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„Good morning, Emma! Fabulous weather, one must take advantage of that and hang the washing outside. - You think so as well, as I can see“ Mia added, when Emma came on the lawn with a laundry basket under her arm.

„Morning, Mia. Really nice today with all this sun. And on a weekend too, for an exchange.“

Both women hung their washings in peaceful silence on the stretched lines. Mia threw a glance at the black lace panties which Emma hanged up, hers was only bedlinen, not very exciting. And then Mia came to a decision. Encouraged by the black panties, which seemed to be another clue for what she was imagining, she put away the remaining pegs and went on Emma’s side.

„Very nice panties you have. Is this real lace?“ this was still innocuous, wasn’t it?

„Oh no, it just looks like it, but I have two real silk panties. But I love this sort of panties – and Daniel as well, by the way….“she added with an arch smile. „ I’m sure he would spank my bottom if I wore white cotton panties.“ she said with a side-glance at Mia.

Mia felt how she blushed. This converstion was developping rapidly in the direction she wished.

„Oh, for real?“ She was abashed.

Did this mean that Daniel really spanked Emma or did it mean he would if Emma wore white cotton panties? Mia didn’t look at Emma at her next question.

„And? Has he already …hmmm…well, you know … put you over his knee?“ now it was out.

Emma put the last slip just over the line without fixing it and stood right in front of Mia.

„Yeaah, quite often – and we both have fun with that normally.“ Emma paused for a short while.
„Is it possible that you heard us yesterday night? The walls are darn thin in here!“

she looked at Mia who was standing with a bright red face in front of her.
Mia raised her eyes. When she noticed that Emma was smiling and not at all looking angry, she broke out in laughter.
„Yes, I have indeed heard you – and wondered if I should call the police….“

Now Emma laughed with all her heart:
„Call the police – oh this is priceless. I think even Liam would have been embarrassed having to explain an officer what we were doing. That we are just doing some spanking-games. Oh, wow – and that it’s not a case of domestic violence.“

Emma wiped the tears from laughing from the corner of her eyes.

„Listen, are you finished with hanging your washings? Let’s go inside and have a cup of coffee together. Then we can talk some more. This is not the issue to discuss outside…. There are no walls at all, not even thin ones….“ She added grinning.

Both women hanged their last pieces of washing and then went in, the empty baskets under their arms.

As at Mia’s herself, the apartment looked rather provisorily. There were packed crates, ready for the next move. Mia followed Emma into the kitchen and sat on a kitchen chair, while Emma with swift movements put on the coffee machine, put out cups and some biscuits.

„So you have heard us“ Emma remarked without self-consciousness and resumed the thread of their conversation. „We you as well…, if I may remark this…“

Again Mia blushed. Conversations about sex hadn’t been her habit, except with her husband. Not even with her oldest school-friends she had exchanged.

„You heard me?“
„Hmm…“ Emma took a sip of her coffee. „Was a solo action, hmm? I know that Daniel is in Hamburg.“

Mia gulped, clutched her coffee-pot.
„After I had decided that you weren’t a victim of domestic violence and I hadn’t to call the police, well,…I imagined this and that and that quite turned me on….“

„You don’t have any experience in „Spanking“, that’s right?“ Emma asked bluntly.


„Well, in getting smacked, put over the knee“ Emma explained. „Spanking“ is the English word and quite common.“

„hmm…, no…, but it turns me on….somehow….“ Mia confessed.

Emma grinned: „Me, too! Every time. My bottom is red and glowing and I’m wet every time…., as Daniel discovers to his delight.“

„But doesn’t this hurt a lot?“

„Yes, of course it hurts! But nevertheless! It’s so incredible erotic and the sex afterwards is always fantastic.“

Mia rested her head in her hands and looked at Emma a bit enviously.
Emma looked back and suddenly had an idea.

„Would you like to be put over the knee perhaps?“ she asked

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Hello again,

Those of you who have seen any videos I’ve posted will be well aware that I’m rather keen on a good caning, especially if it involves Ms. E and my buttocks.

