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(If you haven’t read first, please do before continuing.)

“Oh, no” sez Misty, “here comes Mrs. Jim, carryin’ that big stick (B S for short.) And she don’t look atall happy.”

“Dag gummit!” sez Jim, “Now what?”

“Thar ya are, you big hairy galoot. Whatdoya think yur doing tryin’ to make Misty Moo talk Miss Ciggy inta workin’ for ya? Now, she’s my bestest friend and yinzas stay away from her. Got it? If yinzas don’t leave her be, she sez she will meet up with C out west and start a Yoga/Health Food business. Miss Ciggy sez they are a gonna call it the "Ye Olde Happy Buddha Yoga and Health Food Shoppe." And if ya’ll think I’m mad as H-E double hockey sticks now, jest wait till that happens.”

Mrs. Jim walks over to Jim, grabs his tiny ear, (gawd, he sure does have small ears for a human) and hauls him over to the railin’.

“Bend yur ass over that thar railin’ and get them thar drawers down, all the way.”

Jim knew that thar won’t be any piece till Mrs. Jim has got her way. So over the railin’ he goes. Mrs. Jim raises the B S high and tears down on Jim’s big hairy ass (gawd, he sure does have a ton of hair on his ass for a human.) Mrs. Jim don’t stop til his ass is bright red and swoll’n. Jim starts whoopin and hollerin like no tomorrow, so loud that it’s heard all over the town, all over the land, all over the earth, all over the universe.

Mrs. Jim lowers the B S, and turns to stare over at the 2 other big galoots.

“Who’s next?”

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So there we stood, barefoot and bare bottomed. Nothing on but our shirts. Our bottoms well spanked. Angela's mother went in the other room and told us to wait. She came back with a jar of Vaseline and a thermometer.
"I will take both your temperatures rectally. I will scold you while doing so. I really want the humiliation to sink in so you understand that breaking the rules is unacceptable."
She put the items down on a coffee table and went again into the other room. She wheeled back in to the den what looked like a large adjustable diaper changing table. It was tall and was longer than a regular one.
"Angela Marie, get on the table, on your tummy, prop yourself up on your elbows and spread your legs and point those feet."
She did as she was told. Her mother put a pillow under her hips raising her plump bubble butt into the air. She put some Vaseline on her finger and spread Angie's chubby bare cheeks.
"Hold still while I lube your little hiney hole for taking your temp."
She rubbed it all over her rosebud and in her crack. Then she dipped the thermometer into the Vaseline and spread her cheeks with her fingers while she inserted the thermometer. Angie squirmed a little and moaned a bit when it went in while she looked over her shoulder at her predicament. Her mother pushed it in until it stayed and then moved her hand away so we could both get a good view of the thermometer just sticking out from her humiliated bare bottom.
"That will teach you Angie. What did we call your bottom when you were a little girl?"
Angie began to sob and whine.
"Please momma don't make me... I promise to never break the rules again!"
"Angela Marie! I asked you a question young lady."
"We used to call my bare bottom my little bare coo coo."
"Yes we did. How does it feel having mommy taking your "Tempy" in your naughty bare "Coo Coo" at your age just like when you were a little girl?"
"I feel so humiliated and punished mommy." she sobbed
"You keep looking at your bare coo coo while I take your tempy little girl! You too young man, cause your next."
All I could get out was a weak,
"Yes Auntie B."
There we were the two of us in our twenties being punished like naughty little children. I was awash with shame and at the same time aroused. I was looking at those perfect round plump globes of my girlfriends "Coo Coo" getting her temperature taken and it was arousing. I almost wanted it to be my turn. Which all to soon I knew it would be.
She removed the thermometer and looked.
"Well your normal. I want you to stand up and lean against the table, legs apart so I can administer a good wiping to your coo coo."
She did as she was told and her mother took a wet nap and wiped between her cheeks thoroughly.
"Stand over there while I deal with your naughty little friend here."
"Ok young man, up on the table same position as Angie was in now!"
I did as I was told legs apart feet pointed propped up on me elbows. The mirrors in the room gave me a good view of my bare bottom as she raised it with the pillow. She wiped the thermometer and applied the vaseline to hr finger again. I felt her spread my cheeks and then put her finger in my hiney hole. I was at her mercy and humiliated.
She dipped the theremometer again and inserted it in my bottom and I just sat there and took it.
"Now you hold still and look at that thermometer in YOUR naughty little bare coo coo baby boy. You should be ashamed of yourself having to be punished like this at your age! Just sit there with that thermometer stick out between your cheeks taking your "Tempy" young man. Learn your lesson!"
After a few minutes she removed it and checked it and wiped my bottom like Angie but took a long time wiping me down there. She wiped my scrotum and my bare penis as well. It was hard and she stroked it a little while wiping it. It jumped with her touch.
"Naughty little boy feeling aroused while I wipe your pee pee! I should spank you!"
"I am sorry Auntie B. I cannot help it."
"Should I milk your little pee pee for you? So you will no longer be aroused?"
"Mommy!" yelled Angie
"How could you?! You wouldn't dare...would you?"
"Just for that outburst young lady I think I should!"
I then said something I never thought I would say.
"Yes Auntie B. Please milk my pee pee if you want. I deserve this. I brought all of this on me and her and I am so sorry Angie, but I think your mom should do it and teach me a humiliating lesson."
Angie lowered her head a little.
"Yes, if you think you deserve it. I should have not listened to you and made us come home. Now we are being severely punished like little kids cause of what you practically made me do. Yes I think she should. Do it mommy."
She grabbed my little bare penis in her fingers and began stroking me. She looked right into my eyes with her head turned away from Angie's She smiled and winked at me and then said.
"There there little boy. Auntie B will help you to not be aroused. I will milk your little bare pee pee and make it squirt and teach you a good lesson."
Her mom looked just like an older version of her. her bottom was quite a bit plumper then Angie's but still had the same hair face and eyes for the most part.
Standing there her mother stroking me and her watching her mom do it to me. I could not hold out long and I came.
"Good little boy. Auntie B will wipe you clean. When I finish with Angie you are staying the night and I have PJ's for you to wear. You are both grounded for a month except for work and your mom will be here in the morning to spank you and take you home."
{To be continued}

