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That hooded look
Deep and dark
It holds me like a magnet
My feet turn to stone

That power in your gaze
So icy hot it burns
A hole in my stomach
Be still
My beating heart

An earthquake starts in me
I wonder if you can see me tremble
As the heat rises up my neck
And you paint my cheeks crimson
Before you’ve even began

The sound of your voice
It sucks the air out of my lungs
My heart is in my throat
I can’t speak
So I listen

Your dissapointment
I am burning in it
I look at you with eyes that say
The words trapped on my tongue
I’m sorry

I don’t dare breathe them
I already know
Instead I offer my apology
In my submission
Trembling across your knee

And through my tears
You teach me
In the rhythm of your hand
And with the sting of your belt
How to be a good girl

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Yesterday, Master said blow up my dildo inflatable chair and have some fun, but I was in the middle of my chores then I was too tired so I never got to have a play. Master said my sketch today should be me on the dildo chair, so I've tried my best.

So Master came home and totally took the piss outta my sketch. Looks like E.T, tits look odd, was she Chinese, with her eyes like that, ( said she had her eyes closed in enjoyment, ) legs facing wrong way.
Told him I was deleting the picture, he said No.
Told him its really hard, he said Oh well.
Told him I'm not doing it anymore. He said, You know what will happen if you don't do it.
Told him to stop being mean then and let me do stick people.
He said, No stick men, and its part of my enjoyment to take the piss.
You know I'm only having a laff.
And I know he is, but still winds me up, but then that's what he enjoys too.

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The night is hours away,
And I'm laying on our bed.
I've tossed aside my robe,
And my silky legs, are spread.
I'm reading magazines,
And I'm propped up on my arms,
I'm giving you a view,
Of all my lady charms.
I'm teasing you a bit,
With a wiggle and a glance.
I hope to tempt some play,
And a whacking, on my ass.
But, you're already late,
And I didn't want to come,
I'd rather you stayed home,
But it's rare, that you succumb.
I know it's only business,
And you'll hurry home, to me.
Thinking of my bottom,
Resting bare, across your knee.
I pull the terry belt,
From the loops that hold my robe,
And wrap it round my wrists,
As I flip a page, from Vogue.
You stop and bite your lip,
Then you, quickly, check your watch,
You lightly, lick your lips,
As you stroke my cheeks and crotch.
I laugh and smile at you.
It's all a little game.
I know that later on,
You will, surely, bring the flames.
You must go out and leave me,
But you're hard and full of lust,
You leave me with a spanking,
Upon my naughty, butt .
I'll be home by ten, dear,
Stack those pillows high.
I can't wait to finish,
With my belt, on your behind.
He leaves a simple handprint,
On each cheek, to think of him,
He knows that I'll be waiting,
For a wicked, night of sin.

The English Mansion
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Well folks,
As I stated in my profile that the 2 other things I love doing that keep me outta trouble are singing...mainly karaoke & equestrian sports..oh and let's not forget getting into all kinds of mischeif LOL so 5 yrs ago I thought I'd submitt a song to AGT but alas i chickened out at the last minute, so I'll never know if I could of made anything of this..oh well maybe I should have gotten my butt tanned before hand to motivate me?... eh??

well here goes, hey I'm bored outta my tree... its either torment you guys or get in worse

Enjoy it my little guinny pigs:))

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On the chest of a bar maid from sale,
was tattood all the prices of ale,
Whilst on her behind,
For the sake of the blind,
Was exactly the same, but in braille .

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I think it all started
back in 71
when a man named Chrysler
was gettin' it done
they were green and purple
and the shone like stars
they were American made
and they were muscle cars

talk about your Lincoln
and your Mercury
but I'll tell you right now
I'll take a Super Bee
I'm the kind of guy
with a different plan
I got a Cuda with a hemi
I'm a MOPAR man

with one hand on her thigh
the other on the wheel
there's just something about
that American steel
I got nothing to lose
and only time to kill
you better pull it over
I got a license to thrill

you got your pick up trucks
and your SUV's
your Mercedes Benz
got nothing on me
I'm the kind of guy
with a different plan
I got a Cuda with a hemi
I'm a MOPAR man

you got your Chevys and Fords
with your 302's
but a guy like me
I got nothing to lose
put your money on the table
at the edge of town
I'll be picking it up
with the hammer down

that's the end of the story
that's all that she wrote
I'll be tellin' no lie
I'll be tellin' no joke
I'm the kind of guy
with a different plan
I got a Cuda with a hemi
I'm a MOPAR man

The English Mansion
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After 2 weeks holiday with no opportunity for a spanking I got a pretty good spanking and caning tonight.

