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I've been interested in this for a very long time and I am ready. I'm a naughty 19 year old boy and I'm looking for an older woman in the MA area to give me spankings. Inbox me if you're interested

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I told my wife, perhaps four years ago, that I post spanking stories on a website. She never even asked the name of it. To my knowledge, she’s never read any of my blogs. Until recently, she didn’t even know the name of the site or my screen name. Spanking just isn’t her thing.

I’ve never told Mrs. J about any of the chats I’ve had with women on spanking tube or fetlife. She’s awfully insecure about her hold on me. She bristles if she senses that I’m showing too much interest in another woman in the room. So I figure she’d do more than bristle if she had even a glimmer of what I talk about with some of the women here. As a matter of discretion, I think it’s best if she just doesn’t know about that.

But when my friend “Shanna” lit the fire and put me to craving the kind of hard, disciplinary spanking she said she’d like to give me, I knew things had to change. I wanted to be more open with Mrs. J about my desires and needs. The problem was…When?

We recently had to put our beloved poodle to sleep. This little dog was Mrs. J’s very special friend. She’s still depressed and grieving. Not a good time to say, “Dear, I really need to find some other woman to give me a spanking.”

Shanna has promised to give me the kind of disciplinary spanking she so vividly described, but we live far apart, and travel isn’t an option for either of us right now. And until we can arrange something, she continually prompts me to find someone local to meet with. “You need to get your feet wet,” she keeps telling me.

So I decided to start looking for a spanker, and I also wanted to be open about it with Mrs. J—but here’s the thing: I was really afraid she’d say no.

In early June, I had a trip to Oklahoma planned—a visit to family, which I do every summer. Mrs. J doesn’t usually go with me. So I figured that if I could meet with somebody for a spanking just before the trip, then I’d have a solid week for any marks or bruises to fade. I would do this on the down-low, get my feet wet for the first time, without having to face the possibility of Mrs. J shooting me down.

And I felt a certain imperative to act. If I didn’t do this now, then the opportunity not might arise again until next summer, on my next trip north.

So I got on to Fetlife and made contact with a local domme. We had a dinner date planned so we could discuss the particulars. It was a Sunday evening, and I told Mrs. J that I was going to an open mic, because there is a regular event that I sometimes attend on Sundays.

On the one hand, I was eager to plunge headlong. This is living, I thought. I’m going to go out and really experience this, instead of wishing and fantasizing. But on the other hand, I felt horrible about going on the down-low and hiding this from Mrs. J. I kept thinking of what was at stake, and how I would feel as I stepped out the door and started driving to the south part of town for my little date.

My heart was pounding right out of my chest. My hands were shaking. I just couldn’t stand it. About an hour before I was set to leave, I got up from my computer, strode into the bedroom, where Mrs. J was reading her Kindle. I said to her, “I gotta talk to you.”

I laid out the whole story, explained what I wanted and how I had planned to meet with this domme. Mrs. J was a bit shocked, and of course, she didn’t want me to go see that domme. So I called the lady and cancelled our date.

I’ve chatted with women on this site who told me their husbands thought their desire to be spanked was a sickness, and that they should just get over it. Mrs. J’s reaction was nothing like that, I’m pleased to note. Rather, she was sympathetic, and though she didn’t want me to go to somebody else for this, she expressed a willingness to try and deliver such spankings herself. However, when she came to realize that the sort of spankings I’d want would leave marks and bruises, she was visibly pained at the thought.

Of course, we all know that a vanilla spouse rarely gives the sort of spanking that a real spanko desires. I explained to Mrs. J how common it is to hear of people whose spouses try, but fail to satisfy because their hearts aren’t truly in it. This led us back to the idea of my seeing someone else, thus relieving her of that burden.

She was full of questions.

“How do you know this person isn’t crazy or something?”

You meet ahead of time in a neutral setting, I explained. Try to get a feel for what kind of person they are, and discuss your limits.

“But what if they have some kind of disease or something?”

“Look,” I told her, “I’m not going have sex with these people.”

