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People would watch an acted video i put out to start a feud with another videop producer (with him playing along and knowing about it) and said i was arrogant... even though every SINGLE person I met in the scene, even with me suffering from severe social anxiety and depression my whole life, i put on a smile and tried to introduce myself to them. I took in friends who had nowhere to go, flew out girls who i supported 100% for long periods of time and then dropped me when i said something they didnt like, and gave money to anyone who i felt needed help.

I made this my whole life and gave up school and life and friends and made the scene my whole entire identity and felt like I would have a family to have my back... and i was wrong.

Nearly every SINGLE person I trusted stabbed me in the back in some way shape or form and blamed it on me for this or that, or blamed it on rumors or gossip, yet every SINGLE person i have ever played with at a party asks me to play again. The main people who make up lies about me are people who have never spoken a single word to me and only know me because they pretended to be someone else or made up fake conversations they had with me.. noone cared enough about me as a young person entering this scene to help me, not even letting me have room for error or doing what i do and trying to correct or help me fix myself in a constructive manner. I gave up EVERYTHING for people and now im broken, alone and IO HATE this scene I have spent my life adoring.

So here are some tips to avoid turning other people in bitter shells of lost hope like people have done to me:

1) if someone is young and you see them at a party, even if you heard a RUMOR about them, realize EVERYONE IN THE WORLD LIES OR HAS A BIAST POINT OF VIEW and give them the chance to let you make your own opinions about them. Smile and introduce yourself and make yourself avbailable to them, even if you are a bitter old man who thinks they are just a stuck up young buck because of their age.

2) DONT spread things you have heard or things other people have shown you that could p[ossibly be faked as truth. If anything, approach the person about it and see what they have to say. If you dont believe it, dont associate with that person, but dont ruin their lives.

3) Forgive someone who is under 30 if they do something that rubs you the wrong way. Talk to them about it and if you get an apology and not an empty excuse, let it go and move on.

4) If he/she models or makes videos, dont spend half your day on their videos telling them how shitty they are and how "faggoty" they look and how they dont know how to spank or how your going to kick their ass when you see them over rumors but never giving out your real information. Be ADULTS.. if you saw a 40 year old at a high school calling the 18 year old seniors faggots, the parents would rally together and burn that asshole at the stake, yet its considered acceptable behavior at every party I have attended for the older members to disrespect and humiliate people they dont like no matter the age difference.

5) Realize that your lack of play or bad day doesnt mean you should ruin someone elses time. I have personally gone out of my way to play with ANYONE who approached me at partys, regardless of age, size, shape, anything, i have NEVER said no, because i would never want to ruin even 5 minutes of someone elses experience by saying no to them. I have no reason to say no, so i dont. I have stayed up when i was tired just to play with someone i promised play to, and i never once complained about it.

6) and this is the most important one.. LIVE TO ENJOY LIFE.. when your whole goal is to ruin someone else regardless of the personal damage it does to you (like a certain well known gentleman in the scene has devoted possibly years to do to me), you shouldnt be going to public events. You are not better than anyone, and if you think of everyone as equals (even other tops and bottoms alike as i do) than you will make the world a better place.

If you follow those steps, you may prevent someone whose young from going through unimaginable pain and suffering. Realize how much of an effect your personal actions have on others and let it affect the way you treay other people.

As it stands now, though I will still film videos once in awhile, this is no longer my passion. I trusted others to be good people and now i am left in a pile of nothingness, with noone around me to support me except for my dogs and small family, and i dont know if i will ever attyend another party again, and this is all thanks to those of you who spent your lives in the last 5 years trying to break me. well congratulations. You suceeded. My stregth is done and i am not sad or upset or emotional anymore. I just dont care.. about anything.

The best thing I can do is try to tell my story and hope that people take it to heart and changes happen before this whole scene dies and there is noone like the old me left to be hopeful and try to pick up the pieces. If you learned anything out of this, i hope you will share it with the younger and older people at partys you know who are curious or jealous and try to prevent this from happening again.

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I came into this scene young, and as someone young in the scene, it comes with a mixed bag..

Most people didnt discover or at least out themselves with their "kink" or "lifestyle" or whatever you deem it, until mid 30's usually at the earliest. They felt it was something to be ashamed of, something to hide, something sexual that is ONLY sexual and couldnt possibly be more meaningful than that. Coming out young, you have alot of hills to climb but the advantage you get is early experience. For all those 40 year olds who came out at 36, someone who has had a fascination with something like spanking and discipline for as long as they can remember, at 25, has been in the scene longer than the 40 year old. Most of the time, this leads to a healthier happier life because the people who come out get to attend partys and meet new spankos while they are young, they can learn from the older spankos who want to be helpful, and really become the future of this scene.

However, with that ability to experience these things at an early age comes the jealousy, comes the back stabbing, comes the two faced people, comes the gossip, comes the rumors, comes the lost friends.

I have had a fascination with spanking and discipline since the earliest memory I have, and i gave out my first "official" spanking to a girl I met off aol when I was 12 and she was 13. I took that positive experience and started disciplining EVERYONE I allowed into my life, all through middle school, all through high school, and on. Every long term relationship i had was one I introduced DD into immeadiatly.. sometimes it was more serious than others but it was all I knew. Sure, i was top of my class but I CARED. I wasnt sexually active til 17 and spanked from 12 years old til then. By not sexually active I mean NO masterbating, no sexual thoughts, no anything. The only thing i knew about sex and sexuality was the act of sex itself. I never watched porn, i never did anythint but kiss and i did that because it made me feel loved, made me feel wanted.

