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American Pharoah just won the Belmont Stakes to win the Triple Crown, the first since Affirmed in 1978!

(off topic and I'll take it down soon...just wanted to spread the news)

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Well I haven't been around lately because life happened and she was a bitch let me tell you. Amidst all the shit, Switchie threw me for a loop and did something exceptionally naughty which has him now getting daily spankings. At least my arms are getting toned lol whats a girl to do?!

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After you start reading this, you will probably think, Wow what a crummy title.
In the line of work that I do, I have a 10 hour shift of watching people come into where I work, and I will just say that I am a cook.

Let me tell you, I see a fair share of spankable butts! Now does that that solely mean a particular shape? No it doesn't!
For me, what qualifies as a spankable butt, is how they are acting in public!
I see everything from rude and obnoxious, to "Surely they didn't DRIVE HERE did they?"
I have to admit that some of them, are attractive, and it prompts the question, " I wonder if they need a "helping hand"?".

Naturally, you can't just walk up in a work uniform (or really anytime) and just start talking about or propositioning spanking cold turkey.
If someone has, I wonder exactly how well that worked out for them.
On the other hand, how would I ever know

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On the sands of Normandy countless drew their last breath.
The brave, the proud and those simply scared to death.
Sounds of slaughter everywhere, onward we pressed.
No time for last rites, no bodies being blessed.
Cries of anguish amid steel screaming through the air.
The ocean to our backs, the cliffs our only stair.
Atop the cliffs I turned around and saw the countless where they lay.
Victory came at a heavy cost, yet no one won that day.
Bodies upon bodies, far too heavy a price to pay.
Decades later you can still hear whipping winds pray.
A somber reminder that victory isn't everything they say.
For thousands were killed and maimed on that tragic "D-Day".

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June 6,1944 A day to remember and be grateful

Twelve Allied nations provided fighting units that participated in the D-Day invasion, including Australia, Canada, Belgium, France, Czechoslovakia, Greece, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

If you have a few minutes, I would highly recommend this raw footage of the Normandy Invasion:

On June 6, 1944, shortly after dawn more than 160,000 Allied troops under Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. There were five designated beaches with the code names: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword.

The invasion actually started on June 5th when over six thousand ships set out of Portsmouth and inlets all along England's southern coast to rendezvous and form the massive convoy that crossed the English Channel to the heavily fortified sheer cliffs of Normandy, France. At midnight of the 6th, over twenty thousand Allied troops parachuted into nearby towns and fields. Before dawn on the sixth the Allied ships offshore pounded the German defenses. (This is where video above begins.)

At dawn planes flew bombing runs but missed their major target, the German guns and bunkers at the top of the cliffs. Finally, waves of landing craft carried soldiers to the beaches. Heavy winds and rough seas pushed some craft east, away from their intended landing positions. This was especially true at Omaha Beaches where men poured onto those beaches under heavy German machine gun fire. Omaha Beach took the heaviest casualties of the day where many of the men had never seen action before.

An estimated ten thousand Allied forces lost their lives in the course of the invasion but their sacrifice enabled well over a hundred thousand more to defeat the German defenses and get a foothold on the continent. Thus began the slow, hard slog across Europe to defeat the enemy Axis. Short wave radios carried the news all across occupied Europe, "The Invasion has begun."

Every man who participated in the invasion at Normandy beach displayed tremendous courage under fire but the men who took Pointe du Hoc were a stunning example. Pointe du Hoc was a critical German stronghold, a promontory, that jutted out between Omaha and Utah beaches. It was the site of the German observation and command post. This is where a Ranger battalion that trained on the Isle of Wright under English commandos climbed the sheer cliff of Pointe du Hoc as Germans fired down on them.

After a British landing craft put them on the beach the Rangers fought their way across the sand and set ladders against the cliff face. When the ladders didn't reach the top of the hundred foot cliff, they used rocket guns to fired grapnels carrying three quarter inch rope. Hand over hand they pulled themselves up as the Germans shot down from right above them. If one Ranger fell another moved up behind him. Despite taking heavy casualties, the Rangers took Pointe du Hoc in two days of fighting. Of the original two hundred and twenty-five, only ninety survived.

