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Views: 154 · Added: 29 days ago

Well, here it goes. Jewel has been saying that I needed a "good taking down" before the Holidays were over and she says this is the time. She has gone to get ready and I am really pretty scared because I think she means to do business this time! I know I need this and have told her that but still...

Yes, there should also be video footage of what happens.


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Views: 109 · Added: 29 days ago

that is exactly how i feel right now/lately.... hope ya all had a Merry Christmas n that 2015 is the best yet......

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Views: 232 · Added: 30 days ago

Yesterday went as this , We had gotten up for our boys to open presents after they opened presents we went back to bed for awhile cause I was still really hung-over from the night before , not realizing I had drunken that much on Christmas eve .. lol So by the time we got up for the day I needed to shower an get ready of work cause I offered to close on Christmas it was only a 5 hour shift , cause we weren't open as long .. after showering I started to do my make up an my hair an got dressed .. I was pretty sassy with being hung-over an kind of just dragging myself around I just wanted to go back to bed .. ( an new that I couldn't ) .. But also new that I wanted something else before work , so I playfully ask him to come up stairs with me.( just to be clear I wanted sex)lol Well when we got up the I received a few smacks, before anything else with his hand an riding crop .. which was not what I had asked for but did deserve the few that I had gotten.. after we were done with every thing I realized I needed a real spanking an just had to ask for it .. Cause if I didn't I was just going to get more cranky because it had been so long since I had received one .. So before we went down stairs I asked him if after every thing was over with to day if he would spank me ... See the problem with asking is that he's so cut off sometimes about things that I cant tell if he's doing it just because that is what I want or if he really thinks he should .. ( an with that meaning the spanking an the dd ) but he reassured me that that wasn't the case .. So after work an going over to a see some family I wasn't really thing about it .. so when he got out of the shower an came up stairs an was getting things out to punish me I was kinda shocked cause I figured he had forgotten to but he didn't .. I wasn't overly excited but I did my best to take the well deserved punishment an didn't try to talk my way out of it cause I no putting up an argument doesn't help any plus I asked for it an don't want to make him feel like he is doing something wrong when I'm just trying to save my own ass so to speak .. but after he was done I was thankful he had went through with it cause I really needed it ..

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Views: 267 · Added: 30 days ago

Boxing Day in Hicksville is traditionally spent, rather unusually, boxing. The annual Boxing Day challenge bout has been held for one hundred years, yet this year's contest is only the ninety seventh. What stopped it the other three years you may wonder...

The problem is the current champion, Jim. Ever since the last challenger, Sugar Ray Hickey, had to pay Misty for damage to his barn roof when his head went through it* there has been a shortage of challengers willing to take Jim on.

Yet this year a very surprising challenger has emerged.


(You did read that right, I did say Kissie)

This is the cause of some consternation in Hicksville, however the general consensus is that Jim will go easy on Kissie**.

Jim however has been taking the challenge seriously and has been training in his normal way***.

Kissie hasn't been training, for she has been too busy being excited about Christmas.

But now it is Boxing Day and the contest is about to begin...

Both combatants are dressed only in shorts. It must be said that, whilst Jim cuts an impressive, if hairy, figure clad in shorts, Kissie is altogether more impressive when almost in the altogether, and Misty is selling front row seats at a record price.

As the bell rings the combatants begin to circle each other...sizing each other up. Suddenly, Jim launches into a huge right hook, yet Kissie moves at lightning speed and dodges the punch with ease. She then launches a counter punch which catches Jim off balance and suddenly he is flying right out of the ring and landing in the fourth row.

The crowd is momentarily silent in shock before all hell breaks loose. Chairs and beers are thrown as Misty tries to restore order, thinking about the cleaning bill.

Unnoticed amid the carnage, Kissie sneaks back to her changing room. As she opens the door she is greeted by Kissie who has been watching the action through the keyhole and is now finding it hard to contain her excitement.

