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I have not been on fetlife much since I joined n the last id been on there was many many months ago.. however I did pop on the other night when someone from here asked me a question about that site.. while I was there I read messages from others n comments .. I didn't write anything in return... today I have 3 messages from 3 different people wantin to meet me.. one lives in Syracuse n two live very close to me now.... I haven't had the best of luck here findin what I need.. perhaps my luck would be better on fetlife.... I for sure will b visitin there more often

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Twice I have tried to post new photos,but it did not happen.Trouble is the email that I used to sign up on ST is no longer valid so I have no way of knowing what is wrong.Any ideas please?

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I have a lot of things that have gone wrong at my house. Appliances that have needed repairs, things that needed fixing, things that needed to be fixed or replaced on my car. I went out and spent a lot of money on new leotards and tights, the 4 new bodytights and unitards. Now I don't have the money I need to take care of my house and car. My spanker is a kind man and he has been helping me and doing most of the work for me. He found out that I spent all this money on bodytights, leotards and tights, and unitards. Now I will be getting even more spankings! He bought me a french maid costume with black fishnet tights and I will be his Mexican maid until things are even and I have learned my lesson from this!

Spank Sinn
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How can someone who is actively engaging in a bit of social media themselves say negative things about those of us that partake in this leisure as well? not really clear how u can make judgement s regarding anyone elses activital expressions, to some this shit is entertainment and others merely a pass time but one can only assume and sometimes unfairly so. For myself, this has been my lifestyle for over 26 years....Some people just talk because they have the ability to do so, with no regard to the different perspectives. Our self-expression is rooted in our inner core and no matter how hypocritically judged, no one can take our individuality away....TyGrr

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Why don't men scold whilst spanking anymore?
I'm not talking about the 'your a bad girl' blah blah bullshit fake bit. I mean a proper telling off!!! If you sound like you reading from a fake script it's not sexy! tell me off what did I do?? What the consequences? Have a proper telling off.... Well for me anyways bent over his knee bare bottom, getting a GOOD telling off whilst my bare bottom is spanked is comforting and needed... Some girls just want a dominant man in charge and in charge always... Loving but strict... Have I said too much????? Wink

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Sissymissy aka missy has been forced to visit an actual college sorority house by a Mistress friend (Mistress Tina who was lovely Lady of Italian descent) a few years ago as a punishment for being a naughty girl at a fetish event the week prior to her visit!! Mistress Tina had called me that morning and told me to ready in a hour and to be dressed in cloth diapers (pined with my pink ducky shaped diaper pins), a pair of of one of pink nursery print rubber pants (my pink disney print pants) and matching bib, my short sissy baby dress, my mary jane shoes with pink anklets, my frilly bonnet, and sucking on my very large pink colored pacifier. Of course missy of course complied and was all ready and when Mistress came. When Mistress Tina arrived inspected my outfit and said that she knew her female friends from college would be very pleased and would love how cute missie looked and told me to make sure that my diaper bag included my strap-on with condoms, wet wipes (lots of them), baby powder, desitin, extra pampers, baby food and my baby bottle, baby food and lots of lube and latex gloves!! Prior to leaving Mistress and hair removal which she brought with her and applied all over missy's body and applied an extra coat on my hiney so my bottom would be nice and smooth like a baby's bottom and her sorority sisters would love this!! And then Mistress pulled my diapers and rubber pants and "shoved" a butt-plug in missy's sissy ass so that missy would feel more girly!! Mistress was wearing one of her gorgeous leather skirts and stilettos.

Mistress made sissy "missy" walk to her car and then informed me that missy would be visiting her college sorority house and there were 15 of her sorority sisters waiting for us!! Of course missy begged her not to take me there! But she had been upset with missie for being such a naughty girl at a fetish event in front of her Mistress friends for not letting them all take turns in changing me and paddling missy!!

Once we arrived, Mistress waited in the car and told me that missy should address each sorority sister as "Mommy" or "Mistress" or Auntie" (which ever each sister preferred to be called) and then told me ring the doorbell to her sorority house! And missy had been told by Mistress that should immediately crawl which sissy did and sissy felt the sting of several sharp swats on her bottom (which were the result of many of the sorority using their sorority paddles on my hiney.

