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I live in a medium sized city in the Midwest USA, but my roots (and my family) all live in very small farming communities. These are generally very conservative communities with strong family values, unlike some of the bigger cities. There are no large stores in these towns, and most of the last minute shopping in these towns is done at small general stores.
I was visiting my eldest son and his family a couple weeks ago in one of these small towns, and my wife forgot something at home that required us to stop at the local general store to pick up. As we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a couple in I would say their mid-thirties at the SUV in the spot next to where we parked. He was a pretty stout military or ex military looking fellow, and she was a tall, but petite young lady dressed in a tank top and pretty tight, and pretty short denim shorts, not uncommon attire for the Midwest in July, as it can be quite hot and humid. She had her back to my car as we pulled in to park, and of course I was admiring her pert backside in those tight, short (not unnecessarily revealing, but short) shorts, and I happened to notice a distinct red mark on the uppermost part of her thighs, just below the base of her shorts. My first thought was that they had just left the hot vehicle to go into the store, which will leave red marks from the seat, but then the back hatch of the vehicle was opened, and a shopping cart was pulled around from my blind side and they started loading groceries into the vehicle. Now after being in an air conditioned store for a half hour or so, which it would have taken to acquire the supply of groceries they had, those red marks from the hot seats would have disappeared. Then as she bent over the back of the vehicle to load some of the groceries inside, I noticed the red marks rode even higher, and on her right side, there were obvious telltale fingerprint marks. Looked like this young lady had been recently spanked.
Now I have been admiring pert young bottoms for a very long time, so I'm sure I would have noticed something like this in the past had I run across it. It did, however make me start taking a harder look at the young ladies in shorts that I happened across in these small towns. In the following two weeks, I ran into at least three other instances of the same thing. The one that most comes to mind was a couple of middle eastern descent, probably in their late twenties. This young lady was very short and petite with a cute well rounded derriere, wearing the same type of denim shorts. She however, showed distinct strap marks at the top of her thighs, just below the top of her short denim shorts. It could hardly have been anything else.
So my question for the people here is, are there any of you out there that have witnessed the same type of thing when you are out and about? And ladies, have you ever been in this position, wearing shorts out in public that show obvious telltale signs of a recent spanking?

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Seems My next level session is 14 July. More afterwards but all invited to send request as he will read this blog before my cheeks feel his artistry.

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A nice bare girl are waiting her strict punishment on an Bronz Figure in Art Deco style.
How do you like this sculpture?

Divine Bitches
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Hello Everyone!

My life has changed so much since I joined Spankingtube. I am currently in an amazing relationship, I'm so lucky.

The videos I have posted were done with a former friend of mine. Feel free to enjoy them while they are still up.

Who knows if I will get a chance to post a new video with my boyfriend...we shall see ;)

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I don't know if it is just me...... But i am beginning to feel that i am back in kindergarten looking at picture books..... The blogs have become pure pictures! Sometimes pictures are good but the whole blog of 800 pictures by the time i scroll past them i am tired to even read the good ones..... Anyone else feel the same?

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Another blistering day....this heat makes me irritable.

Irritability leads to mischief....

Just saying.

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Today we live in a consumer society, and most of the people wants everything instantly get without that deal with the details. Many people think that a blog should be short, and not require too much mental tension power loss to understand. You know, the creative process is lengthy, full of torment. The best ideas come to mind when I walk down the street, or I lie down in the bed.In addition, the writer never prepare own work for his/her desk drawers. The good writer's is an ambassador of the Heaven (maybe the Hell...). He/she only formulate the ideas. It is needed to take a contact with the other people.
Thank you very much the reactions of all of my pen friends.

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An articulated sculpture of wood, masonite, fabric and paint that spanks by manually turning the crank. Made by Lewis Gardner who was an artist/writer/stage set designer. New York ca,1930-40

Divine Bitches
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Mind you, i had just met J for the first time. i had seen Him in a group on facebook, sent Him a friend request, He accepted, and we spoke a few times on the phone.
He was really a complete stranger. So i was kind of embarrassed when He told me prior to heading to the hotel bar , to take off my shirt and bra, and attach these two nipple suctions He had brought along.
I could tell He was not the type to take "no" for an answer, so I did the best I could. It felt exciting and sexy. i put my bra and shirt back on, and we went to the bar.
After a few drinks and getting better acquainted, we went back to the room. It was actually more of a cabin, like on a cruise. The room was so small that it only fit the bed ( which was gigantic and very comfortable with about fourteen pillows), the sink, a shower stall, and a couple of shelves built into the wall. There was a TV that never got used.
Due to the lack of space, J said that He would have to improvise. Since i had never met a Dom before, or had a BDSM experience, He took it slow. First He showed me some of the other toys in His magic black bag. He took out a black leather flogger and let me hold it and feel it. Well, i dropped it like a hot potato! i am a total submissive, i felt very uncomfortable even touching it. He then took out an assortment of paddles, some black gloves, lube, handcuffs, and some rope.
To be continued...

