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I'm sitting here looking at some beautiful daffodils my lovely friend brought me, and they're bringing me such happiness. They're such joyful little flowers. And they look like lion heads! Rawrrrr.

I'm feeling super happy! I have the best news! I got to see my friends this weekend! Delight:)We had a party Saturday and absolutely everyone came down! And it wasn't even my birthday! But it felt like it was. I woke up at 6am with that wonderful excited feeling flowing through me that i get most mornings. I love waking up. But this day it was extra specially wonderfully exciting! Then I got to be excited again almost straight away. For my tuck in. When Alex gets up before me he always wraps me up like a bug in a rug hehehehehe. He's the best tucker inner there ever was! Mmmmmm i love being cosy. It was a very special weekend and I had the best dress ever! and i felt like a fairy in it:)

I know they arn't the best of pictures,that I'm looking down. But my hands were super shaky that day so taking a selfie was particuarly difficult! You can still see my lovely dress though:)

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The enema is now considered by many people essentially a medical practice, home or outpatient, with obvious physiological purposes. Certainly the enema is also this, and if not abused is quite healthy habit: just think of the colon detoxification proposal nowadays by renowned (and expensive) centers hydrocolontherapy.
The enema is given rectally: it must therefore be first to touch areas that rightly are considered erogenous, both for women and for men, that is, anus, perineum and final part of the rectum. In boys, what's more, there is also on-site the prostate gland, gently massaged by warm liquid of an enema, it can produce sexual stimulation of a certain importance. It 'definitely for this reason, that is due to an involuntary / voluntary manipulation of erogenous zones, that the practice of the enema has taken - especially in past centuries - a value of play erotic and sensual. This is testified by the many artistic representations of the practice of joyful syringe (as it was in fact called Fairy), which are found in paintings, prints and even pottery, dating back to the beginning of the last century. To say nothing of the literature galeotta certain licentious tales, enjoyable even today, in which the jolly syringe was almost always present.

Going even further back in time, we come to the 17th century is rightly considered the "century of enemas" for the huge and undifferentiated spread that "remedy" in those years: for the nobles and commoners siringona enema became a 'daily habit. In Parisian society, he took pleasure in receiving even three enemas a day: there were provided often Apothecaries, that specialized pharmacists who adopted even syringe enema which teaches them. And 'the world of Moliere, whose works were often seen in pewter vases and siringone of all kinds! According to the common belief, which then became a fashion, the internal cleaning or "washing of" more than anything else could preserve health. Among women of the aristocracy the enema was then desired especially as an irreplaceable means of obtaining a purer and whiter complexion. The practice became so widespread that there was no house or building without the tool of the enema, and were well written songs and poems celebrating the procedure.
The Divine Marquis De Sade witnessed and popularizer of the practice of the enema. Examples are the beautiful Juliette that energizes with lavenders intestinal practiced in the "Society of Friends of the crime" and that during his trip to Italy gladly pays a visit to the King of Sardinia in order to receive some enemas that the Sovereign would amused to administer a fee of two thousand sequins.
But why, then as now, the receive or practicing an enema can originate highly erotic impulses, regardless of the fact that, as mentioned, you are still manipulating the erogenous zones? The answer may not be unique, because the mental-psychological implications can be very different from person to person. Indeed, the world is in color, and so the cultural background and feelings can vary, and in fact varies between woman and woman, man and man and between man and woman. There are those who misjudged the practice of the enema because too busy, or too tied to elements s ** abnormal findings. There are those who will find the epitome of excitement in a game multiforme, sometimes ambiguous, to want / do not want to receiver and punishment / love for those who practice it. In the middle, between the two extremes, the varied list of myriad interpretations of joyful practice of enema, enema or if you prefer.
And since this site talking about BDSM, here's another interesting question: the enema is a practice SM?
In my opinion it is not necessarily, but it may well be. Not born, the enema, as sadomasochistic practice, unlike for example the spanking (which is often compared), which by definition is a punishment. The enema is a healthcare practice, it can be a distraction and even erotic sweet and romantic "can become" a punishment. If those who receive it considers an act of humiliation and subjugation, the enema is a punishment. If one who is practicing sees it as a form of domination and possession, the enema is a punishment. There are of course also other evaluation parameters to say that an enema is punitive (its volume, the liquid used, its temperature, the diameter of the cannula, the possible presence of extraneous ...), but remains fundamental psychological approach to 'act of practice - in this case inflict - and receive - in this case suffer - an enema.
Within the SM both actors, that is who dominates is he / she who suffers, "feel" strong quotient of humiliation undoubtedly inherent in the practice. Even before an unavoidable "annoyance" and then some physical pain, are the shame and the sense of submission the distinctive features of a punishment given by the administration of an enema.
Then there can be many variations during the different phases of the operation: the promise / threat of a major preventive scouring through a good enema, the presence of third parties who observe and judge the punishment, in the presence of mirrors, the combination with spanking and verbal humiliation, the retention time of the liquid, the fact that the inevitable final evacuation may not even be a private ...
So the enema SM is probably as far away can es **** king by a cruel practice and / or extreme. It is not the physical pain that matters (in this practice definitely bearable), but EVERYTHING else, namely:
- The preparatory stage, all set to the psychological game whether it's an enema erotic (search for a right position, touch, lubricate and widen the little hole ...), whether it is a punitive procedure (emphasis on what will happen, tying of / the patient, verbal insistence rough appearance of the practice in order to increase the humiliation etc. etc.).
-the administration phase, which begins with the introduction of the cannula which may also be a good size and continues with what may well be defined as a long, and inexorable, sodomization liquid;
- The final phase evacuatory that, as mentioned, can take place in private or in public, but remember you are not talking here of a practice to s ** shit if you prefer. The play with the feces has nothing to do with the enema syringe or joyful. The evacuation purposes only possibly public humiliation and shame for the passive part. They say that this third phase is "possible" not because those who suffer are taken in the belly water but because the evacuation often does not fall in the performance of the game.