As the two Kissie's hug one of them slowly begins to turn green, becoming more green gorgeous by the second as its shape shifts. It offers just one comment on the fight. "Blooping, bloop, BLOOP!"

*Some folks felt that Jim should pay the damages, for Sugar Ray had been propelled upwards through the roof by a rather impressive uppercut from Jim, however no one would admit to this in public and Sugar Ray was in no fit state to plead his case.

** This would be a first, for Jim is not renowned for going easy on the ladies.

*** In other words he has been exercising his biceps with a lady over his lap. The lady in question had interrupted Jim whilst drinking whiskey**** and suggested that isn't it about time that Jim have a shave for it is no longer Movember.

**** The drink from Jim's still bears little resemblance to the wonderful whisky from the Scottish islands, hence the extra 'e'.

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Views: 199 · Added: 30 days ago

Hey everyone! I haven't been blogging for a while, but I wanted to touch base with friends and hopefully make new ones. Great week in Columbus, though I wanted to see more friends. I did have a fun time. I may have in fact had too much fun! Lol! A no rules week just wasn't enough!! Spent more money than I should have and it was great!!! Parties were crazy and I can't wait for more! Hope they're ready! PEACE!

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Views: 155 · Added: 30 days ago

Hope Everyone Had A Safe And Merry Christmas!

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Views: 224 · Added: 31 days ago

i'm still in renfrew hospital. i would rather be anywhere but here but just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas! i can't wait to get out of here it is driving me up the wall being here!

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Views: 218 · Added: 31 days ago

Yesterday an private event happened that I won't get into, and it has me worried for some odd reason. I don't really know what to make of it. Because of that, I put off my self spanking for the untidy kitchen until later. Which I am planning on recording and uploading.
As my own spanker to myself, I really have to be in that headspace to "put myself over my own knee". Right now I am fretting over something, and it is occupying my mind.
When my mind clears up and things seem "back to normal" I promise I will do the video.
I am still very appreciative of all the comments and views on the 1st video I made. Almost 9000 views! To me thats impressive, maybe not to anyone else, but to me it is. SAdly, I am between a rock and a hard place about doing C4S. The tax forms or whatever disturbs me, it just sounds complicated, and too much of a hassle. however, I look at the 9000 views and think "Damn, look at all the potential money I could have made!" Yet, as a pay per View venue, I think the view number would be less, but still even half the free views here would be a decent haul on C4S.
4500 views @ $9.99 = $44,995!!!!
minus 30%=$31,468
The only problem with selfies is that it would get boring real fast as to how many "new" scenes could be created, as something different each scene.
I could only make 3-4 clips and it would be humdrum.
I guess at that point I would need to find a TS friendly, spanker, that knows what they are doing, can be trusted, and doesn't mind being seen on a clip with me. Male or Female, it doesn't really matter to me either way, as long as we are good friends on and off set.
Wow that conversation took an odd turn!
Sorry for thinking out loud.
See ya

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Views: 162 · Added: 31 days ago

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the Holiday and... well, to everyone else also. Whatever your faith and whatever you do today I hope it is and especially peaceful and beautiful day for you. It is good to have one day a year set aside for a little extra thought about those around us and to extend our good wishes to others. It doesn't take the trappings of any particular faith to do this... and it might be "catching".

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Views: 280 · Added: 31 days ago

Here is a picture of a proud Mamma and baby Scarlet, born on 12-24-14 @ 7:45 pm, 6 Pounds 3 Ounces, THE GREATEST XMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!! Both of them are doing well and resting comfortably @ the hospital, thank you to everyone who commented with supportive words last night, we greatly appreciate it :)

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Views: 131 · Added: 31 days ago

To all my naughty girls out there.

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Views: 124 · Added: 31 days ago

I just wanted to take a moment to wish my S-Tube friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year :-)

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Views: 98 · Added: 31 days ago

Bf has just seen my latest favourite clip and has promised me the same treatment in my school uniform, of course with white panties on.

