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Naughtygirl99 - 13 days ago
katieg - 704 days ago
thank you for your nice comment on your friend request - it's funny, you don't see these things yourself but it's nice to read. i see you're also from england so do feel free to drop me a line.
Spanking_Juki - 858 days ago
Thanks for comment to our vid. After the caning I gave her a good shagging to show that I'm not completely cruel!!!!
DiamondsnRubies - 950 days ago
just droppin some love to your page hun xoxo
annie32664 - 955 days ago
Hi, you sent me a message in re to my profile i think. I haven't been online here in a bit and when I tried to open the message - well it just didn't happen. Any ideas? Thank you
KatieDidit - 1319 days ago
Thanks for the ad request glad you enjoy the films x
bigSWAT - 1333 days ago
Hello! This is Angel (BigSWAT's angel.) Thank you (blush) for your kind comments about my bottom from our posted video. It helped me digest the embrassment of others witnessing my spanking... Have a blessed week! Sincerely, Angel-
gusi - 1335 days ago
i am in NYC...
garthboy - 1337 days ago
Hi, Many thanks for your comments on our clips and by theway not too lightly as she was paddled as well which did not get recorded
untamedshrew - 1337 days ago
Thank you :)