As for sex combined with gleeful syringe, well, everyone can do as they wish: in erotic enema "when", but not necessarily. You can do "after", you can do "before" anticipating what will happen. In enema can impose punitive masturbation to those who suffer, or, on the contrary, masturbation (male or female) can remain absolute privilege for those who observe the punishment enema or who practice it.

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Also Rock....raus damit womit hatte ich den Hintern voll den verdient ?

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I thought I had got away with it, but Emma had found some of my credit card statements and ‘bubbled me’.
It had been impossible to explain the purchases and I ended up in some mad ‘Basil Fawlty’ lying episode.
Suffice to say that Emma saw right through my deciept and found out that I had lied on a number of occasions and that I had been continuing to buy and wear ‘girly panties’
I was immediately sent to my tutroress ‘ Miss Lina’ for some behavioural correction.
Miss Lina showed no mercy (siding with Emma) and proceeded to administer a very sound and robust punishment despite my pleas for mercy.
Having been caned over my jeans, these were then lowered to reveal some girly panties, and Miss Lina took great pleasure in beating me in, with a very sturdy cane.
Not satisfied with that, my panties were taken down for a further caning on ‘the bare’.
Miss Lina then proceeded to spank the welts into my bottom and then finished off with a severe trashing with a twin tailed tawse that Emma had sent down with me.
I must admit that this was the first time I actually had tears in my eyes, the beating was long and thorough and on my way back home to Emma my bottom was burning.
Will this cure me, very unlikely and I feel that Emma will only be looking to ‘up the ante’ the next time I am caught out.
In the meantime I have bought some lovely new lingerie which I will continue wearing until such time as the punishments prove to be so severe, that I dare not carry on.
This is likely to be some time yet.
Check out my new photos and videos to see just how ‘Miss Lina’ punished me for this last deviation.
Believe me, Emma was not convinced and I feel the next visit to ‘Lina’ is imminent – here’s hoping so.

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As those of you that read my blog know I am a disciplinarian from Michigan. recently I have been in contact with a naughty young lady who needs to be put over my knee regularly. Two days ago they came over and brought with them a camera to record our session, they edited it at there house and will bring it over later this week. I should be able to upload it soon after that.

