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shawks - 15 days ago
Thanks for the add you are one of my favorites,
Undercoverspnk - 48 days ago
Thanks for the add!
Justjanie - 55 days ago
Do you have any clips you've been holding on to?
Oh, they are all so wonderful!!!! I know we would all love to see any others you might have!
Francesca14 - 87 days ago
Heat, when are you coming back, you are soo missed
spankwhisperer - 96 days ago
Excellent videos. I hope the naughty girl in your videos is still spending quality time over your knee.... you are an excellent spankee- she is a beautiful spankee! Wonderful!
Spankoguy_75 - 117 days ago
Thx for the add my man! We should be filming a real punishment tonight if all goes well, hope to post it afterwards.
Francesca14 - 119 days ago
Thank you, your one of my favorites!!
kageshi17 - 227 days ago
Hey you! ;)
Brightmoon - 229 days ago
Thank you for being my friend...
switchofthebest - 316 days ago
Thanks for adding me. Keep your girlie in line my friend, you're an inspiration.....and so is she ;)