Although this site is ‘Spanking’ Tube I rarely watch spanking videos. That said, I wouldn’t watch a good hand spanking and think ‘this isn’t my thing I’ll give it 2 stars’ I’d either not rate it or, more probably, judge it on its merits as an example of its genre.

Anyway, sorry, I went off at a bit of a tangent there...what I intended to do is pose the question “Do you prefer the spankee to be restrained or not?”

In our videos I have always been restrained and that is for a very good practical reason...I’m too much of a wuss. If I wasn’t fastened down I’m sure I’d move. My eyes are bigger than my belly when it comes to punishment.

However, I have two reasons for thinking that next time I shouldn’t be tied down. (how’s that for an example of topping from the bottom...shouldn’t be up to me at all LOL)

Firstly, our videos are very, very similar and I wouldn’t want things to get dull.

Secondly, it is clearly far more challenging to take one’s punishment without complaint if the option to move is available and you need to avoid exercising it. I watched LUDWIG'S COMEUPPANCE earlier

and was most impressed by his ability to keep still.

What does anyone else like to see?



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It has been a bit since I last posted an F/M spanking video, one will be coming soon I'm sure. I've been meaning to get around to posting a folder of men having their ears pulled, twisted, or used as handles for leading them to the spanking chair. I love old fashioned spankings with all of the trimmings, ear marched from the corner to the spanking chair. For the full size photo see my FM spanking album. I'd get more things done, but I need a good spanking.

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I'm feeling super happy! I had the best birthday party and i still have my actual real birthday to come! I think i may be the luckiest girl ever:) thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes, it was the perfect day, full of love:) I think the picture below sums up the joy i was feeling!

Now we are off for a day in the sunshine with all our friends, delight:) and tomorrow I'm getting the second part of my birthday spanking ( spankings make me tired, and we didn't want that on my party!) so tomorrow i get to dress up like a princess again. Could life get any better:)

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I was just wondering if anyone thought that you could be born in the lifestyle of D/S. Ever since I was a little kid getting spanked aroused me even in school it was the same, a little bit embarrassing also (if you know what I mean) lol. Then m and a friend got in trouble in a boys club we belonged to and the guy that ran the club found out that we broke the window to the place so he told It was nothing serious the place was locked and we didn't have a key yet so we tried climbing through the window to get in and my friend broke it so we got scared and left. Well anyway we got a phone call to come down there and he told us that he was going to call the police or we could take the punishment with getting paddled. So I was a little nervous but we didn't want the law involved so we agreed to being paddled. It was embarrassing that we had to strip naked for it but I went first bending over to get ten swats and my friend was next. Aftr that we thought we were done, well he then made us paddle each other across the knees, well I got it first and he was a wimp not even hitting hard and he was told to let him show how it was done, so I got across his knee and he really gave it to me almost having me in tears but I didn't let him know how bad it felt. So after I paddled my friend he told us to lay on the bed face down and continued to paddle us which seemed like an eternity, then made us stand in the corner. After a few minutes some of the kids came in , which were both boys and girls and of course I was only 13 at the time but I was so aroused by it never knowing why till I was a few years older and it made me think now looking back that maybe this is what I was born into. So let me know if you think that i'm just crazy for thinking like this or have others thought the same. Thanks for reading this and hope to hear others commnt on this

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Daila has recently taken to whipping my ass with a leather belt again. It had been quite a while since she had last used a belt for my punishments. I think it is mainly because she had accidentally let the belt fly sideways a few times and it had cut into me. She does not like to draw blood when she punishes me. But about a month ago she was not near the walk in closet where she keeps her collection of paddles and other devices, however, she felt I needed an immediate spanking. She jumped up from her seat because of something very disrespectful that I said. I was jerked up from the couch, and turned before she reached around and unfastened my belt. I thought she was just doing that to loosen my pants, but she then pulled the belt out through the loops. The shorts I was wearing were a bit too large for me since I have been loosing weight, and they instantly fell to the floor. She pushed my face to the couch cushions and in seconds I felt the sting of the leather biting at my backside. She was furious with me, and it hurt like hell, but I also must say that I got quite a charge out of it as well.