I ran my theater department at my high school, and I did musical theater and serious drama from 13 on to after college. When I got to college, i took every psychology and sociology class I could find to help me figure out what to do with my life when all i could think about constantly was discipline and spanking, every waking minute. It was about fixing people via discipline. Anyone, everyone, it didnt matter. I hid this from everyone i knew, even my family and best friends, and only the people i dated or tutored knew how i worked. When I became sexually active, spanking did not come into play, though it was with a girl I was mentoring at the time when i was 17. It didnt cross my mind once to make it something sexual.

At 19 I met my ex Kat St James and introduced her to discipline, and had a very mixed 4 year relationship, which was my longest at that point. In the first year as Kat had started modeling for photos, a photographer who was into bondage and knew about our lifestyle told me there was a market for videos of that, and he filmed one of her spankings she had coming up for me, and I came up with Disciplinary Arts that afternoon... we were soo excited, we started talking to other indy producers o nspankingtube and planning fake feuds that would culminate in ratings-winning spank-offs, and fun videos, and finding friends who wanted to be in them with us, and eventually came out as a spanko to my best vanilla guy friend, who was accepting and actually spanked in a couple videos for fun for us.

I had the brightest light in my eyes, at 19 I was discovering an even bigger world than what I knew, with tons of others in it that had that same light in their eyes, and i fantisized about going to a spanking party and meeting these people.. People I had seen in videos like Pixie, Richard Windsor, Juliette Valentina, my spanking idol Dallas who i had watched since i first found out about spanking videos and promised myself one day i would be just like him, and i was so excited. I had a long discussion with Kat about real names and while I agree that girls should use fake names in the scene for safety reasons, i wanted to be a becon to young spankos everywhere that it was natural and not something to be ashamed of, and wanted to do that by using my real legal name in the scene, knowing that my future would be limited by that decision.

Disciplinary Arts took off and I started mentoring lots of people, i flew around the country helping couples introduce DD into their relationships, helping (or trying to help) girls whose behaviors like cutting, drug use, etc was taking their lives down the drain, and it wasnt about the spanking. it was about the reasons behind it, i cried alot of the sessions with the girls and felt like I was single handendly taking what people were ashamed of and making it into something positive.

I met the love of my life, stevie rose, 2 years ago next month, and though I started out mentoring her after DA had been active for a long time, we connected on a level I have never felt before and I fell in love.

However, that brings me to now. I am 25 years old at the time of this writing and every day I wake up thinking about my mistakes I have made. I wake up thinking about the people i thought had my back and the people i looked up to and the fantasys about spankos and partys and finding like minds that i have thought about since such a young age, and I realize I am completely beaten down and broken.. and why is that?

Because nearly everyone I have met, be it at a spanking party or through a site or someone i introduced to another dom or sub, they all decided that it was more important to take care of themselves and do what they wanted, rather than even care that i was trying, or that i was young and young people have a tendency to make mistakes. Coming into the scene at a young age, i didnt get the luxury of making mistakes. Older people saw my videos and got jealous that I spanked so many college age girls or famous spanking models, or that i became close friends with sarah gregory for a time, or that people said i was good. They put their own egos into play instead of trying to help me or pointing out when i would make mistakes..

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After 4 years of stressful planning, thieving developers and tons of dedication, Disciplinary Arts official website is finally open! Starting off with over 100 full length videos spanning the 5 years since Disciplinary Arts opened its Clips4sale page (clips4sale.com/30091) with the first REAL non-acted, non lifestyle disciplinary spanking sessions on the web, DisciplinaryArts.com is updated 2-3 times a week with new exclusive videos including real discipline sessions and fun videos with some of the top spankers and models in the scene, along with some of the Disciplinary Arts classics, this site is what everyone has been waiting for!

Check it out now at DisciplinaryArts.com!

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Hey all!

Disciplinary Arts has been producing and selling DVD's exclusively at spanking partys for a number of years now, and due to popular demand, we are going to begin selling them online as well. With our new credit card processor we can accept debit/credit cards, moneygram payments, cash via mail, or money orders. Obviously depending on your choice in payment method the videos will get to you faster.

Here is a list of all the current Disciplinary Arts titles:

-Girl Trouble 1 (F/F Videos only)

-Girlfriend Blues (Domestic M/F videos only)

-Real Discipline Series (2 real discipline sessions to college girls along with their interviews)

-Girl Trouble 2 (A large compilation of mixed M/F and F/F clips)

-The Stevie Rose Collection (Stevie Rose handpicks her favorite videos and sessions, including F/F, M/F, and even a F/M)

-The Reenactment Series Vol. 1 (Featuring real non-spanko girls talking about and then reenacting the real spankings they received growing up or gave out as parents, reenacted down to the clothing style worn)

-Game Night Series Vol. 1 (Feat. 3-6 girl spanking-rules games, including spanko blackjack, spanking truth or dare, spanko poker, spanko imaginiff, among others)

All DVD's play on any standard DVD player and have full menus, and each are between an hour 15 minutes to 2 and a half hours in length.

Each DVD is $20 plus shipping and handling, or you can get any 3 for $50 plus shipping and handling. If interested, please send which dvd's you would like to order along with what payment method you will be using to DisciplinaryArts@yahoo.com .

Thank you!

Kyle Johnson