you in black lace! Products are a bit pricy but perfect for holidays, spacial occasions or a not so subtle hint for that someone special. So browse their web site for gift ideas or a little something to indulge yourself. Don't miss their "Fragrance Library," an instructive section on aromas from fruity/floral to fresh/ozonic and exotic.

This is an ideal option for members or their partners who don't drink. For those who do and will be enjoying Spanking Bottom's Red during a romantic dinner, an after dinner gift package of Bare Bottom toiletries will enhance the evening's activities

"Scrub my back? Mmmm, a little lower, please."


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HELLO ALL. I just thought you all should know theres no going back to vanilla will not be happy. To try and get rid of your knk is like getting rid of your lungs not going to happen no pill or sht not even prayer. Your how you were out your own kind .find happyness

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Today Dominique went to visit Mr. Wilcox and make him dinner for the week, unbeknownst to her, her papa called him and told him about her misbehaving and fight with her mom. Dominique walks up to Mr. Wilcox’s home and hoping that he is in a good mood to talk. Meanwhile, Mr. Wilcox is on the phone talking to Dominique’s papa. “I see we have to a problem that we need to address soon as she gets here and I will call you so you can hear me spank her for this offense.” He says as he hangs up the phone. Dominique rings the doorbell and Mr. Wilcox answers the door and gives her a big hug. Then she goes and starts cooking his dinner, making sure that he has enough food prepare for the week ahead. Meanwhile Mr. Wilcox is preparing the bed so he can spank Dominique for her behavior. Dominique informs Mr. Wilcox that his dinners for the week are done. “Dominique is there something you want to tell me?” he asks. Dominique looking puzzle about the question she was just asked replies, “What? You heard something?” He looks at her with a disappointed look and replies, “Yes, I heard something and now tell me what happen.” She is hypnotize and realizes that someone told on her. Dominique asks, “Who told you what I did?” Mr. Wilcox replies, “I talk to your papa and he told me everything that happen between you and your mother.” Dominique looking very ashamed explains everything that happen between her and her mother and why the fight started. “Understand that you and your mother do not get a long but that is no excuse for beating her up” replies Mr. Wilcox. “Please, I am so sorry” replies Dominique with tears in her eyes. While Dominique is trying to convince Mr. Wilcox not to spank her, Mr. Wilcox is calling her papa. “Hey, I have Dominique here and I have informed her that she is going to be spank while you listen” says Mr. Wilcox, “Now, come here Dominique”. Dominique walks over to the bed with her head down, knowing that she is in deep trouble. While Dominique’s papa is on the phone, Mr. Wilcox takes her over his knee and pulls her skirt up so, her panties are in full view. He begins spanking her with his bare hand. “I am going to give you 100 hand swats, and 12 swats with all of these in this order... ruler, 2 paddles, brush, strap, 2 crops, belt, flogger, standard cane, switch cane and 20 more hand swats to finish” he says. As he raise his hand to spank Dominique, Dominique begins to cry because she know she will not be able to sit for at least two whole days. After the first 100 swats, Mr. Wilcox changes position and lead her to a chair making her place her hand in it and sticking her ass out. Mr. Wilcox walks up behind her and pulls her panties down, saying “Count out loud each swats”. Dominique replies, “YES SIR”. After her punishment was finish, Dominique was lead to the corner with a very red and sore ass. “Have you learned your lesson young lady” asks Mr. Wilcox. Dominique replies, “YES SIR.” The whole time she stood in the corner, Dominique was thinking how much of a jerk she was to her mother and want to say sorry to her as soon as she could.

Any suggestion on how to continue this story and make it into a chapter book. I have writer block.

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Well spring is here and I have hooked up with an older guy that enjoys giving guys the strap with his belt. He lives in a warmer climate during the winters but returns home for the summer. He wear a nice long, wide thick black leather belt. I'm to call him sir. My ass is finally going to feel what I enjoy. He has told me that he wants me to strip naked and bend over a chair. For my personal liking, he will discuss how my passion to sniff mend socked feet bothers him and discipline me for it. Should be a hot summer...!!

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So last night I am watching the late news and they lovely Kristy is doing her usual weather forecast. Not using her entire name because I don't want people outside of this site to Google her name and land here.

Her appearance already makes me zone out and not really pay attention to what she is talking about. But the lady was talking about how it was over 95 degrees/35 Celsius for the past three days. Which has not happened since 1895.

OK great. Not like I am watching her on the late news because I care about the weather tomorrow. I live in Arizona, I know it's going to be hot, dry, and sunny. Swear that woman must have one of the easiest jobs in the world.

