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Views: 273 · Added: 22 days ago

The best things
in life either
make you fat,
drunk or pregnant!

NOT forgetting
very sore bottomed!

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Sigh. This is a re-write of a lost story.
I love my Honda dirt bike and wish my man felt the same. I have to be very careful and obey all of his safety concerns even though I am an expert rider with 25 yrs experience and am very safety conscious. I am a good girl. But I admit I get in trouble and he always catches me by asking a simple question. I am not allowed to lie nor is he in our relationship. HE can tell when I have been bad before I answer him. It sucks! A LOT. He says if I get hurt on my motorcycle or disobey his restrictions, it is going to disappear. As a spanko I daydream situations that would get my ass tore up. Here is where the daydream part of his friend blackmailing me comes in.(writing when I can....sorry for the breaks. )

It was the last nice day for a while and he was going to work a double. I started to develop an angry attitude, thumping around the house finishing my list of chores. When he kissed me goodbye and hugged me so tight, it made me miss him before he was even pulling out the driveway. How could I disobey someone who loves me so much? How could I even think of going to ride alone when it is forbidden? He just needs to see that I am riding safely, but I can't wait. Before I know it, I am loading my Honda on my trailer and have all my gear loaded in my Jeep. The house is buttoned up tight and all my chores are done. Maybe he wont ask what I did today....I pull out of the driveway into the freedom of a sparkling day. At Demler's I rode faster and jumped higher than my man allows when he is there. I wore all my gear and rode in perfect form, an expert rider free to use my skills. Through the turns my suspension squatted, my position in front of the pegs on the face of every jump was exquisite and I goosed it at the optimum spot to maximize travel. I love my Honda. I love it so much. As I sat for lunch I heard a 4stroke entering the area, a quad, a guy with no helmet, one ugly machine too heavy to jump. It approached and I stood. Alone, I had to gear up in case this guy wanted to take my machine. He gave the universal friendly signal among bikers and I kick started "Moose", helmet buckled. Then my heart dropped and my arms went numb, it was my husbands best friend Dom, ohhhhh shit. "Hey where's your daddy little girl? You wouldn't be out here alone now would ya?" he smiled and laughed like a playful, horses-ass."No, well,yeah. He's"......"...workin a double, I KNOW!", he said.
"Look Dom, please don't tell him you saw me here. Please?" I sounded desperate. My heard raced and I felt a bit feint. "No! NO! No! you go on an' have fun. I'll catch up with ya later. You'd be surprised how safe your secret is with me." He waved and took off. I rode a good 6 hours total and loaded up my toy, headed for home. Seeing Dom played heavily on my nerves. I didn't know at all how safe my secret was with him. At home I power washed everything, rubbed down my bike with rags, let it dry in the sun, re-lubed the chain, topped off the tank, stored all my gear and washed my Jeep.Inside, I washed my MX suit, I showered and rubbed my bottom with soapy suds as I felt pangs of guilt. Oh how he would spank me if he knew. Mmmmmm....a spanking is what I needed..........I slipped a soapy finger into my ass thinking about how hard he would ram me after a thorough strapping and paddling. I leaned against the shower wall as the water caressed my tired body, eyes closed in thought. My man spanked like a daddy when I was bad. My pussy begged to be touched....and I tickled it there in the rain.All the evidence was gone once I dried and hung up my suit. I went in the backyard ready to swim. That's when I heard a heavy door slam and saw Dom's face peaking up over the 6' fence. He asked if he could come in and discuss my secret. I jumped in the pool and told him to come on in. He always looked at me too long when my husband took me over there. He had a sort of devious look in his eyes. I floated and watched him approach. "So....what are you gonna tell your husband you did all day?"
I stared at him with no expression.