"The Boys of Pointe du Hoc" President Ronald Regan's speech at Pointe du Hocmarking D-Day's fortieth anniversary

Monument at Point du Hoc:

Guide provided by Portsmouth Museum

*Please feel free to make corrections or add additional information.

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Woke up feeling crap.
Howling gale outside, heavy rain forecast.
Inbox empty.
Internet connection slow.
No spanking action on the horizon.
Wondering why I moved to back of beyond.
Think I'll go back to bed and hibernate until summer. Oh I forgot it is bloody summer!!!

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In the still of the night stars shining so bright.
A panoramic canvas sprinkled with dots of white.
A cricket chirping, harbinger of the impending storm.
You relax across my knees, the calm before the warm.
Snowflakes fall upon your cheeks and thighs.
Dampening your skin, uncertainty clouds your eyes.
Your breathing shallow, though not for long.
Hand slapping skin, your body swaying to the song.
Temperature rising, twisting and turning to no avail.
An owl observing your progression, no longer pale.
Lightning bugs dancing, flickering their light.
Your dance more exotic, your tail more bright.
Your tresses tossed back and forth, keeping time.
Vocal cords exercised, no longer a mime.
A full moon mocking you up in the sky.
Emotions welling up you begin to cry.
Dance my lightning bug with your tail all aglow.
Dance on the edge, falling into the bliss below.

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If anyone is interested in sending me a request for a self-spanking video, I would appreciate it. Granted if it's in my line of interest... Please, send me a private message or reply here if there's something you'd like for me to do. Be specific as possible and keep in mind that for me, words other than "butt" and "bottom" are turn offs. I will NOT go to the point that I'm welted, blood is drawn, or I have bruises.
Hope to hear from someone.


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continued from part two

N.B - American readers (if there indeed ARE any) may wish to acquaint themselves with the rudiments of Cockney Rhyming Slang before continuing!


So whilst Doris gets a good seeing-to from Robin and the Gang, Goldipox trudges on down the path. She is getting more and more disgruntled by the minute because the barrow is heavy and the last thing that Goldipox enjoys is hard work. Why the fuck Grandma couldn’t just get handkerchiefs for presents was beyond her? The perfume – yes – anything to cover up the smell of stale pee – but chocolates and stuff?

Phah! – it wasn’t as though the old witch could even chew the toffee and nutty ones anyway! Her badly fitting dentures spent most of the time in the glass tumbler on her bedside cabinet, leering manically at the visitors who were obliged to sit next to them.

Goldipox eventually gets hot and does what any self-respecting gal of her ilk does – removes her shirt to reveal a bulging pair of “thruppeny bits” which are straining against a dangerously over-stretched brassiere. Just then – she hears a bell ringing behind her.

Ding-aling-aling! Ding-aling-aling! Ding-aling-aling!

She turns around to see the Trumpton Fire Engine bouncing up the path, with the famous crew of Pugh,Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb, hanging on for dear life. They lurch to a halt when Goldipox turns around, partly because they are pleased to see her, but mostly because she is blocking the path.

“HI there guys!” she beams graciously. “Where’s the fire?”

As one man they courtiously lift their helmets (the helmets on their HEADS you filthy-minded sods!) and bid her a cheery “Hello Miss Goldipox! Clear the way please. There isn’t a fire, but there has been a terrible accident over at Old MacDonald’s Farm. Humpty Dumpty has gotten pissed again and fallen off a wall. All the Kings horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put him together again apparently? Mind you, we are not surprised – bunch of bloody tossers if ever there was some! They couldn’t organise a fart in a baked-bean factory! We professionals gotta go and clear up the mess!”

“So – do you guys think you can fix him up then?” asks Goldipox, rubbing her chin thoughtfully as the sweat drips down her cleavage.

“Shit no!” replies First Pugh “We is only going over there for breakfast. The Big Bad Wolf has given us some bacon – he had some luck with the three pigs apparently - and we are going to have scrambled egg on the side. Would you like to join us? There will be plenty to go around. That Humpty Dumpty is a real fat twat!”

Goldipox shakes her head and looks dejected. “Sorry guys, I ain’t got time. Gotta take these presents for Grandma or my wicked stepmother will skin my arse and turn it into chamois leather. I don’t suppose you have time for a blow-job do you? I am soooooo hot and bored!”

