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It had been a week since Janie had tried to leave with Evan... seven days since her fantasy of running off with him had come crashing down. Security had caught and returned her to her father's study, where Evan and her Daddy joined her. She should have known she'd never get away with such a plan, but she had embraced the dream, however briefly.

Her Father was outraged. Evan had broken his trust and even Janie had to admit he had not treated her well. She'd fought so hard to protect her love! Even as her Daddy had strapped her, she begged to spare Evan, offering to take his punishment as well as her own. Her body could still recall the weight and vicious snap of the leather, biting and dragging across her ass cheeks - the sudden gouging assault of the contact of the hard hide on her soft flesh. Its path was indelibly written on her beautifully formed, round bottom.

Janie recalled the events clearly, right up until her punishment. She was made to remove the sexy outfit she'd worn for Evan and climb up onto the surface on the desk. Her Father had secured her tightly. Her limbs were extended to the four corners.

Her father, who had fully supported Evan as her betrothed, had lost faith in him. Evan had broken his word and taken liberties with his daughter. David discovered his betrayal with his own eyes, as he entered their hotel room. Janie had not known of the promises he'd made to her father, until they were shattered and Evan had been dragged from their bed to answer for his sins. It had been traumatic. Her Daddy, David had stripped the ring from her finger, after beating Evan and pulled her to his car without giving her a chance to even say goodbye. It had been a night of chaos which had left her emotions in turmoil.

Janie had been returned home. She had been unable to let go of her feelings so quickly. She still loved Evan and secretly arranged a rendezvous. They'd decided to go away together and marry, in order to thwart David's intervention. She knew now, that David was aware of her plan from its inception. His security system was flagged the moment she'd dialed Evan's number. Their conversation was taped and both she and Evan ended the night in her Father's study.

David's strap was applied with a heavy hand, but even as she screamed, Janie still pleaded with her Daddy to release Evan. Her appeal went unanswered. Once she'd been released, she had been forced to stand facing a mirror. She bore witness to Evan's even more severe session. Janie had been the braver of the two, in all honesty. Evan had not spoken a word throughout Janie's punishment. He had in fact been aroused by watching her squirm against the bindings. Yet, Janie cried more during his strapping than here, tortured by his pain and screaming for her Daddy to stop.

David had pointed out the obvious disparity of their reactions to his daughter. He said Evan enjoyed watching her being punished!! Janie still clung to her fairytale romance, blindly believing Evan had suffered from nerves rather than a lack of emotion.

Evan had showed her the magic of her body. He'd opened does she hadn't even known existed. Her mouth opened and the point of her tongue rounded her lips, just thinking if it.She brushed her fingertips over her rosey, erect nipples. She felt the wetness trickling from within her. As her touch reached her blossom, her delicate digits became soaked with her desire. They slid easily between her petals and licked the lips of her tight passage. She shivered, remembering his mouth on her clit. Oh, that sound of him sucking and nibbling made her wriggle!!Though he had never had her fully, he had claimed her ass as his own, He had stretched and prodded the path with a series of plugs, preparing the way for his big, thick cock. She felt her rectum contract and grab... trying to recreate the fullness she'd experienced that night. First, he'd spanked her bottom smartly, to a hot, cherry red, as he teased and tantalized her to a frenzy. Then and only then, had he entered her. He'd been her first and only. He took her smoldering ass, seperating her shapely buns, lubricating her little rosebud to receive him. He felt huge inside of her, far larger than the plug that had paved his way. How could she forget him?! Her virginity was still in tact, but she longed to be ravaged and sucked, pumped and squeezed, kissed and spanked to that quivering moment of ecstacy. Her fingers danced around her hard knot. Her hips lifted. Her pelvis rotated becoming defined as her slight, thin torso moved. Her concave tummy rippled and her chest heaved in gasps of air. She tried to stiffle her moans, turning to bury her face in the goose down pillow, but a vibrating song of pleasure vibrated from her pouty, pink mouth.

Finally she was satiated and damp with sweat and sweet juices. Still, she missed Evan and desperately wanted to talk with him. She needed him to explain! She was confused by his actions, by his lack of chivalry and his indifference to her pain.
Knowing her father had him locked in the bowels of her own home, made her crazy.

She pulled on a robe, listening carefully to the silence in the house. Convinced everyone was sleeping, she tiptoed down the great stairway and through the kitchen. She searched Olivia's keyring that hung on a hook near the basement door, trying this key and that one, until she had opened the cellar door. She was frightened to defy her father, but having come this far, and having never been down this stairway before, she couldn't resist the temptation to proceed.

