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Oiled and ready
Perfectly aligned
Rev the engine
Prepare to ride
Heart beating fast
Shallow breathes
Like a car on 2 wheels
Just can't fly
Ready to cry
Such a tease
Anguish inside
No driver
Full service
What a joke
Self served
Once again
Fix a flat
By yourself
Like a car with no engine
Ready to die
Such cruelty
Laughing at me
Who's laughing
He's laughing
Smirks and smiles
Walking away
Stranded alone
Yet again
Such a tease

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My dad done used the belt.
'Twas oftentimes I felt
thick leather's sting across my tender rump.
Yet it helped me grow up right
and be righteous in God's sight.
So that is why I'm voting now for Trump!

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Heavenly Father, we lift up prayers for protection and safety for all of those impacted by Hurricane Matthew. We ask that You calm the wind and the waves and spare those in its path from harm. Help those who are in its way to reach safety and take refuge in You, Our Guide and Protector. In Your holy name, we pray. Amen

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Ever since I can remember I've been a spanko. I can vividly recall sitting around with friends telling them we should plan a spanking themed party ...but instead of balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling there should be mannequin bums and belts ...we were around 5 or 6 years old. Then around the age of 12 I heard a skit on Adam Sandler's What the Hell Happened to Me comedy album called "Sex or Weightlifting"

The skit comprised of a guy (Barry) walking down the street asking random people to listen to his tape recorder and tell him if it sounded like sex …or people working out. Needless to say it being comedy it was always people having sex but Barry said each time their answer was wrong and it was people working out. Towards the end of the skit he shares a recording of 2 people again clearly having sex but this time the woman on the recording was asking to be spanked again, and again, and again and you could hear her partner doing so!
After this I just has to see what this world offers and then I was hooked. None of my girlfriends early on were into even trying it ...not even a light slap it was something that continued to be driven down as a deep dark secret, something wrong with me, not normal, etc. Most of them wouldn't even entertain the idea and the ones who did didn't even like a slap on the bum during sex after I tried.

I read books, searched forums, bought toys ... you name it, if I was going to do it I was going to do it right. As a single young professional allot of colleges and friends always wanted to introduce me to the single friends of their girlfriends/wives. Letting these people know at the right time that while I would be happy meeting whoever or joining them all for dinner ...everyone's into something and I'm kind of into a little rough stuff spanking. I was eventually setup with someone who was also a huge spanko and would have worn out the likes of our friends TrueDiscipline, Backontrack, or even Niko! Not only was she into it …she loved it and could take anything and as much as you had. It was great but a year later we both realized there has to be more to a romantic relationship ...allot more. We went our own ways and I am now with the love of my life. She is my everything and I would never do anything to jeopardize that. She however is not a spanko. She respects my fetish and admits she doesn’t really understand it, but we talk about it, she just isn’t into it and I respect that.

I stick to videos now and they numb what is missing. In my past relationship I couldn’t numb what wasn’t there …just her ass.

We have discussed the thought of me opening a spanking studio type of operation, having non-romantic but indeed spanking encounters with spankos, but have left it all as just talk for now. While we are in a pretty good place we just aren’t there yet so I stick to sites like these when I have some spare time or an urge.

…however I have always been more into more severe and belt style spankings. Similar to Niko, Backontrack, and some of TrueDiscipline’s stuff. Vidoes such as or These I find are few and far between unless you get into some of the Eastern European Hostel-style sites i.e. and that stuff just isn’t my style.

My request to the community is simple. If there are users out there who are unwilling to share some of their more severe stuff publicly, would you consider sharing it privately with me? Doesn’t even have to be privately shared on the site it could be as simple as dropbox or something?


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Today is one of those days that I rarely get... it's one where I do not have any family plans or errands to run n even tho Dave has told me to SIT n RELAX I dunno how lol soooo I've been tackling the upstairs closet n spare room... sortin things to get rid of, packin summerwesr away n unpacking winter wear n smilin as I try on some of last yrs clothes to find they are not as snug as they had been...took out burger for dinner... gonna make taco burgers wrapped in lettuce leaves, fried green tomatoes ( a very first for me) a garden salad n some peanut butter frosted brownies... tomorrow a few of my kids n I will go to the cemetary n decorate my mom n dads graves... I hope everyone has a good weekend

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I have met so many nice people on here but only a couple I can truly call friend, I lost a true friend of mine named Veronica85 because someone made her upset. She is one of the nicest girls I ever met, I miss her like crazy, I loved talking to her.

