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...to all the dads, granddads and ladies who are both dad and mom.

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(a work of spanking fiction)

Dear Miss Charlotte,

I have arrived safely at University and I am discovering the wonderful city of Boston. I was quick to contact your friend and admirer Sir William Baines and am happy to report that he is now fully in charge of my spankings. I find his manner to be both friendly and congenial yet he is most capable of a strict demeanor when warranted. On presenting your letter of introduction, I was ushered straight away into his office where I received a royal good spanking across his lap with a bit of the tawse thrown in as well for good measure. I am most thrilled to report that he is capable of administering a spanking with only his hand as effective of some that I have experienced with your paddle.

You may rest assured that my spankings will not go neglected for he, as I am sure you yourself are well aware, is a most enthusiastic disciplinarian. I have given my full consent to the disciplining and do share in his belief that regular and frequent spanking will be needed as we have been discussing my behavior. It has been decided that I am to receive one spanking per day for the first week with the balance of my appointments to be determined later. I must admit that I am very much looking forward to my next spanking and by the time that you have read this, am sure to have had a number of such appointments to report to you.

I wanted to inquire about the young woman that acts as his secretary. I guess her age to be only a few years advanced from myself yet she carries herself with a confidence well beyond her years. I find her a bit brash and authoritarian in her own right and have noticed that she has taken a keen interest in my spankings. She arranged to walk in on my first spanking and did view me in a most embarrassing manner, across Sir William's lap with the seat of my shiny satin knickers up in the air and being soundly spanked! I do believe the reason for her intrusion was contrived and she dearly wanted to view my spanking in progress. She seemed most amused at my humiliation and did carry with her a look of smug satisfaction upon her countenance. I find her interest in my spankings to be both vexing and intriguing at exactly the same time. Any information you may have concerning her would be much appreciated.

I fear I must sign off now as it is already past our bedtime and I shouldn't dare to tempt yet another spanking as the first one I received just this afternoon has left me sitting on quite a sore and red bottom. Again, thank you for your kindness and concern in the matter of my spankings, and for your letter of introduction. I will keep you informed of both the frequency and the details of my disciplining appointments. I am to receive my second spanking tomorrow afternoon and am quite excited about the appointment. I am also quite sure that Sir William's secretary will contrive yet another reason to view me in a most compromising position and with my most embarrassing silken underpants on display. I will keep you informed of those developments as well.

Your loving nephew,


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David carried Raven up the stairs, her pajama bottoms still down around her knees. He'd taught her a good lesson in owning up to her mistakes. She'd been dangled over his knee, with his foot propped up, on a chair. He used a leather strap on her, until she cried. Finally the whole story came out, or at least he thought so. It would not keep him from digging, however, until he knew everything there was to know. This would be her last chance, but because he did love her. He was willing to try to come to a compromise.

He threw her over his shoulder and carried her up the stairs, bottom blazing hot. His needs were great and he needed to bed her, and claim her once again, as his own. The short leather strap was tucked into the waist of his pants. He was going to keep her ass on fire, in the days to come. But at the moment other things were more pressing, like the rock hard cock, in his pants.

“Take those pajamas off, and come here!” David said after putting her down.

Raven stripped off the flannel pajamas, folding them up and putting them on the chair. She returned to David, nervously. What will he do??

“Go get the lubricant from the drawer and put a tip on it. I want you to put the applicator into butt and squeeze the tube. Do it well, because I'm not feeling gentle.”

Raven took the cap off the tube and screwed on a tip, that she pushed into her bum. It spread the cream throughout her rectum. She squeezed the tube hard, because she knew she'd need all the help she could get. David had a very big cock, and the first few minutes, were always difficult. He usually stretched her with plugs, before he took her that way, but she was certain, there would be no such civilities, tonight. When she was done, she unscrewed the top and discarded it, and put the lubricant away.

“Over here, NOW.” David ordered. Raven approached cautiously, unsure what he'd do next. She had not taken off her panties, rather pulled them aside, to use the cream. He told her to take off the pajamas. He didn't say anything about her panties. She remembered earlier, when he grabbed them in his fist. Maybe she should have taken them off. When he saw them, he was annoyed. “You know what I meant!” He reached for the strap, bent her over the bed, and gave her five more whacks, reheating the fire on her bottom. The strap added another layer of welts to her very marked bottom. She cried as he laid each new road across the landscape of her ass. She reached back, instinctively to cover herself, but David, quickly, grabbed both of her hands and held them, in one of his, against her back. He cracked the leather three more times, across her thighs, for interfering. Raven yelped each time he swung and dragged the strap across her tender skin. The last three began at the outside of her leg and dug in leaving a trail of white, which soon turned to purple.

