Her First Punishment
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I must be out of my mind.
I was having a fantasy of being spanked by my Japanese teacher in her class.
I don't know why. She is always so kind and smiling all the time. But I just wanna see what's gonna happen when she is mad. I was trying so hard to get her attention. But she is so calm even okay with me playing my phone so frequently. She must be thinking that I was using a dictionary,since I look like a good student who love study. Gosh I am smart and hard-working,I work so hard is just because I wanna her see me. Oh my,I sound like a 7-grade.
I should find a spanker to help me stop this ridiculous fantasy.

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One thing I'm sure of is next yr I will take the day before n the day after Thanksgiving off... work was slow Wed so I lost 1.5 hrs of work... today will b slow also so I risk losin hrs today as well... next yr if I use vacation days I'm guaranteed those hrs... to pass a lil time I logged into fet last night n another site I frequent to find quite a few unread messages n last night a new "friend" here as well n once again I apologize Hank for accepting ur request accidently n then unfriendin u... I hope u find what u seek here * warm smiles *

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Thanksgiving dinner was a great success in spite of the fact we had twice the number of people we planned for. We had 5 huge turkey breasts and for the first time we barbequed them. They were juicy and cooked to proper temps. All the fixings. I did real mashed potatoes, green bean casserole with frenches onions on top, pork stuffing, real pumpkin pie from my own pumpkins, an apple pie and 24 hour salad. Bob did the turkeys and a few of the guests brought deserts. We did this at my restaurant and opened the doors to anyone.
I took a flashlight so I could see the locks to get back in my house, and just about the time I unpacked my laptop the power came back on. Now all the dishes from the day before needed washed.
Only one other thing would have made it better, but she has decided to leave. Hope everyone made it safe going home. I have to help my buddy Bob plywood his garage ceiling. It's almost 2am and I need to be there at 7am so bye for now.

Brit Spank
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Mr. King wiped his mouth with his napkin and rose from the table. He was a very imposing figure. He went to the study, and Janie, looking small in her pink panda bear pajamas, soon followed.

She knocked at the study door, and entered, when directed. She closed the door behind her. Her fuzzy slippered feet carried her to his desk, where he sat, waiting. She laid the tube of ointment of his desk. He studied her face, her eyes were red already, making them seem even bluer. She trembled in her bear
p.j.'s. She was awfully cute.

He pushed out his big chair and motioned her to come to him. She
stood in front of him, shaking.  He put his arms around her, and held her for a moment. "Daddy loves you, Princess."
He kissed her head. "Let's begin,
shall we?"

He gently pulled her to his side. He pulled her pajama bottoms down to her ankles, then pulled her across his sturdy lap. "Why are you being punished?"

"Because I failed to respect your privacy and your belongings. I went into your study and took cigarettes and your lighter, that didn't belong to me, Sir."  She had learned long ago, how to answer his questions.

Are you ready for your spanking?"
"Yes, Sir"
"I expect you to take your punishment.
You may cry,  but you will NOT put your hands in the way. You will not kick or fight me. If you do, I'll hold you down and spank you harder and longer. A certain amount of reaction is to be expected, but you will obey me immediately if  I correct you. Are we clear?"
"Yes, Sir, very clear."
He took the tube, half gone now, squeezed out two  globs, one on each cheek. He spread it out, as he inspected her bottom. His hand didn't miss anything. He rubbed it into her round bum, into the crack, under the cheeks, & onto her thighs. He wiped his hands on a handkerchief and suddenly and decisively began the spanking. He didn't linger between swats. They weren't as hard as some, she'd felt. They were rapid,  full contact slaps, that stung. The heat was building. Slap, slap, slap....getting warmer. Slap, slap, slap...getting harder.
She danced on his lap, as they smacks  connected. The pain was growing and the heat was glowing. He slowed and stopped, his hand feeling for the heat, his eyes checking for color.
Again, they came, firmer and louder. She started to squirm and her hand started to reach back,  but she stopped herself & instead, grasped her arms around his leg.
She'd been crying the whole time, but the pitch and volume of her voicr rose, as his hand delivered a second course of whacks, then stopped. She sobbed, miserably.  He rubbed her hot bottom and upper legs,  satisfied with the bright red shade and the warmth, he felt beneath his hands.
Janie tried to slow her breathing. Daddy pulled her to her feet. He took her to the burgandy leather sofa and told her to bend over the rolled arm. It was a huge piece of furniture, bought for a large man. Her toes barely touched the floor.
Her pretty, bright bottom was up high and her face was far below,  on the cushions. He chose a strap from his drawer....a longish, pliable black leather one.
He rested it on her backside for a moment, then swung it back and down across her fanny.
"Owwwwwww", she cried, as it hit again. "Noooooo" as the leather bit into her. Her cries were only discernable by pitch, as each blow carved a furrow into the rosey globes. He wielded the strap with force now. He hit her as it drew it back and again as he drew it up. That way the stroke hit alternate cheeks. The worst of the damage came, as the strap first hit. It left an impression as it met her bottom, as was his intention. About two dozen strokes left her horse from crying out.
The Dragon King was ruthless in his sentence. Whatever he said he was going to do,,would be done!!
He dropped the strap and picked up the cane. He,at least much Janie, wanted iy over with, as fast as possible. He held the stick to her bottom...tap, tap, tap, then the whip of it through the air, and the whack of the hit. Janie had little voice left. A squeeky cry and gasp eeked out of her, as her body convulsed. She slid from the arm.
"Get back up there, at once!!!"
She tried, but her legs weren't holding her. He lifted her back over & held her down. He delivered nine more hard strokes, without hesitation. He left a stack of welted lines, from the center of her buttocks to a few inches below them.