Anyway, Saturday night she dropped her clicker to change the screens and girl got a big complex about it. She walks off screen, came back blushing through her make-up, and stated multiple times she never, ever dropped her clicker before. Her co-anchor even tells her to chill its not a big deal.

So the lady who can't hold her clicker says "Feels like I am going to be in trouble" or something along those lines. Already that several scenarios running through my mind.

During last nights broadcast, I don't know if my mind was running into spanking overdrive, or if she just had a way with words. I could swear this woman either got spanked or was dropping hints she was going to be.

When describing the heat Arizona is getting she said "You can feel the heat which is coming from the backside" when talking about atmospheric pressure systems.

Then while quickly rubbing/scratching the outside of her right butt cheek she just had to mention the "rising heat", not record temps but the "rising heat".

Now to top it all off, the woman starts talking about the "dominate force that we are all feeling, the is really bringing on the heat" and again from "the rear of this pressure system". Then when she was talking to her co-anchor she just had to say "dominate force" again.

Didn't know if I needed a cold beer or glass of water after hearing her talk like that. But I for one am hoping the heat don't let up.

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I just stood there in stony silence, how can you answer a question like that anyway?

“Yes well we will see, perhaps I'll have a few little surprises for you that you won't enjoy quite so much!”

I nodded through lack of anything else to do or say.

Arena stood up from behind her desk and walked towards me, taking off her dark blue business jacket as she approached me.

“Hang that up for me.” She ordered handing me her jacket.

I did as requested putting her coat on an old fashioned hat stand in the corner of her office. As I did so, I could hear her dragging the chair that was in front of her desk into the centre of her office floor.

“Come here,” She said her voice soft and even, “lift my skirt.” The shock on my face must have registered with her as she added. “Don't get any ideas, I have to wear this for a meeting tomorrow, so I don't want to have to spend this evening washing out a snail's trail of your spunk!”

So like some naughty little boy I nodded and complied with her wish, slowly I lifted up the hem of her tight skirt. It then became obvious that she was wearing stockings as the pale flesh of her milky thighs came into view, harshly contrasting against the black nylon.
Once the skirt was bunched up well clear of her stockings and filmy black knickers, Arena broke the heavy silence.

“Drop your trousers and underwear!” She commanded, and then added. “You better not for your sake have an erection!”

My fingers shaking I undid my belt, the thought that that belt may be finding it's way across my arse made me shiver. Then I undid my trousers and let them drop to my knees.

“Hold on!” She said to stop me as my hands went to the waist bend of my black boxers.

Arena then went to her desk, returning with a little clasp of safety pins.

“I think we'll have that shirt up eh? Hands on top of your head please.”
She asked or rather ordered, as she started pinning up my white shirt, till it was hanging almost bra-like just below my chest.

Once she was happy that my shirt was out of her 'field of action' she then without warning pulled down my boxers!

“I said no erection!”

“It's's not erect...” I stuttered out, my hand going to rub at my semi-erect member.

“Hands on top of your head!” She barked out shaking her head in disgust at me. “This is not for your enjoyment!”

Arena then sat on the chair that she had placed in the centre of her office, her hand pointing to her lap in a silent invitation.
Awkwardly I draped myself across her lap, feeling my cock rub against her thighs as I did so.
Then the spanking started; she employed a brisk and not too harsh rhythm to my naked behind. Her slaps rained down causing a pleasant warm feeling in my arse cheeks, “I could grow to like this,” I thought to myself. In fact I could feel myself growing against her, I started to think that her having me move her skirt was a good idea upon her part.

Then she stopped.

Then she said.

“So can you explain to me your lack of work?” She punctuated the end of that sentence with a very hard whack to each cheek.

Did I tell you that Arena is a very sporty girl?

Tennis and golf being two of her favourite sports, meaning that when she wanted to whack hard, she was more than capable of doing so!

“OK...OK...I've been chatting a lot on the internet....” I gasped out as the pleasant warmth from the initial 'light' spanking was giving way to a real painful heat.

“Need... I... ask... who... to...or... should... I...just... guess?” Her hand falling hard upon my bottom with each word.

“ was Linda!” I gasped out in defeat.

“I thought as much, my troublesome twin.” Arena said, her hand now coming to rest and massaging my stinging behind. “She introduces us so I can help you with your writing, and then chats so you can't get any writing done, is that the size of it?”

