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He stood over me, waiting for me to comply. I searched his eyes for any hint of mercy.

"NOW." He repeated.

I was already crumpled at his feet with mascara stains and a darkened bottom. I watched anxiously as he doubled the belt over and snapped it loudly.

"Okay, okay, I will do it." I surrendered.

He knew I was not telling him that I was about to lay over the bed to take my spanking.

"I will make the call."

It was a half-whisper. I reached for the phone that I had shoved out of his hand just a moment before.

"I know you will." He said confidently, "After you take your punishment."

I was already reaching across the bed to grab my phone, so it didn't take much for him to yank me up onto my stomach and lay me out across it. I twisted as quickly as I could, trying to turn over before his belt made contact with my skin. He grabbed me tightly by the hair and pushed my face straight back down into the mattress. He held me there tightly until I finally stopped squirming.

The anticipated blow had not come. "Repeat after me." He demanded, squeezing my hair tighter than before. "I will never meet someone from online unsafely again.."

I immediately repeated his words, and hoped that my compliance would be taken into account during that spanking that was sure to follow.

"If you lived here, you would be grounded for a month." He hissed in my ear.

"I know," I admitted. I tried to begin an apology, but it sounded so repetitive I stopped myself.

Suddenly I bucked upward in pain as a fiery sting zinged through my backside. I flung my hands backward to rub furiously at my burning skin. I heard the sound of metal clicking before I ever realized that one of my wrists was now caught in a cuff. I tried to pull away as he lifted both wrists forcefully above my head. He was so much stronger than me. The cuffs wrapped around a bar on the headboard and secured my hands far away from my helpless ass.

"That's what happens when you rub without permission."


I screamed that I was sorry after the very first painful blow and begged him to stop.


He did not respond to my screams of protest at any point during the beating that followed. He was silent as he threw his strength into one horrid strike of the belt after another. I twisted and pulled and clenched my legs only to learn that he could correct my position with small nudge.

When I clenched, my thighs were punished harshly.


He was deaf to my pleas for him to stop. To please let me make it up to him. That I would do anything he asked.

Each sentence was finished with a CRACK of the belt against my bruising bottom.

Finally, I lost the energy to fight. I sunk my face into the pillows and sobbed, flinching each time a new beating met my bottom.





They had become rhythmic, never breaking time long enough for me to regain any composure. Just one. After another. After another. My gasps of air filled the silence in between.

After many more lashes against my tender skin, he released my wrists and let the belt fall to the floor. I lifted myself off the bed and looked up at him. Snot dripped from my lips. Mascara smeared across my flushed face.

"I'm so sorry." I sobbed.

He leaned over my sprawled out mess and rubbed my back. "We are almost finished, sweetheart."

"Almost?" I couldn't take one more thing. I knew I couldn't.

"Who are we calling?" he asked, pointing to my phone

"I am so so sorry, sir." I plead. "I promise I will be responsible. I promise you. I learned my lesson, I did. Please don't make me call right now."

"Young lady, I can still restrain your wrists right back to that bed. Are you sure you want to test me right now?"

I sighed in defeat and shook my head.

"How do we respond?"

"No sir."

"You need to be obedient, young lady. I should not ever have to remind you how to address me at this point. You know what to say. Now. Find someone to call."

He released my wrists and handed me my phone. With the belt and paddle marks still fresh on my skin, I complied with his request and began looking through my contacts.

While I scrolled, he gently tugged at my arms and repositioned me so that I was draped over his lap.

I looked back at him nervously.

"Don't worry sweetheart," He reassured me. "I only have lotion."

I relaxed, allowing myself to hang limp over his knees as he massaged my broken flesh. I hung there for a long time, with my upturned bottom exposed like the spanked little girl that I was. His hands working me over felt so renewing. He let me relish in the aftercare for a long while before telling me that it was time to make the call.

I tried standing up to adhere to his request, but his hand pressed firmly against the small of my back.

I tried again. He pushed back harder.

"You can call from right there." He said.

I did not think I could be more humiliated than this. It made me sick to think about making the call like this, lying bare across his lap with a bruised bottom. I bounced nervously on the only foot that could reach the floor, questioning if I could work up the courage.

"Now, Em." His voice was growing impatient.

I scrolled through my contacts nervously, and stared at the name I was daring myself to ring.

More than a few seconds must have passed, because I felt a hard thump on my backside. "Don't make me start counting."

"Okay," I whimpered and somehow I willed myself to push call.

"It's ringing." I reported.

"Put it on speaker."

He wanted it on speaker?! What? I could not do this, but the phone was ringing. What would I say? My anxiety was building with every ring. I heard the line connect and immediately pushed, 'End'.

"I'm so nervous." I exhaled.

Another thump landed across my backside. "Dammit, Em. Give me the phone."

I hesitated long enough to endure another resounding SMACK, and hurriedly handed him the phone...right as it began to ring.

I gasped in horror when I heard him answer. "Hi, this is Em's phone. Sorry, she will be here in just a second, who is this?"

"Okay Chad, just a minute."

My stomach dropped. That was NOT who I was going to call. I looked at him shaking my head vigorously.

He covered the mic. with his hand and leaned down toward me, "I am going to put this on speaker hand it back to you. If you do what you are told, I will stay silent. If you are disobedient, you will be spanked while you are on the line, and it won't stop until you explain what is happening and why. Understood?"

"But he's not.." I began to whine.


"That's a warning." He hissed, shoving the phone into my hand.

Humiliated, I took the phone. I was horrified at the possibility that my friend had overheard any of the exchange.

"Hey Chad, It's Em."

To be Cont.

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Mr. Stern reluctantly drove Erin back to Mistress Raven's estate. He did see her in and kissed her, sweetly, good-bye. He held her dainty white hands, in his, and said, "I don't want to let you go. You've reduced me to an awkward schoolboy."
She smiled, warmly, and leaned in closer to whisper, "Don't you know, you already hold my heart, in your hands? As well as my bottom." She giggled, eyes twinkling.
His hands squeezed hers. "Yes, I guess I do. No dates, Erin. I couldn't bear the thought of it."
Her face clouded, and a worry line appeared between her brow. "There has only been you, But Mistress..." Her eyes fell and she looked so sad. "I feel the same, but..."
"Never mind, Precious. That's all over, now. Raven knew, before we ever met.
We are a match, just as she dreamed. She's gifted, at love. That is why, she must be there, to match the young, at the Fair. A love match is essential to their success."
The sensual Mistress, entered the room.
"Hello, Gregory, my darling Erin. I trust it was a magical night. Don't worry, you two! She was never meant to serve. I knew, as soon I laid eyes on her, she would be yours. I will not stand between you. You will have my blessing."
Stern, swallowed dryly. Marriage!! Was he really going to take this girl to be his wife! He'd met her only yesterday, but yet he could not imagine another day, without her. He felt no anxiety, nor trepidation. He felt certainty. Yes, yes, he was. He'd found her! He grabbed her waist and spun her around, her silky hair, fanning out in the air, as they turned, laughing. They were so happy. There would be so many things to do, but there would be time for plans. He needed to get back
"I'll call you later, Erin."
"Yes, yes, Gregory... I'll be waiting."
Stern's head was spinning, as he drove towards the escarpment, where the King house was. He felt butterflies in his stomach.
He'd left Samantha, early yesterday. He hoped the rest had helped her, through withdrawa. He did feel a little sorry for her. While she had made many bad decisions, she still had time to change and the guidance to do it. The feelings, he thought he felt for her, had vanished, after his night with Erin. He just couldn't be with her anymore,in that way.
He feared another blow, would send her reeling . She was emotionally fragile. She had stopped maturing, when she got involved with boys and drugs, both just a salve for her wounded heart. He'd have to be gentle and he'd have to talk to David King. What could be done for her?!
His gut told him, the basement stay wasn't going to help, unless someone was there, all the time. None of the men, in the upper circle, had that amount of time available. David wanted her punished, but Stern thought she needed help. He thought, then, that maybe he cared enough to do it, but everything had changed. He phoned David.

