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The moment he pulls your panties down...


yet exhilarating...

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There was a 14 year old teenager named johnny who had a best friend named stevie. One day stevie came up to johnny during break at school and asked Johnny if he had ever thought about skipping school for a day. johnny said no and asked why. Stevie said that his cousin had tickets to an amusement park and asked if they wanted to go but sadly it was on a school day. Johnny knew if he skipped school there would be serious consequences after he did so johnny said no that he would be in so much trouble if he did skip school. After a while stevie talked johnny into skipping school that one day. When the day came for the boys to go to the amusement park the boys got dressed and acted like they were going to school. After the boys left their neighborhood they ran to stevies cousins house full of excitement. When they got there they were off to the amusement park. But they boys had no idea that the school would call their parents asking if they were ok because they were always there. After Johnny's mom got the phone call johnny's mom called stevie's mom to inform her. Stevies mom had a meeting to go to so she gave jonny's mom to discipline stevie the same was johnny's mom was going to punish johnny which is a belt spanking. Later on when the boys came home at the time they usually do they were talking about how fun the amusement park was and was surprised to see johnnys mom sitting at the kitchen table with a very angry look on here face at that time stevie knew johnny was in serious trouble and said he had to go. But to his surprise johnny's mom said not so fast stevie i talked to your mom already and she gave me permission to punish you just like johnny so guess what you both are going to get a belt spanking but not only that but a bare bottom belt spanking. Now while i run and get the belt from my room you two are to take your pants off and wait for me. Johnny did as he was told and told stevie to do the same or it would be worse. Stevie took his pants off after hearing that and they waited for johnny's mom to return with the belt. while they waiting stevie asked johnny if it was going to be bad a johnny said its going to be worse then bad its going to hurt vcry very badly. Stevie has not been spanked in a while and turned pale after hearing that it was going to be very painful. Johnnys mom returned with the leather belt in her hands and saidyou boys are going to watch each other get spanked andjohnny would be first and told johnny to bend over the beack of the couch. Johnny did as he was told and his mother began to spank him with the belt after a few swats Johnny was already crying but staying in position and begging her to stop she did not stop however. After a while stevie could see johnny bottom turning dark red with johnny crying and screaming as each swat with the belt made his behind feel like each swat was setting fire to his bottom. Finally what seemed like forever johnnys mom stop and told johnny he may get up and go stand where stevie is but no rubbing. After she said that she told stevie to come bend over the couch just like johnny was. Stevie did as he was told and before he knew it the swats began he didnt cry for the first several but as his bottom got reder and reder and sore he because to cry and tried to block the spanking when he did that johnnys mom said move your hand stevie you just earned harder swats. He did as he was told and after the first harder swat he let a scream of pain out and johnnys mother continued with swat after swat until stevie bottoms looked to her satisfaction she then told stevie to get up and go stand by johnny but no rubbing or else. After stevie got by johnny both boys still crying johnnys mom walked behind both boys to make sure it was to her satisfaction but gave each of them several hard hand swats on each cheek to make sure the lesson was learned. Both boys were bawling and johnnys mom said they could put their pants back on a go to johnny's room to wait for stevies mom to pick him up. the boys never skipped school again.....

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I know messages like this are a bit cliché but I do wish everyone and those they love best wishes in the new year to come. I turned 60 this year. Wow, how time flies. I am a full time rideshare driver, so tonight will be a big night for travel. It is raining a lot here in the LA area where I live. Everyone be careful out there wherever you are.

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I hope that everyone out there has a happy new year. Hopefully, you will get your butts warmed by some hot spanking and get some delightful aftercare!! Take care and stay safe everyone!!

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As the title says, fuck this year for many reasons. Had several great times myself but overall a crap year in many aspects. Regarding politics and world events at least. But on the bright side, a lot of it reinforced my misanthropy and L’Étranger (Albert Camus) attitude towards the world in general. Another positive is that 2016 brought me closer to finding a rock I enjoy rolling uphill like the rebel Sisyphus from Greek mythology.

So, I leave you with my rendition of the song Partytime by 45 Grave. The zombie version from Return of the Living Dead of course. Another thing I have grown tired of over the past several years are some of the more severe videos where the theme was someone being caught with a cigarette/pot/drugs/drunk. That's the kind of thing that would make me give a girl a reward spanking. Unless she brought crap beer, weak weed or sugar instead of some other white powder to my house to celebrate New Years.