This is gonna hurt cos Bf spanks a lot harder than the lady in the clip............#sorebottom.

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Views: 127 · Added: 32 days ago

Tonight I knew I was in trouble and was going to be punished.

My wife had put her short cane and the wooden bathbrush out on our bed for me to see and I had a troubled and excied sence going through my body all day.

I had made a mess of our appartement floor by dripping toothpaste while brushing my teeth last night, even when my wife had told me a thousand times not to.

So even if it is christmas eve she had no problem with punishing me for acting like a naughty little boy, not listening to what she had said.

After eating dinner and opening presants, my wife went into our bedroom and changed clothes.
She came out wearing her black leather pants, high heeled ankle boots and a white satin blouse and I dropped my jaw when I saw her.
I got an instant erection and I blushed deep red with embarrrasment as I looked at her.

I was sent to the corner before my punishment and told to be ashamed of myself, for not listening to my wife in spite of her telling me time and time again not to brush my teeth anywhere but the bathroom.

After ten minutes my wife called me to the spanking chair where she was sitting.
I was then scolded and lectured about not listening to what I was told and my wife made me feel like a naughty little boy, just as she wanted.
She then pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles and exposed my huge erection.
I was so embarassed and excited and felt precum dripping to the floor.

My wife locked my hand restraints to my wrists in front of me and told me to get my naughty bottom over her knees.
I obeyed her at once and felt my huge erection pressing against her leather clad thighs.

My wife reached down and locked my hand restraints aroung the chair leg and left my laying totally helpless over her leather clad knees.

She then picked up the wooden bathbrush and started giving me a very hard spanking.
I had tears forming in my eyes after a couple of minutes, but I knew she was not going to stop any time soon.
After 5 minutes of non stop spanking I was crying freely and begging her to stop and she did.

But only to start lecturing and scolding me again.
After telling me what she was expecting of me my wife picked up her short cane and gave a blistering spanking that left me sobbing like a naughty little boy over his mothers knees.
I tried to wickle myself free, but with me hands locked around the leg of the spanking chair my wife held me firmly in palce over her leather clad knees and just kept spanking me very hard.
I screamed myself hoarse and begged for her to stop through my tears, but there was no mercy.

My wife was determined to teach me a lesson and kept spanking my bare bottom very hard with her cane.
All I could do was to lay there and sob until my punishment was over.

After a long and very hard caning my wife layed the cane down and unlocked my hand restraints.
She kept my laying over her leather clad knees until my sobbing had turned into soft crying.

I was then told to go and stand in the corner with my hands on my head and not to rub my sore and burning bottom, unless I wanted go go back over her knees for another spanking.

I obediently walked to the corner and stood there until I had stopped crying.
Then my wife called me to the spanking chair again and took me over her leather clad knees again to rub some cold cream into my blistered and very sore bottom.

Then I had to stand up in front of her and apologize for my naughty behavior and thank her for taking her time to spank me and give me the discipline I need.

Now I am sitting here writing this post and loving the pain and warmth I feel in my bottom.

I love my wife for knowing what turns me on and providing me with the discipline and the spankings I need.

Merry christmas to all from a naughty and lucky boy :-)

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Views: 137 · Added: 32 days ago

Yesterday was my birthday and I enjoy myself. My mom sent me a tear jerking card and I was very surprise that she sent me a card. I am happy to be 39 years young. I am blessed and highly favor of God. I am going to eat healthy and live my life to the fullest. I am glad that God allowed me to see another birthday. Birthdays are a new start; fresh beginnings, a time to start new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with fresh confidence and courage. I am a special person, may this be amazing today and year! Merry Christmas everyone and have BLESSED New Year.