"David King..."
"It's Greg, listen, I've got to talk to you about the girl."
"Is everything alright?"
"Well, as far as I know, but I've just come from Raven's."
"I see, too tired, for more?" David said chuckling.
"No, David, you won't believe it, she's found me a match! She's wonderful, and so beautiful!! I can't believe it, but it's true."
"Well, Greg, I'm so pleased for you, but that changes things.... Doesn't it?"
"You know it does. I guess I could continue, as her disciplinarian, but, you know, it's hard to change roles, midstream. She's confused, as it is. I'm afraid it would cause her further harm."
"Yes, yes, I see your point. So we find someone else, or release her, I guess.
Let me think about it. What about Raven, would her and Poe, take her on? At least she'd have a chance of finding a match."
Greg thought for a moment, "I'm sure she'd be willing, for a price, but she's going to awfully busy, getting ready for Mid Summer. You could just send her to rehab and home to the Mother- Maybe give her one last shot at school...probationary, of course. ", said Stern.
David thought, "Well, talk to Raven. See what she says. How do you think she's holding up?"
Greg frowned. "The girl's a mess. She's in withdrawal and I believe she's depressed. I'm afraid it'll all go bad. I'd talk to the judge and get her into rehab & some counseling. No point sending her to jail. We could see, where she is, at the end of it. At this point, she's not fit to intern. You may just have to cut your losses."
"If I had the time..." David said, "I could help her, but my plate is full. You talk to Raven and I'll get Judge Stone on the phone. We'd have to get the charges dropped or get her a conditional release. Rehab is probably, the best immediate option, but let's see what everyone has to say. We can exercise her contract, anytime, in the next seven years. I'll call Dr. Harris & get him out to the house, to see her. Let him give us some options & we'll come to a decision."
"Yes, okay then, David. We'll talk tomorrow."
"Just give her a good, hard spanking tonight and put her to bed. Don't tell her anything. I'll do that, when the time comes. Thank you, Greg & congratulations!"
"Thank you", Stern said smiling. "It's going to take me a minute to get used to the idea, but I am quite happy."
"Just don't drop the ball, on the Fair. I'm counting on you;".
"Nothing to worry about, David. It'll be great. Bye, for now."
"Talk again, soon."

Stern pulled into the garage, and got out. He stretched and yawn, feeling the fatigue, from his busy night. He grinned, thinking about his green eyes lady. He went to his quarters, there. It was a nice suite of rooms. He showered, shaved and dressed, in jeans and a pullover. He called to the kitchen, to ask for lunch.
He texted Erin a little message, and went downstairs. He told the housemen to bring his lunch downstairs. He'd eat with Samantha.
He entered the room through the bath, and found her moping, on the bench. The yoga clip was playing, but she wasn't participating. It didn't appear that she'd showered since yesterday. The clean clothes were still stacked, in the bathroom.
"Get up, sleepyhead!". She'd not noticed him before, but her face lit up. Oh, good, you're finally here! Where have you been? It's so boring, here. You can't keep me here, like this! "
"Slow down, Samantha. You're talking a mile a minute."
"Well, I've been so alone!", and suddenly, tears were streaming down her face. "You all left me.". Stern studied her, she seemed off. Giddy one minute, crying the next."
"Sit down, Samantha " He pulled a chair up in front of the bench. Now what is this all about? You aren't a child! You are being punished and You know why. Why haven't you showered? I left you books and videos. Yet you choose to sit and do nothing! Are you sick? Is the pills? Going without?"
"I don't know", she pouted, sullenly. He felt her head. It did feel a little warm. He found a medical kit locked, in the desk.
He found a glass tube. It contained a rectal thermometer and a foil pack of lubricant. He sighed, he'd have to do it.
"Come here. Lay on your tummy. I'm going to have to take your temperature, in your bottom."
She whined a little, but did as he asked. He pulled down her panties, and applied a little jelly to the end. He separated her cheeks, and inserted the thermometer into her bottom. "Now, lie still." He gave her bottom a good slap, as he walked away.
He found the lunch trays in the dumb waiter, and brought them to the table.
He went back to the bench, but the thermometer was out. Either it fell out or she pushed it out. "Samantha, I told you to be still."
He once again inserted it, a bit further, this time, into her bottom, he kept his fingers on it. It wouldn't be coming out on its own, again. He wasn't really sure how far to push it in. He pushed it in a little farther. Tapping the top with his pointer.
Samantha's bottom was marked, but healing. He knew it was almost time to get it good and hot again. He did like to spank her, but this time he didn't feel his cock stiffening, as he thought about it.
He tapped again on the glass tube, making sure, it was fully lodged up her little hole. He glanced at his watch, and removed it. Wiping it clean, with a tissue. No, no fever. That was good.
"Let's have lunch." He pulled up her pants and swatted her fanny, until she got to her feet. He gave her a few more, as she walked to the table. She didn't react much. What was going on with her?
They sat and talked, as they ate their BLT sandwiches. He was not so strict today. He wanted to observe her behavior.
When lunch was done. He sent her to shower. While she was gone, he chose a nasty little rubber strap. He'd have to motivate her to get up, everyday. This might do it. He slapped it against his leg. Even through his jeans, it stung. Perfect! He would give her a little strapping now, and then maybe just a bare bottomed spanking, before bedtime.
He entered the bathroom. As she emerged from the shower, he grabbed her arm. Now, young lady, you will get up, shower and dress every day. You are not on vacation. Holding her arm was a little slippery! She was wet and naked. His other hand snapped the rubber strap across her cheeks. Oh how she howled!! Oh, yes, that was very good!!
He whipped it again, and got her , as she was stepping! The strap, fluid and flying through the air, caught her again, across the legs, as she was trying to escape it, but he had her. Snap, snap, snap, went the strap. It left a wicked red welt, wherever it landed.
"Oh, please, Sir, I'll do it, Sir. Everyday, I promise...OW, SNAP. .. OW, SNAP!!!!!
She was crying hard now. He was impressed with that strap, what a little devil.
"Okay, now. You may get dressed. He rubbed his hand across the red markings. They had some height, already. Very nice!

