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I got spanked and spanked hard on Tuesday. I am getting it again tomorrow and I still have marks. I am a bit nervous. Oh and by the way, women spank harder, a lot harder.

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Angela sipped at her coffee wondering what her brother-in-law was up to now. She had always had a soft spot for Tom, and since her divorce both Julie and Tom had been very supportive, all this made her feel even more guilty about her antics last night. She didn't like to think about what her dad would have said about her state last night. "Angela, you are growing old disgracefully!" She imagined her late father saying. She allowed herself a little smile, as she remembered her dad, strict as he was she always knew that he loved his two daughters dearly. Yes, she would have been in deep do-do this morning if he were around.

Then Tom entered the room triumphantly, clutching two carrier bags, handing her one he said. "Recognise this, I bet you do?"

Angela swallowed deeply as she saw the oh too familiar brown leather slipper. "Er... how do you.." Then she remembered, both her husband and Tom were given a little joke wedding present from her father.

Beaming down at her Tom Said. "There is something missing though isn't there?"


"Well it's empty isn't it? Too light, what does it need?" Tom asked her.

Angela's eyes rolled skywards. "Socks," she said, "Dad always stuffed it full of old socks, to give it extra weight."

Tom then threw the other carrier bag down onto the sofa. "Well get stuffing, Angela, we can get this over with then I'll make breakfast."

Angela looked into the bag, already half suspecting it's contents, sure enough if it was full of sports socks. Right, this joke has gone far enough she thought to herself.

"You can't expect to be giving me a slippering?"

"Why not?" Tom asked, his brow furrowed. "You just said you're never too old, and his house his rules. This, is my house and my rules, so get putting them socks in that slipper."

To Angela this was all just a bad hazy morning, you know when hangovers give the whole day a sort of feeling, that you aren't actually living the day out but merely spectating from the sidelines. To her own surprise though she found herself meekly obeying, and rolling up the socks and stuffing them deep into the size eleven slipper. How many times had she felt this across her bottom?
It all seemed like a different lifetime ago, for a start is was the last century.

No Tom couldn't be serious, he was only testing her, seeing how far she would go with the joke, after all she was a middle aged woman now. Once the slipper was well stocked with socks, and weighty enough for it's not intended purpose, she silently handed it back to Tom.

"Thank you, Angela," Tom said, amazed at how easy this was going. "now if you could just bend yourself over the arm of the sofa and lift your dress we can begin."

Slowly Angela stood up, and in the same out of body daze bent herself over the arm, lifting the hem of her thin flowery dress high up over her hips.

Tom moved into position behind her, looking down he could see Angela's mint green knickers beneath her flesh coloured tights. "How many did you used to get, six wasn't it?"

"Yes, Tom, you know we did," Angela replied tersely, still not really believing the situation she had found herself in.

"Well I think with the passing of years, we should up the ante, and make it a nice hard eight. A hard eight, does that sound OK to you?"

Angela didn't reply, only snorted at his weak innuendo.

"First though, Angela, I think we should clear the decks a little," Tom said, as his fingers went under the cloth of Angela's upturned dress searching out the waistband of her tights. "Stalagmites and stalactites, you know how I used to remember them in geography lessons? It's easy, tights always come down." Tom said chuckling to himself as pulled Angela's tights down to just below her knees.

Angela could feel her face burning as Tom disrobed her, she knew only too well though that in a few moments it was going to be a different kind of heat she would be feeling.

"Now at your age, I don't think there is any real need for these either," Tom said, his fingers now at the waistband of Angela's thin underwear.

"Tom please!" Angela shouted, more in hope than expectation. That slender hope was dashed as she felt the thin knickers join the same downward course as her tights had before them.

"You ready now?" Tom asked, but before she could reply, she felt the first harsh impact across the centre of her bottom, taking her breath away. "Cos here comes your second one!" Sure enough it did, this one though aimed at her left cheek, and laid on hard.

Angela realised that this wasn't just going to be Tom messing about; this was going to be a real old fashioned punishment!
To her surprise, the third whack landed on the same cheek, causing her to shout out in pain. It was all so embarrassing, not so much being bent over the sofa and being stripped by her brother-in-law. That part she found a bit sexy in a kinky, hungover way.
No, it wasn't that that was making her embarrassed. It was the worry that at forty-six she wasn't able to take a punishment that as a teen she just looked upon as a bit of an annoyance. Or did she, or was that just the way that she and Julie preferred to remember it. Then the fourth one landed this time square across her bottom like the first.

"Been a long time, hasn't it, Angela?" Tom enquired.

"Yes!" Angela replied through gritted teeth. "It's been a long time."

"Halfway there now," Tom said as he laid the fifth stroke onto her up until now virgin right cheek, "sorry I lied, we are over the halfway mark. Only three more to go," Then the sixth landed as Tom was still speaking, "sorry two!"

Angela could feel a tear crawling slowly down her cheek, but oddly enough she felt that little bit more alive than she did only three minutes earlier, "Some hangover cure this." She said as she studied the diagonal pattern of the sofa.

"Yeah I bet this beats bloody mary's and raw eggs," Tom said, "though from here I can see a pretty raw bottom. Real prime tenderised rump!"

"Aww, Tom, you say such the loveliest things," Angela said sarcastically. "as you beat a lady black and blue!"

"Only ladies that try and take over my house, only ladies that throw up all over my living room. How ladylike is that anyway?"

Angela didn't reply, she knew in an odd twisted way that Tom was right. Also she found the situation oddly sexy, like a scene out of one of the books that she had taken to reading lately.