A look of relief washed over her face.

“Oh. Well, if there’s not going to be any sex, then go ahead. I think it’s a weird hobby, but if there’s no sex, then go do whatever.”

The next weekend, I showed her a Fetlife posting of a bdsm social I wanted to go to. She was fine with it. I met a woman there with whom I hope to soon set up a play date. And a couple of weeks later, I pitched the idea of going to TASSP.

I was out of the closet and on my way.

Next blog, I’ll talk about the event itself. OMG! Spankings, spankings, and more spankings...!!!

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ok I'm respondin HERE in my blog to two messages basically about the same thing ( a lil different but still pretty much the same)....

ive been asked "What is the big deal if "Daddy" has more than one spankee/sub/lil girl"...

SOME might not care.. I care a great deal... first I don't call just anyone "Daddy".. even if I'm talkin to u n ur user name is "DaddyBen" id call u "DB" or if ur name was " BigMeanDaddy"... id call u somethin like "Meany" or somethin.. ( neither of those names are any of heard of )... to be "Daddy" to me I have to feel that special connection.. I have to be able to respond to ur voice or ur message to me because I FEEL it not just cause ur talkin to me or sendin me text... to ask me to be ur lil girl or ur naughty girl or ur babygirl etc means u want me... I don't wanna be just added to ur list... I don't wanna share... I don't wanna stand in line...

perhaps the best way to put it is... what if I had more than one Daddy.. ?? would that be ok? would that make U feel special?.. when I'm getting the same thing from two, three, four Daddies?... wouldn't that conflict when one Daddy says " ur in trouble go to bed at 10pm" n the next says " well uve been good so u can stay up as late as u want tonight"... or one says "ill call u at 9" n the other says " I can only call u at 9 so ill have to call u tomorrow instead cause Daddy #1 is callin u already"...

in my real life offine I live with someone so at this time I'm not in a position to have real with someone else... I have called that live in person "Daddy" a very few times in the past 7 yrs because he wanted me to but I don't feel it with him... n ive referred to him as Daddy here in blogs cause it was easier than sayin "my live in person"... but I no longer call him Daddy in real life of here because he doesn't deserve that title...

maybe some of u don't care if UR lil girl has multiple "Daddies" but this lil girl cares very much if my Daddy isn't exclusive with me... what works for me may not work for u n maybe I'm dreamin out my ass but I know what I need n want n I WILL find it eventually.. not just here but in my real life too.........

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Hi all,

I could write a very long post here as to why F/m videos (and stories) online are seriously lacking in reality and quality. There are plenty of very very good amateur videos on this site, but the commercial sites are woefully lacking.

Why is this? Why do the videos have to be overly sexualized and humiliating?

I would believe that a commercial site could do very well by toning things down quite a bit and producing some quality, realistic, and traditional maternal style discipline videos.

Just my thoughts


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Hey everyone, Mugenblitz here, and I hope everyone had a great July 4th. I know I have. At first, I had no one to spank, and thought about giving up. But now, I’ve spanked 25 women who came to me needing a spanking. And the best thing is, they were from different states like Colorado, Phoenix, Florida, Texas, Washington, Buffalo, etc. They now know that I am the best disciplinarian ever and the only person to turn to. And on July 4th, I had two sessions, so this wasn’t a problem for me. Even the 1 woman, who doesn’t have a spankingtube account yet, always comes to get spanked by me whenever no one needs a spanking that I offer to them, so everything is going good. Now, we near 2017, and I know that there are women who definitely need discipline spankings. Whoever wants it, give a shout, cause the sessions have been great. I’m usually not strict or mean, just carry out a good spanking session.

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In the city of Niigata, about 300km north of Tokyo, a bronze statue of a manga character named Taro Yamada stands in the city centre as a tribute to Shinji Mizushima, his Niigata-born creator. Yamada is a baseball player and the lead character in Mizushima’s ‘Dokaben’ series.
Local residents have recently spotted an opportunity for some trick photography and the trend has caught on. Here are my three favourite:

Let's look at another case!
In this picture a sculptor carves a statue not made of stone:

If the girl would be moving he could spank her with a hammer ..............

