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Good morning everyone!! It's no secret on here that I travel a lot for my job. It's also no secret that I try to reach out to other spankos during my trips. Besides me, who all wishes that when searching for others or going through your friends list on here that you could sort it by city, state, or mileage from where you are at?

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On saturday my wife decided it was time for me to have my bare bottom spanked. Not because I had naughty, disobedient or broken one of her rules, but because she felt like giving me a spanking. I was not going to object with her decision and got very excited when she told me to go and stand in the corner, while she prepared herself to spank me. Lately my wife has felt very excited herself when giving me a bare bottom spanking over her knees and it has led to amazing sex after I have done my post spanking cornertime.

A few minutes went by and I knew my wife was putting on her black leather pants and high heeled ankle boots. This always excites me greatly and I had a huge erection as I stood obediently in the corner waiting for my wife to call me out of the corner. I heard her take a dining chair out from the table and sit down and I knew it was not going to long before I would find myself across her leatherclad knees.

Finally my wife called me over to the dining chair she was sitting on and I had a rock hard erection seeing her in those black leather pants holding the dreaded wooden bathbrush. I stood before her and blushed deep red when she ran her hand over my obvious erection. What is this young man she said. Are you excited about being put over my knees and having your bare bottom spanked like a naughty little boy she teased. I nodded in shame and felt very embarrassed. It is quite allright young man, I know just how to get rid of this my wife said and unhooked my belt, unbottoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. Swiftly thereafter she took my underpants down to my ankles as well and left me bare from my waist down, with my rock hard erection right in her face.

My wife now put on a pair of elbow long opera gloves in soft black leather and started rubbing my erection. We can not have this kind of behavior, when you are about to be spanked she said. I think you will feel the pain of the bathbrush much more, when I help you get rid of this erection of yours my wife said and moved her right hand up and down my erection. She reached over and took a small towel and placed it in her lap. Now let go young man and shoot your load into the towel my wife said. I was in heaven at this point and before I knew it my wife had me ejaculating all over the towel in her lap. Once I was done my wife cleaned my penis and put the soaked towel on the floor.
I was not liking the idea of getting a spanking right after cumming in the towel, but I knew there was nothing I could say, that would make my wife put of my spanking. Once she has decided to spank me, I WILL end up crying in the corner with a bright red bottom on display.

Now you are ready to recieve a good hard spanking over my knees my wife said and took my hand restraints from the table behind her. Quickly she locked them to my wrists in front of me and guided me over to her right side.
Over my knees young man my wife said and obediently I did as I was told.
My wife ajusted my position over her leather clad knees and locked my hand restraints to the front leg of the chair she was sitting on.

I felt the wooden surface of the bathbrush on my bare bottom and I knew this was going to hurt and sting like never before. My wife then lifted the bathbrush and started spanking me. She spanked hard and fast just as I expected her to do. Alterning from my right cheek to my left cheek, she quickly settled into rythm, about one spank every second or so. With all the excitement and sexual hormones in my body gone, the spanking my wife gave me was far worse than I had felt for many years. I begged and pleaded after a minute or so and kicked my legs so much, that my wife had to push me further over her left knee and lock my legs in place by putting her right leg over mine. Now totally helpless all I could do was suffer the pain and sting of the wooden bathbrush and hope my wife would have mercy with me.

Well after a few minutes I could not take the pain anymore and broke down crying over my wifes leather clad knees. My bottom stung and burned and tears were streaming down my cheeks as my wife taught me a hard lesson over her knees. I was soon sobbing hard from the bare bottom spanking my wife was giving me and she kept the spanking going without letting up one bit. I knew that of course, because she never stops spanking me until she is satisfied that I have learned my lesson. So after 5 minutes I layed limp over my wifes leather clad knees, bawling my eyes out, while she continued to spank my bare bottom with the bathbrush.

I think you have learned your lesson young man my wife finally said a couple of minutes later and put the wooden bathbrush down. She took her right leg of mine, unlocked my handrestraints and told me to stand. I did on shaky legs and had to thank my wife for spanking me. Then she led me back to the corner and had me stand there with my hands at my side, only inches away from my stinging and burning hot bottom. I was warned to keep my nose in the corner and keep my hands at my side at all times during cornertime, or my wife would put me straight back over her knees again for a repeat of the spanking she had just given me. I nodded and mumbled yes Maam through my sobbing and stood in the corner for 15 minutes before being allowed to go and clean my tear stained face.

