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Tuesday 12th April

I got the cane this morning.

We have a caning bench with straps on it to hold me in place, but sometimes it is a pain to get out and set-up. My Mistress did not want to bother with the bench this morning and told me I would have to just bend over and hold still. I decided to set up one of our other pieces of equipment to restrain me for a caning. I set it up without asking! Mistress secured me in the ankle stocks and handcuffs and left me bent over in the living to wait for my caning. When it was time for my punishment I was released and told to put the equipment away and bend over like I was told to do in the first place. I was to get 30 strokes of the cane, but I got 50 strokes for trying to control what happened (topping from the bottom as she put it).

So in my schoolgirl's uniform, I had to bend over and touch my toes like I was first told and take 20 extra hard whacks with her cane!


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"I am a creature of the Fey
Prepare to give your soul away
My spell is passion and it is art
My song can bind a human heart
And if you chance to know my face
My hold shall be your last embrace.”

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Hello all!
We have not been very active lately, life & stuff, but I have started giving Bond some 'play' and punishment spankings, whippings, canings & strappings lately (including one multi-day "Welts on Welts" series) that I am having Bond prepare to post.
He has posted the first one plus a set of photos from this video entitled "Whip it... Whip it Good!" for your viewing enjoyment. The first is a 1 minute short from a nearly 10 minute video showing me strapping his bound ass, cock & balls. I am also having him post a 45 second short from the Caning sequence. This is So hot (IMHO) as I not only cane his lovely ass but his balls & cockhead as well. Check out the Photos posted here now for screen shots. The full version of this is also posted at spankinglibrary on our site (https://www.spankinglibrary.com/store/304).
For our friends & fans who have made requests, we are working on these. We have received requests for more cock & ball whippings and I am all to happy to accommodate since I do So love whipping his cock & balls... :)
There is a new little video of me cropping Bond's balls while he masturbates to orgasm posted on spankinglibrary as well. I may have him include a piece of this in a 'compilation' video of C&B whippings we will post sometime soon as well.
More videos cumming soon!

As always, thanks for the comments and enjoy!
Lady M

Bun Beating Fun
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I haven't bothered to start my blog here until now because I have been to busy with some health problems. I have been in and out of hospital for tests since well before I even joined this site. This site has and is wonderful and has helped to take my mind off of some of what is going on at the moment.

I got some good news the other day which cheered me up but what I really need is to give or receive a good hard spanking. I have had to go without my spanking fun for almost a year now and that is not my idea of fun...

Tomorrow I go back into hospital. I will be there for a few days for an opp. When I come out at the weekend, after a short recovery I will be able to receive a good spanking, my first for a long time. I can't wait.

I will post some pictures' or maybe a video or two.

I am very scared about tomorrow, not only the operation but also the results. Here's to hopping that I can blog here again.


I can't wait.


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How do you tell someone their going to be punished

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Start my first job today

Bun Beating Fun
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que pensez vous du code vestimentaire qu'un élève soumis à la fessée doit porter.
Je propose un short bien court pour dégager les cuisses et me rappeler que je suis docile et obéissant comme un petit garçon. Ainsi vêtu je suis conditionné pour me sentir en position de soumis.

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I did not shave well enough around my penis and balls and was taken to the punishment room to receive the Strap, Paddle and Cane.
Just uploaded the video, so it has not processed yet. Hopefully soon!!!


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I've been obsessing about doing a bath time spanking, even though I hate getting spanked wet. I've been watching a few bath spanking video, and they're very sexy. I think it would also be fun to do a "Bath Time with Abby" series, to read some erotica out loud in the bath and just be goofy and have fun with my viewers.

We found our tripods yesterday, so I was just doing some in-the-bathtub camera tests to check acoustics and angles. Here are some shots for my Good Morning photo album (even though it's not morning). Next time, let's hope for red cheeks and bubbles!

As a conversation topic, how do spankers and spankees feel about giving/receiving wet spankings?

