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Based on a real life experience:
I just started dating a new girlfriend about a couple of weeks ago. She was
petite in height but was full figured and had a well shaped bubble butt, my
favorite thing. So I knew from what she had been telling me that her parent were
old fashioned and very strict. Same as mine actually. The both of us were in our
twenties but still lived at home with our parents. And there were "House Rules"
that both of us needed to follow to not pay rent and to continue to live
there. She was telling me she was to be home at a certain time and that
drinking and smoking were not acceptable in her house. But I talked her into it
this night and we had some whiskey and smoked a joint and I had gotten her into
having some sex with me. Well time flew by and it was now 11 pm and she realized
it was way past the time she was allowed out. When we arrived at her house
her mother was outside on the front porch tapping her foot, arms crossed and
looking furious. "Angie! I am ashamed of you, and furious with you! Look at
the time! And you young man have brought her home very late!"
Then she raised an eyebrow and sniffed.
" Have you been drinking booze?! Oh my god! Smoking pot too! You young lady
are in serious trouble! Be glad your father is away for a day or two on business.
I am going to punish you but good! You young man are in trouble as well. I had
a talk with your mother and she gave me free rein to deal with you. You will both
accept your punishments or move out. Do I make myself clear!"
We both nodded in agreement.
I never admitted it to Angie but my mother still spanked my bare bottom when I
broke the rules. I was hoping that was not in store for me. She grabbed Angie by
the ear and as she turned to bring her into the house she applied several hard
swats to the seat of her pants as we went in. "How..smack..Dare...smack...You...
smack..Keep me waiting..smack.. and smoke and drink...smack smack smack!"
Angie whined and said she was sorry. She then said something I will not forget.
" I know I was a bad girl momma. I deserve the seat of my pants to be warmed."
Her mother marched her inside and gave her about 6 more hard fast swats and then
said she would get much worse. She turned to me and said,
"And as for you, young man, you will be spanked just like I spank her. Do you
I begged and pleaded but she was firm and told me that was the only option other
than moving out with out anywhere to go and with none of our stuff. I accepted
it. I was going to be punished like a child in front of my girlfriend while she
would also be punished in front of me. Her mother turned back to Angie.
"Angela Marie, I want you to strip till you are Barefoot and Bare bottomed
young lady! Nothing on but your tshirt. I want that shame and punishment to sink
in so you learn a good lesson!"
Angie dropped her head sobbed a little and said,
"Yes mommy."
She stripped down to nothing but her tshirt and she walked with head down to her
mother. Her mother grabbed her by the arm and walked over to a chair and put her foot
up on it, reached down grabbed Angie, lifted her up, and put her across her knee so her
feet were off the ground.
"I want you to keep your legs slightly apart and your toes pointed and this is
to humiliate you further. When I spank this chubby set of bare cheeks you will
take it until you kick and cry like a well punished little girl!"
"Yes mommy, I am so sorry."
"What do you say now Angela?"
"I have been a naughty girl mommy. Please spank my naughty bare bottom to teach me
a lesson."
Her mom began slow at first then speeding up as she went along
landing them on each cheek. The sound reverberating in the room.
"There! I will spank those cheeks and make them wobble in shame right in front of your
naughty little boyfriend there! Look at those chubby cheeks wiggle when I smack
them. What a naughty, naughty girl!"
"Ow, ow, ow!"
She began to sob like a little girl. Her feet slightly kicking as the spanking went on.
Her cheeks turning redder with every slap. I was finding hard to control my excitement
at seeing this. I must have been blushing as well cause her mom noticed.
"I bet you think this is a little exciting for you seeing her bare across my knee. We
will see how excited you are when you are getting your spanking!"
Angie was now kicking a lot and crying like a little girl.
"Please mommy...ow...ow..I will behave...ow ow...Please no more!"
"You are a very..very..naughty girl! Smoking and drinking when I told you not to!"
Smack Smack Smack!
She let Angie off her knee at told her to turn around so I could see her well spanked bottom.
"You can rub your bare bottom Angie."
She did this as she walked over to the wall and faced it.
"Oh Angie I want you to turn around tonight young lady and watch me spank your naughty boyfriend."
I gulped. My heart was racing with the thought of being spanked in front of my girlfriend by HER mother. It was as much the anticipation of the humiliation and shame and the dread of the pain that I would feel. But I was excited and could not help it.
"Come over here young man. It is time for you to be punished."
I knew I had no choice. I walked over to her.
"I am going to undress you like a naughty little boy and give you a bare naked spanking in the diaper position. This will teach you a lesson you won't soon forget.
"Please! Not like that! Can't you just turn me over your knee and drop my pants?!"
"Please mom don't spank him like that."
"Angela Marie! I did not give you permission to speak did I? Come over here!"
Angie walked over and her mother grabbed her by the elbow and spun her around and began spanking her bottom again. Hard and fast on one cheek then the other. Her cheeks were wobbling and shaking and she was on her tip toes and crying again.
"Now go over there and stay quiet and watch me teach him a lesson !"
She proceeded to undress me completely. When she got to my under wear I grabbed her hand instinctively and knew I had made a bad mistake. She grabbed my wrist and spun me round and really warmed the seat of my underpants. she spanked hard and fast and it stung.
"Dont you ever grab me...smack smack smack...while I am ....smack smack smack...punishing you!"...SMACKSMACKSMACK
I didn't cry out but stood there and took it.
She pulled off my under wear and grabbed me by the hand and led me to a cot in the corner. She pointed at it.
"Lay down on your back with your bottom near the edge here."
I did as I was told. I couldn't help it. I was aroused. This added to my shame. I was not well endowed at all. I was quite small in fact. Angie knew and had giggled at first but enjoyed me anyway. I also shaved my privates because it aroused me so it made it look even smaller.But her mom smiled and said,
"Well I chose correctly. You are small and bare like a little boy."
She lifted my legs by the ankles and held them up.
"Try to keep you legs as straight while I am spanking you. Now hold still you naughty,little boy and learn your lesson and take you spanking!"
She began spanking my cheeks steady and firm. I felt so ashamed and humiliated. Exposed and aroused being spanked by my girlfriends mom while my girlfriend watched. At first Angie looked down. But then she watched and started to smile a little trying to hide it. I was seriously being punished. I was at her mercy like a little boy. I gave in and began to cry I could no longer help it.
"There, that's it. Cry like the naughty boy you are! How dare you bring her home late! Spank spank Spank... How dare you drink with her and...spankspankspankspank..smoke weed! I am so mad! I will teach you a lesson you will never forget!"
I cried like a child and Angie was now giggling behind her mothers back silently. This added to my shame. Legs in the air aroused slightly still and crying while my girlfriend was laughing at my punishment.
"I want you to call me Auntie B ok. Not Mrs. anything. You act like a child, and from what I can see, look like a child in your pants at least, you will be treated like one."
"Please Auntie B Please!! I will be good I will never do it again! Ow ow ow!!"
"You sure will think about before you do I garuntee it!" spankspankspankspankspankspank
My bottom was on fire and I was squirming now and bawling like a well punished child.
She dropped my legs and said,
"Get up and put your shirt on only. I am not finished with either of you. I will make you understand not to break the rules!"
{to be continued}

