Her First Punishment
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You know you get very excited when you feel a man's fingers on the elastic of your panties .

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Hi girls i am looking for a female of any age who is into having her panties taken down for a good spanking over my knee .

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we are in NJ and practice domestic discipline we are looking to give instructions to newbies that are interested in learning the finer points we offer counseling ,demonstrations and mentoring lets get together..

Spank Christina
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sometimes I wish I was a very cold hearted ...that I didn't let ANYTHIN or ANYBODY get to me... wish I could just go thru the motions n not give a frig bout anything......

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Hopefully ST will place this new one that i have just done on this site. i shot it two days agoin a hotel . In this video you will see me doing something that i have never done before. Something that i said i will never do. Yes! I have finally done it. You will see what it is. Im trying to upload more that i have shot. But thank you all for being patient with myself and st loading these vds.

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it wasn't supposed to come til next Friday n it came today... it is sooo pretty...

Spank Christina
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I have been away for awhile and now I come back with an off-topic blog. I want a place to write some thoughts about the horrible shootings in Orlando and this seems to be a good place.

My Lord. What has happened to this world? For a little while it seemed that we were heading for more enlightenment, tolerance and acceptance of differences in our society. Now it seems that we are suffering such terrible backlash from our progress.

I am a bi man married to a straight, but strict, woman whom I love and have pledged my loyalty to. I don't go to clubs and therefore don't feel personally threatened by the events in Orlando. But no one should have to be threatened in this way for the life they choose.

No families and friends should be torn apart in the manner so many have been today. My heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy. I wish them all strength to endure and the stability to understand that most people are good and that the world mourns with them today.

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So since being allowed to blog again, i had 1 main strict rule.
I decided to do a friend request, after a friend said he had found someone who lives quite near to me.
I know it was wrong and replied in my message to my friend, ive sent a request out, just hope i dont get caught.

Well obviously i did get caught as Mr G checks my messages.
Some may say, i shudda deleted the message from my inbox but he checks my friend list and knows how many i have.

What punishment is fitting for this, he asked.
I dont know, i muttered quietly, feeling like a naughty child.
Well think of 5 suggestions from mild to severe within 5 minutes please. He told me. I will decide what if any are acceptable.

It was quite difficult, do i choose easy things i dont mind or really severe things ?

1. 50 swats with the CPS
2. Early bedtime for a wk, 8pm, not including Fri or Sat.
3. 2000 word essay, Why i should do as im told.
4. Drop someone from my friend list or remove new person, with explannation why.
5. Extra 40 a day with Giant Paddle.

I thought Mr G was going to pick something from this list or choose himself, but no, he decided i wont learn without severe punishments so im to have all 5.
Starting tomorrow, with a week to do the essay.
I suppose hes right saying im in need of severe punishments, and punishments that last a week so i learn from it, as i do break the rules and push Mr G to his limits at times. And once the pain has gone from my bottom i go back to being naughty or a brat again. This way i will be reminded every day for my bad behaviour.

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I feel like I'm floating right now, he hasn't said good girl to me in weeks, today he decided that I have to weed all of the gardens to keep me out of trouble. So I was working on the front Garden when he came home, and he walked up to me and said look at my good girl working hard, then he put his arms around me and said that when he saw me bent over working it was the sexiest thing he ever saw. I swear if he wasn't holding me up i would have fallen down. I am so happy right now.

Spank Christina
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I am quite predictable,

I like

The sex any time and any way I choose.

The having things done for me just the way I want.

Knowing her arse is sore and bruised when we are out and giving it a squeeze to remind her.

What do you like ?

Subs what do you best about having a Dom/master/daddy ?

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Just a quick question... how do you feel about age differences between the spanker and the spankee? I know I have a double standard. I prefer for my spanker to be at least 30 years old but after that I have no age limits. They could be 90 for all I care and I would still write to them but I also hear from a lot of men who say they are in their 20's (some even younger) and they still want to spank me. I am 47 and I am having a hard time accepting real or virtual spankings from most men in their 20's with only 2 exceptions. The most inpatient men who write to me are usually even younger than my kids so it feels weird to me. Almost incestuous. I try to tell myself to get over it because age is just a number-- but for me it really is more than just how many times you have traveled around the sun. The maturity thing is what really makes it or breaks it for me. Usually the men in their 20's are in the biggest hurry to try to dominate me and try to get me to be exclusive with just them... but I don't roll that way. As I've said before I am not looking for a Dom. I don't want to be in an exclusive relationship yet and I won't submit to just anyone who wants it. Trust has to be built first, they have to act maturely and responsibly, I have to feel respect for them but they also can't disregard my feelings. So I am wondering how you feel about any of this. Is age an issue for you? Do you have age limits? Any comments, questions, concerns at all on this topic?

