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Views: 242 · Added: 17 days ago

Hitting the home stretch now, Marie is almost 32 weeks pregnant, and is now off of work for the rest of the pregnancy. Oh boy, my Femdom wife will be with me every waking moment......things should get very interesting to say the least from now on. She just said last night."if we're going to be together in this house for the next few months, I'm not going to argue with you......I'm just going to grab something and start spanking you with it."

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Views: 185 · Added: 18 days ago

Hello i live in Fayetteville, NC....I dont know many people around here who are interested in spankings would be nice to have someone to talk to about this but at time i feel as if i cant share my feeling about spankings with anybody

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Views: 248 · Added: 18 days ago

I have often been asked if I enjoy being spanked. The answer is "NO". Receiving a spanking is not something to be enjoyed. But the review of my life in preparation for the discipline, and afterwards, the knowledge that I have been punished is fulfilling. in the order of life, it just seems right to have the sore backside.

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Views: 251 · Added: 18 days ago

Today along with a few other members from this site,I attended a funeral to say goodbye,and pay last respect's to our dear friend,and wonderful person Laura.

I did say a few days ago,that I ( being priviledged )to have her password. I have today closed her username account.Those who were lucky enough to know her will need no futher information.


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Views: 282 · Added: 18 days ago

The latest in my School Series of recordings!

Paddled by the Principal

You wait outside my office feeling very nervous. You may now come into my office, I tell you. I read the note and instruct you to answer Yes ma’am when I speak to you. Speaking to you in a firm, authoritative voice I tell you about my belief in spanking naughty boys and girls no matter how old they are! The only way I administer a paddling is bare bottom. I instruct you to stand up and pull down your trousers. Lean over my desk and place your palms on the desk. Now I am going to pull down your undershorts. The paddling with this large fraternity is about to begin! You will count each stroke and thank me for each one!

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Views: 281 · Added: 19 days ago

One thing I am finding as I get older is that quite a few of the women my age, 50+, are taking their cues from the younger women rather than the other way around. So, I can say that being over 50 is definitely not too old for a misbehaving lady to get a good spanking!

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Views: 340 · Added: 19 days ago

In the darkness and quiet of night I reach for you,
Your loving arms embrace me and hold me to your heart,
We melt together as one, our souls complete one another,
Submission to you is easy, my life I give to you always,
Dominance over me is easy, your life you give to me always,
Love, devotion, dedication and trust are our backbone,
Exquisite firm but loving dominance your rightful place,
Loving, faithful, respectful submission my rightful place,
A match made in heaven molded by unbreakable mutual strength,
Never taken for granted, always cherished and held tightly,
A dual gift to explore and be savored till the end of days.

Thank you for reading,

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Views: 288 · Added: 20 days ago

My lovely, and very strict wife announced, "At 8:30 be on the bench ready for the Board,wear the thong and jock, and I want that strap fastened tight! I want your buns bulging when I blister...any questions...?" T thanked her, and told her I'd be ready, "Please blister me Sweetie".
She did, only 6 swats, the last 4 smoked my butt! "That's to let ya know..." I did, the start of a 3 day maintenence series. A very effective technique, utilized every month or so, let's me know what she can do with her paddles. She'll be alternating with 4 tough paddles...using each one at least daily..12 blistering series of swats in 3 days!

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Views: 383 · Added: 20 days ago

Thanksgiving is over and the count down to Christmas has begun. May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. May the joy and festivities continue to radiate in your lives, long after Christmas is gone. May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. I pray that all my family and friends have better year in 2015. I pray for hope, peace, love, and unity. I pray for jobs, cars, and new homes but what I pray for most of all is a closer walk with God. May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness. As you relish the goodies, decorate every nook and corner of your home and enjoy the get-together. May the joy and festivities continue to radiate in your lives,long after Christmas is gone. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Views: 478 · Added: 20 days ago

Cinema vixens, both past and present,
Whether playing a queen, or the role of a peasant—
As long as they dare
To lay their bottoms bare—
To spank such a lass would be ever so pleasant.

Milla Jovovich makes my eyes pop,
And oh, how I’d love to give her the crop—
If I found that Milla
Were in no way vanilla,
I’d lay on the strokes till she begged me to stop.

