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Some of you may know that I help run the Spanking Awards, an annual event based on all things to do with the video and online spanking industry.

If you follow my twitter feed here - enter this > @spankchief (or my blog) - where the awards are hosted every year, then you will know they have already started and 2 categoriesa are already active.

More will follow very shortly. let your online friends know so they can vote for their favorites in the industry :)

John Osborne.

Spanking Awards 2017 is hosted at

An actual awards ceremony will be held at the in Houston, TX. (May 2018) - see website for exact party dates.

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The Spanking Awards is an Annual event normally held throughout December... as some of you might know, my blog was seriously hacked by some malevolent prick and I lost 6 months of data including the build up to the awards.

However, I don't let these w*nkers get me down so the awards have been going ahead and the voting has been bigger than ever.

Check out the blog page and you will clearly see where the main categories are kept in one place at the top of the blog.

In case links do not work here, copy and paste the text below for the url of the page directly.


The categories are varied and are listed below:

Best Facial Expression in a Spanking
Best Spanker/Top Newcomer
Best New Female Spanker/Top
Best Female Spanker/Top
Best Male Spanker/Top
Best Spankee/Sub

Awards to be voted on at the time of writing (below)

Most Improved Spanking Site 2016
Best Spanking Site 2016
Producer's Film Choice Award 2016


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You know who you are.

This practice harms all producers who spend a lot of time and money trying to put together content.
Without paid subscriptions this won't continue, it's a fact of life online.

Then you will just get the smaller things that people post.

We are already moving to custom shoots, many of which are AWESOME but you'll never see them - ever!
Why? becasue the client paid us to do them privately, some you see on membership sites to keep their costs down... but that is only half of what we do for customs.
Is this what you want for your future?

The custom videos you see are only available if the client allows it - the client is king and lets us know if it can be shown at a later date or not, depending on how much they pay.
These people are the best... you requesting freetards, trying to leach movies off us for free - constantly, are the lowest, our membership sites are not a rip off.

Can you not even find 25 dollars or so to access over 300-400 HD quality videos that you can download to keep?

Jesus fucking wept... it makes me so fucking mad with your feeble mentality!

Long live the Custom Video and the awesome private stuff we do for paying clients you'll never see!

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The Spanking Awards is an Annual event held throughout December... I forgot to mention here that the nominations process took place throughout November. Apologies for that. Anyway, New categories will be coming out every few days this month and there is usually a 2 week period where that category remains open... so you get to see some results too... the categories are varied and are listed below:Spanking blog – News style
Spanking blog – Creative
Best Spankee Facial Expression
Best Spanking newcomer
Female Spanker
Male Spanker
Female Spankee
*New – Spankee Lifetime Award
*New – Producer Lifetime Award
Most Improved Spanking Site 2015
Best Spanking Site 2015If you want to go to my main blog at then you won't miss the voting that is taking place. I am unsure how to add a link here but currently there are voting options for Best Creative... and Best News/Update blogs. More will follow soon!Just check them all out, all have made the nomination process and there are a few new blogs I hadn't heard of that are really cool... so worth checking them all out!Thanks!

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We always take feedback seriously and have listened to members requests for various darker storylines as well as a return to more traditional films - well, you should be seeing these appear now here and at Sarah's sites when we film from now on. The latest at the time of writing for AAA is a fantastic workplace discipline film with Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake who spanks and straps her to very real tears: the most she had ever cried when filmed! We felt quite honored that this film was a cathartic release for her.

Another superb new model, Lily Swan, wanted an extreme work out film whilst being severely strapped and caned across her very sore bottom, this is extremely popular with members too!

More traditional films such as "Spanked after school" have proved a massive hit for lovers of real life Mother/daughter style discipline at home (and has also been a BIG hit on various clips stores).

We are happy to see that our results are paying off and will continue to film these. As always, we welcome storylines, feedback and how you might want to see more traditional films portrayed.

We do custom shoots as well - and have become rather good at fulfilling a customer's request privately at a very reasonable price - please email John at eubilling @ (his usual work address) or Sarah Gregory at her usual email for further info and mention you saw this mentioned at the Spanking Tube Blog
Sarah's email: sarahgregory02 @
(join the gmail addresses together without the spaces).

Thank you,
John & Sarah