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Hello My Dear Friends,
My computer has been off since June 27, 2016.

I thought it was my battery but it was my computer's cord, it was defective.

I talked with my niece Brenda (she is very savvy with the computer)& she told me she was going to check on Amazon to order me a new one.

She called and said it would be mailed on Tues., July 5th, 2016. It came & I attached it & now I am up and running.

She told me it was my Birthday Gift.

I called to give her a big THANK YOU.

Your Friend,

Ellen Marie

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So here it is... Am on vacation this entire week.. He made plans for the 3 of us ( him me n his almost 13 yr old son) the week before I worked n he was on his 1st wk vaca... I blew up a few times over that week... Sometimes it was warranted I guess n sometimes maybe I was bein an asshole... I flat out told him I wasn't goin two days in a row before we were to leave but here I am day 5 into my vacation n miserable as fuck... We drove up Mt Washington in NH which was exciting... We've spent 3 nights in hotels ( tonight will b the 4th) we r currently at another shaker village n have been since 11am.. Next tour is 1pm... I told him I didn't wanna go on the tour .. He says "ur goin" n takes out his wallet to pay for the 3 of us... I held out my hand for the keys to the very overcrowded jeep m said I'll wait in the jeep... He again says " ur goin" as he hands his card to the woman n says "3"... I shouted this time "TWO!!" N walked Away.... Now I'm sittin in the grass outside the jeep until it's time to go... We have his son til bout 4pm on Sun when we drive him back to Pa ... I'm back to work on Mon... So much for my fuckin vacation!!!

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I've changed the "here for" part of my profile. Now that I've had a chance to look around the site I feel I can be more open than I first thought. here it is again....

Here for

Curiosity, I know nothing about this really. an old girlfriend of mine used to like me to give her arse a little smack and I've been getting into spanking porn over the last year or so but that's about it.
I'm keen to find out what people like and don't like and better understand what it means to different people too. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

The Good Doctor

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Today my birthday iam 45 years young who want be first to give me my birthday spankings all 45 of them can double them if want

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I really hate it when a boy is lying to me, and not even for a good reason. But this one confessed his lying and was forgiven... not before he received 1120 strokes with all kinds of stuff.
Too much?
Not for this boy, he most defenetly deserved it.
Pics are in my new album

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(Who Loves Well Chastises Well ~ Seneca)

Good morrow, Gentle Readers! Do
peruse m' missive penned t' you
concernin' Kate, whom you an' I
called chum at Gopher Prairie High.
Kate, too, well knew them drab brick walls,
them dreary rooms, them weary halls.

May I expound a pithy phrase
goodly t' ponder nights an' days?
'Tis scribed below BOLD CASE withal,
ten syllables comprise it all,

commencin' QUI BENE AMAT

concludin' BENE CASTIGAT.

Them five words, rightly understood,
speak wisdom: pain betimes be good
when with familial care 'tis given.
In such spirit have I striven
faithfully, in what's here scriven,
t' weave m' yarn o' Buxom Kate
whose moral tale I'll now relate.

'Tis o' such things strong mem'ries last
tho, truth t' tell, what's Past is Past.
Yet, be ya High or Redneck caste,
'twill leave ya mirthful -- or aghast!

Kate learnt th' peril o' temptin' fate
by breakin' curfew on a date.
Forsooth, Miss Kate stole home quite late
whence Hank an' Alice did await
t' hear what explanation Kate
would have for why she'd violate
Maw's edict t' be in by One.
Pray, where'd Kate gone these hours an' done?

Wink--wink, Kate's beau parked. From his car's
backseat Kate seen glad twinkly stars!
Th' darkling spot young lovers seek
was found 'midst weeds 'long Elmo Creek.
Methinks betimes, with nuthin' on,
they'd splashed 'round in Lake Wobegone.
One hot night's passion ain't no crime.
Alas, Kate lost all track o' time.