He left her bent over the sofa, as he sighed. He hung the cane on its hook. 
He suffered with her, towards the end - Wishing it to be over as much as she did.
He lived his daughter more than anything. Her cries had turned to a keening wail that shook his resolve. It ripped at his heart & though He had planned on 20, He had given up after ten. She had learned her lesson and she was, after all,  a very  good girl.
He picked up the tube once more, tossed it on the sofa, and went to her.
He lifted her, gently, to her feet and led her to his lap once more. He rubbed her back and then, carefully, treated every welt and mark. He made sure that she had no open wounds. He spread the clear gel
all over her beautiful red bottom and very sore legs.
There would be no corner time tonight. She didn't need to think about it, anymore. He spoke to her low and soft, as he cared for her.
"Its all over now, Janie. You were a brave girl, and Daddy is very proud of you. He pulled up her pants and helped her up. Once again, he held her to his chest. She cried, but quieted, as he spoke sweetly and hugged her. They had both stood up to their responsibilities tonight.
He walked her upstairs and tucked her into bed. He brought a cool damp eashcloth from her bathroom and bathed her hot forehead and tear stained face. He kissed her and said,,"I love you, Princess." He shut off the lights and closed the door behind him.

He fell into his own bed, spent. It's not always easy to be King.

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The light was fading, when Janie awoke. The days grew short and darkness stretched across the sky.  A chill was in the air. Her clock said half past four. She needed to dress for dinner.  Daddy wanted her seated at the table.  She cringed at the thought of sitting on her tender bottom. She reached for the tube on her nightstand.
She'd better reapply it. She expected it to really hurt, but it was improving.
Daddy had given her a soapy spanking that afternoon.  It stung and it made her cheeks burn like crazy, but did little lasting damage.  Her bottom was healing, which also meant that the balance of her punishment would soon 
be due.
Oh the whipping, Daddy given her!! She'd never steal again. But because she'd been paddled at school, he had decided to delay the rest of her punishment. The time on her reprieve was ticking away.

She brushed her long golden curls, pulling the sides back with barrettes. She washed her face and hands. From the closet she pulled out a navy blue dress. She put on her cotton panties and tights,
fastened her little bra and stepped into her dress. Daddy liked her in blue. She reached back and tried to pull up the zipper, but Olivia would have to help her.
She put lavender oil on her wrists and behind her ears. She put the pretty silver Celtic cross necklace around her neck & checked her apprearance in the mirror.
Finally, she wriggled her feet into her kitten heels. It was almost 5:15 and she mustn't be late to supper.

Janie quietly descended the staircase, and found Olivia, who zipped up her dress. She helped to set the table, then took her place, sitting up straight on the hard wooden chair. Her bottom hurt, like pushing on a bruise, or touching a brush burn.  She waited patiently for Daddy.
At 5:25, her Father emerged from his study and sat next to Her at the head of the table. 