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He slapped her ass with authority as she writhed on his lap. SLAP SPANK! She had been over his knee for what seemed like hours, receiving a good old fashioned spanking. "Please sir, I can't take much more", she whined, as he continued giving her exactly what she wanted. See, she had been misbehaving all day in the office. Not filing paperwork and refusing to clean up her desk and work area. The last straw was when she purposely spilled coffee on his desk, ruining a report he had worked on all morning. They often played and teased throughout the workday. Plenty of sexual tension between them and quite often a good spanking administered when necessary.
SPANK SLAP SLAP! "Now, now, my little naughty girl. You have been asking for this all day, in a roundabout way. Now you've got your round bottom at my disposal, to correct your behavior!".
His hands were strong and she felt the sting chase up her spine and tingle between her legs as he spanked her sore bottom.
He slipped his left hand up under her throat, bringing his fingers close to her mouth. He traced her lips with his fingers and offered them to her inviting mouth. "No more whining. Here's something to suck on while I blister your backside".
She worked her hot mouth over his large fingers and whimpered as he spanked her. Sucking his fingers, she whimpered and moaned as she felt his cock grow hard underneath her.
"You seem to be enjoying yourself", he said. "If you continue to be a good girl, maybe I'll give you something better to soothe that hot little mouth of yours".
She moaned as she sucked and felt herself becoming very wet as he heated up her bottom with continuos fury.
He was beyond turned on at this point and slid her off his lap and instructed her to kneel in front of him. He offered her his thumb to suck, as he reached to unloosen his belt. She couldn't take her eyes away from the bulge in his pants as she wrapped her lips and tongue around his offering.
He took off his belt and looped it around her neck, while instructing her to put her hands behind her back. The excitement was starting to make her perspire and breathe faster.
He took out his cock and stroked it in front of her face, gently touching her lips with the tip of it.
She opened her mouth to accept her gift but he kept it just far away enough, just to feel her breath warming him. He pulled tighter on the belt, then stroked her cheek with his now throbbing cock and said, "in time, princess, be patient".
She knew she was in for an interesting afternoon........
To be continued

Spanking Teen Brandi
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Bonjour, ami (e)francais (e) n hésite pas a laisser un petit mot.... Biz

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I'm that girl who will act up for negative attention every once in a while... I'm that girl who feels the need to push buttons if I'm feelin naughty... I'm that girl who needs to belong n demands a lot of attention.. I'm that girl who has that lil girl inside always wantin to come out but also struggling to keep her contained n protected... I'm that girl who will say I'm fine when I'm anythin but... I'm that girl who needs texts n mails n writings on the wall from my " other"... im that girl who retreats when feelin emotional... I'm that girl who is a brat but also very lovin n carin when I "let u in"... I'm that girl who doesn't trust easily ..I'm that girl who needs someone to step in n slam the brakes on when I spin out of control..I'm that girl who needs a firm hand n consistency .. I'm that girl who needs a lap to curl up in ... I'm complicated n stubborn n mischievous too... yes I'm THAT girl

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It was the first time I'd explored my submissive side with a tangible human being. We had talked for months on the phone, and now I was walking toward his front door, his tight grip on the back of my neck guiding me up the stairs. I was actually here.

We stepped inside, and my heartbeat quickened. Would he do everything he had promised he would? Was I really going through with this?

"Clothes off." He ordered.

I had agreed to this beforehand, but I could not bring myself to obey his very first request of me. Before I could even let out my whimper of protest he began counting.


There was no time to respond before he bellowed, "Two."

I yelled louder than the end of his threat. "Okay, okay, okay!!!" I quickly began unbuttoning my jeans. Before I could finish, his hand wrapped around my upper arm like a vice. He dragged me down the hall into the master bedroom and spun me around to face him. "When I say clothes off..."

He stopped mid-sentence. And stood in silence. My eyes which had been glued to my feet finally wandered up to catch his gaze. Why had he stopped talking?

His demeanor changed when I made eye contact. "That's better, young lady." He said calmly. "You will look at me when I am talking to you from now now. Understood?"

I nodded quickly.

He raised his eyebrows. "That's strike two, and you have been here for less than a minute."

"Oh. Yes, sir." I blurted, wondering how I was already managing to get in so much trouble.

He commanded me to hold still and aggressively yanked each piece of my clothing off my body.

"When I say clothes off, you take them off. You don't wait, you don't pout, you do it."

I waited for the sharp sting across my bottom. Surely I would be spanked for not complying. I yearned to feel the sting. Instead, he led me to the bed and pulled me down next to him in front of the tv screen. I was humiliated lying there naked next to him still in all his clothes. I snuggled up close to him,but the screen had instantly held his focus.

It only took a couple of minutes for me to become discontent with his sudden apathy toward my presence. I tried caressing him and massaging his shoulders with little response. He hushed me when I tried to speak and maintained himself unresponsive to my touch.

I finally slipped my hand under his waist band, reaching for his cock. Surely this would be my ticket.

He grabbed my wrist and held it high and far away from his pulsing cock. "You need to behave, young lady."

I complied for a few seconds before trying again. Again he pulled my hand away, but this time he said nothing. At least I was getting SOME kind of attention, I thought.

My bottom ached for his handprint to brand it. So, I persisted.

This time, instead of returning his gaze to the tv screen, he turned toward me and slid his hand down my inner thigh. It stopped upon reaching my shaven pussy. He massaged it long enough for my legs to fall open and I began to melt into the sensation, completely relaxed.

He then lifted his hand high in the air and swung it down forcefully until it made impact with my spread, swollen pussy. SMACK!

I yelped and squeezed my legs together tightly, pressing hard against my burning pussy with both my hands. He had tricked me. ☹️

He forcefully spread my legs open and restrained both my resisting hands above my ahead. Again, he massaged it for a moment, and my mind began to release me from the fear of another painful,


I squealed in distress. As he pried my tight legs open again.

SMACK! "You," SMACK!! "Do not get to play," SMACK! "Without" Smack! Smack! "Permission!!" SMAAAAAHHCK!

He released my hands and they each flew down to hold my burning pussy. I sniffled loudly and rolled into his arms still clinging the red hot skin between my legs. He pulled me into his arms and held me tightly as his focused shifted back toward the television. I sunk into his chest, spinning in frustration and gratitude. He had spanked me.

After a while, he stood up and pulled a leather paddle out of his dresser drawer. He laid it on the bed next to me and ordered me to sit up straight.

"I want to discuss how irresponsible and reckless you have been in your pursuit of spankings," he began.

I looked up at him, puzzled. What could he know about that?

"Turn around and get on your knees." He ordered.

I complied, and dropped my face and shoulders down into the sheets, fully exposing my upturned, naked ass. I was sure this was how he wanted me, as I had heard him describe this position on the phone so many times before. He did not acknowledge my perfect execution

"Who did you tell about this trip?" He questioned whilst massaging my ass.

"Nobody." I admitted...and immediately began to feel more uneasy than before.

"You got on a plane, and flew to a new city to meet up with a dom you had never even skyped with. And you didn't tell anyone?" He pressed.

I responded only with a sigh of defeat. I now knew how this lecture was going to go, and I knew everything I revealed would only be more incriminating than all that he had already managed to deduce.

"Do you have ANY idea how lucky you are right now? Do you realize how this all could have turned out? You did not even request to meet me somewhere public first. You just climbed in my truck at the airport. You don't k ow anything about me."

