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Views: 180 · Added: 26 days ago

Spanking. To pray for mercy, to submit to and receive.

I think that the members of spanking pages that let you down, deserves more spanking.

Spanking IS good!!

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Views: 245 · Added: 26 days ago

Ciao Amici!
Secondo vuoi qual’è il luogo ideale per una Sculacciata in Estate?

Per il mio racconto di Agosto, ho deciso di farvi scegliere quale sarà la “location”, cioè il luogo, dove si svolgerà la storia. Ho selezionato 4 possibili situazioni, tutte tipicamente “Estive”: Piscina, festa in riva al mare, ufficio senza aria condizionata e tanda in montagna.

Potete votare (cliccando su link qui sotto) la vostra preferita.

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Views: 431 · Added: 27 days ago

So two years ago I fell upon this site
only to be given an almighty big fright!

As a 'Monkey' named Dim or do I mean Jim?
said 'Hello' my dear I do not bite!
come be my mate and I shall cure you of all sin overnight!

So I though why not he may be right?
until he told me where he stores
his bananas over night?
In a dark place where no one can see
right next door to where he squirts out his pee!

So two years ago I fell upon this site
only to learn that monkeys are in fact bright?
especially my one who will have to agree
that Miss Boohoo will not ever need go
over his stubby hairy knee!!

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Views: 243 · Added: 27 days ago

Altough Im not writing stories or my presonal experiences....

But I have to share this:

Finally a few days ago I was spanked! just felt so amazing and I think its a huge turn on to it too, that again I picked someone who is much much stronger thn I am or that I could stop him...

I just love getting spanked by bodybuilders they are huge, strong and a few smacks and my ass is thight, swollen and red

Thats it ... just had to share how amazing I fell right now


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Views: 265 · Added: 27 days ago

Dont start none wont be none! how about that lol

Oh and to everyone that wished me a happy holiday on my wall AND BLOG....thank you so much!

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Views: 366 · Added: 27 days ago

I know im a little late but today was hectic for me Had to work this morning then had two picnics to go to plus had a crazy night at Ohios Red White and Boom which is always a good time, people come all over to see this event. But at the end of the day I definitely had a wonderful time spent with family and friends.

Im so thankful that we live in a country where we can celebrate our Independence. And Im very grateful for my family members that fought and to the individuals out their that also fought so that we celebrate our freedom. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. xoxoxo

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Views: 172 · Added: 27 days ago

Hi ST family. I am still alive, I can honestly say I haven't been spanked good in a long time. My health is still not good and we can't risk the things that can happen during and after spankings so we kinda take it easy.

I miss it so much, sometimes I curse my condition it has really hindered my life but I trudge on.

I still try and comment and watch your videos. I am hoping soon to at least post something new.

Thanks for the love ST


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Views: 158 · Added: 27 days ago

Happy 4th everyone. Hope you are with friends or family having fun celebrating the day. I am all alone. All my friends and family are out of town so I will just stay home and watch fireworks on TV.

I had the most wonderful time on my trip to Ohio to meet my new friend. I had such a great time. He took me to Kentucky, Tennessee, over the Smoky Mountains and into North Carolina. He had me walking everywhere and took me to an Air Museum In Dayton that was amazing. He was such a gentleman and a great host. He wouldn't let me cook a meal. I must say he is a great cook.

I have real bad asthma and allergies and when I set off on my trip they were pretty bad. I even had to have a wheel chair to get from the airplane to the next gate. By the second day in Ohio I had no symptoms. I never had to use a wheel chair on the trip home at all. DIdn't have to use my rescue inhaler or nebulizer at all. When I stepped off the plan in Portland I could feel my chest closing up and my allergy drip starting. By the time I walked through the airport to get my baggage I was out of breath. I seriously think I need to move to a better climate

I need to let you all know that I finally got a real spanking, and it is so much different than my friend guiding me over skype. It has been over 7 longs years since my hubby died and this was the first spanking and I must say that my new friend has a heavy hand and knows how to make a point.

We have been chatting, talking on the phone and skyping for close to 3 months and he had a very long list of infractions to go over with my poor bottom. He let me rest the first day there because I was up almost 24 hours with getting to the airport and the layovers and changing of planes. The next day he surprised me with a bared bottom over the knee spanking that almost brought me to tears. I know that he didn't really want to hurt me and that he thinks that ladies bottom were made for spankings.

We got along just like we had known each other for ever. We were so comfortable with each other, ha ha it was almost like we were an old married couple. I could be myself with him and I found myself in trouble a couple of times when my mouth got the best of me. He has helped me with my health. He made me start to use my CP machine again and eat right. I couldn't believe it when I stepped on the scale and I had lost over 4 pounds while I was visiting him. He did have me walking a lot.

I must say I really miss him a lot. Not just because of the spankings but he is a real nice man and we got along so well. It was like we have known each other for ever. Hopefully he will come visit in a few months. He said he will drive out so he can have his pickup while he's here. I just hope I can be as good as he was as a tour guide and host.

Missing him a lot and wish we lived closer.

SO here I sit with my two Yorkies watching a movie eating a hot dog celebrating the 4th.

