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Last Friday morning my niece,Jen and I sat in the kitchen having breakfast before our commute into the city. My niece has her final university examinations next summer,time has indeed flown by, and I asked her if she had picked up the application forms from the University Registrar's office to apply for her Higher Diploma in Education course,basically her teacher training course.Silence descended around the kitchen. Jen and my niece exchanged quick glances. I told my niece to relax that she had until February to apply I just thought that if she was passing the office she could collect the application form,I told her that if I got a chance I would get them for her. Again there was silence and my niece and Jen kept their heads down,I knew something was wrong. My niece is doing very good with her work at university,getting good grades in her theory and practical so I knew there was nothing going on there to spark the silence. I asked what was wrong? My niece looked at Jenny,who told my niece to '...tell her and get it out of the way....'
"Tell me what?",I asked,at this stage getting a little nervous.
My niece stood up and leaned against the kitchen work top eating her apple."Promise you won't get angry?" she asked.
"Just tell me what it is,what have you done?2 I said getting more nervous.
My niece left the kitchen and went upstairs. While she was gone Jen told me to just listen to my niece and hear her out before I said anything. My niece returned with a large brown envelope,it was a government issue envelope,she handed it to me and resumed her place leaning against the kitchen work top. Jen stopped eating and leaned back in her chair. I opened the envelope and took out the contents;a large colourful booklet on joining the Defence Forces along with an application form. Before I could say anything my niece told me that she was not going to apply until she finished her degree course next summer,she was just getting an idea on what the application process for the Army was.
At this point I know what I done was wrong. I stood up and told her to put this out of her head and get the forms for her teacher training course. I was upset. My niece is studying Mathematics and Chemistry on a joint honours programme,subjects that could get her into a lot more than what she currently is thinking. I told her this only for Jen to butt in and say my niece could join the artillery,as they use Maths for working out firing projectiles. I told Jen to eat her breakfast and stay out of this,she stuck out her tongue!

There was a back and forth exchange between my niece and I. Jen again butted in and asked my niece if she had thought about joining the Navy as the subjects she is studying would be of far more use. I warned Jen to keep quiet but something told me that my niece had discussed this with Jen before me. I asked my niece what her boyfriend thought? She told me he was ' with it.' I made a mental note to corner him in the barn while he is restoring his tractor and beat him about the head! The exchange continued between my niece and I,my niece telling me that with her degree and the other qualifications she has she could apply for officer cadet training. Now don't get me wrong,my niece does a fair bit,she plays hockey,goes running,does orienteering and is a qualified life guard and swimming instructor but I think her talents would be best served in anything other than the Army,or Navy. The exchange ended with my niece telling me that she is going to apply and I can't stop her. She stormed out of the kitchen and went to wait in the car. Our commute to the city was done in silence.

Friday evening I went to the Registrar's Office in the university and picked up the application forms for the Higher Diploma in Education course.I placed the forms on the kitchen table,I know my niece has seen them but the packet of forms has not been opened yet. Its been two days since my niece has spoken to me,Jen is acting as a go-between. Think I might have handled this all wrong but I do not want her to join the army.

Have a great week my friends. Jen and I are going for a long walk and a talk,then some dinner.

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So, i am taking video request on how to punish myself. I have no one to spank me because i live in utah. So i spank my self. I need a good long puinshment for my deperssion i think spanking will help. I have join spankingtube 166 days ago. Is a specail punishment you guys just give me one. Leave commets or message me

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I am primarily an online dom that deals spankings/instructions for punishment or for fun. If there is anyone who might need some correction or just wants to play please don't hesitate to message me. Female only please.

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would you like to paddle my panties?

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Hello everybody!
I moved to Finland and now wondering if there are any sites with the locals who like spanking? Or maybe some of them are here reading this?

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So, this i was very bad. I cant explain my naughtyness.