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Just so I can say I bought sex toys from the Kansas State government.

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If you are a man and know that you deserve a good spanking. I am the one you should give a holla to. I am looking for men to put across my knee. So if you know that you have been a very naughty boy. I will be pulling your underwear down and putting you over my knee.

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Good thing I am good at being alone.

No one to tell my defeat to anymore. I have resigned myself back to my closed mouthed existence
Don't want to anyway because people seem so weird nowadays when you open up to them. The judgmental nature of people now seems so rampant. You may have friends who don't try to fix or blame when you open up with your woes, but I don't.

I never told people anything personal, my whole life. I am going back to that because over the past 6 years, I have tried the "trust" thing. All backfired, except for Tigrr. She always was the one who said the right things back.

Sometimes I hate my wholesome personality, honesty, loyalty, obedience, and nice attitude. But Im not gonna change that. But to avoid being used...I am crawling back in my girl cave where I am safe at least.
The absolute love of my life has gone away...back to his ex. Nothing left for me now but my motto...TNO-RIDESOLO

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So I got good news on Monday. Whoot whoot!!!
Only to be followed by a series of "I can't even believe this is happening!" lol
3 guys from my past all hit me up in one day, I'm cleaning out a shed the next day, and was bitten by some type of spider on my bum(I'm convinced he couldn't stop at one bite) lol, and then I got the flu....

Oh did I mention the new video has to re-uploaded. IDK.

So I just have 1 question for whoever wants to provide an answer.


I can't help but sit back and laugh. lol

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So I was talking to my naughty little girl MTAngel42, and asked her a question about another site she was playing on. She conveniently said she forgot the name of the site, even though it is in her web browsing history. I sent her to get the wooden bath brush she is so familiar with from other times she has fibbed to me......and she locked herself in the bathroom!!!


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Trading love for crazy
was my first mistake
one night can seem forever
and that's all it takes
you let your hands wander
beneath the satin and the lace
and let your heart loose
inside of love's embrace

when it comes to taking chances
I am second to none
the only thing missing
is the smoking gun

satin and lace
satin and lace
I let my heart loose
inside of love's embrace

you try and tell yourself
you're not the worrying kind
but one glance in the mirror
and it's there to remind
that every step you took
is now so clearly defined
you know where it started
as you watched it unwind

when it comes to taking chances
I am second to none
the only thing missing
is the smoking gun

watch it unwind
watch it unwind
keep your heart guarded
and your eyes open wide

you play the hand you're dealt
when you go all in
you never play to lose
it's never what you intend
but you better listen close
and I will tell you my friends
it's where it all starts
but it's not where it ends

when it comes to taking chances
I am second to none
the only thing missing
is the smoking gun

the worrying kind
the worrying kind
I let my heart loose
and now it's on the run

the only thing missing
is the smoking gun

the smoking gun
the smoking gun
when you think it's all over
and you think it's all done

the only thing missing
is the smoking gun

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Hey Folks We have just added a special package on It is seodonna's premiere pack. 2 great vids for one low price. It features one of our highest viewed films here on The Thousand swat strapping and another fan fave She finally cries. You can find this and all of our great vids at studio 78445. Check us out and enjoy.
Until Next time
Be well
Spank Hard
See Ya
Lordikai and all us at True Home Discipline

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To all my current friends and future friend requests.

