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I have been a good girl for a very long time. YES I have been dealing with alot but besides that stuff IAM a good girl. I have played with my toys and cussed alot. But IAM a good girl. Was thinking yesterday about a stress releise whopping but . IAM a good girl so no need for that.... Then I thought maybe just do some. Line writing and said.No that's. Boring so maybe I will have. To be a bad girl some how and then I can be punished for being bad ... Then I thought hmmmm no so IAM going to be a good fucking girl and not do a dam thing wrong and sit here and be a good fucking girl oh my I cussed oops

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Martha, now you have pissed me off, and that’s not good. I ripped her thong off and stuffed it in her mouth, but before I did I examined them to see if they smelled like pee or pussy. It was definitely pussy. As I stuffed them in her mouth I told her that I suspected that she played with herself when she went to go “pee-pee”. I saw the wet spot in your crotch. Naughty girls get bare bottomed spankings.

I watched her plump ass wobble with each smack. Over and over my hand came down until she was crying. Now the real work starts. While she cried, I laid down the new rules. I kept spanking her as we progressed. You will submit to Eugene, smack, smack, smack…. You will quit nagging incessantly, smack, smack, smack. Is it sinking in Martha, smack, smack, smack.
It was hard to answer while crying, but she got out a feeble…yes. Are you sure? Smack, smack, smack, yes, yes, yes, I will behave. Martha, you have to prove it to me first. You will do as you are told,, or look around the room, it could get more severe than a good hard spanking. I have belts and paddles, and an English swisher cane. Do you want that? NO. Good, then after every question, you will answer “Yes Master” or no Master”” Understand? Yes… smack, smack, what was that? Ye, yes Master.

Stand up and finish removing those cheap Capri pants. Yes Master. Now face me and show me your pussy, spread your feet apart while I run my hand over the lips. Ye, yes Master. Martha was trembling as I felt up her pussy. I reached back far enough to locate her butt hole. I ran my finger across it and she jumped a bit. I saw her bite her lower lip as if it excited her. While I was between her legs I stuck my middle finger deep into her and wiggled it.

I held my hand in place and ordered her to hump my finger. As she moved up and down she said yes Master. Martha fucked her pussy with my finger till I said to stop. Now strip naked for Master Martha. “yes Master”

She removed her blouse and bra. Martha had a very nice pair of titties. They did not sag, and the nipples were like little pink cones. Walk over to me Martha and offer me a tittie to suck on. … “yes Master” As I sucked her pink nipple into my mouth, I reached around to her back and pulled her into me. I knew I had her when she placed both hands on my head and pulled me to her tittie. She massaged my head, and wiggled under the touch of my mouth.

I’m going to give you something you sorely need,… then I rubbed my crotch, but before I do, you will do something for me…“yes Master” Go lay on the couch with you head on the armrest.

Now, place one foot on the floor, the other on the back of the couch. “yes Master”… Martha, do you know how lewd you look with your pussy exposed and glistening from my spanking you?… “yes Master”
Now play with yourself, and do not neglect the titties. “yes Master” OK,OK, I believe you get the point, a simple “yes” will do for now.

Martha was no stranger to masturbating, She was working fingers into her cunt while tugging on each nipple in turn. A couple of times I saw her tickle her asshole. I decided to intervene. Martha, do you like your butt hole played with?… She turned red in the face, then said uh huh. How about you work on the titties and pussy and I take care of the rest? She closed her eyes and softly moaned oh yes. As she masturbated, I tickled and teased her slick butt hole. I entered a knuckle deep a couple of times, and she actually tried to work her ass onto my finger.

Martha came in a body shaking orgasm and went limp. When she regained her composure, she asked “ how about that treat you’re concealing in your pants….. I removed my slacks and under ware, then I walked over to her head and offered my cock to her mouth. She turned her head to accommodate me and took it all the way down her throat in one gulp. Fuck, that felt good, no wonder Eugene sticks around.

I asked Martha if she ever masturbates for Eugene? .. No!… Why?.. He thinks it is dirty and cheap…. What about what you are doing to me? NO, …. What the fuck Martha, why not? … He says it makes me look like a whore. .. Oh My God Martha, I feel sorry for you both. You need fucked and often, … How about fucking? … only if the lights are off, even then, he runs to the bathroom and jerks off. … I cannot believe it Martha. At least I am going to take care of your sexual needs right now.