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Still looking for the right person in orlando to give me a proper spanking let me know if your close and interested, always down to chat with some people as well so if your not close we can still talk :)

Spank Christina
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I'm just curious...

When your significant other/little/sub/etc. does something that hurts your feelings and you spank them for it... Is it a done deal? Do they have a clean slate?

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its not awfully late but most everyone I know is gone to bed already for a Sat night... my partners been in bed for hours so I'm left here writin blogs n watchin vids .... n yep they r makin me horney... now getting spanked doesn't do that.. least not a punishment one but sometimes the idea does or the afterthought... tomorrow my partner has work all day ( unusual for a Sun) so I just might get out my toys and have a nice lil solo party for myself... in the meantime... don't mind me if my hand slips under my nightie :)

182 views · 14 days ago

its not his suit that makes your knees go weak. Its not his shirts or his ties.. Its that look in his eyes when you've crossed the line and earned yourself a proper spankin...

Spank Christina
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God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world..... then He made the world round and laughed and laughed...

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I've opened my kik back up.

If you'd like to chat, I'm here. Sometimes it's hard on here to go back and forth.

Just a sidenote, please don't think I'm gonna just start playing or self-spanking. It's imperative for me to establish a good foundation because spanking is both an intrinsic and intimate aspect of my life.

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My assignment from Sir
Yesterday I didn’t email Sir or respond to his emails but, I found time to blog on Tumblr. I finally emailed him this morning and although later is better than never, my actions were still sort of rude.
He gave me an assignment today to lay myself over something that represented his lap and imagine the trouble I would’ve been in had I not emailed at all. The catch was that there was to be no self-spanking.
I stripped the comforter off of my bed, because I know that I can make a mess, and set my king sized feather pillow in the center of the mattress. Next, I stripped my satin gown off and set it on my nightstand; my perfume wafting through the air as I folded the fabric. (Yes, today is my day off so my attire is extremely casual) My heart didn’t do its normal irregular beat and there weren’t the usual butterflies that come before a spanking but then again I knew I wasn’t actually getting a spanking from Him. A heat was growing in very sensitive areas and I was already becoming wet.
Positioning my porcelain body over my favorite pillow; I arched my back so that my bottom was high in the air, as if I was getting ready for Him to strike. I couldn’t spank myself but I could massage my ass to get a decent warmth and glow on my cheeks. I alternated between massages and exploring my slit. Just from this I was extremely wet, hot and hungry. It became clear that the pillow offered too much comfort for me to actually focus and carry out the task in full.
I moved to my weight bench on the other side of the room and laid across it so that only my hips were being supported.The sun coming in through my window burned my naked skin and offered a sensation that was only a minuscule fraction of what I deserved. Resuming my massage with one hand and inserting two fingers of my other hand, I began to grind on this bench. I imagined Sir’s voice scolding me for my misbehavior. I imagined his touch on each cheek, rhythmically swatting to accentuate his points. For five minutes I was grinding myself against this very poor substitute. In this process I became very much aware of the spectacle I presented to the outside world looking in through my window. Do you think I cared? Not one damn bit! I wanted to be punished and desired relief. Most usually, what baby girl wants, baby girl gets. ;)
I straddled the bench and started to insert three fingers while repeating to myself in staggered breaths, “ I’m your dirty girl”. I was riding my hand as if I were a cowgirl racing on a stallion. The bench was drenched. This still won’t do. I laid on my back, feeling the traces I left on the black pleather, and propped my feet on the hooks that support the Olympic bar. I looked like I was in stirrups at the OBGYN. The way my head was spinning when I thought of how he would paddle my ass with that mean ‘ol magnum paddle almost made me fall off the bench in spasms. It took so much self-discipline not to cum.
On shaky limbs, I retrieved my butt plug from within my nightstand and laid back on the bed. I figured that I’d punished myself enough and now it was time for a reward. The sweet sensation of popping my toy in only confirmed what I knew, I was so very close. Now to set off the fireworks. With one hand I worked my plug in rhythm with my other hand, which had two fingers buried deep in my cunt and my thumb rapidly working my swollen pink clit. I was arching my back and swaying my hips to the imaginary motion of his body.
I felt like I was uttering my last breath as I moaned His name and made promises to be a good girl. With ringing in my ears and a tingling from head to toe, I had to lay there for a few moments. I felt much like a drunk person trying to sober up only moments before they have to drive. (Which I don’t recommend)
I don’t know why I respond this way to Him but it takes a powerful man to be able to dominate from a distance.
Aug 12th, 2015

