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The inhaler that the doctor gave me on Wednesday is helping! I can breathe FINALLY! I have been able to run outside all week. Today I san 2 hours 17 minutes and ran 11.12 miles. I am very happy with that.

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Today I lost my temper at bus driver who called me a lair. So I cussed his sorry ass the fuck out. I know it was not a nice thing to do but why would called a person a lair and you don't know them from Adam's house cat. I don't have time to lie about anything. it is too much work to remember all the lies. I am still piss off. I DON'T LIKE BEING CALLED A LAIR. I really don't like when a total stranger calls one either. I know there a more mature way to handle but right now I want to kick his ass six ways from Sunday. I should took the stroller and hit him up side his head too. Excuse me while I vent my anger and frustration about my day.

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Today is mother's day. Yuk. I hate mother's day. It's sad. I've been to the cemetry to see my mum though, and Alex made me dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast. yummy. He even drew faces on the eggs! I love things with faces on. The only problem though is once your eggs are smiling at you it's more than a little difficult to crack the top of their heads off. I just want to keep them! But now Alex has gone to spend the rest of the day with his family, and I'm on my own. It's okay though, I'm only a little bit sad. And I'm going to watch Frozen and cuddle up with Erwin. (He's my bear.)

Sometimes when i think about spending time with Alex's family, I get bad feelings. I feel jealous I think. And it can be difficult to keep my feelings hidden, even though I know it's wrong, It makes me feel guilty. But that wasn't the reason I didn't go with today, I'm sick and it's kind of my fault. I was a little bit naughty and skipped my hospital appointment on Thursday for a day of fun instead:) Alex took me to the park in the morning, and it was the best park ever! There were soooo many good climbing trees!I love climbing trees, even if I do get stuck sometimes and Alex has to help me down. hehehehe. Then we meet our friends in the city and went to see a band. I had my very own beer for the first time:) Peroni and then Desperates and lime:)The last one made me giggle, because of the name. It was the best night! And it felt super good to be doing all the things that I'm not supposed to do! Missing my appointment was the best decision ever! I feel much happier. Everyone keeps telling me I have to fight, but how can i possibly put up a good fight if the docters tell me I'm getting sicker? I just want to have as much fun as possible from now on!

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Two weeks since I was called to spank a friend in need. Since then there has been no spanking action for me apart from swapping emails and texts with some naughty ladies.
The messaging is fun but it really puts me in the mood for some real hands on spanking and my palm is getting rather itchy. I'm meant to be meeting up with someone soon but not soon enough!
Thats the problem with this life, once you start smacking bums you want to do it more. I used to be happy if I did it every month or six weeks now I start getting upset if I don't spank every couple of weeks.
Maybe I should concentrate more on my real life than the kinky side to keep me occupied.

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There was a video on here that I wish I could find. It showed a girl getting 24 strokes of the cane in series of six while she laid on her tummy and saw her bottom take the caning on a monitor. She loved each stroke.

Can anyone help?

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My Sir and I are in a long distance realtionship, I was needing some advice, and just wondering if anyone out there might have a simiular problem or maybe could give me some advice.. So my Dom who is quiet wonderful, doesn't live alone, *(To my sir if you read this I am not trying to embaress you, I love you*) and he can't always give me what I crave or need, it doesn't help that we don't live together either.. I don't live alone either and my family doesn't know about this side of my lifestyle.. There are time that I am home alone but my sir is not and I still can't get what I crave or need from him, I do *self spank* when we are both home alone he directs me from the phone, and that works for awhile, but I need spankings more often, so I was wondering if anyone has any soultions to this problem? * Besides me moving or him moving, we can't do that as of yet*.. How do I get my Dom to spank me more and are there any answers to our problem?? I need spanking daily and because of the distance it is hard and because we both don't live alone.. Any and all ideas, or soultions will be accepted.. Thanks!!!

