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Views: 218 · Added: 12 days ago

spank tube will not get my videos
EVER again
I will send stuff if you like to view personally
very hurt and them stealing my vids

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Views: 219 · Added: 12 days ago

Today I went to court for my ex husband and the jury let him go. They found a repeat offender not guilty of domestic violence. The justice system is so unfair. Crying uncontrollably and don't want to ever stop. he get to live his life feeling safe and my daughter and I have to live our live in total fear of ours. So If I go and blow him up so I can feel safe again I would be in the wrong. I fail my daughter by not being able to keep her safe and I fail myself because I soooooooooooooooooooo scare to leave my house now....... I know God will protect but my flesh is TERRIFIED!!!!!

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Let me try this again...

(The wee beginnings of a Spanking Novel or weekly Spanking Story)

What you are about to read is a set up to a spanking novel that I am thinking about writing. It came from a dream that turned into a fantasy of mine. As a younger man, I used to go off into daydreams and build this fantasy world whenever I had a chance to.

As I sat remembering this story last night, I started to wonder if anyone else would like to read a story like this one. If so, I would love to hear from you. I may just turn it into a weekly spanking storyline and put it out somewhere for everyone to read.

The beginning would go like this:

(By The Way...Did I mention that this was the set up for a big time spanking story???)

For years the men of Earth had been suffering from a disease that had quickly killed off the vast majority of them. There were so few men left on earth that women had now taken over all of the positions in government that had previously been controlled mostly by men. The female authorities had decided that they had to act quickly to place the remaining few men in protective custody. They began rounding up men wherever they were found. They took them to a facility where they were monitored for any signs of the disease that had been killing them off. They were fed and taken care of, but many of the women outside of the government began to get impatient as they waited for the men to be released back into the population. Some outlaw women that called themselves “body pirates” began rounding up men on their own and enslaving them in baby-mills and brothels.

(Oh...and this turns out to be a spanking story once you get through the initial set up)

I was carrying on with my own life at the time...I had a very busy job in an insurance office. I had heard about the Body Pirates and the round up by the authorities, but I was too far consumed in my own work to worry about any of that...until the day that I saw the squad cars pull up outside the office along with a van that was typically used for transporting men way to the protection facility. I knew that it was about to be my time...but I was not ready to be taken. So I ran. I escaped from the office through a back door...down an alley way and out into the woods. The authorities tracked me for hours, but I eventually got far enough away that the sounds of the women and their hound dogs grew too far away to hear.

I thought this was a better situation to be in...until I ran into a camp of Body Pirates far into the woods. I was surrounded by pirates before I knew it and was shot with a blow dart. I fell down quickly and woke up hours later chained to a wall in a Body Pirate brothel. As soon as I was fully conscious and finished a good meal, I was hauled off to another room where I was cuffed to a kneeling bench and spanked for trying to run from the pirates in the woods. I was told that if I ever ran from them again I would be caned hard every night before bed time for 15 nights straight. (See this is where the spanking starts...and it gets better from here on).

The pirates kept me at the brothel servicing paying clients and occasionally being spanked for not pleasing them correctly...or for cuming without approval.

Eventually I was sold for a grand some of money to a very rich and powerful woman that was looking for a man she could spank regularly. She was looking for a man that could handle a fairly harsh spanking without falling completely apart. The pirates told this woman that I had the highest pain threshold of any of the servants they had ever seen.

(See, I told you it was a spanking story)

Back at the mansion where the rich woman lived, I was never allowed to leave the compound. I wore an electric collar that zapped me anytime I got within 6 feet of the perimeter walls. I was fed well, clothed, and pampered during the day, however, almost ever night, I was lead down into the basement to a vault like, sound proof room where i would be cuffed to a piece of spanking furniture and spanked hard until I was near exhaustion or madam was tired out...whichever came first.

(Wow...That would make for loads of spanking details that could make this a crazy good story line for spanking fun...what do you think?)

Now, of course this is just a set up to this spanking story, and it is devoid of all of the bells and whistles that I would normally put into a story. But what I am looking for here is feedback on the storyline itself. If there were lots of great descriptions of the various spankings and situations in this story...would it be good reading to you. Please let me know.