Her trembling toe tentatively felt its way to find each step hidden in the shadowy expanse. Her fingers gripped nervously to the rail, her palm sticking to the painted bar as she descended. Finally, she reached a metal door. She tried to open it, but it was locked. She anxiously attempted to unlock it with the keys on Olivia's ring, but all had failed.

She sat with a heavy heart and wept to know she was so close. Evan was somewhere behind that door, alone. Who knew what her father had done to him!! With determination, She stood and pounded on the door to alert Evan to her presence, but the heavy door didn't answer. The force of her tiny fist made little sound. It was like pounding under water. The knock was muffled, absorbed by the soundproofing surrounding the chamber. Her efforts had failed!

She'd have to find the key and try again, another night. Fear seemed to penetrate her petite frame, or perhaps it was the chill of the basement. Suddenly she was spooked. Her courage gone, she scampered up the stairs, locking the door behind her. She hung the keyring back in its place, her heart pounding in her chest. She was relieved to escape detection, but was determined to try again.

Janie quietly padded up the stairs and made it safely behind her bedroom door. She was so happy to be back in her room. She'd have to let it all go for tonight. She'd have to look for that key in her Daddy's study. The very idea terrified her. Her Father, absolutely did not allow her access to his study, except by invitation. She was not a little girl anymore and her Daddy was far less forgiving now. She tossed off her robe and slid between the crisp percale sheet, rubbing her face on the pillow, curling her shoulder up towards her ear, as she snuggled under the comforter. Her silky curls tickled her neck as they cascaded between her pretty, perky breasts. She closed her big, blue eyes. Her long, black lashes rested on her creamy cheeks and Janie returned once again to the fantasies of a young girl’s love.

The motion activated camera had ceased its watchful scan of the basement stairwell. Its secrets waited for David to reveal them, with his morning coffee.

***Thank you once again Dennim for the wonderful artwork! :-*

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Happy February everyone. Sorry it's been a while since I've last posted.

A friend and I took a spanking paddle that I've affectionately named "The Cherry Popper" into a nearby Hooters. It's made from solid cherry wood. We set it on the table in plain view while we ordered our dinner. When asked what "that was for," we said "to make sure you get our order right young lady." By the end of our evening, all of the girls had signed the paddle in accordance with proper tradition if you know what I mean. We had so much fun that we decided to turn the other cheek and went over to the Kilt and did the same experiment there. I have to say that I really love the tartan kilts and schoolgirl socks. Let's just say that things got really interesting at the Kilt. I can't say that one experience was better than the other. Both were amazing and we had a lot of fun with the paddle and the very eager girls. According to proper tradition, we collected a total of 13 signatures that night. Talk about exceeding expectations. The cherry popper was a huge hit!

Check my photo gallery for more pics of our paddling fun. Cheers!

If you're interested in owning this one of a kind paddle, I might reluctantly sell it for the right price. Otherwise, this little treasure will bring me fond memories for many years to come.

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Sir & I meeting a friend-
Play party at his house-
I didn't know what to expect
I was petrified-yet wet...
My bodily essence-
Dripping down my thighs
My panties-useless now-
Ripped off roughly by Sir-
Shoved in my mouth...
A sort of gag-aaawwwwww
Turned on but confused
I was wearing very little...
Dressed in my-barely there-
Skirt & brawless blouse
Sir picked my clothes...
Grateful I was allowed
Most subs wore less-
Some completely naked...
My nipples-painfully hard-
Pussy-ready to explode!!!

I never wanted to share before-
But right now I would love it...
With that cute blue eyed girl-
Or the red head next to her
Together our tongues would lick-
Sir's body everywhere...
While I suck Sir to climax
Swallowing every drop-
Savoring his amazing taste
She could lick Sir's ass...
I want to ask My Sir-
Can we play with her?
I want to touch her-
Kiss her-lick her...
She would be my first
My first woman-
First threesome...