It's been a couple of months since the canes came out and I must admit I was a bit of a wimp at the start with the whippy one but she was having none of it and kept up a fast pace with it until she moved on to thicker more thuddy options.

I realise I'm a lucky boy to have a wife that indulges me, if only she switched she would be perfect!

Does anyone know why photos always seem to show less redness than there is in real life??

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Regret’s mind and body was caught up in a whirlpool of a chaotic mix, of many thoughts, feelings and sensations. Her body had been wracked with the throes of orgasm, though she'd wanted to remain stoic. This young man had coaxed and teased such a enormous response, from her physical self, that it overwhelmed her mental determination. Her nerve endings buzzed with intensity, from the various spankings. Her bottom was full and her rectum was overextended, to accommodate the large rubber plug, he finagled into her bottom. Her female orifice was packed full of his big throbbing cock. Her heart pounded in her chest and her breath was ragged.

Dylan once again thrusted his pelvis forward, beneath her, as she straddled him. The movement moved his dick, in and out of fully filled cavities. She had already began the tingling electricity, that signaled, she was headed towards, yet another climax. Her resistance was gone . She didn't care. She wanted to ride him to that place again. He d settled her, onto his lap, her bruised, tender spots, rested fully upon his lap. He used just a subtle movement, to bump against her cervix. He kept adjusting the angle of his penetration, moving her and adjusting his hips, until he found her G spot. He felt her vaginal walls squeeze his shaft, and she came in a spurting, squirting, gush of orgasmic bliss. She'd heard of women ejaculating, but it had never happened to her. She doubted this young man needed any lessons, in satisfying his future bride.

Dylan had done lots of reading and watching of videos. He had been waiting, to try everything he'd learned. He seemed to be able to do it all, just right. He'd practiced holding on to his erection, as long as possible. Only now, as her juice soaked him, did he release his load. He came in a roar of energy and relief.

Regret fell against him, spent. Dylan felt her heart thudding and he kissed her throat and mouth, thanking her for sharing such an explosive moment. He felt that smoldering anger for Regret, cooling at last. Still it did seem a pity, after breaking her down, not to avail himself of her vulnerability. He'd waited so long to be able to be the one, with his hand on the strap. He wasn't going to walk away from that. Also, though he was close to forgiveness, he was not quite there yet.

They enjoyed a drink, to cool down. Regret felt, like they had moved out of the punishment phase and into the areas of sexual pleasure. She asked if she could sit down. She really DID feel the pain, returning. Her reprieve had been, in part, due to the endorphins and adrenaline which had flooded her bloodstream, and in part, from achieving her sexual peak. It would be difficult, to sit normally, with the tail, but maybe she could sit back on her heels. While she considered her comfort, Dylan was deciding what to do next. He enjoyed asking her questions, keeping her off balance.

“Describe the feeling of the plug, inside of you and what it means, to you, to wear this tail.” he demanded.” He sat back, comfortable in the chair, as she stood, naked, except for her corset and bustier. Her breasts , her genitalia, and bottom, all were completely exposed.

“Umm…” she said thinking, why did he have to pry so, digging at her psyche? She resented his insistence, at accessing her inner feelings… As long as she performed well and obeyed him, was that not enough?? What part of herself, was her own?

Dylan grew impatient.”Maybe it isn't big enough. Shall I find a longer plug, one with greater girth...Hmmm? You've forgotten my rules, already! You Answer “Sir”, and obey, without hesitation! Now, get over to the horse. He lifted the small girl, to sit upon it, like a saddle. It was then, he restrained her, locking her hand, foot and neck to the horse. He had moved her butt to the very edge. The horse tail dangled from her behind, and her torso was flat across the back. It was very similar to the way, she had tied him, for his whipping and caning!

“I'm, I'm sorry, Sir, I was trying to sort out my feelings. I hadn't had time to think of how I felt!
The plug is very uncomfortable. I feel very full, but also like I'm on the verge of ripping open.
The feel of you inside me against that plug, was different from anything, I'd ever felt. I've never come so hard and long before! The tail…. It's humiliating! I hate it!!”