Then missy saw several gorgeous women and many who had been wearing leather skirts for my visit who were all laughing and saying how cute that missy looked!! They all took turns in inspecting me and continued to swatting my bottom with their sorority paddles!! And they all loved checking to see if missy was wet which she was after drinking her baby bottle on the way to the sorority house! After about 15 humiliating minutes in Mistress' sorority house, she asked her sorority sisters if missy had been a good girl (and of course they said NO! She also took out a pair of latex gloves and bent missy over a chair and told all her sorority sisters that missy was wearing a butt-plug and proceeded to push it in even deeper and all of them did!!

After about 10 minutes of this embarrassment, Mistress finally walked in and asked what do you girls think of my sissy baby girl "missie"?!! They laughed and sad we are looking forward to babysitting her!! For 6 long hours, missie was spanked with sorority paddles, fingered, given 2 baby enemas, had to lie over the lap of each sorority sister who not only spanked missie, but too her temperature and loved spanking and paddling my diapers which were very wet and stinky!! The most humiliating event was having to bend over a chair in the sorority house and Mistress pulling my sissy dress up and then pulling my diapers and rubber pants down!! And then placing her strapon-cock, lots of lube and gloves near the chair and invited all her sorority sisters to peg missy' sissy ass!! Half of the sorority girls took up Mistress's offer and then 5 of her sorority sisters used my sissy ass and then Mistress pegged missie when she know my sissy ass was nice and sore but well used!

The fun never really stopped that afternoon because 5 of her sorority sisters and Mistress took me dressed in her humiliating outfit to a fetish event and told all her sorority sisters that she would bring missie back again!! But prior to going to the Mistress's car, one of her sorority sisters decided to put a pink ribbon in m Missie's hair and then they all drove around and Mistress would honk her horn when she saw women in other cars especially at the lights!! missie was so embarrassed when she said this but loved the idea of really embarrassing missie with her sorority sisters at the fetish party and all the sorority sisters did bring their sorority paddles and did spank missie's already very sore bottom at the fetish party as well a few other things!!

missie (Mistress' sissy diaper pledge)

