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It's green apparel, beer and bagels day.
Today we're Irish, one and all, it's said.
Tomorrow let's be Texans gone astray,
And celebrate the Wearin' o' the Red!

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you know I want the best for you
and I'll always wish you well
considering the promise made
that only time would tell

and if I had listened closer
I might have heard the angels say
that nothing is for certain
not forever and a day

if pigs could fly with alibis
I'd pin one to their wings
and send along a golden heart
to wear on golden strings

I'd steal a silver stallion
from a circus carousel
and carry every promise made
in an empty tortoise shell

we could have danced forever
or maybe for a day
beneath celestial night above
and ignored what angels say

but I watched you from a distance
while the stars around you fell
the promised heart held in your hand
you tossed in a wishing well

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as i sit here freezing my ass off cause its so dam cold. if i get any colder my ass will fall off and i will have nothing to spank lol ( not kidding) although cassy has been good girl today ... hey its only 645am what can i do wrong???? smiling give me time.... lol .... have been reading alot of the blogs on here iam thinking about stepping mine up some.... we will see..... hugs to all have nice day .. write more later....

English Spankers
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Friday at last!! Hallefuckinlujah!!!

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Princes have now run the gauntlet,
Been battered & bruised, on the bare.
They know their rewards, are quick, coming,
They are female, they're pure and so fair.
Young ladies, in white, sit awaiting,
Their prince, They are welcomed and thanked
Their skirts are easily lifted,
Pulled over their knees, and well spanked
The princes' hands are like lightening.
Slapping their bums, till they cry.
But nothing, like what they have suffered,
In order, to claim such a prize .
But for now, they will ogle, each other.
And judge, if the spanking was good.
Will he be her Knight, bright in armor?
Did she fight, while he spanked, as she should?
The innocents, dance in the moonlight,
Their rune stones and fortunes are told.
Fathers discuss what they'll barter,
With a handshake, their daughters are sold.
Arrangements now settled, in earnest,
The dowry prices are paid.
Maidens in white, are whipped soundly,
Then bundled and carried away.

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Went to gym... Worked out... Now I am sore.. someone needs to run my butt it hurts me from work out... God

English Spankers
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The initiation was finally done. Stern and the King brothers did their best to stay, far away from Dylan, though they caught a glimpse of him, from time to time. The hazing had gotten pretty brutal, over the years. Now, only about thirty percent of the boys that began, passed the test. The other boys, might be given another chance next year, or a limited membership, depending on when they were eliminated, but only the boys who passed out all, would be rewarded with full access to a wide range of advantages and privileges.
Some of the advantages would include financing for business ventures and mentoring, for whatever endeavor they wished to pursue. Dylan, of course, needed no outside help with that, but the contacts and free help he'd receive, would give him a big leg up, in creating a successful future.
There were lots of privileges bestowed upon the upper echelon of members. They had full use of Raven's services. She provided entertainment, both at her place of business and at the Lodge. She catered to every taste, with discretion.
Dylan would find all the practice he desired, among her stable of beauties. He could perfect his sexual prowess and explore his desire to discipline and dominate women. Not every man's tastes were the same, but until you sampled life fully, how were your to know what you wanted? He would be able to try many flavors, before deciding what his favorites were.
Evan was tired. It had taken a huge amount of energy, to pull off this year's hazing. He felt he'd done an outstanding job, separating the men from the boys. He was glad that Dylan had done so well. Had he failed, it would have reflected badly on him, but if too many boys made it through, the members would also be displeased. It was a fine line to dance, and he was glad it was behind him. The boys would need a little time to recover, so Stern wanted to pick up Erin and take her home, to his house. David was back in town for the week, and Janie would be arriving from the Lakehouse, to attend the picnic.
He'd heard all about the trouble at the guesthouse. That Janie, was full of mischief. He had to snicker at her fearlessness. She did outrageous things sometimes, no matter the consequences. He liked a little spirit. He might not want to marry someone, so rebellious, but he'd love to punish and train her, into some degree of submission. He had to think, if David hadn't achieved her compliance, then Evan had his work cut out for him. It would certainly be fun to try.