He had stopped massaging my bottom and was rummaging through my purse. "What are you doing?!" I shouted, worried now that maybe this lecture was in fact a summary of what was to occur that night.

He walked toward me with my phone in his hand. "Tell someone."

Not what I was expecting. I looked at him, shocked. "What?! NO!!!"

There was no way in hell. No way. I was not telling anyone what a stupid thing I had done.

"Strike three."

That first sting of a paddle against my virgin bottom did nothing to satisfy the craving I had repressed for years. Suddenly I wanted it more than I had ever wanted it. I wanted that paddle to hit me again and again and again until the impact left me completely defeated.

I was not even thinking about the severity of my crime. Only how badly I wanted the release from this spanking.

I cringed after the first blow, but raised my bottom a little higher to meet the second. My authority met the challenge, whizzing the paddle through the air faster and harder than before before slamming it directly on top of the first mark.

I screeched in pain. But before I could reach my bottom with my hands, it had already been met with a third and harsher blow.

I rolled onto my side, clasping my cheeks in each hand repeating, "owwwww, ow ow ow ow. Please no!"

He had yanked me forward by the arm, and suddenly I was on my feet, my upper body trapped under one arm and my sweltering bottom now imprisoned before his free, dominant hand.

"You will count to 50." He said.

I thought I might die. Fifty?!

"If you miss a number before the succeeding smack hits your ass, we start over."

I didn't have time to compute what he meant, but my ass was already on fire from another blow. And then another. And another.

"Owwwwww!!!!! I screamed for him to stop.

"I will start over EVERY time you miss a number. So far we have missed 'one' three times. So, it looks like we are starting again with 'one'"

"Okay but not so fa...oweweee!"

Smack! "One." He stated.

And immediately SMACK! "One, again." He sounded like he was enjoying himself.

"Okay, okay, I ge-" SMACK!

"One again."


I was already holding back tears. It felt like he was throwing every ounce of his strength into breaking my already sorry bottom.

"ONE!" I shouted, choking back a sob.

SMACK! "Two," I yelled. SMAHHHHHCK! I writhed in pain at the impact of three too long to acknowledge it. I was still kicking and screaming when Four came down and stunned my protesting squeals into silence.

"Back to one."


I began twisting and kicking with all of my strength, trying to get away now. Begging him to please stop. "Pleee-eee-eahse" I sobbed.

"Should we get out the belt instead?" He threatened.

"No, no, no" I could hardly get the words out before giving in to a round of complete sobs. "Please." I sobbed.

"Okay. It looks like I finally have your attention." He released me from his grip. My hands swung back to my burning cheeks and I crumpled to the floor.

"We are not finished, young lady. Far from it."

I looked up at him to see him again, handing me my phone. "We will start by calling someone you know and telling them you are here."

My crying grew louder. I couldn't do it. Nobody knew me to be this person. I was supposed to be this church-going role model of a person. Nobody could know this about me.

"You will not EVER meet up with a stranger like this again without telling someone where you are going." He was almost shouting, but then his voice softened. "I am doing this to protect you, sweetheart. You need to learn how to do this sort of thing responsibly."

My tears would not stop flowing. My bottom was on fire. I knew he was right. How could I have been so stupid? But when he held the phone in front of me again, I instinctively shoved it away with a lot more force than I had intended.

I heard the phone fall on the bed, and the clinking of a belt buckle. The zip of leather against denim made me cringe as he yanked it out of his pant loops.

He pointed to the bed and ordered coldly. "Flat on your stomach. Now."

To be Cont...

Spanking Teen Brandi
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I have a medical problem and can't play now for health reasons. Clotting disorder. Hopefully I can get treatment and get disorder under control, then I can play.

I also had to disclose to doc that I regularly "played" and what that meant. Told me not to play till blood count normal.

Embarrassing thing to share, but at least it's good to speak to the right specialist.

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I am not a drinker..not on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis but I do drink a few times a yr........I got totally slammed last night ... we went to visit my son n his family to see their new house n I brought my 1 liter bottle of Anniesettes from home with me.. it had 1/4 of it gone from another night.. so first mistake I hadn't eaten all day n I mean not a bite.. 2nd mistake I drank the entire 3/4 bottle within 4 hrs .. I remember getting silly n goofin off n then a total blank...... one minute I was laughin n havin a ball n the next I woke at 7am today to pee.. got up, head poundin, stomach sick so I climbed back in bed til 9am got up n showered n got dressed.. still sick.. came downstairs to find my very wet socks on the trunk , my pile of soakin wet clothes on the kitchen floor, my very wet coat n bedroom slippers on the porch hung over a ladder dryin... I scowled, picked up my coat n smelled puke GROSS.. gathered all the clothes , slippers, coat n popped them in the washin machine .. came in n plopped into my chair n snuggled under a blanket.. dave says " how do u feel" I said "GROSS"... he laughed.. then he said "do u hurt anywhere?" I said "no.. should I?" he said "what do u remember?" so I told him n he shook his head in disbelief.. he filled me in.. .said I was laughin one minute then made a dash for the bathroom where I puked,.. my son n him helped me outside to leave where I puked again.... they got me in daves jeep ( my shoes in the jeep n slippers still on my feet) n handed me a plastic bag that I tried to wave away... from the time we left my sons til we got home I puked twice more ito the bags... at one point dave hit a deer with his jeep n I asked him "where r we".. he told me he just hit a deer n I said " I wanna see" he told me to "stay put".. he called my son who came to meet us, I opened the window sayin I wanted to see the deer.. dave again told me to stay in the jeep.. I opened my door anyhow ,dave was parked right on the edge of a drop.. I stepped out n feel 10 feet down the drop off into a creek n got drenched.. now him n my son struggled to get me out n back in the jeep... the troopers came , saw them struggling with me n asked dave if he was drunk.. he said "no but she is".. they MADE HIM take a series of soberity tests ( LMAO).. n gave me son permission to take the deer.. dave got me home n stripped me in the kitchen cause I was soakin wet n he got me up into bed... all a complete blank to me lol... so I have been up since 9am... ran a bunch of errands, went to see me other sons house n came home n all Ive had today was 2 pieces of dry toast because I still feel like I'm gonna puke... blah blah blah