When I came back into the livingroom my wife was sitting on the chair again. I dreaded tht she would spank me again and almost started crying again. Shhh young man she said. You were a naughty boy and I had to give you a spanking, but now you have been punished and I am going to rub some cold cream into your sore bottom. Get over my knees and I will help you ease of the sting in your bottom. I placed myself over my wifes leather clad knees again and she rubbed cold cream all over my bright red bottom.
I felt my erection cumming back while I layed there over my wifes knees and so did she.
Now get up annd follow me my wife said. I did and was led into the bedroom, where my wife took her boots and leather pants off, pushed me down on the bed on my back and mounted the hard erection I had. She rode my erection until I could not hold on anymore and then ejaculated inside her.

This was a wonderful experience even though the spanking stung and hurt like crazy and I would gladly let my wife discipline me like this again.

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Haven't posted anything in FOREVER but just felt the need to share. Tomorrow night I'm meeting up with a lovely woman who has always had a closeted fascination with spanking. I'm going to be receiving her first time giving out an adult spanking. Super excited for tomorrow and can't wait to play.

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Dylan looked around nervously. No one had noticed he'd had his hand in front, with the lights turned low. The ring felt so tight around his cock and balls. He just wanted to adjust it, slightly. All eyes seemed to be on the stage in front and he could see other curtains drawing back, on the other stages. The men were now blocking his view. More people were gathering up front. No one was paying any attention to him. He decided he could take the chance. He slid his hand underneath and tried to tug the ring down, slightly. It didn't work. He'd have to bide his time, and wait for a chance.