Oh God, please do. … OK finish sucking on Masters cock. Mmmm it’s so big, I love it. Will it fit into my tight little pussy? …. Oh I think so, I will make it fit. That’s it lick the head, play with my balls. Make it nice and hard so I can pleasure your cunt. … Master, I like when you say cunt and titties. It makes me tingle all over.

How does this sound to you. … When I am done using my cock in your cunt, I’m going to fuck your little butt hole and cum all over your pert pink titties. OOOOOHHH Master you make me melt at the sound of it. Good, are you my little fuck slut Martha? …. Anything Master. ….. Even if I cum on your face or down your throat? ..ANYTHING, Master. Maybe I will invite a friend to help out!,, Oh My.. That sounds delicious. … What if it’s another girl? … I love cunt, he,he,he Master.

OK Martha, ass up face to the back of the couch. I am going to sample your warm wet cunt with my thick cock. It did not just slide in, I had to wiggle the big head into her. Once it was in I slid all the way possible. Martha’s cunt was slick from cuming and I enjoyed watching my cock slide just past her butt hole in and out of her pussy. Her asshole winked with each thrust. I needed to get my cock in there to finish what I promised.

Now reach back and present your butt hole to my cock. I slid my cock in between her legs and lubed my cock with her cum. I had to force the head past her tight sphincters, and Martha moaned. Once in, I slowly worked it in till my balls were against her pussy. She was cooing like a little bird. It felt so warm and tight. Slowly I fucked away. Martha was moaning “ fuck that ass, fuck it, fuck that tight little hole, make me cum. As I plunged in and out, she played with her clit. I held her deep as she came again.

Her butt hole was so tight, it felt like when I jack off. I was going to cum very soon, but her ass felt so warm. Finally, I grabbed her ass cheeks and forced myself out. … Roll over and kneel in front of me, sit back on your heels I’m about to cum. I took my cock into my left hand and slowly jacked my hand up and down. I was keeping the prize in view and so was Martha. She held her titties up as a target and played with the nipples as I jacked off in her face. I felt the cum building and my legs started to shake. My hips jerked in all directions, then I felt the tingle in the head of my cock. I slowed slightly, knowing it did not make a difference except accuracy. I leaned forward so my cock was up against Martha’s titties and I let fly.

I was so proud of myself. I came enough, that both titties looked like they had been glazed by a baker. I could barely stand, so I sat on the couch. I hooked my hand into her armpit and drew her along side me. I put my arm around her drew her close. Martha started to cry.

What’s the matter Martha? … I want to stay with you!…. Now, now there, you know I am married, and you have Eugene. You need to treat him better. … I don’t know if I can. … Do it for Master!, then, every once in a while, act up. I will recommend another session and he pays me five hundred more. … I can live with that Master. OK now get dressed and I will explain to Eugene all is well, and he will see a difference in how you act. .. Right Martha? Oh YES MASTER. By the way, here is a thick realistic cock dildo, use it when he isn’t up to fucking that sweet cunt of yours.

I opened the door and Eugene saw that Martha had been crying. …. Is everything alright.. Martha answered. Eugene, I’m sorry, and I am going to be a much better wife from now on. … Fuck, I was proud of her.
The End
Look for more short stories from Bellamy Redhander

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I was planning to start my "blog" with something just about my experiences (limited) and fantasies (nearly unlimited), but maybe I got lucky and by starting to move toward my kink interest, the universe brought me what my heart desired - you know, the whole "law of attraction" thing that I don't really believe in.

I work at a dollar store, technically I'm a cashier but if I'm working early or late and we're low staffed, you just kinda do whatever needs to be done. A few weeks ago, I was straightening shelves when I noticed an attractive woman further down the aisle, looking kinda lost. She looked familiar but I couldn't place her, but was happy to have an excuse to talk to her - even if it was just to help her find batteries. Since they are pretty close to the front of the store where she came in - and because I liked her smile - I made some forgotten (and undoubtedly stupid) comment wondering how she missed them, but I couldn't forget that she actually called me "sassy," which woke up all kinds of butterflies in my tummy, and caused me to merely stutter in reaction, and hurry back to the cash register to compose myself before she checked out.

