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Views: 316 · Added: 22 days ago

Softly she weeps, fondly remembering last night.
Her deeds the reason her bum no longer white.
Softly she wept, as her eyes locked onto mine.
Our hands reaching together as fingers intertwine.
Softly she wept, as butterflies danced inside.
The disappointing look erasing her pride.
Softly she wept, as I guided her over my lap.
Knowing what's coming won't be a love tap.
Softly she wept, as her defenses dissolve.
The steady cadence reducing her resolve.
Softly she wept, as the thin fabric was shed.
She looked back with eyes engulfed with dread.
Softly she wept, then her cries filled the night.
Cheeks blushing deeply as her knuckles turn white.
Softly she wept, as gently lotion is applied.
The massage turning to one from inside.
Softly she weeps, fondly remembering last night.
Something long ago questioned, now feels so right.

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Views: 351 · Added: 22 days ago

Well done everybody for contributing. There is some pretty sharp talent out there as I suspected. Do keep it up. Best wishes Jim.

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Views: 311 · Added: 22 days ago

Omg i can not believe it. I just came back on and my videos have been watched over 100 thousand times. I honestly am shocked.

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Views: 241 · Added: 22 days ago

as i wrote in the earlier post, i had plans to meet a spanker this week. i met him as planned and he spanked and paddled me. it wasn't exactly what i was expecting BUT i enjoyed it. the spanking was light and i only had a few semi hard swats with the paddle.
while it was not a disciplinary style spanking, it was erotic. he really liked my butt and paid a lot of attention to it.

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Views: 290 · Added: 23 days ago

Now taking a shot at this blog theme
Please don't judge me by my literacy skills (lack thereof)

So young Dorothy made her way to meet the wizard
that fateful day.
She knew in her gut she wanted to anyway
Such had been her quandary that still parts of
her wished she was with Auntie Em doing the laundry.

Upon arriving at the gates
She no longer felt in such desperate straits
A smart young concierge showed her to a room and
Said the wizard would be along soon.

Still trembling like a leaf she entered quite
a splendid room.
And no longer felt the weight of impending doom.
A staircase within a bedroom
Never before had she seen such a thing
Looks like she was going ahead with this fling be continued if anyone wishes me to

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Views: 244 · Added: 23 days ago

Been bad lately and nobody around to punish me. I don't know if I'm happy about this or not.

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Views: 332 · Added: 23 days ago

Now along comes poor Dorothy Gale.
Far too long her backside has been pale.
Stuck in a nightmare so unfair.
Never once made to be bare.

Tried every trick she even flirts.
Wore low cut blouses and skimpy skirts.
With the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow walked endless miles.
At her wits end even resorted to womanly wiles.

Tin Man simply didn't have the heart.
To make her bum sore and smart.
Scarecrow was clueless without any brains.
To sate her need for aches and pains.

The Cowardly lion didn't have the guts.
Too embarrassed to even talk about butts.
Dorothy you see was clearly in a pickle.
Her moods and temper like the wind were fickle.

The Wicked Witch, well Dorothy didn't play that way.
Men more her style is what she liked to say.
Besides a broom wasn't her choice of sin.
Dorothy dreamed more of hand on bare skin.

The Wizard, now he seemed more her style.
The more she walked the more she began to smile.
The Yellow Brick Road she continued her march.
To bare her bum and her back she would arch.

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Views: 270 · Added: 23 days ago

Over hill and over dale
Alice ran with a rosy red tail.
To gain distance from the queen.
It was her command that was so mean.
That saw Alice punished and spanked.
Ashamed and aroused she stopped and wanked.
Alas the heroine, her woes aren't done.
Spooked and scared she continues to run.
Straight to grandma's house so she thought.
Where the only thing hot is a pot.
The big bad wolf has other plans.
Rolling up his sleeves and flexing hands.
Intent to make her all stingy and hot.
And watch the warmth spread to another spot.

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Views: 313 · Added: 23 days ago

I thought I would join in on the Oz thread, with my own version of the Wicked Witch Of The West's comeuppance. I apologise in advance for the poor rhyming, and lack of timing.

From Kansas to the land of Oz,
Dorothy's house it did descend,
Causing chaos on that land,
As the witches life did end,

Ding-dong went the church bells,
At this evil witches fate,
All laughing now in streets of Oz,
This was a time to celebrate,

But that evil witch had a sister,
A one who lived out west,
And when it came to mercy,
Of this she was not blessed,

And when Dorothy took her slippers,
Revenge on her she did avow,
The journey to the wizard,
She knew she could not allow,

A horde of flying monkeys,
The witch she now did send,
But she did underestimate,
Dorothy and her friends,

So in the Haunted Forest,
The monkeys were all repelled,
Our heroes journey continued,
As their ambush it was quelled,

When they reach the castle walls,
The film it goes astray,
For what it shows on celluloid,
Was not what happened that day,

The witch you see she had no broom,
But Dorothy had a brush,
Hard wooden backed and broad.
Would make any bottom blush,

The Scarecrow grabs the witches arm,
Over Dorothy's lap she does end,
Her black dress is lifted,
Her panties now descend,

Dorothy's brush lands very hard,
The witches eyes do blur,
Seeing the witches rosy tail,
Made the Cowardly Lion purr,

As she kicked and cried,
With her skinny legs askew,
Anyone who cared to look,
Would have a mighty view,

Her female charms clearly shown,
As she pleaded out for clemency,
Dorothy though was not perturbed,
As she tanned her splendidly,

When Dorothy finished with the witch,
She left her cowed and glum,
All the pain and shame she felt,
Was mainly in her bum!

