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Description: presents an authentic FM punishment spanking with a hard wooden paddle. Enjoy thousands of free spanking photos and clips at
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waynewayne - 216 days ago
yes that is the way us bad boys were PADDLED back in my school days and i will be after all of you other bad boys at this time but she will not go sooooooo easy on me
Shaker - 624 days ago
I would love to have her redden my bottom!
silversnow - 1224 days ago
Wow..I would definatly be crying..
waynewayne - 1419 days ago
hi jackdog it was the same way with me and my sisters, and friends too but we got yelled at as and before we got paddled
jackdog - 1489 days ago
This reminds me how Mom spanked me and my sisters when we were kids... short, fast, and hard! Her favorite implement was the Bolo Ball paddle (a kid's toy that had a ball attached to a long rubber band that was stapled to a wooden paddle). The rubber band didn't last long before it broke. Mom never threw away the paddle. She saved it for a "higher and better purpose." It suited OTK spankings perfectly, and it burned like fire on our little bare bottoms without leaving bruises. She loved it. We hated it!
markiee - 1762 days ago
My wife paddles just like her and is able to hold me in place no matter how much wiggling I do.
sigi50 - 1819 days ago
That's just the way naughty boys have to be disciplined!
markiee - 1846 days ago
One time when my wife and I were moving (we had a small apt. and not many items) the day of the move the moving company sent 2 large ladies to do the moving. I was so mad, I was tired and started barking out orders to the ladies. My wife told me to knock it off and kept apologizing to them. They left for lunch and my wife told me to stop acting up, then I started yelling at her. Before I realized what was happening, my wife pulled over a kitchen chair next to me, sat down and in one quick motion pulled down my gym shorts and underwear and turned me over her knee for a bare bottomed spanking. Just then the 2 ladies entered the living room to witness my humiliation. One said to the other it's about time someone took him in hand, he doesn't look so big now does he? Then I made my next big mistake and called her a bitch and told them both to leave. My wife told her to go get a bar of soap and some hand cream. When she returned my wife told her to stick the bar in my mouth. I closed my mouth and bit down hard. My wife asked the other lady if she wouldn't mind giving her a hand? It would be my pleasure. Than a big calloused hand rained down from above. My mouth opened and in went the soap. My wife then flipped me over and told the first lady to put some cream in her hand and do what comes natural as I hold my husband down. The next thing I felt was some cold cream on my man muscle and a big strong hand sliding up and down me until I lost control as all 3 women started laughing and applauding.
otkloverjohn - 1961 days ago
Love your absolute no nonsense method of spanking naughty boys on their bare bottoms very very hard......
NdOtkLesson - 1968 days ago
I agree with You redpassion, Having my balls exposed would make The spanking so much more Effective!
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