"Good evening, Janie.  You look very nice tonight. "
"Thank you, Daddy. Good evening, ."
Olivia served dinner...roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and peas. It tasted wonderful. Janie had eaten very little these past few day.
When dinner was nearly done, her Father
asked, "Have you completed your assignment?"
"Yes, Daddy, and I've done all the reading required before the break."
He nodded and smiled.
"I wanted to tell you, I've been thinking about what I did. Even though I I didn't intend to keep the lighter, it was wrong of me to go into your study and take it. I won't ever do anything like that again.
I'm so sorry, Daddy."
"I know you are, Janie. Yet, you made that decision. You have to take responsibility for it. There are plenty of grown ups that make excuses for doing the wrong thing, or for failing to do the right thing. I want to teach you that lesson.  It speaks to a person's character, to own up to their mistakes & face the consequences. Do you understand that, Janie?"
"Yes, I owned up to my mistake by telling you the truth, but the punishment is the consequence of my actions. So until I have suffered them, its not really done."
"That's right. This was a very serious error in judgement, not because the lighter was important, but because the principle is important. You must respect other people's privacy and their belongings."
"Yes, Sir, I understand."
"Now, I'm going to ask you, Are you ready to answer for your mistake ? Ready to have be spanked first with my hand, then to have my strap across your bottom..and finally my cane??"
"Only you know, if you are healed enough to recieve your punishment. I don't think, the warm up spanking  I gave you this afternoon, was severe. It was only meant to give you a hot backside.   I can wait
to discilpine you, but its best to take your medicine, right away."
"Daddy, I'm scared. It did hurt so!!  My bum is still sore, but it is getting better.
The last time, I was already bruised from Mr. Stern's paddle. It hurt worse then, than my bottom hurts right now. But, you said this was going to be worse, so I'm frightened.
Could you give me a different punishment?" I already knew the answer.
"Certainly not, I already told you what was going to happen and have I ever broken my word?"
"No, Sir, never."
"I'm giving you this chance to decide because you are growing up. You need to learn to do the right thing, without somone telling you, what that is.  So, what shall we do?  I could give you, just a warm up before bed, or you and I could go into my study and be done with it.
What is your decision?"
"Although I'm scared of the strap and the cane, I know I deserve them. I'll go with you to the study." My eyes began to fill with tears. This was going to be bad.
I felt a little sick.
"I'm proud of you, Angel, even now. Now go upstairs and change into your pajamas. Pull back your hair and meet me in the study in 15 minutes. I want you to bring me that tube of ointment, which I'll apply before and after. Do you understand my directions?"
"Yes, Sir, I do. May I please be excused?"
"Yes, you may."

I went to my room to get ready, as Olivia cleared the table. "Where's Janie?", She asked. "I made her favorite dessert."

"I don't think she will eating anymore, but I believe she will be getting her just desserts!" The Dragon King gave her a wink.

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Beginning to work things out and putting back up the videos and new sentences... Including a spanking to resolve our issues until we see Ms. Macie or a Disciplinarian.

Brit Spank
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Someone please cyber with me! I love the role play!!!

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Thanksgiving is here already. I don't want to cook but l am being made to. I guess that is how things are in this domestically disciplined type of life. I sure wish we could change roles today.

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Started the day with a wake up nudge from Fred ( one of our cats) then lay there giggling quietly as he pestered Dave as he tried to sleep... Dave would push him away but Fred is relentless n kept comin back makin sure Dave was awake... Dave turned to see me propped on one elbow smiling ear to ear n proceeded to first hand spank then paddle me for " bein naughty" n allowing Fred to wake him... then it was shower, get dressed, n start the day... picked up one son n his boys n they r occupied watchin tv (Jurassic park marathon) while Dave grinds the deer he had gotten n I'm makin us dinner.... house next door had a grease fire due to spilled turkey grease but all is ok... another 2 hrs til dinner but wanted to come on n see how everyone's doin.... :)

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What a day I have put down.I had to remind myself of the quotation by William Gibson,.."Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem,first make sure that you are not, in fact,surrounded by assholes".An ex boyfriend of mine use to use this quotation,LOL!!!