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2 Years ago I knew everyone who blogged here. Now everyone is new. Its different reading the blogs of strangers, but I suppose we all start as strangers in the beginning, right?

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Bf bought me a Onesie for my spankings, His latest (of many) desires.
It's pink with yellow ducks and bubbles, I love it, until it comes off!
He has just texted to tell me to have it on for when he come's home from work.
Another sore Bottom for me this evening x.

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I'm naked under a long cape and then blindfolded. They drive me to a building and I can hear people chattering as I'm led into the place. My arms are hoisted above my head and my cloak is removed. Mistress whispers, "How many people do you think are looking at your body?" I feel rope wound around each of my ankles and my legs are drawn apart. "All these people have come to watch you thrash around under my lash and hear you scream. They want me to whip you until your knees give way and your face is wet with tears and drool."

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Misty Moo – that weren’t his real name of course, but he couldn’t remember who he really was – was sweeping the porch outside his little drug- cum-general store, when who should come along but his buddies Jim and Mike, and they was looking purty gloomy, which was most unusual for them two.

“Howdy fellas!” He says. “Man but you boys looks like you done lost ten dollars and found fifty cents? Anything I kin do to cheer you up a bit? I got coffee on the go and some of Miss Ciggy’s carrot cake out back if’n you is interested?”

Mike and Jim exchange a quick glance. Miss Ciggy’s cookery has a bit of a reputation. She runs a burger stall in downtown Hicksville, between the railroad station and the hospital. It’s handily placed for attracting customers in, and getting them treated for various gastric complaints afterwards.

“Well that’s right neighbourly of you Misty”, says Jim hastily. “And another time we would cheerfully accept yo’ kind offer, but as a matter of fact it’s Miss Ciggy that we came to see you about!” He glances at Mike who continues:

“Ya see Misty, we gotten ourselves a bit of a problem down at the Enigma Club and we could use a little help. Miss Daisy, our regular chef has gone done quit at short notice and skedaddled back to New Zealand because she is feeling homesick. We ain’t got nobody to replace her yet.”

Misty looks back at them a bit quizzical like.