Damp itchin' lust recalled from youth,
Kate's mum devined th' lurid truth.
Them two flung sordid barbs. Uncouth!
As Mater scolded, lo, our lassie
stuck her tongue out, bold an' brassy,
crackin' foxy, waxin' sassy!
Worse yet, Kate rolled dancin' eyes
towards empurplin' eastern skies
blithely chirpin' baldfaced lies:

"Gosh, Bubba's Dodge run outta gas!"


"Golly, we weren't smokin' grass!"

then burst out "DANG IT, KISS M' ASS!"

T' punish sassin' Hank unfastened
his worn belt. Yo, Kate was chastened!
She whined "No, Paw! Ya CAN'T whup me.
Gee, it's nineteen seventy THREE!"
Still, 'cross Hank's knee riled Kate got yanked.
Kissed by brown cowhide, Kate was spanked!
Pater flailed his strap t' whip her --
ten an' six licks 'neath th' Dipper --
one *WHACK!* for each o' dear Kate's years.
Thick leather's sting brings squeals an' tears!

D'y'all opine 'twas right an' meet
sweet Kate, pinned down, should writhe an' beat
June's fetid air with thrashin' feet
whilst smited flesh squirmed raw with heat?
Yet Kate's absolved o' girlish sin:
Hank's belt made Kate see stars again!

Kate wiped away a salty tear,
leapt up and grasped her chubby rear.
Ya see what punishment's about
in big wet eyes an' sullen pout!
Well smacked bums may smart two DAYS on.
Jeepers! Kyrie Eleison!
'Twas not that tough, tho' burnt. To-wit,
Kate yowled yet, gingerly, might sit.

Kate's yelps -- Lord, I scarcely fault her! --
an' sharp *CRACKS!* roused Frater Walter.
Dear hearts, this part's just between us:
Walt, right randy, stroked his penis
in the limpid glow o' Venus!
Would ya guess a Big Girl's spankin'
sets her little siblin' wankin'?
Walt dreamt o' swell Sissie's rump,
rubescent, throbbin', wiggly, plump,
ere he spewed forth like some pump!
An' Kate, in Mattins grey light deep,
abed, didst whimper, wince an' weep
an' rue scorched moons an' drift asleep
on tummy -- not pink blushin' backside! --
in that doublewide at trackside.

Too soon a blarin' diesel horn
shattered th' peace o' dewy morn,
raucous o'er lush fields o' corn,
harsh thro' maple, oak an' thistle.
Jarred awake, sore Kate would bristle,
yawnin' "Gosh danged noisy whistle!"

Ninety boxcar loads o' cargo,
headlamp blazin', west to Fargo
a late freight clank--thunk--banged its way
as Sol glared o'er th' peep o' day.
Pal, ya may fancy this obtuse:
Kate rubbed her swayin' red caboose!

M' prose, as all good things, must end.

Pax et Bonum!

Thy Fey Fond Friend

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I turn 24 today!! Yay! I need birthday spankings :))

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This is definitely a girl that wants to show off her round butt and flaunt it in public! I can only imagine that she would love to get a long hard spanking in this outfit! I would love to see her get the long hard spanking she deserves in this outfit! I think she needs a trip to the woodshed to get that round butt spanked properly!

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Just over a week ago, I returned from the Texas All State Spanking Party. It was an amazing and transformative experience for me. I’ve never done anything like this—ever! I saw things I’ve never seen before, did things I’ve never done before, and felt things I’ve never felt before. I met some truly wonderful people and found some friendships I hope will last a long, long time. I drove home from Dallas on three hours of sleep, with my veins full of endorphin and adrenaline, and feeling so very alive. What a weekend it was!

I’d like to recount some of those experiences here, but before I do, let me lay the groundwork. Allow me to explain to my friends here on Spankingtube the circumstances by which it became possible to go to TASSP in the first place.