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I accidentally stumbled on this website and was very intrigued.....when we have the time and money we would definitely like to go here. Has anyone else heard of this place or actually been to it for that matter? If not what are your initial opinions on it?

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(Please note: I did not write this, my better half did. All polite feedback is welcome, enjoy!)

‘Young lady, what is going on in here?’

She blinks at him, mind working furiously on an attempt to salvage the unsalvageable situation, however she cannot think of a single thing to reply with.

‘I…..erm……I just…….ah…..’ she tails off.

He walks towards her with a blank expression and examines the beef. ‘What is this Young Lady?’

‘Y…Your dinner…..Master’ She looks at the sorry excuse of roast beef before biting her lip. She chances a glance at her Master who is staring at her with a very hard expression. Suddenly he grabs her by the wrist and drags her across the kitchen to the table. He throws her over it and pulls out a chair before grabbing her and forcing her over his knee. He pulls up her dress to expose her garter belt and panty-less bottom he stops suddenly and she gulps feeling not quite so cocky about the lack of panties now.. ‘and why are you not wearing any panties?’

‘I just….didn’t fancy it today Master….I’m very s….’ SMACK! She instantly went silent concentrating on not making a noise at the pain now searing through her bottom.

‘I have told you that you will maintain a proper standard of a young Lady which. includes. wearing. panties.’ Each word was accompanied by a hard smack on her gradually pinkening bottom.

Again and again his hand hit her, turning her once peachy bottom into an angry red one. She struggled and whimpered against her will as the pain increased in intensity. He carried on, acting oblivious to her complaints. All that could be heard was the smacking reigning down on her sore arse and the continued whimpering and heavy breathing from her. Suddenly he stopped, she breathed, it was over. ‘What are you Young Lady?’

‘A bad girl Master’

‘and what do bad girls deserve?’

‘Punishment Master, by being spanked on their bare bottoms. Sir please punish me’

The spanking continued to almost unbearable levels, her bottom in serious danger of actually bleeding now until he froze. She let out a sigh of relief before he suddenly started spanking her extremely hard and fast so she had no choice but to whimper and let a couple of tears slide down her cheeks. He stopped again, this time she was shaking with pain and emotion.

He pushed her off of his lap so she fell to the floor. He stood up above her and she gradually turned her tear stained face to meet his eyes. ‘I’m not finished with you yet, get upstairs NOW’ She leapt to her feet and took the stairs two at a time before running to the bedroom and standing in the centre of the room.

Sniffling a few more times, she wiped her eyes, she was very sore now. Looking in the mirror she saw what a state she was in, Master was coming up the stairs, each step he took filled her with more apprehension… she hurried to the mirror and straightened her dress and tried to make herself look presentable. She saw him at the doorway in the mirror and span round in her heels. He looked at her sharply before pointing for her to come and stand in front of him. Roughly grabbing her he ripped her dress over her head followed by her bra and garters, then she was frogmarched over to the bed and bent over it.

He rubbed her poor sore bottom admiring the way it had welted whilst she was still shaking, on the verge of crying, hoping against hope he may be lenient.

Whack! A cry was heard as the cane came down hard, followed again by another whack and another cry, this continued until she started openly sobbing.

‘P..P…Please, please no more….please…’ Master put the cane down and stepped away, she heard his footsteps and a draw opening. After hearing him approach the bed again, she felt something forcing its way into her bottom, she tried to turn around to look but felt her head being forced forward again. She had never felt anything like this before. ‘I expect this to remain in here until I remove it, got it slut?’

It felt uncomfortable to her, she knew now that it was a butt plug, she was very unsure of the feeling but her poor bottom was already sore enough so she behaved herself this time. ‘Yes Master’

‘Good slut’ he replied. Suddenly she found herself flipped over and lying on her back on the bed. He was over her again, he leaned down and bit her neck hard. She screamed out in pain, he did it again causing another scream. He was everywhere, biting every inch of her body, leaving mark after mark until she was sobbing again and pleading with him to stop. Suddenly he did, he came back up to face her again, ‘You’ve been a very naughty girl today haven’t you?’

‘Yes Master’ she sobbed.

‘You understand that I needed to punish you?’