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There comes a time when a young lady (of any age) needs to be called to task. There is nothing like being called to the front of the class and told to bend over for a good, sound paddling. Reddening a pair of bottom cheeks is always more effective when the cheeks of her face are red from blushing in embarrassment. Having to bend over, then listen to a good scolding for her behavior concentrates the mind wonderfully. a good scolding of a naughty girl otk is very effective when she is required to clench the spanker's finger in her bottom hole. This requirement lets the spanker know she is listening.

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In the city of Niigata, about 300km north of Tokyo, a bronze statue of a manga character named Taro Yamada stands in the city centre as a tribute to Shinji Mizushima, his Niigata-born creator. Yamada is a baseball player and the lead character in Mizushima’s ‘Dokaben’ series.
Local residents have recently spotted an opportunity for some trick photography and the trend has caught on. Here are my three favourite:

Let's look at another case!
In this picture a sculptor carves a statue not made of stone:

If the girl would be moving he could spank her with a hammer ..............

Divine Bitches
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Tourists love to make funny pictures. I have been collected, where the girls flirting in the outdoor sculptures. Interestingly spanking pictures were taken in this way.

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Hello Everyone.

It is my Birthday on Friday, July 7, 2017. I am waiting for my Birthday spankings.

I did receive a spanking from my neighbor/friend on May 24th,2017 and my butt was RED.

I sent my red butt pics to all my Mr. Spanko friends & I received a few comments.

This Avatar picture is from my first spanking in March, 2016 from my neighbor/friend.

I hope you all have a nice summer!!!

Your Spanking Friend,

Ellen Marie

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Here is of theatre spankings. I think they come from taming of the shrew (Kiss me Kate ), seven brides, and some British farce from the 80's.

Divine Bitches
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It's so damn hot, I just want to lay face down across my bed or someone's knees, not fussed which.

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I got a pretty good spanking last night but only took a picture this afternoon.

I found myself being a wimp again, although we didn't have much time so it was a short warm up. I don't know about others but I find I need a good warm up to get the most out of a caning, otherwise I end up calling a halt earlier than I would like.

We're still looking for that illusive woman in the South West who wants to join us for fun. She can be either a top, a bottom or a switch...

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And you know who you are. And to those I have yet to make friends with. Y'all are such an awesome, supportive group. I love y'all to the moon and back.

this song is for y'all. Hugs.

Happy spanks.