“Well I wouldn't put it that way...we just like to chat and stuff, every now and again!” I said trying to defend Arena's sister.

In truth, they make for an odd pair; their second name is rather apt as they are both like two sides to the same coin.
Anyone meeting them for the first time would know straight away that they were sisters; both of them sharing the same dusty brown hair that the summer sun would turn to an almost magic reddish sheen. Also both ladies share the same hourglass, or as I would like to think, guitar shaped figure. In fact I can't pick up my guitar now without thinking of Linda over my lap, as it rests there upon my thighs I can think only of Linda's rounded bottom under my palm!

The two of them though are also so different; where Linda is shy and demure, Arena is brash and confident. Linda's charitable nature is counteracted by Arena's ruthless business acumen. Linda submissive...Arena anything but.

Then my day dreaming was rudely interrupted by a harsh clash of Arena's hand upon the top of my thigh.

“Come on get back on your feet!” She commanded; she commanded, and I obeyed.

Again my hand went involuntarily towards my cock.

“Get off that! How many times do I have to tell you? Get your hands on your on second thoughts...strip!” Arena ordered me.

As I undid my boot laces I watched as she put the cushions from her small sofa onto the top of her desk, it was more than clear that she had not finished my chastisement. As I wondered what else she had in store for me my heart leapt into my mouth as I saw what she had pulled out of her desk drawer.
I watched as she placed the very familiar ash paddle onto the top of her desk. When I say familiar, I mean I was familiar with its feel, with its weight in my hand, but not with its sting.
You see I was quite used to delivering it to Linda's bottom, being on the receiving end though was an entirely different matter.
However, what perplexed me even more though was the pair of surgical gloves that she had lain on top of the paddle.

“Over you go then!” Arena said pointing at the little pile of cushions.

Now totally naked; I walked slowly to her desk; all the time nervously eyeing the gloves and paddle.

As I lowered myself over the cushions, I could see Arena pulling on one of the gloves onto her right hand. As our eyes met, she rather theatrically snapped the elastic on her wrist.

"I have noticed," She said as she moved behind me, tapping my bare feet further apart with her shod feet. "that a couple of your stories feature ladies being sodomised."

I then felt her fingers trail down the cleft of my bottom.

"So I thought to myself, a little humiliation would turn this into a real punishment for you. Also, it could be an instructional tool as to how it feels to have one's bottom invaded!" As she spoke, I felt a finger probing at my anus causing an involuntary shudder through my whole body. "Oh, Tomas that is only one are going to be taking more than that!"

I gasped as I felt another finger enter me to join the vanguard of her probing.

"Relax Tomas, that is the trick to being have to relax that tight little muscle...believe me I know," Arena said, her voice now an almost half whisper.

As I could not see her, I had no idea what other things she could have at hand. The mention of being sodomised brought ideas of dildos or butt plugs to my mind. I closed my eyes tight shut in abject resignation to her whims.
Then her fingers dove deeper into me, but not just deeper they also pressed down over.

"I have read that this is very pleasant and highly erotic for a male to have his prostrate massaged." She said, her voice now cheerfully mocking me. "Of course being a lady I would not know how it really feels. So is it pleasant and erotic?"

In fact, the actual physical feeling was indeed a sort of exquisite pain, but all pleasure was nullified by the deep shame as I imagined what state her gloved fingers would be in. So all I could manage in reply was a little guttural grunt.
Her shaming manipulations continued for what seemed like an age, though in fact it was probably no more than a minute or so. In that minute however she brought me high up to the edge of orgasm, then once I was on that precipice of release she withdrew her fingers.

"Now you are going to taste your favourite little toy; it will be five whacks. But, be warned I'm going to lay them on hard," She said in the same mocking tone. "Now pass me that paddle!"

With shaking fingers, I reached out across the table without rising, taking the paddle I handed it back to her.

She kept her promise, the paddle struck hard on my right cheek with all the power of a real punishment, and not a play paddling.

After waiting what seemed like an age, I felt the paddle slam into my left cheek.

She then paused allowing the heat and no doubt the bruise to spread and rise.

Now she was applying the hard polished wood onto an already burning base; I kept my eyes tightly closed as she practised her already hard forearm stroke onto my flesh.

Then after the fifth crashing 'pop' had hit its target, Arena broke her silence.

"Stand up, and turn around." She ordered as I obeyed I could see a devilish gleam in her eyes. "Kneel down." She ordered, as I knelt she turned her back on me, her black knickered bottom now directly in front of my face. "Pull down my knickers!" This was something I did not have to be told twice. "Now kiss my bottom better!"