That's very good, Regret. Enough chatter for now. He blindfolded her, and fitted headphones to her ears. He didn't want her to see, or hear, what was coming. Dylan wanted her only sensation to be, of the flesh. He oiled her legs her bottom, and her soft lady lips. As he took up a good heavy strap, he wondered how Evan was doing. He'd certainly tasted these pleasures before. Janie deserved a talented partner in bed, not just a red bottom and a firm word. They all deserved happiness.

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On Easter Father Bill gave the homily. He said he received Easter cards from all the grades K-8 but his favorite was the 4th grader's card. They drew a picture of Jesus in a coffin on the front side and when you open it they drew Him sitting up. In the little talking bubble overhead were "I'm Baacck!!"
Cracked me up. That was pretty much the extent of the sermon; making it the Best Easter Homily Ever!

The English Mansion
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On Easter Father Bill gave the homily. He said he received Easter cards from all the grades K-8 but his favorite was the 4th grader's card. They drew a picture of Jesus in a coffin on the front side and when you open it they drew Him sitting up. In the little talking bubble overhead were "I'm Baacck!!"
Cracked me up. That was pretty much the extent of the sermon; making it the Best Easter Homily Ever!

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Sketch No 4.

Ordered to strip and put my fox tail plug in, I had to crawl out into the garden, lift my tail up so Master could watch. And use the garden as my toilet, then crawl back inside when I had finished.

(This has not happened for real yet, but I'm sure this will give Master some ideas.)

Master said the tail looks like a carrot, so I will apologise now if anyone else thinks so.

The English Mansion
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Sorry I haven't been blogging I hurt my knee bad so I have been resting a lot and have been on painkillers..... Well be ok Hugs to all spank on

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Have you ever been paddled to the beat of a metronome? I have. Denny came across one from somewhere and after cleaning it up he saw it would let him select the bpm for a set time followed by a pause then select a different bpm for a set time. He could change the bpm for a different duration 3 times. After that it would go to a standard ¾ time around 45 bpm.The piece itself though couldn’t be set slower than 40 bpm or faster than 175 bpm. Originally it could set the beat between 40-200 bpm. Once when he wanted to demonstrate how 5 minutes was more than enough time to put stamps on 4 envelopes, put them in the mailbox and raise its flag, he set the metronome for 75 bpm for 3 ½ minutes then a 5 sec pause followed by 90 bpm for 1 minute. The reason the paddling didn’t become some wild 300+ swat spanking was during part of the first segment Denny stopped to pull my shorts down and later my panties. I lost count fairly quickly; he spanked me hard and 75 bpm is faster than you might think. I was crying louder than the metronome before the switch to 90 bpm so during the pause between segments he made me get up and adjust the volume to the loudest point then go back over his knee. That final minute just tore my bottom up. There wasn’t an inch of my behind that wasn’t spanked, wasn’t as red as a flame. It certainly felt as if he had lit it on fire! I boo-hooed through it all but I knew I deserved it for being bad. The envelopes not stamped and mailed were some of our monthly bills and we were charged late fees on 3 of them.

The English Mansion
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Have you ever met the Cane?
Have you ever been punished with the Cane?
Have you ever heard the Sound of the Cane?
Have you ever experienced the burning Kiss of the Cane?
Have you ever felt the "sweet" pain given by the Cane?
Have you ever seen the beautiful red Stripes made by the Cane?
YOU HAVEN'T??? your unforgettable Experience.....fetch a Cane and let him Dance across your naked Bottom......until you may meet your Satisfaction!

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Dylan watched Regret fidgeting, while she sat on the bristle brushes. He smoked a cigar, while he enjoyed her obvious discomfort. He picked up the horse tail plug, and played with it, just to watch her eyes grow big. It was, of course, coming. Just as he had endured that indignity, so would she. She pleaded silently, for mercy beseeching him, with teary eyes. He however, was unswayed. She had been merciless, and he would pay her back, in kind.

Regret felt the bristles burrowing into her tender bottom, they set her skin afire, like a band of stinging bumblebees, beset on her behind. As if they were in a swarm, sinking their stingers into her blistered behind, her skin felt assaulted. She had always been able to manipulate men. She was trying her best to present her big tear filled eyes, her pouting, quivering lip, to soften his resolve, but he seemed immune to her wiles.