I got up early this morning and decided to beat the traffic by using the car. I had gone about a mile when the car died a death and this very nice middle aged guy helped me push it to the side of the road. I was stuck. I tried to call my house mate but she had her phone switched off,already in bed after her late shift at work. I have no family in this city so I called a work colleague who came to my assistance,not on a white charger as in my dreams,but in his banged up Ford Focus. I had to leave my car at the side of the road,had to get to work. About an hour after I arrived at work I had a visit from the rozzers about my car at the side of the road. I had to go ringing around to get someone to tow my car or they were going to tow it and impound it,the rotters! Fucking,excuse my language,exorbitant amount of money people were asking to tow my broke down Renault Clio,but I had to cough up. Diagnosis for my Clio is not good,more money to fix it than it is worth FLIPPIN HECK! Scrap job I think and the bus from now on until I can get some cash together and buy another 10 year old car.Although there is an upside,one of the bus drivers on the route that passes my house is a bit of a dish,one of these silent types but a sexy looking guy,wonder is he into spanking? Hope he's on tomorrow!!!


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Freak snow storm and I have been without power since 7:40 last night. Thanksgiving dinner may have to be postponed for our open door dinner for the public.

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Happy spanksgiving ! Hope y'all have a great day! Some much to be thankful for. :)

Brit Spank
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I have done it! Last Night I have given my naked Bottom a medium Caning.Nevertheless I believe he deserves much more,but unexpectedly a mood swing let me stop...I don't know why,normally I punish myself until I feel pain in my Arms.....but last Night it was different....whatever the reason I stopped to early!
Nevertheless it seems it was still enough,because I could still feel a little Pain this Morning....specially when sitting down!
Nevermind next Time will try to

do it better....

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Yellow and red leaves tumbled across the tops of your shoes as you slowly walked home from school on a cold Fall afternoon. You barely noticed the cold relentless wind as you trudged on. You felt the weight of your school bag on your back, but you were used to that and today everything felt heavy, so that bag was not of much concern. The heaviest weight was on your mind and in your feet. Mrs. Henson's phone call home to your mother was the cause of all this. It was a dare. A stupid one at that. They said a whoopee cushion would be funny. They said everyone would laugh and you would be the hero of the school. Well, hero or not you still had more trials to face and they seemed much greater than any hero you have ever heard of had faced before. The truth is that it was funny. Everyone did laugh and you laughed yourself. You even laughed hard enough to bring tears. How ironic. There was a loud "pfffftttt" when Mrs. Henson sat. So loud two classrooms down probably heard it. The entire room erupted with laughter and you had to hold your belly because you were laughing so hard. You only stopped laughing when Mrs. Henson picked up the device of her embarrassment and clearly read your name off of it from the simple black markings your mother had written on it shortly after your uncle had given it to you for your birthday. So this is what people mean when they say they felt their heart sink. You open the squeaky screen door and then the heavy wooden door in the back of your home and step from the cold into the warm kitchen. You notice the sad and disappointed look on mom's face immediately. She stares at you for a full thirty second, slightly shaking her head and says.... "Go to your room and wait for your father to get home." Who has ideas of how this will end? Please share them.

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#RiseAndShine I am thankful for the opportunity even adversity holds for Me #StrictMotivation

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Babygirl, I saw this coming days ago. You are so predictable. Everytime you have multiple days at home that are unbearable, you go into a depression that spirals out of control. You start with the "you sure u want to b with me?" or something similar. you are demanding of my time yet if u take 12 hours to reply "I was busy" is what I get. I treated you like a queen. I made no demands on u. I was there for u every single time u needed me. These past 4 days have been hell between our schedules but it is all my fault I guess. You run for family issues that are a secret, you have children over for days n visits from siblings n I say nothing. Tuesday night you got frustrated n said u were going to bed at 7:45, end of discussion. Tonight starts out with " you sure you wouldn't be better off without this pathetic bitch" n u finally pissed me off. You see nothing wrong n I get a call from my daughter in WA " well then have fun with ur phone call" I say I am back n u send a message. I lose power because we are in a blizzard. I go to see if I have power line down on my property n come back n reply to you. What do I get. " 5 whole minutes to type 5 words. What, are you on long distance to your daughter again?" I tell you goodnight. (Because it was uncalled for) and you reply you don't wanna do this anymore and u blocked me for the third time in four months. Like I said at first, you r so predictable. Your time is the only one that matters, right now I AM ugly to you because ur frustrated n " if I have to show you it is pointless" because u left things in lines I should have caught.
Have a happy holiday season with the chillins n if u decide to calm down u know how to find me. Only God knows why, but I still care about you.

