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I've done my first week of college!

Raaaaawwwr! ( That's my biggest monster roar.) I'm not sure how I feel about college. It's different than I expected. Much stricter. I'm actually afraid to misbehave! I held a wee in for a whole lesson because I was too afraid to ask to go to the toilet. I thought I might wet myself! I'm learning that just because my hand is up, it doesn't mean that I get to shout questions out. It's polite to wait. And if you sit right at the front, no one will sit next to you, even if you give them your best smile. Oh, I forgot to say what course I'm doing! It's animal management:) This week I am on the unit for the first time, it's super exciting! I can't wait to meet all the animals.

I'm struggling a little bit though. I seem to be sicker there. My speech is particularly bad. I can only manage short sentences before I start to slur. My mouth is like a wibbly wobbly jelly! Hehehe. It's difficult to get my thoughts from my head in to words in the required time too. When the teachers or my classmates ask me questions, I get all jumbled. It's soooo embarrassing! And It makes me feel stupid.

On a more positive note, I have the best monster bag ever! Her name is Icky:) I love her.

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At our family reunion n havin a ball!! Family time is my best time of all... I can live without men, sex, spankin a :) but not without my family ... I'll check back later ... It's a beautify day out n I'm enjoying every second of it

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Are you considering becoming or being a Disciplinarian in a Domestic or Professional Situation these may be of some benefit.

I have lived a D/s. CDD, Spencer Spanking Plan. I have disciplined both girls and boys for some time. And fully agree a stern lecture needs to take place before during and after a discipline session as well as possible corner time, write lines. Unless it is a Professional D/s - bdsm - S&M situation instead of a simple discipline session kneeling is not necessary.

In a Marital Couple Situation continuing to the point of marks and or tears are dangerous for the spankee's health, possible medical health provider reporting and dangerous in legal situations.

With legal situations in some states, being a disciplinarian does not excuse from assault and battery charges because someone sought you out. Just as in a sexual situation - when one says stop and you continue it is a crime to continue..

Women Who Punish
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Ella Hayes had an obsession with shoes.
She had shoes in her closet for every occasion, from casual to elegant and from funky to professional. There were canvas and leather, suede and synthetic; from plain black to brilliant red, bright florals and cute polka dots, she had every fabric, color and style covered. There were so many pairs that a year ago, she’d had to start housing them in individual boxes with a picture on the side to identify them.
There wasn’t a shoe store or department that she could resist. She loved them all – whether from a pricey designer or from Payless, she just had to stop and take a look – and nine times out of ten, that meant she took at least one pair home with her.
Her husband, Wes, didn’t understand her fascination with footwear. Ella always joked that he was her polar opposite where it came to shoes – while she had scores, he had only what he needed to get by. For Wes, that meant a good pair of steel-toed work boots, snow boots for the rough Buffalo winters, running shoes, casual loafers for family get-togethers, and dress shoes for occasions like weddings and funerals. He had no sandals, cowboy boots, or fun Converse hightops. That was it for him – five pairs of shoes. When one pair wore out, he replaced it, usually with the exact same brand and color, and he threw away the old pair.
Ella tried to explain to him that for her, shoes were like an old friend. It didn’t matter how thin or fat she was, what kind of hair day she was having, if she’d had time to apply makeup that morning, or if her top matched her pants, her shoes still looked great. They always fit, and her size never changed – regardless of what time of the month it was, or what she might have eaten the night before.
At first, he was tolerant of her shoe habit, but as her side of the closet grew ever more crowded with shoe boxes, her easygoing husband decided that the time had come to announce ‘Enough!’ And so, he drew her aside one afternoon as she came through the door with a bag from her favorite shoe store.
“Ella, this has got to stop.” When she looked at him with wide, innocent eyes, he glanced meaningfully at the bag dangling from her fingers. Her gaze followed his, and she pouted slightly as his meaning dawned on her.
“Wes... come on! It’s my only vice. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke... give a girl a break!”
He leveled one of his dark, disappointed looks at her and folded his arms over his broad chest. “I have been giving you a break. For quite awhile now, in fact. Evidence – the boxes all over our closet floor. But that stops today. This is your last trip to the shoe store. No more purchases. Do you hear me?”
“Until when?” she questioned, deliberately ignoring his question.
“Until I say so.”
“Since when are you the boss of me?” she challenged, despite the jumping beans in her belly at the storm clouds passing over his face.
“Since I’m the one paying the bills around here. Since the economy’s in the toilet. Since you obviously need someone to make you stop!” He leveled a determined stare at her and shook a finger for emphasis. “And you willstop, Ella.”
Angry now, she plopped into the armchair and folded her arms petulantly over her breasts. “Oh yeah, big man? How do you figure that?”
Her mild-mannered hubby suddenly seemed to loom above her. The corded muscles in his arms bulged and for the first time, she noticed just how wide and strong his tapered fingers and hands were.
“I figure it, wife,” he told her slowly, his voice a husky threat in the evening-dim room, “because the next pair of shoes that I find you’ve bought, is going to get you a spanking.”
Ella stared at him in disbelief, unable to form a coherent sentence in the face of something so unexpected from him. He smirked, looking disgustingly proud of himself, and turned from her, walking out of the room in silence and leaving his last words to ring in her ears.