Usually I find any reason to doubt that someone might be flirting with me - I'll convince myself that they're just being "friendly," and will pass on most chances rather than risk rejection. But I could tell that she was being very friendly, and since it was Saturday night near closing, she mentioned that she was still pretty wound up from her day, and might just relax with a cup of coffee and a book at a diner just down the street.

Fortune favors the bold, right?

For the first time in a while, I decided to be bold. While the diner serves truly crappy coffee, I knew I wasn't going home until I had a cup. It may have been after my store closed, but it was still a few hours until "closing time," so the diner was pretty empty, and I found her quickly. I had those butterflies again when she made some comment about my distracting her from her book, but she smiled as she said it and invited me to sit down.

I noticed that the book was one of the "50 Shades" series, and asked if she was enjoying it; she only said it had some "interesting ideas," and I told her I may have to borrow it from her when she's done because I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Anyway, I can't remember the specifics of what all we talked about, just that I really enjoyed talking to her, and that she was really easy to talk to, and at some point our fingers met, then our hands. We were there until almost 1:00 - when the "after bar" crowds started to wander in - and made a "dinner and a movie" plan for Tuesday night.

She picked me up at my apartment, but as dinner wound down, I don't think either one of us wanted to spend a couple hours in a movie where we couldn't talk as freely, so we decided to head back to her place for "Netflix and chill" for the first time for either of us. After the "chill," she commented on the way I would grind against her when she slapped my bottom, which led to a frank discussion about a mutual turn-on. (She admitted that she had never gotten more than 20 pages into "50 Shades," but used it as a prop to see if it got any reaction, and is easily shrugged off if it doesn't get a good reaction, since it was so popular.) Netflix was forgotten, as was the chill, since her next task was applying some heat to my seat.

Anyway, that's the short version of how it started; we see each other several nights a week already, and I end up over her knee on a couple of those nights. We're still working out the disciplinary side of things - right now it's mostly foreplay, though she's started giving me sharp smacks for being sassy or talking back, I think it's just going to take time to get comfortable - for both of us - before she is willing to make me very uncomfortable when needed.

Oh, and that feeling that she looked familiar? Turns out I went to high school with her daughter, not someone who I really knew other than knowing who she was, and we're definitely not rushing into that issue.