In the center of the hall, attendants rolled out a huge, round table. It was divided into eight, pie shaped wedges. There was a raised padded edge. Dylan thought it might be for gambling, perhaps dice. He saw alot of gentlemen, gathering there. He wished he could see better. He was relieved to see attention diverted from his area. The longer they were occupied, the better it was for him.
Suddenly, he felt the snap of a chain being affixed to his collar, and a quick tug. He responded to the pull. A Mistress had him on a leash, and was leading him towards the front.
Oh no, they wanted him to serve up there, he thought. Of course his table was nearly empty, now. He found himself standing with seven other boys.
The Mistresses were putting leather cuffs on their wrists and ankles. He was getting nervous. He hoped they weren't going on stage!!
Once cuffed, the Mistresses pulled them through the crowd, to the big central table. Dylan watched, in shock, as one of the boys was bent over the table. His hands were raised over his head, and locked onto a center ring. His ankle cuffs were clipped to metal loops below, by chains and they were pulled tight.
Each boy, in turn, was bent over and affixed to the table, filling in a pie shaped wedge. The table turned, like a merry go round, so the boys just stepped up and the next open space was rusted towards to line of boys.
Dylan was the fourth boy. He was bent over and his arms and ankles were restrained to the table. He felt the table turn and another boy was attached, beside him. Their raised arms prevented them, from seeing any of the other boys.
The were loaded on the table, like kids at a carnival. Dylan had no idea what it was about, but it couldn't be good, to have their bare asses propped up on a padded edge, all around the edge of this spinning wheel. He could hear the voices of lots of men around them. The excitement level was growing, as the last boys were affixed to their spaces.
Now, he heard Raven address the men. "Please choose your implement of choice, from the cart, and feel free to exchange them, whenever you are so inclined. You'll find numbers on your tickets. Would the members with tickets ending with numbers 2091 thru 2098, take their implement and chose a bottom? If you fail to take your place, then the next number will replace you."
Apparently, all those, whose numbers were called, came forward.
Raven said, "Now, to warm up our games, you may punish the bottom, and/or the legs, in front of you, for ten seconds, stopping when the bell rings. If you use a strap or tawse, you may also strike the back. Use common sense. If your implement is hard, limit it to the buttocks and thighs. After the bell, the table will spin. You can hit at the bottoms, as they pass you by, but you MUST stop, when the wheel stops, completely. You will either pass your implement to the next striker in line, or return it to the cart, if your replacement striker has chosen his own.... Then, the clock starts again, for the ten second still round, followed by a spin, and a pass of implements. A turn is comprised of one still round and one spin round. The strikers will pass their implement to another member, who will take their place, and we go at it, all again! If you desire a different implement, you may grab it from the cart, and replace the striker, who will put theirs back on the cart. Any questions?? Get in line, behind your strikers, but not too close!! Remember, they will be swinging belts and straps."
"On your mark, get set, GO!
The sounds of lashes, belts, paddles, straps, brushes and switches began!
The boys heard cheering, as their rumps were assaulted, with quick, hard licks. They rained down, quickly, on the boys' bare bottoms.
Finally, the bell rang. Only ten seconds? Dylan had counted 28 whacks of some kind of paddle.
"Turn that wheel!" The crowd chanted.
Several strong attendants, grabbed the sides and ran, then they let the wheel go free. It spun very fast!!!!
Dylan felt a multitude of instruments, strike his fanny.... A belt, a strap, a paddle, a brush. They came so fast, it was a blur.
His bottom was on FIRE, and they'd only just begun. As the wheel slowed down, more and more whacks hit his bottom. The wheel came to an excruciatingly, slow stop, giving them able opportunity to wail away, on his tender bottom. Only as it creaked to a stop, did the spankings, abate.
"Change the striker", Raven called out.
"Ready, Set, Spank those bottoms!!!"
Dylan felt the smark whack of a bath brush hit him, again and again. It slapped him so fast and so hard, tears came to his eyes!! He couldn't help it!!
He wanted to cry out, to beg them to stop, but he just let the tears fall, and the grunt escape. The wood hit his cheeks and his legs, without mercy. He also felt the tail of a strap, bite his hip, as it traveled to his neighbor's fanny. The striker wasn't very careful in aim, but maintained his enthusiasm.
There was a change of strikers, again and again. Dylan's ass grew numb to the strikes, but then strikers looked for other targets. They chose straps and belts to who his thighs and his back. After ten turns, the boys were released and a new set of boys till their place.
Dylan could barely walk as his Mistress lead him behind the curtain. Then we given a cool drink and any cuts were addressed, cream was spread on their purple bottoms , and marked legs and backs. They were allowed to have a cup of energizer drinks. A doctor listened to their heart and lungs, and quickly checked them out for more serious injuries. Then they were lined up to return to the Great Hall.
Dylan was no longer sure he could make it. Tears streamed down his face, thinking about letting his Dad and Uncle down. He told himself, once again, Failure is not an option!!

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Since i guess cant get spanking from anyone in tulsa guess ill watch it on here being done oh will saves my bottom anyway

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The room was filled with gentleman, all very well dressed, holding cocktails and smoking cigars. You could hear the low rumble, of their voices and laughter. You could make out a word here and there, but there was music playing in the background, and there just seemed to be a buzz of sound. There was an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Amid the din, and you could see the animated faces, energized, in the crowd. The tables were filled and the men, who seemed, intensely, involved in conversation.
Dylan felt like a freak, standing there, nearly naked and basically, alone. He glanced around, all the boys were doing the same.... Waiting. Did they feel as miserable as he did?
At the front of the room, he noticed movement. A smallish, stage was dressed with curtains. They were being drawn back, revealing a naked woman, standing, against a big round circle..... No, not standing.... Her feet were not on the floor. She was bound to it, and also somewhat, suspended from it. The circle was not completely solid. There appeared to be cut outs, for her face, chest, and lady parts. It was her back, which faced the audience. But now above the stage, one of several TV screens showed her front, peeking through the cut outs. She was very pretty. She was tied spread eagle on the circle. The crowd was on their feet and applause and cheers rang out. One of the younger Masters appeared. He dragged his hand down the woman's back, and over her beautiful, unblemished ass. He bounced each cheek, by lifting and jiggling it. The men approved with whistles and hoots. The Master squeezed and pinched the round globes, with both hands. Another screen zoomed in on her bottom. You could see his giant leather clad hands, grabbing and sinking into her plump flesh. You could see her face, now enlarged, on the second screen, react, to his touch. It was an alluring scene.
Another woman joined the stage. She was wearing skin tight latex , from neck to foot. A kitten mask, delicately covered her eyes. She crawled on all fours, catlike, nuzzling up against the master's legs and licking at the captive girl. The third screen focused on her mouth. You could see her tongue, darting in and out of her mouth. Her feline movements were both realistic and sexual. Her mouth slowly climbed the well toned calf, and then the lovely thigh, of the bound beauty, until she reached the top of the triangle, formed by her two legs. It was here, that she extended her head, backwards, through the cut out. She began licking between the bound legs, funding her vulva with her pouty mouth.
The woman's face responded, as her lips parted, her eyelids closed, slightly, and her throat elongated.
The wet pink tongue, was huge, on the screen, as it slid between the petals of her lips. It glistened as her juices flowed from her vagina. The third screen showed another angle, as the tongue traveled to the clitoris. The cat woman's body was turned sideways as she maneuvered her mouth in between her legs. She stroked herself, as she licked, her back was arched as she stretched and she turned her neck, to nibble at her sweet spot. The Master approached her black sleek bottom and delivered a series of swats with a stiff, but pliable leather strap. She pulled in her rump, rounding her back, then arched it again to receive the strap, once more.
All the time, her tongue coaxed and circled, the woman's clit. She was being eaten out, very nicely. Her body struggled to move, but the restraints held her fast. Her blushing face, showed her excitement. The screen zoomed. The sound system, suddenly began to broadcast her breathy sounds and moans and, as the Master whipped at the black bottom, the trussed maiden came to climax, thanks to the tantalizing tongue work of the sexy kitten.

