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Ok so for the girls on here would you rather have a male figure spanking your or a female?

For the men if you had to choose who to spank would a be a female or a male?

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This song sums up how im feeling today...""Breathe Me"Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And the worst part is there's no one else to blameBe my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small and needy
Warm me up
And breathe meOuch, I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah, I think that I might break
Lost myself again and I feel unsafeBe my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small and needy
Warm me up
And breathe meBe my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small and needy
Warm me up
And breathe me"im feeling so upset because its the first aniversery of my friends dying


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I'm probably gonna get punished for this because of my fucking language (1) but I need to get this out if fucking paper (2) because I'm too pissed (3)off.. How the fuck (4) does my friend expect me to be in two places at the same time...i don't understand I want to see her but I got work which is shit (5) and I fucking (6) hate it... I'm tired and stressed and in pain and just fed up... I'm.sorry for all the bad language but I'm nit happy

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Just spent the most glorious afternoon with the wonderful Miss Lina.
Suffice to say I left with a superbly punished bottom after being spanked, strapped, whipped and caned.
Videos and photo sets to follow over the coming weeks.
Thank you Miss Lina - my Tutoress

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Lucy opened the front door to reveal a tall man in an overall standing on the step.

"Good morning. I've come to repair your washing machine." he said, smiling.

"Oh great! Come in, I'll show you into the kitchen." She led the way through the hall. As he walked behind her he couldn't help noticing the way her tight dress clung to her bottom. "It's over there." She said, gesturing across the kitchen floor. "Call me when you have finished."

"I think you should come and see this." He said after he had been working for some time. "The whole thing's clogged up - I'll have to order new parts. I'm afraid it will be expensive."

She bent over and looked into the machine's open door. "I see what you mean - no wonder it stopped working."

"You could have bought a cleaning agent to prevent this." He said, shaking his head disapprovingly. "But I'm afraid it's too late this time."

"Oh dear!" She said, casting her eyes downward and putting her finger to her mouth. "I have a slight confession to make. You see, I did know about this cleaner. In fact my husband bought me a whole case of it and told me that I must be sure to use it regularly." She opened a cupboard, showing all the unopened bottles. "He will be very cross when he finds out I haven't done so. I've been very naughty."

"And what happens when ladies are naughty?" the repair man asked, a slight smile playing around his lips.

"They get punished, of course." She said with a nervous laugh.

"Well, that's just what's going to happen to you. On my way in I saw a cane in the hallstand, go and get it and bring it back in here so I can deal with you."

Lucy's heart started to beat faster as she walked towards the hall stand. She had been extremely indolent and now her comeuppance was looming. With apprehension and underlying longing, she picked up the cane and ran her finger along it's length, thinking about how it was soon to make an intimate connection with her bottom.

She re-entered the kitchen and handed the cane to him. "Go to the table and bend over." He said quietly.

Once she was in place he slowly pulled up her dress, revealing her naked bottom.

"I seem to have forgotten to put underpants on this morning." She said, feeling the cool air on her skin.

"That's OK." He said. "Considering the seriousness of your transgression I would have had to remove them anyway."

He stood to the side of her, leaning to his right to get a good view of his target. Carefully he placed the cane across her bottom so that the tip was about an inch beyond her buttock cleavage.

"Get ready!" He said. "Twelve strokes."

She gripped the edge of the table, breathing deeply. He pressed the cane firmly against her, brought it back with his forearm then, flexing his wrist, he snapped it forward on to her bottom, catching the left cheek momentarily before it whipped on to the right. She drew in her breath sharply as the familiar sting deepened across the centre of her proffered posterior. Continuing in this way he delivered all the strokes, slowly and deliberately, causing her to push her hips into the table while uttering low moans.

He paused, admiring the neatly layered marks left by the cane. "I can't tell whether you are moaning in pleasure or pain." He said.

"Oh! It's very painful. I'm really learning my lesson sir." She replied quickly, although her tone of voice betrayed a distinct lack of conviction.