Spank Sinn
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A scorching Texas sun beat down as Tara and her friend
Megan lounged in the back yard in their new thongs.
Both girls had chugged some cold beers, and now
all Megan wanted was to kick back and relax, listening
to the tunes on a C&W station from Fort Worth playing
on the boom box.
But Tara would not stop her nagging.
The blonde former high school cheerleader seemed like
today all she wanted to do was bitch and moan and
gripe about anything and everything she could think
of. And, frankly, she was getting on Megan's nerves. The
sun was hot, the Budweisers were cool, there was a
slight breeze and everything was there to make for a
perfect late summer afternoon. But Tara's bratty
behavior, her whining and endless chatter, was putting
a damper on it all. Megan just rolled her eyes,
adjusting herself face down on the blanket and
pretended not to hear.
The sound of a motor followed by slamming cardoors
announced the arrival of the girls' two friends,
Christy and Denise. A moment later they strode into
the back yard, Denise in cutoffs and halter top and
carring a six pack, and Christy in shorts and T top
with a blanket and bottle of suntan oil. They quickly
peeled off their outer garments revealing the fetching
new thongs they'd just gotten from Fredricks of
Hollywood, and stretched out on their white blanket
next to Megan and Tara.
"Hey, Christy" Megan said, "Lemme have some of that
lotion, okay?" Obligingly, the blonde, blue-eyed
Christy stepped over Denise and knelt down beside
Megan, rubbing some of the Coppertone onto her tanned
skin. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels great !" Megan cooed, lifting herself up long enough to take a sip of beer from the still frosty can. She put her head down on
her arms, closed her eyes and drank in the good
sensations of sun, wind and Christy's soft hands
massaging her back and thighs. Everything would have
been heaven, but Tara continued to whine and complain.
"Hey, you guys" Denise piped up, "Did y'all remember
it was two years ago today they had the big paddlin'
out in Timpson?" Christy and Megan giggled. Yeah they
remembered ! It was a big news story at the time, the
entire senior class including the Homecoming Queen and her court of honor each got three licks with the
paddle for hanging out in the parking lot after first
bell. The three girls talked about the incident and
laughed slightly, but Tara was grumpy and pouty,
irritated that her three friends weren't much
interested in her whiny complaints today. Megan
glanced at Tara, noticing her firm, brownly tanned
bottom cheeks beautifully accented by the violet
thong, and all the chit-chat about 38 red, sore
fannies suddenly made her blurt out "I think I see
another butt that needs to get swatted !"
Christy and Denise burst into laughter at Megan's
remark, but Tara sat bolt upright and scowled. "Yea,
yea, yea" Tara mocked, "You guys are so $^$%#@ funny!" With that, impetuously, she reached over with one bare foot and kicked over Christy's bottle of
Coppertone, sending the liquid streaming out across the
blanket. "HEY !" Christy yelled, "Don't be such a
little brat, Tara !" Megan had had enough. Growing
up in a home with two sisters, and now an aunt to
neices and nephews, she knew exactly how this kind of
silly misbehavior should be addressed, whether the
guilty party was 8, 18 or 28. Megan scrambled to her
feet and took Tara by her arm, pulling her upright as
Denise and Christy looked on, open mouthed, suspecting what was coming. "MEGAN, what are yew DEWIN'?" Tara yelped, slightly fearful now at Megan's reference to a spanked butt. "You've been a little bitch all freakin' DAY, Tara" Megan scolded, "And I'm tired of
it. You wanna behave like a little kid, okay ! You'll
be treated like a little kid !"
Grasping her right arm, Megan steered Tara off the
dry, tickly grass and onto the sunbaked concrete slabs
of the patio, quickly sitting down on the step and
pulling the squirming, protesting Tara across her lap.
"MEGAN ! DAMN IT, NOOOO !" Tara wailed, "PLEASE !"
Megan ignored her as she raised her right leg and
tucked it firmly around the backs of Tara's thighs to
hold her down. Denise and Christy, laughing
hysterically, stood on the grass watching, their eyes
alight. On the radio, Shania Twain belted out "Honey,
I'm Home" as Megan raised her hand and brought it down hard on Tara's soft, quiverring backside ....
SMACK !!!! Tara screamed. "OWWWWWWW ! KNOCK IT OFF !"
CRACK !!! AYOWTCH !!! Tara began blubbering ....
"Honey, I'm home and I had a hard day ...." Shania
sang as Megan's hand rose and fell, rose and fell,
landing hot and hard with a fast series of sharp,
crisp smacks on Tara's rapidly reddening haunches.
CRACK !!!! WHACK !!!! SMACK !!!!! THWACK !!!!
"YEOWWWCH IT HURTS !!!!!" Tara wailed, furiously
squirming and trying to kick as her punishment
continued to her woe and to Denise and Christy's
amusement. Christy took and sip of beer and Denise
shifted her weight from one leg to the other, each
glad it wasn't her over Megan's lap.
CRACK !!!! SLAP !!!!! WHAP !!!!!! "Hey, Hey, Hey hey
hey ....." Shania wound up, her high notes nowhere
near as high as Tara's, crying and bawling as her
tender backside burned like hellfire. After a couple
of dozen spanks, Megan allowed Tara to stand. The
well chastened blonde ruefully reached back rubbing
her fanny, her face flushed and hot, salty tears
coursing down her cheeks. "Are you gonna behave now?" Megan demanded. Tara nodded, a lump in her throat, doing all she could to suppress a sob. "Okay, I HOPE so" Megan said. "We're gonna have at least another 30 minutes of peace and quiet around here cuz YOU, young lady, are gonna go stand in the corner for half an hour!" Taking Tara by the hand she led her into the kitchen, positioning her firmly in the corner beside
the fridge. "You move ONE INCH from here" Megan
warned, "And you're getting another licking. PLUS I
WILL send you to bed without supper tonight, you
understand ?" "Yah, Megan, okay, okay ..." Tara
winced. The girl knew she had better obey, because
Megan WOULD make good on her threat of early bed, no
supper and other tanning if she didn't. A stray tear
dribbling down her face, Tara stood silently in the
corner and Megan padded back outside.
Christy, Denise and Megan relaxed in the back yard,
all three excited and giggly over Tara's well earned
spanking. But Christy and Denise knew they had best not get too mouthy or bratty, because the look on Megan's face made it clear that more than one licking could be dished out today if a bad attitude called for it !

