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Daughter's surgery went Good She is fine... Now IAM watching my grandson for a little bit and then out to lunch if my daughter feel up to it. Then hang out with old friends ... Ajust Halo.... I will try to be good girl and not do anything IAM not supposed to do.... Evil smile... What cassandra (babygirl) is a good girl don't beleive me ask someone that don't know me. They will tell u

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I haven’t been spanked in so long I’m craving it like a drug addict it’s sucks when you can’t find someone to actually spank you if I had the money I would go to one of the parties at least one a year

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As E was out with his girlfriend, Master decided to release my breasts from my bra, saying he liked to watch them swing.
He slipped my skirt down, and lifted my top up, showing my naked ass.
He enjoyed watching me in the kitchen, the occassiinal playful slap.
Then Dave ( the dog ) was getting protective of his mummy, and started barking at Master, jumping up to me, for each smack.
It funny he reacts like this when it’s playful, because he’s never reacted when I’ve had a punishment or eveb during morning spankings.
But Master loves winding Dave up like this, it is funny seeing him react this way.
But can’t wait until these stiches dissolve then we can play. I just don’t feel it’s best if we start any fun, though I do have 2 other holes to use.

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Is it acceptable to hold someone down in a vice like grip and wake someone up by spanking them?? I don't think so!

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Last night as my wife and I were comming home, I made a mistake of arguing with her over an issue we have delt with before. My disobedience and defience towards my wife, when I know I am wrong. I kept arguing my side though and my wife was having none of it.
I am warning you young man she said sternly. One more word out of your mouth about this and I will give you a good hard punishment spanking on your bare bottom. Is that understood?
I should just have answered yes Maam and that would have been the end of it. But I felt right to say my piece and kept arguing with my wife.
That turned out to be a very bad decision from my side.

My wife looked very angry with me and instantly I knew, I had crossed the line. I am sorry I tried to say, but my wife just looked at me and shook her head.
Keep quiet young man she scolded, I am very disapointed and angry with you. I warned you what would happen if you kept arguing with me, did I not she scolded. Yes Maam I said and blushed with shame from being scolded like a child. But you chose to do it anyway and disobey me right to my face. I am sorry I said.
Not as sorry as you are going to be, when you are laying over my knees getting your bare bottom spanked with the bathbrush my wife scolded.
I am going to teach you to obey me tonight and you are going to have a very sore bottom when I get through with you young man.
Yes Maam I said and we walked home in silience.

When we got home my wife opened the door and went straight into the livingroom, took a dining chair out from the table and put it in the middle of the room.
Now get your nose in the corner young man and think about why I am going to spank you tonight my wife scolded. She sounded very angry. I hurried in the corner and stood obediently with my nose against the walls waiting formy wife to spank me.
I was nervous and a little scared, but also getting excited about laying over her knees for a well deserved spanking.

After 15 minutes in the corner I heard my wife walk across the floor in her high heels and knew it was time to pay for my naughty behavior. She sat down on the chair and let me stand a minute more in the corner while preparing my punishment spanking.
Come over here young man she finally said and I obediently did as I was told.
Sitting there on the dining chair in her black leather pants, high heeled ankle boots and a blue tank top, my wife looked very angry and I became weak in my knees and had a rock hard erection.

In her leather clad lap was the wooden bathbrush. I swallowed hard as I knew this was going be be a painfull punishment spanking. I stood in front of my wife and got a stern scolding that made my ears burn and make me blush with embarrassment.
You have been a very very naughty boy and I am going to spank you very hard tonight my wife said sternly. But first I want you to tell me what a naughty you have been and then ask me politely to give you a spanking.
This was new to me. My wife had never told my to do that before. I felt so embarrassed and it took me a few seconds to collect myself.

I have been a very naughty boy for disobeying you and being defient when you warned me not to be I said. I am so sorry for behaving like this I said and looked down in shame.
I deserve to be punished for my naughty behavior Maam.
Will you please put me over your knees and give my a good hard spanking on my bare bottom to teach me a lesson I said feeling so embarassed and humiliated.