To my old friends, you know I’ve been on and off of this site for years. A little over a year ago, I had a dust-up with another member and decided to leave after all the drama. The only reason I returned was because my old friend Cautious told me she thought she might like to come back to the site herself. She’s been the most wonderful friend over the years, and has supported and comforted me through some periods of depression and marital discord that had me seriously suicidal. I told her that if she came back to the tube, then I would, too.

I really had no expectations. I didn’t seek any friendships or initiate any chats. Honestly, I thought I was just done with that kind of thing. An avatar in your “Friends” box is meaningless, and most chats seem to follow a predictable arc. Talk about spanking for a while. Talk about yourself and your interests for a while. Movies, music, etc.…and every once in a while you make a personal connection with somebody. But even then, you finally just run out of things to say. The conversation dries up.

There are exceptions, of course. I think relationships are generally a matter of luck. And occasionally, you do get lucky. You find someone that you can remain friends with, and genuinely care about. More than once, I’ve literally fallen in love with someone here on the site. Sometimes, it just happens.

And so it was, early this year. I began a little friendly banter with a woman I’ll call “Shanna.” That’s neither her real name nor her user name here. She’s a very private person, and if I named her, she’d be embarrassed. So I’ll refer to her with an alias.

Early on, I sent Shanna some links to my youtube vids, and then we were off to the races. Movies, music, etc. Spanking. Sex. Spanking. First on Spankingtube p.m.’s, then by email, then on the phone, literally by the hour. And she kept telling me: “I want to know everything about you.”

So I told her, gradually, and bit by bit—tales about my army days, stories about old girlfriends and lost loves, reminiscences about lost ambitions and forgotten dreams, things I never tell anyone, things I normally find too uninteresting or insignificant to mention to other people—She teased these details out of me. She truly wanted to know everything about me, it seems.

And she saw things about me. She understood things, and told me things about myself that I knew intuitively to be true. For example, she took note of the patterns in my way of describing things, and one day she asked me, “Is there anything in your life that you don’t feel guilt or self-reproach about? Or any accomplishment that you don’t downplay or dismiss?”

It’s easy to claim modesty when you don’t want to talk about your accomplishments. One thing I don’t do very much is blow my own horn. I’m not impressed by people who do, and I don’t want other people to see me as that kind of egotistical jerk.

Oh, wait, am I bragging about my humility now? Sorry. Let’s talk about something else…

Many of the events I chose to relate to Shanna involved some measure of remorse, or regret, or guilt, or self-doubt…she had a point there.

She told me that some of my feelings of guilt and self-doubt might be eased to some degree through disciplinary spankings. I asked her how that would work, what it would be like. She explained:

“Discipline is a very fluid thing. Whereas a Domme may do the same thing, with minor changes, to all her subs.... whereas a Sadist may use the same needles, paddles, and clamps to elicit the same pain from all his masochists...

“Discipline changes to fit. Fit the people, and fit the changes in the people.

“So, some things I might theorize, but would never guarantee. Some things I expect I'd start with, but might switch out quickly. Detailing a discipline session with you is not the same thing as having one... because if we really did, I would be adjusting to your every reaction, to find the shifts inside you and get beneath them.”

She then went on to describe what a discipline spanking with her would be like, and told me:

“You would have no choice in it, and I wouldn't let you endure it. No, for you, you wouldn't be allowed to take the spanking. You would get the spanking. All the way to the end, after your surrender, after your tears have begun, after you have given up all pretense and all attempts to endure... past what you can handle and beyond what you would choose at that moment.”

Reading her words, I suddenly realized that this kind of experience and the emotional release it could bring is something I crave—profoundly. My reply to her was, simply, “I want this.”

I sometimes spank my wife, generally as foreplay. She’s not a spanko, doesn’t get off on it, but she likes to please me, and she’s sexually submissive enough to take a light spanking just to indulge me in the fun of giving it. Heretofore, my fantasies, and the stories I write, are generally from a top’s point of view. But now, suddenly I realize that I’m a switch.

