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please take a few moments to read this. It is important to you as a free thinking individual
I hope you don’t mind me writing to you but I think you should be aware of the effect of legislation which will be enacted in the UK in April of this year. It is in this spirit and with the intention of helping you to continue to find our web sites that I would ask you to read the following carefully.
You may not be aware of this but in April of this year the UK government, in your name, is planning to block access to all adult web sites or sites they or their agents do not approve of. This applies not only to UK based web sites but to any web site that can currently be viewed I this country.
This could well include ours.
They will be implementing their “Age Verification” legislation. What this means is that before you can view any adult web site they will require you to register your personal details with an insecure web site to verify your age.
To take this one stage further, you may not be aware but they have already, with the help of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) started blocking web sites they do not agree with or which show spanking or other pornographic or adult art films. Please take a look at this article;

You, like us may not be happy with this situation so what can you do? You can join and support

If you wish to continue to see your favourite sites then you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is totally 100% legal and above board and no one can trace your surfing or see what you are viewing. Many people already use these to keep their identity secret.

There are many VPN providers out there but be careful. Those offering this service for free very often install malware or other virus ware onto your computer and it will be slow to download material. We recommend you use a paid for service, it is in reality very cheap and very secure and very easy to use and can be used for any site, anywhere on all your devices including your phone, laptop and tablet.
One we can recommend is It’s very simple, Join NORDVPN, download their software and then you log in through your VPN, picking any country in the world. You can then surf the net safe in the knowledge that you will find the sites they have blocked and that your identity is secret and safe.

You still have time to protest to your MP, tell them you do not approve of this form of censorship, tell them you are an adult and want to make up your own mind what you look at and what web sites you visit.

Make a note of our full web site addresses, like On this URL we will continue to give information about all our web sites and how to see them.
If you use a VPN to log into our sites, our security system asks that you do not keep changing from one to another.
Stay with one network for the entirety of your browsing session.
If you find you are being blocked at the moment, all new subscribers to BT, Virgin, Orange and some others may find this, contact them and tell them you want to have the block lifted and they will do so.
For the latest news on the legal situation and for other spanking news add this site to your favourites list:
Please understand this is a real attack on your civil liberty by your government. We want to continue to provide you with top class spanking material but this may well be the only way you will be able to see it

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NJSpank - 71 days ago
Thank you for the friend. Love the Girls in Trouble amazing. Love the panty spankings with your hand. Thanks
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Good Morning, hope you had a great week...
painslut1955 - 224 days ago
Thank you for accepting my friendship request
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Nice set of videos in your library
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Hello Sarah, we have tweeted to each other and I hope to chat to you about Suzanne, So I wondered if you'd accept me as a Spankingtube friend
Mariemarie5151 - 314 days ago
Hi. I'm looking for a good OTK bare bottom spanking. Love your videos.
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I would like to spank Lolani as well, she is fantistic
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thanks for the add Miss. would love to spank your lovely bottom.
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Thanks for the add. And thanks for the great videos
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Thank you for adding us X X