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husband and wife lying in bed all snuggled together.. husband turns to his wife and says " I bet you cant tell me something that would make me happy and sad at the same time". the wife raises her eyebrow and replies " You have the biggest penis of all your friends" :)

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Good morning all, as a long overdue update, and to all those that are remotely interested in an insight into my world. Due to work commitments, family member tomfoolery and the fact that I've had a new dampcourse done at my house and it's in total disarray, the chronicling of the goings on at The Hardcaning Academy for Wayward Boys has had to be put on hold for a while.

Closed for renovation.

My time and finances are being devoured at such an alarming rate by the re-decorating of my house that even visits for alternative discipline at the esteemed Carlton College of Correction have been suspended too.

However, once my house and finances are back in some semblance of order, I'm sure that my adult Head Girl will be summoning me to her study in order to deal with any and all of my transgressions, which are rapidly piling up, and will be duly recounted on these pages.

Indeed, she's already intimated to me that, even though I've, craftily, hidden my punishment book during the upheaval, she has taken to noting things down on her phone. (Bah, curse technology)

She also says that she is patiently waiting until such time that my house is sorted out and is comfortably, fully habitable once again and then, her slippering and caning arm nicely rested, it will be time for 'payment in full!!.'

Gulp..........Oh joy, I can't wait!!

She has promised that she will resume her strict regime of discipline most vigorously and with renewed gusto. This will, no doubt, result in me finding myself bending over, bottom bared, for her to do some 'decorating' of her own. Starting off with a few coats of 'rosy red glow' applied using repeated applications of the slipper for maximum coverage and then, to both complement and contrast, overlaid with a top coat of vivid stripes, artistically applied, using various canes, and, delivered in batches of 6 or 12 very brisk strokes.

Gulp...until next time, I'd better crack on with the procuring of my flooring, carpets, decorating materials and tradesmen to apply them.

The clock is ticking and failure to complete by Christmas, she loves Christmas, has been threatened with a visit to the Harsh Headmistress and an appointment with a 36 stroke, bare bottom blistering whilst bent over the 'Chair of Doom' from her 13mm, rattan, reformatory cane, pictured below.

As I've mentioned before, I haven't experienced it yet but I've seen it and it makes a vicious sound when swished through the air. thanks.

Right, I've got some phone calls to make, bye for now.

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Time has passed since your last spanking.

The craving begins to build.

You come home from your latest walk in the woods with a new toy: two and a half feet of super-springy sapling.

Excitedly you undress and position yourself over the fateful cushions.

A thrill of anticipation stirs your belly.

Swish - CRACK!

Jumping Jehosaphat (or words to that effect), that HURT!!

How does that manage to come as a shocking surprise EVERY SINGLE TIME??

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Views: 402 · Added: 45 days ago

Hei, looking for a girl from Romania who would like to be spanked. Pm me

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Today is the best day! Alex is on his way home from working in Scotland and I am so excited to see him. I can't wait to give him the biggest cuddle ever! I was really brave staying on my own this time, I managed two whole nights with out being scared:)I think I might be brave now. Like a big brave lion! Alex was really proud of me and the best news is, I'm getting a treat for being so brave:) I love treats. I keep thinking about what it could be... Oh my goodness this is just too exciting!

I have more good news too! I am part of a dance group and we are in a show next Saturday, It's going to be so much fun! Even if I am a little bit scared. There's even more good news! The man in charge of the event watched our rehearsal and was so happy with us, he wants us to dance exclusively for him and has offered our dance group regular work so we will be performing lots:)I can't stop smiling. It's just so exciting! I wasn't sure I would be able dance again because of feeling unwell so often but I'm not letting it beat me, even if it does mean I feel sleepy a lot of the time.

Spanking wise I don't really have any news, I've been super good lately:) I feel proud. We do have a laptop again though so we will be able to upload films up again soon. This time I will be super careful with the laptop! And I know I said that last time and the time before but I really mean it this time.