"Let's see." He said and, placing his finger between her legs, he pushed gently, causing it to slip suspiciously easily inside her. When he withdrew, he carefully examined the glistening love juice on his skin.

"Looks like enjoyment to me. You're going to have to have another twelve."

This time all the strokes landed on the previous welts. This had the effect of making the pain much more difficult to contend with. After the last one landed she said:

"I really don't think I can take any more." She paused, breathing heavily. "Besides it looks like I'm not the only one to get pleasure from this encounter." She nodded towards his trousers which showed a distinct bulge at the front.

Smiling, she said. "I hope you're not going to waste that."

"Certainly not." He replied with eagerness.

He quickly slipped off his boots, unbuttoned the front of his overalls and let them fall to the floor, revealing his naked body underneath. Moving behind her, he held her waist, and firmly pushed his erect manhood inside her. With short thrusts his hips slapped against her chastised bottom bringing her slowly to orgasm. At the moment of climax she tightly gripped her throbbing buttocks together, intensifying the pleasure beyond anything possible with purely vanilla sex.

Afterwards they stood facing each other. He put his hands on her bottom gently feeling the welts left by the cane.

"What will your husband do when he sees these?" He asked teasingly.

"He'll put me across his knee and give me a long hard spanking, " She replied, licking her lips at the thought.

"I'll have to go now." He said, putting his clothes back on. "I have other calls to make."

As they made their way to the front door, he handed the cane back to her and she replaced it in the hallstand. Before leaving he turned to her.

"I hope this has taught you to be more diligent in future." He said with a mock stern look on his face.

"It certainly has." She affirmed with a rueful smile. "In fact my bottom is so tender that I won't be able to sit down this afternoon, so I will do all the household jobs I have been neglecting for a long time. Mind you, I shall still look forward to the spanking I will receive tonight."

"And I will look forward to giving it to you my darling." He said smilingly.

He paused, then gave her a broad wink and walked down the path to his van.

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2 posts in 1 week
Yes that's the sign of the apocalypse

I've heard the moto dance like no one's watching
But when I'm at work I prefer commit assault and battery like there are no witnesses

I do not like the term master any one who says they've mastered life has mastered fooling themselves
I also don't call my self Dom as I don't want to dominate someone

I prefer just to be a friend (yes one that will hold you accountable)
That being said I get very very very protective of my friends and do not like people messing with them
I have a friend who needs a spanking and she has someone who says he'll do it
but week after Week he doesn't show up if you say you'll be some where you be there (yes I postponed yesterday but I WILL BE there tomorrow)

He maybe a master or dom or whatever but that will not stop me from giving him a good scolding if I get a chance

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It's been years since i was regularly spanked. a couple of months ago i finally started seeing my long term on again off again Disciplinarian, OTKAdvisor, but it hasn't gone smoothly. i've been a total brat, challenging Him at every turn, which never used to be me. i don't mean to be mean and difficult, but my nerves and so many years in between spankings have made me have a hard time submitting again. so many things have happened including my having to be totally responsible for my family, and in positions where i'm running more than one corporation or, as He calls it, in 'boss lady' mode. when i saw him for the first time in years a couple of months ago, within a couple of minutes of Him entering the room i was receiving a very hard punishment. i had confessed to lying to Him multiple times awhile back, and it had been a long time coming. it included many implements non-stop, including a whipping and ending with my most feared (and many times threatened) enema. i was humbled to say the least, and he was to return the next morning to continue with other issues.

But that night and next morning i was overwhelmed with phone calls and emails from work requiring me to be in 'boss lady' mode, and i snapped. i yelled at him and told Him i couldn't submit to any more spankings from Him. That i owed him the lying punishment the night before, but that was it. i was done. And i didn't speak to Him for weeks after.

But then a few weeks later i realized i still felt horrible about myself. Was still overwhelmed and losing my temper and swearing like a truck driver and drinking and smoking and out of control, and knew i still needed to see Him. so a couple of weeks ago i went back, ready to submit to Him and his punishment decisions for me, because obviously i haven't been handling things well on my own.