And who could forget sweet Brigitte Bardot,
For she bared her bottom quite often, you know—
I’d love to beat
That sulky Brigitte
And bring her backside to an elegant glow.

I would, if I could, with sultry Kim Basinger,
Spend nine and a half weeks a-laying on zingers—
Perhaps, on a whim,
I’d blindfold dear Kim,
And relish each hot, bare-handed stinger.

With Sharon Stone, I’d be quite succinct,
Reprising her role in Basic Instinct,
The way she uncrossed her legs—
Oh, I’d make her beg,
With relentless swats so sharp and distinct.

I don’t know how long the list could go on,
From Penelope Cruz to Charlize Theron,
From Liz to Raquel and Sophia Loren,
I’d spank them all, and then spank them again.

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Views: 408 · Added: 20 days ago

I have been spanking and speaking to a lot of people. the majority of people that I meet and spank, do not want anyone to know that they have been spanked by me. I don't want anyone to know that I spank them. I have spanked a C.0, chef, lawyer's assistant, college student, taxi driver, school aide, mechanic, ex convict, sanitation worker, murderer and so on. So the people that I spank come from all walks of life. I have spanked many more but the list is too long. I have had some long talks with someone that I have spanked about me telling people that I spank him. He wanted people to know that I spank him. So I have camouflaged his face some. I am finally putting his pic up so that you will know that you are not crazy for coming to me for a spanking. you don't need to be shy about getting what you need. Because even average looking people like him have been spanked by me.

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Views: 483 · Added: 20 days ago

Past Hollywood men were so fair
They were handsome, discreet, debonaire
Oh, how I'd love to be
Across each one's knee
Whether Stewart, Holden or Astaire.

Just think of Rhett played by Gable
Wayne hauling me off to a stable
How my heart would sing
Though my bottom would sting
If Bond bent me over a table.

Now Peck as Atticus Finch
The lawyer you'd want in a pinch
I'd throw a fit and a pout
As the tough, little Scout
For the spanking he'd give, that's a cinch!

Gary Cooper at precisely High Noon
(For the locals, not a moment too soon)
In the midst of town square
Laid my naughty bum bare
And spanked me so hard with a spoon.

Or how about suave David Niven?
As an elegant spanker, a given
I'd spill champagne on his tux
For a spanking deluxe
And caviar when all was forgiven.

Sinatra, the man strikes a chord
I'd be bratty, perverse and untoward
It's a paddling he'd bring
And I'd wail with each swing
They call him, "Chairman of the Board!"

Cary Grant, so smooth and polite
If he spanked me, I'd howl with delight
As that thief in France
He'd take down my pants
And I'd squirm with delight at my plight.

As for Bogart, he'd use a brush
Drop my panties to make my face blush
A no nonsense guy
My bottom he'd fry
As red as a seven card flush.

Yes, I'd like to be spanked by a cinema star
While he played comedy, a musical or a dark film noir
To be spanked by a hero
Be it Cooper, De Niro
Jack's Wine and Roses
Or Heston as Moses
Tracey or Cagney
A birch each'd tag me
While Peter O'Toole
Would lay down the rule
Each one could be at the top of my poll
For a spanking, with my bum in its best starring role.

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Views: 351 · Added: 21 days ago

Hey just wondering is there anyone from around the Chicago area ?

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Views: 605 · Added: 21 days ago

He play his polyamor liar game and my life was just trash

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Views: 429 · Added: 22 days ago

I'm thankful for good health, family ,friends online and offline. I'm spankful for enjoying this website for over 5 years.

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Views: 481 · Added: 22 days ago

You get off the bus & walk down the road. You have just finished work & you are looking forward to having something to eat. You know that your husband will have cooked a meal for you. Chances are it will be something… bland. There are no surprises in life anymore.

You love him. No, you think you still love him. But life with him has become predictable… tedious.

Deep down you have become resentful… angry. You punish him by restricting and denying him sex. It hurts you, but it hurts him more. You have become spiteful.

He does not know why you punish him & you do not enlighten him. He must work it out for himself. If he can. If he so chooses.

You turn right into the close where you live. The close could be anywhere in the country; anywhere in the world. You recall with bitterness that he wanted to live here. He said it would handy for work. He said it would be close to town. He said it was modern & easy to maintain; a characterless bungalow in a characterless close. A characterless husband. A characterless existence.

