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913 views · 25 days ago

maybe I am getting carried away but im bored so im gonna share another story of mine.. true events.

I moved in with "Daddy" in 2009... he had called cable to have them come hook up wireless so I could use my laptop.. well because I had just moved in , everythin of mine wasn't put away yet.. so we r all in the office ( me, Daddy n the cable guy)... on the desk is my keys.. amoung them , my handcuff key... I noticed it too late n could feel my face flush n prayed the guy wouldn't notice it.. I nodded in the direction of the key to Daddy so he was aware and he just smiled...

well the guy DID notice and he smiled as he picked it up and said "this isn't something I see everyday"

my face burned red .. before I go any further let me say "daddy" is strictly a "Top" and never on the recievin end ( that is until I occasionally will grab a paddle n swat him hard with it lol)...

so I figure im gonna have a lil fun... so in reply to the cable guy I say

"yeah I bet u don't but one good thing.. I don't have to handcuff him as much anymore"

the guy looks down n "Daddys' eyes go wide and then he scowls at me...

I go futher n direct this at Daddy .. " u really have come a long way.. remember when I used to have to put u in the cage EVERY single night"

the guy fidgets and Daddy wags his finger at me n shakes his head "no" as he mouths "STOP" ( he is standin behind the guy)

Me; "don't be embarrassed .. tonight u earned a good boy spankin instead of a bad boy spankin so be happy"

Daddy presses his lips tight n then shakes his head n walks out the room while I stiffle my giggles...

later he scolded me not to "DARE EVER DO THAT AGAIN"... but that was it...

n of course I do it all the time...

891 views · 25 days ago

Any gi rls in North Carolina that's been naughty? :)

904 views · 25 days ago

Something I've pondered over, fantasised about and longed to see since.........well to be honest it's been for so long I can't remember, but it still lives at the front of my thoughts regularly.
So.....I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies who ENJOY a sore bum might fulfill and oldknights dreams.......well one of them. What I would dearly love to see is a lady get her bare bottom spanked HARD with a Tawse, just one HARD stroke on an unspanked bottom. I want to see the lovely red imprint and tell tale Tawse stripes it leaves. Not one of those Fake tawses but a genuine or good copy of a Scottish school Tawse. Yes, I know that it will hurt, probably quite a lot, so I apologise now. Of course if you wish to continue on after that you would of course have my blessing and sincere thanks. Just wait till the first one is fully developed. I know it's a daft request but then, I can't help my fantasies. Thank you just in case.

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1042 views · 25 days ago

I've stupidly managed to get a further 300 strokes to my 575 strokes for tomorrow's punishment day.
I asked Master if he would like me to send him a picture of my freshly shaved and moisturized pussy whilst he was in work.

He said no, as there has been a new law thats come out today, saying bosses are allowed to look at any messages done during worktime. So if I send any, Master will give me a 100 punishment for each picture.

He then said I can send a picture if I've got my dildo and butt plug in.
I said, no, you told me it was naughty.
Clever girl, well done, Master then wrote to me.

But I still wanted to show him my beautiful pussy.
So I send not just that, but 2 more of my ass too.

He said he liked the pictures.

I thought great, I've got away with it. He's not realised I've done it.

What a rediculous thought, he never forgets or misses anything.

Then he says, oh by the way, that's another 300 for punishment day.

You would think by now I would realise I never ever get away with anything.
My ass is gonna be red hot and sore as hellbby the end of the day.

1122 views · 25 days ago

It's a great day here on Spanking Tube! So many people to talk to, new videos to watch, and new blogs to read! I've been asked several questions lately so I thought it might be fun to incorporate the answers in my blog.

1. Why do you like to be spanked?

I'm not sure I know the whole story on that one. I was spanked regularly growing up, but not after puberty. I got into a fair amount of trouble after the spanking consequence went away, in part to see whether or not I'd be spanked again. It never happened. Then, many years later, I met my first spanker from right here on ST! He became a regular disciplinarian for me. I have since met three other spankers from ST, and each one has been great. Thank you all for being "normal". I like being held accountable, and spanking makes sense to help me stay accountable.