Dylan stubbed out his cigar, and lifted her very slowly from the chair. The brushes rose up, with her rear end, each pointed bristle embedded in flesh. As she stood, they fell to the ground. He turned her around and was a little surprised, and a bit relieved, that there was no blood, at all. His fingers could feel all the tiny indentations in her bottom. It felt good, knowing he'd made her so feel so wretched, but still had not broken her skin. It was an art!

He pushed aside the many implements, and bent her, over table. He applied some cream, and sensuously spread it, over her bottom and legs. He pressed into the clusters of bristle marks, as if reading Braille.

“Tell me, Regret, how does your bottom feel, now?”

“Oh, Sir, I've had enough! Please, I've learned my lesson… Please!”

“Answer me, or shall I give you yet another lesson?!”

“My bottom is very hot! Like fire and bee stings! I want to go home.” She really started to cry,uncontrollably, as he dragged the tail across her bottom. “Please don't…. Sir, it's so big!” She was not ready, to have that large plug driven up her bottom. The thought of wearing that, humiliating horsetail, made her weep.

“It is big, and I'm going to be very gentle, as we work together, to squeeze it into your itty, bitty butthole. It is going in, though, eventually, I can promise you that!!.”

He got the baby oil, and squeezed it right into her puckered rosebud. He donned a glove, just as he'd seen the Dr. do to Tempest, at the Midsummer Fair. He put some extra jelly on his finger. He instructed her to reach back and pull her cheeks apart. He wanted her, to have to participate in the process. It was awkward, but she managed to arch her back and grab her cheeks. She opened wide, that crevice, he'd earlier paddled.

Dylan's hands were giant! Each finger was thick and strong. He started, by moving his pointer, in circles, around her hole, getting closer to the center, and applying a tiny amount of pressure there...push, stop, push, stop, adding jelly, and pushing a bit more. Slowly its mouth opened, inviting a little of his finger inside. He lubricated again, and rocked his digit, in and out, pushing and prodding. He was in, about an inch, and he could feel the tight band of muscles, trying to keep him out. But he kept at at it, now fingering her clitoris, by reaching around the front. Her feet were on the floor, but her chest was on the table. Her hands were still making clear, the way between her round red globes.

Regret did not want to respond, but her body betrayed her. She found herself pushing against his finger and the sound of her pounding heart, rang in her ears. Even amid all this pain, she was getting closer and closer to climaxing. Dylan added a last squirt of oil, and as she began to buck beneath him, his finger slid inside of her, and she came like thunder, screaming behind her tightly pursed lips, not wanting to give him the satisfaction, but unable to stop this rush towards oblivion. With his finger buried, she gasped and panted, as the spasms of orgasim rushed through her. At last her mouth fully opened. The sound of passion, fell from her lips.

Dylan, found a plug, a fair amount smaller, than the tail, dipped it in jelly, and while the aftershocks were still coming, he pulled out his finger. He quickly slipped the plug inside. It met with some resistance, but not as much as he thought. He thrusted the slippery plug in and out as he prepared the tail. She was well on her way to the next climax. He breached her doorway, once again, with the very large knob that held the horse tail. He continued to massage her. Dylan began to insert the giant plug. She could feel herself being stretched far wider, than ever before. She was complaining, but was still lost, in all the sensations. Suddenly, the deed was done. The plug had completed it's journey and was swallowed up in her bottom. Now a lovely, shiney, horse hair tail tickled her thighs.
Dylan was thrilled. Very nice! Just as he'd worn one, like this, so would she. She'd wear it, until he decided otherwise!

She'd had a bit of a rest and some pleasure, but now he needed relief. Dylan's cock was engorged, and his balls throbbed. He needed her. He pulled Regret to her feet, watching her tail swing, with every movement. He shrugged out of his shirt and kicked off his pants. He pulled down the front of his boxer briefs and revealed his massive hard on. He sat in the roomy barrel chair, and motioned her to him. She started to kneel, but he brought her closer, to straddle him. As he entered her dripping lips, he felt the fullness in her bottom, against him. She groaned as she tried to make room for his huge shaft. She didn't know how, but he was in her. His hands gripped her sore bottom and lifted up and let her fall onto his sword. She was his sheth. The pain of his grip, on her hot cheeks, no longer felt like agony, but ecstasy.

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So, here's a question I'd love to ask you fine Spankers/spankees.

When you find yourself needing a much stronger, harder, longer, perhaps more serious, spanking than your spanker prefers to give...