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Stern awoke to the pretty maiden, still wrapped in his arms. She slept with a smile, playing about her lips. Her long black lashes, lay against her pale skin and the sweet little freckles, seemed like sequins, as the she slept. He thought, for the first time ever, about being a father. He could imagine their children. He could see her, coming towards him, dressed in white, in a church. He would never give her up. He felt his heart swell, in his chest. Her shining red hair caught the light, just so. She took his breath away.
Sensing his gaze, she slowly awoke. Those dazzling green eyes, held the depths of the sea, or of a jewel. She was happy. She thought him so handsome. She felt the soreness of her backside and rubbed it against the fine linens beneath her, as a reminder of his hands, on her. He kissed her forehead. She smiled, nuzzling against him, content in his strong arms. Already, his desire was growing. He wanted her again.
"Good morning, Precious", he says grinning, knowing his hardness pressed against her. "Are you too sore for more?"
She replied with her lips, her tongue and her quickening breath. He stretched out on his back and guided her, to straddle him. His hands cupped her bottom and he could feel the damage, that he'd done. She moved on his hands, as he effortlessly lifted her sweet wet place, above his hard dick. He steered her onto him and then, letting his hands drop away, let gravity, slide her, over him.
That tightness surrounded him. Her long throat was exposed, as she stretched back her head and the cascade of hair fell down her back. It made him crazy. Her smallish, but perky breasts, were crowned with pink arioles. He suckled them, as she rocked up and down on him. His fingers found her button and he expertly, brought her to orgasm. He held back, wanting more. Her voice grew higher, as she came, stippled with breathy gasps, parted lips, closed eyes and quivering muscles. He drank in her beauty and her scent. His pelvis pushed up into her vagina, filling her again and again, as she grabbed at him, with her insides.
He lifted her off of him, and laid her over the end of the massive bed. His hand rubbed and pinched her bottom. "Yes, yes. . . Please", she said. He found the little leather paddle. He started low, below her cheeks and colored her upper thighs will a slow and deliberate volley of slaps. He pulled apart her legs, and holding each one back, in turn, smacked the tender skin between them. Each time, it hit, she looked back at him and squealed with delight. He wanted to mark her, make her his. Her legs, her shapely bottom, her juicy spots, he wanted ownership. He went to the big drawer and chose a slender cane. He used one hand to open her cheeks up and the other to tap the cane into the crevices, between. The whacks were not very hard, but they were, very stimulating. He then hit the fullness of her ass, with a crack. The line appeared, clearly white, as she bucked beneath the impact. As it grew in size and deepened in color, he struck her again. Up under the cheeks, and again across her sit spots, and again a bit higher, he cracked the cane. She danced to his rhythm, as the lovely ladder grew taller on her bottom. He threw down the cane and entered her, feeling the heat of her fanny, against him. His passion would not be contained. He slammed into her young pussy, forcing his way into her. He drew back and entered again. He thrusted and pounded against the tender cushion of her round globes and shot his load into her. He didn't care that he wasn't wearing a condom. He wanted to fill her up, with his cum, to inject himself into her. He rode her hard and at last, in an eruption, he emptied himself, feeling it squirting out of him and into her. They both reached heaven, at the same time. He collapsed against her, both moist and breathless. It was rapture. She shook with aftershocks, below him. The trembling flesh and the hot skin, made it hard to know where one ended and the other began.
He was meant to bring her home, but he didn't want to. He had things to do. He had to see to Samantha. He knew he was supposed to punish her. He should have been loving it, but he wasn't. He was dreading it.

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Got new spanking panties .. but I am good girl so no spanking for me... Writes on the walls with markers

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The cottage looked like a completely ordinary rural cottage. No smoke was coming out of the chimney. Even in rural areas that is rare these days. In fact, he could see an oil tank at the back of what looked like a completely ordinary, if untidy, country garden. It really didn't look like a fairytale witch's cottage at all.

Goodboy stood at the door studying it. Very closely. From a distance, in fact even from quite close up, it looked like an ordinary wooden door. But he had been here for ten minutes, trying to work up the courage to knock. The weird thing was that the longer he stood there the more he thought that the door was studying him back. He wondered if he knocked on it whether it would return the compliment.

He stood there looking at it. He swore it had eyes...malevolent eyes.

He tried knocking, somewhat tentatively.

"Ouch" said the door. "I knew you would do that eventually. You all do."

So definitely not your ordinary door. They don't normally complain when knocked upon.

Goodboy took a step back. And another. Perhaps it hadn't been such a good idea to come here to visit Miss Take after all...

"Ouch! Watch where you tread you clumsy oaf. That was my toe!" The woman's voice in his ear had him turning, no less alarmed.

"The door spoke to me. How..."

"It's witch hazel. It can talk, only too well." Said the witch(1).

"That explains it I'm sure" said Goodboy, thinking the opposite.

"Well do come in lad" said the witch. "I am Miss Take. We have things to discuss."(2)

Miss Take opened the door with an ordinary key and held it open for him. He walked through, stumbling slightly. He could have sworn something kicked his ankle. And was that a slight snigger he heard behind him?

Inside the cottage was ultra modern and stylish.

"So you want revenge on Jim?"

How did she know that?

"Don't look so surprised. I am a witch. And we have CrystalBall."

"Do those really work?"

"Of course not. CrystalBall is the name of our forum on the internet. Our e-grapevine has many tentacles.

"I'm not what you expected, I imagine?" she said.

"Well no" Goodboy admitted. "I expected someone older and...more traditional."

"You all do. But witching is a job for life you know. Which means that we normally start straight out of college. We only look old when we are in fact old.(3)

"But you didn't come here to talk about witches. Onto business. You wish to transform Jim for a while?"

"Yes. For a limited period only. Just so I can beat him at pool."


"No, I need him to be able to play pool, just poorly, so that he loses."

"Ah. A small primate then? Even you should be able to beat a monkey."

"Sounds perfect."

"You know my fee?"

"Well, I heard a rumour..."

"Yes, a whipping. I need a new set of bristles for the broomstick. They need to whip someone to complete the spell(5). Afterwards you need to visit Miss Sing to pick up some rare herbs."

"But will I be able to find her?"

"Head into the cave behind my cottage. If Miss Sing approves your visit a luminous trail will lead the way. When you return, I'll complete the spell, and you won't remember anything about Miss Sing. She is most secretive."

"Ok. What about Miss Sing's fee?"

"Oh, I think you'll find it much more pleasant than mine!"

At this Miss Take ordered Goodboy to drop his trousers and bend over her knee. She picked up the prepared bristles and gave him 20 good swipes that had him dancing nicely. The bristles should make a very good broom indeed she thought.

To be continued...

(1) Not only could it talk, but being witch hazel it could also spell. Though not powerfully. And usually only to heal things. Which was a cause of great irritation to the door.

(2) Consulting Miss Take was usually...well...a limited success. Don't get me wrong, her magic often worked. At least insofar as it made things happen. Unfortunately they weren't always the intended things.

(3) Miss Take was being economical with the truth here(4). There are potions and spells that witches use so to keep them looking young even when they're not. They tend to look old when they choose to. Like when collecting their pensions.

(4) To phrase this in modern terminology, she was telling a little white alternative fact.

(5) This wasn't quite true either(6), but it was a good excuse to whip people.

(6) Miss Take told so many alternative facts that maybe she should have been renamed Miss Lead.

