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We both find it incredibly satisfying when he fucks me in my ass. Althouse I am not ready right away, he takes the time to use my special toy to get me going; to spread me out and lube me up. When he knows I am ready, he removes the toy and replaces it with his now ready and throbbing cock. It feels so good that I press face down and lift my ass higher so he can enter me more fully. This movement gives him what he needs as he throws my arms out of the way and pushes my head and shoulders down farther in to the pillow. I can tell he is near release as his fingers dig tight into my skin. I can feel them slowly release the grip as he quietly leaves me laying there, panting, trying to catch his breath. He knows I have not reached my release yet so he slowly and delicately flips me over on my back and reaches over to switch out toys. He grabs a normal dildo for me and a bulbous butt plug for him to use on me. As I enter myself, I can feel him enter my ass. He presses my toy to my top wall, right at my g-spot. It only takes a minute or two rhythmically grinding together to get me to my 7th heaven. As son as he senses that I am near, he slowly pulls out both toys and I get to work on my clit. As soon as he is out, my juices overflow in a cascade of pleasure and release. As I lay there panting and recoverong, he gathers all of the toys to wash, rise and put them away. He brings me a warm washcloth and gently washes me off and dabs up the small pool of juices I was in. He returns me to my panties and tucks me in, ensuring I am securely wrapped in my blanket and pillow cocoon, gently and softly kissing me on the forhead. "Good night sweet babygirl". "Goodnight daddy" are the last words I remember before I blissfully drift off into a safe and deep slumber.

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I been reflecting on my last blog through out the day.

I was a sub who was foolish to some things that took place.
I have learned so much from my experience and am now accepting things for what they are.
I learned how to fully submitt with passion.
That I require discipline in my life.
The need for self-discipline in oneself as well.
That I can rise above any situation that comes my way.

But most of all, I learned that I am a QUEEN in my own right, and deserve to be valued. and loved by myself, and others.

Have a good weekend everybody. I am going to spend some much needed QT with family.

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Hey everybody just checking in to say hello and tell you the struggle is real lol. I’m going through some things right now and I have to deal with things in my own way, but when shit like that happens to me it just allows me to get better!!!! I’ve never been a quitter because I’m a winner before I’m anything.

But yeah, life has a way of throwing you a lot of curves and when that happens you just have to hold on….so that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I just had surgery on Wednesday to get some tumors removed. Another little cancer scare, but I’m not going to give up. I try to laugh at things because I’m at an aaah right now, but I can admit I cry a lot.

I go to sleep before 7pm sometimes, and it makes me feel better, because when I’m sleep all I have is my dreams, and my dreams are usually better than my reality. But like I said I deal with things in my own way. I’ve been trying to build myself back up. Also I’ve been told I have a thyroid issue, but that explains why I’m so tired all the time….that and my being a anemic of course lol.

Despite all the things I’m going through physically, I am going through more mentally…and that’s what I’m trying to work on now, because your mental issues can affect your physical issues to a great degree. But I recently started a new class on Tuesday at school, and I’m still waiting on my final grade. Right now it shows I am at a 90.66% but that’s without the grade for my final paper, and a 90.66 is an A-, so my final paper is 25% of my final grade so it can make me or break me.

Honestly it was a rough 5 weeks because of everything else that’s going on in my life and I know had I been feeling better my grade would’ve reflected that. I don’t get anything less than a B ever! But I usually get A’s….i like those better! ;) But yea just wanted to pop in and say hello to my spanko friends and see what you guys have been up too. Hope you all enjoy your weekend…xoxoxo TyGrr

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Today I began to prepare myself to take my state board for my STNA. I am very proud of myself for pushing myself to study as hard as I have. I am praying that I pass it with flying color. I may not know when the state is going to schedule my test but I know I will be prepared to take when the time comes. I am so focus on my health and my learning that I am not allowing anything to stress me out. I am going to study, study, and study until I reach my goal that I have set for myself. Any advice on how not to get distracted my life little problem.