Sincerely M

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A submissive female & I have been discussing a spanking meeting. We’ve been messaging for several weeks now and the conversations are quite intriguing. We are both very open and honest with each other, yet sharing the real emotional feelings, likes, dislikes, preferences and such, is eye-opening. Like so many, I’ve kept my spanking desires a well guarded secret & have never really been able to openly discuss all of my emotions of the whole spanking process with anyone, until now. As any friendship blossoms over time, challenges always occur. Along this friendship building process, it is so interesting that 2 bottoms, male and female, are considering going out of their own comfort zones to provide the spanking the other partner craves. The willingness for 2 like-minded people to possibly explore something so endearing is rare, I’m happy, eager, nervous and anxious, all wrapped into one. I keep thinking how bizarre it will be for one partner, with a sore bottom, to take a break and then be the spanker, the thoughts in my head are bouncing off walls….Yikes, do I want to go first or second….I‘ll get back to you on that…If any ST members have explored this type of partnership, I’d really appreciate your comments and thoughts. Both partners have some concern on there own ability to provide there partner with what they crave, only natural I believe...hmmmm...there must be a training manual somewhere....I’m hopeful over time, as this friendship continues, that this meeting does happen. Although we are not quite there yet, I wish this gives hope to others who get flustered at the difficulty in finding a spanking partner. I hope everyone has a great weekend...Jeffrey

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I thought that I was always going to spend time with experienced spankers. But that is not the case. I met a young lady who had never been spanked and was fascinated to know more..after hours of discussion she asked if I would teach her what it 'was all about'...One of the great experiences for me was over some weeks to introduce this lady to the joys of the spanking lifestyle...fascinating and liberating..

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A godly rite of Jason's Greece
Was flogging till you came.
Your belt is like the Golden Fleece,
My ass the holy flame.

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Howdy Folks,

I know I have not posted much on here but many things have consumed my life for the past ten months and that sort of pushed my priority level for ST down the ladder quite a bit. Sorry about the triple post. The first duplicated somehow and when I went to delete the first one both disappeared when you click on it.

Soon I will post the story of the pool girl in my photo album. Been too stressed out in recent months to have any creative inclinations.

The other night I did hear something funny that I thought would be worth sharing.

Was watching the Phoenix 10:00 o' clock news and there was a small blurb about the upcoming 50 Shades movie. Keeping in mind that the news anchors on this channel snicker about the crappy winter weather everywhere else while we bask in the sun, say mean things about celebrities they don't like and make fun of each others drinking and prescription drug habits, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

The male news anchor asked the female if she was going to see the 50 Shades movie. Her response was gold.

"No! I live that life I don't need to see some stupid movie about it."

I laughed so hard it hurt for the rest of the evening. Every time I see her on TV now I imagine her tied down getting her bare butt flogged. Which is cool.

Personally, I have not and do not care to read the book. Normally if I am going to read a book I don't bother with fiction. Especially when it is a subject that has been a part of my life for over 20 years. I have also seen many literary critics dismiss that book as just awfully written. One went so far as to say he was ashamed to even be discussing it.

I have heard of the book for some time but didn't know much about it. Friend of mine said it takes place in Seattle. Guess the main male character lives in some super exclusive high rise building downtown Seattle.

One person I knew who worked in real estate development there was involved in a high end condo building and many residents complained about having to see prostitutes having sex next to dumpsters in the alley from their units. Great view when you consider the minimum price for a condo was over a million dollars. They also complained about the noise from surrounding seedy strip bars and the trashy elements wandering around looking for crack and heroin.

Additionally, Seattle used to have high tech toilets at the piers downtown but had to remove them for the same reasons listed above. IE, people shooting heroin and swapping STDs with hookers.

When I read this Mr. Grey who is supposed to be so manly, handsome and mysterious was from Seattle I pissed my pants laughing. The only guys I was friends with there were all from elsewhere, NYC, Chicago, St. Petersburg, Russia, LA. Most are so passive-aggressive they don't even have the backbone to say what's on their mind let alone tell a lady she is in for a serious dose of spanking. I am expected to believe some dominate manly type is from there? Sure, and Stalin was a humanitarian.

The fact so many so-called straight men there are sissies did help me out. When I encountered a woman who was into spanking they usually jumped at the chance when they met a even remotely masculine guy. Almost got to the point where it was so non-challenging it as boring. Even a Russian friend of mine confirmed this when he was constantly approached by married women at the gym. One of which told him any strong or handsome man in Seattle is either "Gay, taken or from some other city". Which to me is exceptionally hilarious as so-called Seattle natives exercise what the call the "Seattle freeze" meaning they never really accept people from outside the area.