Spank Christina
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“Good morning my dearest!” he said with more cheer that was welcome in the morning. “What for breakfast? Coffee, tea, juice, milk? Toast, cereal…. Me?”
With a sleepy eyes and a mischievous grin she stuck her finger into her mouth and slowly pulled it out. “Cereal and milk please. You I’ll save for tonight’s desert.” Then she added, “And if I don’t go to the grocery today that may be all we have. Is there anything you want me to pick up?”
“I have a list on the side of the icebox. But isn’t this your crazy busy day? I’ll run by and get whatever we need on my way home.”
“No, I need to pay the electric bill. It’s due today or there will be late fee.”
“Just pay it on line.”
“I like getting a paper receipt showing I did it.”
“Let me do it. Thursdays are just too hectic for you.”
“Thank you for the offer but I can take care of things even on Thursdays. They take payments at the A&P till 5 on Thursday. I just have to get myself organized and I will take care of it all.”
“Yes, Oh Wonderest Woman!” Then quickly, “But I could pay on line and we can get groceries together this weekend.” He added a smile as if there would be some mischievous fun in grocery shopping together.
“You have the stuff you do and I have the stuff I do.” She said firmly. “Seeing the bills get paid is my job.”
“O tay spankey,” he said in his best Buckwheat voice. “Gotta’ scoot before I’m late. See you tonight. I love you Chipmunk. Make a list
“Yes, master. I love you ol goat.” He got home around 6, opened some wine, poured a glass and finding that even with 97 channels he still couldn’t find anything to watch, put on the White Album and cranked it. No doubt this is why when she got home at 7:15 he didn’t notice her watching him lying on the sofa, a ginger cat curled up on his chest and a large black dog on the floor beside him having his’ ears scratched. He was singing along, “Rocky Raccoon fell back in his room, Only to find…”
“I’m taking us out for dinner.”
“Thanks, but how come? Don’t like my dinner music?”
“No, it just such a crazy day. Just after you left I got three calls and then I had to call and the woman that I was meeting at the office and tell her I was running late and had to move the meeting to later so she wanted to meet for lunch on the other side of town.”
“That stinks. Let me pour you some wine that’s bound to help.” Using the remote he turned down the volume and changed the disc to Memory of Trees. “I tell you what,” he said handing her a glass of Pinot Noir, “instead of going out, I’ll cook and while I’m cooking you take a nice girl bath, enjoy your wine and you can spend the rest of the night in your big puffy robe.
That’s sweet but I didn’t get by the store and there is nothing defrosted….”
“Does that mean you didn’t pay the light bill?”
“No, I didn’t get to pay the electric bill.” There was a clear edge in her voice. “I’ll pay the penalty with my money and not the house money. So everything is fine and you don’t need to lecture me.”
He let out a heavy sigh and sat on the floor beside where she sat on the couch. This was in his “you’re missing the point [sigh].”
“Crud,” she thought. “Nothing good ever came with that tone in his voice.” Then spoke in even tones “OK, I was wrong. I’ll pay the whole bill and penalty out of my money as penitence and next time you ask, you can pay the bill.” She started to add, “maybe, I’m not capable of handling money and you should handle all the bills.” She didn’t, she was too tired to fight but not tried enough to let herself get out of control.
“Honey” he said, “I don’t care about the money or your penitence. I see you falling back into that ‘I have to do everything if it is to be done right’ mindset again. Quiet, then in a soft voice, “I thought we got past that. It wouldn’t have been anything for me to stop at the store pay the bill and get the groceries.”
“I don’t like imposing on you with things that I should do.”
“But to asking someone for the time of day isn’t an imposition. It was “terrible Thursday” and you couldn’t be happy if you didn’t do everything yourself. I had plenty of time before you got home.” There was a pause as she sipped some wine and at the same time noticed he had put his glass on the table and had stopped drinking.
“I thought I would have time.” She said softly. A) she didn’t like where this was heading and B) she was pretty sure he was right which perturbed her as much as anything. “I had no idea that I was going to get phone calls that put me back 2 hours and that woman would want to make it a late lunch on the other side of town…”
“and if you would have entrusted me to do it, it would be done now.
“I trust you! When did I ever say I didn’t trust you?”
“DO you think I would have paid it at A&P and get you a time stamped receipt, or do you think I’d have done it on line?”
“For you it makes sense to pay on line” she offered.
In a voice as soft as his whispered “I love you” he said, “And for you I’d pay the damn thing at the A&P and put the receipt on the icebox.” You’re killing yourself trying to do everything. What happen the last time you tried to do more that you could handle?
“Hell’s bells,” she thought, now she knew exactly where this was going.
“Hun?” he gently urged her for an answer.
“got stressed”
“I got super stressed”
“Which caused what”
“I got sick and couldn’t get out of bed for a week.
“and then you got farther behind which caused you more stress, which in turned really crapped out your immune system and you were on the edge of getting Mono.” She was so sweet but so stubborn. He wondered if she appreciated that that he was just a bit more stubborn that her? Many times when he gave in it was because she tickled him so much with her maze of contorted logic that is was worth letting her have her way just for the smile she brought to his face. He looked at her and could see her so miserably sick and weak. “I just don’t want you sick anymore.”
She soooo wished he would raise his voice or do anything that resembled being angry. Then at least she could distract him with a fight and after a time that evening that would make up in front of the fire place on the floor… but no, he only sounded very concerned and very determined. She knew he was right. It was the stress that weakened her immune system till she was half dead. What she had been feeling building inside her came to full life as her stomach started doing flips and her bottom muscles involuntarily tightened.
“Sweetheart? Aren’t your stress levels cranked as high as they can go without an explosion? I think you need to get rid of it.”
With her best relaxed la-de-da voice: “Maybe I could relax in the tube and you could read to me, that would help.”
He just looked at her. “Is that what you really think will help?”
“I need to go back to the bed room and wait for you.”
“I think so.”