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Christy, Tara and Megan stretched out and soaked in the
blazing Texas sun. The three friends' toned and
tanned young bodies in their daring thongs would
certainly have aroused any guy who happened to catch
sight of them, including the 12 year old brat who
lived next door. The boy was even now peeking out his
bedroom window enthralled at the sight of the girls'
long legs, curvaceous forms and browned, sunwarmed
skin. Megan knew he was there, and she laciviously
wiggled her firm buttocks and lay with her legs
slightly parted in hopes of making him watch all the
harder and suffer the pangs of adolescent lust. "Let
him look!" Megan thought silently to herself. "At his
age, guys think about only ONE freakin' thing !" She
smirked and suppressed a giggle.
As Megan mused, Denise busied herself with the outdoor
grille. The girls were planning a cookout and Denise
- the only married gal of their little group - could
always add something special. Tim, her hubby,
sometimes joked Denise was a skillful in the kitchen
as she was in the bedroom, words that brought a pretty
blush to her face and evoked laughter from her
friends. "Megan, where's the dang Kingsford charcoal at?" Denise called, rousing Megan from her revere. "Oh, it's inside, I'll fetch it" Megan said, getting up and
scampering towards the kitchen door.
Pushing aside the sliding glass partition from the
patio and stepping inside, Megan stopped dead in her
demanded of Tara. Because, contrary to her order of
only 10 minutes before, the blonde, statuesque Tara
had left the corner and was halfway across the kitchen
floor, seeming to be sneaking towards the window to
peek out. "MEGAN .... I .... I .... um ..... I thought
the half hour was over ... uh ..... " Tara stammered,
desperately trying to think of an explaination for her
Megan understood it all in one glance. "WHAT did I tell you would happen, Tara?" Tara's face flushed and she stared down wordlessly. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU, TARA?" Megan demanded again, loud and stern. " said I'd get another spankin' and have to go to bed with ...without supper ...." Tara replied in
a small, meek voice. The look in Megan's eyes reminded
her of the look in her mom's eyes not so many years
ago when she was to get a taste of maternal
correction, Texas Style, and she involuntarily placed
one small, soft hand on her right butt cheek.
Megan shouted to Christy and Denise, "Hey you guys,
get on in here !" Padding into the kitchen, the two
girls immediatley understood Tara had bratilly ignored
Megan's order. Spying the old pinewood school paddle
hanging on the wall, Christy smirked and said "Hey,
Tara babe, I think maybe y'all need a little discipline like we got in school, remember that ?" Oh man, did Tara remember that day before Thanksgiving, 1992, when Miss Murphy had made her tender fanny blaze like a furnace, and she felt her stomach do a flip flop at Christy's mention of it. Megan took the heavy paddle off its hook and strode over to Tara's left, slightly behind. "Over the table, young lady!"she snapped. Tara didn't move. "SMACK!" "YEOWTCH" Tara yelped as Megan's hand crisply slapped her trimlittle ass. "I SAID OVER THE TABLE AND I MEAN RIGHT DAMN NOW !" Megan meant business. Ruefully, Tara pushed aside a lock of blonde hair and turned to bend over the table. Bending, her buttocks were thrustoutward and upwards, a lovely and erotic sight inother circumstances, but today a somber one as her twin globes were about to burn as a sacrificial offering in reparation for bad behavior.
