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It's my Birthday today. I am 48 years young today.

Mmmmmm, what would I like for my treat.
To start the day, over my Master's knee, enjoy a hand spanking then hairbrush.
Maybe a little finger play, OK,a couple of orgasms and maybe a good squirting.
That's a good start.
Friends and family are coming throughout the day, But I'd love to be given certain tasks, through out the day, plus the odd spanking whenever Master chooses.
I'd love my bottom to stay hot and sore all day.

Then for the evening fun. What would I love..........
I guess it depends if E is in or out.
But either way, I think downstairs, naked, laying over my 2 naughty stools so its like a table, hands cuffed, blindfolded, with a cushion underneath me.
Mmmmmmm now what toys..................
Wax play first.
The strap, Little Devil Paddle, hand then Mr Grater and Mr Spikey.
Hard fisting and finger play, a suck on Master's cock, then fucked hard up my ass.
I'd like it videoed so I can watch it and others can watch it too.
Mmmmm maybe I should hope E goes out, we can't do all of that with him in.
But if he's home I could still enjoy most of it, leave the messy wax play, so just enjoy a nice spanking and fucking.
I hope it comes true.

My sketch for the day.

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OMG its been ages since I have been on this site or had anything to do with the spanking community. I was wondering cause I can't even remember any more but what are some good spanking chat sites? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Not good news with the guy I thought would be my new Sir. We met today and he told me that after he spanked me we could have sex,he said this would help us both,whatever that meant. What a complete waste of the past few weeks. I am just interested in spanking and not having sex with some guy just as a bit of stress relief afterwards. I am sorry but why are guys such rotters? I was hoping to meet someone who enjoyed spanking and wouldn't mind putting me over his knee a few times. I am not really interested in forming a relationship,I like my freedom too much.Well it was better to find out now than later. We parted as friends after he heard what I had to say. My search continues for now.

Going out on the town tonight,could do with a drink.LMAO.

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as i look at the floor i think BOY iam in trouble. waiting for you to say my name (cassy) knowing iam in trouble sends a chill up my spin.. knowing i will be punished .. what will he do today ? spank me , corner time , lecture me , make me write lines, or just sit there and ignore me, give me the daddy look and use is big hands and deep voice... cassy is a bad girl today.. ... doesn't move until she is told to ..... waiting on SIR ....

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how spankable is my bottom? if you had the chance, would you paddle my panties?

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What do I write about? Help a sub out

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I let her talk.

I sit calmly opposite her, marvelling at her ability to flit her gaze to any point in her field of vision, except into my eyes. God, I adore her.

I let her explain all the how's and why's and why-not's. I let her pontificate on the so-unfairness, and the not-what-it-looks-like, and the just-a-miss-understanding of it all. I let her preach to the earth and the moon and the stars about how she had no choice, and could not have done anything else, and how it's not right for her to be in trouble for circumstances beyond her sweet control. She spills out words at a rate of knots, a waterfall of explanation, and I sit calmly, letting every drop splash to the floor without reaction, without so much as a blink. And finally, she trails off, words all spent, into a muffled, huffy, mumbling silence. Then, and only then, does she *finally* hold my gaze.

I stand. I catch her firmly, high under her arm. I silently, lovingly, unmovingly, march her to the bedroom, a fresh tirade of why-the-hell's bouncing off the walls of the hall as we go. I notice though, that she does not resist my bending her firmly over the foot of our bed, or my flipping the back of her skirt up over her back. I notice, too, that she places her hands on her head without a word from me, and steps instinctively out of the pretty panties I have puddled around her ankles. And I notice too that she parts her legs a fraction, to the position she knows I love, as I stride round the bed and unhook her strap from its customary hook.

She melts into the bed a little at the first pat-pat-pat of that thick leather on her amazing bare ass, and parts her legs a little more. Gazing back at me with melt-your-heart eyes, she says "I guess we're done... talking about this?"

I smile lovingly, and answer her with her strap.

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If you were my friend add me back that's the only way you may get to view some content such as videos and pictures. Thank you... I can stay on here at first I thought that I couldn't that's why ppl were removed. Everything is good and me and my dominant or communicatin about issues in an understandable manner about issues such as these. Time spent on here will be limited but will try and add request and answer mail in a reasonable manner. Just have work and school to tend to.