Bun Beating Fun
923 views · 18 days ago

Wishing for Spring to get here. In need of outdoor spankings.

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Having just purchased an implement, it is not as effective as I had imagined but will be great for sensual play. I just thought how nice it would be if some of the suppliers offered a try before you buy system like some supermarkets who put tasters out for you.

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Another day another dollar. As they say. As days go it’s an overcast one. Intermittent drizzle. But not cold though.

Don’t come too close to me. I don’t like it. I need my space. But always you do come too close. Nevertheless I’ll smile and answer your questions of course. It’s what I’m paid to do. But please don’t come too close.

Closeness. Distance. Memories. Hazy memories. A mental rewind. A while back.

We are walking along the road. Strolling really. We are holding hands and silent. We are not speaking because we are unhappy but because we are happy. In love. In lust. Optimistic. I feel good. But always I need more sleep. That’s the job.

It is early evening. Not dark. Not dusk. Pre dusk. If you understand what I mean.

To my left, west, I can see across the river. Distant works. Green fields. Trees. Not people. Too far for that. I cannot see the water of the river. I know it is there though. Flowing. At times quicker. At times slower. Tidal. Changing directions.

For a moment I feel at one with nature. The cosmos.

Suddenly she turns to me and says: ‘Would you ever be unfaithful to me?’

‘No. Never,’ I reply. ‘Why would I want to hurt you?’

She squeezes my hand tighter. She feels reassured.

I mean what I say. I will never betray her with another woman. Never.

Fast forward to now.

Of course it never worked out that way. It never did with me. Maybe I’ll tell you more. Maybe.

I gaze out of the open door at the trees and bushes. A thousand shades of green. Or so it seems. A few shades of yellow. A couple of shades of red. Leaves. Not much breeze today. Occasional movements of small branches.

Please don’t get close to me. I don’t like it.

Bun Beating Fun
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I have finally found a disciplinarian that lives near me. He is perfect for me and a hard spanker and a strict disciplinarian. He is also a nice person and treats me with respect. I think I might have feelings for him and want to take it to the next level. I will see him in the morning and told him I want to talk to him about something but I am nervous. So I will post tomorrow and let you all know what happened.

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It’s Misty Moo’s birthday
We are gonna have some fun.
Everyone is ready
It’ll be the best party under the sun.

Misty Moo’s sweater is wrapped
With pretty paper and a bow.
The party games are planned—
But only the ladies know.

The birthday cake is ready
It’s chocolate with whipped cream.
It’s topped with red and golden raspberries
It’s the cake of a Misty Moo dream.

Misty Moo is blindfolded
As Miss Ciggy leads him into the hall.
Applause, applause, applause, applause
The excitement in the room says it all.

Miss Ciggy reaches to remove his blindfold
The ladies let out a squeal.
Misty Moo adjusts to the light,
To see Jim chained naked to the wheel.

Miss Belle runs her fingers
Down Jim’s hair covered chest
Then sits her bottom down
And watches his cock rise with zest

Miss Belle leans forward
Her mouth open wide
Everyone is cheering
As she takes Jim for a ride.

Miss Kissie and Miss Bliss
Give the wheel a spin.
Round and round Jim goes
As he fills Miss Belle’s mouth to the brim.

Miss Belle rocks her mouth
In and out, to and fro.
Harder and harder she sucks
As Jim’s face gets all aglow.

The ladies cheer Jim on
And know he’s soon to blow.
Miss Belle keeps the rhythm
For surely she’s in the know.

Jim lets out a hoot and a holler
Then shoots his wad between her lips.
He bucks and grinds and spasms
And tries to delve deeper with his hips.

The wheel slows down,
Miss Belle draws away quick.
She smiles at Jim somewhat shyly
Then comes back for one last lick.

Part 2 (Misty Moo’s Birthday Presents) to follow, eventually.