Ella couldn’t believe it! Her mild-mannered, soft-spoken, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly husband had threatened to spank her! Over a pair of shoes? What was her world coming to?
She should have been angry. She should have followed after him and told him just what he could do with his little threats. She should have said she would do whatever she pleased, buy as many pairs as she liked, and there wasn’t a single thing he could do about it!
But she didn’t. She sat mutely, staring after him, her heart pounding and her mind reeling as she tried to understand why she’d found him so damned attractive as he’d voiced that threat. Why did his sudden change in character make her knees weak and her nipples pucker? Why the hell would her insides melt and her pussy throb and soften with dew when he told her he would spank her? Why would that make her suddenly so horny?
It wouldn’t be long before her will was tested. She knew that, and waited for the day she’d have to pass by a shoe store and not be able to buy anything.
Two days had passed after Wes’s pronouncement. During that time, she’d treated him coolly, though she’d never come out and just told him off about his threat. She let her silence do her talking.
Despite that, Wes appeared unconcerned. He didn’t call her on the carpet about her iciness. A couple of times, she felt his gaze on her, and if she was sneaky about looking over at him from the corner of her eye, she could catch him watching her with an amused expression on his face. It made her grind her teeth so hard, it actually hurt.
So, he thought it was funny, did he? To threaten to treat her like a child? To confuse her like this with these odd new feelings she was having since his announcement? Well, clearly, it was time to show him she wasn’t scared of him and his big, bad spanking.
That was probably what he thought, and that was why he found it so damn funny. ‘Ella’s afraid to get her butt spanked’ – she could just imagine him thinking it as he chuckled to himself. Well, she’d never been afraid of anyone in her whole life, and she wasn’t about to start, especially not with him!
She’d show him...