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post my application for a new Daddy? lol

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When you confide in Me, confess something that has been weighing heavy on your shoulders or heart, I never take it for granted and cherrish you for it. It may be something from your distant past, it may be something from your very recent past, or even something going on right in this moment. It may be tripedations, and it may be immoral, it may be inconveniences or it may be misbehaviors.

But regardless what it is, I don’t take your trust for granted. I am very honored, that you trust Me enough to open up and confess, that which you had been carrying around, that which was like a shadow following you and possibly holding you back or worse yet: dragging you down.

When you confide in Me, sometimes you will tell Me things that are even hard to hear. And I may take a few deep breaths before answering your confession. Do not confuse or mistake that taking a moment with Me being disappointed in you. Itit is possible, that after you have told Me, what I have to say about it to you, will not be the most pleasant things to hear – but that goes with the territory. Even if what you are telling may be disapointing My disappointment will be with your choices, not you as a person! I would be doing you a giant disservice, if – when confronted with something you should not be doing (or have done) - I was all “no big deal”. I will call a spade a spade and not likely sugarcoat things, just to play nice and make you feel good about something bad.

What I do promise is that I will help you cope and deal in a functional manner. That I will help you overcome the abyss. That I will treat you with dignity and respect. That I will seek (and help you find) solutions rather than playing guilt tripping and shaming parties, that accomplish nothing. That I will help you break free from these chains, that hinder your freedom, and your development. I will not change how I treat and see you to the worse, rather on the contrary:; I will know how much strength it takes to make a confession. I will recognize that very strength of character in you and make sure you can see it as well. I will not tear you down and tear you a new one. I will help you find redemption, cleanse you and help building you back up where you belong.

When you confide in Me I treat your confession as what it is. First and foremost confidential. Strictly confidential. I will not blast it around like idle gossip. What you confide in Me, stays between you and Me. It also constitutes as an act of courage or a call for help. I will put aside My own sensitivities, in order to offering you the help you need the most in that moment. I will not be arrogant, condescending, smug nor belitteling. I will try to empathize with you and your situation and make no condemning judgements prematurily. I will listen to everything you have to say about it, and maybe ask a few uncomfortable questions along the way, to get to the bottom of things, so I can deploy a workable strategy to get you better. If there is music to be faced I will help you facing that very music every step of the way the same.

And even though what I have to say about it may not be a walk in the park, and I may be a sounding-board to you, I am not doing that to jerk you around and get My jollies out of it, but in your own best interest. Because I care for you in turn, for you being open, upfront and honest with Me. It is the least I can do, and I will do that with vigor. As you confided into Me, you are not in it all alone anymore. I will try My best to help you get better. It may entail some discomfort along the process of redemption, but I will do My part to ensure you grow from the experience. Because I care for you. #StrictMotivation


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I just ordered me 2 implements about an hour ago the clear lexan paddle and a leather tawse then I also have a belt so between them 3 when I get the other 2 I'm sure I'll learn my lesson with the 3 implements. First time I will have ever tried a paddle on my arse

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Hours later congregating next to the refrigerator
Some girl's talking 'bout her haters
She ain't got none

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So I was browsing the spanking forums on Fetlife.Com - and a newbie brought up the subject of spanking chairs, and their powerful vibes in her spanking fetish play. And I also find that the wooden spanking chair, pulled to or left in the center of the room, is all it takes to get the butterflies churning in my tummy, and my face flushing hotly to my ears. A half a dozen or so years ago while I was still in denial of my FM spanking desires, and as I was making my transition to a switch Spanko, I could not help but notice the FM spanking material produced by Nu West Leda, having been a fan of their MF and FF spanking videos for a few years or so. Well no discussion of spanking chairs would be complete without mention of the custom built spanking chair featured in many Nu West Leda videos & magazines. Ed Lee, the late founder of Nu West Leda, best I recall reading, had the back of a wood chair chopped down to half the original height, making for a chair that allows a spanker an unhindered backstroke, with the big wooden hairbrush also famous in their videos. Well whether you are a fan of FM spanking or not, you might want to check out the chair being put to use, here are a few sample photos, but there is a complete photo album on my page, of both of these ladies spanking David. Yes if you are an FM spanking fan, and you visit Nu West Leda, search for David, featured in over 40 videos. So yes, aside from the chair, and the big wooden hairbrush, a witnessed spanking, and spanked by two ladies in stockings and heels, hot, hot, hot :)

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Hi anyone from Indianapolis on here thst interested in meeting

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I'm bored watching it rain lighting listening to it thundering can't sleep as usual to bad all you guys in Tulsa are picky and can't handle me id even bake cookies to get a paddling