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Views: 114 · Added: 27 days ago

I am an American. I don't consider myself a "flag waver" or ultra-patriot. I don't accept the idea of "my country, right or wrong."

I do feel very strongly that the American Nation has been forged through the efforts and the sacrifice of people with a moral imperative to do the right thing and to create a society of freedom and justice. These are ideals and will never be fully realized but nowhere else on Earth is there greater effort taken to make this a reality.

Yes, on the world scene, we sometimes play the "bully." Sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes we make awful fools of ourselves. We are not a perfect nation but our very realization of this fact is what helps to make us a great nation.

Do I feel that we are "better" than other countries? Well, from my perspective, I can not be a fair judge. I know there are many patriotic people in many countries who have good reason to love their homelands. They feel the same pride and sense of ownership in their countries as I do in mine.

But this is my "thank you" to my country. I'll probably be swearing at some idiot thing that some politician or special interest group is doing tomorrow. The very fact that we can have such diverse opinions and customs and yet work together for the heart and soul one country is our greatest asset.


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Views: 65 · Added: 27 days ago

It is incendiary when a certain color spank with a different color.

Especially when a man spanks a woman with another color or a woman slapping a man with a different skin color.

Roleplay. A Christian smacks a Muslim, a Muslim smacks an atheist, an atheist smacks a Christian, and so on.

Similarly, one can GOA roleplaying containing cop and criminal, where maybe the criminals smacks poliser.Eller where they may choose to be prosecuted or be spanked.

Likewise with the military officers and soldiers.

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Views: 64 · Added: 27 days ago

I would love to be behind the camera when spanking movies produced.

And to have regular contact with those who spank and those that get lost.

Gladly we come can be seen and I can try to spank. Young guys and girls need to learn a lesson in life's hard school.

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Views: 57 · Added: 27 days ago

Spanking. Punishment that really make their mark.

To spank is a form of art, to form the one to get.

The self-confident and self-righteous attitude transforms into uneasy glance, fear and dread.

Bringing tools to spank ass, to put up for spanking, it is a process that is part of the procedure.

The sounds of moaning and forgive me! mixed with the sound of the buttocks whipped. It's like listening to birdsong on a spring morning!

Ben flapping, legs moving and arms swinging - it's wonderful to see, but we must emphasize that I am giving decide when you get sound and touch you.

Spanking is good, exciting and beneficial.

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Views: 334 · Added: 27 days ago

Why does it take such undignified contortions to get a look at the stripes on one’s backside, she wonders as she twists in front of the mirror in order to study the results of her switching. Yes, it’s a decent set of tramlines. Definitely a couple of mishits, but in the circumstances she’s certainly not going to complain. On the contrary!


The switch is a maple sapling, just at the peak of perfection: firmed up but still flexible, not too thick but with a good heft, and a pretty bronzy green into the bargain. It’s lying conveniently handy to the stacked cushions in the middle of the bed. As always, her guts lurch at the sight. She’s been longing for this, planned for it, found and cut the switch, but still she dreads it too. Maybe that’s part of the charm, though.

Positioned naked over the cushions, shoulders down and bum high in the air, she is acutely aware of what is about to befall that vulnerable target. Fifteen strokes, delivered in the pattern 1+2+3+4+5: a single stroke, followed ten seconds later by two in quick succession, and so on, ending up with five good whacks cracking down in a couple of seconds. It’s a pattern that very efficiently delivers an intense crescendo of pain, a thought that sends a delicious shiver through her whole body. She doesn’t have long to wait.

One. She twitches reflexively but quite unnecessarily. The stroke is so tentative it amounts to little more than a pat.

One-two. Not pats at all! That stings! But it’s not too hard to unclench ready to receive the next onslaught on a relaxed bottom. Somehow that accentuates the dread, it feels so defenceless and vulnerable.

One-two-three. Hard! Now that really hurts, and she kicks and squirms trying to dissipate the lines of fierce heat blazing across her cheeks. Doesn’t work, never does, yet the body still tries. A primal instinct for self-preservation not amenable to reason.

One-two-three-four. She manages not to let out a yelp, but just barely, and kicks jerkily in protest. Three of those must have landed dead centre, deepening the hot ache that by now is all she is aware of in the universe. One landed high, where the pain is sharper, more strident. God, it hurts! No question now of unclenching. Her bottom is clenched tight, and the rigidity of her legs has pushed it up off the cushions as if eager to meet the next increment of her torment. So wrong! So hard to refrain!

She clasps her hands on the back of her neck in order to keep from getting out of position, a kind of pseudo-restraint that somehow works. She bites her lips closed to stifle any outcry. Nothing is riding on remaining silent, there’s no threat of penalty strokes. It’s just a matter of pride, not to yell unless it’s really driven out of her.

One-two-three-four-five! Aahh! Too much! AAHH! Pain that began unbearable mounts inexorably for several more seconds after the strokes stop falling. She kicks and squirms, gasping for air. But it’s over, and the pain having peaked finally, finally! begins to moderate. She releases her hands from their convulsive grip on the back of her neck, and explores and tries to comfort the hot rough weals that have risen on her smooth cool skin.