The sky is overcast & you feel the first drops of rain on your face as you approach the place you now, laughingly, call… home. You think of the evening ahead of you unfolding, no, enfolding - Is that a word? Who cares? - of soaps; mundane chit-chat; surfing the net like flicking aimlessly through the pages of a vacuous glossy magazine; maybe a film & then… bed. Naked together under the covers, you subtlety teasing him; so near & yet… so far. Him erect & frustrated clumsily pawing at you. You saying, I’m not really in the mood. Him sighing & turning over. Later, feeling his erection pushed between the crease of your buttocks. & the only thing that has given you the least bit of gratification since being home is denying him… his gratification - sad.

You slot your key into the lock & see his figure move behind the frosted glass. He pulls open the door for you, like a faithful dog welcoming home his master & you almost expect him to jump up & lick your face. Your contempt for him shocks you - almost.

He leans forward to kiss you on the lips, he seeks, desires to French kiss you, but you turn away at the last instance & his kiss merely grazes your cheek.

‘What’s for dinner?’

‘I thought maybe you’d like…’

You watch him about to flounder & are annoyed that he has not even bothered to prepare a meal.



You remove your coat and hang it on the hook.

‘Thought… whatexactly? That I wouldn’t be hungry after a hard day at work… hmmm?’

‘I thought perhaps… I thought perhaps… because it has been a long time… that we could make love… & then go out for a curry after… be a treat… be something… different.’

‘Get out of my way, I’ll get something out of the freezer and cook it… myself!

He remains in front of you, blocking you. So, you go to move round him & he extends his arm to the wall…

‘I said… get out of my way.’

‘No… no, I won’t… I want… sex… & I want it… now.’

His un-characteristic directness momentarily takes you out of your stride. But you collect yourself.

‘In your dreams… in your fucking dreams buster. & didn’t I just say get out of my way.’

There’s a blur and a shock to the side of your face. You realise that he has slapped you across your left cheek. & you can suddenly taste something metallic upon your tongue - blood?

‘What the…’

He slaps you again and you stumble against the wall. You feel strong - surprisingly strong - fingers grab round your right wrist and pull you into the hallway. You shoot your left arm out and grip hold of the door frame…

‘Let go you fucking game playing bitch. I’m going to get what is mine. What I’m legally entitled to. I’m going to fuck you & you can’t stop me!’

You feel fear, real fear, but also something else, something… primal.

‘Get off… now or I’ll call the fucking police!’

Fucking call them!’

You attempt to kick him in the shins & as you do he twists you round & whips his arm from around your neck. You attempt to dig your heels into the carpet but it slips and ravels up. Half choking, screaming mutely & struggling he drags you slowly through the bedroom door. You feel his arm move round to your front & brace yourself for a grope of your breasts but instead he rips apart your short-sleeved company shirt & you hear the buttons pop off and scatter in all directions. He throws you down onto the bed before slapping your face without respite for what seems minutes but is in actual fact seconds & stunned you now allow him to remove the shreds of your shirt. He then unclips your bra & pulls it out roughly from under your back.

You can’t believe that this is happening… to you.

Suddenly he is pulling your bare arms behind your head & something cold is being snapped around them. The bastard, the fucking bastard, has handcuffed you to the head board.

‘I’m going to get you fucking jailed for this. Make the fucking most of it, cos it will be the first and last time…’

You hear him snigger. You listen to him grunt… & realise that he is beyond reason, beyond everything. & so are you. & so are you.

You look into his eyes, his animal eyes, you have never seen this before in him & he glares back at you, through you. & then he pulls out his broad leather belt from his jeans, makes certain you can see him do it, grins evilly…

‘You’ve had this coming for a long time… a long time.’

‘No… please don’t… I’ll do anything… don’t hurt me… I’ll do anything…’

‘Too late darlingtoo late.’

You close your eyes & a scorching line of pain travels across your upper stomach and right breast. You burn & bring your knees up. & then he lashes you again. & again. You scream & cry. Scream & cry - the pain. The agony becomes molten as he thrashes your torso with his belt, your tits & tummy feel as though the flesh is being torn off… flayed

& then you notice that it is has ceased, there is a lull. & then you just discern that your trousers & knickers are being tugged off. & then you ask him gently, if he wouldn’t mind stopping because you can’t take anymore.