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Chloe ripped the paper covering off the exam table and threw it in the trash, pulling forward a fresh one. She picked up the patient folder from the slot in the door and brought it to reception to stand in the lobby door. “Janice Wilson?”
A pregnant woman stood and ambled toward her.
“Did you leave your urine sample yet?”
The woman looked at her blankly.
She stifled her sigh. It’s only the test I have you do every time you come in. “If you would please step into the restroom there, you’ll find cups on the counter, and the instructions for catching a clean urine stream are posted on the wall. Simply apply the label the receptionist gave you to the side and put it in the pass-through window for me to pick up.”
“Oh,” Janice said, looking surprised, as if she hadn’t already done this at least eight times in the past six months. “Okay,” she said, taking the cup.
Pregnancy sucks the brains right out of women. Either that, or Irontree OB/Gyn practice attracted the city’s most air-headed patients.
“Chloe, someone just threw up in Exam Room 3,” Dr. Reinhart said. “Can you clean it up, sweetie?”
She used to bristle at the endearment, which she found condescending, but Sandy Reinhart called everyone “sweetie,” including her ditzy patients, so Chloe had grown used to it. All doctors had a habit of holding themselves above the rest of the population, in her opinion, so it pretty much went with the territory.
For someone who worked in the medical profession, she had a low opinion of the people who ran the show. Not that she didn’t think her bosses were completely capable and knowledgeable about their field. She just hated Western medicine—the way doctors made patients feel so powerless, becoming the only authority over their bodies. Like when women had Cesareans or inductions scheduled based on the doctor’s availability, rather than when the baby decided to be born. She was pretty sure she’d have a home birth when the time came. But, of course, that would require a relationship. Preferably with a man who wanted to raise a family with her. And she had was sorely lacking in that department.
“I’m on it,” she told Dr. Reinhart.
She steeled her stomach as she opened the door.
A pale-faced woman sat on the exam table, holding a plastic tray for any additional vomit. “I’m really sorry,” Pukey McPreggers said, looking embarrassed.
“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’ll have things cleaned up in a minute here.”
Puke was an occupational hazard at Irontree—women with morning sickness often lost their breakfasts, lunches or dinners on the exam room floors.
She mopped up the mess with paper towels, then sprayed the area down with disinfectant and wiped again in record time.
“See? No big deal. Can I get you a cup of water or something?”
“Yes, that would be great,” the woman said weakly.
“Sometimes just keeping food in your stomach can help, even though that sounds counter-intuitive when you’re feeling queasy,” she offered, giving the advice she’d heard the nurses give one hundred times before.
“I know, I totally should have eaten breakfast this morning, but everything just sounded gross to me,” the woman laughed weakly. “But I’ve learned my lesson.”
“Do you want me to find you something to eat now? A granola bar?”
“Um, sure, I’ll try that, thanks.”
“Okay, be right back.” She zipped out, knowing Ditzy Prego and her urine cup would be waiting. She found Janice standing outside the bathroom, looking uncertain. “Sorry, I had to do a quick clean up. If you’ll just follow me, you’ll be in in this exam room on the right.” She ushered her in and took her blood pressure, jotting the results down on her chart, then excused herself, dashing back to find a granola bar and deliver it before putting on gloves to dip the test stick into Ditzy’s urine sample.
She rushed back to her exam room, but Dr. Drake, the man she privately referred to as “Dr. Dreamy,” had already arrived and was looking for the patient file.