“But, surely that is a bonus ain’t it? I mean – let's face it - Daisy’s cuisine don’t have much of a reputation for excellence – rumour has it that her ratatouille has got real rats in it. Shucks even the neighbourhood cats don’t go sifting through the trash cans at the Enigma Club!”

“Yeah, we know!” replies Jim. “But the fact is that the wages we pay, it’s difficult to get staff as it is. We was hoping that you might persuade Miss Ciggy to help us out for a spell? The pay ain’t much – but you and her can have full use of the dungeon on Wednesday afternoons if you want, and we will throw in a bottle or two of scotch for good measure – the good stuff – not the rotgut we sell to the customers! Whaddya say?”

Misty scratches his head and ponders for a while. He looks a bit sceptical.

“Geez – I don’t know fellas. I mean – to be honest – Miss Ciggy’s food ain’t up to much if’n I has to be truthful. Why them dudes from the county health and hygiene department has threatened to close her down more than once already. They said some real mean things about her hot dogs you know? She really got quite upset. It aint her fault that several pet dogs have gone missing just recently.”

“We knows all about that,” replies Mike. “But if Miss Ciggy comes to cook for us, she won’t have no more problems with the trading standards guys – they is members of the Club and they gets to bring their mistresses down for a whipping session on Saturday nights. Hell – they knows we would tell their wives if they gave us any shit!”

“So whaddya say Misty?” asks Jim. “We sure would value your assistance. Could you give her one of your special spankings and sweet-talk her round? We would be most obliged if’n ya could!”

Well – the truth is that Misty finds it difficult to turn down two engaging guys like Jim and Mike. They is regular “good ole boys” and, to be honest, the offer of a free run of the Enigma Club dungeons with Miss Ciggy was too much of a temptation to refuse!

“Shit you guys” he smiled. “I will do my best. I will ask her after supper when she has unwound and has a few beers inside her.

"In the meantime, hows about we go out back and shoot some Pool?”

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I woke up this morning with a hard on and made the mistake of begging Marie to masturbate........I got locked up for the weekend and some swift whacks with the back scratcher for my efforts, DOH!!!!! :(

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Will never be texting while driving again.....Lesson learned


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dance on me
push me down
rise up


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Hello guys! My name is Missy!

Even though I am older now, my mom INSISTS that I still be treated like her little girl...this means little girl panties (size 8 are certainly big enough for me to wear...unfortunately), corner time, soap in my mouth, curfews...and of course...bare bottom (or worse) spankings:/

One particular one that stands out was at a pool.

This is how it happened:

We were on vacation at a nice resort.

It had a very nice pool with a slide. It was in a court yard with rooms surrounding it three stories high.

The life guards there were really cuteand grabbed me by my ear and yanked me out of the pool.

Bend now, over this hand rail (you know, the metal ones by the stairs).

I said, "MO-OM not now, please just take me inside PLEEEASE!"


I reluctantly bent over it. She took off her flip flop and said








I, even after only three spanks was crying. It was partially from the humiliation and partially from the pain.

Then she decided, "Missy, bottoms down now!"


She said, DO YOU THINK I CARE!!! As she swiftly removed them, bent me over and started swatting me vigorously.

Had to be about 40 swatts!

I was SOOOOOOOO embarrassed to be exposed from the bottom down. I mean at least I was clean shaven, but I never want my lady bits to be on such display!!! And the court yard made it so that who know how many guests could be seeing me from their rooms!!!

I could see the guard chuckling as he watched.

After she finished, I couldn't help but to jump up and down and do the dreaded spanky dance!

SOOOOOO humiliating !!!

AND, as I am hopping around she grabs my top off! And says, on your knees, nose into the rail!

After, embarrassingly submitting and getting on my knees, everything out for everyone to see, I put my nose on the hand rail.

Later (who knows how long!!!)

I heard a voice say, "ma'am are you her mother???"

My mom said, "Yes, she is being punished"

"I can see that ma'am, and I appreciate and applaud your willingness to take these measures, but unfortunately she has to have clothes...resort policy"

"Ah, ok, no worries, I'll take care of it!" I heard her shuffling through our bag and walk over.

