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A Dom shouldnt take on a Submissive without fully understanding and appreciating the responsibility involved.

And a Sub shouldnt take on a Dom without fully understanding and appreciating the responsibility involved.

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Being a disabled housepartner, who lives with chronic pain, my life can sometimes be great and other days really bad, depending on the pain level for that day. I do the chores when I can, luckily Master is not overly strict about this. He would rather I didn't do them if my pain was high. These days I can only do 1 thing a day, sometimes every other day. Vacuum, dust, clean windows, doors, all just 1 a day. If people don't except our home as it is, then my opinion is fuck off then. You're here to see us, not examine our home. Its not a show house. With a Master who works full time, and travels a lot to get to work, a teenage son now doing an apprenticeship, then the pets, our 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 bearded dragon, it is a busy household.
The only thing I struggled with was vacuuming the stairs, it was a killer on my back. A heavy vacuum + a carpet difficult to clean made it an awful chore.
Until my best friend gave me hers.
It was cordless and much lighter, I was very pleased.
Last week I thought I'd try to vacuum the stairs.
Mmmm first one, well that was easy. 4 steps later, I hadn't even broken into a sweat yet. Up to the mini landing, all clean. Now the last 3 steps done.
This is when my back is usually pounding, and I have to have at least 1 hour's break before continuing.
Then get on my hands and knees and scrape the funnel tube along the carpet, to get the carpet looking lush and fluffy again.
I didn't need to do that with this vacuum cleaner. It cleaned the carpet brilliantly.
I was so chuffed, I had to write a blog about it. Very sad I know, but no one will ever know how achieving this chore without breaking my back is a BIG deal for me.
I'm so grateful to my best mate, Master and I have talked about buying a new vacuum cleaner but never got around to it.
I even sat on the bedroom floor and hoovered under the bed.
And I was so chuffed, I phoned my parents to tell them.
Now that is officially very very sad.
I know this has nothing to do with a certain lifestyle but I wanted to share my achievement with you.

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Since our holiday we haven't had a play, the disaster from my last piercing and then recovery which I'm still suffering with, has meant play stopped. Master has also been very very tired, I think after his chaotic 2 weeks at work after the holiday, plus my disaster have really taken its toll on him. But I wanted his touch, my pussy was begging for his fingers, when his hand brushed over my ass, my whole body screamed for him.
Even though his crop has been whipping across my butt for morning spanking, I needed more.
And last night I did.

I often wonder how Master can read my mind, 2 incidents this week certainly proved he did, but also how much he checks up on what I've been doing. He says he doesn't check the novel I'm writing, yet I started a chapter, involving a Sir discovering how much his slave had spent in clothing catalogues, plus buying Kindle books from Amazon, the other day I had asked if I could buy a dress, Master asked how much I owed in my catalogue, I said I didn't know, so Master said no to the dress, as I'm showing a complete lack of monetary control.
Then I had been watching some videos, a slave who I admire so much, who takes thrashings so well, her pain threshold the highest I've seen from anybody. We have chats about our life, she says she was born to be a slave and is certainly the true sense of the word.
One of her videos showed her Sir biting her hard. Literally biting and pulling her skin high then letting it snap into place. I'm not sure on biting, it seems very primal, yet looking at the markings left on her skin, turns me on.
Last night Master bit me a few times, did it hurt, hell yes, but did it turn me on, oh yes it sure did.
Do you get what I mean when I say, I'm sure he reads my mind, plus checks on everything I do.