Monday: i founght with my mom

Tuesday: i didnt clean my house

Wesendays: i broke a car and house window

Thursday: hit someone

Friday: i have a very bad attuid

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Snugly she fits over the lap skin tingling in anticipation,
Hands caressing her silky mounds stroking teasing exploring,
Warm her gently taking it slowly savoring each moment,
Rose white to blushing pink to tender red to fiery crimson.
Air filled with hot flushes hearts pounding electricity flowing,
Touching stroking caressing teasing kissing sucking licking,
Tongue soothing her heated globes nibbling gently sucking softly,
Savoring every inch of her your bodies melt into each other,
Adore her explore her committed to her pleasure give her heaven,
Excitement explodes joined together in frenzied lustful passion,
Screams of ecstasy escape both as pleasure fills both worlds,
Flesh on flesh as one panting hearts entwined souls touching.

Thank you for reading.

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Just wondering when someone shares your videos from here on facebook how do you know who shares them and what pages they share them on or groups on facebook that their posted on. Just was wondering.

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Due to a change in personal living arrangements all videos concerning us are being removed. I feel due t this life situation it is not appropriate to maintain or to make public

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would love comments from spank minded women (or men)

(I'm getting my new panties paddled on Monday, can't wait!)

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Hello, now that we are back,we have decided on some changes .
We enjoy our spankings just for us. If you like our films and photos,that's a please take the trouble to leave polite feedback. We do not take requests of any type..if you are that way inclined..try it yourself with whoever!

I am DD , Helen's husband ,and will keep the site going and answer some of you, but, my time is precious so I dont do small talk. Previously Helen answered all messages but not now. We will not accept friends requests from Russians since one of the Bastards stole one of our films , put it on another site and passed it off as his own work. Also no French please.....they as a country would like to punish the British for Brexit ,so no friends there !! If you wish to be friends and you send no message and there is nothing on your profile...then it will also be a no.
Our spankings are always for sexual pleasure.... never punishment ! My wife is turned on by me being turned on...lucky or what !! DD

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There is no way on this beautiful Earth that I will have 2,000 words written for my Sir by Sunday. I haven't been totally lazy though,I do have 764 words that will have to do. I do have another plan up my sleeve though and that is to wear my sexy little dress,pictured.

If my Sir has a problem,and I'm sure he will,he can spank me and be done with it!


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I posted two full length videos from a few years ago, this one:
was such a fun shoot, but not being rated very well here. It's funny how the things we love the most are often not well received. LOL

XOX Heidee

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Today started out like every other work day.I called my baby before she started and it was a very nice talk. Her family crisis has limited or eliminated all other contact, so I ended the mornin with " baby I miss you ", much to my surprise she said " I miss you too ". This from a woman that is hard pressed to show any emotion, for fear of being hurt. In four months we have had only two other phone conversations except before work ones. Today was very hectic at the deli where she works so I didn't hear from her for over 12 hours. I feared the worst, family. Out of the blue I get an apology and an offer to call and talk. She said she missed me and made time for a unscheduled phone call, alll in the same day. We had each other laughing, and that is the trifecta. I am still smiling. I think I will spank her just because I know she needs one.

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Reaching my room, I hung up my bookbag, thinking for a moment, of the homework inside. I unbuttoned my skirt and stepped out of it, then hung it up on my closet door. I took off my little tie, folding it up on my dressing table. I unhooked my bra, slipping it off my arms, and stepped out of my panties. I took my bra, my knickers and blouse to the hamper. Dropping them in, I saw the reflection of my back and bottom, in the mirror. My dressing table mirror had captured my marked fanny and reflected it back in my standing mirror. I stood still looking as my hands gently rubbed. It still smarted!! Soon, it was going to get alot worse.
I had better get ready, I took my white cotton gown from beneath my pillow. The eyelet lace held silky, pink ribbons. It was very pretty but thin. I could see my bruises right through the fine cloth.
I moved the desk chair, between those two mirrors. If Daddy spanked me across his knee, maybe I could see it coming. Kind of like watching a play from the audience, while you were on the stage - being in two worlds at the same time.
I stacked three pillows on the bed, in case
Daddy wanted me positioned there. I put the lotion out, because I was so tender from that paddling. I put some cool cream on my hands and rubbed it into my cheeks. It might save me some further damage.

