Sarah Spanked 11/17/2011

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Description: Sarah gets spanked AGAIN for being a brat.
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Littlebutt - 249 days ago
Good video! Omg look how thin he used to be! Haha
medeco2020 - 574 days ago
I think the lines was a waste of time what you should of done is given her a good spanking on the bare bum.
Edward1289 - 1037 days ago
Sarah has to have buns of steel!! I love watching agoodspankin's videos, haven't seen one yet that didn't impress me. This one was excellent. I love the scolding during the spanking as much as the spanking itself. The belting portion of the spanking warmed my heart, but probably not as much as it warmed Sarah's behind. Excellent video!!
feelingnaughty - 1112 days ago
Sarah, I'm new to all of this so not sure if you or agoodspankin will see this but, OMG!! I love your videos so...much. You guys make me laugh and cringe all in one video! I too am so hard headed and stubborn and I think I find myself stomping my feet right along with you! I love that you do that still and I can sense that agoodspankin may have worn out his hand this time! I love you both and thank you very much for sharing with all of us! You have buns of steel and I couldn't think of a better top to deal with it! Please keep sharing!
Katt50 - 1541 days ago
Her tolerance for pain is incredible......barely a flinch. It's really impressive, my compliments. As a bottom, I took great pride in the very few moments in time that I was able to frustrate my spanker. There was, after all, very few of them and of course I paid dearly for one-upping him later. However, can also understand the top's frustration when she's come to him for discipline and he can't get a reaction out of her. He must have been exhausted after this!!!
spotk - 1642 days ago
Maybe results would improve a little with a BB spkg ? !
olesp - 1861 days ago
a wonderful video !
sebrinarose - 1893 days ago
Part of me really hopes it takes a LONG time to get thru to this naughty young lady ... her defiance makes me squirm and yet if she learned too quickly, I would be so disappointed! Her bratty pouty sulky attitude is awesome-terrible but you totally know how to handle her every step of the way. Scolding ... spanking ... lines ... yes Sir-no, Sir ... reminders ... wall time .. OMG you are amazing, Sir! *smiles*
Pretis - 1920 days ago
You guess so? I know so. What a great statement haha Great video!
OneSpliffAday - 1927 days ago
Your videos are AWESOME
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