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Chelsea stood quietly at the side of the bed, on my side, with her hands clasped in front of her, her head low.

She sighed a deep sigh.

"Oh, hey" I said. I had not even noticed her enter the room.

"I've been thinking" she said quietly.


"About what we discussed earlier, you know, about my, um..."

"Your behaviour?" I asked, putting the book I was reading on the bedside table and giving her my full attention.

"Yes, and" she started "and what about what you said we should do about it."

"So" I said, bending forward to make eye contact with her "you agree?"

She nodded silently.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to hear you say it young lady" I said evenly.

"I've been a naughty girl" she said quietly.


"And I deserve a sp-, a spanking" she finished, her toe digging into the shag carpet.

"And you realize that this will be a punishment? That you will do as I say and submit to your punishment, like a good girl?" I asked.

She repeated her previous words, slightly louder this time, and with a little more confidence than before.

"I've been a naughty girl, and I deserve a spanking."

"OK then" I said, inhaling deeply.

With that, Chelsea leaned forward and crawled over my lap.

"Heh heh" I chuckled, patting her bottom, "not so fast."

"Stand up and follow me please."

Chelsea climbed up, off my lap with an embarrassed look on her face. I got out of bed and walked over to the straight-backed chair by her dressing table. I picked the chair up, placed it firmly by the foot of the bed, and sat down.

"Now" I said, extending my hand out to her.

Chelsea shuffled sheepishly over to my side. She was wearing one of my white t-shirts, a pair of blue panties and a nervous look on her face.

I took her hand and led her down over my knee. As she settled, the bottom of her t-shirt fell, uncovering the cute blue panties and the small of her back. She steadied herself with her fingertips in the shag, her bottom pointing upwards.

"These will have to come down" I said, tugging the blue panties up over the mounds of her bottom, down her thighs and to a rest at her knees. "Spankings are always done on the bare bottom."

Chelsea whined a little at the sudden nakedness, but quieted quickly. She knew this was the way it was done. Just like her dad used to do. Just like I had promised her earlier, when we first discussed ways that we could deal with her behaviour.

I rested my hand on her bare backside.

"There will be no fidgeting, no kicking, and no reaching back to cover your bottom. Is that understood?"

She nodded. In response, I gave her two sharp smacks, one on each cheek.

"I didn't hear you."

"Yes sir, I understand" she sniffed.

"Very good Chelsea. Now we both know that you have been needing this for some time."

"Yes sir."

"I'm going to give you a good, hard spanking, and then you'll spend some time in the corner, with your cherry red bottom on display. It will give you some time to think about how you are going to behave in the future."

"Y-yes sir" Chelsea stammered, dreading the thought of it.

I put my left hand on the small of Chelsea's back and lifted my right hand from her bare cheek. It returned a few seconds later, this time a sharp smack to the right cheek, followed by one on the left in quick succession. Chelsea's hands balled into fists and she restrained a cry as I warmed up her bottom with a good, hard hand spanking.

With Chelsea's fair complexion, it didn't take long to colour the once creamy white cheeks a light shade of pink. I made sure to evenly apply my strong right hand on her naughty bum, painting her bottom in pink from just below my hand at the top of her bottom, down to her upper thigh, not leaving any bit of cheek unspanked.

After a few minutes of handspanking, her bottom nice and pink, I stopped. Chelsea was breathing heavily, but no sign of tears yet. Good girl.

"I hope that I am making an impression on you young lady" I said, breaking the silence.

"Y-yes sir" she sniffed.

"I better see a significant improvement in your behaviour from now on."

"Yes sir, I'll be good, I promise."

"Uh huh, and what will happen if you don't, Chelsea?"

"I'll get a spanking"

"That's right. You'll go back over my knee and get a good spanking on that bare bottom of yours, which I can tell you is pretty pink at the moment."

She blushed at the thought of me looking at her exposed, raw backside. Her top cheeks matched the bottom.

"But pink is not the colour of a punishment spanking young lady"

She whined loudly as the meaning of my words sunk in. She had hoped that she had gotten through it and that only the cornertime remained.

"That's right, there's more" I said "I want you to remember this, and avoid this, for a very long time."

"Stand please, and do not rub."

Chelsea stood, and as she did, the t-shirt fell, giving her a brief instant of privacy for her pink, bare bottom.

I stood and walked slowly back over to her dressing table. Chelsea watched, unsure. When she saw me pick the large, oval hairbrush from the table, she let out a gasp despite herself that I heard from across the room. The hairbrush, made of solid oak, was a good weight in my hand. I gave my left a couple of test smacks, and assessed it to be perfect for the job at hand.

The inevitability of the brush brought the first tears to Chelsea's eyes. I sat back down in the chair and led her silently back over my knee.

I'll save the blow-by-blow for another time, and in respect for poor Chelsea. I will tell you that, in the minutes that followed, that brush coloured Chelsea's bottom good and red. She was crying openly for the last few minutes and promising a naughty-free future. By the time I was done, her eyes matched her bottom. They were red from remorseful, and I believe grateful tears.

We stood together, afterwards, and I gave her a big hug.

"You did very well Chelsea" I said, gently touching her raw, warm bare bottom. She winced and sniffed back a tear.

"Thank you" she said, and I knew she meant more than my admiration of her spanking-taking abilities.

With that, I sent her off to the corner for the first time in years. It wouldn't be the last. But that's another story.

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Jenn1018 - 1407 days ago
nice buns, I'd love to paddle them ;-)
Babbelsack1409 - 1658 days ago
really nice vid of your self-brushing. would like to meet you on cam. if you want to skype, please ask me.
regards michael
LisaMa - 1861 days ago
Hi mister_draper! I love your stories, when are you going to post another one?
Bella1316 - 1892 days ago
In my pic, Snape is DEFINITELY talking to me. ;D What I wouldn't give to be over his knee. ^.^ I'm a total nerd, sorry. Tee-hee. =D
elendor - 1898 days ago
Love the story,Hope its continued soon
vivianphelps - 1901 days ago
Mister draper, I thought of a question. If you are married to a vanilla how do you handle it when she misbehaves or you misbehave. How is it resolved?

Please forgive if this is too personal. BTW, I love your videos.
vivianphelps - 1902 days ago
Thanks for your kind comment on my posted story. I enjoyed reading yours as well.

ana_stasia - 1906 days ago
Hi...of course. It's good to have friends, right? :)
Heather1988 - 1908 days ago
thanks for the add. Wish you lived closer :-)
babybrat - 1908 days ago
Thanks for the add! :] Would love to be friends with you.