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The room was large. An oversized , sturdy, antique bed, bearing similar designs to the ornate doors, dominated the room. With a switch, the fireplace lit, with a whoosh. Stern adjusted the lighting. He asked, what refreshments the ladies wanted and checked the bar. It was fully stocked. He poured generously and watched as the two women, kissed and undulated, while they shed some of their clothing. He licked his lips, wanting to taste them, but willing himself to be patient.
He had the rest of the day, if he wanted. He could check on Samantha remotely, and the houseman, would be sure she was fed. He'd arranged a series of exercise videos and meditation instruction, to play throughout the day, on a screen inside the room. He hoped that with boredom, she might follow along. He suspected it would only irritate her, this early, in withdrawal. He didn't mind letting her rest today. He had other things on his mind.
He carried the drinks to the bedside. At once, their bodies came closer. Raven removed his jacket, and Erin deeply kissed him. Her lovely delicate hands sliding from his head, to his neck. There they lingered, loosening his tie and caressing his muscles.
"How may I serve you, Sir?" She softly asked. She continued her journey downward, unbuttoning his shirt. A trail glistened as her tongue sweetly licked him.
"On your knees, my pretty." She obeyed, at once. Raven stepped behind her, and wrapped a jeweled collar round her slender throat. She was wearing only the collar, pretty silk panties, garters, stockings and heels in an emerald green. She was dazzling. She handed the leash to Mr. Stern, and then used a silk Ribbon to secure Erin's hands behind her. It was not right enough to hold her, but symbolically, she knew she mustn't use her hands.
Raven opened a drawer, which was built into the wall. It was shallow and large. It held a large variety of implements. "What is your pleasure, Mr. Stern?"
He pointed and she moved her hand until he nodded. He'd chosen a longer handled, rather small oval, leather paddle. "Help Mr. Stern with his trousers, Erin."
"Yes, Mistress". She used her teeth to undo his belt. She had trouble pulling the heavy tail through the loop. As she struggled. Raven swatted at her derriere, playfully. But the longer she struggled, the harder for the swats. Stern reached for the paddle. He gave her a little help and she freed his rigid cock from the fabric. He guided her mouth onto him.
As she sucked his massive shaft, into her mouth, she looked up, with a mischievous stare. Her green eyes twinkled, and she batted her lung black lashes. She was very enthusiastic. Stern held the paddle behind her and snapped it against her beautiful bottom. She leaned in to envelope him completely and Jutted out her perfect bottom for the paddle. Why, this beauty needed no training, as far as he could see. She was delightful and she was a vision, in green.
He had to stop her or cum, he slipped out of her mouth, gulping in air, as the blood still pounded through his organ. No, no, no, not just yet, he thought.
Erin had such grace. She had grown up on a farm in county, Kerry, the youngest of a peck of farmers' children. She was born to dance and had risen to the top, with very little formal instruction. She longed to learn, the beautiful girl. She was attending every lesson she could pay for, while working for Mistress Raven. Stern felt sure, he could get her a more favorable arrangement. Hell, he might help sponsor her, himself. He did, in fact, come from a old monied family. A self starter, Stern did not like to glide by in life, however. He strived to accomplish and to enjoy life, with vigor. He would see this angel again, he hoped. Mistress Raven smiled. She'd chosen, Erin as his possible match. She had arranged all this as a surprise.
Stern was so focused on Erin, he barely noticed, when Raven dressed. She came behind him and gave him a squeeze.
"Happy Birthday, a little early, Greg. She's going to make you very, very happy". His jaw dropped, as her eyes registered. He thought he'd had feelings before, but his heart send to skip a beat. Did he believe in love at first sight? He didn't... At all, but there was something here! It felt like electricity, when they touched.
He pulled her up to her feet. He started some old, forties music and lowered the lights. He pulled her close to him, she spun on her toes and was folded, into his arms. They smiled and giggled. She would most definitely NOT be, one of the entertainers at the event. He planned to keep her very busy. He'd have to get busy tomorrow with the party, but for now, he was happy to be here, with her.
Greg was a seasoned dancer. His parents did ballroom competitions, as their family grew up. He knew just how to hold her and lift her. They glided and worked and laughed. The champagne flowed, long into the night.
As they slowed down the music, they became quiet. Their lips touched again and again, in tiny kisses. At last, he kissed her slowly, passionately. He guided her to the bed. Stretching her out, on her stomach.
He stroked and massaged her shoulders and back. Her skin was flawless and he rubbed it softly, feeling her flesh, respond to his touch. His mouth tasted a trail to her bottom, where he finally removed her silk covering. She had an incredible ass.
She moaned, and his teeth and tongue explored the terrain.
Her soft voice, quietly said, "I'd really like you to spank me now, Sir. I've been waiting all night for it. Please, Mr. Stern, it's what I'm wanting so." She was looking over her shoulder, at him kissing her rump.
He could see her desire. Goosebumps raised on his arms. How he wanted to punish her and to ravish her. His heart thudded against his chest. He could feel the lid to his pot, drop neatly into place.
He lift her from the bed and sat down, dragging her across his lap. He was gentle at first, afraid to break the porcelain facade.
She wreathed upon his lap. "Oh, yes, darling, yes but harder, as hard as you can!!" He needed no other encouragement. He began to whack her, harder and harder. She rise to his hand and grabbed at his touch. He had never been so entranced. As her bottom purpled, and his handprint raised, he grew again to his full measure. He flipped her over. Pulling her legs up into his shoulders. He had to see that face!!
She was soaking wet when his fingers opened her up. The dainty patch of glistening red hair was beautiful and soft. He very tenderly entered her. Oh, my God she was so tight!!! She started to cum before his tip had found its mark.
He wasn't sure he could fit, she seemed so tiny. But she couldn't wait. She lifted her hips and impaled herself onto his cock. Fireworks went off all around them. There was so pumping, no stroking, no grinding, there was only heaven as they climaxed locked together. There eyes focused only on each other.
He'd never cum like that before. Before he could withdraw, he was hard again.
This time, he held on, and they clung to one another finding both pleasure and pain, throughout the night.

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I'm only here on occassion anymore, but everyone is still so nice. For the most part, this is a really welcoming community. There are certain special favorites that always, always give me a smile and a fast reply to any message and that means so much to me. X's and O's to you all. Feeling misty and sappy tonight but I mean every word. ;)

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The Spanking Awards is an Annual event normally held throughout December... as some of you might know, my blog was seriously hacked by some malevolent prick and I lost 6 months of data including the build up to the awards.

However, I don't let these w*nkers get me down so the awards have been going ahead and the voting has been bigger than ever.

Check out the blog page and you will clearly see where the main categories are kept in one place at the top of the blog.

In case links do not work here, copy and paste the text below for the url of the page directly.


The categories are varied and are listed below:

Best Facial Expression in a Spanking
Best Spanker/Top Newcomer
Best New Female Spanker/Top
Best Female Spanker/Top
Best Male Spanker/Top
Best Spankee/Sub

Awards to be voted on at the time of writing (below)

Most Improved Spanking Site 2016
Best Spanking Site 2016
Producer's Film Choice Award 2016


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We are posting A Quick 12 Strokes with the Cane -or- Prelude to a Punishment. So this is just a Quickie. 12 Strokes with the cane, Welts on Welts! Bond was Bad! Some of you out there know how Bad he was but suffice to say he deserves whatever I decide to give him. This is Day 2 of a much longer punishment and was given to Bond's already welted & bruised bottom & thighs. There is Much more to this series, including the punishment we talked about the last time, so check back for more.