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A few years ago, I was in a spanking movie. I actually got spanked!!! So, I thought I'd go ahead and put some pics up in a photo album. Its my first one, and so far, the commments have been good. Thank you.
Working in a spanking movie for this company meant having to really get spanked. There was no faking it. But, it was loads of fun. The other girls and I had a blast, even though our bottoms were kind of sore for a few days.
I remember, we all took a lunch break in the middle of shooting and us girls, the camera crew and the guys in the movie all went to a Long John Silvers fish place. The place was packed, and at first, we couldn't figure out why people were looking at us strange. Then we realized that us girls were all still in those silly cheerleading costumes! And the guys had some dorky clothes on too. Was kind of crazy. If they only knew what these "cheerleaders" were really up to...!
Anyway, thanks for the nice comments. This is a fun site!

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It's decided. I love onsies! Or bodysuits. I think onsies sound a lot cuter. I can't decide which one to order!? I only have a few but I really love these. They're so cute!!!! I need help deciding. :)

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Hello friends out there in spankingtubeland!! My work is sending me down to Denver, CO for the next three weeks starting this Sunday. While I am in town, would anyone like to meet up and have some fun? I sure could use a good butt warming, and I wouldn't turn down the chance to warm up a butt!!

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Tempest left the King estate, with her mother and a lot of questions. Janie was obviously talking to the boys when she exploded. What was she talking about??!! It seemed like Dylan and Evan had been up to something. Although she was matched to Dylan, and was very pleased, she was just getting to know him. She felt uncomfortable, prying into his business. As his intended though, she felt entitled to know, if another woman was involved. She wasn't sure she wanted to know. Look what happened to Janie! Raven told her, that she would have to watch herself if she wanted this match. She was not raised in the Lodge’s traditions, and any sign of trouble, might ruin the match. She decided her mother would know best, so she'd ask.

“Mother, what was that all about, with Janie, Evan and Dylan? What girls was she talking about?”

Raven took a deep breath, she was afraid that this would happen. David’s mistake had been letting Janie know about the evening, in the first place. She wasn't even wearing a ring yet. They didn't need to start all this trouble. For a smart man, he could be clueless about women. “Now, Tempest, you've heard of bachelor parties, right? Most men have them, this was just a little early. Janie had gotten herself all worked up, over nothing. Leave it alone, Tempest. You have barely been matched, it's far too early, to be territorial.”

“Was he with another girl, Mom? Dylan, I mean?”

“Honey, it's just gentlemen's entertainment, like at the club. He didn't have any feelings for any girls he met that night.” Raven hoped this would be the end of it. She didn't want to keep talking about it. The less said, the better. She hoped Tempest would not ask Dylan about it. She couldn't predict what he would say, and there was no time to have David intervene. He had his hands full with Janie.

“Oh, alright, mother. It did make me feel a little bad inside, though. I can understand why Janie was so upset.” Tempest knew she should let it go, but she wondered exactly why, Janie was so upset. She had the feeling there was more to the story.

Dylan was supposed to come to the club tonight, to give her a little training. Maybe he'd tell her the truth. He should be getting there, just about the same time, as they did. Her mother had arranged a private room for them. This would be the second time they were alone. Tempest knew that, in all likelihood, Dylan would give her a sensual spanking. She couldn't wait, to be in his arms, over his lap with his hands on her. She wanted him to kiss her. In truth, she wanted much more than a kiss, but knew she could not have sex, until marriage. Tempest had been around the club enough to know, there were other ways to achieve pleasure, other than intercourse. She hoped she could discover them with Dylan.

Dylan drove towards Raven's, thinking about the evening's events. He couldn't believe the scene his cousin had made, but also felt a little bad, that he had helped set the fire, which caused such a problem. He had no idea she was that upset. Didn't the girls know how things worked? Tempest had been fine, and her mother supplied the girls at the Lodge, so he assumed Tempest knew all about it. Well they'd talk tonight, but he wasn't putting up with any nonsense. If he was punishing Janie, after that outburst, he'd have whipped her ass!

He felt hard, just thinking about Tempest. Remembering her weight upon his lap, made him excited. He recalled the Midsummer Festival in such vivid detail. It had been his first real chance to spank a girl, on his own. He'd had the chance to hone his skills, several times at the Lodge but especially, on the big night out with the boys. He had many things he'd like to teach his bride to be. She'd better be a good student, because he was just waiting for an excuse to turn this pleasurable session, into a serious punishment session.

He entered the club, to find Tempest waiting, still dressed from dinner. She was a beautiful girl. He took her hand and they went off to find some privacy. The rules were not nearly, so strict with Tempest, because she was not directly affiliated with the Lodge. The two of them could meet, without a chaperone and grow closer, before they announced their engagement. She was wearing a short black leather skirt, that was so tight, it outlined the shape of her beautiful ass. He couldn't wait to get it off of her. He smacked her butt, over the skirt and she let out the most adorable giggle, but hurried in front of him, to their room. Raven had prepared it with many delights for their pleasure. She knew very well, the kind of training her daughter required. She'd left a variety of lingerie, implements and an adjustable spanking bench. She hoped he wouldn't be too hard on her, but she had to let Dylan take the lead, if she wanted this marriage.