2. Do you spank men?

While I have before, I much prefer to be on the receiving end of a spanking.

3. What is one thing you did that would have gotten you a spanking as a child, but you were never caught?

Defacing school property, and stealing a candy bar from the library. If I had been caught, I would have been paddled at school, and then again at home.

Thank you all for your time, and share your stories with me as well!! Stay safe everyone.

1148 views · 26 days ago

I'm not sure about the rest of you tops out there? I personally believe this is the most enjoyable and important part to administering a good spanking. I always like to communicate during these times too. Find out the pain tolerance of my bottom and what things do and don't turn them on? I ask them things like if being exposed is an issue? Just get a feel for how far I can push the boundaries before they reach the breaking point.

Timely breaks during the hard smacks often prolong the spanking too. People have that limit they're willing to go and then it's not much further. I don't ever like to reach that point until well into the spanking. It may seem a little perverse to want to keep a punishment going for a prolonged period of time but, I feel the best spankings are the ones that do take that time.

The breaks are often accompanied by strokes of my fingers running across their rear. When it's time to drop the panties I like to take time to rub the bare bottom to wake the skin up as well. Unless it's welcomed the sexual nature of a spanking can start to come out here too as you can "accidentally" brush against her womanhood. Those of course looking for strictly punishment this is hands off.

In these pauses I find the most important thing is building or, growing the bond between top/bottom and dom/sub. Learning new things about a bottom while they're completely exposed to you is fun for both. I also feel it peels back a layer and we're more attuned to being open with people who have seen us naked or have put us in a position of submission.

Please, feel free to leave some of your favorite stories. Do you pause and have warm up sessions with your spankings? Are they as intimate as mine or are they strictly breathers to get you through the next phase of punishment?

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1158 views · 26 days ago

Another true story here..

We don't always watch the same thing on tv because we both have different tastes, his stuff bores the socks off of me

One night we were watching tv and I was complaining that it was boring and he was doing his best to ignore my complaints so I waited until he got up to use the bathroom and I ran into the other room and picked up the cable remote to that tv and brought it back to the sofa where I had been sprawled out , when he came back he took his place back in his chair...

I waited a few minutes and from under the blanket I turned the tv off.

Him: "now what the hell is wrong with that"

I didn't comment

He reaches for he remote by his chair and clicks it back on

I wait a lil longer and click it off again

Him: "Damn cable!! I dunno why they charge so much because there is always something wrong with it" ..and he clicks it back on again..

A lil longer I click it off again...this time he slams his fist down on the chair arm
Fuckin thing!!"

Me:.. "see the tv is even trying to tell you that this carp is boring"

He ignores me and gets up and walks to the tv and turns it back on using the tv button instead of the remote and sits back down..

Im really starting to get a kick out of this and so now I change the channel and when he bitches again I have all I can do not to laugh but instead I say " don't start bein a prick they must be working on it"

he puts it back on what hes watching and I quickly change it again.. and now he is LIVID and I giggle a lil

He says " go call those idiots and see what the hell they are doing"

Me "No U call, ur the one who wants to watch this borin shit"

Him: "Figures , every fuckin weekend its something with them"..

He gets up, unplugs the tv and cable, waits a bit and plugs it back in and he complains the whole time cause hes missing his show..

He gets it all set n sits back down ... I wait a few minutes and click it off again...


I cant help it, I laugh now

Him: "Its NOT funny, its pissing me off"

Me" "better than being pissed on"

I click it back on, the slowly start moving the channels up one at a time

Him: " Go in the other room and see if that damn tv is working "

Me:" no U go check it'

I click it off again

He picks up the remote " I wonder if its this damn thing"

I shrug.

Him " I dunno what the hell is wrong with it but its not working right "

Me: ( as I pull the remote I have out into the open) " dunno why its not working for you but its working fine for me " lmao...