What would her tongue-
Feel like in my ass?
Her fingers sliding inside?
While I'm riding Sir-
Like a horse untamed-
Will we orgasm together-
By each other or Sir?
What if I enjoy her more?
I've tasted Sir's fingers after-
He played inside me...
This would be so different-
To experience first hand-
The warmth & softness-
Of a woman's pussy-
Waiting for penetration
Screaming to be tasted

What if I like her taste-
Better then Sir's?
Just in case-just to be safe
I'll keep this little fantasy-
In my mind-reliving it-
Every single night...
Fearful that Sir might prefer-
Her to me or worse-
Want her permanently...
I'll tell Sir about my desire-
Feeling a woman spanking me
After he puts a long-thick-
Ginger root inside-ouch!!!

Being punished thoroughly-
Sir watching-holding me down
All huge fantasies of mine!!!
Sir wouldn't let me climax-
Sir would cruelly-yet tenderly-
Bring me to the edge-
Over & over again!!!
In my erotic fantasy...
Being punished so hard-
Inside & out by Sir & her-
He would finally give that-
Extra nudge to help me-
Tumble from the high cliff-
Down into eternal bliss-
Blissfully awaiting me...

Well until I woke from this-
My erotic dream/fantasy
Soaking wet...
Playing with myself-
If Sir found out-
I'll be punished hard!!!
I should take a cold shower-
Get rid of the "evidence"...
He'll be here any minute now
I'll just play a little longer-
I'm such a bad-bad-girl...
Soon a whipped bad girl

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If you are happiest when spanking a bad boy then then i need to borrow you! Any spqnkers near zip code 74462 contact me i need you to beat my ass w a paddle. Thank u

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The cane it whistled through the air
I raised my bum to meet it
A whoosh and crack as wood met flesh
A thin red stripe super heated
I gasped and squirmed
As the pain it came
And stuck my bum out further
And repeated again despite the pain
Please sir may I have another.

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Hi my name is Wylde and I am looking for a spanking play partner! Not interested in women spanking me, just men! I'm a little with submissive tendencies! I love being spanked and paddles are my favorite implements! I'm not looking for anything sexual or romantic..Just bare bottom spankings! If you think you can handle me and are comfortable giving good hard spankings, please message me so we can chat! I'm live in Rogers Arkansas, so I am hoping to find someone who can give me non sexual spankings! I don't mind if you are a Switch... please be mature and a little older than me! Thanks!

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On this sketch the girls face was turned away slightly, which is why her right eye is smaller.

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As of today I broke up with my "daddy". I am officially single and looking for a consistent disciplinarian. This individual needs to be experienced and know how to differentiate sex and discipline.

PM me if interested

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It's been a while since we posted anything on SpankingTube. Too busy with work and other things but we're going to have another go and see how we get on.

GYTD has been around since 1999. We've produced many mm spanking clips and short films during this period.

We're on the Domestic, Father/Son, Boss/Employee theme so if you're looking for anything heavier than this then you're in the wrong place.

Our postings on SpankingTube will either be trailers or full length clips and we'll be uploading several new Photo Galleries along the way.

Copyright: Everything we post here is our own work. You may view it, download it, share it with your friends but please do not attempt to remarket or republish it in any way shape or form.

We hope you'll enjoy our clips and photos on SpankingTube. We'll try and keep a good supply of new things coming.

Please feel free to comment. Positive feedback will always result in good things later on.

If you like our videos we have a Studio Site on Clips4Sale so drop by, have a look and see if there is something you like.

Kind regards


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After watching YouTube videos this is my first sketch.

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Oh get your heads out the gutter people! Im talking clearing out the garage...well out house,not sex!

Whats the difference between a good spanking and a good hiding?

My lovely husband 'Marky De Sade' whispered in my sleepy ear this morning as he left for work and said..
Today I would like you to clear out your junk room in the back garden, like I've been asking you to do for the last month! If you dont make a substantial start on it by the time i come home...you little girl are gonna get a good hiding! Do I make myself clear?
I didn't like his tone... I know unlocking the door and opening it doesn't constitute a 'start' so I ventured in....5 big black bags of 'You never knows' were dumped and
9 trips with a wheelbarrow full of 'I may need thats' trudged across to another outhouse which he said I could use...Ive stepped in dog shit..caught my hair in bramble bushes.. met some huge spiders. I'm so TIREEEEEERD..and COOOOOLD (what does frostbite look like? Btw) thoroughly miserable..feeling sorry for myself ...in fact the back if my hand is on my forehead!!!!
Oh my God I'm 'Cinderfuckinrella'