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I was nervous as I entered the hotel. I met Daniel three months ago on a fetish site. I was looking for a dominant man to take my will from me, and he was looking for a submissive woman to mold to his liking. We seemed to headed in the right direction. Tonight would tell.
The elevator operator stared at me as he took me to the suite reserved for our rendezvous. As ordered, I was to wear no under garments. I have rather large titties and they wobble unless restrained, and the short pleated skirt left nothing to the imagination when he got a whiff of my arousal.
As I exited he said “Daniels is third door down on the right. Obviously, he knew what was up.
I stood outside the room contemplating whether to enter or run back home to my vanilla husband Tony.,,,,,, I knocked nervously and rapid. The door opened.
I found myself in a beautiful room for just one second, as Daniel grabbed my hair and dragged me to the couch. As he sat, he drew me across a leg. The other used to hold me down. My skirt flipped up on to my back, he started spanking me hard and fast.
“When I say 8pm, I mean 8pm,,,,, not 7:57, or 8:03,,,,,, Just 8pm CRACK,CRACK,CRACK, do you understand Martha?
I was mortified, speechless, and that did not help.
CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, I asked you a question.
Ya-ya-yes, da-Daniel
I see you left the panties off, good, now stand and strip. I want to examine you head to toe and see if you are worth my efforts and trouble.
A CRACK on my ass motivated me to stand.
My back to Daniel, I unzipped the skirt and it fell, then the buttons to my blouse, but I was shaking bad. I was about to show a virtual stranger my naked body that belongs to Tony at home.
I shivered as the blouse added to the skirt on the floor. Daniel spun me around and immediately said “this is no good at all” grabbing my pubic hair and tugging. It surprised me because I told him I was hairy below.
Once more by the hair, I was led down a hallway and into a bedroom with bath.
Daniel placed me on the end of the bed and pushed me back. My titties wobbled as I reclined. My knees were pushed back to my chest and I was ordered to hold them there. Daniel disappeared and said, stay right as you are, or it’s the belt for you.
A few minutes later he returned with a basin of warm water, a wash cloth, a razor and brush in a shaving mug.
I watched as he swirled the brush in the cup and produced a brush full of soapy lanolin.
He terrified me when he yelled to me to hold still, the razor could cut me if I moved. But first some trimmer hair clippers to remove the bulk. The vibrations tingled through my pussy and butt hole. Daniel had a view of me only my gynecologist sees. Tony has not seen me like this in the eight years of marriage.
Now the warm brush. It felt good, almost like I was going to pee on him.
Scrape,, scrape, I felt the blade clean my mound, but when he grabbed a lip and extended it to get close, I blushed so bad I started to cry from embarrassment.
Daniel laughed, as he continued and did the other side. Pushing me further back, he cleaned around my bum hole.
Now you are baby smooth,, applying some lotion and rubbing it in and around the holes in his view.
All clean and ready, Daniel said
“I am going out to the living room, meet me in seven minutes . There are costumes in the closet, pick one and put it on.
After seven minutes I hear, “where are you?” then again as the footsteps get closer. Martha, what the hell are you doing.
I answered, I am not wearing this.
Oh yes you are. This is a building and tearing down process of your will. Do it or get the fuck out of my life you phony sub.
That pissed me off, I am not a phony, but this is more than I bargained for.
Put it on Martha, and get out to the living room.
Daniel leaves to go back and wait.
All there was in the closet were pull up diapers and pacifiers, or binkys. Nothing else.
I returned in a pink diaper and pacifier in my mouth, tears rolling down my face as Daniel beckoned me to his lap.
Little baby Martha, you look so darling. I felt so embarrassed with my big titties bared, nipples hard from air conditioning.
I will build you up to an adult, and when done, you will be a true submissive.
How long does the diaper stay on Daniel,,,, no no Daniel, it is Daddy
How long Daddy?
Till you soil them I need to change you, that’s how long.

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1) a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of conviction

there is truth
there is belief
there is the belief in truth

Armies will march forward, each with the belief that their truth, is the real truth. Victory will be the vindication that the belief was justified and that they, and only they, are the keepers of the truth. The one constant, the one real truth, is

the keepers of the truth will be the sane, and the sane will have doubt.

doubt can unmask the truth of the deceiver
doubt can slay the faith of the follower
doubt can tumble the foundation of the belief in false truth

When the victory has been secured, when the dragon has been slayed, and the shadow of the doubt has been denounced, the truth that will emerge is

none of it matters
none of it ever mattered
none of it is ever going to matter

We alone create the lines. We alone erase the lines. We are the ones that make it matter.

Doubt is the savior, doubt is the slayer, doubt is the conscience of the rational, the inner voice that speaks to the sane. If you have doubt, that is confirmation that you are among the rational and the sane. Trust you doubt,

doubt is the only chance that we have

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The new Spankocity Gym is now open for business,its called Gym-Spanko and everyone is welcomed.Come in get fit and get spanked!.

We have some great exercises.Cane push ups..Diaper paddle sit-ups..Carpet-beater pull-ups(Missy's favorite lol)..Butt plug squats..leg raise whippings..hairbrush planks..of course you can make up your own routine to suit yourself.

Only one rule here and that is go home hot red and happy!.Have fun.

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Whyyy! Anyone else out there have these moments? Naturally we all do..what helps? I have circling stories and thoughts encompassing my brain yet the words are all jumbled.
JustJanie..you're my inspiration..How do you let your words flow?
Hugs to all~Madison

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What a day.What the hell is wrong with people? I get more sense out of Colin.It is true what Mark Twain once said...' Don't argue with stupid people,they will beat you down with experience', or something along those lines.

Anyone want a nearly new rubber mannequin,goes by the name of Colin,some stains but otherwise in good nick?

Off to bed,thank goodness this day is over.

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Hello Everyone!

Since I already have been commenting on the blogs, I wanted to officially introduce myself, my name, is what I am,

True Demon!

I have become good friends with the other Demon on here!

Her and I make a wonderful team if I do say so myself!