Where do you put your line between asking for what you need/want, and not obligating someone beyond what they are comfortable giving? What is your process for handling it? Or do you let it be and deal with it internally? Where do you draw your line?

Granted, I have my own ways and draw my own lines, and they differ depending on the person I'm with. I have to, being someone with a low pain threshold but a very high pain tolerance (a blog all in itself, right there!) Besides, I prefer to glean from all encounters that I can, no matter the level or intensity. But sometimes... there's just a need! So, I have my own processes of either asking or just dealing with not getting.

But I am curious what other people do.

I can't be the only person out there who finds themselves in these situations, so often paired with someone who simply doesn't want to hurt you "too" badly.... no matter what you say to them... Who stops when you start to react, when you are reacting because you are finally just starting to touch where you need to go!

Anyone else? What do you personally do? Where do you draw the line? Swallow it, let your spanker be comfortable and leave yourself unfulfillingly 'comfortable' as well?

Ask, prod, write, explain, exhort, encourage, egg on?

Leave it and deal?

Complain? Beg? Cry?

Buy a dense OTK paddle, hand it to them, bare your bottom and jump over their lap? Stick out your tongue when they send you to the corner? Wear a gag and restraints so they just can't TELL when you start to react? Tell their friends they spank like a... well, I know plenty of hard-handed women so let's not go there...

Joking aside... what do you do?

The English Mansion
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I was invited over to Pete's place a few weeks ago for drinks and to meet some of his friends I had never met before. Pete had said it was a semi formal affair so smart casual dress was the order of the day. I felt a little nervous at this but dressed up and went along anyway. I was little disappointed and cross when I get there as his 5 other guests, all guys and Pete were wearing jeans. I felt like a prize dick in smart trousers and shirt. I'd also been expecting some kind of cocktail party but most of them were drinking canned beer. I soon got over my disappointment as the guys were all really nice and also all gay. A few drinks in I was sitting next to two guys named Tony and John on one sofa and I was sitting on the end right and facing the other sofa it was easy to talk to Tom, Ben, Howard and ofcourse Pete, opposite. We all got fairly drunk and started talking about guys and turn ons, Ben, immediately opposite me suddenly boldly stated they knew about my special experience and had heard Howard and I shared it. Howard and I looked shocked at each other and just as this point we both felt snaps on our wrists and noticed the guys to our left had handcuffed one each of our wrists. Thankfully I was drunk enough to go along with this and we were asked to stand up and had both our wrists handcuffed behind us. I kind of recall a lot of giggling and everybody getting down to underwear and tshirts but Howard and I wear ushered out of our trousers and shoes as we were unable to do this ourselves. I was then beckoned over Tony's knee and I kind of guessed what was coming! Pete winked at me as John and Tony began to explore my arse with their hands, cupping, stroking squeezing and copping a cheeky feel at my nuts and rubbing my dick through the fabric of my boxer briefs. The same was happening to Howard who had Tom and Ben at him as he lay on Ben's knee. A sneaky Pete was making up drinks in his tight white briefs I noted just as I got the first a several sharp slaps across my stripey boxers. I could also feel I was getting hard a fact John encouraged with a wandering hand. As Tony spanked me more John sat beside me at Tony's feet and aided my hard dick more as he slipped a lubed hand down my pants and stroked my dick. I later hand my pants yanked off and Tony lubed his fingers as he explored my hole while John now lay underneath me sucking my dick. I glanced across the room to see the same happening to Howard. The only difference being that his spanker Ben was sucking a now naked Pete off too. Tony resumed spanking me the more he noted my excitement and John sucked and chewed at me unrelentingly and with expert tongue work. I was making a fair bit of noise and Tony ceased for a moment with the spanking to remove one of my socks which he duly shoved in my mouth to muffle my noise! He then whacked hard a slow a further ten times, each blow forcing me further down John's throat. The tenth blow seeing me screaming through my sock as I came hard in John's eager mouth and he worked every drop of it out! I was embarrassed and satisfied at once. I recall getting my pants and sock back later and drinking more and I rewarded Tony with a blow job as he did the same for John. Everyone at some point was paraded naked in front of everyone else and got cheek slapped, whipped or worse (Pete at one stage wearing only his watch, got fingered by each guy in the room in turn). Everyone went home sticky and satisfied but only Howard and I had the hand marks as mementoes on our arses. Going to have to get that Pete back!

