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Oh, the joys of one hand clapping,
Slapping, slapping, making red.
Oh, the joys of bending over,
Thighs with sighs of happiness.

Will she, won't she, raise the cane,
The slipper, strap, before again,
The hand caresses, tenderness's,
Show she's the one who knows.

Sub or dom are words not needed,
Such relationships receded,
As sensuality succeeded,
And both are making love.

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I found this lovely bit of leather today while cleaning out my elderly father's closet. It needs some TLC, which it will recieve at my favorite boots and belts restoration shop. It was made in 1950 and will be returned to the supple, kid glove leather it was designed to be.
I can attest to the fact that it has never been used on me.
I suppose that makes it a virgin? But oh I have dreams for breaking it in and changing that status once and for all! The mere thought of feeling it's burning impact on my bare skin gives me the most delicious shivers, goosebumps and longings.
Not just anyone can weild it.
He will be special, experienced and understand that I crave it like water in a desert.
Anyone else get a visceral reaction to the photo or is that my own personal ecstasy?

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The bell is about to ring... Hope everyone is on time!

Drinks after at my place.!
No Missy she is quite busy.. So this should be a great night! Come lets party!

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I have uploaded 2 new a continuation of the grounded
series this caught sneaking out !!

Second vid is Hand Tawsing by Miss Beltem after she heard about the masturbating after spanking issue!!

Apologies for limited space during this one room is out of action
for decoration work.


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Every now and then, I get lonely and think "where are all the UK spanks?" And I think "I know, I'll join FetLife!" And then I spend ten minutes on FetLife, and I'm like "Taxi!!! I don't care where, just drive! Drive!!"

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Since I had my new piercings done, I had noticed the lowest one on the left sometimes got caught when I was walking, only happened to the one on the left.
I could feel it get a sharp pull, then notice it would be bleeding a bit. When I did a wee, sometimes it stung, obviously where there was a small tear.
I had come to the conclusion that even though I loved the bigger diameter ring, I think I need them smaller.
Since G had his PA done, we've discussed how thick we want our rings eventually, we want to get to gauge 4 or its classed as 4 mm, so the time had come to order the next size up. We thought doing it one step at a time would be better. Though this way is more pricey.

But over the last few weeks, the area around the lower left ring has been inflamed and sore, I'd been putting on the cream my piercer recommended but it wasn't improving. Plus it seemed like the amount of skin over the ring was less than the other side. I was beginning to wonder if it was being rejected.
I looked in the mirror and it seemed like there was a deep line/scar from the centre on the labia to where the ring was now. I asked G to look at it and he agreed, it was definitely being rejected.

I decided the next day I had to visit my piercer. I took a small ring with me, ready to ask him if he could swap it, and maybe it would be ok.
My piercer looked at it and said it had definitely moved, you could see the original hole, and the line was where the ring was being pushed out.
He said the chances are, because you've felt it tug and pull when walking, it's been enough for the body to decide it didn't want it there.
He swapped it to the small one, and said all we can do is wait and see. All the others were great.

That was Thursday of last week, the next day, I noticed there was less flesh again over the ring. By Sunday I decided as it was uncomfortable, I might as well take it out as it was definitely rejecting, but I buy the hinged ring, I think they are called. Basically I didn't like the ball, so these ones you pry them open and the little section comes off so you can take the ring off. We didn't buy one of the special tools you need to do it, so I was going to have to go back to my piercer to remove it. I now intend to buy one, as G found nothing that could work and he was worried he may hurt me.
Monday I was looking after my niece for the day, as school didn't start until Tuesday. I say looking after her, basically she sat watching stuff on her iPad, so I could watch my stuff on tv. She was starting high school, so no more young kiddie programs anymore. But I could hardly take her with me to my piercers.
So I was going to wait until Tuesday.

Until I had my shower and went to bed, I was spreading cream over the area, went to hold the ring to make it easier and it literally popped off. It was weird, I mean, this ring has just come outta my skin, no blood, no sore, nothing.

I'm so disappointed, and now I'm lob-sided and I hate things not being equal. But I didn't want to loose the other ring on the right side. Knowing how much it hurt to have them done, I wasn't wanting to repeat it again.
Luckily he said if it does come out, it doesn't mean it will happen again. So once it's healed, I can have it pierced again.
I would have to wait to start stretching though, but I suppose it depends what gauge we are using at the time, to whether I can pierced on a smaller gauge or using the gauge we are on then. But the thicker the gauge is, the more painful it would be.

We will have to wait and see, but for now, I will have to walk around lob-sided.
But I'm definitely going for a much smaller diameter, to fit snug around the labia but still room to put a padlock around.
I'm hoping we can go this weekend to change all of them.

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You can read my blog here:

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Mandy is a hot half Asian girl. Her anthropology professor has her on a special assignment to study the effects of CP on the psychological well being of errant females.

Because her grades have been slipping, Professor M has promised to give her an "A" this semester for her willing participation. For Mandy, "willing" is an understatement.

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Would like to be lucky enough to find a strict female Mistress/Domme.Online relationship would be great.If anyone would be interested,please inbox me.

