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  155 views · 6 days ago

Just a little humor for the day!!!!

  267 views · 21 days ago

Just a quick question to the spankos out their. I will be in texas for a week the second week of march for some work related stuff is their any lifestyle events or places to go to their. I will be in the san antonio area just to narrow places down. I know its a long shot to ask but i know is filled with spankos so id just thought i would ask.....
Other than that i hope everyone has a good weekend and stays out of trouble. And if anyone uses tumblr you can follow me at dd4life01.

  403 views · 38 days ago

Even though its just another day for me Happy V Day. Had a nice dinner and then going to check this 50 shades movie with my sister. Had to get tickets in advanced in columbus since majority of places here were sold out. Hope everyone is having a good romantic day and a wonderful week.

  542 views · 40 days ago

If anyone is going to see or has already seen the new 50 shades movie let me know how it is. And if its worth going to see.

  1600 views · 43 days ago

Got to admit sometimes my facial expressions get me more in trouble than my mouth does.