"Denise, y'all said this here is the second
anniversary of the big paddlin' at Timpson, right?" Megan asked. "Yup" Denise replied, "They all got three
licks!" "Okay, then" Megan said, "Three licks it is!"
She tightened her grasp on the paddle's wooden handle.
"Stand with your feet further apart, Tara" she
commanded, and Tara nervously spread her legs, leavingthe most soft and fleshy regions of her fanny all the more vulnerable.
Megan lightly touched the paddle to Tara's bottom,
lining it up just as a vice principal in North Carolina once had with her at age 18. Megan swungthe paddle back. Christy, her eyes dancing, momentarily rubbed her left ankle with her big toe asshe and Denise looked on, spellbound .....
The wooden paddle cut through the air ......
Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh ........
THWACK !!!!!!!!!!!
OWCHIEEEEEEEE !!!!!!" Tara screamed. The hard wooden board sunk into her tan flesh with the sound and the sensation of a firecracker exploding. Her pretty eyes
teared as she tried to steel herself for what was
Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossshhhh ....
OWWWWWW MY GAWD !!!!!!!! The punished blonde bawled as the second spank rocked her up on her toes and made her butt feel as if she'd just sat on a hot stove.
"Owowowww ..." she whimpered, near sobbing.
"I'll be good ..... "
Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssshhhh .....
SMACCCKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!
The old school paddle delivered a final, stinging
chastisement to the young woman's lucious backside.
She lept up, placing both hands on her reddened cheeks
and wailed "THAT HURTS SO MUCH !!!!!" then burst into
tears. Megan returned the paddle to the hook.
"What else did I warn y'all would happen, Tara?" Tara
choked back a sob. "Early bed without supper..." she
said in a little girl voice. Christy and Denise
snickered. "Just like when we were 12!" Denise
laughed. Taking Tara by the hand and accompanied by
their two friends, Megan led her to the bedroom and
pulled back the covers. "Okay, young lady, get to bed
RIGHT NOW !" delivering one last hand slap to Tara's
thigh to hurry her along. Sniffling, Tara crawled
under the covers and buried her face in the pillow,
her eyes wet with salty, hot tears.
"Tara" Megan said, "Y'all can just lay here and be hot
and hungry. I'm takin' the electric fan. You better
not get up until mornin' cuz if you do, well, you
remember the rule from when we were kids !" Tara
blushed with shame. Christy tucked her in and thought
to herself how terribly warm Tara was going to be
under those itchy blankets on his late summer afternoon
without air conditioning or even the fan to stir the
air. The three girls all wished Tara "Good night" and
left, closing the door and returning to the yard for
their cookout.
Tara lay on her tummy under the covers, her cute butt
smarting. She was hot and thirsty and her stomach rumbled with hunger. The sweltering Texas sun shone brightly into the room, and the warm breeze carried in the delicious scent of the steaks grilling outside. Tara winced at the sting, but in her heart she knew she'd earned her spankings today, both of them, and she knew what Megan had done she'd done out of friendship. The tall, shapely blonde turned slightly on her side and rubbed her sore, aching cheek with one soft hand. Yes, her backside hurt, but the hurt felt kind of good, too, in a strange and unexpected way. Tara suddenly felt very loved, and grateful to have friends like Megan, Christy and Denise.
Comforting herself, she drifted off to sleep with the
hint of a smile on her face.
THE END (_|_)