I sat. Sometimes I'd tell myself a story, to keep my fear in check.
The Dragon King was in search of his daughter, to transform her into a perfect Princess. Change, however, wasn't easy. There was a cost & I was going to be paying it.

The stairs creaked, heavy footfalls grew closer. He entered and firmly shut the door, behind him. His suitcoat and tie were gone. His sleeves were rolled, upexposing his thick muscular arms.
"Stand up!", he said, "Come here!" He sat on my desk chair. "Bend right over my knees".
I bent and pulled my body across his lap, until my hands were on the floor. I could see myself bent over in the mirror. I could also see my face, a little pale, even for me.
"We'll begin with a hard, hand spanking, then the belt. Since you are so bruised,
it will not be possible, to give you the full measure of your punishment tonight. You will receive a second dose of punishment, tomorrow night.
"Why are you across my knee, Janie?"
"Because I trepassed into your study and took things which didn't belong to me, Sir."
"That is correct. In addition to your primary punishment, you will be grounded for two weeks, during which, your bottom will remain sore and red. During each day of that two weeks, I will be giving you warm ups, as a continued reminder of your serious transgressions. In addition, should misbehave during restiction, the consequences will be severe. Are we clear?"
"Yes,Sir,very clear".
He pulled up my gown. He was starting right in, on the bare. The weight of his hand on my bottom was substantial. I could see it poised there, in the mirror. I studied it, upside down, and suddenly it began.
His hand lifted high, and descended quickly with such a force, that my fanny gave way, letting his hand reach deep tissue. It barely registered, then came the sting , the pain, and the heat. Not one at a time but joined in a symphony of texture, feeling, and temperature. It was a chaotic chorus. The next one came, and the next. His large, meaty hand flew up and down delivering a shock of devastating blows.
Each cycle of sting, pain, heat coming like a song of rounds, the blow arriving before the first sunk in. I tried to be brave, but in short order, he had to trap my flailing legs between his own. I tried to shield myself, but the King would have no interference. He held my tiny wrist, easily, against my back. There was nothing I could do, but submit.
He worked his way, up,and down each cheek from the top, to the middle, to the sit spots and then my upper thighs. These hard slaps on a bottom, quite thoroughly paddled and bruised by Mr. Stern's enthusiasm, were really painful. I cried, screeched and tried to beg, but my words were lost in the torrent of spanks, that filled the room.
At last, my bottom was approaching the color of a ripe plum. With one final resounding slap, the hardest yet, He stopped. I sucked in a big breath then went limp on his lap,sobbing.
He poured cool lotion onto his hands and spread it generously, massaging it into every welt and bruise.
"You may get up, and get a drink of water.
Use the restroom, if you need it & catch your breath. You keep that gown up, young lady."
He helped me to my feet. Eyes, blinded by my tears, I made my way to my bathroom.
I followed his instructions, tying my gown up at my waist. I was too sore to sit. I hovered above the bowl, and wiped myself. Why was I so wet and slippery?, I thought breifly. I washed my face. I took a deep breath, and turned to see my bottom. It was dark red against my alabaster complexion. It was a mix of bruises and welts. It wasn't over. Now came the belt. I tried not to think. I needed to go back. I drank a few sips of water and returned to Daddy.

