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177 days ago
Hello Everyone. Below is the message we have been sending to members about our change in allowing private videos. We want to get the opinion of as many members as possible so please comment below and take the poll. Thanks, Marcus

We are moving away from private videos for various reasons. Over the past 6 months or so there has been an ever increasing amount of private videos which is not good for our members or our advertisers. Also we have to store the videos which only a hand full of members ever get to see after trying to friend request the video uploader. We are just a small tube site and do not have the resources to become a storage server for private videos that not enough people get to view which in turn reduces the amount of revenue we can generate off of a particular video.
I hope this makes sense. For the time being I can allow you to upload private videos, just know that at some point the functionality might be going to be going away. If you want me to setup your account to allow private video upload let me know.
Thank you,

Do you like Private videos and Pictures?
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648 days ago
We have received a ton of complaints lately where members are spamming other non-friend members with inbox messages. Instead of restricting the messaging system to only friends we wanted to give you a choice. So here are the changes.

1. There is now a check box under your profile preferences, Go to your profile and then click Edit Profile, where you can turn off and on the functionality to allow messages from only friends.

2.  Any member that has logged into their account within the past 2 months has had their preference set to allow messages from friends and non-friends. Again you can change this in your preferences.

3. All other accounts and new accounts will only be able to accept messages from friends until they go under their profile and change it.

4. If you set your preference to only accept messages from friends, you will only be able to write messages to friends.

Thanks, Marcus (Admin)

747 days ago
Do you like the new Rating System?
I like the thumbs up and thumbs down
I prefer the 1 to 5 Star Ratings (Old Site)
I just want a thumbs up and no thumbs down
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761 days ago
Hello all,

As you can see under your messages you now have the ability to delete more than one message at time. Please let me know if you have any issues.

Cheers, Marcus (Admin)

763 days ago

We are aware that videos will not be play Mobile and Tablet devices. We are working on the issue.

FIXED.....Sorry everyone. :)

Happy Holidays

Marcus (Admin)