Now completely naked he rolls you roughly onto your stomach such that your secured arms cross over. Terrified you wait for the heavy leather belt to strike your uncovered and vulnerable buttocks… & it does… he does. Blow after agonising blow, time after time. You hate him, you hate him, you hate him…

& then the hate… the anger… the injustice… the pain… become as… nothing… as nothing… & in the fog of your mind a feeling of freedomliberation begins to engulf you. You wonder if you are dying… & then a clarity… yes a clarity manifests itself… freedom is freedom from… freedom

‘Thank you… thank you my husband… my husband… fuck me like you have never before.’

& you let him penetrate you… yearn for him to rip your cunt apart with his lust… crave for him to spurt his spunk into you. & and as you surrender to him a single tear runs down your swollen & hurting cheek. Not a tear of sorrow… not a tear of hurt… but a tear of release… liberation… a tear of freedom… true freedom…


This used to be one of my missus's favourite fantasies. I would frig her off to it.

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Views: 293 · Added: 22 days ago

I keep coming back to this one. Rain, the spanker, is very sexy in the way she gets her business done.

I'm yours anytime, Rain (

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Views: 648 · Added: 22 days ago

Okay, usually I'm not running 2 blogs at the same time. But THIS I have to share cause it's a thing that (yet again) upsets me to the highest level:

This morning I stumbled accross an interview on the net, by ShiaLaBeouf.

The actor did some art performance earlier this year where he was sitting in a room and people could walk in, sit with him for a while and do whatever they wanted, ... talk, cry, stare,... there was a table with implements (props from his movies and such) they could take and make use of.

Well long story short: "There was that woman who picked the "Indiana-Jones-Whip" from that table and then would whip his legs for about 10 minutes, stripping his clothes afterwards and proceeded to rape him."
(Element of that performance was him taking whatever happens without reacting in any way!)

So he took that whipping and when she was done, she left that room and returned to her partner, while everybody queuing up outside KNEW what just had happened (he said).

I read this and I was like: WTF?!!!

That was a mistress - no doubt.

And I felt SO embarrassed by her actions! Yes, it affects me cause it's throwing a VERY BAD light upon people like us.

No matter WHO she was doing this to, how dares she?!

This is not okay! It's absolutely wrong and the lowest level possible to force yourself upon someone the way she did!

Like I say, it's not of importance WHO she did it to. It's important that she did it in the first place. I would SO LOVE to find out who she is cause trust me, I'd have a word with that b....!

Again, sorry for venting but this is again a thing that makes me boil on the inside!

best regards

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Views: 361 · Added: 22 days ago

Hi everyone! Here's wishing all my friends here on ST that are in the States a very Happy Thanksgiving or a Happy Spanksgiving! I wish for all of you to have things in your life that you are thankful for. I know I am thankful for my family and all my friends her on
ST. May you all have someone to Spank you and someone that needs spanking! Whatever you choose, may it be fantastic! Huggies!,
Naughty Britches


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Views: 300 · Added: 22 days ago

Thinking of trying some new things and expanding my resources. Been on my mind awhile and would love to try some new adventures and new ways to play and explore myself and my abilities.
Have not figured out the how and the way to do it hehehe but is something I would love to delve into and see where it takes me. Am always up for challenging myself to be better and do so much more than I thought I could as it gives me a thrill to be the best at whatever I do for myself and no one else. It is a journey of self discovery and one I cant wait to see happen and see what the future brings with it.
I haven't done much with the cane in my videos. Is one that has bad memories for me but am thinking it is time to try it again and step out of the past and embrace the future. Am sure will be short ones to start but hey at least the willingness is there :)
Also am wanting a tawse as that is such a huge turn on and yet the ouch from it makes it piont felt effectively. Have pushed some limits to take some amazing swats but there is so much in me that I wish to expand those limits and go further and do so much more. Not out of a desire to just do it or try it but to grow and find that new level that I am seeking. I can't wait to see what is to come for me but am excited to jump in and see what happens. Love, hugs, and a naughty Thanksgiving day as today I celebrate a new begining.

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