He pulled up to Raven's estate. He stepped into the foyer and found Erin, ready and waiting, with her little overnight bag. He had missed her. He hadn't specified her attire, just suggested she be comfortable. He was so tired. He wanted a low key time, with her, at home. Even in jeans, boots and a baby blue sweater, she was beautiful. He opened his arms, and she ran to him. He kissed her sweetly, hugged her and then swung her around.
"Let's go home, Baby." He said. He couldn't wait to have her, all to himself.
"Yes, SIR!", she said, winking. She'd missed him, terribly. Her bottom needed warming and well.... other parts of her, were desperate for his attention. He looked so exhausted. She'd put her needs aside, and pamper him, tonight.
The happy pair, hurried to the car, as the late night air grew cold. A storm was coming. It was really just hours away from morning, but when Greg called and asked, if she wanted to come, she jumped out of bed.

They hurried into the house, as the rain started pelting down. Lightning cracked across the sky and the boom of thunder, rumbled beneath their feet. They managed to get inside, just after the sky opened up and the rain swept across the pavement, pushed by the wind. The weather tried to push into the house, behind them, but they quickly closed the door, shivering off the chill and shaking the rain from their hair.
They should have had coats on, but the day had been warm. It was, unseasonably, cold and damp outside.
Stern threw a match into the fireplace. He'd laid the wood and kindling, earlier in the week, with the hopes of sharing it with her, and left a belt hanging over the chair and baby oil on the hearth.
He wasted no time, in getting her out of her wet clothes. He had her wrapped in a blanket and on the sofa. His own clothes were discarded over the chair. He kissed her, and ran up to get them a couple robes to wear, as well as a few toys. He wasn't in the mood for the belt, just yet. He'd gotten his second wind, tasting her lips. It was like, he was starving for her. He wanted her. He wanted to brighten her beautiful, ivory fanny to the color of the flames. He wanted to plunge into her, reaching way up inside, grabbing onto her and holding on tight. He'd never desired a woman, the way he did this Irish girl. He was bewitched.
He put on a a black silky robe and boxers. He picked up his terry cloth robe, to wrap her in. It would be so big, on her tiny frame. He stopped into his study. He was so undecided!! What to pick? He decided he'd take her up here, later and give her a "Stern Season", but for now, he chose a nifty leather paddle, he'd just gotten. It looked like a regular oval, long handled, paddle. Inside, it had several pieces of metal cut into pieces to form a circle. They were spread out and each was stitched in between, the two leather sides. A gap was stitched between each one. It gave it a little extra flexibility. With the proper wrist action, it gave a vicious little finish, like the tail of a whip. He was itching to try it. He also chose a bamboo cane. He filled a tall vase with water, and submerged the straight end of the cane. He carried everything downstairs. He left the vase on the entryway table. Evan put the paddle inside the terry cloth robe.
Erin was toasty warm now. She'd curled up in front of the fire, on the furry rug. The soft cover, just over her shoulders, her skin was radiant in the firelight. He joined her on the floor. He could not keep his hands off of her.
"Have you been a good girl?", he asked, with his boyish grin.
"Of course I have, but I've had some very naughty thoughts."
"Should I spank your little bottom, Missy?", He was kissing her neck, as they stretched out, in from of flames.
"Oh, YES, Sir! That's exactly what I was hoping for. I was afraid you'd be too tired!"
"I'll never be too tired to punish you, Erin.
Never!" He stroked her smooth white skin, rolling her onto her tummy. The area rug was soft and fluffy. He grabbed a pillow from the sofa, and coaxed it under her hips. He braided her long red hair, and tied it with an elastic, from his pocket. He reached for the baby oil, he'd left by the fire. It was just warm enough.
He squirted a generous amount onto her bottom. He rubbed it into her cheeks and thighs, lingering in the crack and sliding his hand between her lean legs. She moaned in reply.
Evan began with light little slaps, just jiggling her cheeks and tapping his big palm, on the backs of her legs. He was just marking his target area. He had to be careful, to keep any marks up high. She'd be wearing a dress, at the picnic. He envisioned Janie, Sandra and Erin wearing their white dresses, covering their very sore, red bottoms. He wondered how many princesses would be hiding the same secret, beneath their skirts. He knew he'd get a chance to see for himself! It was one of the privileges of the higher order, which the older ranked members enjoyed. The girls didn't know, but most of their Daddies did.
It was desirable, to show some color on the princesses' bottoms, although not everyone agreed. There would be some girls with unmarked fannies. It would be the his pleasure to spank them, should he be given the chance. That would be for the Kings to decide. He was certain, James would find a fair bottom for Dylan to spank. He'd want his first to be a proper girl. Nothing too rough, just a sweet over the knee spanking. It would be a grand time. The older men would be looking at prospective brides for their sons.
Everyone knew that Erin was promised. He'd give her a ring at the picnic. Stern had already bought it. He would be proud to show off her well punished bottom, to the elders. He'd make sure, they knew, he was fully capable of keeping her in hand.
He'd played around enough. Her bottom was barely pink. His heavy hand began to slap her bottom with a little force. He hit her right cheek, hard enough to leave his handprint. He followed up with the left. She made the most adorable little squeek! It made him happy, watching the skin turn from the white of the impact, to pink and to red. He started at the top of her left globe and SMACKED it hard, then down a little... SMACK, and then up from below her ass cheek, really hard...SMACK!!!
"OH, THAT HURTS!", cried Erin.
"It's going to hurt, terribly, my darling, before I'm through!"
Stern SMACKED her thigh. She jumped below his touch. He then started on the right side. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!!! Erin's fair skinned buttocks was quickly turning red and the baby oil made it sting so.
She yelped at the hard swats, especially on his thighs, and up under her bottom. He did another round on each side, spanking her sit spots with a good resounding slap. That one even sung his calloused palm! Sweet little sounds emerged, from her pretty lips, as he colored her fanny crimson.
HE could hear her sobbing, as he reached for the paddle. She would not see it coming. He couldn't wait to see it's impact. He slid it, soundlessly, from its hiding spot, all the time, WHACKING her bottom.

