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  145 views · 10 days ago

I've said this before, as have many others but it bears repeating as many don't know and many new members join regularly.

I've seen several blogs asking about making things private and thinking this stops things being donloaded or being seen by others. Let me make this clear IT DOESN'T.

It makes NO differnece whether a video or photo is flagged private here.

ALL images can be seen or downloaded by ANYONE. Whether it's private, public, whether they are a friend or not, they DON'T even need to be a member of ST.

ASSUME that if you post here it can be downloaded and seen by ANYONE on ANY device phone, tablet, pc in the world EASILY and i mean EASILY.

NO special software NOTHING is required.

Anyone with a minimum of computer knowledge can get access to your videos and photos IN FRACTIONS OF A SECOND.

AND believe me those who want to steal them have WAY more than the minimum of knowledge.

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Justjanie - 1 hours ago
Thanks so much for that comment on my Christmas poem remix. It was very sweet of you. Red is my favorite color!! Lol
badgirlalways - 3 days ago
OW! *rubs my hiney* lol.. ive missed u! :)
badgirlalways - 6 days ago
*slips quietly into ur lap n wraps my arms around ur neck.. rubs noses with u.. then pops my finger into my mouth, wets it n wiggles it in ur ear*..... WET WILLIE!! *giggles n skips off *
Francesca14 - 9 days ago
Thank you!!
Justjanie - 10 days ago
I'm tickled that you are enjoying my posts. I actually wrote a serial spanking blog which had been slightly derailed because of a back issue. I'm getting a procedure tomorrow which will hopefully put me back in the saddle very soon.
I look forward to Future banter!
Justjanie - 10 days ago
Hey, enjoyed your comments and I'm happy to be friends! Janie: D
goodboy - 15 days ago
Thank you for your message,hope you are well.
little_cautious - 16 days ago
Yanking your ear all the way to my den.....
badgirlalways - 17 days ago
u "don't remember that tattoo?"... I got it in 2012... :)
badgirlalways - 17 days ago
sweet D of course u r remembered... I still remember the sound of ur voice... .. my old laptop kicked the bucket n I had to get a new one n for some reason I lost all my email contacts so of course I lost ur email too n had no way to contact u to see how u were doin....but I'm so glad ur back ( don't care what the reason is ).... no runnin off again u.... *warm smiles*