1039 views · 26 days ago

If I reject a "friend" request, it is probably because your profile worries me somehow.

As far as I can tell, there is no way for me to ask/tell you this in my rejection of your request.

855 views · 26 days ago

when I access st site via mobile, I've found some problem.

as you can see, I can't read comment.
I think the new design isn't perfect on mobile device yet.
are you able to fix this?

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789 views · 26 days ago

For The sake of conversation, what charitable act would you do with 1.5 billion dollars?

828 views · 27 days ago

I need to be up early tommorow but instead of getting a good nights sleep I'm browsing this site :- o

768 views · 27 days ago

Occasionally my naughty side sneaks out *lil smile*

one weekend a few years back "Daddy" was busy and I was bored , each time I called to him he got annoyed because he was "busy"

after about the 3rd time he came into the room in a huff and said "what!!"

so I smiled my best smile n said "did I ever show you my disappearing water trick"

he sighed loudly and said 'no'

I said "really?? I didn't? well you HAVE to see this, its great"

so he follows me into the kitchen where I get out the step stool, fill a good size bowl of water and climb onto the stool with it, I press the bowl to the ceiling and ask him to get the broom n hold the bowl in place so I can get down and he does.

I get down n take away the stool and walk into the other room and sit down giggling.

Hes a lil slow because he says "Well?" which only makes me giggle more.

again he says "WELL?" and I cant hold it anymore and I burst out laughing , and even more as I hear him growl.

THEN it hits him, that he cant move or he's going to get drenched

he said "Oh"...then " ok come take this down"

I shake my head "nope"

he repeats " I mean it , come take this down"

I laugh even harder "nope"

he knows he cant move which tickles me even more...

"come be a good girl and take this down"

I just shake my head no and sit back in the chair and laugh..

hes a big party pooper cause there is no way he was gonna move and get wet ( HAHA still laughing as I recall this)...

well to make things even better.. hes EXTREMELY ticklish in his armpits and I KNOW hes not going to budge so I jump up and run out to him n dig my fingers into his armpits and tickle him which of course makes him pull away and the bowl comes down and drenches both of us ...hehehe...

and before you ask.. yeah I got spanked for it ;)

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539 views · 27 days ago

I went fishing this morning, but after a short time I ran out of worms.

Then I saw a cottonmouth with a frog in its mouth.

Frogs are good bass bait.

Knowing the snake couldn't bite me with a frog in its mouth , I grabbed it right behind the head , took the frog and put it in my bait bucket.

Now the dilemma was how to release the snake without getting bit. So, I grabbed my bottle of Jack Daniels and poured a little whiskey in its mouth. Its eyes rolled back , and it went limp.

I released the snake into the lake without incident ad carried on fishing , using the frog.

Not long after, I felt a nudge on my foot, It was that damn snake..with two more frogs.

Life is good.

467 views · 27 days ago

Guy: "Can I buy you a drink?"

Girl: "Sorry, but alcohol is bad for my legs."

Guy: "Do they swell?"

Girl: "No, the spread"

457 views · 27 days ago

A soldier ran up to a nun, Out of breath he asked " Please may I hide under your skirt, I'll explain later."
The nun agreed. A moment later two Military Police ran up and asked "Sister, have you seen a soldier"

The nun replied, "He went that way."
After the Military Police ran off, the soldier crawled out from under her skirt and said " I can't thank you enough Sister You see, I don't want to go to war "
The nun said " I understand completely.
The soldier added " I hope I'm not rude, but you have a great pair of legs."

The nun replied, "If you had looked a littler higher, you would have seen a great pair of balls... I don't want to go to war either!"