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The past few weeks can only be described as mayhem. I have been extremely busy at work and on the home front. At work people tend to panic the moment examinations are mentioned;then there was a sudden strike by some tutors in support of another tutor who was suspended after an internal disciplinary hearing.I found myself embroiled in this episode much to my reluctance.Eventually after numerous meetings and 'secret' negotiations the tutor was reinstated and the mini strike called off. Everything went back to normal until two cases of alleged plagiarism were brought before me. I ended up having to wade through stacks of paperwork and again get involved with 'secret' meetings,academic life certainly has it's ups and downs,but I sometimes feel that committing murder is a far less crime than plagiarism,at least in the world of academia! One of my colleagues tends to forget that he was once a student and holds everyone else up to very standards :him and I butting heads was inevitable and there was a lot of silent treatment passing each other on the corridor for about a week,but eventually I offered the Olive branch,although if I had a real Olive branch I would have beat him over the head with it,but we do have to work together after all and it was making working life a bit difficult,another of our colleagues was acting as go between.

Now to Jenny who began to act a brat most evenings when my niece was not around. I know it was her way of taking my mind off work,but I eventually did snap and Jen found herself face down across our bed and feeling all my pent up energy being released through the medium of my strap. Although her chastisement did not last long and we both found ourselves 'doing' each other for quite sometime;thank goodness we live in the countryside and our nearest neighbour is a mile away or someone would have heard everything,and I mean everything! However what we got up to did release alot of built up tension for us both.Jen has to deal with very different problems to me when she is at work,sometimes the problems she has to deal with can be life changing for some,but she has always been more calm than I and approaches things differently,she has to after all remain in control,it wouldn't do for someone in her position to run up and down screaming we are all going to die,would definitely cause panic!

Now to my niece and her boyfriend. My niece's boyfriend despite studying for a BA degree manages to hold down two jobs. He is a petrol(gas) pump attendant,although Jen bestowed the grand title of FUEL INJECTION TECHNICIAN on him ,and then he helps Jenny's Dad with milking the cows and various other farm labouring jobs. He does work hard. My niece can be a struggle.She is really into her hockey and all sports and has recently been bugging Jen to take her shooting. I am standing in the way of that. Jen does shoot as part of a gun club,but I disagree with guns and am so far successful in standing in the way of Jen bringing my niece to shoot;Jen,my niece and I have argued about it and every now and then the argument flares up again. I sometimes go to Jenny's Dads farm and help out with my niece's boyfriend and have recently managed to get my niece to come along,at 4:30 am that is a real feat,although only on weekends. However my niece has talked me into going paint ball shooting this Tuesday,St.Patricks Day.There will be a gang of us going as I have friends staying for the weekend.I have no doubt that while Jen and my niece will show off their Rambo skills,the rest us will have fun,although we will be their vctims.

Now to decide where everyone is going to eat today,if people think I am going to spend all day cooking they have another thing coming;local hotel does Sunday lunch so off we will all go,although those who are hung over will probably just have soup,LOL!I wish you all a great week ahead and be safe!

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They ate dinner and then were told to wait in their room till Uncle Fred came up. While waiting upstairs and reading they heard a knock at the door downstairs and someone entering. Moments later Uncle Fred, their mom and another woman enterd the room. She was short like their mom and chubby like their mom probably more so. She was wearing what appeared to be some sort of uniform like a nurse outfit.
Uncle Fred turned to the girls.
“Angela Marie, Sue Ann, this is Miss Kelly. She is going to be assisting us in learning you girls a lesson. She is a “Wet Nurse” and will be treating Sue like a disobedient little girl. If you don't shape up Angela she will do the same to you. First she is going to give you both a bath. Then she will put you in a nightshirt. Both of you will be Barefoot and Bare Bottom for the rest of this evening and stay inside.”

Miss Kelly took them to the bathroom and ran a bath for them. She undressed Angela first and put her in the tub. Angela had never felt so humiliated and embarrassed before. She was being bathed by a wet nurse like a child.
“I want both of you to call me either Nursie Kelly or Wet Nursie. I want you to feel the humiliation of being regressed to a child for your misbehavior.”
Angela Spoke first
“Yes Nursie Kelly. Please bath me.”
Miss Kelly turned to Sue.
“What about you? Did you hear me?!”