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hope to be unblocked by my sir... miss him so much

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shes a real amazon, and very obviously in charge. I love pics in which the spanker is plainly enjoying them selves. Spanking with a smile is very sexy. Sadly I can't find any pic of happy looking male spankers, perhaps we need to lighten up, and not take it so seriously. You can still be firm and dominant without looking like you're sucking a lemon .

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new kik and skype


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Am unable to post pictures on here. Follow me on Instagram; Nattylifter087

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DirtySerf loves anal play, dildos, fingers, cock, she can't get enough. She much prefers anal to vaginal.
Over a good few months Master was stretching her vagina and her anus.
DirtySerf has still not managed to fit her Master's fist in, only getting to knuckles, her skeleton frame is very small even though she is a BBW.
Each time Master managed to go a little deeper. DirtySerf cried and gave little shrieks and screams, it hurt so bad.
Master slapped her butt when she screamed, telling her she needed to relax and stay still, it will be much easier for them both.
After months of stretching, they were both feeling the fist slowly push into her ass, all his fingers disappeared, then those knobbly knuckles that hurt so badly as they passed the tight ring of muscle. Then slowly the hand started disappearing, until his was in up to his wrist.
At that time DirtySerf was not enjoying this experience yet, she waited until the pain eased, that day it didn't really. She hoped that each time they did this, she would start to enjoy it.
Though she felt incredibly proud that Master got his whole fist in, and hoped he would be proud of her too.
He couldn't wait for the next time.

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Was very busy yesterday so finished the sketch today.

DirtySerf was in trouble yet again.
Why ?
1. Bought clothes and hid them, pretending she had them for ages. Forgetting Master checks the bank statement.
2. Argued in the phone whilst Master was in work. Ending with her telling him to " piss off, you're nothing but a pain in the arse ". Master replied " I certainly will give you a pain in your arse. "
3. She deliberately wrote lines that were not set. Instead she gave lines as to why she got really pissed off at Master. And why she should be able to do things she wanted.
4. Finally, she repeated something she had previously done. She smeared Deep Heat cream over his cup and on his cutlery. When he asked why he could smell Deep Heat, she said she put some over her back to see if it eased her pain. Hoping this was enough to convince him. It was, as his mouth, tongue and lips were burning. He looked at DirtySerf to see her trying not to laugh.
He was furious, sent her to bed immediately.
For two weeks, Master was very firm, but did not punish her. He came home from work, she had to take his shoes off, put them away, make his dinner, serve it, clean up. He gave a list of instructions for chores he wanted doing daily. And sent her to bed at 7pm every night. No TV, only allowed to read her kindle for thirty minutes.
She hated this, begging him to just punish her, get it over with, but he ignored her pleas.
Then one night at bedtime, he came up to see her, with a new toy in his hand. A Beaver Tail Paddle. It looked thick, heavy and nasty.
This would be the start of her daily punishment for 2 weeks. The Beaver Tail was as she thought it would be, it felt as harsh as his belt, only hit a wider area. The paddle, followed by the high impact cane was enough to make her cry, scream, kick hysterically. Thirty minutes later it was over, he smeared cream over her ass then made her bend over.
He bought a nozzle that fitted over a tube of Deep Heat. He squirted a v big load of cream up her ass, then she was told to go to sleep. No Kindle time, she had her punishment instead.
After two weeks of this every night, DirtySerf decided she would never do those things again. She was so sorry, and Master forgave her. Secretly Master always found some of her bad behaviour funny, as he knew there was Deep Heat on his cup and cutlery. He decided to go along with it, watching her face. She really was a very naughty little minx, but he loved her loads for it.
Anyway they both knew, it would only be a matter of time before she's in trouble again.


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I will be offering double sessions some time in October for one day only and I am also looking for (paying) filming slaves for us for the following day. The lady in question is Mistress Baton and this will be her first visit to Scotland from South Africa, she is a beautiful disciplinarian who canes extremely accurately and hard. If you would like to be caned by us both then you must be experienced to a high level and preferably known to me.

If you are interested in any other types of double sessions then you can always request this but please bare in mind that other fetishes are at the discretion of both of us and that we reserve the right to refuse.

Mistress Baton will also be in London in October and she will be offering private sessions for a couple of days. If you are a London slave that is known to me and has had at least one favourable session with me, then I am prepared to vouch for you.

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The response to the airing of "Beach Girl Spankings 2", on, has been great. So great, in fact, we're now airing another episode, "Beach Girl Spankings 3".

The first segment features two girls who are local to the Tampa Bay area. And in the third segment in this episode, a hot girl from Chicago takes her bikini bottoms down and gets three good, hard spankings from Tierre, at our beach house!

This episode, "Beach Girl Spankings 3" is airing in its entirety, all September (2017) long!

Let me know what you guys think, after you've watched!

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I like that you share with your experience spending time in cage...Very interesting feelings...You naked and can't go any where..Master can do other things until he need his slave.

153 views · 20 days ago

HI, this is Qing. A Chinese student in Maryland to attend collge. I am a sophomore in Economics major. I want to find spanker near and to be his/her spankee. I think I need discipline.

Feel free to chat with me friends!


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