I had been asleep when Master came to bed, like always my legs automatically snake around his, I always want some skin on skin connection in bed. His hand stroked my bum, bringing me out of my sleep. Sighing at his touch, pushing my bottom out towards him. Squeezing my cheeks, then fingers slipped between my crack, down towards my pussy. My clothes already pounding desperate for his touch. 3 fingers slipped into my pussy, pushing as deep as possible, I think he spread his fingers as well, as I felt a powerful stretching. I love how strong Master can thrust his fingers inside me, it takes no time at all before I start panting, moaning and thrusting my backside backwards. Multiple orgasms had become a normal part of our sex life. A thumb delved into my asshole, pushing deep, feeling his fingers in my pussy, grinding deeper and harsher but feeling really nice.
Eventually all fingers tried to stretch my pussy, making me cry out quietly, this was really hurting, I fisted the pillow and sheets, he locked me tight against him, but when I did manage to pull away a little, Master slapped my thigh.
I was really trying to focus on not fighting against the pain, the past was not nice, but I know Master loves it, and he is trying to stretch me more.
After a while he slipped his fingers out, leaving my pussy throbbing and sore. Bringing his hand to my mouth, I sucked his fingers, tasting my own juices on him. I enjoy doing this now, at one time I would've refused.
Master moved his hand to my breasts, playing with my nipple. It felt really great until he suddenly squeezed, twisted and snapped my nipple hard. I did cry out then, but Master quickly moved his other hand over my mouth, telling me to control myself. I honestly don't know how to, when he's doing this. The twist and snap honestly feels like he's stabbing my breast with a thousand tiny needles. I brought my focus to the slave in the videos I watched, how she never moved whilst being whipped or have pegs all over her. She cried silently, clutching to the chain that held her to the wall. So I changed focus, I stayed still whilst Master continued the twist and snap on each nipple. Then he bit my breast, holding me firmly, I gasped and make a silent squeal noise, trying to move away but couldn't. I heard him chuckle in an evil way, as he did it again. This time I stayed still. If I moved again, he slapped my pussy, there was no possible way to to move with giving myself more pain. I knew Master was enjoying this, plus I know he was proud of me for staying still and quiet. And I was proud of myself too. Even morning spanking, I've been still, just clinging to the chair until it was over. I do think this change in me is thanks to this friend and others who have proved how to do it in the videos I've watched. Not long ago, I would've fought Master in everything he did.
After one last bite, twist and snap he stopped, turning my face so we could kiss and cuddle, then he lay back on the bed. I cuddled into him, feeling the love and control he has over me, I had asked if Master wanted his evening blowjob before going to bed , but he had said no. But now I felt he should be given one as a thank you for the play. I asked again, he said are you awake enough ? I laughed saying yes, would you like one. He said yes, go on then. I got up turning to his side, so my arse was by his face, I bent and kissed his cock, licking his shaft and sucking his foreskin. I felt the Prince Albert underneath, eager to have it in my mouth, so I lowered my mouth, sliding his foreskin down so I could feel the PA clink against my teeth. My tongue playing with it, licking his head, travelling around the base and hole.
My backside was far too tempting to ignore as Master's fingers stroked my pussy, making me gasp with his cock in my mouth. His fingers pushed up my pussy, roughly, harshly as he continued his relentless play. Trying to focus on his cock was very hard, each thrust was painful and I panicked incase I bit down by accident. I concentrated on my task, putting Master's play to the back of my mind, but still enjoying it, even if it was rough. After a while, the throb of his cock was too much, he took his hand away, resting it on my arse, squeezing the cheeks occasionally.
Then I was really able to focus on his BJ. I always liked to ensure I did a good job for him. So I suck and nibbles, massaged his balls until his cum rocketed in my mouth. As usual there was a lot of it.
I stayed with his cock as his body twitched and slowly relaxed again, licking him gently until it stopped.

I moved back around, kissing him then lay back next to him. We stayed like this a few minutes before I rolled over, then Master rolled over too. I shuffled my bottom back so I was touching him, and my legs lay next to his. And soon we both fell asleep.