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Hours later we're back at the hotel,drunk and tired from the day. We both collapsed on the bed together and slept until morning. Luckily we planned to stay an extra day to recover and hang out.
I woke up to my head in her lap and she was sitting there stroking my hair and watching the tv. My head felt a little dizzy but not super hungover,I guess I didn't consider how much I had the night before. Nora seemed right as rain.
"Good morning." She gently pushed my hair away from my face.
"What time is it?" I try to sit up and she gently guided me back down.
"It's only 9..." Nora said,there was a blankness in her voice that made me feel uneasy.
"What's wrong? Are you ok?"
"Can I ask you something serious?"
"You know you can." Why I felt the need to assure her I still have no idea.
" long were you homeless for?"

'Gracie'...ugh...she was upset. I knew this would come back to bite me in the ass.

"Why? It's not important."
"Please...just tell me."
"A little less than two weeks...not very long. I wanted to raise the money it took to come home.Why?"
"You should have called me..."
I carefully rolled onto my back and looked up at her. She couldn't look at me and I felt the worst guilt ridden feeling in my stomach. I reached up and caressed her face until she looked back down at me.
"Nor,it's nothing personal,we hadn't talked in years and..."
"And you didn't want to be a burden,I know I said that..."
She pushed away and got up off the bed,leaving me to flop back down onto the mattress.
"I'm going down to breakfast,you should sleep a little longer."

Just like that she was out the door. Why did I feel so rotten? It was sadly not the hangover. But it was two years ago! Why should I feel guilty about it now? I've told people about it before and yeah it sucked,I won't pretend that it didn't,but what could I do? Why was telling Nora so different? Why was she upset? I guess the whys didn't matter so much as the "what next?"
I got out of bed and got some water from the sink and took an advil. I grabbed my hoodie from the floor,grabbed my room key and followed after her.
She was sitting alone down in the lobby area with a coffee and a bagel in front of her,both were hardly touched. I stood in front of her and waited for her to say something. It didn't happen.

"I'm sorry."
"For?" She asked expectantly.
"For? Being homeless?" I wasn't sure what was wrong now. "What else?"
"Lying to me about it."
"I didn't lie about it."
"You did,Grace. Yesterday before the wedding."
"I didn't lie,I just left that part out..."
"A lie by omission is still a lie."

I sat down and gently reached for her hands,she let me but she still wouldn't look at me. I've never felt so desperate for someones forgiveness. I was almost at a point of tears.
"Please,Nora,what is it going to take for you to forgive me?"
"A lot more than an apology."
"Anything?" There was the eye contact,it came as a relief before it gave me a chill.

She squeezed my hands and then let go. Letting herself up she came towards me and put her hand on my shoulder.
"Get something to eat then come meet me in the room,I need a few minutes to think about this."

Despite my nerves and my already uneasy stomach I was able to eat some toast and have juice. Even after I was finished I still waited and gave Nora a little more time to think things over. But I couldn't sit there forever,leaving my nerves behind me I went back up to the room. The do not disturb sign was now hanging on the outside. With a heavy sigh I went inside.

"It's me. I'm back."
"Good,come here..."

I rounded the corner and saw her sitting on the bed,dead center,rubbing her hands together. She looked nervous too and some how I found comfort in that. She patted beside her and I went and sat with her. I started to speak up but she cut me off almost immediately.

"I just want to say that I'm not mad that you were homeless...I'm just upset that you didn't reach out for help when you clearly needed it. I'm upset that you didn't tell me right away when we talked about it before the wedding. I'm upset that you don't seem to understand how frightened that made me for you. That you were so far away from me and that you didn't think about who you would be hurting because of your actions. I know I'm not the only one upset about all of this and I know it was two years ago and it shouldn't feel like a big deal,but to me it is. And I love you,Grace,so much it hurts and if you really want to make this up to me...." She then gestured over her lap and tried to guide me over,I pulled away at first.
"Are you serious?"
"I'm serious. Please,Grace." Her eyes were so blue,and tinted red from a combination of last nights alcohol induced fun and what I could only assume was fresh tears.