"As a treat," Tom said, "for the last two, I'll let you pick where they are going to land. Left," Angela felt Tom's hand caressing her left bottom cheek, "or right," she then felt his hand upon her right cheek, "or perhaps middle?" Now she felt his fingers run down the cleft of her bottom, then drop that bit little lower. "Tut-tut, getting damp down there sis-in-law! So where is it going to be?"

Angela closed her eyes in shame; she had been caught out now by Tom in every respect, her little secret now not so secret. For months, no years she had fantasised about a situation like this, and here she was lost for words.

"Middle!" She almost sobbed out, in less than fifteen seconds later she was crying as both whacks landed hard across her naked bottom. As she lay there over the arm of the sofa sobbing, crying more about her secret kink being uncovered than over the pain. She then felt Tom's finger again running down the cleft of her bottom, this time though it didn't stop with a mere touch at the damp folds of her sex. This time the finger probed deeply.

"Been a long time hasn't it, Angela?" Tom asked the same question again this time in a different context.

"Yes, too long!" Angela gasped.


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Tom looked down at the crumpled heap on his sofa, shaking his head slowly. "Black coffee called for," he said to no one, in particular, as he stepped over the pool of vomit on his way to the kitchen. By the time he had made the two cups of coffee and returned to the room, the crumpled heap was awake.

"Good morning, Angela!" Tom said very loudly, and overly cheerfully.

"Is it? Doesn't seem that way from where I'm sitting." Came the reply from the now not so crumpled heap that was his forty-six-year-old sister in law.

Pointing at the half empty bottle of tequila on the coffee table, Tom asked. "You have a night cap after I went to bed?"

"God don't ask," moaned Angela, "once I have a certain amount to drink, I just don't seem to know when to stop!"

"I noticed last night; you weren't exactly the most angelic of Angela's were you?"

"Please, Tom, I can hardly remember anything!" Angela replied, as she slowly sat herself upright realising that she was still in last night's clothes. "I take it I crashed out?"

Tom started to laugh. "It looks that way; I went to bed when you started reminiscing about our long lost youthful days! Mind you, you kept Julie up till almost two o'clock, that was naughty knowing that she had to go to work this morning!"

"Sorry, but really having to work on a Saturday.. I mean.. you know?"

"What, it spoils your wild Friday night?"

Angela didn't answer, she just slowly sipped at the strong black liquid, wondering if she could hold it down. It had been years since she had had a night out on the town with her little sister. Once Angela had got married, her and her husband had moved down south to York, since their divorce she had stayed there, only coming back up to her hometown on the odd occasion. This was one of those occasions, a long weekend that she had meant to enjoy to the full, starting with last night's pub crawl.

"I want to go to all the pubs that have changed their names since the last time we were out!" She had said to Julie. "We can have a lager and a shot in each one, plus the two new bars!"

That had been her plan, Julie though just had a half of lager in the bars that they went into, leaving the shots to Angela. They never made it out of Front Street, the cold bracing air adding to the effects of alcohol drank too quickly saw the two sisters back home by ten-thirty. By eleven fifteen, Tom had had enough of Angela's drunken ramblings and went to bed, which was when she discovered his tequila. A discovery that Angela now wished had been left undiscovered as her head throbbed in a remorseless dirge.

"After you've had your coffee I'll make you a nice anti-hangover fry-up," Tom said still laughing at Angela's state. "and you can clean up that mess that you've left."

"What... what mess?"

Without saying anything, Tom pointed at the pool of vomit on the wood flooring.

"Oh, Tom, I'm so sorry!" Angela said evidently disgusted with herself. "Sometimes you know I just can't control myself, I'm really so sorry."

Tom looked at his panda-eyed sister in law and decided to have a little fun at her expense, just a laugh to fill in the morning nothing more just a bit of fun.

"Yeah think back to when you were living at home," Tom said, "what would your dad have done if you had come home drunk, and then threw up all over the place?"

Angela laughed, knowing what Tom was talking about; after all it was no big secret, in fact not that unusual for many in those days.

"Over the arm of the couch, slipper across me arse!" Angela replied with her and Julie's stock answer to questions of this kind.

"When did you last get it?"

This question though threw Angela a little, for all she was the elder sister, Julie married and left home three years before she did. So as a married woman didn't fall under their father's strict discipline for as long as Angela had.

I was twenty-three." Angela finally said, feeling herself blushing at sharing this information. "Dad always said you are never to old for a tanning as long as you are living in my house."

This answer was like manna to Tom's ears; now he had a real chance to wind up his sister in law. "Twenty-three years old and it was still jeans down over the arm of the sofa?"

Angela sighed heavily, she could do without this today. "Not quite," she replied wearily. "I don't know if you remember me getting into bother for coming home late one night and putting the grill on to do some bacon, then going to bed and forgetting about it?"

Tom nodded as he did sort of recall an incident with the fire alarm.

"The fire alarm went off as the burnt bacon started to smoke. I just slept through it, but I got an awakening the next morning alright! When I woke up dad was standing over my bed, slipper in hand, the smell of burning reminded straight away of what I had done."

Now giggling as he recalled being told of the girl's punishment rituals, Tom said, "so it was the duvet over the bottom of the wooden bed rail?"

Angela sighed again. "Yes, the duvet to make us nice and comfy so we could always concentrate on our bottoms, you know all this off by heart!"

"Yeah I know, but twenty-three!" Tom said now almost in convulsions of laughter.

"I told you age made no difference to dad," Angela said, now blushing like a rose.

"So it was nightie up, there and then?"


