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painslut1955 - 9 days ago
Thank you for accepting my friendship request
SpankerDark - 11 days ago
Gracias por aceptar mi solicitud
Francesca14 - 22 days ago
Thank you.!!!
latigo - 34 days ago
Just thought I would ask to be a friend
voxol - 39 days ago
Thanks for the friend request. I hope to see more soon.
Frenchy_PF - 59 days ago
Some of the best spanking videos on the site. Thank you both.
redhandbil - 94 days ago
Really love your videos!!

pipp_90 - 109 days ago
Thanks for the add. Love your videos. You two are the best! Thanks for sharing!
meltman - 131 days ago
Greatest couple on ST! Where's the punishment for her share of orgasms ?? :) Thriving to see that redness
Kaos - 170 days ago
You are great!! :-)