The entire incident reminded me of how much I really dislike and like the belt all at the same time. The sting of the strap is very unique and unmistakeable. The crack of the leather meeting the skin is loud and commanding. But I think it is the work that the dominant puts into the swinging of a belt or strap that turns me on the most. If done correctly and effectively, a dominant should look like a tennis pro playing a very competitive game at Wimbledon. Daila usually hits so hard and for so long that she is broken out in a complete sweat by the time she is through with my ass. She usually knows when she has made her point well with me because I will also be covered in sweat just from absorbing the torrent of licks that she delivers. It is basically a work out for both of us. We are both breathing hard when it is finally over. When it is like this I sink deeply into my submission and usually curl up next to her or at her feet when she takes a seat.

To make it an even more submissive journey for me, Daila also puts me into the hardest positions to hold for a belt whipping. One she particularly enjoys is to have me stand up on my toes on the edge of the hearth on the fireplace. Once I am up there she has me bend over the screen and place my hands on the mantle. I am then told to do everything possible to present my ass as far out as possible so that it is completely free of obstructions to the whims of her strap. This usually requires me to bend my knees slightly, push my nose to the mantle center piece, and arch my back until I feel like I will break. Holding this position takes a lot of muscle control and can wear me out by itself...much less if I have to hold that position for 10 minutes or more while Daila attempts to take the black off of the belt using only the skin on my backside. And there have been a few times when I really expected to see the black actually gone from the belt.

It really revs me to get a look at Daila back over my shoulder as she serves up my discipline with a belt. Watching her exert all of that physical energy to punish me, feeling that leather grab ahold of my skin with every swing, standing up on the hearth with my ass well on display as if it were enticing the strap to wrap around its curves with its fiery hot stingy grip, anticipating Daila’s next swing to make me push all of the air out of my lungs much like anticipating the next drop on a roller coaster ride, is all hotter to me than noon time in the Sahara Desert. Now if I could only manage to get all of that without all the pain of a Daila style ass whippin. I would have it made.


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Okay! It is time that I got off my far-too-comfortable butt and finished up a new spanking video. I have fussed over the poorer quality of the latest raw videos I have shot. (I really need to spend a little more time considering basics like lighting.) I have dabbled and put off because I get all nitzy perfectionistic when I should just get down to it and display my spankings rather than being so danged artsy.

My pledge: I will work on one of two partially-finished videos this weekend (Sunday-Monday for me). If I don't end up with a finished product, at least I will be a whole bunch closer!


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A friend asked me for a repost of a story I wrote already sometime ago.

Here it comes, but I have to divide it in several parts, I don't want to spam the whole blog

Thin Walls Part 1

What was this? The sound came from the apartment next door. Mia paused reading and listened. It sounded like a loud slapping, with short screams between. Couldn’t be the telly. Her TV was off, she was is bed and read.

Noises in the new apartment were still unfamiliar. Mia and Daniel were here only since a few weeks. They were waiting for their new semi-d to be finished. The construction company had quartered them in here temporarily, also the couple of the other half, when it became clear they couldn’t meet the deadline. Thank goodness the following move was going to be paid by that company, the work would be theirs nevertheless. But, so what? Mia was looking forward to the new home. But this noise? Now – again! And today of all days Daniel wasn’t home. He was on business in Northern Germany. Mia listened intensely.

The screaming sounded as if it was from a woman. Should she call the police? Mia moved closer to the bedroom-wall and eavesdropped. Now again: first a slapping, then a short yell, followed by a moaning. That must be Emma, her neighbour. They just had met a few months ago when inspecting the new houses and then learned that they would be neighbours as well for the interim period.The noises increased in volume. It sounded if Emma was – now what? Beaten? Now, should she call the police? She couldn’t imagine Daniel beating his wife, but you never knew… Mia put her book aside, moved even closer to the wall. It was embarrassing, but she put her ear right at the wall, to be able to hear what was going on. She justified that for herself being worried about Emma. And now? She meant to hear suppressed laughter, then again quick slapping, moaning, then nothing more.