"Barebum at twenty-three?" Tom said, assuming that Angela didn't wear knickers under her nightie, she said nothing to contradict that assumption.

"His house, his rules, his slipper. Can we just let this drop now, Tom?" Angela said almost pleadingly.

"Not yet," Tom said, then quickly left the room rushing upstairs.

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(This story, written in a letter format, maybe a little confusing for any readers Stateside. But, for anyone, of a certain age in the UK, it may prove to be amusing.)

Dear Sir,

You may be interested in my experience in the late seventies. Having left the local comprehensive school in 1977, at the age of sixteen. I got a job at a well-known record company, in their London West End offices. I was working in the A&R section, admittedly I did little more than make the tea and open letters for the first two years, but it was a job. Also it was perceived as quite glamorous, and Soho was really buzzing with punk rock at the time, and I felt a real part of the whole rebel scene.
My best friend Julie was doing her last year of her A levels, at a local public school, having been funded by her grandparents. Julie was always more academic than I was, but to my eyes more immature, with her still being at school, but we were best friends.
In the May of 1979, we were around Jules' place, playing records when she said.
"Joan, I've got a great idea, it's the last Lacrosse away game on Saturday, and we are going on the bus unsupervised. Cleggers, the games mistress, is off having a sprog, and the head said as we are all prefects on the team.We can be trusted to look after ourselves."

I think she could tell I was less than impressed by her earth shattering news.
"It's a mufti day!"She said, trying to kindle interest.

"A what?"

"Mufti,non-uniform, so that means you could sneak along onto the bus with us, it will be a hoot!"

Not my idea of fun, but Jules seemed so excited; I couldn't say no.
A hoot, it wasn't!

I felt like a fish out of water, dressed in tight black satin drainpipe trousers, black winkle picker velvet boots, and wearing a Public Image t-shirt. I couldn't have looked more out of place if I'd tried, looking back, I think that I was indeed trying to stand out.
During the match, which by the way I couldn't understand, as it was played with hockey sticks with nets on?
The non-playing girls cheered on the team with shouts such as.

"Come on gels", and"Jolly good show".I felt like I'd fallen into a truly awful issue of Bunty.

All the girls were around my age but seemed to behave like twelve-year-olds.I just wanted the day to end.
The bus journey back was worse, they won, and were even more full of themselves.After a lot of self-congratulating, someone started up a song, which was followed by one after another of Rugby songs, each one bawdier than the previous. The coach driver asked them to tone it down, and they all just giggled, and burst into a chorus of "friggin in the rigging".
For the driver that was the last straw, he pulled the bus over and said that we would all have to walk the remaining four miles back to Jules' school.After getting on the radio to his head office, he relented and started driving again.We all now sat in smirking silence, myself included, he had to our minds been told off by his boss. How wrong we were.

As the bus pulled into the schoolyard, I could see a figure standing with a cane in hand.

"Jules, who is that guy?"I asked my friend.

"Oh good god no! That's Mr.Green, the deputy head," Jules replied, her face paling as she said,"now we are all for it. The bus company must have rang him."

As we got off the bus, Mr.Green's voice boomed out.

"Right all of you line up by that wall. You are all an absolute disgrace, and you are all to receive four strokes, to show the driver that this school will not tolerate, rowdy, and vulgar behaviour."

I was biting the inside of my lip, so as not to laugh. If I'd known I was going to see a load of posh girls get the stick, I would have come to all of Jules' matches.
As we lined up I was third from one end, and that was the end he was starting from.

"Bend over and grab the back of your knees," Mr.Green ordered a girl in a thin summer dress.
The first stroke slashed across her backside, we all winced, and she cried out.
The second stroke likewise.
Before the third stroke, she put her hands back behind her to shield her thinly clad bottom.

"Stand up girl, right hand out."She obeyed and received a slashing stroke across her palm.

"Left hand out,"Again another ferocious stroke." bend back over, and keep in position properly."

The now sobbing girl held her position for the next two equally harsh strokes.

This was great!

I know I should have felt pity, at least for Jules, but she had more or less ignored me for her "school chums" all day. So I was quite looking forward to seeing how she would take the cane.
I wouldn't have long to wait, as she was next to me, so would be third in line for it.

"Take note girls, any messing me around, will get you extra strokes like Katie here." Mr.Green said."Right, Katie, stop snivelling, and stand back by the wall, hands on to of your head."

The crying girl obeyed.

"Right, you are next," He said pointing with his cane to the girl on my right, wearing a black trouser suit,"take your jacket off, and hand it to her". Pointing at me with his cane."Then you can bend over. Remember mark my words."

She meekly obeyed the stern deputy head.

She took her caning well, but like the previous girl, was in tears by the last stroke.
Now for Jules, I gleefully thought to myself.
To my shock though, he pointed at me and said.

"Pass that jacket back, and bend over."

I almost did as he requested; such was the imposing power of his voice. Then I thought no way; I'm a working adult, not one of his immature schoolgirls.

"No, it's OK," I said."I'm not a pupil here."

"Listen girl, I haven't time to mess around, I saw you get off the bus, and I've already warned you all, now bend over."

"'m not."

"Joan...Please."I heard Jules say, then I realised that, she would be in a whole lot of trouble for me being here. Almost in a trance like state, I handed the jacket over, and moved forward and bent over.

