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I don't know about every one else but I love Ivy from real spanking instute. Every time I see that she is in a video I must watch it and rewatch it. She makes me grin like The JOKER. Any one have a fav model that if they have a video you must watch?

Mr. M

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Her backside, thrust up in the air by the stacked cushions, feels enormous, a vast cleft hemisphere of quivering vulnerability.

Nothing wrong with her upper body, clad in a creamy silk shirt, resting on the white sheet.

Nothing wrong with her legs, stretched out behind her.

But her bottom, conveniently upthrust to receive a searing six of the best, is distorted by anticipation into an unmissable target a mile wide.

Her guts lurch as if with a sudden vertigo. Any moment now.

Now! Her whole body jerks in reaction to the fierce pain. You think you’re prepared for it this time, but every time it takes you by surprise anyway.

The pain has barely begun to ebb, when with impeccable timing the second stroke sears its mark across her tender flesh. This time she holds her position. The pain is just as fierce, it’s just not so shocking.

Same for the third, which ratchets the pain up another notch or two.

Stroke four coming. She clenches her bum tight. Why? It does no good. She just can’t not.

Hmmf! She gasps through tightly compressed lips. That hurt! Each stroke is more agonising than the last.

Aaaagh! Damnit! What happened to silent stoicism? Who cares? Her legs with a will of their own are scrabbling for purchase to thrust her out of the line of fire, and it’s all she can do to hold her position. Gyrating jerkily, clenching and unclenching in desperate futile attempts to shake off the pain, but in position.

Aaaaaaagh! Aaagh! She rolls off the cushions into a tight ball, hands clutching her bum as if to prevent it from exploding. She’s gasping in anguish, but half laughing at her contortions too.

And she’s so ready that she’s almost sucking him into her as they fling cane and cushions aside and urgently come together.

So ready that she can’t help herself, and beats him to it before he can catch up with her. Which doesn’t matter because he enters her from behind as she lies panting, cups her burning cheeks in his hands electrifying her into a slow second orgasm, and joins her there with a deep groan of bliss.

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We have always felt that the term "spanking" is only used for certain implements and positions. We feel that term is best to describe old fashion style discipline when the positions used are over the knee or over the lap and the implements used are the hand or brush. Other positions like bent over, on all fours, spread eagle, or being restrained/tied up is in the category of corperal/judicial style punishment and term "spanking" does not apply. Conversely if other kinds of implements are used such as a cane, whip, paddle......then the term "spanking" again does not apply, said implement takes its own form of action (caning, whipping, paddling). Even though each and all things mentioned are forms of discipline, we have always been partial to using the term "punish" in all its forms (punishment, punished, punishing, and punishes) Who has the same views? Who has different ones?

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This week I have been working on a series of audio recordings that revolve around school spankings and paddling!The first is Sent Home from School and SPANKED!will take you back…you come home from school and I call to you. It seems the principal has called me and told me about your misbehavior! This warrants a spanking. A bare bottom over my knee spanking. I tell you to go get the hairbrush and then it’s time to drop your trousers and shorts and lay across my lap! After your spanking, it is the corner so anyone coming in will see your red bottom!
An MP3 available from Ms Rebekah Home from School and SPANKED!

School Spanking Series Available here>

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My lovely, and very srict wife and I, decided to go with the thin Lexan paddle to punish me for showing penis during Day 2 of my last punishment. My butt was lightly oiled, and using belt to plump up the target for her, i submissively assume the position, and am taught a lesson. this paddling was indescrbably painful. the Leaxan paddle STINGS!! hope those who watch this enjoy it!