Mia sat Indian style on her bed. Perhaps this wasn’t a case for the police, after all. She had heard about slapping a bottom being part of sex at some couples. Was it possible Emma and Daniel being indulged in that version?

Smacking a bottom. Her inner cinema went going. What was it like to be drawn over a lap and being spanked? She was never spanked by her parents, upright members of 1968 generation, tending more to support and education to self-confidence than authoritarian upbringing. Nevertheless Mia sometimes pondered what it would be like to be „put over“. Some of her friends had told her of being put over the knee of Mommy or Daddy for a punishment. In the dark of her girl’s room, she sometimes had lifted her nighty and touched her naked bottom with her hand. Sometimes she had laid herself that the cool air could stroke over her bottom and fantasized a strict voice saying: „you get spanked so long that you can’t sit afterwards“.

Much to her embarrassement Mia noticed that the imagination, that the fantasy, now as a grown-up, to be put over a man’s knee, that she thought it highly erotic. Automatically her hand had gone downwards, had stroked her mons pubis and had divided her labia. Her fingers found her clit and rubbed, while in her head new pictures turned up: she saw herself over the lap of a man, who held her with one hand and turned up her skirt with his other hand. She saw herself struggling, squirming in this firm grip, felt her helplessness. What would it be like to sense his hand on her bottom and to know: I will be spanked in a minute? Her own hand rubbed on and on over her clit, she felt rising her excitement and she got wet. Now she had in her head the picture how he would strip off her panties and she heard this imaginary man say: „a proper spanking is always on the bare, to make you remember…“. When she at last imagined the burning on her bottom – surely it would burn a lot? – her fingers on her clit got so urging, that she found relief in an orgasm, loudly moaning.When she after a few minutes while she still fondled herself and enjoyed the lingering, got aware of her surrounding again she listened again into the night.

From next door nothing was heard any more and she wondered how loud she had been herself? The walls didn’t seem to be soundproofed very well. Hmmm… She did regret that Daniel wasn’t here today of all days. She would have loved to know how he’d reacted to the noises. Would he have drawn the same conclusions as she herself? And what did he think about spanking. They never had talked about that until now. Their marriage was based on a partner-ship first and last and he would never raise the hand against her. But actually this was something totally different, she thought. An erotic play and not domestic violence. Erotic plays weren’t frequent during the last time she got aware. Their sex-life could well be a bit more lively. There was a lot of routine meanwhile. Well, nothing you couldn’t change….she thought. Then she went finally to sleep.

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OK. Does anyone know why that very large and very tatty looking stuffed bear keeps appearing in male/male spanking videos posted by someone named scooter071669? Latest vid: OTK BATH BRUSH VIEW 2 What has that poor bear done that has condemned him to living in low budget motel rooms in a bad part of town where he is so ignominiously subjected to being crawled on by sweaty hairy naked men? Why hasn't someone at least given the poor bear a bath (well, taken him out to be dry cleaned) so that his matted fur can at least be cleaned and his stuffing fluffed up? It is undignified that a stuffed bear should be that dirty. I feel this is an obvious case of bear abuse.Is there a charitable non-profit agency we might get involved that could rescue and perhaps rehabilitate this poor bear before he sinks deeper into this life of poverty, depravity and abuse?

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So lovelies

I'll be back

there is always something new, let yourself be surprised

(here come only the previews)

kiss you

your veryBadGirl

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Kneeling before the dresser on trembling knees she wonders what it shall be tonight. The drawer of demise with all the anguish it offers? Or shall it be the drawer of delight will the pleasure it promises? With a greedy grin she decided tonight it shall be both. Into the drawer of delight her steady hands search, looking for the pink satin sheets and all they entail: arousal, denial, countless peaks and valleys of pleasure. Then with shaky fingers she reaches into the drawer of demise. Catching her breath she selects the three red satin pillowcases, fully knowing what she is asking for: the heat, the ache and the scorching backside.