‘Yes Master, I deserved it, I deserved it all, but I’m so sore now’

‘I know Sweetheart, but you’ve learned your lesson?’

‘Yes Master I have, I’m very sorry.’

‘Ok sweetheart’ he replied kissing her intently. ‘You’re ok sweetheart, you’re ok’

He gently lowered her back onto the pillows making sure her bottom wasn’t too sore. He lowered himself gently on top of her pushing his cock inside her cunt. She gasped as he pushed himself in further. She sighed when he was all the way in and started to rock gently inside her. They kissed and cuddled and nuzzled as they continued to move together making love to each other. He gradually picked up the pace continuing to rock them as they continued to get closer and closer, suddenly she cried out and dug her nails into his back as she came which caused him to do the same, they stayed that way for a moment crying out in bliss before he collapsed onto her naked body.

Laying there for a minute, he smiled as he felt hands running through his hair. He summoned the energy to grab the duvet and cover them both up before pulling her towards him and nuzzling noses with her. They then kissed slowly and passionately as he whispered to her, ‘I love you’

‘I love you too Master’ she replied.

They then both fell asleep still locked in each other’s arms…

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(Please note: I did not write this, my better half did. All polite feedback is welcome, enjoy!)

She sits on the kitchen table, dinner in the oven, ice cream on the side for dessert, the house squeaky clean, ironing done, spick and span, not a hair out of place - a good days work in her opinion.

She smirks to herself ‘Master sure will be pleased with me when he gets home from work’. She’s happy just thinking about it. ‘I wonder if there will be a reward for me being so good today’. She sits there pondering the potential rewards she could be in for if she keeps up her good game.

Her eyelids start to drop as she pictures him coming in and seeing the tidiness of the house, him coming and praising her, hugging her, kissing her. His reaction to the carefully prepared and lovingly cooked joint of beef currently sizzling away in the oven. Her eyes fully closed now she imagines his delight at the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sitting on the side, a rare treat she was able to get hold of this morning with a bit of extra housekeeping money given to her after the wonderful dinner a few nights ago.

Almost unconsciously, her hands start to wander below the hem of her expensive and tight fitting polka dot knee length dress, another treat for her given on her birthday by her wonderful Master. Her hands start to stroke the soft skin of her thighs as her teeth gently nibble on her bottom lip. She imagines what will happen when the dinner is eaten, the ice cream devoured by him……

‘Wonderful dinner sweetheart, you’ve once again outdone yourself’

‘Thank you Master’ She smiles sweetly, trying to remain cute and beautiful for him.

A small pause during which he stands up and stretches out his (beautiful in her eyes) body. She can almost see the muscles rippling underneath the white cotton shirt he has yet to take off. He turns to face her, smiling softly. ‘I think a reward is in order for you good behaviour’

‘Yes’ she says in her mind but out loud she replies properly ‘Thank you Master’

‘I’m going upstairs to change out of my suit, clean up and meet me in the bedroom as quick as possible’ He slings his suit jacket over his shoulder and wanders out of the kitchen. She leaps into action clearing up dishes and doing a quick sweep of the kitchen. She is already feeling the wonderful nervous butterfly feeling of anticipation before she reaches the staircase.

Her hand is slowly winding its way up to the very top of her thigh now, running over the black lace stockings and matching garter belt arriving at her most intimate area which makes her smile. ‘Well maybe I’ve not been a complete good girl today’ she thinks to herself as she realises the area is devoid of any further clothing. She slowly rubs along the top of her garter belt before hooking her finger through it and letting it ping, snapping back against her soft skin. She enjoys the sharp sound and slight tingling sensation left behind. Her mind wanders back to her potential reward…..

She scurries up the stairs to find out what is in store for her, arriving at the bedroom door she looks in to find her Master laying casually on the bed one hand behind his head, naked and stroking his already hard erection. He beckons her over to him, her almost tripping up in her haste to get close to him. Sitting up, he stares her directly in the eyes before he reaches for her hand. She gingerly gives

him it and he quickly throws her over his knees; she lies there slightly apprehensive as he pulls up her dress. He slowly and lovingly rubs her bottom before giving it a few gentle slaps. He keeps on stroking and slapping admiring her bottom and admiring how much he can tell she is enjoying it. He can see how much she is getting turned on by the glistening wetness between her legs, he smirks to himself almost tempted to stop but he doesn’t, she has earned this reward. His slaps stop and he reaches further down to touch her wetness. She inhales sharply starting to feel that familiar bliss brought to her by knowing that she has pleased her master and knowing that he will reward her. He continues to play with her entrance watching individual muscles twitch in her body……

Garter belt long since forgotten, she has now made her way down to her entrance with her own hand, other hand rubbing up and down her taut stomach muscles heightening the anticipation. She slowly circles her pussy prolonging the imminent pleasure before delving in to feel her own wetness and she is joyed to know it compares to her fantasy levels. She moans out loud to the empty kitchen before using her other hand to circle her clit. The small electric sensations when she grazes it are almost too much to bear, her breathing starts to quicken in pace, the fingers feeling her wetness get deeper inside, heartbeat racing she imagines what would happen next…..