Dylan couldn't take his eyes off of the screens. He was so taken by the rapture of her orgasm, and the fluidity of the black shapely form, the sounds of her passion are orgasm and the whack, of the strap. He could have come, himself, but the cock ring, prevented all of that.
The lights had dimmed for the show. He brushed his hand, quickly, past his erection. Oh, how he longed to stroke it... to tug on it, to squirt his load out on that catwoman or her friend. Is this the kind of rewards he could expect?? Well, he was all in!!!

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I have been 100% honest on here...I have spilled my guts out about my past, present, family, work, needs n wants, my faults, my fuck ups n what I seek......I have been honest about the fact I DO live with someone.. that my relationship SUCKS DONKEY DICK.. that I'm MISERABLE in my relationship n the ONLY reason I'm still with him is cause I cannot afford to leave YET... ive been honest about the fact that because I AM still livin with him I am a cheater by seekin my needs to be met here.. to find that someone who will look over me, help me, guide me, take me in hand ( even tho even that is hard because now he is retired n home all the fuckin time)..someone to hold me to higher standards, to have my best interest at heart but yes in return I wanna b his ONLY one.. I don't go on here n scope out profiles n say "oh he sounds good".. ive always let them come to me, approach me first n take it from there so if ya know what I'm needin why the hell would u try to be my "one" when I'm not ur "ONE"?.... I know I'm a cunt, I know I'm an asshole ,I know I'm a bitch.. I KNOW IT!! so am I wrong to expect honesty in return? to expect to be able to trust 100%...but don't worry I'm not lookin anymore.. not here on this site anyhow... smh..

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runs into spannkingtube blog room .. slams into the walll aouchhhhh.....son of a .....ouch ...h i yalll ... smiling sweetly from the floor i look up seeing all my friends and fellow spankos..... its ok cassy is a pain slut can handle anything.... boy oh boy is thuis floor dirty..... grabs a broom and mope and cleans up the blog room... messy people.. goodness... broken [paddles , old ropes, and whips, ect places them in lost and found .... ok whos panties... taps foot..... picks up 50 pairs of panties.... what the heck happened here people...cassy sleeps in and the world goes crazy .... lord have MERCY... shakes head.... washes all the panties in the washer hands them all up to dry so i dont ruin any of them.. some are really sexy .... sprays good smelling astuff so room is nice and fresh ...... ok now have to go some where yall play nice......and i mean yall..... take lessons from cassy ok ..GOODNESS.....

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3/12/17 07:30:
How do Dominants go about it??? By that I mean, how do you discipline someone online? And I'm not being sarcastic, I'm curious. I have my own ideas about it but I don't want to be putting words in someone's mouth.

Again, if you'd rather stay anonymous, but want to comment, send me a private message, they will ALWAYS stay confidential!!!