Dylan was the heir to the throne, being the eldest son of the King family. He would probably end up with the power of the Lodge. Someday he would replace David as the Dragon King. In time, he would hold the reigns of the entire King empire. A great deal of power and wealth, was already at his disposal. She wanted Tempest to have a wonderful life with Dylan. It would, of course, include having her ass spanked when she was out of line. Dylan desires would rule, but the tears would be great. She would make it happen. Raven herself, had alligned herself with David and her own behind still smarted, from her disobedience. She was dressed much more demurely, tonight. David might very well show up, to check on her.

As soon as Dylan had her in the room. he unzipped her shirt and watched as her beautiful bottom appeared. It was even more lovely, than he remembered. He recalled taking her across his lap and slapping her cheeks. He'd never been so hard, and his cock responded just recalling the scene.

“Take your clothes off Tempest, down to your bra and panties.” Dylan wanted the night to start as soon as possible.

Tempest wiggled out of the tight shirt and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Like doing a strip tease, she shed her coverings and revealed the classic black lingerie, she had on beneath. She was stunning. Dylan closed the distance between them, and kissed her hard, squeezing her ass with both hands, as his tongue parted her lips. His cock was getting stiffer by the second. His hand found her breast, cupped in leather and lace, and lifted it, from its cage. He trailed kisses from her full lips, down her throat and collarbone, and sucked on her nipple. He bit it gently and he felt her inhale, in a gasp. He was just heating things up, when he felt her pull back.

“Dylan, can I ask you something? What was going on with Janie? What was she so upset about?”

Dylan thought, before answering and said, “I'm sure you know, Tempest, that you should not be questioning me. But, I'll just say this... we were enjoying some female company, at the Lodge. She became very jealous. You have nothing to be concerned about. They were your Mother's girls. They would not be suitable for anything, beyond entertainment. I've chosen you, that's all you need to know. Now come here, he said sitting down. Maybe you need to learn your place, which is over my knee.”

Tempest wanted to ask more. He tried to shut her down. She went to his side. She said, “Were you WITH someone else, Dylan?”

He flipped her over his lap, and started smacking her gorgeous round cheeks. “That is not something you should be asking. You are not in charge of me. I am in charge of you, little girl.” He gave her some very hard slaps, to each word he spat. “You... Will...Do... As...I... Say!!! You… Do… Not… Question… Me!!!!”

“I'm sorry, Dylan, pleeeeeease...I won't ask again!! OW!!! OH, DYLAN... PLEASE!!!” Tempest begged. This spanking was so hard, and so fast, her bottom was burning with every whack.

Dylan paused and rubbed her bottom. “Do you have any more questions, Tempest?” He gave her sit spots some extremely hard spanks, making her cry and squirm on his lap. He loved that feeling. He raised his arm high, and slapped his hand down hard, once again on each cheek. She tried to pull herself away, but he was much too strong, for her to resist his will. She had no choice, but to submit. Her bottom was growing very red now, and getting hotter by the moment! She twisted, her cheek away, put he held her down, pinning her hand behind her and spanked her thighs, making them sting. She wished she'd taken her mother's advice and let it go. "Answer me! Is there something else you want to ask me?!"

“No, no, Sir!”, She quickly responded. “No more questions!”

“Good, now go get us some drinks and we can begin again.” There was no way, he was going to be in the same position, Evan had found himself. He was a King, and if she wanted to be his queen, she would treat him with the utmost respect. He'd never accept anything less.

Tempest hurried to obey him. Her bum was crimson, and she rubbed it as she walked. This Dylan, was different from the boy she met a few short weeks ago. He was so sure of himself, and not a boy at all. In that short time, he had changed. She felt that his confidence and certainty made him even more attractive. She knew that she would be safe with him. He was very much like the older King men. She would not be able to charm him, very easily, but she was glad for that. She didn't want to marry a wishy, washy man. He was decisive and she had better listen to him, closely, she thought, because he was not playing with her. She conceded, she had a lot to learn, but felt that Dylan would guide her, every step of the way.