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In Loco Parentis: Anno Domini 1974
~ er ~
Gopher Prairie High Skool: A Pain in th' Hind End!

Brad's woman's Jill, who you an' I
knowed well at Gopher Prairie High.
Brad, too, sure knew them thick brick walls,
them musty rooms an' dusty halls.
'Twas Spring. We'd all be Grads right soon.
Them two got hitched th' end o' June.
Brad snuck t' skool late twice that May,
but jist got warnins, so they say.
Then, come one warm morn, this ain't cool,
Brad trebly broke th' "Tardy Rule."
So, Mister Perkins sealed his fate:
"Report right now 'bout bein' late,
cuz third time missin' Last Bell means
ya git three swats 'cross seat o' jeans."
Back in them days o' Rubiks Cubes,
skools' rules wuz writ by prairie rubes.
So,oft, fer Late Arrivals here,
sharecroppers' kids sure feared seared rears!
(This-here rural county's "Otter Tail"
but shoulda been named "Hotter Tail.")
He'd been eighteen a month that day.
So, Quite-Grown-Up, made bold t' say:
"Whoa, swats? Gee, I ain't takin' none.
Detention's fair fer wut I done."
Nope! Mister Perkins shot back: "Why?
Th' Student Handbook rules apply."
Then, Ol' Man Perkins huffed an' yelled:
Dreadin' Mister Perkin's paddle,
Brad sure wanted t' skedaddle
but knowed gettin' kicked out meant
his mom might dish worse punishment:
drear extra chores, like sweep th' shed.
Then, Zoinks! No supper, straight t' bed!
Brad wished he'd showed on time that day,
but tensed an' shrugged an' sighed, "Okay."
Brad's homeroom teacher wuz buzzed in
t' witness him atone fer sin:
Fine lookin', thirty, lush brown mane.
She went, "Rule breakin' earns ya pain."
Brad bent an' grabbed both ankles there,
an' poked cute fanny in midair.
A young 'un whose done got swats knows
he clenched them ten pink pudgy toes,
an' had to spread legs wide apart
an' hear th' poundin' o' his heart.
He prob'ly wore a flummoxed frown:
he seen th' room flipped upside down.
(Lord knows, Brad got swats more'n once.
It always made him feel th' dunce.)
Stout hardwood paddle arched way back.
It whistled down quick: WHACK! SMACK! CRACK!
There wuz six holes drilled through an', well,
that roasts rumps raw like Flames o' Hell.
Yup, Brad learnt them ain't soft "Love Taps."
They're scorchin', scaldin', scourgin' slaps.
Yeah, rich brats smirk, "It's kinda funny."
Naw, that's 'sposed t' sting ya, Honey!
He fought back 'gainst a salty tear,
stood up an' rubbed hot throbbin' rear.
Ya see wut discipline's about
in big wet eyes an' pissed off pout.
Then Brad got sent right straight t' Math,
pride pangin' from ol' Perkin's wrath.
Worn schoolbook grasped in calloused hand,
I reckon Brad preferred t' stand,
yet eased down 'pon that hard desk seat.
Darn paddle stoked fierce glowin' heat.
Then, all day long, it twanged t' set
right on th' spot th' "Spank Plank" met.
Thumped rump sizzled like 'twas deep fried.
Tho' Brad winced an' rued smacked backside,
Redneck kids ain't ones t' fuss
'bout sore Gluteus Maximus!
Come noon, they served chipped beef on toast.
Brad wryly quipped he'd got "Rump Roast."
A tad bemused, Jill winked: "Gosh darn!
When ya'll git home, sneak t' th' barn.
I'll meet ya after chores t'nite,
once supper's done, an' make this right."
'bout six, their bare feet padded soft
out back an' climbed up t' th' loft.
Jill squirted cool cream on her palm
an' smeared Brad's stunned buns with its balm.
Sweet plumply Jill wuz nonchalant:
she weren't no high-nosed debutante.
Jilly, soon Brad's blushin' June bride,
fondly rubbed his blushin' backside.
Kids like us wuz Hoi Polloi.
Snobs called ya' "white trash," girl er boy.
So? Bein' poor don't mean yer crass.
Young Love don't care 'bout social class!
Now, smacks done bruised Brad's teen boy hide.
But, wut hurt worse? 'Twas teen boy pride.
Brad seen he'd jist himself t' blame.
Jill's soft hand gently soothed his shame.
Brad grinned. His tingly, tender kiss
made Jill one wiggly, giggly miss
stretched out on fragrant, sun warmed hay.
Wut went down next? Gosh, may I say?
Cuz Jill knowed when t' spread her legs
an' not risk fertilizin' eggs,
a sweaty, squirmy, scrumptious hump
made Brad fergit his welted rump!
Raw pleasure, first found in th' shed,
still makes 'em grunt an' squeal in bed.
Folks lust fer fleshly fun, be sure.
Shucks, that's one *thang* ya git hitched fer!

