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2913 days ago
902 days ago
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badgirlalways - 553 days ago
that looks pretty dang ouchie nicky....
Thongboy - 838 days ago
Thanks for the comment. I''m glad you liked it :)
sweetgirl136 - 962 days ago

Thanks so much for your comment on my video. Made my day as I want to be the best. I really love caning. Maybe I will see you sometime.
oyknee - 2050 days ago
Thanhks Nic........ that means alot!
MaMaBlue - 2105 days ago
Thank you for the positive feedback ~ Happy Spankings :)
Lady_Kay - 2218 days ago
Hey man! Tain't heard hide nor hair of yee...Were have yee been?

(Please forgive the inexplicable use of 1890's parlance...I've been playing Red Dead Redemption too much...LOL)
tarnishedbrat - 2228 days ago
I really appreciate all of your lovely comments that you leave on our videos. You have been with us from the beginning. Thank you for that! Love you nic!
Lady_Kay - 2230 days ago
The LITTLE Lady feels flattered with your nice feedback. Thanks for your kind comments & we're glad that you enjoyed the scene.

p.s. We recently did a video- a flogging scene, again with Regie on top. We need to edit the shit out of it thanks to our always poor equipment but with any luck it will be posted soon...:)
gorblime - 2231 days ago
Glad you like our vids & thanks for comments. Have added another vid today it starts with OTK and ends with a strapping for m. Have you looked at our pics too?
Lady_Kay - 2238 days ago
Thanks for the good & well reasoned feedback. Viewers like you are the reason that we decided to return...:)

Regarding future videos, the next one we had planned was with Reg on top & we are thinking of editing the final scenes from a switching Reg got one an older clip & uploading it (ST won't allow bloody butts.)

Hope you like the new ones & thanks again! :)

Kay & Reg.