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Views: 175 · Added: 16 days ago

You are in a car driving at a constant speed.
To your left is a fire engine,in front is a galloping pig.
To your right there is an horse and rider.So you can not overtake.
Behind you is an helicopter,flying at ground level.
All are travelling at the same speed as you.
Your pulse is racing,your heart is pounding,your breathing is heavy.
What can you do ,to get out this potentially dangerous situation ?.

Get off the merry-go-round,you drunken twit. - - Its not your car

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Views: 194 · Added: 16 days ago

Dne 14.07.2014 jsem dostal další výprask a ochutnal jsem i bič.

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Views: 233 · Added: 16 days ago

A disciplinarian to me is someone whose word means something to him. If his word doesn’t mean nothing to him, then how can it mean anything to his spankee? Problems need resolutions and they cannot be just ignored or overlooked because then you will still have the same problem later down the line. One of the things I hate most about anyone is a liar. If a person tells me they are going to do something and then they renig then that means their word aint shit…and if their word aint shit neither are they. How can you be a disciplinarian if you’re not disciplined yourself? In your ways, thoughts and beliefs?

Domestic discipline is not just about spanking someone when you catch an attitude or because it’s been a while. A real disciplinarian should know that domestic discipline is consistent and done with care and because there is reason to do so, but you cannot be a good disciplinarian in my eyes if you cannot admit your own mistakes and not see the error of your own actions. You have to lead by example. You have to listen and discern what others want. You have to care about what your word stands for. If I had a disciplinarian whose words meant nothing to him, there is no way I would be able to respect him or continue in that relationship.

Some people have disciplinarians that they cannot trust, and that they keep around because they cannot find anyone else. These are the wrong reasons to keep a disciplinarian in your life. Some disciplinarians are not true to their responsibilities and expect their spankees to stay totally in line with theirs. I don’t see how that can work in any type of relationship.

Good disciplinarians have to be involved with making their personal traits strengths in the relationship. They have good listening skills, acknowledge problems and come up with resolutions for them. Some disciplinarians are born with traits that make them natural authority figures. These include intelligence, creativity, and how they behave in certain situations.

They motivate and inspire and try to bring out the best in you. Good disciplinarians treat and respect others. They don’t have to put others down to build their selves up. They love what they do and that is the type of energy they give off to others. A spankee deserves respect whether they are right or wrong. Intelligence, masculinity and dominance to me are good traits for disciplinarians to have as well as optimism and a cheerful attitude because it affects your spankees morale. They have to be passionate about their roles as disciplinarians, be honest, and have that desire to be a disciplinarian.

In conclusion…good disciplinarians see the positives and not just the negatives…and, have a great deal of positive self-efficacy in my opinion. They have to model their ethical convictions and solid principles or the relationship with their spankees will not grow. Honesty and integrity are very important qualities a disciplinarian has to have for me. A good disciplinarian faces all challenges head on. My daddy loves hard work and has proved he possesses these qualities three x fold. Thank you Daddy xoxoxoxo, he sometimes pushes me beyond my comfort zone, but does so with care and love.

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Views: 159 · Added: 16 days ago

Hello Spankos.....I had an awfully busy weekend, but I did manage to have some fun in between all the other madness lol. I found out my final grade for my applied behavioral science class was a B+ yeah a B could have been an A but I got a little tired by finals.My new next class starts tomorrow, guess I will start reading some of those chapters today!

New chapters and beginnings in life can either break you or make you a better person...I'm hoping that the current events just make me a stronger person. I try every day, well almost everyday to make my day count! to get out there and do something that makes me happy or either relaxes me.I refuse to be engulfed into a depressive state because of some of the circumstances in my life have changed. Shit happens! and you have to do two things when events occur that you wish had not....get over it and rise above it!!!!!

