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Views: 215 · Added: 15 days ago

I just wanted to apologize to everyone for stepping over the line by posting my stony as a blog. I guess I didn't understand blogging rules. I just wanted to share my story. I would never want to upset anyone on this site because coming in here has changed my life. I have met so many nice people. I have been accepted into a family of people who are a lot like me. I just got excited I could finally open up about my fascination with spanking without any fear of people thinking I was weird or nuts. I just wanted to share. I am a very sensitive person and takes every thing to heart. After I read a couple comments this morning I have to admit i got teary that I offended anyone and deleted the blogs. Not sure if there is a place on here to post a story so I guess I will have to keep them to myself. Sorry

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Views: 252 · Added: 15 days ago

I'd loved to be spanked by a sailor
even pretend to be brave
I'd love to be spanked by a sailor
''Oh please, sir, I'll try to behave.''

I'd love to be spanked by a sailor
when we were far out to sea
I'd love to be spanked by a sailor
who'd take me over his knee.

I'd love to be spanked by a sailor
dressed in those beautiful whites
I'd loved to be spanked by a sailor
after he pulled down my tights.

I'd love to be spanked by a sailor
one who had taken the helm
I'd love to be spanked by a sailor
with a paddle made out of elm

I'd love to be spanked by a sailor
one who knows how to set sail
I'd love to be spanked by a sailor
on my bottom, my arse, my fantail!

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Views: 63 · Added: 16 days ago

Hey all....I haven't been here for ages. Doesn't look like much has changed.

Hey, I am seriously thinking of filming one of my sessions and posting it here. I wouldn't show my face, of course, but just the lower half of my body, probably.

Am thinking of doing this, but having reservations. What do you guys think? Would this be something that anyone would even be interested in seeing?

Just curious

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Views: 82 · Added: 16 days ago

Oh my wow, my bottom has never been on fire like this! Ouchie Ouchie Ouchie.

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Views: 107 · Added: 16 days ago

I try to take life one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once! ^_^

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Views: 113 · Added: 16 days ago

Hi There:

So, I spent the entire day doing everything on the face of the Earth but what I'm supposed to be doing - writing. Mind you, the other things I did were necessary too - but they just weren't the two things He told me to do - work out and write five pages.

I figured out how to up my friend count on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter, how to place a Twitter feed on my websites, and how to schedule posts on Twitter in advance so I'm not spending tons of time on social media every day. Now mind you, I knew very little about Twitter and nothing about Google plus three days ago so that's saying something. I'm told these are very important book promotion tools.

I learned how to give away free copies of an e-book to e-mail subscribers, put together a marketing strategy for my book and I contacted friends about doing some cross-promotion. I even did some writing, just not enough. But if I don't tell Him that I've written five pages and worked out when he calls me tonight, then I'm toast. In fact, I probably already am toast because I sent Him a snarky text earlier today to which He has not yet responded. They say the best defense is a good offense. But that probably doesn't apply to subs.

I told ClassyLady81 yesterday about my procrastination issues and she asked me the following question: "So when's your next spanking?" Notice that she didn't ask me if I was going to get a spanking, but when. SMH (shaking my head).

I think I'll go work out now.

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Views: 45 · Added: 16 days ago

Was on the phone with the hubby, asking if he was still gonna come pick me up and take me with him for a few days.... When he said no, I started throwing a hissy fit about how he didn't keep his word..... He let me finish my rant and then calmly told me he was disappointed.... I said "I am sorry Sir..." He told me I was gonna be sorry tonight at bed time.... I have to go cut a hickory (switch) at dusk and I am gonna get to use it on my naked bottom...... I have NEVER had a hickory before! I have no idea how this is gonna feel, but I know I have earned it.....

Comments are welcomed. Would love to hear from y'all that have had one used on you before!

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Views: 30 · Added: 16 days ago

Well, woke up with a very tender bottom. Didn't realize how much that spanking hurt till this morning. Thank you DaddyJ for caring enough to make sure I behave and stay in line.

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Views: 46 · Added: 16 days ago

Hot ass gives me the pleasure of whipping. Is this good?Should not hurt your ass?

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Views: 28 · Added: 16 days ago

After thinking a lot, called ex this morning, "Sweetie, Nick doesn't know know, the "hair brush" thing, does he?" She laughed, "I didn't tell him. He asked if he could give you OTK spankings when he paddles you, I told him when he's punishing, it was up to him, and a spanking certainly won't kill you." As a matter of fact, she was going to watch. After she gives me my maint. paddling Sunday, Nick will be here with his hairbrush to give me a demonstration. "Don't bother to ask, remember? 'Nude for Nick', does that scare you." Of course I'm scared, most of all is I'll have an erection between his thighs when he puts me over his knees.

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Views: 46 · Added: 16 days ago

Re posted by Alexis Paris

Hi everyone

I am sorry we havent been on this forum for a while. 65,000 video views is an awful lot !

We are busy putting together new clips and full videos of primarily school and domestic discipline. We only shoot Male top and Female top with beautiful girls.

