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  3693 views · 1719 days ago

Enigma Club Returns
I know I'm breaking all the poetry rules, don't care, if it's a problem... well you could always spank me:)

Can’t focus.
Weary, hurting, lonely.
Thoughts scatter inwardly in a
Random, wantonly desperate
Bid to escape.

So very tired.
Yet I catch a glimpse
Of shadows standing at
The edge of my consciousness,
Begging to be heard
And I can’t shut them out.
Voices merge and separate.
I hold my breath.
Shhh listen… Soundless!
Yet I feel them
wanting in.

I reach out… Click.

Mysterious men and
Intriguing woman
Teasing, sharing and laughing.

I’m focused, alive, engaged.
Because at my fingertips
Breathtakingly open
Threateningly beautiful

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japan64 - 462 days ago
Yeah, what Lisa said, exactly!
LisaMa - 487 days ago
Come back more often, and we'll all have those laughs again. :)

I just re-read your story called "The Box". There's a scene in it with you spanking Mike. It's funny looking back on it now, because now he wouldn't want to be rescued. LOL.

You should re-post your old stories. I would love to re-read them, and I'm sure a lot of the "old-timers" would also. There are new members who have never read them, who would enjoy them too.
LisaMa - 502 days ago
Hey Susie, I was so happy to see you on Mike's blog this morning. I hope you're sticking around, and I hope you will be sharing more of your wonderful writing with us. Hugs, Lisa
monella - 705 days ago

my friend


come back!!!
monella - 1368 days ago
happy Easter days Susie dear!
monella - 1386 days ago
hi Susie :)
marc92000 - 1674 days ago
Thank you for the addition, satisfied to share my pleasure for the spanking with you!
Merci pour l'ajout, content de partager mon plaisir pour la fessée avec toi !
monella - 1709 days ago
Reverend Mother says that your absence is unjustified, she will punish you! :P
dd4life10 - 1710 days ago
Thank you for your comment on my blog,I hope you have a wonderful day.
monella - 1723 days ago
hey Susie, the Enigma Club is back! and it seems that this time a lot of people will participate, are you one of us? I hope so, I like very much your creations :)