"Missy stand up, put these on and get back in time out!" She was holding, of course, a training bra, and a pair of embarrassing little girl princess panties:

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"I am sapiosexual. I think geeks and nerds are sexy--I often want to rub my clit against their minds." -Kayar Silkenvoice

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Friends and fellow spankos. I will be in Denver for business Oct 5-20. Would anyone like to get together while I am in town. I should be free mostly in the evening, and possibly on the weekend. Would anyone like to have some spanking fun?

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Today is a bad day:( I'm hiding in bed, cuddled up to Erwin and wrapped up really tightly in my blanket like a glow worm hehehe. Yesterday was hospital day, yuk. I hate going sooooo much. it was especially bad this time though because I've been skipping appointments. Not intentionally it's just they kept cropping up the same day as other stuff that was much for fun. and I think it's important to have fun:) plus I've not been taking any of my medication, so awkward,awkward, awkward.......

Everything always goes a bit dark and scary after hospital, we don't really talk about it much and that's good i wouldn't want to bang on about it all the time. It's just so sad when we see people who are really sick, my heart aches so much for them, and i wish there was something i could do to take some of their illness away. They are so brave. I also wish there was a magic potion i could drink to make me brave. I'm scared of lots and lots of things. I once couldn't even walk past someone because they were dressed in a scary costume, I ended up stuck in a shop doorway. But most of all I'm scared of how things are going to work out. I hope it's something that i will come round to, like peanut butter. i used to HATE peanut butter, but now i love it, i have it every single morning on my toast for breakfast. The same thing happened with peas. but I'm not sure i can compare this to peanut butter and peas. My friend says everything is either driven by fear or love, i feel both lots. I wonder if it is really is possible to get rid of fear? She also says total love and faith leaves no room for fear. But i think she's may be an angel.

But most of all i feel guilty. I have bipolar to, that may or may not be part of the disease. So i swing from everything being unicorns and pink flying elephants to feeling like my whole world is falling apart. It's hard. I just feel a bit discouraged, and like the most selfish person in the world! Alex says not to worry that he will look after me, and he's sure there will be a treatment soon. but I'm not so sure, and the only thing worse than the possibility of getting sick will be watching the person i love most in the world suffer for years along side me. That just doesn't seem like the right thing to do. I'm so so sorry for this doom and gloom blog i know it's incredibly inappropriate and that it's not good to complain. It's just things sometimes feels bit better when you share them and unfortunately for you lot this strangely this feels like a safe place to be honest and share things. Tomorrow i will be positive again i promise.

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Misty was, to be frank, confused. In fact, befuddlement was his normal state of being these days.

It is a long story, he just wished he knew it.

One thing he did know. Why he was called Misty. Ever since the Accident, his mind had been all misty. He had completely lost his memory. He didn't even know his name.

His accent gave him away as a Brit. An Englishman in fact. Jim said he was very "Home Counties", whatever that meant, and sounded like "he spent his formative years at Eton". This sounded like a compliment, after all the British Prime Minister went to Eton didn't he? Yet the way Jim said it somehow it didn't seem like a compliment at all.

All of this left poor Misty puzzled.

He did like tea, apparently a very British trait. But he had heard that most Brits liked their tea so strong and acrid that they needed to cut it with milk to make it palatable. Now Misty had tried this and found it rather uncouth and lacking refinement. Some maybe he wasn't a Brit after all?

He sure as hell didn't belong in Hicksville.

He had no idea how he came to be there, and running a drugstore at that.

I only went to yoga class because I fancied the teacher, he thought. Was that a line from a song? Somewhere he knew it was, but what song? But it was true. And it was a shame that the teacher had left for a new life on the west coast. He missed her already. Even if she did spank him when he got it wrong.

Now he finds himself chasing a sound. Bumping along a track in his smart SUV following Jim's beaten up old pickup. What the hell was that sound? At the limits of human hearing. The dogs all around were howling too, something weird must be happening.

Misty sees Jim running into Mike's and runs to follow. He gets the shortest glimpse of the interior as he enters, although Jim's back fills most of his vision. That glimpse is all he gets as then he is hit on the back of the head by a flying pot.

Poor Misty collapses into a heap on the floor, out cold.

