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All my life, at every opportunity, no matter how obvious, no matter how contrived, I do everything in my power to get a glimpse at a woman's panties. Upskirt, upshorts, visible panty line, you name it, I just have to see it. Sometimes they catch me looking, but I do it anyway. I just can't help myself.

I knew it was naughty as a kid and know it still is. Imagine if each peek was tallying a backlog of well-deserved punishments. How many would there be? It's incalculable. There's not enough hours in the day for me to get a spanking for each and every one of those ladies.

What sort of spanking should I get to make penance now?

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Dear all,
What a week i have had, and its only Wednesday. as you may know i had to move to a new location due to my job, that's not so bad, but I had to leave behind (pardon the pun, or is that bum?) my regular spanking partner, who I was sort of in a relationship with.
So I have been having withdrawal symptoms of a spanking nature. I had been contemplating signing up on sites advertising spankings etc, always a bit wary of them, so was in two minds.
Anyway, I have been talking/flirting with a woman at work (she works for the same company but not in the same department) and she was, I thought, giving of signals that she was interested in me.
She did make a remark, the other day, about how someone in her department need a good thrashing for being an arse, I said did she normally reserve this sort of treatment to only people she disliked? No, she said, but good people can get a thrashing as well.
So I said I would bare that in mind, winking at me she said, Do.
Well, today the conversation got round to the same thing, this time a different person, I asked what they had done, nothing she said, they look as if they might need one, before i could think of a reply she walked away brushing past me. Later on I had an email from her asking if I was free this weekend for a cup of tea and a continuation of the conversation we had, this made me think was it me she was referring to?
So we have agreed a place, a nice tea rooms in a village close to where I live this Saturday.
I can not wait to see what will transpire, a boy can hope.
I will let you know what happens, I might have found another spanking partner, fingers crossed.
Be happy..

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#RiseAndShine, it is international PEACE day. make sure your attitude is right, if you go to wild, you may get taken care of till peace is! #StrictMotivation

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Well, friends and acquaintances, I'm traveling some these days. I will be in St. Louis this coming weekend (9/23-9/26) then venturing to ChiTown next week (thru 10/1). Should anyone be in the vicinity of Me during these times do drop Me a line. A friendly drink, or something more exquisite, no expectations nor pressure, nor disappointment no matter the outcome of the evening, guaranteed ;-)

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How many of you log on to this site
Wishing you could have this kind of life?
How many of you log on to this site
Feeling like you belong for the very first time?
How many of you log on to this site
Never having been spanked but wishing you might?
How many of you log on to this site
Feeling like a shadow in other people's lives?
In my fantasy my husband and I log on to this site
Together we embrace this special life
My husband dominates me and I happily submit
He spanks me and gives me everything I need to feel complete
I give him my pain and pleasure and everything inside
How many of you feel like this
Belonging yet being an outsider at the very same time?
My husband won't try and he'll never understand
So I'll always be the intruder in this spanking land...

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last night was another night of hell n worry... i actually went to bed around 9pm n slept til 10:20 when the phone woke me n i had to get up n try to deal with this ongoing family issue.... i never made it back home again until 2:40 n i literally fell into bed fully clothed... my alarm was set for 3 for work n it must have went off n i must have reset it or maybe it just kept goin i dunno but i woke at 310 jumped up n hurried like crazy to shower n get dressed n to work on time... its been a long day today n work was very hectic today n stressful... but its over now n now i can actually relax a for a few...

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Today i walked to wawa store with my roomate and on the way there i immediately got an attitude with him. He told me to watch the attitude and i told him whatever. That was a big mistake. He told me i was in trouble that night and he grabbed my hand and held it all the way home like a child. He told me if i was going to act like a child in public he was going to treat me like one. I still had an attitude with him and again i said whatever to him. He told me i was onlt making my punishment worse by keeping the attitude. When we got home and later that evening we talked and he said he didnt know what my problem was today but he was tired of my attitude and he was going to make sure i wouldnt want to have an attitude anymore after tonight. He then asked me if i knew why i was being spanked tonight and i said yes because of my attitude. He said he was going to make sure i couldnt sit good for a couple days and maybe i would learn not to have an attitude. I got a very long hard spanking tonight with the hairbrush. I didnt think it was ever going to be over. He made sure he hit all of my sit spots really good and all around them. I dont think i will sit comfortably tomorrow. He started spanking slow then he picked up the pace and started spanking harder and faster. The pain was so intense it was hard to stay in position. After it was over he took my cell phone and told me i was grounded from it for a few days until my attitude improved. He told me if i attempted to get on my phone until he told me i would get my hands strapped. So i barely sit here and write this but i am going to say after tonight i am going start watching my mouth when i talk and i am going to find other ways of dealing with stress instead of having an attitude with my roomate. I will work really hard on this. I am so glad i made the decision to move to pa so i could get discipline i need for my attitude and so i can start working on my career. I am also thankful i have such a wonderful disciplinarian that wont give up on helping me because of my attitude.