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The very next morning, once Wes was safely gone off to work for the day, Ella snagged her purse and was off to the mall. She skidded into a parking space and got out, walking quickly towards the entrance, glancing over her shoulder nervously once or twice. She chastised herself when she noticed her guilty behavior. Wes hadn’t followed her here, for goodness’ sake. He was safely at work. She could do her damage and he would be none the wiser... at least, not until later.
Hopefully, much later.
Once inside the mall, Ella took in a deep breath for courage. She was about to directly defy her husband. By doing so, she would be incurring very specific, unpleasant consequences. But she refused to be intimidated by Wes’s sudden edict. She was an independent woman, and she would prove that today.
She went straight to her favorite shoe store, which also happened to be the priciest. The sales clerk recognized her and waved with a smile as she came in. Ella smiled in return, despite the butterflies in her belly.
She browsed the shelves slowly, taking her time as she considered what to buy. A part of her wanted to buy out half the store, just to prove her point. But she rejected that idea after a few moments; it just seemed a little too juvenile. It was bad enough that she was deliberately disobeying him – to do so to excess would just exacerbate the matter further.
So, she settled for choosing just one pair to bring home. One very costly pair.
Her browsing eventually brought her to the back of the store where the slippers were displayed. And that was when Ella got the idea.
Wes had said no more shoes. Shoes, not slippers. There was a loophole. She could make her point to him – and he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t ignore the technicality. Not her anal-retentive husband.
At least, that was what Ella told herself.
She examined the slippers more closely, looking at prices more than style or even comfort. She didn’t even care if she never wore these slippers, just as long as she managed to put her bossy husband in his place.
Eventually, she chose a pair of butt-ugly, brown suede outdoor slippers that were lined with real sheepskin. The lining and the thick rubber soles added considerably to the price tag. Even though it was the middle of summer, and no one would want to wear such warm slippers, they weren’t on clearance. The clerk rang up the purchase and ran Ella’s credit card for the $115 total.
With a slightly trembling hand, Ella signed the credit card slip. Her feet dragged as she walked out of the store and through the mall corridors towards the exit. She refused to think about why that might be.
The bag felt heavy in her hand, weighing her down, but she insistently hefted it up and forced a smile onto her face as she left the air conditioned comfort of the mall to go back out into the heat of the day.
She couldn’t help but wonder what other types of heat she might be about to get herself into...
Ella told herself to stop being nervous. Nothing was going to happen.
This was Wes; she trusted him completely. He’d never hurt her. He loved her. There was nothing to fear. It didn’t matter what he’d said. He might rant and rave when he found out what she’d done, but he wouldn’t... dothat.
Her pep talk wasn’t working, though.
She’d left the slippers in the bag, right on top of the bed. Just as she might have any other day when she came back from shopping. It would be one of the first things he saw when he got home. He always went to shower right away when he got in from work, in the summer. He would kiss her hello and walk back to their room to get undressed... and there would be the bag. The gauntlet she’d thrown down, in the middle of their bed.
She was officially calling his bluff.
Oh, God, she felt like she was going to hurl.
That feeling only intensified a moment later when she heard the sound of her husband’s truck pulling into the driveway. Her first instinct was to race into the bedroom, snag the bag and hide it. She resisted the urge, just barely, and stood her ground, despite her twitching limbs.
When she heard the front door open and close, she pressed her eyes closed and sent up a tiny prayer for help.
“Hey, babe.” Wes came into the kitchen and gave her a wink as he deposited his lunch cooler. He came across the tile and kissed her cheek. “How’s my girl?”
She flashed him a quick, strained smile. “Hi. How’re you?”
He leaned back from her and gave her a quizzical study. “You okay?”
“Sure,” she answered in a rush. “I’m fine. Why?”
He shrugged. “I dunno. You just seem a little... funny.”
She rolled her eyes. “Nope. I’m just fine. Nothing’s wrong.”
His brow furrowed, and he gave her one last long look. “Well, okay. I guess I’ll just go and take my shower.” He gave her another quick peck and then went off whistling towards the bedroom.
Oh, shit. Here it comes...
Since there was no starch left in her legs to support her, Ella sank into one of the kitchen chairs to wait out her doom. She didn’t have a long wait.
Wes came back down the hallway and into the kitchen, carrying the slippers in their box. His expression was almost blank, and he appeared calm. Ella wasn’t sure if she should be relieved or scared by his nearly emotionless face.
He stopped in front of her and held the box silently out towards her, staring at her with solemn eyes that never once glanced away. Swallowing, she hesitantly reached out and accepted the box.
Wes indicated it with a slight nod of his head. “What’s that?” he asked, and his voice seemed to shout inside her head, even though he’d spoken softly.
Don’t be a wuss, Ella admonished herself. You have to make your stand right here and now!
She straightened her spine and forced herself to raise her head and meet his eyes just as unflinchingly as he’d been meeting hers. “What does it look like, Wesley?”
He cocked an eyebrow at her use of his full name, and slowly folded his arms over his broad chest. Chin tucked towards his chest, his eyes flashing in ire now, he made a very formidable picture. Well, at least she’d managed to get a reaction from him. That was better than his original cold calmness... or maybe not. How the hell was she supposed to know? She’d never been in this crazy situation before!
“It looks like a pair of shoes to me,” he answered stiffly.
“Not exactly,” she informed him smugly. “It’s actually a pair of slippers.”
A reluctant, lopsided smirk flashed over his face, and he shook his head. “Slippers are still shoes, Ella.” The smirk vanished, and those green eyes of his darkened. “And I told you no more shoes. Didn’t I?”
“You said no more shoes, Wesley. That’s right.” She shrugged. “But you didn’t say anything about slippers. How was I supposed to know that you were including slippers?”
He chuckled wryly and shook his head again. “You think you’re pretty tricky, missy. But you won’t be thinking that in the morning. You just mark my words.” He gestured to the box that she now held in her lap. “Open it. Let’s see these slippers that were so great you were willing to risk a spanking for them.”
Oh, crap. Well, he obviously hadn’t forgotten about his threat. Could he really, seriously mean to carry it out?
Suddenly, Ella’s hands were damp with sweat and her fingers fumbled with the lid on the box. Her bravado disappeared and she found herself unable to look her husband in the eye. The slippers shook in her hands as she held them up for his inspection.
He took them from her a moment later, and she set the box aside on the kitchen table, folding her nervous fingers together in her lap. She made herself glance up at him and groaned inwardly as he flipped the dangling price tag around so that the amount faced him.
Ella squeezed her eyes shut when she saw the way his eyes widened at the price.
“You’ve got to be kidding me, little girl!” She peeked open first one eye and then the other and winced at the disappointed expression on his face. “Are they really worth it? $115? Not to mention the spanking you’re going to get? Are they?”
“I’m not a little girl, Wes,” she said, but even to her ears, her voice sounded small and uncertain. “And you’re not going to spank me.”
“Oh, really?” He snorted a laugh. “Well, you could’ve fooled me. You’re sure acting like a little kid. Deliberately doing this just to shove it in my face, like a dare. And believe me, wifey, you are most definitely getting your butt busted for it. I meant it when I told you what would happen. You chose to ignore the warning; you decided to test me. And now you’ll see that I wasn’t kidding around.” He looked her meaningfully up and down. “Stand up.”
She should have run for the hills when he said those words. She wasn’t an idiot. She knew what direction he was heading in. She should have stomped on his toe and ran for her life. Maybe she would have stood half a chance at escape.
But her pride wouldn’t let her run. He wasn’t going to scare her. So what, he was going to spank her? Big deal. She could handle it.