“It’s right here,” she said breathlessly. “I got a little backed up with a clean up in Room 3.” She tried to ignore the piercing blue gaze with which the doctor fixed her. He had a way of looking at her that made her feel completely bared to him. As if he saw past all her cheerful, eager-to-please pretense and read her snarkiest thoughts. Anytime she inwardly rolled her eyes at patients or the doctors in his presence, she sensed his amusement. To top it off, he always seemed to guess where she was and what she was up to. Every time she tried to text friends on the job, he was the doctor who caught her.
“Thank you, Chloe,” he said, stretching out his hand. Their gazes tangled when he took the file, locking a moment too long.
She sucked in a breath before she tore them away, flustered. “You’re welcome,” she managed. As always, she turned a little stupid in his presence, his good looks and authoritative demeanor making her palms sweat. And he probably noticed that, too, since she was sure he saw through the rest.
It was Friday, which meant the two nurses and three of the four doctors in the practice cut out by noon. As the only Certified Nurse Assistant, she didn’t get to flex her time, but she didn’t mind. She liked it when the clinic was quiet—it gave her more opportunities to do her own thing while the one remaining doctor was closed in with patients.
She checked the board to see with whom she would be working that afternoon. Dr. Dreamy. A thrill of excitement zinged through her. Being alone in the clinic with him always made her knees go weak.
The hours flew by while they were busy and by afternoon, she was ready for time to slow. “Well, it’s just you and me, kid,” Dr. Drake said when they passed in the hall.
“Yep,” she chirped.
Yep. Brilliant, Chloe. That was the best she could do? She wished she had the ability to pop out witty replies. Or somehow impress him with her amazing CNA skills, but the tasks in a gyno clinic didn’t really give her the opportunity. She had a friend who worked at the hospital as a nurse assistant and received free movie passes every time she saved a life. Now that would be exciting. Cleaning up puke, not so much.
They continued through the afternoon and by four o’clock, she found a chance to slip out the back door. She had a pack of smokes she and her best friend Leigh Ann had bought to share at the bar that weekend. She didn’t consider herself an addict—more of a social smoker, particularly when she drank, but having them knocking around in her purse made the temptation too great. She should have given the rest of the pack to Leigh Ann.
She pulled out a Natural American Spirit and lit it. Only organic tobacco when you’re trying to get lung cancer. Smoking made her think of Leigh Ann, so she dialed her number at work.
“This is Leigh Ann,” she said in her very business-like tone. She worked as a graphic designer for an ad agency.
“Hey, girlfriend.”
“Hey, what’s up?”
“I’m just taking a quick smoke break at work.”
“You better not let those doctors catch you smoking, they’d probably fire you on the spot.”
She giggled. “I know. I’m so bad. And I’m working alone with Dr. Dreamy today.” Somehow the idea of being naughty while under his watch gave her more of a high than the nicotine.
“Ooh, lucky you. What’s his scoop, anyway? Is he married?”
“Divorced. I don’t know if he has a girlfriend, though. All I know is I’d get in the stirrups for him any day.”
The sound of a deliberate throat clearing nearly made her throw the phone down with her cigarette as she sprang to her feet and whirled around.
Dr. Drake stood with his arms folded across his chest and eyebrows raised but she thought she detected amusement flitter over his face.
“I-I’m sorry,” she stammered. “Are you finished already?” She dropped her phone in her purse and pulled out a little bottle of rose water, spritzing herself to remove the smoke smell. As if it wasn’t already too late to hide the evidence. “That was the last patient, right?”
“I don’t know,” he said. “Whose job is it to keep track?”
“Yeah,” he said slowly, turning around. “That’s kinda what I was thinking.”