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oh I think it's sooo cute *-*

i love this dress really...

do you like it? ;)

my master likes it *gg*

kiss to you Martin

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My wonderful wife, and strict disciplinarian is punishing me tonight, and a vid will me made to post here. She was very unhappy about my penis showing so boldly, on the vid of the paddling she administered on day 2 of my recent punishment. I will be wearing a jockstrap, with the belt wrapped around top of cheeks to make her target plumper. following her orders oil and alcohol gel will be applied by me to her target and paddle. The "Poplar Blister Paddle' will be applied first, 4 warm-ups, followed by a full double dose of 24 punishment swats. These will be follwed with, at least 4 penalty swats with the "Board' after she applies a light spray of alcohol. Thanking her in advance for being strict, and anyone who watches. Tony

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One has only to search the Internet to find the whole array of human sexual experience. I could be dead right now as a result of commiting suicide in my early twenties when I could not except my fetish desires. Self-acceptance taught to me by a therapist saved me. I opened up to her and told her about my "crazy" desires. She did not think me crazy at all. Her only concern was how I felt about my desires, she did not want to change me. She only wanted me to accept myself as I am and make a decision as to what I wanted to do. Back way in the days when the Internet was young and I had no computer anyway, I saw a Dominatrix interviewed on the old Phil Donahue Show. Subsequently I went to a BD/SM place to satisfy my spanking fetish. I accepted my desires and lived them out. As a result, I became free, though I still continued for some time to grapple with my feelings. Other fetishes began to surface---being feminized or occasionally wearing an adult diaper to create a submissive mood. My opinion is as long as it is consensual, it is fine between two(or more) people. Glad to be alive today!

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As I have said in other blogs and my profile, spanking is a fetish for me. I am not into punishment for punishment sake. It is interesting that just as any sexual activity one likes, one can get especially "horny" for a spanking. Other times, the feeling is not so intense but when the spanking fetish bug bites, it is certainly a craving. How do you other females and males experience this? Do you have any triggers that put you in a spanking mood?

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I really believe family is a blessing, and for me an essential part of the life experience…..but man don't they irritate you better than anyone else??? I'm sorry this has nothing to do with spanking……just ranting. UGH.

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Howdy Folks,

Sorry about my extended absence between blog postings. Have had a lot of things consuming me lately that has kept me off ST.

Some people have sent me messages asking if there are any updates with Gwen. Unfortunately not at this time. We have talked off and on, but for a week I didn't even have a CPU as this one puttered out for a bit. We have been in touch and having a little back and forth but I can't really focus on her cat and mouse game at the moment.

Been wondering why my old condo in the NW hasn't sold. So I had a friend of mine contact his real estate agent to check the non-public listing. Turns out the guy who was my agent has been screwing me and doing his best to hand-pick who lives in the building.

Needless to say since discovering this I have contacted a friend of mine who is an attorney and now have a lawsuit underway. So at this time I am not too concerned with spanking. Kind of obsessed with selling this place as I have spent over $9,000.00 between mortgage, renting my new place and HOA dues. In fact it is probably much more than that but too early for me to want to think about it. All I am really concerned about now is making this jackass lose his RE license and hopefully driving him into the poorhouse forever. My mother said I took this a little too personally, while my father (also a Scorpio) said I should find a Russian hit man who needs some extra money.

However there is a blonde girl who lives in my apartment complex that might be coming by for a spanking tomorrow morning. Silly girl is a college student who hung out at the pool more than anyone this summer. When I was talking to her last week she said she could use some extra motivation for her morning class that she hates, and falling behind in. So I jokingly mentioned my way of correcting the problem, nodded her head a bit and admitted it's been a long time since "I got my bottom strapped". Should she decide to make it over I will do my best to get some pictures for you all.

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So I had a request to continue the “Recent Fantasy” story I just did. So here you go:

Sean was put to bed by “Mommy” while Suzy and Chris went out for the night. He was taken to his bedroom and his “mommy” looked to him and said,
“Well young man I think I should spank you and then punish you some more before you go to sleep. And you better go to sleep. If you are still up when Suzy and Chris get back your in for even more harsh humiliating punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mommy. Are you going to...milk me after you punish me?”

“If you take your punishment well and ask for it I will.”

So she laid him on his back and undressed him. She lifted his legs to spank him in the “Diaper Position”,
“Naughty little toddler. I am going to spank you like toddlers are spanked!”