My lips went to her now naked full bottom. I kissed at the purple and almost inky blue marks caused by the same ash paddle on her bottom yesterday.

Remember, I did tell you earlier, that Arena and Linda were both two sides of the SAME coin?


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Returning home from a visit to my editors office, yes I know any regular readers will be surprised to know that I have an editor. But, I do, though, for the most part, she edits my other writing projects rather than my blog stories.
Her name is Arena Halfpenny, pronounced a-rain-ah and woe betide anyone who happens to call her a-reen-ah!

As Arena is not famed for her mellow temperament.

So where was I, ah yes sitting on the bus. It would be of no surprise to regular readers that I have a penchant for spanking ladies bottoms. Ladies bottoms mind you not girls, I like the rounded swell of a mature bottom, I would choose flamenco dancers over ballerinas, Valkyries over wood nymphs every time!
That day though it was me that was nursing the badly bruised bottom; so I looked at my fellow passengers as the bus pulled out from the city centre. I wondered if any of the other travellers were sitting on stinging buns?

Perhaps the girl in front of me she looked to be about nineteen; young enough to carry off wearing a woollen giraffe hat complete with eyes and horns. But, old enough to have the womanly swell I referred to earlier. She looks rather studenty in her dress, or perhaps works in one of the city's more hip clothes shops.
For my imagining, she was a student getting a later bus than usual perhaps because one of her tutors had asked her to hold back after lectures. Maybe that tutor had implemented some plan to help her through her studies, a paternal/maternal hand to her bottom perhaps, to help her to focus, not for any sexual reasons, of course.

I wonder?

Then there was an older lady to my left; going by her outer clothing she was an office worker, most likely a manager, at the very least a team leader.
Her long overcoat partially hid her black two piece suit and white blouse. Very elegant, very sexy in a 'business lady' way. My mind wandered to what could lay beneath that suit, what hidden sexual delights were covered by her stern veneer?
My eyes lowered down to her calves; they were encased in black nylon, stockings or tights it was hard to decide. A quick glance at her pale blue eyes that held an almost impish shine told me stockings.

What markings though could her bottom have?

She looked very much an English Rose, so tradition would have it that they would have to be cane marks. Six uniform lines above the tops of her upper thighs?
Or maybe five horizontal lines with a diagonal slash to create a five bar gate pattern?
Her crime to warrant such treatment?
Perhaps her team were not hitting their targets, so her line manager had to bring her to book?

So now I know what you are thinking...'Tomas is a pervert who spends all his time fantasising about ladies bottoms'.
To a degree that would be true, as a large part of my stories are indeed formulated on bus journeys. Today though I was making my mind wander not in search of inspiration but to take my mind off the very real pain in my own bottom!

It all came to head in the early morning when I received a phone call from Arena; she told me she needed to see me about a matter of some importance this afternoon. My initial feelings were that she had finished my short story collection and that it was ready to go on sale.
I was so, so, wrong!

“Nice to see can manage something on time!” was the less than warm greeting that I received upon entering Arena's plush city centre office close to the rail station.

“Er...sorry I don't follow what you mean,” I replied truthfully.

“One Rosytale per week, and a promise to send me work on the short story, also your book research...any of this sound familiar to you?” She asked me rather brusquely.

I knew deep down that she had a point, I had been fannying around a lot lately on chat rooms etc., and not concentrating on any of my writing projects.

“Quiet for a change Tomas?”

I nodded feeling rather silly at being scolded by this much younger and beautiful lady. Did I mention that Arena was much younger than me?
Well without going into exact ages Arena is about ten years my junior, unlike me she is highly educated and at times quite intimidating in her manner, and this was one of those times.

“You deserve to be punished...but with your predilections you would probably enjoy it wouldn't you?”


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I took a trip on my own recently to attend the funeral of a very dear old friend,see my previous blog post. As I drove the almost three hours to the convent where the funeral would take place alot of thoughts went through my mind. It had been almost twenty years since I last had been in this particular convent. I wondered about the seven other young women who had entered the novitiate with me that year. I knew only the whereabouts of one,who is still a nun and comes to stay with Jen and I every summer for a week;the rest I have no idea where they are. I drove through the little village near the convent and was sad to see the little sweet shop where I use buy bon bons closed down,the village looked almost empty of all life: how things have changed.I arrived at the gates to the convent and drove up the long,winding,tree-lined avenue to the main building. There was a few other cars parked here and there.I switched off the engine and was immediately enveloped in complete silence.It was always a very peaceful place.

