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One of my youtube friends sent me this video. The slide show, the music and the lyrics brought tears to my eyes, and it’s so appropriate as a commemoration of Labor Day.

Also, check out the Battle of Blair Mountain by Louise Mosrie. I had the privilege of seeing her at a home concert that a friend of mine hosted. I learned that evening from Louise about Blair Mountain, the original meaning of the term “redneck,” and how the U.S. government dropped bombs on striking miners during the battle of Blair Mountain.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Take a day off and spank someone you love.

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Researchers used face-recognition software to determine that the Mona Lisa is 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% fearful, and 2% angry.

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Na was sagt ihr ?

geht doch oder ?

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Since it seems that some rant time is often allowed here at my second home, i'll take my chance with this.

Last Friday i got an email from saying i had a message from someone called "RitualSpanker". Of course, it caught my attention! I'm not the type of woman that is all the time getting messages, or friendship requests... not at all! So, when someone shows his/hers interest on me, well, i try to act accordingly.

I tried to read his message from my so called smartphone, which is not that smart, because it didn't displayed the messages, just kept saying me i had a new one. I switched to the tablet... same result. The sillyphone allowed me to write, however, so i wrote him back -without knowing what had he written to me- saying that if he actually had written me something because i wasn't able to read it.

I got another email saying -again- i had a message from the same guy. Again, i went to the page and tried to read the now very enigmatic message without success. Then, i sent him another one saying i'll try to look at his messages next day from the computer and that was it.

Next day, on Saturday, i went to to read the messages. I had two from this guy, the first one saying: "I'd love you to ride me while i belt your ass." The other one, as a response from the one asking him if he had actually written me anything was: "Yes. I wrote you saying i'd love you to ride me while i belt your sexy ass."Now, look, i'm SICK of that type of men, and i got angry!! So, i answered him exactly what i was thinking, which was; "I though i got a nice message but instead i got one from a rude and without manners man. Why do you think it's nice to receive that crap from you? What does "to ride you" mean? Are you a horse or something? You're certainly not a horse, they are nice, and you're a brute!"

The same day, hours after, i got another one from him, this time him saying: "Lol. You're nuts. No, i'm not a horse. I'm sorry for showing interest on you."

This time i blocked him.

Should i have thanked him instead?

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What would you use on me? I really need to punish.

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well today has been a better day... accomplished a lot this weekend, gardenin, cannin, closing down the pool for the year, runnin errands n some family time.. goin to the fair later today ( if the rain holds off), if not, then I have a back room I want to go thru.."Daddy" hasn't felt too good this weekend so hes been takin it easy ..I did get a spankin on Friday before our drive to Pa.. the spankin for "good measure" more than anything else as we knew we would have his son here for this entire weekend... on that note, have a good day everyone..

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It has been sometime since I have been able to sit down and write a blog on here.The past few weeks have indeed been very busy for me,there was a lot of planning to do at work and then my niece was anxiously awiting her results from the final examinations at school and worring about whether or not she would get her first choice at University.Well she did get the results that she wanted and she will be going to University in the city where she will begin her studies for a BSc degree in Mathermatical Sciences.She starts in three weeks,but there is an extensive list of equipment to get before she starts. At present all she seems to be looking forward to is the student parties!

Last Friday my niece,Jen and I drove to the city to do some shopping and to pick up items that my niece needs for her course,I made sure that she had her list. We reached a large shopping centre outside the city and decided that we would go in.The traffic was terrible,we were stuck solid for ages. Quite without warning Jen and my niece jumped out of the car,Jen telling me that they would begin the shopping and to meet them at our favourite cafe once I had parked the car.Before I could say anything they were gone.As I watched them walk away something in my water told me that they were up to something. I eventually found a parking space and happened to glance into the back seat of my car;there on the seat was the list of things my niece needed. I shook my head,grabbed the list and went inside the shopping centre.