When Dr. Darren Drake catches his Certified Nurse Assistant smoking behind the clinic and gushing on the phone about him, he decides she requires punishment: an embarrassing examination including anal play. Playing around with an employee opens him up for sexual harassment charges or getting kicked out of his practice, but when Chloe asks for more, he just can’t resist.

Despite working in an OB/Gyn clinic, Chloe hates doctors. Their know-it-all God playing rubs her the wrong way—until the man she refers to as Dr. Dreamy shows her giving up control might fulfill fantasies of submission she never knew she had. He seems to enjoy torturing her in the most delicious ways, but he also reduces her to stammers and blushes, which makes it hard to get to know one another. Can he use his dominance to remove all semblance of control, leaving her with no option but to obey and show her true heart?

Publisher’s Note: this short novella contains elements of medical BDSM, including anal punishment, spanking and erotic sex scenes.

$2.99 on Amazon

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Some time ago I wrote a story called Silver Service. A friend told me recently that it is her favourite of my stories, so I thought I would write a sequel. Here it is (At last! I know, it took ages). If anyone woould like to read the first story then it is at

The maid stops outside the room, and pauses. She is feeling some trepidation. Taking several deep breaths she knocks on the door. A surprisingly confident knock, no sign of the butterflies that flutter in her gut at all.

Silence greets her knock. Should she knock again? She decides yes, and again knocks confidently on the door.

Again, silence greets her knock.

She decides to wait. She feels somewhat foolish standing there by the door, a bit like a naughty schoolgirl outside the headmaster's office.

Suddenly she hears a voice from inside, "Come".

As she enters she pauses to evaluate the scene. The paintings on the wall depict just one subject: maids in uniforms just like hers being spanked, in a variety of ways. Some of the paintings are quite old. She realises that the club's maid uniform hasn't changed in countless years. Clubs like this love their traditions.

What a strange detail to notice, she thinks. She is doing anything to avoid looking at the man standing before her, or the pair of canes laid out on the table.

Suddenly she hears his voice.

"You know why you are here."

A statement of fact, not a question. Nevertheless, she decides to answer.

"Yes, I do. Sir."

"I see you admiring our paintings. They are all true life scenes. Soon I will be painting my own picture, on your bottom."

With this he picks up one of the canes.

"Now, stand before the wall, straight before that picture." He is pointing with the a painting of a maid being caned.

She stands before the painting, hands clasped together in front. As she waits she cannot help but to admire it. The quality is first class. The artist has captured the scene with great realism, and impressive attention to detail. She cannot help but imagine what the poor maid was feeling as the cane lashed down. She counts the stripes; twelve distinct lines. And perhaps there were more to come.

She wonders how many stripes she will have all too soon.

The wait goes on. She notices the smell of the room, predominantly wax polish (there must be an awful lot of polishing to do, with all those oak panels and the huge oak table) yet with a hint of cigar.

Still, she waits. The butterflies are fluttering harder.

Finally, a command: "Turn around."

She does, and stands demurely before him. She looks down rather than meet his eye.

"Look at me."

She looks up at him. He is...exactly what she imagined the club President would be. Older, distinguished, immaculately dressed and with a clear air of authority. He is a man who is used to giving orders, and seeing them obeyed, that is obvious.

He studies her too. He knows that she is no ordinary maid. But he can see it too. She acts demure, yet he can tell it isn't her normal state. He thinks she looks confident, successful.

Suddenly he pulls out a chair and sits down. "Pull up your skirt, and remove your knickers."

There isn't much skirt to pull up, for it is really quite short. He sees that she has black underwear to match the black uniform, and savours the sight as it is removed. He hadn't met her before, but he must admit that this maid was everything that he had hoped and more... Still, he better not let himself be distracted from the task at hand.

"Now come over my lap."

The next minutes will be etched on her mind forever. Perched across his lap, his hand meeting her bare bottom...getting up, being told to bend over a leather armchair...the smell of it... the wait for the cane...the sound of it cutting the air... the first agonising stroke...the wait, before the next...

In all it is eighteen strokes. Eighteen strokes, each more agonising than the last.

Afterwards, as she stands before him he tells her what is next. She must serve the members in the lounge downstairs. She may replace her skirt, but is not to put her knickers back on.

She remembers her last visit to the lounge quite vividly, and rather fondly. In fact, very fondly. Thinking of it again simply ramps up the feelings of arousal currently within her another notch...if that is possible.

Some fifteen minutes later the maid enters the lounge, carrying a tray of drinks for the members. Glasses of champagne. She scans the room as she enters, and feels too the room scanning her.
She notices the artist at the front of the room, facing the members and working at his easel. Slowly she makes her way around the members, delivering the champagne.

Finally she delivers the last glass, to the club President, who has just entered the room. At that moment he claps his hands together, and the expectant murmuring in the room subsides.

The President turns to the maid.

"Now go and fetch the cake from the kitchens".