Raven thought, there was no point in fighting. He's going to punish me. He has to, to let it go, to get over my betrayal. Every whack brought him closer to forgiveness, so she welcomed them. She almost felt the need to be beaten and was grateful he was willing to punish her, after what she'd done. Her might have let her go, but that would have certainly, been the end of their story.

He spread her ass cheeks apart, as he tore open a condom with his teeth and spit the wrapper out of his mouth. He unrolled it over the head and down the shaft of his hard on. He held the tip of his enormous erection, up to her bum. He held his cock and pushed, wedging it into the tight little spot. His stiffness pushed aside the puckered edges, stretching the walls, as her entered her. He felt her trying to pull away, and slapped her ass hard.

“Push back, open up to me!”He demanded.

She arched her back and eased herself against his penis, opening up her flower, while he advanced deeper, down the cavern. Once past the muscle ring, he held back no more. He penetrated her, until he felt the heat of her bottom make contact with his pubic area. She grunted, as he pumped and thrusted, until the cream paved the way, for the smooth rhythm of his long strokes.

Raven relaxed and let the tingling build in her.
She felt his hand reach around her hip and find her little knot. She gasped as he trapped it between his fingers, pinching it and rubbing it until she came. David was exhausted from the day, but his passion for Raven was great. He sucked and bit into her shoulder, while he reamed her from behind. After what seemed a long while, he made her cum once more, while he flooded the rubber with his lust and frustrations. He'd left his teeth marks in her, because she was HIS!!

He pulled out of her. They were both satisfied and spent. Tonight they would sleep together and start hand in hand, down the road to redemption. It would not be an easy avenue for either of them to walk. David would not stop, until he had ferreted out, every bit of information. Raven would suffer his anger, as he learned each detail of her betrayal. His rage would reignite each time he learned something new, until it burned itself out. Hopefully, then, they could move forward with their plans. If she wanted a future with him, she would have to be submit to David, without complaint.

David pulled down the blankets. He lifted her into the bed, on the cool sheets. Even so, her bottom was boiling hot and so bruised, the touch of the fine, percale fabric, felt like sandpaper. She rolled onto her tummy and he covered her up. She pushed the blankets off of her bottom and legs. She couldn't stand, even the light touch, she was so sore.

David got into bed and reached for her, pulling her into his arms. Her hot behind, was against him. Hie nestled his dick between her battered globes. She loved his embrace, but she hurt so much, she wanted to be left alone. He wasn't having it, though. Almost losing her, he wanted to hang onto her closely, to feel their connection. It reassured him, there was still hope for their future.

Raven fell quickly to sleep, despite the pain, safe in his arms. She did love him so. As she dreamt, she pictured herself in a wedding gown, walking down the aisle, the church filled with friends. David smile as he waited at the altar, to be joined to her, forever. Tempest would be her maid of honor and they'd have big family get togethers, at the Lakehouse. As the years past, they would play with their grandkids on the lawn of the heat house. They would live happily, into their golden years.

David’s sleep was fitfull. He pictured Raven dressed in slinky lingerie, meeting secretly, with Etienne. He pictured them kissing. He worsened her with the ring, that she had added to the insurance rider. Raven needed, kissing him. He replayed the scene of he and Raven shared in their bed tonight, but the images shifted and he saw Etienne, inside of her. He woke in a tangle of sweat soaked sheets, shaking his head, trying to erase the toxic thoughts, that lingered from sleep. He looked at Raven, who had rolled away from him, as they rested. He didn't believe she had slept with anyone else, but doubt crept in, when he wasn't looking. He climbed from bed and grabbed a robe. He climbed down the stairs, wearily, to his study. Her poured himself a stiff drink and looked out onto the estate. He had everything, but he feared love would slip through his fingers. He thought of Janie, and all the problems she'd been having. Did he pass on his romantic issues to her? He sighed and finished his bourbon. He had to make this work. He wasn't going to lose her and God help the man that came between them!! He'd destroy them and anyone who got in his way.