"He sure will be pissed won't he. Might as well say goodbye to Moose after how naughty you were today!"."I'm not TELLING him what I did today and you aren't either. You said my secret was safe with you. RE-MEM-BER??", I said at him. "Oh calm down little lady. I know what I said. I wouldn't imagine you WOULD tell him. But then you'd be getting away with your crime against my best' we can't have that. Nope! You're going to be punished right now....then your secret is safe with me."I stared, mouth open.
He smiled , "get out of the pool."
"Oh shit no. Come on Dominic. You already promised at Demlers.""Ok, well, kiss your motorcycle goodbye. See you at dinner tonight. "
He walked away. Dinner was at his house every friday. This fucker had always wanted a piece of me, I could see it in his eyes. Now he had me right where he wanted me to cooperate. "SON-OF-A-BITCHI got out of the pool and called him back. "What do you mean by punishment?"He took my towel. "Over my knee, bent over the couch maybe. Pretty much whatever I say...", he looked down at me knowing I had to accept.
"Okay, okay."He held the door open for me as we entered the house.In the diningroom he quickly pulled out a chair and threw me over his lap landing one instantaneous , hard slap. Then he started talking sexy and said, "Oh, I've wanted a piece of this ass for a long time. Even if it is only with my hand. Mmmmmm....nice wet ass. " He continued slapping me so hard I cried withing a few seconds. There was no love in this spanking. The punishment was just animalistic. He ocassionally stopped and rubbed between my legs and I yelled, "DON'T!!" fighting him each and every time. He told me to stand."Take the bathing suit bottoms down you naughty little bitch."
"NO!", I will not agree to that. My bits are owned by my man and I have no desire to share them with anyone else.He stood and took off his belt. He dragged me and threw me over the end of the couch and began whipping my wet bikini ass. Then he ordered me to stand and I obeyed. "Take down the bottoms," he said now through gritted teeth. I shook my head no and he said, "Now I see why my friend whips your little ass," he said as he peeled my bikini off. He pulled me to the back of the couch and pointed, "Bend your bare ass over." I did, sobbing for the situation I had gotten myself into, knowing how unhappy my man would be if he knew what happened since he left to work his double shift. His creepy friend opened his pants and pushed his hard wad against my pussy where I was on display for his pleasure. He slapped my ass with his hands back and forth and when I kicked him he stopped cold.
"Oh that's a bad girl. You kicked me! Now it's time for the belt. You probably like that don't you/.... you little sneaky excuse for a gf."Just then he started rubbing my ass and legs. He slipped his hand slowly and smoothly down my ass to the damp spot between my legs. This discovery made him moan or growl in lust. "Ohhh you ARE enjoying this spanking after what you did today? No No NO! I am gonna teach you not to take a spanking as pleasure. Ohhhh....there it is". He said as he rubbed my clit in a circular motion. It felt sooo goood....
"Spread your fucking legs!" he yelled as he slapped my ass hard many times. "You KEEP them apart. And if you decide to belt is going to tear your bad little ass to shreds. You'll have to hide this ass from your man. If he finds out I wont deny I whipped you. I will tell him I caught you and that you begged me to punish you for your disobedience. I obliged." I was near orgasm as he continued teasing, "You bad girl. Like that huh? You like your ass red hot and throbbing do you? You are DRENCHED!
Come on, out with it, let those juices go and I am gonna give you my belt across your ass."I struggled to ignore his threat and the stirring of his finger across my swollen clitty with occasional insertion of a finger into my vagina.

Just then, he picked up the belt. The jingle of that buckle reminded me of my bf the last time he whipped my ass. Dominic said, "Repeat these words, 'I need your belt across my ass.'

I moaned. Like a brick his hand marked my ass and I complied. "I need your belt across my ass, I need your belt..." I came hard, moaning and squealing like a virgin. He continued his fingering and scolding, "I'M GONNA BELT YOUR ASS, I'M GONNA STRAP YOUR ASS, I'M GONNA WHIP THIS BARE LITTLE ASS OF YOURS GIRL!"

And with that, he did.