Jim reaches for a handy singletail. Then the noise gets louder still.

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Say something I'm giving up on you....

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Well I did it. I jumped right into the deep end. Guess I'm a "smut peddler" now :P

Where do I begin?

I (like many I'm sure) have had a morbid fascination with spanking almost as far back as I can remember. Pre-dating even my sexual maturity. Who knows whatever psychoanalysis could pick that apart for origin or reason, but that doesn't matter. When I got ahold of the internet thats when it really took off. I remember the early FirmHand, RealSpankings and RavenHill stuff! Back when they only had a couple of full length feature vids, that actually had "plots" and had the same fuckin 3 or 4 girls in every movie! Back when they still had Mike Smith, Lady D and Tierre Ainese with his curly Jew-mullet and those god-awful cutoffs from Beach Girl Spanings! I actually bought several titles on VHS! (Yes. I still was rockin a VCR back then.) Those were the good ol days ;)

The landscape is vastly different now. The bar has been raised significantly. The production values are LARGELY improved! The days of some unkempt, mid-50s, registered offender putting out dim, grainy camcorder footage of playing pattycake on a streetwalkers ass in cheapest room available that evening at Super 8, are long gone. There's a plethora of producers AND models. A new one pops up every 10 minutes it seems. There's professional lighting, camera crews, sound guys, and even film studios. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I've enjoyed watching "every whack" of the evolution of the genre :)

The thought in my head I kept revisiting in recent years was this:

"Man that looks like fun! Why don't I do something like that?"

The years spent onlooking a TV screen/computer monitor had amounted to a growing desire. To be "on the stage" and "not just in the audience." This is a conscious effort I've been trying to make with my life in general as of late. Taking more of an approach toward participation instead of just remaining a spectator.

"We have to stop CONSUMING culture. We need to CREATE culture. Build your own damn boat!" - Terrence McKenna

Those words struck a chord in me. Why watch others paddle on by (pun intended) when I could be rowing my OWN raft!? I love watching my favorite musicians perform live. But why should I not strive to create my own music to perform? I love watching my favorite athletes in competition. Why should I not venture onto the field and test my own meddle? But don't let me get too high up on the horse here! I was just as well driven by my lower level, baser instinct of simply "wanting to land a hot ass across my lap" ;)

I waffled for a while as I often do. Then I finally got down it. I was having a helluva time at first though! Being a single man, as I have been for a while now, I didn't have a ready participant for my kink. (And even back when I was in a relationship... I dont think I would've wanted these kinds of videos with my girlfriend all over the internet haha.) So I had to contract a spankee! Which, for me at least, proved to be difficult! I was at a stalemate. So I took to SpankingTube to seek the wisdom of the pros! I updated my profile (initially signed up YEARS ago with minimal info just so I could watch private vids) and sent out over a dozen messages to all the top producers. Asking basically "Well... so how do you do it?"

I must've sounded like a complete tool, but nearly all messages were responded to! Some people just gave me 1 or 2 sentences but many gave me very helpful and privileged information! Thanks again to all that took the time to answer "some weird random message from some weird random dude." You folks know who you are.

I put it all together, scraped up some disposable income, and I finally made it happen! I was doing a bit of traveling for leisure anyway, so on the side I did 3 shoots with 3 girls in 2 different cities. I could blab ad nauseam about the details of the shoots, maybe I will in a later blog, IF there is a later blog. But let me just say that, its a lot of goddamn fun haha! Let me stress that fact that I had NO FUCKING CLUE what I was doing. I'm not a professional photographer, and it shows haha. I did my best to be transparent and forthright with the models. Just told them I was an "amateur producer." But I had so much fun it was criminal haha! I get to say things like "Yea OK that was good. But now lets try it again. This time lets lose the top." LETS LOSE THE TOP! I say "lets lose the top" and they just fucking do it!? Haha sorry, I get childish and giddy when it comes to boobies. But I digress...

After the smoke had cleared and rumps were reddened, I had a few short vids and shitload of pictures. Though I was uncertain yet what I would do with them. I would've been content to just keep everything to myself and just enjoy the experience for what it was: a few very kickass weekends! I wanted to do some editing as best I could and touch things up here and there, but.... eh whatever. Finally after a couple months, I had a "fuck it, just do it and see what happens" type of epiphany. Without editing a thing I posted some material on SpankingTube.