Yes young man you have been very very naughty and I think a long hard bare bottom spanking over my knees is just the right punishment for you my wife said.
I am going to spank you until you are sobbing like a naughty little boy and make sure you learn a lesson from this. Is that understood young man my wife scolded?
Yes Maam I said blushing and bowed my head in shame.

Good then young man my wife said and looked up at me. Hands on your head while I bare your bottom young man. Obediently I did as my wife said and felt her undo my belt, unbotton my jeans and pull them down to my ankles.
I was blushing deep red now as I knew what was comling next. My wife hooked her fingers into the waistband of my underpants, took them out over my rock hard erection and all the way down to my ankles.
I was sooooo embarrassed as my erection was dripping pre cum on the floor and because of the excited state I was in. I just could not help it and it was very humbling and embarrassing to stand there showing my wife how excited I was about her spanking me like a naughty little boy.

Well young man do you have anything to say before I put you over my knees and spank your bare bottom? I am sorry Maam was all I could say. As you should be young man. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, having to be put over my knees and have your bare bottom spanked like a naughty little boy. But since you will not listen to what I say this is the way you are going to be punished my wife said sternly.
Yes you are going to be very sorry when I finish spanking you tonight young man.

My wife straightend up on the dining chair making her tight leather pants squeek and took my handrestraints from the table behing her. Quickly she locked them to my wrists in front of me and took the wooden bathbrush in her right hand.
Over my knees young man my wife said sternly.
Obediently I did as I was told and placed myself over my wifes leather clad knees, feeling me erection rubbing against her left thigh. I was both nervous and scared about being spanked, but also extremely excited to have my erection rubbing against my wifes leather clad thighs.

I felt my wife reach down and lock my handrestraints to the front leg of the dining chair she was sitting on and placing the bathbrush on my bare bottom.
Let this be a lesson to you young man my wife said and began spanking me.
God it stung and burned as she really let me feel how angry she was with me. Alterning from right to left cheek my wife quickly turned my pale bottom deep pink and had me squirming over her leather clad knees in no time. In a fast pace she gave me a bare bottom spanking I have not felt for a very long time and I was beghing and pleading and promising just about anything within two minutes.

A strict disciplinarian as my wife knew all this was just the beginning and paid no attention to my pleads and begging. She held me firmly in place over her leather clad knees and continued to spank me very hard, not letting up at any time. I was really struggling now and my bare bottom stung and burned like crazy. Any excitement was gone by now and my erection was soft between my wifes leather clad thighs. I was trying my best to cope with the spanking my wife was giving me, but when she consentrated on my sitspots and spanked the same cheek several times in a row, I quickly had tears in my eyes and had to choke back a sob.

Sounds like I am getting through to you young man my wife said sternly. But I am not nearly done spanking you yet young man and you are going to be a very obedient little boy by the time I send you back to the corner my wife said and kept on spanking my bare bottom hard. After a few dozen hard spanks to my sit spots I could not hold the tears back anymore.
Hot salty tears streamed down my cheeks and I brgan crying. My wife did not mind at all and increased the pace of the spanks as well as the force. I burned bad and stung like I have not felt in a very very long time as the wooden bathbrush in my wifes hand landed on my now bright red bare bottom over and over again. Nothing helped me and in the end I gave up fighting and layed limb over my wifes leather clad knees sobbing like a naughty little boy.

She kept spanking me for about three minutes more resulting in me bawling my eyes out and the wooden bathbrush burned and stung my bare bottom. After 10 minutes of non stop spanking my wife decided I had learned my lesson and stopped spanking me. She put the bathbrush down, unlocked my handrestraints and told me to stand. I did still sobbing hard and on shaky legs. My wife stood up, took me earlobe and took me back to the corner. You are going to stand here for the next 30 minutes with your hands at your side at all times young man my wide said sternly. You will not move ot try to rub your bare bottom young man or you will go straight back over my knees my wife scolded. Is that understood? Yes Maam I said still sobbing.

Good then I want you to think about why I had to spank you tonight and how obediently you are going to behave from now, so another punishment spanking like this one can be avoided my wife said. Yes Maam I said and cried the whole 30 minutes in the corner.

My bottom is more sore than I have felt in a looong time and still bright red with black and purple bruises. I am not able to sit down today as I was not able to at all last night. But I can not say anything or complaine about the spanking my wife gave me. It was a well deserved punishment spanking and I must learn how to behave properly or she will spank me again.