©2016 CLG0413

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The sound of the wind blowing through the trees. The trees swaying in the wind. Thoughts blowing through my mind. Thoughts. I feel tired. A little. Long day ahead. Looking forward to three days off. Thoughts. Ambitions. Goals. Desires. Lust. Avariciousness. Hopes. Fears. Plans. Plans that just remain plans. Withering on the vine.

Tumbleweed memories. It’s wrong to tell lies. Is it? Wrong, bad, to get caught telling lies. A lesson not learnt. Another lesson not learnt. Clever people can be stupid. Lessons to be learned. Apart from close friends and relatives nobody gives a shit about you. Remember that. Remember this also. Don’t piss of people who can and will do you harm. It’s on a need to know basis. Trust no one. Trust no one unless you have no choice. Trust only self-interest. The basest of desires. We are all hypocrites, cowards, liars, thieves, adulterers, kinky. Don’t tell me we’re not. We are.

Branches rocking in the wind. The rustle and hiss of the leaves blown by the wind.

I’m old now. I feel old. Weary. Disenchanted. What to do? What to do indeed.

Shutters banging.

It doesn’t matter what you do there’s always bills: electric, gas, house repairs, car repairs, petrol. Never enough money. Never enough left over. He says.

I nod. It’s true.

Am I just going to fade away? But I want to live. Live fully. Be remembered. Never forgotten. For good. For evil. What does it matter? Satan. A construction. A creation. A figment of my imagination. Other’s imagination.

There are no reasons. No sense. Only senses. Surrender is victory? Freedom is slavery, slavery to one’s desires. How ironic. Live a life of pointlessness. It’s all the same. Death is an illusion. I will not die. I cannot conceive of a world in which I don’t exist. Impossible. Life is an end in itself. Survival is the aim of life. You cannot win in this world but put off losing for as long as possible. Voice in a dream. Sometimes dreams tell us things. Sometimes.

The sun shines through the window. Brightens my notepad. Makes shadows of my fingers. As I scribble the shutter bangs. A speck scribbling in a universe big beyond conception. Yet I am the centre of that universe. Weird. Absurd.

The shutter bangs louder and harder this time against the frame. Against my consciousness.

Dark clouds speed across the grey sky. Rain will come. Good. I like the rain. Rain is here. Suddenly. Sodden grass. Muddy paths. Two people with umbrellas picking their way across the grass. One umbrella blown inside out. Gusty. Blustery.

You fucking humiliated me as a child. I wake up startled. It makes sense. She did humiliate me as a child. Repressed anger. I loved her though. She loved me too. Humiliated was the right word. My subconscious had been searching for the right word for a while.

Am I an emotional masochist? A neurotic time traveller of my mind. My memories. Are my memories clear? We use and shape history to justify the actions of the present. We all do. Don’t tell me otherwise. Don’t bullshit me. But I will lie to you. Hypocrite I am. Wish I’d been more skilled at being a hypocrite. I’d have more money now. Money delivers your desires. Regrets.

She takes her jacket off in front of me. Middle aged. Fat arms. Bingo wings. She does nothing for me. Why was I thinking of sex?

High winds now. Will trees come down? Footsteps crunching on the gravel. The rain is heavy now.

The same old questions. The same old remarks. Tedious. Wearing. Leave me alone. Go away people.

She’s blonde. Brown eyed. Pretty. Tanned face. Superdry Japan jacket. Common. Blue jeans. Slim. Yeah, I’d fuck her. First decent looking female all day. Mainly old here. Shuffling along.

Sun out now. I had a snooze at lunch. Not long. Maybe two to three minutes. Feel a bit better. Still need a new job. New interests.

Funny old thing life. When we finally get what we wanted we suddenly want something else.

Blue sky with fluffy white clouds. The breeze is gentle now…

Bun Beating Fun
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Has something gone wrong with the way SpankingTube processes messages between members? Is the default position now to block messages unless Members are already Friends? Or do a lot of SpankingTube members really expect someone to Accept them as New SpankingTube Friends when they have blocked receipt of messages?