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Still, her wobbly legs threatened to betray her otherwise outward cool as she rose slowly to her feet. She glared defiantly up at him, folded her arms over her breasts, and cocked her hip to tap her foot, as if to say, ‘Well? Here I am! Now what, big man?’
Nose to nose, they stared at one another, the air between them thick and tense. Neither could or would look away. Ella wondered if he was thinking the same things she was – that this would forever change their marriage, that it might completely ruin it. Would she be able to stay with a man who would spank her like a child over a pair of shoes that she’d bought against his wishes? She was a grown woman, supposedly an equal in her marriage, and capable of making her own decisions. Why was Wes suddenly insisting on policing her purchases?
“Wes, this isn’t fair...” she protested angrily, then grimaced because the words sounded so much like something a child would say.
“What exactly is so unfair about it?” he pressed. “I warned you what would happen. I explained why you need to stop spending money on shoes. It’s not like I’m insisting that you do without a necessity. I’m also not telling you that it has to be a ban forever – it’s just for a while, until money’s a little less tight. How, exactly, am I being unfair?”
Ella glared at him all the harder now. Damn him! Why did he have to explain it like that, making it sound all reasonable and sensible?
He prodded her silence with an offering that she couldn’t take advantage of: “If you can show me where I’m being unfair here, I won’t punish you for the slippers.”
Ella bristled at the term ‘punish.’ “I’m your wife, Wes! You’re not supposed to punish me! We’re... we’re supposed to work through things together.”
“I already tried that with you, baby. Remember last month, and the month before that? I asked you to please try to curb your spending, especially on the shoes. I explained to you why. You promised me you would. And the next thing I knew, in you came with those $200 boots that you just couldn’t live without. And then the next time, you had a whole bag full of so-called clearance items that cost us $150! No, Ella, I’m sorry, but trying to work through this with you is not working. It’s time your actions had some consequences so that maybe you’ll have incentive to walk away the next time you’re drawn to the damn shoes.”
Apparently through with talking, he grabbed hold of the chair she’d just vacated and swung it out away from the table. In one swift movement, he sat down and snagged her wrist. A second later, with a quick, effective tug, she was over his lap.
And, as if that wasn’t enough of a blow to her pride, the next thing she knew, he had hooked his fingers into the elastic waistband of her yoga pants and was pulling them down her legs!
“Wesley Hayes!” she shrieked. “Don’t you dare!”
But he did dare. And he didn’t stop with her pants, either. Immediately following their descent, he did away with her white cotton panties as well. When he was through, she was bare from the waist down, except for a pile of twisted cotton around her ankles.
Though she tried to fight him off, her efforts were pretty much useless. Wes was simply bigger and stronger than she was. She squirmed and bucked, but he easily subdued her with a steely-banded arm across her lower back. Her kicking legs were stopped by pinching them between his own bent knees, thereby rendering her virtually immobile.
That was when it really hit home for the first time. Lying over his knee, her legs trapped, her body all but manacled within his own, her bare bottom just waiting for his hand... Jesus, he really was going to go through with this. He was going to spank her!
Holy crap.
No pair of shoes was worth this!
“You know,” Wes said conversationally, as if maintaining his hold on her took no effort whatsoever. “I think I might just let you keep these slippers, after all.”
Ella’s brow furrowed, and she glanced cautiously over her shoulder. Her husband flashed a wicked grin at her, and then glanced appreciatively at the rubber sole of the one slipper in his hand. “Yup. I think these might come in really handy.”
Just as his meaning registered in her reeling mind, just as her stomach flip-flopped sickly with dread, just as she turned away from him again to squeeze her eyes tightly shut in anticipation of what was to come... that was when it happened. Wesley Hayes, mild-mannered husband and easygoing guy, became someone that Ella didn’t quite recognize.
He brought the sole of that slipper down hard all over her bottom, making his displeasure with her broken promise known well. The slipper made a loud pop each time it contacted her skin, and it wasn’t long before Ella began to feel the heat that it produced. The rubber sole burned and stung, and she tried her best to evade his aim; tried to guess where he would strike next; but each time, he caught her soft cheeks despite her efforts.
She began to cuss at him then, since she really had no other method to retaliate or get away. He merely laughed at this, and upped the ante on her bottom.
Eventually, Ella began to tire of her struggling and cursing. She groaned and grumbled with each new swat, but other than that, she simply lay over Wes’s knee and allowed him to finish the spanking.
“What do you think, baby?” he asked, punctuating his words with slaps of the slipper. “Making a pretty good spanking implement, huh?”
“It’s terrible!” she wailed.
He had the gall to chuckle. “That’s what I said. It works great.”
Ella rolled her eyes and then grimaced as another swat caught her low on her right cheek. “Come on, Wes! Please, let me up! I’m not going to be able to sit for a week already!”
“Well, I don’t know, honey. Have you learned your lesson? What are you going to do the next time you’re around the shoe store?”
“Turn around and run the other way,” she exclaimed, letting out a little yelp at the end as another smack fell from her slipper.
Wes laughed again. “Are you sure?” he teased. He had slowed the spanking now, but he hadn’t completely stopped. Still, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and Ella let out a sigh of relief.
“Yes, I’m sure. You... you have my word.” She craned her head around, straining to look at him.
He smiled at her. “It’s a deal, then.”
He set the worn-out slipper beside its mate on the kitchen table nearby, and helped Ella to stand up. She stood before him, hopping in place and holding both of her battered, reddened cheeks. She could see him biting back a grin.
“I’m going to hold you to that promise, you know,” he told her, and he pulled her hands back around to the front of her body. “You break it, you get a double dose of what I just gave you. Hear me?”
Ella stared at him, eyes wide. Wes pulled her to him, wrapping her slightly stiff arms around his middle and then enveloping her in a bear hug. His hands slid down to cover her hot bottom cheeks, and a tiny sigh escaped her, falling gently into his ear.
“Do you hear me?” he repeated, whispering into her ear. Just once, his hand slapped her bottom, reminding her that he expected an answer.
“Yeah, I understand. Okay? Just... don’t stop that...”
Wes grinned and leaned back slightly to look her in the eye. “What?” He massaged her tush some more, and she moaned this time. “This?”
“You seem a little, uh... horny, baby,” he teased, noting the way she was grinding her pelvis against the zippered area of his jeans.
She looked up at him, puzzled. “Yeah. I am. Go figure...”
He cupped the side of her face with one hand, leaving the other still squeezing her bottom. Then he leaned in and kissed her, slow and thorough.
“You don’t deserve it, brat, but come on upstairs with me, hmm?”
He didn’t have to issue the invitation twice. Ella ran behind him, an eager smile on her face. She made a mental note, though, as she caught a passing glimpse of her bright red bottom in the bedroom mirror, that she and Wesley were going to have to have a talk later on about where he’d gotten all these spanking ideas from. And they were definitely going to have to talk about the fact that it wasn’t ever going to happen again.
Well, maybe.
It had left her wet and horny as hell...
Maybe a sore bottom was a small price to pay for a great, exciting roll in the hay.