This morning was an early 2am start, thanks to the dog waking me up. So I will need a snooze today, Master was ready to leave for work, but still had his morning job he loved to do. My morning spanking. Taking his crop, he whipped it through the air until I was up on the chair, in position. He rested the crop over my ass, then the first strike hit the space between bottom and leg. And stayed hitting there, 30 v v hard strokes, after 20, I had turned slightly, so was told to get into position again, I quickly moved back. Actually unaware I had moved. The next 10 were quick and hard but I had stayed still once more.
This has been a lovely time, I've missed our play, missing his hard spanking. And I stayed still and in control throughout it. So I'm proud of myself for doing this. Hope the next play will be soon.

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Today was one of the worst days of my life. I woke up thinking it was going to be a fun happy day. Come to find out that my dog got hit by a car and killed. I am still so sad for his death, I wish this wasn't happening to me. I cried in every one of my classes.

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Don't wander near the haunted woodshed, we are often told.
But it is Halloween, and I am feeling strangely bold.
It's there, they say, that long ago a backside grew so red,
That pain remained long after its proprietor was dead.
They even say that now and then when moonlight floods the yard,
A ghostly moan yet testifies of licks that fell so hard.
What madness draws me closer, ever closer to this curséd door?
I shudder with the spooky thrill this night of nights is famous for.
Perhaps the aching spirit lures me helpless to its place of grief,
In hopes that if I share its fate its butt at last will find relief.
With pounding heart I wonder if some Halloween a century from now,
An eerie voice that echoes mine will chill a lone intruder with an OW!!!

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Spanked Schoolgirl
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Hey hope no one played any pranks tonight. Getting caught means a long trip over my lap!

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Now that a woman thatbneeds a paddlin and a strapin.why all her gosipin with out dustingbher door step.and then getting al drugged up and droping over on live tv via her diazipam tramidol mix for her back pain from the gym...&she got a big ol booty.. bet shes a howler then goes to sobin when it gets deep into the whoopin

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Janie was tucked into her bed, on her tummy. Her mind raced with thoughts of Evan and her Daddy. Evan had most certainly ushered her from complete innocence into womanhood, or at least as near to it as she had ever been.
Janie just HAD to talk to Evan. She had to say goodbye or fight to be reunited with him again, however unlikely the possibility. She knew Evan had betrayed her Daddy's trust, but if she were honest with herself, she'd been complicit in every act of intimacy that they had shared. No, she had not known that it was forbidden, but she was not sure it would have mattered. She wanted him as much as he had wanted her.

Janie had to bide her time. She was waiting to be sure the house was quiet and everyone was asleep. Her father had taken her cell phone, but she could use the landline. The problem was, that the phone would light up if she used it. If her Daddy was not asleep, he'd see that she was using it. He'd made it clear that Janie was not to contact Evan.

Janie's hand traced the welts that were fully formed now on her tender bottom. If she defied him, the next one far worse! Her fingertips lightly surveyed the landscape of the damage. She, once again, felt the pain and then the excitement growing inside. She didn't know why her body responded this way! She had dreaded the visit to the study, but part of her had needed it. It was this afterglow that she'd come to love!

She clenched her cheeks, making her bottom throb once again. She dragged her fingers down each cheek and felt that yearning building within her. Between her legs, her fingers slid easily through her petals, finding a wet, warm, welcome. A groan whispered from deep inside. She was not ready to accept that it was over, just yet. She'd been counting the days until their wedding, when it all fell to pieces. Maybe they could still repair the damage somehow!

Janie pictured scenes from their time together, closing her eyes She let her legs open slightly and found the spot that could take her to another place. She remembered Evan watching, while Scorpio paddled her bare ass, in front of the entire clientele seated in the lounge. Her face had turned as red as her pretty little bottom, but she had been so excited by the crowd's response. Evan had showed her a new view of the world.

She pictured the gambling rooms... envisioning the boys tied to that wheel. She once again felt the power, she had felt wielding that strap! She'd whipped the boy frantically, in those few minutes of abandon. She'd driven him to tears and she'd felt like a queen, not a timid schoolgirl and for that, she was so grateful.

