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This is a repeat post from last year and actually my very first spanking story!!! Enjoy!!

While sitting at the breakfast table having their morning coffee, Johnny asked his wife Emily if she had remembered to put gas in the car? "Yes of course I did dear"! Good, I would hate to run out of gas on my way to an important meeting! He was dressed in his nice suit and tie. He did look handsome! He was wearing the new leather belt I bought him for his birthday and his black dress shoes! Yummy she thought!

What time will you be home tonight honey? , asked Emily. Probably early. Hopefully my meeting won't go all day as long as I get there and get it started on time. Maybe you should go a bit early so that you don't need to worry about time! Great idea, I'm going to leave as soon as I finish my toast.

Emily had planned on calling Johnny on his cell phone about ten minutes after he left to say " April Fools Day!!, I didn't put gas in the car but figured either you would notice it right away and put gas or you would still have time to put some gas in before getting to work when I called him! Either way he would be fine since he left early!

What Emily had not planned on was her friend Tracy calling her crying about breaking up with her boyfriend! Our conversation went on for 45 minutes. I lost all track of time and suddenly realized I had forgotten to call Johnny. I'm sure he must have noticed the empty tank and put gas in the car. Her heart started to race when she heard that familiar beep on her phone that lets you know that you got a text while talking on the phone. Taking a quick glance I saw that it was from Johnny! My heart sank as I hoped he didn't miss his meeting because of my silly prank. I quickly wrapped it up with Tracy and called Johnny back.

Hi sweetie, sorry I didn't answer you right away. I was on the phone with Tracy! Johnny, I forgot to call you and tell you April Fools about putting gas in the car! Is everything ok? Sorry about that!

Well young lady, you are certainly going to be sorry about that when I get home! What do you mean asked Emily? I had to call off my very important meeting today because someone said they put gas in the car when in fact they did not! And I am currently in my suit walking to the station to get gas!! Oh my God, I'm so...sorry baby, it was supposed to be an April Fools Day joke! I got stuck on the phone with Tracy plus I figured you would notice when you got into the car. That is why I suggested you leave early so you would have plenty of time to put gas in the car and still get to your meeting! Well, I am not amused and you certainly will wish I was pulling an April Fools joke when I get home! I'm so...sorry Johnny, with a choked up voice said Emily. I didn't mean for this to happen! I feel terrible. Well, you are going to feel more than terrible when I am finished with your back side young lady, said Johnny! Oh please No Johnny!! I'm still sore from yesterday Emily said with a pleading voice! and started to run down her cheeks as she put her hand back to rub her bottom knowing what she was about to get!

Emily, I'm putting gas in a car now and I will be walking back to the car. Then I need to drive to the gas station to fill the car up so I don't have any problems tomorrow! I want you to bare your bottom right now and to wait in the room with your nose in the corner. Do you understand me young lady? Emily knew that any attempt to get out of it now would only earn her extra swats. Yes sir Emily stated,
with a very quiet voice. I'll be home soon and we will get this taken care of immediately stated Johnny in his dominant and confident voice. Yes sir said Emily rubbing her bottom again.

Emily knew she had best be where she was instructed to be or there would be more that she was not prepared to pay. She hung up the phone with sadness in her heart that she had caused Johnny to miss his very important meeting and what that might mean for the future of his job . And all of this over a stupid April Fools joke. Emily slowly walked into her room and removed her jeans and panties, folded them neatly and set them on the end of the bed. She then did as she was instructed and went into the corner and took one quick look at her supple, plump and already quite sore bottom in the mirror. With nose in the corner she started to think about how this could have happened. Suddenly she heard the garage door open and her tummy got that sick, funny kind of feeling that she always got when she knew she was about to be spanked.

Johnny walked into the room and immediately walked over to Emily, gently took her by the arm and led her to the bed. Well young lady, let's get this party started said Johnny. Johnny, I'm really sorry, I truly feel responsible for what has happened. Can you please forgive me?. I'll do anything to make this right. I know I deserve this spanking but please tell me I can make this better sighed Emily!! Emily started to reach for Johnny's belt to unbuckle it. Johnny put his hand over Emily's hand and could feel that she was a little shaky. Suddenly his little plan was starting to make him feel guilty! Johnny, I know there is nothing I can do to to get out of this spanking that I so deserve. I love you with every ounce of my being and I would like to make you feel good before you have to strap me. Johnny's guilt was really creeping up on him now but he wanted to play it out, even if that meant he was going to be in trouble. Emily once again reached for the new belt she gave him for his birthday. She slowly unbuckled the belt and pulled slowly and gently to remove his belt from his pants!! She folded it in half and laid it next to the jeans and panties. Emily unbuttoned Johnny's pants and unzipped them! Placing her hand inside she started to rub and Johnny pulled his pants and underwear completely off. Emily went to her knees and continued to please Johnny in every way. Johnny pulled Emily up to kiss her! He gently pulled off her blouse and removed her bra. They kissed for several long minutes all the while caressing each other. Emily and Johnny made mad passionate love for the next hour. Emily no longer felt shaky but completely loved despite what she knew what was to come. All right young lady, you know how much I love you but we have a little issue to deal with don't we? Yes sir, said Emily! Alright get the pillow and lay across it! Emily did as she was told and was completely ready to take her punishment. Johnny standing behind her raised the belt and brought it down with a loud thwap onto her tender bottom. Ouch cried Emily, then before she could take another breath the belt was raining down on her plump behind. After just three smacks, Emily was in full tears! No more please Johnny, I can't take any more. Johnny gave Emily 3 more good swats but then stopped. He threw the belt onto the floor and gently rubbed Emilie's very sore bottom then gently climbed on top of her and took her gently from the back. Emily moaned but was enjoying every minute of this. She never felt so loved and cared for than she did right now! Then Johnny whispered something in Emilie's ear and changes the game!

What did you say, asked Emily. April Fools baby!! What do you mean said Emily? Well. I put gas in the car last night when I checked to see if you had done what you said you would do. I put on a suit and went to Tracy's house to ask her to call you. I made up the whole thing for an April Fools joke!! Pretty good one huh? Then why did you spank me when you knew it was a joke yelled Emily rubbing her bottom again? Because you lied to me when I asked you if you put gas in the car. You know you deserved it young lady! Yes sir Emily said with a slight snarl.
Emily got up and walked to the closet. Out she came holding the long skinny paddle! With one eyebrow raised, she took one stern look at johnny and motioned him to get to the corner. After thinking in the corner nearly an hour, Emily called him to come and lay across the pillow!! Emily raised the paddle and did a rapid fire paddling until Johnny's bottom was a perfect shade of red. Emily threw the paddle to the floor, climbed onto the bed, rubbed Johnny's very red bottom, kissed him tenderly, and whispered in his ear! April Fools your ass, haha!! With each other arm in arm, they both kissed and caressed each other well into the night!

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