I have recently received a lot of Friendship Requests from people who do not say anything about themselves in their Profile. I would like to Accept them as Friends, but first I need to know something about them. When I attempt to send them a message telling them I will Accept them contingent upon them telling me a bit about themselves, I now routinely get back a red banded notice that "This member is only accepting messages from Friends". OK, fair enough, but then I CANNOT Accept them as a Friend. Blocking receipt of messages does not seem like a very good way to make New Friends.

Curious thing is I am also getting this "Not Accepting Messages" notice even AFTER I have already Accepted someone as a New Friend. That does not make a whole lot of sense to me and implies something is wrong with the system.

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I know this doesn't pertain to spanking but oh well my blog so I guess I can post what I like. Sometimes in life our biggest fear is starting over. We get scared and say what if I start over and this time is worst than last? What if I start over with a new guy/girl and he/she is worst than the last guy/girl? What if I move to a new city and it's worst than the last? This thought process can stop you from achieving your goals in life and being happy . This thought process can also put you in a hurtful situation that you stay stuck in thinking you'll never achieve better. Sometimes we have to pull the courage and the strength to rise above the fear of starting over. In hopes of a better outcome then we have known in the past. So for everyone going through a tough time and battling a new start. Just remember sometimes starting over brand new can be a bright beginning.

... Signed future psychologist

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I’m driving along the coast road. It isn’t a sunny day but it isn’t raining either. Grey. Overcast. The time is around about half past four. We’ve not long ago had a cup of tea overlooking the haven and the esplanade. It was nice doing that. Relaxing. Tranquil. I like relaxing and tranquil. I realise that I also quite like driving too. Most of the time. The missus is with me and the plan is to have a meal out. I don’t feel like cooking today. I’m day off.

I look at the road ahead. It’s twisting, full of curves and I can’t see the end of it. Maybe there is no end to it. I attempt to make a metaphor out of that thought. Make some clever and profound remark linking life to an endless road; an apparently endless road. But I can’t be bothered.

Suddenly I recall the dream I had a while back. I feel the need to share it with the missus.

‘Did I tell you about the dream I had about a year back, darling?’

‘What dream was that?’

‘Well, I found myself in this very strange place. It was surreal and psychedelic with things constantly manifesting and metamorphosing. I was kind of mesmerised by it all and I felt bewildered. Around me people were passing by like they would in a street. As this woman hurried by I stopped her and asked where I was. She replied: “You’re in heaven.” I immediately responded: “What’s heaven?” “Heaven is a place where you are permitted not to understand,” she had explained matter-of-factly before carrying on walking. The dream had then ended at that point. Or I had woken up. I can’t remember now.’

‘Very strange,’ the missus says. ‘What do you think it means?’

‘I think it’s the subconscious telling me not to over analyse things. Which is one of the things that I do. Far too much.’

‘I agree with that.’

I don’t say anything for a bit. I watch the scenery passing by, the car ‘eating the road’ under it. I feel passive.

I then add: ‘Yeah, I have over analysed things over the years. It’s done me no good. Made plans that have failed when I would have been better just drifting through life and letting it all wash over me. I should live a simple life. Live for the day. Only think when I need to think. Accept things. Accept the absurdity and meaningless of life, the universe and everything.’

‘Yes, you don’t need to understand everything to enjoy life.’

We both fall silent for a bit. We round the last corner where the road becomes straight for a while and I can see further ahead…

Bun Beating Fun
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Esto les espera a las chicas desobedientes

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Going for 3 days to be home slave of Master Victor in his new house.
Looking for new ideas of spanking and punishment. One of the idea ask my girlfriend to write note to Master that I was a bad boy and need be birching. Birching with birches cut by myself and wet with water about 3-4 hours.
Sure we will do movies about this event.
Be ready!