Spank Sinn
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Both Barb and Nicole had been at their desks, heads down, waiting to go to the principal's office at 2:00 O'Clock to see Mr. Erickson when Mrs. Woolsley arrived to escort them down. She was a tall woman in her early thirties, pretty in a severe sort of way except when she smiled.
Today she wasn't smiling.
"Come with me" she said, leading them to the Girls' Washroom. Once inside, she told them both to pull down their cutoffs. Puzzled, they obeyed. After a quick inspection she told them to pull their pants back up. "Some girls get hold of an extra pair of panties or two and put them on so the paddle won't hurt quite as much," she explained as they accompanied her downstairs to Mr. Erickson's office.
At that point Nicole began to sob.
"There's no use crying now," Mrs. Woolsley said sharply. "In a few minutes Mr. Erickson is going to give you something worth crying about with the paddle!"
Nicole sniffed and rubbed her eyes.
Nicole had gone in first because she hadn't cut class, which meant that she was only going to get five licks. Barb waited outside on the hard wooden bench under the portrait of Governor Wendell Anderson. Millie, Mr. Erickson's secretary, glanced over at her and gave her a superior little smirk.
Millie was in her early twenties and was pretty in a cheap sort of way. Now married, she had been a student at Gopher Prairie High School and had come back to work for Mr. Erickson. She was known throughout the campus for her short, tight skirts and it was rumored that she still made out with some of the Senior boys.
Mr. Erickson's door was closed but she could hear muffled voices from behind it. Unable to make out what was being said, she could tell that Nicole had started crying again.
"Do you have to pee?" Millie asked suddenly. Barb looked up, surprised, and then shook her head "no." "Cause when you get that first lick you'll wet your panties for sure if you do," Millie said.
"It's all right," Barb said quietly.
"I got corporal punishment like three times when I was here, so I know," Millie confided.
"Did.....did it hurt?" Barb asked with uncertainty, feeling her knees begin to tremble.
"Like sittin' on a hot stove," Millie answered. "My mom used to give me the switch all the time but that was nothin' compared to the paddle when Mr. Erickson spanks you."
All at once there was a sharp, smacking sound from behind the door and Barb heard Nicole cry out, then sob:
"One....thank you, sir!"
It had been nearly three months ago and Barb had stayed after school to help her pretty, dark haired Home Room teacher, Ms. Bakke, clean up after art class. When they were finished, Barb had to go to the Girls' Washroom before heading home. It was nearly 4:00 and she had a lot of homework, so she hurried down the hall and entered the bathroom rather quickly.
She'd been astonished to find Kimberly Olson, a beautiful blonde girl, standing with her back to the large wall mirrior, her jeans and panties in a muddle at her feet, glancing over her shoulder at her bare bottom, which was completely red and appeared slightly swollen in places. Kimberly had tears running down her face. When she saw Barb she quickly pulled up her jeans and panties.
"I....I thought everyone had gone home..."
"What HAPPENED to you ??"
"I got paddled by Mr. Erickson. For smoking."
"Oh my god !! How many did you get ?"
"Five," Kimberly had said, beginning to cry again.
"Did they hurt ?"
"Jesus Christ, " Kimberly had sobbed. "They hurt like crazy. I'm not gonna be able to sit down in class tomorrow."
"I'm sorry", Barb had said. "I really am."
"Just don't tell anybody," Kimberly begged. "I don't want everybody to know that I got a spankin'."
"I won't say a word," Barb had promised. "Thanks," Kimberly had said. " I gotta go." Obviously embarrassed, Kimberly had left quickly. The rest of the afternoon Barb hadn't been able to get the memory of Kimberly's red, sore bottom out of her mind.
"You'd better get yourself ready," Millie whispered urgently. "They're almost through with your friend."
THWACK! came the sound from inside Mr. Erickson's office. Nicole howled and then managed to sob: "F-five....Th-thank you, sir!"
"I sure don't envy you," Millie said in a low, conspiratorial voice, "gettin' ten."
Just then the door marked Principal Oscar Erickson opened and Nicole hurried out, her face red and wet with tears. She was rubbing her bottom through the material of her cutoff jeans with one hand and wiping her face with the other. She glanced at Barb and then left the outer office.
Mrs. Woolsley stood in the open doorway. "Come in please, Barbara."
Feeling scared and queasy, Barb stood up. Her knees were weak and she knew her hands would tremble if she didn't keep them at her side.
She walked inside the Principal's office. Ms. Bakke, her home room teacher, sat on Mr. Erickson's leather couch. She seemed sorry for Barb and looked like she didn't want to be there. Mr. Erickson stood by his desk. He had taken his jacket off and his right shirtsleeve was rolled partway up his forearm.
On his desk lay the wooden school paddle which wasn't as big as she had imagined it. Made of pine, it was perhaps 18" in length and had black electrician's tape wrapped around the handle.
"You and Nicole left campus during school hours without permission," Mrs. Woolsley said disapprovingly. "Nicole had a free period but you cut class, young lady, which doubles the seriousness of your offense. Just the fact that this happens to be summer school doesn't mean that the normal rules are relaxed, you must have understood that!"
"Barb," Mr. Erickson said patiently. "You don't know how much I dislike having to administer this kind of discipline, but you broke two very important school rules and District policy is clear about what your punishment has to be."

