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Ella:I feel very strongly about this one. I've mentioned it before, too. I very strongly believe that:"My shifting hormones and bad days make my bad moods understandable, but absolutely not excusable."I really and truly believe that, but man is it hard to remember sometimes! Some weeks are easier than others to keep my head screwed on the right way, and other weeks are just not easy at all. This actually happened a couple weeks ago, but we're only getting around to posting about it now.There are two things that happen almost every time I PMS:
1) I lose ALL of my energy.
2) I question Christopher's love for me.It's like freaking clockwork. It took us a while before we really figured out number two, but now that we have it's gotten a lot better. Christopher says that he needs to increase the "I Love You"s by like 7 times a day during that time of month. Actually, for the last several months, it hasn't really been an issue. Maybe I let my guard down, but I definitely let my attitude get the best of me the other week.I'm usually very phlegmatic, and I have a pretty high patience level. It takes a lot to really make me mad. And even when I get mad, it's almost impossible to keep me mad. It's like my body has some kind of desperately strong happy homeostasis. Usually!I don't even know what my issue was. I didn't feel unloved, I wasn't sad, I was just PISSED. My tongue was sharp, and it wasn't even a matter of not filtering through my brain; it filtered through my brain all right, it's just that my sharp tongued comments sounded REALLY GOOD!"Yeah! That's a great come back, Ella. Say that. That'll show him!"And when I went over his knee (over and over and over) my thoughts of, "I'm stupid, stupid, stupid," turned into, "He's so stupid, stupid, stupid!" When I reflect back on it now, I try to think of problems that might have been underneath the surface that might have contributed to my awful attitude, but nothing pops up. Oh yeah, besides the raging (changing) hormones. That's not an excuse though.I have a lot of belief in people's ability for self-control. None of us were born with the right of a pain-free life, as much as our present culture would like us to believe. Pain and suffering are a part of life, and I was not specially entitled to a suffering-free existence. I try to remember that my attitude shouldn't be, "I am experiencing X, therefore, I have the excuse to behave poorly." Rather, I should take on the world with an attitude that accepts pain and mishap as a part of life, and instead discipline myself to not just overcome and worth through it, but to work with it.Continued at: wanted to make sure the spanking was long so whatever spell she was under was completely wiped away and her entire focus was on her behavior. So I gave her a long hand spanking. Afterwards I followed that up with the strap for added impact. By the time I was done, I can promise you she was seeing things through much clearer glasses. While she had some smaller incidents following the spanking, she definitely started getting back to normal. Ella can be so amazing that sometimes I have to remind her to not forget her own needs. She’s just that way. But when she has her moments, sometimes she needs my help. Luckily for us, we have a DD relationship. If it weren’t for that, we’d probably just end up fighting over petty things each time one of these situations arises. I think that’s how a lot of relationships end up being so toxic. The slow build of this jab countering that jab. And all because there’s no release valve in the relationship. Thankfully we have a way to offset these moments. Because at the end of the day, I just want to appreciate Ella and all the wonderful things she does for our home.

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Thank you for adding me as a friend
daddysgoodgirl - 810 days ago
Hi Christopher.
Im not on here very much but i was thinking about you and Ella the other day and wondered how you guys were doing. I saught out the spanking lifestyle about 5 yrs ago and you and Ella were one of the first couples i followed. I hope all is well.
rjones - 1409 days ago

plz comment n rate my pics. thx
marc92000 - 1611 days ago
Thank you for the addition, satisfied to share my pleasure for the spanking with you!
Merci pour l'ajout, content de partager mon plaisir pour la fessée avec toi !
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Thank you for adding me Christopher. But, where did you guys go? Niko has disappeared as well. What is happening?
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Huh? Where's your vids :(?
tygrr - 1618 days ago
hey chris xoxo
damon127 - 1620 days ago
thanks for accept :) but what happened to your vids?????:(( they are great
cosette - 1622 days ago
Thanks for adding me!
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