His fingers suddenly push their way inside her entrance, sliding in to her shaking body. She whimpers out loud, partly hating herself for the noise but partly loving herself for it. He uses his other hand to continue his stroking of her bottom whilst his fingers start to thrust inside her, her moaning picks up as she starts to climb to that climax peak. He gets faster with his thrusting as her moans spur him on……

Back in reality, her fingers are thrusting into her glistening cunt as she speeds up relentlessly, no qualms about the amount of noise she is making as she moans and purrs other hand circling her clit vigorously. She feels herself getting closer to her climax, she is starting to rock backwards and forwards using her hips to roll over her fingers heightening the electricity surging through her body taking over her senses. Breathing and heartbeat now erratic she fingers her clit and cries out at the sensation. She is so close now lost deep within her fantasy……

He continues to thrust his fingers deep inside her as her moaning starts to get lower, and dirtier before pulling out suddenly and forcefully turning her over to lay beneath him. He climbs on top of her, almost losing control with how turned on he now is, he holds back enough to give her a lingering kiss on her mouth before pushing his whole weight onto her forcing himself deep inside her wet cunt causing her to scream in pleasure. He allows her a couple of seconds to adapt before pulling out and starting up a gentle pace. The pace doesn’t last long before he is riding on top of her vigorously she cries out at the sensation getting closer and closer to her climax. He moans on top of her as well speeding up and thrusting into her relentlessly reaching out to his own orgasm. Breathing erratic, they both trust as hard as possible grabbing and kissing and scratching at each other’s hot naked bodies. So close..

‘What are you?’

‘A little slut Master!’

‘and what does my little slut want?’

‘To cum Master….please!!’

He speeds up to an impossible pace determined to make her come. Her moaning like a whore screaming in pleasure and pain so close…. Just about to…..


She snaps out of her fantasy alarmed and frustrated at the noise, she was so close, so damn close right on the brink. After her moment of annoyance, she identifies the noise….. but why was the fire alarm going off? She removes her fingers from herself before noticing smoke pouring out of the oven… She shrieks and runs over turning off the oven and opening up the door she puts on oven mitts and pulls the roast beef onto the counter to see how bad it is…. She gulps as she sees charred remains of a dish that she’d taken so long preparing, that was meant to be for her Master.

‘Oh no!’ She exclaims. She turns and sees a shadow of a man through the smoke still wafting up from the dish, her heart sinks and she begins to get very nervous especially when she hears the carefully neutral tone in the voice responding……

‘Young lady, what is going on in here?’

She blinks at him, mind working furiously on an attempt to salvage the unsalvageable situation, however she cannot think of a single thing to reply with.

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(A fictional tale.....That some would wish was real...LOL!)
(Satirically speaking)
As in every world.....each needs a HERO!
Hence in the world of Superman,Batman and the rest
of the justice league.The only way to find TRUE justice is
And yes spanking man does have special powers like knowing kinda like Santa Claus when you have been naughty and when you have been nice!
And at the drop of a hat or panties he has an arsenal of implements
at his disposal to dole out REAL spanking justice to all naughty backsides leaving the spanking world a better place.
Since being young there was always the worry walking down the stairs
to the the boogie man......lurking somewhere
next to him.....might just be THE SPANKING MAN.And yes would he snatch you up and just know all the naughty things you were hiding and before you knew it,there was no escape!Pulling you right across his lap giving you no chance to run back up the stairs to safety.You would be plucked out and over his GIANT size strong lap.Where with one swoop
your bottom would be bared and hands the size of baseball mitts would
begin to fly open palm like fist of fury Kung Fu style on that behind!
and as your feet would kick in an attempt to run....all that you would do is SWIM in place like AQUAMAN!And yes as a salmon up to felt like dieing at the end of this trip across spanking mans knee
These spankings were not just little swats on the Butt but full force
swings that made you want to be anywhere but over spanking mans knee.
and what is a ninja....finding nun chucks.....a paddle would appear and then his second phase would start....and an all NEW feeling of fire would take hold of your backside giving all NEW meaning to TANNING your FANNY!You would so like to be able to look over your shoulder to see the face of The Spanking Man.....BUTT it was always dark in the basement in the shadows or where ever this shadow
figure appeared.he was so quick and swift and would snatch you up without giving you a chance to be ready......and as it all started
POOF!he would disappear.....and all you would have is a FIERY RED backside and the memory of how much your tush was sore!
It always left you in the pit of your stomach.....terrified that where was The Spanking man lurking and where would appear next.Giving you the
inspiration to be as good as possible so you would not have to await his next arrival......
Legend has it that the Spanking Man is still sited to day.
And has left a huge amount of backsides served.....
I think he has more then Mcdonalds.....1 trillion scorched BUTTS

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Marie's Cervical Cerclage went off without a hitch today.......her & baby are doing well and are resting comfortably @ home as I post this :)

A surprise gift that I bought for my sweet cheeks @ the hospital gift shop :)

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I recently had an experience that wasn't as fun as I usually like my spankings to be. I got together with a friend i met online. We had a very enjoyable first spanking, using hand and a book, I was bruised but didn't mind. I had fun and enjoyed the laid back way it happened. But the next day we decided to video tape the next one, I was feeling nervous about already being bruised and how that would affect my ability to take very much. But I did not want to back out as my friend was excited about it and had already picked out his implement.