Slowly standing in an intoxicating trance, she begins to make the bed. First the sheets as her mind drifts into the oblivion of arousal. Finally, catching her breath, she slides the red pillowcases onto the pillows. With heart pounding, she stacks the pillows in the center of the bed. The emotions of past experiences come flooding back, the tears, the heat, the withering and that unbearable ache that multiplies with every stroke.

Returning to the dresser she once again searches through the drawer of delight. Brushing aside a strap her fingers close around the flogger she knows so well. Thick and thuddy just like she prefers. In his hand it coaxes from her body exactly the level of sting to make her linger on the edge forever. Standing and smiling. she places the flogger on the bed beside the pillows, knowing the pleasure in store for her tonight. For once an item is placed on the bed there is no going back.

Again to the dresser she is drawn almost against her will. Looking into the drawer of demise her hand timidly begins to search. Not the evil cane and all the welts it offers. Nor the vicious, thick tawse that wraps around into tender bits and elicits the kind of sobs signaling real discipline. Finally her hand finds its target, withdrawing from the drawer his belt. Once her eyes set sight on it she gasps and drops the belt. Her hands on instinct alone reach around behind her and begin to rub. Her thoughts return to the last lesson his belt taught her. The burning that lasted for hours, the throbbing that was still there the morning after. All the promises she made, the things she bribed him with to lessen the prescribed three sets of twelve strokes. Although knowing in her heart she needed it all, she earned every single stroke simply by placing the belt on the bed. For once an item is placed on the bed there is no going back.

Rubbing her cheeks one last time and swallowing hard, she cautiously picks up the belt as if it would bite her. At arms length she holds it away from her and carries it to the bed. Doubt creeps into her head and she pauses the moment before she lays it on the bed, perhaps she should return it to the drawer. Maybe it was not what she needed, the places it takes her to. She worries about the things that the belt exposes to herself. It is always this way with the belt, fear and uncertainty, yet every previous time she had placed it on the bed just like now.

Finally it was over, her choices had been made and could not be undone. Her fate was sealed and that was that. Kneeling once again before the dresser she begins to undress. As each piece of clothing is removed she feels anxiety yet alive, liberated yet doubt and uncertainty setting in. Her left hand reaches for the handle of the drawer of demise as her right hand closes around the handle of the drawer of delight. With a simple push she closes the bottom drawer of the dresser. Behind her she hears the slight commotion of him rising from the chair. Reaching down he helps her rise to her feet. Hand in hand, he leads her to the bed and guides her across the pyramid of red satin pillows.

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Keri was a beautiful blonde dominant woman. She had slightly larger than average breasts with pretty dark brown nipples. She had a strikingly beautiful full bottom and strong hips. She was dominant and quite simply greatly enjoyed putting men over her knee and spanking them until she was satisfied. In fact, she had established a professional business of doing so. She was my next door neighbor and I found out about her business one day because I saw various men coming to her house at different times. I became curious and one evening secretly peaked into her window after she had taken one of the men into her house. What I saw in her bedroom was the man naked face down over Keri's knee getting a hard spanking. Keri was topless and her beautiful breast with dark brown nipples which were erect. The man's bottom was quite red. I stood watching and got an immediate erection and even stroked myself a little through my pants.

I watched from my porch as I noticed later the man leaving. Keri lingered at the door and called to me. She gave me a firm order, "Come over to me now!!!" I obeyed her immediately. When I got to the door Keri said, "I know you were watching what just happened. Come inside right now. I can tell you are a submissive male type and you like that other man crave a spanking from a dominant women. I have a professional business to take care of men like you with such desires. Since you are a neighbor, I will charge you $100 for a half hour of discipline from me." I agreed immediately, my erection was so hard and throbbing by now.