I felt embarrassed at what she wanted,but some how I just couldn't deny her either. If this was what was going to make her forgive me and put us back to normal,I was willing to do it. And deep down,I can admit I deserved it. I gave her my hand and she guided me over her lap. Burying my face in the comforter,I could feel myself start to shake. She rubbed my back and I relaxed a little.
There was a moment of nothing and then her hand came down hard on my ass. Thankfully she allowed me the dignity of keeping my pajama pants on. For the moment anyway. She alternated cheeks in twos. Two smacks left,two smacks right and so on. The sound was muffled only slightly by my pants,but there was a certain crack that kept echoing throughout the room.
I suppressed the urge to yelp or cry and just dug my face deeper into the comforter,biting down on it at one point. This went on for several minutes and then she let me get up.
I thought it was over. I was sorely mistaken.
She tugged at my pajama bottoms and pulled them down to my thighs,along with my panties and promptly bent me back over. She continued her assault on my ass but this time I was unable to bury myself in the comforter and I yelped and cried and bit down on my lip. I wanted her to stop so much but this was a punishment,and it wasn't up to me to tell her to stop. I knew that but stupidly I still reached back to stop her hand from spanking me. She quickly grabbed my wrist and pinned it back,adding extra security she swung one of her legs over mine so I wouldn't kick either. After that it seemed like her hand moved quicker and she spanked a little harder. Now it was one quick smack on each cheek alternating one right after the other. Left,right,left right,and so on. By this point I was in tears and cried into the comforter. I'm not sure if it was the pain or the guilt being released that made me so emotional. Maybe both?

She slowed down and then came to a stop. She rubbed my back again and let me cry.
"'re're ok...just a little more...."
"No...I don't want more..." I said between sobs.
"You need it,I need it...please,Grace?"
I looked back at her through blurry tear filled eyes and gave my consent. I was quick to hold my breath when she picked up my hairbrush.

"How many weeks were you homeless?" She calmly asked.



"OW! God!"

She gently rubbed the flat side of the brush on my ass. I leveled out my breathing as best as I could.

"You only lied to me about it once..." She reasoned,more to herself I think.


I bit down on my lip and bit back more sobs.

"And if I ever find out you've done something so stupid again,you'll find yourself in the same position as you are now." There was no room left for debate on this.


It was over. She put the brush aside and gently pulled my pants back up. I continued crying softly with my face buried. She slipped her legs out from under me and laid down beside me and just held me. We laid there together for a long time. Eventually I stopped crying and looked up at her. She just stroked my hair and smiled at me.

"Do you forgive me,now?"
"Yes." She kissed me gently on my forehead,then pulled away and continued to play with my hair. "I do love you,you know."
"I know. I love you too..."

She started to laugh just a bit,some what out of no where. That smirk of hers,that devilish smirk made its first appearance of the day.
"What is it?"
"I do not envy you and the 4 hour car ride home we have tomorrow."

She playfully smacked my ass again and even though it hurt like hell we both laughed.

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This passed weekend was pretty wild. I was up in Hartford for a wedding for an old friend. To cut costs I shared a room with another old friend from college,Nora. Since we reserved our room a little too late we missed out on the wedding discount,and also because of the timing there were only suites left. So we ended up having to share a king sized bed. Don't worry,nothing happened,all the room in the world and I still have the habit of curling up in the farthest corner.
We talked,caught up,and it was like we never parted ways. We went to the same community college,I was a year ahead of her and when I left I flew myself to the west coast to go to UCSF. I spent about 5 years there and only came home for holidays. Nora graduated CC the year after me and had a baby. Through social media I watched her grow as a person and she really turned out to be an amazing mom.
I forgot how much I enjoyed her company and I'm happy that we came up to this thing together. Nora was always the social butterfly to my less than social self. But we always had a good time. And now we were to watch one of our close friends start a new chapter in her life.

"Grace,where's your hairbrush,I didn't pack mine." Nora called from the bathroom.

"In my bag,hold on..." I was in the process of figuring out what exactly I wanted to wear.

I quickly reached into my bag and grabbed the brush. Moving that whole two steps towards the bathroom I handed it to Nora. She smiled and thanked me.

"How are you doing your hair?"
"I'm not sure yet,I'm still trying to decide on a dress to wear."

Nora rolled her eyes and moved passed me to the bed. There were two options,a dark red dress and the other was black and blue. It didn't take her long to choose and she held up the red one.

"This one,it'll match the wedding theme too so you'll fit right in."
"Point taken." I laughed and took the dress from her.

I got myself changed,did my hair and makeup while Nora still seemed to struggle with her hair. She tried to curl it earlier that day but because of the crap weather and bad luck it ended up as a frizzy mess. When I was finished getting ready I had her sit down and I helped brush and straighten it out.

"Do you miss California?"
"In weather like this,you know I do."

We shared a laugh and then she kept asking questions about California,what I did,where I was,who my friends were. It was a little odd for me to be answering so much about it,I was still bitter about being back but I didn't let it bother me much this time around. I guess she could tell.