Lady M & Bond

Spanking Teen Brandi
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I met you in the dark, you lit me up
You made me feel as though I was enough
We danced the night away, we drank too much
I held your hair back when
You were throwing up

Then you smiled over your shoulder
For a minute, I was stone-cold sober
I pulled you closer to my chest
And you asked me to stay over
I said, I already told ya
I think that you should get some rest

I knew I loved you then
But you'd never know
'Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go
I know I needed you
But I never showed
But I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old
Just say you won't let go
Just say you won't let go

I'll wake you up with some breakfast in bed
I'll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head
And I'll take the kids to school
Wave them goodbye
And I'll thank my lucky stars for that night

When you looked over your shoulder
For a minute, I forget that I'm older
I wanna dance with you right now
Oh, and you look as beautiful as ever
And I swear that everyday you'll get better
You make me feel this way somehow

I'm so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold
We've come so far my dear
Look how we've grown
And I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old
Just say you won't let go
Just say you won't let go

I wanna live with you
Even when we're ghosts
'Cause you were always there for me when I needed you most

I'm gonna love you till
My lungs give out
I promise till death we part like in our vows
So I wrote this song for you, now everybody knows
'Cause now it's just you and me till we're grey and old
Just say you won't let go
Just say you won't let go

Just say you won't let go
Oh, just say you won't let go

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Disclaimer: It is a fanfiction spanking story based on youtube video where Benedict Cumberbatch reads an Election story... Unlike the original, this story is not funny, it is more family fluffy story about dad and the son (adult toddler) with scolding, spanking, but also comforting and cuddling. Sorry for eventual language mistakes, this is my first story in English. Please let me know what you think in comment section!


- Phew-phew – Jemie was playing with his Action Man and Doctor X. – Phew-phew, crash… Imma gecha… Aaaaargh. You will not, stupid!
The door opened with a squeak.
- Son! – dad appears at the door frame, wearing a red house robe. – It's time for bed!
Jamie startled, holding the breath. He peered at dad trying to figure out if he's in trouble.
- But, daddy, I'm having such a good game!
Jamie has made his best puppyface, and stretched his hands to show his daddy his wonderful toys.
- See? There's the Action Man, and he's fighting the evil dr. X… and he is winning, and on his armour he has the X… see?? – the boy poked the action figure's chest with a forefinger.
Dad entered the room shutting the door behind him, and approached the boy on the bed in a few quick steps. Jamie felt a little kick of fear, not being able to predict is he going to be punished for not being asleep by now.
- Daddy, I…
- Jamie – the dad interrupted him with soft but stern voice. - It's far too late for a boy of your age to be up. It's 10:37 at night.
- But I'm not even sleepy… - whined the boy, blushing because of the scoldings.
Dad took his figurines and put them on the night table.
- Nooo! I need them to finish the game! – the boy reached out for the figurines but withdrew with a yelp, after being firmly smacked on the hand. He tried a pittyfull look with trembling bottom lip to make his dad sorry for him and give him back the toys. It didn't work. It hardly ever does. Dad pointed to the bed.
- Under the covers. Time for bed.
- Nooooo! I wanna play. – whined the boy decisively crossing his arms on his chest.
- Right now, young man! – dad got dangerously stern.
- No.
- James! – thundered dad strictly and the little boy knew very well what will happen if he does not obey. Angry, he quickly went under the blanket.
- That's better.
Resentful because of father's strict treatment, Jamie whined, tossed himself face down on the pillow and threw the blanket over his head.
– Jamie no sleepy! Wanna play wif my Actionman!
- Lose the lisp, young man. – dad wasn't impressed by this little performance – You can play in the morning. Now it's time for bed.
Dad patted Jamie's covered head. Annoyed, Jamie withdrew from the touch.
- No, I want to play now!
- Not now. – said the dad gently but still determinant.
To express his protest, the kid squealed in return.
Understanding that kid is pouting, dad decided to let it be. It was late, and he was not in the mood for arguing any more. He would have liked to tuck his son in, pack a goodnight kiss on his forehead, but he decided not to push anything. It is hard enough on the boy that he is not allowed to finish the game. If he wants to stay under the blankets pouting, so be it.
- Good night, son. – said dad softly heading to the exit of the room.
- F**k you! – exploded the answer like a cannon fire.
James heard fast footsteps approaching him, and felt the cold wind from the blanket being yanked away from him. Before he could even realize what is happening, he found himself being pulled by the upper arm, and laid down across daddy's knees.
Familiar with the position, the kid started to cry.
- Nooooo! Daddy, nooo! – the boy was wiggling trying to run away.
Without avail. Dad held him firmly in place.
- Noooo! Daddy, nooo! I don't wanna spanking! Daddy!
The first smack acoross his bum was so hard it punched the air from his lungs. Jemie was shocked. That was way harder than his usual spankings. The tears immediately flew down his cheeks like a waterfall. Two more hard smacks fell on little rebel's behind, shaking his whole body and gaining the heat and pain in his punished area.
- Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Noooo! – reaching back, the boy tried to cover his bottom, but was stopped and got both of his hands pinned on his lower back while the spanking continued – fast and hard.
Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank…
- Ow! Ow! Dada, noooo! Ow! Ow! Sorry! Ow! No more! Daa-daaa!– he wiggled on his dad's lap.
After another ten hard smacks, dad stopped.
The boy tried to get down, but the dad readjusted him on his lap.
- We're not done yet, young man. – said the dad pulling his son's pajama down to bare his bottom. It was well spanked already, in dark shade of pink.
Feeling the breeze on his naked behind, Jamie panicked.
- No, no, no, noooooo! I'll be good, I'll be good, daddy!
- Quiet! – dad smacked him right in the middle of the bum. It stung like a bee.
- Waaaaah! Da-daaaaaa!
- You know you deserved it, young man! – said the dad strictly. – You DO NOT curse at me!
Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank.
Kid was yelling and bawling. His bottom become fiery red, and hurt like someone poured lava on it.
- Ow! Ow! Ow! I'm sorry daddy! I'm sorry! Ow, ow, ow. Never 'gain! Never 'gain! Ow, ow! Proooomiseee!
– You DO NOT curse at me! – groweled the dad loudly. – Am I understood?
- Yeeees. I'm sorry! Ow! Ow! I'll never do it again! Ow! Daddy, please, stop! OWWWW!
- Do not… spank, spank, spank… even think… spank, spank… of cursing at me. Or else….
- Noooo! – kid was kicking and screaming, feeling terrified of even thinking what would happen if he tries to curse his dad again.- I'll never do it again! Never! I'll be a good boy!
With the mighty smack, dad finished the spanking. Boy was bawling sooo hard that it took him almost a minute to realize the spanking was over. Dad let him lay on his lap to give him chance to compose himself and catch his breath.
- Shush, shush, it's all over now. Calm down – dad was rubbing small circles on his back in the attempt to calm the boy down. The boy slowly calmed enough to be pulled up without feeling dizzy. Dad did that, and lowered the kid in front of him in order to help him readjust his pajama pants. The boy was a crying mess, rubbing his eyes, sniffling and hiccuping between apologizes.
- Da-da… I… so-o-rry! Da-da, I be go-o-o-d!
- I know. – said the dad calmly. – Come 'ere!
Dad pulled the boy in a hug, and carefully made the boy sit on his lap, taking care that his butt is not pressed against anything. He hugged him tightly, and started shushing him with his deep calming voice.
- Shush, baby boy, shush. Daddy is not angry at you anymore. Shush. I know that you will not curse at me again. Better yet, I'm sure you are not going to use curse words at all. That is not a language suitable for a young boy.
- Yes, daddy! – sniffled the boy crawling up in attempt to squeeze as close as possible to his fathers neck. Ever since he was a little baby, he found that spot the most comforting.
- Da-ddy?
- Yes, James? – said the dad gently stroking kid's hair.
- I… sniff… sorry. I… sniff… only wanted to… sniff… play.
- I know, little one – the father patted him on his back – I know. But now it is not time for that. You'll play in the morning.