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Hi again, I'm trying my hand at a bit of spanking fiction. Here is my latest story called The Spanking Game -

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I'd like to start thanking everybody who appreciated my photos, you're amazing. I've signed up on this site only a few days ago and got a warm welcome like i've never expected. I'm so happy to be part of such a great community. Everybody who has written me is nice and good to chat with:) I'd like to chat to many people to share ideas and experience. If you like to chat feel free to message me anytime:)

These first albums were just the begging, i'm planning to take more photos, with harder punishment and different practices. I'm also thinking about a possible video.

Hope that my english is understandable.

Have a nice evening, Carlotta

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#RiseAndShine the sun is up, she did not say, in my bed i wish to stay, and so you to, do your job witha smile, slacking's cheap work is worth-while #StrictMotivation

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Last weekend Jen and I went orienteering,we had a lot of fun. After a busy day getting lost around the forest we ended up in a nice cosy,tradition pub with a few close friends and had a few drinks. I was watching something on TV and became aware of Jen and one of my friends staring at me and laughing,Jen whispered something and then everyone started laughing. I asked what she said and after they all managed to stop laughing it turned out that Jen had told them about the two times I had serious run ins with the law,both here in Ireland and in the Netherlands. As far as brushes with the law in Ireland go,I have had a few,mostly traffic offences but there was two occasions when I refused to leave a protest,some causes,like animal rights are dear to my heart. What Jen had related to my friends was the time I,unknowingly,smuggled scissors into a prison here in Ireland and the time I was arrested for ' people smuggling' in the Netherlands. Let me clear these two instances up.

Three years ago I taught on an educational course in a prison. The prison is about 90 miles from where I live. One morning I was running late leaving home only to discover I had a flat tyre. I have plastic ties keeping on my hub caps so I rushed back into the house,grabbed the scissors and clipped the ties off. I changed my tyre,but being in a rush I forgot that I had stuffed the scissors into my bag. I arrived at the prison and was going through the security when all these alarms sounded. I was asked to step aside and the contents of my bag was tossed out on the table;there was the scissors. I tried to explain what had happened but I was brought to another room where a female prison officer took a very dim view of my carelessness and searched me,rather roughly. Any other time I visited the prison I was searched thoroughly. It took some explaining to my supervisor,I can tell you.

When I left the convent almost twelve years ago now,I went on a journey trying to find what I was all about. I had spent 18 years in an enclosed world,where I didn't really have to think for myself or worry about a whole lot. Anyway I decided to travel and on one of my trips I ended up in a place called Essen,in Germany. I had hired a car in Dusseldorf and explored the area a bit. It was a spur of the moment thing,but I decided to travel into the Netherlands in my hire car. I set off early one morning and hit the road,seeing how far I could get before I would check into some place for the night. I had been driving for about an hour when I stopped to pick up a man and a woman who were hitch hiking. They were from Gabon in West Africa. We chatted as I drove,he had some English but the lady had no English,although she did have French and German. We had just entered the Netherlands when I noticed a dark car driving very close behind me. I wondered what his problem was. All of a sudden another car came along side me and cut me off,slowing down. I pulled to the side of the road and within seconds my hire car was surrounded by four men all carrying guns,we were ordered out of the car. We were searched and the car was searched. My travelling companions were taken away from me and without any warning I was handcuffed and put in the back of the dark coloured car. I never saw my travelling companions again. I was taken to a police station and held under a charge of 'people smuggling'. I was not afraid,I knew I had done nothing wrong. My passport was checked with the authorities back in Ireland and I was questioned about my travels.More checks were made and I was eventually told not to pick up any more hitch hikers.My passport was returned to me and I was let go,after six hours.