And while my wife will submit to some play time on the receiving end, where giving is concerned, especially at the intensity I desire, she’s totally vanilla. To assuage this need, I would certainly have to go elsewhere. This journey to TASSP is foremost about that—though I did manage a little topping, too. I’ll tell you more in the next blog…(to be continued)

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So you may have noticed MsDazi giving me hell about picking scabs in my "Spanking From MsDazi" clip. It's a problem I've been struggling with for a while now, and she's dedicated herself to helping me with it.

Last night, despite still being quite sore from the Dual OTK spanking the previous evening, I asked for a preventive spanking at bedtime. I was instructed to go get dressed for my spanking and then wash the dishes while attired in my purple camisole and red panties. She sat in the living room and read her magazine while I finished up my chores.

When I was done, I went into the living room and reported to my disciplinarian. "Have you been picking your scabs?" she asked sternly. I hung my head. "Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry." I replied. "OK - over my knee." was the response.

So I took my place across her lap and lifted my bottom when I felt her fingers in the waistband of my panties, raising up to make it easier for her to pull them down. I got a brief handspanking followed by the belt, a paddle, her crop, the dreaded Loopy Johnny, and a wooden sorority paddle. Having my already-sore bottom spanked was difficult, but I kept remembering that I deserved this and it was for my own good.

After the sorority paddle, I got ten hard swats with her stirring paddle. I had to count each spank, thank her for it, and then say "I won't pick scabs anymore" before the next swat would land. It was a stern lesson and will hopefully help keep me on the straight and narrow from here on.

The "Eleven Hard Swats" video shows these last ten - actually eleven, since I got an extra - swats. I should have video of the rest of the spanking posted in a day or two.

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I hope everyone had a good fourth of July.. I worked for maybe four hours then decided go to casino like a bad girl and lose about 70 bucks that I really did not have money to lose. If I had a strict daddy figure or mom figure maybe I would not have done that :(.

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My tribute to Juliette Tulliver. Hugs!!! You're a wonderful author.

"Just look at the state of the flowers," growled Lyndsey as she peered out her bedroom window. It was always in the spring that the pixies weaved glorious crowns for themselves out of the flowers and would leave the garden a complete mess. This spring was no different despite the various repellents she had employed and the thorn bushes planted at strategic places to make access to the flowers a very difficult task. The resourceful pixies had only adapted by wearing long boots and arm sleeves crafted from scraps of fabric and leather stolen from the tailor's shop. The added protection allowed them to slip in and out of the flowers without trouble. When a human would appear, the pixies could dart away in the wink of an eye.

However, today was not like any day for Lyndsey. Her arrival at the garden was not met with the usual flash retreat. Instead, pixies began flashing and darting in every direction. It was as if there were some reason for alarm. As she advanced, they simply became more aggressive - fluttering closely to her face. "SHOO," Lyndsey shouted and then retreated back to the house in a fury. From her bedroom window, she looked out over the courtyard where most of the pixies had continued their assault on her beautiful flowers, but some of them were watching the house very carefully. And just then, something caught her eye - the reason for their alarm? In the very center of the bird bath, she could see something. Something with a flowery crown which was also very wet and trying not to be seen. She must have crashed there and is now looking for the right moment to make her escape. With all of Lyndsey's frustrated dealings with pixies, she had become quite the expert on their habits and she recalled reading something about water. Oh yes, a pixie in water loses her dust until she's completely dry. No dust means she can't fly. If she can't fly, then...

At that moment, she happily hopped up from her window sill and went to her father's room. "Where is it" she exclaimed in an anxious gasp. There it was in his dresser drawer. Years ago her father had been a school teacher and he had a handy little paddle that was used to punish students in his classroom. It had a ridiculous poem on one side and student names on the other. As part of a punishment, the student would have to sign their name and the date "for the record," he said. Lyndsey had also been corrected with this paddle many years ago and one of the slots on the board had her name slightly blurred by tears that had fallen that day.