3/13/17 08:30:
First, let me thank everyone who's posted so far, I hope there will be many more!

Second, for those that are curious, I have NOT gotten any private email comments on this topic...

Thanks again! Please continue...

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Driving home from his in laws where he had dropped the kids off, Denny considered the upcoming punishment he would administer to Wynfryd for driving after smoking pot. It would be the final installment. Originally planned for Thursday he moved it to today since the kids would be spending the night with her folks. He explained to her after Wednesday’s paddling that this last one would take awhile. It would require 3 parts. Starting at 1pm and every 2 hrs thereafter. He planned on this being the one that took. He was going to establish once and for all how foolish she was when driving while high. And he was positive her ass memory would kick in whenever she considered it in the future. He instructed Wyn to be in his den (mancave) at 1 sharp. She was to wear the Indian cotton outfit he told her to buy last month. He knew even then she would be punished in it. She was further instructed to bring two joints, the oversized paddle and the switch he used on Sunday. She probably thought the switch was for one of the three punishments but he actually had something different in mind. But it would be used and used well. After the 1pm belt spanking Wyn would be told to smoke a joint. While she smoked Den would tell her the rest of his plan...In between spankings Wyn would be required to fashion the paddle he would use for the last spanking. He had gathered up everything she would need and had written step by step instructions for her to follow. Nothing was beyond her skill level (as long as she wasn’t high) and the paddle must be finished and ready for use by the 5pm spanking or she would get 8 with the switch. She then had 1hr to finish or 8 with the switch until the next hr. And it may be used during each of the 1hr extensions. Den knew his girl; for sure she would not make the 5pm deadline and would get 8 with the switch. As for 6pm? Well he couldn’t say for sure but thought the paddle would likely be finished and ready for use. It was on that final paddling that she would understand why she was wearing that particular outfit. He was going to take her over to the sink he installed in the workshop portion of his den and using the spray nozzle he would thoroughly soak the pants before having her bend over the workbench. Between the wickedly effective paddle she’d make and her wet skin she’d come to realize pot and driving will not be tolerated!
1:00 pm. Wyn came into my den wearing the outfit she was told to wear. I asked her if she brought everything she was instructed to bring; she said yes and handed me the oversized paddle and switch. She also handed me 2 joints. “Excellent. Now get over to my recliner and bend over the back of it”. Because I knew she hated it I slowly unbuckled my belt and drew the leather thru the loops of my levis. I folded it over and snapped it a couple of times scolding her and telling her she would be getting 10 over her clothes, 10 over her panties and 10 on her bare butt. I told her if she reached back to protect her behind I would spank her hands. If she twisted and squirmed and jumped out of the way I would hold her down and spank her thighs before finishing on her ass. I noticed the shirt she was wearing was long enough to cover her ass as well but I let it stay there. Indian cotton didn’t provide any real protection. I raised my arm and sttrrap! sttrrap! sttrrap! sttrrap! She was crying but keeping her position. Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! She was sobbing while she pulled her pants down and bent back over the recliner. I let the shirt stay over her ass. I planned on giving the next 10 swats hard and fast! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! She was howling by now. Owwwowww. Sobbing how sorry she was. But I continued to swing the belt. Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! I let her cry for a couple of minutes. Then I told her to pull her panties down. Whimpering, she did as she was told. This 10 would be given slower but a steady almost rhythmic pace. And for this 10 her shirt was pushed up to her waist.Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! She collapsed over the chair bawling like a kid. Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Sttrrap! Again I gave her a moment to collect herself before telling her to stand up and to pull up her pants. She didn’t obey but stayed as she was and continued to cry. I slapped her ass a couple of times and told her “Now!” Once she had I told her to go around and sit on the couch. I got the first joint, handed it to her saying “fire it up”. Still breathless, it took a try or two before she got it going but when she did I told her the rest of my plan. Everything she needed was on the workbench ready for her to begin and on the wall behind the bench was the switch he would use should she fail to complete her task on time.
While she worked he drew up a stool next to her and watched her as she measured and plotted the points to be drilled on the paddle. He noticed a few were in the wrong place and picked up the switch. He told her to stand up. “You’ve made 2 mistakes on where to drill. Then I yanked her pants and underpants down and brought the switch down as I pointed to each error. I pulled her pants up and she returned to work. I offered to check her work as she progressed.
3:00 pm Time for her paddling! I pulled the stool over sat on it and told her to bring me the paddle. She handed it to me and bared her behind without being told. I beckoned her over my knee. She began to cry as she got in position. Her ass was still red but I was pleased to note there was no bruising. I told her she was a bad girl and she was going to get a good paddling! Since we were on a stool I grabbed her around her waist to hold her steady and started spanking. Before 10 swats had landed she was squirming and kicking her legs. 10 more and she collapsed entirely; submitting to her punishment in much the same way child does when turned over daddy’s knee. She was crying like a child as well. I continued to paddle her behind determined that this bad little girl would learn her lesson. I gave her 50 swats with that paddle before telling her to get up and fire up the 2nd joint. She didn’t want to but I insisted. That is probably the only joint she didn’t enjoy! Yea! More negative reinforcement! She went back to work: drilling holes, countersinking them according to the instructions. She attached the paddle portion to its handle, sanded and applied the first of the 3 coats of clear acrylic I required. Well, she almost made the 5pm deadline but almost didn’t cut it; and so 5pm found her bent over the stool her bare bottom ready to be switched. Before beginning I told her it was in her best interest to submit without fussing and jumping...the longer it took the less time she’d have to finish making her paddle. I was so proud of her, she took all 8 without jumping or trying to cover her ass. Tears were still falling as she applied the final coat. At 6pm the paddle was ready! I gave her a little 15 min break before completing her DUI punishment. When she was ready I walked her over to the sink and used the hose to soak her pants. She cried as I led to my workbench and bent her over. She cried even more as I paddled her bottom. She got 50 swats before I yanked her pants and underpants down. I put my hand on her ass, feeling the warmth of her skin. She was crying softly as I applied a soothing cream to her tender ass and I felt confident she was well spanked and had learned her lesson.