Later this year we will be launching which will be a mix of premium HD video content for download and keeps as well as a lot of free adult spanking, caning, tawsing and for the American audience the wooden paddle.

If you cant wait to see both the premium paid content and free content please check us out on twitter at @helloheadmaster, If you follow me you will get a photoshoot picture every couple of days !

Stay tuned as they say and many many thanks for all the comments and kind messages. There is an awful lot of non action weak CP out there and we prefer pushing the girls to their absolute limits. After all I am caning their bottoms not kissing their bottoms !


Woodrow's page can be found right here-->

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Views: 71 · Added: 16 days ago

Its about time to actually show my face on here rather than hiding in the shadows

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Views: 32 · Added: 16 days ago

Hi everyone

I am sorry we havent been on this forum for a while. 65,000 video views is an awful lot !

We are busy putting together new clips and full videos of primarily school and domestic discipline. We only shoot Male top and Female top with beautiful girls.

Later this year we will be launching which will be a mix of premium HD video content for download and keeps as well as a lot of free adult spanking, caning, tawsing and for the American audience the wooden paddle.

If you cant wait to see both the premium paid content and free content please check us out on twitter at @helloheadmaster, If you follow me you will get a photoshoot picture every couple of days !

Stay tuned as they say and many many thanks for all the comments and kind messages. There is an awful lot of non action weak CP out there and we prefer pushing the girls to their absolute limits. After all I am caning their bottoms not kissing their bottoms !


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Views: 136 · Added: 17 days ago

With a glance over my shoulders I could see Mr. Stevenson, Michaels father and Mr. Ruse, Tony's father begin to unbuckle their belts!! I felt like I was going to throw up! The Dads instructed the boys to sit in the chairs next to Jacob! You could hear each father scold their son! They were repeating in turn all the lies and misdeeds of which they were about to be punished for.

My attention was quickly turned by my parents grabbing me by each arm and marching me the rest of the way to the kitchen. Ally, Mary Lyn and I too were instructed to sit in the very hard wooden chairs. I'm starting to really hate our chairs! Too many naughty connotations! Our parents then began to chastise us one by one sharing all of our digressions! We were all crying and starting to beg for forgiveness to no avail. Our fathers began to remove their belts and said this is a reminder to each of you that you will take everything coming to you with respect, honesty, etc. and know that you have earned everything coming to you. They then proceeded to place the belts in front of our feet! At least for now our butts are safe...-ish!!

Our Mothers started to remind each of us what the consequence for lying was! We all knew exactly what that meant! Lots and lots of mouth watering soap! We've been in this position many a time together! Our Mothers informed us that there would be several severe mouth soaping during the up and coming week due to the fact that we have told so...many lies to so...many people. They informed us that when we got home or in my case when everyone left, we would deal with the second part of that very serious consequence!! My Mother speaks up and says to me,
" Elizabeth, you've been taught all your life that lying is the worst thing you can do. After this weeks punishments I hope you, and you buddies, never want to tell another lie as long as you live!!"

From the living room we can hear the boys getting spanked with their fathers belts! It sounds terrible having three boys being whacked with a belt at the same time. So far the boys are only yelling an occasional. Ouch and please stop! No screaming or all out crying! This gives me some comfort! My father noticing my temporary distraction, brings my attention back by saying, " Don't worry, you'll get your turn young lady!"
" Oh Daddy, please NO...!!". My Dad then picks up his belt and gives me a warning reminder! I'm certain that you are not trying to argue what you having coming to you ARE you!!?"..."NO, NO,NOOOO sir!!", I screamed! "I didn't think so as he placed the belt back down in front of my chair!". Now the boys are yelling they are sorry and a barrage of Ouches and Ohs! The sound makes me cringe and I begin to sob!! At this point Mary Lyn and Ally are crying heavily too!

Our Mother's signal for us to come to the sink and the soaping begins! All else is temporarily forgotten while the horrible taste of Ivory soap is entering our mouths! The bars of soap have been soaking in water for quite some time and the bars are very soft and sudsy!! Our Mother's shove them in our mouths and rotates them in and out for what seems like forever while instructing us to bite so that soap gets stuck between our teeth! Then we were instructed to stick our tongues out as far as we can and they proceed to wipe the softened bar of soap all over the top of our tongue and scraping on our top teeth and twisting the bars so as to cover every bit of our mouths! Then we were told to lift our tongues and they began to wipe the sudsy bar on the bottom of our tongues and twisting and scraping the soap on our bottom teeth! Tears our running down our cheeks and we all want to gag and throw up at this point! Then, they place the bar of soap into our mouths and tell us to keep them there!

Our Mothers then instructed us to bend over the counter! We didn't dare argue for fear of getting extra swats with the belt! Mrs. Cousins, Ally's Mom went to the drawer and removed three solid spoons and handed one each to my Mom and Mrs. Kennedy. Our Moms left no spots uncovered! Our bottoms were turning red hot with every whack of the spoon! You can hear muffled cries from all of us but we don't dare drop the barn of soap! After about 50 or so strokes we are instructed to spit out the soap and spit! We did so immediately and started rubbing our bottoms.