Thank you


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Views: 235 · Added: 13 days ago

not be posting any more vids here
keeps them and does not post

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Views: 249 · Added: 13 days ago

Well, as is well known, I like being in the bottom role but what of tops and the great moves they can make on we bottoms? OTK is probably the favorite of tops and bottoms whether for punishment or erotic pain/pleasure games. I like orders from tops. In addition, a favorite move of tops for me is when I am about to be put over her knee for a spanking or paddling. It is very powerful for me if the top/female take full charge of me. First, it is her, not I, that pulls my pants down. It is very maternal and full of authority. Next, my wrist is grasped firmly and I am pulled over her lap. It is especially effective if she spanks me as soon as I am in position very soundly without hesitation and I know she is in full charge of me. What are the favorite moves you guys like whether you top, bottom, or switch?

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Views: 260 · Added: 14 days ago

i am a brat and a very naughty cheeky one, their nothing no one can do about just on here to make friends to chat and to roleplay online only..looking for just a Strict male Spanker's.. and thats all i am on here for is hand spankings only and making friends...

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“Bend over and grab your ankles,” he said, tugging her hips backward to give her room to fold.
She swallowed, her mouth dry.
He waited for her to comply, watching her slowly bending at the waist and reaching toward the floor. The stretching of her ass only made the throbbing worse. He pressed something slick and cool against her anus and she jerked, trying to clamp her cheeks closed. The position kept her spread to him, though, and he pushed more insistently, until she relaxed and allowed it in.
“You may stand up now,” he said, wiggling the object inside her. Turning her hips, he used the intrusive object to propel her forward, until she reached the arm of the sofa. “Bend over,” he said, pressing her torso down. “This is ginger,” he said. “You’re going to keep it in for the remainder of your spanking. I’m going to make sure your bottom burns on the outside and in,” he said.
She tried to erect herself, craning her neck around to look, but Ben pushed her back down and held her in place.
“If you’re a good girl, I will finish this spanking with my hand,” he said. “That means no reaching and no kicking. If you’re naughty, I will take off my belt and spank you until you scream. Understand?”
Her heart thundered in her chest. “Yes, sir,” she whispered, her pussy clenching despite her fear.
His fist wrapped in her hair and he tugged her head back. “You like it when I punish you,” he growled in her ear, probably smelling the scent of her arousal.
Her nipples hardened. The roughness in his voice gave away his desire for her. Her wolf had returned from whatever cold place he’d retreated.
“I don’t like it,” she said, which was a half-truth.
He pulled her hair back again. “Yes, you do.”
“I don’t like disappointing you.” That was all true.
His teeth closed lightly on her shoulder, then released—a love bite.
She became aware of a burning from the ginger and she moaned. “It burns.”
He released her hair and pushed her back down. “It’s supposed to burn. I’m teaching you a lesson, little girl. Do you lie to me?”
“No, sir,” she said, gulping as he began to spank her again, just as hard as he had before. This time, her ass was already sore and now her anus burned as well. She tightened around it, which only made it worse.
Ben spanked and spanked, merciless in his punishment as she lay helplessly sprawled over the arm of the sofa with a stick of ginger in her ass. Her entire body grew hot from the root, and she began to sweat. Her pussy swelled between her legs, heating along with her entire pelvis, arousal dripping down her legs.
“Oh, it burns… it burns,” she moaned. Every time she shifted or squeezed, she incited a fresh bloom of agony from the ginger root. That, combined with the pain of his seemingly endless spanking seemed more than she could bear. “Ben,” she whimpered. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’ll be a good girl,” she pleaded. “I’ll never lie again. Please don’t spank me, please don’t—”
“Shh.” The spanking stopped. Ben slid a finger between her legs, over her glossy slit.
“Please take it out,” she begged.
“No,” he said. “I’m going to fuck you with it in.”


Please, please, please, pick up your FREE copy of The Alpha's Punishment and read the rest! (I'm trying to get to #1 in free BDSM)

The Alpha's Punishment (FREE through Thursday)
It started with a small deception... Now, five long months later, Ashley's alpha shifter fiancé still thinks they've been trying to conceive a baby when she's secretly been taking the pill the whole time. When he finds out, there's going to be hell to pay, and that means a thorough, humiliating punishment and a bottom which will soon be sore both inside and out.

The characters from Renee Rose's hot new erotic romance The Alpha's Hunger return in a short story full of sex, spankings, and hard, dominant lovemaking.

Publisher's Note: The Alpha's Punishment contains spankings, figging, sexual scenes, anal play and punishment, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


Amazon UK:

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Views: 196 · Added: 14 days ago

just wanna say...... ill be back up an running soon, I got a few ladies on cam, the feds came got a nigga....... im salty I beat da case thou. How everybody been?