The firemen shake their heads sadly (although Dibble and Grubb appear to be teetering upon indecision).

“Sorry Goldipox – we are on an emergency call – the egg will go off quickly in this heat – or else them pesky hedgehogs will get to it – thieving little shits! Maybe we can catch you on the way back? We could pretend our radio isn’t working?”

“Maybe,” replies Goldipox. “Depends how I get on. I wish it wasn’t so hot! My “cherry bakewells” are almost melting away as it is!”

She picks up the handles of the wheelbarrow and steers it to one side so that the fire engine can squeeze past. With its crew drooling, they roar off into the distance.

Then who should come into view but the Mad March Hare who is - not to put too fine a point on it – a raving lunatic. What is even worse is that he clocks Goldipox before she can hide in the bushes and hops (no - better make that “leaps” ) right up to her. He sticks his nose into her face, so close that she recoils from the smell of the whisky on his breath. Today it seems he believes that he is Dick Van Dyke as “Bert” in the film Mary Pawpins … erm … I mean Poppins – complete with excruciating faux-cockney accent.

“Heelo there Alice me ole china” he fawns drunkenly. “and what are you doing on the old frog and toad today? You will be wearing out your ole plates of meat. Ha! Ha!!” Then he bursts into some irritating song about having a holiday with Mary, which it must be said is little more than an crude parody of the official Walt Disney version.

Goldipox rolls her eyes and pushes her barrow over his toes which causes him to hit B# above upper C which is no mean feat for a baritone!

“Aaayyyeeee!” He screeches. “watch out for me feet you stupid Berk!”

Goldifox flutters her eyes as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. “Sorry Bert.” She humours him. It wasn’t my fault. I haven’t got any Sexton Blakes on me marrow.”

She watches with scarcely disguised amusement as “Bert” hops around the clearing for five minutes or more, clutching his foot and screaming obscenities in his native Oxfordshire accent, which of course has no place in this gentile bedtime story.

“Jesus, Alice! Why don’t you watch where you are fucking well going?” he yells, sounding more like David Cameron than Dick Van Dyke.

“Oh stop making a fuss you great big fairy.” She chides him. “Where are you going anyway? Why don’t we go to the pub and you can buy me a few drinkie-poos and stand me lunch? And my name ain’t Alice you gormless twat – it’s Goldipox. You are on the wrong set”

The Mad March Hare suddenly looks confused.“Am I?” he asks, scratching his head. “I could have sworn I was in the Sound of Music. Anyway – I can’t hang around here because I have to be at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.” He leans forward conspiratorially and whispers “ He’s quite mad you know – totally off his rocker - and as for that idiot twat of a dormouse ……. !”

He breaks off in mid-sentence and looks at his watch.“Oh my Goodness!” he exclaims. I must fly – I don’t want to miss the sherry trifle. Toodle-pip!” And with that he bounds away leaving Goldipox on her own once again.

“Deary, deary me!” she said to herself (or words to that effect) “what an adventure this is turning out to be!”

Just then, she hears the sound of heavy breathing behind her and a large shadow joins hers on the path.

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feel like i lost a piece of myself, but I refuse to let this break me down, I am going to overcome this pain as well.

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({Office Misogynist}

By Spankedme111

Dick is walking through the halls way of his office floor. “Hey Pam, You’re looking fine”. “Sophia nice Dress girl, Call me Ext 205. J/K”. “Oh Sally look at that hair, you got it going on” yells Dick.

Ugh, I hate it when he does that says Pam. You just hate it because your married with kids replied Sally.

No, it not that. It’s the way he has no respect for women explained Pam.
That is true, that technical is sexual harassment at the work place said Sophia. Thank you replied Pam.

Well maybe he’s gay and he’s only trying to boost our confidence said Sophia. Oh, I never thought of it that way said Pam
Nope he can’t be, he smack my ass when passing by me in the copier room one day explained Sally.

WHAT? WHEN? How come you didn’t report him yelled Pam

A few weeks ago and because Duh I like it said Sally. Ha-ha laughed Sophia you are crazy.

No that’s not right said Pam i…. :Throat Cleared: SUPERVISOR: Pam, can you please fax over the numbers to the new clients for me before lunch.
Yes Sir said Pam.