The first stroke broke that trance. I had never been caned before. It was common for the boys to be caned at my old school, but girls had to do something appalling to get it.
I couldn't believe the feeling, the initial contact was bad enough, but then the pain seemed to build up and spread out. Just as I was taking in the sensation, the second stroke came, this time to my shame I cried out. Then the third, and I was sobbing like a little girl, not like the sophisticated working adult I saw myself as.Then to my dread, and relief the final stroke fell on my satin clad behind. As the two girls before me, I went unbidden back to the wall and placed my hands on my head.I did see Jules, and all the other girls get theirs like I'd hoped for, but I watched through tear-blurred eyes.
To this day, I don't know if Mr.Green knew I was not one of his pupils. Or that if it even mattered, for, in his eyes, I was just another naughty girl in need of a touch of the cane.

Joan, London

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I like a woman in pantyhose that turns me on sexy legs and thighs in some sexy pantyhose. I like it more when they're spanked in pantyhose.

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After Kathy was made to stand in the corner we all went to our rooms and unpacked our stuff. Kathy's Mom had told us we were free to use the pool if we wanted, I grabbed my swimsuit and went straight for the pool. About 15 minutes later Kathy walked out in a bikini and sat near the edge of the pool near me. We were the only two at the pool for now.
“So, um, Ric....”
“It's OK Kathy I have seen you spanked before and you have seen me punished before as well.”
“I know it's just...well.”
“I know that was pretty embarrassing Kathy. I tell you though I have to be honest I was, excited to see you punished that way.”
“That is kinda what I want to say. I liked you seeing me punished like that. It was hard for me not to be excited as well. After you left Daddy took me in the other room and told me he knew I was excited as well as humiliated. He told me it was OK and to come to the pool with you and our parents would leave us alone for a little while out here.”
She smiled. I always had the hots for Kathy. She had a nice round ample bottom and firm breasts. I said to her.
“OK lie on that lounger over there and pull down your bikini bottom and let me see your bare bottom with your legs spread.”
She giggled and did as I asked. I had a full view of those bare bottom globes and her pussy and bottom crack. I could see her rosebud between her cheeks and I slowly got out of the pool. I could not hope to hide the little bulge in my trunks. She saw this and giggled a little.“It is OK Ric. I know your ...well..pee-pee- is kinda small and I do not mind at all. I know it turns you on when I humiliate you about it anyway. So do you like what you see?”
“OH Yes! Let me lick and bury my face in your sweet bottom Kathy.”
“OK, but just a little. If we get caught we will both get it.”
I buried my face in her cheeks and licked and smelled her gorgeous bottom. I began slowly licking her pussy as well when I felt her tighten up. I had no time to react ,however, as her mother's hand grabbed the back of my neck and head.
“Just what do you think you are doing Ric?!”
I couldn't answer.
“And you Kathy, I am so ashamed. You did this by the pool?! Have either of you got no shame?!”
Kathy bit her lip laying there legs spread bottom bare. And me with a tent in my swim trunks.
The two of you are going to be sorry all right! Ric your Mom and Dad and Kathy's Dad went to the store. They will be back later. But I plan to punish you both real well before they get back and I am sure there will be more in store for the both of you when they do get back.”
Kathy and I quickly glanced at eachother. As humiliating as this would be it would also be stimulating.
Her Mom's name was Melissa and I often called her Auntie Melissa as a sign of respect instead of Mrs. and her last name.
“Yes Auntie Melissa.” I said.
“Yes Mommy, we are sorry. We deserved to be punished. We just got carried away.”
“I understand Kathy but that is no excuse. You just lie there while I teach this young man a lesson.”
“Yes Mommy.” She grinned after her mother turned to me. I felt the humiliation begin to hit me.
She grabbed my arm and pulled me over to a large patio lounger that was up on a raised section of stone. She yanked off my swim trunks exposing my bare,shaved erect little Penis. The shame washed over me. She told me to lie on my back on the lounge chair. It gave her the perfect height to lift my legs like a toddler and spank me in the diaper position. Exposed fully in front of Kathy. She lifted my legs by the ankles and held them up. She began spanking me slowly and rythmically.
“Now you hold still little bad boy while I spank this plump little hiney good!”
“Ow, ow ow, Yes Auntie Melissa. Owie, ow!”
I felt just like a little toddler being punished. The shame and humiliation was washing over my body like a tidal wave and I was very arroused. My bottom was on fire and I could see Kathy giggling quietly and touching herself a little while she watched.
“Kathy do you see this naughty little boys shaved bare pee=pee bouncing and hard while I spank him?”
“Yes Mommy. He looks like a little boy.”
“Mommy will teach this little boy a lesson and toddle him but good. If he doesn't learn to behave I will put him in a diaper like I have done with you dear.”
“Yes Mommy. He needs to be toddled like that.”
I couldn't help it I moaned. I was so arroused and humiliated and feeling punished all at the same time.
She scowled at me.
“Oh dear! Look at your little pee-pee so hard. Maybe Auntie should let Kathy milk your little wee wee for you so we can punish you better.”
I couldn't help myself,.I still cannot believe what I said next.
“Auntie Melissa...would you milk me in font of Kathy?”
“That is a very good idea little boy. A very shameful thing to have done to you.”
She put my legs down and went around the other side to give Kathy a full view of what she was going to do. She grabbed my little pee-pee with 3 fingers and began stroking it. I had never felt so humiliated and shamed ever.“Kathy, dear, you watch me milk this little toddler pee-pee right in front of you. I want you to verbally humiliate this naughty boy as well. Do you understand?”
“Yes Mommy. Naughty little toddler Ric. My Mommy is milking your little toddler wee wee right in front of me. Learn your lesson little boy.”
I could no longer hold back and orgasmed right then and there. She took a towel and wiped me clean and made me lie on my tummy next to Kathy.
“Alright young lady your turn.”
I could not wait to see this. {to be continued}

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Mike snapped the rubber glove on and dipped his finger into the Vaseline. He spread Linda's cheeks apart again and gently touched his finger to her anus. He felt Linda shudder at his touch and he smiled. He began to circle her backdoor with his finger smearing the Vaseline all around. He prodded her anus lightly and began to push his finger in. Linda was very tight but she could not hold him out as he plunged his finger into her rectum until it could go no farther.