Oh, it felt so good! She felt her hips begin to undulate and roll. She recalled the weight of the strap in her hand. Mmmmm, she was so wet! She could hear the loud smack of it hitting, the resistance of it dragging mercilessly across his ass. She remembered the groan he murmured as her arm raised. She felt the pull on her muscles as she swung the strap, again and again, against his hard, sweat covered torso! Ohhhh! Yesssssssss! Janie's breaths became short and quick, as she played with that hard little bump, the sound of her pleasure escaped through her clenched teeth.

The night of the poker game entered her mind. Evan had inserted the largest plug to date before they left the room, and made her keep in it, stretching her ass all evening while they gambled. She felt it inside of her while they played cards. She had won! Her reward was the chance to punish five beautiful asses. Three gorgeous, young muscular men and two beautiful girls presented their bare asses. Janie had chosen the tawse and the dragon cane as her implements. The images blurred together and Janie's breathing became shallow. The sounds echoed in her head. She recalled the red lines from the dragon cane darkening and coloring his skin to red, in her mind. Janie's fingers were buried in the slippery lips of her vulva. She could hear their cries and could feel the pain of her own bottom. The tight, welted skin of her own cheeks burned as she moved. Her head rolled and her shoulders arched. She came, biting her lip until her tongue registered that salty taste of blood. She didn't care though, she moaned into her pillow, so afraid of being heard. She almost choked on the linens. For a second, an image of Evan pushing his cock to the back of her throat, flashed through her head. She was riding the end of the last wave of her passion, trying to wet her lips, slow her heart and catch her breath. The cool air dried the thin sheen of perspiration that glistened on her neck and forehead. Her body was a palace of pleasure and pain. Any man would be lucky to have her, but Evan was still on her mind and in her heart. Janie listened carefully. The house had grown still and quiet. Her Daddy and Raven would be fast asleep by now.

In a guard shack by the gate, a sentry watched. Janie had no idea that every call, every visitor was being monitored by security, into and out of the house. David had feared that Evan would try to get to Janie and had responded with reinforcements, both monitoring the phones and walking the grounds. No one was getting in or out, without David's knowledge.

Janie slipped out of crisp sheets and wrapped her warm robe around her body. She was so anxious, she trembled as she reached for the phone. The light on the phone lit up as she pressed the button for a line to dial Evan's cell phone.

The guard noticed the light at once and quickly he brought up the number and began to record the call. He knew immediately whose number she had called. He used his cell phone to contact David's cellphone. King had only been asleep twenty minutes, when the phone rang. He answered on the second ring.

“Mr. King, it's Gerald, at the gatehouse, Sir. I apologize for disturbing you, but there's a call to Evan's number from the house. It's being recorded as we speak.

Of course, David knew at once, it was Janie.
“I see….” David could feel his anger rising. He felt exhausted and He was uncertain what he should do. Should he have the guard cut off the call, patch him in? Should he go to Janie's room and grab the phone from her hand and demand an explanation? No, he thought. He'd listen to the call when she was done. It was better to know what they were thinking or planning. He put on his robe, careful not to awaken Raven. He left three bedroom and descended the staircase towards the study.

“Let the call complete and call me when it's done. I don't want anyone to hear it other than me. I'll access the recording from my office.” He lit his pipe and rested his head on the back of his big chair, formulating a plan to address this newest development. Realistically, he knew this was bound to happen. What exactly he was going to do about it, was the question! His daughter had a will of her own, it seemed. He thought he had convinced her of Evan's shortcomings.

He opened the bottom drawer of his desk. That's where he stored his most serious implements. He pulled out a rubber strap with a thick wooden handle. The strap was patterned with small holes throughout its surface. Janie had never seen the likes of this implement.

Janie squirmed as the line rang, listening intently to every creek in the house. She heard Evan's sleepy voice.

As soon as Janie hung up, the guard rang through to David's cell phone. David keyed his security code into the surveillance program on his computer and began listening to the recording. His face turned red with fury and his forehead furrowed. He was wide awake now. Love may be blind, but they were in for a big eye opener!!