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Views: 211 · Added: 16 days ago

On the beach I see you, on the beach I feel you,
The sun shines on your smooth silky angelic flesh,
You wiggle your peachy quivering buns seductively,
Spank you once spank you twice spank that quiver,
Rolling in the sand water lapping about us gently,
Waves lift us to new heights of ecstatic pleasure,
Excited fear of unknown eyes watching from afar,
A once in a lifetime oceanic lovemaking adventure,
The sun disappears to the other side of the world,
Laying entwined on the moonlit surf hearts beating,
Spank you once spank you twice love you on the beach,

Thank you for reading,

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Views: 351 · Added: 17 days ago

The road that we take to who we want to be be is best served by those who help us along the way. When we appreciate those who help us your life will be filled with joy. The people who help us are friends regardless if you know them personally or not and those type of friends are what you need to get through life.
How unfulfilled would my life be without all the friends I met in this lifestyle ad mostly on this site. I think of how my life would have been if I was not in this lifestyle and am happy to say I love where my life has ended up. Shoutout to all my Stube Friends that's really everybody on this site.

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Views: 78 · Added: 17 days ago

Just wanted to say its a beautiful day I was able to get on here and saw some awesome videos/keep up the gd work spankee and spankos

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Views: 162 · Added: 17 days ago

Well, the video has been edited and synched (as much as its going to get). Jewel insisted that I pixelize our faces which I realize is the only smart thing to do for privacy reasons. Personally, it really wouldn't matter much to me if others knew I got spanked--I'm kinda proud of the fact that Jewel takes care of me--but there are always those out there who might be more judgmental or wish to cause mischief with it.

Since the video frames were not taken at regular intervals (in the latter portion of the video especially) it made the pixelizing very tedious--a frame-by-frame task almost.

Many of the impacts were missed as the camera skipped frames. It looks like the implement went right though my bottom without hitting it. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

There were some good impact stills and I think I may include a few of these as a slide show at the end for the video. It was especially interesting to me how the quirt deformed my poor butt as it struck. No wonder that thing stings so! :o)


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Views: 392 · Added: 17 days ago

Just a Sunday morning ditty inspired by my good friend, Fitch.

Court's in order, Oyez! Oyez!
Get your spankings in the foyer.
With a spoon or with a brush,
Sign up early, avoid the rush.
See the clerk to pay your ticket
Or face some nettles from a thicket.
Drop your panties or drop your shorts
Our DA excels in torts.
The ladies, you may take the bench
Your bums spanked like a serving wench.
The gents, you can choose a cell
Your arses will be beaten well.
Who me? Say what? The hell you say!
Not my bottom, not me. Nay, nay, Jose.
Oh yes, miss, just come this way
And we shall prove crime does not pay!

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Views: 272 · Added: 17 days ago

Since I knew damn good and well - not that I would have admitted it beforehand - that I had earned the spanking, I didn't go hide last night. I didn't even move around during it as much as usual. (Not that I had a choice; he bent me over the back of the couch with a hand firmly in the small of my back. I'm 5'4" - once over it, my toes hit the floor just enough to keep my balance, and my hands were supporting my torso. With his hand on my back, where was I going to go?!)

Fortunately, he didn't use the spoon much - I convinced him that it hurt much more than he thought (*without* whacking him with it.) I didn't get off easy though, since he used his hand, my plastic hairbrush, and a pizza board. (Which broke, making for an even better paddle!)

Since he IS heavy-handed, and I haven't been spanked much, he broke it up - 15 or 20 at a time with a few minutes between sets.

He then sat me bare bottomed on a wooden chair while he went and had a cigarette! I couldn't figure out why everyone hates that - it hurt, but not horribly.

...then he let me get up and I learned *exactly* why that's done. Holy Batman, it felt like every nerve had been reignited! Geeeeeez!

I then had the simply *brilliant* idea of flipping him off for making me sit there. Can you say "suicide by bratting"? If you look at the pictures, you'll see marks on my thighs that aren't there in the first picture.

Yes, well - my bottom was so marked up that more on it would have been excessive. So he took a light leather paddle to the backs of my legs. Yeah - won't be doing THAT again any time soon, either. I was already so sore that just stomping my feet after each swat made my bottom hurt more!

We did have a nice shower after, and I got some ibuprofen...and the proper reward for both of us once we went to bed. (I'm sure I don't have to describe THAT - lol!)

I'm still so sore this morning that putting on jeans is going to be a nightmare - and he'll want to go out. Sitting on the leather seats in the car is one thing - sitting demurely in a restaurant is something else! (Esp. because he knows EVERY place that has wooden seats. He took me to one with wooden stools last night - between still being sore from the playful paddling that morning, and the anticipation of this one, I'm surprised no one wondered why I couldn't get comfortable. (Then again, this *is* DC; they might have known exactly why!)

