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Views: 365 · Added: 21 days ago

Locks to protect, locks to restrain.
Keeping treasure safe, keeping one sane.
Locks of love, locks of pain.
Reining one in, the one to train.

Locks stand vigilant and safeguard.
Objects of metal cold and hard.
Locks on the doors of your walls.
One by one, to the floor it falls.

Oft discarded, placed on a shelf.
Perhaps the treasure, the lock itself.
The mystery is inside, what makes it tick?
When the key is turned and you hear that click.

Be my lock, be my metal.
Like a rose unfolding petal by petal.
Blossom and awaken with the turn of a key.
Unlock you my treasure, across my knee.

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Views: 335 · Added: 21 days ago

So of what kind of wood a paddle should be?
And what is the best size and form for otk?

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Views: 318 · Added: 22 days ago

Thank all of you who posted to my last blog entry and to everyone who took a little time to stop and remember and to think of the events of September 11, 2001 and the people who lost their lives and those who risked their lives to save others.

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Views: 364 · Added: 22 days ago

yes my mood is fuckin funky lately... almost all the time lately if im honest... my frustration climbs higher n higher in regard to the relationship I am in... there is just soooo much missin... n so much wrong... most the time I try to push my feelins away n not dwell on them but that is easier said than done.... reunion tomorrow n im determined to have a good time... soo have a good weekend everyone.. have fun n stay safe...

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Views: 374 · Added: 22 days ago


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Views: 405 · Added: 22 days ago

Looking for tops in the MD/DE/PA area who would like to film a spanking video with me and my other bottom friend. We're both girls age 23 and 22. No faces in videos at least not ours if you don't mind yours then that's fine. We'd obviously have to talk and meet somewhere public a couple times before making arrangements. We're ok with male or female tops. We'd prefer around our age but not limiting anything. You see pictures of me on my profile. If interested I can send photos of my friends bottom as well. I should say I'm more experienced than she is. I can handle a harder spanking lets just say haha. We're currently talking some friends of ours and seeing where they stand but we both agree having someone experienced would most likely be better. We are open to fun shoots and serious discipline as well. If you are interested either comment or message me :) thanks for reading.

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Views: 334 · Added: 23 days ago

Where were you when...? I was in 2nd grade the November day that we were call to "assembly" and told the President had been "injured". It seemed odd that they were calling all our parents to pick us up because we all walked to school every day anyway. You always remember where you were on the days that the Earth changes.

On September 11, 2001, Jewel and I should have been in a business meeting in the Bay Area. We had made prior arrangements, though, and were enjoying a mini-vacation in Fort Bragg. We ate breakfast at a little place on the harbor in complete naivety of the events unfolding across the country from us. No one at the restaurant said anything. They had been up early getting ready to open... perhaps they had not heard either.

When we finished, we walked across the street to a mom & pop grocery to get supplies. They had the television on. I took enough heed of it to think that some local station must be doing some sort of "worst case scenario, 'what if...' show". Then we discovered that the "worst case" had come to pass.

It seemed surreal. Jewel had relatives who worked near the Twin Towers at the time. There was no way of knowing if they were okay or not. (They were.) The thought that recurred to me again and again that day was, "How can anyone be so evil? How can someone hate so much?"

Fourteen years later we look back and remember where we were. It seems impossible that 14 years have passed. On that day we witnessed such tragedy. We also witnessed such heroism and bravery. Even today, we see the survivors and the rescuers succumbing to the effects of the terrible toxins they were exposed to that day.

We are a nation of survivors and we are a nation of heroes. Perhaps we don't all fit snugly into these, or any categories but there are many who do.

This is a day to remember those people: The people of Flight 93, the rescue and emergency people who risked, and gave, their lives for others, those who witnessed and lived through the devastation of that day, and those who lost loved ones that day.

Fourteen years. It seems like yesterday. It should seem like yesterday. The freshness, the rawness, of this memory must stay with us so that we truly remember and give thanks to the heroes.

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Views: 348 · Added: 23 days ago

Ruby-red flesh; ripe, swollen, soft and sweet.
Musky juice drenches your lips, lingers deliciously in your mouth.
You blissfully feed on this great delicacy.

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Views: 422 · Added: 23 days ago

Never been blocked before (to my knowledge), quite the surprise. Someone posted something on my wall, yet I cannot leave one in return or even post on her blog. Hope she can weed out the person pestering her so things can return to normal.

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Views: 382 · Added: 23 days ago

To wish to have never met her,

Would be like wishing to have never seen a rainbow,

Or felt the gentle warmth of summer rain.

25 words.

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Views: 373 · Added: 24 days ago

Tears are the ink of poets.
Vulnerabilities rendered in sorrow,
and joy,
given voice.
The sweetest fire.
I am your canvas
Write yourself onto me.