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After reading a chapter from a friend's fantastic erotic novel, it reminded me that I wanted to ask Master if he could buy me a fox's tail or cat's tail. He asked if I meant a butt plug tail ? I said yes.
Months ago, he had bought one but it never arrived and we had both forgotten about them.
Reading my friends novel reminded me, and I thought it would be fun. Especially how he loves to see me crawl on my hands and knees, a swishing tail could just add to his enjoyment.
He went to order one and told me he had actually bought both a foxes and car's tail, but he thought I needed a bigger plug to keep it in place.
"A bigger plug than the punishment plug," I gasped, "Yes, we need to ensure it doesn't pop out." He said.
"In fact, go and put that plug in now, you can wear that and stretch yourself." Master told me. "Now."
I stood up and went to put it in, as usual it hurt so bad sliding it in, once it goes past the ring of muscle it's okay, but stretching past that point, God, it burns and pulls, brings tears to your eyes. I don't like that bit much.
Once I had it in place I went to see Master in his office. He turned to me, pointed his finger upwards and did a circular movement with it, I turned around so he could check it was there.
"Good girl." He told me, patting my bottom.
I had it in all day, he never told me to remove it, I never asked in case I wasn't allowed too. But by 7 pm I did.
He chuckled and said yes. I knew then, he was only waiting for me to ask.

But I do struggle with the idea of why stretching is necessary. Surely it gives more pleasure and sensation if you are tight.
Yes it may be tricky to push your cock through the sphincter muscle but it's also part of the game, part of the fun.
We have often had times when I've been too wet and slippy with lube and my own juices for Master to push through, having to dry me off first. But it adds to the fun, or it does for me. If I was stretched so he could easily slide in like he does my pussy, I think I may loose a lot of that stretching sensation. Stretching from his cock invading my ass is so much nicer than stretching from a plug. But surely the man could loose some of that sensation too.

I'd be interested to know your views on this subject.

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Step by step, focus in blur.
Round and round, the pot she stir.
Thoughts flash back to what she were.
In the scheme of things, but a saboteur.

Bit by bit, the lies she weaves.
But truth is thicker, thicker then thieves.
She tries so hard, with words she deceives.
Stroke after stroke, what she receives.

Tears after tears trail down her face.
Guilt removed, leaving no trace.
Layer by layer, walls displace.
Restored by artisan, her charm and grace.