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whatsa gal gottta dp to get s spankin around here lol

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round n round n round she goes.........thoughts r spinnin out of control......

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Dropped out of college because I was suicidal got put in hospital for over 2 months and didn't get to finish semester so I dropped out also moved from my hometown to beckley West Virginia

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Hey blog, today I’ve been summoned to Mr. and Mrs. X for a small chat about my laziness. Nothing major, just a little reminder to focus on my exams. Bad luck though, I forgot to turn on my alarm, so I slept in longer than I should have. And I hurried … too much … and I got a speeding ticket … and still I got late to Mr. and Mrs. X. So what was supposed to be a quick trip over Mrs. X knees turned into a looong trip over her knees for a hairbrush spanking. And after the hairbrush chat, I had to lay on the sofa for a belting from Mr. X.
One thing is settled, blog. Now, my alarm is set for every day of the week, no exceptions.
You know, blog, next week is the last week of my exams period. Holiday is coming and I can’t wait to go to the beach… Slight problem though… I have the feeling my booty won’t exactly have its natural color … Don’t get me wrong, blog, I don’t have a problem with guys looking at my booty … I mean they already do when I go to the beach, no matter its color. But I would very much avoid stupid questions… Any ideas, blog?

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I am not much of a blogger. Never know what to say. I was the one who would fill the page with the words, 'I have nothing to say.' Anything was better than staring at a blank page with a pen in your hand with the expectation to fill it with thoughts, secrets and fantasies. A to-do list was more my thing. What do I need to when I get home. What am I going to do when I graduate. What am I going to do 10 yrs from now.

Then I got interested in spanking. As you can tell from my pic and profile, I am a sub. So when I had the same dumb writing assignment in class....here is your blank lined paper, pen and write for most of the period....boy did I have absolutely no problem filling up page after page describing my dark secret spanking desires. I sat there scribbling as the rest of the class clearly struggled.

It was a lesson lesrned that I can get thru something that I loathe as long as I can relate it to something I adore.

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Anyone in the new York area looking for some nice black male ass to spank been bad need a good one

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first I wanna say... dont read more into it than it is.....I first met Maddy like I said about a yr ago... she is 10 yrs younger than I am but looks quite a bit older than I.. I'm guessin its from the hard life shes led... she doesn't talk well, I'm guessin shes had a stroke or somethin which impairs her speech.. one of the first things I ever gave her was a pair of gloves.. when I saw she was there everyday on my way to work I also gave her a coat that I was goin to donate to good will anyhow n a small fleece blanket .. another time I gave her a wheely cart to put her bags in so she didn't have to carry then all over..around the same time I gave her the coat, I started bringin her the small amount of food/water each day..shes always grateful.. id LOVE to know someone took her in.. gave her shelter n such but I have no way of knowin that so in a way I hope to see her back in her usual place on Monday... so ill pray shes safe but I will also pray to see her again to make sure she is ok for sure..

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Stern lifted Erin off of her feet, and carried her between his muscular arms, effortlessly, up the stairs, to their bedroom. He kissed her, as he laid her down upon the bed, not wanting to break their physical contact, just yet. He stripped her naked, and shed his clothes, as she kissed him back. She made him so hard and he wanted her! He wanted to take her in the ass - her hot, red, swollen ass. He pulled her up to a sitting position, straddling her legs, and held his erection to her lips. He really just to see her mouth on his cock. There was something so alluring, in watching her full pouty lips kiss his dick. He loved to see her dark, pink tongue dart out of her mouth to lick the tip of his hard on. After a few long licks up his shaft, she took his rigid staff and slid it on her tongue to the back of her throat. She sucked her cheeks in, caressing all around him. He could feel the pull of suction on his penis, as her hands pumped him. It felt so good, he had to stop her or cum. His lips found her throat, his tongue tickled her ear and he sucked and bit her neck leaving his mark. He moved down to her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them, circling her areola, with kisses, chafing her skin with the stubble of his five o'clock shadow.

Erin loved how he made love to her. He knew exactly what turned her on. She was feeling so ready for this. She wanted to ride him, feel his cock buried inside of her. She felt such a rush of desire, she wanted to jump on him, but he had other ideas.