Pam heads to the copier area to complete her task before lunch time. She’s begins the process to fax and is entering the proper fax number. Beep beep beep.. beep beep beep.. beep beep beep beep

Pam turns around to find Dick behind her with a smile on his face. Excuse me, I am happily married.

Im not said Dick while walking away.
How dare you touch my ass, let alone spank it yelled Pam but Dick continued to walk back to his desk.

Pam finished faxing then stormed to her desk.

What’s the matter Pam? you look like you just saw a ghost said Sophia.

Dick just spanked my ass in the copier room explained Pam.

What are you kidding me said Sophia & Sally
That’s it, I’m reporting his to HR said Pam. You should said Sophia
No, Wait… I have a better idea said Sally meet me in the conference after everyone leaves for lunch.

Conference room? Ok said Pam

Sally approaches Dick’s Desk; she leans over his desk revealing the top of her panty hose from the slit in her skirt. Sally says Hey everyone is leaving for lunch in 5, would you want to join me for” lunch in the conference room as she winks.

Without hesitating Dick jumps up and says yes I would.
They wait for everyone to leave and head for the conference room.

Dick starts to talk but Sally stops his by putting her finger over his mouth.
No talking says Sally just pleasure. She begins to remove his belt and with one tug she removes the belt sending his suit pants down around his ankles. She then grabs his crotch and begins massaging it.

At this point Dick starts to enjoy himself and closes his eyes.
How bad do you want me? Says Sally
Since I started working here said Dick
Well then strip said Sally. What? Said Dick. You heard me, if you want to fuck me then strip yelled Sally.
Dick removes all his clothes and puts them on the chair.

That’s better, now close your eyes explains Sally
Dick closes his eyes and giggles like a little boy on Christmas morning.
As soon as dick closed his eyes, Sally waved in Pam & Sophia to the room. She touches Dick starting from his chest so he doesn’t start to get suspicious. She stokes her hand right down to his penis and right when Dick thought things were going his way. The girls quickly flip Dick and bend him over the Conference Table.

Sophia jumps on Dicks back to hold him down. What the….Pam quickly applied office tape on his mouth to shut him up.
Sophia grabs his tie and begins to secure his hands behind his back on top of his pale bare ass.
HAHAHA how does it feel Dick , to be embarrassed in front of your FEMALE coworkers.
What was that your naughty boy, smacking a Married Woman is a no no and will not be tolerate in this office so it’s time to pay the punishment.
Sally raises her right arm and begins to unload on dick’s pale soon to be red ass.
Get over here Pam and give this boy what he deserves for touching you.
Pam steps behind Dick’ exposed ass and begins
SMACK! SMACK! SMACK ow that hurt my hand explains Pam
Sally goes to her purse and pulls out a big hairbrush. Here ya go says Sally
Pam takes the brush flips to the back side and punishes her Misogynist coworker.
How dare you put your hands on me yells Pam
Are you Sorry for how you treat woman in the office place.?
Mmmmmmffumcmck ymmoouu
Wow look how red his ass is says Sophia as she throws a few smacks in
Sally rips the tape off
Owww,(crying) im sorry I’m smacked you ass pam cried Dick
And sorry for disrespecting you ladies in the office place.
WHACK! And outside the work place too added Sally.
Yes outside too cried Dick.
The girl then stared taking pictures of the Punished and abused red ass Dick.
What are you doing asked Dick?
Well if you try to rat on us, we will exposed these pics to corporate and on the internet if we have to. Now don’t get up until we leave.
So the ladies leave the room and Dick stands up and rubs his hot red ass and gets dressed.
The ladies are at their desks when they see Dick walking towards them. Sally yells out “ Hey Dick”
Dick puts his head down and says “good morning Ladies” and continued to walk to his desk.
Ha, he’s like our little pet now says Sally
Sophia & Pam looked at her, smiled ,then laughed.

The End

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Date with a Dom

Now this had been set up prior to me listing the characteristics blog the other day and fire-starters suggestion of interviews in which I was to gain some strip marks lol

Having said that quite possibly the interviews may well be over before even started.