Keri took me to her bedroom and ordered me to take all my clothes off. She removed her top and once again I could see her beautiful breasts. Once naked, she ordered me to my knees and then began the pre-spanking scolding. "You are a naughty male type that wants to see a woman's breasts and play with himself! Are you enjoying seeing my breasts? Good! Because you are going to take a painful trip over my knee for seeing those breasts! Keri grabbed my wrist and stood me up. She pull quickly and she sat down in her spanking chair and I was helplessly over her knee. Without a pause she brought her hand down with great force and smacked my bottom rapidly and repeated until I was red and sore. She had me repeat after her, "I am a naughty male getting a spanking for peaking in Keri's window!" Keri produced a paddle and soon the whacks of the paddle on my bottom sounded through the room. Each swat of her hand and paddle sent messages of pain and pleasure to my erect penis. When she was satisfied she stood me up. She gave the after spanking scolding. "Alright naughty boy. You have the red sore bottom you needed. I know exactly what males want to do when I spank them. They want to masturbate! Get down on your knees and do your thing for me. Look at me and say: Thank You for spanking me Keri." Quickly I knelt and I knew Keri was so right. I repeated the words she told me and began to masturbate in front of her as I continued to be excited by her nipples. I felt embarrassed but I couldn't stop myself either. Her authority and power over me was complete and it felt good. My bottom was hot and red from my spanking. I took myself to an intense orgasm. Afterward, Keri softened after she put her top back on. She gave me a nice hug and told me she would be glad to see me again. I went back home and got in bed dreaming about the next time...

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I called her to me and instructed her to pull down her pajama bottoms and panties and lie compliantly across my lap. She did so immediately and with eagerness as she was as anxious to be in this position as I was in having my naughty girl in this vulnerable and available state. I felt the weight of her body lying across mine and my hand moved to the sweet curves of her adorable bottom, softly stroking and caressing the cheeks that were now bared and available to me for my pleasure. I thrilled at the vision of her lying in this position, so compliant and so content to be offering herself in this way and accepting whatever administrations that her sir decided to bestow on her now naked globes. I basked in the silky smoothness as well as the firm but soft roundness of her naughty little hiney as my hand covered every inch of the bare flesh. My eyes were transfixed on her sweet bottom as my hands continued their journey, stroking and caressing the sweet softness as she lie there totally transfixed by my caressing hand. Her white cheeks appeared too pale for my personal taste and I decided to rectify that situation. I raised my hand and brought it down moderately on each cheek of her now pinkening flesh. She let out a soft moan as she felt the initial contact of my determined palm. Again I raised my hand and brought it down slightly harder on each cheek, leaving my hand on the cheeks as if to transfer energy from my hand to her quivering behind. I did it again and again pacing the strokes allowing her to fully feel and process the stinging that my hand was creating. I stopped and turned her head to face me and our eyes met. I saw in her eyes a combination of euphoria and submissiveness. Her eyes wide as if appealing to me to quench her need, fulfill her in this way. My response was to bring my hand down increasingly harder and at a continuance of the pace as the sounds of the impact resounded sonorously in the room. Her verbal responses became louder as she twisted on my lap and her legs began to kick. I felt her struggles but understood that this was an attempt at requiring the feeling of my control rather than an avoidance of the stinging but sweet pain that she was experiencing. I then placed by left hand on her side at her hip joint to hold my naughty girl in position for the spanking that I knew that she craved and needed. Her bottom was now a deep red hue and with each stinging spank became increasing darker and pleasurable to my eyes. I varied how I used my hand alternating from the cupping of my palm to the straightening of my fingers and used all elements of the hand to vary the sensations that I knew that she was feeling in her stinging globes. Without altering the rhythm, I ordered her to reach under herself and to feel the wetness that the spanking and positioning had created. She did so with hesitation and soon her bottom cheeks began clenching and moving in rhythm to her invading fingers. She gripped my leg just above the ankle as if including me in her building physical response. Her cries became louder and more guttural as her breathing became deeper and louder to my ears. I continued to bring my hand down using the same rhythm, keeping my palm in place after the impact and increasing the intensity increasing the sound of impact and her movements on my lap. I heard her cry and knew that she now was experiencing her release, the culmination of my control and her total submission to my mastery of her. She became more animated as she came and then became limp and totally at peace lying over my knees. Her right arm dangled at the side of the couch. I once again turned her head and looked into her eyes and what I saw was the face of total peace and contentment. I have never seen my naughty girl looking lovelier than she did at that moment.

