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  4740 views · 502 days ago

I need to be up early tommorow but instead of getting a good nights sleep I'm browsing this site :- o

  4422 views · 1230 days ago

The punishment book has had a new entry added to it and my partner finishes work in 4 hours time which is when I am going to be dealt with.
It was only leaving the lights on in the kitchen, surely he wont't punish me to heavily for that!!
I'm thinking hide the punishment book and tell him he had it last so maybe he miss placed it :-o

  2468 views · 1301 days ago

we are just a couple who love spanking and roleplay and sharing our clips with people who enjoy watching them, if you have any suggestions for a senario you'd like us to do we'd enjoy the challenge :-)
We are just amateurs with very limited knowledge of cameras and computers and we don't have access to realistic sets we just do what we do at home and try to make the best with what we've got.
were not hard players and we don't do full nude or pussy shots so please bear this in mind when asking us to do a scene.
There is only 2 of us so what we can film is quite limited,if any one would like to be in a movie with us feel free to get in touch :-)