Sue began to cry a little and stammered.
“Yes...yes um Wet Nursie Kelly. I...will be good.”
She went back to bathing Angela. She made Angela face the wall and spread her legs and then washed her crotch first. The she Spread her ample chubby cheeks.
“Lets wash the crack of this dirty, naughty, Bare, Bubble Bottom shall we?”
Angela felt the shame and humiliation wash over her in waves. When Nursie Kelly began washing her small breasts she shied away a little. Nursie Kelly scowled.
“Don't you turn away from me young lady!”
She grabbed Angela by the elbow and began smacking her wet bare behind.
“You will hold still and let me bath you properly or so help me I will haul you out of that tub, lay you on a changing table, lift your legs, and spank you like a toddler! Do you hear me?!”
All she could get out through her sobs was
“You are a naughty naughty girl and you deserve this! Now get out of that tub so I can dry you.”
Angela did as she was told and Kelly dried her thoroughly with a towel and then wrapped her in it and made her wait while she bathed Sue.
Sue got the same treatment. When she made Sue turn around to wash her bottom and crotch she moved to avoid it.
“Just what do you think you are doing? You hold still little girl!”
She took Sue Anne under her arm and gave her wet bottom a sound spanking.
Sue began bawling like a little girl.
“Please..please Wet Nursie, don't spank me. I be a good girl and let you bathe me! Ow! Ow,ow,ow!”
She gave her one or two more then began to administer a good wiping to her bare bottom crack.
“You hold still while administer a good wiping to this dirty, plump bum crack little girl. Take your punishment and learn your lesson!”
After she finished her bath and dried Sue as well she marched them to their room to be dressed for bed.
They saw a nightshirt on each of their beds with a little writing on the front that said.
The put them on and realized they were very short. On both of them they only came to the top of their chubby bottom cheeks leaving them exposed.
“Now you two sit on your beds and wait for you mother and Uncle Fred to come up and give you your bedtime punishments.
{to be contd}

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Hates the feeling of desperation and frustration that comes with not being spanked, other than a few playful swats for 2 months. What does a girl have to do to get a spanking?

My bottom really needs this and more, since this didn't even help me fully.

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Don't let the username fool you: my job forced me to move to San Francisco at the beginning of the year, so SpankerNYC is now a West-Coaster. However, because of the move I've been fortunate to start a relationship with a beautiful girl in need of occasional correction. She has suggested that her disciplinary sessions would be more effective if another girl were to be punished at the same time. You can find relevant pictures of the two of us in the photo album "Us" and if you're interested in your ass being bared next to hers, message me.

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Growing up i knew that i liked spanking. I was self spanking in middle school. I found that slight tingling in the sit spot and lower bottom keep me out of real trouble. Still the fact today. Fast forward i turned 18 my parents thought this meant i did not need a good spanking still. Wrong. I turned to a boy friend at the time who filled that need for a few years till he moved to California. I returned to self spanking till 2013 when I decided it was now or never and contacted Niko. Maybe my method was wrong. No .. Okay it was wrong. I meet Niko, I got my butt spanked for the issue and am better off for it today. I respect him and still communicate on occasion. I have now started including other spanking besides just discipline. I also have stress relief, Fun and just because. About a year ago I also became a switch. While i prefer receiving i do enjoy spanking men and women.

My newest issue is since i have not been spanked by one of the guys (im only spanked by guys or the spanking is lead by a man) who really lays it on. My pain thresh hold dropped badly. Something i will have to work on getting elevated. Again.