Greg dragged her lower on the bed. He got up and got a new toy. It was made of soft, rather sticky rubber. He put it over her clit, and used a little tube to suck the air out, leavimg it stuck to her cliterous. A no back flow valve, insured it stayed in place. He used a remote control to start a program of stimulation. It started slow using light vibration and stimulation. In time, it grew more intense and massaged, as it vibrated, beneath the suction. Stern flipped her over, using her legs to turn her, giving him a view of her beautiful ass. He couldn't resist, he had to spank it!!

He rubbed her cheek and then whacked it. He rubbed the other and smacked it. He added oil and rubbed it between her cheeks, letting it pool in her rosebud. He used another bottle to oil on her bottom and thighs, and began spanking them hard. Erin smelled Apple pie , but soon realized he'd used some sort of cinnamon oil on her, and her skin began tingling. As he slapped her, the heat and sting amplified, but it felt great. He worked his finger into her ass, driving it very deep, into her hole. All the while, his palm kept finding her ass, her thighs, turning them to crimson. The heat was incredible. He pinched and squeezed and dragged his fingers over her red cheeks. All the while, her clit was pinching sucking and vibrating with the little sucker toy. Greg inserted a small vibrator into her bottom, which also maintained a mild, intermittent stimulation. He helped her onto her knees. He entered her vagina, with a powerful thrust. Her excitement, was being fueled from many places and he could still spank her and move the plug.

Erin’s body squirmed and her back arched, presenting her bottom for more stinging smacks on her legs and rump. The cinnamon oil continued to heat her back side, and between the sucking buzz on her clit, the throbbing in her ass, the hard cock inside of her and the stinging, burning of the spanking, she was gone.
She came in a screaming, sweating, squirting, shuddering symphony, that made Stern’s erection, respond. As she reached the peak of her climax, he fired a huge load of ejaculate in small hot, forceful burst deep into her vagina.
He regretted not being able to wait for her ass, but there was time for that, later.

The two were done sooner than either had anticipated, but it was incendiary! They had the kind of chemistry, that was made in heaven. And when you mixed them together...Boom!! It was fireworks!

As they laid, cooling down in bed, Erin went to use the bathroom. While they were talking downstairs, Stern wrote an appointment on the calendar. She asked about the date, thinking they would be going away that weekend.

He laughed at her, “The 20th is THIS weekend, not next! See what happens when you don't have a schedule? I think you lost a week, somewhere. Today is the 18th!”

She had, somehow, in the laziness of summer lost all sense of time. She'd looked back at her calendar and something else crossed her mind. As she entered the bathroom, she thought she better address it. She was late. Erin grabbed a pregnancy test from the drawer. They'd had a couple false alarms. So being a few days overdue, want that big of a deal. But was it over a week late?! She'd been on the pill, but had missed a pill here or there. They wanted kids so she hadn't been as conscientious as she'd been before. Just to make certain, she peed on the stick and left it on the back of the toilet, on a few tissues, and rejoined Gregory, in bed.

She was getting close to sleep, when she heard Stern get up to use the bathroom. She was exhausted and on the verge of dreaming, when he came back to bed.

“Erin, wake up...ERIN!!” She looked at his face, he seemed very intent. “Did you have something to tell me?”

“What? What do you mean?”, she asked, trying to shake off her dreamstate. He held up the stick.

“Oh, I was a little late, don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing.” , she laughed.

“Um...did you read the results??!” Stem handed her the stick, a smile growing on his face.

“She turned in the bedside lamp, and looked the the stick….two distinct pink lines! Oh my God, I'm pregnant!”. She felt a visceral confirmation throughout her body. Goosebumps raised on her skin, and a dozen pictures raced through her mind.

Stern put his arms around her and lifted her from the bed. He spun her around as he held her against him. “We are having a baby!” Oh Erin, I'm thrilled! Ecstatic!!....Oh, Dear God! We are having a child! We had better get this wedding going soon. I want us to start off the right way. Erin, darling, I never been happier in my whole life… It's all down to you, my love!! It's time to look for a bigger house too. I have my trust fund, though I've never needed it, let's go shopping for…. EVERYTHING! A WEDDING, THE BABY AND A HOME FOR OUR NEW FAMILY!”

Erin was in shock, happy yes! But, it was so much to digest!! Her life would change in every conceivable way! But, her dreams were all coming true!! She was afraid she would wake up and find she'd been sleeping. “Oh, Gregory, can you imagine it?! Us with a baby!! It's the most wonderful news!”