Jenny has always found this hilarious,so has my niece;in fact so did everyone in the pub. Our Gentleman Friend has taken to calling me Che 'Karen' Guevara. Going to kick him in the shins one of these days,LOL! I think it is high time I stopped Jenny's gossiping by giving her a good spanking,perhaps with my ruler,what do you think?

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Just wondering if anyone has come across some videos that say this video is not available on this platform and what's the meaning of that. Plus how to go about watching the video.

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Can you hear me sweetly singing,
perched upon the ancient rocks,
Can you see me in the moonlight,
Combing down my golden locks?

See the moonlit sea before me,
Enchantress of this lonely shore,
Come to me, and be my true love,
For it's you, that I adore

Come to me, the bonnie mermaid,
Feel the love in my embrace,
Taste my kiss, and feel my passion,
Look into my lusty face.

Suckle from my ample bosom,
Feel my breath upon your ear,
Lay beside me, in the moonlight,
Hold me tight and hold me near.

I will please you, be my true love,
You and I shall never part,
You alone, and only you love,
Hold the key, to my lonely heart.

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I stand in the corner of the class room hands on head and Wait as the rest of the Cass go home Abby stand next to my chair I turn round and slowly walk to Mr steel hands still on my Head before I now I am next to him he looks at me abby I will not have u disrespect me so u must be punished over my knees yes Sir as I do so my hands are on the floor my bottom in position and my skirt is a little short revealed my knickers white and tight on my bottom now Abby why are you being spanked for because I was naughty sir I feel his strong hand on my skirted bottom smack ooh smack ooh snack ouch smack smack smack ooh sir am sorry smack smack ooh ouch then I felt my skirt being pulled up smack ooooh smack on my knickers smack ooh ouch smack ooh smack low tears start to flow smack smack smack smack smack ouch smack ooh ouch smack ooooh my legs and bottom jurk with every smack ooooh ouch smack ooh AAA no not my bare bottom smack ooh smack ouch smack AAA smack ooooh AAA stand up go back to the corner yes Sir as I slowly walk and wipe the tears from my eys and my knickers are at my knee's I stand hands in head my bottom smarts and twitching now Abby what do you say sorry sir and girl and thank u for spanking my naughty bottom .I stand for 20 mints Abby you can go now yes sir thank u sir I pull up my knickers and leave the class room and lift my skirt to rub my bottom mmm mmm I think as I look at my bottom my first spanking sore but a nice it made my knickers wet oooh a think all be naughty sgain I giggle as I think about what happened x

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I am here for now. Things seem to be going straight to hell. The nurse says people with near death experiences sometime change.

After he was given a plate he and Steve talked. Daisy and I went outside, she wanted to check on the kids and I wanted a cigarette. The kids were fine. I had my nicotine fix so back up we went. Steve was in the family and he began to tell me how David appetite was and his mood.

The nurse came out and said he wanted to talk to my daughter. And it took us by suprise. I asked did he say Daisy, or our daughter." The nurse thought for a second and said, " He asked for his wife's daughter." Daisy looked at me as if she had just lost her world.

Steve held my hand, "Andy, If I know my brother at all, it sounds like all hell is about to brake loose."

Daisy ran out crying. She just ran out head down, not a high, bye, kiss my ass, bye or nothing. I thought something happened with the kids. I called yet she kept going. Leaving me and Steve to wonder outside in the family room, while the associated past was with him.

After about an 1/2 hour the associate pastor came out, he told us David needed to rest. Knowing that what is said to the clergy was personal, I asked what in the world was going on.

"Andy, all I can tell you is he wrote you this check and said for you to get yourself a place for a couple weeks, to give him time to think, and he spoke to me about stepping down as pastor. I explained to him I can't see God calling me to his position. I can't work full time and be full time pastor."

I was at awl while he was talking looking at the $1000. check.

I had heard enough. "Stevie, I have to go see what is going on." I trotted to his room. "David what is going on."
"Not now Andy, I need time to think.."
"Fine, you want to know. You won't give me time to deal with this. All I ever wanted was a life. One filled with love and discretion. your daughter"
"Wait, our daughter!"
"Andy I raised your daughter like she was my own. I bought her a mobile home and plot of ground for her and her kids when her no account husband left her with three kids. Which I knew he was no good when she met him. I support you her and her kids."
"David, hell, you wanted to know, you didn't want to give me time. Listen. You did not have to work, I had property from my parents. I was a lieutenant in the army. and what does that selfish daughter of yours do? She outs me out loudly in the house of God no less in front of medical staff. The church does not believe in divorce of their clergy. Go to the house and get you some clothes, I gave you a check, get a place for a couple weeks, then we can talk.