Its getting some good play! I was shocked hahaha. One vid has been up 2 days and passed 6000 views?!? Guess I underestimated the power of SpankingTube. Though I shouldn't be surprised with the kind of traffic internet porn has these days. Its ubiquitous.

I have to be honest though, when I first played back the vids, I though they were laughably horrible haha! The angles are off, the video quality is not great, the lighting is dim and you can overwhelmingly hear the unpleasant rumble of that shitty, old AC unit in that shitty, old southern California hotel room that kept me awake all night! The spanking action is pretty weak too. Truthfully, I found myself holding back a little. Its kind of an awkward thing, for me at least, to "strike a stranger you just met on the backside." I feel bad when I hurt people. I'm not a sadist. But, after a little warmup, and if I get a sense that the girl is actually into it a little, I can crank it up a notch ;)

I dunno, maybe I'm just being my own worst critic. But I really wanted everything to be better. Guess I found out that making a great fetish video is not as easy as it looks. Part of me really wants to take another stab at it. I know I can do better, in a way I just want to prove that to myself. I'm just not sure that this is what I want to focus all my spare time and energy (and money) on. I'd have to invest in some better equipment. Better camera, pro lights, better location. And I'd need a model that could really take a good thrashing! A nice, hard, long OTK! Multiple implements. Or a hard paddling!

I've got more time to think about it. We'll see...

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So my mentor "daddymole" is coming over in the morning to give me my second ever birthday spanking,but I decided that this non-punishment spanking is the best for trying to get over being camera shy,so he is going to film it too :-)

Even though it was my idea, I am freaking nervous,but I want to get over my shyness

So look out for my first video,it will be up to my mentor as to when it will posted here,because I am too chicken shit to do it myself lol

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Did anyone see the TMZ Nick Jonas picture with him standing grabbing his crotch and the picture with him slipping his hand down the pant of his pants as they slipped down. A good friend of mine stated the first one looks like he needs a good spanking - and then the second one looks like a guy taking his pants down for a good spanking. I don't necessarily see it. What do you all think?

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My niece started at University and is already more concerned about the student Rag Week than her studies. On our commute home the other evening my niece began to tell Jen and I about all the 'cool things' university students get up to,as if we didn't know already. I am in a rather awkward position: you see I can't very well tell my niece that I forbid her from taking part in the upcoming Rag Week,when I use love Rag Week when I was at University,before my saintly days,that is!

I remember my first Rag Week in my first year at University.I had been only attending University for about a month when Rag Week took place.I was staying in rented digs with a few friends and we went absolutely wild.Our first time away from home,with no parental control.One night we ended up in a night club and got absolutely sloshed on cheap drink.I recall being ejected from the night club with one of my friends,Yvonne,who is now walking proof that getting thrown out of a night club in teenage years is not a barrier to having a great career. Once ejected we began to walk home;I remember the night being very wet and cold. We took a short cut through the University grounds,the same University we attended,and almost immediately ran into trouble. We hid behind some rubish bins until the security patrol had passed;I sometimes wonder what would have happened if we had been caught that night: no doubt we would have had to kiss our academic careers goodbye!

The following morning I awoke feeling really ill,it was at that point that I decided that larger was not for me!LOL! I remember attending a lecture on something or other and having to make a hasty retreat to the nearest toilet where I proceeded to 'bring up' the previous nights festivities and became sad that I had wasted my monthly allowance.I spent that month,along with my house mates,living on baked beans and corn flakes. So my niece mentioning Rag Week brought back a mixed feelings;although my niece is far more sensible than I was at her age.

Besides Jen,my niece at I there is now my niece's boyfriend who joins us on our daily commute to the city. My niece persuaded Jen and I to come to a music gig last Saturday night to hear her boyfriend's band play. We attended and it turned out that at the tender age of 45,I was the oldest person there,Jen was the second oldest.The band was good,very heavy rock.Jen loved it but it was a bit loud for my taste!

So take good care.have to dash to a village committee meeting.Be safe my friends.

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