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  231 views · 23 days ago

Just want to thank everyone for the safe trip messages and comments and everything had a wonderful time. I always try and encourage people to get out and go places. Heading back home to columbus later on today  but my plane wont land till early tommorrow morning (long flight )got to rest up for my next trip in a couple weeks. Got in some trouble over the week while on vacation so im dreading coming back but will be thankful when its done and over.  But just stopping in to update everything I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.

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  187 views · 32 days ago

Around this time Is when my procrastination comes into play leave for vegas in a day and still have yet to finish packing.... or maybe it's just that i overthink things and feel a little overwhelmed but excited with this trip.

  163 views · 34 days ago

It's so much easier to submit to someone who loves and respects you. If a Dom gives his all to you the obedience and acceptance of his authority comes naturally.

  335 views · 50 days ago

Sometimes i cant stress this enough with people especially new people in the lifestyle a Dom has to be ready has to be the man or woman that you need them to be. I see it all the time a Dom is alright with punishing a sub on something that he doesnt like but does constantly his own self and thats definetely not leading your sub by example and wanting her to be the best she can be if she sees you doing it as well cant happen over this way as a Dom you need to attract the person you want but in the meantime fix yourself for them and in that quest of perfection and self reflection you may be surprised in what you find and change how you really are.