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SubMartin - 13 days ago
I have just found your posts and am awe inspired, What a wonderful couple
vortexxwickedj - 18 days ago
When is the misses gonna be spanked?
gentlemann - 25 days ago
Thank you for sharing your videos. Have a happy holiday & great New Year.
Spankee_26 - 29 days ago
Great Videos! I love to watch them! Thx for sharing your Spanking experiences
painslut1955 - 69 days ago
Thank you for accepting my friendship request
SpankerDark - 71 days ago
Gracias por aceptar mi solicitud
Francesca14 - 82 days ago
Thank you.!!!
latigo - 94 days ago
Just thought I would ask to be a friend
voxol - 99 days ago
Thanks for the friend request. I hope to see more soon.
Frenchy_PF - 119 days ago
Some of the best spanking videos on the site. Thank you both.