She stood up and started to go back to the master bed room. At times like this it seem to be a mile away and all up hill. She felt her tummy tighten, her knees felt watery and her feet grew heavy as did her sense of dread. There were times she could get to the bed faster that a sprinter when there were fun and games on the schedule but even knowing how much better she would feel when they were done she still felt like she was going up Kilimanjaro.

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She opened the bedroom door, stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. She knew what she was to do. Always the same ritual she had learned from the first time. Like the Japanese tea ceremony everything had to be the same and precise.
He had explained to her: “I am having you do this for two reasons: Frist, repetitive actions are comfortable, familiar, reinsuring you that there will be no surprises, nothing unknown. Secondly, it will help you focus you mind and get you to that head-space that you need to be to have a successful result in the shortest time. And he was right. Before he started her on the ritual sometimes she would be so resistant that it would take forever for her to quit fighting it and submit to the coming release. She had learned the hard way. He had explained the whys of it and started walking her through the steps. Her mind set at first was more “let’s just do this and get it done and everything will be better…I guess.” So when he told her to enter the room and shut the door behind her she went in and slammed it as hard as she could. Without a word he took her by the arm picked up the hairbrush from the vanity and with his foot of the vanity stool bent her over his one knee and gave her 60 of the fastest swats one could imagine. He was on 10 before she was sure what was happening. After about 60 he ask her if she would, “Please shut the door again, properly.” Her “its shut; why do I have to open it and shut it again,” brought forth another rain of hairbrush spanks which were only a little slower and didn’t stop when she yelped, “I’ll shut it, I’ll shut it!” He only said “Now you have to ask polity to be allowed to shut it.” “Can I shut the door!?” “That didn’t sound very polite to me.” It was somewhat amazing that a man who was bringing a hairbrush down on her bottom with the speed of the Iron Chief chopping leeks could sound so calm and relaxed. She reasoned—between the flashes of sharp pain that shot through her that he could go on with this longer that she could and said, “May I PLEASE shut the door!?” The hairbrush stopped at once and he said, “Yes, you may.” She stood up and he steadied her. “Catch your breath.” Then after a moment she went to the door, opened it and then gently shut it. She could not think how that would have felt if she had not had her jeans on. She followed his instructions but if she became careless in any detail, she would be reminded very quickly. It only took two or three times for him to be with her till she had it down pat. The second time she was still in conflict with herself but by the third she wanted to do it right to please him.
She had already taken the first step. Going to the bed room and shutting the door behind her. The ritual, aside from calming and focusing her, also served to assert his authority in the scenario they were about to accomplish. She wanted him to be in charge when they did this, there was a freedom in surrendering to him. She did know if she would have done it if it weren’t for his constant reinforcing and the respect he always showed her. There was safety in submitting to him like when she was a child and fought going to bed but as soon as she got there, snuggled in the covers and was asleep. Most of the ritual was to accomplish practical things to prepare for what was coming but others were incorporated for the purpose of reminding her from the time she started the walk down the hall for the bedroom she had freely relinquished herself to him and whatever he felt was best for her and for them. She knew that she could say “no” and he would say little more than, “If that’s what you want” and that would be the end of it. But she also knew that she would be breaking the one of the keystones of their relationship and this had proven to be the solid relation of her dreams. Because beside the feeling in her tummy, the weakness in her knees, from the dread of the coming pain, there was a warmth too, the warmth of knowing he cared enough to help her through her problems and not, like others had, gone to the bar to watch the game. He was there to fill her need for a strong, understanding, loving man; a man with enough self-confidents to not have to prove anything to anyone.

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