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Views: 461 · Added: 24 days ago

Hey Guys sorry its been a while since i have been on
i have been staying super busy with my webcam if anyone wants to come watch me get spanked im going to be on tonight getting 25 with belt and 25 with cane
Hope I don't cry

Its free to watch
My username on there is Aubrielle9999

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Views: 713 · Added: 25 days ago

Up and at 'em. It's back to school!
Teeth brushed? Did ya wash behind your ears? Are those shoes polished? Very good. Now don't miss the bus.

And what's your favorite subject, little Miss (Mr.)?

(Best answer gets spanked with a ruler and sent to the corner.)

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As her body lay beside me, I see the peace wash over her eyes.
Her eyes no longer tear filled, from her throat escapes no more cries.
Her breathing barely noticed, betrayed by the rise and fall of a breast.
Leather no longer curling around her cheeks, a cruel and angry guest.

My fingers trail down her delicate back, her skin cool from the nights chill.
Sharp contrast to the criss-crossed pink bands of heat, smoldering still.
Thighs and calves no longer taut, struggling to maintain her pose.
The muscles ripple under my touch, against my shoulder she snuggles her nose.

Years of running wild and being reckless, she's no longer alone.
Finally found the structure and love, she finally found a home.
In my arms she finds the peace and solace like she's never known.
The very arms that brought her anguish, that made her my own.

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You wonder how he'll punish us? No tv? No dessert?
No Internet? No bowling night? Some shit that doesn't hurt?
Yo what about the razor strap till dudes can barely walk?
Remember we're in Texas, fool, then maybe we can talk.

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So it has been awhile since I have done a blog story. Life has been taking all my time. But now have some more time to post on ST. So has anyone got a story Idea they want to hear? Just PM me with your request.

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Views: 412 · Added: 25 days ago

n a big ol PFFFFTTTT too...

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I go to university in a different city, by car about half an hour away. Today was the first day of uni since my mother left last Friday for her three week vacation. Me, being the genius of plans that always turn sideways…. Thinks that it’s a good idea to take my mother‘s sports car to University.

A little nervous I get in the car because my mother specifically told me that under no circumstances was I to touch her precious sports car (I have my own (slow) car btw). Especially after damaging it not even half a year ago while driving when I shouldn’t.

Anyway I role onto the highway and since I was a running a bit late I put the pedal to the metal (it’s a car that just begs you to speed) So I was driving 150km/h (93miles) where you could drive 120km/h (75miles) and now I’m hoping that I won’t get a ticket for it…. In no time I turn into the street of the underground parking garage close to my school and while taking the turn downward into the garage I hit the wall with the hood of the car…. The front is totally ruined and I’m starting to really panic…. The first thing that pops into my mind is my mother killing me if she finds out….

I call our mechanic and make him swear not to tell anyone anything and practically beg him to fix the car ASAP. He laughs and tells me to bring it over after school and that he’ll take care of it for me. After classes me and my friend get in the car and I turn up the music and drive at the same speed back home, I was thinking about being as good as dead anyway so what the hell if I get another ticket. I was never going to drive this car again so I better make it worth my while….

Maybe I should be spanked for this and maybe it was just an unlucky day and I should just try and forget about it.... Everyone has a bad day once in a while right? (I bet a lot of the spankee's/subs agree with me).

I’m glad this horrible day is almost over and it feels good to have shared it with you guys!

I hope everyone here has had a better start of their week!

Enjoy your evening,

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Self-pleasure has always been a very important and natural part of my life. I muse on the innocence of virgin orgasms, of those sexually inquisitive moments when I explored my body purely for the sweet sensations and pleasure it gave me. Masturbation was essentially a private act until my early twenties, when I met an older man who encouraged me to make it an aspect of our sexual exchange. Initially I felt overly vulnerable before his voyeuristic eyes, so he softened my exposure by masturbating with me. The real beauty of masturbating together is the glimpse into your lovers most personal sexual expression. It’s an exquisite privilege, clothed in the veiled fragility of shame. It’s a basic and beautiful happening, and once you relinquish the novelty and acute anxiety of seeing and being seen, you relax into a profound psychological intimacy.

Evidentally, observing how another self pleasures ultimately informs us how they like to be caressed, stroked and touched but there are more insights to be gleaned from this masturbatory modus operandi. When you actually masturbate together, as opposed to one plays while the other watches, a new dimension opens to you – the world of aural amatory. Silence may be golden but being struck dumb in the bedroom is a tragedy and it’s an obstacle that’s well worth overcoming. Here’s how I found my way and my voice.

The key for me was mutual masturbation. I find that such sessions are based around alternating indulgent introspections into my own fantasy, where sexual scenarios play out as my fingers toil, with the spilling of secrets. Recalling that this is a shared encounter, I pull myself out of this seemingly selfish space and reconnect bearing the fruits of my brief foray. I discovered that verbalising the truth behind my arousel was one of the most powerful things I could ever communicate to my partner. For sure, there are fantasies or aspects of certain fantasies that I desire to keep to myself and that’s fine. But there are huge parts that I am content to share and it’s an interesting internal process to tease apart my fantasy images and translate them into words for my lovers ears.