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Views: 258 · Added: 14 days ago

After receiving very nice inboxes i kinda know whats missing now and as naughty butt said patience is needed now.
i am still aiming for what i really want and i am not giving up!!!
so who knows what will happen xxx

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Views: 250 · Added: 14 days ago

I have been talking to someone who is not exactly local but not overly far either.. We havent had the chance to meet yet but who know. So with that being said. Anyway I started to talk to him on another site, and were are talking about him being my Disciplinarian as well as Daddy if things go well. So the other day I was thinking since it is still a long distance relationship, and I havent been in a DD relationship in a while how something like Skype would work.. I haven't had the courage to talk to him about it yet, basically cause I am not sure if it is actually going to happy yet, but the idea keeps coming back and it really turns me one.

With it, I could get used to corner time, plugs, and humiliation *Well dont really want to get used to that but* Since I am single, and have not had anyone in a very long time, I am not used to being used as someone would want. When I do play I normally get the job done while all these thoughts are in my mind, and it is just by the clit. So plugs and dildos have not had alot of use. Although with the help of skype and instructions while on it, one I could do as told, and be watched while doing it to make sure it is as he wants it done. As I said corner time could be put into place and if he would like toys used while in the corner he could watch and instruct what to use and which size.

I was thinking that it would be where out of the blue I am instructed to get into position and follow orders. I am not much into self punishment, mainly cause I am not into pain but knowing that if I did not do as told I would have to pay for it when we met again. Mind you all this is after I know we will be meeting and it will be happening on a regular basis as I am not wanting to do the discipline alone. If this was the case I wouldn't need or want anyone.

I just wish I had the courage to tell him and that we could meet so I know if it is real. I have been wanting this for a long time, but most simply want sex and the discipline falls to the waist side and is forgotten at some point, and the relationship turns vanilla. So instead of playing that game I have remained single until I find what it is I am seeking.

Wishing all well.

Lady Aryana

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Views: 242 · Added: 14 days ago

Well, I really messed up this time...

Since I spent a bundle on our recent anniversary, I did not think it would be as important to go all out once again for Mothers Day. Since we were going to have family up and I was going to cook a special meal, I thought that would be all that I would need to do. But Daila has this thing about getting at least a card on certain dates...those being her Birthday, Valentines Day, Our Anniversary, and Mothers Day. I have been getting her cards for each and had forgotten how big of a deal it is for her...So I did not get her a card.

This evening after all the family left...Daila went back to the room and took a shower. Shortly there after I heard her calling my name. I kinda figured something was wrong, but I was still clueless that not getting a card was going to score me a serious ass blistering.

She paddled me in the wheelbarrow position and then over the bed. She tried to use a long stick on me like a cane, but she broke that over my ass after only a few strokes. She went on and smacked me several more times with the broken stick before she got fed up with it and grabbed the new paddle that she had me make for her. The new paddle is heavy and packs quite a punch. I did not know how much of a punch until tonight. She wore my rear end out with it before she eventually went back to the small paddle and reddened the backs of my legs really well.

She finished by having me stand up so that she could rub my ass and give me a kiss before sending me to the corner for a good 15 minutes. She forgave me for not getting her a card and then made me come in here to tell you all about it.

She did record the entire event on video and will be making me put it together when I get home tomorrow afternoon. We will send it in to Spanking Tube tomorrow around 5:00 pm. Look for it soon !!!


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Views: 293 · Added: 14 days ago

...I don't want you to spank me because I ask you to,
I want you to spank me because you want to,
because you need to do it just as much as I need you to..."

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Views: 157 · Added: 14 days ago

Hello all,

I know these type of posts don't usually yield too much, but I just thought I'd write this in case there are any single women around from London, UK. I am 36.

Please have a read of my profile and see what you think.

Best wishes to all!


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Views: 215 · Added: 15 days ago

Another weekend nearly over already.
Where has time gone swear someone munching it up lol.
i like having my spankings as i can let go and let out my inner childlike side out. i like being told off because am a naughty girl as well.
just feel now i dont know what but i feel i am missing something its driving me crazy.
my naughtiness and being spanked for it will never change. I am going to have to think very hard in where this all going to end up.
right now i dont know.
i love all you guys and the messages etc. Not sure whether am comming back on here or not.
I know i do want one thing and i am not giving up but there is still something missing.
Why is this side of life to difficult and complicated. All it is Is spanking but there always is more than just that.
one day it might happen for me and i will be on top of this world. I would be a very happy but naughty girl.
well i cant add anymore to this as i have run out of my thought.

