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She was very happy that he had seemed to understand quite quickly the need with very little explanation. Their weekend together, alone was not only much needed to sort through the issues that needed to be dealt with but also one of revelations, some not so good and some that were quite complex and would take time to get through. This need in her was one. While he understood the sensual properties of spanking, he simply could not get it out of his head that not ALL spankings had to be of a sexual nature. He felt it impossible that one could participate, as she had, in a platonic spanking with a friend. It had upset him, although he tried to understand what she was telling him, that she had done such and allowed another to spank her in the name of friendship.

He assured her that although it was hard, that he would and could deal with it. But to him, in his mind, it was all a prerequisite to sex. And he wasn’t entirely wrong. For her, spanking was mostly sexual but the discipline aspect of it also had its appeal. To be accountable, something she had always felt she was unable to give up…accountability. The best she could explain it was by telling him, ‘You know, say if I wanted to stop smoking’ cough ‘and I asked you to help me and keep me accountable for that, this could prove to be a useful consequential tool to do so.’

“I could do that,” he said quite proudly.

She also explained to him about a very good friend who was in a DD relationship to which he said, “See, I just don’t get that.” She went on, because one of the big issues between them was the computer usage. Not being one to chat online and go to discussion boards, he just had no understanding how she could actually consider those she talked to on a personal level online as ‘friends’. She tried to explain but he didn’t understand it. He was absolutely sure that there were men online that she would just up and go meet, not trusting that the peculiar nature she’d always lived by when it came to getting intimately close with people also carried over online as well.

She told him that the computer was a refuge, an escape of sorts, a lot like her good friend used it for. Except she’d not had anyone to be accountable to for over usage which her friend did. So she explained that to him, how her friend and her friend’s husband dealt with that. They had agreed restrictions to the computer, that she was not allowed to get lost in it and allow it to consume her while he also encouraged her to blossom as a writer, knowing the obsessive need that we as writers have to be able to express in this way, to release our emotions and thoughts.

He understood a bit better and said that may be a necessity.

Her birthday arrived. Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Heavenly’ was her requested gift, which was given wrapped in beautiful pink satin paper. But it was during an exchange of the kids and no spanking was forthcoming, only a quiet little party given the next day with her parents and siblings around.

He called two days after her birthday.

“I am coming in town tonight,” He said. “I am going to get a hotel close by. Are you free for dinner?”

She said that she was.

“Good,” he said. “And then afterward, I think I may implement a little discipline.”

She giggled for an answer. Again, he arrived nicely dressed, a single rose to take her away. They had a nice dinner at Uno’s, one restaurant she’d been wanting to try, slipping her small but powerful vibrator out of her purse to show him what she’d brought. He grinned and she then turned it on while it was inside her purse and let it send vibrations through to his side of the table.

“Stop it, you’re turning me on!” He said as she slipped her stocking foot between his legs underneath the table and smiled wickedly.

“You say you’re gonna spank me for that, dear?” She said kinda loud as the waiter approached. He glared at her as his face turned a bit red. When the waiter walked off he said, “Better watch it or I might just do it here.”

“Yeah, right,” she laughed and turned the device off.

They arrived back at the hotel, he walking behind her on the way up the stairs to their room, swatting her butt every so often. As soon as they got to the room, he pulled out the slapper and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Is that for my birthday spanking?” she asked demurely.

“Take off all of your clothes.”


“Cuz you’re not going to need them.”

She did as told then reached into her purse, bringing out the purple vibrating toy and sitting it on the bed next to him. “That’s to help you out,” she told him as he pulled her over his lap.

Like before, he started with the rubbing then small slaps all over her bottom. She sighed in contentment, silently thankful that he wasn’t resistant to this whole concept like some of the spouses that she’d heard of from the boards that she frequented, or even indifferent. He claimed to like it as well.

Continuously spanking now. She could feel herself getting wet and opened her legs a bit more, trying to give him a hint, I want a GGS. Of course, he had no clue as to what that was technically but eventually he took the hint and picked up the vibrator. They both laughed as he had trouble spanking with his left hand while using the vibrator on her with his right.

“Okay, switch sides,” he said and she positioned herself the opposite way but it just wasn’t working. Damn toys. Unless you can see what you’re doing (or doing it yourself and can work by sensations), the feeling kept getting lost. Up, up, up she’d climb only for the stupid thing to be moved a milli-inch and mess the whole orgasmic climb up.

But he was definitely spanking her harder now than he did even the last time they spent the weekend together. He didn’t know, but while being stimulated, she desired it much, much harder than she would be able to tolerate without stimulation. Frustrated, finally he told her to get on her knees on the bed and use the vibrator on herself. Willingly she complied as he took the belt out of his loops. A small bit of panic entered her, although it wasn’t a large, thick belt. But backlash was a concern, or the wrapping of the belt around her hips. But that didn’t happen and she found herself asking, begging, Harder, harder, harder. He granted her request as she rose and rose up that invisible cloud toward her peak. The closer she got, the faster he spanked. Accidentally, twice, he hit that very tender flesh between her open thighs and she felt it. But it didn’t take away, only added to it, for she barely felt the belt striking her raised ass as she reached her summit and then tumbled while he increased the pace and intensity even more.

Before she could move, he was behind her, kissing and rubbing his face on her red-hot orbs and moaning himself. Then he took her hard and fast from behind, his hips hitting the inflamed skin over and over and over….

Once more the water in the tub became a laughable moment on his end. She was disappointed, knowing how hard and how long he had spanked her, that her bottom didn’t seem all that red although she did notice the beginnings of a welt of which he commented on as well but was assured that it was no big deal. And it wasn’t. She squirmed in her seat for several days after that.

The next day, while at the hospital with their son, she whispered loudly in the lab’s waiting area, My butt hurts.

He smiled and said, Hmmmm….I wonder why?

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