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So night before last I told darkmagic I had enough cigarettes for the next day and if he found out I bought another pack I wanted him to bust my butt. Well last night I bout another pack and instantly felt guilty so I told him. So this morning I got a nice little lecture my hairbrush and the coat hanger on all my bare bottom. I'm also going to be getting reminders everyday until the pack is gone. And since I'm down to 3 a day it's going to be a while. And if I ever buy another pack again I will be getting a worse spanking corner time a mouth soaping and be grounded for a week which means a spanking everyday. So as I sit here on my sore bottom righting this embarrassing post for all of you to know how I'm punished I keep wiggling because of my sore bottom but I don't want to smoke. Wish me luck on quitting.

446 views · 27 days ago

Another deliberate stroke as moisture gathers on furrowed brow.
Thoughts usually scattered, clearly focused on the here and now.
Temperature escalating as you struggle to remain composed.
Panties join pants at your knees, both body and soul are exposed.
Mischief momentarily dispelled as cheeks blush and bake under hand.
Dignity all but forgotten, such intensity you had not planned.
Ears and bum equally burning as your lectured between swats.
Leather furthering your plight as it greets your sit spots.
Breathing ragged as sobs build in your throat.
The experience assaults your senses until you simply float
Body betraying mind, you no longer struggle to get free.
The beauty of it all, what goes on over bended knee.

353 views · 27 days ago

After messaging my Master during the day, complaining about the unfair 100 strokes for a missed blowjob, i reminded him, there was no opportinuty for such play, Master said there was when he came to bed, though i was nearly asleep then.
Complaining some more, my stubborness came out and i blurted out,
You werent bothered bout us missing Sunday !
Bad mistake.
Oh yes, well remembered, another 100 for then too. He told me.
Miss Stubborn continued to complain, until Master reduced the sentence to 150.
I asked what toys would be used, and could i choose again.
He said yes , we can both choose.
Doing the quick maths, i said well who gets to choose twice then ?
Master being my master said, you see, 150 is an unfair number as somebody would get to choose a toy twice, the other person only once. So back to 200 again, you can choose 2 toys, i can choose 2, and it will be 50 strokes of each. Now that sounds like a good deal

A good deal, i thought, maybe for him but not for me and my ass. I hope the 200 will be separate from the 475 for the mistaken book buying.
And hope i dont get confused with the count to earn extra strokes.

My choice of punishment toy would have to be cane and strap.
I reckon Master will pick paddle and possibly bathbrush or wooden spoon.

If you were allowed to chose your punishment toy, what would it be ?

Whipped Women
494 views · 27 days ago

This morning ive earned myself an instant punishment for lack of duties yesterday.
I never gave my Master a blowjob.
A task i should do every day/night.

So ive earned myself 100 strikes of whatever toy my Master chooses, unless he allows me to choose myself like last time.

My last instant 100, only on Saturday, was when i started choking whilst i tried out a deepthroat blowjob in the shower, something i dont wish to try again, so i spewed all his cum everywhere.
Wasted cum means instant 100.

He allowed me to choose, before he counted down from 5, if i hadnt chosen by then he would choose and i know he would pick the Devil, (paddle).
So i chose the cane before 1 was said.

I hope Master allows me to pick again when Punishment Day comes.

Ive already got 1 set of punishments due for buying a book for my kindle.
I did it by accident, thinking id put it in my basket for when i can next afford it, instead i bought it.
Then stupidly told Master about it.
How much was it ? He asked me.
£4.75. I told him.
So thats a 475 stroke punishment owed. He then said.

Why did i just tell him, how stupid, i forgot that if i buy things recklessly i will end up with a punishment.
Every penny spent earns 1 stroke.

575 stroke punishment so far before punishment day, shoukd be Friday, i need to be good to make sure it doesnt get worse for me.

541 views · 28 days ago

Tonight was all about introductions, and getting comfortable with a new spanking partner. He began by positioning me over a stack of pillows on the bed, and that was great for a while. Then we switched to all fours with my bottom more "presented", and that was very good as well! We just did hand spanking and the belt today. He varied the hand spanking severity and it felt very very good! I hope we meet again soon and can spank longer, try more positions, and maybe even a role play. :)

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