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So I'm loading the dishwasher after dinner....I'm putting cutlery in the basket thing....suddenly....Smack!...Marks shovel hand hits my arse with such force...I lose my breath, as if ice cold water was thrown at me......w w what was that for? ..

Him: how many times have I got to tell you, don't put knives in with the point upwards?
Me: ..and how many times have I told you to load it yourself if your that worried?

In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...Big mistake..Huge! Why can't ya just keep ya gob shut Ditz?

People let me tell you, cotton lends no protection at all! And anyway why isn't he in the living room sitting watching football like most men? ...Weirdo....

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A beautifully caned bottom ...
Obviously teacher wasn't impressed with the apple ....

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So after my daughter has her surgery IAM going next door and party some get stress release out.... Can't wait. Got some rum and tequila ... Haven't smoked all day... IA. A good girl until tomorrow I may be bad then.. for shame screw it I get in trouble I get in trouble. Fuck it shit I cussed Damm that's so not fucken good

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After a long haiatus iam back and looking to be more active :)

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After a long haiatus iam back and looking to be more active :)

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Membership...waiting list
Inside...sounds abound
Paddles and Belts
Whips and Chains sexy
Smells of Leather & Sex

Screams of pain
Finding release...painfully
Bared proudly

Dominants wearing leather
Submissives dressed as dolls
Ready to play...kneeling at feet
Naked crying...slapping of flesh
Collars worn...Whistles of canes
Yells of more please Sir

Master says time to play
Tied to a cross...Flogged
Next up rope art...Suspension
Fireplay...drunk on subspace
Floating...flying...coming down
Hot...cold...blurring sounds

Now the spanking favorite
Strapped in...unable to move
Master and his crop...marks nicely
Sounds of a Bull Whip next to me
Screaming with impact repeatedly
Jealous of her...wish it were me

Secret playrooms...fantasies live
Down in the begins
Master please share me
Dreams of two or more
My fantasy so close
Double penetration...what I dream of

Subs for play...want a taste
Touching deep inside
Tiny fingers felt
Moving in and out
Gasping for breath
I feel her tongue there
Licking and sucking everywhere

Playing inside me...completely full
Many Doms and a Sub
Heaven and Hell...blurring to one
Please don't stop...coming now
At Club's allowed

Master said...done playing
Don't want to go...being sassy
Testing Master...never ends well
Time to leave...until next week
Club Shadow awaits to play again

Pouting...head down
Following Master out
Whispering aloud...
My Master is the best
It's your turn next...jealous now?

(I wrote this a long time ago and decided to put it up again...the sequel to this is called Club Shadow Revisited...both are fiction...)

Chanta's Bitches
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Invitation to Club Shadow
Appears mysteriously
Invite only...fees waved
Never tried before
Going to see...
Maybe play...
Masters and Sirs rule there
Submissives obey or face pain

She's wearing no clothes
He's dressed head to toe
She's led to a bench
Strapped in/restrained
Spanked hard by him
In Shock/disbelief

Using a cane/whip...
Tears fall heavily
Striped and welted
First time ever
He's so hard...
Forces her...
Sucks him dry
Unable to move...
Forced to comply

He's addicted...
Comes again
She's repulsed...
Filled with pain
They drift a part
Everything changed
Club Shadow
Ruined them

A dream for some
Fantasies fulfilled
Nightmare to other's
Heartache everywhere
Like a White Oleander
Temptations there
Like Arsenic unseen
Death is near...
Club Shadow
Poison to them

Every night he returns
Submissives waiting
Obeying his every word
Disciplining when he pleases
Destroying his marriage
Club Shadow
All that matters

Alone at home she cries
Her life/her love/ gone
Without him by her side
Unable to survive
Takes a razor blade
Slits her wrists
Slowly she dies

Violent and cruel
He became
Club Shadow
Evicted him
No longer Coping
Power hungry
Fulfilled no more
Takes a gun
A bullet in his head
He dies fast
Unlike his wife
She died slow

Like a narrator
in a story...
I realized...
How lucky I am
My Master's
Nothing like him
Even punishing me
It's with love
Master always
Puts me first