Take care all
will try and stay on here xxxx

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Views: 223 · Added: 15 days ago

The young lady looks around tentatively from departing the train.
She cannot see the one she is meeting and then their eyes lock.
She smiles shyly, despite being anything of the sort.
He approaches her confidently and with ease, takes her case from her hand and takes her other hand in his.
He feels a slight shiver run through her as he does this.
An almost imperceptible smile crosses his lips.
She is everything that he was hoping for!

The confidence was there, yet also a certain vulnerability evident to no one else but he.

Not a word is spoken.
She bows her head ever so slightly, had anyone not been looking for it would have gone unnoticed. But, he noticed!

He leads her over to where he has parked the car.
Should she say anything?
"This is so surreal," she thought to herself, despite all the weeks of messaging and talking she cannot believe they are now at this point.

Leading her around to the passenger door he helps her inside, she's wearing a tight skirt just skimming her knees, tights or perhaps stockings?
A white blouse with the top buttons undone.
She is perhaps dressed a little too risky for his liking but she will realise that mistake soon enough!

He leans over before closing the door and takes her face in his hands and plants a kiss on her lips.
"My dirty little girl its good to finally meet you" he whispers in her ear.

As the passenger door closes she feels her heart beat fast in her chest, as if it was trying to escape.
She feels a little warm and flustered and is eager to get on their way.

The door opens, and he steps inside.
"This is so really happening?" how on earth did she get here? Ran through her mind as the car pulled away.

They travel in a silence that allows her time to collect her thoughts.
she feels his gaze on her every so often and blushes accordingly.

Thinking they were going to eat she is at first surprised at pulling up to the hotel she'd booked
She looks at him quizzically, and he smiles back at her.
He places on hand on her knee and with the other offers her a choker
a red ribbon with a heart dangling from it.
She knows that should she accept this token, she will submit.

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Views: 182 · Added: 15 days ago

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Do me a favor? Grab your FREE copy of The Alpha's Punishment on Amazon!
I need your help!

I released a short story follow up to my spanking erotica book The Alpha's Hunger yesterday and it's free on Amazon for five days (after that it goes to $.99). Will you please, please, please download it and help me spread the word by sharing or recommending it to others? You can use the share buttons from Amazon.

I'm trying to get to the top 10 in free BDSM books on Amazon.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

The Alpha's Punishment
FREE for 5 days only

It started with a small deception... Now, five long months later, Ashley's alpha shifter fiancé still thinks they've been trying to conceive a baby when she's secretly been taking the pill the whole time. When he finds out, there's going to be hell to pay, and that means a thorough, humiliating punishment and a bottom which will soon be sore both inside and out.

The characters from Renee Rose's hot new erotic romance The Alpha's Hunger return in a short story full of sex, spankings, and hard, dominant lovemaking.

Publisher's Note: The Alpha's Punishment contains spankings, figging, sexual scenes, anal play and punishment, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.



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Views: 181 · Added: 15 days ago

Ive been doing a lot of thinking over the past few weeks about what i want and what i like. Ive been chatting to some really interesting people and I've been exploring spanking more and more with hubby.
For me this kink is here to stay and despite my initial nerves around it all i am now feeling confident that this is part of me.
I have to say though that the mind is definitely my most erogenous zone, I've realised that this is a must. There has to be a connection.
It is almost irrelevant what the person looks like if they have engaged my mind.
As we age we lose our youthful looks,but a personality does not change to any great extent.
So i am going to play and have some fun but i will be choosing really carefully.
Love to one and all

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Views: 154 · Added: 15 days ago

Happy mother's day to all the mamas out there. I hope you get a spanking today!

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Views: 216 · Added: 15 days ago

Perhaps I run the risk of being rude,
But I was told how Madmen will conclude.
A character called Fitch is introduced,
And tv ads for spanking are produced.
He gets the belt from Don but doesn't cry,
And Roger Sterling's paddle gets him high.
But Stan employs a hairbrush "just for men,"
And Fitchie swears to never sin again.
Then Fitch and Stan begin to hug and kiss,
And thank the manly hairbrush for their bliss.
The spankings weren't simulated fakes,
And all the actors wanted extra takes.

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Views: 292 · Added: 15 days ago

“I am me, because of you.” Ubuntu Philosophy


Kristen Bell’s mom always told her:

……….“You have two hands for a reason, one is yours and one is to help.”

We are all who we are because of the great, strong women that gave birth to us. Let us take this day to tell our moms that we respect, honor and love them for all they have given us.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You will always be in my heart.


And to all the mothers from other nations that celebrate Mother’s Day at a different time, I hope you had/have the best day ever.

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