But once again, i was horrible to Him. From the moment He picked me up, i was mean and rude and nasty. i let my nerves and discomfort with the idea of submitting take over, but after calming down, sat at his feet and convinced Him not to spank me that night, but promised Him i'd be ready for Him the next morning.

But when the next morning didn't go exactly according to plan, i lost it again. And i fought him on the first spanking. And i fought him even more on the second. i talked back to him, put him down, and once again told Him i just didn't think i could do this anymore. So we agreed on one final spanking. He paddled me with the rubber paddle (my cryptonite) and a birch bundle and martinet for 25 minutes straight during which time i sobbed and sobbed and once again was humbled. But had to almost immediately leave. He taped that spanking and wants me to post it which i will soon.

i apologized to Him again for fighting Him so much, and He is so patient that He told me He understood it would take time for me to be able to submit to Him again because of the years in between. i don't think i would be able to be so patient with someone who treated me so poorly.

Since starting to see Him again, even with these false starts, i have lost 20 pounds, and am starting to get a little better control over myself. Not as big of a change i'm sure i'd see if i didn't fight him so hard, but one step at a time i suppose.

i feel like i should be above all this and not need it and try to walk away. i feel like i'm too smart to need this...but time and again i see how much better i am with it. For me it's not sexual (not directly anyway) -- i'm much more of the taken in hand/domestic discipline school of thought. But i'm curious -- any other women out there who are super 'strong' women in powerful positions who have a difficult time letting that go to properly submit? i don't mean to fight it so hard, but while i'm trying, i just don't seem to be able to help it.

i see him again in two weeks. Hoping i can stop fighting Him so hard this time around. Time will tell...

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Hey everyone is as come to my attention that there is a user that has almost the same username as me. I am telling you now that I only have this account and that person is a not me. I have read her profile page and yes it seems like me with something but don't a lot. If you have any questions plesae message me

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Note: The events described in this blog are real, not fantasies or exaggerations. With the people I know I have no need for fantasies; reality is embarrassing enough!

Some years ago my wife and I had her younger sister Lisa and her husband David over for the weekend and a rather formal dinner...good china and crystal and real silver. Our guests lived in another state, and although we visited and exchanged Christmas gifts we really did not know them that well...certainly nothing about their sex lives.

Sometime around dessert, and notably after cocktails and several glasses wine, my wife made the teasing threat that "anyone who does not finish what is on their plate will get a spanking". She will make comments like that in public to tease me. I DO get maintenance and punishment spankings. That’s our secret. Few people know about my spankings. But she knows that a public reference to spankings will always make me blush and will usually make me forget what I was talking about in the middle of a sentence. ..something she finds amusing.

Ordinarily my wife’s spanking comments go unnoticed (or at least politely uncommented upon) by anyone except me. But this time, hearing my wife’s threat to spank someone, my sister-in-law who was a bit tipsy from one too many glasses of wine, laughs and blurts out, "Don't say that to David! He would like it!"

Oh God! She too spanked her husband! And he liked to be spanked! Were my wife and here sister genetically predisposed to be doms? Did they both somehow attract men who wanted, needed, spankings?

At this my brother-in-law and I both almost stopped breathing! We were both blushing. I had no idea that David got marital spankings! He did not know that I got spanked, but soon might! My brother-in-law and I both decided that it would be a good idea to leave the table before this conversation went too far. I was giving serious thought to dematerializing entirely and showing up at a different dinner party, perhaps on another planet, maybe among Klingons. They don’t spank, do they?