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A repost wishing all a Happy Halloween.

ZOMBIE JAMBOREE!!!! (The song that killed calypso)*

''Back to back, belly to belly
Well I don't give a damn, 'cause I done that already!''


The veil is lifted for a night
Ghosts drift by, their vapors light
Mummies, ghoulies in command
Vlad the Impaler leads the band

Don a costume, wear a mask
Pour some gin into a flask
Put on pants from Abercrombie
Dance bizarrely, be a Zombie

Slurp eyeball soup and cream of rats
Climb a belfry full of bats
Fly a broomstick 'cross the moon
Drink clotted blood with just a spoon


Try some mischief and you'll learn
This witch is cranky and she's stern
Don't use eggs and don't use soap
Or, I'll tie you with a rope

Cross the porch to ring my bell
and I will treat you very well
But if you run across my grass
I'll haul you in and spank your ass. : )

So, savor...

Popcorn balls and apple ciders
Watch your back for toads and spiders
Spectral skulls with teeth that chatter
None of that will really matter...


You run afoul of me, The Witch! *cackle cackle cackle*


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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Julie Simone


Julie Simone Joins CEG as BDSM Instructor

(St Louis, MO) World renowned rigger and AVN Hall of Fame Director/Dominatrix Julie Simone has joined The Complete Guide to Escorting as an Instructor.

The 1st class she will teach is “Pro Subbing 101”, Nov 2nd 2pm PST/5pm EST.

“The Complete Guide To Escorting is overjoyed to announce adult industry expert, Julie Simone, as our newest teacher! Our students are looking forward to expanding their careers thanks to her expertise. Thank you Julie for your contribution to sex work and your beautiful heart for sharing it with all of us”, says CEO Lydia Dupra.

“There are similarities in all avenues of sex work from cam girls to high class escorts and everything in between. I learn something from every class I watch. I am thrilled to be a part of this team, empowering women through education”, says Julie Simone.

Classes are available live with Q&As or as downloads

Sign up at

For more of Julie Simone’s work visit and

All media requests for Julie Simone should be directed to


Julie Simone started off as an art and glamour model, but quickly rose to the top of the Domination scene. She was the first woman to be awarded the Best Rigger Award in 2004, opening the door for women in what was previously a male-dominated field. She has continued to set the bar high with her highly stylized DVDs, which have earned her multiple AVN and XBIZ nominations, film festival screenings, 2 Feminist Porn Awards, and speaking engagements on panels. In 2013 a she earned a coveted spot in the AVN Hall of Fame and was also awarded the Indie Porn Icon Award by the FPAs. Julie graced the cover of Old Nick Magazine and has been published in Leg Show Magazine, Leg World Magazine, Bizarre, Nugget, Knave (UK), Ravers (UK), Secret (Belgium), Bondage & Fetish (France), Schlagzeilen (Germany), “Legs” -Dave Naz, “Bad Girls Hotel” – Bob Coulter, “Shibari” – Master K, Marquis Magazine and more. In addition to numerous website credits and starring in over 300 DVDs, she's also appeared on G4TV’s “Attack of the Show”, Playboy TV, and starred in a YouTube clip that went viral, "Dominatrix in the Park", which was featured on Tosh.0, Gawker, VH1, as well as several other mainstream blogs.

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Hi Girls my submissive female and I got talking the other day about spanking like you do , and she told me that she was around her daughters and a young lady came into the house and she could not stop looking at her protruding buttocks and said i would love to have her over my knee mmmmmm what a good idea i said .
So girls if you would like a spanking from my submissive - switch and myself of course.
Please let us know if you fancy being our Niece - Daughter - Stepdaughter - or anything
that floats your boat involving spanking .

Spanked Schoolgirl
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I think this naughty girl is enjoying bath time far too much. High time that warm soapy bottom was smacked ......