While having sex
With a woman...
Her taste on my lips
My fingers explore
Pumping her...
Forbidden entrance
Fast and hard
She cums...
All over my tongue
My fingers playing
She's shaking too

Master says my turn
69 my favorite #
His taste ambrosia
In my mouth
Begging for release
Master said now
Ecstasy found

Every week...
We come to play
That woman...
Never seen again
He kept playing
Wanted me as well
Master said no
Saved from him

Moral of this story
Club Shadow
The Devil's playground
Just like the
Twilight Zone
Enter at your own risk
Never leave the same again
Club Shadow
Still want to play
Come see...
Jealous of me?

(I wrote this so long ago...the sequel to Club Shadow. Another couple enter the same club for the first time but have a completely different experience from the other couple...)

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Playing with pre-cum is great fun. Letting it drop off the Prince Albert is so erotic, when you get to lick it off after.
But seems I've grown another digit on my thumb, it's extremely long. I don't see these things until I've done it and taken the photo. Then I see the mistakes. I was more bothered about how I could make my nails glow, and Masters pre-cum shine
Oh well, blame blood loss and falling unconscious. My brain works even less now lol.

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So I have to go back to my old house I use to live cause my daughter is having surgery tomorrow and I have to be there to make sure everyone is taken care of so I will be there for 2 to 3 day . Yes where my x is yes where all the mental crap went down and everything else I had to deal with. Putting myself in a bad place again so I can take care of my daughter. I have had dreams about it it has been stressing me out for a few weeks and haven't told a soul what's going on I know some people that ready my blogs daily will be flipping out. Cause they know what happened to me in July. And I'm going back to the house of hell to be around it again. I have no choose have to be there for a few day and I will be back home IAM still going to be blogging don't worry... My roommate s went to court so I will be alone until I leave to go to the other house. Love to all..... And as for my smoking I have stopped so now u. An all hush.. much love cassandra babygirl

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I've been having a lot of fun being a domme again. Spanking waywood girls and boys is much more enjoyable than I remember. Good fun for me painful for them. Lol

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Hi sir,
You punished me and today when I saw the results wants to share it sir.
It was a long time we didn't have a hard and long session (Because your little sis was very good), so we decided I need a maintenance one.
You messaged me and said prepare the Paddle, Ginger, and Icy-hot, till you arrive and then it was worse message just two simple words that held my breath, No Clothes.
I ripped the ginger the smell raised my heart beating. Brought other things too put them on my bed.
And now hardest part. I start take out my clothes, with each movement all that question came to my mind, is it right? Should I do this?...
At least I sit on my bed between implements and without clothes and my anxiety... I message you and asked put it for other days, but when you heard my reason for that request, you were there after 5 minutes.
I was bend over, grab my knees, and felt you got paddle in your hand and stand behind me, I felt your presence,and then it was hard swat and pain that push me front, second, third, but I couldn't and brought my hand for protect but you say NO, it was a very simple word but has something that made me try my best and just do it one other time. (not like usual I rub few times), it was hard but I should keep my hand on my knees. I did although I stand up between swats few times but it was really really painful.
I said sorry and you asked for what? What was that question? I forgot why I am getting that punishment... So it continues, after few more swats you said I got it for procrastination, attitude and do things without permission sir. And continue paddling me, exactly when I thought can't stay anymore you said laying on my back on the bed, grab my legs, and you starts paddle my sit spot, that was really horrible.
you looked in my eyes and talked with me about my mistakes and it was that horrible looking in your eyes that is more painful than any spanking sir. When you finished paddling, it was very sore.
Then you got ginger and put it inside, it was very bad because it was frozen so it had very strange and bad feeling, hot like fire and in the same time cold like ice. I don't know why and how but it burning like fire, it was very very bad. And you start paddling again. Few swats that were very harder than before. And then you stop and take out that ginger too.
And fortunately because didn't have enough time it wasn't any corner time for me and I was very happy for that. you open the icy hot and put it on me.
After made me calm you went. I had a very strange feeling something like fuzzy, dizzy, numbing,... I was very very very sore and that icy hot burning, but I was very glad for having a big brother likes you, who is this much care about his little sis that when she does wrong, teach her a good lesson sir.
I felt peace in my mind and heart. It was very special feelings. Secure and safety because I know you are always here for keep me in line sir.
And today, when I woke up, I was sore still, but it was a very good motivation sir, it made me do things I procrastinated for long time sir. It's list of them :
1- I studied hard and when I was ready call my mentor and he got an exam and when my grade was 20 he considers it for my final exam sir. so one class down.
2- update my website and add my recent projects demo, it's helpful for find new projects sir.
3- Called My love and asked him buy for me an adult coloring book, it's good for stress sir
4- called and talked with my uncle, called my aunt, and called my cousin sir.
5- Cooked my love's favorite food for dinner, vacuum all the home, clean duster,... sir
And I am sure all of these are the result of your attention and help sir. And I appreciate that.
And I am very lucky having you as my big brother.