He stood next to my bed, and pulled the stacked pillows to the edge.
"Ok Janie, up on the bed, bottom propped up on the pillows. I'm going to give you 20 licks of my belt, very hard and very fast.
You will not try to cover your bottom, kick your feet,or wriggle away from my belt. As I know how sore you are, I will hold you in place. You will not have to count, as I don't believe you able .
He helped me up onto the pillows.
"When I am done, you will stand in the corner. You will keep your nightdress raised. You may rub your bottom, but you will stay there, until I release you. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Sir!"
My battered bottom an obvious target. It was very high, Daddy had added several pillows to the stack. My feet dangled above the carpet. Tears rolled down my face, but the sobs had quieted. I was almost beyond the pain now. Dazed.
Daddy tugged and pulled me and the pillows, to get the correct angle for the strap.
Without a word, He gripped the belt tighty, swung it high, and landed it, with a crack. My whole body left the bed in response He planted his other hand, in the small of my back and continued. The pain was intense!! It felt like my skin had been ripped or burned. No time to absorb it, another swing, another whack. His hand drove the belt, without hesitation. He landed every blow precisely, crossing my cheeks with a thatchwork pattern of stripes. I wiggled a bit and the belt licked between my cheeks. I howled. It had caught me in a very sensitive place.
Daddy adjusted my position, warned me and resumed. This time, the licks kissed those tender semi moons beneath my cheeks. I screamed out. The final ones marked my thighs with angry thick welts. Those blows held the might of his anger. The fury bit at my skin, sinking deep into the globes of flesh.
It grew quiet, only the heaving sobs remained. It was done,but I couldnt seem to move. Daddy lifted me easily from the pillows, and steadied me upon my shakey legs.
I went right to the corner. My nighty up, my arms at my side. How many tears did I have in me? I felt like I had cried them all. I knew I'd never make this mistake again. All I wanted is Daddy's love.

The King turned down my bed, put my bunny on my pillow. His daughter had endured the first part of her transformation. He slid his belt through the loops and left the buckle undone.
After a short corner time, he called me to the bed. He gave me some tissues to drymy tears.
"I'm going to rub some some lotion into your bottom and put you to bed."
"Over my knee,Angel".
I was rewarded by the cool cream. It helped, but my bum burned too. He finished. Looking at into my red eyes, and seeing my quivering lip, his face softened once again. He opened his arms and I fell into them.
"We are finished for tonight,Princess".
I tried to get into bed,but I was so sore. He helped me up and I laid on my tummy. I could see my bottom in the mirror. It was swollen, hot and deeply colored against the white sheets. He pulled up my comforter.
Daddy,kissed me goodnight and covered me with the light comforter.
The pain throbbed all over, and there was a stange throbbing inside too.
"Goodnight Daddy, I love you."
"Goodnight,my darling. You did well tonight. Although you did something very naughty,you are still my Princess. Close those big blue eyes and I'll see you in the morning."
The King had his Princess, tucked into bed. The punishment was far from over, but I couldn't think about that now. Daddy loved me and I would be alright. I was his Princess.
Today was done, and sleep came softly upon the kingdom.

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Some of you have seen my videos and read my profile. But there is a lot more about me and my Girlfriend that my "about me" does not explain. Cleo and I share this profile and we invite any questions you may have. I will be posting new videos and pictures soon.