With that, have fun ringing in 2017, be as irresponsible as you can be. If we believe in nothing, if nothing has any meaning and if we can affirm no values whatsoever, then everything is possible and nothing has any importance. The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

Stoned and young, bratting again
Cruising around, spanking that ass
Drinking beer, while driving fast
Just how long, will her booty last?

She'll dance naked, on your grave
Her darkened soul, is Scorpio's slave
Trippin now, acid in my brain
Panties coming down, to drive me insane!

Do you want to party?
It's spanking time!
We got a party!
It's strappin time!

Oh! Naughty girls never had a chance!

Shifting gears, slapping ass
My spanking party will always last
Paid our wage of sin today
Let's see what the belt has to say

Do you want to party?
It's spanking time!
We got a party!
It's strappin time!

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I have been away for a while, but am back in the "swing" of things (pun intended).

It's time to march the girls back to the head of the class for some much needed discipline. Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed my 3D art over the years and have left some great feedback. The next generation of pictures will be a step above what I have done in the past.

Technology gets better over time and now it's getting more difficult to tell the difference between art and life. I sincerely hope you all stay plugged in to my blogs and feel free to send me any suggestions or requests if you have a scene in mind.

I have a large collection of work which isn't posted here. Most of my art is available for free as a labor of love, but it costs me time & money to produce these. If anyone appreciates my art and is willing to make a modest donation via PayPal, I will gladly send you a complete zip file of the last 2 years of all my art work. Please message me if interested.

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am I the ONLY person who finds it odd that this site shows it has 90,320 users .. yet no matter what time of day or night.. weekend or weekday.. holiday or not... we NEVER have even 60 users on at a time?.. mostly its 30-40... I find that VERY odd.....

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I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you had a good 2016.

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If you do Not have a profile or activities my only rule is for you to interact publicly or private. Don't just voyeur.

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Please inbox or openly give Feedback to my posts/pics/ vids. My attribute is absolutely NO JUDGEMENT AT ALL ZONE. Any fears thoughts or fantasies no matter how dark or embarrassing release them on me. If my vids put you in a certain place reveal it to me. I want to be an outlet for those holding back.

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Well after 2 or 3 months without getting spanked, today things are going to change. My wife has bought a new long handled wooden bathbrush from the Body Shop and I am going to be spanked with it before leaving for new years.
I am quite excited about this, because I will be laying over my wifes knees, while she is wearing her tight black leather pants and that always excites me.
And I soooooo need to have my bare bottom spanked good and hard.
But the hard surface of the new wooden bathbrush also scares me. It is going to hurt and sting bad getting spanked today. I am sure I will end up sobbing long before my wife stops spanking me.
Tears never stop my spanking, only my wifes satisfaction that I have been punished good and hard will.

More detailed description of my spanking will follow soon.

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I would like to wish You a perfect ending for 2016 :-) and Happy New Year!
Take care and enjoy life!
Big hug

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Just on the way to have a laser caning of the year in Birmingham. 46 with cane followed by 12 with a paddle. Need to see more of the fab m2mcp and other fab masters in 2017.

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I'll let Calvin do the talking for me. hope you all have a great 2017

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Can anyone know how to make my butt hurt? Like i want the sting to last longer. And give me lists of spanking tool to use

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Wear your stripes proudly....

You earned each and every one...

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such a beautiful depiction of a Dominant with His submissive…

the way He is clothed and she is naked….

the way she has opened herself to Him….

draped across His lap….

arms limp beside her….

legs spread pussy exposed….

the way He cradles her in the crook of His arm….

His hand able to caress her face….

His lips on hers….

tongue pushed into her mouth….

His other hand touching her in a place only He is allowed to touch her….

such a lovely dance to music only they can hear….

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IF u have sent me a friend request and I have denied it ( for whatever reason) PLEASE DO NOT send me another.......each time I deny I get a - on my popularity.. I'm at -459 not that I really care but come on.. please don't resend requests... thank you in advance..And for a heads up.. I do not add anyone who doesn't have a filled out profile complete with pic .. I refuse to talk to a shadow.

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To celebrate a happy New Year we have put lots of our videos on sale this weekend for everyone to enjoy! Not just spanking videos either!!! We have lots of videos spanning several different kinks. There is something for everyone!!! Please stop by and take a peak!

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If you're a nsughty you boys must be spankedf

Her First Punishment