Thinking back, she recalled the feelings of dread and humiliation as she was marched out to the hallway of the classroom while hearing the hushed snickering of the other students. Then having to bend over and grab her ankles to await the resounding crack of each meticulous swat. Wearing only a short skirt and tights, it really hurt!! "Count out loud every stroke," he would say. Everybody could hear the progress of Lyndsey's punishment and her sobbing as she counted the swats. A passing teacher had stopped to look around the corner at the event. His presence had been unnoticed by her father, but since Lindsey had been bent over, she was at the right angle to see him and the bulge at the front of his pants which he was trying to hide for propriety's sake of course. It had been painful and humiliating for her and this paddle had changed her entire perspective on life. Now it was time to employ its influence one more time.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Lyndsey marched out into the garden to find the drenched little imp. Now, a pixie has never directly attacked a human, but neither have they ever left one of their own behind. A tornado of pixies was darting around her head. With paddle in hand, she locked on to the target and grabbed the unfortunate pixie by her arm. Of course, she had tried to escape, but without dust, pixies have short legs, high heel boots, and are just not very fast. Once the swarm of pixies realized a capture had been made, they retreated to the hedges and trellis. Hundreds of little peeping eyes were glued to Lyndsey and her captive as she led her by the hand toward the garden benches.

Although pixies don't speak, they do understand human language. Some believe that they had been social creatures with mankind before we became so protective of our shrubbery. However, after so many years of anarchy in the garden, it was time to send a strong message. Lyndsey stood at the bench and spoke loud enough to ensure that all of her audience could all hear what she said next..

"You will all remember this day. Write it down in your books of history. In recent years, pixies have gone far beyond their borders and entered the human realm. You are welcome guests here, but that welcome does not come at the cost of my family's garden. You have been foolish in your dealings with us, so today you will be taught a lesson to be remembered. Once you have learned this lesson, you are welcome to enter this garden, but there will be rules. I have trapped one of you and I can do it again if I wish. Do not test my patience."

A collective gasp of surprise was heard from every direction as Lyndsey crossed her legs and pulled her helpless captive over her knee. "This will do nicely my little imp," she said with a condescending tone and a little smile on her face which she simply couldn't hide. Despite the gravity of the moment, this was going to be fun - at least for Lyndsey. After all, those pert little buns were so cute and now she had the "honorary duty" of paddling them to a bright red hue in witness of the entire kingdom.

Lyndsey tapped the paddle gently against her tiny bottom. The paddle was smallish, but very effective as she had once known its magical powers herself. For a bottom of this size, it was a perfect fit. I know you cannot count my little imp, so I will do it for you. Her words were met with a face of an angry pout.

The paddle landed with a loud crack! "One." Crack! "Two." Crack! "Three." More rustling emanated from the hedges as they rustled with sympathy for their companion. How embarrassing it must be for her to have hundreds of eyes witnessing this spectacle. CRACK!! "Four." CRACK!!(even harder) "Five." The little pixie squirmed in pain and she knew there was no place to run. She was powerless in the hands of this human and there was no way to escape until she had endured the humiliating spectacle. Crack!!! "Now that was six!"

Little tears were flowing from the eyes of the pixie and her expression had gone from angry to remorseful. "I do believe you are beginning to see things my way little one, but we must finish this punishment," said Lyndsey as she landed another smack to the sweet spot between the thighs and buttocks. "Seven." Crack! Crack! Crack! "That's eight, nine, and ten." "You have served your kingdom well today my little friend, so let that be a lesson to you all," she proclaimed to the hedges.

The pixie felt Lyndsey's grip loosen as she felt the throbbing of her now bright red and purple bottom. Out of sympathy, Lyndsey took her little friend to the house to give her a silk hanky to wipe her tears away and dry herself completely.

In the following years, the pixies continued to visit the garden to weave their flowery crowns, but they also visited in early spring to sow the seeds of the next batch of flowers. From Lyndsey's day forward, the garden was twice as spectacular and every year the pixies would bring Lyndsey a special crown weaved from the best flowers. Always on that special day, they would paint their bottoms purple and red to never forget how they learned to live in peace with humans. From Lyndsey's day forward there was always happiness and peace in the garden.