“I hope I didn't like the little fellow, with all that ruckus tonight!!”, Stern laughed. “But seriously… We aren't taking chances, We'll get you into a Dr., straight away! Erin,” he said holding her tightly. “Don't you worry bout a thing. It's going to be perfect! It will be wonderful, you'll see. You'll have lots of help! The wives of the lodge, will be thrilled to help you. I know that you're far away from family and friends, but I'll bring your sister here, if you want her, and I'll see that you have, whatever you need.”

Erin felt so happy!! It's all she'd ever wanted!
Mrs. Gregory Stern…she couldn't wait to be his wife! Her heart was bursting with joy and tears streamed down her face. She hoped that they would always be this happy. She hugged Gregory and kissed him, softly, lingering at his lips, staring into his eyes. “You're going to be a Father! How are you feeling?”

“Incredible!” Stern felt like jumping up and down.
He couldn't wait to share the news, but he recalled it was bad luck to do it right away.
“We call the Dr., first thing. I want to make sure you're getting the best of care. No lifting or climbing chairs to clean! Do you hear me? I mean it, Erin!! I'll get help in. You are going to take it easy from now on.”

“I'm pregnant, not disabled Greg! I can still do things. Women have been doing it for a millennia. I don't want help and I don't need it.
What I do need is sleep. I'm wiped out!”

He tucked her into bed, and kissed her forehead, but he was too wired to sleep. He went to his study and poured himself a belt, and lit a cigar. All those years, of taking care of other people's children, and soon he'd have one of his own. He hoped he or she, would have Erin's looks and his brains, and not the other way around. He chuckled.. He was a happy man!

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every Mornin on my way to work there has been this homeless woman always standing, semi sleepin in the doorway of the museum... dosent matter how hot it is or how cold she is always there... i first saw her about a yr ago...about a month into noticin her I've been bringing her a lil somethin each Mornin on my way to work... just a bottle of water, a piece of fruit n a cereal bar ... this entire week she hasn't been there...I do hope she's ok ... :(

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Amor Omnia Vincit MCMLXVIII
~ er ~
Mummsy Wummsy Thumps Sugarlump in 1968!

(Note: certain names were changed t' protect th' guilty)
Midsummer's Eve, Dean wuz fifteen,
the Trailer Park spied this here scene:
Dean's big sis Jill, betrothed t' Brad,
ignored her chores an' sassed Mom bad.
Jill, feelin' lazy, waxed quite rude
an' showed one saucy attitude.
Jill licked a chocolate ice cream treat,
in Wranglers, Pepsi tee, bare feet.
Mom scolded, "Girl, hop t' it now!"
Yet Jill, with giggle an' arched brow,
quipped: "Damn it, Mom, don't nag at me!
I'm all grown up. Hell, I ain't three!"
'Twas then Jill learnt, eighteen er no,
that, yep, athwart Mom's knee she'd go!
('round here folks said, this 'twernt no fun,
"Yer Just-A-Kid 'til Twenty One.")
Jill yelped an' tossed her red waves 'round
as Mom yanked jeans an' panties down,
an' deftly answered Jill's wisecracks
with that danged hairbrush: ten good *SMACKS!*
Dean didn't pause t' ponder why
sweet Sis would squirm, kick, squeal an' cry,
'cause Mom's thick antique maple brush
betimes had made his young tush blush!
Jill wiped away a salty tear,
leapt up an' rubbed scorched chubby rear.
Ya see what spankin's all about
in wet blue eyes an' blushin' pout.
T' make stuff worse Mom, ornery, said:
"Go brush yer teeth an' GIT t' bed!"
an' *SNAPPED!* her fingers. So, that's why
one steamin' evenin' 'fore July,
denied her supper, Jill would lie
abed unfed an' roast in heat
from scaldin' Sol an' red beet seat!
Next mornin', when Jill told Brad that,
Brad laughed, "Oh, Hon, you're such a brat!"
Jill so felt th' naughty daughter,
shamed an' shocked by what sass brought her.
Tho she did not know it yet,
that "Time o' Month" she'd truly get
a greater shock. Like all her kin,
Jill's Christian, too. She's Born Again!
Whilst Scripture chides us ne'er t' sin,
'pon th' haypile unwed lovin'
left a wee bun in Jill's oven!
Bible versus? Shucks, ain't nuttin':
Jill an' Brad wuz rut-rut-ruttin'!
Jill's rump's plump, yet nine months later?
Tummy's round like some boiled tater!
Mom's love caused Jill's chastened rump,
an' Brad's love caused Jill's Baby Bump!
Yo, kids? That happens when ya hump,
an' bed springs squeak an' headboards thump!
Foursquare Gospel Church, on Garry
Road wuz where them two would marry.
Ol' Preacher man done called th' Banns
in Sunday's hot air, stirred by fans,
unitin' them two redneck clans
as both kids glowed with joyous plans.
Our lovers in a fortnight wed,
an' I applaud th' life they've led.
Gosh, some years on th' ol' homestead's
still home t' two like newlyweds!