“Yes Mommy, I was a bad little boy. Spank my naughty chubby cheeks till I cry like a toddler.”

She began slow at first working the entire bottom. She scolded and verbally humiliated him the entire time, but she never stopped the spanking. She kept up a steady but slowly increasing pace.

“You are a naughty..SPANK...naughty..SPANK...toddler..SPANK. Take your punishment and learn your lesson! Look at your little bare pee pee hanging out while I spank your chubby bare bottom!”

Sean began to cry just like a little toddler. Whining and sobbing and the tears were rolling down his cheeks. But strangely he was still aroused. His little pee pee erect and bouncing while getting his spanking. His legs held up by his mommy being punished like an insolent toddler.

“Whaaaaa, Whaaaaaa!!! I was a naughty toddler mommy. Spank my little chubby hiney good. I am so sorry mommy. I be good!”

She gave him a few more firm fast swats and put his legs down. She told him to lay there on his tummy and wait for mommy. She came back with a thermometer and a jar of vaseline.

“Mommy gonna take your “Tempy” in your naughty bare bottom. You hold still. I want you to spread those legs a little, and prop yourself up on your elbows. We have mirrors in here so you can see me teach your naughty bare tushie a lesson.”

She lubed his naughty little bottom hole then the thermometer. She slowly inserted it into his bottom while he whined and fussed. She gave him a couple of swats.

“I said hold still..Spank! Spank! And take your punishment!”
“Yes mommy. Take my tempy in my chubby bare bottom. Humiliate me real good.”

She took out the thermometer ,checked it and saw it was normal for a well smacked bottom. She put it away and rolled him over on his back, unbuttoned her blouse and breastfed him.

“That a good boy. Suck mommy's bare boobies and be humiliated. When you are finished mommy will milk your little pee pee for you.”
Sean muttered a muffled thank you while feeding. She wiped his mouth with a napkin and took out some baby lotion. She rubbed it all over his diaper area and pee pee. She began stroking him while he moaned. She kept telling him what a naughty toddler he was and how small he was.
“Look how small this pee pee is. I only need two finger to stroke this naughty bare pee pee.”

The sensations of the humiliation and stroking climaxed him and she milked him good. She wiped him up with baby wipes and dried him and put him in his jammies for the night.

{To be continued}
Comments and requests for stories are always welcome.

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well as Michael Hutchence would have said "ain't nothing better than the real thing. " And, so, Miss Daisy Steiner is looking forward to making the leap from digital spanking back to analogue after a very long sabbatical.

Even better that it is at the hands of a true master, in fact the person who makes my absolute favourite videos on here. Of course I always protect my anonymity and in this occasion his too.

It has been far too long since Miss Steiner received the sort of discipline that is meted out to naughty girls. Scary? Yeah, of course but am I looking forward to it. Oh, come on, you know the answer to that!

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Since the age of 12 I knew I was a long life spankee and just loved when a comic in a magazine had a spanking scene in it.
I wpuld cut the spanking scene out and keep in a special folder in my room to enjoy at a later moment.

I have always loved it when it was a woman spanking a man and have always prefered it to be that way.
I get no pleasure from any other kind of spankings, so it took me some years to get a collection of FM spanking pictures.
As I got older it had turned into a huge collection of pictures of FM spankings in my folder and I got turned on very much by thinking about, how it would feel like to be spanked over the knees of a strict woman.

I love old fashioned discipline and I espacially get turned on by the thought of being spanked bare bottom over the knee of a woman like a naughty little boy.

When I met my wife at a party for the first time I knew that she was the one for me in that aspect.
She had a dominant shine and presance to her and I was hooked big time.
Thankfully she liked me and we started dating.

I know she found out about my fetish for FM spanking before I knew and she was the one that brought the big secret out in the open.

She later told me she had found my folder with my collection of FM spanking pictures one day and found it very interesting that I liked these pictures.
She also found out about my fetish of women in leather pants while looking through my secret folder.