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Views: 278 · Added: 23 days ago

Dorothy had a mood on
She pouted at the thought
Of how she shot her mouth off
And the spanking it had brought.

She hoped to ride a bicycle
But her bottom was too sore
So she picked up little Toto
And headed out the door

She set off for a better place
"Auntie Em just isn't fair!"
Clouds rolled in across the sky
And a prickling in the air.

"Oh dear, oh my, what have I done,"
As she rose up in a funnel.
She was about to learn a lesson
As fate pulled her through a tunnel.

The Yellow Brick Road invited
"Naughty girls must go this way."
"This way to Oz," the sign said
"Where there are spankings every day!"

We're off to see the Wizard...the Tin Man...and even Flying Monkeys! (I hear Munchkins are really fun to spank.)

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Views: 300 · Added: 24 days ago

That silly saucy 'Monkey' is making us work :(
who agrees with me that he's a right hairy berk!

The Cheshire Cat grinned at Alice,
thought her a Princess living in a Palace!

He said to her...
"Come with me my pretty one and do
hurry my dear there's lots to be done.
We are in the city of dreaming spires
so much to see and digest all your desires.."
"Do you like pussy cats you sweet young thing?
we're really quite delightful and innocent of sin!
"Alice thought this cat so charming although the
site of his cod piece was quite alarming!

His Grin was enticing and made Alice quiver
even under ten layers of bloomers slips and knickers....

But the deal was sealed as her nose couldn't fail
to detect the heavenly scent of her favourite sin,
thick brown ale followed by 'neat strong Gin!'
Now all she had to do was get him to the nearest Inn.

The Cheshire cat grinned again as he stroked his pert whiskers
and thought to himself 'good for you son' do come along now
you delicious one for I have plans for you and that round plump Bum!

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Views: 295 · Added: 24 days ago

The Queen of Hearts
Has made her move most bold
Her mastery of the disciplinary arts
Will be tested before the night is old

The Red Queen wears a frown
As at her board she plots
Soon she will win the other's crown
For it is her that calls the shots

Alice may seem the merest pawn
In this game most regal
Yet in her breast hope is born
As some of her moves aren't legal

Alice is contrite as she kneels
Before the Queen of Hearts
A false confession on her lips
As she completes her cunning sacrifice

Soon Alice wears only weals
Though it wasn't her that burned the tarts
The Queen thinks as she wields her whips
Wondering at Alice's artifice

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Views: 343 · Added: 24 days ago

Hello everyone, Daila is making me sit down tonight and send out a personal and very heart felt request to our blog readers. She has a lot of great ideas (some of them very sinister I might add) for punishments I will receive the next time that I am bad or naughty, however, she has come to enjoy the feedback that she has been getting from all of you on our videos and blogs through the comments and emails that we have received. So she wants to hear from all of you as to what you think would be the scenario for “The Best Spanking Ever.” Since you will not be able to predict what it is that I am going to do wrong to get punished, the best you can do is tell her the best spanking you can dream up. She says that she may pick one from your comments to this blog, if she really likes it, and then incorporate all or at least part of what you suggest in the next spanking that I receive on video. But, she is very picky so she does not want anyone to get their feelings hurt if she does not use something that you write in. It is her final say as to what gets how I get punished and what gets posted in the videos of my punishments.

She likes the regular old school paddling, OTK, over the bed stuff, as well as any “out of the box” ideas that you may have, she wants to see what everyone out there is thinking. What is your fantasy spanking? She wants to hear it from both perspectives (Dominant and Submissive). If you were spanking a naughty boy, how would you like to do it for the best effect? How might you make him wish that he had not crossed you? How would you fill him with humiliation, and show him that you truly own every inch of him? If you were a naughty boy being spanked, what would leave the biggest impression on you, what would make you feel truly sorry for your bad behavior, brattiness, or naughty tendencies? What strikes fear in your behind?

She wants to know what implements would be used, how long would it last, where would it be held, what furniture, positions, clothing, admonishments, corner time?, Pictures?, Etc. All of the details.

So now is the time to post in our comments. Be bold and share what you are thinking. Give us your thoughts and ideas...whatever they may be. All comments will be given the highest consideration.

In addition, if your ideas end up in one of our videos, we will give your Spanking Tube nickname credits for your contributions at the end of the video that is posted here on Spanking Tube (With your permission before the video comes out of course).