Time after time, we polish and shine.
Hands on ankle, toes to the line.
Painting hues that would blush red wine.
Brush of choice, switches soaked in brine.

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climbing the steps
after last cigarettes
where shadows collect souvenirs
perhaps a good wife
would have provided a life
to help him make sense of the years

the clock on the wall
will chime in the hall
to tell him be sure and to wind
as he takes from the shelf
a book of the self
a remembrance of places and times

the cover is worn
the pages now torn
the photos of all of what seems
each layer of light
the black and the white
and the seeking of solace of dreams

the merging of two
the black and the blue
the bills and collection of debts
the yard where we played
the ground where he's laid
the forgiveness in paying respects

the fields and the farms
the tobacco filled barns
the church where we bowed and we prayed
the people of hills
all speak of God's will
and the knowing of all of his ways

a miner by trade
his suit was hand made
he was buried where life took a turn
with breaking his back
and turning lungs black
and the coal of Kentucky still burns

he now tapes to the wall
but can barely recall
the faces of other past lives
no one should say
of come and what may
that the years will always be kind

it's what it shall be
a fait accompli
for it is and always remains
just shades of grey
forever to weigh
the memories of wallpaper stains

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99bottles of booz eon the wall fuckit i don't fuckin needanybidy lmao

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You might not guess it by looking at my profile, but I am a Switch Spanko. I became a Top / Spanker in my late teens, and a Switch in my late 40's. Domestic discipline is my natural and preferred style. I also prefer to administer erotic rather than discipline spankings. By erotic, I mean I want you to cum over my knee when I spank you, your panties wet from anticipation long before they come down. Somewhere along the way, I will apply liberal amounts of baby oil to your well spanked bottom, as you lay over my knees, my hand spanking and teasing wherever the warm oil flows, the touch of my thumb teasing, before I begin spanking again.

Or I can be strictly disciplinarian 50's style, yes there will be corner time.

I am a natural born Spanko, and I abhor arrogant dominants. I am sure you have your own ideas about what a good spanking is, and I would enjoy taking you to your mind's eye view, of what a good spanking is to you.

No married ladies or cheaters, no drama, you should be comfortable with your spanking desires.

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Ive had a nice day, written my novel most of the day, but coz G was home, I didn't feel particularly tired by 1pm, but by 4.30pm I was falling asleep on the settee. I didn't want to sleep so late in the day and it was nearly time for dinner.
By 7pm, I was feeling more tired, but it's Saturday, meaning bedtime is 10pm, TV off at 11pm.
But G just told me bedtime was 9pm as I could hardly keep my eyes open.
And I've not even done anything naughty.
I was thinking about 7.30pm, I may have to have an early night but I wasn't giving in, I liked my later nights at the weekend.
I know G is being sensible as everyone knows hows grumpy I get when I'm tired, but I need to get into a habit of going to bed in the afternoon regardless if I feel tired or not, every day, not just a week day when I'm alone.
But I know it's the right thing to do as my eyes are only open a little now whilst i'm writing this.
So night everyone, hope I sleep again.

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Just curious I see a lot of girls on here talking about they're attire to be worn during a spanking punishment

So I want all of you ladies out there to chime in tells what you like to wear during a spanking !

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Hello all let me update you all on some changes. Lately mistressbreezy and I have cleaned up our room immensely hung up our implements bought a new cane 10.5mm from and rigged our bed so she can now secure me to it and bought a video camera and tripod so we intend on making some videos now of my spankings and we hope to get plenty of feedback from people who view them. We welcome complements, suggestions, criticism as long as you are respectful please be respectful. When videos start uploading. I know a caning video is in the works and a product testing video when we get our new cane. But I would like to open up comments on viewers suggestions what kind of videos would you all like be as descriptive as possible and if let's face it if she decides that we tape it I will give you credit for the suggestion. Let's see those imaginations all.