David and I (or at least my physical aspect) retreat to the couch some distance from the dining room table. We both try to carry on a conversation about something, anything, while trying NOT to think about adult spanking. However, across the L-shaped living-dining room we could hear my sister-in-law Lisa, who is now a bit giggly after cocktails and wine, happily discussing spankings with my wife. We cannot hear the complete conversation. We are both pretending that we don't hear it! But key words and phrases about spankings and paddings and positions and spanking implements make it across the room. As each of our wives reveal more and more about our hitherto private bare bottom bedroom spankings we, still pretending we are not hearing this (or vainly hoping the other one does not hear it!) become more and more embarrassed.
But both of our wives are now behaving like the sisters they are, uninhibitedly sharing embarrassing details about how each of their husbands gets spanked, what cute bottoms they have, and that they LIKE to get spanked...well, maybe with the exception of the punishment spankings. Those are supposed to hurt.

My wife and her sister were, actually, talking together rather quietly...sharing secrets. I do not think that they really wanted us to know what they were talking about, or thought that we could. But my sister-in-law, uninhibited by the wine and sometimes showing surprise in her voice as she learned more and more sexy details, was talking more loudly than she should have been. And I was in one of those adrenaline-rush states that I had experienced in the military where I really did not hear what was being said right next to me but I was intensely aware of very small sounds from the conversation across the room. I was so embarrassed!

Later, as we cleaned up after the party and made sure the guest bedroom and bath were arranged for our guests, no one mentioned spanking or made any reference to where that conversation had gone. The upper-middle class can be so polite! But in the bedroom I learned all of the intimate details about David’s maintenance and punishment spankings. My wife did not tell me what she had revealed to her sister about MY spankings (some of which were really embarrassing!) and I did not want to ask. But I had this feeling that David was being told some very embarrassing things about me.

This bedroom conversation about secrets turned us both on and behind a locked bedroom door my wife gave me the the sexiest bedtime spanking. I was so turned on and so responsive, making lots of spanking noises! Months later when David and Lisa again came to visit I learned that they heard my spanking through a cold air duct that connected the bedroom where I was being spanked to the guest room. Turned on by the sound of my spanking, which sounded like it was happening in the same room, they listened intently while having sex. Oh God!

That accidental revelation that both of us got domestic discipline spankings eventually lead to something even more embarrassing some time later. I will write about that in a future blog. But the unexpectedness of my sister-in-law's admission had left both of us completely unprepared. The surprise and embarrassment were beyond description. But it again showed that the people you know, the people you know at work, or through church or have over for dinner, may live much more exciting sex lives that you thought. How many of them might engage in adult spanking?

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While I found myself the least likely spanker on the planet back in 2012, I learned a great deal about this lifestyle, or, as I prefer to call it, this hobby. I know some people immerse themselves in the lifestyle, calling each other sir and little and big and such, and if it works for them, I'm thrilled for them. Whatever floats yer boat and does no harm to others, good on you. But the travel was getting to me and I had to eventually stop meeting ladies for the purpose of blistering their bottoms. I made some good friends and had experiences I'll never forget--none of which were sexual. But I couldn't deny the undercurrent. So, I retired, except for the 2 girls I've known since I met them in college. And now, and third young lady has entered the picture. She did not find me on fet life--I froze that account. But a mutual friend in our song circle told her about me and her reply was "I think what I really need is a good spankin'". Most of the girls I spanked were close to my age, but a few years younger---in their 40s. This girl is 31, seeing someone seriously but otherwise unmarried. I've spoken to her once, on the phone, and he is definitely a very nice vanilla fellow. I told her she really should tell him about this side of her, and she agrees, but she doesn't want to "yet". Dishonesty sets off red flags for me, but this is a very charming girl who does everything possible to let me know she needs to be taken across a knee, artificial or not! She wants me to pick her up for the next practice. Her boyfriend is not in the song circle--music is not his thing. So, Thursday, it looks like I may be back in the saddle again. I still have the same butterflies I had 3 years ago, but everything worked out then, so I'm keeping the good thoughts. And Nic, if you're still active out there, I'll sure try to "burn her up"!

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I came across this article and found it to be really helpful.

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This is one of those videos where you have to suspend belief. What 'girl' would be in school dressed like that? And is that kind of school punishment still legal?

I also dislike it because it falls into the class of dominant male punishes submissive female.