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I can't seem to find a real daddy/mommy commited to just me and my well being....why is it that everyone wants multiple partners?

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let the serpent be damned
be skinned and defanged
as apparent to those who are wise
for the fortunate few
who lay claim of the true
to hold in their hands and their eyes

now offered to one
as they say it was done
a betrayal we are led to believe
this tempting of fate
of too little and late
the serpent the apple and Eve

the original sin
let the failing begin
accepting the knowledge of man
it is now understood
of the evil and good
we are ashamed and naked we'll stand

for all that is known
of the skin and the bone
chastising the vain and the blind
for Adam did stay
and will forever remain
in the garden and heart of her mind

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So I finished uploading the clips Nicole and I shot and I'm making a list of what's next for her. Here's how it looks, and these will be filmed:

1) Birthday spanking
2) A spanking for delaying her birthday spanking
3) Punishing her for body shaming her cat (I have a soft spot for animals)

I know Nicole too well, and that's simply not enough. So I'm taking requests. If you have seen the clips and have an idea on what should be next, respond to this blog post and I'll entertain ideas. Please keep it within reason. I'll pick one (at least) reasonable request and the clip(s) will show up on this site at a future date.

No, I'm not being lazy; I'm opening the door for audience participation.

She knows I'm doing this, and she agreed to the idea.

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(Please forgive my grammar mistakes. I hope you get what I try to say :)

A DD sub does need help and guidance not for just a specific period of time, he needs it permanently. There are no phases of a vanilla life. Practically, he needs guidance and care 24/7. There are rules he has to comply to all the time and the Domme needs to take care of flaws and failures constantly.

It's like taking care of a child. A parent needs to be there and make decisions, guide and lead 24/7. There are no breaks, no pauses, no vacation. Like a kid would feel neglected and pushed aside when you're not around or you're not interested in his needs, the sub will feel just the same thing.

Imagine your sub complaining when you didn't reply to his messages. Or he constantly feels the need for reassurance and permanent contact. A kid being neglected will act up and MAKE you deal with him. A sub is no different.

At first, he’s feeling sad about being neglected then he starts to act up to get attention. That's when he starts bratting, breaks the rules on purpose, gives you an attitude...aso. (Negative attention is AT LEAST better than radio silence.)

That's what we call "topping from the bottom".

It's not a bad thing. It's just the natural reaction of a sub towards the Dom. You need to know that when you're taking someone on as a sub.


And the Dom/mes need to be aware of that at all the time. You need to deal with it and that's the tricky part.

You're all invited to comment and discuss, the more the better :)

best regards


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I was all gloomy these last few days because me and my Dom ended it. It was heart breaking to me because I truly care about him. He messaged me last night though which surprised me and we talked all night. We laid everything on the table and I am happy to say he's my daddy again. We really did miss each other. I am sure we will have other hurdles but I think we will be okay.

He will prolly be making an account here soon so y'all can get to know him as well. Happy day peoples.

Spanks and Hugs.

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So this is it! I’m allowed to post a blog on here and talk to you directly. My DD-mom said it’s ok now. I’ve spend the first few days on here just checking this site out and read blogs. And it’s so thrilling and amazing!
Ok gotta say I’m a little surprised and shocked by what I read. I’ve never been on a site like this before. I thought this spanking thing is just going on between 2 people in the bedroom or something. Didn’t expect you talking about it so freely. And all those pictures and videos! OMG!! It’s gonna take me forever to watch and check them out!
I want to apologize for rejecting friend requests sent to me last week. I was not allowed to accept them. Now I am and I will. I have to check each request with my DD mom and my DD dad. If they approve, it’s fine. Please don’t be mad at me. It was an order and I had to comply.
See you around!

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