An hour later, all thoughts of banning spanking from their marriage had disappeared. Ella lay spent and satisfied in Wes’s arms.
Grinning at him, she sat up in bed and flounced away, feeling his curious gaze following her. She went to the closet and dug around for a minute amongst the shoeboxes, finally digging out a hidden treasure. She returned with it to the bed and flipped off the lid with a flourish.
Inside was a pair of beaded heels that Wes had seen with Ella one day at a high-end designer store. They’d been priced at almost $300, and he’d forbidden her to buy them.
He took one look in the box, and his mouth twitched as he fought off a grin.
“Go and get the slipper, young lady,” he said grimly. As she scampered off, he called after her, “And bring the big wooden spoon, while you’re at it!”

Women Who Punish
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I came home late today and were meet at the door by him. He already had a hairbrush in his hand and I saw that he was serious. He said nothing as he took hold of my arm and took me into the living room. The chair was already there and he sat down. My skirt was quite short and I felt how large parts of the back of the thigh was exposed when I laid me over his knee.
Hans said nothing, for we both knew why I would get spanked. We had this discussion several times before. It was nothing new.
I felt his strong grip on my waist and brush against my butt. The skirt and panties would not provide much protection. First lashes with the brush made me wince, it stung over my left cheek, and soon stung it also over my right cheek. He smacked at a solid pace, and I felt my raised bottom stinging more with every smack that landed.
It was only when I felt the tears began to form as he stopped, but only long enough to lift up my skirt and pull more my panties.
With my bottom completely bare, smack was felt all the more. Now it was really getting serious, and he showed his displeasure by spank my ass red and sore. It was increasingly difficult to lie still over his knee, but I did my utmost and took a firm grip on the chair's legs.
I was ashamed that I was being spanked like a little girl, but knew that I deserved it. Tears ran down my face and my bottom ached as he finished the spanking. I got up from his knees and held my hands tenderly over my aching cheeks.
"Do not be late again." He said to me before I was told to get in the corner with my hands on my head and red bare bottom.

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Restaurant is ready for our 9am open. We only make and sell pasties, so the menu only has 7 choices.
Coffee is made,,, thank God,, I need some
Now waiting for the clowns, I mean crew to show up,, speak of the devil, I hear the door, well gotta go for a few, then into the tux with a red silk tie. Special event.
See ya's

Women Who Punish
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Well it is 7am and I need to head to the restaurant and open it up for the crew. Then it is back home and change into my tux for a Masonic function, then back home change and run back to restaurant for our 3pm closing.
Wishing badgirlalways a fantastic family reunion. You will be on my mind till we have time together.
To the rest of my friends, have a great weekend, drive safe if traveling,
Spanks to all,, Paul

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If you know someone, who will take you as you are, warts and all,

If they are there, when you need them, no matter what time the call,

If they support you through family troubles without judgment or disdain,

If you can both laugh, or argue, knowing that your friendship will remain,

If they pull you through your deepest darkest hour,

If they can cause you to laugh when the mood is very dour,

If they are always there with a welcome shoulder to lend,

Then, dear reader, you truly have a friend!