Wishing you all a magical Friday of the sparkliest kind:)

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I have lived many years now and have found one thing that’s unmatched and incomparable:
The absolute joy, excitement and gratification of having the one you love draped beautifully over your knee as you spank fire into their pinkening and then reddening cheeks. What enhances all three besides the sweet physical aspect is the knowledge that your love not only craves the stinging that your palm is imparting, but also on many levels truly deserves and needs this act of love and caring. The sweet joy of turning the stoic adult into the kicking, yelping child. Followed by the lovliness of holding your sobbing child tightly in your arms feeling the tightness of their embrace and their fulfillment in the softness and contentment which permeates them. Perhaps the only thing comparable would be the joy, excitement and gratification of the one doing the kicking and yelping.

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It sad because when you are alone and need someone and your crying no one is there but when people need you there to catch there tears you are right by there side.

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O.k so I know I haven't been on here for a good week or so, but that's because I've been busy with school and me and my family are moving to Lockport (no I'm not telling you what country or state or whatever place it is stokers just joking). So we need to clean up the house and clean up the apartment we are living in now. Also my dad is starting shit with my mom and his brother. So I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be stressed out.
Also I found a mentor that is a really good friend of mine/ ex-boyfriend. But I haven't been able to tell my other mentor because he doesn't talk to me on a day to day week.

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Views: 423 · Added: 47 days ago

Was anyone really surprised with this announcement? I wasn't, we will always have troops in Afghanistan ......not to stop "The War On Terror" but to keep those lucrative lithium fields safe and in tact. It's not just about oil anymore in the Middle East, it's about so much more, and our governments desire to protect it.

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Booty shots of vitamin B-12 were something new when I first learned about them and got them, but they are again a thing, a fad really, among health conscious people. (There is also a belief that they will make your booty bigger and more shapely, a myth I think, so that women desiring to look more like Nicki Minag often get them.) When I was in my teens my doctor recommended that I get regular injections of vitamin B-12. I both loved and hated these. B-12 shots are always given in one’s bottom, I suppose so that their large volume (the syringes were big) can be absorbed by the fat and muscle tissue. Because I was small and admittedly a bit immature and my doctor was actually a paediatrician who had been my doctor since early childhood, he still treated me as a child and put me over his laps for booty shots. I really liked being held bare bottomed over his lap. That was comforting. (You know how I like being held over a lap, whether it is for spanking or petting or anal play.) The position was so much like a spanking position; and I did have fantasies and desires about being given a spanking by my doctor. And those B-12 appointments were frequent and filled with delicious anticipation. At first I was getting these booty shots every two weeks. Later I went to him for monthly shots. But these shots did hurt! That made them sort of like being punished by my doctor, which I wanted, but also a reason to raise my level of anxiety and trepidation which made me more childish, and more likely to be treated as a child. There were reasons why they were painful. The needle was quite large, not a tiny insulin needle but very like those on my glass syringes. The liquid, which was a red color, burned a bit. And the shots were given slowly, not in a quick jab that was over in a second, but in a drawn out procedure that made me hold my breath and brought tears to my eyes. But you have to remember that modern ultra-sharp disposable needles have only been around since the 1980’s. Before that the norm was glass syringes and stainless steel needles that had to be sharpened by the doctor. And many doctors, including mine, continued to use the old syringes and needles. The sharpening process for these needles was rather crude. The "sharpened" needle might be dull or have rough edges. Thus, an injection, especially one given with a large diameter needle, could hurt; and, depending on how the needle had been sharpened, some shots could hurt a lot more than others.One time I responded to one of those vitamin B-12 shots excessively by kicking and knocking over a stainless steel tray. It was one of those days that I was exceptionally sensitive, and having to wait for my delayed appointment (while I fantasized about my doctor spanking me) raised my anxiety levels so that I was already keyed up before my panties came down. A badly sharpened needle was all I needed to respond so excessively, both knocking over everything on the tray and bending the needle. I know that my doctor punished me for doing that. I could feel it in the way he pulled me back over his lap to complete the shots and the way he held me more tightly than usual. This time he restrained my legs, locking them in place with his right leg, keeping me immobile for my shots. This time he did not bother to use the usual topical numbing agent which decreased the pain a little bit. The slow stinging injection hurt. And then he announced that I was going to get a second one in my other cheek! Overwound as I was I could barely contain myself for the first one! I still remember the anticipation and my little boy voice pleading “ Nooooo! Pleeeease!”. But I was held in place with my legs locked and my quivering booty waiting for the needle. Tears filled my eyes. I can’t forget that. It hurt, but even at the time it was intensely erotic. I was being punished by my doctor. It was fulfilling a fantasy.Those shots really did increase my energy levels. The effect was immediate. But there was also a sort of caffein buzz. I now realize that part of the effect of those early vitamin B-12 shots was a result of the use of amphetamines in the mixture. I wonder how that might have affected both the stinging booty warming feeling and the sort of sexual stimulation those shots gave me.

