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I was spanked by dad tonight who is on here. I was spanked for lying to my mom about doing my homework when I didn't. I got spanked on the bare bottom with a paddle and a hair brush hair brush on my bottom and sit spots and the paddle on my bottom. I am not able to sit it hurt to the point of not being able to feel my bottom. The pictures are post in my pictures. Also dad had me take off my pants and boxer ( don't judge there comfy) and put them on my chair so I'm sleep with my bottom bare for the night. It was a lessened learned.

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I have learned a valibale lesen today.Nothing can be taken off the internet. So I should watch what I do with my personal imformarion. I had posted my email on here and then I gave to some one and they searched and found this site.

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Well I haven't written anything in a while
But I feel I must to exercise a demon

A couple of years ago I had 2 men who were like father's to me die one of them being my father

Last year no body died but I had love ones dealing with life changing medical problem (cancer,diabetes and such)

I was hopi get this would expect a good year
I played baseball and one of my best friends was one of the pitchers
I was the catcher and if you know baseball you'll understand the relationship
After games we started singing together and weren't bad so we formed a singing duo
He got a job and had me hired twice including get the company I've worked at for the last 25th years

Back in February our manager for the team had his mother pass away
I told my friend that the wake was that night and he said I'll see you there
He didn't show up and I found dead out when I got to work he had a heart attack and died

I've never been so broken by a doctor event
I wake up and it's my first thought and I got to bed and it's my last thought
And it turned out he died the same day as my father just 2 years later

Spank Amber
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I have deleted all the pictures I posted except for one album where the lovely model allowed me to use her pictures. As I stated in a previous blog I would NEVER infringe copyright knowingly. So I will not be posting anything else. With apologies to those, like myself, who ENJOY photos of the tawse striping naughty bare bottoms. As I am not fortunate enough in my own real life to enjoy it's pleasures whether giving or receiving I am unable to supply my own for everyones pleasure.

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My marks are fading faster than they should have so I will be facing another spanking on Friday...

Spank Amber
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How I always thought of the domestic discipline lifestyle is more of a direct appoarch to your partner to keep them in line but always showing respect to one another and lots of talking during the situation for instance if you see your partner falling behind on priorities you give out a motivational spanking to show how much you care for them to succeed, If being moody and irrational give out a lecture spanking as I call to let the spankee know that thinking with logic and being rational is the way to go in life because it can harm you and the ones you love and also making better decisions and are close to and final the bratty attitude I see this as more of you need to straighten up spanking thing because you can't go around acting an ass to people and expect them to like you (I met people like this) this is to teach the spankee to humble themselves so they can attract friends that they can trust in the long run this is cheesy lol but these are my thoughts whats yours

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I wonder which is worse otk,paddling,belting,or caning it funny how punishment evolve over the centuries

Spank Amber
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Seagulls squawking not too far away. The sound of cars passing by along Clarence Road from time to time. The missus walking heavily along the hallway…

Me in my dressing gown sitting up in bed. A little weary. Not keen on going to work in about an hour and a half.

Thoughts. Goals. Fantasies.

What to do in life?

Lose weight. Get a new job. Get a full time job. Get a well-paying job. Well, better than I’m paid now.

Money. Power. That’s what motivates me according to a career analysis assessment I did a few years ago.

Yeah, fantasies of money, being rich, having power. Fulfilling my dreams.

Fears. Illness. Stroke. Heart attack. Cancer. Death. Loss of loved ones.

The woman, mother, upstairs shouts at her kid.

Better to believe in a lie than nothing. Scrawled in red felt tip on a sheet of A4 and secured to the fridge door by magnets. The paper is getting curly now. Stained. Been there a while. Since 2007.

Voices in dreams. You can’t win in this life but put off losing for as long as you can. Heaven is a place where it is permitted not to understand.

Better to believe in a lie than nothing.

I can’t die because I can’t conceive of a world in which I don’t exist. To conceive is to be alive. Aware. Conscious.

Life is an end in itself. There’s no f in life. Lie.

No truth. No lies. Only value. Style. Beauty. Ugliness.

Pleasure is the discharge of tension.

Seagulls screeching. Jonathan Livingstone Fucking Seagull.

Fear. Love. Lust. Deceit. Anger. Sadness. Memories. Hypocrisy. Greed.

Cowardice. Pain. Pleasure. Charm.

Sifting. Sorting. Coming-to-terms-with. Moving on?

Nobody really gives a fuck about you except relatives and close friends. Street smart. Book smart. Both. Neither.

Don’t piss off people who can and will do you harm.

Delete. Delete… delete.

Re-live the past. Life slices. Random. Sordid. Truth. Lies. Nobody cares.

Nobody cares. Get it? Nobody fucking cares!

Got it.

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Haven't done one of these before. Where to start...

So I received a spanking the other day. Truth be told, I've been getting quite a few spankings recently. Apparently it's a lot of work to discipline me, etc etc. But that's a different story for different blog post.

I went out the other night, as I normally would. I got there, met up with friends, and the good times commenced. However, I didn't let Miyah know I had arrived, and subsequently didn't speak to her for a few hours into the night. That is a big no-no. To make matters worse, I've already been spanked for that before, so it wasn't gonna go down well. To make matters even MORE worse, she called and texted a couple of times, and I didn't respond. Not purposely of course; I didn't see them come in. Miyah tends to worry when I go out late, so I wasn't surprised when, after finally getting in touch with me, she proclaimed, (PROCLAIMED!!) that a spanking was in my immediate future.

I was fortunate enough to not be seeing her the following morning, so I had a bit of a respite. Miyah tried to talk to me about it, and have a serious conversation, but for some reason (blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol) I treated it as a joke. I would make flippant comments, giggle at inappropriate times, and laugh at my own jokes that weren't even funny. Dumb shit like that. Eventually, it started to annoy her (as you'd expect), and so that earned me an extension to the punishment.