Date with a dom went very well indeed.
He's Ticked all the boxes in my book so far- obviously it's early days and he may well still turn out to be a man and leave his god like status behind. Lol

A quietly assured self confident guy who took the lead naturally. A submissive was I !!
This was the most submissive I've been with anyone ever, apart from my punishment spanking from 'my friend' but that was a much shorter time.
I loved it, wasn't role playing - just felt right to chill and do as I was told.
Think it was cos the fit was right
Didn't ask me to stand in a corner with my hands on my head, didn't try and humiliate me in any way.
Just took charge and I gladly let him.

So as the smile has still not left my face I will sing you a song.

'So let's start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with ABC
When you spank you begin with Otk
The first three letters just happen to be
OTK, spread those legs, point the toes lift the arse let's see how it goes.

Ok let's break it down a bit

O , an Oh, is for over you go
T the tut tut I heard him say
K the kiss planted firmly on the butt.

Far there is no where to run
So we find ourselves right here
La de da oh dear oh dear
T perhaps when all is done

That will bring us back to
Oh right over you go
Straighten those legs and touch those toes

When you know notes to sing
You can sing most anything'


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I posted a video. How do I read the comments that are made on it?

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I was thinking of changing my name to Pickles or Crimplesticks, although if you have any better suggestions...?

Zim777xyz just seems so "old school". I'm looking for something more modern and edgy! :-)

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Anyone else love the new Mad Max movie as much as me? The Wasteland has always looked like paradise to me, probably why I live on the outskirts of town in the desert. Seen Fury Road four times now and might see it again in 3D before it leaves theatres.

Aside from some of very attractive wives in the movie, I re-sparked my love for tough chicks. Always had a penchant for picking up girls in martial arts classes, punk rock girls in detention, or crazy chicks at a drug deal, depending on my age. So long as they are not too mangled looking or butch, ballsy girls who are not afraid to get down and party or punch someone out always hit home with me. Think this started when I was 6 and my dad took me to see The Jerk with Steve Martin. The biker chick packing a blade and jumping a motorcycle while set on fire kick started my puberty at a young age. Thanks dad! Hence the photo album of female fighters and general bad asses I posted today. These are the same girls that have told me I look even cuter with a black eye, awwwww.

Some of the toughest female behinds I have ever delivered the paddle to crossed my path in kickboxing classes. Let's face it, after getting punched and kicked in sparring most don't think a spanking is that bad. Since they also have a high pain tolerance the spanking can last a very long time. Someday soon I will post such a story of a girl I knew from a Tae Kwon Do class I was in for a while.

But for now, a rendition of the Butthole Surfers "Who was in My Room Last Night" to help you all get a better understanding of my ideal evening with such females. I suggest putting the song on as you read this one.

All night long her booty burned
Her panties wet but not cold
Couple bumps of coke my eyes were gone
Dose of acid helped us lose control
Was that banging on my window?
Or just the speed pounding in my head?

I wonder who was in my room last night?
Who the hell was in my bed? OOOOOW!!!

There must have been a female body there
I swear I smelled sweet girly flesh
It took a little time, but I figured she was mine
Then her fingertips drew blood down my chest

My mouth went into her sweet thing
Then a hard spanking she asked for more
I couldn't find a key 'cause there was no hole I could see
So I smashed my head through the door! OOOOWWW!!!!

Neighbors called cops, the priest, the crisis line
No one really had a fuckin clue
No one knew the trouble we were up too
Or could tell us what to do

Coke had my throat dry, my girls were high
Only bratty things ever got said
Who was in my room last night?
Who the hell was in my bed?

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Wow! Let me begin by saying this, I fell in love with Christian, from 50 shades of grey! OMG, what he could have done to me! All this time, my client has been having me take her to the store to buy the books from the movie, I had no clue! I thought it was a steamy romance novel, and boy it was so much more complicated than that. From the way it ended I suspect there will be a part 2! And I can’t wait to see part 2 and 3 and 4! From jump he took charge of her and kept it 100 every step of the way!

I think most relationships would be great if people knew how to communicate better. Some people don’t know how to communicate at all. It’s really sad. Everything that man said he would do, he did. That part is very important to me.

A man aint shit if his word aint shit. All a man has is his word and his balls, and if his word aint shit, he has no balls, and if he has no balls he’s just a bitch!!!! I just hate when a person goes back on their word, because they are too immature to discuss their feeling.