"Why did you come home?"
"Money. The west coast is expensive and I juggled three jobs just to keep a roof over my head. My last place was an inlay space under a house,no windows and I lived with two other people. One lost his job and didn't pay his share of the rent so we all got kicked out..."
"....And then you came straight home,right?"
"Yeah,I came home."
"I can't say I liked the hesitation there."
"It's not for you to worry about,not anymore." I finished with her hair and set the brush down on the nearby counter. Pulling her hair up a little and leaving it in a neat half pony tail and then hugged her from behind. "You look nice."

That made her smile but the look on her face had me convinced that this conversation was far from over. If it was proof enough she grabbed the brush and quickly smacked my ass with it. I jumped,started,and instinctively rubbed it,she smirked,got up,kissed me on the cheek and pranced away.

We set out to the wedding after that. The night went as expected. The bride was stunning,people cried with tears of joy and everyone got pretty hammered. There were only a few of us from the original CC group and it was awesome catching up with everyone.

Nora got completely out of her mind. She doesn't drink but four times a year anymore,this being her third,and she's tiny so needless to say calling her a light weight is an understatement. I found myself checking in on her a lot,considering she enjoys getting herself into trouble. She is also an incredible flirt and made passes at everyone,myself included.
We stepped out at one point and shared a joint together. She leaned on my shoulder and we sat out in the cold for a few more minutes before I convinced her it was too cold and rainy to be out at all.

"You're shivering."
"I can't feel it." Nora giggled.
"Let's go inside,before we get sick."
"The body feels it but the brain doesn't!" She laughed even more.
"All right,come on now." I laughed and helped her stand.

When we went back inside she tossed her shoes across the room to our table and made a b-line for the bathroom. I almost followed but she called for me to grab us more to drink. What the hell? It's a party right? So I grabbed us more from the bar and sat down with the rest of the group and she eventually caught up to us.
Most of us hadn't had contact in years,so we had a lot to catch up on. The bride and I traveled the farthest from home. She obviously came up to Hartford from her less than uppity Philadelphia suburb,and I moved from Philly to the west coast. She regaled us with stories and various crazy adventures she had since moving from home,how she met her husband and how they travel the world frequently.
Nora sat across from me beside the bride,she talked about her child and how she loves being a mom. It seemed cliche,she admitted as much,but we live in a time now where not everyone who is a parent is cut out for it. But she loved every moment of it and wouldn't change a thing.
We all talked about work and where we were in life...and then the bride turned to me.

"Well Miss Grace,I want to hear about California. We didn't think you'd end up coming back so soon!"

I finish my drink and tell them all the same thing that I told Nora. I lived in an inlay apartment after graduating from school with two friends,no windows and I juggled multiple jobs. Despite living where I wanted I ended up being miserable because of working myself to death,a habit they all knew I had already. However,I took my story a step further than simply coming home after being kicked out of the apartment.

" one room mate was a complete ass. He paid the lions share of the rent and then got himself fired from the one good job any of us had. Which was ok at first because I was able to pick up the slack...but then he could never be bothered to look for a job after that so long story short,my savings got totally wrecked and he got us kicked out we ran up the water and electric bill and I wasn't able to bail us out."

"Jesus Christ,Grace,what happened after that? Did you have to fly back home?"

"Eventually...but not immediately..." I realized too late how I phrased that and I looked up to see Nora staring at me,mouth agape.

"What does that mean?" She demanded softly.

"I was....technically homeless for a little bit,it's not a big deal,it wasn't for very long and I came home."

"You should have called me,I would have flown you home right then and there."

"We weren't all in contact anymore,I wouldn't have wanted to bother anyone with that. Plus you know me,I'm stubborn and wanted to make it work. Not my brightest moment." I rolled off with a laugh and one of the guys brought another round of drinks and the subject was quick to change after that...but Nora periodically glanced over at me,disappointed.

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A fantasy: when she decides to humiliate and punish me, she picks a pair of panties to use based on their color for how thoroughly she intends to spank me. When I see she has the paddle and red panties, I know it will be the longest and hardest spanking.

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As many of you who have read our profile know, we are originally from Western Pennsylvania but currently living in Central New York. We are relocating back to Western Pennsylvania at the end of November. We are looking for people in the Central New York and Western Pennsylvania areas who are interested in helping us move. There will be good boy and girl spankings given to all those who apply and help out, just remember though, damage of property will result in damage of your back side. Some of you may also have been friends with us on Fetlife.....we deactivated our accounts on there until early next year, once we are settled in our new place. We wanted to remain active on here because we are senior members of this site, been here since the early days.


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