The maid heads directly to the kitchens, where she finds a huge birthday cake bedecked with candles. It is a magnificent cake, beautifully iced. It is rather unusual for a birthday cake in that it depicts a naked bottom with distinct red tramlines etched across it. She laughs, thinking it is probably a club speciality.

When she returns, the President directs her to place the cake on a low table which is between the members and the artist.

"Perfect, now blow out the candles." One good blow does it. "Now, hold that position still" he orders.

She obeys of course, still bending. It is hard to imagine anyone disobeying his authoritative tone.

Two days later

She signs for the parcel and eagerly rushes to close the door. She quickly rips off the paper and looks at the print. She can't believe it, it is marvellous. She is the centre point, yet the whole scene with the members behind looking at her; the wood panelling, paintings and the fireplace are included. Looking at herself, the lower of her stripes are clearly visible for her skirt had ridden up as she bends to blow out the candles. She runs her finger over it. She imagines she can almost feel the raised ridges of the tramlines.

"The original is in oils, and I bet you can feel them on that. It will make a great addition to the upstairs room at the club." Henry says. "The President told me he would like to show it to you personally."

"Darling. " she replies, "You can still feel the true originals right here."

With a smile, Henry leads his wife upstairs.

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I have been in cyber spanking relationships at top but never as the bottom. Any one interested in an exsperiment

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Women are more attracted to men who pay attention, someone who remembers details about them without having to be reminded.

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Has anyone else struggled with asking for a punishment ?? like knowing if you ask for it that It will be worse because you asked for it knowing you cant beg for it to be over when you your self ask for the punishment in the first place ??? maybe its just me but I did receive a punishment last night an he went pretty easy on me so I don't feel that I in fact learned my lesson .. But yet again don't want to ask to be punished .. Undecided ..

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Do you ever wonder at the peculiarities of our desires? Since last evening, I've considered going to American Sewing Expo, Maker Faire, and Bondage Con, and checked Meetups & Fetlife for social events. I'd happily go to Board Games, Beach Bonfires, or Meet&Greet&Beat gatherings. It makes me chuckle at life's absurdities.

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After a few minutes, she pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. “Adam, are you still going to spank me?”

“What do you think, Angel?”

“I think I’d feel better if you did.” Tears started to slide down her face again.

He smiled a weak smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes and guided her over his lap. She allowed him to adjust her to his liking. Her bottom was up over his right knee, her feet barely touching the floor. She was grateful that he allowed her to rest her head on the bed. He wasted no time in starting her spanking. The first swat landed hard on her left cheek. Even through her pajamas, the pain was immediate and she cried out. He continued to apply hard, even smacks to her backside. She was soon kicking and trying to avoid each spank. “Hold still, Madison!” he ordered. “You’ve earned this spanking and you will have every last swat!” His anger from the previous night was beginning to resurface and he was really letting her have it.

She tried to do as she was told, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. Then, as quickly as it had begun, the spanking stopped.

“Madison, I hope you are learning that I will not tolerate you being irresponsible with your safety. You are much too important to me for that. If I have to blister this little bottom of yours every night for a week, I will until I’ve made my point. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Adam!” she wailed. “I’m sooorrrrryyyyy! Please, I can’t take any more. Please!”

“Oh, yes, you can and you will. I’m only getting started here, young lady. When I’m done with you, you are going to remember this lesson every time you sit down for quite some time to come!” He punctuated his last declaration with another stinging slap to her already sore bottom.

When he finished his tirade, he took her pajama bottoms and pulled them down to her knees. Her panties came down next. Her stomach lurched. She didn’t think she could stand even one more swat. And he was only getting started? She seriously doubted that she would make it though this one. Before starting again, he repositioned her so that her bottom was over his left knee. He allowed her legs to fall between his then he clamped her legs between them to prevent any further kicking and wiggling. She was totally at his mercy, and unfortunately for her, he wasn’t feeling very merciful this morning. He was going to make sure that this was one lesson that would not need to be repeated.