It did not take long before she had bought a pair of black leather pants after that.
And I know she had planned to give me the chance to experience of a lifetime on our 6 months anniversiry.

Like I wrote in an earlier blog, she gave me my first spanking on our 6 months anniversiry and I was blown away by what it felt like to be treated like a naughty little boy and spanked over her knees.

I think I get the most turned on when she announces that I am going to get a spanking and starts to pull out our spanking chair.
She often sends me to go and find the spanking implements she wants to use and I it is very exciting and dreadfull at the same time.
I find it so embarassing to stand in front of her and have her take my pants and underwear down to my ankles prior to my spanking.
The humiliation of standing there all turned on with a huge erection is so wonderful and thrilling.
That goes away quickly when she starts spanking me with her wooden hairbrush, the bathbrush or her small cane.

She takes her time getting me ready for my spanking and normally gives me a stern lecture and a blazing scolding before taking me over her knees.
But sometimes she just gives me a good hard spanking and starts scolding me during my punishment and gives me a lecture at the end before finishing my spanking.

Since my first spanking my wife has gotten a lot firmer and really knows how to give a good spanking.
She spanks me very hard and ALWAYS on my bare bottom.
She says it is the only way naughty little boys learn their lesson and I totally agree.
She really makes me learn my lesson when I have misbehaved and often has me crying or sobbing before she stops my punishment.
After my spanking she makes me stand crying in the corner with my red bottom on display to complete my humiliation.

She really knows how to be firm and strict with me and give me what I desire and need and even though it hurts when she spanks me I love her for doing it.

It had been a life long dream for me to meet someone, willing to give me what I had always been dreaming of and thankfully I have :-)

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I have terrible insomnia, I'm so tired....
are there anything works for me? without going hospital?

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Help For/From Friends

This site has its quirks if you haven't noticed yet. I will try to share a little of my experience here in hopes to save some from a little of the frustration I have experienced along the way. I will also share a little that will hopefully help you understand me a little better in how I do things here and offer a few pointers that will also help us communicate better. So, here goes...

Stube has a security measure in place that logs you out if you appear inactive for an uncertain amount of time. This means you can be composing a blog or a private message and go to post or send and find you are logged out and all your work is gone. The Tube does not recognize typing as activity and offers no draft folder. It seems you must be moving between different pages to remain logged in. So, two points of advice; One, create longer blogs or messages in a WORD or email account and copy there and paste here. Two, if you forget to do that and are unsure if you've been logged out or not, simply highlight and copy your work before you hit send/post here. If you were logged out now you can simply re-log in and paste your work. Easy peasy!

OUTBOX Messages - You can go into your "OUTBOX" to see the messages you sent if you set up your messaging with that feature to send a copy to your OUTBOX. If so, do not go to your OUTBOX and open a closed envelope! This makes it appear open in your friend's INBOX and they may miss your message seeming as if they already opened it. So, wait until a letter appears open in your OUTBOX if you feel the need to reread what you already sent.

FRIEND REQUESTS - I appreciate a message with a friend request. You know, a little something as to why you feel we would make good friends here, or what you noticed about me that piqued your interest, or something you feel we share in common? I may or may not go to your profile and do a little research myself before accepting but rarely will I do this for a member who simply sends an empty request. I may even reject your request as a result of your personal lack of effort. No, I do not think I am better than anyone. I am just NOT a friend collector. This is the main reason I do not put my friend list open to the public. I am not trying to impress anyone with numbers. I also may wish to post a few personal (nongraphic) pics of myself and I don’t want people friending me just to see. So, rejecting the uncreative weeds out some of that.