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Barb felt herself blushing furiously. She started at the carpet, not daring to look at the handsome,40ish principal who had always been her friend and confidant.
"Five licks with the paddle for leaving campus....and five more for ditching class. I'm sorry this has to be done, but its for your own good because we care about you. And the sooner we get started, the sooner it'll be over with," Mr. Erickson continued.
"Each time Mr. Erickson gives you a spank with the paddle," Ms. Bakke said quietly, "You'll have to count out the lick and then say 'thank you, sir.' That's all part of your discipline. Do you understand?"
"Y...yes, ma'am, " Barb said, feeling tears beginning to form in her throat.
"Mrs. Woolsley and Ms. Bakke are here to act as witnesses, " Mr. Erickson explained. "Minnesota state policy requires that whenever a student is spanked two witnesses must be present."
"Yes, sir," Barb answered, still staring at the carpet, flushed. She wished he would start and get it over with before she burst into tears.
"All right, young lady, bend over and grab your ankles, " Mr. Erickson said, picking up the paddle.
Barb turned around and assumed the position, hands clutching her ankles, her bottom up in the air.
"Ready?" Mr. Erickson asked.
"I...I guess so" Barb replied, closing her eyes and clenching her teeth. She wondered if Millie was listening and secretly laughing at her predicament.
Owwwwwwww Barb gasped involuntarily, then: "One. Thank you, sir."
The paddle had cut across her bottom like fire. She felt the hot, salty tears begin to well up in her eyes.
She caught her breath. "Two, thank you, sir," she managed to blurt
"Three, thank you, sir, " Barb cried, openly sobbing now.
"Four, thank you, sir, " she said, barely able to get the words out. How could she endure six more ? Her slightly plump bottom was raw and hot and sore. It felt like the skin of her cheeks was sticking to the thin, worn denim of her cutoffs.
"Five. Oh, it hurts.... OWowwww.....Thank you, sir, "
"Six.....Th-thank you, sir..."
She thought about begging him to stop, but she knew in her heart that it would do no good.
The wooden paddle smacked into Barb's quivering bottom with the sound and the sensation of a 4th of July firecracker exploding.
"Seven," she sobbed, "Ooooooooo, it stings... so much, sir. "
"Eight, " Barb moaned, her face wet with tears, her fingers pressing into the skin of her bare ankles. Her entire being seemed to be centered on her searing, tender bottom. "Th-thank you, s-sir."
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......" the girl gasped, fighting the urge to stand up and clutch her bottom.
"N- n- nine. Thank y-you... sir."
God! Just one more. She wondered if she had wet her panties.
"YEOWWCH!!" Barb yelped before stammering out "T-ten, thank you, sir. "
Somehow she had made it through her paddling.
"Okay, Barb, you can stand up now, " Mr. Erickson said.
Barb stood up and cupped the cheeks of her bottom, throbbing and red hot even through the denim.
Mr. Erickson had laid his paddle back down on his desk and was rebuttoning his shirtsleeve.
"Would you like a tissue? " Ms. Bakke asked sympathetically. She shook her head, raising one hand to her face to wipe away a tear. She knew she wouldn't be able to sit down and was almost looking forward to the ten minute walk home, glad that she hadn't driven
to school this morning.
"I hope this has taught you a good lesson, Barb, " Mr. Erickson said, not unkindly.
"Yes, sir, it sure has," Barb replied ruefully, continuing to massage her aching bottom.
"I'll be calling your mom about this, "Mr. Erickson told her.
" you....have to? " Barb asked, crying.
"Yes, I'm afraid so, "he said.
"Can...can I go home now, please?" Barb asked.
"Yes," Mr. Erickson told her. "Of course, you still have one hundred minutes of detention to serve. You can start that tomorrow."
"Yes, sir, " Barb said.
"And, Barb ? I hope that I never have to use this paddle on you ever again, " Mr. Erickson told her, a warning note in his voice.
"No, sir," Barb answered, choking back more tears.
She said goodbye to the three of them then crossed back through the outer office, not looking at Millie who busied herself typing.
She went to her locker, got her books, and started towards home wondering how she would explain what happened to her mom and dad.
Once outside, the girl slipped off her sandals and thought to herself how nice the sun warmed pavement and tickly, dry grass felt in contrast to the red hot soreness still making her buttocks throb.
She knew that the first thing she would do when she got home would be to lock herself in the bathroom, take down her cutoffs and panties and see just how red her bottom really was.
As Barb sobbed softly into her pillow late, late that wet and thundering night, her right hand gave her solace. One particular nether region seemed to cry out for more solace as she concentrated on the fading sting of her paddling and remembered Kimberly Olson's red bottom.

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So today is my girlfriends birthday and although it will not be the first time she has been spanked she's never been truly into it. I try different things and such and she enjoys it but in the end you can tell its more for me than for her, How can I switch things up or change things to make sure she enjoys this birthday spanking she will be receiving tonight?

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