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Funny how things work out. At the start of this year I had a couple of spanking friends who were happy for me to warm their bottoms on a regular basis but my personal circumstances meant I wasn't able to see them too often or spend as much time with them as I would have wanted.

Fast forward to today, now I have plenty of spare time but very limited opportunities to do any spanking. I'm certainly missing it as it was the one thing that kept me from getting too grumpy or gloomy.

So if there are any naughty girls in Scotland who would like a skelped bum or want to chat about their needs please personal message me here.

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Views: 535 · Added: 47 days ago

I challenge OldJimSlipper (or anyone) to write a verrrrrrrrry scary story or poem along the lines of: “It Was A Dark and Stormy Halloween Night in England”.

Here are a few suggested elements:

-Mrs. OJS


-a graveyard


-a large and intimidating spider (possibly named Kissie)

-a white slip (or is it a GHOST named Cynthia)

-a shrieking sheik (or is it a mystifying GHOST – Misty?)

-bad breath

-a black cat

-a pogo stick


-fish n’ chips

-lots of rain (this is England, after all)


-caning, paddling, spanking, whipping


-a MURder most foul!

Whoo whoo who is up to this Halloween challenge? OJS?

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I am now in the state of GA and TN. I specialize in giving a good ass whipping to men that are Doms, Tops, HOH, disciplinarians or Daddies. I have these type of men contacting me all the time for safe - secret - spankings. The ones that I have spanked, no one will ever know about it. That is why they come to me. So anyone on here that i play with all the time, I have not spanked. I don't like it when people find out who I have really spanked. So COME GET WhAT YOU NEED! That is what I am here for. FYI! I will be coming out with a new Video really soon! All of the men that I spank are called Michael in my videos since it is a common name. Let me know if you live in TN or GA and want to get things started! No GAMES!

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"You've been a naughty girl." John was seated on the sofa looking up at Sally with a knowing smile on his face.

"Have I?" she said defiantly, "And just how do you know that?"

John reached into his pocket and took out his mobile phone. "It's all in here." he said "Pictures of somebody I know in the local department store taking things and walking out without paying." He switched the phone on. "Look." he said, pointing to the screen. "I think it's quite clear who the culprit is. I bet the store and the police would be very interested in these."

Sally grabbed the phone from him and searched through the photos her eyes widening as she saw the evidence of her wrongdoing. "And what's to stop me stamping on your phone and destroying these."

John laughed. "Don't worry, I have plenty of copies."

"So what do you intend to do?" she asked.

"Simple. You have a choice. You either accept a punishment from me or I pass the pictures on to the proper authorities."

"What punishment do you have in mind?" she inquired.

"A spanking." he said, smiling. "A good old fashioned spanking on your bare bottom."

"It seems that I have no choice." She said. "So you better get on with it."

