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Latest Wheelbarrow spanking is AWESOME!
Views: 3559 · Added: 593 days ago

We're getting better at filming the wheelbarrow position... use of additional lighting, better prep and girls not afraid of showing their bits as well as receiving what is essentially a humiliating and embarrassing spanking! This is what makes the wheelbarrow position so addictive to watch - Sophie was ace, she really nailed this and the clip we have here is ok... but we really have saved the BEST for our members.... after all, they support us by paying a membership to keep us going. It's an incredible OTK and wheelbarrow spanking film! Zoe has become really good at doing these now!!! Our memberships aren't that much ( take a look at aaaspanking.com )and we now have 150 films for you to download plus about 80 high class image galleries and each film is in HD with its own special video gallery! That's a lot of spanking for a small independent site and we update 3 times a week - come take a look... I will upload some images of Sophie later today from the latest film :)Regards,

The Birch
Views: 5050 · Added: 899 days ago

The latest film clip and a series of gorgeous images are now featured (at the time of writing this post) starring Kami Robertson. Those that know her here in the UK will tell you what an awesome performer she is. At this particular filmshoot, she spied outside a birch tree and duly went out and collected enough evil looking twigs that she made her own heavy birch and requested we use it on her.... how could we resist??? What made this film so interesting, apart from the fact Kami insisted on being thrashed and welted in this manner at the end of the day, was the true submission she showed.

If you have seen the clip, this only shows a small part of the 21 minute film where she does as her Master instructs, she is his tool to play with as he pleases and you will see him take advantage of her as she shivers, naked, as he carresses her, telling her what he is going to do withthat birch, all the time fondling her private parts and using her for his own amusement... it sure hell beats playing on X Box!

The images and the clip form a small part of the new submissive maid series we are now show casing at AAAspanking.com - check out the tour pages for more info of what we are showing for members, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised at our new direction!

Dropseat Pyjamas
Views: 4641 · Added: 970 days ago

I love these things, they are made for spanking, giving you quick and embarrassing access to naughty girls behinds when they need punishing. I also think that in an environment, of say, corporal punishment... with girls being made to wear these, they will know that the rear flaps could be removed very quickly and a spanking or whatever given at short notice! I also hate to see girls wearing knickers underneath these garments, there is no point, as imagine if they were to need the toilet, what would be the point as the knickers would be hard to remove underneath those all in one PJs, wouldn't they?

I love seeing girls punished in PJs too, the act of removing the trouser bottoms quickly and effortlessly are a big turn on for me, again, it's that access and vulnerability issue... PJs are for bedtime and often the punishments are carried out in the girl's private domain of her bedroom... another turn on for me, the fact that the punishment is being carried out in her holiest of holies, her special private place, a place of refuge that I had just violated - her bedroom!

Sweet dreams!

The new dropseat spanking film at my site AAAspanking.com is now out, I shall try to add a few images when I can :)

Welcome Mistress Zoe Page to AAA Spanking!
Views: 5377 · Added: 1050 days ago

I did a recent film shoot enlisting the help of one of the UK's best known spanking mistresses and all round bad ass but beautiful female domme, Mistress Zoe Page!
We hired a newbie "spanking virgin" and the poor girl thought she was in for an easy film shoot when I told her she'd be spanked by a beautiful girl, bless! Zoe had to go easy on her at first... but couldn't resist spanking her a little harder every now and then which got us some amazing reactions from Jess, the newbie model... who is more used to doing hard core porn and had only done some sexy girl girl spanking before, not more punishment stuff (I wanted to mix it up as this girl was indeed a very sexy minx and she got the cams steamed up playing with herself and getting some well deserved spankings for being a naughty slut... but that's another story!)

I just wanted to say thanks to both girls for making it a memorable shoot, and the 1st that was only 10 miles from where I live, which was great! I will definitely have to film closer to home in future, lol!

I am just about to upload the 1st intro film they did, this is exactly what I mean when you see it, Zoe couldn't resist giving Jess a little harder slap than she expected, just to keep the girl on edge! Perfect!

The full film (or rather the bits with all the action, no build up chit chat etc) is already available at our Clips Store and as I write this it's only been live a few minutes and I already got 3 sign ups, Wow!
This film is gonna be a good un... You can see it all at http://clips4sale.com/43405 or from Wednesday 18th April 2012 in full HD at our main site AAAspanking.com

I'll also try to upload some images in the photos section later :)

Aftermath of my latest film shoot
Views: 4495 · Added: 1091 days ago

Those who read my blog, my regular blog at www.spankingblogg.com will know that I had a new girl Mishka try out a very naughty spanking and wanking feature which was an experiment from us after receiving many mails from members (when we asked them) what they'd like to see... seems our membership would also like to see something a little naughtier as well as our traditional spankings which we love carrying out! Mishka was a great girl and her very 1st film with us comes out on Friday!

In the meantime, another long play film has just been released today and there should be a clip coming soon which you can all see!

Alternatively, if you go to our tour pages at http://aaaspanking.com/tour1.htm (copy and paste this and you will see!)you will find the new film AND a free HD preview clip from the new film - The Painful "Sting"

Apologies for not updating our previous film with a clip here, but the connection wouldn't allow it, or the clip size was too big, I gave up on the 3rd attempt which was really frustarting and thought I had better things to do than worry about not uploading to spankingtube but I will try one last time with a shorter clip which I hope makes it, it's a real good movie and is for PJ lovers and those that adore Kami Robertson - you WILL like this film... A LOT!

Don't forget, there's another film I'm putting up at teh members site end of the week too! I love spoiling my loyal members! lol!

Chief. aka John Osborne.