I was admitted to the main building and shown to a reception room by a nun,I didn't recognise her. The reception room was the same room in which I use meet my parents when they came to visit every six months or so,those were the rules. The furniture had just been moved around.I sat on a chair looking out of the French windows at the convent garden and the hills beyond. A familiar face entered the room.I hate when I cannot remember names,but this woman came over to me and greeted me by my name. When I heard her voice the penny dropped! She had been one of my conferees when I was a novice. We chatted and I was relieved when her name came to me. I quickly found out that of the eight of us who were novices that year two were still nuns,my friend and another girl,who was a trained nurse and was now in the UK. We chatted for awhile before the funeral mass and afterwards there was a little reception.I took the time to wonder the corridors of the convent,looking at the many photos on the walls of young nuns who had passed through its confines. Then,there I was,staring back at myself from a photo with my dear friend whom we had just buried. I tried to figure out when the photo was taken,1992 or '93. I looked so thin,but I seemed happy. It was a day full of memories and alot of peace. I walked through the gardens one more time before I hit the road back to Cork.

When I got home that evening my niece and her boyfriend were sprawled on the sofa watching some music channel.They were laughing and stopped when I entered the room;I knew they were up to something.It turned out that they had played a prank on Jenny by hiding her Dad's accounts;Jen does her Dad's accounts for the farm and it always puts her in a bad mood sifting through all the receipts: I even witnessed her Dad give her a piece of cardboard one time with numbers and writing scrawled on it,he said it was a receipt for work clothes or something;Jen was not happy. Eventually Jen figured out she was the butt of a joke and after numerous threats the accounts were returned to her.

Jen and I sat at the kitchen table drinking tea.We talked about my day for sometime,it certainly had been a very emotional day.Jen made more tea and we got down to sorting out her Dad's accounts. It was a mess of crumpled up receipts and even some mud came out of a folder.Jen jumped to her feet and immediately cleaned the table,I wondered why she panicked so much but then came to the conclusion that the mud was in fact some cow dung.Jen stated loudly that she would be having a 'word' with her Dad. We chatted as she done the accounts,writing in her ledger and totting numbers up on her calculator. Then she paused and showed me a receipt,I laughed,she was frustrated. The receipt was for a chicken and beef sandwich,a Mars bar and a cup of tea from some agricultural show her Dad attended. There is no way he will be able the claim back tax for that. Jenny counted nine more receipts for food snacks before loosing the plot and reaching for her phone. As I listened to her tell her Dad off and explain what he could and couldn't claim tax back for I had to laugh. Life has a funny old way of treating us. Some of us have to search for our purpose in life,some of us are content with what we have,some of us just work damn hard and and try to claim tax back for food snacks.

My head hit the pillow that night and off to sleep I went.All I was aware of was Jen cuddling into me. Have a great week my friends and behave yourselves!

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Before during and after. This was punishment and this really hurt. I was still partly bruised from Tuesday. In fairness to my spanker, I called and asked for this. She would have gladly given me time to heal.