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What happens when you get a spanking at school?

I get spanked at home.
But Daddy today was totally unfair and I didn't deserve a spanking at all!
It wasn't my fault, it was all a misunderstanding. I did go to class, I stayed through the entire period..

By all means young lady, tell Daddy your side of the story because I've already talked to your teacher and I do believe I understand the situation very clearly.
You are getting a spanking no matter what young lady.

Umm well I was a tiny bit late and he had already taken roll so I guess that marked me down as a skip but I swear I was there.

How late were you?

A few minutes, maybe 10?

And where were you?

I was talking with my friends.

Your teacher warned you if you had another mark against you I would allow him to spank you as he suggested you need. I believe I made the right decision, a good paddling at school leads to a hard hair brushing at home. I'm certain you have a tender bottom Miss, consider that a warm up compared to what you're going to get from me tonight.

Yes Daddy.

Now before I tan your fanny I want you to put your pajamas on and lay on the bed waiting for me.
Go on, upstairs right now young lady. Lay on your tummy with your pj's on and you wait there.

I climbed the stairs leading up to my room, Daddy knew my bottom was terribly sore, this was going to hurt. I wanted to cry, this was so unfair. Why couldn't Daddy wait until the morning when my bottom had a night to recover. Now I wasn't going to sit down for a week and every time I wince in class my teacher will know I'm sitting on a sore fanny.
As instructed
I changed out of my school skirt and blouse and put pajamas on I knew were his favorite, hoping that would score me a few mercy points...then I laid on the bed, and waited.

Daddy came in my room and he lowered my pj bottoms, I had expected him to take me over his knee but instead he told me he was going to take my temperature to make sure I could take the healthy dose of the hairbrush I had coming. Daddy slid the thermometer into the vaseline and parted my cheeks and inserted it inside, tapping it every few seconds making sure I was feeling the shame of the thermometer in my bottom, Daddy told me to lay still and he'd be back to check on me in a few minutes.

5 minutes later Daddy came back and sat beside me on the bed. He smelled fresh and clean from a quick shower, he had his bathrobe on and seemed ready for bed except for one thing left to do.
Daddy removed the thermometer and studied it and said I was perfectly healthy to get spanked tonight. With that Daddy stood up and grabbed the chair and sat down. He firmly told me to pull my pajama bottoms up and to put my naughty fanny over his knee where I belonged. I slightly pouted and Daddy patted his lap and I laid across his knees.

Starring at the carpet, my hand teetering as an anchor, the other holding on to Daddy's leg, I was in a very familiar position once again for the second time. It was embarrassing enough to be spanked over my teachers knee today! I'm a big girl I shouldn't get spanked like a child! That made me squirm abit and Daddy held me tighter and began setting my pajama bottoms on fire.
Hard hairbrush smacks, right side, left side, back and forth, ouch it hurt so much!

I never want to receive a phone call from your teacher informing me you were given a spanking.
Do I make myself clear Miss?

Ow! Yes Daddy! Yes!

You are to be on time for all of your classes, not talking to your friends when class is about to begin. You can talk to your friends after school young lady, do you understand?

Yes, please Daddy I understand, I won't ever be late to class again, i promise, OW please!

Daddy stopped and pulled my pajama bottoms down and rubbed my bare bottom. Although the caresses felt good, I knew what was coming next.

Shame on you that I have to spank you so sternly over my knee like the naughty little girl you portrayed today. Shame on you I have to take my hairbrush to your bottom before bed tonight. Naughty girl, Daddy is going to teach you a good lesson. Bare bottom hot spanking for you.

I was kicking and struggling across Daddy's lap, the smacks to my bare fanny were intense and setting me on fire, quickly I was howling and begging Daddy to stop.

Almost in tears now I promised I had learned my lesson! Please Daddy, I'll never ever be late, I'm sorry Daddy! I'll do better
OW Ouch!

You will do better every day by being respectful and attentive to your teachers. Understand?

Yes Daddy!

I expect you to pay attention to time and follow the rules at school.

Yes Daddy! Ow! I promise! I've learned my lesson!

That's my good girl.
He placed the hairbrush down beside me and pulled me up and sat me down on his lap. I rested my head on his chest as he held me close. Daddy rubbed my crimson bottom and reassured me I was his good girl, and though I may find myself back over his knee again, all was forgiven tonight.

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