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As they got out of the car Uncle Fred greeted them. After giving Angela's and Sue's mom a big hug and kiss the girls noticed the neighbor boys coming over. Sean and Mark. The girls hoped Uncle fred would not embarras them in front of them. They said hello and said they came over to welcome the girls.
Fred and Bertha, The girls mom, thanked the boys. Then Fred turned to the girls with a frown.
“I am really cross with the both of you! Your mommy has told me how naughty the two of you have been. We talked about it and agreed I have free reign to punish you both as I see fit. Do I make myself clear?!”
The girls kept there eyes down and nodded.
“Answer me when I ask you something and look at me!”
He walked over to Angela and grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around so her back was to the boys. He quickly pulled down her stretch pants and her panties to her knees and began smacking her plump wobbly cheeks right there in front of everyone.
“When I ask you a question young will look at me and answer me...-spank--spank--spank--spank-...Do I make myself clear Angela Marie?!”“Ow, ow, owie! Yes Uncle Fred!”
He pulled her pants and underwear up and stood her to the side then grabbed Sue by the ear.
“As for you! You better shape up!”
He lifted Sue Ann's Skirt and pulled off her pink panties and then took off her shoes. He grabbed a nearby chair and put gis foot on it, grabbed Sue and deftly picked her up and turned her across hiss knee and then under his arm. Her round plump globes bare and slightly spread for the boys and all to see. She knew what she was supposed to do and knew it was useless at this point to fight it. She spread her legs a little and pointed her feet and curled her toes waiting for the spanking to come.
“You should be Ashamed! Being barefoot and bare bottomed over my knee getting a spanking!”
He began spanking her plump bare bottom with quick sharp shots. Her spread legs exposing her bare shaved crotch and lady parts and the crack of her bare bottom right in full view of Sean and Mark who stood quietly and smiled.
“You will do as you are told little naughty girl...-spank--spank--spank--spank-...and you will take your punishment like the naughty...-spank-...naughty...-spank-...little girl you are!”
After a few more smacks she was bawling like a well punished little child. She was kicking her legs slightly and squirming over his knee. He gave her a few more spanks and let her down. When she reached for her undies he said
“Oh no! You will stay Barefoot and Bare bottomed for the rest of the day!”
He turned to Angela
“If you do not shape up you will be Barefoot and Bare bottomed as well!”
Angela swallowed hard. She did not want to be that way in front of the boys. Last time they were here both boys had got Sue and her to play truth or dare and got them to bare their bottoms and felt them both up. Mark went as far as licking Sue's bare bottom crack and pussy for a bit.
{To be contd}

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Big Rocky

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Angela's Humiliating Summer

Angela Marie and her sister Sue Ann and her mother were heading to her uncle's house for a summer vacation. They would be spending three months on their Uncle Fred's farm. He lived in the rural wooded country and had just a few neighbors. Only one dirt road led out from the main road to his farm and the other three neighboring houses. Angela's father had left her mother about five years ago.
Her mother had been dating Fred for about a month or so. It was proper in her family to call an adult family friend Uncle or Aunt.
Angela's family were firm believers in old fashioned punishment and humiliation of offending children, Angela was 21 and her sister turned 19 this year. That did not mean they were not still spanked and punished like children. Only last week Sue had stayed out past curfew and Angela had not done her chores. That earned both of them punishments. Sue was grounded for a whole week and she was spanked on her bare bottom over her mother's knee right in front of her uncle and his son Wally.
As for Angela she argued with her mother right in front of her Uncle about not doing her chores. Her Uncle was allowed to punish the girls. So he had taken Angela by her ear, marched her into her bedroom and told her to strip “Barefoot and Bare bottom”, which meant she was to be naked from the waist down. She knew she had crossed that line and had better do as she was told or risk worse. After she was Barefoot and Bare Bottom he scolded her right in front of her mother, sister, and Wally. Told what a disobedient and unruly girl she was at her age and she should know better.
He then put his foot on a nearby stool and lifted Angela over his knee so her feet were dangling in the air. He slightly spread her legs to add to the humiliation and took a belt and gave her a 100 stroke lickin across her bare chubby behind. By the 30th stroke she was bawling and kicking her legs a little. By 50 she was crying like a little child begging her, “Unca Fred”, to stop strapping her sore chubby cheeks. He kept up the pace for all 100 then let her off his knee and marched her to a corner and made her rub her hot, freshly spanked bottom.
Now they were pulling into his driveway. Her mother had already explained to them both they better do as they were told this summer or Uncle Fred and her would punish the both of them accordingly.
As they pulled up to the house she turned to them and said,
“Now Angela Marie and Sue Ann, you both better behave. And I want you both to know due to how badly you too have behaved recently, you both are going to be treated like the way you have acted. Like naughty little girls!”
They frowned. They knew that this summer was going to be a long one.