I was nervous going into it but I thought he would be attentive to how i was taking it. Up til then he had been very considerate and had my full trust. But i was wrong, once the camera was up and running he jumped into character and next thing I know i'm being lectured for things i didn't do. I tried to play along but it was getting more and more intense, only a couple minutes into it and i wasn't sure how much longer i would last. I was told to bite his leg if i felt i couldn't take any more. However when I reached that point, I realized that i couldn't really reach any part of his leg to bite it, every little movement and he would pull me back into place and make me hold still.

At that point it was only half over and I was feeling panicked, I couldn't get out of it, and wasn't sure how much more i could handle. I became genuinely afraid of how long this might last and started crying, not blubbering and bawling, but the tears were on free flow. I tried to tune it out but after he picked up his implement and started using it there was no going to any happy place. I started shaking knowing this was just the start of round two. It went on for a couple more minutes before he made me count the last ten and thank him after each one. When it was finally over, I was not only shaky and scared but also pretty angry that he didn't notice any of this or even ask if i was ok at any point.

When he was done and stood me up, he saw tears and tried to comfort and hug me. I asked if the camera was off yet and he said no, I gave him a direct order to turn the camera off and went to the other side of the room to try to get myself together. Feeling the same fire on my bottom as I had during the spanking I fought the urge to just hold my butt and sob. Again, he tried to be comforting and came up behind me to hug me, I didn't hear him and jumped out of my skin when he touched me. For a moment I was afraid he was going to throw me across his lap again(when you are afraid you don't think straight) I put my hands up to indicate leave me alone and he did, I went to the bathroom and took a few deep breaths, trying to convince myself that he never meant to hurt me. But the fear lingered.

Once I calmed down and explained I could see that he felt bad. But that fear of being spanked with no regard for my well being has stuck with me, I wonder how that could have gone better. How do I avoid it in the future? Should i have just flailed all over the place til he let me up? I thought we had everything talked out already, I know I told him I wasn't into the disciplinary thing. I don't like the fake lectures and being called young lady or put into the corner, I hate the idea that the only reason I am there is to be used for your pleasure and my concerns and thoughts mean nothing. I thought we had all that clarified prior. But it all went out the window as soon as the camera was on. Nothing about that spanking was enjoyable for me, it makes me feel I can't trust anyone with this again. Because now that its over, he loves his video and hasn't asked me since then if I am ok. Am I just being a whiner or does this sound like a legit reason to be upset? Although this was just one instance, its really shaken my trust in everyone that may or may not want to spank me in the future.

Any and all opinions are appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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TeLeSuono_org's avatar

Views: 680 · Added: 28 days ago
25 Settembre, tempo di aggiornamenti…

Il mio Audio Racconto inedito:

DopoSi intitola “La Parete” e lo trovate in “Racconti Audio"

Storie degli Amici

Tornano dopo la pausa estiva "Le Avventure Domestiche di Pablo e Federica” con il quinto episodio della serie. Sempre il nostro Pablo continua ad arricchire “il Dizionario della Sculacciata” con nuovi termini e spiegazioni.

Tele Suono

La brava Laura Pausini entra a far parte della rubrica “Tele Suono”, infatti durante la seconda puntata dell’edizione Messicana di “The Voice”, Laura Pausini “irritata” dal comportamento del collega Ricky Martin decide di “punirlo” a suon di Sculacciate! Laura poi confida di averlo Sculacciato “in senso buono”, o meglio un “modo per toccare le chiappe di Ricky Martin”.Il talent è solo agli inizi, chissà se più in là con la gara, quando le rivalità fra i giudici saranno più accese le “suonerà” ancora a qualcuno, sicuramente in quell’occasione la brava Laura utilizzerà ben più forza...


Da pochi giorni potete seguirmi su Instagram, e “sbirciare” dietro le quinte del blog e nel mio quotidiano.


Vi ricordo che penultimo tasto sulla barra di destra permette di iscrivervi agli aggiornamenti del sito, un modo semplice e veloce per essere sempre aggiornati sulle novità di “Te le Suono”. Ovviamente, come indicato anche nell’apposita pagina, gli indirizzi e-mail verranno utilizzati esclusivamente per inviarvi gli aggiornamenti sul sito, niente spam o cessione dei vostri contatti terzi. Clicca qui per accedere alle Newsletter

Buona Visione e Buona Lettura a tutti!