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This weeks sketch. Tried to focus on the faces but don't think it's very good. And the colouring looks rubbish, but I'm posting them anyway. Think it's better in black and white. For the next few weeks I'm focusing on faces only. A friend told me to look on YouTube, which was a very good idea, as there's videos teaching how to draw all aspects off the face. I've been learning a lot already from only a few videos. X

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Laughing over what Ditzy and her hubby were saying about a sticky side of cling film which of course doesn't have one, reminded me of something Master told me many years ago, back when we were a vanilla couple.
I was wrapping a meal in foil / tin foil / aluminium wrap, whatever you call it.
G told me to ensure the shiny side was showing, why I asked, because it responds better to the heat, the heat generates through the foil evenly, it doesn't work properly with the dull side. G told me.
Really, I asked. Yes I heard it on the TV. G replied.
So I believed him, I even went to work the following day and told the girls in the nursery school I worked in. And when the cook arrived, I told her. No one realised this about the shiny side, so everyone, and I mean everyone, started to leave the shiny side of the foil showing.
G seemed very genuine about it so I had no reason to believe it wasnt true.
Months went by, when one evening I was using foil, turning it over to have the shiny side showing when G started laughing.
What are you laughing at ? I asked. You're still using the foil that way. He said. Confused I said, well yes, it's the right way. You told me months ago. Laughing again he said, yeah I made that up. I looked at him, you never did, I've told everyone about it. I stated. Laughing he said, I know, I was waiting for someone to realise and no one has. He said.
So the following day I had to go to work and tell everyone that G made it up, calling us all a group of soft daft women !
He's made things up many times since then, but this one always made me giggle as it affected so many of us and we all believed him.
So I think I would be classed as the moron in this tale.

@ditzy247 blog reminded me of what G told me many many years ago and I believed him, so I had to share it.

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Hello i just wanted to say this is a great place,
I love the videos on hear .
I have had a lot of Pm mostly from men .
asking me if i would like to be spanked by a man .
But no thank you i am not in to that at all .
I like to role play that's for sure .

I am old school and like playing a naughty boy.
that is going to be spanked by a maternal Figure.
Yes its role playing but i have a long list of things
That i need to be spanked for from the past to present .
Hope fully this weekend i will get my chance .
got a email from a lady said she loves to role play
that maternal figure.
and she said she would like to reenact this clip
that she sent me .
it looks like fun and i hope it will happen this saturday

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Not been on much got a boyfriend I have not told him about this or that once a week I get paddled or caned, and once a month the belt gets added, he is away with work for a month sound,

I have just seen something funny I am calling my self a lier I do not like OTK but I have pics of people getting just that well if they dopy enough I am not

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Hey of you live close to lynden WA let me know

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So Mark tries to tell me tonight, to cover the photo collage I was making with the 'sticky side' of cling film/ Saran Wrap /plastic wrap, whatever you want to call it.

Me: Hold on, the what?.. the 'sticky side' of what?
Mark: You know the side that sticks!
Me: Of cling film?.. you think there's a sticky side to cling film?.(laughing now)
Mark: Yes!.. how do you think it works?
Me: I don't know! ...static??? I have no idea! But I know it doesn't have a sticky side.
Mark: Are you listening to what I'm saying?
Me: No...are you listening to what the fuck YOU are saying?
Mark: Watch your mouth little girl..listen to me...
Me: I can't ...I can't you're talking fucking shite...

It was at this point I got a smack for attitude!

Sometimes one comes across a moron, sometimes one realises, one married one. Lol

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Just tried uploading my first video. It says it should take a few hours up to a few days so hopefully it works!!! I did create it from my phone though..

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Leaving this morning for business. This week: NE Texas. Next week: east Indiana and then North Carolina. Hoping I get a spanking, or give one, soon.

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Life is getting complicated now. I've found a lovely girl who likes being spanked and lives locally. The problem is, the sub side of my personality still needs to visit my Mistress who lives further away. We've known each other a long time and she knows just what floats my boat punishment-wise. The new girl says she doesn't mind switching but I didn't try her out because I have an appointment with Mistress soon and I didn't want to visit her with visible marks showing. Mistress wouldn't dream of letting me spank her - ever. The question is, do I tell Mistress she has got a rival or not? She'll give me hell if she ever finds out, so it might be best to confess up front and get it over with? I'll probably try out the new girl's switching abilities but I'm pretty sure she won't be as good as Mistress, and I will have to 'train her up' as to my likes and dislikes. It's gonna be too expensive to keep them both on, and sooner or later one of them will see some marks that they didn't make!

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