{to be contd}

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just record and uploaded video of me with pants pull down bare butt exposed laying over chair so female can spank me or know what i look like over chair as you spanking my naughty bare butt

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Hello there SpankingTube! I've been out of touch for about seven months. I went through a lot of crap in that amount of time. If you've read my previous blogs, you know that I was trying to satisfy these desires while maintaining a relationship with a partner who had no interest. Well... that didn't work out. I have to say that it was not the only difficulty we were having in our relationship. It was just one facet of a much bigger problem. SO now I'm separated! I'm also thrilled about the new opportunities this allows me.
I've spanked and paddled my first ass! What a lovely ass it is too. I am now able to use my paddles in much more intimate setting. I've also used my bare hand and I must say I find that very satisfying. It's really amazing to satisfy that URGE.

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Well it's almost my favorite day of the week. Friday means money in the bank and beer in the belly after a long week of work.

Earlier this week a friend sent me a song called Redneck Piece of White Trash by rockabilly band Rebel Son. Think he is concerned about my quick adaptability and deep love for the state of Arizona.

This is the only song I have heard from them. When I was looking around for information on the band I discovered some far-right wing politically incorrect types like these guys. I don't think they have any racial songs (hope not anyway), but I can see how many rednecks love these guys. I found this worthy of a Scorpio lyrical re-wording as I am guilty of some of the behavior mentioned in the song. The chorus is slightly different, as you will understand if you youtube the song while reading this.

Here's to lifting a cold one worldwide tomorrow after quitting time.

I like shooting pool and I like throwing darts
Love them girls shakin' all their sexy parts
I like shootin my guns in the dark
And strappin country chicks at the trailer park

I got a leather belt that's in spankin' great shape
Got every Nu-West movie at home on VHS tape
Who are you to tell me I ain't got no class?
I'm gonna bend her over and paddle that ass!

I like to brawl and I like to spit
But I love slappin ladies where they're gonna sit
You can call me a pervert piece of white trash
I'm proud to be a cowboy just a-spankin that ass!

I like blonde gals with Texas-size hairdos
Nice round bottoms with a cute tattoo
Drinking beer while drivin and spank em in my car
Drink another beer and piss on my neighbors yard

I like hot panties, I just tear em apart
The fancy kind ya just can't get at the local Wal-mart
Won't stop spanking cowgirls til they climax
I'm proud to be a cowboy just a-spankin that ass

I like to brawl and I like to spit
But I love slapping ladies where they're gonna sit
You can call me a pervert piece of white trash
I'm proud to be a cowboy just a-spankin that ass!

Last night I went to bed with a buzz
Dreamed I was whippin' a gal, I woke up and I was
I'll be a lady spankin cowboy til the day I'm dead
Spankin' butts for breakfast and before I go to bed

I like spankin' girls, it's skill not luck
Love swattin bare asses in the back of my truck
You can call me rude and crude and crass
I'm proud to be a cowboy just a-spankin that ass!

I like to brawl and I like to spit
But I love slapping ladies where they're gonna sit
You can call me a pervert piece of white trash
I'm proud to be a cowboy just a-spankin that ass!

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All I live for is now
All I stand for is where and how
All I wish for are magic moments

As I sail through change
My resolve remains the same
What I chose are magic moments.

Because ships are safe in the harbour
But that is not what ships are made for
The mind could stretch much further
But it seems that is not what our minds are trained for.

We call for random oder
You can't control Mother nature's daughter
Ships are safe in the harbour
But that is not what ships are made for

The witch hunter roams
The scary thing is that he is not alone
He's trying to down magic moments

As we sail through the change
We ride the wind of a silent rage
And sing laments of the magic moments

For when ships leave the harbour
Then that is what ships are made for.

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I just removed all my blog stories. I feel it is time for some new ones. I would like to thank all those who gave me comments. They were appreciated. I hope I did a good job on those ones that were requested.
If anyone would like me to create a blog story with any specific theme or content feel free to message me.

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