"Good. I will. Stretch you arms out in front of you, crossed at the wrists." He took off his tie and lightly but firmly tied her wrists together. "Put your hands behind your head." He undid her belt and pulled her jeans and pants down to just below her knees.

Putting his hand between her knees he said "Spread." She obediently shifted her feet apart. John turned his hand palm upwards and slowly raised his arm, lightly brushing his thumb and little finger against her thighs.

"What are you doing?" she asked brusquely.

"Just a little preparation." He said. "After all, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy being punished." He paused. "At least a little bit."

When he reached the top he gently stroked her with his middle finger. She breathed shallowly, running her tongue lightly over her lips.

"Right, over my knee. It's time we started."

When she was in position he reached down and completely removed her jeans and pants, casually tossing them on the floor. Then he placed his right hand on her bottom and used his left to pull the back of her t-shirt up towards her shoulders.

"No bra." he said as the top of her spine was exposed. "I like that."

He started lightly spanking all over her bottom, letting her get used to the sensation before gradually increasing the intensity of the punishment. Soon she was starting to wriggle slightly and her delicious cheeks were turning crimson. He had no intention of letting up, though, until he knew she was really struggling and so he carried on, determinedly concentrating on covering every inch of her rear, even though she was squirming more and more as the spanking progressed.

"Please. I need a break." She eventually pleaded.

"OK." He said nonchalantly. "My arm is getting a little tired anyway."

While she was resting he gently rubbed her labia with his finger. Pushing them slightly apart he felt her wetness, drawing this upward in slow strokes, he lightly fingered the serrations around her anus, occasionally cheekily probing the entrance. She moaned in pleasure, conscious of the contrast with the intense stinging sensation in her bottom.

"Time to continue." He said, and immediately started spanking her again. This time he concentrated on the centre of her bottom, his hand pushing through so the vibrations travelled throughout the whole of her pelvic area. She soon felt an answering vibration inside her which grew in pleasure, eventually erupting in a volcano of ecstasy, making her tense every muscle in her body to hold on to the feeling. Then she relaxed totally.

She passively allowed him to turn her over on his lap. As she lay there, eyes closed, he slid the fingers of his left hand through her pubic hair and playfully rubbed her clitoris. Post orgasm, this had the effect of an electric shock and she immediately raised her knees to her stomach to trap his hand. John took this opportunity to give her exposed bottom a few more slaps with his other hand.

"You can have a rest again." He said, laughing. "But we haven't finished yet. I'm sure you have another orgasm in you."

Several minutes went by, then John shifted forward and lifted her unresisting body so her legs were astride his left thigh. Tucking her waist under his arm he started administering light sharp smacks to her upturned bottom. The skin on her rear was now so tender that each slap made her flinch, thrusting her directly into his thigh. This movement began reigniting the sensations inside her, gradually firing up the pleasurable energy and resulting in a sensation like a series of aftershocks following the previous eruption. At the end her exhausted body slid slowly to the floor.

Dreamily she looked up at John.

"Make love to me." she said. "I want you now."

He pulled his trousers and pants down and, kneeling in front of her, moistened the head of his erection in her wetness. She angled her hips allowing him to slip inside then slid her tied hands down his spine to press his lower back into her.

The thrusts of their lovemaking rubbed her tender bottom against the rough carpet. When she felt he was near to climax she pushed her hands down further, dug her sharp nails into his bottom and slowly drew them across his skin as he came.

They rested.

"I'll return all the stuff I took." she said after they had lain quietly together for a few minutes. "I didn't really want any of it, I did it just for the excitement. I promise I won't do it again."

"Yes I agree, you must take it back, but perhaps you should reconsider about doing it again so I have more reasons to discipline you. If you ever get caught in the store, I'll just have to cane your bare bottom in front of the store detective."

Her eyes widened. "Bare bottom caning in front of a witness? I think I'd like that. Mmmmmm Yes! I would like that very much."

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My last post was in the midst of last year's brutal winter!