SHY MEMBERS - You are among friends here, mostly. You can find almost anything you want here. More importantly, you can make friends or enemies. My advice (unsolicited as it may be) is to simply be you without taking yourself too seriously. Basically, this is a place to have fun and let your flag fly. So, add some stuff to your profile. Tell us about yourself, why you're here. The good thing about this place is you can share what you wish while leaving out what you want. We may feel we have to keep our thoughts and feelings closeted in our lives but this is a place to just be ourselves. You do NOT have to be a Domme or a submissive, a Master or slave, a Daddy or a daughter... just be YOU! Share everything but personal data and you should have fun. We don't need to know your name and location or the names of your kids and pets, just what goes on in that dirty little mind of yours. (wink, wink)

RESPONSES - Here is how I like to respond to private messaging on The Tube; When life or this site gets busy I open my messages one by one. If I get overzealous and rip into all of them at once I lose track of what I read and who I did and did not respond to. So, I may open one or two and respond if necessary and log off and return and finish later. As I advised in the "OUTBOX" portion above, if you open your OUTBOX message before someone reads it they may miss it later thinking they already read it themselves, so keep your stubby fingers off the unopened OUTBOX messages. Got it? HaHa In case you are wondering, erasing your OUTBOX does not erase their INBOX.

I hope this helps someone. Please share this with others and feel free to add comments about "quirks" you learned about below as I will do the same. I look forward to hearing about your experiences soon.


Anna29 Added:
Another tip: since the original message doesn't appear in the edit window when you hit "Reply", it can be useful to copy and paste it there, making it easier to respond. Then you can either erase it before you hit send, or head it "You wrote . . . " and leave it in.

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I want to remind everyone who wants me to spank them that I travel all over the country. So please send me your info if you want to be punished. JMACJLUV is my favorite person. As long as the spanking is not interfering with the relationship that i have with him, then its all good.

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I once heard the definition of madness being described as two baldy men fighting over a comb! However Jen and my niece have brought about a new definition between them. Two weeks ago my niece passed her driving test and so she has been driving us to the city on our daily commute every morning.For some reason she prefers to drive Jenny's car,an Opel Insignia,than my BMW. Last Friday I sat in the back of the car with my niece's boyfriend while my niece,who was driving and Jenny in the passenger seat began to argue about the quickest route to take to the city. The argument went back and forth before Jenny placed a wager with my niece. Jen bet 50 euro that my niece would not get us to the Viaduct Bridge on the outskirts of the city by 8:45am. My niece hesitated before accepting the bet,we all knew that 50 euro was too rich for her taste,being a poor student.Jenny began cajoiling my niece until my poor niece finally relented and accepted the bet;the one stipulation was that my niece had to stick to all the speed limits but she could take any route she saw fit,no one in the car would intervene.

We set off. It can be a nightmare driving to the city in the mornings,like every where,traffic can be a bitch. My niece headed for the next town,Bandon where she had two options,the by pass road or straight through the town,she choose poorly and took the by pass road,which everyone who drives these roads on a regular basis would tell you always is backed up with traffic in the mornings.This morning was particularly bad,there was a minor accident but rubber necking slowed down the progress of the traffic. After Bandon my niece pressed on,there was still time,until we reached Innishannon,there my niece went into shock when she realised that we had hit the mother of all traffic jams.Jenny wouldn't let her relent on the bet and another argument took place. I punched my niece's boyfriend in the arm to pass the time,I love picking on him. We did reach the city,my niece was 6 minutes and 34 seconds late.Jenny has given her until this Friday to cough up the 50 euro or she has threatened to kidnap her boyfriend and cup off any part of his body she sees fits LOL!

Work is a real pain lately.I have the usual round of students suddenly in a panic over the Xmas assessments which will be beginning next week.My advice is always the same,do your best,it is not the end of the world.I love coming home in the evenings and snuggling in front of the TV with Jen.

Now,Jenny's friend made another visit to us yesterday and bravely took 11 slaps with my strap before she said the safe word. It is going to take time.We had some fun and laughed about it afterwards. She has said that she would like to be able to take more,perhaps I need to put less strength into my swing...ooopppssss!

Have a great week my friends and don't have nightmares,Jenny really wouldn't cut off anything of importance...I hope!LMAO

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She holds herself erect, perhaps defiant and I have summoned her.