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My wife had decided some time ago she would start dating some girls. To ensure I do not spend my night jacking off thinking about what she may or may not be doing, I am ALWAYS to be locked in chastity during this time. Tonight, she opted to add some fun to it, by testing me the following while on her date "I want you to put a butt plug in, and take a photo of your cock cage" Then.. "post a pic the photo to fet, and write a small bog about how you feel when I am out with a girl and you're locked up. Keep the buttplug in until you are done". So...

I told my wife I did not mind if she goes out with other girls and... I don't. It makes me feel more submissive that she does whatever she wants. This feeling of submission is something I have learned is part of me. For a long time I did not think I was REALLY submissive, but I am not just really submissive, but very submissive. Jameela going after the things she wants, that quite frankly, I cannot provide (ie. vagina, boobs, etc.) is exactly what I want her to do. That she recognizes I am hers even further by locking me up so my cock is just for her, makes me feel... not jealousy, not longing, but pride. Pride that I can be the kind of person who cares more for what the person I love is interested in than my own petty silliness. Sometimes people see subs as weak, and personally, I do not see it that way at all. As for the physicality of the situation (locked, ass filled, typing about my feelings) well... It is uncomfortable, but at the same time, being horny is the best feeling. Coming is great, don't get me wrong, but after... it is sort of sad. When I am horny, which is almost always, not only am I a better sub, but I feel altogether better. My chastity, the teasing, and even the harsh spankings, all make me feel much better in general.

Yes, I secretly hope she will come home and be a bit randy and want to use me, but honestly, I would prefer she fuck me with her feeldoe until she comes, or use my mouth, than make me come. It completes the fantasy, and is a perfect reminder of what she has made me, her property. Even if this is not to be the case (and usually isn't), when she unlocks me, and I am hard as it comes off, and she tells me I am not getting off we are going to sleep... this is good too, as it gives me an opportunity to show I mean what I say.

The short answer, how it makes me feel... alive!

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I havent been on in a long time. One my inbox kept saying i didnt have new messages vut apparently i did...and my grandmother passed away on April 26, so its been a hard couple of months. Today is actually my 22 birthday and its my first birthday without her. But i know shes always with me.

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So I am waaayyy laaatteee I Just watched the first 50 shades of gray and I want to know what yall think about it

My opinion is the whole her being a virgin is a little over used/christian is hot/ I dont like that the message the movie sends is anyone living an alternative lifestyle[ bdsm/domestic/lgbt etc,] that there must be something wrong with them/ He spanked her with a belt 6 times yes everyones pain tollerence is different but she asked him to and then freaked out on him?!/ will I watch the next 2 yes /do I belive what haveing a dom is really like? somewhat however this def is not everybodys reality/

So I will ask again what do you like about the movie what do you dislike TELLL TELL TELL

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I changed the names in my story to Uncle Paul and Veronica because the other names confused me too much.

I'll work on another story. If that doesn't come together I'll try something else. I really do enjoy writing and appreciate all the wonderful feedback and suggestions.

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Only one of my outbox message's remains unopened. All inbox messages I have answered.Now it time to start deleting them.To make room for more.
After a 4 week absence, Thanks to you all for your patience in allowing me time to answer them without any pressure,whilst trying to catch up with the blogs,and new members too.

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My car was in the garage for a service today and before I took it in I removed my bag of spanking implements. They've been kept handy in the car in case I was called out for an emergency spanking. Lol
When I went back to collect the car in the afternoon, the man handed me the bill and report checklist. He said the car was in good condition for its age and I obviously didn't thrash it. He definitely seemed to grin at that phrase.
I paid up and took the car home, I opened up the back to replace my toys only to see the old curtain I use to protect the carpet pulled back and two canes sitting there!
I'd completely forgotten them and the mechanic had obviously found them when he was checking the spare wheel.

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Je viens de créer un forum sur la fessée mais aussi le bdsm soft.
Celui-ci est bien sur gratuit, il suffit de s'inscrire.

Voici l'adresse

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