Linda moaned as she felt his large finger enter her, she could feel herself getting even wetter as he explored her rectum. He began to slowly finger fuck her ass, rotating his finger in all directions, thoroughly lubricating her backside. Linda raised her hips a bit to better feel his finger in her. She reached down and grabbed onto Mikes ankle and the leg of the chair to steady herself as she felt herself on the verge of orgasm. Mike sensed that Linda was getting very close to coming and held still, his finger still embedded deep in her rectum. “So, you like laying over a man's lap with your panties pulled down... having your temperature taken like a little girl”, “Imagine what your friends would think if they could see you now, like this!” Linda groaned at the thought and turned a bright shade of red. Mike continued...

“Have you ever been given a rectal exam like this?”, “When you go to the doctor, does he make you lay across his lap and pull your panties down to take your temperature?”, “Does he also put you across his knee to give you your rectal exam?”...Mike emphasized this last question with a wiggle of his finger in her rectum. Linda was beet red as she listened to Mike talk. She could feel his finger punctuating each question. If she could, she would get up and pull her panties up in embarrassment, but Mike continued to hold her firmly down as he questioned her. She felt like a little girl in this position. Mike finally pulled his finger from Linda's rectum and stripped off the rubber glove. He began to massage Linda's backside before starting to spank her again. He began slowly, methodically, smacking each naked cheek lightly, watching it wobble and turn pink under his hand.

Linda was taken by surprise by this new spanking, she had felt a certain empty feeling when Mike had pulled his finger out of her and wasn't prepared for the renewed smacks. She yelped as each cheek was swatted in turn. She knew that Mike wasn't spanking her very hard, just enough to cause a light burn and tingle, but it was enough to cause a new flood of tears. This time she knew not to try and reach back and protect her bottom, she lay across his lap and accepted his spanking, just like a small c***d.

Mike gave Linda about twenty well placed smacks before stopping and letting her lay over his lap crying, exhausted. He calmly sipped his beer as she calmed down. Only when she had stopped crying did he allow her to get up off his lap and pull her panties up. She turned away from him embarrassed at what he had just done to her and the way it had made her feel. She reached back and gently massaged her burning bottom. Mike stood behind her and turned her to face him. “From now on, you will behave yourself and do as I you understand?” Linda couldn't look him in the eye, but nodded as she stared down at her feet, her hands still massaging her bottom. “I will decide when you need to be punished, and when I think you need it, I will put you across my knee, bare your bottom and give you a good old fashioned spanking”, “From now on, I will take your temperature rectally, over my knee like a little girl”, “and I also will give you your first enema tonight”.

Linda blushed even redder as Mike told her how life would be like with him. Her pussy was dripping into her panties as he told her he was going to give her the enema she so long imagined. She followed him obediently into the bathroom and watched silently as he prepared the enema equipment. Mike began assembling the enema equipment he intended to use. He knew exactly what he was doing, he'd done this before. He selected the 2 quart red rubber bag. He filled it with warm water and a packet of castile soap, the hose was long with a large diameter for a nice flow. The clamp was a nice white plastic piece that could regulate the flow or stop it altogether. The nozzle was yellow and tulip shaped with four holes near the tip. He hung the bag up on the shower rod, letting the hose and nozzle hand down into the bathtub.

Mike sat down on closed toilet. “Because this will be your first enema, I want you back over my lap. That way you won't be able to jump up and run whenever you feel the need. I find I can control young ladies more easily when they are face down over my knee” he smiled at her. He took a towel and folded it carefully across his lap. “Just incase” he told her still grinning. Linda was having second thoughts as she looked at the enema bag hanging from the shower rod. It seemed very large now. “Uh...I'm not sure I really want to go through with this” she said calmly, backing up a bit. “My dear” Mike stated loudly, “you no longer have a choice, I am now in control. remember, and it's time for your first enema....and I am not leaving until you receive it!”... “Now if you don't want me to take my belt off, I suggest you get your butt over here now” he emphasized this last statement by reaching down and unclasping the buckle on his thick leather belt.

Linda hesitated only a moment before stepping up to Mike and awkwardly placing herself over his lap. She knew she never wanted to feel his belt colliding with her naked bottom. Mike adjusted Linda so that she lay to his liking, her bottom stuck way up, her head hanging down at his left side. He pulled the back of her t-shirt up and out of the way. “These will have to come off” he said and reached under the waistband of her panties. He stripped them down over her now red bottom and down her legs before pulling them completely off and dropping them on the floor He rubbed her bottom with his right hand, massaging each red cheek, traveling down her thighs. “I want you to spread your legs for me Baby” he said as he ran his hand down her legs. Linda moved her legs apart a few centimeters. Mike smiled, knowing the humiliation she was feeling this first time. He had seen it before. He knew she wanted this almost as much as he did but still, he also knew that for a lady to have her panties pulled down and then be put across a man's lap was very embarrassing. They wanted to be treated like a little girl again secure in the knowledge that their father would take care of them, but to do so for real was very scary.