He didn't let it touch her, not even a tap. He raised his hand high, holding on tight to the long handle of the devilish paddle. He could not wait, to let her feel the wrath of his secret surprise. He brought it down hard and fast, snapping his wrist, at the very end!!

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For some while we have thought about getting a better paddle and had been admiring the "Lucy Jones" on the English Cane Company's web site (

We saved our pennies and put in an order. We were especially keen to get the item for this weekend as we are going away and wanted something a bit more portable than a cane. Lady Pandora pulled out all the stops and it arrived today despite being ordered a bit late.

You know what often happens when you order things from the net. At best they are what you were expecting but frequently they are slightly disappointing. They look like the picture but the quality isn't there.

We should have feared not. All of our canes from ECC are brilliant but the new paddle takes quality to a new level. This is not some mass produced toy from Ann Summers. It is hand crafted from thick, supple leather. The attention to detail is superb with recessed stitching a leather hanging loop and The English Cane Company's name neatly embossed on the business end. The colour is reminiscent of a conker fresh from its shell and then there is the lovely odour of the leather rather like an old fashioned shoe shop.

This paddle appeals to so many of the senses. Once it has been used to deliver a few tingly swats to someone's buttocks the only sense not to be assaulted will be that of taste. I guess Zadok will just have to show his appreciation to Ms. E with his tongue.

I wonder how long it will be before the paddle makes an appearance in one of our videos? :)

Ms.E & Zadok

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so was suppose to meet up with a mentor this week but it didn't happen.. iam kinda bummed out but it couldn't be helped.. so now iam full of energy.. took some pictures... today now blogging ... going to the gym later.. that might help.. would ove to be spanked dam but oh well... thats not happing either ....hmmmm bad cassy may come out today ..... evil smile.... we will have to see.... adjust halo....what yes i have one ...... dammmm

English Spankers
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The March winds doth blow and may catch the hem of a girl's skirt lifting it to reveal her cheeks red, through her sheer white panties, from her recent spanking.