Adam drew back his hand and let it fall hard on her exposed right cheek. She immediately cried out as a new level of pain hit her. The assault on her behind continued relentlessly until Madison couldn’t take any more and her right hand flew back in an effort to protect her poor behind. This didn’t even slow him down. He simply moved down her behind and began to spank her very tender upper thighs. She screamed with the new pain, very quickly got the message, and removed her hand. Without missing a beat, he returned to her bottom and continued about the business of painting it a very angry shade of red.

Madison felt herself on that edge, about to slip into hysterics when Adam stopped once again. This time, he stood her up and led her to the bed. He positioned some pillows in the middle of the bed and ordered her to lie across them. She did not move immediately and hesitated near him, wanting desperately to delay the inevitable. Her mind was racing trying to think of something, anything that she could say to convince him that she would never do this again, that he didn’t have to do what he had planned. Her hesitation was rewarded with several sharp smacks to her bottom, and she quickly gave up the stalling and lay over the pillows.

Madison didn’t need to look behind her to know what was happening next. The sickening sound of Adam’s belt being drawn from its loops was unmistakable. Maddy thought she was going to be physically ill again. He didn’t say a word, but drew back and let the leather do the talking for him. Maddy was immediately crying in pain and begging for Adam to stop. He was hearing none of that and continued bringing the belt down on her bottom relentlessly. After 25 or 30 of the hardest swats she thought she had ever endured, Adam stopped.

When the spanking ended, Adam immediately pulled Madison up onto his lap and into a tight hug. She buried her face into his chest and continued to sob for quite some time. The sound of her misery tore at his heart. He knew that he hadn’t stayed his strength much and that she would be sore for quite some time. He rubbed her back gently and tried to comfort her.

“Shhhh….Maddy….please don’t cry any more, Angel. It’s all over. I love you, Baby. You’re forgiven. It’s okay. Shhhhh…I love you.”

“I’m so sorrrrrryyy, Adam. Truly, I am. It won’t happen again. I promise.” She smiled weakly at him.

“Well, Sweetheart, I certainly hope it doesn’t. I don’t think your bottom could take another session like this one. And my heart can’t take another night like last night. Please don’t ever do that to me again, Maddy,” he said, looking into her rather exhausted eyes. He took pity on her and helped her into the bed and took his place beside her. He wrapped her up tightly in his arms and held her close while they both fell blissfully asleep.

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After a while, she came back and fell back into bed, ready to stay there and sleep the hangover away. Adam was having none of that. “How about some breakfast, Sweetie,” he asked. She didn’t have to see his face to hear the smile audible in his voice. He was enjoying this. She cussed him under her breath and slowly got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen with him. He made her some dry toast and black coffee, and sat them in front of her. When she crinkled her nose at it, he gave her a stern look and simply said, “Eat.” She took it for the order it obviously was, and made an effort to get the food down. As they sat silently through breakfast, she kept stealing looks at his face, trying to gauge just how much trouble she was in. His face gave nothing away, making her even more nervous. She wished he would just start yelling and get it over with. Yelling, however, was not what he had in mind.

After she finished her toast, he reached over and took her hand in his, and with the other he tipped her chin up so that he could look into her eyes as he spoke. “Young lady, we have some things to discuss, don’t we?”

“Oh, please, Adam, not right now,” she whined. “I feel badly enough already. Please… can’t this just wait until tomorrow?”

“I’m afraid not, Madison. Now, I want you to go back to our bedroom and wait for me. I’ll be there in a minute. While you are waiting, I want you to think about what could have happened if you had gotten behind the wheel of your car last night.”

Madison’s heart sank. She knew there was no point in arguing with him. She had learned the hard way that arguing only made things worse. She got up from the table and slowly made her way to their room. Once there, she sat on the edge of the bed, nervously biting her lip waiting for him. She hated the waiting and was positive that this was exactly why he made her do it. He didn’t make her wait long this morning, though, and her heart began to pound as he came in the room, closed the door behind himself, and joined her on the bed.

“Maddy, tell me what you’ve been thinking about.”
The absolute truth was she had been thinking how very much she did NOT want a spanking. Knowing better than to share this little fact with him, she did her best to give him the answer he was looking for. “I know that I had too much to drink last night and I was going to drive home that way. I should have called you for a ride, but I didn’t.”