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enemaseroticos's avatar

Views: 312 · Added: 27 days ago

Linda felt Mike grasp her left knee and pull it towards him then push her right knee away. Her legs were now spread like a wishbone, her anus and pussy in full view. She wondered what she looked like back there. She watched as Mike reached over and took the enema nozzle. It had seemed awfully large to her. She gulped as she imagined it being pushed into her backside. The nozzle disappeared from her view but she soon felt it gently running up and down her crack, she felt the hose resting on her back, it seemed heavy for some reason. Mike greased the nozzle with Vaseline until it glistened in the glow of the florescent bathroom light. “I'm going to insert the nozzle now Baby, when you feel it pushing against your bottom I want you to bear down, like your trying to make poop, it will go in easier that way”. Mike held the end of the nozzle up to Linda's anus and began to gently push it in. The slender tip slipped in a little but when the wider part began to make it's entrance Linda cried out.. “No stop!!, It hurts...” “Bear down Baby, like I told you” Mike instructed. Linda grunted and bore down... The wider part of the nozzle disappeared with an almost inaudible “pop”. Mike continued to insert the nozzle until only the very end of it remained peeking out from her bottom.

Linda sighed heavily as Mike finished inserting the enema nozzle. It had gone in a lot easier than she had thought it would. But she now could feel it taking up every inch of her rectum. She squeezed her anus around it and felt a tingle in her pussy. She felt Mike grip her waist and hug her tightly to him, he ran his hand over her spread cheeks. “Are you ok Baby” he asked gently. “Yes” she managed to squeak out, she liked it when he called her “baby”. “I'm going to release the clamp now, you're going to feel the warm water begin to enter you, you'll also feel some cramps at some point, when you do tell me and I'll stop the flow for a few minutes, but remember you are going to take the entire bag”. Mike released the clamp and watched as the enema hose stiffened with the flow of water. He also watched and waited for Linda's reaction. It didn't take long before she pleaded with him to stop. “I have to go!!” she wailed. He clamped the hose tight, but held her securely down over his lap. “Lay still Baby” he told her as he ran his hand over her naked bottom intentionally brushing up against the nozzle buried deep in her ass.

Linda groaned out loud as first her rectum then it seemed her belly filled with warmth. She felt the first little inklings of cramps and cried out. Mike, true to his word had clamped the hose shut and let her adjust to this first flow of water. Her cramps disappeared after a few seconds and she calmed down. She felt Mike's hand on her bottom, soothing her. She heard a “click”. Mike released the clamp and watched once more as the hose stiffened letting him know that the water was flowing down into Linda's waiting bottom. He took hold of the end of the nozzle and held it securely in her rectum. His dick was getting very hard now, it strained against his pants and pushed up and into Linda's belly. When Linda began to complain again about cramps Mike was slower in clamping the hose. He knew that Linda was just over-reacting to her very first enema, she would be able to take the entire bag if he made her do so, and he intended to do just that.

Linda soon realized that Mike would not shut off the flow of water every time she complained. Only when the bag was half empty did he clamp the hose the second time. Her stomach gurgled and her anus gripped the nozzle tightly to prevent “an accident”. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead. She felt a familiar tingle deep within her pussy. Mike picked up the hairbrush that had been resting on the bathroom counter. He turned it so it's stiff bristles were pointing out. He brought it down sharply onto Linda's left cheek, raised it again then brought it down on her right. He smacked each cheek five times. “Are you ready to take the rest of your enema now?” he asked.. Linda cried out as the hairbrush contacted her naked bottom. She had never been spanked with a hairbrush before and imagined her bottom with millions of little red dots left behind by the bristles of her hairbrush. “Please, I'll take the rest of the enema now!!” she cried out from the pain. She was rewarded with a new flow of water into her bottom. Linda gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she lay still over Mikes lap. She lay still as the enema bag collapsed, it's water gone.

Mike continued to hold Linda down once she had taken the entire enema. “I want you to hold it for a few minutes Baby” he told her as she squirmed on his lap. He loved the sight of a naked female bottom laying across his lap, an enema nozzle and hose dangling from her rectum. He loved holding her down, forcing her to take her enema or spanking or just taking her rectal thermometer. Mike continued to hold Linda down once she had taken the entire enema. “I want you to hold it for a few minutes Baby” he told her as she squirmed on his lap. He loved the sight of a naked female bottom laying across his lap, an enema nozzle and hose dangling from her rectum. He loved holding her down, forcing her to take her enema or spanking or just taking her rectal thermometer. Linda was finally let up off Mike's lap, but she found herself standing bent over grasping her stomach as Mike continued to sit on the closed toilet. The enema nozzle remained in her rectum, it's hose still connecting her to the enema bag overhead. She danced from one foot to another straining to hold in her enema. Mike watched her in her torment and calmly placed one hand on her distended belly, the other on her backside slipping the nozzle between his fingers and holding it in her. He jiggled the nozzle a bit and Linda moaned. He reached up under her t-shirt and grasped her left nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze. He was not surprised at all to find it swollen and enlarged, not unlike his penis. He pulled her between his legs and made her hold the enema in while he played with each of her breasts.

Linda found herself dancing between Mike's spread legs, one of his hands holding the enema nozzle securely embedded in her rectum, the other kneading her dangling breasts. Her pussy dripped it's juices down her inner thighs, making them slip past each other as she danced from foot to foot. She moaned as she struggled to hold back the water that wanted out. Mike took the bottom of the t-shirt and pulled it up and off her, leaving her naked before him. He unzipped his pants, releasing his swollen penis, it stood up, red and swollen. Mike spread Linda's legs apart so that she straddled him, facing him then roughly pulled her down until his penis impaled her sopping pussy. He held her tightly to him as he rose, her legs wrapped around his waist. He turned to face the toilet and flipped the lid up, he lowered himself to his knees, Linda still wrapped around him. He positioned himself so Linda's ass hung over the bowl, then reached behind her and pulled the enema nozzle free. He came as he listened to Linda release the pent up water, his penis buried deep within her warm wet pussy.