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A girl who fantasized about a man spanking her.
She needed and craved spankings.
Dated dominant men only.
Afraid to ask any of them.
Married 12 years later and a mom.
Read 50 Shades of Grey.
Found the courage to ask to be spanked.
Her husband said didn't turn him on.
She felt devastated...humiliated...crushed.
So she started reading spanking romance ebooks.
Just like the ones her friend otkromance writes.
(Her books are so great!!)
Hubby knew what she read and was mad.
He felt she spent to much money on them.
So he took away her Kindle and her money.
Just like when she went over budget once...
He took away her checks and C.C. then too!
Sometimes he would take her phone away...
Mostly when she didn't do what he asked.
A dominant man who took control...
Just wouldn't spank her.
She found and joined a spanking site.
So excited to talk to others like her.
Hubby knew she did...
He still didn't understand.
After 3 months on there...
She started to spank herself.
Hubby also knew she did that.
Becoming brave she posted pics...
Her self spankings put on 2nd acct.
Finally she posted on only her site...
After so many people were so nice.
She even let some of her spanker friends...
Tell her how to do it and when...
It was the closest to discipline...
She would ever have.
Thinking about going to a man to spank her...
She changed her mind...
She could never let another man do that.
6 months after joining this site...
Her hubby decided to check her page.
He saw the pics she posted...
He was so mad...
Made her close her account.
She had another he didn't know about.
So using that she stayed on this site.
Her hubby found it but let her keep it.
For now on he was going to check it.
He said he finally understood...
Why she needed this so much.
He spanked her for the first time.
He agreed to try DD.
She thought she was dreaming...
How could he change so quickly?
She was afraid he would change his mind.
After 16 years being married...
Over 4 yrs after asking him to spank her.
DD in their marriage wasn't that different.
He had always punished her by taking things away.
He would even tell her she couldn't do certain things.
The only difference was that now he spanked her.
She was spanked a lot in the first month!
Some spankings hurt so much...
He really was a natural.
She started writing poems about some of them.
This was all so new to both of them...
Spanking herself was so different.
Some of the spankings he gave her were short.
The really short ones never felt like punishment.
Those short spankings left her feeling disappointed.
He was trying at least and that was what mattered.
The worst spanking he gave her so far...
Scared her so much...
She never wrote a public poem about it.
She wrote privately about her fears...
Her doubts about DD in their marriage.
He had used the wand from their blinds.
He only gave her 60 but it hurt so much.
She was bruised so bad...
She hurt for over a week...
The pain was unbelievable...
Especially where she moved to get away.
She always took her spankings so well...
At least until that horrible wand was used.
He promised never to use it again.
It was too late...her feelings changed.
She knew others were spanked much harder.
She realized she couldn't handle that pain.
She must be too sensitive...
Even though she loved the pain...
She always got wet...
Even after that awful spanking!
Things finally started to get better...
Having DD in their marriage...
In under 3 months only...
They were both still learning... was new to both of them.
This site was the only place...
She could share all of this with.
She did when she joined...
When she had never been spanked by a man.
She did when she started spanking herself.
She did when her husband finally spanked her.
So she did when he agreed to try DD.
She was so confused but disbelief.
She couldn't wait to tell her friends...
After 6 months of complaining...
Of being sad...
Married to a non spanko was so hard.
Her friends were so happy for her.
A few actually thought she made it up.
So she wrote a blog asking about others.
She wanted to know how many had this...
Non spankos suddenly spanking...
A person's spouse or significant other changing.
Surprisingly she found many...
Lots of couples went through the same thing.
Just recently she read a blog...
Similar to her Sweet Dreams Fulfilled one.
She thought how wonderful for them.
She never once thought they were lying.
Spanking Tube where people join to talk...
To know others in this lifestyle...
Never expecting to be judged.
Thankfully most members are so kind...
So a big happy family...
Well a family for spankos...he, he, he...