“Well, young lady, that’s a good start. You could have killed someone else last night, or you could have killed yourself. I couldn’t stand it if you ever did anything to take yourself away from me, Maddy.” His voice cracked as he finished the sentence, and the reality of what she had done began to sink in.

“Oh, Adam, I am so sorry!” Tears began to flow. “I am sorry I made you worry, Honey. I’m sorry I didn’t call to let you know I was okay. Most of all, I am very sorry that I didn’t call you and let you know that I needed a ride. I don’t know what got into me.” She was sobbing uncontrollably at this point.

He took his wife into his arms and held her as he softly chuckled. “I know exactly what got into you, dear. I think from the receipt that fell out of your pocket last night, it was about 5 rum and Cokes.”

She continued to cry. “I know, I know, Adam. I swear, I didn’t mean to drink that much! I won’t ever do it again. It was just such a horrible week. It felt good to let it all go.”

“I know it was a bad week, Madison, but that’s no excuse. In fact, it’s no excuse for any of your horrible behavior last week. I love you, Sweetheart, and I am always here to listen to you if you want to talk about what’s going on at work. But I am not here for you to treat like dirt on your shoes because your job has put you in a bad mood. Is that clear? “

A fresh wave of guilt overtook her as she thought about how horrible she had been to him. She shook her head that she understood and continued to cry. “I am so sorry, Adam. Really I am. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

Her cries broke his heart, and he held her tighter. “Shhhhhh, Sweetie, please. It’s okay. I’m glad to hear that you aren’t going to be putting yourself in danger like that again. I love you so much, Honey. Shhhhh…it’s okay. I just need to make some things clear to you.” He held her tightly until she was able to pull herself together a bit.

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At the restaurant, the last of Madison’s co-workers were leaving and she reluctantly decided that it was probably time to get home. She glanced at her watch and was shocked. It was almost ten o’clock. Her stomach did a little flip as she realized the trouble she was probably in. However, in her condition, she found it hard to truly care. Stumbling through the parking lot and finding her car, she took her keys from her purse and fumbled to put them into the lock on the driver’s side door. As she was about to open the door, two arms wrapped around her from behind and her small hands were taken into his. Before she had time to scream, she recognized his voice as Adam leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Little Girl, you are in so much trouble. Give me those keys, NOW!”

She spun around to find him giving her a very stern “boy are you gonna get it” look. For some reason passing understanding, she found this very funny began to giggle. Not seeing anything the least bit funny with the situation, Adam took his wife roughly by the arm and marched her to his car and placed her inside the passenger side. He reached in and pulled the safety belt across her, snapped it into place, and stalked around to the driver’s side.
The drive home only served to fan the flames of Adam’s anger. The whole way home, Madison rambled on about her evening like nothing was wrong. She didn’t even think to be sorry for her behavior, for making Adam worry, or for very nearly getting behind the wheel of the car in her inebriated condition. Adam didn’t say a word to her. He simply fumed. Hearing her talk, slurring her words, and giggling over nothing, he knew that she was entirely too far gone for her to understand why he was upset.
Once home, Adam helped her get out of her clothes and into bed. He realized that trying to have a discussion with her at this point would be a futile effort, at best. That discussion would have to wait. He helped her under the sheets and pulled them up over her. “Good night, Maddy,” he said. Her only response was a soft snore. He smiled and looked down at the face of his angel. God, he loved this woman. He was so relieved that she was okay. He didn’t know how he would go on if anything ever happened to her. But she was fine and sleeping peacefully here in their bed. He slid in bed beside her and pulled her close to his chest. There would be time for other discussions tomorrow, but for tonight, he was thankful to have her safely in his arms where she belonged. He took in a deep breath, drew in her scent, and drifted peacefully off to sleep.