Linda hung tightly to Mike, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms wrapped around his neck, her pussy wrapped around his large dick. She felt her ass touch down on the now open toilet seat and the enema nozzle pulled from her rectum. She came as the enema water spurted from her sore, red ass. When Linda was finished squirting out most of the water, Mike's cock was lubricated with Vaseline by Linda and she was ordered to stand up, turn around and bend over at the waist, and placed her hands on the toilet seat. Mike then pushed his hard 8" cock slowly into Linda's bum and after she opened her poop hole up he buried it deep within her tight little poop chute, and slowly pumped her bum cheeks while Linda begged for a FLESH enema. She really loved it when Mike came in her bum, and knew the time was soon. Mike, however, wanted Linda to enjoy the sensation of the fullness and submissiveness of this ass fucking and for her to beg for this every time they were together . They remained in that position for quite awhile........both knowing that the fun had only begun.

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maketheputt's avatar

Views: 428 · Added: 28 days ago

I met the most wonderful woman about 6 or 7 weeks ago on ST. My business travels allow me incredible flexibility and after a few meetings for coffee or lunch, today was the day. She gave me one heck of a spanking. I've posted 2 photos which do not truly display just how sore my bottom is right now as I type. She used her hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon and finally the strap. She stopped as my skin was about to break even further. I felt so safe as her left hand tightly held me just above my hip. The point to this, is that I've been a member for 116 days and I have met some wonderful people here, but finally met the perfect partner. It can be accomplished!!!! It takes patience, understanding and then some more patience. So, anyone out there, do not loose hope. If it happened for me, it surely can happen for you! In the coming weeks, she will be my first bottom and I cannot wait to spank her. I am floating right now and this is the closest feeling I can imagine what heaven may be like. If I could bottle and sell what I feel like now, know!!!!

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Scorpio's avatar

Views: 302 · Added: 28 days ago

Howdy folks. Thanks for stopping by Scorpio's Outlaw Roadhouse on this lovely Friday evening. Drink specials tonight are $2.00 Bass ale on tap and Makers Mark shots for $3.50. Food special is the SW green chili burger topped with bacon, blue cheese and extra-hot habanero sauce.

Rules at my roadhouse, women are encouraged to dress scantily and misbehave as much as possible. For the fellas, any fights take part in the parking lot. Spitting, cussing, weed smoking, pill poppin' and hard drinking liver damage are all seriously encouraged.

Last night over a glass of whiskey on the rocks and watching the orange dusty desert sunset the Hank 3 tune "Country Heroes" came to mind. The cute blonde bartender with her chest popping out of a red flannel shirt tied at her belly and tight denim shorts also helped inspire this one. Consider it a tribute to some of the first spanking video producers and those carrying on the tradition today.

Well oh what a feelin
When them undies fall low
When she ain't got nowhere to run
Or nowhere to go

It makes me feel like sometimes
I love her being outta control
So, I'm gonna get to swattin'
With all my spankin' heroes

And I'm watchin' some Nu West
Just a little bit of the old
Cal-Star easin' my misery
Strictly English keepin' me at home

Irving Klaw givin' me a high five
Jennifer Brooks panties hangin' low
And I'm here gettin' swattin'
Just like my spankin heroes

Hey, I'm spankin' your sweetie
Drinkin a nice cold Bass
And if you don't like that
Well boys you can kiss my ass

'Cause I wanna see them old vids
Not too much of the new
'Cause this might be the last time
I'm ever gonna see you

And I'm watchin' some Nu West
Just a little bit of the old
Kurt Stevens easin' my misery
And Firm Hand keepin' me at home

Realspankins' givin' me a high five
Dana Kane's panties hangin' low
And I'm here gettin' swattin'
Just like my spankin heroes

I'm gettin' swattin'
With all my spankin' heroes
I'm gettin' swattin'
With all my spankin' heroes

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daddymole's avatar

Views: 253 · Added: 28 days ago

so I have a friend of mine who's a doctor and he lives in this commune with a bunch of other guys

one of the guys he lives with has terrible allergies all day long hes sneezing and watery eyes really bad so my friend prescribed him some medication to help

another one of the guys he lives with suffers from narcolepsy he could be in the middle of a conversation and "boom" hes out cold so my friend prescribed him some medication to help

another one of the guys suffers from terrible shyness when he talks to men he can only mumble and hes incapable of talking to women my friend prescribed him some medication to help get him over it

another one of the guys (I know what youre thinking couldn't this guy find a better place to live) is deliriously happy all the time even in the worse news like a mining disaster hes bubbly and content (theres talk the others will take him out) my friend prescribed some medication to help better center him

he lives with another guy whos angry all the time hes never never happy just a grumpy bastard so my friend prescribed him some medication to cheer him up a little

unfortunately none of this medication worked because someone stole it and took it all

and you wonder why they called him dopey

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mistressmayhem's avatar

Views: 286 · Added: 28 days ago

please someone help me is anybody not getting responses from spanking tubes administration? ive sent 5 messages about my confirmation email. please help i cannot upload anything until i confirm my account