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After writing xmas cards sitting in a stupid position yesterday, my chronic pain is even worse today, im walking ok but my back hurts badly. On telling Master this morning, i think he thinks it may be an excuse not to get my morning spanking. Would i ? No i wouldnt use that as an excuse as when my back hurts more than usual, it hurts bad. But master says he wants me to write in my book when im unable to get my spanking, to see how often this excuse happens.
I told him im just asking, postpone it til this evening as im always much worse in the morning, if im going to have a bad pain day.
He said it ruins his day if things are not done in the correct order!
But chronic back pain is far worse than any severe spanking so i would rather have that every day than my damaged broken back.

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She pulled and twisted, yanked and tugged, but the cuffs held fast.  Sassy was in an absolute panic!!  She could hear noises on the second floor, but wasn't  at all sure, exactly where they were coming from.  On one hand, she prayed be wouldn't find her, half naked,
in restraints. She'd jimmied the sliding  glass door open. Had he noticed???
Was he,  at this very moment searching for intruders??  Worse yet, to remain undiscovered. and trapped! Neither scenario promised a good outcome.
She would be found out. It was just a matter of time. The door was not fully closed, the way she'd found it. Eventually, he would notice.
She tried not to breathe, so she could her him approach. She thought she heard the shower turn on. Omgosh, what in the world is going to happen?
Time stood still. She held on to the paddle, now hoping it would serve as a line of defense. So limited was her range of motion, she would be quickly disarmed. She fought back that prickly feeling that preceded tears. She would not cry! She would not cry!  It was that stubborn, rebellious streak that had landed her here.

The water was no longer running. Her fear grew. A single tear escaped her defiant eye, and she angrily swept it away.  She heard footsteps. They echoed in the tall corridor. The high ceilings and plastered walls played trickery with the footfalls. She desperately wanted to track his path, but the origin eluded her
Her neck hurt from twisting, to watch the door, behind her.   She rested her head on the bench, calling forth all her strength,  for whatever was to come. Maybe he would just call her Mother. Even that would be humiliating. She could envision the look of despair on her Mom 's face. Maybe she'd put her out of the house, now that she was eighteen. She knew that she'd been, far from a perfect daughter.

Behind her, the door had silently opened.
Deep in thought, she didn't see Mr. Stern enter. She was caught unaware, when in a swift motion, he snatched the paddle and with an iron grip, locked her free hand into the restraint. He turned on the the overhead light.

"What have we here???!!  Miss Cloud, how is it, that I find you in my house, half clothed and secured to my spanking bench?  Not that I'm not delighted, but what are you doing here?", he demanded.

Sassy was, for the first time, lost for words. How could she ever explain!  She wanted revenge...To get back at him for that brutal caning! Yet, it wasn't that just that. She could have done her mischeif outside, and made her escape. What drew her to break in, to paw through his things, to try out this device, was  more complicated.

"Shall I phone the police, young lady, and have you jailed?!"

"Oh, no, please, Sir!  It was just a prank, gone too far. I was just playing with your...a, um.. equipment. I'm very sorry, Sir. I know it was wrong. Please let me up and I'll be the ideal student until end of term."

Mr. Stern, stood in his robe & briefs, with his arms crossed over his surprisingly broad chest. Hmmm, what to do.......
He certainly wasn't going to phone the police. The school board would most certainly take a dim view of his "study".
This impudent student broke into his home. He was inclined to punish her.

"I'll be happy to release you, when the authorities arrive. I'll lead the officers right up here to collect you, bare bottom and all."
Oh, please, Sir. Don't do that. Punish me, if you want, but I'll be expelled from school and kicked out of the house, if anyone finds out!"

"You are technically an adult now." He pushed the record button on his camera.
"So you're saying you broke into my home, wanting discipline. You undressed yourself, and in fact, restrained yourself, to that purpose. Is that correct, Miss Cloud?"
"Yes, Sir, that's right". This would be the lesser of the three evils, she thought.
She should have thought this through, but here she was.
"You understand that this is no minor infraction. You are completely out of control! How does your Father tolerate this outrageous behavior?!"
"He's gone. He's with his new family. My Mom works all the time. Nobody cares what I do." Her lip quivered.
"Ahhh, I see." That certainly made things less complicated.
"Well, if discipline is needed, then you shall have it, in spades. I will return shortly and we will begin.
He couldn't be on film in his robe, so he"d change quickly. He was already feeling himself getting stiff. He could hardly wait to teach Sassy a lesson. Given the evidence, perhaps he would have her report regularly, for mentoring & correction. A smile began to form on his lips, as he left the room. Sassy's round young, bum was bare and ready for his hands to explore. The thought of her, helpless on his bench was devilishly delightful!