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The March of the Ponies stopped and Raven stepped from the chariot, to address the members.
"Welcome, Dragons, to the big event! We have trained your young men and hope to bring them into the Lodge. It has been a challenge, to get them here. We introduced them to many forms of punishment and given them some hard lessons, in humility. It is important, for those who will yield power, to feel the impact of it. We have taught them to experience the pain of submission, so they may temper the way, they may treat others. It is our hope that they will exercise their strength, with kindness and empathy, because they too, have suffered."
"They symbolically led the chariot, to show that they will be charged, with the great weight of responsibility. We also want to demonstrate the need to work together. Our Lodge, has long been a seat of influence and leadership, throughout the country and abroad. We serve both our interests and those of our communities. We hope to shape these young men, to appreciate their roles as leaders and to embrace the principle of self sacrifice. Yes, we are successful, but we also give of ourselves, for the betterment of those who support our commerce, and their families. In short, we take care of our own, though it may not be easy. We raise educated, strong, virtuous children to pass on our legacy."
"Tonight, they will serve you, the members, in a final test, of strength. Our ponies will become stallions. We began, with more than fifty candidates. We are down to only Twenty-four. They are the cream of the crop, and they have already proven their strength, under the lash and dominance of their Masters and Mistresses. We applaud their success, thus far, and they will join us again, shortly, as the festivities begin."
Clapping burst forth, as the members of the gathering, rose to honor their sons. Master Poe led then back, behind the curtain, with his strap snapping at their fannies. They were regal, stepping high and swelling with pride, at their Fathers' praise.
Dylan, however, thought it was all, a bit over dramatic, but he supposed these traditions, were rooted, somehow, to their history. He would have to accept them, in faith and look forward to the rewards. He couldn't fail now, after all of this!
The boys stayed very quiet. Six boys were ushered to the front, at a time. Their masks were removed, and their hair was fixed. The boys were told to bend over, and their tails were extracted, from their rear ends. A gloved finger added jelly into their butt holes, to soothe them. Finally, they were given a fresh thong to wear, with an opening up front. Their hard cocks, were threaded through the opening, but their balls were cradled, in leather.
Master Poe addressed them. "This is your night of service. I expect you to obey, without hesitation. You will observe displays of punishment and domination. Some of you will be chosen to participate. It is an honor, and you will do it, proudly. You will not speak, unless spoken to. You will answer , "Yes, Sir, Mistress or Master", or "No, Sir, Mistress or Master", unless you are given leave to speak further. You are allowed to cry out or whimper but you will not speak, or beg for mercy. All of the gentleman have implements of punishment. They will use them, at their pleasure. You will submit. When they are done, you will say, "thank you, Sir"."
"You will each be brought to a table to serve, but any member may direct you, or punish you. You may be running for drinks or lighting cigars, or clearing tables. You may be asked to do things, just to entertain the guests. Make your Father's proud."
"We want your bottoms, nice and red. So each group of six, will come to the front and grab your ankles, while we add some heat, to your rear ends Then you will be brought to your stations."
"Group one, up front!"
The first group of six stepped forward. They bent way over, grasping their ankles. There was little ceremony involved, six Mistresses appeared and used a clear plastic paddle, drilled with holes, to slap their bottoms, to a bright red. They were then taken into the Great Hall.
Dylan was in the second group. He was already so sore. Not only did his fanny hurt, but the reaming had left him hurting inside, as well. All his muscles ached. He bent over, like his brothers and grabbed his ankles. The clear, paddle delivered thirty quick, hard, WHACKS, in very short order. He was then led away. He barely reacted, though it stung and his bottom burned. The pain was just catching up, as they led him away.
He could see everything now, but they all could see him, as well. There was no mask, to hide behind. He was grateful, that the tail had been removed, but wished his cock was tucked inside a thong, and not, hard and jutting out, for all to see.
There were stages set up, around the room. There were tables of members, towards the rear. He followed his Mistress to a table. He was told to stand and wait, for instruction. Dylan recognized one of the gentleman, at his table. He was a friend of his Dad's. His face, flushed with shame, but it probably would have happened, at any of the tables. His Dad was so involved with the Lodge, he was bound to know people.
He stood uncomfortably. The men seemed to ignore him. He watched the other boys come in. Two more sets of six. They all stood waiting, wondering what would come next.

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im really getting so I fuckin hate the tube... its full of nothin but liars n fakes n players....... acceptin no more "friends" n no longer seekin a "Daddy/Mentor" from this site........n u can bet ur ass if u don't have a pic and filled out profile on ur page.. don't even waste my time tryin to talk to me....... pppfffttt

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