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  133 views · 6 days ago

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend.. I myself just checked into Mexico for a week so I'm looking forward to enjoying my time here. Hope everyone is staying out of trouble like me.... cek naw i got one coming but......... ive been crazy busy with my buisness and other things so just wanted to stop by and say hey while I have signal. Lol...

  285 views · 31 days ago

The sound of the buckle being undone. The sound of the leather being pulled from the loops.........fear-----anticipation-----chills

  236 views · 37 days ago

Are there any other bisexuals in here that feel like they can submit to one sex but not the other im a sub.. I can submit to a man however when it comes to woman I cant.

  274 views · 53 days ago

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was very busy and tiring but definetely had some exciting moments mixed in between.

I was asked my multiple people to start a YouTube channel pertaining to the DD lifestyle so I decided to do just that. If anyone is intrested in subscribing or viewing just let me know. And if their is a certain topic you would like to gain more knowledge on or questions you would like answered pertaining to the lifestyle just let me know as well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week.

  286 views · 77 days ago

Just want to thank everyone for the safe trip messages and comments and everything had a wonderful time. I always try and encourage people to get out and go places. Heading back home to columbus later on today  but my plane wont land till early tommorrow morning (long flight )got to rest up for my next trip in a couple weeks. Got in some trouble over the week while on vacation so im dreading coming back but will be thankful when its done and over.  But just stopping in to update everything I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.