Being serious here too, Seattle is the only place where I have seen a group of guys sitting around complaining about they DON'T get any sex. You can't even make up a story sounding like you did? Just pathetic!

Not trying to rain on anyone's parade if they did enjoy 50 Shades. Just reality is a hard thing for me to duck.

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I wrote this poem from my own heart. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Copy-write 2015

To say I need a spanking, is not saying I want to be abused.
It is saying I need some help, in areas of my life that I choose.
To say I need discipline, is not stemming from past childhood regrets.
It is saying I need to be accountable for my actions and accept what I get.
To say I need the pain, is not a fetish by any sorts.
It is saying even though I am an adult, I need pain to successfully make my life work.
To say I need to be bare, is not talking about my ass.
It is talking about the emotions that I’ll bare as it is slapped.
To come out of my comfort zone, and accept that I have messed up.
It not saying that I am being childish, it is saying I’ve matured enough.
Enough to know that I’m wrong, and admit it to myself.
Enough to know that only I can judge myself, and definitely not anyone else.

Written by: T. Angel Chick 2/5/2015

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Well I broke up with my boyfriend alost 2 weeks ago. We were only date g for three months. But now I have to struggle again with life without spankings. And I desperately need discipline. Especially for my procrastination. Ugh so frustrating.

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Oh the cravings right now are so bad, it's just so not funny. Spanking is just not even a "want" in my life anymore. It is a "need" right up there with breathing. Got used to getting it quite often for a while, and now, for whatever reason, it's been a while. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals. The worst part is...I quit smoking (no that's not the bad part lol). It's been 16 days. I haven't had ONE spanking in that whole time! I don't need a punishment spanking, but I definitely need a stress reliever! UGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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Visible pantie lines are so sexy I would like to see more ladies post photos of you in VPL's they're so sexy.

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My husband /master has ordered me to humiliate myself by letting our fellow Spanking Tube fans that as he always does when he goes away on business, will be turning me over to on line and a few actual face to face master and mistress' for their spanking, and anal insertion pleasures. I have not been spanked in over two months, and have had no anal play what so ever. He wants the spankings to be extra painful and my anus nice and tight. He will be away for a month, and I must obey all on line masters and mistress' during that time. Anything they order me to spank myself with or insert into my anus I must follow their instructions exactly, no matter how severe. One master I actually met here last time my hubby/master went away says he will be having me pick up ginger root, and fashion a very large butt plug out of it. I will be a very sore stretched out bottomed girl while my master is away, and am very worried.

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i feel like i should tell everyone this now so it won't be a shock to you later. i had several meltdowns today. my mom has convinced me that my dad is showing the early stages of alzheimer's disease. i am so depressed and scared about this. i tried to hide in my room for most of the day but the staff wouldn't allow it. they are convinced that i need an even higher level of care than they can provide and are going to have another meeting tomorrow with me and the psychiatrist to discuss this. i don't know if i will be whisked away somewhere tomorrow so i am telling you now that i may be gone for a while. i don't know how long but if i am i will write more when i get back. i am so sorry for all the stress and worry that i put everyone through. in case i don't see your notes on here, take care and i will write more when i return. --sylvia

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Well it had to come at some point. For way too long I had gotten away with bad behavior and not getting punished for it, but tonight my wife made sure that things will be different from now on.

She told me earlier today that she was going to warm my bottom tonight, but I thought nothing of it, as she had not spanked me since chritsmas eve last year.

Well I was dead wrong this time. After eating dinner she took out a dining table chair, placed it in front of the dining table and told me to go stand in the corner.
Feeling embarassed I walked to the corner and placed my nose against the wall and stood there as my wife scolded and lectured me about my naughty behavior for the last month.

My wife gave me a couple of hand spanks and told me to be ashamed of myself, before going into yhe bedroom to change her clothes.

When my wife after 10 minutes told me to come to her, I turned around and faced her sitting on the chair.