I went to the cafe but there was no sign of my niece or Jen,so I decided to fill the list of stuff my niece needed. It took me about half an hour and then I returned to the cafe;still no sign of them. I walked around the shopping centre and watched a child throw a tantrum,he threw himself in the centre of the floor and his parents,who looked really young,had a terrible job trying to get him up.I continued walking and purchased some bananas and carrot cake.I returned to the cafe,Jen and my niece had still not shown up,so I decided to have a coffee and wait. I was there about twenty minutes when Jen and my niece came in. My blood went cold;my niece had got a new hair style.They sat at the table,both of them laughing at my expression.My niece had shaved the hair from her temples and what was left of her beautiful hair was now designed in such a way that I could not understand.Lets put it this way,she still has hair,just not a whole lot.I asked my niece what the bloody hell she thought she was doing?,Jenny told me to lighten up and made a smart comment about "...trying to remember what it was like to be young...." There was a brief,but vicious exchange of unparliamentary language between Jenny and I. It turned out that they had this planned and Jenny paid for this as a gift to my niece. I was told by Jenny that my niece was starting University,not school. I knew full well that she was starting University,as I had to get her the equipment on the list while both of them went off to make my niece look like an escaped lunatic from a Victorian asylum . The waitress came to take our orders and took the time to remark how "... cool my niece looked,and that her hair was fabulous!" Jenny ,my niece and the waitress became involved in a discussion about hair styles and colours.Before the witress went to get our orders she turned to me and remarked that BOTH OF MY DAUGHTERS WERE COOL! My niece and Jenny burst out laughing. I ate my sandwich and drank my coffee.

The drive home saw my niece and Jenny picking on me and even suggesting that I get my hair done like my niece. I warned my niece that if her hair did not grow back by the time she started University,that I would buy her a wig.We dropped my niece off in the village,she was going to meet her friends and her boyfriend.Jen and I went home.Some pushing and shoving took place in the kitchen before I went to get the wooden spoon.I chased Jen upstairs and managed to deliver a delicious revenge,I quite enjoyed her squeeling out as she lay across the bed,Miss Smart Ass. However,as always we both ended up getting a little friskey,so discipline ended and love making began.

Later in the day my niece came home with her boyfriend,who will also be starting University in the city,but studying Arts I believe. I agreed that he could join us on the morning commute. Jen asked my niece's boyfriend what he thought of her hair.He spoke withhout thinking;DEAD SEXY,came his reply.Then he visibly reddened as he realised that I gave him a cold look;him and I need to have a word about the birds and the bees,my version.That sort of talk,coupled with them both at the same University made me think of a saying an old nun told me when I firt started teaching;"... YOU NEED TO HAVE EYES ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD...."

I wish you all a wonderful day.The two sleepy heads are having a lie in and I am about to take Justin for a walk. Be safe and be good.

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That feeling, when you know you are loved and cared for,
When after that last blistering paddle spank has landed,
And you slide off her warm lap and lay your head there,
When stern words turn to soft comforting forgiving words,
When the punishing hand caresses your back and head tenderly,
You look up and see that loving smile beaming down at you,
Her duty is done,she hates to punish but knows it is needed,
You needed it and deserved it,you alone earned the paddling,
Price has been paid,slate wiped clean,you thank her of course,
Blessed you are to have such a wonderful woman to keep you right.
She helps you up and takes you in her warm and loving arms,
Lifts your chin and kisses you,and wraps you in her amazing love,
A woman like that is worth her weight in gold and is a treasure,
That feeling of caring and protection,of pure unconditional love,
A better feeling there can never be,a feeling to be cherished,
If you are so lucky to have this feeling,more blessed you will never be.

Thank you for reading,

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Hate that I live too far away from my spanking friends......
I know I'm way too impatient, but still.....

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Aunty Thelma will be holding interviews/auditions in a hotel room in Stevenage, on Friday 19th September 2014, (times to be advised) but let’s say from late afternoon through the evening and late into the night. I am looking for a sub, either male or female, couples will also be considered. I have some preferences, I like younger, but not as young as my own children, so the lower age limit of 25 is set. The upper age limit is 50. I dislike pubic hair so would appreciate it if it could all be removed. It grows back if it bothers you. Anyone presenting with lots of hair will be instantly rejected. I don’t mind facial stubble but not a full beard or mustache. As for hair on your head well, I like any amount from long and flowing to non existent, I am also a sucker for a nice smile. I appreciate tattoos, but again not absolutely necessary. Please pay attention to your anus, make sure it is empty and clean as this will be closely inspected.