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tossiah07's avatar

Views: 334 · Added: 29 days ago

I am apologizing right now to anyone who get offended by my blog today in advance.
I am sick and tired of fucking lying ass and scary ass men who think that they know everything there is about a woman. The scary ass men come over sees kids and family over and run to the hills as if my family threaten to kill them. You wasn't scared to answer my ad or talk to me for weeks but when come time to meet you run like the bitch you truly are. Let's this fucking straight right the fuck now. Every woman is different and require a different things in their life, their home, and their level of maturity. I know the same goes for men. I am just sick and fucking tired of these lame ass mutther fucking men telling they know how to tame me and never met me. I sick and tired of guys telling they are going to do something or show up and don't. I am SICK of men calling me a lair until they actually meet and I prove them so fucking wrong. I sick of dealing with fucking court system that allow repeat offender get out of jail so they repeat what did over and over again. I am just at the point of explosion right now. This all from man who is lock up in jail telling my family that we are getting back together after I divorce his sorry ass for being an abuser, a user, and down low down dirty dog of all men. I am so ready to do something stupid to him for making my life a living Hell!!!! All this is going on while I am trying to get my life back on track. I AM AT THIS POINT STRESS THE HELL OUT WITH EVERYTHING!!!!!! DAMN I NEED SOME STRESS RELIEF RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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naughty_butt's avatar

Views: 348 · Added: 29 days ago

So hubby spanked me as he was leaving for work today- just the usual tap on the arse but with more intent i felt this time- think tonight has potential in the air.

Starting to realise i really am a switch -
i am very much in charge of my day to day life, running an extremely busy and successful business with lots of young ladies working for me and doing as they are told, and a busy household with three young children, that i have always felt that me being a submissive was a form of release.
i had a great spanking master for a while and he kept me nicely in check but as we became too emotionally involved we agreed to go our separate ways.

So I'm going to continue to encourage hubby to take control of me, and I'm going to try my best to give up that control during this "play time"
but i am also going to explore becoming more of the disciplinarian side with regards to spanking as its definitely part of my personality anyway.
As such I am now on the look out for some deserving butts.
If i find someone who shows me respect and really wishes to learn how to behave properly then i may devoted what little spare time i have to them exclusively. but this person really really does need to do as i tell them and not make me angry.

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kitten425's avatar

Views: 235 · Added: 29 days ago

I've been binge watching Arrow lately,does anyone else on here watch it? It's become my guilty pleasure on netflix lol it's hard to resist.

Television has gotten pretty decent in the last few years...with shows like Breaking Bad,Big Bang Theory,Scandal,How to get away with Murder,Game of Thrones,The Walking Dead...etc...(I could seriously go on and write a book in the process)
I just enjoy good story telling.

So what shows are you obsessed with?

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Fitch's avatar

Views: 317 · Added: 29 days ago

The judge imposed a most inventive sentence.
We'd re-enact the mural in Pompeii
That shows a flagellation mystery.

Not only did it heighten my repentance,
It let us frolic naked for a day,
And have some fun with ancient history!

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aaaspanking's avatar

Views: 253 · Added: 29 days ago

We always take feedback seriously and have listened to members requests for various darker storylines as well as a return to more traditional films - well, you should be seeing these appear now here and at Sarah's sites when we film from now on. The latest at the time of writing for AAA is a fantastic workplace discipline film with Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake who spanks and straps her to very real tears: the most she had ever cried when filmed! We felt quite honored that this film was a cathartic release for her.

Another superb new model, Lily Swan, wanted an extreme work out film whilst being severely strapped and caned across her very sore bottom, this is extremely popular with members too!

More traditional films such as "Spanked after school" have proved a massive hit for lovers of real life Mother/daughter style discipline at home (and has also been a BIG hit on various clips stores).

We are happy to see that our results are paying off and will continue to film these. As always, we welcome storylines, feedback and how you might want to see more traditional films portrayed.

We do custom shoots as well - and have become rather good at fulfilling a customer's request privately at a very reasonable price - please email John at eubilling @ (his usual work address) or Sarah Gregory at her usual email for further info and mention you saw this mentioned at the Spanking Tube Blog
Sarah's email: sarahgregory02 @
(join the gmail addresses together without the spaces).

Thank you,
John & Sarah

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japan64's avatar

Views: 338 · Added: 29 days ago

I haven’t been inspired to write much spanky stuff lately. However, I just learned about this poetic form of inverted stanzas that mirror each other. The first stanza is a kind of internal argument, and the second stanza answers it, using the same lines, with minor variation, in reverse order. Spiffy, huh? For some reason, a spanky poem did come to mind.

To acquiesce, not to run,
She’d made her choice.
Her friends would not understand
Why she would succumb, though.
She was ashamed to admit
he spanked her butt.

He spanked her, but
she was ashamed to admit
why she would succumb. Though
her friends would not understand,
she’d made her choice
to acquiesce, not to run.


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SpankableSuzy's avatar

Views: 232 · Added: 30 days ago

Been a busy week and no time to give Crimson her discipline for her lapses in judgement and good behavior. Texting while driving being a big one and she'll get her accountability time tonight :)

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jewel66's avatar

Views: 272 · Added: 30 days ago

Em disrespected me. I am huge on respect. I am more like a guy when it comes to the things I want and how I see them. I want Respect, loyalty, honesty, blind obedience. I'm very strict with the girls that are mine. I do what I do for their own good and my pleasure of course. I help them in their lives and they are devoted to me. They belong to me. I own them. They are to follow my rules 24/7, Or pay the consequences.
I have pics and video of her consequences that I'm trying to get uploaded
em is my lil angel today.

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