Sassy laid vulnerable, on that wicked bench, legs spread and bound, her beautiful bottom raised up to receive each blow. The strpes from her last caning wete fading but still visable.
OMG, this is going to happen!

He was quickly back, dressed casually. She could see his muscled arms and firm abdomen. She was surprised he was so fit. His glasses were gone, his hair curly and lose. His glittering blue eyes, danced in anticipation. That black robe he wore at school, absent. He was younger than she'd thought.
He approached the front of the bench.
"Lets discuss your punishment. First, I will heat your seat, with a series of hand spankings, paddles, and straps. It will be a long session. I will finish you off with my cane. Remember this is instead of a jail sentence, so do not expect any mercy. You agree you deserve this beating, do you not?"
"Yes, Sir, I'll accept my punishment., She could feel the area between her legs growing moist. It would betray her act of indifference.
He moved down the side of the bench, his hand dragging, slowly and seductively, down her back, cheeks and legs. He took,a bottle of baby oil and sweezed it over her bottom. He emersed his hands in oil and began to spread it
all over her

His pointer finger, coated and slick, started at the top of her fanny. It glided down the fissure of her lovely ass and tailbone. He gathered more oil into the crack. His fingertip caught at her bumhole. He swirled his finger in oil and put a tiny bit of pressure there, so he barely entered her there.. She yelped. That orifice was untrained and tight..
a jewel to polish, another day. Mmmm

He grabbed and pinched her cheeks, kneeding the mounds, then slid his
oily hand between her legs. He met her own slippery lotion there. Little sounds of pleasure escaped her mouth, as he worked his way among the petals of her flower. One hand found her button, as he drew back the other. He slapped her ass and slid his thick fingers among her kissable lady lips. He smacked her hard, then wooed her back, with his well practiced touch. Slap and slide, whack and rub. Each stroke teased her to pleasure, just as he spanked her behind.

She moved all around the bench, hips gyrating and pushing against his touch. The blows grew harder, the rubbing more vigorous & focused on her stiff little button. He pushed a fingerup into her well, gathered her juices and rubbed it throughout her special places. It too was tight, but not virginal. He entered her as she squirmed within the confines of the snare. She was panting and sighing, squeeling at the whacks, but lost in the slow and rythmic push of his digit and coaxing stroke on her clit.

Sassy was completely in his power. She wanted more, though she didn't even know what this really was. Her tongue protruded, as she panted and licked her lips. Her hips moved faster and faster, grinding against his hand. Just as she was about to climax, he withdrew his hand and delivered dozens of medium hard spanks over her bottocks, thighs and inner thighs.
He had to stop or he might have cum too.
Her skin seemed alive, and she tried to rub herself against the bench, but only frustration grew as the stinging slaps jiggled her butt cheeks and made them blush with a beautiful pink glow.
He guided her between the abyss of pleasure and pain, balancing between the two, she was unable to find footing, on either side.
Mr. Stern was very pleased. Now he softly stroked her warm bottom, almost with affection. The real punishment would soon begin in earnest. This was just foreplay. Little Sassy had no real idea of what was coming. This was no Principal's office reprimand. This was art!

He allowed her a rest. He unhooked the leg restraints from the bench and fastened a short chain between them. He did the same with her wrists. He would give her a restroom break and a drink before the more serious games began.
He instructed her to call home & say she was staying overnight with a friend.
The robotic voice of a machine recorded her message. No one was home tyo question her.
She was compliant now & quiet. She badly needed the bathroom and she was grateful for the cool beverage that soothed her mouth and throat. She finished most of it.

He held a thin little stick. He instructed her to return to the study. He followed her, and began to whip at her thighs,and butt, making her jump and weave as he drove her, like chattle to the bench. After some minor adjustments, he reattached the restraints to the bench. She was tightly stretched.

Sassy decided this wasn't so bad. She could handle this. She was no longer scared, but she SHOULD be.

Brit Spank
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To all USA Spankos, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Being together with the family together, eating lots of food and drinking lots of wine. Have an awesome day. Its gonna be quieter on here without you all on today.
Big hugs :) :)

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After watching youtube, emails and communication with Ms. Marcie:

Resolving the issue with my girl and have started to reload the video videos. Though the sentences may not be they will be reload. Furthermore, A spanking after the situation that brought about a temporary vanilla life and then sentences...

Whipped Women