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Mr. Stern entered the lodge, anxious to begin making arrangements, for the upcoming Mid Summer Fair. He was excited to see what Mistress Raven and Master Poe envisioned, for the amusement of the gentlemen. He'd be meeting with her alone today, for a little pregame fun. The participants would be chosen, carefully. There was a lid for every pot, his mother used to say. He admitted there were some odd pots, in this kitchen. For the most part, the men were family oriented and hard working, but who didn't enjoy an occasional diversion and a taste of the exotic or the erotic? He, himself, loved to nibble on something new.
For a minute, he thought of Samantha. Who knew she would make those awful choices? She had promise, so much potential! Perhaps she could still turn things around. They had kept her out of jail, at least. She seemed to act, without thought, to the consequences. Then she justified every mistake, by reason of the mess, she herself, had created. He cared very much for her and had thought they had a connection, but it seemed lost now, among the ruins. He couldn't save her, from herself. He thought, even David King, would eventually, have to wash his hands of the whole affair and let her go. Well, time would tell.
He'd have a bite to eat and a drink. He picked up the envelope, that had arrived yesterday, containing the resumes of the entertainers. They would choose a variety. There would be burlesque, exotic dancers, companions of all sorts, demonstrations of all kinds of techniques, positions, devices and implements. They would cater to a wide variety of tastes. It was a celebration of the physical form, of earthly pleasures, of passion and rapture. It would be a coming of age and a welcome, into the brotherhood, for the young princes. They would be nervous, but excited. Someday, These young men would look back at this week and realize how blessed they were. They would pass through a magical threshold, into a kingdom, not opened to the average man or woman. They would leave behind their childish ways and stand among the makers of history. Their fathers were powerful men, who had built their own kingdom, forged it with the sweat of their own brows. It was a legacy, a way of life that they were fighting to keep. In the face of technology and modern progress, it was no easy feat!

He picked up his club sandwich and cocktail and retired to the rear offices to look over the resumes. Stern was very glad to sit, alongside these men. They wanted to preserve the old values, while indulging in some interesting delicacies. These men did alot of good. They helped many needy people to reach their potential. They only asked that their subjects be, as committed to the effort, as their benefactors. Some were, some were not. Not every investment was fruitful. Some were destined to be lost.

Oh, what beautiful choices were laid, before him. He studied the pictures and the talents, of each prospective candidate, stacking his first choice in one pile and his refusals in another. He expected Mistress Raven to arrive, in short order. Although, Stern himself, was not so inclined, to be a client, he shared her lust to dominate and punish. The two had become quite friendly. She was bringing along, a little thoroughbred, that needed breaking. They would take her to the Netherworld, together. Stern stared at the picture of the pretty young girl. Ah...A. natural redhead. Such a beauty! Her long Auburn hair was silky and fine. She had eyes, as green as the the meadows of Ireland. Her skin was like porcelain. A tiny sprinkle of freckles frosted her little nose. She had a small, but full mouth. Her face looked almost doll like. He couldn't wait to see her bottom.
Mistress Raven, entered the room. Her entrance, was dramatic, on seemingly endlessly long legs, in high stiletto heeled boots. She was a vision of strength and beauty. Her hair, nearly black, framed her beautiful bone structure. Her red full lips, parted and revealed, a dazzling smile. Behind her, followed the little red haired girl. Well she was not a girl at all, really, but so fresh looking, pure, petite and pretty, she looked, as if she was a girl.
Stern embraced the beautiful madam and then he took the girl's hand. "Oh, my dear, I am so pleased to have you here. We are going to have such a time, the three of us!" He reached behind her and firmly smacked her bottom.
She skipped a little step but warmly smiled. "I'm Erin", she said. I've been so looking forward to today, Mr. Stern."
"Well, let's go then, shall we?" They headed towards the back of the club, to an ornate and massive double mahogany door. It was carved with dragons and flowers and flames. Stern continued to soak Erin's luscious bottom, as she walked. She seemed to enjoy it and Stern found himself, nearly skipping, as they crossed the threshold of the doorway. He was very, very pleased. He was glad he had not come that morning. He could feel his cock raising to the occasion, already. His face was alright with anticipation.
He took Mistress Raven's arm, to descend the regal staircase, into the depths of the building. This was the heart of the Dragon. The three were giddy, as they entered the big gallery below. It was a lavish expanse before them. It was encircled with groups of leather armchairs and it smelled of expensive cigars and fine whiskey.
A few groups of distinguished gentlemen, eyed the ladies arrival. There were a few other beauties, scattered about. Stern didn't want to chat or smoke cigars. He led them down a corridore, lit with candled sconces. The curving hallway echoed with their voices, as they fell from sight. It was, as if they were swallowed up, in the belly of the beast. They were there one moment and gone, the next.

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Saturday morning Screen play, script

Merry is sitting and calls out, "SHILO!"
Shilo enters, in pajamas.
"So you're finally up? It's about time. I am going to punish you for laziness, sometime today. For now, I want you to strip, naked, and start on this list of chores."
Shilo strips, and looks at the list.
He goes to fetch a broom, and starts sweeping the floor.
Fade out/in
He is in the kitchen, at the sink, doing dishes.
Fade out/in
He is in the bedroom, making the bed.
Fade out/in
He is in the bathroom, on his knees, scrubbing the toilet.
Fade out/in
In the living room, Merry says, "Good so far. Time for a break. Go stand in the corner.
He stands...
Fade out/in
He is still in the corner.
Merry says, "It's time. Get on the bench."
Shilo gets on the bench.
Merry spreads his butt cheeks, and takes a look. "Okay, you're clean."
Then Merry applies (...... ) to his bottom.
"Get up and back into the corner, I'll say when. And you will stay naked the rest of the day. Oh, your friend George called, he said he'd be dropping by soon."

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THE TEXT screen play / story

Shilo is at work. He looks at his phone. "Oh a text from my wife....." He reads aloud, "Shilo, I'm very upset about the stern tone of voice you took with me, this morning. SO, when you get home, stop in the foyer, and strip to your briefs, and stand in the corner there, with your briefs pulled down to your thighs. I will summon you to the living room when I'm ready."
Shilo has an unhappy look on his face.
He walks in the door...into the foyer... strips..and stands in corner briefs down.
FADE out in
He stands in corner.
Off camera, Merry says, "Shilo in here!"
He waddles to living room.
Merry says, "Briefs off, and over the bench." She points at it.
He does so.
She applies (cane, paddle ..) until she is satisfied.
"Now, get to that corner, hands on head. I'll let you know when you may come out."
He goes to the corner.
"And you will remain naked the rest of the evening. Oh, I have a couple of friends coming over. They should be here soon."

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