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  549 views · 346 days ago

I blew up in anger
While inside a bank
She said, "When we get home
"Your bottom I'll spank."

So we arrived home
She said, "Strip yourself bare,
Stand in that corner
Right over there.

You will stand there
Until I've calmed down
Don't say a word
Don't make a sound."

So I stood there
Hoping fervently
None would drop by
My shame they might see.

I stood there an hour
maybe longer, who knows
Thinking about
My upcoming woes.

Finally she said,
"To the bedroom, let's go.
I'm just in the mood
So don't you be slow."

"Face down ass up,"
she said, "On the bed.
"I'm gonna make
your bottom so red."

She picked out a paddle
Made of hard wood
She paddled my butt
As hard as she could.

I yelled out in pain
It hurt me so bad.
She said, "Oh you feel it?
Of that, I am glad."

Then she brought out
The black leather tawse
She said, "You must learn
who is the boss."

She strapped my bottom
So hard and fast.
She said, "I trust
this lesson will last."

I yelled real loud
To which she said
"I love seeing your bottom
Turning so red."

The Zombie Killer
then caused me great pain.
She said, "You should suffer
Or the lesson's in vain."

Then cane strokes applied
With much vim and vigor
Bruises appeared
Got deeper and bigger.

I wanted to cry
It hurt so much
My bottom was raw
And sore to the touch.

She finally stopped
Said, "Go face the wall.
Don't let me see you
Rub it at all."

"You shame me in public
That will not do.
Let this be a
Good lesson for you."

"You do it again,
I'll spank you worse
I'll use the strap
called Dana's curse."

"You will stay there
until I see fit
Then, I think you
won't be able to sit."

"I'm leaving the room
I've things to do
Don't you dare move
Until I call for you."

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misspankalot - 377 days ago
Thanks for your kind comment.
badlittleboy56 - 950 days ago
Thank you for being my friend.
Paddleaddict - 1354 days ago
Thanks for the add; love your videos.
DD4life - 1404 days ago
Thanks for the request
popozesty - 1410 days ago
Awesome videos and pictures to match. I just started down this path with my wife. She is starting to get the swing of things! (pun intended).
DevilishDuo52307 - 1450 days ago
I know how you feel buddy :0)

goodboy - 1467 days ago
I love your stuff,you are the most dedicated spankee ever.I wish I could take it like you.
sumimasok - 1764 days ago
You know enjoy the hard spank
ekim - 1771 days ago
great spanking...wish I could find a Dom. like that
FLFUFO - 1803 days ago
Just added three video clips (trimmed from one long video) of me, OTK, Mar 10... paddle, bath brush, then a thin paddle in the crack as I hold my cheeks spread. FInd 'em here, or in the M/M category.