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  146 views · 19 days ago

Just a quick post to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. May all your dreams come true, especially the spanking ones :-)

Thanks for all the messages and comments in 2017. Long may they continue.

Zadok & Ms. E

  292 views · 61 days ago

Hi Folks

It has been a while since you’ve been subjected to any of my ramblings but I have one or two things to mention.

You may have noticed that I’ve tended to post videos for a relatively short period before taking them down again. To those of you who post comments, only to see them disappear, I do apologise. The feedback is very much appreciated.

Before the changes to privacy settings it was possible to ‘hide’ a video by making it viewable to friends only. Now it isn’t possible to switch between the two states. A video is posted as public or private and stays that way until deleted. So when we are feeling uncomfortable about the length of time a vid has been up it gets deleted.

Strangely, there is a link in my mind between the length of time a video has been online and the probability of someone copying it and posting elsewhere. If anyone does come across any of our material anywhere other than ST please let me know so I can act to remove it. One did appear on Xhamster about a year ago and an eagle eyed member from here alerted us and it was taken down in a couple of days.

I see the world of Spanking Tube through my old PC where there is no way of saving a video from the site (although obviously screen capture software could be used). Do users of Windows 10 have the ability to save stuff?

Perhaps I ought to update my old machine. I can only run very basic video editing software. To maintain privacy requires carefully angled cameras and cutting out segments where faces can be seen. I’ve no doubt that with better software I could do better. Is there any software anyone would recommend?

Our next video will no doubt follow the caning I’m due on Saturday. The material where Ms E gets a little frisky seems to be popular so I’ll be hooded for this one so she feels less inhibited...she’s quite a shy girl really :-)


Zadok (and Ms. E)

  659 views · 182 days ago

Hi everyone

Only the folks who post videos will have noticed this but it is no longer possible to set videos to 'private'.

I did see a blog post recently from someone saying words to the effect of "why do people post private videos? It's annoying. If you don't want people to see them just don't post".

At first I was surprised that anyone would have such a naive view. However, when I thought about it I realised that the crazy bit was the site allowing people to see thumbnails from a private video. I can see how frustrating that was for a viewer. Trust me it was equally frustrating as a poster to get friend requests based on nothing more than the desire to see private stuff. I have frequently pointed out that there was no f'ing point in making something private if all people had to do to see it was to ask!

Well, the issue has now gone away. I can't post privately anymore. The sad thing is that the change has taken away any desire to post videos here. Why provide free content for someone else to make money out of (by virtue of the advertising) if there's nothing in it for me?

if anyone wants to suggest an alternative location other than Fetlife please send me a PM.

It's been fun.


PS Checking back, the person who complained about private videos has been a member for 2000+ days but has only one blog post (their complaint about private videos), no videos posted and no photos. Not altogether the best qualified to express an opinion IMHO.

PPS I have left the Backlash video up because it is for a worthy cause and the two featuring the Governess because she has links to them from her website.

  738 views · 296 days ago

Hi Everyone,

You may recall the dilemma at the start of the year concerning weight loss and a suitable punishment should I fail. Well, 3 months have passed and it would be nice to say that the 7lbs I lost in January was just the start of my continued success.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way and I have since put the weight back on. I am no lighter now than I was on 1st January.

Ms E came up with a very simple response and my failure has been reported to a certain professional disciplinarian who has replied thus:-

I quite understand what is required. Failure such as yours really does
deserve the sternest of punishment.

Report to me at 10:50am, your punishment will commence at 11am sharp!
You will be restrained, naked on my bench and will receive one severe
stroke of the tohiti cane for every pound you failed to lose.

You will be prepared for your punishment by being clean shaven,
freshly washed and make sure you have had a decent breakfast by 8am.

Looks like I might be about to learn a rather painful lesson on Saturday.

I am already familiar with the cane in is the one Ms. E uses on me very occasionally due to its weight.

As you might imagine I'm really rather nervous already.



  511 views · 306 days ago


The new paddle got used at the weekend as intended.

Ms. E really seemed to enjoy herself. The conditions weren’t ideal and clearly she is learning a completely different discipline (pun intended)but it was a very enthusiastic session. Watching the footage rather reminded me of our early caning adventures . I can see the paddle becoming a firm favourite.

A very interesting development, although not captured on video, was Ms. E inviting me to use the paddle on her derriere. Even more interesting was to be told that next time I redden her behind it would really turn her on to be scolded. What a complete surprise life can sometimes be!

Finally I’d like to offer an apology to whoever was staying in a room next to ours if we disturbed them with all the noise we made.

Kind regards

Zadok and Ms. E