Inevitably I suppose, I run such things past my internal censor. Morality has less liberty, this is a very personal challenge. Am I able to articulate to myself first, to my lover second, the vital features? Can I quite literally find the words that embody the scenes playing out in the world behind my eyes?

This communication of fantasy has proved to be expansive and organic. For many years, I laboured over the same fragmentary mini dramas, crude composites of readings from adolescence coupled with stolen images from porn that was excruiatingly hard for me to buy. Relying on other people’s depictions only takes you so far before the juice runs out. I believe the internet has transformed our sexual headspace forever, and like a good hobbyist, I have invested countless hours online exploring the divine outer edges of perversity. Armed with more sexual booty than I know what to do with, the padding out of my fantasy life became easy. Words arouse me more than visuals, although I do like good accompanying pictures.

And it’s words I learned that have the greatest sexual power over me. As the director of my own eyelid movies, I realised that there was a sexual script that works well. No that’s not quite it. Rather there are certain words, particular phrases that make me burn. These delectable expressions annunciated with passion and force, drive me wild. The insanity was that when I most needed them, these words have faded away in the past. Having conquered the shame of physical exposure, I was now faced with the immodesty of talking dirty. Yikes! This was a whole new kind of public speaking and for an essentially shy girl, it was excruciating.

When I trained as a Rape Counsellor, we were told that victims would come to us and would tell their story in literally their own words. And so we needed to be familiar with the diversity of sexual vernacular. The group leader stood at the front before an empty whiteboard and asked us to shout aloud every sexual name, act and expression we could think of. Silence. No one said a word. And then cautiously a small voice from the back said ‘vagina’. The leader wrote vagina on the board. Gradually we felt into the exercise and within minutes the board was filled and we were laughing and learning. Every now and then we had to stop so that someone could explain what the heck the word they just shouted out meant. I’ll always remember an elderly woman called Barbara reeling in horror at the description of rimming. She simply couldn’t grasp it at all, and as the counsellor advised her she better start to get a hold or leave. What happens is what happens and we had no place making a bad situation worse through our ignorance or preconceptions.

Anyway, I revived this exercise a few years later, only this time with my kinks of choice. It still amazes me how much I squirmed over certain words. For example – anus. Anal I’m fine with, but anus is so…..vulgar, and immodest and ….dirty. And here’s the kicker, I adore having my anus played with and my inhibitions around using the word ‘anus’ itself, pitches the pleasure into pure depravity. It’s an acute and almost surreal moment for me to be with someone who knows how to spin that immodesty to the hilt.

Back to masturbation. Next time you play with yourself, slip momentarily into participant observer mode. Pay particular attention to the internal dialogues you and your characters say. There are words there, golden, filthy, sublime words that seize and fire your libido. These psychosexual triggers are the labels on the buttons you may or may not want to share with your lover. I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy but for me, that’s what makes the intimacy so divine. If it were always easy I could just pack up and go home. The challenges, the growing, the embrace of my own darkness, the expansion of all that I am make every excruciating moment worth the while. The truth is, we are all engaged in private battles of shame and decency and it’s a wonderful moment when you realise you can galvanise the forces of these social taboos to your own ends.

Compassionately, we can honour the fact that our lover has exactly the same nonsense playing out in there head. The specific issues will vary but the fundamentals remain the same. Being the one to breach the silence is scary but it gets easier and easier. In time, they reciprocate and reveal their secrets. Remember, the words they breathe are not sweet nothings, within them lies the seed of their truth and passion.

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I am amazed with my new gym routine- Is a mixture of cardio and strength training- I am loving it too. When I love it, I persist with it and I deliver results! I am in training mode for my run which will be on 11th October too. I really want to meet that one hour target but at the moment I am running 8km comfortably in 1 hour time frame. I know is a bit unrealistic to push another 2km in, but I will train hard yo improve my timing at least.

I received the spanking which I really required for my stress relieve on the 29th August. Mr. Spanker delivered the spanking well with an addition of a stern scolding. Mr. Spanker tied me up spread eagle and
"thrashed" me with his cane. I didn't need to count the strokes but each stroke was delivered hard. This was what I required, and alas I got that relieve or that wake up call which I required to wake me up from my lazy land. Thank you Mr. Spanker.

I started loving myself again recently- there is this positive vibe in me. I am starting to love my job, my gym, my social circle again. It is also funny how my manager pick up that positive change of attitude. I am looking forward to my 3 weeks holidays in 6 weeks. Flying off to USA on the 24th October- LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia- 3 weeks in the USA!

I am so excited =D to visit my friends who I have become close with since our Europe trip. And yes, I am receiving a spanking when I am there in USA too from one of my closest friend in the spanking world- we have known each other for 17 years!

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