And seems so real (I'm sure it is a genuine paddling with no padding!) And the woman is very attractive (particularly when bent over). And the shorts are just perfect. I actually prefer a paddling to be over jeans. We get to see the results. And I imagine being bent over and being given the paddle in exactly the same way. Now please!

So, for me, it works. Against my better feelings, I will add it to my favorites.

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Choices: discipline or punishment

During the course of our relationship, we have mutually and consensually accepted a delineation between discipline and punishment. This is something that has worked for us and I’m just putting this out there as food for thought. I recently sent the following note to my lovely girl for the purpose of continual clarity and expression. Once again, this is based on what works for us and is not a suggestion for others. The range and diversity in the area of spanking is an immense one.

Sometimes we make bad decisions in our lives. I consider a decision a bad one, when that choice has been made after it has been fully discussed and mutually agreed upon as to which choice is the better one regarding your health and well being.
We have know each other for quite some time now and and it was the lure and attraction to spanking that initially brought us together as we met on Spanking Needs almost 3 years ago now. Since that time we have found spanking to be very varied as to the purpose and result of a reddened behind.
We both prefer the type of spanking that we call disciplinary spanking. This is a term that encompasses many aspects of that draw, that allure. The sweet anticipation of being laid over your sir’s knee and being exposed and bared. The wonderful feeling of submission and the giving up of control to someone who shares in your trust, love and devotion. How I love to feel you soften and calm while lying so sweetly over my knee. Feeling the transition of my lovely girl from the adult living in the often stressful adult world, into the child seeking the security and safety of their daddy’s firm hand. Being scolded but in a way that is real, used as a reminder of our mutual expectations and desires. The spanking a sound one, as that is a need which we both share as it brings you to the level of submission and the sweet euphoric sub space and me to the powerful and also euphoric dom space. The act in total, a mutually loving giving and receiving as both dominance and submission are to us. The sweet naturalness which dictates the path of where the spanking will evolve and culminate. Yes, my darling girl, this is an aspect of our relationship that we mutually crave and one that brings mutual gratification, joy and pleasure. Something that has so many positive rewards to both of us and one of those results is a strong motivation for my naughty girl to behave in ways that are beneficial to your health and well being.
From the time that we first met, you honestly and openly expressed your needs to me. Your need to be held accountable which included to not be allowed to manipulate out of that accountability. How in the past that ability to manipulate others led to very poor decisions and choices that adversely effected your health and well being. Your clear articulation of this made a strong impression on me and as such will always be an integral part of our relationship.
I do not enjoy punishing you. But, by God I will when necessary. I do not enjoy leaving welts on your adorable behind, but if a serious transgression transpires, in essence you really leave me no choice. We are both clear on what those transgressions are and we are also very clear on what will transpire. Yes, my darling girl, you will receive the strap. Yes, the strap which you detest and derive no pleasure from. The purpose being less a punishment for the transgression and more to deter you from making the same choice in the future. This is my pledge to you my darling.
So, you have clear choices my lovely girl. You may always discuss anything with me as you have freely done in the past. But ultimately the final decision is in my hands. My desire is and always be your discipline. This I adore and will attend to it with fervor. But despite that joy and pleasure I shall never neglect my responsibility in keeping that balance.
` So, as you can see, you do have clear choices my love, while I have only one when you make a seriously incorrect one.

In love and devotion

Your sir

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hi im new to spankingtube im 31 male in a wheelchair and im interested in spanking girls as discipline when they need it . you can contact me on here by messaging me on here . looking forward to talking to others . Add me or comment or private message me

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After many requests and a lot of careful thought, I have finally decided to reveal who I am here to the community. Hope everyone has a GREAT week!!!!!


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I realize that I have gain so much weight.. I am at 200 :( I need help crys.....