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Views: 183 · Added: 22 days ago

As weird as it sounds, getting back to my spanking fetish really helps take my mind off of bad things.

That's why I love spanking….there's something so pure about it. It's simply you and your sore bottom, and the punishment. There's no bullshit or continuing drama.

A firm spanking is just what I need :-)

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Views: 291 · Added: 22 days ago

True......i have yet to find someone that i would be afraid of them strapping me. I dont really think you should be afraid of anyone that is disciplining you.

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So there is this great spanking couple, lots of videos, hard spanking videos. In "More No Mommy" I found my favorite exchange of dialogue between Spanker and spankee, as seen in the attached photo. The well worn red paddle belongs to me, and it didn't get that way by spanking a rubber ball :)

Him: Whered you get that?

Her: Don't you worry about where I got it

Him: Yeah but it looks used

Her: I'm, I'm sure it was used, and now I'm going to show you what it was used for.

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So it's halloween this week, It's all very exciting! I'm sitting here trying to find inspiration for costumes, but it's probably a bit of a pointless exercise. I'm doubtful Alex will actually let me have one, considering I'm not actually going anywhere that requires me to dress up. I'm going foraging in the forest with my friends for halloween, It's going to be wonderfully magical. But I still think the experience would be enhanced if i was a big scccaaarryyy bat:) But I'm not really having much luck anyway, I might as well just type 'Sexy pvc' in the google search when I'm looking for my halloween costumes. I don't want to be a sexy dead maid or a sexy zombie nurse, I wanna be sccccaarryy!! Well i hope you all have a frightfully fun halloween :)

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Hello everyone and especially my friends,
I thought I would let everyone know that in June of 2014, God willing and the creek doesn't rise, I will become a Grandpa. I just found this out a couple of days ago. I have met some very nice people on here and I thought I would share that little slice of life with all of you. Thank you for all the comments that you have given on my blogs. This site is crammed with good people.

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i believe in domestic discipline there are amillion reasons i could try and explain why half of which i dont even understand ..the point is who the fuck cares why. what i do know is this is not bdsm(there is nothing wrong with that } if its what you want but i am nobodys slave i bow down to noone no you are not going to slap my ass then touch or fuck me sorry not happening keep moving

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Is it so hard to find friends just friends who believe in or at least accept domestictic discipline. Im so tired of hearing the same things its either oh yeah ill spank you then we can fuck or you can suck mydick/eat my pussy...No thats bdsm/sms and thats all good but not what i want or need...or the great responce of eeewww why would you do that/allow someone to do that to you refering to spanking....I just want friends who i can speak openly and honestly with about my beliefs and feelings.

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Views: 120 · Added: 23 days ago

Is it so hard to find friends just friends who believe in or at least accept domestictic discipline. Im so tired of hearing the same things its either oh yeah ill spank you then we can fuck or you can suck mydick/eat my pussy...No thats bdsm/sms and thats all good but not what i want or need...or the great responce of eeewww why would you do that/allow someone to do that to you refering to spanking....I just want friends who i can speak openly and honestly with about my beliefs and feelings.

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This Girl is on the verge of a MAJOR temper tantrum.

And If any takers want to do write a research proposal for me and finish my last 5 assignments! i couldn't complain.

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Views: 92 · Added: 23 days ago

Already a response, a single mom whose boy is too big to spank.Will want to dress up a young boy and will take her stress out on my bottom. sometime this week or next. Can't wait!

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Terrible weekend….sometimes life just wants to screw with you.

Hopefully this week will be better. Things can only go up from the bottom, right?

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It's odd, but I've never been spanked to tears. Sobs and whimpers, sure - but my eyes stay bone dry.

I wondered at first if it was because of being brought up to believe that guys should be strong silent types and never cry. But that can't be it - I cry at the drop of a hat about other stuff. Hell, mushy scenes in movies will bring a tear to my eyes these days.