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OMG I really messed up big time. I dont know if my roomate will ever trust me the same again. I did something really stupid. I decided i didnt want him to use his implements on me and i hid them from him for 2 weeks. He asked me about 4 times if i seen them and i straight up lied to his face. I feel really bad about what i did and i am truly sorry but he told me i have to earn his trust back. I have 4 major violations againsy me and i have to write 2000 sentences this weekend plud all week next week our sessions will be about what i did. I just hope he will trust me again. I told him i wouldnt do anything like this again but he said he was going to make it very clear he wont tolerate this kind if behavior. I am not looking forward to these sessions but i know i deserve it. I.feel really bad about it and i know why he is so upset with me. He told me what i did was very disrespectful and dishonest and i really let him down. I just hope he gives me a chance to prove myself and i can earn his trust again. I know he reallt cares about me and i am glad i have someone so caring in my life. I really messed up and i am really sorry about it. I will never do something like this ever again. I will post part 2 after our session tonight.

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I still recall
back in the day
when things were done
in simpler way

we'd cruise the streets
and boulevards
and argue who
had faster cars

those summer days
and summer nights
our small town ways
and drive in fights

where girls all wore
their shortest shorts
and drank our beer
from ice cold quarts

discussed our plans
of rock and roll
with sacred vow
to not grow old

to live the dream
and rock the stage
like Angus Young
and Jimmy Page

it happened fast
now understand
with mortgages
and job demands

divorced our dreams
with credit cards
three bedroom ranch
half acre yards

invested in
insurance plans
drive to the mall
in small sedans

we lost our will
to rock and roll
and broke our vow
to not get old

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does any one want give me a spanking. I could fly to u or u can fly to me. Message me sometime

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I remember the first time I saw Sister Mary. My family had just moved from the country to the city and I was enrolled in a new school. I was about 15 at the time and according to those who know me I was a very 'wild child'. My brothers are full of stories about what I use to get up to both at school and at home. Thinking back I really don't see myself as being wild,I see myself as an angel compared to some of my friends,lol. Sister Mary was a young nun,well young compared to the rest who taught me at school. At the time I think she was about 30.The thing that always struck me about Sister Mary was that she never looked happy,I always had the impression that she did not want to be a nun. Back in those days many young people were pushed into the religious life by their families,perhaps it can be argued that that is one reason why so many religious were hard on their charges in the catholic school system. Anyway, Sister Mary taught me Art and Music. I was quite a good singer and pushed by Sister Mary to sing at every occasion,including singing for the bishop a few times. I liked singing but not the songs that Sister Mary wanted me to sing.

However it was in Art class that I first got into trouble with Sister Mary. I had drawn a picture of something rude,lets just say the picture depicted a part of the male genitalia. This picture caused great laughter in the class until the moment Sister Mary came into the room. Now I have always been good at drawing so the picture looked pretty accurate. Before I could dispose of the picture Sister Mary had grabbed it and I was frog marched to the Mother Superior's office,a place I had seen a few times. I was told to wait outside while Sister Mary went to speak to Sister Catherine,the Mother Superior. After about 10 minutes I was ordered to come inside the study. Once inside Sister Catherine really ripped into me,I am sure her voice could be heard throughout the school. I was then told that Sister Mary would administer my punishment. I remember looking at Sister Mary and to this day I can honestly say she looked very uneasy. I was brought into the room next door to the office,room 17 and Sister Mary took a ruler in her hand. Without being told I held out my hands and Sister Mary raised the ruler and brought it down on each of my hands very lightly. I must have looked surprised,I was indeed surprised,Sister Mary could see this and simply told me to 'Grow up';not the words of a nun in those days. I think the look on her face said it all to me,the more I thought about it the more I believed and still do that the Mother Superior had put pressure on Sister Mary to carry out my punishment. I never spoke of this to anyone at school.

A few months later Sister Mary left and I heard nothing about her until last Monday. A friend of mine who was at school with me rang me and told me that Sister Mary had passed away and would I be interested in going to the funeral. My friend and I attended Sister Mary's funeral last Wednesday,there was six nuns,a priest and us two at the funeral. I didn't recognize any of the nuns,but afterwards we were invited for tea in the convent. My friend and I went and got talking to a kindly old nun who told us that Sister Mary had retrained as a nurse and spent most of her life in Africa,she had only returned to Ireland last year due to ill health. On our drive back from the funeral my friend and I chatted about our school days and both of us agreed that Sister Mary was a good person,not at all like the other nuns who taught us.

When I reached home Jen and my niece asked where I had been;I told them and they felt quite sad for Sister Mary,as do I.

Now you will have to excuse me but I can hear Jen and my niece arguing over something. Have a good weekend my friends.

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there's someone here
I must confess
I'll name no names
don't try to guess

with certainty
the gods have blessed
with curvature
beyond the best

the kind of rear
like sailors do
to whistle loud
with wolfish tune

a work of art
you would agree
if you could look
and you could see

I promise you
you would declare
for what it's worth
that few compare

I must admit
I had to stare

you have
a lovely

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