Grown men know how to communicate, and the fact that dude-Christian in the movie was always blunt and honest about whatever was a turn on in itself! I think the only issue in the movie was the female didn’t understand the lifestyle and took it as though he wanted to hurt her, which wasn’t the case. I love a dominant man, as long as he respects hisself and most importantly me, its all good! Ok in closing let me say one day I will find my Christian grey, until then I will be patient and remain solo!

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Lay yourself down across the bed.
A stack of pillows, none for your head.
Under your hips is where they will go.
Raise them up nice and proper you know.
A Wednesday whipping? I don't think so.
I'm more of the mind of seeing you glow.
Where is that heavy leather you've come to dread?
Calm your fears, just going to give you a little red.
But I can tell by that look in your eye.
You've been naughty, itching to cry.
Dip your tummy and arch that back.
There now girl, THAT'S a target to smack.
A lesson of leather to absolve your sin.
Fourscore should do nicely to color your skin.
And if the mood strikes you to still be a brat.
I'll wet your bum so the leather will really splat.

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“Hey there Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, you should are looking good.” We all know the song, but do we really know the whole story? Here’s what I think happened…

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs was walking in the woods one day when she came upon a pack of wolves. The head wolf, Mister Blitzer, jumped out in front of her, and actually scared her cute little pink satin panties off of her. She was too frightened to bend over, baring her little hiney for all to see, to pick them up. She started to bend her knees to scoop them up, when Mister Blitzer snatched them up and put them in his pocket.

“Well, if it isn’t Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, herself. My, O, My you are looking fine today, all pink and luscious. You shouldn’t be out in the woods by yourself, it’s very dangerous here. There are lions and bears and of course, wolves, all hungry and none of us are vegetarians. I’m sure your honey at home would be very upset with you if he knew. He’d have you out cutting your own switches and marking your pretty hiney with pink stripes until you shed a tear or two. Do you think if we tell him, he’ll let us watch?”

“No, no, he knows I’m out here, really, Mister Blitzer. I would never do anything that he didn’t know about. I’m a good girl, I never get into trouble, really.”

“Now why don’t I believe you, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs! Are you really telling us the truth? I don’t think so. I guess we will just have to spank that sweet, sweet hiney of yours and then maybe you’ll tell us. What do you think wolf pack? It’ll be a fun way to spend the afternoon.”

The vice-wolf spoke up. “So who gets to spank her, you know we all want to. She’s just not telling the truth to you, she’s not telling the truth to all six us.”

“The vice-wolf has a point there, don’t you think Little Miss Kissie-Boobs? OK guys, get your favorite spanking implement and we will get this started.”

“Oh, please don’t spank me, Mister Blitzer. My honey at home would be so upset with me. He told me that if I get spanked in the woods, I get spanked at home too. And if all six of you spank me, he’ll feel obligated to spank me every night for the next six nights. You don’t really want me to get six more spankings, do you?”

“Well, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, you do have a reputation of being a very naught girl. You would probably get those spankings anyway. We’re always happy to tan your hiney, and now we have another chance. You don’t really think we will pass up this opportunity to spank one of the nicest, sweetest, cutest hineys around?”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs looked around at all the wolves and knew that any objections would go unheard. Her mind started wondering how she could get out of this group spanking. She knew that they were all faster than her, so running away wouldn’t work. She thought she would bat her eyes at them and give them her biggest smile, but she did that before and knew they wouldn’t fall for that ploy again. She was doomed and she knew it. Sleeping on her tummy for the next week or so is her fate. She let out a sigh of resignation.

“Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, I see you’ve come to realize that you will be going home with a very sore hiney. And what happens with your honey at home, well that’s not our business. Now, being the kind wolf that I am, I’ll give you a long warming up before you get the rest of your spankings from the pack. Come here, now.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs walks over to the head wolf, Mister Blitzer, and lays over his knees.

“My, my, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, what long shapely legs you have.”

Mister Blitzer, runs his paw up Little Miss Kissie-Boobs’ legs and lifts her pink satin skirt up and over her bottom.

“And, my, my, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, what a pretty round pale bottom you have. But think how much prettier it will be all pink and swollen.”