And that's not even mentioning the ocean of tears I've cried over Julie, my late wife. Even when I think I'm finally starting to heal and it's been weeks since I've cried over her, something will set me off and I'll blubber like a two-year-old.

So I just can't understand why I can't seem to cry when I'm being spanked. I want to - it just never happens. I guess I need a spanko-therapist to talk to about this.

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I have a bad habit of not eating when I should/know I really need to... Daddy has given me lots of spankings for it but I still do it. Especially with us not talking as much due to His health issues lately. I don't know what to do to break the habit/remind myself to eat... suggestions ?

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I just can't decide whether to dress up for Halloween as a naughty French maid or a naughty schoolgirl? Which would make me more adorable (IF that is possible)?

Are there any special treats (besides a spanking) that Zim might enjoy on Halloween?

P.S. Zim is sad; some heartless and humorless ST people have rejected my friend requests. Zim777xyz cries little green tears...and I thought spankos were fun!

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Hello ST Family,and ST Friends.

Back home,after a wonderful adventure,with some really wonderful people.

My advice for anyone who gets the opportunity the see The Northern Lights ( Aurora Borealis ).Please take it ,they are really amazing.

I do have a full inbox,which I promise to answer each, and everyone in NO preferential order.Please be patient with me.

Good to be back..............SRC

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I'm sure that everybody has there favorites, here's mine:

Anyone else have a favorite that they'd like to share?

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Any dominant woman or couple in the San francisco Bay Area who would like to put otk a 5'small male for a good spanking. Love to cry while being punished. e-mail

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Last Thursday I finished work a bit earlier than usual and went to pick Jen up.Jen was delayed at work so I went to a little cafe across the street from where Jen earns a crust. I sat in a corner and had my coffee and read some notes I had for an upcoming meeting. I was engrossed in my notes when suddenly I became aware of someone standing by my table. I looked up to see a young lady in her late twenties,she was smiling at me. She introduced herself,as if expecting me to know who she was,but at that moment I could not recall the name,or indeed the face. I smiled back. She sat at my table without an invitation,she was still under the impression I knew who she was. Then something she said immediately made my mind get in gear. She had been a student at one of the schools I had taught in when I was nun. How she recognised me after all this time amazed me. I felt ashamed that I still did not recognise her name.

I kept staring at her,trying to place her face. She kept talking. I hate when I can't remember someone and I should;but down through the years I have taught some many people. I asked her what she was doing now;she told me that she was married,had two young children and was working by day and studying by night. She was studying for a Diploma in Legal Studies.We chatted about this for awhile.Then she laughed and reminded me,much to my embarrassment,that I had slapped her and another girl on their hands,"...years ago,at school,for playing truant...." I could feel my face blush. My mouth went dry and I wished right at that moment that the ground would have opened up and swallowed me! Then I knew who I had sitting in front of me. It was so long ago,I can't remember the exact date,but I do remember the incident;because this young lady and another girl had indeed played truant and had been spotted by another teacher. I was their 'head of class',and responsible for keeping them in line. The young lady sitting at my table in the cafe was first to be caught and I indeed slapped her on each hand three times with a ruler. The other girl denied she had played truant at first,but relented when she was threatened with expulsion. I think I gave her three on each hand too.

Sitting in the cafe I apologised to this young woman.She laughed out loud and stated that she deserved it,telling me that: "...we all get up to shit at school!" As we spoke, Jenny walked in and I introduced her to my past pupil. I had reason to again wish being swallowed up when my past pupil related the story of how I slapped her with the ruler to Jen. Jenny laughed and said I was still evil!

We left the cafe and exchanged phoned numbers. On our drive home,Jen wanted to know more.I simply told her that what I do to her is far,far worse than what I done to them.LOL! Still,a small world.

Its a public holiday here today.Both Jen and I are hung over after a major party in a friend's house in the city lastnight. Jen has stayed in bed most of the day,swearing that she will never drink again. I will bring her some tea in a little while.

Have a great week my friends,and be safe!

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