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Yesterday I read blog by someone who was so aggrieved by another member,that he had to write a blog on the matter. Adding that he would be removing his profile in 24 hours.I suppose he thought that length of time would be long enough to embarrass the other member.I note the blog has been removed,but the profile remains.So these type of unwanted blogs may occur again

I don't know,or care who is right,or who is wrong here.So I have no side to take.

However I have two points to make.

( 1 ) We dont want personal squabbles on our blogroll.
( 2 ) If you say you totally intend to leave the site,don't hang around. JUST GO.

Thanks to my readers.SRC

Women Who Punish
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things have settled down thank God.. work was super hectic after work, came home to Dave in a bad mood ..he always gets like this when its time for my family stuff... yesterday I did up 280 ritz cracker treats n today did up 250 peanut butter kiss cookies.. today was laundry day as well so 2 loads of laundry, dinner, dishes done.. been up since 3, out of work by 1 n just now getting to sit down for the first time today...with all the crap goin on here recently ive kinda neglected my friends so I do apologize... u guys mean more to me than u know... I hope yas had a good day n that ur weekend is the best ever :)

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Reddogg and I have agreed that I lied to him, disrespected my loving family member and failed to follow his directions. He told me to write "I will be truthful with you sir" 2000 times, which seemed realistic to me.But I failed to write one sentence.I snapped at my dad and told Reddogg that everything was fine. Now I feel embarrassed writing this because this is not the lady he knows.I feel awful for the things I have done and I wish to be forgiven.

Love forever and always; Veronica

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Was our anniversary last week but we were both working and unable to celebrate. But this morning she went to work early and i have a few days off, there was a present in the lounge for me.
Inside the box was a brand new paddle with the note "When i get in you might want to try this out on me".
Just got a text saying she is on her way home after going for a few drinks with the girls and her bum is waiting.
Will keep you all updated on how it went.

Women Who Punish
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Sunday seems to be the day when one little pantysissy (me) experiences the wonderful red faced shame of getting his tight little panty seat paddled. rumor has it that one (maybe two) female witnesses will be present to view my tight little nylon underpants and get a good laugh out of seeing a naughty boy get his across the lap spanking comeuppance. can't wait

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Please ma'am I am very sorry, I did not think any harm would come from helping her. It was only a practice test and I really saw what I was doing more as tutoring than cheating. I am not asking you to review my paper, I know I was wrong and will make myself work extra hard of the final so my grade will not suffer. Lauren on the other hand really does need you help, please do not punish her for my mistake. She needs this class to graduate.

You fold your hands in front of you as you look me in my eyes. You can tell that I am sincere, but you worry that I need to learn not to let a pretty girl and flashing eyelashes override my sense of right and wrong, and while your rules about cheating are firm and rigid, you can see my side and know that I had been helping Lauren as she prepped for the exam. William, what you did was wrong, but you did it with good intentions. While I can understand why you did what you did it is NOT acceptable. How am I to know that if it had been the real test that her tear filled eyes would not have pulled at your heart and led you astray? I want you to go to the rest of your classes and report back to me at the end of the day. If you are still willing to accept full responsibility and accept the consequences for both of you we will discuss if I am willing to give Lauren a second chance.

The rest of the day I wonder exactly what you mean by accepting "consequences" but you know Lauren needs the second chance and you feel you owe it to her. So come what I am determined to see this through. I report to you as the final bell rings. You have me sit in a desk as the school empties. You sit on the front of your desk and casually cross your legs as we talk as if nothing had happened, only adding to my anticipation. Only as we see the last of the staff leaving do you cease the pretense of friendly banter and tern into a very stern disappointed mentor. You lecture me again about the damage I had done, the inherent dishonesty of my action and the disrespect that I showed toward you. I sink into the chair, but you snap at me to sit up like a man. "Well William are you sure that you want to proceed. If stop here the only consequence will be that neither of you get the results of your practice exam and will have to take your chances." "No ma'am please, I am very sorry, but Lauren needs your help. I will take whatever you feel is fair as long as you are willing to give her a second chance. Please." You look down for just a moment making up your mind on how best to deal with the situation. "Very well young man, I appreciate your sense of responsibility and your willing to take up for your friend. I am going to grant you your request but you are going to receive the punishment for both of you. This is your last chance to back out, are you 100% sure you want to proceed?" I nod my head but you will not accept that. "William" you snap, "you will look me in the eyes and answer my question! Are you willing to take the punishment both you and Lauren have earned?" "Yes ma'am".

You stand front of me and order me to get out of the chair, I have never heard that tone from you before and my knees go a little weak. "William you have made a hard choice and there is no going back. I am going to give you a very hard paddling like a cheater deserves. Not only that I will also be giving you the paddling that Lauren has earned. I do not want to hear one word from you but 'Yes ma'am' when I tell you what to do, Is that clear young man?" I look you in your eyes and see no give, I know that I am trapped, with by my actions, my residual affection for Lauren and my respect for you. "Yes ma'am, as you see fit" A slight smile starts and ends in the corner of your mouth, "Very well then young man. The maximum number of swats allow by the school is 5 per offense. But since you are feeling so gallant you will be getting the 5 that Lauren earned as well. I want you to walk to the wall and assume the position!"