Now our attention once again is turned to the sounds coming from the living room! Now it is obvious to us that the boys are still getting smacked with their fathers belts and now quite obviously on the bare! The sound is horrendous!! " THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...,THWACK...again and again and again, all in sequence! The boys are now truly crying and begging for their fathers to stop!! I don't want to think about when it is our turn! Once again our attentions are redirected back to the kitchen.

Our Fathers instruct us to stand in front of them. They are now sitting in the hard wooden chairs I've come to hate! With additional scolding about our misdeeds, they pull us over their laps and and begin to continue what our Mothers started. "SMACK, SMACK, SACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK,SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK," all in sequence. The three of us are yelling and crying whilst our Fathers continue to warm the seat of our pants from the top of our butts to just above our knees! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK..." We are now crying and pleading uncontrollably!! Just when I thought it was finally over, our Dads instruct us to stand up, drop our pants and panties and to get back over their laps! This makes the three of us to jump up and down and rub our already sore bottoms!! Our Dads grab us and pulls us back over their laps! The Dads proceed to smack our bare naked bottoms with their bare hands until it seems as though we can't take any more! " SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, again, and again and again...Ally, Mary Lyn and I were all crying uncontrollably!! Finally it was over!! The OTK part that is! Our Dads took a couple of minutes to comfort us with hugs and a back rub explaining how much they loved us! We were told out punishments were far from over but mostly would be over the next week!

We were then allowed to get up and pull our panties and pants back up! Our Moms said we could spit again but no rinsing! We could hear the boys being scolded again but the whipping has stopped! I feared what was coming next. We could hear the Fathers in the living room instructing the boys to pull up their underwear and pants! I have a huge headache from crying so hard and the taste of soap is a gross reminder of why we are here!! My butt was throbbing and on fire and I couldn't even think about more! Ally is still sobbing and Mary Lyn is frantically rubbing her bottom. Then the dreaded words came! "Ladies, to the living room!!". We noticed that our Dads picked up their belts and carried them along. The three of us just held hands and made our way to the living room. The boys were approaching us and they too were rubbing their bottoms! We were allowed a temporary moment to hug each other! Tony whispered gently in my ear, " I love you, be strong and everything will be ok"! He gave my bottom a soft rub! We were quickly redirected to our next destination!

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Views: 58 · Added: 17 days ago

now, it's done. I can go to bed since my family kept wanting to come knocking on my door all night. pictures are posted

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Views: 81 · Added: 17 days ago

WELL....It seem's that lil jessie got a bit busy.. or um lazy
I have failed a test.. and of course me being me, could not lie to daddy about it. sO I GAVE MYSELF UP!

R.I.P bottom for daddy said he will make me cut a switch! because laziness is not approved in college!

fare thy well! bottom its been nice knowing you!.


(Hopefully a video soon!)

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Views: 48 · Added: 17 days ago

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Views: 51 · Added: 17 days ago

Well I just thought I would take a moment and say hi to everyone out there in video land. We are working on getting a couple new ones finished posted with in the next few days. I have also been taking a little personal time with me and mine. Now I would like to ask though if there is any particular scenario or issue that may arise with a sub that anyone would like us to look at or talk about in one of our vids. We have discussed many topics over the last few months and will continue this as we go. But i was just wondering if there was any topic of discipline that people would particularly like to see us deal with. if there is dont hesitate to leave a comment or simply email us here privately. thanks
be well, spank hard, see ya
eternally Lordikai

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Views: 66 · Added: 17 days ago

"Take the Blue pill: Story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Take the Red pill: You stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Wake up. You know, I've always wondered how far people took the phrase: Ignorance Is Bliss. Would you really go so far as to purposefully shield yourself from the Truth just to keep living happily ever after? Even if you weren't happy, is the Truth so frightening that you refuse yourself to face it? No matter how "geeky" these movies are portrayed to be, they are one of my all time favorites because they "explain" the complexities of the human mind and goes into depths of the given luxuries we take for granted, such as life, choice, and even the sun. So while you think about and desire to comment on what i just wrote, I've got to ask you just one more question. The Red pill or the Blue pill? I'll take Red, no doubt.

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Views: 102 · Added: 17 days ago

Hi friends, I just wanted to apologize ahead of time for this really loooong..story!

The first story I wrote about April fools was just something quick that literally popped into my head.

This story has been in my head ,or at least parts of it, for a really long time. I've never put anything like this down in writing before. The more I write, the more stuff that comes into my head. I can see this story going on an on...! I've absolutely NEVER shared anything in my head with anyone before! Completely and honestly a first. Also, " I AM NOT SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER", so I am not even sure I'm using proper English.

So, feel free to message me, or comment here! Should I just quit while I'm ahead so to speak or keep going? I feel like it is a lot for people to read and maybe that's not what they are here for!

Please advise! Not looking for compliments here but they couldn't hurt; but, constructive criticisms and any advice.

Thanks and again I'm sorry if this is too long, drawn out and boring! I've met lots of nice people here and wouldn't want to lose any over silly things in my head!

Naughty Britches

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