Ci risentiamo il 25 Ottobre con i nuovi racconti !

…Nel frattempo, non mancherò di segnalarvi delle “News” interessanti sul Blog.

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Views: 789 · Added: 28 days ago

I've been away from Spanking Tube for a little while and I'm curious to get the community's perspective(s) on "The Fappening," the leaking of celebrities private (and often naughty) photos.

While the hacking of private photos and information goes against the spirit of consensual fun between adults in the spanking community, there is an element of voyeurism in getting enjoyment out of watching somebody get spanked (and be in pain) that may carry over to "The Fappening."

I admit to viewing some of the naked photos of the celebrities before I understood what really happened and, I have to admit (although I'm not proud about it), that I got a little rush out of seeing some beautiful celebs exposed and vulnerable.

And, although I didn't see any clear signs of spanking enthusiasm, I did have some thoughts in the back of my mind about whether or not certain celebrities MIGHT have a taste for spanking-play. I was especially taken by the photo of Jennifer Lawrence bent over with her butt sticking out. I can only imagine why she may have been bending over and what might have happened after that photo was taken.

Any other thoughts from the Spanking Tube community?

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Views: 959 · Added: 29 days ago

Hi friends on Spanking Tube,

My mentor has some pretty strict rules about the things that I am allowed and not allowed to say. He is very much against any forms of cussing including substitute words. This is proving very difficult for me and I have just endured a five minute soaping along with rubbing wet soap in my mouth for saying crap. I have said this multiple times despite his strong warnings. I am growling, stomping and kicking. Sorry Sir!


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Views: 632 · Added: 29 days ago

feeling scared about getting a caning on my allready swollen and sore bottom made me stand uneasy in the corner.

After 10 minutes my sobbing had stopped and I was only crying softly.

Now get your naughty bottom out here young man my wife suddenly said and I turned around.
She was holding her long thin cane in her hand and I shivered by the sight of it.

Please no more I begged.


Scared of her stern and angry voice I almost ran to her and stood in front of the spanking chair.

Bend over and keep your hands on the seat my wife scolded.
I did as she told me and prepared for a very hard caning.

You will get 36 with the cane today young man and you will count out every one as I give them to you.
Is that understood my wife said?
Yes maan I answered.

She took her palce behind me and started caning me very hard.
I screamed in agony and pain as my wife made her cane bite into my allready very sore bottom.

Halfway through my caning my legs were shaking and my wife hadreduced me to a sobbing little boy again.
She gave me the rest of the caning very slowly and by the time I had gotten all 36 swats I was bawling like a baby again.

Let this be a lesson young man my wife said and put down the cane.
I will not tolerate such behavior young man and I will not hesitate to punish you like this again, if you keep behaving like today my wife scolded.

Get back in the corner and think about the consequenses of your naughty
behavior my wife scolded and pointed to the corner.
Crying and sobbing I put my nose in the corner and I was given an hour of cornertime.

When the full hour was gone I had stopped crying and was told to come to my wife and apologize for behaving like a naughty little boy and thank her for taking her time to punish me properly.

With red eyes and an red bottom I went to my wife and did as I was told.
You are forgiven, but I am warning you young man.
Any behavior like this again will result in another hard spanking like today.
Is that understood?
Yes maam I answered.

My wife told me to get some cold cream and she rubbed it into my very sore and swollen bottom and almost made me cry again.

I felt that spanking for more than a week and could not sit down for 2 whole days.

It will be a long time before I try such a thing again, I promise you that

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karsten1975's avatar

Views: 664 · Added: 29 days ago

One day my wife was away on business and I had a whole day alone at home.
Seeing her leave in the morning, I was going to make the most of my private space to enjoy myself.

Feeling a little excited and horny I grabbed my wife´s leather pants from her closet and sat down on our bed. I closed my eyes and started fantazising about her dressed in her leather pants and started rubbing my hardon against the soft black leather.

feeling very turned on by now I was close to climax and came all over my wifes leather pants, when I sensed that I was not alone anymore. I looked up and saw my wife standing in the doorway and looking livid and very angry.

What the hell are you doing she screamed and dropped her purse on the floor. I was frozen and feeling so embarassed, that I could not get a word out of my mouth.
My wife walked up to me and grabbed her leather pants out of my hands and lookked at me in a very angry way.

What do you think you are doing with my leather pants young man she yelled and put her hands on her hips.
I am sorry I said in a low voice and tried to hide my shame and embarrasment.
Not as sorry as you are going to be when I get through with you young man my wife scolded.
What on earth made you think it was okay to masturbate all over my leather pants young man my wife scolded?
I don´t know, I am sorry I said again and looked away.

Look at me when I am speaking to you young man she scolded. I looked at her and felt sick to my stomack.
You are in so much trouble young man and I am lost for words as to how horrible your behavior is.
You are going to get the spanking of your life young man my wife scolded and held out her leather pants.