Her curly chestnut hair tumbles onto her shoulders and frames a round face. Her eyes are large and blue, her nose small and turned up; her nostrils perhaps a little too flared. Her mouth appears tight, compressed, when closed and thin pink lips trace round it.

She is no taller than five four and of slim frame; I know she is eighteen.

She is wearing a sleeveless starched white shirt and her top two buttons are undone.

I glimpse and savour the white flesh of her neck; the V of her upper chest. She is bra-less and her prominent nipples strain against the fabric.

It is Monday, June 18th, 1973 and the weather; hot.

Her regulation navy blue skirt is just above the knees - and tight. Her pale legs are bare and she is wearing black sandals.

She is facing me over my desk with her uncovered arms hanging limp at her sides. I am the headmaster.

‘You know why you are here, Miss Green, don’t you?’

‘Was it to do with the smoking?’ She tries to sound composed but a slight tremor in her Yorkshire accent hints at anxiety.

‘As you are aware, well aware, we do not allow any of our pupils to smoke on the school premises…’

‘But I’m over sixteen and allowed to smoke legally,’ she protests weakly.

‘Yes, but you are a bad influence on the younger children. Have you any idea how detrimental smoking is to your health. And what a disgusting habit it is?!’ I counter.

I can see that she realises that she isn’t going to win; she will take what comes to her.

‘This isn’t the first time you’ve been cautioned; Mrs Clark warned you just a month ago. Or have you forgotten so soon?’

‘No, Sir. I’m very sorry. It won’t happen again.’

‘I very much doubt that it will.’ I have the upper hand; literally.

‘I’m afraid Miss Green I have little alternative but to administer you two strokes of the cane.’

I watch her blanch as fear flashes across her attractive features.

‘Please walk over to the chair in the corner. I want you to bend over and place your palms on the seat.’

She complies and ambles over slowly; like the proverbial condemned man.

The chair’s back is against the white wall of my office. I open the cupboard behind me and bring out the standard school cane: about two foot long with a curved handle. I reflect, briefly, on all the agony that this simple implement has induced in the past.

I stride over and line myself parallel to the left of her.

‘I am going to give you two hard strokes. You are not to move till after the second one. If you do then you will receive an extra one. Do you understand?’

She mutters something and then nods.

I pause and study her. Her skirt is pulled tight; the material shiny over her bum.

Her white arms are taut and I notice liberally speckled with small moles. Her blonde arm hairs are visibly raised, perhaps out of fear, and her thick lustrous hair hangs down round her face.

I draw back my right arm then swing the cane down with a swish across her buttocks that impacts with a loud ‘crack’.

She utters a low groan and lifts up her left leg, bent at the knees and I cannot help but notice that her calf is pale and strong.

She returns her leg back into position.

Again, I swing the cane, with force, onto her buttocks.

‘Oh! My God!’ she screams and brings her hands round to grasp her backside.

‘That’s all, Green. You may return to class.’

She straightens up, all the time massaging her behind, and turns to face me, her eyes red rimmed and watering, her cheeks ruddy; I have hurt her.

She makes for the door without uttering a word, opens it and disappears into the corridor.

I walk over to the door and close it; close it behind her.

I imagine her at home later, perhaps in her bedroom naked, in front of a mirror, twisting round and probing the parallel ridged purple stripes that now adorn her lily white buttocks...

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You know that feeling you get, when you know you have been bad and deserve a good spanking? Don't lie, I did, and spent my first 20 years as a Spanko strictly as a Top. But, eventually I met a sexy lady who liked to switch, and I finally gave in to my secret desires and took a trip over her knees. As much as I enjoy spanking the bare bottom of willing lass, I cannot deny how sexy and arousing I find it when I see a woman with a spanking implement in her hand. Now should I be standing naked before her as she rubs a paddle over her waiting lap, I blush, my jaw hangs, and there is little doubt that she has my full attention. Ho, Ho, Ho!

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