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I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

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Trying to get through this day and tomorrow then I will be ok . Hate Halloween and tomorrow is my dad's 82 b-day if he was still alive.... It's a sad day tomorrow .. just want to sleep all day my dad passed away Dec 5 2008 from.cancer

Spanked Schoolgirl
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Dear Marisol,

It’s been years, and I still think about you often. Especially at this time of the year when the leaves pass through the crisp fall air and collect in nooks and crevices. Like us, they cling to each other for a brief time before being swept away or buried beneath winter’s snow.

Remember how you first came to me? Running away from the chaos of home I suppose and looking for the comfort in another’s company. Mine would do.

We retreated to our haven. The corner of my parent’s basement where junky old furniture collected and a single bare bulb burned in a soft white glow. This was our place.

We didn’t even own the socks on our feet or have any semblance of the real struggles growing up would bring, but we opened our imaginations and found the comfort only the young at heart seem to find. The innocence of learning intimacy with each other. Awkward. Scary. Beautiful.

We rarely touched the secret places. Your favorite thing was kissing and mine was cuddling. We played for hours; husband and wife, brother and sister, foreign spies, prisoners…

The roles were many and the situations sometimes got weird, but we discovered one favorite thing between us. Spanking.

The play spankings were little more than love taps, always administered with the hand and over the lap. We switched frequently, deriving pleasure from both roles. Sometimes the lingering stings left from your hand followed me to bed. I smiled and rubbed gently. It hurt so good.

I’m sure you have your own recollections Marisol, but the one troubling aspect of our past that I can’t erase still torments me: It was my cowardice.

Life was hard for you outside my basement. I can’t fathom what your home life was like. You never talked about it directly but I sensed some of it played out vicariously in our time together.

And if the abuse you endured from home wasn’t bad enough, the neighborhood girls made life hell for you. They preyed on you in your weakness.

I'm not sure how or when they found out. Perhaps you shared a piece of your burgeoning desires with one of them. I don't know.

But I remember the day they pinned you down on the hood of the car and took turns slapping your face. They spit on you and said soul-crushing things to break you. Just the fact that you were different was perversion to them. They were the self-appointed moral police, and you were the example they needed to assert their authority.

Your reddened face turned and caught my eyes staring a few yards away. The anguish from your green eyes seared a mark in my memory that remains with me still. Helplessly, you remained silent. Your face did all the talking. Amid whimpers and tears, I could see your pleas for this merciless torment to end.

But I did nothing. Paralyzed by own fear.

Eventually, they released you and went on with their miserable and hateful lives. You ran away from that place without even having a home where you felt safe.

We spoke to each other very little after that day. I think it was in the fall when your dad moved your family away and I remember crying unconsolably on my bed that afternoon.

I deserve my scarlet letter of “C” and carry it with me after all these years. But you, Marisol, deserve all the things I took for granted. Like safety… love of a family, friendship, and a place of belonging.

You also deserve my whole-hearted apology.

I could have taken whatever those mean bitches doled out to you that day. A bloody nose, a black eye, a bruised ego…

Despite all the brokenness in your life at the time, you only ever showed me kind tenderness and friendship. I’m so sorry Marisol.



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Fuck me I can’t stay away from here
Sometimes only hours pass and other times months in a row but I always come back as it’s in my blood, in my make up and one of my real passions in life

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After a lot of experiences, give and take, I truly think that every guy needs to be spanked hard now and then -- it makes me a more compassionate, tuned-in, humble, productive man after I am spanked hard. -- I'm not sure exactly why that is, I just know it works. If you have ideas why that's the case, I'd love to hear them. -- All the best to you.

Spanked Schoolgirl
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Why is the young lady bent over the table, and what would you do if you found her like this?

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EPIPHANY! Stumbled across this video while watching The Try Guys. Mindfuck! (excuse the language) Could a spanking from the same gender be just as powerful and impressionable as a spanking from the opposite gender? This has just opened a whole new area in my thoughts. Watching some videos to compare reactions of the bottoms. If you are interested, this is the video:

Spanking Digital