Well, my good friend and frequent video co-star had to move to a state that isn't as easy to travel from for a quick weekend and my situation here as a caregiver makes it hard for me to travel. I have no doubt we'll see each other again but the visits are bound to be fewer and more far between so less spanks will fall :(.

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I have started on a new book but I don't have enough short stories to fill it. I am out of ideas to write. I need more ideas. Feeling depressed. This too will pass. I will get book done by January

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Here is one punishment I gave Bond last month. Problem was our main video camera was not working so this video is from backup camera (we always have 2 running). Video quality is not quite up to par so we are posting the Full video this time. Bond receives quite a whipping in this one and a tiny little strapon at the end. He is whipped a little on his front parts then over the wedge for the rest. This one is pretty harsh for those of you who like to see hard spanking & whipping.

Straps, Canes, Whips, Switches and other fun toys are all used to punish Bond.
Hope you all enjoy this!
Lady M

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I know that I must have, need really, regular cathartic punishment spankings. These spankings must be hard enough and long enough that all feelings willfulness or self are spanked out of me. I must be spanked until all I can think about is that someone else has the right to tell me what to do, to undress me, to spank me, to completely control me, and that I need to be controlled and spanked. I need to be treated like this. I want someone to take me to abject submissiveness, to spank me into so accepting my harsh and humiliating punishment that afterwards I very sincerely thank them, hopefully with tears in my eyes, for disciplining me. There is something very cathartic about being spanked and sent to bed with tears and a very hot sore bottom.

This is not just a little sexual fantasy fulfillment. I really need such periodic punishment spankings. If I don’t get them I feel mentally out of sorts, anxious, distracted and nervous. My ability to concentrate goes to hell. I feel vaguely irritable and don’t pay attention. If I don’t get a spanking I kind of misbehave. The longer I go without a hard spanking the more circuit breakers which control good behavior in my brain start switching off. Click, click, click. I then need a real no-nonsense punishment spanking to reset all of those mental circuit breakers. Really. Turning them on by spanking floods me with endorphins and brings me back to normal. (Well, "normal" for me at least!)

I am sure there are other people who are like this. But the only person I know who has described a similar state of unease and the desire for a spanking in order to feel better is my former girlfriend Anne. And the commonality between us is that we both were given bare bottom parental spankings well into our (admittedly immature) teenage years, sexualized those undressings and spankings, and came to anticipate and actually want them. We both felt fortunate that, unlike most of our friends who missed out on spankings, we still could get them! Really!

I want to know if anyone else has felt and articulated something like that.

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So I was forced to move away. From everything, everyone. 800 miles away, actually. Which means, I had to leave my spankers behind (pun not intended...or was it?). It's now been 5 months since my last spanking. And holy cow, I almost want to drive the 800 miles just to see my spanko friends! I'm just starting to meet people here in the scene which I am happy about, but, I can't just meet people and say "spank me now". It takes time to build trust and all. Ugh, I am so impatient and getting very cranky about this...:: Taking all my happy sparkly glitter and throwing it at everyone in a fit of temper! ::

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Mir geht es wohl so wie vielen, bekomme viel zu selten den Arsch voll, das ist nicht so ganz auf der Wellenlänge meines Partners. Muss das ab und an mal selbst in die Hand nehmen... Nach Jahren des stillen Genießens hatte ich mich vor ein paar Tagen mal entschlossen mich anzumelden und mal ein paar Bilder einzustellen (sind alle innerhalb weniger Tage aufgenommen).

So brauche ich meinen Hintern, durch die Striemen halt immer spürbar. Das ist schon fast therapeutisch, fühle mich dann ausgeglichener und meine Lust verlagert sich mehr nach hinten :) Könnte mir auch gut vorstellen mal in einen Keuschheitsgürtel gesteckt zu Werden, um dann regelmäßig den Arsch voll zu Bekommen.

Später mehr wie ich hoffe,
Grüße sorestefan

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