189 views · 11 days ago

One that still does the trick, has the sting but because I live in an apartment and my girlfriend does too, it's hard to spank as much as we want to and it's HELL!! Do you have any recommendations for a quieter spanking implement that won't bother neighbors or make them think we're beating each other up? Anything will help. Thanks!

English Spankers
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Guess I should look at what the suscriber icons do.

101 views · 11 days ago

I just found out I have a wall. There were messages on it I never knew about. So I guess I can leave a message on other peoples wall. I'll have to figure out how to do that. And how to reply to someone who has sent a message to my wall. Silly me I was trying to use the email and wait for a response then reply. Plus I'd forget what we had been talking about unless I sent a copy to myself or my outbox which was getting too big. Sigh

266 views · 11 days ago

Any lady wanna roleplay with me? Shoot me a message ;)

English Spankers
276 views · 11 days ago

Any ladies wanna share stories with me?

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take the rock
right to the hole
forget about
your AP poll
in the schools
and in the air
there's talk of madness

who's that team
from Timbuktu?
Christian Laettner
is old news

slap my face
and shut my mouth
my bracket now
is headed south
in overtime
it's raining 3's
they're killing me
in third degrees

worthy of
one hundred views
Christian Laettner
is old news

from play in games
to sweet sixteen
the eight elite
are living dreams
both day and night
there's games galore
until we get to
final four

some will win and
some will lose
Christian Laettner
is old news

Christian Laettner
had his day
in the NC
double A
still the shot
they play and play
while gushing with
the accolades

give the credit
and pay the dues
Christian Laettner
is old news

with Adolph Rupp
long in his grave
Kentucky fans
still rue the day
with no time left
right on the clock
through the net
they watched it drop

now take a walk
in Jordan's shoes
Christian Laettner
is old news

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Ever read that popular meme that states "I may be a gentleman but that doesn't mean that I won't spank you"? Of course you have! Well, I'd like to flip that around on ya here with stating that I may be a spanko but that don't mean I'm not a gentleman. What I'm getting at is despite the fact that we are all on an adult site here, I still feel it proper to treat a girl with a little finesse, even with basic messaging.

So what does all this have to do with being a gentleman and how does that tie in with the site's default settings, you might ask. I bring this topic up for discussion because some time ago our hard working and thoughtful administration changed a feature on our messaging system by setting new member's inboxes to reject messages from those who are not on their friend list yet. Afterall, isn't messaging how we usually determine whether or not we wish to add someone to our little groups?

While I feel this was a necessary feature, I feel setting it as a default makes getting to know one another more difficult. New members are not familiar enough with the site or it's settings to know about this feature or how to change it. Sometimes, and especially with our new female members, they are often nervous just creating a profile in the first place not to mention diving into their personal settings.

How many times have we seen a member write that they want to know more about someone before they just add them? I've seen it written in profiles, on walls and even blogs. It may seem silly to some as to why others are apprehensive to accept just anyone, but silly as it may seem, they have their reasons.

So if you've gotten this far and you agree, please leave a comment. If you disagree, tell us why. If this blog gets any significant feedback I will write Marcus in site administration and ask him to kindly consider changing that setting for us all. I look forward to hearing some more opinions on the topic. Thanks for taking the time to read this, but especially to those who take time to comment.

English Spankers
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ok iam trying harder to be more submissive...and obedient anyone have any ideas? i listen i do what iam told ..... i try to be not as bratty... i do have some flaws..... doesn't everyone.. iam not perfict in any way.. but iam willing to try.... what do you all thing that know me and for y ou that dont what do you think may help me....... waiting on a response ....

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Message from the Wife.
After successfully introducing my sister to join in with spanking peter, I would be interested in bringing other people to witness and participate in our discipline evenings. My sister is no longer living locally which is sad but hopefully there is a woman close by who would like to join us.
No previous experience is necessary as this is Domestic Discipline, just a desire to make a naughty boy behave is required. Our videos are a guide only and can be more or less severe depending on your interest. peter will be only too willing to accept what ever is decided.
This will not be put on video unless you specifically request it.

Spanking Online