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The feel of the sand on my feet as I walk the beach fill my mind with one memory that feels like something I just walked away from. The sky is black and the shimmer of the stars shine down on the water creating a reflection bright enough for me to see where to lay my sheet. Laying there listening to the water crashed onto shore send me into my own mind where he stands before me waiting for my submission. "my beautiful little slave, get up and stand before me". His hand filled with strength and power reached out for mine and his beautiful blue eyes looking soft but the tone in his voice being totally opposite. The size of his hands over take mine as they connect and he pulls me up. He turns me around and wraps his hands around my neck and begins to squeeze. He leans into my ear and tells me to pull my panties down not totally off. Although his voice is low The tone that hit my soul was heavy and it was meant for me to obey him. "May I let go of your hand to do so Sir ?" I asked. Proud of his slave for asking he agrees and let's go so I can pull them down. As my fingers touch the lace of my panties and I begin to bring them down they stick to the wet between my thick beautiful pussy lips. Oh how master will not be happy I couldn't control myself! He sits in his beach chair , knees high Like a bench and places me over him. His hand caressing my back, sliding past my cheeks still cold to the touch and to my lips and he stops......."did I tell you that you could get that wet" he says . The feeling of disappointing my master only makes it drip more knowing the consequences that he has in store for me. He warned me not to move and tells me to count each one and then thank him. My heart is beating so hard and as his hand comes down each time it becomes harder for me to thank him properly. If I can't thank him properly he will stuff my mouth with his dick and choke me , when he does my pussy will soak is me. I struggle to get the words out after the 60th stroke the pain is too great. My hand has the urge to stop is but I won't dare! I force out the last two numbers barely and he says "that's it!" Standing me up and then putting me down on my knees The cool air blows across my skin and I am order to put his cock into the back of my throat. I start to beg him , no and that I'm sorry and I'll count properly but as a words cry from me their stopes by his hands choking me. I know I didn't ask him to speak , at this point I can barely breathe! My head is feeling light and in my mind I'm hoping he will release me. I can feel them using one hand to pull his dick out , "swallow it bad girl" . With the skin of his dick on my tongue and the head of it on my throat he finally let's go of my neck and begins to fuck my face. My pussy squirting all over the sheet makes his dick harder , he reaches down in between my legs and feels how wet I am, inserting his fingers and fucking me with them . "now get back over my knee and finish your punishment" . Reluctantly wanting to stop the closure I got back over my masters that and continue to count......." 61 , Thank you Master " .........

To be continued ......

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I haven't been around here lately, and I am so sorry! I'm making it up to you by posting a whole bunch of new trailers from my latest videos! Check them out right here, then head over to my clips store,, and buy the ones you like!Or, you can have access to ALL of my clips by subscribing at!

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Look high in the skies on this hallows eve's night,
For there's a glowing green star that prepares to take flight,
Illuminating the sky with it's heavenly glow,
Trailing stardust behind that shimmers like emerald snow,
As it sweeps below the heavens, tumbling and turning through the air,
A beacon on the wind that paints the clouds and burns deep like a flare,
The world beneath stops and stares not quite believing,
Unaware the nights evening will transform to something quite deceiving,
For this friendly faced star has been here once before,
And it's secrets are kept quietly in an ancient book of folklore,
Stowed behind the door of a young girl's treasure chest,
Where legends are told that no mortal soul could ever guess,
For now the girl and her books both lay quiet in peace,
But as the emerald glow trickles through her window the curse is released,
Creeping like ivy, it's vines wrap tightly and grip with intent,
Cunning and slick, they slither and slip, pulling fiercely towards her bed,
Haze fills the air weighing heavily like lead, thick and sedating in scent,
Whispers and chants fill the girls head, sweet dreams turn to abating torment,
Her eyes ping open, yet the nightmare remains unbroken,
Panic engulfs as she screams out in horror, yet her body stays frozen,
Suddenly the chest begins to shake, to tremble and vibrate,
It flies wide open and the book calls out, luring her like bait,
Elevating where she lies it's too late to avert her eyes,
Drowning out her cries, the chest slams shut, and the book claims it's prize

Will post part two shortly and it will definitely contain spanking!

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