And what a punishment it was! When I did see her the next morning, I knew I was in for it - we had breakfast and chilled and enjoyed each other's company, and she only mentioned it once all morning, if that. Definitely a sign that a serious whoopin' was ahead. Then out of nowhere, she told me to head to the bedroom and wait in the corner. Just like that! So I did. A part of me wanted to ask which corner - you know, seeing as the room has four of them - but my self-preservation instincts ruled against it. She appeared in the room a few moments later and told me to pull my trousers down and lay on the bed. With a (perhaps ill-advised) sigh, I acquiesced.

Then she pulls out the phone charger cable! "Do you know why you're here?"

I hate that question. But I answered, detailing my list of offences for the world to hear.

Then the spanking began. The cable hurts like a f***er! It definitely was not easy to stay in position, but after a few warnings, I managed to maintain it. She stuffed pillows under my waist to expose my bottom that much more, making sure I couldn't clench as effectively as I would have liked. Not that she tolerates that sorta thing anyway.

The punishment carried on for an eternity. There or thereabouts anyway! The tempo steadily increased until it hit a rapid pace, and then stayed there. Every now and then I would contemplate asking (BEGGIN') her to stop, but my pride forbade it. The pride during spankings thing is something else I need to work on, but it's definitely getting better on that front. Besides, I knew I deserved it.

When she had finished, I was sent back into the corner. I wasn't sure if the spanking would continue after, or if it was truly over. It was the latter. Thankfully. She applied some lotion on my bottom and reassured me that I was forgiven. That always reminds me why I love this life so much - the absolution of transgression. As much as it hurt, it was earned and 100% makes our relationship stronger.

Can't be mad at that!


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I'm looking to make another self spanking video and I'm taking suggestions. What would you like to see? What kind of spanking? How hard/much/and with what?

Spank Amber
562 views · 28 days ago

It's nice to know people can explore their kinks and share it with others of the same interest lol

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To whoever it was who complained to the site admin about a photograph I had posted here which infringed your copyright I sincerely apologise. I wish that you had messaged me directly so that I could have done so personally and I would have deleted it myself. Now I have no idea who or what it was that i wronged. I was a professional photographer for over 40 years so I understand copyright and respect it 100% so I would never break it intentionally. If any of the images I have posted offend anyone please say and I will remove them. All images I post are taken from the internet and any copyright notices contained in them are maintained and were presumed from there location to have been placed in the public domain. Again you have my sincerest apologies.

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I am actively searching for spanking partners. Will travel a modest distance or I can host here near Niagara Falls, NY. Would you like to be spanked bare bottom while looking at the Falls? I am a switch as well though I prefer being the Dom. I can take a hard thrashing. I prefer spanking women but may spank a guy (I am very particular). Ages18-55 and maybe older if you present well
Hit me up if interested

Spank Amber
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Note - I updated my avatar from my Little Red Schoolhouse avatar to one of me. Might change it to a pic of my bottom, but I thought I'd try this out.

A new friend here at SpankingTube messaged me earlier that I must have spanking on the mind, and indeed I do! I've been busy trying to turn this passion of mine into a career, although I have much more work to do. Here's what I'm up to in regards to spanking today:

Video: My sample clip of the caning from "The Breaking Point" went live here this morning. It's just a little preview but I have great memories of this caning and how when it was supposed to be over, I asked for more. That wasn't scripted, that was just me reaching my subspace.

Pictures: I added a new photo album featuring our implement collection. Most pictures so far are just of the implements themselves, but I need to take more pictures so I'll try to include some with me in them.

Writing: A new post went up on Blogger today about how we obtained our newest equestrian dogging bat:

More writing: I'm trying to put a mini e-book together for Amazon. I'm torn between writing something new and using something I've already written, so my brain is swimming with spanking stories.

Fantasies: I'm thinking about our newest tawse, which is actually a Scottish antique from the 1940's/1950's and was definitely used. We cleaned and conditioned it, and it feels amazing on my backside. I would love a session with it later, but Mr. W's shoulder is hurt. Too much smacking my bottom around, apparently! But I can still fantasize...

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For those that live the domestic discipline lifestyle what are the things that you like best about it?

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I am still getting spanked even though I am 18

Spank Amber
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So many people messaged me or asked on the blog for me to answer what's been up my butt, that I answered it myself too, so if you want to know, read it and find out, I attached a few photos too. It's a pretty long list! People are having a hard time finding my response and photos, it is on the previous blog, the original, "What's Been Up Your Butt". Go to my profile page, go to my blogs, and there it is right before this one.

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Hello All,

So I have finally returned from my cruise, and while I am happy to see Scott soon, I really want to go back to Mexico. The vacation was even better than I planned and I am sad to see it go. I will definitely be taking another trip soon.

When I came home from classes today, I checked my mail only to find a heavy, wooden, hairbrush style paddle with drilled holes in it waiting for me. I had forgotten that I had ordered it out of curiosity before I left for vacation. I tentatively went upstairs and tried it out on my hand. Now I am beginning to think I made a mistake because it stings like nothing I've ever felt before, even a light smack on my palm. Because of some attitude and minor mistakes made on the cruise, I will be feeling it in full effect as it is applied to my bare bottom later this week. I am very tempted to return it or throw it away but as I have already told Scott about it, that isn't really an option.

All I know it that by the end of the week, I will have a very hot and sore bottom from this paddle. Wish me luck. I'll be sure to write another entry to let you all know how it goes. I have been considering adding an after spanking picture to my entries, is that something anyone would care about?

Also if anyone is in the market for such a paddle, the one I bought was only about $11 all together and is pretty high-quality. The link is provided:

XO Belle

Bad Tushy