Alrighty. I need to go check the marks and see if I can wear shorts, then get dressed. We're talking about going to see the Lincoln Memorial today. So, yes, lesson learned. I can flat guarantee that I will *never* hit him when he's driving again. Ever. And the chances of flipping him off? Yeah - no. (He figured as long as I was so sore already, he might as well break that habit right then.)

Hope you've enjoyed the story and the pictures. No, I didn't cry - but he laughed his ass off after - I was fine until he reached out and rubbed my poor battered backside, which brought immediate tears to my eyes. Guess my body was in shock!

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Views: 177 · Added: 17 days ago

Hey All i was just wanting to tell everyone about some great bondage fear me and mine recently got. It is amzing quality leather products that are all custom made and at prices you cant beat, IF you are interested you can look up MasterDLG58 on fetlife and see for your self i highly recommend it

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Views: 230 · Added: 17 days ago

The Coach's voice sounded already angry! "Well, let's start with a spontanous check of your cleanliness...!"
The bloke already knew what would expect him. It was not the first time the Coach did such a control, which often ended in a corporal punishment.
The guy stripped completely and then placed himself in front of his Coach. He sticked his hands towards his Coach. First the palms, then the back of his hands.
"Fine..." complimented the Coach while checking the clean hands.
"Now your ears, boy!" The boy moved his head and dad looked in his ears, first the left ear, then the right ear.
"Clean as well! Good boy!" The boy was relieved but he rejoyed too soon... "All right, now your bottom! Turn around and bend down!"
The 22 year old boy crinched and the back side of his muscular body got a goose-skin. The coach took a paper tissue out of his trousers and gave it to the boy.
"Clean your butt cheeks with the tissue...! And go deeply inside.."
The boy took the paper tissue, bent down further, spread his cheeks and scrubbed between his wide-spread bum-cleft.
"hmm, my dear boy..." the coach mumbled. "I don't think you want to affirm that you cleaned your bum well after the last bowel-movement?" There was a highly visible brown stripe on the white paper tissue.
The guy turned red: "Please, no enema...!"
The coach looked at his football player with a very serious face: "You know that uncleanliness doesn't only mean that you'll get an enema - it means as well that you will get a hard punishment. So, you will come down to the punishment room in 10 minutes! Got it?
The boy nodded, he felt bummed out. But there wouldn't be an alternative as disobedience would mean to be excluded from the football team.

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Views: 205 · Added: 18 days ago

i Just posted and am waiting for our new vid to come out it is a compilation promo from some of more recent shots and also includes snippets from some soon to be released vids as well, we hope you all enjoy and if you wish to check out our complete collection in full version format check us out at store 78445

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Views: 256 · Added: 18 days ago

Considering the promised spanking is for, among other things, hitting him while he was driving on a busy road, should I just go hide now?

It ain't a bath brush - but it still hurts! (I was stamping my feet and wiggling after just ten with it this morning.)

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Views: 259 · Added: 18 days ago

Wieso sie es werden müssen?

weil ich dann einen Schreikrampf bekomme werde :D

Die Idee zu diesem WM Bildchen hier hatte " snook91 ", danke dafür Hase ;)

Ich hatte ja eigentlich vor einfach den Hintern anzufärben, aber NEIIIIN er sollte ja mit anderen Mitteln rot werden ;) Die Deutschland Farben sind zwar etwas verdreht, aber ich hoffe es gefällt euch trotzdem ;)

****kleiner Tipp noch für die die es nicht raffen****

Blonde Haare= gold in der Flagge
Roter Hintern= rot in der Flagge
Schwarze Strümpfe= naaa wer kommt drauf?, RICHTIG schwarz in der Flagge ^^

so ihr Süßen, ich wünsche euch nachher viel Spaß beim Spiel gucken und denkt dran DAUMEN DRÜCKEN!!!!

Knutschar eure Lisa

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Views: 301 · Added: 18 days ago

So we're discussing something I've never done. A' spanked me hard enough (or long enough) to bring tears to my eyes the other night. I wasn't actually *crying*, but the tears were there. (I'm sure you guys get the difference.) A few more cracks (2 or 3 at most) across the backs of my thighs (his favorite target since I'm bad about putting my hands back), and I would have been sobbing. Mind you, he was only using his hand.