Oooh, that was good!


They tidy the cushions away and slip between the cool sheets. She spoons her back into his front in dreamy contentment, and he gently cradles her welted bottom in the hands that had just inflicted such agony.

“Poor little bottom,” he murmurs.

“Lucky little bottom,” she contradicts firmly. It’s the compliment he was fishing for, of course. But that’s fine, because it’s so true. She is lucky. They are lucky.

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Views: 185 · Added: 28 days ago

Ich bin in einem strengen Elternhaus aufgewachsen, und machte seit frühester Kindheit regelmäßig schmerzhafte Erfahrungen mit Teppichklopfer, Rohrstock und anderen Strafinstrumenten die wegen kleinsten Verfehlungen, und schlechter Schulnoten, über meinen Hintern Pfiffen!
Mit 13 Jahren bemerkte ich dabei sexuelle Erregung, habe dann absichtlich verbotenes getan, um Bestraft zu werden. Ich musste mich, war eine Bestrafung angesagt, mit dünner Turnhose bekleidet, bei Vater vorstellen.
Nach erhaltener Standpauke, wo auch die Anzahl der zu erhaltenen Rohrstockhiebe genannt wurden, musste ich nun Teppichklopfer & Rohrstock aus meinem Zimmer im Kleiderschrank holen und Vater übergeben.
Auf Kommando, nimm Strafstellung ein, musste ich mich tief Bücken Fingerspitzen am Boden. Vater zog mir die Hose so Stramm in die Pokerbe, bis die Backen fast blank dargeboten wurden.
Nun gabs erstmal mit dem Teppichklopfer 20 Hiebe per Backe zur „Anwärmung“, dann die angesagten Rohrstockhiebe (Mindestanzahl waren 25) auf jede Backe!! Schreien, oder Strafstellung verlassen wurden mit je 10 Zusatzhieben per Backe nach der erhaltenen Bestrafung vollzogen.
Ab meinem 15. Lebensjahr erhielt ich meine Hiebe ausschließlich auf den Blanken Hintern, diese dann auch oft über dem Strafbock liegend -Vater war Tischlermeister hatte Ihn extra für mich angefertigt.
Je älter ich wurde, umso härter und umfangreicher vielen die Bestrafungen aus, sodass ich ab dem 16.Lebensjahr meistens über dem Strafbock - an Händen und Füßen, und einem breiten Lederriemen über die Hüfte fixiert, dem Teppichklopfer und Rohrstock ausgeliefert war.
So entstand mein Fetisch zum Spanken, den ich bis heute noch in vollen Zügen als Sub & Top auslebe.

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Views: 102 · Added: 28 days ago

Well she seemed all right by dawns early light.
Though she knew there was a spanking later that night.
She tried to pretend it wasn't happening again.
But she knew the belt would be kissing her cheeks.
She was only eighteen long ago that summer.
When she agreed to have Dd in her life.
So I took her pants down let the belt go to town,
On Independence Day.

Well word gets around in a small, small town.
They said she was a changed woman.
But she was proud and she never gave in.
She hated the spankings, knew she was better for them.
Some folks gossiped and some folks talked.
But everybody liked her better this way.
And when time ran out the belt did the talking,
On Independence Day.

Let freedom ring, spank the shame away.
Let the guilty know that today is a day of reckoning.
Lay it on the table, let us right the wrong.
Bare your soul today, wash the guilt away.
it's Independence Day......

Independence Day by Martina McBride

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Views: 107 · Added: 28 days ago

After enduring a 5 minute self spanking yesterday (7-3), FeelingNaughty issued me a 8 minute non stop self spanking challenge......which I accepted, here are the results, video coming soon.

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Views: 253 · Added: 28 days ago

The caring hand that watches over and takes care of always,
A comforting hand a guiding hand such a compassionate hand,
Also a stern hand when needed a punishing hand when needed,
Step out of line push the luck to far drop yourself into trouble,
That caring hand will make it's mark in no uncertain terms,
Not out of cruelty or malice or just for the fun of it oh no,
But make it's mark to correct and discipline and guide back,
Guide back to the straight and narrow with loving discipline,
Once the price is paid all is well and happy all is forgiven,
A lesson taught and hopefully a lesson well and truly learned,
Then that caring hand will comfort and be compassionate again,
Not many can master the art of the caring hand that is true,
Those who do are a blessing to those they impart their gift too,
A caring hand a watchful hand a guiding hand a loving hand,
A precious treasure that many seek but few are blessed to have,
Those who find it cherish it treasure it hold it close to your heart.

Thank you for reading,

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Views: 255 · Added: 28 days ago

All my US friends.
Please have a happy and super day .I kinda wish I could join my male friends in the bars,and my girlfriends around the back....Do make it an enjoyable celebration.Be kind ,be safe ,and have fun.
Am I allowed ? to say " God Bless America ".

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Views: 89 · Added: 28 days ago

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday :-)

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Views: 61 · Added: 28 days ago

TED - Thunder Buddy Song - HD:

Hehe I couldn't resist perfect for the storm we are having here in MA

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