I will wish to know your kinky preferences, your hard and soft limits and your previous experience. Your pain threshold is important as I take great pleasure in inflicting pain especially to buttocks, cocks, balls and pussies. I dislike males dressing as females, so don’t bring that kind of thing to me please. Your ability and desire to play with other subs of the same sex will be a definite plus point though.

A written application with as much information in it as possible is required as is face and body pictures. Oh, and of course if you do not like the larger lady then please do not apply.

I have very limited time to play, but I will be at a local hotel at least once a month. This is a serious job opportunity, but I will tell you that I enjoy a good laugh, rock music and role-play. This position will be developed into something beneficial for both of us if we get on.

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does anyone live in or near philadelphia

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A Need Met
The session had been a long and painful one. She stood in the corner, bottom throbbing, reflecting on the events of the week and what had landed her in this position. She knew in her heart she had earned every last stroke. It had been a really bad week. She had been wound up so tightly. The pressure at work had her ready to snap at the slightest provocation. In fact, she had completely lost her cool with 2 co-workers and her boss on one day, and another of her supervisors on another. She knew if she didn’t watch herself, her job would soon be in jeopardy. And that speeding ticket! Was she ever going to learn? Her mood had been foul and she found herself crying at the least little thing. Something had to give. She knew it. And so did He.

Still, even knowing it was deserved didn’t help the fact that her bottom was on fire. It had been an especially difficult punishment, but she had held it together and taken her spanking without too much fuss. She was happy to have paid the price and to now have it be over.
When he thought she’d been in the corner long enough, he called her to him. She immediately curled herself into him and he held her, stroking her lovingly and comforting her for a while in silence. After a while, he took a deep breath, steeling himself against what he knew he needed to do - what he knew without a doubt that she needed him to do. He gently pulled her away from him and tipped her chin up so that he could look in her eyes as he spoke. “Baby, I’m afraid we’re not done yet. I’m going to finish you up by putting you over my knee. I am going to hold you and spank you fast and hard with the paddle...”

Before he could finish, she was up and protesting. “No, Sir, please! I’m already so sore. I can’t take any more. Please, I’ve had enough!” She backed away from him as she plead her case. Panic set in. Whatever composure she had maintained throughout her punishment evaporated.

Calmly and forcefully he said, “Baby, stop that this minute. Listen to me. This is going to happen. You need this. You have to trust me.” He rose from the bed and crossed the room to where she had backpedaled. He took her hands in his. “You know I would never go too far with you, don’t you? I will only ever give you what you need.” She swallowed hard and nodded her head in response. It was true. She knew in her heart that she trusted this man she loved desperately with every fiber of her being. She knew how lucky she was to have him on her side. “Good. Now, I know you are already very sore. I know this is really going to hurt. But, when it starts to hurt, I want you to try really hard not to fight it. I want you try to let yourself feel it, give into it. Do you understand?” She nodded silently, unable to find any words just then. Understanding, he simply said, “Good girl.”

He took her by the hand and led her to the bed. “OK, Baby, let me hold you and take you where you need to go.” He sat on the bed and pulled her between his knees. He tugged her down to place a gentle kiss on her lips before placing her over his left knee. He secured her legs with his right leg. He asked her for her right hand. Instead of pinning it to the small of her back as she had thought he would, he laced his fingers through hers and held her hand at her side.

Not wanting to make her wait any longer, he picked up the mahogany paddle and began to spank her with it. True to his word, he spanked her hard. Each swat came in rapid fire succession. Although small in length, the paddle was rather heavy at ¾ in. thick and it didn’t take long before she was in serious distress. Still he continued alternating from one cheek to the other, covering her entire backside with the nasty implement. She had no chance to catch her breath or regain composure between the terrible swats. She had taken at least 50 or 60 firm swats on her already tender bottom when she began to struggle and fight in earnest. She was wiggling and trying to avoid the swats, but he held her tightly in place and she had nowhere to go. He continued her spanking without missing a beat. She tried desperately to pull her hand from his so that she could protect her screaming backside, but he simply held on tighter and the painful swats went on and on. He worried a bit as her poor bottom was beginning to show some substantial bruising and he wondered how long his stubborn little girl would hold out.