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Bert, 80, always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots. So, seeing some on sale, he bought them and wore them home.

Walking proudly, he sauntered into the kitchen and said to his wife, “Notice anything different about me?”

Margaret, 75, looked him over.


Frustrated, Bert stormed off into the bathroom, undressed and walked back into the kitchen completely naked except for the boots.

Again he asked Margaret, a little louder this time, “Notice anything different NOW?”

Margaret looked up and said in her best deadpan, “Bert, what’s different? It’s hanging down today, it was hanging down yesterday, it’ll be hanging down again tomorrow.”


“Nope. Not a clue,” she replied.


Without missing a beat, Margaret replied, “Shoulda bought a hat, Bert! Shoulda bought a hat.”

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Over the years that I was writing on a regular basis for Discipline and, I wrote over 50 short stories. Many of them were never collected outside of the website platform, which is now defunct. I’m happy to share the news that all 50-some of these stories will soon be in print again thanks to Blushing Books. They will be grouped according to similarities into 6 different collections, and as each is added on Amazon, I will share some snippets here for those of you who are interested.

The first book was just released this week. It’s called Tails of the West, and features two novellas that are loosely tied together:

Sales Blurb:
If you like Old West stories, where no-nonsense lawmen know how to stand up to their sassy ladies, then the "tails" in this book are for you!

In “The Sheriff and the Hellcat,” Katie’s father, an accused bank robber, goes on the run. Katie must find him before Sheriff Tristan James does – or her Pa could hang! But when Tristan discovers her following him, he’s not pleased... and when she pushes his buttons in her attempts to save her father, he’s not afraid to show his displeasure.

In “Courting Maggie,” Maggie loves being romanced by the good, patient and handsome Sheriff Daniel Adams. He even tries to be understanding of her protesting against the town saloon where her brother died in a knife fight. But as Maggie tests her boundaries in her attempts to shut the place down, she begins to realize that the Sheriff has a hard side as well – and her bottom pays the price for her actions.

Publisher’s Note: This two book set contains elements of domestic discipline.



It was a strange experience, bathing in the same room as a man, Katie reflected.

Of course, her bath was set up behind the changing screen, but she had no doubt that Tristan could see just about everything through the flimsy material. She tried to relax her muscles and enjoy the water.

"I suppose you'll be going back out tonight?" she called. She winced at the wavy tremor in her voice.

"As soon as you finish up back there, yes."

Katie bristled. Tristan had insisted on staying with her through her bath, then on emptying the tub and returning it to the hotel himself. Otherwise, he would have had to let the staff come up for it, and that would have meant leaving the door unlocked and trusting Katie. That, of course, was out of the question.

"If I'm holding you up, Sheriff James, please just go ahead with your business. A real gentleman wouldn't insist on staying in the room while a lady bathed anyway."

There was the faint sound of a chuckle from the other side of the screen.

"Well, sweetheart, I never said I was a gentleman, and you certainly are not a lady, so I don't see whereas we need to worry about that."

The use of the word 'sweetheart' made Katie's stomach flutter with butterflies while at the same time his comment about her not being a lady caused her blood to boil. Without any forethought, she sent the sopping wet wash cloth sailing over the changing screen in the general direction of his voice. There was a satisfactory SPLAT when it landed and she suppressed a giggle, hoping it had met square with Tristan's head - which, as luck would have it, it had.