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Views: 103 · Added: 32 days ago

Well my friends it is this time of year again.Another year has went by so fast,it seems. I find myself alone this evening;my niece is at a house party in the village and Jenny is on her way home from work,she is bringing pizza so I am looking forward to that! This is our first xmas where Jenny does not have to work,not even on call,so once she gets home we intend to relax.

Lastnight Jen and I went along to support the 'rock' band my niece's boyfriend plays in;they were having an AC/DC tribute night.This time I was not the oldest person there, thankfully. Jenny let her hair down and bopped around, The venue was full,I wonder what would have happened if the Fire Chief had found out!!! The band are really great,I love amatuer bands,they put so much into it. My niece went off with her friends and left Jen and I standing with all these really rough looking guys,some of these guys were walking advertisements for Hells Angels;but it was a great night,although my ears were ringing.During one song everyone was singing the chorus;I couldn't decipher what they were saying so Jen had to translate,everytime the chorus came alone she told me to shout 'Highway to Hell'! Charming,and me an inncocent middle aged lady,LOL!

So tomorrow being Xmas day,hope you haven't forgot,I am going to have a full house. Jen's parents will be here,along with Jen's sister,husband and their two children,not forgetting my niece: her boyfriend will join us later in the day. I have been warned by Jen not to use staples to wrap the gifts this year. I have no patience for wrapping gifts. Last year Jenny's Mum pricked her finger while unwrapping the gift I gave her,everyone laughed,including Jen,right up until the moment she pricked her finger while unwrapping her gifts. However on a serious note the day after Xmas day sees the hunt take place in our area,my niece and I will be out protesting along with some friends,could get a bit nasty this year! So if anyone wants to start a fund for bail money I would be most grateful.

So my friends,'have a good one' as they say in these parts and be safe. Jen and I wish you all a great Xmas,be safe and be happy;and if Xmas is not really your thing,just remember that we are heading towards the spring again,and then the SUMMER. So,must dash,going to make oven chips to go with our Pizza,hope Jen brings a double Pepperoni with crispy bacon...YUMMY!

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Views: 112 · Added: 32 days ago

some silliness for spankers and spankees, smiling is best!

2 sea turtles sexually assaulted a snail

in court, the judge asks; "ok, who started it what happened?"

snail; "I don't know your honor, it all happened so fast"


Anyone ever hear of Adolph the brown nosed reindeer?

He can run as fast as Rudolph... he just cant stop as fast

A guy bought his mother in law a cemetery plot for Christmas

The next year he didn't get her anything

Mother: "why didn't you get me anything for Christmas this year?"

Son: "you didn't use the present I bought you last year"

Monica Blewinsky starred in a recent military gang suck porno "20,000 pricks of seamens semen"

Monica was asked if some members that she serviced reminded her of former president Bill Clinton

Monica: "close, but no cigar"

Hope you all smiled!

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Views: 102 · Added: 32 days ago

Marie went to her doctors appointment today and called me to say that her water broke. She is not contracting yet, they are going to take her Cerclage out and take it from there. Once it's out, she could go into labor or she may need some help, at any rate with her water breaking the baby coming is indeed imanint. I am currently waiting for our old neighbors to come and watch our daughter, and will keep everyone in the loop. Please keep us in your thoughts and send us some positive vibes, thanks :)

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Views: 129 · Added: 32 days ago

to all spanker and spankees!

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Views: 109 · Added: 32 days ago

Poor Ravyn68 never learns...again busted for not tidying up the kitchen, putting away the dry dishes, and washing the few pots and spoons and flatware in the sink. Just can't seem to wipe up the coffee drips and grinds from the counter either! Her excuses are "but I've been working, and daughter was visiting" Tsk tsk tsk.
Just sounds like a bit of a lazy bottom again....seems as though another trip with the Titan paddle AGAIN to put some heat on the seat. Maybe a good spanking on that bare butt, will make sitting in front of the laptop a bit of a squirmy situation, and behoove Ravyn to get up and keep the kitchen tidy like she's supposed to

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