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It had been a crazy week at work. There had been critical deadlines to meet and irate customers with which to deal. Madison was physically exhausted and mentally drained. So when her friend at work suggested a stop at a local restaurant for happy hour, the thought really appealed to her. She called Adam to let him know that she would be a little late getting home. Adam was aware of the pressure she had been under and the week she had been through, so he didn’t balk at the idea of her blowing off a little steam with her coworkers. Perhaps it would help to quell the foul mood she had been in all week as well.
“I won’t be long, Adam. Seven o’clock at the latest,” she told him.
“Have fun, Sweetheart. I love you!” he replied. “Oh, and Maddy??? Behave yourself.”
She smiled. “You know me.”
“I sure do, Angel. That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” he teased.
She hung up the phone still grinning. To say that Adam was the love of her life didn’t quite do the relationship justice, for Madison felt it was much more than that. He was her very own personal miracle, sent to rescue her from herself and her often-times self-destructive ways. Adam was gentle, caring, and very protective of her, but he also held her accountable for her behavior. He wasn’t one to sit on his hands when she was being reckless, irresponsible, or just simply being a brat. The first time he pulled her over his knee for some much-needed correction, she was almost too shocked to even fight him. She did, however, recover from the shock as the pain began to build, and she began to fuss, fight, and cuss him for everything she was worth. This didn’t dissuade him from his mission, he easily handled her and she was one well-spanked young lady that evening. Since that time, their relationship had grown and they had reached an understanding. Madison would work on taking care of herself, meeting her responsibilities, and curbing her sometimes nasty attitude that was often accompanied by a rather foul mouth. When she came up short, he was right there to take her in hand and remind her of her responsibilities. This was not something she ever enjoyed, so she worked hard to avoid it at all costs. At first it was simply that she wanted to avoid the considerable pain. As their relationship developed, it became more that she wanted to do everything she could to avoid disappointing him. She hated the look in his eyes when she knew that she had let him down. It hurt her almost as much as the punishment that would surely follow. Recently, she had behaved very well and had managed to avoid being spanked for several months –somewhat of a record for her. As she ordered the first round at the bar, she was blissfully unaware that the streak was about to come to a painful end.

The evening started out like any other evening out with the gang from work. But as the second and third rounds were delivered, Madison found herself completely relaxed and without a care in her head. She liked the way it felt. She liked it a lot. Seven o’clock soon came and went and Madison was still going strong. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she knew she had had too much, but she just couldn’t seem to make herself care enough to stop. She was having a good time, the week from Hell was fading away, and she was feeling no pain.

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Bored. Hyper. Not a damn thing to do here in Mayberry.

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How and when can you differentiate the two?
After almost 3 years of thinking I was a sub/slave, I'm wondering if my title was fool.
I was told different than what others were told. I was also told these people were lying. So I made a fake profile to investigate what I knew all along. They was not the ones lying.

So I ask again. Sub or fool.

Masters PlayGround.

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So Ive managed to stay out of trouble some what for that last two weeks .. Although we do regular spanking every Monday to keep me in line we have not done them for one reason or another .. I was really tired last night an, was half way a sleep when I managed to piss off my husband , im not even a hundred percent what I said to him to be honest but he got up an left the room soon after I fell asleep .. when I woke this morning I realized he was upset with me .. so after he left for work I ask why an he hasn't yet told me but did say I am in trouble. an I no that if im not punished regularly I tend to get a bit sassy .. so im wondering what I should receive for my poor behavior ?

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Although your brain is only 2% of your body mass, it burns 20% of your calories daily.

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13 évesen rossz fát tettem a tűzre ezért kikaptam nagyon élveztem amikor a fenekemet verték el nadrágon keresztül azota nagyon izgat a spaking de ennek adását partnert keresek aki alaposan elfenekel akár redszereségel

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1) Where's the best place to get spanking-friendly (i.e. open back) garterbelts in sizes that will fit men?

2) Don't laugh - this is a serious question. Where can I get my rear shaved? I can't quite manage it by myself since I can't really see what I'm doing. And I don't think I'm up for one of those wax things. Will the people who do those shave you instead? If not, who will?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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