Daila wants everyone to know that she appreciates your participation in advance...she knows that you will all come through and I will end up getting the “Best Spanking Ever.”

With sincere trepidation

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Views: 285 · Added: 24 days ago

My new spanking partner and I met again late this afternoon. Wow!! We both have very hot bottoms and I am on that endorphin rush we all crave to have. The reason I am willing to share my journey is simple. I just turned 60 years old and have had a really wonderful life. However, I have kept my spanking kink locked inside for too many years, more like too many decades!!! I am alive again! I joined ST almost 5 months ago and have had a few online friendships that just didn't materialize, but I stayed true to what I needed to find and BINGO, I found it. And, I found the most amazing lady any man could ever want to find. She is gorgeous and amazing in every way. We both have vanilla lives, yet we are able to both balance what we have. So, for everyone who wants this; it can happen. Just be patient and willing to get up when you get knocked down and continue to seek what you need. If everyone felt as I do right now, this world would be filled with love, peace and happiness. I wish everyone has the good fortune that I have had here. Have not doubt, it can happen and do not give up, never give up!!! Jeffrey

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Views: 276 · Added: 24 days ago

So desperately want to write a blog tonight but for once I'm stumped on how to put my feelings into words.
I'm doing something tomorrow that a much younger me would not have thought twice about, why is it that the older we get the warier we are?

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Views: 230 · Added: 24 days ago

Little Boys

Snips and snails and puppies' tails
Are what little boys are made of
But the bad ones have vile habits
And that's what I'm afraid of.

They use naughty words like 'uck and poop
And they love to pick their noses
They take delight in showing shots
Of themselves in dirty poses.

Little boys just like to shock
And watch old ladies swoon
They love to give the finger
Or drop pants and show the "moon."

Silly little boys don't know
And think they're being ghoulish
But the rest of us just shake our heads
Because they look so foolish.

More from Wonderland

Despite her pure white pinafore
Alice was quite naughty
She picked the neighbors flowers
And at school she was oft haughty.

She was quite the little gossip
And told tales that weren't true
The Cheshire Cat was furious
About the lies she spew.

She teased the "late" White Rabbit
And annoyed the crazy Hatter
Even the little dormouse
Wanted to have at her.

'Twas the Queen that had her number
The Queen we know as Red
Which is why she spanked her soundly
And sent Alice off to bed.

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Views: 348 · Added: 24 days ago

Little Alice was a little brat
Of that we can be sure
But the Cat had a horrible time convincing her
That her intentions were not always pure.

The Cheshire Cat sat her down to tell her
“Little Alice you must be good.
You don’t want to end up over my knee
And smacked with a paddle of wood.”

Little Alice pouted at the Cheshire Cat,
“How could you be so mean?
You really don’t want to hurt my little bottom,
You don’t really want to hear me scream?”

Who’s next?

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Views: 272 · Added: 25 days ago

Well - a couple of you have asked for something with which we can all interact so perhaps you would like to try this?

I propose to start you off with a short poem, which it's down to you to continue.

I shall be interested to read the results. You can either pursue your own theme or add a continuation to somebody else's contribution.

Let's have some fun yes?


Young Alice was a little minx
Who lived near Oxford Town
Her never-ending hijinks
Were the subject of renown

As she was walking out one day
She met the Cheshire Cat
“Why do you smile so? Tell me pray?
“You gormless-looking twat!”

The Cat grinned back at Alice
His expression kind of sly
There was a hint of malice
As he looked her in the eye

over to you)

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Views: 197 · Added: 25 days ago

Things I wish I would've considered is trying to put details into a 999 character limited blog. Sorry about the 7 parts to one detailed encounter

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Views: 242 · Added: 25 days ago

I haven't blogged in a long time. I just moved to the city; about a month ago. It was a crazy move for me; due to the way that my son and his friend moved me in. I broke down and cried a few times because I felt overwhelmed. Things have improved; become easier. I have accomplished a lot at my new apartment; still have a lot to do but I feel hope.

I connected with a man who spanked me about two years ago. We liked each other but he said that the driving distance was too much for him. The neat thing is that this man who spanked me two years ago; we live in the same town. He came out to visit me today; he told me that he wanted to be my "Daddy". Our meeting today was better than our meeting two years ago. I got to be the little girl and sit on Daddy's lap before I went over his knee. It felt good to be held and hugged prior to my spanking. I thanked him for that and told him that I needed that Daddy/daughter hugging moment; he told me that he needed it too. Then he kissed me on the forehead and said, "Baby girl, it is time for your spanking." I went over his knee and he started the spanking on the seat of my skirt. After the nice warm up spanking; he told me to stand up and lower my panties. I did what he said and he turned me over his knee again and gave me a loving discipline spanking, a "Good Girl" spanking. He spanked me with a leather paddle and let me know that if he ever had to give me a "Bad Girl" spanking that it would be with his hand. I do not want a "Bad Girl" spanking from him anytime soon; because I know what the palm of his hand feels like. Daddy spanks very hard with the palm of his hand! Ouch!

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