Now get out of bed and go clean my leather pants she scolded. I took her leather pants and went to the bathroom.
I cleaned them and came into the livingroom where my wife had put our spanking chair out in the middle of the room and was standing beside it.
Put my leather pants back where you found them young man she scolded and looked very angry.
I did as I was told and came back into the livingroom.

Now get yout nose in the corner young man and think about the spanking you have comming my wife scolded.
I obeyed her and stood in the corner with my nose pressing against the wall.

My wife came over to the corner where I stood and I felt her right behind me.

You should be ashamed of yourself young man.
Behaving like this and thinking it is okay.
Well let me tell you this much young man, after your spanking today, you will NEVER want to to that again.
I am going to punish you very hard today and I am going make sure you remember this spanking for the rest of your life she scolded and gave me smack on my bottom.

Is that understood she scolded?
Yes maam I answered feeling very nervous.
Good she said, smacked my bottom again and left me standing in the corner.

I must have bee standing in the corner for at least 30 minutes when she called me out.
Come over here young man, it is time for your spanking my wife said in a calm voice.
I turned around and saw my wife sitting on the spanking chair looking very stern and I knew I was going to get it good.

She had the wooden bathbrush in her lap and I saw the thich leather strap and her long thin cane on the floor next to the spanking chair.
I knew I was i big trouble, because my wife only spanks me with the bathbrush and her cane, when I have been really bad and naughty.

I swallowed hard and went over and stood in front of her.
You have been a very very naughty boy and I am going to spank your bare bottom hard.
Is that understood young man my wife said in a stern voice?
Yes maam I answered.
Good young man because this is really going to hurt.
You can scream and cry all you want but you are going to be spanked as hard and as long as I feel you deserve to be.
Is that understood?
Yes maam.
Good because I guarantee that you will be sobbing and bawling like a baby long before I am through spanking you young man my wife scolded.

Now go get your handcufs my wife said, I don´t want your hand to get in the way of me giving you your well deserved spanking.
I went into our bedroom and founf my handcifs and went into the livingroom again and gave them to her.

Now come stand on my rigth side my wife said.
I obeyed her and felt scared and sick to my stomack.
Put your hands in front of you young man my wife said and took the handcufs.
She locked the handcufs tight around my wrists and told me to raise my hands up so she could prepare me for my spanking.

I did as I was told and felt her unbuckle my belt, unbutton my jeans and pull them down to my ankles.
She then put her fingers in the waistband of my boxers, pulled them down to my jeans around my ankles and left me standing naked from the waist down.

My wife picked up the wooden bath brush and looked me straight in the eyes.
I am going make sure you NEVER do this again young man and you are going be a very sorry boy when I send you to the corner after your spanking my wife scolded.

My wife the sat up straight on our spanking chair and looked at me.

Over my knees young man

I obeyed her and layed myself over her knees and waited for my spankig to start.

I felt my wife put her left hand on my hips to hold me in place over her knees while she spanked my bare bottom.
Then I felt her shift and a second later she brought the bathbrush down hard on my right cheek and a couple of seconds later on the left cheek.

I lost my breath and just tried to grasp what was happening.
My wife had never spanked me this hard before and I knew I was in big trouble.
She spanked me very hard and very fast, alterning from cheek to cheek and it made me scream in pain.
This time I really felt my wife´s anger and knew she would make her promise to reduce me to a sobbing and bawling baby come true.

After a couple of minutes of non stop spanking with the bathbrush my wife had broken my resistance and tears was streaming down my cheeks.
I begged her to stop spanking me, but she was very determined to make me feel this spanking.

You can cry all you want young man I am going to make sure you remember this spanking for the rest of your life my wife scolded and kept spanking my bare bottom hard with her bathbrush.

She held me over her knees with ease and all I could do was to lie there and take my spanking the best I could.

My wife scolded me as she spanked me and never once held back in force of her smacks.
By the time she finally stopped spanking me with the bathbrush I was sobbing hard and had was just laying limb over my wife´s knees.

She put down the bathbrush and picked up the thick leather strap.
Let this be a lesson to you young man, I NEVER want to find you masturbating on my leather pants again.
Is that understood?
Yes maan I answered through my tears and kept apologizing to her.

But is was all to no use as she layed the leather strap on my red and burning bottom.
I begged her not to spank me anymore, but I was told to keep quiet except for my sobbing, she did not mind that at all.
Getting a firm grip on my hips she started spanking me hard with the leather strap.
I just layed there across my wife´s knees and kept sobbing through the intire strapping and by the time she stopped my strapping she had me bawling like a baby.

My wife put down the leather strap and let lie across her knees until my sobbing subsided a bit.
Now get up and put your nose in the corner young man my wife said in a stern voice.

I got up from her knees, went to the corner still sobbing and crying and put my nose up against the wall.
With my handcufs still on I could only stand in the corner and dream about rubbing the pain in my bottom away.

Now think hard about how good you are going to behave in the future young mand and I will call you you when it is time for your caning she scolded.

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