“Please don’t spank me so hard, Mister Blitzer. I won’t be able to sit and play with my hairy spider collection if you do. They will be so sad and you don’t want that, do you?”

“You’ll still be able to play, you’ll just have to stand up to play. Now are you ready to start Little Miss Kissie-Boobs?”

“Yes, let’s get it over with.”

The spanks rained down on Little Miss Kissie-Boobs’ poor bottom. Ouches and owies could be heard from all around. The squirrels and little chipmunks came out of hiding to watch. The blue birds and robins flitted above, hoping the wolves were not too harsh with Little Miss Kissie-Boobs. The bees and wasps buzzed around wanting Mister Blitzer to stop, hoping that Little Miss Kissie-Boobs won’t stop caring about all the little creatures and never return to the woods to make sure they are all OK.

Mister Blitzer stops the spanks. He helps Little Miss Kissie-Boobs off his lap and asks the vice-wolf who was next.

“We decided to go in alphabetical order. First Emil, then Fritz, me, Max and Rudolf. And then of course you, Mister Blitzer, will finish up with a very deserved caning. Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, go to Emil.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs went to Emil and laid across his lap. He raised his slipper high and brought down about 50 very hard smacks before releasing her. A tearful and very sore Little Miss Kissie-Boobs went to the next to receive the wooden ruler from Fritz, then to Henry and his very mean wooden spoon. Henry, the vice-wolf, sent Little Miss Kissie-Boobs to stand in front of the oak tree knowing that her hiney was getting a little numb. What’s the point of giving a good hard spanking if the recipient didn’t feel the effects?

After a few minutes Little Miss Kissie-Boobs was sent to Max to receive 50 smacks from the leather paddle and then to Rudolf to be spanked with the large rubber spatula. The sobbing Little Miss Kissie-Boobs was sent back to the oak tree to stand before returning to the head wolf, Mister Blitzer for the last of her spankings.

“Come here, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs went to Mister Blitzer, her teary eyes pleading not to punish her any more. She looked at Mister Blitzer and noticed that he had a long, mean looking cane in his hands. She sobbed loudly, but continued her trek to him.

“Little Miss Kissie-Boobs, you will receive 12 of the best from me and my cane. Then I hope this will teach you to be a good girl and to always tell the truth. Now bend over and hug your knees. Stay in place until I tell you to stand straight.”

Mister Blitzer delivered the 12 searing hot cuts to Little Kissie-Boobs’ already very sore and swollen hiney. A scream was heard after each stroke. Mister Blitzer helped Little Miss Kissie-Boobs to stand.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you the truth. I’ll be a good girl from now on, I promise. Can I have my panties back, please Mister Blitzer?”

“No, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs. They will be placed in our trophy room with the 3 other pairs of your panties. Now go to your honey at home and be a good girl.”

Little Miss Kissie-Boobs limped home to her honey. She immediately went to change into her onesie and started dinner for her vanilla honey at home.

A few days later, Little Miss Kissie-Boobs received a package from Harrods. It contained 5 pairs of French panties in blue, lavender, sunflower yellow, snowy white and cherry red. She reached back to rub her still very sore bottom as she read the note:

……………. “We can’t wait for your next visit to the woods, wear the lavender panties.

…………………………. Biggest hugs, the wolf pack.”

©2015 CLG0413

Thanks for the proof, Misty

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Views: 556 · Added: 31 days ago

Today I'm going to shut out the world and chill. I can't decide whether to fly to the tropics...

Daydream in my hammock...

Walk in the rain...

Or just stay in bed...

So if you're of a mind, grab a couple of these and join me...

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Views: 522 · Added: 31 days ago

As an update, this weekend I am heading down to hang out with Princess and Otkballerina. Originally we had plans to hang out, have fun and Otkballerina had wanted to see how much of the belt she could take (not as a punishment but as her own little personal challenge.)

Unfortunately that will have to be postponed (still going down to hang out and have a good time,) because she has earned herself a punishment spanking instead.

She will be getting a long belting and a good dose of the new paddles to help remind her that she needs to do what she says she is going to do, and answer to herself and to me. Hopefully it will keep her on her best behavior for awhile since she leaves for work soon and will be gone for 3 months.


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