Tristan made a low growling sound, but there was a smile in his voice. "You're lucky I have a sense of humor, Kate," he said. "Else I'd come around that screen, bend you over the side of that tub, and spank your wet rear end."

His words made her sex twitch. She didn't understand that for a minute. She covered her confusion with bravado. "Even you wouldn't be so uncivilized as that...."

"Don't bet on it."

"....and besides that, you are never going to touch me in that manner again. It's completely inappropriate. You are not my father or my husband - you're not even my friend. And I won't allow you do *that* again!" There, that was telling him!

This time the laughter coming through the screen was strong and loud. "I have no doubt in my mind that I will spank you again, Kate. And just so you're forewarned, the next time you're over my knee, your drawers will be down around your knees and your skirt up around your waist, so you have the full affect of my hand."

Again her body reacted in ways she didn't understand. She broke into a sweat in the tepid bathwater which suddenly seemed unbearably hot, then sprang up and into the tattered towel awaiting her. She had probably never dressed so quickly in her life as she did that night, so afraid was she that Tristan might carry through his threat.

When she stepped back around the changing screen he was waiting with his broad arms crossed in front of him and a bemused expression on his face. She crossed the room and dug into her saddlebags, determined to ignore him.

"Where is my...."

Her question was cut short and subsequently answered by a soft, teasing rap on her backside though her dress. She jumped a mile in the air despite the gentleness of the touch and flew around at a grinning Tristan, holding her hairbrush in his hand like it belonged there.

"Looking for this?" he asked innocently.

She snatched the proffered object, restraining herself from clawing his eyes out the way she itched to. Yanking the brush through her wet hair, she glared at him as though trying to strike him dead with her gaze alone.

He chuckled and tweaked her nose. "You're mighty cute when you're riled up, you know that, Kate? I never noticed it before."


Daniel just continued to sit and wait her out, watching her with an openly amused expression on his handsome face. "You’re in a locked cell, sweetheart," he reminded her – as if she’d forgotten! "You’re not going anywhere except over my knee for a good tanning, so you may as well come on over here so we can get started."

A part of Maggie knew the dignified thing to do would be to give in and submit herself to Daniel’s punishment. But something in her just couldn’t make her legs move in that direction, and instead she found herself turning and running to the door of the cell, where she yanked and clawed at the bars, screaming for help and desperate to escape her fate.

There was a resigned sigh from behind her, and a moment later Maggie felt Daniel’s hands on her hips. He banded his arm around her middle from behind and lifted her bodily off her feet, carrying her back to the cot while she kicked and struggled wildly in the air. He flipped her face down over his knee and immediately clamped her churning legs between his own to try to stay her flailing.

"No! Don’t you dare!" Maggie was shouting, bucking her body and rocking from side to side, anything she could think of to dislodge herself from this position.

"Maggie, calm down," Daniel said calmly. He managed to hitch her skirt up to her waist despite her struggles and she started cursing him as he searched under her for the ties to her drawers. "Maggie, you’d best stop fighting me. It will only make things worse if you keep struggling."

"You have no right to do this!" she shrieked. "Let me go, Daniel, right this minute!!"

Daniel’s patience was growing thin as he continued to search for the ties and tried to keep hold of the jumping bean over his knee. Finally he gave up on the ties, took a fist full of her drawers at the waist and gave the soft muslin a hard yank. The resulting sound of ripping material was almost as satisfying to Daniel as the sight of Maggie’s small, shapely, creamy skinned bottom peaking up at him from beneath the ripped undergarment.

Maggie twisted her head about to see what he’d done and let out a scream of outrage. "You beast!" she exclaimed, trying to shield her naked backside with her hand. Daniel gripped her wrist and, smiling all the while, pinned her hand to the small of her back. He pushed aside what remained of the ruined drawers, and pulled his arm back high above his head in preparation for her first smack.


Thank you for reading; reviews from the community are always welcome and appreciated. :)

You can find Tails of the Old West for sale on Amazon here:

And my other books can all be found here:

Or here

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casting the hook again lets see if any doms bite... nice cigar and glass of whiskey for me while at wiggling my big Lilly white ass grins anyone?come on you know you wanna smack this naughty boy!!!!!!

Spanking Sarah