She was now wearing her black leather pants and high healed ankle boots as she now calls her spanking outfit.
I felt an instant erection growing in my pants and before I stood before my wife I was hard and very excited.
My wife scolded me and looked like a very determined and strict woman.
I felt like a little boy by the time she finished scolding me and I was blushing deep red with embarrasment.

My wife had the wooden bathbrush, the short cane and her wooden clothes brush laying beside her on the dining table and I knew I was going to be spanked good and hard tonight.

My wife took my hand restraints and locked them to my wrists in front of me and then unbuttoned my pants.
She pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles and left me standing naked from the waist down, with my hard erection pointing her straight in the face.

My wife scolded me about my erertion and promised me that she would make it go away very quickly.
She then picked up the wooden clothes brush and ajusted her position on the chair and told me to stand on her right side.
I obeyed my wife and waited for her to take me over her knees.

You have been a very naughty young man for way too long and I have been way to lenient with you my wife scolded.
That changes tonight and you are going to be very very sorry by the time I get through with you my wife said in a very firm voice.

Over my knees young man.

She was calm and had a determined look to her face that scared me, but I had to do as she told.
So I layed myself over her leather clad knees and felt her lock my hand retstraints around the leg of the chair as she always does.
My wife put her left hand on my hip and held me firmly in place over her knees and put the clothes brush on my bare bottom.

Then she started spanking me hard and fast with the clothes brush and it felt like nothing I had ever felt before.
I lost control almost from the start and before she finished spanking me with the brush I was allready crying and begging for her to stop.

My scolded me and took the short cane instead of the clothes brush and gave me a blistering spanking that left me sobbing and kicking my feet in agony and pain.
I could do nothing about the spanking my wife was giving me and I knew it all to well.
All I could do was cry and sob as she punished me good and hard for my naughty behavior. And I did just that, feeling the salty tears running down my cheeks.

After what seemed like forever my wife changed the cane for the bathbrush and began a series of very hard spanks that left me screaming and bawling my eyes out.
She spanked very fast and alterned from cheek to cheek to get the result she wanted.
A bawling and broken young man promising to behave and do whatever she said.

Then she finally stopped spanking me and unlocked my hand restraints. I was then told to stand in front of her and apologize for my naughty behavior and did so through my tears.

I was then sent to the corner and told to keep my hands at my side and not to rub my burning bottom, unless I wanted to go back over her knees.
After 45 minutes I was allowed to come out of the corner and pull up my underwear and pants.
That hurt like the devil and I have never felt a spanking from my wife like the one I just had tonight.

I knew I had it comming and deserved every spank she gave me, even though it ment getting a vey sore and bruised bottom as the result.

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Views: 235 · Added: 25 days ago

Today i had my first selfspanking

watch the Video in MY VIDEOS

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Views: 233 · Added: 25 days ago

Hi Everybody...Its me SRC

Not been on-line much recently.Having really serious computer problems.So bad the experts will have to sort it....I know thats more bloody expence.

Now I have found an old H&P Windows Vista ' sticky key ' ( excuse for spelling mistakes )laptop That my grandkids discarded years ago.

It took 3 hours to update it,but here I am online,and it feels amazing.
Sorry for all the messages I not replied to,and the blogs I should have commented on.

Please bare ( take your clothes off ) with me friends,and give me time to catch up with all of you.For you know I will do my best.

Thanks for your Patience

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last week I posted on fetlife that I was a disciplinarian and I was looking for anyone that needed my help, the next day I got a email from someone that lives pretty close to me and was very interested in meeting me. After a few messages back on forth we made plans to meet. I began by pulling her black panties to her knees and laid her over my lap and spanked her with my hand for about 30 minutes during that time she was kicking and flaying her lags so I had to hold her down and give her 10minutes non stop on her thighs.I had her stand in the corner of the room with her ass bared as I retrieved my leather belt as we both felt the hand spanking was not doing its job. When I cam back in to the room and set on the sofa I told her to come back over my lap for the seconded half of her punishment, I whipped her ass for another 25 minutes till it was nice a hot. She wants to continue to see me and I hope to be able to post something soon.

Sincerely M

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Views: 376 · Added: 26 days ago

My bottoms very sore...... :(
Sympathy and oodles of it more then welcome my end!

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