Now - now...I'm most curious. Scared - but curious. And I think the curiosity is going to win, which scares me even more! I use pain medication (the other part of why he often goes for my thighs - it bloody well hurts more!), so taking me over that edge is harder than it would otherwise be for a fairly novice spankee like myself.

So...I'm not going to ask if I should have (I'm not gonna say 'let' - if he decides to take me, I'm going!) him take me over the "actual crying" edge. I already know the answer to that. I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas to improve the entire experience.

We've found a good position (over the back of the couch - his hand on my lower back keeps me there without a problem.) I might have him bind my hands in front of me with a scarf - partly because I *know* I'll put them back, and partly because that extra feeling of helpless will get me there faster.

Anything that I - or he - should know? (Yes, I really *will* pass on suggestions from the spankers.) Most of you are far more experienced than I am - and he's even more of a novice than I am.


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Views: 300 · Added: 18 days ago

Note to all spankos whose mothers *didn't* drop them on their head as a baby (as mine apparently did):

When you are bent over the couch getting a playful spanking, do not at the end grab the belt, complaining that it hurt - and proceed to whack your spanker with it to demonstrate the idea. It will almost certainly result in you being bent BACK over to be spanked *again* with something that hurts a lot *more*. (A really heavy wooden spoon, in this case.)

So...yeah. If you have that urge - do NOT indulge it. Trust me and my rump - as I've been informed that this was just a prelude, since we were going out to eat and he didn't want me squirming *too* much in public. The bastard. (LOL)

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Views: 375 · Added: 18 days ago

She's one of my regular sluts and likes to receive 72 strokes of the cane given in doses of 6 x 12s.
She dressed in high heel boots, sexy mini-dress, white blouse and full make-up. She has naturally long hair and looked very sexy.

We start with her being groped and fondled - which naturally gets her arroused. As she is not allowed to get excited she must be punished . So she is told to suck my cock. After a while she adopts position 1 and tied down to receive the first set of 12 strokes.

These are delivered slowly and she is required to call out the number of the stroke. When she has received the final stroke, her hole is lubed and stretched before I slide my cock in to her and she is fucked until I nearly come.

Then shes taken down and has to refresh her make-up. Once she is tidied up the whole process starts again until she has received the full 72 strokes. Then I fuck her hard and relentlessly until she screams and begs me to cum until I finally explode in her hole.... Shes a good girl.

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Views: 440 · Added: 19 days ago

One of my special fairies often shares positive posts on facebook spreading her sunshine magic, and a few days ago she posted some lovely facts about hugging. And as cuddles are my favourite thing in the whole wide world, I thought I would share some of this loveliness and dedicate a whole blog to them and their wonderful benefits

Hugging is a powerful way of healing, research shows a proper deep hug, where hearts are pressed together, can benefit you in many ways. Here are just a few of them that I've picked out:

*Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which help with feelings of loneliness.

*Hugging releases tension in the body and relaxes muscles. They can take away pains and soothe aches by increasing circulation into the soft tissues.

*Holding a hug for an extended time lifts one’s serotonin levels, elevating mood and creating happiness.

*Hugs boost self-esteem and connect us to our ability to self-love

I think Hugs are similar to meditation and laughter, in that they teach us to let go and be in the present moment. They encourage us to flow with the energy of life, to connect you with your heart, your feelings and breath.

So next time someone hugs me I will be making sure I hug them back twice as hard:)

Happy Friday everyone


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Views: 470 · Added: 20 days ago

Hello everyone I hope everyone is in good for me I'm still waiting on my final grades! but other than that some other things been going on in my life and thats why I havent been on here in the last three days. I feel like dancing! but not the kind you do with a paddle or belt lol...I'm ready to go out and bachata!!!!! and it looks I am going to be doing just that on the 19th with my sister from another mother Ms.Torres! I cant wait! havent went dancing for two years and I love latin dance well boricua style !!!!now all I need is a sexy dress.....!!!!! hope everyone enjoys their weekend....xoxoxoxo TyGrr

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