I slowly start to walk toward the wall, my heart in my stomach. 10 swats, and I can tell you mean to make each one count. I face the wall, extent my hands and wait, feeling my heart beating. you approach me again the tell-tell click of your heels sending shivers down my spine. You set the paddle on a desk beside me. It looks huge. About 18" long with 8 holes drilled up and down the business end. I can not take my eyes off it until I fell you hands reaching inside my back pockets, removing my wallet and turning the pockets inside out. "There, we do not want anything to get in the way, do we William?" "No, ma'am I guess not" I sputter. "I thought you were told to assume the position. You know this is not acceptable. I want you to take three full steps back, spread your legs shoulder width apart, then lean in and keep your hands on that wall, am I clear?" "Yes ma'am" You step back and wait until l I am correctly position and tell me that I will be getting the 5 swats for Lauren first and then the 5 I have earned for myself. "Are you ready?" You line up the paddle, tapping my bottom through my slacks...""Yes Ma'am". Then CRACK the first swat lands. Burning and searing my bottom all the worse because of the suddenness of it. My knees buckle but you are not to be delayed or deferred "William get back in position, we have just started, and if you do not hold position we will start over!" I struggle back standing as straight as I can, offering my bottom to you knowing that there is nothing left to do. CRACK....CRACK...CRACK...CRACK the paddle explodes on my ass making it burn and feeling like it is being stung by a thousand bees all at once. "Well we are half way through, lets get this over with, take a deep breath for me" and you again line up the paddle with no mercy. 4 more stinging swats rain downed I struggle to hold still and keep my composure, and then you pause, tapping my butt with that heavy wood..."Last one William, I am proud of how well you have taken this punishment but you know the last one is always the hardest" And you line up the paddle, pull your arm all the way back and swing, trying to lift me to my toes.

I stand there hardly able to believe what has happened, my favorite teacher, a lovely elegant lady I had been struggling to define my feelings for had just paddled my bottom like I was nothing more that an errant school boy. And then I hear you tell me to pull myself together and hurry home, that my mother was waiting after the conversation you two had while I was at lunch.

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You are one of my favorite teachers, one who I have secretly had a crush on all year. It helps that I excel in your class. Always there with the right answer when the rest of the class is stuck, able to add a little levity to your classroom at appropriate times, and will ask probing questions to keep even you thinking and on your toes. You always dress in the most professional of ways, but are unable to hide your sensuality. The pencil skirts slit to expose just a hint of your legs, blouses modestly cut but in a way to highlight the woman underneath. Even on the casual days your slacks are just tight enough to show off your womanly figure when you walk and your sweaters are snug but tasteful. In short the perfect mix of professionalism and sensuality for both your colleagues as well as one precocious senior boy.

All is going well, the year is about over, the promise of summer then college to come fills my mind. You are relishing in pushing me in preparation, maybe a little too hard for the slower members of the class, but we are both too caught up in the joy of the learning to fully notice. Until one of the final practice test for the senior exam...and Lauren.

Lauren and I had grown up together and dated a few years ago. We had always be friends and flirty in innocent ways through our early school years that had developed into youthful infatuation, mistaken for love. We had loved, then hated with all the intensity and ignorance of youth. The flame had burned bright and fast, and at first a life long friendship seem to have been consumed by it. But as a little time past, wise words from our elders and new hopes and dreams blossomed the old friendship was slowly returning. And it was with the desire to fully repair the relationship that led me astray.

There we were across the aisle from each other like we had sat in almost every class throughout the years, I had blown through the particle exam like normal and was just reworking the answers for a lack of anything else to do when Lauren urgently whispering at me, begging for help. If this had been a real test I would have ignored her pleading but I assumed that since was only a practice test that there would be no harm in helping her out and I hoped it would go a big step to getting us back to our old friendship before we separated at graduation. Unfortunately YOU saw it different.

No sooner than I had leaned over to offer my first suggestion I hear your heels rapidly approaching, you snatch the papers away, ripped them in front of us and inform us that since we felt the need to talk that we must be done and do not feel we need your input on our work. That you hoped that none of those questions came up on the actual final since the rest of the class would know the correct answer when they got their practice exam returned. Lauren and I sat with burning faces though the rest of the class thinking that would be the end of that. And for Lauren it was.

As the class walks out you ask me to wait. Once everyone has left you walk over to close the door and I can not help but watch the sway of your hips in that tight skirt. When you return you sit at your desk, me standing in front of you as you begin to tell me how disappointed in me you were. You know it was only practice but that not only could I have used some feed back on my work, but that my cheating had really harmed Lauren who needed all the help seeing the responses as she has to make at least an 85 to pass. You also mention how sorry you are to see that I allowed emotion to get ahead of my reason and make such a poor decision. I feel myself trying to sink into the floor as your lecture keeps going, feeling bad for letting you down and working about Lauren needing your input.

