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  214 views · 17 days ago

A Dom shouldnt take on a Submissive without fully understanding and appreciating the responsibility involved.

And a Sub shouldnt take on a Dom without fully understanding and appreciating the responsibility involved.

  242 views · 48 days ago

Heyyyy everyone.... I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments messages and support during the last few weeks I really have appreciated it. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. And has a good week ahead of them....

~~~To the outside world im different but I'm really just like them with a twist~~~

  259 views · 78 days ago

Heyyy!!!! Everyone......Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend and wonderful labor day.... its been a long difficult week for myself as my 7 year old daughters dad passed away makes you look at life and everything completely different. But we are getting through everything the best way we know how.

 Sidenote to those who are asking yes im highly thinking of writing a book I will defientely let everyone know when I do so thank you for that Wonderful idea i defientely have been looking for other ways to share and reach out to others in the lifestyle. If their are any topics you would like to see in the book please let me know.

  406 views · 93 days ago

What goes through your mind right before a punishment....

  338 views · 126 days ago

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend.. I myself just checked into Mexico for a week so I'm looking forward to enjoying my time here. Hope everyone is staying out of trouble like me.... cek naw i got one coming but......... ive been crazy busy with my buisness and other things so just wanted to stop by and say hey while I have signal. Lol...