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  2661 views · 1173 days ago

Has anyone else (and I'm sure we all have) ever wondered why spanking is our kink?

I wish I had an answer to that, but I don't. I like to say that I'm just "hard-wired" this way, as I've found spanking to be the "end-all/be-all" for me, and I know that it has always been the focus of my fantasies, but feels like a cop-out. I recall my earliest sexual thoughts revolving around female bottoms and spanking (I'm an Ass-man", shocking, huh?), I can recall being spanked as a child (though not often), and I still know that every fantasy I have revolves around spanking. I don't fantasize about anything else!

Would like other people's opinions as to why this is OUR kink.

Thank you,

8 hours ago
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