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Hi I'm new. Please feel free to friend me then check out my new videos and photos on my page. I'm also available to give out online instructed spankings for those that need help being good. Message me about it. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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"Come here, Janie! Right now!" Daddy said in a low voice. I knew he was angry, but as always, in control.
My knees shook as I approached the desk. He pulled up a chair, close to his,facing him.
"Here!", he motioned.
I obeyed, feeling younger than my years.
I sat gingerly on my already bruised bottom. It was the moment of truth, but my mouth felt dry, and my eyes wet.
"Daddy, I've done something very bad. I want to tell you about it, myself. I started out, to impress the older girls at school, but...well I've made a mess of everything. I'm so ashamed of myself", I
said, as tears rolled down my face.
His voice softened, "Tell, Daddy, Princess".He took his big white handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to me.
I dabbed at my tears. "The girls were making fun of me, calling me a baby and I wanted them to stop it. I thought if I could show them I was grown up, they would stop picking on me. Last night, while you were out, I came in here and I took two cigarettes out of your box and your lighter, out of your drawer."
He raised his eyebrow, and shook his head, but said nothing.
"I took them to school and lit one of them in the schoolyard. I swear, Daddy, I've never, ever done it before. I coughed so hard, and when I looked up, the Principal was standing there." I decided not to say I was with Sassy. This was my own sin to tell and Daddy had taught me, you don't turn on a friend.
"Janie, I'm surprised at you!!", he said looking right into my tear filled eyes. "I can't believe you took things that didn't belong to you...AND that you were smoking, at school, no less!!"
"I'm, so sorry, Daddy", my voice breaking.
"I had to go with Mr. Stern to his office."
"Yes", he said, his head cocking slightly,
"Go on."
"He found the other cigarette and your lighter. He was very cross, Daddy. I bent over his big table, and he spanked me very hard, 10 times."
"Over your skirt, Janie?"
"No Sir, at first, he lifted my skirt, snd he spanked me over my panties, but then the last three smacks were on my bare bottom".
"Were you alone with him, Princess?", his face had gotten a little pink, and now, he leaned in closer.
"No,Sir. There was another girl who was also in trouble. He spanked her too."
"Is that everything, Janie?"
"Oh no, Daddy. He said I could be thrown out of school! I begged him not to! So afterwards, he called me over to his chair, and put me across his lap. Then he paddled my bare bottom. It really hurt, and there were ever so many whacks. I cried and cried, Daddy!!"
He said nothing for a moment.
"I have your lighter, Daddy, with a note from Mr. Stern."
"Go and get them".
I hurried to my bookbag, and carried back the envelope, handing it to him, and sat, quietly, while he read the note. He turned the lighter over and over in his hand. Even after he was done reading the letter, His brow furrowed. He seemed deep in thought, then opened the drawer and tossed the lighter in, closing it with a snap.
"I want to see your bottom."
I stood and turned, lifting my skirt.
Daddy put his thumbs in either side of my cotton briefs and pulled them down to my knees. He rotated the shade of his banker's lamp, to see better. He was scrutinizing my bottom, every welt and bruise with his fingers and his eyes."Bend right over".
I put my elbows on the seat of my chair, allowing Daddy a perfect view of the damage.
"That was quite a paddling!" I will have to speak to Mr. Stern, but that is no concern of yours."
"Straighten up", he said. I pulled up my panties, & yanked down my skirt. I sat again.
"Alright, so Mr.Stern punished you for smoking. Ordinarily, I would also spank you for smoking, but I feel that you were punished enough."
Oh my goodness, I thought, I can't believe it. Its over! I let out a sigh of relief. "Oh, Daddy", I said putting my arms up to hug him, "I'm going to be the best little girl in the world!"
"I know, Janie, I know....BUT, stealing is another thing, altogether!! And you haven't been punished for that."
I let go and stood in front of him.
"You did tell me the truth, and I know you were going to put my lighter back, but you MUST BE PUNISHED! This is, by far, the worst thing you've ever done and I am very disappointed in you. Going into my study, without permission!...and taking my things....what were you thinking,young lady??!"
My heart dropped. I saw the Dragon King rise, that softness leaving his face. His hands reached for his belt buckle. A shudder went through me. Daddy had only used his belt a few times. This was going to be bad. My little bottom was already so sore.
He slid his belt out of the loops and folded it in half.
"You go on up to your room and put your nightgown on and wait for me. I think we are going to have to spread this whipping over several days, because you are already very bruised. You will go to bed with a very hot bottom tonight,though. You can believe that!"
"Now go! Upstairs!"
I left quickly, but slowly climbed the big wooden staircase. Knowing he would not be far behind".

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Well i got caught at work again on my phone when i was on duty which i know i am not supposed to be. I can get wrote up and possibly lose my job when i break the rules because i have to be alert at all times and when i am on my phone i am consitered not doing my job. Well i got caught 2 days in a row by my supervisors on mt phone and my roomate was not happy with me. He doesnt want to see me losing my job and messing up my career because he knows how much it means to me. Tonight he gave me a really hard hairbrush spanking and he gave me a few swats with a different thing- a slipper with a hard rubber bottom. It really did sting a lot. He also gave me wedgie time which i really hate because it is so uncomfortable. He made me hold a bar of soap in my mouth the last time which tasted nasty. I really am going to start trying harder to follow the rules at work and watching my attitude. I dont like being disciplined but i am very thankful i have someone that cares about me and will discipline me for my behavior. One of my other friends that is a disciplinarian said my roomate should start giving me a weekly maintenance spanking to remind me to behave and follow the rules. I think it might be a good idea to help keep me in line!

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to my gallery: white panties

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