Dominated Girls
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This is an account of a discipline session with my first live in girlfriend. This particular time she'd been to court and fined for shop lifting in a Supermarket. The punishment wasn't because of the stealing ( Supermarkets don't give a rats ass about us) but because she didn't tell me or explain why her father was visiting from some 500 kilometers away, which never happened. At the time Rachel was 20 and i 26.

I told Rachel to put on her school uniform and go to the study and to stand in front of the bench, hands on head and await my presence.

10 minutes later i entered the study to a sight which always took my breath away and caused my cock to twitch which had been hard from the minute i saw the look on her face when i gave the order. Her tight white blouse taught across her breasts and tied in a way that exposed her flawless flat belly and the short black pleated skirt exposing her perfect long, tanned legs down her pretty red painted toes was enough to render me speechless. However i had a duty to do and that duty included my cane and the ravishing Rachels bare behind.

Taking a few deep breaths to gather my composure i walked behind her. I reached round with both hands and cupped her firm bra less breasts. Then whispering in her ear i explained to her once again why she was here and just exactly what i was going to do to her. I was naked and my throbbing cock lay up her spine whilst my balls rested on top of her buttocks where they met the small of her back. I'm 6'3 against her 5'6. I gave the order for her to bend over. She did so, prostrating herself along the narrow bench which sloped away from us, serving to thrust her bottom high and defenseless. Moving round to the front i fastened her wrists to the bench before offering my hardness to her soft mouth. She took it lustfully, groaning as it slid in and out. After pulling her head back by her hair i walked back to the business end of the task ahead. I raised her skirt up over her back pulled her panties down and off, catching the distinct scent of her arousal before buckling a strap tightly over the small of her back pinning her securely to the bench. Then parting her legs i fastened each leg above the knee followed by each ankle. Now! My beautiful girl was helpless, totally at my mercy and desperately trying to rub her pubis on the padded cushion. The restraints made this a near impossibility. I knelt down behind her and ever so gently ran my tongue up her sopping wet slit then back down to her throbbing love bud making her squeal with pleasure, i repeated this several times bringing her to the brink of orgasm before getting to my feet and telling her "not yet".

Then picking up my cane i took my stance to the left of her. Laying the cane against her bottom i announced that she was to receive 3 dozen, she protested so, smiling, i told her 4, she didn't protest anymore. I told her that after each dozen she would be pleasured. She thanked me, knowing only too well this pleasure without release would drive her near crazy.

I delivered the first dozen slowly, deliberately and fairly lightly. She hardly made a murmur and i smiled at my handiwork 8 lines decorating her previously flawless behind, 4 of them slightly darker than the other 4 where they'd been over-layed.

I slid into her effortlessly and she gasped, i pumped her very slowly, the urge to cum raging through my loins. After a couple of minutes i pulled out which had her pleading for more, only to be replaced by squeals as i sank the Rampant Rabbit deep into her now pumping her with a little more force. When i turned it on she went wild and strained at her straps in vain. For the second time i brought her to the brink. She screamed when i stopped and pleaded with me to put it back but her pleas fell on deaf ears. I told her not to forget why she was there and that any further such outbursts would earn her anther dozen.

The next 3 dozen were successively harder and so was the dildo treatment (i could barely move when inside her such was my rapture). After getting her close to the edge for her 5th and final time, i plunged my throbbing dribbling cock deep into her, thrusting furiously until we both climaxed with such a force i swear the house was shaking. After releasing her from the bench we both stumbled to the sofa and fell asleep wrapped around each other. I awoke to the sensation of Rachels warm mouth sucking yours truly before mounting me and fucking me like she was riding a bull. I palmed her buttocks feeling the weals beneath my finger tips and with a deep loving look into her beautiful green eyes i arched up giving her my full length. She was in charge now :-D

The end

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So sorry to be a bit late - but I simply want to wish all my wonderful American friends here, a FANTASTIC "Independence Day" Celebration!... :-D

Bars and Stripes