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(As with most of my writing this is damn near stream of conscience. I let spell check help, but it is not really proof read and I am sure there are mistakes in both grammar and punctuation, so spank me later but I hope you enjoy.)

It had been a long and playful week, a lot of banter and picking and fun scolding online. Oh I knew I had pushed a few buttons and was more than ready to pay the price for my sass, or so I thought.

The session started normally enough. Some great big hugs and small talk between friends. Nothing seemed out of place, except she was not dressed, not nude but just in her thick terry cloth bath robe.

Normally she LOVES setting the spanking by wearing clothes that give a hint as to wha tis to come. If I see her open the door in a pencil skirt and a blouse then there is a good bet that I am going to be treated like a errant school boy and that I can expect the paddle or the tawse or maybe if she is feeling extra mean in that wonderfully fun way of hers a dose of the cane to get me howling. If she is in a apron then I can bet that I will be leaving having felt the heavy wooden spoon or her ebony hairbrush. But today she was not dressed in any way and I was confused and even worried something had come up and we would have to reschedule.

After reassuring me everything was fine, in fact she had something extra special planned. She had a huge smile on her face and I felt a knot grow in the pit of my stomach. I knew that smile. That smile was reserved for when she had come up with something especially devilish. That look meant that while she was feeling playful she also was in the mood to push us just a little.

The last time she had that look on her face it had meant a trip to a Department store and me having to buy Batman briefs. She had informed me in a loud whisper as we were standing in line that if I chose to act like a naughty little boy then I should have the underwear to match. To make things worse she told the clerk there was not need for a bag, marched me straight to the car, me desperately trying to hide both my burning cheeks and a stye of underwear I had not had since I was 12. She was unconcerned in fact she lead me to the back freaking seat, buckled me in and made me open the pack and hold the underwear in my lap for the drive home. Talk about wishing for a sink hole.

But back to today. She again had that glee in her eyes and I knew this was going to be a spanking to remember. After one last hug and a kiss to my forehead she grabbed my upper arm and pulled me to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and called me over. I stood there, hand lapsed on my head and she just grinned up at me. She told me that while I was an amazing man most of the time she was going to bring out the very naughty little boy that I have within. With that she unbuckled my belt and pants and pushed them to the floor. She pointed to the corner and I knew just what she wanted to see. She adores seeing me have to shuffle across the room, trying not to trip on my pants bunched around my ankles. So shuffle I did. Next for her pleasure my boxer are lowered to just below my bottom so she and watch me squirm and blush. So there I stood, hands clasped behind my back, bare bottom on display and still no clue what I was in for. And then she left the room. What was this? Normally she enjoys watching and hoping to catch me wiggling or squirming knowing that me doing so is silent consent for a hard spanking.

I heard her come back in and since I was feeling rather impish I stole a glance that confused me even more because in that moment before I snapped my head back around at her barked command all I saw was her holding a bowl. Knowing I had "asked" for a blistered bottom I settled into the corner time enjoying the feeling of giving up control and trusting her in what was to come. Then out of no where I felt a wet sponge rubbing on my bare bottom. While it was nice and warm at first the water dried and the chill form the cool air came. A wet bottom spanking? Normally we do that after a shower or bath...But then the sponge was reapplied making sure my butt was good and wet. All of a sudden I felt something very different, something was being drug down my bottom, I turned at looked and there she was smiling like the cat that had just eaten the canary shaving my bottom bare.

I started to protest but was immediately informed that "little boys" do not have hair on their bottoms! There I stood astonished and flabbergasted and embarrassed and having zero clue what to do. I wanted to crawl into a hole. I wanted to say no, I wanted to cry. God there I stood a grown man having my bottomed shaved to prepare it for a hard spanking. What was I thinking. It was just an odd feeling the warm water, the coolness of the air. Every inch of my bottom was tingling and felt like new skin. Then she was done and with a giggle she took the sponge and squeezed it out just to watch me jump as the water ran down between my pink, freshly shaved cheeks. Then a firm swat and the order to go to the bathroom and fetch the brush. Off I shuffled my slacks still treating to trip me, my boxers now wet still at half mast and my bottom still damp to bring her the wooden hairbrush.

When I came back and presented her the brush the look in her eyes was amazing I knew she had dreamed up this whole thing and was about to burst with joy. At that moment I knew I would happily take the stinging spanking and the soreness that was to follow as well as the itch of the hair growing back all to get to see her so happy. For 6 days and 22 hours a week I am a grown confident man, but for 2 hours a week I knew I had found happiness being a naughty little boy, one now with a truly bare bottom.

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How often should someone post a video? Planning to return to my wife's morning of daily swats. Also how might one improve a recording from laptop..

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