Just loudly enough for her to hear over the rhythm of the paddle he calmly encouraged, “You don’t have to fight it, Baby. Let yourself go. It’s ok. I’m right here for you. I’ve got you, holding you tight. I won’t let go.” At his gentle insistence, and as the pain became simply too intense, it finally happened. She finally gave up the fight and the dam broke. All the pent up emotions she had so carefully kept hidden away came flowing out and she began to cry. The tears flowed freely and huge sobs wracked her body. He stopped her spanking almost immediately and began gently caressing her, speaking quietly and soothingly above her while he allowed her to simply cry herself out over his knee. This – this was the release he had known she needed.

After she had finally exhausted all of her tears, he pulled her up into his arms. She snuggled into his chest, her most cherished place to be. He rubbed her back and ran his fingers through her hair. Feeling so safe, secure, and cared for in her loving man’s embrace, she was overcome with a feeling of contentment as she realized just how lucky she was. She looked up at him through half lidded eyes, and simply said, “Thank you.” He smiled gently at her and responded, “Anytime, Baby.” He turned down the bed, put his exhausted young lady under the covers, and crawled in beside her where she fell almost instantly asleep in his strong arms.

… The next week at work, she was much more relaxed and not ready to jump at every little thing. Work was still a lot of pressure, but she was handling it much better, they were both very happy to note. As he watched her hum happily around the kitchen as they were preparing dinner, he wondered if the next time she so obviously needed the release if she would fight it so badly. Well, regardless…he knew what she needed and would always be there to see that she got it.

What a lucky girl, indeed!

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Dolphins give each other unique names, just like humans. They use distinctive whistles to identify each other.

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ok here goes, I have been definetly expeiencin ROAD RAGE... not cause of how others drive but cause of the bimbo bitches who keep snappin pics of my stickers on my van... my stickers were MY idea, MY expressin MYSELF, I didn't steal the idea from someone else so YES it pisses me off when I see them clickin pics of my van... so much so that ive had two bad cases of rage over it recently... one I got out my van at the next stop light n threw a cup of soda at the womans car n told her to get her OWN ideas n STOP stealin mine... she started to get out her car n I balled up my fists n actually begged her to but she thought better of it n drove off... the other I literally speeded off in heavy traffic n jumped into another lane to which this ignorant fleabag gave chase n I moved from lane to lane to avoid her n then pulled into a parkin lot n motioned for her to "JOIN" me... GRRRRR.. I love my stickers n am PROUD of them.. I don't need these crotch rocket riders stealin my stuff... get ur OWN ideas bitches!!

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Bricks and mortar
And a little water
Some walls protect
Some walls contain
From the outside
They all look the same
To keep you safe
In your special place
Walls of height
Only to block the light
Is what is lost
Worth the cost?
Keep out others
Keep out friends
Keep out lovers

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Jusst check out our new m/m spanking studio

All the spankings are hard and real.We don't hold back and we don't spare the rod. Real discipline is about real suffering.

There will be a lot of freebies posted on my page, just need extra cash to travel outside my country to spank safely...

If you want to be part of the studio - as a spanker or a spankee - welcome!

Many thanks for your support

Kind regards

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These are the implements I am working with, plus a paddle. (It has smiling snowmen on it) lol. :-)
The belt and brush are new. I do need a wooden one and a good bath brush, which Ill be getting sometime this weekend or next week.

So what do you suggest this brat give herself Monday night!
Its a self-spanking to keep me motivated.

Comment or inbox.

Thank you all.
Masters PlayGround....

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Look what I have made! my very own flower fairy dress:) I'm so happy with it I don’t think there is anything in the world I would rather be than a fairy, except perhaps a monster, I really love monster's to.

I can’t stop smiling when I think about how much happiness has been squeezed in to one summer and the previous weekend was the most magical adventure of them all. I was off over the rainbow with some of my favourite fairy folk, delight:) My first ever festival with my friends for 4 days filled with giggles, feathers, trolls, weird and wonderful headdresses and glitter, lots and lots of glitter:) and I got to spend the majority of the festival dressed as a flower fairy, dream come true.

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i got spanked earlier by two of my lesbian friends
was pretty hot
i should be getting spanked later by my ex wife
look for a video soon hopefully
and i am pretty drunk right now
thanks to everyone who loves my videos
love that
peace out :)

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Hope everyone has a happy and safe labor day weekend.

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