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I've just arrived in Spankocity today and can't wait to meet everyone. It seems like the most perfect place to live. I'm a little shy so please come and say hello, I'm so looking forward to joining in all the mischief:)

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I keep getting asked over n over.. "what r u?" ( other than a human,a female, a pain in the ass)the answer they seek is am I a .. sub? I have submissive tendancies but they do NOT come easy.. Domme? no but I KNOW I could fuck u up .. slave? ( HELL FUCKIN NO) .. I AM a bottom.. a spankee.. with a lil girl livin inside of me... who needs, seeks n desires domestic discipline.. now I KNOW that lil girl is there but I do not let her out often.. I'm her biggest protector.. it takes a very special person to be able to reach her n even then I find myself pullin her back by her shirt tails because my insides have flashin CAUTION lights goin off... I find it very hard to let someone "in"...n I'm always on guard... inside she is curled up huggin her knees chantin a childhood safe word over n over n over ... she is afraid to look up , to reach out, on the outside I am there with fists balled up standin guard.. trust was broken for me at a very young age... I don't depend on other people.. I learned I am the ONLY person I can truly depend on.. the only person who will look out for me.... theres times that lil girl is so close to cryin n my other side who screams "don't u dare!".. sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities lol.. the lil girl who lives in side.. n me the strong one.. the one who has to watch over her n hell everyone else too if ya want the truth.. I'm always watchin... maybe that's just the mom in me I dunno.... I need to have that special someone to watch over me, guide me, fuckin care!! but then why the hell do I retreat when I think I'm close?........ yeah I'm a basketcase *lil smile*... anyways.. that's what/who I am.....

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Well it's time for some brats to look back and see the damage that we caused last night at Missy's place. Right now Missy and True Demon are very upset at our actions from all the commotion that was caused at the place and we need to take action to be forgiven. No need to call out names cause you know who you are

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Well i had a couple of days off and was a nice break, im not sure if i did miss it on here though and might have longer off. Looking back at what i write i think to myself "what a load of bollocks". So will give it to the end of the week and see what happens.

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I never experienced a session that sent me 'somewhere else'. It wasn’t until I met you that night in your room. My first step, you drew me into a different place. You were the Head Master, unpredictable, yet possessed control. I followed your lead. As for that moment, I was your student. Never have I before fell into the world of one’s role-play so deep.

Nothing will be more memorable than this session. The harshest thrashing I’ve received. You were firm but reserved. In the beginning, I was able to take your hand. But it was not until you switched to your tawse, it slowly stripped my endurance layer by layer.

As you kept me pinned firmly over your knee, applying stroke after stroke, the more I realized the fear that grew with in me. I was the disobedient child attempting to squirm away from your punishment. As pain increased, the reality of no escape clouded my mind. My breaths grew more unsteady out of pattern, balancing on the border of panic.

Was I closing in on my breaking point? I don't know. However, deep down I realized that I was afraid to reach to that point. Thus my need to beg and plead for mercy grew frequent because fear fully came over my entire being.

At the end, I was shook up trying to pull myself together, you sat me on your lap embracing me. I was still assessing all the emotions I’ve felt.

This entire experience overwhelmed me entirely, as well as open a doorway to channel new emotions I've never felt before.

If I had not met you, I would have dearly missed out on a opportunity to have met an experienced person such as yourself with prospect of breaking over my limits.

As I thank you, may our paths cross again.

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A large glass butt plug.

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Asking for more lines this weekend, Master sent me them this morning.

If two witches would watch two watches,
Which witch would watch which watch ?

Then said start them today. I've already done my lines today, I said. Oh well now you've got more. He told me.

Like I've got nothing better to do than start writing lines at 5am, at 6am started the sketch. Cleaned bathroom and kitchen, changed our bedding.
Took son to work, walk the dogs, Hoover downstairs, finish sketch. Start on the laundry, and it's only 11am.
Now writing more flipping lines.

My mouth is closed before I swear, using every word under the sun.

Plus, what kind of lines are these ?
Rhymne's to catch me out, so I've gotta concentrate on what I'm writing.

My mouth is staying closed !!!!!!!!

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Has anyone have some punish for waking up late?

Slut Spanking