Divine Bitches
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The bath was huge, like a double really, I'd never seen one so big, as Carl and I stepped into it. We sank into the hot water, bubbles floating everywhere and we settled down. I lay over his tummy and between his legs, my hands swirling the water around. Carl's hands stroked my breasts, my nipples becoming hard as he pulled them, twisted them, and smacked them. That bit hurt quite a lot, I don't like nipple torture play. I felt his cock harden underneath my body, becoming firmer and firmer until I had to move. So I rolled over and giggled as I saw his cock spring into action. I kissed it gently, licking his head.
"Oh no you don't, not yet. I want to spank you first.
Carl sat upright in the bath, "Bend down on all fours." He told me. There was enough room for me to be in that position, whilst he's next to me. his legs stretched out beneath me. Almost the over the knee position except not touching him.
My bottom was already hot from the water so as he started spanking me more, it quickly became intense. His large, calloused hand gave a really hard slap and he covered the entire area of my bottom. SLAP. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, he went, I was trying hard to keep still, but it became increasing hard.
"Dip back into the water. Then up again." He ordered, as I did as I was told, I didn't see Carl reach for something. The water stung my bottom I sat back down, I really wanted to stay like this, but I was aware Carl was very strict, so I got up quickly. As I got into position, something walloped me so hard I fell forwards. "OUCH" I cried out, then another wallop and another, over and over. My thighs were included now, and across my pussy, Everywhere throbbed so painfully I started to cry. Carl continued, he was enjoying this spanking and the bath brush truly was a wicked toy. But he continued this spanking, tears fell into the water, I knew my cheeks were blistered and some probably burst and started to bleed.
Carl's other hand started to really torture my breasts and there was nowhere for protection. Pinching, twisting, fisting, and hard slaps, I started to sob uncontrollably, my body shaking with the pain.
Then he stopped and I lay over his body, crying quietly as Carl stroked my hair.
"Good girl, you took that very well, I gave you a severe paddling with that bath brush, You're bottom's bleeding a lot though, so keep that bottom in the water. I will rub cream on it when we get out. But now I want that blowjob."
I rolled over, still sniffling, he cupped my face in his large hands, stroked the tears away and kissed me gently.
I gave him a little smile as I lowered down. Carl shuffled in the bath letting his body rise above the water. A lot of water had drained away anyway now. His cock standing thick and tall, twitching and his head glistened from the water and from his delicious pre-cum. I lowered my mouth, my tongue licked the tip and I sucked it hard. I loved the smoothness of his head and the groove underneath. My tongue followed the groove, tickling his cock, as my teeth gently slid his foreskin down. I lowered deeper until his cock touched the back of my throat, I heard Carl sigh, as he fisted my hair, pushing my head even lower. I felt his cock try to go down my throat but I panicked and pushed his cock to the side of my cheek. Carl slapped my face hard, "Keep my cock in position, NOW." He ordered, as he moved to spring his cock back into my mouth properly. He fisted my hair harder and pushed me down, deeper, his cock hit my throat once more.
"Take a deep breath and let my cock go down your throat." And he slipped down once more, I tried to get a deep breath but as soon as it went lower, I panicked once more, but his hold was too strong as I tried to move. He slapped my face again, "Calm down, relax, I won't hurt you." He told me. I managed to open my mouth a bit more and get a gasp of air, breath play frightens me to death. I tried to stop my panic developing into a panic attack as I felt his cock slide up and down in my throat, making me gag then. Suddenly I felt warm pre-cum drip down my throat, I knew he was close to cumming. And his thrusts became stronger, his hands holding my head down, I felt my throat stretch, taking his cock deeper down. But now, his cock was thicker with excitement, I couldn't get much of a breath as my mouth was stretched to its maximum, I started to make an odd gurgling/crying noise, and I felt myself panic once more.
"Ready, I'm gonna cum straight down your throat, do not loose any of my gift." His cum shot down my throat, making me gag but I swallowed a load then there was more again. Gagging, swallowing, trying to get some air made it an awful ending to our bath fun. But Carl seemed to have a never ending cum, load after load, gag, swallow, gag, swallow, it can't feel nice to Carl, surely. Finally it stopped, his balls finally drained so he let go of my hair.
"That was fucking awesome, I loved that. Did you ?"He asked. "No, I couldn't breath."I replied, still getting my breath back.
"Mmmmm that's why it was more fun, I enjoyed watching you panic. You know I would never take it too far, it's i your head letting you panic. Each time we do it, it will get better." Carl said, deadly serious.
"Again, NO WAY. " I shouted out. "Oh you will, young lady because if i want some fun, I will have it." I knew he meant it and I didn't want to argue as I knew that would end badly for me, but I hoped we don't do this often.

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"Oh Sir how many am i to endure?" Amy said softly and mocking him.
He did not reply, he rubbed the spoon on her hot backside, he lifted it high and her cheeks clenched. It came down fairly hard causing her to let out a tiny yelp.
"I have not decided yet", he said whilst admiring the mark on her bottom caused by the spoon.
He placed his left hand on the small of her back and brought the spoon down swiftly and harder, he speeded up the smacks almost losing count, her legs parting and he was witness to a view of her hidden pussy. The next smack had her leaping up and facing him, her face was flushed and her hands rubbed her bottom. She was stepping from foot to foot and he noticed with glee that her nipples had escaped from the top of her bra.
"Holy fuck that really stung" she said as she started to adjust her bra, but Charlie simply took her hands and placed them on her head.
His fingers went over to the exposed nipples and gave them a tweak, they became erect by his touch.
"Well you have been a very naughty girl for smoking and being mismatched, i want you on your knees and show me how sorry you are" Charlie commanded
"You mean you want me to erm you know" she said as his crotch was inches from her face.
"Yes Amy, i want you to suck my cock"
Without telling she reached behind and unclipped her bra, those large breasts tipped with dark stiffened nipples made him reach down and stroke them.
She unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans letting them fall. Her hands stroked his erect cock and simply yanked down his boxers. She gently kissed the tip as he placed his hands on her head.
" Well i better do a good job pleasing you, i wouldnt want to feel that belt across my arse" she said with a wink. With that Amy filled her mouth....To be continued.