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Her mom walked over to Kathy who was still lying there bare bottom hanging out.
“Kathy, I am going to spank your bottom but good! Then when your Father gets home he will probably as well. I am sure your Parents Ric will want to do some punishing of the two of you as well. Now Kathy I will give you a choice. I will either put you across me knee and spank you with a slipper or you can get in the diaper position like Ric did and I will spank you with my hand.”
Kathy bit her lip and didn't say anything.
“Kathy!” Her mom spanked her bare bottom hard with one hand twice ~Spank~Spank~
“I asked you a question. How do you want your spanking young lady?!”
“Please mommy I do not want a spanking.”
Her mom had had enough and said.
“Fine! I will spank you both ways! And because you did not answer my question I will strip you bare naked in front of Ric!”
Kathy knew by her mothers tone that she better just do as she was told or else it would only get worse,
Her mother stripped her right there by the pool in front of Ric. She did not even try to cover her nakedness. Her mother grabbed the back of her head and neck and deftly turned her across her knee.
She began spanking her hard and fast, no warm up, she was angry. Kathy laid there across her mom's knee legs spread, feet pointed and her toes were curling from the sting of the spanking. She did not kick but began bawling like a child again.
“Please Mommy I was bad, I am sorry! I deserve to get a bare naked spanking in front of Ric. Whaaaa!
Whaaaaa aaahhh! Whaaa whaaa aaaaah! I need my chubby bare bottom spanked good. I will learn my lesson Mommy! Please it hurts...Please let me change positions?”
“I have not even begun to slipper this naughty bare bottom yet! Hold still and take your punishment Kathy!”
She grabbed her slipper and began swatting her entire bottom. With each swat it got redder and redder and Kathy cried harder. I was sure the neighbors a mile away could hear her.
Her mom stopped and grabbed Kathy by the arm and then laid her down on her back on the lounger. Kathy winced when her bottom hit the lounger. Her mom had no sympathy and laid her back and lifted her legs fully exposing her privates to Ric. She was wet and her mom immediately saw this.
“Oh Kathy! You too?!” Your wet down there young lady! Naughty, naughty dirty little girl! After I spank you like this I am going to take your temperature in your bottom and then I will have to help you release like I did for Ric.”
“Please Mommy no! Not that!”
“Then I will have your father do it or Ric do it!”
She began spanking her.
“Take your punishment little naughty, dirty toddler girl!”
Kathy bawled and whined just like a little girl would. Deep down inside she was awash in ecstasy and humiliation. The mixture of shame from her predicament and the turn on as well was wracking her body.
Her Mother stopped and deftly turned Kathy over on her tummy. She grabbed a couple of patio cushions and put them under Kathy's hips raising her bottom in the air. Ric could see her well reddened hot cheeks, her bottom crack and her swollen pussy lips. She was drenched. Her mother grabbed a jar a Vaseline then with a grin turned to Ric.
“Here Ric lube her bare bummy hole and take her temperature like a toddler and verbally humiliate her as she did to you.”
I was so turned on the bulge in my shorts I had just pulled up showed that. I walked over lubed my finger then began to lube her rosebud. She squirmed when I did.
“Hold still little toddler. I need to take your tempy in your naughty bare bottom!”
“Ye Ric. Teach me a lesson. I will be a good girl and take my punishment.”
After I lubed her well I took the thermometer and pushed it in and slid it in and out a few times before I put it in so it just stuck out from between her sweet bare globes.
Her mother said
“That's it Kathy. Lie there with that thermometer sticking out from between those naughty, chubby bare cheeks. You look just like a well punished little toddler learning a lesson.”
I waited a full 3 minutes then pulled it out and handed it to her mom.
“ A little high but I bet I know why.” She smiled.
“Ric please take your finger and diddle my naughty little toddler of a daughter until she is relieved would you?”
“Yes Auntie Melissa.”
She spread her legs wide for me and I diddled her but good. First with one finger then two. Working her clit and inside her alternately until she began to spasm and orgasmed.
“Now Kathy, go to your room and get in your punishment long shirt. You will stay Barefoot and Bare bottomed the rest of today. Ric, you go to your room and put on a T-shirt and your tighty whiteys little man.”
As we walked inside out and away from her mom she rubbed my crotch and said.
“Oh my god. That was amazing. I can't wait for more.”

{to be continued}

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I've started a new blog because there is too much information to fit in the "comments" format. Editing these blogs makes me nervous, i.e. I'll lose the whole thing.

SPANKING BOTTOM red ($11.99)

This wine offers a deep red ruby color in the glass. Initial aromas of blackberries meld well with a subtle toasty oak complexity. Medium to full-bodied, the palate rounds into a full spectrum of savory blackberry flavors and rich oak. Well-balanced tannins and acidity lead to a full, lingering toasty finish.

VIVINO wine critics give it an overall four out of five stars. One reviewer says this, "Don't let the whimsical label fool you. This is not a lightweight. More full-bodied than you might expect, this wine is as much for food as it is for fun. Ripe black cherry, black pepper, mild tobacco. Sassy to start and smooth on the finish. The fun label sets an expectation then the product over delivers. Should pair well with pasta, pizza, and hearty fare."

Spanking Bottom Wine Co.
23 Pleasant Street, Unit 2 Foxboro, MA 02035


Dion's Fine Wine, Spirits and Craft Beer
(free shipping on orders over ($100)
Store Locations:
119 River St. Waltham, MA 02453. 781-894-1907
850 Lexington St. Waltham, MA 02452. 781-894-1999
485 Main St. Woburn, MA 01801. 781-935-1603
4 South Avenue Natick, MA 01760. 508-650-4321

Dub's Liquor & Fine Wines
(local delivery)
30 Chauncy Street
Mansfield, MA 02048

D&L Wine and Liquor Depot
(order online)
119 River Street, Waltham, MA 02453
Tel: +1 781 894 1907
Fax: +1 781 894 1957

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