I am getting released tomorrow and need time alone."

"What do I do? is this it? Are we done? "

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(by request, thank you mistymornings, more of my original spanking noir fiction)

"So" I says "you dance here?"
"Something like that. More of a hostess you might say" she replies "after my shift I hang at the bar, show off my legs, and keep the locals buying over priced water downed drinks"
"I guess I should ask, what's your name"
"Call me Candy"
"I would have won a bet on that."
She smiles, sips the drink "What's your name?"
"I'm kinda' liking cowboy, but Spanky works too."
"Spanky it is then, it fits."
"So Candy, Trixie, or whatever name your using this week, what do you do when your not dancing, hustling watered down drinks, and paddling men in a tight leather mini skirt?"
"You are funny, I like you. Mostly I sleep. I was a dental hygienist in another life, but spanking pays a lot better."
"I can imagine. Speaking of spanking, I've got an idea."
She smiles "I'm all ears cowboy"
"No, mostly you're all legs, but here's the idea" (with my best pitchman approach) "We get out of here, I stop by a package store on the way, pick us up something top shelf, and we move this party to your place. What do you think?"
"I think a naughty boy wants a spanking"
"Corretamundo, what about the idea."
"Sure, let's do it cowboy. I'm up for some leg worship and paddling, might be fun."
"Great, what's your flavor?"
"Light on the S&M, more into the spanking and paddling. The leg worship sounds good though."
"To drink, I mean to drink."
"Oh, I'm partial to Kettle One."
"Vodka it is then. Any mixers?"
"Nope, just straight from the freezer. You could pick us up some cigars for later if you like."
"I think I'm falling in love with you. Spanking, vodka straight, cigars..."

She takes a cocktail napkin and writes something down as I'm rambling, folds it in half, and slips it to me and says "They don't like us leaving with the clientele. Give it a few minutes before you follow me."

With that, she stands up, slaps my face and leaves.

I'm rubbing my face as those wonderfully long legs, and short skirt, make their way to the door. I open the napkin and read "174 Princeton Place. Don't forget the Kettle One." there is a lipstick kiss signature at the bottom. I'm still rubbing my face and contemplating the perfection of a woman's ass in tight leather and those incredibly long legs as I tuck the napkin in my pocket.

Sometimes, you get exactly what you bargain for.

(to be continued, if you like)

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I guess this blog will be like a journal. I will email it to myself and post next time I am home.

Here I sit. I went to the house to clean up and came back to the hospital. and am back at the hospital. David is unconscious and has had 6 stints put in.

As I was leaving David's brother Stevie was arriving at the hospital, we talked for a good thirty minutes. I explained how I could not just sit there with not knowing if he was going to wake. I had to sit in the passenger seat of my truck because my legs went weak.

"Andy, you have got to let Dave have time. He need the rest. he be shot twice, spit on, took stress from our parents about marriage to a Sabbath-keeper, being called a baby killer, being spit on, converting to being Sabbath-keeping, working and becoming a unpaid minister, raising another man's child, still preaching and running his own mini farm. All the stress he is under, let him and God decide how much he needs.

Wired Pussy
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Go home enjoy your grandbabies and look forward to the time you see him up and around."

While Stevie was at the hospital and spoke to Daisy. He explained that David has a let it be known to family that he wants no DNR. David is his older brother and he did not want to be the one that backed a decision he knew David would not want. Now is she angry with us. He told how we were on the phone together and helped me make the decision not to do the bypass.

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Daisy screamed, " If it gives dad a CHANCE at even one year longer than not knowing when or if he will wake up, Take it damn it!"

This morning I took the children to their father's parents before returning to the hospital.

This morning, I took her to the chapel and tried to explain the Daddy was 74. we knew if God wants him, it wont matter what we want and he could still give Daddy is deserved rest even if he has the bypass. Or Daddy can wake up on his own and still live twenty years. Besides does she really want for his last days to be him complaining how we disrespected him and his wishes.

She didn't want to hear it. she knew her step father valued, truth, honesty, respect and honor more than anything.

Then she said, "If it works and he starts to bitch, beat his ass."
"What did you say?!?"

Fucked and Bound